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Reference D/PUD
Former reference D/PUD itself was previously D39
Covering dates 1576-1859
Held by Dorset History Centre
Extent 9 Sub-fonds

Folder icon  [no title]  D/PUD/A3/1  24 Oct 1704

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Lease for a year
1 Samuel Rolle of Heanton Satchville, Devon
2 William Davie of Creedy, Devon, Margaret Tuckfield of Raddon Court, Devon, Roger Tuckfield of Raddon Court, Devon and John Tuckfield of Exeter, Devon
Property (1 to 2): manor, rectory and hundred of Puddletown, including Druce and Willoughbys farms; manors of West Anstey and Town, [?]Irnall, Cotleigh, Culbeer in Offwell, Bradwell in West Down and Ilfracombe, Heanton Satchville with the Barton farm and Hall Moor, Hele Territt alias Flemings Hele, and a tenement called Cuddimors, manor and advowson of Petrockstow, manor of Broom Park Yeate [in Heanton Satchville], manor and advowson of West Putford, manor of Buckish, manor of Nuton [?in East Putford], manor of Hartleigh [in Buckland Filleigh], manor of Sheepwash, manor of Newcourt [?in Holsworthy], manor of Gortleigh [in Sheepwash], manor of Merton, manor of Shebbear with property in Langtree, manor of Welcombe, and properties in Ashwater, Ringsash [Ashreigney], Great Torrington, Sheepwash, Shebbear, Langtree, Buckland Filleigh, Petrockstow, Peters Marland, West Putford, East Putford, Hartland, Woolfardisworthy, Highhampton, Hatherleigh, Jacobstowe, West Down, Ilfracombe, West Anstey, Cotleigh, Culbeer [in Offwell], Monkton, Offwell, Combe Raleigh, Bere Alston, Damierton [?Derriton], and Merton, all in Devon; manors of Norton Rolle, Marhamchurch, manor and borough of Callington, manors of Fursden, Nethercott, Trethavie, manor and rectory of Moorewinstow, properties in Maker, Millbrook, St John, Anthony, Sheviock, Calstock, St Neot, Garrans, Liskeard, Menheniot, St Cleer, Callington, South Hill, St Dominick, Tintagel, Morwenstow, Week St Mary and St Stephen's, and the manor of Barton and Inswork in Millbrook, Maker, St John and Anthony, all in Cornwall
Consideration: 5s
[This document is endorsed that it was produced in Rolle v Rolle (not the same case as in D/PUD/D2) in 1720; as at least some of the estates contained in the deed passed by marriage to the Walpoles it seems likely the deed had no legal force]

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