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Jervoise family of Herriard

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Reference 44M69
Covering dates 12th century-20th century
Held by Hampshire Record Office
Extent 186 Series
Creators Jervoise family of Herriard, Hampshire
Arrangement The classification of the collection is as follows:
44M69/A: manorial records for Hampshire, 1380-1799; Wiltshire, 1450s-1830s; and various other counties 16th-17th centuries
44M69/B: grants, 1421-1708
44M69/C: charters, 1180-1720s
44M69/D: title deeds for Hampshire estates and those in other counties
44M69/E1: estate surveys and rentals, 1330s-1950s
44M69/E2: estate leases, 1540s-1830s
44M69/E3-E20: estate and personal accounts, 1530s-1960s
44M69/F1-F19: estate and personal/family correspondence, legal papers and personal papers, 1540s-1960s, including some personal diaries for late 19th-early 20th century and a parliamentary diary of Sir Richard Paulet dated 1610
44M69/G1: papers re transport, such as canals, harbours and docks, railways, roads and bridges, 18th-19th centuries
44M69/G2: political papers, relating to involvement of Jervoise family in local and national politics, 1580s-1830s
44M69/G3: Shrievalty and Justices of the Peace, relating to Jervoise family activties as sheriffs and JPs in Hampshire and other counties where the family had lands
44M69/G4: taxation records, mainly papers re payment of parliamentary and national taxes by the Jervoise family and also their administration of taxation in the parishes where their estates lay, 1576-1840s
44M69/G5: military papers, mainly muster books, rolls and correspondence re Hampshire, 1587-1640s
44M69/G6: militia papers, mainly correspondence and other papers re organisation and management of the North Hants Militia, 1740s-1840s
44M69/H1: education papers and records, 18th-19th centuries
44M69/H2: records relating to local/national socities and institutions the Jervoise family involved in, 18th-19th centuries
44M69/J: parish records, mainly Hampshire parishes. Includes papers re benefice, churchwardens, overseers, charities, tithe payments etc, 1580s-1970s
44M69/K: printed material such as pamphlets, sale catalogues, acts of parliament, newspapers and papers re elections, 1619-1980s
44M69/L: Sherfield family papers, 16th-17th centuries. Mostly papers of Henry Sherfield, MP, of Salisbury, died 1634. Includes personal, parliamentary, business and estate correspondence. Also papers of the Long family
44M69/M: miscellaneous papers, 16th-20th centuries
44M69/P and 44M69/MAP: maps and plans of Jervoise family estates and houses, 1623-20th

This large collection has been divided into a number of sections, many of which have introductions of their own. The main Jervoise family estates were in: Hampshire (particularly Herriard, Preston Candover, Lasham, Tunworth), Buckinghamshire (Shalston, Grendon Underwood), Wiltshire (Britford estate), Nottinghamshire (Walkeringham), Shropshire (Quatt, Chelmersh), Worcestershire (Northfield and Weoley), with various smaller land holdings in Berkshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Essex and Kent. Most of the sections listed below will include material relating to most of these different counties. In addition, the collection includes papers described below for the following family members, and many of their wives and children: Richard Jervys, 1500-1557; Sir Richard Paulet, died 1614; Sir Henry Wallop, 1540-1599; Sir Thomas Jervoise, 1587-1654; Capt Thomas Jervoise, 1616-1693; Thomas Jervoise III, 1667-1743; Thomas Jervoise, lunatic, 1695-1776; Richard Jervoise, 1704-1762; Tristram Huddleston Jervoise, 1736-1794; Revd George Huddleston Purefoy Jervoise, 1739-1805; George Purefoy Jervoise, 1770-1847; Francis Jervoise Ellis Jervoise, 1809-1881; Francis Michael Ellis Jervoise, 1844-1903; Francis Henry Tristram Jervoise, died 1957; Richard S Jervoise, died 1961; John Loveys Jervoise; the Hall family of Preston Candover, 18th-19th centuries; Thomas Baker of Farnham, 18th century; and a number of others.

OFFICIAL  44M69/G  [n.d.]

TRANSPORT  44M69/G1  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The exact provenance of these documents is now unknown. Most of the documents seem to have emanated from the papers of Thomas Hall Esquire and G.P. Jervoise Esquire both of whom were prominent in local affairs. Some of the papers (e.g. those relating to the London and South Western Railway and the Harnham, Blandford and Dorchester turnpike) may have been gathered together because the Jervoise family were interested parties and their property was affected by the undertakings; other papers (e.g. those relating to the Basingstoke Canal) were amassed because the family were shareholders in the Company. It seems likely that those papers relating to undertakings which do not particularly concern the family or its property were amalgamated by G.P. Jervoise in his capacity as Member of Parliament. Other papers may more properly belong in the Quarter Sessions section (see especially nos. 151-152 and 190-191). Some documents, especially the accounts (nos. 184-185) and the coach advertisement cards (no. 187) are probably simply personal papers. Original bundles have been noted wherever this has been obvious.

Arrangement: The documents in this section have been arranged as follows:-
1-72 Basingstoke Canal 1778-1824
73 Itchen and Wey Canal Eighteenth century
74-76 Portsmouth and Arundel Canal 1816-1817
77-88 Southampton and Salisbury Canal 1794-1800
89 Southampton and London Junction Canal 1807
90-94 Other (non-Hampshire) Canals, nineteenth century
Harbours and Docks
95 Cat-water Harbour, Plymouth 1709
96-97 Bristol Harbour 1818-1822
98-100 St. Katharine's Dock, London 1824-1825
101 Lowestoft Harbour 1826
102 Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire Railroad Company 1825
103-117 London and South Western railway 1836-1845
118-120 Birmingham and Liverpool railway 1825-1826
121-122 Liverpool and Manchester railway 1825
123 Pamphlet about railway transport 1825
124-139 Turnpike Acts 1726-1801
140 Andover and Winchester Turnpike trust 1825
141 Portsmouth and London Turnpike trust 1826
142-144 Gosport and Chawton Pond Turnpike trust 1807-1826
145-147 Hertford Bridge, Basingstoke and Odiham Turnpike trust 1739-1823
148-149 Odiham and Farnham Turnpike Trust 1763-1823
150 Basingstoke and Andover Turnpike Trust 1783
151-152 Basingstoke and Stockbridge Turnpike Trust 1805
153-178 Basingstoke, Alton and Preston Candover Turnpike Trust 1766-1835
179-183 Harnham, Blandford and Dorchester Turnpike Trust 1835-1836
184-189 Miscellaneous documents relating mainly to Turnpike roads 1780, 1821 and not dated
190-191 Accounts 1708, 1748
192-193 Papers concerning the rebuilding of Romsey Bridge 1782

CANALS  [no ref. or date]

Basingstoke Canal  [no ref. or date]

[Nos 30-32, 34 were originally in one bundle]

Printed pamphlet entitled 'The Utility of the intended Basingstoke Canal Navigation'  44M69/G1/1  c,1778

2 copies

Printed minutes of a public meeting held to discuss the Canal undertakings, 16 January 1778  44M69/G1/2  1778

Copy petition of the sheriff, Grand jury and JP's for a bill for making a navigable canal from Basingstoke to the R. Wey, 3 March 1778  44M69/G1/3  1778

Manuscript list of committee members, 11 February 1778  44M69/G1/4  1778

Manuscript letter signed by 'A Friend to Hampshire' sent to Thomas Hall urging faster progress in pursuing the canal scheme, 24 October 1778  44M69/G1/5  1778

An address to the public on the Canal navigation  44M69/G1/6  c.1783

Printed; 3 copies

Printed account of articles 'which it is supposed' will be carried on the intended canal, June 1787  44M69/G1/7  1787

Manuscript estimate of 'supposed' tonnage on the intended canal n.d.  44M69/G1/8  1787

List of proprietors of the canal navigation, 29 February 1788  44M69/G1/9  1788

List of proprietors of the canal navigation, 28 March 1788  44M69/G1/10  1788

Letter from Charles Best at Basingstoke to Thomas Hall enclosing subscription list and informing him of date of next meeting, 15 March 1788  44M69/G1/11  1788

Letter from Charles Best at Basingstoke to Thomas Hall concerning document to be signed (there is a hole in the paper, making the sense difficult to understand) (25) May 1788  44M69/G1/12  1788

List of gentlemen for the new committee, 28 May 1788  44M69/G1/13  1788

Extracts from account book, 5 September 1788  44M69/G1/14  1788

Letter from Charles Best to Thomas Hall informing him of meeting to hear landowner's complaints about intended line of canal, 11 November 1788  44M69/G1/15  1788

Memorandum concerning ?workmen and bonds given for work on the canal 18 December 1788  44M69/G1/16  1788

Measurement of the line of the canal through lands belonging to Thomas Hall in Dogmersfield, 24 January 1789  44M69/G1/17  1789

Resolutions of a general meeting of the proprietors of the Basingstoke Canal Navigation, 23 February 1789  44M69/G1/18  1789

Minutes of a general meeting of the proprietors, 30 August 1790  44M69/G1/19  1790

Minutes of management committee meetings 6 January and 7 April 1791  44M69/G1/20  1791

Order for raising money for the canal, passed at the meeting of proprietors, 28 February 1791  44M69/G1/21  1791

Extracts from minutes of general meetings of proprietors, 4 April, 10 May and 29 August 1791  44M69/G1/22  1791

Printed notice to the proprietors suggesting regulations for sale and transfer of shares, 27 February 1792  44M69/G1/23  1792

Printed letter to Thomas Hall asking for his subscription, 4 June 1792  44M69/G1/24  1792

Extracts from minutes of general meetings of proprietors, 27 August 1792 (with covering letter) and 5 November 1792  44M69/G1/25  1792

Printed address from the Committee of Accounts to the proprietors 30 March 1793  44M69/G1/26  1793

Extracts from minutes of general meeting of proprietors, 4 November and 23 December 1793  44M69/G1/27  1793

Printed letter to Thomas Hall inviting additional loan to the company, 11 November 1793  44M69/G1/28  1793

Printed letter from Charles Best concerning appropriation of 1/3 shares for extending the Canal to the Kennet and Avon canal, 3 January 1794  44M69/G1/29  1794

Extracts from minutes of general meetings of proprietors, 2 June, 13 October and 4 December 1794  44M69/G1/30  1794

Printed letter from Thomas Smith to Thomas Hall asking for payment of loan to the company 31 July 1794  44M69/G1/31  1794

Resolutions of meeting of subscribers to the extension of the canal to the Kennet and Avon canal, 12 September 1794  44M69/G1/32  1794

(Including list of subscribers)

Letter from Thomas Smith clerk to the committee to Thomas Hall sending minutes of recent meetings 17 October 1794  44M69/G1/33  1794

(Probably 44M69/G1/30 with which this letter was originally enclosed)

Printed letter from George Stubbs to Thomas Hall concerning the company's finance, 27 November 1794  44M69/G1/34  1794

Share certificate of Thomas Hall of Preston Candover Esquire, 22 January 1795  44M69/G1/35  1795

Extracts from minutes of general meetings of proprietors, 23 March, 31 August, and 30 September 1795  44M69/G1/36  1795

(With notice of next meeting attached)

Printed letter from Thomas Smith to Thomas Hall reporting resolutions at an adjourned general meeting of proprietors, 28 October 1795  44M69/G1/37  1795

Notice of meeting to discuss accounts, with extracts from Mr. Stubbs' report to the proprietors, 7 December 1795, and printed covering letter  44M69/G1/38  1795

Extracts from minutes of general meetings of proprietors, 29 February, 29 August, 27 October and 8 December 1796  44M69/G1/39  1796

Resolution of general meeting of proprietors concerning extension of canal from the R. Itchen at Winchester, 28 April 1796  44M69/G1/40  1796

Letter from Charles Best to Thomas Hall asking for money for extension of canal to the Kennet and Avon 6 August 1796  44M69/G1/41  1796

Note of Mr. Hall's interest due 24 June 1795, 'sent by his servant' 11 August 1796  44M69/G1/42  1796

Extracts from Mr. Stubbs' report, with accounts and observations, with covering letter, 17 September 1796  44M69/G1/43  1796

Notice of special meeting to discuss the company's finance, 5 October 1796  44M69/G1/44  1796

Related information: (For minutes of this meeting see 44M69/G1/39)

Subscription letters  44M69/G1/45  1797

Circular letter from G. Stubbs asking for subscription in order to 'relieve a suspense I have most severely borne for for month's past' 14 January 1797; and further letter in the name of the committee, requesting subscription 9 February 1797

Extracts from minutes of meetings of proprietors 27 February and 30 August 1797  44M69/G1/46  1797

2 copies

Notice of proxy voter for Thomas Hall, 3 April 1797  44M69/G1/47  1797

Letter from Charles Best to Thomas Hall concerning the company's accounts 3 June 1797  44M69/G1/48  1797

Printed circular from George Stubbs to the specialty creditors concerning interest payments, 29 September 1797  44M69/G1/49  1797

Circular letter asking all bondholders to indicate whether interest payments should be suspended or not, 13 October 1797  44M69/G1/50  1797

Letter from Thomas Smith to Thomas Hall stating that interest due to him as a specialty creditor has been paid, 24 November 1797  44M69/G1/51  1797

Extract from minutes of meetings of proprietors, 4 June and 2 September 1798  44M69/G1/52  1798

Management committee report, 21 February 1799  44M69/G1/53  1799

Account of business done by three company barges January - June 1799, 15 August 1799  44M69/G1/54  1799

Management Committee report 50 January 1800  44M69/G1/55  1800

Manuscript account of wheat prices at Basingstoke market, 5 February 1800 (sent by John Hind to Thomas Hall)  44M69/G1/56  1800

Extracts from minutes of meeting of proprietors, 19 March and 10 October 1800  44M69/G1/57  1800

Notice to the proprietors concerning liquidation of the debt due on the consolidated bonds, 20 July 1800  44M69/G1/58  1800

Quarterly report of the committee, with accounts of trade on the canal 16 August 1800  44M69/G1/59  1800

Circular letter from George Stubbs to the proprietors of the canal concerning the company's finance, 18 August 1800  44M69/G1/60  1800

Quarterly report of the company, with account of trade on the canal, 13 February 1801  44M69/G1/61  1801

Quarterly report of the company, with account of trade on the canal, 11 February, 20 May and 14 October 1802  44M69/G1/62  1802

Report from the committee to the proprietors on the physical condition of the canal, with notice of next meeting 12 August 1802  44M69/G1/63  1802

Reports to the proprietors, 16 February and 17 May 1804  44M69/G1/64  1804

Quarterly report of the company with account of trade on the canal, 14 February 1805  44M69/G1/65  1805

File containing notices of general and special meetings of the proprietors  44M69/G1/66  1790-1805

Report to the proprietors,, 12 February 1807  44M69/G1/67  1807

Interim report of the committee to the proprietors, with notice of next meeting, 11 May 1809  44M69/G1/68  1809

Half-yearly report of the company 17 October 1811  44M69/G1/69  1811

Draft letter by T.H. (probably Thomas Hall) offering his resignation as a proprietor  44M69/G1/70  n.d. [19th century]

Quarterly report of the company, with accounts, 22 October 1824  44M69/G1/71  1824

(Sent to G.P. Jervoise esq; Thomas Hall's name is crossed out)

Blank proxy appointment forms  44M69/G1/72  n.d. [19th Century]

2 docs

Itchen and Wey Canal  [no ref. or date]

Printed booklet, entitled 'An Essay on a Proposed Canal to unite The Rivers Itching and Wey which will make it completely navigable from The Thames to Southampton Bay by The several towns of Chertsey, Guildford, Farnham, Alton, Alresford, Winchester and Southampton' by J. Edwards, surveyor  44M69/G1/73  c.1780

At back: advertisement for new county map to be prepared by J. Edwards
The document is not dated but there is reference to Taylor's map of Hampshire 1759 and Kitchen's map of Hampshire 1744-1762; there is also reference to the Basingstoke Canal (opened 1794) as if it were abortive

Portsmouth and Arundel Canal  [no ref. or date]

Printed 'Report to the subscribers to a Canal from Arundel to Portsmouth' by John Rennie, January 1816 Map inside front cover  44M69/G1/74  1816

[The front cover has the initials G.P.J. 1817]

Printed 'Observations on the Intended Portsmouth and Arundel Canal'  44M69/G1/75  1817

Printed prospectus of the London, Arundel Bay and Portsmouth Grand Ship Canal Company n.d.  44M69/G1/76  c.1817

Southampton and Salisbury Canal  [no ref. or date]

Printed circular to the committee of the Salisbury and Southampton Canal  44M69/G1/77  1794

2 copies

Opposing the arguments put forward in another pamphlet which was hostile to the canal, 20 January 1794

Printed abstract of the report of Mr. John Chamberlaine of Chester and Mr. Thomas Morris of Liverpool  44M69/G1/78  1794

Concerning the canal, with plan showing three possible lines of canal (branching out of the Kennet and Avon Canal to Salisbury, Andover and Basingstoke)
(2 copies, one of them signed by the Secretary)

2 share certificates in the Southampton and Salisbury Canal Navigation  44M69/G1/79  1795

Which belonged to Rev. George Huddlestone Purefoy Jervoise, clerk of Britford in his own right and as executor of Tristram Huddlestone Jervoise of Britford esq., deceased, 25 September 1795

Call of £ .5% on the proprietors of all shares in the navigation. 1 December 1796  44M69/G1/80  1796

(2 docs., one addressed to Rev. G.H. Jervoise and the other to G.P. Jervoise esq.)

Call of £ .10% on the proprietors of all shares in the navigation, 9 February 1797  44M69/G1/81  1797

(3 docs., addressed to Rev. G.H. Jervoise, G.P. Jervoise esquire, and the executors of T.H. Jervoise esquire)

Call of £10.% on the proprietors of all shares in the navigation, 27 April 1797  44M69/G1/82  1797

(3 docs., addressed as no 44M69/G1/81)

Call of £10.% on the proprietors of all shares in the navigation, 29 July 1797  44M69/G1/83  1797

(3 docs., addressed as no 44M69/G1/81)

Call of £10.% on the proprietors of all shares in the navigation, 8 January 1798  44M69/G1/84  1798

(3 docs., addressed as no 44M69/G1/81)

Printed report to the proprietors of the canal with general account to August 1798  44M69/G1/85  1798

(2 copies, one sent to G.P. Jervoise at Britford, the other to Rev. G.H.P. Jervoise at Britford)

Printed letter from the clerk, sent to the executors of T.H. Jervoise esquire at Britford  44M69/G1/86  1799

3 docs

Asking for an advance of money 30 May 1799 with printed statement and account enclosed; also second copy of statement and account

Printed letter from the clerk, sent to Rev. G.H.P. Jervoise at Britford  44M69/G1/87  1800

Asking for an advance of £20% on each share in order to pay off debts, 26 February 1800

Call of £22% on the proprietors of all shares in the navigation, 17 September 1800  44M69/G1/88  1800

(2 docs., one addressed to Rev. H.P. Jervoise (sic) at Britford, the other to G.P. Jervoise esquire at Britford)

Southampton and London Junction Canal  [no ref. or date]

Printed minutes of meeting of owners and occupiers of land to consider the proposed canal  44M69/G1/89  1807

(Line of canal to go between Alton and Ropley)

Other Canals (not Hampshire)  [no ref. or date]

Printed observations on the course of the Bristol and Bath canal from, at or near Newbury to London (to form part of the London - Bristol canal)  44M69/G1/90  n.d.

Refers to possible extension via Kingsclere to form junction with the Basingstoke canal

Printed reasons for removal of the bar now subsisting between the Birmingham canal and the Worcester canal  44M69/G1/91  c.1814-1815

(The document is not dated but evidently relates to 44M69/G1/92)

Printed leaflet entitled 'A short reply (founded on fact) to observations, lately published upon the bill now before Parliament for establishing a communication between the Birmingham and the Worcester and Birmingham canals  44M69/G1/92  c.1814-1815

(The document is not dated but a petition of the Company of Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigations for leave to bring in a bill was presented to the Commons on 25 November 1814 - Commons Journal 1xx 51. The bill was ordered on 29 November 1814 and received the Royal Assent on 12 May 1815 - Lords Journal 1. 237. The local Act reference is 55 Geo.III c.xl.)

Prospectus for the Western Union Canal, with map, showing route from Maidenhead to the Grand Junction Canal, 4 May 1820  44M69/G1/93  1820

Notice sent by Hon. A.G. Legge to Geo. P. Jervoise esquire at Westminster  44M69/G1/94  1826

2 docs

Asking for his attendance at the House of Commons to consider the committee report on the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction canal bill. 8 April 1826

HARBOURS AND DOCKS  [no ref. or date]

Cat-Water Harbour  [no ref. or date]

A Bill for Clearing, Preserving, and Maintaining the Harbour of Cat-Water, lying near Plymouth, in the County of Devon; and for Cleansing and Keeping Clean the Pool, commonly call'd Sutton-Pool lying in Plymouth aforesaid  44M69/G1/95  1709

(The document is not dated but this Bill was passed in 1709)

Bristol Harbour  [no ref. or date]

Printed objections of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol to the Bristol Harbour Bill in order to ensure payment for property belonging to them and taken by the Dock Company  44M69/G1/96  c.1818

Notice to G.P. Jervoise, M.P. to attend committee on the Bristol Harbour Bill on 29 March 1822  44M69/G1/97  1822

St. Katherine's Dock, London  [no ref. or date]

Printed copy petition of merchants, ship owners, traders and others connected with the Port of London to the House of Commons in support of commercial wet docks at St. Katharine's Dock, London  44M69/G1/98  1824

N.d. but the envelope, addressed to G.P. Jervoise esquire is postmarked December 1824

Letter from the directors of the London Dock Company, to Geo. P. Jervoise esquire, M.P. dated 22 February 1825  44M69/G1/99  1825

Enclosing statement about projects for forming additional wet docks in the Port of London

Notices, sent to G.P. Jervoise esquire, M.P. of meetings concerning the St. Katharine's Dock Bill, March 1825  44M69/G1/100  1825

5 docs

Lowestoft Harbour  [no ref. or date]

Printed answers to statements by John Harvey esquire in favour of a new harbour at Lowestoft, February 1826: with printed statement against developing Norwich as a port, 20 February 1826.  44M69/G1/101  1826

Both papers were sent to G.P. Jervoise esquire, M.P., at Westminster

RAILWAYS  [no ref. or date]

Surrey, Sussex and Hants Railroad Company  [no ref. or date]

Prospectus of the company, sent to G.P. Jervoise esquire, M.P. at Herriard House January 1825  44M69/G1/102  1825

London and South Western Railway  [no ref. or date]

Note: these documents, numbered 103-117 formed one original bundle and documents numbered 114-115 formed a separate bundle within that)

Circular letter sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London, Salisbury, Exeter and Falmouth Railway Company  44M69/G1/103  1836

Giving notice of intention to apply for a railway, affecting property at W. Harnham (listed in a schedule) belonging to him 12 December 1836

Circular letter sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London, Salisbury, Exeter and Falmouth Railway Company  44M69/G1/104  1836

Affecting land at Britford and E. Harnham, 12 December 1836

Circular letter sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London, Salisbury, Exeter and Falmouth Railway Company  44M69/G1/105  1836

Affecting land at Salisbury, leased to G.P. Jervoise, 12 December 1836 (2 copies) with blank circular letter

Circular letter sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London, Salisbury, Exeter and Falmouth Railway Company  44M69/G1/106  1836

Affecting land at Salisbury

Part of a note, evidently concerning land at W. Harnham, Salisbury and Britford to be affected by the railway, 12 December 1836  44M69/G1/107  1836

Letter to G.P. Jervoise from M. Rodding? complaining about proposed railway through Britford  44M69/G1/108  1844

'There can be no doubt but that the line will do serious mischief' 28 December 1844
Note: this letter bears a penny red stamp

Letter to G.P. Jervoise from John Witt 29 December 1844  44M69/G1/109  1844

Refers to fire on his property but the letter also concerns the proposed railway through Britford and W. Harnham (Mr. Witt visited the affected property with Mr. Rodding, and the two letters, nos. 108-109 were found together)

Circular letter, sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London and South Western Railway company  44M69/G1/110  1844

Giving notice of intention to apply for a railway (the Salisbury and Yeovil extension) affecting property at W. Harnham owned by him, 2 December 1844

Circular letter, sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London and South Western Railway company  44M69/G1/111  1844

Affecting land at Britford, 2 December 1844

Circular letter, sent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire by the London and South Western Railway company  44M69/G1/112  1844

Affecting land at Salisbury, 2 December 1844

Printed protest by 'a body of Wiltshire landholders' to the Southampton and Salisbury junction railway n.d.  44M69/G1/113  c.1845

Original bundle of correspondence between G.P. Jervoise esquire and Lord Folkestone, July 1845 concerning proposed Salisbury and Southampton railway  44M69/G1/114  1845

'It has been got up by a lot of Attornies etc. having nothing whatever to do with the country & as for its being of any utility, that is all humbug. There are many reasons against the scheme'
One letter encloses a 'Caution to the Public' about the scheme
G.P. Jervoise's replies have been scribbled on the envelopes which bear penny red stamps

Letter from John Witt, presumably to G.P. Jervoise 17 July 1845 concerning the new line of railway  44M69/G1/115  1845

Letter from Lord Nelson to G.P. Jervoise  44M69/G1/116  1845

Sending a 'protest against all railways in our valley which has been signed by nearly all the Proprietors from Salisbury to the Sea' and requesting Mr. Jervoise's signature 8 November 1845, with copy reply returning the protest with his signature, 10 November 1845
(The protest referred to is probably 44M69/G1/117)

Copy of a protest signed by G.P. Jervoise at the request of Lord Nelson against proposed railway schemes affecting the Avon Valley below Salisbury 8 November 1845  44M69/G1/117  1845

N.B. this protest is copied onto an envelope bearing a penny red stamp

Birmingham - Liverpool Railway  [no ref. or date]

Reference to Mr. G. Stephenson's sections of an intended railway from Birmingham to Liverpool  44M69/G1/118  1825

With printed letter opposing the scheme, sent by Thomas Eyre Lee to G.P. Jervoise esquire, M.P. at Herriard House, January 1825

Printed card sent by the chairman of the Trent and Mersey Navigation to G.P. Jervoise esquire, M.P. in February 1825  44M69/G1/119  1825

Requesting him not to support the Birmingham to Liverpool railway bill

Printed statement, with map, by the Chairman of the Birmingham and Liverpool railway, 20 February 1826  44M69/G1/120  1826

Liverpool and Manchester Railway  [no ref. or date]

Notice of second reading of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Bill, March 1825  44M69/G1/121  1825

Printed notice of adjourned second reading of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Bill March 1825  44M69/G1/122  1825

6 docs

With related papers concerning the railway, including chairman's statement, with map, January 1825; pamphlet entitled 'Public Reasons against Rail Roads with Locomotive Engines'; pamphlet entitled 'Remarks on the Misrepresentations. .. of some of the Promoters of the Projected Railway'; pamphlet entitled 'A Short Statement of Facts on behalf of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company against the Bill. . .' and pamphlet entitled 'A Few Plain Facts' against the railway

General  [no ref. or date]

Printed 'Observations on a General Iron Railway or Land Steam Conveyance, to Supersede the necessity of horses in all public vehicles' by Thomas Gray n.d.  44M69/G1/123  1825

But the leaflet was sent to G.P. Jervoise esquire M.P. in February 1825 and may properly belong with no. 122

ROADS  [no ref. or date]

Turnpike Acts  [no ref. or date]

'An Act for Repairing the Roads leading from. .. Bromsgrove to. .. Dudley. .. to. .. Birmingham'  44M69/G1/124  1726-1727

'An Act for Repairing the Road from Hertford-Bridge Hill to. .. Basingstoke; and also the Road from Hertford-Bridge Hill. .. to. .. Odiham' 10 George II  44M69/G1/125  1736-1737

(2 copies; one copy bears the name of T. Lodge junior and there is a list of trustees appointed in 1767 written in ink on the flyleaf)

'An Act for enlarging. .. the powers granted by an Act passed in the Tenth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty. .. and for making the said Act more effectual'  44M69/G1/126  1747-1748

2 copies

(Act referred to is 44M69/G1/125) 21 George II

'An Act for repairing and widening the Roads leading from a Place called Basingstone, near the Town of Bagshot. .. through Frimley and Farnham. .. Bentley, Hollybourn (sic), Alton, Chawton, Ropley, Bishop's Sutton, New Alresford, and Mattingley, otherwise Matterley Lane to the City of Winchester' 26 George II  44M69/G1/127  1752-1753

Related information: Note: another copy of this Act is catalogued as 44M69/K1/2

Enclosed: ms. list of names - possibly trustees - with a note of those who had died

'An Act for Repairing and Widening the Road from Basingstoke, through Wortin (sic) Overton, Whitchurch, Hursborn Pryors, Andover, and Middle Wallop. .. to. .. Lobcomb Corner in the Parish of Winsterslow'  44M69/G1/128  1754

N.d. but effective from 1 May 1755; another copy of this act, ref. 5M52 TR5 is marked 1754 in ms.

'An Act for Repairing and Widening the Roads from Oxdown Gate, in Popham Lane, to the City of Winchester; and from the said City, through Hursley to Chandler's Forde; and from Hursley. .. to the Turnpike Road at Romsey. .. through Ringwood. .. to Longham Bridge and Wimborne Minster'  44M69/G1/129  1759

N.d. but the Act is marked 1759 in ink

'An Act for Repairing and Widening the Roads from. .. Bishop's - Waltham. .. over the Top of. .. Steven's Castle Down, and through Salt Lane and Tichborne to. .. New Alresford. .. through Old Alresford, Bradley Lane, and over Herriard Common to. .. Odiham'  44M69/G1/130  c.1759-60

The act is n.d. but it can be dated by the names of the trustees to c.1759-60
(Sir Charles Powlet was Marquis of Winchester from 1759 and Thomas Cheyney was Dean of Winchester to 1760)

'An Act to explain, amend and reduce into One Act of Parliament, the general Laws now in being for regulating the Turnpike Roads' 7 George III  44M69/G1/131  1767

'An Act for Repairing and Widening Several Roads from Aldermaston. .. to Basingstoke, and from Aldermaston. .. to the Turnpike Road from Basingstoke to Andover at or near Worting and to the Turnpike Road leading to Winchester at Popham Lane'  44M69/G1/132  1772

'An Act for Enlarging the Terms and Powers of Two Acts of the Tenth and Twenty-first Years of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Second for repairing the Road from Hertford-Bridge-Hill to. .. Basingstoke, and also. .. from Hertford-Bridge-Hill.. . to Odiham'  44M69/G1/133  1773

3 copies

'An Act to explain, amend and reduce into One Act of Parliament, the Statutes now in being, for the Amendment and Preservation of the Publick Highways within. .. England' 13 George III  44M69/G1/134  1773

Bound in paper cover.

This copy belonged to Thomas Baker of Farnham

Abstract of 44M69/G1/134 (ch. LXXVIII) which belonged to Thomas Hall junior  44M69/G1/135  1773

'An Act to Continue the Term and alter the Powers of an Act made in the Twenty-Sixth Year of the Reign of. .. George the Second; for repairing and widening the Roads.. . from. .. Basingstone, near. .. Bagshot. .. through Frimley and Farnham. .. through Bentley, Hollyborn, Alton, Chawton, Ropley, Bishops Sutton, New Alresford and Mattingley. .. to. .. Winchester' n.d.  44M69/G1/136  c.1773

'An Act for Continuing and rendering more effectual several Acts for repairing the Road from Hertford-bridge Hill to. .. Basingstoke and also the Road from Hertford-bridge Hill. .. to. .. Odiham. .. and for extending. .. the last mentioned Road from the present Termination thereof, in the said Town of Odiham to the Road leading from thence. .. to the Great Western Road at Bartley Heath'  44M69/G1/137  1789

'An Act for Repairing and widening the Road from Preston Candover to Basingstoke. .. and from thence to Alton' 35 George III  44M69/G1/138  1795

2 copies

Related information: Another copy is catalogued as 44M69/G1/157

Volume containing 'The Laws affecting Highways and Turnpike Roads' London 1801  44M69/G1/139  1801

The volume belonged to G.P. Jervoise

Andover and Winchester Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Subscription list for improvement of Wherwell Hill by construction of a new road, as recommended by Mr. McAdam, surveyor  44M69/G1/140  1825

This list was sent to G.P. Jervoise esquire, M.P. at Herriard

Portsmouth and London Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Letter from John Hollest to G.P. Jervoise  44M69/G1/141  1826

Asking for his support for the diversion of the road away from Hindhead, through Farnham and Petersfield via Alice Holt and Woolmer Forests 1826; with statement of advantages

Gosport and Chawton Pond Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Notices of trustees' meetings 1807, 1813-1816, 1820, 1823-1826  44M69/G1/142  1807-1826

16 docs

The notice dated 14 June 1813 is annotated in ink with notice of discussion about widening the road at Wickham
The notices were sent to different members of the Jervoise family

Notice of delivery of report concerning proposed turnpike between Cosham and Park Gate at a meeting of the Gosport turnpike trustees  44M69/G1/143  1809

General statements of account for 1823-1824 and 1824-1825  44M69/G1/144  1823-1825

2 docs

Hertford Bridge, Basingstoke and Odiham Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also 44M69/G1/125-126, 133, 137 and 187a

List of men elected as turnpike trustees  44M69/G1/145  1739-1740

Letter from Anthony Chute at the Vyne (probably to Mr. Jervoise  44M69/G1/146  1742

4 docs

Returning Mr. Woodman's account of tolls collected and money spent on the road 1737-1742 and arguing in favour of another turnpike gate between Basingstoke and Hartley Row; with another statement following trustees' meeting 7 September 1742

Printed statement of accounts for 1822-1823  44M69/G1/147  1823

Odiham and Farnham Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Booklet entitled 'The Measure of Roads, 1763' compiled by Thomas Baker of Farnham  44M69/G1/148  1763

Includes measurements of roads from Farnham to Crondall, Farnham to Heckfield, and Farnham to Preston Candover
At back: rough personal accounts 1754 and 1765 and memoranda about roads; measurement of roads from Farnham to Preston Candover, 1771

Printed statement of accounts for 1822-1823  44M69/G1/149  1823

Basingstoke and Andover Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also 44M69/G1/128 and 187c

Letter from Lord Portsmouth  44M69/G1/150  1783

Recommending William Dalman of Cliddesden to succeed Mr. Taplin as tollgatherer at Clerken Green, 3 April 1783
Endorsed: 'Answer'd from London 8 April'

Basingstoke and Stockbridge Turnpike  [no ref. or date]

Warrant to summons  44M69/G1/151  1805

2 docs

Peter Forsbury, keeper of the turnpike gate near Kempshott Lodge to answer the complaint of John Hanson esquire and William (sic) Bowtle his servants of neglect of duty on 26 April 1805 and refusal to open the gate for them

Affidavit of Edward (sic) Bowtle servant of John Hanson concerning the latter's refusal to open the gate for him 29 April 1805  44M69/G1/152  1805

Basingstoke, Alton and Preston Candover Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also 44M69/G1/127, 138

(Documents numbered 153-154, 160, 162, 164-165 formed an original bundle)

Measurement of the road from Herriard House to Tunworth and Hatch May 1766  44M69/G1/153  1766

Measurement of the road from Basingstoke to Alton by John Fry, October 1770  44M69/G1/154  1770

3 copies

Plan of the road from Alresford to Basingstoke via Preston Candover, with schedule of distances between parishes, by B. Davies  44M69/G1/155  1792

Statement 'Concerning the Turnpike proposed from Basingstoke to Alton and Preston Candover' including list of persons who have agreed to subscribe, 21 July 1794  44M69/G1/156  1794

'An Act for Repairing and widening the Road from Preston Candover to Basingstoke. .. and from thence to Alton'  44M69/G1/157  1795

The Act is heavily annotated in ink
Annotations include lists of trustees elected 'on sundry vacancies' and on 3 April 1804 and rough accounts 1800
Two other copies are catalogued as 44M69/G1/138

Assignment of tolls by the turnpike trustees to Thomas Hall esquire in consideration of £100 paid by him to them, 24 April 1795  44M69/G1/158  1795

Case, with opinion of G. Hill of Lincoln's Inn concerning payment due from the surveyor, 20 August 1796  44M69/G1/159  1796

Account of tolls collected 1795-1797  44M69/G1/160  1797

Account of the turnpike trustees with B. Davies, surveyor with letter from him requesting immediate payment 'I never work'd my assistance so hard as in this business', October 1799  44M69/G1/161  1799

List of monies received on the security of the turnpike tolls 1795-1797 with account of bills due to 1799, January 1800  44M69/G1/162  1800

Note about trustees' committee meeting 3 January 1800  44M69/G1/163  1800

Extract from Mr. Greene's account and Mr. Cartons account with copy resolution to meet monthly 18 September 1800  44M69/G1/164  1800

List of outstanding bills with rough accounts  44M69/G1/165  1802

3 docs

Mr. Greene's annual account for the Alton turnpike  44M69/G1/166  1802

Letter from William Greene to Richard Raggett esquire of Odiham requiring his payment of £50, 25 March 1803  44M69/G1/167  1803

Letter from E. Harris to Thomas Hall esquire sending 44M69/G1/167 to him, 25 July 1803  44M69/G1/168  1803

Statement of account, 12 January 1804  44M69/G1/169  1804

Printed minutes of meeting of trustees 12 January 1804  44M69/G1/170  1804

2 copies

Letter from Eliza Jervoise to Thomas Hall esquire sending 'Greene's Draft on Mr. Raggett' (possibly no. 167) and referring to 'Greene's inattention' 29 October 1804  44M69/G1/171  1804

Printed extract from trustees' minutes, being notice of resolution to survey the roads between Basingstoke and Alton and Basingstoke and Preston Candover 24 April 1806  44M69/G1/172  1806

5 copies

Memorandum signed by Geo. Thorp of the distance of the turnpike road in Preston Candover, 24 September 1806  44M69/G1/173  1806

List of persons with amount of statute duty or composition money they owe to the turnpike trust  44M69/G1/174  1807

Memorandum of receipts and payments made by the trust 1802-1809  44M69/G1/175  1809

Notices of trustees' meetings 1810, 1812, 1815-1816, 1823  44M69/G1/176  1810-1823

7 docs

General statement of account for 1823-1824  44M69/G1/177  1824

Notices of trustees' meetings 1824-1826, 1832-1833 1835  44M69/G1/178  1824-1835

8 docs

Harnham, Blandford and Dorchester Turnpike Trust  [no ref. or date]

Schedule of land at Harnham Hill belonging to G.P. Jervoise esquire and required for the new line of road, October 1835  44M69/G1/179  1835

Notice by the clerk to the turnpike trustees issued to G.P. Jervoise esquire and his agent, J.H. Flooks  44M69/G1/180  1835

Of intention to negotiate for 1a. 3p. 5¾yds. at Harnham required for road improvement work 23 October 1835, with schedule of land required

Receipt of John Harris Flooks of Wilton, Wiltshire, gentlemen, agent to George Purefoy Jervoise esquire  44M69/G1/181  1835

For compensation received from the turnpike trustees for land at East Harnham which is to be affected by the diversion of the Blandford - Salisbury road, 24 October 1835

Notice served by James Dunning Harvey surveyor of the road on Mrs. Betty Gray at Britford, 29 September 1836  44M69/G1/182  1836

Requiring her to explain why materials for the repair of the road should not be taken from a gravel pit in her occupation

Note from John Witt to G.P. Jervoise at Herriard  44M69/G1/183  1836

Explaining that Mrs. Gray refused permission for the material from her gravel pit 'for shee did not no enneything about it', 30 November 1836

Roads: Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Account of Mr. Hall with Jos. Bailey for blacksmith's work, paid 18 October 1780  44M69/G1/184  1780

Account for journeys on various turnpike roads, paid 31 October 1780  44M69/G1/185  1780

(The journeys may have been made by Thomas Hall as there are references to him and to Miss Hall in the accounts)

Printed 'Reasons Humbly Offered against a Turnpike at Turnbridge' n.d.  44M69/G1/186  Eighteenth century

[This document may be dated c.1709; in this year was passed 'An Act for repairing and amending the Highways leading from Seven Oaks to Woods Gate and Tunbridge Wells']

Advertisement cards for coach services :-  44M69/G1/187  Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

a) Basingstoke and Odiham coach n.d.
b) Salisbury and London wagons 1 August 1799 (2 copies)
c) J. Cooke and Co.'s 'Original Salisbury coach through Andover, Whitchurch, Overton and Basingstoke' n.d.(2 copies, one endorsed with list of names)
d) Services on the Great Post road from Southampton to London (gives names of inns and innkeepers)n.d.
e) Salisbury, Fordingbridge, Warminster, Frome and London wagons (owned by William Sutton) removed from Fleet Market to Snow Hill, London n.d. (2 copies)
f) King's constant stage wagons on the Salisbury - Newbury - London route, n.d.
g) Public carriages from Bath by Pickwick and Co. (includes coach to Salisbury, Southampton, Portsmouth and Gosport)
h) Post coaches and Horses from Harwich to London (this card is also written in French and Dutch) n.d. (2 copies)

Printed copy petition of the inhabitants of All Saints Wandsworth, against the Metropolis Roads Bill.  44M69/G1/188  c.1821

(The document is not dated but almost certainly relates to the Metropolis Roads Bill, 1821 which was not enacted. Leave was given to bring in a bill for consolidating the trusts of turnpike roads in the neighbourhood of London on 27 February 1821 - Commons Journal 1xxvi.115. A petition from the inhabitants of All Saints, Wandsworth was presented on 8 May 1821 - Commons Journal 1xxvi.316. On 24 May 1821 further consideration of the bill was put off for 6 months Commons Journal 1xxvi.376 - and there were no further proceedings)

Printed Remarks on the 'injurious tendency' of the Amended Metropolis Turnpike Road Bill  44M69/G1/189  c.1821

(The document is not dated but evidently relates to 44M69/G1/188

BRIDGES  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Account of Bridge money received 1707 to 6 July 1708 from the divisions of Andover, Basingstoke, Fawley, Kingsclere and the New Forest  44M69/G1/190  1708

Account of money spent by Richard Jervoise esquire in the repair of roads and bridges in Wiltshire 1747-1748  44M69/G1/191  1748

Romsey Bridge  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Robert Mylne, surveyor concerning the rebuilding of Romsey Bridge according to his plan and report 19 April 1782  44M69/G1/192  1782

Two letters from James Raven, deputy clerk of the Peace to Thomas Hall esquire of Preston Candover  44M69/G1/193  1782

Concerning correspondence with Mr. Mylne about rebuilding Romsey Bridge 23 and 27 April 1782

POLITICAL PAPERS  44M69/G2  [n.d.]

Arrangement: 1-6 15th and 16th century political papers
7-39 17th century parliamentary papers probably kept by Sir Thomas Jervoise (1588-1654)
40-48 17th century papers relating to local politics probably kept by Sir Thomas Jervoise (1588-1654)
49-63 17th century parliamentary papers probably kept by Captain Thomas Jervoise (1615-1693)
64-67 17th century papers relating to local politics probably kept by Captain Thomas Jervoise (1615-1693)
68-76 17th century parliamentary papers probably kept by Thomas Jervoise (1667-1743)
77-115 17th century papers relating to local politics probably kept by Thomas Jervoise (1667-1743)
116a-152 Undated 17th century parliamentary papers
153-156 Undated 17th century papers relating to local politics
157-201 18th century parliamentary papers probably kept by Thomas Jervoise (1667-1743)
202-285 18th century papers relating to local politics probably kept by Thomas Jervoise (1667-1743)
286-295 18th century parliamentary papers probably kept by Jervoise Clarke Jervoise (1734-1808)
296-303 18th century papers relating to local politics probably kept by Jervoise Clarke Jervoise (1734-1808)
304-348 Undated 18th century parliamentary papers
349-361 Undated 18th century papers relating to local politics
362-367 19th century parliamentary papers probably kept by Jervoise Clarke Jervoise (1734-1808)
368-415 19th century parliamentary papers probably kept by George Purefoy Jervoise (1770-1847)
416-470 19th century papers relating to local politics probably kept by George Purefoy Jervoise (1770-1847)
471-472 Undated 19th century papers relating to local politics
473-485 Numbers not used
486-538 Additional deposit Dec 1998

The documents in 44M69/G2 (formerly box-listed as 44M69/04-08) concern the political careers of various members of the Jervoise family, from the 17th to the 19th centuries.
In addition there are several rolls concerning the attainder of Sir William Berkeley of Worcestershire 1485-1495.
The papers are arranged in a broadly chronological sequence, century by century under the heading of their most probable creator/keeper, or under a separate, undated heading; and within these headings they are divided into:
1) Papers concerning the daily business of the Houses of Parliament, and national politics, e.g. printed and manuscript copies of petitions to Parliament; lists of MPs in the Commons; printed copies of the Commons' Votes and Proceedings; copies of royal speeches, etc.
2) Papers concerning local politics, especially election campaigns, e.g. poll books and related lists of electors; letters from canvassers and supporters to candidates; election handbills and campaign material; accounts of expenses by candidates etc.
The members of the Jervoise family whose careers are most illuminated by these political papers, are:
Sir Thomas Jervoise (1588-1654); Captain Thomas Jervoise (1615-1693); Thomas Jervoise (1667-1743); Jervoise Clarke Jervoise (1734-1808) and George Purefoy Jervoise (1770-1847).
Please note that there are certain periods, for instance in the 1680s/90s, when more than one of the above individuals was politically active, so the arrangement by headings under these individuals at such times becomes more difficult to determine, and, of necessity, somewhat arbitrary.


Bundle of rolled papers concerning the attainder of Sir William Berkeley of Worcestershire, 1485-1495.  44M69/G2/1  1485-95

Containing: a memorandum of the act of attainder against Sir William, due to his support of Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth, 7 Nov 1485; petition by Sir William to Henry VII for the restoration of his lands, 14 Nov 1495 [as a result of the Statute of Treason, Oct 1495, justifying allegiance to Richard III retrospectively]; agreement between Sir William and his son Richard concerning the manor of [?Alberton], 14 Dec 1495; petition by Richard Berkeley to Henry VI on the death of the Duke of Bedford, 1495

Extracts from the Book of Parliament Writs and the Journal of the House of Commons  44M69/G2/2  (1552 & n.d.) c17th cent.

Conditions of access: [NOT FIT FOR PRODUCTION]

Concerning cities and borough in Hampshire which send MPs to Parliament, covering 1552 and n.d., copied n.d. (17th cent.?)

List of royal statutes from 5 Eliz. [1562] to 21 Jac [1624]  44M69/G2/3  1562-1624

Bond by John Moggeridge, collector for the market in New Sarum of the second 15 and 10ths granted to Elizabeth I, for the payment of this tax to the Exchequer, 1589/90  44M69/G2/4  1589/90

Letter from "Thomas Gervis" to William, Lord Burghley [Lord Treasurer]  44M69/G2/5  1590

Concerning his ownership of a messuage in Cholmarsh, Co. Salop and the unlawful attempts to take this away from him, 29 Apr 1590

Extract, probably from the Poor Law Act of 1601, concerning the provision for poor relief in extra-parochial areas, n.d. (c.1601?)  44M69/G2/6  n.d. c.1601?


[Abbreviated henceforth to T.J.I]

Prayer used "at the first session of parliament", n.d. (1604?)  44M69/G2/7  n.d. (1604?)

Copy of the Articles of Union between England and Scotland, 1604  44M69/G2/8  1604

Copy of a list of grievances of merchants, and other licencees, caused by taxation, presented to James I's parliament of 1605-1606  44M69/G2/9  1605-1606

List of payments to parliamentary officials decided by parliament, 27 May 1606  44M69/G2/10  1606

Report of certain royal proclamations and parliamentary reactions to them  44M69/G2/11  1606

Together with rough notes of parliamentary debates, 27 May-10 Jun 4 Jac. (1606)

Copy of a treatise by James I's ambassador to France  44M69/G2/12  1609

Concerning: the origins of the name of France; France's borders; its riches; its political system; its relations with the neighbouring regimes; and the state of matters between Great Britain and France, 1609 (77 pages)

Bundle labelled "Parliamentary 1612-1618"  44M69/G2/13  1612?-1618

Containing the following papers: petition from the clothiers of Wiltshire to parliament, n.d., a list of demands of clothiers, n.d., report on a petition concerning the wool trade by Henry Yelverton and Thomas Coventree, 27 Aug-12 Dec 1617 with a copy of a petition to James I concerning wool, signed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York amongst others, 27 Sep 1618

List of the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses of the Parliament that met in Westminster, 16-30 Jan 1620  44M69/G2/14  1620

(Includes all of England and Wales) manuscript copy

Folder of papers comprising transcripts of the list of MPs [the original being item 14] of 1620  44M69/G2/15  n.d. (20th cent)

Partly written on the back of estate correspondence and reports of Mr and Mrs Jervoise, 1900-1954, and partly typewritten, n.d.

Articles of high treason allegedly committed by the Earl of Bristol, against James I, decd., during his time as Ambassador to Spain, n.d. (1620s)  44M69/G2/16  n.d. 1620s

"An acte for the avoyding of unjust exaction and undue fees in Courts of Justice": copy of a parliamentary Bill, May 1621  44M69/G2/17  1621

Copy of the Petition from the House of Commons to the King [James I] asking him to attack "Popery" and defend German protestantism, Dec 1621  44M69/G2/18  1621

Notes on, and abstract of, the speech delivered by the Duke of Buckingham and the Prince of Wales to Parliament, reported in the Commons by Sir Richard Weston and Sir Francis Cottington, 27 Feb 1623 [Partly damaged]  44M69/G2/19  1623

Marriage articles between the Prince of Wales and the Infanta of Spain, drawn up 1623  44M69/G2/20  1623
Language:  Latin

Printed brief of Morgan's bill in parliament, referring to the farming of the allum works, c.1623  44M69/G2/21  1623

Copy of James I's speech to parliament in the Banqueting House, Sunday 14 Mar (1624?)  44M69/G2/22  n.d. (1624?)

Copy of a letter from the Prince of Wales? to the Earl of Bristol, 20 Feb 1625.  44M69/G2/23  1625

Concerns the Prince's religion, and the failure of the Spanish marriage negotiations (of 1623)

Copy of the proclamation of the death of James I and accession of Charles I, by parliament, [27 Mar 1625]  44M69/G2/24  1625

Copy of Charles I's speech to the Houses of Parliament, 29 Mar 1626  44M69/G2/25  1625

Copy of "the honourable remonstrance and petition of the peers" addressed to Charles I  44M69/G2/26  1626

Concerning their rights and privileges, [Apr?] 1626

Copy of a speech by Mr Pym containing the Articles of the Commons against the Duke of Buckingham, 1626  44M69/G2/27  1626

Copy of a petition from the House of Commons to King Charles I asking for the removal of the Duke of Buckingham, n.d. (c.1626)  44M69/G2/28  n.d. (c.1626)

Copy of the House of Commons declaration and impeachment against the Duke of Buckingham, n.d. (1626?)  44M69/G2/29  n.d. (1626?)

Includes an account of gifts or grants to the Duke or his immediate family, c.1619-1624

Copy of an open letter from Samuel Turner to the House of Commons  44M69/G2/30  1626?

Concerning the Duke of Buckingham, 1626?

State of the case between Sir Robert Mansell, patentee for the sole making of glass, and Isaac Bungar, and others, trained in the same trade, n.d. (c.1626-27)  44M69/G2/31  n.d. c.1626-27

Evidence in the case concerning the pardons for Dr Robert Sibthorpe and John Cosens, and possible abuses of the signet seal, attested by Phillip Warwick, Clerk in the signet office, 7 Feb 1628  44M69/G2/32  1628

Certificate from Richard Dawe concerning the pardons for Dr Robert Sibthorpe, John Cosens, the Bishop of Chichester and Dr Roger Manwaringe, produced for the House of Commons, 5 Feb 1628  44M69/G2/33  1628

Extract [from a petition?] concerning martial law, 1628 and n.d.  44M69/G2/34  1628 & n.d.

Copy of the Bill against false imprisonment n.d. (c.1628?)  44M69/G2/35  n.d. (c.1628?)

Copy of the petition of Henry Davell and Henry Goodcote to the House of Commons  44M69/G2/36  n.d. (c.1629?)

Concerning abuses carried out by George Longe of St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, n.d. (1629?)

Note concerning a petition subscribed by 22 church ministers concerning restrictions imposed on their religious freedom, by Charles I, 14 Feb 1632  44M69/G2/37  1632

Order by the committee for "plundered ministers" for the vicar of Whitchurch to be funded annually out of the sequestered goods of Thomas Brookes, 1 Jul 1646  44M69/G2/38  1646

"An act towards the reparation of Sir Thomas Jervois, Knight, his damages susteyned the time of the late warres", 23 May 1649  44M69/G2/39  1649


Letter from Lady Winchester to Sir William Kingsmill  44M69/G2/40  1613

Asking his support and help for Sir Richard Titchborne and Sir Henry Wallopp in choosing the Knight of the Shire, 9 Mar 1613

Letter from Anthony Knott to Sir Richard Paulett  44M69/G2/41  1613

Concerning the Whitchurch election 1613; on the reverse is a copy of a letter from Paulett [to knott?], 1613
[Note: Sir Richard Paulett was father-in-law to T.J.I.]

Poll book for the Stockbridge election  44M69/G2/42  1614

Arranged under the headings of candidates voted for, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Henry Wallop and Henry St. John; together with a fair copy of articles against the Sheriff for abuses at the election, 1614

Copy of a letter from Sir Henry Wallop to the Speaker of the House of Commons  44M69/G2/43  1614

Giving up his place there, owing to the dispute over the Stockbridge election, 12 May 1614

List of names of the electors who voted for Sir Henry Wallop, 1614  44M69/G2/44  1614

With marginal notes concerning the election at Stockbridge

Articles against Sir Richard Norton, sheriff, for his unlawful actions during the parliamentary elections of 1614  44M69/G2/45  c.1614

"A note of the expense at Whitchurh when the Burgesses were elected the xxith of January", 1623 (Includes prices of various items of food)  44M69/G2/46  1623

List of Burgesses of Whitchurch who nominate Sir Henry Wallop as their candidate at the election, 1623  44M69/G2/47  1623

Copy of the indenture for election of the burgesses of parliament for Old Sarum, 22 Jan 1623  44M69/G2/48  1623


[Abbreviated henceforth to T.J.II]

"Abstract of the Charter and large privileges granted by the States General of the United Netherlands to the Dutch-African and West-India Company... containing also their reasons for carrying on the trade by exclusive joint-stock", 1674 (printed)  44M69/G2/49  1674

2 copies

List of business carried out by the House of Commons, 17-21 Mar 1676  44M69/G2/50  1676

Copy of Lord Shaftesbury's speech when a prisoner of the King, addressing the King's Bench, 29 Jun 1677  44M69/G2/51  1677

[Damaged and N.F.F.P and now repaired]

List of the Lords who voted at the trial of Lord Viscount Stafford, together with their verdicts on the case, n.d. (c.1678)  44M69/G2/52  n.d. (c.1678)

Copy of a speech by Lord Shaftesbury, 25 Mar or May 1679  44M69/G2/53  1679

Copy of a report given to the House [of Commons?] by Mr Sacheverell concerning the "Popish plot", 5 Apr 1679  44M69/G2/54  1679

Petition by named Quakers to the parliamentary representatives for Hampshire  44M69/G2/55  1680

Asking them to urge the repealing of all laws repressing their religious freedom, 29 Sep 1680

Petition by Henry Killigrew, brother of Capt. James Killigrew, deceased late Commander of HMS Plymouth  44M69/G2/56  n.d. c.1685

Claiming his brother's share in a prize of two French men-of-war, addressed to Parliament, n.d. (c.1685)

Copy of the dispensation granted by James II to Obadiah Walker, master of University College, Oxford and fellow academics, May 1686  44M69/G2/57  1686

Petition by William Walcott for him to be restored to the sole right of making sea water "fresh clear and wholesome", a right which has been threatened by the activities of Robert Fitzgerald and partners, printed, n.d., (c.1688?)  44M69/G2/58  n.d. c.1688

Copy of a Royal Proclamation urging the Lord Lieutenant to cooperate in pressing seamen to join H.M. Navy, 6 Mar 1689/90  44M69/G2/59  1689/90

Abstract of the treaty with the states of the United Province [i.e. Holland], 29 Apr 1689  44M69/G2/60  1689

Abstract of the treaty with the States General of Holland, 24 Aug 1689  44M69/G2/61  1689

Bundle of papers containing  44M69/G2/62  1689-90 & n.d

An abstract of a secret treaty with Savoy, 20 Oct 1690; abstract of the league with Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor, 31 Dec 1690; abstract of secret articles with Denmark, Nov 1690; abstract of league with Denmark, 3 Nov 1690; abstract of treaty with the Elector of Brandenburg, 16 May 1690; abstract of treaty between the Emperor and The States General of the United Province, 12 May 1689; abstract of separate articles with the Elector [of Brandenburg], n.d. c.1690

"A true list of the Knights, Citizens and Burgesses of the Parliament that met at Westminster the nineteenth day of October, 1689"  44M69/G2/63  1689

Includes all of England and Wales). Printed in London by Charles Bill and Thomas Newcomb, 1689


Letter from Thomas Austin to Thomas Jervoise the younger  44M69/G2/64  1680

Informing him that T.J.II is elected as Knight of the Shire, and passing on news of the trial of Lord Stafford, 4 Dec 1680

Poll book, 21 Feb 1680  44M69/G2/65  1680

[Sewn together into a folio-sized pamphlet]

Listed under the headings of whichever candidate they voted for: Lord Wiltshire; Sir Francis Rolle and Mr Jervoise

Bundle of papers containing  44M69/G2/66  1688-1690

A list of the Corporation of Winton [Winchester] Jan 1688/89; petition of the Mayor and Aldermen of Winchester to the Duke of Bolton, concerning a dispute over the Mayoral elections, 1689/90; letter from Lord William Powlett to unidentified recipient, concerning the Mayor of Winchester, Jan 1689/90; letter from the majority of aldermen to Lord Bolton, concerning the same, 9 Jan 1689

Bundle of letters, mostly to T.J.II from the following:  44M69/G2/67  1688-90

P. Terry, concerning The Hindon election, 14 Jan 1688; A. Tylney, concerning The Winchester election, 26 Jan-4 Feb 1688 2 items; John Deane, declaring his support, 17 Feb 1688, with a note from him, c.1689; M. Imber to Mr Austin, accompanying a list of people voting for Thomas Jervoise, and Robert Henley, 6 Mar 1688; Henry Wallop, concerning the Stockbridge election, 11 Jan 1689/90


[Abbreviated henceforth to T.J.III]

Case presented to the House of Commons of the masters and owners of ships engaged in the Transportation service for the "reducing of Ireland"  44M69/G2/68  1690-93

Covering 1690-1693
(4 copies of printed item)

Notes of a vote taken concerning a Bill "destructive to ye subjects' just rights of election to frequent parliaments"  44M69/G2/69  1692

Recording names of Lords dissenting from the Bill, Jan 1692

"The Case of John Lemott Honeywood, esq., relating to the Election for the County of Essex", Jan-Feb 1692  44M69/G2/70  1692

Abstract of the treaty with Hanover, 20 Jun 1692  44M69/G2/71  1692

(Marked "Mr Jervoys" in the left hand margin)

"The Case of the proprietors of the Bristol waterworks against the Bill for making the River Avon navigable from Bristol to Bath", n.d. (c.1695?)  44M69/G2/72  n.d. (c.1695?)

Petition requesting amendments to the Bill against the exportation of wool, addressed to Thomas Jervoise, MP, 13 Jan 1698/99  44M69/G2/73  1698/99

From the following Romsey clothiers: Thomas Burbank, John Good, John Futcher, Robert Newlands, John Storke, John Wale, Francis Englefield, Joseph Wight, [G?]arrard Hunt, Thomas Herring, Isaac Knight, John Dawkins, William Vandeyslank, John Wheat, Walter Kervill, John Gifford, Thomas Palmer

State of the case relating to Sir John Turton's lease of Heyling's Park and Ruffey Park within Needwood, Staffs., printed n.d. (c.1698?)  44M69/G2/74  n.d. (c.1698)

Published petition to Parliament concerning the Corfe Castle Election and alleged practices of "Treating, Menacing and Promising" by Mr Culliford, MP, 27 Mar 1699  44M69/G2/75  1699

"The Case of many inhabitants of the town of Deptford, Co. Kent, many of whom are Innholders and victuallers", n.d. (c.1699).  44M69/G2/76  n.d. (c.1699)

Concerns the extreme poverty of the said inhabitants owing to having to look after sick and wounded seamen during the war against France


List of voters arranged in columns by place, with "n:" "i:n:" or "m:n:" against each name, n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/77  n.d. (c.1690?)

Places covered are in this order: Titchfield, Botley, Alverstoke, Gosport, Porchester, Fareham, Portsmouth, Portsea, Kingston, Wickham, Hambledon, Bishops Waltham, Lymington, Christchurch, Fordinbgridge, Southampton, Ringwood, Havant, Winchester
This list is followed by one for the whole county in a different hand, arranged in columns but by an approximately alphabetical order, e.g.: all the voters for Andover are listed in one column, mixed in with voters for Avington, Alton, Ashton, etc. etc. The list is marked "Poll 1 Aug[90?]"

List of voters for the Stockbridge election, 4 May 1691  44M69/G2/78  1691

Arranged under the headings of candidates voted for: Thomas Jervoise and Anthony Reeve

"List of the Stockbridge voters when I was chose"  44M69/G2/79  c.1691

In the hand of T.J.III, n.d. (c.1691)

Account showing the expenditure incurred by T.J.III during his election campaign at Stockbridge  44M69/G2/80  1691

Bundle of letters o T.J.III from the following  44M69/G2/81  1691

D. Gifford, concerning the Stockbridge election, Jan 1691; Francis Powlett and others, offering support for his standing, 14 Apr 1691; E. Pyle concerning the election, May-Dec 1691 6 items, including a list in his hand of the voters, 4 May 1691; T.J.II about bribery in the election, 7 Nov 1691; T. Hastin, 5 Nov 1691; and Christopher Cleeve, concerning the Burgesses of Lymington, 30 Nov 1691

Letters from Matthias Bath of Stockbridge  44M69/G2/82  1691

Requesting assistance in getting his son a place in the Excise Office, probably to T.J.III, 21 Nov 1691

Letter from Anthony Henley to T.J.III  44M69/G2/83  1692

Stating that he will not stand at the Stockbridge election, 19 Mar 1692 (with notes, probably by Jervoise, on the reverse, concerning farming)

Letter from E. Pyle to T.J.III  44M69/G2/84  1692

Concerning a possible partner for the latter at the Stockbridge elections, 23 Mar 1692

Letter from Dutton Gifford to his cousin T.J.III  44M69/G2/85  1692

Concerning finding supporters for him, 12 Dec 1692

Bundle of letters from E. Pyle and Dutton Gifford to T.J.III  44M69/G2/86  1693

11 items

Mainly concerning the Stockbridge elections, 1693

Petition from the Mayor and Corporation of Winchester supporting a Bill against hawkers and pedlars, addressed to "Honoured Sir" [?Thomas Jervoise], 22 Nov 1693  44M69/G2/87  1693

Letter from William Green to an "honourable Landlord"  44M69/G2/88  (c.1693)

Concerning estate business, 23 Dec 1693, used by T.J.III to write notes on the verso, concerning seats in parliament, n.d.

Notes concerning an Act for the Poll Tax and the sums payable by Edward Ward, Jun 1694  44M69/G2/89  1694

Letter from Godolphin, Fox, Trumball and Smith to the Gentlemen of Southampton  44M69/G2/90  1694

Concerning shortfalls in the quarterly polls, 16 Jul 1694

Letter from E. Pyle to T.J.III  44M69/G2/91  1694

Concerning the Borough of Stockbridge rents, 11 Dec 1694

Bundle of letters to T.J.III  44M69/G2/92  1694

12 items

Concerning the build-up to the Stockbridge election, from the following people: W. Strode the Duke of Bolton, George Pitt, and E. Pyle, 1694

Bundle of letters to T.J.III and a related paper concerning the election of 1695.  44M69/G2/93  1695

21 items

Includes a list of all the voters in the Borough of Stockbridge who voted 26 Oct 1695, arranged under the headings of the candidates voted for, namely:
Sir Henry Bellasis, William Lowns, Anthony Sturt, and John Venables.
Correspondents include:
Peter Terry, Thomas Austin, Anthony Sturt, James Hooper, William Clark, and Richard Norton

Bundle of letters from various senders  44M69/G2/94  1698

8 items

Mainly George Pitt, James Hooper, and Anthony Sturt, to T.J.III mainly concerning the election at Stockbridge, 5 Jan-28 Jul 1698

Letter from Thomas Austin to T.J.III  44M69/G2/95  1698

To accompany a list of the Commissioners for Hampshire, 25 Feb 1698

Letters from T. Austin to T.J.III, 29 Mar-13 Apr 1698  44M69/G2/96  1698

2 items

Letters from John Browne to T.J.III, 30 Mar-5 Apr 1698  44M69/G2/97  1698

Letter from Lady Russell to an unidentified recipient  44M69/G2/98  1698

Stating that although she respects Mr Jervoise she cannot use her interest on his behalf, as she is already committed to the Marquess of Winchester and Mr Norton, 25 Jun 1698

Poll book for the Knights of the Shire, 20 Jul-3 Aug 1698  44M69/G2/99  1698

Arranged under the headings of the candidates voted for, namely the Marquess of Winchester, Thomas Jervoise and Richard Norton

Manuscript copy of the Stockbridge Indenture, 23 Jul 1698  44M69/G2/100  1698

Indenture of George Pitt and Anthony Sturt's election as MPs for Stockbridge borough, Jul 1698  44M69/G2/101  1698

Copy of an indenture, in Latin, concerning the election at Stockbridge, n.d. (1698?)  44M69/G2/102  n.d. (1698?)

Letter from Col. Wroth to John Browne about T.J.III's election, 25 Jul 1698  44M69/G2/103  1698

Letter from an unidentified person in Winchester to another  44M69/G2/104  1698

Warning him of the strength of Mr Jervoise's political influence with his friends, and appealing to him to stand up for 'the Marquess' in a forthcoming political contest, 28 Jul 1698

Letter from an unidentified sender to Sir Robert Worsley  44M69/G2/105  1698

Supporting his promotion of T.J.III in the elections, 29 Jul 1698

List of gentry and clergy at the election at Winchester and Newport, 1 and 13 Aug 1698  44M69/G2/106  1698

Arranged under the headings of candidates voted for

List of voters polled in Titchfield and Botley at the election at Winchester 1 Aug and at Newport 9 Aug 1698  44M69/G2/107  1698

Letter from Clement Newsham to T.J.III  44M69/G2/108  1698

Requesting a list of the votes for the latter, 2 Aug 1698, used, on the reverse, to make the requested list, giving numbers of votes, not names of voters, 1698

Bundle  44M69/G2/109  1698

Containing: an account of the numbers of votes polled by the Lord Marquess of Winchester, Mr Jervoise and Mr Norton, at Winchester, Aug 1698; letters from J. Brown affirming his support of Jervoise, Apr 1698 2 items; letter from Robert Worsley in support of Thomas Jervoise, Jul 1698; letter from Lady H. St. Barbe excusing her husband's failure to vote for Jervoise, claiming he didn't wish to offend her family, Aug 1698

Letter from Thomas Austin to T.J.III  44M69/G2/110  1698

Informing him of his efforts in the Stockbridge election campaign, 14 Dec 1698

Poem entitled "An encomiestick on Hampshire for those very worthy and high deserving Gentlemen, Thomas Jarvise and Richard Norton, Knights of the Shire", n.d. (1698)  44M69/G2/111  n.d. (1698)

Notes by T.J.III of the opinions of various townsfolk  44M69/G2/112  n.d. (c.1698)

Mainly concerning the price of elections, help they can offer, and the merits of other possible candidates, n.d. (c.1698)

Letter from Peter Terry to T.J.III  44M69/G2/113  1699

Informing him what a Mr Wyndham offers for T.J.IIIs house in Salisbury, but advising him not to sell the house, as he might lose his political interest in that city, 22 Apr 1699

List of the Burgesses of Stockbridge, 30 [Dec?] 1699  44M69/G2/114  1699

List of the Burgesses of Stockbridge, n.d. (1699?)  44M69/G2/115  n.d. (1699?)


Pamphlet labelled "Affairs in the times of Charles R" [i.e. Charles I]  44M69/G2/116a  n.d. (early 17th cent.)

Comprising a lengthy dissertation, addressed to the King, stating in turn the problems associated with various aspects of commerce and trade, following each by the writer's "remedy" for each. In particular the writer is concerned with: bullion, coin, manufactures, wool, cloth, tin, barley, malt, beer, iron ordinance, the fishing trade and the staple trade. The anonymous writer signs himself "Your majesty's most loyal and true hearted subject", n.d. (early 17th cent.)

Copy of a letter allegedly from the King of Morocco to Charles I, n.d. (early 17th cent)  44M69/G2/116b  n.d. (early 17th cent.)

Treatise by an anonymous writer concerning the general ruin of the country, with proposals for the remedy of named problems.  44M69/G2/117  n.d. (early 17th cent?)

In particular the writer attributes the corruption of the people to the dearth of corn and decay in trade, and suggests as remedies the cultivation of commons, wastes, and forests, and the suppression of alehouses, n.d. (early 17th cent.?)

Abstract of an act for preventing the export of wool and encouraging woollen manufacturers in England, n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/118  n.d 17th cent

Copy of a "consideration by what right King Edward IV tooke and had tonnage and poundage of his merchants", n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/119  n.d. 17th cent

Proposal by John Purchase to prevent the export of wool from England, n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/120  n.d. 17th cent

Proposal to help creditors and plaintiffs recover money owed them by defendants, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/121  n.d. 17th cent?

"The Case of the owners of ships concerned in the coal-trade ..." opposing the rise in duty on coal  44M69/G2/122  N.d. (late 17th cent?)

"Reasons humbly offered for an absolute prohibition of all foreign buttons, and against importing them subject to any customs or impositions whatsoever", n.d. (late 17th cent)  44M69/G2/123  (n.d. (late 17th cent)

2 copies

"The Cloathiers answers to and reasons against the Hamburg Company", n.d. (late 17th cent?)  44M69/G2/124  n.d. (late 17th cent?)

"Considerations that have been humbly offer'd and laid before the... House of Commons conserning the Lords of the Admiralty and the Commissioners of the Navy" by Hugh Speke, n.d. (late 17th cent?)  44M69/G2/125  n.d. (late 17th cent?)

"A brief memorial of what hath been done in former times concerning the making and repairing of Dover Harbour, and the present state thereof", n.d. (late 17th cent?)  44M69/G2/126  n.d. (late 17th cent?)

3 copies

"The Case of the Poor French Refugees" presented to Parliament, concerning the suffering of the Hughenot refugees in England, printed n.d. (1690s?)  44M69/G2/127  n.d. (1690s?)

"The Case of Sir Francis Windham, baronet, upon the petition of Dame Elizabeth Windham, relict of Sir Thomas Windham, his elder brother", n.d. (c.1690s?)  44M69/G2/128  n.d. (c.1690s?)

Copy of a Bill for reinstating certain manors and lands in Somerset, late of William Morgan of Penrose, Co. Monmouth, upon him and his heirs, and discharging the trust concerning them, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/129  n.d. (17th cent?)

Summary of the Bill on behalf of Dame Anne Day and the coheirs of Robert Hogan, concerning the late Robert Hogan's property in Norfolk, n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/130  n.d. 17th cent

Petition by William Waterman of Preston Candover to Parliament  44M69/G2/131  n.d. 17th cent?

Asking to have the rent normally taken from the parsonage by Winchester Dean and Chapter conferred on him, as curate of Preston Candover, n.d. (17th cent?)

Copy of a petition from Lord Falklane to the King  44M69/G2/132  n.d. 17th cent

Requesting the release of his son from prison, n.d. (17th cent)

Brief of a Bill in parliament for the settling of the lands appointed by Sir James Altham for the payment of his debts, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/133  n.d. 17th cent?

Petition of Judith Cocks, late wife of Richard Cocks, appealing for financial assistance, n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/134  n.d. 17th cent

NUMBER NOT USED  44M69/G2/135  [n.d.]

Petition on behalf of the Mayor and Aldermen of Southampton to Parliament  44M69/G2/136  n.d. 17th cent

Concerning their grievances against the officers of Southampton Custom house, n.d. (17th cent)

Copy of a Bill for making void a decree issued by the Court of Chancery  44M69/G2/137  n.d. 17th cent

Depriving the heirs of William Goddard of his lands: the manor of Churchfield and land in Bray, Berks., n.d. (17th cent)

Petition by the inhabitants of New Sarum to Parliament  44M69/G2/138  n.d. (17th cent?)

Concerning a Bill to repair the road from West Harnham to Britford, Co. Wilts., n.d. (17th cent?)

"Reasons shewing why the Statute made 18 Eliz Ca:20... should not be continued ..."  44M69/G2/139  n.d. (17th cent)

Concerns the inhabitants of Oxford having to pay for carts and labour on the roads at Midsummer and Allhallowstide, n.d. (17th cent)

Fragment of an account, or list, containing a few names: John Bull of Medstead; John Lambe(?) of Yarmouth, and Richard Taylor of [?Horshier], n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/140  n.d. (17th cent?)

"Reasons for not laying any further duty upon coals" presented to Parliament", printed, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/141  n.d. (17th cent?)

Extracts from Acts of Parliament concerning election procedures and other topics, [probably during the reign of Henry IV?], n.d. (17th cent)  44M69/G2/142  n.d. 17th cent?

Clause of an act to make public acts from all acts for making rivers navigable, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/143  n.d. (17th cent?)

"Heads of a Bill for the conversion of the Negroes in America", n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/144  n.d. (17th cent?)

Abstract of a Militia Bill, linking officer positions to wealth and land ownership, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/145  n.d. (17th cent?)

Copy of the Bill "for the mayntenance of justice and right"  44M69/G2/146  n.d. 17th cent?

Attacking the use of the Court of Chancery and upholding the Courts of Common Law, n.d. (17th cent?)

Copy of the petition of Parliament to the King  44M69/G2/147  n.d. 17th cent

Concerning the treatment of informers, n.d. (17th cent)

Copy of a discourse by Sir Walter Raleigh  44M69/G2/148  n.d. (17th cent?)

Concerning the peace with Spain and relations with the Netherlands, n.d. (17th cent?)

Petition by the Spanish ambassasor to England for help in the Spanish Netherlands and an alliance against France, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/149  n.d. (17th cent)

State of the homage due from Scotland to the Kings of England, since the time of "Brutus", n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/150  n.d. 17th cent?


Petition by Henry Martin to Parliament  44M69/G2/151  n.d. (17th or 18th cent)

Asking for indemnity against penalties by his creditors, Sir George Willmott, and his son William, n.d. (17th or 18th cent)

"Some reasons for passing Mr Perkins's Bill" n.d. (17th or 18th cent)  44M69/G2/152  n.d. 17th or 18th cent)

(Concerns the issue of taking away the children of a Roman Catholic father to have them brought up in the Protestant religion, at the request of a Protestant mother)


"Matter to be objected against Mr St. John's unjust proceedings"  44M69/G2/153  n.d. (17th cent)

Comprising a list of activities of [?] St. John, in the matter of the Stockbridge Burgesses, n.d. (17th cent)

Copy of a petition by the Burgesses of Stockbridge to Parliament  44M69/G2/154  n.d. (17th cent)

Concerning the bad treatment of Henry St. John in the Stockbridge election, n.d. (17th cent) together with a copy of the testimony of George Sawyer, alias Edmonds, n.d. (17th cent)

Letter from L. Killigrew to her brother T.J.  44M69/G2/155  n.d 17th cent

Mentioning Stockbridge and discussing the possibility of Mr Killigrew becoming an M.P., n.d. (17th cent)

Summary of the eight poll books used in the elections for Wiltshire, between How, Hyde Eamley and Ash, and totals of the poll in Gloucestershire for the candidates Guyes, Colchester, How and Duttin, n.d. (17th cent?)  44M69/G2/156  n.d. (17th cent?)


Notes entitled "thoughts on a new Parliament" in the hand of Thomas Jervoise, 1700 -  44M69/G2/157  1700

Concerns the division between the Court and the Country

"An abstract of the Penal laws against blasphemy, immorality and prophaneness commanded to be put in speedy and vigorous execution by his Majesty's Gracious and pious proclamations", Printed, 1701  44M69/G2/158  1701

2 copies

Address by the citizens of Hampshire to Queen Anne, on the death of William III and her accession, [Mar] 1701  44M69/G2/159  1701

"A Bill to enable to present acting trustees... to deliver up to the Governors of the Hospitals of the Green-coats and Grey-coats in Tothill Fields all such monies and securities as they have in their power under the said Charity ..." n.d. (1701-1714)  44M69/G2/160  n.d. (1702-1714)

"Proposals... for an addition to the late Act of Parliament for collecting Charity upon Letters Patents, by Margaret Mortimer, widow ..." n.d. (1702-1714)  44M69/G2/161  n.d. (1702-1714)

"A letter to a member of Parliament relating to the settlement of the African trade to be open to all Her Majesty's subjects, under regulations", n.d. (1702-1714)  44M69/G2/162  n.d. (1702-1714)

"A Bill for vesting the estate and effects of John Coggs and John Dann, Goldsmiths and Copartners, in Trustees for the speedier payment of their creditors and for determining differences thereupon" n.d. (1702-1714)  44M69/G2/163  n.d. (1702-1714)

2 copies

Copy of an exchange in the House of Commons between Sir George Rooke and the Speaker  44M69/G2/164  c.1702

Praising the former for his capture of Spanish treasure ships in Vigo Bay, c.1702

Letter addressed to the monarch [Queen Anne]  44M69/G2/165  n.d. (c.1704?)

Praising [her] for the recent victories by the Duke of Marlborough and asking her not to succumb to recent attempts to stir up trouble concerning the Church of England, (copy) n.d. (c.1704?)

Proclamation by Queen Anne  44M69/G2/166  1705

Condemning those who say the Church of England is in danger under her reign, 20 Dec 1705. Particularly attacks David Edwards, a printer of London

"A list of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, who voted for and against the Bill of occasional conformity ..." printed at Cambridge, 1705  44M69/G2/167  1705

List of the Scottish Commissioners sent to sit in the Parliament of Great Britain, 1706  44M69/G2/168  1706

Copy of a speech Sir Simon Harcourt [1603?-1642] gave on leaving the House of Commons, copied 1708  44M69/G2/169  1600s (1708)

"Reasons humbly offered for the Bill for ascertaining and limiting the time of future publick mournings", n.d. (c.1708?)  44M69/G2/170  n.d. (c.1708?)

2 copies

Includes references to the death of the Prince of Denmark, and the detrimental effects of public mourning on Great Britain's various clothing industries

"A Bill for the relief of the creditors and proprietors of principal money and annuities of the governor and company of the Mine-Adventurers of England", n.d. (c.1708?)  44M69/G2/171  n.d. (c.1708?)

"The Improvement of the African Trade farther demonstrated by separate traders, in answer to a scurrilous paper, called 'The Falsities of Private Traders Discovered'", n.d. (c.1708)  44M69/G2/172  n.d. (c.1708)

"Proposals for a Game-Act together with a letter 'to a member of the Honourable House of Commons'", printed Jan 1709  44M69/G2/173  1709

"A Memorial on behalf of the Royal African Company relating to their proposal lately given in to the Honourable House of Commons, for the better establishment of that trade, together with their said proposal subjoin'd", 31 Jan 1709/10  44M69/G2/174  1709/10

Clause to be added to a Bill concerning the African Company, in favour of Major Bishop, n.d. (1709/10)  44M69/G2/175  n.d. 1709/10

Copy of a writ of the Privy Seal  44M69/G2/176  1709

Appointing Commissioners under the Act for appointing Commissioners to treat and agree for such lands, tenants and hereditaments as shall be judged proper to be purchased for the better fortifying Portsmouth, Chatham, and Harwich, 17 Jun 1709

Case of the creditors of Thomas Pitkin  44M69/G2/177  c.1709

Concerning the debts owed by [Mr] Brerewood to them, and to the creditors of Coggs and Dann, c.1709

"The case of Sir Charles Peers and others, Merchants, Freighters, and Solomon Merrett of London, Merchant, Owner of the Tower Frigat", n.d. (c.1709?).  44M69/G2/178  n.d. (c.1709?)

2 copies

Concerns their need for compensation for their payment of custom duties, which were paid even though they lost their ship

Letter from E.C[hute] to T.J. concerning the trial of Dr. Sacheverell, 4 Apr 1710  44M69/G2/179  1710

Copy of letter from the High Sheriff and other gentlemen of the County of Southampton, assembled at the Assizes, to the Queen  44M69/G2/180  1710

Affirming their support for the established Church, 20 Apr 1710 (Mentions Dr H[enry] S[acheverell])
Written possibly by E. Chute

List of Lords who voted at the impeachment of Dr Sacheverell, together with their verdicts on the case, c.1710  44M69/G2/181  c.1710

"A true list of the names of Peers who gave judgement in Dr Sacheverell's Tryal, 20 Mar 1710", printed 1710  44M69/G2/182  1710

"A list of the members of the Honourable House of Commons, who voted the Impeachment of Dr Henry Sacheverell for High Crimes and Misdemeanours", printed 1710  44M69/G2/183  1710

"The Humble Address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in Common-council assembled"  44M69/G2/184  1710

Asserting their loyalty to Queen Anne and repudiation of all republican ideas, printed by John Morphew, 1710

"Extract from the Journal of the House of Commons in the year 1660... shewing the sense of that House touching Resistance" printed by A. Baldwin, 1710  44M69/G2/185  1710

"Reasons humbly offered by the Linnen drapers of the City of London to the House of Commons, against a clause in a Bill... entitled a Bill for granting to her Majesty new Duties of Excise ..." c.1710  44M69/G2/186  c.1710

"Reasons humbly offer'd to... Parliament... for passing the Bill for setting the Assize of bread ...", c.1710  44M69/G2/187  c.1710

"Reasons... for altering the Bill... for better preventing of excessive and immoderate gaming", n.d. (c.1710)  44M69/G2/188  n.d. (c.1710)

"A Bill for vesting the freehold and copyhold Estate, late of William Emerton, esq., deceased, in the parish of Chevening in... Kent, in trustees, to be sold for the better support of his widow, and advancement of his two daughters", n.d. (c.1710-1714)  44M69/G2/189  n.d. (c.1710-1714)

"Act for enclosing Ropley Common... and for the improvement of the old dispark'd Park of Farnham, in the Counties of Surrey and Southampton", c.1710  44M69/G2/190  c.1710

Proposal suggesting amendments to the South Sea Act, n.d. (c.1720?)  44M69/G2/191  n.d. (c.1720?)

"A Speech upon the Consolidated Bill", Printed 1721  44M69/G2/192  1721

Concerns the South Sea stock

Report of international affairs  44M69/G2/193  1728

Including confirmation of the Duke de Ripperda's escape out of the castle of Segovia; a report that the King of Prussia has held an extraordinary Council of War; and information about a General Council to be held at Windsor to further prorogue parliament; 24 Sep 1728 [Document has sections torn out]

List of speakers for and against the motion that a humble address be presented to His Majesty to remove Sir Robert Walpole from H.M. Council and presence for ever, 13 Feb 1740  44M69/G2/194  1740

"The Motion": a satirical poem with a coloured engraving, concerning the Government, printed by T. Cooper, London, 1741  44M69/G2/195  1741

"A list of those members of the House of Commons who are chosen to be of the secret committee"  44M69/G2/196  1742

Addressed to Thomas Jervis, and labelled on the back "list of secret committee chosen to inspect Lord Orford's conduct, 1742"

List of members of a committee with 'Patriot' 'Court' or 'both' written against each name, together with the total of the number of MPs in Parliament, n.d. (1742?)  44M69/G2/197  n.d. (1742?)

[Probably a copy of the 44M69/G2/196

"The Lords protest on the Bill entitled, 'An Act for Indemnifying such persons as shall, upon examination, make discoveries, etc.," 25 May 1742.  44M69/G2/198  1742

Concerns the conduct of Robert, Earl of Orford

"Votes of the House of Commons", nos 76-86 25 Mar-20 Apr 1743  44M69/G2/199  1743

"Votes of the House of Commons", no. 87, 21 Apr 1743, printed by Thomas Cox, London, 1743  44M69/G2/200  1743

"The Causidicade. A Panegyri-Satiri-Serio-Comic-Dramatical Poem on the strange Resignation, and stranger-promotion" by Porcupinus Pelagius. Printed London, 1743 (2nd ed.)  44M69/G2/201  1743


Agreement between John Leigh, High Sheriff of the County of Southampton and the Bailiff and Burgesses of Stockbridge  44M69/G2/202  1700

Witnessing the election of Anthony Sturt and John Pitt to represent Stockbridge in the House of Commons, 7 Jan 1700

Letter from the freeholders of Lymington to T.J.III  44M69/G2/203  1700

Asking for his help in the promotion of James Worsley and Thomas Fullerton as representatives for their borough, 22 Feb 1700

Letter from H. Killigrew to T.J.III  44M69/G2/204  1700

Concerning the election at St. Albans, 6 Mar 1700

Letters from Anthony Guidott to T.J.III  44M69/G2/205  1700

Concerning the County elections, 17 [Oct?] -24 [Oct] 1700

Letter from A. Sturt to T.J.III  44M69/G2/206  1700

Asking his advice on what to do in the event of a new election at Stockbridge, 30 Nov 1700

Letter from Lord Bolton to T.J.III  44M69/G2/207  1700

Asking for his support for a Colonel Chandler, in forthcoming elections, 28 Dec 1700

Copy of letter from T.J.III to the Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/208  1700

Assuring him of his loyal support, 28 Dec 1700

Letter on behalf of Col. Fleming to T.J.III  44M69/G2/209  1700

Stating his opposition to Col. Chandler, and support for Sir John St. Barbe, 29 Dec 1700

Letter from Sir John St. Barbe to T.J.III  44M69/G2/210  1700

Explaining his dislike of Col. Chandler as a candidate, and his preference for Mr Chute, 29 Dec 1700

Letter from G[eorge] Pitt to T.J.III  44M69/G2/211  1700

Defending himself from alleged suspicions concerning his standing for election, 30 Dec 1700

Letter from Col. Richard Chandler asking T.J.III  44M69/G2/212  1700

To join with him in standing for the County at the next elections, 30 Dec 1700

Letter from the Bishop of Winchester to T.J.III  44M69/G2/213  1700

Stating that only his prior promise to support Col. Chandler will stop him supporting Mr Chute, 31 Dec 1700

Letter from R. Norton to T.J.III  44M69/G2/214  1701

Concerning his support for Col. Chandler rather than Mr Chute, as the other Knight of the Shire in addition to T.J., 1 Jan 1701

Letter from J. Willis to T.J.III  44M69/G2/215  1701?

Affirming his intention to vote for him and Mr Chute, 3 Jan 1701?

Letter from Thomas Holdsworth to T.J.III  44M69/G2/216  1701?

Concerning his work in attacking Col. Chandler and supporting the cause of Mr Chute instead, 4 Jan 1701?

Letters from Henry Greenhill to T.J.III  44M69/G2/217  1701

Stating his intention to ensure the freeholders from the Dockyard near Portsmouth will vote for Jervoise and Col. Chandler, 18 Jan-18 Feb 1701

Letter from Lady Russell to T.J.III  44M69/G2/218  1701

Affirming her support for him and Col. Chandler, Jan 1701

Letter from Ellis St. John to [T.J.III?]  44M69/G2/219  1701

Concerning the Stockbridge election, 21 Feb 1701

Letter from Major Pyle to T.J.III  44M69/G2/220  1701

Concerning his signing of the Grand Jury's Address, and Jervoise's election campaign, 19 Aug 1701

Letter from Thomas Stringer to T.J.III  44M69/G2/221  1701

Asking for his support for Col. Ash and Mr Ashley, 16 Nov 1701

Bundle of letters to T.J.III  44M69/G2/222  1701

Containing note from the Bishop of Winchester asserting his support for Jervoise, 17 Nov 1701; note from Mr Wheeler denying he opposed Jervoise, 4 Dec 1701; letter from Major Pyle about the election, 25[?Nov] 1701; letter from Catherine Fleming assuring him of her family's support, 18 Nov 1701; letter from Charles Cole pledging his support, 26 Nov 1701

Letter from E. Pyle to T.J.III  44M69/G2/223  1701

Supporting his standing for election, 18 Nov 1701

Letter from William Clark to Thomas Jervoise  44M69/G2/224  1701

Concerning his (Clark's) recent lack of success in the Stockbridge election, 25 Nov 1701

Letter from Mrs E Burnett to T.J.III  44M69/G2/225  1701

Discussing the election and saying she has asked an influential person to speak to the Duke [of Bolton?] 29 Nov 1701

Letters from E. Chute to T.J.III  44M69/G2/226  1701

3 items

Concerning the elections, and the machinations of their political opponents, 29 Nov-9 Dec 1701

Letter from Joseph Heseltine to T.J.III  44M69/G2/227  1701

Concerning his election to a "Grand Councell" where he can use his interest to promote the Church, 9 Dec 1701

Letter from E. Chute to T.J.III  44M69/G2/228  1701

Concerning his (TJs) son, and political news, 13 Dec 1701

Memorandum by Thomas Jervoise  44M69/G2/229  1701

Concerning the management of the last election, 1701

Poll book of the freeholders of Hampshire  44M69/G2/230  1702

Who voted for the election of Knights of the Shire, 30 Jul 1702
The candidates were: George Pitt, Richard Norton and Richard Chandler

Correspondence from George Stevens, Ellis St. John, H. Tylney, E. Pyle and Robert Worsley  44M69/G2/231  1702

Concerning the election of the Knights of the Shire, Apr-Jul 1702

Bundle of papers concerning the election at Hindon, Wilts, 1702  44M69/G2/232  1702

Including: a poll book, 18 Jul 1702; letters from supporters; evidence from various witnesses concerning the buying of their votes by a rival to Jervoise; an account of election expenses and of the costs of a parliamentary investigation into the election, 29 Nov 1702; and a list of burgages with the names of tenants and owners, 1702

Petition by Thomas Jervoise to Parliament  44M69/G2/233  n.d. (1702)

Complaining of unfair election practices by Sir James Howe and George Morley at an election in Hindon, Co. Wilts, n.d. (1702)

Testimony of John Perry, sub-bailiff  44M69/G2/234  n.d. (1702)

Concerning alleged abuses at the Hindon election, n.d. (1702)

Bundle labelled "papers about the Hindon election", 1702-1704  44M69/G2/235  1702-1704 & n.d.

Containing: a petition by the inhabitants of Hindon on behalf of a Henry Perry, n.d.; receipts for a schoolmaster's pay, 1703; list of the Hindon scholars, 1703; list of the recipients of meat and bread at Hindon, 1703/1704; list of Hindon inhabitants, n.d.; Hindon poll results, 1704; copy of Thomas Jervoise's petition to the House of Commons, n.d.; estimate of the lands of the Earl of Clarendon in Chicklnds, Wilts, n.d.; letters concerning the election, 1702; account of expenses at Hindon, 1702; letter from Edward Slade, 1704, used as a wrapper

A bill to incapacitate various named individuals, (occupations given), from voting at elections of M.P.s and to prevent bribery and corruption in elections at Hindon, Wilts, n.d. (1702)  44M69/G2/236  n.d. (1702?)

Letters to T.J.III concerning the local elections, 1703-1704  44M69/G2/237  1703-1704

From the following: John St. Barbe, Mr Calthorpe, the Duke of Bolton, F. Killigrew, John Cope, and Edward Pratt

Letter from John St Barbe, at Soho  44M69/G2/237/1  1703/4

Tells him he has not succeeded in getting an answer from the Duke and Mr Pitt about their choice of candidate for the election. Advises him to wait for more information before declaring his intention to stand. 27 Jan 1703/4

Letter from John St Barbe, at Brodlands [Broadlands?]  44M69/G2/237/2  1704

Worries about the effect his decision to stand will have on his relationship with his neighbour, Mr Pitt. 15 Apr 1704

Letter from Mr Calthorpe  44M69/G2/237/3  1703/4

Promises support in forthcoming election. Wishes to meet and discuss the election. 20 Jan 1703/4

Letter from Mr Pratt, at Havant  44M69/G2/237/4  1703/4

Has received a letter from Mr Lewis who intends to stand at election. Has told Mr Lewis he can not support him. 27 Jan 1703/4

Letter from the Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/237/5  1704

Wants to discuss ways of keeping Mr Lewis out.
Promises support in forthcoming elections. 20 Apr 1704

Letter from John Cope, at Great Russell Street  44M69/G2/237/6  1704

Expresses thanks for his support in the coming elections. Says he has informed Mr Gatehouse of his intentions. 2 May 1704

Letter from F Killigrew, at St Julian's  44M69/G2/237/7  1704

Fears he will not be able to go to Stockbridge on the day of the election as he is standing for St Alban's and must be present on election day. 8 Aug 1704

Letters to T.J.III from Major Pyle and Ellis St. John, 1703  44M69/G2/238  1704

2 items

Letter to T.J.III from Christopher Cooke, 26 Feb 1704/5  44M69/G2/239  1704/5

Poll book of Hampshire voters for the Knights of the Shire, 1705  44M69/G2/240  1705

Candidates: Jervoise, Chandler, Lewis (rough copy)

Poll book of Hampshire voters for the Knights of the Shire, 16-24 May 1705 (Fair copy)  44M69/G2/241  1705

Poll book of Hampshire voters for the Knights of the shire, 16-24 May 1705  44M69/G2/242  1705

Letter from R[?] H[?] to T.J.III concerning the poll, 22 May 1705  44M69/G2/243  1705

Notes of total sums of votes for Jervoise, Chandler and Lewis at the Winchester Poll, n.d. (1705?)  44M69/G2/244  n.d. 1705?

Letter from Benjamin W[ales?] to T.J.III 15 Feb 1705/6  44M69/G2/245  1705/6

Particular of the manor of Hindon, listing names of tenants, yearly value of their tenements and rent, 1706  44M69/G2/246  1706

Bundle of letters to T.J.III mostly affirming support for him in the elections, 1706-1707.  44M69/G2/247  1706-1707

Correspondents include: Mr Brickenden, Mr Dewy, James Field, Mr Kingsmill, Mr Moody, Mr Reeves, Isaac Townsend, Mr Seager, and Mr Wareham

Letter from James Field, at Hindon  44M69/G2/247/1  1706/7

Asks whether his last letter had been received. Urges him to settle the matter of his wine licence.
17 Mar 1706/7

Letter from James Field, at Hindon  44M69/G2/247/2  1706/7

Tells of his efforts to obtain a licence to sell wine at his house in Hindon.
24 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Kingsmill, at Sandleford  44M69/G2/247/3  1706/7

Promises to support him. Believes he can secure the support of all the local freeholders too.
8 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Townsend  44M69/G2/247/4  1706/7

Says he does not take part in politics, but feels the compliments paid by the Grand Jury at the assizes bode well for election success.
24 [Mar] 1706/7

Letter from Henry Seager, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/247/5  1706/7

Complains he has been threatened. Can not find anyone to swear an affidavit on his behalf.
Lord Woodstock has asked him for his vote.
24 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Reeves, at Petersfield  44M69/G2/247/6  1706/7

Promises support in forthcoming election.
Expresses concern that the Commons has passed a new Annuity Bill.
25 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Dewy  44M69/G2/247/7  1707

Advises him to visit several people in the Ringwood and Fordingbridge area to make sure of their support.
28 Apr 1707

Letter from J Deane, at Freefolk  44M69/G2/247/8  1707

Thanks him for his attempt at disposing of Deane Lands Farm. Offers assistance at election.
30 Apr 1707

Letter from Edward Wareham, at Andover  44M69/G2/247/9  1707

Thinks his Interest is safe in Andover and about William Smith, the excise man.
16 Nov 1707

Letter from Mr Moody  44M69/G2/247/10  1707

Says Hewlett will send one of his employees as a messenger to and from Havant.
6 Dec 1707

Letter from Colonel Brickenden, at Chawton  44M69/G2/247/11  1707/8

Complains that he has not received any news of his Prebendary. Offers assistance at the election.
29 Jan 1707/8

Letter from Richard Norton, at Suffolk.  44M69/G2/247/12  1707/8

Promises to support him. Believes his long absence from Hampshire has reduced his influence in the County.
11 Feb 1707/8

Bundle of letters to T.J.III mostly affirming support for him in the elections, 1706-1707  44M69/G2/248  1706-1707

Correspondents include: Edmund Lambert, Mr Cornelius, Mr Ward, Mr Dewy, [?] Norton, Mark Button, E. Chute, Nicholas Humphrys, J. Pretty, Robert Kercher, J.A. Davy, J. Browne, James Harris, Mr Pitman, Lord Shaftesbury, Edward Wareham and Mr Withers

Letter from J Pretty  44M69/G2/248/1  1706/7

Recommends Mr Leadbetter, Mr Green or Mr Rose for the vacant parsonage. Asks if Mr Chandler is standing for Knight of the Shire. James Pyle said that Chandler will not stand if Jervoise steps down. 27 Jan 1706/7

Letter from J Pretty  44M69/G2/248/2  1706/7

Lord Woodstock and Mr Norton have been campaigning hard. Lord Woodstock says he has St John's vote, Pretty refuses to believe it. 27 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Dewy, at Winchester  44M69/G2/248/3  1706/7

Lord Woodstock and Mr Tilney have been seen together on several occasions. Talks about candidates for the post of Bishop's Secretary. 13 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Dewy  44M69/G2/248/4  1707/8

Says Lord Woodstock and Mr Norton have been visiting all the local freeholders. 25 Mar 1707/8

Letter from Mark Button, at Rowlands Castle  44M69/G2/248/5  1706/7

Lord Woodstock and Mr Norton have already secured the votes of many local freeholders. Havant and Emsworth are loyal to Jervoise.

Letter from Mark Button, at Rowlands Castle  44M69/G2/248/6  1707

Tells him to write to Richard Cooper and Anthony Caporn of Ambersham, who will help secure votes of Ambersham freeholders. 4 Apr 1707

Letter from Mark Button, at Rowlands Castle  44M69/G2/248/7  1707/8

Lots of support for Jervoise in Portsmouth and Gosport. Fareham voters will not support Jervoise, they fear he will join with the Marquis. 26 Mar 1707/8

Letter from Mr Norton  44M69/G2/248/8  1706

Has heard that Mr Chandler intends to stand for the County. Believes Duke of Bolton is inclined to support Chandler. Advises him to talk to Lord Woodstock. 8 Dec 1706

Letter from Edmund Lambert  44M69/G2/248/9  1706/7

Declines his offer of becoming a purchaser. 24 Jan 1706/7

Letter from E Chute  44M69/G2/248/10  1706/7

Refuses to believe that Duke of Bolton has recommended Lord Woodstock and Lord Marquis. Promises to support Jervoise. 27 Feb 1706/7

Letter from Nicholas Humphrys, at Gosport  44M69/G2/248/11  1706/7

Says Lord Woodstock has been in Gosport looking for support. Advises him to send letters to his friends in Portsmouth. Promises his support. 3 Mar 1706/7

Copy of a letter from Lord Woodstock to the freeholders of the County  44M69/G2/248/12  1706/7

Declares his intention to stand in election. Hopes to receive their votes and interest. 6 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Mr Cornelius, at Southampton  44M69/G2/248/13  1706/7

Promises support in election for Knight of the Shire. Wants to know how much wine to send to Havant. 15 Mar 1706/7

Letter from William Ward, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/248/14  1706/7

Thanks him for his recommendation to the Archbishop. Promises to help in any way he can. 20 Mar 1706/7

Letter from Robert Kercher  44M69/G2/248/15  1707

Pledges his support in election to Jervoise and Lord Marquis. 3 Apr 1707

Letter from Lord Shaftesbury, at St Giles  44M69/G2/248/16  1707

Promises his support. Hopes the vote will not be divided. 7 Apr 1707

Letter from Mr Withers  44M69/G2/248/17  1707

Will have to rely on his interest at Stockbridge. Proposes to visit Mr Gifford. Lord Woodstock has great deal of support amongst foresters and freeholders. 8 Apr 1707

Letter from James Harris, at Sarum  44M69/G2/248/18  1707

Expresses concern that Mr Gyer is dividing the Whigg Interest. Urges him to put the Post and Stamp Officers in his supporters hands. Does not believe Mr Fox is about to win back favour at Court. Mr Bennett of Dibden has been shot. Hopes to discuss matters at the Winton Assizes. 23 Jun 1707

Letter from Edward Wareham, at Andover  44M69/G2/248/19  1707

Madam Wallop sent her servant to call on the freeholders of the town. Says Jervoise's friends are all behind him. 6 Dec 1707

Letter from Mr Pitman, at Andover  44M69/G2/248/20  1707/8

Majority of freeholders support Jervoise. Advises him to write to freeholders or send someone to visit them. John Eyres knows most of the freeholders. Advises him of some freeholders living in Newbury and Hungerford who have votes in Hampshire. 14 Mar 1707/8

Letter from Mr Browne, at Rockford  44M69/G2/248/21  1707/8

Lord Woodstock has asked for his vote. Pleased to hear Jervoise will stand at next election. Advises him to write to Mr Willis. 29 Mar 1707/8

Letters from James Harris to T.J.III  44M69/G2/249  1706-1707

2 items

Mentioning the petitioners of Salisbury, the Union with Scotland, and the "Salisbury, the Union with Scotland, and the "Slaughter of the Swedes", 9 Nov 1706-26 May 1707

Letter from Stephen Lock to T.J.III  44M69/G2/250  1706/7

Giving him news from Gosport and London, 4 Mar 1706/7

Letter from some of the Corporation at Salisbury to T.J.III  44M69/G2/251a  1707

Concerning the difficulties they have had in trying to relieve the distressed Whigs in the Corporation, 26 May 1707

Letter from John Hammond to T.J.III concerning the election 3 Apr 1707  44M69/G2/251b  1707

Poll book of Hampshire voters for the Knights of the Shire, 1708.  44M69/G2/252  1708

Candidates: Lord Winchester, Lord Woodstock, and Thomas Jervoise. Arranged in alphabetical order of place (A-N only)

Letters to T.J.III from Mr Chute and Mr Killigrew  44M69/G2/253  1708

Concerning the loss of the election, 14 Apr-6 Jun 1708

Letter from T.J.III to "Cousin Tylney"  44M69/G2/254  1708

Concerning his hopes for the election, May 1708

Letter to T.J.III from members of a Corporation  44M69/G2/255  1708

Asking him to use his influence to stop Madam Wallop pressing them to support "Mr Guydott", together with a draft reply from T.J.III on the reverse, 1708

Letters to T.J.III from H. Tylney, Mr Widmore, H. Wither and E. Chute, Jun-Nov 1708  44M69/G2/256  1708

Poll books for the election of Knights of the Shire of Hampshire taken [?] 1708  44M69/G2/257  1708

Outside pages - insect damaged

[3 items; 1 is incomplete]
Candidates: Marquis of Winchester; Marquis of Woodstock and Thomas Jervoise

Poll books for the election of Knights of the Shire of Hampshire taken [?] 1708 only partly complete  44M69/G2/258  1708

Summary of the numbers of votes for each candidate in each poll book, for the election for Knights of the Shire, 1708  44M69/G2/259  1708

List of electors of Overton  44M69/G2/260  1708

Divided into two columns: those who will vote for the Marquess of Winchester, and others who will vote for T.J.III as promised to John Widmore, 1708

A list of the freeholders in Odiham; Greywell; North Warnborough; Holybourne; Selbourne; Upton and Upton Grey; Froyle; Binstead; Bentworth; Bentley and Headley, 1708  44M69/G2/261  1708

A list of the freeholders of Newport, 1708  44M69/G2/262  1708

Letter from Lord Bolton, to unidentified recipient (?Thomas Jervoise)  44M69/G2/263  1709

Telling him Lord Portland is seriously ill, and advising him to stand for parliament promptly, 16 Nov 1709

Letter from William Knapton to "your Grace" [?Lord Bolton] concerning the elector, 12 Dec 1709  44M69/G2/263b  1709

Large bundle of letters to T.J.III  44M69/G2/264  1709-1710

About the county election for Hampshire, 1709-1710, from various correspondents including: Henry Worsley, T. Austin, the Marquis of Dorchester, Lady St. Barbe, Major Pyle, Lord Oxford, William Powlett, Mr Maidman, the Duke of Bolton, Charles Wager, J. Burrard and John Snow. Includes a copy of a letter from E. Chute to Mr Pitt "being a full answer to all Tory arguments", 1710

Letter from the Duke of Bolton, London  44M69/G2/264/1  1709

Lord Portland an his deathbed. Promises to send any news. 22 Nov 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton, London  44M69/G2/264/2  1709

Lord Portland died yesterday. Sheriffs were to be picked today, but Queen ill so has been put off until next week. Election can not take place until 23rd Dec. Edgecome will support Jervoise. Has done everything possible to ensure easy election for Jervoise. 24 Nov 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/264/3  1709

Any trouble made by Mr Powlett will not cause Jervoise too much harm. Will settle matter of Sheriff once Lord Portland has been buried. 29 Nov 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton, London  44M69/G2/264/4  1709

Mr Foxcraft been picked as sheriff, so Jervoise now free of that duty. Encloses a letter from Mr Ridges and one from the Commissioner. Mr Norton is in town. 1 Dec 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/264/5  1709

Dick Good has promised to post notices that election will be on next court day. Will see the Lord Treasurer tomorrow. 3 Dec 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/264/6  1709

Glad things are going well at Portsmouth. Will speak to the commissioners. Nr Morton and Mr Pitt will join at next parliament. 10 Dec 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/264/7  1709

Lord Orford has written to the commissioner and will thank him on Jervoise's behalf. 17 Dec 1709

Letter from Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/264/8  1710

His cousin, Mr Powlett, has secured thirty notes in the Andover area. Discusses differing accounts given in clerks' books of Jervoise's standing in Portsmouth and the docks. 29 Oct 1710

Letter from Duke of Bolton  44M69/G2/264/9  1710

Glad to hear of Jervoise's success. Hopes his cousin Mr Powlett will be able to secure votes in Petersfield. Can count on votes in Andover, Winchester and Basingstoke areas. Lord Marquis will call on John St Barbe and then go to the Island. He will come over in the commissioners yacht with the freeholders. Tells him to leave any instructions with Mr Ridges, or the Mayor. 31 Oct 1710

Letter from Earl of Orford, London  44M69/G2/264/10  1709

Glad to hear Jervoise intends to stand at election. Will promote his interests in any way possible. 8 Dec 1709

Letter from Earl of Orford, London  44M69/G2/264/11  1710

Encloses a letter to the Commissioner and Superintendent at Portsmouth who will do their best for Jervoise. They all join with Jervoise in supporting the Protestant Succession. 5 Aug 1710

Letter from Earl of Orford, London  44M69/G2/264/12  1710

Has asked Mr Lee to write to his uncle in the Navy, Master Callker [?]. Does not think it will help much. Does not know when Parliament will be dissolved. 17 Aug 1710

Letter from William Powlett  44M69/G2/264/13  1709

Lord Portland is dead. The new sheriff will be Mr Foxcroft. Has written to Roger Birld [?] of Andover to ask for his support. Claims Jervoise has support of all of Basingstoke. William Chandler will do his utmost to serve Jervoise. Has sent Spencer to secure Lady Russell's interest. Mr Spencer says Jervoise must send Mr West to Fratton. 24 Nov 1709

Letter from William Powlett  44M69/G2/264/14  1709

Mr Smith has promised to write to Bishop of Winchester, asking for his support. Lord Portland to be buried at Westminster. Lord President has promised to pick new sheriff soon. The Commons will pass a bill to ban exportation of corn. 29 Nov 1709

Letter from William Powlett  44M69/G2/264/15  1709

Plenty of votes to be had in Alresford area.
Has Written to Major Godfrey. Mr Ridge of Portsmouth will do all he can to help. Bolton has sent letters to Isle of Wight and New Forest to drum up support. Mr Foxcraft picked as new sheriff.
1 Dec 1709

Letter from Charles Wager, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/264/16  1709/10

Though they have not met, hopes introductions have been made. He is standing at election in opposition to Mr Norton. Hopes to meet Jervoise on election day.
14 Jan 1709/10

Letter from Charles Wager, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/264/17  1709/10

Apologises for broken seal of enclosed letter. Has received express re stopping of East India ships. Wants Jervoise to write to Colonel Chandler.
17 Jan 1709/10

Letter from George Burrard  44M69/G2/264/18  1709

Promises any help and support he can give.
26 Nov 1709

Letter from George Burrard, London  44M69/G2/264/19  1710

Talks about Mr Jack Burrard and Mr Cromwell conniving to stop opponents standing at Lymington.
30 Dec 1710

Letter from Mr Burrard  44M69/G2/264/20  1710/11

Congratulates Jervoise on Winning the vote, 191 to 132.
11 Jan 1710/11

Letter from Lady St Barbe  44M69/G2/264/21  1709

Sir John's health will not permit him to stand for Parliament. Sir John unlikely to bestow his Interest until day of election.
29 Nov 1709

Letter from Sir John St Barbe  44M69/G2/264/22  1709

Approves of Jervoise supporting Mr Norton at Portsmouth. Hopes to see more cooperation between them in future.
21 Jan 1709/10

Letter from Isaac Townsend, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/264/23  1709

Encloses a letter from Lord Orford.
Dec 1709

Letter from Isaac Townsend, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/264/24  1709/10

Copy of a letter asking for support for Jervoise.
9 Feb 1709/10 [?]

Letter from Mr Maydman, Henry Seager, Thomas White and Joseph Whitehouse, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/264/25  1709

Have at last got a warrant and placed the Vicar under arrest. Bishop has received complaint that the Vicar and Mayor have been imprisoned by an Anti Monarchy Party and other false claims. Wants Jervoise to ask for Queen's aid. Has written to Bishop outlining the whole problem with the Corporation and explaining need for arrest of Vicar and Mayor, and that their choice for mayoralty would support the Church and Monarchy. Says the churchwardens attempted to bribe them.
17 Jul 1709

Letter from Henry Maydman, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/264/26  1709

There is no prospect of getting ally elected as Mayor of Corporation. Advises Jervoise to save his energies for another year.
11 Sep 1709

Letter from George Treby  44M69/G2/264/27  1709

Mr Norton is in town, so will pass on Jervoise's letter. Has written to Mr Whithed asking for his support.
3 Dec 1709

Letter from George Treby  44M69/G2/264/28  1709

Encloses Mr Whithed reply to his letter.
Encourages Jervoise to cultivate Mr Whithed as an ally.
15 Dec 1709

Letter from Henry Whithed to George Treby  44M69/G2/264/29  1709

Enclosed in above letter to Thomas Jervoise Lord Portland and Mr Norton have prior claim on his Interest, but hopes to be able to support Jervoise.
11 Nov [?] 1709

Letter from Thomas Bly  44M69/G2/264/30  1709

Discusses the price of wigs.
18 Jun 1709

Letter from T Austin  44M69/G2/264/31  1709

Mr Thomas has advised him to wait on the Bishop.
Hopes the quarrel between Jervoise, Bishop and Mr Terry [?] has been resolved.
29 Sep 1709

Letter from Mr Lambert, at London  44M69/G2/264/32  1709

Has just heard Lord Portland is on his deathbed.
[?] Nov 1709

Letter from William Guidott, at Lincoln's Inn Lord Portland is dead.  44M69/G2/264/33  1709

Duke of Bolton, Lord Powlett and Mr Chandler say they will support Jervoise.
24 Nov 1709

Letter from J Browne, at Lincoln's Inn Lord Portland is dead.  44M69/G2/264/34  1709

Wishes Jervoise success. Will do all he can to help with election.
24 Nov 1709

Letter from 'J.H.', at Winchester  44M69/G2/264/35  1709

His friends have been canvassing for support amongst freeholders. Has heard that Mr Norton has been chosen to oppose Jervoise. Believes they can win Bishop over with help of Lord Treasure, Duke of Bolton and Mr Smith. Hopes new sheriff will be sworn in before day of election, or all will be lost.
27 Nov 1709

Letter from Thomas Jervoise, at Herriard Announces his intention to stand.  44M69/G2/264/36  1709

Asks for support.
28 Nov 1709

Letter from Henry Sharpe  44M69/G2/264/37  1709

Mr Mayor has had letter from Mr Jarvis and has shown it to all the freeholders in the town.
29 Nov 1709

Letter from [Mrs] Howe  44M69/G2/264/38  1709

Promises to support him. 29 Nov 1709

Letter from Marquis of Dorchester, in London  44M69/G2/264/39  1709

Promises to support him.
Dec 1709

Letter from J Smith  44M69/G2/264/40  1709

Has forwarded Jervoise's letter to the Bishop.
Has also written to the Bishop himself asking him to support Jervoise
5[?] Dec 1709

Letter from Henry Worseley, in London  44M69/G2/264/41  1709

Has heard rumours that his 'brother' intends to stand at election. Promises his support.
7 Dec 1709

Letter from John Snow, at Stockbridge  44M69/G2/264/42  1709

Conditions of access: NOT FIT FOR PRODUCTION

9 Dec 1709

Letter from Major Pyle  44M69/G2/264/43  1709

Has received a letter from Mr Smith asking him to support Jervoise. Has been canvassing in Stockbridge.
10 Dec 1709

Letter from J Cope, in London  44M69/G2/264/44  1709

So convinced of Jervoise's success that some businessmen have asked to be excused from attending election.
17 Dec 1709

Copy of a letter from Thomas Jervoise [?], at Herriard  44M69/G2/264/45  1709/10

Thanks people for their support.
4 Jan 1709/10

Letter from Mr Norton  44M69/G2/264/46  1709/10

Has decided to stand for seat made vacant by death of Sir Thomas Littleton. Wants Jervoise's support.
5 Jan 1709/10

Letter from Mr Calthorpe  44M69/G2/264/47  1709/10

Awaits Jervoise's arrival. Tells of death of Sir Thomas Littleton. Charles Wager and Mr Norton will stand at Portsmouth. Urges Jervoise not to oppose Mr Norton's election.
10 Jan 1709/10

Letter from Edward Wareham, at Andover  44M69/G2/264/48  1710

Urges him to write to Mr Bray immediately in order to secure his support. Mr Culmer [?], one of his supporters, is dead. Mr John Lambert, Rector of Abbots Ann, will support Jervoise.
31 Jul 1710

Letter from Mr Barton, at Hurstbourne  44M69/G2/264/49  1710

Mr Powlett, Mr Bridger, Col Sydney and Mr Hinxman have had successful time drumming up support in Andover.
24 Aug 1710

Letter from Sir Peter King, in London  44M69/G2/264/50  1710

Believes the dissolution of Parliament is imminent. Mr Hooker has written to Lord Sunderland to recommend Sir William Humphreys as the replacement for Sir Edward Lawrence at Stockbridge. Hopes Jervoise will support Sir William.
12 Sep 1710

Copy of a letter from E Chute to Mr Pitt  44M69/G2/264/51  1710

"Being a full answer to all tory arguments" Does not know how he has offended him when they both believe in a limited Hereditary Monarchy. However, points out that Lawrence Hide in his book "The Faithful Register" says that a Bill of Exclusion is illegal and has inherent weaknesses. The book has raised doubts about wisdom of preserving succession in the House of Hanover. Hopes they will be able to shake hands and make amends next time they meet.
25 Sep 1710

List of swearers and clerks at the Winchester election. 25 Oct 1710  44M69/G2/264/52  1710

List of names of Portsmouth freeholders that will be at the Isle of Wight to vote for the Marquess of Winchester and Thomas Jervoise, 1710  44M69/G2/265  1710

List of Inspectors and Clerks (at an election) "they allowed us no Clerks of our naming so made more of ye Inspectors", 1710  44M69/G2/266  1710

List of the voters of Kingsclere, indicating against each name whom they voted for, 1710  44M69/G2/267  1710

"Sum of ye poll for Hampshire": numerical totals of votes, divided by numbered electoral areas, without any names of districts or voters, 1710  44M69/G2/268  1710

List of several people who took part in the 1710 election although they had no right to vote  44M69/G2/269  1710

Thomas Reeves of Bullington; Philip Wood of Fareham; [?] Wilkins of Bullington; [?] Pickerwell of Barton Stacey; John Street sen. and jun. of Hyde Street, Winchester

Letter from B. Whithall to T.J.III concerning the French parliament, 12 Apr 1710  44M69/G2/270  1710

Petition on behalf of John Roy by a group of Gosport citizens  44M69/G2/271  1710

Asking T.J.III to write to Lord Scarborough requesting John Roy's re-entry into the Dockyard, as a joiner, 23 Dec 1710

Poll book for the election of the Knights of the Shire taken 26-28 Aug 1713, published by Thomas Lewis, London, 1714  44M69/G2/272  1713-1714

Candidates: Marquis of Winchester, Sir Anthony Sturt, Thomas Lewis and John Wallop The poll is arranged in alphabetical order of place of voters

Letter from Tom Austin to T.J.III  44M69/G2/273  1713

Concerning his accounts, and also the election results, 3 Sep 1713

Letter from James Harris to T.J.III  44M69/G2/274  1713

Discussing the recent elections in detail, 30 Oct 1713

Poll book for the election of M.P.s for the University of Oxford, 21 Mar 1721  44M69/G2/275  1721-22

Arranged in alphabetical order, within each college, published at Oxford, 1722
Candidates: Mr Bromley, Dr. Clarke, Dr King

Part of a case concerning the Hartley Wintney estates, (pp3-6 only), n.d. (c.1728)  44M69/G2/276  n.d. (c.1728)

List of qualifications for a legal elector of a Knight of a Shire, taken from various statutes, from 10 Henry VI to 2 Geo II, n.d. (c.1729?)  44M69/G2/277  n.d. (c.1729?)

"A list of the Divisions of the Div. of Southampton with the names of the Hundreds, Parishes and Hamlets they contain and the number of voters that polled in each at Winchester 8 May and from thence adjourned to Newport in the Isle of Wight, 14 May 1734"  44M69/G2/278  1734

Summary of number of votes from the poll books for the Hampshire elections, 1734  44M69/G2/279  1734

Candidates: Edward Lisle, Sir Simeon Stewart, Anthony Chute, Lord Harry Powlett

Summary of total numbers of votes  44M69/G2/280  1734

Arranged by hundred and parish for the Hampshire elections, 1734

Poll book for the election of Knights of the Shire for Hampshire, 8-14 May 1734  44M69/G2/281  1734

Letter from R. Worsley to T.J.III  44M69/G2/282  n.d. (18th cent.)

Asking him to stand at the next elections, 15 Mar n.d. (18th cent.)

Letter from R. Calthorpe to T.J.III  44M69/G2/283  n.d. (18th cent.)

Concerning his efforts to win support for the latter at the next elections, 3 Dec n.d. (18th cent.)

Letter from John Cope to T.J.III  44M69/G2/284  n.d. (18th cent.)

Offering to stand for election at Andover, n.d. (18th cent.)

Letter from John St. Barbe to T.J.III  44M69/G2/285  Early 18th cent

Concerning an election for Knights of the Shire of Hampshire, 18 Mar, n.d. (early 18th cent.)


(Abbreviated henceforth to J.C.J)

Minutes of the Lord Keeper's order on the Petition of Thomas Hall against Woodroffe 7 Jun 1758  44M69/G2/286  1758

Concerns the lands of William Guidott in Preston Candover

Abstract of an Act to continue and amend two Acts made in the 21st and 28th years of His late Majesty's Reign for encouraging the making of Indico (Indigo) in the British plantations in America etc., 1763  44M69/G2/287  1763

Extract from the London Evening Post  44M69/G2/288  1775

Comprising a report of a speech in the House of Lords, by Lord Chatham, supporting the American cause, together with an address by the Twelve United Colonies to Great Britain, also concerning America's grievances, published 4 Feb 1775

"Reasons... for passing the Bill for setting the assize of bread etc." n.d. (1770s?)  44M69/G2/289  n.d. (1770s?)

3 copies

"A list of the majority and minority who voted in the House of Commons on Sir George Savile's motion ..." 21 Feb 1780.  44M69/G2/290  1780

2 copies

Printed by J. Almon, London, 1780

A list of the minority and majority in the House of Commons, "on the second reading of the Bill for vesting the affairs of the East India Company in the hands of certain Commissioners ..."  44M69/G2/291  1783

Printed by S. Bladon, London, 1783

"The Humble Address of the House of Commons to the King"  44M69/G2/292  1784

Printed by John Nichols, London, 1784

List of all members of the House of Commons  44M69/G2/293  1784

With advertisements for various political publications, including on the reverse: The Beauties and Deformities of Fox, North and Burke (with a copy of an engraving of these three men) printed by John Stockdale, London, 1784

"Petition of the gentlemen... and others of the County of Southampton" appealing for a correction of abuses in the expenditure of public money, reduction in taxation and abolition of all sinecure places and unmerited pensions. Mentions the Wars against France, Spain and the "revolted colonies", n.d. (1780s?)  44M69/G2/294  n.d. (1780s?)

Bundle of political papers, 1791-99  44M69/G2/295  1791-99

"A specimen of an analysis of the principal heads and articles in Bills of Inclosure", covering the nature of each Bill; the location and extent of land; the numbers of commissioners, and surveyors, and amounts of their wages; allotments to the "Lords of the soil and Lay impropriator"; allotment for tithes to the clergy, and allotment of the residue  44M69/G2/295/1  1791-95

A letter from Thomas Hall to an unidentified recipient concerning a Bill for the amendment of the laws regarding poor relief  44M69/G2/295/2  3 Jan 1791

"A Bill for facilitating the division and inclosure of waste lands and commons ..."  44M69/G2/295/3  printed 22 Apr 1796

Printed letter from the Government Nominee Tontine Office to the Minister of Shalston, Bucks  44M69/G2/295/4  1796

A Bill for promoting the cultivation and improvement of waste lands, commons etc. in England and Wales  44M69/G2/295/5  printed 10 Jul 1797

A Bill to explain and amend an Act entitled "an Act for the more effectual prevention of the use of defective weights and of false and unequal balances"  44M69/G2/295/6  printed 20 Apr 1797

A table of the statutes of 39 Geo. III (1799), passed in the third session of parliament, printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, London  44M69/G2/295/7  1799

A Bill to authorize the appointment of persons to assist the Overseers of the Poor  44M69/G2/295/8  21 Mar 1799


Copy of the poll for Sarum, Wilts  44M69/G2/296  n.d. [1747]

Arrangement: Arranged in lists under the headings of the candidates voted for, "P.B.", "E.P." and "W.B.", n.d. [1747]

Poll book for the election of a Member of Parliament for Salisbury, Wilts, 6 Feb 1765  44M69/G2/297  1765

Copy of a petition by the Mayor and commonalty of New Sarum to the House of Commons  44M69/G2/298  1772

Requesting a commission of sewers for the River Avon near New Sarum, to clean it up and free it of obstructions, 6 Jan 1772

Poll book for the election of Knights of the Shire for Surrey, 20-21 Oct 1774  44M69/G2/299  1774

Printed by J. Russell at Guildford

Bundle of papers concerning the elections for Knights of the Shire, 1779  44M69/G2/300  1779

30 items

Including; copies of the state of the poll in the contest between Sir Richard Worsley and Jervoise Clarke Jervoise, who won a majority, Dec 1779; a list of voters from Herriard, Weston, Upton Grey, and South and North Warnborough, n.d.; a list of voters from Basingstoke, 1779; various printed hand-bills supporting J.C.J. and denouncing Worsley, 1779; and several printed ballads and broadsheets containing satirical songs about the election, 1779

Address by William Heathcote to the people of Hampshire  44M69/G2/301  1789

Soliciting their support in his standing for parliament, 2 Dec 1789

Bundle of papers concerning the elections for Knights of the Shire, 1789-90  44M69/G2/302  1789-1790

Comprising: list of subscribers for the support of William Heathcote and William Chute, 23 Dec 1789 (2 copies); vote of thanks for the support shown them by William Heathcote and William Chute, 14 Jan 1790 (2 copies); state of the poll [Southampton voters only], 22-23 Jun 1790 plus state of the poll country-wide, 25 Jun 1790

Card with design of a dragon or sea-monster accompanied by the slogan "Jervoise and Freedom for ever.. J.C.J.", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/303  n.d. [8th century]


BILLS  [no ref. or date]

"A Bill for the sale of the estate late of William Emerton, esq., deceas'd, for the benefit of his widow and daughters", 18th cent  44M69/G2/304  18th cent

"A Bill to enable John Hackett to call to an account the persons who.... are appointed trustees of the estate of Sir Thomas Hackett his late father, and to vest the surplus of his said late father's estate in him", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/305  n.d. [18th century]

"Bill to enable the trustees of... Thomas Hobbs... Deceas'd, with Abraham Weekes esq. to make a jointure upon the wife of the said Abraham Weekes", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/306  n.d. (18th cent?)

Copy of a Bill for the "better preventing of bribery, corruption and other indirect and undue practices in elections", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/307  n.d. (18th cent)

Draft of an Act concerning the export of wool, Fuller's Earth, and Fuller's clay, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/308  n.d. (18th cent?)

Extract of a Bill to repeal part of an Act obliging the Admiralty "to set out so many ships commissioners ..." n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/309  n.d. (18th cent?)

In hand of Thomas Jervoise

"A bill for the relief of the creditors of the Royal African Company", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/310  n.d. (18th cent)

Copy of a clause to be put into the Bill for the relief of the creditors of the African Company, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/311  n.d. (18th cent?)

Summary of a Bill desired by the Turkey Company to prohibit all Turkish goods brought to Italy by French ships being imported into England from Italy, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/312  n.d. (18th cent?)

Extract from a Bill to protect and increase the woods providing timber for H.M. Navy, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/313  n.d. (18th cent)

Abstract of a Bill for the encouragement of learning and the securing the right of copying books, etc. to the author or other owner of copyright, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/314  n.d. (18th cent?)

"The bookseller's humble address to the honourable House of Commons, on behalf of the Bill for Encouraging Learning & C" n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/315  n.d. 18th cent


"Petition of Jacob Massey, John Verger, Isaac du Blé, John Michell and Mathurin Lambert Pagen, Frenchmen and Merchant-Jewellers of the City of Paris ..." n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/316  n.d. (18th cent?)

Concerns a theft of diamonds from the merchants and their desire for redress against the Warden of the Fleet who allowed the thief to escape

"The case of all persons comprised in the Articles of Capitulations of the City of Waterford, Fort and Castle of Bophin, and the Towns of Sligo and Drogheda in the Kingdom of Ireland ..." n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/317  n.d. (18th cent?)

"The Case of the gentlemen and freeholders bordering upon Needwood Forest", n.d. (18th cent.)  44M69/G2/318  n.d. (18th cent.)

"The case of Rupert Browne, gent., relating to Heyling Park", in the forest of Needwood, Staffs., n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/319  n.d. (18th cent.)

"The Case of Sir Robert Killigrew, Thomas Wyndham, William Killigrew, Henry Heron, and Edward Heron, drainers and participants of Lindsey Levell, in Lincolnshire, claiming under the late Earl of Lindsey", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/320  n.d. (18th cent?)

"The case of Samuel Shepherd, John Lambert and John James David, Merchants of London ..."  44M69/G2/321  n.d. (18th cent?)

2 items

The merchants request Parliament to discharge certain Bills of Exchange, as the goods to which they refer were stolen by a French privateer

"The case of the poor children belonging to the Charity School of Saint Sepulchre's, London", n.d. (18th cent.)  44M69/G2/322  n.d. 18th cent

Relates to a Bill for securing the effects of the Mine Adventure Bank for the benefit of their creditors, which may affect money in the Bank donated towards the maintenance of the poor children

"A short answer to several objections against Sir Humphrey Mackworth and the Directors of the Governor and Company of the Mine-Adventurers of England", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/323  n.d. (18th cent)

Case against Sir Humphrey Mackworth, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/324  n.d. (18th cent)

Copy petition to the House of Commons for the reform of bribery at Elections, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/325  n.d. (18th cent)

Draft or copy petition to the King concerning the woollen industry, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/326  n.d. (18th cent?)

"Proposals... for the preventing of the exportation of wool and importation of uncustomed goods in the counties of Kent and Sussex", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/327  n.d. (18th cent)

3 copies

"The case of the Malt-tickets: in the eight and ninth years of His Majesty's reign. A clause of an Act for granting to His Majesty certain Duties upon Malt, Rum, Sweets, Cyder and Perry, ...", n.d. (18th cent).  44M69/G2/328  n.d. (18th cent)

On the reverse of this printed document are manuscript notes concerning the proceedings of the two opposing factions in the election at Maidstone, Kent, n.d.

"Reasons humbly offer'd to the honourable House of Commons, by the Merchants trading in tobacco, against a clause relating to the Exportation of Goods entitl'd to a Draw-back" n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/329  n.d. 18th cent

"Queries relating to a clause in the annuity bill obliging the exporters of all goods entitled to drawbacks, to give bond at the Custom house to the full value of such goods ...", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/330  n.d. 18th cent

"Reasons humbly offered to... the honourable House of Commons against laying a duty on pepper, or on any other merchandize imported, in hand" n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/331  n.d. 18th cent

2 copies

"Reasons for incouraging the throwing of silk in this kingdom and discouraging the importation of foreign thrown silk hither, especially over land", together with "The weaver's reply", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/332  n.d. (18th cent?)

"The state of several Acts relating to the importation of Currants with the duties thereon" n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/333  n.d. (18th cent)

"Some more reasons humbly offered to the consideration of the honourable the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, against laying on a farther duty on raisins", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/334  n.d. (18th cent)

Includes details of the commodities both imported and exported to and from Spain

"Reasons for making a harbour or mould in Torbay ..." by Arthur Robinson, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/335  n.d. (18th cent)

"Reasons humbly submitted to the... House of Commons against the application for lowering the duties on foreign prize sugar to an equality with those on British Plantation sugar" n.d. (late 18th cent)  44M69/G2/336  n.d. (late 18th cent)

"Some remarks on a Paper entitled Reasons humbly offered for the Regulating and Establishing the East India trade in the present Company", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/337  n.d. (18th cent?)

"Reasons for vesting the settlements on the coast of Afric in the Crown, and the dangers of an exclusive company demonstrated", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/338  n.d. (18th cent?)

"The case of making a dock at Leverpoole for the better accommodation and safety of shipping", n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/339  n.d. (18th cent)

2 items

"Objections... against the Bill for making a dock at Leverpool", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/340  n.d. (18th cent?)

2 items

"Reasons against laying a general duty upon ships, for building a dock at Leverpool", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/341  n.d. (18th cent?)

2 copies

"Reasons humbly offered against a Turnpike at Tunbridge", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/342  n.d. (18th cent?)

"A scheme for a Public Academy, some reasons for its institution, the common, objections answer'd with the easie method of its support ...", n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/343  n.d. (18th cent?)

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Speech by Lord Ossery, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/344  n.d. (18th cent)

[Too fragile to discover content]

Conditions of access: [NOT FIT FOR PRODUCTION]

Manuscript notebook containing a list of M.P.s for England and Wales, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/345  n.d. (18th cent)

Bundle  44M69/G2/346  n.d. (18th cent?)

Conditions of access: [NOT FIT FOR PRODUCTION]

Containing: an abstract of the values, rents, incumbrances etc. on certain estates in Ireland, n.d. (18th cent?)2 copies; and an account of the deficiencies of Parliamentary funds since his Majesty's accession to the Crown, n.d. (18th cent)

Fragment of a cover to a letter containing the address of a William Wilmot in St. Martins Lane, London, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/347  n.d. (18th cent?)

List of questions "to ask Mr Morice" concerning the export of woollen goods, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/348  n.d. (18th cent)


List of voters at Sutton Scotney, Newton Stacey, Bullington and Wonsington [?Wonston], who support Jervoise, canvassed by [?Tristram Hudlestone] Jervoise n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/349  n.d. (18th cent)

List of freeholders in Holybourne, Binsted, Froyle, Bentley, Bentworth, Shalden, Lasham, South Warnborough, and Chawton, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/350  n.d. (18th cent)

List of names, in alphabetical order, "for ye Clys[?] of £1484015 for ye County of Southampton", n.d. (early 18th cent)  44M69/G2/351  n.d. (early 18th cent)

List of places (including Basingstoke, Christchurch, Odiham, Andover and Overton) with a note of the statutes of Edward I-Edward II governing their elections, beside each name, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/352  n.d. (18th cent)

List of men's names, with no indication as to location or purpose, but presumably for voting, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/353  n.d. (18th cent)

Copy of a clause in an Act to increase the number of deputy clerks to the Sheriff at elections of Knights of the Shire, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/354  n.d. (18th cent?)

Printed address to the freeholders of Winchester, asking them to vote for Mr Jervoise, n.d. (18th cent?)  44M69/G2/355  n.d. (18th cent)

Note of votes for the Lord Marquess and for Pitt, under headings of the Hall Poll and the Arbor Poll, n.d. (18th cent)  44M69/G2/356  n.d. (18th cent)

"The merits of the Yarmouth Election", a paper defending Mr Clarke and Mr Strode, M.P.s for Yarmouth, whose election has been disputed, published, n.d. (mid 18th cent?)  44M69/G2/357  n.d. (mid 18th cent?)

Oath against bribery and corruption said before admission to the Poll, printed, n.d. (18th or 19th cent)  44M69/G2/358  n.d. (18th or 19th cent)

Index and summary of the sixteen poll books used in the Elections for Hampshire, between Edward Lisle, Sir Simon Stewart, Anthony Chute, and Lord Harry Powlett, n.d. (18th or 19th cent)  44M69/G2/359  n.d. (18th or 19th cent)

Letter from [W?] Chute, of the Vine to an unidentified recipient  44M69/G2/360  n.d. (18th or 19th cent)

Concerning the general meeting of an unidentified company, 11 Nov, n.d. (18th or 19th cent)

Election advertisement card proclaiming "Liberty and Jervoise Clarke Jervoise whose grandfather represented this county", n.d. (18th or 19th cent)  44M69/G2/361  n.d. (18th or 19th cent)


"Bill... for preventing the practice of bull-baiting", printed 3 Apr 1800  44M69/G2/362  1800

Copy of a proclamation by George III  44M69/G2/363  1800

Concerning the need for economy and frugality in the use of grain, together with a copy letter from the Duke of Portland to Lord Bolton, and a circular letter from Bolton to Thomas Hall, Dec 1800, sent from the Deputy Clerk of the Peace to Thomas Hall, JP

Order of the day, including resolutions and motions, of the House of Commons concerning reform of "An Act for better regulating the Assize and Making of Bread", 6 Mar 1800  44M69/G2/364  1800

"An Account of all additions which have been made to the annual charge of the public debt etc.", 1800  44M69/G2/365  1800

"Second Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the present high price of provisions", 23 Feb 1801  44M69/G2/366  1801

Printed circular letter from J. Chambers  44M69/G2/367  1803

Concerning deductions for tithes and compositions, 19 Nov 1803


(Abbreviated henceforth to G.P.J.)

Reprint of the Earl of Pembroke's speech to the House of Lords when the Seven Lords were accused of high treason, 1647, made 15 May 1806, and sent from Mr Green to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/368  (1647), 1806

Request for G.P.J. to attend the debate on admitting Roman Catholics into Parliament, May 1813  44M69/G2/369  1813

"A Bill to amend an Act of the 13th year of His present Majesty, to explain, amend, and reduce into one Act, the Statutes now in force for the amendment and preservation of the Public Highways within England, and for other purposes", May 1814  44M69/G2/370  1814

"The Case of the Journeymen Cutlers of Sheffield", May 1814  44M69/G2/371  1814

Report printed by Hansard  44M69/G2/372  1814

Concerning the various Bills presented to Parliament concerning possible amendment to the County rate for Devon, together with a specimen of disproportions in the parishes, on a single County rate, May 1814

"Case on the part of the West Riding of the County of York, for opposing the rebuilding of Ouse Bridge, as applied for by the Mayor and Commonalty of York", May 1814  44M69/G2/373  1814

Sent with a letter from the Chairman of the Committee of West Riding Magistrates to G.P.J.

The Objections of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter... and Others, Petitioners against two clauses in the West Sedgemoor Inclosure Bill", May 1814  44M69/G2/374  1814

Copy of a letter from Dugald Ferguson of the Highland Fishery Association to George Rose M.P.  44M69/G2/375  1814

Concerning a Fishery Bill, 17 May 1814, together with a note from Ferguson to G.P.J., 18 May 1814

Petition from both Protestants and Roman Catholics in Ireland  44M69/G2/376  1814

Asking for the suppression of the Orangemen, sent to [?] Jervoise, and post marked May 1818

Invitation from a Mr Firth, to an unidentified recipient  44M69/G2/377  1815

To attend the House of Commons to hear his Petition, 2 Jun 1815

"A Bill to consolidate and amend the laws relating to spiritual persons holding of Farms, and for enforcing the residence of spiritual persons on their benefices, and for the support and maintenance of stipendary curates in England", 30 Apr 1817  44M69/G2/378  1817

Letter from the Mayor of Thetford to [?] Jervoise  44M69/G2/379  1818

Asking him to oppose a Bill for the extension of the Navigation from Bungay to Diss, 2 Mar 1818

Letter from Arthur Mowbray to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/380  1818

Accompanying a copy of a resolution for removing the tax upon coal carried coast wise, 28 Apr- 4 May 1818

List of Members of the House of Commons  44M69/G2/381  1820

Returned for the seventh imperial parliament of Great Britain, printed by William Stockdale, London, 1820

Letter from the solicitors for a Bill for building a church in Newington, Surrey, asking the recipient to vote for it, 17 May 1820  44M69/G2/382  1820

Circular, with copies of relevant documents, sent from Robert Gourlay to M.P.s concerning emigration to Canada, 10 Jun 1820  44M69/G2/383  1820

Petition of certain mill owners and millers supplying the London Market, concerning amendments to the Corn Laws, n.d. (c.1820s?)  44M69/G2/384  n.d. (c.1820s?)

Abstract of the net produce of the revenue of Great Britain, in the years ended 5 Jan 1820 and 5 Jan 1821, printed 24 Jan 1821  44M69/G2/385  1821

Balance sheet for sums issued for the payment of dividends due, and not demanded, and for the payment of lottery prizes which had not been claimed, 5 Feb 1821  44M69/G2/386  1821

Report of the decision by a parliamentary committee to stop the progress of the Newington Select Vestry Bill, due to procedure errors, 21 Mar 1821  44M69/G2/387  1821

Draft of "Yorick's Petition intended to be presented upon the Roman Catholic Disabilities' Bill ...", 11 Apr 1821.  44M69/G2/388  1821

Sent to G.P. Jervoise, M.P.


Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons  44M69/G2/389  1821

12-13 Mar 1821 (number 32)

Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons, 9-10 May 1821 (number 69)  44M69/G2/390  1821

(With wrapper addressed to G.P. Jervoise)

Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons, 7-8 Jun 1821 (number 89)  44M69/G2/391  1821

(Found in a sealed wrapper, addressed to G.P. Jervoise)

Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons, 11-12 Jul 1822 (number 100)  44M69/G2/392  1822

(With wrapper addressed to G.P. Jervoise)

Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons, 23-24 Jul 1822 (number 108)  44M69/G2/393  1822

(Found inside sealed wrapper addressed to G.P. Jervoise)

Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons, 26 Jul 1822 (number 111)  44M69/G2/394  1822

(Found inside sealed wrapper addressed to G.P. Jervoise)

Votes and proceedings of the House of Commons, 11 Mar 1821 (number 26)  44M69/G2/395  1823

(Found inside sealed wrapper addressed to G.P. Jervoise)

"Bristol Harbour Bill: Reply of the Directors of the Bristol Dock Company to the 'Objection of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol' to this Bill", Mar 1822  44M69/G2/396  1822

Note stating that the Committee on the Bristol Harbour Bill has been adjourned, 1 Apr 1822  44M69/G2/397  1822

Packet of papers containing "Statement of Case in opposition to the Highgate Chapel Bill" and accompanying letters to G.P.J. from the Bill's opponents, Jul 1822  44M69/G2/398  1822

"Substance of the Bill for ascertaining and establishing uniformity of weights and measures" 15 Apr 1823, sent to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/399  1823

"Objections to the new tithe bill", 19 Apr 1823  44M69/G2/400  1823

"Comparative table of fees, and reply to the papers published by the Chief Bailiff of Southwark and the Clerks of the Court, in opposition to the Bill which seeks to diminish the fees" of Southwark Court of Requests, 1823  44M69/G2/401  1823

Bundle of papers containing "Remarks on The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Bill", "Reasons in favour of the Bill", and a related note, 28 Feb 1825  44M69/G2/402  1825

Notice of a meeting of a committee of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Bill, 21 Mar 1825  44M69/G2/403  1825

Bundle of printed papers produced in opposition to the projected ship canal from Stolford, Co. Somerset to Beer, Co. Devon, sent to G.P.J., Mar 1825  44M69/G2/404  1825

Printed letter from "a friend to free trade" to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 5 Apr 1825. Concerns the state of The Bank of Ireland  44M69/G2/405  1825

Letter from Robert Peel to Parliament, concerning the currency crisis, 3 Apr 1825, first printed in the Morning Herald, 5 Apr 1825  44M69/G2/406  1825

Report of the Committee of the Commissioners of the Port of Arundel on the Bill before Parliament, 11 Apr 1825  44M69/G2/407  1825

Letter from the Solicitor of the Opponents of the Western Ship canal to G.P.J., 4 May 1825  44M69/G2/408  1825

"Suggestions for the improvement of certain buildings connected with the House of Commons", Aug 1825  44M69/G2/409  1825

Petition to the House of Commons of the Silk Merchants of Manchester, Feb 1826  44M69/G2/410  1826

Letters from the Solicitor for the town of Great Yarmouth to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/411  1826

3 items

Concerning the Norwich and Lowestoft Navigation, 8-19 Apr 1826

Letter from the Promoters of the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal Bill, 13 Apr 1826  44M69/G2/412  1826

"His Majesty's... speech to both houses of Parliament"  44M69/G2/413  1830

Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, London, 2 Nov 1830

"His Majesty's... speech to both houses of Parliament"  44M69/G2/414  1831

Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, London, 22 Apr 1831

List of candidates to represent the Unversity of Cambridge and Southampton in Parliament, 3 May 1831  44M69/G2/415  1831


Copies of correspondence between Jervoise Clarke Jervoise and G.P.J.  44M69/G2/416  1806

Concerning elections, 2-14 Sep 1806

Copy of a letter from George Purefoy Jervoise at Southsea to Jervoise Clarke Jervoise at Idsworth Park, Horndean  44M69/G2/416/1  1806

Asks if he has considered putting himself forward for the election. 2 Sep 1806

Letter from Jervoise Clarke Jervoise, at Idsworth Park, Horndean  44M69/G2/416/2  1806

Does not know the origin of the printed bills to the freeholders. Thanks him for his offer of support. 4 Sep 1806

Letter from Jervoise Clarke Jervoise, at Idsworth, Horndean  44M69/G2/416/3  1806

Does not intend to stand but thanks him for the offer of support. Has decided to support Herbert. 14 Sep 1806

Copies of letters sent to and from G.P.J.  44M69/G2/417  1806

Concerning the elections, Aug-Nov 1806, from a variety of correspondents, including: Thomas Thistlethwayt, William Herbert, Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay, with two original letters from J.H. Beaufoy

Letter from J Beaufoy, at Upton  44M69/G2/417/1  1806

Will go to Winchester in the morning to arrange a place for the election. It has been suggested that the Town Hall be used, on account of the weather. 2 Nov 1806

Letter from J Beaufoy  44M69/G2/417/2  1806

Has just seen Mr Mildmay who apologised for not calling on Mr Jervoise at Herriard. 2 Nov 1806

Letter from William Chute, at Winchester  44M69/G2/417/3  1806

Gives an account of a meeting where Sir William Heathcote told of his conversation with Lord Temple. Lord Carnarvon is proposing his son. Has seen handbills that claim two candidates will stand. [Also includes a precis of a conversation between Lord Temple and Sir William Heathcote, dated 11 Aug 1806 and a copy of a letter from GP Jervoise to William Chute, 2 Sep 1806] 28 Aug 1806

Letter from William Herbert, at Winchester  44M69/G2/417/4  1806

States his intention to stand and asks for support. 13 Sep 1806

Letter from Sir HP St John Mildmay, at Dogmersfield  44M69/G2/417/5  1806

At a meeting of the County Club at Winchester, Sir William Heathcote withdrew his services. In order to protect independence of County and Mr Chute's seat, the meeting proposed him (Mildmay) as a candidate. He has reluctantly agreed to stand. Deplores the nomination of Lord Carnarvon's son. Supports Mr Chute's stand. 12 Oct 1806

Letter from Mr Thistlethwayte, at Southwick Place  44M69/G2/417/6  1806

Thanks him for all his help and support. [Includes copy of a letter from GP Jervoise to Mr Thistlethwayte Oct 1806] 31 Oct 1806

Daily state of the poll for the Knights of the Shire of Southampton, provided by J.H. Beaufoy for G.P.J., 7-15 Nov 1806.  44M69/G2/418  1806

Candidates: William Chute, Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay, William Herbert and Thomas Thistlethwayt

Handbill in the form of a printed letter from "A Hampshire freeholder and volunteer", to the "independent freeholders and yeomanry of Hampshire"  44M69/G2/419  1806

Supporting William Chute's candidacy at the election, and attacking the efforts of government ministers to impose their own candidates, Oct 1806

State of the poll for the first day's voting at the Hampshire election, 11 May 1807.  44M69/G2/420  1807

Candidates: William Chute, Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay, and William Herbert

Letter from G.P.J. to the Mayor and Commonalty of New Sarum [Salisbury]  44M69/G2/421  1813

Asking for their support in the coming elections, as candidate for the city, 5 Feb 1813. Printed by Easton of Salisbury

Letters from John Hodding to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/422  1813

And an account of bills paid by him on behalf of G.P.J., in the course of the latter's election campaign, Feb-Apr 1813

Articles for the better government of a Friendly Society, called the Faith, Hope and Charity, held at the Crown Inn, Gosport, 1817, printed by W. Johnson, Gosport 1818  44M69/G2/423  1817-1818

Letter from G.P.J. to the Mayor and Commonalty of New Sarum [Salisbury]  44M69/G2/424  1818

Stating his decision not to stand a second time for election, despite having been Salisbury's M.P. in the last parliament, owing to "the peculiar situation of some gentlemen, and from the very serious illness of others, who are warmly attached to my interest", 11 Jun 1818 4 copies. Printed by Easton of Salisbury

Fifth Report of the Committee of the Hampshire Auxiliary British and Foreign Bible Society, 11 Aug 1819  44M69/G2/425  1819

Accompanied by a letter from Thomas White, secretary to the Society, to G.P.J.

Minutes of a general meeting of the Auxiliary Naval and Military Bible Society, held 28 Apr 1819 at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/426  1819

Accompanied by a letter from Samuel Leggatt, Secretary to the Society, to G.P.J.

Handbill of G.P.J. appealing for the support of the voters of Hampshire, 21 Feb 1820  44M69/G2/427  1820

4 copies

Printed by Cottle at Basingstoke

Letters to G.P.J. from Rev. Samuel Clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428  1820

Including one including copies of letters from Eliza Jervoise and Mr Pinnock, concerning the elections, 21 Feb-11 Mar 1820

Letter from Samuel Clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428/1  1820

Has received letter from Mr Stevens his agent. Mr Fleming has Written to Mr Stevens to canvas support. Has told Mr Stevens that he can not promise to support Mr Fleming, or anyone else at present. 23 Feb 1820

Letter from Samuel Clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428/2  1820

Has asked Mr Gough to Write in GP Jervoise's favour for the Calthorpe interest. Does not know for sure if Mr Compton intends to stand. 2 Mar 1820

Letter from Samuel clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428/3  1820

Mr Stevens has had great success promoting GPJ's interest. Will write to Mr Temple today. 4 Mar 1820

Letter from Samuel Clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428/4  1820

Is pleased to be considered as a proposer for the election. Glad that the Jervoise family has always been independent. Hopes he will choose an able seconder. Mr Temple fears that illness will prevent him attending to vote. 6 Mar 1820

Letter from Samuel Clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428/5  1820

Does not think Mr Compton has gained any votes from the Jervoises failure to visit the area. 7 Mar 1820

Letter from Samuel Clarke Jervoise  44M69/G2/428/6  1820

Will depart for Winchester tomorrow. Will meet GPJ at the George Inn. Afterwards will have to go to elect a member for Sussex. 11 Mar 1820

Letter from Mrs Eliza Jervoise, at the Moat Mr Terry and Mrs Jervoise snr send their regards.  44M69/G2/428/7  1820

[Includes a copy of Sir JC Jervoise's letter of 21 Feb 1820] 23 Feb 1820

Calling cards of G.P.J., asking for votes, 28 Feb 1820  44M69/G2/429  1820

2 copies

Election poster produced on behalf of Edward Knight, declaring his decision to stand down from the election contest, 29 Feb 1820  44M69/G2/430  1820

Bundle of letters to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/431  1820

All declaring the intention of the senders to vote for him and support his cause, Feb-Mar 1820, from the following:
Thomas Baring,
C. Barton,
The bell-ringers of Portsmouth,
John Benn,
John Blackburn,
W. Boucher,
Thomas Bromley,
Mr. [Burrell?] John Cooper,
J. Crosbie,
W. Eastney,
F.G. Egerton

Bundle of letters to G.P.J. all declaring the intention of the senders to vote for him and support his cause Feb- Mar 1820  44M69/G2/432  1820

As above, from the following:
M. Fitzgerald,
John Fleming,
J. Gambier,
Thomas Gardiner,
James Gauntlett,
John Hallett,
John Hawkins,
John Hodding,
William Holding,
R. Hulbert

Bundle of letters to G.P.J. all declaring the intention of the senders to vote for him and support his cause Feb-Mar 1820  44M69/G2/433  1820

As above, from the following:
John King,
Mr[?] Locke,
Thomas Mathews,
Charles Mill,
George Nowell Watkins,
R. Russell,
Charles Shaw Lefevre,
H. Stacy,
Mr Stevens,
W.P. Taunton,
Thomas Terry,
Thomas Thistlethwayt,
W. Thompson,
George West,
Samuel Whitechurch,
Mr Whitelocke,
William Wickham,
Edward Woolls,
Thomas Wyndham,
Wadham Wyndham,
Abraham Young

Bundle of letters to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/434  1820

Mostly from men employed as agents, canvassers etc. on his behalf in the election, Feb-Mar 1820, namely:
J.H. Beaufoy;
Arthur Cossins,
Henry Day,
John Dunn,
Charlotte Hollest,
George Hollis,
James Hoskins (with draft reply);
Thomas Jackson,
D. Smith,
H Snook, Franklin Steward and
William Marshall

Bundle of miscellaneous letters to G.P.J. Feb-Mar 1820  44M69/G2/435  1820

Letter from Lord Temple, at Wotton  44M69/G2/435/1  1820

Dissolution of Parliament is imminent. Asks for his continued support.
18 Feb 1820

Letter from Lord Temple, at Wotton 18 Feb 1820  44M69/G2/435/2  1820

Letter from Lord Temple, at Wotton  44M69/G2/435/3  1820

Asks for support.
19 Feb 1820

Letter from Lord Temple, at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/435/4  1820

Thanks him for his support. Offers his interest to GPJ.
1 Mar 1820

Letter from J Croft, at chapel Street  44M69/G2/435/5  1820

Agrees that addition of regnal year will clarify matters. Discusses succession to French crown.
21 Feb 1820

Letter from J Croft, at Chapel Street  44M69/G2/435/6  1820

Has seen GPJ's advertisement and approves of it. Expects another candidate to be put forward.
22 Feb 1820

Letter from Thomas Heathcote, at Embley [?]  44M69/G2/435/7  1820

Has only just heard of GPJ's intention to stand. Would have supported Jervoise, but has already committed himself elsewhere.
27 Feb 1820

Letter from Thomas Heathcote, at Embley [?]  44M69/G2/435/8  1820

Mr Compton has just informed him that he intends to stand. Regrets he is unable to help Jervoise.
29 Feb 1820

Letter from Thomas Combe Miller, at Froyle Will be away on polling day.  44M69/G2/435/9  1820

Will use his influence amongst his tenants to secure votes for Jervoise.
24 Feb 1820

Letter from George Coward, Hanover Square, London  44M69/G2/435/10  1820

Has sent the clothes as requested.
26 Feb 1820

Letter from Ag Moss [?], at Wickham  44M69/G2/435/11  1820

Sorry to hear that Mrs Jervoise is ill. Fears he can not be of much assistance, but wishes him success. Mr Grant will support Jervoise.
28 Feb 1820

Letter from W Chute, at the Vine  44M69/G2/435/12  1820

Has been occupied with business in Wiltshire. Thinks Jervoise is a worthy candidate. Their different political opinions means he can not support Jervoise.
1 Mar 1820

Letter from John Goldsmith, at West End, Hambledon  44M69/G2/435/13  1820

Will vote for Jervoise if he publicly declares his support for a reform of Parliament. [Includes copy of a letter to John Goldsmith in which he declares his support for a 'moderate reform'. 4 Mar 1820]
3 Mar 1820

Letter from EJ Foote, at Highfield, Southampton  44M69/G2/435/14  1820

Asks if Jervoise is the person Dr Cooke introduced him to in 1818.
6 Mar 1820

Letter from 'A Friend' at Andover  44M69/G2/435/15  1820

Anonymous letter from a voter in Andover.
Has promised his vote to Jervoise's agent.
Has heard GPJ is pro-Catholic Emancipation.
Demands that GPJ should declare his views publicly before the election.
6 Mar 1820

Letter from Sir Leonard Holmes, at Newport  44M69/G2/435/16  1820

Invites him to dinner.
7 Mar 1820

Letter from Henry Compton at Winchester  44M69/G2/435/17  1820

Withdraws his intention to stand. Will give his reasons at a public address in near future.
[Includes copy of a letter from GPJ to Mr Compton thanking him for his courtesy dated 8 Mar 1820]
8 Mar 1820

Letter from N Fletcher  44M69/G2/435/18  1820

Expects him to dinner at six o'clock. Will send his carriage to collect him.
12 Mar 1820

Letter from J Donnington [?], at House of Commons  44M69/G2/435/19  1820

No need for Jervoise to come to the House today.
27 Apr 1820

Letter from H Wright-Wilson  44M69/G2/435/20  1820

Wishes him success.

Letter from Mr Hanville  44M69/G2/435/21  nd c1820

Invites him to breakfast and then to Church
Nd, c1820

Letter from H Beckley  44M69/G2/435/22  nd c1820

Thanks him for his courtesy and his kindness.
Hopes Mrs Jervoise is well again.
Nd, c1820

Letter from G Gusett [?]  44M69/G2/435/23  nd c1820

Invites Jervoise to call on him. Regrets he is indisposed and can not visit Jervoise at the Fountain Inn.
Nd, c1820

Message from Mottley and Harrison, at the Hampshire Telegraph Office  44M69/G2/435/24  Nd c1820

Advise him that they have not received his address to the County for insertion in their paper.
Nd, c1820

Copy of a letter from George Purefoy Jervoise to 'My Lord' [?]  44M69/G2/435/25  nd c1820

Thanks him for his interest and support.
Nd, c1820

Calling card of G.P.J.  44M69/G2/436  1820

With names of his agents in the Portsmouth area inscribed on the back, Feb 1820

Account of the costs involved in conveying electors from Portsmouth to Bishops Waltham or Winchester and back, n.d. (1820)  44M69/G2/437  1820

With a copy of a report in the St. James Chronicle concerning the possibility of interpreting offering dinners to the voters as bribery, 2-4 Mar 1820

The Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle, 6 Mar 1820  44M69/G2/438  1820

Letter from Henry Combe Compton to the voters of Southampton  44M69/G2/439  1820

2 copies

Informing them of his decision to stand down as electoral candidate, 8 Mar 1820

Printed letter from the editor of "The British Freeholder"  44M69/G2/440  1820

Accompanying a set of questions about the recent elections, 13 Mar 1820

Draft of a letter to the High Sheriff of Hampshire from Rev. Samuel Clarke Jervoise, concerning a dinner, 13 Mar 1820  44M69/G2/441  1820

Letter to J. Aberdeen, an agent for G.P.J., from P. Hawker  44M69/G2/442  1820

Offering his support in the election, 14 Mar 1820

Account of election expenses incurred in the Hampshire election by John Dunn on behalf of G.P.J. esq., 15 Mar-19 Aug 1820  44M69/G2/443  1820

Bundle of letters labelled "Charity Applications" addressed to G.P.J., 16 Mar-20 Apr 1820  44M69/G2/444  1820

Including a letter from the debtors imprisoned in Winchester Gaol, congratulating G.P.J. on his being elected M.P. for Hampshire and six letters requesting charitable help

Letter from William Miller, Sheriffs Ward, Winchester  44M69/G2/444/1  1820

Has just been informed that his address to the MPs of the County did not reach both members.
Is happy about GPJ's success.
10 Mar 1820

Letter from the Debtors at Winchester Goal  44M69/G2/444/2  1820

Congratulate GPJ on being elected one of the MPs for Hampshire.
[NB Written in the same hand as the previous letter]
14 Mar 1820

Letters from Isaac Coleman and James Barlin of Winchester  44M69/G2/445  1820

Asking for remuneration from G.P.J. for their help in the elections, 21-24 Mar 1820

Bundle of letters labelled "For Recommendations" from a Thomas Harris, William Mills, Thomas Watts and Robert Kelly, addressed to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/446  1820

And all asking for his recommendation in finding employment, or in one of their relatives finding employment, together with an anonymous letter asking G.P.J. to oppose the Catholic Emancipation Bill, Mar-Apr 1820

Card advertising the Lake Lane Sunday School, Portsea  44M69/G2/447  1820

Accompanied by a letter from the Treasurer asking G.P.J. to become a subscriber, Mar 1820

Drafts of several letters from G.P.J. to the voters of Hampshire, and advertisements for his cause, Mar 1820  44M69/G2/448  1820

9 items

Draft of a dialogue between Mr Resolution and Mr Doubtful, two freeholders of Hampshire, n.d. (1820)  44M69/G2/449  1820

Letters from John Dunn to G.P.J. concerning the running of his election campaign, 2-14 Apr 1820  44M69/G2/450  1820

3 items

Invitation from fifty freeholders of Portsmouth and Portsea to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/451  1820

To celebrate his return to Parliament by joining them in a dinner, 5 Apr 1820, together with a copy of G.P.J.'s reply, addressed care of Mr Snook, 7 Apr 1820

The Star 12 Apr 1820  44M69/G2/452  1820

Letter from Portsmouth, Portsea and Gosport Committees to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/453  1820

Concerning the arrangements for his procession, 15 Apr 1820

Letter from E. Carter to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/454  1820

Concerning his processional entry into Portsmouth, 16 Apr 1820

Letter from Rev. John Shoveller, teacher at the Grammar School, Landport Terrace, Portsmouth to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/455  1820

Congratulating him on his election success, 19 Apr 1820

Printed order of the procession of G.P.J. into Portsmouth and Portsea, 19 Apr 1820  44M69/G2/456  1820

2 copies, each annotated on the rear with details of the route and of the topics for celebration [unclear whether for banners, prayers, or toasts]

Manuscript list of the procession of G.P.J.'s arrival at Portsmouth, 1820  44M69/G2/457  1820-1931

With a note on the reverse by Mrs Fitzgerald concerning a lost pearl necklace, n.d., and accompanied by letters to and from Rev. H. Purefoy Fitzgerald concerning the list, including one from William Portal, 1931

Bundle of election posters supporting G.P.J. as candidate including ones asserting the support of Alexander Baring for him, 1820  44M69/G2/458  1820

Draft of a letter to an unidentified recipient, probably from G.P.J.  44M69/G2/459  n.d. (1820?)

Asserting his independence from any political party, n.d. (1820?)

Note of the totals of "plumpers" (i.e. voters giving both their votes to one candidate) and "divided" voters, for an unspecified area, n.d. (1820)  44M69/G2/460  n.d. 1820

Bundle of letters and a related document  44M69/G2/461  1824-25

9 items

Concerning: the Christchurch Enclosure, the Fawley Enclosure and the need for a board of commissioners to protect Friendly Societies, 1824-25

Numbers not used?  44M69/G2/461/1-3  [n.d.]

Letter informing GPJ of a meeting of the Committee on Friendly Societies, to discuss 'special business'. 9 May [1825]  44M69/G2/461/4  [1825]

Letter from Mr Browne, Parliament Street  44M69/G2/461/5  1825

The Tadley Enclosure Bill is being heard today. 8 Mar 1825

Letter from Mr Browne, Parliament Street  44M69/G2/461/6  1825

The Christchurch Enclosure Bill will not be presented until Monday. 18 Mar 1825

Letter from Mr Browne, Parliament Street  44M69/G2/461/7  nd c1825

The Christchurch Bill will be presented tomorrow. nd, c1825

Anonymous letter  44M69/G2/461/8  nd c1825

The Committee on County Rates meets tomorrow. 16 Mar [1825]

Letter from Mr Donnington, at the House of Commons  44M69/G2/461/9  nd c1825

The Gosport Chapel Bill will be read for second time tomorrow. nd, c1825

Letters from D. Howard to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/462  1825

Concerning the Portsmouth Canal, 6 Mar-28 Apr 1825

Letter from William Deacon to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/463  1825

Concerning a Petition (unspecified), 7 Mar 1825

Letter from Edward Padden to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/464  1825

Concerning the Gosport Chapel petition, 10 Mar 1825

Letter from William Deacon to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/465  1825

Together with a copy of the latter's reply, concerning the injury caused by salt water escaping from the Portsmouth Canal into the water of Portsea Island, Mar 1825

Letters from John Fleming to G.P.J.  44M69/G2/466  1925

Concerning: the repeal of Romsey taxes, the Portsmouth Canal, and the Portsea paving and lighting bill, Mar 1925

Bundle of letters and related papers concerning the Portsmouth and Arundel Navigation, 1825  44M69/G2/467  1825

Printed statement of the Portsmouth and Arundel Managing Committee.  44M69/G2/467/1  1824

Concerns wish to raise further funds for the navigation scheme. Includes summary of the meeting and annual accounts. 21 Dec 1824

Covering letter [written by John Goldsmith?] to GPJ concerning the above statement. nd [1825]  44M69/G2/467/2  [1825]

Letter from Mr Deacon[?], at Portsmouth  44M69/G2/467/3  1825

Mr Howard was called away before completing the additional clauses that it was hoped would be added to the amended Canal Bill. Hopes to write a fair copy from Mr Howards notes in time for the evening mail. 17 Mar 1825

Letter from the inhabitants of Portsea to G.P. Jervoise  44M69/G2/468  1825

Concerning the lighting and watching of their town, 19 Apr 1825

List of voters in various parts of Hampshire willing to support Sir James MacDonald and Charles Shaw Lefevre as county candidates at the election, 26 Apr 1831  44M69/G2/469  1831

Letter from Christopher Edward Lefroy to the freeholders of Basingstoke  44M69/G2/470  1831

Explaining why he supports the Reform Bill put forward by Lord John Russell, 29 Apr 1831. Printed by Robert Cottle of Basingstoke


Poll book of those freeholders of Hampshire not residing at the places of their freehold  44M69/G2/471  n.d. (early 19th cent)

Including freeholders who live in other counties, n.d. (early 19th cent) Candidates are P[?], C[?], S[?] and L[?]

Note of the totals of votes polled by Atherley, Penliage and Hoy at an unspecified election, n.d. (19th cent?)  44M69/G2/472  n.d. (19th cent?)

15th and 16th century political papers mostly kept by Sir Richard Paulet  [no ref. or date]

Copy of a letter to the King from the 'Catholiques of England' on King James becoming King of England  44M69/G2/486  Apr 1603

Note of beliefs alledged to be held by the Brownists, headed 'The Articles which are so Injuriouslye imputed unto them as they themselves have published'  44M69/G2/487  7 Dec 1603

Note in Sir Richard Paulet's hand recording a discussion between Bishops and ministers in the prescence of the King and the major points settled [Hampton Court Conference]  44M69/G2/488  17 Jan 1603/04

Note of proceedings in Parliament concerning Mr Lepton  44M69/G2/489  nd [17th cent]

He had a patent for sole making of all bills and letters to which members of His Majesty's Council in the North objected. Outlines the case and gives the reasons why Mr Lepton's patent is a 'greviance' to the country

Order to constables of the hundred of Evingar to cause freeholders of the hundred to make payments towards an aid levied on the occasion of the King's eldest son becoming a Knight  44M69/G2/490  1608

Includes a note at the end giving various precedents for seeking payment for such an occasion

Petition of John Harrison, prisoner in The Fleet to the House of Commons  44M69/G2/491  nd(1614)

Concerning the debts of John Harvey which he has been imprisoned for

Detail of a bill presented to Parliament to enable Sir John Ryves, Knight, and his heirs to take remedy at Common Law for trial of their right to a farm at Lushcombe, Dorset  44M69/G2/492  nd(17th cent)

Petition for a bill concerning lands leased to the Earl of Oxford by Magdalen College, Oxford  44M69/G2/493  nd (17th cent)

Petition to the King by C Hardacockes, claiming he never had any plot or desire to disturb the peace of the church  44M69/G2/494  nd (17th cent)

Note of evidence or discussion between a 'knightes eldest sonne and a student in the law of the realme concerninge the preheminence of the order of knighthoode'  44M69/G2/495  nd (17th cent)

Parliamentary papers of Sir Thomas Jervoise (1587-1654)  [no ref. or date]

Account in the hand of Sir Thomas Jervoise of the King's principal debts and greatest expenses, given to Parliament by the Lord Treasurer  44M69/G2/496  1619

Petition to Parliament of John Browaye, carrier of Winchester concerning restrictions placed on the work of his wagons in London[incomplete]  44M69/G2/497  1620/21

An abstract of the state of the King's ordinary annual revenues and issues, the reasons for the want of money and 'by what meanes it may be helped'  44M69/G2/498  1624

Copy of the King of Bohemia's letter to the King and other parliamentary papers  44M69/G2/499  30 Dec 1623

-King's speech to the House of Commons, 20 Feb 1623/24
-Speaker's and the Lord Keeper's speeches to the House, 21 Feb 1623/24
-notes and abstracts from the Duke of Buckingham's speech and Prince Charle's speech to both houses, 27 Feb 1623/24

Copy of the King's speech to 30 MPs sent to deliver their petition of greviances to him  44M69/G2/500  29 May 1624

Concerns greviances about too few parliaments, granting of money to the King and the issue of patents

Copy of a speech by the Lord Keeper to Parliament concerning their greviances  44M69/G2/501  29 May 1624

Copy of a 'memorial' which the Ambassador of England, Sir Walter Aston, gave to the King of Spain  44M69/G2/502  29 Jul 1624

Concerning the Spanish marriage match for Prince Charles and the Palatinate issue

Abstract of the articles of the treaty of marriage between the Kings of France and England for the marriage between Prince Charles and Henrietta Maria  44M69/G2/503  20 Nov 1624

Copy of a letter to the King labelled by Sir Thomas Jervoise, 'Mr Joliffer's report of my Lo: D[uke] of B[uckingham] the greviances and answare', but the text does not suggest this - seems to be an order for prayers  44M69/G2/504  24 Jun 1625

Order from the House of Commons, signed by John Wrighte, that all MPs inform the house of 'all such places where there is no usuall preachinge' and also all benefices under £50 value and what value the appropriations are in those benefices  44M69/G2/505  7 Jul 1625

The King's answer to a petition concerning religion presented to him by Parliament  44M69/G2/506  8 Jul 1625

Order by the House of Commons concerning the act granting 3 subsidies and 3 fifteenths  44M69/G2/507  9 Jul 1625

These subsidies were granted to pay soldiers raised to serve under Count Mansfield in Ireland. Order that any local officials who incurred costs in this are to be re-paid out of the said subsidy

Copy of a letter from the Lords of the Council to the University of Oxford  44M69/G2/508  11 Jul 1625

The King has adjourned Parliament to Oxford to open on 1 August. Order all the colleges to be free from fellows and masters so that rooms and lodgings available for MPs.

Note by Sir Thomas Jervoise of the treaty or league between England, France, Venice and Savoy for the defence of the Palatinate  44M69/G2/509  1625

Order from the King and Parliament concerning the granting of briefs  44M69/G2/510  1625

Letter from Samuel Turner, London to Sir Henry Finch, speaker of the House of Commons  44M69/G2/511  16 Mar 1625/26

Admitting that he made anonymous accusations against the Lord Admiral

Part of a letter from the King to the House of Lords in which he states that he allowed debate of matters usually reserved to the King's prerogative  44M69/G2/512  12 May 1628

Booklet containing copies of various speeches in the House of Commons  44M69/G2/513  Apr 1640

By Mr Waller, Mr Glyn, Mr Rowse, Sir John Wraye, Mr Pim, Mr Grimston, Sir Francis Seymour, Sir Benjamen Rudyerd and others

Order from the House of Commons signed by the Clerk, H Elujnge, re the scarcity and maintenance of preaching ministers and the removal of scandalous ministers  44M69/G2/514  12 Dec 1640

Petition by the 'woodmongers' concerning their trade  44M69/G2/515  1641

Printed booklet labelled, 'The Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdomes or Second Part of the Treachery and Disloyalty of Papists to their Soveraignes', printed in London  44M69/G2/516  1643

Copy of Sir Benjamen Rogers speech to the House of Commons  44M69/G2/517  nd (1640s)

Relating to religion and the King's relations with Parliament

Copy of Sir Dudley Digges speech to the House of Lords  44M69/G2/518  nd (1640s)

On the order of the House of Commons relating to trade, foreign policy and criticism of the Duke of Buckingham

Copy address by the House of Commons to the King  44M69/G2/519  nd (1640s)

Emphasize their loyalty to the King and promise in a 'parliamentary' way to 'discover and reforme the abuses and grevances of the realme and state'

Copy address to the King concerning the threat posed by papists  44M69/G2/520  nd (1640s)

Details the dangers and proposed remedies against 'this contagious and dangerous disease'

Incomplete printed 'dissertation' or memoranda relating to the history and politics of Bohemia  44M69/G2/521  nd (mid 17th cent)

Petition to the House of Commons from Anthony Norwood of Wykeham, Lincolnshire  44M69/G2/522  nd (mid 17th cent)

Concerning the impositions imposed on towns in the county by Sir William Welby

Articles of agreement for the marriage between Prince Charles and the Infanta of Spain (in Latin)  44M69/G2/523  nd (1620s)

17th cent papers relating to local politics belonging to Sir Thomas Jervoise  [no ref. or date]

Petition to Parliament from shopkeepers of the town and county of Southampton  44M69/G2/524  21 Apr 1621

10 items

Concerns a patent held by two men, John Carpenter and Nicholas Baylie, who demanded money for a composition of cloth and 'stuffes in our shop'. They paid the fine initially demanded by the two men and additional money demanded subsequently. Signed by numerous men and includes receipts for money paid, 1619-1620

Letters to the sheriff, JPs, deputy lieutenants and the Corporation of Winchester, the City of Southampton and the rest of Hampshire from 'Astatius Bourgrave et Baron de Dona', from Westminster,  44M69/G2/525  31 May 1620

Concerning the King of Bohemia who requires monetary assistance

Statement of reasons for the continuance of the salt works at Southampton  44M69/G2/526  nd (early 17th cent)

17th cent political papers of Capt Thomas Jervoise (1616-1693)  [no ref. or date]

Copy of Sir Francis Winnington's speech in the House of Commons concerning the activities of courts and judges  44M69/G2/527  nd (1680)

Address to 'thanke the King for his promise to keep us in our possessions, and in the free exercise of our religion', from Oxford  44M69/G2/528  ?1667

17th century political papers of Thomas Jervoise III (1667-1743)  [no ref. or date]

Note of an 'Act of Indempnity and free pardon of James Stuart, late King of England'  44M69/G2/529  Jan 1689/90

Labelled by Thomas Jervoise III as 'a sham act of indemnity left in the speakers chair'

Note labelled by Thomas Jervoise III as 'a list of the Protesting lords against the recognising bill' date is that given by TJ III.  44M69/G2/530  8 Apr 1690

Concerns an 'act for recognising the King and Queen and for avoiding all Questions touching the Acts made in the parliament assembled at Westminster the 13 day of February 1688'

Copy of a bill for the better manifestation of the 'Duty and Allegiance of their majesties subjects and security of their government'.  44M69/G2/531  25 Apr 1690

Note by TJ III on reverse records that bill concerns an attempt to abjure the late King James which thrown out of Parliament

Resolutions concerning the Committee of Trade by the House of Commons  44M69/G2/532  21 Jan 1695/96

Printed resolutions of the House of Commons concerning coinage  44M69/G2/533  9 Jan 1695/96

Note added to TJ III from Mr Tylney who hopes the resolutions will open trade again and that coin will be produced soon

List of men who have refused to subscribe to the 'Association' in the House of Commons  44M69/G2/534  25-26 Feb 1695/96

Undated 16th and 17th century political papers  [no ref. or date]

Notes headed 'An explanatione upon the statute of regues and beggars', concerning the terms of poor law legislation  44M69/G2/535  nd (16th/17th cent)

Note of the King's command to the Barons to 'certifie what belongeth to the Earle Marshall', 1344/45  44M69/G2/536  nd (16th cent)

Concerns fees due to the Earl Marshall from the Exchequer

Notes about the borough of Chippenham  44M69/G2/537  nd (16th/17th cent)

18th century local political papers of Thomas Jervoise III  [no ref. or date]

Letter to 'My Lord Duke' from an unknown person  44M69/G2/538  May 1690

Detailing candidates and votes cast in an election for the mayor, sheriff and chamberlain of the city of Winchester

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