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Reference TED/2
Covering dates 19th cent-20th cent
Held by Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives)
Conditions of access Open
Creators Borough of Kingston upon Hull

Ainthorpe Grove Senior School 1931-1947
Beverley Road School 1884-1967
Blenkin Street School 1908-1914
Blundell Street School 1892-1932
Boulevard School 1895-1941
Brunswick Avenue Manual Centre 1899-1967
Buckingham Street School 1929-1941
Chanterlands Avenue School 1912-1937
Charterhouse Lane School 1903-1941
Charterhouse High School 1950-1967
Chiltern Street School 1937-1956
Clifton Street Girls School 1937-1967
Constable Street School 1932-1947
Cottage Pasture Camp School 1940-1948
Courtney Street School 1874-1971
Crowle Street School 1897-1927
Daltry Street School 1900-1936
Eastfield High School 1947-1951
Estcourt Street 1946-1947
Fish Street 1872-1899
Fifth Avenue School - Domestic Science Centre 1937-1950
Flinton Grove Temporary School 1928-1937
Flinton High School - Domestic Science Kitchen 1940-1948
Fountain Road Girls School 1894-1967
Foutain Road Infants School 1899-1960
Francis Askew School - Domestic Science Kitchen 1930-1950
Hebrew School 1935-1945
High School for Commerce 1945-1966
Hull Municipal Technical College 1894-1944
Lime Street School 1925-1941
Lincoln Street School 1872-1968
Malton Street School 1908-1939
Melrose Street - Domestic Science Centre 1945-1948
Mersey Street School 1902-1912
Mersey Street School - Domestic Science 1945-1948
Middleton Street School 1914-1938
Newington High School 1945-1967
- Domestic Science Centre 1946-1948
Northumberland Avenue School 1897-1942
Paisley Street School - Domestic Science Centre 1944-1947
Park Avenue Girls Industrial School 1885-1931
Park Road School 1874-1947
Pearson High School 1944-1967
Priory Road Junior School 1950-1970
St Aiden's Mission Room Temporary School 1927-1931
St Andrew's High School 1946-1967
St Mary's School, Salthouse Lane 1903-1939
St Patrick's RC Girls School 1963-1964
St Paul's School, Sculcoates 1896-1940
St Peter's School, Drypool 1864-1941
Saner Street School 1924-1941
Selby Street West School 1908-1941
Shaw Park School 1967-1995
Sidmouth Street School - Domestic Science 1939-1948
Sir Henry Cooper School 1872-1965
Springham Street Girls School 1930-1941
Thomas Stratten School 1881-1969
- Cookery Centre 1936-1941
Thomas Barton Holmes School 1924-1961
Thoresby Street School 1902-1920
Trippet (St Philip's) School 1908-1909
Twenty First Avenue Junior Boys School 1932-1969
Villa Place Domestic Science Centre 1943-1948
Wawne Street School 1872-1961
Westbourne Street School 1932-1967
West Dock Avenue Boys School 1935-1967
Wheeler Street Senior School 1922-1966
Wheeler Street School - Domestic Science Centre 1928-1948
Williamson Street School 1913-1980
Witham School - Home Centre 1916-1939

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