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Reference BPR 1
Covering dates [1198]-1985
Held by Cumbria Record Office, Barrow
Extent 6 SUB FONDS
Conditions of access Records are open for consultation, unless otherwise stated
Source of acquisition Records deposited by the Reverend G W Brassington
On 25 August, by the Reverend T Park on 1 December 1983 and by the Reverend R Cattley on 1 October 1990
Creators Church of England, St Mary's Parish, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria


INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Registers  BPR 1/I/1  [n.d.]

Note: The original numbering has been retained

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 1/I/1/1  1656-1783

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 1/I/1/1/1  1565-1657

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 1/I/1/1/2  1658-1681

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 1/I/1/1/3  1681-1691

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 1/I/1/1/4  1692-1746

Baptisms, marriages and burials  BPR 1/I/1/1/5  1746-1783

Related information: m. see BPR 1/I/1/4/24

Baptisms and burials  BPR 1/I/1/2  1783-1821

Baptisms and burials  BPR 1/I/1/2/6  1783-1812

Baptisms and burials  BPR 1/I/1/2/7  1813-1821

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3  1822-1883

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/8  1822-1832

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/9  1833-1848

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/10  1848-1853

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/11  1853-1856

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/12  1856-1859

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/13  1859-1866

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/14  1866-1874

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/15  1874-1883

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/16  1883-1888

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/17  1888-1892

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/18  1892-1899

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/19  1899-1905

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/20  1905-1911

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/21  1911-1917

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/22  1917-1922

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/23  1922-1931

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/40  1931-1940

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/41  1940-1949

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/41  1949-1959

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/43  1959-1975

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/44  1975-1989

Baptisms  BPR 1/I/1/3/45  1990-1997

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4  1754-1877

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/24  1754-1784

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/25  1784-1812

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/26  1812

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/27  1813-1821

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/28  1822-1837

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/29  1837-1855

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/30  1855-1867

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/31  1868-1877

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/32  1877-1892

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/33  1892-1903

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/34  1903-1915

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/35  1915-1925

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/43  1925-1939

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/44  1939-1950

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/45  1950-1963

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/46  1963-1971

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/47  1971-1980

Marriages  BPR 1/I/1/4/48  1980-1988

Burials  BPR 1/I/1/5  1822-[1926]

Burials  BPR 1/I/1/5/36  1822-1842

Burials  BPR 1/I/1/5/37  1842-1861

Burials  BPR 1/I/1/5/38  1861-1879; 1905-1916

Burials  BPR 1/I/1/5/39  1917-1926

Related information: Churchyard was closed for burials by Order in Council, 7 March 1860, see BPR 1/I/3/2/1

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6  1823-1954

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/1  1823-1860

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/2  1860-1882

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/3  1883-1905

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/4  1905-1915

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/5  1915-1924

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/6  1924-1936

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/7  1936-1944

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/8  1944-1954

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/9  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: Missing

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/10  1964-1969

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/11  1969-1979

Banns  BPR 1/I/1/6/12  1979-1984

Bibliography: Published by Lancashire Parish Register Society, vols 100 and 104

Confirmations  BPR 1/I/1/7  1924-1978

Confirmations  BPR 1/I/1/7/1  1924-1955

Confirmations  BPR 1/I/1/7/2  1956-1978

Church and Services  BPR 1/I/2  [n.d.]

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1  1884-1978

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/1  1884-1897

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/2  [n.d.]

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/3  1915-1925

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/4  1925-1934

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/5  1934-1941

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/6  1941-1953

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/7  1953-1961

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/8  1961-1967

Services  BPR 1/I/2/1/9  1967-1978

Faculties  BPR 1/I/2/2  1766-1938

Faculty 1 December 1766  BPR 1/I/2/2/1  1766

To build a gallery
Citation, 31 December 1814
Alterations to Michaelson family pew, see BPR 1/I/2/2/18

Faculty 24 November 1825  BPR 1/I/2/2/2  1825

To add new aisle and vestry room at North side of church, add porch and gallery, furnish with pews
With specification of pews and references for ground plan and elevations

Faculty 24 May 1883  BPR 1/I/2/2/3  1883

To take down church except for lower portions of south and east walls, to re-use materials and rebuild church

Faculty 26 May 1905  BPR 1/I/2/2/4  1905

To remove old organ and replace with new
With Citation, 28 April 1905

Faculty 14 February 1913  BPR 1/I/2/2/5  1913

To remove six bell peal and replace with new peal of eight inscribed bells

Faculty 17 July 1914  BPR 1/I/2/2/6  1914

To fix gates to doors of church and to place memorial brass to Edward Wadham in church

Faculty 4 May 1917  BPR 1/I/2/2/7  1917

To place memorial tablet to AE Baldwin in church

Faculty 10 April 1920  BPR 1/I/2/2/8  1920

To place war memorial tablet in church

Faculty 13 August 1920  BPR 1/I/2/2/9  1920

To place memorial tablet to HR Baldwin in church

Faculty 10 December 1920  BPR 1/I/2/2/10  1920

To place memorial tablet to WJA Baldwin in church

Faculty 9 September 1921  BPR 1/I/2/2/11  1921

To insert stained glass window in memory of Edward Wadham

Faculty 9 July 1926  BPR 1/I/2/2/12  1926

To instal electric light in parish church and St Margaret's church, with Citation 11 June 1926

Faculty 12 August 1927  BPR 1/I/2/2/13  1927

To take down, re-cast and rehang peal of bells

Faculty 10 February 1933  BPR 1/I/2/2/14  1933

To place memorial tablet to J Barton in church

Faculty 17 May 1933  BPR 1/I/2/2/15  1933

To insert stained glass window in memory of Mrs Wadham

Faculty 28 May 1934  BPR 1/I/2/2/16  1934

To furnish chapel in parish church

Faculty 21 January 1938  BPR 1/I/2/2/17  1938

To place a memorial tablet to ET Baldwin in Lady Chapel

Faculty 17 January 1913  BPR 1/I/2/2/18  1913

For removal of the present peal of 6 bells from St Mary's and replace with a new peal of 8 bells.+

Faculty 1 September 1939  BPR 1/I/2/2/19  1939

For two candlesticks for St Mary's and making certain alterations in St Margaret's.+

Faculty 8 January 1958  BPR 1/I/2/2/20  1958

For taking down part of the churchyard wall to give access to vicarage garage.+

Faculty 15 January 1958  BPR 1/I/2/2/21  1958

For stained glass window in memory of the Northey family.+

Faculty 26 January 1965  BPR 1/I/2/2/22  1965

For removal of headstones and setting aside a part of the churchyard for cremated ashes

Faculty 13 August 1973  BPR 1/I/2/2/23  1973

For candlesticks and vases

Faculty 23 December 1974  BPR 1/I/2/2/24  1974

For memorial cupboards

Faculty 23 June 1978  BPR 1/I/2/2/25  1978

For an extension to the church

Faculty 20 April 1979  BPR 1/I/2/2/26  1979

For disposing of articles from the redundant church of St Margaret, Dalton-in-Furness

Faculty 23 May 1979  BPR 1/I/2/2/27  1979

For new electrical system and redecoration of ceiling

Faculty 29 September 1985  BPR 1/I/2/2/28  1985

For plaque in memory of plague victims of 1631-2

Bundle including Citation, 31 December 1814, re Michaelson Family pew  BPR 1/I/2/18  1814-1815


Covering letters for monition, bills and plan from Tristram Hogg, Richmond
- Objection by James Satterthwaite, a trustee of late Mr Michaelson re proposed alterations affecting pew, March 1826

Letters, May 1910 to Rural Dean  BPR 1/I/2/19  1910


re granting of faculties for inscriptions on grave stones and for enclosing graves in which bodies have been buried by a kerbstone

Orders of Service  BPR 1/I/2/3  1905-1939

Dedication of new organ, 17 September 1905  BPR 1/I/2/3/1  1905

Service of Thankful Remembrance of signing of Armistice, 1918 4  BPR 1/I/2/3/2  1918

Unveiling and Dedication of War Memorial, 26 November 1922  BPR 1/I/2/3/3  1922

Service of Thankful Remembrance on 10th anniversary of Armistice Day, 11 November 1928  BPR 1/I/2/3/4  1928

Dedication of Lady Chapel, 26 November 1934  BPR 1/I/2/3/5  1934

Related information: See BPR 1/C/5/24

Thanksgiving for 25 year reign of King George V, 12 May 1935  BPR 1/I/2/3/6  1935

Institution and Induction of Rev MR Sinker, MA, 17 February 1939  BPR 1/I/2/3/7  [n.d.]

Diocese of Carlisle, Three Churches Appeal, Prayers and Litanies 2  BPR 1/I/2/3/8  Not dated

Order of Service for dedication of the Lady Chapel at St Mary's on 26 November 1934 by the Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness  BPR 1/I/2/3/9  1934

Marriage Licences  BPR 1/I/2/4  1928


Letter books, Rev J M Morgan  BPR 1/I/2/5  1850-1864

Loose items  BPR 1/I/2/5/1  1850


Letter book with Copy Marriage Licences and Copy probate of Wills 1849-1859  BPR 1/I/2/5/2  1849-1859

And Dalton Census Figures, 1801-1851

Letter book with Copy Marriage Licences 1860-1864  BPR 1/I/2/5/3  1860-1864

Surrogate's account, Census abstract for Lonsdale North of Sands 1861, Rule of Dalton Parish Cemetery

Visitors Book 1945-1946  BPR 1/I/2/6/1  1945-1946

Tithe and Endowment  BPR 1/I/3  [n.d.]

Tithe Apportionment, 1842  BPR 1/I/3/1/1  1842

Tithe Maps  BPR 1/I/3/1/2  1842

- Township of Dalton
- Ireleth
- Hawcoat, Barrow, Hindpool, Salthouse
- Newbarns etc
- Island of Walney 2
- Rampside, Newton and Yarlside
- Lindal and Martin

Altered tithe apportionments, 1883-1926  BPR 1/I/3/1/3  1883-1926


With covering letters for certificates

Copy Tithe Redemption Certificates  BPR 1/I/3/1/4  1880-1933


Letter, 29 September 1933 to Rev Trevor Jones from Bounty Office stating that final payment of tithe rent charge will be 1 October 1933  BPR 1/I/3/1/5  [n.d.]

Correspondence, 1936-1937 re Tithe Act, 1936  BPR 1/I/3/1/6  1936


Upkeep of chancel and appointment of trustees with responsibility for all charges formerly affecting tithe rent charge

Correspondence re Tithe Act 1936 and the stipend of the Vicar of Dalton  BPR 1/I/3/1/7  [n.d.]

Burials after Order in Council, 7 March 1860, closing Churchyard for internments  BPR 1/I/3/2/1  1860-1904

- Copy extract of Order in Council, 7 March 1860, Widow of late Geo Ashburner
- re Widow of late Geo Ashburner 7
- Copy telegram 9 June 1899, to Home Office from Rev F Byard re his right to have Ashburner vault opened to see if space in accordance with Order in Council exists 2
- Telegram, 9 June 1899 from Under Secretary of State in reply
- Letter, 10 June 1899 to Secertary of State revealing finding of no such space
- Letter, 10 June 1899 to Mr Ashburner explaining that there could be no burial
Miss Sarah Cleator
- Letters, 1899 from R C Atkinson, Yeddingham Vicarage, York, re aged relative, Miss Cleator, raising question of her eventual internment in allocated space in vault with sisters 2
- Extract of Will of Miss Sarah Cleator, 23 December 1896
- Telegrams 3 August 1903, re death of Miss Cleator
- Copy letter, 20 August 1903 to Secretary of State notifying that interment of Miss Cleator has taken place in accordance with Order in Council
- Letter, 11 September 1903 from R C Atkinson

Sarah Cleator Legacy  BPR 1/I/3/2/2  1904

- Extract from Copy Will and Codicil of Miss Sarah Cleator 1896
- Correspondence, 1904, with Charity Commissioners re Sarah Cleator Trust, Legacy of £100 3
- Correspondence, 1904, with Rev R C Atkinson, sole executor 3
- Correspondence, 1904, with Carlisle Diocesan Trust Association 3

Circular letter, July 1857, from Rev J M Morgan, Vicar of Dalton  BPR 1/I/3/3/1  1857

re need to provide additional church accommodation with suitable endowment and parsonage house at Barrow. Duke of Buccleuch and Earl of Burlington will purchase the site and build the church, provided that sufficient can be raised for an Endowment Fund and Parsonage House
St George's, Barrow

Correspondence, 1869, with Ecclesiastical Commissioners  BPR 1/I/3/4/1  1869

re proposed district of Newbarns and Hawcoat, its patronage and the loss of fees for the Vicar of Dalton 9, including
- Draft Order in Council, 1869, re continuation with schemes despite objections of Vicar of Dalton

Correspondence, 1871-1875, with Ecclesiastical Commissioners  BPR 1/I/3/4/2  1871-1875

re proposed compensation for loss of fees due to formation of new parish of Newbarns and Hawcoat; with
- Covering letter of Gazette 1874, with Order creating the District Chapelry of Ireleth and Askam

Copy Extracts of London Gazettes  BPR 1/I/3/4/3  1843, 1874

Related information: For division of Borough of Barrow from Parish of Dalton, 1871, and objection to the scheme. See BPR 1/O/7/5

- 3 October 1843, re perpetual curacy of Ireleth in Dalton parish
- 15 May 1874, re formation of District Chapelry of Ireleth with Askam

Correspondence, 1871-1886, with Ecclesiastical Commissioners re proposed district of Lindale with Martin  BPR 1/I/3/5/1  1871-1886


Draft scheme, 1872, for creation of district of Lindale and Marton  BPR 1/I/3/5/2  1872


Details of patronage and draft submission to Privy Council by Church Commissioners

Copy Draft Scheme and Correspondence, 1877-1879 with Ecclesiastical Commissioners  BPR 1/I/3/6  1877-1879


re proposed new districts of St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke and St John, Barrow

Covering letter, 1 June 1899, from Ecclesiastical Commissioners  BPR 1/I/3/7  1899

re assignment of district chapelry To St Mary's Walney, for Gazette, 26 May 1899

Clergy papers  BPR 1/I/3/8  [n.d.]

Related information: For Curate's Licences see BPR 1/I/4/1

Letters, 1853-1854  BPR 1/I/3/8/1  1853-1854

To Rev J M Morgan from James Ramsden, 29 April 1853; Benson Harrison 27 September 1854; Thomas Roper 6 October 1854; Earl of Burlington 22 October 1854 and 10 November 1854; Richard Gwillym, re stipend for new curate for Barrow

Correspondence, 1893-1896  BPR 1/I/3/8/2  1893-1896


Between Ecclesiastical Commissioners and Rev J M Morgan re temporary grants toward stipends for two assistant curates

Clergy Fund Volume  BPR 1/I/3/8/3  1898-1927

Including receipts and correspondence 1898-1912 and accounts 1905-1927

Assistant Clergy Fund, 1926-1933  BPR 1/I/3/8/4  1926-1933

List of subscribers, receipts and correspondence

Letters, February 1906 - May 1906 to Rev F Byard from William James Sumner re curacy of Dalton  BPR 1/I/3/8/5  1906


Rev J M Morgan  BPR 1/I/3/9  [n.d.]

Letter, 14 February 1895 to Rev J M Morgan from Paymaster General's office re payment of annuity  BPR 1/I/3/9/1  1859

Draft 1863 of Rev J M Morgan's case for augmentation of living  BPR 1/I/3/9/2  [1863]

Giving details of population 1841-1861, size of parish chapelries, weight of work, demands on Vicar, lack of resident gentry or land owners, finances, Dalton, Lindale and Newbarns schools, with notes on rebuilding of Dalton National School

Draft Agreement 1873 re payment of annual sum to Vicar in lieu of fees for interments at Barrow cemetery  BPR 1/I/3/10  [1873]

Rev J M Morgan, Vicar of Dalton  BPR 1/I/3/10/1  [n.d.]

Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of Borough of Barrow-in-Furness  BPR 1/I/3/10/2  [n.d.]

Bundle re Dilapidations  BPR 1/I/3/11  1871-1879

- Statement of Surveys, November 1871 - January 1879 by C J Ferguson under Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act 1871
- Report, 13 September 1928, under Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measure 1923
- Surveyor's Report, Second Quinquennium, 10 September 1934
- Papers re dilapidations including assessments 1930s, vouchers, receipts and correspondence
- Queen Anne's Bounty Powers Measure 1937, with draft

Warrants, 1896-1897, from Queen Anne's Bounty Office 3  BPR 1/I/3/12  1871-1883; 1896-1897


With receipts for insurance payments 1871-1883

Provisional valuation of St Mary's and St Margaret's Churches under Finance 1909-10 Act, 1910  BPR 1/I/3/13  1910


With receipts

Triennial Visitation Reports  BPR 1/I/3/14  1931-1937


1931, 1934 and 1937 on St Mary's and St Margaret's Churches Dalton, by G S Smith, Haverthwaite, for Furness Archdeaconry

Estimates, 1849  BPR 1/I/3/15  1849

For repair of windows at Vicarage and doors and windows of three cottages at Marton, owned by Vicarage, by William Jackson and Richard Briggs

Agreement, 10 December 1885 for building cowhouse stable, piggery, privies etc and finishing yard on churchland at Martin  BPR 1/I/3/16  1885

1. Richard Townley, builder, of Station Road, Dalton
2. Edward Hall, Surgeon, as agent for Rev J M Morgan, with receipt, November 1886

Letters, August 1886, from Currey, Holland and Currey, London  BPR 1/I/3/17  1886

Related information: See BPR 1/V/7/2/6

re possible redemption of arrears and rent on Poor Close, owned by parish church and conveyed to Furness Railway Co 1847

Bundle re: Town Flat Road widening - Copy Duplicate Agreement, 15 February 1924, for dedication of land to Tarn Flat Road, Dalton  BPR 1/I/3/18  1880,1924

1. Rev Canon W C Postlethwaite, Vicar of Dalton
2. Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty
3. Bishop of Carlisle, patron
4. Archbishop of York
5. Urban District Council of Dalton-in-Furness
- Covering letter, 5 August 1924 from 2's solicitor. 1924
- Plan of Martin showing land in manors of Bolton-with-Adgarley and Plain Furness. 1924
- Plan, 1880, of Powka Lot area showing land of Dalton Church 1r.30p. 1880

North Lonsdale Regional Planning Scheme, under Town and Country Planning Act, 1932  BPR 1/I/3/19  1934


Notice, 5 March 1934, of preparation of draft scheme and proposals to be sent to Committee

Copy Compensation Agreement  BPR 1/I/3/20  1932-1936


30 December 1935, of Vicarage house and premises, Dalton, after LPA 1922, extinguishments of Manorial incidents and conversion of customaryhold into freehold land
1. The Boughton Estates Ltd purchased area from Duke of Buccleuch 1933
2. Rev Trevor J Jones with Correspondence 1932-1936

Circulars  BPR 1/I/3/21  1937-1938


18 October 1937, 1 July 1938, to Vicar from Ecclesiastical Commissioners re registration of ownership of coal, under Coal Registration of Ownership Act 1937, stating inapplicability to vicarage of Dalton-in-Furness

Note, 1936 on patronage of Dalton, Hawkshead, Pennington, Millom and Beetham, 1872  BPR 1/I/3/22  1936


Vicar's Renewal Fund Appeal Leaflet, 1938  BPR 1/I/3/23  1938

Acts  BPR 1/I/3/24  1836-1900

An Act for the commutation of tithes in England and Wales  BPR 1/I/3/24/1  13 August 1836

An Act for registering births, deaths and marriages in England  BPR 1/I/3/24/2  17 August 1836

An Act for Marriages in England, 17 August 1836  BPR 1/I/3/24/3  3 July 1837

2 with an act to explain and amend two Acts passed in the last session of Parliament for marriages, and for registering births, deaths and marriages in England, 30 June 1837, and an act for the amendment of the laws with respect to wills

An Act to alter the mode of giving notices for the holding of vestries, of making proclamations in cases of outlawry and of giving notices on Sundays with respect to various matters  BPR 1/I/3/24/4  12 July 1837

An Act to abridge the holding of benefices in plurality and to make better provision for the residence of the clergy  BPR 1/I/3/24/5  14 August 1838

Burial Act  BPR 1/I/3/24/6  1900

With table of fees

Covering letter, 25 July 1837 re act for registration of births, deaths and marriages and forms for certified copies  BPR 1/I/3/24/7  [n.d.]

Circular, 19 June 1885 to the Clergy re provisions of Births and Deaths Registration Act 1874  BPR 1/I/3/24/8  [n.d.]

Circular, re Gilbert Acts loans from Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty  BPR 1/I/3/24/9  Not dated

Correspondence 1879-1921  BPR 1/I/3/25  1879-1921


London Gazettes  BPR 1/I/3/26  [n.d.]

Two volumes of London Gazettes, 1841-1875  BPR 1/I/3/26/1A-1B  1841-1875

Containing orders relating to parish of Dalton-in-Furness; Note: "The Gift of John Tyson, Esq, Solicitor,..... to the vestry of the Ancient Parish Church, February 1889"

Covering letter, 15 February 1889, returning Gazettes BPR 1/I/3/26/1 to Rev J M Morgan, from John Tyson, Solicitor, Dalton  BPR 1/I/3/26/2  1889

Personal and Miscellaneous  BPR 1/I/4  [n.d.]

Copy Licences of Curates  BPR 1/I/4/1  1894-1936

Frank Byard, MA  BPR 1/I/4/1/1  6 April 1894

Harold Dodsworth Ford, MA  BPR 1/I/4/1/2  8 August 1898

Arthur Harold Ransome, MA  BPR 1/I/4/1/3  21 December 1898

William James Sumner, BA  BPR 1/I/4/1/4  25 May 1902

Alfred Parker Hayes, BA  BPR 1/I/4/1/5  10 May 1904

George Clayton, Lth  BPR 1/I/4/1/6  16 January 1906

Henry Walter Joyce, BA  BPR 1/I/4/1/7  10 June 1906

Walter Samuel Helm, BA  BPR 1/I/4/1/8  19 December 1909

Hugh Niven, MA  BPR 1/I/4/1/9  18 November 1915

Harold Bardsley, BA  BPR 1/I/4/1/10  18 March 1917

James Stephenson Rothwell  BPR 1/I/4/1/11  15 January 1920

Charles Williams, MA  BPR 1/I/4/1/12  17 October 1923

James Paisley  BPR 1/I/4/1/13  22 September 1929

Frank Miles Metcalfe Haythornthwaite, BA  BPR 1/I/4/1/14  25 September 1932

George Henderson, ALCD  BPR 1/I/4/1/15  21 February 1936

Jeremy Nicholas Orkney Horton  BPR 1/I/4/1/16  29 September 1968

Declaration of Assent of Vicar, Rev J G Leonard, MA, 3 December 1905  BPR 1/I/4/2  1905

Dalton Parish Church Log Book, 1885-1906  BPR 1/I/4/3  1885-1906

Presented by Rev F Byard, 1902 "to be written up from time to time like the Log Book of a ship or of an Elementary School"

Memorandum, 1930, re recovery of sixteenth century chalice and re once proposed conversion of guest house at Furness Abbey into Chapel to be served by clergy of Dalton  BPR 1/I/4/4  1930

Park Mine Accident, February 1854  BPR 1/I/4/5  [n.d.]

Minutes of Committee of Management of Park Accidents Fund, March 1854-1862  BPR 1/I/4/5/1  1854-1862

With accounts 1854-1862 of subscriptions and expenditure

Subscriptions book in aid of widows and orphans of men drowned at the Park Iron Ore Mines  BPR 1/I/4/5/2  1854

One with notes on four of widows, 1854, and rough notebook and account re collection from house after sermon

Correspondence, 1854, of Rev J M Morgan re relief  BPR 1/I/4/5/3  1854


Typed list of the Registers of baptism, marriage and burial, 1565-1926  BPR 1/I/4/5/4  [1565-1926]

Bishop's declaration re the resignation of Rev Lewis Vicar of Lindal with Martin, 2 September 1905  BPR 1/I/4/6  1905

Notes concerning the will of William Atkinson, of Dalton, gentleman, dated 22 May 1819  BPR 1/I/4/7  1923

In which he gave £50 to the sidesmen and Twenty Four of Dalton. Half the interest to be paid to the vicar after he preached a sermon on Easter Monday, half to buy bread for the poor who attend the same service, 31 March 1923

Correspondence re improvements to Dalton Vicarage  BPR 1/I/4/8  1948

Report and supplementary report of the Commission appointed by the Bishop of Carlisle  BPR 1/I/4/9  1936

To inquire and report on the provision for the new housing areas covered by the Rural Deanery of Dalton

Correspondence re Alternative Service Book, 1980  BPR 1/I/4/10  1983

Photographs  BPR 1/I/4/11  20th c

Photograph of clergymen including Canon Postlethwaite and G Smith  BPR 1/I/4/11/1  c1915-1928

Photograph of clergymen  BPR 1/I/4/11/2  Not dated 20C

Photograph of a clergyman at the font  BPR 1/I/4/11/3  Not dated 20C

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

List of Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, for the Dalton, Yarlside, Above Town and Hawcoat Divisions of the parish of Dalton, 1726-1886  BPR 1/C/5/1  1726-1886


Account books  BPR 1/C/5/2  1696-1913

Book  BPR 1/C/5/2/1  1696-1876

Related information: For "Churchwarden's and Sidemen's Book", 1877-1922, see BPR 1/V/7/1

Including Lists, Rules and Agreements of the Four and Twenty, 1740-1773

Book  BPR 1/C/5/2/2  1840-1913

Including Hearse account, 1858-1862, Regulations, 1841, for use of hearse belonging to parish of Dalton. List of Subscribers by whom hearse could be used more cheaply, and list of person by whom hearse used, 1841-1858

Bundle re building a Gallery in church, 1766-1768 24  BPR 1/C/5/3  1766-1768

- Agreement, 11 April 1766, to apply for faculty and share expenses, seats being sold after construction and proceeds to be shared out, Thomas Atkinson, receiver
- Account, 1766-1768
- Plans and dimensions 4
- Vouchers 1767
- Memorandum of Agreement, 18 March 1767, re building gallery, dimensions etc
1. Thomas Atkinson, John Ashburner, James Naylor the younger, all of Dalton, on behalf of themselves and James Postlethwaite, William Berry, John Shaw, Thomas Atkinson of Mannor, Richard Pemberton, Thomas Saul, James Shaw, Thomas Gardner, George Brockbank and Thomas Richardson of Old Park, all parishioners with the Parish of Dalton
2. George Lamb and Joseph Hodgson of Lancaster
- Sale of pews, 29 August 1767, plan or sketch and list of subscribers
- Account 1767 at Consistory Court at Richmond of Thomas Atkinson, gentleman and others v inhabitants of Dalton and all others. Expenses relating to the obtaining of faculty for building a gallery in Dalton Church

Papers, 1788-1792  BPR 1/C/5/4  1788-1792

- Accounts, 1788, for expense of obtaining a faculty
Organ: See BPR 1/C/5/10
- Agreement, 25 May 1788, to purchase a barrel organ with names of subscribers left open to public inspection: to improve quality of music in church
- List of subscribers ot organ, 19 June 1789
- Letter, 17 June 1789 from Jn Langhaw of Lancaster re organ building
- Agreements, 27 June 1789, to erect new gallery for an organ by George Romney for £12, to finish ceiling by Geo Romney and James Warriner, with account 1789
- Vouchers for church repairs, 1788-1789
Bells: See BPR 1/C/5/9
- Draft petition to Lords of Manors of Plain Furness and Dalton from principal land holders and tenants re assistance in purchase of bells for repaired church 2, 1790
Pews: See BPR 1/C/5/5
- Accounts, 1789 for pews after public sale
- Pews to be sold, 29 January 1791
Biggar Dyke
- Copies of some orders re repair of Biggar Dyke by Four and Twenty or Vestry Men, 1590, 1611, 1612, 1628

Pews  BPR 1/C/5/5  [n.d.]

Bundle, 1788-1790: Sale of pews to raise money to pay for new roofing and ceiling of church 6  BPR 1/C/5/5/1  1788-1790

- Draft petition, 27 September 1788, to ordinary to obtain a faculty for disposing of pews by public sale
- Description of terms upon which sale made, 1789, Specification for making new pews and Agreements for Sale
- Answer and Return, 24 February 1790, of Churchwardens to licence and faculty

Plans, 1758 of old church showing areas newly pewed, areas to be pewed 2  BPR 1/C/5/5/2  [1788]

Related information: See also BPR 1/C/5/4

Bundle, 1824-1832: Church extension  BPR 1/C/5/6  1824-1832; 1849

Related information: Vicarage repairs, 1849 see BPR 1/I/3/15

- Notices of meetings to inspect plans and estimates, 8 June, 23 July and 10 August 1825, 23 April and 6 September 1830 and 23 April 1832
- Resolutions
Of sidesmen re enlargement of church, 23 April 1825 2
Of sidesmen re enlargement to be continued on North side, 23 July 1825
Of commissioners for enlarging church, 28 November 1826
Of sidesmen and inhabitants for taking down south front of church and rebuilding, 23 April 1830
Of sidesmen and inhabitants appointing committee and sanctioning removal of south front, 23 April 1832
- Specifications, 1825-1826, for work of carpenter and joiner, waller, plumber and glazier, mason, plasterer, and slater with estimates, vouchers and receipts, 1830-1832
- Account of building, 1825-1826, with pew allocation plan
- Tho Butler's account with commissioners for enlarging Dalton Church, 1825-1826
- Receipts and vouchers, 1825-1826
- Agreement to paint church, 24 March 1827 by Elijah Jackson and John Taylor, painters of Ulverston, for £22.15s
- Coin Edward I silver penny c1290? in envelope marked: "Found in Vicarage Garden 1933"

Subscription List, 1 October 1856, for lighting parish church with gas  BPR 1/C/5/7  1856

Letters, 25 November 1861, to Rev J M Morgan from R B and T M Postlethwaite re reseating of church  BPR 1/C/5/8  1861

Bells  BPR 1/C/5/9  1790-1891

Related information: See also BPR 1/C/5/4

Subscription list, 5 April 1790  BPR 1/C/5/9/1  1790, 1866

Account of bells at Halsall
Note on removal of bells 1866

Papers, 1865-1866 re new peal of bells  BPR 1/C/5/9/2  1865-1866

- Notice of meeting of Committee for bell appeal, 1865
- List of subscription collection areas and collectors
- List of subscriptions collected

Subscription Books, 1865, for peal of six bells to be placed in the tower  BPR 1/C/5/9/3  1865


Final receipted account for bells  BPR 1/C/5/9/4  1866

May to October 1866, John Warner and Sons, Cripplegate, London

Bundle, 1889-1891  BPR 1/C/5/9/5  1889-1891

- Letter, 5 November 1889, from Vicar and Churchwardens re need to rehang whole peal of bells, soliciting subscriptions
- Subscription letters
- Correspondence and brochure of James Shaw, Son and Co, Leeds Road, Bradford
- Tenders, 1890-1891, re repairs to bells and church. [...] 1890-1891

List of occasions on which the bells were rung muffled at Dalton, 1881-1944  BPR 1/C/5/9/6  1881-1944

Page from The Ringing World concerning St Mary's Dalton, and the bells, 20 October 1972  BPR 1/C/5/9/7  1972

Organ  BPR 1/C/5/10  [1790]-1938

Related information: See also BPR 1/C/5/4

List of tunes on three barrels of Dalton organ, 1790  BPR 1/C/5/10/1  [1790]

Specifications 1 and 2, estimate and letter, 21 September 1854, for new organ, from Kirtland and Jardine, Machester  BPR 1/C/5/10/2  1854

With prospectus; letters 6 to William Butler from Robert Daniel, parish organist

Letters, 1881, re dispute between Vicar and Churchwardens re right to appoint organist  BPR 1/C/5/10/3  1881


Subscription list, Organ Fund, opened 13 September 1904  BPR 1/C/5/10/4  1904

Letter, 19 April 1919, to Vicar and Churchwardens from W A Hany asking for increase in salary as organist and choirmaster  BPR 1/C/5/10/5  1919

Acceptance of appointment as organist by R A Hany of 84 Market Street, Dalton, 1 October 1938  BPR 1/C/5/10/6  1938

Ground plan of church, 1871, Paley and Austin, Architects, Lancaster  BPR 1/C/5/11  1871

Rebuilding of Dalton Parish Church, 1879-1891  BPR 1/C/5/12  1879-1891

Minutes and re meetings  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of meetings of Vicar and Churchwardens, 1879  BPR 1/C/5/12/1  1879

- Letters, papers and memoranda
- Copies of circulars
- List of outdoor poor, 1881

Draft Minutes, 10 October 1879 of meeting of Vicar and Churchwardens  BPR 1/C/5/12/2  1879

With Agreement, 11 October 1879 by James Garden to reseat church for £135 as per tender to H W Schneider Churchwardens not being liable

Proceedings of Committee for Restoration, January 1882 - September 1891  BPR 1/C/5/12/3  1882-1891

Including copy letters and circulars

Circulars and draft, February 1882 calling first meeting, on 13 March 1882 of Committee nominated at preliminary meeting held in February 1882  BPR 1/C/5/12/4  1882

Rough Minutes and copy resolutions of first meeting, 13 March 1882  BPR 1/C/5/12/5  1882

Draft Minutes, 14 April 1882 of meeting of resident members of committee  BPR 1/C/5/12/6  1882

Rough Minutes, 13 November 1882, of sub-committee meeting  BPR 1/C/5/12/7  1882

Draft Minutes, 30 March 1883, of sub-committee meeting  BPR 1/C/5/12/8  1883

Notice of public vestry meeting, 12 April 1883, with draft, and vestry minutes and draft  BPR 1/C/5/12/9  1883

Related information: See also BPR 1/V/7/1 and BPR 1/V/7/2

Rough Minutes, 25 May 1883, of building committee  BPR 1/C/5/12/10  1883

Book of memoranda on restoration of church 1882, for Messrs Grundy & Sons, Architects, with requirements  BPR 1/C/5/12/11  1882

- Letter, 14 February 1882, to Rev J M Morgan from John Hardman and Co re stained glass

Correspondence, notices of meetings, apologies for absence etc  BPR 1/C/5/12/12  1881-1885; 1891


1881-1885, 1891

Application for aid in building, restoring or enlarging church, 1882  BPR 1/C/5/12/13  1882

From Carlisle Diocesan Church and Parsonage building and benefice augmentation society partially completed

Circulars  [no ref. or date]

Circular March 1882  BPR 1/C/5/12/14  1882

With draft, requesting subscriptions

Circular Draft, May 1882 from Vicar re subscriptions  BPR 1/C/5/12/15  1882

Circular June 1882  BPR 1/C/5/12/16  1882

With draft, reminder re subscriptions

Circular June 1883  BPR 1/C/5/12/17  1883

Requesting cheque for promised subscription as contractor has started work 6

Circular  BPR 1/C/5/12/18  1890

November 1890, with draft
Rebuilding of the Parish Church, Dalton-in-Furness, 1883, 1884-5, with the compliments of the Vicar and Churchwardens, including: account, list of offerings, list of former gifts and offerings, list of those involved 4

Subscriptions  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence re Subscriptions and in response to circulars, 1880-1891  BPR 1/C/5/12/19  1880-1891


- Draft and Copy Statement appealing to Duke of Devonshire, October 1885, for funds to pay Debts to contractors

Lists of subscriptions  BPR 1/C/5/12/20  1883-1890

- List of local subscriptions with those unpaid 1883
- Copy list of subscriptions to 6 October 1890

Receipt and credit books for subscriptions, 1884-1885  BPR 1/C/5/12/21  1884-1885


Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Vicar and Churchwardens in account with Lancaster Banking Co, Ulverston, statement of account 1867-1886  BPR 1/C/5/12/22  1867-1886

Account showing balance in bank to this date, 30 October 1883  BPR 1/C/5/12/23  1883

Accounts to 22 May 1884  BPR 1/C/5/12/24  1884

Accounts to 1 August 1884  BPR 1/C/5/12/25  1884

Accounts to 26 November 1884  BPR 1/C/5/12/26  1884

Cash Account, May 1885 and list subscriptions received  BPR 1/C/5/12/27  1885

Statement of Liabilities, and Draft, May 1885  BPR 1/C/5/12/28  1885

Draft second Statement of Account, January 1886  BPR 1/C/5/12/29  1886

Draft list of subscriptions, 1890  BPR 1/C/5/12/30  1890

Copy Statement of Account and draft, October 1890, for 1883-1884-1885  BPR 1/C/5/12/31  1890

Final Statement of Account, 11 November 1891, relating to the re-building of Dalton Parish Church, 1884-1885  BPR 1/C/5/12/32  1891


With typescript copies

Pass book, of Thomas Butler, Dalton Church Building Fund, 1882-1886  BPR 1/C/5/12/33  1882-1891

With Statement of Account of Ed Wadham Esq, with Lancaster Banking Co, 1888-1891, re re-building of Dalton Church

Cheque and credit books  BPR 1/C/5/12/34  1873; 1881-1886

1873, 1881-1883, 1883-1886, 1886

Monition, 25 April 1883  BPR 1/C/5/12/35  1883

For taking down ancient chapel of Dalton except for lower part of South and East walls, etc, and re-building it

Contract, 25 May 1883, 25 May 1883, for re-building church  BPR 1/C/5/12/36  1883

1. James Garden of Dalton, contractor
2. Edward Wadham Esq, of Millwood, Dalton, and Sir James Ramsden of Abbottswood, Dalton, on behalf of the Building Committee
Consideration: £8404

Plan of proposed rebuilding of church 1883  BPR 1/C/5/12/37  [1883]

Vouchers and receipts, 1883-1886  BPR 1/C/5/12/38  1883-1886

- Correspondence re debts, 1884-1885, to James Combe and Son, Glasgow, and James Garden of Dalton

Correspondence, 1882-1886  BPR 1/C/5/12/39  1882-1886

Miscellaneous  BPR 1/C/5/12/40  [1880s]

- Photograph of old church
- Photographs of new church
- Newspaper cutting, 1885

Dalton Church Plans  BPR 1/C/5/13  [n.d.]

Plans 1880s of Dalton Church windows  BPR 1/C/5/13/1  [1880s]; 1883

Full size 2 with detail of chancel, windows of St Oswald's Church, Thornton. See later list
Sketches of the Church by Paley and Austen

Proposed wing wall, south porch  BPR 1/C/5/13/2  [n.d.]

Proposed north porch  BPR 1/C/5/13/3  [n.d.]

South elevation  BPR 1/C/5/13/4  [n.d.]

Porch and door  BPR 1/C/5/13/5  [n.d.]

West and est elevations  BPR 1/C/5/13/6  [n.d.]

Rough sketch  BPR 1/C/5/13/7  [n.d.]

Letters, 1888-1889 to Paley and Austin, Lancaster, re dry rot in church  BPR 1/C/5/14  1888-1889

Churchyard Improvements  BPR 1/C/5/15  [n.d.]

Notebook, 1880s re church yard improvements  BPR 1/C/5/15/1  [1880s]

[no title]  BPR 1/C/5/15/2  1892-1893

Subscription List, 1893, for improvement of church gates, with letter, 11 March 1892, from W G Ainslie of Harrison, Ainslie and Co, contributing £5 for the firm

Vouchers and Receipts  BPR 1/C/5/16  1880-1927

Vouchers and Receipts  BPR 1/C/5/16/1  1880-1882

Related information: 1883-1886 see BPR 1/C/5/12/38

Vouchers and Receipts  BPR 1/C/5/16/2  1892-1893

Vouchers and Receipts  BPR 1/C/5/16/3  1894-1895

Vouchers and Receipts  BPR 1/C/5/16/4  1895-1896

Vouchers and Receipts  BPR 1/C/5/16/5  1926-1927

Pass book: Churchwardens of St Mary's Dalton, with Lancaster Bank Co  BPR 1/C/5/17  1886-1895

Pass book: Churchwardens of St Mary's Dalton, with Lancaster Bank Co  BPR 1/C/5/17/1  1886-1888

Pass book: Churchwardens of St Mary's Dalton, with Lancaster Bank Co  BPR 1/C/5/17/2  1888-1891

Pass book: Churchwardens of St Mary's Dalton, with Lancaster Bank Co  BPR 1/C/5/17/3  1891-1895

Churchwardens' Books  BPR 1/C/5/18  [n.d.]

Alms book for boxes in porch, 1869-1883  BPR 1/C/5/18/1  1869-1883; 1887-1939

Offertory Books  BPR 1/C/5/18/2  1887-1892

Offertory Books  BPR 1/C/5/18/3  1892-1900

Offertory Books  BPR 1/C/5/18/4  1900-1915

Offertory Books  BPR 1/C/5/18/5  1915-1939

Offertory account book, 1931-1935  BPR 1/C/5/18/6  1931-1935

List of recipients of coal  BPR 1/C/5/19  1895-1897

Christmas 1895; Christmas 1897; with correspondence 1896

Correspondence, 1895-1896  BPR 1/C/5/20  1895-1896


Plan of church, south elevation, 1896, by William Newby  BPR 1/C/5/21  1896

Insurance  BPR 1/C/5/22  [n.d.]

Fire insurance policies  BPR 1/C/5/22/1  1882-1918

1888, 1918 2, correspondence and Receipts for payment of premium, 1882, 1885

Fire Insurance Policy 1911 with letter  BPR 1/C/5/22/2  1911

Correspondence re insurance, 1913  BPR 1/C/5/22/3  1913


Report, 12 November 1920, by Architect John M Curwen on condition of Parish Church  BPR 1/C/5/23/1  1920

Survey Report, 17 December 1937, by Paley and Austin, Lancaster, on St Mary's Church, Dalton  BPR 1/C/5/23/2  1937

Related information: For Triennial Visitation Reports see BPR 1/I/3/14; for Quinquennial Survey, 1934, see BPR 1/I/3/11

Bundle, 1924-1935, re Jubilee Celebrations and Creation of Lady Chapel  BPR 1/C/5/24/1  1924-1935

- Circulars re donations for Jubilee Fund, 1885-1935 and conversion of South Choir aisle into a Chapel for 50th anniversary
- Letter, estimate and preliminary plan, 1924-1925, from Austin and Paley, Architects, Lancaster, for proposed side chapel
- Vicar's correspondence re side chapel, 1929-1934
- Extracts from reports, 1930, on progress of work at Furness Abbey by J Martin, in charge of restoration operations under HM Office of Works, showing the way and place in which the foundation timbers used in restoring the Side Chapel altar were come by
- Copy Citation, 11 May 1934
To furnish a side chapel and make necessary alterations in church
- Specification and plan of proposed altar, June 1934, Hicks and Charlewood, Architects, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
- Scheme for furnishing side chapel 2
- Church Chair catalogue, 1934
- Vouchers and Receipts, 1935 see BPR 1/C/5/25
- Order of service, 26 November 1934, to Jubilee service of Rememberence and Thanksgiving, 1885-1935 4

Jubilee fund papers  BPR 1/C/5/24/2  1934-1938

- Pass books, 1934 1934-1938
- Cheque book stubs 1934-1935, 1935-1937
- Draft account 1935
- Creation of Lady Chapel, 1935, vouchers and receipts

Letters, 1930 to Vicar re east windows  BPR 1/C/5/25  1930


Letter, 12 October 1931, to J Watson, 61 Cleator Street, Dalton from R H Bacon, 27 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London  BPR 1/C/5/26  1931

Covering account rendered for repairs to lightning conductor on parish church

Seating plan of church, 1935  BPR 1/C/5/27  1935

Related information: For upkeep of Chancel, 1936, after Tithe Act, see BPR 1/I/3/1/6

Bundle, 1936-1937 re hospital fund  BPR 1/C/5/28  1936-1937

Miscellaneous papers  BPR 1/C/5/29  [1900s]

Terriers  BPR 1/C/5/30  1867-1934

1-5. 1867 1878 1894 1908 1934

Correspondence for Campbell, Smith & Co Ltd, re proposed restoration work at St Mary's  BPR 1/C/5/32  1961

Estimate from R W Comber, builder, contractor and monumental mason of Dalton  BPR 1/C/5/33  1961

For supplyuing a polished slate slab for George Romney's tomb

Schedule of defects requiring attention during the next five years. St Mary's  BPR 1/C/5/34  1962

Plan of St Mary's 1977  BPR 1/C/5/35  1977

Plan of St Mary's Church and the new parish centre showing lighting and sockets, January 1978  BPR 1/C/5/36  1978

List of church furniture and necessities paid for out of offertories and donations with a list of former gifts and offerings  BPR 1/C/5/37  1885-1890

Also list of the Building Committee, architects, general committee for the re-building of the church and a list of the 24 sidesmen and churchwardens for 1885

Schedule of deeds and documents relating to the old and new parish churches received from W Butler & Sons, 7 March 1933  BPR 1/C/5/38  1933

Inventories  BPR 1/C/5/39  Post 1934-1937

Inventory of some of the gifts in the Lady Chapel, the Side Chapel, the Library and the Church plate  BPR 1/C/5/39/1  Post 1934

Inventory of items in the Lady Chapel at St Mary's  BPR 1/C/5/39/2  1937

"An Inventory of the parish chest at Dalton Church" by Paul V Kelly. Reprint from CWAAS Transactions Vol XXXVI NSO  BPR 1/C/5/40  1936

Church plate and chalice  BPR 1/C/5/41  1882-1908

Extract from "Old Church Plate in the Diocese of Carlisle" ed R S Ferguson, MA, FSA, 1882, with supplement by Mrs H Ware  BPR 1/C/5/41/1  1908

Letter from Harper Gaythorpe to John Fell of Flan How re the two chalices dated 1571 and from the 17th century belonging to St Mary's, the church bells  BPR 1/C/5/41/2  5 November 1900

Photographs 2 of chalice dated 1571  BPR 1/C/5/41/3  20C

Photographs 5 of interior of St Mary's  BPR 1/C/5/42  [n.d.]

Photographs 2 showing old and new boiler, October and November 1983  BPR 1/C/5/43  1983

Plan/Drawing of proposed War Memorial tablet for Dalton Parish Church  BPR 1/C/5/44  1959

Correspondence with Alliance Assurance Co Ltd re accident to Mrs Ethel Bramwell, cleaner  BPR 1/C/5/45  1936

Correspondence re insurances  BPR 1/C/5/46  1937-1938

Insurance forms for stained glass windows and for the church  BPR 1/C/5/47  1966

Dalton Church Inscriptions  BPR 1/C/5/48  [n.d.]

Book containing epitaphs in Dalton Church yard copied 1914  BPR 1/C/5/48/1  1914

Inscriptions on the tombstones in Dalton Parish church and churchyard recorded By Thomas Metcalf, November 1932, with Plans of the churchyard  BPR 1/C/5/48/2  1932

Drawing, correspondence and order of service for window in memory of the Northay family  BPR 1/C/5/49  1958-1990


P.C.C. Accounts and Miscellaneous  BPR 1/P/6  1892-1970s

Related information: See BPR 1/C/5/12/21-31

Statements of account relating to Rebuilding Dalton Parish Church, 1882-1891

Statement of account, 1892-1893  BPR 1/P/6/1  1892-1893


Related information: For St Margaret's Church, see BPR 1A; for St Margaret's Sunday School, see BPR 1A, BPR 1/P/6 and BPR 1/S/8

Vestry Minute Book with PCC minutes, 1922-1932  BPR 1/P/6/2  1922-1936

Accounts, 1922-1936

PCC minute books  BPR 1/P/6/3  1932-1966

1. 1932-1950 with Annual Vestry/Parochial Meeting and account, 1937-1949
2. 1950-1966 with Annual Parochial Meeting and accounts, 1951-1955

Dalton Parish Church Accounts  BPR 1/P/6/4  1940-1943

Statement of Accounts for St Mary's, St Margaret's and St Barnabas' Churches, Dalton  BPR 1/P/6/5  1945

Electoral rolls  BPR 1/P/6/6  1943-1965

Roll  BPR 1/P/6/6/1  1943

Roll  BPR 1/P/6/6/2  1965

Programmes and receipts  BPR 1/P/6/7  1931-1961

Souvenir programme of the Dalton Church Bazaar held 21 and 22 October 1931  BPR 1/P/6/7/1  [n.d.]

Programme for 5th Annual Flower & Vegetable Show of St Mary's and St Margaret's, Dalton, 6 September 1952  BPR 1/P/6/7/2  [n.d.]

Receipt from District Bank for Flower Show of St Mary's and St Margaret's, Dalton, 6 September 1961  BPR 1/P/6/7/3  [n.d.]

Photograph of Scouts and Cubs  BPR 1/P/6/8  Not dated 1930s?

Drawing of Dalton Church and the cottages below by Ethel Kay  BPR 1/P/6/9  c1937

Presented to the Vicar by Win Groocock in 1981

Photographs and negatives of church activities  BPR 1/P/6/10  Not dated 1970s

Printing Plates  BPR 1/P/6/11  C1915-1928; Pre 1941

1. Church organ Rev C Postlethwaite
2. Church exterior, pre 1941


The Four and Twenty  BPR 1/V/7  [n.d.]

Related information: For lists, rules and agreements of the Four and Twenty Sidesmen, 1740-1773, see Churchwardens Account Book, 1696-1876, BPR 1/C/5/2/1
For Resolutions of meetings, 1825-1832 re church extension, see BPR 1/C/5/6

Churchwardens and Sidesmen's Book, 1877-1922  BPR 1/V/7/1  1879-1922; 1883

Related information: For Notice and draft of public vestry meeting, 12 April 1883 to pass a resolution to pull down the old church and to pass plans for erection of a new one, with Minutes and Draft of Meeting, 12 April 1883, See Rebuilding of Dalton Parish Church, 1879-1891, BPR 1/C/5/12/9

- List of Sidesmen 1878-1920
- Minutes of Sidesmen 1884-1920

Letters  BPR 1/V/7/2  1886

Letter, 7 May 1886  BPR 1/V/7/2/1  1886

Sent after Easter 1886 Monday meeting to all those sidesmen who had not attended a meeting for the past three years, asking them if they wish to continue or to resign; with requested resignation subscribed by Wm Slater

Letter of resignation, 8 May 1886, from W Baldwin  BPR 1/V/7/2/2  [n.d.]

Letter of resignation, 8 May 1886, from E J Baldwin  BPR 1/V/7/2/3  [n.d.]

Letter of resignation, 10 May 1886, from Wm Lesh  BPR 1/V/7/2/4  [n.d.]

Apology for absence, 9 June 1886, from Edward Wadham for adjourned meeting of sidesmen to be held on 14 June 1886  BPR 1/V/7/2/5  [n.d.]

Draft Minutes for adjourned meeting, Whit Monday, 14 June 1886, re resignations, appointments and rents. See also BPR 1/I/3/17  BPR 1/V/7/2/6  [n.d.]

Letter of acceptance of nomination, 21 June 1886, from Francis H Clark, 4 Fair View, Dalton-in-Furness  BPR 1/V/7/2/7  [n.d.]

Letter of acceptance of nomination, 22 June 1886, from W G Ainslie  BPR 1/V/7/2/8  [n.d.]

Letter of acceptance of nomination, 25 June 1886, from James Atkinson  BPR 1/V/7/2/9  [n.d.]

Letter of acceptance of nomination, 26 June 1886, from Thomas Ashburner  BPR 1/V/7/2/10  [n.d.]

Petition, 1875, by Dalton Burial Board and Dalton Vestry against Barrow-in-Furness Corporation Bill  BPR 1/V/7/3  1875

Annotated by Rev J M Morgan

Petition, 1875? To Justices of the Peace of Lonsdale North of the Sands from twenty four men of Dalton  BPR 1/V/7/4  [1875]

Requesting that an inn or hotel is much wanted at junction of Ulverston and Kirkby Ireleth roads and that John Farquhar's property is suitable and he is a respectable person to be entrusted with a Licence

Sidesmen's plans of arrangement of seats  BPR 1/V/7/5  Not dated


Overseers of the Poor  BPR 1/O/7  1726-1886

Related information: For List of Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor for the Dalton, Yarlside, Above Town and Hawcoat Divisions of the parish of Dalton, 1726-1886, see BPR 1/C/5/1

Accounts  BPR 1/O/7/1  1735-1837

With Workhouse accounts 1735-1740  BPR 1/O/7/1/1  1735-1758

Accounts  BPR 1/O/7/1/2  1758-1769

With Workhouse accounts  BPR 1/O/7/1/3  1831-1837

Workhouse Accounts opened 11 June 1735  BPR 1/O/7/2  1735-1758

Workhouse Accounts opened 11 June 1735  BPR 1/O/7/2/1  1735-1749

Workhouse Accounts opened 11 June 1735  BPR 1/O/7/2/2  1749-1758

Related information: See also BPR 1/O/7/1/1 and BPR 1/O/7/1/3

Vouchers and receipts, 1850-1851, including demands for payment of poor rate for Ulverston Union  BPR 1/O/7/3  1850-1851


Fragment, c1850 with notes as to cost of burial of paupers  BPR 1/O/7/4  [c1850]

Division of Borough of Barrow  BPR 1/O/7/5  [n.d.]

Notes and draft minutes, 1871 of meeting re division of Borough of Barrow from parish of Dalton and opposition to scheme  BPR 1/O/7/5/1  1871

Letters, 1871, from Poor Law Board re position of parish officers and guardians after divisions of Borough of Barrow from parish of Dalton  BPR 1/O/7/5/2  1871


Poor Law Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation Act 1871, with Bill, re division of Borough of Barrow from parish of Dalton  BPR 1/O/7/5/3  1871

Related information: For list of outdoor poor, December 1881 see BPR 1/C/5/12/1
For list of recipients of coal, Christmas 1895, Christmas 1897, with correspondence, 1896 see BPR 1/C/5/19

SCHOOLS  [no ref. or date]

Dalton National Schools  BPR 1/S/8  [n.d.]

Log Books  BPR 1/S/8/1  1862-1929

Boys  BPR 1/S/8/1/1  1862-1885

Girls and Infants  BPR 1/S/8/1/2  1863-1912

Infants  BPR 1/S/8/1/3  1865-1929, 1881

Related information: For notes on rebuilding of school, 1863, see BPR 1/I/3/8/2
For letters, 1881, to Vicar from H W Schneider re negotiations of school Business 3, see BPR 1/C/5/12/12

Rules and Regulations of Dalton National Schools  BPR 1/S/8/1/4  c1863

Timetable for Dalton National School  BPR 1/S/8/1/5  1871

Free School Subscription  BPR 1/S/8/2  1895

Bundles of letters, receipts and circulars re subscriptions to Dalton C of E Free Schools, including
- Notebooks with names of those to whom circulars requesting subscriptions have been sent, June 1895

Letters/Notebooks  BPR 1/S/8/2/1  1895

Letters/Notebooks  BPR 1/S/8/2/2  1895-1897

Notes re will of Thomas Boulton of London 1622 concerning his bequest to the school  BPR 1/S/8/2/3  Not dated; (20C)

Order from the Charity Commissioners re The Free School, Dalton  BPR 1/S/8/2/4  1885

Appointing new Trustees and setting forth the scheme under which the charity is to run and copy, 14 August 1885

Appointment by the Charity Commission of Thomas Ashburner of Greystone House, Dalton, as a Trustee of The Free School, 10 August 1888  BPR 1/S/8/2/5  1888

Appointment by Charity Commission of Frederic James Ramsden of Abbots Wood as Trustee of The Free School, Dalton, 1 August 1899  BPR 1/S/8/2/6  1899

Appointment by Charity Commission of Edward Burdett Pooley of Dalton House and George Henry Patterson of Beckside House  BPR 1/S/8/2/7  1901

Both in Dalton, Physicians and Surgeons, to be Trustees of The Free School, Dalton, 26 February 1901

Final Order made under Section 11 of The Education Act 1902, appointing Foundation Managers  BPR 1/S/8/2/8  1904

Order made by Board of Education  BPR 1/S/8/2/9  1914

Appointing Thomas Ashburner, solicitor, Arthur James Cross, surgeon, Edward Burdett Pooley, surgeon, Walter Francis Ainslie Wadham, Esq, and Robert Thompson, Esq, as Trustees of The Free School, Dalton, 18 December 1914

Report on religious instruction at Dalton School  BPR 1/S/8/2/10  1940

Report on religious instruction at the Green Schools, Dalton, 10 May 1948  BPR 1/S/8/2/11  1948

Form of agreement for Secondary School pupils under 12 years of age on admission to school  BPR 1/S/8/2/12  1940s

Lancashire Education Committee. Blank

Letter from Lancashire Education Committee re draft Development Plan acquired under 1944 Education Act  BPR 1/S/8/2/13  1945

The Committee requires information about the school site, accommodation, playground etc, 27 Novenber 1945

Regulations and conditions of employment in the School Meals Service of Lancashire Education Committee  BPR 1/S/8/2/14  1946

Claim form for maintenance contribution under Education Act 1944 for Aided and Special Agreement Voluntary Schools  BPR 1/S/8/2/15  1947

Related information: See also BPR 1/M/9/2 Dalton Free School Charity


Newton School St Barnabas'  BPR 1/S/8/3  [n.d.]

Petition and summary copy, 19 March 1874  BPR 1/S/8/3/1  1874

From inhabitants of Newton, Stank and neighbourhood, to Dukes of Devonshire and Buccleuch, Sir James Ramsden, H W Schneider, and the Directors of the Barrow Hematite Steel Company, for building a school, also to be used as a Church; annotated
"Thanks for the summary you sent me. I know of course perfectly well the amount of work that has to be done. What I meant to convey by my former letter was only that the wealthiest people in our district both on account of Land and Commercial schemes ought undoubtedly to supply the large portion of Funds required for carrying on any work that may be necessary now I certainly maintain that although some give very handsomely by no means all don't and those who do not in proportion to their means, that is why I wrote to you they might be made to see their duty and be forced to subscribe their proper ratio. I return the report with kindest regards to Mrs Morgan."

Letter, 15 March 1874 to Rev J M Morgan, from J W Baldwin, London  BPR 1/S/8/3/2  [1874]

"The District I proposed takes in New Roose where the Barrow Hematite Steel Company have already built 100 houses for their Stank miners. Stank is about a quarter of a mile from Newton. The Company will build 100 more houses at new Roose and about 60 are building or will be built within 6 months at Newton, so that there will be soon 300 or more houses, Newton, Stank and New Roose for a district. J M M
We must have a School Board in Dalton. Indeed the Schools are ordered to be built by the Committee of Council. It is Divine Service and a Clergyman that is now required."

Letter, 27 March 1874, to Rev J M Morgan from William Curay, London  BPR 1/S/8/3/3  1874

"Sir James Ramsden submitted to the Directors of the Barrow Steel Company yesterday the memorial from the inhabitants of Newton and Stank - The Board desires me to reply to you and to say that they recognise the importance of the subject to which the Memorial refers, and are of opinion that some measures will shortly be required but they think that the scheme suggested by the Memorialists would not be the most effective or desirable for carrying out the object which they have in view"

Letter, 14 August 1874, to Rev J M Morgan from Bishop of Carlisle  BPR 1/S/8/3/4  1874

"I return the petition. Thank you for sending it. I hope to see Mr Schneider today, and he is to tell me what the great folks are prepared to do"

Newbarns and Hawcoat Church of England School  BPR 1/S/8/4  [n.d.]

Related information: See also BPR 22/S/8 and BDS/22

Trustees Minute Book, 1856-1866  BPR 1/S/8/4/1  1856-1866

Trustees Minute Book, 1866-1879  BPR 1/S/8/4/2  1856-1866

With copy letters, including list of number of children saying Catechism in Dalton church, 1815-1826
Cash Book, 1866-1870

Conveyance, 17 October 1842  BPR 1/S/8/4/3  1842

1. Edward Lesh of Newbarns, yeoman and Jane, his wife
2. Thomas Yates Parker Michaelson of the Isle of Barrow, esq
Premises: All that piece or parcel of Customaryhold land as the same is now staked or measured out at the southern angle of a certain field of 1 called Stackhouse Rysal in the division of Newbarns and manor of Plain Furness, adjoining on north to the remaining part of said field of 1, on west to a field called Stackhouse Rysal belonging to Rev John Baldwin and on east and south to Barrow Lane, which said field of 1 formerly belonged to William Lesh, father of 1 to whom it came by descent on the death of his elder brother Edward Lesh, who inherited the same from his father John Lesh, yearly customary rent: 2d
Covenants: 1 promises to produce deeds
In Schedule in defence of 2's Title
Consideration: £19.19s.0d
Schedule: 14 October 1746 Admittances 3 of Edward Lesh as heir at law of father John Lesh to tenements at Newbarns
15 May 1756 Admittances 3 of William Lesh as brother and heir to said Edward Lesh of said tenements
23 October 1816 conveyance
1. William Lesh
2. 1 his son
24 October 1816 Admittances 3 of said Edward Lesh the son
29 July 1830 Assignment
1. William Lesh
2. George Gibson
Witness: Mary Butler; M Butler, Solicitor, Dalton
Endorsements: Receipt of £19.19s. from 2 to 1
Manor of Plain Furness, 25 October 1842, allowed deed, produced at next general court after execution of deed
Signed: J Cranke, steward
Attached: Manor of Plain Furness, Court Baron, 25 October 1842, Admittance of T Y P Michaelson by virtue of deed made by virtue of licence of steward
Fine: 4d
Yearly customary rent: 2d
Signed: J Cranke, steward
Manor of Plain Furness, 15 October 1842, Licence to 1 to sell a plot or parcel of land marked out and containing 1r within an inclosure called Stackhouse Rysal provided that each deed by 1 is according to custom of Manor and produced before the steward at or before the General Court Baron
Signed: J Cranke, steward

Declaration of Trust, 28 September 1843  BPR 1/S/8/4/4  1843

1. Thomas Yates Parker Michael of the Isle of Barrow
2. Jos Thompson Kirkbank, Vicar of Dalton, Rev Tho Marshall Postlethwaite of Millwood
Rev John Baldwin of Dalton
John Cranke of Hindpool, gentleman, of Dalton
Recitals: desire of inhabitants of Newbarnes, Hawcoat, Salthouse and Barrow for School house and place of public worship
Meeting in Barrow, 28 May 1843 at which 91 agreed to purchase the area devided upon and subscriptions were begun for new building
Conveyance, 17 October 1842
1a Edward Lesh of Newbarns, yeoman and
b Jane, his wife
2 1
See BPR 1/S/8/4/3
Erection of schoolhouse on the land with other conveniences and have walled off some from remaining part of field
Resolutions of meeting of 15 September 1843 See BPR 22/S/8/2
1 Has been requested to execute these presents with trustees as parties
Attached: Resolutions of a meeting of the subscribers to the erection of a Schoolhouse at or near Newbarns and of sundry other persons, being landowners and inhabitants of the neighbourhood, held at Cavendish Arms, Dalton, 15 September 1843 for purpose of nominating fit and proper persons as Trustees
Endorsements: Memoranda, 1855, 1856, 1866, 1878

Conveyance, 24 June 1878  BPR 1/S/8/4/5  1878

1. Samuel John Claye esq, The Manor House, Derbyshire and Barrow-in-Furness, gentleman
2. The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Barrow-in-Furness
3. Rev James Morrison Morgan, Vicar of Dalton, Sir James Ramsden of Abbotswood, Knight, Edward Hall of Dalton, Surgeon, William John Atkinson Baldwin, Esq, of Dalton
William Lesh of Newbarns, gentleman, Trustees of Newbarns and Hawcoat Church School
Recitals: 1 is seised of premises to be granted hereby; 1878
By virtue of Barrow-in-Furness Corporation Act 1868 2 have management of all public highways in Barrow-in-Furness and are surveyors thereof and are empowered to purchase lands for the improvement of the Borough
In consequence of widening of Abbey Road, 2 take from 3 to improve Abbey Road and by Agreement, 10 September 1877
1. 3
2. 2
Recitals: Premises: a piece of customaryhold land in Abbey Road and the School House Master's Residence and other buildings erected thereon in exchange for certain pieces of freehold land in Hawcoat Lane and a schoolhouse and appurtenances to be erected thereon by 2, in accordance with a plan on said agreement
These premises are those to be granted hereby
Agreement, 4 October 1877 to buy said premises in Hawcoat Lane
1. 1
2. 2
Consideration: £96.5s.10d
2 Erected a schoolhouse and appurtenances as on plan agreement
1 At request and by direction of 2, releases and confirms to 3
Premises: all that piece or parcel of freehold land on North East side of Hawcoat Lane 770 square yards as on plan in margin, coloured pink, part of a close of land called Wheat Close formerly belonging to James Park and by him conveyed to 1, together with all building, fixtures, etc, and all estate, right title etc
Condition: upon trust, according to Declaration of Trust, 28 September 1843 BPR 1/S/8/4/4
Seal of Mayor, Alderman and Burgesses of Barrow-in-Furness, pendant

Deed of Covenant, indemnifying against street expenses, 25 June 1878  BPR 1/S/8/4/6  1878

1. Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Barrow-in-Furness
2. Trustees of Newbarns and Hawcoat Church School
Recitals: Conveyance, 24 June 1878 BPR 1/S/8/4/5 Agreement that 1 should enter into this covenant
In consideration of the premises as in BPR 1/S/8/4/5 voidable if 2 enter an agreement with or assist owners or persons interested in land adjoining premises to lay out a street adjoining thereto whereby 2 may become liable to street expenses
Signed: H W Schneider, Mayor
Seal of Corporation of Barrow-in-Furness

Duplicate Conveyance of Newbarns School, 29 October 1878  BPR 1/S/8/4/7  1878

1. Rev Edward Brockholes Michaelson, of Douglas, Isle of Man, James Morrison Morgan, Vicar of Dalton, Sir James Ramsden of Abbotswood, Knight, Edward Hall of Dalton, surgeon, William John Atkinson Baldwin, Dalton, William Lesh of Newbarns
Trustees of Newbarns School
2. Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Barrow-in-Furness
Premises: All that plot, piece or Parcel of customaryhold land at the southern angle of a certain close of land formerly belonging to Edward Lesh called Stackhouse Rysal in Abbey Road near Newbarns in the borough of Barrow-in-Furness, and manor of Plain Furness, adjoining on North to remaining part of said field formerly belonging to said Edward Lesh called Stackhouse Rysal, on west to field called Stackhouse Rysal formerly belonging to Rev John Baldwin and formerly described as adjoining on North East to Barrow Lane but now to a road 21 feet wide, on South East to Abbey Road, and on South running to a point, 1r. 1p. inclusive of 4831/2 yards part thereof purchased by 2 in March 1874 for widening Abbey Road but then not conveyed, as shown on the plan; also all that school house called Newbarns School Master's Residence and all other buildings erected thereon etc
3. Consideration: £615.5.10d. paid by 2 to 1 according to Barrow-in-Furness Corporation Act, 1868
Signed: H W Schneider, Mayor
Seal of Corporation of Barrow-in-Furness

Newbarns School, Proposed Exchange of land, 1887  BPR 1/S/8/4/8  [n.d.]

Related information: See also BPR 22/S/8/7, S8/9 and S8/11

1. Copy Lease for one year, 11 October 1873, for original deed see BPR 22/S/8/8. 1873
2. Letter, to Rev J M Morgan, Rural Dean and Vicar of Dalton, from Rev J Henderson, Vicar of St Paul's, requesting letter of approval of and agreement with proposed exchange. 1887
3. Plan of land to be exchanged, 20 April 1887, by A H Strongitharm
Note: agreed to by letter, 25 April 1887, to Rev J Henderson from Rev J M Morgan. 1887

Insurance policy, 4 January 1870 for Trustees of Newbarns School  BPR 1/S/8/4/9  1870

Deposit receipt, 27 December 1869 from Wm Butler, agent

Letters, March 1906 2 to Rev J G Leonard, Vicar of Dalton, from Rev Wm Berry, Vicar of St Paul's  BPR 1/S/8/4/10  1906

Requesting transfer of trust deed, conveyances of September 1877 and June 1878 and Trustees' Minute books for Col Baldwin and the Board Of Education

Letter, 1906 to Col Baldwin from Wm Butler, Solicitor, Dalton  BPR 1/S/8/4/11  [1906]

re Conveyance, 24 June 1878, S8/5, being quite in order and never necessity for Trustees to execute the same; re return of bundle of five documents with three subsidiary documents attached

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

Ellen Robinson  BPR 1/M/9/1  [n.d.]

Ellen Robinson  BPR 1/M/9/1/1  1867-1904

Bundle, including
- Notes on history of trusteeship 1867-1904
- Passbook 1867-1904
- Correspondence, 1904, with Charity Commissioners 3

Dalton Free School  BPR 1/M/9/2  [n.d.]

Dalton Free School  BPR 1/M/9/2/1  1868-1879

Bundle, including
- Letter, 19 May 1868, to Rev Morgan re sale of charity property
- Circulars, 1879, from Charity Commissioners 5

Letter, 14 August 1885, and scheme for future regulation of charity, varying scheme of 23 August 1862  BPR 1/M/9/2/2  1885

To trustees from board of Charity Commissioners, adding extra trustees and allocation funds

Giles Brownrigg's, Ireleth  BPR 1/M/9/3  [n.d.]

Related information: See BDS/6 Ireleth Free School

Order, 4 January 1876, and letter, to trustees from Board of Charity Commissioners to amend scheme of 1862  BPR 1/M/9/3/1  1876

Richard Gaitskill and Sir Thomas Preston Billincoat  BPR 1/M/9/4  [n.d.]

Letter, 7 July 1880, to Thomas Butler Jun, Esq, from Charity Commission re Payment of half-yearly dividends free from income tax  BPR 1/M/9/4/1  1880

Charity Commissioners' Scheme 1893, annotated by Rev J M Morgan  BPR 1/M/9/4/2  1893

Charity Commissioners' Draft Scheme, 1904  BPR 1/M/9/4/3  1904

Charity Commissioners' Scheme, 15 October 1909, amending scheme of 22 August 1905  BPR 1/M/9/4/4  1909

Copy letter, 6 April 1938, to S J Fisher  BPR 1/M/9/4/5  1938

On behalf of the trustees from Charity Commission, as to procedure on sale or rebuilding of Billincoat farmhouse

Copy report, 14 June 1938, to trustees  BPR 1/M/9/4/6  1938


From John Holliday, Chartered Surveyor, land agent and valuer, Whitehaven, as to state of Billincoat Farm, with correspondence

Copy survey, 26 July 1938, of Billincoat Farm  BPR 1/M/9/4/7  1938

By Wadham and Son, Architects and Surveyors, sent to Vicar by S J Fisher of Kendall & Fisher, Solicitors

Gabriel Fell  BPR 1/M/9/5  [n.d.]

Draft Statement of Account, 1897  BPR 1/M/9/5/1  1897

Letters, 1904, from Charity Commission  BPR 1/M/9/5/2  1904

Related information: For Sarah Cleator, see BPR 1/I/3/2

Return re Charities, 1901, after Inquiry and Reports, 1900  BPR 1/M/9/6/1  1901

With details of Richard Gaitskill's and Sir Thomas Preston's Charity - "The Billincoat Charity", John Preston's Charity, Gabriel Fell's Charity, Ashburner's Charity, Dalton Town Field, Ellen Robinson's Charity, Primitive Methodist Chapel Endowment, Robert Sudgener's Charity, William Matson's Charity, Dalton Free School, Kirkby Ireleth Chapelry School, evidence taken from Wm Atkinson, Rev C Couperthwaite, Thomas Towers and Robert Biggins

ENCLOSURE  [no ref. or date]

Ireleth Enclosure  BPR 1/M/9/7  [n.d.]

Ireleth enclosure award with maps, 1831  BPR 1/M/9/7/1  1831

Plans and award: Inclosure of Kirkby Ireleth i.e. Ireleth, Lindal and Marton
Private Act 2 GEO IV 1821
Handlist of Lancashire Enclosure Acts and Awards mentions that award was to be deposited with Steward of Manor of Plain Furness and in Dalton parish church
Townships: Kirkby Ireleth, Lindal and Marton
Parish: Dalton-in-Furness
County: Lancashire
Enclosed land: High Moor, Low Moor, Stewner and Ireleth Marsh, Powka ad Lindale Moor, and other waste land, estimated area 500 acres
Date of Award: 27 April 1831
Commissioner: John Huddleston of Gosforth, Cumberland gent
3 plans bound with award and schedule; varying scales

RURAL DEAN  [no ref. or date]

Rural Dean  BPR 1/M/9/8  [n.d.]

Minute book, 1905-1925  BPR 1/M/9/8/1  1905-1925

Related information: For letters, May 1910, to Rural Dean re granting of faculties for inscriptions on grave stones and for enclosing graves in which bodies have been buried, by a kerbstone 4, see BPR 1/I/2/2/19

OTHER CHURCHES  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For division of ancient parish of Dalton by creation of districts of St George's Barrow, Newbarns and Hawcoat, Ireleth with Askam, Lindale-with-Martin and St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke and St John, Barrow, See BPR 1/I/3/3 - I/3/7
For St Margaret's Church, Dalton, see BPR 1A

St Barnabas', Newton  BPR 1/M/9/9  1874

Related information: For Petition, 19 March 1874, from inhabitants of Newton, Stank and neighbourhood, to Dukes of Devonshire and Buccleuch, Sir James Ramsden, H W Schneider Esq, and the Directors of the Barrow Hematite Steel Company for the building of a school, also to be used as a church, see BPR 1/S/8/3/1

Service Register, 1894-1937 for Newton Church Mission and Board School  BPR 1/M/9/9/1  1894-1937

Administrative history:
New Church room opened 26 September 1900

Licence, 24 October 1900  BPR 1/M/9/9/2  1900

For performance of divine service in newly erected Mission Room at Newton, to be called St Barnabas' Newton

Receipt, 25 March 1905, for harmonium from St Margaret's Church  BPR 1/M/9/9/3  1905

Service Registers  BPR 1/M/9/9/4  1937-1977

1. 1937-1972
2. 1972-1977

Notes made on inspection of St Barnabas' Church, Newton-in-Furness, 28 December 1962  BPR 1/M/9/9/5  1962

Mothers' Union  BPR 1/M/9/9/6  1934-1969

1. Attendance Register 1934-1968
Speakers listed at back
2. Account Book 1959-1969
3. Bank Book 1949-1960
4. Epitome of accounts 1961-1964

Pennington  BPR 1/M/9/10  [n.d.]

Related information: See BPR 24

Copy letter, 5 March 1849, to Rev W Townley from Bounty Office  BPR 1/M/9/10/1  1849; 1861

With draft approval of Bishop re sale of bounty land at Lindale, belonging to the living of Pennington, with Copy valuation, 26 December 1861, of field near Dalton belonging to Staveley Chapel, worth £60

Rampside  BPR 1/M/9/11  [n.d.]

Related information: See BPR 32

Notice, 1 December 1871, to Rev J M Morgan Vicar of Dalton, as patron of Rampside from Furness Railway Co, to owners, lessees and occupiers of parish of Urswick re intention to build Gleaston loopline  BPR 1/M/9/11/1  1871

Letter, 19 August 1895, from Ecclesiastical Commissioners re Gazette, 16 August 1895, altering boundaries of Rampside, St Michael  BPR 1/M/9/11/2  1895

St Mary's, Walney  BPR 1/M/9/12  [n.d.]

Related information: See BPR 20
For letter, 1 June 1899, from Ecclessiastical Commissioners re assignment of district Chapelry to St Mary's, Walney, see BPR 1/I/3/7

Plans, 1929 of West End, porch and vestries, by Austin and Paley 2  BPR 1/M/9/12/1  1929

Letters, September 1930 and January 1937  BPR 1/M/9/12/2  1930, 1937

To Vicar of Dalton, as patron, re Walney Vicarage and transfer of parish halls to P.C.C. and vesting site in Diocesan Board of Finance 3

Letters, July 1938 and extract from parish magazine  BPR 1/M/9/12/3  1938

To Rev T J Jones, Vicar of Dalton, as patron from Rev C Williams, Vicar of Walney re proposed closure of churchyard

St Matthew's, Barrow  BPR 1/M/9/13  [n.d.]

Related information: See BPR 27

Invitation, 7 November 1913, to Mission Service, 10 November 1913  BPR 1/M/9/13/1  1913

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14  [n.d.]

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/1  January - December 1874

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/2  June 1874

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/3  July 1878 - September 1886

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/4  February 1879 - December 1881

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/5  1881 - 1882

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/6  1883

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/7  1884

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/8  1885 - 1886

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/9  1886 - 1887

2 Copies

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/10  1887 - 1888

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/11  1888 - 1889

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/12  1890 - 1891

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/13  1890 - 1892

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/14  1891 - 1894


Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/15  1891 - 1892

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/16  1892 - 1893

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/17  1900

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/18  1908 - 1909

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/19  1897 - 1912


Various issues

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/20  1923 - 1933

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/21  1934 - 1939

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/22  1917 - 1950


Various issues

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/23  1957 - c1967


Various issues

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/24  1968 - 1969

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/25  1970 - 1971

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/26  1972 - 1973

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/27  1974 - 1977


Various issues

Dalton-in-Furness Parish Magazine  BPR 1/M/9/14/28  1985


Various issues

Communicants' guild, rules and office, 1890  BPR 1/M/9/15  1890

The Parish Church of Dalton-in-Furness in the County Palatine of Lancaster with Chart of the Vicars  BPR 1/M/9/16  1898

Presented to the sidesmen of the parish by the Rev J M Morgan, 1898, and placed in the vestry 3; rolled 1

Official Handbook of the parish church Japanese Fair and Bazaar, 10 January 1921 in aid of repair of stonework of church  BPR 1/M/9/17  1921

Related information: See also BPR 1A/C/5/3

Lugubrious lines on the destructive and violent plague which raged in Dalton and spread with rapid fury in the seventh year of the reign of King Charles I, 1631, by George Postlethwaite  BPR 1/M/9/18  [n.d.]

Parish clerk and master of the Free School of Dalton, died 1680 translated from the latin, in classical vein

6" OS map of Dalton, Barrow and Ulverston with parish boundary shown  BPR 1/M/9/19  [C1895]

Translation, with notes, c1910 by T K Fell  BPR 1/M/9/20  c.1910

Of foundation charter of Furness Abbey and description of foundation in Coucher Book, with West's translation for comparison

Census abstract, June 1923, Dalton-in-Furness civil parish and urban district  BPR 1/M/9/21  1923

Comparing 1921 with 1911

Annual reports and proceedingsm of Barrow Naturalists' Field Club, vol 1 NS 1929  BPR 1/M/9/22  1929

Dalton News and Dalton Guardian, 23 February 1935  BPR 1/M/9/23  1935

Brown paper wrapping advertising Dalton and district steam laundry: "Haw you tried the new Dalton wash?"  BPR 1/M/9/24  [n.d.]

'Butler Papers'  BPR 1/M/9/25  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Discovered by Rev T J Jones and transferred to parish chest with agreement of S J Fisher. They appear to have little connection with the Church

Papers of the manors of Dalton, Plain Furness etc, dating chiefly from the 17th Century, formerly in the custody of William Butler, solicitor, and his successors W C Kendall and Fishers

Copy Order, 14 December 1666 that King's Officers, being unable to enter the manor and liberty of Furness to execute writs, should direct all such warrants to the Duke's officers and deputies  BPR 1/M/9/25/1  1666

Recital: Letters Patent, 30 May 18 Charles II 1666 granting Duke of Albemarle and heirs execution and return of all writs, etc. with usual fees, as the abbots of the monastery of Furness had or ought to have enjoyed
Signed: Tho. Ingram

Manorial Appointments  [no ref. or date]

Copy Appointment, 16 July 1672  BPR 1/M/9/25/2  1672
Language:  Latin

Related information: See also BPR 1/M/9/25/8, M/9/25/20 and M/9/25/29

1. Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, Earl Torrington, K.G
2. John Coulton, gentleman
As Clerk of Courts of all 1's lordships, manors, lands etc. in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumberland, which lately belonged to the monastery of Furness
Salary: £6. 13s. 4d. per annum

Draft Appointment, 1670s  BPR 1/M/9/25/3  [1670s]

1. John Earl of Bath
2. Thomas Lower, gentleman
As Steward of all 1's courts of and within the Hundred of Clitherow, manors, lordships, forests and liberties of Furness, Dalton, Hawkshead, Egton, Newland, Newby, Slaidburne and Bowland, Co. Lancashire and Co. Yorkshire; and as Clerk of courts and sessions within the liberty of Furness, and as Receiver General and Collector of all rents etc. and Bowbearer, Gamekeeper and Bailiff and Water Bailiff, with same powers as Richard Kirkby Esq., Curwen Rawlinson Esq., Antho. Parker Esq., Thomas Patten Esq., James Sloane Esq., William Simpson and Richard Rawlinson, gentleman

Appointment of Deputy Bailiff, 16 May 1677  BPR 1/M/9/25/4  1677

1. Curwen Rawlinson of Carke in Cartmell, Esq
2. Richard Rawlinson of Dalton, yeoman
REcital: Appointment of 1 by Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, lord of Manor of Furness, as Bailiff of Manor of Dalton and Receiver of yearly rents, fines and services etc
Witnesses: Row: Johnson; Will: Stones

Appointment of Deputy, 4 April 1678  BPR 1/M/9/25/5  1678

1. Thomas Lamplugh of Kirkbye Kendall, Co. Westmorland, Esq
2. Richard Rawlinson of Dalton, gentleman
As Deputy for granting out arrests and warrants of attachment in the wapentake court for the Hundred of Loynsdale, reserving fees to 1
Signed: 1
Witnesses: JOhn Corker, Edward Charnocke; Cha: Saule

Letter of appointment, 3 June 1679  BPR 1/M/9/25/6  1679

To Richard Rawlinson from Roger Chapman at Falcon in Fetter Lane London, as Clerk of Courts of Ulverston and Kirkby for Simon Bennet, Esq., Lord thereof by grant of Col Kirkby, upon whose recommendation Rawlinson is appointed

Appointment of Deputy Steward, 1 March 1682  BPR 1/M/9/25/7  1682

1. Sir Robert Bindlos of Borwicke-hall, Co. Lancashire
2. Richard Rawlinson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman
As Deputy Steward of his Majesty's Wapentake Court in the Hundred of Lonsdale, 2 to receive accustomed fees and advantages

Appointment, 1687 not executed  BPR 1/M/9/25/8  1687
Language:  Latin

Related information: See BPR 1/M/9/25/29

1. Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, Earl Torrington, K.G
2. Robert Coulton, gentleman
As Clerk of courts of all 1's lordships, manors, lands etc. in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumberland, which lately belonged to the monastery of Furness
Salary: £6. 13s. 4d. per annum

Agreement, 3 September 1689  BPR 1/M/9/25/9  1689

1. Henry Jones of Lancaster, gentleman
2. Richard Rawlinson, Gentleman, their Majesties' Particular Receiver of Dutchy revenue in Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumberland
Recitals: 1 received Deputation or Authority from 2 to collect dues etc
1 promise to render full and true account to 2
Witnesses: Henry Casson; John Marshalle

Appointment, 4 October 1689  BPR 1/M/9/25/10  [n.d.]

Related information: See BPR 1/M/9/25/11

1. Elizabeth, Duchess of Albemarle
2. Richard Rawlinson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman
As Bailiff or Receiver and lawful attorney of 1 to collect and pay or cause to be paid the rents, fines, amercements etc. due from tenants and occupiers of 1's manors of Plain Furness, alias Low Furness, and Egton and Newland, deducting £6. 13s. 4d. as his allowance and salary
Signed: Elizabeth Albemarle
Witnesses: P Bowes; James Sloane; Arth: Moore

Letter, 12 November 1689  BPR 1/M/9/25/11  1689

To Richard Rawlinson from Da: Pugh in London stating that Duchess of Albemarle is recovered from sickness and has sealed his deputation of Bailiff or Receiver of manor of Dalton, see BPR 1/M/9/25/10 and also other deputation of Receiver-Bailiff and Water Bailiff in Furness
Note subscribed: to Mr Rawlinson from S Rawlinson regarding execution of Richard Rawlinson's business in London

Appointment of Deputy, 22 December 1691  BPR 1/M/9/25/12  1691

Related information: See also BPR 1/M/9/25/13

1. William Simpson of Flookburgh, gentleman
2. Richard Rawlinson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman
Recital: grant to 1 from Elizabeth Duchess of Albemarle of Office of Clerk of Courts within manors of Furness, Dalton, Egton and Newland
As Deputy Clerk to perform all duties of office and to take fees, perquisites etc. of the office except the fee and salary paid to 1 at the audit yearly
Signed: 1
Witnesses: Joseph Penington; Peter Kellett
1. 1
2. 2
Recital: Appointment of deputy, 22 December 1691, as above. 1 to pay 2 30s. on 2 February each year, in addition to fees, perquisites etc. with exception, as above
Signed: 1

Appointment of Deputy, 25 February 1692 1693  BPR 1/M/9/25/13  [1693]

Related information: See also BPR 1/M/9/25/12

1. William Simpson of Flookburgh, gentleman
2. Richard Rawlinson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman
Recital: grant to 1 from Ralph Earl of Montagu of office of Clerk of Courts within manors of Furness, Dalton, Egton and Newland
As Deputy Clerk, as at BPR 1/M/9/25/12
Agreement, 25 February 1692 1693 1693
1. 1
2. 2
Recital: Appointment of deputy, 25 February 1692 1693, as above
1 to pay 2 30s. on 2 February each year, in addition to fees, perquisites etc. with exception, as at BPR 1/M/9/25/12
Signed: 1

Copy Recognizance in £1000, 17 June 1710  BPR 1/M/9/25/14  1710

1. John Duke of Newcastle, Thomas Earl of Thanet, and Charles Earl of Sunderland, Guardians and Committees of person and estate of Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of Montagu, a lunatic
2. Thomas Richardson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman
Recital: Order by Lord Chancellor, 5 June 1710 by petition of 1, appointing 2 Bailiff of Duchess Dowager's Liberty of Furness and also Water Bailiff there and Under-REceiver of her manors of Plain Furness, Egton-cum-Newland and Dalton, part of manors and Estate whereof Thomas Dummer is appointed General Receiver
Condition: 2 to honestly, carefully, to best 1710 of his abilities look after and manage manors, liberties and premises of which he has been appointed Bailiff while he holds such office and receives rents etc; 2 to pay or cause to be paid to Thomas Dummer all moneys received by him or his order, deducting fees and salary as allowed or this recognizance shall be null and void
Memorandum: "Acknowledged to the right honourable Sir John Trevor, Knight, Master of the Rolls and John Hiccocks Esq., one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery by Tho. Richardson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman, and William Roberts of Greyes Inn Esq., as surety for the said Tho. Richardson of the penalty of £1000. Conditions ut supra."

Draft Appointment of Deputy Water Bailiff, 20 July 1710  BPR 1/M/9/25/15  1710

1. Thomas Richardson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman, Bailiff of Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of Montagu's Liberty of Furness and Water-Bailiff there
2. John Wood of Dalton, gentleman
To look after, get in etc. all wrecks, duties etc. for anchorage and ships due to 1
Conditions:- For one year, if 1 continues in office during that time
2 to give half of all wrecks to 1 for use of Duchess Dowager of Montagu

Copy Appointment, 6 June 1715  BPR 1/M/9/25/16  1715

1. Thomas Richardson of Dalton-in-Furness, gentleman, Water-Bailiff of Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of Montagu's manor of Plain Furness
2. John Kendall of Arad, in parish of Ulverston, victualler
Recital: by authority granted to 1 by high Court of Chancery
2 to demand and receive in 1's name from all masters, owners and mariners of every ship etc. coming within the manor of Egton cum Newland, part of manor of Furness, money, corn, coal, salt and other things due to Lord of Manor for anchorage or otherwise, rendering account to 1

Appointment, 25 February 1685 1686  BPR 1/M/9/25/17  [1686]

1. Duke of Albemarle
2. Steward of 1's manor of Hawkshead, Samuel Sandys and Miles Sandys, gentlemen
Recital: Certain dissolute persons in manor of Hawkshead and Liberties thereof that are not entitled to do so keep guns and cross-bows, setting dogs and other sorts of dogs and therewith take, spoil and destroy the game and unlawfully keep deer hayes, buckstalles, nets and toyles for the taking of deer, partridge and other game, and hunt in the night disguised and commit many other misdemeanors against the law
As keepers and preservers of Game, in said manor, licenced by 1 to hunt and hawk, observing lawful times; and to take away and destroy all setting dogs, greyhounds and other sorts of dogs kept for spoiling or destroying the Game; to take guns and cross-bows from those not qualified to keep them; to take away and destroy all deer hayes, buckstales, nets and toyles
Signed: Albemarle
Witnesses: Tho. Armiger; Will. Croft, Tho. Varian

Manorial Court Rolls  [no ref. or date]

Inventory of Court Rolls belonging to the manor of Furness and several other manors  BPR 1/M/9/25/18  [1690?]

33 and 34 Henry VIII to 1 and 2 William and Mary, giving number of skins and date and area covered for each roll

An Account of some Court Rolls belonging to the Manors of Furness, Dalton etc  BPR 1/M/9/25/19  [1701?]

34 Henry VIII to 8 William III, giving number of skins, date of court

Warrant, 11 September 1693  BPR 1/M/9/25/20  1693

By Myles Sandys, a J.P. for Lancashire, bearer John Corker, to all Constables and Petty-Constables in Liberty of Furness and especially the Constables of Penington
Recital: Information upon oath to Myles Sandys that John Coulton on 8 September 1693 confessed he had in his custody several court rolls of the manors of Dalton, Furness, Egton cum Newland, and Hawkshead which belong and appertain to Lord and Lady and tenants of the manors, John Coulton promised to deliver the rolls at Dalton on the next day to James Sloane, Esq., Steward to Ralph Earl of Montagu and Elizabeth Duchess of Albemarle, his wife, Lord and Lady of the manors; He did not deliver them, refused to do so and has absconded himself; "It is suspected that he intends feloniously to embezzle the Court Rolls aforesaid whereby the inheritances of many persons may be prejudiced"
To search house of John Coulton in Pennington for the court rolls; if they or any of them are found, they are to be brought, with John Coulton, before Myles Sandys at Hawkshead on 11 September, or the rolls are to be delivered to the bearer and brought by him; if the rolls are not found, JOhn Coulton is to be brought before Myles Sandys and answer the charge and receive justice

Woods  [no ref. or date]

Copy Commission, 31 May 20 Elizabeth I 1578  BPR 1/M/9/25/21  [1578]

1. Queen Elizabeth I
2. Francis Samwell, deputy Auditor of 1's possessions in Duchy of Lancaster in Northparts; Edward Bradill, Surveyor of 1's woods of Duchy; Tho. Priston, deputy steward of Low Furness; James Anderton, 1's particular Receiver of the late dissolved monastery of Furness
Tho. Bradley, Esq
Myles Philipson, gentleman
REcital: 1 informed by tenants etc. of manor of Low Furness that 1's woods of Ronelde Wood, Baweth park, Arthur wood, Yarleside Wood, Rampside Wood, Grenescowe and Sauerbie are suffering from lack of former care
To further enquire into state of woods and to discover what waste committed, by whom and why; gives orders re. preservation of woods and making of sprynges, To report to Chancellor and council of Duchy
Order, 1580s
1. Chancellor and Council of Duchy
2. Copyholders and customary tenants of said manors
That 2 shall have, by assignment of Queen's wood wards or his deputy, necessary and competent house boot and plough boot for necessary repairs of ancient tenements and houses

Report, part, of investigation ordered in BPR 1/M/9/25/21  BPR 1/M/9/25/22  [1580s]

Giving account of woods belonging to Lord and tenants of manor: Yearlside wood, Rampshead wood, Arthur wood, Rownehead wood, Greenscow wood, Parke Sarby and Boweth woods: and who claimed them, explaining why tenants did not receive bootes due to them

Letter and copy, 12 May 1610  BPR 1/M/9/25/23  1610

To my loving friends the Keepers of his Majesty's woods within the manor of Low Furness, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster and to other his Majesty's officers and tenants whom these shall or may concern, from Tho. Pain and Jo. Brograve Duchy officials. Complaints having been received on behalf of the King's tenants of the manor of Low Furness that keepers of woods have been prevented from assigning due and accustomed bootes to tenants, Pain and Brograve now explain that such restraint was only intended to continue until a survey had been made of the woods. Since the survey is now finished, the keepers may assign bootes again, for which this document shall be their warrant, being careful to preserve the woods, pending further directions on this matter after the end of the present Parliament

Copy Commission, 31 May 20 Elizabeth I 1578  BPR 1/M/9/25/24  [1578]

Related information: See BPR 1/M/9/25/21

Memorandum: 15 October 1686. A true copy examined with the original commission remaining in the custome-box of Furness, by us Ri: Rawlinson, Robert Coulton
Copy letter, 12 May 1610 1610
See BPR 1/M/9/25/23
Memorandum: 15 October 1686. A true copy examined then with the original letter remaining in the Custome-box kept for the Manor of Furness, by us. Ri: Rawlinson, Robert Coulton

Stewards' papers  [no ref. or date]

Letter, 18th century?  BPR 1/M/9/25/25  Not dated

re omission of Hawcoat from rental submitted, with details of fee farm rents in Furness paid to Mr Rawlinson and abstract of grants for Greenhaume, Sandscale, Wettflatt, Stoniard Coat, three mills called Roose Mill, Little Mill and Orgrave Mill, Greenscow wood

Accounts, 14 October 1672 and 14 October 1673 of William Woodburne of Chappells, Bailiff of Kirkby and Ulverston, for the use of Symon Bennet Esq  BPR 1/M/9/25/26  1672, 1673

Petition, 25 June 1686, to Lord Chancellor Jeffreys from Curwen Rawlinson, Esq. J.P  BPR 1/M/9/25/27  1686

re remission of fine of £100 for non-appearance at Assizes at Lancaster in August 1684
Note: "20 June 1686
If the fact be true that the fine was remitted I desire the same may be discharged accordingly
Signed: Jeffreys. C."

Hearth tax receipts, 6 October 1686, collected by Ellis Scolfield for the parish of Dalton  BPR 1/M/9/25/28  1686

7 fire-hearths in the houses of Ould Barrow Liberty
19 fire-hearths in the houses of Newbarns Liberty
45 fire-hearths in the houses of Jellith Ireleth
43 fire-hearths in the houses of Lindall
34 fire-hearths in the houses of Hacoote Liberty
21 fire-hearths in the houses of Northscalle Liberty
28 fire-hearths in the houses of Newton Liberty
19 fire-hearths in the houses of Stanke Liberty
29 fire-hearths in the houses of Bigger Liberty
86 fire-hearths in the houses of Dalton
18 fire-hearths in the houses of Rooscoote Liberty
11 fire-hearths in the houses of Newtowne Liberty

Notes on Coulton family, 17th Century, part and descent of Stewardship of courts of Furness  BPR 1/M/9/25/29  Not dated

Related information: See BPR 1/M/25/2, M/9/25/8, M/9/25/20, M/9/25/24

Letter, 16 September 1694, to Mr Patten from Montagu, Montagu House  BPR 1/M/9/25/30  1694

Related information: See BPR 1/M/9/25/31

Refuting the rumour spread by Thomas Dugdale that Elizabeth Duchess of Albemarle, his wife, is dead and requiring that tenants be given notice at Michaelmas to pay rents or he will distrain upon them

Letter, 26 September 1694 from Tho. Patten  BPR 1/M/9/25/31  1694

Relaying information in BPR 1/M/9/25/30 and warning of distraint; "which writeing I have in my hands ready to shewe to any of the Tenants that desires to see the same."

Receipt, 13 October 1694  BPR 1/M/9/25/32  1694

1. Richard Rawlinson, gentleman, late Bailiff
2. Edmund Gibson, gentleman, Bailiff of Liberty of Furness
Recital: Warrant, 29 September 1693 under seal of Thomas Rigby, Esq., then sheriff of Lancashire, upon writ of quominus returnable to Barons of Exchequer at suit of William Dodson, debtor, in plea of trespass
For body of Thomas Gaitskell detained as prisoner in Dalton Castle, and for warrant
Signed: Edm. Gibson
Witness: Will. Strickland

Covering letter for summons, 26 August 1696 to Robert Wainman and William Strickland from Edmund Gibson and Richard Rawlinson at Lancaster  BPR 1/M/9/25/33  1696

Summons to every particular tenant of Dalton Town, Quernbarrow and Suertfield in Urswicke to bring all deeds and admittances which Commissioners expect to see to inform them of the tenure, to court to be held at Dalton on Friday; To tell Jennet and Sarah Spenceley that Lord Montagu's commissioners will stay with them, about twenty men and horses

"A Particular of the estate I intend my eldest sonne parte in possession and the residue in reversion."  BPR 1/M/9/25/34  Not dated

Valuation of estates in Sandscale, Rownehead and Elliscales by Thomas Richardson's father?

Rough plan of the land around Sandscale  BPR 1/M/9/25/35  Not dated

Copy Will, 3 March 1711 and codicil, 16 July 1717, of Thomas Richardson of Roanhead, Dalton  BPR 1/M/9/25/36  1711; 1717

Witnesses: Will - Thos. Hodgson; Ellen Cragg; Thos. Atkinson
Codicil - Will. Smith; Joyce Hodghon; Thos. ATkinson

Draft will, c.1720 of Rev Samuel Richardson of Great Wratting, Co.Suffolk  BPR 1/M/9/25/37  [c1720]

Related information: See BPR 1/M/9/25/36

Including disposal of estate bequeathed to testator by late brother Thomas Richardson, late of Roanhead, Dalton

Letter, 13 January 1715, to Mr Richardson from Tho. Dummer  BPR 1/M/9/25/38  1715

re practice of some of those living near Piel of grazing cattle on Piel Island without consent of Lord; Richardson to enquire into practice and how inhabitants regard it, to warn, to drive cattle into pound
Draft reply, 7 and 13 February 1715, with description of village of Southend on Walney

Letter, 13 April 1716, to Thomas Richardson from Ro: Gibson, Lancaster  BPR 1/M/9/25/39  1716

re his power to prosecute on behalf of Duchess Dowager of Montagu, Lady of Manor

Letter, 7 June 1716, to Thomas Richardson, Dalton, Bailiff of the Liberty, from Thomas Dummer  BPR 1/M/9/25/40  1716

re stable facilities at Dalton Castle

Letter, 20 October 1716, to Thomas Richardson, Dalton from Tho. Dummer  BPR 1/M/9/25/41  1716

re persons breaking the pound and Mr STockdale receiving money from gaoler

Letter, 11 December 1716, to Mrs Thomas Richardson from Tho. Dummer  BPR 1/M/9/25/42  1716

Commiserating over death of her husband and requesting transfer of rentals and papers and rents collected re Duchess of Montagu's estates to Roger Woodburne, bailiff nominated in her husband's place

Lease for 7 years, 10 November 1720  BPR 1/M/9/25/43  1720

1. Sir Thomas Lowther of Holker in Cartmel, Bt
2. Thomas Atkinson of Dalton-in-Furness, schoolmaster
Premises: All that messuage and dwellinghouse with other houses and lands etc. called St Ellens near Dalton, reserving to 1 right to cut down, dig for and get lead and carry away any sort of trees, wood or mine in any part of demised premises during his pleasure, paying reasonable satisfaction to 2 for any damage or loss as he shall sustain thereby
Consideration: £5. 10s. p.a
Witnesses: Wm. Stockdale; Robt. Hubbersty; Zach. Hubersty

Copy Lease for 21 years, 7 November 1746  BPR 1/M/9/25/44  1746

1. John, Duke of Montagu
2. Edward Postlethwaite of Pile of Fowdrey, Dalton, innkeeper
Premises: all that parcel of ground in outmost ditch of Castle of Pile of Fowdrey, now in possession or occupation of 2 as farmer
Rent: 10s. 6d
Note: Lease of which above is copy was signed by the Duke and delivered to 2, counterpart signed by 2 was sent up to London, May 1748

Mining  [no ref. or date]

Draft letters 14 August 1714  BPR 1/M/9/25/45  1714


To Duke of Montague and Mr Dummer, from Bailiff of the Liberty of Furness on behalf of customary tenants of Lindall who wish to purchase the lease to dig for iron ore within that township among themselves rather than that it should be leased to another. They send Wm. Philipson and Jos. Richardson as representatives to treat with the Lord of the Manor

Draft Agreement, 10 May 1725  BPR 1/M/9/25/46  1725

By carriers of iron ore not to leave ore in roads and other places to loss and damage of proprietors of works other than place ordered to lay it. If it gets laid down, will pick it up or pay proprietors out of wages
Not executed

Draft Articles of Agreement for lease, 1726  BPR 1/M/9/25/47  1726

1. John Marshall of Stenton in Furness, yeoman
2. Stephen Crosfield of Pennington and Myles Burnes of Cartmel, yeomen
- 2 to be allowed to enter field of 1 called Whinale brow at Stainton to bore, dig sink or sough sic for coals and to open or make any pit etc. and set up engines therein and to lay or bank any coals etc. thereon, with liberty of ingress, egress and regress etc
- 2 to pay to 1 6d a tun of twenty hundred weight for every tun of coals that shall be got in premises demised after first year is expired, to be paid monthly during term of 21 years
- 2 shall, during term, fill up such pits as shall not be necessary to stand open and at end thereof shall fill up all pits as shall be made during term and also fill up and level all such falls and places as shall fall in at any time occasioned by said works
- 1 to have satisfaction for any damage occasioned by works to him, his heirs, assigns, goods or chattels

Memorandum of Agreement for lease for 11 years, 5 July 1737  BPR 1/M/9/25/48  1737

1. Thos. Simpson of Wettflatt in Furness
2. Mr Richard Ford of Hawkshead and John Beamon of Dalton
Premises: all the iron ore or iron mines that can or may be found within 1's estate called Wettflatt, for 11 years from 12 October 1738
See BPR 1/M/9/25/49
Signed by parties
Witnesses: Fran. Richardson, Tho. Atkinson
Endorsements: Memorandum, 13 September 1737, that parties promise to execute articles

Articles of Agreement for lease for 11 years, 13 October 1738  BPR 1/M/9/25/49  1738

1. Thomas Simpson of Wettflatt in Furness, yeoman
2. Richard Ford of Hawkshead, gentleman and John Beamon of Dalton-in-Furness, blacksmith
Premises: as at BPR 1/M/9/25/48, plus
- 2 shall not do damage to the houses or buildings thereon
- With Free Liberty for 2 and their labours etc. to enter the estate, to work, sink pits, search for iron ore and to carry off the same during the term of continuance of this demise
- 2 to pay 1 12d for every ton of iron ore or mine that shall there be gotten yearly
- 2 to allow to 1 £10 for damage of sinking or making of two pits and other convenances required for this next year provided so much profit arise, further damage being referred to two impartial persons chose by 1 and 2
- 1 to come in one sixth part shares on 1 May 1741 and five years after to come in one full third share of said works
- 1 and tenants shall from time to time have liberty to be employed working at pits, leading or loading ships with mine that shall there be gotten or carried to sea banks
Signed by parties
Witnesses: Jno. Berry; Thos. Atkinson
See BPR 1/M/9/25/48

Articles of Agreement for lease for 12 years, 10 May 1749 with Draft, 1748  BPR 1/M/9/25/50  1748, 1749

1. Agnes Simpson of Wettflatt in Furness, widow
2. Richard Ford of Grisedale, gentleman, Thomas Fletcher of Cartmell, gentleman, John Ashburner of Dalton, maltster, John Beamon of Dalton, blacksmith
Premises: all the iron ore or iron mine that may be found within the estate called Wettflatt, with additions as at BPR 1/M/9/25/49
- 2 to pay to 1 annually on 1 May, 1s.per ton of iron ore or mine carried away
- 2 shall work iron mine works two in every three years of the term; for other year in every three 2 to pay 1 £5
- 2 shall make good all damages done to houses by working mine works
- 2 shall employ 1, her tenants and servants as much as possible
- 2 shall be free and this void at any three years' end, 2 giving 6 months notice to 1
- If works not wrought, payments made and agreements fulfilled then this is void
Not executed

Royalty book, account of iron ore, 1748-1750  BPR 1/M/9/25/51  1748-1750


With rough notes enclosed

Notes, April 1750, re profits of Whitriggs and Crossgates mines  BPR 1/M/9/25/52  1750


Royalty book, account of iron ore, 1751-1756  BPR 1/M/9/25/53  1751-1756

Royalty book, account of iron ore, 1756-1758  BPR 1/M/9/25/54  1756-1758

Account of the Royalty of iron ore 1759-1760  BPR 1/M/9/25/55  1759-1760

At Bullroads, Top of Whitriggs, Bottom of Whitriggs, Old works Whitriggs Bottom, with 1761 and Crossgates Shaw-side

Articles of Agreement for lease for 21 years from Lady Day 1765, 22 June 1765  BPR 1/M/9/25/56  1765

1. Edward Lord Beaulieu, Baron of Beaulieu, Co. Southampton, KB, Isabella Lady Beaulieu, his wife, George Earl of Cardigan, KG, and Mary, Countess of Cardigan, his wife
2. Myles Postlethwaite of Reading, in parish of Coulton in Furness Fells, gentleman
- 2 can work iron mines in customary lands and waste grounds of township of Newton, manor of Plain Furness and take ore away, paying to 1 1s.6d. for every ton of iron ore or mine
- 2 shall account to 1 for all ore
- 2 shall keep books of account of all amounts removed and 1 shall have access to books, and 2 shall give an affidavit four times each year to say that the books are accurate
- 2 shall employ eight able workmen for at least six months of each year
- 2 shall pay compensation to injured parties after mining activities
- if 2 assigns the lease it becomes void
- if 2 digs up any coal or ore mine or mineral other than iron ore or mine, he shall pay £5 per ton of such other matter

Mills  [no ref. or date]

Agreement to convey, 13 March 1696  BPR 1/M/9/25/57  1696

1. Mary Lower by order of her husband Thomas Lower, Doctor of Physick of Marsh Grange
2. John Wood of Dalton
Recital: Thomas Lower has ordered his wife to sell on his behalf all his water corn millns in Dalton
Premises: one of said corn millns called Little Milln between Dalton and Breastmillbeck, paying yearly to Lords of fee annual rent proportionable to rate compared with other millns being sold, which by computation is £5. 13s
Consideration: £400
- 2 to pay £400 on 2 February next and shall enter into actual possession on or before 24 June next
- 2 shall give to Dr Lower his bond for payment of said sum on 2 February and will use utmost endeavour to pay £100 or what further sum he can as part of purchase money on 29 September next
Signed by parties
Witnesses: Wm. Denison, Thomas Jon; Ri. Rawlinson
See BPR 1/M/9/25/2 and BPR 1/M/9/25/15

Lease for 15 years, from 25 March last, 29 May 1732  BPR 1/M/9/25/58  1732

1. William Matson of Kirkby in Kendal, Co. Westmorland, gentleman
2. Miles Atkinson of Dalton, miller
Premises: all those three mills called Little Milne, Rouse Milne and Windmilne in Low Furness, and all toll and profit for grinding of corn, grain etc
- 1 will bear half cost of pair of millstones and axletree for Rouse Mill and will put Windmill in such order and repair that corn and other grain may be ground at same
Rent: £55 per annum
Signed: 1
Witnesses: Tho. Bankes; Geo. Postlethwaite; Thos. Atkinson

Account, 19 June 1762  BPR 1/M/9/25/59  1762

Of money from inhabitants and persons within Dalton who have purchased themselves free of mills within said parish

List, 28 July 1762  BPR 1/M/9/25/60  1762

Of persons who have purchased themselves free of the soken and custom to the mills within Dalton with respect to their houses and estates within said parish with names of places where house and estates lie

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

Copy Agreement, 1 January 1534 of tenants of Southend Walney  BPR 1/M/9/25/61  1534

James Poath, John Richardson, William Richardson and John Yeates
- Each to pay 10s. and William Richardson and John Yeates to buy as many 'rabbots' as they can, James Poath and John Richardson to make ground ready for rabbits
- All to abate stintage, none to kill conies for three years and land to be divided among them before they hunt
- If rabbits not increase well and not get more profit by them than could have from goods they abate, they agree to destroy the rabbits and have their old stint
Copy Award of John Preston, 20 March 1613
Recitals:- Disagreement over hunting of conies
- Bond in £10, 20 February 1613
- Richard Bankes tenant and heirs take and hunt conies from the Troughehead southward to brackenhurst from sea to sea
- Wm. Yeates tenants and heirs from brackenhurst to copt-hill beneath a place called Micle-Coniner from sea to sea
- Leonard Richardson tenant and heirs from copt-hill southward to Meare Stone in a certain earth called the banke-earth from sea to sea
- Henry Richardson tenant and heirs from the Meare stone in bank-earthe southward to Snabbend, furthest part of island of Walney
Conditions:- Not to destroy conies but to increase and continue them
- Not to take conies with nets or engines
Rows of stones to mark the devisions are to be erected by Henry Richardson and Leonard Richardson

Copy Order of Earl of Derby at Knowsley, 26 October 1608  BPR 1/M/9/25/62  1608

re dispute between tenants of Furness and Muchland re Walney and amount received from Crown for maintenance of sea walls
Note: "22 May 1609
I see no cause not to allow of this Order of my Lord of Derbies, R Salisbury."
Transcript of Copy Order, 1934 and covering letters 2 to Rev Trevor Jones from Canon RA Thomas, Chester and JH Hinton, the transcriber

"How sea fowle that cannott swime as curlews, seapyes, pluvers etc. are caught in netts on the night in some parts of Lancashire."  BPR 1/M/9/25/63  [1671?]

Endorsement: Court baron at Muncaster, 25 September, 23 Charles II 1671

Draft agreement, 17th century between inhabitants of Cartmel  BPR 1/M/9/25/64  Not dated

To subscribe to a common fund to be used by the Four and Twenty of the parish to keep up the market at the church town in Cartmel and protect any inhabitants sued, molested or trouble in use of market, against disturbance by inhabitants of village of Flookburgh "under pretence that the same is of prejudice to a pretended market newly begunne at Flookborough."

Petition, January 1675, to Bishop of Chester from Churchwardens and sidesmen of parochial chapel of Coulton within parish of Dalton and see of Chester, on behalf of selves and inhabitants  BPR 1/M/9/25/65  1675

Refusal of Coulton to pay funeral dues and to contribute to repairs of Hawkshead church; dispute over oversight of Churchwardens' accounts

Copy rental c.1600; for property of Earl of Portland  BPR 1/M/9/25/66  [c1600]

For example, in Amounderness, Cartmell, Flookburgh, Whitbeck Milne, Angerton Marsh, Yarleside Wood

"A particular of Sir John Preston's estate as it hath been formerly and is now sett". Valuation 1690s?  BPR 1/M/9/25/67  [1690s?]

List of the tenants of Blawith belonging to Mr Henry Woodburne, deceased, with rents  BPR 1/M/9/25/68  [1700?]

Subsidy roll, 17th century  BPR 1/M/9/25/69  [17th century]

"For supply of His Majesty's extraordinary occasions" with amount levied for each township in Furness and Cartmel and list of collectors

Opinion, 9 September 1709, of Sir Thomas Parker re poor relief in Dalton, Aldingham and Urswick  BPR 1/M/9/25/70  1709

Interpretation of Feoffment, 1 May 1638
1. John Preston, esq., and John Preston, gentleman, his son and heir apparent
2. George Preston, esq., and others
For maintenance and relief of certain number of poor people and likewise for discharging and acquitting heirs of John Preston from being taxed, assessed with yearly payment of any sum towards relief of poor

List, 1740 and 1754 of persons in Dalton parish and their abode, who have £10 per year at least in land in their own names or in trust for them and are between ages of 21 and 70 and are thus qualified to serve as jurors at assizes and sessions  BPR 1/M/9/25/71  1740, 1754

Plan, 31 August 1745 of Beckliffe Haggs within manor of Muchland  BPR 1/M/9/25/72  1745

Urswick Grammar School  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also BPR 14 and BDS/21

Copy Memorandum of Agreement, 9 October 1580  BPR 1/M/9/25/73  1580; 1672

By 1. Christopher Marshall gentleman, the only executor of fullage of William Marshall
2. Edmond, now Archbishop of Canterbury with consent of Anthony Cage, Citizen and Salter of London, John Scott Esq., William Woodhall, Richard Ratcliffe and William Hampton, gentleman
Recital: Will of William Marshall of Lambeth, Esq., deceased, ordering a free school to be erected and endowed either at Little Urswick in Furness or at Much Hadam, Co. Hertfordshire at discretion of executors and consent of Archbishop and supervisors of will
That school shall be at Little Urswick
Copy Draft Orders of Governors, 1672, of Urswick Grammar School concerning the duties of schoolmaster

Copy Letters Patent, 13 March 1585, establishing a Grammar School at Urswick and appointing 12 governors  BPR 1/M/9/25/74  1585
Language:  Latin

Draft Petition, 17th century, to Bishop of Chester from governors of Free Grammar School at Urswick  BPR 1/M/9/25/75  17th Century

Complaining of conduct of schoolmaster George Inman Clarke who has been negligent in his duties and will not desist from teaching in his own house although discharged by the governors

Furness Abbey  [no ref. or date]

Copy Extract from Patent Roll  BPR 1/M/9/25/76  1413
Language:  Latin

1 Henry V, 5 June 1413, concerning confirmation of the privileges of Furness Abbey with exemplifications of earlier grants by Henry IV, Richard II, Edward I, Henry III, John, Stephen, and privileges re fair at Dalton

Copy Extract from Patent Roll  BPR 1/M/9/25/77  1415
Language:  Latin

3 Henry V, 16 October 1415 re hard work done by Abbot of Furness on King's behalf, granting him the right to hold his own court and to appoint deputies in his absence

Letter, fragment, late 17th century, to Mr Atkinson at Dalton  BPR 1/M/9/25/78  Late 17th century

Franked Ra. Montagu, reciting confirmatory charter, I Henry V of Furness Abbey

Copy Valuations 2 from Ministers' accounts of land etc. of Monastery of Furness  BPR 1/M/9/25/79  [1542-1543]
Language:  Latin

34 Henry VIII
Latin and translation

Copy Valuation, 1542-1543, as at BPR 1/M/9/25/79 with Opinion, 3 July 1686 and copy, of Th. Rookesby  BPR 1/M/9/25/80  [1542-1543]; [16]86

On liability of Lordship of Tilberthwaite in Rectory of Ulverston to pay tithes, depending upon ownership of land in question by Furness Abbey

Copy Papal Bull, 10 Richard I 1198, of Pope Innocent IV to Furness Abbey  BPR 1/M/9/25/81  [1198]
Language:  Latin

Related information: See Coucher Book, CCCLXXXVII, Folio 246.3

Noting the former privilege as to non-payment of tithes conceded by the Apostolic See and extending it to lands acquired since General Council

Copy Exemplifications of grants to Abbot of Manor of Furness, Stephen to Henry V  BPR 1/M/9/25/82  Not dated

Copy account of foundation of Monastery of Furness as appears on the first folio of the Cartulary of that monastery, 1279  BPR 1/M/9/25/83  18th Century
Language:  Latin

Newspaper Cuttings  BPR 1/M/9/26  1889-1973

The News, Saturday, 2 February 1889 republic meeting to be held re water works on 11 February 1889  BPR 1/M/9/26/1  1889

North Western Evening Mail, Tuesday 2 June 1953, articular "Furness Links with the Crown: Dalton was in 11th century Manor of Hovgvn"  BPR 1/M/9/26/2  1953

Article from The News re music at Dalton Church by Rev G W Brassington on The rehallowing of the organ, 8 June 1973  BPR 1/M/9/26/3  1973

Pamphlet from The Lancashire Parish Register Society outlining its aims and listing registers published  BPR 1/M/9/27  1956

Negative of a housing estate  BPR 1/M/9/28  [n.d.]

Newspaper cuttings re dedication of new altar at Dalton Cemetery, 20 November 1940  BPR 1/M/9/29  1940

Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings re church events both locally and nationally  BPR 1/M/9/30  1870s

Also notes made of Deanery meetings and copies of letters etc

Photograph, black and white, of group of clergy outside church Dalton?  BPR 1/M/9/31  c1920s

Programme of Japanese Fair and Bazaar, 10 January 1921  BPR 1/M/9/32  1921

Parish plan, April-May 1958  BPR 1/M/9/33  1958

Covenant of Churches in Askam, Dalton and Ireleth, 30 November 1987  BPR 1/M/9/34  1987

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