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Reference WPR 93
Covering dates 1544 - 1968
Held by Cumbria Record Office, Kendal
Extent 7 SUB FONDS
Creators Church of England, Barton Parish, Cumbria


INCUMBENT  WPR 93/1  [n.d.]

Registers  WPR 93/1/1  [n.d.]

Copies information: (T) signifies that a parish register transcript or photocopy is available on the searchroom shelves for 1666-1830. Please see list at front of catalogue for further details.

Baptisms, marriages and burials. baptisms and burials 1676-1804; marriages 1676-1759  WPR 93/1/1/1  1676-1804

Copies information: (T)

Baptisms and burials. baptisms 1804-1812; burials 1805-1812  WPR 93/1/1/2  1804-1812

Copies information: (T)

Baptisms  WPR 93/1/1/3  1813-1846

Baptisms  WPR 93/1/1/4  1846-1876

Marriages and banns. marriages 1754-1812; banns 1754-1822  WPR 93/1/1/5  1754-1822

Copies information: (T)

Marriages  WPR 93/1/1/6  1813-1837

Marriages  WPR 93/1/1/7  1837-1934

Marriages  WPR 93/1/1/8  1934-1947

Marriages  WPR 93/1/1/9  1949-1961

Burials  WPR 93/1/1/10  1813-1862

Copies information: (T)

Banns  WPR 93/1/1/11  1823-1906

Banns  WPR 93/1/1/12  1906-1949

Church and services  WPR 93/1/2  [n.d.]

Service register  WPR 93/1/2/1  1939-1967

Offertory and charities account book  WPR 93/1/2/2  1875-1924

[no title]  WPR 93/1/2/3  1910-1983

- To refloor sanctuary and place brass in church with monition, 1910;
- To insert stained glass window and place memorial brass in church, 1912;
- To replace memorial tablet in church, 1919;
- To erect lych gate at entrance to churchyard with monition, 1920;
- To make alterations in church including resiting of organ, 1936;
- To install new heating system, 1937;
- To place brass tablet in church, 1947;
- To install electric light and organ blower, 1950;
- To build new vestry, 1951;
- To furnish side chapel, 1955;
- To install memorial tablet and chalice, 1960;
- To restore organ, 1962;
- To install chest and remove re-table, 1962;
- To provide ciborium, 1967;
- To alter churchyard gate and install shelf in church entrance, 1968;
- To install processional cross, 1972;
- To install notice board, alms box, safe and monitoring devices, 1975;
- To allocate area of churchyard for cremated remains, resite flagpole and altar, 1982;
- To install heating unit and other works, 1982;
- To install free standing lectern, 1983.

[no title]  WPR 93/1/2/4  1857

Conveyance, 13 November 1857,
1. E W Hasell of Dalemain, esq.,
2. Reverend G C Hodgson of New House, Barton, Vicar of Barton.
Premises: parcel of land for erecting vicarage near church.
Consideration: 10 shillings.

[no title]  WPR 93/1/2/5  1858

Counterpart mortgage, 23 February 1858,
1. Reverend G C Hodgson, Vicar of Barton,
2. Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty.
To secure payment of £400 with interest to rebuild parsonage house.

[no title]  WPR 93/1/2/6  1873

Lease for an unspecified period, 28 October 1873,
1. Frederick Cowper of Carlton Hall, Cumberland, esq.,
2. Reverend G C Hodgson, Vicar of Barton.
Premises: a piece of land at Eamont Bridge, late in occupation of Isaac Longrigg and opposite West Ward Union workhouse with liberty to erect a building made from iron for the purpose of divine worship.
Rent: 1 shilling per year.

Curate's licence of Reverend M S Donald, 25 September, 1887  WPR 93/1/2/7  1887

[no title]  WPR 93/1/2/8  Circa 1900-1955

File re history of church and church artifacts, including:
- Notes re history of church compiled at time of completion of restoration [typescript extract from Penrith Observer], circa 1905;
- Extract from Carlisle Diocesan Gazette re 'Church Pewter', [circa 1933];
- Correspondence and historical notes from Howard H Cotterell to Reverend F Hudson re Barton Church pewter flagon, 1933;
- Miscellaneous historical notes re Barton village, church and its artifacts (ms), circa 1900-circa 1930;
- Letter from HMSO re reproduction of photos in Church Guide, 1936;
- Letter from Edward Fawcett of Bristol re royal arms in church, 1940;
- Letter from Diocesan Registrar re dedication of church, 1955.

Account of J H Martindale, architect, Carlisle for work on memorial lychgate, 1920  WPR 93/1/2/9  1920

File of correspondence and assessments re dilapidations  WPR 93/1/2/10  1929-1968

Memorandum of agreement with Harrison and Harrison of Durham to tune Barton church organ with covering letter, 29 December 1936  WPR 93/1/2/11  1936

Accounts and papers re restoration of church  WPR 93/1/2/12  1951-1953

Church account book  WPR 93/1/2/13  1947-1958

Account book for monies paid into Post Office Savings Bank  WPR 93/1/2/14  1958-1961

Tithe and endowment  WPR 93/1/3  [n.d.]

[no title]  WPR 93/1/3/1  1578-1908

1578 [copy]; 1730; 1749; 1777 [original and 3 copies];
1828 [draft]; 1878; 1894; 1908.

Terrier and inventory  WPR 93/1/3/2  1934

Sockbridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge inclosure award and map  WPR 93/1/3/3  1818

High Barton tithe map, 1838, and schedule, 1839  WPR 93/1/3/4  1838-1839

Low Winder tithe map, 1843, and schedule, 1839  WPR 93/1/3/5  1839-1843

Sockbridge tithe map, circa 1843, and schedule, 1839  WPR 93/1/3/6  1839-circa 1843

Yanwath and Eamont Bridge tithe map, circa 1844, and schedule, 1843  WPR 93/1/3/7  1843-circa 1844

[no title]  WPR 93/1/3/8  1905-1922

Tithe redemption certificates relating to High Barton, Low Winder, Sockbridge, Hartsop and Patterdale, Martindale, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge.

Copy of Barton tithe schedule with list of Martindale tithes due to Vicar of Barton, 1888  WPR 93/1/3/9  Circa 1840

Copy instrument of fees  WPR 93/1/3/10  1925

[no title]  WPR 93/1/3/11  1931-1952

Copy archideaconal visitations:
1931; 1935; 1939; 1943; 1952.

[no title]  WPR 93/1/3/12  1932

Letter from Diocesan Registrar re reference to annual payment of £4 by curate of Patterdale to Vicar of Barton which appeared in terrier of 1908, 3 February 1932.

[no title]  WPR 93/1/3/13  1935-1936

Correspondence from Bounty Office, Westminster re tithe rentcharge on glebe land with copy plan of glebe land.

[no title]  WPR 93/1/3/14  1938

Mortgage and counterpart, 1 September 1938,
1. Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty.
2. Reverend E Hudson, Vicar of Barton.
To secure payment of £161 for improving a building on the glebe farm. Discharged 1 October 1953.

Order in Council relating to union of benefices of Barton and Pooley Bridge  WPR 93/1/3/15  1959

Index [small bound volume] of Barton parish documents and volumes  WPR 93/1/3/16  1934

Correspondence re access to parish records by [civil] parish council  WPR 93/1/3/17  1948


[no title]  WPR 93/W 1-3  1700-1941

Account books:
1700-1903; 1840-1898; 1898-1941.


[no title]  WPR 93/O 1-O 2  1798-1837

High Barton account books:
1798-1820; 1820-1837 [with at front detailed valuation of High Barton, 1819].

Select vestry minute book  WPR 93/O 3  1823-1840


High Barton account book  WPR 93/S 1  1803-1839

PCC/VESTRY  WPR 93/P  [n.d.]

[no title]  WPR 93/P 1-3  1920-1955

Minute books:
1920-1932 [with at back minutes of annual vestry meetings, 1930-1934]; 1932-1944; 1945-1955.

Account book  WPR 93/P 4  1943-1961

[no title]  WPR 93/P 5  1928-1946

Balance sheets:
1928-1939; 1944-1946.

[no title]  WPR 93/P 6  1947-1965

Financial statements:
1947-1960; 1962-1965.

SCHOOL  WPR 93/E  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Note: Barton Grammar School was founded in 1649 by the Reverend Gerard Langbaine, DD, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and the Reverend Lancelot Dawes, DD, Fellow of Queen's College, with Dr Dawes's money. Augmented by subscription of the Reverend Adam Airey, DD, Fellow of Queen's College and by local subscription. The Schoolhouse was erected in the 1660's and rebuilt with timber given by Thomas, Lord Dacre, Earl of Sussex and by local subscription in 1682. The Culgaith lands were exchanged for lands in Firbank and Howgill in 1752 to supplement the land at Crakah, Barton. Dr Langbaine also gave £10 per year from his Culgaith rents to bind two Barton-born apprentices yearly.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 1-E 2  1682-1876

Record books:
1. 1682-1876, with at back:
- Answers to enquiry re school's present state and list of masters and governors, 1682;
- Apprentices to be bound, 1689-1702;
- Notes re founders of school with list of local subscribers, 1682;
- List of other subscribers, 1682;;
- Building accounts, 1682;
- List of apprentices bound under Dr Langbaine's money and to whom, 1659-1664; 1673-1799; 1837; 1876;
- Signed minutes of governors 1826-1837.
2. circa 1800-1870, with:
- Copy appointment of Reverend Henry Hogarth of Skelton as master, 1804;
- Copy appointment of Thomas Holme late master of Crosby Ravensworth as master to succeed William Airey in 1692, copy circa 1800;
- Copy of evidence given to commission under great seal to inquire into conduct of school's affairs, 1667 with details of endowments, copy circa 1800.

Exercise book with extracts from E2 above  WPR 93/E 3  19th century

Governors' minute book, with Charity Commissioners' Scheme for School, 1877  WPR 93/E 4  1877-1950

Managers' minute book  WPR 93/E 5  1903-1946

Miscellaneous papers from E5 above  WPR 93/E 6  1940-1945

School account book, with at back details of Church Fabric Fund, 1938-1944  WPR 93/E 7  1877-1954

HM Inspectors' reports and returns to Education Department, London  WPR 93/E 8  1875-1902

Appointments of schoolmasters (original deeds)  WPR 93/E 9  1692-1822

Thomas Holmes on resignation of William Airey  WPR 93/E 9/1  22 December 1692

John Thompson on decease of Thomas Holm  WPR 93/E 9/2  20 January 1703

Joseph Wilson on resignation of John Thompson  WPR 93/E 9/3  31 May 1722

John Mattinson on resignation of Reverend Thomas Myers  WPR 93/E 9/4  2 June 1798

John Webster on resignation of Reverend John Mattinson  WPR 93/E 9/5  24 August 1801

Reverend H Hogarth on resignation of Reverend John Webster  WPR 93/E 9/6  13 July 1804

John Mattinson  WPR 93/E 9/7  17 April 1811

Henry Robinson  WPR 93/E 9/8  30 July 1822

[Fragment]  WPR 93/E 9/9  1805

Appointments of trustees/feofees (original deeds); [See appendix 2]  WPR 93/E 10  1704-1874

Deeds of properties in Culgaith (43 plus fragments)  WPR 93/E 11  1544/5-1703/4

Deeds of properties in Firbank, Howgill and Crakah (4 plus fragments).  WPR 93/E 12  1675-1827

Deeds and papers re Lakethwaite in Firbank with deed of exchange for Culgaith lands, 1752  WPR 93/E 13  1643-1821

Deeds re Birkfield in Firbank (3)  WPR 93/E 14  [circa 1610]-1722

File of miscellaneous financial papers  WPR 93/E 15  1670-1685

Apprenticeship indentures  WPR 93/E 16  1689-1875

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/1  1689

James Haythwaite, son of William Haythwaite of Thorpe, deceased, to William Hellin of Tirril, blacksmith, for 7 years, 10 April 1689.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/2  1698

William Steely son of John Steely of Emond Bridge, Webster, to his father for 7 years, 26 March 1698.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/3  1731

James Lancaster, late son of Nicholas Lancaster of Powley, Barton, yeoman, to John Harrison of Plumpton Head, Penrith, tailor, for 7 years, 21 April 1731.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/4  1733

George Lancaster of Hollinthwaite, yeoman, to John Whitlock of Sockbridge, tailor, for 7 years, 28 March 1733.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/5  1771

Elizabeth Robinson daughter of Dinah Robinson of Patterdale, aged 12, to Thomas Hayton of Patterdale, spinner, for 7 years, 3 April 1771.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/6  1774

Catherine, daughter of John Kilner of Whitehaven, aged 12 to William Bird of Parkhouse, Barton, husbandman 'to learn the art of being an useful country maid servant' for 7 years, 3 April 1774.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/7  1787

Dorothy daughter of Mary late Nicholson now Graham of Penrith aged 9 to Sarah wife of William Sisson of Sharrow, Barton, seamstress, for 12 years, 11 April 1787.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/8  1802

John Winder aged 12 to Anthony Jackson of Troutbeck, waller for 9 years, 8 June 1802.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/9  1805

William Wilkinson aged 9 to Thomas Tesdale of Longmartin, tailor, for 8 years, 7 May 1805.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/10  1841

Matthew son of Thomas Nicholson of Sandwick, yeoman to Edward Bardgett of Pooley, carpenter for 5 years, 1 June 1841.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/11  1845

Joseph the younger, of Penrith, son of Joseph Thompson the elder of Pooley, tailor, to William Burkett of Penrith, carpenter for 5 years, 14 May 1845.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/12  1859

Thomas son of the late George Irving, tailor of Patterdale (with the advice, licence and consent of William Mounsey of Grange in Borrowdale, joiner, his brother-in-law) to John Johnston of Borrowdale, tailor, until he is 21 years old, 7 March 1859.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/13  1859

Joseph son of Thomas Allinson of Martindale, shoemaker to Edward Watson of Wreay, Dacre carpenter, until he is 21 years old, 19 April 1859.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/14  1865

James Hall of Yanwath, basketmaker, to Isaac Hall his father of Yanwath, basketmaker, until he is 21 years old, 27 April 1865.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/15  1871

George Smith of Pooley Bridge, aged 14 to John Ion of Pooley Bridge, tailor, for 6 years, 5 April 1871.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/16  1874

Thomas Smith of Barton to John Smith of Pooley Bridge, joiner for 5 years, 8 April 1874.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/17  1875

Joseph son of William Jackson Armstrong of Pooley Bridge to Jonathan Horn of Pooley Bridge, blacksmith for 4 years 10 months, 9 March 1875.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/18  1875

Nicholson son of William Jackson Armstrong of Pooley Bridge to John Brown of Great Salkeld, tailor for 5 years 9 months, 17 March 1875.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/19  1756

Also found with apprenticeship indentures.
Bond in £10, 21 April 1756.
1. Lancelot Fleming of Firbank, husbandman and Lancelot Thwaite of Martindale, husbandman.
2. Feofees of Barton Grammar School.
Condition: that Lancelot Fleming observe conditions of apprenticeship indenture between himself and George Fleming bearing equal date.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/20  1757

Settlement certificate of Thomas Thompson, tailor, Jane his wife and John their son aged two years, legally settled in Caldbeck, 20 February 1757.
Allowed 7 March 1757.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/21  1763

Settlement certificate of John Robinson, labourer and Barbara his wife legally settled in Martindale, 5 November 1763.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 16/22  1784

Settlement certificate of Thomas Pattinson and Margaret his daughter legally settled in Watermillock, 30 January 1784. Allowed 2 February 1784.

Quitclaim by William Airey of his rights in the schoolhouse  WPR 93/E 17  1692

Bond for farm rents payable to School by William Davis of Low Winder, gent  WPR 93/E 18  1700

Deeds re properties near School at Crakah (2)  WPR 93/E 19  1703-1705

Receipts for apprentices' premiums paid by School  WPR 93/E 20  1706-1708

Lease for 5 years of Four Lanes alias Cookson's Tenement in Beckfoot, Howgill by Barton School trustees to John Slee  WPR 93/E 21  1788

Letters (2) from tenants in Firbank and Howgill  WPR 93/E 22  1806-1821

School vouchers  WPR 93/E 23  1806-1862

Letters re apprenticeships  WPR 93/E 24  1841-1843

[no title]  WPR 93/E 25  1850

Letter valuing School's inclosure allotment at Firbank prior to sale to William Thompson, MP

[no title]  WPR 93/E 26  1862-1875

Letters from Aaron Nelson of Patterdale re placing and progress of Barton charity apprentices in his care with two accounts from him re same.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 27  Circa 1864-1956

File of miscellaneous papers, including:
- (Copy) rules for master of Barton Grammar School, [circa 1864];
- Note re foundation and endowment of School, [circa 1865]
- Letter from Charity Commission re authority of trustees under new scheme for regulation of Charity, 30 April 1877;
- Correspondence from Lucy Drueker, London NW8 to Reverend E Hudson re listing of [School] deeds and other papers, with list of same, 1946;
- Sketch plan of school and school field showing site of proposed new entrance to school field, 1949;
- Correspondence re insurance of Barton School during tenancy of Church Pastoral Aid Society, 1953;
- Letter enquiring re location of sewer pipe on School site at time of sale of School to Church Pastoral Aid Trust, 1956.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 28  1872-1873

File of correspondence from Charity Commission re sale of the Old Grammar School with account of Harrison and Little, solicitors, Penrith for acting in conveyance of School, 1873.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 29  1931-1935

File of correspondence and receipts re extinguishment of tithe rentcharges payable on various properties by trustees of Barton School.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 30  1938

File of specifications and tenders re proposed drainage and building work at Barton School and Schoolhouse with plans of works.

[no title]  WPR 93/E 31  1950

Lease (counterpart) for 5 years, 4 May 1950,
1. Reverend E Hudson, Vicar of Barton, E W Hasell of Dalemain, Joseph Lowthian of Brooklyn, Tirril and D'Arcy Armytage Dawes of Leacon Hall, Warehorne, Ashford, Kent.
2. The Church Pastoral Aid Trust.
Premises: Barton School and field at rear of School.
Rent: £26 per year for School, £1 per year for field.
With at foot: further lease for one year, 16 November 1954.


[no title]  WPR 93/Z 1  1752-1824

Commonplace book, containing:
- Exchequer decree concerning rights of common pasture and peat rights in Barton and Martindale Fells, in dispute 1578 with details of similar dispute 1682;
- Organization, names and rates payable in the six constablewicks into which parish was divided circa 1690, entered in 1752;
- Effects of New Style upon parish's stinting and rents days, 1752;
- Copy will of Agnes Dudley, widow of Yanwath Hall, 1697, with receipts of Mrs Dudley's charity, 1753-1758 and distribution lists, 1763-1824;
- Briefs collection accounts, 1804-1809;
- Rules for parish hearse, 1816 and 1822;
- High Barton valuation list, 1819;
- List of oblations collected on great festivals, 1806-1824.

Folder of Ordnance Survey 25" 1st edition sheets of Bampton and Shap  WPR 93/Z 2  Circa 1863

Folder of Ordnance Survey 25" 1st edition sheets of Barton  WPR 93/Z 3  Circa 1863

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