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Reference 69
Covering dates 13th/14th Centuries - 1955
Held by Plymouth and West Devon Record Office
Extent 18 Sub-sub fonds

Folder icon  [no title]  69/P/1/4  16 June 1787

These documents are held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

Deed of Appointment
1) Jonathan Morton Pleydell the elder, late of Great Britain but now of Rochestown, Dublin, esq, and Elizabeth Pleydell otherwise Jackson, his wife
2) Jonathan Morton Pleydell, eldest son and heir of 1)
3) William Willoughby, Lord Viscount Enniskillen, and Daniel Falkiner of Abbotstown, Dublin, esq
4) James Hamilton of Sheephill, Dublin, esq, and Tankerville Chamberlain of Dublin, esq, Barrister-At-Law
5) Edmond Morton Pleydell of Milbourne St Andrew, Dorset, esq, and Henry Shiffner of Pontrilas, Hereford, esq
Manor of Doobally in the barony of Tullyhaw, County Cavan, and messuages called Aghavillys, Towlaght, Tullyanough, Drummaney, Rahahan, Gortachor, Clinticoo, Killinaher and Cornedarragh in Drumlane, County Cavan
Also all the messuages and premises held by 1) under lease from the Vicars Choral of Saint Patricks, Dublin, in the parish of Screen, County Meath; all other leasehold houses and premises in Dublin held by 1) under lease from The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin
Consideration: Marriage settlement of 1), and in order to better secure Elizabeth Pleydell's jointure of £700
Term: After the death of Jonathan Morton Pleydell the elder, (should his wife survive him)

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