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Gloucester Diocesan Records

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Reference GDR
Covering dates 1541 - 2000
Held by Gloucestershire Archives
Extent 148 series
Conditions of access THESE RECORDS ARE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE FOR RESEARCH EXCEPT GDR/A17/16/1, D5/4/3, A17/10/7 - 26, A17/10/27 - 141 AND F7/23 - 37, 39 - 55 WHICH ARE CLOSED UNTIL 30 YEARS OLD AND A17/2/47 WHICH IS CLOSED UNTIL 100 YEARS OLD
Access to certain documents may be restricted either because of their content or recent date, or because of their age and fragile condition.

No further details   Minutes of meetings (usually annual) of the Archdeacons and rural deans  GDR/A8/1  1905-1919
No further details   Minutes (ACC 5520)  GDR/A8/2/2  1940-1946

Folder icon  Archdeacon Edmund Theodore Murray  GDR/A8/4  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Gloucestershire Archives

No further details   Correspondence concerning the illegal sale of a 17th century silver christening bowl by Dowdeswell church in the early 20th century  GDR/A8/4/1  1928-1943

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