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Bonham Carter Family Papers

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Reference 94M72
Covering dates 1563 - 1991
Held by Hampshire Record Office
Extent 5 series
Source of acquisition The collection was deposited by Mr. Victor Bonham Carter, the youngest son of the late Sir Charles Bonham Carter and a nephew of Gerard Bonham Carter.
Creators Carter, Bonham, family of Adhurst St Mary, Hampshire; Bonham Carter family of Adhurst St Mary, Hampshire
Arrangement E/B1-11 Beaulieu
E/B12-35 Bramshaw
E/B36-141 Buriton
E/B142 Chalton
E/B143-144 Clanfield
E/B145 Fareham
E/B146-147 Langrish
E/B148-156 East Meon
E/B157 Petersfield
E/B158 Sheet
E/B159-163 Steep
E/B164-180 Sale Particulars
E/B181-185 Miscellaneous
The Bonham Carter Family
F1 John Carter II 1715-1794
F2-5 Sir John Carter 1741-1808
F6-48 John Bonham Carter I 1788-1837
F49-79 Joanna Maria Bonham Carter nee Smith 1791-1884, wife of John Bonham Carter I.
F80-83 John Bonham Carter II, 1817-1884, eldest son of John Bonham Carter I.
F84 John Bonham Carter III, 1852-1906, eldest son of John Bonham Carter III.
F85-160 Henry (Harry) Bonham Carter, 1827-1921, 4th son of John Bonham Carter I.
F161-205 Sibella Charlotte Bonham Carter nee Norman 1837-1916, wife of Henry Bonham Carter.
F206-210 Herman Bonham Carter, 1863-1945, eldest son of Henry Bonham Carter and his son Philip.
F211-351 Gerard Bonham Carter, 1865-1956, 2nd son of Henry Bonham Carter.
F352-356 Walter Bonham Carter, 1866-1947, 3rd son of Henry Bonham Carter and his son David.
F357-389 Norman Bonham Carter, 1867-1917, 4th son of Henry Bonham Carter and his wife Eileen nee Mathew.
F390-395 Edgar Bonham Carter, 1870-19, 5th son of Henry Bonham Carter.
F396-410 Reginald Bonham Carter, 1872-1906, 6th son of Henry Bonham Carter.
F411 Octavius Bonham Carter, 1873-1901, 7th son of Henry Bonham Carter.
F412-414 Philip Bonham Carter, 1874-1891, 8th son of Henry Bonham Carter.
F415-436 Frederick George Bonham Carter, 10th son of Henry Bonham Carter. 1877-196.
F437-440 Maurice Bonham Carter, 1880-19, 11th son of Henry Bonham Carter and his wife Helen Violet nee Asquith.
F441-523 Joanna Francis (Joan) Bonham Carter, 1864-19, daughter of Henry Bonham Carter.
F524 Alfred Bonham Carter 1825-1910, 3rd son of John Bonham Carter I.
F525-527 Hugh Bonham Carter, 1832-1896, 5th son of John Bonham Carter I.
F528-553 Joanna Hilary (Hilly) Bonham Carter, 1821-1865, eldest daughter of John Bonham Carter I.
F554 Frances Maria (Fanny) Bonham Carter, 1823-1870, 2nd daughter of John Bonham Carter I.
F555-569 Alice Bonham Carter, 1829-1912, 3rd daughter of John Bonham Carter I.
F570-581 Eleanor Mary Bonham Carter, 1837-1923, 4th daughter of John Bonham Carter I and wife of Albert Venn Dicey
Other Related Families
F582-620 Florence Nightingale, 1820-1910, niece by marriage of John Bonham Carter I. [For calendar of letters see end of list]
F621-624 Pike Family.
F625-642 Norman Family
F643-651 Smith Family
F652-658 Bonham Family
F659-670 Miscellaneous Family Papers.
Z1-Z50 Miscellaneous Papers including material on Franco-Prussian War
F582-590 Calendar of Florence Nightingale letters
Additional deposit
E/T1-182 East Meon, Steep, Langrish
E/B186-187 Bonham Carter estates
F671-675 Admiral Thomas Wren Carter
Z49 Oxenbourne and Ramsdean Enclosure.
Bibliography For further information on the Bonham Carter family see the family biography by Victor Bonham Carter In A Liberal Tradition, Constable, 1960.

Administrative history:
By the middle of the eighteenth century the Carter family were well established in Portsmouth and held civic office there despite the fact that they had been a non-conformist family since the marriage of John Carter I to Mary White in 1710. Their son John II was elected a burgess of the town in 1732, became an alderman in 1744 and Mayor three years later. He held the latter office seven times in all. He married Susannah one of the daughters of William Pike whose other daughter Ann married John Bonham of Petersfield thus linking the two families. John's son, another John, became Mayor of Portsmouth nine times and High Sheriff of Hampshire in 1784. He was knighted by George III. The fourth John Carter was elected M.P. for Portsmouth 1816 and married in the same year Joanna Maria Smith whose father William was M.P. for Norwich and whose sister Frances married William Shore Nightingale.
In 1826 Thomas Bonham of Petersfield died. He was the younger son of John and Ann Bonham (see above) and was thus a cousin once removed of John Carter IV. Neither he nor his brother Henry married and he had made John his heir on condition that he assumed the additional name of Bonham.
The majority of the personal papers in this collection are those of John Bonham Carter and of one of his sons in particular, Henry (Harry) who married Sibella Norman. Harry Bonham Carter was closely involved with the work of his cousin Florence Nightingale on her return from the Crimea in setting up training schemes for nurses and establishing better conditions in hospitals. Many of her letters to him are concerned with the former and there are also many published works by her on related topics.
Harry and Sibella had twelve children, eleven sons and one daughter. It was the second son Gerard who appears to have been responsible for collecting the family diaries and letters and to have added them to his own records of farming at Beaulieu and Bramshaw in the period 1907-1933.

This collection of Bonham Carter family papers falls into several distinct groups, namely personal papers of Henry Bonham Carter and his family (see pedigree 2); estate papers of the senior branch of the family relating to East Meon; estate papers of Gerard Bonham Carter concerning property in Beaulieu and Bramshaw; papers of the Carter family of Portsmouth and of Thomas and Henry Bonham of Petersfield; correspondence, printed works and other papers of and concerning Florence Nightingale.
Bonham Carter family estate papers in Beaulieu, 1907-12; Bramshaw, 1912-32; Buriton, 1878-45; Chalton, 1927; Clanfield, 1900-18; East Meon, 1668-1908; Fareham, 1928; Langrish, 1908; East Meon, 1757-1914, Petersfield, 1893-1907; Sheet, 1900; Steep, 1866-1891; sale particulars, 1852-1958.
Family papers of: John Carter II, 1715-94; Sir John Carter, 1741-1808; John Bonham Carter I, 1788-1837; Joanna Maria Bonham Carter, 1791-1884; John Bonham Carter II, 1817-1884; John Bonham Carter III, 1852-1906; Harry Bonham Carter, 1827-1921; Sibella Charlotte Bonham Carter, 1837-1916; Herman Bonham Carter, 1863-1945; Gerard Bonham Carter, 1865-1956; Walter Bonham Carter, 1866-1947; Norman Bonham Carter, 1867-1917; Edgar Bonham Carter, 1870-1956; Reginald Bonham Carter, 1872-1906; Octavius Bonham Carter, 1873-1901; Philip Bonham Carter, 1874-1891; Frederick George Bonham Carter, 1877-1960s; Maurice Bonham Carter, 1880; Joanna Frances Bonham Carter,1864-1919; Alfred Bonham Carter, 1825-1910; Hugh Bonham Carter, 1832-1896; Joanna Hilary Bonham Carter, 1821-1865; Frances Maria Bonham Carter, 1823-70; Alice Bonham Carter, 1829-1912; Eleanor Mary Bonham Carter, 1837-1923; Philip Bonham Carter, 1874-91; Frederick George Bonham Carter, 1877-1970; Maurice Bonham Carter and his wife Violet, 1880-1978; Joan Bonham Carter, 1884-1947.
Papers of the following related families: Florence Nightingale, 1820-1910; Pike, 1766-1911; Norman, 1899-1954; Smith, 1736-1951; Bonham, 1737-1824; Wren Carter, 1874-1900.

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