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Walling family of Plymouth

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Reference 261
Covering dates 1741-1945
Held by Plymouth and West Devon Record Office
Extent 122 files
Creators Walling family of Plymouth, Devon

RAJ and RV Walling: letters and correspondence; RVW's military handbooks; booklets on journalism, press cuttings books, newspapers; material relating to First World War; Plymouth Corporation Grammar School Debating and Literary Society minutes and school magazines; Parliamentary elections pamphlets and reports, and miscellaneous items

RAJ WALLING  [no ref. or date]

File of letters to Robert Alfred John Walling  261/1  1893-1921

On a wide range of subjects including journalism, his being made a Justice of the Peace, and given the 'Palmes en Argent de L'Ordre de la Couronne' by the Belgian King 1893 - 1921, with letters from correspondents in Paris, Nantes, Brest and Rennes, who were part of an international friendship group 1911-1912

File of miscellaneous letters and press cuttings to RAJ Walling  261/2  1895-1921

Including 'Wanderings in New Guinea', Boer War letters and a letter for an ex-convict, 1895-1921, with a lecture on teaching English at Devonport, 1914

File of letters from Eden Philpots, a Torquay author, about items for publication and reviews  261/3  1906-1924

File of notes in diary form by RAJ Walling, mainly on press affairs some in  261/4  1913-1920
Language:  French

File of correspondence and notes between Lord Astor and RAJ Walling about the formation of a world-wide peace movement after the failure of the League of Nations  261/5  1943

File of typed notes, anecdotes, and interviews about George Borrow, a 19th century Norfolk author, linguist and tramp  261/6  20th Cent

A typed essay on the life of Henry David Thoreau, an American philosopher 1817-1862  261/7  20th Cent

RAJ WALLING, UNITED STATES TOUR 1928  [no ref. or date]

Map of the United States of America, showing New York, Lake Erie and the Western railroad  261/8  1896

Small scale

Manuscript journal of the tour in 3 volumes  261/9  1928

Photograph of the group of journalists who went on the tour  261/10  1928

RV WALLING  [no ref. or date]

File, mainly personal letters between Captain Robert V Walling and his parents  261/11  1929-1930

MS notebook, memoirs of R V Walling, with notes on his family history, mainly about his father  261/12  1940


Bundle of 3 naval pocket books  261/13  1893, 1904, 1913

Bundle of 7 handbooks, "Garrison Artillery Training"  261/14  1905, 1910, 1911, 1914

Bundle of 4 Handbooks on coast defence guns and range finders  261/15  1913-1915, 1917

Bundle of 2 volumes "The Fleet Annual, and Naval Year Book"  261/16  1915-1916


Illustrated booklet "Stripes and Types of the Royal Navy" a guide to naval ranks  261/17  1909

Handbook entitled, ".303 inch converted maxim machine gun"  261/18  1911

Handbook of military ceremonial  261/19  1912

Handbook of the 9.2 inch Barbette BL Land service guns  261/20  1912

Handbook of naval gunnery drill book (11), instructions for hand worked mountings  261/21  1912

Shorthand notebook, Maxim gun course, Plymouth  261/22  1913

Handbook entitled, "Field Artillery Training"  261/23  1914

Printed booklet entitled "Field notes on the Belgian, French and German armies"  261/24  1914

Notebook entitled "Rank at a glance in the Army and and Navy", with illustrations  261/25  1915

Manual of field gunnery  261/26  1915

Longhand notebook, gunnery course at Plymouth  261/27  1915

Training manual, signalling, (provisional)  261/28  1915

Pamphlet with printed notes and signals card entitled "Cooperation of Aircraft with Artillery"  261/29  1916

Printed circular memoranda, from the Director of Army Signals  261/30  1916

Longhand notebook, "signalling course at the Citadel Plymouth"  261/31  1916

Printed notebook, Ammunition for Siege Howitzers  261/32  1916

Provisional handbook entitled "QF 4 inch mark 5 gun, Land Service"  261/33  1916

Wallet of 11 pamphlets about siege artillery  261/34  1916-1917

Longhand, notebook, Battery Commanders gunnery course at Lydd, near Salisbury  261/35  1917

Longhand notebook, siege Artillery Course, Horsham, Surrey  261/36  1917

Handbook of the BL 6 inch 26 cwt Mark 1 Howitzer, Land Service  261/37  1917

Marine almanack  261/38  1917
Language:  German

The Journal of the Royal Artillery, volume 44 number 8  261/39  1918

Booklet on map reading and military tactics entitled "Mind and Method in Modern Minor Tactics"  261/40  1919

Book entitled "Coast Artillery Training", volume 2, with amendments  261/41  1933

Handbook entitled, "Instructions for the Manning of Coast Defences searchlights and engine rooms"  261/42  1939

Handbook entitled, "Royal Artillery Training memorandum"  261/43  1939

Handbook, entitled, "The Officer and his job, morale and fighting efficiency"  261/44  1940

Handbook entitled "French Armoured Fighting Vehicles captured by the Germans"  261/45  1940

Handbook entitled, "Coast Artillery drills, part 3 pamphlet Number 1, gun drills, general"  261/46  1940

As 261/46, pamphlet number 8, BL 6 inch gun drill  261/47  1940

Penguin book entitled "World Shipping" by A C Hardy  261/48  1941

The soldiers language manual  261/49  20th Cent
Language:  English and German

Longhand notebook on artillery with typed syllabus of lecture  261/50  20th Cent

Longhand notebook on artillery with typed syllabus of lecture  261/51  20th Cent

Longhand notebook, coast defence armaments  261/52  20th Cent

Handbook entitled, "Printed notes of Torpedo work in HM ships"  261/53  20th Cent

Small book entitled, "Everybody's book of the Navy", giving general information, with a summary of naval history 851-1840 by Commander C E Eldred, RN  261/54  20th Cent

Parliamentary Elections  [no ref. or date]

Booklet of press cuttings and pictures, election campaign in the South West of England  261/55  1892

File of election pamphlets for the South West of England  261/56  1929

Booklet of press cuttings on the election campaign for the South West of England  261/57  1929

File of press cuttings, election campaign in the South West of England  261/58  1935

File of press cuttings and national newspapers, general election  261/59  1945


Minutes of the Debating and Literary Society, 1907-1908  261/60  1907-1909

With enclosed report for 1908, programme of events, resignation of officers 1909, and a letter by L J Stribling, a pupil, about the school (no date)

Bundle of 14 volumes of the school magazine  261/61  1909-1912

FIRST WORLD WAR  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of 4 army recruitment posters  261/62  1914

Folder of 42 wartime photographs with explanations on the back of each  261/63  1914-1915

Typescript journal of a visit to the British front lines with shorthand notes, 1917, and a map of the town of Arras and surrounding district in France  261/64  1917

BOOKLETS ON JOURNALISM  [no ref. or date]

Booklet entitled, "Newspapers, and their Millionaires", by Viscount Northcliffe  261/65  1922

Report by the International Labour Office, entitled "Conditions of Work and Life of Journalists"  261/66  1928

Report entitled, "Bulletin officiel de L'Union Internationale des Associations de Presse" from the Congress D'Anvers, number 49  261/67  1934

Booklet of articles entitled "The Bad New Days" by the Old Stager  261/68  20th Cent

CORNISH AFFAIRS  [no ref. or date]

File of correspondence with RV Walling on "Tyre ha Tavas", the Cornish Language Society  261/69  1934

Bundle of 10 copies of "Kernow", a Cornish language magazine  261/70  1934-1936

Large envelope of press clippings (mainly from the West Briton) about Cornish matters in general  261/71  1934-1942

PRESS CUTTINGS BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

Book of press cuttings, 1891-1912, mainly by RAJ Walling, with copies of letters between George Borrow and John Bowring on literary matters, 1830-1831, and reviews on RAJ Walling's book on Borrow 1908-1909  261/72  1830-1912

Book of letters to W John Reilly Newcombe about the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, being burnt in 1863 and press cuttings on Plymouth and Bristol theatrical matters 1878-1881  261/73  1863-1891

Small book of press cuttings on general topics affecting the South West of England including mining, elections and a Bible Christian conference, with 2 undated photographs of Captain R V Walling  261/74  1889-1891

Small book, press cuttings about music and politics in the South West of England  261/75  1891

Book of press cuttings on Lord Tennyson  261/76  1892

Book of press cuttings, "Books and bookmen", from the Western Daily Mercury and general subjects, with index  261/77  1895-1896

Book of press cuttings "Notes of the Day" and a story entitled "The Riches of Richard Gent" from the Western Evening Herald  261/78  1896

Book of press cuttings, "Notes of the Day" from the Western Evening Herald  261/79  1896

Book of press cuttings, mainly of "On the Watch in the West", from the Western Evening Herald  261/80  1897-1914

Book of press cuttings, "Notes of the Day" from the Western Evening Herald  261/81  1899

Book of press cuttings, "On the Watch in the West", and "Notes of the Day", Western Evening Herald  261/82  1901

Book of press cuttings, "On the Watch in the West" Western Evening Herald  261/83  1901-1903

Book of press cuttings, general articles by RAJ Walling 1916-1935, and mainly on his American tour 1928  261/84  1916-1935

Book of press cuttings, "Paris Letter", and general articles  261/85  1921

Book of press cuttings, "The World of Books", 1922-1931, and general articles 1924-1931  261/86  1922-1931

NEWSPAPERS  [no ref. or date]

First page facsimile of the first issue of "The Birmingham Gazette or General Correspondent" newspaper  261/87  16 November 1741

Copy of "The Star", a London newspaper  261/88  22 October 1794

Copy of "The Star", a London newspaper  261/89  15 March 1802

Copy of "The Observer", funeral of Lord Nelson  261/90  12 January 1806

Copy of the first issue of the "Plymouth and Dock Telegraph"  261/91  19 March 1808

Copy of "The Star"  261/92  3 April 1810

Copy of "The British Press", a national newspaper, about electing an MP for Plymouth  261/93  26 June 1812

Copy of "The Courier", a national newspaper  261/94  14 June 1815

Copy of "The Morning Chronicle", a London newspaper  261/95  14 July 1827

Copy of "The Morning Chronicle", a London newspaper  261/96  17 July 1827

Copy of "Bell's Weekly Messenger", a national Sunday newspaper  261/97  22 May 1836

Copy of "The Globe", a London newspaper, the coronation of Queen Victoria  261/98  28 June 1838

Copy of "The Morning Advertizer", a London newspaper  261/99  29 June 1838

Copy of the supplement to "The Swindon Advertizer" a local newspaper  261/100  6 February 1854

Copy of the "Weekly Dispatch", a national Sunday newspaper  261/101  24 April 1859

Part of a copy (pages 5-8) of "Lloyds Weekly London Newspaper"  261/102  2 February 1862

An illustration from the "Illustrated London News", the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe placing the memorial stone of the Devonport, Stonehouse and Cornwall Hospital  261/103  5 July 1862

Copy of "The Pall Mall Gazette" a national evening newspaper  261/104  7 July 1885

Copies of "The Camborne Observer", a Cornish newspaper  261/105  5 and 12 July 1890

Copy of "The Star", second extra, a London newspaper  261/106  14 June 1897

Bundle of 11 local Plymouth and national newspapers about Gladstone's death  261/107  19-28 May 1898

Copy of "The Standard and Diggers News", a South African newspaper, about Winston Churchill's escape and the South African War  261/108  2 and 4 December 1899

Copies of "The Times"  261/109  31 December 1900 and 1 January 1901

Copies of 5 local and national newspapers on the death of Queen Victoria  261/110  January 1901

Copy of "The Western Daily Mercury", jubilee number of the newspaper  261/111  2 June 1910

Two copies of the "Western Daily Mercury" the coronation of King George V  261/112  22 June 1911

Copy of the "Western Daily Mercury"  261/113  1 July 1919

Bundle of 3 copies of the "Western Daily Mercury", the diamond jubilee of the newspaper  261/114  2 June 1920

Copy of "The Cologne Post" (in English) a British daily newspaper in Germany  261/115  29 June 1923

Copy of "The Daily Telegraph"  261/116  11 May 1925

Bundle of 26 newspapers, local and national, on the General Strike  261/117  May 1926

Five copies of the "South Devon Times" newspaper from which cuttings have been taken  261/118  1930-1945

A sheet from the "Christian Science Monitor" about books and America  261/119  23 October 1935

Copy of the "West Briton and Cornwall Advertizer", a local newspaper about the coronation of King George VI  261/120  13 May 1937

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Annual report of the Royal British Female Orphan Asylum, Devonport  261/121  1876

MS map of the Indian Central and East coast railway, existing and proposed lines  261/122  20th Cent

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