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Estate papers of the Sebright Family of Beachwood Park, Flamstead, C1150-1937

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Reference DE/FL
Covering dates C1150-1937
Held by Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Extent 5 Series

No further details   Inventory of the goods of William Bigg of [Markyate] Street  DE/FL/17443  16 Nov (?) 1658
No further details   Unexecuted bond to perform the covenants in regard to DE/Fl/17875  DE/FL/17877  1 Oct 1704
No further details   Abstract of DE/Fl/17042  DE/FL/17043  [n.d.]
No further details   Duplicate of DE/FL/17050  DE/FL/17051  16 Oct 1833
No further details   Copy of Mr Tindal's opinion on the title to part of the property in DE/FL/18798  DE/FL/18799  18 Apr 1855

Folder icon  Notes concerning the title to Buckwood  DE/FL/18931  Monday after St John Bapt 1330--1553

These documents are held at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

No further details   Copies of an exemplification of the Domesday survey of the Manor of Houghton  DE/FL/18933, 18934  1460-2
No further details   Map of Buckwood  DE/FL/18936  17th cent
No further details   Note of deeds relating to Buckwood  DE/FL/18959  6 Feb 1613-4 --12 Feb 1654-5
No further details   The answers of Robert Breydon and John Moore, two of the defendants in the case in DE/FL/18974  DE/FL/18975  6 Feb 1619-20
No further details   Copies of depositions of witnesses, injunctions, orders and petitions in connection with the case, 18976  DE/FL/18978-19011  21 Apr 1620 -- 17 Feb 1623-4
No further details   Undated briefs, petitions, bills etc in connection with the case DE/FL/18978-19011  DE/FL/19020-19040  [C1620-1623]
No further details   "A breefe used at the triall between Mr Percivall, Vicar of Stodham and my lord of Bridgwater, for what Parish Buckwood was in which used to bee in Houghton, and the triall went for my lord"  DE/FL/19060  [? 1633]

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