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Reference BPR 15
Covering dates 1230-1987
Held by Cumbria Record Office, Barrow
Extent 7 SUB FONDS
Conditions of access Records are open for consultation, unless otherwise stated
Source of acquisition Records deposited by the Reverend J Hogarth on 12 March 1980
Creators Church of England, St Anne's Parish, Thwaites, Cumbria

Administrative history:
The church of St Anne, Thwaites was consecrated on 27 July 1725 by the Bishop of Chester. The new church was consecrated on 16 June 1854


INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Registers  BPR 15/I/1  [n.d.]

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 15/I/1/1/1  1724-1812

Baptisms  BPR 15/I/1/2/1-2  1813-1934

1813-1863; 3. 1863-1934

Marriages  BPR 15/I/1/3/1  1813-1847

Marriages  BPR 15/I/1/3/2  1837-1978

Burials  BPR 15/I/1/4/1-2  1813-1976

1813-1911; 6. 1911-1976

Banns  BPR 15/I/1/5/1  1825-1908

Registration  BPR 15/I/1/6  [n.d.]

Marriage licences  BPR 15/I/1/6/1  1928

Charles Wallace Forfar of Kelvinside, parish of St George, Llandudno, Co. Caernarvon, Wales and Constance Vollam of Spring House, Thwaites, 21 March 1928

John Ralph Moore and Marjorie Bell, both of Hallthwaites, 11 September 1941  BPR 15/I/1/6/2  1941

Church and Services  BPR 15/I/2  [n.d.]

Service register  BPR 15/I/2/1  1955-1964

Notebook of confirmation candidates  BPR 15/I/2/2  1922-1946

Copy deed of consecration for Thwaites chapel  BPR 15/I/2/3  1725
Language:  Latin

With copy translation made by E P Nanson of Whitehaven, 1924

Licence for performance of divine services in school room at Thwaites  BPR 15/I/2/4  1853

While old church is in the process of demolition and reconstruction, 17 December 1853; with covering letter

Sentence of consecration for new church at Thwaites, 16 June 1854  BPR 15/I/2/5  1854

Extract from [Whitehaven Advertiser] entitled 'Consecration of Thwaites church'  BPR 15/I/2/6  1854

Giving history of parish, account of ceremony and description of new church, 22 June 1854

Cumberland Pacquet  BPR 15/I/2/7  1854

Including account of consecration of Thwaites church, 27 June 1854

Faculties  BPR 15/I/2/8-20  1825-1975

Copy citation, to demolish old church and re-erect it  BPR 15/I/2/8  14 April 1852

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/9  7 December 1901

To confirm placing of candelabrum suspended from cross beam in chancel roof, in memory of Queen Victoria

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/10  22 December 1911

To insert stained glass in memory of C J Myers, churchwarden

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/11  4 December 1914

To insert stained glass and place memorial to Mrs Mary Buchanan, died 1890, and her daughter who died while a missionary in India, 1900

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/12  17 March 1922

To erect stone cross war memorial in churchyard; with war memorial fund accounts

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/13  19 May 1922

To enclose grave of Eric Manson

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/14  30 May 1924

To place wooden cross formerly marking grave in France on west wall of aisle and add brass plate in memory of Lieut C G Lewthwaite M.C

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/15  23 October 1936

To instal electric light in church; with file re electric lighting and electric organ blower including specifications, quotations, design and ground plan of church showing positioning of lights

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/16  31 October 1950 with citation, 16 October 1950

To renew lead valley gutter between vestry roof and chancel, and to repair and overhaul organ; with plan of alteration to vestry roof by J H Martindale and son, architects, Carlisle, April 1947

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/17  25 July 1951 with citation, 4 July 1951

To attach oak figure of Madonna and Child near font and to add names of those who died in 1939-45 war to war memorial in churchyard

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/18  6 September 1961

To instal new system of electric lighting

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/19  3 November 1972

To remove grave mounds and kerbs from certain graves in Thwaites churchyard

Faculty  BPR 15/I/2/20  21 October 1975, with citation, 1 October 1975

To remove ten rear pews, block up west door and fix centre swing doors to vestibule entrance on south door; with correspondence to churchwarden

Churchyard  [no ref. or date]

Sentence of consecration for part of chapel field called Outrigg as additional burial ground, 18 August 1814  BPR 15/I/2/21  1814

Bill of costs of Wm. Ward, Chester re consecration of additional burial ground  BPR 15/I/2/22  1814

With covering letter, 17 September 1814, and letter acknowledging receipt of remittance

List of shrubs planted in Thwaites churchyard, 21 April 1858  BPR 15/I/2/23  1858

Copy conveyance by Parker Newton, esq., of The Hawes, Millom above, to Church Commissioners  BPR 15/I/2/24  1924

Of land adjoining Thwaites churchyard for use as additional burial ground, 20 June 1924, with covering letter

Bundle of correspondence with diocesan authorities  BPR 15/I/2/25  1924

re faculties, and conveyance and consecration of land for extension of churchyard

Plan of new graveyard  BPR 15/I/2/26  [n.d.]

Pews  [no ref. or date]

Letter to Vicar of Thwaites from C Readshaw, Deputy Commissary of Richmond  BPR 15/I/2/27  1825

Asking for information about pews and free seats in chapel and result of 1804 faculty, 5 September 1825; with copy reply by vicar, 19 September 1825

Notebook containing 'particulars respecting seats in Old and New Chapels  BPR 15/I/2/28  1856

Giving details of owners of pews and properties to which seats are attached

List of sittings in Thwaites chapel  BPR 15/I/2/29  [1856]

Giving names of owners of pews, number of sittings, amount of subscription and amount subscribed per seat

Copy letter to Mr Mounsey, Carlisle, re explanation for the ordinary of alleged sale of a pew and a portion of burial ground  BPR 15/I/2/30  1869

Related information: See also BPR 15/C/4/11

Letter from Mr Mounsey, registry, Carlisle re status of chapel and district  BPR 15/I/2/31  1856

With extract from Act of Parliament, 26 September 1856

Correspondence regarding proposed assignment of district chapelry and increase of endowment  BPR 15/I/2/32  1924-1927

Copy map of district chapelry of Thwaites  BPR 15/I/2/33  1925

Pastoral orders re alterations in boundaries of parishes of Whicham and Holy Trinity, Millom  BPR 15/I/2/34  1970

2 Items

With map, 12 November 1970

Pastoral order with draft re alterations to archdeaconries and rural deaneries in Diocese of Carlisle, 6 May 1970  BPR 15/I/2/35  1970

Pews  BPR 15/I/2/36  1912-1929

Pews  BPR 15/I/2/37  1929-1946

Pews  BPR 15/I/2/38  1946-1955

Tithe and endowment  BPR 15/I/3  [n.d.]

Terriers  [no ref.]  1783-1908

Terriers  BPR 15/I/3/1  1783

2 Items

Terriers  BPR 15/I/3/2  1814

Terriers  BPR 15/I/3/3  1894

Terriers  BPR 15/I/3/4  1908

Inventories  [no ref.]  [1950's]-1975

Inventories; Draft  BPR 15/I/3/5  [1950's]

Inventories  BPR 15/I/3/6  1963, updated 1975

With photograph of silver chalice

Augmentation of benefice  [no ref. or date]

Letters to Rev John Ormandy from governors of Queen Anne's Bounty re augmentation of benefice by £1000  BPR 15/I/3/7  1826

2 Items

Receipt for payment of dividend due to incumbent from governors of Queen Anne's Bounty  BPR 15/I/3/8  1842

Receipts and letters from governors of Queen Anne's Bounty re annual payment of interest on loan  BPR 15/I/3/9  1849-1877

28 Items

With letter re discharge of payments on mortgage, 23 February 1878

Correspondence with Lancaster Banking Co., Ulverston re Great Western Railway debenture stock  BPR 15/I/3/10  1893

Related information: See BPR 15/F/2/17

Statement of annual amounts payable by ecclesiastical commissioners  BPR 15/I/3/11  1939,1942

Letter from ecclesiastical commissioners re grant of additional stipend of £10  BPR 15/I/3/12  1944

Correspondence re endowments, institution of incumbents, stipends, insurance, vicarage, organ and repairs  BPR 15/I/3/13  1946-1952

Glebe land  [no ref. or date]

Agreements between perpetual curate of Thwaites and South Cumberland Electricity Supply Co. Ltd  BPR 15/I/3/14  1934

2 Items

For transmission of electrical energy above or below ground across church lands at the Green, Millom, 4 December 1934 and 29 April 1935

Covering letters for cheques for wayleave rentals due to vicar from South Cumberland Electricity Supply Co., Ltd., to 31 December 1935  BPR 15/I/3/15  1935

Stainton, parish of Urswick  [no ref. or date]

Admittance to land at Stenton, manor of Muchland with Torver, of Rev John Park, curate of Thwaites  BPR 15/I/3/16  1778

As successor to Daniel Stephenson, clerk, deceased, 30 October 1778

Letter from J Walker of Harrold, Co. Bedfordshire, to Rev J Ormandy re permission to rent land at Stainton for £30 per annum  BPR 15/I/3/17  1829

Bundle re sale of land at Stainton belonging to Vicars of Thwaites and Ulpha to the Furness Railway Co  BPR 15/I/3/18  1852-1871

- List of land belonging to Thwaites and Ulpha, 1768 and 1866
- Lease by Vicars to William Langhorne, farmer of Stainton and John Duckett, senior, farmer, of Harlock, Pennington of land at Stainton for five years, 29 January 1852
- Notice to Rev J Stackhouse from Currey and Holland, Lonfon, of intention of Furness Railway to build across land at Urswick, 1865
- Correspondence (19) with governors of Queen Anne's Bounty re sale of bounty land at Stainton 1866-1873
- Correspondence (17) with Currey and Holland, 1866-1873
- Correspondence with C Webster, surveyor of Kendal, 1866-1868, and Rev J Macauley of Aldingham, 1867
- Plan of property in question, 1866
- Letters from James Ramsden, 1866, 1871
- Letters (5) from Bishop of Carlisle to vicars of Thwaites and Ulpha re joint tenure and unwillingness of Bounty Office to part with land, 1870-1871
- Copy conveyance of land at Stainton by vicar of Thwaites to Furness Railway Company for £6. 5s., 26 December 1868

Bridge End, parish of Millom [site of parsonage house]  [no ref. or date]

Release and counterpart of three closes at Bridge end, Millom  BPR 15/I/3/19  1788

By William Hodgson of Oaks, parish of Millom, Co. Cumberland, gent., to Thomas Sunderland of Ulverston, esq., William Lewthwaite of Broadgate and William Hunter of Cross House both in parish of Millom, gents., of three closes of land at Bridge end, Millom in trust for purchase of bread for poor of Hallthwaites and residue for use of curate-schoolmaster of Thwaites, 5 July 1788

Draft copy release of three closes at Bridge end  BPR 15/I/3/20  1790

By Wm. Hodgson to Thos. Sunderland and others in trust for curate-schoolmaster and the poor of Hall Thwaites, 19 June 1790

Copy lease and release, 12 and 13 November 1836  BPR 15/I/3/21  1836

Between Anthony and Elizabeth Shepherd of Bridge end, and Joshua Sayer Myers of Po House, Millom, gent. and William Stable of the Moor, Millom, yeoman, of Bridge end, Little Meadow and house at Hall Thwaites to be held according to trusts in deed or will of Elizabeth Shepherd

Copy will of Mrs Elizabeth Shepherd, wife of Anthony Shepherd the elder of Bridge end, farmer  BPR 15/I/3/22  1836

Reciting BPR 15/I/3/21 and bequeathing premises after death of survivor of testator and husband, to J S Myers and William Stable in trust for children, 14 November 1836. (Copy made 1865)

Correspondence between Rev J Stackhouse and J P Myers, solicitor and patrons  BPR 15/I/3/23  1864-1865

re Shepherd and Stable families, Mrs Shepherd's title, and acquisition of peat house and property at Bridge End

Copy letter of Mr Tidd Pratt, barrister, Lincoln's Inn  BPR 15/I/3/24  1865

Giving opinion whether conveyance of garden and peathouse of late Anthony Shephard at Bridge End, could be made without reference to Ecclesiastical Commissioners. He advises that the property be transferred by deed to Wm. Lewthwaite as purchaser and then a declaration be made that land is held in trust for incumbent

Conveyance of Beck Croft at Bridge End  BPR 15/I/3/25  1865

By Messrs J S Myers, William Stable and William Shepherd of Sylecroft, parish of Whicham, yeoman to William Lewthwaite of Broadgate, esq., after death of Elizabeth Shepherd on 27 December 1836, 7 March 1865

Conveyance of land  BPR 15/I/3/26  1865

To add to glebe called Beck Croft at Bridge end and 29p. land at Arnaby or Millom Marsh, with peathouse and dunghillstead by William Lewthwaite of Broadgate, Millom, esq. to Rev J Stackhouse, curate of Thwaites, 7 March 1865

Receipt for £5  BPR 15/I/3/27  1875; 1877

From Wm. Lewthwaite of Broadgate to Rev J Stackhouse for ground on northern side of Thwaites parsonage bought by vicar from late Mr Anthony Shepherd of Bridge end, 4 September 1875; with note that Wm. Lewthwaite gives the land to the living of Thwaites for use of the living, 14 March 1877

Note from James Hartley of Broadgate on behalf of Mr Lewthwaite re purchase of land  BPR 15/I/3/28  [1860s]

Plans (2) of glebe land at Bridge end, Millom, one showing glebe fences  BPR 15/I/3/29  n.d

Related information: For provisional valuation of duties on land for house and garden at Bridge end, 1915, see BPR 15/F/2/20

Dent, Co. Yorkshire  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance of land at Hackergill in Kirthwaite in Dent, West Riding of Yorkshire  BPR 15/I/3/30  1720

Field names given, by John Dixon of Thwaites, yeoman, Myles Wennington, son and heir and administrator of John Wennington lately of Thwaites, now deceased and John Lewthwaite of Thwaites, yeoman to Phillip Bainbridge, clerk, curate of Thwaites, for £400, part paid by Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty, part on behalf of inhabitants, 12 November 1720

Letter from John Champandy [Chapman] of Hackergill, Dent, near Sedbergh  BPR 15/I/3/31  1847

Enclosing £15 rent and informing vicar of state of farm and land which was held by his grandfather before him, 29 May 1847

Letter to Mr John Chapman of Hackergill, Dent, re tithe payments due for Millholme church lands, 20 August 1847  BPR 15/I/3/32  1847

Sale of Dent  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Wm. Postlethwaite, cousin of William [Lewthwaite], of San Francisco, California, U.S.A  BPR 15/I/3/33  1903

Including comments re sale of Dent farm belonging to Thwaites living; better to sell it for as much as possible and to invest proceeds for benefit of incumbent, 4 March 1903

Letter from Bishop re sale, 9 May 1903  BPR 15/I/3/34  1903

Notice to bishop or patron from incumbent, John Park Haslam  BPR 15/I/3/35  1903

Giving notice of intention to apply to Board of Agriculture for approval of sale of glebeland at Dent, 30 July 1903

Letter from John Clark, solicitor, Broughton-in-Furness  BPR 15/I/3/36  1903

Enclosing letter from Board of Agriculture re agreement to sale for not less than £1485, purchaser paying all expenses, 15 October 1903; with schedule of deeds received from Wm. Lewthwaite, 1903

Circular from Board of Agriculture re investment of purchase money  BPR 15/I/3/37  1915-1930

With letters (3) re investment of proceeds of sale of glebe, and exchange of stock, 1919, 1930

Lowick  [no ref. or date]

Notices (2) of intention to give up field at Lowick on 5 April 1851 by James Harrison of Low End, Lowick, 5 August 1850  BPR 15/I/3/38  1850

Statement of acreage of Gawthram meadow requested by George Pearson, overseer, Lowick Green by Isaac Harrison, 8 June 1867  BPR 15/I/3/39  1867

Letter from John Fell, Grange, to Rev J Stackhouse re permission to lay a pipe for water into field, 12 March 1868  BPR 15/I/3/40  1868

Insurance  [no ref. or date]

Receipts (32) for premiums on insurance policies paid to Royal, Farmers' and General through J P Myers, agent at Broughton-in-Furness  BPR 15/I/3/41  1849-1873

1849-1869, 1871-1873

Copy letter from Rev J Stackhouse to Royal Farmers Insurance Co. re improvements made to premises insured and death of churchwarden, 5 October 1852  BPR 15/I/3/42  1852

Letter from Thos. Butler of Broughton-in-Furness to Vicar re finding of insurance policy, 28 November 1866  BPR 15/I/3/43  1866

Church insurance proposal form (blank)  BPR 15/I/3/44  1952

Union of benefice  [no ref. or date]

Order of the Queen in Council re the union of the benefice and parish of St George, Millom and the benefice and parish of Holy Trinity, Millom with Thwaites  BPR 15/I/3/45  1984

Churchyard  [no ref. or date]

Copy Conveyance 9 July 1954  BPR 15/I/3/46  1954

1. Edith Mary Craven Hodgson of The Haws, Millom, Cumberland, wife of Victor Howard Craven Hodgson
2. Esther Norman of Fairfield, Silecroft, Millom aforesaid, spinster (first mortgagee)
3. William Tyson Clark and James Arthur Clark of The Square, Broughton-in-Furness, Lancashire, solicitors (second mortgagees)
4. (1) and Richard Clarke of Moss Brow Farm, Warburton, Warrington. George Harry Newton of Rose Cottage, Sale, Cheshire (third mortgagee)
5. The persons or corporation sole or aggregate in whom Thwaites churchyard is vested
Premises: land to east of church between the church and Police House (see plan)
Consideration: £60
Witnesses: R F H Ramsay of Epsom, R.A.F. Officer; Mary Norman of Silecroft, household duties; E A Clark of Broughton-in-Furness, solicitor; R Gosling of Warburton, tractor driver; Edith Newton of Carrington, Cheshire, housekeeper; Calvert Thompson of Penrith

Copy Act of Consecration 30 October 1960 of the new part of the churchyard at Thwaites  BPR 15/I/3/47  1960

Memorandum of Agreement 14 November 1960  BPR 15/I/3/48  1960

Between Broadgate Estate Services Ltd., Broadgate Mill, Millom, Cumberland and Thwaites P.C.C. re use of churchyard extension for growing Christmas trees for 5 years from 1 January 1961 with covering letter and note saying agreement was extended for a further 5 years

Ground plan of new graveyard by Ronald P Gray of Whitehaven, architect  BPR 15/I/3/49  1960

Plan of the new churchyard with notes on grave holders  BPR 15/I/3/50  1960

Order of the Queen in Council re closure of the old churchyard  BPR 15/I/3/51  1981

2 Copies

Personal and miscellaneous  BPR 15/I/4  [n.d.]

Photographs of incumbents, with years of incumbency  [no ref.]  1846-1947

Rev John Ormandy, died 16 May 1846  BPR 15/I/4/1  [n.d.]

Rev John Falcon, M.A., Oxon  BPR 15/I/4/2  1874-1894

Rev John Park Haslam  BPR 15/I/4/3  1894-1912

Rev Walter Sturdy Gardner  BPR 15/I/4/4  1912-1916

Rev William Sherwen Sherwen  BPR 15/I/4/5  1916-1947

An act to amend certain provisions... for the better preventing of clandestine marriages  BPR 15/I/4/6  1822

Census: Returns for Sunday School, Thwaites School, Dame School, Public Worship and Buckman Brow School  BPR 15/I/4/7  1851, 1861

With comparison of populations, 1851 and 1861

Letter from Census Office, London  BPR 15/I/4/8  1930

re details of authorisation of church to solemnize marriages and re legal substitution of new for old church

Bill for goods from Jas. P Moore to Rev J Stackhouse, January 1852  BPR 15/I/4/9  1852

Letter from J P Myers, solicitor, Broughton-in-Furness re payment of fees for 1857, 15 January 1858  BPR 15/I/4/10  1858

Bill for surplice, with acknowledgement, from Gilbert James French of Bolton  BPR 15/I/4/11  1867

Table of fees payable to Vicar, 27 November 1917  BPR 15/I/4/12  1917

Map of diocese of Carlisle showing archdeaconries and rural deaneries by Rev E J Nurse, M.A., Rector of Windermere  BPR 15/I/4/13  1918

With note of alterations to boundaries madein 1926

Order in council re omission of prayers for Alexandra the Queen Mother from prayer book, 24 November 1925  BPR 15/I/4/14  1925

Notes for terriers and re meeting attendance  BPR 15/I/4/15  n.d

3 Items

Correspondence re proposed key by to be built by Thwaties Church opposite Thwaites School  BPR 15/I/4/16  1985

Patrons  BPR 15/I/5  [n.d.]

Letter from Wm. Lewthwaite, Broadgate, re need for declaration rendering patronage incapable of sale  BPR 15/I/5/1  1924

re problem with boundaries after 1921 census and the inclusion of the Hill in Thwaites, 2 October 1924

Copy declaration by patrons of Thwaites church to make advowson unsaleable, 24 February 1925  BPR 15/I/5/2  1925

Related information: For documents relating to Buckman Brow and Thwaites Parochial Schools, see BPR 15/F/1 and BPR 15/F/2

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Assessments and accounts  BPR 15/C/1  [n.d.]

Assessment for use and repairs of Thwaites Chapel  BPR 15/C/1/1  1733

Levied by Nicholas Brocklebank, chapelwarden, with approbation and consent of John Hunter, John Dickson and Wm. Lewthwaite, 30 April 1733

Assessment by Thomas Askew, chapelwarden  BPR 15/C/1/2  1733

With consent and approbation of John Dickson; with account of Tho. Askew for repairs of chapel for two years and account of Nich. Brocklbank for 1733

Churchwardens' accounts for Thwaites Chapel and School  BPR 15/C/1/3  1827-1918

With (at rear) statistics of baptisms, marriages and burials in Thwaites 1821-1830

Thwaites chapel trustees accounts with Petty and Postlethwaite  BPR 15/C/1/4  1852-1856

Thwaites chapel trustees accounts with Petty and Postlethwaite  BPR 15/C/1/5  1862-1866

Voluntary church rate collection book of Edwd. Garnett, Churchwarden  BPR 15/C/1/6  1884, 1887

Bills  BPR 15/C/2  [n.d.]

Chapelwardens of Thwaites with Peter How, younger for clerical activities and postage  BPR 15/C/2/1  1813-1814

Chapelwardens with Edward Geldard for spouting and N Wilson for walling  BPR 15/C/2/2  1860, 1863

Miscellaneous receipts and vouchers re stores in church  BPR 15/C/2/3  1875-1876

4 Items

Bundles of receipts and vouchers  BPR 15/C/2/4-8  1914-1938, 1941-1942

Sequestration  BPR 15/C/3  [n.d.]

Sequestration order on death of Rev John Ormandy, clerk, to John Blackburn, churchwarden, 19 May 1846  BPR 15/C/3/1  1846

Rebuilding of church  BPR 15/C/4  1851-1854

Related information: For notice of meeting, 1852 to obtain faculty for demolition of old church see BPR 15/V/3/1; for citation re demolition, 14 April 1852 see BPR 15/I/2/8

Letters from E G Paley, architect, Lancaster to Rev J Stackhouse re rebuilding of church  BPR 15/C/4/1  1851-1853

40 Items

Letter of 7 March 1851 is report re old chapel with copy of minutes of rebuilding committee re same; with letter from James Ramsden

Letters (34) from E G Paley, architect, Lancaster to Rev J Stackhouse re building of new church  BPR 15/C/4/2  1854-1856

Letter of 20 June 1854 contains copy of 'Thwaites Church, Cumberland, (description for the Ulverstone Paper)', by Paley

Copy letter from church commissioners to J P Myers re lack of valid title before 1849 for land on which church was to be rebuilt  BPR 15/C/4/3  1851

Subscription list with draft copy for rebuilding of Thwaites chapel  BPR 15/C/4/4  1851

Expenses book for Thwaites chapel re-building committee  BPR 15/C/4/5  1852-1855

Specification (2) for rebuilding of Thwaites church by Sharpe and Paley, architects, Lancaster  BPR 15/C/4/6-7  1852

20 March and 8 April 1852, latter wrapped in cover marked citation for demolition of church', April 1852

Articles of agreement  BPR 15/C/4/8  1853

Between Thomas and Henry Harrison of Lancaster, builders and Rev John Stackhouse of Thwaites, John Lewthwaite of Broadgate, Robert Postlethwaite of the Oaks, and John Postlethwaite Myers of Broughton for building of new church for £452

Articles of agreement  BPR 15/C/4/9  1853

Between Charles Blades of Lancaster, builder and Rev John Stackhouse etc. for carpentry, slating, plastering and plumbing and glazing work for £619, 6 June 1853

Articles of agreement  BPR 15/C/4/10  1854

Between Elizabeth Lewthwaite of Broadgate, gentlewoman and George Henry Redpath Young of Ulverston, mason, for stone font and pulpit for Thwaites church for £34. 10s., 1 May 1854

Notice of meeting on 30 May 1854 of commissioners named in faculty for rebuilding church for sale of spare sittings and allotment of others  BPR 15/C/4/11  1854

Related information: See also BPR 15/V/3/1

With extract from minutes of meeting

Lists of times of celebration of communion, numbers of communicants and accounts of offertories  BPR 15/C/5/1-2  1849-1860

BPR 15/C/5/1. 1849-1851; BPR 15/C/5/2. 1849-1860

Offertory account book with list of communicants, and of chapelwardens 1849-1870  BPR 15/C/5/3  1849-1865

Receipts (3) for subscriptions to charitable causes  BPR 15/C/5/4  1862,1922

Letters  BPR 15/C/5/5  1863-1872

Thanking Rev J Stackhouse for donations from parochial offerings to organisations such as Diocesan Education Society and Church Missionary Society

Distribution to poor  BPR 15/C/6  [n.d.]

Lists of poor parishioners of Thwaites to whom coal and blankets were distributed  BPR 15/C/6/1  1851-1866

12 Items

1851; 1853; 1856-1864; 1866

Receipts for payments for coal, blankets and goods distributed annually to poor of Thwaites  BPR 15/C/6/2  1852-1866

Subscription book for stoves to warm Thwaites church, with heating account to 1880  BPR 15/C/7/1  1875-1880

Organ  BPR 15/C/8  [n.d.]

Specification for organ by Fonster and Andrews of Hull, 28 March 1887  BPR 15/C/8/1  1887

Account of church organ fund  BPR 15/C/8/2  1922

Letters (2) from Brindley and Co., Sheffield, church organ builders, re estimate for repairs to damage on organ  BPR 15/C/8/3  1928

Leaflets issued by Federation of Master Organ builders  BPR 15/C/8/4  1933,1947

'Damage to organs through heating and atmospheric conditions', 1933
'The care and maintenance of organs', 1947

Bundle of correspondence from Jardine and Co., Ltd., organ builders, Manchester  BPR 15/C/8/5  1950-1952

Cheque book counterfoils  BPR 15/C/9/1  1925-1928

2 Items

Bundle marked 'parochial quota' with correspondence re church assembly fund  BPR 15/C/9/2  1926-1929

Correspondence re ecclesiastical dilapidations  BPR 15/C/9/3  1928-1929

Surveyor's report by J H Martindale, 13 June 1928  BPR 15/C/9/4  1928

Quinquennial survey report with three schedules  BPR 15/C/9/5  1948

Bundle re repairs to church by Broadgate Estate Services Ltd  BPR 15/C/9/6  1953

With correspondence with diocesan officials

Bundle of correspondence with Martindale and Jackson, architects of Carlisle  BPR 15/C/9/7  1954

re vicarage quinquennial survey, January 1954 and re churchyard extension

Bundle re Dunningwell garden parties  BPR 15/C/9/8  1933-1935

1933, 1934, 1935 including correspondence, tickets, bills, vouchers and accounts

Faculties  BPR 15/C/10  [n.d.]

For forming multi-use area and other works  BPR 15/C/10/1  1983

(With Archdeacon's certificate)

For removing soil toilet in vestry  BPR 15/C/10/2  1986

Insurance policies  BPR 15/C/11  [n.d.]

Employers' liability  BPR 15/C/11/1  1907

Fire  BPR 15/C/11/2/1-4  1908-1948

1908, 1913, 1930, 1948

Liabilities of School Managers: Accidents to scholars  BPR 15/C/11/3  1934

Public liability  BPR 15/C/11/4  1935

Employers' Liability Insurance Certificates  BPR 15/C/11/5  1976-1984

Certificates  BPR 15/C/11/5/1-6  1976-1984

1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1984

Insurance Policies, correspondence and renewal notices  BPR 15/C/11/6  1970-1987

Insurance policies, etc  BPR 15/C/11/6/1-5  1970-1987

1970, 1979, 1984, 1985, 1986-7


Minute books  BPR 15/P/1  1920-1965

Minute books  BPR 15/P/1/1  1920-1947

Minute books  BPR 15/P/1/2  1947-1965

Accounts  BPR 15/P/2  [n.d.]

Annual accounts  BPR 15/P/2/1  1917-1950

Including churchwardens, Sunday School, sick and poor fund, vicarage improvements, piano, crockery, magazine etc. 1917-1936

Electoral rolls  BPR 15/P/3/1  1921-1938

Related information: Sunday school: for 1851 Census return see BPR 15/I/4/7; for interest on railway stock, 1891-1894, 1916 see BPR 15/F/2/17


Accounts of church treasurer, including offertory register  BPR 15/P/4  1866-1960

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Minutes  BPR 15/V/1  [n.d.]

Minute book  BPR 15/V/1/1  1859-1947

Extracts from minutes of vestry meeting 1871  BPR 15/V/1/2  1871

With notes re population of Thwaites 1861 and number of houses and seats in church

Appointment of select vestry for concerns of the poor of parish of Millom  BPR 15/V/2  1828

With names of members, by Allison Steble, J.P., 1 April 1828

Notice of vestry meeting on 13 January 1852  BPR 15/V/3/1  1852

For the purpose of obtaining faculty to demolish old chapel and erect new one and to appoint committee to carry same into effect

Notice of vestry meeting on 21 June 1867  BPR 15/V/3/2  1867

For preparing terrier, and notice of meeting to elect trustee of Thwaites parish school to replace William Lewthwaite, esquire, deceased; with draft minutes of vestry meeting, 21 June 1867

OVERSEERS OF THE POOR  [no ref. or date]

Poor rate books  BPR 15/O/1  [n.d.]

Parish of Millom, divisions of Millom Above, Millom Below and Chapel Sucken, Thwaites  BPR 15/O/1/1  1876

(Pages 1-9) missing, March 1876

Parish of Millom  BPR 15/O/1/2  1885

Related information: For documents relating to distribution of coal and blankets to poor of Thwaites, 1851-1866, see BPR 15/C/6/1-2

CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

Buckman Brow School for Girls [Millers' charity]  BPR 15/F/1  [n.d.]

Related information: For 1851 Census return re school see BPR 15/I/4/7; for interest on railway stock 1892-1894, see BPR 15/F/2/17

Copy of will of Frances Ester Millers of Duddon Grove, parish of Millom, spinster  BPR 15/F/1/1  c.1847

Bequeathing £2,000 to Ministers of Thwaites and Broughton and owners of Duddon Grove, Ulpha and Broadgates in parish of Millom as trustees, to be invested and £30 of interest to pay schoolmistress, residue of interest for supplies and prizes etc., 13 September 1846. Paper watermarked 1847

Minute Book of trustees  BPR 15/F/1/2  1849-1903

With copy of will of Frances Esther Millers, note of additional grant from her uncle, 1851, and schedules of books and furniture at school

Account book of trustees  BPR 15/F/1/3  1848-1873

Visitors book  BPR 15/F/1/4  1851-1904

Work register showing work produced and garments sewn by each pupil (named) and for whom 1845-1874  BPR 15/F/1/5  1845-1915

Accounts 1875-1884; list of materials and garments for sale 1884-1915

Prizes record (pupils') book  BPR 15/F/1/6  1855-1861

(Marked 'Catalogue and register of Buckman Brow School Library, commenced 1845')

Results of appraisal of sewing and knitting of girls (named) at Bromfield, Blencow, Sedbergham and Buckman Brow Schools  BPR 15/F/1/7  [1865]

Paper watermarked 1865

Admission register  BPR 15/F/1/8  1874-1915

Inventory of household goods and furniture belonging to cottage and school  BPR 15/F/1/9  1874

Vouchers and receipts for purchases of furnishings by trustees  BPR 15/F/1/10  1874

Correspondence with Education department and Charity Commissioners  BPR 15/F/1/11  1874-1893

Scheme for management and endowment of school, to be submitted to Education department for approval, December 1876  BPR 15/F/1/12  1876-1877

With copy correspondence re terms and especially re use of endowment by governors

Cash book  BPR 15/F/1/13  1882-1902

Letter to Rev J Stackhouse from F A Malleson re visit to school  BPR 15/F/1/14  [Late 19th Cent.]

Correspondence with Charity Commission  BPR 15/F/1/15  1908-1915

Including specification for work to be done for trustees

Summary attendance register  BPR 15/F/1/16  1915

Attendance registers  BPR 15/F/1/17  1915-1916

2 Items

Scheme and copy for administration of charity by board of education, 22 August 1924  BPR 15/F/1/18  1924

With note that school was closed in 1915

Pass book: 'The Buckman Brow Foundation'  BPR 15/F/1/19  1924-1945

Note re Millers' and Smithson's charities  BPR 15/F/1/20  n.d

Thwaites Parochial School  BPR 15/F/2  [n.d.]

The School Field and The Smithson Educational Foundation; Agnes Tatham Foundation; The Old School Charity and Atkinson's Charity

Copy will of John Dickson senior of Beckbank in Thwaites  BPR 15/F/2/1  1712

Bequeathing £20 for a school in the township of Thwaites, interest to be paid to schoolmaster if inhabitants of Thwaites add £60 to the £20 within two years of death of Testator, appointing trustees, 30 August 1712

Memorandum of promise by John Lewthwaite of Broadgate in Thwaites, yeoman and John Steel of parish of Millom  BPR 15/F/2/2  1714

To repay loan of £30 borrowed from Thomas Hunter, clerk, rector of Croglin, Co. Cumberland, with proviso that £5 of interest of £30 to be used for school at Halthwaites, 17 December 1714

Smithsons charity  BPR 15/F/2/3  1777

Copy will and codicil of Mrs Ann Smithson of Liverpool, widow, leaving £100 in trust to Thomas Sunderland esq. of Ulverston and John Cooper esq. of Millom, interest to be used by minister of Thwaites and £20 in trust, interest to be used in purchasing bread to be distributed to poor attending chapel. 5 June 1777, codicil 24 November 1777

Letter from Charity Commission re lack of returns for Smithson's charities since 1853  BPR 15/F/2/4  1856

With circular and blank forms (2) for statement of accounts

Correspondence with charity commission re scheme for Thwaites Parochial School  BPR 15/F/2/5  1861-1863

Including extract from Charity Commissioners' report 1820 re Ann Smithson's Charities

Photocopy of letter from trust officer of church commissioners  BPR 15/F/2/6  1967

With copy extract of charity commissioners' report for Thwaites 1820 and re purchase of property for augmentation of Thwaites 1788, 6 September 1967

List of annual recipients of sums under Smithson's charity  BPR 15/F/2/7  1866-1893

Memorandum of John Steele of High Boghouse, Thwaites  BPR 15/F/2/8  [c.1860]

re application of £35. 10s. arising annually from public funds to charitable purposes: £11 to schoolmaster of Thwaites for instruction of 14 children; £11 to schoolmaster of Millom above; £11 to mistress of Millom below and £2. 10s. to Richard Cleminson, miller of Upper Beckstones, Millom, to be distributed in meal amongst poor of parish

Scheme for administration of The School Field by charity commissioners  BPR 15/F/2/9  1862

Account book  BPR 15/F/2/10  1862-1947

With list of schoolmasters 1863-1868 on flyleaf

Subscriptions book, with accounts  BPR 15/F/2/11  1863-1865

Cash book (receipts and payments)  BPR 15/F/2/12  1869-1894

Agreement for lease for seven years of the school field  BPR 15/F/2/13  1865

By trustees of Thwaites school to Mr George Newton, grocer, of the Green, Millom, yearly rent of £6. 10s

Letters from Robt. Hall, Lancaster, to Rev J Stackhouse re bequest to Hallthwaites School of £400 in will of Miss Agnes Tatham and its investment  BPR 15/F/2/14  1869

3 Items

Copy transfer of school and premises with endowment for 21 years from 5 April 1878 by the managers of Thwaites Parochial School to the Millom School Board  BPR 15/F/2/15  1878

Receipts (31) for payments of endowments on Tatham's, School Field and Smithson's charities, half yearly, to Millom School Board, March 1880 - August 1894  BPR 15/F/2/16  1880-1894

Bundle of statements of interest on railway stock  BPR 15/F/2/17  1891-1916

Related information: See also BPR 15/I/3/10

Held by Thwaites School, Tatham charity 1892-1894, Buckman Brow School 1892-1894 and Thwaites Sunday School, Myers charity 1891-1894, 1916

Order and scheme with draft by Board of Education for administration of Thwaites Parochial School  BPR 15/F/2/18  1908

(The School Field and the Smithson Educational Foundation), Agnes Tatham Foundation and The Old School Charity, together as "Thwaites Parochial School Foundation"

Order of charity commissioners re transfer of stock, 9 October 1908  BPR 15/F/2/19  1908

With memorandum re transfer of funds

Provisional valuation of duties on land for school at Hallthwaites and house and garden at Bridge End, Millom  BPR 15/F/2/20  1915

Agreement for lease for two years of shed and stable adjoining school by Vicar to Cumberland County Council for a drill hall and play shed, 21 January 1933  BPR 15/F/2/21  1933

Related information: For 1851 Census return see BPR 15/I/4/7

Atkinson's Charity  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  BPR 15/F/2/22  1863

Copy scheme (3) of charity commissioners  BPR 15/F/2/23  1898

re regulation of William Atkinson's charity for poor persons being customers at mill at Upper Beckstones-in-Thwaites and for parish schools of Millom and Thwaites

Letter from board of education re exhibitions under Atkinson's Charity  BPR 15/F/2/24  1923

Copy letter to Clerk to trustees of Thwaites Parochial and Atkinson trusts from Frank Sandon, headmaster of Millom Secondary School  BPR 15/F/2/25  1944

Reporting on pupils named who are possible candidates for help by trustees, 16 August 1944

Henry Watson bequest  BPR 15/F/3  [n.d.]

Bundle re bequest of residue of estate of Henry Watson upon trust  BPR 15/F/3/1  1943-1946

Related information: See also BPR 15/F/4

To be used towards building a Church Hall and re bequest of residue of estate of Mrs E A Watson to be used by P.C.C. for maintenance of church and churchyard and for choir and organ fund, including accounts and correspondence

The Millom Without and Thwaites Village Hall and Playing Field  BPR 15/F/4  [n.d.]

Scheme amalgamating Myers Trust, Henry Watson bequest and the village hall fund  BPR 15/F/4/1  1967

Related information: Myers' Trust see BPR 15/F/2/17 and BPR 15/F/4

By Secretary of State for Education and Science, varying trusts and including appointment of trustees, 4 October 1967

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Copy assignment of churches at 'Millom and Kirkeby' with church at 'Pydeseburton' by Archbishop of York, in whose liberty they lay, to Furness Abbey  BPR 15/M/1  1230

13 November 1230
Copy is a transcript of the abbreviated latin of the original

Printing block re baptisms  BPR 15/M/2  n.d

Extracts from law reports of Wise v. Metcalfe re upkeep of parsonage and chancel  BPR 15/M/3  n.d

Grant of exclusive right of burial to Ralph Mather of 108 Grasmere Street, Little Bolton, Iron Turner, in Astley Bridge Cemetery, Bolton, Co. Lancashire  BPR 15/M/4  1903

With covering letter re finding this document while cutting grass in churchyard, 1974

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