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Papers of Holden Family of Aston Hall, Aston-upon-Trent

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Reference D 779B
Covering dates 1611-1924
Held by Derbyshire Record Office
Extent 6 Sub-fonds

Folder icon  [no title]  D 779B/T 45  undated [1641-2]

These documents are held at Derbyshire Record Office

Bill of compaint to Sir Edward Littleton, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, by Robert Houlden of Shardlow yeoman and Robert Burton of Derby butcher, that whereas Sir Edward Leech one of the masters of the court is seised of the manor of Belper, Robert Houden is seised according to the custom of the manor, of 2 messuages, one cottage and various parcels of land, closes or grounds called Shottle Riddings and Water Riddings and Barber Close, all in Belper, the inheritance of Mary Houlden deceased wife of John Houlden of Wilne gentleman and Thomas Sowter her father, all held of Leech as of the manor of Belper by fealty, rent, suit of court and by fine uncertain and arbitrable at the will of the lord upon every admittance, all which Robert Houden lately purchased of his brother John, that before he bought the lands he agreed with Leech to make the fines certain, that is to be 12d, for which agreement he paid £70, Leech promising to suffer a decree to pass in this Court for the firm establishment of the agreement and John Beardsley was seised of messuage, garden, orchard, parcels of land called Bridge Flatt, Swan Flatt, 1½a land lying in the Eyes, 3½a meadow in the Nether Stanley, 3 acres in ? Hutfull, croft of one acre, ½ arable in Hutfall upon the Nether Shutt, one rood adjoining to John Tayler, the Stone Close containing 12 acres pasture, cottage in Balesmore, all in or adjoining Belper, copyhold and parcel of the manor of Belper, held as Houlden's land (above), which Robert Burton purchased on 9 June 9 Charles I [1633] agreeing with Leech to make the fines on admittance certain, that is 6s 8d, for a payment of £70, and both Houlden and Burton have requested Leech to perfect the agreements and that he may set down the estate he has in the manor so that they may be sure he has the power to make the fines certain and that he may set down what agreements he has made with them, which may be ratified by the court. They ask for a writ of subpoena to Leech to answer in Chancery.

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