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Reference GB 0026 D302
Covering dates 13th cent. - 1963
Held by Derbyshire Record Office
Extent 12 series
Source of acquisition These documents were transferred from the County Library to the Record Office in 1962.
Arrangement Papers of John Hunter of Belper D302Z/O
Charities: D302Z/F
Charity Organisation Society
Invalid Children's Aid Association
Family Welfare Association
Napoleonic War: D302Z/W
Accounts for prisoners at Ashbourne
Title deeds, Snelston, Tideswell, Mickleover D302Z/T
Newspapers, 17th & 18th Cent D302Z/Z1-20
Willington mill deed, 13th cent D302Z/Z21-22
Artefacts at Kedleston Hall, photographs, 20th cent D302Z/23-25
Corresp. of Llewellynn Jewitt with views of Derbyshire, later 19th cent D302Z/26
Local Govt. Commission Corresp. D302Z/Z27
Corresp. of Margaret Howitt D302Z/Z28-34
Buxton and Castleton ephemera D302Z/Z35-47
Sale catalogues, 19th - 20th cent D302Z/ES

Miscellaneous papers, including documents relating to Belper Urban District Council, c.1890s-1930s, belonging to John Hunter, JP, member of Belper UDC. Also includes a large number of sale catalogues and deeds for properties in Derbyshire, 13th-20th cent.

Papers of John Hunter of Belper, J.P., member of Urban District Council  [no ref. or date]

Creator(s): Hunter, John, fl 1906-1937, of Belper

[no title]  D302 Z/O 1  1893-1905

Bound volume of Belper U.D.C. printed minutes, reports, chiefly relating to water, sewage and public health

[no title]  D302 Z/O 2  1905-1935

Reports of Belper Medical Officer of Health 1905, 1907, 1909 - 1912, 1917, 1918, 1925 - 1933, 1935 with scavenging contract, 1906

[no title]  D302 Z/O 3  1906-1913

incomplete, printed.

Minutes: Belper Joint Hospital Board

[no title]  D302 Z/O 4  1906-1937

John Hunter, Belper Summary of Observations of Rainfall and Temperature 1877 - 1926, and report on gaugings at summit of Elliott Hill 1906. Act for supplying Belper with water, 1860; copy correspondence re contracts 1895; photograph of George Herbert Strutt, donor of new Belper waterworks in 1901; 2 histories of Belper water supply; reservoir flow sheets 1919 - 1925; reports on pumping plant 1925 and 1937; 2 photographs of well sinking, 1895. 2 sheets of plan of Derwent valley from Belper to Allestree and coloured areas ? water distribution?, 20th cent

[no title]  D302 Z/O 5  1907-1926

Papers relating to foundation of Derbyshire Municipal, Urban and Rural District Councils' Association 1907 - 1908, and copies of rules, reports, conference papers and correspondence 1908 - 1926.

[no title]  D302 Z/O 6  1863

Belper Union, Valuation list for Wirksworth

[no title]  D302 Z/O 7  1910

Circular letter from Clerk of County Council to Boards of Guardians on County Rates

[no title]  D302 Z/O 8  1913-1929

Miscellaneous papers:
U.D.C. election leaflets 1913
Lord Lieutenant's circular letter on defence 1914
Papers relating to presentations to Bombardier C F Stone, VC, MM, and L/Corporal Meakin, MM 1918
Thanksgiving service poster and order for procession 1918
U.D.C. election leaflets 1919
Thanksgiving service, councillor's notice 1919
Belper Byelaws with index 1925
Papers relating to Coal Fields 1929
Distress Fund Ilkeston Local Committee

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 1  1821 - 1842

Belper Bible Association Committee

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 2  1843 - 1875

Belper Bible Association Committee

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 3  1821 - 1848

Belper Bible Association Committee
Annual reports

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 4-5  1871-1903

Belper National School managers minutes; (Book 2) with administrative papers Milford Mill School Summary of correspondence, returns ands accounts, staff register

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 6  ?c. 1900

Photograph album for Bridgehill House, Belper, demolished c. 1930 - 1939

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 7  1875-1878

Annual reports of Belper Subscription Reading Room

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 8  1877

Three letters of J Charles Cox concerning own publication [Three Centuries of Derbyshire Annals] All Saints churchwardens accounts and antiquarian gossip

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 9  1880-1881

Committee and subscription list for ? Belper Art Class

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 10  1882

Programme for opening Belper Public Hall

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 11  1898

Political squib "Our Idol", a Christmas pantomime for Beaurepaere

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 12  1906

Handbook of Primitive Methodist Sheffield District Synod to be held in Field Head Church, Belper and 2 letters

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 13  1908

Handbill to commemorate 40 years ministry in Belper Congregational Church

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 14  1910

Programme for opening of new Baths

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 15  1915

Report of Belper Committee for helping Belgian refugees

[no title]  D302 Z/O Z 16  early 20c

Photograph of Belper at junction of roads to Ashbourne and Matlock

Charities  [no ref. or date]

Charity Organisation Society  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/F 1  1879 - 1892

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 2  1911 - 1913

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 3  1913 - 1916

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 4  1916 - 1918

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 5  1918 - 1928

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 6  1930 - 1934

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 7  1934 - 1938

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 8  1938 - 1941

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 9  1941 - 1945

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 10  1908 - 1911

Draft minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 11  1911 - 1914

Draft minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 12  1880-1881

Case record

Invalid Children's Aid Association  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/F 13  1914 - 1923

Minute books
With loose photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/F 14  1923 - 1932

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 15  1932 - 1937

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 16  1937 - 1946

Minute books

[no title]  D302 Z/F 17  20th cent

Application and decision book

Family Welfare Association  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/F 18  1945-1949

Committee minute book

Napoleonic War  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/W 1  1812

Related information: (Note: the other half of this correspondence is in the Public Record Office in the Admiralty Medical Department records ADM. 98/206 - 210)

Letters and reports and accounts of John Langford agent for the care of Parole Prisoners at Ashbourne

Title deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/T 1-2  1656-1679

Joynt Hoult close in Snelston mortgaged for £100 by John Tonicliffe of Snelston tanner to Johan Allen of Compton, widow, 1656; leased prior to bargain and sale together with other lands in Snelston and Norbury by John Tonycliffe of Snelston yeoman to William Froste of the Lee, Norbury 1679

[no title]  D302 Z/T 3  1669

Settlement by John Spencer of Mickleover of tenement in Mickleover with lands in town fields on trustees in consideration of marriage with Margery Heawood

[no title]  D302 Z/T 4  1703

Lease for 21 years by John Richardson of Newton p. Blackwell to Edward Haslam of Shirland Park Mill, Shirland, miller, of 2 closes in Blackwell Nether Pasture, £10 yearly rent

[no title]  D302 Z/T 5-6  1704

Lease and release by William Share of Tideswell, shoemaker, and wife Elizabeth, and William Holme of Tideswell, shoemaker, to Ralph Woodruffe of Tideswell, currier, of named closes in Tideswell, £36

[no title]  D302 Z/T 7  1722

Lease for 21 years by Rowland Eyre of Hassop to Samuel Alsop of Wormhill of farm in Wormhill £16 fine. £3 17s. 4d. yearly rent

[no title]  D302 Z/T 8  1754

Declaration by Mathew Smith, son and heir of Henry Smith late of Loscoe, and wife Elizabeth of uses of fine levied by Joseph Beeson of Wild Park, husbandman, of chief rents (listed) in Heanor, to uses of Matthew

[no title]  D302 Z/T 9  1806

Deed of covenant from Lord Scarsdale and son Nathaniel to Revd. John Ward of Mickleover to produce deeds of Bakehaye close, Mickleover

Newspapers  [no ref.]  1658-1800

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 1  1658

The Public Intelligencer (141) 30 Aug - 6 Sept

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 2  1658

[The Public Intelligencer] covering death of Lord Protector Sept 3 - 4

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 3  1660

[? The Parliamentary Intelligencer] covering 10 - 16 May

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 4  1660

The Parliamentary Intelligencer 11 - 18 June

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 5  1660

Mercurius Publicus 25 Oct - 1 Nov

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 6  1661

The Kingdoms Intelligencer 22 - 29 April

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 7  1663/4

The Newes 4 Feb

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 8-11  1679 - 1684

The London Gazette
(1493) 8 - 11 March 1679
(1782) 14 - 18 Dec 1682
(1789) 8 - 11 Jan 1682/3
(1900) 31 Jan - 4 Feb 1683/4

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 12  1694

Ms News Letter 10 April

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 13  1695

The Post Boy (59) 21 - 24 Sept

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 14  [1695]

The Flying Post (66) 15 - 17 Oct

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 15  1696

The Post Boy (258) 29 - 31 Dec

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 16  1703

The Post Man (1213) 27 - 30 Nov

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 17  1706

The Post Man (1705) 28 - 30 Nov

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 18  [18th cent.]

Smiths Currant Intelligence (12) 20 - 23 March

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 19  1784

General Evening Post 27 - 30 March

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 20  1800

Evening Mail 25 27 June
Z 10 -13, 15 addressed to Mrs Pole at Radbourne near Derby, with ms stop press

Willington Mill deed  [no ref.]  13th cent

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 21-22  Original: 13th cent

Photograph and translation of grant by Reginald Prior of Rapenden [Repton] to Petronilla widow of Robert Rerabraz of Wylinton [Willington] of right to grind corn in mill at Wylinton, reserving precedence for Prior and successors, Nicholas Lord of Wylinton, and Richard de Holecrumb and their heirs.
Witnesses: Nicholas de Wylinton, John de Staphenhill, Richard de Hartshorne, Ralph de Tykenhill [Ticknall] Richard de Eginton [Egginton] Nicholas de Findern, Richard de Holecrumb and others [? mid 13 c.] Photograph of seal obverse

Artefacts at Kedleston Hall  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 23-25  mid 20th cent

Photographs of pewter, invoices and jewelled robe at Kedleston Hall

Corresp. of Llewellynn Jewitt & Views of Derbyshire  [no ref. or date]

Creator(s): Jewitt, Llewellynn, fl 1851-1863, antiquarian

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 26  1851-1863

Folder with views of Derbyshire, preceded by letters from Llewellynn Jewitt to A J Dunkin 1851 - 1863 and antiquarian notes by Jewitt: Views-
View of the Peak [Castle] in Derbys. 1797 (2)
Peveril's Castle ? 1797
N W View of Castleton Castle of the Devil's Arse in the Peak 1727
Peacock Inn, Rowsley, near Bakewell
Mr Kay's boarding school, Bakewell
Celtic Cross in Bakewell Churchyard, S.W. & N. E. views
Lea Hurst, the house of Florence Nightingale - 3 views
Entrance to the Mine of Odin, an ancient leadmine in Derby
Asylum for deserving poor, Shirley.
Walker's Hotel, Matlock Bath.
Museum Parade, Matlock
[Map] Intaglios, of Derbys. gens.
Church of St John Baptist, Chelmorton
Chatsworth House - 3 views c.1790
Queen Mary's Bower, Chatsworth.
Banqueting Hall, Haddon c. 1790
Haddon Hall, Derbys c. 1790
Village of Eyam, Derbys.
Ancient Cross, Eyam Churchyard
Chatsworth, Derbys., Seat of Duke of Devonshire
Visit of Queen Victoria and Prince Consort to Chatsworth
Illustration of Duke of Devonshire's House, and Queen Victoria at fetes 1843
Sir Joseph Paxton's House, Chatsworth 1853
Emperor fountain Chatsworth 1850
Day at Butterley works - illus. 1844
S. doorway, Hognaston Church 1849
Thomas Moore's cottage, Mansfield
Royal Hotel, Derby 1838 view of Derby
Town Hall, Derby c. 1834
Interior of Haddon Hall 1834 (2)
View of Haddon Hall
Stairway at Haddon 1842 (2)
Bolsover Castle - 2 views
Ashbourne Church 1792
View in grounds of Ashbourne Hall [Mr Briggs?]
Beauchief Priory
Plan of Derby (c. 1830)
Prospect of Matlock Bath from Lover's Walk c. 1790
Matlock High Tor c. 1790
Hardwick Hall 1845
Tupton Hall
House at Youlgreave
Interior of Peak Cavern c. 1830
Glossop Hall 1852
Dovedale c. 1830
Royal Hotel, Derby c. 1828
[Izaak Walton's] Fishing Lodge, Beresford Dale c. 1840
Ilam Church 1848
Dovedale (coloured)
River Wye in Monsal Dale

Local Govt Commission Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 27  1891


Letter from secretary to Local Government Act Commission to the Clerk of the Derbyshire County Council and to the Town Clerk of Derby concerning financial adjustment

Correspondence of Margaret Howitt  [no ref. or date]

Creator(s): Howitt, Margaret, fl 1909

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 28-34  1909-1911

Letters from Margaret Howitt to John Severn of The Heanor Observer concerning the works of her parents, William and Mary Howitt including a photo of seaweed gathering in Jersey.

Buxton and Castleton ephemera  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/Z 35-47  early 20c

Buxton and Castleton ephemera including: tables of charges for thermal mineral baths; analysis of St Anne's Well water; details of Grand Circular Drive; Wilberforce Restaurant business card; details of Midland Railway circular tour of Derbyshire 1913 Advertisement for Peak and Speedwell Caverns, Castleton; Rules of Buxton
Free Library 1912

Sale Catalogues  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 1  1869

Overton Hall Estate (formerly property of Sir Joseph Banks), 1027 acres, mansion, farms, water corn mill and free public house in Ashover.
Auctioneer: William Anthony Bowler, 7 Whitehall Place, Westminster; includes illustration of Overton Hall and map.

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 2  1869

Edgehill house and estate, 26 acres., near Duffield.
Auctioneers Oliver and Newbold, Wardwick, Derby; with plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 3  1918

Holly Bush Farm and Mill Farm with lands in Hilton.
Auctioneers: John Wilkinson & Son, 4, St James' Street, Derby; with plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 4  1914

Sturston Estate with Hall, farms, and water corn mill, 707 acres near Ashbourne. Auctioneers: Cumberland, Brownson & Page, Millbank House, Ashbourne; with photographs, papers and outline plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 5  1918

Brookfield Farm, Mickleover, and Spring Farm, Findern. Auctioneers: T H Richardson and Linnell, Albert Street, Derby; with plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 6  1918

Kedleston estate at Litton 787 acres including farms and the Clergy House. Auctioneers: F H Richardson and Linnell; with plan

[no title or date]  D302 Z/ES 7

Number not used

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 8  1920

Bowbridge House, dairy farm, Mackworth near Derby, 52 acres. Auctioneers: John Wilkinson & Son, Market Head Chambers, Derby; with plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 9  1920

Longford Hall estate 2,270 acres including Hall, farms, Ostrich Inn, flour mill, post office, shop and village of Longford. Auctioneers Weatherall and Green, 22 Chancery Lane, London W C 2; with photographs, plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 10  1921

The Homestead, Kirk Langley; houses, yards and workshops in Derby. Auctioneers: John Wilkinson & Sons; with photograph

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 11  1921

Building land, farmhouses, bakery and cottages at Spondon, Ockbrook and Little Eaton. Auctioneers: John Wilkinson and Son; with plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 12  1932

Longford Hall estate, 1294 acres including farms Ostrich Inn and school house. Auctioneers: Grant Stevenson & Co Ltd 45 St James' Place, London SW1; with plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 13  1923

Gregory estate, Eyam View, with grouse moors, plantations and farms at Stanage and Bretton Clough, 510 acre. Auctioneers: Eadon and Lockwood, St James' Street, Sheffield. With photograph, plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 14  1923-1949

Harpur Crewe estate at Breadsall, including farms, houses and building land. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell, St James' Chambers, Derby; with plan
3 plans loose in portfolio 1923
2 plans of properties at Breadsall 1949 pasted in at back of catalogue.

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 15  1926

Ilam Hall estate, Dovedale, in Ilam and Blore with Swincoe, 1,140 acres including hall, Izaak Walton Hotel, farms woods, fishing. Auctioneers: Knight, Frank and Rutley, 20 Hanover Square, London W1 Ms note that estate withdrawn. With photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 16  1927

Contents of Willersley Castle, Matlock Bath (former Arkwright home). Auctioneers Knight Frank and Rutley. Illustrated catalogue. With photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 17  1930

Alderwasley Hall estate, 2,167 acres including hall, farms, woods, fishing etc Auctioneers Hampton and Sons, 20 St James' Square, London, S W 1; with photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 18  1931

Darley Abbey (Evans) estate. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 19  1931

Part of Kedleston Hall Estate in Turnditch, Hulland Ward, Ravensdale Park, Mugginton, Weston Underwood, Hazelwood, Windley, Duffield and Quarndon, 3,6000 acres including 2 inns, quarries, farms, etc. Auctioneers Richardson and Linnell. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 20  1931

Furnishings and books, Bridgehill House, Belper (Strutt Family) Auctioneers: John B Wood & Co 23 Berkley Square, London W 1

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 21  1933

Doveridge Hall estate in Doveridge and Uttoxeter, 212 acres including hall and woods. Auctioneers: W S Bagshaw & Sons, Uttoxeter, Ashbourne and Derby with plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 22  1937

Mickleover Manor estate, 1,050 acres including manor, dairy farms, woodlands, garage and petrol filling station. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell. With photograph, plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 23  1937

Culland Hall estate Brailsford 343 acres including manor house, dairy farms, plantations, snipe bog and trout fishing. Auctioneers: John German and Son, 23 Wardwick, Derby. With photographs, plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 24  1938

Lumb Grange estate, 412 acres including house and farms. Auctioneers: John German & Son and Allen and Farquahar 15 Irongate, Derby. With photographs, plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 25  1938

Ashleyhay estate - farms and agricultural land. Auctioneers: John Wilkinson & Fisher, Burghley House, Full Street, Derby. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 26  1938

Morley Manor estate, 352 acres including house, farms and woodland. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 27  1945

Furnishings of 40 Ashbourne Road, Derby. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell. (Note regulations for auctions with rationing and maximum price control).

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 28  1945

Furnishings of Tower House, Avenue Road, Duffield. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 29  1945

Furnishings of Thornbridge Hall, Ashford in the Water. Auctioneers: Eaton, Lockwood and Riddle, 2 St James' Street, Sheffield. With photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 30  1949

Residue of Harpur Crewe estate at Breadsall, 649 acres agricultural land. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 31  1950

Kniveton Wood Farm, 121 acres dairy farm. Auctioneers: W S Bagshaw & Sons. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 32  1950

Town End Farm, Kirk Langley, 26 acres. Auctioneers: W S Bagshaw & Sons.

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 33  1950

Hill Farm, Stanton, near Burton - on - Trent, dairy farm 40 acres. Auctioneers Arnold & Son, Burton - on - Trent

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 34  1951

Alstonfield estate, Harpur Crewe settled estates, N Staffordshire, 1, 296 acres dairy farms, trout fishing: Auctioneers W S Bagshaw & Sons. With plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 35  1951

Portion of Harpur Crewe N Staffordshire estate in Quarnford, Heathylee, Hollinssclough, Warslow and Elkstone, 9,357 acres including dairy and grazing farms, licensed inn etc. Auctioneers: Messrs W S Bagshaw & Sons. With plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 36  1952

Ogston estate in Higham and Shirland, Stretton and Brackenfield, 515 acres farms. Auctioneers: J Else, The Marl, Exchange Street, Derby. With photograph plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 37  1952

Etwall Lodge, 20 acres Auctioneers W S Bagshaw & Sons Vine House, Ashbourne. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 38  1953

Raenstor Close, Youlgreave. Auctioneers Marchant Brooks & Co., Rutland Chambers, Bakewell. With photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 39  1954

The Old Manor House, Wirksworth. Marchant Brooks & Co. with photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 40  1954

Buxton estate of the Chatsworth Settlement, in Hartington Upper Quarter, Burbage, Ladmanlow, Harpur Hill, Longnor, Quarnford, Kingsterndale, Fairfield, Ferniliee and Flagg, 3,500 acres including farms, hotel, Poole's Cavern, woodlands, fishing, etc. Auctioneers W H Robinson & Co., 79 Mosley Street, Manchester: with photographs, plans

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 41  1954

Furnishings of Hoar Cross Hall, Staffordshire. Auctioneers: John German & Son.

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 42  1955

Shop and office premises in St Peters Street and Babington Lane, Derby. Auctioneers: Allen and Farquahar. With photographs, plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 43  1957

Friesland Farm, Sandiacre, 56 acres. Auctioneers: J. Else, Exchange Buildings, Exchange Street, Derby

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 44  1958

Surplus furnishings of Morley Rectory. Auctioneers: J Else. With photographs

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 45  1958

Furnishings of Slaley House, 'Wirksworth' [Bonsall]. Auctioneers: Walker, Walton and Hanson, Byard Lane, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham.

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 46  1969

Building land, 22 acres Sunnyhill, Derby. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 47  1960

The Hardinge Arms, Kings Newton. Auctioneers: Richardson and Linnell.

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 48  1961

Vernons Oak, Sudbury, 156 acre farm. Auctioneers: John German & Son. With plan

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 49  1963

Loufinside Farm and Hill Top Farm, with grass land, Parwich, Derbyshire. Auctioneers: Auctioneers W S Bagshaw & Sons

[no title]  D302 Z/ES 50  [1930?]

Donnington Park, 1,700 acres including deer park and fishing. Auctioneers: John B Wood & Co., 6 Mount Street, London W I and John German & Son. With photographs

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