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Reference WD BIG
Covering dates 16th-20th century
Held by Cumbria Record Office, Kendal
Extent 2 Sub fonds
Source of acquisition Records deposited on 19 July 1976. (Acc. 1566)
Creators Biggins Estate, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria
Related information SEE ALSO WDX 231

WD BIG 1/1-63 Title Deeds.
Estate catalogue references and 1/64-65 Maps and Plans.
WD BIG 1/66-95 Estate papers c. 17th - 19th cents. and Official Papers.
WD BIG 1/96-114 Family Papers: Tomlinson.
WD BIG 1/115-124 Family Papers: Other Families.
WD BIG 1/125-144 Wills, Administration and Executorship Papers.
WD BIG 1/145-151 Miscellaneous Papers.
AGENT (ESTATE PAPERS c. 18th - 20th cents.)
WD BIG 2/1-3 Biggins Settled Estate.
WD BIG 2/4-5 Estate Valuations.
WD BIG 2/6-17 Papers Concerning Tenancy.
WD BIG 2/18-19 Estate Accounts.
WD BIG 2/20 Estate Employees.
WD BIG 2/21-22 Estate Correspondence.
WD BIG 2/23-24 Papers re Buying and Selling of Property.
WD BIG 2/25 Kirkby Lonsdale By-Pass.
WD BIG 2/26-29 Miscellaneous Estate Papers.
This catalogue has been produced in the form of a bundle list which generally contains references to groups of documents, however it has been possible to identify certain items individually.


TITLE DEEDS  [no ref. or date]

Westmorland: Kirkby Lonsdale  [no ref. or date]

Higher Biggins  WD BIG 1/1  1647-1819

c.40 items

Premises forming Biggin's Lodge Farm  WD BIG 1/2  1714-1808

c.30 items

Acquired by Edward Tomlinson 1790-1808.

Lane House Estate  WD BIG 1/3  1600-1803

c.50 items

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1792.

Timmriggs and Raygarths  WD BIG 1/4  1663-1804

c.80 items

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1804 and 1822. (2 bundles)

Haws Dale and Trawn, near Slape Stones  WD BIG 1/5  1779-1820

c.7 items

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1808.

Leases of Casterton barn and tithes, 1805; 1819 and 1820 to Mr Wm. Smith  WD BIG 1/6  1805-1820

3 Items

Premises at Keastwick  WD BIG 1/7  1736-1820

c.20 items

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1820.

Vacant number  WD BIG 1/8  Not dated

8 cottages on north side of Mitchell Gate in Kirkby Lonsdale  WD BIG 1/9  1764-1820

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1820.

Premises at Keastwick  WD BIG 1/10  1769-1820

c.12 items

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1820.

Cestern Dale at Biggins  WD BIG 1/11  1779-1826

c.20 items

acq. by A B Tomlinson 1820.

Catholes  WD BIG 1/12  1699-1842

c.40 items

acq. by Edward Rawlinson 1834.

Hophouse Allotment, part of Pells Yeat Farm  WD BIG 1/13  1826-1859

5 Items

acq. by William Tomlinson, 1859.

The Damfields, Far Field, Birkrigg, Round Hill and Ellers Meadow  WD BIG 1/14  1634-1861

c.16 items

acq. by William Tomlinson 1861.

Pells Yeat Farm  WD BIG 1/15  1793-1868

c.25 items

acq. by William Tomlinson 1864 and 1867.

Premises at Biggins  WD BIG 1/16  1759-1870

c.20 items

acq. by William Tomlinson 1870

Fairbank Field and Barn  WD BIG 1/17  1737-1873

5 Items

acq. by Misses Tomlinson 1873.

Abbot Hall Estate  WD BIG 1/18  1878-1886

c.20 items

acq. by Elizabeth Tomlinson 1886.

Exchange: Schoolmasters Dale and part of Walker Dyke  WD BIG 1/19  1891

1 Item

acq. by Wm. Smith Paget Tomlinson for 2 parts of Hallsteads.

Biggins Hall Estate in Westm. and Lancs  WD BIG 1/20  1878-1892

c.10 items

acq. by W S Paget Tomlinson 1892.

1130 sq. yds. near Low Biggins  WD BIG 1/21  1897

4 Items

acq. by W S Paget Tomlinson 1897

Cottages and premises at Lower Biggins  WD BIG 1/22  1779-1919

c.30 items

acq. by W S Paget Tomlinson ? 1906.

Close called Under Gallaber (2a. 3r. 30p.) near Tearnside (formerly part of Catholes, sold by Edward Rawlinson 1834)  WD BIG 1/23  1834 and 1916

4 Items

acq. by W S Padget Tomlinson 1916.

Close of land with shippen at Lower Biggins  WD BIG 1/24  1705-1936

c.20 items

acq. by W S Paget Tomlinson 1936.

Part of Pells Yeat Farm  WD BIG 1/25  1833-1916

c.17 items

acq. by Col. Paget Tomlinson 1939.

Premises in Kirkby Lonsdale 1839  WD BIG 1/26  1839

Premises in Kirkby Lonsdale 1861  WD BIG 1/27  1861

Misc. Kirkby Lonsdale deeds  WD BIG 1/28  16th-18th cents

2 Bundles

Westmorland: Burton-in-Kendal  [no ref. or date]

Deeds (c.6) and sundry other papers  WD BIG 1/29  1704-1847

Mainly legacy receipts re Crow Trees Estate, Dalton 1704-1843; also c. 7 deeds of The Intack, Whittington, co. Lancs. 1820-1847.

Westmorland: Preston Richard  [no ref. or date]

Birkrigg Park  WD BIG 1/30  1730-1816

c.40 items

acq. by William Tomlinson 1810.

Lancashire: Whittington  [no ref. or date]

Intacks and Fothergills  WD BIG 1/31  1609-1718

c.20 items

Lightburne and Battersby

The Great Intack, 20 acres  WD BIG 1/32  1820 and 1823

4 Items

acq. by Edward Tomlinson.

Whittington Intacks, 6 acres  WD BIG 1/33  1802-1823

3 Items

acq. by Edward Tomlinson 1823.

The Intack, 9 acres, [see under Burton-in-Kendal, Crow Trees Estate]  [no ref.]  1820-1847

acq. by A B Tomlinson 1847.

4 closes  WD BIG 1/34  1869

2 Items

acq. by William Tomlinson 1869.

Sellet Hall Estate  WD BIG 1/35  1664-1899

c.60 items

acq. by W S Paget Tomlinson, 1899.

Intack and Long Intack  WD BIG 1/36  1890-1936

c.10 items

acq. by W S Paget Tomlinson, 1934 and 1936.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/37  1702-1741

c.16 items

"An estate belonging to the poor of Kirkby Lonsdale"; and premises in Tunstall parish, 1714 and 21 Geo. II [1740-41].

Lancashire: Arkholme in Melling parish  [no ref. or date]

Moor Close  WD BIG 1/38  1636-1724/5

c.10 items

acq. by John Smith 1724/5.

Case papers re Broom Ayre etc., with 1610 conveyance (Wm. Smith)  WD BIG 1/39  1736

Misc. premises  WD BIG 1/40  17th cent

c.20 items

Misc. premises  WD BIG 1/41  18th-20th cents

c.18 items

Nook Estate  WD BIG 1/42  1651-1757

c.30 items

Mid Town House  WD BIG 1/43  1728-1794

15 Items

Barkers Dale  WD BIG 1/44  1788-1880

7 Items

Old Hall  WD BIG 1/45  1724-1796

c.12 items

Premises in Goose Green: James Buck and wife to John Cragg esq  WD BIG 1/46  1822

Messuage etc  WD BIG 1/47  1634-1841

c.20 items

acq. by Miss E Cragg 1841.

Snab Green Estate  WD BIG 1/48  1668-1880

c.20 and 17

acq. by W S Cragg 1880. (2 bundles)

Misc premises - parts of manor of Hornby enfranchised  WD BIG 1/49  1698-1774

c.10 items

Upfield Meadow and Dale Meadow - now sold  WD BIG 1/50  1878-1879

Broomfield Estate  WD BIG 1/51  1623-1912

- Deeds and other papers 1623-1879;
- Green's Holme (c.10), 1853-1859
- Acq. by A B Tomlinson, 1859;
- Closes, being part of Cowking Farm (3)
- acq. by W S Paget-Tomlinson, 1892;
- Conveyance of Hawker Lands to W S Paget-Tomlinson in 1912.

Yorkshire: Austwick in Clapham parish  [no ref. or date]

Rawlinshaw Estate  WD BIG 1/52  1619-1742

c.32 items

With letters, legacy receipts etc. re estate of Mr William Lupton-Rawlinshaw and Wharfe 1788-1815; also book containing memoranda about peat mosses etc. belonging to Rawlinshaw and Wharfe, early 18th cent. [Rawlinshaw mortgaged to Tomlinson in 1815].
(2 bundles)

Wharfe estate  WD BIG 1/53  1579-1737

c.27 items

Also bundle of deeds and papers, 1787-1812.
(2 bundles)

Premises at Austwick  WD BIG 1/54  1571-1745

c.35 items

(2 bundles)

Yorkshire: Dent in Sedbergh parish  [no ref. or date]

Tofts Estate  WD BIG 1/55  1670-1827

acq. by A B Tomlinson c. 1826.

Miscellaneous deeds  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For abstract of deed relating to Burton New School, 1817 and copy deeds of endowment of vicarage of Burton-in-Kendal (1460) see WD BIG 1/88.

Miscellaneous deeds  WD BIG 1/56  16th-18th cents

Miscellaneous deeds (Battersby family)  WD BIG 1/57  1572-1737

Miscellaneous deeds (Wilson family)  WD BIG 1/58  16th-18th cents

Miscellaneous deeds (Lightbourne family)  WD BIG 1/59  1567-18th cents

2 Bundles

Bundle labelled "A number of very old deeds Lightburns, etc."
Bill of receipt, 29 September 9 Elizabeth, by Thomas Carus, one of the Queen's Justices of Pleas, for £10 from Robert Lyghtbone of Over Biggins, Westmorland, husbandman in full satisfaction of sum of £60 due for fine of tenant-right in one tenement at Over Biggins, late in tenure of John Blande. [1567].
Grant, 10 August 28 Elizabeth. [1586].
1. Robert Carus of Halton, co. Lancs. esq.
2. Robert Lightburne of the Overbiggins, Westmorland, clothman.
Premises: messuage and tenement with appurts. in Overbiggins of yearly rent of 23s. now or late in tenure of (2).
Consideration: £71 6s.
Mortgage, 19 May 1587.
1. Robert Lightburne of Overbiggins, yeoman.
2. Christopher Richardson of the Netherbiggins, yeoman.
Recital: feoffment of same date whereby (2) conveyed to (1).
Premises: parcel of arable ground, meadow and pasture with appurts. in Whitflatt Close.
Consideration: £12 to be paid in porch of Kirkby Lonsdale church on the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1590.
Verdict, 14 April 1592, at court of Kirkby Lonsdale about William Lightburne's way to and from Dowsdaile.
Award, 24 July 37 Elizabeth, made by Edward Wilson the elder, Henry Wilson, Roger More and Leonard Richardson, arbitrators between 1) Edward Lighborne, son of Robert Lightborne of Biggins, yeoman, deceased and 2) William Lightborne, his brother, yeoman of same place, concerning lands and tenements left by their father, Settlement: each to continue to hold such lands as he possesses; Edward to have all debts due to his father and William to make general release of said debts; Edward to pay William £5; both to enter into mutual bond in £200 for performance of the award. [1595].
Assignment, 6 December 43 Elizabeth. [1600].
1. Gilbert Blysse of Penrith, co. Cumberland, smith.
2. Robert Wilson of Penrith, gloves.
Recital: Lease for 21 years, 26 May 53 Elizabeth [1591] by Sir Simon Musgrave to Gilbert Blysse.
Premises: garth in Penrith in street called Midlegaet at the end of the stonebridge next to the tenement of the said Gilbert.
Consideration: certain horse loads of iron.
Inquisition post mortem, 6 April 10 James I, [1612]. before Roger Otway esq., escheator at Kirkby Lonsdale: on oath of John Ward, Miles ?, Robert Tounston and others, Edward Lightburne, lately of Biggins, who died on 9 May 42 Elizabeth [1600], was seised of one messuage or tenement with appurts. in Biggins and 16 acres arable land, meadow and pasture pertaining, by grant of Francis Cowper of Sedbergh, co. Yorks gent dated 12 April 24 Elizabeth [1582], held of manor of Kirkby Lonsdale in free socage and of yearly value "ultra reprisor" of 20s.; his son and heir is Robert Lightburne aged 16 years 11 months and 13 days
Lease for 4 years. 8 May 1613.
1. James Tydeman of Underbarrow, yeoman and Robert Lightburne, his son-in-law.
2. Edward Moore of Kirkby Lonsdale, chapman.
Recitals: re messuage and tenement with appurts. at Overbiggins in manor of Kirkby Lonsdale, now or late in tenure of (2) and of Roger Moor, of annual rent of 13s.; (1) to enter into that part in tenure of Edward Moore after the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1616 and into residue in tenure of Roger Moor after his death; £80 to be paid to Edward Moore in consideration (James Tydeman to pay £40 promised in marriage of said Robert Lightburne with Dorothy, his now wife, daughter of James and for other £40 Edward Moore is to have for 4 years one other tenement at Biggins which came to Robert after death of his father).
Premises: tenement at Biggins last mentioned.
Bond in £100, 5 November 1625, by Anthony Fisher of Firbank, millor to Richard Noble als. Morland of Firbank - for performance of covenants.
Verdict, 18 October 1653, at court of Kirkby Lonsdale, that "none shall sheare ame Brackens wch. are comon before the morrowe after Michaelmas daie, nor anie to mowe anie till five daies after upon paine of 6s. 8d."
Copy examined by Rob. Heblethwaite, steward.
Receipt, 3 February 1653, of Robert Robinson for £15 from Edward Lightbourne for a close of ground called Fudergill.
Bond in £60, last day of February 1655, by Edward Wilson of the Fleeteholme, Dillicar, yeoman to Edmond Ward of Daviebank in Firbank, yeoman, for performance of covenants.
Bond in £30, 8 March 1659, by John Waithman of Kirkby Lonsdale, yeoman to Edward Lightbourne of Biggins, yeoman, for performance of covenants in deed of same date.
Admittance, 11 May 1660, of Edward Lightburne to a dale called Grantham heade containing 3 roods lying in the west end of a close called Grantham, now in possession of John Waithman of Kirkby Lonsdale, yeoman, with appurts. and of yearly rent of 3d., by payment of fine of 6d., at court leet and view of frankpledge with court baron of Thomas Preston, esq., lord of the manor, before Robert Heblethwaite, steward.
Award, 22 May 1662, by the Grand Jury of Kirkby Lonsdale, with Will. Baynes as foreman, in the difference between Richard Ustonson of Upper Biggins and Henery Richardson about 2 dales in close called the Buts Dale: "We the Jury hath meared it out with stones, we Find that the said Richard Ustonson is to have his Way in at the gappe From the hyeway Over the headland to his Owen dale, where Edward Lightbourne hath his way with out Lett or molestation at any time."
Quitclaim, 1 September 1664, by Thomas Anderson of Biggins, yeoman to Edward Lightburne of Biggins, yeoman.
Premises: 2 dales of ground, one in close of Edward Lightburne's called Grantham, containing 3 roods 8 fales, and one in close called Roude containing 1 rood 10 fales and of yearly rent of 12s.
Admittance, 17 May 1666, of Edward Lightburne, yeoman to 3 parcels of ground, two lying in Grantham close (one purchased of John Waythman of Kirkby Lonsdale of yearly rent of 9d. and the other purchased of Nicholas Anderson, clerk, of yearly rent of 9d.). and one other parcel in Rouds close containing 1 rood purchased of said Nicholas Anderson and of yearly rent of 3d., by payment of fine of 26s. 3d., at manor court of Thomas Preston, lord of manor of Kirkby Lonsdale.
Bond in £132, 29 March 1676 by William Lucas of Tearn Side in Kirkby Lonsdale, yeoman to Thomas Lucas of Biggins, farmer, for performance of covenants in bargain and sale of several closes of ground. 1676.
?, 10 April 1679, by John Tufton, esq. Lieutenant of Westmorland to all bailiffs, concerning Edward Lightburne of Kirkby Lonsdale. 1679.
Surrender, 17 October 35 Charles II, by Edward Lightburne of Over Biggins, gent, in consideration of love for daughter Dorothy Battersby, of several closes, viz. one called Grantham on south side of close of Thomas Partridge, etc., at court of John Lowther at Kirkby Lonsdale, before Richard Trotter, steward. [1683].
Admittance, 7 October 1689, of John Robinson to one customary tenement within manor of Whittington, co. Lancs., lately in occupation of Edward Lightburne, lately deceased, of rent of 11d., by payment of fine of 7s. 4d., by William Backhouse, steward of court baron. 1689.
Conveyance, 1 November 1692. 1692.
1. William Windsor of Long Preston, co. Yorks. yeoman and Mary his wife, late wife and executrix of John Wilson of Upper Biggins in Kirkby Lonsdale, yeoman, deceased.
2. Richard Moone of Long Preston, yeoman.
Recital: Deed of trust, 20 February 1690 by 1) John Wilson to 2) John Bayliss of Tearnside, Edward Bayliss and Richard Bayliss of Biggins, of premises to use of (1) for life and then to use of his wife, Mary, and heirs for ever.
Premises: messuage and tenement with barn, garden and appurts. at Upper Biggins of yearly rent of 5s., together with one shop in Kirkby Lonsdale then in occupation of Richard Middleton of yearly rent of 4d. - all parcels of land of Sir John Lowther, bart.; and also several dales and parcels of customary tenantright grounds in Fothgill field near Upper Biggins in lordship of Whittington, co Lancs., with appurts., parcels of lands of Christopher Carus, of yearly rent of 6½d.
Consideration: £100.

Miscellaneous deeds and papers  WD BIG 1/60  16th-18th cents

Chiefly Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Yorkshire and Biggins.
(Battersby family, also Lightbourne family references)

Deeds to property in Whasset, parish of Beetham  WD BIG 1/61  1614/15-1616

Papers concerning Whasset, parish of Beetham (Tomlinson family)  WD BIG 1/62  17th-18th cents

Miscellaneous deeds and draft deeds  WD BIG 1/63  17th-18th cents

MAPS AND PLANS  [no ref. or date]

Estate maps  [no ref. or date]

N.B. nos. WD BIG 1270-1281 form an original bundle together with draft maps, admeasurements and notes, and map of Low Broomfield dated 1886.

CASTERTON  WD BIG/[1240, 1241]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Endorsed: B Thos. Hall's Land Chapel Houses]
[A B Tomlinson] A: 60 x 79 WD BIG
B: 78 x 37
No scale
Field names and acreages (25a. 2r. 8p. stat. 18a. 1r. 6p. cust.]. Calculations.
No compass mark.

CASTERTON  WD BIG/[1231]  [Circa 1840]

No title [Chapel Houses]
[A B Tomlinson] 75 x 60 WD BIG
4 chains to 1 in
Field names and acreages (102a. 0r. 30p.)
Roads, directions.
R Lune with bridge.

CASTERTON  WD BIG/[1232]  [1843]

Sketch of the Earl of Lonsdales allotments on Casterton fell.
No surveyor 42 x 33 WD BIG
Owners' names, no acreages. Length of fences marked and Lord Lonsdale's fences coloured red. Mickleslack well. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.

CASTERTON  WD BIG/[1233]  [1843]

No title [Casterton fell allotments].
No surveyor 59 x 48 WD BIG
No scale.
Owners' names, no acreages. Line of road for proprietors and line of fences for Lord Lowther marked. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.


GRAYRIGG  WD BIG/[1229]  [1830]

No title [Endorsed: Borrow Bridge estate
Mr James Branthwaite Decr 1830]
[A B Tomlinson] 67 x 85 WD BIG
2½ [chains] to 1 in.
Field names and acreages on separate admeasurement and valuation (104a. 0r. 16p.) Woods. Roads, directions, toll bar. Footpaths. Position of Ash tree. Gates. Hachuring. Adjacent owners.

HUTTON, NEW  WD BIG/[1336]  1837

Hutton park estate
John Watson jun. 69 x 51 WD BIG
8 chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages (363a. 3r. 21p.).
Woods. Roads, directions. Hogholes, water gaps, gates, quarry etc. marked with notes relating to these and other matters. Adjacent owners.

HUTTON ROOF and KIRKBY LONSDALE  WD BIG/[1230]  [Circa 1810]

Spittle Estate
Robt. Lumb. Lowther 42 x 37 WD BIG
4 chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages (136a. 0r. 38p.). Roads, no directions. River with bridge. Lime kiln. No compass mark.

KENDAL  WD BIG/[1317]  1826

Plan of the Castle Lands belonging to Mrs Richardson & Mrs Dowker
[Copied from survey 53 x 42 WD BIG by Josh. Russell]
2 chains to 1 in.
Acreages, no field names (47a. 3r. 23p. stat. 34a. 1r. 6p. cust.) Ruins of Kendal castle, moat. Road, directions. Gates.

KIRKBY LONSDALE  WD BIG/[1284]  [Circa 1800]

No title [Brook Cottage or Kearstwick Hill farm]
No surveyor 25 x 39 WD BIG
No scale
Field Names and acreages. Roads, directions. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.
With copy [1285] dated 1879, admeasurement.

KIRKBY LONSDALE  WD BIG/[1227]  [Circa 1810]

No title [Endorsed: Mr Carus land]
No surveyor 48 x 54 WD BIG
No scale
Field names, acreages (41a. 0r. 12p. Stat. 29a. 1r. 11p. Westmorland cust. 25a. 1r. 11p. Lancashire cust.). Woods. House in elevation. R Lune with bridge. Roads, directions. Footpaths. No compass mark.

KIRKBY LONSDALE & LANCASHIRE (Whittington)  WD BIG/[1299]  [Circa 1840]

No title [Endorsed: Plan of Biggins House Estate in the Townships of Kirkby Lonsdale and Whittingtone]
No surveyor 86 x 94 WD BIG
3 chains to 1 in.
Acreages, no field names. Areas of plantations in several fields given. Roads, directions. Boundary fences. Gates. Adjacent owners. Township boundary. No compass mark. Note endorsed "Land round Biggins showing old Public Footpath from Stables via Big house into occupation Road".
See also plans relating to proposed new footpath at Biggins [1289, 1290].


Plan of Brock Cottage estate in the township of Kirkby Lonsdale the property of Misses Mary, Anne and Elizabeth Tomlinson.
No surveyor 61 x 78 WD BIG
3 (statute) chains to 1 in
Field names and acreages (63a. 2r. 2p. stat. 45a. 1r. 33p. cust.). Roads, directions. Gates. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. Decorative birds under title and above notes.

MANSERGH  WD BIG/[1321]  [1820]

No title [Endorsed: Mansergh Hall & Mansergh Hall Houses Novr 1820]
No scale 54 x 75 WD BIG
Field names, acreages. Roads, directions. Stream with bridge. Position and type of trees. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.

MILNTHORPE  WD BIG/[1320]  [Circa 1825]

No title
No scale 59x 48 WD BIG
Acreages, some field names added in pencil. Roads, including turnpike, directions.
Boundary fences. Gates. Adjacent owners.
No compass mark.
[This estate appears on WD/AG 1131 as part of the manor of Milnthorpe, but is not named. Nor is it named on 1st ed. O.S.]

PRESTON RICHARD  WD BIG/[1219]  [Circa 1800]

A plan of Common Mire in Preston Richard.
No surveyor 27 x 25 WD BIG
4 (customary) chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages (44a. 2r. 29p. cust.). Woods. Roads, no directions. Adjacent owners.
With rough sketch map [1220].


An estate at Milton the property of Mrs Backhouse.
No surveyor 41 x 34 WD BIG
No scale
Sketch map. Field names. Acreages on separate admeasurement (52a. 2r. 37p. stat. 37a. 3r. 0p. cust.). Mill and race. Roads, directions. Adjacent owners. Boundary fences. Notes and calculations. No compass mark.
With draft.


Plan of Lower Common in the township of Preston Richard.
R Mount 39 x 48 WD BIG
No scale
Acreages. Field names on separate admeasurement (60a. 3r. 9p.)
Roads, no directions. Boundary fences.
Adjacent owners.

PRESTON RICHARD  WD BIG/[1222]  [1829]

Common Mire estate in Preston Richard belonging to the Revd. Cartmell
[A B Tomlinson] 48 x 60 WD BIG
2 chains to 1 in.
Draft map. Acreages. Field names on separate admeasurement (62a. 1r. 25p. Stat. 44a. 2r. 29p. cust.). Roads, no directions.


No title [Endorsed: Lockholme Foot &c in Ravenstonedale April 1830]
[A B Tomlinson] 59 x 70 WD BIG
No scale
Draft map. Acreages, no field names. Woods. Road, no directions. Boundary fences. Gates.

SKELSMERGH  WD BIG/[1246]  [1830]

No title [Oak Bank, Must Hill, Redman tenement]
[A B Tomlinson] WD BIG
No scale
Field names, owners' names. Roads, no directions. No compass mark [part of original bundle with WD BIG 1245]


Houseman Tenement belonging to James Gandy Esqr.
[A B Tomlinson] 39 x 41 WD BIG
3 customary chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages (69a. 3r. 33p. stat. 50a. 0r. 15p. cust.). R Sprint with mill race and bridge. Road, no directions. Adjacent owners. Hachuring. Buildings of proposed gunpowder works marked with levels and distances from other buildings. - with correspondence, calculations, etc., also WD BIG 1246.


No title [Fisher's tenement and Bradleyfield]
No scale 93 x 138 WD BIG
Field names, acreages. Kendal racecourse. Roads, no directions. Footpaths. Ponds. Gates. Boundary fences. No compass mark. - with unfinished draft on smaller scale.

WINDERMERE (Applethwaite)  WD BIG/[1226]  1827

Plan of Orrest Head estate as advertised for sale by auction Novr 1827
H Merryweather, Ulverston 75 x 54 WD BIG
2 chains to 1 in.
Field names, acreages. Woods. Roads, directions. Footpaths. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.

WINDERMERE (Applethwaite) & TROUTBECK  WD BIG/[1251]  [1844]

No title [Endorsed: Plan of Estates in the Townships of Applethwaite & Troutbeck belonging to John Wilson Esq.]
[A B Tomlinson] 120 x 219 WD BIG
No scale
Field names and acreages. River with bridges. Mill & mill race. Named roads, footpath. Boundary fences. Gates. Adjacent owners.
No compass mark.
With admeasurement and sketch maps.

WITHERSLACK  WD BIG/[1208]  [Circa 1825]

Latterbarrow estate the property of William Walker Esqr.
No surveyor 34 x 41 WD BIG
No scale
Rough map giving field names and acreages (64a. 2r. 0p. stat. 46a. 0r. 29p. cust.). Road, no directions. Some adjacent owners. No compass mark.

WITHERSLACK  WD BIG/[1209]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Latterbarrow estate in Witherslack belonging to Mr Walker]
No surveyor 48 x 61 WD BIG
No scale
Acreages, no field names. Roads, no directions. Footpaths. Gates. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.
[Slightly later than 1208 - rolled with it]

LANCASHIRE (Coulton)  WD BIG/[1215]  [1820]

Plan of Long Mire estate in the township of Coulton the property ----- Braithwaite Esqre.
[A B Tomlinson] 67 x 84 WD BIG
No scale
Field names, acreages (226a. 1r. 24p. stat., 162a. 0r. 15p. cust.). Roads, directions. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Coulton)  WD BIG/[1223]  [1821]

Bethecar estate in the parish of Coulton
[A B Tomlinson] 55 x 76 WD BIG
No scale
Draft map. Acreages, no field names. Road, direction. Boundary fences. Gates. Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Coulton)  WD BIG/[1224]  [1821]

Dubberbeck estate in the parish of Coulton
[A B Tomlinson] 55 x 76 WD BIG
No scale
Acreages, no field names. Roads, directions. Stream with bridge. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Dalton)  WD BIG/[1210]  [1820]

No title [Endorsed: An estate at Dalton belonging to Mr Edwd Tatham]
No surveyor 48 x 60 WD BIG
No scale
Field names and acreages (67a. 3r. 33p. stat., 41a. 3r. 32p. cust.). Boundary fences.
Adjacent owners. No compass mark.
With rough sketch of part of the estate and admeasurement.

WESTMORLAND (Farleton)  WD BIG/[1252]  [1833]

No title [Endorsed: Messrs Cartmel's Estate at Farleton]
[A B Tomlinson] 109 x 120 WD BIG
No scale
Field names and acreages. Some owners' names. Canal with bridges. Roads, no directions. Position & type of trees. Gates. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.

LANCASHIRE (Leck)  WD BIG/[1207]  [1803]

No title [Endorsed: Mr Welch's estate at Leck]
[Willan] 52 x 161 WD BIG
[3 chains to 1 in.]
Field names, no acreages. Roads, no directions. River and Cowan bridge. Chapel. Dog Kennel. Footpaths. Boundary fences. Some adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Leck)  WD BIG/[1212]  [1823]

No title [Endorsed: Mr Welch & Mr Yeats' exchange of Land at Leck]
[A B Tomlinson[ccb] 50 x 49 WD BIG
No scale
Draft map. Field names. Acreages. Gates. Calculations. No compass mark
With covering letter and admeasurement.

LANCASHIRE (Leck)  WD BIG/[1234]  [Circa 1825]

No title
No surveyor WD BIG
Draft map. Acreages, field names on separate admeasurement. (213a. 3r. 29p.). Hachuring.
Adjacent owners. No compass mark.
With sketch map, admeasurement and calculations.

[LANCASHIRE (Leck)]  WD BIG/[1213]  [1827]

The Revd Edwd Yeats & R H Welch Esq. exchange of Lands
[A B Tomlinson] 49 x 60 WD BIG
2 [chains] to 1 in.
Acreages, some field names. Gates. Boundary fences. Some trees marked with type.
Adjacent owners. Calculations. No compass mark.
Original bundle with 1212.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1279]  1781

28th August 1781, the Plan to which the Award refers.
No surveyor 21 x 34 WD BIG
2 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Plan of Sandy-gate close (part of Broomfield estate) with notes about distances along Ellershaw Lane. Gate. Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1278]  1795

A plan of Broomfield estate, the property of Thos. Tomlinson Gentleman
T Buttle 66 x 57 WD BIG
Scale 30 [sic]
Draft map. Field names, no acreages. Woods. Lane to fields. Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1273]  1795

Plan of Broomfield Estate the property of Thos. Tomlinson Gent.
Thos. Buttle 82 x 64 WD BIG
3 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages. Woods. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. Title backed by wall and landscape, picture of farmhouse with pond, trees etc. bottom right.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1276]  1795

Plan of an estate called Broomfield belonging to Mr Thos. Tomlinson.
T Buttle 36 x 39 WD BIG
6 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Field names, no acreage. R Lune. Woods. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. Title backed by drawing of house, tree etc.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1277]  [Circa 1795]

A plan of Broomfield estate the property of Thos. Tomlinson gent.
No surveyor 48 x 60 WD BIG
3 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Field names, no acreages. R Lune. Woods. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1281]  [Circa 1795]

No title [Broomfield]
No surveyor 22 x 18 WD BIG
No scale
Field names and acreages (116a. 0r. 26.39p. stat. 71a. 2r. 33.42p. cust.). R Lune. Woods.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1270]  1797

High Broomfield in Arkholme in the parish of Melling the property of Mr Emanle shires Jno Williamson 39 x 63 WD BIG
7 (statute) chains to 2 in.
Field names and acreages (82a. 1r. 32p. stat. 50a. 3r. 24p. cust.). Woods. Roads, no directions. Adjacent owners. Decorative compass mark, title in garland.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1271]  1801

Plan of Nook estate in Arkholme, the property of Mr W Tomlinson
No surveyor 31 x 38 WD BIG
3 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages (10a. 3r. 05p. stat. 6a. 2r. 25p. cust.). Woods.
R Loyne. Chapel. Adjacent owners.
Decorative compass mark, title in garland.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1272]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Broomfield]
[Mr Willan] 48 x 103 WD BIG
No scale
Copied from a plan belonging to Mr Smith of Arkholme, made by Mr Willan, with variants taken from a plan from Hornby Castle. Some field names: Acreages and owners' names. Woods. R Lune showing change of course. Chapel. Roads, no directions. Gates. Small ash tree.
No compass mark.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1274]  [Circa 1840]

No title [Broomfield]
[A B Tomlinson 53 x 74 WD BIG George Smith]
3 chains to 1 in.
Copied from a plan at Hornby Castle. Field names, acreages and owners' names. R Lune [old course] and R Greta.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1275]  [Circa 1840]

Broomfield estate
No surveyor 45 x 65 WD BIG
6 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Field names, acreages and owners' names.
R Lune [new course]. Roads, directions.
Barns. Bay Horse Inn. Boundary fences.
Adjacent owners.

LANCASHIRE (Melling)  WD BIG/[1280]  1860

Part of Broomfield Estate. Sketch showing the course of the River Lune, August 1860.
Copy from the plan at Hornby Castle.
No surveyor 33 x 58 WD BIG
3 (statute) chains to 1 in
Some field names and acreages. Owners' names.
R Lune marked "The River broke thro' here Easter 1860". Position and type of trees.
Adjacent owners.

YORKSHIRE (Clapham)  WD BIG/[1323]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Wharfe estate]
No scale WD BIG
Field names and acreages. Roads, no directions. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.
Joint admeasurement for 1322 and 1323.
Total acreage 100a. 1r. 36p.
[Note: plans 1315-1324 were an original bundle].

YORKSHIRE (Clapham)  WD BIG/[1322]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Wharfe Estate the property of Edwd Tomlinson]
No scale 67 x 84 WD BIG
Field names and acreages. Roads, directions. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. Notes about exchange of land and fences.

YORKSHIRE (Dent)  WD BIG/[1286]  [1824]

Tofts estate in the township of Dent.
[A B Tomlinson] 38 x 48 WD BIG
3 (statute) chains to 1 in.
Field names and acreages (53a. 0r. 10p.).
Wood. Gates. Boundary fences.
With sketch map and map copied from the tithe and inclosure plans [1287, 1288]

YORKSHIRE (Dent)  WD BIG/[1214]  [1830]

Hole House estate in Dent.
[A B Tomlinson] 56 x 75 WD BIG
No scale
Field names on separate admeasurement.
Acreages (79a. 0r. 9p. stat. 56a. 2r. 16p. cust.). Roads, some directions. Footpaths.
Gates. Boundary fences. Adjacent owners.
With admeasurement and rough map.

YORKSHIRE (Sedbergh)  WD BIG/[1248]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Hebblethwaite Hall and Sarthwaite]
[A B Tomlinson] 77 x 128 WD BIG
No scale
Field names and acreages. Roads, no directions, footpaths. River with bridges.
Boundary fences. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.
With admeasurements and correspondence.

SCOTLAND (Ayrshire)  WD BIG/[1228]  [1831]

No title [Woods of Cree]
[A B Tomlinson] 49 x 124 WD BIG
No scale
No field names, acreages. R Cree. Slate quarry. Notes relating to survey by Mr C[hristison]. No compass mark.
With admeasurements, calculations, draft plans, correspondence etc.

YORKSHIRE (Horton-in-Ribblesdale)  WD BIG/[1216]  [Circa 1825]

No title [Hoyles farm and Crook House farm]
[A B Tomlinson] 48 x 59 WD BIG
No scale
Field names and acreages (Hoyles farm 206a. 3r. 9p. Crook House farm 91a. 3r. 35p.).
Roads, no directions, footpaths. Adjacent owners. No compass mark.

[no title or date]  WD BIG/Further estate maps

A plan of Clock House estate in Fulwood, [1356]. 1803
Dorrans or Hungerhill End estate in the townships of Lupton and Hutton Roof, [1360]. [1820]
[Yarlside]. Copy from the Township plan surveyed by Mr Willan for the Inclosure [Melling], [1344]. [c. 1825]
Birk How estate, Langdales, [1350]. [c. 1830]
High Birk How, Langdales, [1351]. [c. 1830]
Heathwaite estate, Church Coniston, [1352]. [c. 1830]
Bank Ground estate, Monk Coniston, [1353]. [c. 1830]
Mr Sewell's estate at Crosby Garrett, [1357, 1358]. [c. 1830]
Lower Broomfield estate [Melling], [1282]. 1886
Township, Enclosure and tithe maps
[N.B. The undated maps are mainly c. 1825-1840, many by A B Tomlinson].
Applethwaite common, Woundale and Troutbeck Hundreds, inclosure plans [1256-1260]. undated
Applethwaite, lands to be charged with corn rent in lieu of tithe [1326]. undated
Bentham, tithe maps [1303-1314]. undated
Botton Head fell [1324] [Lancs. Wray-with-Botton]. undated
Burton township [1298]. undated
Cantsfield township (part 2) [1292]. undated
Crook township [1267]. undated
Holme township [1263]. undated
Holmescales township with book of reference [1235]. undated
Hugill common enclosures [1315]. undated
Hugill township by A B Tomlinson [1337]. 1840
Hugill township [1340]. undated
Hutton Roof township (copy of plan annexed to Vicarial tithe commissioners awards and to rectorial tithe apportionment) [1300]. undated
Killington township (as produced for Kirkby Lonsdale tithe commutation purposes 1836) [1225]. 1826
Killington township, inclosed land in Barbon, inclosed land in Firbank [1293-1295]. undated
Killington, enclosures [1325]. undated
Kirkby Lonsdale, draft plan "copied from the old Township plan" [1254]. undated
Kirkby Lonsdale (copy of plan annexed to rectorial tithe commutation) [1302]. 1849
Leck township drawn for the tithe payers of the township from the Ordnance Survey [1261]. undated
Leck township (part 4) [1291]. undated
Lupton township (copy of plan annexed to the rectorial tithe apportionment) [1301]. undated
Mansergh township, tithe [1341]. undated
Mansergh (Stangana Moss) plan of new road, showing mosses and gravel pits [1319]. undated
Nether Staveley township [1255]. undated
Newton-with-Docker, Whittington, tithe plan [1316]. 1849
Preston Patrick enclosure, draft plan [1244]. undated
Preston Patrick township, draft plan [1253]. undated
Skelsmergh township [1266]. undated
Skelsmergh common, Crook common, and Whitwell and Selside common, plans of the roads set out pursuant to the Whitwell and Selside, Skelsmergh and Crook enclosure act, with draft plans [1237-1239]. 1824
Strickland Kettle township [1264]. undated
Strickland Kettle enclosure [1265]. undated
Strickland Roger township, by John Watson [1249]. undated
Strickland Roger township [1250]. undated
Strickland Roger enclosure [1268]. 1840
Troutbeck Hundreds, draft plan [1338]. undated
Whittington township, tithe plan with book of reference [1262]. undated
Whittington Moor by T Buttle [1247]. 1813
Additional maps (miscellaneous)
Plan of proposed new footpath, Biggins [1289, 1290]. undated
Plan of Hutton Roof disputed boundary [1349]. [c. 1825]
Plan of the enclosed lands in the township of Mansergh by Robert Reed [for tithe commutation purposes] [1359]. 1835
Plan of Bottom Head Fell, Melling, Lancashire and surrounding area [1324]. undated
Plan of Sedbergh, Garsdale and Hawes turnpike road [1211]. undated
Plan of land in Whitwell and Selside to be sold pursuant to the Enclosure Act [1355]. undated
Sale posters with maps and notices relating to enclosures made under Whitwell and Selside, Skelsmergh and Crook enclosure [1354]. 1823-1825

Further additional (miscellaneous) maps  WD BIG 1/64/1-43  [n.d.]

Plan of land of Rev. R Corts, Arkholme, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/64/1  1826

Plan of road near Snab Green, Arkholme, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/64/2  Undated

Plan of disputed land at Barbon (Richardson and Willan)  WD BIG 1/64/3  Undated

Plan of land at Beckfoot, Barbon, belonging to James Harrison  WD BIG 1/64/4  Undated

Plan of Coal Pit Close estate, Bentham, Yorkshire  WD BIG 1/64/5  1829

Sketch plan of Burrow Bridge on River Lune, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/64/6  1825

Plan of field at Burton-in-Kendal belonging to Lord Lonsdale  WD BIG 1/64/7  1823

Plan of Clawthorpe Hall, Sandygap and Curwen Woods, Burton-in-Kendal, estate of T D Cotton  WD BIG 1/64/8  Undated

Plan of road at River Greta, Burton-in-Lonsdale, Yorkshire  WD BIG 1/64/9  Undated

Plan of "Mr Smythe's Mill", Burton-in-Lonsdale, Yorkshire  WD BIG 1/64/10  Undated

Plan of estate in Crook  WD BIG 1/64/11  Undated

Plan of Parks and Girders estate, Deepdale, Dent, Yorkshire  WD BIG 1/64/12(a)  1829

Plan of section of turnpike road from "the 3rd mile stone to High Borrowbridge" [Grayrigg] by J R  WD BIG 1/64/12(b)  1818

Plan of Rowel Bridge, ?Heversham  WD BIG 1/64/12(c)  1825

Plan of cottages and land at Holme, parish of Burton-in-Kendal  WD BIG 1/64/13  Undated

Plan of High Reston in Hugill belonging to Robert Harrison, esq., surveyed by John Williamson  WD BIG 1/64/14  1806

Section of intended level from Hutton Roof quarries  WD BIG 1/64/15  Undated

Plan of allotment on Kirkby Lonsdale Moor, property of Francis Pearson  WD BIG 1/64/16  1819

Section of new road to avoid Bridge Brow, Kirkby Lonsdale  WD BIG 1/64/17  Undated

Section of line of road through Mrs Gathane's field, Leck Fell, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/64/18  1821

Plan of exchange of land at Leck, Lancashire: R H Welch with R Park and Thomas Yeats  WD BIG 1/64/19  1827

Plan of exchange of land at Leck: Rev. Edward Yeats and Mrs S Preston  WD BIG 1/64/20  1899

Plan of Leck estate, Lancashire, belonging to Kirkby Lonsdale Poor.  WD BIG 1/64/21  Undated

Plan of field at Leck, Lancashire, belonging to Mr E Wilson  WD BIG 1/64/22  Undated

Plan of Wrangle Hill Quarry, Longsleddale  WD BIG 1/64/23  Undated

Plan of land of Thomas Hopkinson in Lupton  WD BIG 1/64/24  Undated

Plan of road near Green Lane End, Lupton  WD BIG 1/64/25  Undated

Plan of intended new road near Rigmaden Hall, Mansergh  WD BIG 1/64/26  Undated

Plan of William Holden's estate at Masongill, Yorkshire  WD BIG 1/64/27  1824

Plan of Edmondson's Wood, Outhwaite, Melling, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/64/28  Undated

Plan of field near Melling, Lancashire property of W W C Wilson  WD BIG 1/64/29  Undated

Plan of Ings Chapel estate, Middleton  WD BIG 1/64/30  1821

Plan of Cat Kirk in Middleton, belonging to John Upton  WD BIG 1/64/31  1828

Plan of estate at Newby ?Yorkshire, belonging to devisees of late William Batty  WD BIG 1/64/32  1828

Plan of diversion and widening of road near Elm Tree, Preston Patrick  WD BIG 1/64/33  1823

Sale posters (2), Lockholme Foot Intack and Thornthwaite estates, Ravenstonedale. With admeasurement  WD BIG 1/64/34  1830

Plan of Metcalfe-Gibson disputed property, no location given, ? Ravenstonedale  WD BIG 1/64/35  Undated

Plan of encroachments at Salterforth, ? Yorkshire  WD BIG 1/64/36  Undated

Plan of Green Hollin estate, Sedbergh  WD BIG 1/64/37  1823

Plan of Stone Hall estate near Sedbergh  WD BIG 1/64/38  1825

Plan of Strickland Ketel and Nether Staveley Commons  WD BIG 1/64/39  Undated

Plan of allotments set out for Earl of Lonsdale in Underbarrow Enclosure  WD BIG 1/64/40  1824

Plan of land at Wrayton, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/64/41  Undated

Plan of property sold by assignees of Thomas Baines (No location given)  WD BIG 1/64/42  Undated

Unidentified plan fragments.  WD BIG 1/64/43  Undated

2 Items

Printed maps  WD BIG 1/65  [n.d.]

Ordnance Survey.  WD BIG 1/65/1-5  [n.d.]

WD BIG 1/65/1. Horton in Ribblesdale, Clapham and Malham; 6"; sheets 113, 114. 1851
WD BIG 1/65/2. Sedbergh; 6"; sheet 64. 1852
WD BIG 1/65/3. Lancashire; 1"; sheet LXXXIX NW. 1873
WD BIG 1/65/4. Wrayton and Wennington; 25"; sheet XXVI I (L) + CXII.2.6 (Y). 1913
WD BIG 1/65/5. Dentdale; 25"; sheet LXIV.14. 1909
Westmorland by Jeffreys [1327]. 1770
Kendal by John Todd [1328]. 1787
Ireland by D A Beauford [1331]. 1792
France (showing post stages) [1330]. 1793
A new map of the county of Westmoreland divided into wards. 2nd. ed. [1217]. by Smith 1808
A new map of the county palatine of Lancaster divided into hundreds. 2nd. ed. [1218]. 1808
London [1329]. 1818
Lancaster by J Binns [1339]. 1821
Westmorland by Thomas Hodgson [1334]. 1828
Northern counties [1335]. undated
Schoolroom map of the world [1332]. undated
Geological map of England, Wales and part of Scotland, showing also the inland navigation by means of rivers and canals... together with the rail roads and principal roads. By J & C Walker [1333]. undated
An accurate map of the matchless lake of Derwent (situate in the most delightful vale which perhaps ever human eye beheld) near Keswick, Cumberland, by P Crosthwaite [1346]. 1782
Pocklington's island in Derwentwater near Keswick, Cumberland [with elevations of house, boat house, porter's lodge and fort] by P Crosthwaite [1347]. 1783
An accurate map of the grand lake of Windermere, being the largest in England, situate in Westmorland and Lancashire, by P Crosthwaite [1348]. 1783
Plan of the towns, cittadel and port of Dunkirk before its demolition, engraved for the Universal Magazine [1345]. [18th cent.]

ESTATE PAPERS (c. 17th-19th cents.) AND OFFICIAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For estate papers c. 18th-20th cents. see section 2 of this list (AGENT).

Estate papers  WD BIG 1/66  19th cents

Papers concerning footpath diversion, Biggins  WD BIG 1/67  1844

Estate rental (part only)  WD BIG 1/68  1829-1854

Survey of Tomlinson property in Kirkby Lonsdale, Whittington, Austwick, Dent, Burton-in-Kendal, Dalton and Arkholme with Cawood  WD BIG 1/69  19th cent

Surveys and valuations  WD BIG 1/70  1837-1847

- Valuation; Mansergh (Poor Rate)
- Valuation; Leck (tithe)
- Survey, Kirkby Lonsdale, ? tithe
Undated [c. 1841]

Valuation of lands within parish of Whittington, Lancashire, by Joseph Gibson of Whelprigg and James Harrison of Lowfields.  WD BIG 1/71  1801

Valuation [? of North Estates in Lancashire].  WD BIG 1/72-73  Undated

2 vols

Valuations and other papers (17th-19th cents.)  WD BIG 1/74  17th-19th cents

- 18th century valuations and assessments (Lonsdale Hundred, Lancashire - chiefly concerning Arkholme with Cawood): including land tax and window tax
- Papers concerning Manor of Kirkby Lonsdale including court rolls for 1705-1706 and valuations of the Lordship
- Bigland family papers, 16th cent.
- Warrant for taking guns addressed to Constables of Kirkby Lonsdale issued by Sir Daniel Fleming, 7 May 1696 see Alan Macfarlane The Justice and the Mare's Ale (Blackwell 1981) for background information
- List of inhabitants of parish of Beetham with subscriptions to Beetham school, 1620

Reference book re plan of township of Barbon. Gives proprietors, occupiers and acreages. (No plan) 1835  WD BIG 1/75  1835

Sale particulars for Carus House, Arkholme with Cawood  WD BIG 1/76  1938

Papers concerning North estates at Newton and Middleton Brows, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/77  1774-1778

Extracts from [? Kirkby Lonsdale Manor] court book. (Extracts dated 1699-c. 1760)  WD BIG 1/78  1699-1760

Boundary roll, Manor of Dent.  WD BIG 1/79  1778

Rental, customary fee farm and ancient free rents in manors of Hornby and Tatham, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/80  Undated

Undated [after 1771]

Copy confirmed (tithe) awards: Hutton Roof and Lupton  WD BIG 1/81  19th cent

Related information: Note: For further tithe and enclosure papers, acts and awards (18th-19th cents.) see WD BIG 1/152

Keighley to Kendal Turnpike Trust minute book  WD BIG 1/82  1778-1819

Plan of Keighley to Kendal turnpike road  WD BIG 1/83  Undated

Milnthorpe to Kendal Turnpike Trust minute book  WD BIG 1/84  1797-1819

Related information: Note: For Acts for turnpike roads (18th-19th cents.) see WD BIG 1/152-153

Kirkby Lonsdale highway rate books  WD BIG 1/85  1839-1840

2 Items

Vacant number  WD BIG 1/86  Not dated

Papers concerning Kendal and Kirkby Lonsdale Volunteers.  WD BIG 1/87  18th-19th cents

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/1  1797

Circular letter addressed by John Burn, William Moore and James Wilson, Deputy Lieutenants, to Mr Edwd. Tomlinson, Biggins inviting attendance at Kendal Town Hall to consider means of putting Law relative to the Supplementary Militia required in Kendal and Lonsdale Wards into Execution, Borrow Bridge, 24 January 1797. Printed.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/2  [17 ]

"Rules and Regulations to be Observed by the Two Companies of Volunteers Assembled in the Parish of Kirkby Lonsdale." Printed by A Foster, Kirkby Lonsdale. Undated.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/3  1803

Resolution of inhabitants in Kendal Town Hall about voluntary subscription to assist the poor in providing substitutes for the Royal Army of Reserve, 29 July 1803. Printed.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/4  1803

Circular addressed by [ ]. Hobart, Downing Street, London to Lord Lieutenant of Westmorland transmitting copy of Act "to amend and render more effectual an Act... to enable His Majesty more effectually to provide for the Defence and Security of the Realm during the present War ..." and to direct immediate measures be taken in Westmorland, 30 July 1803. Printed.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/5  1803

Resolution of meeting at Kendal by gentleman of the neighbourhood educated at Trinity College, Cambridge that there should be a subscription for relief of soldiers (and families), natives of Westmorland, who shall be disabled by military service either in militia or in army of reserve, 4 August 1803. Printed.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/6  1803

Copy of letter from the Secretary at War, C Yorke, Whitehall, to the Right Hon. William Lord Viscount Lowther acknowledging receipt of "the very loyal and spirited Declaration of the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders... of Westmorland." 27 August 1803. Printed.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/7  1803

Subscription list for clothing etc. of Volunteers in Kendal and Lonsdale Wards, and Town of Kendal, 30 August 1803. Printed, with ms. additions.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/8  1803

Note from Mr Carus Wilson proffering to the officers at Kirkby Lonsdale, books which may be useful, Casterton 30 October 1803.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/9  1803

Letter from Maude Wilson and Co., Kendal to Mr Edwd. Tomlinson, Kirkby Lonsdale acknowledging receipt of £85 9s. placed to the credit of the Kendal and Kirkby Lonsdale Volunteers. 19 November 1803.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/10  1803

Bill: Mr Tomlinson to R and F Cornthwaite for regulation sword, belt and plate, gorget etc., totalling £4 17s. Settled 21 December 1803.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/11  1804

Description of receipt of Colours by Kendal Volunteers from the Hon. Mrs Howard on 16 January 1804, per Mr Richardson.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/12  1804

Bill: Lieut. Tomlinson to Davenport and Gilpin for regulation cap and feather, and sash, totalling £4 17s. Settled 24 February 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/13  1804

Copy of Chief Justice Christian's Charge to the Grand Jury, at the late Assizes for the Isle of Ely containing some important truths on the subject of Volunteers. Printed, Kendal, 5 May 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/14  1804

Certificate of Joseph Varty's regular attendance at drill for 21 days in the Cumberland Loyal Leath Ward Volunteers since 1 January 1804, signed by Jno. Buchanan, Captain 5th. Company, Penrith 18 May 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/15  1804

Advertisement for a few Active Young Men wanted by the Kendal and Lonsdale Volunteers to fill up vacancies occasioned by change of servants at Whitsuntide etc., 28 June 1804. Printed.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/16  Not dated

Opinion of the Attorney General, respecting Persons enrolled in Volunteer Corps withdrawing themselves. Printed W Pennington, Kendal. Undated.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/17  Not dated

Certificate of Thomas Holme Maude, Commanding Officer of the Kendal and Lonsdale Volunteer Corps of Infantry to William Lord Viscount Lowther, Lieutenant of Westmorland that [blank] is an effective member of the Corps, within the provisions of an Act 44 [George III]. Undated.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/18   [...] 180

Pass to permit the Bearer of [blank] in the Kendal and Lonsdale Volunteers commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Maude, to travel from [blank] to [blank], he having Leave of Absence. Printed W Pennington, Kendal. Undated.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/19  1804

Letter from Thos. Holme Maude, Lieut. Col., Kendal to Capt. Tomlinson, Kendal and Lonsdale Volunteers, Kirkby Lonsdale requesting he march the company under his command to Kendal on afternoon of the 20th. to be ready for the Review and Inspection by the Lord Lieutenant of the County and Col. Harris [Inspecting Field-Officer of the District] at 12 next morning; "... bring as many of your Company as possible, as... it is desirable the Muster should be very general. The men will be entitled to two days pay a shilling also for the inspection and another shilling which will be given out of the fund ...". 10 August 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/20  1804

Letter from Thos. Holme Maude, Kendal to Captn. Tomlinson, Kendal and Lonsdale Volunteers, Kirkby Lonsdale about impending review and inspection; "... As it wd. be difficult to procure Cartridges for the whole Regiment against next Tuesday and as the difft. Companies have not practised firing lately I think I and Mr Hodgson is of the same opinion that it will be better to let it alone ...", 14 August 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/21  1804

Description of manoeuvres to be performed at the inspection on 21st. inst., Kendal, 15 August 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/22  1804

Letter from Thos. Holme Maude, Kendal to Capt. Tomlinson requesting monthly return due on 1 September, 29 August 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/23  1804

Letter from Tho. Fell, Kendal to Lieut. Col. Wilson or The Commanding Officer about procuring necessary number of carts for Hutton Roof only with assistance of Burton township; "Col. Maude begs me to say that he approves the plan of providing Canteens and Haversacks for 4/5 of the number of Volunteers ...", 5 September 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/24  1804

Letter from Thos. Holme Maude, Kendal to Capt. Tomlinson, Kirkby Lonsdale about inspection of Carts belonging to regiment by Brigadier General Ord on Sunday next, 23 inst.; "You are hereby required on that day at Eleven O'Clock in the Forennon to appear with your Company & the Carts attached to it on Rowell Green when taken the whole Regiment (excepting the Ambleside Company) will be assembled for the purpose of the Inspection & Review... Perhaps it wd. be desirable that each Man should provide himself with a little bread & cheese. When arrived at the Place of Exercise (wch. will be previously marked out) the Carts are to be drawn up two deep behind their respective Companies, 17 September 1804.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/25  1804

Direction of Edwd. Tomlinson to give notice to persons "required to send each a Horse, Cart & Driver, to appear opposite the Royal Oak in Kirkby Lonsdale precisely at Eight o'clock on Sunday morning the 30th. inst. from thence to proceed with the 9th. Compy. of the Kendal & Lonsdale Volunteers to Rowel Green" to be inspected by General Orde. Undated.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/26  1804-1805

Return of carts attached to 9th. Company of Kendal and Lonsdale Volunteers as inspected by Brigadier General Orde upon Rowel green on Sunday 30 September 1804; inspected second time on 28 August 1805.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/87/27  1804

Letter from Thos. Holme Maude, Lieut. Col., Kendal to Capt. Tomlinson, Kirkby Lonsdale: "As it is necessary when an offer of service is made to go on Permanent Duty to send to the General of the District a return of the Number of the Commissioned, non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of each Company who are willing to Volunteer you will be so good as take the sense of your Company as soon as you possibly can, wch. you can do either by ordering a Parade this Week or by sending your Drill Sergt. round to each Man; perhaps if both plans were adopted you would then be certain to Learn the sentiments of every one.

Abstract of deed relating to Burton New School, 1817  WD BIG 1/88  1817

(With copy deed of endowment of Vicarage of Burton-in-Kendal, 6 June 1460)

Papers concerning Clergy Daughters' School, Casterton (Chiefly programmes and notes).  WD BIG 1/89  19th-20th cents

Related information: See also WD BIG 1/145

Papers concerning Kirkby Lonsdale Grammar School  WD BIG 1/90  19th cent

Envelope containing torn bills and estimates for work at Kirkby Lonsdale Grammar School, including work on new school house.  WD BIG 1/91  Circa 1845-1850

Elevations of Burton Hall with notes on dimensions of rooms. Undated  WD BIG 1/92  Undated

Newspaper cuttings and correspondence concerning Fishers & Baxter and Carruthers V Morecambe District Council (re land at Morecambe).  WD BIG 1/93  1898-1901

Papers concerning elections (Westmorland, Lancaster and Liverpool)  WD BIG 1/94  18th-19th cents

Including election addresses and Lancaster Poll Book 1784.

Manuscript book of voters in Westmorland Election, 1826  WD BIG 1/95  1826-1832

Also contains papers concerning 1832 election.

FAMILY PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Tomlinson  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous Battersby and Tomlinson papers including wills, deeds, correspondence etc  WD BIG 1/96  16th-19th cents

Related information: For further Battersby family papers see FAMILY PAPERS: OTHER FAMILIES for further deeds see TITLE DEEDS

Miscellaneous Tomlinson family papers  WD BIG 1/97  18th-19th cents

6 Bundles

Miscellaneous Tomlinson papers  WD BIG 1/98  18th-19th cents

Including marriage settlement of William Tomlinson and Lettice Wilson, 20 June 1722

Miscellaneous Tomlinson family papers, correspondence etc. (various members but chiefly Elizabeth Tomlinson)  WD BIG 1/99  18th-19th cents

3 Bundles

Includes genealogical notes on various families, parish register extracts, monumental inscriptions, will extracts etc. re., amongst many, Battersby, Batty, Carus, Dawson, Fawcett, Greene, North, Procter, Remington, Tatham, Wakefield and Wilson families.

Miscellaneous Tomlinson family papers, correspondence, executorship papers etc, various members, but chiefly Elizabeth Tomlinson  WD BIG 1/100(a)  18th-20th cents

2 Bundles

Including genealogical notes on various families, parish register extracts etc. References include amongst many, Gibson, Husband, Morland, Paget, Preston, Rawlinson, Ward and Wilson families.

Genealogical notes on Tomlinson family  WD BIG 1/100(b)  17th-19th cents

Miscellaneous Tomlinson correspondence  WD BIG 1/101  18th cent

1 Bundle

Miscellaneous Tomlinson correspondence  WD BIG 1/102  18th-19th cents

3 Bundles

Miscellaneous Tomlinson correspondence and papers  WD BIG 1/103  19th cent

Miscellaneous Tomlinson correspondence  WD BIG 1/104  18th-19th cents

24 small bundles

But also including North and Lupton family correspondence

Correspondence  WD BIG 1/105  1789-1806

William Lupton, solicitor, Liverpool to Thomas Tomlinson, Biggins.

Correspondence  WD BIG 1/106  1811-1822

William Lupton to Thomas and Edward Lupton, 1811-1815, during ill health, and (chiefly) John Wood to Edward Tomlinson re settlement of William Lupton's affairs, 1812-1822.

Correspondence  WD BIG 1/107  1836-1842

Chiefly Elizabeth Gibson, London to Edward Tomlinson, with draft replies, concerning property at Burton and Kearstwick, 1836-1842

Tomlinson accounts  WD BIG 1/108  18th cent

Tomlinson account book  WD BIG 1/109  18th cent

Pocket account book  WD BIG 1/110  1823-1842

Pocket books  WD BIG 1/111  19th cent

4 Items

Lists of arrangements for various Tomlinson funerals  WD BIG 1/112  19th cent

Love letters, love poems, 'Love Letter' poster etc  WD BIG 1/113  18th-19th cents

1 Bundle

Paget-Tomlinson family crest  WD BIG 1/114  Undated

Related information: For Tomlinson family pedigree see WD BIG 1/115

OTHER FAMILIES  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For additional family papers concerning -
Battersby see WD BIG 1/60, 1/96, 1/99, 1/147
Batty see WD BIG 1/99
Bigland see WD BIG 1/74
Carus see WD BIG 1/99
Dawson see WD BIG 1/99
Fawcett see WD BIG 1/99
Gibson see WD BIG 1/1/100(a)
Green see WD BIG 1/99
Husband see WD BIG 1/1/100a
Lightbourne see WD BIG 1/60
Lupton see WD BIG 1/104
Morland see WD BIG 1/1/100(a)
North see WD BIG 1/99, 1/104
Paget see WD BIG 1/100(a)
Preston see WD BIG 1/100(a)
Procter see WD BIG 1/99
Rawlinson see WD BIG 1/100(a)
Remington see WD BIG 1/99
Tatham see WD BIG 1/99
Wakefield see WD BIG 1/99
Ward see WD BIG 1/100(a)
Wilson see WD BIG 1/99, 1/100(a)

[no title]  WD BIG 1/115  Circa 18th-19th cents

Pedigrees for following families:
Preston of Mearbeck
With miscellaneous papers.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/116  19th cent

Genealogical papers relating to North family of Thurland Castle, Lancashire; references c. 16th cent. onwards; compiled in 19th cent.

Genealogical notes on families  WD BIG 1/117  Circa 16th-19th cents

Battersby and Lightburne
Carus Wilson
Batty and Bickersteth
Tatham and Fenwick

Genealogical notes on Bainbridge family including Coat of Arms; compiled in 19th cent  WD BIG 1/118  19th cent

Miscellaneous genealogical notes, c. 17th-19th cents  WD BIG 1/119  17th-19th cents

[no title]  WD BIG 1/120  1798-1817

Marriage settlements of:
William Kew of Lancaster and Dorothy Robinson of Kirkby Lonsdale.
Louis Magnus of Manchester and Ellen Wilson of Walton le Dale, Lancashire.

Denison family correspondence  WD BIG 1/121  19th cent

Miscellaneous North family correspondence  WD BIG 1/122  18th cent

Papers concerning case between Earl of Derby and Edward Harrison and others, 1740-c. 1743  WD BIG 1/123  1600-1743

Fenwick case papers, c. 1777-1794  WD BIG 1/124  1777-1794


Arranged by family

Wills, miscellaneous and Battersby family, 1584-1827  WD BIG 1/125  1584-1827

Henry Thomas Bownass  WD BIG 1/126 (a)  1875

Administration dated 25 April 1875, died 19 April 1875.

Will of William Thomas Carus of Arkholme, Lancashire  WD BIG 1/126 (b)  1778-1781

Will dated 13 May 1778, administration dated 27 January 1781.

Executorship papers concerning Margaret Clough of Lancaster, died 1922  WD BIG 1/127  Circa 1922

William Smith Cragg  WD BIG 1/128  1903

Will proved 8 December 1903, testator died 31 October 1903.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/129  1748-1796

Wills and probate papers of:
Roger Lupton of Wharfe, p. of Clapham, Yorkshire, proved 27 April 1748.
Francis Lupton of Liverpool, proved 14 November 1774.
William Lupton, proved 20 August 1816.
Hannah Procter of Borwick, 1796.

Will of Elizabeth Paget of Greenfield, Lancaster, 7 July 1885  WD BIG 1/130  1885

Will of Thomas Paget of Ratcliffe Cottage, Forton (Lancashire), 1 May 1840  WD BIG 1/131  1840

Probate of will of Ralph Parker of Arkholme  WD BIG 1/132  19th cent

Will dated 10 December 1874; proved 26 September 1899, testator died 21 July 1899.

Alice Preston  WD BIG 1/133  1872

Administration dated 23 September 1872, died 10 June 1872.

John Preston  WD BIG 1/134  1862

Administration dated 20 March 1862, died 21 February 1862.

Mrs Hannah Procter  WD BIG 1/135-136  1802

Related information: For Hannah Procter, 1796 (see WD BIG 1/129, 1/135-1/136).

Will dated 9 March 1802, proved 25 August 1802.

Edward Rawlinson  WD BIG 1/137  1840

Will proved July 1840, testator died 16 February 1840.

Additional papers concerning probate of will of Edward Rawlinson of Biggins, testator died 16 February 1840.  WD BIG 1/138  1840

1 Bundle

Miss Mary Robinson  WD BIG 1/139  1819

Will dated 11 July 1817, proved 1 December 1819.

Additional papers relating to Miss Mary Robinson, including will dated 18 August 1812  WD BIG 1/140  18th-19th cents

Administration papers concerning Hannah Tomlinson  WD BIG 1/141  1825

Died 14 March 1825, admon. dated 9 April 1825.

Tomlinson Residuary and Succession accounts, 1842-1889  WD BIG 1/142  1842-1889

Papers in the case of Atkinson v Smith and others  WD BIG 1/143  18th cent

Re will of Rev. James Cock of Kirkby Lonsdale who died 8 August 1786

[no title]  WD BIG 1/144  1824

Plain Instructions to Executors and Administrators Shewing the Duties and Responsibilities Incident to the Due Performance of their Trusts; With Directions Respecting the Probate of Wills, and Taking Out of Letters of Administration... Printed.

MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous papers  WD BIG 1/145  16th-20th cents

Related information: For miscellaneous correspondence see WD BIG 1/165.

16th-18th cents. (1 bundle).
17th-19th cents. (1 bundle).
18th-19th cents. (1 bundle).
18th-19th cents. (1 bundle, including prospectus, Clergymen's Daughters' School, Cowan Bridge, 1824).
19th cent. (2 bundles).
19th-20th cents. (1 bundle).

Miscellaneous bills  WD BIG 1/146  18th-19th cents

[no title]  WD BIG 1/147  17th-19th cents

2 Bundles

Miscellaneous early posters, sales particulars, pamphlets, song sheets, broad sheets etc; many concern Kirkby Lonsdale and surrounding area, Kendal, Lancaster etc., some of national interest.
Also includes notes on Lupton charity concerning Sedbergh School, 1747; "Lawes and Ordinances of Warre Established For The Better Conduct of The Army", undated manuscript copy, [? 17th-18th cents]; miscellaneous early Battersby papers.
17th-19th cents.

Anatomical diagram of the eye. (Rolled)  WD BIG 1/148 (a)  [18th cent.]

[no title]  WD BIG 1/148 (b)  [18th cent.]

Table of Precipitations, apparently by single elective attractions, from Bergman, with alterations and additions, by George Pearson M.D., F.R.S.
[Probably records of William Tomlinson, surgeon]

Sheet showing scales for dialling  WD BIG 1/149  Undated

Description of method of inoculation. [? against smallpox]  WD BIG 1/150  Undated

Copy sheet and copy book  WD BIG 1/151  Undated


Miscellaneous Acts of Parliament  WD BIG 1/152-154  18th-19th cents

Miscellaneous Acts of Parliament  WD BIG 1/152  18th-19th cents

1 Bundle

Miscellaneous Acts of Parliament  WD BIG 1/153  18th-19th cents

2 Bundles

Including acts regarding enclosures (with description of boundaries of Lupton, Mansergh, New Hutton, Old Hutton and Holmescales); tithes; prevention of contagious diseases; vesting estates of Ann Fenwick of Burrow Hall before her marriage (1772); turnpike roads (trusts and repair of).

Miscellaneous Acts of Parliament  WD BIG 1/154  19th cent

1 Bundle

Including miscellaneous enclosure acts with some manuscript papers concerning various parliamentary enclosures and copy awards for Casterton [1816] and Troutbeck Ing Common Field [1842].
Note: A B Tomlinson was an enclosure commissioner.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/155  1781

A Description of the Environs of Ingleborough and Principal Places on the Banks of the River Wenning by Thomas Dixon, 1781.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/156  1845

A Trip to Furness, 1845.
(Author unknown)

[no title]  WD BIG 1/157  1795

A systematic Arrangement of Minerals by William Babington, 1795.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/158  1811

The Land Valuer's Assistant by R Hudson, 1811.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/159  18th cent

A table of chemical nomenclature, proposed by Messrs de Morveau, Lavoisier, Bertholet, and De Fourcroy, in May 1787: to which are added, by the Translator, the Latin Names in the new System of chemistry; some of the former and popular Titles, and the Synonyms in the London, Edinburgh, and other Phamacoposias; with Reference to Authors of Discoveries; and Observations.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/160  1799

A Synopsis of the chemical characters adapted to the new nomenclature by Messrs Hassenfrata and Adet, systematically arranged by W Jackson, practical chemist.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/161  Undated

A Short and Simple Letter to Cottagers from A Conservative Bee-keeper.
(Pamphlet on bee-keeping)

[no title]  WD BIG 1/162  Undated

1 vol.

Stories of School Boys. Printed by Religious Tract Society.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/163  1854

1 vol.

Round Games for All Parties.
A collection of the Greatest variety of Family Amusements for Fireside or Picnic.

Miscellaneous newspapers  WD BIG 1/164-167  18th-20th cents

Miscellaneous newspapers  WD BIG 1/164  18th cent

Including Liverpool Mail, 1837-1838

Miscellaneous newspapers  WD BIG 1/165  18th-19th cents

Cuttings (inc. some correspondence)

Miscellaneous newspapers  WD BIG 1/166  19th cent

Including Westmorland Gazette and Kendal Advertiser, 1823-1852

Miscellaneous newspapers  WD BIG 1/167  25 March 1905

The Lancaster Guardian

Journals and Magazines  WD BIG 1/168-169  [n.d.]

[no title]  WD BIG 1/168  1822 - 1850

The Brighton Magazine, 1822:
Nos. 2, 4, 6-8.
5 issues.
Chambers Edinburgh Journal, August, 1850.
1 issue.

[no title]  WD BIG 1/169  1854

Household Words. A Weekly Journal
Conducted by Charles Dickens, 1854.
3 issues.

AGENT (ESTATE PAPERS c. 18th-20th cents.)  WD BIG/2  [n.d.]

BIGGINS SETTLED ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WD BIG/2/1  1937-1940

1 Bundle

Financial papers relating to Biggins Estate concerning Dr W S Paget-Tomlinson dec'd and Biggins Settled Estate.

[no title]  WD BIG/2/2  20th cent

1 Bundle

Executorship papers relating to T R Paget-Tomlinson.

[no title]  WD BIG/2/3  20th cent

1 Bundle

Papers relating to Biggins Settled Estate.

ESTATE VALUATIONS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WD BIG/2/4  1876, 1898-1916

1 Volume

Copy valuation of Biggins Hall Farm by Henry Hoggarth, 1876; also details of cultivation of Biggins Estate 1898-1916.

[no title]  WD BIG/2/5  20th cent

1 Volume

Provisional valuations: 1910 Finance Act: Biggin Estate.
20th cent.


Related information: Note: For papers concerning tenancy see also MISCELLANEOUS ESTATE PAPERS

Agreements: letting, tenancy, leases etc  WD BIG/2/6-8  19th-20th cents

6. 19th cent.
7. 19th-20th cents. (5 bundles)
8. 19th-20th cents.

Papers concerning bids for estate property to let  WD BIG/2/9  19th-20th cents

Wayleave agreements  WD BIG/2/10  19th-20th cents

Rent book  WD BIG/2/11  20th cent

1 Volume

Estate rent notices  WD BIG/2/12  20th cent

1 Bundle

Estate insurance policies  WD BIG/2/13  20th cent

1 Bundle

Papers relating to Low Broomfield Farm, Arkholme  WD BIG/2/14  19th-20th cents

1 Bundle

Papers relating to Sellet Hall Farm nr. Kirkby Lonsdale  WD BIG/2/15  20th cent

1 Bundle

Papers concerning 2 houses (Kitty Ghyll and Wind Croft) at Slapstone Hill, Low Biggins  WD BIG/2/16  20th cent

1 Bundle

[no title]  WD BIG/2/17  20th cent

Files (4) concerning:
Biggins Hall Farm
Biggins Home Farm
Biggins Lodge Farm
Laundry Cottage

ESTATE ACCOUNTS  [no ref. or date]

Estate account books  WD BIG/2/18  19th-20th cents

10 Volumes

Rent accounts  WD BIG/2/19  20th cent

1 Bundle

ESTATE EMPLOYEES  [no ref. or date]

Papers concerning engagement of estate workmen  WD BIG/2/20  20th cent

1 Bundle

ESTATE CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous estate correspondence  WD BIG/2/21-22  20th cent

2 Bundles

Related information: See also MISCELLANEOUS ESTATE PAPERS


Papers relating to purchase of Bush Closes and Greenlands, Kirkby Lonsdale, from N P J Coates esq, 1944  WD BIG/2/23  20th cent

1 Bundle

Papers relating to property sold off from Biggins Estate  WD BIG/2/24  19th-20th cents

1 Bundle

KIRKBY LONSDALE BY-PASS  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to Kirkby Lonsdale by-pass  WD BIG/2/25  20th cent


Miscellaneous estate papers  WD BIG/2/26-29  19th-20th cents

26. 19th-20th cents. (1 bundle)
27. 19th-20th cents., including plans (4 bundles)
28. 20th cent. (3 bundles)
29. 20th cent. (1 bundle)

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