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Borough Estate and Family Papers

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Reference GB 0026 D5369
Covering dates circa 1574-1888
Held by Derbyshire Record Office
Extent 62 series
Conditions of access Open
Source of acquisition Formerly held at Derby Local Studies Library under reference number DL 45.
Creators Borough family of Chetwynd Park, Shropshire; Borrow family of Hulland, Derbyshire and Derby
Related information For other deeds relating to Hanson Grange, see D1085A/T 18.
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For other deeds relating to lands at Alsop in the Dale, Hulland, Hulland Ward and Ashbourne, see D289 M/T 1-2.
For more deeds relating to the Borough family of Hulland and Derby, see D89/1-4.
For correspondence involving John Borough regarding the administration of St. Werbergh's Church, Derby, see D1091 A/PI 176 & 181.
For the records of the parish of St. Werbergh's, see D1145, and see also D1068 and D2927.
For the records of the parish of St. Peter's, Derby, see D1792.
For other records of the Midland Railway Company, see D3220, D4655, D5092 and D5598.

Administrative history:
John Borowe (1635-1707) bought the Hough estate in Hulland after 1690. He was married to Mary Rawlinson. They had three children. Their eldest son, Isaac Borrow, became Mayor of Derby in 1730 and rebuilt its Town Hall. He married Mary Tempest in 1702. They had one son, John Tempest.
John Tempest Borrow (1702-1780) became the proprietor of Hulland, Hough, Musden, Alsop and Hanson Grange estates. He built the new Hulland Hall in 1777. He subsequently willed the estates to his half-nephew John Borrow (1746-1825).
Following Mary's death, Isaac married Honor Burton in 1708. She was the heiress to her brother Robert of Hanson Grange, and lands in Thorpe, Morley and the parish of St. Peter's, Derby. She died circa 1752.
Together they had two sons and two daughters. Thomas Borrow of Castlefields (1709-1786) married Anne, daughter of John Alt of Loughborough in 1757. She died in circa 1801. His brother, John (born 1710), also married an Ann, who died in 1799. Of their two sisters, Ann married Thomas Bainbrigge and Honor married Philip Gell.
Upon his death, John Borrow willed the properties to his cousin, Thomas Borough of Castlefields (d 1838). He attended University College, Oxford. He became a barrister at the Middle Temple, and then a captain in the Leicestershire Militia. He moved to Chetwynd Park in 1803 and changed the family name to Borough. He married Jane daughter of William Smithson of Ferrybridge, Yorkshire. Jane died in 1853. The lands then passed to their son, John Charles Burton Borough. JCB Borough's sister Jane married George Hill. Jane bought these lands from her brother in 1847. She also gave birth to Anna Honora, who died in 1852, and to two children who also died in their infancy.

Richard Borrow D5369/1
John Borrow D5369/2
Isaac Borrow D5369/3
Title deeds & related papers D5369/3/1-14
Business papers D5369/3/15-36
Family papers D5369/3/37-39
John Tempest Borrow D5369/4
John Borrow D5369/5
Ann, wife of John Borrow D5369/6
Thomas Borrow D5369/7
Title deeds & related papers D5369/7/1-20
St Peter's, Derby, parish papers D5369/7/21-22
Ann Borrow (née Alt) D5369/8
Honor Borrow D5369/9
John Borrow D5369/10
Thomas Burough D5369/11
Title deeds & related papers D5369/11/1-4
Business papers D5369/11/5-6
Family papers D5369/11/7-126
Jane Burough (née Smithson) D5369/12
Charles Burton Burough D5369/13
Title deeds & related papers D5369/13/1-2
Business papers D5369/13/4-9
Family papers D5369/13/15-28
Midland Railway Company D5369/14
Jane Borough D5369/15
Alt family D5369/16
Bainbrigge family D5369/17
Business papers D5369/17/1-4
Family papers D5369/17/5-8
Coke family D5369/18
Title deeds & related papers D5369/18/1-5
Family papers D5369/18/6
William Smithson, father to Jane Borough D5369/19
Business papers D5369/19/1-36
Leeds General Infirmary D5369/19/37-38
Keighley parish papers D5369/19/39-43
Other Borough Family & Derbyshire Title Deeds:
Derbyshire D5369/20
Alsop in the Dale D5369/21
Belper Ward, Chevin Ward & Hulland Ward D5369/22
Calow D5369/23
Property in Crich and South Wingfield inherited by the Smith family of Nightingale D5369/24
Derby D536/25
Duffield D5369/26
Elton D5369/27
Etwall D5369/28
Fairfield/Pigtor/Wormhill D5369/29
Hartington Rectory D5369/30
Hartshorn Grange D5369/31
Hulland D5369/32
Hungry Bentley D5369/33
Killamarsh D5369/34
Long Eaton D5369/35
Litchurch D5369/36
Litchurch Estate D5369/37
Longford D5369/38
Mugginton D5369/39
Normanton D5369/40
Parwich D5369/41
Winster D5369/42
Chetwynd Park, Edgemond, Shropshire D5369/43
Hanson Grange, Derbyshire & Staffordshire D5369/44
Musden Grange, Staffordshire D5369/45
Thurleston, Ambaston & Alvaston D5369/46
Lands in Lea, Bradbourne, Parwich, Hognaston, Brassington, Kniveton, Offcote, Underwood, Bentley & Hartington D5369/47
Out of county title deeds:
Manor of Steventon, Berkshire D5369/48
Bristol D536/49
Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire D5369/50
Herefordshire D5369/51
Culceth, Lancashire D5369/52
Leicestershire D5369/53
Axholme, Lincolnshire & Rowley, Surrey D5369/54
Lincoln St. Martin D5369/55
Middlesex D5369/56
Broughton Sulney, Nottinghamshire D5369/57
Shropshire D5369/58
Staffordshire D5369/59
Yorkshire D5369/60
West Wales D5369/61
Miscellaneous D5369/62
Some items in Latin.

Richard Borrow  D5369/1  1574

[no title]  D5369/1/1  1574
Language:  Latin

Copy Inquisitio Post Mortem Richard Boroughe, 1 Jan
Including typed explanitory note listing Richard Boroughe's properties
(Formerly DL45/10500)

John Borrow  D5369/2  1666-1708

[no title]  D5369/2/1  1666

Marriage Settlement John Borrow to Mary Rowlinson, Daughter of William, 4 Sep
(Formerly DL45/10466)

[no title]  D5369/2/2  1668

Obligation William Palmer to John Borrow, Jul
(Formerly DL45/10470)

[no title]  D5369/2/3  1702

Illuminated letters patent granting arms and crest to John Borrow Esq of Derby and his younger brother Mr Samuel Borrow of Mansfield, 2 Oct
With pendant seals of the Garter and the Norroy Kings of Arms

[no title]  D5369/2/4  1708

Will of John Borrowe of Derby, 11 May
(Formerly DL45/10641)

Isaac Borrow  D5369/3  1663-1758

Title Deeds and Related Papers  D5369/3/1-14  1663-1717

[no title]  D5369/3/1  1663
Language:  Latin

Borrough to Turner(?)
(Formerly DL45/10479)

[no title or date]  D5369/3/2

Number Not Used

[no title]  D5369/3/3  1701

Lease for a year from
John Borrow and his son Isaac Borrow to Richard Tayler and Francis Gregg, of a messuage called the New Inn in Alsop en le Dale, lands in Thorpe and Alsop, the manor of Hough, messuages, lands, etc in Hough, Hulland, Ashbourne and Duffield, Hough Park, Hanson Grange in Thorpe, and a messuage or mansion in Friargate, Derby, 3 Oct
(Formerly DL45/10424)

[no title]  D5369/3/4-10  1705-1749

Title Deeds and Related Papers regarding Isaac Borrow
D5369/3/4 Marriage Settlement Isaac Borrow to Mrs. Honor Burton regarding Mr. Burton's Land, 26 Jun 1708
(Formerly DL45/10425)
D5369/3/5 Feoffment Francis Meynell to Isaac Borrow regarding Mesuage, etc., formerly the estate of Thomas Mannings, fronting St. Peters Church, Derby (formerly DL45/10451)
D5369/1/3/1/6 An Inventory of Goods, Chattled Credits and Personal Estate of the late Isaac Borrow, 5 Feb 1745 (formerly DL45/10473)
D5369/3/7 Lease for Possession Provost of the Royal College of the Blessed Mary at Eton to Isaac Borrow regarding all lands, etc. called Charlotte Wilde in Hampstead, Kentish Town, 27 Dec 1705
(Formerly DL45/10476)
D5369/3/8 Receipts and Accounts for rent paid by William Storer, 2 to Isaac Borrow, 3 to Joseph Batman, regarding lands called Broad Close, 13 Apr 1745 - 6 Oct 1749 (formerly DL45/10478)
D5369/3/9 Transfer of a Mortgage Isaac Borrow to Mr. Hyatt, Messuage, etc. in Cheadle, Staffs, 5 Feb 1744 (formerly DL45/10482)
D5369/3/10 Abstract of Title regarding land in Litchwith and Derby belonging to Isaac Borrow Esq.
(Formerly DL45/10508)

[no title]  D5369/3/11  [late 18th century]

Copy marriage settlement between Isaac Borrow and Thomas Burton and trustees
Relating to a marriage to be solemnized between Isaac and Honor Burton, daughter of Thomas, concerning Hanson Grange, lands in Thorpe, a messuage in Morley or Stanley and 5 messuages in St Peter's Parish, Derby, 26 Jun 1708, copy made late 18th century
(Formerly DL45/10334)

[no title]  D5369/3/12  1708
Language:  Latin

Isaac Borrow to
Henry Peirson, his wife Ann, and Dorothy Peirson
(Formerly DL45/10510)

[no title]  D5369/3/13-14  1717

Deed to lead the uses of a fine from Isaac Borrow and Dorothy Allat to Hugh Bateman for the use of Anne Piggen, of the manor of Litchurch,
parcels of land called Litchurch Green and Parkers Little Pingle in Litchurch, and several parcels of land containing c14 acres in Castle Field, and a messuage near the Corn Market in Derby, 19 Jan 3 George I [1717],
with final concord between
Hugh Bateman and Isaac Borrow, plaintiffs,
Richard Taylor and Francis Gregg,
of the manor of Litchurch, a messuage, shop, 14 acres of land, 13 acres of pasture, etc in Litchurch and Derby, in consideration of £260, Day after Feast of Purification of the Blessed Mary 3 George I [3 Feb 1717]
(Formerly DL45/10423)

Business Papers  D5369/3/15-36  1668-1758

[no title]  D5369/3/15-35  1688-1758

Bundle of documents concerning the repayment of a loan by William Taylor to Isaac Borrow, and letters from W Kirkland to Thomas Borrow regarding business with Mr Evatt and Mr Walton
Particulars of Mr Taylor's lands in Hartshorne in mortgage to Doctor Dakins
Note by Thomas Bagshawe regarding trip to London concerning Mr Taylor's land, 2 Feb 1688
Interest money paid to Mr Borrow by Mr Taylor, 1688-1726
Letter from John Taylor to Isaac Borrow, 11 Jul 1705
Copy of William Taylor's account, 24 Sep 1726
Copy of William Taylor's note to Isaac Borrow concerning the loan of £230, 8 Mar 1727
Note of sale of land in Upper Broughton (Nottinghamshire) by Thomas Brett and Thomas Hemsley to Anne Hutchinson, 9 Oct 1729
Letters from John Taylor and W Fiztherbert to Isaac Borrow regarding Taylor's security, 11-12 Jul 1735
Letters from W Kirkland to Thomas Borrow regarding business with Mr Evatt and Mr Walton, 20 Jul and 1 Aug 1758
(Formerly DL45/10636)

[no title]  D5369/3/36  [1679]

Certificates and duplicate for the tithe charges of the Hundred of Appletree
[Isaac Borrow was one of the commissioners]
(Formerly DL45/10416)

Family Papers  D5369/3/37-39  1693-1738

[no title]  D5369/3/37  1737-1738

Personal cash book
(Formerly DL45/Box13/2)

[no title]  D5369/3/38  1693-1731

Memorandum book
An account of pamphlets and books bought since Mar 1700/1
Account of books bought in London since 1693
Abstract of deeds and writings which related to lands and estates given by Robert Liversedge (mostly covered over by newspaper cuttings)
Account of Revd Henry Greene for receipts and payments of rents of Liversedge estate, 1727-1731
(Formerly DL45/Box13/1)

[no title]  D5369/3/39  no date

Garden book of Isaac Borrow of Derby
Includes monthly plans of work to be done, 'observations on several things to be done in gardens' and 'observations on the culture of particular plants'.
(Formerly DL45/Box13/23)

John Tempest Borrow  D5369/4  1752

[no title]  D5369/4/1  1752

Attested copy will of John Tempest Borrow, 7 Jan
(Formerly DL45/10445)

John Borrow  D5369/5  1764-1803

[no title]  D5369/5/1  1764-1803

Unidentified rent book (number 5)
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

[no title]  D5369/5/2  1774-1800

Unidentified rent book (number 7)
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

Ann, wife of John Borrow  D5369/6  circa 1799

[no title]  D5369/6/1  circa 1799

Eulogy to the late Anne, widow of John Borough, d 21 Mar 1799

Thomas Borrow  D5369/7  1736-1868

Title Deeds and Related Papers  D5369/7/1-20  1736-1868

[no title]  D5369/7/1  1736

Final concord of land in Litchurch and Findern, Thomas Borrow (plaintiff) v Abraham Ward, Thomas Soare and his wife and Josiah Doleman and his wife (deforciants)
Dated in three weeks of Holy Trinity, 10 George II
[c 11 Jul 1736]
(Formerly DL45/10163)

[no title]  D5369/7/2-3  1757

Marriage settlement and assignment between
(i) Thomas Borrow,
(ii) Ann Hutchinson,
(iii) Ann Alt the elder and Ann Alt the younger
(iv) Reverend Thomas White and John Davys, in consideration of the marriage to be solemnized between Thomas Borrow and Ann Alt the younger and £ 4000, of the capital messuage called the Castlefields in the parish of St Peter's, Derby, with all adjoining messuages, buildings, lands, etc, and cottages and lands in Litchurch,
8 Feb
(Formerly DL45/10419 & DL45/10421)

[no title]  D5369/7/4  1798

Copy release to make a tenant Thomas Borrow and his son to John Philpot Esq., 11 Apr
(Formerly DL45/10501)

[no title]  D5369/7/5  [late 18th century]

Copy will of Thomas Borrow of Derby 1765 with codicil 1786
(Formerly DL45/10062)

[no title]  D5369/7/6  circa 1786

Sketch of the memorial tomb of Thomas Borrow who died 6 Aug 1786
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title or date]  D5369/7/7

Number Not Used

[no title]  D5369/7/8  1803

Administration with will and codicil annexed of Goods of Thomas Borrow, 5 Apr
(Formerly DL45/10444)

[no title]  D5369/7/9-17  1841-1850

Papers regarding bequests made by Thomas Borough to his children, and legacies made to others, 20 May 1841 - 17 Aug 1850

[no title or date]  D5369/7/18

Number Not Used

[no title]  D5369/7/19/1-4  1849-1854

Papers regarding new streets at Litchurch on the property of the Trustees of the late Thomas Borough Esq., 28 Jun 1849 - 21 Mar 1854

[no title]  D5369/7/20  1867-1868

Expenses of the trustees of the late Thomas Borough (John Joseph Wise) relating to the conveyance of Mansell Park Farm
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

Parish Papers  D5369/7/21-22  [18th century]

[no title]  D5369/7/21  [late 18th century]

Copy settlement examination of Joseph Freson, born in Ockbrooke, sometime tenant of Thomas Borrow of Castlefield

[no title]  D5369/7/22  circa 1769

Notes relating to Mr Borrow's attendance at a parish meeting to discuss the poor assessment for parish of St Peter's, Derby, on 1 Feb 1769, to his conclusion that a fraud was afoot, to the administration of the close of land held by the parish charitable trust, and to the position of the liberty of Litchurch in relation to St Peter's parish

Ann Borrow (nee Alt)  D5369/8  1750-1802

[no title]  D5369/8/1  1750-1802

Ann Alt's personal cash book
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

[no title]  D5369/8/2  1759-1800

Book of securities (number 1)
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

[no title]  D5369/8/3  1776-1802

Book of securities (number 2)
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

[no title]  D5369/8/4  1770-1797

Book of securities (number 3) 'The late Mr Alt's interest'
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

[no title]  D5369/8/5-10  1775-1777

Personal correspondence with her uncle

Honor Borrow  D5369/9  1748-1753

[no title]  D5369/9/1  [1748]

Copy schedule
Honor Borrow to John Tempest Borrow
Regarding lands bequethed to Thomas Borrow, 10 Jan 1568/9 - 1682
(Formerly DL45/10468)

[no title]  D5369/9/2  1748

Copy schedule annexed to the answer
Honor Borrow to John Tempest Borrow
Regarding lands bequethed to Thomas Borrow, 29 Sep
(Formerly DL45/10493)

[no title]  D5369/9/3  1748

Copy release of covennant Isaac Borrow, John Tempest Borrow to Thomas Borrow, 29 Sep
Printed document

[no title]  D5369/9/4  1752

Copy will and probate of Honor Borrow regarding house in Nunsgreen, and Close in Whitecross Field, Derby
7 Jan
(Formerly DL/10441)

[no title]  D5369/9/5  1753

Release and discharge
Philip Gell to Honor his wife (nee Borrow)
Regarding Manor of Litchurch bequethed to Thomas Borrow,
16 Nov
(Formerly DL45/10442)

[no title]  D5369/9/6  1753

Schedule of deeds (1682-1697) relating to an estate at Fairfield as received from Mrs Honor Borrow by John Roughley, Joseph Clubb and Esther his wife, and Mary Roughley on 17 Sep 1753
(Formerly DL45/10408)

John Borrow  D5369/10  1789-1861

[no title]  D5369/10/1  1789-1814

Unidentified rents and accounts book (for sister's tenants)
(Formerly DL45/Box 12)

[no title]  D5369/10/2  1790-1801

Household cash book (Leeds)
(Formerly DL45/Box 13)

[no title]  D5369/10/3  1803-1810

Household cash book
Headings are cash received and paid
(Formerly DL45/Box 13)

[no title]  D5369/10/4  1823

Will of John Borrow, 29 Apr
(Formerly DL45/10472)

[no title]  D5369/10/5  1847

Expenses of the trustees of the late J Borough
(Formerly DL45/Box 9/Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/10/6  1859-1860

Statement of Land Sold for Trustees of the late J. Borough Esq. & Conveyances completed between 1 Jul 1859 & 30 June 1860, to William Pool

[no title]  D5369/10/7  1861

Edwin Heaton's memoranda relating to the late J Borough's estate, Jul
(Formerly DL45/Box.9 Number 7)

Thomas Borough  D5369/11  1784-1835

Title Deeds and Related Papers  D5369/11/1-4  1798-1812

[no title]  D5369/11/1  1798

Attested copy settlement
Thomas Borrow to Miss Jane Smithsen, 24 Apr
(Formerly DL45/10427)

[no title]  D5369/11/2  1798

Marriage settlement
Thomas Borrow, Castlefield to John Astill
Regarding the latter's marriage to Mary Menabb, 23 Aug
(Formerly DL45/10505)

[no title]  D5369/11/3  1812

Deed of exchange and settlement of estates by which Thomas Borrow releases to Joseph Oates and John Borrow several messuages in Chetwynd (including Newhouse Farm, Chetwynd Grange, Deepdale Farm, Chetwynd End Farm and Heath Farm) and Edgemond (Shropshire) and in Forton (Staffordshire) to the use of Thomas Borrow for the term of his natural life to provide an annuity for his wife Jane,
11 Dec
(Formerly DL45/10646)

[no title]  D5369/11/4  1812

Deed of exchange Thomas Borrow deceased to Messrs Oates & Borrow, 11 Dec
(Formerly DL45/10426)

Business Papers  D5369/11/5-6  1792-1802

[no title]  D5369/11/5  18th century-19th century

Index book of legal subjects
Titles only are given on each page. The titles include 'declaration de uses sur ceo', 'common recovery', 'extinguishment', 'suspension' etc. At the back are printed index pages of legal subjects.
Nearly blank.
(Formerly DL45/Box 12)

[no title]  D5369/11/6  1792-1802

Rentals and accounts
Includes account of Anthony Emmett of Hull and account of Miss Smithson of Methley
(Formerly DL45/Box 11 Number 4)

Family Papers  D5369/11/7-126  1781-1832

[no title]  D5369/11/7  1784-1825

Personal accounts ledger
Including accounts with William Smithson, Milnes Rayner, Joseph Oates and Thomas Richie
(Formerly DL45/Box 12)

[no title]  D5369/11/8  1791

Letter, Thomas Borrow in the New Forest to 'my dearest friend' [his wife?], addressed to Mrs Borrow at Castlefields, 17 May Including. description of his excursions

[no title]  D5369/11/9-14  1791-1796

Letters sent by Thomas Borrow while on holiday, all posted to Mrs Borrow at Castlefields
(9) To his mother, from Freemantle, 10 Jun 1791
(10) To his dearest friend [wife?], from Lyndhurst, 19 May 1791
(11) To his mother, from Lymington, 1 Jun 1791
(12) To his mother, from Southampton, 9 May 1791
(13) To his mother, from Lymington, 24 May 1791
(14) To his dear friend, from the Scottish borders, 5 Sep 1796

[no title]  D5369/11/15-30  1782-1796

Parcel marked 'Old Letters': mostly personal letters sent to Thomas Borough of Castlefields by his friends; subject matter includes careers, holidays, love affairs and gossip
(15) Letters from G M Ascough of South-Hall and Sunbury, Middlesex, and the Temple, 1784-1789 (23 items)
(16) Letters from Francis Warneford (13 items) and S W Warneford (1 item) of Warneford Place, Wiltshire, 1782-1789
(17) Letters from L Tucker of London, 1787-1791 (10 items, including one addressed to Mrs Borrow)
(18) Letters from James Wilmot of the Temple, 1785-1788 (4 items)
(19) Letters from John Jarrett of Freemantle and London, 1791-1792 (6 items)
(20) Letters sent to Master Tom Borrow at Repton School from his parents Thomas and Ann Borrow and his sister A H Borrow, no dates (9 items)
(21) Letters sent by R Mee [?] of Leicester, 1786 and 1788 (2 items)
(22) Letters sent by Charles J Packe, n.d. (2 items)
(23) Miscellaneous letters sent to Thomas Borrow, 1792-1796 (8 items)
(24) "Inscription for the Tomb Stone of Thomas Borrow Esq supposed to have been killed by a fall from his Horse in Hunting", 9 Dec 1791 (25) Statement of Thomas Borrow's account with the Derby Canal Company, 29 Aug 1794 (26) Letter, H Ashburnham of Broomham to cousin Mrs Borrow of Derby, 2 Dec 1749: family news
(27) Estimate for building a wall along the north side of the Walnut Croft at Castlefields, 17 Nov 1798
(28-30) Notes from Thomas Whatton of Loughborough to Thomas Borrow relating to taxes owed by him, Dec 1796-Jan 1797

[no title]  D5369/11/31-35  1781

Letters Thomas Borrow to his mother regarding his Northern Tour, 9 - 18 Aug

[no title]  D5369/11/36-73  1787-1789

Letters to assorted persons sent by Thomas Borrow at Loughborough

[no title]  D5369/11/74-78  1809-1812

Bundle of letters relating to genealogy of the Borough family
Includes letter from Thomas Borough to his wife Jane, 4 Jun 1809, describing the exhibition at the Royal Academy in London in great detail and mentioning his genealogical investigations

[no title]  D5369/11/79-81  1812-1815

Bundle of letters addressed to Thomas Borough relating to genealogy of the Borough and Rayner families

[no title]  D5369/11/82-87  1832

Bundle of letters and pedigrees marked 'Genealogical', with wrapper

[no title]  D5369/11/88-126  circa 1800

Thomas Borrow's(?) Notes on Essay's Read Numbers 1-40
D5369/11/88 Chappe's Journey to Siberia in 1761
D5369/11/89 Maurice's Indian Antiquities
D5369/11/90 Watson's Chemistry
D5369/11/91 Ockley's History of the Saracens
D5369/11/92 Darvin's Botanical Garden
D5369/11/93 Young's tour in France 1787
D5369/11/94 Watson's philip 3rd (?)
D5369/11/95 Golston on N W passage
D5369/11/96 Crosier on China
D5369/11/97 Thunberg's Travels 1772
D5369/11/98 Smith's Wrath of Nations
D5369/11/99 Stewart's political ecomony
D5369/11/100 Robertson's History of America
D5369/11/101 Dillion's Travels in Spain
D5369/11/102 Robertson's Disquisition on India
D5369/11/103 Pizzarro
D5369/11/104 Lavoisier's Elements
D5369/11/105 Humis History
D5369/11/107 Watson's philip 2nd(?)
D5369/11/108 Stewart's Philosophy of the Human Mind
D5369/11/109 Mitford's History of Greece
D5369/11/110 Anderson on peat moss
D5369/11/111 Young's History of Athens
D5369/11/112 Studies of Nature by J. Friesse(?)
D5369/11/113 History of Spain
D5369/11/114 Reid on the Human Mind (the remainder of this article appears in the beginning of Number 29)
D5369/11/115 Reid on the Human Mind (continued); Reid on the Action Powers of Man; Beattie's Essay on Truth; Oswald's Appeal to Common Sense; Campbell's Philosophy of Rhetoric; Kaim's Sketches of the History of Man; Varieties of Literature
D5369/11/116 History of France; Roscoe's Life of Lorenzo de Medici
D5369/11/117 Murphy's Travel's in Portugal; Stedman's Expedition to Surinam; Russel's History of Alippo(?); Gregory's Economy of Nature; Payne's Geographical Extracts; Borlasis' History of Cornwall; Dazel's History of Datromy(?); Henry's Histiry of England
D5369/11/118 Edward's St. Domingo; Pichque's Camping
D5369/11/119 Beckman's History of Inventions & Discoveries; Vaillant's Travels; Adam Smith's Essays; Dalloway's
Constantinople; Appendix to Monthly Review, 22 Oct 1797; Bawel's Memoir of Jacobinism; Townson's Travels in Hungary; Monthly Review Jul 1797: Count Rumford on Heat, p.288; English Encyclopaedia, article: Strength of Materials; Walker on the Production of Artificial Cold
D5369/11/120 Gest's History of Greece from the Occupation of Alipander(?); Mitford's History of Greece 2nd Volume; Athenian Letters
D5369/11/121 Staunton's Embassy to China; Townson's Travels in Hungary; Dutch Embassy to China in 1794/5
Colliers in New South Wales; Duke of Rochefoucault's Travels Through North America; Park's Travels' in Africa in 1795 & 97
D5369/11/122 Pallanzani regarding Digestion; Spalanzani's Travels regarding Mount Etna; Count Rumford's 6th and 7th Essays
D5369/11/123 Stolbing's Travels regarding Customs in Zurich and the story of William Tell; Galvani's investigation's into Animal Electricity; Comparisons between Modern and Ancient Rome; Natural Disasters in Ancient Greece; Wheat on 'this distinguished Island'; Monthly Review Jan 1798; Archer's Observations on the Effects of Oxygen
D5369/11/124 Balsham's History regarding the State of Law; Repertory of Acts Number 56; Copies Memoirs of Walpole
D5369/11/125 (?) licco(?)t of Turkey 1798; Pennant's Indostan; Pennant's Eastern Indostan
D5369/11/126 Read on Electricity; Lavoisier's Chemistry, 1790; Inflammable Bodies

Jane Borough (nee Smithson)  D5369/12  1781-1800

[no title]  D5369/12/1  1781

Probate copy of will of Jane Smithson of Leeds, widow, proved 12 Feb 1781
With wrapper marked 'Papers relating to my Mother's Affairs, also to Aunt Roberts's and my own, W. S.'

[no title]  D5369/12/2  1800

Bundle, 'Advice & Extracts on affliction from my dearest Mother'
Letter from 'S S' to daughter Jane dated 6 Jan 1800, used as wrapper for transcriptions of 'Be Content with such things as ye have' by Mr Simpson, 'A Merry Heart is a continual Feast' by Mr Wood, a hymn and a morning prayer.

Charles Burton Borough  D5369/13  1827-1888

Title Deeds and Related Papers  D5369/13/1-2  1827-1847

[no title]  D5369/13/1  1827

Parcel marked 'Mr Nuttalls valuation of Hulland Estates & others, Dec 1827'
- acreages and valuations of Hulland Hall Farm, New Inns Farm, Croslow Bank Farm and Musden Grange
- covering letter from John Nuttall of Matlock, 25 Dec 1827

[no title]  D5369/13/2  1847

Copy conveyance
John Charles Burton Borough to Jane Borough
Regarding messuages and lands in Derbyshire and Leicestershire to uses of the Will of the late Thomas Borough, 7 Aug

[no title or date]  D5369/13/3

Number Not Used

Business Papers  D5369/13/4-9  1838-1878

[no title]  D5369/13/4  1838-1849

Household cash book
[Headings are cash received and cash account. It includes journeys to Chetwynd.]

[no title]  D5369/13/5  1850-1862

Household cash book
[Includes Chetwynd rents and Hulland tithe.]

[no title]  D5369/13/6  1863-1878

Business cash book
Headings are cash received and expended.
Includes payment to Chetwynd School and money received from Chetwynd rents.
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 1)

[no title]  D5369/13/7-8  1865-1867

Vouchers to Account John Charles Burton Borough Esq. in account with John Joseph Wise, Mar 1865 - May 1867

[no title]  D5369/13/9  1866

Requitions of Title Law Clerks Society to J. C. B. (?) Borough, 17 Aug

[no title]  D5369/13/10-24  1865-1869

Business correspondence Charles Burton Borough to (?) Walton

Family Papers  D5369/13/25-28  1850-1888

[no title]  D5369/13/25  1850-1862

Personal cash book
(Formerly DL45/Box 12)

[no title]  D5369/13/26  1845-1862

Personal cash book
Includes account of property purchased at Hulland and Edgemond; money lent on securities; servants' wages; housekeeping; clothes; repairs and alterations.
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 5)

[no title]  D5369/13/27  1886-1888

Letters J. C. Burton Borough to Revd. Dr. C. Gordon, 20 Dec 1886 - 2 Jan 1888

[no title]  D5369/13/28  [19th century]

Pedigrees of the Burton family, showing the ancestors of J C B Borough
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 5)

Midland Railway Company  D5369/14  circa 1840-1849

[no title]  D5369/14/1  circa 1840

Case for opinion relating to a ditch on a plot of land at Litchurch sold by Thomas Borough to the Midland Railway Company in 1838
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/14/2  1847

Copy of correspondence between J C B Borough and the Midland Railway Company relating to the sale of further land at Derby
(Formerly DL45 Box (Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/14/3  1847

Copy draft of deed of covenant between the Midland Railway Company and J C B Borough as to the rights of road and way
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/14/4  1847

Plan of lots 1-15 of land in Derby and Litchurch, showing intended streets
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/14/5  1847

Proposition by J C B Borough to the Midland Railway company as to the sale of certain parcels of land near the station at Derby, Jul
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/14/6  1849

Letter from Frederick Simpson to Messrs Simpson & Simpson, solicitors, relating to the ditch in dispute between Mr Borough and the Midland Railway Company with two plans showing the ditch, 10 Oct
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

Jane Borough  D5369/15  1801-1851

[no title]  D5369/15/1-26  1824-1851

Bundle of Manuscript Papers - 'left most probably by the late Mrs. Borough to her sister Catherine Alt consisting of Extracts from Books - Prose & Poetry, possibly some originals of the latter - also Prayers, Bishop Burnet's letters to the Countess of Hertford on the death of her son at the age of 19'
Also Including
Will Jane Borough, Chetwynd Park, Salop, 3 Oct 1848
Draft Gift and Gift Mrs. Jane Borough to J. C. B. Borough Esq. regarding Goods and Personalty, 15 Aug 1848

[no title]  D5369/15/27-31  1810(?)-1811

Letters to Sarah English, Bishops Castle, Salop, to be returned to Mrs. Dixon if alive, if not give to Jane Borough, 3 Dec 1810 - 13 Feb 1811 (?)

[no title]  D5369/15/32-42  1801-1842

Personal diaries:
1801-3, 1814-15, 1823, 1825, 1827, 1835, 1841-42

Alt Family  D5369/16  1518-1781

[no title]  D5369/16/1-3, 5-21, 23-82, 85, & 87-103 [Numbers 4, 22, 83, 84, and 86 Not Used]  1518-1781

Title deeds and related papers regarding the Alt Family Estate, centred around Shepshed, Castle Donnington, Loughborough, Kegworth, etc., Leicestershire - Including:
D5369/16/10 Marriage settlement regarding the forthcoming marriage between Thomas Woodford and Joan Palmer in which George Staples enfeoffs Christopher Water and Richard Palmer with land in Quarndon, Cotes, Prestwold, Hoton and Wymeswold, 23 Jul 1616 (formerly DL45/10574)
D5369/16/28 Marriage settlement for the forthcoming marriage between John Chawner and Francis Palmer, in which John Chawner enfeoffed Nathaniel Alt and John Balser of a cottage and lands in the Forest of Charnwood alias Charley Wood, and arable land in Shepshed, 13 Apr 1692 (formerly DL45/10556)
D5369/16/33-34 Lease and marriage settlement for the forthcoming marraige between Nathaniel Alt and Mary Cotton in which William Norman releases to John Dakin and Newton Brewin a cottage and close in Shepshed, 26-27 May 1695 (formerly DL45 numbers 10627-28)
D5369/16/40-41 Lease and marriage settlement for the forthcoming marraieg between James Capp junior and Anne Clarke enfeoff William Hubbert and Nicholas Lowe of land in Loughborough, messuage in the Pinfold Gate and meadow land in Thorpe Dyke, 23-24 Nov 1703 (formerly DL45 numbers 10585 & 10592)
D5369/16/66 Probate Will of William Hutchinson, 20 Apr 1725, including copy letter Mr. Faulkner regarding receiving money from Mr. Cooper or James Sketchley, Aug 1725 (DL45/10428)
D5369/16/67 Marriage settlement for the forthcoming marriage of John Bacon and Anne Faulkner in which John Bacon enfeoffed Nicholas Greundy and Joseph Lester with two closes in Markfield, Leics called the Shaw and Cliffe Slade, 28 May 1726 (formerly DL45/10554)
D5369/16/73 Copy will of William Fvatt of Castle Donington, yeoman, 13 Feb 1739 (date of will) (formerly DL45/10630)
D5369/16/80 Probate Will John Alt, 28 Feb 1750 (formerly DL45/10429)
D5369/16/85 Administration of Goods of Ann Borrow, widow, 26 Sep 1801 (formerly DL45/10443)
D5369/16/87 Will of Ann Hutchinson of Loughborough, widow regarding lands in Loughborough assigned intrust to Samuel Statham and John Davys to be held to the use of Ann Borrow, wife of Thomas Borrow. Date of will, 21 Apr 1757, codicil dated 17 Jun 1757 (formerly DL45/10560)
D5369/1/15/96 Copy Will Sir William Rawlinson, 19 Jan 1766 (formerly DL45/10507)
D53691/15/99 Copy will of John Capp of Loughborough, grazier, 11 Jul 1780, (date of will) (formerly DL45/10589)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10548-10550, 10553, 10573, 10594, 10571, 10547, 10574, 10580, 10567, 10599, 10546, 10544, 10557, 10596, 10598, 10640, 10579, 10566, 10544, 10626, 10597, 10577, 10601, 10625, 10556, 10545a, 10575, 10602, 10603, 10627-28, 10595, 10604-06, 10578, 10585, 10592, 10638, 10607, 10555, 10608-10, 10600, 10611, 10629, 10568, 10570, 10583-84, 10576, 10612-13, 10572, 10558, 10614, 10618, 10615, 10619, 10616-17, 10428, 10554, 10620, 10582, 10621-22, 10559, 10630-31, 10562a, 10565, 10561, 10545b, 10552, 10429, 10632, 10440 10443, 10469, 10560, 10563, 10633, 10637, 10562b, 10564, 10586-87, 10593, 10507, 10581, 10588-90, 10569, 10591)

Bainbrigge Family  D5369/17  1812-1830

Business Papers  D5369/17/1-4  1829

[no title]  D5369/17/1-4  1829

Letters and Bill of Accounts involving Thomas & Peter Banbrigge Esq. regarding the Copyhold and Surrender from Mr. Isaac Johnson of Hulland to Mr. J. C. B. Borough, 26 Feb - Aug

Family Papers  D5369/17/5-8  1812-1830

[no title]  D5369/17/5-8  1812-1830

Bundle of papers relating to genealogical investigations
- Pedigree of Peter Bainbrigge, 1830 (Thomas Bainbrigge married Ann Borrow of Castlefields 1760)
- Letter, P Bainbrigge to Thomas Borough, 24 May 1830 relating to pedigree of the Roughley family (descended from John Borowe of Hulland)
- Letter, William Radclyffe of the College of Arms to Thomas Borrow, 15 Aug 1812
- Letter, Stephen Glover of Derby, 23 Feb 1829, referring to the recipient's pedigree [published in Glovers' Derbyshire]

Coke Family  D5369/18  1794-1866

Title Deeds and Related Papers  D5369/18/1-5  1794-1866

[no title]  D5369/18/1-5  1794-1866

Title deeds regarding estates in the counties of Salop and Stafford, 13 Sep 1794 - 31 Aug 1866
(Coke - Anston - Price - Leake - Smith Bigg - Burton Borough)
D5369/Box16/bdl18/1 Attested Copy Marriage Settlement Thomas Anston Esq. to Miss Ann Margaret Coke
D5369/Box16/bdl18/3 Copy Will of Lord Anston, 20 Jun 1816

Family Papers  D5369/18/6  1820

[no title]  D5369/18/6  1820

Accounts of D'Ewes Coke to William Thane for restoring pictures, Jan
(Formerly DL45/Box 13)

William Smithson, father to Jane Borough  D5369/19  1776-1846

Business Papers  D5369/19/1-36  1781-1848

[no title]  D5369/19/1  1781

Bundle of legacy receipts and papers relating to the executorship of the will of Mrs Jane Smithson of Leeds by William Smithson

[no title]  D5369/19/2  1786-1810

William Smythson and Milnes Rayner of Leeds, account of stock
From 1793, William Smythson and Thomas Richie. From 1804, Smythson, Richie and George Oates.
(Formerly DL45 Box 11 Number 2)

[no title]  D5369/19/3-19  1789

Packet of papers relating to William Smithson as executor of the will of Alice Roberts
- probate of will of Alice Roberts of Methley, Yorkshire, widow, proved 31 Jan 1789
- receipts for legacies paid under the will
- receipts for wages paid to her servants after her death
- other assorted papers
(Formerly DL45 Box 15)

[no title]  D5369/19/20-22  1796-1807

Three letters to William Smithson of Leeds Esq.:
Charles Duke of Norfolk to William Smithson Esq. regarding becoming one of his Deputy Lieutents in the West Riding of the County of York, 31 Dec 1796
Charles Duke of Norfolk to William Smithson Esq. regarding becoming Captain of a Company in the fourth Battallion of a Regiment of Militia for the West Riding of the County of York, 1 Mar 1797
Earl Fitzgerald to William Smithson Esq. regarding becoming Lieutenant Colonel Commandent in the Leeds Corps of Volunteer, 10 Feb 1807 regarding Infantry, 31 Dec 1796 - 10 Feb 1807
Printed documents & Manuscripts

[no title]  D5369/19/23  1840-1848

Documents as to the Executorship and Trust Affairs of the late William Smithson Esq. and as to the business for Mr. Borough, accounts of L. H. Harris, 11 Nov 1840 - 28 Apr 1848
Printed documents & Manuscripts

[no title]  D5369/19/24-25  1803-1808

Two letters to William Smithson Esq.:
Earl Fitzwilliam to William Smithson Esq. regarding becoming Lieutenant Colonel of the South Batallion of the Corps of Leeds Volunteer Infantry, 7 Sep 1803
Earl Fitzwilliam to William Smithson Esq. regarding becoming Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant of the two Battalions of Leeds having been Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant in the Local Militia for the West Riding of the County of York, 10 Sep 1808

[no title]  D5369/19/26-31  1824-1825
Language:  French

Six letters to William Smithson 3 letters in French
24 Aug 1824 - 25 Nov 1825
Printed documents & Manuscripts

[no title]  D5369/19/32  1835-1836

Vouchers to account Trustees of late William Smithson Esq. to Edward Oates & L. H. Harris, 6
Aug 1835 - 2 Nov 1836

[no title]  D5369/19/33  1799-1820

Accounts of William Smithson in account with Anthony Emmett, and from 1811 in account with W B Emmett
(Formerly DL45 Box 12)

[no title]  D5369/19/34  1827

Attested copy of the will of William Smithson of Heath near Wakefield (Yorkshire), 15 May
Date of will, not probate
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/19/35  1830

Property and rentals of the late William Smithson of Leeds
(Formerly DL45 Box 11 Number 3)

[no title]  D5369/19/36  1840

Account between the trust estate of the late William Smithson and his surviving executors, Jun 1839-Nov 1840

Leeds General Infirmary  D5369/19/37-38  1780-1787

[no title]  D5369/19/37  1780

Release and quit claim in connection with the appointment of William Cookson as a trustee for charitable purposes in Leeds [the General Infirmary?] in the place of William Smithson, 30 Mar 1780

[no title]  D5369/19/38  1787

Address by William Hey to the Annual Board meeting of the trustees of the General Infirmary at Leeds, 3 Oct 1787
Printed document

Keighley Parish Papers  D5369/19/39-43  1776-1846

[no title]  D5369/19/39  1776

Assignment of apprenticeship of William Midgley from William Smithson of Leeds, merchant, to Joseph Holmes of Newhouse, parish of Keighley, shalloon-maker, 4 Jun 1776
Recites that William Midgley was apprenticed to William Smithson aged 7 years 10 months in January 1774 by the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Leeds

[no title]  D5369/19/40-42  circa 1781

Accounts and notes relating to sums of money charged by the churchwardens of the parish of Leeds for Archdeacons' visitations, dinners, church assessments, poor assessments, bell ringers, workmen etc
Includes lists of allowances charged at various times from circa 1760 to 1781

[no title]  D5369/19/43  1846

Assignment of a pew Number 5 and Two Sittings in Number 6 in the South Gallery of the Parish Church, Leeds Miss Stopper to Ralph William S. Stopper Esq., 12 Oct

Derbyshire  D5369/20  1676

[no title]  D5369/20/1  1676

Bargain and Sale Sir John Benet to Master Fellows and Scholars of Pembroke College, Oxford regarding Annual and Fee Farm Rents for various lands throughout Derbyshire, 16 Nov

Alsop in the Dale  D5369/21  1656-1797

[no title]  D5369/21/1  1680

Lease for possession of a capital messuage or manor house in Alsope in the Dale, a cottage called Graces house, a croft called Graces Croft, closes called Winett Hill, Croslow Bank, the two Oxe Closes and Moore Piece, and 100 acres of ground in the Moore pasture in Alsop, Newton and Thorpe, Anthony Alsope to Robert Wilmot and Barbara Bainbrigge, 15 Jul 32 Charles II [1680]
(Formerly DL45/10239)

[no title]  D5369/21/2  1680

Deed of grant from Anthony Alsope of Alsop en le Dale, esq, to Robert Wilmot and Barbara Bainbrigge, relict of William Bainbrigge, in consideration of £400, of a manor house, cottage, lands and premises in Alsop en le Dale, and 100 acres on Alsop Moor in Alsop en le Dale, Newton and Thorpe, 16 Jul 1680
(Formerly DL45/10318)

[no title]  D5369/21/3a&b  1682

Deeds of feoffment from (i) Robert Wilmot and Barbara Bainbrigge, relict of William Bainbrigge, and (ii) Anthony Alsope of Alsop en le Dale, esq, to (iii) John Borrow of Derby, gent, and (iv) Thomas Bagshaw and Thomas Legh, both of Bakewell, gents, in consideration of £2300 in total, of a manor house, cottage, lands and premises in Alsop en le Dale, and 100 acres on Alsop Moor in Alsop en le Dale, Newton and Thorpe, 24 Jun 1682
(Formerly DL45/10314 & 10381)

[no title]  D5369/21/4-8  1682-1699

D5369/21/8 (formerly DL45/10512) Unfit for production - Mould damage

Title Deeds regarding messuages, etc. in Alsop Gell - Borrow
(Formerly DL45/10486-89, 10512)

[no title]  D5369/21/9-13  1698

5 items

Papers regarding Manor House at Alsop (Borrow - Gell - Alsop)
(Formerly DL45/10490-92, 10494-95)
D5369/2/2/1/9 Bill of Complaint Sir Philip Gell, plantiff to John Borrow, Anthony Alsop, and Francis Gregg, all defendants, 24 Oct 1698
D5369/2/2/1/10 Answer of Anthony Alsop, no date
D5369/2/2/1/11 Answer of John Borrow, no date
D5369/2/2/1/12 Depositions, 3 Jun 1699
D5369/2/2/1/13 Depositions, 12 Sep 1699

[no title]  D5369/21/14  1697

1 item

Letter, Thomas Bagshaw at Bakewell to John Borrow Esq at Hulland, 2 Oct 1697
Refers to 'a matter' between Borrow and Sir Phillip Gell; sends a draft approved by Borrow's brother Sir W.R. and hopes that Borrow will agree to it to avoid a lawsuit. With endorsed memorandum that the letter was produced in a case in Chancery between Gell and Borrow heard at Ashbourne on 12 Sep 1699

[no title]  D5369/21/15  late 18th century

Abstract of title of John Borrow to an estate at Alsop en le Dale (1662-1779)
(Formerly DL45/10333)

[no title]  D5369/21/16-18  1758-1759

Title deeds and related papers regarding Alsop Moor (Alsop - Borrow, Mellor, Gisbourne, Beresford)
D5369/21/17 Mr. Brackenfield's award concerning the division of Alsop Moor with a plan refering to the award, 20 May 1759
(Formerly DL45/10091, 10350, 10349)

[no title]  D5369/21/19-21  1662-1680

Title deeds regarding closes of land called the Botham, the Burne Croft, the Town Meadow and the Orchard in Alsop en le Dale, 14 Oct 1662 - 2 Aug 1680
(Allsop - Curzon)
(Formerly DL45/10381, 10386, 10388)

[no title]  D5369/21/22-29  1656-1797

Title deeds reproperties in Thorpe and Alsope in the Dale, (Alsope - Borrow - Tempest - Borrow)
D5369/2/2/4/6 Marriage settlement including the New Inn in Thorpe or Alsop in the Dale and manor of Hough (Borrowe-Tempest) 19 Sep 1701
(Formerly DL45/10105, 10090, 10094, 10093, 10092, 10103, 10106, 10319)

[no title]  D5369/21/30  1680

Assignment of mortgage from Dame Sarah Shore, relict of Sir John Shore of Derby, to Robert Wilmot and Barbara Bainbrigge, relict of William Bainbrigge, and Anthony Alsope of Alsop en le Dale, esq, of a parcel of land called Rawston Field in Alsop en le Dale, 10 Sep 1680
(Formerly DL/10324)

[no title]  D5369/21/31  [1678]

Mortgage of property in Alsopp in the Dale for £50 (Alsopp-Shore) 1 May 30 Charles II
(Formerly DL45/10085)

[no title]  D5369/21/32  1679

Mortgage of closes in Alsop en le Dale by Anthony Alsopp and Sir John Curzon to Dame Frances Clifton, 4 Oct
(Formerly DL45/10541)

[no title]  D5369/21/33  1679

Mortgage by conveyance of a cottage in Alsoppe in le Dale and closes of land called Croslow Bancke, Great Oxe Close, Little Oxe Close and Mor[?], Anthony Alsoppe to Sir John Gell, 14 May
(Formerly D5369/10237)

[no title]  D5369/21/34-38  1680-1686

Title deeds regarding several closes of land called the Old Bembrigge Pingle, Coroles Dale, Dale End Close, Broad Meadow, Bancroft, Stonebreck and Hind Close
(Meynell - Wilmot - Allsop - Burrow) 23 Jun 1680 - 25 Mar 1686
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10407, 10322, 10323, 10543, 10101, 10089)

[no title]  D5369/21/39  1776

Feoffment by way of exchange whereby John Tempest Borrow conveys to John Greensmith the Ox Close in Alsop-en-le-Dale and Greensmith conveys to Borrow land at Crosslowbank at Alsop-en-le-Dale, 5 Jul 1776
(Formerly DL45/10348)

Belper Ward, Chevin Ward, and Hulland Ward  D5369/22  1633-1634

[no title]  D5369/22/1  [1633]

Copy decree of the Court of the Duchy of Lancaster concerning Belper Ward, Chevin Ward and Hulland Ward, involving the case of the Crown against the Earl of Newcastle and others for intrusion, Michaelmas Term 9 Charles I 1633, examined 1763
(Formerly DL45/10394)

[no title]  D5369/22/2  [1634]
Language:  Latin

Copy grant by letters patent from the Crown to John Osborne, Roger Allestrie, Isaac Smith, William Woolley and John Wright, of two parts of Belper Ward, Chevin Ward and Hulland Ward, with houses, fisheries, etc, 2 Sep 10 Charles I 1634
(Formerly DL45/10398)

[no title]  D5369/22/3  [1634]

Copy grant by letters patent from the Crown to John Osborne, Roger Allestrie, Isaac Smith, William Woolley and John Wright, of two parts of Belper Ward, Chevin Ward and Hulland Ward, with houses, fisheries, etc, 2 Sep 10 Charles I 1634
(Formerly DL45/10395)

Calow  D5369/23  1663-1737

[no title]  D5369/23/1  1663

Lease for Possession Thomas Burton to Thomas Shaw regarding Mansion House in Calow, 19 Feb
(Formerly DL45/10475)

[no title]  D5369/23/2  1708

Feoffment of messuages and lands in Callow in the parish of Chesterfield, Thomas Burton to John Pettiward and Francis Gregg, 25 Jun 1708
(Formerly DL45/10183)

Property in Crich and South Wingfield inherited by the Smith Family of Nightingale  D5369/24  1764-1877

[no title]  D5369/24/1-6  1764-1770

Deeds relating to tithes on land in Plaistow, Crich; also third of cottage and land at Moorwood Moor, South Wingfield
(Formerly DL45/10004-09)

[no title]  D5369/24/7-11  1778-1798

Deeds relating to property in Crich (The Hollins) and South Wingfield (Alsibrooke-Nightingale-Wilkinson/Toplis)
(Formerly DL45/10010-14)

[no title]  D5369/24/12  1803

Copy will of Peter Nightingale of Lea, Ashover 6 May
(Formerly DL45/10015)

[no title]  D5369/24/13-15  1874-1877

Papers relating to inheritance by Smith family of Nightingale property
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10016, 10018-19)

[no title]  D5369/24/16-17  1877

Papers relating to Smith family property
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10020-21)

Derby  D5369/25  1574-1802

[no title]  D5369/25/1  1764

Letter of Attourney Catherine Blackwell to John Pickering regarding Close called Barn Close near Derby, 14 Mar
(Formerly DL45/10464)

[no title]  D5369/25/2-3  1802

Case for opinion of Mr I Balguy and Council's opinion regarding
A piece of land called Bradshaw Hay in Derby belonging to the Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Derby, their grant of privilege to plant trees to Isaac Borrow in 1718 and their proposal to sell,
1-9 Apr
(Formerly DL 10413 & 10079)

[no title]  D5369/25/4  1704

Deed of bargain and sale from William Turner and Humphry Eaton to Isaac Borrow, of messuages, shops and lands in Irongate, Catcroft near Nun Green and on the road to Osmaston in Derby, in consideration of £575, 29 Feb 2 Anne
(Formerly DL45/10352)

[no title]  D5369/25/5  1718

Conveyance of Keys Barn in Capcroft also Catcroft near Nunsgreen, Derby (Borrow-Mayor and burgesses of Derby) 14 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10051)

[no title]  D5369/25/6  [1604]

Letter of attorney appointing attorneys to deliver seisin of two selions measuring 1 acre in the Castle Field in Derby from Robert Wasse to John Watson, 20 Mar 1 James [1604]
(Formerly DL45/10144)

[no title]  D5369/25/7  [1614]

Feoffment of four lands (one a pike) measuring 2 acre in the Castle Field in Derby, next to Siddalls Lane, Sir William Knyveton, Baronet and his son Sir Gilbert Knyveton, knight, Anthony Spicer, 28 Jul 12 James [1614]
(Formerly DL45/10139)

[no title]  D5369/25/8  1615

Mortgage of a barn, stable and four lands (one a pike) in the Castle Field abutting on Siddales Lane (measuring 2 acres), Anthony Spicer to John Yates, 9 Mar 1614 [1615]
(Formerly DL45/10211)

[no title]  D5369/25/9-10  1651

Feoffment of three leyes and one pike measuring 2 acres in the Castle Field, Derby, adjoining Siddalls Lane, Humphrey Yates to William and Roger Allestry, 23 Dec 1651; with related quitclaim dated 24 Dec 1651
(Formerly DL45/10142-43)

[no title]  D5369/25/11  1653

Feoffment of two lands measuring acres in the Castle Field, Derby, next to the Derby-Alvaston highway, Henrie Neilde to John Watson, 1 Aug 1653
(Formerly DL45/10141)

[no title]  D5369/25/12  1660

Feoffment of two lands measuring 1 acre in the Castle Field, Derby, John Parker to Edward Walker, 10 Mar 1659 [1660]
(Formerly DL45/10129)

[no title]  D5369/25/13  1665

Conveyance of property in Castlefields, Derby (Walker-Mellor) 27 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10108)

[no title]  D5369/25/14  1666

Feoffment of 20 acres of lands and leys in the Castle Field in Derby, Mary Allestrey (daughter of William) to Henry Mellor, 14 Feb 1665 [1666]
(Formerly DL45/10178)

[no title]  D5369/25/15  [1674]

Conveyance of property in Castlefields, Derby (Watson/Werdon-Mellor) 9 Nov with memorandum
(Formerly DL45/10173)

[no title]  D5369/25/16  [1690]

Feoffment of two lands measuring 1 acre in the Castle Field, Derby, Isabell Webster and her trustee to Rebecca Bourne, 25 Apr 2 William & Mary [1690]
(Formerly DL45/10140)

[no title]  D5369/25/17  1696


Lease for possession of a piece of ground in the Castell Field in Derby, Robert Hill, Ann Stalman and William Johnson to John Porter, 29 Oct 1696
(Formerly DL45/10145)

[no title]  D5369/25/17-18  1704

Feoffment of various selions of land in the Castle Field in Derby [abuttals given], Isaac Borrow to William Turner, 18 Apr 1704
With counterpart
(Formerly DL45/10133-34)

[no title]  D5369/25/19  1706

Copy deeds attatched, regarding title of Thomas Leacroft to land in Castle Field in Derby to be sold to Isaac Borrow, comprising:
(i) Release from Booth Allestry to Thomas Leacroft and trustee of meadows and land in Derby, Osmaston, and Litchurch, 3 Jul 1706
(ii) Final concord between John Statham and Thomas Shipton, querents, and Booth Allestry and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, of a messuage, 290 acres of land, etc., in Darley next to Derby, Litchurch, Osmaston next to Derby, Mackworth, Marten [Markeaton] and Derby, 6 May 1706
(Formerly DL45/101368)

[no title]  D5369/25/20-21  1711-1712

Agreement of exchange relating to Litchurch and Castlefield, Derby (Meynell-Burrow) 11 Aug
(Formerly DL45/10047 & 10121)

[no title]  D5369/25/22  1717

Attested copy feoffment of various lands in the fields of Derby, William Allestry to William Turner, 1 Apr 35 Charles II [1683], attested 10 Jan 1716 [1717
Certain lands underlined:
A hadland at the nether end of the Castle Field (1 acre), and two lands in the Castle Field (2 acres), abutting on the lane from London Road to the Siddals
(Formerly DL45/10204)

[no title]  D5369/25/23  1734

Report on proposed disposal of Millor's property in Castlefield and Nun Green, Derby subject to dispute in court (Nevill exors v Turner/Eaton/Hedges/Cherry) 14 Jul
(Formerly DL45/10078)

[no title]  D5369/25/24  1735-1748

Title deeds, Honor Borrow to Ann Greatorex regarding Messuage, etc. in Chaddesden, 4 Sep
1735 - 15 Apr 1748
(Formerly DL45/10483)

[no title]  D5369/25/25  [1708]

Lease for 99 years of property in Friar gate, Derby and Morley (Borrow-Borrow) 22 Mar 1707
(Formerly DL45/10112)

[no title]  D5369/25/26  1770

Schedule of deeds regarding a messuage and land adjoining a house in Full Street in Derby received from Thomas Borrow by Charles Mellor, 2 Jan
(Formerly DL45/10634)

[no title]  D5369/25/27  1733

Assignment of mortgage from Lord and Lady Exeter, the Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Derby, and Margaret Chambers, relict of Thomas Chambers, to Isaac Borrow, John Chambers, William Hope, William Lockett, William Locke and Henry Holmes of one third part of the Gunpowder Mill, sluices and ground in Derby, in trust to support and maintain 80 lamps erected by Thomas Chambers, 17 Feb 6 George II
(Formerly DL45/10373)

[no title]  D5369/25/28  1778

Appointment Thomas Borrow Esq. to Thomas Borrow, his son regarding Gunpowder Mill, 16 Sep 1778
(Formerly DL45/10497)

[no title]  D5369/25/29-30  1610
Language:  Latin

Deed of gift, with counterpart, from Henry Farwall and Robert Greyves to William Beynbrygg and Richard Doughtie, of a messuage in Irongate, Derby, lately belonging to the chantry of Chaddesden, 10 Aug 2 Elizabeth I
(Formerly DL45/10361-62)

[no title]  D5369/25/31-37  1624-1632

7 items

Title deeds regarding a house in Irongate, Derby, (Drapers - Fletcher - Kniveton - Thornton - Mellor)
26 Feb 1624 - 11 Apr 1632
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10447-48, 10065, 10448, 10452, 10454, 10067, 10456)

[no title]  D5369/25/38  1731

Release [lease missing] of a messuage in the Market Place in Derby, near Leather Lane, the executors of the will of Anne Piggin to the Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Derby, 28 Sep 1731
Recites that the Corporation has also purchased the adjoining messuage and wishes to demolish them so as to enlarge the Market Place in the vicinity of the Guildhall
(Formerly DL45/10184)

[no title]  D5369/25/39  1738

Lease and release confirming the above conveyance by Anne Piggin's granddaughters (now of age and having received their legacies), 4-5 Oct 1738
(Formerly DL45/10185)

[no title]  D5369/25/40-41  1704-1712

Title deeds regarding Keys House near Nunsgreen, and c.20 acres of land in Castle Field in Derby
(Mayor and Burgesses of Derby-Burrow)
?1704 - 20 May 1712
[D5369/2/6/12/1 Partilly illegible]
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10029 & 10371)

[no title]  D5369/25/42  1714

Abstract of title of Isaac Borrow to 3 acres of land in Parkefield in Derby (purchased from Thomas Carter), 1704-1711, with further notes up to its sale by Isaac Borrow to William Clay in 1714
(Formerly DL45/10167)

[no title]  D5369/25/43  1718

Abstract of title of John Borrow to 2a. of grass land in the Parcell Field in Derby (purchased from Mr Francis Spateman), 1690-1702, with further notes up to its sale by Isaac Borrow to Hugh Bateman in 1718
(Formerly DL45/10167)

[no title or date]  D5369/25/44

Number Not Used

[no title]  D5369/25/45-47  1626-1635

Title deeds regarding fourth part of a mansion or hospital called St. Leonard's, 74 acres of land and other lands in Derby, 29 Jun 1626 - 17 Jan 1635
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10138, 10351 & 10137)

[no title]  D5369/25/48  1720

Deed to lead the uses of a fine from (i) Isaac Borrow, Timothy Greenewood and Ruth his wife, George Cocker and Anne his wife, and William Shardlow and Judith his wife, to (ii) Samuel Fox and (iii) George Pycraft and Richard Harrison, for the use of (iv) Thomas Dawson, of messuages in the Wardwick and High Street, with outhouse and appurtenance in Park Field, malthouse, messuages and parcel of land in the parish of St Peter, and c40 acres of land in Castle Field, all in Derby, 25 Nov 1720
(Formerly DL45/10422)

[no title]  D5369/25/48-51  1697-1722

Title deeds regarding property in St. Peter's Parish, Derby
Meynell - Borrow - Barlow
(Formerly DL45/10449-50, 10130)

[no title]  D5369/25/52-53  [1719]

Mortgage by demise of two messuages in the parish of St Peter's, Derby, Thomas Newton to Isaac Borrow, 6 Feb 1718 [1719]
Assorted bills and receipts charged to Isaac Borrow by Thomas Smith for legal work done at the Court of Record for the Borough of Derby, 1714-1720
(Formerly DL45/10176)

[no title]  D5369/25/54-62  1771-1793

Title deeds regarding a close of land called Newton Lees, with barn, in the parish of St Peter in Derby, in consideration of £460,
5 Jul 1771 - 28 Mar 1793
(Clarke - Bateman - Borrow)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10353-54, 10355, 10357, 10359, 10356, 10358)

[no title]  D5369/25/63-78  1770-1830

Title deeds relating to a burgage, shop and yard on the western side of St Peter's Street in the parish of St Peter in Derby mortgaged to Thomas Borrow in 1772 and purchased by Thomas Borough in 1830
(Burton - Jackson - Bunting - Borrow/Borough)
D5369/25/63 Copy will of Robert Burton of Derby, 13 May 1770
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10189, 10188, 10194, 10190, 10193, 10195, 10186, 10191, 10192)

[no title]  D5369/25/69-79  1729-1734

Papers relating to dispute over wall between properties in the parish of St. Werbergh's, Derby (Borrow-Lord)

[no title]  D5369/25/80  1610
Language:  Latin

Deed of gift from Henry Farwall and Robert Greyves to William Beynbrygg and Richard Doughtie, of a messuage in Sadlergate, Derby, 10 Aug 2 Elizabeth I
(Formerly DL45/10160)

[no title]  D5369/25/81  1728

Release [lease missing] of lands in Stockbrooke Field, Derby, Isaac Borrow to Samuel Ward and John Hope, 25 Oct 1728 (the unsold parts of premises conveyed to Isaac Borrow and another by Samuel Ward and John Hope upon trust for sale to fund an annuity for Elizabeth Ward, by deeds dated 27-28 Apr 12 George [1726])
(Formerly DL45/10160)

[no title]  D5369/25/82-98  1652-1742

Conveyance of third of tithes of Derby (Allestry - Daken - Mellor - Mayor and Burgesses of Derby - Borrow)
12 May 1652 - 31 May 1742
D5369/25/86 Counterpart feoffment of a third-part of the tithes of corn of Derby, Isaac Borrow to the Mayor and Burgesses of Derby (with reservation of two seats in the chancel of St Werburgh's and one seat in the chancel of St Peter's, formerly accompanying the tithes), 14 Jun 1718
D5369/D5369/25/97 Copy grant of severalty [right of private ownership of land] from the Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Derby to Isaac Borrow, of the lately enclosed lands, comprising 16 acres 2 rod acres in Castle Field and 1 acre 2 rods in Whitecross Fieldin Derby, in consideration of oe70, 14 Jun 1718, with order of Derby Quarter Sessions quashing a presentment to stop a footpath in Castle Field due to uncertainty, 7 Aug 9 George I
D5369/D5369/25/98 Grant and release of a third-part of the tithes of Derby, Samuel Brentnall (and his mortgagee and the trustees for his creditors) to Isaac Borrow's trustees, 31 May 1742
(Formerly D145 numbers 10049, 10127, 10371, 10122, 10372, 10214)

[no title]  D5369/25/99-103  1682-1704

Title deeds relating to an annual rent of £17 6s 8d issuing out of the tithes of Derby
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10123-10126 & 10367)

[no title]  D5369/25/104-105  1574-1575

Conveyances regarding property in Derby (Draper-Fletcher) 23 Aug 1574 - 11 Apr 1575
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10084 & 10069)

[no title]  D5369/25/106  [1721]

Final concord of four messuages and lands in Derby, Samuel Fox and George Pycrart
(plaintiffs) v Isaac Borrow, Timothy Greenwood and his wife Ruth, George Cocker and his wife Anna and William Shardlow and his wife Judith (deforciants)
Dated in eight days of the purification of the Blessed Mary, 7 George [circa 7 Feb 1721]
(Formerly DL45/10181)

[no title]  D5369/25/107  1610
Language:  Latin

Deed of gift from Henry Farwall and Robert Greyves to William Beynbrygg and Richard Doughtie, of a messuage in Derby, 10 Aug 2 Elizabeth I
(Formerly DL45/10363)

[no title]  D5369/25/108  1610
Language:  Latin

Deed of gift from Thomas Draper to Henry Farwall and Robert Greyves, of his messuages, cottages, lands and hereditaments in Derby, 3 Feb 2 Elizabeth I

[no title]  D5369/25/109-111  1726-1773

Title Deeds and Related Papers
(Dawson - Webster - Borrow)
Regarding two messuages in Derby, 4 Feb 1726 - 16 Feb 1773
D5369/25/109 Attested Copy Will Samuel Webster, 16 Feb 1773
(Formerly DL45/10446, 10480-81)

[no title]  D5369/25/112  1725-1726

Account presented to the Crown by the town of Derby for property leased in Derby Sep 1725 - Sep 1726
(Formerly DL45/10485)

[no title]  D5369/25/113  1708

Lease for 1 year of property in St Mary Gate and Castle Field in Derby (Turner-Horton)
17 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10114)

[no title]  D5369/25/114  [1627]

Feoffment of 2 acres of arable land in the Castell [Castle] Field and two lands measuring 2 acres in St Leonarde's Field in Derby, Thomas Smythe to Edward Burne, 24 Mar 2 Charles
(Formerly D145/10131)

[no title]  D5369/25/115  1668

Mortgage by lease and release [lease missing] of a messuage on Tynnynbridgate alias Marleyge in Derby and lands or leys measuring 7 acres in the Castle Field in Derby, Thomas Watson to Henry Werden, 5 Feb 1667 [1668]
(Formerly DL45/10212)

[no title]  D5369/25/116  1666

Deed of covenant for quiet possession of various lands in the fields of Derby sold by Edward Walker to Henry Mellor, 27 Jun 1666
(Formerly DL45/10218)

[no title]  D5369/25/117  1672

Copy feoffment of premises in or near derby, William Allestry (son and heir of George Allestry) to Henry Mellor, 3 Mar 1671 [1672] Four burgages between the Derby-Osmaston and Derby-London highways Tenement in the parish of St Peter's, Derby, adjoining the four burgages
Three closes in Normanton near Derby or Litchurch called the Botham Closes (8 acres)
Lands in the Castle Field (8 acres)
Land in the Consley Field (1 acre, 3 rods)
Land in St Leonard's Field and the Windmill Hill Field (8 acres)
A fourth-part of 3 acres of land in the Windmill Field
Endorsed 'My brother Mr. Francis Gregg has the Originall Deed', signed by Isaac Borrow
(Formerly DL45/10132)

[no title]  D5369/25/118  1686

Copy probated will of Robert Mellor of Derby, proved in Canterbury on 4 May 1686
Devises his property to trustees for sale to pay the debts of his late brother Henry and to provide an annuity for his wife.
(Formerly DL45/10164)

[no title]  D5369/25/119  1703

Copy court order for discharging William Turner from the purchase of part of an estate late of Henry Mellor and Robert Mellor in Derby and allowing Isaac Borrow to be its purchaser in consideration of £1150, 9 Dec 2 Anne
(Formerly DL45/10366)

[no title]  D5369/25/120  1704

Confirmatory release of premises conveyed on 29 Feb [1704] from William Turner and another to Isaac Borrow, 1 Mar 1703 [1704] By various trustees, devisees, representatives and creditors of the late Henry Mellor
Concerns the Long and Short Intake in the Castle Field, 3 cottages, 3 houses in the Iron Gate in Derby, a barn and foldyard at Nungreen in Derby and a third-part of the tithes of Derby
(Formerly DL45/10135)

[no title]  D5369/25/121  1716

Attested copy settlement (17-18 Jun 1708) of a messuage in St Mary Gate in Derby and a piece of land (10 acres) in the Castle Field, to the use of William Turner and wife Mary and their children
Recites that the settlement is in recompense for the sale of a third-part of the tithes of Derby which were Mary Turner's jointure
(Formerly DL45/10120)

[no title]  D5369/25/122  1574-1715

Abstract of Title of the Estate of the late Robert Mellor of Derby, 23 Aug 1574 - 30 Sep 1715, in envelope
(Formerly DL45/10471)

[no title]  D5369/25/123  1771

Final Agreement
Edward Broughton, plaintiff, and Joseph Burton, deforciant regarding five messuages, two shops, etc. in Derby 1 Nov
(Formerly DL45/10187)

Duffield  D5369/26  1642-1846

[no title]  D5369/26/1  1642

Copy court roll of Duffield Fee for the admission of Ralph Lomas and John Gamble and his wife Katherine to several crofts and closes containing c55 acres at Hulland and Biggin, 31 Mar 18 Charles I [1642]
(Formerly DL45/10402)

[no title]  D5369/26/2  1650

Mould damaged, too fragile to produce

Duffield Fee small court roll regarding parcel of land and cottage in Hulland, 11 Feb
(Formerly DL45/10530)

[no title]  D5369/26/3  1651

Lease for 1 month of property in Turnditch and Duffield (part of manor of Duffield), property in Holland [Hulland] and rectory of Hartington (Leche-Wallope/Newdegate) 18 Mar
(Formerly DL45/10055)

[no title]  D5369/26/4-6  1764-1800

Copy court roll of the Manor of Duffield regarding a messuage and closes of land in Biggin and closes of land called Collumber Close and the Town Field in Hulland, 7 Jun 1764-9 Oct 1800
(Blackwall - Johnson)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10347, 10194, 10346)

[no title]  D5369/26/7  Aug 1846

Copy of power of attorney granted by Revd C A Palmer and William Ormsby Gore to Messrs Ault and Walker to be admitted to copyhold premises in Duffield
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/26/8  1749

1 item

Will of John Lowe of Bargate, Duffield 6 Mar 1749 with note on validity
(Formerly DL45/10022)

Elton  D5369/27  1750-1852

[no title]  D5369/27/1  (1750)

1 item

Lease for 6 months of land in Elton with tithes (Grammer-Bright) 27 Mar
(Formerly DL45/9136)

[no title]  D5369/27/2  1796

Lease for possession of three closes at Elton plus the tithes of lambs and wool arising there from, George Nuttal (son of Elizabeth, daughter of John Roose) to Henry Woolley, 21 Jan 1796

[no title]  D5369/27/3  1849

Release of land in Elton (Shaw-Shaw) 24 Apr
(Formerly DL45/9138)

[no title]  D5369/27/4  (1691-1852)

Abstract of title of trustees of Howsley to property at Elton (1691-1852) made 1852
(Formerly DL45/9137)

Etwall  D5369/28  1766-1767

[no title]  D5369/28/1  1766

Schedule of deeds (1700-1765) relating to an estate at Etwall purchased by Mr Heacock, the deeds being received from Mr Heacock by Thomas Borrow on 29 Mar 1766
(Formerly DL45/10409)

[no title]  D5369/28/2  1767

Schedule of deeds (1700-1748) relating to mortgaged, unidentified property, the deeds being received from Mr Heacock by Thomas Borrow on 25 Apr 1767
(Formerly DL45/10410)

Fairfield/ Pigtor / Wormhill  D5369/29  1431-1798

[no title]  D5369/29/1-2  1794-1798

Lease and release for property in Green Fairfield, Fairfield (Bagshaw - Pickford - Goodwin) 27 Sep 1794 - 3 May 1798
(Formerly DL45/9133-9134)

[no title]  D5369/29/3  1604

Feoffment of a moiety of a messuage and 7 acres of land in Fayrefield, Pigtorr, Baylieflatt and Wollowe (formerly the estate of Humphrey Wolwen), Raphe Blackewall and his son Wendesley Blackewall to Thomas Mycocke, 19 Oct 2 James [1604]
(Formerly DL45/10151)

[no title]  D5369/29/4  [1606]

Final concord of one messuage and premises in Fayerfield, Wormehill, Tunsted, Hardwicke, Wall and Chapell in le Fryth, Henry Lomas and Thomas Moycocke (plaintiffs) v Thomas Bagshawe and his wife (deforciants)
Dated in 8 days of St Hilary, 3 James [c.20 Jan 1606]
(Formerly DL45/10157)

[no title]  D5369/29/5  1611

Feoffment of 3 rods of land in the Newe Field in Fairfield in the township of Wormehill, Rowlande Swann to William Mycocke, 31 Jul 9 James [1611]
(Formerly DL45/10148)

[no title]  D5369/29/6  [1431]

Conveyance of property in Pygtor (Moykoc-Moykoc) Sunday after feast of St Denis 10 Henry VI [14 Oct]
(Formerly DL45/10068)

[no title]  D5369/29/7  1585

1 item

Conveyance of property in Piggetorre (Derbyshire) (Maycocke-Maycocke) 16 Dec
(Formerly DL45/10066)

[no title]  D5369/29/8  1604

Bargain and sale of 1 acre of land called Pigtorr Acre in the fields of Pigtorr in the township of Wormehill, Thomas Bagshawe to Thomas Mycocke, 10 Oct 2 James [1604]
(Formerly DL45/10147)

[no title]  D5369/29/9  1605

Feoffment of a messuage called Pigtor House, a garden, part of an adjoining croft, and a croft called Chief Torr Pingle in the village fields of Pigtor, township of Wormhill, Thomas Bagshaw and Thomas Mycocke to William Mycocke, 18 Dec 3 James [1605]
(Formerly DL45/10149)

[no title]  D5369/29/10  1682

Bond in £200 to keep covenants (Moycocke-Fynney) 1 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10064)

[no title]  D5369/29/11  1697

Settlement of a close of land in Green Fairefield called Stumpe Cross Cloase (6 acres), from Isaac Borrow to trustees to the use of Mary Swan for her life and then to the use of Thomas Mycock and his heirs, 25 May 1697
[Recites quit claim of various premises from Mary Swan to Isaac Borrow on 26 Jun 1696]
(Formerly DL45/10150)

[no title]  D5369/29/12-13  1711

Title deeds regarding a messuage and farm, with lands, outbuildings, hereditaments, etc, in Pigtor and Fairfield (Roughley - Borrow), 20-28 Jun
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10071 & 10415)

[no title]  D5369/29/14-15  1568-1602
Language:  Latin

Title deeds regarding a messuage and 7 acres of land in Feyrefield, Pigtor, Bayliflatte or Wellow, (Naden - Ryley - Blackwall), 26 Sep 1568 - 15 Mar 1602
D5369/29/14 Marriage settlement of Richard Naden and Elizabeth Gardyne concerning messuages and 7 acres, of land in Pigtor and in the fields of the township of Wormehill, 26 Sep 10 Elizabeth [1568]
Gift of premises to trustees (in Latin) with attached schedule of uses (in English)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10180 & 10215)
Some material in Latin

[no title]  D5369/29/16  1663

Deed poll acknowledgment by John Goodwin of an exchange with Robert Mycock, 6 Jan 1662 [1663]
Goodwin gives half an acre and one rood [rod] of land in the fields of Pigtor and Woolowe Mycock gives the same amount of land in the same fields
[Furlongs named and abuttals given]
(Formerly DL45/10146)

Hartington Rectory  D5369/30  1652-1812

[no title]  D5369/30/1-7  1651-1812
Language:  Latin

Title deeds regarding property in Turnditch and Hulland, including the rectory of Hartington and third of tithes (Leche - Phillips - Bateman) 20 Mar 1651 - 1812
D5369/2/30/7 Abstract of title of Sir Hugh Bateman to the Rectory of Hartington and an estate at Hartington (1607-1810), 1812
D5369/2/30/4 Bond (Leche - Phillips) regarding sum of £600
(Formerly DL45 numbers 100/6, 10056, 10074, 10503, 10081, 10075, 10335)
D5369/2/30/4-item in Latin

Hartshorn Grange  D5369/31  1670-1735

[no title]  D5369/31/1-6  1670-1735

Title deeds and related papers regarding Hartshorne Grange (Taylor to Borrow)
D5369/31/6 Schedule of Title (1670-1735)
(Formerly DL45/10411 & 10418)

Hulland  D5369/32  1592-1869

[no title]  D5369/32/1  1675

Lease from John Burrowes to John Johnson, of two closes of land called the Counter Flatts and the Horse Piece in Hulland, for 80 years at the annual rent of £5 10s, 10 Aug 27 1675
(Formerly DL45/10389)

[no title]  D5369/32/2-35  1625-1815

D5369/32/5 mould damaged - fragile

Deed relating to Hough Hall in Hulland (Ferrers-Byrom - Challoner - Rawdon - Mundye - Webster - Sutton - Blount - Burrowes - Alsop - Coke - Wallis) 10 Mar 1625 - 1 Apr 1815
D5369/32/5 Marriage settlement in Houghe Hall in Hulland and property in Bradley (Byram-Challoner) 1 Oct 1640 (formerly DL45/10097)
D5369/32/6 Duffield manor court presentment of death of John Byrom, tenant of property in Hulland, and admittance of son William Byrom 11 Feb 1657/8 (formerly DL45/10059)
D5369/32/28 Abstract of title of John Tempest Borrow to the manor of Hough and Hough Park at Hulland, proposed as security for £1300 (1701-1745), circa 1750-1760 (formerly DL45/10340)
D5369/32/30 Extract from the Hulland Ward Enclosure Award concerning the allotment of the late John Tempest Borrow, 27 Sep 1773 (formerly DL45/10401)
D5369/32/31 Copy will of George Wallis of Ockbrook, gent, made 12 Sep 1794, with 2 codicils dated 3 Jan 1797 and 21 May 1799 (formerly DL45/10339)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10099, 10159, 10385, 10097, 10527, 10098, 10315, 10059, 10404, 10155, 10375, 10384, 10377, 10378, 10086, 10320, 10100, 10302-03, 10387, 10403, 10376, 10379, 10326-27, 10506, 10340, 10344, 10401, 10339, 10336, 10342, 10338, 10337)

[no title]  D5369/32/36  1658

Bargain and Sale with Feoffment, William Byram to George Parker regarding parcel of land called Long Park in Fullwood Farm between Ashbourne and Hulland, 2 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10520)

[no title]  D5369/32/37  1804

Lease and release from Thomas Pemberton of Hulland, husbandman, and Elizabeth his wife, to John Borrow of Derby, gent, in consideration of £40, of a cottage and premises in Hulland, 27-28 Sep 1804
(Formerly DL45/10325)

[no title]  D5369/32/38  1815

Reconveyance by lease and release from Reverend John Clarke of Langley, nephew of Elizabeth Wilson, to John Borrow of Derby, esq, in consideration of £700, of closes of land at Hulland Ward containing c58 acres, 19 May 1815
(Formerly DL45/10341)

[no title]  D5369/32/39-40  1797

Lease & Release regarding a messuage in Hulland, (Cockayne/Webster - Johnson), 4-5 Apr 1797
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10087 & 10236)

[no title]  D5369/32/41-42  1827-1829

Title deeds regarding a messuage and premises in Hulland (Johnson - Borrow), 26 May 1827 - 24 Jan 1829
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10328 & 10642)

[no title]  D5369/32/43-44  1851

Papers regarding Thomas Osbourne Bateman, 31 Jan
D5369/32/43 Statutory Declaration Isaac Smith, Mansell Park, Derby lives on a farm in Hulland which once belonged to Richard Bateman then to his son Thomas Osbourne Bateman, 31 Jan 1851 (formerly DL45/10498)
D5369/32/44 Statutory Declaration Thomas Osbourne Bateman after the Will of his father, 28 Feb 1851 (formerly DL45/10499)

[no title]  D5369/32/45-46  1675

Court rolls for Duffield Fee regarding messuages and lands at Hulland (Byrom - Burrow), 7 Jan
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10382 & 10063)

[no title]  D5369/32/47-50  circa 1631-1632

All documents badly damaged by mould D5369/32/50 partially readable
Language:  Latin

Title Deeds regarding Manor of Holland & Duffield
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10517-19 & 10528)

[no title]  D5369/32/51  1651

Final concord between Francis Burke and William Milward, querents, and Nicholas Hurt and Joan his wife, Ellen Webster, widow, William Webster and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, of 10 acres of land, 5 acres of meadow and 8 acres of pasture, etc at Kniveton and Hulland Ward, Feast of St Michael in three weeks [c20 Oct]
(Formerly DL45/10400)

[no title]  D5369/32/52  1592

Mould damaged
Language:  Latin

Court roll at Hulland, William Bradbourne, heir to Humphrey Bradbourne, to William Willeys regarding parcel of land in Hulland, 4 Sep
(Formerly DL45/10523)

[no title]  D5369/32/53-55  1596/7 - 1649

all mould damaged
Language:  Latin

Title deeds regarding land in Hulland (Leche - Chaloner - Beiston)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10522, 10526, 10054)

[no title]  D5369/32/56-58  1644-1671

D5369/2/13/4/22 Almost unreadable due to mould damage

Title Deeds regarding Messuages, etc. in Hulland, 21 Sep 1644 - Aug 1671
(Gilbert Wallis - Thomas Jackson)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10532-33 & 10539)

[no title]  D5369/32/59-63  17th century

All Mould damaged
Language:  Latin

Title Deeds regarding land in Hulland (Letchworth(?) - Alsop - Borrow)
D5369/23/60-61 Latin
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10521, 10523-25, 10529)

[no title]  D5369/32/64  1674

Feoffment German Pole to John Curzon regarding land in Hulland Ward, 2 Sep
(Formerly DL45/10484)

[no title]  D5369/32/65-66  1678

Both mould damaged

Title deeds regarding cottages in Hulland
(Hodgkinson - Smith)
[D5369/32/66 Part document]
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10536 & 10540)

[no title]  D5369/32/67  1844

Release by James and Elizabeth Hall to John Charles Burton Borough regarding a messuage in Hulland, 13 Sep
(Formerly DL45/10643)

[no title]  D5369/32/68-73  circa 1763-1771

Act for dividing and enclosing the common of Hulland Ward and related papers
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10643, 10396, 10390, 10399, 10391-92, 10397)
Printed document

[no title]  D5369/32/74  circa 1772

Case relating to the payment of repairs for roads of Hulland Ward following the Enclosure Act of 1771, and support of the poor, endorsed "Mercaston Order", 3 Aug 1763
(Formerly DL45/10393)

[no title]  D5369/32/75-87  1820-1853

Title deeds and related papers regarding several closes of land, messuages and premises in Hulland and Hulland Ward, Derby, 7 Dec 1820 - 29 Jun 1853
(Johnson - Riley - Pemberton - Beighton - Burton Borrow - Palmer & Gore - Bateman - Borough)
D5369/32/77 Abstract of the Will of Richard Bateman Esq. showing the Title of T. O. Bateman Esq., 7 Dec 1820
D5369/32/85 Abstract of Title of John Charles Burton Borough Esq., Jun 1853

[no title]  D5369/32/88  1846

Copy of conveyance of messuages and land at Hulland in the parish of Ashbourne by J C B Borough to Revd Charles Archdale Palmer and William Ormsby Gore, 25 Aug
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 7)

[no title]  D5369/32/89  1847

Copy of power of attorney to surrender premises at Hulland granted by J C B Borough to Thomas Ault and James Walker, Jun
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)

[no title]  D5369/32/90  1848

Letter from Mr Heane to Mr Harris relating to Borough's admittance to the copyhold of Hulland, 4 Feb
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)

[no title]  D5369/32/91  1868-1869

Expenses bill by J J Wise for preparing a conveyance of land at Hulland Ward purchased from Jackson
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)

Hungry Bentley  D5369/33  1747

[no title]  D5369/33/1  1747

Counterpart assignment of mortgage from Honor Borrow, widow of Isacc Borrow, to their daughter Elizabeth Borrow of the manor of Hungry Bentley, and messuages, lands, etc, in Bentley in the parishes of Longford and Barton, 27 Nov
(Formerly DL45/10417)

Killamarsh  D5369/34  1815

[no title]  D5369/34/1  1815

Common recovery for 4 messuages and lands in Killamarsh and Eckington (Philpott-Winrow) 14 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10001)

Long Eaton  D5369/35  1670

[no title]  D5369/35/1  1670

Assignment of mortgage by demise for the term of 1000 years, from John Burrowes to William Creis and William Roby, of the manor of Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, with messuages, houses, lands, etc, including proviso relating to Deanes Farm and Davies Farm in Long Eaton and Little Thrumpton [mortgage dated 1669, from William Palmer, Sir Francis Leake and Arthur Warren to John Burrowes],
(Formerly DL45/10406)

Litchurch  D5369/36  1628-1806

[no title]  D5369/36/1  circa 1755

Abstract of title of Mrs Ann Osborne to Barn Close in Litchurch (1637-1755)
(Formerly DL45/10219)

[no title]  D5369/36/2  1764

Conditions of sale of a close and garden called Barn Close in Litchurch (3 acres) and three parcels of land in Whitecross Field in the borough of Derby (3 acres), 4 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10168)

[no title]  D5369/36/3-4  1711-1733

Feoffment of a close called Bats Close alias Bates Close in Litchurch, Robert Wilmot to Robert Goodale, 15 Aug 1711
Annual receipts for fee farm rent for the close, paid to the King, 1712-1733
(Formerly DL45/10128)

[no title]  D5369/36/5-21  1703-1792

Deeds relating to property in Litchurch, known as Halfpenny Bridge Close (Scrimsher-Brookhouse-Crompton - Colinshaw - Borrow)
D5369/36/18 Copy Will of Richard Cowlinshaw of Derby, 19 Nov 1744
(Formerly DL45/10030-10045)

[no title]  D5369/36/22  1662

Feoffment of a piece of meadow ground called the Longe Ley in Litchurch (3 rods) abutting on Castle Field and a close called Siddalles, Nicholas Willimot and Robert Willimot to Henry Webster, 1 Jan 1661 [1662]
(Formerly DL45/10170)

[no title]  D5369/36/23-24  1717

Counterpart feoffment of one land or selion ( [...] a.) in Neylds Close in Litchurch, Isaac Borrow to Thomas Gisborne, 26 Sep 1717
Memorandum of agreement that the deed shall remain in the possession of John Gisburne until the Corporation of Derby confirms an agreement between Mr Borrow and a committee of the Corporation
(Formerly DL45/10177)

[no title]  D5369/36/25-30  1702-1714

Title deeds relating to a parcel of ground in Litchurch called Parker's Pingle
(Formerly DL45/10116, 10220-24)

[no title]  D5369/36/31-34  1703-1709

Deeds relating to property in Litchurch, known as Stampton's and Burne's Closes (Scrimsher-Borrow - Worrilow - Scampton) 26 Apr 1703 - 21 Mar 1709
(Formerly DL45/10046 & 10109)

[no title]  D5369/36/35-59  1628-1806

Title deeds relating to a close in Litchurch called Litchurch Close or Hornes Close, alias Siddalls Close
(Hall - Parker - Allestry - Burdett - Fisher - /Blackwell/Osbourne - Roberts - Clarke - Derby Canal Company - Borrow)
D5369/36/47 Probate Will of Elizabeth Osdbourne, 31 Jul 1755
D5369/36/48 Abstract of title of Isaac Borrow to Hornes Close alias Cyddalls [Siddals] Close in Litchurch, 1706-1725 (Allestry-Burdett-Fisher-Borrow)
D5369/3656 Abstract of Title of the Derby Canal Company, 1757-1806
(Formerly DL45 numbers 100225-32, 10455, 10457, 1460, 1463, 10136, 10023-28, 10233-10235)

[no title or date]  D5369/36/60

Number Not Used

[no title]  D5369/36/61-68  1728-1736

Title deeds and related papers regarding Smith's Close in Litchurch (Vessey - Ward - Borrow), 20 Dec 1728 - 16 Jul 1736
D5369/36/64 Extract from the will of Richard Meynell "so farr as relates to Smiths Close & the pingle purchased of Mr Abraham Ward and Tho: Soare and his wife by Mr Borrow" Devises Smith Close and a pingle in Litchurch to Francis Meynell and Sarah Wright in trust for Mary Ward (sister of Sarah Wright) for her life, and then in trust for Mary's daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Ward and their heirs
Will dated 29 Apr 1716; examined 16 Jul 1736
Promissory note for £210 to be paid by Isaac Borrow to Thomas Soare, 15 Jul 1736; with endorsed receipts for payment in two instalments in Aug and Sep 1736
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10162, 10161, 10166, 10165)

[no title]  D5369/36/69  1675

Copy of demise of a third of three closes in Litchurch called Darwin Field, Rye Flatt and the Gallows Pasture or Great Gallows Close let by Francis Marshall and Richard Knight to John Beardsley, Thomas Robey, Thomas Foxe, Thomas Dalley, Thomas Staples, Francis Cokaine, William Kniveton, John Carter, William Leaper and John Steere, at the direction of Robert and Dorothy Wilmot, 4 Oct
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)

[no title]  D5369/36/70-72  1771/2-1776

Title deeds regarding land at Litchurch (Tantum - Wilkins/Powell/Woodworth - Meynell) 14 Feb 1771/2 - 20 Jan 1776
(Formerly DL45/10002-03)

[no title]  D5369/36/73  1721

Mortgage by demise (for 21 years) of the Great Gallows Close (56 acres) and Gorsey Close (36 acres) in Litchurch, Isaac Borrow to William Franceys, 31 Jan 1720 [1721]
Endorsed memorandum that Borrow has paid £200 to Francey's executor and that the term of years is determined, 21 Mar 1728 [1729]
(Formerly DL45/10217)

[no title]  D5369/36/74-76  1711-1713

Papers regarding land in Litchurch Mackworth Allestree and Liberty of Darley Abbey, Michaelmas Term 1711 - 29 Jul 1713
D5369/36/74 Copy Will James Osbourne, 29 Jul 1713
(Formerly DL45/10458-10459)

Litchurch Estate  D5369/37  1659-1736

[no title]  D5369/37/1-31  1659-1736

Title deeds regarding property in Litchurch, Derby, Osmaston, Normonton and Chaddesden, known as the Litchurch Estate
(Butler/Clayton - Willimott - Robey) 11 Feb 1659 - 10 Jan 1736
D5369/37/11 Abstract of title of Edward Roby to an estate at Litchurch (1660-1699), annotated by Mr FitzHerbert, 1713 (formerly DL45/10207)
D5369/37/30 Probate Will Elizabeth Coke, 20 Nov 1730 (formerly DL45/10535)
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10050, 10174, 10172, 10152, 10173, 10175, 10216, 10467, 10205-7, 10209-10, 10169, 10197, 10171, 10200, 10199, 10201, 10198, 10117, 10196, 10115, 10118, 10154, 10153, 10111, 10119, 10515, 10535, 10203)

Longford  D5369/38  1736

[no title]  D5369/38/1  1736

Declaration of trust relating to part of money on Browne's mortgage of property in Hungry Bentley and Middleton Park in Longford (Borrow-Coape) 18 Nov
(Formerly DL45/10072)

Mugginton  D5369/39  1762

[no title]  D5369/39/1  1762

Mortgage for £150 of property in Muggington (Barton-Borrow) 16 Jul
(Formerly DL45/10058)

Normanton  D5369/40  1719

[no title]  D5369/40/1  1719

Copy Will of Robert Goodale of Normanton including property in Normanton, Tissington, Chellaston, Littleover and Litchurch
(Formerly DL45/10053)

Parwich  D5369/41  1686 - 1750

[no title]  D5369/41/1  1686

Conveyance of property in Parwich (Whitgreave/FitzHerbert-Milward) 14 Jun
(Formerly DL45/10095)

[no title]  D5369/41/2  1750

Deed of release from Rupert Gattliffe and Tertius Gatliffe to John Tempest, of a close of land called Cooper's Croft in Parwich, in consideration of £80, 14 Aug 1750
(Formerly DL45/10345)

Winster  D5369/42  1805

[no title]  D5369/42/1  1805

Probate copy of will of Ralph Staley of Winster, miner,
Regarding several closes in Winster called Nether Grey Tor and Common Piece proved at Lichfield, 22 Apr

Chetwynd Park, Edgemond, Shropshire  D5369/43  1771-1869

[no title]  D5369/43/1-27  1771-1883

Title deeds and related papers Chetwynd Park, Edgmond, near Newport, Salop, 3 Jan 1763 - 15 Mar 1883 (Adams - Smithson - Borrow - Garwen - Palmer & Gore)
D5369/43/1 Judgments against Thomas Lloyd in the Kings Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer from Michaelmas 1771 - Trinity 1802 (formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)
D5369/43/2 Affidavits of Thomas Lloyd and Mr Dowse relating to the conveyance of the manors and estates of Chetwynd and Edgmond in Shropshire and Staffordshire by Lloyd to Thomas Borrow of Castlefield, 2 Jun 1803 (formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)
D5369/43/3 Statutory Declaration Mr. Lloyd's Answers to the Claims made by Mr. Borrow in consequence of the suggestions of Mr. Morris, circa 1805
D5369/43/4 Statutory Declaration of John Charles Burton Borough, Chetwynd Park, near Newport, Salop, 16 Aug 1866
D5369/43/5 Certificate of Edwin Heaton regarding lands belonging to John Charles Burton Borough, 18 Aug 1866
D5369/43/9 Letter Tucker & Lake, solicitors to J. C. B. Borough regarding Points in the Will of the latter, 15 Mar 1883
D5369/43/10 Letter Sarah Leech to J. C. B. Borough Esq. regarding Copy Award received from solicitors, 30 Jul 1867
D5369/43/11 Letter Edward Smith Bigg, Francis Thomas Bacham, and Nathaniel Charles Milne to J. C. B. Borough regarding the Sale of the Reconveyance and Title Deeds for the sum of £20,000, 31 Aug 1867
D5369/43/14 Examined Copy Marriage Settlement Thomas Borrow Esq. to Miss Jane Smithson, 24 Apr 1798
D5369/2/24/15 Abstract of Title of Thomas Borrow Esq., 10 Jun 1706 - 24 Oct 1792
D5369/43/16 Observations on Title The Vicar of Lilleshall to The Trustees of the Will of the late Thomas Borough Esq., 29 Mar 1849
D5369/43/17 Schedule of Deeds and Muniments of title relating to Various Properties in the Counties of Salop and Derby purchased by the Trustees of the Will of the late Thomas Borough Esq. deceased and which are now with with L.H. Harris, their solicitor in the trust affairs regarding messuage and premises at Edgmond, Salop, 9 Jul 1856
D5369/43/22 Death Certificate Jane Borough, Newport, Salop, 9 Feb 1853
D5369/43/23 Copy Will and Codicil of Mrs. Jane Borough, Will dated 3 Oct 1848, Codicil dated 3 Oct 1848, 1853
D5369/43/27 Schedule of miscellaneous papers, vouchers etc., in relation to the estate of the late Jane Borough, 14 Jun 1838 - 3 Jul 1861

[no title]  D5369/43/28  [mid 19th century]

Valuation of the Pictures at Chetwynd Park for insurance paper

[no title]  D5369/43/29  1869

Bill of Costs Mr. Talbott to Messrs Fischer and Hodges regarding Conference upon a desired Memorial from Inhabitant householders of Chetwynd to the Bishop to Remove Mr. Young Drawing and Engrossing same, 1 Aug

[no title]  D5369/43/30-45  1867-1887

Papers regarding the Churches on the Chetwynd Park Estate, Salop
D5369/43/30-32 Posters etc. regarding St. Michael's Church, Chetwynd, Salop, 6 Jul 1867 - 4 Jan 1887
D5369/43/34-38 Contributions to the different Churches and Schools on the Chetwynd Park Estate, Jan 1887
D5369/43/39-42 Four Copies of 'The Gospeller' Parish Magazine, Mar - Jun 1872, Printed
D5369/43/43 Sambrook National School Satement of Funds for 1868, Printed
D5369/43/44 Report of SS. Michael and All Angels, Chetwynd, National Schools, for the year ending Easter 1871, Printed
D5369/43/45 'Correspondence between the Churchwardens of Chetwynd and the Rev. F. C. Young on the Subject of the Chancel, 13 Jul - 30 Nov 1867
Printed documents and Manuscript

[no title]  D5369/43/46-68  1864-1869

Collection of Assorted Correspondence, Aug 1864 - 20 Apr 1869
- Particulars & Annual Value of the Rectory of Chetwynd, Salop in the Patronage of J. C. B. Borough Esq., Aug 1864
- Written Details of Chetwynd Vicarage, no date
- Letter H. Fischer to J. Borough(?) regarding Mr. Young's Accusations and Chetwynd Church, no date
- Letter J. C. Young to J. Borough(?) enquiring as to Mr. Bailey's reason for wishing to leave Chadwell, 1 Mar 1869
- Part letter Royal Music Saloon, Wolverhampton to Mr Henry regarding High Church Practices, no date
- Memorandum regarding apposing Mr. Pyott's(?) scheme of borrowing a large sum of money, no date
- Letter A. Day, London and Provincial Law Assurance Society regarding deferred Annuity payable to A.B(?), 20 Apr 1869

Hanson Grange, Derbyshire & Staffordshire  D5369/44  1660-1722

[no title]  D5369/44/1  1660

Copy final concord for property in Thorpe and Hanson Grange, Alstonfield (Staffordshire) (Boothby-Goodyeare/Clarke)
(Formerly DL45/10110)

[no title]  D5369/44/2  1721/2

Lease for 21 years of the mansion house at Hanson, a moiety of a water corn mill on the River Dove, 3 messuages and various enclosures in Hanson alias Hanson Grange (Derbyshire and Staffordshire), Isaac Borrow to William Storer, 12 Jan
(Formerly DL45/10202)

Musden Grange, Staffordshire  D5369/45  1654-1815

[no title]  D5369/45/1-47  [1654]-1862

Title deeds regarding Musden Grange Estate at Musden, Staffordshire, [1654] - 1 Oct 1862 (Barlow - Willmot - Hawford/ Hope -Granger - Smith - Pierson-Borrow/ Osbourne/ Coke - Goodwin - Gregg/ Richardson - Crompton - Smith - Lawrence - Bateman - Bromley - Borrow)
D5369/45/1 Abstract of Barlow's title to Musden (Staffordshire) since sold to Osborne (1654-1708)
D5369/54/2 Will of Robert Willimott of Chadsden including Musden Grange (equally to 5 daughters of his sister Mrs Roby), property in Pinxton, Derby and Denby and in Selson (Nottinghamshire) to 3 sons of Mrs Roby 2 Dec 1671
D5369/45/21 Extract of court case about property in ?Guilebridge (Surrey) (Cosens v Tempest) 1696 (formerly DL45/10343)
D5369/45/31 Letter Barwell to Alt about title challenge by Baresby 18 Feb 1728/9 (formerly DL45/10343)
D5369/45/32 Schedule of title deeds of John Tempest Borrow for Musden Grange, reciting deeds 1671-1708, 1748 (formerly DL45/10061)
D5369/45/38 Copy Will of William Leaper Smith of Derby, 11 Nov 1803 (formerly DL45/10343)
D5369/45/41 Abstract of title of Sir Hugh Bateman to Musden Grange, Staffordshire (1709-1810) (sold to ?John Russell), 1812 (formerly DL45/10331)
D5369/45/47 Bills of Costs regarding building work at Musden Grange, 1833-1835
D5369/45/48 List of deeds and papers sent to J. C. B. Borough, 1 Oct 1862
(Formerly DL45 numbers 10060, 10113, 10542, 10304-13, 10295-99, 10102, 10509, 10513, 10516, 10537, 10300-01, 10057, 10514, 10061, 10088, 10329-30, 10343, 10317, 10321, 10331, 10645, 10644)

Meadow in Thurleston, Ambaston and Alvaston  D5369/46  1620

[no title]  D5369/46/1  [1620]

Final concord of two acres of meadow in Thurleston, Ambaston and Alvaston, Thomas Allestre and Henry Gregson (plaintiffs) v John Richardson and his wife (deforciants)
Dated in 15 days of Easter, 18 James [circa 30 Apr 1620]
(Formerly DL45/10156)

Properties and Lands in Lea, Bradbourne, Parwich, Hognaston, Brassington, Kniveton, Offcote, Underwood, Bentley, and Hartington  D5369/47  1629

[no title]  D5369/47/1  1629

Letters patent confirming agreements relating to 8 messuages, 3 cottages, 2 mills, 10 gardens, and lands totalling c1290 acres in Lea, Bradbourne, Parwich, Hognaston, Brassington, Kniveton, Offcote, Underwood, Bentley, and Hartington, involving Humfry Ferrers and Richard Evans (1622-1629), 28 Nov

Manor of Steventon, Berkshire  D5369/48  1691

[no title]  D5369/48/1  1691

Marriage Settlement Edmund Wiseman to Mary Spencer (William Wright of the 3rd part) regarding the Manor of Steventon, Berks, 2 Nov
(Formerly DL45/10477)

Bristol  D5369/49  1696

[no title]  D5369/49/1  1696

Probated will of Sir Thomas Earle of the City of Bristol, proved in Canterbury on 15 Jul 1696
(Formerly DL45/10213)

Cambridgeshire  D5369/50  1670

[no title]  D5369/50/1  1670

Cancelled covenant relating to premises in Papworth Everard (Cambridgeshire), 1 Dec 1670
Covenant by Ambrose Phyllips to procure an assignment of the lease of a farm in Papworth to Nicholas Pedley (purchaser of the manor of Papworth from Phyllips)
(Formerly DL45/10238)

Herefordshire  D5369/51  1702

[no title]  D5369/51/1  1702

Marriage Settlement Gyles Earl of Bralbrook to Elizabeth Lowther, administrator of William Lowther, 20 May
(Formerly DL45/10511)

Culceth, Lancashire  D5369/52  1824

[no title]  D5369/52/1-3  1824

Lease and release and assignment of term for property including com mill in Culceth (Lancashire) (Trafford-Barker) 23-24 Jun
(Formerly DL45/9131-32)

Axholme, Lincolnshire & Rowley, Surrey  D5369/53  1650

[no title]  D5369/53/1  1649/50

Articles of agreement to provide annuities arising from property in Haxey in island of Axholme (Lincolnshire) and manor of Roxley (Surrey) (Fletewood-Brocas) 21 Feb
(Formerly DL45/10080)

Leicestershire  D5369/54  1839-1841

[no title]  D5369/54/1-7  1839-1841

Title deeds and related papers regarding Gamble's Close between Kegworth and Lockington sold by Mr. Burton, Apr 1839 - Apr 1841

Lincoln  D5369/55  1752

[no title]  D5369/55/1  1752

Sale of moiety of property including maltkiln in Lincoln St Martin (Harvey-Garmston) 28 Feb
(Formerly DL45/9135)

Middlesex  D5369/56  1667-1710

[no title]  D5369/56/1  1710

Mortgage for £3000 on properties in Hampstead, Kentish Town, Marybone, Hendon, and Finchley, (Borrow-Turgis) 17 Jul
(Formerly DL45/10107)

[no title]  D5369/56/2  1668

Lease for 30 years of property in Eagle Street, St James', Westminster (Rickards-Phillipps) 1 Dec
(Formerly DL45/10070)

[no title]  D5369/56/3-4  1666/7-1675

2 items

Assignments of leases for 21 years of property in Highgate (Hoyegate) (Herne- Gunston - Rickards) 21 Feb 1666 - 1675
(Formerly DL45/10082-83)

Nottinghamshire  D5369/57  1695-1707

[no title]  D5369/57/1  1695

Copy bargain and sale from Joseph Garton to Peter Hemsley, of an oxgang and a half of land in Broughton Sulney, Nottinghamshire, including terrier, in consideration of £159, 10 Jul 7 William III [1695] copied 1730
(Formerly DL45/10412)

[no title]  D5369/57/2  1707

Copy conveyance from Thomas Bullivant to Peter Hemsley, of a messuage, closes, lays of grass ground in the Mill Close and a piece of meadow containing 7 acres in the Woulds in Broughton Sulney, Nottinghamshire, in consideration of £275, 8 Dec 1707
(Formerly DL45/10414)

[no title]  D5369/57/3  no date

List of fields owned by John White in Broughton Sulney
(Formerly DL45/10624)

Shropshire  D5369/58  1839-1855

[no title]  D5369/58/1-2  1839-1855

Title deeds regarding lands in Sambrook, Salop (Palmer - Borough)
1839 - 17 May 1855
D5369/58/1 Abstract of title of the late
Thomas Borough, reciting deeds from 1831, 1839

Staffordshire  D5369/59  1629-1770

[no title]  D5369/59/1  1770

Transfer of mortgage by Rachael and William Fitzherbert to John Philips of a messuage in Cheadle (Staffordshire) called Majors Barne Farm, owned by George Challoner in trust for John
Hyatt, 2 Jan
(Formerly DL45/10635)

[no title]  D5369/59/2  1733

Release [lease missing] of a farm and lands in Dilhorne (Staffordshire) called the Stone House, Isaac Borrow to John Heath, 11 Apr 1733
In confirmation of a conveyance dated 14 Oct 1700 after discovery of a mistake in drafting. Recites mortgage of the farm from Wood to Borrow on 1 Sep 1687
(Formerly DL45/10182)

[no title]  D5369/59/3  1629

Lease for 99 years of property in Fossebrooke (Staffordshire) (Egerton-Whytchaugh) 11 Nov
(Formerly DL45/10052)

Yorkshire  D5369/60  1776-1866

[no title]  D5369/60/1-10  1776-1784

Quitclaims following Adminstration of the Will of William Roberts, Dantzig, regarding property in Yorkshire, 18 Jun 1776 - 13 Feb 1784

[no title]  D5369/60/11  1866

Expenses of North & Sons relating to the Hunslet Estate
(Formerly DL45 Box 9 Number 8)

West Wales  D5369/61  1696

[no title]  D5369/61/1  1696/7

Copy Marriage Settlement Charles Bludwork to Sam Somerford, guardian top Margaret Brett, daughter to Richard Brett of Richmond, Surrey regarding estate of inheritance in the counties of Carmarthen and Pembroke, 9 Jan
(Formerly DL45/10496)

Miscellaneous  D5369/62  1701-1836

[no title]  D5369/62/1  1701-circa 1740

Book of accounts of the debts owed by Thomas Harris and John Richmond to Sir William Rawlinson (1701) with a list of acts relating to trade and business (circa 1731-circa 1740)
(Formerly DL45/Box17/1)

[no title]  D5369/62/2  no date
Language:  Latin

Legal precedent book
[Contains transcripts of pleas and deeds.
Mainly in Latin
It gives examples of legal formulae.
Also includes a list of Latin abbreviations of legal terms and a table of public acts in English.]
(Formerly DL45/Box12/4)

[no title]  D5369/62/3  1733-1742

General ledger of a cloth-merchant's business Mentions trade in goatswool, mohair, cotton wool and silk from the Middle East and Europe.
Nominal ledger mostly arranged by transactions with Henry, John and Thomas March [B, C and D accounts], and with William and Samuel Phillipps, and by ship; also includes profit/loss and expense accounts, Jul 1733-Jan 1742
[Includes loose sheets from another similar ledger [A, B and C accounts],] Sep 1733-Dec 1738

[no title]  D5369/62/4  1780-1822

Household account book for sundries such as food, candles, coals etc
(Formerly DL45/Box11/5)

[no title]  D5369/62/5  18th/19th century

Manuscript catalogue of books in a library
(Formerly DL45/Box18/1)

[no title]  D5369/62/6  1810

Letter Mr. William Jones, Curate to Francis Mantle Bluemartin, College of Arms, London regarding Monumental Inscriptions of Sir David & Lady Watkins, Chalfont St. Giles, 3 Feb

[no title]  D5369/62/7-8  1818-1836

Papers regarding George Goodwin, 11 Jun 1818 - 4 Aug 1836
D5369/62/7 Mr. & Mrs. Brittlebank to George Goodwin to advance £5000 on security of the bond of Mr. Brittlebank, 11 Jun 1818
D5369/62/8 Copy Case and Opinion regarding George Goodwin bequeathing £10,000 to his wife, 4 Aug 1836

[no title]  D5369/62/9  1836

Journal of a voyage to Norway
(Formerly DL45/Box13)

[no title]  D5369/62/10-29  1664-1777

Papers regarding the Hulland Ward Enclosure Act, Sep 1664 - Jan 1777

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