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The William Blyth Gerish Collection

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Reference D/EGr
Covering dates c1898-1915
Held by Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Extent 87 files
Creators Blyth Gerish, William, fl 1898-1915, of Hertfordshire; Gerish, William, Blyth, fl 1898-1915, of Hertfordshire

Administrative history:
The antiquarian William Blyth Gerish was born in Islington in 1864. He was raised in East Anglia and from an early age began researching local history.
By 1895 Gerish had moved to Hertfordshire and lived in Wormley. In 1895 he married Maude Pipe in West Green, Middlesex. They moved to Hoddesdon and then to Bishops Stortford in 1901. Gerish worked as a bank clerk in London and spent his commuting hours compiling indexes to Hertfordshire works that lacked them.
Gerish was appointed secretary and convenor of the newly formed East Herts Archaeological Society in 1898. During the 17 years he held that position Gerish organised 49 excursions to various parts of the county. He was also a frequent contributor to the society's published transactions on a wide variety of subjects.
In 1899 Gerish instigated a Notes and Queries column in the Hertfordshire Mercury which he edited and contributed to. This expanded to a similar column in the West Herts and Watford Observer in 1910. In 1900 Gerish persuaded Professor Skeat of Cambridge University to write the 'Place Names of Hertfordshire' for which he wrote the introduction.
Between 1907-1913 Gerish organised the collation of the monumental inscriptions of Hertfordshire. He personally compiled lists for 131 out of the 200 plus burial grounds the project encompassed. The completed 13 volumes containing 70,000 names are now held at the British Library.
Gerish's written work included biographical pamphlets of the Hertfordshire historians John Norden and Nathaniel Salmon as well as a full-length biography of Sir Henry Chauncy published in 1907. In addition to these there were also 19 pamphlets on Hertfordshire folklore published between 1905-1921.
Ill health forced Gerish to quit his Hertfordshire researches. In 1915 he sold his collection of 500 books and 300 pamphlets to St Albans Library and also donated his huge collection of box cases and portfolios of prints, maps, photographs, notes, cuttings and rubbings. Eighty seven boxes of this collection representing every parish in Hertfordshire except St Albans were transferred to Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS) at a later date. The greater part of Gerish's book collection including his lavishly grangerized seven volume set of Cussan's 'History of Hertfordshire' is now also held at HALS.
Gerish left several unfinished manuscripts including his 'Dictionary of Hertfordshire Biography', 'Some Hertfordshire Tragedies' and the 'Dictionary of Hertfordshire Surnames'.
Gerish retired to Caister on Sea, Norfolk in 1926. There he recovered something of his health and continued the Norfolk antiquarian researches of his youth. Gerish died of the wasting disease phthisis in 1921 and was buried at Caister.
[For more information see article by Nicholas Connell 'An Indefatigable Antiquarian; The Life and Work of William Gerish' in Hertfordshire's Past No 51 Autumn 2001]

Collection of cuttings, prints, photographs and other items made by William Blyth Gerish
78. WARE
79. WARE
The Collection
Eighty seven boxes form the greater part of Gerish's collection originally given by him to St Albans Library in 1915. The material is arranged alphabetically by parish but excludes St Albans. Any St Albans material collected by Gerish remains at St Albans Library.
The contents include cuttings from newspapers and other published works, prints, photographs, maps, brass rubbings and drafts of some of his transcriptions of monumental inscriptions. Sadly Gerish did not always acknowledge the date or source of his cuttings so many items are unattributed. Dates have been included in the following list only where they have been given on the original item.
Items are grouped together under loose headings eg Antiquities, Biographies, Churches, Houses, Folklore, Prints. Each section can include a variety of materials as described in the above paragraph.
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Abbots Langley.  D/EGr/1  undated

Photographs of Manor House Abbots Langley
Photographs of Langley House Abbots Langley
Two prints of The Booksellers Provident Retreat Abbots Langley
Photographs of chestnut tree. Langley House Abbots Langley
Photograph of house at Kitters Green, Abbots Langley
Photographs of Breakspeare Farm, Bedmond, birthplace of Nicholas Breakspeare
Portrait of Raymond Robert, Lord Chief Justice d. 1732 in his robes with arms
Portrait of Nisholas Breakspeare Hadrianus 4th Pope
Nine prints of Abbots Langley Church with furnishings
Prints of Brass Rubbings in Abbots Langley church
Photograph of a family group (Evans & Lloyd?)
Photographs of village scenes Abbots Langley
Newspaper cuttings about Abbots Langley church
Newspaper cuttings General Accounts of Abbots Langley
Newspaper cuttings of Houses Abbots Langley, one called Tenements, The Lawn Hunton Bridge, Hazlewood Hunton Bridge, Langleybury, Russells
Biographies CLAUDIUS AMYAND of Langleybury
JOHN BROCKET of Abbots Langley
SIR JOHN EVANS of Abbots Langley
JOHN KING Vicar of Abbots Langley 1626
Charity Abbots Langley National School, David Whites Charity
Coombes Charity, an educational charity 1641
Parochial Charities seven in number
Folklore The Biter Bitten A Legend of Abbots Langley
May Day verses sung by the children of Abbots Langley
Monumental Brasses Abbots Langley church

ALBURY  D/EGr/2  undated

Albury Hall House
Map of Albury Lodge Estate
Sale particulars of Albury Lodge Estate
Parsonage Farm (Letters of correspondence) from the farm to Mr Gerish
Patmore Hall
Sale particulars of Patmore Hall Farm
Map of Patmore Hall and lands
Biographies Atkyns, Sir Edward of Albury Hall
Dartiquenare, Charles of Patmore Hall
John Seventhorpe Family Tree 1392
SCROGGS, Sir William
Folk Lore St Valentine's Day in Hertfordshire
Harvest Custom "A-Larging"
Mandrakes found at Albury
Hertfordshire Childrens Games (verses)
Charity Ann Gunter late wife of Philip Gunter
Thomas Mott
Francis Gunter
Thomas Leventhorpe
Also a mention of Hertfordshire Charities
General Accounts of Albury Parish, Albury Windmill, Village Stones, Place Names, Inn Signs, Empire Day, The Bounds of Albury Parish etc.
Monumental Brasses
St Marys Church Albury

ALBURY PRINTS  D/EGr/3  undated

Two Maps of Parish
Albury Church
Patmore Heath, Albury
Clap Gate, Albury
Upwick Green, Albury
Albury Hall
Albury Lodge in 1852
Cottages adjoining Churchyard
Portrait of Charles Dartiquenave Esq
Arms of Atkyns
Charities Albury National School Countess of Bridgewarer Charity (to be found in the Aldbury section under Charity)
General Accounts of the parish
Northfield Estate for sale
Church of St John the Baptist
County House called Stocks, Tring lived in by Mr & Mrs Humphrey Ward
Duncombe John
Bennett Myiche
Aldbury National School. Frances Coombes Charity
Folk Lore
The Wizard of Aldbury. Sir Guy De Gravade
Aldbury Prints
The stocks and whipping post
General views of Aldbury
"Stocks" The Humphry Ward's County Residence
Aldbury Church
Monument to Sir John Verney & Elizabeth his wife
Mrs Humphry Ward
Monumental Brasses Aldbury

AMWELL GREAT  D/EGr/4  undated

General accounts of the parish
St John the Baptist Church, Great Amwell
"Amwell Bury" estate sale particulars with plan 1907
Pigeon houses in Hertfordshire
Antiquities: Earthworks & Tumulus
Scotts Grotto, Amwell
Thomas Brown a Minister
Robert Mylne, architect and engineer
Isaac Reed and editor of an edition of Shakespear in twelve volumes
John Scott (Quaker Poet)
William Warner. Poet.
Christopher Fincke
Gaskyn Charity
Monumental Brasses
One of husband and wife and several children, unnamed
Anthony Makes, Vicar of Amwell, instituted in 1683
A Brass commemorating a vicar of Amwell between 1392 and 1409, unnamed
Coloured picture of Amwell, from the river looking across the field
Drawing of Amwell Church Yard, a cottage and a view across the fields
Various pictures of St John the Baptist Church external and internal (some views from the river)
Small drawing of Scotts Grotto, Amwell
A plan of Scotts Grotto
Photographs of Scotts Grotto, external
Photographs of Stock's
Monument to the opening of Chadwell Springs
George the IV Inn
Various views of the River Amwell
Amwell Bury home of Col. Brown
Photographs of two houses unidentified
Photograph of a plaque on a house, God Save the King IR6 AR 1606
Picture of a lane, shadowed by trees
The Rev W J Harvey, Vicar of Great Amwell
Robert Mylne
Isaac Reed esq

ALDENHAM  D/EGr/5  undated

General Accounts of the Parish
St John the Baptist Church, Aldenham
Notes on Herts Chantries (Aldenham)
The Romano-British Kiln discovered at Radlett
Folk Lore
Strange Freak in Forestry (trees growing out of tombs)
Radlett General Notes
Charity Commission
Richard Platt's Almhouse Charity
The endowed Grammar School
William Stuart of Aldenham Abbey
Boughey Skey of Hedge Grove Park, Aldenham
Rev. Peter Newcome Vicar of Aldenham 1683-1704
Lord Denzel Holles, Lord of the Manor of Aldenham, with portrait
Hester Countess of Charville
Henry Cary, Lord Viscount Falkland and other members of the family
Henry Hucks Gibbs, Lord Aldenham
Penn's Place
Private Asylum known as "Hillfield" Sale Particulars
Aldenham House
Organ Hall, Aldenham
Aldenham Abbey
Monumental Brasses
Edward Briscoe
Nicholas Chowne, wife and four children
Six Persons on one sheet all unnamed
Man, wife, two sons, six daughters unnamed
A civilian and wife about 1520 unnamed
Inscription only of John Long
Lucas Goodyere
Man, six sons, five daughters, the wife inscription gone about 1520
A woman without inscription, the costume is of a middle class woman about 1480-90
Man and three wives, inscription and children nineteen in all unnamed
Edith Coghill
Jane Warner
Two shields unnamed
One shield to Ralph Stepny
Aldenham Abbey
The Free Grammar School, Aldenham
Hillfield House, built 1795
Edge Grove, 1908
Delrow, 1908
Aldenham House
Rock and Water Garden, Waterfall, Woodland Walk, Gardens, Aldenham House
Otterspool, 1909
St Johns church Aldenham, internal and external
Monumental Brasses and figures
Parish Chest
Trees growing out of grave at Aldenham Churchyard
Roman Antiquities, Plan and section of Roman Potters Kiln found in Radlett
Potters Marks and Stamps found in a Kiln at Radlett
The Old Red Lion, at Radlett
Crests for Coghill, Gibbs and Hucks families
Coat of Arms for Rendlesham family
Lord Falkland - Lucias Carey
Thomas Duke of Newcastle
Kenneth Francis Gibbs
Lord Aldenham and his son the Vicar of Aldenham
Mr Vicary Gibbs M.P. for Mid Herts
Henry Cary Viscount Falkland

Amwell Little  D/EGr/6  undated

Trinity Church (drawing)
New River Head, Chadwell Spring photographs and drawings
Biography Sir Hugh Myddelton
Portrait Sir Hugh Myddelton
General Accounts of Parish of Little Amwell
Of New River from Chadwell Spring
General Accounts. Anstey Church
The Manor of Cokenhach
Anstey Castle
Anstey Parish
Antiquities Cave Gate Anstey
Monastic Remains The Bigging Hospital
Building Wedding House & School
Biography Anestie Family
Richard De Anesti
Fleetwood Dr James
Folk Lore The Devil & the Anstey Fiddler. A Legend of Cave Gate
Church Anstey

ANSTEY  D/EGr/7  undated

Prints Anstey Castle
Anstey Parish Chest in church
Glass Bottle, antiquitie (drawings)
Coat of Arms. Gaussen
Plan of Excavations at Cave Gate, Anstey
Church (various)
Sketch of Ancient Porch, Anstey Church

Parishes of Aston, Ayot St. Peter and Ayot St. Lawrence  D/EGr/7  undated

General Accounts of Aston
Manor of Aston
Rectory of Aston FROGMORE HALL, with Picture etc.
Church of Aston
Aston Bury Manor House
Prints Aston Bury with plan
Aston church (line drawing)
Copy of Grant by Queen Adelaide of the Manor of Aston to the Abbot and monks of St Mary Reading
Prints General View, Near Ayot St Peter (line drawing)
Coat of Arms of Fysshe
General Accounts of Ayot St Peter church, including transcripts of Parish Registers
House Ayot Place
Place Farm
General Accounts of Ayot St Lawrence
Manor of Ayot St Lawrence
Biographies Nicholas Revett 1720-1804
Sir Lionel Lyde
Prints Ayot House (line drawing)
Ruins of St Lawrance Church, Ayot St Lawrence
Tomb of Sir John Barrel and his lady
Monument of N Bristowe esq and his wife in Ayot St Lawrence Church
Coats of Arms Chauncy, Lyde, Bristow

ARDELEY  D/EGr/8  undated

Prints A Farm-yard at Cromer
Ardeley Bury, Ancestral Home of Sir Henry Chauncy
Brass rubbing from Monumental Inscription to Sir Henry Chauncy
Photograph and plate of Monumental Inscription to Sir Henry Chauncy
Portraits of Sir Henry Chauncy (1698)
Chapel School, Wood End (line drawing)
Photograph of Church, Ardeley
Photograph of Ardeley Bury
Monumental Brasses to
John Clerke & Elizabeth his wife, Lord of the Manor of Cromer Hall
Philip Metcalfe was vicat of Ardeley 1492-1515
Thomas Shotbolt & Mary his wife
Henry Chauncey
General Accounts of Ardeley
Manor of Ardeley
Ardeley Bury
Church End Farm
Manor of Leights
Sir Henry Chauncy
John Murray (Funeral Description)
Charities of Herts (mentioning Ardeley)

ASHWELL  D/EGr/8  undated

General Accounts
Church of St Mary Ashwell
Chantry Chapel remains
St James Chapel remains
St Peters Chapel remains
Manor House
Westbury Manor House
Roman ancient Earthwork and Fortified Enclosures
School The Merchant Taylor's Companys School, Ashwell
Charities various
Bill William, born at Ashwell, one of our English reformers, became Dean of Westminster 1561
Ralph Cudworth 1617-1688 an eminent Philosopher
Sir Herbert George Fordham stood as a candidate in the Hitchin Div. in the General Election of 1885
Ann Bubbert (formerly Ann Riseley) born in Ashwell in 1784. A dedicated life to the ministry of the church. Herbert Palmer. Vicar of Ashwell 1643
Folk Lore
Ashwell Ghost Story etc
Plan of "The Ashwell Estate" for sale 1907 and sale particulars showing Ratcliffe House, Ferndale House, Hinxworth Farm, Ashwell End Farm House, Westbury Farm, a Chalk Quarry, a cottage situated at Partridge Hill, Farrows Farm, Whitby Farm and cottages
Plan of "The Elbrook House Estate" and sale particulars of Mobs Hole Farm, Northfields Farm, Bluegates Farm, Ashwell End Farm, Elbrook House, Cottages, Ashwell Corn Mills, Ducklake Farm House, Redlands Grange and various lands
Prints Sir Herbert George Fordham..... GERISH BOX 9
Monumental Brass Rubbing of John Sell
Maps 1899 6" Maps second edition Ashwell etc.
Coats of Arms Bill and Fordham
Line drawing of William Bill
Photographs of High Street, Ashwell
Drawing Room belonging to Edward Ford
Drawing of Ashwell Church
Photographs of Ashwell Church and drawings
Photograph of Lych Gate
A drawing of the Drawing room at Odsey House
The Moss Cottage Homes, Ashwell and portrait of the founder Mr George Moss

ASPENDEN  D/EGr/9  undated

General Accounts of Aspenden
Terrier of Glebe Lands
Houses Aspenden Lodge (with photograph)
Aspenden Hall
The Hamlet of Wakeley in Aspenden, History of
The Hamlet of Berkesdon in Aspenden, History of
Biographies Sir Robert Clifford of Aspenden involved in a plot to capture the English Crown 1494
Seth Ward born and baptized in Aspenden in 1617 became Bishop of Exeter and Salisbury
Charities of Aspenden Elizabeth Freeman. Educational Foundation
The Foundation of Mary Cater (or Cator)
William Freeman & Ralph Freeman
The foundation of Bishop Seth Ward for apprenticing.
Sales Particulars of 30 acres 3 rood 27 perches of land known as Chapel Field
Prints Aspenden Hall
Aspenden Rectory
Line drawing of Sir Ralfe Jocelyn
Seth Ward, Bishop of Salisbury
Prints General views of Aspenden
Tannis Court
Maps Aspenden Rectory and land
Brass Rubbing Man & Wife, Sir Robert Clyfford and Monumental Brasses

BALDOCK  D/EGr/10  undated

Prints Plan of Elmwood Manor, Baldock
Print of the Black Horse Mill Inn
Print of A View of Baldock
Ground plan of St Marys Church, Baldock
6" O.S. map showing Baldock, Radwell and Norton second edition 1901
Plan of Freehold Property in Baldock property not named
St Marys Church Baldock, various prints and photographs
Photographs of Streets in Baldock
General views of Baldock
Line drawing of a Building (not named)
Photograph of a Chalice in St marys Church
A monumental brass (person not named)
General Accounts of Baldock
St Mary's Church Baldock
Notes on the Chantries and Guilds of Hertfordshire
Inns The White Horse
The George Inn
The Rose and Crown
The White Lion
The Black Horse Mill
Fairs and Markets
Country residence ruined by Fire, Elm Wood Manor or as it is commonly called Baldock Park
Monastic Remains Leper Hospital, Pest House Lane, Baldock Buildings. Details of properties
Ralph Baldock, born in Baldock, who became Bishop of London in 1306
John Shadrach Butcher of Baldock, a Wesleyan Methodist Minister
Alice Gentle the wife of William Gentle of Baldock, an estimable and devoted Christian Woman
"The Maid of the Mill" a poem written about the daughter Mary, of a Miller in Baldock (The Village Beauty)
Percival Stockdale a writer and publisher
Alfred Reginald Pryor. Botanist
Thomas Rodd of Baldock 1763-1829. Bookseller and author
Sherwin William, Minister of the Gospel
Rev. John Smith of Baldock, was the first to decipher the now famous 'Pepys Diary'
Edward Smith of Baldock born 1830 and lived in Baldock all his life, a well known Historian, died in 1911 at the age of 81
Sale Particulars of Blackhorse Farm, formerly Baldock Mill
Shrove Tuesday in Hertfordshire
May day in Baldock
Witchcraft at Baldock
John Wynnes, Almshouses
Christmas Gifts to Early Risers in Baldock
PLAN of Elmwood Manor, Baldock
Two sketch Plans of Ground Floor of Elmwood Manor, Baldock
Sale Particulars of Elm Wood Manor, Baldock (including pictures of the Manor and grounds, and interior of house)
Also Sale Particulars of Freehold Residence in White Horse Street

BARKWAY  D/EGr/11  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Barkway
Church St Mary Magdalen, Barkway
Guilds & chantries of Hertfordshire
Manor House Barkway Manor
Antiquities (Roman) found in a Chalk Pit in Rockley Wood
Houses Newcells or Newsells
Chapel of Nuthamstead
Biographies Sir William Chester
Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton
Thomas Flack of Barkway, Highwayman
Sir John Jennings, Admiral
Sir R Saltonstall, Lord Mayor of London, owner of the Manor of the Rectory, Barkway
Folklore Dane Blood, a plant supposed to owe their origin to having germinated in blood of slaughtered Danes
The Mayer's Song chanted on the 1st of May
Charity The Stallibrass Almshouses
Prints O/S 6" second edition 1899 Map, showing Reed, Barkway and Nuthampstead
Street Scenes
A large House [Manor House]
Brass Rubbings
Monumental Brasses
Monastic Remains (a Hermitage 12th c)
Section of a Chalk Pit north of Barkway
A Roman figure of Mars
Portrait of Mr. Charles F Adams 1815-94. Surveyor of Barkway.
Portrait of Hugh Henry Rose, Lord Strathnairn
Photograph of a branch of a tulip tree in Barkway

BARLEY and Barnet East  D/EGr/12  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Barley
Church St Margaret of Barley
Biographies: Count Henning von Arnim, hia grave to be found in Barley Churchyard
Rev. Nathanial Ball, Rector of Barley born 1623 died 1681
Sir Samuel Barnardiston, lived in Barley "The trial and conviction for high-misdemeanor" concerning elections
Dr Joseph Beaumont, once rector of Barley
Rev. Samuel Lee, 1783-1852 Rector of Barley, Canon of Bristol, Linguist and Scholar
Dr Thomas Rutherford Rector of Barley 1751-1771
Herbert Thorndyke Rector of Barley 1642
William Warham Archbishop of Canterbury the first Parson of Barley 15th c.
Andrew Willet Rector of Barley from 1598
William Thomas Warren of Barley
Charity Accounts of Ancient Charities of Barley
Prints Church
Village Scenes
Old Almshouses near the Church
Line drawing of The Town House, picture and photograph
Line drawings of Inns: The Waggon & Horses, The Fox and Hounds, also pictures
Interior of Minchin Bury Barn Line drawing
Line drawing of "Minchin Bury" an ancient Monastic Homestead
Antiquities drawings Roman Cinerary urns
Group of Neolithic and Celtic Antiquities
"The Open Champion" drawn by Alex Ansted
Votive Tablet
Building drawings
The Well House, Interior
The Well House, "Waggon & Horses Inn"
Drawing of the Rev. J Frome-Wilkinson M.A.
William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury (just pictures of him)
Monumental Brasses
Robert Bryckett
Ann Brownrigge
Andrew Willett
House at East Barnet
Coat of Arms. Cass
Photographs: New Barnet from Cat Hill
East Barnet Lane
Cat Hill, East Barnet
Coloured picture of West Farm, the seat of Bevan esq
Photograph of East Barnet Parish church
General Accounts of East Barnet Church. Monumental Inscriptions
Daniel Augustus Beaufort
Cartographer and Educationist, born in East Barnet
Sir Alexander Cumming, Chief of the Cherokees. In 1729 he undertook a voyage to the Cherokee Mountains and in 1730 by unanimous consent was made Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Buried in East Barnet churchyard

CHIPPING BARNET  D/EGr/13  undated

General Accounts of Chipping Barnet
Medicinal Waters of Hertfordshire
Guild of Chipping Barnet
House Wrotham Park, Barnet
School Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth at Chipping Barnet
James Ravencroft founder of Almshouses in Wood Street High Barnet
A Report of the Chipping Barnet Charities Investigation Committee 1867
Battle of Barnet The historic conflict between Edward IV and the Earl of Warwick took place on April 14th 1471
Barnet Fair. A Grand Old Time Festival
John Walker Lexicographer
Anne Catley Actress
John Leifchild Independent minister born at Chipping Barnet
William Hale. Burnt at Barnet (a Heretic)
John Barnet. Bishop of Worcester, and afterwards Bath and Wells. Then Ely and for six years was Lord Treasurer of England
William Readhead of Barnet, was compelled under threat to cast the Lollard books into the fire (Nonconformity in Herts)
James Ripley of Barnet. Ostler at the Red Lion Barnet. Dedication to looking after the Horses of the Royal Regiment of the Horse Guards Blue
William Gunbie, layman of the Church of England, now living at Barnet
Hugh Doherty of Laurel Lodge Barnet. Described as the Barnet Adventurer
Arabella Stuart. A Royal Stuart Lady, wife of William Seymour. Marquis of Hertford.
The Married Mens Feast or the Banquet at Barnet 1671
The Grotto Custom, children make little grottoes with shells, tiles, flowes etc.
An article by W B Gerish entitled "The Childrens Example"
Prints Line drawings High Barnet,
Barnet Town
Barnet Fair
Picture of Christ Church Barnet
Picture of Congregational Church Barnet
Picture of Barnet Church West
Drawings of The Battle Obelisk Hadley
Lines drawing of Column of Hadley, nr Barnet
Picture of the Obelisk Hadley
Picture of merchants tokens of Barnet
Picture of The Trent Park Oak
Line drawing of Frian-Barnet Alms House
Drawing of the Battle of Barnet
Line drawing of the Windmill, Barnet Gate
Picture of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Parishes of Bayford and Bengeo  D/EGr/13  undated

Prints Obverse and Reverse of the Knighton Brass
A Shield of Arms belonging to Knighton family
Brass Rubbings
General Views. Bayford; Rock Garden
Bayfordbury: Famous Cedars Bayfordbury
Picture of Bayfordbury, The seat of William Robert Baker
Line drawing of Bayfordbury
Picture of The River Lea below Bayfordbury
General Accounts of Bayford
Kit-Cat Club Bayfordbury
Notes on Bayfordbury house and park
Article, called Gardens round Hertford, Bayfordbury and Goldings
An article on Conifer Trees at Bayfordbury
William Yarrell 1784-1856 Eminent naturalist buried at Bayford
Sir William Baker of Bayfordbury
Sir George Knighton of Bayford, suspected of adherence to the Old Faith in the reign of Elizabeth I
Susanna Brown born in Bayford in 1775, a member of the Ministry of Friends. Quakers
Notes on the Church at Bayford dedicated to the Virgin Mary
Brass Rubbing of John Knighton, Lord of the Manor A.D. 1545
General Accounts of the Parish
Church St Leonards Church, Bengeo
House Goldings Bengeo (see also Gerish Folder on Bayford an Article called Gardens round Hertford it describes the grounds)
Hamlet Notes on Waterford and Waterford Marsh. Fishing Rights etc.
School Bengeo National School
Tonwell Day School and Chapel (Parish of Bengeo)
Earthworks at Temple Chelsing and Tennesley at Bengeo
Leading Local Men
Mr Hellier Robert Hadsley
Gosselin-Grimshawe of Bengeo
He was a member of the County Council, High Sheriff of Herts a J.P. etc.
Humphrey Hall of "Thompsons" or Goldings as it was sometimes called
Prints Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo
Line Prints of Bengeo Church
Picture of remains of Ankerhold, Bengeo Church
Colour print of Bengeo Church
Picture of 14thc Tiles in St Leonards Church Bengeo
Line drawing and plan of St Leonards Church
Photographs of St Leonards Church
Photographs of Old Flood Gates Waterford Marsh and the Waterfall, Water Tower Bengeo
Photographs of Statues in the Garden of Bengeo Hall.
Picture of Waterford Marsh to be found in the Stapleford
Box 71 in the Prints Folder under the heading of River.

BENINGTON  D/EGr/14  undated

General Accounts of the parish
Church St Peters
Castle of Benington and the Manor (Lordship)
The Caesar Family of Benington
Biography Sir Julius Caesar of Benington, Chancellor of the Exchequer [1827]
Warren Stormer Hale, Sheriff of London 1858
Lord MAyor of London 1864. The family lived in Benington
Charity created by the Will of Henry Dixon 1693 by a sale of property "The Bell Inn" at Benington
Monumental Brasses
The Rectory
Benington Lordship gateway
Marble Tablet, Benington Lordship now in the wall of the Summer House
Ancient earthworks from South Benington Castle
Plan of Saxon Ramparts at Benington
Benington Castle (Blocks of flint masonry portions of Benstedes castle)
Benington Church. Photographs and line drawing
Benington Green, photograph
Monument in Benington Church to family of Bensted
Drawing of Sir Charles Caesar
Drawing of Jane Lady Caesar
Coats of Arms. Proctor & Bensted


Berkhamsted Castle
Berkhamsted School
Berkhamsted Church, St Peters
Monumental Brasses
Prints Antiquities. Judith or Cowper Oak
Photographs of a garden in Berkhamsted
Line drawing of the Hill above Box Moor towards Berkhamsted
Berkhamsted Park
General view from South
High Street
Town Hall
Drawing of a House called "Britwell" Berkhamsted
Design for chapel, Berkhamsted School
Portraits of William Cowper the Poet
Drawing of The Cowper & Newton Museum
Rectory House, Berkhamsted, where William Cowper was born 1731
Portraits of William Cowpers' Mother and Father
Pictures of Berkhamsted School and Chapel
Pictures of Beating the Bounds
Pictures of Berkhamsted Station & Canal
Picture of the Baptist Chapel
Picture of the Congregational Chapel
Picture of Ashlyns Hall
Picture of Haresfoot House
Picture of Egerton House
Pictures of Egerton House, one a line drawing
Pictures of Girls Grammar School
Picture of Berkhamsted Castle Grounds
Line drawings of Berkhamsted Castle
Plan of Berkhamsted Castle
Plan of The Aubreys or Fosters Farm
Pictures of Berkamstead House (Hall)
Picture of Berkamstead School Chapel & Quadrangle also views inside chapel
Coats of Arms of Baldwin and Wethered
Prints of St Peters Church Berkhamsted


General Accounts of Berkhamsted Great
Houses Berkhamsted House
Castle House Berkhamsted
Great Berkhamsted Place
Ashlyns House
Notes on Congregationalism, and the Church in Castle Street
Primitive Methodism
Nonconformity in Herts
Berkhamsted Baptist Chapel
Picture of Alfred Cave [Baptist minister]
Potten End Baptist Ground Monumental Inscriptions
Baptist Burial Ground Berkhamsted Monumental Inscriptions
Richard Atkins executed in Rome (may have been the brother of Richard Arkins of Berkhamsted)
Henry De Berkhampstede, Marshal of the Prince of Wales
Sir George William Lefevre, physician, born in Berkhamsted in 1798
The Axtell Family of Berkhamsted
William Cowper, Poet, born in Berkhamsted
Joseph Hobbs, Rev. pastor at Water Lane Baptist Chapel 1640
Thomas Dorman of Great Berkhamsted opposed to religious changes in Elizabeth 1st reign
Henry Johnson of Great Berkhamsted a traveller of some note died in Berkhamsted in 1760
George Field of Great Berkhamsted a Chemist
Sarah Hart murdered by John Tawell who was residing in Berkhamsted
John of Berkhamsted, Prior of St Albans in King Edward I reign
Mr Ezra Miller of Berkhamsted, took part in various public services also (ironmonger and furniture dealer amongst other things)
Ann Norris wife of Daniel Norris; notes on the Berkhamsted family
Mr Augustus Smith Memorial
Ralph Simons of Berkhampstead designer of the Great Court and dining hall 1593-1615 St Johns Cambridge
Henry Carey born at Berkhamsted, Knight of the Bath, Comptroller to King James I, created Viscount Falkland, in the County of Fife, Scotland
Beating the Bounds (see folder of prints)
Old Hertfordshire Superstitions
Cross Oak
The Legend of Rose's Hole a gravel pit on Berkhamsted Common
The Charities of Berkhamsted 33 listed
William Newman Charity
A list of Benefactions including King James the First
Boyne's Charity
The parochial Charities
Clerk's Charity
A Public Pleasure Ground
Great Berkhamsted & Gossoms End National School, Potten End, National School the Countess of Bridgewaters Gift
Finch's Charity
Endowments, Endowed SchoolAct 1869
Berkhamsted Common
Industries of Herts
Nurseries at Berkhamsted

Parishes of Berkhampstead Little and Bishops Stortford  D/EGr/16  undated

Prints St Andrews Church Lt. Berkhampstead
The Rectory, Lt. Berkhampstead
Line drawing of an Inn
Strattons Folly, Lt Berkhampstead
Brass Rubbings
General Accounts of Lt. Berkhampstead
Church St Andrews. Lt. Berkhampstead
Bishops Transcripts from 1609-1812 marriages
Strattons Tower (folly)
Cromwell Fleetwood of Lt. Berkhampstead
Thomas Ken Bishop of Bath & Wells
Charities Sion Hospital Charity
Gerish Box 16 General Views
Postcards The Great fire at the Anchor Maltings
Photograph of a family group (no name)
View of Bishops Stortford, taken from a drawing by Miller & Field, the Castle Mound
Line drawing Ancient View of Bishops Stortford
Photographs of General Views
A copy of the Common Seal of the Bishops Stortford and District Gas Company


Gerish Box 17 Prints etc
A sale plan of The Chantry House and land Bishops Stortford
Street views: North Street, Hockerill Street, Betts Hill Cricket Field Lane, South Street, Potter Street, Wind Hill Portland Road, The Causeway, Bridge Street
A Poultry Market 1898 in front of Corn Exchange
The Corn Exchange
The Meads
The Castle Mount and Castle Ruins
A Lock View, and Pritwell Lock
The Chantry & Chantry Gate
Wind Hall Bishops Stortford
Views of the River Stort at Bishops Stortford
Buildings back of Market Square, A butchers shop, a barbers shop
The Old Kings Head Inn
Bishops Stortford School, views of the inside
Photographs of a mill
Church Prints
St Michaels Church Bishops Stortford
Congregational Chapel
All Saints Church Hockerill
Baptist Chapel Bishops Stortford
A Parish Chest
Prints A photograph of Policemen
Oak Hall Bishops Stortford. A catalogue of the entire contents of the Residence
Bishops Stortford Coronation Celebration Certificate
Sale plan of Emery House Bishops Stortford
Photographs of the Right Hon. Cecil H Rhodes
Picture of a tablet commemorating the foundation of the Rhodes Scholarships
Photograph of Rev F W Rhodes
Photograph of Netteswell House C J Rhodes was born here
Photograph of Site of the Reindeer Inn
Line drawing of Thomas Pounde in Prison
Wind Hill House, Bishops Stortford
The Black Lion Inn
Gable of Nunnery? Basbow Lane
The Half Moon Inn
Picture of Emery House
White Horse Inn
Boars Head photographs in High Street and line drawing
The Town Mill
Railway Hotel
The Crown
The Black Lion Inn photographs and line drawing
Picture of Dr Thomas Tooke
Picture of Rev E D Shaw
Hockerill Training College pictures and a line drawing
High School Bishops Stortford, line drawing and pictures
Congregational Chapel picture and line drawing
Non-Conformist School
The Cock Tavern
Wesleyan Chapel
British School
Various Houses
The White House former residence of Dimsdale family
The hospital
Picture of Rev. William Chaplin
Picture of J W Defoe
Pictures of a Tomb from the church
Trading tokens


Church St Michaels, Bishops Stortford
Chantry of St Michaels Church, Bishops Stortford
Castle Bishops Stortford
General Accounts of the Parish of Bishops Stortford
Schools Bishops Stortford School
Grammar School alias High School, Bishops Stortford
Proprietary School, Bishops Stortford
Antiquities The Prehistoric Horse
Charity Two Almshouses in Peters Street, plus various other charities
Folk Lore
Apparition at Windhill House, and at the Old Palace, Bishops Stortford
"Sympathetic Magic" at Bishops Stortford
Movement in Inanimate Objects
Cherry Feast
Sale Particulars
The Chantry, Bishops Stortford
Hockerill Park, Bishops Stortford
The Grange, Bishops Stortford
Robert Adison alias Lustyblood of Hertford. Charity for the marriage of Poor Maids
Edmund Aylee of Bishops Stortford, glazier, charged with being captain of the unruly soldiers who pulled down the altar-rails
George Waller Sworder of the well known firm of G E Sworder & Sons, auctioneers of Bishops Stortford
Richard Alliott son of Rev. William Alliott, Headmaster of the Nonconformist Grammar School, Bishops Stortford
Elizabeth Aynsworth of Bishops Stortford, Landlady mentioned in Pepys Diary
Francis Barber faithful negro servant of Dr Johnson, was placed in school in Bishops Stortford
Rev Francis Burlye sometime Vicar of Bishops Stortford, was one of the translators of the Authorised Version of the Bible
Mathew Bush of Bishops Stortford, Tanner. A copy of his will 1695
Rev William Chapman born in Bishops Stortford
Benjamin Granger Collis Draper of Bishops Stortford 1852
J W Defoe a descendant of Daniel Defoe writer of "Robinson Crusoe" lived at Bishops Stortford
Rev Thomas Leigh headmaster of the Grammar School, Bishops Stortford, 17th C.
John Denley Martyr who was burned on Goose Mead Green, opposite the Prison, Bishops Stortford, also notes on other Martyrs
Sir Edward Denny & Lady Mary Denny
Sir Edward, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth I, Governor of Kerry and Desmond, Commander under Admiral Lord Thomas Howard, had lands in Hertfordshire, and a house in Cheshunt, also property in Bishops Stortford
The Denny Family of Bishops Stortford
Thomas Baron Dimsdale Surgeon at Hertford. M.P. for Hertford. Vaccination for Small Pox
Samuel Ely of Bishops Stortford a great critic in Greek and Hebrew
Robert Ferguson Highwayman "Galloping Dick" rented a messuage in North Street and a Barn in Hockerill St., Bishops Stortford
John Gybbe of Bishops Stortford a copy of his will dated May 7th 1588
Sir Walter Gilbey born in Bishops Stortford, revived the National Industry of Horse Breeding. Horse Shows took place at Bishops Stortford. Also a Wine & Spirit Merchant amongst other things
Sally Harris a friend of Lord Lytton, a poem entitled The Rape of Pomona
William Hazeland Master of the Grammar School, Bishops Stortford, 17th C.
Sir George Floyd Duckett an Author of a "Technological Military Dictionary" in German, French and English, he also worked on County Histories
Sir George Duckett, formerly Sir George Jackson. Judge advocate of the Fleet; Secretary of the Admiralty and M.P. for Weymouth, Melcombe Regis and Colchester. Port Jackson in New Zealand and New South Wales were named after him. In 1769 he made the Stort River navigable to Bishops Stortford
Nathaniel Jennings born at Bishops Stortford 1816. Pastor of Little Hadham, he then turned his attention to teaching, he started a private school in Regents Park this ran for more than twenty years
Mary Susanna Lee a writer of stories, lived in Bishops Stortford
Thomas Leigh Vicar of Bishops Stortford also Headmaster of the Grammar School, Bishops Stortford for 47 years
John Morse Mullinger printer of books also a Bookseller and Antiquary, he reprinted Sir Henry Chauncy's "Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire" in two volumes in 1826/7
Thomas Pounde A Lay Jesuit imprisoned in Bishops Stortford Castle in the reign of Elizabeth the 1st
Cecil John Rhodes Born in Bishops Stortford 1853 son of Francis William Rhodes Vicar of Bishops Stortford; went to Bishops Stortford Grammar School in 1861. Rhodes diamond mined in Africa making a fortune. In 1881 Rhodes entered public life in South Africa. The territory to the north of the Transvaal etc. was named Rhodesia after the projector. In 1890 Rhodes became Prime Minister of the Cape.
(The Dictionary of National Biography 1901-1911 tells of his life)
James Watson Roberts a doctor from Bishops Stortford
Charles Lhuile Tyler born in Bishops Stortford in the year 1800. Landscape painter, and illustrator of books
Thomas Theodore Waterman Born in Bishops Stortford 1825 Well known merchant of Bristol, became a minister in 1854 in Maidstone
Miscellaneous Biographies Isabella Cooper
Miss Eleanor Dobede Bird, daughter of the late William Bird, one of the founders of the Bishops Stortford Brewery Messrs Hawkes & Co.
General Accounts of the Parish of Bovingdon
Bovingdon Church
Biographies Rev. Alfred Clegg pastor of the Congregational Church
Lists of Ministers of Box Lane Chapel and history of the chapel
Rev Dr Edmund Staunton nonconformist preacher buried at Bovingdon 1671
Folk Lore Beauty and a Sailor. A Legend of Hertfordshire and West Kent
Apparition at Bovingdon; a ghost
Prints Line drawing of Shantock Farm House, Bovingdon
Drawing of the Pump Shed, Bovingdon
Line drawing of Shantock Hall, Bovingdon
Postcard of Bovingdon Church
Brass Rubbings


General Accounts of the Parish of Bramfield
House: Bramfield House
Church: St Andrews Bramfield
The Rectory
Monumental Inscriptions in church and churchyard
A copy of the will of John Carrington of Bramfield
Antiquities: "Clibborns Post": Walter Clibborn Highwayman
Biographies: Joseph Strutt; author, artist and antiquary more to be found out about Joseph Strutt in The Dictionary of National Biography
Prints: Photographs of Bramfield Church
Photograph of Clibbons Post
SALLY RAINBOW. (A Dell in a wood to the right of the road leading from Bramfield to Datchworth where Sally Rainbow is said to have lived) SEE Gerish Box 71 Stapleford in the General Accounts Folder.
General Accounts of the Parish of Braughing
House: Hamells Manor House
Tithe Barn at Upp Hall, Braughing
(The Gables, Old Fashioned Gabled Residence in Braughing; (Sale Particulars
Cockhampstead Priory
Church: St Marys Braughing
Biographies: The Wade family of Hertfordshire
Mr Walter Wren educated at the Grammar School, Buntingford prepared candidates for the Indian Civil Service. Keen interest in politics; buried in Braughing churchyard
Antiquities: Roman Station at Braughing
Folk Lore: "Goodening" greeting or salutation, equivalent to our "good-day" an old custom observed on St Thomas Day when widows went round the village in quest of alms
Oak Apple Day in Hertfordshire
Monumental Brasses
Braughing Prints line drawing of street in Village
Photographs of Hamells
Prints of Roman Antiquities
Line drawing of Monument to Augustus Stewarde
Photographs of the church of St Mary's Braughing
Line drawing of an arch in the church

BROXBOURNE  D/EGr/20  undated

Monumental Brasses
John Borrell & Elizabeth his wife
Sir John Say and his wife
Probably - John Merdwyn or Robert Ecton, vicar 1474
Also a priest in academic robes
General Accounts of the Parish of Broxbourne
Church St Augustine, Broxbourne including a list of Vicars from 1361-1879
Baas Hill Manor House
Rev Claudius Buchanan
Sir James Monson
James Pulham
Report of the Knights Hospitallers in England
Folk Lore
The White Witch of the Wood
Monumental Inscriptions in Broxbourne Church and Churchyard
Plan of Land to be Sold in Broxbourne
Prints Line drawing Broxbourn Bridge
View from Bass Hill Broxbourne, showing Broxbournbury
Line drawings of river view to church
Photograph of Carthaginia Lock, Broxbourne
Photographs of Broxbourne Mill (gutted by fire 1 October 1950)
Pictures of Broxbourne from the church
Photographs of Beech Avenue, Baas Hill, Broxbourne
Photographs of High Road, Broxbourne
Picture of the New River, Broxbourne
Three views taken from junction of Mill Lane (looking south)
Interior pictures of St Augustines Church, Broxbourne
Memorial to Henry Cock in Church
Picture of John Loudon McAdam
Picture of Roman Road, beyond Hertford Heath
Picture of Broxbourne Woods
Line drawing The Old river of Broxbourne
Photographs High Road, Broxbourne showing the Monson Alms Houses, erected 1728
Line drawing of Broxbourne, showing church, river etc.
Picture of B.R.C. Boar House
Picture showing the Crown Inn, Broxbourne
The Crown Hotel, in Nazeing, Essex. Known as the Broxbourne Gardens
St Catherines Estate and New River, Broxbourne
Coats of Arms Cock and MONSON
Picture of a Seal, Nicholas Dillon Knight
Sale Particulars of 'The Crown Hotel' Broxbourne
Prints of Broxbourne Church, Interior and Exterior,, Monuments etc.


General Accounts of the Parish of Buckland
Church of Buckland
Monastic Remains
Perambulation of the Parish of Buckland
Buckland Fairs (The Fairs Act 1871)
Antiquities A "Playstow" at Buckland
Biographies Rev Thomas Becon. Rector of Buckland Edward Hickes, Rector of Buckland
Clerke's Charitable Donation
Folk Lore
May Song, Annually sung by the unmarried villagers at Buckland
Monumental Brasses Figure of a female (Dame Alice Boteler)
John Gill
Joan Bland
William Langley
Prints Map 1899 O/S showing Buckland etc.
Photographs of Chipping
Earl of Hardwicke Coat of Arms
Postcard size map of Buckland (Hand drawn)
Pictures and postcards of Buckland church, exterior and interior
Fresco outlines from East Wall of Church of Saint and Virgin with Infant Christ
Picture of the Font in Buckland Church
Small line drawings of Buckland, one showing the Working Mens Club
Monumental Inscriptions taken from Layston churchyard
Monumental Brasses
Photographs of the Church Interior & Exterior, Layston
Line drawing of St Bartholomew's Church, Layston
Photographs of Buntingford, High Street; Hare Street etc.
Photograph and picture of the "Lock-up" or "cage" at Buntingford
Photographs of Corneybury
Drawing of Rev. T B Browne
Photographs of Seth Wards Hospital Almshouses
Picture of the Old Town Clock erected about 1600. in Buntingford and a line drawing.
Photograph of a building in High Street
Photographs of Buntingford Church
Written History of the Old Grammar School, Buntingford
Copy of Letter Patent: Henry VIII, granting fairs and a market to Buntingford
Photograph of Littlecourt (A Manor House) Buntingford


General Accounts of Bushey Parish
St Jame's Church Bushey
Independent Chapel of Bushey
Transcripts from Marriage Registers 1581-1837
The Hall Bushey
Mrs H Bayley
Mark Beaufoy, Astronomer & physicist
William Falconer, Rector of Bushey from 1839 till his death in 1885
Sir John Marsham, Historiam
Henry Edridge, an Artist
John Arthur Roebuck
Thomas Hearne water colour painter
The Herkomers, Artists & Wood Carvers (The Herkomer Art School Bushey)
Dr Ibbetson, Rector of Bushey
William Jeridan a Literary Journalist
Rudolph Lehmann a famous portrait painter
Henry Monro, an artist
John Monro, Physician
Dr Thomas Monro, Physician
Colonel Silas Titus, Author
Charles E Keyser, Lawyer
General Frederick Walker of the Manor House Bushey
Samuel Weller Singer, Bookseller and writer
Rev Richard Ward Rector of Bushey from 1647-1684
Monumental Inscriptions
Bushey Inscriptions in Church Yard
Mr Gale's food for widows in the Parish of Bushey
Sale Particulars: "The Old House" Bushey Heath
Bushey Village Estate, freehold Sites with map (62 freehold plots)
Prints Line drawings of Bushey Church
Postcards of Bushey Church
Portrait of Mr Herkomer at his Woodcarving
Portrait of Professor Herkomer
Picture of the village (by H Herkomer)
Line drawings of interior of Mr Herkomers House
Plan of Burnt Farm Estate
Coats of Arms of Neville & Sladen
Pictures of Bushey Hall
General Accounts of Bygrave Parish
Manor House Bygrave
Bygrave church
A Small Map of Bygrave Manor Houses and Moats taken from East Herts Arc. Soc. Trans. Vol IV Part III
Folk Lore The Headless Pedlar of Bygrave
Biography John Smyth of Bygrave 1828-1897
Prints Font in Bygrave Church
Photographs of inside the church
Line drawing of Bygrave church
Photograph of an ivy clad end of church
Ordnance Survey map of Bygrave 1899 6" edition


General Accounts of Parish of Caldecote
Sale Particulars of Caldecote Farm, cottages etc
Design for monument to William Makelin
Biography Mary Flint: The Female Parish Clerk of Caldecote
Prints Church Font
Stoup in south porch, vessel for the reception of holy water
Ordnance Survey Second edition map 1901 showing Caldecote
A Brass Rubbing
General Accounts of Parish of Caddington
Domesday of St Paul. An Inquisition of the Manor of Caddington
Church of St Paul's, Caddington
Monastic Remains. The Priory
Prints Brass Rubbings
Picture of Doorway to church
Picture of wall painting in church
Pencil drawing of double Piscina in Caddington church
Picture of floor of Palaeolithic. Implements discovered by Mr Worthington Smith of Caddington

CHESHUNT  D/EGr/23  undated

A Brief History of Cheshunt Great House, The Manor of Andrewes and Le Motte
Monumental Brasses
General Accounts of Cheshunt

CHESHUNT-Prints  D/EGr/24  undated

Cheshunt Parish Church
Line drawing of Parish Chest
Prints of Theobalds, Cheshunt incl. building plan (copied from original is Sir J. Soane M
Plan of stone found in Foundation of an old cottage near Theobalds Grove Station, Cheshunt 1904
Plan of a piece of the Original Wall of the Royal Palace of Theobalds
Plan of a Banqueting Table owned by King James 1st
Photographs of Temple Bar
Photograph of Homester Nunnery Turnford
Photographs and prints of Cheshunt Streets
Line drawing of Archway over road at Waltham Cross "Ye Old Swan Hotel"
Theobalds Park
Line drawing of the Congregational Church Cheshunt
Picture of Wood Green Park, Cheshunt
Pictures of the Oak Tree, Goffs Oak Cheshunt
Cheshunt College
Cheshunt Cottage Hospital
Monument to Dr Isaac Watts
Line drawing of the house in which Dr Isaac Watts "The Pious poet" lived
Line drawing of the Lea, near Cheshunt
Coloured drawing of a dispute between Gentleman Bellweather and a Cheshunt Blacksmith
Photograph of Owen T Whitehouse
Line drawing of Benjamin Attwood
Line drawing of Rev. J K Foster Classical Tutor of Cheshunt College
Line drawing of Dr Shute Barrington Bishop of Durham
Line drawing of Rev. Mr Nicholson of Cheshunt
Photograph of Cheshunt Lock
Line drawings of The Great House Cheshunt
Photographs of The Great House and site of ancient house
Portrait of Sir Anthony Denny
Photographs of the River Lea
Pictures of furniture at the Great House, Cheshunt

CHESHUNT  D/EGr/25  undated

Pengelly House
Cheshunt College
Temple Bar
Goffs Oak
Cheshunt Inclosure Award an Account of
The Poor House at Waltham Cross
Hardinge Peerage taken from Burkes Peerage
A Haunted House at Cheshunt
King James and ye Tinker. A famous and Ancient Ballad
Israel Amyce bailiff of Theobalds was taken ill and examined by a notable witch, which he had committed to the gaol at Hertford, she then inflicted her witchery on him
Dr Henry Atkins. Physician. also mentions various other members of the family
Benjamin Attwood
Mrs S K Bland known for a book published from her diary, called "The Field and The Garner"
Rev. William Bennett
Richard Cromwell. sometime Lord Protector of England
Arthur Dacre, Professor of Geometry at Gresham College, London
Sir Anthony Denny m.p. for Herts in the first year of King Edward VI. In Henry VIII reign he granted the Manor of Hertford Priory and advowsons etc. to Denny
William Jay. Exciseman and Poet
Mayo family
James Oldham Oldham
Adam Paul founder of the firm of Messrs Paul & Son of "The Old Burseries" Cheshunt. Rose Growers
Dr William Shelton apothecary and highwayman
Dr Daniel Scott. Doctor of Law
Rev. John Skinner an Antiquary
Rev. Dr Isaac Watts published Hymns, Psalms and songs for children
John Whilelock Lieutenant-general commancer of forces in South America. Article relating to a print of a Caricature of General Whilelock and a black smith (the print you will find in Gerish Box 24 headed Prints)
Sale Particulars
Plan of Land to be sold, Appleby Street Farm, Cheshunt and particulars
Plan of Land to be sold, Baisleys Wood, Cheshunt
Prints Eleanor Cross, Waltham Cross various line drawings and photographs
Eleanor Cross, Waltham Cross Newspaper cuttings etc.
St Marys Church, Cheshunt, and monastic remains


General Accounts of the Parish of Clothall
The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Clothall
Quickswood and Clothall Manors
Kingswood Bury
Ecclesiastical Buildings of the Past in Hertfordshire
Free Chapel Clothall
St Mary Magdalen's Hospital
Thomas Stanley of Cumberlow Manor Clothall, philosopher and scholar
Robert De Clothale, Chancellor of St Pauls
Cathedral in 14th century
Line drawing of Clothall Church
Small plan of Quickswood; together with Quickswood House, from Dury & Andrews map c.1766
Small plan of Clothall Castle and St Mary Magdalen Hospital
Photographs of interior and exterior of the church
Drawing of a Monumental Brass of Thomas Dalyson
Monumental Brass Rubbings Thomas Dalyson and others
General Accounts of the Parish of Codicote
Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard recorded in 1907
Codicotel plan of Clothall Castle and St Mary Magdalen Hospital
Photographs of interior and exterior of the church
Drawing of a Monumental Brass of Thomas Dalyson
Monumental Brass Rubbings Thomas Dalyson and others
General Accounts of the Parish of Codicote
Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard recorded in 1907
Codicote Church
Codicote Bury
Legend of the Manor of Sissiferns, Codicote
Rev. George North, once vicar of Codicote
Codicote Heath thought to have been a Roman Camp, where a tumulus once existed
Photographs of the Parish Church
Picture of Hitchin Road, Codicote
Picture of Old Market Square, Codicote
Photograph of The Bury, Codicote
Monument Rubbing (unknown person)
General Accounts of the Parish of Cottered and Broadfield
Cottered Church
Brixbury or the Lordship Cottered. Manor House
The Friends of Cottered (Quakers)
Manor House Broadfield Hall
Broadfield The Story of a departed Village
Peter Vanderbank, engraver
Dr Angel Chauncy, Rector of Cottered from 1723-1762
The Foundation of Henry Soames
Notes on an Inquisition taken 16 Aug 1608 Herts Charities


6" Ordnance Survey maps Cottered Parish
Photographs of Cottered Church. St John the Baptist
Line drawing of Church
Mural painting on N. Wall of Cottered Church
Drawing of the Church Door
Photographs of Cottered Village
Photographs of The Rectory, Cottered
Line drawing of Broadfield Manor House
Photograph of Door, Broadfield Manor House
Photograph of Broadfield Hall
Photographs of people taking tea at Broadfield Hall 1806
Brass Rubbings
Sale Particulars of Bragbury Estate, including a map of estate
General Accounts of the Parish of Datchworth
Antiquities Whipping Post at Datchworth
All Saints church, Datchworth
Monumental Inscriptions 1747 - 1906
House Bragbury House
Datchworth Bury
Biography Philip Thicknesse 1719-1792, Lieutenant governor of Landguard Fort, Suffolk and Author
Charities of Herts. Inquisition 3rd June 1628
Photographs of The White House, Coltsfoot Lane, Bulls Green
Photograph of a Chair (possibly from the church)
Photographs of Chalice and Plate from Church
Pictures of whipping post at Datchworth
Photographs of interior of Church, Church door, font, etc
Drawings of tomb in Datchworth Church probably of Walter Maunsell
Brass Rubbing from tomb of Rev. William Payne, rector in 1720
Photographs of the exterior of the Church
Line drawing of Bragbury House
General Accounts of Digswell Parish
Church Digswell St John the Evangelist
House Digswell House
Digswell Viaduct
Biography Humphrey Shallcross
Shallcross/Shawcross Family Pedigree
Monumental Brasses John Peryent
Thomas Robinson and his wife
Two daughters of Sir Alexander Cave
Thomas Hoore etc.
Digswell Manor House
The Red Lion Digswell, a drawing
Picture of a Memorial Slab in Pavement in Digswell Church
A picture of Sir John Peryent in English Medieval Armour
Photograph of the Church Font
Picture of Tracery in North Wall of Digswell Church
Picture of a monument in Church Yard
Photographs of exterior of Digswell Church


General Accounts of Eastwick Parish
Eastwick Church
Eastwick Church exterior and interior photographs.
Monument. Effigy of De Tany in Eastwick Church
Brass Rubbings
Shields belonging to the brass of Robert Lee and his wife
General Accounts of the Parish of Elstree
Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard
Elstree Church
House. Elstree Hall
Biographies John Thurtell (notorious murderer)
William Weare (murdered by John Thurtell)
Sir Richard Francis Burton, explorer, linguist and writer
William Taylor of Elstree
Martha Reay (WRAY) who in 1779 was shot by the Rev James Hackman
School Elstree School
Folk Lore Penny-Well Elstree
Charities Apprenticeship Charities
General views, Main Street etc.
Interior of the church
Exterior of the church
Line drawing of the River
Picture of Barnham House
Picture of Gills Hill Cottage
Battleaxes Inn, Elstree
A scene in a Gaming Room
A picture of a pond in Roberts garden
Pond in which the Body of Weare was found, with the removal of the body, and a picture of the murder of William Weare
Pictures of John Thurtell
Picture of the execution of John Thurtell
Line drawing of William Robert
Line drawing of Joseph Hunt
Elstree Church and the Grave of Weare
Line drawings of Roberts Cottage
General Accounts of the parish of Essendon
Camfield Place
Manor of Essendon
Essendon Place
Bedwell Park
Church The Virgin Mary, Essendon
Dr Richard Lee of Hatfield, a clergyman
Lietenant-Colonel Edward St John Neale
Samuel Whitbread of Bedwell Park, Essendon
The Hon. Robert Baron Dimsdale of Essendon Place
Charles Frederick Green
Robert Holden Webb, Rector of Essendon 1843
Tooke family
Folk Lore Games played. The Game of Bull's Warning, and Cat after Mouse
Sale Particulars of Essendon Place Estate, with map
Drawing of Camfield Place, Wild Hill, Essendon
Picture of Hon. Baron Dimsdale M.P. Robert, 6th Baron.
External photographs of Essendon Church
Drawings of Essendon Church, external
Picture of Essendon Place
Picture of Holwell House
Picture of Bedwell Park Lodge
Picture of the Salisbury Crest Inn
The Mill at Essendon
Bedwell House
Various Brass Rubbings


General Accounts of Flamstead Parish
Flamstead Church and Chantry
Monastic Remains. A Nunnery at Beechwood
Sir John Sebright of Beechwood, Flamstead
Sale Particulars of The Flamsteadbury Estate with Map
Biography William Floyd of Flamstead a gamekeeper to Sir John Sebright
Folk Lore Wicked Lady Ferris (A Highway Robber)
Priory of St Trinity in the Wood otherwise Markyate Cell
Maud Allingham a legend of Hertfordshire
Prints Beechwood House, Markyate
Cheverill House
Alms Houses, Flamstead
Plans of Church of St Leonard, Flamstead
Line drawings of Flamstead Church
Pictures of the Church internal and external
Line drawing of the South Porch of Flamstead Church
Drawing of a Monument (unknown)
Sir Bartholomew Foukes Monument
Details of Carvings
Saunders Monument
Brass Rubbing of John Oudeby
Picture of a Tomb under North Nave Arcade
Line drawing of South West Bay of Arcade
Monumental brasses
Prints A line drawing of a lane between Flaunden and Kings Langley
General Accounts of Flaunden Parish
The Ruined Church at Flaunden


Great Gaddesden
General Accounts of the Parish of Great Gaddesden
Church of St John the Baptist Great Gaddesden
House Great Gaddesden Place
Article on Great Gaddesden Place destroyed by fire built in 1774 from designs of James Wyatt
Gaddesden Hoo
Sale Particulars of Gaddesden Hoo
Folk Lore Demonical Possession of a girl at Gaddesden
Cherry Pasties (Pasty Feasts)
School Great Gaddesden National School
An article on Frogmore Village
Prints Photographs of Gaddesden Place after the fire
Line drawing of Gaddesden Place
Picture of Gaddesden Place
Line drawing of the Gade at Great Gaddesden
Picture of "The Hoo" Great Gaddesden
Internal photograph of the church
Plan of "The Hoo" Estate
Brass Rubbings
Little Gaddesden
General Accounts of the Parish of Little Gaddesden
Gaddesden Church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul
House Ashridge House
Ashridge Park
Bridgewater Trust
Ashridge Abbey situated in Parish of Piston in Bucks
An article on Francis Egerton, the Father of Inland Navigation. Third Duke of Bridgewater
Memorial Brasses. John Killingworth
Notes on the College of Bonhommes at Ashridge
The Story of the Bonnes Hommes occupied at one time by the monastic Brotherhood founded in 1283
Articles with drawings on the Mansion of Ashridge, The College of Bonhommes
Article on Ashridge Abbey
Article on Earl Brownlows Collection of Pictures at Ashridge Park
Articles on Ashridge Park
Monastic Remains St Margarets Priory a Nunnery of the Order of St Benet
Biographies Notes on William Ellis the writer of books on Trees, improving different lands with proper timber
John De Gaddesden physician to Edward II
Folk Lore A Legend of Little Gaddesden. A case of
1 Miss-Taking
2 A Relation of Mary Hall of Gaddesden, reputed to be possessed of two Devils 1664
3 Witchcraft in Hertfordshire. Mary Hall a Smiths daughter of Little Gaddesden
4 A Cure for the Kings Evil
5 Witchcraft Dell, Little Gaddesden in Ashridge Park
6 Chalk stones turning to Flint
School Little Gaddesden National School
Prints Line drawing of remains of St Marys Nunnery
Line drawing of Ashridge Abbey. Bucks seat of Duke of Bridgewater
Picture of The Grand Saloon, Ashridge House
Line drawing of Ashridge House
Line drawing of arrival of Princess Mary and Prince Teck at Ashridge House
A picture of Deer in the park
Ashridge House, Berkhampsted, planting a tree on the lawn
The Shah at Earl Brownlows
Little Gaddesden
Prints etc
Pictures of Ashridge House from the Park
Line drawing Ashridge, view from the North Carriage front, also from East Front
Photographs of Gardens of Ashridge House
Various pictures of the House
Line drawing of the Chapel and Conservatory, Ashridge
Monument in Ashridge Park, various pictures
Picture of the Queen Beech Tree in Ashridge Park
Newspaper cutting of a passage at end of Dining Room looking towards entrance lobby in the Manor House Little Gaddesden
Picture of a Dove Cote
Portrait of the Countess Brownlow
Church Photograph of the South Aisle of Nave
Brass Rubbings one of Sir John Swynstede sometime rector of the parish of Ashridge
Also a Rose Brass to John Killingworth


General Accounts of the Parish of Gilston in these accounts are photographs of Gilston Church, interior and exterior, also a photograph of an old house in Gilston.
Church called Little St Marys
Included is a list of Marriages at Gilston from 1559-1812
House New Place or Gilston Place
Houses, some Hertfordshire Deeds from the Phillips Sale, 1913
Gilston: Manor of Netherhall [1533] [1551]
Gilston: New Place and Lands [1570]
Gilston: Lands in Manor of Overhall [1572]
Gilston: Manor of Overhall and Albury, Manor of Upwick [1579]
Gilston: Manor of Ardeley and Manor of Netherhall [1584]
Gilston: Manors of Netherhall and Giffords [1589]
Biography Rev. Daniel Hallows, Rector of Gilston
Thomas Mocket sometime chaplain to the Earl of Bridgewater
Robert Plumer Ward, Author
Sir Henry George Ward M.P. for St Albans from 1832-1837, just part of his varied duties
Thomas Mocket Pastor of Gilston
Prints Gilston Church North door
Gilston Church external photographs
Line drawing of Gilston Church
Photograph of the Font in Gilston Church
Sketch in Gilston Park
Sketch of Gilston Elms
Small line drawing of Gilston Park
General Account of Graveley Parish
Church St Mary's Church, Graveley including a list of Marriages at Graveley cum Chesfield 1556-1812
Monumental Inscriptions in church and churchyard at Graveley
Ruins of Chesfield st Etheldreda Church including a plan of the church
Portrait and Biography of Charles Poyntz-Stewart of Chesfield Park near Stevenage
House Graveley Hall
Graveley Bury
Manor House, Chesfield Gravely
Folk Lore May Day Custom, Maypole dancing
Prints Plans of St Marys Church, Graveley
Brass Rubbings from Graveley Church
Line drawings of ruins of Chesfield Church
Plans of St Edmund Church, Chesfield St. Etheldreda
Photographs of the Ruins of Chesfield Church
Photograph of a view in Graveley
Photograph of Graveley Church
Little Hadham
Monumental Brasses


Little Hadham
General Accounts of the Parish of Little Hadham
Church of Little Hadham
Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard at Little Hadham
House Hadham Hall, including the history of the Baud Family, with a Pedigree
Sixteenth century Vineyard with plan at Hadham Hall
The BETTS OF WORTHAM IN SUFFOLK 1480-1905 with a portrait of Rebecca Betts wife of James
An article on Castle Guard rents
Leper Hospital at Little Hadham
Biography Arthur Lord CAPELL Baron of Hadham
Captain William Harvey, late of the Royal Navy who accompanied Captain JamesCook on three voyages
Hannah Bolton Barlow, Animal painter
The Surnames of Hertfordshire their etymology, history and distribution
Prints Little Hadham Place
Monument to Lord Capel
Picture of Old House at Hadham Ford
Postcard of Ford at Little Hadham
Views of Little Hadham
Picture of Bury Green Little Hadham
Portrait of Arthur Lord Capel, Earl of Essex
Portrait of Captain James Cook RN
Line drawings of Little Hadham Hall
Photograph taken from a picture of Arthur Lord Capel and his family
Postcard Views of Little Hadham
Photograph of Little Hadham Place
Line drawing of Hadham Hall
A plan sketched out of building or an area of land (It does not state what it is)
Views of the Church internal and external
A ground plan of the Church
Photographs of Hadham Hall
A Brass of Richard Warriner in Little Hadham Church
Much Hadham
Monumental Brasses


Much Hadham
General Accounts of the Parish of Much Hadham
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard
Rentals of Rectors Manors
St Andrews Church Much Hadham
Copy of the will of Edmonde Byreckhede of Much Hadham
Copy of the will of Thomas Padmore of Essex
House Moor Place
Copy of a Chancery Decree Roll. No. 1870 No. 5
The Palace Much Hadham
Sale Particulars of "The lordship" Much Hadham
Hadham Hall
Biography Anthony Allen of Much Hadham, Barrister-at-law
Goodman Dr John Rector of Hadham
Hoadly Dr Benjamin
Alexander Nowell a writer
Thomas Patmore Parson of Much Hadham
Miss Harriet Wigram
Charity Charity Commission, Charities of Mary Hales and John Some of Much Hadham
Will of Aelfgar mentioning Hadham (will made in 958)
Extracts from Cussans History of Hertfordshire Vol 1
Extract from "Pleas of quo warranto"
Extract from the Domesday "Hundred Rolls" of Hadham
Prints Key Plan of Hadham
Photographs of Hadham Village, including early car in one of the photographs
Hadham Cross and Green Tye
Sale Particular plan of Mill Park Estate
Prints of Moore Place in Much Hadham
View of Much Hadham showing a Windmill near the Railway Station
View from the Hills showing part of Hadham
Village and Hadham Ford
View of Village and Church Much Hadham
View from "Mill Park Estate"
Picture of a residence opposite "Mill Park Estate" on the Bourne Road
Line drawing entitled Over Great Hadham
1 Photographs showing Main London Road with junction of Road to "Mill Park Estate" showing a person and two children (dress of children interesting early 20th century)
2 Photograph of Main London Road and Bridge over the River Ash, close to "Mill Park Estate" (showing a man leaning over the bridge, with two children and a man walking along the road, dress again early 20th century)
3 Photograph. Part of "The Bourne" opposite "Mill Park Estate" showing an early 20th century car
4 Photograph showing an early 20th century car on the Main London Road, with part of Hadham Village
5 Photograph showing Station Road, Much Hadham, gentleman standing in the road early 20th century dress
Photograph of Palace House
Photograph of Lodge "Mill Park Estate" on the Bourne Road
Line drawing of inside of Hadham Church
Plans of Saint Andrews Church
Picture of Glass in Much Hadham Church
Memorial Brass to Clement Newce and wife in Much Hadham Church
Photographs inside Much Hadham Church
Picture of An Easter Sepulchre, Four Gargoyles and an Ancient Chair
Line drawing of Much Hadham Church (external) and one of the inside, showing the choir and nave
Various photographs of the outside of the Church
A personal seal of Elizabeth Coleman
Rothamstead Experimental Farm
Biography of Sir Charles Lawes Wittewronge of Sir John Bennet Lawes, Bart of Rothamstead also a Family History

HARPENDEN  D/EGr/34  undated

Prints of Rothamstead
Rothamstead Manor House Harpenden (Internal & External prints)
Drawings of Mural Paintings in the Hall at Rothamsted
Wall Paintings at Rothamstead Manor
Line drawing of the study, Rothamsted
Portrait of Sir J H Gilbert
Portrait of Sir John Lawes
Drawing of the Lawes Testimonial Laboratory, Rothamsted
The Rothamsted Memorial
Picture of Jubilee Celebration of the Rothamsted Experiments
Harpenden Prints
Harpenden, Herts from a Drawing by F G Kitton
The Village Pond in Summer Time (three different photographs)
High Street Harpenden
Church Green Harpenden
Line drawing of Pigeonswick
St George's School
The Maple Convalescent Home
Line drawing of Harpenden Church and (external & internal photographs)
Interior photograph of Parish Church
Picture of Hertfordshire Hunt going to Meet
Drawing of the Billiards Room, Piggots Manor
Drawing of Piggots Manor
A drawing of two cottages
Line drawings of The Bull and The Leather Bottle
Old Elm Trees on Common
The Common in Winter
Picture of Harpenden Common from a drawing by F G Kitton
Drawing of Harpenden, the edge of the Common
Photograph of the Common in Summer
The Meet of Hounds on Common
Coats of Arms for Witteronge and Cressy
Monumental Brasses
Of Anne Jenkyn
Nathan Cotton
William and Isabella Annabull
William Cressy and Grace his wife
General Accounts of the Parish of Harpenden
Transcript of Deeds, sale of lands in Harpenden
Puritanism and Nonconformity in Harpenden, The Family of Wittewronge
Reference to the Family of Eeles taken from the Harpenden Parish Registers. Baptisms and Marriages to be found in the Papers on the church
Newspaper Cuttings on the church, dedicated to St Nicholas
Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard
Annables Manor House
Turners Hall, Harpenden
Will of William Cutt of Harpenden (Transcript)
Will of William Hunt of Harpenden (transcript)
St George's School Harpenden, portrait of the Headmaster
The Rev R H Wix and of Mr H H J Wix and written history of the School
Plan of Topstreet Farm, Harpenden and Sale Particulars
Plan of Bowers House Harpenden, and Sale Particulars
Sale Particulars of Harpenden Hall
Plan of Common Land in Westfield and Manland Commons, Harpenden
Sale particulars of Yew Tree Farm House. Freehold shops, Block of Property at Leyton Green, a property in Cowper Road, a pair of cottages frontage on Grove Road, and land, also a Plan included
Sale Plan of freehold building land in Grove Road, Harpenden

HATFIELD HOUSE  D/EGr/35  undated

Old Palace of Hatfield
Plan of the Old Palace of Hatfield
16th Century Plan of the Old Palace Hatfield
Hatfield House drawing [c.1847]
Hatfield House drawing [c.1750]
A Perspective view of Hatfield House
Drawing of Hatfield House [c.1700]
Various drawings of Hatfield House [c.18th]
Coloured picture of back view of Hatfield House [19th c]
Coloured picture of South Front of Hatfield House [18th-19thc]
Interior Prints
Ground Plan of Hatfield House
Picture of Wellington Room, Hatfield House
Chimney-piece in King James's Room
Picture of the "Roll" showing the Genealogy of the Cecils
Picture of one of the Bedrooms
Queen Elizabeths Cradle in Hatfield House
The Private Chapel at Hatfield House
Interior Pictures of various rooms, The Library, The Dining Hall, Winter Dining Room, The Armoury, The Marble Dining Hall, Summer Drawing Room, and the Yew Room etc.
Drawing of the Banquet in the Great Hall
Ceremony of receiving the Queen on the Staircase of Hatfield House (Queen Victoria)
Picture of the Grand Staircase
Her Majesty the Queen at Hatfield (Queen Victoria)
Her Majesty Queen Victoria entering into the Town of Hatfield
Picture of the Old Palace from the North
Picture of the rear of the House and garden
Old Palace of Hatfield (drawing) and pictures
Old Palace and Church, Hatfield
The Refectory at Hatfield, now used as stables
Hatfield House, Side portion, with Buttresses
Postcard of Hatfield House
Hall of Old Palace
The Old Chapel, now used for stables
Hatfield House written history of the House from newspaper cuttings
Booklet on Queen Elizabeth the first at Hatfield
A Guide to Hatfield House
An article written by Mary Spencer Warren including
Picture of Lord Salisbury, Robert Cecil
Picture of Viscount Cranbourne (Robert Cecil)
Pictures of the House, The Armoury, Queen Elizabeth I Cradle, A Garden Party at Hatfield, The Library, The Marble Hall, The Summer drawing-room, and the Avenue Hatfield
A Page from the Herts Guardian Oct 28th, 1882 of the celebration of Lord Cranbornes Coming of Age
An article from the Magazine of Art, about the House, and various pictures
Hatfield House Collections:
Portrait of Elizabeth I
Portrait of Marchioness of Salisbury
A picture of the Tapestry called "Summer"
Portrait of William Cecil, Lord Burghley
Portrait of the 1st Marchioness of Salisbury (Mary Amelia)
Portrait of Lady Cranborne
Portrait of Sir John Coke
Portrait of the Tenth Earl of Northumberland with wife and child
And written details of the collections
Article on Hatfield House and its Gardens
An article on the death of Mr George Norman, a famous Head Gardener at Hatfield House
Salisbury family
An article from the Standard Newspaper Monday 24th August 1903.
The Life of Lord Salisbury, His public Career. Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil.

HATFIELD  D/EGr/36  undated

General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Hatfield
Newspaper cuttings of Indictments in the General Accounts. also a list of Punishments for Offences
Monumental Inscriptions St Etheldreda church and churchyard
Monumental Inscriptions for Park Street Chapel, Hatfield
Lowthes Chantry: and the Chantry Chapels near Roe Green Hatfield and Symonds Hyde, between Hatfield and St Albans
Church of St Etheldreda, Hatfield an Historic Churchyard and Palace
Entertainment for Tramps. Lord William Cecil and the Homeless Poor, Local Government Board "Views Hatfield System with Apprehension"
Sir Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil 3rd Marquess of Salisbury
William Cecil, Lord Burleigh
James Edward Hubert 4th Marquis of Salisbury
Sir Robert Cecil 1st Earl of Salisbury
Lady Mildred Coke wife of Sir William Cecil, Lord Burleigh
James 1st Marquis of Salisbury
James Brownlow William 2nd Marquis of Salisbury
William Cecil, Lord Burleigh
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil 3rd Marquis
Francis Mary wife of 2nd Marquis of Salisbury
Lord Edward Herbert Cecil
Lord Edgar Algenon Robert Cecil
Beatrix Maud The Countess of Selbourne
The Rev Lord Rupert William Ernest Cecil
Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote Cecil 1st Baron Quickswood
The Lady Florence Cecil
Georgiana Caroline Marchioness of Salisbury
Mr George Norman
John Heaviside (Surgeon to George III)
Queen Elizabeth 1st
William Lamb Viscount Melbourn
Hatfield Brocket Hall Prints
Nine pictures of Brocket Hall
Pictures of Brocket Bridge
Picture of St Michaels, Hatfield (a House)
Picture of Warren Wood a residence
Pictures of Manor House. Ponsbourne
Antiquities. Samian Ware Pottery
Iron Weapons
Coat of Arms Lloyd family
Views of Hatfield
Hatfield Church Prints
Tomb of Lord & Lady Salisbury
Cecil Tombs in the church
View of South Transept
Interior and Exterior pictures of the Church
Exterior prints of Hatfield House
Prints of an Archery Meeting at Hatfield c1830
Picture of the Marchioness of Salisbury and friend at Archery
Interior prints of Hatfield House
The Maze at Hatfield House
Views of the Garden
Stables in Ancient Hatfield Palace (once the Hall)
The Clock Tower
The Front Gates
View of the Park
Elizabeths Oak in Hatfield Park
The Conservatories
The Avenue
Picture of a Silver tray presented to the (1st Marquess of Salisbury)
A piece of Plate presented to James Brownlow William Gascoigne-Cecil Marquess of Salisbury
Memorial in Westminster Abbey to Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil

HATFIELD  D/EGr/37  undated

General Accounts of Hatfield
Astwick Manor House
Brocket Hall
Harpesfield Hall
Goodrich House
Great Nast Hyde Sale Particulars and Plan
Newgate Street Manor alias Tollomers
Ponsbourne Manor
Hatfield Wood-Hall
Symonds Hyde
Popes Manor House
A Murder of Anthony James of Hatfield
A most cruel and bloody murder
Edmond Harris (preached a sermon at Brocket Hall)
Richard Onslow, Clerk of the House of Commons in Eliz. 1st reign. lived at the Parsonage Hatfield
William James Talbot, son of the Hon. Rev. W.C. Talbot. Rector of Hatfield, Lost at Sea. Sub Lieutenant of HMS 'Arigdne'
Dr Richard Lee of Hatfield and his son Richard Lee Puritan Clergy
John Heaviside. Surgeon to his majesty George 3rd son of John Heaviside also a surgeon of Hatfield
Captain HIND. Highwayman "grand thief of England" stayed at "The George" in Hatfield
Nathaniel Lee "The mad Poet" son of Dr Richard Lee of Hatfield
Walter Curle, Bishop of Winchester, was a native of Hatfield
William Lamb. Lord Melbourne, M.P. for Hertford
Mrs Mary Mills of Hatfield Hyde, 100 years old, tells of some memories
Folk Lore
Apparition seen at Hatfield, a message for King Charles II given to Elizabeth Freeman of Hatfield
Apparition at Hatfield House of a phantom coach and horses that drives up to the mansion

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD  D/EGr/38  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Hemel Hempstead
Railway Travelling in 1837, "The London and Birmingham Railway"
A article on Florence Nightingale
Punishment for Offences in Hertfordshire, persons named are John Symons; John and Ruth Osborne; Elizabeth Griffin; William Hayman; Robert Snooks
A list of Indictments
Story of a deserted village, Hammerfield
Hemel Hempstead Volunteer Fire Brigade
The Charter given to the Town by King Henry VIII
Charity Pensions for aged and distressed Agriculturists of Hertfordshire and adjoining Counties
School Hemel Hempstead Free Grammar School
John Dickinson and Co's Centenary. The History of the firm
Ana-Baptists at Hemel Hempstead
Hamlets Articles on Paper making at the village of Two Waters
Apsley End an ecclesiastical parish
Leverstock Green
The Boxmoor Trust
Two Waters
St Mary's church, Hemel Hempstead external pictures and line drawings
The Town Hall
Marlowes Baptist Church
Entrance to Gadebridge Park
Snapshot taken in the Park
High Street, looking towards Picott's End
The Reading of the Charter in the market Square
Hemel Hempstead about a hundred years ago
The Grave of Robert Snooks the Highwayman at Boxmoor
A water mill near Hemel Hempstead
High Street looking North
Bury Ruin
Mr Ginger's Villa at Hemel Hempstead
Two Waters
Congregational Church
Boxmoor Church
Holy Trinity Church Leverstock Green
Water End Bridge
High Street
The municipal Buildings
Piccotts End Road
Gadebridge Lane
Market Square
Brackett's Shop, 23 High Street
Line drawing of New Church at Leverstock Green
King's College, Convalescent Home
St Pauls Church
Nash Mills
Apsley Mills
Home Park Mills
Pictures of John Dicksons: Girls at work, the Paper Making Machine, The Dickson Fire Brigade, Loading Steamer at Apsley, 65 Old Bailey London, The Dickson, Silver Prize Band
Views of Croxley Mills
Interior of Croxley Mills
Mr John Dickinson
Sir John Evans
Mr Lewis Evans, J.P.
Alderman W Randall J.P., Mayor of Hemel Hempstead
Mrs Lewis Evans
Sir Astley P Paston-Cooper
Trade Tokens
Corporation seal Henry VIII
Brass Rubbings
Memorial to Robert and Margaret Albyn
Notes on St Mary's Church, Hemel Hempstead
Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard
Hempstead Bury
"The Lockers" Hemel Hempstead
Corner Hall Hemel Hempstead
Sir Astley P Paston-Cooper High Sheriff of Herts etc.
Thomas Burch, manufacturer of Straw Hats
Thomas Collins - Wesleyan Minister
Rev. Samuel Ewer, minister at Hemel Hempstead
Sir John Evans of John Dickinson & Co. Chairman of Herts County Council etc.
Robert Snooks Highwayman (robbed mail)
Sir Astley Paston Cooper Surgeon
John Dickinson, manufacturer of paper
Daniel Dike, wrote religious books
Seth Partridge, surveyor and teacher of mathematics
Hugh, 3rd Earl of Marchmont, a statesman resided at Hemel Hempstead
Richard Field, Protestant and author
Frederic Mason (A Reminiscence)
Thomas Collett Sandars, a lawyer
Timothy Taylor Presbyterian/Independent Vicar
Charles Cole a notorious dwarf of Hemel Hempstead
Rev. Charles Augustus Leveson
Mrs H Gold who lived at No. 12 Two Waters (part of an Old Inn called "The Rose" this house has been in the family for generations
Ann Clair died aged 114 she was the relict of Colonel Clair
Piffard Bernard Author of Hymns and Verse
Rev. Alfred C Richings Vicar of Boxmoor
Michael Turpin a Quaker minister
William Ginger, a bailiff. with ref to Mr Ginger's Villa at Hemel Hempstead
John Owen, Schoolmaster was indicted for keeping a private school for boys without a licence in Hemel Hempstead
Nicholas Stratford born in Hemel Hempstead and became Dean of St Asaph and Bishop of Chester
Elizabeth Stirredge a Quakeress, having endured persecution, set down her experiences in a small volume
Sir Edward Waterhouse Kt
Moses West, writer

HERTFORD  D/EGr/39  undated

General Accounts of Hertford
Records of the Gaol and the first prisoners hanged
The Town of Hertford from 1600 to 1700
Mayors of the Borough of Hertford from 1830-1901
Hertford Chronology from the Seventh Century
Trial and Condemnation of Four Highwaymen in 1677
Brickendon Parish
Perambulation of the Borough Boundary
Etymology of Hertford Place Names
Hertford Old Gaols
Coaching in Hertford
Hertford Railway Projects
Roman Vases, Mangrove Hill
Earthenware Jug, Church St, Hertford
Coins and other finds
Punishments for offences in Hertfordshire, with names of prisoners
The County Goal and Bridewell at Hertford, One Hundres Years Ago
Insignia and Plate of the Hertford Corporation
Hertford Town Hall
The Arms and Seals of the Borough of Hertford
Ancient Fire Beacons
Miscellanea (various subjects)
Charities (various)
Appointment of High Steward, with names from 1605-1905
The City of Hartford Connecticut
The Hertford Mint
Renaissance Stucco-work at Hertford
Hertford Museum, with photograph of the interior taken in 1914, also a poster advertising the Museum
Old Hertford Disappearing, walks about the Town and Places in Hertford
Hertford M. Ps
Early History of Hertford County Hospital
Hertford Houses
Brickendon Grange
Bailey Hall
Lombard House
William Yelverton of Hertford
Marmaduke Alington
Widdrington family
Tom Duncombe
Christopher [Marston] Bailiff of Borough of Hertford
Charles Caesar M.P. for Town of Hertford, 1700
John Thacker Saxton, editor and printer of the 'Ware Patriot'
The Cecil Family
Seymour, Earl of Hertford
Rev. C W Barclay vicar of Little Amwell [19th c]
Rev. Paul Wright, Curate and lecturer All Saints Hertford also an Author
Thomas West of Hertford
John Francis Baxter Sharpe. Steward of Christ Hospital
E R Sworder, born in Hertford. Master of the East Kent Fox-hounds
W F Andrews, prominent antiquarian and archarologist, local historian, Mayor of Hertford in 1899 also a member of many boards etc.
Cardinal Adam of Hertford
Vernon Austin of Stephen Austin & Son, Printers
J W Birch (while Commissioner for the Government in Maylays was murdered in 1875)
Spencer Cowper on trial for murder of Sarah Stout in 1699
Young Crawley, coachmaker Castle Street, Hertford
John Edwards of Hertford a writer devoted to the interpretatio of the Scriptures
Elias De Hertford founder of a College in Oxford
John Hereford (or Hertford) an early printer
Rev. William Hurst of Hertford. Headmaster of Hale's Free Grammar School 1726
John Davies M.D. Surgeon to the County Prison etc.
Edmund Gunter of Hertford, mathmatician
Rev. John Guyse, Independant Minister
Sir John Harrison who lived at Balls Park
William Haworth of Hertford, Nonconformist Minister
John Helder of Hertford. A carpenter and builder
Alderman Kirby of Hertford was also Mayor of Hertford in 1756 and also in 1767
Napoleon Newton. Oriental linguist, editor and translator for Stephen Austins
Rev. Thomas Maurice born at Hertford, Assistant Librarian British Museum
Ralph de Limesi, the founder of Hertford Priory
Charles Elton Longmore, a Solicitor, Under Sheriff, County Treasurer, Clerk of the Magistrates and Town Clerk
Captain William Minors, a mariner
Ralph Minors. Headmaster of Hales's Grammar School Hertford from 1627-1657
Marianne Pennington, wrote a volume of poems dedicated to Sir E L Bulwer Lytton
Mr E E Pearson of Brickendonbury Justice of the Peace
Mr B S Faudel-Phillips Herts High Sheriff
Rev. Thomas Spencer of Hertford
Samuel Stone, one of the Pilgrim Fathers and founder of the city of Hartford in Connecticut
John Tate, the first book printed on paper of English manufacture, was made at Hertford by John Tate
Samuel Scott of Hertford wrote a diary of some religious exercise and experiences
Lewis Turnor, The Hertford Historian
Thomas Vincent Nonconformist Minister
John Worsley a School Master, and writer
Richard Westall of Hertford a painter
Abraham Winters of Hertford, a tailor
Alfred Russell Wallace, Reminiscences of Hertford

HERTFORD  D/EGr/40  undated

Hertford Building Prints Folder 1
Street improvement at Hertford. Perspective View of New Hotel and Shop Hertford for Messrs McMullen & Sons Ltd. Green Dragon Hotel
Lombard House Bull Plain various views internal and external
Houses in St Andrews Street
No. D/EGr/20 & 25 Castle Street Hertford
Map of Hertford John Speed 1611
A Store in Old Cross W & A Gilbey Wines and Spirits
Houses in St Andrews Street
Photograph of Bull Plain showing shops
Photographs of Old Coffee House (Christines) Honey Lane; Drinking Fountain; 15 Fore Street; Plaster Works; Entrance Gate to Governors House; Picture of stones from St Mary the Great
Photographs of Doorhead No. D/EGr/24 West Street, and a Door No. 17 West Street, Hertford
Buildings, Market Place, Hertford, showing Parget Work
Building, Old Water Works
Building, Fore Street, Parget Work
Fore Street, No. D/EGr/68 Chimney Stacks, No. D/EGr/7-15 showing plasterwork No. D/EGr/57 showing Sundial, No. D/EGr/13 plasterwork, No. D/EGr/59, D/EGr/61, D/EGr/69 and D/EGr/54
Bayley Hall, Hertford 1820, Bayley Hall 1898
Subterranean passages in Cellar, Salisbury Arms?
Plan 1898 showing the Bayley Hall
Picture of Public Library and School of Art
The Town Roller Mills
Drawing of Renaissance Stucco-work at Hertford
Door No. 1 Church Street, Garden Door All Saints Rectory, entrance door All Saints Rectory
Picture of Stephen Austin & Sons Ltd. Public Library and Art School, and the Dimsdale Arms Hotel
Hertford Streets Folder 2
Fore Street various prints
St Andrew Street running into North Road
Map of Hertford 1830 Turner
Port Hill
Hales Grammar School
Honey Lane
Hertford Streets Folder 3
Fore Street various prints
Entrance to the town from the Hertingfordbury Road, Line drawing
Pictures of the Town Hall
View of the Castle Line drawings
Hertford Castle various prints
Hertford Castle Line drawings 1784. 1770
Entrance Gates to Blue Coat School (Christs Hospital)
Picture of Junior Blue-Coat Boys Drum & Fife Band
Picture of a Blue-Coat Girl & Crockery and utensils

HERTFORD  D/EGr/41  undated

Portrait Prints and Antiquities
Rev. Charles Masslin
The Hon. Mrs Edward Lyttleton
The Rev. The Hon. E Lyttelton
R T Andrews
E R Sworder
Picture of Mr Balfour on the Golf Links
The Mayor of Hertford Councillor William F Andrews
Caricature of "The Beggar;s Friend"
Rev Canon E Lyttelton. Headmaster of Eaton College
Various Antiquities: Mace & Sword of the Corporation of Hertford
Chalice and covered Tankard belonging to the Corporation, Silver Gilt Standing Cup and Cover, Roman Vases
Trading tokens
Coats of Arms, Turnor
All Saints Poor House Sign from building
Hertford School Prints
The Chapel, Quadrangle, Pavilion, Dining Hall, The Avenue, Bradley Hall, The Clock House, The Chapel, Swimming Baths. Haileybury College.
Hales Grammar School
Bayley Hall
Blue Coat School (Christs Hospital)
Facsimile of the cover of the "Haileybury Observer"
Hertford 1.
Index to the Plans of Hertford Ordnance Survey 6" to 1 mile
Arms of Hertford. Seal of the Borough of Hertford
Interior of the Crown Court of Hertford at the Moment the Prisoners were brought up to plea
General views of Hertford; Hertford from Bryn Allt Bengeo; Port Hill; Hartham from Port Hill; Morgans Walk, Brickendonbury; Chadwell and Spring Golf Ground; Castle Bridges; The Warren; River Lea; Kings Mead; Dicker mill; Waterford Marsh;
Map of Hertford John Speed 1611
Hertford Churches
Hertford churches
Monumental Brass Rubbings
Pictures of St Andrews Church
St Marys Roman Catholic Church, St Johns Road 1859
Proposed New Baptist Tabernacle at Hertford 1903
Monument to the Hertfordshire Militia
All Saints Church exterior and interior

HERTFORD  D/EGr/42  undated

Hertford Castle
General Accounts of Hertford Castle
Hertford Schools
Cowper Testimonial School
The Abel Smith Memorial School
The Brown School
The Infant School (adjoining the Brown School)
The British School
Blue-Coat Girls
Blue Coat School (Christs Hospital)
Hertford Grammar School
Green Coat School
Haileybury College
Hertford churches and Monastic Remains
All Saints Church
Memorials of Nonconformity in Herts
St Johns church
St Andrews
Monumental Inscriptions St Andrews Cemetery 1832-1909
Monumental Inscriptions St Andrews church 1610-1907
St Mary's church, Old Cross Hertford
St Nicholas church
Monastic Remains. The ancient Priory
The House of Friars
The Hermit of Hertford and Christchurch Priory, London
Wesleyan Chapel, Ware Road
Christ Church, Port Vale
St Marys Roman Catholic Church
Congregational Church, Hertford
Congregational Chapel, Cowbridge
Hertford Quakers
An article on the Early Baptist Ministers


Hertingfordbury Prints
Woolmers House, Line drawing
The Village Hall, Panshanger
Francis Thomas De Grey. Earl Cowper 7th Earl
Katrine Cecilia Countess Cowper
The Rt Hon Sir Gore Ouseley
Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau Clavering-Cowper 5th Earl
Pictures of Hertingfordbury Church
Brass Rubbing
General Accounts of the Parish of Hertingfordbury
Panshanger House and Park
Hertingfordbury Church
The Manor of Roxford
Elizabeth CULLEN of Hertingfordbury Park
Spencer Cowpers trial for the murder of Sarah Stout in 1699
Sir Edward Bensted

Parishes of HERINGFORDBURY and HEXTON  D/EGr/44  undated

Panshanger Prints
Panshanger House, Line drawings, pictures (various)
The Library, Line drawing
Panshanger Park
Drawing of Old Vase in Private Garden
Cowper Coat of Arms
The Great Oak at Panshanger
The Picture Gallery
The Sitting Room of Lady Cowper
Hexton Prints
Photograph of Interior of Hexton Church, showing the church organ
Photographs of Exterior of Hexton Church
Drawing of Plan of Ravensburgh Castle
General Accounts of Hexton
Antiquities Ravensburgh Castle
General Accounts of Hexton Parish
Hexton Church
Folk Lore
Hock-Tide at Hexton


General Accounts of Hinxworth
General Accounts of the Parish of Hinxworth
St Nicholas Church, Hinxworth
Hinxworth Place
A Poster, Board of Agriculture & Fisheries, Small Holdings and Allotments Act
Also Newspaper cuttings, and a copy of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act, 1908 and letters
John Talman amateur artist
Brass Rubbings from Hinxworth church
Hinxworth Prints
Photographs of Monastic Remains, Hinxworth Place
Drawing of Hinxworth Place
Small drawing of Hinxworth Church
Unidentified Stone Object (bowl shape)
Brass Figures of John and Anne Lambard
Drawing of a window, Hinxworth Church
Internal photographs of Hinxworth Church
External photographs of Hinxworth Church
Pictures of Boating on a river in Hinxworth
Copy of 6" second edition XXIII NE Edworth/Hinxworth
How to see Letchworth (Garden City)
Guide to Garden City
Various Newspaper cuttings; about houses; areas of Letchworth, first plan of the Garden City; plan of Open-Air School; Form of Application for shares; First Annual Report; First Garden City Prospectus; Plan of Present Development 1906; Directors' Report; Map showing site of First Garden City
Garden City Estate Boundary Plan
Two plans; The Garden City - as it will be
Two plans; Garden City Estate plan of Proposed Town
Also see Gerish Box 54 & 55 for Letchworth
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Hitchin
Newspaper cuttings

HITCHIN  D/EGr/46  undated

A Necrology of some well remembered town-folk (Ecclesiastical etc)
Thomas Wilson of Hitchin
Louisa & William Wilshere of Walsworth House
Jonas Thurrowgood. Baptist Minister
John Thompson a Quaker well known for service to Community
John Serjent of Hitchin, Artist
Samuel Spavold of Hitchin, a carpenter
Anna Maria Sharples
Alfred Ransom
William Ransom
William Drage, a medical writer
Frederick L Griggs, artist
W Hainsworth, agriculturist
Rev. Edward Comerford Hawkins
Elizabeth Hudson. A Methodist Leader
Mark Hildesley, Vicar of Hitchin 1731-1755
Francis Lucas, An Author
Samuel Lucas; an Artist
William Lucas; Brewer of Hitchin
Ann Lucas; A Quaker Minister
John Needham, Pastor of Baptist Chapel in Tilehouse Street, Hitchin
Jane & Mercy Ransom, Quaker minister and author
Mary Ransom. A Testimony concerning her.
Frederic Seebohm. JP, Banker & Historian
Esther Seebohm. A Quaker (a writer)
George Chapman, Poet and Dramatist
John Bunyanm A Hitchin Worthy of the 18th C
Miss Chapman. Authoress of "The Fathers Message". A Domestic Tale, it gives reference to the Straw Plait Industry of Hitchin
Mr G J Buller, a bee-keeper
Delme-Radcliffe Family of Hitchin Priory
Henry Hawkins, Lord Brampton, a Judge of the Exchequer
Division of the High Court
Francis Bragge. A Vicar of Hitchin
The Bogdani Family, Lords of the Manor of Hitchin
Mr George Aylott Ex Postman and antiquarian
Sir Henry Bessemer, engineer and inventor
Eugene Aram, a murderer (newspaper cuttings of Famous Murder Trial reviewed)
Agnes Beaumont (the life story of Agnes Beaumont and cruel libels to which she was subjected)
Tristram Family and Pedigree
Hitchin Street Prints
Town Plan of Hitchin 1820
Plan of Monastic Hitchin (no date)
Sun Street, The Market Place, Bancroft, High Street, Brand Street, The Triangle, Walsworth Road, Hermitage Road, Hitchin Hill, Bucklersbury
Hitchin Grammar School
Hitchin Wesleyan Chapel and Post Office
George Inn
Biography Portrait
George Chapman of Hitchin, Poet and Dramatist
Monastic Remains
The Religious orders in Hitchin
"The Biggin" or New Biggin (once a small priory of Gilbertine Nuns)
The Brotherhood House (A Cell of Benedictine Monks)
The Priory (founded by Carmolite Friars in the reign of Edward II)
The Tylers' Guildhall (now "The Coopers Arms")
St Saviour's Church
The Roman Catholic Church of Mary Immaculate & St Andrew
St John the Baptist's Mission Church
St Faith's Mission Church
The Tilehouse Street Chapel
Bethel Chapel
Queen Street Independents Chapel
Independent Chapel, Back Street
Society of Friends (Quakers)
Miscellaneous Chapels
List of places of meeting for religious worship by Protestant Dissenters
Bethel Chapel (Calvanistic) Queen Street
Wesleyan Chapel in Brand Street
Baptist Chapel, Walsworth Road
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Nightingale Road
Mount Zion Chapel (Calvanistic) Hitchin Hill then Park Street
Monumental Inscriptions
Records of Inscriptions in the Cemetery of Hitchin, up to Aug 31st 1909
Hitchin Girls Grammar School
Grammar Schools Boys/Girls
British Schools
St Andrews School
Walsworth Schools
St Saviours Schools
Sunnyside School
St Mary's National School
Adult Schools
Hitchin Society of Arts and Letters
Natural History Club
Hitchin Rambling Association
Preston. Temple Dinsley articles and photographs
General Accounts of Preston
Hitchin (Articles in folder no.10)
Art Treasures at Hitchin, The Manor House, Bancroft
An Ancient House at Hitchin, Bancroft
Late-Celtic Urns found near Hitchin
British and Roman Remains at Purwell Mill
Lawrance Tristram. Citizen and Brewer of London
Hitchin Charities; (lists of various Charities)
Ralph Skynner's Almshouses
Elizabeth Simpsons Almshouses
Daniel Warner's Almshouses
Girls School Charity
Elizabeth Ann Lucas Charity
John Kemps Charity
Edward Draper's Charity
A copy of the Charity Commission Draft 1906 for Hitchin
Folk Lore
The Mayers and their Song
Hitchin Harvest Custom
Hertfordshire Phrases "Hitchin Grape"
Apparition at Hitchin
A Miracle of Hitchin in 1692

HITCHIN  D/EGr/47  undated

Hitchin Prints
North East, South West View of Minsden Chapel Ruins
Hitchin Prints Monastic Remains
Photographs of Monastic Remains
Garden View of the Priory, Hitchin
Various pictures of the Priory
Hitchin Priory Seal
The Biggin, various pictures also the almshouses
A map of Monastic Hitchin
Pictures of Ridge Tiles
Hitchin Prints. Churches
St Saviours Church Interior
Effigies of Knights Templars, Hitchin Church
Picture of South Porch, Hitchin Church
Nave of St Marys Church
Various pictures of St Mary's Church, interior and exterior
Ground plan of St Mary's Church
Parish Chest in St Mary's Church
Picture of a pot, circa 1600 found in Tower of St Mary's Church
Picture of St Saviour's Church
Interior of St Saviour's Church
Picture of The Roman Catholic Church, Nightingale Road

HITCHIN  D/EGr/48  undated

Hitchin Prints
Hitchin Market Place
The Park
Hitchin Hill
Picture of a thatched cottage, Walsworth Road
Pictures of Moss's shop, a 17thc. house
Drawing of an Old Folks Home in Hitchin taken from the Builder, June 3rd, 1899
Drawing of the New Public Hall and Offices, Hitchin, taken from the Builder, July 16th, 1898
The Railway Station
Sun Inn
Plans of the Great Northern Railway Coal Dept. Hitchin
Waterfall at West Mill and View
Oughton Head. Various pictures
Charlton, Hitchin
Mount Pleasant Lavender Field
Purwell Mill
Map of Hitchin no date given
Line drawing of centre of Hitchin, snow covered roofs
Over Wratten, Hitchin
Hitchin Grammar School founded in 1632
Hitchin Town Hall, plan and pictures
Girls Grammar School
Grammar School Walk
New Post Office, 1903
Courtyard of the "George" Inn, Bucklersbury 1900
A picture of a bush High Street [c1830] Samuel Lucas Painting
A view of a farm house at Rasling End, nr Hitchin struck by lightning June 26th 1771
A house in Market Place, Hitchin
A map of the Market Place, and streets going off from it
A small drawing of St Martins Church, Preston
Delme-Radcliffe coat of arms
Trading coins
Pictures of the late Lord Brampton
A picture of Rev. W Griffiths of Hitchin
Tylers Guildhall Prints:
"Coopers Arms" Inn Yard
Front view of the "Coopers Arms" various pictures
Ground Plan of the "Coopers Arms" Tylers Street
Drawing of Supposed Restoration to "Coopers Arms" 1902
Courtyard of the "Coopers Arms" Tilehouse Street 1899
Monumental Brasses
Woman in shroud
Man and Woman in winding sheets, with four sons and four daughters
William Pulter
John Pulter
James Hert
Two members of the Pulter family
Thomas Abbot and wife
Various unnamed brasses
Hitchin Church
The church of St Andrew of Hitchin, now known as St Marys. Newspaper cuttings on the history
Names on memorial brasses
Picture of a fire place with a tudor rose, a thistle, a crown and other markings
Plan of a Roman Villa, excavated near Hitchin, Nov 1884
Picture of an Ancient Well at Hitchin, 1901
Drawings of Clunch, from Old House in Market Place
A rubbing of a Chimney frieze


Monastic Remains
The Leper Hospital, Hoddesdon
Rawdon House built by Sir Marmaduke Rawdon in 1622
The Samaritan Woman. A stone figure, it is intended to represent the woman of Samaria pouring water from an urn, the figure stood in the town till about 1826, until thw supply of water was a gift to the inhabitants of Hoddesdon by Sir Marmaduke Rawdon.
Sir Marmaduke Rawdon, who gave to the parish of Hoddesdon a water supply
James Bennet of Hoddesdon, Master of the Boarding School, Hoddesdon
Laurence Pernham a smith of Hoddesdon
W H Perkins of Hoddesdon, The Silver Iris Medal of the Society of Arts was presented to Mr Perkins for his "Improved Cowl for Ventilation".
The Family of Cheffins of Hailey Hall, Hoddesdon
John Loudon McAdam, the great Road Maker
Folk Lore
The Curfew Bell. A Shrove Tuesday custom
General Accounts of the Parish of Hoddesdon; various subjects
A description of the Boundaries of the Hamlet of Hoddesdon
A copy of Hoddesdons first directory of 1792
A tragedy at Hoddesdon in 1808, a trial of murder, Thomas Simmons for the murder of Mrs Hommerston
Articles on various inn's in Hoddesdon: The Bull Inn, The George and Falcon Inn, The Black Lion, Cross Keys Inn; The Maidenhead Inn
Opening of the Tumulus in Broxbournebury Park
Plan of a Roman Tile
Seal of Nicholas Dillion
Flint implements found in a pit at Hoddesdon
Axeheads found in the same pit
Various Antiquities found in and near Hoddesdon
St Catherines Chapel
Monumental Inscriptions in burial ground Ware Road, Hoddesdon. (monumental lists compiled in 1907)
Monumental Inscriptions Hoddesdon Cemetery
Monumental Inscriptions in Hoddesdon churchyard
Monumental Inscriptions in the Friends Burial Ground, Lords Street, Hoddesdon
A drawing of the Angel Fireplace in Oak Room at Rawdon House
A drawing of Rawdon House, Hoddesdon
Hoddesdon Grammar School an advertisement for the school which appeared in the Hertfordshire Almanac 1849
Yewlands Estate Hoddesdon. Sale particulars and plan
Great Hormead Prints
General views of the village
The Brick House Great Hormead
Photographs of people outside the Brick House, Great Hormead (very good photographs for costumes of people)
Drawing of the Brick House
Picture of Great Hormead Bury
Photographs of the exterior of the church
A Brass rubbing to William Delawood


Generals accounts of the Parish of Great Hormead
An abstract of the case of Sir Anthony Cage, of Burrow-Green Cambridge. Knight
(Anthony Cage once bought the Manor of Hormead Hall in 1579)
A list of names which appear in the first ten years of the Register from 1538-1547
A list of Vicars of Great Hormead from 1336 to 1890
A list of names of churchwardens from 1601-1617
St Nicholas Church, Great Hormead
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard
The Brick House, Great Hormead, sale particulars of Brick House Farm and lands, plan enclosed
Great Hormead Bury, some reminiscences of Sir Robert Romer, resignation of a Great Judge
Folk Lore
St Valentines Day
Hormead Little Prints
Norman Doorway, Little Hormead Church
Photographs of Little Hormead Church, internal and external
Coats of arms for Leder or Leader
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Little Hormead
Glebe House formerly the Rectory of Little Hormead, converted to a Roman Catholic Chapel
St Mary's Church, Little Hormead
John Wall Porter Charity
Stonebury Farm
Articles on stones in Place-Names (when a village was first established a stone was set up).
Hunsdon Prints
Hunsdon "with the village pump"
Hunsdon, Stanstead Road
Gargoyles on a house
Picture carved above doorway of a house
Brass rubbings of Thomas Kings Tombstone
Brass rubbing of Margareta Shelly
Brass rubbing of James Gray
Drawing of the Pulpit
Photographs of Hunsdon Church
Pictures of Queen Elizabeth the 1st on a visit to Lord Hunsdon, Governor of Berwick-upon-Tweed
Line drawings of Hunsdon House
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Hunsdon
A picture of the Fox and Hounds Hotel
St Dunstan Church, Hunsdon
Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard
Hunsdon House
Under this heading also to be found the biography of Mr Spencer Charrington M.P. of Hunsdon House, "Briggens" House, Hunsdon
Sir Lambert Blackwell, of "Briggens House" Hunsdon one of the directors in the gigantic fraud known as the South Sea Company
Hon. Mrs Calvert "An Irish Beauty of the Regency" Memoirs written by Hon Mrs Calvert picture the manners, customs, and habits of English aristocracy
Japhet Crook "The unparallel'd Impostor: or The Whole Life Artifices and Forgeries of Japhet Crook, alias Sir Peter Stranger, Bart".
Mr Thomas Godfrey of Hunsdon maker of Cordial. Godfrey's Cordial was named in the Medicine Stamp Act of 1812 and was a proprietary medicine at the time
Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon 1524-1596
First cousin of Queen Elizabeth 1st
Charity of George, Lord Hunsdon and Henry Lord Hunsdon. Commonly known as the Poor's Land Charities
Sale Particulars
Sale Particulars of Roydon Lea Estate with plan
Sale Particulars of Hunsdon Bury with plan
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Ickleford
Arlesey Seventy Years ago; Farming then and now
Ickleford School of Industries
St Katharines Church, Ickleford
Monumental Inscription inside the church and in the churchyard. Compiled in 1908
Manor House
Ickleford Manor
Manor House of Ramerick
Jane Countess of Burford
Rev. Henry Denne
Brass Rubbing
Brass in Ickleford church date about 1400 a man and woman
Brass Rubbing from Holwell Church


General accounts
General Accounts of the parish of St Ippollitts
Sale Particulars of the Dashwood Estate with plan
The Church dedicated to Hippolytus
Monastic Remains
Moated farmhouse known as Maydencroft
The Wyck
Brook end House
St Ibbs (Sir Isaaac Newtons Observatory)
Gosmore Tumulus
Notes on the Tristram family of Hitchin
Folk Lore
Saint Hippoletts, a good tamer of horses
Legend has it people took their horses into church up to the altar and they were blessed
St Ippollitts Prints
Poynders End House
Picture of the village of St Ippollitts
Pictures of the church
St Ippollitts Prints
Old House at Gosmore, near St Ippollitts
The Lodge, a thatched cottage
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Kelshall
Horwellbury Manor and Hamlet, once situated between Kelshal & Therfield.
The Church of St Faith
Monumental inscriptions in the churchyard
The Fordham Brass at Kelshall
Notes on the death of the Rev. Philip Swatman
The base of the Village Cross at Kelshall
Abraham Janeway, Rector of Kelshall, died 1665
James Janeway a writer (including portrait of James in Prints folder)
John Janeway a scholar
William Janeway
Willymott Family of Kelshall
A newspaper cutting mentioning Arms of an Extinct Herdfordshire family
Folk Lore
Mayers and their song
Kelshall Prints
Ancient Cross in Kelshall Churchyard
Kelshall Village Cross - restored
Internal and external views of the Church
A memorial brass plaque of John Fordham and his wives
Two pictures of base of fourteenth century Village Cross on the Green at Kelshall
Picture of the "Stalls" in the Rectory Stables
Brass Rubbing of Man and Wife Richard Adane and Marion his wife
A "6" Ordnance Survey map of Kelshall 1899 VIII N.E.
Photograph of panels in the Church, with figures on them
Water colour painting of a locker for stowing away cross and banners in St Faiths Church, Kelshall (also a photograph)
Photographs of the Cross in the churchyard and a water colour painting of the cross.
Drawing of the Village Cross Kelshall
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Kensworth
Manuscript of the Dean and Chapter of St Pauls Kenworth Manor and Lands; Surveys of the following manors and estates, Kenworth
Manorial Inquisition for the Chapter of the Church of Saint Paul at London AD 1222
A schedule of Inquisition for the Manor of Kensworth
List of Marriages at Kensworth 1615-1812
St Mary's Church, Kensworth
Manuscript of the Dean and Chapter of St Pauls Visitation of Kensworth Church
An article on Early Baptist Ministers in Kensworth
An article about an Eccentric Doctors Will, bequest to Hitchin relatives. Dr John Samuel Phene
Folk Lore
The Sign of the Cross
"Nineted" Boys of Kensworth Epithet
Kensworth Prints
Exterior and interior of St Mary's Church, Kensworth
Picture of the Font
Pictures of the South and West Door of St Mary's Church, Kensworth
Picture of a house (no name given)


General Account
General Accounts of the Parish of Kimpton
Notes on various farms; Tallents and Rameridge Farms, Kimpton Kimpton Hall, Stoneheaps Farm
Notes on the estate of Thomas Barley including Bibsworth Manor, Kimpton
St Peter and St Paul parish church, Kimpton
The Hoo, Kimpton
Kimpton Mill Farm
Stoneheaps Farm
Folk Lore
The Kimpton Highwayman
Fig Sunday (A custom of fig-eating on Palm Sunday)
John Bassil's Charity, Kimpton
Biographies (to be found in the folder headed House)
Henry Robert Brand 2nd Viscount Hampden
The Keate family of Kimpton Hoo
Kimpton Prints
House, Hoo End, Kimpton
Monumental Brass (may be of the Bibbsworth family)
General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Kings Langley
Beating the Bounds at Kings Langley
Sale Particulars of Two Freehold Houses, "The Old Cottage", High Street Kings Langley and an adjoining old-fashioned house, and two cottages at Primrose Hill, Kings Langley, and a pair of Freehold Cottages (no address of these given)
Toynbee Antiquarian Society, Kings Langley: its Manors, Church, Palace, Priory and notable people
All Saints Church, Kings Langley
Kings Langley Palace
Monastic Remains
Plan of the foundations of the Monastic Church excavated by John Betts in the year 1831
The Priory, Kings Langley
Edmund Duke of York (Kings Langley Palace)
Sir Ralph Verney
Colonel Martin Petrie
Piers Gaveston (Earl of Cornwall)
Thomas Squire, A Quaker minister
Mr Arthur Hampton Longman (with portrait)
Humphrey Roberts of Kings Langley, Author
D. Graves of Kings Langley, Artist
William Jenkyn, Preacher
Ralph Kettle, Builder
Rev Edward Stean, Pastor of Baptist Church, Chipperfield and writer
Chipperfield National School, in the Parish of Kings Langley
Chipperfield General Accounts of the Hamlet
6" to mile tracing of map of Chipperfield
Kings Langley Prints
Kings Langley Priory
Kings Langley Lock 1819
Chipperfield Chapel
A Glade on Chipperfield Common
Pictures of Kings Langley Common and Common Lane
Kings Langley church various views internal and external
Palimpsest Brasses in Hertfordshire of Margaret Cheyney 1578
Photograph of a Monumental Inscription of Mary Dixon and John Cheney
Monastic Remains
Pictures of the Remains of the Old Priory
Seal of Kings Langley Priory
Line drawing of Chipperfield Manor House
Line drawing of the Old Palace at Kings Langley
Coat of Arms of Blackwell family
Trade Tokens
Monumental Brasses
Monumental Brass of John Carter and two wives and eighteen children
Monumental Brass of John Cheney
Monumental Brass of Margaret Cheney
Monumental Brass of Robert Lord Raymond Baron of Abbot Langley
Monumental Brass of Alice Carter
Monumental Brass of Mary Dixon
Plaque to the memory of Sir William Glasscock


General Accounts
General Accounts of the Parish of Kings Walden
An article on John Bunyan in Hertfordshire
Discovery of Anglo-Saxon Remains at Kings Walden
The church of St Mary Kings Walden
Kings Walden Bury
Breachwood Green, General Accounts
Bendish (in the parish of St Pauls Walden but is in box for Kings Walden)
Coleman Green an article on John Bunyan
John Bunyan Baptist minister
Bernard Hale, a Judge, a coat of arms and family history
Kings Walden Prints
Line drawings of Kings Walden church
Photograph of screen in the church
Drawings and pictures of Columns in the church
Various views of Kings Walden Bury
Picture of John Bunyans Pulpit
Drawing of John Bunyan, going to preach on Coleman Green
General Account
General Accounts of the parish of Knebworth
Copy of the Argosy edited by Mrs Henry Wood Vol XIX no. CXll Article A Glance at Knebworth
The church of St Mary and St Thomas a Becket
Chronicles of Knebworth in the 17th century
Marriages at Knebworth 1606-1812
Monumental Inscriptions in Church and Churchyard pre 1913
The Seal of Richard Perers of Knebworth, (this was found in a garden in Stevenage)
The Hamlet of Broadwater
Mr Thomas Axtell of Shephall, fifty years an overseer at Stevenage Revision Court
Photographs external and internal
A monument of Simon Bache in the Chancel of Knebworth Church
Knebworth House
Edith, Lady Lytton
Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer
Elizabeth Barbara Lytton Bulwer
Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton
Articles on Knebworth House
The Ghost of Knebworth House, Jenny Spinner
Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton
Donald Sterling Palmer Howard, Lord Strathcona, 3rd Baron Strathcoma. His Romantic Career
Mr John Kipling, Head Gardener of Knebworth House for 38 years
Article on the Manor of Knebworth
A family tree of the Lytton Family, from the marriage of Judith daughter of Sir Humphrey Edwards and Sir Rowland Lytton
Knebworth Private Theatricals in the Fifties
Rosina Bulwer Lytton
Folk Lore
The Ghost of Knebworth House. Jenny Spinner


Knebworth Prints
Line drawing of the Roebuck, Knebworth
Line drawing of Farm at Knebworth
Newspaper picture entitled the Development of Knebworth
Knebworth House
Picture of Knebworth Park Avenue
Queen Anne's Chapel Ruin, Knebworth
Knebworth Lake
Picture of Knebworth House before its Restoration
Picture of Knebworth Hall
Lytton Coat of Arms
The Mausoleum at Knebworth House
Various pictures on one page, The Fishing Cottage on the lake, Horaces Garden, The State Drawing Room, The Staircase, Queen Elizabeths Chamber, The Great Hall, The Garden Front
Various pictures of Knebworth Park, with views of the House
The Gates of Knebworth House, showing the Church
Interior pictures of the Great Hall
Biography Pictures
Richard Warburton Lytton the novelist
Elizabeth Jodrell wife of Richard Warburton Lytton
Elizabeth Barbara Lytton, only daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Elizabeth Barbara the daughter was the mother of Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton)
Jenny Spinner; or the Ghost of Knebworth House
Lord Strathcona
Sir Edward George, Earl Lytton, Bulwer-Lytton 1st Baron (various pictures)
Picture of a Bust of Edward Bulwer Lord Lytton
Rosina Anne Doyle Wheeler wife of Edward George Earl Lytton Bulwer
Picture of Edward George, Bulwer-Lyttons study where much of the novelists's writing was done
Monumental Brasses
Two shields
A Priest in a speldidly-embroidered cope
Three Shields
A man in armour and his two wives (Rowland Lytton) MP for Herts in the time of James I
Letchworth Prints
Photographs and drawings of the church
Drawings of an Effigy in Letchworth Church
Letchworth Lane
Letchworth Hall
House near Letchworth Corner
Post Office Letchworth Corner
Horse drawn carriage at Letchworth Corner near Estate Office
Cottages at Letchworth
Doorway 14th C Elizabethan Gable, Letchworth Hall
Drawing of a Fire Place in Letchworth Hall
Hitchin Road Letchworth, picture with horse drawn farm trailers, and a picture of corn stacks in a field
Garden City Estate; making a New Road, picture of a field. and estate office
Drawing of a Cottage Garden at Letchworth
Picture of Children coming home from school in Letchworth (all wearing hats and pinafores) [c1902]
Various pictures of lane between Willian and Letchworth
Letchworth Park (various pictures)
Rubbing of a shield (?Letchworth Hall)
Picture of the Howard Memorial Hall, Letchworth
View of Station Hotel, Bird's Hill Cottages in background
"Laneside" Letchworth (a house)
The "Unemployed" Dwellings
General View near Baldock Road and Norton Way, showing new houses
Picture of two villas erected by A Collins
Cottages at the First Garden City (Letchworth) Geoffry Lucas, Architect
House at First Garden City (Letchworth) South front, Halsey Ricardo, Architect
(On reverse of this picture is an article, The First Garden City-1)
Villas in North Road, built and sold by Messrs Picton and Hope
Eight cottages built by Garden City Company of North Road
The Gasworks, Dunham's Lane
Drawing of Cottages at Letchworth
"The New Style" Baldock Road Garden City, Houses
Postcard of office of "The Citizen" Letchworth.
Monumental Brasses
Man and wife, Will Overbury and Isabelle
Priest in ecclesiastical robes. Thomas Wyrley


General Accounts of Letchworth
Prospectus of the First Garden City Ltd
Churches of Letchworth
List of Marriages at Letchworth 1696-1805
Chantry Chapel or Burley Chapel at Letchworth
Letchworth Hall and Manor House
In the Notes on Letchworth Hall is a Memorial to Thomas Snagg of Letchworth, who was a Speaker of the House of Commons, Judge of the Queens Court in Ireland until 1580, M.P. for Bedford, presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1588 Bencher and Reader of Grays Inn
Folk Lore
May Festival at Letchworth
The Mayers' Song
Letchworth School
The Cloisters, Letchworth (an open air school)
General Accounts of the Parish of Lilley
An article on Miss E Cundall Headmistress of Lilley School for 35 years
St Peters Church, Lilley
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church Yard of St Peters Church, made 18th Dec 1908
Epitaphs in Lilley Churchyard to Thomas Stokes, Oct 24th, 1771
Thomas Irons, July 4th, 1828. James Irons Feb 19th, 1828
Thomas Irons, Nov 30th, 1817. Charles Irons March 22nd, 1820
William Conisbee, Feb 19th, 1827
John Kellerman an "Alchemist"
James Janeway Nonconformist Preacher
Putteridge Bury in the Parish of Offley an article (this should be in the Parish of Offley not Lilley, as Gerish has it)
Also two drawings one of the exterior of the house, with a plan
And one of the Hall, Putteridge Bury
Bunyans Cottage
Brass Rubbing relating to Benjamin Rawling
Brass Rubbing relating to Sir G Warburton
General Accounts of Long Marston.
All Saints Church Long Marston
Nonconformity in Long Marston, two chapelries in the Old Parish of Tring, Long marston and Wiggington.
General Accounts of Markyate Street
Monastic Remains: Caddington (Markyate Cell) and Priory of St Trinity in the Wood
Thomas Burridge apprentice boddice maker seized with temptations of Satan
Daniel Goodson Adye of Markyate Cell constructed a system of accounts on the principle of double entry, he filled numerous offices in the county with distinction
Mr Jacob Blake
George Ferrers of Markyate Street, lawyer, historian and poet
Christina of Markyate, Abbot Geoffrey founded a Nunnery at Markyate for Christina and her fellow devotees
Seebright National School
Markyate Street Baptist Church
Folk Lore
The "Wicked Lady Ferrers" Highway woman
Maude Allingham: A Legend of Hertfordshire the heiress of Allinghame Hall. A Highway woman
Cell Park, Markyate
The Cell House, Markyate
St John's Church, Markyate
High Street, Markyate
1899 Second edition 6" map of Meesden
Drawing of Ancient Porch at Meesden Church
Various photographs of Meesden Church, internal and external
General accounts of Meesden
Meesden Church


General accounts of the parish of Meppershall
Church of St Mary, Meppershall
Antiquities. The Scene of a Battle, earthworks at Meppershall
The Salmon Family, distinguished in the realms of music and literature
Nathaniel Salmon. The Hertfordshire historians 1675-1742
A photograph, of a Norman Doorway to the church at Meppershall
Drawing of a barn, Meppershall (St. Thomas Chapel)
General Account of the Parish of North Mimms
Gobions or Gubbins
Plan of Valuable and Improving Investments between St Albans and Hatfield Lots 1 to 11
Plan of Freehold property between St Albans and Hatfield Lots 34-47
St Mary's church, North Mimms
Little Heath village in the civil parish of North Mimms
North Mimms Place
Brookmans Manor House (formerly known as Mymme Hall)
"Folly Gates" near Potters Bar
The Brookmans Estate
John Heywood of North Mimms. Jester to Henry VIII
Thomas Heywood. Hertfordshire poet, and dramatist
Sir Thomas More. Lord Chancellor of England. Owned the house called Gobions at North Mimms
Henry Peacham of North Mimms Author and artist, drawer of animals
Henry Thompson of North Mimms
Arthur Young, well known agriculturist and author, resided at North Mimms, (1768)
North Mimms Charities, account of Proceedings 1815, election of Trustees
Sale Particulars
Sale Particulars of Six Freehold Farms; Sleapshyde, Redhall, Tollgate, Parsonage, Butterwick, part of Skimpans Farms, An old Manor House, several small holdings with cottages, and land. St. Albans and Hatfield Area
Sale particulars of "Leggatts" Estate North Mimms including Mansion, Park and Woods, Little Heath Farm, land and cottages
Drawings of the church, North Mimms
Photograph of a window, and West door, exterior of the church
Plan of North Mimms church
Photograph of Interior of church
Drawing of the Memorial Window to Sir Thomas More
Drawings of a Bras Monuments in North Mimms Church
Drawings of Gubbins Canal and House
Drawing and picture of Cottage at Water End
Drawing of Lodge and Gates, North Mimms
Pictures of a large house (unidentified)
Three pictures of Sir Thomas More
Monumental Brasses
Henry Covert Esq. 1488
Thomas Hewes and Elizabeth his wife
Thomas De Horton Vicar of North Mimms in 1360
Brass of a man probably of the Boteler family, of Wood Hall, Watton, his wife Martha was probably a Coningsby, they possessed the Manor of North Mimms
Robert Knolles, Lord of the Manor of North Mimms
Small figures of a man and his wife, four sons, and six daughters about 1450-60
Monumental Inscriptions
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church Yard, North Mimms (no date when taken) mainly nineteenth century


General Accounts of the Parish of Great Munden
Value of the trees and coppices of the Kings Manors in Hertfordshire (Great Munden)
St Nicholas Church, Great Munden
Monastic Remains
Rowney Abbey/Priory
Charity of an unknown donor in the Parish of Great Munden
Photograph of the church
Photograph of the Nave of the Church, a norman doorway, and windows
Picture of the seal of Rowney Priory
General Accounts of the Parish of Little Munden
All Saints Church, Little Munden
Manor House
Sutrehalle of Libury Hall
Chauncy, Charles Snell of Little Munden. High Sheriff of Hertfordshire 1841
Playstows (Playing-Fields) in Hertfordshire
Ralph Fordham of Little Munden by his will devised certain messuages in Edward Dane to charity
Sale Particulars
Country Cottage in Haultwick together with Farmery and buildings and land
Little Munden Church internal and external photographs
Drawing of an ancient monument in Little Wymondley church
4 Photographs of Dane End House
General Accounts of the Parish of Newnham
An article on the Oldest Woman "Postman" Mrs Hannah Clarke
An article on Amos Lucas the oldest inhabitant of Newnham. Worked 80 years on one farm
St Vincent Church, Newnham
The Manor of Newnham, a paper on the Manor of Newnham by Reginald L Hine of Newnham Hall, including an article on Old Newnham Hall, a "moated grange"
Photograph of the Church Font
Brass Rubbings
Brass Rubbing of Joane Dowman wife of James, six daughters and one son
Rubbings from Monuments (unidentified)
Brass Rubbing of William Skipwith, two wives, and four children
General Accounts of the Parish of Northaw
St Thomas a Becket Church, Northaw
A Rubbing of the Bell over Stables, Northaw House (1915)
"The Hook" Northaw
Manor House
Nyn House built on the site of the Manor House (Nyn house was pulled down in 1774)
William Leman. Governor of Barnet Grammar School 1645, Sheriff of Herts 1634, MP for Hertford 1645
Richard Waller of Northaw "first secretary" of the Royal Society
William Lewin. A Latin scholar, judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1576
A Hertfordshire Hermit: SIGAR of Northaw a monk took up his abode in the woods of Northaw
Drawing of Proposed Schools and School House Northaw
Drawing of Ninn/Nyn Hall, Northaw


General Accounts of the Parish of Northchurch
St Mary's Church, Northchurch
Memorials in the church at Northchurch
Peter the Wild Boy lies buried by the church porch. A commemorative brass to Peter the Wild Boy is in the church
Peter the Wild Boy, found in a German Forest near Hanover, George the 1st brought Peter back to England in 1726
Northchurch National School. William Wadeson's Trust
Edward Salter left land for the benefit of the poor
Northchurch Parochial Charities, Charity Commissioners Views (this includes charities of various people)
Sale Particulars
Woodcock Hill and Estate Northchurch, with plan
Drawings of Peter the Wild Boy
Pictures of various views of a House and Park Lands [Woodcock Hill Estate]
Drawing of the Pump at Northchurch
Picture of a celebrated Herts farmhouse (name unknown)
Drawing of a monumental brass of Thomas Waterhouse
Picture of Northchurch Church, external and internal views
Pictures of the Tomb of Peter the Wild Boy
Brass Rubbings
Brass Rubbing in memory of Peter the Wild Boy
A small shield (written on the back says to Mrs Mary Agar 1670 Northchurch)
General Accounts of the Parish of Norton
St Nicholas Church, Norton
Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard taken in 1908 by W B Gerish
Norton Bury under this heading is an article on The Norton Fishery
Willbury Hill (a Roman Camp) and the Icknield Way
Norton Common
Articles on the Common, a picture and a tracing of the Common Extracts from the Norton Enclosure Award 1798-9
The Charter of Oxhey A.D. 790 The Manor of Rodenhanger
Folk Lore
Witchcraft at Norton and St Albans
Charity Commission sale of a piece of land in the Parish of Norton
Education Officer's Strange Letter to a Norton Schoolmistress
Norton Prints
A small plan of Norton Village 1796
Photographs of St Nicholas Church, internal and external
Views of Norton Village pictures and postcards
Pictures of Willbury Hill, a Roman Camp
Pictures of Icknield Way
Pictures of Norton Bury Farm
Picture of Norton Common
Small photograph of people on Norton Common [1910]
Monumental Brass drawings of Anne Bury
Brass Rubbing of a Coat of Arms (no name)


General Accounts of the Parish of Offley
The Church of St Mary Magdalene situated in the park of Offley Place
A list of Rectors and Vicars of Offley from 1214 to 1900
Monumental Inscriptions in Offley Churchyard. 17th, 18th and 19th century, no date when taken
A List of Marriages at Offley 1654-1812
Offley Place
Putteridge Bury (to be found in House Folder Lilley Gerish Box 55 should be in Offley)
Wellbury Manor or Welles
Offley Manor House
"Little Offley" Mansion
Sir Thomas Salusbury of Offley, Judge of the Admiralty Court
Mrs Thrale-Piozzi a writer of letters and poems. A series of 95 Autograph letters and poems published
The Thrales of Offley and other parishes. This includes pictures of Henry Thrale
Roger Meredith Law Professor at Gresham College
Folk Lore
"The Kings Evil" Healed by Faith
Various views and drawings of Offley Church, internal and external
Brass Rubbings
A brass rubbing to King Offa
John Samwel, Elizabeth and Joan his wives and children
Brass Rubbing of a man, three wives and nine children no name given
Pictures of Offley Place
Photograph of Little Offley
Picture of "Offley Holes" by W L Lucas, Architect
Picture of Offley Chapel
General Accounts of the Parish of Brent Pelham
The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Visitation to Brent Pelham
Brent Pelham Hall, enclosed is the will of Thomas Flyer, once owner of Brent Pelham Hall
Brent Pelham Hall, list of owners
Brent Pelham House, "Beaches"
In the Parish of Brent Pelham were the Manors of Beaches, Shonkes, and Greys, the last was also called Chamberlains
The Mound Brent Pelham said to be a Tumulus of the Danish or Roman Period
Anthony Munday, poet and playwright
Elizabeth Flyer/Freman
Mrs Martha Flyer
Folk Lore
A Hertfordshire St George, The Story of Piers Shonks, his dwelling and Valiant Deed
Photographs of Brent Pelham Church, Internal and External
Photographs of the Stocks Brent Pelham
Various photographs and drawings of Brent Pelham Hall
Brass Rubbing
Brass Rubbing to Mrs Mary Rowly and Mrs Ann Rowley wives of Mr Francis Rowly


General Accounts of the Parish of Furneux Pelham
The Church of St Mary Furneux Pelham
Epitaphs to Charles Bray, Benjamin Graves, John Pottell, James Smith, John Smith and Elizabeth Trott, also a description of monuments in the church
Visitation to Church of Furneux Pelham
The Gros Chantry
Furneux Pelham Hall
Thomas Hoblyn, of White Barnes, Furneux Pelham, Dept Lieutenant and acting Magistrate for the County of Hertford
An Act of Parliament to oblige Papists to register their name and real estate
John Newport of Furneux Pelham notes on claimants of the Estate, son of J F Newport
John Francis Newport of Furneux Pelham
John Francis refused to take Oaths to King George
Canon Woolmere Wigram in 1864 he was appointed vicar of the joint parishes of Furneux Pelham and Brent Pelham also Rural Dean of Hertford etc.
Folk Lore
St Valentine's Day in Hertfordshire
Monumental Brasses
Monumental Brass probably of Sir John de la Lee and Johanna his wife
Monumental Brass of Robert Newport and Mary his wife
Monumental Brass to John Newport son of Robert Newport
Monumental Brass to Maria Wheatly and Charles Wheatley, Vicar of Furneux Pelham Church
6" Ordnance Survey map second edition 1899 of Furneux Pelham and Stocking Pelham
Drawing of Furneux Pelham Hall
Views of the church, internal and external
Picture of the Brass Rubbing of Sir John De La Lee and Johanna his wife
Drawings of the Parish Chest
Trade Tokens
Family Crest of Huddlestone (they are of Stocking Pelham not Furneux Pelham)
General Account of the Parish of Stocking Pelham
St Mary's Church Stocking Pelham
Photograph of a church window and the church
Brass Rubbing of the Crest to the Huddlestones
Chantry Chapel in Stocking Pelham


General Accounts of the Parish of Pirton
Notes on Pigeon Houses in Hertfordshire, Hammonds Farm, Parsonage Farm, Burge End Farm, Pirton
Roman and Roman-British Remains at and near Shefford, Co. Beds
St Marys Church Pirton
Monumental Inscriptions taken July 1907
Ancient Cemetery at Pirton
The Rectory Farm
Manors of Pirton, The Rectory Manor
Pirton d'Odingsells
Pirton Lindsey
Hammonds Farm
High Down an old Mansion also a note on Pigeon Houses at Highdown
Pirton Grange
Old Hall
Pirton Castle
Picture of the Prior Docwras Arms High Down Pirton
Pictures of St Mary's Church, Pirton internal and external
Drawing of the Plan of Pirton Castle Earth-works
Drawing of the Lay Out of Old Hall
Photograph of Old Hall
Pictures of the Purton Grange
Two pictures of High Down
Picture of The Grange, Shillington (Bedfordshire)
Plan of Rectory Farm, Pirton
Hammond's Farm, Pirton
Photograph of a Fossil found in Pirton Rectory
Decorative Panels. Hammond's Farm, Pirton (now in Rectory Manor, Pirton)
General Accounts of the Parish of Puckeridge
Drawing of a Village Well
Drawing of Water Meadows at Puckeridge
Photograph of the High Street, Puckeridge
Drawing of unknown antiquity
General Accounts of the Parish of Puttenham
Coleshill House
"Rushymead" Coleshill, Amersham (Bucks). Copy of sale particulars
St Marys Church Puttenham
Middleton Thomas Fanshaw, Bishop of Calcutta, Rector of Puttenham
Puttenham, George and Richard, held the Manor of Puttenham
Waller, Edmund a poet-politician born at Coleshill, Puttenham 1605
Sale Particulars
Sale Particulars of Puttenham Glebe Estate comprising of the Rectory and 198 acres of land. Including plan
General Accounts of the Parish of Radwell
All Saints Church Radwell
Drawing of the Icknield Way at Cadwell
Radwell House, Garden City Estate
River Ivel; near Radwell (various pictures)
Pictures of a Wooden Bridge over the River Ivel
Radwell Mill, near Baldock, Herts
Brass Rubbings
Brass Rubbing of William and Ellen Wheteaker also son Thomas
Brass Rubbing of John Bele, and Anne and Agnes his two wives
Brass Rubbing of Elizabeth Parker


General Accounts of the Parish of Redbourn
In the General Accounts is an advert for Rental of Revel End Farm, Redbourn also Fosters Farm, Redbourn
Value of Trees and Coppices, Redbourn
Sale Particulars
Sale Particulars of The Bylands Estate, Redbourn
Also Bylands Farm, Family Residence known as "Bylands", Nicholls Farm, Land and Common Land in Lybury Common, with plan
St Mary's Church, Redbourn
Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard
A Celtic Fort, Aubries, Plan of Earthworks
Monastic Remains
The Priory Redbourn
Chapel of St Amphibalus
The Benedictine Cell of Redbourn
Redbourn Bury
Balaams, Redbourn
Mary Lofty of Redbourn
Thomas Rudburne, warden of Merton College Oxford, he built the tower over the college gate
The Dunn Family of the "Aubreys" Redbourn, "Kitchen Farming" four brothers who grew vegetables to be delivered direct from garden to kitchen
Emma Tatham "Pythagoras and other Poems" written by her
Mrs Smith, wife of the Rev J Smith of Redbourn
Folk Lore
The Devil at Redbourn
A Legend of Redbourn
A Redbourn Belief
Congregational Church Redbourn
Hertfordshire Charities, Redbourn, Sandridge, Hatfield, Wheathampstead and Harpenden bestow yearly 40s to each parish for "the poor people"
Monumental Brasses
Monumental Brass to Sir Richard Reade and his wife Ann
Monumental Brass to Rebecca Beech
Monumental Brasses to the Peacock Family
Picture of The Avenue, Redbourn
Picture of The Common, Redbourn
Coloured pictures of the High Street, Redbourn (lots of detail in them horse and carts, children, public house signs, etc.)
Redbourn Church, external and internal pictures
Drawing of a monumental brass and crest in Redbourn Church (no name)
Picture depicting the Scene of the terrible cycling accident at Redbourn
Trade Tokens
General Accounts of the Parish of Reed
St Mary's Church Reed
Moated buildings and Moated Sites in Reed
Photographs and drawings of St Mary's church, Reed, internal and external
A drawing of a plan of Moats etc near the Church of St Mary, Reed
A photograph of people having a pic-nick c[1920]


General Accounts of the Parish of Rickmansworth
St Mary's Church, Rickmansworth
Marriages at Rickmansworth 1653-1812
Monumental Inscriptions
Moor Park also an article from Country Life with pictures
Kings Farm, Chorleywood
Croxley Green and Chorley Wood
The Works of John Caius a physician, second founder and master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
Alice Hayes of Rickmansworth, a Quaker a tale of her suffering and persecution
Thomas Lupset
Roger Hutchinson see D.N.B. vol 28 p343
Sir Thomas White. Sheriff of London in 1546, Lord Mayor in 1553 (said to have come from Rickmansworth)
Thomas Brugis. A physician of the Seventeenth Century from Rickmansworth
Monastic Remain
Heronsgate in "The Ladies Walk" where once an old Convent stood
Ebenezer Chapel. Chapel Row Mill End
Picture of All Saints Church, Croxley Green
Picture of Christchurch, Chorleywood
Pictures of St Mary's Church, Rickmansworth, internal and external
Various Brass Rubbings, one to Thomas Day
Coloured picture of the East Window, St Mary's Church, Rickmansworth
A copy of a document in the British Museum, pre reformation about a fire in the chancel of the church
A drawing of St Mary's Church, with inserts of Batchworth Locks and The Feathers Inn
A picture of St Peter's Church, Mill End
Prints Moor Park Rickmansworth
Various pictures of Moor Park House internal and external
View from the Italian Garden, Moor Park
Drawing of a chair [and a side saddle]
Lime Tree in Moor Park
Drawing of Prize Ploughing of the Rickmansworth Agricultural Society
Coleshill House
Brass Rubbings of a crest to Timothy Neall
Pictures of Rickmansworth Park
Small picture of Northwood, Batchworth Heath
Batchworth Lock, Grand Junction Canal Rickmansworth
A drawing of a view near Rickmansworth c[18thc]
Picture of High Street, Rickmansworth c[1918]
A photograph showing buildings and people in a street in [Rickmansworth] no identification on photograph
Picture of Church Street
Pictures of High Street Looking East and West
Cedars at Chorley Wood House
Chorley Wood - The Chess
Maple Cross, Rickmansworth
Drawing of Rickmansworth proposed National Schools
Drawing of Wesleyan Chapel and School, Rickmansworth
Drawing of a house called the Cedars, Rickmansworth
Picture of a Wesleyan Chapel
View of Croxley Green
Finch's Avenue, Croxley Green
Two views one a drawing, one a picture, of Rickmansworth Church and street leading to the church
Drawing of Drinking the Barrel of Beer at Rickmansworth
Crests of Whitfield and Daye
Coat of Arms of Grosvenor
Trading Tokens
A school for Boys and Girls, supported by subscriptions or the Minister, Parishioners and Neighbours
General Accounts of the Parish of Ridge
Monumental Inscriptions no date when taken
St Margarets Church Ridge
Blount Sir Henry Various notes only of their writings
Blount Thomas Various notes only of their writings
Blount Sir Thomas Pope Various notes only of their writings
Blount Charles Various notes only of their writings
James Bromfield, author
Rev. John Finley. Ministerial trustee of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, minister of her Lady's Chapel, he was born in Ridge
Various views of Tyttenhanger House internal and external
Coat of Arms of Earl of Caledon

ROYSTON  D/EGr/64  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Royston
A Booklet of Royston Heath, its history, its beauty and typical wild flowers
St John the Baptist Church, Royston
Royston Cross and its Associations
Monastic Remains
The Priory, Royston
Hospital, called the Hospital of Richard Argentyne founded by licence of King Edward III (called St John and St James)
Monumental Brasses
Monumental Brass to William Taberham, was a rector of Therfield for a few years
A Latin Cross Brass
Monumental Brass to Monica Mary Phillips
Monumental Brass to William Chamber
Various Monumental Brasses unidentified
Prints of Royston Church internal and external
A drawing of a Brass to William Tabram
Pictures of:
High Street and Chequers Corner
The Cross, Royston
The Market Place
Royston London Road
Barkway Road
Baldock Street
Kneesworth Street
Small postcards of Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain also of The Grove
Small drawing of a house at Royston
Picture of the Top of the High Street, showing the Bull Hotel sign
Royston Cemetery
Royston Heath
Royston from the Barkway Road
The Grove
Newmarket Road Cutting
London Road Cutting
The Church Hill
The One Hill
Queen Victoria Memorial fountain
Royston Golf Pavilion
Kneesworth Street
Melbourne Street
Garden Walk, Royston
House Prints
Ancient Mantlepiece in a Royston House
Mural Decoration in an old Royston House
Ruins of St John's Hospital
John Street Chapel Royston
Wesleyan Chapel Royston
Kneesworth Street Chapel Royston
Town Hall and Melbourn Street
Antiquities Prints
Royston Cave
Monastic Remains
Royston Priory Seal
Portrait of Rev. Thos J Davies
Trading Tokens
Picture of the Royston Crow


General Accounts of the Parish of Rushden
St Mary's Church Rushden
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church Yard
"Julians" once known as Rushden Place at one time the home of the Meetkerke family
St Mary's Church, Rushden
"Julians" Rushden
General Accounts of the Parish of St Pauls Walden
St Paul's church (now All Saints)
Conditions of Sale Freehold Estate known as "The Vicarage" with plan
"Stagenhoe" Manor
Hoo End Farm
Hoo End Grange
Little East Hall
Village Hall, Whitwell
Mary Eleanor Countess of Strathmore nee Bowes
St Pauls Walden Charity
Fold Lore
A Whitwell Legend (Phantom Woodcutter at Whitwell)
Whiteawell Church (is said to have existed before the church at St Pauls Walden)
Stagenhoe Park and House
St Pauls Walden Church, external and internal pictures
Brass Rubbings to Edward Gilbut 1762
Jane and Robert Heysham 1721-2
Jane Heysham 1711
Mary Gilbert 1742
William Heysham 1727
Elizabeth Heysham 1720
Dame Elizabeth Hale 1673
General Accounts of the Parish of Sacombe
St Catherine's Church Sacombe
Epitaph to John Surridge
John and Eleanor Dodyngton Inscription
Epitaph to Samuel Saunders
Sacombe House, including a write up describing extensive damage by fire to the building on 15th June 1837, with pictures
Charity of the Rev. John Merriton
Coats of Arms of the Rolt family and Caswall family
Sacombe Church internal and external
Brass Rubbing to Eleanor Dodyngton and John Dodyngton
6" Ordnance Survey second edition 1899 of Sacombe


General Accounts of the Parish of Sandon
Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard
Domesday of St Pauls Sandon
Visitation of Sandon Church
All Saints Church, Sandon
Hyde Hall
Sandon Bury
Hyde Hall
Elizabeth Dobell, A Hertfordshire Poetess
Folk Lore
A Sandon Hero, a youth flayed alive for betraying a gang of robbers
May Day at Sandon and Mayers' and their Song
The Sandon Tragedy (A man dreamt three times that his wife and children were dead, only to find on his return one night, that it was true)
Photographs of Sandon Church, internal and external
A drawing of the Pulpit
House unidentified (but photograph looks like stables belonging to a House)
Drawing of Hyde Hall, Sandon
6" Ordnance Survey map second edition 1899 showing Sandon
Drawing of Monumental Brasses to John Fitz Geoffrey and Elizabeth his wife
Monumental Brass to John Nicholas
Monumental Brass to Symon Pratt and Joan his Wife
Monumental Brass to Edward Nichols
General Accounts of the Parish of Sandridge
An Article on Sir John Hennings Knt. Lunatic
St Leonards Church, Sandridge
Epitaph to William Archer
Water End House/Farm
Sarah Jennings Duchess of Marlborough. Sandridge is said to be the birthplace of the Duchess
Photograph of road through Sandridge
Photograph of a group of children outside a house in Sandon, some of the children have hoops and sticks in their hands (they may be school children)
A photograph of Sandridgebury House
Drawings of Sandridge Church, after a sketch by Pridmore, about AD1800, also another sketch taken between 1800 and 1820
Picture of Interior of the Chancel, St. Leonards Church
Plan of Sandridge church AD 1883
Drawing of Water End House, reputed birthplace of the celebrated Duchess of Marlborough
Portrait of the Duchess of Marlborough
General Accounts of the Parish of Sarratt
Holy Cross Church, Sarratt
Epitaph to John Barnett of Sarratt Green, surgeon
Inscribed Tile of Sir David Williams
William Jole of Sarratt
Folk Lore
The case of the three daughters of John and Rebecca Baldwin (strange afflictions bewitched)
Apparition at Sarratt (a headless gentleman)
A Tale of Bow, A Legend of Sarratt
Holy Cross Church, Sarratt
A drawing of the Pulpit in Sarratt Church
Brass Rubbing, unidentified
Picture of Sarratt Rectory


General Accounts of the Parish of Sawbridgeworth
Sale Particulars of Five Freehold Farms: Hardings Farm and land, Dukes Farm, Chandlers Farm and lands, Sacomb's Ash Farm and land, A Beerhouse known as the "Queens Head" various houses and corn shops, A Dairy Farm known as "Vantors" with plan
Sale particulars of Freehold Estate known as "Sayesbury" with plan
In the General Accounts folder of Sawbridgeworth is a newspaper cutting with pictures entitled "Women ploughmen in Herts" working on Mr Dutton's farm in Sawbridgeworth. Miss Isherwood is the manageress, Miss Johnson the gardener, and two women farm pupils
The church of the Virgin Mary, Sawbridgeworth
Monumental Inscriptions and Epitaphs
Monastic Remains
Leper Houses in Hertfordshire
Hyde Hall includes the will of Sir John Jocelyn
Shingay Hall
Coats of Arms for Caldecott family and Milles or Mills family
Manor House
Value of trees and coppices of the Kings Manors in Hertfordshire
Dr Charles Wade, antiquary
Dom Maurice Chauncey. A Carthusian Monk
Dick Simpson a huntsman to Mr Nicholas Parry of Puckeridge
Rev. James Stuart
Mann Memorial Almshouses
Fawbert and Barnard Educational Foundation
Church and Poor Lands, the Charity of Richard King and the Charity of John Salmon for Poor
Sale Particulars
"Old Manor House"
Hyde Hall
Picture of a Grave Stone, Wade Sarah and Wade Charles Dr. (Antiquary)
Drawing of Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth
Drawing of a Monumental Brass (female, no name)
Defaced Brass in Sawbridgeworth Church to the memories of John Chauncy and his two wives, Elizabeth Proffit and Katherine
Brass in Sawbridgeworth Church, commemorating the issue of John Chauncy of Gedelston, Herts and Ann his wife
Effigies of John Leventhorp and Katherine Twychet, his wife, Parents of Ann Chauncy A.D. 1433
Drawing of Man and Woman from Brass Rubbing, name unknown
Brass in memory of William Chauncy, son of John Chauncy and Ann Leventhorp
Various drawings from Brasses in Sawbridgeworth Church, un-named
Drawing of the Font, Sawbridgeworth church
Various photographs and drawings of the Church, internal and external
Drawings of the Parish Chest
Photograph of a Tomb, side of the chancell
Drawing of St James church and National School, High Wych
Portrait of Sir Thomas Leventhorpe
Portrait of Robert Orchard
Two portraits of Mr R B Colvin one drawing from The Country Gentleman 1887, in Hunting Outfit
Monumental Brasses
Brass Rubbing of the issues of John Chauncey of Gedleston, Herts and his wife Ann
A Lady and three shields. Joan Leventhorpe, wife of Thomas
Brass rubbings of various shields
Monumental Brass rubbing to Edward Leventhorp son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Monumental Brass rubbing to Mary wife of Edward Leventhorp
Monumental Brass rubbing to Jocelyn family who lived at Hyde Hall
Monumental Inscription to John Leventhorpe
Part of a Monumental Brass to Chauncy c.1500
Brass rubbing of unknown man and shield
Brass rubbing, a group of eight sons c.1480 part of the brass of John Chauncy
Large Brass Rubbing of John Leventhorp and his widow
One rubbing unidentified


Related information: Also see Box 72 Stevenage

General Accounts of the Parish of Shenley and London Colney
"The Shenley Cage" or lock-up
St Martin's church, Shenley
Epitaphs to various people
Shenley Hall
The Old Manor House was completely destroyed by fire in February 1905
Colney House situated in the Parish of Shenley
Porters residence of the Marchioness of Sligo
Shenley, The Roman Sulloniaca
Sailsbury Hall, Shenley erected about 1670
An article on William Jessop of Shenley
A Drawing of a house called "Porters" with ground floor plan
A Drawing of the Stables at "Porters" with ground plan
A Picture of the Lodge at "Porters" with ground plan
A Drawing of Colney House
Drawings of The Round House, a Village Prison at Shenley
Pictures of Salisbury Hall, with picture of ancient medallions in Salisbury Hall
Picture of the River Colne at Colney Heath
Picture of Green Lane near Colney Heath
Drawing of Shenley Old Church
Two Trading Tokens
General Accounts of the parish of Shephall
St Mary's Church, Shephall
Marriages at Shephall 1561-1811
Shephall Bury
The Manor and Manor House
History of the Hogarth Portrait 1739 and the Nodes family
Charities of Thomas Chapman, Elizabeth Nodes, George Nodes, Thomas Threader and others in the Parish of Shephall
Oliver Edwards of Stevenage, husband of Katherine Nodes of Shephall Bury
Drawing of Shephall Bury
Photograph and drawing of The Lych Gate St Mary's church, Shephall
Photograph of St Mary's Church
Inscriptions to the family of Nodes, of Shephall
One Brass Rubbing, no name

STANDON  D/EGr/69  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Standon
St Mary's Church, Standon
Monumental Inscriptions in the church and churchyard at Standon taken August - September 1906
The church of St John the Evangelist, High Cross in the Parish of Standon
Monastic Remains
A small Religious House called Friars
Lady Chapel Bridge
A Hermitage founded at Standon
An article on Sacred Stones
The Standon Hospice of the Knights Hospitallers dating from the twelfth century
Standon Endowed School
St Edmunds College, Old Hall, Standon
Inscriptions at St Edmunds College, Old Hall
Manor House
Sutes (a farm at High Cross)
Standon Lordship
Plashes Farm
Barrows at Youngsbury, the two barrows stand on the edge of a field called Hilly Field, notes on the exploration of a Barrow
Roman Villa at Youngsbury
Ballooning in 1784
Hertfordshire and the First Aeronaut, Vincent Lunardi who made a voyage from London and alighted at Standon Green End on September 15th 1784
Augustus N Welby Pugin of St Edmunds College, Old Hall. Pugin drew out plans for the Chapel
Sir Ralph Sadleir the owner of Standon Lordship
Richard Gaff, A Standon Centenarian
Daniel Clark, forty years sexton and gravedigger of Standon
Richard Sadleir son of Sir Ralph Sadleir author
John Monk, an Old Hertfordshire Huntsman
Miss Abigail Pratten
Various Charities by direction of the Board of Charities for the Parish of Standon
Pictures of: Colliers End
The Bridge Standon
Paper Mill Lane, Standon
St Edmund's College, various pictures
Photographs of the school, once the Hospice of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
The Pavillion as rebuilt, St Edmunds College
Drawing of Edmund Hall
Picture of Old Hall ("Old Hall Green Academy")
Drawings of Standon Lordship
6" Second Edition map 1899 of Standon
Various photographs of Standon church, internal and external
Monument to Sir Ralph Sadleir
Picture of the Stone marking the spot where eighteenth century Aeronaut Vincent Lunardi descended
A picture of the Ascent of Vincent Lunardi Spetember 18th 1784 accompanied by Mrs Sage and Mr Biggin
Two small pictures of ascent of first balloon carrying a living freight 1783
One photograph of an unidentified house
Various pictures of Sir Ralph Sadleir (1507-1587)
John Monk the Hertfordshire Huntsman
Very Rev. John Bew


Monumental Brasses
John Field or Feld
John Ruggewyn
John Curteys
John Wade
Richard Emerson
William Coffyn
General Accounts of the Parish of Stanstead Abbots
St Andrews Church, Stanstead Abbotts
St James Church Stanstead Abbots a mile from the village, now superseded by St Andrews
Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard (no date when taken)
Stanstead Bury
An article on Rating Appeals Mr T F Buxton v Ware Assessment Committee
Opening of A Barrow in Easneye Wood
The Crest of the family of Buxton
A True Copy of that part of the will of Joyce Franckland which refers to the charity School at Newport Pond, Essex
Abraham Wharley of Stanstead, yeoman
The Grammar School, The Baesh Scholarship Endowment in the parish of Stanstead Abbots
Monumental Brasses
Various Brass Rubbings unnamed
William Saxey
Henry Covert
Various pictures of Stanstead Abbots churches internal and external, St Andrews and St James, also pictures of a Monumental Brass
Picture of a Tumulus at Easney Park, Ware
"Cats Hill" Stanstead
Portrait of Mrs Joyce Frankland
Stansteadbury House


Rye House
The Rye House Castle and Manor of Rye
Rye House with articles about the Plot
The Great Bed of Ware once housed in Rye House
A small engraving of Rye House
River Scene - South children belonging to schools of the district were conveyed by rail to Rye House for a days outing
Picture of the Great Bed of Ware
Ground plan of the Rye House, also the Manor of Rye
Rye House Hotel or Inn
Fishing at Rye House
Various pictures of Rye House
The Water Temple
Kings Arms Inn at Rye House
Drawing of the main street showing the Red Lion Hotel


General Accounts of the Parish of Stanstead St Margarets
St Margaret's church, Stanstead St Margarets
Monumental Inscriptions in the church and churchyard (no date when taken)
A picture of fishing by the River Lea
Stanstead Lock
Bridge over the River Lea, dividing St Margarets and Stanstead Abbots
Portrait of Rev. Richard Shepherd
St Margarets Bury
Stanstead St Margarets church
Monumental Brass Rubbings
Mary Smyth 1665
Elizabeth Gilson 1675
Thomas [Westrowe] 1695
Elizabeth [Westrowe] 1691/2
James [Cresselt] 1655
Harry Lawrence 1664
Edward [Cresselt] 1663
Joanna Smith 1677
General Accounts of the Parish of Stapleford
Benwick Hall home of the Goldsborough Family situated near Bulls Mill in the parish of Stapleford (notes also on Benwick Hall to be found in the folder with the heading Hall)
Gobions Manor
Sally Rainbow (A dell in a wood to the right of the road leading from Bramfield to Datchworth where Sally Rainbow is said to have lived)
St Mary's church, Stapleford
Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard (no date when taken)
A picture of Waterford Marsh
Old church path at Stapleford on the way to Bulls Mill
Foxley's Wood, near Stapleford
St Mary's church


General Accounts of the Parish of Stevenage
Population of Stevenage from 1801-1901
An article on William Chalkley of Stevenage
"Whipping Post, Stocks and Ducking"
In the General Accounts are notes on various people:
William Findlay, Stevenage Giant
Walter Findlay
Thomas Chapman's Will
St Nicholas Church, Stevenage
Holy Trinity Church, Stevenage
The Six Hills Way
Roads and Coaches, Stage Waggons passing through Stevenage 1733-1850
Fires and Fire Engines
Miscellanea: various subjects
Paper Making Papermaking was first commenced in England in 1490 by John Tate of Stevenage
Wesleyan Chapel, The Baptist Chapel and the Bunyan Baptist Chapel
Markets and Fairs
Inns of Stevenage, The Swan, The White Lion, The Old Castle Inn, The White Hart, Coach and Horses, The Windsor Castle, The Wheat Sheaves, The Rose and Crown, The Shoulder of Mutton, The Royal Oak
The Workhouse
The Guild of Literature and Art, owned two houses with land near the Great North Road at the southern end of the town of Stevenage
Chells Manor and Manor House
Joseph Mardlin Oldest Native of Stevenage at 88 years of age, recalls the days of his youth, there is also a picture of the gentleman
Henry Trigg and his Eccentric Will
"Captain" James Whitney the Highwayman of Stevenage (with portrait of James Whitney)
Folk Lore
Spectral Dog at Stevenage
Legendary Origin of the "Six Hills" at Stevenage
Various charities by direction of the charity Commission
The Grammar School founded by Thomas Alleyn
Sale Particulars
The Rookery, Stevenage including a picture of the property
Wesleyan Chapel, Stevenage
Coach and Horses Inn
Stevenage Church, internal and external photographs and drawings
Old School buildings and present school building from playground
Views of High Street, Stevenage
A drawing of a country lane, near Stevenage
Six Hills Way with plan from Ordnance Survey
Drawings of old Triggs Coffin, in the rafters of the Castle Inn
The Old Workhouse
The Grammar School and the Headmasters House with plan
White Lion Inn
A cottage in Stevenage
A house, formerly the Swan Inn
Various photographs
Photograph of the Art and Literary Guild House (Dickens House pulled down in 1962)
View of the Avenue Dividing Playing Fields at The Grammar School
Trading Tokens
Brass Rubbing
Stephen Hellard once rector of Stevenage
General Accounts of the Parish of Studham
St Marys church, Studham
A Grant of a Manor in Studham
A picture of the Font in Studham Church

TEWIN  D/EGr/73  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Tewin
St Peters Church, Tewin
Curious Tomb at Tewin, Lady Ann Grimston
Monumental Inscriptions
Marden Hill Manor House
Tewin Water Manor
Queen Hoo Hall
Elizabeth Malyn Lady Cathcart, a story of how she was imprisoned by her fourth husband for twenty years
Hon Joseph Sabine, General of Tewin House
Rev. John Steel
Two schools, one for boys, one for girls in Tewin
Tewin Church, Plan showing different periods
Internal and external views of Tewin Church
Lady Grimston's Tomb, Tewin
Mural Painting over fireplacein an Upper Room at Queen Hoo Hall, also a tracing of this Mural
Queen Hoo Hall, Tewin various photographs
Photograph of people sitting in the grounds of a house or park early 20thc
Drawing of Queen Elizabeth the 1st
Pictures of Tewin Water
A drawing of a view between Cole Green and Tewin
Brass Rubbing of Thomas Pygott
Coat of Arms for Thornton family
Coat of Arms for Fleet family


General Accounts of the Parish of Therfield
The Ramsey Monks had an estate in Therfield
A Village Doctors Bill of 1763
St Mary's church Therfield
Monumental Inscriptions in the church yard
An article on some old houses in East Herts
Rev. Thomas Dale, writer
Rev. Henry Etough of Therfield
John Bourchier 2nd Lord Berners, born at Therfield, Chancellor of the Exchequer to Henry VIII
Sir Barnard Turner (his corpse was seized for debt)
Francis Anderson (descendents claims on his estate in Australia)
Boteman Trust, Coal Supply
Schoolhouse or Townehouse and an orchard belonging to the parish of Therfield
Folk Lore
The Mayer's Song
The Rectory, Therfield
Three Street Scenes, depicting Horses and Carts, people and children (no date, early 20th c)
Therfield Church, internal and external
Drawing of the Church Bell fixed to a tree pending the restoration of the belfry
Brass rubbing of a cross
Memorial Brass to a Knight, his wife and daughter (un-named)
Rubbing of an oblong stone in the North wall of the chancel of the church
General Accounts of the Parish of Totteridge
Pedigree of the Family of Whichcote
St Andrew's Church, Totteridge
Monumental Inscriptions of the church and churchyard, with a copy taken in 1910
C J Lee of Totteridge
James Noakes, a celebrated actor of the 17th C
The Most Rev. Henry Edward Manning, Cardinal Priest and Archbishop of Westminster, born at Totteridge in 1808
John Hey Puget of Totteridge
"Fairlawn" Totteridge Sale Particulars
Totteridge Park, The Old Manor House
Plan of "Fair Lawn", Totteridge for sale purposes
Line drawing of the church
Picture of "Fairlawn" House, Totteridge
Small drawing of: Colonel Puget's House, Totteridge
Totteridge Green
Old Cottage, Totteridge Green
Drawing of the Grange, Totteridge - Mr C a Nicholson, Architect
Views of: Avenue on the Green, Totteridge
Totteridge Green and Schools
The Vicarage
Poynters Hall
Small line drawing of the church
Picture of the Avenue leading to Totteridge Church
Small line drawing of Old Yew, Totteridge Churchyard


General Accounts of the Parish of Thorley
An Article on Hertfordshire and thr Napoleonic Invasion. Names of men between 15 and 60 willing to serve, of Thorley Parish
St James Church, Thorley
Monumental Inscriptions
Stocks and Whipping-post at Thorley
Thorley Hall (A Subterranean passage at Thorley Hall)
Rev. John Horsley
Brass Rubbing, Inscription only to John Duke
Drawing of Underground Passages, Thorley Hall
Photograph of the whipping post at Thorley
Photographs of Thorley Hall
A photograph of a House, unidentified
St James Church internal and external views
A house unidentified on the bottom of the church photographs
General Accounts of the Parish of Thundridge and Wadesmill
Pigeon Houses in Hertfordshire, Poles Farm Ware
St Mary's Church, Thundridge
Monumental Inscriptions of the churchyard (no date when taken)
An article on Wadesmill Fairs
Thundridge Bury
Thomas Clarkson (worked to bring about the abolition of Slavery)
Thundridge Hill
Pictures of the remains of a House
View of a river and park
Drawings of Thundridge Bury
Pictures of Roadside monument to Thomas Clarkson
Arms of Gardiner Family
Drawing of a Room at Poles
St Mary's church, external photographs of the old church and the new
Brass rubbing of Arms of Gardiner Family
Various brass rubbings unidentified
General Accounts of the Parich of Throcking
Holy Trinity Church, Throcking
Throcking Manor, including notes on the will of Robert Elwes, and Sir Jervas Elwes and other members of the Elwes family
A drawing of the Church Tower and external photographs of the church
Two Brass Rubbings of unidentified monuments

TRING  D/EGr/76  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Tring
Articles on the Rose & Crown Hotel Tring, with a picture
Neolithic Earthworks
The Icknield Way
Will of Sir Richard Anderson of Tring
St Peter and St Pauls Church, Tring
Monumental Inscriptions
The Brotherhood
Centenary of Akeman Street Chapel
Epitaphs in New Mill Baptist Chapel Burial Ground
Tring Park also an article in the English Illustrated Magazine about the Hon. Walter Rothschild, the Zoo in Tring Park and the Museum
Pendley House (Pendley Manor)
A Booklet on Encaustic Tiles reference to Tring on page 25, fold out page on coloured tiles with ref. to a tile found in Tring
Wilston Manor House
The Hon. Lionel Rothschild, photographed in his private Museum at Tring
Folklore, picture of the Ducking of John and Ruth Osborne
Arms of the following families Anderson, Gore, Rothschild and Harcourt
Trading tokens
Unidentified Brass Rubbing
A witch at Tring, Ruth Osborne and her husband. The Coroners verdict declared that the Osborns had been murdered
Tring Manor Forfeited
John Barchelar, an Eccentric Man
John Corbet, Tried and sentenced to the gallows, for having stolen property in his possession. Chimney Sweep and Rat Catcher by profession
Gerald Massey, poet, spiritulist and Egyptologist
There is also a sketch of Gerald Massey
James Stevens, of Tring died at the age of 103
Robert Hill of Tring, a self taught genius
Sir Francis Verney
Sir Edmund Verney of Pendley Manor, served as sheriff twice for Herts
Sir John Verney of Pendley Manor sheriff for Hertford
Sir Ralph Verney of Pendley Manor
Lawrence Washington of Tring
The Bewitchment of Isaac Tockfielf
Richard Sutton of Tring
The Charities of Hertfordshire
Sale Particulars
"Northfield Estate" Tring
O.S. 6" plan of Tring [c1880] from Town Plan
Street Scene of Tring
The Grand Junction Canal, Tring
New Market House, Tring
Rose & Crown Hotel, Tring
High Street, Tring
HastoeLane, Tring
Various pictures of Lionel Rothschilds Private Museum at Louisa Cottage at Tring
View of the Home Farm
Tring Park, Lord Rothchilds Hertfordshire Home, various views
Drawing of the Nell Gwynne monument, Tring Park
London Road Lodge, Tring Park
The Shrubbery, Tring Park showing the Parish Church
Pendley Manor, Tring
Various Views of the Church Internal and External


General Accounts of the Parish of Walkern
Extracts from the Diary of the Rev. John Skinner relating to Ardeley, Walkern and Rushden
Historical Notes on Walkern Hall, originally called Clay Hall
St Mary's Church, Walkern
Marriages at Walkern 1681-1812
Epitaphs at Walkern one to Thomas Adams who was barbarously murdered
Monumental Brasses
Walkern Castle the remainder to be found at Walkern Bury
Manor Farm, Walkern (Pigeon House)
An article on Dovecotes
Walkern Hall and Park
Folk Lore
Harvest Superstitions: Judgements on Impiety
A Hertfordshire Witch, or the story of Jane Wenham the Wise Woman of Walkern including a copy of, A defence of the Proceedings against Jane Wenham
Also a copy of A Full and Impartial Account of the Discovery of Sorcery and Witchcraft practised by Jane Wenham of Walkern, also her trial at the assizes at Hertford
Among these papers are aticles on other witches and witch-hunting
Walkern Hall
A photograph of Three People sitting on the bank of the River at Walkern, the River bed is dry
A picture of the Humberstone Brass in St Marys Church, Walkern
Various pictures of an Old Tree in Walkern Park
A photograph of the Dove Cote at Manor Farm
Monumental Brasses
Monumental Brass to Thomas Adams
Monumental Brass to William Chapman and Ann his wife
Monumental Brasses to Richard Humberstone and various members of the family
Monumental Brass to William Bramfeilde
General Accounts of the Parish of Wallington
Red Hill Chapel, Wallington
Wallington Chantry
St Marys Church, Wallington
Coat of Arms of the Bowles Family
Melley Hill
Sale Particulars
Wallington Bury Estate; with Map of the Estate
A drawing of a house in Wallington
Brass Rubbing
Of a Shield of the Bowles Family

WARE  D/EGr/78  undated

Birds Eye View of Ware, showing Ware Union
High Street Congregational Church, Rebuilt 1869
Drawings of John Gilpin
High Street, Ware, Lower end
High Street, showing the Post Office
Market Place and High Street looking west
Cambridge Road, showing Wadesmill
Gilpier House, Ware
Baldock Street, Ware
High Street looking east from Market Place to Star Street, East Street on left
Drawings of West Street, Ware
Old Independent Chapel, Ware, founded 1662
Wesleyan Chapel, New Road
The Avenue Ware Park (various pictures)
Pictures of the River near Ware Park
Line drawing of Reading "John Gilpin"
Photograph showing the Town Hall
Drawing of Ware Park House
General View of Ware
Picture of the Lea Valley, near Ware
A drawing of a View of Ware from the Park
Ware from the Hertford Road
Small drawing of the High Street
One sheet of views, London Road Ware, New Road, The Post Office, High Street, Gilpin House,
River Lea, showing Ware Bridge and various views showing the Maltings etc.
View of New Road, Ware
Ware Grammar School
New Road, Ware
Picture of Window-Heads in Oak from building in Middle Road, Ware and various articles found during demolition
Ann Lady Fanshawe
Great Bed of Ware see Rye House Box 70A Prints
Drawing of St Mary's Church, Ware
Drawing of the Ware Chantry
Ware Priory - The South Front, North Front and other views
Drawing of Open Roof, Ware Priory
Ware Priory Interior also picture of the Drawing Room
Monastic Remains
Seals of Ware Priory, John Prior of Ware
Ralph Prior of Ware
Patent Roll. 12 Edward III part i m 32 The King to Thomas Wake
36 Henry VIII part 27 Mem 35 16 Translation
Picture of Memorial to Rev Charles Chauncy, Christ Church, Ware
Also a Picture of Charles Chauncey
Picture of Ware Cemetery
St Marys Church Ware internal and external views
Christ Church New Road Ware
Gothic Details at R W Harradence's, Ware
Picture from East Herts Arc. Soc. Trans Part III, 1901
Monumental Brasses
Drawing of Casement of Brass, East End of South Isle circa 1350 [St Mary's Church Ware]
Monumental Brass to Henry Dickson, George Miller, Anthony Cooper, (servants to Charles Morrison, Knight)
Monumental Brass to William Perry and two wives
Monumental Brass to Maria Salmon and Nathaniel Salmon
Monumental Brass to Elene Coke
Monument taken from the tombstone to Dr William Meade, of Ware
Two Monumental Brasses un-named

WARE  D/EGr/79  undated

General accounts of the Parish of Ware
In the General Accounts is sale particulars of "Collett Hall" Ware on a letter addressed to Mrs Collard
J Josolyne's Boarding School, Wareside
The Place Names of Ware
Hos the Military Came to Ware in 1787, An Incident in the Malting Industry
John Gilpin's Ride. Cowper's Mistakes about the Road
Ancient Buildings at Ware
63 High Street, Ware
Presdales, near Ware
Ware Park
Gilpin House
Christs Hospital at Ware and Hertford
Manor House of the Past, Mardocks
Roman Antiquities
Roman Road
Roman Coins and other remains
John Elmer by his will bequeathed the Black Swann Inn to the poor people of the Parish of Ware
Christopher Fincke [Finch] of Ware, left a meadow in Great Amwell, to the poor of Ware
Thomas Gaskyn of Amwell left money to the poor of Ware, Amwell and Layston
John Elmer Charity in the parishes of Stevenage and Ware
Benefactors to the Parish: to the Church, to the poor, the New River, the School, Almshouses etc
Board of Education Charities
Folk Lore
The Hertfordshire Wonder or Strange News from Ware, Jane Stretton visited by unusual Fits and abstaining fron Sustenance for Nine Months
The Horns of Ware, referring to the custom of "Swearing upon the Horns at Highgate" dues were collected on horned cattle, among other things
"Ware and Wadesmill; Worth half of London"
Sir Thomas Bourgchier a monumental inscription
Catherine Chandler wife of Richard an Epitaph
Rev Charles Chauncy, born at Ardeley, Vicar of Ware
President of Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.
Rev Isaac Chauncy, eldest son of Rev Charles Chauncy
Lieut R Benyon Croft of Ware a member of the Royal Navy. A Frigate's Commission
Lady Ann Fanshawe wife of Right Hon Sir Richard Fanshawe. The Memoirs of Lady Ann Fanshawe Included are pictures of Sir Richard and Lady Fanshawe
Sir Richard Fanshaw was born at Ware Park.
A Statesman, Negotiator and Poet
William Flack a farmer of Ware
Thomas Fust, Martyred at Ware
John Nicholls, Antiquary son of a Quaker Miller of Ware
Dr William Meade of Ware
Rev Everard Vigis, born at Ware
James Taylor of Ware, bookseller and writer
Robert Walters of the Priory, Ware a barrister-at-law and writer of Plays, also a contributor to periodical literature and constant writer in Notes and Queries
William of Ware, philosopher born at Ware
Williams Vallans, a poet
Mrs Mary Ware of Ware Hill a translator
St Mary the Virgin Church, Ware
A List of the Charity Estates and Trust Monies belonging to the Parish of Ware
The Brasses of St Marys Church, Ware
Epitaphs in the Burial-ground of the Independent Chapel at Ware
Epitaphs in Ware Churchyard
Chantry in Ware founded in the reign of Edward IV called Ellen Brambill's or Bromble's
Christ Church Ware erected in 1858
Holy Trinity, Wareside
Inscriptions on Eight Tombstones in the Friends burial ground Kibes Lane, Ware
The Cemetery, Ware
Monastic Remains
Ware Priory articles, also Sale Particulars
The Franciscan and Benedictine Monasteries of Ware
Roman Remains found at the site of Messrs Allen and Hanbury's Factory in 1899

WATFORD  D/EGr/80  undated

General Accounts of the Parish of Watford
General Accounts on Leavesden
Old Dame's School at Watford
Watford Topographical and Pictorial; Ancient and Modern
Journal Article describing Watford with pictures of the following:
Arthur Algenon Capel 6th Earl of Essex
Mr Slinn, Chairman of the Local Board
High Street, Watford
Public Library
Parish Church of St Mary, Watford
Fig Tree, growing in Church Yard
St Andrews Church
Trout Stream
The Grove
Park Gates
Cassiobury House
Wesleyan Church, Watford
Oxhey Church
The Hall Bushey
Conservative Club, Watford
Cottage Hospital, Watford
Orphan Asylum, Watford
Free School, Watford
A Copy of the West Herts and Watford Observer (Jubilee Supplement, 1863-1913). A picture on the front page of Mr Samuel Alexander Peacock founder of the Observer
Observer Jubilee Dinner
In General Accounts Folder an article on Early Hertfordshire Volunteers in the reign of Charles the 1st
A Protest against Hunting in 1808
An Article on the sale of Garston Manor (Freehold Residential Estate)
General Accounts Folder
An Unsolved Mystery, The story of a plot to wreck the Irish Mail
Lammas Fund. Appointment of Five new Trustees
Watford Post Office, growth in the last half-century
St Marys Church, Watford
The Boys Grammar School
Mrs Fullers Free School, Watford
Oxhey, General Accounts of the Hamlet
Michael Heydon
Sir Charles Morison
Lady Cooper widow of Sir Charles Morison
Lady Dorothy Morison
Francis Combes
Thomas Baldwin
Charity Commission
Folk Lore
May Day at Watford
A secret Society Rite
A Watford Witch, John & Ruth Osborne
Some Watford Ghosts
Mayers and their Song
Trees growing from Graves
Canal in the Park, Line drawing
Drawing of Trees in the Park
Drawing of Cassiobury 18th c
Various pictures of Cassiobury House
Cassiobury Park
Drawing of Her Majesty the Queen Dowager at Cassiobury Park
Swiss Cottage, Cassiobury Park Interior and exterior
The Casio Gate
Memorial of the Dardanelles, at Cassiobury
Russell Cottage, Cassiobury
Old Mill and Waterfall, Cassiobury Park
The Watford Horticultural and Floricultural Show, in Cassibury Park
Edward Hyde Villiers 5th Earl of Clarendon Lord Lieutenant of Herts 1892-1914
Edward Hyde 1st Earl of Clarendon (5 Portraits)
Anne Hyde, Duchess of York O.B. 1671
Miss Adele Grant
Algernon George de Vere Capell 8th Earl of Essex
Cassiobury Park House
Grove Park, history home of the Earl of Clarendon, including pictures of the house, the park and a portrait of the Earl of Clarendon [Edward Hyde Villiers 5th Earl]
Carpenters, a drawing, the Hertfordshire home of the late Mr Carew
Sale particulars of "The Platts" and "Monmouth House" (originally one mansion) and land with plan
An article on the Watford Orphan Asylum instituted in 1813 included are two small booklets describing the Watford Asylum with photographs of the interior etc.
The Cobb Family of Garston Watford
Mary Fall of Watford wife of Rev. James Fall
Mr Taprell Holland member of the Watford Bench of Magistrates
Rev William Robert Capell, Hertford Assizes An Action of Trespass
Clutterbuck, James Hulton, son of Robert Clutterbuck of Watford
Jourdain, Sir Henry John, residence the Elms Watford. Member of Various Boards etc.
Stephen Colledge. Trial and Condemnation for High Treason in Conspiring the Death of the King Charles the II
Davis Richard Barrett Animal Painter born at Watford
Mr H W Eaton M.P. a sportsman. Driver of the Four-in-Hand coach and Horses, also include is a drawing of the Mr H W Eaton
Moses Cook, writer of a book The Manner of Raising, Ordering and Improving Forest and Fruit Trees, how to plant, make and keep woods, Walks, Avenues, Lawns, Hedges etc Gardner to the Earl of Essex at Cassiobury
Philip Goodwin of Watford curate of St Andrews Hertford in 1633. In 1637 appointed minister of Watford Parish church
Henry Montague Grover went into Holy Orders and wrote "Ann Boleyn, a tragedy" and "Socrates" he also wrote several books on religious and scientific subjects. Born at Watford in 1791
George Jones clerk to Mr Clutterbuck the publisher of the History of Hertfordshire Clerk to the magistrates at Watford. He also published the trial of Thurfell for the Murder of Weare. He was committed for embezzling a sum of money property of the Trustees of the Watford Saving Bank
Joseph King born at Watford 1793 A devout Methodist
Sir James Shaw Willes Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
Professor John Attfield, of Ashlands Watford eminent chemist and scientist
Rev James Stuart, thirty years pastor of Beechen Grove Baptist Church, Watford
These people are mentioned in the Biography folder, but not very much information about them is given
Mrs Hannah Munn
Martin Kedgwin Masters
John Mead
John Marsh of Garston Hall
Mr Wilkinson (an apothecary of Watford)
Thomas Young
Matthew Godman
Weall, Horace Graham


Drawing of cattle in the river, buildings in the background, at Oxhey Place
Viaduct over the River Colne
Sale particulars of "The Manor House", Church Road, St Andrews Watford, with plan
Stuck onto the Sale Particulars of the "Manor House" is an article on the sale of "Carpenders Park" (nothing to do with the Manor House)
Pictures of the Grove, Watford, the seat of the Earls of Clarendon
Munden House, Watford
Essex Almshouses, Church Street, Watford
Trade Tokens
Coats of Arms, of Carew, Clarendon, Capel and Finch
Portrait of Mrs Elizabeth Fuller, Foundress of the Free School at Watford
Portrait of the late Ensign Clutterbuck
Portrait of Lucius Viscount Falkland
Portrait of Mr Robert Russell Carew
Prints of Buildings
The Old Vicarage Watford
Remains of the Town Hall Watford sketched after the fire
Upper High Street, Watford
Church Street, Watford
Old BUilding in yard of the "George" Inn, Watford (demolished) photo 1894
Watford Station, with the new Motor Bus to Croxley
The Platts, an Old Time House in High Street, Watford
The Pond, High Street, Watford
London Orphan Asylum, Watford (various pictures)
A line drawing of a View near Watford [c1778]
Otter's Pool near Watford 1798
Watford from Wigan Hall
Watford, High Street 1830 (2 pictures)
The Market Place
Oak Chimney-piece from the Free School, Watford
The Free School at Watford
Oxhey Chapel interior in 1897
Wesleyan Chapel, Watford
St Mary Church Watford various views, internal and external
St Andrews Church, Watford
The Pond, Watford
Interior of St John's Church
The "Fig Tree Tomb" Watford Churchyard
Watford Public Library and School of Science
Old Oxhey Chapel
Memorials and Tombs in the Essex Chapel, Parish Church, Watford
1" Map of Watford with its surroundings (no date) late 19th early 20th c.
O.S. Index to 6" Plans of Watford
Grove Mill
Grove Mill Lane
Two Brass Rubbings (no names)
One picture of a House (unnamed)
One drawing of a Water Mill
Monumental Brasses
Sir John Butler, surrounded by shields of his arms, quartered by those of his wives
Lady and shield. The shield denotes her arms impaling those of Bardolph Haines
Full length figure of a priest [John Brigenhall] rector of Watton 1375
Lady and two shields arms show Kilpec and Boteler
Full length figure of a man in armour, Sir John de Paletoot once Lord of the Manor of Woodhall in 1308
Two shields and inscription, arms of Boteler
A civilian dressed in plain robe trimmed with fur; (no name)
Small figure of man dressed as a civilian in a robe date about 1450 (no name)
Two brass rubbings unidentified


General Accounts of the Parish of Watton-at-Stone
St Andrew and St Marys Church, Watton-at-Stone
Memorial Brasses in the church
Nonconformity; places of worship at Watton for Protestant Dissenters
Marriages at Watton-at-Stone 1560-1812
Watton-at-Stone - Whempstead Chapel
Woodhall (Woodhall Estate, Watton-at-Stone) home of the Smith Family since 1801 also history of the Abel Smith Family
Watton Hall alias Watkins Hall
Broom Hall Farm House
Watton Place
A 16th century house, formerly an inn; The White House
Danesfield, a British settlement
The Stone at Watton, Roman Miliarum or Symbol of the Protective Spirit
Moated sites at Watton Green with Plans of the sites
Medicinal Waters, Curative well at Watton
Mr Philip Boteler, case as to his Qualifications
Philip Boteler was siezed in Fee of the Manor of Wood Hall, Bardolphs etc
The Rev Robert Bickersteth, Bishop of Ripon, whose brother the Venerable Edward Bickersteth, known as the author of the pamphlets, hymn books and books of devotion died at his rectory of Watton near Hertford
Woodhall Park, the seat of Abel Smith esq
Various views of the House, internal and external, also views of the Park
Photographs of internal and external views of St Andrew and St Mary's Church, Watton-at-Stone
Monumental Brass of Sir John de Pale-Toot
Monumental Brass of an Ecclesiastic (unknown)
Plan of Principal Floor of Wood Hall, Watton-at-Stone
Sketch of Principal Front of Wood Hall, Watton-at-Stone
Picture of an Old Cottage (thatched) Woodhall Park
Portraits of Rev E Bickersteth Rector of Watton
Portrair of Mr Abel Henry Smith M.P. for East Herts 1900-1910 born 1862 -
Portrait of Abel Smith M.P. for Herts 1854-7, 1859-65, 1866-85; M.P. for East Herts 1885-98
Formerly Capt South Herts Yeomanry. born 1829
General Accounts of the Parish of Welwyn
Illustration of a police station, claims to be the oldest police station in Hertfordshire
Notes on the Manor of Wellwes alias Welwyn Rectory
Holly Hall, Welwyn
Roman Remains at Welwyn
Roman-British Cemetery at Welwyn
St Marys Church Welwyn
Two printed pages from the Parish Registers of Welwyn baptisms 1550-1553, 1571-1580 1592-1595 (not complete)
Extracts from the Churchwardens' book of Welwyn, 1657-1732
The Frythe, Welwyn with the history of the distinguished family of Wishere
The Hoo Lineage of the Dacre family
The restoration of a Hertfordshire House, lived in by Charles Lamb. Country life article
Lockleys, Welwyn article on alterations at Lockleys
Bee Farm and Welwyn Bee Hive Works
Edward Young in 1730 became Rector of Welwyn he was also an author and poet
George Edward Dering, Strange career of an Eccentric Squire, Man of mystery, who lived at Lockleys, Welwyn
Dr Youngs Charity
Charity Commission; various charities
Playstows (Playing fields) in Hertfordshire
Anthony Carleston Charity, Houses given to the poor
Welwyn from the South, photograph
Drawing looking through a gated archway of Welwyn
Drawing of Welwyn by V G Hine
Drawing of Welwyn from the Ayot Road
Picture of Welwyn High Street
Picture of Welwyn Viaduct
Photograph of Welwyn Church before the restoration in 1910 St Marys
A drawing of a cottage at Welwyn (published in 1824)
A plan of the Great Northern Railway, Robbery Wood Lane Viaduct at Welwyn
Photographs of the Old Poor Houses, given to Welwyn by Anthony Carleston Charity in 1568
The Fryth, Welwyn seat of Charles Willes Wilshere
Drawing of Welwyn Church with insets of a cottage and the Viaduct
Photograph of St Marys church, Welwyn
Various pictures of St Marys Church, Welwyn
A drawing depicting Welwyn, junction of the roads, showing an Inn on the left, with the Church on the right, a horse and cart, and people on bicycles
Photograph of the Organ in St Marys Church
Pictures of Roman Pottery
Portrait of Major Genl. Sir Henry Torrens
Portrait of [Henry Robert, 2nd Viscount Hampden] b1841- d 1906
Coat of Arms for Dering, Wilshere, Shee and [De Badlesmere]


General Accounts of the Parish Westmill
Earthworks and Urns found at Westmill
St Marys Church Westmill
Epitaphs in Westmill Church Yard
A list of Rectors from 1381 to 1851
An article on Nathaniel Salmon. Hertfordshire Historian Born 1675 Died 1742
A cottage called "Button Snap" once the property of Charles Lamb
Coles Park Buntingford, home of Robert Philips Greg
The family of Bellendens, an ancient Scottish family, gravestones in Westmill Church
Robert Philips Greg of Coles Park Buntingford, Justice of the Peace and chairman of the Buntingford Bench (to be found in the folder marked HOUSE, COLES)
Interior photographs of fire place and staircase in [Broadfield Hall]
Pictures of Coles Park, Buntingford
Photographs of St Marys Church, Internal and External
Photographs of Houses in Westmill
Brass Rubbing, unidentified
Gemeral accounts of the Parish of Weston
The Holy Trinity Church, Weston
List of names found in Church Register up to 1760
Monument in Weston Churchyard to Mary Williamson 1844
Small plan of churchyard, Weston
Various Epitaphs of Interest in the Church
Fairclough Hall
Reference to Wills of Faircloughs, Baptisms and Burials
Pedigree of Fairclough Family
Weston Hall
Where the Ancient Britons Trod. The Roman Way
Weston Chapel formerly existed at Lannock Farm
William Kympton of Weston Merchant Tailor
William Moles, sentences to death for setting fire to Farm buildings in Weston 1817, aged 19 yrs
Mr William Farr, A Circuit Steward for the Methodist Hitchin Circuit
Thomas Underwood
Roe's Charity: Henry Octavious Roe
Folk Lore
May Day Song
Jack O'Legs the Robber-Giant of Weston
(A Hertfordshire Robin Hood or the story of Jack O'Legs, The Robber-Giant of Weston)
Rubbings of two stones [Dripstones]
Photographs of Holy Trinity Church, Weston, internal and external
The Bury, Weston
Photograph of a House and a lake in Weston [Fairclough Hall or Weston Hall] not identified
Photographs of Weston School, teachers and pupils [early 20th c]
Photographs of the Roman Road
Photographs of Damask Green, Weston
Pictures of Weston Chapel
General Views of Weston, including a Windmill
Coats of Arms for Hale and Pryor


General Accounts of the Parish of Wheathampstead
St Helen Church, Wheathampstead
Monumental Inscriptions of the Churchyard up to 1908
Wayside Chapel of Gustard Wood Common
A Newspaper cutting about Canon Davys' Jubilee with a picture of Canon Owen William Davys
Mackerye End. with a Pedigree of John Bostok, Abbot of St Albans
Lamer Park. Lamer a manor in Wheathampstead Parish
An article on the death of Major-General Apsley Cherry-Garrard of Lamer Park
Wheathampstead Place
Saxon vessel found. The Wheathampstead Ewer
Rev Canon Owen William Davys
John Wheathampstead, Abbot of St Albans
Rev John Barker of Wheathampstead
John Rolph with a picture of John Rolph in his smock, a typical English peasant
James Marshall of Harpenden, this charity was for apprentices to learn a trade. A Wheathampstead Charity
St Helens Church Wheathampstead, Internal and External photographs and drawings
Ground Plan of St Helen's Church
Various drawings of windows
Monumental Brass of John Heyworth
Font in Wheathampstead Church
The Bell Inn, Wheathampstead
Saxon Bronze Ewer found in Wheathampstead
Glass tumbler found at Wheathampstead
The Moat, near Wheathampstead
Drawing of Wheathampstead Place
The Farm House, Mackery End
Mackerye End House, Wheathampstead
Ground Plan of Mackerye End
Wheathampstead House
Plan of Roof Rafters in a Cottage at Wheathampstead
Various views of the River Lea, near Wheathampstead
Coat of Arms of Garrard family of Lamer House, Wheathampstead
Trading Tokens
Monumental Brasses
William de Gretwell Rector of Wheathampstead 1391
John Heyworth and Elizabeth his wife, four sons and five daughters, with shields bearing the arms of Heyworth
John Heyworth of Mackeyre End and Joan his wife and three children
Man, wife and six children, Cussans gives the date as about 1510
Hugo and Margaret Bostok, the parents of John de Wheathampstead 33rd Abbot of St Albans
Rachel Emerson wife of Richard of Mackery End


General accounts of the parish of Widford
Offences. Mary Gray found guilty of stealing and ordered to be burnt in the hand
George Ward found guilty of stealing, publicly whipped
St John the Baptist Church Widford
List of Rectors from 1262 - 1826
Two Tumuli at Barrow Farm, Widford
The Bury Farm, Widford
Blakesware Manor House
Monastic Remains
Widford Religions House
Sir Martin Gosselin of Blakesware
Charles Lamb in Hertfordshire. He once wrote a poem about Makery End, there is also a portrait of Charles Lamb aged about 40
Rev John Eliot of Roxbury whose parents were married at Widford, and the family also were baptised at Widford. He was the first preacher of the Gospel to the Indians in America
Rosmund Gray her actual name was Ann Simmons, she figures as Alice in Charles Lamb's works
Widford Hill and Widford "Bury Hill"
Walnut Tree House
The Post Office
The "Bell" Inn
Tumulus at Widford
Camwell Hall
Old Gateway in Churchyard Wall various pictures two with a parson in them (no name of parson)
St John the Baptist Church various views, this church has a lytch gate, also internal photographs
Mural Painting in Widford Church
Photograph of a House (cannot identify)
A drawing of Widford from an old sketch by Luppino depicting a Gallow Sign and a house
Old Blakemware House, from a water-colour drawing
Picture of a small thatched cottage (Rosemunds Cottage)
Picture of Blakesmoor
Charles Lamb various pictures
Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb
General Accounts of the Parish of Wigginton
Manor Houses of the Past Champneys
St Batholomew's Church, Wigginton
Folk Lore
"Keeping Kattern"
Bedfordshire Lace Industry owes its establishment to Katherine of Aragon
Palmers Charity
General Accounts of the Parish of Willian
All Saints Church Willian
Rev. The Hon Lewis William Denman rector of Willian
Monumental Inscriptions in Willian Churchyard
List of Rectors from 1245-1861


6" O.S. 2nd Edition 1899 showing Willian
The Old Vicarage, Willian, two pictures
The Fox Inn and the Village Pond, Willian
Willian Church and Forge
Willian Road, showing horse and cart and two gentlemen
The Pond, Willian
Chalk Pit, Willian
Willian Glade
Fox Hotel (to the left) and the Church, Willian
Picture of the Rev. the Hon L W Denman
Puncharden Hall, Willian
Photographs of people looking at the land on which Brays Manor stood. Photograph about [1990s]
All Saints Church, Willian, internal and external photographs
Drawing of the Founders Tomb, Willian Church
Monumental Brass to Richard Goldon rector of Willian 1416-1446
Monumental Brass of a man (not named)
General accounts of the Parish of Wormley
The will of Sir William Glascock of Wormley
St Lawrence Church, Wormley
Monumental Brass Inscriptions
Wormley Bury
John Nowland, Thomas Barnes and Richard Dukes charged with burgulary, breaking and entering Wormley-Bury. Executions at Hertford 1802, John Nowland under sentence of transportation.
Customs of the Manor of Wormley
Country Life article on Wormley Bury
Mr Henry Jeffreys Busby of Wormley Bury, Stipendiary magistrate at Worship-Street Police Court, notes on Mr Busby at the announcement of his death
Sir Abraham Hume of Wormley Bury
Hannah Judd of Wormley
Richard Gough an antiquary
Sale Particulars
"Cresswell House" with Plots of Building Land, Firs Wood and Nut Wood, Baisley Wood with plan
"Fairfield House", "Manor Farm House", Manor Farm and land. With plan
Wormley Bury
St Lawrence Church, Wormley, internal and external photographs
Portrait of Sir Abrahan Hume 1847
Monumental Brasses
Edmund Howton, his wife Ann and five children
Man, wife and eight sons and four daughters, the coat of arms shows the arms of Tooke and Woodliffe
John Cok, (Cock) wife and ten children
John Cleve
An un-named inscription
General Accounts of the Parish of Wyddial
St Giles Church Wyddial
Epitaph in memory of Ann, wife of Richard Seabrook
Monumental Brasses to: George Canon
Dame Margaret Nevill
John Gyll (Gille)
Goulston family
Wyuddial Hall. Dated carving on a Tudor doorhead at Wyddial Hall
St Giles Church Wyddial internal and external photographs
Wyddial Hall
Road near Wyddial
Coats of Arms for Gyll and Goulston
Monumental Brasses
Richard Goulston
John Gille (Gull)
Dame Margaret Nevill
George Canon
George Gyll


General Accounts of the Parish of Great Wymondley
St Marys Church, Great Wymondley
Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard taken in 1908
Wymondley Castle Earth Works early moated earthwork adapted to the purpose of a Roman Camp with a small plan
Manor House
The Manor of Great Wymondley
Delamere House
James Lucas, the Hermit of Hertfordshire of Redcotes Green
O.S. 2nd edition 1899 6" Map showing a small piece of Great Wymondley, Little Wymondley and Graveley
O.S. 2nd edition 1899 6" map showing Little Wymondley, Great Wymondley and Hitchin
Plan of Terrace Cultivation at Great Wymondley
Two small drawn views of Great Wymondley
Plans of Wymondley Castle
Portrait of Hermit Lucas
Front and Back View of Hermits House
The Hermitage Redcoats
Roman Pottery found at Great Wymondley
Delamere House
Antiquities plan. Great Wymondley
St Marys church internal and external photographs
General Accounts of the Parish of Little Wymondley
St Marys Church, Little Wymondley
Memorial Brasses in church
Monumental Inscription in the church and church yard Little Wymondley (no date when taken)
Wymondley Bury
Priory Farm
Sale Particulars of Wymondley House, The Croft, Cottages and land to be sold by auction with photographs and a plan
Monastic Remains
Wymondley Priory
Impressions of a seal found in a garden at Great Wymondley
Pigeon Houses in Hertfordshire, The Cottage Wymondley Priory
Three small drawings, Wymondley at Moonrise
Cottages at Titmore Green, and church among the trees
St Marys Church
View inside a grain barn
Seal of Wymondley Priory
Ruined Arch, Wymondley Priory
The Oldest Tree in England, Wymondley Chestnut
Antiquities remains of Wymondley Priory
Printed edition and photocopy of Plan of the Bury, made in the reign of Edward the seventh (interesting map, drawing of ships on the moat)
Portrait of Rev Joseph Turnbull
Monumental Brass to James Needham

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