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Records Of the Pateshall Family of Allensmore

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Reference A95
Held by Herefordshire Record Office
Creators Pateshall family of Allensmore, Herefordshire


[no title]  A95/1/1  1647

Feoffment 12 June 23 Chas.I
(1)Richard Traunter of the Brook in the parish of 'Leonhalles, yoman'.
(2)James Knight of Strongworth, feltmaker, and Bridgett his wife..
Consideration: £28
Four acres of pasture land situated in the township of Hope and Hopewood commonly called the Riese and dwelling house situate in the said land "wherein Henrie Hergest lately dwelt", in the parish of Leonhalles.

[no title]  A95/1/2  12 June 1647

Richard Traunter of the Brook in the parish of Leonhalles, yeoman, bound to James Knight of Strangwood Leonhalles, feltmaker.
For the performance of covenants in an indenture.

[no title]  A95/1/3  1 July, 1658

Lease for 999 years
(1) Hugh Moore of Lyonshall, weaver
(2) Thomas Rogers of Leinshall, yeoman
Consideration: "Thirties three shillings and ffower pence".
One acre of land called the long ffriday acre in a field commonly called the Ries Field in the parish of Lionshall.
Rent: One peppercorn on the 25th March of each year"if it be lawfully demanded".

[no title]  A95/1/4  1 July, 1658

Bond to Perform Covenants
(1) Hugh Moore of Lyonshall, weaver
(2) Thomas Rogers of Lyonshall
A Bond to perform covenants, concerning the purchase of an acre in the Rise Field called Longfryday.

[no title]  A95/1/5  24 January, 1662

Related information: For description of property see A95/1/1 above

Release(lease missing)
(1)James Knight of Kington, feltmaker
(2)Thomas Rogers of Lyonshalles, yeoman, and Ann his wife

[no title]  A95/1/6  27 January 1662

James Knight of Kington, feltmaker, bound to Thomas Rogers of Lyonshall.
For performance of covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/7  22 April 1724

Release (purchase).
(1) William Rogers of the Rise in the parish of Lyonshall, carpenter; John Seale of the same parish, yeoman.
(2) Rogers (John) of the same parish, weaver, one of the brothers of William.
(3) John Pateshall of Weston in the parish of Pembridge, gent., and Edmund Pateshall of Shrewsbury, draper.
Consideration: £879 to Wm. Rogers and the severall sumes of [...] S/- to John Seale and John Rogers.
Dwelling house called the Rise (see deed dated 1647 - A95/1/1) including 2 orchards, and many other small pieces of arable [...] and pasture land (specified)

[no title]  A95/1/8  2 November 1726

Mortgage assignment.
(1) Walter Harris of Hunton in the parish of Lyonshall, yeoman.
(2) Edmund Pateshall of Shrewsbury, draper.
Consideration: 5/-
Meadow land known by the name of Ellmeadow, measuring 8 acres; parcel of land called Romerswall measuring 3a.; one acre of arable land in a place called Romerhill; 2a. of pasture land called Only Close; 1½a. pasture land and a further 1½a. pasture land adjoining. All lying in the parish of Lyonshall.

[no title]  A95/1/9  11/12 March 1727

Deed of Exchange.
(1) Richard Mayfoeld of Marston's Wood, Pembridge, carpenter.
(2) Edmund Pateshall of Ludlow, gent.
The Ryse property given to Mayfield by Pateshall for the land known as the Bull's Land.

Rowmer Hill  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/1/11  13 March 1656

(1) Thomas Wall of New Radnor, gent.
(2) Thomas Rogers of the Next End in the parish of Lionhall, yeoman.
Consideration: £8
Four acres of arable land lying in a field called Roumer Hill in the parish of Lionhall

[no title]  A95/1/12  13 March 1656

Thomas Wall of New Radnor, gent., bound to Thomas Rogers of the Next End in the parish of Lyonshall.
For performance of covenants in £16.

[no title]  A95/1/13  10 December 1656

(1) Thomas Wall of New Radnor, gent.
(2) Thomas Rogers of the Next End, in the parish of Lionhall, yeo.
Consideration: £4.15.0
2 Acres of arable land "lying and being att the Three Oakes in the Next End field in the parish of Lionhall."

[no title]  A95/1/14  4 July 1664

(1) Thomas Rogers of the Next End in the parish of Lyonshalles, yeoman.
(2) James Newton the elder of Lyonshalls, yeoman.
One acre of arable in Lyonshalles in Next End Field and lying Rowmer Hill

[no title]  A95/1/15  15 September 1677

(1) Thomas Wall the younger of Lyonshall, gent.
(2) Thomas Roger of the Reyes, Lyonshall, yeoman.
Consideration: £8
Four acres of land in Lyonshall viz. two acres in field called Rowmor Hill and two in a field called Townfurlong.

Ridmore Property  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/1/16  23 May 1609

Lease for 99 years.
(1) John Bowen of Lionhalls, yeoman.
(2) William Mowkett of Mourcott in the County of Hereford, yeoman.
Lands and tenements in Lyonshall parish, including those known by the name of Ridmore. To the intent that by this means Mr. Mowkett might be received for some sums of money for payment of which he stood bound to John Bowen; but if Bowen saved him harmless from any such demand, then this deed was to be of no effect.

[no title]  A95/1/17  23 September 1610

(1) Meredith ap Owen of the Next End, Leonshalles, yeoman, and Anne his wife, and John his son.
(2) William Morecote of Morecote, yeoman.
Lands at Ridmore leased for 1,000 years for the residue of the term yet to come, viz. one pasture inclosed called Broomy Close, 4 acres, one meadow called Fine Meadow, 3 acres; one parcel called Rough Meadow, 2 acres.

[no title]  A95/1/18,19  16 October 1620

Assignment, with duplicate.
(1) Phillip Moorcott
(2) Thomas Barrett
Lands in Ridmore, Fine Meadow, rough meadow, etc.

[no title]  A95/1/20  2 February 1630

(1) Thomas Barrett of the Citie of Hereford, gent.
(2).... Barrett, his daughter
Meadow called the Roughe Meadow for all the terme of years he had it for in ye parish of Lyonshall.

[no title]  A95/1/21  23 December 1630

Absolute Assignment. 6 Chas. I
(1) John Knight of Eywood, gent., William Stephens of Lionhalles, yeoman and Hugh Bowen of London, clothworker
(2) Henry Bowyer of Marston, yeo.
Ridmore property

[no title]  A95/1/22  1630

Bond. 23 December 6 Chas. I
(1) Hugh Bowen of London, clothworker
(2) Henry Bowyer of Marston in the County of Hereford
Bond to perform covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/23  31 October 1634

(1) Henry Bowier of Wearton, within the parish of Pembridge, yeoman
(2) Walter Long of the Low within the parish of Pembridge, yeoman and James Bowier of Huntley.
Three parcels of land named the Rough Close at Ridmore; Fine Meadow and 4 acres adjoining to Fine; In 1562 and 1567 they were leased out for 1,000 years.

[no title]  A95/1/24  1635

Assignment. 30 April 11 Chas. I
(1) Henry Bowier of Marston in the parish of Pembridge yeoman.
(2) Walter Long of the Low and James Bowier of Huntley, yeoman.
Ridmore Property

[no title]  A95/1/25  20 May 1659

(1) John Bowyer
(2) William Brydges of Tiberton, esq.
Consideration: £40
Mortgage of lands leased out for 1,000 years (Rough Close at Ridmore, including Broomy Close and Fine Meadow).

[no title]  A95/1/26  20 May 1662

(1) Elizabeth Bowyer and William Brydges, esq.
(2) Thomas Carpenter of Chilston, esq.
Ridmore property

[no title]  A95/1/27  20 May 1662

Elizabeth Bowyer of Marston bound to Thomas Carpenter of Chilston, esq.
For performance of covenants.

[no title or date]  A95/1/28

Copy of Deed of Assignment of the Leases of Ridmore's and other lands in Lyonshall.
Accompanying paper - calculations as to purchase price.

Property in Hope and Hopewood  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/1/30,31  17 November 1630

Release, with bond to perform covenants.
(1) Thomas Traunter of Leonhalles, glover
(2) Thomas Sheppard of Leonahlles, tanner
Consideration: 47 shillings
One acre of arable land in a field called Longmeadow field.

[no title]  A95/1/32  20 March, 23 Chas. I

(1) Thomas Kent of the parish of Kynton, yeoman.
(2) Richard Knight of the parish of Lyonshall, yeo. and Katherine his wife.
Consideration: £3.14.0
A piece of pasture ground called Hopes lying in the township of Hope and Hope Wood in the parish of Lyonshall.

[no title]  A95/1/33  20 March 1647

Thomas Kent of Kington, yeoman, bound to Richard Knight of the Next End, Lyonshall, yeoman.
For the performance of covenants in one indenture made between the above parties, bearing the date of "these presents".

[no title]  A95/1/34  1647

Feoffment. 20 March, 23 Chas. I
(1) George Kent of the West End, Lyonshall, yeoman, and Anne his wife.
(2) Richard Knight of the Greene.
Consideration: £9.16.8
Several parcels of arable and pasture ground (4 acres) in the township of Hope, two of them lying in Hoses' close.

[no title]  A95/1/35  20 March 1647

George Kent of the Next End in the parish of Lyonshall, yeoman, bound to Richard Knight of Lyonshall, yeoman.
For the performance of covenants in an indenture bearing the date of the "above presents".

[no title]  A95/1/36,37  Easter 1649

Final Concord.
Richard Knight and Katherine his wife and James Knight, quer.
Richard Traunter and Elizabeth his wife, deforc.
One messuage, one garden, one orchard, ten acres of land 15 acres meadow and 10 acres pasture in Hope, Hopeswood and Lyonshalles.

[no title]  A95/1/38  20 February 1655

Marriage Settlement.
(1) Richard Knight of the Next End, Lionhalls and Katherine, his wife.
(2) George Rogers of the Home, Lyonshall and William Kinget of Marston, Pembridge, yeoman.
Consideration: Marriage between Thomas Rogers and Anne the daughter of Richard Knight, and Katherine his wife and the sum of £30.
Tenement where "the said Richard now dwelleth" with adjoining orchard, lying in the township of Hope and Hopeswood in the parish of Lionhalls.

[no title]  A95/1/39,40  Easter 1657

Final Concord.
George Rogers and William Knight, plts.
Richard Knight and Katherine his wife, deforc.
One messuage, one garden, one orchard, 10 acres land 8 acres meadow and 8 acres pasture, in Hope Hopeswood and Lyonshall.

The Home Property, 1577-1653  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/1/41,42  4 December 1577

Marriage Settlement
(1) Joan Forge of the parish of Lionhals, widowe and Phillip Forge, her sonne of the same parish, yoman.
(2) John Carpenter, yoman.
Consideration: A marriage between Phillip Forge and Joan Carpenter, daughter of John.
Tenement and ground at Lyonshall called the Barley Close lying at the Home.

[no title]  A95/1/43  4 March 1588

Confirmation (Marriage Settlement).
(1) Richard Furdge
(2) Walter Driver and Thomas Bevan
In consideration of Richards' marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of John Driver.
All lands, etc. in Home. To the one of Richard and Elizabeth for their lives and then to the uses of their wills.
To hold of the chief lords of the field services due.

[no title]  A95/1/44,45  1635

Quitclaim and Counterpart. 29 September, 11 Chas. I
(1) Thomas Beth of Callow
(2) Joan Beth of Leonhalles, sp., his daughter
Right, etc. in messuage now in the tanure of John Knight in the township of Home and Broxwood in Leonhalles.

[no title]  A95/1/46  13 December 1653

(1) Roger Moore of Leonhalls, yeoman and Joane his wife.
(2) Thomas Rogers of the Home, Leonhalls, yeoman.
Consideration: £10
The Home property.

[no title]  A95/1/47  13 December 1653

(1) Roger Moore of the parish of Leonhalles, yeo.
(2) Thomas Rogers of the same parish.
Bond to perform covenants, the Home property

[no title]  A95/1/48  30 December 1653

Lease for two lives.
(1) Thomas Rogers of the Home in the parish of Leonhalls, yeoman.
(2) Roger Moore, yeoman, and Joane his wife of Leonhalls.
Dwelling house with one garden and orchard and parcel of ground called the Barley Close (1 acre) lying between the highway leading from the Home.
Rent: two pence of current English money, if it be lawfully demanded.

Lyonshall Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/1/49  16 May 1580

William Foorge of Lyonall, yoman bound to Philip Foorge.
For performance of covenants in £500.

[no title]  A95/1/50  1 November 1642

Thomas Wale of Strangeworth, gent., bound to Richard Knight of Lyonhalles, yeoman.
For performance of covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/51  5 January 1648

Richard Traunter of Hopewood in Lyonshall parish, yeo.
Richard Knight of the same parish, yeo.
Bond for the performance of covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/52  15 July 1648

(1) Richard Traunter of the Brook in Lyonshall, yeo. and Elizabeth his wife.
(2) Richard Knight
Consideration: £4
Shrieppe Field and other lands in Lyonshall.

[no title]  A95/1/53  1648

Bond. 14 July 24 Chas. I.
Richard Traunter of the Brook, Lyonshall, yeoman
Richard Knight of the Next End, Lyonshall, yeoman.
To Perform Covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/54  19 February 1649

(1) Richard Traunter of the Brooke, Lyonshall, yeo. and Elizabeth his wife.
(2) Richard Knight of the Next End, yeo., and Katherine his now wife.
Consideration: £20
6 Acres of land in Lyonshall [specified]

[no title]  A95/1/55  19 February 1649

Richard Traunter of the Brook bound to Richard Knight of the Next End.

[no title]  A95/1/56  1 October 1649

William Sheppard of Kington
Richard Knight of Lyonshall
Bond to perform covenants in an indenture.

[no title]  A95/1/57  20 February 1655

Richard Knight of the Next End in the parish of Lyonshall
Thomas Rogers of the Home, Lyonshall, yeo.
Bond to perform covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/58  13 March 1655

John Watkins of the Next End, Lyonshall bound to James Newton of the Next End.
For the performance of covenants in £10

[no title]  A95/1/59-61  1658

3 copies

Final Concord. St. Michael in three weeks
Thomas Wall, plt.
William Wall and Anne his wife, defs.
Ten acres land, four acres meadow and seven acres pasture in Pembridge and Lyonshall

[no title]  A95/1/62  27 February 1661

James Knight of Kington, feltmaker, bound to Thomas Rogers of Leonhalles, yeoman
For performance of covenants.

[no title]  A95/1/63,64  1721-2

Documents (2), 1721-2, relating to agreement between Elianor Wilson, formerly the wife of James Bowyer, and John Pateshall, who bought Bowyers estate in Lyonshall, concerning claims against Bowyers' estate by his sisters.

[no title]  A95/1/85  1756

Articles of Agreement (not executed).
(1) Richard Harris of Hunton in Lyonshall, yeo.
(2) John Roberts of Shobdon, mason
(3) Edward Lewis of Kynsham, milwright
Roberts and Lewis to build Hunton Mills. Harris to pay £25 to Lewis less 40s. for a cogwheel and 14d. a pack for stone to Roberts.
[Seals - that of Pateshall]

The Knapp  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/1/65  1636

Marriage Settlement. 20 October, 12 Chas. I
(1) John Hall of the Knapp, Lyonshall, yeo.
(2) Thomas Weaver of Lyonshall, yeo., and Thomas Traunter of Kington, clothworker
Marriage between Richard Hall, son and heir of John, and Sybil, dau. of William Traunter, dec.
Messuage and lands in Hope and Hopeswood, Lyonshall.
To use of John Hall and Joan his wife, remainder to Richard, Sybil and heirs

[no title]  A95/1/66  3 April 1655

Marriage Settlement.
(1) John Hall, sen. of the Knapp, yeo. and Richard Hall his son and heir apparent.
(2) William Lawrence of Nextend, Lyonshall, yeo. and Edward Hall of same, tucker.
Consideration: Marriage between John Hall jun. and Anne, sister of William Lawrence, and sum of £105.
Messuage and lands in Hope and Hopeswood where (1) dwell. One moiety to use of John jun., Ann and heirs, other moiety to use of John sen. and wife for life, with remainder to John, Anne and heirs.

[no title or date]  A95/1/67

Counterpart of above.

[no title]  A95/1/68  1 August 1655

(1) Thomas Nashe of Broxwood, yeo.
(2) William Lawrence and Edward Hall of Nextend.
All right, etc. in land as above.

[no title]  A95/1/69  1 August 1655

Bargain and Sale.
(1) John Rowell of Nextend, shoemaker
(2) John Hall of Nextend, yeo.
1a. Arable land in Coldforehed Field in Hope and Hopeswood, Lyonshall, lying on the road from Kington to Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/1/70,71  24/25 January 1687

Lease and Release (Mortgage)
(1) Richard Hall of The Knapp, yeo., Anne Hall of same. widow, and Charles Hall, son and heir of Anne and John Hall, dec.
(2) Sir Herbert Croft of Croft Castle, bart.
Messuage and lands as above.

[no title]  A95/1/72-3  19/20 December 1690

Lease and release (assignment)
(1) Anne Hall and Charles Hall of the Knapp.
(2) Sir Herbert Croft of Croft Castle, Bt.
(3) Nehemiah Osland, citizen and grocer of London.
Property as above assigned to Osland.

[no title]  A95/1/74  even date

Bond for performances of covenants

[no title]  A95/1/75,76  29 September/25 October 1693

(1) Ann Hall and Charles Hall of the Knapp and Nehemiah Osland, citizen and grocer of London.
(2) Launcelot Taylor of Bridgnorth, Salop., gent.
Property as above assigned to Taylor.

[no title]  A95/1/77  even date

Bond for performance

[no title]  A95/1/78  6 January 1693/4

(1) Launcelot Taylor of Bridgenorth, gent.
(2) Anne Hall of the Knapp, widow
Agreement for Anne to rent the Knapp for 1 year, paying £26.10.1

[no title]  A95/1/79  1694

Final Concord, parties and premises as above, Purification of the B.V.M.

[no title]  A95/1/80  1681

Copy of final concord. Martinmas. 33 Chas II
Henry Harper, gent., quer.
John Hall, Ann his wife and Charles Hall, deforc.
1 Messuage, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 11a. meadow and 14a. pasture with appurtenances in Lyonshall.

[no title]  A95/1/81-2  1/2 February 1726/7

Lease and Release.
(1) Richard Knight of Bringewood, co. Herefs., gent.
(2) Thomas Gitton of Bridgenorth, gent., and John Ryder of Bridgenorth, surgeon.
(3) Edmund Pateshall of Shrewsbury, draper.
Reciting deeds, 1724-5
Now, in consideration of £550, the Knapp farm is conveyed to Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/1/83  1727

Bill for conveyancing charges

[no title]  A95/1/84  1727

Receipt for rent for the Knapp

Pembridge - Marston  A95/2  [n.d.]

[no title]  A95/2/1  5 December 1600

(1) William Morecote of Morecote, co. Herefs., yeo. and Philip Morecote his son and heir apparent.
(2) Henry Bowyer of Marston, yeo.
For fulfillment of covenants

[no title]  A95/2/2  22 June 1608

Bargain and Sale.
(1) Richard Steade of Marston, Pembridge, yeo.
(2) Henry Bowier of Elson, co. Herefs., yeo.
Messuage and land where (1) dwells in Marston (lands specified)

[no title]  A95/2/3  10 September 1610

Bargain and Sale.
(1) Thomas Colcombe of Heaven, Dilwyn, yeo.
(2) John Riccards of Heaven, weaver, and Jane his wife.
Close of meadow (1a.) planted with fruit trees; 1 plock meadow (1a.) called Gennett Meadow; 1a. arable in Worleys Field; land 1a. arable in Showshill Field. All in Marston.

[no title]  A95/2/4  23 September 1609

Bargain and Sale.
(1) Meredith ap Owen of Nextend, Lyonshall, and Anne his wife, John Bowen, son of Meredith, and [...] Joan his wife
(2) William Morecote of Morecote, yeo.
Reciting earlier conveyance, 1567.
Now, (1) to (2)
Pasture enclose (4a.) adjoining Fyne Meadow; Fyne Meadow (3a.); Rough Meadow (2a.)
For residue of term of 1,000 years as yet unexpired.

[no title]  A95/2/5  8 July 1616

Bargain and Sale.
(1) Thomas Stead of Weston, yeo., and Richard Stead his son and heir, John Stead sen. of Marston, yeo., and Walter Knight of Eywood, yeo.
(2) Henry Bowyer of Ellsone, yeo.
Consideration: £61
The Close at the Okes (5a.), Close at Bradwards Grene (4a.), parcel of meadow on Whittibroke, and 5a. arable in Lower Field, all in Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/2/6  12 May 1619

Deed of Gift.
(1) Richard Steade of Marston in Pembridge
(2) Henry Bowier of Elson, yeo.
Messuage or tenement and land in Marston (specified).
To hold of the chief lord in fee by rents and [...] service

[no title]  A95/2/7  25 July 1622

Bargain and Sale.
(1) Jane Steade, widow of John Steade of Marston, dec. and John Stead their son and heir.
(2) Harry Bowyer of Marston, yeo.
1a. Arable in Little Field, Jenet Meadow (3½a.), w 2 plocks meadow at Allcrofts Stone, ¾a. pasture in Grupp Close.
All in Marston, Pembridge

[no title]  A95/2/8  14 February 1626/7

Hugh Bowen of Lon[don] clothworker, John Knight of Eywood, gent., and William Stephens of Lyonshall, yeo., to Henry Bowyer of Marston, yeo., in £26 for fulfillment of covenants.

[no title]  A95/2/9  31 October 1634

(1) Henry Bowier of Marston, yeo.
(2) Walter Long of The Low, Pembridge, and James Bowier of Luntley, yeo.
Reciting deeds, 1562-1567.
Now, parcels of land Marston assigned to (2) in trust for (1) for life, then to John Bowier, son of James, as security for payment of £20 to Henry Bowier a1. Lewes, supposed son of Henry

[no title]  A95/2/10  31 October 1634

(1) Henry Bowyer of Marston, Pembridge, yeo.
(2) Francis Woodhouse of Leddycott, Shobdon, gent., and James Bowyer of Luntley, yeo.
Messuage in Marston where (1) dwells, and parcells of land belonging.
As security for payment of £80 to Henry Bowier a1. Lewis

[no title]  A95/2/11  6 January 1639

Bargain and Sale.
(1) John Riccards of Marston, weaver, and Richard Riccards, cooper, his son and heir apparent.
(2) John Bowyer of Marston and Elizabeth his wife.
House where (1) dwells with barn lately erected and 2a. arable in Worlers Field, 1a. in Showshill Field and close [...] (la.) adjoining Jennett Meadow.

[no title]  A95/2/12  8 September 1641

(1) John Bowyer, son and heir apparent of James Bowyer of Luntley.
(2) Walter Weale of Broxwood, yeo., and Isaac Weale his brother
Reciting deed, 16 December 13 Chas. I.
Now (1) to (2), house and land in Marston to use of Bowyer and wife, Elizabeth (sister of Walter and Isaac)

[no title]  A95/2/13  8 September 1641

John Bowyer of Marston, yeo., to Walter Weale and Isaac Weale of Broxwood, yeo., in £40 for peaceable occupation by Elizabeth Bowyer of lands as in deed of 8 September 1641.

[no title]  A95/2/14  2 February 1642

James Lewis of Old Radnor co. Rads., gent., to John Bowyer of Marston, yeo., in £10 for fulfillment of covenants.

[no title]  A95/2/15  19 July 1645

Will of Henry Bowyer of Marston

[no title]  A95/2/16  ND

Valuation of land in Lyonshall, for a court case between Thomas Traunter of Oatcroft, gent., and John Bowyer of Marston.

[no title]  A95/2/17  2 May 1653

(1) Thomas Bridgewaters of Marston, co. Herefs., yeo.
(2) John Bowyer of Marston, yeo., and Elizabeth his wife.
All right, etc. in house in Marston where John Riccards dwells.

[no title]  A95/2/18  14 May 1618

(1) Jane Steade of Marston, widow and John Steade her son and heir.
(2) Henry Bowier of Elson, Lyonshall, yeo.
1a. In Grubbs Close, Marston.
1,000 Years
1d. p.a.

[no title]  A95/2/19  14 October 1620

Grant of administration to Philip Moorcott in goods of William Moorcott, dec.

[no title]  A95/2/20  Michaelmas 1622

Final Concord.
Henry Bowier quer.
John Steade and Elianor his wife, and Jane Steade, widow, deforcs.
1 Cottage, 5a. land, 6a. meadow and 1a. pasture w. apps. in Marston and Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/2/21-22  1 April 1681

Mortgage and Counterpart.
(1) Henry Bowyer of Marston, yeo., and Winifred his wife.
(2) Thomas Trafford of Pembridge, D.D.
Messuage in Marston in occupation Thomas Bodenham, with lands belonging (specified)

[no title]  A95/2/23  even date

Bond for fullfillment

[no title]  A95/2/24  13 February 1692

(1) Marshall Brydges of Tyberton, esq.
(2) Henry Bowyer of Marston, gent.
All manner of actions, etc.

[no title]  A95/2/25  Michaelmas, 1681

Final Concord.
Thomas Trafford, D.D., William Dakin and Richard Tyler, quers.
Henry Bowyer and Winifred his wife, and Richard Estop, deforcs.
1 Messuage, 1 barn, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 20a. land, 1a. meadow and 10a. pasture w. apps. in Pembridge and Kington.

[no title]  A95/2/26  19 July 1703

Will of Henry Bowyer of Marston

[no title]  A95/2/27  21 January 1709

Will of James Bowyer of Marston

[no title]  A95/2/28  1709

Copy of will of James Bowyer as above.

[no title]  A95/2/29  25 September 1720

(1) Edward Lad of Totnam High Cross, co. Middx., brickmaker, and Winifred his wife.
(2) Henry Bowyer, jun.
Consideration: £30
All claims etc. under will of Henry Bowyer, sen., dec.

[no title]  A95/2/30  3 November 1720

Henry Bowyer of Dilwyn, dyer, to John Pateshall of Pembridge, gent., Walter Pateshall of Shrewsbury, draper and Edmund Pateshall of same, draper, in £80, for fulfillment of covenants.

[no title]  A95/2/31  21 September 1721

(1) Francis Treyloe of Presteigne, glover
(2) Eleanor, wife of Jonathon Willson of Bishops Castle, ironmonger (late Eleanor Bowyer).
(3) John Pateshall of Weston, Pembridge, gent.
Reciting earlier assignment, 1715.
Now, (1) and (2) to (3)
House at Marston in occupation of Walter Scandrett; house in occupation Edward Bradley, and cottage in occupation Thomas Prees at Weston, and all lands in Pembridge and Lyonshall.
To hold for residue of existing term, or life of Eleanor.
£18 p.a.

[no title]  A95/2/32  19 October 1727

Admission and Surrender.
Manor of Pembridge Foreign.
Edmund Pateshall surrendered messuage and lands (specified) to use of Jane Pateshall, Edmund Pateshall and John Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/2/33  15 October 1741

Manor of Pembridge Foreign.
John Pateshall, gent. admitted to Smoaky House and lands in Bury and Weston.
Rent: 17½d., suit of court.
Heriot, 55s.

[no title]  A95/2/34  15 October 1741

John Pateshall gent. admitted to 2 parcels arable in Lowerfield.
Rent: 3d. p.a., suit of court
Heriot: 5s.

Pembridge: Weston  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/2/35  1456

Language:  Latin

Gift. at Pennebrugge (Pembridge), Friday next after the feast of the Annunciation of B.V.M. 34 Henry VI
(1) Joan Sturmy, widow
(2) John Heryn, Nicholas Crofte of Pennebrugge and Walter Crofte of the same.
All that her tenement built, with all appurtenances on the East Street of the said town with a curtilage adjoining the tenement; which tenement and curtilage lie between land of William Carpenter on one side and a lane called Banbury Lane on the other, and stretch to a close of the said William; Together with 6 burgages of land and a parcel of burgage lying intthe said town, of which 6 burgages lie together between land of the said William on one side and the lord's land on the other and stretch to Banbury Lane and the parcel of burgage lies between land of William Medowe on one side and a close of Joan's said tenement on the other and stretches to the highway leading to Stanburycoppe; which tenement with curtilage, and all premises and others she lately had of gift and feoffment of John Dylowe late rector of the church of Stretford, and Thomas Gryme, chaplain.
To hold of the chieflords of the fee for services due.
Witnesses: John Parker, William Duppa, Thomas Spysur, John Goulde, Thomas Bole.
Seal on tag, red.

[no title]  A95/2/36  1479

Language:  Latin

Gift. at Weston, Friday after the 1st. Sunday after Easter. 19 Edward IV
(1) John Forthewey of Broxwood
(2) Richard Smyth of Weston and Walter Brome of Brome
All lands and tenements, meadows, feedings and pastures with their appurtenances in Weston and in the lordship of Penbrugge (Pembridge) lately called Millenardeys londe, which he has of gift and feoffment of Margaret Smyth of Weston.
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due.
Witnesses: William Lawe, John Smyth of Wenton, Thomas Srewnys, John Philyppis, Walter Brome, Richard Playne
Seal on tag - green wax

[no title]  A95/2/37  1479

Language:  English and Latin

Bond in £10. 22 April, 19 Edward IV
(1) Richard Playne of Pembridge [Penbrugge], husbandman
(2) Richart Smyth of Weston, pa. Pembridge.
For Jowan, wife of Richart Smyth if she survive him and his mother, not to sell any part of 30 acres of land which Richart, his wife and mother have jointly by copy of court roll, but that it may stand to the right heirs of the said Richart without any transposition of Jowan, or another in her name.
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/2/38  1481

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Weston, 2 January 20 Edward IV
(1) Alice, late wife of Thomas Smyth of Weston, dau. and heiress of Richard de Weston.
(2) William Lawe of Weston and Thomas Morcot
All her messuage with one virgate of land thereto belonging with their appurtenances in Weston, within the lordship of Pembridge, which descended to her after the death of her father.
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: John Forthewey, Walter Stede, John Stevens, Thomas Grubbe, John Taylor
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/2/39  1485/6

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Weston, 16 January, 1 Henry VII
(1) William Lawe of Weston, and Thomas Morecot
(2) Richard Smyth of Weston and Matilda his wife, daughter of Lewis ap Jenkyn.
All that messuage with one virgate of land belonging, with appurtenances in the vill and fields of Weston in the lordship of Pembridge which (1) lately had from the gift and feoffment of Alice, late wife of Thomas Smyth of Weston.
To hold for the lives of Richard and Matilda, and of the longer liver of them, of the chief lord of the fee for services due; and after the decease of Richard and Matilda, remainder to the heirs (lawful issue) of the said Richard Smyth and Joan late his wife, daughter of William Lyde dec., to hold of the chief lord, etc.; and if Richard die without lawful issue, then the property to remain to the heirs of Richard and Matilda lawfully begotten to hold of the chief lord etc., and if Richard and Matilda die without lawful issue, the property to remain and revert to the right heirs of Richard.
Witnesses: John Monyngton of Cotowse, William Hawkyns, Richard Whitford, Hugh ap John, John Taylor.
Seal on one tag, reddish wax; other seal missing

[no title]  A95/2/40  1522/3

Gift. Sunday, vigil of the Purification of the B.V.M. 14 Henry VIII
(1) William Vertheway of Leominster, son and heir of Agnes Vertheway
(2) William Stevens of Weston and Margery his wife.
A meadow with appurtenances called Torners Yerde in the vill of Weston between the stream called Tonnebroke and the road leading to the chapel burial ground.
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due and rights by custom.
Witnesses: Thomas Stevyns, Thomas Stede, John Phelips John Babe, Richard Smyth and 'many others'.

[no title]  A95/2/41  1553

Quitclaim. 19 August, 1 Mary
Henry Stede of Bury in Pembridge
Thomas Stede his brother
Lands, pastures, common etc. in the Old Barrowe, Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/2/42  1576

Marriage Contract. 3 February 18 Eliz. I.
(1) Thomas Smithe of Weston, pa. Pembridge, yeo. and Thomas his son.
(2) William Gomond of the Weare, co. Herefs., gent.
Covenant by Thomas Smithe jun. to marry Sible Smithe, dau. in law of (2) before St. David's Day next.
Covenant by (2) that Sible shall marry Thomas
Covenant by Thomas Smithe sen. to settle a moiety of free lands and tenements in Weston on Thomas and Sible and their issue, and the other moiety to them after the death of himself and his wife. Thomas and Sible shall hold during their lives the moiety of Thomas Smithe sen.'s customary lands and tenements in the manor of Pembridge. Covenant by Thomas Sen. and Thomas jun. that Sible shall be put into a copy of court roll of the manor for her life, of all customary lands of Thoms sen. whereof he is now seised or was seised within a year before this date, after the death or surrender of any of the present tenants
Covenant by (2) to pay £80 to Thomas sen. and Thomas Jun together with "her chamber and her array mete and semely for one of her degree and calling".
Seal on tag, red wax

[no title]  A95/2/43  1576

Language:  Latin

Marriage settlement. 6 February 18 Eliz. I.
(1) Thomas Smithe, sen. of Weston in parish of Pembridge, yeo.
(2) Hugh Smithe gent. and John Grene, yeo.
All those his lands and free tenements with appurtenances in Weston, (1) to (2).
To hold to uses as follows:-
One moiety of the lands and tenements to the use of (1) and Joan his wife for their lives and the life of the longer liver, and after their deaths to the use of Thomas Smithe their son and Sibill Smithe and their lawful issue, and in default of such issue to the use of the heirs of (1).
The other moiety of the lands and tenements to the use of Thomas Smithe Jun. and Sibill Smith and their lawful issue, and in default thereof to the use of heirs of (1)
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for rents and services due.
Consideration: marriage to be solemnised between Thomas Smithe jun. and Sibill, dau. of Richard Smithe dec.
Seal on tag - red wax

[no title]  A95/2/44  25 April 1607


Bargain and Sale.
(1) Thomas Steade of Weston, pa. Pembridge, yeo.
(2) Thomas Smythe jun. of the same, yeo.
2 Parcels of land (½acre) in Weston, of which 3 ridges lie in Domecrofte field, and the residue lies in the lower end of the Hatchemeadow, belonging to (1) and being the upper part of a mill pound of (2)
Covenant by (1) to allow (2) to pound the watercourse in the lower end of Hatchemeadowebancke running to the mill of (2)
Seal red, inscripted T.S.

[no title]  A95/2/45  1632/3

Marriage Settlement. 16 February, 8 Charles
(1) Katheryne Smyth of Weston, Pembridge, widow, late wife of Thomas Smyth of Weston, and Thomas Smyth of the same, gent., son of Katheryne and Thomas, and Sible his wife.
(2) Thomas Tomkyns of Hursley in Letton and William Smyth of Weston.
Marriage already had between Thomas Smyth and Sible his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Tomkins.
Freehold messuage in Weston where Katheryne and Thomas live with adjoining lands, etc. [including moat], [...] , 3 acres., and several other pieces of land [specified] at Bury in Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/2/46  ND

Language:  Latin

(1) Henry de Penebruge, son of Ralph de Penebruge.
(2) Henry, son of Peter of Weston.
1 [...] virgate of land in the vill of Weston, with appurtenances, one moor called Heymore and one assart [clearing] which contains 2 acres; viz. that virgate of land and moor with assart that Peter, father of Henry held in the vill of Weston.
To (2) and his heirs in fee and inheritance.
Rent: ½ mark and all services due saving royal service.
Consideration: homage and service of (2)
Witnesses: William Fitzwarin, Hugh de Crofte, Walter de Henige, Roger de Henige, Roger de Bosco (boys, Boyce), Adam de Felleg, Richard Ouse, Roger Smith.
Seal green, with legend. Sigil.... ici. D. Pinbrug...


[no title]  A95/3/1  16 March 1663

Bargain and Sale
(1) Edward Weaver of Hereford, esq. and Mary his wife
(2) John Wolfe of Hereford, baker, and Anne his wife
Garden and orchard in Castle Street previously the site of a house, late the possession of the dissolved chantry called Kentish Burcott in Hereford Cathedral.

[no title]  A95/3/2-3  30 March 1650

Mortgage and counterpart.
(1) John Wolfe of Hereford, baker, and Anne his wife
(2) William Weobley of Much Marcle, yeo.
New house now built in Castle Street

[no title]  A95/3/4  even date

Covenant to levy a fine on the property

[no title]  A95/3/5  3 April 1653

(1) William Weobley of Much Marcle, yeo., and John Wolfe of Hereford, baker
(2) Thomas Boyse of Bishops Frome, gent.
Property as above

[no title]  A95/3/6  7 October 1656

(1) Thomas Boyse of Bishops Frome, gent.
(2) John Wolfe of Hereford, baker, and Anne his wife
Reciting deeds as above
Now, in consideration of £108, property is reconveyed to Wolfe

[no title]  A95/3/7-8  4 October 1656

Mortgage and Counterpart.
(1) John Wolfe of Hereford, baker, and Anne his wife
(2) Francis Powell M.A. of Oxford University
House and ground as above in Castle Street

[no title]  A95/3/9  16 March 1663

Bargain and Sale.
(1) William Hawlings of Hereford, gent., and Anne his wife, and Richard Powell of Pencombe, gent.
(2) Dame Mary Pye late of the Mynde, co. Herefs., widow.
Reciting deeds as above, with deaths of Wolfe and Francis Powell, leaving Hawlings and Richard Powell as their assignees.
Now for £430, house and land as above are conveyed to Dame Mary.

[no title]  A95/3/10  Trinity 1663

Final concord, parties as above

[no title]  A95/3/11-12  10/11 February 1685

Lease and release.
(1) Dame Mary Pye, widow
(2) Mary Bevan of Clifford, widow
In consideration of Bevan's service towards Pye.
Messuage in Castle Street, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/3/13  6 February 1727

Will and probate of John Carpenter of the Hydefield, esq.

[no title]  A95/3/14-18  1734-1764

Enclosed in the above, receipts and papers relating to legacies under the will

[no title]  A95/3/19  14 April 1743

Marriage Settlement.
(1) Thomas Brown of Ivington, gent., and John Brown of the same, his son.
(2) James Carpenter of the Hill, Kings Pyon, gent. and William Apperley of Luston.
(3) Elianor Carpenter, sister of James
Marriage to take place between John and Elianor
Portion: £300
Thomas Brown settles property in Ivington on John and Elianor

[no title]  A95/3/20-22  1765-1773

Enclosed with the above, releases for payment of dowry money.

[no title]  A95/3/23  2 May 1752

Marriage Settlement.
(1) James Carpenter of the Hydefield, gent.
(2) Edmund Eckley of Credenhill, gent. and Elizabeth his daughter
(2) Thomas Carpenter of Tillington, esq., and Edmund Eckley jun. of Credenhill
Settlement of properties in Clodock, Cusop, St. Margarets, Mansel Lacy, Mansel Gamage, Yazor, Dilwyn and Kings Pyon on James, Elizabeth and their heirs.

[no title]  A95/3/24  11 October 1759

Will and probate of James Carpenter of Hyde Field, Kings Pyon

[no title]  A95/3/25  14 July 1787

Will and probate of James Carpenter of the Hill, Kings Pyon

[no title]  A95/3/26  20 December 1792

Copy will of Elizabeth Carpenter of Kings Pyon, widow

[no title]  A95/3/27  12 October 1805

Copy will of Eleanor Eckley of Hereford, spinster
Devising house in Castle Street to nephews Edmund Jones and Edmund Eckley.

MUCH COWARNE  A95/4  [n.d.]

[no title]  A95/4/1  5 August 1692

(1) Thomas Geers of the Marsh, sergeant-at-law, and William Scull of Much Cowarne
(2) John Morse of Hereford, apothecary
Reciting an earlier mortgage of the property.
Now (1) assigns to (2)
Farm called New House with other buildings and land in Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/2  16 October 1697

(1) William Scull of Much Cowarne, gent.
(2) John Morse of Hereford, apothecary.
£412: Reciting deeds as above
Further term in property as above assigned to Morse

[no title]  A95/4/3  15 August 1723

Bargain and Sale.
(1) Elizabeth Hathway of Much Cowarne, widow, relict and executrix of Robert Hathway, cl., dec.
(2) Robert Hathway of Much Marcle, clerk, son of (1)
Tenements called The Hilling and Flondhill and land (specified) in Much Cowarne.

[no title]  A95/4/4  30 July 1730

(1) Robert Hathway of Much Cowarne, clerk
(2) Elizabeth Rice of Bath, co. Somerset, widow £600
The Farm, al. The Newhouse and other lands in Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/5  1 May 1741

(1) Matthew Goode of Thornbury, gent.
(2) Timothy Gittins of Bishops Frome, yeo
Messuage called the White House and cottage now used as a public house called the Red Lyon.
21 Years
£20 p.a.

[no title]  A95/4/6a  28 February 1742

(1) Timothy Gittins of Much Cowarne, yeo.
(2) John Dowding of Avenbury, gent.
Reciting lease as above
Now lease is assigned to Dowding for residue of term

[no title]  A95/4/6b  5 October 1745

Discharge from bond, Good to Dowding

[no title]  A95/4/7-8  10/11 November 1743

Lease and Release.
(1) The Rev. Robert Hathway of Much Cowarne, clerk, and Penelope his wife.
(2) The Rev. John Brydges of Much Cowarne, clerk, and Thomas Haylings of Much Cowarne, tanner
The Farm, a1. the Newhouse with other lands as above conveyed to (2) in trust for Hathway, wife and heirs

[no title]  A95/4/9  7 August 1817

Copy release by memnters of the Hathway family to Robert Hathway for several sums of money charged on properties in Much Cowarne as above under the will of Martha Maria Hathway.

[no title]  A95/4/10  5 January 1826

Copy mortgage.
(1) The Rev. Robert Hathway, clerk, rector of Stretton
(2) William Pateshall of Hereford, gent.
(3) Thomas Morgan of Bristol, gent.
Reciting earlier deeds, 1814-1818
Now, farm called the Farm, a1. the New House, and other lands in Much Cowarne, mortgaged to Morgan.

[no title]  A95/4/11  nd

Richard Haylings, quer.
John Dovey sen. and John Dovey jun.
4 Messuages, 4 gardens, 200a. land, 30a. meadow, 50a. pasture, 20a. wood and common of pasture in Much Cowarne.

[no title]  A95/4/12  1 February 1830

Tenancy agreement.
(1) William Stone
(2) William Watkins
Upper Batch Farm, Much Cowarne
3 Years
£130 p.a.
Husbandary clauses

[no title]  A95/4/13  23 July 1744

(1) Timothy Gittins of Much Cowarne, yeo.
(2) John Dowding of Suckley, co. Worcs., gent.
Consideration: £38 owed by (1) to (2)
All goods, household stuff, corn, grain, etc.

[no title]  A95/4/14  6 June 1744

John Dowding of Suckley, co. Worcs., to Matthew Goode of Leominster, gent., in £56.
For completion of agreement relating to the White House, Much Cowarne, and other lands.

[no title]  A95/4/15  1745

Abstract of title of Robert Hathway to an estate in Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/16  1706-1812

Abstract of title to lands in Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/17  1814

Abstract of lease, 1814, Hathway to Morgan as above

[no title]  A95/4/18  1794

Abstract of title of Hathway to estate in Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/19  1825

Schedule of Hathway's deeds to the property

[no title]  A95/4/20  28 October 1740

Articles of Agreement.
(1) Matthew Goode of Leominster, gent.
(2) Timothy Gittins of Bishops Frome yeo., and John Dowding of Avenbury, yeo.
(1) To (2) Farm in Much Cowarne
21 Years
£20 p.a.

[no title]  A95/4/21  ND

Particulars of farms in Much Cowarne perpared for Inclosure

[no title]  A95/4/22  ND

Notes on Mr. Hathway's leasehold property in Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/23  1794-1822

Particular of lands in Much Cowarne leased by Lady Jane Scudamore to Robert Hathway, with notes

[no title]  A95/4/24  ND

Survey of Mr. Hathway's estate at Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/25  ND

Note of lands exchanged by Mr. Hathway

[no title]  A95/4/26  ND

Particular of exchange of part of the Farm Estate, Much Cowarne, under the inclosure act.

[no title]  A95/4/27  1812

Survey of the Farm Estate, Much Cowarne

[no title]  A95/4/28  1822

Draft Lease, Rev. Robert Hathway to Henry Hill, 9 Feb. 1822 of the Farm Estate, Much Cowarne.


[no title]  A95/5/1  ND

Language:  Latin

(1) William Edrich of Little Collington
(2) Richard, son of Robert Coly of London
3 Acres of land with all appurtenances in Harndyngge between land of Peter the lord of Grete and a croft of William, and stretch at one head to a croft of the church of All Saints of Little Collington and at the other head on land of the said William.
To hold to Richards his heirs and assigns and those whom he may give, sell, bequeathe them, etc. in sickness or in health, except to men of religion and Jews.
Rent: 3d. p.a. and 2d. at Michaelmas for all secular services, aids, escheats, and demands, and 1d. at the feast of the Annunciation of B.V.M. for royal service and the chief lord's service and all other foreign services
Consideration: Homage and Service, 24s. and 5 messuages of wheat
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/2  ND

Language:  Latin

(1) William, son of William Edrich of Collington
(2) Richard Koly
8 Strips of land lying in Holiford field, of which 3 lie in Holifordes slade between land of Alice de Herdewicke and William de Budesleye, stretching [one headland] to the east, on land of Cessilia, daughter of John de Gardino (Garden) and the other westwards on land of Alexander... strips lie at Cape Apletre between land of Hanric de Rochulle and of said Richard Koly stretching.... headland westwards to Celifordes weye and 3 strips of land lie in the same field between land of... the said [Alice de] Herdwyke and land which once was Noreman de Colinton's, stretching one headland eastwards towards Aylumdesforde and the other headland westwards to Celifordes weye.
To hold to (2) his heirs, and those to whom he will give, sell etc. the said land, in sickness or health, except to men of religion and Jews.
Rent: 2d. p.a. for secular services, and for heriot.... wardships, aids,.... scutage, hidage, escheats for royal service etc. to the chief lord ....
Warranty: Consideration 9s. Seal on tag - green
Witnesses: Harri' de Rochelle, John de la Broke, Adam de la Broke, Bugh de la Broke, Thomas Marl (?)

[no title]  A95/5/3  ND

(1) William le Wyte
(2) Richard Coly and Alicie his wife, and Alicia his daughter.
For two shillings and four pence in hand.
All right and claim in one penny annual rent which Richard used to render for one acre of land in le Cumber Widesfield.
In 2 selions, one lying between the land of Isabella de Grunenhull and land of Radulfus le Moyne and stretching one head towards the north, the other to the south; the other selion between land of the said Isabella and of William Balle, stretching at each end to le lake pole.

[no title]  A95/5/4  ND

(1) John de Hersmed of Collington
(2) Richard Coly of Collington
All his claim in all that entire tenement with buildings and all their appurtenances which Hugh, brother of (1) held in the vill of Collington.
Consideration: 20s. and a measure of grain.
Witnesses: William Balle, Clement de Wetebache, Adam de la Broke, John de la Broke, Thomas de Underbithe, Thomas Mayel, William de Penebrug' chaplain.
Seal on tag = green wax, [part missing - legend [J]OHANNES DE HORS......................

[no title]  A95/5/5  ND

(1) Hugh, son of Hugh de la Broke of Collington minor
(2) Richard Coly of Collington
1 Acre of land with appurtenances in a field called Lakefield between land of Thomas Mayel and of John de la Broke, stretching to one headland on a meadow of Walter de Ponsbury on the east, and the other headland to the way called Lakeway on the west.
To hold in fee and inheritance.
Rent: 1d. p.a. for all services, suits, wardships, reliefs, heriots, tallages, aids, suits and demands, and for royal service and the chief lord, and all other services.
Witnesses: Henry de Rochulle, John de la Broke, Adam de la Broke, Thomas Mayel, Robert de la Broke.

[no title]  A95/5/6  ND

Language:  Latin

(1) Robert de la Broke of Colintone (Collington)
(2) Richard Koly and Alice his wife.
All that land with messuages, gardens, curtilages and all other ist appurtenances which (1) bought of William Edrich of Little Collington with rents, homages, services, escheats etc.
To hold of the lord of the fee, being yearly the services due and accustomed rent, as Robert is wone.
Witnesses: John de la Broke, Adam de la Broke, Henri' de Rochulle, Hugh de la Broke, Thomas Mayel.
Consideration: 5 marks.
Seal Missing

[no title]  A95/5/7  ND

Language:  Latin

(1) Miles le Hert of Colintun [Collington] minor
(2) Richard Coli of Colintun
1 Acre land at Le Stocwalle, viz. between land of Henry de Rochulle on one side and of John le Venur on the other, one headland extending towards the south on the land of the vicar of Collington and the other stretching to the north on the land of John le Venur.
Consideration: ½ mark
Rent: 2d. p.a.
Witnesses: Walter de la Broke, Hugh de la Broke, John de la Broke, Alexander de Gardino (Garden), Henry de Rochulle
Seal - green with legend - S. MILONISLEHERT - mount, fleur de lys.

[no title]  A95/5/8  ND; c 13th century

(1) John, son of Alban of Estinton
(2) William, son of Roger Smith of Redeshulle
8 Bits of his land in the manor of Sapey, of which one lies in raderrescroft between land of William de Wasseboure and land of Adam Smith of Redeshulle, stretching in length from the green way to the croft of William de Wassebourne; the second lies in Harforlung betwen land of John sigri and land of William, son of Roger Imiems, stretching in length from Chircsweye to land of Alban Roporci the third contains 3 strips and one meadow and lies in Uebrugge else between land of (1) and land of David de Leynthales, stretching on length from land of Gilbert de la Forde to Chircsweye.
The fourth lies in le Burtine between land of the said Gilbert and land of William son of Matilda, and stretching in length from land of William de Wassebourne to Rodeswelleclache.
The fifth contains 12 ridges and lies in Edecrofte - on one side between land of (1) and stretches from his land to land of William son of Matilda.
The sixt countains 1 acre lying on Sidenhale between land of David de Leynthales and land of John Alisaundres, stretching from land of the said John to land of William, son of Matilda.

[no title]  A95/5/9  ND; 13th century

Language:  Latin

(1) William Edrich of Collington
(2) Roger le Newemon of Yeddefen
One item of land with appurtenances lying between land of Henry de Rochull.... Hugh de la Grove and stretches one headland towards the way leading to Plov meadow and the other to a meadow of Henry de Rochulle
Rent: 4d. p.a. for all secular services and royal service and to the chief lords of the fee what issues from the land.
Consideration: Homage and service of (2) and 25s.
Witnesses: William, lord of Collington, Walter de Under, Robert Clerk, Richard de Weysinde, Alexander de Garden

[no title]  A95/5/10  ND; 13th century

Language:  Latin

(1) William Edrich of Little Collington (Colinton parva)
(2) John, son of Robert Loverum of Kyntterryk
1 Acre of land with all appurtenances lying in West meduwes field between land of Miles le Herch and land of Norman de Collington and stretching one headland on land of Sir Peter de Grete to the north, and the other on land of the said Miles and on land of Little Collington to the south.
To (2) his heirs, assigns or any to whom he may give sell assign or bequeath the piece if land with appurtenances except to men of religion and Jews.
Rent 2d. p.a. for all secular services, and all foreign services issuing from the lands.
Consideration: Homage and service of (2) and 10s.
Witnesses: Sir John Monk, Walter de la Lye, Alexander de Gardino (Garden), Henry de Rochull, Miles le Hench
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/11  1294


Grant, by exchange
(1) William Ball of Colinton'
(2) Walter de Rochulle
By exchange of one Cultina of land in le Oldemalreforlonge four pieces of land in the aforesaid field in Colinton', one of which lies between the land of Hugh de la Brok and Califordesweye, another between the land of John de la Brok and that of John son of Richard Coly, the third having land of Richard Coby on either side and the fourth next le Plockesweye
To hold of the lords of the fee
Witnesses: John de Smith, Walter de Underhill, Hugh parson of Colinton', William de Penebrug', Capellamus Adam de la Broke de Colinton, John Nermo, Thomas de Underlich 'and many others'
At Underlith, Feast of S. Barnabus, 22 Edward 1294
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/12  c 1365 - 1366

Language:  Latin

Quitclaim. At Collington, Sunday next before the feast of St. Nicholas, 39 Edward III
(1) Mariona, daughter of John le Hert of Collington
(2) Alice daughter of Walter Coly
All her claim in all lands and tenements with meads, meadows, feedings, pastures, dithhew, hedges and all other appurtenances, which have belonged to Walter Coly
Witnesses: Ralph de Zeddefed, Sir John Ettor, Sir John Coly, John ate Baruwe, Philip Alisander.
Seal on Tag - red wax

[no title]  A95/5/13  1399

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Collington, Monday after the eve of St. John the Baptist, 23 Richard II
(1) Nicholas Gybones of Collington
(2) John Fizpiers Cheorleton; John Brid and John Barne
All his lands and tenements in Collington major and Collington minor with buildings, meadows, feedings, pastures, rents, wardships, marriages, with all their appurtenances, which he had of gift and feoffment of John Wenbonde of Collington.
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: Richard de Roudon, Nicholas Dovne, William Aubrey, Henry Pyre, William Harlouwe.
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/14  1431

Gift. at Collington, morrow of the Annunciation of B.V.M. 9 Henry VI.
(1) Nicholas Gybbons alias Coly of Colynton and Margery his wife
(2) John Coly, son of (1) and Isabella his wife
All their lands and tenements in Colynton major and Colynton minor with buildings, meadows feedings, pastures, rents, wardships, marriages and all appurtenances
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: Thomas Harlow, Luke Barowe, Thomas Dodnshill John Pyrye, John Aubrey
Seal on one tag - brown, fragment of seal on the second tag.

[no title]  A95/5/15  1431

Language:  Latin

Letter of Attorney. At Collington, Tuesday next after the Annunciation of B.V.M. 9 Henry VI
Nicholas Gybonns alias Coly of Collington and Margery his wife appoint Thomas Harlowe their attorney for livery of seisin to their son John Coly and Isabella his wife of allttheir lands and tenements in Collington major and Collington minor
[...] Seal - brownish wax on tag cut from foot of document above a tag cut for wrapping the letter

[no title]  A95/5/16  1431

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Collington, Sunday after Easter, 9 Henry VI
(1) Thomas Harlowe of Collington
(2) Nicholas Coly and Margery his wife
1 Messuage in Collington major and 9 Acres of land in Collington major and Collington minor with all appurtenances which he had of gift and feoffment of the said Nicholas
To Nicholas and Margery for the term of the longer liver of them and after their deaths remainder to William, son of Nicholas and Margery, and his lawful issue; in default of such issue, remainder to John, son of Nicholas and Margery and his heirs for ever.
Witnesses: Luke Barrow, John Aubrey, John Harlowe, Thomas Dudsal and John Perie
Seal on tag, yellowish white, fragmentary

[no title]  A95/5/17  29 May 1477

Gift. At Collington, Thursday before the feast of St. Petrionella, 17 Edward IV
(1) Nicholas Coly and Helen his wife
(2) Thomas Tytbach and Elizabeth his wife
All their lands and tenements in Collington major and Collington minor with buildings, meadows, feedings, pastures, rents, wardships, marriages, and with all their appurtenances, which they lately had of gift and grant of William Coly of Yedfyn; John Coly of Tedstone Delamere [Tedstone de la mare], Thomas Harlowe and Roger Jones
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: Thomas Harlowe, Roger Barrow, Walter Pembrige Roger Perry, John Stepull
2 Seals on tags; red wax; one fragmentary.

[no title]  A95/5/18  1493

Language:  Latin

Feoffment. At Collington, 11 May, 8 Henry VII
(1) William Noot of Wolferlow [Wolfyrlowe] and Thomas Mason of Edwyn superior
(2) Thomas Webbe alias Tytbach and Alice his wife
All those lands and tenements with buildings, meadows, pastures, feedings, rents, wardship marriages, and all appurtenances in Colynton major and Colynton minor, which (1) lately had from gift and feoffment of Thomas Webbe. To hold of the chief lord of the fee for services due.
Witnesses: Richard Jonys(?), William Pery, Thomas Barow
2 Seals on tags - one fragmentary, red wax

[no title]  A95/5/19  1523


Exchange. 18 February [Febyrell] 14 Henry VIII
Thomas Aubrey of Bromyard
Thomas Tytbache alias Webbe of Collington (2) to (1)
1 Acre in the fields of Collington in Colyfordes Feld lying in 3 pieces at the Brechis head between lands of Thomas Aubrey and Roger Pery and stretching over Roudenis ground on the one head, and the parson of Collington's ground called the Breche on the other head; and the other parcel between ground of the parson and ground of Thomas Aubrey, and shooting in length on the Roudon ground on the one head and the parson's ground called the Breche on the other head and parcel of Paleborche Acre lying between land of Thomas Aubrey, stretching in length from the said hedge to the Broke.
(1) To (2)
1 Acre of land in the Lakefeld lying by the hore stone between Thomas Aubrey's ground and Thomas Tytbache's ground and in length on the one head on John Welshe's ground and the other head on a meadow called Brod Meadow of Thomas Berow on the other head.
To (1) and (2) forever in clear exchange.
(1) And (2) each to pay chief rents as they have been formerly paid.
Seal on tag, red wax, fragmentary

[no title]  A95/5/20  1523

Quitclaim. 24 February. 14 Henry VIII
(1) Thomas Aubrey of Bromyard
(2) Thomas Webbe alias Tytborche of Collington
All claim in all those parcels of land in the fields of Collington which Thomas Webbe holds by his grant in exchange as will more fully appear in an indenture made between them dated 22 February 14 Henry VIII.
On dorse: Witnesses: Hugh Donys rector of Collington: John Jonys, Thomas Pery, Roger Powell, William ary.
Seal on tag - red wax.

[no title]  A95/5/21  1527

Gift. 1 May, 19 Henry VIII
(1) Thomas Webbs al Thomas Gyttebache and Alice his wife.
(2) Hugh Danes, clerk, rector of Colyngton and Thomas Barow
All those lands and tenements, meadows, pastures and feedings, rents, reversions in Colyngton major and minor which the grantors had by gift and feoffment of Nicholas Coly and Elene his wife.
To hold of the chief lord of the fee for services due
Witnesses: Philip Perkyn, John Pyttes and Edward Perkyn of Sapey 'and many others'
At Colyngton. 1 May, 19 Henry VIII
2 Seals, appended one below the other, on the same tag.

[no title]  A95/5/22  1626

Marriage Settlement. 22 May, 2 Chas. I.
(1) Thomas Burwall of Butterley, Edwyn Ralph, yeo.
(2) Richard Pytt of Little Kyre, co. Worcs., yeo., and Humphrey Yeomans of Butterley, yeo.
Marriage between Thomas and Katherine his wife
Farm in Collington in occupation James Rowberry to use of Thomas, wife and heirs

[no title]  A95/5/23  24 December 1711

(1) Thomas Burwall of Docklow, gent.
(2) Walter Townsend of Collington, yeo.
Farm in Collington
21 years
£11.10.0 p.a.

THORNBURY  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/5/24  1381

Language:  Latin

Quitclaim. At Thornbury, Friday before St. Edmund, bishop 5 Richard II
(1) Richard Oweyn and Matilda hiswwife
(2) John de la Broke
All rights of (1) in all lands and tenements with meadows, pastures, rents and appurtenances which descended to Richard and Matilda after the death of John de la Hulle, rector of Thornbury
Warranty. 2 seals on tags - red wax, fragmentary

[no title]  A95/5/25  1402

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Thornbury on Tuesday next after the feast of the nativity of St. John the Baptist. 3 Henry IV
(1) John Broke of Thornbury
(2) John Make, Sir Robert, rector of the church of Thornbury and Thomas Harlowe of Collington
All his lands and tenements with all appurtenances in the vill and fields of Thornbury, which late were Sir John Herte's, chaplain of Thornbury
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: John de 1a Barowe, John Snell, William Hopkynys Walter Algard, Roger Nicholis
Seal on tag - red wax, fragmentory

[no title]  A95/5/26  1405/6

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Thornbury, Thursday after the feast of the apostles Simon and Jude, 7 Henry IV
(1) Sir Robert, rector of Thornbury, clerk, John Drake and Thomas Harelowe
(2) John le Romeney and John le Barewe
All their lands and tenements with all their appurtenances in the vill and parish of Thornbury and in the fields, which were once Sir John Hull's a clerk of Thornbury, and which they had of gift and feoffment of John Broke of the same.
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: Richard Gynes (?), John Snell, John Bryd, Nicholas Donys (?), William Hoppekinis
2 Seals on tags, red wax - third seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/27  1435

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Thornbury, Monday next after Ascension, 13 Henry VI
(1) John Broke of Knygtwike, co. Worcs
(2) John Harlow of Collington
All his lands and tenements with all appurtenances in the vill and fields of Thornbury which once were Sir John Hule's clerk and rector of Thornbury
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: John Parcar, Walter Algard, William Hopkins, Roger Nicholas, Luke Bar-w, William Runnay, Richard at Pole, John Wollay
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/28  1437

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Thornbury, All Saints Day, 16 Henry VI
(1) Thomas Harlow, brother and heir of John Harlow
(2) Thomas Harlow, father of (1), and Philip, Clerke of Bockleton [Bokilton].
All his lands and tenements, which he has through the death of his brother John in the vill and fields of Thornbury, and within the lordship of Nethwode with all their appurtenances. To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due.
Witnesses: Walter Algard, Roger Nicols, Richard Pole Seal - on tag, fragmentary, reddish brown wax.

[no title]  A95/5/29  1449

Language:  Latin

Quitclaim. At Thornbury, Sunday the feast of St. Margaret virgin and martyr, 27 Henry VI
(1) Elizabeth Hopkyns of Thornbury, widow
(2) Robert Gode of Thornbury and late of Quynton, pa. Bockleton.
All her right and title in a certain tenement called le Lynlond with lands, meadows, feedings, pastures and all their appurtenances, which she lately had of the gift and feoffment of John Poyt in the fee of Thornbury, except 2 acres of woodland in Hobache and 2 acres of arable in Wotton.
1 Messuage and half a virgate of land with all buildings, woods, meadows, feedings, pastures and other appurtenances which she had of gift and feoffment of Robert Coly chaplain at the same time with William Hopkyns late her husband now dead, except 4 acres of that land, as appears more fully in a certain deed of feoffment.
Witnesses: John Parkere snr. of Nethewode Parkere, John Aubrey of Wacton, John Wehirley (?) of Walles, Thomas Harlowe of Thornbury, Thomas Tayllor of the same.
Seal on tag - red

[no title]  A95/5/30  1494

Letter of Attorney. At Thornbury, 21 January 9 Henry VII
Hugh Shyrley of Stockton appoints Richard Shyrley his son as attorney for livery of seisin to William Deynton of Sutton Sturmy of all lands and tenements, meadows, feedings and pastures with all their appurtenances which he had within the parish of Thornbury and the lordship of Nethewode.
To hold for ever, according to the effect of his charter of the same date.
Seal - red wax, fragmentary; on tag cut from foot of document, above a wrapping tag.

[no title]  A95/5/31  1495

Grant. At Thornbury, 21 Jan. 9 Henry VII
(1) Hugh Shyrley of Stocton
(2) William Deynton of Sutton Sturmy, co. Worcs
All his lands, tenements, meadow, pasture and feedings in the parish of Thornbury within the lordship of Nethewode which were lately Thomas Harlowes of Thornbury Except those which were formerly Sibill Gebons and John Wolleys in Thornbury and the lordship of Nethewod
To hold of the chief lords of the fee for services due.
Witnesses: Richard Shyrley, son of (1), Richard Powell, clerk, rector of Thornbury, Richard Colyns, Walter Good, Thomas Tyler
Seal on tag, fragmentary - red wax.

[no title]  A95/5/32  16 February 1494

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Thornbury.
(1) William Wynton of Sutton Sturmy
(2) Robert Goode
All those lands, tenements, meadows, feedings and pastures late belonging to Thomas Harl of Thornbury, except one croft called Brockeshole and one plock of meadow lying in Newmedowe, 1 acre of arable land lying in le overwallefelde and a certain parcel of land in the same field to be tilled, one meadow lying in.... of two.... next le forepondeys hedde which lands and tenements with the rest aforesaid, William lately had of gift and feoffment of Hugh Shirley.
To Robert and his heirs lawfully begotten to hold from the chief lords of the fee for services due
Witnesses: Richard ap Howell, clerk, Richard de Thornebury Richard Colyns (?), Richard Taylor, Thomas Tiline (?) John Lockyns (?)
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/33  1548

Language:  Latin

Quitclaim. 21 February 2 Edward VI
(1) William Goode of Thornbury, son and heir of Hugh Goode, dec.
(2) John Jaye, jnr. son of William Joy of Kirewiarde, co Worcs.
Recites: Gift (1) to (2)
2 Acres land lying together between the king's land in Thornbury now in tenure of one Richard Wynde on the north and land of Richard Crofte, esq. now in tenure of Thomas Brymylde on the south, stretching to the lower part on the highway leading from the vill of Bromyard to Ludlow, and to the upper part stretching on another part of the king's land now in tenure of the said Richard Wynde called Clerkes Crofte, which late were land of Hugh Goode, father of (1)
Consideration: 18s
Now (1) to (2)
All claim in the 2 acres called Clerkes Crofte
Seal on tag: red wax, part missing

[no title]  A95/5/34  10 May 1589


(1) Thomas Baskervile of Heath wood, co. Hfd., esq.
(2) Thomas Acton of Bockleton, co. Worcs., gent. and Thomas Eaton of Thornbury, co. Herefs., gent.
3 Meadows called The Lords Meadow, Thornburies Meadow and the parson's meadow in Thornbury
21 Yrs.
Rent. 20s. pa.
Consideration £20
Seal on tag - red wax, fragmentary

[no title]  A95/5/35  30 June 1589


Bargain and Sale.
(1) John Jay and Thomas Jay of Bockleton, co. Hfd. cowlpere
(2) Thomas Goode of Thornbury, yeo.
The tenement with appurtenances of (1) in Thornbury, with orchards, gardens, etc. belonging, called Clearkes Crofte, between lands of the Queen in tenure of Johan Wynde, widow, on the north, lands of Thos. Baskervile esq. on the south, the Queen's highway from Bromyard to Ludlow, at the lower end, and the Queen's land in the tenure of Johan Wynde at the upper end; and all rents, services, etc. due from William Powell, occupier of the premises
To hold of the chief lord of the fee for services due
Consideration: £6.18s.4d.
Seal on double tag - red wax - second seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/36  30 June 1603

(1) [Anne] Goode of Thornbury, widow, and Thomas Goode her son
(2)............ of Thornbury
[£ Land in the] fields of Thornbury, viz.
1 Acre arable in the Walheath.... [land of].... Goode of the Poolhouse south, and land of John Porter north.
2 Other ridges lying in the Churc[h Field]........... at the other end now in occupation of William Joye, east, one other end of a ridge of meadow..... of water streams running to Thornburys ....
3 Other ridges in the Streete Fielde shooting .....
A meadow ground 5 ridges wide lying in the Churche Fielde, shooting upon ....
William Jaye, Blanch his wife and Elizabeth their daughter for their lives and to the longes liver of them
Rent: 12d.
Covenant for (1) to have 12d. in lieu of heriot at decease of William, Blanche and Elizabeth, dying tenants
Parts of document cut away

[no title]  A95/5/37  1641

Language:  English and Latin

Bond in £60. 30 September, 17 Chas. I
(1) Humfrey Goode of Thornbury, yeo., and Thomas Goode of the same, yeo
(2) William Yeomans of Stockton, co. Hfd., yeoman
For fulfilment of covenants in an indenture of the same
2 Seals on tags cut along the foot of the document

[no title]  A95/5/38  16 July 1667

(1) John Whittington of Thornbury, clerk and Susanna his wife
(2) William Norris of Thornbury, yeo.
(2) To (1)
1 Parcel of pasture in Thornbury called Little Hill, c. 3½ acres, and 1 parcel of arable land in Thornbury, part of a parcel of ground called The Great Hills, and containing c. 1½ acres, all particularly bounded.
(1) To keep the fence on the east side of the parcel of arable.
On Dorse:
On Dorse: Memorandum of agreement that William and his heirs shall have right of way through the Little Hills and other lands of the Whittingtons to grounds called Hubbach William and his heirs making up rails and gates and not meddling with the Whittingtons' meads without consent.
Also - memorandum of agreement that a pew in Thornbury Church formerly in question, where Mr. Whittington, Thomas Good and Ivan Norris have kneelings, shall continue as is recorded in the register book, to all the said parties

[no title]  A95/5/39  1670

Language:  Latin

Fine in 15 days of St. Hilary. 22 Chas. II
(1) John Tomkins, gent., Isaac Tomkins, gent., John Pateshall and Thomas Pateshall, quers.
(2) Susanna Whittington, widow and John Whittington, deforcs.
2 Messuages, 1 cottage, 2 tofts, 1 water mill, 3 gardens, 5 orchards, 11 a. land, 30a. meadow, 60a. pasture, 10a. woodland, 30a. fields and heath and 100s. rents with appurtenances in Thornbury.

[no title or date]  A95/5/40

Note of baptism of Edward Burwall, son of Thomas Burwall and Catherine his wife.
..... April .....
By Rector, Ed. Russell

[no title]  A95/5/41  ND

Language:  Latin

(1) Aufrey Pruet de Yedefen
(2) Hugh de Henlag
5 Strips of land in Wolaneshulle near land of Hugh, whose headlands extend from la polbeche on Hugh's land.
Rent: at the feast of St. Giles, for all secular services
Consideration: homage and service of (2) and ½ mark money
Witnesses: Peter lord of Grote, Adam lord of Colinton, Thomas de Grote, Walter de la Broke, Hugh Crendi

[no title]  A95/5/42  1316/17

Language:  Latin

Grant. At Scheld, on Monday next after the feas of St. Katherine the virgin, 10 Ed. II
(1) Lucy and Angnes (Agnes) daughters of Stephen de la Hale
(2) Reginald de Wlstone and Avis his wife.
All their arable land, wood and meadow with reversion of the same, with ditches, thickets(hedges?) and all other looked for appurtenances of the land wood and meadow, in the vill of Scheldefleye, by the decease of Katherine, daughter of their brother Simon.
To hold of the lord of the fee for services.
Witnesses: Hugh de Wilstone, Richard de la Grave, Ralph le Zonge, William atte Mulne and John Haredbrond.
Seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/43  1361

Language:  Latin

Quitclaim. at lvynctone, Sunday next after the feast of the Purification of the B.V.M. 35 Edward III
(1) John de Oxnmeouch de la Hyde, John de la Roe of lvinctone, and Walter le .....kers of Prestonede.
(2) Richard Pacres of lvinctone
All claim in that acre of land with appurtenances in lvyntone which lies in the Quarel field between land of William de Fouce (?) on one side and of Walter ................on the other and stretches from the land of Margery Hall [de Aula] to land once of Hugh Witnesses: Sir John de Bynefford, kt., William le Waldebeof, John de Crofte, Walter de ...hurst, Roger Mor.
Seal on one tag, yellowish wax: other seal missing

[no title]  A95/5/44  1376

Language:  Latin

Gift. At Moldeley, 4 January 19 Richd.II
(1) John de Byrchere
(2) Roger de Otgost and Margery his wife.
3 Parts of all his lands and tenements with appurtenances which he has within the lordship of Stepulton except lands and tenements called Grenyslone; as by metes and bounds limited.
To hold of the chief lord of the fee for services due.
Witnesses: William Nasshe, Wm. Golafre, Thos. Rode.
John Rode, Roger Smyth of Stannysbach
Seal missing.

[no title]  A95/5/45  2 October 1694

Order of Quarter Sessions
The churchwardens and overseers of the poor or other inhabitants of Hampton Wafer are to provide a habitation for Edward Prees, his wife and family or to pay him 12d. weekly; he having been tried and acquitted of the murder of Michaell Brown gent. and returning from gaol found the house he leased let to another by Madam Brown.
Justices at next monthly meeting are to state the case and the inhabitants of Hampton Wafer and Edward to appear at next Sessions, where it shall be determined.

[no title]  A95/5/46  ND

Plan with survey of fields

[no title]  A95/5/47  ND

Plan of house and garden, unidentified.


Eardisley  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/6/1-4  1 February 1749

4 items

Poor condition

(1) Thomas Burnam of Thornbury, clerk.
(2) Joseph Bach of Leominster, dyer.
Thomas Burnam admitts that £800 payed for admittance to messuage in Eardisley was Joseph Bach's money and Burnam was admitted to property in trust for Bach.
Also papers concerning admittance, etc.

Hatfield  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/6/5  1 March 1718

(1) Timothy Geers of the Marsh, esq.
(2) Joseph Burnam of Hatfield, gent.
Part of mansion house or Court of Hatfield and little parlour and chamber, over it the Buttery, the Great Kitchen, the 'Dayry' houses and bakehouses, the Pantry and all the Chambers, rooms and corn chambers over same, barns, buildings, orchards, lands, meadows, leasows and pastures, etc.
Reserved to lessor:-
Brick and stone part of the mansion, the cyder house, the Great Buttery, the Nursery Chamber, the Little Kitchen and court adjoining the two courts, gatehouse and great garden, two closets part of the orchard on thewest of the garden wall, the inner stable and hay room adjoining, the pulse barn, piece of ground enclosed with a stone wall called the nursery, sufficient room for laying wood in the cold, the coach house and all wood timber and underwood with free ingress, regress and egrees for carriage etc.
For 21 years
Rent: £131 p.a. on 1st. August and 1st. February
Burnam to keep hopyard and supply hop-poles, also to provide 20 waggons loads of wood for Geers.

Grendon Bishop  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/6/6  7 November 1717

(1) Elizabeth Baldwyn of Bockleton, worcs., [crossed out and Thomas Burnam of Thornbury written.]
(2) Thomas Mason of Broadfield [crossed out and James Marlow of Wellington written.]
Westington Court and land held by lease under the Bishop in Grendon.
Reserved to lessor - 12 acres in Grindon Meadow and the fish pool with liberty to kill game.
For 21 years. that by lease from the Bishop for 19 years
Rent: £115 p.a.
[Deed signed by Elizabeth Baldwyn]

[no title]  A95/6/7  14 April 1718

Articles of Agreement.
(1) Elizabeth Baldwyn of Bockleton, worcs., widow, relict of Charles Baldwyn, esq., dec.
(2) Thomas Burnam of Thornbury, clerk.
Consideration: £1,909
Copyhold and freehold lands in Grendon Bishop in tenure of Thomas Mason.

[no title]  A95/6/8  9 March, 1738

Lease for a year (release missing).
(1) Thomas Burnam of Thornbury, clerk and Elizabeth his wife.
(2) Thomas Mason of the Ferne, Marden, gent., and Thomas Edwards of Thronbury, gent.
All those freehold and forelett or leasehold messuages, lands and premises whatsoever of Thomas Burnam at Westinton, Grendon Bishop, now in possession of James Parlour, gent. or his undertenants and all those several messuages, lands, etc. whatsoever of Thomas Burnam called Moorend in Much [...] Cowaree now in possession of John Rawlings and William Griffits or their undertenants.

[no title]  A95/6/9  11 August 1758

(1) Elizabeth Burnam of Thornbury, widow, relict of Thomas Burnam late of the same, clerk, dec.
(2) Joseph Burnam of Hatfield, gent., eldest son of Thomas
For bond of £500 for annuity of £50 for life, Elizabeth releases all claim to Thomas' lands in Grendon Bishop.

[no title]  A95/6/10  7 July 1809

(1) Rt. Rev. John, Bishop of Hereford
(2) Ann Pateshall of Hereford, widow
Consideration: surrender of former lease
Messuage and yard of land called Aubreys Lands in Bishop's Grendon late in tenure of William Burnam decd. now of Ann Pateshall, and several pieces of land (specified), c. 47 acres.
For 21 years
Rent: 6s. 8d. on Feast of St. Michael and the Annunciation

[no title]  A95/6/11-21  1760-1800

Small bundle of items apparently put together by Mrs. Ann Pateshall, including:-
Account of rents paid to Bishop on Westington Estate, Grendon Bishop, 1760-1774
Probate copy of Will of Matthew Good of Leominster, will 1754, proved 1762 (properties, Winslow etc.)
Administration of goods of William Burnam, 1774.

Bromyard  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/6/22  20 August 1616

(1) Humphrey Eaton of Thronbury, clerk
(2) Humphrey Goode of Thornbury, son of Thomas Goode; Humphrey Goode of Poolhouse, son of Roger Goode; Humphrey Goodyear and Humphrey Yeomons of Thornbury
Messuage and half burgage in New Street, Bromyard (specified)
Rents, etc. to be used for the poor of Thornbury

[no title]  A95/6/23  22 October 1718

Admission and Surrender
Manor of Bromyard Foreign.
Thomas Burnham surrenders 4 messuages and 2 gardens and lands belonging (named) to use of self, wife and son Thomas.

[no title]  A95/6/24  17 November 1719

(1) Josua Harley of Bromyard, Innholder
(2) Roger Harris of the same, hatter
Liberty and way leading out of New Street to a blacksmith's shop, Bromyard
For 21 years
Rent: 7s. 6d.

[no title]  A95/6/25  12 June 1739

(1) Matthew Good of Thornbury, gent.
(2) Thomas Davies, sadler, of Bromyard
Three pieces of land at Winslow, Bromyard
For 21 years
Rent: £4.17.6
Lessor to have liberty to raise stone

[no title]  A95/6/26  9 June 1742

(1) Matthew Good of Leominster, gent., and Susanna his wife.
(2) William Baylis of Bromyard, ironmonger
Two messuages in Bromyard in tenure of William Baylis
For 21 years
Rent: £10.10s. p.a.

[no title]  A95/6/27  13 January 1775

Probate copy will of Joseph Garston of Bromyard.
To his sister, Ann Blakeway of Tenbury, Worcs., all rents, etc. of house he lives in, which he bought of his nephew John Harris, for life, also parcel of land joining Madewell Lane, after her death to his niece Elizabeth Norman.
Also to his neice, Elizabeth Norman of Birmingham, all his household goods, plate, linen, etc. and all his personal estate provided there is enough to discharge his debts.
If there is not sufficient personal estate to discharge his debts he empowers William Burnam of Westington to sell or mortgage his house, any money left after discharge of debts and expenses to go to his sister Ann Blakeway
William Burnam to be executor
Proved 22 March 1775.

[no title]  A95/6/28  23 May 1794

Lease. (release missing).
(1) Ann Pateshall of Allensmore, widow
(2) John Elliotts of Ballingham, gent.
Six parcels of land with barn and buildings, the Ash Coppice, all adjoining (25a.) formerly 3 pieces of Old Leys near Flagoners Green, Bromyard, having Ashfield on the east, the road from Flagoners Green to Coopers Green on the west, Flagoners Green on the north and the road from Bromyard to Hereford on the south.

Thornbury  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/6/29  24 February 1591

Marriage Settlement.
(1) Ralph Goode of Thornbury
(2) John Coxe jun. and John Goode of the Berrow
Consideration: Marriage between Thomas Goode and Joan Coxe
All messuages, lands, etc. in Thornbury, to use of Thomas and heirs, with a life interest for Ralph.

[no title]  A95/6/30  20 July 1610

(1) James Good of Coventry, yeo
(2) Nicholas Eaton of Thornbury, gent.
Reciting earlier lease
Now in consideration of £13.6.8
Lease of farm and water mill at Thornbury is assigned to (2).

[no title]  A95/6/31  nd

Marriage Settlement. 20 June
(1) Thomas Goode of Thornbury, yeo., and Mary his wife
(2) John Perkyns of Collington, clerk.
Marriage between Humphrey Goode and Ursula Perkyns.
Goode to settle all his properties in Thornbury on Humphrey and Ursula.

[no title]  A95/6/32  10 August 1649

(1) Richard Collins of Upton, Little Hereford, gent.
(2) Alexander Jauncey of Kimbolton, yeo
Rent: of 7s. arising from a messuage in Thornbury near the Rectory now in occupation of Thomas Goode.

[no title]  A95/6/33  1670

Final Concord. Hilary
John Tomkins, gent., Isaac Tomkins, gent., John Pateshall and Thomas Pateshall, quer.
Susanna Whittington, widow, and John Whittington, deforcs.
2 Messuages, 1 cottage, 1 toft, 1 water mill, 3 gardens, 5 orchards, 100a. land, 30a. meadow, 60a. pasture, 10a. wood and 30a. furze and heath and 100s. rent in Thornbury

[no title]  A95/6/34  1680

Agreement. 28 April 1680, for delivery of household goods by William Goode of Thornbury to Thomas Good of Hampton Charles, his father.
With list of goods to be delivered.

[no title]  A95/6/35  1714

Final Concord. Purification
Matthew Good, gent., quer
John Whittington, gent. and Elizabeth his wife, Richard Maund and Ann his wife, deforcs.
3 Messuages, 2 cottages, 2 water mills, 5 gardens, 70a. land, 20a. meadow, 20a. pasture, 20a. wood and 20a. furse and heath in Thornbury and Leominster.

[no title]  A95/6/36  26 May 1733

(1) Matthew [...] Goode of Thornbury, gent.
(2) Valentine Jones of Thornbury, labourer.
2 Parcels pasture (½a) in Street Field in Thornbury
99 Years
5s. p.a.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/6/37  4 September 1713

very poor condition

Marriage Settlement.
(1) John Mason the elder of Bodenham, gent.
(2) Thomas Mason (one of sons of John)
(3) Elinor Burrall of Thornbury, spinster
(4) Thomas Burnham of Thornbury, clerk and John Mason jun. of Bodenham, gent.
Marriage between Thomas Mason and Elinor Burrall settled £300 and messuage called Broadfield (Courteurby?) and lands etc. in Bodenham, Croft and Pencombe
Deed labelled "Brother Masons settlement upon his wife".

[no title]  A95/6/38  14 November 1759

Probate Copy
Will of Joseph Burnam of Hatfield, gent.
To his sister Elizabeth Walker £30 to be paid within a year after his death.
To the children of Elizabeth Walker as follows:-
To J ohn Walker £50; to Thomas Walker £50; to Joseph Walker £30; to William Walker £30; to Delabere Walker £30; to Bartholomew Walker £50; to Elizabeth Walker £30; to Edward Walker £30; to Samuel Walker £30; to Sarah Walker £30; to Charles Walker £30; to Margaret Walker £30; to Benjamin Walker £30, to be paid them at the age of 20yrs. If any child die before 21, then its share to be equally divided among the survivors.
To his kinswoman Margaret Bedford, daughter of William Bedford of Reddymoor, £30 to be paid within a year of his death.
To his brother William Burnam, his messuage, tenement, farm and lands in Edwin Ralph, in possession of Hugh Smith, paying to his aunt Margaret Burnam an annuity of £10 on 24 June. Also to his brother William Burnam his messuage, farm and land called Westington in Grendon Bishop and parcel of land in Bromyard.
The residual estate to William whom he appoints executor.
Administration: 30 April 1763.

[no title]  A95/6/39  5 July 1758

Inventory of goods and chattles of Mr. Thomas Burnam late rector of Thornbury.
Taken by Edward Burwall and Thomas Mason.

[no title]  A95/6/40  15 February 1758

Letters of administration to Ann Goode, widow, in goods of Thomas Goode of Thornbury, dec.

[no title]  A95/6/41  22 June 1698

Will of Elizabeth Powell of Stoke Prior

[no title]  A95/6/42  10 May 1680

William Good of Thornbury yeo. to Thomas Goode of the same for fulfillment of covenant.

[no title]  A95/6/43  3 July 1668

John Barneby of Brockhampton to Thomas Goode of Thornbury for £80, purchase money of an estate in Tenbury, co. Worcs.

[no title]  A95/6/44  28 April 1677

Will and probate of Elianor Steward of Butterley, Edwyn Ralph

[no title]  A95/6/45  18 May 1597

(1) William Deykin al.Burforde of Lullsey, c. Worcs.
(2) Richard Deykin al. Burforde of Edvin Ralph and Ales his wife.
Farm called Watts Sett in Edvin Ralph
For lives
10s. p.a.

[no title]  A95/6/46  30 November 1599

Bargain and Sale.
(1) William Deykin al. Burforde of Hulsey, co. Worcs. husbandman
(2) Richard Deykin al. Burforde of Edvin Ralph, husbandman.
Farm called Watts Land in Edvin Ralph

[no title]  A95/6/47  20 February, 1745

Marriage Settlement.
(1) Francis Smith of Wacton, yeo
(2) John Smith of same, yeo., son of (1)
(3) Richard Bore of Thornbury, yeo., and Anne his daughter
(4) Thomas Burnam of Thornbury, clerk, and Thomas Edwards of same, gent.
Marriage between John and Anne
The Wooding farm settled on John, Anne and heirs.
Portion, £200

[no title or date]  A95/7

[no title]  A95/7/1  1 July 1660

[very poor condition]

Inventory of Goods and Chattels of Richard Y[eomans]

Eaton Bishop  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/2  13 April 1736

Release (lease missing).
(1) Thomas Williams of Hereford, gent., brother at law of Rev. Paul Williams, late of Hereford, dec.
(2) Edward Bagley of Madley, yeo. and Sibil his wife
Consideration: £7.10s.
2 Acres arable land and 1 acre containing 4 ridges in Wellington or Westfield, Eaton Bishop between lands late of John Smith esq. on east, and west land of William Bridges esq. on the south, and of John Powell on the north, the other acre in Johnnss Croft with lands of John Powell on south, east and west, and of Elizabeth Witherston, widow, on the north - now in occupation of Edward Bagley purchased by Paul Williams of John Watkins of Burghill.

[no title]  A95/7/3  11 May 1786

Probate Copy.
Will of John Williams of Eaton Bishop, yeo.
His copyhold messuage with land in the manor of Eaton Bishop now in tenure of Sarah Parry and John Ireland and all other copyhold lands in the manor of Eaton Bishop or elsewhere in the county (subject to debts and funeral expenses) to his brother-in-law Samuel Davies of Mansel Lacy and Ann his wife for life then to his nephew William Davies, second son of Samuel and Ann.
To his nephew John, eldest son of Samuel and Ann, 1 guinea.
Residue of his estate to Ann Davies whom he appoints sole executrix.
Administration, 27 May 1786

[no title]  A95/7/4  5 July 1824

Probate of will of William Thomas, proved 2 May 1826.
To his son Benjamin Thomas all and singular his money, goods chattels and effects whatsoever.
Appointing said Benjamin Thomas Executor.

[no title]  A95/7/5  1825

Related information: see A95/7/4

Form, 1825, for Legacy duty on residue of personal estate of Wm. Thomas aforesaid

KINGTON  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/6  1583

Bond. 5 October, 25 Elizabeth I.
Richard Bowcott of Kington, Richard Hall and Thomas Hall of the same, yeoman, are bound to Thomas Goode of Thornbury, yeoman, in £100
A marriage is to be had between Richard Bowcott and Ales, sister of Thomas Goode.
Bowcott has certain properties in Kington, Ales is to enjoy a third of the property after Richard's death.
Signed: Richard Hall
Witnesses: Ric. Vaughan, John Hall de Hergest, John Symonds, John Yemonds, Thomas Cabdoll.

Leominster  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/7  22 April 1661

(1) Edward Pytts of Pyre-wyveard, worcs., esq.
(2) Mathew Barrow the younger of Collington, gent.
Consideration: £300
Ivington Parks in Ivington, Leominster, now in tenure of Mathew Barrow the elder with the new buildings lately built, barns, etc., gardens, orchards and lands, etc. called Upper and Lower Wood-moores, Childs Leasow and Orlely Leasow with appurtenances and tithes.
Reserved to lessor, royalties and liberty of hunting and hawking.
For 99 years or lives of Mathew Barrow, Mary Smith, of Newnham worcs., widow, and Richard Barrow, brother of Mathew.
Rent: £20 p.a. on 25 December and 26 June

Risbury  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/8  13 January 1648

John Stansburie, son of Stephen Stansburie, late of Risbury, dec. is bound to John Cornewall of Risbury gent., and Thomas Evans of the same, yeoman.
In £240
To keep covenants in an indenture made between John Stansburie (1), John Cornwall and Thomas Evans (2) and John Stanburie son of Henry Stansburie of Risbury (3).
Signed: John Stansbury
Witnesses: Henry Caswall, Thomas Stansbury, Caleb Moore

Stoke Bliss  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/9  24 February 1752

(1) Edmund Pytts the younger of Kyre Wyard, Worcs., esq.
(2) Thomas Pitt otherwise Cooper of Garmsley, Stoke Bliss, yeoman.
Messuage and farm called the Pool in Stoke Bliss with all houses, outhouses, buildings, gardens, lands, meadows, leasows, pasture, etc.
Reserved to lessor:- all timber and trees with liberty to poll and cart timber; all mines and quarries of coal stone, ironstone, limestone, etc. and liberty to delve, making recompense for damages; game and liberty to sport.
For 21 years from 25 March next.
Rent: £28 p.a. on 29 September and 25 March
Husbandary covenants for repair of farm, growing hops, etc.

Stretford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/10  20 April 1632

(1) Edward Hacluit of Bullingham, gent.
(2) Thomas Davis of Eaton, yeo.
Consideration: £20
12 Acres arable land in Winthill near Stretford adjoining the highway to Ludlow on the east, land belonging to Stretford in tenure of William Payne on the west, lands of Lord Scudamore now in tenure of William Wigearne on the north and Hallibrooke on the south.

[no title]  A95/7/11  9 December 1815

(1) Thomas Gibbons of Sutton St. Michael, gent.
(2) Major Lloyd of Marden, farmer.
Consideration: £252
Messuage called Hockevill with barn, dovehouse, garden, two orchards belonging: toft and parcel of land and orchard where a house formerly stood (1a.) called Clarke's Orchard: piece of arable (1a. 1r. 10p.) called Hockevill Orchard, lately purchased by Thomas Gibbons of Henry Unett, esq.: piece of arable planted with fruit trees now a hopyard (2a.) called Little London, lately purchased by John Gibbons, dec.; father of the said Thomas: messuage where Roger Williams and Ann his wife formerly lived and where John Gibbons lately lived with all cottages, buildings, barns, etc., gardens, orchards, leasows, feedings, several parcels of land part enclosed and part lying in common fields and meadows, called Sutton's Upper field, the Middle Field, the Lower field and Wergins Meadow (50 acres); all lands, premises, etc. lying in Sutton St. Michael, Sutton St. Nicholas, Marden and Amberley now in occupation of Thomas Gibbons and all lands inheritance of Thomas through his father John; messuage in Pencomb called the Stone, formerly in tenure of William Turner now of John Price and all cottage, barns, outhouse buildings, etc. lands, tenements, meadows, leasows belonging; all that other messuage where William Turner lived and John Price lives in Pencomb called the Stone, adjoining the aforesaid messuages and the garden adjoining; several parcels of arable, meadow, pasture, hopground, woodland and orchard called the Pump Orchard, The Barn Close (7a.) meadow adjoining (12a.) three parcels pasture and wood ground divided (52½a.) adjoining the meadow, seven fields, closes, pieces of arable divided (66a.) belonging to the messuages, 2 hopyards (2½a.) all which lands are joining together with the Kings highway from Hereford to Grendon on the east, lands formerly of William Sirrell, Richard Turner and Thomas Spencer on west, north and south, in Pencomb purchased by Thomas Gibbons, grandfather of said Thomas, from William Wathen and Elizabeth Wathen.
For 1,000 years at pepper-corn rent if demanded, subject to proviso for redemption and mortgages to Edward Woodhouse, gent. for £4,100 and interest to Thomas Evans, gent. for securing £2,500 stock 3% Consolidated Bank Annuities and Dividends and to Sarah Evans, widow for securing £800 stock 3% Bank Annuities and Dividends.
Provided that: if Thomas Gibbons pay £252 and interest on 9 January next ensuing then term is void.

BROMYARD  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/12  14 November 1710

Anthony Browne of Bromyard, gent. to John Hennings of same, clerk, in £300, for fulfillment of covenants.

Ivington  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/13  1632

Admission, 20 October, 17 Chas. I.
Manor of Ivington
Walter Powell, Anne his wife and James their son.
Tenement with appurtenances in Cholstrey, and 1 croft called le Haies, 1a. land called Dogtree, 1 meadow called Abse.
To hold for lives.
28s. 6d. p.a.
£5 Heriot

Woolhope and Clifford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/14  17/18 October 1825

Lease and Release.
(1) William Surman Chambers of Garth Cottage, Anglesey, gent.
(2) Edmund Herbert of Powick, worcs., gent. and William Euchid Ball of Hereford, gent.
(3) William Pateshall of Hereford, gent.
Reciting earlier mortgage and assignments.
Now Hallhouse, al. Stonehouse, Farm, Woolhope, and Broadmeadow Farm and other lands in Clifford and Cusop are assigned to (3)

Hereford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/7/15  1807

Bankruptcy certificate of Edward Jones sen. and Edward Jones jun. of Hereford, cornfactors

[no title or date]  A95/8

[no title]  A95/8/1  4 May 19 Jac I

(1) Christopher Seaborne of Sutton esq., and Mary his wife.
(2) Richard Rogers of Allensmore, gent.
All that farm site and demesne of the manor of Allensmore, with Pigeon House Close and a close of Pasture adjoining.
99 Years.

[no title]  A95/8/2  19 October 1646

(1) Christopher Seaborne of Allensmore esq., and his sons John, Richard, Benedict and George.
(2) William Powell of Hereford. dyer.
Messuage in Allensmore with lands (specified) belonging.
99 Years
12d p.a.

[no title]  A95/8/3  1655

Final concord (and counterpart) Michaelmas
James Greene pl.
William Powell and Katherine, wife, deforcs.
1 Mess. 1 barn. 1 stable. 1 curtilage. 1 garden. 1 Orchard, 10a.meadow and 20a.pasture w.apps. in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/8/4  28 January 1657

James Siddall of Hereford to John Taylor of Ledbury, clothier in £200.

[no title]  A95/8/5  nd

(1) Richard Rogers of Allensmore. gent.
(2) James Siddall of Hereford. gent.
Reciting earlier deeds as above.
Now Rogers releases to Siddall the Farm site and demesne of the manor of Allensmore with all lands belonging.

[no title]  A95/8/6  20 April 1657

(1) James Greene of Tyberton. tanner.
(2) James Siddall of Hereford. gent.
Reciting mortgage 19 October 1646. (see above) and assignment to Greene, 1655.
Now in consideration of £130. property assigned to Siddall.

[no title]  A95/8/7  10 October 1657

(1) John Seaborne sen. of Allensmore, gent and Elizabeth his wife, John Seaborne jun, of same and Willaminty his wife. Richard Seaborne of London gent. Benedict Seaborne of Burhopp, gent, and George Seaborne of same, gent.
(2) James Siddall of [...] Hereford, gent.
Manor or lordship of Allensmore with all apps, excepting Burnetts Meadow and Reads Farm, and a yearly rent of £10 issuing out of the demesne lands.
Exemplification of a fine on said property, same parties. November 6 1657.

[no title]  A95/8/9  7 November 1658

Bargain and Sale
(1) James Siddall of Hereford. gent
(2) Nicholas Wallwyn of Longford. William Westfaling of Grafton and Thomas Rodd of Foxley. gent.
Farms called Wynnalls House, Chambers House, and Goosepool and two tenements near it, cottage in [...] Webtree and land called Butchers Plocks.
With fine attached.

[no title]  A95/8/10  7th April 1659

Admission and Surrender
Manor of Allensmore
George Price and Anne his wife surrendered 1 messuage, 1 barn, 1 orchard, 1 garden all in Winnall and lands belonging (specified) 27½a. in all.
To use of George, Anne and their son John for lives.
20s. p.a., A couple of capons on 1st January 26s 8d. heriot, suit of court
Fine £20.

[no title]  A95/8/11  14 June 1660

Bargain and Sale
(1) James Siddall of Hereford. gent
(2) Thomas Dennis of Gloucester, gent. and Richard Poulton of Hartburie, Gloucester, gent.
£200. Paid by William Liggon of London, gent and Catherine his wife.
(1) To (2) For use of Catherine, one annuity of £30 arising from lands (specified) within the manor of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/8/12  22 December 1660

(1) James Siddall of Hereford, gent and Mary his wife.
(2) Humphry Howorth of Whitehouse. esq.
Allensmore Court and lands (specified).
99 Years.

[no title]  A95/8/13  even date

Bond, for fulfillment.

[no title]  A95/8/14  16 February 1660

(1) James Siddall of Hereford, gent.
(2) Thomas Landon of London gent.
Smiths Farm, Allensmore with lands belonging.
500 Years.

[no title]  A95/8/15  24 June 1660

(1) James Siddall of Allensmore, gent. Lord of the manor of Allensmore. Mary his wife and William Siddall of Wynnall, gent.
(2) William Gethin of Arkstone, yeo. and Elizabeth his wife.
Farm called Margerie Wynnalls Farm and lands (specified) in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/8/16  even date

Bond, for fulfillment.

[no title]  A95/8/17  30 June 1662

(1) James Siddall of Allensmore, gent.
(2) Thomas Bland of Playsto co. Essex, and Leaver of London, merchant.
Manor of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/8/18  1662

Final concord and duplicate, 1662, parties and properties as above.

[no title]  A95/8/19  30 June 1662

(1) Thomas Landon of London, gent, and James Siddall of Allensmore, gent.
(2) John Mascall, citizen and haberdasher of London.
Smiths Farm, Allensmore, as previously mortgaged.

[no title]  A95/8/20  14 February 1674

Assignment of bond
(1) John Taylor of Ledbury, clothier.
(2) Henry Asgill of London. painter stainer.
Reciting bond 28 January 1657 (as above)
Now said bond assigned to Asgill.

[no title]  A95/8/21  7/8 April 1676

Lease and Release
(1) Thomas Veynall of Haywood. gent, Nicholas Wallwyn of Longford, esq., and William Westfaling of Grafton, gent.
(2) Richard Barroll of Allensmore. yeo.
Winnalls House, Chambers House, house at Goosepool and house at Webtree, with lands belonging.
All in Allensmore and Clehonger.

Original bundle labelled "Old Useless Deeds"  A95/9  [n.d.]

[no title]  A95/9/1  1591

Feoffment. 24 September. 33 Eliz.
(1) Edmund Hunte of Hongaston. yeo.
(2) John Lawners of Wynnall, husbandman.
Consideration £20.
5a. Arable in Hungaston late part of a messuage and land later in tenure of Triamor Kirrioke Kirrioke and now in late tenure of William Tompkyns, John Cowle, John Overton and John Smithe which Edmund Hunter lately purchased of Richard Wenlands. 7 acres in Crislres Field
3 Acres in Stoke Furlong, 1a. in Lower Willaston, 7a. in Over Willaston. 3a. in Pixloe field.
Covenant to make further assurances in law.
Seals missing.
Attached to this.
I. Bond for keeping covenants.
II. Quitclaim.

[no title]  A95/9/2  1596

Feoffment. 1 June. 38 Elizabeth
(1) John Grene of Cobwall, gent.
(2) Christopher Philpotts of Yarkhill, yeoman.
Consideration £26.
Messuage, garden, orchard and meadow in Allensmore (boundaries given) now in tenure of John Grene, some time in tenure of John Talgard and lately in tenure of Lewys ap.Owen and his wife Elizabeth
To Christopher Philpotts to hold of the chief bonds of the fee.
Covenant to produce further asssurance in law is required.
Seal: on parchment tag, chipped.

[no title]  A95/9/3  1613

Feoffment. 12 August, 11 James
(1) William Parry of Whitwicke, gent. son and heir of Lewis Parry late of Grafton, decd.
(2) Richard Clements of Hinton, gent. and Richard Bullock of Hereford. yeo.
Consideration £10.
Tenement or cottage in Castle Street, Allensmore with backside close and orchard belonging with parcels of ground (specified and boundaries given) late in tenure of Thomas Wynwood, now in tenure of Thomas Preece.
To Richard Clements and Richard Bullock to hold of the chief lords of the fee, covenant for further assurances in law if required.
Seal: missing.

[no title]  A95/9/4  4 October, 1 Charles 1625

Probate copy will of Christopher Phillpotts of Mawfield. yeo.
To Richard Philpotts his brother Richards' son his house, Close & Orchard in Allensmore which he purchased of John Green late of Cobwall and Pawle Delahay late of Morehampton. To his kinswoman Ales Phillpotts £3. and the elder of his his five kyne, the cow to be delivered, the £3 to be a legacy and paid 5 years after his death, 1 acre of corn now sown in Burghill, also to Ales a bedstead and a "coper".
To Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Beale the bed on which he lies, the thrumcloth, his wife's gown and all her wearing apparel. To the parish church of Allensmore 3s 4d for a bellrope. The residue of his estate to Richard Philpotts, whom he names executor, for discharge of debts and funeral expenses.
Proved 12 September, 1629.

[no title]  A95/9/5  8 May 1646

(1) Richard Smith of Hereford baker.
(2) Richard Phillpotts of Allensmore, yeo and Elizabeth his wife.
Consideration £5. 1a. arable in Allensmore in Woodfield and ½ acre in Churchefield purchased by Hughe Smith (father of Richard) of John Morgan and Parnell his wife, now in tenure of Richard Phillpotts.
Seal: on tag slotted through fold, chipped.
Attached. Endorsed:witness to livery of seisin

[no title]  A95/9/6  28 December 1647

(1) John Barroll of Allensmore, yeo. and Alice his wife, and Henry his son.
(2) Richard Barroll, son of John and Alice.
Consideration £20 - £10 before ensealing of presents to John, Alice and Henry and £10 to Johan, their daughter on 25 June 1654. If John die before that date then the £10 to Alice, daughter of John and Alice. Dwelling house, orchard, garden and eleven acres of land in Cobwall in Allensmore - 2 acres in Barnsfield, 2 acres in Fyemefield(?) 4 acres in Windmill Field, 3 acres together in croft called Hallecroft or Lowlease Croft, now in tenure of John Barrell.
Covenant to make further assurances at law.
Seals: of three all missing (apparently cut off).
Endorsed: witness to livery of seisin.

[no title]  A95/9/7  10 October, 1655

(1) Thomas Smith of Allensmore, yeo.
Sarah his wife and Edward their son.
(2) Richard Philpotts the elder of Alinsmore, yeo.
Consideration £14. Parcel or arable (4 acres) in Woodefield and one other acre in same field between lands of George Forte and shooting onto leasow in possession of Thos. Hunte called Woode Leasow at one end and land called Weythiemeare plock at the other, all lands in Allensmore in tenure of Thos. Sarah and Edward.
500 Years at peppercorn rent on feast of Annunciation (only if lawfully demanded).
Proviso for redemption by payment of £14 on feast of All Saints 1658 or All Saints 1660 or All Saints 1661 or All Saints 1664 or All Saints 1667.
Seals: of three all missing.
Endorsed: witnesses to livery of seisin.

[no title]  A95/9/8  14 March 1665

Anne Parry of Grafton, widow and relect of William Parry of Grafton decd., gent. and William Parry, gent. son and heir of said William and Anne.
George Philpotts of Allensmore, yeo.
Cottage in Castle Street, Allensmore and close or garden adjoining, in tenure of George Philpotts.
Seals: two missing.

[no title]  A95/9/9  5 April 1660

(1) George Foote of Allensmore, gent
(2) George Phillpotts of the same, yeo and Bridgett his wife.
Consideration £1.
½a.Arable in Allensmore in Woodfield between lands of the Dame Marie Bridges on the west and lands of James Perring on the east and shooting into a plock called Withymeare plock on north, late possession of Richard Wenland of Hereford, yeo., and in tenure of Richard Phi;;potts father of George, now in tenure of George and Brigett his wife.
For 999 years.
Peppercorn rent of trust of St John Baptist if it be lawfully demanded.
Seal: missing.

[no title]  A95/9/10  20 September 13 Charles II 1661

(1) Martha Higgins of Hereford, widow and relict of Anthony Higgins late of same gent. decd., and Walter Higgins, son and heir of above.
(2) George Phillpotts of Allensmore, yeo. and Bridgett his wife.
Recitation that John Seaborne. gent., father of Bridgett Phillpotts, sold the manor of Allensmore to James Siddall settled £150 on Bridgett which was entrusted to Anthony Higgins uncle to Bridgett. Anthony died without giving full satisfaction to £150 to Bridgett and it is agreed to settle in discharge of debts:-
Messuage where James Sidall lives with garden, backside and Little Meadow adjoining and belonging in Allensmore heretofore conveyed by Thomas Keynall, gent., to John Seaborne and by John Seaborne and other to Anthony Higgins.
Now in consideration of 5 shillings.
Property as above.
Covenant for further assurances in land.
Seals: two missing.

[no title]  A95/9/11  5 May 25 Charles II 1673

(1) Thomas Peinall of Haywood, gent; Nicholas Wallwyn of Longford, gent and William Westfaling of Grafton, gent.
(2) John Phillips of Hereford. gent.
Consideration £50.
Messuage with garden and orchard adjoining now in possession of Michael Pritchard in Allensmore and two closes adjoining the Greene (6 acres) now in possession of William Williams, meadow or pasture adjoining Woodfield in possession of Michael Pritchard and close of pasture adjoining and orchard of Richard Haynes and now in possession of William Haynes, all premises in Allensmore.
For 99 (4 score and 19) years at rent of a "Redde Rose" on feast of Nativity of St John Baptist,, if demanded.
Proviso for redemption by payment of £1.10.0d on 6 Nov., next, and £51.10.0d on 6 May 1674.
Seals: three missing
Endorsed: I. Memorandum that John Phillips assigns his interest in mortgage all rights etc., to James Upton of Longford, Lugwardine for £50 1 June 1674.
II. Memorandum that James Upton assignes right etc in Mortgage to Katherine Barroll for £65. 5 May 1676.

[no title]  A95/9/12  1686

Final Concord. In Easter 15 days. 2 James II
Watkin and Thomas Smith quer.
Brandon Watt and Mary his wife, Phin. Hopkins and Clinera his wife and Thomas Davies and Annn his wife, deforc.
Two messuages, three gardens, three orchards, 12 acres and 4 acres meadow, 6 acres pasture in Clehonger. £60.

[no title]  A95/9/13  14 January 1718

(1) Rt.Hon. James, Earl of Caernavon, Viscount Chandos of Wilton, Baron Chandos of Sudley Castle.
(2) Richard Barroll of Allensmore, yeo.
Messuage with garden, close and parcel of arable adjoining and belonging (4½a); Toft or parcel of pasture where a house formerly stood (1½a), three closes meadow called Lower Smythes Heys, the close below the house and the meadow below the house (12a); close of rough pasture called Upper Smythes Heys (7a); all formerly in possession of William Heynes, decd. and late in possession of Richard Barroll of of Mansfield; Toft with close of arable adjoining where a messuage formerly stood called Pennolks Farm (6a); close of pasture called --- (5a); close or parcel of meadow called Pennolks Meadow (20a), all lands formerly in the possession of Thomas Preece, late in possession of the Earl of Caernarvon in Much Dewchurch.
For 21 years.
Rent: £20 p.a. 2gns.marriage money; a couple of fat capons on 1st June.
Husbandry covenants, cutting hedges etc.

[no title]  A95/9/14  20 April 1767

(1) Elizabeth Wellington of Willcott, Oxford, widow of George Wellington late of Haywood, Hereford, esq., dec'd. and Richard Cary Wellington of Haywood. gent.
(2) Arnold Barroll of Much Dewchurch, yeo.
Barn and buildings called Sares Barn adjoining Haywood Common with several closes of land in Haywood, formerly in tenure of David Save and now of Arnold Barroll as tenant to Elizabeth Wellington (80a).
Reserved to lessors - all timber and mines and quarries with liberty to cut down and carry.
For 21 years.
Rent:£18 equal portions on 24 June and 25 Dec. If payment lapse more than 30 days after set time, property to revert to lessors.
Husbandry convenants. clean ditch etc.

[no title]  A95/9/15  1743 - 1753

4 items

Conveyances by lease and release relating to parcels of land in Crisley Field and Sixlow Field, Allensmore, passing from John Rogers to Thomas Russell in 1743 and from Thomas Russell (son of the above) to Arnold Barroll in 1753.

[no title]  A95/9/16  16 July 1766

Copy Mortgage.
(1) Richard Blyke of Manor Street, Chelsea, Middx. gent. and his sister Anna Blyke of St Peters Hereford, executors & devisees by the will of Mary Blyke spinster of the city of Hereford, adminstratrix of William Aston, late of St Peters, Hereford. taylor, decd.
(2) Richard Barroll of Woodstreet, Allensmore. gent.
(3) Thomas Baker the elder of Mordeford, Hereford, gent.
Consideration. £300.
Messuage or tenement called Woodstreet, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/9/17  24 February 1767

(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore. Esq.
(2) Richard Barrell of the same, gent.
2 Half acres of land in Allensmore.
(2 To 1) ½ acre bounded on north by an orchard and new brick barn, on east by a fold belonging to (1) and a highway leading from The Green Farm. On south by a meadow called the Bannat Tree Close. On west by a meadow called Deans Meadow not very far distant from the churchyard.
Rent. 1 peppercorn, if demanded.

[no title]  A95/9/18  25 August 1780

Will of Arnold Barrell of Much Dewchurch

[no title or date]  A95/10

[no title]  A95/10/1  1681 - 1758

Deeds relating to several messuages etc., near Rumers Common and Cobwalls Common in Allensmore passing to Parsons family who made a great many mortgages on the property. Items include probate will of Valentine Rawlings (one of mortgagees) - the Rawlings' family connected to Barrell family.
Labelled "Deeds relating to two messuages etc. one near Winnalls Common and the other near Cobwalls Common. Mr Tully says the above property has been sold".

[no title]  A95/10/2  11 September 1773

(1) Jane Lechmere of Hereford widow and Thomas Powell Symonds of Pengethly Esq
(2) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore
(3) Thomas Nelmes of [...] Liers Ocle, gent
Reciting will of John Pateshall, 1770 devising all lands to Jane Lechmere and Thomas Symonds for 1000 years in trust for Edmund Lechmere (now Pateshall) and devising £1,000 to the younger children of Jane (Nicholas, Edwin, Sandys, Thomas Allen, Martha Maria and Jane to be raised on lands.
To secure £600 for part payment of above £1000.
Mortgage to Thomas Nelmes of:-
Messuage or tenement with barns, stables, buildings and outhouses at Winnall in Allensmore late in the tenure of George Phillpott now of Thomas Price the younger, with all lands etc., belonging.
Proviso for redemption by payment of £620 as follows - £12 on 11 March next. £642 on 11 September 1774
Principal sum of £300 pounds is still owing.
Edmund Pateshall agrees to repay it at rate of 5% interest instead of interest stated in deed.
13 September 1779.

[no title]  A95/10/3  1697 - 1738

Deeds relating to a property in Allensmore known as Margery Winnalls Farm Sold by William Watkins to William Barroll of Hereford city, Baker.
Family names include:- Gethin. Price. Siddall. Sare. Scandrett. Sneade. Bayly.
Includes will of William Watkins dated 11 October 1694

[no title or date]  A95/11

[no title]  A95/11/1  1661 - 1740

Deeds possibly put together for the title relating to property in Wood Street, Allensmore eventually coming to the Barrell family.
Including 1688 probate will of Michael Price.

[no title]  A95/11/2  1742 - 1780

Mortgages made by the Barrell family on their property in Wood Street, Allensmore, purchased by them of Francis Price and Herbert Price, and seven acres of land purchased from George Foot.

[no title]  A95/11/3  27 Chas II - 1856

Bundle labelled "Wood Street, Old Title Deeds"
Deeds relating to property called Wood Street which, with Winnalls and Cobwalls was in the possession of the Barroll family. Items include: Copy of will of Richard Barroll 1772. Probate will of Arnold Barroll 1780. Probate will of Mary Barroll 1815, and Probate will of Hester Gwatkin, 1820.

[no title]  A95/11/4  1825 - 1862

Bundle (wrapped in Hereford Times 1884) labelled "Wood Street, Allensmore Modern Title Deeds"
Property mainly in possession of the Prendergrass family who made several mortgages on the property including. 1836, to Evan Pateshall.
Includes copy of the will of James Prendergrass, 1850 and copy of the will of Anne Prendergrass, 1852.

[no title or date]  A95/12

[no title]  A95/12/1  1684 - 1804

Deeds etc, relating to a capital messuage in Allensmore called Cobwalls, mainly in the possession of the Price family. Items include probate copy of will of Michael Price, 1724.
Settlement on marriage of Benjamin Price with Margaret Russell, 1746, and settlement on marriage of Francis Price with Judith Cole, 1772.
Bundle labelled "Early Deeds relating to Cobhall Farm. Not required for title.

[no title or date]  A95/13

[no title]  A95/13/1  10 Eliz - 1728

Deeds relating to property in Hungerston, Allensmore 19 Eliz-1699 concerning 2 acres of land in Hungerston mainly in the possession of the Parsons family. Probate will of John Parsons, yeoman, 1692 included. 1728 Property in possession of Preece family includes house and more lands than 2 acres.

[no title]  A95/13/2  1725 - 1777

Copies. deeds of conveyance, abstract of title etc., of Lady Catherine Stanhope to the Hungerstone Estate, Allensmore, conveyed to her in 1777.
Items include copy and probate will of Mr Coningesby Booth's will. 8th December 1731.
Names include: Richard Hunt of Allensmore, William Elfe of Breinton, Thos Russell of Dunswater, Kingstone and Much Cowarne.

[no title]  A95/13/3  2 and 3 February 1778

Lease and Release.
(1) Rt.Hon. Lady Catherine Stanhope, wife of Edwyn Francis stanhope.
(2) Sir Hungerford Hoskyns of Harewood, Bart and John Brewster of Burton Court. Esq.
(3) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
Reciting that Lady Catherine Stanhope bought several parcels of land with Sir Hungerford Hoskyns and John Brewster acting as her trustees.
Now: Consideration: £192 to Lady Catherine Stanhope and 10s each to Sir Hungerford Hoskyns and John Brewster.
Four pieces of land in Bat Onders (5a.3r.23p) piece of land in Butt Croft (2r) piece of land in Lower Order (2a.1r.4p) all in the parish of Allensmore in the occupation of Edmund Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/13/4  1810 - 1878

Deeds and papers relating to lands and tenements at Hungerstone in Allensmore (Plan given in deed of 1878) property originally of William Prosser, passing from him and his mortgagees to the Wilde family who convey it to Evan Pateshall.
Items include: copy will of Alfred Butler of Dorington, Lincoln; will of Michael Jones of Thruxton, 1729, and sale particular of land etc 6 Sept 1845.

[no title or date]  A95/14

[no title]  A95/14/1  1837 - 1869

Deeds and papers relating to conveyance of tenement and garden in Allensmore formerly in possession of Griffin Griffin, late of James Meek jnr., and now of Susannah Meek with land late of Miss Barroll now of Mrs Phipson on south and east, and road from church to highway on west, by Edward Addis to Evan Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/14/2  1836 - 1869

7 items

Deeds and papers concerning messuage at the Goose Pool joining the turnpike road from Abbeydore to Hereford and piece of garden ground, and now in the occupation of Henry Morse and Thomas Cooke (Plan in margin of 1869 deed) acquired by Evan Pateshall from James Brisland and his mortgagees, 1869.

[no title]  A95/14/3  1801 - 1892

13 items

Deeds and papers relating to conveyance by William Jones and Samuel Ward to Mrs A.E Pateshall, of a cottage and garden at the Goose Pool, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/14/4  1878

3 items

Deeds etc., in conveyance by Richard Green to Evan Pateshall of cottage called Webtree cottage with outbuildings, garden and lands (1a 2r 9p. plan and schedule on deed).
Labelled "Deeds relating to Webtree Cottage and premises Allensmore, Herefordshire"

[no title]  A95/14/5  1849 - 1884

8 items

Deeds and papers concerned in the conveyance of cottage and gardens called Webtree cottages number 24 on tithe map (plan on 1884 deed) by Anne Holton to Evan Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/14/6  12 December 1878

Order of Exchange.
Evan Pateshall of Allensmore and Anne Elizabeth his wife to exchange their lands in Lyonshall for lands in Allensmore the property of Richard Green of Lyonshall. (Plan and schedule on deed).

[no title]  A95/14/7  18 November 1864

Order of Exchange
Milborough Burnham Pateshall of Allensmore to exchange her lands in Allensmore for other in the same parish the property of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in the possession of Evan Pateshall as lessee. (plan and schedule on deed).

[no title]  A95/14/8  20 October 1910

Order of Exchange.
Henry Evan Pateshall Thomas of Manor House, Richards Castle to exchange his lands in Allensmore with the vicar and churchwardens of Allensmore for other lands in the same parish. (Plan and schedule on deed)

[no title]  A95/14/9  22 February 1896

(1) John Thomas of Heart of Oak Inn, Hereford Innkeeper.
(2) John Davies of Allensmore, Haulier
(3) Anne Elizabeth Pateshall of Allensmore Court, Hereford, widow.
Recitation of indenture of mortgage, 28th May 1888, by John Davies to John Thomas.
Consideration £100 to John Thomas and £10 to John Davies.
Parcel of pasture orcharding (formerly arable) in Allensmore (1a.9p.) number 24 on title map. (Plan in deed)

[no title]  A95/14/10  1837 - 1874

Deeds relating to a messuage with garden, orchard and premises near Allensmore Church formerly in the possession of Mary Barratt, after of George Smith and now of Henry Morris also cottage built on premises now or late in occupation of -- Perrot with land of Walter Price on east, cottages and gardens of churchwardens and oversees of poor on west, land of representatives of Mrs. Ann Pritchard on north and lane to Allensmore church from highway on south, acquired by Evan Pateshall of Williams Symonds, 1874.

[no title]  A95/14/11  1861

Deeds relating to a messuage or farm house called The Building Farm, situated near to Allensmore Court containing 2 cottages and gardens with farm buildings and fold yardand severalpieces or parcels of land together with 168 a. 3. 26p late in the occupation of John Berrow and John Johnson, meadow land called Hunger Hill in occupation of William Berrow and conveyed to Edward David Thomas by Mrs Anne Elizabeth Pateshall with consent of Evan Pateshall for a term of 21 years from 2 February 1861. (schedule on deed)

[no title]  A95/14/12  28th January 1873

(1) Rev. James Elliott Grasent. Vicar of Allensmore.
(2) Rt.Rev James Bishop of Hereford.
(3) Most Rev.Archibald Campbell, Archbishop of Canterbury.
(4) Evan Pateshall of Allensmore Court, Esq.
Consideration £731 to Governors of Bounty of Queen Anne. House (known as The Old Vicarage House) and Garden, Stable, yard, meadow and pasture land plantation, old schoolroom and premises (3a. 1r. 23p.) in Allensmore. (plan on deed)

[no title or date]  A95/15

[no title]  A95/15/1  1810-1853

Bundle labelled "Allensmore Blacksmith's Shop"
Deeds relating to the Blacksmith's shop in Allensmore (plan in margin of deed 1853) originally in the tenure of Richard Mattey passing to William Powell and conveyed by him to his mortgagees to Evan Thomas.

[no title]  A95/15/2  1748 - 1836

c.25 items

Deeds etc., relating to a property called Grimstone or Newhouse in Allensmore, in the possession of the Price family (from Jones family) and acquired by Edmund Burnham Pateshall.
Items include probate will, 1790 of Thos. Price of Haywood Lodge, yeo., and probate will, 1821 of Elizabeth Price of Isle of Thanet, Kent.

[no title]  A95/15/3  1846

Deeds and papers relating to a piece or parcel of meadow land called Cobbetts Orchard in the parish of Allensmore (30 perches) adjoining the churchyard and in the possession of Rev. Francis Mereweather and Rev. Francis Baker.
Walter Price of Corner Cop. Leominster agrees to sell to Edmund Burnam Pateshall of Allensmore Court for the sum of £100.

[no title]  A95/15/4  1801-1820

Piece or parcel of pastureland with fruit trees known as Churchfield Orchard (1. a. more or less) adjoining a field called Churchfield on one side and lands of Mrs Pateshall on all other sides in the possession of ....Matthews and were purchased by Joseph Symonds from ...Pritchard. Includes copy will of Robert Berrow dated 29th March 1802 and draft agreement (in E.B. Pateshall's hand) for the sale of the land between James Lawrence and Edmund Burnam Pateshall for the sum of £45.

[no title]  A95/15/5  1862 - 1865

Deeds and papers concerned in conveyance of five pieces of land in Allensmore (in schedule in deed-plan in declaration of Peter Wilde) by devises in trust to will of Thomas Beavan to Evan Pateshall.
Includes copy of probate will of Thomas Evans 1864.

[no title]  A95/15/6  16th September 1820

Copy Indenture.
(1) Thos Wall of Hereford City. Ironmonger
(2) James Allen of Hereford City. Yeoman
(3) Peter Powell of Allensmore, Butcher
(4) James Bevan of Hongaston, Allensmore
(5) John James of Hereford City, gent
(6) Francis Lewis Bodenham of Hfd City, gent.
(7) John Harris of Hfd City, gent.
Two pieces or parcels of arable land called by the name of Sheptons Croft in the parish of Allensmore.

[no title or date]  A95/15/7

Abstract of title of the mortgagees of Mr James Brislane to freehold and leasehold premises set in the parish of Allensmore, in the county of Herefordshire.

[no title or date]  A95/16

[no title]  A95/16/1-43  1661 - 1743

43 items

Deeds, copies of court rolls, settlements etc, all concerned with the lands etc of the Manor of Allensmore.
Family names include:- Seaborne, Perrin, Lygon, Siddall, Landon, Mascall, Beavan, Hankins, Mason, Colston and Pateshall

[no title]  A95/16/44-68  1746 - 1801

Copies of Court Rolls.
Property in Westfield, Eaton Bishop, held of John Williams and his wife, yearly surrendered to John Weaver until c1772 then to Rudolphus Preece.

Wills and Settlements.  A95/17  [n.d.]

[no title]  A95/17/1  5 & 6 March 1781

Lease and Release. (Marriage Settlement.)
(1) Jane Bennet late of Norton Barant, Wilts, now of Hereford, Widow
(2) Hugh Morgan of Ross, clerk, and Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Est.
(3) Robert Phillipps of Eaton Bishop, Esq, and Edmund Sandys Lechmere of Hereford, gent.
(4) William Parry of Hereford, Esq.
Marriage to be had between William Parry and Jane Bennett. Reciting will of William Bennet.
Jane Bennet is entitled to properties in Wilts, and Dorset under the will of William Bennett her late husband, and to properties in Wilts, and Somerset under the will of Charles Harford of Bath, apothecary, her first husband.
William Parry to assign £2000 to trustees (Pateshall and Morgan) to be paid after Parry's death.
Manor of Norton Barant with rights land etc in Wilts: Manor of Codford or Codford St.Mary in Codford St.Mary and Codford St.Peter, with rights land etc in Wilts: Godscroft Wood in Devenell Longbridge and all other lands etc, late in tenure of Rebecca Hardwick and other messuages lands etc in Corsham: Messuage called Little Field with lands etc in Holcombe, Somerset; all messuages lands etc., the right of Jane Bennet through her husband Charles Harford.
An annuity of £300 to Pateshall and Morgan during the life of William Parry to be used as Jane Bennet shall direct.
Lands in trust to Lechmere and Phillipps, if William Bennet legacies not paid, mortgage or sale to be made to raise portion of £6000 for chidren, if more than one.
Also with this, case as to Mrs. Parry's power of disposing of property under settlement.
Copy deeds as above.

[no title]  A95/17/2  1 and 2 December 1777

Lease and Release (Marriage Settlement)
(1) William Burnam of Westington, Thornbury, Esq.
(2) Edward Burwall of Butterley, Edwin Ralph, gent.
(3) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
Reciting settlement for Ann Burnam (daughter of William to be wife of Edmund) bearing even date with this.
Consideration: recited marriage articles and 10s
Two messuages formerly in occupation of John Rawlins now of Richard Rawlings at Morend, Much Cowarne with lands etc., purchased by Thos. Burnam, clerk decd., of Joseph Unett, gent: Moorend or Netherhouse, Much Cowarne with all lands etc; Cottage formerly in possession of Margaret Jones, widow with all lands etc., in Much Cowarne, Stretton Grandson and Bishops Frome, purchased by Thos. Burnam of devises of Henry Rawlins decd., now in tenure of William Burnam and Thos. Morgan:
Messuage in Collington where Walter Collington lived, and lands (10 boundaries, field names, acres given) all now in possession of John Nott, the inheritance of William Burnam: messuage in Collington called Titbach with lands (specified) and cottages etc: messuage with lands called Watts Lands in Edwin Ralph in tenure of Thos. Smith; messuage in Edwin Ralph formerly inheritance of Mary and William Lea, sold to Thos. Burnam; messuage called Bridgend House in Much Cowarne in occupation of Mary Hales, widow; Cottage at Richleys Cross, Much Cowarne in occupation of John James; several pieces of land in Much Cowarne (specified); messuage called Rock Tavern near Ingstone bridge in Bromyard in occupation of Richard Bowcott.
To the use of Edmund Pateshall after marriage to Ann Burnham.

[no title]  A95/17/3  2 December 1777

Marriage Settlement.
(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq, formerly Edmund Lechmere.
(2) William Burnam of Westington, Thornbury, Esq
(3) Ann Burnnam, spinster, daughter & only child of Wm. Burnam and Ann his wife, formerly Ann Good, spinster
(4) Edward Burwall of Butterley, Edwin Ralph and Nicholas Edwards of Thornbury, gent
(5) John Whitmore of Hereford, Esqand Edwin Sandys Lechmere of the same, gent.
Marriage is to be had between Edmund Pateshall formerly Lechmere and Ann Burnam.

[no title]  A95/17/4  25 November 1786

Marriage Settlement.
(1) Thos.Bernard of Weobley, Esq.
(2) John Walters of Weobley, Yeo. (administrator of Hannah Dickens, his late wife, daughter of Elias Dickens, wheelwright)
(3) Sarah Hill of Kings Pyon, spinster
(4) John Carpenter of Lower Chadnor, Dilwyn, Yeo. and James Carpenter of The Hill, Kings Pyon. Yeo.
Reciting that John Walters in entitled, after death of his wife Hannah Dickens, to messuage, garden and premises in Weobley, security held by Thomas Bernard.
A Marriage is intended to be had between John Walters and Sarah Hill.
Consideration:£10 interest owing to Thomas Bernard and 10s by John Carpenter and James Carpenter to Walters messuage, garden and premises in Weobley to John Carpenter of James Carpenter on trust to permit John Walters to receive rents etc, before the marriage.

[no title]  A95/17/5  24th July 1746

Will of John Pateshall of Allensmore.
His debts and funeral expenses to be discharged. All his manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments whatsoever to Herbert Westfaling of Rudhall and Thomas Woodhouse of Aramstone in trust for the use of Herbert Aubrey of Clehonger and John Spicer of St Margarets, Westminster for 500 years subject to trusts and then to his sister Jane, wife of Scudamore Lechmere.
During 500 years Harcourt Aubrey and John Spicer to suffer Jane Lechmere receive rents etc., then her eldest son and his heirs, then the second son etc., then to Jane's daughters as tenants in common and their heirs, then to the use of John's own right heirs.
To his kinswoman Mary Pickering an annuity of £50 for life, payable on 25 December and 24 June in equal portions.
Codicil. 1767.
(This will possibly not the final will, since Edmund Lechmere (later Pateshall) was not eldest living son of Jane when he inherited property)
[Signature of John cut out]

[no title]  A95/17/6  1770 - 1777

Copy Will of John Pateshall Esq., of Allensmore. 15th May 1770
Directing that all his debts and funeral expenses be paid by his executor.
All his manors, Messuages, Lands, Tenements ahd Hereditaments in the ocunty of Hereford and elsewhere to John Whitmore of the City of Hereford and Richard Smith of Hinton for the uses intents and purposes hereinafter mentioned.
To the use of his sister Jane Lechmere and Thomas Powell Symonds, then to the use of my nephew Edmund Lechmere and his assigns during the term of his natural life, then to the use of the first son of the body of his nephew Edmund, and then to the first son of his son, in default of such issue to the daughters of his nephew, in default of issue then to the use of his nephew Nicholas Lechmere, and the issue of his body, in default, to his nephew Edwyn Sandys Lechmere and the issue of his body, then Thomas Allen Lechmere and the issue of his body, in default then to the use of my own heirs forever.
He orders and directs that whoever respectively come into possession of said Manors etc, shall take upon him and themselves the surname of Pateshall immediately after his or their christian names, refusing or neglecting to do this will make any claim void.
The sum of one thousand pounds to be raised by mortgage etc to be equally divided share and share alike between his nephews and nieces, Nicholas, Edwyn Sandys, Thomas Allen, Martha Maria and Jane.
He gives all household goods, ready money, securities for money and other goods chattels and personal estate whatsoever to his nephew Edmund Lechmere, subject to the payment of his debts, funeral expenses and the charges of proving this will. He appoints Edmund Lechmere as sole executor to his will.
Codicil. 7 January 1771.
Since the making of this will Ann Davies his housekeeper has agreed to live with John Pateshall in the same capacity until his decease and has, for the purpose of continuing in his service, put aside for the present time a marriage lately intended to be had and solemnised. He gives unto Ann Davies yearly and every year during her natural life a sum of £10 to be paid yearly commencing with the day of his death, to be made chargeable upon all and every his Manors, etc., If the said Ann Davies shall leave his service or shall marry before his death, then the above mentioned bequest shall become void. To Anthony Batchet my servant manager or steward the sum of £10 yearly and every year during his natural life to be paid yearly to commence from the day of his death and be subject to the same conditions as the legacy to Ann Davies.
Case. and opinion of S.L. Kennett, Lincloln Inn, concerning the will of the above John Pateshall dated 3 November 1777.

[no title]  A95/17/7  16th October 1790

Will of Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore Esq.
Directing his debts, funeral expenses and legacies to be paid, chargeable on all his real and personal estate except household goods and furniture.
All his estate [to be after particularly mentioned] real and personal, freehold, copyhold and leasehold which he has power to dispose of to his friends Richard Aubrey of Clehonger and James Phillipps of Much Dewchurch in trust as he shall direct except lands purchased of Lady Catherine Stanhope in Allensmore which are not to be disposed of.
He has £1.200 and interest due to him from John Calvert Clarke of Barbican, London and £400 and interest due from his brother Thos. Allen Lechmere and several other sums of money, his trustees are to use this to discharge debt of £1,600 to John Kidley, clerk, in right of his wife.
He is entitled to a copyhold estate at Cradley surrendered to him by his wife Ann, has contracted for sale with Samuel Thomas of Cradley, execution to be carried out, trustees to surrender to uses of contract.
Stock, crops, implements of husbandry and other articles on farm at Allensmore to be sold except carriage horses and saddle horse his wife shall choose. - to dispose of as she thinks proper. Also his carriage for his wife's sole use.
To his wife all his household goods, plate linen and china at Allensmore until his son Edmund reach 21, other household goods, linen and china to value of £200 and plate to value £100
By virtue of settlement on marriage of William Parry and Jane, sister to Edmund, expectant on their death without issue, to a portion of certain estates, his portion to be shared among his younger children with benefit of survivorship.
To Sarah Davies daughter of Ann Davies an annuity of £10 during her life. and to Ann Davies another daughter of Ann Davies £5 per annum until she is 21, then £100 in lieu of the annuity.
All the money arising from the sale of his freehold, leasehold and copyhold estates, ready money, securities, rents owing to him at his decease, (after payment of his debts, legacies and funeral expenses) to be placed out at interest in Government or other good securities in the name of his wife and trustees in trust for the benefit of all his younger children. The interest in the meantime towards their maintenance and education.
He appoints his wife to be sole executor.
3 Copies, plus office copy.

[no title]  A95/17/8  18 February 1748

Office copy will of John Pateshall of Pudlestone.
Directing that all his debts and funeral expenses be paid and his body to be interred at the discretion of his executor.
To his nephew John Wood of Pudlestone, Clerk, all his estate of Pudlestone and the Ford with the Parsonage, the chief rents and tenements belonging to them to him and his heirs forever. Also his estate at Brockmanton bought off William Vernall and also the estate where Richard White lives which is bought and not paid for.
To his sister Susanna Goodyear £500, to be paid within 5 years of his decease.
To his sister Mary Powell £700 to be paid within 5 years of his decease.
To his cousin John Pateshall of Easton and his cousin William Pateshall now living with him £100 each to be paid within 5 years of his death.
To his cousins Thomas, Samuel, Peter and Matthew Pateshall, £10 each to be paid within 5 years.
To his cousins, William, John, Thomas & Edward Pateshall, and Susanna Nash, the sons and daughter of his cousin William Pateshall of The While £10 each to be paid within 5 years.
To his nephew John Wood, the stock and crops upon his estate at Pudlestone also his plate, household goods and furniture.
To his servant Mary Prosser, £10. His servant Mary Pooton £2. to be paid within 5 years of his decease.
He appoints his nephew John Wood to be his sole executor.

[no title]  A95/17/9  19 February 1798

Extract from the Registry of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Will of Edward Burwall of Butterley, Edvin Ralph, gent.
To his daughter Peggy Burwall his farm called Butterley and all other lands etc., in Edvin Ralph for ever.
To his friends James Ingram of Burford, clerk, Richard Hall Greene of Ashford, Salop, Esq., and his daughter Peggy Burwall all his estate and lands called Lower Docklow in Docklow in trust for his wife Milborough Burwall for life then to his two grandchildren Fanny and Milborough, children of his late daughter Elizabeth Ingram as tenants in Common chargeable with £12,000 - to his daughter Mary wife of Richard Hall Greene £400, to be paid by his trustees within 12 months of his wife's death.
To his trustees his estate called West End and his estate and interest lands lately purchased of Thomas Steary called Middlehouse both in Docklow, Stoke Prior, Humber and Leominster and all other farms, lands etc., in Docklow, Stoke Prior, Humber and Leominster in trust for the use of his daughter Jane Burwall for life, then to 1st son of Jane Burwall, in default to 2nd, 3rd etc., sons and their heirs then to daughters successively and their heirs and in default to his grandchildren Fanny and Milborough as tenants in common chargeable with £500 to Mary Greene and £500 to Peggy Burwall to be paid within 12 months of death of Jane and her heirs.
To his friend Joseph Walker of Hatfield, gent, and James Ingram £1,000 to be paid in 12 months after his death in trust to place out at interest to pay to his daughter Mary Green for life then to his son-in-law Richard Hall Green for life then capital in equal portions to the child or children of Mary at 18 years in default of such issue to child or children of Elizabeth Ingram in equal portions.
To his grandchildren Fanny and Milborough Ingram £1,000 Each to be paid them 12 months after his death.
To his daughter Jane Burwall £10 to be paid 12 months after his death.
To his servant Edward Moore £10 due to testator and all interest due for same.
To the Overseers of the Poor of Edwin Ralph £10 to be added to their stock and interest to be used at their discretion.
To Overseers of Poor of Docklow £10 as above.
The residue of his estate and effects, except household goods after mentioned, stock crops, jewels, ready money and securities, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and implements of husbandry to the use of his wife for life, after her death to be divided amongst his daughters Peggy Burwall and Jane Burwall, and his sons-in-law James Ingram and Richard Green.
All his linen, pewter, brass, bedding, furniture and implements of household to his wife for ever.
Above bequests to wife and children in lieu of £700 in marriage settlement to be to his wife for life then to his children.
Peggy Burwall, James Ingram and Richard Green joint executors.
Proved 9 June 1800

[no title]  A95/17/10  29 October 1778

Will of William Burnam of Westington, in the Parish of Grendon Bishop.
To his sister Elizabeth Walker £10. To his nephews John, Thomas, Joseph, William and Samuel Walker, £5 each.
To Nephews Edward Walker £20.and Charles Walker £30. Nieces Elizabeth and Margaret Walker £20. Sarah £30. and Charlotte £70. all to be paid within £12 month of his death.
All the estate to which I am entitled by virtue of an Indenture bearing date the 29 November 1730 situate in the parish of Hampton Wafer (specified) to my four nieces, Elizabeth, Sarah, Margaret and Charlotte Walker, to be equally divided between them, share & share alike.
To my dear daughter Ann Pateshall all my estate called Westington in the parish of Grendon Bishop and all freehold lands in Grendon Bishop, and then to the first son of her body, and then to the heirs of his body, and for want of such issue, to the second, third, forth and all other etc, and for default of such issue, to all and every the daughterand daughters of my said daughter. Also I give to my daughter Ann Pateshall, all that barn and several parcels of land in the parish of Bromyard lately purchased. All the rest of my personal estate, goods chattels and effects etc to my daughter.
Ann Pateshall appointed sole executor.
Proved 26 August 1780.

[no title]  A95/17/11  December 1818

Copy will of Mrs Ann Pateshall. Widow.
All just debts and funeral expenses, and charges of having this will proved to be paid by executor Under articles dated 2 December 1777 made previous to marriage with Edmund Pateshall dec. the sum of £3400 is to be raised for the benefit of her youngerchildren to be equally divided amongst them.
To eldest son Edmund Pateshall, all leasehold and copyhold messuages, lands and hereditaments in theparish of Grendon Bishop and in the manor of Bromyard. Provided that if son Edmund shall not take to said leasehold and copyhold estate, I give devise and bequeath the said leasehold etc., to Sir Hungerford Hoskyns of Harewood, and John Calvert Clarke ofTeddington Place, Middx. to have and to hold in trustto sell and dispose of the same and to pay the money arising unto and amongst my younger children.
Sons Edmund and William appointed executors.

[no title]  A95/17/12  nd

Case for the opinion of Mr Sugden, re the above two wills.

[no title]  A95/17/13  24 August 1813

Draft and Copy. Marriage Settlement.
(1) William Pateshall of Hereford, gent.
(2) Elizabeth Cheese of the same, spinster.
(3) Philip James of Sugwas, Esq, and Charles Gomond Cooke of Southampton Street, Covent Garden, Esq.
Recitation: that Eleanor Eckley bequeathed £4000 ofto Elizabeth Cheese.
Recitation: Ann Pateshall and Edmund Pateshall bound to Elizabeth Cheese in £3600 for payment of £1800
The £4000 and the £1800 and interest to be the trust fund of the child or children of Elizabeth and William.

[no title]  A95/17/14  10 October 1834

Copy will of John Scudamore Lechmere Pateshall.
All his estate, real and personal to his brothers Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall and Thomas Allen Pateshall their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns upon trust to convert the same or part thereof into money and invest at interest the sum of £2000 and to pay the dividends to his daughter Mary for her life independent of any husband she may have, and if she survives her mother the principal to be divided as she shall direct among her issue or equally in the direction given, if she have no issue then £2000 to N.L. & T.A. Pateshall, and interest on £1000 to be paid to his wife and after her death to be divided among issue of his daughter.
As to residue of his estate:- to be invested after his funeral and testamentary expenses are paid and interest to be paid to his wife for life then to his daughter, then principal to be paid to issue of Mary in default of such to be divided between N.L. & T.A. Pateshall.
Nicholas and Thomas Allen to be executors.
Also includes copy of will in Nicholas Pateshall's hand.

[no title]  A95/17/15  13 October 1832

Will of Elizabeth Pateshall. Widow.
Edmund Burnam Pateshall, Charles Gomond Cooke and William Henry Bellemy, all personal estate and effects upon trust to sell and dispose of and convert to money, firstly to pay my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, pay and discharge several legacies by me bequeathed herein, and to invest the residue in stocks or Government bonds and to pay the interest, dividends and annual produce unto or permit the same to be received by my daughter Anne Elizabeth and her assigns during her life for her sole and separate use and benefit independant of any husband with whom she may marry.
Rents of all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever to be received by my daughter and her asigns during her life to and for her sole and separate use, and not subject or liable to any debts or control or engagements of any husband with whom she may marry. And after decease of daughter shall sell and dispose of all my real estate and lay out and invest the monies as is hereinbefore directed, upon trust for every child and children of my daughter Ann Elizabeth, who being sons shall attain the age of twenty one, or daughters shall attain the age of twenty one or marry under that age with the consent of their parent or guardian in equal shares as tenants in common and not as joint tenants.
Other legacies (specified) to various nieces and daughters of family friends etc.

[no title]  A95/17/16  17th February 1848

Will of Edmund Burnam Pateshall dated 16th January 1848 and revoked by will 17th February 1748, Clerk in the sum of £800.

[no title]  A95/17/17  1828 and 1836

Copies of the last will and testament of Edmund Burnam Pateshall

[no title]  A95/17/18  23rd March 1853

Copy will of Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall, Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy.
His wish is that he may be decently interred near the remains of his brothers in Allensmore churchyard. All his worldly estate including his reversionary interest under the will of his brother John, and any interest under the will of his brother Thomas and all his estate real and personal (except legal or trust estates) to his niece Mrs Evan Thomas of Brecon her heirs, executors, administrators or assigns for her own use, subject to the payments and gifts hereunder mentioned, trusting she will reward any servant or other who may deserve it
To his servant Joyce Williams should she be living with him at the time of his death, £65 clear of all legacy duty.
To his friend Francis Lewis Bodenham, his large silver cup and lid. To his brother Charles Bodenham 2 silver cider goblets.
To Sophia Palmer £19.19.0 for her sole and separate use and to her son John Palmer £19.19.0 to be paid to him at any time during his minority as my executors shall deem it advisable. The interest of any part of the legacy which remains unpaid to be used in supplying John Palmer with cloths or necessaries.
He gives to his late servant Mary Errington £5.
He appoints Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall, Evan Thomas Francis Bodenham and Charles Bodenham to be executors. dated 3 March 1853.
Codicil to the above will dated 15 November 1853.
To his executors the sum of £300 in trust to invest in their names at interest for the benefit of John Palmer named above, over and above the legacy for his maintenance and education during his mminority and to apply any or all of the capital for apprenticing him to any trade or buisness for his advancement during his minority. On reaching 21 the money and stock funds or security or such part as shall be unapplied to be transferred to John Palmer. If he should die before 21 leaving issue. He gives the said capital to the child or children, but if he should die under the age of 21 leaving no issue then the monies, stock fund, securities or such part as shall be unapplied shall sink into his residuary personal estate.

[no title]  A95/17/19  13 July 1841

Copy will of Thomas Allen Pateshall of Soho Square Merchant.
Under the will of his late brother John Scudamore Lechmere Pateshall, Surgeon, he was entitled to certain property in reversion he now bequeaths the same and every part and also all his own estate both real and personal including his book debts, stock in trade, pictures and furniture, to his brother Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall, a Post Captain in the Royal Navy, for his heirs, executors and assigns forever.
He appoints his brother Nicholas to be sole executor.

[no title]  A95/17/20  26th June 1722

Copy [in Jane [Allen] Pateshall's hand] of the will of John Pateshall the elder of Weston in Pembridge, gent.

[no title]  A95/17/21  13 September 1804

Extract from Edmund Burnam Pateshall's marriage settlement.

[no title]  A95/17/22  30th August 1816

Copy settlement previously to the marriage of Jane Woodburn of Poswell, Cosham, Southampton, Widow and John Hutton Annesley Esq., of Hunstan Hall, Suffolk.
(1) Jane Woodburn of Poswell (above) wid.
(2) John Hutton Annesley of Hunstan Hall, Esq.
(3) Thomas Fenn the younger, Thames St. London Sugar Refiner.
Thomas Gill, Bridge St, Westminster, Grocer. John Theodore Wratislaw of Saville Place, St James, Westminster, Attorney of Law.
Jane Woodburn is entitled to £15000 three per cent consolidated bank annuities. The interest of £5000. Furniture and Goods and Chattels under the will of her late husband David Woodburn, Colonel of the Bengal Artillery in the Honorable East India Company.

[no title]  A95/17/23  28 November 1836

Copy Administration with Will and three Codicils annexed of the goods of Jane Annesley of Purlbrook Lodge, Hants. (Wife of John Hutton Annesley Esq) deceased.
To her husband, her cottage called Moreland Cottage situated at Purbrook (given to her under the terms of her marriage settlement and now in the occupation of herself and her husband) his heirs and assigns for ever, also all household goods and furniture, pictures, paintings, prints, engravings, plate, linen, china, glass, books, carriages and all other articles and things belonging to me at the time of decease in Moreland Cottage and in any other house or houses which I shall occupy, except wearing apparel, Jewels and other as specifically bequeathed.
Her leasehold dwelling house in Charles Street, Berkeley Square in trust to Thomas Fenn the younger and George Capron to sell and absolutely dispose of, by public auction or private contract.
Her gold watch chain and seal, seals of every description, also pearl locket, amethyst broach and all presents of an ornamental nature given by her husband previous to her marriage to be restored to him.
To her Grand Niece Anne Elizabeth Pateshall a set of pearls and silver epergne. All her valuable wearing apparel to her niece Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall, Mrs Mary Ann Gill and Miss Cruickshank, the more common to be given to her women servants who have been most attentive. The remainder of her goods, chattels, personal estate and otherswhich she has power to dispose of under the terms of the marriage settlement, she gives to Thomas Fenn and George Capron in trust to convert into money and to pay just debts, funeral expenses, and a legacy or sum of £250 each, also to pay such legacies as may be given in this will. The remainder to be invested in Parliamentary Stocks or Public Funds in England at interest to pay an Annuity of £10 clear of all deductions for legacy or otherwise to her friend Mrs Isabella Cruikshank for her life. After her decease, to be paid to her husband, and after her husband's death to be paid to Mary Ann Gill for her life and afterwards transfer or assign the monies, stocks funds and securities so appropriate and set apart and divide equally between all the children of Mary Ann Gill by Thomas Gill. The residue of interest of trust money to her neice Elizabeth Pateshall and after her decease to grand neice Ann Elizabeth Pateshall, after her decease to her children. In default of issue to Jane Annesley's next of kin whoever they may be.
She wishes her funeral to be as plain as possible and if she dies at Moreland Cottage, to be buried at Woodley if anywhere else, the nearest churchyard will suffice There is generally to much haste and bustle at death that she particularly requests that the servants (if they like) may be retained and everything go on as if she were alive for six months after her death. Her bankers will have the goodness to honor Mr Annesleys drafts as far as her income permits but never to exceed it. "He will recollect that the interest in Col. W's name will cease with my life and must not be reckoned upon".
To Sir James Shaw Bt, the bust & portrait of his cousin Col. D. Woodbury. The St John by Corregio, the Tiger Hunt by Zoffany, the minature by Cosnay and the enamelled dog, at Mr Annesleys death to be given to my neice Elizabeth Pateshall or her daughter. Capt Apsleys portrait to the Motteux family. Miniature of Baron Knorring for the Countess Meryden or Mrs Krause. Maj. I. Spence miniature to himself if living or his friends in Scotland Mr Lyons to his nephew. The Rev. Thos Brook Morris.
To 'her good Hutton', the Amethest brooch set with diamonds an jour that he gave her, ruby ring set with brilliants, a pearl mourning ring with his mothers hair, a gold snap and her wedding ring and any other ornament he may wish to have, also his fathers gold watch. Her cornelion seal with titles engraved in Persian Characters.
Her pearls with a double chain of seed pearls and two brilliant diamond clasps, a locket with Mr A's hair set round with pearls with Indian gold chains & snap Half moon broach of brilliants for her----- Her cameo necklace with bandean ear rings and pendants, bracelet buckle etc set in gold with venetian chain and cog de perle with a savignee of coloured stones and pink topaz bracelets to Elizabeth Patishall, as also double diamond hoop ring and single pearl ring. Silver epergne & oval waiter with handles to be given at her death to her daughter
Her chatagong necklace drop earings & three pins for her cousin Mary Ann Gill. Cornelian necklace with gold beads and red amber drops with inseparable cornelian pin for her cousin & Goddaughter Jane Gill & also gold comb with 3 cornelian stones. Gold eye glass & reading glass in mother of pearl case with french gold chain & snap, as also garnet and turquoise hoop rings for Mrs Gill. To her niece Elizabeth Pateshall, a Russian fur tippet, black velvet dress & point lace, gold & silver muslin & Indian dress of purple & silver. The rest of her wearing apparel to Mrs Gill & her children for their choice, the remainder for her maid servants, the greatest share to the mostattentive. Carter the gardiners wife to share with them.

[no title]  A95/17/24  nd

An account of the personal estate and of monies arising out of the Real Estate of Jane Annersley, wife of John Hutton Annersley of Purbrook Lodge, Hants.

[no title]  A95/17/25  4 May 1840

Copy Settlement on the marriage of John Hutton Annesley Esq of Purbrook, Southampton, and Elizabeth Reeks of Portsmouth, spinster.

[no title]  A95/17/26  13 December 1853

Copy Will of John Hutton Annesley of Purbrook, Soton. Esq
To his wife Elizabeth, all her wearing apparel, jewels, watches, trinkets and other. All the plate, linen, chins, books, pictures, furniture, horses carriages, wines, liquors and other effects for her own use. Ann quoting marriage settlement of May 1840 confirming settlement and in default of issue of him and his wife, devises use of property known as Morland Cottage to Edward Carter, son of his servant John Carter now living with him and of Sarah his wife, absolutely for his own use and benefit and his heirs and assigns forever.
He gives his wife permission to sell the property but the money received from such sale is to be invested by trustees of the will in Government stocks or public funds, the interest arising to be paid to his wife for her life and after her decease to Edward Carter, his executor, administrator and assigns absolutely for his and their own use and benefit.
I give £200 to John Carter, if he dies before testator, money to go to his present wife Sarah.
Residue of personal estate and effects to his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth appointed sole executrix.

[no title or date]  A95/18

[no title]  A95/18/1  24th July 1878

Copy Settlement on the marriage of Capt H.E.P. Thomas with Miss Alice M. Davies.
(1) Henry Evan Pateshall Thomas of Llanthomas Co.Brecon. Capt in Her Majesty's Army
(1) Rev. James Davies of Moor Court. Co.Hereford. Clerk.
(3) Alice Mabel Davies, spinster of the same.
(4) Edward David Thomas (jnr) of The Knoll Co.Hereford and Hugh Powell Davies of Kington.
(1) Will assign to the trustees a sum of £2000 to which he is entitled in reversion expectant upon the death of the survivor of his Father & Mother, under an appointment dated 19th July 1878. Upon trust to pay income to himself for life after his death to intended wife for life - on survivors death to pay capital among such of the children as husband & wife shall by deed jointly appoint, indefault of appointment to all the children of the marriage equally. In default of children, to the Capt, his exors, admons and assigns. (2) will convenant to pay the Trustees on his death £2000 as the portion of Miss A.M. Davies Upon Trust to pay income to her for her separate use. To survivor for life. On survivor's death to pay capital among children as husband and wife shall jointly appoint, In default of appointment, to children equally. In default of children, as A.M.D. shall be deed with a codicil appoint, and in default to her next of kin as though she were unmarried.
Any after acquired property of A.M.D. amounting to £200 to be settled upon the same trusts.

[no title]  A95/18/2  nd

Abstracts of title of Dancy Richard Dancy Esq to the manor and estate of Brinsop & Burghill.
Reciting deeds 1640 - 1814

[no title]  A95/18/3  nd

Schedule of Title Deeds etc relating to certain premises in the parishes of Much Dewchurch and Allensmore, in mortgage to Tomkyns Dew Junior Esq and others for securing £6000 and interest.

[no title]  A95/18/4  nd

Schedule of Title Deeds etc relating to Freehold and Copyhold premises situated in the parishes of Canon Pyon, Weobley and Dilwyn, the property of Mr Thomas Bynon Crowe.

[no title]  A95/18/5  1842 - 1895

Packet of Deeds relating to Mutton Hall and premises, situated at Haywood, near Hereford.

[no title]  A95/18/6  20th April 1776

Bond. Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore is bound to Thomas Griffith of the parish of Withington, Clerk in the sum of £800.

[no title]  A95/18/7  15th April 1892

(1) Thomas Dolling Bolton, 3 Temple Gardens Temple, London, Esq.
(2) Evan Thomas of Welfield, Builth, Brecon. Lt. Col
All that messuage with coachhouse and stabling outbuildings, garden, small orchard and ornamental grounds called "Frogmore" in the Parish of Weston under Penyard

[no title]  A95/18/8  10 October 1865

(1) Ellen Loveday Walker of the City of Hereford Spinster, granddaughter of Joanna Whitmore
(2) Elizabeth Pateshall of the City of Hereford Widow.
Reciting the will of Joanna Whitmore, dated 10 December 1815.
Release of a legacy of £800 and the trusts thereof under the above will. and indemnify against future claims in respect thereof.
(This item is wrapped in a copy of 'The Times' dated 5 October 1865, and endorsed 'Received from Mr I.F Symonds, deed of receipt of legacy due to Miss Walker under the will of the late Mrs Joanna Whitmore.)

[no title]  A95/18/9  June 1756

3 items

Bundle of deeds relating to the settlement of lands at Brockington in the parish of Puddleston.

[no title]  A95/18/10  July 1629

Draft Grant by Dame Jocoba Van-Loore, to Sir Edward Powell and Mary his wife, of the Rectory, Parsonage and tithes of Weston. (Reciting Deeds) 3. Edward VI.

[no title]  A95/18/11  c 1614 - 1615

Final Concord. 12 James I.
(1) Giles Whittall.
(2) Thomas Luggar, John Vale, John Caldwall Snr & Jnr.
Land in Kingsland, Lucton and Eye.

[no title]  A95/18/12  c 1720 - 1721

Final Concord. 7 George I.
(1) Jonas Coke, Edmund Pateshall, John Parker.
(2) Francis Drake, Henry Bowyer, John Symons, Pheobe Chapman.
Land in Wellington, Kington, Pembridge and Eardisley.

[no title]  A95/18/13  31 March 1756

(1) Lacon Lambe of Hereford City. Gent.
(2) Samuel Trumper of Hardwick in Eardisland. Weaver.
Piece or parcel of meadow or pasture ground, called Armour Hill in Eardisland. And also 2 acres of land in a field called Hardwick Field in Eardisland, both in the occupation of (2) as tenant to (1). For a term of nine years at the annual rent of £2.10.0.

[no title]  A95/18/14  1773

Receipts of Mr Hathaway, Mr Harford, Nicholas Lechmere and Sandys Lechmere, to Edmund Pateshall for legacys left to them by their Uncle John Pateshall (Wrapped in a piece of parchment deed)

[no title or date]  A95/19

[no title]  A95/19/1  1810 - 1811 & nd

1810 - 1814
Papers relating to enclosure in Allensmore.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/1

Instructions from John James as to procedure.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/2

Statement, with some correspondence, in fencing common field allotments etc.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/3

Copy Petition.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/4

Copy Case with Mr Freslove's opinion on Allensmore Inclosure Act.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/5

Statement of Property From Land Tax Assessment.

[no title]  A95/19/1/6  1810 & 1811

Allensmore Land Tax assessments.

[no title]  A95/19/1/7  1811

Sale of certain plots of land by lot.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/8

List of objectors to enclosure.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/9

List of names consenting to the Bill.

[no title or date]  A95/19/1/10

Misc correspondence.

[no title]  A95/19/1/11  6 May 1811

14 Copies of Bill for enclosure. 1811
(Note of Royal Assent

[no title]  A95/19/2  April 2nd 1804

Sale of Mr Pateshall's farming stock.
Sold by Auction at Allensmore on Easter Monday

[no title]  A95/19/3  February 1808

Jane Berrow's agreement to become tenant to to E.B.P. in property purchased of Guy's Hospital to whom she is now tenant.

[no title]  A95/19/4  nd

Traced maps of farms etc in Allensmore with references and notes on tithes.
Allensmore House. New House
Goose Pool and Winnal.

[no title]  A95/19/5  nd

Notices to quit and/or not to trespass in the parishes of Allensmore & Much Dewchurch.

[no title]  A95/19/6  1807 - 1815

48 items

Account of William Taylor.
Food for horses etc., and board for himself on errands to various places.

[no title]  A95/19/7  26 April 1813

Observations of Mr Benjamin Wainwright on the state of cultivation of Allensmore Farm, in the occupation of Mr John Berrow.

[no title]  A95/19/8  10 November 1834

Final Settlement as to the rents and all expenses of the Goose Pool Estate, when the balance was paid to Mr F.C Clarke by Mr E.B. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/19/9  31 August 1809

(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore. Esq
(2) William Taylor of Allensmore. Yeoman.
Deputation of Gamekeeper for the manors of Allensmore and Winnal in the county of Hereford. 1 August 1815
(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq
(2) Richard Blisset of Allensmore. Servant.
Deputation of Gamekeeper for the manors of Allensmore and Winal.

[no title]  A95/19/10  4 April 1812

Allensmore lawn to be opened for the tack of yearling cattle. (Printed paper)

[no title]  A95/19/11  1845

Between E.B. Pateshall and Jno Cooke.
Mr Symmons demands from E.B.P. tithe dues, but Pat eshall demands rents from him. Correspondence re this subject.

[no title]  A95/19/12  2 February 1810

(1) Edmund Pateshall
(2) John Burrow of Kingstone, Farmer
Articles of Agreement for lease from year to year.

[no title]  A95/19/13  1790 - 1792

Rental and Account Book in Wm. Parry's hand.
Rent received also expenditure on EBP'S education - also payments to EBP's mother.

[no title]  A95/19/14  1790 - 1803

Account of Chief Rents of estates of Edmund Pateshall Esq, a minor. Commencing from Midsummer to Michaelmas 1790. Allensmore Lyonshall and Pembridge.

[no title or date]  A95/20

[no title]  A95/20/1  1st January 1786

(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
(2) John Matthews of the Bowling Green. Clehonger, Yeoman.
Counterpart Lease for 21 years at a yearly rent of £71.7.6d of the "Court Lands" and all the barns and outhouses adjoining.
Field names mentioned in detail.

[no title]  A95/20/2  1783

N.B. Vol. Paper covered, folded.
Memorandums made in the year 1783 by Edmund Pateshall, respecting the lands in the different common fields.
Details of each field with numbered plan (coloured)

[no title]  A95/20/3  1850 - 1854

1. Abstract of the title of the mortgage and demise of the late Edmund Burnham Pateshall, Esq to certain farms and lands situated in the parish of Allensmore.
2 Draft copies. 1850.
2. Additional abstract of the title of the devises and mortgage of the late E.B. Pateshall, Esq., to certain farms and lands called the Green and Penocks situated in the parishes of Much Dewchurch & and Allensmore. 1854. Draft.

[no title]  A95/20/4  19th May 1754

(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore Esq.
(2) John Berrow of Cobwall in Allensmore, Husbandman.
Lease for 9 years at a rent of £15.15.0d per annum of the following. 9 acres of arable land in a field called Hungrel; meadowground lately enclosed out of Hungrel field; pieces of arable land lying in a common field called Butt Onder; pieces out of Little Onder field; also pieces in Goosepool Onder. All in the parish of Allensmore.
Counterpart only.

[no title]  A95/20/5  22nd May 1754

(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
(2) Richard Matty of Allensmore, Blacksmith.
Lease for 9 years at a rent of £5.5.0d per annum of a dwelling house and smith's shop commonly called the "Goosepool" with barns and outhouses adjoining. Also 3 acres of arable land and other miscellaneous pieces of pasture and meadowland.

[no title]  A95/20/6  1778 - 1790

Vol. Cash Book. Receipts.

[no title]  A95/20/7  1797 - 1800

Vol. Cash Book. Expenditure.

[no title]  A95/20/8  1791 - 1816

Vol. "Mrs Pateshall's Rent Book".

[no title]  A95/20/9  1810 - 1812

Three notebooks with accounts of William Taylor.
Possibly Coachman's accounts, as details are shown of long involved journeys.
(1) Aug 1812.
(2) --- 1810.
(3) Oct 1810

[no title]  A95/20/10  c1808

Accounts of William Taylor.
Note book, and some loose pages

[no title]  A95/20/11  1778 - 1787


[no title or date]  A95/20/11/1

4 Items

From the Rev. Mr. Gwatkin, Vicar of Allensmore concerning the tithes of Allensmore.

[no title or date]  A95/20/11/2

Direction to Charles Walker to set out the tithes arising upon the lands he occupies in Grendon Bishop.

[no title]  A95/20/11/3  1825-29

Particulars of lands subject to tithes in the occupation of Mr Burnam Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/20/12/1  1 Dec 1791

(1) Ann Pateshall of Allensmore. (wid)
(2) John Jones. Clerk.
Bond in the sum of £3.800.

[no title]  A95/20/12/2  11 Sept 1773

(1) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
(2) Thomas Nelmes of Livers Ocle, Gent
Bond in £1.200. to perform covenants.

[no title]  A95/20/12/3  16 November 1792

(1) Mrs Ann Pateshall.
(2) Ann Kyrewood of St Johns, Hereford. spinster.
Bond in the sum of £1.440.

[no title]  A95/20/12/4  24 April 1797

(1) Thomas Wathan of Allensmore, Farmer.
(2) Ann Pateshall of Allensmore (wid). James Beavan gent, Thomas Burrow, farmer, both of Allensmore. Mary Williams of Haywood Lodge, spinster. Thomas Price of the same, farmer and Christopher Powell of the Haywood, yeoman.
Bond for £100.
Note. Wathen is to provide one cavalryman and horse, for each of the aforesaid people, pursuant to an Act of Parliament, for the defence of the Kingdom.

[no title]  A95/20/12/5  25 July 1812

(1) William Griffin of Thornbury, farmer.
(2) Mrs Ann Pateshall.
Agreement of Bond for £500.

[no title]  A95/20/12/6  9 December 1815

(1) Edwin Sandys Pateshall of Hereford Esq a Captain in the 15th Regt. of Native Infantry in the East Indies, and Henry Unett of EuWithington, Esq.
(2) Joseph Wilfred Parkins of Cheltenham.
Bond in £160 to perform covenants.

[no title]  A95/20/13/1  October 1778

An account of what lands Mr Pateshall had in hand in

[no title]  A95/20/13/2  1786

Rough note of lease Christmas

[no title]  A95/20/13/3  nd

2 Sketches of land belonging to Mr Stephens & Mr Patsell. (unlocated)

[no title]  A95/20/13/4  July 1829

Survey of Allensmore Lawns etc. Surveyor Wm Fosbrooke, Hereford

[no title]  A95/20/14  nd

c20 items

Papers relating to small properties, with field names.

[no title]  A95/20/15  nd

Agreement for a lease.
(1) Mr Pateshall
(2) Mr Beaven.

[no title]  A95/20/16  4 August 1690

(1) Williams Watkins of Allensmore, Yeo. and Elizabeth his wife.
(2) William Barroll of Hereford, baker.
Lease for 20 years of a farm "called Margerie Wynnall's Farm" and all barns, gardens etc adjoining.
Consideration £10.

[no title]  A95/20/17  20 January 1820

(1) John Berrow of Kingstone, farmer and Thomas Berrow of Allensmore, Farmer.
(2) Robert Berrow of Allensmore, son and heir in law of Robert Berrow dec.
(3) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
Draft of release and conveyance in fee of a piece of land near Church Field in the parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/20/18  24 December 1785

Lands set to John Matthews for 12 or 21 years commencing 24 December 1785. Rent £71.7.6d.
Includes lands set to Robt. Berrow, Thos. Beavan and Thos. Rogers.

[no title]  A95/20/19  2 February 1742

Articles of Agreement between Joseph Pateshall and Sarah his wife, of Leominster and Susanna Goodyear also of Leominster.
Joseph Pateshall binds himself and wife for £35.

[no title]  A95/20/20  Late 18th century

Rent Book.

[no title or date]  A95/20/21

The expense attending the building of Mr.Green's house at Ashfield, near Ludlow.

[no title]  A95/20/22  10 May 1780

Westington Estate.
Inventory of goods, cattle and stock on the farm at Westington, valued and appraised by Mr Edward Burwall and Mr Anthony Batchel.

[no title]  A95/20/23  11 August 1758

Elizabeth Burnam, Tenant of lands belonging to the Manor of Bromyard. Surrendered lands to John Postans and Williams Barnes, customary tenants.

[no title]  A95/20/24  1781

Thornbury Estate.
Measurements of fields taken by Mr Wm. Edwards. With this a notice to quit to Mr Prestwood Benbow, signed by Ann Pateshall and 20 April 1791

[no title]  A95/20/25  6 March 1788

Landowner's within the hamlet of Grindon Bishop claiming ancient payments in lieu of Tithes.

[no title]  A95/20/26  19 October 1796

(1) Mrs Ann Pateshall
(2) William Griffin of Whitbourne, yeoman.
Counterpart of agreement to let "all that messuage and tenement and farm called Newhouse in Thornbury" for 5 years at a rent of £225 per annum.

[no title]  A95/20/27  1765

Timber Sales.
An account (in a note book endorsed E.P.) of one hundred and twenty five elms sold at Westington in 1765.
Also Oaks to be felled at Weston, 1767.
And an account (1766) of "things in my own house as linnen, pewter, glass etc, after my dear Coz. Pickering's death"

[no title]  A95/20/28  8 December 1768

Mutual agreement between Wm. Burnam of Westington and Wm Hill of Worcester. That Burnam should sell Hill 214 ash trees now growing in Dodmarsh and 24 oaks.
£250 To be paid to Burnam by next Christmas.

[no title]  A95/20/29  nd

Westington Estate. (The property of Mrs Pateshall) Valuation paper.
Names of fields shown, with acreage.

[no title]  A95/20/30  12th May 1763

Westington Estate.
Paarticular of copyhold and leasehold lands at Westington, to which Wm. Burnam had been admitted, taken from an extract of Court Roll.

[no title]  A95/20/31  2 February 1775

Agreement by Mrs Hester Williams to pay half of her husband's debts. The debtor being John Williams butcher, of Docklow, deceased. 1774.

[no title]  A95/20/32  Mar to Aug 1798

Account to Thos. Hawkes, cap, helment and accoutrement maker for military purposes £5.7.6d. for Capt Pateshall, Hereford Militia

[no title]  A95/20/33  3 Sept 1801

Account from George Lyne, Cecil Street, London, to Capt Pateshall for the making of a regimental coat and all its accoutrements.

[no title]  A95/20/34  1798 - 1813

17 items

Notices to quit from Mrs Ann Pateshall to various tenants.

[no title]  A95/20/35  1828 - 1832

The exor'ship of the late Rev. James Ingram, in account with Messrs Matthews & Co.

[no title]  A95/20/36  1822

3 items

Mrs Ann Pateshall
Bank Accounts received by E.B. Pateshall on her decease.

[no title]  A95/20/37  1836 - 1837

Thos. A. Pateshall in account with E.B. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/20/38  nd

Notes on the pedigree of the Pateshall family written on 3 small cards.

[no title]  A95/20/39  1752 - 1784

Account Book.
Mortgages, debtors etc.

[no title]  A95/20/40  Late 18th early 19thc

Receipts (various)

[no title]  A95/20/41  Early 19thc

Misc. Accounts and Receipts

[no title]  A95/20/42  nd

Accounts. To Charles Honiatt, Brazier, Tinplate Worker and Hardware man. (Engraved Billheads.)

[no title]  A95/20/43  1783

Account. To Thomas Morgan. Cobbler.

[no title]  A95/20/44  1799

Account for Playbills Newspapers and Inn bills.

[no title or date]  A95/20/45

Account 1803. Items bought at Mr Trumpers Sale.

[no title or date]  A95/20/46

Account 1804. To Mr Wm Hanson.

[no title or date]  A95/20/47

Account 1811. John Powles, Glove Manufacturer. (Engraved Billhead)

[no title or date]  A95/20/48

Account 1815. R. Thomas, Butcher.

[no title or date]  A95/20/49

Account 1828. J. Bennett Esq.

[no title or date]  A95/20/50

Account 1829. "The Hereford Journal" for newspapers from 31.Dec. 1828 to 31 Dec 1829. (Engraved Billhead)

[no title or date]  A95/20/51

Account 1846. Edward Minton, Hat manufacturer.

[no title]  A95/20/52  4 Feb 1778

An account of Ann Smith's Goods and Chattels

[no title]  A95/20/53  14 February 1800

Authorisation by George Cope, Clerk, one of the Justices of the County to the Constable of Allensmore to search the premises of Richard Mattey of Allensmore Blacksmith. It being suspected by Mrs Ann Pateshall that he had stolen five bushels of barley from her outhouse.

[no title]  A95/20/54  ND

Printed Cutting from a Sale Catalogue.
List of Cattle for sale, with names of animals.

[no title]  A95/20/55  1796

The Lady's Polite Remembrancer for 1796
Contains line engravings of women's fashions for the year. Includes small accounts.

[no title or date]  A95/21

[no title]  A95/21/1  nd

Volume. Memorandum book to Estates.
Headed 'In reading over all ye writings belonging to the Estates ye following are Memorandums I had in mind to take for my own satisfaction and convenience.
Written in the hand of John Pateshall ?

[no title]  A95/21/2  1658

A particular, taken by Mr Edmund Pateshall of lands surrendered by Thos: Preece and wife and granted to them and their son Thomas again by James Siddall at a court held on October 29th 1658.

[no title]  A95/21/3  6th October 1733

Jane Pateshall agrees that Edward Thomas of Pembridge can have part of her dwelling house at Weston in the parish of Pembridge. Witnesses were Alice Crump and Wm. Wall.

[no title]  A95/21/4a  19 February 1747/8

Between John Pateshall and Thomas Webb (Blacksmith) for new dwelling house, smith's shop, barn and outhouses at Goosepool, Allensmore. With garden, two plocks of arable land and one plock of meadow ground and a small plock adjoining 'Churchfield' under conditions. Witnesses William Stallard and Mary Brown.

[no title]  A95/21/4b  12 September 1747/8

John Rudge may rent the above buildings and plocks.
With a small note affixed saying that Thomas Webb will pay one pound and one shilling to John Rudge.

[no title]  A95/21/5  1728

A particular of copyhold lands surrendered by Thos. Preece then granted again by a new Copy of Court Roll at the Court of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/21/6  nd

Particular of lands occupied by Mr Foot for life then Mrs Mason.
Particular of lands which Richard Barrell has for life.

[no title]  A95/21/7  1679

Manor of Allensmore.
A copy of George Foot's Copy of Court Roll.
Account of a view taken by Mr Edmund Pateshall and others of some copyhold lands then held by Mr Foot. Since deceased.
Agreement between Mr Pateshall & Mr Foot re lands agreed to be copyhold. [N.D.]

[no title]  A95/21/8  9 June 1697

Manor of Allensmore.
Assignment of title to lands & a messuage in Winnall which John Price had by Copy of Court Roll.

[no title]  A95/21/9  22 Jan 1760

Lease for 21 years
(1) John Pateshall
(2) John Cook the elder and the younger
All that tenement or cottage he now lives in with barn & outhouses together with garden & 5 closes being about 6 acres, situated at Winnall & Romer Common.
Yearly Rent of £3.

[no title]  A95/21/10  1761 - 1763

Articles of agreement.
(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore
(2) John Jones, Blacksmith, of Wormbridge.
Dwelling house, Smith's shop, barn and outhouses at Goosepool in Allensmore and other lands etc. (specified).
Rent £4.10.0.

[no title]  A95/21/11  January 1770

(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore Esq
(2) Thomas Price jnr.of Allensmore. Yeoman.
New dewlling house, Smith's shop, barn and outhouses at Goosepool in Allensmore and other lands etc. (specified).
Rent £4.10.0.

[no title]  A95/21/12  29 January 1732

(1) Matthew Goods of Thornbury, Gent and Susanna his wife.
(2) William Harris of Bromyard, Hatter.
Messuage or dwelling house with outhouses, buildings gardens, backsides etc in the town of Bromyard.
Rent £10. yearly.

[no title]  A95/21/13  3 June 1755

Copy Lease.
(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore Esq
(2) Robert Dobbins of Burghope Esq
Messuage or dwellinghouse in Widemarsh St where Mrs Anne Woodhill lately dwelt with garden and brewhouse etc. now in possession of Mr Mason Apothecary.
Rent £20 per year.
With above lease, dated 3 June 1755.
(1) Agrees to allow unto (2) £10 deducted out of 1st years rent to be expended in improvement and embelishment of above house (specified)

[no title]  A95/21/14  November 1760

Bargain and Sale.
(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore Esq.
(2) Mr Cordwell of Hereford. Ironmaster
(1) Sells to (2) all the coppice & other wood etc, in the parish of Titley, known as The Birch, The Oak and The Acorn Coppice, in all about 58 acres.

[no title]  A95/21/15  4 June 1791

Assignment of Bond.
(1) Edwyn Sandys Lechmere of Hereford City. Gent
(2) Mrs Ann Pateshall of Allensmore. Widow. £400.

[no title]  A95/21/16  August 1785

Licence for killing game, granted to Edmund Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/21/17  1816

An account of the estate of Michael Cheese (dec) by John Da Cruz Esq., Executor.

[no title]  A95/21/18  1820

Draft Lease.
(1) Rev. Henry Wetherell of Thruxton, Clerk.
(2) William Chapman of Thruxton, Farmer.
Farm and premises in the parishes of Thruxton, Kingstone and Allensmore, for 5 years.
Rent £95.

[no title]  A95/21/19  1821

Draft Release.
(1) Richard Mattey of The Goose Pool in Allensmore Blacksmith and Ann his wife.
(2) John James of the City of Hereford & of Credenhill, Gent.
(3) John Calvert Clarks of Teddington Place, Middx. Esq and John Frederick Sales Clarke of the same place.
Release (in fee) of premises at Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/21/20  1730 - 1731

Particular of tenants and names of lands occupied by them.

[no title]  A95/21/21  1759

An Assessment made on the inhabitants of Thornbury and Rowden for the year 1759, for collecting money for rebuilding the Pound, at 3d in the £.

[no title]  A95/21/22  22 July 1747

Between John Pateshall and Richard Barrell, that during a lease of 21 years he should receive lime of varying loads for the twenty one years and keep the gates and stiles in good repair as well as rebuilding a barn by the 31 July 1748. Also a full draft of this lease. Witnesses were Tho.Wathan and William Stallard.

[no title]  A95/21/23  3 October 1750

Between John Pateshall and John Cook, that on the decease of Widow Merrick, John Cook would receive all her property for 21 years, for a yearly rent of three pounds to John Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/21/24  24 March 1753

Between John Pateshall and Mrs Ann Woodhill, about setting up a house in Widemarsh Street, Hereford, for the term of her life under conditions.
Lease 7 April 1753.
John Pateshall & Mrs Woodhill, re above.

[no title]  A95/21/25  22 December 1759

Between Jane Pateshall and Elizabeth Lewis, that Elizabeth Lewis may rent the house and gardens at Weston in Pembridge that Anne Hughes had before she recently died. With conditions.

[no title]  A95/21/26  30 June 1762

An Inventory of goods and chattels belonging to Mr Matthew Good of Leominster, deceased.

[no title]  A95/21/27  19 March 1766

Between John Pateshall and Thomas Morgan. To rent a farm and pasture ground (called Churchfield) for a year.
Agreement 28 January 1767. To rent the above land and building for another year.
Agreement 11 March 1768. To rent the above land and building for another year.

[no title]  A95/21/28  2 April 1766

Will of John Hyde of The Grove, Stoke Bliss. Proved in the PCC 23 December 1768 by George Boulter Clerk.

[no title]  A95/21/29  1800

Mrs Pateshalls Copyhold lands in the Manor of Pembridge. Negotiation for their enfranchisement with Mr Kinnersley, afterwards concluded by EBP.

[no title]  A95/21/30  30 July 1804

To Mr Thomas Griffiths.
Notice to quit and deliver the houses, land and premises situated in the parishes of Lyonshall and Pembridge, to Mr Edmund Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/21/31  December 1804

Paticular and Valuation of Marston Estate, Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/21/32  1804

A bill and receipt from Philip Parker (Glazier)

[no title]  A95/21/33  1813

Bill for enclosing lands in Clehonger
Also draft of enclosure award with 1818 notice by James Cranston that he is to read over the award at the Greyhound Inn on Monday 11 January at 11 o'clock.

[no title]  A95/21/34  1814 - 1818

Receipts for payments of land tax with letter from E.R.Ward reminding E.B.P. that he must pay land tax.

[no title]  A95/21/35  February 1816

Bill and receipts from Lloyd of Lyonshall for hauling.

[no title]  A95/21/36  1824

Thornbury Sale.
Notebook containing, Sale of goods, chattels and animals at New House, Thornbury. Tuesday 4 May 1824.
List of goods, chattels and animals with prices.

[no title]  A95/21/37  1837 - 1839

Receipts for payments of rent, land tax, and wages Also reicipts for building materials

[no title]  A95/21/38  ND

A particular of Richard Barrell of Manfields Leasehold Lands together with a calculation of all the acres of land that are leased to him

[no title]  A95/21/39  ND

An account of property at Lyonshall rented to Thomas Woodhouse the elder and younger with a letter from John Pateshall demanding his rent or further action would be taken.

[no title]  A95/21/39  21 May 1816

Of the Jury at the Court Leet and View of Frankpledge saying E. Pateshall must remove his gates and gate posts from the Team Road leading from Coedsmore Common, Much Dewchurch to Allensmore, as they are an obstruction.

[no title]  A95/21/40  2 June 1861

(1) William Powell of Allensmore, Yeoman
(2) Peter Powell formerly of Madley but now of Allensmore, and Philip Jones of Sugwas Esq.
Release of premises at Allensmore Common

[no title]  A95/21/41  ND

Names of certain inhabitants/tenants of Allensmore

[no title]  A95/21/42  February 1769

List of lands belonging to Mr Price of Ye Old House taken from his lease

[no title]  A95/21/43  nd

Small bundle of misc receipts

[no title]  A95/21/43B  nd

A learned opinion as to Insurance, Mortgage, the borrowing and Lending of money etc.

[no title or date]  A95/22

[no title]  A95/22/1  1880 - 1884

Volume labelled Cottage Rent Book. Loose inside various misc papers, i.e. Income Tax Returns, accounts, receipts etc of Evan Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/22/2  July 1886

Absolute Order of the Inclosure Commissioners concerning Pateshall's Drainage Improvement in the parishes of Allensmore and Much Dewchurch.
Includes Map.

[no title]  A95/22/3  1 August 1866

Pateshall's Drainage Improvement for the parishes of Much Dewchurch and Allensmore:-
The General Land Drainage and Improvement Company to the Trustees of the London Life Association.
Assignment of charge under Absolute Order of the Inclosure Commissioners.

[no title]  A95/22/4  1824 - 1856

Plan of Wood Street Estate Allensmore, March 1824 with a Declaration of Affirmation to its details etc by the tenant Robert Baynham. Dated 11 June 1856.
Together with copy conditions of sale and map of the estate dated 14 May 1856

[no title]  A95/22/5  25th November 1874

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Thomas Bemand for the letting of the Village Farm and other lands.

[no title]  A95/22/6  29th December 1852

Agreement between Evan Thomas and Richard Whittall concerning the letting of the dwelling house, buildings and premises with the garden and several pieces of adjoining land, known as the Streetfield in the parish of Thornbury.
£15. p.a.

[no title]  A95/22/7  23 January 1854

Letter from Thomas Davis to Evan Pateshall enclosing the draft agreement for letting the Mill at Thornbury to Joseph Price and Evan Pateshall's concurrence thereto.

[no title]  A95/22/8  15th February 1855

Letter from Evan Thomas (Pateshall) to Richard Badham bearing the guinea he had promised as a present to Mr Perkins of Wacton.

[no title]  A95/22/9-14  6 to 27 September 1855

Bundle of correspondence concerning the Right of Way from the Dayhouse estate, (adjoining Westington) to the Turnpike Road between Leominster and Bromyard.

[no title]  A95/22/15  18 January 1862

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and James Meek the elder to let and rent a dwelling house, buildings and land in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/16  10 February 1863

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and George Owens concerning the letting of the messuage or tenement an farm called the Church House in the parish of Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/22/17  December 1863

Draft agreement between Evan Pateshall and Joseph Price to let and take Thornbury Mill.

[no title]  A95/22/18  30 January 1864

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Mr W. Berrow. Pateshall agrees to withdraw his notice to quit the Green Farm, in return for certain payments which were owing to him.

[no title]  A95/22/19  10 February 1865

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and George King to let a dwelling house at the Goose Pool, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/20  31 January 1866

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and John Hodges to the letting and taking of Kimmelow Meadow, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/21  10 May 1866

Letter to Evan Pateshall from J.G. Edwards of St Johns, Worcester regarding a debt incurred by Rev. Walter Pateshall in 1815.

[no title]  A95/22/22  11 January 1869

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and William Garrett re the letting of Goose Pool corner field and two meadows.

[no title]  A95/22/23  28th January 1869

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and William Berrow re the letting and taking of 3 fields late or part of Wood Street Farm, also Glen Cottage of Webtree.

[no title]  A95/22/24  1872

Plan of new cattle sheds at Ruddings Farm, Allensmore, 1871.

[no title]  A95/22/25  1 February 1873

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Mr Charles Lane re the renting and taking of Osier beds near the Green Farm in the parish of Much Dewchurch.

[no title]  A95/22/26  26 July 1873

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Charles Parry for the letting and renting of Yew Tree Cottage and lands in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/27  1874

Blacksmiths Account
Record of Sales to Evan Pateshall.
Receipt for rent paid by Jasper Perkins for his shop in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/28  10 December 1875

Memo of agreement between Evan Pateshall and John Phillips re the letting and renting of "The Brooms" in the parish of allensmore.
Also, letter from the outgoing tenant of these fields - Hannah Beavan

[no title]  A95/22/29  5 January 1876

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and James Perkins re the letting and renting of The Pelican Inn and land in the parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/30  8 January 1876

Memo of Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Samuel Lloyd re the letting and renting of cottage, garden and orchard in the village of Allensmore

[no title]  A95/22/31  12 April 1876

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and William Berrow of the Green Farm, Much Dewchurch, the existing contract of tenancy between them shall remain unaffected by the "The Agricultural Holdings (England) Act" 1875.

[no title]  A95/22/32  31 October 1876

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Joseph Nourse re the letting and taking of a dwelling house, garden and orchard in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/33  30 October 1883

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Edward Woodhouse for the tenancy of messuage and premises called Wood Street in Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/22/34  nd

Field Plan Map of Allensmore (?)

[no title]  A95/22/35  nd

Statement of the Accounts of Allensmore Charities.

[no title or date]  A95/23

[no title]  A95/23/1  1878 - 1885

Volume. Rent Book

[no title]  A95/23/2  nd

Printed. An Act for Enclosing Lands in the Parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/23/3  1873

Particulars of Charities in the parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/23/4  nd

Schedule of Pateshall's Drainage Improvements of certain lands, part of Allensmore Estate. in the parishes of Allensmore & Much Dewchurch.

[no title]  A95/23/5  nd

Bundle of misc receipts, correspondence etc in connection with the Drainage Improvements.

[no title]  A95/23/6  1818

Deputy Lieutenant's Commission.
Edmund Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/23/7  1st March 1820

Licence grant ed to Edmund Pateshall Esq, that he and his issue may take and use the surname of Burnham in addition.

[no title]  A95/23/8  7 Jun 1843

Warrant. issued 7 June 1843, authorises Joseph Parry to enter the house, premises etc of James Vale of Much Dewchurch, to search for a quantity of Bacon feloniously taken, stolen etc from the premises of William Powell of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/23/9  27 July 1799

Notice to Quit. Mrs Mary Barrol must leave the messuage, farm and land she rents.

[no title]  A95/23/10  24 June 1818

Notice to James Nutt not to trespass upon any part of the land or premises I occupy in the parishes of Allensmore and Much Dewchurch. [signed Henry Davies]

[no title]  A95/23/11  13 April 1819

Agreement between Edmund Pateshall and Thomas Cook of Allensmore re the renting of a cottage and garden at Green Farm Much Dewchurch.
Rent 1 shilling a year as long as Cook remains in Pateshall's employment

[no title]  A95/23/12  25 April 1818

Letter from Edward Pinches of Kington, asking for the money owed to him by Mr Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/23/13  1851 1853

Notices of first assessment under Property and Income Tax Acts. Parishes of Allensmore and Much Dewchurch. Plus Inhabited House Duty

[no title]  A95/23/14  1814

Mr Pateshalls Corporation Dinner.
List of names.

[no title]  A95/23/15  nd

Small bundle of misc items, receipts for work done, etc.

PARISH RECORDS.  A95/24  [n.d.]

Parish of Allensmore  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/24/1  1838 - 1923

Vol. Churchwarden's Accounts for the parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/24/2  1776 - 1786

Small bundle of papers relating to Land Tax Church Assessment etc.

[no title]  A95/24/3  June 1780

Contract and counterpart of contract for the maintenance and care of the poor of the parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/24/4/1-20  c1730 - 1780's

Bundle of settlement examinations, certificates etc.

[no title]  A95/24/5  7 July 1762

Copy of the Terrier of Allensmore and associated correspondence.

[no title]  A95/24/6  1860

Poor Rate Book. Parish of Allensmore.

[no title or date]  A95/24/7

School Cash Book. 1874 - 1882. Allensmore C of E.

Grendon Bishop Parish Papers.  A95/25  [n.d.]

[no title]  A95/25/1  17th April 1777

Printed. Appointment of Wm.Burnham and Phillip Morris, as Overseers of the Poor of the parish.

[no title]  A95/25/2  11 April 1737

Settlement and Removal Order.
Richard Brown and Mary his wife to be removed from Grendon Bishop to Tenbury

[no title]  A95/25/3  5th April 1738 and 26th August 1738

Apprenticeship Indenture. John Andrews apprenticed to Phillip South in the art of husbandry

[no title]  A95/25/4  1759

An assessment made on the inhabitants, for gathering a Constables Lewn

[no title]  A95/25/5  5 June 1760

Printed. Appointment of Wm.Burnham as presentor and assessor for the collection of Window Tax.

[no title]  A95/25/6  14 June 1750

Assessment made for collecting Window Tax

Hatfield Parish Papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/25/7  nd

Lands etc proposed to be sold to augment the living of Hatfield.

[no title]  A95/25/8  nd

A list of the Tithes of Hatfield.

[no title]  A95/25/9  13 June 1721

An Account of the donations to charitable uses within Hatfield.

[no title]  A95/25/10  27th July 1750

Presentment. Visitation.

[no title]  A95/25/11  nd

An account of customs for privy tithes.

[no title]  A95/25/12a  3 May 1714

Settlement certificate for Joseph Evans and his wife. Legal settlement in the parish of Pudleston.

[no title]  A95/25/12b  19 July 1714

Examination of Joseph Evans re settlement.

[no title]  A95/25/13  30th June 1723

Settlement certificate for Thomas Clark, his wife and children. Legal settlement in the parish of Yarkhill.

[no title]  A95/25/14  24th December 1726

Settlement Certificate for Richard Nethaway, his wife and family. Legal settlement in the parish of Clungunford.

[no title]  A95/25/15  nd

Promisory note by Sarah Winford to pay the Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Hatfield £24. with interest.

[no title]  A95/25/16  1760

Land Tax Assessment.

Thornbury Parish Papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/25/17  nd

An account of the seats in the church belonging to Poolhouse.

[no title]  A95/25/18  1741 - 1742

An assessment or rate on the inhabitants of Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/25/19  nd

A list of inhabitants and parishioners.

[no title]  A95/25/20  7th April 1768

Printed. Appointment of Mr Burnham and Nicholas Edwards as Overseers.

[no title]  A95/25/21  5th July 1742

Notice of an appeal to the Worcester Quarter Sessions against the Churchwardens & Overseers of the parish of Mathon for the unjust removal of Richard Barns and his two children from Mathon to Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/25/22  nd

Printed Instructions to those affected by parochial or public rate to serve the office of Surveyor of the Highways.
On dorse.
Notice to Constable to give notice to Mr Humphrey Benbow, farmer, he is drawn by lot for a Militia Man.

[no title]  A95/25/23  1757

An assessment upon the inhabitants at 4d in the £.

[no title]  A95/25/24  1757

A levy on the inhabitants for collecting Bridgemoney.

[no title or date]  A95/25/25

Account. To the Borough of Kidderminster on account of Rebeckah, Eleanor, Elizabeth and Louisa Badland.

[no title]  A95/25/26  1769

An account of hoppicking 1768, and monies received for Highways.

[no title]  A95/25/27  nd

Misc Overseers accounts.

BURNAM FAMILY.  A95/26  [n.d.]

[no title]  A95/26/1  1724 - 1759

Volume. Joseph Burnam. His Book.
An account book Includes wages of servants, rents received, Names and wages of hoppolers 1726 - 1750. Account of what Mares took Horse 1724 - 1733.

[no title]  A95/26/2-4  1724 - 1760

Household, personal and estate account books of Joseph Burnam. Payment of wages to servants, hoppolers paid in butter, cheese etc, rents received, payment for cloth etc, accounts of mares put to horse.

[no title]  A95/26/5  1757-1759

9 items

Bundle of letters from Brasenose College, Oxford re expenditure of Mr Wm. Burnam's nephew Mr.Walker? together with extracts from Parish Register showing all the Walker family.
Also a letter from E.L. Pateshall saying he will breakfast with Mr Burnam and giving his compliments to Miss Burnam. Letter undated.

[no title]  A95/26/6  c1777 - 1779

44 Items

Mr William Burnam. Bundle of letters mostly from people to whom he had lent money.

[no title]  A95/26/7  5th July 1758

Inventory of Goods and Chattells of the late Rev. Mr Burnam

[no title]  A95/26/8  nd

An account of Mr Burnam's land.

[no title]  A95/26/9  nd

8 Items

Small bundle of misc accounts and receipts etc.

[no title]  A95/26/10  Nov 22md 1788

An estimate of work and materials for Kings Pyon church.

Miscellaneous Estate and Household accounts etc.  A95/27  [n.d.]

[no title or date]  A95/27/1

Volume. 1727 - 1785 includes accounts of wages, paid, hireings, repayment of debts and other misc writings.

[no title]  A95/27/2  1895-1902

Small account book, containing numbers of ducks reared, and costs of food for same.

[no title]  A95/27/3  20th Century

A/c Book, commencing 1905. Detailing purchases from Bakery, mainly from E & C Harris, Broad St. Hereford.

[no title]  A95/27/4  1909

Purchases from H.A. Fletcher & Co. Fish and Game Merchants, Eign Street, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/27/5  1898 - 1910

Mainly payments to Ostler.

[no title]  A95/27/6  1822

Copy of The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register.

[no title or date]  A95/28

[no title]  A95/28/1  6th February 1781

Front Elevation for Allensmore.
Plan of Ground Floor at Allensmore Transverse Section.
Roof Structure, partitions etc.

[no title]  A95/28/2  nd

Ground Floor plan of ?(Weston) (name mainly eligible) for Edmund Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/28/3  nd

Plan of 2nd chamber floor - unidentifiable but possibly (? Weston)

[no title]  A95/28/4  nd

Ground floor plan of fairly substantial house Not identified.

[no title]  A95/28/5  1770

Map of John Pateshall's estate at Allensmore
Includes:- Buttons Marsh. Brimstone Churchfield
The Onders Barrels in Onders.
Church Field Webtree Rynold's Field
Wood Field Morgan's Plot.

[no title]  A95/28/6  1770

Map of John Pateshall's Estate at Allensmore.
Surveyed by R.P.P.
Includes. Filpot's Farm. Beavan Farm. Thomas's Farm.

[no title]  A95/28/7  1770

Map of John Pateshall's Estate at Allensmore
Includes: The Church Field. Rynold's Field
Wood Field. Webtree The Peak.

[no title]  A95/28/8  March 1740

Map of the Estate at Lyonshall.
Surveyed by John Ward.

[no title]  A95/28/9  March 1740

Map of the Estate of John Pateshall at Marston
Surveyed by John Ward.

[no title]  A95/28/10  March 1740

Map of the Estate of John Pateshall at Huntington.
Surveyed by John Ward.

[no title]  A95/28/11  13th January 1845

Apportionment of the Rent Charge in lieu of Tithes in the parish of St Martin, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/28/12  nd

Plan of the Proposed Main Sewer at Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/28/13  17th June 1911

Letter to Col. H.P. Pateshall Thomas concerning the drainage at Allensmore Court

[no title]  A95/28/14  31st December 1890

Rent Account
Mrs E.M. Underwood in account with Mrs. A.E. Pateshall re Westington Estate.

[no title]  A95/28/15  nd

Plan of miscellaneous fields. Nupend.

[no title]  A95/28/16  nd

Plan of Mrs Lucy's Meadow Land in Hampton Bishop

[no title]  A95/28/17  nd

Plan of roads in the parishes of Bridge Sollars and Bishopstone.

[no title]  A95/28/18  nd

Field Plan for: (1) White Close (2) The Three Acres (3) Rumaur Meadow (4) The two acres in Rumaur Field (5) The three acres adjoining.

[no title]  A95/28/19  nd

Plan of Bridging Farm.

[no title]  A95/28/20  nd

Plan of the parish of Coston Hasket or Cofton, Worcs

[no title]  A95/28/21  nd

O.S. Map. 1913 edition. Gloucester & Forest of Dean

JANE PATESHALL.  [no ref. or date]

Widow of John Pateshall of Weston in the county of Hereford.

JOURNAL  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/31/1-4  18th Century

Three copies (two made by Milborough Pateshall) and a copy of that and also an extract of the Journal, written c.1762-3, giving family and mentioning among other things the "Great Plague", 1663, which drove her parents and grandparents from London; an outbreak of Smallpox in Shrewsbury, 1716 and in Hereford, 1732; reference is also made to the Civil War; the Stanleys, Earls of Derby; Royalist connections of the family; Account of family connections.
Addition by Milborough Pateshall - account of later members of the family.

[no title]  A95/31/5  1935

With the journals, correspondence, from James Gunter to Colonel Pateshall concerning the original Mss, which Gunter apparently sent to Col. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/31/6  8th February 1936

Also with above correspondence is a newspaper cutting from the Hereford Times, relating to Hereford's First Council, elected in the last week of 1835.

JOHN PATESHALL, SOLICITOR 1714-1772  [no ref. or date]

Died unmarried leaving his estates to his nephew Edmund Lechmere, second son of his sister Jane of Fownhope

[no title]  A95/J/32/1  nd

Bundle of papers marked: "Papers relating to Mr. Garston of Bromyard. "Leases, Mortgages & Releases.

[no title]  A95/J/32/2  18th Century

Bundle of papers marked: "copies of letters from Edmund Pateshall", including:- application for the hand of Mrs. Pickering's daughter by John Snelgrove, and a copy of reply by John Pateshall: letter from John Pateshall at Oxford, 1736, to his father saying he has at last got his degree; Thomas Lechmere's appointment to be an Ensign in the 27th Regt of Foot, Jan. 1780; an estimate for a new Post Coach; letters from Edmund to his Uncle John enquiring after his health, etc.: letter from Lord Oxford 1779, re the inclosure of Norwood Common; Receipt for distemper in cows, and receipt for the bite of a mad dog; an account of the dissection of Mr. Edmund Pateshall by Dr. Church (undated but thought to be 1739); Packet of letters from Maj. Gomond including Nicholas Lechmere's will; Packet containing copy of Mrs Martha Lechmere's will; agreement between Mrs Jane Lechmere and her son John, and Particulars of Trewogan Estate.

[no title]  A95/J/32/3  nd

Calculations etc., re. the purchase of Allensmore Court.

[no title]  A95/J/32/4  18th Century

Will of Mr Edmund Pateshall, 1738. Will and desire of Mrs Jane Pateshall, (undated). Will of Mr Walter Pateshall of Shrewsbury, 1716. The desire and request Mr John Pateshall to his heirs and executors. 1767.
Memorial inscriptions to John Pateshall & his cousin Mary Pickering.

[no title]  A95/J/32/5  1711

Copy of Settlement by Francis Pember of Elsdon, Almeley on his son Thomas' marriage to Dorothy Challoner. 1684.

[no title]  A95/J/32/6  nd

Bundle of inventories of Goods & Chattels, Stock & crops all relating to Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/J/32/7  nd

Of Goods & Chattles of John Rawlins of Moorend.
Of Goods & Chattles of James Stone of Grindon Warren.
Of Goods & Chattles of Edward Clark of Wacton
Of Goods & Chattles of Edmund Wood, dec. taken in Distress for Mrs Suzanna Good by John Morris, Attorney.

[no title]  A95/J/32/8  August 1728 March 1729

An account of money received by Mr Richard Hooper for the use of Mr Edmund Pateshall

[no title]  A95/J/32/9  28th August 1741

(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore. gent.
(2) Thomas Colcomb of Humber, Mason.
Articles of Agreement for the construction of a bridge over the "Brook called Arrow"

[no title]  A95/J/32/10  22 February 1769

(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore
(2) John Phillips of Clehonger, Blacksmith.
(1) Agrees to pay 10/- in lieu of any croppings of trees or hedges (2) might think he had title.

[no title]  A95/J/32/11  10 February 1757

(1) John Pateshall of Allensmore, Esq.
(2) Thomas Morgan of the Woodstreet, Yeoman.
Agreement to lease a dwelling house barn, outhouses orchard and garden and several pieces of field (specified)

[no title]  A95/J/32/12  20 November 1765

John Pateshall of Allensmore, bound to Ann Pickering of Allensmore, spinster in £600.

[no title]  A95/J/32/13  nd

Bundle of Inventories of goods, cattle and chattels all relating to the parish of Hatfield.

[no title]  A95/J/32/14  1731 - 1744

Hatfield Rents for the years

[no title]  A95/J/32/15  1724

James Whitney of Catherhill, Norton Canon, gent to John Williams of Norton Canon, gent.

[no title]  A95/J/32/16  1722

Mortgage Release.
James Hall of Pembridge, yeoman. to William Davies of Mowley, Staunton on Arrow.

[no title]  A95/J/32/17  1722

Release Mortgage Assignment.
Mrs Judith Carpenter of Dilwyn Wid. to Mrs Joan Mahallom of Kington. Wid.

[no title]  A95/J/32/18  1723

Purchase Release
Thomas Smith of Weston, in Pembridge, to Edward Harley of Aywood

[no title]  A95/J/32/19  1724

Release Mortgage Assignment.
Robert Stead of Marston in Pembridge, Shoemaker to Hon. Edward Harley of Aywood.

[no title]  A95/J/32/20  1723

Lease for 99 years
John Walton of Hurst, Dilwyn, gent to Mary Trumper of Pembridge. Wid.

[no title]  A95/J/32/21  1724

Mortgage Assignemnt
Thomas Taylor of Noke in Pembridge. Glover to John Jones of the same. Husbandman

[no title]  A95/J/32/22  1723

Mortgage Release
William Aynton of Ferney Common, Almeley, Glover to Thomas Moore of Pembridge. Tanner.

[no title]  A95/J/32/23  1723

Lease for 40 Years.
Judith Harris of the Town of Ludlow Wid. to Mary Wright of Wigtoft, Lincoln.

[no title]  A95/J/32/24  1723

Mortgage Release..
Thomas Webb the Younger of Wootton, Almeley. Yeo to Elizabeth (wid) & Mary Wall (spin) of the same.

[no title]  A95/J/32/25  1722

Mary Monnington of Worcester City. Wid. to Mr Thomas & Mr Edward Monnington of Sarnesfield her sons.

[no title]  A95/J/32/26  1721

Walter Clayton of Eardisland Yeo. to John Parker of Pembridge. Yeo

[no title]  A95/J/32/27  1723

Draft Lease.
Thomas Jones of Eskleys Green in Norton Canon, gent to Thomas Croose of Deindar Yeo.

[no title]  A95/J/32/28  1723

Timber Articles.
Thomas Bennett of Luntley, Dilwyn, gent to Richard Yates of Eardisley. Cooper.

[no title]  A95/J/32/29  1718

Surrender of Copyhold.
Joseph Bowcott of Kington, Clothier Mary his wife & John Bodenham of Pembridge, Blacksmith & Dorothy his wife to Mr Robert Harley

[no title]  A95/J/32/30  1723

William King of the city of London, Goldsmith to Joseph Smith of Munkland.

[no title]  A95/J/32/31  1723

Release. Settlement.
Thomas Smith the elder & Mary his wife of Almeley
Thomas Webb the younger & Mary his wife of the same.

[no title]  A95/J/32/32  1724

Articles about the Warren Wall at Wapley.
Francis Jennings (alias Hooper) of Leominster. Mason.
John Wright of Titley, gent, on behalf of his master the Hon. Edward Harley.

[no title]  A95/J/32/33  1723

Marriage Settlement.
Thomas Froysel of Pembridge. Blacksmith
Elizabeth Lyde of Nash, in the parish of Presteigne.

[no title]  A95/J/32/34  1722

Purchase Ffeofment.
Thomas Trumper of Eardisland. Yeo. and John Trumper of the same. gent.

[no title]  A95/J/32/35  1723

Mortgage Assignment.
John Greenly of Stansbatch, Staunton on Arrow.
Edward Broughton of Kington, Doctor in Physick.

[no title]  A95/J/32/36  1720

Francis Drake of the University of Oxon gent.
Jonah & William Coke of Marden

[no title]  A95/J/32/37  1723

Marriage Settlement.
John Stephens of Colmore in the parish of Pembridge
Ann Copner of Marston in Pembridge.

[no title]  A95/J/32/38  1722

Purchase Ffeofment.
James Hall of Pembridge. Yeo
Samuel Bengough of Pembridge. Shoemaker.

[no title]  A95/J/32/39  1723

Mortgage Release.
Benjamin Allen of Almeley, Blacksmith
John Parker of Pembridge, Yeo.

[no title]  A95/J/32/40  1722

Purchase Release.
Henry Dottin of Clements Lane, Middx. gent
Jonah & William Coke of Marden. gents

[no title]  A95/J/32/41  1717

William Wardour. Lord of the Manor of Clifford.
Samuel Prosser, Labourer, a cottager in the Manor.

[no title]  A95/J/32/42  1717

Timber Articles.
Eliz. Morgan of the city of Hereford. Wid.
Thos. Sparry of Strangworth, Co. of Hereford. gent.

[no title]  A95/J/32/43  1722

Deed as a collateral security.
Robert Cutler of Street, Kingsland. Esq. to two trustees for the use of Henry Price & Thomas Price of Leominster.

[no title]  A95/J/32/44  nd

Thos Davies of Berkeley in Dilwyn to Peter Bathoes of the parish of Aymestrey.

[no title]  A95/J/32/45  nd

Mr Harley in Discharge of Mrs Bradley's Mortgage.

[no title]  A95/J/32/46  nd

Settlement of Land Tax & Chief Rents of Strangworth Estate. J. Powell & Mr Harley.

[no title]  A95/J/32/47  nd

Particulars of Lord Weymouths Lands in Lyonshall late held by Mr Corks Sherborne.

[no title or date]  A95/J/32/48

Lease 1722. of Strangworth Farm from Ed. Harley to J. Powell

[no title]  A95/J/32/49  nd

Account of payments made by Mr Harley to Thos Smith for the purchase of his late estate at Nash.

[no title]  A95/J/32/50  nd

Bundle of correspondence between Mr James Clark and John Pateshall, relating to various lands and estates

[no title]  A95/J/32/51  nd

Joseph Hayes of Yatton, charged with keeping a dangerous cow.

[no title]  A95/J/32/52  nd

Bill to Madam Jane Pateshall, for Lady Day Rent.

[no title]  A95/J/32/53  nd

Response to Bill of Complaint.

[no title or date]  A95/J/32/54

Purchase Articles. July 1720. Henry Bowyer of Dilwyn & John Pateshall of Weston. Certain properties in the parishes of Pembridge & Lyonshall.

[no title or date]  A95/J/32/55

Agreement June 1735, between Edmund Pateshall & John Cheese to exchange lands in the parish of Lyonshall

[no title]  A95/J/32/56  nd

A Particular of the estate at Weston

[no title]  A95/J/32/57  December 1746

John Woodhouse of Lanarrow, Huntington and Thomas Woodhouse Snr & Jnr of Lyonshall bound in the sum of £200 to John Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/J/32/58  March 1700

Thomas Philpotts of Llanwarne Yeoman and David Sawyer of Allensmore, carpenter, bound in the sum of Twenty pounds to John Cassey of Welsh Newton. Innholder.

[no title]  A95/J/32/59  nd

Case respecting the Will of Wm Jones of Sid Green in the parish of Astley, Worcester.

[no title]  A95/J/32/60  October 1708

(1) Ann Trafford of Pembridge (wid)
(2) Roger Croone of Broxwood, Pembridge, Yeo.
Wm Dikins of Hope in Lyonshall. Yeo.
(3) James Bowyer of Marston, Pembridge Yeo.
House and lands etc in Marston, Pembridge.

[no title or date]  A95/J/32/61

Marriage Licence dated 7th August 1811 between James Connop of Eardisley, bachelor and Sarah Mountford of All Saints in the city of Hereford.

[no title]  A95/J/32/62  March 1786

Settlement examination.
William Preece, Labourer and wife Mary residing in the parish of Weobley.

[no title]  A95/J/32/63  nd

Bundle of receipts signed by the legatees of wills made by various members of the Burnam family.

[no title]  A95/J/32/64  nd

Bundle of Misc papers and receipts.

[no title]  A95/J/32/65  18th Century

Bundle of Misc Wills, Leases and Agreements etc.
Marriage settlement. Bennett Coningsby of London, cabinet maker and Susanna Barnes of Weobley.
Copy of the Substance of Capt Norgraves will Lease. January 1715. Thomas Savaker of Michaelchurch, Rads & John Trumper of Pembridge.
Marriage Agreement between Charles King of Ludlow and Elizabeth Sparry, daughter of Thomas Sparry.
Abstract of Mr Thos Whites title to his House and lands in Weobley.
Instructions for the Will of Mrs Mary Leinthall. 1725 Etc.

[no title]  A95/J/32/66  nd

Bundle of Misc Bonds.

EDMUND LECHMERE PATESHALL; 1748-1790  [no ref. or date]

Edmund Lechmere assumed the surname and Arms of Pateshall upon the death of his uncle in 1772. He married Ann, daughter and heiress of William Burnam of Westington Court, Hereford. 3 Dec. 1777

[no title]  A95/V/EL/1-30  1769-1787

A bundle of letters concerning Weston Estate.
From John Pateshall, E.L.P.'s uncle telling him that he intends to leave E.L.P. his fortune (29 Nov. 1769)
A series of letters from a Mr. Henry Shaw concerning the legal aspect of E.L.P.'s right to the copyhold, of Weston since his brother John Lechmere contests E.L.P's right to the estate since John considers himself the heir to John Pateshall's estate. Several letters from Mr. Richard Whitcombe mentioning that he considers E.L.P. to be Mr. Pateshall's heir in spite of the legal contestation of John S. Lechmere. With accounts and timber valuations for timber at Weston.
Also Gomond's appointment of attorney to E.L.P in execution of Nicholas Lechmere's will.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/31-62  1782

62 letters

From a Mr. Bright containing the minutes of the meeting of the Hereford Committee (for charities) held at the Assembly Coffee House and concerning the employment of child Apprentices. From a Mr. J. Bawngarten on "The Buffalo", a warship in the North Fleet, telling of a scuffle with a mutiny ship; also telling of an engagement with the enemy combine fleet.
From Thomas to his cousin John Clarke describing St. Lucia as resembling two sugar loaves heaped together: to E.L.P describing a naval battle.
From Gomond mentioning Nicholas' death.
Invitations, etc. applications for money.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/63-83  1772-1774

21 letters

From Judith Cole condoling E.L.P. (then Lechmere) on the death of his uncle Mr. Pateshall.
From M. Gomond telling E.L.P. he is to sail for Madras and Bengal having a post as surgeon on a Bridgewater ship; also mentioning the incident of a young witch being found.
Social letters, invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/84-106  1775-1776

24 letters

From Edward Brigden recommending the academy of Herr Van Aalst at Delft as a suitable place where E.L.P's brother Tom could learn Merchants accounts. Also a series of letters from Tom at Van Aalst's house.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/107-132  1777

From his tailor in London telling of a dispute between himself and his journeyman.
From R. Gomond telling of the arrest of Lord Pigot in India as the Council found it necessary because his measures were violent, curtilary and impolitic. Several letters of congratulations on his marriage. From his brother Nicholas saying he is to go to Drury Lane to see the new play "School for Scandal" and that no play was so much applauded as that one, also reporting that he went to Wedgwood's and E.L.P's plates were not quite finished, mentioning a Mr. Brown who married the daughter of Mr. Johnson of The Toyshop, Hereford.
The majority of letters at this time are directed to E.L.P. at Mr. Hachway's Apothecary,Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/133-156  1779

24 Letters

From Nicholas in India telling of a partnership with a Mr. Fenwick trading spices. The majority invitations, applications for money, etc. Several letters congratulating him on the birth of a second son.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/157-191  1781

From Thomas telling of his journey to America the taking of two American Merchant ships and the escape from 5 Spanish Men of War.
From Gomond in India telling of the siege and route of Fort Bassine (Bacaine) and the defeat of the enemy near Poonah and the intentions to destroy the town, also the slaughter of the armies commanded by Col. Saille and Lieut. Col. Fletcher by the troops of Hyder Ally.
Remainder invitations, money matters, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/193-227  1780

30 Letters

Several letters from his brother Tom, an Ensingn in the regular army, giving an account of military movements embarking troops for America and West Indies. From Nicholas telling of his trip to China with his trading ship also the arrival of Sir Edward Hughes' fleet in India. Several letters of congratulation on the birth of a third son.
Invitations, applications for money, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/228-261  1778

34 Letters

Mr. Lane an engraver in London applying to E.L.P. for assistance also thanking him for complying with the request. Mr. Samuel Cox recommending to E.L.P. a Joseph Jones of Kidderminster who was trained as a weaver but was unable to get employment in his trade.
From Nicholas telling of his safe arrival in India and the acute state of lack of money in Madras because of the Nabob's disinclination to pay bills.
From Gomond giving an account of the island of Johanna in the Mosambique; also an account of the poor state of the Nabob's army; also an account of the siege and capture of Pondicherry. Several letters congratulating him on the birth of a son.
Invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/262-300  Undated

39 letters

From a Mr. Symonds, Architect, concerning some stone being bought by E.L.P. (Purpose not known).
From Mr. T. Symonds of Pengethly in London telling of seeing the first Actress of the World and how she made the ladies faint by her performance of Isabelle: but also saying that it was the fashion to stop the performance, and that he had heard of a fainting school being set up.
Social and estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/301-329  Undated

29 letters

From Dr. Thomas Cam telling of the death of Mr. Barnam.
Social letters, invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/330-336  Undated

7 letters

Letters from Richard Aubrey telling of a duel arranged to be between E.L.P.'s brother Sandys and a Mr. Jones.
Majority social letters about the local society.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/337-341  Undated

5 letters

Letters from Charles Henry Lane.
Social letters also thanking E.L.P. for helping Lane's brother.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/342-349  Undated

8 letters

Letters from Sir George Cornewall.
Invitations, etc. also reference to an election in which Sir George stood as a candidate.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/350-355  Undated

6 letters

Letters from his brother Thomas A. Lechmere telling of a terrible gale at Plymouth also of his intended journey to Ireland and his march to Scotland from Newcastle.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/356-358  Undated

3 letters

Letters between E.L.P. and his brother John Scudamore Lechmere concerning a bond between them.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/359-364  Undated

5 letters

Letters from his sister, Jane Parry.
Making a reference to a sale at Christies' in the Pall Mall also to a Punch and Judy show in the street below her apartment. The majority telling of her sad state and urging her brothers and sisters to go and see her.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/365-371  Undated

7 letters

Letters from his brother-in-law Mr. Wm. Parry concerning his marriage with E.L.P.'s sister Jane, then Mrs. Bennet, also social invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/372-378  Undated

7 letters

Letters from J. Scudamore.
Social letters concerning hunting, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/397-383  Undated

6 letters

Letters from Thomas Lane.
Concerning money lent him by E.L.P.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/384-405  Undated

22 letters

From his brother Nicholas Lechmere saying he was unable to get a berth on a ship to the East Indies; also telling of the capture of the French fort of Pondicherry by the British under the command of General Munro.
Social letters, invitations, etc.
Estate rents, repairs, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/406-450  1783

45 letters

Two notes from a Mr. Thos. Herbert summoning E.L.P. to attend a meeting of a society called "The Grand Lodge".
From Mr. Bright advising E.L.P. that it will be his turn to serve as steward at the Hereford Society.
From Gomond in India mentioning that he has kept politics out of his letters in order that they might not be delayed in reaching E.L.P., also reference to the settling of Nicholas' affairs, calls Mr. Fenwick (N's partner) an "unprincipled villain".
Invitations etc., letters concerning the payment of debts, etc., also sale of timber.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EL/451-509

57 letters

From a Mr. Thos. Porter. saying that a trough ordered by E.L.P. is slow in reaching its destination because of the water being too low for transport (September).
From Sir Hungerford Hoskyns expressing his intentions to ride over and see the alterations at Allensmore "of which everyone speaks with great praise".
From Gomond telling of the dismissal of General Stuart for disobedience of orders, and Gomonds orders to take him prisoner; also mentioning a report that he (Gomond) is to be recalled to England to give evidence of the arrest of General Stuart (see D.N.B).
A paper with letters, etc. used in the trial caused by Thos. Bennets' contesting the will of Mr. Bennett who married Mrs. Jane Hereford (nee Lechmere, afterwards Parry).
A series of letters concerning E.L.P.'s nonregistration on a [...] chase bought in the place of a carriage.
A series of letters concerning money. owed to E.L.P., from a Mr. John Walker.
A bundle containing letters from a Mr. Shiffer (at Pontrilas) concerning the construction of a road between the Pitch at Woolocks Bridge and the gravel pits; from Lord Surry requesting E.L.P. to wait on him at the Falcon Inn.
Invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/510-521  1784-1785

12 letters

A bundle of letters: one from Mr. Richard Chambers concerning a Hunter; one from W. Buppa to Edwin Sandys Lechmere asking the price of certain testaments and assessment of Mr. Pytts lands; a series of letters from Mr. John Davenport asking E.L.P. to send him a draft and pay his bill on Davenport's plans alterations at Allensmore; one from Richard Collins asking for payment on bonds of the late Mr. Burnham.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/522-558  1785

41 letters

From Gomond explaining the state of Nicholas' affairs since Mr. Fenwick was in charge of them immediately after Nicholas' death.
From James King informing E.L.P. of a turnpike meeting to be held at the "Sun" in Knighton on 1 August, 1785.
Several letters concerning a proposed cut in a turnpike road to run through E.L.P.'s estate at Weston.
From Tom saying he expects seen to go to Ireland and that it is better country for a soldier.
Invitations, etc. Estate letters, timber, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/559-591  1786

22 letters

From Mr. Thos. Brewterer, atty. and Mr. Jas. Woodhouse, atty., a notice from E.L.P. to try the cause of Granger v. Kinnersley (over a watercourse at Foxley)
From Mr. Robert Lane in Fleet Prison because of his inability to pay his debts asking E.L.P. for assistance; also letter thanking E.L.P. for his assistance.
From J. Scudamore concerning the payment of poor in his (J.S.'s) parish, enclosing letters from E.L.P. to various people and papers concerning a parish meeting written by E.L.P.
From Mr. Proctor of Orleton concerning E.L.P.'s two sons to be taken for schooling at Mr. Proctor's.
From Jas. Thomas concerning the purchase of a bed with a receipt and advertisement for James Mallet, upholsterer, etc. London.
From Thos. Lechmere saying that the men are dying in Glasgow because of the unsuitability of the climate; also from Limerick saying it was like Herefordshire with its orchards and bad roads.
Invitations, etc. Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/592-627  1787

36 letters

From his sister Jane Parry with a receipt for curing the ague.
From Uvedale Price concerning a dispute over a watercourse at Mansel.
From Mrs. Lechmere (Sandys) at Swansea saying that the bathing machines are most unsafe.
A series of letters from Mr. Proctor of Orleton with whom Edmund (son) and William were having their schooling.
Letters concerning payment of estate bills. etc.
Invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/628-644  1788

17 letters

From a Mr. Bray concerning a meeting of Landowners of Grendon.
From his brother Tom in Dublin saying he had had his time so occupied with military matters he has not been able to see the city.
From a Mrs. Smith concerning a dispute with Mr. Traverner (E.L.P.'s tenant) over a watercourse at Weston.
Invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/645-665  1789

20 letters

From a Mr. Parry apologizing for any coolness which may exist between E.L.P. and himself.
Letters about sale of Flaggoner's Green estate.
Mostly social letters, invitations, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EL/664-690  1790

28 letters

From Richard Aubrey mentioning a dispute between E.L.P. and Lechmere.
From Uvedale Price, two letters concerning a walk arranged to inspect the watercourse at Mansel which floods his (U.P.'s) lands in the winter.
From J. C. Clarke calling Major Gomond the most widely reputed man in India because of his valour, also mentioning that Gomond has a wife.
Social letters, invitations, etc.
Parcel of letters relating to the copyhold of Weston, also a letter from Mr. Gomond whilst in India.
Letter from Mr. Clark confirming death of E.L.P.'s brother Nicholas. Re. watercourse at Weston.
An offer to E.L.P. to purchase an Estate at Winnal and a copy of reply saying purchase price is a sum so very much above his calculation
From Mr. Hathway saying the cyder is rich and full and the price is £4.4 a cask. Money matters, Estate business, Social and invitations.
Several letters from Mr. Aubrey. From Mr. Gomond who mentions he has a son and is shortly to be presented with a playfellow for him.
From Mr. Parry re. his wife's debts. From his sister Jane Parry referring to her Marriage Settlement.

ANN PATESHALL; 1760-1820  [no ref. or date]

Daughter of William Burnam of Westington Court, Hereford, married Edmund Lechmere Pateshall 3 December 1777

Vouchers, Accounts, etc.  [no ref.]  1784-1789

Settlement of the debts, etc. of Edmund Lechmere Pateshall after his death.
Also correspondence, 1791, between Mrs. P. and Wm. Parry who was handling the affairs.
An inventory of household furniture of E.L.P. at Allensmore, Dec. 1790.
Bundle of letters all addressed to Mr. Sandys Lechmere from family and friends, also some business letters.
Records of work carried out at Allensmore Court by various tradesmen for Mr. E. L. Pateshall, 1783.
Also bundles of receipts, bills, etc. for work done by Thomas Knill, plumber and glazier, 1780-1787, and George Watts, builder, which also includes charges for upholstery

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/AP/1  Undated

23 letters

Congratulations on the birth of an infant from the Misses Aubrey.
The first letters received for Edmund at school at Mr. Proctors.
Mostly invitations and arrangements for meeting, etc.

[no title]  A95/AP/2  1775-1779

A bundle of letters, etc. created by Mrs. Ann Pateshall, wrapped in a tax form.
From M. Green describing the odd behaviour of a Mr. Pytts at a ball held at Buckenhill.
A poem by Mary Burwell in praise of Harley standing for election.
A printed sheet of quotations for Shakespeare suited to people of the day.
From her father, William Burnham, addressed to her at Mrs. Issancha's boarding school, Clapton.
Three poems, two directed to Miss Burnham.

[no title]  A95/AP/3  1778-1788

5 Letters, one from Miss E. Aubrey accompanying a present of a shift; 3 characters of servants; one from Mrs. Clark in London sending A.P. some silk which she had commissioned Mrs. Clark to get.

[no title]  A95/AP/4  1790

15 letters

From Mrs. Tomkyns mentioning the Militia Ball.
From Captain Charles Henry Lane [...] condoning with her on the loss of her husband.
From John Calvert Clark also on death of E.L.P. and accepting Trusteeship with Mr. Philips and Mr. Aubrey delegated by E.L.P.'s will.
Concerning visits, etc.
Two letters from Edmund enquiring why his mother has not written to him and his brother William.

[no title]  A95/AP/5  1791

58 letters

A letter from Mr. and Mrs. Cotes after their marriage accompanying a present of cake and gloves.
From Mr. Calvert Clark reporting that Edmund and William are well and happy at Doctor Horne's academy in Chiswick.
From Captain Tom. Lechmere at Carnick in Ireland giving an account of having had hail, snow, rain and thunder and lightning all in the course of twelve hours.
From Sandys Lechmere concerning the dispute over the copyhold of Weston taken up after death of E.L.P.
From Miss Hathway in Bristol giving an account of the place being filthy also giving an account of the variety of people at the Wells.
From Edmund at Dr. Horne's school in Chiswick giving an account of a time table at school; also giving an account of the lessons they take, including marching.
A series of letters from Mr. Parry taking Edmund and William back to Dr. Horne's school; also concerning the copyhold of Weston Estate.
Invitations, employment of servants, etc.

[no title]  A95/AP/6  1793

21 letters

From Mrs. Lechmere (Sandys' wife) saying her sister intends going to the play house to see "Two strings to your Bow".
From Calvert Clarke in London about money owed to A.P. by her brother-in-law, Mr. Wm. Parry by a Bond; also mentioning Major Gomond (now in England), describing him as the good amiable person he was when he left the country.
Several letters from Edmund at Chiswick mentioning that the boys have blown the top off the school chimney with gunpowder; also saying they spend half the Xmas holiday with Major Gomond and half with J.C. Clarke.
Additional letters
21 Letters.
From Mr. Parry enclosing a letter from Mr. Moore concerning marble monument (possibly E.L.P.'s tombstone)
From Mr. Calvert Clarke in London advising her to relinquish her position as Executrix of E.L.P.'s will.
From Edmund (London?) saying he and William are to go and see Sadlers Wells

[no title]  A95/AP/7  1796

7 letters

From Nicholas on board the "Indefatigable", telling of the capture and looting of two spanish briggs also the defeat of a French ship.
A series of letters from J. C. Clarke concerning an account between A.P. and himself with reference to Edmund's estate also estate of younger children.

[no title]  A95/AP/8  1796

71 letters

A bundle of letters apparently created by A.P. majority directed to herself - some directed to her sons and Mr. Parry and others.
From Dr. Horne at Chiswick to E. S. Lechmere saying he considers his nephew (E.S.L.) fit for the profession of lawyer [William] Mr. William to Mr. Parry (Feb) saying he considers himself honoured to be chosen as William's tutor.
From Mr. Phillipps enclosing a letter to him from Mr. Geary concerning John's being apprenticed to him (Geary).

[no title]  A95/AP/9  1797

50 letters

From M. Green congratulations on childs birth.
From her son John asking for money with which to buy a Surgeons Instrument case (£1.5s.Od.)
From Nicholas at Plymouth saying he is to go to Wales also that the French landed in Wales and have laid down arms. Also from coast of Spain telling of ships capture.
From Mrs. J. Lechmere giving a recipe for relieving inflamed eyes.
Majority social letters and enquiries after health, etc.

[no title]  A95/AP/10  1798

82 letters

From Miss E. Parnell giving the terms of her school for young ladies; they must pay extra for tea at Breakfast and take their own table and teaspoons, also a list of cloths that are needed [Hereford?]
From Mrs. Clark expressing her distress at Mrs. Pateshall's removing one of her daughters from her (Clark's) school in Monmouth.
From Mrs. Ann Gwatkin asking A.P. to vote for her as matron of the infirmary.
From George Cornewall telling her the Hereford Militia is to go to Ireland.
A series of letters from Mrs. Whitmore; mentioning the boxes erected in the playhouse (Hfd.) to receive Mrs. Siddons at the assize.
From Mrs. Lechmere saying that they are covered in dust because the Widemarsh Gate is being taken down.
Social letters concerning general events.

[no title]  A95/AP/11  1799

57 letters

From Captain Phillipps concerning Sandy's being apprentice with John to learn to be an Apothecary or a surgeon - both to train at Leominster.
From Mrs. Lechmere recommending a school in Birmingham for Martha to be sent to.
From Mrs. Gwilliam thanking A.P. for sending her a melon.
A bundle of letters made by A.P. and labelled concerning a cadet's ship, also a letter enclosing one from a Mr. Burney saying he will be happy to take C.C.'s young friend under his training.
Majority social letters concerning visits etc.

[no title]  A95/AP/12  1800

50 letters

From Sam. Cam asking A.P. to vote for him as surgeon of Hereford Infirmary since his brother Thos. is resigning.
From Rev. Delabere Pritchet saying he will be pleased to send him (Walter); letter has printed heading "prospectus", of Elmore Court School, Gloucester.
From Mr. Wainwright enquiring about the heriots and tithes of the estate at Pembridge (Weston) held by A.P. as copyhold of the Marquis of Bath.
From Mrs. Lechmere (Sandy's wife) giving an account of social events to be held in Hereford; also news about various members of the family.
Invitations, etc.
From Mr. Davies at Madley saying Walter causes uneasiness with his provoking tongue giving an account of a dispute between Walter and other boys at the school.

[no title]  A95/AP/13  1800-1801

23 letters

A bundle of letters made up by A.P. from her son Sandys at school in Greenwich and on his way to India.
Giving a weeks time table and calling Dr. Burney - the headmaster - the most severe man he ever saw (105 boys at the school), saying the place is ten thousand times worse than a prison (Feb 1800); alletter dated April same year saying school is best in England.
From a lodging house in London where he was taken because of illness, apologising for his behaviour to his mother.
From Smithfield telling that Major Gomond has given him the sword which he (Gomond) had in India and has also given him letters (Of introduction) to take to several gentlemen in India, and a £10 note; saying that it is rumoured in London that Mr. Pitt is to resign and that he (Smithfield) believes it to be true. Saying he went to India House to arrange passage that went through about 15 offices before reaching the end; that he insured his life at the "Pelican"
Letters written just before his departure to India to Edmund: to Walter and Thos. from Lisbon also with A.P.'s letter (letters from Lisbon giving account of S.P. alive and well).
From Cape of Good Hope saying heard news of Nelson's victory at Copenhagen by the Cornwall Whaler.

[no title]  A95/AP/14  1801-1814

33 letters

From Edmund with the Hereford Militia at Shrewsbury telling of his tentative advances to Miss Cornewall and his wish to marry her (though he feels he will be unsuccessful in his suit) from Ipswich advising his mother to speak to the tenants about the pending E Election: from Newmarket announcing his returning home and asking his mother to go to Hereford to see them March in (1801) From Sandys in East Indies saying that there is nothing but fighting in the turbulent country also saying he does not consider Tom too timid for the service.
From William at Lincolns Inn (dec. 1803) saying he might possibly obtain office of Under Sheriff the following April. [At Hereford]
Mrs. Minors congratulating A.P. on her son John's marriage [Dec. 1804]
From Nicholas on board the Ville de Paris off Bristol telling of the chase of a French Fleet (1805).
From Mr. Thos. Evans with a notice to quit property rented by A.P. in Milk Lane in parish of St. Johns in City of Hereford (1810) with a memorandum of the agreement made between A.P. and T, E. concerning the said property (made 1806).
From Walter at St. Johns college, Oxford, saying he has taken his B.A, degree without its being opposed (1811)
Copy of a letter from A.P. to Sir M. Hoskyns asking of he will be trustee to her will with Sir H.'s reply in affirmative (1813)

[no title]  A95/AP/15  1798-1801

47 letters

A series of letters created by A.P. from her son Edmund, a Captain in the Herefordshire Militia.
From London saying Major Gomond hates him (E.B.P.) but that it does not affect him (E.B.P.) in the slightest.
From Ireland saying "We have the honour of confining in our Guard House some gentlemen of rank among the rebels lately taken up in the neighbourhood".
From Canterbury saying Prince William of Gloucester has taken a house in Canterbury and is familiar with the officers as he is Commander for that part of the coast.
From Germany telling of the curfew and that the mail is almost always robbed.
From East Grinstead reporting the Commissionary's words to the Duke of York; "the fine Hereford Regt., are now passing my window with all the silence, regularity and good order of an Austrian Column".
From Limerick saying that the Irish sprinkle the rebels with holy water before they go to fight which gives them great enthusiasm and that they may die without a groan or sigh.
From Mallow with sketch of Irish Pike at head of letter.
From Fermoy, (Jan. 1799) saying he had heard of a fever in New York; also asking for Martha's address that he might write to congratulate her on her marriage.
Telling of the treatment of the rebels.
From Bristol, 1st. July 1799, announcing his return to England.
From Gosport (April 1800) saying he is made Captain of the Grenadiers.
Asking for a certificate to be sent to him that he might shoot game; Dec. 1800 saying flour has gone up to 15/- per sack at Portsmouth.

[no title]  A95/AP/16  1798-1802

23 letters

A bundle of letters created by A.P. from her son John.
From Leominster (training to be a surgeon) saying that he does not think it would be successful for Sandys to join him in his apprenticeship
To Sandys giving a recipt for a "Saline Draught" to be given to A.P. for her head.
Saying he is to be electrified for his lameness - caused by rheumatism (Aug. 1800) From Mr. Greary (to whom John was apprenticed) asking for John to study in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, with copy of reply of A.P. saying she could not possible afford it January 1801 telling his mother of an attachment he has for a Miss Williams and his intention of marrying her in the course of the following year.
October 1801, from St. Bartholomew's, London (dec.) giving a list of his expenses; Jan 1802, saying Mr. Clark has procured him the position of Surgeon's Mate on his brother's ship for the following Nov. and Dec.

[no title]  A95/AP/17  1799-1801

A bundle of five letters made up by Mrs. Pateshall.
From Mr. Calvert Clark in London saying he will comply with A.P.'s request not to pay Nicholas' drafts (because he was overspending) From Mr. Clark concerning Sandys' being sent to Mr. Burneys' school in Greenwich.
Mr. Clark saying he will ask his aquaintance of they can find a position for John in one of the Hospitals.

[no title]  A95/AP/18  1800-1803

14 letters

A bundle of letters created by A.P. from her daughter Martha from Monmouth, 1800 and later from Worcester (1803)
Giving an account of the school in Worcester run by a family called Helen and written in secret because all letters are read before being passed on to the girls.
Saying Mr. Helen tells her Edmund is to marry a Miss Ingram and reporting that she said she knew nothing of it. Also a secret letter asking her mother to tell Walter to be a little more discreet in writing to her because all letters are read by Mrs. Helen; saying that 32nd. foot regiment is in Worcs. only 130 left of 2,000 which went to Egypt; saying that at the Music Meeting at Worcester 18 people were taken out during the Messiah because of the heat.

[no title]  A95/AP/19  1789-1815

From Edmund at school in Chiswick.
From Mr. Clark suggesting sending one of Mrs. Pateshall's sons as a cadet to India.
From H. Davies, Schoolmaster, giving a report on his three pupils.
Letters from the Hathway family mentioning the illness and death of Ann Hathway.
A reference for a Cook from Mrs. Hopton.
From the dressmaker.
From Eliza Lechmere saying that Mr. Clark is very negligent in our concerns.
From Maj. Symonds enlisting Mrs. P.'s support to suceed to the vacant seat in the representation of the City of Hereford.
From Martha Cluck, Monmouth, Martha Pateshall is to attend school there.
From Mrs Lechmere (reference to Sandys):- "a little more of the world and meeting with difficulties will teach him better manners to his parent".
From Edwin Lechmere respecting the title deeds to Westington.
Mr Clark has suceeded in procuring a Cadetship for Sandys.
From Millborough expressing sorrow that Mrs. P. has not been well.
From Thomas at school.
From Nicholas, Ville-de-Paris, Torbay, he is shortly to be paid off.
Letters re Walter's debts.
Remainder mainly social or business.
A few copies of letters written by Mrs. P., also a bundle of packets containing locks of hair.
A prayer in Widowhood.
One undated letter from William.

[no title or date]  A95/AP/20

Bundle of letters containing several from E. L. Pateshall.
Social letters, invitations, etc.
A small bundle of letters addressed to various people found together with above bundle.

[no title]  A95/AP/21  1801

Apprenticeship indenture
Notice to quit given to Mrs. William Griffin.

[no title or date]  A95/AP/22

Locks of Hair

[no title or date]  A95/AP/23

A bundle of bills, accounts, receipts, etc. for the Pateshall family during the period c. 1789-1819, which includes a bill for the settling of Edmund Pateshall's estates.
The bundle also includes 3 Account Books.

[no title or date]  A95/AP/24

Small bundle of receipts for money paid out by Mrs. Pateshall.

EDMUND BURNAM PATESHALL; 1778-1848  [no ref. or date]

Edmund Pateshall, eldest son & heir of Edmund Lechmere Pateshall. Upon the death of mis mother he assumed the surname Burnam in addition to and before that of Pateshall. He married Milborough Ingram, daughter of Rev. Ingram of Burford.

Correspondence.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/EB/40/1  1791 - 1801

Letter from a school friend named Brown, who hopes EBP is not to great a man to condescend to write to poor schoolboys who are the scum of the earth.
From Nicholas January 1797 on Indefatigable telling of the loss of the Amazon.
February 1797 From Mr Thomas saying he received a letter from Wales which confirms that 1200 have been taken and only 3 killed. "Tis reported that the French Officers are to be marched prisoner through Hereford.
From J. Whitmore suggesting a good school for Walter "a true gem and capable of receiving the brightest polish."
May 1797 from Mrs Gomond who mentions the distressing accident to E.B's brother (William?) and sorrow at the loss of his eye. From his mother telling of the death by drowning of Mr Preece the writing master at Walter's school at Madley. From Nicholas saying if Edmund will send 2/6d he will send him a good cock.
1795 Letter from Nicholas informing EBP that he has received his commission for Lieutenancy, having served his 6 years servitude and passed his exams.
Letters from his friend J. Whitmore with news of acquaintances, remainder mainly estate business and social, receipts and various tradesmens accounts

[no title]  A95/EB/40/2  1802 - 1805

From brother John referring to his illness. Nicholas on board the Ville de Paris says their pay is to be raised.
From Sir George Cornewall hoping that EBP's resignation from the Regiment is not on account of his (Cornewall's) promation.
From brother John showing concern that Tom is unable to find a suitable situation or employment. From Milborough Ingram re William's illness.
Packet of 4 letters written by Walter Pateshall and marked in EBP's hand "Specimens of my brother Walter's talent in abuse". Social invitations accounts etc

[no title]  A95/EB/40/3  1805 - 1814

Letter from Thomas enclosing a copy of a letter from Nicholas where he describes a disastrous gale in which his ship Adder was almost wrecked. From his mother re William's intended Marriage to Miss Cheese and asking if EBP will honour William's debts. Congratulations from Mr Clarke on EBP's abandonment of his intended Banking career.
From Walter who says he is trying to terminate the differences which have existed between himself and the Lechmeres, also a copy of EBP's reply.
An agreement between Mr Thomas, Coachmaker and EBP. Mr T. to furnish EBP with a handsome Post Chaise and harness together with an estimate of cost. Remainder mainly social, business and estate.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/4  1822 - 1823

Official Correspondence
A paragraph concerning a County Meeting to address both Houses of Parliament about its Agricultural distress: a petition to the High Sheriff about the situation.
From T.H. Symonds, High Sheriff to Sir H. Hoskins (forwarded to EBP) refusing to call a County Meeting about the Agricultural distress.
From E.L. Charlton and John Eckley, Mr J.B.Turner, Rev Duppa giving permission to sign their names to a requisition to the Lieutenant. From Soames saying he will send a copy of the requisition to the press.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/5  1824

18 letters

A series of letters and papers about an obelisk to be erected on Aconbury Hill in commemoration of the Battle of Waterloo. A letter from Mr W. Armitage saying he would prefer May Hill or Marcle Hill for the erection of the pillar. A circular asking for subscriptions and naming H. Hoskins, E.B. Pateshall, W. Armitage, R.J. Powell, Jas Phillipps, Jas Prendergrass and K. Hoskins as committee members. From John Matthews saying that he is unable to subscribe a guinea, but submitting a piece of poetry for an inscription upon the pillar.
Also several press letters on the subject of the Pillar.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/6  1839 - 1840

25 letters

A series of letters between EBP and Mr T.G.Symonds of the Mynde, concerning the payment of chief-rents, tithes and heriots on land owned by EBP and owing from the Mynde families since 1797, also chief rents owed by EBP to Mr T.G.Symonds. Both parties agree to apply to Col. Clive to arbitrate for them, but he declines on grounds that his military career has made him ignorant of such business and advised them to seek legal advice.
EBP several times refuses to engage a "professional gentleman" in the affairs of the Estate though Mr Symonds repeatedly asks him to. Also a bundle of papers enclosed in a letter from T. Symonds dated 1829 including receipts of payments made by EBP to the owners of the Mynde.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/7  1810 -1843

Copy of letter in EBP's hand from EBP acknowledging his appointment as Deputy Lieutenant of Hereford.
From brother John who refers to his (John's) "hateful laborious profession with no great addition of comfort from keeping a mad house."
Letter from Milborough at Bitterley. "Little Tom (More) is remarkably well behaved, & is in high favour with everyone on the house. A copy of a letter from EBP to his Aunt Mrs Jane Parry in which he refers to her will, and says he hopes, when he dies, he will find peace in the reflection of leaving behind him an honest and honourable will. Apprenticeship Indenture - Thomas More to Mr Malton. 1837.
From Thomas More 1838, saying that Mr Malton wants him to make haste and finish the drugging as he calls it and get on to his hospital practice.
From Wm Hayton asking EBP to attend sessions and give his assent to transportation of Nicholas and Elizabeth GRIFFITHS for robbing his barn of wheat, their father and elder brother were transported 14 or 15 years ago for stealing wheat. From Sir Harford Brydges re EBP's land at Lewis Witch. From Thomas A. Pateshall, he was disappointed with the chapel at St James Palace.
From Nicholas in London 1840, who goes to Buckingham Palace in full dress uniform to present the address to Prince Albert and the Duchess of Kent. A request to EBP to interest himself in John Buncle who is about to be recommended for the situation of Governor of Hereford Gaol. James Baker, Vicars son broke his leg playing football on a Sunday.
Character reference for George Foyle. Sketch and estimate for a conservatory to be built at Allensmore Court.
Remainder mainly business, estate and social. An account of a meeting of the subscribers for carrying out and surveying a Rail or Tram Road from Abergavenny to Hereford. March 1811.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/8  nd

Undated letters
Letter from his mother containing family news, Walter is to be obtained the following Sunday.
Undated letter from William Parry referring to an estate in which EBP appears to have an interest in buying. Letter from Martha thanking Edmund for the £20. Letter from Fanny Ingram with reference to a quarrell between them (EBP apparently ordered Fanny from his house). From E. Lechmere respecting a bond. An invitation from W. Parry to breakfast at the Ware with a note on the bottom from Walter asking for some clothes. From Thomas saying he shortly expects Mr G. to take him into partnership. Undated letter apparently from Walter asking for an advance of the portion due to him at the decease of their mother to discharge £300 borrowed of Coleman Lechmere and Bodenham, as well as a demand of £50 for which he is under arrest. Congratulations on the birth of a daughter to EBP and Milborough. Another expressing grief at the loss of the 'alienated angel'. Remainder, Social, invitations, estate and business.

[no title or date]  A95/EB/40/9

Examinations of various parishioners by Edmund B. Pateshall as J.P.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/1  1808

Mary Powell. Clehonger. Stealing.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/2  1809

Elizabeth Kennet. Allensmore. William Ralph, Llanfhiangle Crucorney. Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/3  1809

Amelia Cooke. Allensmore. John Bayley. Hereford City Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/4  nd

James Meeke. Weaver. Allensmore. Unlawful killing of Game.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/5  1806

Martha Lewis and William Cross of St Devereux Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/6  1809

Ann Jones and Samuel Jones. Allensmore. Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/7  1807

Hester Walker. Wormbridge. Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/8  1807

James Treherne. Orcop. Unlawful killing of Game.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/9  1805

William Hodges. Callow. Stealing.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/10  1806

Ann Edwards and Hannah Maund of Little Hereford Stealing.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/11  1806

Ann Morgan and Thomas Williams of Treville. Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/12  1807

Elizabeth Williams. Allensmore and Richard Jones Clehonger. Bastardy.

[no title]  A95/EB/40/9/13  1808

Phoebe Harris of Kilpeck and John Symonds of St Devereux. Bastardy.

Correspondence - dated  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/EB/41/1  1792 - 1794

15 letters

Letters received while he was at Dr. Horne's school in Chiswick.
From his brother Nicholas reporting his intended journey to Plymouth to join the Navy; reporting the reason for his immediate return home, being the Captain's illness.
From Mr & Mrs Parry acknowledging a letter.
From his friend Charles Henry Lane arranging a visit to Acton.
The majority from his mother reporting local and family affairs; making frequent mention of the activities of the Hereford Militia because Captain Phillips the Commanding Officer was lodging at Allensmore with his wife.

[no title]  A95/EB/41/2  1797 - 1799

From Nicholas at sea giving an account of a search for French ships.
From James Phillips making mention of the Hereford Militia's sailing to Europe as a volunteer detatchment; and enclosing a letter to Mr Phillipps from E.P's mother.
From John Calvert Clarke expressing a wish that the Militia should not go to Ireland.
Recommending a school for Sandys
From John Clarke, father of Calvert Clarke, concerning the drafting of money, enclosing an answer from EBP.

[no title]  A95/EB/41/3  1800 - 1801

20 letters

A series of letters concerning his mothers intended marriage to a Mr Pearce. From James Phillipps advising him to take a lenient view of his mother's action; copies of letters from EBP to Mr Phillips thanking him for his advice; to his mother telling her that he will be happy if she is happy in marrying Mr Pearce. [She apparently does not remarry].
From John Haythorne making mention of the dissolution of Parliament.
From Richard Gomond reporting on introductions made between Sandys and men of influence in the army, he recommends Sandys to be engaged in the Cavalry.
From John asking for money and stating his intention of marrying a Miss Williams at a future date when he is qualified in the profession he is starting out in.
From Sandys at the Cape of Good Hope, telling of a fever which took hold of the soldiers forcing them to land at the Cape; mentions Lord Nelson's victory at Copenhagen and saying that the Danish situated in the bay were ignorant of the war; mentions the possibility of Nicholas being sent to India; gives an account of shooting partridge and deer on the cape.
From his Uncle Sandys on the sale of some timber for £760.
Remainder, mainly social letters.

[no title]  A95/EB/41/4  1802

21 letters

From Sir Hungerford Hoskyns concerning some money lent to him by EBP, also concerning his (Sir H's) father's death.
From his brother John in London, telling of his examination in order to become a doctor, and of his intention to go to India.
From a George Dennis asking for money to set up in business, with a note by EBP saying he did not lend it.
From Cotterell expressing his thanks for a set of plate given him by his brother officers, (presumably on his retirement from the Hereford Militia.)
From Mr Westfaling a receipt for a plaster for curing diseased trees.
From Mr Parry mentioning Sir George Cornewall's canvassing and also making note of a County Meeting.
From his brother Sandys in India mentioning the Royal Salute by every English Fort in India when news of peace was received, he mentions that he expects Nicholas to be discontented with the settlement of peace. From his brother Nicholas in London before setting sail for Botany Bay, mentioning a lottery ticket which brought Mr Clarke a great deal of money. Also saying that they are ordered to be ready to put to sea at any moment because of the state of war, he has expectations of the ship sailing to the East Indies where he has hopes of promotion.
Also social and estate letters.

[no title]  A95/EB/41/5  1803 - 1804

From Mr William James concerning the sale of timber.
From his brother Nicholas in Portsmouth, hope for promotion because of the war, and anxious to go and fight in order to gain bounty money.
From his brother Sandys in East Indies giving a good account of his position both pecuniary and otherwise, making mention of the fact the EBP has some intention of marrying Sir George Cornewall's daughter. (he did not) Also mentioning the war with the Marhattas in which several men were killed.
From Mr Thomas King wishing him happiness in his marriage.
From Sir Hungerford Hoskins presenting his congratulations to Mrs. Pateshall on the birth of a son!
From Mrs Cotterell congratulating EBP on the birth of a daughter.!
From John Morgan about a complaint of water on the Turnpike road to Abergavenny.
From his brother William accepting an offer of EBP to secure a situation for him in Hereford.
From Mr Walwyn of Holme Lacy agreeing to allow Mrs Walwyn's nurse to attend Mrs Pateshall.
Also socieal and estate letters.

Undated correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/EB/42/1  nd

9 letters

Letters from his brother Nicholas
Referring to William's unaccountable behaviour to Tom concerning some money.
About Sandys' delay in embarking and containing a letter from Sandys.
Referring to Prince Albert being made Royal and receiving several promotions, and the Royal Wedding.
From the Mediterranean concerning yellow fever aboard ship. Reference to the Italian rebellion.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/2  nd

Letters from his brother Thomas, including:
Account of his life and work in Worcester, (apparently as an apothecary with a Mr Long) - references to Worcester society and to their family (Walter will always be a trouble to the family and if he goes to Oxford will prove very expensive - he could do well, with his great abilities, if only he were steady)
Letters apparently written later are from London, and five references to his forming a partnership in a business house (unspecified) with a Mr. Mallett.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/3  nd

7 letters

Letters from his brother William
Referring to dismissing a Mr. Symonds and engaging a Mr Cooke; concerning some deed of a Mr Woodhouse.
Concerning a farm tenanted by a Mr Phillips.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/4  nd

4 letters

Letters from James Phillips
Matters of Estate, also concerning illness of tenants.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/5  nd

3 letters

Letters from W. Symonds. Seeking advice on replacing his (Symonds) garden.
Referring to buying a mare from Pateshall.
Concerning the transportation of bog sand.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/5  nd

From Arkwright alluding to Pateshall's ill health. P. Barnesley - the sale of a bay horse.
Matters of estate, Invitations etc.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/6  nd

From J. Garland concerning the election of a new physician.
Mr Mr. Greary expressing distress at Mr. Pateshall's accident.
From Mr. Hannington and Mr. Hassell entreating Pateshall to cease his animosity towards Mr Symonds.
From R Hathway concerning his (Hathway's) appointment as chaplain.
From Sir. H. Hoskyins congratulating him on his marriage.
Invitations etc., estate matters.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/7  nd

From Mr. Chas. Jones concerning the illness of one of Pateshall's brothers (Thomas); concerning Charlton's debts.
From Laura King telling of the illness of Mrs Green; concerning an outbreak of scarlet fever in Knighton.
From William Kaye asking for a reference for a Daniel Davies.
From Thomas Lechmere with a reference to making cider.
From Chas. Malton concerning the bad habits of Thos More.
Estate matters. Social letters.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/8  nd

From Oxford concerning the sale of Hinton Estate.
From his mother concerning John's ill health.
From his brother Sandy's about his (S') debts.
From Thos. Smith concerning orders to be given to the Militia.
Estate and social letters.
From an Elizabeth Smith recommending a Mr Walton Freen as candidate for the post of house surgeon at the Infirmary.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/9  nd

An unsigned letter concerning thithes.
From Thos Underwood concerning the Act of Parliament allowing Bishops to confirm exchange of land.
From Mr E.G.Wright concerning a rare species of caterpillar.
From Ellen Loveday Watkins concerning Mrs Green's death.
Also letter of Estate business and social correspondence.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/10  nd

Bundles of mainly social letters, invitations etc from:-
12 Letters. E. Lechmere Charlton
9 Letters. Cornewall of Moccas
6 Letters. J. Calvert Clarke.
11 Letters. E.B. Clive.
The estates then owned by the Pateshall family were Weston, Thornbury, part of Docklow, Humber in Stoke Prior, Hunton, Lyonshall, Winnall, part of Ford Abbey Farm Estate pudlestone, also a piece of land at Broxwood and Westington Court in Grendon Bishop.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/11  nd

8 letters

Letters from his wife Milborough Domestic, concerning the redecoration of Allensmore Court.
Reference made to her own ill health.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/12  nd

Letters from his sister Martha.
Refers to Annabetts's marriage to Evan Thomas; the majority family matters.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/13  nd

5 letters

Letters from his brother John
Reference to obtaining a curacy from a Mr.Lechmere; reference made to Nicholas's embarking convicts.
Also reference to annual Herefordshire dinner.
Concerning his severe illness which forces him to use crutches.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/14  nd

5 letters

Letters from Mr W. Parry
Reference to buying a piece of land at 10 shillings per acre.
Persuasion to leave the Hereford Militia.
Invitations etc.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/15  nd

10 letters

Letters from John Matthews, Jnr
Reference made to rabbits being a great pest.
Reference to a Wm Dale being summoned to defend himself - ran away from house where he was in service
With several invitations.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/16  nd

5 letters

Letters from John Matthews
With reference wo the iron business, it being of some connection with Hereford and Sufton.
A copy of a letter written to the Hereford Times by Matthews concerning the Aconbury pillar.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/17  nd

6 letters

Letters from John Haythorne
Concerning Mr. Haythorne's will leaving all money to his wife and after to her grandson. (presumably 2nd wife)
Report of packed house to hear Braham sing.
Majority social letters.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/18  nd

6 letters

Letters from Richard Dansey
Estate matters, including reference to the division and sale of the Estate and the collection of rents.

[no title]  A95/EB/42/19  nd

37 letters

Letters from John Geers Cotterell
Reference to the Herefordshire Bow Meeting; improvements to gardens at Garnons; building of a cottage at Bishopstone with a view over the Foxley Woods, if Sir Robert Price will consent to the removing of fields, pine trees Cotterell remembers being planted; alteration to line of Leominster Turnpike Road.
The majority are invitations and making arrangements for meeting local families (Hoskyn of Harewood, Hereford of Sufton etc) and are of friendly neighbourly matters (Pateshall is godfather to Cotterell's child) etc saying he will retire if the Lord Lieutenant wishes to take command of the regiment.

Further Dated Correspondence.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1-14  1805

14 letters

From George Cornewall in which he states that Cornwallis is not resigning from Command of the Channel Fleet, and also that he (G.C.) intends to defend the First Admiral in the House when his case is brought on: Also a letter enclosing a letter from Lord Melville which confirms Cornewallis's non-resignation.
From his brother Nicholas in Torbay congratulating him on his daughter's birth; telling of the fleet being scattered in a storm; asking if a report that William is to marry a Miss Price is true.
From Nicholasat sea telling of a battle between his fleet and a combined French and Spanish fleet which they intercepted in the West Indies.
A copy of a letter from E.B.P. to his uncle Sandys Lechmere saying that his brother would be willing to take up his (W.P.'s) profession in his uncle's office; a reply from his uncle saying that he would be unable to take W.P. into his office except on terms of partnership.
Mr. Pearce saying he will be quite willing to christen E.B.P.'s daughter.
Estate and social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/15-37  1806

23 letters

From Lord Oxford concerning the purchase of a certain estate.
From Mr. Barneby requesting E.B.P. to obtain a statement from Dr. Matthews saying that his late son, Lieut. W. Matthews received his last pay before retirement.
From his brother John telling of Mr. Parry's severe illness, and his son (J.P.'s) indisposition because of it, since he is Mr. Parry's doctor.
From Calvert-Clark telling of his ship being held up in the East Indies because of a state of alarm, which he (C.C.) thinks unnecessary.
From his brother Nicholas concerning his transfer to the "Kent" and mentioning William's unwillingness to become a man of business.
Letters of Estate; Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/38-51  1807

14 letters

From Beray Harrison concerning the exchange and buying of land for Guy's Hospital.
From his wife at Llandovery on her way to Tenby, later from Tenby giving a description of society at a fashionable "Watering place".
From H. Case giving news of the death of Mr. Charlton.
From his brother William, who was living with his mother in Hereford, asking for money to secure a bond, with a copy of a reply from E.B.P. chastising W. for his loose life and urging him to pursue his business more seriously.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/52-65  1808

14 letters

From his brother Sandys saying that Sir George Barlow is Governor and their Commander in Chief is Lieutenant Ceneral Clay Mc.Dowaell also that he (Sandys) has been in command of a garrison of 120 men on the Mysan Frontier.
From his brother Nicholas telling of the pursuit of four French vessils and the fear that night will obscure the French vessils from their sight. Also from Palerma telling of the expected arrival of ships from Enemy Troops in Society.
From Mr. Price enquiring if Hinton Estate is for sale, with reply from E.B.P. to the negative.
Estate and social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/66-93  1809

28 letters

Two copies of a letter from E.B.P. to the Earl of Essex asking if he (Essex) wishes him to be a Field Officer in the Hereford Militia and reply from Essex in the affirmative.
From J.G. Cotterell alluding to E.B.P. being made a Major instead of a Lieutenant of the Corps.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/94-115  1810-1811

22 letters

From Mr. Prendergass informing E.B.P. of a ship sailing to India in which mail may be sent.
From Sir H. Hoskyns telling E.B.P. of a quarrel between Hoskyns and Lord Essex; Hoskyns accuses Essex of breaking his word and libelling Hoskyns concerning the office of Lord Lieutenant.
From J Matthews to E.B.P. in Bristol, apparently they were making an attempt at mining since J.M. mentions that the Somerset gentlemen are not eager to speculate in the minerals of Hereford, although they have faith in them.
From J.G. Cotterrell telling E.B.P. it would be inadvisable to urge promotion for one of E.B.P.'s brothers since he was almost thrown out of service.
A copy of two letters from E.B.P. to Anthony Lechmere asking for a Bond owing to E.B.P.'s father from A.L.'s brother be paid. In reply to both letters Lechmere says he will have nothing to do with his brother's debts.
Also Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/116-148  1812

33 letters

From Mr. Joseph Harris concerning a law suit against a Mr. Smith for the use of land for a water course, with a reply from E.B.P. saying he will see Mr. Smith and endeavour to settle the matter out of court. (Weston, Pembridge)
From Mr. Money informing E.B.P. of the Militia being reviewed.
From Sir John Cotterell saying he has communicated with Lord Melville about Nicholas' appointment, the latter encloses Lord Melville's answer saying that he will attend to the matters.
From Thos. Russell informing E.B.P. that he has been voted the Freedom of the City with a copy of a letter from E.B.P. saying he is delighted with the honour.
From Mr. Bird applying for a licence for a public house in Allensmore with a copy of a letter from E.B.P. refusing to grant it, this also contains a letter to E.B.P. from Mr. Pearce approving E.B.P.'s decision.
A series of letters on the retirement of Mr. Cooke for whom Tom works.
From Tom saying that Mr. Cooke has let his financial matters slip so much that anyone taking on the business would have great difficulty. A copy of a letter from E.B.P. offering to buy Mr. Cooke's business, in reply to this Mr. Cooke says he has no present intention of selling his business but would be happy to deal with E.B.P. if he were. From Mr. Clarke stating a poor view of Mr. Cooke's financial position, and advising E.B.P. to write to Mr. Cooke and ask him to help Tom to find a good connections in the retail line., since it is impossible for Tom to remain in his present position with no prospects; Mr. Clarke says that he considers Mr. Cooke would then offer Tom a partnership in his business.
A copy of a letter from E.B.P. written on the lines of Mr. Clarke's advice. Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/149-191  1813

43 letters

From Nicholas saying that the report that Miss Mary Lechmere had said she would never marry Nicholas is false, a copy of a letter from E.B.P. (in reply) in which he disapproves of N.P.'s attachment.
From J. Matthews concerning the improvements of the worm brook by deepening its bed.
The majority social and estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/192-221  1814

30 items

From John in Swansea recuperating from an illness, saying that although it is his turn to be Mayor next year, he will do everything to extricate himself from office.
From Thomas telling of John's illness and the poor state of health of Martha's husband.
The majority Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/222-245  1815

24 letters

From Mr. Ward concerning a turnpike road to be built across the Webbtree field.
From Mr. Thomas Bird about the resolution to take the Llanvihangel Rail Road to Hereford and to join the two companies together.
From Thomas Cooke recommending a Mr. Danse as a fitting person to be landlord of a public house should E.B.P. grant him a licence.
A series of letters from his wife while he was in Pennybont telling of his brother John's steady recovery and his mothers' continued ill health.
The majority Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/246-264  1816

19 letters

From his brother Sandys enquiring how much money he (S.P.) has to his credit from his father's will, since he must settle some debts and pay for his passage back to India.
From E. R. Ward informing E.B.P. that he (Pateshall) is now in possession of the whole of the Webbtree field.
Majority social and estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/265-285  1817

21 letters

From John Matthews asking E.B.P.'s assistance should Matthews son-in-law become violent since his wife and children are taking refuge with Matthews.
From E. B. Clive concerning a road running from the Three Horse Shoes through Dewchurch to Wormelow, Clive says he will not interfere in any way with the construction of the road if Pateshall will be responsible for directing its construction.
From a Mr. Cooke of Eardisley asking for a subscription from Pateshall to buy coal in order to sell it cheaply to the poor.
From Mr. W. C. Haytor concerning the erection of a new Toll-House at Moreton and making reference to the Turnpike Meeting.
From his brother Walter seeking pecunary aid that he might be able to secure a cheaper living for himself; E.B.P. refuses it on grounds of Walter's reckless behaviour.
Estate and social correspondence.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/286-300  1818

20 letters

From his brother Sandys reprimanding him for interfering in Nicholas' affair with Mary Lechmere and telling him to make friends with Nicholas before he sets sail again. From Thomas Williams about his intention to marry E.B.P.'s sister Martha when his prospects are brighter.
From John Haythorne expressing his intention and the intention of a Mr. Miles to back Sir John Cotterell in the Election. From Calvert Clark referring to E.B.P's trip to France and giving him directions how to manage while he is there.
Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/301-329  1819

24 letters

From Mr. Cox and Mr. Cheese concerning a transfer between them of land in Broxwood with a plan of the exchange.
From Mr. Armitage informing him that Guy's Hospital will grant E.B.P. permission to erect a monument on Aconbury Hill.
From Mr. Harris asking E.B.P.s support at a meeting concerning the building of the Pontrilas Rail Road.
From Lord Somers asking E.B.P. to deputise for him as president at the Agricultural Meeting; also assuring E.B.P. that he will vote for William to receive the treasuryship. From his brother William saying that the attempts made by those who did not want him to have the treasuryship to have William demoted will be of no avail.
Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/330-336  1817-1820

7 letters

A series of letters from a Mr. Richard White concerning the Estate at Weston, including a bill of valuation which E.B.P. feels unjustified in paying and which Mr. White insists must bepaid. Also there is a solicitors' note from Adams and Anderson which E.B.P. answers by saying he will only pay the money by verdict of a jury.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/337-374  1820

38 letters

From Dr. George Cope expressing sympathy at Walter's death (August).
From Calvert Clark offering consolation at the death of E.B.P's mother. Also giving details of a possible business for Tom (apothecary in London). (January)
From Mr. D. R. Dansey referring to E.B.P's addition of Burnham to his name. From Lord Somers, who as Lord Lieutenant was in charge of the Herefordshire Militia, offering E.B.P. the position of Captain in the Militia, since it is composed of a majority of opposition members. E.B.P. declines the offer on grounds that he was a senior Captain in the Militia having been a Captain for seven years, and Sir George Cornewall was given a majority over E.B.P's head, and that it is therefore impossible for E.B.P. to rejoin the Militia under Cornewall, Lord Somers approves of E.B.P.'s reasons for not rejoining the Militia although it places him in an awkward position.
A series of letters from Mr. R. Kilby Cox applying for the rent owed by E.B.P., for a piece of land in Broxwood. E.B.P. refuses. to pay the demanded increases.
From John Mathews Jun. explaining the success of his experiment for transporting live fish; packed in hampers with damp moss.
Estate and Social letters.
Correspondence with Mr. Francis Martin, Windsor Herald about the arrangements for E.B.P.'s taking the name Burnam.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/375-391  1821

17 letters

From the Churchwardens of Lyonshall, W. Clarke and J. Hall asking for a subscription towards the repair of a steeple at Lyonshall.
A series of letters from his sister Martha showing her severe pecuniary difficulties and alluding to some difficulty over their mother's will.
From his brothers John and Nicholas, and his sisters Ann and Martha enquiring what the delay might be to the completion of the execution of ther mother's will.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/392-413  1822

22 letters

From Mr. James Russell, wine merchant from Bristol mentioning the Agricultural distress and the shilling tax on malt.
A series of letters from Lord Somers concerning a transfer of property between them.
From Sir J. G. Cotterell with reference to Mr. Haytown being made sheriff.
From his brother Nicholas refusing to dine with E.B.P. since he has left the settlement of their mother's will for more than two years when it was her dying wish that it be settled in six months.
From Francis Lechmere Charlton asking E.B.P. if Sir Arthur Lechmere told Pateshall that Francis slept at his house 360 out of 365 days to which E.B.P. replies that Sir Arthur said 365 days in a year Francis slept at his house.
Social and Estate letters.

Shrievalty  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/EB/414-433  1821-1823

20 letters

A series of letters concerning E.B.P. becoming Sherrif of Herefordshire.
A copy of a letter from Pelham to the Earl of Essex telling of the King's approval of the dismissal of E.B.P. from the Hereford Militia (1803.
A copy of a letter from E.B.P. to Viscount Sidmouth asking for his name to be removed from the list of Sheriffs on the grounds of his displacement from the Militia.
From Somers aying he wrote to the Earl of Harrowby on behalf of E.B.P. trying to excuse him the office of Sheriff.
From the Earl of Essex telling E.B.P. that it was due to his interference that Essex was forced to make E.B.P. the object of the King's displeasure and says he will aid him to be displaced from the office of Sheriff.
From E.B.P. to the Earl of Essex saying that if after all his efforts he is made High Sheriff he will consider himself the most ill used of loyal subjects.
A copy of a letter from E.B.P. to Lord Harrowby saying that he has been to see Mr. Peel and has stated his case to him and telling Lord H. that he will be put to considerable personal inconvenience if he is elected as Sheriff.
A copy of alletter from E.B.P. to Essex telling him of his visit to Mr. Peel and his letter to Lord Harrowby.
From Lord Harrowby telling E.B.P. that the council thought him a fitting person to serve the office of Sheriff and that his name will not be removed from the list.
List of men to be javelin men and trumpeters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/434-452  1823

19 letters

From Mr. J. Clutton adressing Pateshall as High Sheriff, enquiring if he will be present at the races.
A list of gentlemen liable and proper to serve as Sheriff returned to Sir Jones Allen by E.B.P. and note by E.B.P. that the list was rendered under compulsion.
From Mr. Richard Blackmore asking E.B.P.'s permission and support to stand in an election.
A series of letters between E.B.P. and Sir J. G. Cotterell; Sir John asks if it is Pateshall's preference for Mr. Haytor which has brought about a coolness between Pateshall and himself, to which Pateshall replies it is Sir John's idea that Pateshall turned "Radical" and is no longer a "Pittie" that has caused it.
From Mr. A. Williams making mention of the Hereford Pitt Club.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/453-474  1824

22 letters

From Sir H. Hoskyns excusing himself from not going to Allensmore giving an account of all the various meetings taking his time. From E.B. Clive asking for support as the next candidate for the General Election; also concerning business between Clive and a Mr. Stanley Clarke.
From Mr. J. Durwent refusing to be on the committee for the construction of the Aconbury Pillar, and suggesting that bounds be erected and viewed before the actual construction of the pillar.
A series of letters between E.B.P. and a Mr. Richard Dixon about a bay horse brought from Stourbridge Fair, which went lame, E.B.P. refuses to take the horse back. A series of letters between E.B.P. and a Mrs. Susannah Bourne from whom E.B.P. borrowed £4,000.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/475-499  1825

25 letters

From John Haythorne mentioning the death of Henry Cotterell; also mentioning that the family are once more united (Pateshall and his brothers).
Mr. Thomas Evans about the appointment of a clerk for the Hereford sub-division meetings of Deputy Lieutenant.
From Mr. T. R. Watkins adressed to the Deputy Lieutenants of Herefordshire and asking to retain his post as clerk.
From Mr. Castnor referring to his subscription to the Aconbury Obelisk.
A series of letters from his brother Tom about going into partnership with a Mr. Wheeler to London apparently in the Wines and Spirits trade.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/500-526  1826

27 letters

From E.B.P. to a Mr. Jones Wood of Gloucester asking what the directors of the Bank had decided concerning a Hereford Bank, and saying that he thought there would not be one. Mr. Wood replies saying that the directors had decided nothing about the provincial banks.
Also from E.B.P. to Mr. Philip Barnaby asking his opinion on the possibility of the establishment of a Branch Bank.
From John Matthews on his father's death.
From the Rev. H. Fayle complaining about the singing of the many hymns at Clehonger.
Social and Estate letters.
Letters from John Haythorn and a Mr. Latcham his lawyer about an action taken against a steel factory set up near Haythorn's house, asking E.B.P. to go to the trial to give evidence, with a letter from Mrs. Haythorne to Mrs. Pateshall saying her husband won his case.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/527-546  1827

20 letters

From Edmund Lechmere in the Mediterranean remarking on the unpleasantness of being a naval officer on a troop-ship
From Mr. Charles Stretton mentioning Mathew's Bank in Hereford.
From his brother Tom considering to set up in business with a young man named Cooper, and mentioning a bond for £3,000 given him by William.
A series of letters between Edmund and E.B.Clive concerning the shooting of game at Winnal, E.B.P tells Clive to serve a writ against his (Pateshall's) keeper for shooting hares without the knowledge of the tenant farmers.
Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/547-574  1828-1829

28 letters

From Mr. Hassell asking for Pateshall's approval of a scheme for a gallery in Allensmore Church since in his absence on the Continent several people subscribed to one. Pateshall replies that he thinks a gallery unnecessary yet he will subscribe when he knows what the vicar has subscribed.
A letter from Mr. Farmer requesting Pateshall to be a bearer at the funeral of his aunt, Mrs. Lechmere, which he declines on the grounds of his ill health.
A letter from his cousin Elizabeth Lechmere asking him to be a trustee of her mother's will, which he also declines on grounds of ill health.
The majority of letters social and estate matters.
From Rev. T. C. Miller a circular asking for money to alter the road on the Birchley Bends, Pateshall declines to subscribe.
List of places where Pateshall could change money on the Continent.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/575-593

From a Miss Sarah Handy at Thornbury asking for a private piece of land by her lane in order to turn it into a road, with a note by Pateshall that he complied with the request.
From E, B. Clive suggesting that the penalty for a culprit be to pay a small sum to the poor of the villages in which his misdemeanour was committed.
The majority Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/594-615  1831-1832

22 letters

From Francis Lechmere Charlton agreeing to pay his debt of £6 to Pateshall because his brother (Charlton's) escaped his creditors.
Correspondence between Pateshall and his brother William about the exchange of tenants on the Thornbury Estate, ejecting a Mr. Turford in preference to a Mr. Holden with a notice for Mr. Turford to pay double rent.
From Calvert Clark saying he hoped Pateshall will see his niece Annabette well married but not to a "radical".
From his wife at Ashford looking after her aunt who is very ill; from Allensmore to Pateshall at Llandrindod Wells telling of Tom's illness and John's writing to tell him his symptoms were those of Cholera and asking Tom not to return to Hereford as the medical Bond were vigilant in trying to prevent the disease, she also says that private accounts of the spread of the disease in Hereford were appalling.
Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/616-650  1833

25 letters

From a Mr. Green asking permission to shoot on the Thornbury estate.
From G.H. Dansey referring to Mrs. Mary Green's disease.
From Mr. James Prendergass expressing sorrow at Mrs. Green's death.
A series of letters from his wife at Ashford; telling of her sister Fanny's difficulties because of her husband;s state of bankrupcy and asking to buy a portrait and sword of Col. Dansey by Sir Godfrey Kneller and a portrait of Millborough by Hobday since Dansey's furniture and effects are to be sold by auction; telling of her Aunt, Mrs. Green's illness and her death.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/651-664  1834

14 letters

From a Mr. Fernie concerning the death of a George Williams - under butler to Lord Ducie, who died of Scarlet Fever, and Pateshall was the only person known to be acquainted with Williams.
Correspondence about a court case against a Mr. Richard Sill who assaulted Nicholas Pateshall, with a letter of apology from Sill to Nicholas [see papers of Nicholas Pateshall, A95/V/N/246-276]
From Mr. G. H. Dansey about the money due to from Mrs. Dansey (F. Ingram) and Mrs. Pateshall from Mrs. Barwall's will.
Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/665-683  1855

19 letters

Correspondence between E.B. Pateshall a Mr. Gaston and a Mr. Handly of Liverpool about the sale of trees at Weston Estate, Mr. Handly purchased the trees at 3 shillings per foot.
From Tom about unsatisfactory developments in a partnership between him and a Mr. Mallet who represented his stock and profit to Tom at twice its true amount.
Concerning the General Election from E.B.P. to Mr. Bayley keeper of the Webtree Turnpike reminding him that Pateshall can deprive him of two gardens and a well if he does not use his vote to suit Pateshall.
The letter is apparently given publicity and Pateshall writes a note saying it was a joke to amuse "Whig" neighbours; from Col. Clive (who won the election) disapproving of Pateshall's treatment of Bagley.
From Pateshall to his niece Annabett telling her to act prudently when she is of age.
A series of letters from his wife at Butterly (Feb to April), her aunt, Mrs. Barwall having just died, telling of the sale of property and goods mentioning that only two tenants wish to buy their own farms.
Estate and Social letters.
From Mr. Connop giving an estimate of the price of a piece of land.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/684-712  1836

29 letters

From Calvert Clark telling of his wife's death.
From Thomas Moore at Mr. Evans' school in Gloucester telling of a concert in which a Miss Clara Novello and a Mr. Supio sang (Tom More was apparently adopted and brought up by Pateshall and his wife).
From Pateshall to Annabett telling her of his will (presumably in her favour) and mentinning that she is to marry a Revd. Mr. Whitfield.
From Elizabeth Pateshall (William's wife) to E.B. Pateshall expressing distress that he should address letters to her daughter and send them to be delivered into her hand as if Mrs. E. Pateshall were not to be trusted with them.
From Annabett to Pateshall telling him that she has had no proposal nor any knowledge of his will telling him she had never been brought up to look for the decease of her friends as a means to increase in fortune.
From Pateshall telling Annabett he had intended to provide for her as he would for his own daughter, but saying he is pleased she is not his daughter.
From Edmund Lechmere telling of Nicholas' illness.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/713-720  1835-1836

8 letters

A series of letters between Mr. George Dansey and Pateshall and Mr. Richard Dansey, concerning an account between Messrs. G. and R. Dansey and Mr. Bellamy over the executorship of Mr. Ingram's will. With a balance sheet of Mr. Ingram's estate and a receipt for £113.5s.8d. from Pateshall to R. Dansey.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/721-743  1835-1839

23 letters

A series of letters between Pateshall and Mr. Cook concerning the land at Winnal which Mr. Symonds of the Mynde owes chief rent and tithes on.
Also from Pateshall to Mr. Cook saying he hopes that Mr. Cook will not prevent the progress of the widening and deepening of the Worm Brook since its bad state causes injury to the crops of his tenant on the Cridmore farm. Pateshall refuses to admit that he owes money to the Mynde Estate just as there is money owing to him from the Mynde Estate. Also Pateshall refuses to name an arbitrator to consider the matter impartially.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/744-762  1837

19 letters

From Thos. More describing "airguns" made by the boys of thick "whale-bone and a quill".
From his wife staying at Hill House with the Haythorne's elder brother, telling of the re-marriage of the widow of Mr. Haythorne's elder brother to a man young enough to be her son.
From Edmund Lechmere asking for money to set James Prichitt up in a respectable business.
From the Commissioners of Charities returning a bond by Thomas Beavan and his son John to pay £55 with interest to the poor of Allensmore Parish.
Social and Estate letters.
A series of letters between Sir B. Brodie, Chas. Malton and Pateshall arranging Thomas More's being apprenticed to Mr. Malton.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/763-771  1838-1839

9 letters

A letter containing a bill advertising the Allensmore Feast printed by E. G. Wright, St. Owen's Street, Hereford, a great deal of correspondence about the Sunday Wakes; also some press cuttings.
Two letters from Pateshall to Revd. Francis Merewether telling of his son's insulting behaviour to Pateshall; also the condition of Allensmore Church and the appointment of a Rural Dean for the Webbtree Hundred.
A circular condemning Sunday Wakes.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/772-783  1837-1838

12 letters

Correspondence about Phillips and Matthews' Bank in Hereford in which Pateshall had a deposit of money (about £1,000).
A copy of a letter from Pateshall to a Mr. Hughes asking him to transfer the money to Sir John Ludbrook and Co's. bank in London since Pateshall was going to London.
Because of a difference of opinion on the interest of the money deposited there was an increase of coolness of manner between Pateshall and Matthews.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/784-835  1838

51 letters

From Calvert Clark advising Pateshall on the disposal of his Estate since Annabett has forfeited all chance of inheritance saying that it would be best to bequest the estate to the offspring of the daughter of Pateshall's sister Ann, though Pateshall would of course choose for himself.
From his wife to him in London enclosing a letter to her from Mrs W. Pateshall asking their opinion on Annabett's marriage to Evan Thomas. Also mentioning that all the surrounding parishes have clothing clubs.
From Thomas More saying he is to go to the Apothecaries Hall to enter his name on the list.
From Rev. J. Jones asking E.B.P. to be a trustee to his daughter's marriage settlement to which E.B.P. agrees.
A letter from Mrs. Thomas asking E.B.P. if he has any objection to the marriage of her son to Annabett Pateshall, E.B.P. answers acknowledging the letter and thanking Mrs. Thomas for her enquiries about his wife, but ignoring the fact that there was any mention of a marriage in the letter.
From a Dr. Gilliland thanking E.B.P. for voting for him as a physician to the Hereford Infirmary.
From a Mr. Wm. Bullock asking for E.B.P.'s contribution and membership to the Herefordshire Philosophical, Literary and Antiquarian Institution set up to broaden the outlook of the Herefordians and to be a means of amusement from Philosophical and Scientific pursuits of Geology, Agriculture County History, Antiquities, Natural History and Statistics; E.B.P. declines membership.
Estate and Social letters.
From Nicholas Ianwarne concerning an old servant whom Pateshall pays 1 shilling a day and a quart of beer, saying he could go to the workhouse; Pateshall says he will not permit this since it will separate the servant from his wife.
From George Baker about a meeting concerning the commutation of arts at Eardisley.
A printed pamphlet of letters between Pateshall and the Bishop of Hereford about renewal of a lease for the Westington Court Estate in Grendon Bishop, pamphlet printed by E. G. Wright, St. Owen Street, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/836-869  1839; Jan to April

34 letters

From his wife to him in London telling of the school which she apparently organises saying she has admitted ten scholars.
From Tom More saying that Mr. Malton considers it time for him to become apprenticed to a surgeon; also saying he called on a Dr. Elliotson, a surgeon who mesmerises his patients, to obtain a ticket to see one of his experiments.
From Nicholas to Edmund in Bath telling him of the Magistrates in the town because of the division of the County, and also mentioning the rural police be instructed.
A circular asking for money to build a church with land for a burial ground at St. Martins; Edmund declines to subscribe on grounds that he is already giving a voluntary subscription to the improvements of his own parish church.
Social and Estate Letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/870-889  1839- May to Aug

20 letters

A series of letters from a Miss Handy concerning an exchange of land between herself and Pateshall.
From Tom More saying there is great excitement in London about the appointment of Lord Durham to Office; and mentioning the visit of the Grand Duke of Russia to St. George's Hospital.
From Mr. M. Miles giving notice of a meeting to be held at the "Royal Oak" Inn Leominster about the navigability of the Leominster canal.
Social and Estate Letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/890-911  1839 Sept-Dec

22 letters

From Dr. King referring to the unfortunate death of Sir George Cornewall's daughter.
From the Hereford Protestant Association summoning Pateshall to a meeting; he is unable to attend because he is in Bath.
From Mr. James Burnett asking Pateshall to vote for him as chaplain of the Jail.
Pateshall replies saying he will comply with the request because Burnett rendered the same kind service to William Pateshall at the election to the Reevership.
From James Phillips concerning some difficulty over tithes at Much Dewchurch because of the obstenancy of the Bishop of Gloucester to agree to the arrangements.
Estate and social Letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/912-929  1840 Feb-June

18 Letters

A series of letters from Thomas More, studying to become a Doctor in London
Telling of the procession of Queen Victoria's wedding saying Prince Albert is very hansome: and that there is a report that Lord Melbourne is shortly to resign to be succeeded by Lord John Russell and the Earl of Durham.
Also that he saw the Prince at the Haymarket Theatre, but the Queen was sitting behind a curtain; telling of an accident on the Thames by Putney Bridge, a boat overturned; one of the men drowned was a pupil at the Hospital in which Tom practised as a dresser under Sir Benjamin Brodin.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/930-977  1840 Jan-June

48 letters

From Mr. J. H. Barker asking Pateshall to vote for him as chaplain of the Hereford Infirmary.
From Mr. Robert McMundo asking Pateshall to vote for him as Chief Constable when the Hereford Constabulary is established.
From his brother Nicholas telling of going with Mr. Clive to present an address to Prince Albert and immediately afterwards to the Duchess of Kent.
From Rev. Francis Merewether saying he heard from Miss E. Symonds that there was to be a pitched battle at the "Three Horse Shoes", and ask Pateshall to stop the disgraceful affair, this however was not right.
Social and Estate Letters.
From Marcellus Newton a circular asking Lord Lieutenant and Magistrates of the County to vote for him as Chief Constable of the Rural Police.
A circular from Conservative Association saying the Committee has decided to keep a Conservative Paper and asking Pateshall if he wishes to have a share-hold in the paper "Hereford Journal"; Pateshall declines saying paper is biased.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/978-1007  1840 July-Dec

30 letters

Correspondence between Pateshall and the Rev. F. Merewether fixing the funeral of a female servant at 4 o'clock on a Monday with a note by Pateshall that there is an inquest at 9 o'clock the same morning; an article in the Hereford Times asking for the case to be divulged more fully; a letter from Mr. Lingen the doctor attending the servant, saying that the anonymous letter throws an infamous light on his professional character, also a letter to the press from Pateshall saying that he and Mrs. Pateshall consider Lingen to have done everything in his power for the servant.
From Mr. F. Malton asking Pateshall to use his influence to secure him a position as Surgeon in the East India Company; a copy of letter from Pateshall to Mr. Stanley Clark asking for a position for Malton; Clark replies that he is unable to help Malton.
A pamphlet of letters from Pateshall to the Bishop and addressed to the Patrons Residents and Members of the Herefordshire Agricultural Societies, concerning some timber belonging to Pateshall at Hope. The pamphlet is printed by Edward Weymiss of Hereford.
Social and Estate Letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1008-1044  1841

37 letters

From his brother Nicholas telling of a Mr. Tench, a surveyor, having left Hereford with the Belmont Rents and a Miss Farrington, leaving behind him a wife and eight children and a great many debts.
From Thomas More saying he saw a fire at the Tower.
From J. G. Cotterell thanking Pateshall for mentioning his state of health to the Rector, also mentioning the County Meeting.
From his brother Tom concerning a catalogue of his pictures and saying it is reported that the Queen is to view them the next day.
From Mr. W. H. Hill asking for a donation from Pateshall to help repair the church at Pembridge.
From Robert Poore Haythorne wishing Pateshall farewell before he (Haythorne) sails for Prince Edward Island to join his brother Edward.
Estate and Social Letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1045-1113  1842

69 letters

From his brother Thomas asking for Pateshall to share a bond of security for £1,000 to a Mr. Cooper; Pateshall agrees although very distressed at the idea and says the Promisory notes will be an anxiety to him as long as he lives.
From Tom More saying that the commissioners of Pentonville prison are advertising for a Medical Officer but as he has to be a Licentiate of the College of Physicians, not surgeons, Tom is unable to apply for it.
From his wife at Knighton telling of the death of her niece Mrs. Green, daughter of Fanny Dansey.
From a Mr. Robert Spencer enclosing a piece of material and asking Pateshall if he approves of it since he has made a waistcoat for Tom More of the material; Pateshall replies saying he will not buy the waistcoat as he thinks the material quite unsuitable for a medical student.
From his niece Annabet Pateshall asking him to her wedding; Pateshall replies that he will not attend the wedding but will not prevent his wife from doing so; this includes two newspaper cuttings announcing the wedding noting that the bride was given away by her uncle Nicholas.
From J. E. Turner about a meeting in connection with the Commutation of Tithes at Puddlestone.
From Frederick S. Clarke asking Pateshall to use his influence in obtaining a post as governor for Hereford Gaol for a Serjeant Major John Buncle; also mentioning that he (Clarke) is to arrange an escort for the Queen to Portsmouth and back and noting that she travels at the pace of 12 miles an hour.
A sheet directed to Pateshall advertising the "Books of the Bastiks" giving a list of subscribers and the opinions of various people on the book.
From D. Cumberland a circular on the composition of taxes by the Act 5 and 6 Victoria, Chap. 37.
Social and Estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1114-1133  1842-1843

20 letters

A series of letters between Pateshall and Mr. Charles Walton.
Mr. Walton writes on the fellowship that always existed between himself and Tom More while he was living with him. Pateshall writes telling of the plan to place Tom with a medical man to train him for his examinations and refers to him as an orphan; also telling Mr. Malton that he has not taught Tom More the profession of doctor in a correct manner. Mr. Malton claims he has not neglected Tom More according to the articles of his apprenticeship.
To Pateshall from a Mr. J. P. Compton saying that in his opinion Pateshall cannot justify bringing a charge for neglect against Mr. Malton.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1134-1182  1843

49 letters

From Nicholas saying Tom Pateshall will be bankrupt, also when he is ill saying he feels he cannot live much longer.
From his wife referring to his brother Tom having lost his reason; also mentioning Nicholas' low spirits.
From a Mr. Cooper to Pateshall telling him of the bankruptcy of a Mr. John Evans enclosing a letter from Pateshall to Mr. Evans' brother asking for Evans' address to claim £80 from him. Mr. Evans replies he does not know where his brother is (the letters from Pateshall and Evans dated 1844).
From a Mr. Richard Green tenant of Ford Abbey Farm, Puddleston (jointly owned by Pateshall and Mr. Dansey) giving notice of his quitting the farm.
From Chas C. Jones saying Pateshall's brother is reinstated in his vaults saying the transactions have been no easy matter because of his brother's inbecility of intellect.
From Dr. Hicks at the Gloucestershire General Lunatic Asylum asking for more clothes for Tom: from his wife saying she has been to see Tom in the Asylum and that he is happy though unwell: From Pateshall to his sister Ann sending her the accounts for the Asylum and saying that he wished those members of the family who did not approve of Tom's being in an asylum should go and see how happy and comfortable he is, he requests the accounts to be returned and they are included in the copy letters.
Estate and Social letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1183-1219  1844

37 letters

From Mr. C. G. Jones, managing Tom's affairs in London saying Mr. Charlton will not pay his bills and asking Pateshall to provide him with any letters he may have on the case.
From Dr. Hints at the Gloucester Asylum saying that Tom is in a great state of depression though comfortable.
A circular asking Pateshall if he wishes to have his name signed to a petition to nominate John Barneby to take the chair in the next Quarter Sessions from J. H. Cleave.
From Pateshall to a Mr. Henry Miles asking if John Arkwright - as his father did - intends to plead the Statute of Limitations concerning a water course through part of Pateshall's Westington Estate; Mr. Miles replies saying it was not the Statute of Limitations that was pleaded by that Pateshall is under a misapprenhension.
From Mrs. Unett telling Pateshall that the family are forced to leave Freens Court and will leave the Country; also expressing distress at Nicholas' bad health, this letter is enclosed in one by Mrs. Coates who found it among Mary Unett's belongings.
From Mr. Unett saying he intends to go to the Continent because of the bad state of his affairs.
From Mr. Scudamore asking for a subscription to instate a Mail Cart on the Abergavenny Road; Pateshall says he will subscribe £5. A series of letters about Francis Lechmere Chariton about the debts he owes concerning Tom. From Edmund Lechmere Charlton saying Francis never mentioned the debts to him; also saying he is able to pay the debt; from Francis saying he would go to gaol rather than pay the debt.
From Mr. Jones Thomas asking if he wishes to resign trusteeship of his wife's marriage settelment since he sent her a copy of it; Pateshall replies that he does.
Social and estate letters.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1220-1234  184[?] April-August

15 letters

A continuation of the correspondence between Pateshall and Mr. T. G. Symonds of the Mynde concerning the claim for chief rents, tithes and heriots owing between them. It is decided that a Mr. Graves shall be referee between them, but Pateshall after first agreeing to Mr. Graves declines to conduct further negotiations with him through his (Pateshall's) solicitor Mr. Blount.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1255-1290  1845

64 letters

From his wife telling Pateshall that he ought to have a party gathering the remaining members of his family around him before they all die.
From Sir J. G. Cotterell, his last letters with two from his daughter; one telling Pateshall that Sir John wished to see him on business, the other telling of Sir John's death (26 Jun).
From Mr. F. L. Bodenham telling Pateshall that Tom More may become a member of the News Room.
From Dr. Hilton telling of the death of Thomas A. Pateshall (7 April).
A series of letters from a Mr. G. C. Jones concerning a case against Francis Lechmere Charlton for the debts he owes. A letter from Frederick Prosser, Sherrifs Officer to Jones telling how he captured Charlton.
A pamphlet issued to the public to prove that Pateshall did not arrest Charlton because he knew he would be going to his brother's death bed, but because he saw him by accident at the time, printed by E. Weynes, Journal Office, Hereford; From G. C. Jones saying he disapproves of the pamphlet being published.
From Charlton saying that Pateshall is trying to defame him, but that an ill word from Pateshall can hurt no one.
A series of letters about a trunk belonging to Mrs. Pateshall which was lost at Temple Meads Station.
From Mr. R. Lechmere asking Pateshall to procure him some shares in the Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester Railway Company; From Mrs. Emma Bradley asking Pateshall to procure her some shares in the Cambrian Railway; From Mr. F. L. Elgie asking Pateshall if he wishes to take the whole amount of the allotment of 100 shares in Worcester Hereford Ross and Gloucester Railway, enclosing a letter from Pateshall; from Mr. Richard Green saying he will be happy to accept the 100 shares mentioned.
From Mr. J. T. Woodhouse telling Pateshall that the Shrewsbury Hereford Railway is to run straight across the Volka Common on which Pateshall's tenants of Humber, Stoke Prior, graze their cattle, saying he hopes to make beneficial arrangements with all concerned.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/1291-1318  1846-1847

26 letters

A series of letters from his sister Martha and her son Tom Williams concerning money lent and given to Tom from Pateshall to start him in business; also from Tom Williams saying his brother Richard had such a violent attack of insanity that he had to be kept in custody.
From Decima Unett mentioning the pets at Allensmore, the cockatoos.
A series of letters between Pateshall and a Mr. George Bentham and Col. Scudamore about the Wormbridge, Kentchurch Mail Cart, mostly concerning the payment of Pateshall's yearly subscription of £5.
Social and Estate letters.

Miscellaneous, Printed Matter, and some Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/1  nd

Hereford General Infirmary and Gloucester Infirmary.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/2  nd

Society for propagating the gospel in Foreign parts

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/3  1790

Sale Particulars: Estates at Eye, Luston, Middleton on the Hill, Birley, Kings Pyon and Eardisland. Comprising the Manors of Eye & Birley.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/49/4

List of books with dates 1525-1767 in margin.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/5  April, 1819

Inventory of Furniture etc., sent to the Gaol by Mrs Pateshall

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/6  nd

A poem telling how the "Gallic Foe ment to invade this land, but providence did interfere and put them to a stand."

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/7  nd

An epilogue written by Mr Garrick.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/8  nd

Description of Allensmore including acreage, population, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/9  March 1831

Printed Notice. General session of the Peace, at the Shirehall.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/10  1835

Notice of sale and particulars of Timber, Butterley Estate, Bromyard

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/11  1823

Notice of sale and particulars of Farming Stock implements etc, at Lower Bullingham

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/12  1820

Notice of sale and particulars, Merryhill Farm

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/13  1809

Notice of sale and particulars, Cobhall Court, Allensmore

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/14  1826

Notice of sale and particulars, property at Moreton

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/15  1828

2 copies

Notice of sale and particulars, Farming Stock at Norton

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/16  1844

Fire Insurance Policy

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/49/17

Notice of a meeting of Trustees of Hereford Turnpike Trust 1862. Also letting of several Toll Gates within Hereford district.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/18  nd

Appraisement of the stock of Edmund Lechmere Pateshall Esq., deceased: Hay. Fodder, Farming Utensils, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/19  1840-41

Letters and printed matter concerning elections 1806.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/20  nd

Letters with reference to Thomas A Pateshall being placed in the care of Dr. Hitch of Gloucester, also a lock of Edmund Lechmere Pateshall's hair.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/21  1814

Permission to lay Highway through the lands of Sir John Geers Cotterell

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/22  1844

Copy of question E.B. Pateshall sent to the Hereford Times re. water on Turnpike Roads

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/23  1805

Appointment of Gamekeepers to Pateshall.
Richard Matthews of Clehonger. 1804.
Thomas Smith of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/24  nd

William Rollings of Eardisley accused by Rev. James Ingram of copping, cropping, stealing and carrying away "branches of an oak tree" from his tenant George Hooper. Evidence given by Walter Tudor.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/25  nd

Bundles of various bills, receipts etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/26  1823

Exchequer Writs, Pateshall, Sheriff

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/27  nd

Warrant authorising the Constable to search the premises of Thomas Taylor of Clehonger for poaching equipment.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/28  nd

(a) Evidence of John Boulter of Much Dewchurch. That John Williams of the same "doth keep....engines for the purpose of killing game.
(b) Search warrant authorising J.B. to search J.W's tenements for the said engines.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/29  nd

Oath's Thos Watkins of Dore and Mary Cotterell of St Devereux, that they had been refused relief by the Overseers of the Poor.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/30  nd

Commission of Bankruptcy against Mr John Boone of Piccadilly, Hatter, and a note from the Receiver asking for the annexed account to be settled.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/49/31

29 items

Bundle of Cotterell's settled accounts to January 1825. Also some accounts of Lawrence and Powell the Masons.
Also 1 notebook of accounts.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/32  1828

Edmund Burnam Pateshall.
Samuel Carless
In lieu of the Equity of Redemption of certain lands in Dewchurch and Allensmore and the release of other lands to secure £2000 and interest.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/33  nd

Note from the City and County Bank stating new arrangements for the rate of interest on Deposits per annum.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/34  nd

Examination of Frances Prosser, servant of Wm Perry of Eaton Bishop, Miller. Re sale of Bran and Wheat etc., by William Pritchard Waggoner servant of Mr Perry, to Francis Phillips of Fownhope, Limeburner, John Roberts and Thos Jones, Limeburners and others in Monmouth & Abergavenny, all goods being the property of William Perry, Ruckhall Mill Eaton Bishop.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/35  nd

Bundle of Miscellaneous receipts and bills from Merchants in London Worcester, Cheltenham etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/36  c1800

Bundle of Miscellaneous settled accounts and receipts etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/37  1804-07

26 items

Bundle of Mr E.B. Pateshall's cheques for the years

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/38  nd

4 Items

Small bundle of Misc correspondence.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/49/39  nd

Theatre Poster: Advertising - Amimal Talent.
The Highly Trained Horse XENOPHON.

Various Miscellaneous Items  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/1  nd

A sketch of a tombstone engraved with the Rev Walter Pateshall's name.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/2  nd

Subscription list for the relief of the widows and orphans of the sailors who fell in the glorious battle of Trafalgar. (3 subscribers only)

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/3  nd

Rules for the Herefordshire Bow Meeting. and list of members.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/4  nd

Letters from Richard Hancocks concerning accounts at Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/5  nd

E.B. Pateshall's confirmation book

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/6  nd

Bank Accounts with Messrs. Bodenham and Phillips

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/7  nd

Vol. of letters of the Rev Francis Severn to his pupils at Astley School, Worcs. written in Milborough Pateshall's hand.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/8  nd

Notice of meetings of the Agricultural Society and Rules and Regulations of the New Agricultural Society.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/9  1805

Calendar of Prisoners.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/10  nd

Prospectus of an extension of the Herefords and Glos. Canal.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/11  nd & 1851

Newport, Abergavenny & Hereford Railway.
Plan of land required for the Railway.
Also. 2 letters dated June 1851, re Railway deviation at Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/12  nd

Subscription list for the forming of a Hereford & Gloucester Railway via Ross, with a branch line to the Forest of Dean

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/13  nd

Notebook, ref. to Thornbury Map.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/14  nd

Small bundle of tombstome engravings, music poems and songs, including "The Herefordshire Fox Chase", sung to the tune "Six bottles More" and "The Winnal Toad Eater" a song about a man who tells lies.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/15  1832

Pedigree of Henry & Elizabeth Morse. (2 generations only.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/16  1789

Appointment of Edmund Pateshall Esq of Allensmore, Surveyor of the Highways within the said parish for the year ensuing.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/17  Mon 1806

Examination of Sophia Lewis, single, living in the parish of Allensmore, showing her place of settlement to be Llanvihangle Crucorney.
Removal order for the above Sophia Lewis from Allensmore to Llanvihangle Crucorney.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/18  4 7 1842

James Jones, Tailor of Cobhall Common, accused of the theft of a doormat, the property of E.B. Pateshall, Allensmore House.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/19  nd

Blank bastardy examination forms

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/20  nd

Bundle of several summonses to attend various Assizes.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/21  1816

Expenses of the Surveyor of the parish of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/22  January 1790

Proposal by Edmund Pateshall that a "House of Industry" should be erected, with the permission of the Lord of the Manor, upon Gorsty Common, to be under the patronage of the gentlemen of property of the parishes of Vowchurch, Tiberton, Madley, Eaton Bishop, Clehonger Allensmore, Thruxton and Kingstone.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/23  1786 and 1787

2 Certificates issued under the Killing of Game Acts.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/50/24

Draft Assignment dated 1805, concerning Hereditaments and Premises in the parish of Lyonshall, conveyed in exchange by Edmund Pateshall to Edward Jeffries.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/50/25

Bill of sale and surrender. dated 20th May 1856 25 between Mrs Elizabeth Holland and Mr Thomas Paine of "The Farm", Collington.

[no title or date]  A95/V/EB/50/26

Agreement dated 11th June 1770, between Mrs Ann Lane (wid) of Lower Nicholson, Hatfield and Mr Richard Lane of the same place. Yeoman.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/27  1782

Bond. (1) Theophilus Lane of Battersea, Clerk and William Lane of Pallmall, Jeweller
(2) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore. in the sum of £200.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/28  19th February 1762

Copy will of Ann Stead of Warton in the parish of Leominster

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/29  21st May 1783

Deed for securing the payment of debts to the creditors of Edmund Pytts Esq dec.
(1) Jonathan Pytts of Kyre Wyard, co of Worcester
(2) Revd's John Hippisley of Stow on the Wold, Glos. and James Ingram of Burford. Salop

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/30  1823

Cash paid on account of Sheriffalty.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/31  nd

Westington. Extract of parcels from Rolls & Lease.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/32  2nd January 1783

Abstract of late Mr Francis Woodcocks Trust Deed as to Mr Carpenters houses, near to the Tan Brook in the parish of All Saints in the city of Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/33  December 1819

Copy of Mr Polson's opinion as to the sale of a Manor. (unknown)

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/34  nd

Bundle of depositions and receipts in the case of Thomas Williams. Complainant, and John and Louisa Medlicott, and Thomas Evans. Defendants.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/35  1814

Copy letter to B.C.Williams, respecting Mr John James bond for £400 to E. Pateshall

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/36  nd

Copy order of court for examining Mr Richard Elliott as a surety for debt.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/37  Sept 1809

Rules etc of the "Herefordshire Subscription Hounds" also a list of the subscribers

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/38  April 13, 1818

Printed questionaire (with answers)
From House of Commons, Committee on Education, regarding schools in the parish - Name of parish not shown.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/39  8 April 1807

Letter to William Parry of The Ware, from his Tenant Edward Farr of Kenchester Court, requesting timber to make wagon

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/40  nd

Bundle of receipts. cheques etc.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/41  nd

Small bundle of receipes and other misc items.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/42  nd

Letters between Thomas More and the London & Birmingham Railway, regarding overpayment of a fare. Also copy letter from EBP on the same matter

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/43  1798

Small note book, containing expenses.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/44  c 1779 - 1819

73 items

A bundle of bills, accounts, receipts etc of Edmund Pateshall relating mainly to the period 1800 - 1819, but also including some as early as 1779.

[no title]  A95/V/EB/50/45  nd

A small bundle of visitors cards.

SOLICITORS PAPERS.  [no ref. or date]

Box of solicitors papers, mainly concerned with various law suits. Both personal and office..

[no title]  A95/LS/1  nd

Arrangement: Original Bundle

Miscellaneous correspondence, bills etc, in a Bill of complaint.
Pateshall v Lechmere.

[no title]  A95/LS/2  nd

Bills and Correspondence.
Pateshall v Tranter.

[no title]  A95/LS/3  nd

Copy Bill.
Holder v Pateshall

[no title]  A95/LS/4  nd

Bills and correspondence.
Pateshall v Price.

[no title]  A95/LS/5  nd

Bills and correspondence between E.B.P and W. Bellamy re money owing to EBP from the estate of the late W. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/LS/6  nd

Bundle of depositions in the case of Gregory V. Williams.

[no title]  A95/LS/7  nd

Accounts, receipts, correspondence etc in the case of Harris V. James.

[no title]  A95/LS/8  nd

Papers and correspondence in a case of Trespass Matthews v Wynn & Weaver.

[no title or date]  A95/LS/9

Hereford Lent Assizes. 1822. Trespass & Ejectment Lawrence V Harper.

[no title]  A95/LS/10  nd

William Pateshall, Solicitor. Bundle of Misc. correspondence, bills etc.

[no title]  A95/LS/11  August 1814

Calendar of Prisoners.


The eldest daughter and co-heiress of Rev. James Ingram of Burford, Salop., Married Edmund Burnam Pateshall March 1804. There was one daughter of this marriage, who died in infancy.

[no title]  A95/MP/1-14  1804-1840

From her sister Fanny Ingram saying their father is not at all well.
From Tom More asking Milborough to prevail upon E.B.Pateshall to pay for him to have drawing lessons from the Head Usher who goes to the infirmary to draw for the surgeons from life.
(1840) Tom More, training to be a surgeon in London, he says he has a dressership at the hospital.
A few recipies - for green pea soup, creamed plaice and sweet omlette.

[no title]  A95/MP/15-26  1820, 1843

Correspondence, mainly social.
11 items, Including:-
A letter from Geo. Cope re. Walters request to be buried at Bromyard.
From W. Fernie about the death of Geo.Williams.
From R. Green re Thomas A. Pateshall's removal to Gloucester; with a copy of E.B.P's reply.

[no title]  A95/MP/27  1868

Inventory of Furniture and Effects at Allensmore

Mrs. Frances (Fanny) Dancey, Sister to Mrs Milborough Pateshall.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/MP/28-42  1818-1830

Letters to Mrs Dancey of Easton from her sister Mrs Milborough Pateshall.
Giving an account of preparations for a trip to the continent;
Telling of a newborn male child found in a basket on the terrace at Allensmore and of Mr Pateshall's intention to bring it up at his own expense;
Of a fancy dress ball given by the Foleys at Stoke.
Remainder mainly family, social, etc.
A letter from E.B.P. with reference to a quarrel between them - "With respect to any promise on my part to attend your approaching marriage, I recollect no more of it, than I do one on your part to attend my funeral".

Mrs Richard Green.  [no ref. or date]


[no title]  A95/V/G/1-53  1807-1832

Letters from various people to Mrs Green at Ashford
From her sister in law Mrs Green mentioning the bustle in Herefordshire because Col. Foley resigned his seat.
From S. Hallward mentioning Brighton as being gay in the summer season.
From Mrs Martha Green on the Isle of Wight saying the fashionable people are arriving there.
Social letters, invitations etc., acknowledgements and thanks for presents, pork, fowl etc.

[no title]  A95/V/G/54-80  Undated

Letters from various people to Mrs Green at Ashford. Social Letters invitations etc., and enquiries after and accounts of the state of health of friends and relations.

[no title]  A95/V/G/81-104  Undated

Letters from Miss L. Ricketts to Mrs Green at Ashford.
Giving a receipe of Iceland Moss boiled in water and taken in milk as a cure for a cough
Mentioning a prescription given to Mrs Bull by Dr. Darwin.
Mentioning the fashionable resort of Malvern, where she went on a visit.
Plus social etc.

[no title]  A95/V/G/105-110  1815-1825

Letters from Mrs Green of Ashford to various people including a receipe for making ginger wine, and a letter to the manufacturer of stained glass informing him that a pattern does not meet the requirements.
1818. A letter addressed to a Miss Green at Stoke Bliss nr Bromyard from a Mrs Sarah Green Cheese at Aberystwyth telling of her son's illness being the cause for their prescence there and mentioning that Mrs John Pateshall is also there.

[no title]  A95/V/G/111-118  1824-1833

Letters from Mrs Mary G. Walker to Mrs Green at Ashford, with a receipe for stewing Normandy Pipping.
The majority thanking Mrs Green for presents of fowls, pork, apples etc.

[no title]  A95/V/G/119-127  c1828-1830

Letters (mostly undated)
Letters to Mrs Green at Ashford from her niece
Mrs Fanny Dancy. The majority enquiring after Mrs Green's health and giving accounts of the health of various members of the family.

[no title]  A95/V/G/128-135  Undated

Letters from Harriet Ricketts to Mrs Green at Ashford. Invitations and enquiries and accounts of the health of mutual acquaintances.

[no title]  A95/V/G/136-232  1808-1830

Letters from Milborough Burnam Pateshall to her aunt Mrs Green at Ashford.
June 1819. telling of a storm in which hailstones measured 4ins circumference.
Nov 1819. telling of an epileptic fit of Walter Pateshall.
Aug 1818. describing a holiday in Paris and the cloths worn by the gentlemen and the glories and vastness of the gardens of the Thuillories (sic)
Dec 1824. Saying the snow is the deepest she has known before.
Jan 1825. Saying there is great distress in the neighbourhood because of the failure of a Prodgers' Bank.
Aug 1825. Mentioning the great heat and drought causing Bristol Docks to lack water thus treatening plague.
April 1826. Saying that Mr Matthews had sold Belmont House with 180 acres to Dr Prosser Archdeacon of Durham for £30,000
June 1826. Giving an account of the election and treatment of voters in Hereford.
May 1827. Making reference to "new fashioned medicines" being the cause of Mr Pateshall's illness. Also referring to frequent attacks of paralysis among the Lechmeres and Pateshalls.
April 1828. Mentioning an inquest on persons killed in the Brunswick Theatre.
Aug 1828. Giving an account of a holiday on the continent and telling of meeting all their friends there.
Frequent mention of Dr Darwin and telling Mrs Green to take his advice

[no title]  A95/V/G/233  1786

A letter from Edmund Pateshall to Dr Green of Ashford concerning a horse bought from Dr. Green

[no title]  A95/V/G/234  1800

An inventory of the livestock, household goods furniture, china, linen and effects of the late Capt Green of Ashford, taken on 17th September 1800 by Messrs Browne & Jones Auctioneers in account with Jonathan & Mary Green.

[no title]  A95/V/G/235-251  nd

Bundle of letters mainly social, invitations and thanks etc., also requests for references for servants.

WILLIAM PATESHALL 1779-1832.  [no ref. or date]

(Solicitor, Town Clerk, Coroner etc.,) Second son of Edmund Lechmere Pateshall. Married Aug. 1813, Elizabeth, only dau. of Michael Cheese of Calcutta. A dau. Ann Elizabeth (Annabet) was born 1815

Personal papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/1-15  1793 - 1828

15 letters

1793. From his mother to him at school at Dr Morris Chiswick, telling of the death of his horse "Sqirell"
1803. From his brother Nicholas saying that they have taken more convicts aboard making the number 320 besides 43 women; also copy of a letter to Nicholas from William Cornwallis saying he is unable to further N's promotion, but is certain he is worthy of it.
1828. Notice of a meeting of the subscribers to the Hereford Mail coach to be held at the Shirehall.
Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Hereford Pitt Club to be held at the City Arms Hotel on 5th Sept. 1828.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/16-63  c1831

48 letters

The majority of the letters from Sir John Geers Cotterell some merely social others concerning a pending payment of mortgage to a Mr Hinchman by Sir John. 17th May a notice of the Turnpike Dinner to be held. Various papers and accounts concerning a case Collins v Phillips.
From Chas G. Jones concerning the administration of the Wellington Estate, to which the Lechmere family are apparently entitled but which seems to be in the possession of a Miss Jones.
From Robert Hathway saying that Mr Vizard is concerned that an advertisement for the Wessington Estate has not appeared in the papers.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/64-72  1819-32

Various Accounts.
1819-20. Bill from Thos Gwillym to W.P. for various repairs and furnishings for £328.14
1821. W.P. in account with Thos Gwillyn also with Mrs Link and her trustee respecting the purchase of Mrs Links late house in St Owen Street.
1823. Account. W.P. to the estate of the late Thomas Gwillym.
1823 & 1827. W.P. in account with Mrs Packwood executrix as above.
1825. W.P. in account with John Hatton - Glover
1831. W.P. in account with Mr Bosley.
1832. The representatives of the late W.P. in account with Sir John Geers Cotterell.
1829. Thomas A. Pateshall in account with W.P.
1831. Copy Bond. W.P. to James Dean for Mortgage for £500 with interest.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/73  1826

Letter. Florence
To Mrs William Pateshall, Bridge Street, Hereford from her Aunt Jane H Annesley, about the drop in her income wich has forced her to live abroad.
They have let their home, Parbrook Cottage, but hope one day to be able to afford to live there again themselves.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/74-82  1830

9 letters

Bundle of letters to W.P. from Sir John Geers Cotterell concerning the asquisition of properties and other legal matters. Some merely social.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/83-88  1823

3 items

Letters and papers etc.
To W.P. from Greyhurst Harvey and Co, London, concerning the cup they are to make to be presented to Tom Spring by the gentlemen of the county.
List of subscribers to the "Spring Cup" totalling £44.12.1 and a bill for the cup, with receipt, for £56.10.0d

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/89  1830-1831

List of subscribers to the Herefordshire Hounds.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/90-95  1829 - 1830

1829. Letter from E.B.P. anxious to get rid of a mare, "if any man will give him 60 guineas he may have her".
Enclosed is her pedigree.
1830. Letter to W.P. enclosing a subscription for the "poor unfortunate hounds".
June 1831. Certificate of pedigree of a bay gelding Letter from brother Nicholas, he has bought a gig from Canon Matthews for 20 Guineas, which he considers an excellent bargain.
Feb 1830. Letter from William Hopton, Kemerton Court concerning the "malignity practiced against W.P." and the "devilish attempt to take away his good character".
Letter from Ben. Bodenham enclosing tickets for the anniversary festival of the Herefordshire Society.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/96-97  1829

3 Shareholders tickets (no's 150.151.152) in the Hereford Railway, and Notice of Meeting. (Note. Railway then only a tramway.)

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/98-99  1831

List of Hounds with "W.P's list of the Herefordshire Hounds" written on the back.
1833 Booklet with names of the hounds and their parentage.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/100  1796-1797

William Pateshalls account with Mr Edward Pellew.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/101-120  1814-1825; 1817-1823

State Lottery tickets covering period's

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/121-130  1821 - 1830

W.P's Diaries.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/a/131

Packet of accounts and receipts.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/a/132

Valuation of property of the late William Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/V/W/a/133  1802

List of the Poll. County of Hereford.
General Election.

SOLICITORS PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Romilly Family Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/1  Aug 1815

Copy will and five codicils of Sir Samuel Romilly

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/2-6  1748 - 1821

Abstract of title to an estate of William Rommily called Glascominge, reciting deeds 1782-1808, to the Knwch and Daryllan Farms, reciting deeds, 1748-1809, 1757-1810 and 1815-1821.
List of aforementioned estates and note of person from whom purchased, also price and acreage.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/7-8  17 June 1826

Copy of Mr Bird's opinion concerning a mortgage of aforementioned properties by Romilly to Milford, and explanation of alteration in the draft Mortgage. Also copy of Answer to Mr Bird's opinion.

Gwillym Family Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/9-10  nd

Deeds and papers relating to settlement of the personal estate of John Ellidge.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/11  nd

Disclaimer of Benjamin Palmer of all lands etc., left to him in Will of Thomas Gwillym.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/12  1825

Draft articles of Agreement, between Thos Gwillym and Jos. Payne with Catherine Smith, re property in Bye Street, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/13  1825

A seat or Pew in St. Peter's church to be bought by Evan Bound from Smith

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/14  1822

Draft appointment and release, Wm. Pateshall to Thos. Gwillym, dwelling house and garden in the parish of St Peters, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/15  1814

Copy will of Thos. Gwillym

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/16  1817 and 1818

Copy draft wills of Thos. Gwillym, (with note "not executed" on front).

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/17  1814

Copy of case concerning alterations made on the will, and validity of the will.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/18-19  1825

Probate of the will granted at Canterbury, with Mr.C. Pepys' opinion.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/20-22  nd

Other papers all concerning Gwillym's will

Eckley papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/23  1734-1785

Abstract of title of Thomas Cook to premises in Breinton, reciting deeds

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/24  nd

Draft of Bond for securing £4,000 and interest John Eckley to John Russell.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/25-27  1817

Draft delivered to Mr. Cooke with Mortgage for securing £4,000 and interest. Draft abstract of Title of Rev. Eckley to an Estate called The Hill in Credenhill.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/28  1818

Draft, conveyance, a piece of land in the parish of Credenhill

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/29  1818

Draft Abstract of Title, Rev. John Eckley to Manor and Rectory of Credenhill and several estates and premises in Credenhill and Brinsop.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/30  nd

Cash Account Book - Wm Pateshall in account with Mrs Eleanor Eckley.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/33  1821

(1) John Smith the elder and John Smith his son, of Bishopstone.
(2) Sir John Geers Cotterell of Garnons.
Piece of land, part of a highway to Mansel Lacy lately stripped up and sold to the first parties by the Surveyor of the Highways and Others.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/34  ND

Draft Assignment
Of 2 terms at 900 years and at 999 years of premises in the parishes of Monkland and Stretford by Mr William Taylor to Sir John G. Cotterell as a collateral security to Messrs Pateshall and Williams.

Parry Family Papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/35  1787

Draft Release in Fee
(1) Joseph Sabine and his wife Sarah, now of Dublin, late of Kenchester.
(2) William Parry and E.W. Shepheard trustee to Parry.
Conveyed by (1) to (2) a messuage and lands etc (specified) in Kenchester. With note by Thos. Brewster and in his own hand, that he approves of draft on behalf of his client Mr Sabine.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/36-41  c 1807

Correspondence including:
Letter from S. Darke, Solicitor in Princes St, Bedford Row, to W.P. enclosing 3 writs commanding that case of goods and chattles of Wm.Parry and money awarded to him by court, due to him from Thos Jackson be brought before the court on the day after Asension day 1807. Letter from Wm.Parry to W.P. enclosing a letter to Parry from Darke, informing him of the time of hearing.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/42  1808

Draft lease of dwelling house and lands (specified) in Lugwardine by Wm.Parry to Jas.Symonds.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/43  1808

Lease of cottage in Kenchester for 99 years or life of tenant, by John Hardwick to Richard Lewis.
Note by W.P. that lease left with him for benefit of both parties.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/44-45  1809

2 Copies of articles of agreement between Wm Parry and John Hardwick to enter into a case concerning legal ownership of cottage etc, in Kenchester.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/46-49  nd

Case of John Doe, tenant of Wm Parry in premises above, when ejected by Richard Roe, with letter from Richard Roe to Richard Lewis saying he is informed that he R.L. is in possession of title (or claims it)of aforesaid premises. 2nd copy with letter from R.R. to an Edwward Daw to same effect as that to R.L.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/50-52  nd

Briefs for prosecution in case Parry v Hardwick, both drafts giving history of descent of property to Wm. Parry.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/53-54  1809

Letter from Mr Darke asking how much W.P. was paid for attending Parry in the case, agreement and ejectment. Draft of W.P's bill to Parry

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/55  1810

Copy of the case of Parry v Hardwick asking for Mr John Williams of Serjeans Inn to give his opinion on the case, since both parties had agreed to abide to Williams' opinion, which was that Mr Parry was entitled to a moiety of the lands in question and that Parry and Hardwick joint owners of the manor of Kenchester should issue a joint lease to Lewis the tenant in possession.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/56  nd & 1810

Agreement of Thos Lee, carpenter to make 3 gates for Mr Parry together with Lee's Bill.
Writ 1810 served to Thomas Lee to appear before the Kings Bench.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/57  1810

Letter from Mr B.C. Williams saying that Richard Lewis should have been included in the agreement but that W.P. should continue in proceedings of ejectment against aforesaid Richd.Lewis.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/58  1810

Receipt acknowledging payment £15.16.6 by Mr Parry for ejectment proceedings and the opinion of Mr. Williams

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/59  nd

Letter from W.P. to John Hardwick telling him that Mr Parry has paid his bill and asking J.H. to pay his bill.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/60-61  1810

Brief for lessor of plaintiff. Case Parry v Hardwick, since Hardwick maintains Parry has no claim to a cottage etc. 1 copy with opinion of Mr Puller which says that he thinks notice to quit should have been given to defendant before ejectment proceedings were entered into. With postscript advising W.P. that Mr Parry must give notice to quit then enter into new ejectment proceedings. (1 copy without opinion)

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/b/62

Brief for plaintiff with copy articles of agreement between Parry & Hardwick, entered into 1809 before mentioned. Memorandum of case to be held in King's Court; Parry v Hardwick

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/63  nd

Letter from S. Darke with copy of ejectment, saying defendant has not yet pleaded.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/64-67  nd


Decree to hold assizes to try case of Doe in demise of Parry (Plaintiff) and Richard Lewis (Defendant) and (tenant) in a plea of trespass and ejectment; with 3 copies (paper).

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/68-69  nd

Letters from S. Darke saying it must be proved that agreement was made between Parry and Hardwick to decide by the opinion of Serjeant John Williams; the case being drawn up and approved by W.P. and Mr James on behalf of their clients.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/70-71  nd

Letter from C.B. Williams to Mr Parry enclosing a draft brief for prosecution and draft articles of agreement between Parry and Hardwick.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/72  nd

Admittance by W.P. that Richard Lewis is in possession of property under dispute.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/73  1811

Letter from Thos. Harvey on behalf of Parry asking W.P. to settle the business without delay since the title has been approved.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/74  1811

Copy arbitration bond of John Hardwick to William Parry in £100 if John Kedward arbitrator should award any part or whole of property in dispute to William Parry

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/75  1811

Abstract of facts of case Parry v Hardwick to be reopened to John Kedward

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/76  1811

Letter from S. Darke with copy of case Savager v Parry, not having paid sum of money due to Savager, and saying notice of trial has been issued; also advising W.P. that it would be best to discontinue case Doe d, Parry v Lewis. Copy of case above.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/77  1810

Admittance of John James that William Parry is seised in the fee simple and in one undivided moiety of Manor of Kenchester and that cottage etc in question are in manor of Kenchester.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/78  1816

Notice - copy to Mr Hardwick, that Mr Parry has paid case of ejectment against Richard Lewis and that if Mr Hardwick does not remit to Parry W.P. will sue J.H. for recovery.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/79  1803

Memorandum of agreement between Thomas Barnard esq., and W, Parry esq, to let a cottage etc on the high road in the parish of Kenchester to Richard Lewis for 5/- yearly rent.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/80  nd

Letter from Wm Johnson to Wm. Parry saying that Richard Lewis asked him to grant him a lease some years ago.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/81  nd

Note to call Mr Johnson to prove that the draft of an agreement for lease from Barnard and Parry to Lewis, lain before Mr Sgt Williams with case, was drawn by him.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/82  June 1810

Letter to Wm Parry from B.C. Williams. stating "this is a singular case, but I have given you the best advice in my po wer, being very anxious that you should punish this obstinate man Hardwick, and perhaps also his obstinate tenant Mr Lewis.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/83  nd

Order for payment of costs. Parry v Hardwick.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/84  nd

Complaint by James Savager against Wm. Parry for debt in the sum of £50, for repair and cleaning of 'Filthy Roads and Highways

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/85  nd

Letter from William Parry in which he states Johnson told him that Lewis had applied to him (Johnson) for a lease.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/86  nd

Letter from Wm Parry to Pateshall, saying he has looked into every paper in his possession for the agreement drawn by Mr Johnson. "I quite recollect it being sent to you"

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/87  nd

Letter from Wm Parry, he had heard from Wm(?) on the subject of the business with Hardwick.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/88  1824

Suit in Chancery, case arising from will of late Thomas Elliott.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/89  nd

Abstract of title to messuage called Gurneys Oak, in Buckenhill, Woolhope, property of Messrs Richard and John Beavan. Reciting deeds 1684 - 1824.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/90  1820

Allensmore. Draft Bargain and sale.
(1) Richard Mattey of Allensmore, Blacksmith
(2) James Mattey son of said Richard, also Blacksmith Personal property (specified) blacksmiths tools and certain household furnishings for sum of £27.16.0 by (1) to (2)

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/91  1820

Draft Appointment and Release
Jos. Thomas, coachmaker to William Pateshall.
Piece of land called Green Town Ditch in the parish of St Nicholas.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/92 - 94  1818

Letters informing Wm.Pateshall of Sir Geo. Cornewall's intension to withdraw from election.
Copy letter from Sir Geo. Cornewall to Sir John Geers Cotterell wishing him well in his campaign.
Draft circular from Sir J. Geers Cotterell to the people thanking them for voting for him.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/95 -122  1818

Bundle of receipts and bill of W.P. to Mr Chas Wetherall for attending C.W. in his canvas of the city and also of Leominster - receipts etc of money paid out for liquor etc.
Various other accounts.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/123  1815

Probate copy will of Joanna Whitmore

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/124 - 134  1822

Draft Will of Rachael Whitmore.
Correspondence and 2 copies of the probate of will of Mrs Joanna Whitmore.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/135 - 143  1822 - 1923

Edmund Pateshall and John Goode.
Goode is to pay Edmund for wheat sold from the Green Farm.
To John Goode, unless he pays his rent arrears the house which he occupies will be sold, April 1822 and Mr Goode's claim of reductions from rent.
Letter from Mr Whitcombe undertaking to pay E.P. for wheat sold by Goode from Pateshall's Green Farm, Correspondence. 1822
Notice of Distress for rent with memorandum to hold and dispose of effects.
Notice 1923 that John Goode's case for discharge from Kings Bench Prison is to be held and anyone opposing his discharge should attend the court.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/144  1827

Instructions for foreclosure bill concerning Isaac Price, Timber Merchant.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/145  1825

Notice. Draft of John Griffiths to Thomas Davies to quit his property. (specified)

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/146  1814

Case between Samuel Peploe, plaintiff and Richard Wheeler, Thomas Bull and John Badland, defendants.
Writ summoning 3 defendants to appear at court, with affidavit of Martha Rogers that she served a true copy of the writ to Thomas Bull.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/147-148  1812-1818

Draft Abstract of title. Mr John Price and wife, Preston on Wye.
With this. Covenant with W.P. (lands in Madley)

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/149-156  1818

Buckland Estate.
Draft Abstract of Title of Buckland Estate situate in the parish of Docklow.
Schedule of Deeds.
List of Deeds, copies and like, delivered with Mortgage to Messrs, Jay and Jones.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/157-158  1st May 1714

Deed to declare the uses of a Fine.
(1) Thomas Cornwall
(2) Edward Franks
(3) William Vaux.
(1) Bond. Cornwall to Franks & Vaux in £1400 for payment of £742
(2) Final Concord.
Thomas Cornwall and Mary his wife. Plaintiffs Chas Waldron & Hannah his wife. Defendants Upper Buckland Estate and Title
Now. Fine is declared to be to use of Franks and Vaux.
Agreement. 10 July 1714. Reciting Deeds as above.
Now it is agreed that the name of Franks and Vaux were used in above deeds in trust for Joseph Griffin.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/159-161  1814

3 copies

Handbill for the sale of Timber by Auction at Red Lion Inn, Leominster. 25th November 1814.
Conditions of sale of several lots of Timber described in Handbill above and growing upon Estates in the parish of Docklow, in the respective occupations of Mr Edward Callow & Mr James Beaumont.
Particulars of Timber at Docklow with valuation written on the back of Handbill of sale. November 1814.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/162-166  1814

Conditions of sale and Handbill for the sale of "Capital Naval Timber" to be sold by Auction on 17th Feb 1815, and growing upon Estates in the parishes of Pudleston, Docklow and Eardisley. Also draft advertisement of sale. Mr Maund's Valuation of Timber on Estates as above. Dansey and Pateshall. Instructions for partition of Estates Timber. Calculation of value of Timber at Docklow & Welson. Letter to Mr Edmund Pateshall from D.R. Dancey requesting him to advertise the timber in the Hereford paper, "As it is necessary that someone should attend the sale, if you think your brother William would undertake it, will you be good enough to speak to him. Maund's Valuation of the Oak. March, April 1814.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/167-169  nd

Letter from Richard Dansey to E.B. Pateshall strongly recommending he should "accept Mr Brockleys offer for the timber as it is even more than Maunds' valuation.
Letter from E.B.P. to W.P. "I enclose you Dansey's letter respecting the timber, of course you will keep secret the valuation, for if it becomes known there will be no bidders at the Auction."
E.B.P. to W.P. You will see Maund at Leominster who will tell you Dansey's wishes about the timber price in which I shall concur or Winton may know them.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/170-171  nd

Receipts for Barley for Faizents in the straw.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/172  nd

Writ to the Sheriff for the arrest of James Cormick and Job Doe - to answer a plea of trespass to EBP.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/173  Feb 1815

Draft Mortgage.
(1) Edmund Pateshall
(2) Susanna Bourne.
Lands in Much Dewchurch as previously conveyed to E.B.P by Governors of Guys Hospital

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/174  Feb 1815

Draft Assignment.
(1) Edmund Eckley of Tillington Court
(2) Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore and Susanna Bourne of Hereford City
(3) Samuel Carless of Hereford City.
Of a term of 1000 years by way of a further security

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/175-176  1805

(1) Chas.Lincoln of Leadenhall St. London. Optitian
(2) John Higford Griffiths of Broadway, Worcs & others
(3) John Husbands of Marden.
Lands in Sutton St Michael & Nicholas, and in Marden.
Schedule of Deeds 1743-1770.
With the deed: papers relating to transfer of the properties to Unett.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/177  26 July 1817

(1) Richard Prince of Bullingham. gent
(2) Francis Havard of Hereford. gent
Stable with dog kennell & building belonging, in Maylord's Lane, St Peters, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/178  nd

Office Copy will of Annastatia Blyke, spinster. Proved 1777

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/179  nd

Copy Will of Elizabeth Racster, spinster. Proved 1806.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/180  c 1823

Draft Will of Joseph Wainwright, gent of Holmer. Proved 1823

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/181-184  nd

Copy Will of John Gilbert of Craswell, yeoman David Gilbert & Blanch Price executors.
Letter from Blanch Powell saying she is not agreeable to a contract made between her husband & Mr Gwilliam.
Letter to W.P. from Wm. Gwilliam re Watkins debts. 1827 booklet with diagrams of land measured field by field, for Mr John Powell. (husband of Blanch)

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/185  c 1827

Copy Will and Codicils of Mrs Ariana Leigh, of St Owen St, Hereford. Proved 13th January 1827.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/186  21 July 1819

Copy Will of Francis Watkins Weaver, of Hereford City, gent

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/187-191  17th - 18th Century

Copy Will of Sarah Davies, Widow, of St Peter, Hereford. Draft 1825. Abstract of Title of Messrs Gwilliam and Payne devisees in trust, named in the will of the late Sarah Davies to 3 messuages, gardens and appurtenances in Bye Street: reciting deeds 1776-1819.
Conditions of sale of 3 Messuages in Bye Street, property of late Sarah Davies. also agreement of Evan Bound to purchase a seat or pew in St Peters Church at present used by Catherine Smith and the Misses Warwicks.
Draft Release in Fee. 1797.
(1) Geo Blyke Esq., of the City of Hereford, Master & Commander in H.M. Navy.
(2) John Davis, gent.
3 Messuages etc., in Bye Street: with note that no mention of a pew in St Peter's church, belonging to any of the houses is mentioned in the draft.
Draft abstract of title of Geo. Blyke esq., to three messuages etc., in Bye Street, reciting Deeds 1776-1789.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/192  1826

Abstract of title of devisees in trust names in the will of late James Watkins, to seven ninth undivided shares in Castle Mill with messuage and tenements belonging to them in St Owen's and parcel of leasehold ground adjoining the Mill Pond: reciting deeds 1723-1823, including attested copy will of Samuel Grainger (1790.)
Also, Draft 1826, Abstract of title of devises in trust of late James Watkins to 4 freehold tenements and gardens at Blackmarston in St Martins, reciting deeds 1774-1806

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/193  1824

Draft Abstract of Title.
Of Mr John Hatton to premises situated at Burcott Row and Capuchin Lane: reciting deeds 1781-1824 also 1791-1821. On the front, copy of the valuation of Mr. Newells property in Widemarsh.
With copy of above.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/194-196  19th Century

4 copies

Norton Canon. Draft Abstract of title of Mr Thos Ferrer to Messuage, garden and premises in Norton Canon, in mortgage to late Mr James Williams for £400 with interest: reciting deeds 1733-1812.
With printed posters advertising the sale of the above mentioned property to be sold in 4 lots.
Also: conditions of sale of property

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/197-199  c 1820

Tillington in Burghill.
Abstract of title of James Smith to Messuage, orchards lands and tithes: reciting deeds 1702-1816
With Articles of Agreement 1820 between (1) Jas.Smith and (2) Rev. John Eskley of Credenhill concerning the purchase of above property by 2nd party of the first party.
Also. Conditions of Sale 1819 to above property.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/200  19th Century

Draft. Abstract of title of Mr James Allen to messuage and premises in St Owen Street; reciting deeds 1777-1813

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/201-202  1821

Draft Marriage Settlement
Assignment of £1000 and £80 stock. By Miss Lucy Thomas on her marriage to Henry Probert, Surgeon. Her trustees to use such monies as directed in will of the late Mrs Elizabeth Thomas.
Also. Draft 1823. Appointment by Mrs Lucy Probert of £1000 3% consolididated stock by virtue of power contained in the marriage settlement.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/203-205  1811

Marriage Settlement on the marriage of Mr James Morgan with Miss Lydia Badham. Also some associated papers.

Dorstone  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/206  1820

Copy & Draft Release & Conveyance in Trust.
(1) Isabella Hughes spin.of Glasbury & John Williams of Llandilo Graben Esq.
(2) Rev. Thos Prosser & Trustee
Piece of land known as the Broome or Broomy Close, Dorstone and other lands (specified) from 1st party to 2nd party.

Marden  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/207  1811

Feoffment and assignment of rent and personal estate.
(1) Mrs Elizabeth Serjeant of Bodenham
(2) Thos. Nicholls of Leominster
Messuage, land, livestock (specified) in Marden by (1) to (2) in trust for use of (2)

Clehonger  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/208-211  1816

Draft Release
(1) James Thomas of Clehonger. Yeo.
(2) James Thomas (the Younger) of Clehonger
(3) John Chapman of Madley. Yeo, Piece of garden ground and dwelling house, and a piece of ground on Gorsty Common, with appurtenances to 3rd party from 1st and 2nd parties.
With draft abstract of title of land above mentioned. reciting deeds 1772-1795.
Also note of cash paid by John Chapman to James Thomas on account of purchase money.
Also bill of Wm. Pateshall's fees for advising John Chapman.

St Margarets  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/212  1822

Draft Release
(1) Michael Wigley, of Hereford City. Yeoman.
(2) Richard Powell, of St Margarets, Innholder.
(3) Sir Hungerford Hoskyns & Trustee.
Messuage, tenements and lands (specified) with appurtenances in the parish of St Margarets.

Lugwardine  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/213-217  1822 - 1823

Draft. 1822. Release of Freehold converted to surrender copyhold.
(1) Benjamin Wainwright of Hereford Hereford, Land Surveyor & Maltster.
(2) John Williams Esq of Lugwardine Land (specified) several pieces in aforesaid parish. (1) to (2).
Articles of Agreement entered into by parties above mentioned for John Williams to purchase of Benjamin Wainwright the lands above mentioned.
Advertisement for the sale of lands in possession of Richard Pritchard at Lugwardine. 1823.
Draft 1823. Release in Fee. (1) Richard Pritchard and wife
(2) John Williams Esq.
To messuage and premises (specified) as advertised above from 1st party to 2nd. In same transaction:
(1) Theophilus Hulm, Hereford City. cordwainer & wife.
(2) Rev. John Hopton.
Assignment of 1000 years term in trust to attend inheritance from 1st party to 2nd.
Draft 1822. Conveyance to use etc.
(1) John Williams & Benjamin Wainwright.
(2) Abraham Wainwright & Charles Bodenham.
A piece of meadow known as Wilcroft meadow in Lugwardine by 1st parties to 2nd parties

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/218-222  1824

Draft. Mortgage.
(1) Francis Hull Farmer of Monkland
(2) William Hull (father of aforesaid Francis)
(3) William Pateshall of Hereford
(4) James Williams of Chelsfield, Kent, Clerk. Several pieces of land with appurtenances in the parishes of Monkland, Eardisland, Stretford; by (1) & (2) to (3) & (4).
Draft. Mortgage of freehold & copyhold Estates.
Instructions for Mortgage of lands afore mentioned.
Reference from a map of Mosshill Estate. 1 mentioned in mortgage.
Extract from title of Francis Hull to 1 freehold and 2 copyhold pieces of land in parish of Monkland, reciting 3 deeds 1814.
Extract of title of Mr Richard Hull to premises called Mosshill and premises in Kingsland reciting deeds 1891-1806.

Kinnersley & Letton.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/223  1825

Draft Release and Assignment.
(1) John Lewis of Ayley in Kinnersley, gent
(2) Richard Parkinson, Hereford City, esq.
Piece of land known as Barley piece in Letton also that known as the Rich Plock next to it with two cottages. Also piece of land known as Froggalls in Kinnersley with all houses, outhouses etc, timber etc, watercourses hedges etc, hereditaments and appurtenances rents etc to 2nd party from 1st. (2 copies 1st purchase. 2 copies 2nd purchase).

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/224-225  1819

Assignment of a term of 1000 years by Mr Chas Lucy Surgeon & Mr Wm. James Merchant to Wm Pateshall and Trustee (Rev. John Eckley)
Also Draft 1819. Release of house and premises in Bridge Street, Hereford.
(1) Chas. Lucy. (2) Wm. Pateshall. (3) Philip Jones of Sugwas. by the 1st party to 2nd & 3rd party.

Arkstone Estate, Kingstone.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/226-229  1826

4 items

1826. Memorandum of an agreement between John Perry of Hereford and John Parry of Worcester to a Mortgage in fee. Jno.Perry by Jno.Parry to secure £650 with interest.
1826. Guarantee of Jno Parry to pay Messrs Garrett and Ellaway £200.
1826. Admittance of Jno Parry that he has placed the deeds relating to Arkstone Estate in the possession of Wm.P. solicitor for Garrett & Ellaway.
(Printed) 1826 description and advertisement of the Arkstone Estate to be sold by Private Arrangement.

Wilbrooke Estate, Peterchurch.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/230-232  nd

3 items

Correspondence and notes concerning the Wilbrook Estate, also conditions of sale of the Estate to be sold by Auction at the Greyhound Inn, Hereford.

Wilbrook Estate.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/233  1820

(1) John Williams of the Screen in the parish of Llandilo Graban
(2) John Eckley of Credenhill, Clerk and Bridget Ann Paupendick, Widow.
In bond to Thos. Prosser of Dorstone Clerk, for the quiet enjoyment, free from incumbrances of certain lands purchased by him, part of the Wilbrook Estate.

Upper Wilbrook Estate.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/234-240  July 1824

37 copies printed

Particulars of the Estate.
Draft of conditions of sale. 1.Mss.2 printed.
Copy of draft conditions with poster of particulars. 3 Mss copies of conditions of sale.
(Printed) conditions with Mss description of property Note to Auctioneer Wm. James that any bidding by writer is made on behalf of vendor.
7 Posters of advertisement of sale.
[N.B.] Estate is in Peterchurch, Dorstone & Vowchurch.

Breinton.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/241  1822

Printed. Sale Particulars of Freehold Copyhold and Leasehold Estates and Premises in the parish of Breinton (except for one lot in Stretton Sugwas): to be sold by Auction at the City Arms Hotel.

Hereford  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/242  Copy 1825

Conditions of sale of leasehold estate outside St Owens Gate. Auctioned at "Coach and Horses" Inn, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/243  1820

Sale account of goods sold belonging to Elona Thomas

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/244-245  1826

Related information: see C38/

Matthews Family of Belmont.
Abstract (extract) Deed of Exchange between John Matthews and George William of lands in Grafton. 1819
Draft conveyance to the Rev. Dr. Richard Prosser.
Manor of Old Hill, capital Manor house of Belmont and lands in Clehonger.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/246  November 1827 - August 1818

Account sheets of various clients of W.P.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/247  nd

Undated account sheet of various clients of W.P.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/248  1804

Admission of Wm. Pateshall as Attorney of the Kings Bench Division.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/249  1806

3 copies

Warrent to Wm Pateshall as Commissioner of Oaths in the counties of Hereford, Worcs. Monmouth. Salop and Brecon.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/250  26.10.1822; nd

Sir Hungerford Hoskyns Bart. to Mr Wm. Pateshall.
To sit and act as Suitor or Bencher at the County Court.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/251  1830,

Schedule, of books handed by W.P. to Mr Ball to eneble him to draw up an office account during the time he was clerk to Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/252-253  nd

Letter to W.P. from K.E. Dansey requesting settlement of his legacy from his father, and copy of W.P's reply

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/254-256  1830

Proposal of E.B.P to D.R. Dansey that the timber fit for felling on Mrs Dansey & Mrs Burnham Pateshall's estates should be individually valued and the proceeds divided between them. August 1830.
1830. Account of the timber upon the above estates.
1830. Account of timber standing on the different farms belonging to E.B. Pateshall in the parish of Docklow.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/257-260  1830 - 1831

Letter 1831, from G.G. Cooke, refusing to agree to E.B.P's proposition that he, Pateshall be allowed to pay for his proportion and interest on Mrs Green's bond, and Pateshall's letter.
Letter, 1831 from C.G. Cooke asking for the interest due to him on Mrs Green's bond, & similar letter 1830

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/261-268  1829 - 1831

Letter to Pateshall from Dansey relating to a hunting appointment.
Letter to W.P. from his brother in law Thos Williams about the letting of a house, with footnote from his niece Martha referring to the fishing at Tenby.
Note from John Jones & Thos Fox to Wm Pateshall for £23.1.5d dated 3 August 1829.
Letter from W. Bellamy Nov. 1830 re Lord Hotham, "you have proved his Lordship to have made aspertions which he could not maintain".
Letter from G. Lloyd to Wm Pateshall Dec 1830, re Ingrams Executorship, Masseys Estate.
Letter 1830 from Richard Sill, stating that "Matthews Bail Bond is forfeited".
Letter from Thomas A. Pateshall June 1831, "favour me with your opinion of Attree's affairs, as I am totally ignorant of his property.
Letter to Wm. Pateshall from Eleanor Walker re investments.

BRINSOP ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/269-285  19th Century

Richard Dansey to John Stephens.
Draft Lease of the Court of Brinsop Estate. 1808.
Valuation of Brinsop Estate. 1815.
Lands proposed to be sold from Brinsop Estate. [undated] Memorandum signed by D.R. Dansey giving instructions for the "Little Cyder Mill" to be converted into two cottages for workmen.
Memo dated January 1816, agreeing to rent Brinsop Court Farm to Mr Thomas Beaumont for £760.p.a. and asking W.P. to draw up a lease.
Letter to W.P. re above. Jan 1816
Letter to W.P. from Samuel Peploe requesting sale particulars of Brinsop Court Estate also selling price, on behalf of a friend of his.
Letter from Richard Dansey re Mr Peploe's application and to inform W.P. the selling price is £45.000
Copy of W.P.'s letter to Mr Peploe informing him of the selling price.
Mr D.R. Dansey wishes to know if Mr Peploe is likely to become the purchaser of the estate.
Mr Billinger declines purchasing the Brinsop Estate
Mr Humphreys opinion on Mr Dansey's title to the Brinsop estate. 20th March 1818.
Mr Humphreys further opinion on Mr Danseys title. Aug 1819.
Mr Humphreys, opinion and observations thereon, sent to Messrs Bleasdale & Co. December 1819.
Mr Johnsons bill of costs for Limited Administration on Abstract of Title of D.R. Dansey to the Manor of Brinsop. 1820.
Dansey to Ricardo. Mr Beale's separate accourt.
Ricardo to Dansey. Letter to Mr Anderson directing him to go to Brighton to get Deed executed by Mr. Charlton.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/286  1828

Jenner & Dansey. Certificate of Taxation.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/287  31st March 1813

Copy will of Richard Dansey Esq of Easton, Little Hereford dated Directing that all his debts and funeral expenses are paid. To his wife Emma Dansey, to be paid half yearly the full sum of £300 a year during the term of her natural life, and £100 in money to be paid to her as soon as convenient after his death, over and above the £300. To his four sons, William, Edward. Collins. George Henry and John Dansey, the full sum of £24.000 to be equally divided in shares of £6.000 each to be paid when they are 21 and in case of the death of either, his share to go to the survivors except his son John and he is not to be paid until he is 25. The Interest at £5 per cent per annum to be paid to each of them from the day of his death. To Katherine Harper of Bleathwood Common, all those houses, lands and premises in the occupation of Edward Oseland, situate at Bleathwood Common in the parish of Little Hereford, during the term of her natural life or until her marriage, and afterwards to go to his eldest son Dansey Richard Dansey and his heirs. To Edward Harper the son of said Katherine Harper £200 and to Ann and Katherine Harper £100 each to be paid when they are 21 and the interest to be paid from the day of his death to their mother Katherine Harper, if either of them die before age 21 then the legacy or legacies shall merge into the estate and to go to his eldest son.
To Hannah Weaver of Bleathwood Common for her natural life or until her marriage, all those houses and premises with the lands now in the occupation of John Powell and William Yapp. To John Weaver, Henry Weaver and Jubilee Weaver the sum of £200 each and to Elizabeth Weaver £100 all children of the said Hannah Weaver. The interest to be paid to each of them from the day of his death and the principal sum when they reach 21, if either or all should die before, then legacy or legacies to be void and merge with the estate and go to his eldest son.
To John & William Davies, sons of Pheobe Davies of Bleathwood Common £200 each to be paid when they are 21, interest to be paid from the day of his death. If either should die before age 21, then legacy or legacies become void and go to his eldest son.
To Thomas Penny, Blacksmith, 20 guineas to be paid immediately after his death, he may also hold the house and lands at same rents as he now pays for the rest of his life and also two pieces of land called Broomy Yealds in the possession of Mr Benjamin Maund at the same rent or price per acre that Benjamin Maund pays.
As all his Little Hereford and Salop Estates were given up to Rev. Joseph Carbett Archdeacon, and Rev. James Ingram for the payment of debts, if the trustees choose to sell those premises so given and leased by him, in such case he gives to Katherine Harper for life or until her marriage all premises purchased from Christopher Temple and to Hannah Weaver for her life or until she marries, all those premises purchased from Mr Walter Wall and all premises situate at Dirty Middleton in the parish of Little Hereford, and charge the sums of money due upon mortgage of these premises to Mr Forester and Mr Dalloway upon all his other estates wherever situate.
He gives and bequeaths to his eldest son Dansey Richard Dansey and his heirs forever, all his estates, lands, houses, coppices, tithes and premises with the Manor of Brinsop and Little Hereford, Ashford Corbonell, Ashford Jones and Huntington, and all stock and personal property whatever to enable him to pay all debts and legacies bequeathed.
He appoints his eldest son Dansey Richard Dansey and William Dansey Executors. If his eldest son should die without issue, all aforesaid manors and estates to his son William Dansey and his heirs and if he should die without issue to his son Edward Collins Dansey and in like case to his son George Henry Dansey and in like case to John Dansey, and in failure of issue from him, all manors and estates before mentioned to go to the eldest surviving son of his sister Mary Johnson and his heirs taking and using the name and arms of Dansey and paying to Mary and Gertrude Dansey daughters of my brother Dansey Dansey the sum of £5000 each.
He wishes to be buried in the parish church of Little Hereford, where Roger Dansey was buried, but if it cannot be done by some other clergyman than the Rev. Chas. Price the present curate of this parish, he wishes his body to be buried at Brinsop in a plain and decent manner

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/288  1821

Mr William Pateshall & his younger brothers and sisters to E.B. Pateshall, of lands bequeathed under the will of Mrs Anne Pateshall

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/289-306  1806

Cash Account
William Pateshall in account with Edmund Pateshall.
List of sums of money paid by Edmund to his mother; and a few other accounts and receipts.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/307-311  nd

5 items

Correspondence etc., concerning a transfer of a copyhold property in Mortlake within the Manor of Wimbledon, from Richard Henry King to Mary Catherine Jane Ann Lechmere in consideration of the sum of £570.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/312  nd

To Mrs Ann Pateshall from Stamp Office. Somerset Place, stating that the duty on her husband's (Edmund Pateshall) will has not yet been paid.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/313-319  19th Century

Price Family.
Promissory Note May 28 1804 of Thomas Bailey, carpenter to pay £24.4.6d giving title deeds of his messuage garden and lands in Much Marcle as security.
Letter Sept. 1811 asking W.P. to get in touch with Bailey's Attorney and procure £32.12.6. from him on behalf of Bailey. £8.8.0. interest being added to nominal sum.
From Thos Nott of Ledbury asking W.P. to persuade his client to be satisfied with the £24.4.6s since Bailey has a friend who can pay that amount but cannot afford the extra £8.8.0d.
From Uvedale Price asking W.P. to lookout some 82 Deeds belonging to his estates at that time in the office of Mr Thos Downes, which he T.D. left in great confusion. With post script asking if W.P. had received money from Bailey.
13th June 1812. Promissory note by Thos Bailey to pay Uvedale Price or bearer £9.12.0d on demand.
From William Hooper of Ross saying he has received abstract made of deed belonging to Thos. Bailey and that he has a client asking willing to pay a mortgage on the property, asking W.P. to send the deed as soon as possible. c1813.
Receipt by Wm. Hooper for deed sent him by W.P. for which he (W.H) gave the sum of £24.4.6. the mortgage of property, also the sum due to W.P.'s client Uvedale Price.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/320-324  1815

Welson. Timber.
Letter to W.P. from Richard Banks, 11 Apl. 1815
"The parties of whom you enquire are not able immediately to pay the sum named"
Copy of letter (12 April 1815) to Mr Lewis, Timber Merchant, Kington, declining to accept the gentleman proposed as surety in the event of the sale of Welson Timber.
Apl. 14.1815. from Edmund P. to W.P. "be very particular about Lewis's Timber securities and dont let him fell any timber".
Letter from G. Bryden offering £8. per ton for timber though it "very much shrouded".
Letter from E.B.P. to W.P. 20 April 1815, stating Dansey & I have made up our minds that the timber at Welson shall not be felled this season if we cant get £1250 for it"

Hereford City  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/325-332  1768 - 1819

Bond. 1768. Robert Tangett to Arnold Russell in £50.
Extract of will of James Holland of the parish of St Nicholas, Hereford. Cabinet Maker. dated 1794.
Abstract of Mr John Hollands title to a messuage and garden in Wyebridge Street, late Miss Tangetts.
Counterpart of Lease 17 November 1795.
(1) Mr John Holland
(2) Miss Colbatch.
Of a house in Wyebridge Street for nine years.
Draft conditions of sale of Mr Hollands houses in Wyebridge Street. Hereford.
Abstract of the title of Mr Charles Lucy to a messuage or tenement and premises situate in Wyebridge Street in the City of Hereford. 1763-1794.
Memorandum respecting the purchase of Mr Lucy's house in Wyebridge Street, Hereford, with inventory of fixtures to be included in the purchase price. January 1819.
Printed Sale particulars of above.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/333  1819

Notice to Mr William Watkins to remove Posts, Chain and a stepping Block from in front of his house in Town Ditch Lane, All Saints parish, since they are cause of annoyance and obstruction to they Highway - James Munsey and Daniel Ridgway. Surveyor.

Staunton on Wye.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/334  1820

Draft Certificate of Justices that certain roads (specified) presented by Sir Geo. Cornewall Bart have been duly repaired.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/335  1824

Minutes of evidence in case of a Mr Warburton against a Mr John Gardiner and his son Richard because of the neglect of payment of a sum of money it appears however that the money was paid.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/336  1827

Notice. to Charles Watts.
That Thomas Bethell, bailiff to Thomas Bryan Esq, is to take in place of £57.15.0. arrears of rent certain cattle, goods, chattels and effects listed in an inventory

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/337  1817

1 items, once attached to others

Depositions of witnesses sworn before the Kings Commissioners in Chancery, Ben. Fallows, W.P. Hny. Allen and J.Owen in the case depending between A.W. Gregory and James Parker plaintiffs and John Williams defendant.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/338  1806

Downes and Pateshall in account with the assignees of the estate of Richard Farr a Bankrupt.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/339  22 Feb 1831

Printed. - E.G.Wright, Broad St. Hereford - Notice of General Sessions to be held at Shirehall 15th March 1831 calling on all those required to attend. issued

Marden  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/340  1819

County Court. Extract from case of plaintiff Geo. Price. against William Sergeant for stealing 3 cows to the value of £100.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/341  1825

Epiphany Sessions
Brief for prosecution against Mary Preece, Quakers Lane, parish of All Saints. for keeping a disorderly house.
(Note. She was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment with hard labour,)

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/342  1827

Michaelmas Sessions
Deposition of witnesses to be used in brief to prosecution against John Lewis for stealing a truss of hay.
(Note. verdict not recorded and jury desired by chairman to reconsider their verdict - verdict returned, not guilty.

Staunton on Wye  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/343-347  nd

The inhabitants presented for not repairing a Common and ancient Highway from Hanmore Cross by the Newhouse Barn to Norton. And some associated correspondence.

Shirehall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/348-349  1821 - 1822

Draft Release. 1821.
(1) Commissioners of Hereford Shirehall Act.
(2) Rev. Jas Johnson & Mr Thos Downes.
Piece of ground adjoining premises & site of new Shirehall by (1) to (2). With copy of draft.
Draft Release 1822.
(1) Commissioners of Hereford Shirehall Act
(2) Thos Gwillym cabinet maker.
Piece of garden ground adjoining premises for new Shirehall, with 2 plans of position of ground specified.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/350-354  1824

Draft. Removal.
Examination of John Prosser, removed from parish of Hope under Dinmore to Byford.
From Jas Stephens of Byford a letter to W.P. asking for order of removal of John Prosser.
Notice to churchwardens of Hope under Dinmore to deliver John Prosser to churchwardens of Byford.
Wm Pateshall's bill-draft for attending Mr Stevens in the removal of John Prosser.
Notice from churchwardens of Hope under Dinmore to churchwardens of Byford that they are willing to take John Prosser back into their parish

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/355-356  1803

1803. Copy petition in matter of William Davies of Hampton Bishop, Miller, dealer and chapman, now bankrupt.
1803. Copy petition in matter of Edward Jones elder and Edward Jones younger of Hereford, Cornfactors, dealers and chapmen, now bankrupt.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/357-361  1825

Draft. 1825 Notice of signing of order by justices for stopping up certain footpaths leading across part of the Portfields.
Draft. 1825 affidavit of William Jones that he served the notices for stopping the above footpath, affixing it to All Saints Church door.
Draft. 1825 affidavit of William Jones that he served notice to Justices to hold a special sessions concerning the footpath.
Brief. 1825 to move to confirm and enroll an order of Justices for stopping footpath mentioned.
Draft. 1825 Order of Justices for stopping up footpath leading over part of the Portfields

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/362-363  1820 - 1822

Draft 1820 Suit in Chancery, between Abia Hill and Mary Frances Evans. Thomas Evans, appointed treasurer of Boothall Friendly society, at death left them a sum of money to be paid out of his wifes legacy. Mary Frances Evans refused to pay the money.
Copy 1822 Report on case of Bird V Evans in which it states reliable persons should be appointed as trustees to a sum of money the right of Thomas Evans, son of the above.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/364-365  1826 - 1827

Trinity Sessions 1826. Deposition of witnesses (copy) taken in evidence against Thomas Rowlenson for stealing a hat (Note he was found guilty and committed to two months imprisonment with hard labour.
Trinity Sessions 1827. Depositions of witnesses to be used in brief for the prosecution against Sarah Hampton principal and James Fletcher accessory after the fact for stealing meat etc from the house of Fowler Price.
(Note not a true bill)

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/366  1807

Bond of Indemnity
Thomas Downes and Wm Pateshall, Griffith Roberts and Elizabeth Holland. for £50 plus interest.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/367  1816

Mayors Court
Abstract from case of ejectment from premises in parish of St Peter, Hereford by John Goodright against George Noright.

Bishopstone & Bridge Sollars.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/368-378  1812 - 1820

Draft 1820 affidavit of W.P. & George Russell his clerk to the effect that they witnessed Sir J.G. Cotterell, Robert Price, Benjamin Biddulph and Edmund Pateshall sign the parchment document authorising the blocking of roads at Bishopstone.
Copy 1820. Brief to move to confirm and enroll order of Justices for diverting turning and stopping up certain highways in the parishes of Bishopstone & Bridge Sollars.
Draft 1820 Notice of Ben.Biddulph and Edm.Pateshall for stopping up of the old roads in aforesaid parishes, the new diversions being proved suitable for travellers.
Copy of above preceedings of Easter Sessions.
Notice 1818 that order for diversion lodged with clerk of peace and that permission was given for above diversions to be made. With measurements of both old and new roads. Two lists.
Extract of road indictments 1812.
Notice 1819 of the inhabitants for the alteration of the roads.
Draft 1829 Consent of landowners for diverting a highway in the parish of Bishopstone.
Draft (1820?) Orders of Justices for diverting highway in the parish of Bishopstone.

BEVAN FAMILY PAPERS.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/379-400  c 1826 - 1833

William Pateshall was one of the executors of James Bevan's will. Papers relating to Bevans who lived in Norfolk Terrace in Hereford city consist of misc receipts and accounts paid by his executors and also:-
Copy (2) release. 11 September 1833. James Bevan to Elizabeth Pateshall, widow. Release of trusts created under the will of the late James Bevan
Mrs E. Pateshall in account with James Bevan, 1833.
Bevan's estate account with the late W. Pateshall 1833 W.P. in account with Mr Benjamin Bevan 1829; Bill of Costs, 1826. The executors of Bevan's estate to W.P.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/401-429  1820 - 1826

29 items

A bundle of letters etc., tied up in a piece of paper on which is written 'Observations on the New Market Accts" and labelled '1820'. Letters dated 1824-1826 all relating to W.P.'s solicitors business.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/430-461  1830 - 1831

Bundle of letters etc., including several tickets for the "Hereford Machine", the majority of the letters are business letters, requests for Legal Aid etc. An order to quit house and premises in St Owen Street, occupied by Miss Mary Bennett. An Order to William Walwyn of Hampton Bishop to appear in court together with a certificate by William Cooke, Minister of Hampton Bishop that Walwyn is too ill to appear.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/462  nd

Solicitors Papers. After death of William Pateshall Mr Henry Bellamy continued to act as solicitor.
Bundle of correspondence mainly addressed to Mr Bellamy, all in connection with the solicitors business.

Thornbury Estate.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/463-468  19th Century

Anne Pateshall.
Correspondence 1808. From James Ingram informing W.P. that through Mr Barnaby he learned that governors of Christs Hospital were going with surveyors to inspect their properties in the neighbourhood of Thornbury - near Ann Pateshalls estate there.
From John Barneby advising W.P. to write to Richard Corpe, Steward of Christs Hospital if he wishes to find what they are going to do with their properties.
From Richard Corpe saying that "it is uncertain what they are going to do with their estates until they have been surveyed.
Memorandum relating to Mrs Pateshall's estate.
Bond 15 January 1810. Ann Pateshall is bound to Robert Pearce, Clerk in £400. (Note in W.P's hand. Pd.11 March 1813.
Opinion of John Hodges, Lincoln's Inn, on the late William Burnham's property at Westington.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/469-474  1816 - 1832

1816. Bond. Mr William Pateshall to Mr James Cooper to receive £200 plus interest.
Notice that W.P. of Hereford is bound in the sum of £40 to appear at Hereford Assizes to prosecute Ester Garstone for felony.
1830 copy of letter from W.P. to Mr Ball sent with "office books"
Receipt dated 1832 for one shilling Quit rent for a house in Wye Bridge Street.
Promisory Note to W.P. for £24.8.4. from D. Patrick.
Letter from J.T. Church re finance 1832.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/475-476  14 March 1809

Mrs A.Pateshall & son for securing £250 & interest.
Copy letter from W.P. re estate at Grendon Bishop to the Bishop of Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/477-480  nd

Agreement for the purchase of property in Craswall. Powell & Gwillim.
Memorandum as to application for purchase money. Powell & Gwillim
Memorandum on deposit of title deeds of above, Powell & Gwillim.
W.P. in account with John Powell.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/481  1825

Letter from W.P. to Mr E. Bulmer re stopping up of certain footpaths leading over the Portfields.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/482  1821

Copy Release. Chas Newall of Hereford City, gent and John Hatton of Hereford City, Glover. of a messuage or dwelling house and premises in Church Street, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/b/483-484  1824-1829

Solicitors Account Books. 1813-1817.


[no title]  A95/V/W/c/1  1826

Francis Henry Thomas. Sheriff.
Money to be paid on Exchequer Writs, including Summons of the Pipe, Estreats of the City and County of Hereford and the Borough of Leominster.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/2  1826

Quit Roll. Francis Henry Thomas. Sheriff.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/3-4  9th and 11th February 1826

Gaol Assignments.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/5  1823

Account of Fees, receipts etc. for

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/6  1826

Bond of Indemnity.
Benjamin Moss. for hundreds of Huntington, Stretford Wigmore and Wolphy.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/7  1826

Bond of Indemnity John Cole. for Hundreds of Broxash, Greytree and Radlow

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/8  1826

W.P. in account with Mr Roe, list of bills directed to be paid to the latter.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/9  1816

Quit Rolls. John Williams, Sheriff.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/10  1823

E.B. Pateshall Sheriff.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/11  1823

E.B. Pateshall's account as sheriff.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/12-13  1823

Copy bill of cravings and affidavit for Judges Lodgings and other expenses during E.B.P's Sheriffalty

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/14  nd

Particulars of issues received upon process against the Collectors of Taxes in the time of E.B.P.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/15  1823

Money to be paid on return of the Exchequer Writs, Michaelmas Term

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/16  1823

List of Sheriffs papers taken to London by W.P.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/17  1827

Schedule of Books, papers relating to the Sheriff's office 1818 sent to Mr Church

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/18  1822 - 1823

Account & receipt of justices wages from Sept 1822 to Sept 1823.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/19  1824

Order to discharge Recognisance of £80 forfeited by Joseph Johnson & William Bailey.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/20  1818-1821

Clerk's general Day Book. W.Pateshall. Undersheriff

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/21  nd

General Letter Book. W.Pateshall. Undersheriff

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/22  1806-1808

Account Book, Downes & Pateshall in account with Mr Samuel Price.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/23  nd

Account Book. Undersheriffs account.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/24-25  nd

Long Roll Books.
Distraints laid & particulars of defaults by collectors of insufficiency in the county tax

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/26  1808

Writ Book.
Writs issued during the Shrievalty of Samuel Peploe.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/27  1783

Sheriff's Office Precedent Book.
Edmund Pateshall, Sheriff.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/28  1810

Writ Book.
Writs issued during the Shrievalty of Robert Higginson

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/29  1810

Account Book
Public and Private accounts of Robert Higginson.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/30-97  19th Century

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Undersheriff's Office during William Pateshall' term. These Include:-
Calendar of Prisoners. Lent Assizes 1839
Calendar of Prisoners. Summer Assizes 1839.
Cause List, Spring Assizes, 1827
Correspondence between F.L. Bodenham & W.P. (Bodenham claims W.P. promised him a certain prosecution); various bills; letter to W.P. stating that the carriage he is having built is completed & awaits his choice of colour for the paintwork. (sketch); Draft petitions for releases from recongnisances; Names of Jurors for the Summer Assizes, 1826; bills for legal expenses incurred at Hereford Assizes and Quarter Sessions; inventory of goods (probably made prior to a distraint being issued)

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/98-121  19th Century

Sundry Writs, case papers etc., for cases arising at Hereford Assizes and Quarter Sessions, including:-
Writs for institution of proceedings; draft of the enclosure award for St Margarets; Description of the boundary of the parish of Much Birch according to a perambulation of 1812; Case The King v Hardwick township etc.
James Smith of Leominster, Dealer in Earthenware.
James Nash of Leominster, Turner. Charles Powell of Leominster, Butcher and Francis Farmer of Leominster, Leather Dresser, all fined 10shillings for failing to attend and serve on the Petty Jury at the Trinity Sessions 1823.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/122-151  1817

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Wormelow Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/152-178  1817

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Grimsworth Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/179-205  1816

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Wigmore Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/206-237  1817

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Webtree Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/238-276  1817

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Wolphy Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/277-306  1816

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Wormelow Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/307-333  1816

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Grimsworth Hundred

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/334-337  1817

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Hereford City. Widemarsh. Eign. St Owens. Wye Bridge.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/338-349  1816

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Ewyas Lacy Hundred.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/350-362  1816

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Huntington Hundred.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/363

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Land Tax. Not exonerated.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/364  1814

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Hereford City. Bysters Ward.

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/365-381  1817

Duplicate Land Tax Assessments. Stretford Hundred.

William Pateshall - Lord Hotham Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/c/382-394  c 1830

Correspondence relating to a dispute between Wm. Pateshall as Undersheriff, and Beaumont, Lord Hotham of Ireland, M.P. for Leominster from 1820 to 1831 when he was defeated by John Ward.
This arose when Pateshall refused Hotham's request for the election precept to be sent to Leominster as soon as it arrived and for the Proclamation to be made on a Sunday.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/1

Letter, Leominster, 24 July, 1830.
To Messrs. Pateshall and Bellamy, sols., Hereford, from H. Milne, saying they are anxious to get the election over as soon as possible and would be obliged if the Precept of the election would be sent to the Bailiff on the Sunday afternoon so that the Proclamation could be made on the Sunday evening.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/2

Copy letter of Lord Hotham's protest and signed H. Milne, Leominster, July 29, 1830.
"When I asked Mr. Pateshall on Sunday for the Precept he declined sending it over on the ground that Sunday was an improper day for making the Proclamation. On the following day, Mr. Pateshall told Sir John Cotterell that he would willingly have sent over the Precept but that it must bear the date of the day on which it was so sent and that it was obviously improper to date such an Instrument on a Sunday.
"On arriving here I am given to understand that Mr. Pateshall's clerk has stated that notwithstanding my anxiety to have the precept sent over Mr. Pateshall refused to do so, for the sake of acting impartially towards all parties."
"These statements being manifestly inconsistent with each other I beg that if anything in the shape of a fee be demanded by the Undersheriff if you decline giving him a single shilling beyond what the law entitles him to demand."

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/3

Copy statement signed E. Coleman, n.d. saying that Mr. Gill did not tell him Mr. Pateshall refused to send over the Leominster precept "for the sake of acting impartially towards all parties" but that an application was made by Ld. Hotham for it to be sent on a Sunday and Mr. Pateshall had declined that on the grounds that Sunday was an improper day."

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/4

Notes on letters received from Lord Hotham giving relevant details.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/5

Copy letter, 9 September 1830, to Lord Hotham from Mr. Bellamy.
Bellamy is writing in Pateshall's absence and says he is surprised and angered that Lord Hotham should think that either he or Pateshall had behaved unhandsomely or uncourteously in not answering a letter they received a few days prior to the election and disclaims any such intention; he asks Hotham to dismiss any such intention. He had not answered the letter because of a recent affair of Messr. Anderson and Downes and decided never again as Undersheriff to step out of the strict line of duty. Their silence on receipt of the letter was because they did not want to refuse the request which they would have had to do, thinking Lord Hotham would have understood the propiety of silence. The unfortunate arrival of the writ on a Sunday and Lord Hotham's equally unfortunate personal application to Mr. Pateshall put the matter on a different footing.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/6

Copy letter, 15 September 1830, to Lord Hotham from Mr. Bellamy.
Mr. Pateshall could not have granted Lord Hotham's request for the Precept to be sent over on the Sunday because to take such a notoriously unusual course at the request of one of the candidates would have been attributed to some ulterior motive. Hotham's request forced the election by breaking it upon a Sunday. He is appealing to his Lordship's candour and patience in order to clear themselves from imputation of downright falsehood. If Lord Hotham having read the explanations still is displeased with the Undersheriffs, it has been occasioned by their refusing to do what they then considered and still do consider, according to their own convictions, improper and contrary to their duty.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/7

Letter, Leominster, 15 September 1830, to Mr. Bellamy from H. Milne.
Saying he has forgotten any unpleasant feeling about the refusal of his request and realises now that he was asking the Undersheriffs to deviate from their course of duty.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/8

London, October 20 1830, to Mr. Bellamy from Lord Hotham.
Saying that in the absence of proof, he will adhere to his convictions over the delivery of the Precept.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/9

Letter, London, October 31 1830, to W. Pateshall from Lord Hotham.
He explains why he feels that he should not disclaim his former opinion and feels it is for those who will take the trouble to fully pursue the correspondence to determine on which side award of candour and straightforwardness is to be found.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/10

Copy letter, 10 November 1830, Wm. Pateshall to Lord Hotham.
He cannot believe there is any doubt in his Lordship's mind about his reason for refusing to send the precept and thinks he his still not stated the true and operating cause of his displeasure.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/11

Letter, London, November 12 1830, from Lord Hotham to Wm. Pateshall.
Acknowledging receipt of a letter from the latter.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/12

Copy letter, 29 July 1830, from Wm. Pateshall to Lord Hotham.
Pateshall denies that he declined to send the precept on the grounds that Sunday was an improper day for making the Proclamation by observing that it was his duty as the advisor of the Sheriff or his deputy to take care that the Precept was duly issued and delivered in proper time - with the time of the making of the precept he had nothing to do.

[no title or date]  A95/V/W/c/382-394/13

Letter, London, October 6 1830, from Lord Hotham to Mr. Bellamy.
Hotham says that from Pateshall's remarks in a former letter he feels he has abundant reason to be satisfied with the course he has determined to pursue. He has known of times in other elections when the Precept was sent on a Sunday and cannot understand Pateshall saying that to do so would be "contrary to the duty and the oath of the Undersheriff".
What had been done on one occasion he thought sufficient excuse to be done on another Upon these grounds he declines giving the accustomed compliment to the Undersheriff.
As far as Mr. Bellamy saying that if this is to be the course of future elections the Returning Officer will have to "come to the Undersheriff as he is by law compelled to do", [this means that instead of the Undersheriff going to Leominster as a respect to the candidates, he will have to go to Hereford] he has never asked for any precedents in this matter.


[no title]  A95/V/W/d/1-24  1819-1826

Treasurer's Quarterly Accounts
Income from officers of districts of Hundreds; payments for repairs to roads, supplies to the gaol etc.

[no title]  A95/V/W/d/25  1815-1818

Account Book
Receipts of rates, mortgages etc., and payment for the building of the New Shirehall Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/d/26-27  1820

Letter, with account of payments due to the County Treasurer of Gloucester for relief of the families of men in the Militia.

[no title]  A95/V/W/d/28-47  1829-1830

22 items

Bundle kept in a piece of parchment on which is printed names of Jurors and with a note in W.P's hand writing "William Pateshall with Mr George Russell, Casual Accounts". All apparently in connection with the office of County Treasurer.

William Pateshall - Coroner's Papers  [no ref. or date]

Inquests, 1825  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/1  13 July

William Adams of Westhide - waggon wheel fell on his head.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/2  30 July

Ann Devereux of Eastnor - fell from a waggon under its wheels.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/3  1 August

Thomas Phillips of Hampton Bishop - fell from a hay rick and received severe injuries.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/4  1 August

Joseph Powell of Sollars Hope - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/5  2 August

Matilda Morgan - died of disease in Hereford Gaol.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/6  5 August

John Pritchard of Much Marcle - fell from a mow to the barn floor and injured his spine.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/7  8 August

John Watson of Whitchurch (sic) - his boat sank and he was drowned in the Wye.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/8  9 August

James Willett the younger of Welsh Newton - aged 2 years, accidentally fell into an iron pit and died of resulting sickness.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/9  10 August

John Money of Much Marcle - committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor while lunatic and of unsound mind.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/10  13 August

John Trailor of Pembridge - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/11  13 August

Richard Bradford of Yazor - accidentally drowned in a well.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/12  20 August

Newborn male child - illegitimate, child of Ann Davies of Peterstow died shortly after birth.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/13  22 August

William Gilbert of Llanveynoe - aged 9, accidentally fell into the River Monnow and drowned.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/14  29 August

Richard Lewis of Cradley - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/15  31 August

George Collins of Goodrich - accidentally thrown from his horse and died from his injuries.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/16  16 September

Esther Rudge of Upton Bishop - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/17  16 September

John Williams of Tyberton - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/18  17 September

Elizabeth Meredith of Wellington - killed herself by hanging while of unsound mind.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/19  17 September

Newborn female child - illegitimate child of the late Sarah Lewis, died from lack of care.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/20  17 September

Sarah Lewis of Castle Frome - died in childbirth.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/21  24 September

Edmund Preece of Weston-under-Penyard - accidentally fell under the wheels of a wagon.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/22  24 September

James Daniel of Whitchurch - accidentally drowned when his boat capsized on the river Wye.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/23  1 October

William Hughes of Peterstow - accidentally fell from an apple tree and died from his injuries.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/24  8 October

John Hodges of Ledbury - found dead in cockyard, cause of death unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/25  17 October

Silas William Moore of Dormington - found drowned in the Froome.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/26  28 October

William Phillips of Linton - accidentally burned to death when his clother caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/27  3 November

Henrietta Clarke, orphan - died a natural death in Hereford Gaol at the age of 14 days.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/28  15 November

William Phillips of Clifford - accidentally drowned in the river.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/29  16 November

Eliza Richards of Presteign - accidentally burned to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/30  17 November

Edward Wood, aged five months - died of natural causes in Hereford Gaol, where his mother was detained.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/31  5 December

Sarah Goodman of Mordiford - died from hanging herself while lunatic and distracted.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/32  13 December

Emma Lawrence of Bishop's Froome - accidentally fell into the fire and died from the burns received.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/33  15 December

William Powell of Marden, aged 5 years - fell into the fire accidentally and died from his injuries.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/34  23 December

James Watkins of Clifford - found drowned in water in a quarry.

Inquests - 1826  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/35  4 January

Caroline Powell of Eaton Bishop - accidentally burned when her clothes caught fire and died from burns.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/36  5 January

Eliza. Morris of Brinsop - accidentally burned when her clothes caught fire and died from burns.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/37  7 January

Mary Cope of Bosbury - accidentally burned when her clothes caught fire and died from burns.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/38  11 January

Anne Hodges of Much Marcle - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/39  13 January

Thomas Jenkins of Sutton St. Michael - found dead on the road having died from exposure.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/40  18 January

Mary Ann Kent of Much Dewchurch - died from burns after her clothes caught fire, accidental death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/41  18 January

John Biggs of Much Birch - died from burns when his clothes caught fire accidentally.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/42  17 February

Sarah Pingnee of Evesbatch - died from burns after her clothes caught fire at her home.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/43  20 February

Simon Probert of Wormsley - drowned in a trench which he fell into while out walking, accidental death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/44  23 January

Martha Jones of Clodock, aged 5 - accidentally caught fire and died from burns.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/45  30 January

George Williams of Harewood - died from burns after his clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/46  2 February

Walter Thomas of Haywood, aged 81 - died from head injuries when he fell from a bay onto a barn floor.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/47  3 February

William Gardiner of Canon Pyon - accidental death after his arm and shoulder were injured in a threshing machine.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/48  10 February

Anne Cotterell of Llangarren, aged four years - died from burns after her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/49  14 February

William Pritchard of Rowlestone, newborn son of Anne Pritchard - died from neglect and lack of care at birth on the part of his mother being of unsound mind.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/50  27 March

Joseph Walters of Kingstone - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/51  25 March

William Wilkes of Aston Ingham - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/52  24 March

Emma Gwatkin of Kilpeck, aged 2 years, - died from burns received when her clothes caught fire accidentally.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/53  23 February

Hester Serjeant of Peterchurch, aged 2 years - died from burns received when her clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/54  20 March

Emma Farmer of Orcop, aged 3 years - accidental death after receiving fatal injuries falling into a well.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/55  7 March

Hannah Jones of Walford, aged 4 years - died from burns received when she accidentally fell into a fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/56  4 March

Thomas Davies of Fownhope - died from neck and spinal injuries after accidentally falling from an apple tree.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/57  3 March

George Skipp of Colwall - accidental death following an explosion at a quarry.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/58  31 March

James Walters of Marden, aged 5 years - accidentally drowned in a well.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/59  8 April

Anne Evans of Welsh Newton - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/60  17 April

Mary Wight of Colwall - a sudden natural death in the poorhouse.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/61  25 April

Thomas Eastnam Price - a natural death in Hereford Gaol after a long illness.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/62  15 May

James Holden of Much Marcle - accidentally killed when struck on the head by the shaft of a threshing machine.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/63  20 May

Mary Davies of Dorstone - died from head injuries caused by falling from a cart.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/64  2 June

Thomas Jones of Fownhope - died from injuries received when he accidentally fell from a horse.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/65  23 June

Thomas Jones of Goodrich - accidentally drowned when swept away by the current while fording the Wye.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/66  28 June

William Clarke of Canon Pyon - accidentally drowned in a ditch.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/67  30 June

John Freeman of Stretton Grandison - died from spinal injuries received when he accidentally fell into a ditch.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/68  8 July

John Preece of Bosbury - accidentally killed after his horses bolted and he fell beneath a plough.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/69  20 July

Hannah Whittingham of Ross - a sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/70  24 Jul

Joseph Noden of Bromyard - accidentally killed when a cart overturned causing him to fall to the ground and the horse fell on top of him.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/71  25 July

Elizabeth Jones of Madley, aged 4 years, - found accidentally drowned in a pond.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/72  31 July

Thomas Willis of Stoke Edith - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/73  31 July

John Wathen of Goodrich - accidentally drowned in the Wye

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/74  2 August

Hannah Pritchard of Norton Canon - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/75  2 August

David Jones of Madley - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/76  2 August

William Pymble of Sellack - a sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/77  5 August

Catherine Maria Search of Sutton St. Nicholas, aged five months - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/78  14 August

Thomas Patrick of Sutton - accidental death from injuries received after falling into a well.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/79  21 August

Joseph Owens of Lugwardine - accidentally drowned trying to retrieve a milk kettle from the Little Lug.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/80  22 August

William Yem of Aston Ingham - accidentally killed by a waggon.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/81  18 September

William Bethell of Thruxton - accidentally killed when he fell beneath the wheels of a coal waggon.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/82  21 September

Unknown man found dead by the side of the road at Pixley - a sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/83  9 October

John Watkins of Allensmore - accidental death caused by burns received when he fell into a fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/84  9 October

Thomas Cooke of Ledbury - accidentally killed when struck on the head by a cart.

William Pateshall - Assize Papers; Summer Assizes 1813 to Summer Assizes 1814  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/85  c 1813 - 1814

Bundle of papers including maps and briefs for prosecution in case Rex v. Inhabitants of Staunton and Monnington on Wye for nuisance is not repairing the Hay road.
Staunton pleaded guilty 1813
Monnington pleaded not-guilty 1813
Letters, bills, notices, warrants etc.

Summer Assizes, 1818  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/86  1818

Copy depositions of witnesses taken before Wm. Pateshall, coroner, before body John Watkins verdict manslaughter against John Roberts.
Draft Recognizance and Depositions.
Brief for prosecution in case Rex. on prosecution of John Edwards v. John Roberts, for manslaughter of John Watkins by a blow in the stomach.

Summer Assizes 1819  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/87  1819


Copy Information of witnesses taken at inquest on body Elizabeth Lucas before Wm. Pateshall, coroner at Ross.
Draft Brief for prosecution in case Rex on prosecution of Overseers of Ross. Thomas Elteridge v. William Lucas for manslaughter of Elizabeth Lucas by striking her on the head with an iron candlestick while he was in a state of intoxication.
Subpoena to Richard Evans, William Gythias, and Lydia King to appear and testify in hearing of case aforementioned.
Brief for prosecution in case mentioned. Note, guilty.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/88  1819


Information of witnesses taken before Wm. Pateshall, coroner, on view of body of Samuel Saunders, verdict Manslaughter against William Daw.
Letter from John Pritchard, overseer, asking Wm. Pateshall to conduct an endictment against Wm. Daw.
Subpoena to John Daw, Catherine Baynham and Elizabeth Nulland to attend and testify at hearing of case Rex on prosecution John Pritchard v. Wm. Daw. Also subpoena to John Edwards, James James, William Russell and George Rooks.

Summer Assizes, 1819  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/88  1819

Draft Brief for prosecution against Wm. Daw for manslaughter of Samuel Saunders by knocking him down in a skittle ally.
Brief for prosecution, note: guilty.

Easter Sessions, 1821  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/89  1821

3 copies

Printed: a subpoena to James Williams and Thomas Parry to appear and testify at the hearing of case between Thos. Wynn, Clerk, Appellant and the Churchwardens and Overseers of Poor of Marden.
Copy Notice of Thos. Wynne to Churchwardens and Overseers that he is to appeal against the rate of assessment on his land since he is to be charged more than his neighbours
Draft and 3 copies notice of Wm. Pateshall to Overseers and Churchwardens that they should produce the assessment in court.
List by Pateshall (rough) of evidence to be produced.
Rough Draft of brief for appellant.
Brief for appellant.
Note: rate amended.

18 October, 1821  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/90  1821 - 1822

Copy depositions of witnesses taken on view of body of Thos Parry, verdict manslaughter against John Morris.
Lent Assizes, 1822
Notice of Mr. John Morris (accused) to Mr. John Parry that he intends to present himself at the court.
Brief for the prosecution in the case Rex on prosecution of John Williams, Overseer of the Poor of Longtown v. John Morris for manslaughter of Thomas Parry during a prize fight.
Not guilty.

23 January 1822  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/91  1822

Copy depositions of witnesses taken before Wm. Pateshall, coroner at Upper Sapey concerning death of newborn male child, verdict murder by person or persons unknown.

Lent Assizes, 1823  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/92  1823

Draft of verdict murder given at Inquisition on body of Anne Wilkes held before Wm. Pateshall, coroner, at Linton.
Copy of above.
Wm. Pateshall's bill to Jas. Bonnor Overseer of Poor at Linton for partaking in case of Anne Wilkes' murder.
Copy informations of witnesses taken on inquisition of body aforesaid.
Verdict, murder by poisoning against Williams Harris.
Note: not in custody.

Epiphany Sessions, 1825  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/93  1825

Brief for prosecution in case Rex on prosecution of Sir John Geers Cotterell v. Thomas Waith for pound breach in allowing 3 mares to graze on ground belonging to Sir J.G. Cotterell.
Note: Waith pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 month's imprisonment with hard labour and fined £5 with further imprisonment until fine should be paid.

Lent Assizes 1825  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/94  1825

Copy Judge's Warrent for the arrest of Richard Hobby.
Draft brief of prosecution in case Rex on prosecution Thos. Williams v. Richard Hobby.

Lent Assizes, 1825  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/95  1825

Depositions of witnesses taken at Norton before Wm. Pateshall, coroner against Anne Jones for murder of her newborn son.
Verdict - willful murder.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/96  1825


Instructions for an indictment for Pound Breach by Sir J. G. Cotterell against Richard Hobby approved by Mr. Robert Colmer.
Copy of writ of habeas corpus for producing Thomas Waith, prisoner to give evidence in the case.
Subpoena to Richard Baker, William Jenkins and William Baker to appear and testify in case Rex in prosecution Sir J. G. Cotterell v. Richard Hobby for causing his servant to turn three horses onto Sir John's land.
Draft indictment.
Draft Brief for the prosecution.
Instructions for indictment of perjury by Thos. Williams, game keeper against Richard Hobby.
Order of John Duncomb for Thos. Williams game keeper to appear before the justices.
Statements of Thos. Williams, cooper and Richard Hobby before John Mathews, just. and John Duncumb against Thos. Williams gamekeeper.

Summer Assizes, 1825.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/97  1825

two copies of brief

Brief for prosecution in case Rex. on prosecution of William Spry v. William Green, Thomas Jones and John Sanes for stealing watches and rings etc. to the value of £40 from Wm. Spry's shop.
Note: all three guilty.

Epiphany Sessions, 1826  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/98  1826

Brief for Respondent in case Williamd Davies appellant v. Edward George respondent. Davies claims he was unjustly sentenced in Magistrate's court before John Griffiths, J.P. to pay £10 and costs on receipt not stamped.

Summer Assizes, 1826  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/99  1826

Brief for prosecution in case Rex on prosecution of Richard Lockett v. Mary Morris, for stealing various articles of clothing and some spoons.
Note: found guilty.

Lent Assizes, 1827  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/100  1827


Subpoena to James Bigglestone, younger, to appear and testify in case Rex on prosecution of Wm. Hardyman v. Timothy Kelly.
Copy depositions against Kelly for stealing 3 promissory £1 notes from Hardyman.
Brief for prosecution with note Kelly found guilty.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/101  1827


Subpoena to James Berrow and Luke Fitzjohn to appear and testify in case Rex on prosecution of Richard Morris v. Edward Davies.
Copy depositions against Edward Davies and Roderick Davies for assault upon Richard Morris.
Brief for prosecution with note Davies found guilty sentenced to 3 months.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/102  1827

Copy deposition against Jonathan Pritchard for stealing money out of a till belonging to Mary Phillips.
Brief for prosecution in case Rex on prosecution of Mary Phillips v. Jonathan Pritchard.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/103  1827


Subpoena to John Board, William Brydges and Thomas Llewellyn to appear and testify in case Rex on prosecution John Garstone v. Joseph Pugh, Thomas Watkins and Francis Jones.
Copy depositions against above defendants for assault of John Garstone in execution of his office as constable.
Brief for prosection with note Thos. Williams not guilty, Joseph Pugh and Francis Jones guilty, sentences 12 months hard labour in house of correction.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/104  1827


Subpoena to John Walker, James Frewin, Francis Brooke and John Easton to appear and testify in case Rex on prosecution Richard Carpenter v. John Williams.
Copy depositions against John Williams for uttering base coin.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/105  1827

Copy depositions against John Barrell alias Williams for keeping a disorderly house in St. Owen's.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/106  1827

Draft Briefs for prosecution of defendants above excepting John Barrell alias Williams.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/107  1827

Receipts and costs etc. of cases above mentioned.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/108  1827

Printed paper subpoena and forms also certificates (printed) of attendance as juror signed by Wm. Pateshall as undersheriff.

Summer Assizes, 1827  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/109  1827

Case of William Morris v. William Curren and Mary Jones.
Brief for defence of Curran.
Curran's statement that he bought the pig off a man whom he did not know, and that the pig was taken from him in his absence, by the constable.
Notice to gaoler to receive Curran and Jones.
Note on brief, that Curran was found guilty and sentenced to 1 yrs. imprisonment.
Jones found not guilty.

1819  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/110  1819

Rex v. Matthews.
Draft Recognizance to prosecute and give evidence.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/111  nd

Depositions of Mr. Wm. Williams and others respecting Treasure found by John Winter and claimed by Mr. Williams.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/112  nd

Printed booklet: "Defects in the LEX CORONATORIA and insufficiency of Remuneration to the Coroners of England and Wales".

Coroners Inquests 1826  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/115  1826

9 October. Sarah Arrowsmith of Lea - committed suicide by cutting her throat with a knife while lunatic and distracted.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/116  1826

11 October. Elizabeth Lawrence of Bodenham - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/117  1826

14 October. Elizabeth Davies of Pembridge - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/118  1826

17 October. Thomas Drapier of Cradley - accidentally drowned.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/119  1826

18 October. John Steward of Vowchurch - accidentally drowned at Charnstone Mill.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/120  1826

31 October. William Herbert of Holmer - accidentally burnt to death when his clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/121  1826

9 November. Elizabeth Watkins of Whitchurch - accidentally burnt to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/122  1826

9 November. James Sleaman of Harewood - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/123  1826

13 November. Mary Berrow of Norton Canon - accidentally burnt to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/124  1826

15 November. William Chamberlain of Ross - accidentally fell from a gate and broke his neck.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/125  1826

20 November. Richard Postaus of Wormsley - found drowned in a ditch.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/126  1826

25 November. Morgan Bowear of Peterchurch aged 7 months - accidentally scalded by knocking a teapot from a table and died as a result.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/127  1826

18 December. Sarah Gwillym of Stoke Edith - accidentally burnt to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/128  1826

19 December. John Philpotts of Fownhope - accidentally drowned in River Wye when the barge he was travelling in sank.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/129  1826

20 December. Sarah Jones of Ross - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/130  1826

26 December. John Meredith of Fownhope - accidentally drowned in the River Wye when the barge he was travelling in sank.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/131  1826

30 December. Mary Cale of Ledbury, aged 8 years - died from burns after her clothes accidentally caught fire.

Coroners Inquests 1827  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/132  1827

1 January. Thomas Jenkins of Walford - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/133  1827

1 January. Ann Weaver of Marden aged 4 years - died from burns when her clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/134  1827

1 January. Jane Newton of Sutton - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/135  1827

2 January. Matthew Morgan of Byford - found dead in the road, cause unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/136  1827

6 January. George Hodges of Ledbury - found drowned in a pond at Wildhouse Farm.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/137  1827

8 January. Sarah Perkes of Hereford, aged 18 - sudden natural death in the County Gaol.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/138  1827

20 January. Abraham Baker of Orcop - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/139  1827

22 January. John Jeffries of Ashperton - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/140  1827

24 January. William Symonds of Ross - accidentally burnt to death when his clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/141  1827

26 January. Thomas Rook the younger of Orcop - died of burns when his clothes accidentally caught fire

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/142  1827

27 January. Thomas Smith of Walford - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/143  1827

7 February. Evan Davies of Sutton St. Nicholas - died as a result of a tree which he was cutting down falling upon him.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/144  1827

17 January. Thomas Burguin of Fownhope - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/145  1827

7 February. William Lane of Ledbury - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/146  1827

9 February. Mary Rouse of Stoke Edith - died of burns when her clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/147  1827

14 February. Thomas Robinson of Lyonshall - aged 10 years, accidentally drowned in a pool in a stone quarry.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/148  1827

20 February. Thomas Abraham Davies of Linton, aged 3 years - died from burns when his clothes caught fire accidentally.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/149  1827

23 February. Caroline Morgan of Michaelchurch Eskley, aged 4 years - accidentally burnt to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/150  1827

27 February. Esther Doller of Much Dewchurch, aged 8 years - sudden death, cause unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/151  1827

7 March. Hannah Paytherus - labouring under a disease called consumption and being in a weak state, died as a result of her clothes accidentally catching fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/152  1827

8 March. Richard Nott of Almeley - Accidentally received a severe cut and bruize on his right hand while using gun powder in a quarry and died of locked jaw.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/153  1827

15 March. Sarah Baker of Almeley, aged 80 - died as a result of burns whenher clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/154  1827

23 March. James Chance of Moccas - died from a fatal headwound inflicted by a loaded gun being accidentally discharged.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/155  1827

23 March. Samuel Higgins the younger, aged 1 year, of Lyonshall - died from burns when his clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/156  1827

6 April. John Matthews of Upton Bishop - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/157  1827

7 April. Elizabeth Saunders of Abbeydore - sudden death, cause unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/158  1827

11 April. Joseph Chamberlain of Walford - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/159  1827

11 April. Thomas Llanwarne of Hope Mansell - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/160  1827

24 April. John Skinner of Holmer - fell through the floor of the house in which he lived.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/161  1827

25 April. Thomas Morris of Norton Canon - found dead in a field, cause unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/162  1827

4 May. Ann Whittingham of Walford - died as a result of an extremely difficult labour giving birth to a still-born male child.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/163  1827

31 May. John Shepherd of Weston-under-Penyard - accidentally fell onto the road in front of a wagon and horses.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/164  1827

12 June. James Baylis of Bishops Frome - died from hanging himself while lunatic and distracted.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/165  1827

14 June. Sarah Jones of Walford - died from burns when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/166  1827

15 June. Henry Williams of Allensmore - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/167  1827

21 June. Henry Cheeze of Clodock - drowned himself while lunatic and distracted

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/168  1827

30 June. Thomas Oakley of Fownhope - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/169  1827

3 July. Edward Cave of Canon Frome - fell from his horse onto the highway and received mortal fractures and injuries.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/170  1827

5 July. John Taylor of Colwall - fell from the cart he was driving under the wheels.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/171  1827

5 July. John Jones of Whitchurch - hung himself while lunatic and distracted.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/172  1827

7 July. Mary Jones of Lower Bullingham - killed herself by taking arsenie

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/173  1827

10 July. Edward Bishop of Hampton Bishop - accidentally fell under the wheels of a cart.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/174  1827

11 July. Edward Thomas of Clodock - accidentally fell from a hay cart onto the prong of a pike.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/175  1827

17 July. Remains of an infant child of Bromyard - found dead in an unoccupied house, cause of death unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/176  1827

7 July. Sarah Parry of Marden, aged 10 years - died from burns when her clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/177  1827

21 July. William Pugh of Brockhampton - accidentally fell under the wheels of a wagon.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/178  1827

10 August. William Dyer - sudden natural death in the County Gaol.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/179  1827

11 August. Philip Hatton of Weston-under Penyard - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/180  1827

7 August. Ann Pritchard of Ross - apoplexy as a result of an accidental stinging of a wasp upon her neck.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/181  1827

4 September. Philip Owen of Canon Pyon - found dead in the road, cause of death unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/182  7 September 1827

James Collier of Lugwardine - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/183  18 September 1827

George Kerwood - natural death in the County Gaol.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/184  19 September 1827

A newborn female child in Llanwarne - found dead in an outhouse or barn, not known whether stillborn or died afterward.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/185  19 September 1827

Thomas Gallatt of Tarrington - natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/186  22 September 1827

Philip Dally of Lucton, aged 8 years - burnt to death when the straw hut in which he was sleeping caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/187  27 October 1827

Mary Rose of Colwall - found dead in the churchyard, cause unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/188  27 October 1827

Elizabeth Burrup of Much Marcle - acciedntally burnt to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/189  19 November 1827

Elizabeth Farmer of Moreton Jeffreys - died from taking arsenic, unknown whether it was taken knowingly or not.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/190  27 November 1827

Frances Hughes of Goodrich, aged 4 years - accidentally burnt to death when her clothes caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/191  29 November 1827

William Motley of Staunton-on-Wye - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/192  6 December 1827

William Constable of Sutton St. Nicholas - natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/193  20 December 1827

William Matthews of Coddington - found drowned in a pond.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/194  20 December 1827

William Addis of Much Birch - drowned when he accidentally fell from his horse into a hole in a quarry.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/195  31 December 1827

William Parsons of Ross - sudden natural death.

Coroners Inquests, 1828  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/196  1828

8 January. Thomas Jennings of Rollstone - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/197  1828

9 January. Joseph Thackway of Whitchurch - accidentally drowned when barge in which he was travelling on the river Wye collided in fog, with a pier of Wilton Bridge at Bridstow.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/198  1828

9 January. Thomas Hughes of Llangarron - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/199  1828

9 January. Thomas Moreton of Goodrich - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/200  1828

12 January. Elizabeth Elleanan of Canon Pyon - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/201  1828

19 January. Henry Dalley of Walford - accidentally drowned in a pond.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/202  1828

22 January. William Higgins of Winforton - natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/203  1828

25 January. John Jenkins of Brampton Abbotts, aged 1 yr 6 months - accidentally drowned in a pool of water.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/204  1828

23 January. Margaret Price of Peterchurch - sudden natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/205  1828

26 January. Anne Meredith of Dinedor, aged 16 years - died from burns when her clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/206  1828

6 February. John Powell of Ballingham - accidentally drowned when he fell from a barge into the River Wye.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/207  1828

6 February. An new born male child at Much Marcle - found drowned in a pool of water, mother unknown.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/208  1828

14 February. Sarah Nott of Cradley, aged 5 years - died of burns when her clothes accidentally caught fire.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/209  1828

15 February. Harriett Williams of Breinton - died a natural death.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/210  1828

19 February. William Protheroe of Whitney - accidentally drowned when barge sank.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/211  1828

19 February. William Exton of Whitney - accidentally drowned when barge sank.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/212  1828

21 February. John Lutter the younger, aged 4 years, of Cradley - accidentally drowned by falling into a pond.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/213  1828

27 February. Cornelius Jeyne of Ross - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/214  1828

3 March. Frances Parker of Canon Pyon - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/215  1828

5 March. William Embrey the younger of Orcop, aged 1 year 9 months - accidentally died from scalding his mouth, throat and stomach by drinking hot tea from a teapot.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/216  1828

6 March. Horatio Pembridge of Llanveynoe - accidentally dronwed by falling into a well.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/217  1828

13 March. Edward Cooper of Byford - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/218  1828

19 March. William Davies of Fownhope - accidentally drowned in River Wye when he fell from a barge.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/219  1828

27 March. James Steadman of Ross - accidentally fell beneath the wheels of a wagon.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/220  1828

6 August. William Griffiths the younger of Ullingswick, aged 16 - death by natural causes.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/221  1828

9 August. Mark Terrett of Fownhope - accidentally drowned in River Wye while swimming.

[no title]  A95/V/W/e/222  1828

26 August. John Burton of Tarrington- accidentally fell under the wheels of a wagon.


[no title]  A95/V/W/f/1  24 April, 1824

Of William Pateshall to the office of Town Clerk in the City of Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/f/2-45  1824-1826

Papers, accounts etc., of William Pateshall as a member of the committee appointed under the Hereford Paving Act
Expenses incurred under that Act.

[no title]  A95/V/W/f/46-47  1830; 1832

William Pateshall's bills to the Corporation of Hereford for his services as Town Clerk.

William Pateshall - Mayor of Hereford  [no ref. or date]

Mayor's Coronation Fund.
Fund set up by William Pateshall as Mayor of the City of Hereford to supply bread and beef to the poor inhabitants of the City to celebrate the Coronation of H. M. George IV on 19 July 1821.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/1  13 July, 1821

Printed notice, outlining resolution passed at a meeting of certain inhabitants of the City of Hereford that "instead of a general illumination, a quantity of beef and bread should be provided, to be distributed to the poor inhabitants of this City".

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/2  1821

List of subscribtions to supply the poor of the City of Hereford with beef and bread to celebrate the Coronation

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/3 - 4  c 1821

2 copies

Copy of notice to the Poor Inhabitants of the City of Hereford to apply to their overseers for tickets to be supplied with bread and beef in celebration of the Coronation.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/5 - 13  c 1821

Letters to William Pateshall about arrangements for the Coronation parade including one suggestion that naval and military officers wear uniform.
Some lists of subscriptions to the Coronation Fund.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/14 - 19  c 1821

Bills presented to the stewards of the Coronation Ball for the band and for decorating and preparing the Shirehall and College Hall.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/20  c 1821

Bill from The Hereford Journal for printing costs connected with the Coronation celebrations.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/21  c 1821

Resolutions passed at a meeting of the committee managing the sums collected for distribution of bread and beef to poor inhabitants of the city to celebrate the Coronation.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/22  January 1822

Letter, Bagshott Park
To Lord Somers from William Frederick acknowledging the honour bestowed upon him as a Freeman of the city of Hereford.

[no title]  A95/V/W/g/23  5th June 1829

Copy of notice
Of a meeting with the Mayor of Hereford & named members of the Corporation when they began a survey of their manorial right of Fishery on the River Wye at Hunderton within the liberties of the said city.


[no title]  A95/EP/1  1793

Inventory of Household Goods and Furniture etc. effects of the late Mrs Elizabeth Carpenter of The Hill, Kings Pyon

[no title]  A95/EP/2  nd

Copy Inventory, as above.
Various household accounts, receipts, etc.

[no title]  A95/EP/3  Feb 3 1716

Copy will of Mr John Carpenter of Chadnor, Dilwyn

[no title]  A95/EP/4  1787

Bond between Elizabeth Carpenter, James Carpenter and John Lewis.

[no title]  A95/EP/5  1782

Bastardy Order on James Carpenter, for the child of Elizabeth Bird of Peterchurch.

[no title]  A95/EP/6  nd

School exercise book, marked 'James Carpenter his book.

[no title]  A95/EP/7  1791

Dairy, thought to be Mrs Elizabeth Cheese'

[no title]  A95/EP/8  nd

9 items

Bundle of letters, mainly from Michael Cheese.

[no title]  A95/EP/9  nd

Edmund Cheese Carpenter to Edmund Phillip Jones, Power of Attorney.

Bundle of papers all with reference to the house in Wye Bridge Street, including  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/EP/10  nd

Note and memorandum on the loan of £1000 to W.P. stating security to be a Conveyance from Charles Lucy to W.P. of a house in Wye Bridge St.

[no title]  A95/EP/11  1819

Account, from Charles Lucy for the amount of Purchase Money for above property.

[no title]  A95/EP/12  1832

2 copies

Conditions of Sale of property; list of fixtures to be sold by Auction,; note to Mr James, Auctioneer, from Mr. Bellamy saying "that as Agent to Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall, owner of the above property intended to be sold, he gives notice that he intends to bid on behalf of Mrs Pateshall";

[no title]  A95/EP/13  1707

Copy will of Richard Tangett

[no title]  A95/EP/14  nd

Copies of Parish Register entries of birth, death and marriage of previous owners and occupiers of property;

[no title]  A95/EP/15  nd

Correspondence re Mrs Pateshall's title to house in Wye Bridge Street.

[no title]  A95/EP/16  nd

Warrant of Attorney

[no title]  A95/EP/17  1824

Letter from Milborough P., to Elizabeth P.

[no title]  A95/EP/18  nd

2 Accounts from Tradesmen.

[no title]  A95/EP/19  1842

Transfer of 3 shares in the Hereford Railway from Mrs E. Pateshall to Miss A.E. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/EP/20  April 19th 1832

An Inventory and Valuation for for Administration, of household furniture in the house in Wye Bridge Street in the City of Hereford, belonging to the representatives of the late William Pateshall esq.
[In booklet form]

[no title]  A95/EP/21  1803-1849

Diaries, (not continuous), belonging to Mrs Elizabeth Cheese and Miss Elizabeth Cheese/Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall.
(Very few entries.)

NICHOLAS LECHMERE PATESHALL ADMIRAL. 1781-1854  [no ref. or date]

Fourth son of Edmund & Ann Pateshall, he entered the Royal Navy in 1795, as a Midshipman, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 1801 and to that of Post Captain in 1815. He never married

Naval Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/N/1  20 November, 1801

H.M.S. Ville de Paris.
Appointment of Pateshall as Lieutenant.

[no title]  A95/V/N/3  16 November, 1802

H.M.S. Calcutta.
Appointment of Pateshall as Lieutenant.

[no title]  A95/V/N/2a & b  1803-1804

H.M.S. Calcutta.
Journal of Nicholas Pateshall:-
"A short account of a Voyage round the Globe, performed in fifteen months by H.M. ship Calcutta.
Two copies in Millborough Pateshall's hand, one with history of officers in Nicholas Pateshall's hand. (printed edition ref. AG100/)
Note: The Calcutta carried convicts to found a settlement in Australia (Melbourne) but settlement was made in Van Dieman's Land (Hobart, Tasmania).... for information see 'Historical Records of Port Phillip', ed. I.J. Shillinglaw.

[no title]  A95/V/N/4  6 September, 1804

H.M.S. Ville de Paris.
Appointment of Pateshall as Lieutenant.

[no title]  A95/V/N/5  12 June, 1806

H.M.S. Kent.
Appointment of Pateshall as First Lieutenant.

[no title]  A95/V/N/6-10  1801-1809

5 items

Letters, from Pellew, Cornwallis and Capt.
Thos. Rogers, of recommendation and congratulation on promotion.

[no title]  A95/V/N/11  8 July 1810

H.M.S. Polyphemus.
Appointment as Flag Lieutenant.

[no title]  A95/V/N/12  18 May 1811

H.M.S. Shark.
Appointment as Acting Commander.

[no title]  A95/V/N/13  24 July 1811

H.M.S. Shark.
Appointment as Commander.

[no title]  A95/V/N/14  13 October 1811

H.M.S. Reindeer.
Transfer as Commander from H.M.S. Shark to H.M.S. Reindeer.

[no title]  A95/V/N/15  13 October 1811

H.M.S. Polyphemus.
Transfer as acting Captain from H.M.S. Reindeer to H.M.S. Polyphemus.

[no title]  A95/V/N/16-17  C 1811

2 Letters concerning Nicholas's illness (bilious fever) on board the Polyphemus in the Bahamas: 12 November 1811 - from Macnamara, the doctor at the Naval Hospital urging Pateshall to return to Europe as he has urged many times before: 17 November 1811, from the captains of the ships Southampton, Garland and Caston reporting that to remain in the tropics is injurous to Pateshall's health.

[no title]  A95/V/N/18-91  1813-1814

Bundle of Papers relating to Nicholas's service on H.M.S. Adder

[no title or ref. or date]

7 October, 1813.
Appointment of Pateshall as Commander of the sloop "Adder".

[no title or ref. or date]

24 December 1813.
Warrant of Imprest, to be valid until 31 December 1814, to be Executed by a Commission Officer. H.M.S. Adder.

[no title or ref. or date]

Communications to Nicholas Pateshall as Commander of the Sloop, Adder, from the Admiralty office; Transport office; Victualling office; Navy office, etc., concerning appointments of officers and the ship's complement, and fitting out (victualling and supplies), etc.
Also orders to fit out the ship ready for sea; 1814, order to take Major Freemantle with (dispatches from battle of Toulouse); orders for rise of blockade on Netherlands; 1812, warrant for imprest; applications for survey of stores by purser etc.
"Adder", was in channel and later in North American waters - orders for blockade on American ports (specified); notice of action in quarantine; notice of Convention of Paris, etc.

[no title]  A95/V/N/92-105  1814-1815

Bundle of Papers relating to Nicholas' service on H.M.S. Jaseur

[no title or ref. or date]

7 June 1814.
Appointment of Pateshall as Commander of the Sloop "Jaseur".

[no title or ref. or date]

Bundle put together by Nicholas Pateshall concerning the ship "Jaseur" on which he was in command. Including order concerning the loading of timber for the Naval Hospital at Bermuda; appointments of Lieutenants, etc., and order to supply "Abema" with an anchore; with note from Purser about Pursery accounts.
Numbered 1-12 by Nicholas Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/V/N/106-158  1815-1816

Papers relating to Nicholas' service on H.M.S. Carron.
26 April, 1815
Appointment of Pateshall as Captain of the "Carron".
Bundle of papers, put together by Pateshall, concerning the ship "Carron", of which he was Captain, in the Bermuda waters:-
Bundle of papers, including: - Orders, etc. including secret order to sail in the direction most likely to encounter French ships; order that hostilities with the United States are to cease; order that the Navy is not to be disbanded because of the position with France. Notices from the Purser asking for survey of flour, beef, cloths, etc. unfit for distribution. Notice for examination, etc. of master malise midshipman for Lieutenancy. Order to take American refugees "(Blacks)" to Trinidad. Bundle numbered 1-49 by Nicholas Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/V/N/159  1813-1816

Letter Book
Nicholas Lechmere Pateshall to commanders, etc. concerning the fitting out and taking of provisions on the ships in his command, viz. H.M.S. Adder to Halifax, New Brunswick; H.M.S. Jaseur to Bermuda and H.M.S. Carron on the return journey.
The "Jaseur" was transport taking equipment for a Naval Hospital, the "Carron" was presumably on patrol in Bermuda waters before the return to England.

[no title]  A95/V/N/161-175  1802-1824

15 items

Nicholas Pateshall's accounts with his agents, at first Toulmin bros., then Toulmin and Copland, and finally John Copland - pay, bounty money, etc.
With this bundle, two letters from J. Coughlan of the "Elle" invitation to dine, prospect of promotion etc.

[no title]  A95/V/N/160  1795-1816

Appointments of N. L. Pateshall.
Rough sketch of naval career from midshipman to post captain.

[no title]  A95/V/N/176-206  1807 - 1850

Note of services of Nicholas Pateshall, giving rank, name of ship, name of commander and station with letters of recommendation from senior officers, etc.
"Copy of Services sent to the Admiralty for general order, May 11th. 1846. N.L.P."
31 October 1846
Commission as Retired Captain of the Fleet on terms in London Gazette, 1 Sept 1846
Correspondence, etc. concerning Pateshall's naval career, promotion and employment, mainly letters to the Admiralty asking for employment; 1841, letter from Lt. Maxdy R.N. asking for a reference - he applied for a job as Dock Master, with copy of Pateshall's answer in his favour; 1848, correspondence about Pateshall's War Medal.
Also with these, in Millborough's hand, account of his active service in the war.
12 items
Papers, correspondence, etc. put together by Nicholas Pateshall, mainly relating to his retirement, scales of pensions etc. Also, 1817, form with details of his naval career from 1795-1816, rank, ship, name of commander etc., and, 1850, notice from Admiralty that he needs no commission to become Retired Rear Admiral.
C. 14 items.
6 November, 1850
Letter to Pateshall from Admiralty, from J. Parson notifying him that he has attained the rank of Retired Rear Admiral by seniority.
List of Nicholas Pateshall, notes of Actions in which he was involved among which is the taking of Droit de I'Homme, part of Beuvet's fleet, and actions in the Mediterranean under Sir Edward Pellow.
(See: Sir Edward Pellew, D.N.B., also Mahan, "Influence of Sea Power on Frenc....Empire, Vol. I").

Later Papers (including those to Pateshall as Mayor of Hereford)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/N/218-232  1813-1840

15 items

Personal Correspondence.
Correspondence to Nicholas, mainly from members of his family, giving accounts of friends, and 1816, welcoming him home from sea; bills, etc., and, 1816, from W. Tempthorne, giving an account of a naval action off Gibraltar. Also printed prospectus of Herefordshire Brewery Company, and 1853, appeal for subscriptions to buy the Benjamin Jennings' Statue of Cupid which was awarded a medal at the Great Exhibition.

[no title]  A95/V/N/233  1816-1839

Account Book of Nicholas Pateshall.
Nicholas Pateshall's accounts after his return to Hereford on his retirement from the Navy in August 1816.
General Receipts and Expenditures.
Income was Navy Pension and sale of Small items such as horses, sporting equipment (guns, shooting jackets, etc), watches, etc., also "dividend from Billiard Room".
Expenditure on lodgings, servants' wages, provisions, clothes, shooting, fishing etc.

[no title]  A95/V/N/234-236  1818-1823

Three letters to N. L. Pateshall from W. Parry (later Sir William Parry), once a comrade of Pateshall's on board the "Ville de Paris", under the command of Cornwallis.
Giving an account of his expeditions in search of the North West Passage, and the conditions under which they worked -
"The Navigation of the Arctic Seas.... is very curious.
The ice consists principally of numerous fields, or...... floes, with occasional openings; and these openings frequently close very suddenly without any apparent cause. Sometime the ice on one side of you is going one way, and that on the other in contrary direction, and this at the rate of one or two knots". The ships are more substantially built to withstand the extra pressures, merchant ones with extra beams in the holds, etc.
"The principal mode of getting ships along, in columns of light airs, is by towing.... or by tracking along the edge of the floes, the whole ships company walking along as upon the bank of a river, and the line fast to the fore-mast head, as they do with the barges in some rivers". Icerbergs are "as many feet above the sea, as they are fathoms below.... This agrees with numerous experiments which we made by floating cubes of ice.... when one seventh was always found to be above the surface". He has located a new tribe of Eskimos who made Iron Knives. "of which we brought a few; the iron have proved by analysis.... to be the substance called meteoric stone. We brought home some Sledges and dogs which are deposited in the British Museum."
The reports of red snow arise from the fact that a red substance is mixed with the snow; the chemists have not yet been able to determine what the substance is.

[no title]  A95/V/N/237-242  1820-1826

6 items

Papers relating to settlement of his mother's estate after her death in 1820, mainly correspondence, etc. from his brother William.

[no title]  A95/V/N/243-245  1832 1835

3 Poll Books.
City of Hereford - E.B. Clive, R. Biddulph and R. Blackmore, candidates.
Clive and Biddulph returned to Parliament.
1835. Poll Book - Election of Town Councillors.

Rex v. Sill  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/N/246-272  1834

c. 26 items

Bundle of letters, solicitors' bills, etc. of Nicholas Pateshall in consequence of assault made on Nicholas by Richard Sill, the letters include one from Capt. Gillespie, R.M. which gives account of Naval Movements in his quarter, etc. Mainly correspondence praising Nicholas" behaviour and recommending that he take criminal action. Also apology from Sill as to his behaviour.

[no title]  A95/V/N/273-276  1834

4 items

Briefs, affidavits, etc. in case King v. Richard Sill. Sill found guilty of assaulting Nicholas Pateshall - political motives (Sill agent to Blackmore, Elections 1834.)

[no title]  A95/V/N/280 281.283  1834, 1835, 1837

Copies of Newspapers:-
"The Hereford Times" Feb. 8 and 15, 1834. giving account of trial of Rex. v. Sill, also dec. 30 1837.
"The Hereford Journal" April 2, 1834, with account of Rex. v. Sill.

[no title]  A95/V/N/279  1837/8

1 Victoria
Printed: "An act for amending the Provision of two acts of Parliament relating to the City of HEREFORD; and for limiting the Duration of Saint Ethelbert's or the Nine-day's Fair, held Annually in the said City, and Transferring the Jurisdiction and the Tolls thereof".

[no title]  A95/V/N/215  ND

Printed: Proclamation under terms of The Riot Act.
Printed at the "Times"office, Widemarsh Street.

[no title]  A95/V/N/216  Sept 1839 - Sept 1840

Printed: Abstract of City Accounts.
Edward Pritchard, Treasurer.

[no title]  A95/V/N/217  1840

Printed: Statement of Accounts of the Blue Coat Schools.
E. G. Wright, St. Owen's street, Hereford, printer.

[no title]  A95/V/N/207-209  1839 - 1840

Pateshall as Mayor of Hereford:
Three letters to Nicholas Pateshall as Mayor of Hereford:-
1839. Dec. 28.
From Richd. Johnson, concerning a meeting to be held to establish his duties as Town Clerk.
1840, July 8.
From Thos. Cooke requesting the interference of one of Pateshall's officers to protect his child from the abuses of Harriet Matthews and.... Blackwell, two prostitutes.
1840, October 18
From Frances Watson saying she has instructed that the roof be repaired on the Theatre.

The Royal Wedding  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/N/210-211  1840

Printed notices (2) as follows:
Notice of petition by shop-keepers to close business in honour of Queen's wedding day; with approval of Mayor, Nicholas L. Pateshall.
Notice of Public Dinner and Ball in Celebration of the Queen's marriage.
T.N. Webb, Hereford, printer.

[no title]  A95/V/N/284  1840, Feb 15

"The Hereford County Press and Shropshire Mail", with account of Queen's Wedding.

[no title]  A95/V/N/212-214  1840

The Mechanics Institute
Papers, etc. relating to the Institute, as follows:
Printed Notice of meeting to establish the Institute called by the Mayor on petition of Inhabitants of the City, with list of petitioners.
Letter to Nicholas Pateshall (Mayor)
Telling of St. Peter's Association established to do work similar to the Mechanics Institute, saying that it will not be able to continue to function if there is another similar institute in the city, and although he would be willing to come to some terms with the Institution, he does not entirely agree with its rules - lack of religion etc.
Printed sheet -
Rules of the Mechanics Institute.

Miscellaneous Printed Material  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/N/277  ND

Printed Card with notice that Sprint Carriage via Ledbury or Ross goes to Gloucester to meet early trains with list of offices delivered to.

[no title]  A95/V/N/278  ND

Printed Card: Notice to passengers not to give fees to Guards of the Aberystwith Mail.
Dated: Plough Office, Cheltenham.

[no title]  A95/V/N/285  ND

Call Card: Mr. R.H. King of Mortlake, Surrey, endorsed: "71 by 84 Magdalon."

[no title]  A95/V/N/286  ND

Caricature of "Mr. Pateshall".

Later Additions, from other parts of the Pateshall Collection  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/V/N/287  29 May, 1802

Letter, L. Lambe, Town Clerk, to Nicholas Pateshall, enclosing copy of an order made 27 May 1802, to grant Nicholas the Freedom of the City of Hereford, and requesting him to attend the Mayor's Court to be sworn in.


Third son of Edmund Lechmere Pateshall Married Mary, youngest dau of Rev. Williams of Shobdon, October 1804

[no title]  A95/J/1-4  1817/1818

Articles of Agreement between Thomas Cotes, Surgeon, William Symonds and J.S.L. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/J/5-9  1817

Bonds to perform covenants. all relating to the Lunatic Asylum.

[no title]  A95/J/10-13  1806

Case for the opinions of Mr Dauncey, regarding the "window tax" on windows in the Lunatic Asylum. Objections to being rated, quoting St. Bartholomew's Hospital and similar institutions are not charged with assessments for the poor.

[no title]  A95/J/14-30  nd

Various accounts, receipts etc.

[no title]  A95/J/31  nd

Inventory of medical supplies & purchase price.

[no title]  A95/J/32  1824

Lease of the Lunatic Asylum.

[no title]  A95/J/33  1838

Printed matter. State of the General Infirmary including list of Annual Subscribers.

[no title]  A95/J/34  1802-1825

Asylum Ledger No. 1

[no title]  A95/J/35  1828-1834

Asylum Ledger No. 2

[no title]  A95/J/36  1827-1834

Asylum Account Book

[no title]  A95/J/37  nd

25 items

Bundle of letters, mostly concerning a certain John Parry, one of the patients

[no title]  A95/J/38  1824

Bundle of papers concerning the Asylum i.e. particulars of its building, the granting of the land and enclosure, report of the Committee 1824 and meeting of the Governors 1824, the building of a wall.
Inventory of furniture turned over by Mr Cotes, property of Asylum Governors.

[no title]  A95/J/39  1817

Inventory of Furniture belonging to Mr Cotes

[no title]  A95/J/40  Mar 1802

Letter from brother Edmund to John in London referring to John's poor state of health. Also stating that "Lord Batemen has at last died"

[no title]  A95/J/41  nd

Apprenticeship Indenture. John Pateshall, minor and Nicholas Geary of the Borough of Leominster, Surgeon and Apothecary.

[no title]  A95/J/42  1803 - 1817

Two letters to John Pateshall from brother Nicholas, aboard H.M.S. Calcutta, 1803 and H.M.S. Ville de Parish 1805, and one from brother Sandys 1817.

[no title]  A95/J/43  1830/1

Poor Rate demand and receipt

WALTER PATESHALL CLERK. 1787-1820  [no ref. or date]

The seventh son of Edmund & Ann, Clerk in Holy Orders and Master of Arts.
Ne never married

[no title]  A95/WP/1  1807 - 1814

51 items

Bundle of Rev. Walter Pateshall's accounts, expenses lists, debts and notably bills for such things as clothing, cutlery and stationery, etc., incurred during the period 1807-14, the earlier part of which Mr Pateshall spent as a student at Oxford.
Also a small unopened packet, endorsed "Bills paid out of the £54 given to Walter when he returned to Oxford Feb 4th 1808.

[no title]  A95/WP/2  1810 - 1812

19 items

Bundle of Rev. W. Pateshall's bills, accounts etc. incurred during the period 1810-12

[no title]  A95/WP/3  nd

18 items

Various letters to Rev. Walter Pateshall mainly from his creditors, some intending to take further action if he does not pay debts required.

[no title]  A95/WP/4  1803

Letter from his brother Sandy's, in India, "Mother has not yet determined in what line of Life to fix you. We have lately commenced a war against the Marhattah Power who can bring between two and three hundred Thousand Cavalry into the field. Write me a letter of five pages either in Latin, French or English".

[no title]  A95/WP/5  1819

Letter from his brother, William, "Don't expect your creditors to be discharged by Edmund or our Mother. The time is fast approaching when you must either surrender yourself or render me liable to pay the debts."

[no title]  A95/WP/6  nd

Testimonium (in Latin) written by Walter.

[no title]  A95/WP/7  1815

Declaration by Walter Pateshall that he will conform to the Liturgy of the Church of England

[no title]  A95/WP/8  nd

Certificate as to a Clergyman having read the Common Prayer etc., as required to be done by him upon his admission to a Benefice.

[no title]  A95/WP/9  1819

A letter to Rev. Cope, Hereford, signed by Peter Warburton, on behalf of the parishioners of Grendon Bishop and dated 23rd April 1819, saying that it is with great regret they have heard Mr. Pateshall is about to leave this curacy under circumstances very unpleasant to him and they will all be sorry to lose him.

[no title]  A95/WP/10  April 1820

A letter from Rev. Tremayne re his attendance at church in the absence of Rev. Pateshall

Marriage Licences, 1812-1819.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/WP/11  Jan 25 1812

Between John Phillips of Llanwarne and Maria Ellaway of Hereford, St. Nicholas Church, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/WP/12  May 11 1812

Between Joshua Newman of Bromyard and Mary Colle of Hereford, at St. Nicholas Church, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/WP/13  May 27 1812

Between William Ravenhill of Hereford and Jane Watson of Hereford, at St. Peters Church, Hereford.

[no title]  A95/WP/14  Aug 11 1813

Between William Meekes of Bromyard and Lydia Mound of Bromyard at Bromyard Church

[no title]  A95/WP/15  Sep 14 1814

Between James Benbow of Lindridge Worcs., and Hannah Craddock of Stoke Lacy at Stoke Lacy Church.

[no title]  A95/WP/16  Jan 12 1814

Between Thomas Grove of Nuneaton Warwickshire and Elizabeth Willcox of Bromyard at Bromyard Church.

[no title]  A95/WP/17  June 7 1815

Between William Hill of Bromyard and Ann Jordan of Bromyard, at Bromyard Church

[no title]  A95/WP/18  July 15 1815

Between Samuel Goode of Edwin Ralph and Ann Jolley of Edwin Ralph at Edwin Ralph Church

[no title]  A95/WP/19  Feb 21 1816

Between Thomas Badham of Bromyard and Elizabeth Hollinhs of Weston Beggard, at Bromyard Church.

[no title]  A95/WP/20  Oct 7 1816

Between Charles Goodman of Leominster and Elizabeth Oseman of Bromyard at Bromyard Church

[no title]  A95/WP/21  Jan 1 1819

Between Thomas Winwood of Doddenham Worcs. and Suzanna Williams of Bromyard, at Bromyard Church

[no title]  A95/WP/22-30  1812-1820

Diaries of Rev. Walter Pateshall

THOMAS ALAN PATESHALL; Wine Merchant  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/TP/1-3  nd

Three of Mr Thomas A. Pateshall's accounts

[no title]  A95/TP/4-5  nd

Two letters to Thomas Pateshall

[no title]  A95/TP/6  1843

Printed: Sale catalogue of pictures collected by T.A. Pateshall, to be sold 15 March 1843. by Phillips, 73New Bond Street, auctioneer.

EVAN (THOMAS) PATESHALL SOLICITOR. 1816-1885  [no ref. or date]

Evan Thomas J.P. co. Hfd.Brec.Rad. D.L. co.Hfd. M.P. co.Hfd 1874-78. Fourth son of David Thomas of Welfield, married Ann Elizabeth Pateshall only child of William & took Royal Licence the name & Arms of Pateshall, under the will of E.B.P.

Personal papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/1  Sept 1835-Aug 1838

Journal Book A.

[no title]  A95/ET/2  Aug 1838-Feb 1839

Journal Book B.

[no title]  A95/ET/3  1857-1869; nd

17 items; 42 items

Thornbury Rentals
Correspondence etc, includes map of Westington Court Estate

[no title]  A95/ET/4  c 1850 - 1884

Agreements between Evan Pateshall and various tenants, re the letting of properties
Lease of Allensmore Glebe & Tithes to Robert Lane. 1850.
Agreement to let Wood Street. Sarah Davies. 1868
Agreement to let Wood Street. Robert Bennett. 1874
Agreement to let Wood Street. Reece Davies. 1876
Agreement to let Village Farm. Wm Garrett. 1867
Agreement to let Village Farm Thomas Bemand. 1876
Meadowland and premises, within the liberties of the city of Hereford to T.E.H. Platt. 1874.
Agreement to Let Green Farm. Caroline Berrow. 1879.
Agreement to Let Buildings Farm. Henry Bengough 1881.
Agreement to Let Cottage & Garden. nr the school at Allensmore. Elizabeth Meek 1884.

[no title]  A95/ET/5  1815

Correspondence, receipts, etc, re Clifford Tithes Includes abstract of conveyance to Mr Henry Walker of Clifford

[no title]  A95/ET/6  24 April 1880

Restoration of Allensmore Church (accounts, receipts correspondence, etc. Copy of Hereford Journal giving account of opening of Allensmore church after restoration.

[no title]  A95/ET/7  nd

Rental particulars of Allensmore Court Estate. including maps, and valuation of Green Farm.
Fire Insurance Policy, Allensmore Court.

[no title]  A95/ET/8  c 1848 - 1852

Appointment of Evan Thomas (E.P.) as Coroner, 1848, to the county of Brecon, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, copy of letter of resignation, 1852.
All these papers wrapped in a copy of the Supplement to the Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald, marked Letters etc re Coronership.

[no title]  A95/ET/9  1881

Bundle of papers including an Agreement for the tenancy of Webtree Cottage between E.P. and Thomas King. Correspondence and an account of the sale of effects belonging to Thos King at Webtree Cottage under distress for rent.

[no title]  A95/ET/10  1885-1891

Allensmore Estate rent account

[no title]  A95/ET/11  c 1864 - 1866

4 items

Application by E.P. to the General Land Drainage & Improvement Co. for the drainage of land in the parishes of Allensmore and Much Dewchurch.
Indenture between the parties. Dec, 1864.
Absolute order of the Inclosure Commissioners for Payment of £1661.16.8 for improvement by drainage. July 1866
Certificate of Inspector on works executed by the Company. [undated]

[no title]  A95/ET/12  June 1868

4 items

Lease of Goose Pool Corner in the parish of Allensmore to Hugh Powell Price

[no title]  A95/ET/13  Dec 1860

Commission of Evan Pateshall Esq to be Deputy Lieutenant to the county of Hereford.

[no title]  A95/ET/14  Oct 1863

Petition of Burgesses of the Monmouth Ward to Evan Pateshall to be nominated as a candidate for the office of councillor.

[no title]  A95/ET/15  nd

Request from The Mayor to the Magistrates, Aldermen & Town Council to attend the morning service of the Musical Festival. (undated)

[no title]  A95/ET/16  1856 - 1870

Sale Particular. Cobhall, Allensmore. 1856.
Statement of Tithe to be Fee Farm Rent, issuing out of Cobhall 1870.

[no title]  A95/ET/17  April 1877

Letter from John Wills together with a drawing of his proposed design for covering the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park.

[no title]  A95/ET/18  1818

City of Hereford Poll Book.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/19

Lent Assizes. 1828. Names of Jurors.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/20

Programme of entertainment 18 January 1867 in aid of the distressing effects of the Colliery Explosions.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/21

Toast List. Herefordshire Chamber of Agriculture 19 January 1870. Annual Dinner.

[no title]  A95/ET/22  nd

Advertisement. To let Sugwas Court, Eaton Bishop (undated)

[no title]  A95/ET/23  26 May 1874

Hereford Conservative Association and Hereford Working Mens Association. List of Members and rules etc., Toast List at Dinner

[no title]  A95/ET/24  1864

List of Magistrates, Hereford Division, and calender of Petty and Special Sessions.

[no title]  A95/ET/25  1862

List of Bridge Surveying Magistrates.

[no title]  A95/ET/26  nd

Copies of etchings on copper of the Four Most Esteemed Breeds of Cattle. by E.F. Welles. (Book).

[no title]  A95/ET/27  1860 - 1875

Herefordshire Rifle Association Battalion Prize Meetings. List of Prize Winners. June 1870 - 1875.
Subscription list for the Hereford Volunteer Rifle Corps 1860.

[no title]  A95/ET/28  1881

Watercolour painting of Allensmore Pool.

[no title]  A95/ET/29  1882

Watercolour painting of Parbutti Temple.

[no title]  A95/ET/30  nd

Transfer of Securities, land at Shelwick and Eaton Bishop

[no title]  A95/ET/31  nd

Particulars and Valuation of Lower Docklow Farm

[no title]  A95/ET/32  nd

Church House Estate, Thornbury, letter and memorandum re purchase

[no title]  A95/ET/33  nd

Inscription on tombstone in Thornbury Church relating to Burnam and Good families.

[no title]  A95/ET/34  nd

Letter from Arthur Barradick enclosing a tracing of a rubbing of an old stone in Dowlais Church said to be 1000 years old

[no title]  A95/ET/35  nd

Power of Attorney to receive pay as executor in the will of N.L. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/ET/36  c 1853

Copy will of Admiral N.L. Pateshall dated 23.3.1853 Correspondence includingletter from T.L. Bodenham stating they had receivedthe probate of the late Admiral Pateshall's will.
Dr Kidley states Adml.P. had no right to dispose of his late brothers reversionary property.
Letter from Dr. Kidley regretting he will not be able to attend Adml.P's funeral.

[no title]  A95/ET/37  nd

Misc correspondence re J.S.L. Patershall's estate.
Copies of correspondence with Mrs Kidley (J.S.L.P's daughter) re the interest from her trust fund 1866.
Bond for payment of the interest on a sum of £400 during the lives of Mrs Mary Pateshall and Mrs Kidley.

[no title]  A95/ET/38  31 July 1841

Copy will of Mr T.A. Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/ET/39  1748

Copy will of John Pateshall of Pudleston.

[no title]  A95/ET/40  1790

Copy will of Edmund Pateshall of Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/ET/41  May 1842

Marriage settlement of Anne Elizabeth Pateshall and Evan Thomas.
Copy draft of above.

[no title]  A95/ET/42  July 1855

The London Gazette Notice that Evan Thomas of Ffynonau in the Co. of Brecon and Anne Elizabeth his wife, only child of William Pateshall, that they and their issue may in compliance with a direction in the will of Edmund Burnam Pateshall take and use the surname of Pateshall and also bear the arms of the Pateshall family.

[no title]  A95/ET/43  1862

Evan Pateshall's commission as Captain in the second Hereford or Eighth Herefordshire Coy of Rifle Volunteers.

[no title]  A95/ET/44  1853

Draft Lease 1853. Evan Thomas to Mr Samuel Perkins of Westington Court Estate for seven years.

[no title]  A95/ET/45  Oct 1874

Agreement between E.P. and James Stedman for Westington Court Farm for 21 years.

[no title]  A95/ET/46  1855 - 1856

Particulars and valuation of the Church House and other estates in the parish of Thornbury.
March 1855, revised Oct 1856

[no title]  A95/ET/47  nd

Schedule of title deeds, property and land in Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/ET/48  1867

Thornbury Rental.

[no title]  A95/ET/49  1848

Epitome of lease and release of appointment of land in the parish of Thornbury.

[no title]  A95/ET/50  1848

4 Items

Deed and related papers, to bar the entail of certain hereditaments in the parishes of Thornbury and Much Cowarne.

[no title]  A95/ET/51  1777

Articles on the intended marriage of Edmund Pateshall and Miss Burnam.

[no title]  A95/ET/52  nd

Schedule of deeds relating to Westington.

[no title]  A95/ET/53  1873

9 items

Pateshall v Green Price.
Packet of papers in the above case, including Bill of complaint, Interrogotories, Affidavits, Observations, Minutes of Order and Newspaper cuttings of letters to the press re the case.

[no title]  A95/ET/54/1  1859

Sale particulars and conditions of sale in respect of:-
Cagebrook Mansion, The Marsh Farm, Eaton Bishop Cublington, Madley. The Grange and Kingstone Farm, Kingstone. Didley Court, St Devereux.

[no title]  A95/ET/54/2  1856

Cobhall Estate, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/ET/54/3  1878 & nd

Cobhall Court Farm. 1878.
Also Estate plan of Cobhall (no date)

[no title]  A95/ET/54/4  1874

Mawfield Estate, Allensmore & Clehonger.

[no title]  A95/ET/54/5  1883

Traphouse Estate, Allensmore & Madley.

[no title]  A95/ET/55  nd

Copy Case, re surplus of purchase money to arise by sale of Weston Court.

[no title]  A95/ET/56  nd

Correspondence between Evan Pateshall, Mrs Milborough Pateshall, Rev. F.S. Baker, Messts Underwood and Knight, re Allensmore Exchange. Also an agreement not to disturb school on lands exchanged at Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/ET/56, A95/ET/57  1871-2

Evan Pateshall and Rev. Grasett. Bundle of papers concerning the sale of Old Vicarage and purchase of site for new one.

[no title]  A95/ET/58  1860/61

Purchase of Lease of Allensmore Glebe from Mr R. Lane.

[no title]  A95/ET/59  1863

Evan Pateshall to Underwood and Knight re £3000 mortgage

[no title]  A95/ET/60  1863

Costs re Allensmore exchange and purchase

[no title]  A95/ET/61  1865

Costs re sundries. Underwoodm & Knight.

[no title]  A95/ET/62  1866

Costs re purchase of Allensmore Farm.

[no title]  A95/ET/63  1879 - 1883

Agreement between Evan Pateshall and Caroline Berrow, rent of Green Farm, Much Dewchurch, £509.6.0d p.a. January 1879.
Letter dated 19th December 1883, re letting.

[no title]  A95/ET/64  nd

Sir Robert Price's Bankruptcy, letter and newspaper cutting.

[no title]  A95/ET/65  1861

Hire of John Matthews as Evan Pateshall's Waggoner

[no title]  A95/ET/66  1850

Newspaper cutting. Sale of Brockington Estate Grendon Bishop.

[no title]  A95/ET/67  1849

Particulars of advertisement for letting Westington Court Estate, Grendon Bishop.

[no title]  A95/ET/68  1853

Conveyance of a piece of land in the Manor of Holmer and Shelwick, from Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall and Mr & Mrs Evan Thomas to Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway Co.

[no title]  A95/ET/69  nd

Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway deviation at Allensmore. Copy plan and two letters.

[no title]  A95/ET/70  nd

Letter from Stamp Office, re Admiral Pateshall's Estate Duty.

[no title]  A95/ET/71  1867

Printed. Basic or Standard for County Rate.

[no title]  A95/ET/72  nd

Evan Pateshall's passport in leather wallet

[no title]  A95/ET/73  1862

Letter re "All England Cricket Eleven" to play 22 of the county.

[no title]  A95/ET/74  March 1899

Supplement to Brecon & Radnor Express, showing death of D.W.T. Thomas of Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/75  1863 - 1871

Printed material

[no title]  A95/ET/75/1  1863

Police Gazette

[no title]  A95/ET/75/2  1866

Infirmary Statement

[no title]  A95/ET/75/3  1870

Programmes, Hereford Music Festival.
List of Stewards and admission ticket

[no title or date]  A95/ET/75/4

Programme & General Arrangements.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/75/5

Programme: The Messiah.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/75/6

Programme: The Prodigal Son and The Last Judgment.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/75/7

Inauguration of Statue of Sir George Cornwall
Lewis, by Viscount Palmerston.

[no title]  A95/ET/75/8  1864

Address by Mayor. Aldermen & citizens of Hereford to Lord Palmerston

[no title]  A95/ET/75/9  1863

St Martin's Penny Readings

[no title]  A95/ET/75/10  1865

Agricultural Register

[no title]  A95/ET/75/11  1867

Rules for regulating the trade of carpenters and joiners.

[no title]  A95/ET/75/12  1871

Rules passed at a special meeting of Employers and operatives.

[no title]  A95/ET/75/13  1864

List of Magistrates. Hereford City.

[no title]  A95/ET/75/14  May 1865

Hereford Rifle Association.
List of Competitors.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/75/15

Buisness card. C. BONNOR, Che mist & Druggist. Hereford

[no title]  A95/ET/75/16  1868

Register of Voters. St Devereux Polling District.

[no title]  A95/ET/76/1  12th July 1865

Cutting from "The Times", showing a list of Candidates for election to the new Parliament.

[no title]  A95/ET/76/2  1874

Poster. Hereford City Election.
Result showing Pateshall 978, Clive 921, Arbuthnot 903, Pully 902.

[no title]  A95/ET/77  15 March 1862

Copy of Hereford Journal
Also cutting from Hereford Times. (same date) re appointment of Mr Evan Pateshall as Captain of The Eighth Company of Herefordshire Volunteers.

Solicitors Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/78  1551-1821

26 items

Bundle of Deeds (Mortages and Releases) to a property called "Newhouse" in the County of Radnor, parish of Llanvareth.

[no title]  A95/ET/79  1830 - 1848

Newhouse Farm, Llanvareth (Llanvaredd).

[no title]  A95/ET/79/1  1840

Conveyance of Newhouse Farm, Henry Mayberry to Rev. William Jones Thomas

[no title]  A95/ET/79/2  1830

Copy will of Thomas Mayberry

[no title]  A95/ET/79/3  1848

Agreement for sale of New House

[no title]  A95/ET/79/4  1848

Marriage settlement, Edward Mayberry and Miss Kennethina Scobie

[no title]  A95/ET/79/5  1848

Abstract of Title to Farm and Lands called Newhouse

[no title]  A95/ET/79/6  1848

Observations on Newhouse Title.

[no title]  A95/ET/79/7  1848

Conditions of sale

[no title]  A95/ET/80  c 1849

Pentre Farm. Llanvareth (Llanvaredd).

[no title]  A95/ET/80/1  nd

Draft conveyance. Farm and Lands called Pentre in the parish of Llanvareth.

[no title]  A95/ET/80/2  1847

Schedule of title deeds.

[no title]  A95/ET/80/3  1847

Sale Poster.

[no title]  A95/ET/80/4  1847

Conditions of Sale.

[no title]  A95/ET/80/5  nd

Timber valuations, some correspondence and list of the bidding at Pentre Sale.

[no title]  A95/ET/80/6  nd

Abstract of Title - under the will of the late Mr Evan Gwillim, farm and lands called Pentre, parish of Llanvareth, Rads.

[no title]  A95/ET/81  nd

Plan of part of waste ground known as Loughor Mountain in the parishes of Loughor, and Llandilotalybont, Glamorganshire.

[no title]  A95/ET/82  1682

An abstract of Mr Stanlys outlying lands at Hunton

[no title]  A95/ET/83  c 1841

Copy will of John Smith Esq. 1825.
Nov. 1841. Copy case for opinion on above will.

[no title]  A95/ET/84  1808

Will of Thomas Downes of Hereford City.

[no title]  A95/ET/85  1871

Release to the trustees of above will

[no title]  A95/ET/86  1863

Bill of complaint, Johnson v Downes

[no title]  A95/ET/87  1864

Appointment of Trustees to Will of Thomas Downes Correspondence between Trustees.

[no title]  A95/ET/88  nd

Thomas Sale in account with the Trustees of the Will of Thomas Downes.

[no title]  A95/ET/89  1865 1866 & 1867

Letton Court Rentals.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/90

Transfer of Mortgage of hereditaments and premises in the parish of Llandefailog fach, Brecon.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/91

Copy plan of Nantycerdin, Co of Brecon, Correspondence re renting of farm, and offer to purchase.

[no title]  A95/ET/92  c 1853 - 1854

Bank of Wales. Bundle of papers concerning the establishment of "The Bank of Wales"

[no title]  A95/ET/92/1  July 4, 1853

Report of the Committee of the Swansea Harbour Trust.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/92/2

Swansea. A seaport town in Glamorganshire

[no title or date]  A95/ET/92/3

A list of exports and imports

[no title]  A95/ET/92/4  nd

Prospectus of the Bank of Wles.

[no title]  A95/ET/92/5  August 1853

Report of E.T's journey to Swansea re the establishment of the projected bank.

[no title]  A95/ET/92/6  December 1853 - January 1854

Expenses incurred on a similar visit

[no title or date]  A95/ET/92/7

Copies information: All photocopies. Originals transferred to West Glamorgan R.O.Swanse

Copy letter to Mr Anthony Dillon, Esq., Wrexham.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/93

Llanganten, Brecon, Tithe Rent Account, commutation of the Tithes, List of tenements and occupiers.

[no title]  A95/ET/94  Dec 1847

Abstract of Title, Cottage, Blacksmith's shop and garden, situated in Talgarth Green, 1847.
Also Draft Assignment, Mrs Margaret Michael to Mr David Jenkins.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/95

Lent Assizes. Brecon, 1851. Margaret Michael and David Jenkins, def. in ejectment.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/95/1

Brief for the defendants

[no title or date]  A95/ET/95/2

Abstract of Title.

[no title]  A95/ET/95/3  1847

Assize Roll 241.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/95/4

Plan of Locus in Quo.

[no title or date]  A95/ET/95/5

Some correspondence etc.

[no title]  A95/ET/95/6  1835

And the office copy will of John Michael.

Aberannell Estate.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/96  1759

2 copies

Will of William Williams of Aberannell

[no title]  A95/ET/97  1765

2 copies

Release of Power, Mrs Susanna Hopkins to D.H. Hopkins her son

[no title]  A95/ET/98  1812

3 copies

Recovery by W.L. Hopkins and Anne Elizabeth his wife of lands in Llangamarch, Llanfihangel, Abergwessen, Llangfan vawr Maesmynis, Llanfair in Builth and Mertha-cynog

[no title]  A95/ET/99  nd

3 copies

Statement of Pedigree. (Williams/Hopkins/White)

[no title]  A95/ET/100  1848

4 copies

Abstract of Title of the trustees under the will of the late Mrs Anne Elizabeth White to the Aberannell and other estates in the county of Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/101  nd

1 copy

Abstract of Title of the trustees under the will of the late Mrs A.E White to a messuage farm and lands called Penybont in the parish of Merthyr Cynog, Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/102  nd

Agreement for the purchase of Aberannell Mansion House and lands, together with various correspondence

[no title]  A95/ET/103  1846

Copy will and codicil of Mrs White of Aberannell.

[no title]  A95/ET/104  nd

Abstract of the title of the devisees in the trust under the will of the late Mrs A.E White to the Aberannell Estate.

[no title]  A95/ET/105  nd

Conveyance of a messuage, farm and lands called Brynbannedd; Schedule of Title; Correspondence etc.

[no title]  A95/ET/106  nd

Abstract of Title under the will of Mrs A.E. White to Brynbannedd

[no title]  A95/ET/107  1846

Further copy of Will and Codicil of Mrs A.E. White.

[no title]  A95/ET/108  1848

Breconshire. Lent Assizes.
Bundle of Briefs, Affidavits, etc., in the case of Ramsden & Another V Daniel Phillips in an action of Trespass.

[no title]  A95/ET/109  c 1825

Mr Evan Thomas in account with the Executors of the late Thomas Parker Esq:
Includes. Accounts of Receipts & Payments.
Certified extract from the Will of John Bevan of Llangamarch. 1825.
Particulars & rents of dwelling houses at Builth.
Correspondence etc, and other misc items.

Maes-yr-on Estate.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/110  nd

Abstract of Title of Mr John Jones to Farms and Lands in the parish of Llangammarch.

[no title]  A95/ET/111  nd

Conveyance of Maes-yr-on Estate. James Geo. Waller Geo. Thos. Smith & John Jones to Evan Powell.
Includes plan of the estate

[no title]  A95/ET/112  nd

Schedule of Deeds

[no title]  A95/ET/113  nd

Counsels Opinion on Title

[no title]  A95/ET/114  nd


Tregare & Yniswye in the parish of Gwenddwr, Brecon.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/115  1854

Draft Release in respect of £2000 bequeathed by the Will of the late David Thomas.

[no title]  A95/ET/116  1854

Copy of Draft Mortgage of £2000 on Farms called Tregare and Yniswye.

[no title]  A95/ET/117  1854

E.D.Thomas to Messrs David Thomas & Evan Thomas Bond of Indemnity.

Llyn Howell & other properties in Llandingal & Celyciorn in the County of Carmarthen 1847.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/118  1847

Draft conveyance of a messuage & Farm called Llyn Howell and other hereiditaments.

[no title]  A95/ET/119  1853

To John Jones. Notice to quit premises known as The Gardeners Arms, Llandesailoy

[no title]  A95/ET/120  nd

To Mr William Lloyd and Mr Lloyd the younger.
Notice to quit the premises known as Tynywain in the Parish of Merthyr Cynog.

[no title]  A95/ET/121 known  nd

To Mrs Sarah Clay notice to quit the premises as Lower Cwmlydy in the parish of Merthyr Cynog.

[no title]  A95/ET/122  1830

Will of Edward Jones of the town of Llandovery in the county of Carmarthen.

[no title]  A95/ET/123  nd

Schedule of Deeds relating to Cross Inn Estate

[no title]  A95/ET/124  1846

Conditions of Sale of Llyn Howell.

[no title]  A95/ET/125  1846

Abstract of Title to Llyon Howell.

[no title]  A95/ET/126-131  1845

Tithe Commutation. Solicitors & Valuers Bills. Counties of Brecon & Radnor

[no title]  A95/ET/132  1855

Evan Thomas to Thomas Tunks. Draft surrender of Crossway Meadow in the parish of Holmer.
Includes some correspondence.

[no title]  A95/ET/133  1847

John and Mary Jones to John Williams, Conveyance of a cottage in the parish of St.Davids, Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/134  nd

Richard Evans to Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall Mortgage of a farm and land called Froedytheiu, parish of Llangammarch, Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/135  nd

Thomas Jones to Thomas Bowen, Mortgage in fee of of Messuages and premises in the parish of Llanafan fawr.

[no title]  A95/ET/136  nd

Thomas Jeffreys to William Williams. Conveyance of the site of a cottage & garden in the parish of Llanfiangel Nantbrance, Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/137  1838

Probate of the will of Sarah Jones of Bulch y Chwyrn in the parish of Llanafan faur, Brecon.
Also some papers relating to the estate.

[no title]  A95/ET/138  1850

Papers relating to the stopping up of certain portions of the Llwyn Madoc Road, Breconshire. July Sessions

[no title]  A95/ET/139  1848

Draft Release and Mortgage in fee of Pantyllwyfen in the parish of Llandefuilog, Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/140  nd

Draft Conveyance of freehold property situate in the parish of St John the Evangelist in the County of Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/141  1850

2 copies

Probate of the willof Edward Prosser of The Watton in the town of Brecon. Proved

[no title]  A95/ET/142  1853

2 items

Articles of Agreement with the Rev. Evan Powell for the sale of Brynbannith Farm.

[no title]  A95/ET/143  nd

Sale of Noyaddilwydd Farm, Llanfareth, Rads. Newspaper cutting and site plan.

[no title]  A95/ET/144  nd

William Roberts to James Snead. Reconveyance of messuage or dwelling houses, situated in Old Port Inferior Ward in the town of Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/145  nd

Draft Demise and Mortgage of several Messuages or tenements in several parishes in Radnorshire for securing £1800 and interest.

[no title]  A95/ET/146  nd

Rev. D. Williams & Mary his wife and others to Edward Fowke. Draft Release and indemnity in respect of sums of money held under the trusts of the will of the late Francis Fowke. Esq.

[no title]  A95/ET/147  nd

Draft conveyance of Henbant Farm and lands in the parish of Llanwrtyd, Brecon.

[no title]  A95/ET/148  1842

Abstract of the Mortgage Securities of Miss Eliza Turner of the Swan Inn and other premises situate in the Town of Builth.

[no title]  A95/ET/149  1847

Transfer of Mortgage by demise of The Swan Inn and other premises adjoining.

[no title]  A95/ET/150  19th Century

Miscellaneous bundle of documents and papers, including:-
Will of Thomas Boddington of Titley. 1838.
Schedule of debts and other papers, due on death of Thomas Davies of Kenllysgwine, Llanynis, Brecon.
Walters v Howells, papers correspondence etc declaration of Trust. 1851-1857.
Minutes of Agreement between M. Newman and the Administrators of the late Mr W. Jones of Landswryveyor. 1850
Certificate of the election of Mr James Williams as Coroner for the county of Brecon.
Memorandum of an Agreement between Walter Jones of Carnancrochon and William Morgan of Faicenal re the cutting of underwood on Cefn Troscoed and Clynmerchyr.
Notice of equitable charge on the Laugharne Estate Carmarthen, for securing £4038 and interest.
John Jones to Col. Watkins, reconveyance of a lease, farm and land called Penycrng.

[no title]  A95/ET/151  19th Century

Bundle of miscellaneous items including:-
Will of David Price of Cwmsivien, Llangammarch, Brecon. dated 8th February 1854.
Will of Miles Jones of the town of Brecon. dated 11 June 1846.
Lease. 9th September 1818.
Thomas Watkins, Clerk & John Howell. Land and garden in the town of Brecon, between the Canal and the Blue Boar.
Evan Thomas to J.W.R. Hall. Draft notice of a second mortgage. 5 messuages situated in the Watton in the town of Brecon. 1853.
Llangynog Tithe Rent Charge. Receipts etc.
Summons to recover possession of premises in Lion St. Brecon.
Evan Thomas v Charles Vaughan, Clerk, Recovery of £300 debt.
Will of Thomas Davies of Llanynys. 10. No. 1847. and a bundle of receipts.
Address from certain citizens of Brecon and friends, to Evan Thomas on his election to the Civic Chair of Brecon. 27 November 1850.
Poster advertising the play "The Love Chase" by Sheridan Knowles, performed at The Theatre, Brecon on 30th December 1850.

[no title]  A95/ET/152  nd

Papers, correspondence, list of subscribers etc all in connection with the formation of the Welsh Union Railway

[no title]  A95/ET/153  c 1850 - 1853

Bundle of papers, correspondence, receipts etc including:-
List of subscribers towards the Great Exhibition of 1851, also poster advertising meeting, and associated correspondence etc.
Circular of Brecon Bible Society Meeting.
Camb. Archaeological Assn. Meeting, 1853
Historic Ins. of Wales, List of Officials, rules.
The Christ's College question.
Poster. Four lectures on 'The Poet Moore. 1852.
Poster. Advertising a meeting to discuss forming a Railway Communication between Brecon & Hereford 1851.
Poster. Meeting to discuss Act of Papal Agression 1850.
Plus newspaper cutting of result of meeting.
Copy Minute of Resolution re Market Cttee. accounts.
"Memorandum of business matters and other transactions connected with my office of Mayor of Brecon that occured during my Mayoralty "- (written in E.Thomas's hand)
Printed leaflet. General Rules and Regulations for Special Constables.

[no title]  A95/ET/154  nd

Bundle of papers including:-
Mortgage, Abstract of Title, Conveyance of Equity of redemption. Will of Mrs Gwen Davies wid. of Dowlais Iron Works. Sale particulars and correspondence all in connection with Farm and Lands called Lower Lundy in the parish of Llambedr Painscastle & Relocous in the parish of Llandilo Graban, Radnor.

[no title]  A95/ET/155  1824

27 lots

Sale Particulars. Estates and Mineral Property situate in and near to the town of Cardiff. and also in the counties of Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecknok.

[no title]  A95/ET/156  1850-1854

Evan Thomas Esq., Solicitor in Account with Messrs. Scott. Tahourdin and Shaw, Lincoln's Inn Fields

Misc. personal material.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/ET/157  1869

Insurance Policy. Allensmore Court.

[no title]  A95/ET/158  c 1855 - 1904

Envelope of papers, includes:-
Licence that: Evan Thomas Gentleman and Anne Elizabeth his wife. That they and their issue may take and use the surname and Arms of Pateshall. Dated 9th March 1855.
Copy Will of Mrs Ann Elizabeth Pateshall. 1904.
Allensmore Court - Settled Estate
Allensmore Court - Mrs A.E. Pateshall's Free Real Estate.
Will and Codicil of Col Henry Evan Pateshall. 1901.
Also 3 letters.

[no title]  A95/ET/159  1877

Copy of the Will of William Berrow.

[no title]  A95/ET/160  1821

Admission of Edmund Burnam Pateshall to customary Estates and lands in Grendon Bishop.

[no title]  A95/ET/161  1890

Agreement. Cottage near to church, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/ET/161  nd

Perambulation of the bounds of the manors of Arkstone, Mawfield and Hungerstone.

[no title]  A95/ET/162  nd

Edward Skyrme of Kenchester convicted for keeping and using in the parish of Bridge Sollars, a lurcher dog, a ferret, and a net to kill and destroy game.

[no title]  A95/ET/163  nd

Small bundle of misc correspondence. receipts and particulars of deeds.

[no title]  A95/ET/164  nd

The custome of the Lordship of Bromyard.

[no title]  A95/ET/165  nd

Three wrappers from letters and one from a will

Col. H.E. Pateshall and Mrs E. Pateshall (nee Few)  [no ref. or date]

Book 1.  [no ref. or date]

Arrangement: The above items are not stuck into the book, but have been collected in envelopes inserted into the book and marked with ref. Nos.

[no title]  A95/83/1/1  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, Household & Gardening Items

[no title]  A95/83/1/2  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, Rural Matters

[no title]  A95/83/1/3  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, Correspondence: National Rifle Assn. Bisley Meetings

[no title]  A95/83/1/4  c1919

Newspaper Cuttings, The Herefordshire Regt

[no title]  A95/83/1/5  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, The Great War. Battlefields; Air Raids etc.

[no title]  A95/83/1/6  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, War Memorials and Services in local Churches

[no title]  A95/83/1/7  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, Armistice Celebrations

[no title]  A95/83/1/8  nd

Newspaper Cuttings, Miscellaneous Military Matters.

[no title]  A95/83/1/9  nd

Miscellaneous; Correspondence, advertisements etc.

Book 2.  [no ref. or date]

This book is marked "Newspaper Cuttings" on the cover.

[no title]  A95/83/2/1  1914

Page 1 (a) Articles of Uniform, supplied to Maj. Pateshall

[no title]  A95/83/2/2  April 1914

(b) Mess Bill.

[no title]  A95/83/2/3  1916

Page 2 (a) Hotel Bill. Berners Hotel, London. Mrs Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/83/2/4  nd

(b) Written Instructions, Bell Ringing.

[no title or date]  A95/83/2/5

Page 3 (a) From Ladies "Who's Who" 1922. Mrs Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/83/2/6  nd

(b) Cutting. re Lt.Col Pateshall

[no title]  A95/83/2/7  nd

(c) Christmas Card, 1920, from Staff College, Quetta.

[no title]  A95/83/2/8  nd

(d) Newspaper cutting "On a Welsh Hillside"

[no title]  A95/83/2/9  1922

Page 4 (a) Letter re. Bisley Camp Meeting

[no title]  A95/83/2/10  nd

(b) Newspaper Cutting. "Territorial Camp, Herefordshire Regt"

[no title]  A95/83/2/11  1922

(c) Letter re Commissioner Hereford Nth. Land Tax area

[no title]  A95/83/2/12  nd

(d) Item re Botanical Gdns. Bennebroek, Holland

[no title]  A95/83/2/13  nd

Page 5 (a) appeal re. presentation to retiring G.W.R. Station Master

[no title]  A95/83/2/14  1922

(b) Cutting; letter from Col.Pateshall re Ruridecanal Conference

[no title]  A95/83/2/15  1916

(c) Cutting; re promotion of Major Few to Lt.Col.

[no title]  A95/83/2/16  nd

(d) Postcard - Yoruba Girl.

[no title]  A95/83/2/17  nd

(e) Postcard - Gosden Common, Bramley, Surrey

[no title]  A95/83/2/18  nd

(f) Letter to Col.Pateshall from friend; postmarked "Port Said"

[no title]  A95/83/2/19  1922

Page 6 (a) Menu 53rd Divn Club Dinner London

[no title]  A95/83/2/20  nd

(b) Advertisement re picture of Rugby School.

[no title]  A95/83/2/21  1922

(c) Page for Dec. 13th, 1922 calendar

[no title]  A95/83/2/22  Oct 1922

(d) Invitation to Unveiling, Hereford War Memorial.

[no title]  A95/83/2/23  nd

(e) Cutting re.New Adjutant, Herefordshire Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/24  nd

Page 7 (a) cutting, photographs, opening Fownhope Memorial Hall

[no title]  A95/83/2/25  nd

(b) Cutting, News report of opening Fownhope Memorial Hall

[no title]  A95/83/2/26  nd

(c) Letter inviting Col.Pateshall to open Mem.Hall

Devastating Fire. Fish and Meat Market, Hereford. Dec 3rd 1922.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/83/2/27  c1922

Page 8 (a) Newspaper photograph. details of fire.

[no title]  A95/83/2/28  c 1922

(b) Newspaper photograph. details of fire.

[no title]  A95/83/2/29  c 1922

Page 9 Photograph of what was once Hereford Market.

[no title]  A95/83/2/30  c1922

Page 10 (a) Photograph and report, showing Market Clock still intact

[no title]  A95/83/2/31  c 1922

(b) Photograph showing Maylord St. and debris from fire.

[no title]  A95/83/2/32  c 1922

(c) Photograph taken at midnight; Firemen using hoses in Market

[no title]  A95/83/2/33  c1922

Page 11 (a) Photograph taken at midnight; Firemen breaking into blazing Market Hall

[no title]  A95/83/2/34  c 1922

(b) Photograph showing wall just before it collapsed

[no title]  A95/83/2/35  c1922

Page 12 Newspaper cutting - report of fire

[no title]  A95/83/2/36  c1922

Page 13 Newspaper report from Hereford Times "The Great Fire"

[no title]  A95/83/2/37  nd

Page 14 (a) Newspaper report. Social & Dance Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/83/2/38  nd

(b) Newspaper report. Guides Concert Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/83/2/39  January 1923

(c) Notice. Unveiling War Memorial to Herefordshire Regt in Cathedral

[no title]  A95/83/2/40  nd

(d) Cutting re War Memorial in (c)

[no title]  A95/83/2/41  nd

(e) Letter from Col. Pateshall - an apology for forgetting to invite Radnorshire T.A. to the ceremony.

[no title]  A95/83/2/42  nd

(f) Report of Sale of Work.

[no title]  A95/83/2/43  nd

Page 15 Newspaper Cuttings. Herefordshire Regt.Memorial Tablet. Men on March through Hereford; Wreath carrying party.

[no title]  A95/83/2/44  nd

Page 16 Full report of War Memorial Unveiling Ceremony.

[no title]  A95/83/2/45  nd

Page 17 (a) Report, Reunion celebrations, Herefordshire Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/46  1st Feb 1923

(b) Notice and details; Military Ball

[no title]  A95/83/2/47  nd

(c) Letter re meeting N. Herefordshire Land Tax Commissioners

[no title]  A95/83/2/48  nd

Page 18 (a) Letter re donations, Duke of York's Wedding Present.

[no title]  A95/83/2/49  nd

(b) Christmas Card from Sgts Mess. 2nd East Yorks Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/50  nd

(c) Christmas Card from F. Pigeon.

[no title]  A95/83/2/51  June 1923

(d) Menu card, East Yorks Regt. Dinner

[no title]  A95/83/2/52  1919

Page 19 (a) Christmas Card from M. Cowper

[no title]  A95/83/2/53  c 1919

(b) Christmas Card from W. Haynes

[no title]  A95/83/2/54  c 1919

(c) Christmas Card from R. L. Mawson

[no title]  A95/83/2/55  c 1919

(d) Christmas Card from W. Haynes

[no title]  A95/83/2/56  c 1919

(e) Christmas Card from W. Haynes

[no title]  A95/83/2/57  c1919

Page 20 (a) Christmas Card from Maj & Mrs Bridges.

[no title]  A95/83/2/58  1923

(b) Newspaper reports of Bishop of Hereford's pilgrimage through South Herefordshire

[no title]  A95/83/2/59  nd

Page 21 Newspaper photographs, Bishop's pilgrimage
(a) On the march

[no title]  A95/83/2/60  nd

(b) Group photograph

[no title]  A95/83/2/61  nd

Page 22 (a) Newspaper photograph: Territorial Officers.

[no title]  A95/83/2/62  nd

(b) Acceptance of invitation

[no title]  A95/83/2/63  1923

(c) Exhibition pass. Porthcawl Horse Show

[no title]  A95/83/2/64  1923

Page 23 (a) Invitation to Dinner of Brecknok & Monmouth Battalion at the Monmouthshire Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/65  Aug 1923

(b) Luncheon Menu, Porthcawl Horse Show.

[no title]  A95/83/2/66  nd

(c) Invitation to Mess, 2nd Battn. Monmouthshire Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/67  1923

Page 24 (a) Letter of thanks for help re Bisley meeting

[no title]  A95/83/2/68  nd

Page 24 (b) Letter accepting invitation to T.A. camp from ex Staff Sgt. Bethell.

[no title]  A95/83/2/69  June 1923

(c) Ross Church. Parade Service details

[no title]  A95/83/2/70  June 1922

(d) Hereford Cathedral - Hospital Sunday Service

[no title]  A95/83/2/71  1923

Page 25 (a) Notice re Church Parade, Hospital Sunday

[no title]  A95/83/2/72  1923

(b) Details, order of procession Hospital Sunday

[no title]  A95/83/2/73  1923

(c) Order of Service sheet Hospital Sunday

[no title]  A95/83/2/74  nd

Page 26 Reports of Herefordshire Regt. Camp, Porthcawl

[no title]  A95/83/2/75  nd

Page 27 Reports of Work; Training; etc.Porthcawl

[no title]  A95/83/2/76/79  nd

Page 28 Newspaper photographs, Porthcawl Camp activities

[no title]  A95/83/2/80/82  nd

Page 29 Newspaper photographs, Porthcawl Camp activities

[no title]  A95/83/2/83/86  nd

Page 30 Newspaper photographs, Officers at Porthcawl camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/87/90  nd

Page 31 Newspaper photographs, Officers & Men, Welsh Divn, at camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/91  nd

Page 32 (a) Piling of drums for Church Parade, camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/92  nd

(b) Newspaper photographs, Battn. March past, at camp.

[no title]  A95/83/2/93  nd

Page 33 (a) Presentation, Prince of Wales' Shield.

[no title]  A95/83/2/94  nd

(b) Officers of Royal Welch Fusiliers

[no title]  A95/83/2/95/97  nd

Page 34 Newspaper Photographs, Camp sports winners

[no title]  A95/83/2/98/99  nd

Page 35 Newspaper Photographs, Brigade Sports. Col and others chaired.

[no title]  A95/83/2/100  nd

Page 36 (a) Newspaper Photographs, 2nd Monmouthshire team, Cross country

[no title]  A95/83/2/101  nd

(b) Gen. de.Lisle and his horse

[no title]  A95/83/2/102  nd

Page 37 (a) Gen. de.Lisle on horseback with officers.

[no title]  A95/83/2/103  nd

(b) Gen. de.Lisle on horseback reviewing 53rd Welsh Territorial Division

[no title]  A95/83/2/104  nd

Page 38 (a) News Photograph: General de Lisle & Col Scobie.

[no title]  A95/83/2/105/6  nd

(b) News reports of camp activities

[no title]  A95/83/2/107  nd

Page 39 News reports. Competitions etc in Camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/108  nd

Page 40 News reports. continuation of report (p. 39)

[no title]  A95/83/2/109/111  nd

Page 41 Further reports - Porthcawl Camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/112/114  nd

Page 42 Further reports - closing stages, Porthcawl camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/115/117  nd

Page 43 Further reports - closing stages, Porthcawl camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/118  nd

Page 44 (a) Photographs. Field Marshall Viscount Allenby

[no title]  A95/83/2/119  nd

(b) Field Marshall Viscount Allenby inspecting Guard of Honour.

[no title]  A95/83/2/120  nd

Page 45 (a) Photographs. F. M. Allenby at War Memorial, Pontypridd

[no title]  A95/83/2/121  nd

(b) Photographs. F. M. Allenby declaring Memorial, Park open.

[no title]  A95/83/2/122/123  nd

Page 46 News report of unveiling of War Memorial, Pontypridd.

[no title]  A95/83/2/124  nd

Page 47 (a) Newspaper cutting "Lt.Col. Pateshall"

[no title]  A95/83/2/125  Dec 1923

(b) Newspaper cutting Herefordshire Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/126  nd

(c) Letter asking if Col.Pateshall wishes to extend his period of command.

[no title]  A95/83/2/127  1973

(d) Report (Times Oct 1923) Rugby Centenary Match.

[no title]  A95/83/2/128  nd

Page 48 Newspaper Cuttings.
(a) New Vicar of Llanigon

[no title]  A95/83/2/129  nd

(b) Memorial to late Rev.Grasett, Allensmore.

[no title]  A95/83/2/130  nd

(c) Allensmore School Treat; Social.

[no title]  A95/83/2/131/132  nd

Page 49 (a) & (b) Letters from Samuel Roberts re help in Parliamentary elections

[no title]  A95/83/2/133/134  nd

(c) & (d) Letters re. Hunt using Col.Pateshall's Land

[no title]  A95/83/2/135  nd

(e) Letter from a lady thanking Col.Pateshall for present.

[no title]  A95/83/2/136  1924

Page 50 (a) Details of Military Ball

[no title]  A95/83/2/137  1924

(b) Newscutting "Earthquake Tremors, Hereford"

[no title]  A95/83/2/138  1924

(c) Letter re, wedding present from 'Teddy'

[no title]  A95/83/2/139  1924

(d) Wedding invitation

[no title]  A95/83/2/140  nd

(e) Newspaper Cutting. Col.Pateshall's promotion

[no title]  A95/83/2/141  nd

(f) Newspaper Cutting. Allensmore Football Club Social

[no title]  A95/83/2/142  1921

Page 51 (a) Details - Hospital Sunday Parade

[no title]  A95/83/2/143  nd

(b) Letter, Army Rifle Assn. Apointment of new Secretary

[no title]  A95/83/2/144  1923

(c) & (d) Two home made Christmas Cards

[no title]  A95/83/2/145  July 1924

Page 52 (a) Souvenir programme, Visit of H.R.H. Prince of Wales to Bisley N.R.A. competition.

[no title]  A95/83/2/146  1924

(b) Details. Divine Service, Bisley N.R.A. Meeting.

[no title]  A95/83/2/147  nd

(c) N.R.A. Invitation to Col & Mrs Pateshall to Bisley

[no title]  A95/83/2/148  nd

(d) Printed verse "Australian National Anthem"

[no title]  A95/83/2/149  1924

Page 53 (a) Menu; Officers' Re-union Dinner, 3rd Battn, Monmouth Regt.

[no title]  A95/83/2/150  1924

(b) Entry from Debrett Lt.Col Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/83/2/151  1924

(c) Letter re. employers who penalise their employees in T.A. who wish to go to Annual Camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/152  nd

(d) Cutting re. promotion to Bttn Col. of Lt. Col. Pateshall

[no title]  A95/83/2/153  nd

(e) Cutting re. promotion of Lt.Col. R.J.Few.

[no title]  A95/83/2/154  1924

(f) Letter thanking Col.Pateshall for help at N.R.A. Meeting, Bisley

[no title]  A95/83/2/155/158  nd

Page 54 Letters of congratulation to Col. Pateshall on his promotion.

[no title]  A95/83/2/159  1924

Page 55 (a) Photograph, flooded Three Counties Showground, Worcester

[no title]  A95/83/2/160  nd

(b) Letter of thanks to Col.Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/83/2/161/164  1924

Page 56 (a) News report; photographs, summer T.A. camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/165/168  nd

Page 57 News. Photographs, Porthcawl Camp

[no title]  A95/83/2/169  nd

Page 58 (a) News. Photographs, Fatigue party.

[no title]  A95/83/2/170  February 1925

(b) Advert & photograph. "For Sale" of Pattishall House, Northants

The remainder of this book, apart from pages 75. 76 and 77 detailed below, has cuttings collected into envelopes as in Book 1.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/83/2/171/1 to A95/83/2/171/11  c 1920

Envelope 1 (a) Various programmes of events, local & national
(b) Miniature edition in booklet form of Daily Telegraph, November 1920, with useful illustrations in advertisements for clothing, furniture, cars etc.

[no title]  A95/83/2/172  nd

Envelope 2. Church Matters

[no title]  A95/83/2/173  nd

Envelope 3 Wedding Invitations; Death notices.

[no title]  A95/83/2/174  nd

Page 75 Letters, Newspaper cuttings re. late Mrs E.Banks

[no title]  A95/83/2/177  1923

Page 76 (a) Wedding Service sheet.

[no title]  A95/83/2/178  nd

(b) Letters re death 'cousin Edward'

[no title]  A95/83/2/179  1923

(c) Telegram. re.son born to Sandys Thomas

[no title]  A95/83/2/180  1924

Page 77 (a) Burial Service details; Frances Battiscombe

[no title]  A95/83/2/181  1924

(b) Funeral Service; J.R.Symonds.

Envelope containing Diaries for the following years. Kept by Edith Ruth Few (Mrs Pateshall).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/83/3/1  1906


[no title]  A95/83/3/2  1907


[no title]  A95/83/3/3  1908


[no title]  A95/83/3/4  1910


[no title]  A95/83/3/5  1911


[no title]  A95/83/3/6  1912


[no title]  A95/83/3/7  1914


[no title or ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/84/1  c 19th Century

Parliamentary Election Squibs etc.
Printed Posters.
To the Freemen and Electors of the city of Hereford including one from Thomas Badham showing how he was pressurised, to try and obtain his vote for Mr Blakemore.
The petition of John James of Stretton stating that certain persons were not entitled to be registered on or included in the list of voters for the city. dated 1833.
List of members returned to serve in the New Parliament for the several counties, boroughs etc in England and Wales. [undated]

[no title]  A95/84/2  nd

Printed Pamphlet "Whig Fraud and English Folly.

[no title]  A95/84/3  1873

Various songs, poems etc including some electioneering squibs. and a "Municipal Carol
BOSLEY & PREECE are Gentlemen!
EDWIN SMITH'S the biggest ASS
That ever went to school.
Then there's that ugly brute GEO.KING
Another beastly Rad.
A Bigotted Humbug, Ranting Fool
Who drove poor Foster MAD?

[no title]  A95/84/4  March 1825

3 Copies of the Hereford Journal
With reference to the stopping up of a footpath opening into Mill Lane in the parish of All Saints

[no title]  A95/84/5  Feb 12th 1840

Copy of Hereford Journal. contains article on the festivities at Hereford and the neighbourhood in honour of the Queens marriage.

[no title]  A95/84/6  19th Century

Various miscellaneous printed material including:-
Request by the Mayor of Hereford for a meeting of the inhabitants to select a number of persons to form a Board of Health. dated 25 July 1832.
Illuminating powers of different lamps and candles and the cost of the light afforded them. June 1839.
The Sportsman's Companion.
2 Copies of 'The Game Case' from the Hereford Journal. November 1844.
Some printed correspondence. E.B.Pateshall writes concerning the renewal of a lease.

[no title]  A95/84/7  nd

18 items

Small bundle of Race cards, and various other advertising cards.

[no title]  A95/84/8  nd

Seating plan of Hereford Cathedral. (Three Choirs)

[no title]  A95/84/9  ND

View of the Iron Bridge, Coalbrookdale, Salop.

[no title]  A95/84/10  nd

Printed copies of letters between Dr. T. Cam, and Mr J.O. Kettle, Governor of the County Gaol to J. Barneby Esq., M.P. regarding the health of the prisoners.

[no title]  A95/84/11  nd

Printed copy of 'Cinderella' a Comic Opera, Music by Rossini.


[no title]  A95/HEP/1/1-16  30 June 1930-31 December 1937

Allensmore Court Estate.
P.T. Davies in account with Col. Pateshall.
Half yearly statements

[no title]  A95/HEP/2/1-3  1917 - 1933

Rent Audit. 25 October 1932.
Wartime (1917) & 1933 Rents.
Observations as to Farm Rentals. February 1933.

[no title]  A95/HEP/3  1931

13 items

Packet of correspondence from Davies & Graham Solicitors, (1931) dealing with Allensmore estate matters

[no title]  A95/HEP/4  1942

Similar packet of correspondence, (1942) Westington Court Estate.

[no title]  A95/HEP/5  1662

An account of the township of Haywood (extra parochial) Copied from Harleian MSS. compiled by Silas Taylor.

Herefordshire Regiment.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/HEP/6/1  March 6th 1943

Football Match. Between 1st & 2nd Batallions, Hereford Regiment, plus Military Band Display.
Programme, Admission ticket. Photographs.

[no title]  A95/HEP/6/2  1945

Correspondence regarding the granting of the Freedom of the City to the Herefordshire Regiment. October 1945. Includes reprint from the Hereford Times, 6th October 1945.
"The Honouring of the Herefords"
Also draft programme of events.

[no title]  A95/HEP/6/3  nd

Letter re Service in Cathedral to commemorate Termination of Organised Hostilities

[no title]  A95/HEP/7  nd

Packet containing mainly invitations to various events held to commemorate the granting of the Freedon of the city.

[no title]  A95/HEP/8  1945

Packet containing newspaper cuttings regarding the granting of the Freedom of the City

Misc Printed.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/HEP/9  nd

Pamphlet. Herefordshire & District Working Boys Home.

[no title]  A95/HEP/10  1852

List of the Freemen & Electors of Hereford City.

[no title]  A95/HEP/11  June 1881

Herefordshire Agricultural Society Meeting at Leominster. List of Prizes.

[no title]  A95/HEP/12  1881

Hereford County College. Prospectus.

[no title]  A95/HEP/13  1863

Rules and Orders. Court of General Quarter Sessions

[no title]  A95/HEP/14  2nd April 1928

Report of Proceedings at Q.S. and Report of Chief Constable.

[no title]  A95/HEP/15  October 1929

18c Country Fair and Cabaret Show, in aid of the rebuilding fund of the Hospital.

[no title]  A95/HEP/16  1928 - 1930

Annual Dinner of the Herefordshire Burns Club.
January 1928. (contains notes re Dr Samuel Hughes, Hereford.). and January 1930.

[no title]  A95/HEP/17  nd

Cymdeithas Gymraeg Henffordd. Gwyl Dewi Sant.

[no title]  A95/HEP/18  January 1928

Order of Service. Paul Henry Foley.
Stoke Edith Church

[no title]  A95/HEP/19  December 1928

Order of Service. Lowland Tracy Ashe Money Kyrle Hereford Cathedral.

[no title]  A95/HEP/20  1912

Bundle of misc. invitations, menu cards, annual and Regimental Dinners, Dances etc. also rules of the County Kennel Society and Fixture list of Allensmore Cricket Club.

[no title]  A95/HEP/21  1924 - 1928; nd

Theatre Programmes: London Hippodrome. 1924.
London Paladium. [n.d]
Hereford Amatuer Operatic. 1927
Hereford Amatuer Operatic. 1928

[no title]  A95/HEP/22  19th - 20th Century

Small bundle of misc printed items, including:-
Newspaper cuttings on W.I's production of "The Masque of Modes and Manners. May 1928. Extracts from the H.T. of April 1838.
Mr Richard Cotterell received a tea-pot presented by Herefordshire County Council.
William Pool, Commercial Rd, Hereford Timber, Slate Brick, Tile, Cole & Lime Merchant. price list.
Poster. Foot & Mouth Disease. Order permitting the movement of animals into Herefordshire.
Agricultural Holdings Act 1883. Scale of compensation drawn up by the Committee.
Committee for Revising the Basis or Standard for the County Rate.
Other misc items, including bills. and some poems etc.
Photographs of Col. H.E.P. Pateshall. dated 1912.

[no title]  A95/HEP/23  13th September 1919

Copy of Hereford Times.
Recording "One of Hereford Greatest Days", i.e. Hereford's Great Welcome to the returned local soldiers. Includes the names of all the men (2.500) who were entertained to lunch.

[no title]  A95/HEP/24  20th Century

2 copies

O.S. Maps. Sheet 70. Ludlow. Bishops Castle. 1932 Edition.

[no title]  A95/HEP/25  nd

Sheet 38/26 S.W. Norton Canon to Blakemere. Wellington to Hereford. 3nd Provisional Ed.

[no title]  A95/HEP/26  1940

O.S. Map. Sheet 80. Second War Revision.

[no title]  A95/HEP/27  nd

Photograph Album. Embossed on cover H.E.P.T Mostly un-named subjects. But thought to be mainly of the Thomas family of Welfield.

[no title]  A95/HEP/28  1893 - c 1910

Scrap Book. Cuttings, Invitations, Programmes Menue's and other memorabilia, all connected with H.E.P. Thomas/Pateshall' service in the East Yorks
Regt. 1893 - c1910.
Loose inside.
'The Standard. May 7th 1910. contains Biography of Edward VII.

[no title]  A95/HEP/29  nd

Packet of correspondence mainly concerned with the publication of the History of the 53rd (Welsh) Division in the Great War.
Also a report on the activities of the 2/4th Queens

Papers concerning Miss Edith Thomas.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/HEP/30  1922

Correspondence re Palmerston Shares.

[no title]  A95/HEP/31  nd

Correspondence re Investments.

[no title]  A95/HEP/32  nd

Correspondence and papers re Miss Thomas' Will.

[no title]  A95/HEP/33  nd

Correspondence re sale of Llanthomas Farm

[no title]  A95/HEP/34  1854

Will of Hugh Price of Castle Madoc, Brecon.

[no title or date]  A95/HEP/35

Sale Particulars. Llanthomas Farm, Llanigon and Hay (rural). October 1920, includes some correspondence.

[no title]  A95/HEP/36  October 1957

Sale Particular. Allensmore Court, Contents of the Mansion.

[no title]  A95/HEP/37  nd

Pack of shooting party score cards.

An account of Major H.E.P. Pateshall on Active Service during the Great War 1914-1918. Including service in Gallipoli and Palestine.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/HEP/38/1  6th July 1915 - 21st January 1916

Volume I

[no title]  A95/HEP/38/2  28th January 1916 - 1st October 1916

Volume II

[no title]  A95/HEP/38/3  1st October 1916 - 6th April 1917

Volume III

[no title]  A95/HEP/38/4  10th April 1917 - 11th December 1917

Volume IV

[no title]  A95/HEP/38/5  14th December 1917 - 6th October 1918

Volume V

[no title]  A95/HEP/38/6  14th October 1918 - 7th January 1919

Volume VI


Ann Elizabeth Pateshall.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/1-3  1851

Diary - Day to day happenings 1842. 1845.

[no title]  A95/DIA/4-8  1864-1866

Diary - Day to day happenings 1861-1862.

[no title]  A95/DIA/9-17  1872 - 1879

Diary - Day to day happenings 1870.
(1875 Diary. Number 13. contains a photograph of Mrs Hereford of Sufton Court)

[no title]  A95/DIA/18-27  1880 - 1889

Diary - Day to day happenings

[no title]  A95/DIA/28-30  1895

Diary - Day to day happenings 1890 - 1891.

[no title]  A95/DIA/31-33  1905

Diary - Day to day happenings 1901. 1903.

[no title or date]  A95/DIA/34

Small bundle of correspondence and accounts

Evan Thomas/Pateshall.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/35  1856


[no title]  A95/DIA/36-44  1860 - 1868


[no title]  A95/DIA/45-51  1870 - 1872. 1876 - 1879


William Pateshall.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/52  1820

Daily Remembrancer.

Elizabeth Pateshall.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/53-56  1839

Family Ledger & Housekkeepers' Account Books.
1829 - 1831.

Joseph Burnam.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/57  1731 - 1833

Account Book. 1731-1833 (A few later entries in an unknown hand)

Richard Dansey.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/58  1799 - 1813

Account Book.

Mrs Ann Pateshall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/59  1793 - 1819

Account Book.
(Loose inside accounts and a letter from her son Edmund to Capt Lechmere, asking for the return of money owed.)

[no title]  A95/DIA/60-61  1835-1838

2 Housekeeping account books.
(Possibly Mrs Elizabeth Pateshall)

[no title or date]  A95/DIA/62

Small account book, labelled:
1810 & 1811. City Hounds.

Mrs Ann Elizabeth Pateshall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  A95/DIA/63  1909

In account with Gurney & Sons, High Town Hereford.

[no title]  A95/DIA/64  1806 - 1807

Bill Book. (on spine) Downes & Pateshall
(Entries mainly in William Pateshall's hand)

[no title]  A95/DIA/65  18th Century

Large Account Book, containing :
Drapers Accounts. 1719 - 1722
An account of the Tenants and Rents of My Estate. signed John Pateshall. 1755 - 1772.
All my expenses in Housekeeping 1755 - 1772.
An account of my expenses and disbursements belonging to my farm at Allensmore, which came into my hands in the year 1742. 1755 - 1772.
An account of what money I received from my farm in hand at Allensmore. 1755 - 1772.

[no title]  A95/DIA/66  1713 - c1755

Large Account Book.

[no title]  A95/DIA/67  18th Century

Vol. Endorsed on (front) cover. E.P. 1772.
Endorsed on (back) cover. Welsh Cloth Book. 1721/2

[no title]  A95/DIA/68  1855

Grant of Arms to Evan Thomas on assuming the name Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/DIA/69  1910

Grant of Arms to John David Cove Thomas on assuming the name Pateshall.

[no title]  A95/DIA/70  1911

Grant of Arms to Henry Evan Pateshall Thomas on assuming the name Pateshall.

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