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Reference BPR 26
Covering dates 1614-1983
Held by Cumbria Record Office, Barrow
Extent 6 Sub fonds
Conditions of access Records are open for consultation, unless otherwise stated
Source of acquisition Records deposited by Rev RD Greenwood on 9 June and 7 October 1983 and by John Robinson and AK Walker on 25 October 1989
Creators Church of England, St Mary's Parish, Egton-cum-Newland, Cumbria

INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Registers of Baptisms and burials  BPR 26/I/1  [n.d.]

Register  BPR 26/I/1/1  1792-1812

Registers of Baptisms  BPR 26/I/2  [n.d.]

Register  BPR 26/I/2/1-2  1813-1940

1813-1841 1841-1940

Registers of marriages  BPR 26/I/3  [n.d.]

Register  BPR 26/I/3/1  1856-1966

Registers of Burials  BPR 26/I/4  [n.d.]

Register  BPR 26/I/4/1-2  1813-1917

1813-1866 1867-1917

Banns  BPR 26/I/5  [n.d.]

Banns  BPR 26/I/5/1-2  1856-1962

1856-1912 1913-1962

Confirmations  BPR 26/I/6  [n.d.]

None deposited

Services  BPR 26/I/7  [n.d.]

Register  BPR 26/I/7/1-6  1893-1983

1893-1900 missing 1916-1936
1936-1965 1965-1970 1970-1983

Church and Services  [no ref. or date]

Licence 22 August 1856  BPR 26/I/8  1856

To publish banns and celebrate marriages, reserving fees to the incumbent of Ulverston

Marriage Licences  BPR 26/I/9  1856-1865

17 Items

Mark Bains of Torver, bachelor, Margaret Clarke of Egton-cum-Newland, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/1  15 Dec. 1856

Jackson Kirkby of Penny Bridge, bachelor, Jane Garnett of Hill Park in Colton, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/2  26 Jan. 1857

Robert Phizackerley of Ulverston, widower, Margaret Wilson of Egton-cum-Newland, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/3  20 July 1857

George Jackson of Arrad Foot, bachelor, Mary Brown of Penny Bridge, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/4  23 April 1858

William Bell of Crosthwaite in Heversham, Westmorland, bachelor, Margaret Blades Robinson of Pennybridge, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/5  20 April 1859

Joseph Fleming of Greenodd, Pennybridge, widower, Jane Topham of Penny Bridge, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/6  24 May 1859

William Martindale of Witherslack Beetham, widower, Frances Robinson of Egton-cum-Newland, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/7  27 April 1860

Robert Philipson of Topping Raise, bachelor, Mary Ann Edmondson of Topping Raise in Egton-cum-Newland, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/8  9 Aug. 1860

Joseph Dodd of Ulverstone, bachelor, Dinah Phizacker of Newlands in Egton-cum-Newland, spinster (under age; married with consent of her father)  BPR 26/I/9/9  20 June 1861

Margaret Potter of Gawithfield, Penny Bridge, widow, William Williams Phillips of the Isle of Guernsey, widower  BPR 26/I/9/10  24 Aug. 1861

Robert Leak of Lowick, Ulverstone, bachelor, Mary Taylor of Penny Bridge, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/11  19 Nov. 1861

Myles Spedding of Greenodd, bachelor, Ann Taylor of Arrad Foot, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/12  29 Oct. 1861

William McLester of Greenodd, bachelor, Ann Thackeray of Penny Bridge, widow  BPR 26/I/9/13  7 Jan. 1862

James Hawkrigg of Sodhouse Farm, Egton-cum-Newland, Elizabeth Christopherson of Beckside, Egton-cum-Newland, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/14  23 Aug. 1862

William Kitchen of Ulverstone, bachelor, Elizabeth Proctor of Penny Bridge, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/15  18 Nov. 1862

William Taylor of Greenodd, bachelor, Sarah Kitchen of Greenodd, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/16  21 Nov. 1862

Robert Casson Robinson of Pennybridge, bachelor, Ailse Elizabeth Storey (?) of Cartmel, spinster  BPR 26/I/9/17  5 Feb. 1865

Letter from J Clark & Sons, Solicitors of Broughton, to Rev JL Broad of Egton Vicarage  BPR 26/I/10  1917

Asking for certified copies of marriage certificates of Joseph Procter and Sarah Shuttleworth, John Muckalt and Margaret Shuttleworth, James Christian and Mary Eleanor Shuttleworth, 16 May 1917

Certified entry of marriage of Edward Shuttleworth and Hannah Wilson 13 July 1811 at Ulverston  BPR 26/I/11  [1811]

Copied by JH Heywood, Rector of Ulverston 1913 possibly accompanied letter in BPR 26/I/10

Certificates of Registry of Death  BPR 26/I/12  1915-1916

Charlie Wilson Edwards  BPR 26/I/12/1  19 June 1915

6 months

Richard Ray  BPR 26/I/12/2  15 Jan. 1916

76 years

Margaret Ann Brogden  BPR 26/I/12/3  15 May 1916

40 years

Matthew Edward Armer  BPR 26/I/12/4  20 July 1916

42 years

John Taylor  BPR 26/I/12/5  24 July 1916

87 years

Sarah Braithwaite  BPR 26/I/12/6  28 July 1916

69 years

Thomas Tatham  BPR 26/I/12/7  31 July 1916

71 years

John Robinson  BPR 26/I/12/8  4 Sept. 1916

78 years

Notebook of graves giving name, age, place of burial  BPR 26/I/13  1804-1858

Index book to burial ground  BPR 26/I/14  1860-1927

Giving grave numbers and including a plan. 1866-1897, 1860-1927

Official Parochial Register of church services, organisation and finance  BPR 26/I/15  1893-1899

Includes a log book of events

Tithe and endowment  [no ref. or date]

Copy of award of rent charge in lieu of tithe, 11 November 1847  BPR 26/I/16  1847

Terriers  BPR 26/I/17  1869-1880

Terrier  BPR 26/I/17/1  1869

Terrier  BPR 26/I/17/2  1878

Terrier  BPR 26/I/17/3  1880

Parsonage house  BPR 26/I/18  [n.d.]

File of letters re appointment of Gilbert Proctor to living of Egton-cum-Newland 1855 and subscription for parsonage house for him  BPR 26/I/18/1  1855

Specification  BPR 26/I/18/2  1856

March 1856 for work of erecting and finishing a new parsonage house at Penny Bridge, and Memorandum of Agreement to build parsonage house, for £525, 12 December 1856
1. John Strickland Thompson of Kendal, Co. Westmorland
2. Revd Gilbert Proctor, William Pittar, Thomas Roper, the Committee

Account book, parsonage building fund  BPR 26/I/18/3  1856-1857

Accounts and letters concerning the choice of site, the financing and the building of Penny Bridge parsonage house  BPR 26/I/18/4  1856

8 docs

Including Quotation for work, 21 May 1856 by James Wearing

Bundle of papers, vouchers and receipts re building of parsonage house, 1856-1858  BPR 26/I/18/5  1856-1858

- Subscriptions to new graveyard
- List of persons written to for subscription to parsonage
- Parsonage accounts
- Draft answers to the queries re purchase of lands for the augmenting of Poor Cures etc

Letter to incumbent from secretary of a charity in Taunton, Co. Somerset  BPR 26/I/19  1855

Concerning the possibility of obtaining Queen Anne's Bounty augmentation for Egton-cum-Newland, 1 October 1855

Letter, to incumbent from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners  BPR 26/I/20  1876

Concerning the gift of payments made at Bishops' visitations, 13 July 1876

Typescript re Endowments, bequests and charities of Egton-cum-Newland, 1900  BPR 26/I/21  1900

- Table of endowment of charity, dividends on stock
- Roger Sawrey's bequest by feoffment of 30 January 1718, rent of land to be used to buy Bibles for poor
- Henry Lindow's charity; will of 7 April 1735, much of estate in trust, interest for education of poor children at school
- Donor unknown 1782, money distributed at Easter amongst poor not receiving relief
- re Penny Bridge national school 1838-c1893
- Endowment for incumbent of Penny Bridge Chapel, will of Isabel Machell, 12 July 1861

Receipt from the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty for half-yearly payments to the incumbent, 5 October 1922  BPR 26/I/22  1922

Statement of annual amounts payable by ecclesiastical commissioners  BPR 26/I/23  1939

Personal and Miscellaneous  [no ref.]  1855

File of letters re appointment of Gilbert Proctor to living 1855, and subscriptions for parsonage house

Letter to Rev Gilbert Proctor from Richard Roper concerning the chapel register, 10 October 1855  BPR 26/I/24  1855

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Offertory Books  BPR 26/C/1  [n.d.]

Offertory book  BPR 26/C/1/1  1791-1848

Offertory book  BPR 26/C/1/2  1849-1878

Including Vestry Minutes, 1848-1869

Receipts  BPR 26/C/2  1851, 1855

3 docs

Faculty, 7 March 1864  BPR 26/C/3  1864

To rebuild nave, take down tower and erect belfry, enlarge chapel, move pulpit and reading desk to either side of chancel arch, move vestry to North side, add heating by hot water, and re-pew

Churchwardens' accounts  BPR 26/C/4  1791-1944

Accounts  BPR 26/C/4/1-5  1791-1944

1791-1894 1906-1917 1917-1927 1927-1933 1934-1944

Sick and Poor Account book  BPR 26/C/5  1893-1962


Source of acquisition: P.C.C. minute books deposited by Mr AK Walker and Mr JA Robinson, Churchwardens, on 23 January 1990

Parochial Church Council Minute books  BPR 26/P/1  1921-1970

P.C.C. minute book  BPR 26/P/1/1  1921-1930

P.C.C. minute book  BPR 26/P/1/2  1930-1949

P.C.C. minute book  BPR 26/P/1/3  1949-1956

P.C.C. minute book  BPR 26/P/1/4  1956-1970


Vestry Accounts  BPR 26/O/1  [n.d.]

Township Account Book  BPR 26/O/1/1  1732-1812

- With Conveyance, 1614, as cover
To all Christian People to whome this presente wryteinge shall come Richard Rawlinson of Totlebancke in fforenesfells within the Countie of Lancaster Husbandman Sendeth greetinge in our Lorde God Everlastinge. Whereas William Rawlinson / Father late of Totlebancke afforesaid
Deceased by his Deed in wryteinge under his hande and seale bearing date the Eleventh daie of Aprill in the XVth yeare of the Raigne of our Late Soveraigne Ladye of famous memorie Queen Elizabeth / In consideration of the some of Twentie poundes of Lawfull English money to him well and trewlie paid by Richarde Penny of the ould forde of Crake in fforenes in the Countie afforesaid husbandman, And also for dyvers other good? / and considerations him then thereunto moveinge, Did gyve graunte bargaine and sell unto the said Richard Penny all such Estate tenanderighte by the claime and demaunde which hee the said William Rawlinson then hadd or by / meanes thereafter mighte or oughte to have, of in or unto all that Close or Clausure of grounde mead wooddes and wayste with thappurtenances Lyeinge and adioyeninge to the Water of Crake in fforenesfells afforesaid commonly called / And knowen by the name of Crake mosse then in the tenure and occupacion of the said Richard Pennye his heirs or assignes, late being a parte and parcell of the said William Rawlinson his said tenante at Tottlebancke aforesaid. To Have and / to hold the said Close or Clausure of grounde, meadowe, mosse, wooddes and wayste with theappurtenances and all profitts wayes Easements and advauntages thereunto appurteyninge or belongeinge, to the said Richarde Penny his heirs and assignes from / off the Daite hereof for Ever, accordinge to thauncyant Custome in fforenesfelles used, Commonly called tenaunderight which? said Deed amongest other things thereinge conteyned more at large appeareth. Nowe knowe yee that he the said Richard / Rawlinson Aswell for and in consideration of the said some of Twentie poundes of Lawfull English money paid to him by the said Richarde Penny as ys afforesaid, as also for and in consideration of ye some of ffyve poundes of lawfull English money / to him the said Richard Rawlinson at thensealing and Deliverie hereof well and trewlye contented and paid by William Penny of the olde forde of Crake afforesaid husbandeman sonne of the said Richarde Penny the receipt whereof hee the said Richarde Rawlinson doth acknowledge / and thereof and of Everie parte thereof doeth clearelye acquite exonerat and Discharge the said William Penny his heirs Executors administrators and Every of theme for ever by these presentes Hath Remysed Released and Quite Claimed and by these presentes for hymself his heirs and / assignes doth remitt Release and quite Claime unto the said William Penny in his peaceable possession, all such Estate, Interest, Right? Title, tenauntrighte Claime and Demande whatsoever the which hee the said Richarde Rawlinson hath maie or oughte to have in? / the said Close and Clausure of grounde meadowe mosse wooddes wayes wayste and premysses with thappurtenances To have and to hold the said Close and Clawsure of grounde meadowe mosse wooddes wayes wayste and premysses with thappurtenances and the tenaunderight? / the same unto him the said William Penny his heirs and assignes for ever, accordeinge to the Custome of tenaunderight used and allowede within the manor or Lordshyppe of fforensefelles afforesaid
Yealdeinge and paieinge for the same unto the Lordes thereof for the tyme being / the rente services and dueties due and accustomed for the same. And the said Richard Rawlinson doth covenaunte and graunte for himself? his heirs, executors administrators and assignes and everie of theme to and with the said William Pennye his heirs and assignes and every / of theme by these presents that hee the said William Penny his heirs and assignes shall and maye ffrome tyme to tyme and att all tymes peacably and quietly have hold occupie and enioie the said close or cla sure of grounde and all other the premises with thappurtenances / and the tenanderighte of the same Accordinge to the said Custome and accordeinge to the trewe Intente and meaneinge hereof lett Trouble or Interuption(?) of him the said Richarde Rawlinson his heirs or assignes or anie of theme, and also that he the / said Richarde Rawlinson heretofore hath not done not hereafter shall or will doe or suffer to be done, anie acte or actes deedes thinge or thinges whatsoever which shall and maie or canne avoyde nihilat or frustrate this presente Deede or anie parte thereof / contrarie to the trewe intente and meaneing hereof. And the said Richarde Rawlinson doth ffurther covenaunte and graunte for himself his / heirs, executors and assignes to and in the said William Penny his heires and assignes by these presentes, that hee the said Richard Rawlinson his heirs and assignes upon the Reasonable Request of the said William Penny or his heirs shall and will at and in the next Courte of our Soveraigne Lorde the Kinge to be holden at Coulton in Forenesfelles aforesaide before the steward of the same courte make a / Lawfull surrender accordeinge to the Custome of the Manor afforesaid, of the said Closse and Clausure of ground with thappurtenances to and for the onely use and behooffee of the said William Penny his heirs and assignes for ever. In Witness / whereof the said Richarde Rawlinson hath to these presents sett his seale and hande signe the xxviiith Daye of Yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lorde James by the grace of God Kinge of Englande Scotlande Fraunce and Irelande / Defender of the Faith vizt. of Englande Fraunce and Irelande the xith and of Scotelande the Fourtieth sev (sic.)
Endorsed: sealed signed these presents in the
Tho. Rawlinson, William, Roberte Kendall, Alexander Downson, William Carter
- Including overseers' accounts, list of subscriptions to school for poor, 1765, Order re encroachment of common moss, 1782
Bundle of loose papers including
- Constable's account 1717
- Questionnaire to Constables re State of Division 1729, with 1726-1727 Constable's Account endorsed
- Poor Accounts 1727, 1729-1730, 1730
- Promise to execute bond for payment of rent on smithy erected by John Lindon on common pasture 1759
- Town term Bill 1772

Vestry Minute Book 1848-1869  BPR 26/O/1/2  1848-1869

Related information: See BPR 26/C/5/1/2

Overseers Accounts  BPR 26/O/2  [n.d.]

Overseers of the poor account  BPR 26/O/2/1  1824-1825

October 1824 - February 1825

Minutes  BPR 26/O/3  [n.d.]

Minute, 1 April 1854  BPR 26/O/3/1  1854

Defining division between townships of Lowick and Egton-cum-Newland, signed by representatives of each township - Stephen Stephenson, Lowick Green; William Benson, Vale Cottage; George Pearson, Lowick Green; Myles Towers, Woodgate; Thomas Gaskell, Keldray; Thomas Barrow, Newland; William Satterthwaite, Boustead Gates; James Wright, Green Hills; Richard Park, Stainton Gap; George Postlethwaite, Arradfoot

Minute, 25 January 1869  BPR 26/O/3/2  1869

2 docs

Of meeting resolving to set up a Committee to examine the working of a culvert under the Furness and Newby Bridge railway at Bar End, and to send a letter concerning the matter to the railway company

Agreement, 1736  BPR 26/O/4  1736

To regain possession of parish property at south end of Arrad near Arrad Foot between the tenants, owners and occupiers of Egton-cum-Newland, from Mathew Noble of Cragg near Arrad Foot, signed
John Cowpland, John Leece, Wm. Penny, Wm. Noble, Thomas Tyson, John Gowith, Wm. Burrow, John Cowpland, John Noble, James Lindon, John Lindon, Will Kendall, Lancelot Fearon, John Keandall, John Addison, John Towers, Robt Hull, Wm. Lindon, James Wilison, Tomas Karby

Letter, to Robert Park, Surveyor of the Highways, from the Clerk to the Parish board, concerning a clause in the Ulverston and Lancaster Railway Company Act, quoted, about the need to have a footpath, provided over the channel at Low Water adjoining the viaduct, 12 December 1863  BPR 26/O/5  1863

Apprenticeship Indentures  BPR 26/O/6  1758-1825

28 Items

James Postlethwaite, son of James Postlethwaite of Egdon-cum-Newland to Leonard Parker of Stable Harvy in Blawick, yeoman, as husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/1  23 Feb. 1758

Thomas Cahill, son of Thomas Cahill of Egdon-cum-Newland to John Jackson of Plumpton in Egdon-cum-Newland, yeoman, as husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/2  18 Jan. 1759

Copy of BPR 26/O/6/5/2  BPR 26/O/6/3  [n.d.]

John Cahill of Egdon-cum-Newland, aged 9, to Thomas Cocker of Egdon-cum-Newland, husbandman, as husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/4  9 June 1768

Agnes Kendall, otherwise Atkinson, of Egdon-cum-Newland, aged 11, to Richard Pullen of Plumpton, husbandman, as housewife  BPR 26/O/6/5  28 Feb. 1771

George Miller, aged 8, to John Bell of Woodend in Egdon-cum-Newland, yeoman, as husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/6  14 Jan. 1773

Elizabeth Cahill, aged 9, of Egdon-cum-Newland, to John Carter of Pennington, husbandman, as housewife  BPR 26/O/6/7  9 July 1778

John Maychell, aged 8, of Egdon-cum-Newland, to James Coward of Thwaites in Millom, miller, as miller and in husbandry  BPR 26/O/6/8  20 Apl. 1780

Abraham Clarke, aged 13, of Egdon-cum-Newland, to Daniel Holmes of Ulverston, weaver, as weaver  BPR 26/O/6/9  15 May 1783

William Wilkinson, aged 11, of Egdon-cum-Newland, to Thomas Warton of High, Egdon-cum-Newland, husbandman, as husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/10  26 Apl. 1792

John Dickinson, aged 12, to John Machell, Esq., of Penny Bridge, as husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/11  26 Apl. 1792

Joseph Taylor, aged 15, to Robert Walton of Cragg, husbandman and swiller, as husbandman and swillmaker  BPR 26/O/6/12  26 Apl. 1792

William Fraser of Egton-cum-Newland to Richard Roper of Backbarrow in Coulton  BPR 26/O/6/13  20 Apl. 1809

William Postlethwaite of Egton-cum-Newland to John Dawson of Haverthwaite, hooper  BPR 26/O/6/14  13 May 1809

Thomas Atkinson of Egton-cum-Newland to William Atkinson of Walney, Blacksmith  BPR 26/O/6/15  10 Aug. 1809

John Morris of Egton-cum-Newland to Henry Shaw of Ulverston, gentleman  BPR 26/O/6/16  24 Aug. 1809

Elijah Park of Egton-cum-Newland to Joseph Ormandy of Brissmire beck in Dalton  BPR 26/O/6/17  7 Feb. 1811

Matthew Tyson of Egton-cum-Newland, to William Hartley of Broughton-in-Furness, joiner  BPR 26/O/6/18  1 Apl. 1811

Gibson Wilson of Egton-with-Newland to Thomas Salmon the younger of Ulverston, shoemaker  BPR 26/O/6/19  25 Oct. 1814

John Beck, aged 12. of Egton-cum-Newland, to Thomas Kendall of Arradfoot, husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/20  6 July 1815

Jeremiah Clark, aged 13, of Egton-cum-Newland, to John Swainson of Pennybridge, tanner  BPR 26/O/6/21  4 Sept. 1817

John Clark, aged 10, of Egton-cum-Newland, to Thomas Park of Arradfoot, husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/22  1 July 1819

William Butterfield, aged 16, of Egton-cum-Newland, to Michel Caddy of Ulverston, wheelwright  BPR 26/O/6/23  3 Aug. 1820

John Denny, aged 13, of Egton-cum-Newland, to John Atkinson of Egton-cum-Newland, husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/24  19 July 1821

Edward Morris, aged 15, of Egton-cum-Newland, to Thomas Jackson of Stenton Gap in Egton-cum-Newland, husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/25  6 Sept. 1821

John Jackson, aged 16, of Egton-cum-Newland, to Thomas Shuttleworth of Sodhouse in Egton-cum-Newland, husbandman  BPR 26/O/6/26  13 Dec. 1821

John Mitchell, aged 13, of Egton-cum-Newland, to John Hellon of Pennybridge, tailor, as a tailor  BPR 26/O/6/27  24 Mar. 1825

Christopher Pennington, aged 15, of Egton-cum-Newland, to Thomas Pennington of Gateside in Coulton, shoemaker, as shoemaker  BPR 26/O/6/28  23 June 1825

Orders for relief  BPR 26/O/7  1759-1765

5 Items

Sarah Russell and her child because her husband has left her  BPR 26/O/7/1  12 Mar. 1757

Margaret Cahill and her four small children because her husband is abroad in the King's Service  BPR 26/O/7/2  12 Mar. 1757

Ann Pearson because her husband is in gaol  BPR 26/O/7/3  24 Jan. 1760

Ann Holme and her child because of her poverty and need to care for the child  BPR 26/O/7/4  17 Jan. 1764

Endorsed with agreement for receipt of relief from 1 May 1764 by Overseers of the Poor and Ann Holme. 18 Feb. 1764

Thomas Tyson, smith, because he is poor, old and infirm  BPR 26/O/7/5  2 May 1765

Orders to apprentice, after examination  BPR 26/O/8  1819-1825

4 Items

John Clark, a poor child, to Thomas Park  BPR 26/O/8/1  1 July 1819

John Mitchell, aged 13, of Egton with Newland to John Hellon of Penny Bridge, tailor  BPR 26/O/8/2  24 Mar. 1825

Christopher Pennington, aged 15, of Egton with Newland, son of Margaret Tyler, to Thomas Pennington of Gateside house in Colton, shoemaker  BPR 26/O/8/3  23 June 1825

William Denny, aged 11, of Egton with Newland, son of Ann Denny, widow, to George Tyson of Arradfoot, swiller  BPR 26/O/8/4  27 Oct. 1825

Removal orders and certificates  BPR 26/O/9  [n.d.]

Removal Order  BPR 26/O/9/1  1843

For William and Agnes Chapman, Egton-cum-Newland to Kirkby Lonsdale, 10 July 1843

Copy of examination of William Chapman, 6 July 1843  BPR 26/O/9/2  1843

Removal certificates, 6 July 1843  BPR 26/O/9/3  1843

Of William and Agnes Chapman, charging Egton-cum-Newland to move them to Kirkby Lonsdale
Endorsed with note of posting and their delivery to Kirkby Lonsdale

Agreement, 19 July 1792 for maintenance of poor for 7¾ years  BPR 26/O/10  1792

1. Thomas Stephenson and Robert Walton, Churchwardens, and John Ormandy and David Park, overseers of the poor in Egton-cum-Newland
2. William Shuttleworth of Toppinrays, husbandman
Consideration: £100 per annum
Signed by all parties

Printed account of the population of the Hundred of Lonsdale, North of the Sands  BPR 26/O/11  1811

From returns of the Overseers of the Poor, 27 May 1811

SCHOOLS  [no ref. or date]

PENNYBRIDGE SCHOOL  [no ref. or date]

Managers  [no ref. or date]

Minute books  BPR 26/S/1-2  1883-1906

Death certificates  BPR 26/S/2  1904-1944

James Hodgson  BPR 26/S/2/1  1904

Daniel Rhodes  BPR 26/S/2/2  1917

Edward John Machell  BPR 26/S/2/3  1920

John Park  BPR 26/S/2/4  1937

John Ledbrook Broad  BPR 26/S/2/5  1939

William Fairhurst  BPR 26/S/2/6  1939

Edward George Mackereth  BPR 26/S/2/7  1944

George Holme  BPR 26/S/2/8  1944

Burial certificates  BPR 26/S/3  1937-1939

John Park  BPR 26/S/3/1  1937

William Fairhurst  BPR 26/S/3/2  1939

Teachers  [no ref. or date]

HMI Annual Reports  BPR 26/S/4  1889-1898

Duplicate Examination Schedules  BPR 26/S/5  1889-1897

General 1889-1892
Drawing 1893-1897

Syllabus of religious instruction with details of masters and pupil teachers etc  BPR 26/S/6  1896

List of questions on religious knowledge for Standards 4 to 7  BPR 26/S/7  20thC

Details of absentees, 21 March 1900  BPR 26/S/8  1900

Finance  [no ref. or date]

Account book  BPR 26/S/9  1939-1964

Containing school accounts 1939-1963; scholarship accounts 1 52-1964; Bazaar Fund 1960-1964

Preliminary statement for annual grant giving details of buildings, teachers, finance  BPR 26/S/10  1867

Annual returns made for grants  BPR 26/S/11  1893-1895

Cloggers Field Charity  BPR 26/S/12  1917-1964

War stock certificates 1917-1932 and British Transport 3% Stock Certificates 1963-1964

Receipts for stationery 1893, a safe 1901 and for fixing safe 1901  BPR 26/S/13  1893-1901

Designation as an Aided School  [no ref. or date]

Regulations governing the Diocesan Contributory scheme for Aided Schools with agreement between Diocesan Education Committee and the School  BPR 26/S/14/1  1951

Guide to Aided Schools  BPR 26/S/14/2  1953

Correspondence file  BPR 26/S/14/3  1944-1951

Including development plan 1947; report on church schools 1944; list of subscriptions to raise money to qualify as an aided school 1951

Accounts concerning repairs, carting and poor rate for Penny Bridge School  BPR 26/S/15  1869

Repairs and alterations  [no ref. or date]

Papers re repairs to toilets at the school  BPR 26/S/16  1890

Including correspondence and tenders

Specification for water supply works required for the Egton Schools  BPR 26/S/17  n.d. (19th C.)

File of receipts etc. for repairs, insurance etc  BPR 26/S/18  c1951-c1968

Plans  BPR 26/S/19  1960-1962

Sketch of proposed alterations  BPR 26/S/19/1  1960

Proposed kitchen layout  BPR 26/S/19/2  1960

Foundations, roof and drainage  BPR 26/S/19/3  1962

2 Items

Sections  BPR 26/S/19/4  1962

New windows  BPR 26/S/19/5  1962

Windows and door screen details  BPR 26/S/19/6  1962

Department of Education and Science booklet called Building Work for Aided and Special Arrangement Schools  BPR 26/S/20  1964

Correspondence re extension and improvements to school buildings c1960-1965  BPR 26/S/21  c1960-1965

Including articles of agreement between the managers of the schools and Warren Construction Co. Ltd. of Carnforth

Legal papers  [no ref. or date]

Memorandum of Agreement  BPR 26/S/22  1893

1. Trustees and Managers of Pennybridge National Schools
2. Thomas Iddon
(2) to have use of water pipe connected at the Schoolmaster's house
Witness: John Nicholson

Memorandum of Agreement  BPR 26/S/23  1897

1. Trustees and Managers of Pennybridge National School
2. Representatives of Thomas Iddon
(2) to have use of water pipe connected at the Schoolmaster's house
Witness: James Iddon

Memorandum of Agreement March 1898  BPR 26/S/24  1898

1. Trustees and Managers of Pennybridge National Schools
2. John Park Taylor of Park Terrace, Greenodd
(2) to have use of water pipe connected at the Schoolmaster's house
Rent: 5s
Witness: James Iddon

Licence 8 June 1899  BPR 26/S/25  1899

1. Charles Gale Townley, The Vicarage, Pennybridge, for the Managers of the Pennybridge School
2. R.D.C. of Ulverston
(2) to construct a ventilating shaft at the school
Rent: 1s

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

File re finance, repairs to school, opposition to the building of houses next to the playing fields  BPR 26/S/26  c1963-1970

School Attendance Committee  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of local committee, 22 April 1896 - 22 November 1899  BPR 26/S/27/1  1896-1899

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Source of acquisition: Pennybridge Chapel Bible deposited by Mr AK Walker and Mr JA Robinson, Churchwardens on 23 January 1990

Leases  BPR 26/M/1  [n.d.]

Common pasture at Arrad Foot  BPR 26/M/1/1  [n.d.]

Lease, 22 November 1721  BPR 26/M/1/1/1  1721

1. William Sawrey esq., of Plumpton in Ulverston James Penny of Pennybridge in Ulverston, gentleman, with the assent and agreement of the inhabitants of Egton-cum-Newland
2. Richard Holme of Arradfoot and Margaret his wife
A parcel of ground or common pasture at Arrad Foot, forty yards wide and forty yards long, as marked out. Agreement that (2) can build a dwelling house on the land and at the end of the lives of their successors the land and building will go to the township. 1d. yearly

Common ground near Arrad Foot  BPR 26/M/1/2  [n.d.]

Lease, 31 October 1810  BPR 26/M/1/2/1  1810

1. Thomas Goad of Beickliffe in Aldingham, gentleman. William Kirkby the younger of Wateryeat, Ulverston, gentleman
James Redhead of Birkrow, Ulverston, gentleman. (Enclosure Commissioners)
2. Isaac Dixon of Pennybridge, Ulverston, tanner, and Joseph Brocklebank of Pennybridge
Recital of terms of Enclosure Act for Egton-cum-Newland, 42 Geo. III. Land leased after public meeting to pay off cost of enacting bill
All common or waste ground now fenced between the new Cut and marsh near Arrad Foot bounded on the North by the road leading to the sands, and on the south by another parcel of the said commons let to farm to Capt. William Towers on the North East of the marsh. (1a. 3r. 13p.)
All common or waste ground now fenced on high side of Turnpike road near Barrowend, to North adjoineed to another parcel of land allotted to John Bacon Sawrey Morritt Esq. bounded on the East by the turnpike road, on all other sides by parcels let to Matthew Harrison, gentleman. (1a. 28p.). With the liberty to cart clay and earth thrown out of the new cut and laying on the commons between New Bridge and the flood gates at Barrowend
Lease for 21 years, from Candlemas (14 Feb.) 1810 £22 p.a. to the enclosure commissioners

Lease  BPR 26/M/1/2/2  n.d

Counterpart copy of BPR 26/M/2/1 on vellum

Lease, 31 October 1810  BPR 26/M/1/2/3  1810

1. Enclosure commissioners (as at BPR 26/M/1/2/1)
2. Matthew Harrison of Newland in Ulverston, gentleman
Recital as at BPR 26/M/1/2/1
All common or waste land now fenced on the highside of the turnpike road near Arrad Foot, bounded on the North, partly by another parcel of land allotted to John Bacon Sawrey Morritt Esq. and partly by similar lands let to Isaac Dixon and Joseph Brocklebank, on the East by the said land of Isaac Dixon and Joseph Brocklebank and by the turnpike road, on the south by similar lands let to James Penny Esq., and, by similar lands let to John Park and on the west by lands let to John Park and similar lands let to Mrs Eleanor Shaw and Mr John Machell Jr. (22a. 2r. 31p.)
Same liberty regarding carting of clay and earth as at BPR 26/M/1/2/1
Lease for 21 years, from Candleman (14 Feb.) 1810. £35 5s. p.a. to Enclosure Commissioners

Lease, 31 October 1810  BPR 26/M/1/2/4  1810

1. Enclosure commissioners
2. John Park of Arrad Foot in Ulverston, husbandman
All common or waste land now fenced on lowside of the road near Arradfoot bounded on North by a road leading from the marsh to a similar piece of land let to Thomas Kendall and Richard Kendall, on the North West by the same parcel of land, on the south by similar land let to Capt. William Towers, on the south west by similar land let to John Bacon Sawrey Morritt Esq., on the East by marsh. (1a. 3r. 29p.)
All common or waste land now fenced in Arrad bounded on the North and West by similar land let to Matthew Harrison, on the south by similar land let to Myles Stanley and on the west by land let to Myles Stanley and Mrs Eleanor Shaw, with a right of way over the lowside of this land to that of Matthew Harrison
Same liberty regarding carting of clay and earth as at BPR 26/M/1/2/1
Lease for 21 years from Candleman (14 Feb.) 1810, £12. 10s. p.a. to Enclosure Commissioners

Lease, 31 October 1810  BPR 26/M/1/2/5  1810

1. Enclosure Commissioners
2. William Towers of Arrad Foot, Ulverston, mariner
All common or waste land now fenced between the new cut and the marsh near Arrad Foot, bounded on the North by land let to Isaac Dixon and Joseph Brockbank on the South by land let to Thomas Kendall and Richard Kendall, on the North East by marsh and on the West by the new cut. (2a. 1r. 9p.)
All common or waste land now fenced between old Pool and the marsh near Arrad Foot, bounded by on the North West by land let to John Park, on the West by land let to John Bacon Sawrey Morritt Esq. on the South by the Old Pool and on the East by the marsh. (2a. 2r. 16p.)
Same liberty regarding carting of clay and earth as at BPR 26/M/1/2/1
Lease for 21 years from Candleman (14 Feb.) 1810, £24 p.a. to the Enclosure Commissioners

Lease, 31 October 1810  BPR 26/M/1/2/6  1810

1. Enclosure Commissioners
2. Thomas Kendall the elder and Richard Kendall, of Arrad Foot in Ulverston, husbandmen
All common and waste land between the turnpike road and new cut near Arradfoot bounded on the North East by the road from the Turnpike road to the sands and on the South West by the land let to Mrs Eleanor Shaw. (4a. 2r. 16p.)
All common and waste land now fenced on the low side of the Cut near Arrad Foot bounded on the North by land let to Captain William Towers, on the East by land let to John Park, on the South by land let to John Bacon Sawrey Morritt Esq. and on the West by the new cut. (3a. 1r. 24p.)
Same liberty regarding carting of clay and earth as at BPR 26/M/1/2/1
Lease for 21 years from Candlemas (14 Feb.) 1810. £28 p.a. to enclosure commissioners

Memorandum of Agreement for Lease, 18 November 1858  BPR 26/M/1/3  1858

1. William Satterthwaite of Boustead Gates, yeoman and the inhabitants and owners of the town lands, and Thomas Postlethwaite of Ulverston, gentleman and the land owners of Mansriggs
2. Thomas Barrow the younger of Newland Bottom, Ulverston, Farmer
Lease of land at Mansriggs Bridge near Boustead Gates for 4 years, bounded on the East by the Boustead Gates road, on the west by two meer stones, on the north by public road leading from Boustead Gates to Mansriggs and on the south by property belonging to Henry Hollinshead Blundell Esq
3s. rent p.a. beginning on 14 Feb. 1860

Papers relating to James Jackson  BPR 26/M/2  [n.d.]

Related information: See BPR 26/M/3/2 and BPR 26/M/3/3

Assignments of right title and interest in the estate of James Jackson, as devised by his will, for £4. 27 August 1772  BPR 26/M/2/1  1772-1773

a) 27 August 1772
1. William Jackson of Pennybridge, Taylor, one of the sons of James Jackson late of Upper Scarthwaite, waller
2. Samuel Towers, John Towers of Scarthwaite, yeomen and Joseph Brockbank of Pennybridge, limeburner
b) 6 May 1773
1. Richard Coward of Ulverston, carpenter, and Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of John Jackson
2. Samuel Towers of Broughton Beck, friend and executor of James Jackson

Receipt and Draft Receipt, 11 April 1782  BPR 26/M/2/2  1782

For £6. 16s. 4d. paid as share of sale by James Wilson of Upper Scarthwaite, yeoman, sole surviving devisee in trust of dwellinghouse etc. of James Jackson deceased, farmer, to Jos. Brockbank and Mary Brockbank

Receipts, 11 April 1782  BPR 26/M/2/3  1782

For £6. 16s. 4d. paid to (2) by James Wilson (as above), by virtue of letters of attorney and assignment by (1) as follows
a) 1. Richard Coward late of Ulverston and Elizabeth his wife, formerly Elizabeth Holme, widow, one of the daughters of James Jackson
2. Mary Towers, sole surviving executrix of Samuel Towers, late of Broughton Beck, yeoman, deceased
b) 1. John Jackson, now or late of Greeenodd, waller, one of the sons of James Jackson
2. Mary Towers (as above)
c) 1. William Jackson late of Pennybridge, one of the sons of James Jackson
2. John Towers and Joseph Brockbank, two of the assignees and Mary Towers (as above)

Receipt, 4 May 1782  BPR 26/M/2/4  1782

For £29s. 1d. apiece, a fourth part of £6. 16s. 4d. arising from the share of father and father-in-law Edward Jackson, deceased, son of James Jackson, in his father's estate, paid by James Wilson (see BPR 26/M/9/2/2)
1. William Bevin who married Margaret, daughter of Edward Jackson
2. Thomas Jackson, son of Edward Jackson, per Edward Butcher
3. James Jackson, son of Edward Jackson
4. James Mc Donnall who married Marey one of the daughters of Edward Jackson, per. Edward Butcher

Egton-with-Newland part of the Manor of Plain Furness  BPR 26/M/3  [n.d.]

Account of proceedings of Court Baron of Manor of Plain Furness  BPR 26/M/3/1  1754

Held at Arrad Foot for Egton and Newland, 27 November 1754. Names of Jury, Constables and Assessors given

Admittance  BPR 26/M/3/2  1773

Related information: See BPR 26/M/9/2

Egton-with-Newland part of the Manor of Plain Furness, 1 December 1773, of James Wilson, in trust, to a messuage and tenement at Upper Scarthwaite, yearly rent 6½d. by deed of James Jackson of 15 July 1766
Fine: 1s. 1d
Signed: Thos. Atkinson, Steward

Admittance  BPR 26/M/3/3  1782

Related information: See BPR 26/M/9/2

Egton and Newland part of the Manor of Plain Furness, 27 November 1782, of Thomas Stephenson to a dwellinghouse at Upper Scathwaite by a deed of James Wilson, 10 April 1782, yearly rent 6½d
Fine: 1s. 1d
Signed: Thos. Atkinson, steward

Admittance  BPR 26/M/3/4  1906

Manor of Egton and Newland, part of the Manor of Plain Furness, 21 November 1906, of William John Sexton of Egton Vicarage, Clerk in Holy Orders, to several customary fields called "Lancelot Fields", yearly rent 2s. 3¼d. as successor to Revd Charles Gale Townley, and by license of Bishop of Carlisle, August 1902
Fine: 4s. 6½d
Signed: S Hart Jackson

Miscellaneous  BPR 26/M/4  [n.d.]

Pennybridge Chapel Bible 1787  BPR 26/M/4/1  1787

King James Version printed 1786

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