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St Andrew's Parish, Plymouth

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Reference 937
Covering dates 1572/3-1954
Held by Plymouth and West Devon Record Office
Extent 20 series
Creators Church of England, St Andrew's Parish, Plymouth, Devon

Clergy, Curates' Licences, Declaration of Assent, Advowson, Faculties, Inventories, Repairs on alterations, Pews, Organist, Churchyard and Burial ground, War damage, Vicarage, Churchwardens, Vestry and Parochial Church Council, Tithes, Charities and bequests, Overseers of the Poor, Formation of new parishes, St Andrew's players and Records of other parishes

Clergy  [no ref. or date]

Mandate for induction of Arthur William T Perowne with order of service  937/1  1913

Curates' Licences  [no ref. or date]

Matthew Mundy  937/2  1823

James Cose  937/3  1911

Thomas Solomonson Dawson  937/4  1911

Joseph Wellington Hunkin  937/5  1913

Reginald Hardwick Fulford  937/6  1913

William John Lyon  937/7  1913

George Herbert Harris  937/8  1914

Leonard Elliot Binns  937/9  1915

Reginald Moreton Pritchard  937/10  1917

William Samuel Hazledine  937/11  1921

Gordon Basil Nicholls  937/12  1922

Edward Guy Hammond  937/13  1927

Roger de Beaufort Welchman  937/14  1931

Spencer Robertson  937/15  1931

Richard Neville de Beaufort Welchman  937/16  1934

Robnett Walters  937/17  1934

Philip Llewelyn Richards  937/18  1935

Edward Charles Beaudon Shewell  937/19  1937

Charles Murray Rogers  937/20  1940

Eric Austin Gowing  937/21  1942

Francis John Cornish  937/22  1943

Desmond James Morey  937/23  1943

Alfred Fenton Martin Langley  937/24  1946

Henry David Halsey  937/25  1948

Harold Frederick Davies  937/26  1949

Roy Edward Harris  937/27  1949

Charles Strong  937/28  1950

John Richard Burton  937/29  1953

Declaration of Assent  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Solomonson Dawson  937/30  1911

Reginald Moreton Pritchard  937/31  1917

Guy Walmisley Dresser  937/32  1917

Francis Whitfield Daukes, and certificate of interment of the Rt Reverend Bishop F W Daukes, 1954  937/33  1924

Western Morning News offprint concerning terms of curacy at St Andrew's church of Daniel Ace  937/34  1863

Conditions of access: UNFIT FOR PRODUCTION

Advowson  [no ref. or date]

Copy of Letters Patent: grant of advowson of St Andrew to Mayor and Commonalty of Plymouth  937/35  1572/3

Copy of Letters Patent: grant of advowson of St Andrew to Mayor and Commonalty of Plymouth  937/36  1641

Copies of extracts of presentation & institution records of diocese of Exeter concerning St Andrew  937/37  1677-1769

Abstract of grant of presentation to William Hodge of the vicarage of St Andrew  937/38  1817

Abstract of title of Mayor and Commonalty of Plymouth to the advowson of St Andrew's church, with opinions on title to the same  937/39  1823

Letters from John Hatchard to John Hatchard, senior, bookseller, of 187 Piccadilly, London, re purchase of advowson of St Andrew's church  937/40  1823-4

Faculties  [no ref. or date]

Citation for faculty for removal of galleries, walls, organ, pulpit and reading desk, and other works  937/41  1872

Citation for faculty for removal of galleries, walls, organ, pulpit and reading desk, and other works, with plans  937/42  1873

Building church room and vestry  937/43  1887

Rehanging the bells  937/44  1897

(With receipt)

Reinclosing the chapel of St John the Baptist, removal of pews and reflooring  937/45  1911

Crosses in chancel and Memorial chapel  937/46  1913

Litany desk  937/47  1915

Thomas Brook memorial tablet  937/48  1918

The Reverend R H Fulford memorial tablet  937/49  1918

William Snow, sidesman, memorial tablet  937/50  1919

Removal of small organ to Memorial chapel & CH Moreton memorial tablet  937/51  1919

War memorial tablet  937/52  1919

Eleanor Hamlyn memorial tablet and Captain Hayward memorial tablet  937/53  1920

Harold Henry Matthew memorial window  937/54  1925

Restoration of south transept chapel as a baptistry  937/55(a)  1936

Receipt for fees, as 937/55(a)  937/55(b)  1936

Sir Robert Leicester Harmsworth memorial tablet  937/56  1938

Notes re a faculty transferring a disused burial ground to the City of Plymouth in 1893  937/57  1948

Citation for confirmatory faculty for grave space  937/58  1954

Citation for confirmatory faculty for grave space  937/59  1954

Inventories  [no ref. or date]

Articles belonging to St Andrews church  937/60  nd [late 19th cent]

Church plate  937/61  1859

Gallery plan, signed by John Foulston, architect  937/62  nd [early 19th cent]

Conditions of access: UNFIT FOR PRODUCTION

Ground plan and gallery plan, signed John Bidlake Corse  937/63  1826

Conditions of access: UNFIT FOR PRODUCTION

Repairs and alterations  [no ref. or date]

Plan of proposed church screens and enclosures, signed by John Foulston, architect  937/64  nd [early 19th cent]

Estimate of Richard Cuming for erection of sundry partitions, porches and enclosures  937/65  1820

Letter from Richard Cuming to John Foulston re 937/65  937/66  1820

Account of Harker and Penny for advertisements in the Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury newspaper for tendering for carpentry and masonry work at St Andrew's church  937/67  1825

Account and receipt of William Corser, mason for supplying stone  937/68  1825

Specification of plasterers' work  937/69  1825

Agreement for repairs at St Andrew's church  937/70  1825

Specification of work by Richard Cuming, carpenter  937/71  1825

Specification of work by William Drew, carpenter  937/72  1825

Specification of iron work by William Wills  937/73  1825

Specification of masonry work by Edward Oldrey  937/74  1825

Specification for enclosing the church pews and screens  937/75  1825

Fragment of account of T Bovey for work on the tower  937/76  1825

Proposed heating system  937/77a  1863-1866

Letters from Charles R Baker King of 31 Spring Gardens, London, to the Reverend Canon Wilkinson re proposed new church room and vestry  937/78  1886-1887

Copy agreement for the rehanging and restoration of the peal of ten bells by J Warner and Sons Ltd, of Cripplegate, London  937/79  1896

Specification for work in alterations and paving  937/80  nd [late 19th cent]

Correspondence re memorial to the late Archdeacon Wilkinson  937/81  1910

Report on the proposed morning chapel (Wilkinson memorial chapel) in the outer north aisle  937/82  1910

Estimate for provision of organ blowing equipment by Hele and Co, Earls Acre, Plymouth  937/83  1924

Estimate for house of the above equipment in the churchyard, by Wakeham Bros, Plymouth  937/84  1924

Accounts for repair of the church tower  937/85  1923-1929

Plan for framing the crystal cross in children's corner  937/86  1934

Accounts of Hele And Co Ltd for the renovation of the organ  937/87  1941

Pews  [no ref. or date]

Letter reporting the transfer of a sitting by Eliza Harris to Martha Netton, junior  937/88  1744/5

List of vacant sittings  937/89  nd [mid 18th cent]

Memorandum of sale of a sitting by Philip Cockey to Mr Bunce  937/90  nd

Committee report re pew ownership  937/91  1816

Churchwardens notice re leasing of pews  937/92  1818

Pew lease list  937/93  nd

Cash received for leasing of pews  937/94  nd

Pew appropriation by the churchwardens for use of the parishioners, formerly reserved for the Governor of Plymouth  937/95  1835

Conditions of access: UNFIT FOR PRODUCTION

Correspondence re the Governor's pew  937/96  1835

Organist  [no ref. or date]

Account book of Addis Gift to organists' fund  937/97  1812-1854

Applications, notices, minutes, and correspondence re appointment of an organist  937/98  1868

Agreement concerning the duties of the organist between the Reverend Charles Thomas Wilkinson and Joseph Wills and Charles Rundle, churchwardens and George Harry Moreton, organist  937/99  1885

Churchyard and Burial Ground  [no ref. or date]

Copy release  937/100  1705/6

1 James Smyth of Middle Temple, London, esq, and Ann Gubbs, widow of John Gubbs, gent
2 Thomas Northmore of St Thomas the Apostle, esq Cleave Farm, St Thomas the Apostle, Exeter; messuages in Exe Island, St Edmunds, Exeter; property in Brixton, Kemps tenement, King's Tamerton, St Budeaux and property in Plymouth for the burial ground, St Andrew's parish, in Westwell St
Consideration: £3000

Lease for 99 years  937/101  1707

1 Robert Thompson of Plymouth, gent
2 Mayor and Commonalty of the Borough of Plymouth
Land adjoining the lane from Frankfort to the How (Hoe), the New Burying Place; with the profit of a ropeyard thereon
Rent: £2 13s pa

Exemplification of common recovery  937/102  1730

1 John Marsh, gent
2 Ruth Swan, widow, and Abraham Stoneham, and Mary, his wife
Property in St Andrews, Plymouth

Lease and release  937/103  1760

1 Thompson Stoneham of Little Baddow
2 John Kerly of Plymouth, gent
New Burying Place, near Frankfort and the Rope Field, Plymouth
Consideration: £120

Lease for 30 years  937/104  1777

1 Urlando Manley, the younger, of Plymouth, esq
2 Susannah James of Plymouth, widow
Burying ground, adjoining Love Lane, Plymouth

Lease for 99 years  937/105  1786

1 Orlando Manley, the younger of Plymouth, captain
2 Orlando Manley, the elder of Plymouth, esq, his father New Burying Ground adjoining Love Lane, Plymouth, and stable adjoining
Rent: 5s pa

Asssignment of lease  937/106  1820

1 The Reverend Jeremiah Trist of Veryan, Cornwall and the Reverend Robert Peter of Treviles, Cornwall, joint executors of Ann Luke of Treviles, Cornwall, spinster, deceased
2 Christopher Harris, Henry Woollcombe, Humphrey Fleming Senhouse, and John Nicholls Hawker of Plymouth, esqs, trustees of the marriage settlement of Elizabeth Senhouse
Lands as 937/105 kept in trust for Elizabeth Senhouse and Mary Hawker

Lease and release  937/107(a-b)  1821

1 John Harris of Radford, Plymstock, esq, and Christopher Harris of Plymstock, and others
2 George Eastlake of St Andrew, Plymouth, and others New Burying Place, near Frankfort and the Rope Field, Plymouth

Bond  937/108  1821

1 Elizabeth Manley of Plymouth, widow, Humphrey Fleming Senhouse of Salcombe, esq, and William Henry Hawker of Plymouth, esq
2 Trustees of St Andrew's Church, Plymouth
For peaceable possession of the burial ground

Statement of accounts from Churchwardens of Charles to churchwardens of St Andrews for half the deficiency on the new burying ground  937/109  1741-1744

Account of R Bond, proprietor of the Devonshire Freeholder, for insertion of advertisements to builders  937/110  1825

Account of Robert Haybeard for cartage  937/111  1825

Receipt for drawing earth from the churchyard to the new burying ground  937/112  1825

Account of Stephen Drewitt, churchwarden, for money paid to labourers for digging a trench  937/113  1825

Receipt for labour in the church yard and burying ground  937/114  1825

Letter written on behalf of Viscount Palmerston reporting intended application to close churchyard  937/115  1854

Order forbidding burials in the churches and churchyards (except in vaults) of St Andrew, Charles the Martyr, Westwell Street burial ground, the Presbyterian Chapel Yard, Baker St and Ebenezer Methodist Chapel Yard  937/116  1854

Order closing St Andrew's churchyard between the church walls and Bedford St  937/117  1894

Letter accompanying the order (937/117)  937/118  1894

Order closing Westwell St burial ground  937/119  1897

List of people interred in Westwell St burial ground  937/120  nd [19th cent]

"Articles of Inquiry concerning Matters Ecclesiastical exhibited in Visitation to the Ministers, Churchwardens and Sidesmen of every parish within the Archdeaconry of Totnes" Printed by J Jordaine of Plymouth  937/121  nd c1662

Terrier of St Andrew's vicarage  937/122  1776

Answer of minister and churchwardens of St Andrew's to the injunctions of the Right Reverend Nicholas, Bishop of Exeter concerning property in Plymouth and Stonehouse  937/123  1744

Resolutions of parishioners  937/124  c1820

Parochial reports  937/125  1899, 1901-1919

Marriage certificate counterfoils  937/126  1951-1953

Extract from Parliamentary Survey of Living, concerning Plymouth  937/127  1650

Particulars of living of St Andrew's Church  937/128  c1820

Ecclesiastical Commissioners proposal for the union of St Catherine's and St Andrew's churches  937/129  1924

Memoranda of proceedings in Court of Star Chamber between Aaron Wilson, vicar of Plymouth, and Mayor & Commonalty of Plymouth relating to the advowson of St Andrew's Church  937/130  1637

Receipts for payments for pew leases and rents  937/131  1725-1744

Receipt for 3% consols  937/132  1823 & 1825

Notebook containing financial and other memoranda  937/133  1872-1873

Mortgage of church revenues by Rev Charles Thomas Wilkinson, Incumbent of St Andrew's to the Govenors of Queen Anne's Bounty for £240  937/134  1876

Old accounts regarding the clock, flagstaff etc  937/135  1896-1898

War Damage  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence concerning war damage compensation for St Andrew's Church  937/136  1942-1944

Correspondence concerning war damage compensation for the Prysten House  937/137  1944-1948

The Vicarage  [no ref. or date]

Estimate for repairs and decorations at St Andrew's Vicarage  937/138  1902

Other estimates for repairs at the vicarage  937/139  1902

Copy conveyance of "Penpal", Lockyer St, Plymouth formerly 1 Windsor Villa's, for incumbent; Consideration: £2500  937/140  1913

(Includes mortgage of church revenues for £1022)

Schedule of fixtures and fittings at St Andrew's vicarage, Lockyer St, property of the executors of the late Reverend H R Matthew  937/141  1925

Correspondence concerning war damage compensation for St Andrew's Vicarage  937/142  1941-1943

Churchwardens  [no ref. or date]

Churchwardens accounts  937/143  1744-1745

Includes poor law money, times and fees of bell ringing, fees for grave sites, pew leases and inventory of church items

Churchwardens receipts and vouchers  937/144  1744-1745

Return of churchwardens to the Bishops Articles of Visitation  937/145  1744

Directions to the churchwardens for the due execution of their office delivered at the Visitation of the Archdeacon of Totnes  937/146  nd

Authorization by the churchwardens to James Boulter to collect the church rate in St Andrew's parish  937/147  1818

Receipt for £1 1s from William Mortimer to the churchwardens for preparing an assessment of houses of houses and lands in the parish, for the alterations and repairs intended in the church  937/148  1825

Receipt for £10 from J H Welch to the churchwardens on account of poundage in collecting the church rate  937/149  1825

Case and opinion of Dr Addams of Doctors Commons concerning the accounts of Drewitt and Kerswill, former churchwardens  937/150  1834

Churchwardens vouchers and accounts  937/151  1840-1841

Agreement between the churchwardens and the Corporation of Plymouth for the erection of a street lighting gas lantern on the exterior of St Andrew's Mission Hall, Willow Street  937/152  1904

Bank statements and receipts for St Andrew's and St Catherines  937/153  1940-1945

Miscellaneous accounts and receipts  937/154  1941-1945

Cheque counterfoils for St Andrew's and other churches  937/155  1941-1943

Papers and certificates concerning interest in stocks  937/156  1948-1952

Hire purchase agreement about the gas stove in St Saviour's vicarage  937/157  1954

Assessment under Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measure  937/158  1954

Vestry and Parochial Church Council  [no ref. or date]

Report of sub-committee concerning the state of the churchwardens accounts  937/159  1816

Report of a committee  937/160  nd

Newspaper cutting concerning Easter Vestry Meeting  937/161  nd [20th cent]

Minute book of Archdeacon Wilkinson Memorial Committee  937/162  1910-1912

(Includes accounts)

Receipt for marriage register  937/163  1944-1955

Receipt from Registrar for a register from St Saviours  937/164  1954

Church accounts regarding restoration  937/165  1942-1946

(There is a gap in the records for 1944)

Tithes  [no ref. or date]

St Andrew's  [no ref. or date]

Altered Apportionments of Tithe Rentcharge  [no ref. or date]

Areas numbered 91, 99-100 (between Higher Millbay Road and Eastern Hoe)  937/166  1851

Area numbered 101 (on west of Lockyer Street)  937/167  1853

Areas numbered 8 and 12 (on north of junction of Four Field Lane and North Devon Place or Tavistock Road)  937/168  1853

Areas numbered 43-44 (adjoining Frederick Street and Cecil Street  937/169  1858

Certificates of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge  [no ref. or date]

Areas numbered 46-50 (gardens and fields)  937/170  1861

Area numbered 32 (field)  937/171  1861

Area numbered 74 (Union Docks)  937/172  1864

Areas numbered 31, 35-36 (pasture)  937/173  1865

Areas numbered 40, 42-44 (pasture)  937/174  1865

Area numbered 27 (field and garden)  937/175  1866

Area numbered 62 (garden)  937/176  1871

Area numbered 67 (nursery)  937/177  1871

Area numbered 51 (nursery, King Street, Oxford Street and Tracy Street)  937/178  1875

Area numbered 93  937/179  1901

Area numbered 97  937/180  1904

Areas numbered 52-56, 61, 68, 73, 96, 111, 113  937/181  1904

Area numbered 26  937/182  1916

Weston Peverell  [no ref. or date]

Altered Apportionments of Tithe Rentcharge  [no ref. or date]

Areas numbered 247, 249, 250, 264, (Quarry Park)  937/183  1853

Areas numbered 232-234, 248, 253-257, 260-263  937/184  1856

Areas numbered 226, 228, 231-234 (north of Tavistock Road, Devonport)  937/185  1878

Areas numbered 19-24, 27-36, 73-87, 106, 108-116, 147-150 (Burrington, Langstone, Blindwell)  937/186  1886

Areas numbered 346, 347, 350-351 (Mutley House and Mutley Park House)  937/187  1891

Areas numbered 19-24, 27-36, 73-87, 106, 108-116 147-150 (Burrington, Langstone, Blindwell)  937/188  1892

Areas numbered 171, 206, 214 (Bickham, Beacon Reservoir)  937/189  1907

Certificates of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge  [no ref. or date]

Areas numbered 3, 286, 299  937/190  1897

Areas numbered 3-8, 10, 319  937/191  1900

Areas numbered 231-233, 286, 289, 304, 305, 314-315, 317, 346  937/192  1901

Areas numbered 221-224, 286, 320, 346-347, 350-351  937/193  1905

Areas numbered 235-239  937/194  1906

Area numbered 206  937/195  1908

Area numbered 259  937/196  1908

Area numbered 202  937/197  1916

15 certificates of Redemption of Rentcharge (Weston Peverell)  937/198-212  nd

All these certificates are Unfit for Production

Compton Gifford  [no ref. or date]

Certificates of Redemption of Tithe Rentcharges  [no ref. or date]

Area numbered 21 (part of Foard's Park)  937/213  1864

Area numbered 22  937/214  1903

Areas numbered 15, 17, 23-27  937/215  1903

Areas numbered 54, 56-57, 59, 68-72, 124  937/216  1903

Areas numbered 48, 49  937/217  1906

Charities and Bequests  [no ref. or date]

Receipt for £4 10s from John Ellery, treasurer, to Mr Forrest for the use of the Charity boys  937/218  1747

Extract from the will of Mrs Rebecca Hirst, bequeathing £200 to the vicar of St Andrew's church on trust for the purchase of coals and bread for the poor at Christmas  937/219  nd

Correspondence with J Hawker, Richmond Herald, concerning the bequest to St Andrew's parish by Mrs Northcote (died 1831)  937/220  1836

Receipt for £270 9s 3% consols belonging to Rebecca Hirst's and Sarah King's Charities Official Trustee to vicar of St Andrew's  937/221  1872

Receipt for £50 from churchwardens to Rev John Hatchard in respect of gift of Mr John Morshead in 1750.  937/222  1850

Papers concerning "Maud Hutchen's Bequest" for the maintenance of the fabric and the organ  937/223  1924-1939

Correspondence with the Royal Almony Office, Buckingham Palace, concerning the payment of the Royal Common Bounty to ten poor people of St Andrew's parish  937/224  1943

Charities receipts  937/225  1936-1938

Legacy of the late George William Eyre. Also: local loans stock share receipt  937/226  1938, 1948

Statement of account of estate of the late Miss Harriet Jorey Inskip, including a legacy of £100 to the Restoration Fund of St Andrew's church With correspondence  937/227  1951

Copy of the will of Walter Joseph Law of Brentirion, Seymour Road, Plymouth, gent  937/228  1951

Extract from the will of William Henry Martin, dated 22 January 1946, and statement of executorship of the will, including a bequest to the Restoration Fund of St Andrew's church  937/229  1952

Overseers of the Poor  [no ref. or date]

Copy of notice by the churchwardens and overseers of Holy Trinity, Exeter, to the churchwardens and overseers of St Andrew's, of their intention to appeal from an order made by the Mayor of Plymouth removing Ann Culbert from St Andrew's to Holy Trinity, Exeter  937/230  1744

List of poor under the pay of the workhouse  937/231  1744

Appointment by the Poor Law Commissioners of Registrars for the districts of the Borough of Plymouth  937/232  1837

Formation of the New Parishes  [no ref. or date]

Charles  [no ref. or date]

Act for granting the Mayor and Commonalty the advowson of Charles Church, upon the division of Plymouth into two parishes  937/233  1640-1641

(Gives the boundaries of Charles parish)

Royal Naval Hospital  [no ref. or date]

Agreement between Hon Granville Anson Chetwynd Stepylton, Isaac Wolley, esq, Nicholas Brown, esq, three of the Commissioners for Victualling HM Navy and John Hatchard, vicar of St Andrew's, Plymouth, regarding the lease of Stray Park burial ground, the formation of new burial site at No Place Field, officiation at ceremonies, burial registers and burial fees  937/234  1825

Christ Church  [no ref. or date]

Copy of the London Gazette, including the order of assignment of a district to Christ Church, Plymouth  937/235  1847

(Gives the boundaries of Christ Church parish)

Deed of acceptance by the govenors of Queen Anne's Bounty from Rev John Hatchard, of £98 7s, on trust to pay the interest to the incumbent of Christ Church in the parish of St Andrew's, Plymouth  937/236  1848

Copy of the London Gazette, including order for annexing part of St Andrew's parish to the parish of Christ Church  937/237  1871

(Give details of boundary extensions and the new parish boundary limits)

St Peter  [no ref. or date]

Copy of the London Gazette, including order for the payment of an annual sum to Rev John Hatchard, vicar of St Andrew's, as compensation for the new parish of St Peter's  937/238  1859

St James  [no ref. or date]

Copy of the London Gazette, including order for annexing part of St Andrew's parish to the parish of St James  937/239  1870

(Gives details of the boundaries of the area of land to be given to the new parish of St James)

Emmanuel, Compton Gifford  [no ref. or date]

Draft recommendation by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for the alteration of the boundaries of the parish of Emmanuel, Compton Gifford  937/240  1880

Copy of the London Gazette, including an order for annexing part of St Andrew's parish to the parish of Emmanuel, Compton Gifford  937/241  1880

(Gives details of the boundaries of the area of land to be given to the parish of Emmanuel)

St Marks, Ford  [no ref. or date]

Copy of the London Gazette, including an order for assignment of consolidated chaplery to the church of St Mar, Ford, formed form the parishes of Pennycross  937/242  1885

(Gives details of the boundaries of the parish of St Mark)

St Matthias  [no ref. or date]

Copy of agreement between Rev James Marshall Laycock, vicar of Charles church Plymouth, Hon and Rt Rev John Thomas, Bishop of Norwich, Rev Sir John Robert Emelius Laurie of Middlesex, baronet, Francis Augustus Bevan of Lombard Square, London, banker, Rev William Hagger Barlow of Canonbury Square, Islington, Middlesex and John Deacon of Birchin Lane, London, banker  937/243  1888

Recital that the vicar of Charles church will have the right, when a district is assigned to the new church of St Matthias, Tavistock Road, Plymouth, to present a minister to serve there

Notice offering a reward for the recovery of Common Prayer Books stolen from St Andrew's church  937/244  1744

Letter from Beatrice Temple, wife of the Archbishop of canterbury, inviting T Greek wills, esq to stay at Fulham Palace  937/245  1893

Register of men from St Andrew's parish serving in the Great War  937/246  1914-1919

Letter from Exeter Deanery  937/247  c1910

Copy of "An Act for amending the laws respecting the solemnization of marriage in England"  937/248  [1823]

"Luke's Sixpenny Illustrated Hand Book to Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse" by L Jewitt, FSA Printed and published by W H Luke, Bedford Street, Plymouth  937/249  1865

St Andrew's Players  [no ref. or date]

Committee minute book  937/250  1950-1951

Constitution  937/251  1951

Secretary's report  937/252  1951

Account book  937/253  1950-1951

Assorted letters and papers  937/254  1950-1951

Notices that St Andrew's, St Catherine's churches and the Prysten House are registered as places of special architectural or historic interest  937/255  1954

Gift Day pamphlet  937/256  1954

Assorted insurance policies  937/257  nd

Records of Other Parishes  [no ref. or date]

Pennycross or Western Peverell  [no ref. or date]

Faculty for erecting a porch at Pennycross Chapel  937/258  1892

St Catherine's  [no ref. or date]

Recital of purchase by Robert Lampen, clerk, Henry Woollcombe, gent, Thomas Gill, merchant, and Joseph Pridham, gent, all of Plymouth  937/259  1823

Purchase of a piece of land and the erection of a chapel on it, in order that it may be consecrated as a chapel of ease to St Andrew's, Plymouth (includes the conveyance, lease & release of the land and the transfer of consols)

Book containing lists of officials and Parochial Church Council; members of the choir; alter services; list of the sick and confirmation candidates  937/260  1933-1938

Correspondence concerning war damage compensation at St Catherine's church  937/261  1941-1942

Papers concerning St Catherine's church  937/262  1928-1930

St Philip's, Willow Street  [no ref. or date]

Papers concerning the gift of an organ to St Philip's Mission church by Miss E Gowan  937/263  1922

Specification by Hele and Co., Earles Acre, Plymouth, for completing the organ at St Philip's church, Plymouth  937/264  1924

St James the Less  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Exeter Diocesan Board of Finance reporting payment of £2340 as War Damage Compensation for St James the Less  937/265  1952

(Connected with the purchase of St Michael's)

St Thomas  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence concerning claim for loss of development value on St Thomas' Mission church  937/266  1950

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