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Reference DBHM
Covering dates 1863-1985
Held by Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives)
Extent 17 Subfonds
Conditions of access Open

DBHM/1 Hull Packet Newspaper Co. Ltd
DBHM/2 Hull Conservative Newspaper Co. (1890-3), Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Newspaper Co. 1893-1906 and Hull Daily Mail and Hull Times Ltd. 1906
DBHM/3 Eastern Morning News Co. Ltd (1894-8)/ The Eastern Morning and Hull News Co. Ltd. (1898-1928)
DBHM/4 Grimsby Times and Telegraph Co.
DBHM/5 Hull and Grimsby Newspapers Ltd
DBHM/6 Hull, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Times News Tadio Co. Ltd
DBHM/7 "Hull Daily Mail" and "Times" Comforts for the Forces Fund
DBHM/8 George Hotel
DBHM/9 Hull and District Horse and Agricultural Society
DBHM/10 General Press Cuttings
DBHM/11 Sporting Cuttings and Records
DBHM/12 Cuttings etc. relating to World War II
DBHM/13 Musical Events
DBHM/14 Property Catalogues
DBHM/15 Illustrations etc
DBHM/16 Publications
DBHM/17 Manuscripts

Hull Packet Newspaper Co. Ltd  DBHM/1  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hull Packet Newspaper Co Ltd

(Note the duplication of the content of some of these records)

Minutes of shareholders meetings  DBHM/1/1  May 1877-March 1878

Minutes of meetings of the board, March 1877 - June 1877 and of the Executive Committee, June 1877 - Jan. 1878  DBHM/1/2  1877-1878

Minutes of meetings of the directors, March - May 1877 and of the Executive Committee, May 1877 - Dec. 1879  DBHM/1/3  1877-1879

Minutes of the Executive Committee  DBHM/1/4  Jan. 1880-June 1882

Register of shareholders  DBHM/1/5  1877-1882

Register of share transfers  DBHM/1/6  1877-1882

Share transfers and certificates and proxies  DBHM/1/7  n.d

Hull Conservative Newspaper Company (1890-3) Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Newspaper Company, 1893-1906 and Hull Daily Mail and Hull Times Ltd, 1906-  DBHM/2  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hull Conservative Newspaper Company; Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire Newspaper Company

Administrative history:
This company was formed in 1889 to take over the assets of the publishers of the Hull Daily Mail and Hull Times. The company continued under these successive names until 1929 when it merged with a number of other newspapers including the publishers of The Eastern Morning News and the Grimsby Telegraph to form Provincial Newspapers

Memorandum and articles of association  DBHM/2/1  1926-28

Summary of share capital and shares, form E under the Companies Act  DBHM/2/2  1808-27

(Except 1915 and 1917)

Returns of Allotments under the Companies Acts  DBHM/2/3  1908-1927

1908, 1919, 1921, 1924, 1926 and 1927

Notice of change of the situation of the registered office  DBHM/2/4  1926

Circular notices relating to the payment of stamp duty in respect of the capital of companies  DBHM/2/5  1904, 1910-11

Register of directors  DBHM/2/6  1906-23

Share transfers  DBHM/2/7  1915-29

Minutes of directors meetings and meetings of members  DBHM/2/8  Jan. 1907-Ap. 1915

Investment registers  DBHM/2/9  1906-1928

1 1906-16
2 1915-28

Accounts  DBHM/2/10  [n.d.]

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/1  1889, 1890

Balance sheet and profit and loss account  DBHM/2/10/2  June 1891

Financial statement  DBHM/2/10/3  31 Dec. 1892

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/4  30 June 1892

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/5  31 Dec. 1892

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/6  30 June 1893

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/7  31 Dec. 1893

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/8  30 June 1894

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/9  31 Dec. 1894

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/10  30 June 1895

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/11  31 Dec. 1895

Financial statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/12  30 June 1896

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/13  31 Dec. 1896

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/14  30 June 1897

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/15  31 Dec. 1897

Financial statements and report  DBHM/2/10/16  30 June 1898

Financial statements and report  DBHM/2/10/17  31 Dec. 1898

Financial statements and report  DBHM/2/10/18  30 June 1899

Financial statements  DBHM/2/10/19  31 Dec. 1899

Financial statements, and report  DBHM/2/10/20  1899-1901

For half years ended 31 Dec. 1899; 30 June 1900; 31 Dec. 1900; 30 June, 1901; 31 Dec. 1901

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/21  30 June 1902

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/22  31 Dec. 1902

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/23  30 June 1903

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/24  31 Dec. 1903

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/25  30 June 1904

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/26  31 Dec. 1904

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/27  30 June 1905

Financial statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/28  31 Dec. 1905

Financial Statements and Accountant's report  DBHM/2/10/29  30 June 1906

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/30  31 Dec. 1906

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report to Directors  DBHM/2/10/31  30 June 1907

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/32  31 Dec. 1907

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/33  30 June 1908

Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/34  31 Dec. 1908

Financial Statements and Auditors Report  DBHM/2/10/35  30 June 1909

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/36  31 Dec. 1909

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/37  30 June 1910

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/38  31 Dec. 1910

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/39  30 June 1911

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/40  31 Dec. 1911

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/41  30 June 1912

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/42  31 Dec. 1912

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/43  30 June 1913

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/44  31 Dec. 1913

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/45  30 June 1914

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/46  31 Dec. 1914

Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/47  30 June, 1915

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/48  31 Dec. 1915

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/49  31 Dec. 1915

Interim Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/50  30 June 1916

Detailed Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/51  30 June 1916

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/52  31 Dec. 1916

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/53  31 Dec. 1916

Interim Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/54  30 June 1917

Detailed Financial Statements with Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/55  30 June 1917

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/56  31 Dec. 1917

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/57  31 Dec. 1917

Interim Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/58  30 June 1918

Detailed Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/59  30 June 1918

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/60  31 Dec. 1918

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/61  31 Dec. 1918

Interim Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/62  30 June 1919

Detailed Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/63  30 June 1919

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors Reports  DBHM/2/10/64  31 Dec. 1919

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/65  31 Dec. 1919

Interim Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/66  30 June 1920

Detailed Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/67  30 June 1920

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors Report  DBHM/2/10/68  31 Dec. 1920

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/69  31 Dec. 1920

Interim Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/70  30 June 1921

Detailed Financial Statements and Auditors' Report  DBHM/2/10/71  30 June 1921

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/72  31 Dec. 1921

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/73  31 Dec. 1921

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/74  30 June 1922

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/75  31 Dec. 1922

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/76  31 Dec. 1922

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/77  30 June 1923

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/78  31 Dec. 1923

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/79  31 Dec. 1923

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/80  30 June 1924

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/81  31 Dec. 1924

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/82  31 Dec. 1924

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/83  30 June 1925

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/84  31 Dec. 1925

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/85  31 Dec. 1925

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/86  30 June 1926

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/87  31 Dec. 1926

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/88  31 Dec. 1926

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/89  30 June 1927

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/90  31 Dec. 1927

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/91  31 Dec. 1927

Detailed Financial Statements and Report  DBHM/2/10/92  30 June 1928

Financial Statements and Directors' and Auditors' Reports  DBHM/2/10/93  1928

Detailed Financial Statements and Reports  DBHM/2/10/94  30 Nov. 1928

Financial Statements  DBHM/2/10/95  31 Dec. 1928

Comparative financial statements compiled on a six monthly basis  DBHM/2/11  1889-1920

1 June 1889 - June 1904
2 June 1903 - Dec. 1918
3 June 1914 - Dec. 1920

Private Journal  DBHM/2/12  1889-Dec. 1906

Eastern Morning News Co. Ltd (1894-8)/Eastern Morning and Hull News Co. Ltd (1898-1922)  DBHM/3  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Eastern Morning News Co Ltd; Eastern Morning and Hull News Co Ltd

Memorandum and Articles of Association  DBHM/3/1  1894

With amendments 1898-1922

Financial Statements etc  DBHM/3/2  [n.d.]

Financial statements and report to June 1921  DBHM/3/2/1  1921

Financial statements and reports to Dec. 1921  DBHM/3/2/2  1921

Detailed financial statements to Dec. 1921  DBHM/3/2/3  1921

Draft financial statements and reports to Dec. 1922  DBHM/3/2/4  1922

Detailed financial statements and report to June 1923  DBHM/3/2/5  1923

Detailed financial statements and reports Dec. 1924 (and draft)  DBHM/3/2/6-7  1924

Detailed financial statements to June 1925  DBHM/3/2/8  1925

Copies of accounts for 1923, 1924, 1928 and notes on the 1924 accounts  DBHM/3/3  1923-1928

File containing accounts for 1924, 1925 and 1926 and notes thereon  DBHM/3/4  1924-1926

Papers relating to the winding up  DBHM/3/5  1927-30

Including accounts for 1927 and 1928

Grimbsy Times and Telegraph Company  DBHM/4  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Grimsby Times and Telegraph Company

Administrative history:
The company was incorporated in 1901 to acquire the newspapers of Alfred Martin by George Doughty, MP. The Grotrians acquired it from Lady Doughty and W.V. Doughty in 1927 or 1928

Memorandum and Articles of Association  DBHM/4/1  1901

With amendments, 1904

Papers relating to the revision of the articles  DBHM/4/2  1927

Accounts  DBHM/4/3  [n.d.]

Financial statements and report  DBHM/4/3/1  June 1928

Financial statements and directors and auditors reports  DBHM/4/3/2  Nov. 1928

Detailed financial statements and reports  DBHM/4/3/3  Nov. 1928

Financial statements  DBHM/4/3/4  Dec. 1928

An original bundle of miscellaneous papers  DBHM/4/4  c1926-30

Correspondence  DBHM/4/5  1927-30

Papers relating to construction of new premises in Kent Street and alterations to 80 Cleethorpes Road  DBHM/4/6  n.d

Debenture certificate  DBHM/4/7  1923

Photographs of various aspects of the premises  DBHM/4/8  n.d

Hull and Grimsby Newspapers Ltd  DBHM/5  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hull and Grimsby Newspapers Ltd

Annual accounts for the year ending: 1947  DBHM/5/1  1947

Annual accounts for the year ending: 1948  DBHM/5/2  1948

Annual accounts for the year ending: 1950  DBHM/5/3-4  1950

With schedules supporting the balance sheet

Hull, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Times News Radio Co. Ltd  DBHM/6  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hull, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Times News Radio Co Ltd

Minute book  DBHM/6/1  1960-73

Statutory file  DBHM/6/2  1960-73

Register of Members  DBHM/6/3  n.d

Share Certificates  DBHM/6/4  n.d

"Hull Daily Mail" and "Times" Comforts for the Forces Fund  DBHM/7  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hull Daily Mail; Hull Times Limited

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Half year ended 16 April, 1940  DBHM/7/1  1940

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Year ended 16 October, 1940  DBHM/7/2  1940

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Two years ended 16 October, 1941  DBHM/7/3  1941

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Three years ended 16 October, 1942  DBHM/7/4  1942

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Four years ended 16 October, 1943  DBHM/7/5  1943

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Five years ended 16 October, 1944  DBHM/7/6  1944

Income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets: Period from 17th October, 1939 to 9th April, 1946  DBHM/7/7  1939-1946

George Hotel  DBHM/8  [n.d.]

Creator(s): George Hotel

(This appears to have been the property of Edgar Grotrian)

Annual accounts for the year ending 31 August consisting of  [no ref. or date]

(a) Simple profit and loss account and balance sheet
(b) Auditor's report and more detailed profit and loss account and balance sheet

Accounts: (a) and (b)  DBHM/8/1-2  1921

Accounts: (a)  DBHM/8/3  1920

Accounts: (a) and (b)  DBHM/8/4-5  1922

Accounts: (a) and (b)  DBHM/8/6-7  1923

Accounts: (a) and (b)  DBHM/8/8-9  1924

Half yearly profit and loss account and financial statements to Feb. 1925  DBHM/8/10  1925

Papers relating to a rating appeal conducted by E. Howard Collins, rating surveyor on a contingency fee basis  DBHM/8/11  1924

Comparison of the results for the years 1922, 1923 and 1924  DBHM/8/12  1922-1924

Comparison of the results for the last three half years to 31 Aug. 1924  DBHM/8/13  1924

Hull and District Horse and Agricultural Society  DBHM/9  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hull and District Horse and Agricultural Society

Receipts and payments account  DBHM/9/1  Oct. 1943-Dec. 1944

Receipts and payments account  DBHM/9/2  1945

Receipts and payments account  DBHM/9/3  1946

Gymkhana account  DBHM/9/4  1943

Gymkhana account  DBHM/9/5  1945

General Press Cuttings  DBHM/10  [n.d.]

Main series of cuttings  DBHM/10/1  [n.d.]

Cuttings (1)  DBHM/10/1/1  1928-39

Cuttings (2)  DBHM/10/1/2  1928-40

Cuttings (3)  DBHM/10/1/3  1937-40

Cuttings (4)  DBHM/10/1/4  1941-2, odd 1945

Cuttings (5)  DBHM/10/1/5  1942, 1945-6, 1948

Cuttings (6)  DBHM/10/1/6  1946-49

Cuttings (7)  DBHM/10/1/7  1949-50

Cuttings (8)  DBHM/10/1/8  1950-52

Cuttings (9)  DBHM/10/1/9  1952-53

Cuttings (10)  DBHM/10/1/10  1953-54

Cuttings (11)  DBHM/10/1/11  1954-55

Cuttings (12)  DBHM/10/1/12  Jan.-Dec. 1955

Cuttings (13)  DBHM/10/1/13  1955-57

Cuttings (14)  DBHM/10/1/14  1957-58

Cuttings (15)  DBHM/10/1/15  March-Dec. 1958

Cuttings (16)  DBHM/10/1/16  1958-59

Cuttings (17)  DBHM/10/1/17  Apr.-Nov. 1959

Cuttings (18)  DBHM/10/1/18  Nov. 1959-Apr. 1960

Cuttings (19)  DBHM/10/1/19  Apr.-Dec. 1960

Cuttings (20)  DBHM/10/1/20  Oct. 1960-1961

Cuttings (21)  DBHM/10/1/21  Feb.-Sept. 1961

Cuttings (22)  DBHM/10/1/22  Sept. 1961-Feb. 1962

Cuttings (23)  DBHM/10/1/23  March-July 1962

Cuttings (24)  DBHM/10/1/24  July-Dec. 1962

Cuttings (25)  DBHM/10/1/25  Jan.-May 1963

Cuttings (26)  DBHM/10/1/26  May-Oct. 1963

Cuttings (27)  DBHM/10/1/27  Oct. 1963-March 1964

Cuttings (28)  DBHM/10/1/28  Mar.-Sept. 1964

Cuttings (29)  DBHM/10/1/29  Sept. 1964-Feb. 1965

Cuttings (30)  DBHM/10/1/30  Feb.-Aug. 1965

Cuttings (31)  DBHM/10/1/31  Aug. 1965-Feb. 1966

Cuttings  DBHM/10/1/32  Feb. 1966-July 1966


Cuttings (33)  DBHM/10/1/33  July 1966-Nov. 1966

Cuttings (34)  DBHM/10/1/34  Dec. 1966-March 1967

Cuttings (35)  DBHM/10/1/35  March-Sept. 1967

Cuttings (36) Index to vols. 8 & 9  DBHM/10/1/36  1950-1953

Amy Johnson  DBHM/10/2  1930-74

Joseph Rank  DBHM/10/3  1934-43

Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson  DBHM/10/4  Dec. 1936-June 1937

The weekly "Territorial (Army) Notes" by Rifleman  DBHM/10/5  Apr. 1937-Apr. 1938

Comforts for the forces fund  DBHM/10/6  1939-1945

1 13 Oct. 1939 - 13 May 1940
2 14 May - 2 Nov. 1940
3 4 Nov. 1940 - 19 April 1941
4 13 Nov. 1941 - 23 Apr. 1942
5 21 Apr. - 12 Nov. 1941
6 (Missing)
7 24 Apr. - 14 Sept. 1942
8 18 Sept. - 20 Feb. 1943
9 22 Feb. 28 Sept. 1943
10 30 Sept. 1943 - 16 Aug. 1944
11 17 Aug. 1944 - 16 Apr. 1945

The Hessle Kennels Murders  DBHM/10/7  Oct. 1962-Oct. 1963

Goole  DBHM/10/8  Aug. 1964-Apr. 1965

Bridlington  DBHM/10/9  1964-1966

1 June 1964 - Sept. 1965
2 Sept. 1965 - Aug. 1966

The 1968 Fishing tragedy (i.e. the loss of the St. Romanus, the Kingston Period and the Ross Cleveland)  DBHM/10/10  1968-1969

1 24 Jan. - 5 Feb. 1968
2 5 - 24 Feb. 1968
3 24 Feb. - 15 Oct. 1968
4 15 Oct. 1968 - 14 Feb. 1969

The local press  DBHM/10/11  1966-82

Cuttings etc. containing biographical information about local people  DBHM/10/12  [n.d.]

pp 1-92; pp 92-140; pp 145-188

The separate volumes have continuous pagination
Vol. 1 Missing
Vol. 2
Vol 3

Volumes containing cuttings and notes relating to specific subjects  DBHM/10/13  20th c

2 vols

Arranged alphabetically

Sporting Cuttings and Records  DBHM/11  [n.d.]

Annual Reports of Hull Kingston Rovers Football Club  DBHM/11/1  [n.d.]

Each gives a general report, results of matches, names of scorers and from 1900/1 financial accounts

Bound volume containing reports, 1897/8 - 1914/5 with MS record of matches played, 1891/2 - 1896/7  DBHM/11/1/1  1891-1915

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/2  1915-16

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/3  1916-17

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/4  1917/18, 1918/19

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/5  1919-20

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/6  1921-22

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/7  1922-23

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/8  1923-24

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/9  1924-25

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/10  1925-26

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/11  1926-27

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/12  1927-28

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/13  1928-29

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/14  1929-30

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/15  1930-31

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/16  1931-32

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/17  1932-33

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/18  1933-34

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/19  1934-35

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/20  1935-36

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/21  1936-37

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/22  1937-38

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/23  1938-39

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/24  1939-40

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/25  1945-46

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/26  1947-48

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/27  1948-49

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/28  1950-51

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/29  1951-52

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/30  1952-53

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/31  1954-55

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/32  1955-56

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/33  1956-57

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/34  1957-58

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/35  1958-59

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/36  1959-60

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/37  1960-61

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/38  1961-62

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/39  1962-63

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/40  1963-64

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/41  1964-65

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/42  1965-66

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/43  1966-67

Club reports  DBHM/11/1/44  1974-75

Annual reports of Hull Football Club  DBHM/11/2  [n.d.]

Each contains a report, accounts, results of matches played and names of scorers

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/1  1881/2-1894/5

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/2  1895/6-1908/9

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/3  1909/10-1924/25

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/4  1925/26

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/5  1926/27

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/6  1927/28

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/7  1928/29

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/8  1929/30

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/9  1930/31

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/10  1931/32

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/11  1933/34

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/12  1934/35

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/13  1935/36

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/14  1936/37

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/15  1937/38

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/16  1938/39

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/17  1940/41

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/18  1941/42

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/19  1942/43

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/20  1943/44

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/21  1944/45

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/22  1945/46

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/23  1946/47

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/24  1947/48

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/25  1948/49

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/26  1949/50

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/27  1950/51

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/28  1951/52

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/29  1952/53

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/30  1953/54

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/31  1954/55

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/32  1955/56

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/33  1956/57

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/34  1957/58

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/35  1958/59

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/36  1959/60

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/37  1960/61

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/38  1961/62

2 copies

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/39  1962/63

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/40  1963/64

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/41  1964/65

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/42  1965/66

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/43  1966/67

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/44  1967/68

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/45  1968/69

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/46  1969/70

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/47  1970/71

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/48  1971/72

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/49  1972/73

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/50  1973/74

Club reports  DBHM/11/2/51  1976/77

Annual reports and accounts of Hull City A.F.C  DBHM/11/3  [n.d.]

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/1  1939

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/2  1945

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/3  1947

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/4  1952

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/5  1953

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/6  1954

Club reports  DBHM/11/3/7  1968

Report and accounts of the Hull Cricket Club  DBHM/11/4  1947

3 copies

Match reports for Hull and Rovers  DBHM/11/5  [n.d.]

Match report  DBHM/11/5/1  1895-99

Match report  DBHM/11/5/2  1899-1900

Match report  DBHM/11/5/3  1900-1

Match report  DBHM/11/5/4  1901-2

Match report  DBHM/11/5/5  1902-3

Match report  DBHM/11/5/6  1903-4

Match report  DBHM/11/5/7  1904-5

Match report  DBHM/11/5/8  1905-6

Match report  DBHM/11/5/9  1906-7

Match report  DBHM/11/5/10  1907-8

Match report  DBHM/11/5/11  1908-9

Match report  DBHM/11/5/12  1909-10

Match report  DBHM/11/5/13  1910-11

Match report  DBHM/11/5/14  1911-12

Match report  DBHM/11/5/15  1912-13

Match report  DBHM/11/5/16  1913-14

Match report  DBHM/11/5/17  1914-15

Match report  DBHM/11/5/18  1915-16

Match report  DBHM/11/5/19  1916-17

Match report  DBHM/11/5/20  1917-18

Match report  DBHM/11/5/21  1918-19

Match report  DBHM/11/5/22  1919-20

Match report  DBHM/11/5/23  1920-21

Match report  DBHM/11/5/24  1921-22

Match report  DBHM/11/5/25  1922-23

Match report  DBHM/11/5/26  1923-24

Match report  DBHM/11/5/27  1924-25

Match report  DBHM/11/5/28  1925-26

Match report  DBHM/11/5/29  1926-27

Match report  DBHM/11/5/30  1927-28

Match report  DBHM/11/5/31  1928-29

Match report  DBHM/11/5/32  1929-30

Match report  DBHM/11/5/33  1930-31

Match report  DBHM/11/5/34  1931-32

Match report  DBHM/11/5/35  1932-33

Match report  DBHM/11/5/36  1933-34

Match report  DBHM/11/5/37  1934-35

Match report  DBHM/11/5/38  1935-36

Match report  DBHM/11/5/39  1936-37

Match report  DBHM/11/5/40  1937-38

Match report  DBHM/11/5/41  1938-39

Match report  DBHM/11/5/42  1939-40

Match report  DBHM/11/5/43  1940-41

Match report  DBHM/11/5/44  1941-42

Match report  DBHM/11/5/45  1942-43

Match report  DBHM/11/5/46  1943-44

Match report  DBHM/11/5/47  1944-45

Match report  DBHM/11/5/48  1945-46

Match report  DBHM/11/5/49  1946-47

Match report  DBHM/11/5/50  1947-48

Match report  DBHM/11/5/51  1948-49

Match report  DBHM/11/5/52  1949-50

Match report  DBHM/11/5/53  1950-51

Match report  DBHM/11/5/54  1951-52

Match report  DBHM/11/5/55  1952-53

Match report  DBHM/11/5/56  1953-54

Match report  DBHM/11/5/57  1954-55

Match report  DBHM/11/5/58  1955-56

Match report  DBHM/11/5/59  1956-57

Match report  DBHM/11/5/60  1957-58

Match report  DBHM/11/5/61  1958-59

Match report  DBHM/11/5/62  1959-60

Match report  DBHM/11/5/63  1960-61

Match report  DBHM/11/5/64  1961-62

Match report  DBHM/11/5/65  1962-63

Match report  DBHM/11/5/66  1963-64

Match report  DBHM/11/5/67  1964-65

Match report  DBHM/11/5/68  1965-66

Match report  DBHM/11/5/69  1966-67

Match report  DBHM/11/5/70  1967-68

Match report  DBHM/11/5/71  1968-69

Match report  DBHM/11/5/72  1969-70

Match reports, Hull City  DBHM/11/6  [n.d.]

Match report  DBHM/11/6/1  1904-6

Match report  DBHM/11/6/2  1906-8

Match report  DBHM/11/6/3  1908-10

Match report  DBHM/11/6/4  1910-12

Match report  DBHM/11/6/5  1912-13

Match report  DBHM/11/6/6  1913-14

Match report  DBHM/11/6/7  1914-15

Match report  DBHM/11/6/8  1915-16

Match Report  DBHM/11/6/9  1916-17

Match report  DBHM/11/6/10  1917-18

Match report  DBHM/11/6/11  1918-19

Match report  DBHM/11/6/12  1919-20

Match report  DBHM/11/6/13  1920-21

Match report  DBHM/11/6/14  1921-22

Match report  DBHM/11/6/15  1922-23

Match report  DBHM/11/6/16  1923-24

Match report  DBHM/11/6/17  1924-25

Match report  DBHM/11/6/18  1925-26

Match report  DBHM/11/6/19  1926-27

Match report  DBHM/11/6/20  1927-28

Match report  DBHM/11/6/21  1928-29

Match report  DBHM/11/6/22  1929-30

Match report  DBHM/11/6/23  1930-31

Match report  DBHM/11/6/24  1931-32

Match report  DBHM/11/6/25  1932-33

Match report  DBHM/11/6/26  1933-34

Match report  DBHM/11/6/27  1934-35

Match report  DBHM/11/6/28  1935-36

Match report  DBHM/11/6/29  1936-37

Match report  DBHM/11/6/30  1937-38

Match report  DBHM/11/6/31  1938-39

Match report  DBHM/11/6/32  1939-40

Match report  DBHM/11/6/33  1940-41

Match report  DBHM/11/6/34  1941-45

Match report  DBHM/11/6/35  1945-47

Match report  DBHM/11/6/36  1947-48

Match report  DBHM/11/6/37  1948-49

Match report  DBHM/11/6/38  1949-50

Match report  DBHM/11/6/39  1950-51

Match report  DBHM/11/6/40  1951-52

Match report  DBHM/11/6/41  1952-53

Match report  DBHM/11/6/42  1953-54

Match report  DBHM/11/6/43  1954-55

Match report  DBHM/11/6/44  1955-56

Match report  DBHM/11/6/45  1956-57

Match report  DBHM/11/6/46  1957-58

Match report  DBHM/11/6/47  1958-59

Match report  DBHM/11/6/48  1959-60

Match report  DBHM/11/6/49  1960-61

Match report  DBHM/11/6/50  1961-62

Match report  DBHM/11/6/51  1962-63

Match report  DBHM/11/6/52  1963-64

Match report  DBHM/11/6/53  1964-65

Match report  DBHM/11/6/54  1965-66

Match report  DBHM/11/6/55  1966-67

Match report  DBHM/11/6/56  1967-68

Match report  DBHM/11/6/57  1968-69

Match report  DBHM/11/6/58  1969-70

Match report  DBHM/11/6/59  1970-71

Match report  DBHM/11/6/60  1971-72

Match report  DBHM/11/6/61  1972-73

Match report  DBHM/11/6/62  1973-74

Match report  DBHM/11/6/63  1974-75

Alphabetical indexes of players giving the season during which they played  DBHM/11/7  1881-1940

1 Hull, 1881/2 - 1938/9
2 Hull Kingston Rovers, 1885/6 - 1939/40
3 Hull City, 1904/5 - 1938/9

Cuttings of histories of Hull FC, 1865-99 and Hull Kingston Rovers, 1885-99 and of reports of their meetings, 1899-1939 with additional notes in MS  DBHM/11/8  1865-1939

Miscellaneous cuttings and notes relating to football and rugby  DBHM/11/9  n.d

Volume of cuttings of league tables  DBHM/11/10  1892-1939

Football league, second division, (Hull City), 1905/6 - 1938/9
Yorkshire league for Hull and Hull KR, 1907/8 - 1929/30
Lancashire league, 1907/8 - 1929/30
Northern league (Hull and Hull KR), 1901/2 - 1931/2
Yorkshire league senior competition, 1901/2
Lancashire senior competition, 1895/6 - 1901/2
Yorkshire Senior competition, 1892/3 - 1904/5
Yorkshire A team tables, 1895/6 - 1900/1
Yorkshire Rugby combination, 1901/2 - 1905/6
Northern Rugby league (second division), 1902/3 - 1904/5
Yorkshire Junior Challenge Cup, 1899/1900 - 1910/11
Northern Union County Championship, 1895/6 - 1909/10
Northern Union Challenge Cup, 1896/7 - 1931/2

Cuttings relating to the Moscow Dynamo Football Team  DBHM/11/11  Nov. 1945

Cuttings and MS record of matches of the Hull Rugby Club  DBHM/11/12  1901-39

Cuttings of "Rugby Union Diary"  DBHM/11/13  1936-7

Cuttings of reports of Yorkshire Rugby Union seasons, 1920/1 to 1933/4  DBHM/11/14  1920-1934

Conditions of access: (1925/6 missing)

Cuttings of "Hockey Notes"  DBHM/11/15  Sept. 1936-March 1939

Cuttings and notes relating to the history of Southcoates F.C  DBHM/11/16  1881-89

Including the results of all matches played

Notebook relating to racing the chief contents being cuttings of lists of winners of major races, updated to c1930  DBHM/11/17  [n.d.]

Hull & East Riding R.U.F.C. Year Books  DBHM/11/18  1965-1969

1 1965-6
2 1966-7
3 1968-9

The Hull Lawn Tennis League Official Handbook  DBHM/11/19  1934

Hull & East Riding Table Tennis Association Official Handbook  DBHM/11/20  1957-8

The Yorkshire League, Season 1946-47  DBHM/11/21  1946-1947

Cuttings etc. Relating to World War II  DBHM/12  [n.d.]

List of air raid alarms giving the date and time of alarm and all clear  DBHM/12/1  4 Sept. 1939-May 1941

Schedules of bombs falling on Hull and adjacent areas (as far as Filey)  DBHM/12/2  June 1940-Feb.1941

Giving date, time, place, type, casualties and notes

"Local War Heroes", i.e. cuttings relating to local men serving in the forces  DBHM/12/3  1940-1944

1. Aug. 1940 - Oct. 1941, indexed
2. Aug. 1941 - July 1944
3. Aug. 1944 - Dec. 1944 (msg)
4. Index to vols. 1 & 2
5. Index to vol. 3

Rolls of Honour of people of Hull and Districted decorated or mentioned in dispatches etc., during the 1939-45 war  DBHM/12/4  1939-1945

1. Royal Navy and Merchant Navy
2. Army
3. R.A.F

Letter from the Ministry of Information concerning press censorship  DBHM/12/5  6 Jan.-20 July 1944

Musical Events  DBHM/13  [n.d.]

Hull Philharmonic Orchestra Season programmes  [no ref. or date]

Programme  DBHM/13/1  1936-7

Programme  DBHM/13/2  1937-8

(Part missing)

Hull Philharmonic Orchestra Concert Programmes  [no ref. or date]

Programme  DBHM/13/3  April 1934

Programme  DBHM/13/4  November 1934

Programme  DBHM/13/5  February 1935

Programme  DBHM/13/6  November 1935

Programme  DBHM/13/7  February 1936

Programme  DBHM/13/8  April 1936

Programme  DBHM/13/9  November 1936

Programme  DBHM/13/10  February 1937

Programme  DBHM/13/11  April 1937

Programme  DBHM/13/12  November 1937

Programme  DBHM/13/13  February 1938

Programme  DBHM/13/14  April 1938

Programme  DBHM/13/15  November 1938

Programme  DBHM/13/16  April 1939

2 copies

Programmes of concerts by the Hull Choral Union  [no ref. or date]

Messiah  DBHM/13/17  Dec. 1934

Various Items  DBHM/13/18  March 1935

Hiawatha  DBHM/13/19  November 1935

Messiah  DBHM/13/20  December 1935

Various Items  DBHM/13/21  March 1936

Aida  DBHM/13/22  November 1936

A Sea Symphony  DBHM/13/23  March 1937

Faust  DBHM/13/24  November 1937

The Apostles  DBHM/13/25  March 1938

Messiah  DBHM/13/26  December 1938

Various Items  DBHM/13/27  March 1939

Hull Music Club programmes  [no ref. or date]

The New London Trio  DBHM/13/28  Oct. 1934

Intimate Opera  DBHM/13/29  Feb. 1936

The Griller Quartet  DBHM/13/30  Oct. 1936

Intimate Opera  DBHM/13/31  Feb. 1937

Popular Celebrity Concerts held at Queens Hall, Alfred Gelder St  [no ref. or date]

Season brochure  DBHM/13/32  1936

Concert programmes  DBHM/13/33  Dec. 1934

Concert programmes  DBHM/13/34  ND, 1934/5

Concert programmes  DBHM/13/35  ND, 1936/7

String Orchestral Concert and Violin Recital at the Royal Institution  DBHM/13/36  March 1936

Arthur Johnson String Orchestra at the Royal Institution  DBHM/13/37  May 6, NY

Programme of Intimate Opera at The University College, Hull  DBHM/13/38  1 December, NY

The book of the pageant to be performed in the City Hall, Hull in October 1936 during the 450th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Hull Grammar School, by F.R. Bell  DBHM/13/39  1936

Property Catalogues  DBHM/14  [n.d.]

Sale catalogues issued by B.L. Wells & Co.: Everthorpe Hall  DBHM/14/1  Oct. 1946

Sale catalogues issued by B.L. Wells & Co.: Grimston Garth and Home Farm  DBHM/14/2  Nov. 1948

Sale catalogues issued by B.L. Wells & Co.: Furniture, antiques, gardening  DBHM/14/3  n.d

Sale catalogues issued by B.L. Wells & Co.: Cotswold, Tranby Lane, Swanland  DBHM/14/4  1965

Sale catalogues issued by B.L. Wells & Co.: The Dell, Seaton Road, Hornsea  DBHM/14/5  1965

Catalogue for the sale of the Merchant Navy House, 9 and 11 Anlaby Road, Hull by W. N. Lewendon & Sons  DBHM/14/6  April 1951

Catalogue relating to the sale of refurbished Bishop's Manor House, Howden for offices  DBHM/14/7  November 1985

Sale catalogue relating to King Albert Chambers, 61-69 Jameson St, Hull by exors of Arthur Barker, issued by B.L. Wells & Son  DBHM/14/8  26 April 1955

Illustrations etc  DBHM/15  [n.d.]

Engraving of Paragon Station and the Station Hotel from S.E  DBHM/15/1  ND ?c.1850

View of the pier, Nelson St. etc., from the river  DBHM/15/2  1883

Constable Street School AFC  DBHM/15/3  1910-11

Enlarged photograph of the visit by the King and Queen  DBHM/15/4  1941

5 Prints

Maps and models illustrating the proposed comprehensive redevelopment of various parts of the old town  DBHM/15/5  c.1945-50

Road proposals for the centre of Hessle  DBHM/15/6  1968

Panoramic views  DBHM/15/7  n.d, 1985

1-2 Clive Sullivan Way under construction, Hessle Road to Goulton St. looking west and Hessle Road section of flyover, looking north, 7/1/85
3 Castle St west of Vicar Lane, ND

Photographs of the river frontage taken from the Humber: Albert Dock and King George/Salt End/Paull  DBHM/15/8  1981

Films  DBHM/15/9  n.d

1 Raich Carter's "Footballers Progress"
2 How to become a Queen presented by the Hull Daily Mail in in conjunction with Bridlington Entertainments Committee
3 Miscellaneous pieces of film

Negatives of the Hull Daily Mail garages in Lansdowne St  DBHM/15/10  Feb. 1938

Publications  DBHM/16  [n.d.]

The Criterion, a weekly review of politics, literature and society  DBHM/16/1  1874-1876

Nos. 1 - 84 January 1874 - Sept. 1876 (Except nos. 15, 17-19, 21-25, 27-28, 31, 36, 39, 41-43, 45, 47-48, 50-51, 54-56, 58-65, 67, 69-70, 72-73, 75, 79-80)

The Trade of Hull and the Humber Ports  DBHM/16/2  [n.d.]

Published yearly in January with articles on each of the main sections of the local economy

Year book  DBHM/16/2/1  1931

Year book  DBHM/16/2/2  1932

Year book  DBHM/16/2/3  1933

Year book  DBHM/16/2/4  1934

Year book  DBHM/16/2/5  1941

Year book  DBHM/16/2/6  1942


Year book  DBHM/16/2/7  1943

Year book  DBHM/16/2/8  1944

Year book  DBHM/16/2/9  1945

Year book  DBHM/16/2/10  1947

Year book  DBHM/16/2/11  1948

Year book  DBHM/16/2/12  1949

Year book  DBHM/16/2/13  1950


Year book  DBHM/16/2/14  1951

Year book  DBHM/16/2/15  1952


Year book  DBHM/16/2/16  1953

Year book  DBHM/16/2/17  1955

Year book  DBHM/16/2/18  1956

Year book  DBHM/16/2/19  1957

Year book  DBHM/16/2/20  1958

Year book  DBHM/16/2/21  1959

Year book  DBHM/16/2/22  1960


Year book  DBHM/16/2/23  1961

Year book  DBHM/16/2/24  1962


Year book  DBHM/16/2/25  1963


Year book  DBHM/16/2/26  1964


Year book  DBHM/16/2/27  1965


Year book  DBHM/16/2/28  1966

Year book  DBHM/16/2/29  1967


Year book  DBHM/16/2/30  1968

Year book  DBHM/16/2/31  1969

Year book  DBHM/16/2/32  1970


Year book  DBHM/16/2/33  1971


Year book  DBHM/16/2/34  1972


Year book  DBHM/16/2/35  1973

The Hull Daily Mail Christmas Annual  DBHM/16/3  1935-8, 1946

The Eastern Morning News, stock edition of 5 May 1920  DBHM/16/4  1920

The Aurora  DBHM/16/5  8 Oct. 1921

Published in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Souvenire blotter diary for 1923-4 issued by Holy Trinity Church  DBHM/16/6  1923-1924

In addition to the diary and church information there are many advertisements

Whites Directory of East and North Ridings of Yorkshire  DBHM/16/7  1840

Joneses Mercantile Directory of the Shipping Ports of Hull, Great Grimsby and Goole  DBHM/16/8  1863-4

(Final 30 pages missing)

Wright's Directory  DBHM/16/9  1863

(Almost complete)

Hull Year Book and Directory  DBHM/16/10  1876

Poll Book  DBHM/16/11  1868

Men of the City, Hull Whos Who for 1914  DBHM/16/12  1914

Hull's Who's Who  DBHM/16/13  1935

Browns Guide to Hull  DBHM/16/14  ND

(Almost complete)

Rocks Royal Hull Cabinet Album  DBHM/16/15  ND ?1890's

Containing nine local views and a second set with some duplicates

Barton upon Humber Official Guide  DBHM/16/16  ?1960's

Bridlington Official Guide  DBHM/16/17  1936

Hedon Official Guide  DBHM/16/18  1972

History of St. Nicholas, Keyingham  DBHM/16/19  1956

Guide to Hull Churches, Kingston Ecclesiological Society  DBHM/16/20  1969

Normanby Hall, Scunthorpe, Guide  DBHM/16/21  1970's

The Village School in Preston  DBHM/16/22  1878-1978

Early Medieval Church Sculpture by Faith Mann  DBHM/16/23  1985

A Front Line Factory Sissons War-time Story  DBHM/16/24  1985

Smiths the Bankers, 1658-1958 by J.A.S.L. Leighton-Boyce  DBHM/16/25  1958

George Houlton & Sons Ltd  DBHM/16/26  1879-1979

Education and Learning in the City of York, 1300-1560 by Joann H. Moran, Borthwick Papers no. 55  DBHM/16/27  n.d

Cementing the China Vase: David Hartley and America, 1774-1784 by John Major  DBHM/16/28  1983

Mary Ward, 1585-1645 by Joseph Grisar  DBHM/16/29  n.d

Blockade '75, The story of the fishermen's blockade of the ports by Gavin Cargill  DBHM/16/30  1976

The John Moore Story  DBHM/16/31  1973

The North Ships, the life of a trawlerman, by Steven Piper, proof copy  DBHM/16/32  1974

The Draining of the Hull Valley by June A Sheppard, E.H.L.H.S. booklet no. 8  DBHM/16/33  1958

St. Philip's Church, Hull. Old and New by Rev. Paul Wordsworth  DBHM/16/34  ?1977

The Festival Year, 1951 Souvenir handbook of Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church  DBHM/16/35  1951

Kingston Wesley Methodist Church, Souvenir Handbook  DBHM/16/36  1949

Gliksten - the story  DBHM/16/37  ND. ?1967

Lincolnshire, Lindsey, The Story of the County Council  DBHM/16/38  1889-1974

The Story of the Newington Parish Church, Hull by Rev. T. H. Tardrew  DBHM/16/39  1928

The Yorkshire Library, A bibliographical account relating to the County of York, by Wm. Boyne  DBHM/16/40  1974

A History of Savings Banks, by H. Oliver Horne  DBHM/16/41  1947

Memorial Congregational Church, Princes Avenue, Hull, Jubilee Souvenir  DBHM/16/42  1899-1949

Hull Young Peoples Christian & Literary Institute, History  DBHM/16/43  1860-1951

Trinity House of Kingston upon Hull by Arthur Storey  DBHM/16/44  1967

Trinity House of Kingston upon Hull, Vol. Two by Arthur Storey  DBHM/16/45  1969

A History of Royal Air Force, Finningley  DBHM/16/46  1936-1969

Hull Railway Clerks Cricket Club Centenary, 1873-1973 by Mike Ulyatt  DBHM/16/47  1873-1973

2 Copies

Hull Sailors Home, 1856-1944  DBHM/16/48  1944

Founded on the Rock, Withernsea Methodist Church, 1879-1979 by Harry Verity  DBHM/16/49  1979

The Brynmor Jones Library, 1929-1979  DBHM/16/50  1979

Hull Grammar School, 450th Anniversary Celebrations, 1936, Book of the Pageant  DBHM/16/51  1936

Call The Roll, Memories of a Flag Wagger by William Shaw  DBHM/16/52  n.d

Bishop's Manor Howden, sale catalogue after refurbishment  DBHM/16/53  1985

Sale catalogue for King Albert Chambers, 61-69 Jameson St, Hull  DBHM/16/54  1955

An Era of Progress by the House of Townend  DBHM/16/55  1906-1972

Co-operative development in Kingston upon Hull and District, by Samuel Marshall  DBHM/16/56  1951

An Arts Centre in Hull by the Kingston upon Hull Citizens Arts League  DBHM/16/57  1946

Farndale Reservoir, Landscape Proposals, Interim Report  DBHM/16/58  1969

Farndale Reservoir, Landscape Proposals, Final Report  DBHM/16/59  n.d

Historic Pease Warehouse, History  DBHM/16/60  n.d

House of Commons, Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee on unopposed bills, Yorkshire Derwent Water Bill  DBHM/16/61  28 April 1970

Ups & Downs & Roundabouts by Edwin Cottigan  DBHM/16/62  1972

Manuscripts  DBHM/17  [n.d.]

Articles by Hull Journalist Arthur Tidman ('Artid') former Editor of the Times  DBHM/17/1  19th-20th centuries

The Good Old Days  DBHM/17/1/1  [n.d.]

Life in Hull Years Ago  DBHM/17/1/2  [n.d.]

In Hull 70 Years Ago  DBHM/17/1/3  [n.d.]

Old Town Vignettes - 1  DBHM/17/1/4  [n.d.]

Old Town Vignettes - 2  DBHM/17/1/5  [n.d.]

The Pleasure Gardens of Hull  DBHM/17/1/6  [n.d.]

'Four o'clock in the morning and a fine morning, all's well' (police)  DBHM/17/1/7  [n.d.]

Down the Trent to Hull - Some Hull visitors and what they saw and did  DBHM/17/1/8  [n.d.]

How the Irish came to Hull - a good turn to the Pope  DBHM/17/1/9  [n.d.]

The Jews in Hull - Was the Wandering Jew seen in Hull?  DBHM/17/1/10  [n.d.]

Plague and Epidemics - When Hull's population was reduced by half  DBHM/17/1/11  [n.d.]

Hull's Great Cycling Record - when Grandpapa and Grandmama went scorching  DBHM/17/1/12  [n.d.]

Great Walking Feats in Hull  DBHM/17/1/13  [n.d.]

Joyous Picture of Life at a Holiday Health Resort (Scarborough)  DBHM/17/1/14  [n.d.]

Early Posts in Hull and Holderness - How the Post Office began in Hull  DBHM/17/1/15  [n.d.]

Behind the Scenes of the Dogger Bank Outrage  DBHM/17/1/16  [n.d.]

Hull's Wooden Gun - a ruse de guerre, true story revealed at last  DBHM/17/1/17  [n.d.]

Links between Barton and East Yorkshire  DBHM/17/1/18  [n.d.]

Hull and East Yorks Volunteers of 1914-1918  DBHM/17/1/19  [n.d.]

The Sublime Tragedy of Airship R.38  DBHM/17/1/20  [n.d.]

Balloons over East Yorkshire  DBHM/17/1/21  [n.d.]

A Sailorman's Story - Memorable flight off Flamborough Head in the old style  DBHM/17/1/22  [n.d.]

Fire fighting in Hull  DBHM/17/1/23  [n.d.]

How Hull people were bluffed and swindled by two fanatical tailors  DBHM/17/1/24  [n.d.]

The Pilgrim Fathers sailed from the Humber  DBHM/17/1/25  [n.d.]

When Religious Life in Hull was not all Plain Sailing  DBHM/17/1/26  [n.d.]

Helen MacGregor, Queen of the Hull Steam Paddle Boats  DBHM/17/1/27  [n.d.]

Temperance Movement - what teetotal fanatics did for England, Hull and East Riding  DBHM/17/1/28  [n.d.]

The Crafts guilds of Beverley  DBHM/17/1/29  [n.d.]

Hull May Morning Breakfast - Fish Street Congregational Church  DBHM/17/1/30  May 1, 1885

Early Flying Days in Hull - The true story of Amy Johnson's tragic end  DBHM/17/1/31  [n.d.]

The Inner History of the Baccaret Case  DBHM/17/1/32  [n.d.]

Thrilling Chapter in the Political History of Hull (Neils Boynton Billany)  DBHM/17/1/33  [n.d.]

The famous Tichborne case - Sir Roger and the Claimant at Burton Constable  DBHM/17/1/34  [n.d.]

'The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon' - Hull links with the W. T. Stead case  DBHM/17/1/35  [n.d.]

Parnell faces grave crisis  DBHM/17/1/36  [n.d.]

Musical Memories 1 and 2  DBHM/17/1/37  [n.d.]

Glimpses of an Old Time Music Hall  DBHM/17/1/38  [n.d.]

Sir John Martin Harvey - Hull connections  DBHM/17/1/39  [n.d.]

The passing of the Alexandra Theatre  DBHM/17/1/40  [n.d.]

Footlight Favourites of Yesteryear - Stories of a great Hull actress, Madge Kendal  DBHM/17/1/41  [n.d.]

The Theatre Royal, Paragon St  DBHM/17/1/42  [n.d.]

Hull Produced a World Champion Tap dancer and the greatest of Drolls  DBHM/17/1/43  [n.d.]

The Silver Screen - Early days of the Cinema in Hull when the Silent Film rose to Greatness  DBHM/17/1/44  [n.d.]

Barnstormers in Holderness - Strolling players and Village Theatres  DBHM/17/1/45  [n.d.]

How Edward I became possessed of Kingston upon Hull  DBHM/17/1/46  [n.d.]

Queen Henrietta Maria's adventures in Bridlington  DBHM/17/1/47  [n.d.]

The Siege of Hull (Civil War)  DBHM/17/1/48  [n.d.]

Andrew Marvell, MP, Sidelights on his work in Parliament  DBHM/17/1/49  [n.d.]

A poet looks across the Humber - Life in a North Lincs Parsonage  DBHM/17/1/50  [n.d.]

John Wesley in North Lincolnshire  DBHM/17/1/51  [n.d.]

Thomas Whittaker, Temperance Pioneer  DBHM/17/1/52  [n.d.]

Thomas Whittaker's Two Sons  DBHM/17/1/53  [n.d.]

Isaac Pitman at Barton on Humber  DBHM/17/1/54  [n.d.]

Prosperity Robinson's Son - Marquis of Ripon, Lord High Steward of Hull  DBHM/17/1/55  [n.d.]

Noted Hull Teacher of French  DBHM/17/1/56  [n.d.]

Charles Peace, unrecognised, lived in Hull  DBHM/17/1/57  [n.d.]

Stories of Sir A. W. Macdonald of the Isles  DBHM/17/1/58  [n.d.]

Anthony Trollope in Beverley  DBHM/17/1/59  [n.d.]

Lewis Carroll's links with Beverley  DBHM/17/1/60  [n.d.]

The Private Life of William III, Prince of Orange, King of England  DBHM/17/1/61  [n.d.]

Comdr. Maurice Regan, shipping personality  DBHM/17/1/62  [n.d.]

Mrs. Arthur Wilson, Phillip Reckitt and others  DBHM/17/1/63  [n.d.]

Charles Henry Wilson, Baron Nunburnholme  DBHM/17/1/64  [n.d.]

Joseph Rank  DBHM/17/1/65  [n.d.]

Fred W. Booth, Printer  DBHM/17/1/66  [n.d.]

Frederick Brent Grotirian  DBHM/17/1/67  [n.d.]

Frederick Blunt  DBHM/17/1/68  [n.d.]

James Reckitt  DBHM/17/1/69  [n.d.]

Whitefriargate Worthies  DBHM/17/1/70  [n.d.]

Some Notable Orators I have heard  DBHM/17/1/71  [n.d.]

Some Lesser Lights - local personalities  DBHM/17/1/72  [n.d.]

Hull Printer's Apprentice who became a famous painter, William Etty  DBHM/17/1/73  [n.d.]

Three Diversified Politicians  DBHM/17/1/74  [n.d.]

A Diversified Trio of Parsons  DBHM/17/1/75  [n.d.]

The Times in the Australian Bush  DBHM/17/1/76  [n.d.]

What is the most beautiful or most remarkable thing you have seen  DBHM/17/1/77  [n.d.]

The Eternal Feminine - Half a century of progress through the eyes of a man  DBHM/17/1/78  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous notes and cuttings  DBHM/17/1/79  23 Feb. 1942

Including correspondence relating to the acquisition of the papers by the Hull Times and a letter from T. Shepherd to A. Tidman describing his early days as curator of Hull Museums

Hull As It Was And As It Is  DBHM/17/2  ND. C19

MS notes on the History of Hull

Daily prices for Oilseeds and Oil  DBHM/17/3  1927

Jan. - Aug, ND (probably 1927, perhaps 1938, Easter Day was 17 April in both years.)

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