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Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall Deeds

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Reference 1505
Covering dates 1836-1988
Held by Plymouth and West Devon Record Office
Extent 49 files
Source of acquisition Lipsons Solicitors, Plymouth
Creators Lipsons, Plymouth, solicitors
Supplementary information List of Names
File reference numbers 1505/1-20 John, Lord St. Levan, St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Florence Yolland of Stoke Damerel, spinster
William Yolland of Chester, retired Colonel
Samuel Bowden of Devonport and Blanche his wife
Levo Welch Gard of Devonport, bank official
Frederick James Drew of Devonport, electrical fitter
Beatrice May Drew his wife
Gladys May Williams of Devonport, spinster
George and Dorothy Emily Mawhinney of Devonport, purchasers
File reference numbers 1505/8 Abstract of will and probate Beatrice Mary Drew, 2 July 1965
File reference numbers 1505/11-21 John Lord St. Levan of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Charles Hill Stidever of Devonport, builder
Samuel Phillips Rilstone of Devonport, grocer
James Thompson of Devonport, grocers manager
William Whitby of Devonport, gent
Thomas Whitby of Devonport, gent
James Hill of Devonport, gent
Elizabeth Chaplin of Devonport
Henry Trevett of Devonport, electrical artificer, R.N.
Albert Francis Pound of Keyham, civil servant and Louisa
Maud Pound his wife
Francis Cecil, Baron St. Levan
Leonard Herbert Hambly of Yealmpton, purchaser
File reference numbers 1505/22-25 Elizabeth Truscott of Stoke Damerel, widow
Abraham Allen of Stoke Damerel, smith, H.M. Dockyard
William Truscott of Stoke Damerel, blacksmith
George Truscott of Stoke Damerel, smith, H.M. Dockyard and Mary his wife
Robert Davey of Linkinhorne, Cornwall, yeoman and Ann his wife
Richard Ellis of Abingdon, Berkshire, gent
John Ellis of Leighton Buzzard, Berks, clothier
Richard Badcock of Abingdon, Berks, auctioneer
John Evans of Devonport, shipwright
Richard and Wingfield Baker of Orsett Hall, Essex
Digby Hanmer Richard Wingfield of Orsett Hall, Essex, esq., John Suther Hodge Evans of Stoke Damerel, draughtsman
File reference numbers 1505/26-35 Taylor Woodrow Estates Ltd
Christopher Joll Anniss of St. Budeaux, cabinet maker
Walter Duke of Plymouth, omnibus conductor
Francis John Griffin of Plympton-St-Mary, retired baker and confectioner
Ronald Courtenay Crews of St. Budeaux
Richard and Alison Rosemary Parker of St. Budeaux
File reference numbers 1505/36-51 John Lord St. Levan of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall
Henry Pile of Devonport, builder
Rosetta Lock, wife of Thomas Lock, chief armourer, R.N.
William Matthews of Plymouth, chief petty officer, R.N.
John Hayne Pillar of Plymouth, private tutor, George Henry
Hill of Plymouth, merchant and George Broughton Vickery of Plymouth warrant officer, R.N.
Mary Maud Shaxon of Devonport
George William Thomas Clapp of Devonport, chief engine room artificer, R.N. and his wife Ada Mary Elizabeth
John Stanley Bishop of Plymouth, gent
John Albert Edward Camp of Plymouth, motor engineer
William Henry Tremlett Dawe of Plymouth, solicitor
Henry Philip Leopold Cart de Lafontaine of London, chartered architect
Harold Leslie Barby of Plymouth, salesman
Harry Black of Plymouth, gent
Sarah Jane Moore of Plymouth, spinster
File reference numbers 1505/52-65 George Henry Smith of Devonport, builder
Charles James Latham of Plymouth, esq., Henry Alfred Thomas of Plymouth, chief engineer, trinity pilot and his wife Eva Beatrice
Wilfred McDavison of Plymouth, lieutenant R.N. and his wife Beatrice Annie
Olive Lilian Langmead wife of Frederick Philip Langmead of Plymouth
Thomas Ashton Stelfox of Plymouth, petty officer, R.N.
Lefa Triscott of Plympton, spinster
John Anthony Davison of Barnstaple, Devon
Christopher Joseph Bradley of Plymouth
Ian James Hutt of Plymouth and his wife Christine Dorothy
File reference numbers 1505/66-77 James Bounsall of Stoke Damerel, warrant officer, R.N.
Edwin Charles Kestell of Stoke Damerel, warrant officer
Eliza Ford Chapple of Devonport, widow
Sarah Elizabeth Hartnell of Devonport, clerk
Louisa Phillipa Spillman of Devonport, clothiers assistant
Priscilla Glanville Jope of Devonport, spinster
Annie Pearse of Antony, Cornwall, spinster
Priscilla Glanville Connor of Devonport
William Thomas Jarvis Rich of Plymouth and Ellen his wife, driller, H.M. Dockyard
William Richard Geach of Plymouth, gent
Edgar Sydney Heard of Saltash, plumber
William Henry Westcott of Plymouth, engineer
Harold Martin Leslie Powning of Plymouth, post office clerk
Samuel Hector Honey of Plymouth
Annie Julia Lang of Plymouth, spinster
Herbert Ewart Williams of Plymouth, iron caulker
Ralph Hutchings of Plymouth, shipwright
Stuart Collins of Plymouth, recorder, H.M. Dockyard
Reginald William Rich of Plymouth
Mabel Ellen Rich of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/78-91 Frederick John Piper of Yelverton, builder
Michael Dominic Keiley of Plymouth, surgeon
Eliza Sophia Shelly of Plymouth, widow
Richard Braginton Johns of Plymouth, solicitor
William Luscombe Munday of Plymouth, solicitor
Edward William Thomas Bassett of Plymouth, skilled labourer and his wife Amelia Emily Bassett
Thomas Cecil Light, tailor's cutter and Lilian Muriel, his wife
Victor Luly Bennett of Plymouth, estate agent
Geoffrey Howard Stevens of Plymouth, solicitor
Alfred Webber, John Samuel Gray and Charles Henry Broad, Trustees, Devon and Cornwall District Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society
Charles Thomas Monk of Devonport, ships joiner
Lucretia Mann of Elburton
Anthony George Wills of Plymouth, boiler maker
Edward Kenneth Lovell of Plymouth, engine fitter and Dorothy
Nellie Lovell, widow
Blanche Florence Wills of Devonport, widow
File reference numbers 1505/92-104 James Frederick Donne of Devonport, builder
Charles Edwards of Devonport, builder
Edwin Birch of Devonport, accountant
Thomas Austin Dolton of Devonport, gent
Margaret Osborn, wife of James Roberts Osborn of Devonport, retired captain, R.N.
Alfred Vincent Harrington of Saltash, labourer
Charles Howell Lethbridge of Plymouth, retired government foreman of works
Thomas Theodore Hamblyn of Plymouth, moulder
Reginald John Hutchings of Plymouth, law clerk
Florence Kate Harrington of Plymouth
Frederick George Sluman Hutchings of Plymouth, trustee
John Newton Edmunds Ashford of Plymouth, trustee
Doris Harrington of Devonport, daughter of Florence Kate
George Horace Redvers Hutchings of Plymouth, gas fitter
William Stanley Jean of Plymouth, clerk
Charles Harrington of Caterham, Surrey
Kate Stanton of Saltash, catering cook, married woman
Marjorie Callard of Plymouth, married woman
File reference numbers 1505/105-120 Michael O'Brien of Plymouth, provision merchant
William Elias Wilson the younger of Plymouth, builder
John Nauscawen Dawe of Devonport, draper
William Vosper Hoppen of Plymouth, jeweller
Richard Henry Keen of HMS Indus, engineer artificer
John Saltern of London, gent
William Henry Guest of Callington, Cornwall, miner
Thomas George Castle, John Russell Lord and William Thomas Vosper, trustees
Joseph Edmonds Marwood of Plymouth
Walter Edmonds Marwood of Pinner, Middlesex, mens wear buyer
Francis Leslie Marwood of Stonehouse, Gloucester, naval stores Officer
Sidney John Rees of Saltash, carpenter and joiner
Florence Rees of Plymouth, administratrix
Emily Maria Matthews of Glasgow, inspector of shipwrights
Annie Crabb of Fowey, Cornwall, spinster
File reference numbers 1505/121-130 Sir Michael Culme Seymour of Rockingham Castle, Northampton
H. J. Gill and Son, Limited, Plymouth
Michael Culme Seymour of Middlesex, lieutenant R.N.
David McWalter of North Berwick, E. Lothian
Richard Harold Sweet of Plymouth, solicitor
Kathleen McWalter of Plymouth, wife of David
File reference numbers 1505/131 Charles Henry James of Devonport
File reference numbers 1505/132-149 Jonathan Luxmoore of Plymouth, gent
William Conway of Plymouth, builder
Richard Webber of Torquay, tailor
David Eastley of Paignton, gent
Charles Hill Eastley of Paington, gent
Anne Eastley of Paignton, widow
John Underhill of Plymouth, shipwright
William Harrison of Plymouth, solicitor
Amelia Canham of Devonport
James Bowden of Plymouth, painter and paperhanger
Amelia Underhill of Plymouth, daughter of John
John Thomas Bond of Plymouth, solicitor
Richard Rugg Monk of Plymouth, gent
Ernest Richard Bowden of Johannesburg, telegraph linesman
Roland Hill of Pretoria, South Africa, executor
Hilda Rule, wife of John Douglas Rule of Yelverton, naval pensioner
Albert Edward Small Hartland of Kingsand, Cornwall, quartermaster sergeant, Royal Marines
Douglas Ralph Roy Gill and Gladys Edith Maud Gill of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/150-162 George William Culme Soltau-Symons of Plympton St. Mary, esquire
Harry Davies Bewes of East Stonehouse
Sir Michael Culme Seymour of London, admiral R.N.
Richard Rogers of Plymouth, builder
Jonathan Clouter Parkyn of Sydenham Damerel, clerk in holy orders
Bolitho Williams Foster Coode-Grylls and Co., bankers
William Henry Vinicombe of Plymouth, wholesale butcher
Frances Marion Paul of Plymouth, widow
William Wills Rickeard of Plymouth, solicitor
Emma Jane Morrish of Plymouth, widow
Francis John Barnett of Plymouth, chief engine room artificer, R.N.
George Henry Hill of Plymouth, merchant
William Barnes of Plymouth, retired bootmaker
John Blair of Plymouth, warehouseman
William Hockaday of Plymouth, machine compositor
Frederick George Davis of Plymouth, commercial traveller
William Henry Bond of Plymouth, tailors cutter
Cyril and Kathleen May Archer of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/163-170 Isaac Foot of Plymouth, solicitor
Frederick Edgar Bowden of Plymouth, solicitor
Walter John Smith of Devonport, builder
Frederick Arthur Westcott of Devonport, builder
Frank Henry Knowles of Plymouth, artificer engineer
Frank Hayward of Devonport and Winifred Eliza Hayward, his wife
Stanley Brown of Plymouth, schoolmaster
Charles John Hilton of Plymouth, gent
Stanley James Seymour of Plymouth, decorator and his wife Beatrice Evelyn Seymour
File reference numbers 1505/171-181 Elsie Maud Brickwood wife of Leonard Brickwood of Plymouth, general dealer
Uriah Kimber of Devonport, gent
George Archibald King Lear of Plymouth, undertaker and his wife Leah Madeline Lear
William Howett of Plymouth, licensed victualler
Doris Leah Lear of Plymouth, spinster
Reginald Richard Lugg of Plymouth, inspector, South West Gas Board and his wife
Kathleen Beryl Blanche Lugg
Thomas Harold Cox of Plymstock, fitter and his wife Mildred Helena Ada Cox
Evelyn May Harvey of Paignton, widow
File reference numbers 1505/182-189 Emily Finch of Anerley, Surrey, widow
Thomas Benjamin Luke of Plymouth, boot manufacturer
William Henry Lethbridge of Paignton, builder
Martin Luther Finch of Plymouth, chemical manufacturer
Norman Harold Luke of Saltash, accountant
Ophelia Sarah Stanbury of London, widow
Erastus Parmenas Luke of Chittlehampton, Devon, gent
George William Culme Soltau Symons of Chaddlewood, Devon, esq., Lennard Edward Dick of Ramsgate, Kent, commander, R.N.
Reginald Lewis Batchelor of Plymouth, esq., John Thomas Soltau of Plymouth, esq., Edwin James Manning of Plymouth, builder
Epentus Ernest Luke of Plymouth, outfitter
Myer Roseman of Plymouth, estate agent
Samuel Roseman of Plymouth, hotel keeper
File reference numbers 1505/190 Francis Henry Crozier, esq., Richard Pearson Crozier, lieutenant colonel
File reference numbers 1505/191-209 Lewis Charles Foster of Liskeard, banker
Robert Sampson Torrie of Plymouth, bank manager
Samuel Roberts of Plymouth, contractor
James Henry Endean of Plymouth, builder
John Russell Lord of Plymouth, cashier
William Thomas Vosper of Plymouth, tailor
Henry Howard of Plymouth, builder
Ernest Thomas Wood of East Stonehouse, chemist
James Kendall Weale of Plymouth, store-holder
Frederick Edward Toms of Plymouth, R.N., butchers manager
Ettie Gwendoline Toms his wife
Thomas Henry Roskilly, trustee
Alfred Webber, trustee
John Samuel Gray, trustee
William James Brickwood Figgins of Devonport
Thomas Henry Lee of Plymouth, printer
James Henry Marshall of Plymouth, naval pensioner and Eleanor Elizabeth Marshall his wife
Alfred Thomas Avery of Devonport, licensed manager
Wilfred Chegwyn of Camelford, Cornwall, grocer
Horace Hoskin of Plymouth, omnibus driver and Diana Hoskin his wife
File reference numbers 1505/210-227 Charles William Henry Fox of Plymouth, builder
Charles Bewes of Gnaton Hall, Devon, esq., Harry Davies Bewes of East Stonehouse, esq., George Sydney Strode of Newnham Park, Devon, esq., Francis Feodor Wynne Hawker of Bickleigh, esq., Elizabeth Ann Nicholls wife of George Nicholls of Plymouth, builder
Benjamin Tredwen of Plymouth, licensed victualler
Richard Weeks Winnicott of Plymouth, merchant
Susanna Tredwen, wife of Benjamin Tredwen
John Bone of Plymouth, solicitor
Arthur George Bissett Fenwick of Brighton, Sussex, surgeon
Kathleen Florence Nesbit Fenwick of Eastbourne, Sussex, spinster
Mary Albina Louise Proctor of Bushey, Herts
Peter George Rose of Newquay, carpenter
David William Frederick Drewett of Plymouth, Divisional District Manager
Edward Frederick Sayers of Plymouth and Rosalie Joan Sayers
File reference numbers 1505/228-239 William Roope Ilbert of West Alvington, Devon, esq., James Skinner of Plymouth, builder
John Kennard of Plymouth, carpenter
William Stanbury of Plymouth, gentleman
Harold Charles Lake of Plymouth, Doctor of Music
Nicholas Octavius Lake of Plymouth, builder
Francis Alfred Ilbert of Plymouth, lieutenant colonel
Norman Chaudius Lake of Berkhampsted, Herts, surgeon
Thomas Waring Colley of South Brent, land agent
Francis Fairfax Cholmeley of London, esq., Geoffrey Alan Brooke Hawkins of Kettering Northants, rear admiral, R.N.
Roger Harold Nicholas Lake of Tavistock, medical practitioner
Winifred Evelyn Roach of Cheam, Surrey, married woman
Victor Montgomery Cannon Brookes of London, solicitor
Ivor Lovell Ivins of London, solicitor
Markham Cannon Brookes of Sunningdale, Berks
File reference numbers 1505/240-267 Francis Henry Crozier of Lymington, Hants esq., Richard Pearson Crozier of Freshwater, Hants, colonel
William Elias Wilson of Plymouth, builder
Joseph Wills of Plymouth, gent
Katharine Agnes Wills of Plymouth, spinster
Richard Hancock of Callington, Cornwall, solicitor
David Fredman of Devonport, house agent
William Henry Lazarus of Plymouth, mattress maker
Harry Lazarus of Plymouth, upholsterer
Harry Black of Plymouth, general dealer
John Bone of Plymouth, solicitor
Israel Bertie Black of Plymouth, company director
Samuel Marks of Plymouth, company director and his wife Hilda Marks
Charles Ward Turner of Plymouth, solicitor
Reginald Ernest Hill of Plymouth, decorator and his wife
Gwendoline Florence Hill
Brian Lee Moore of Plymouth, solicitor
Frank Victor Gordon Hocking of Plymouth, turner
Alan Geoffrey Green and his wife Jacqueline Doreen Green of Plymouth
Donald Frederick Johnstone of Plymouth, medical practitioner
Robert John Alford and his wife Marilyn Jeanette Alford of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/252 Abstract of will and probate of Hyman alias Harry Black 7 May 1956
File reference numbers 1505/268-278 Thomas Wolferstan of Plymouth, solicitor
Charles Horatio Chidgey of Plymouth, builder
Mary Jane Moule of Devonport, spinster
John Moule of Plymouth, clerk
Albert Sandy of Darite, Cornwall, draper
Martin William Sandy of Plymouth, draper
Percival White of Plymouth, accountant
Eric Arthur Goodeve of Plymstock, gent
William John Norsworthy of Ashburton, schoolmaster
Frank Russell Yeo of Thurlestone, draper
Evelyn Mary Yeo of Thurlestone, widow
William Edwin Beckley of Plymouth, draper
Isaac Foot of Plymouth, solicitor
Colin John Russell Yeo of Aldershot, lieutenant
Stanley Foot of Plymouth, solicitor
Roland Edwards of Plymouth, accountant
Louisa Elizabeth Cole, wife of Samuel Cole of Plymouth, butcher
Arthur Samuel Cole of Plymouth, butcher
Gwendoline Louisa Cole of Plymouth, spinster
File reference numbers 1505/279-285 Leslie T. Mutton of Plymouth, esq., Jack H. Lang Limited of Plymouth
William John Hamling of Plymouth, gardner/groundsman, Phyllis Olive Hamling his wife
David Joseph Lord of Devonport, fitter and turner and his wife Sandra Lord
Harry Black of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/286-293 Lily White of Plymouth
Elsie Douglass Pethybridge of Postbridge, widow
William Leonard Van de Kasteele of Plymouth, merchant
Lily White, wife of Fred White of Plymouth, hairdresser
Brian Lee Moore of Plymouth
David James Leigh Gabbitass of Plymouth
Malcolm Philip Jenkin of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/294-302 Charles Henry James of Plymouth
Henry Sidney Edward Buckland of Plymouth, painter
Allan Isaac Pearse of Plymouth, insurance company inspector
Bryan John Chamberlain of Upton Poole, Dorset
File reference numbers 1505/303-304 Alan Yarrow Jessiman of Oxted, Surrey, insurance broker and his wife Catherine Winton Jessiman
File reference numbers 1505/305-320 Frederick John Collier of Plymouth, draper
Emily England of Plymouth, widow
Cadwallader George Brian
Pearse Gundry of Polbathic, Cornwall, gent
Florence Mary Bazeley of Plymouth, spinster
Reginald Thomas England of Plymouth, motor engineer and his wife Lilian Violetta England
Greta Violet Harris of Plymouth, married woman
Ernest Vernon Stodden of Plymouth, master butcher and his wife Phyllis Jose Edina Stodden
William Henry Ford of Plymouth, maintenance electrician
Jill Margaret Downer of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/321-324 John Chowen Foster of Plymouth, builder
Alfred Weekes of Plymouth, solicitor
Thomas Earle Weekes of Plymouth, professor of music
Herbert George Thistlewood Hawken of Liskeard, Cornwall, civil engineer
William Tucker Weekes of London, music publisher
Clarissa Prout Hill of Plymouth, widow
File reference numbers 1505/325-332 William Joseph Square of Plymouth, surgeon
Abel George Clifton of Plymouth, architect
John Elliot of Kingsbridge, surgeon
William George Hawken and James Thomas Hawken of Plymouth, builders
John Thomas Bond of Plymouth, solicitor
Percy Trevarthian Pearce of Plymouth, solicitor
Ann Towl of Stoke Damerel, widow
Ann Nute of Plymouth, widow
Eleazor Orgel of Plymouth, furniture dealer
John Endicott of Plymouth, butcher
George William Nieass Horswell of Plymouth, house agent
Alfred Edward Hammett of Plymouth, shipwright
File reference numbers 1505/333-336 Henry Elliot Turner of Plymouth, solicitor
Frederick James Luxton of Plymouth, builder
Herbert Granville Gordon of Plymouth, accountant
File reference numbers 1505/337-351 Henry Clark, esquire
Lucy Clark
C.T.B. Pike
John Andrew Blatchford of Plymouth, builder
Alfred John Hutchins of Plymouth, chief steward, mercantile service
Eric Hanson of East Stonehouse, chief steward, mercantile service
William Weeks Hamley of Plymouth, timber merchant
John Penrose Parson of Plymouth, watchmaker and jeweller and Lilian Parson his wife
Agnes Rickeard of Plymouth, widow
John Ernest Mitchell of Plymouth, licensee and Lily Mitchell his wife
Peter Hearley of Plymouth, joiner machinist and his wife
Joan Doreen Hearley
File reference numbers 1505/352-378 Richard Crazier of the I.O.W. Hants, admiral R.N.
Francis Henry Crozier of Boldre, Hants
Thomas James Steer of Plymouth, builder
Thomas Harper of Plymouth, gent
John Austen Stripp of Plymouth, commercial traveller
Thomas Henry Hicks of Looe, Cornwall, chemist
Julyan Stripp of Bodmin, grocer
Frederick George Jenny of Plymouth, butcher
Janie Penny of South Woodford, Essex
Katie Lee of Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Alfred Roskruge Bowden of Devon, butcher
Henry Hall Drew Butcher of Southsea, Hants, gent
Margaret Louisa Bowden of Plymouth, widow
Harry Hendy Butcher of Bath, Somerset, medical practitioner
Reginald Butcher of Camberley, Surrey, paymaster captain R.N.
Beatrice Alice Hughes of Southsea, Hants
Benjamin Thomas Sherrell-Northcott of Plymouth, builder
Alfred Alexander French of Plymouth, tailor
Frances Louise Moore of Plymouth, spinster
Frank Bennett Bowden of Plymouth, butcher
Florence Mary Naylor of Plymouth
Gerald Prior of Plymouth, photographer and Hilda Margaret
Prior his wife
Christopher John Montague Dugdale of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/379-392 Elsie Douglass Pethybridge of Postbridge, Devon, widow
Willem Leonard Van de Kasteele of Plymouth, merchant
Kenneth Arthur Paul of Plymouth, carpenter and joiner
Ronald Maurice Stuart Mackenzie Bowden Fox of Plymouth
Alan Mackenzie Bowden Fox of Callington, gent
Charles William Henry Fox of Plymouth, carpenter, builder and funeral director
Albert Edward Squires of Plymouth, clerk
Isabel Mary Dawe of Yelverton, widow
Marcia Rose Harris of Yelverton, widow
Hilda Gambold wife of James Cecil Gambold of Plymouth, fitter
William James Edward Cox of Plymouth, coach body builder
Frank Willis Sluman of Plymouth, solicitors clerk
Minnie May Cox of Roche, Cornwall, widow
Evelyn May Askey wife of Thomas Henry Askey of Plymouth
Frank Alexander Gregory of Plymouth, club steward
Caroline Selleck of Wotter, Devon, widow
Ellen Clara Gregory of Plymouth
Pamela Ellen Nicholls of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/393-401 Kenneth Arthur Paul of Plymouth, carpenter and joiner
Ernest Charles Barton of Plymouth, gent
Mahala Ethel Barton of Plymouth, widow
Edith Mary Adelaide Little of Molesey, Surrey, widow
Timothy Clement James White of Plymouth, Public Health Inspector
James Harley Lawer of Plymouth, journalist and Diana Winifred
Lawer his wife
Eric Stanley Robert Weeks and his wife Sylvia of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/402-408 Samuel Clutterbuck of Plymouth, builder
Lewis Charles Foster of Liskeard, Cornwall, esq.,
Robert Samson Torrie of Plymouth, bank manager
Emily Foale of Plymouth, widow
John Ford of Plymouth, ironmonger
Stanley James Bernard Lee of Plymouth, photographer
Samuel Clutterbuck of Herne Bay, Kent, gent
John Philip Goldsmith of Devonport, solicitor
William Jenkins Bailey of Plymouth, clothier
Ernest Samuel Philip May of Plymouth, omnibus driver
Reginald Ivor Pudner and his wife Jane Lesley Pudner of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/409-433 William Robertson Brown of Plymouth, accountant
Alexander Hubbard of Plymouth, gent
David Derry Hubbard of Plymouth, contractor
Seth Sevan of Plymouth, contractor
Mary Brown of Plymouth, widow
Ellen Sophia Adye Buchan and Sophia Isabella Buchan of Plymouth, spinsters
John Dart of Plymouth, detective inspector
Florence Beatrice Stokes of Newton Abbot, Devon wife of Harry Charles Furneaux Stokes
John Martyn Andrew of Plymouth, estate agent and surveyor
Henry Chambers of Plymouth, gent
Isobel Edmonds of Fowey, Cornwall, spinster
Henry Lawrence Crocker of Plymouth, deputy inspector, R.N.
Thomas White of Plymouth, ironmonger
Alfred Turner of Plympton, doctor of medicine
Thomas Chaffer Howard of Stafford, tutor
Fanny Kaphan, wife of Louis Kaphan of Plymouth, gent
Mary Jane White of Plymouth, widow
Frank Crosse of Plymouth, gent and his wife Florence Amy Crosse
Ethel Emily Sambell of Plymouth, widow
Irene Dingle Johnson of Plymouth, wife of Francis Ernest
Henry Johnson of Plymouth
William Roy Tindall of Plymouth and his wife Valerie Ann Tindall
Arthur Edwin Townsend of Oreston, Devon
William James Rule of Truro
Richard Hambly Lowden of Plympton
File reference numbers 1505/409 Copy will of William Robertson Brown 12 July 1866
File reference numbers 1505/434-447 Lewis Charles Foster of Plymouth
Robert Sampson Torrie of Plymouth
Samuel Roberts of Plymouth, contractor
George Henry Peddy of Plymouth, builder
Albert Richards of Plymouth, plumber
William Edward Jope of Plymouth, grocer
Margaret Ann Saturley of London, spinster
Harrie Jane of Plymouth, hairdresser
Louisa Gray of Yelverton, spinster
Walter Charles Dean of Plymstock, railway plate layer
Frederick Essery of Plymouth, rail motor conductor
Mary Elizabeth May wife of Henry Havelock May of Plymouth, shipwright
Rose Pearn, wife of Russell Pearn of Plymouth, contractor
John Russell of Plymouth, draper and his wife Alice Maud Russell
File reference numbers 1505/448-455 Albert George Jackson of Plymouth, builder
Eric Ernest Yandall of Plymouth, stores manager and Gladys Muriel Yandall his wife
Lionel John William Cockram of Plymouth, postal and telegraph officer G.P.O. and his wife Evelyn Mae Cockram
File reference numbers 1505/456 John Pethick of Plymouth, builder
Silas Hawken of Plymouth, ironmonger
File reference numbers 1505/457-460 Fanny May Payne of Plymouth, widow
Maud Beatrice Bice of Plymouth, spinster
John Oliver Mayo Moriarty of Plymouth, solicitor
Eric Arthur Goodeve of Plymouth, property agent
Lawrence Clifford Andrews of Plymouth, able seaman R.N. and
Gladys Sealy Andrews his wife
Eliza Cecilia Bonifant of Plymouth
Sydney Edgar Bowden of Looe, Cornwall, gent
File reference numbers 1505/461-467 Wilfred Victor Andrew of Plymouth, builder
Alfred Atwill Drew of South Brent, railwayman and his wife
Lilia Daisy Drew
Courtenay Cecil Horwill of Plymouth
Alan Leonard Dawe of Plymouth
Merryl Anne Howard of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/468-477 Henry Elliot Tracey-Elliot of Plymouth, esq.,
William Lucas of Plymouth, builder
Elizabeth Ann Tremayne of Plymouth, widow
David Pedrick of Plymouth, gas worker
Herbert James Smale of Plymouth, stonemason and his wife
Emily Maud Smale
Samuel John Cooke of Plymouth, cabinet maker
Edward John Hookway of Plymouth and his wife Jeanne Hookway
File reference numbers 1505/478-487 Michael O'Brien of Plymouth, provision merchant
Humphrey Boon of Plymouth, builder
William Leader of Plymouth, pawnbroker
Samuel John Ward of Plymouth, coal merchant
Hermann Mortimore of Plymouth, labourer
Susanna Truscott of Plymouth, widow
Betsy Ann Reader wife of John Reader of Middlesex, tailor
Ellen Mortimore of Plymouth, wife of Hermann Mortimore
Ellen Madeline Macdonald of Plymouth
Ellen Emeline Harris, wife of Harry Leonard Harris of Plymouth, skilled labourer
File reference numbers 1505/488-513 Joseph Edward Moore of Dyffryn, Glamorgan, esq.,
John Peatheyjohns of Plymouth, builder
George Browse of Plymouth, gent
Emma Welch wife of Joseph Welch of Plymouth, licensed victualler
Charles Francis Home of Plymouth, painter
Fanny Amelia Snell of Plymouth, widow
John Michael Dillon of Plymouth, pawnbroker
Alfred Weekes of Plymouth, solicitor
William James Down of Plymouth, gent
Robert Davey Adams of Plymouth, butcher
Harriet Martin wife of Thomas Stephen Martin of Plymouth, gent
Nannie Greenway wife of John Greenway of Plymouth, solicitor
Joseph James Austin of Plymouth, drayman and Amelia Austin his wife
Harold Wilson Serpell of Plymouth, gent
Charles Robert Serpell of Plymouth, solicitor
John Saunders Sloggett of Plymouth, gent
Frederick William Murray of Plymouth, solicitor
Frederick Winter of Plymouth, engine fitter
William Nieass Horswell of Plymouth, builder
George William Steer Horswell of Plymouth, motor engineer
David Fredman of Plymouth, auctioneer
William Henry Pearce of Cambridge, commercial traveller
Eliza Mason of Tideford, Cornwall, widow
Gerald Rattenbury Hancock of Callington, Cornwall, solicitor
Richard Viggers of Bexleyheath, Kent, dairyman
Alexander Francis Leest of Plymouth, solicitor
David Fredman of Plymouth, estate agent
Frances Ruth Hancock of Bromley, Kent, widow
William Lockwood Lang of Saltash, company director
Gerald James Cooke of Plymouth
Cyril John Handley of Solihull, Warwick and Florence Evelyn
Handley his wife
Ivy Louisa Gibson of Solihull, solicitor
Robert and Rose Elizabeth Carey of London
File reference numbers 1505/514-533 Sydney Fogwill of Plymouth
Charlotte Maude Fogwill of Plymouth, widow
Alexander Taylor Parnell of Plymouth, company director
Ernest Brock of Plymouth, gent
Alice Adelina Jane Johns of Plymouth, widow
Lilian Ada Brock of Plymouth, widow
William Harry Taylor of Plymouth, auctioneer and valuer
Geoffrey Walter Pillar of Plymouth, chartered accountant
Dorothy May Yabsley of Brixton, widow
File reference numbers 1505/523 Abstract of the will and codicil of Ernest Brock of Plymouth, 1954
Lilian Jane Francis of Plymouth, widow
David Foot Nash of Plymouth, solicitor
Paul Nash of Plymouth, fruit merchant
Esther Eliza Hopcraft of Kenya
Edna Joyce Holman of Penzance, Cornwall, spinster
William Austin Driskell of Plymouth, official receiver
Cecil Howett of Plymouth, solicitor
File reference numbers 1505/514-533 Charles Edward Graham Cocks of Plymouth, solicitor
Kenwyn Hugh Routley Clapp of Plymouth, solicitor
Thomas Albert Paskins of Plymouth, legal executive
File reference numbers 1505/534-558 Thomas Bewes of Plymouth, esq.,
William Condy of Plymouth, builder
John Curgenven of Plymouth, gentleman
John Kent of Plymouth, baker
Henry Smith of Islington, schoolmaster and Maria Louisa Smith his wife
Peter Adams of Plymouth, draper
John Alger of Plymouth, cooper
Charles Shepheard of Plymouth, grocer
Maria Louisa Smith of Plymouth
Maria Louisa Howe of New Zealand
John Tait mayor of Hokitika, New Zealand
Caroline Eliza Symons of Plymouth, widow
William Henry Alger of Plymouth, esq.,
Henry Bullingham of Plymouth, photographer
John Joshua Stephen Toope of Plymouth, brass founder
Richard Rugg-Monk of Plymouth, gent
Herbert Beechey Spencer of Plymouth, solicitor
Leonard Thomas Warran of Elburton, school proprietor
Henry Toope of Yelverton, brass founder
Patricia Elizabeth Mosscrop of Manchester, clerk
Edith Slight of Weybridge, Surrey
Monica Irene Wilcocks of Taunton, Somerset
Mary Earle Trotman of Plymouth
Osmund Wilcocks of Plymouth, solicitor
Agnes Barbara Mary Elizabeth Lewis of Weybridge, Surrey, widow
Margaret Mary, Phyllis Doreen Rose Mary and Miriam Francesca
Keily of Saltash, spinsters
Mary Josephine Ethel Blanche Warran of Plymouth, widow
Paul Leonard Linhoeus Warran of Plymouth, office manager
File reference numbers 1505/538 Will of Maria Louisa Smith, 15 September 1881
File reference numbers 1505/544 Succession duty form Maria Louisa Howe, 13 July 1887
File reference numbers 1505/556 Abstract of will and probate Leonard Thomas Warren, August 1967
File reference numbers 1505/559-561 Isaac Foot of Plymouth, builder
Caroline Kennicott of Devonport, widow
Amelia Crocker wife of Thomas Daniel Crocker of Plymouth, plumber
Amelia Reed of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/562-566 Francis Henry Crozier of Lymington, Hampshire, esq.,
Richard Pearson Crozier of the Isle of Wight, retired colonel
William Stephen Warran of Plymouth, builder
George Lee of Plymouth, accountant
Robert Philip Mudge of Devonport, blacksmith
File reference numbers 1505/567-577 Wilfred Richard Broomfield of Plymstock, company director
Tom Edward Mark Savery of Plymstock, pork butcher
Albert John Turner of Plymouth and his wife Betty Bray Turner
George Edward Bailey of Plymouth and his wife Kathleen Doris Bailey
File reference numbers 1505/575 Death certificate Albert John Turner, 8 May 1886
File reference numbers 1505/578-582 Michael William John Northey of Plymouth and Sandra Northey his wife
Trevor Robert Hill of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/583-593 Frederick and Richard Viggers of Plympton, farmers and dairymen
Cecil Hamilton De Vere Harvest of London, gent
Adelaide May White Bailey of Plymouth, spinster
Albert Ernest Roberts of Halwell, garage proprietor and his wife Mabel Roberts
Charlotte Pellow of Frome Somerset, widow
Stanley George Jope of Plymouth
Brian and Ann Roberta Goble of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/594-604 Valmai Louise Elaine Bell (also Locklair) wife of Thomas Bell of Plymouth, chief ordnance artificer, R.N.
Hammond James Rotton of Plympton, lieutenant colonel and Lilian Emma Rotton his wife
John Herbert Luckham Prowse of Plymouth, electrical switchboard attendant
David Burdett Crowdon of Plymouth, surveyor of stores agent
Ruby Ernestine Prowse of Plympton, widow
Nancy Elfreda Darlington Crowdon wife of David Burdett Crowdon
John William Yolland of London instructor lieutenant R.N. and Kathleen Anne Yolland his wife
File reference numbers 1505/601 Abstract of will and probate John Herbert Luckham Prowse, 30 July 1963
File reference numbers 1505/605-612 Robert Henry Jones of Plympton St. Maurice, dairyman
Millicent Alexandra Elliott of Plymouth, spinster
Blanche Ellen Elliott of Plymouth, spinster
Ernest George Lugg of Plympton St. Maurice, tailor
William John Woollcombe of Plymouth, solicitor
Reginald Woollcombe of Plymouth, solicitor
Charles Kenneth Woollcombe of Sidmouth, clerk in holy orders
Humphrey William Woollcombe of Plymouth, solicitor
Geoffrey Reginald Woollcombe of Plymouth, solicitor
William Richard Sewell Woollcombe of Sidmouth, engineer
Alan George Lugg of Littleover, Derby, schoolmaster
May Josephine Clark, wife of Horace Leonard Clark of Ivybridge
File reference numbers 1505/613-623 Louis George Staddon of Plymstock, farmer
Valentine Walter Kercher of Plymouth
Gladys Margaret Harvey of Plymouth, clerk
William Edward Stoneman Brewer of Plymstock, retired master mariner
Jack Stanbury Yeo of Plymouth, solicitor
Cecil Rhodes of Plympton, grocer and Winifred Agnes his wife
Frederick Edwin Gardner and Freda Ethel Gardner of Plymstock
File reference numbers 1505/619 Abstract of the probate, William Edward Stoneman Brewer, 5 May 1949
File reference numbers 1505/624-629 Geoffrey George Gray of Plymouth
Shaun Philip Breton and Janice Theresa Breton of Ivybridge
Kenneth George and Barbara Ann Thorp of Birmingham
File reference numbers 1505/630-649 William Foale and Richard Hoppin, churchwardens of Harberton
Richard Farley and Samuel White, overseers of the poor of Harberton
George Martin of Harberton, clerk
John Woodley of Harberton, yeoman
Thomasine Anthony wife of Charles Anthony of Dartington, Devon, esq.,
Stephen Varder of Harberton, Devon, machinist
Henry Morgan Vane of Westminster, esq.,
Robert Bartholomew, vicar of Harberton
John Browne Paige Browne of Dartington, esq.,
John Blackler of Harberton, yeoman
Charles George Mason of Harberton, esq.,
John Ford of Harberton, churchwarden
Philip Browne (no place or occupation given)
Daniel Robert Fearon, esq.,
Richard Huxham Watson of Dartington, esq.,
John Blackler of Dartington, gent
John Whiteway of Harberton
Philip Ferris Browne of Harberton, carpenter
Lyndon John Guilding of Tewkesbury, Worcester, farmer
Maurice Julian Boorman of Sherbourne, Dorset, Innkeeper
William Eustace Fry of Ivybridge, miller
Alexander Stanley Farrar of Harberton, army major (retired)
Alice Victoria Whittaker of llminster, Somerset, wife of Frank Ridley Whittaker, clerk in holy orders
Mabel Elizabeth Fry and Edith Maud Fry spinsters of Blunsdon, Wilts
Kathleen Alicia Burke of Paignton, married woman
William George Edwards of Calne, Wilts, legal executive
Peter Douglas Kennedy of Dartington
Douglas Neil Kennedy of Woodbridge, Suffolk
Beryl Lois Kennedy of Harberton, wife of Douglas Neil Kennedy
George Fuller and Rosaline Jane
Bullivant Fuller of Portishead, Avon
David Stuart Moore of Harberton, esq.,
File reference numbers 1505/650-672 Robert Alfred Stansell of Wembury, director
George Henry Ockenden of Wembury, civil engineer
Mary Ethel Stansell of Wembury, spinster, later wife of Harold
Alford of Wembury, riding master
John Henry Fildes of Wembury, wireless engineer
Samuel Roseman of Plymouth, gent
David Rutland of Plymouth, chiropodist and his wife Irene Violet
Rutland of Wembury
Albert Edward Dulling of Wembury, garage proprietor
Fred Whitehouse Rogers of Wolverhampton, mining engineer
Leonard Norman Astbury of Wolverhampton, works manager
George Albert Harris of Plympton, schoolmaster
Paul Sleeman Binmore and his wife Irene Mary Binmore
File reference numbers 1505/673-686 James Bridgewood and Florence May Bridgewood of Truro
Walter Heard of Helston, medical practitioner (retired) and his wife Barbara Mabel Heard
Nigel Philip Mackenzie of Helston and his wife Elizabeth Mary
Denison Mackenzie
Paul Hutchinson and Jane Ann Hutchinson of Saltash
File reference numbers 1505/681 Death certificate, Walter Heard 7 March 1983
File reference numbers 1505/687-700 Beatrice Mary Artena Pooley of Liskeard
Beatrice Mary Husband of Liskeard wife of Harold Bawden Husband
Vera Morris of Lancaster wife of John Henry Morris
Frederick Charles Burry of Looe, boat builder
Anthony John Yorke Edwards of Liskeard
Norma Anne McGregor Sylvester of Liskeard
Michael Frederick Booth of Chester and his wife Catherine
Elizabeth Booth
Ronald Dooler and Rachel Ann Dooler of Liskeard
Michael David Hooper and Susan Patricia Hooper of Liskeard
Philip Thomas Ford of Liskeard
Tina Richards of Liskeard
File reference numbers 1505/701-715 Francis Bassett of Tehidy, Cornwall, esq.,
Henry Parker of Tywardreath, Cornwall, army pensioner
Robert Phillipps May of Par, Cornwall, master mariner
George Gordon Bickford of Cardiff
Henrietta Veronica Waite and Lilian Teresa Waite of Looe, spinsters
Samuel Richard Charles Matthews and his wife Joan Edith Matthews of St. Austell
Christopher George Padgham and Jean Rose Padgham of Reading, Berks
File reference numbers 1505/716-721 Raymond Wilfred Johnson of St. Stephens-by-Saltash
Frederick George Mapp of St. Stephens-by-Saltash
Anthony Dyer of Saltash
John Frederick William Wadge of Saltash, electrician
Claudine Ellen Norwood of Kingsteignton, Devon
Phyllis Ernestine Dawe of Plymouth
Elizabeth Mallett of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/722-725 Bertram John Cowls of Brixham
Stuart Alexander Eason of Hinckley, Leicester
Marjorie Noel Carslake Yule of St. Cleer, spinster
James Warren of Launceston, retired farmer
Clarice Annie Jane Northcott of Liskeard wife of Edwin
Gerald Northcott
Millie Burnard of Liskeard, wife of William Burnard
Elsie Vera Gilbert of Camelford, wife of Thomas Daniel Gilbert
Flossie Evelyn Jewell of Liskeard, wife of Frederick Jewell
File reference numbers 1505/726-736 Montagu Charles, Earl of St. Germans
Jack Cropper of St. Germans, chief petty officer, R.N.
Geoffrey Norman Bowles of St. Germans, schoolmaster and Constance
Ellen Bowles, his wife
Frederic Lyde Caunter of Liskeard, solicitor
Sir William Gosselin Trower of London, knight
David Martin Lindsay of Torpoint, commander, R.N.
John Michael Turner of Saltash, surgeon lieutenant commander, R.N.
Eric Albert Payne of London, solicitor
Michael Theodore Pelloe of London, solicitor
Ian Roberts of Greenock, Renfrewshire lieutenant, R.N. and Helen
Jennifer Roberts his wife
Howard and Janet Mary Perks of Plymouth
File reference numbers 1505/737-744 Joseph Edward Clifford Kent of Liskeard
Edwill Joseph Kent of Liskeard
Melville Alan Kent of St. Cleer
Wilfred Sidney Manley and Janet Ann Manley of Liskeard
File reference numbers 1505/745-765 Josiah Webb of Portsea, Hampshire, yeoman
John Keet of Portsea, wine merchant
George White of Portsea, master mariner
James Chestle of Portsmouth, Hampshire, outfitter
William Bond of Portsmouth, licensed victualler
Charles Morey of Southsea, builder
Edward Read of Southsea, bookmaker
Jonathan Edmondson Webb of Southsea, yeoman
Reverend Anthony Spurr Webb of Birmingham, clerk in holy orders
Henry Carr Tate of Southsea, lieutenant general, Royal Marines
Mary Robinson Webb of Birmingham, spinster
James Read of Southsea, bootmaker
William Henry Miles of Portsea, gentleman
Grayham James Read of Portsea, hosier
Anne Elizabeth Warner of Fareham, Hants
Joseph Brandebourg of Southsea, photographer
William Arthur Micklam of Southsea, estate agent
Arthur Ernest Field and Alfred Mear Field of Southsea, estate agents
Walter Baych Valentine Knight of Southsea and Charlotte Elizabeth
Knight his wife
John Collin Dodd of Portsmouth, blacksmith
John Williams of Portsmouth, tax collector
William James Young of Portsmouth, machinist
Henry Alfred Mitchell of Portsmouth, blacksmith
James Harris of Southsea, retired greengrocer
Phoebe Kathleen Glanville of Portsmouth
File reference numbers 1505/766-774 Ronald William Hutchings of Cardiff and his wife Barbara Alice Hutchings
Edward William German of Cardiff, builder
James Henry Thorne of Cardiff and his wife Gloria Patricia Thorne
Alfred Patrick Ryan of Swansea and his wife Susan Elizabeth Ryan

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