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Reference zDDX65
Former reference DDX65
Covering dates c.1441-1869
Held by East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Records Service
Extent 35 items

No further details   Survey of Colonel Norcliffe's Estate in Langton by M Dowding  zDDX65/3/1  Apr 1720
No further details   Book containing memoranda of wills of or referring to Bamburgh and Norcliffe families  zDDX65/3/4  1616-1739
No further details   Book containing pedigrees of royal and noble families of England, France, Flanders, Spain  zDDX65/3/5  nd
No further details   Book containing 'Genealogies, mostly of Foreign Families, of the Lineal Ancestry of Norcliffe of Langton'  zDDX65/3/6  nd
No further details   Folder containing 'Pedigrees in illustration of the 285 quarterings of the Norcliffe shield executed 1854 by Rosamund Norcliffe'  zDDX65/3/11  nd
No further details   Folder containing notes on 'Norcliffe Shield of Quarterings executed by Rosamund wife of Henry Robinson esq. 1854'  zDDX65/3/12  nd
No further details   Folder containing extracts from 'Andersen's Royal Geneaologies and Dugdales Baronage' and miscellaneous pedigrees  zDDX65/3/13  nd
No further details   Folder containing memoranda of pedigrees 'Langton'  zDDX65/3/21  nd
No further details   'First 18 pages of a short Geneaological account of the Norcliffe family'  zDDX65/3/22  c.19th century

Folder icon  Folder containing correspondence  zDDX65/3/31  1785-1852

Former reference: DDX65/34

1 Item

(i) letter to Thomas Dalton esquire from Peter Erving: 'I shall raise money in Toun, and immediately after return the sum you were so good to accomodate me with' l4 Sep 1785 (ii) letters from Sarah Rhodes to Mrs Dalton concerning pedigree of Parson's family, (two pieces) 1800-1801 (iii) letter to Miss M Dalton from her brother concerning school and family gossip 1803 (iv) letter from John Dalton to [?] Dalton concerning sale of lands at Skipsea 2 Sep 1807 (v) letter in rhyme from G Richardson to Mrs Norcliffe, Brussels 1816 (vi) letter to Madam Best, Nice from [?] Norcliffe, Tiperary (two pieces) concerning death of her husband 1817 (vii) letter from William Ellerker overseer of the poor of Kirby Moorside to Thomas Norcliffe, Langton concerning widow Beilby's settlement at Langton 20 Oct 1819 (viii) letter to Mrs Norcliffe, Langton from J Wilson, Kensington Palace concerning death of 'His Royal Highness' 1820 (ix) letter from E Bollard to [?] concerning financial matters 10 Jul 1820 (x) letters to Rose Best from [?] Norcliffe (three pieces) concerning hopes to be in York 'next Wednesday', announces his forthcoming marriage to Miss Fouliss 1824, 1852; (xi) letter to Mrs Best, Petergate, York from N Norcliffe concerning (three pieces) family affairs 1826, 1832 (xii) letter from William Wright of Royal Military College to Dr Best, York concerning death of Mr Norcliffe 13 July

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