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Reference A63
Covering dates C.11th to 20th Cent
Held by Herefordshire Record Office
Extent 7 Sub-Fonds

Folder icon  [no title]  A63/III/41/7  1799-1844

These documents are held at Herefordshire Record Office

Bundle concerning the Leominster and Ledbury Turnpike Trust
Statement of Account, 1829, 1833, 1836, 1837, 1841 & 1844
Statement of Tolls taken at several gates 1829 & 1831
Burley Gate Road statement of debit 1832 & 1833
Burley Gate Account 1827 & 1835
Distances Leominster to Ledbury with reference points, 1826
Distances and differences for travel via Burley Gate i.e. Shrewsbury to Gloucester, 4 routes
Bromyard to Ross, 3 routes
Bromyard to Ledbury
Leominster to Ross, 2 routes
Plan of proposed road from Hope Gate to Ledbury
Plan, improvement at Maund's Common
Estimate to stone new line of road from Burley Gate to the Newtown 1799
Act for making a turnpike road from the Hope turnpike in the Leominster to Hereford turnpike road to Burley Gate in the Hereford to Bromyard turnpike road and thence to the Trumpet in the Ledbury to Hereford road, 1825.

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