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Westwood's Grammar School

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Reference D3492
Covering dates 1842-1972
Held by Gloucestershire Archives
Extent 13 Files
Source of acquisition Records deposited by Miss J. Nicholson, Clerk to the Governors of Westwood's Grammar School, Rogerstone, Northleach GL54 3HG, 13 March 1977
(Acc. 3492)
Creators Westwood's Grammar School, Northleach, Gloucestershire

Administrative history:
Westwood's Grammar School was founded in 1589 by Hugh Westwood and continued until 1904 when funds ran out. The school was reopened in 1927, later came under the County Council and continued until its closure in 1988. The Westwood Educational Trust was set up in 1989.

Records relating to tithe redemption annuity; school accounts and Governors records.

Records relating to tithe redemption annuity  D3492/1  [n.d.]

A tithe redemption annuity was payable to the Governors of Westwood's Grammar School in respect of land in Chedworth, for a 50 year period from 1921

[no title]  D3492/1/1  nd; (1903)

1 vol. and 3

Copy tithe apportionment (1842)
Include loose: copy letters (1903) relating to apportionment

[no title]  D3492/1/2  1903-1972

3 bdls.

Correspondence and papers relating to tithe redemption annuity

[no title]  D3492/1/3  1926-1972

2 bdls.

Correspondence and tax returns relating to income tax repayment

[no title]  D3492/1/4  1937-1972

1 vol.

Account of tithe redemption annuities and rents collected

[no title]  D3492/1/5  1933-1972

2 vols.

As D3492/1/4, list of rents received, giving names and addresses of landowners

[no title]  D3492/1/6  1951-1972

7 vols.

Copy receipts for rents received

Records of the school and board of governors  D3492/2  [n.d.]

School accounts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D3492/2/1  1926-1946

1 vol.

Income and expenditure

[no title]  D3492/2/2  1962-1972

1 vol. and 1 bdl.

Include summary forms, 1969-71; estimates and related correspondence, 1971-1972

[no title]  D3492/2/3  1926-1966

1 vol.

"Memorandum Book", summary account

[no title]  D3492/2/4  1927-1952

1 bdl.

Statements of account
Also includes at back of bundle: preliminary returns to the Board of Education, giving information on numbers of pupils, 1928-1930

[no title]  D3492/2/5  1928-1947; 1950-1951

1 bdl.

Estimates of receipts and payments

[no title]  D3492/2/6  1940-1953

1 bdl.

Papers relating to staff salaries

Governors' records  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D3492/2/7  1951-1972

1 vol.

Meeting of Governors attendance book

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