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Stoke Public Higher School, Devonport

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Reference 850
Covering dates 1819-1969
Held by Plymouth and West Devon Record Office
Extent 10 series
Creators Stoke Public Higher School, Devonport, Devon

Minutes, Accounts, General records, pamphlets, School photographs, maps, plymouth and Devonport, illustrations, photographs of ships and miscellaneous photographs

MINUTES  [no ref. or date]

Sheet of manuscript minutes of the school Committee  850/1  1819

Minute book, monthly meetings of the school Committee  850/2  1854-1887

ACCOUNTS  [no ref. or date]

School account book  850/3  1872-1882

GENERAL  [no ref. or date]

Manuscript sheet, list of books belonging to the school and on loan  850/4  1822

Letter from the school committee to the British and Foreign school society asking for money for an extension to the school, with ten queries and answers on the conditions of their patronage  850/5  27 December 1833

List of books held by the school, with a brief summary of where the leaving pupils had gone, and a list of trades of parents of pupils in the school  850/6  January 1842

Two letters from R V Nelson, 3 Penlee Villas to the managers of the Devonport Savings Bank about appointment of a Trustee for the school and copying documents  850/7  7 and 9 December 1871

Bill from Venning and Goldsmith, solicitors, to the Trustees of the school  850/8  1880-1882

Printed specifications for enlargement work on the school  850/9  1881

Receipt for contract work on the school  850/10  1882

Schedule of school deeds 1860-1882  850/11  1883

Schedule, art examinations, giving a list of pupils with their ages  850/12  1894-1895

Schedule, art examinations, giving a list of pupils with their ages  850/13  1895-1896

Envelope of reports on the school by His Majesty's Inspectors  850/14  1895-1905

Sheet of very brief notes on the art examinations  850/15  1896

Copy of the school magazine entitled 'The Scholars Own'  850/16  September 1902

Returns of pupils attendances and teachers' salaries  850/17  1909-1912

Notes from an annual report 1921 and two letters to a Dr Jones from the Principal Supply and Transport officer, Devonport Dockyard and J Surt about the school  850/18  1921, 1966 & 1969

Plan of seating arrangements in the schoolroom  850/19  nd [19th C]

Extract of the 1835 lease for the school  850/20  nd 19th C

Extract of the 1860 lease for the school  850/21  nd 19th C

Abstract of the 1860 lease for the boys school  850/22  nd 19th C

Envelope and a manuscript list of documents in a 'General Tripe' folder (now included in this list) of documents relating to the school 1819-1897  850/23  nd 19 & 20 C

Newspaper cutting, article by 'Westcountryman' of pupils' successes in Naval engineering examinations between 1875 and 1885  850/24  nd 20th C

PAMPHLETS BY F S BLIGHT  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlet entitled 'Stoke and Morice Town' reprinted from transactions of the Plymouth Institution and Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society, vol xxii by F S Blight  850/25  1951

Typed lecture to the above society on Captain Tobias, Furneaux RN of Swilly, Plymouth, by F S Blight with a small family tree of the Furneaux family  850/26  1952

Typed copy of a lecture to the Devonshire Association entitled 'Plymouth Dock and Devonport' by F S Blight  850/27  1953

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS  [no ref. or date]

Envelope of 10 photographs of classes in the school  850/28  c1904

Press photograph of Devonport Higher Elementary school, rugby football club  850/29  1910

Press photograph of Fowler - Burton challenge cup boxing team entry from Keppel Place School  850/30  1924

Press photograph of a group on a nature study excursion from Devonport Higher Elementary school  850/31  nd 20th C

Postcard, school building in Keppel Place, Devonport  850/32  nd 20th C

MAPS  [no ref. or date]

Photograph of part of seige map of Plymouth 1643  850/33  nd 20th C

Photocopies and photographs of Benjamin Donn's map of Stoke town and Plymouth dock, 1765  850/34  nd 20th C

2 photocopies and 6 photographs

Photographs of a map of Devonport and suburbs by Robert Brindley 1830  850/35  nd 20th C

2 copies

Photograph of map of Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport by H V Harris, 1845  850/36  nd 20th C

Photographs of map of Devonport and Stonehouse, 1859  850/37  nd 20th C

2 copies

Photocopied outline plan of Devonport to show the boundary extensions of 1898 and 1900 and a manuscript key to the areas marked  850/38  nd 20th C

4 copies

Photograph of map of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse by Belman, 1909-1914, with reference to schools in Devonport  850/39  nd 20th C


Postcard of interior of Charles Church from an oil-painting by Condy senior (1790-1851), from G B of Plymouth to F S Blight, Cromer, Norfolk  850/40  7 March 1961

Postcard of interior of St Andrew's church from an engraving of 1832 from G B of Plymouth to F S Blight in Cromer  850/41  1 April 1962

Postcard of exterior of the Island House, the Barbican Plymouth  850/42  nd 20th C

Postcard size reproduction of a painting of Oreston and the Cattewater, Plymouth, c1829  850/43  nd 20th C

Postcard of exterior of the Elizabethan house, New Street  850/44  nd 20th C

Photograph of Smeaton's tower, the Hoe, Plymouth  850/45  nd 20th C

Photograph of the Hoe and Pier, Plymouth  850/46  nd 20th C

Illustration, printed, the Elizabethan Guildhall  850/47  nd 20th C


Photograph of exterior of Military hospital, Devonport  850/48  c1913

Nine photographs of views from the Column, Devonport  850/49  c1922

17 photographs of Devonport Technical College, some duplicated, showing interior and exterior views  850/50  1927

Photograph of railings, Morice Square, Devonport about 1820  850/51  1949

Photograph of Devonport market  850/52  1949

Postcards of the Town Hall and Column, Devonport, from an engraving of 1829  850/53  nd 20th C

2 copies

A black and white photograph and colour reproduction of a water colour painting of Devonport dockyard and harbour by T Allom 1829  850/54  nd 20th C

Photograph of an engraving, Fore Street, Devonport by Newman and Co. Watling Street, London 1860  850/55  nd 20th C

2 copies

Photograph of the beach, Backwell's Royal Clarence Baths, Devonport, 1900  850/56  nd 20th C

Coloured postcard of Keyham gates, Devonport, 19th century view  850/57  nd 20th C

Coloured postcard of Fore Street, Devonport, 19th century view  850/58  nd 20th C

Photograph of Mount Wise, Devonport  850/59  nd 20th C

Photograph of the baths, Mount Wise, Devonport  850/60  nd 20th C

Photograph of the entrance, Royal Naval barracks, Devonport  850/61  nd 20th C

Photograph of the Scott memorial, Mount Wise, Devonport  850/62  nd 20th C

Photograph of property burnt in a blizzard, 1901, Wingfield Villas, Devonport  850/63  nd 20th C

PHOTOGRAPHS OF SHIPS  [no ref. or date]

Photograph of HMS Cambridge  850/64  nd 20th C

2 photographs of HMS Impregnable and Implacable  850/65  nd 20th C

2 photographs of launching of HMS Ocean, with HMS Royal Adelaide  850/66  nd 20th C

2 photographs of ships in the dockyard, general  850/67  nd 20th C

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Photograph of gun and memorial from the Boer war  850/68  c1902

Postcard of view of the Tamar from St Budeaux  850/69  nd 20th C

Photograph of Brunel's bridge, looking towards Saltash  850/70  nd 20th C

Photograph of probably the Naval hospital, Devonport  850/71  nd 20th C

Photograph of view of a park garden  850/72  nd 20th C

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