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Mamhead Parish, Devon

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Reference 461 A-1
Covering dates 1805-1976
Held by Devon Record Office
Extent 37 files
Conditions of access These records are available for research. Notice may be required to produce them in the searchroom
Creators Church of England, Mamhead Parish, Devon

Registers of Marriages and Services Incumbent Churchwardens Vestry Parochial Church Council Benefice Miscellaneous

REGISTERS  [no ref. or date]

Marriages  461 A-1/PR 14  1837 - 1974

Services  461 A-1/PR 15  1887 - 1918

Newspaper cutting from 'Church Times' 7 Jan 1910 relating to presentation of new chalice and paten, stuck inside front cover

Services  461 A-1/PR 16  1918 - 1926

Services  461 A-1/PR 17  1927 - 1930

Services  461 A-1/PR 18  1930 - 1934

Services  461 A-1/PR 19  1935 - 1939

Services  461 A-1/PR 20  1943 - 1958

Bundle of marriage licences  461 A-1/PR 21  1805 - 1948


INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Notebook belonging to Revd. W.C. Plenderleath containing memoranda relating to the parish of Mamhead.  461 A-1/PI 1  1891 - 1925

Includes census details (official and unofficial), offertory accounts, list of communions, collections in aid of voluntary church rate, and confirmations. In the front is a linen-backed map showing inhabited houses in Mamhead.

Letter from R.M. Seeman to Revd. Evans of Mamhead recommending a Conversion Loan  461 A-1/PI 2  1 April 1924

Letter from R. Ellis of Arbroath, Scotland to Revd. Evans concerning enclosed genealogical notes  461 A-1/PI 3a  17 Dec. 1924

9 pages of genealogical and historical information relating to the Attwill and Ellis families, and Mr. Ellis' personal reminiscences of Mamhead and its inhabitants back to the 1850's  461 A-1/PI 3b  [n.d.]

Letter from Annabel Sainthill of Bude, Cornwall to Revd. Greener of Mamhead concerning Revd. Richard Sainthill, one of her ancestors  461 A-1/PI 4  21 Mar. 1934

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Faculties  [no ref. or date]

To repave the chancel, place 2 oak seats in the chancel for officiating clergy and new seating in the nave  461 A-1/PW 2  1897

To erect a chiming apparatus in the tower and fit a small stained glass window in the chancel  461 A-1/PW 3  1898

For a new lectern in the form of an eagle  461 A-1/PW 4  1904

To place a brass tablet in the chancel in memory of Revd. William Charles Plenderleath, rector of Mamhead 1891-1905  461 A-1/PW 5  1906

To erect a new oak reredos and altar, (the present altar to be removed to Cofton Mission Church)  461 A-1/PW 6  1908

To insert a stained glass window in the south Transept  461 A-1/PW 7a  1934

Copy petition for the above faculty  461 A-1/PW 7b  [n.d.]

To erect a stained glass East window  461 A-1/PW 8a  1937

Letter  461 A-1/PW b  [n.d.]

To erect a tablet in the South Transept in memory of Frederick Robert Lumley, J.P.  461 A-1/PW 9  1951

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Rural Deans' inspection book  461 A-1/PW 10  1822 - 1976

Ecclesiastical Dilapidations measures Ordinary Assessment for Mamhead  461 A-1/PW 11  6 Jan. 1941

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Vestry Minute Book  461 A-1/PV 1  1887 - 1928


Letter from Roberts and Andrew, solicitors to the chairman of Mamhead P.C.C. concerning the sale of glebeland  461 A-1/PP 1a  23 Mar. 1921

Copy notice to parishioners and the small holdings and Alltoments Authority  461 A-1/PP 1b  19 Mar. 1921

BENEFICE  [no ref. or date]

Tithe  [no ref. or date]

Altered apportionment of tithe rentcharge  461 A-1/PB 1  21 Sept. 1923

Certificates of redemption of tithe rentcharge, and receipts  461 A-1/PB 2-4  1923 - 1925

Parsonage house  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart mortgage  461 A-1/PB 5  1 Sept. 1947

1. Revd. Alan James Sutherland Symon
2. Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty
Premises: Glebelands
Consideration: £24 for making improvements to parsonage house and offices

Counterpart mortgage  461 A-1/PB 6  1 Dec. 1947

Parties and premises as above
Consideration: £39 for making improvements to parsonage house and offices

Counterpart mortgage  461 A-1/PB 7  1 Nov. 1950

1. Revd. Julian Victor Langmead Casserley
2. The Church Commissioners for England
Premises: Glebe lands
Consideration: £42.17s.6d. for making improvements to the parsonage house and offices

Union of benefices  [no ref. or date]

Copy of proposals for the creation of a new benefice of Kenn with Mamhead  461 A-1/PB 8a  1970

Letter and notice relating to the above proposals  461 A-1/PB 8b  1970

Copy of an Order in Council relating to a union of the Benefices of Kenn and Mamhead  461 A-1/PB 9  17 Dec. 1970

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Copy fire insurance policy for the rectory, Mamhead  461 A-1/PB 10  1927

Charging Assessment under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measure, 1923 for £41  461 A-1/PB 11  11 Sept. 1947

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Visitors' book  461 A-1/PZ 1  1938 - 1960

Letter from Oswald J. Reichel to Sir Robert ? giving a brief history of the ownership of the manor of Mamhead and the presentation of the living to the 15th century, and the reasons for the writer's belief that the church is dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury  461 A-1/PZ 2  25 May 1921

Register of Services at ? Ashcombe  461 A-1/PZ 3a  1925 - 1945

Brief history of St. Nectan to whom the church of Ashcombe is dedicated  461 A-1/PZ 3b  [n.d.]

Folder of blank certificate forms  461 A-1/PZ 4  19th cent

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