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Shute Parish Council

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Reference 4262 A
Covering dates 1683 - 1973
Held by Devon Record Office
Extent 226 files
Conditions of access These records are available for research. Notice may be required to produce them in the searchroom
Creators Shute Parish Council, Devon

Registration, Incumbent, Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, Vestry, Surveyors of the Highways, Parish Council, Charities, Education and Miscellaneous records

REGISTRATION  [no ref. or date]

Archiepiscopal marriage licence to Palgrave Simpson, Esq, of Liverpool, widower and Harriett Studley of Shute, spinster, 22 September 1874  4262 A/PR 1  1874

INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Licence to Rev. Richard Lewis, of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, to serve as curate of Monkton and Shute  4262 A/PI 1  1827

At a stipend of £80 per annum, 16 August 1827, with covering letter from the Diocesan Registrar to the Churchwardens of the two parishes, 17 August 1827

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Churchwardens' accounts  4262 A/PW 1  1683-4

Churchwardens' accounts  4262 A/PW 2  1707-8

Churchwardens' accounts  4262 A/PW 3  1708-9

Miscellaneous churchwardens' bills, vouchers, etc., 1873-1874  4262 A/PW 4  1873-1874

OVERSEERS OF THE POOR  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Account of disbursement of the goods of Phillias Martyn, deceased, 10 April 1699  4262 A/PO 1  1699

Account book of overseers of the poor (including valuation, 1836)  4262 A/PO 2  1832-1844

Volume containing highway rate assessments, (1840-1845), accounts of overseers of the poor, (1844-1864), and vestry minutes (1845).  4262 A/PO 3  1840-1864

Overseers of the poor receipt and payment book, 1836-1860  4262 A/PO 4  1836-1860

Parochial lists of paupers and statements of account for half-year ending 25 March 1905 (dated 19 May 1905), and half-year ending 29 September 1905 (dated 22 November 1905).  4262 A/PO 5,6  1905

Balance sheets of the overseers' receipts and and payments  4262 A/PO 7-22  1905-1926

For the periods March-September 1905, September 1906-March 1907, September 1907-March 1908, March-September 1913, September 1914-March 1915, March-September 1916, September 1917-March 1919, September 1919-March 1920, September 1920-September 1921, March 1922-September 1923, September 1925-March 1926

Collector's monthly statements, Axminster Poor Law Union, Shute parish (loose sheets)  4262 A/PO 23-75  1906-1924

November 1906-March 1907, April-September 1915, April-September 1918, October 1920-March 1921, May 1921-September 1922, April 1923-March 1924

Collector's monthly statement book, Axminster Poor Law Union, Shute parish  4262 A/PO 76  1914-1923

(August 1914-July 1923)

Overseers' collecting and deposit books, Axminster Poor Law Union, Shute parish  4262 A/PO 77,78  1920-1925

(December 1920-August 1923, August 1923-September 1925)

Overseers' rate demand, receipt and counterfoil book, Axminster Poor Law Union, Shute parish  4262 A/PO 79  1918

(July-September 1918)

Rating  [no ref. or date]

Volume containing poor rate assessments (1828-1836), vestry minutes (1828-1850), summary of population enquiry for the parish (1831) and measurement of parish roads (14 March 1845)  4262 A/PO 80  1828-1850

Rate books  4262 A/PO 81  October 1899

Rate books  4262 A/PO 82  October 1917

Rate books  4262 A/PO 83  April 1919

Rate books  4262 A/PO 84  October 1919

Rate books  4262 A/PO 85  April 1920

Rate books  4262 A/PO 86  April 1921

Rate books  4262 A/PO 87  October 1921

Rate books  4262 A/PO 88  April 1922

Rate books  4262 A/PO 89  October 1922

Rate books  4262 A/PO 90  May 1923, January, May 1924

Rate books  4262 A/PO 91  ?1925

Proposed basis of standard for County rate: 1896, 13 December 1900  4262 A/PO 92,93  1896, 1900

Valuation  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also 4262 A/PO 2

Revision and adjustment of rateable values for the purpose of assessing the poor rate, in accordance with vestry resolution  4262 A/PO 94  1873

23 May 1873, signed by J.G. Pinney & Son, Surveyors, etc., Axminster, Oct 1873

Valuation lists  4262 A/PO 95  5 April 1900

Signed by Overseers, 22 February 1900, approved by Assessment Committee of Axminster Poor Law Union,

Valuation lists  4262 A/PO 96  1907-1921

Signed by Overseers, 9 September 1907, approved by Assessment Committee of Axminster Poor Law Union, 10 October 1907, with amended totals

Valuation lists  4262 A/PO 97  n.d

Undated, c.1920, ?draft

Supplemental valuation lists  4262 A/PO 98-105  1907-1922

Approved by Assessment Committee of Axminster Poor Law Union on 2 May 1907, 14 April 1908, 15 May 1908, 28 April 1910, 13 April 1911, 15 April 1920, 8 December 1921, 25 May 1922

Notices of amendment of valuation list  4262 A/PO 106-111  1909-1921

23 April 1909, 18 June 1909, 25 February 1911, 2 August 1911, 13 September 1920, 21 September 1921

Notice of objection to valuation list by party aggrieved, 9 February 1923  4262 A/PO 112  1923

SETTLEMENT  [no ref. or date]

Removal orders  [no ref. or date]

Thomas French, Johanna his wife and Johanna, Mary and John, their children, to Kilmington  4262 A/PO 113  1722

Richard Seller and Martha, his wife, to Stockland  4262 A/PO 114  1728

Philip Guillet, Elizabeth his wife and John 14 and Mary 6, their children, from Chard  4262 A/PO 115  1731

Thomas Drake, woolcomber, Hannah his wife and Mary, William, Hannah and Elizabeth, their children, from Colyton  4262 A/PO 116  1741

John White and Mary his wife, to Talaton  4262 A/PO 117  1770

John Loveridge, Betty his wife and Sarah their daughter, to Colyton  4262 A/PO 118  1771

Thomas Peek, cordwainer, Hannah his wife and Thomas 9, John 6, Betty 4 and Mary 1, their children, to Kilmington  4262 A/PO 119  1774

George Druce, Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth 6, Ann 4 and Joseph 1, their children, to Lopen, Somerset  4262 A/PO 120  1782

Elizabeth Shephard, wife of John Shephard, to Whimple  4262 A/PO 121  1783

Dorothy Lacey, single woman, from Musbury  4262 A/PO 122  1783

William Dowall, Suzanna his wife and Betty 5, Mary 3 and William 4 months, their children, to Stockland  4262 A/PO 123  1788

Nicholas Broughton and Elizabeth his wife, to Axmouth  4262 A/PO 124  1793

Mary Wright, widow and John 18, her son, from Hemyock  4262 A/PO 125  1801

Elizabeth Gill, wife of Charles Gill and Jane 2 and George 5 month, her children, from Lyme Regis  4262 A/PO 126  1841

Isaac Dommett, labourer, from Chardstock (with examination)  4262 A/PO 127  1845

Samuel Lee from Salcombe Regis  4262 A/PO 128  1855

Settlement examinations  [no ref. or date]

Arthur Colson, husbandman  4262 A/PO 129  1769

Now in Shute, he is about 32, about 8 years ago he hired himself to Samuel Newbery of Axmouth for a year at £4 15s, received his wages and then served 9 months under a fresh agreement and then got married

John Banks, labourer  4262 A/PO 130  1772

Now in Shute where he was born, he is 28, 4 years ago he went to Dalwood and hired himself to Mr Stocker for a year at £5, after 2 months his master died and he agreed to serve the rest of the year with his widow, he then married and hired himself for another year with Widow Stocker but only lived with her for 3 months

William Froom  4262 A/PO 131  1772

Now in Shute where he was born, 10 or 11 years ago he went to Seaton and served John Harper for 2 years but with no fixed wages or agreement, he then went to Axmouth and served James Hoare for 10d a week for a year then agreed with him at 1s a week, after 9 months he went to Shute for 2¼ years as a day labourer, went back to Axmouth and agreed with William White for £3 10s after 9 months he returned to Shute where he has been ever since working as a day labourer

William Stoodly  4262 A/PO 132  1772

Now in Shute, he was born in Wayford, Somerset and was never apprenticed

Richard Morris, cordwainer  4262 A/PO 133  1774

Now in Musbury, about 30 years ago Robert Middleton late of Widworthy since of Shute asked him for an indenture of apprenticeship between Middleton and Roger Jeffrey of Kilmington binding Thomas Peek of Kilmington, 9, the indenture was not on stamped paper and was not executed

James White, weaver  4262 A/PO 134  1783

Now in Kilmington where he was born, he was under an agreement by the week to serve John Parsons for 4 years, for 2 years in Dalwood and 2 years in Shute, all by word of mouth with no witness

Henry Adams  4262 A/PO 135  1786

Now in Shute, he was born in Kilmington and lived there with his father until he was 8 when his father died, he removed to Northleigh and agreed with John White for 3 years at no wages, he then went to Axmouth and hired himself to James Hoare for £5 a year for 6 years and has lived in different places since

William Fry  4262 A/PO 136  1788

Now in Shute, he was born in Culmstock and apprenticed there to Richard Haddon who assigned him to William Manning, weaver, when he was 17 he ran away and went to Axminster where he worked as a journeyman weaver and then in different places, 8 years ago he came to Shute, when his apprenticeship expired he was in the East Devon Militia, he is married and has 6 children

William Gill, labourer  4262 A/PO 137  1789

Now in Shute, where he was born and lived with his parents until he was 15 when he hired himself to Richard Phippen at £1 6s for a year, stayed upwards of a year and went to Axmouth and hired himself to Mr Newbery of Crabhayne at £2 2s a year which he served

Mary Banks, widow  4262 A/PO 138  1790

Now in Shute, about 20 years ago she had a bastard daughter baptised Mary in Stockland, soon after she married John Banks the father of the child, he is now dead, the girl is dumb and has lived with her since birth

George Ham, labourer  4262 A/PO 139  1791

Now in Shute where he was born when he was 11 he went to Axmouth and served Mrs Ann Colmer, for no wage with no agreement as to time he stayed with her, for 3 years, he then went to Chard and served Robert Dare, miller for 9 months at 6d a week, 6 month at 9d, at Michaelmas 1787 they agreed at 1s a week, at Lady Day 1788 his master went to Thorncombe, he stayed in Chard to look after the mills and was sometimes to Chard and sometimes in Thorncombe, at Lady Day 1789 his master gave up the mills and he went to Thorncombe, after 6 months they made a fresh agreement at 18d a week, after 9 months he came to Shute and has lived with his father

Sarah Cox, single woman  4262 A/PO 140  1792

Now in Shute, she was born in Axminster, she came to Shute about 16 years ago and hired herself to Robert Froome at £3 a year and served 2 years

John Mogridge, labourer  4262 A/PO 141a  1792

Now in Shute, he was born in Broadclyst and when he was 7 he was apprenticed there to Mr Anthony Symonds who died when he was 21, he then went to Cullompton and served John Symes by the year and stayed 1¾, he then went back to Broadclyst and worked as a day labourer for John Farrant for a year and has worked as a day labourer in different places for the last year

Nehemiah Dare  4262 A/PO 141b  1793

Now in Dalwood where he was born and his father belonged, when he was 15 his mother made an agreement with Bernard Dommett of Shute, sergemaker for 3 years to learn the art of weaving, for the 1st year at 6d, 2nd at 1s and 3rd at 1s 6d, after 2 years and 3 months they had a disagreement and parted by consent

John Farrant  4262 A/PO 141c  1804

Now in Colyton, he was born in Shute where his father belonged about 20 years ago he came to Colyton paying 6d a week for his lodging and working as a day labourer, about 12 years ago he and Mr Henry Symes agreed with Mr Pinney of Shute for £12 to sow a field of flax, they also agreed with Mr Kaitch for £10 to sow another field with flax

Samuel Sansom  4262 A/PO 142  1805

Now in Shute where he was born and his parents belonged, when he was 12 his father told him to go and live with his grandfather at Hill Farm in Kilmington and stayed with him for about 6 years working on the farm for no wages, his mother gave him a frock, then he returned to Shute and agreed with Francis Rowell a carpenter for 2 years, the first at 4s a week and the second at 5s, he lived all the time with his father and has worked as a journeyman ever since

Jane Loveridge, single woman  4262 A/PO 144  1821

Related information: See also 4262A/PO 143

Now in Shute, she was born in Piddletown and lived there with her parents from the time of her birth, except for 1 month when she was in service, until she was removed to Shute by the order of 2 magistrates about a year ago

James Broughton, labourer  4262 A/PO 145  1825

Now in Colyton, he was born in Shute where his parents belonged and lived with them until he was 12, then he went to live with Mr Lane in Shute as a servant for 2 years, then he worked as a day labourer in Shute for a short time, he then worked in different places but no where for more than 9 months, then he worked with his father in Shute as a flax worker, then he went to Milverton and worked in different places there, after 2 years he went to Crediton and worked as a flax worker for Mr William Tooze by the week, after 3 months they made a fresh agreement to work flax by the dozen, living with his master paying 5s a week lodging with no period of service, he stayed 2 years when he married, he rented a small house for 30s a year, he remained in Crediton for 8 or 9 years mainly working for Mr Tooze, soon after he married he and William James agreed with his master about some flax ground, buying the crop for £7, he also rented some potato ground but cannot remember how much it was but under 20s, since this his rent has never been over £4 10s, then he left Crediton and came to Colyton where he has worked as a day labourer, he has a wife and family of children and is getting relief from Shute

James Warry  4262 A/PO 146  1826

Now in Shute, he was born in Colyton and is 21, when he was 14 he left his parents and went to live with Richard Chown in Shute at 6d a week, after a year he went to John Hoskins, yeoman, at Warhams at 1s a week and stayed nearly a year, then he went to William Spiller at Watchcombe in Colyton at 1s a week, after a year he made a fresh agreement, then he went back to Richard Chown at 14d a week for almost a year, then he went to Seaton with Mr Jacob Hooper for 3 months at 2s a week, then to Captain Moresby in Lympstone for a year but only served 3 months when he was thrown from the carriage he was driving, he spent 6 months in hospital in Exeter after which he has been 8 months with his brother in Shute

John Spurway  4262 A/PO 147  1827

He was born in Colyton when his parents belonged, when he was 12 he went to live with Mr George Phippen in Axminster for 3 months, then he went to Robert Batstone in Axminster as a yearly servant for 2½ years, then Mr Giles in Axminster for 3 months and returned to his parents in Colyton, he was apprenticed by the parish to Richard Smith, cordwainer for 7 years, he served 4½ years sometimes living with his master in Colyton and sometimes in Cotleigh, the last part in Cotleigh, he returned to his parents and worked as a day labourer for a short time and then went as a servant to Mr John Hoskins in Shute for 9 months, came back to Colyton and agreed for a year with Mr William Smith and stayed about 1¼ years, he then did day labour for a while and then to Mrs Bussell in Widworthy for 9 months, he then went to Joseph Dimond of Offwell at 2s 6d for a year, made a fresh agreement for another year but after 7 weeks he married, since when he has worked as a day labourer and rented a cottage at £3 a year and ¼ acre potato ground for £3, he has a wife and 2 children aged 2 and 1

Thomas Clarke  4262 A/PO 148  1827

Now in Shute, he was born in Axmouth where his parents belonged about 25 years ago, he was apprenticed to Mr Robert Bartlett of Rousden when he was 10, after 4½ years his master died, he stayed 6 months with his son, then he went to Shute and lived with Mr Froom for 2 years at various wages, then he went to Shute and lived with Mr Froom for 2 years at various wages, then he went to Dalwood and agreed with Mr Densloe for a year at £5, and then 5 weeks under a separate agreement, then he went to London in June 1822 and worked for his Cousin, Philip Champ, as a shopboy, he was a grocer in St. Andrews, Holborn, Middlesex, at 2s 6d a week after 4 or 5 months Champ moved to St Pancras, Middlesex and he continued with him until October 1825 when he was dismissed, he then lived with Mr Foscott, a silk trimming manufacturer, in St Lukes, Middlesex for 8 months, he then returned to Shute where he has remained working as a day labourer, he was advanced £1 1s for his travel expenses and was in debt to his master when he was dismissed

Philip Champ  4262 A/PO 149  [n.d.]

Now in Lyme Regis, Thomas Clarke came to work for him on 15 June 1822 as a shop boy in St Andrew, Holborn where he was a grocer, he was paid 2s 6d a week on 27 November he went to St Pancras and continuing as before until 25 October when he was dismissed, he has advanced £1 1s for travel expenses and Clarke was indebted to him.

John Knight  4262 A/PO 150  1828

Now in Shute, he was born in Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, where his parents belonged, he is now 31, when he was 13 he went to Lyme and hired himself to Abraham Spooner Lillingston, esq as a yearly servant at £8 and stayed nearly two years, then he went to Fleet near Weymouth and lived with Mr Gould for 11 months, returned to Lyme as a servant to Miss Lloyd for a year at £16 and a year at £17, he moved from her service and immediately married Mary his present wife at Shute, he went to Kilmington for a year as a day labourer and then returned to Shute working as a carpenter for Sir William Pole, bart, he has 2 children John 3 and Sarah 5

William Rugg  4262 A/PO 151  1839

Now in Shute, he was born in Dalwood but his father belonged to Uffculme when he was 10 his father made an agreement for him to serve Mr Hoskins in Shute by the week, he stayed with him for 10 years, then he went to Mr Newberry in Dalwood at 1s a week for 11 months, returned to his father in Shute and then went to Farmer Pinney for a year at 8 guineas, then he went to James Kebley in Combpyne at 2s 6d a week for 11 months at the same wages, the he went to Farmer Domett in Kilmington at 2s 6d a week for 11 months and then agreed for a further term, then another at 2s 9d, then he went back to his father in Shute and married his wife Ann there

John Cousins  4262 A/PO 152  1839

Now in Shute, he was born in Luppit where his parents belonged, when he was 12 he went to live with Mr Wheadon in Honiton, his father has made an agreement by the week, after 5 years he went to Mr Godfrey in Combe Raleigh at £7 a year and stayed 4 years, he then came to Mr Davies in Shute at 8s 6d a week, stayed less than a year, then he came to Mr Richards in Colyton for 3s a week but did not stay a year, he married Hannah and they have 3 children, Charles 9, John 7 and Eli 3
With copy and removal order to Combe Raleigh

Charles Gill  4262 A/PO 153  1841

Related information: See PO154

Now in Lyme Regis where he was born and his parents lived, he is 25, he lived with his parents until he married 2 years ago
With removal order to Shute

Sarah Gill, widow, also of Elizabeth Gill  4262 A/PO 154  1841

Related information: See 4262 A/PO 153

Sarah married her late husband James in Lyme Regis 35 years ago, she has 11 children by him, Charles (PO153) is one of them, her husband belonged to Shute, he lived there until he went to sea for 7 years in the Kings Service, he then came to Lyme Regis and worked as a mason, by the job or the day, after they had been married for 10 years he broke his arm and had relief from Shute and his doctors bill and part of his funeral expenses. Elizabeth, wife of Charles, (PO 153) who has left her with two children, Jane 2 and George 5 months, they married 2½ years ago, her husband worked for Mr Radford in Lyme as a day labourer

Choice Harding an infirm poor person  4262 A/PO 155  1843

From East Budleigh, with removal order incorporated

Settlement certificates  [no ref. or date]

Andrews Andrews  4262 A/PO 156  1713

In Axminster

William Lugg son of James Lugg  4262 A/PO 157  1739

In Widworthy, to be apprenticed to Nathan Baker of Shute

Mary Enticott daughter of Isaac aged 10  4262 A/PO 158  1806

In Axminster

Letter  [no ref. or date]

From Thomas Heward at Poole, Dorset to the overseers of Shute requesting a settlement certificate  4262 A/PO 159  1774

Apprenticeship  [no ref. or date]

Apprenticeship Indentures  [no ref. or date]

Peter Seller apprenticed to Robert Stocker of Dalwood  4262 A/PO 160  1716

Charles Newberry apprenticed to John Loveridge junior, yeoman  4262 A/PO 161  1731

Sarah Dumett apprenticed to James Anning, yeoman  4262 A/PO 162  1731

Thomas Tucker apprenticed to Henry Smith, yeoman  4262 A/PO 163  1739

Elizabeth Thomas apprenticed to Robert Hext of Honiton, tailor  4262 A/PO 164  1739

Sarah Board apprenticed to Francis Loud  4262 A/PO 165  1739

Hannah Lacey apprenticed to Richard Stocker for his home estate and Clegs tenement  4262 A/PO 166  1741

William Teape apprenticed to Robert Farrant, carpenter  4262 A/PO 167  1741

Margaret Baker apprenticed to William Golesworthy of Gittisham for his estate in Shute  4262 A/PO 168  1741

William Lacey apprenticed to David Reed for Lettys Field and Axwater tenement  4262 A/PO 169  1742

John Parsons son of John Parsons apprenticed to Richard Downing, yeoman, for his estates in Shute  4262 A/PO 170  1745

John Braughton apprenticed to Francis Loud, yeoman  4262 A/PO 171  1746

John Spuridge (endorsed: Loverage) apprenticed to Mr Philip Mathews of Colyton for Long Downs estate in Shute  4262 A/PO 172  1761

Mary Sprague apprenticed to Robert Froome for Shepheard Land, Harveys, Clegs and Laud estate and Northdown, Widow Leaves and Winaller in Shute  4262 A/PO 173  1761

Henry Mathews apprenticed to John White for late Widow Gills at Woodhayne  4262 A/PO 174  1765

Ruth Mathews apprenticed to John Clegg  4262 A/PO 175  1765

Robert Mathews apprenticed to William Hoskins for Mr Golesworthys estate called Blake Gate in Shute  4262 A/PO 176  1765

Mary Tucker apprenticed to William Smith for Patch  4262 A/PO 177  1765

Mary Mathews apprenticed to Hannah Symes, widow, for late Stockers estate in Shute  4262 A/PO 178  1766

Elizabeth Snook apprenticed to Richard Harner alias Turner, drugget maker  4262 A/PO 179  1766

John Mathews apprenticed to George Hoskens for Blakegate estate  4262 A/PO 180  1767

William Sprague apprenticed to Hannah Symes for her estate, Searles  4262 A/PO 181  1767

Peter Quinton apprenticed to for his estate called late Pins and late Smiths  4262 A/PO 182  1768

James Smith apprenticed to John Collier of Colyton for Mr John Anning's estate in Shute  4262 A/PO 183  1768

John Lee apprenticed to John Hodges for Ways and Cumbridges and Short Marsh  4262 A/PO 184  1769

Elizabeth White a base child apprenticed to Philip Mathews of Colyton for Mr Thomas Hoskins estate in Shute  4262 A/PO 185  1771

William Tucker apprenticed to Samuel Persons for his estate called Killyhayn in Shute  4262 A/PO 186  1771

Benedict Broughton apprenticed to Susanna Pine for Lexhayne estate  4262 A/PO 187  1771

James Snell apprenticed to Mrs Thomasin Smith for Collhayn and part of Wishlades and Mr Napper contributor  4262 A/PO 188-189  1771

William Sprague apprenticed to John Tucker for an estate called Platt  4262 A/PO 190  1772

James Webber apprenticed to Robert Frome for an estate called Searles  4262 A/PO 191  1773

Susanna Sprague apprenticed to Samuel French for Mr Henry Davis estate called Smiters Pitt  4262 A/PO 192  1773

William Lee apprenticed to Thomas Stocker in respect of his estate called Harts, Carters Field and Broadoak  4262 A/PO 193  1773

Ann Lacey apprenticed to Mr John Lee in respect of an estate called Frenches  4262 A/PO 194  1773

Sarah Tucker apprenticed to Mr Henry Loud for Bliktsfeilds estate, Parsons and Harte tenements contributors  4262 A/PO 195  1774

John Snell apprenticed to Mr Thomas Hoskins junior for Queteins Limbern  4262 A/PO 196  1778

Nicholas Sprague apprenticed to Mrs Mary Lee for her home tenement  4262 A/PO 197  1778

Nicholas Sprague apprenticed to Richard Anning for the Mills  4262 A/PO 198  1779

John Salway apprenticed to Mr William White for Umbern estate  4262 A/PO 199  1779

Fanny Farrant apprenticed to William Loud for Lilleys Field estate Henry Loud contributor for Axewaters, Cleggs, Wooding Field and Bakers, John Clegg for late Cleggs now Harpers  4262 A/PO 200  1779

Thomas Farrant apprenticed to John Harris for Hampton estate, Cooks, Dyers, Yarcotts, Spragues estate also Mr Loud for part of House tenement, contributors  4262 A/PO 201  1780

Ann Mathews apprenticed to John Clapp for Hoar's estate, late Leeve's estate contributor  4262 A/PO 202  1780

George Seaward otherwise Swayne apprenticed to Robert Wright for Morecox  4262 A/PO 203  1782

Sarah Strawbridge apprenticed to James Snell for Woodhayes contributors the said James Snell for part of Barbers ground and John Clegg for late Smiths  4262 A/PO 204  1783

John White apprenticed to Thomas Blakeway for Mr Annings estate late Stockers Contributors Henry Loud for late Loveridges, James Searle for Lemens and Gills Dunlands occupier of late Hoopers orchard and Philip Mathews for Parseys House  4262 A/PO 205  1784

William French apprenticed to John Hodges for Hays Cumbridges and Short Marshes contributor Emanuel Dummett for Gilberts  4262 A/PO 206  1787

Catherine Turner apprenticed to William Potter for the Rev Mr Dummetts estate called Marsh contributors Mr Reed for Pinhays, Mrs Clegg for part of Broughtons  4262 A/PO 207  1788

William Warren apprenticed to John Virgin for Oakham estate Mr Budd for Horselands contributor endorsed: Wm Warren was born The 14th day of May 1781  4262 A/PO 208  1788

Hannah Lacey apprenticed to Benjamin White for late Mrs Goulds estate, Thenches (?) Meadow late Pusses Land and late Mr Drewsland contributors  4262 A/PO 209  1789

Francis Smith apprenticed to Michael Smith for Patches estate Redfords, Winnallers Meddow and Shephards lands, contributors  4262 A/PO 210  1789

James French apprenticed to Thomas Stocker for Cawleys contributors late Farrants and Laceys estate, Prist Cloas and part of Broad Oak, Richard Sillers land and Buridges late Hams Platt and Shute Meadow  4262 A/PO 211  1790

Sarah Shophard apprenticed to John Lantrow Symes for his estate called Parke, contributors Long Downs, Wilkings Cloas and Harveys  4262 A/PO 212  1790

Thomas Tucker apprenticed to George Horskins for Sir John William de la Poles Blake Gate, contributors Lower Hilhayn late Barnard Dommetts, Joseph Lacey for his house  4262 A/PO 213  1790

Aaron Frensh apprenticed to William Copp for Mr John Annings estate, Rev. Mr Cook for Broughtons Grounds to contribute  4262 A/PO 214  1790

Endorsed: Aaron Frenchs Indentures Aged 8 years the 26 Day of May 1790

John Tucker apprenticed to Richard Anning for Nether Lexhayne  4262 A/PO 215  1790

Thomas Trivett apprenticed to Thomas Hoskins for Quaintius Lumburn estate, contributor, the occupier of late Dometts, late Harveys, part of Wistlade  4262 A/PO 216  1790

James Smith apprenticed to Mr John Smith for Langdons estate contributors the occupiers of Northams, the occupier of part of Langdowns  4262 A/PO 217  1793

Betty Froom apprenticed to Mr Ambrose Bussell for Moorcox estate  4262 A/PO 218  1793

John Hawker apprenticed to William Pinny for an estate called Serles late Henry Symes's contributors the occupier of Freaks, the occupier of Husk Ground, the occupier of Late Mayors  4262 A/PO 219  1793

Mary Clegg, 9 apprenticed to John Clegg for Lexhayne Mills and the ground thereto belonging, Mr Nathan Hawkins contributor for Penns Green £1 10s 0d, to be paid out of the Poor Rale 0 16s 0d  4262 A/PO 220  1794

Henry Snell apprenticed to John Snell for Woodhayne estate, contributors part of Barbers Grounds and late Smiths  4262 A/PO 221  1794

Abraham Ford apprenticed to George Hoskins for Blakegate estate, the occupier of late Moores to contribute  4262 A/PO 222  1796

Betty White apprenticed to John Mogridge for Collins and Broadmeadow, the occupiers of late Mathews and part of Hurdles to contribute  4262 A/PO 223  1796

Joseph Trevett 10 apprenticed to Thomas Lane for Frenches contributors the occupiers of the late Gills at Knapp, the occupiers of Crosses, the occupiers of Long Row  4262 A/PO 224  1798

Jenny Hawker, 10 apprenticed to William Potter for the Marsh estate contributors the Occupiers of Pinnys, the occupiers of Part of Braughtons Pinnys 14s, Part of Braughtons 2s  4262 A/PO 225  1798

Mary Hardy, 10 apprenticed to Benjamin White for Late Mr Annings estate in Whitford, contributors Henry Loud for Late Loveridges, Sir John Pole for Serles Dunlands, Joseph Braughton for late Hoopers orchard, Philip Mathews for late Purses House  4262 A/PO 226  1798

Miriam French, 10 apprenticed to John Loveridge for Burts estate, Farrants Platt, Axwater, late Mrs Loveridges and late Mrs Tounzends contributors  4262 A/PO 227  1799

John Farrant, 8 apprenticed to John and Richard Phippen for Skinners and Haddon estates in Shute  4262 A/PO 228  1799

Richard Smith, 10 apprenticed to George Phippen for Harts estate late Stockers contributors Cartersfields and Broadoak  4262 A/PO 229  1799

Thomas Hawker, 10 apprenticed to John Parsons for Blakegate estate, John Smith contributor, Joseph Lacy for his land  4262 A/PO 230  1805

John Carter apprenticed to Richard Anning for? Pilanhayne?, Ambrose Bussell contributor  4262 A/PO 231  1805

Abraham Spiller, 10 apprenticed to Sir William Pole, bart for New Shute  4262 A/PO 232  1805

William Sprague, 10 apprenticed to James French for part of Shute Barton  4262 A/PO 233  1805

Roger Spark, 10 apprenticed to William Potter for Lower Lexhayne, George Domett contributors, Axartars and Frenches Plott and Pratland  4262 A/PO 234  1805

Robert Froom, 10 apprenticed to George Phippen for Lexhayne Mills and grounds, contributors Winnallers and part of Shute Barton  4262 A/PO 235  1805

John Solway, 10 apprenticed to Henry Loud for Horse tenement, Loveridges, Dunlands and Land  4262 A/PO 236  1805

James Hardy, 9 apprenticed to James Newberry for Edwards's Bartletts, Husk ground, Whites Ground and Priests Close  4262 A/PO 237  1805

Sarah Hawker, 14 apprenticed to Henry Davey for Higher Kilhayne estate  4262 A/PO 238  1805

Thomas Warren, 8 apprenticed to William Smith for Warhams estate  4262 A/PO 239  1805

Benjamin Froom, 10 apprenticed to John Rapsey for Colhayne  4262 A/PO 240  1806

Henry Parsons, 10 apprenticed to William Pinney for Serles estate, contributors the occupiers of late Princes and James White for Axwaters and Cleggs  4262 A/PO 241  1806

James Gill, 10 apprenticed to Henry Davy for Higher Kilhayne  4262 A/PO 242  1812

George Phippen, 10 apprenticed to William Clegg, blacksmith  4262 A/PO 243  1824

Ann Morgan, 12 apprenticed to Thomas Dolling, yeoman  4262 A/PO 244  1821

Robert Marwood, 12 apprenticed to William Newbury, yeoman, of Packhayne  4262 A/PO 245  1821

Amelia Smith, 11 apprenticed to Sir William Pole, bart  4262 A/PO 246  1826

Bastardy  [no ref. or date]

Bastardy orders and agreements  [no ref. or date]

William Froom  4262 A/PO 247  1773

Father of Sarah White's female bastard born in the middle of January to pay 10s 6d and 1s a week

Henry Adams of Axmouth, labourer  4262 A/PO 248  1783

Father of Grace White's female bastard born 8 January to pay 1s a week with account of money owing

John White, labourer  4262 A/PO 249  1791

Father of Jane Coleman's male bastard born 1 November 1790 to pay 7s and 1s a week

Robert Warren  4262 A/PO 250  1806

Agreement as to maintenance of his male bastard by Sarah Ham

Samuel Sampson  4262 A/PO 251  1806

Agreement as to maintenance of his female bastard by Joan Hooper

Bastardy Examination  [no ref. or date]

Jane Loveridge, single woman  4262 A/PO 143  1821

Related information: See also 426ZA/PO 144

William Pearse late of Piddletown, Dorset, labourer, deceased is the father of her female bastard born 3 rd July

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Order to pay county rate for Shute, with receipt endorsed, 30 April 1818  4262 A/PO 252  1818

Letter requiring attendance of overseers before County Rate Committee to produce current poor rate and valuation, 12 May 1858  4262 A/PO 253  1858

Miscellaneous bills, vouchers and other financial papers  4262 A/PO 254  1772-1922; n.d

1772, 1774, 1776, 1818, 1819, 1857, 1873, 1909, 1917, 1918, 1921, 1922, n.d.

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also PO 3, PO 80

Notice of vestry meeting for appointing Churchwardens, 5 April 1860  4262 A/PV 1  1860

Vestry minute containing resolution to form a committee to examine nuisances, 2 December 1847  4262 A/PV 2  1847

SURVEYORS OF THE HIGHWAYS  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also PO 3, PO 80

Highway weekly account books  4262 A/PS 1, 2  1841-1860

1841-1860 (West Division), 1841-1859 (East Division)

Letter to the Shute Surveyors of the highways drawing their attention to the state of the road from Colyton to Shute and to their statutory responsibilities to repair it, particularly in anticipation of the opening of the railway, 17 March 1860  4262 A/PS 3  1860

PARISH COUNCIL  [no ref. or date]

Parish Council minute books  4262 A/PX 1  31 December 1894-14 January 1922

With list of overseers, 1895-1926, at back

Parish Council minute books  4262 A/PX 2  19 April 1922-29 March 1939

Parish Council minute books  4262 A/PX 3  26 April 1939-14 September 1956

Parish Council minute books  4262 A/PX 4  21 November 1956-6 February 1973

Parish meeting minute book  4262 A/PX 5  1894-1946

4 December 1894-30 April 1946

Minute book of committee appointed to organise parish celebrations of Silver Jubilee of George V, 4 March-16 May 1935  4262 A/PX 6  1935

Including balance sheet, with estimates, bills and other associated papers, January-December 1935

Minute book of committee appointed to organise parish celebrations of the Coronation of George VI, 7 January-3 December 1937  4262 A/PX 7  1936-1938

Including balance sheets, and accounts, with subscription books (4), estimates, bills and other associated papers, November 1936-January 1938

Social Committee minute book  4262 A/PX 8  1957-1961; 1984

Related information: See PZ2

14 January 1957-27 November 1961, 15 November 1984

Letter book, 28 May 1966-1 July 1968  4262 A/PX 9  1966-1968

Receipts and Payments Account books  4262 A/PX 10  1895/6 - 1921/22

Receipts and Payments Account books  4262 A/PX 11  1924/25 - 1933/34

Receipts and Payments Account books  4262 A/PX 12  1934/35 - 1942/43

Receipts and Payments Account books  4262 A/PX 13  1943/44 - 1952/53

Financial statements  4262 A/PX 14-15A, 16-46  1895-1952

1895/96-1899/1900, 1901/02, 1902/03, 1904/05, 1906/07, 1907/08, 1920/21, 1922/23 (blank), 1929/30-1951/52

Contribution (from Overseers) Order Book, 1895-1926  4262 A/PX 47  1895-1926

Allotment rents receipt books (2)  4262 A/PX 48, 49  1931-1937

1931-1934, 1934-1937

Book of counterfoil precepts upon rating authority  4262 A/PX 50  1955-1964

Bills, receipts, vouchers, cancelled cheques and miscellaneous financial papers  4262 A/PX 51  1895-1967

1895-1904, 1907-1910, 1931-1941, 1944-1953, 1960-1967

Papers relating to elections of parish councillors  4262 A/PX 52  1894-1937

1894, 1897, 1904, 1907, 1910, 1934, 1937

Registers of parochial electors (3), Shute parish  4262 A/PX 53-55  1904-1910

1904, 1907, 1910

Register of parliamentary electors, polling district of Shute (II), Shute parish  4262 A/PX 56  1936/37

Plan and schedule under Tree Preservation Order, 1958, relating to Shute Deer Park  4262 A/PX 57  1958

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  4262 A/PX 58  1895-1962

Byelaws made by Axminster Rural District Council with respect to the Drainage of Existing Buildings in the Rural District of Axminster  4262 A/PX 59  1915

Agricultural Rates Act, 1896, Prescribing Regulations, General  4262 A/PX 60  1896

Accounts: Notice of Audit: Financial Statement (Statutory) Order, Parish Councils  4262 A/PX 61  1898

Burial Act, 1900, and explanatory letter  4262 A/PX 62  1900

17 December 1900

Notice to Public Authorities as to their Obligations under the Census of Production Act, 1906  4262 A/PX 63  1906

CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

Stock receipt, 16 August 1899, belonging to Dr Smith's Shute Bellringers' Trust, with associated letter from the Charity Commission  4262 A/PF 1  1899

12 September 1899

EDUCATION  [no ref. or date]

Summary of The Class Register, Shute Board School  4262 A/PE 1  1877-1878

October 1877-January 1878

Summary of the Attendances & Payments of the Scholars, Shute Board School  4262 A/PE 2  1880-1881

February 1880-January 1881

Minute book of Shute School Managers' meetings  4262 A/PE 3  1953-1973

29 April 1953-5 December 1973

Reports by H.M. Inspectors on Shute Council School  4262 A/PE 4  1927-1936

1927, 1930, 1931, 1936

Reports of Religious Instruction in Shute Board (later Council) School  4262 A/PE 5  1900-1913

1900, 1902-1906, 1911, 1913

Letter from Devon County Education Committee to Head Teacher concerning reorganisation of Shute Council School  4262 A/PE 6  1947

9 December 1947

Letter from Devon County Education Committee and papers concerning sweeping compound for schools  4262 A/PE 7  1945

16 October 1945

Bills, receipts, vouchers and miscellaneous financial papers relating to Shute Board School  4262 A/PE 8  1893-1896

Instrument of Management and Rules of Management, County Primary Schools, Devon County Council  4262 A/PE 9  c.1965

Register of attendance at Shute Dressmaking Class, Shute Arms Hotel  4262 A/PE 10  1908

January-April 1908

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Cash book, groceries (1855-1857) and ?carrying or hauling services (1858-1859) Robert John Pinney Loud of Shute  4262 A/PZ 1  1855-1859

Photograph of Shute Parish Christmas Party, 3 January 1959  4262 A/PZ 2  1959

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