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Reference 780A
Covering dates 1243-1947
Held by Portsmouth Museums and Records Service
Extent 13 series
Creators Padwick family of Hayling Island, Hampshire
Arrangement 1. Estate records and family papers, 1243 - 1902
2. Title deeds, 1599 - 1834
3. Enclosure Acts and Awards, 1786 - 1820
4. Church records, 1828 - 1947
5. Business records, 1823 - 1860
6. Banking records, 1816
7. Hayling Island Mosquito Control Unit, 1920 - 1923
8. History of Hayling Island and area, 1789 - c1940
9. Guides to Hayling Island
10. Photographs
11. Engravings and Prints
12. Miscellanea
13. Maps

Administrative history:
The manor, rectory and island of Hayling were once part of the settled estates of the Dukes of Norfolk. They were vested in William Padwick the Younger by Act of Parliament in 1825.
William Padwick the Younger of Cosham House in the county of Southampton married Miss Grace Taylor of Greenwich in the county of Kent, one of the daughters of the late William Taylor of Greenwich and his wife, Isabella, in 1814.
Their surviving child, their youngest daughter, Rosetta Frances Padwick of the Manor House, Hayling Island, born 2 February 1834, married the Reverend C.H. Clarke, vicar of Hayling 27 January 1899. She died on 2 December 1915.
On 16 April 1917 Mr Clarke married Eleanor Louise Turner, one of the children of Charles Turner, farmer of Hayling Island and Elizabeth Sarah, his wife. There were no children of the marriage. The estate subsequently devolved upon the descendants of Mrs Eleanor Clarke, the Wiltshire family.

Estate and family papers relating to the Padwick family of Hayling Island

Deposit 1  780A/1  [n.d.]


Bound volume of copies [19th century] of surveys, rentals, indentures, ordinances and accounts relating to property belonging mainly to the Dukes of Norfolk and their tenants in West Sussex and Hampshire, especially Hayling Island.  780A/1/1/1  1243 - 1830

pp. 1-69 missing

Bound volume containing the record of the meetings of the Court Baron of the manor of Prinstead, 17 April 1758 - 23 April 1798.  780A/1/1/2  1758 - 1798

Three manuscript pages probably part of a survey of the manor of Nutbourne, 1785 giving names of occupiers, field names and acreage and a description of the nature of the husbandry.  780A/1/1/3  1785

Unbound volume containing  780A/1/1/4  1786

[i] notes of a perambulation taken to determine various disputed properties in the manors of Chidham and Bosham
[ii] introductory notes to 'A Plan and Admeasurement of the manor of Rumboldsweek [otherwise called the manor of St John's of Jerusalem] in the parish and tithing of Rumboldsweek in the hundred of Box and Stockbridge in the county of Sussex 1786'

Bound volume containing 'Copies of Divers parts of the ancient book of evidence in the possession of the Devisees in trust of the late Earl of Halifax 1787'  780A/1/1/5  1575 - 1787

being 'a survey of the House and Park of Goodwood 1575' and continuing with a survey taken in 1579 of Halnaker Manor, Boxgrove Manor, Eastdean Manor, Charlton Manor, Singleton Manor, Westdean Manor, Madehurst, Overholt and forest, Pallingham Manor, Manor of Bourne, (Prinsted Manor of Bourne, Manor of Stoughton, Manor of Binderton, Stansted Manor, Manor of Cockynge, Exham Manor, Manor of Northstoke, Manor of Southstoke
[at the back of the volume is a valuation of the above manors in 1787 and other miscellaneous details]

Bound volume containing a record of the Leases of property on Hayling Island in the possession or occupation of William Padwick the Younger of Warblington House  780A/1/1/6  1827 - 1846

An Act of Parliament for Vesting the Manor, Rectory and Isle of Hayling in the county of Southampton, part of the Settled Estates of the Dukes of Norfolk in William Padwick the Younger ...  780A/1/1/7  1825

3 copies

Bound volume being a blank ledger inscribed on the title page 'William Padwick Portsmouth 1807'  780A/1/1/8  1807

Bound volume containing copies of the marriage treaty, marriage settlement and related title deeds examined or drawn up prior to the marriage of William Padwick junior of Cosham House in the county of Southampton and Miss Grace Taylor of Greenwich in the county of Kent  780A/1/1/9  1799 - 1814

includes an account of the fees incurred in arranging the marriage settlement and, attached to a copy of a tripartite indenture of lease of 1 June 1799, a water colour sketch map of several parcels of land on the Carlisle to Penrith Turnpike Road in Cumberland at Harraby Bridge scale 1 inch to 65 feet

Draft deed of appointment by Mr and Mrs William Padwick of property comprised in the settlement made on their marriage  780A/1/1/10  1818

Deed of Covenant and Indemnity  780A/1/1/11  17 October 1826

[i] William Padwick the Younger of Warblington House in the county of Southampton
[ii] William Taylor of Greenwich in the county of Kent, a Vice-Admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy
Sir Charles Hamilton of Spring in the county of Sussex, a Vice-Admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy
William Padwick the Elder of Cosham House in the county of Southampton
the Trustees of the marriage settlement of William Padwick the Younger
Deed of Covenant and Indemnity against all suits, actions, expenses, claims, demands etc. which might arise now or in the future for or by reason or on account of a sum of £36, 28, being trust monies lent or advanced by the trustees

Copy of will of William Padwick of Cosham House in the county of Southampton  780A/1/1/12  29 May 1832

Copy of will and codicils of Admiral Taylor [codicils: 5 June 1835 and 20 July 1837]  780A/1/1/13  27 July 1832

Mortgage and assignment of mortgage  780A/1/1/14  29 April 1834, 26 February 1835

[i] William Padwick the Younger of Norfolk House, Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
[ii] William Thomas Blair of the city of Bath in the county of Somerset
William Fraser of Cleveland Court, St James's in the county of Middlesex
Mortgage by way of further security of hereditaments on Hayling Island, Southampton, namely a piece of land in Norfolk Crescent, South Beach, Hayling Island and, on dorse of first skin:
Assignment of above mortgage
[i] William Thomas Blair and William Fraser
[ii] William Padwick
[iii] William Brownley of Gray's Inn in the county of Middlesex, gentleman

Enfranchisement of lands  780A/1/1/15  21 December 1831

[i] William Padwick the Younger of Warblington House in the county of Southampton
[ii] William Taylor of Greenwich in the county of Kent, esquire, a vice-admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy
Sir Charles Hamilton of Spring in the county of Sussex, baronet, a vice-admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy
William Padwick the elder of Cosham House in the county of Southampton
[iii] Frederick Horton of Warblington in the county of Southampton
Enfranchisement of certain lands within the manor of Hayling in the county of Southampton
Consideration £46

Lease for a year  780A/1/1/16  16 November 1837

[i] William Padwick of Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
[ii] Edward Downes of Furnival's Inn in the county of Middlesex
Lease for a year of the manors or lordships of Weeke and Rumboldswick and St John of Jerusalem in the county of Sussex
Consideration 5 shillings

Appointment and Release in fee  780A/1/1/17  17 November 1837

[i] William Padwick of Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
[ii] Edward Downes of Furnival's Inn in the county of Middlesex
Appointment and release in fee of manors or lordships or Weeke otherwise Rumboldswick and assignment of shares in Hayling Island Bridge Company and certain household goods, furniture and other effects by way of mortgage
Consideration £650
Proviso of Redemption
Power of Sale
includes on final skin a complete inventory of the contents of 'the messuage or dwelling house situate and being on the east side of Norfolk House in Hayling Island'

Grant of an annuity  780A/1/1/18  31 May 1839

[i] William Padwick of Norfolk House, Hayling Island
[ii] Edward Downes of No 7. Furnival's Inn in the county of Middlesex
[iii] Thomas Gamlen of Furnival's Inn, a trustee nominated and appointed by and on behalf of the said Edward Downes
Deed of Grant of an annuity or yearly sum of £262 chargeable upon proceeds arising by virtue of trusts of Indenture of Settlement of 14 October 1813 during the natural life of the said William Padwick
Consideration £1, 181 17s 8d
includes one piece of related correspondence
extremely useful deed reciting all previous financial dealings of William Padwick 1813 to date

Release of life interest in trust funds [copy]  780A/1/1/19  31 May 1839

[i] John Taylor of Wigton in the county of Cumberland
[ii] William Padwick of Norfolk House, Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
Copy of release of life interest in the within mentioned trust funds from the payment of a mortgage debt of £7,000 and interest

Insurance certificate  780A/1/1/20  5 June 1839

United Kingdom Life Assurance Company certificate in sum of £2,500 upon the life of William Padwick of Hayling Island, Havant in the county of Hampshire, solicitor. Premium £109 1s 3d

Appointment of Receiver  780A/1/1/21  29 February 1840

[i] William Padwick of Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
[ii] Sir Thomas Dyke Acland of Killerton in the county of Devon, baronet
Edward Divett of Bystock in the county of Devon
Samuel Frederick Milford of Sloane Street in the county of Middlesex
[three of the trustees of the West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company]
Appointment of receiver of the estate of Mr Padwick in Hayling Island for securing punctual payment of an annuity of £1109 11s 3d granted to [ii] during the life of [i] in trust for the West of England Fire and Life Insurance Company
[contains a detailed schedule of Mr Padwick's estates on Hayling Island]
includes three miscellaneous items:
1. Judgement on a warrant of attorney in Queens Bench: Lewis v Padwick for debt, 28 March 1840
2. Authority from Charles Lewis to Mr Scott 7 Furnival's Inn to act as deputy receiver of rents due from tenants of William Padwick, 31 July 1850
3. Memorandum of an agreement made 7 September 1852 between William Padwick of Hayling Island and Charles Lewis of Exeter, Receiver of West of England Fire and Life Assurance Company whereby former agrees to pay latter yearly sum of £180 in respect of land and premises occupied by him during the subsistence and continuance of an annuity of £1109 11s 3d granted by William Padwick during his life to three of the trustees of the West of England Fire and Life Insurance Co.

Declaration of trust by William Frederick Padwick of mortgage debts or sums of £3000, £2000 and £250 and interest charged on the manors and hereditaments in Hayling Island in the county of Southampton mentioned in the declaration in favour of William Padwick  780A/1/1/22  2 August 1841

Copy of Inland Revenue legacy receipts in respect of personal estate of William Taylor late of Greenwich, an Admiral of Royal Navy died 19 July 1842  780A/1/1/23  nd [mid 19th century]

Assignment of shares  780A/1/1/24  14 May 1842

[i] William Padwick of Hayling Island in the county of Hampshire
[ii] Charles George Webber of New Broad Street in the city of London
Assignment of ten shares in the stock or capital of the Phoenix Fire Office by way of mortgage with power of sale for securing the sum of £2000 and interest
Proviso of redemption
includes four pieces of related correspondence concerning agreement

Memorandum concerning death of Mrs Martha Padwick, 26 July 1844 and the administration of her effects  780A/1/1/25  nd [c1844]

Statement of case and opinion on entitlement of West of England Insurance Office to value of policies [specified] drawn up between themselves and Mr Padwick  780A/1/1/26  23 February 1855

Copy of will of William Padwick of the Manor House, Hayling Island in the county of Southampton  780A/1/1/27  1861

Bill of Complaint filed in Chancery between John Taylor of Wigton in the county of Cumberland, plaintiff and Selina Elizabeth Padwick, spinster, George Mounsey Gray, William Frederick Padwick, Julia Margaret Padwick, spinster, Rosetta Frances Padwick, spinster, William Taylor Padwick, an infant, Grace Mary Padwick, an infant and Agnes Fletcher Padwick, an infant, defendants  780A/1/1/28  November 1861

concerning the several amounts of principal money, interests, costs, charges and expenses due the plaintiff as surviving trustee of a settlement made 14 October 1813 prior to the marriage of William Padwick the Younger to Grace Taylor, spinster on the security of several indentures of 29 May 1827, 2 April 1828 and 7 April 1835

Notice from James Curtis of Messrs Newman, Lyon and Newman, solicitors and agents of the late Admiral Taylor to William Frederick Padwick and Selina Elizabeth Padwick to sell their share in the real and personal estate of the late admiral in pursuance of a power of sale contained in a mortgage from the late William Padwick and themselves to James Curtis for securing £4500 and interest  780A/1/1/29  1863

Draft mortgage  780A/1/1/30  1863

[i] The Misses Padwick of Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
[ii] Cuthbert Axtens of Kennington in the county of Surrey, linen draper
Draft mortgage of shares under the will of Admiral Taylor for securing £650 and interest

Transfer of mortgage  780A/1/1/31  8 August 1873

[i] Augustus Frederick William Keppel Stephenson and Pascoe Charles Glyn
[ii] Augustus Frederick William Keppel Stephenson, Michael Biddulph and John Harrison
Transfer of mortgage of a reversionary share of a sum of £52,459 5s 3d consols expectant on the decease of Mrs Price and Mr J. Taylor

Duplicate notice sent to directors of Metropolitan Life Assurance Society  780A/1/1/32  15 August 1884

informing them that on 7 August 1884 an indenture was drawn up between Ewart Simon Mounsey of Staple Inn in the county of Middlesex and Selina Elizabeth Padwick of Hayling Island, spinster, and Julia Margaret Padwick, spinster, and Rosetta Frances Padwick, spinster, being an assignment to Julia Margaret Padwick and Rosetta Frances Padwick of all that policy of assurance on Ewart Simon Mounsey's own life granted by the Metropolitan Life Assurance Society 23 October 1850 for sum of £1500

Disentailing deed  780A/1/1/33  17 July 1889

[i] Miss Julia Margaret Padwick, spinster
[ii] Ewart Simon Mounsey
Disentailing deed of freehold, copyhold or customary hereditaments and money subject to the trusts of the will and codicils of the late Admiral Taylor enrolled in the High Court [Chancery Division] 26 July 1889; in the court rolls of the manor of Botchardgate 5 September 1889 and in the court rolls of the manor of the soccage of Carlisle Castle 2 September 1889

Disentailing deed  780A/1/1/34  17 July 1889

[i] Selina Elizabeth Padwick
[ii] Ewart Simon Mounsey Esquire
Disentailing deed of freehold, copyhold or customary hereditaments and money subject to the turst of the will and codicils of the late Admiral Taylor enrolled in the High Court [Chancery Division] 26 July 1889; in the court rolls of the manor of Botchardgate 5 September 1889 and in court rolls of manor of the soccage of Carlisle Castle 2 September 1889

Description [from deeds etc] of premises comprising the landed property in Cumberland to a share of which Miss Grace Taylor is entitled under the settlement made on the marriage of her parents  780A/1/1/35  nd [c1780]

Opinion by - Bromley, Gray's Inn for Padwick, Havant concerning recalcitrant behaviour of trustee of Cumberland estate of Miss Grace Taylor and list of questions for counsel's opinion.  780A/1/1/36  nd [19th century]

Letter from Messrs Nicholl, Manisty and Co, 1, Howard Street, Strand, London to Messrs Hollams Sons, Coward and Hawksley concerning Admiral Taylor's Trust  780A/1/1/37  31 October 1889

Copy of questions and counsel's opinion for trustees of the will of Admiral Taylor prepared by Nicholl Manistry and Co, 1, Howard Street, Strand  780A/1/1/38  1889

Opinion by Alfred Bailey, Lincoln's Inn concerning use of the word 'assign' to the operation of the 71st section of the Fines and Recoveries Act in connection with the estate of the late Admiral Taylor  780A/1/1/39  19 January 1891

Copy of valuation of Admiral Taylor's estate prepared by Nicholl Manisty and Co, 1, Howard Street, Strand  780A/1/1/40  19 June 1891

Memorandum from Mr A. Gregory to Miss Rosetta Frances Padwick of deposit of title deeds and equitable charge for securing £22 10s and interest  780A/1/1/41  30 November 1892

Letter from Pemberton and Garth, 5, New Court, Lincoln's Inn to Messrs Nicholl, Manisty and Co., 1, Howard Street, Strand concerning costs incurred in connection with the late Admiral Taylor  780A/1/1/42  25 February 1893

Memorandum of deposit with Grant and Maddison's Union Banking Company Ltd by Miss Rosetta Frances Padwick  780A/1/1/43  8 May 1893

Mrs Rosetta Frances Clarke's account with Hollams Sons, Coward and Hawksley, Solicitors for professional services, 1898 - 1902  780A/1/1/44  1902

Extract from The Times Friday 27 January 1899 containing notice of the marriage of the Reverend C.H.Clarke, vicar of Hayling Island to Rosetta Frances, younger daughter of the late William Padwick of the Manor House, Hayling Island  780A/1/1/45  1899

TITLE DEEDS  780A/1/2  1599 - 1834

Feoffment [18th century copy]  780A/1/2/1  20 November 1599

[i] The Right Honourable the Earl of Sussex Viscount Fitzwater Lord Egremont Burnells and Botort Thomas Kempe of Little Bricett in the county of Suffolk and Thomas Kirbye of Henham in the county of Essex, gentleman
[ii] Jonas Latelais, gentleman, secretary to the Earl of Sussex Feoffment of manor or seigniorye of Northcloake, Eastoake and Westhaye on Hayling Island in the county of Southampton forever
Consideration 'a certain sum of money'

Note of a suit in Chancery in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I between William Deane and Frances his wife, daughter and heir of Thomas Vachele, deceased, plaintiff and William Salisbury, Edward Cotton and others, defendants of a claim by settlement of a messuage, 4 yardlands called Whitehouse in the Island of Hayling, parcel of the manor of Havant sometime the estate of Elizabeth Norton, deceased  780A/1/2/2  nd [16th century]

Assignment of lease  780A/1/2/3  1 June 1693

[i] Sir John Noell of Kirkby Malory in the county of Leicester, baronet and Dame Margaret his wife, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir John Clobery, late of Winchester in the county of Southampton, knight, deceased
[ii] Sir Charles Holt of Aston in the county of Warwick, baronet and William Bromley of Bagginton in the said county of Warwick
[iii] Thomas Brouncker of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, gentleman
Assignment of lease for residue of 2000 years of fourth share of two messuages or tenements one called Bristows, Wilkin's or Sparrows and the other called Hoxfords and other messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in the parishes of Wynmering alias Wymering Hilsey alias Hulsey and Portsea in the county of Southampton
Consideration £350 5s

Feoffment of certain properties in trust being part of a marriage settlement  780A/1/2/4  1 June 1695

[i] Thomas Brouncker of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, gentleman
[ii] Peter Bridger of the city of London, gentleman Mary Bridger, spinster one of the daughters of Peter Bridger Samuel Sheafe the younger of London, stationer
Feoffment of messuage, tenement or dwellinghouse with barn, stable, gate room, garden orchard etc and 22¼ acres of land at Hillsey in the parish of Wimering with rights of commons forever to the use of [i] and his heirs until the solemnization of his marriage and henceforward to the use of Thomas Brouncker and his assigns for the rest of his life and after the determination of that estate to the use of [ii] upon the following contingent uses: from and after the decease of Thomas Brouncker to the use of Mary his intended wife and her assigns during her natural life and from and after her decease to the use of the heirs of Thomas Brouncker and Mary

Agreement  780A/1/2/5  1 June 1695

[i] Peter Bridger of London, gentleman and Samuel Sheafe the younger of London, stationer
[ii] Thomas Brouncker of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, gentleman
Agreement that should [ii] fulfil his obligations contained in articles of marriage contracted prior to his marriage to Mary Bridger, daughter of Peter Bridger, then his recognizance in the nature of a Statute Staple into which he entered 1 June 1695 in the sum of £2000 for the quiet performance of his obligations shall be void

Lease  780A/1/2/6  14 March 1801

[i] Thomas Andrew Minchin of Gosport in the county of Southampton, gentleman
[ii] William Veal of the parish of Steep in the county of Southampton, yeoman
Lease of copyhold messuage, tenement and farm with lands appertaining known as Steep Marsh Farm in the parish of Steep containing roughly 79 acres for 20 years
Rent £35 for the first two years and thereafter £55 per annum
Consideration: surrender by [ii] to [i] of a former lease of the farm and lands

Lease  780A/1/2/7  16 April 1803

[i] William Padwick of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, merchant
[ii] Stephen Gauntlett of Portsea in the said county, gardener
Lease for seven years of a field or close of land called Twenty acres situated at Copnor in the parish of Portsea
Rent £80 per annum

Memorandum of an agreement concerning a lease  780A/1/2/8  16 April 1803

[i] William Padwick of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, merchant
[ii] Stephen Gauntlett of Portsea in the said county, gardener
Memorandum of an agreement made between [i] and [ii] to lease for seven years of all that field or close of land called 'twenty acres' situated at Copnor in the parish of Portsea at an annual rent of £80 Strict provision as to planting etc

Lease  780A/1/2/9  2 January 1812

[i] Thomas Thistlethwayte of Southwick Place in the county of Southampton
[ii] William Padwick of Cosham House in the county of Southampton Lease for a year of 28 pieces or parcels of arable land in the common field in the parishes of Widley and Wymering containing roughly 30 acres together with all houses, outhouses, barns, stables etc belonging or appertaining
Consideration 5 shillings
Rent one peppercorn

Release  780A/1/2/10  3 January 1812

[i] Thomas Thistlethwayte of Southwick Place in the county of Southampton
[ii] William Padwick of Cosham House in the county of Southampton
[iii] Edward Casher of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, a person nominated as a trustee by and on the part of William Padwick
Release and covenant to surrender by way of exchange 28 pieces or parcels of arable land in the common fields in the parishes of Widley and Wymering in the county of Southampton containing roughly 30 acres
Consideration: the surrender of his copyhold lands and the payment of £228 6s 8d by way of equality of exchange
Includes two maps:
1. Widley Field, Sutton Field and Court Field with furlongs and names of owners
Remarks - Partially coloured
2. Various parcels of land north of Portsdown abutting onto Purbrook Common
Remarks - Partially coloured

Lease  780A/1/2/11  10 June 1813

[i] Sir Charles Hamilton of Iping in the county of Sussex, baronet, a rear-admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy
[ii] William Chitty of Stoughton in the said county, yeoman
Lease of two farms with the messuage cottage, and lands thereto belonging commonly called King's Green Farm and Old Litten Farm for ten years
Rent £210 per annum

Surrender of copyhold  780A/1/2/12  27 March 1779

Copy of court roll of a special court baron of the manor of Duddleswell held 27 March 1779 at which John Newnham of Maresfield in the county of Sussex through his attorney, Samuel Meller of Maresfield, yeoman surrendered all that messuage, barn, and 30 acres of land called New Lodge and 33 acres of land in Maresfield to the lord of the manor to the use of John Newnham for and during his life and after his death to the use and behoof of his first son and of the heirs male of the body of such first son and in default to the second son etc forever

Surrender of copyhold  780A/1/2/13  5 April 1816

Copy of court roll of the court baron of the manor of Duddleswell held 5 April 1816 at which Joseph Petty Foulmin, a customary tenant of the said manor, surrendered a messuage, tenement, barn and land containing roughly one acre in Maresfield lately Wheatley's and formerly Lawrence's and 25 acres of land near Duddleswell in Maresfield lately the property of Alexander Martin. Also records admission of the Right Honourable George, Earl of Jersey and the Right Honourable Thomas, Earl of Chichester into the said property
Consideration £700

Copy of the court roll [? of the manor of Duddleswell]  780A/1/2/14  nd [?1816]

Copy of court roll recording admission of George Earl of Jersey and Thomas Earl of Chichester to a croft of land, cottage and appurtenances etc [not specified]

Lease  780A/1/2/15  20 March 1815

[i] William Padwick the Younger of Warblington House in the county of Southampton
[ii] John Windebank of Cosham in the same county, gardener
Lease for ten years of field or close of land known as Grace field lying at Stakes Hill in the forest of South or East Bere or Bier in the county of Southampton containing one rood and 25 perches. Also a field or close of meadow land known as Padwick Meadow lying at Stakes Hill containing 2 roods and 35 perches
Rent £5 per annum

Release  780A/1/2/16  1816

[i] James Softly of Porockhurst in the parish of Alverstoke in the county of Southampton, baker
[ii] William Softly of Havant in the same county, gardener
Release of piece or parcel of meadow land containing roughly two acres being part and parcel of a certain field known as the first Clap Gate forever
Consideration £230

Mortgage  780A/1/2/17  1817


[i] John Quinnell of Whickers Gate in the parish of Warblington in the county of Southampton, yeoman
[ii] James Love of Havant in the said county, whitesmith
Mortgage of messuage or tenement and garden known as Butchers in Walderton in the parish of Stoughton in the county of Sussex ...

Surrender of copyhold, Court Baron of manor of Nutbourne  780A/1/2/18  22 April 1817

[i] William Coombes, copyhold tenant of above manor
[ii] Charles de Guingard of Portsmouth in the county of Southampton, gentleman
Surrender of piece of ground containing roughly 26 rods with messuage or tenement and outbuildings; 10 acres of land called Merchant Hookers and Christmas; one cottage and croft of land called Whichers with appurtenances in Nutbourne at Court Baron of William Padwick the Younger held 22 April 1817
Fine 15 guineas
Heriot 6d
Rent 6d

Lease  780A/1/2/19  1 October 1825

[i] John Bannister of Havant in the county of Southampton, surgeon
[ii] William Padwick the Younger of Warblington House in the same county
Lease of a parcel of arable land containing two roods on the south side of the road leading from Hayling North to Hayling South and another parcel of land [part arable, part coppice] of 9 acres and 19 perches on the west side of the said road being part and parcel of the manor of Hayling and the copyhold lands of John Bannister in the said manor for 21 years
Rent £10 per annum

Declaration of trust and deed of covenant  780A/1/2/20  1825

[i] John Burrill of Stubbington Lodge in the parish of Portsea in the county of Southampton, esquire
[ii] William Padwick of Cosham House in the parish of Widley, esquire
John Burrill now stands seized of several pieces of copyhold land belonging to William Padwick according to the custom of the manor of Wallesworth upon trust for the use and behoof of William Padwick and John Burrill covenants to secure the enfranchisement of the above property within the space of two years

Grant and declaration of trust  780A/1/2/21  20 October 1827

[i] John Hellyer of the parish of Hayling North in Hayling Island in the county of Southampton, yeoman
[ii] Charles Osborn of Manor House, Hayling Island, esquire
[iii] John Hellyer, as above
[iv] Thomas Hellyer of the parish of Hayling South in Hayling Island, yeoman
Grant of great or rectorial tithes arising from customary tenements in tything of Mengeham within the manor of Hayling forever and the following copyhold hereditaments:
one messuage and two yards of bondland in the tithing of Eastney; one messuage and two yards of bondlands in the tithing of Hayling; three customary tenements in the tything of Mengeham, one called Keycrofts, the other Griggs and the other tenement and three acres lying in the Peakes forever upon trust to permit and suffer John Hellyer and his assigns to occupy and enjoy the said copyhold hereditaments for the lives of himself, his wife Jenny and the surviving heir of the said John Hellyer and his wife and from and immediately after the decease of the survivor of them upon trust to surrender, grant, convey and yield up the same copyhold hereditaments tithes etc to Thomas Hellyer, his heirs and assigns forever

Lease for a year  780A/1/2/22  26 December 1833

[i] Sir George Thomas Staunton of Leigh Park in the parish of Havant in the county of Southampton, baronet
[ii] William Padwick the younger of Norfolk House, Hayling Island
Lease for a year of a piece of pasture land, hitherto Holly's situated at the south end of a field called the drying ground containing 46 rods in the parish of Hayling South and the greater or rectorial tithes arising from the same

Appointment and release  780A/1/2/23  31 January 1834

[i] William Robert Fry of Portland Town in the county of Middlesex, timber merchant
[ii] Amelia Blair of Welbeck Street in the same county, spinster
[iii] William Bromley of Gray's Inn, gentleman
[iv] John Francis Adams of Gray's Inn, gentleman
[v] Joseph Walmer Bromley of Gray's Inn, gentleman
Appointment and release of several pieces or parcels of land, tithes and hereditaments in Hayling Island in the county of Southampton
Consideration £2,340

ENCLOSURE ACTS AND AWARDS  780A/1/3  1786-1820

Southsea Common: General award under the Act for dividing and enclosing Southsea Common etc  780A/1/3/1  14 August 1786

Chidham Parish: Award made under the Act for enclosing lands in the parish of Chidham in the county of Sussex 1809  780A/1/3/2  12 October 1812

An Act for Inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Chidham and Westbourne in the county of Sussex and in the parish of Warblington in the county of Southampton  780A/1/3/3  6 April 1819

Chidham and Westbourne parishes: Award made under the Act for enclosing lands in the parishes of Chidham and Westbourne in the county of Sussex and in the parish of Warblington in the county of Southampton 1819  780A/1/3/4  22 March 1821

CHURCH  780A/1/4  1828-1947

Parish of St Mary, South Hayling  780A/1/4/1  [n.d.]

An assessment for implementing the Highway Act 5-6 William IV in the parish of South Hayling in the county of Southampton  780A/1/4/1/1  19 February 1856

1 vol

Parochial Church Council minutes, 15 April 1920 - 15 April 1940  780A/1/4/1/2  1920-40

1 vol

Parochial Church Council minutes, 20 May 1940 - 21 April 1947  780A/1/4/1/3  1940-47

1 vol

Correspondence re design for oak screen for Lady Chapel and copy of proposed design [never erected]  780A/1/4/1/4  1, 5 October 1926

Copy of inscription on east window with [separate] translation  780A/1/4/1/5  nd [20th century]

Plan of St Mary's Churchyard South Hayling. No scale  780A/1/4/1/6  nd [20th century]

Photocopy of sailor's epitaph in churchyard  780A/1/4/1/7  nd [20th century]

Letter from W.J. Maxton, White Lodge, Tournerbury Lane, Hayling Island the Reverend Charles Clarke re coat of arms over vicarage door: 'Penchis Audax' [In Hardships Hardy]  780A/1/4/1/8  28 December 1938

The Church Family Newspaper containing a note in 'Church Family Talk' on floods in St Mary's Church  780A/1/4/1/9  17 January 1919

Parish of St Peter, North Hayling  780A/1/4/2  [n.d.]

Schedule of church furnishings before 1800  780A/1/4/2/1  1934

Plan for proposed heating apparatus by James Gray Ltd, Danvers Street, Chelsea, London  780A/1/4/2/2  1918

Coal and clothing club accounts  780A/1/4/2/3  1900-25

1 vol

Coal and clothing club accounts  780A/1/4/2/4  1934

1 vol

The Reverend C.H. Clarke  780A/1/4/3  [n.d.]

Letter from Edward Wyatt of Wyatt and Son, Auctioneers and Valuers to Miss M.F. Padwick re Hayling Vicarage and the resignation of the Reverend C. Hardy  780A/1/4/3/1  3 June 1880

Certificate admitting Charles Henry Clarke into the Order of Deacons  780A/1/4/3/2  21 December 1884

Declaration of assent to the Thirty-Nine Articles by C.H. Clarke, curate of Hayling Island  780A/1/4/3/3  21 December 1884

Licence to C.H. Clarke to perform office of assistant stipendiary curate in churches of Hayling Island  780A/1/4/3/4  21 December 1884

Certificate admitting C.H. Clarke into Order of Priesthood  780A/1/4/3/5  20 December 1885

Licence to C.H. Clarke to perform office of stipendiary curate in parish church of St Gabriel, Canning Town  780A/1/4/3/6  21 January 1889

Declaration of assent to the Thirty Nine Articles by C.H. Clarke, stipendiary curate, St Gabriel, Canning Town  780A/1/4/3/7  1889

Photocopy of declaration of assent to the Thirty-Nine Articles by C.H. Clarke on his admission to the vicarage of the parish church of Hayling North with Hayling South  780A/1/4/3/8  15 October 1889

Letters of induction of C.H. Clarke to vicarage of Hayling North with Hayling South by Edgar Jacob, vicar of Portsea  780A/1/4/3/9  21, 31 October 1889

Declaration of assent to the Thirty-Nine Articles by C.H. Clarke, vicar of the parish church of Hayling North with Hayling South  780A/1/4/3/10  1889

Licence to the Reverend C.H. Clarke to officiate in the building known as St Peter's Church Room at Stoke, North Hayling  780A/1/4/3/10a  7 December 1906

Exercise books and notes of sermons and spiritual exercises  780A/1/4/3/11  c1890-1930

4 boxes

Manuscript notes of speech made on the occasion of the retirement of the Reverend C.H. Clarke after fifty years service to the people of Hayling Island  780A/1/4/3/12  nd [early 20th century]

Orders of Service  780A/1/4/4  [n.d.]

The Altar Services, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland, Clarendon Press, 1828  780A/1/4/4/1  1828

Form of Prayer to be used Wednesday 26 April 1854 being the day appointed by proclamation for general humiliation and prayer  780A/1/4/4/2  1854

Special Form of Service in commemoration of King Edward VII  780A/1/4/4/3  1910

Order of Service at Winchester Cathedral St Swithin's Day 1912  780A/1/4/4/4  1912

Order of Service for Enthronement of the Right Reverend Neville Lovett, D.D., C.B.E., first bishop of Portsmouth, 6 October 1927  780A/1/4/4/5  1927

Special forms of service to be used at commemoration services for His late Majesty King George V  780A/1/4/4/6  1936

2 copies

Form of Service to be used Sunday 9 May 1937 being the Sunday preceding the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth  780A/1/4/4/7  1937

Form of prayer and thanksgiving for general use on Wednesday 12 May 1937 being the coronation day of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth  780A/1/4/4/8  1937

Miscellaneous  780A/1/4/5  [n.d.]

Pages from The Church Plate of Hampshire containing details of the plate in St Peter's, North Hayling and St Mary's, South Hayling  780A/1/4/5/1  nd 1909

2 sets

Typescript detailing repairs and renovation undertaken at St Peter's North Hayling and St Mary's South Hayling  780A/1/4/5/2  nd [early 20th century]

Manuscript copy of a sworn deposition of Joseph Craston re non-payment of tithe on vicar's glebe by various tenants, early 18th century to mid-19th century  780A/1/4/5/3  nd [mid 19th century]

Memorandum re trees on glebe or in Churchyard by Legal Board of Church Assembly  780A/1/4/5/4  1932

Table of fees for burials etc  780A/1/4/5/5  1895

Duplicate copies of Statistical returns of Parochial work 1915-36  780A/1/4/5/6  1915-36

7 copies

BUSINESS RECORDS  780A/1/5  1823-1860

Hayling Island Bridge and Causeway Company  780A/1/5/1  [n.d.]

Act of Parliament for building a a bridge and making a causeway from Langstone in the parish of Havant in the county of Southampton to Hayling Island in the parish of Hayling North in the said county or near a certain house there called the Ferry House; and for farming and making proper roads, approaches or avenues thereto  780A/1/5/1/1  1823

3 copies

Account book, 30 July 1823-1 July 1843  780A/1/5/1/2  1823-43

List of subscribers, 22 July 1823-29 October 1823  780A/1/5/1/3  1823

Related information: see also 780A/1/1/17

Portsmouth and Arundel Navigation Company  780A/1/5/2  [n.d.]

Release  780A/1/5/2/1  1828

(i) The Right Honourable George O'Brien Earl of Egremont
(ii) The Company and Proprietors of the Portsmouth and Arundel Navigation Company
Release of and from all such parts of two sums of money of £2400 and £1600 and all interest due now or in the future [deed never completed]

Langstone Harbour Docks Scheme  780A/1/5/3  [n.d.]

Proofs with manuscript amendments of Langstone Harbour Docks and Railway Company Prospectors  780A/1/5/3/1  1852

Reprint from The Nautical Magazine re proposed Langstone Harbour Docks Scheme  780A/1/5/3/2  1857

Hayling Ferry rail Link  780A/1/5/4  [n.d.]

An Act for making railways between the London Brighton and South Coast and Direct Portsmouth railways and the Hayling Ferry; and for other purposes [23 and 24 Victoria Session 1860]  780A/1/5/4/1  1860

BANKING  780A/1/6  [n.d.]

Leather bound volume containing  780A/1/6/1  1816

(i) Counsel's opinion on the liability of the Estate of the late Andrew Lindegreen in respect of promissory notes issued while was a partner in the Portsmouth Bank (ii) Counsel's opinion on an proposed Bill in Equity to be filed against Mr Hodson by Admiral Taylor (iii) List of court fees on alienation of copyhold


Special notice re formation of a General Committee to assist in both experimental and practical work of Hayling Mosquito Control Unit  780A/1/7/1  nd [c1920]

Map showing control sections formed, 1921-22  780A/1/7/2  1921-1922

Report of proceedings, September 1920-June 1922  780A/1/7/3  1920-1922

Second Report of Proceedings June 1922-May 1923  780A/1/7/4  1922-1923

'The Facts about the Salt-Water Mosquito Ochlerotatus Detritus'. Circular No 7 Hayling Mosquito Control  780A/1/7/5  nd [1920-1923]

2 copies

'The Entomological Section' Circular No 8  780A/1/7/6  nd [1920-1923]

List of Subscribers, 1921  780A/1/7/7  1921

Presscutting re opening of new laboratories of British Mosquito Control Institute  780A/1/7/8  nd [1920-1923]

John F. Marshall, M.A., F.L.S., F.E.S., Director of British Mosquito Institute, Hayling Island, Hants, Coastal Mosquitoes and their Control  780A/1/7/9  nd [1920-1923]


Richard Warner, Hampshire Extracted from Domesday Book, London 1789  780A/1/8/1  1789

Photocopy of reprint: Talfourd Ely, M.A., F.S.A., 'The Antiquities of Hayling Island', The Archaeological Journal September 1898  780A/1/8/2  1898

Photocopy of extract from The Hundred from Bosmere, p. 298 re church or chapel of ease of Hayling North  780A/1/8/3  nd [20th century]

Ms list of documents relating to the history of Hayling 1086 - 4 George IV  780A/1/8/4  nd [19th century]

Ms notes on alien priories established in Hampshire, 1067-1220  780A/1/8/5  nd [19th Century]

Copy of extracts among the Extents of Alien Priories of 22 Edward I relating to Hayling Manor  780A/1/8/6  19th Century

Typescript extract from Bishop Sandale's Register folio 21 re services in the Chapel of St Peter Northwood, Hayling, 9 December 1317  780A/1/8/7  nd [19th Century]

Typescript extract from Bishop Wayneflete's Register Pt 1 folio 64 01 re burial grounds in the parishes of Hayling, 23 October 1460  780A/1/8/8  nd [19th Century]

Letter from W.F. Soltan, 5 Mornington Terrace, Portsmouth to the Reverend Charles Clarke containing details gathered from Dugdale's Monasticon re Hayling Parish Church and its early history  780A/1/8/9  9 June 1898

Typescript list of incumbents from Composition Books and Liber Institutionum, 1544-1832  780A/1/8/10  nd [19th Century]

H.W. Garrett, 'A Short Account of the Church of St Mary, Hayling' reprinted from Winchester Diocesan Chronicle  780A/1/8/11  nd [20th Century]

Typescript notes (6pp) entitled 'St Mary's Church Hayling Island'. Matter for new pamphlet.  780A/1/8/12  c 1950

Ms notes (11pp) on the history of Hayling Island and its churches incl. an architectural list on both buildings  780A/1/8/13  nd [20th Century]

Typescript notes on the title to Hayling beachland  780A/1/8/14  c 1925

Typescript notes (5pp) on saltmaking on Hayling Island and the parish workhouse in North Hayling based on the late 18th century Overseers' account books and 1 item of covering correspondence, 28 June 1936  780A/1/8/15  28 June 1936

Typescript notes (10pp) with diagrams re dovecotes in the grounds of the Manor House, Hayling and 'Anketil', reputedly first vicar of Hayling, 1240  780A/1/8/16  nd [20th Century]

Letter to John Fleming, M.P., containing notes taken from the Hampshire Telegraph 5 May 1849 re history of Southsea Common  780A/1/8/17  nd [19th Century]


Photocopy Souvenier of South Hayling and Neighbourhood published by C.C. Green, South Hayling  780A/1/9/1  nd [20th Century]

Photocopy Mates' Hayling Island, Havant Emsworth and Petersfield. An Album and Consise Guide  780A/1/9/2  nd [20th Century]

The Counterfoil Album of View of Hayling Island  780A/1/9/3  c 1930

PHOTOGRAPHS  780A/1/10  [n.d.]

St Mary's Church, South Hayling  780A/1/10/1  [n.d.]

Interior and exterior views, font and old ferryman's grave [22]  780A/1/10/1/1  late 19th-early 20th century

South Porch. A. Ellis  780A/1/10/1/2  nd [20th century]

South side of church. A. Ellis  780A/1/10/1/3  nd [20th century]

North side of church. A. Ellis  780A/1/10/1/4  nd [20th century]

Interior of church decorated for Christmas. A. Ellis  780A/1/10/1/5  nd [20th century]

Interior of church  780A/1/10/1/6  nd [20th century]

Interior of church  780A/1/10/1/7  nd [20th century]

Altar decorated for Easter  780A/1/10/1/8  nd [20th century]

Altar at Easter  780A/1/10/1/9  nd [20th century]

Altar decorated for Easter  780A/1/10/1/10  nd [20th century]

Chancel roof under repair  780A/1/10/1/11  c1900

South east side of exterior  780A/1/10/1/12  nd [20th century]

Photograph of south west side of exterior taken from etching by F. Whitaker  780A/1/10/1/13  c1860

Photograph of west end of exterior taken from etching  780A/1/10/1/14  nd [20th century]

Performance for an Easter play in church  780A/1/10/1/15  nd [20th century]

St Peter's Church, North Hayling  780A/1/10/2  [n.d.]

Framed photograph of north east side of exterior  780A/1/10/2/1  nd [20th century]

Exterior, interior, font and plate [8]  780A/1/10/2/2  late 19th-early [20th century]

South west of exterior  780A/1/10/2/3  nd [20th century]

North side of exterior  780A/1/10/2/4  nd [20th century]

Miscellaneous [Church]  780A/1/10/3  [n.d.]

Foundation stone ceremony  780A/1/10/3/1  nd [20th century]

Exterior of Christ Church, Portsdown [?]  780A/1/10/3/2  nd [20th century]

Warblington Castle and St Thomas a'Becket church taken from etching  780A/1/10/3/3  nd [20th century]

Photograph of unknown church taken from etching  780A/1/10/3/4  nd [20th century]

Box pew  780A/1/10/3/5  nd [20th century]

Local Buildings and Views  780A/1/10/4  [n.d.]

Manor House, Hayling Island  780A/1/10/4/1-2  nd [20th century]

Pond near Manor House, Hayling Island  780A/1/10/4/3  nd [20th century]

Figurehead from a German ship sunk off Hayling Island formerly in garden of Hayling Manor  780A/1/10/4/4  nd [20th century]

Interior of dove-cote - [?]near Hayling Manor  780A/1/10/4/5  nd [20th century]

New Vicarage, Beach Road, Hayling Island including close-up of Coat of Arms above front door [4]. Demolished 1972  780A/1/10/4/6  nd [20th century]

Photograph of south elevation of New Vicarage, Hayling Island, taken from drawing  780A/1/10/4/7  nd [20th century]

Madiera Villas, South Hayling  780A/1/10/4/8  nd [20th century]

Photograph of Leigh Park House taken from painting of c1840  780A/1/10/4/9  nd [20th century]

Town Hall, Portsmouth  780A/1/10/4/10  c1900

Photograph of view of Langstone Harbour near Havant taken from engraving of 1774  780A/1/10/4/11  nd [20th century]

View of Esplanade on South Beach of Hayling Island showing proposed "new town" projected by Wil.Padwick. Photograph of engraving  780A/1/10/4/12-13  c1840

Photograph of painting of thatched cottage - [?]on Hayling Island  780A/1/10/4/14  September 1906

Maps of Hayling Island - photographs of originals  780A/1/10/5  [n.d.]

Map of Hayling Island prepared for lawsuit on Padwick's foreshore rights  780A/1/10/5/1  c1835

Map of Hayling Island showing new buildings proposed for South Beach surveyed by I.T.& C. Lewis - in colour  780A/1/10/5/2  1834

Map of Hayling Island surveyed for Wil.Padwick by I.T.& C.Lewis  780A/1/10/5/3  1835

Actual size copy of 780A/1/10/5/3 - in 4 parts  780A/1/10/5/4  1835

Individuals  780A/1/10/6  [n.d.]

Clergyman - [?]Rev. C.H.Clarke  780A/1/10/6/1-3  nd [20th century]

Unknown woman  780A/1/10/6/4  c1910

Lady with group of six children  780A/1/10/6/5  c1900

Negatives  780A/1/10/7  [n.d.]

Envelopes of negatives of some of above  780A/1/10/7/1  nd [20th century]

PRINTS AND ENGRAVINGS  780A/1/11  [n.d.]

Hayling Island  780A/1/11/1  [n.d.]

'The Salterns' showing windmill with low lying ground and water beyond  780A/1/11/1/1  nd [19th century]

'The Library'  780A/1/11/1/2  nd [19th century]

'The Bathing House'  780A/1/11/1/3  nd [19th century]

'The Bathing House'  780A/1/11/1/4  nd [19th century]

The Bridge with the mainland in the distance [1] and the Bathing House [2]  780A/1/11/1/5  nd [19th century]

The Bridge with the mainland in the distance  780A/1/11/1/6  nd [19th century]

The Library and the Bathing House  780A/1/11/1/7  nd [19th century]

Five architectural features [possibly South Hayling church]  780A/1/11/1/8  nd [19th century]

New Vicarage House, South Hayling  780A/1/11/1/9  nd [19th century]

Photographic copy of print of Esplanade and proposed new buildings to be erected on the Southern Beach, Hayling Island. Architect Robert Abraham, Torrington Street, Russell Square  780A/1/11/1/10  nd [19th century]

Plan of Richmond Crescent, Hayling, Hants showing plots for building to be let on lease as villas to be purchased. Architect George Mair. Scale 2 inches to 200 feet  780A/1/11/1/11  August 1836

Unidentified plan of a row of houses [possibly projected for Hayling Island]  780A/1/11/1/12  nd [19th century]

Southampton  780A/1/11/2  [n.d.]

Bargate, Southampton. Publisher F. Blyth, 87 Cornhill, London  780A/1/11/2/1  1 February 1777

Southampton 'from an Original Drawing by Hassell'. Publisher J. Walker, 16 Rosomans, Street, London  780A/1/11/2/2  1 January 1795

The Grammar School  780A/1/11/2/3  nd [19th century]

High Street  780A/1/11/2/4  nd [19th century]

Royal Victoria Spa and Assembly Rooms. Drawn and engraved by Brannon  780A/1/11/2/5  nd [19th century]

Pier Gates, Clubhouse, etc. Brannon  780A/1/11/2/6  nd [19th century]

Southampton from the Water. Brannon  780A/1/11/2/7  nd [19th century]

Southampton Piers. South View  780A/1/11/2/8  nd [19th century]

Southampton Docks. W.T.F.Ellis  780A/1/11/2/9  nd [19th century]

Miscellaneous  780A/1/11/3  [n.d.]

South View of Calshot Castle in Hampshire. Drawn and engraved by S. and N. Buck  780A/1/11/3/1  1733

Town and Harbour of Portsmouth with a view of Her Majesty's Fleet at Spithead from Portsdown Hill  780A/1/11/3/2  nd [19th century]

Portchester Castle  780A/1/11/3/3  nd [19th century]

British Fleet at Spithead, July 1853  780A/1/11/3/4  1853

'Landing the wounded from HMS Retribution at Portsmouth' from No 728 vol.XXVI  780A/1/11/3/5  17 February 1855

Report and illustrations of visit of Queen Victoria to Cherbourg Arsenal from No 176 vol.7  780A/1/11/3/6  14 August 1855

'A Bird's-Eye View of the Entire Seat of War in the East from Nicolaiev to Sebastopol' from  780A/1/11/3/7  24 November 1855

Ground floor plan of a house with a neo-classical portico. Architect William White  780A/1/11/3/8  nd [19th century]

Plan of chambers of unspecified domestic dwelling. Architect William White  780A/1/11/3/9  nd [19th century]

Plan of attic space of same house. Architect William White  780A/1/11/3/10  nd [19th century]

Front elevation and ground plan of projected inn or public house. Partially coloured  780A/1/11/3/11  nd [19th century]

Section showing comparative level of buildings of Penitentiary and of River at High and Low Water from Report from Select Committee on Penitentiary at Millbank, 1824. Drawn by James Basire  780A/1/11/3/12  1824

Mr William Padwick. Frontispiece from C. Longcroft  780A/1/11/3/13  nd [19th century]

Print of French Gun Vessels captured by HMS ? and ? - in Portsmouth Harbour - with a written description  780A/1/11/3/14  21 February 1804

4 sheets

MISCELLANEOUS  780A/1/12  [n.d.]

Ms account book being 'Mrs William Padwick's Account of House Expenses for the year 1824'. [Note. It was only kept for January 1824]  780A/1/12/1  1824

Rough ms notes of rates, rents, monies etc. due from manor and Sinah Farms and details of sowing and livestock  780A/1/12/2  1868-9

4 pp

Licence issued by William Padwick nominating and appointing the Reverend Charles Hardy his gamekeeper within his Manor, Royalty and Free Warren of Hayling  780A/1/12/3  13 October 1834

Licence issued by William Padwick nominating and appointing George Quinnell, labourer, his gamekeeper within his Manor, Royalty and Free Warren of Hayling  780A/1/12/4  10 Octobrer 1844

Marriage Settlement  780A/1/12/5  1618

(i) Anthony Fowle of Retherfielde Sussex, Esquire
(ii) Nicholas Fowle of the same place, gentleman, son and heir of (i)
(iii) William Harrison of Faversham, Kent, gentleman and Judith Constant, widow of the late Thomas Constant of Deal, Kent
Settlement made on the marriage of Nicholas Fowle with Judith Constant

Will with letters of administration of Margery Riggs, widow, late wife of Robert Riggs of Fareham, Southampton.  780A/1/12/6  26 September 1649

Beneficiaries: Margery Earlesman, Margaret Baker, Mary Riggs and Elizabeth Coates, daughters of Margery Riggs

Will with letters of administration of Theophilus Curtis of Portsmouth, Southampton, gentleman.  780A/1/12/7  27 May 1689

Main beneficiary: Mary Curtis, wife of the above

Copy letter to 'Richard Barwell Nabob MP London' from Thomas Frank containing libellous allegations against Mr Barwell with copies of the latter's reply and subsequent correspondence  780A/1/12/8  21 March 1793

Bill for furniture bought by William Padwick Junior from John Morgan and Sanders, 16 and 17 Catherine Street, Strand  780A/1/12/9  24 June 1814

Receipt for four guineas from Margaret Smith 'for half a year's wages'  780A/1/12/10  14 July 1824

Receipt for £4 7s.Od. and 1s. 4d. from Hannah Lockwood 'for wages due... from 26 June up to this day being the whole of my demand on her' (Mrs William Padwick)  780A/1/12/11  5 October 1824

Table plan for the arrangement of the dishes of food for a dinner of three courses  780A/1/12/12  nd [19th century]

Notice of a meeting at the Norfolk Arms of Trustees of Subscription Houses in Hayling Island  780A/1/12/13  28 April 1828

2 copies

Page of notes being a calculation of fines due from Shave's Copyhold (on the dorse is a draft of a letter on behalf of a supplicant for parish relief)  780A/1/12/14  nd [19th century]

Note of census returns for Havant, Bedhampton, Farlington, Hayling North, Hayling South and Warblington 1831-61  780A/1/12/15  nd [19th century]

Ms details of the births of the five children of James and Mary Mills 1789-1802 and the family's subsequent deaths 1832-43  780A/1/12/16  c1830

on the dorse, similar details of the Cannon family 1819-49

Printed memorial notices (3) of death of First Lieutenant J.E.S. Birdenall-Bruce of Stuanton House, South Hayling, killed at the assault and capture of Monchy-le-Preux, 11 April 1917.  780A/1/12/17  1917

'Hayling Island. An Ode to William Padwick Esquire, Lord of the Manor'  780A/1/12/18  nd [19th century]

2 copies

1 copy incomplete

Engraving in praise of punctuality dedicated to Mr Thomas Francis (Butler of Stansted House, Sussex). Designed and engraved by W. Pink, Emsworth  780A/1/12/19  1851

Engraving of the armorial bearings of the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Horatio Nelson. Engraved for Hardy's Life of Lord Nelson  780A/1/12/20  nd [19th century]

A version of 'The Chancellors' Song' 'with apologies to Sir W.S.Gilbert not to Mr Lloyd George' possibly by the Reverend C.H. Clarke  780A/1/12/21  nd [early 20th century]

Certificates (7) of Eleanor Louisa Turner testifying to her musical and academic proficiency  780A/1/12/22  1885-1888

Personal Christmas cards (2) of sea and ships from Alfred Turner, Langstone House, Hayling  780A/1/12/23  1935-36

The Farmers' Journal Supplement containing a report on the Second Annual Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society of England at Cambridge  780A/1/12/24  20 July 1840

Illustrated Times, Saturday 12 March 1859  780A/1/12/25  1859

Illustrated London News, 30 September 1865, pp 319 and 332 containing a report and illustration of launching of the Hayling Island Lifeboat  780A/1/12/26  30 September 1865

The West Sussex Gazette, 29 September 1887  780A/1/12/27  29 September 1887

Page from Portsmouth and Hampshire County Times, 20 November, 1925 containing miscellanous reports of Hayling Island news: Mr McEwen's local history lecture, the tragic death of an aged woman, the death of a labourer, etc  780A/1/12/28  20 November 1925

Cutting from Evening News, 4 September 1926 re dispute over right of way at East Stoke, Hayling Island  780A/1/12/29  4 September 1926

Pages (3) from Evening News, 23 November 1929 re gate damage on Hayling  780A/1/12/30  23 November 1929

Cutting from The West Sussex Gazette, 8 September 1898, re sale of plots of freehold building land on the Mengeham Building Estate  780A/1/12/31  8 September 1898

Sale Catalogue of Messrs Hall Pain and Goldsmith: 'Whin-hurst', South Hayling; Belmont Cottage, West Town, Hayling and the Manor or Lordship of Hayling, the property of J.W.Simpkins dec'd.  780A/1/12/32  6 August 1925

Handley's Amusement Guide  780A/1/12/33  15 October 1922

contains interesting set of photographs of interior of pre-war shop

Messrs Wyatt and Son, Auctioneers, Valuers etc Guide to Havant and District  780A/1/12/34  nd [c1926]

Ralph Shirley, The Angel Warriors at Mons. An Authentic Record  780A/1/12/35  nd [c1915]

Hambledon Hunt Races: Race Card, 4 May 1928  780A/1/12/36  4 May 1928

Portsmouth Races, Wymering Park Racecourse: Race Card, 10 August 1928  780A/1/12/37  10 August 1928

Portsmouth Park Races: Race Card, 27 June 1931  780A/1/12/38  27 June 1931

Portsmouth Park Races: Race Card, 30 March 1932  780A/1/12/39  30 March 1932

South East England, Cmnd. 2308. HMSO 1964  780A/1/12/40  1964

Photograph of Queen Victoria's letter of thanks to her subjects for the sympathy extended to the Royal family on the death of the Duke of Clarence  780A/1/12/41  nd [19th century]

R. Livesay, French Gunboats, Portsea and London, 20 March 1804 (photocopy)  780A/1/12/42  20 March 1804

Notice of resolution of General Licensing Meeting for Fareham Dicision, 10 September 1958 that the Notice of the Bench of 28 October 1980 be published warning publicans of the penalties which they will incur should they allow their premises to become 'places of resort and incentive for Common Prostitutes'  780A/1/12/43  23 September 1859

'An Inventory and Valuation of the Furniture, Plate, Linen, Books and Effects upon the Premises of Hayling Manor House, Hayling Island' made by Smith and Davies of Portsea (photocopy)  780A/1/12/44  November 1864

The Observer, 9 May 1926 (photocopy) typescript General Strike Edition  780A/1/12/45  9 May 1926

Bosham Regatta poster  780A/1/12/46  nd [19th century]

Copper plate of a 'Map of Hayling Island' Scale 1": 1 mile. Engraved by William Pontifex, 46 Shoe Lane, London  780A/1/12/47  nd [19th century]

Copper plate engraved 'Mrs Wm. Padwick'  780A/1/12/48  nd [19th century]

Copper plate engraved with the coat of arms of and name of William Padwick Junior  780A/1/12/49  nd [19th century]

MAPS  780A/1/13  [n.d.]

Hampshire Maps  780A/1/13/1  [n.d.]

Clanfield  780A/1/13/1/1  [n.d.]

Inset of a plot of land bounded by property of late T.C.Jervoise and late James Tooker  780A/1/13/1/1/1  nd [? 19th century]

Scale 2": 15 chains

Farlington  780A/1/13/1/2  [n.d.]

Plan of an estate called Day's London Copse and How's Land in the parish of Farlington with details of acreages for sale by auction by Crook and Son, June 1842  780A/1/13/1/2/1  1842

Hayling Island  780A/1/13/1/3  [n.d.]

Howard's Furlong: Copy [19th century] of part of a map of 1629  780A/1/13/1/3/1  1629

Hayling Island: A map of the island surveyed for the Duke of Norfolk showing lanes, field plan, woods and coppices  780A/1/13/1/3/2  1776

Surveyor William Rowe
Scale 1": 8 chains

Sinar Common and the Wholsinars, South Hayling plan  780A/1/13/1/3/3  1825

Also shows Fort Cumberland on Portsea Island
Surveyor C. Dethick
Scale 2": 20 chains

South coast of Hayling Island: Plan showing increase of shingle deposits 1833-49 and 1849-54  780A/1/13/1/3/4  nd [mid 19th century]


Oyster beds, weirs, sandbanks etc off Hayling Island  780A/1/13/1/3/5  nd [19th century]

Also shows ferries and wrecks
Surveyor I.T.Lewis of Southampton
Scale 5" to 1 mile

Beach and adjoining land, Hayling Island: Rough plan of part of the beach and adjoining lands with names of owners of property  780A/1/13/1/3/6  nd [late 18th or early 19th century]

Scale 1": 3 chains

Eastock Farm, Hayling Island: Plan of south-east corner of Hayling Island showing Eastock Farm and the property of M.P.Penfold, Esq  780A/1/13/1/3/7  nd [19th century]

Scale 2": 10 chains

Hayling Island: Map of Hayling Island and mainland to north including Bedhampton, Havant, Emsworth, Purbrook Park, Bedhampton Park, Forest of Bere  780A/1/13/1/3/8  nd [19th century]

Scale 2": 3 miles

Hayling Island: Map of Hayling Island, the south-east corner of Portsea Island, Langstone Harbour and Thorney Island  780A/1/13/1/3/9  nd [19th century]

Surveyor J. Wyld
Scale 1": 1 mile

Hayling Island: Map of Hayling Island, Langstone Harbour, Thorney Island, surrounding mainland and deep water channels  780A/1/13/1/3/10  nd [19th century]

Surveyor J. Wyld
Scale 3": 2 miles

Hayling Island: Map of Hayling Island and the country in its vicinity  780A/1/13/1/3/11  nd [19th century]

4 copies

drawn and engraved by E.Mogg, 14 Great Russell Street, Covent Garden
Scale 1cm: 2 miles

Bacon Lane, Hayling Island: Plan of fields adjoining Bacon Lane with names of owners and tenants  780A/1/13/1/3/12  nd [19th century]

Scale 1": 100'

New Churchyard, South Hayling: Plan of new churchyard for South Hayling parish church  780A/1/13/1/3/13  nd [19th century]

Idsworth  780A/1/13/1/4  [n.d.]

Idsworth: Map of Rowlands Castle, Finchdean and Idsworth with field plan, principal roads etc.  780A/1/13/1/4/1  nd [19th century]

Partially coloured
3": 20 chains

Havant and Adjoining Areas  780A/1/13/1/5  [n.d.]

Bedhampton, Havant and Warblington: Map of parishes of Bedhampton, Havant and Warblington and their boundaries  780A/1/13/1/5/1  1833

Surveyors I.T. and C.Lewis, Winchester
Scale 5": 8 furlongs

Bedhampton, Havant and Warblington: Map of parishes of Bedhampton, Havant and Warblington showing boundaries  780A/1/13/1/5/2  nd [19th century]

Scale 3": 5 furlongs

Leigh Park and surrounding villages: Tracing of Leigh Park and surrounding hamlets of Stockheath, West Leigh and Middle Leigh, roads and field patterns  780A/1/13/1/5/3  nd [19th century]

Scale 2": 15 chains

Wade Court Estate in parishes of Havant and Warblington: Plan of the estate marked out in lots  780A/1/13/1/5/4  nd [19th century]

Scale 1": 4 chains

Portsmouth and Portsea Island  780A/1/13/1/6  [n.d.]

Portsmouth: Copy [1830] of plan of the town of Portsmouth with design for the new fortifications [traced from Cottonian Ms Aug A I in the British Museum by F.M.)  780A/1/13/1/6/1  16th century

Portsea Farm: 19th century tracing of a map of Portsea Farm belonging to Isaac Moody Esq of Havant showing Fratton Street, Church Lane, Deadman's Lane and Copnor Lane with adjacent fields and farmsteads.  780A/1/13/1/6/2  1629

Also two insets:
(i) land occupied by Danol Crane on the corner of Lapy Lane and Fratton Common
(ii) Ridge furlong in 'Towne Commone Fielde Hayling Towne'
Scale 1": 5 chains

Milton, Portsea Island: Tracing of a map of Milton showing the field plan, principal lanes and coastline  780A/1/13/1/6/3  nd [c1750]

Surveyor J. Holley Senior

Portsea Island: Half completed map of Portsea Island  780A/1/13/1/6/4  nd [18th century]

On the dorse, the note 'Portsea Island Mss'

Boundary of old Borough of Portsmouth and 1832 Parliamentary boundary  780A/1/13/1/6/5  1833

Surveyor I.T. and C. Lewis Partially coloured
Scale 5" to 1 mile

Manor Farm, Hilsea: Plan of Hilsea Manor Farm belonging to William Padwick Junior showing the turnpike road, Hilsea Field road, field plan, ponds, position of barracks and the Government lines  780A/1/13/1/6/6  nd [19th century]

List of acreages
Scale 2": 20 chains

Landport, Portsea Island: Plan of an area bounded by the London Road, Greetham Street, Dorset Street and Lake Lane including Crasswell Street, Chandos Street, Arundel Street, Church Path, Surrey Street and Bow Street  780A/1/13/1/6/7  nd [early 19th century]

Certain properties are numbered to correspond with the list of owners and occupiers in the margin
Scale 1": 1 chain

Hayling and Portsea Islands: Map 'showing the locus in quo', Portsea Island showing Fountain or Pesthouse Field, Cherry-Garden field, Beeston field and Mere or Town field, the latter being broken down into furlongs  780A/1/13/1/6/8  nd [?19th century]

Hayling Island showing the parish of North Hayling broken down into tithings

Maps of Sussex  780A/1/13/2  [n.d.]

General  780A/1/13/2/1  [n.d.]

Sussex: 'The first Sheet of An Actual Topographical Survey of the County of Sussex'  780A/1/13/2/1/1  31 March 1778

2 copies

Surveyors T. Yeakell and W. Gardner
On wooden rollers
Scale 2": 1 mile

Sussex: A topographical map of the county of Sussex divided into Rapes, Deanries and Hundreds  780A/1/13/2/1/2  4 June 1795

Surveyors W. Gardner and T. Yeakell
Completed by Thomas Gream
Published by W.F.Aden 3rd Edition 1820
Scale 1": 1 mile

Bosham  780A/1/13/2/2  [n.d.]

Bosham Creek: Plan and cross sections of land north of Chichester Creek and to the east of Bosham Creek showing villages of Bosham Gosport and Itchenor  780A/1/13/2/2/1  nd [?19th century]

Scale: horizontal 1": 4 chains
vertical 1": 20 feet

Bosham: Plan of the Bosham Mudwall Channel and Oyster Ponds belonging to Admiral Berkeley  780A/1/13/2/2/2  nd [19th century]

Partially coloured

Chidham  780A/1/13/2/3  [n.d.]

Plot of land in parish of Chidham: Map showing plot of land in the parish of Chidham belonging to Thomas Bickley  780A/1/13/2/3/1  1638

Very badly damaged by vermin

On dorse, the note 'Hambrook Common belonging to Chidham lying in Westbourn parish'
Surveyor [Tho]mas Kin[illeg]

Manor and parish of Chidham and island and parish of West Thorney: Plan of manor and parish of Chidham with lands in Bosham belonging to the said manor and the island and parish of West Thorney, Sussex  780A/1/13/2/3/2  1784

Beneath cartouche is the note 'For the particulars of the Boundary of Chidham Manor see Perambulation in Manor Book p163'
Surveyor Thomas Bainbridge
Scale 1": 8 chains

Manor of Chidham: Map of the manor of Chidham, the boundary being marked by a broken red line  780A/1/13/2/3/3  nd [?19th century]

Partially coloured
Scale 1": 20 chains

East Wittering  780A/1/13/2/4  [n.d.]

Pasture land in parish of East Wittering: Map of pasture lands known as Thorney bounded by the Rich to the north and the sea to the south and west which lands are part of the manor or prebendary of Thorney in the parish of East Wittering belonging to Christopher Newell of Chichester, Butcher  780A/1/13/2/4/1  3 August 1692

Surveyor William Weekes
Scale 1": 10 perches

Maps of Surrey  780A/1/13/3  [n.d.]

General  780A/1/13/3/1  [n.d.]

Surrey: Map of county by B.R.Davies 'from his Environs of London and the latest Ordnance Survey' published by? Office  780A/1/13/3/1/1  nd [late 19th century]

Scale cl": 3 miles

Maritime Charts  780A/1/13/4  [n.d.]

General  780A/1/13/4/1  [n.d.]

Isle of Wight: French chart of Isle of Wight and neighbouring coastline from Selsey to Peverel Point based on map of same area by Jos. Avery, London 1721  780A/1/13/4/1/1  1762
Language:  French

Surveyor S Bellin Ing de la Marine et due Depost des Plans etc

Sussex and Hampshire Coast: Selsey to Christchurch including Portsmouth Harbour, Spithead roads Southampton river and passages by west end of Isle of Wight  780A/1/13/4/1/2  1 November 1797

Surveyor Captain John Knight RN
Scale 5": 6 miles

Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset Coasts: Steel's 'New and Accurate Chart of coasts of Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset from Selsey to Poole. Contains views of Needles, Hurst castle and Lighthouse, west end of Isle of Wight and St Helen's Point by Sir John Knight, K.C.B., Admiral of the Blue  780A/1/13/4/1/3  1821

South Coast including Spithead: South coast of England from Dunnose to the Needles including Spithead with inset continuation of Southampton Water  780A/1/13/4/1/4  1851

Surveyor Captain Sheringham

Portland and Weymouth: Portland and Weymouth Roads showing intended harbour and breakwater with view of Portland roadstead and break-water/works  780A/1/13/4/1/5  nd [mid 19th century]

Bristol Channel: West coast of England Sheet III Bristol Channel Outer Part showing coast of South Wales from Milford Haven to Porthcawl and coast of North Devon from Morte Bay to Foreland  780A/1/13/4/1/6  1839

Surveyors Lieutenants Denham RN and Robinson RN
Scale 1" to 36 nautical miles

Wreck Chart of British Isles  780A/1/13/4/1/7  1852

Compiled from Admiralty Register.
Also shows life boat stations.
Printed by order of House of Commons 19 August 1833

Wreck Chart of British Isles  780A/1/13/4/1/8  1854

Compiled from Admiralty Register.
Also shows lifeboat stations.
Printed by order of House of Commons 23 February 1855
Scale 1" to 36 nautical miles

Local  780A/1/13/4/2  [n.d.]

Chichester Harbour and east side of Hayling Island  780A/1/13/4/2/1  nd [?19th century]

Scale 5": 8 furlongs

Langstone Harbour  780A/1/13/4/2/2  1847

Surveyed and drawn by Lieutenant H.L. Cox under direction of Commander W.L.Sheringham
Partially coloured
Scale 1ml: 2000'

Langstone Harbour to Chichester Harbour  780A/1/13/4/2/3  nd [c1851]

Shows Langstone Harbour, Hayling Island, Chichester Harbour, Thorney Island, parishes of Chidham and Bosham (part). An unbroken red line stretches from Eastoke Salterns to NW coast of Hayling Island; from Vicar Point, Thorney Island to mainland south of Bosham; from Longmere Point, Thorney Island to Pilsey Island and from eastern tip of Pilsey Island to Cobner Point and from Cobner Point across Bosham Creek. Stamped 'Admiralty Harbour Dept 1851'
1": 16 chains

Owers, Chichester and Emsworth Harbours  780A/1/13/4/2/4  1786

Published by Hydrographic Office
Surveyor Lieutenant Murdoch-McKenzie
Partially coloured

Portsmouth Haven, cElizabeth I: 'A reduction of an old drawing on Parchment' made in Hydrographic Office by order of Admiral Sir George Cockburn 1834  780A/1/13/4/2/5  1834

Partially coloured
Scale 3": 1 mile

Industrial Undertakings  780A/1/13/5  [n.d.]

Bridges  780A/1/13/5/1  [n.d.]

Hayling Island: Reduced plan of design for a bridge from Langstone to Hayling Island  780A/1/13/5/1/1  1823

7 copies

Architect Mr Hollingsworth
Scale 1": 80 feet

Docks  780A/1/13/5/2  [n.d.]

Great Grimsby: Plan of new dock at Great Grimsby, April 1849 with view of first stone being laid 18 April 1849 by Prince Albert  780A/1/13/5/2/1  1849

Hayling Island: Plan of Hayling Bridge and Causeway and proposed additional works and railway from Langstone Quay to Havant including cross-section of proposed works  780A/1/13/5/2/2  nd [19th century]

Scale horizontal scale for plan and section 1": 5 chains; vertical scale for section and cross-section 1": 50 feet

Langstone and Langstone Harbour: Map showing docks and railway under construction at Langstone and at mouth of Langstone Harbour and link with London via South Coast, South Western and proposed London Direct Railways  780A/1/13/5/2/3  nd [19th century]

Langstone Harbour: Sketch map of docks and railway under construction at Langstone Harbour and links with London via South Coast, South Western and proposed London Direct Railways. Shows also coastline from Stokes Bay to Selsey Bill  780A/1/13/5/2/4  nd [19th century]

Partially coloured

Newport Docks, Aberdeen Harbour, Silloth Bay Dock, Blyth Harbour, Swansea Harbour and Docks plans  780A/1/13/5/2/5  1857

Surveyor J. Abernethy
Partially coloured
Scale 1": 400 feet

Southampton: Plan of docks showing connection with South Western Railway  780A/1/13/5/2/6  1853

Engineer Alferd Giles
Scale 1": 300'

Portsmouth: Plan of proposed steam basin, Gunwharf, Portsea  780A/1/13/5/2/7  1852

Surveyor C.W.E. Pines
Scale 1": 5 chains

Portsmouth: Plan of proposed steam basin, Gunwharf, Portsea  780A/1/13/5/2/8  1852

Surveyor C.W.E.Pines
Scale 1": 5 chains

Outer Camber, Portsmouth: Plan of proposed site for dock accommodation in Outer Camber, Portsmouth  780A/1/13/5/2/9  November 1854

Surveyor C.W.E.Pines
Partially coloured
Scale 1": 5 chains

Pumping Stations  780A/1/13/5/3  [n.d.]

South Hayling: Copy of application to Board of Trade under Gas and Waterworks Facilities Act 1870 for a provisional order authorising construction of waterworks on Hayling Island and incidental powers hereto including copy of plan of South Hayling showing proposed pumping stations with enlargements of said pumping stations  780A/1/13/5/3/1  1895

Engineers W.C.Tyndale and W.T.Chadwin
Scale plan ": 10 chains
enlargements 1": 200'

Railways  780A/1/13/5/4  [n.d.]

Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and London Railways: Map of railways connecting Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and London (LSWR, SER and LBSCR) and a proposed railway and embankment from Langstone to Hayling Island  780A/1/13/5/4/1  nd [?1852]

Coloured map
Appended to above, a plan of the proposed embankment on the western foreshore of Hayling Island and Langstone Harbour 1852
Scale 1": 30 chains

Railways in Southern England: Map showing routes of Portsmouth Railway, LSWR, the SER, the LBSCR and proposed new lines, 1853 in Southern England with table of distances  780A/1/13/5/4/2  nd [?1853]

Partially coloured and inscribed in top left hand corner with name 'W. Padwick'

Southern and South East England: Plan showing railway and waterway lines to date  780A/1/13/5/4/3  nd [mid 19th century]

Scale 1": 12 miles

Shoreham and Dorking Railway: Map of proposed line of railway  780A/1/13/5/4/4  1857

Engineer Joseph Locke
Partially coloured
Scale 2 ": 10 miles

London Brighton and South Coast Railway: Map of same and branches  780A/1/13/5/4/5  nd [19th century]

Scale 1": 10 miles
dorse map of LBSCR and connections with continental lines

Miscellaneous  780A/1/13/6  [n.d.]

Spithead: Plan showing proposed evolutions of fleet 1856 Review. Published by Hydrographic Office, 8 March 1856  780A/1/13/6/1  1856


Jamaica: Map prepared by order of Governor Sir Henry Wylie Norman  780A/1/13/6/2  1888-1922

Surveyor Colin Liddell
Partially coloured and annotated
Scale 1": 2.69 miles
1888, corrected to 1922

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