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Gloucester Diocesan Records

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Reference GDR
Covering dates 1541 - 2000
Held by Gloucestershire Archives
Extent 148 series
Conditions of access THESE RECORDS ARE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE FOR RESEARCH EXCEPT GDR/A17/16/1, D5/4/3, A17/10/7 - 26, A17/10/27 - 141 AND F7/23 - 37, 39 - 55 WHICH ARE CLOSED UNTIL 30 YEARS OLD AND A17/2/47 WHICH IS CLOSED UNTIL 100 YEARS OLD

Folder icon  Deans of Gloucester  GDR/APPENDIX 7  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Gloucestershire Archives

William Jennings 1541
John Man 1565 (died 1568)
Thomas Cowper (Cooper, Couper) 1569
Laurence Humphrey (Humfrey) 1570
Anthony Rudd 1584
Lewis Griffith 1594
Thomas Morton 1607
Richard Field 1609
William Laud 1616
Richard Senhouse 1621
Thomas Winniffe 1624
George Warburton 1631
Accepted Frewen 1631
William Brough 1644
Thomas Vyner 1671
Robert Frampton 1673 (later Bishop)
Thomas Marshall 1681
William Jane 1685
Knightly Chetwood 1707
John Waugh 1720
John Frankland 1723
Peter Allix 1729
Daniel Newcombe 1730
Josiah Tucker 1758 (died 1799)
John Luxmoore 1800 (resigned 1807)
John Plumptre 1808
Hon. Edward Rice 1825
Henry Law 1862 (died 1884)
Edward Henry Bickersteth 1885
Henry Montagu Butler 1885
Henry Donald Maurice Spence (-Jones) Spence-Jones from 1904, when he assumed his wife's surname and arms, in accordance with the provisions of a family will. 1886
Henry Gee 1917
Harold Costley-White 1938
Seiriol John Arthur Evans 1953

Bibliography: For biographical notes to 1808 see T. D. Fosbrooke, An Original History of the City of Gloucester (1819), pp. 105-110.

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