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Davie family of Sandford

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Reference 2346M
Covering dates 1641 - 1974
Held by Devon Record Office
Extent 252 files
Conditions of access These records are available for research. Notice may be required to produce them in the searchroom
Archival history Items deposited as additional accession 2346M-1 have been incorporated into and listed with 2346M/.
Creators Davie family, of Sandford, Devon

Administrative history:
A large quantity of the records of the Davie and Ferguson-Davie family of Creedy Park, Sandford were lost in 1915 when fire destroyed the house. Of the earlier records of the family, some 17th century pedigrees were salvaged, but these are very fragile and in most cases are too badly charred to be available to the public. Some pre-1915 records other than the pedigrees have survived, but the collection is chiefly of 20th century family and estate papers.

Rentals etc
Inventories etc.
Game books
Appointments etc
Wills & marriage settlements
Sale catalogues
Personal books and papers
Car records
Photographs etc.
Sandford parish

ESTATES  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Creedy House accounts  2346M/E1 - 8  [n.d.]

Account book, furnishings by John Wellsman, upholsterer of London  2346M/E1  1820

Account book, decorating by Mr. Wellsman  2346M/E2  c. 1820

Account, soft furnishings and furniture purchased from John Wellsman  2346M/E3  c. 1820

Account book, estimate and account, alterations carried out by Sir H.R. Ferguson-Davie  2346M/E4  1846 - 1848

File of household accounts  2346M/E5  1893 - 1912

Household account book  2346M/E6  1916 - 1919

Household account book  2346M/E7  1919 - 1923

Household account book  2346M/E8  1938 - 1946

Creedy Estate accounts  2346M/E9 - 13  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also 2346M/E 19 - 27)

Account book  2346M/E9  1758

Account book, cattle sold of Long Barn  2346M/E10  c. 1770

Cash book  2346M/E11  1801 - 1803

Wood book  2346M/E12  1915 - 1946

Account of Sandford and Stockleigh sales  2346M/E13  1921

Executors' accounts etc., Creedy Estate  2346M/E14-18  [n.d.]

Account book, estate of Sir John Davie, 6th Bart (died 1737) with inventory of his personal goods  2346M/E14  1739 - 1740

Trust account book, Chancery case re settled estates of Sir John Davie, 8th Bart (died 1803)  2346M/E15  1813 - 1833

Executors' account book, estate of Sir John Davie, 9th Bart (died 1915)  2346M/E16  1824 - 1833

Executors' accounts, estate of Sir William Augustus Ferguson Davie, 3rd Bart (died 1915)  2346M/E17, 18  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also 2346M/E42, 2346M/55 and 2346M/56)

Farm accounts  2346M/E19-27  [n.d.]

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E19  1935 - 1936

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E20  1936 - 1937

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E21  1937 - 1938

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E22  1938 - 1939

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E23  1939 - 1940

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E24  1940 - 1941

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E25  1941 - 1942

Account book of Frogmire Farm, Sandford  2346M/E26  1942 - 1943

Stock account book  2346M/E 27  1942

Rentals, particulars and valuations  [no ref. or date]

Rentals  2346M/E28 - 31  [n.d.]

Manors of Creedy, Mariansleigh, and Holsworthy: rental and steward's account  2346M/E28  1879 - 1880

Rental and steward's account, as E28  2346M/E29  1900

Manors of Creedy and Holsworthy: rental and steward's account  2346M/E30  1913

Creedy estate: rental and estate account  2346M/E31  1948 - 1949

Particulars etc.  2346M/E32 - 36  [n.d.]

Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall: schedule of property  2346M/E32  1871 - 1927

Creedy estate: particulars  2346M/E33  1890 - 1918

Creedy woods: particulars  2346M/E34  1907

Creedy estate: details of repairs to farms, buildings etc.  2346M/E35  1915 - 1944

Creedy estate: particulars  2346M/E36  c. 1946

Sale particulars  2346M/E37 - 41  [n.d.]

Mariansleigh Manor estate: parishes of Mariansleigh and Meshaw  2346M/E37  1919

Portions of the Creedy estate: parishes of Sandford Stockleigh Pomeroy and Cheriton Fitzpaine  2346M/E38  1920

Welcombe and Higher East Coombe  2346M/E39  1932

Farms: parishes of Cheriton Fitzpaine and Stockleigh Pomeroy

Eastern part of the Creedy estate: parishes of Upton Helions, Sandford, Cheriton Fitzpaine and Shobrooke  2346M/E40  1953

Hellions Barton: parish of Upton Helions  2346M/E41  1959

Valuation  2346M/E42  1915

Related information: (See also 2346M/E 17, 2346M/18, 2346M/55 and 2346M/56)

Creedy estate: re succession duty

Maps; Creedy estate: O.S. 6 inches  2346M/E43  c. 1890

Inventories etc.  [no ref. or date]

Creedy House inventories  2346M/E44-52  [n.d.]

List of plate, pictures, china, mirrors, soft furnishings, furniture and kitchen equipment: with notes on their fate in the fire of November 1915  2346M/E44  1915

List of china, bronzes, pictures and furniture  2346M/E45  1916

List of china, bronzes, pictures and furniture saved from the fire  2346M/E46  1916

List of plate, 1921  2346M/E47  1921 - 1947

(At back: record of chimneys being swept, 1923 - 1947)

List of plate  2346M/E48  1938

List of china and glass  2346M/E49  1938

List of silver in use  2346M/E50  1950

Linen book  2346M/E51  1918 - 1954

Wine cellar book  2346M/E52  1923 - 1963

Game books  2346M/E 53  1881 - 1906

Game books  2346M/E 54  1915 - 1974

Correspondence etc.  [no ref. or date]

Letters re payment of estate duty  2346M/E 55  1915

Declarations by solicitor as to title and identity of the Creedy estates  2346M/E 56  1916

Related information: (See also 2346M/E 17, 2346M/18 and 2346M/42)

Bundle of correspondence re curtains and blinds for Creedy House  2346M/E 57  1920

Legal  [no ref. or date]

Act for vesting parts of the estates of Sir John Davie, dcd. [...] , in Trustees upon trust to be sold  2346M/E 58  1839

FAMILY  [no ref. or date]

Pedigrees  [no ref. or date]

Parchment pedigrees badly damaged by fire  2346M/F1-7  [n.d.]

Davie family: with arms and illuminations  2346M/F1-4  17th cent

Reynell family, with arms  2346M/F5-7  17th cent

Paper pedigrees  2346M/F8-13  [n.d.]

Draft and copy pedigrees, Davie family  2346M/F8-11  1793 - 1846

Davie family, with arms  2346M/F 12  1846

Buller family  2346M/F 13  1833

Appointments etc.  [no ref. or date]

Parchment documents badly damaged by fire  2346M/F14-18  [n.d.]

Grant of baronetcy to John Davie of Creedy  2346M/F 14  17 Carol. I (1641)

Copy grant of arms, 1594  2346M/F 15  1763

Grant of baronetcy to Henry Robert Ferguson-Davie  2346M/F 16  1846

Appointment of Henry Robert Ferguson-Davie as Deputy Lieutenant for Devon  2346M/F 17  1846

Grant of arms  2346M/F 18  1846

Copy grants  2346M/F19-20  [n.d.]

Copy grant of arms, 1594  2346M/F 19  19th cent

Bundle of transcripts by Miss Lega-Weekes  2346M/F 20  [n.d.]

Grants of baronetcy 1641 and 1846; letters patent, 1553 - 1666; notes on exchequer tally, 1641; abstracts of wills, 1612 - 1803

Petition; by Henry Ferguson-Davie to bear arms  2346M/F 21  1846

Related information: (See also 2346M/F18)

Grant of Companion of Distinguished Service Order to A.F. Ferguson-Davie  2346M/F 21a  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also 2346M/F51, 2346M/56-58, 2346M/122-171)

Office; Appointment of Rev. A.P. Ferguson-Davie as chaplain to the territorial army, 1937, with release from service, 1946  2346M/F 22  1937, 1946

Licences  2346M/F 23-25  [n.d.]

Licence and transcript for Sir John Davie and his wife to eat meat in Lent  2346M/F23, 24  1666

Licence to hold divine service in oratory at Creedy Park  2346M/F 25  1956

Wills and Marriage Settlements  [no ref. or date]

Wills and testamentary papers  2346M/F26-31a  [n.d.]

Related information: (See also 2346M/E 14 - 18)

Copy administration of goods of Sir John Davie, Bart. 1797 (died 1792)  2346M/F26  1815

Copy will and papers, Sir John Davie, Bart  2346M/27-29  1824

Extract from will of Sir William Lemon, Bart  2346M/F30  1813

Extract from will of Sir Charles Lemon, Bart of Carclew, Cornwall  2346M/F31  1868

Copy extract of disposition and nomination of executor by Robert Ferguson of Raith, 1840  2346M/F31a  1961

Marriage Settlement  2346M/F 32  1796

Abstract of deed made on marriage of Sir John Davie, Bart, with Miss Lemon, eldest daughter of Sir William Lemon, Bart

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of letters, accounts and papers, Davie family history and grant of baronetcy, 1846  2346M/F33-50  1820 - 1847

Lord Roberts to A.F. Ferguson-Davie, Esq., regimental album of 3rd Sikh Infantry  2346M/F 51  1899

M. Symonds of Oxford Street, London to Lady Ferguson-Davie, tapestry order  2346M/F 52  1916

"Uncle Robert" to Sir William Ferguson-Davie, family history  2346M/F 53  1917

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter to Sir William Ferguson-Davie, receipt of family papers  2346M/F 54  1917

Rev. G.T. Llewellin to Sir William Ferguson-Davie, church matters  2346M/F 55  1917

Letters and papers, memorial to Lt. Col. A.F. Ferguson-Davie, Morar, India  2346M/F56-58  1920

Miscellaneous note, n.d.  2346M/F 59  19th cent

Sir William Ferguson-Davie to Rev. A.P. Ferguson-Davie, Creedy estate  2346M/F 60  1946

Printed invitations to wedding of Sir Patrick Ferguson-Davie  2346M/F 61  1949

Letters and accounts, supplies of food, wine and flowers for parties in Creedy House, including visit by Princess Margaret  2346M/F62-66  1960

H.A. Matten to Sir Patrick and Lady Ferguson-Davie, thanks for silver wedding gift  2346M/F 67  1971

Letters concerning decision of Sir Patrick Ferguson-Davie to sell the Creedy estate and retire to Cyprus  2346M/F68-81  1974

Open letter to tenants of the Creedy estate  2346M/F68  1974

Letters to Sir Patrick following his decision to leave Creedy, from :-  2346M/F69-81  [n.d.]

"Eve"  2346M/F69  [n.d.]

Bishop of Crediton  2346M/F70  [n.d.]

Rev. A.M. Bray, vicar of Crediton  2346M/F71  [n.d.]

Lord Stafford  2346M/F72  [n.d.]

Rector of St. Mary Steps, Exeter  2346M/F73  [n.d.]

Robert, former Bishop of Exeter  2346M/F74  [n.d.]

A.H. Snow  2346M/F75  [n.d.]

"Joyce"  2346M/F76  [n.d.]

E.A. Down  2346M/F77  [n.d.]

"George"  2346M/F78  [n.d.]

E. Lambert-Gorwyn  2346M/F79  [n.d.]

W.J. Reed  2346M/F80  [n.d.]

Rev. D.C. Vickery, vicar of St. Peter's, Plymouth  2346M/F81  [n.d.]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Account for jewellery, present from Sir Patrick Ferguson-Davie to his wife on the occasion of their marriage  2346M/F 82  1949

Account for altar crucifix and candlesticks for Sandford parish church  2346M/F 83  1959

Sale catalogues  [no ref. or date]

Antique furniture, silver, china etc. sold at Creedy Park by Rickeard Green & Michelmore of Exeter  2346M/F 84  1951

China, sold by Sotheby's, London  2346M/F 85  1952

Silver, sold by Sotheby's, London  2346M/F 86  1952

China, sold by Sotheby's, London  2346M/F 87  1952

Jewels, sold by Christie's, London  2346M/F 88  1955

Personal books and papers  [no ref. or date]

Visitor's book  2346M/F 89  1886 - 1915

Visitor's book  2346M/F 90  1921 - 1949

Address book  2346M/F 91  c. 1935

The Kyrtonian  2346M/F 92  1954

(Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Crediton): includes article on the exploration of the underground passages at Creedy

List of guests, Devonshire Regiment dinner  2346M/F 93  1957

School report  2346M/F 94  1960

A.F. Ferguson-Davie, Summer Fields, Oxford

Paper by Sir Patrick Ferguson-Davie, Davie family history  2346M/F 95  1973

Family Cars  [no ref. or date]

Logs and account books  2346M/F 96  1911 - 1912

Logs and account books  2346M/F 97  1911 - 1913

Logs and account books  2346M/F 98  1913 - 1941

Photographs  2346M/F99-102  1911 - 1918

Wolseley tourer and Argyll

Correspondence  2346M/F103, 104  1907

Argylls of London, automobile engineers to W.J. Ferguson-Davie, testimonial for E. Norton, chauffeur

Advertisement brochures  2346M/F105-108  1936

Daimler and Wolseley

Road Maps  2346M/F109, 110  c. 1910

"Contour" road books, S.E. and W. England

Photographs and postcards  [no ref. or date]

Album containing family photographs  2346M/F 111  c. 1865

Sir Henry Ferguson-Davie, 1st Bart., Lady Ferguson-Davie and their children John, William Augustus and Charles with their wives, Harriett Anne and her husband and Caroline, with many others

Album containing family photographs, including  2346M/F 112  1864 - c. 1870

Sir Henry and Lady Ferguson-Davie and their children; Hamlyn-Williams family of Clovelly Court; Fane family.
Also views of Creedy House and park; photograph of Creedy drawing room; officers of 1st Devon Militia; Clovelly; Queen Victoria and members of the royal family

Album containing photographs of  2346M/F 113  1891 - 1912

Eleanor Ferguson-Davie; Arthur Ferguson-Davie; Scotland, including "Inveran", 1892; Broomford Manor Exbourne (home of Fanny Julia, youngest daughter of 1st Bart.), 1907; Penzance, 1894; St. Michael's Mount; Land's End; the Logan Stone; Dunster, 1893; marriage of Eleanor Ferguson-Davie and George Colvile; Creedy Park, various views; Mary Ferguson-Davie, 1896 and her marriage to William Knight, 1900; death of Sir John Ferguson-Davie 1907 (newspaper cuttings etc.); golden wedding of Sir William and Lady Ferguson-Davie, 1912 (newspaper cuttings etc.)

Photograph of Bittescombe, Somerset  2346M/F 114  c. 1900

Album containing photographs of the old Creedy house  2346M/F 115  c.1865 - 1937

The fire of 1915 and rebuilding; new drawing room; completed extension; Wolseley cars; notes on the rebuilding compiled by Lady Ferguson-Davie, wife of the 4th Bart.; the old house, west wing and drawing room, c. 1865; Lady Ferguson-Davie, Antony and Patrick Ferguson-Davie, 1926 - 1929; Daimler car; Frogmire Farm, 1937; Holne Chase, 1937

Loose photographs enclosed in F 115  2346M/F116  c.1916

Lady Ferguson-Davie at the Mount

Loose photographs enclosed in F 115  2346M/F117  1925

Sir William and Lady Ferguson-Davie with Cedric Drewe, M.P.

Loose photographs enclosed in F 115  2346M/F118  1935

Lady Ferguson-Davie at a fete

Loose photographs enclosed in F 115  2346M/F119  1941


Loose photographs enclosed in F 115  2346M/F120  1942

Mrs. Colvile, Kenya

Album containing photographs of Creedy fire  2346M/F 121  1916 - 1932

Drawing room at the Mount; cheesemaking at Sandford, 1916; laying the foundation stone at Creedy, 1916; set of Bohemian glass destroyed in the fire; hall, drawing room and billiard room in the new house; cars; family groups; newspaper cuttings, royal family, society weddings etc.

Photographic collection  2346M/F122-171  [n.d.]

Compiled by Arthur F. Ferguson-Davie

Album  2346M/F122  1889 - 1891

Containing photographs of the barracks, Aldershot, 1889; Creedy, 1890; Royal Scots regiment in Malta, 1891; family groups at Creedy, including Lady Ferguson-Davie and Eleanor in the house; Suez Canal, 1891

Album  2346M/F123  1891 - 1896

Containing photographs of Arthur Ferguson-Davie's service with the 3rd Sikhs in India :
Poona, 1891; Kohat, 1892; Murree, 1892 Dera Ismail Khan, 1893; Lahore, 1893; Waristan, 1894 - 1896

Album  2346M/F124  1895 - 1903

Containing photographs of India, 1895 - 1897: Nowshera, Mardan, Jellala Camp, Dargai, River Panjkora, Sado, Mundah, Janbatai and Chitral Fort; Inveran, Scotland, 1807; Bittescombe, Somerset, 1897; Creedy, 1897; India; Kashmir, 1899; 3rd Sikhs Polo Teams 1899 - 1902; Tochi Valley, 1903; Lord Kitchener's tour from Wana to Datta Khel, 1903; Creedy and Bittescombe, 1903

Loose photographs enclosed in F 124  2346M/F125-171  1903 - 1905

Sir William and Lady Ferguson-Davie and their family on the terrace at Creedy  2346M/F 125  c.1903

Creedy terrace and grounds  2346M/F 126-136  c. 1905

William Ferguson-Davie (later 4th Bart.) on horseback  2346M/F 137-139  c. 1905

Lady Ferguson-Davie with William in Creedy conservatory  2346M/F 140  c. 1905

Eleanor Naylor (later wife of Arthur F. Ferguson-Davie) in Creedy conservatory  2346M/F 141  c. 1905

Eleanor Naylor in grounds of Creedy  2346M/F 142, 143  c. 1905

Dean House, Kilneston, Hants., Naylor family  2346M/F 144-147  c. 1905

Dean House, various views  2346M/F 148-167  c. 1905

A.F. Ferguson-Davie in India  2346M/F 168-170  [n.d.]

Bundle of negatives, family  2346M/F 171  [n.d.]

Album  2346M/F 172  1906

Compiled by Daphne Naylor containing photographs of the marriage of Arthur F. Ferguson-Davie and Eleanor Naylor, 1906

Album  2346M/F 173  1899 - 1939

Compiled by Adeline Ferguson-Davie containing photographs of her husband Henry and herself and their daughters Violet, and Evelyn, 1899 - 1928; Patrick Ferguson-Davie, 1929, 1931; Bittescombe (their home), 1938 - 1939

William Ferguson-Davie on horseback, Creedy  2346M/F 174  c. 1900

Creedy dining hall  2346M/F 175  1973 - 4

Sir Patrick and Lady Ferguson-Davie with their son, Antony, the last Davies at Creedy Park  2346M/F 176  1974

Postcard Albums  2346M/F177  1923 - 1928

Malvern, Hereford, Ludlow, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick, Ombersley, Droitwich, Hindhead, Compton, Salisbury, Tewkesbury, Chester, Carlisle, Gleneagles, The Trossachs, Taymouth Castle, Dumfries, Stamford, Singapore, Kingsbridge, Tintern Abbey, Woolwich, Bognor, Dunster, Cromer, Norwich, Overstrand, Castle Rising, Cambridge, Killin, Josselin, Aldeburgh, Framlingham, East Bergholt, Constantinople, St. Haon-le-Vieux, St.-Jean-de-Luz, Natal, Windermere, Sevenoaks, Battle Abbey, Crowborough, Clovelly, Haddon Hall, Hardwick Hall, Buxton, Chatsworth, Bludenz, Como

Postcard Albums  2346M/F178  1930 - 1931

Balmoral Castle, Glen Lyon, Loch Ness, Killiecrankie, Pitlochry, Windermere, Wastdale, Buttermere, St. David's Cathedral, Harlech Castle, Bettwys-y-Coed, Aberystwyth, Stratford-on-Avon, Kenilworth, Wroxham, Sherborne, Weymouth, and some family snapshots

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Sandford Parish  [no ref. or date]

Copy agreement  2346M/Z 1  c. 1900 (1657)

1. Twelve men with churchwardens and overseers of Sandford
2. Sir John Davie
Agreement: permission to erect a gallery in the parish church and to erect seats for his family and servants in the chancel

Plans of Sandford church before restoration in 1848  2346M/Z 2, 3  c. 1900

Parish magazine  2346M/Z 4  1888

Faculty, oak screen in memory of war dead  2346M/Z 5  1920

Poster advertising Sandford and Upton Hellions coronation celebrations  2346M/Z 6  1953

Printed book  2346M/Z 7  1905

Hoppus's Measurer, belonging to W.J. Ferguson-Davie, 1905

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