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Arnold, Greenwood and Sons, Solicitors, Kendal

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Reference WD AG
Covering dates 1493 - 1978
Held by Cumbria Record Office, Kendal
Extent 32 Series
Creators Arnold, Greenwood and Sons, Kendal, solicitors

Accounts, legal and miscellaneous papers

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 1  1615-1871

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Arnold Greenwood and Sons, solicitors Kendal, 30 April 1953.

Outline box list (1).
1 - Brunthwaite estate, Old Hutton 1615-1827;
2 - Middlefairbank, and Broadfold etc. Nether Staveley, 1692;
3 - "Brown Cow", Kent Lane, Kendal 1731-56
4 - Nonconformist meeting house, east Highgate, Kendal, 1824-71;
5 - Burgage tenement in Abbeygate, Carlisle, Cumberland 1692;
6 - Brampton Methodist Chapel, Cumberland 1789-99;
7 - Pew in Walton church, Lancashire, 1766;
8 - "The Sugar House" Liverpool, Lancashire 18-19c.
9 Appointment of new feoffees for Janson's charity, Kendal, 1656.
10 Plan of Bridge End estate, Old Hutton, 1775. See Map Catalogue no 85

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 2  1585-1850

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal July 1947, November 1949, 1950.

Outline box list 2.
Deeds:- premises near church in Bowness with allotment in Old Field Road, and messuage at Belsfield, 1727, 1833-50;
- Shortlands or Ashtree Close, Far Cross Bank, Kendal 1653-1812; award re tithes of Orton 1576;
- Messuage and lands at Sparrowmire and Browfoot, Strickland Ketel, 1686-1846.
Wills and related papers of Atkinson, Rawlinson and Kellet families, 1826-1903.
Roger Brownsword's book containing copy of confirmation and survey of Marquis Fee and Richmond Fee within Barony of Kendal 1675, transcribed 1679-80.
Notebook recording new tenants admitted and rents received for manor of Heversham 1687-1763, with loose papers concerning manor 1706-1749.
Copy of Isaac Gilpin's "Customs of the Barony of Kendal" made by William Sawrey, 1707.
Papers arising from execution of will of John Barker of Side House, Furness Fells, Lancashire, by James Rawlinson of Beckside, Cartmel, Lancashire, 1794.
Copy award re customs of Furness 1585.
Papers relating to Nibthwaite [Colton parish] Lancashire including:
- Book of "poor bills" 1784;
- Volume of Nibthwaite bloom-smithy rents 1786, and lists of churchwardens, overseers and constables 1740-1800;
- Highway account for Nibthwaite 1776.
Papers relating to Hawkshead, Lancashire including:
- Copy of Hawkshead market charter 1606;
- Copy of release of Hawkshead Field Quarter, 1719;
- Sale poster for Hannakin House, Hawkshead, 1833.
Printed tribute to Princess Alexandrina Victoria on her 18th birthday, 1837.
Volume of rentals for sundry Northumberland manors, 1614-1636.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 3  1778-1897

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal 30 April 1953.

Outline box list 3.
Deeds:- High Box Tree alias Atkinsons Tenement, Crook, 1866;
- Brunthwaite, Eskrigg End, Owebank in Old Hutton, Audlands in Preston Patrick, premises in Walton, Lancashire (Rauthmell family), 1837-1897.
Papers arising from execution of will of Henry Rauthmell of Liverpool by James Hargreaves, including original file of vouchers, accounts, legacy receipts and correspondence, 1787-1797.
Letters (3) from Robert Rauthmell in America to Aunt and Uncle Rauthmell in Liverpool [Lancashire], mentioning War of Independence, 1778-1782.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 4  1664-1855

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal, 30 April 1953.

Outline box list 4.
Deeds:- Low End, Waterhead Estate, Flesh Craggs, Rothay Bridge Dale, etc., in Ambleside (Partridge family) 1676-1810; advowson of Windermere Rectory, 1733;
- Calgarth Hall, etc. Windermere (Philipson family) 1689-1729;
- Messuage at Kelleth, Orton, 1613-1753;
- Townend etc. in Kirksanton, Millom, Cumberland, 1664-1855;
- Messuages in Brewery Lane alias Moor Lane alias Common Garden Street, Lancaster, Lancashire 1762-1802.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 5  1493-1883

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal, 30 April 1953.

Outline box 5.
Chamberlain's account book (Kendal) 1593-94 including malt account for Castle and Spittall mills, extraordinary payment, payments for mill and kiln, rents paid [bound in piece of parchment music].
Deeds:- Blea Tarn estate, Little Langdale, 1682-1800; [See also WD AG/Box 26 Bundle 5]
- Waterhead estate, closes called Mints Feet, Throngheads, Drummelmire, Low Close, Flesh Craggs, Stenchabeck, Dyke, Lambhow, etc. in Ambleside, 1666-1883
- Estate at Kelleth, Orton, 1566-1767; Dent Park Farm, Orton 1793; tithes of Orton 1614
- Beckfoot, Howgill in Yorkshire 1675-1776, including correspondence 1827-8
- Barton Stacey estate, Hampshire, 1620; Upwaltham Grange, Sussex 1588.
Book of reference to plan of township of Applethwaite n.d.
Miscellaneous items including
- Mortgage of tolls of Kendal to Ambleside Turnpike to Overseers of Poor of Rydal and Loughrigg, 1765
- Petition from Sir Michael le Fleming and others to Bishop of Chester requesting sequestration of Rectory of Grasmere because of "Indisposition of Mind" of Rector, n.d.
- Letter from Anna Frederica Elizabeth le Fleming to Miss Harriet Watson [late of Calgarth Park] c. 1800.
- Manor of Rydal: W Parh admittance.
- Manor of Rydal: George Knott. esq admittance
Court roll for manor of Petworth, Sussex, 1493.
Appointment of Thomas Dawtrey as Deputy-Lieutenant of Sussex.

Ledger of executors of Catherine Hardy, Kendal  WD AG/Box 6  1788-1866

Source of acquisition: Records deposited November 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 6/Bundle 1  1810-1903

Deeds and documents relating to
- Land in Witherslack covered in water and used as mill dam 1810
- Burgage houses at White Lion Inn Yard, Kendal 1847
- Land in Dillicar conveyed to Lancashire and Carlisle Railway Co. 1869
- Borrans, New Hutton 1872
- Well Foot and Hollin Root, Longaleddale 1873-1883
- Part of Deepthwaite House, Heversham 1881
- Summerhow Estate, Kendal, 1883
- Stock-in-trade of bone and manure merchant and farm at Ellerbeck Mill, Underbarrow 1885
- 2 burgage cottages in Stricklandgate and 3 in Golden Chair Yard, Kendal 1892
- Mineral rights (iron) at Aldingham, Lancashire, 1873
- Skelwith Fold, Hawkshead, Lancashire 1877-1882
- Addistone and Croft End estates, Broughton-in-Furness, Lancashire 1903.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 6/Bundles 2-6  1815-1903

Executorship, testamentary, estate and trusteeship papers relating to several estates, including wills, inventories and valuations, accounts, equitable charges, releases of and securities for legacies, estate duty papers, correspondence, bills and receipts, mortuary cards etc. etc.
- Estates of: Misses Hannah, Margaret and Ann Steele, Stricklandgate, Kendal; Agnes Harrison of Finkle Street, late of the Fish Market, Kendal; Ann Whitaker of Airethwaite, Kendal. [2-4]; c. 1815-1870.
- Estate papers including documents re shares in Sedgwick Gunpowder Co. c.1884; shares in Pennsylvania Railroad Co. 1888; Furness Railway Stock 1899; shares in Hodbarrow Mining Co. Ltd. 1904. [5]; 1850-1914.
- Miscellaneous estate papers. [6]. 1870's-1908.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 6/Bundle 7  1860-1902

Miscellaneous documents including
- Copy letter to Rev. Edward Hawkes from Thomas Ainsworth 30 January 1860 requesting explanation of Kendal Chapel finances
- Copy letter to same from Richard Wilson 4 February 1860, alleging misappropriation of funds
- Agreement re pawnbroking business in Leeds, Yorkshire. 1861
- Marriage settlements 1869 and 1884
- Partnership agreement, Mason and Wilson, see WDB/30 cabinet makers, upholsterers and paperhangers, Kendal 1879, dissolution notice 1885;
- Agreement between Hon. William Lowther M.P., Earl of Bective M.P. and others and Charles Pollitt, proprietor of Westmorland Gazette, to reduce price of Gazette to 1d. and conduct it "on true Conservative principles" 1881
- Bond of John Eccles, coal merchant and others to Kendal and District United Coal Company Ltd. 1882
- Dissolution of partnership, wine and spirit merchants, Kendal, 1883
- Separation agreement of Kennedy and Elizabeth Harrison, Kendal 1884
- Agreement for farming partnership, Wilson family, Durham Bridge, Lyth, 1887
- Grant of easement re Thirlmere Aqueduct, 1888
- Power of attorney, Harry Arnold to R H Greenwood, 1890
- Apprenticeship agreements to Arthur Hoggarth, surveyor, Kendal, 1890 and 1902
- Agreement for laying telephone wires across premises of Arnold Greenwood to premises of Brunskill, merchants, 1893
- Partnership agreement, Christopher Wilson and Sons, coachbuilders, Lindale-in-Cartmel, Lancashire 1900

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 7  Not dated

Source of acquisition: Records deposited 7 November 1951 and September 1952.

Bundle of deeds of land in Sedgwick, Heversham parish. 1665-1759.
Kendal High School records, including
- Minute book of school committee, 1896-1909
- Deeds, documents, plans etc. relating to site and buildings, 1848-1931
- Declaration of trust and instrument of government, 1910
- Miscellaneous papers c. 1914-1942 including prospectuses [undated]; list of subscribers to building fund 1914; bazaar programme 1920; contracts of appointments for mistresses 1928-1933; Edmondson plain needlewoman scholarship 1934-1937, Mary Kiddle prize 1940-1942
- Ledger, 1921-1930
- Cash book, 1921-1930. 1848-1942.
Kendal Grammar School records, see also WD AG/Box 51, including
- Plan of land belonging to Janson's and Archer's Charity, 1880
- Charity Commission order re Kendal Grammar School and Sandes' Charity, 1886
- Statement of property belonging to Kendal United School and Hospital Foundation
- Prospectus, 1897
- Charity Commission order re United School and Hospital Foundation, 1900
- Plan of additions to science and art rooms, 1902
- Plans (5) of proposed gymnasium, cricket pavilion and swimming baths, 1911
- "The Kendalian," 1919
- Plan of proposed new garage, Highgate, Kendal, for H Croft motor engineer, (next to Sandes' Hospital), undated. 1880-1919.
Records of other educational institutions, including
- Endowed School Commission schemes for management of Sedbergh Grammar School 1874 and 1900, and Heversham Grammar School, 1875
- Westmorland County Council Education Committee Scheme for higher education
- Board of Education regulations for secondary schools in England, 1917 and 1918
- Westmorland County Council amending scheme re Education Committee, 1936
- Register of pupils entering and leaving [mixed secondary school, not named], 1912-1930. 1874-1936.
Miscellaneous records, including:
- Bond re land enclosed at Scarside, Orton, 1786
- Plan showing land in Shap Road/Auction Mart area, Kendal, 1897
- Sale proposals and plans for land at Sandylands, Kendal, 1936-1947. 1786-1947.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 8-10  1861-1918

Source of acquisition: Records of Messrs. Whitwell & Co. Ltd., Carpet and Rug Manufacturers, Docwray Hall Mills, Kendal. (Acc.38)

WD AG/BOXES 8, 9 and WD AG/Box 10:
Valuation and account book, with "value of Property, Machinery and Stock in Trade as estimated by Mr Jno Whitwell June 1: 1861, consisting of Mill, Dyehouse, Mill Land, Mill Cottages, Factory Machinery and Stock of Raw Material and Manufactured Goods ..."
[Note: the above volume opens as a smith's day-book, 1853-1855, for work connected with railways]. 1861-1892.
Ledger with entries of profit and loss 1863-92; assets and liabilities 1883-91; income tax 1882-93; John Whitwell, Kendal and his executors 1861-93; Richard Nelson, Kendal and his executors 1861-92; John C Braithwaite, Kendal 1861-92; John Hy. Braithwaite, Kendal 1867-78; Richard John Nelson, 1870-86, etc. 1861-1893
Salary ledger and bank account, with salary entries with some details of personnel 1872-94 and bank account 1873-1911. 1872-1911.
Mill valuation, July 1881 with comparative figures for buildings and working plant 1880 and 1881. 1881.
Mill valuation, with comparative figures for 1881-89, 1891, 1893 and 1903.
Directors' minute book (from first meeting as Limited Liability Company to voluntary liquidation). 1892-1918.
Register of members and Preference Share Ledger.
- With: certificate of incorporation 1892;
Register of mortgages 1892-93;
Transfers of shares (4), 1899. 1893-1896.
Ledger, [Endorsed "Capital etc"], containing balance sheets of liabilities and assets 1893-1915; dividend accounts, 1893-1914; profit and loss or trading accounts 1893-1915; formation expenses, suspense account 1893-98; and valuations, with depreciation and eventual sale or loss for the Factory buildings, Strickland Place; Cottages Buildings etc; Gardens and land; Mill Working Plant, machinery, etc.; Dyehouse working plant; Working plant, steam engines and boilers; Kidder Power Loom, shed machinery etc; Sheds Working Plant, Brussel Power looms, machinery etc.; Factory Working Plant, Land looms etc., Strickland Place; Warehouse working plant, fittings, cropping machines etc.; Fire Engine Appliances: hose buckets etc.; Retail dept. working plant; Offices working plant, furniture and fittings 1892-1918. 1893-1918.
Ledger. [Endorsed X] containing entries for petty cash, mill cottage rents; garden and field rents; London expenses; royalties; interest accounts; traveller's expenses; bad debts and failures account; rates and taxes; insurances; wages, salaries and commissions; rent of London warehouse; sales; purchases; discounts; audit; directors' remunerations; G Luccini of Naples etc. 1894-1918.
Ledger, [Endorsed GE] containing entries for rent and power (engine and boilers etc.); Christmas presents: London and Country; Dye-house current account; general expenses; insurance; mill current account; retail trade; dyed yarns and worsteds: cost finished; monthly sales; travelling expenses; total wages, etc. 1892-1913.
Day book. 1912-1915.
Copy out-letter book. 1912-1917.
Miscellaneous correspondence and accounts, including the Liquidators Statement. 1893. 1908-1918.
Ledger (London) [unboxed because of size]. 1896-1914.
Day book [unboxed because of size]. 1910-1918.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 10A  1897-1918

Source of acquisition: Records of Messrs. Whitwell & Co. Ltd., Carpet and Rug Manufacturers, Docwray Hall Mills, Kendal

Sale agreement of Whitwell & Co. 1892.
Inventory of equipment in various departments. 1893-1903.
Bank books, Messrs. Whitwell & Co. Ltd., 1893-1898; 1895-1913; 1910-1918. 1893-1918.
Memorandum and Articles of Association. 1908.
Pattern book for L'Allegre, Paris. 1911-1912.
Folder 1. Miscellaneous papers including:
- Letters, notes, cheque counterfoils;
- Page of 'The Draper's Record' 1908;
- Notices of provisional land valuation;
- Share certificate book 1893-1918;
- Copy of the Companies Act 1907; with accountants' letter annexed;
- Special Resolution (pursuant to Companies Act 1862) 1908. 1893-1918.
Folder 2. Miscellaneous papers including:
- Papers re undeveloped land duty 1913;
- Papers re sewers 1910-1913;
- Agreement for manufacturing designs by Whitwell & Co. for Morris & Co., 1879;
- Draft agreement for transfer of business 1912;
- Personal letters 1917;
- Minutes of directors' meeting 1892;
- Plan of Docwray Hall Mills with picture-card annexed;
- Sales representative's trade card illustrated by picture of mill;
- Bill-heading with armorial trademark;
- Correspondence re purchase of mill premises 1918;
- Arnold Greenwood's bill as agents in liquidation 1918. 1879-1918.
Folder 3. Accounts, and correspondence in dispute with L'Allegre, Paris, concessionaries for Whitwell & Co. 1911-1918.
Folder 4. Miscellaneous letters, vouchers etc. c.1900-1918.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 11  1836-1925

Source of acquisition: Records deposited September 1963 (Acc.38)

Papers re building of new school at Bowness, mainly accounts and bills. 1836-1838.
Day book 1849-54, and rent book (containing note," receipts left with Mrs Harrison she not being able to find the other book (The Landing see Newby Wilson boxes) 7 July 1854"), 1854-65. 1849-1865.
Diary of James William Lishman, Castle St, Kendal. 1849.
* Documents re Steel Green Farm, near Holborn Hill Station on the Whitehaven and Furness Junction railway, including 3 copies sale poster. 1855.
* Papers re estate of Edward Taylor of Crosby Ravensworth deceased. 1866-1885.
Will of Joseph Barratt of Coniston. 1867.
Crewe Coal & Iron Co. Ltd. annual report. 1874.
* Poor Law Union returns, to Clerk of Westmorland County Council, of rentals and rateable values. 1890-1919.
* Papers re roads and footpaths, including reports, committee minutes and proceedings, etc., also pamphlets "Imperishable Fresh Fish" and "Suggestions for fisherfolks' primary and technical education" with covering letter. 1891.
Transport arrangements for named voters, Staveley polling district. [19c.].
Sundry bills to executors of E N Wilson, Dallam Tower, including such items as:-
Fodder, saddlery, livery, repairs to carriages, hire of hackney carriages, veterinary surgeon's bills, wholesale chemist's bills, food, cigars, wine and spirits, gentlemens' clothing, sporting equipment, household goods, building materials etc. c.1886.
Draft release of trust funds. 1901.
Miscellaneous non-legal documents, including copy letters of Kendal Literary and Scientific Institution 1902; theatre programmes, picture postcards, plan of part of R Kent south of Hawes bridge [n.d.] etc. 1902-
Letter book, Storth School. 1903-1909.
Miscellaneous papers re petty litigation including:-
Motor car insurance policy and claims against the United Motor and General Insurance Co. Ltd. (in liquidation); claims for debts of Jessie M Wilson, publicly repudiated by husband Anthony Wilson, Keswick; dogs killing game fowls Medcalfe v Anson; alleged removal of personal property Goldsmith v Cockerill etc. c.1925.
* Documents re compensation on termination of sundry agricultural tenancies. c.1925.
[NOTE: *indicates an original bundle].

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 12  1609-1917

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Sons, solicitors, Kendal, 2 May 1962.

Papers re Janson's Charity, Kendal including:- 1842-1905.
- Leases and related papers of charity lands 1842-1903;
- Minute book of trustees 1874-1905;
- Treasurer's accounts 1888-1905;
- Bills, receipts and accounts 1857-1884. See also: WD AG/Boxes 31.32
Papers re Kendal Amalgamated Poor's Charity including:- 1901-1915.
- Report;
- Papers re charity lands;
- Names of recipients;
- Tenders for clothing;
- Names of proposed recipients;
- Correspondence.
Papers re Prissoe's Charity, Kendal, including:- 1828-1917.
- Bills and receipts;
- Correspondence with Charity Commissioners;
- Bank pass books.
Miscellaneous documents including:- 1609-1907.
- Exemplification of fine re houses and land in Kendal, 1609;
- Book of Rates Lancashire, 1636;
- Deed re manors and manorial rights in Westmorland, 1650;
- Bond of indemnity, Craven to Craven, surety gang of 17 packhorses plying between Kendal and Penrith, 1769;
- 2 anonymous anti-clerical epigrams, 1799;
- Deed [bottom torn off] re George Inn at east end of Market Place, Kendal, 1800;
- Summons to witnesses in trespass action Jackson v Ackerly, 1821;
- State of the Blue-coat School, Kendal, 1840;
- Anonymous journal of holiday journey to take waters at Harrogate, 1843;
- "Instructions for drawing and indexing the notices of intention to take property for railway purposes, for service on landowners etc., also, instructions as to preparation of assent and dissent lists" 1845;
- "Summary of meteorological observations made in Kendal" 1865;
- Lists of candidates for 'Lord Wharton's Bibles' 1877;
- Clothing club receipts book 1891;
- Bank book of Christopher Knight Watson in account
- South Westmorland Conservative Association, duties of organizing and registration agent, signed Ernest A Danbury, appointed 1907;
- South Westmorland Conservative Association, rules [n.d.].

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 13  1847-1926

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood on 2 May 1962 and September 1963 (Acc. 38)

Papers re estate of R Bywater deceased including: 1847-1896.
- Documents in Chancery suit Bywater v Clarke and another, including briefs, orders, summonses, accounts, affidavits etc.;
- Wills and leases;
- Inventory of goods and effects retained by Mrs Bywater;
- Correspondence between solicitors;
- Particulars of sale and related papers of Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside;
- Sundry bills, receipts, and account of trustees.
Papers re trust in matter of Rev. Richard Sedgwick, Clerk, a person of unsound mind, including:- 1864-1908.
- Accounts of committees in lunacy, and queries thereon;
- Estate papers including leases, affidavit, orders, letters etc.
Summons to S Sedgwick, butcher, Highgate, Kendal, for damages for assault on Joan Rose Stewart (an infant). 1926.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 14  1798-1831

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood on 2 May 1969. (Acc. 523)

Miscellaneous bills and receipts of John Newby (of Grange, Ulverston and Kendal), including such items as:- meat, clothing, fuel, shoes, alcoholic beverages, groceries, garden supplies, repairs to house, medical and legal expenses, tuition for daughters etc. etc. 1798-1831.
Letters to John Newby. 1814-1831.
Papers re lease of Sellet Hall, Stainton, Kendal, property of John Newby, including poster. 1823.

WD AG/Boxes 15-16: Papers relating to a libel suit in Kings Bench Division (1935-1936) Jennings and others v Somervell Bros. and A C Somervell  [no ref. or date]

Conditions of access: RESTRICTED ACCESS.

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood & Son, Solicitors, 2 May 1969. (Acc. 523)

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 1  [Circa 1932]

Papers re introduction of work-study system at Somervell Bros. including:
- "How Bedaux works" (Labour White Papers no. 45);
- Memoranda re use of Bedaux system at Somervell Bros.;
- Correspondence with the Incorporated Federated Association of Boot and Shoe Manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland, and the National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives etc. Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 2  1931-1936

Papers relating to strike, including:
- Proof of A C Somervell;
- List of employees discharged 1931-35, with department and reason for dismissal;
- Lists of management and union personnel and notes on their functions;
- Accounts of incidents leading up to strike;
- Accounts of events leading to writing (by A C Somervell) of circular letter stating position of management;
- Police statements re strike;
- Draft letter, chairman to employees;
- Other documents required for preparation of brief, including testimonials for plaintiffs, letters, memoranda, reports on employees, draft instructions to counsel, notes of evidence required etc. Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 3  1934

[Original bundle, duplicates weeded].
Reprints and copies including:
- Circular letter to employees 18 October 1934;
- Covering letter to circular letter of 18 October 1934;
- Circular letter to employees of 20 October 1934;
- Extracts from 'Westmorland Gazette' 13 October 1934;
20 October 1934, 27 October 1934, 13 November 1934.
Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 4  1934

Papers relating to strike including:
- Notices posted in departments;
- Notes of directors' meeting 11 October 1934;
- Notes of meeting between management and union 18 October 1934;
- Notes of interviews between management and employees;
- Correspondence between solicitors:
- Notices of dismissal;
- Correspondence between plaintiffs and prospective employers;
- List of persons to receive circular letter from management;
- Testimonials for employees.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 5  1934

Sample copies of publications containing matter referred to in suit including: National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives monthly report; Shoe and Leather Record; Shoe and Leather News; Westmorland Gazette. Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 6  1913-1935

Notes for brief, including
Notes, letters, teleprinter messages, notices, copy 1913 National Conference Agreement, booklet 'The Incorporated Federated Associations of Boot & Shoe Manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland'. Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 7  1935

Correspondence (privileged) mainly between Arnold Greenwood and Son and London agents, Seaton Taylor & Co.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 8  1935

2 drafts of brief.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 9  1935

Brief and pleadings.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 10  [1935]

Draft proofs of evidence of A C Somervell, H A Somervell, R A Somervell, L W Somervell, E Wilkinson, L Heap, J J Winn, P O'Neill, H Frisby, F Heap, W Earl, J M Robinson, Miss R Tomlinson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 15/Bundle 11  1934-1935

Documents to be produced in evidence by Mr L W Somervell, including unemployment graphs.
Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 16/Bundle 12  1932-1938

Original correspondence, Bundle A.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 16/Bundle 13  Not dated

Copies of statements of wages etc., Sub-poenas, Correspondence Bundle B, Correspondence Bundle C, Correspondence not included in any Bundle, Extra papers for Counsel. Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 16/Bundles 14 & 15  1935-1936

Papers in the case [original numbers 1-69].

[no title]  WD AG/Box 16/Bundle 16  1936

Copy of "Daily Express" 22 January 1936
Copy of "Daily Herald" 22 January 1936, (containing report of settlement of libel action on p.10). Original bundle

[no title]  WD AG/Box 16/Bundle 17  1935-1936

Miscellaneous loose papers including:
- Annotated draft observations re consolidation;
- Draft schedule of documents;
- Draft case for Counsel's Opinion;
- Note on statement of claim by A C Somervell;
- Notes of interviews between solicitors etc.

Papers relating to the estates of Mrs Elizabeth Harrison, Miss Susanna Newby, Thomas Newby Wilson, and Chancery suit arising out of disputed inheritance after death of Thomas Newby Wilson  WD AG/Boxes 17-22  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal, November 1961 and May 1969. (Acc. 523)

[no title]  WD AG/Box 17  1870's-1940's

Estate papers including schedule of title deeds, statement of property and income of Mrs E Harrison deceased, plans, leases, agreements, sale catalogues of pictures, inventories, forestry documents, insurance policies, correspondence with tenants etc. etc. re numerous properties including:-
- The Landing, Colton, Lancs.;
- Wraysholme Tower Estate, Cartmel, Lancs.;
- Sunny Brow Estate, Crook, Kendal;
- Patton Hall Farm, Kendal;
- Batemanfold Farm, Undermillbeck;
- Latterbarrow, Undermillbeck;
- Mitchell Land Farm, Crook, Kendal;
- Tewit Field Estate, Warton, Lancs.;
- Plum Green Estate, Cartmel, Lancs.;
- Barber Green Estate, Cartmell, Lancs.;
- Yew Tree Estate, Cartmel, Lancs.;
- Property at Yealand Conyers, Lancs.;
- Property at Seatle, Cartmel, Lancs.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 18  1810-1920

Abstracts of title. 1810-1870's.
Rent audit book, Mrs Harrison's trust. 1878-1881.
Rent audit book, T Newby Wilson. 1878-1881.
Rent book, T Newby Wilson. 1879-1881.
Account book of rents and income of T Newby Wilson from estates of which he was absolute owner, and from estates of which he was tenant for life under will of Mrs E Harrison. c.1897-c.1920.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 19  1844-1917

Administration and will of John Newby. 1844.
Papers re Miss Susanna Newby deceased, Mrs Elizabeth Harrison deceased and re Settled Land Act and the Landing estate. 1851-1884.
Probate of will of Miss Susanna Newby. 1855.
Probate of will of Mrs Elizabeth Harrison. 1867.
Papers re Miss Ellen Newby Meredith deceased, including sale particulars. c.1870-1885.
Sundry papers re numerous properties in the estate. mainly 1870's-1917.
Declarations proving the heirship of T Newby Wilson to Mrs Elizabeth Harrison, and Miss Susanna Newby. 1871.
Division account of estate. 1917.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 20  1676-1918

Estate papers and papers in Chancery suit including:-
- Copies of births, marriages and deaths entries and certificates; [1676-1915].
- Sundry pedigrees including Birket, Towers, Newby etc.; [n.d.].
- Sundry papers re various properties including sale particulars, schedules of deeds, valuations, accounts, leases, agreements, correspondence etc.; 1820's-1915.
- Accounts of executors and solicitors; 1885.
- Case for counsel's opinion and opinion; 1886.
- Case papers Newby Wilson v Poole; 1887-1889.
- List of pictures of Col. Baldwin received in part settlement by T Newby Wilson; 1894.
- Sale catalogue of pictures; 1896.
- Copy will of T Newby Wilson; 1914.
- Writs, affidavits, orders etc. 1915-1917.
- Rent roll, Mrs E Harrison's estate; 1915.
- Extracts from wills. 1918.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 21  Circa 1870-1920

Miscellaneous vouchers, receipts, bills, bank books etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 22  1820-1878

Bank book, Thomas Newby. 1820-1848.
Account books 1840-1850; 1870-1874. 1840-1874.
Miscellaneous vouchers, receipts, bills etc. c.1870-1920.
Bank book, T Newby Wilson. 1875-1878.

Estate of Thomas Simpson of Wattsfield  WD AG/Box 23-25  [n.d.]

WD AG/Boxes 23-25 inclusive.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 23  1818-1875

Bundles 1-7. Personal and executorship correspondence addressed to Thomas Willan, Sawrey, Lancs., executor of Thomas Simpson of Liverpool and Wattsfield, deceased. 1830's-1860's.
Bundles 8-11. Bills and receipts, household and estate, trustees of late Thos. Simpson. 1860's-1870's.
Bundle 12. Cheque counterfoil books. 1860's-1870's.
Bank book of Thos. Simpson. 1818-1863.
Bank book of executors of Thos. Simpson. 1863-1875.
Estate account to Chancery Court, County Palatine of Lancaster, Liverpool district. 1872-1873.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 24  1796-1891

Will (cancelled) of Thomas Simpson of Liverpool, gentleman 8 March 1796. 1796.
Probate of will and codicil of Thomas Simpson, made 25 June 1828, proved (Diocese of Chester) 10 February 1831. Executors: Thomas Willan and Josiah Walker. 1831.
Trust account books, estate of Thomas Simpson, 1831-1861; 1857-1870; 1858-c. 1871. 1831-c.1871.
Trust account book, estate of Joseph Barratt. 1869-1878.
Note-book of J W Halhead, containing items such as farm sales, interest payments, family christenings. 1883-1891.
Bundle 1. Miscellaneous documents including:
- List of property owned by Thos. Simpson, leases, assignment of interest, account, solicitor's bill, insurance policies etc. re Shakespeare Tavern, Kendal, Rough Hey Farm, Fulwood, Lancs., closes in Kendal parks, messuage in Wattsfield etc. late 18th. cent.-1860'
Bundle 2. Chancery suit papers. 1850's-1860's.
Bundle 3. Certificates of births and deaths c 1865
Bundle 4. Railway papers including: 1835-1847.
- Prospectus of Preston and Longridge railway 1835;
- Notice of enquiry re Preston and Longridge railway, with plan, 1837;
- Notices (2) of proposed purchase of land pursuant to Act of Parliament re Preston and Longridge railway, with plan, 1837;
- Notice of application to Parliament for Act to make a railway from Preston to Elslack etc. requesting information as to landowner's views, sent to Thos. Willan, 1845;
- Notice of intended purchase, pursuant to Act for railway from Preston to Elslack etc., 1847.
Bundle 5. Folder containing miscellaneous items including: 1820-1868.
- Sale poster (originally wrapped round bundle of receipts for household furniture n.d.;
- Specification for carpenter's work on two four stall stables 1830;
- Valuation of lands and houses in Nethergraveship Church-fields, and Wattsfield 1820;
- Printed circulars (3) from trustees of Thos. Simpson to beneficiaries 1858-1860's;
- Provisional order for purchase of lands for drainage in Kendal 1868.
Bundles 6-14. Miscellaneous papers, mainly receipts, with bills, notes, letters etc. 1830's-1860's.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 25  1834-1882

Sale particulars, with plans, of estates in Kendal, and Preston and Fulwood, Lancs., pursuant to Order in Chancery. 1834-1882.
Cash books: 1834-1868.
1834-1857; 1848-1861; 1857-1865; 1857-1868, (latter two including rents on named properties and itemized expenses for travel and subsistence).
List of infants entitled to accumulation of rents at 21. 1882.
Bundle of cheque counterfoils. 1860's-1870's.
29 original bundles of receipts. 1850's-1860's.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 26  1595-1858

Related information: For 'Blea Tarn Estate see also WD AG/Box 5

Bundle 1. Bateman family papers including: deeds of property in Fellside, Kendal, Ackenthwaite, Heversham etc.; bonds, (including agreement not to compete for trade with common carrier) and other documents. 1674-1824.
Bundles 2 and 3. Deeds relating to property at Kelleth, Orton. 1614-1802.
Bundle 4. Documents relating to Sussex. late 17th. cent.-early 18th. cent.
Bundle 5. Deeds of land at Little Langdale, Bowness, Ambleside, Skelsmergh. 1595-1858.
Bundle 6. Deeds of land in Suffolk, Shropshire, Surrey, Huntingdonshire, Middlesex. 1631-1811.
Bundle 7. Miscellaneous documents including: 1766-1834.
- Will of Ann Parke of Crook, 1766;
- Letter from prisoner of war at Verdun, 1813;
- Samples of embroidery patterns.

Estate of R L Watson, deceased  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WD AG/Box 27A  1870-1911

Trusteeship and estate papers including:
- Draft will of Richard Luther Watson 1870;
- Probate of will and codicil of Richard Luther Watson 1875;
- Declaration of trust 1876;
- Residuary account 1876;
- Sale particulars, plans and documents relating to Stock Ghyll Waterfall, Ambleside, 'The Grove Estate', Ambleside, Millans Park, Ambleside, 'The Salutation Hotel' and cottages, Ambleside, 'Holbeck Cottage' (plan), Oakathorpe Wood, Windermere, Calgarth Park, Windermere, etc. 1876-1908;
- Estate plan showing Holbeck Cottage, Ecclerigg House etc. n.d.;
- Map of detached parts of estates;
- 1st. ed. O.S. map sheet XXXII 3;
- Legal papers including analysis of marriage settlement between C M Cowie and Miss Rose Luther Watson 1881, brief to oppose grant of licence for proposed new hotel at Waterhead 1891, case and opinion 1903 etc.;
- Division estate receipts 1911.
Also: Estate maps (6, one large folding) in book form, of two estates at Nook, Preston Patrick, property of Thomas Cartmel, surveyed by William Gibson with schedule of names and descriptions and acreages given in both customary and statute measure 1776.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 28A  1875-1930

Trusteeship and estate papers including:
- Sale particulars of estates at Ambleside, Troutbeck, Windermere and Langdale, including 'Ecclerigg' on Lake Windermere, 'The Royal Oak Inn' Ambleside, land adjoining 'The Salutation Hotel' Ambleside, etc. 1875-1877;
- Certified copy of burial entry [1878];
- Chancery papers 1894;
- Estate duty accounts 1901-1930;
- Particulars of investments and mortgages 1907;
- Bank books (5) 1908-1931;
- Income accounts of trustees 1911-1930;
- Division accounts and related papers c.1910-c.1930.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 29A  1670-1891

List of nominations of curates to Ambleside Chapel 1668-1698 with extract from will of John Kelsick concerning election of master to his school. 17th cent.
Table of fees to be taken by the Clerk of the Peace for Westmorland (pt.). 1891.
Bundle 1. Chancery papers re manor of Nether Levens, (including copies of 16th and 17th century documents). c.1809.
Bundle 2. Deeds and documents of properties at Ambleside and Hawkshead. c.1670-c.1795
Bundle 3. Deeds of Middle Fell Place, Great Langdale (see detailed calendar). 1773-1811.
Bundle 4. Deeds of Style End, Great Langdale (see detailed calendar). 1730-1792.
Bundle 5. Copy of Ulverston Canal Act 1793, with transfer of one share, and account 1794. 1793-1794.
Bundle 6. Miscellaneous deeds including lease of land to Sedgwick Gunpowder Co. Ltd. 1857, deeds of land in Troutbeck, Applethwaite, Strickland Roger, Nether Hartsop and Limerick, Ireland. 17th-19th cents.
Bundle 7. Folder of letters and papers of Richard Watson Bishop of Llandaff, arising from his part in the Lushington Trust. late 18th-early 19th cents.
Bundle 8. Deeds of land at Balderton, Shropshire. (see also WD AG/Box 66) 17th cent.

Bundle of Sale Particulars of Properties' originally parts of the estate of Richard Luther Watson  WD AG/Box 27B  1788-1931

Extinguishment of rights of way on a Fell road on The Grove Estate, from Sir M le Fleming et al to Charles Luther Watson. 1788.
Draft of the Will of Richard Luther Watson. 1870.
Probate of Will and codicil of Richard Luther Watson. 1875.
Probate of Will and codicil of Richard Luther Watson. 1876.
Residuary Account, with notes, for Inland Revenue re The Will of late R L Watson. 1876.
Declaration of Trust, of payment from Consols invested for beneficiaries under Will of late R L Watson. 1876.
Plans of Parts of the Estate of late R L Watson [Ambleside and detached parts]. 1878.
Conveyance of Freehold of Grove Estates from Louisa A Luther Watson et al to Lt. Col. Godfrey Rhodes, with plans. 1879.
Requisitions and observations on Title to Grove Estates between "Watson's Trustees and Rhodes" with estate map. 1879.
Agreement for Sale and Purchase of land in Millans Park between trustees of late R L Watson and Ecclesiastical Commissioners. 1880.
Analysis of Settlement on marriage of Charles M Cowie and Miss Rose Luther Watson. 1881.
Abstract of the title of the Trustees of late R L Watson. 1886.
Abstract of the title to lands - viz The Salutation Hotel and lands, Ecclerigg and other lands, with incomes there from under the will of late R L Watson. 1886.
Abstract of title to plot of building land in Millans Park Ambleside, of Arthur Jackson. 1890.
Brief to oppose grant of licence at the new Waterhead Hotel - being part of estate sold in 1884, under The Will of late R L Watson - Application was refused. 1891.
Case for Counsel's opinion re part of the estate of late R L Watson, with enclosed opinion. 1903.
Receipts for moneys paid to beneficiaries under will of late R L Watson. 1906-1912.
Bundle of Share Vouchers of income to the trustees of late R L Watson. 1919-1931.
O.S. map of Lake Shore of Windermere at Calgarth Park, from Ecclerigg in the north, to a line from Thackholme Mill [E] to St Catharines House. Sheet XXXII 3.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 28B  1875-1930

Bundle of accounts, receipts, assessments and settlements in the will of Richard Luther Watson deceased. 1875 to 1909.
Copy of certificate of Burial of Lt. Col. Inigo William Jones in the Parish of Kelston. 1878.
Bundle of Inland Revenue, estate and legacy duty receipts in re: R L Watsons will. 1882 to 1913.
Bundle of documents re Chancery Court dealings in re property of R L Watson. 1894.
Particulars of Investments and Mortgages in lands of R L Watsons Trustees. 1907.
Five Martin's Bank Pass Books in re R L Watson's Trust and C M Cowie's trust. 1908 to 1930.
Three copies of Division account in re R E Jennings. 1910 and 1911.
Bundle of Income Accounts of R L Watson. 1911 to 1930.
Bundle of documents in re R L Watson's Trust and C M Cowies' settlement. 1928 to 1931.
Bundle of Sales particulars of parts of R L Watson's Estates. [Listed in detail separately]. 1875 to 1911.

TITLE DEEDS  WD AG/Box 29B  1732-1794

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold Greenwood and son solicitors, Kendal, 2 May 1969. (Acc.523)

Bundle 4 Deeds of Style End, Great Langdale 1732-1792.
Conveyance 27 June 1732. 1732.
1. John Grigg of Wale-end in Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Joseph Grigg of Steal-end in Great Langdale, yeoman.
Premises: customary messuage and tenement or parcel of tenement with appurts. situate at Steal-end; also dale of arable land and meadow with appurts. called Jacob Dale alias Holms situate at Holms in Great Langdale Field, parcel of lands of Henry Viscount Lonsdale called Marquis Fee, of yearly customary rent 3s. 3d.; also close of arable land called Intake situate at Steal-end, parcel of lands of Henry Viscount Lonsdale called Richmond Fee of yearly customary rent 4d.
Consideration: £80.
Witnesses: William Grigge, John Harrison, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance at court manor of Grasmere 29 June 1732.
Conveyance, 3 February 1738. [1738/9].
1. William Tyson of Gatescale, Millam, Cumberland yeoman, John Tyson of Cockley Beck, Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, yeoman, John Dixon of Middlefell Place and John Sawrey of Walthwayte both in Great Langdale, yeomen.
2. Joseph Grigg of Steal-end, Great Langdale, yeoman.
Recital:- will of John Dixon of Steal-end, yeoman deceased, made 11 September 1738 bequeathing to (1) his customary tenement or part of tenement at Steal-end and elsewhere in Great Langdale, of Marquis Fee lands, of yearly customary rent 5s. 8d., also parcels of land at Steal-end in Richmond Fee of yearly rent 4d., and heath bred and heath going sheep, in trust to sell.
Premises: [as in above-recited will] including sheep.
Consideration: £144 3s.
Witnesses: John Grigge, Robert Grave, John Rigg.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere 28 June 1739.
Conveyance, 28 June 1739. 1739.
1. Joseph Grigg of Steal-end, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. John Grigg of Steal-end, bachelor.
Premises: corn barn with appurts. situate and erected at Lowhouses, Steal-end, called Low Barn, with fronts, folds and waste grounds thereunto belonging; also cowhouse at Highhouses, Steal-end, called Little Cowhouse; also close of pasture called Great Close, close of arable and waste called Low Close, both closes adjoining common of pasture called Mickledale; also close of arable called Low-end-of-Wood; another close of arable called Holes, another called Long Dale and another Birkfeet, last three closes lying in common field at Steal-end called Steal-end Lands containing 1 acre; also 3 dales of meadow adjoining each other in Great Langdale Common Field, called Stripes, dale of arable called Long Dale Beneath Beck also in Great Langdale Field, 2 further dales of arable and meadow in Great Langdale Field called Aplegarth; also parcel of waste called Great Iland and waste cath at place called Woodside; all which premises at Steal-end part of messuage called Dixon Tenement, all part of Marquess Fee of yearly customary rent of 2s. 10d.; also parcel of Meadow called Crook Holm in Great Langdale Common Field, part of Dixon Tenement in Richmond Fee of yearly customary rent 2d.
Consideration: £60 15s.
Witnesses: Braithwaite Atkinson, John Benson, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere 28 June 1739.
Mortgage, 2 February 1744. [1744/5].
1. Joseph Grigge of Steal-end, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Richard Parke of Sunny Bank, Torver, Lancashire, yeoman.
Premises: customary messuage or dwellinghouse, barn and other outhouses, garden and several closes called New Close, Dikeland, Above the House, Green, Stony Close Low closes (being two), also several parcels of land called The Lands situate in common field called The Lands, Flooded Leys (two dales), Strip, Hagfoot, Langley, Hungrey, Pullside, Jacob Dale in all Great Langdale Common Field, all at Steal-end and in Marquess Fee of yearly rent 3s. 6d., also close of arable called Intack at Steal-end, in Richmond Fee of yearly rent 4d.
Consideration: £62 5s. to be repaid by (1) to (2).
Witnesses: Richard Coulthred, George Borwick.
Conveyance, 22 February 1750. 1750.
1. William Grigg of Steal-end, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. John Grigg son and heir apparent of (1) of Steal-end yeoman.
Premises: customary messuage and tenement with appurts. at Steal-end, part of Marquess Fee of yearly rent 4s. 6d.; also close of arable and waste called Mickledale Intake adjoining the Wash Fold in Mickledale, also moiety of close of pasture called Hart How adjoining common pasture called Mickledale, part of Richmond Fee of yearly rent 6d.; also flock of heath bred and heath going sheep, 160 in number, belonging to tenement at Steal-end.
Consideration: love and affection and desire of (1) for (2)'s preferment in world, also £50.
Witnesses: Joseph Grigge, William Benson, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere 17 September 1753.
Conveyance, 20 August 1752. 1752.
1. John Wilson of Harry Place, Great Langdale, husbandman.
2. George Park of Elterwater, Great Langdale, blacksmith.
Premises: dale of arable land and waste ground called Hogghead, (½a.) in Great Langdale Common Field adjoining to parcel of ground there belonging to Middlefell Place and called Hagg, which dale is part of customary messuage situate at Ash Busk in Great Langdale, part of Richmond
Consideration: £7 1s.
Witnesses: John Youdell, William Park, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere 17 September 1753.
Conveyance, 10 February 1755. 1755.
1. Bernard Grigg of Green, Ambleside, Grasmere, maltster.
2. Benjamin Wilson of Town-end, Monk Conystone in bailiwick of Hawkshead, Lancashire, yeoman.
Premises: customary messuage with appurts. at Steal-end, Great Langdale, part of Marquis Fee of yearly rent 5s. 5d.; also 2 closes of arable called Ashbusk Intakes, also moiety of close of pasture called Hart How [as in conveyance 22 February 1750], part of Richmond Fee, of yearly rent 1s. 4d.; all free from claims by heirs of Edward Harrison of Steal-end, yeoman deceased; also all goods and chattels in house at Steal-end as well as flock of 160 heath-bred and heath going sheep.
Consideration: £303 3s.
Witnesses: Richard Coulthred, Jonathan Dixon, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere 25 August 1755.
Conveyance, 22 August 1755. 1755.
1. Joseph Grigg of Steal-end, Great Langdale.
2. John Grigg son and heir apparent of (1) of Steal-end, yeoman.
Premises: customary messuage with appurts. at Steal-end, of Marquis Fee, of yearly rent 6s. 1d.; also close of arable called Intake at Steal-end, also 3 little parcels of ground in Great Langdale Common Field called White Acre, Dubbside, and Pullhead, of Richmond Fee, of yearly rent 6d.
Consideration: £200 and love and affection.
Witnesses: Benjamin Willson, Betteras Turner, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere, 25 August 1755 and note that Richmond Fee premises have additional free rent upon them of 2d.
Conveyance, 18 March 1756. 1756.
1. George Park of Elterwater, Great Langdale, blacksmith.
2. John Grigg of Steal-end, Great Langdale, husbandman.
Premises: [as in conveyance 20 August 1752].
Consideration: £7 10s.
Witnesses: Jonathan Otley, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere 23 August 1756.
Conveyance, 7 February 1757. 1757.
1. Henry Tyson of Grime Cragg, Ulpha, Millom, Cumberland, yeoman.
2. John Grigg sen. of Steal-end, Great Langdale yeoman.
Premises: close of arable and meadow called Thin-ing, also little piece of meadow called Iland adjoining Thin-ing, also parcel of arable and meadow called Green (1r.), also dale of arable and meadow called Drum (½a.) in Great Langdale Common Field, also waste ground below the Water Stangs at Mickedale Wash Fold to low end of Close of (2) called Mickledale Intake; all parcel of customary messuage at Dixon Place (or Ashbusk) in Great Langdale, of Richmond Fee, of yearly rent 11d.
Consideration: £41 2s. 6d.
Witnesses: John Grigge, William Grave, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification by manor court of Grasmere 4 September 1758.
Conveyance, 10 July 1758. 1758.
1. Benjamin Wilson of Church Style in Pennington in Furnace, Lancashire, yeoman.
2. Edward Wilson of butterthrelkell in Birker, Millam, Cumberland, yeoman.
Premises: [as in conveyance, 10 February 1755] flock of sheep now 158.
Consideration: £300.
Witnesses: Richard Coulthred, John Sawrey.
Endorsement: ratification of conveyance by manor court of Grasmere, 4 September 1758.
Mortgage, 23 January 1769. 1769.
1. John Grigg sen. of Stealend, Great Langdale yeoman.
2. Richard Coulthred jun. of Hawksheadfield in Hawkshead, Lancashire, yeoman, John Wilson of Butterinkelt, Millom, Cumberland yeoman, Benjamin Wilson of Lowick Green, Ulverston, Lancashire, husbandman, and James Swainson of Highhouse, Hawkshead, tanner.
Premises: customary messuage or dwellinghouse at Stealend with barns, stable, cowhouse outhouses and appurts., and closes & dales called Rigg, Low Close in Oxendale, Oxendale Intack, Parrock, Littlewood, Dykelands, Great Close, Low Close in Mickledale, Greatdale on the Lands, Birkfeet, Holes, Mossside dale, Bridgend dale, 3 dales in Applegarth, 2 dales called Broaddales, Longdale, William Doors, two dales called Stripes, Drum, Little Stripe, 2 dales at Woodfoot, Farr Drum, Sheephaydale, Trusspiece, Piece at Woodside, all part of Marquis Fee of yearly customary rent 7s. 4d.; also dale in Longdalehead High Common Field called George Parke's dale or Wilson's dale of yearly rent 2d., close called Thingin, another dale in said Common Field called Drum, dale in the Green small piece called Beck to Mickleton Intack, which last mentioned were purchased by (1) from Henry Tyson, of yearly rent 11d.
Consideration: £280 at 4% to be repaid by 13 February 1770.
Witnesses: John Sawrey, John Robinson.
Endorsement: receipt 19 February 1775 of Richard Coulthred for £280 and interest, received from John Grigge.
Mortgage, 11 February 1769. 1769.
1. John Grigg sen. of Stealend, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Thomas Leach of Elbeck ground, Irton, Cumberland, yeoman.
Premises: [as in conveyance 10 February 1755] sold by Edward Wilson to (1).
Consideration: £160 to be repaid at 9d. in £ interest by 13 February 1770.
Witnesses: Samuel Rogers, Richard Coulthred, John Willson.
Endorsements:- receipt 4 January 1772 of (1) for £20, further loan from (2).
- Receipt 31 January 1774 of (1) for £20 further loan from (2).
Mortgage, 14 February 1774. 1774.
1. John Grigg of Steal-end, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Richard Coulthred of Hawkshead Field, Lancashire, gent.
Premises: 2 messuages and tenements of (1) at Stealend with all appurts. and all other messuages of (1) in Great Langdale, of Richmond and Marques Fees of total yearly rent 16s. 1d.
Consideration: £105 at 4½% interest, to be repaid on 13 February 1775.
Witnesses: John Fell, John Robinson.
Endorsement: receipt, 13 February 1775 of (2) for £105 plus interest received from (1).
List of receipts 8 November 1776 for fines received by James Wilson, steward of manor court of Langdale, from John Longmire, admitted tenant to following premises on surrender of John Grigg sen.
- Customary messuage at Steal End, 4s. 6d. yearly;
- Part of customary messuage at Steal End, 5s. 5d. yearly;
- Corn barn with front and fold at Low Fold, Steal End, 2s. 10d. yearly;
- Parcel of waste ground called Mickledale Intack, moiety of Heart How Close, 6d. yearly;
- 2 closes called Ash Busk Intacks, and moiety of Heart How Close, 1s. 4d. yearly;
- Dale in Langdale Common Field called Staghead (½a.), 2d. yearly;
- Close called Thymeing, adjoining ground called Island, several dales in Great Langdale Common Field called The Green (1r.), dale called Drum (½a.), parcel of ground below the Water Stang near Mickledale Wash Fold, 11d. yearly;
- Parcel of meadow in Great Langdale called Crook Holme, 2d. yearly. 1776.
Receipts, 8 November 1776 of James Wilson steward of manor court of Langdale of fines, from John Longmire, admitted tenant to customary tenement at Ashbush formerly Ullocks, 1s. 2d. yearly and to parcel of land in Langdale Common Field, formerly Wilson, 3d. yearly, on surrender of James Cookson. 1776.
Mortgage, 13 February 1777. 1777.
1. John Grigg of Steal End, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Edward Rowlandson of the Parsonage Grasmere, clerk.
Premises: [as in conveyance 22 August 1755] including sheep.
Consideration: £200 at 5% to be repaid by 13 February 1782.
Witnesses: Christopher Forrest, Daniel Jopson, Jane Jopson.
Endorsement: schedule of sheep refered to above: 40 wethers worth 10s. each, 45 ewes worth 8s. each, 35 twinters worth 6s. each, 40 hogs or yearlings worth 5s. a piece.
Will of John Longmire 1791 - sequestring to Trustees to sell. 1791
Printed notice of auction 12 July 1792 of "a beautiful and very improveable estate" called Style-End, Langdale" which abounds with pleasant, extensive and entertaining prospects", premises consist of 3 dwelling houses, 3 barns, other outhouses, all slated and in good repair, 200 customary acres of arable meadow and pasture land, adjoining to excellent common on which 1000 sheep may annually be kept; William Holme is present tenant; particulars obtainable from Thomas Garnett, Robert Hutchinson, Christopher Longmire and John Nicholson, trustees of John Longmire, maltster deceased: 480 heath-bred sheep let along with estate. 1792.
Particulars of sale for Style End, Langdale. [1792]
Bundle 3 Deeds and related papers of Middle Fell Place, Great Langdale 1773-1811.
Receipt 12 May 1773 of James Wilson steward of Manor court of Langdale for £1 7s. 6d. fine received from Paul Postlethwaite, on being admitted tenant to messuage at Middle Fell Place, [Langdale] of yearly rent 9s. 2d., on alienation of Joshua Poole. 1773.
Receipt, 12 May 1773 of James Wilson, steward of manor court of Langdale for 2s. 4½d. fine received from Paul Postlethwaite, on being admitted to parcel of tenement near Midlefell Place [Langdale], of yearly rent 9½d on alienation of Joshua Poole. 1773.
Mortgage 2 February 1778. 1778.
1. Paul Postlethwaite of Middlefell Place, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Isaac Brown of Park Gate, Irton, Cumberland, yeoman.
Premises: customary messuage and tenement with lands at Middlefell Place, of Marquis or Richmond Fee of yearly rent 9s. 11½d.; also parcel of customary ground called The Sides at Middlefell Place, within manor of Baysbrown, holden of Braithwaite Atkinson gent, of yearly rent 10s. 8d.; both formerly estate of Joshua Pool, subject to yearly payments of 2s. 2d. as chapel salary and 3d. in lieu of field tithes; discharged of dower of Margaret wife of (1).
Consideration: £250 at 2d. in £1 interest, to be repaid on 2 February 1779.
Witnesses: Richard Walton, Aaron Marshal. 1778.
Mortgage, 13 February 1787. 1787.
1. Paul Postlethwaite of Middlefell Place, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. Dorothy Whinfield of Hawkshead, Lancashire, spinster.
Premises: [as in mortgage, 2 February 1778] also parcel of customary messuage at Middlefell Place of Richmend Fee of yearly rent 9½d; also flock of 250 sheep.
Consideration: £460 at 4¾% to be repaid by 13 February 1788.
Witnesses: Alice Whinfield and John Borwick.
Endorsements:- receipts, 13 February 1789, 1792 of (1) for additional loans of £40, £50 from (2);
- Receipt 13 February 1794 of (2) for £460, £40, £50 with interest received from John Jackson.
Bond in £460, 9 April 1787. 1787.
1. Paul Postlethwaite of Middlefell Place, Great Langdale, yeoman and John Postlethwaite eldest son and heir-at-law of Paul.
2. Dorothy Whinfield of Hawkshead, Lancashire, spinster.
Condition: performance of covenants in mortgage 13 February 1787, and repayment of £460 with interest.
Witnesses: Martha Braithwaite, John Borwick.
Mortgage, 13 February 1794. 1794.
1. Paul Postlethwaite of Middlefell Place, Great Langdale, yeoman.
2. John Jackson of Bank Ground, Coniston, bailiwick of Hawkshead, Lancashire, tanner.
Premises: [as in mortgage 13 February 1787] also close called Littleside, Great Langdale, in manor of Baysbrown holden of John Atkinson gent. of yearly rent 4s.; also 250 sheep.
Consideration: £580 at 4½% interest to be repaid on 13 February 1795.
Witnesses: Dorothy Whinfield, John Gibson, both of Hawkshead.
Particulars and conditions of sale, 28 July 1810, for customary estate called Middlefell Place, Great Langdale, put up for sale by William and Joseph Postlethwaite, trustees of late father Paul Postlethwaite, now in occupation of Joseph, possessing 108 acres of land, with 350 heath-bred and heath-going sheep;
Purchaser to enter for husbandry, herbage and delivery of 360 sheep on 26 April 1811, and into houses 12 May 1811; estate subject to mortgage of £580; if winter is harsh and flock becomes deficient vendors will pay compensation;
- Estate sold to Rev. Thomas Jackson for £920.
Witnesses: John Benson, Isaac Harper. 1810.
Letter, 20 January 1811 Bishop of Llandaff to Messrs Wilson, solicitors in Kendal - "Postlethwaites Estate may be conveyed to my wife and I can rely on her leaving it to my Grandaughter. I beg to have no concern with the purchase if the title is not quite clear.. I am astonished at Messrs Tennant not having yet acknowledged the receipt of my letter of attorney..." 1811.
Letter, 13 January 1811 from Thomas Jackson in Langdale to James Wilson esq. in Kendal, that bearer Joseph Postlethwaite has probate copy of father's will for inspection; "I surmise his bror. Wm. Postlethwaite the other executor is wishing to deviate from the agreement... I had not the most distant idea but Wm. Postlethwaite was perfectly satisfyed with the bargain... I could wish you to get the deed drawn up immediately..... Messrs Fell and Johnson have all the writings belonging the estate".
Endorsement: authorisation, 15 January 1811, from Joseph Postlethwaite for James Wilson to draw up conveyance of Middlefell Place to Bishop of Llandaff or appointee. 1811.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 30

Bank pass-books of Arnold Greenwood and Son, Ltd. as trustees of sundry persons deceased, settlements etc. including  WD AG/Box 30/1  1865-1955

Conditions of access: RESTRICTED ACCESS

Adams E A J 1927-1938.
Addison Miss M 1909-1940.
Airey Mrs 1920-1947.
Arnold H 1907-1951; 1908-1930; 1917-1920; 1920-1939; 1925-1939; 1927-1940; 1927-1936; 1930-1946; 1936-1943; 1937-1949; 1939-1940; 1943-1949 (2); 1950-1953.
Atkinson J K 1932-1949.
Atkinson J 1922-1932.
Bailey Moore 1923-1938; 1925-1940; 1938-1943; 1940-1953; 1943-1953.
Baileys E B 1906-1945.
Band President, 4th Border Regiment T A 1935-1941.
Barratt Mrs M 1922-1930; 1930-1946.
Barratt Miss W 1913-1938.
Barrow R J 1931-1942.
Braithwaite Miss C L 1918-1939.
Braithwaite A H 1945-1952.
Braithwaite W G General 1923-1933; 1933-1938.
Braithwaite-Wilson Capt. 1876-1939.
Brumwell F 1933-1940
Brumwell Dr and Mrs 1925-1944.
Brumwell Dr G W 1927-1938.
Burns Col 1880.
Butler F B 1914-1939.
Bywater Miss E A J 1888-1946
Bywater R J 1897-1936; 1915-1935.
Cowie C M and R H Greenwood 1909-1940.
Cropper J W 1944.
Elleray J G 1937-1939.
Fawcett Miss S A 1904-1944; 1944-1946.
Fell Close sale 1825-1926.
Fishwick Mrs M M 1950.
Fuller Mrs M 1946-1950.
Gaskarth Miss M A 1921-1940; 1930-1936; 1936-1939; 1940-1951.
Gass Samuel 1925-1928.
Gillatt E J M 1919-1921.
Goodwin H 1931.
Greenshields R W 1923-1937.
Greenshields Rev L W 1938-1945.
Greenwood R H and C M Cowie 1909-1940.
Greenwood R H and W Hart 1892-1941.
Harrison Mrs E 1915-1917; 1917-1928; 1929-1946.
Harrison Miss M 1923-1953; 1932-1950.
Hart W and R H Greenwood 1892-1941.
Hill W H 1948-1954.
Hoggarth C 1942-1952.
Hudson Mrs F E 1927-1945; 1929-1945.
Hudson Miss E 1920-1946.
Inman R 1927-1948.
Kirkham Rev P H 1938-1944.
Long Mrs D 1912-1951.
Lea-Wilson Mrs M 1937-1939.
Lutman and Bansha Castle Estate 1914-1946; 1924-1936.
'Lyndhurst' 1911-1918.
Mackereth B 1921-1926.
Martindale G 1935-1937.
Martindale Miss E A 1932-1949.
Millet Misses 1946-1947.
Moffatt J W 1937-1948; 1948-1953.
Moorhouse M and Moorhouse E 1928-1946.
Moore Lt Gen Sir Henry 1910-1924; 1911-1924; 1915-1926; 1925-1926 (2); 1925-1927; 1926 (2).
Muzeen's mortgages 1904-1945.
Park M M 1941-1943.
Ramsbotham J F 1920-1952.
Rauthwell H A 1897-1946; 1918-1938.
Robinson Mrs E M 1912-1948.
Rogerson J 1924-1940.
Rowlandson M 1910-1945; 1945-1948.
Savage T 1933-1948.
Seagrave Mrs 1918-1950.
Seagrave Dr 1909-1933.
Shepherdes J 1906-1940.
Simpson T 1865-1899.
Sweet-Escott Rev and Mrs 1936-1952.
Taylor Mrs M H 1928-1946.
Taylor M 1951-1953.
Taylor Janie 1936-1941.
Thomson R A 1952-1955.
Thompson B 1916-1945.
Wakefield E W 1920-1939.
Watson Major C G 1908-1946.
Whinray L 1912-1945; 1948-1947.
Whinerey A H 1919-1937.
Willink A H 1951.
Wilson F J 1917-1947.
Woof J N 1902-1937; 1937-1946.

Deeds and documents  WD AG/Box 30/2  1680-1954

- Conveyance of Owe Banck, Old Hutton 1680;
- Conveyance of Greengate Foot, Selside 1725;
- Admittance of Margaret Boulton to premises in Manor of Muchland 1886;
- Release of trusts of marriage settlement of late Thomas Proudfoot and Miss E Hunter 1860;
- Lease (release missing) of messuage in Kentmere 1785;
- Probate of will of Isabel Tyson late of Beckhead, Witherslack, spinster, 1771;
- Probate of will of John Hodgson of Settle, Yorks., gent. 1811;
- Settlement of estates of Col. Graham in Over Staveley, Hugill, Crosthwaite, Skelsmergh, Helsington, Levens, Milnthorpe, Longsleddale and Crook, 1702, and common recovery 1704 concerning the same lands; Too Fragile To Produce
- Award and arbitration re colliery at Up Holland, Lancs., and partnership in business of woolstapler, Bradford 1905;
- Bank statements of H Arnold's trustees 1940-1954.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 31  1716-1907

Papers relating to Janson's Charity. See also: WD AG/Box 12 1733-1907.
Appointments of new trustees of Janson's charity 1733, 1875. 1733-1875.
Receipts and disbursements books 1716-1798, 1798-1887. 1716-1887.
Book recording recipients of Janson's charity 1821-1835, including details of name, address, age, family, length of residence in Kendal or Kirkland, place of worship, name of proposer etc., after which there are less detailed entries 1835-1845, followed by a memorandum 'This Book having been kept locked up in a Box at Mr Harrison's Office, from 1845 to 1876 no use has been made of it during that period as a record of the names of Recipients, but a list has been entered Annually in the Minute Book of the Trust'.
Record of recipients giving name, age, address and nature of benefaction then continues 1876-1883. 1821-1883.
Account book of Banks' and Holmes' charities, containing names of recipients elected, and note of Order of Charity Commissioners 1904, amalgamating charities in 'The General Poor's Charities' of Kendal. 1839-1907.
Bankbook of trustees. 1865-1894.
Sundry leases of property belonging to Janson's Charity. 1870-1884.
Sundry documents re Janson's charity including: lists of recipients, vouchers for cloth, clothing etc., correspondence re endowments etc. 19th cent.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 32  1615-1866

Deeds of Janson's Charity. (c. 15 docs.). 1615-1866.
Statute Book given by George Archer 1657 for the use of the Company of shoemakers, also enrolment of apprentices 1664-1742; accounts 1681-1709, lists of names of members 1668-1709. 1657-1742.
Journal of Meteorological observations by (Jan-Dec) J Gough: 1817
With a note on the temperature of a well in Westmorland from observations taken in 1795 and 1798, and sundry observations on meteorology, ornithology etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 33  1832-1903

Papers of Hugh Langhorne and trustees including:
- Cash books of H Langhorne as executor of Misses Steele 1832-1868;
- Correspondence 1860's-1890's;
- Reports of the Sick Poor Society 1859-1885;
- Deeds and documents relating to 2, Wildman Street, The George and Dragon, house in Branthwaite Brow, mainly 1850's;
- Financial papers including vouchers, reports etc. for various companies including coal, gas, iron undertakings, 1850's-1880;
- Cash books 1858-1903;
- Diaries 1878-1880;
- Reports of the Westmorland Society 1884-1885;
- Papers as exor. of Mrs R G Brown 1871-1880;
- Papers re Kendal Blue Coat School 1874-1881;
- Statement of accounts of St George's Church, Kendal 1875-1879;
- Inventory (residuary estate) of house contents [c.1887].

Papers of Hugh Langhorne and trustees  WD AG/Box 34  1750-1910

Related information: See also WD AG/Box 52

- Deeds and documents of sundry properties including the 'George and Dragon', houses in Caroline Street, Stramongate Bridge End, Wildman Street, Bankfield 1750-1890;
- Probate of will of Agnes Craven 1821;
- Copy will of Christopher Robinson 1849;
- Vouchers and letters 1860's-1870's;
- Share certificates, reports etc. for gas, coal, railway undertakings 1860's-c.1910;
- Newspapers containing notices to creditors of Ann Steele deceased 1868;
- Deeds for burial plots in Kendal Cemetery 1876, 1884;
- Account of Mrs Langhorne's funeral expenses 1876;
- Papers re estate of Mrs Langhorne;
- Rent rolls and current accounts for estate of late Mrs M G Brown 1887-1891.
Deeds etc. of premises at Stramongate Bridge End, Kendal 1755-1788:
Release (of equity of redemption), 8 February 1755. 1755.
1. John Story of Kendal, glover, eldest brother and heir of Elizabeth Wilson late of Kendal, widow, deceased.
2. John Crewdson of Kendal, stuffweaver, heir of John Crewdson late of same place, stuffweaver, deceased.
Recital:- Mortgage, 21 February 1728.
1. said Elizabeth Wilson, deceased.
2. William Wilson of Kendal, tanner, since deceased and said John Crewdson deceased.
Premises: all that and those three thatched burgage or dwelling houses behind Stramongate Bridge in Kendal wherein three families then dwelt with backside houses, gardens and premises with appurts. of yearly rent of 6s. 8d. payable to Heversham School, and also all that dyehouse and orchard next or near adjoining said three dwelling houses, and also all that barn or laith with waste grounds thereunto adjoining being behind said Stramongate Bridge and next or near adjoining said orchard, with all appurts.
Consideration: £53 9s. with interest payable on 2 February next;
- Money not paid and principal and interest now due is much larger than premises are sufficient to pay;
- John Crewdson deceased survived William Wilson deceased and since their deaths (2) as heir of surviving mortgagee has agreed for absolute purchase of mortgaged premises.
Premises: said burgage or dwelling houses, dyehouse, orchard, barn or laith with all appurts. [as above recited].
Consideration: 10s.
Witnesses: Isaac Wilson, Jno. Shutt.
Feoffment, 10 February 1755. 1755.
1. John Crewdson of Kendal, stuffweaver.
2. Robert Crakelt of Kendal, bridgebuilder.
Premises: all those his burgage or dwelling houses situate behind Stramongate Bridge in Kendal with backside, houses, gardens and premises belonging of yearly rent of 6s. 8d. payable to Heversham School, formerly belonging to Elizabeth Wilson, deceased.
Consideration: £55 11s.
Witnesses: Thos. Ellwood, Jno. Shutt.
Endorsement: livery of seisin on same date before same witnesses.
Probate of will of Robert Crakelt of Kendal, bridge builder made 10 December 1757 [sic] and proved (Archdeaconry of Richmond) 26 October 1758. 1758.
Bequests:- to wife Margaret during her viduity, all his messuage and tenement with appurts. at Stramangate Bridge End in Kendal, and after determination of that estate, same to William Bownass of Witherslack, yeoman and Thomas Hall of Hincaster, yeoman in trust to sell, and monies from sale and from rents and profits before sale to be divided equally amongst children of testator, Edward, William and Susan or their lawful issue;
- To William Bownass and Thomas Hall, all that peat-coat and peat-moss at Beathwaite Green and on moss with appurts. in trust to be sold and money to be divided between children, William and Susan;
- To son William, £10.
Supervisors: William Bownass and Thomas Hall to whom is given 10s. 6d. each.
Executors: two children William and Susan to whom is given all personal estate.
Witnesses: Jacob Collier, Joseph Thompson, Jno. Shutt.
[Note: probate certificate indicates that William Crakelt was a minor at time of father's death; administration granted to Susan Crakelt, his sister].
Assignment, 23 December 1769. 1769.
1. Edward Crakelt formerly of Kendal but now a soldier in His Majesty's service.
2. Francis Drinkel of town of Kendal, hosier.
Recital:- will of Robert Crakelt of Kendal, bridgebuilder deceased made 10 September [sic] 1757 and duly proved;
- (1) is indebted to (2) in sum of £16 and will secure payment of same by transfer of legacy.
Premises: all that legacy part or share of (1) of clear monies to be raised by sale of messuage and tenement devised in trust by will of his father.
Appointment of attorney: (2) by (1) to ask and sue to recover said legacy Part or share.
Consideration: £16 due and owing to (2) by (1); upon receipt of which plus interest assignment will be null and void.
Witnesses: Robert Wilson, Thos. Yeates.
Subscription: receipt, 16 February 1771, of Frans. Drinkel for £16 16s. from Adam Hewit in full consideration of abovesaid assignment; witnessed by Chris. Scott.
Release and assignment, 24 September 1770. 1770.
1. William Crakelt of North Fleet, co. Kent, schoolmaster, one of sons of Robert Crakelt late of Kendal, bridgebuilder, deceased.
2. Adam Ewart of Kendal, weaver.
Recital:- will of Robert Crakelt made 10 September 1757;
- Margaret, widow of Robert Crakelt married
William Fisher many years ago but trustees have not proceeded to sell premises but allowed Fisher to receive greatest part of rents and profits contrary to will;
- (2) has agreed with (1) for purchase of legacy share of monies to be made by sale and of share in rents and profits since marriage of Margaret with William Fisher.
Premises: all that his legacy share of monies to be made by sale of messuage and tenement and all right, title and claim to same, and all share in trust premises and profits thereof since intermarriage of Margaret and William Fisher.
Appointment of attorney, (2) by (1).
Consideration: £30.
Witnesses: Jas. Harrison, surgeon in Gravesend, E Watts attorney there.
Letters of administration, 27 February 1771, granted to Adam Ewart of Kendal, weaver, late husband of Susan Ewart, formerly Susan Crakelt, deceased lately died intestate. (Archdeaconry of Richmond). 1771.
Conditions for sale, 1 September 1773 by John Ayrey owner of those burgage houses with appurts. in Wildman Street in town of Kendal, now in possession of Robert Ayrey and others at yearly rent of 6s. 8d. paid to schoolmaster of Heversham School: purchaser to enter premises at Martinmas next; receive rents and profits from and after that time; to pay purchase money on 13 February next on having a good title made to him; no person to advance less than 5s. at one bidding. Subscription: premises sold to Joseph Adlington of Kendal, woolcomber and William Robinson, mason for £106. 1773.
Witnesses: John Wilson, James Shepherd.
Letters of administration, 2 January 1788, granted to Jane Robinson widow and relict of William Robinson late of Kendal, stone cutter, deceased lately died intestate. (Archdeaconry of Richmond). 1788.

Hodbarrow Mining Company, Millom. (WD AG/Boxes 35-43 inclusive)  [no ref. or date]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited September 1963. (Acc. 38)

[no title]  WD AG/Boxes 35-37  1869-1876

Papers including:
- Correspondence with Board of Trade re proposed works at Berwick Rails, 1869-1870;
- Legal papers [Case A] in Caine v. Cumberland Iron Mining and Smelting Co. (being a dispute concerning pier and embankment at Borwick Rails in Duddon Estuary), 1869-1876.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 38  1869-1882

Case papers including:
- Further legal papers in [Case A] with map;
- Legal papers [Case B] in Hume Smith & Co. v. Hodbarrow Mining Co. (being a dispute concerning broker's commission on sales of exported ore), 1878-1882;
- Legal papers [Case C] in Lord Lonsdale v. Caine and another (being a dispute concerning liability of landlord and tenant respectively for newly established poor rate on iron mines), 1877;
- Legal papers [Case D] in Hornblower v. Caine and others (being a dispute concerning payment for building of Hodbarrow Mining Company's concrete workmen's cottages), 1872.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 39  1861-1882

Legal and other papers including:
- Legal papers [Case E] in Furness Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. v. Hodbarrow Mining Co., (being an action for breach of contract), 1879-1882;
- Correspondence including matters relating to [Cases C and D] and other minor litigations, 1867-1878;
- Legal papers concerning new lease, partnership, shares, proposed Barrow-in-Furness water scheme.
(See WD AG/Box 41 [Case G]), 1861-1872.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 40  1915-1927

Correspondence of R H Greenwood (Chairman) including:
- Trades union and Department of Munitions 1915;
- Letters, reports etc. 1920-1925;
- Correspondence (4 bundles) 1926-1927 including: minutes of Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings; balance sheets and profit and loss accounts;
Cost accounts; weekly reports on ore raised and wages paid (to itemized categories of workers); sales and deliveries; taxation; valuation and sales of securities; reports on bore-holes (with some plans); doctor's report on workman's injury 1926; prospectus for advertizing in 'The Times' 1927; note of decease of W G Groves of Holehird 1927; seal of company; personal and family letters; etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 41  1869-1889

Legal papers for sundry cases, including:
- Further legal papers in [Cases A & B];
- Legal papers [Case F] in Hodbarrow Mining Co. Ltd. v. The Bootle Union (being an arbitration case concerning rating for poor), [related to Case C], 1877;
- Legal papers [Case G] in Barrow Water Bill, and Barrow Hematite Steel Company's Water Bill before Parliament in 1889 (being a petition by Hodbarrow Mining Co., against said Bills, alleged to affect company's harbour at Borwick Rails).
(See WD AG/Box 39).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 42  1889-1901

Sundry papers including:
- Further papers in [Case G] mainly evidence before Parliament, and sundry local newspapers;
- Barrow Corporation Waterworks Act 1901;
- Map of Duddon Estuary area showing Hodbarrow.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 43  1861-1900

Petition of Hodbarrow Mining Co. against Furness Railway Hill [Case H] concerning proposed extension of Railway Company's jurisdiction in area of Piel Harbour, and related papers. 1877.
Miscellaneous papers including: 1861-1900.
- Papers concerning John Barratt deceased, and shares in mines 1861-1867;
- Minutes of shareholders meeting (at which it was agreed to form limited company), 1863;
- Deed of partnership 1863;
- Letter re proposed lighthouse at Hodbarrow Point, 1865;
- Minutes of meeting at Sun Inn, Ulverston opposing formation of limited company, 1866;
- Papers relating to renewal of leases and royalties, 1871-1899;
- Report on mine 1872;
- Compensation for damage to farm wall 1872;
- Correspondence with Diamond Rock Boring Co. 1872;
- Notes on Millom drainage district and water works 1874;
- Egremont Burial Board v. Egremont Iron Ore Co. 1882;
- Copies of bills to amend Copyhold Acts 1882, 1884;
- Report on safety of mine 1883;
- Proposed construction of embankment 1885;
- Reports of The Shaw's Brow Iron Co., London, (signed W S Caine), 1885;
- Draft Articles of Association of Hodbarrow Mining Co., 1887;
- Draft agreement for sale of premises to company, 1887;
- Articles of Association, 1888;
- Underleases of mines by W S Caine and others to Hodbarrow Mining Co., and Harry Arnold and others to Hodbarrow Mining Co., 1888 and 1901;
- Draft lease by Lord Lonsdale and James Lowther of iron mines in Millom, 1900;
- Memorandum about trade unionism in mines, n.d.;
- Sundry local papers.
[NOTE: The various cases have been given letters to facilitate reference only].
Document deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal on 26 May 1977. (Acc. 1661)
Lease (copy) by Lord Lonsdale to John Barratt and Nathaniel Caine of iron mines in Millom for 21 years, 1861. 1861.

Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood & Sons, November 1961  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WD AG/Boxes 44-45  1885-1887

Related information: See also WDX/109

Legal and other papers including
- Action for trespass, Wilson of Dallam Tower v. Crossfield and others, 1884-1885 (being a dispute whether the fishing rights in Arnside Bay belonged to the Lord of the Manor or were public rights), including case papers, numerous copies of early documents in the public records, local newspapers, maps
- Ensuing bankruptcy of Crossfield brothers, 1885-1887.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 47  1821-1917

Trusteeship bundles including
- Dawson trust papers 1821-1840
- Account books, bank book and associated papers, trustees of late Alice Gaskill 1840-1890
- William Holmes' trust papers, including probate of will, 1852-1866
- Housekeeping account books of Rev. Greenshields of Newby Wilson boxes 1915-1917.
Hudson trust papers including
- Cash book, Thomas Hudson 1844-1849
- Account book, trustees of late John Hudson 1890-1902
- Miscellaneous papers including certificates in lunacy re James Wilkinson Hudson 1881 and Henry John Hudson 1881
- Vouchers and receipts, bundles 1879-1884, 1879-1887, 1897-1900, 1906
- Accounts (shipping receipts) 1837-1855.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 48  Circa 1830-circa 1900

Further Hudson papers, mainly vouchers

[no title]  WD AG/Box 49  1677-1811

Deeds and related documents for sundry properties in Kendal, including
- Churchfields 1677-1779
- Land at Mintsfeet 1699-1775
- Land at Mintsfeet 1686-1811
- Land at Mintsfeet 1743-1786
- Land at Beeson Field, Mintsfeet and Wildman Street 1686-1809
Deeds and documents for property in Old Hutton, Killington and Lancaster, 1636-1809, with licence to practice as attorney of James Wilson 1760. Not found 1992 1636-1809

[no title]  WD AG/Box 50  1869-1909

Estate papers of T Newby Wilson, including
- Leases, conveyances, sale particulars, Crewe Coal and Iron Co., debenture shares, insurance policies etc..

[no title]  WD AG/Box 51  1850-1903

Hugh Langhorn papers including
- Correspondence 1851-1903, personal, legal and business
- Acts of Parliament, including Kendal Gas and Water Act 1846, Kendal Fell Act 1861, Kendal and Windermere Railway Act 1845 and amendment 1847-1848
- Notices to shareholders, dividends, meetings etc. for Lancaster Canal Navigation Co., Burton Gas Coal and Coke Co., Milnthorpe Gas, Coal, Coke and Lime Co., also West Hartlepool Harbour & Railway 1884-1885; Abstract of accounts of Kendal Corporation 1884-1885
- Legal papers including wills, agreements, proceedings, affidavits 1800-1901
- Accounts etc. of the Blue Coat School, see also WD AG/Box 7 Westmorland Society, Kendal Free Grammar School, Liverpool Ladies Charity, St George's Church, Kendal, Kendal Local Board of Health, appointments of overseers for Kendal 1857-1886.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 52  [1850-1913]

Related information: See also WD AG/Boxes 33-34

Hugh Langhorn financial papers including
- Statements of income, share dividends, income tax papers, circulars of sundry undertakings etc. 1850-1900.
Miscellaneous papers including
1). Sunday School instruction cards, Genealogy table of Kings of England to George III, Whitwell Mark & Co. price list 1902, stamp duty receipts, prescriptions, share dividend certificates etc.
2). Share dividend certificates, vouchers, mourning cards, etc.
3). Vouchers, correspondence, cheque books, stamp duty certificates, insurance papers, statements of income, dividend certificates etc.
4). Recipes, poems, address book, personal memoranda, vouchers, pedigree notes, mourning cards etc.
Plan of proposed alterations to Dolphin Cocoa Rooms, Highgate, Kendal, 1913. 1913

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 53-55

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal, September 1963. (Acc. 38)

[no title]  WD AG/Box 53  1865-1889

Papers re opposition of Hodbarrow Mining Company Limited to Barrow Haematite Steel Company Limited and Barrow-in-Furness Corporation Water Bills in House of Commons including:
- Minutes of proceedings of House of Commons Select Committee on private bills, 9 July 1889
- Report of Sir John Coode 22 February 1889
- Report (copy) of Robert Robinson 23 February 1889
- Report of referees on Furness Railway Bill, 1865
- Statement of James Young of Kirkby Ireleth taken by Sir John Coode at Hodbarrow, 15 February and 21 March 1889
- Notes taken at Sir John Coode's office (2), 11 April 1889
- Notes of Captain Gedde's evidence, 1889
- Evidence of Captain Walker, 1889
- Statement of Pilot MacPherson taken by Sir John Coode at Hodbarrow, 1889
- Statement of Captain Morgan taken by Sir John Coode at Hodbarrow, 1889
- Extract from report of manager of Barrow Gas and Water Company for year ending 25 March 1887 (4)
- Newspaper references to water supply 1887-1888
- Plan showing works proposed, watersheds etc. (2), no scale, 1889
- Petition of Cumberland Iron Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd.
- Extracts from proceedings of council of corporation of Barrow-in-Furness including Gas and Water Committee with reports from Public Analyst of quantity of water, 1886-1888
- Bill for authorizing Barrow Haematite Steel Company to obtain a supply of water from river Duddon and for other purposes
- Plan of water supply for Barrow Haematite Steel Company
- Copy of Preston Improvement Act (1869)
- Memoranda re capacities of reservoirs and profits in water department
- Brief in support of petitions against bills on behalf of Hodbarrow Mining Company
- Speeches of counsel, 18 July 1889
- Evidence of Captain Morgan and Henry Enfield Taylor
- Petition of Millom Local Board
- Mr Foxe's tables of rainfall and average daily flow in gallons (1889)
- Memorandum and articles of association of Hodbarrow Mining Company
- Reports of meetings of Barrow Corporation Council (from Barrow News)
- Extract from Thomas Stevenson's design and construction of harbours (1886)
- draft of memorial of Hodbarrow Mining Company to Board of Trade against bill
- Copies of Barrow News 1888-1889
- memoranda as to capacities of reservoirs
- Reports of Barrow Water Manager 1887 and 1888
- Sundry plans.
Papers re opposition to Barrow Haematite Steel Company Water Bill including: 1889.
- Statement of promoters in support of second reading
- Petition of Hodbarrow Mining Company, William Millers Rawlinson, J D Newton, Dalton in Furness Local Board, Board of conservators for fishery district and rivers of Kent, Bela, Winster, Leven and Duddon, Messrs. Harrison and Ainslie, Right Hon. James Lowther M.P., Millom Local Board, Justices of Peace for Lancashire and Barrow Corporation.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 54  1901

Papers re opposition of Hodbarrow Mining Company to Barrow Haematite Steel Company and Barrow-in-Furness Corporation Water Bills in Parliament including:
- Minutes of proceedings and print of bill House of Commons, session 1901;
- Minutes of proceeding before House of Lords. Select committee, 8 May 1901;
- Petition of Millom Urban District Council;
- Duddon gaugings and Hodbarrow gauge;
- Copy of act to empower Corporation of Barrow-in-Furness to make additional waterworks to make certain street works and to make better provision for health local government and improvement of borough and for other purposes 1901 (with copy amended in committee);
- Petition of Hodbarrow Mining Company Limited (11);
- Evidence of William Matthews, civil engineer, (2);
Reginald E Middleton, civil engineer, (2);
Cedric Vaughan, director, director of Hodbarrow Mining Company;
Henry Rofe, civil engineer;
- Amendments to bill proposed by Hodbarrow Mining Company;
- Evidence of Herbert Sowerby Wallis, head of British Rainfall organisation; Robert Robinson, civil engineer; Captain Williams; Captain Holmes; Captain Ellis; Pilot J Macintyre;
- Statement showing ore delivered by Hodbarrow Mining Company for 22 years ending 31 December 1900;
- Statistical information of Millom Urban District Council;
- O.S. map of Barrow-in-Furness rainfall, 2nd edition 1898.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 55  1904

Papers re opposition of Hodbarrow Mining Company to Bill of Corporation of Barrow-in-Furness in House of Lords including:
- Statement of imports of Hodbarrow Mining Company for 25 years ending 31 December 1903 and number of vessels and steamers bringing same (6);
- Statement of ore delivered by Hodbarrow Mining Company for 25 years ending 31 December 1903 with quantity forwarded by sea and number of steamers and vessels loaded each year (7);
- Brief in support of petition against bill on behalf of Hodbarrow Mining company;
- Evidence of Cedric Vaughan, managing director of Hodbarrow Mining Company (2);
- Evidence of Captain Fairclough, harbour master;
- Petition of George H Cheetham of Duddon Hall;
- Two indexed gatherings of Barrow Corporation Minutes, 1888;
- Petition of Hodbarrow Mining Company;
- File of solicitor's correspondence re amendments to Bill;
- Act (as amended in committee) to empower corporation of Barrow-in-Furness to construct an opening bridge across Walney Channel; to make certain street works; to lay down additional tramways and to execute works in connection with their water undertaking and for other purposes, (together with bill);

[no title]  WD AG/Box 56  1809-1814

Source of acquisition: Records deposited November 1961.

(Asterisk denotes original bundle).
Accounts belonging to Bolton Hall Farm [Bolton-by-Bowland] including handwritten copy of the proclamation for Bolton Fair and notes on lease of land in Bolton beginning in 1576.
(This book was found on top of the box and may not be related to the contents).
* Bundle of letters etc.:
To and from R Wilson Lishman (including a Valentine dated 1818).
Various bills and receipts (including ones concerning 29 Upper Pitt St., Liverpool) to Mrs F Lishman and J Lishman.
Linement for the knee plus an advertisement for hair dye.
J. Lishman's card giving terms for dancing lessons. c.1812-1850.
* Bundle of letters
From R Wilson Lishman to his brother James. 1822-1846.
Advertisement of a ball run by J Lishman. 1832.
Lease, 4 May 1833 of 29 Upper Pitt St., Liverpool leased to F Ormandy. With a copy of a letter asking for the rent. 1833.
Account book. 1842.
Will of J Lishman. 1849.
Will of F Lishman. 1850.
Valuation of J Lishman's furniture with letter re 29 Upper Pitt St., Liverpool. 1849.
4 copies of Brief. Action on Promises, Exchequer of Pleas. Defendant: R Wilson Lishman. 1849.
* Personal letters from R W Lishman to J Lishman. 1844-1847.
Inventory and valuation of J Lishman's estate. 1850.
* Residuary accounts of F and J Lishman, with associated papers. 1850.
Papers concerning the deaths of J and F Lishman - mainly vouchers. 1849-1860.
* Conditions of sale of:
House etc. on W side of Gandy St. and N side of Castle St., Kendal;
House etc. on W side of Gandy St., Kendal;
10 freehold cottages near Bridge Inn, Levens. 1859.
* Conveyances:
10 cottages near Levens;
House in Castle St., Kendal;
House in Upper Pitt St., Liverpool. 1860.
* General release of executors of J Lishman's will with the statements of his financial affairs. 1860.
* Letters to and from Mr J Lishman (miscellaneous, but some re 29 Upper Pitt St., Liverpool and others re arrangements for burial of Ellen Emma Lishman). 1845-1857.
Account book. 1851-1860.
Estimate for drainage etc. re 29 Upper Pitt St., Liverpool. 1884.

Box of deeds relating to the property of the Partridge family in Grasmere, Ambleside, Hawkshead co. Lancaster, and London  WD AG/Box 58  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal on 30 April 1953.

Deeds re premises in Grasmere and Langdale  WD AG/Box 58/1  1576-1817

c.14 items

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/2  1674-1840

Deeds relating to premises in Great Langdale, 1674-1776, Grasmere, 1680-1840, and Ambleside 1773-1837; bill of costs, Benson and Barrow, 1711, bond between Edward Benson of Grasmere, gentleman, and John Benson of Hawkshead, co. Lancaster, gentleman, 1777.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/3  1701-1820

3 Items

Deeds re premises in Hawkshead, co. Lancaster, 1701 and 1773 and in Grasmere 1707-1820.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/4  1737-1835

Deeds relating to properties in Grasmere, 1737-1808, and in Ambleside, 1799-1835; receipt signed by W H Partridge re property in Grasmere, 1819; bond of indemnity: 1. W H Partridge, 2. Robert Partridge, 1820.

Probates of wills  WD AG/Box 58/5  1739/40-1839

- John Cumpstone of Ambleside, tobaconnist, made 11 February 1739/40, proved 1 May 1740;
- Agnes Jackson of London, widow, 1 May 1781, codicils 8 June 1784 and 4 January 1785, proved 7 May 1785;
- Robert Hird of Gillside, Grasmere, yeoman, made 1 June 1801, proved 3 November 1801;
- Anthony Proctor of Ambleside, shoemaker, made 2 December 1808, proved 9 February 1809;
- Jane Cumpstone of below Stock, Ambleside, made 25 November 1812, proved 12 April 1813;
- Robert Partridge of below Stock, Ambleside, the elder, gentleman, made 13 December 1815, proved 14 May 1819;
- Edward Partridge of below Stock, Ambleside, made 11 August 1819, proved 7 June 1820;
- Robert Partridge of Ambleside, made 31 December 1838, proved 11 July 1839; on dorse copy of order re will of Robert Partridge, 24 February 1860.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/6  1750-1819

5 Items

Deeds relating to premises in Ambleside.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/7  1753-1799

4 Items

Deeds of conveyance of premises in Ambleside.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/8  1766-1793

4 Items

Deeds of conveyance of premises in Ambleside.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/9  1770-1840

22 Items

Deeds re premises at Gillside, Grasmere.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/10  1775-1788

3 Item

Mortgages of Thomas Johnson's estate in Ambleside.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/11  1784-1793

Deeds re premises in Covent Garden, co. Middlesex (3) and Soho (1).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/12  1819-1840

Deeds re premises in Ambleside.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/13  1819-1907

'R J Partridge Esq.: Title Deeds relating to land at Grasmere'.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 58/14  1834

Mortgage of premises in Ambleside.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 59

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal 30 April 1953.

Deed re premises at Tullythwaite, Underbarrow  WD AG/Box 59/1  1578

Tullithwaite Hall 1578.
Conveyance, 15 July 1578. 1578.
1. Robert Bethome of Tullythwayte, Underbarrow, husbandman.
2. Miles Bateman of Underbarrow, clothier.
Premises: messuage, tenement and farmhold with all appurts. being at Tullythwayte and called Tullythwayte Hall and all houses, buildings and gardens adjoining, and closes called The Parrock, The Kilne Howme, The Sowerbuttes and The Myer Meadow, of yearly rent 4s. 8d.
Consideration: £60.
Witnesses: Randal Bateman, William Bethome, William Bateman, Robert Buntinge.

Deeds re premises at 'Chapel on the Hill', Kendal  WD AG/Box 59/2  1604-1672

c.9 items

The Chapel on The Hill and Gilling Grove, Kendal 1604-1673.
Conveyance, 23 June 1604.
1. Henry Dixon of Nibthwaite Grange, Lancashire, mercer.
2. Miles Dawson of Crosthwaite, chapman.
Premises: messuage and tenement called The Chapel on The Hill, near Kendal at place called Banks, of yearly rent 4d. due to King, and 2s. due to Sir James Bellingham, knight.
Consideration: £6 13s. 4d.
Witnesses: Roger Dawson, William Bank, Robert Dawson, John Dickson, Thomas Noble, John Couperthwayte.
Conveyance, 7 February 1634.
1. Stephen Busher of Kirkbarrow, Kirkland, Kendal, yeoman
2. Christopher Stewardson of Kendal, husbandman.
Premises: close or parrock with appurts. near the late chapel commonly called The Chapel on The Hill, Kendal, containing ½ acre, late in tenure of William Braithwaite deceased, then of Richard Cornthwaite, now of (1), of yearly rent 8d. due to King.
Consideration: £13 5s.
Witnesses: Robert Crosfeild, Edmund Warde, Christopher Willance.
Conveyance, 2 November 1643.
1. Rowland Dawson of Kendal, gent.
2. William Carlill, of Kendal, yeoman.
Premises: [as in conveyance 23 June 1604] further described as being on Fellside, Kendal towards west; also close [as in conveyance 7 February 1634/5].
Consideration: £8 1s.
Witnesses: James Jackson, Francis Hunter, Anthony Bethome.
- Bond in £70 for performance of covenants, annexed.
* Conveyance, 28 May 1645.
1. William Carlill of Kendal, husbandman.
2. William Higgin of Kendal, butcher.
Premises: [as in conveyance, 2 November 1643].
Consideration: £10.
Witnesses: Stephen Busher, George Geldart, William Foster, Christopher Foster.
- Bond in £20 for performance of covenants, annexed.
* Quitclaim, 2 May 1646.
1. William Higgin of Kendal, butcher.
2. Christopher Stewardson of Kendal, husbandman.
Premises: right to premises [as in conveyance 2 November 1643].
Consideration: £10.
Witnesses: John Collingson, Robert Spooner, William Foster.
Conveyance, [31] May 1658.
1. Christopher Stewardson of Kendal, yeoman.
2. John Hartley of Kendal, cordwainer.
Premises: parcel of ground enclosed, situate at head of Banks or the Beast Fair, Kendal, heretofore being three parrocks, in one of which stood house or chapel called the chapel on the Hill, [as in conveyance 23 June 1604], the parrocks were of yearly rent 20d. due to King; said parcel of ground contains 5 roods; (2) to enter into possession after death of (1) or wife Ellen or survivor of them.
Consideration: £20.
Witnesses: James Atkinson, Nicholas Hartlay, George Mansergh, Edmund Hartley, James Jackson.
- With bond in £80 for performance of covenants.
Lease for term of lives (by feoffment) 23 December 1663.
1. John Washington of Kendal, whitesmith.
2. Christopher Stewardson of Kendal yeoman and wife Ellen.
Premises: close called Capper Close or Gilling Grove with house therein (2a.) in Kendal, once in possession of Richard Cornthwaite deceased, then (2), now (1); also Chapel on the Hill Close [as in conveyance 31 May 1658]; to be held during lives of (2) and survivor of them.
Endorsement: livery of seisin.
Witnesses: George Archer, Simon Washington, Robert Halhead.
Release, 20 March 1666.
1. Ellen Stewardson of Kendal, widow of Christopher Stewardson.
2. John Washington of Kendal, whitesmith.
Premises: all rights to premises [as in conveyance 31 May 1658], reserving to self Capper Close or Gilling Grove.
Consideration: annuity of £1.15s. from (2) to (1).
Witnesses: Richard [Braithwaite], Anthony Sadler, Christopher Bateman.
Release, 22 March 1672.
1. Gabriel Dawson of the Hay, yeoman.
2. John Washington of Kendal, gent.
Premises: chapel on the Hill Close [as in conveyance 31 May 1658] once in tenure of Miles Dawson, grandfather of (1).
Proviso: this deed shall not prevent (1) from trying to recover burgage house at Town End Beck in Kendal now in possession of William Langmyer.
Consideration: £5.
Witnesses: Thomas Sandes, Robert Appleby.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 59/3  1605-1703

Bundle including:-
- Exchange between 1. Thomas Brathwat of Ambleside, gentleman, and 2. Oliver Benson of High Close, Loughrigg, husbandman, 1605;
- Fine: 1. James Kirkbie and George Fell, querents
2. Edward Chysnall esq and wife Margaret, deforciants, [1606];
- Bounder rolls:
- Of fells and steads of Wythburn Manor, co. Cumberland, taken by jury at Wythburn Chapel, 1606;
- Of commons in manor of Grasmere certified by John Lowther, [1639/40];
- Bonds between:
- 1. Edward Benson of High Close, Loughrigg, gentleman and 2. Michael and James Benson, brothers, of Loughrigg, gentlemen, 1649/50;
- 1. Edward Benson of High Close, Loughrigg, gentleman and 2. George Benson of High Close, gentleman, 1651/2;
- 1. David Sandys of Furness Fells, co. Lancaster, yeoman 2. Miles Sandys of same place, yeoman, 1687/8 (unexecuted);
- George Cowperthwaite of Hackett Forge, Little Langdale, and wife Jane, and 2. John Walker of Fell Foot, Little Langdale, yeoman, 1693 (incomplete);
- Conveyances of premises in Great Langdale (Pye how, Johnson Place, Little Park etc), 1683-1703, and in the Manor of Bayesbrowne, 1703.

Deeds etc re premises in Stricklandgate, Kendal; copy of will of Thomas Kendal, Kendal, blacksmith, 1764  WD AG/Box 59/4  1637-1829

c.14 items

Premises in Stricklandgate, Kendal, 1637-1829.
Conveyance, 17 May 1637. 1637.
1. Edmund Troughton of Kendal, shearman.
2. John Benson of Kendal, shearman.
Premises: messuage, burgage house and tenement in Stricklandgate, Kendal, between house of John Benson on one side and of John Hunter on other side, of lands of Matthew Beck of yearly rent 8s.
Consideration: £16.
Witnesses: Christopher Bell, Bevis Harrison, James Jackson.
Mortgage, 1 March 1676. [1676/7].
1. James Brathwaite of Kendal, glover.
2. James Rowlandson, shearman and William Brathwaite, shearmandyer both of Kendal.
Recital:- bond in £40 1 March [1676/7] wherein (2) have stood with (1), for his debts, bounden to Margaret Bainebrigge of Hawkin, Middleton, widow to repay to her £21 4s. on 1 March [1677/8].
Premises: [as in conveyance 17 May 1637] on east side of Stricklandgate, since in possession of Matthew Braithwaite father of (1) deceased, and now William Kilner; also shop with appurts. on south side of Market Stead, Kendal, late in tenure of James Satterthwaite, then his son William, and now of (1), of lands of James Fenton, of yearly rent 5s.; also all glass, wainscot loose and nailfast, cupboards, tables, bedstocks and buffet forms in messuage, and 6d. in silver.
Proviso: (1) will repay said money to Margaret Bainbrigge and indemnify (2) against loss.
Witnesses: Anthony Marshall, Christopher Bateman.
Conveyance, 17 December 1680. 1680.
1. James Brathwaite of Kendal, glover.
2. William Brathwaite of Kendal, shearmandyer.
Premises: [as in mortgage 1 March 1676/7] lord thereof now Roger Fenton.
Consideration: £15.
Witnesses: William Wilson, Thomas Green.
Conveyance, 30 December 1686. 1686.
1. Robert Noble of Kendal, labourer.
2. William Brathwaite of Kendal, shearmandyer.
Premises: burgage house, messuage and tenement on east side of Stricklandgate, Kendal, between houses of Alexander Pennington and Robert Hunter, formerly in possession of Matthew Brathwaite father of James Brathwaite, then of said James Braithwaite, of lands of William Kilner and of yearly rent 8s.
Consideration: £27 13s. 8d.
Witnesses: George Gruby, John Towars, George Taylor.
Conveyance, 16 June 1690. 1690.
1. Robert Noble of Kendal, husbandman.
2. George Mansergh of Kendal, singleman.
Premises: [as in conveyance 30 December 1686] endorsed as "Brathat House".
Consideration: £40.
- Bond in £80 for performance of covenants, subscribed.
Witnesses: George Archer, John Thwats, Thomas Hudson, Joseph Smallwood.
Enfranchisement, 9 November 1694. 1694.
1. Lancelot Simpson of Penrith, Cumberland, gent.
2. George Mansergh of Kendal, yeoman.
Premises: seignory and yearly rent of (2)'s burgage house in Stricklandgate, Kendal, once inheritance of William Kilner deceased, then Sir Joseph Williamson and now of (1), namely 7s. 11d. yearly; reserving to King 1d. yearly.
Consideration: £7 18s.
Witnesses: Lancelot Forth, Nicholas Dawson, Edward Wilkinson.
Will (copy) of George Mansergh of Stricklandgate, Kendal, yeoman, made 8 March 1706.
Bequests include:- desire to be buried in Sepulchre on Fell Side, Kendal;
- To elder brother William Mansergh of Kendal, yeoman, two closes called Spout Closes, Strickland Ketel, for his life;
- To nephew John Mansergh, son of William, reversion of said closes, and burgage house in Stricklandgate, wherein testator dwells;
- To daughter Mary Mansergh and daughter of William, £30 with interest out at mortgage in closes of Miles Addyson of Stainton, yeoman called Horse Greaves and Hartley Close (5a.), by deed 11 April 1705;
- To Overseers of Stricklandgate, 10s. to be distributed to poor householders there, likewise 10s. for Kirkland, 5s. for Stramongate, 5s. for Highgate;
- To said Mary Mansergh and sister Alice, goods and household stuff in now dwelling house of testator.
Executor: nephew John Mansergh.
Supervisors: Thomas Dodgson mercer, Jonathan Dodgson, John Wilson of Spittal, gent.
Endorsement: "The probate of this will is in the hands of Mr Roger Wakefield of Kendal, shearmandyer" [written by James Dowker].
Will (copy) of John Mansergh of Stricklandgate, Kendal, batchelor, made 22 October 1711.
Bequests include:- to sisters Mary and Alice Mansergh, to be divided equally, Spout Closes and burgage house in Stricklandgate [as devised by will of George Mansergh, 8 March 1706], the remainder thereof on death of father William Mansergh;
- To sister Alice, burgage house with appurts in Kendal, to enter immediately after decease of testator;
- Pecuniary bequests to cousin Alice Mansergh, friend James Fell, and people at low end of Stricklandgate.
Executrixes: sisters Mary and Alice Mansergh.
Supervisors: cousin John Sutton of Lupton batchelor, friends Brian Lancaster and James Fell of Kendal.
Witnesses: Richard Fell, John Rooke, William Postlethwaite.
Endorsement: "The probate of this will is in the custody of Mr Roger Wakefield of Kendal, shearmandyer" [written by James Dowker].
Notice and memorandum of sale, 7 September 1750 1750.
By Joseph Gough on behalf of Alice Mansergh, of freehold dwellinghouse with backside houses, stable hayloft and garden with footpath through Sandes Close to River Kent, situate on east side Stricklandgate, Kendal, of yearly free rent 1d. - sold to Thomas Kendal of Kendal blacksmith for £100 10s.; Alice Mansergh agrees to convey premises to him.
Witnesses: William Hunter, Isaac Wilson, James Dowker.
Lease and release 9 and 10 January 1750. 1750.
1. Alice Mansergh of McMelick, Ireland, spinster.
2. Thomas Kendall of Kendal, blacksmith.
Premises: [as bequeathed to her in will, 22 October 1711].
Consideration: £100 10s.
Witnesses: Samuel Strangman, Henry Ridgway, James Gough.
Will (copy) of Thomas Kendal of Kendal, blacksmith, made 6 October 1764. 1781.
Bequests include:- to friends William Townson, curate of Natland, Thomas Elleray grocer and Edward Cumming, hosier, both of Kendal, all personal estate, also houses in Stricklandgate, Kendal, occupied by Mr Benjamin Herd and others, burgage house and smithy in Market Place, Kendal testator's now dwelling-house, all in trust to allow wife Barbara Kendal to use profits to pay debts and discharge legacy of £10 to testator's sister Isabell Hugill, and to receive yearly rents from said property; at her death property to be sold and profits disposed as follows;
- To Robert son of brother-in-law John Key of Cumberland, £60;
- To Jonathan son of said John Key, £40;
- To Benjamin, Marius and Dinah Key, other children of John Key, 5s. each;
- To Mary, daughter of brother-in-law Mathias Key, 1 guinea;
- To brothers John and Edmond Kendal equal share of residue.
Proviso: son John Kendal, seafaring man, has not been heard of for 15 years, nor a death certificate received, should he or any of his children appear within 12 months of death of testator's wife then above will is void.
Executrix: wife Barbara.
Witnesses: Obadiah Hadrington, John Wade, William Mackreth.
Subscription: copy made and verified 17 July 1781.
Probate of will of Joseph Atkinson of Butchers Row, Highgate, Kendal, yeoman made 2 March 1785, proved (Archdeaconry of Richmond) 9 May 1787. 1787.
Bequests include:- to wife Dorothy, house and garden in Kendal for life and use of testator's personal estate;
- To daughter, Katherine, said house on death of Dorothy and residual personal estate charged with payment of £35 each to sons John and Joseph.
Executrix: daughter Katherine.
Witnesses: Thomas Yeates, Mary Yeates, Margaret Yeates.
Legal account of George Murgatroyd with J Pennington arising from sale of property in Stricklandgate, Kendal, included in will of late Robert Fisher. 1829.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 59/5  1703-1790

Miscellaneous bundle including:-
- Deeds relating to premises in Great Langdale, (26) 1703-89, and Hawkshead, co. Lancaster (4), 1758-86;
- Inventory of 'goods, chattels and credits' of Agnes Grigge of Little Langdale, 1706; memorandum re tenants of Lord Lonsdale in Ambleside and Troutbeck, 1724; apprenticeship of Leonard Benson to William Benson, 1751; order re the roads in Great Langdale and Little Langdale which are 'greatly out of repair,' 1769/70; 'a true schedule of sheep delivered by Agnes Mackereth, widow, to Joseph Braithwaite', 1781;
- Bonds between:-
- 1. Richard and Edward Forritt of Langdale and 2. Robert Partridge of Ambleside, 1712;
- 1. William Hawkrigg of Townshead, Grasmere and 2. his son, 1727;
- Thomas Middlefell of Craggshead, Loughrigg, husbandman and 2. Joseph Grave of Pyehow, Great Langdale, yeoman, 1766;
- 1. Benjamin Banks and John Edmondson both of Brigham Forge, Crosthwaite, co. Cumberland, fullers of cloth and 2. Joseph Grave of Pyehow and John Atkinson of Bayesbrown, Grasmere, gentlemen, 1788;
- Joseph Grave, Pyehow, yeoman and Paul Postlethwaite of Middlefell Place, Great Langdale, yeoman 2.
Thomas Middlefell of Throng, Great Langdale, husbandman, 1790.

Deeds re premises in Brigsteer, including Barrow House  WD AG/Box 59/6  1717/18-1752

8 Items

Barrow House, Brigsteer 1718-1752.
Conveyance. 1 January 1717. [1717/18].
1. William Jeffreyes of Kirkland, Kendal, widower.
2. William Speight of Sedgwick, yeoman.
Premises: messuage and dwellinghouse with appurts. in Brigsteer called Barrow House, in tenure of (1) and part of lands of Nathaniel Walker gent. of yearly fineable rent 1s. 2d. and of land of James Grahme esq. of yearly non-fineable rent 1s. 2d. and 16d. moss rent non-fineable.
Consideration: £47.
Witnesses: Christopher Wilson, Miles Strickland, Richard Crackenthorp.
Mortgage, 30 April 1720. 1720.
1. William Speight of Skelsmergh.
2. Thomas Hudson of Finkle Street, Kendal, sadler or yeoman.
Premises: [as in conveyance 1 January 1717/18], Nathaniel Walker now deceased.
Consideration: £25, to be repaid with £1.5s. interest on 1 May 1721.
Witnesses: Robert Robinson, Robert Wilson, Thomas Wells.
Endorsements:- memorandum 23 April 1724 of (1) in order to prevent process of law by ejectment and expense thereof, and to enable (2) to reimburse self for principal and interest in above mortgage and also for £5 owed by (1) to (2) on promissory note of 4 January 1723/4, above premises are made liable and are hereby confirmed to (2) for the said uses; witnessed by Thomas Mackerath, Thomas Wells;
- Agreement, 23 April 1724, by James Gruby, tenant of premises that he will become tenant of (2) and pay him rent and any arrears.
Conveyance, 2 February 1721. [1721/22].
1. William Speight of Garth Row, Skelsmergh.
2. George Thornbarrow of Barrows Green, [Stainton].
Premises: [as in conveyance 1 January 1717/18].
Consideration: £30.
Witnesses: Robert Atkinson, John Todd, Jacob Mitchell.
Conveyance, 10 April 1724. 1724.
1. George Thornburrow of Ewbank, Old Hutton, yeoman.
2. Jacob Mitchell of Kirkland, gent.
Premises: [as in conveyance 1 January 1717/18].
Consideration: £35.
Witnesses: Rowland Jackson, John Bell, Thomas Wederall.
Endorsement: unexecuted livery of seisin.
Conveyance, 4 March 1727. [1727/8].
1. Jacob Mitchell of Kendal gent.
2. John Gibson of Selside, malster.
Premises: [as in conveyance 1 January 1717/18].
Consideration: £60.
Witnesses: Anthony Bownes, Richard Crackenthorp.
- With memorandum of admittance of (2) by Elizabeth Walker to premises 27 May 1728.
Admittances, 4 November 1727 by Elizabeth Walker, lady thereof, of first George Thornburrow, then of Jacob Mitchell to premises [as in conveyance 1 January 1717/18] George paying fine of £1. 16s., Jacob, £1 13s. 1727.
Enfranchisement, 25 April 1740. 1740.
1. Thomas Jefferson of Brigsteer, yeoman.
2. John Gibson of Kendal, batchelor.
Recitals:- lease and release 4 and 5 February [1737/8] by Elizabeth Walker of Sheffield, Yorkshire widow and Nathaniel Walker of Sheffield, gent., to (1) in consideration of £64 10s., all those cottage rents, customary rents, and free rents due and payable as follows: customary rents of 2s. 4d. from (1), 3d. and 4½d. from Thomas Mackereth, 6d. from John Mackereth, 6d. from Edward Wilson, 1s. 2d. from John Gibson, 2s. 2d. from James Stilling, 4d. from John Warriner, 2s. 2d. from Esther wife of Francis Dent, 4d. from Eleanor Robinson spinster, 2d. from Joseph Todd, 1s. 6d. from Agnes Bousfield widow, 1s. 6d. and 2 shear days at harvest from William Garnet, 1s. 6d. from Anthony Prickett, free rent of 4d. from Joseph Todd; and all other fines, heriots, boons and duties in respect of said tenements all held of manors of Nether Levens and Brigsteer, excluding customary rent of 2s. for Hinning Close then in possession of Elizabeth Walker;
- Desire of (2) to purchase his holding into freehold.
Premises: cottage orchard and garden of yearly rent 1s. 2d. and all other duties and dues appertaining.
Consideration: £7 3s.
Witnesses: Robert Harrison and Thomas Fenton.
Release, (lease missing) 21 November 1752. 1752.
1. John Gibson of Kendal, chapman.
2. William Gurnal esq. mayor of Kendal, John Dodgson and William Sympson esqs. two elder Aldermen of borough, Thomas Symonds vicar of Kendal, Gilbert Crackenthorpe, master of Free Grammar School, Kendal.
Premises: [as in conveyance 1 January 1717/18], of lands of Earl and Countess of Suffolk and Berkshire; to the use of the Charity Boys in Charity School of Kendal.
Consideration: annuity of 40s. during joint lives of (1) and wife Agnes and survivor of them, secured to be paid by (2) by bond in £100.
Witnesses: Thomas Mackereth, William Birkhead

Deed of charity for the relief of several poor people of Kendal, concerning the former property of William Janson of Kendal, yeoman.  WD AG/Box 59/7  1733

Janson's Charity.
Release, 31 March 1733. 1733.
1. Henry Cort of Lancaster [Lancashire] gent., John Strickland of Strickland Ketel gent., Robert Symson of Chester, [Cheshire] gent.
2. John Archer, Richard Lowry, John Hadwen, William Herbert, Robert Nicholson, Henry Fletcher and James Shaw.
Recitals:- appointment of trustees, 22 September 1711, wherein William Wilson mayor of Kendal, Robert Kilner, Lancelot Forth, Joseph Symson, William Cock, William Fletcher, Richard Archer, Giles Redman, Thomas Hudson, James Garnett, George Wilson and Edward Holme, surviving feoffees of premises, vested said premises in Richard Lowry, Henry Cort, Joseph Dawson, Thomas Bowes, Robert Wilson, John Hadwen, Thomas Holme, John Archer, Gabriel Shaw, James Rigg, Robert Nicholson, Thomas Rowlandson, James Haygarth, Thomas Lickbarrow, Lawrence Croft, Christopher Barrow, John Strickland, Henry Fletcher, William Stewardson, William Hudson, William Herbert, Thomas Scarisbrick, Robert Symson, Leonard Birkett, Hugh Entwisle, William Banks, James Shaw;
- Deaths of 17 of said feoffees and survival of (1) and (2);
- Feoffment, 20 April 1615 by William Janson of Kendal yeoman of Thomas Wilson and 26 other inhabitants of Kendal, and of chief magistrate and churchwardens of Kendal, in 2 closes of land with appurts. in Kendal, part of Barn Lawnd, extending from Lord's Close on west to Anthony Beck's Close on east, containing 9½ acres 8 perches, also eight messuages and burgages or seignories thereof of yearly rents 13s. 4d., 8s., 9s., 8s., 8s., 7s., 1s. 10d., 1s. 10d., all on trust to apply rents to maintain 6 poor men of Kendal over age 50 "of honest and good behaviour", they to receive 20s. yearly each, 3s. 4d. to go to church stock, 3s. 4d. to Chamber of borough, 10s. to collector of rents, residue to provide cloth, wool and linen for skirts and coats for other poor people of town; premises to be reconveyed to additional feoffees when number is reduced;
- (1) as some of surviving trustees, now live too far away to help in necessary reconveyance to new trustees.
Premises: all (1)'s right in premises.
Witnesses: Richard Routlidge, John Powers, Brian Mackreth, Thomas Kenady [not signed or sealed by Robert Symson].

[no title]  WD AG/Box 59/8  1783

Deed re premises in township of Old Hutton, Kendal (including map).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 59/9  1802-1827

Deeds relating to premises in Pyehow and elsewhere in Great Langdale (9), 1802-10, in Hawkshead, co. Lancaster (1), 1810, and in Grasmere (4) 1817-27.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 59/10  c. 1864-1909

Miscellaneous bundle including:
- Notice of sale of woods at Harry Place, Great Langdale, 1864;
- Copy of notice of alteration of footpaths in Old Hutton, 1870;
- Thomas Jackson's estate: schedule of admission relating to Mrs Schollick's customary hold premises in Langdale and Grasmere, 1879;
- Letter, notes of expenses, receipts etc re Thomas Grice, 1883;
- Collections of papers concerning premises in the Manor of Langdale, 1883 and 1896;
- Document relating to will of Mr Richard Woof, formerly of Firbank, 1909.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 60

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal on 30 April 1953.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/1  1597-1687

Deeds re premises at Aysgarth, co. York, including exemplification of fine [?1625].

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/2  1671-1786

Miscellaneous bundle, including:
- Settlement of dispute between Sir George Middleton of Leighton Hall, co. Lancaster, and tenants, 1671;
- Deeds (3) re premises in Stainton, Heversham including will of Edward Herd of Stainton, yeoman, 1742, and deed of feoffment of Kitchen Close, Stainton, 1762;
- Will of Thomas Metcalfe, parish of St Botulph-without-Aldgate, co. Middlesex, mariner, 1755;
- Deeds re premises in Levens, Heversham (1), 1778 and Upper Lorton, co. Cumberland (1), 1786;
- Richard Harrison and Agnes his wife v. Stephen Field Ponsonby and others, 1783.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/3  1716-1838

Deeds of Ewebank estate, Old Hutton, Kendal and other related papers, including several re case at court of King's Bench, Anthony Nelson, yeoman v. Henry Rauthmell, gent, 1816-17.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/4  1718-1781

Deeds and other papers concerning premises in Drury Lane, Water Street and Key Street, [Liverpool], including:
- Plan of houses and land on south side of Water Street belonging to Richard Gildart, Thomas Ball and James Kelsall, surveyed October 1747 by John Eyes;
- Marriage articles of Thomas Ball of Liverpool, merchant, and Ann Taylor of Liverpool, spinster, 1718;
- Copy of letter to Mr Rauthmell, 1757, and other notes re Thomas Ball's estate;
- Marriage agreement between Mr Robert Haworth, Clitheroe, co. Lancaster, apothecary, and Miss Katherine Hayhurst of Clitheroe, 1767.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/5  1737

Mr Robinson's recovery of land in Nether Staveley, Kendal.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/6  1765-1779

Deeds (2) re premises in Abbey Gate or Abbey Street, Carlisle, co. Cumberland.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/7  1771-1787

Bills of exchange, property of Mr John Atkinson, 1771-72; trade accounts of Farrer, Hargreaves and co. re Sugar House; accounts of Mr Henry Rauthmell with Farrar, Hargreaves and co. 1783-87.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/8  1778-1864

Deeds (10) and other papers re premises in Farleton in parish of Beetham, including:
- Marriage settlement between Mr Thomas Cartmel of Farleton, gentleman and Miss Nancy Preston, 1797;
- Documents re will of Thomas Bindloss of Liverpool, yeoman, 1833;
- Note of meeting of Landowners of the Township of Farleton, to discuss problem of 'stone and lime being conveyed from the Cragg out of township without any money or compensation being paid ....' to said landowners (Mr William Cartmel, Chairman) 1849.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/9  1795-1897

Deeds re premises in Sawrey, Claife, Hawkshead, co. Lancaster, 1795-97; contract of redemption of Land Tax, with map of Bishop Woods in Claife, 1897.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 60/10  1882

Abstract of title of Henry Atkinson Rauthmell to properties in Old Hutton, Kendal.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 61

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal, in November 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/1  1754-1817

Bundle of miscellaneous documents, including:
- Deed re premises at Hullsmoor, Shap, 1754;
- Mortgage of Estate at Beathwaite Green, Heversham, 1790;
- Assignment in trust for creditors: (1) John Graves (2) John Simpson and Thomas Braithwaite, 1817.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/2  1773-1779

Accounts, memoranda and inventory of estate of William Birkbeck, deceased.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/3  1773-1780

Account of John Clayton.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/4  1807-1834

Receipt, of John Gough, 1801, and letters (mainly addressed to William Birkbeck), one writer in 1807, one in 1810, nine in 1834, relating to trust of Nathan Gough, deceased.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/5  1833-1834

William Birkbeck's papers concerning Leeds - Liverpool Canal including letters, accounts, rates of tonnage and notes on meetings of Company of Proprietors of Lancaster Canal Navigation.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/6  1840-1842

Maps - 6" O.S., surveyed 1840-42:
- Sheets 5 and 6, co. Cork, with attention drawn to Knockawillin;
- Sheet 38, co. Limerick, with attention drawn to Battyclogh Lower;
- Sheet 39, co. Kerry, with attention drawn to Scart.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/7  1845

Letter book of Robert Greenham esq. from 13 September, to 16 December.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/8  1845-1854

Contract books re Railway Shares:
- 28 August to 20 October 1845;
- 28 August 1845 to 3 March 1847;
- 30 December 1851 to 27 July 1854.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/9  1878-1892

Miscellaneous bundle, including:
- Valuation of Lund Hall Estate, Ulverston, 1878;
- Valuation of Wind Hill Estate, Aldingham, 1887;
- Rent accounts of William Wakefield, 1887;
- Letters and map re Burneside exchange, 1890;
- Letter concerning Howard Park [?1891];
- Schedule of deeds and documents handed to Messrs Wakefield, Crewdson and Coy (2 copies), 1892;
- Statutory declaration of Mr Edward Lloyd of The Rectory, Berriew, co. Montgomery re the Brithdir Mortgage (including map), 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/10  1878-1892

Related information: See also WD AG/Box 62

Bundle of papers of William Wakefield, including:
- Details of Westmorland rates, 1878;
- The Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879, (Knight and Co., London);
- Papers re Castle Street cemetery, Kendal, 1888;
- Papers concerning Kentmere Licensing Appeal, 1888-91;
- Details of prisoners committed to H M Prison, Kendal, 1889;
- Notice of intention of Nathan Dixon of Duke of Cumberland Inn, Kendal, to appeal against a conviction of unlawful drunkeness, 1890;
- Papers concerning Table of Fees of Clerk of Peace, 1891;
- Report to Secretary of State by Council of Judges, 1892 (Eyre and Spottiswood, HMSO, London).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/11  1890-1893

Papers re Quarter Sessions:
- Notes on proceedings at Kendal, Epiphany 1890 to Easter 1892; calendar of Prisoners for Michaelmas 1891; list of Westmorland Members of County Council, 1892;
- Notes on proceedings of Quarter Sessions at Kendal, Midsummer 1892 to Epiphany 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 61/12  1892

- Report on properties of Captain Nash re loan of £8,500;
- Rental of estate of Major Edward Nash, half year ending June 1892, including premises at Knockawillin, Ballincloughy etc.;
- Rental of the estate of Lieut. Colonel Nash, half year ending December 1892;
- Rental of "the estate on which £8.500 loan is required"; denominations: Knockaloughea, Knocknavilian, Lower Ballyclough, Droumavally, Scart or Gragonorig.

Box of papers of William Birkbeck of Settle, co. York, banker, and William Wakefield of Kendal  WD AG/Box 62  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal, November 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/1  1757-1782

Bundle of papers re court actions concerning grain mills:
- Farrand v Roberts (2) 1757;
- Benjamin Farrand v Messrs William and John Birkbeck of Settle '... in order to compel them to grind all the Meal, Flour and Malt which they use, at his Mills, called Settle Mills'; letters, bills of costs etc 1776-82.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/2  1771-1774

Canal papers:
- Notice 'Lancaster Canal: It being proposed that a Navigable Cut or Canal be carried from the Canal now making from Leeds to Liverpool, over the River Ribble Northwards' 1771;
- Notes and letters (c.45) to and from William Birkbeck concerning the potential utility of a projected branch of the Leeds - Liverpool Canal to Settle, 1773-74.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/3  1783-1798

Bundle of papers re George Atkinson of Settle:
- Account book for Atkinson's trust (in the back is 'A schedule of sundry notes in the possession of the late Geo. Atkinson of Settle at his death ...') 1783-98;
- Notes on 'GA's will';
- Proposals for letting of Asquith estate in Giggleswick, 1783;
- Notes of costs and various receipts for money from the trustees and executors of the will of George Atkinson (one of the executors being William Birkbeck) 1783-90;
- Proposals for selling by auction the property of George Robinson, 1784;
- List of people to be invited to the funeral of William Atkinson, 1786.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/4  1799-1835

William Birkbeck's papers relating to the Gough family including:
- Copy of the Last Will and Testament of Nathan Gough, Kendal, gentleman, formerly shearman, dyer and linsey maker, 1799;
- Receipts (3) re estate of the late Nathan Gough, 1801, 03, 04;
- Letters from Isaac Rigge, 1816 and 1821;
- Letters (c.10) from William Birkbeck's Son, Henry Watkins, Humphreys, and Hampson, 1834-35;
- Bill of costs: William Birkbeck, Nathan Gough's executor, to Denison, Humphreys and Cunliffe, 1835;
- Release: The assignees of Nathan Gough and co. to William Birkbeck, 1835.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/5  1802-1835

Miscellaneous bundle of William Birkbeck's correspondence including:
- Letter to his cousin John Wakefield, 1802;
- Notice re Birkbeck v Hett [c.1810];
- Letters (3) from his brother Isaac Rigge, 1810 and 1814;
- Letter from his sister Elizabeth Rimington re settling of debt, 1817;
- Letter from H Brougham, York, requesting inquiries to be made as to 'what kind of small estate I could get for 5 or 6,000';
- Letter from his brother Benjamin Horner, 1832;
- Minute of the country sub-committee for Ackworth School, 1832;
- Draft of case in the King's Bench, Sandford Tatham v. George Wright, 1834;
- Letter from M Birkbeck on the eve of the marriage of her daughter Sarah, 1834;
- Letter from Mr Rowlands asking Birkbeck for a loan of £50 for a third party, 1834;
- Letter from John Paton re Mr Leach, 1834;
- Letter from his brother, 1835.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/6  1807-1809

Letters from William Thompson (3) 1807-08, and receipts and correspondence between William Birkbeck and William Hargreaves, 1808-09, concerning the legacy of Robert Hargreaves, deceased.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/7  1808-1809

Letters (18) of William Birkbeck re financial matters, many concerning an estate at Stillingfleet. The majority (11) are from, or copies of letters to, his brother Benjamin Horner; others are from Thorpe and Gray, York; John Mason; Joseph Smith etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/8  1818-1823

Correspondence and bills concerning a mill in Darlington under the partnership of Charles Parker of Yealand near Lancaster, William Janson of Darlington, and James Toulmin. The correspondence also concerns William Taylor, John Taylor Wilson, Ann Wilson of Yealand, and Charles Parker's cousins William Birkbeck of Settle and Edward Pease of Darlington.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/9  1831-1834

Papers concerning the family of John Wise, deceased, and his widow Charlotte Wise: Bank Stock and £3 per cent. annuities receipts for 1831, bills of costs, letters (c.15) from Peter-Shippen, William Glasgow, and others, to William Birkbeck.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/10  1833-1836

William Birkbeck's papers concerning the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, including:-
- Letters from Robert Nicholson (7) re canal debts from 1822; particulars of tonnage received on the Leigh Line in 1822; Birkbeck's meeting with the managers of the Duke of Bridgewater's canal; report of a petition having been presented to the House of Commons in favour of a railway from Whitfield to Wigan (which 'turns out to be a mistake on the part of some newspaper editors') etc. 1833:
- Letter from John Hall, Park House, re price of Taylor's Croft Field, the property of Mr Ridehalgh of Manchester, 1833;
- Copy of letter to Frederick Page, 1833;
- Letters from J Southern, P Townley, James Eaton, 1833;
- Letter from J Fletcher re Mr William Fielden's desire to plant slopes in the Moulden Water Valley, 1833;
- Account of the Incomes and Outgoings of the Leeds and Liverpool Canaland Douglas Navigation, 1833;
- Notice of the next meeting of the committee of the Company of Proprietors of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, 1833;
- Letters (2) from William Feilden, 1835;
- Resolution of opposition to 'any line of Railway between the River Calder and Leeds, except that of the North Midland' 1835;
- Letter from James Meadow (2 copies) enclosing copy of Resolution passed at the Ashton Canal Committee meeting, 1836;
- Letter re the posting of a parcel of 'plans, sections and books of reference of the proposed extension of the Bolton and Leigh Railway' 1836;
- Letter noting details of the Manchester and Leeds Railway, 1836;
- Letter on behalf of the committee of the Calder and Hebble Navigation noting their intention to oppose the Leeds and Manchester and the Leeds and Huddersfield Railway Bills, 1836;
- Note on the opposition of the Rochdale Canal Company to the Manchester and Leeds Railway, 1836.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/11  1836-1863

Papers relating to the estate of William Birkbeck, (d. 1838), and to his son Thomas Birkbeck, including:-
- Miscellaneous letters to and copies of letters from Thomas Birkbeck, bills of costs re his late fathers' estate, etc. 1836-57;
- 'Papers relating to Legacy Duty and Return of duties overpaid' 1839;
- Thomas Birkbeck to Anthony stackhouse esq: agreement for letting property at the south end of Settle, 1839;
- Correspondence between John Garnett, William Garnett, William Thompson and Thomas Birkbeck concerning financial affairs in connection with the death of William Birkbeck, 1840;
- Bill of costs: executors of William Birkbeck to William Robinson, 1840;
- Extract, giving details of poor relief, from the Quarterly Abstract ending midsummer 1840 for the Settle Union in the West Riding of the County of York;
- Giggleswick School: 'Order of Reference... To Extend Scheme of Charity' 1844;
- Certificates of shares in the Lancaster and Liverpool Canal, 1846;
- Receipt for deeds from the executors of Mr Thomas Birkbeck, deceased, 1863.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/12  1845-1857

Bank books:
- Messrs Greenham and Carr, Craven Bank, Settle: 1845-50, 1851-53, 1852-53;
- Messrs Greenham and Carr, Bank of England, Liverpool Branch, 1850-54;
- Mr Robert Greenham, Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, 1845-47 and 1853;
- Alcocks, Birkbeck and Co., Craven Bank, Settle, 1849-52 ('Israel Improvements Account') 1854-56, 1857;
- Executor of the late William Birkbeck, Craven Bank, Settle, 1855-56.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/13  1864-1878

Papers concerning the Kent, Bela, Winster, Leven and Duddon Fishery District:
- Kent Angling Association accounts, 1864;
- Reports of the Conservators of the Fishery District (3) 1867-68, 1869, 1870;
- Byelaws of the Fishery District, 1874 and 1879;
- Notice of meeting of the Fishery District Board, and note of proposal to amend the bye-laws, 1878;
- Freshwater Fisheries Act; report of committee, 1879;
- Letters from Mr S H Jackson, solicitor, about fishing license, 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/14  1870

Papers re estate of William Birkbeck, deceased:
- Receipts;
- The children of the late Mrs Sarah Stansfield to William Wakefield: release in respect of one third share of the trust estate of the late William Birkbeck;
- Sale of Israel Estate: bill of costs (to C H Charlesworth).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/15  1874-1893

Related information: See also WD AG/Box 60

Correspondence (including copies of his replies) of William Wakefield about water supplies etc., including letters to and from:
- The Borough Council of Kendal re a footpath in Kendal known as Docwray Walk, which is in need of repair - 1874;
- S H Lewin, Westminster, Parliamentary Agent, re Manchester Corporation Bill (including a 'Clause for the protection of Birklands Estate, Kendal'), 1878-79;
- Darbishire, Tatham and Worthington, solicitors, Manchester, re rent owed for property in Stricklandgate, Kendal, 1889;
- The Permanent Way Department, Northern Division, London and North Western Railway, Lancaster, re interference by Manchester Corporation Works in Wakefield's water supply, 1891;
- The Waterworks Office, Town Hall, Manchester; Manchester Corporation Works, Contractors Office, Kendal; the Town Clerks Office, Manchester; and Milne, Moser and sons, solicitors, Kendal, re the Thirlmere Aqueduct, 1891-92;
C C Smith, Dalton in furness District Local Board Surveyors' Office re Marsh Grange Farm water supply, 1892-93.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/16  1875-1893

Papers re Ashlack Hall Estate, Kirkby Ireleth, including:-
- Report and valuation of the estate, 1875;
- Letters (c.36) from William Irving to William Wakefield, and copies of some of his replies, re rent of a farm at Ashlack, 1887-93;
- Letters (c.16) from various people to William Wakefield, and copies of some of his replies, re cattlegates on Soutergate Marsh, 1888-90.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/17  1880-1892

Miscellaneous bundle including:
- Maps (2) of Orari Estate, 1880;
- Copy of letter from Thames Police Court concerning a point of practise on the hearing of a bastardy summons, 1888;
- H M Prison, Kendal: 'Return of prisoners in custody on Saturday, 26th April, 1890';
- Notice to William Wakefield re bankruptcy of Alexander Ross, 1892;
- 'To H E M, James, Esq., C S, Commissioner in Sind', from the 'Native Traders of Karachi' re problems concerning their occupation, 1892;
- Leaflets concerning 'The Silver Crisis: India's Financial and Commercial sufferings', 1892;
- Illustrated catalogue of 'The World-Renowned Carpathian Silver', manufactured by F Parkinson and Co., London, 1892;
- Notice of a 'Proposed Business Girls' Club', 1892;
- County Court Rules, Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/18  1885

Letter from Supt. James Shields, Police Office, Kendal to William Wakefield re 'convictions', 1885; lists (c.1885) of previous convictions in the County and Borough Courts against:
- Thompson Webster, blacksmith, Kendal;
- Robert Simpson, labourer, Kendal;
- Matthew Hillbeck, labourer, Kendal;
- William Bell, labourer, Kendal;
- John Alderson, labourer, Kendal;
- James Brooks, labourer, Kendal;
- John Tallant, labourer, Kendal;
- Richard Alderson, labourer, Kendal;
- Thomas Hillbeck, labourer, Kendal;
- William Collinson, labourer, Kendal;
- James Fisher, labourer, Kendal;
- Thomas Abba, bobbin turner, Staveley;
- James Dickenson, woodcutter, Ings, Staveley.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/19  1885-1886

William Wakefield's gas bills and water rates.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/20  1887-1893

Miscellaneous letters to William Wakefield (approx. 200)
Concerning the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, councillors' meetings, various committee meetings, deliveries of goods, costs, insurance, collection of rent, repairs, mortgages, loans, court cases, etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/21  1888-1891

Bundle of letters - 7 from William Cleasby of Penrith, 23 from Thomas Cleasby of Grange Hall, Asby - to William Wakefield, and copies of his replies, re letting and repairs of premises including Grange Hall and Muddy Gill.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/22  1888-1893

William Wakefield's Dividends:
- London and North Western Railway;
- Gas Board (Ulverston);
- Crystal Palace Co.;
- Kendal Union Gas and Water Co.;
- Great Northern Railway Co.;
- Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co.;
- East Lincolnshire Railway Co.;
- London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Co.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/23  1889-1890

Letters from W B Turner of Ponsonby Hall, Carnforth to William Wakefield, and copies of some of Wakefield's replies, re the Langthwaite Estate.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 62/24  1891-1892

Letters (16), including 14 from Salmon, Daniell and Major, solicitors, Ulverston, to William Wakefield, re Shropshire Security (Upper Brithdir Farm).

Box of accounts etc. relating to William Birkbeck, Settle, co. York  WD AG/Box 63  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal November 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 63/1  1815-1819

Re Janson's flax mill, Darlington, co. Durham:
- Mr William Janson, junior, of Darlington, manufacturer, to Edward Parker of Haughton-le-Skerne, co. Durham, manufacturer, James Toulman of the same place, manufacturer, James Crosby of Darlington, manufacturer, and Thomas Burton of Darlington, manufacturer: conveyance in fee of two undivided third parts of premises in Darlington (with plan of premises), 1815;
- Accounts of flax mill at Darlington, sent to Charles Parker, Yealand, near Burton in Kendal, co. Lancaster, 1818-19;
- Inventories of the estate and effects of Janson, Parker and Co. of Darlington, May 1818, May 1819, and October 1819.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 63/2  1838-1856

Account book of the trust of the late William Birkbeck.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 63/3  1845-1846

Cash book.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 63/4  1847-1854

Transfer stock book.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 64

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal in November 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/1  1591-1873

Deeds (c.36) re premises in Loughrigg, Langdale and Grasmere; bonds (5) 1632-1776; will of Edward Benson of High Close, Loughrigg, 14 February 1699, and other papers relating to people of the same area, the majority concerning the Benson family.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/2  1592-1863

Miscellaneous bundle including:
- Inquiry into the boundaries of the townships of Brathay, Hill, Waterhead, Coniston, Hawkshead, Grizedale, Claife and Satterthwaite, 1592;
- Deeds (2) re premises in Hawkshead and Dalton, 1716 and [1718];
- Deed re premises at Middlefairbank, Nether Staveley, 1735;
- Measurement of land at Ambleside, the property of Robert Partridge of Gale Cottage;
- Certificate of burial of Richard Simpson of Kendal, 1832;
- Duplicate deed of covenant, George Partridge of Ambleside to Emily Anne Napier of Ambleside, 1863.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/3  1604-1684

Bundle of deeds (7) re Roskell of Greene in Cartmel.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/4  1607-1772

Papers re Furness area:
- Bonds:
- 1. John Taylor of Furness, co. Lancaster, husbandman and 2. Robert Taylor of the same place, husbandman, 1607;
- 1. Robert Atkinson of Stottpark, Furness and 2. Lawrence Harrison of Cartmel, 1669;
- Deeds (c.13) re premises in Stottpark and elsewhere Furness, co. Lancaster, 1616-1766;
- Schedule of goods given by the will of Myles Harrison to Agnes his wife and Isabel his daughter, 1640;
- Court case involving the family of Laurence Harrison, deceased, late of Stottpark, versus the family of William Dickinson, 1770;
- Details of Stottpark estate, 1772.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/5  1680-1819

Papers re Cartmel area:
- Deeds re premises in Barbergreen, Cartlane, Allithwaite, Ayside, and Kirkby, Cartmel, co. Lancaster, 1680-1773;
- Will of Thomas Newby of Barbergreen, 11 April 1722;
- Bond of indemnity: Mr Miles Borwick of Headhouse, Cartmel yeoman, to Mr William Newby of Cartmel, mercer and woollendraper, 1790;
- 'A Bill for Improving, Dividing and Enclosing the Commons, Waste Grounds and Mosses in the Parish of Cartmel', 1796;
- Will of Margaret Bigland of Cartlane, 8 November 1813;
- Receipts for legacy of Mary Harrison, late of Cartlane, Cartmel. 1817 and 1819.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/6  1769-1800

5 Items

Deeds re premises in Kendal:
- Mortgage of barn 'on the far Crossbank, Kendal': George Craven to Thomas Elleray 1769;
- Lease of Wilkinson fields: Thomas Elleray to George Craven, 1777;
- Mortgage of the George Inn, market place, Kendal: George Craven to Edward Shippard, 1780;
- Conveyance of George Inn: George Craven to Jane Robinson of Kendal, widow, 1800;
- Assignment of mortgage + deed of trust re George Inn: Jane Robinson, widow, to Richard Simpson, 1800.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/7  1858-1876

Papers re Mounsey family of Burblethwaite, Cartmel, co. Lancaster, including:
- Letters to Mr George Mounsey, from J and I Thompson re Mounsey's father-in-law's affairs, 1844;
- Letter to John Mounsey re deeds 'relating to prospects at Harrington Harbour [Workington, Co. Cumberland] 1861;
- Mortgage of a share in premises at Harrington Harbour: John Mounsey to Roger Moser and others, 1864;
- Letters (4) to Messrs Moser, son and Arnold re Harrington Harbour property, 1865;
- Schedule of deeds relating to property at Harrington Harbour, sent to Mr J H Taylor, Solicitor, Windermere, 1865.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 64/8  1858-1876

Copy of plan 'referred to in the will of John Fisher, late of Mount Pleasant, Kendal, gentleman, deceased', 1858; probates of wills:
- John Barratt of Coniston, co. Lancaster, gentleman, died 14 April 1866: will dated 9 February 1866, proved 6 July 1866;
- James Barratt of Holywath, Coniston, gentleman: will dated 21 July 1866, proved 27 November 1866 (with codicils, 19 February 1867 and 20 July 1867);
- John Barratt of Holywath, Coniston, gentleman, died 11 October 1866: will dated 4 October 1866, proved 2 April 1867;
- Jane Thompson of Newton in Cartmel, co. Lancaster, widow: will dated 14 July 1868, proved 6 May 1871;
- Joseph Barratt of Holywath, Coniston esq: will dated 2 August 1869, proved 9 November 1869;
- Oswald Allen of Kirkby Lonsdale, esq.: will dated 2nd December 1876, proved 31 October 1878.

Miscellaneous box  WD AG/Box 65  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal November 1961.

Original bundles marked with an asterisk.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/1  1806-1882

*Bundle labelled 'Mr Nathan Martindale':
- Burgage conveyance of two dwelling houses on Far Cross Bank, Kendal: Thomas Hetherington to John Clement 1806;
- Burgage conveyance of premises on the Far Cross Bank: John Braithwaite, James Hoggarth Long and John Williamson to Mr Thomas Farrer, 1829;
- Abstract of the title of Mrs Mary Graham as mortgagee with a power of sale to premises in Captain French Lane and on Far Cross Bank, Kendal, 1848;
- Conveyance of premises in Captain French Lane and on Far Cross Bank: Mrs Mary Graham (mortgagee of Mr Thomas Farrer) to Messrs. Nathan Martindale and William Farrer, 1848;
- Guardian Fire and Life Insurance Policy for premises on Far Cross Bank, Kendal, 1882.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/2  1820

Probate of will of Andrew O'Ryan of Bansha Castle, co. Tipperary, dated 5 April 1820 and proved 7 July 1836.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/3  1837-1869

*Bundle of deeds re premises at Storth:
- Release of premises at Storth: Thomas Garnett to the Reverend James Barns, 1837;
- Lease for a year: Thomas Garnett to the Reverend James Barns, 1837;
- Will of Thomas Barns, 12 November 1838;
- Conveyance of premises in Storth: Mrs Maria Barns to Mr Thomas Harrison, 1840;
- 'Office copy' of will of Mr Thomas Harrison of Lancaster, 3 December 1862, proved 21 February 1863;
- Conveyance of premises in Storth: Mr Amos Greenwood and wife to George Edward Wilson, 1869.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/4  1843

Marriage settlement: Mr Thomas Hudson of Liverpool, merchant and Miss Elizabeth Robinson of Liverpool.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/5  1846-Circa 1890

*Bundle of papers re the Kay family:
- Marriage settlement: Mr Samuel Kay junior of Manchester and Miss Mary Susannah Bindloss of Hipping Hall, co. Lancaster, 1846;
- Appointment of Mr Robert Henry Kay as a trustee of this settlement in the place of Mr Sidney Potter, 1868; appointment of Mr Henry Joseph Kay as a trustee of this settlement in the place of Mr John Swainson, 1868;
- Notes on 'Midland Railway: Mr Kay's Trust' [c.1882];
- Mersey Docks and Harbour Board transfer certificate (blank) [c.1890].

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/6  1853-1896

Copy of will (non-official) of George Gibson of the Height, Cartmel, co. Lancaster, esquire, 1 July 1853; disentailing assurance of property at Cartmel, co. Lancaster, passing under the will of George Gibson esquire, 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/7  1865-1908

Miscellaneous bundle of conveyances, agreements, conditions for letting etc:
- Lease of Ashstead Farm, Whinfell, to Christopher Wharton, 1865;
- Lease of premises at Sandscale, Dalton in Furness, co. Lancaster: Miles Woodburne and others to the Sandscale Mining Company Limited, 1883;
- 'Agreement as to buildings on the road to Mr Atkinson's house' in Castle Street, Kendal (with plan): Mr Joseph Atkinson and Mr George Mogerley, 1893;
- Agreement as to erection of boundary wall: Mr John Alexander and Mr Leonard Winder, both of Kendal;
- Agreement for sale and purchase of hotels and other premises at Ambleside, and Fareham and Gosport, co. Hants (2 copies): Mrs Agnes Taylor and Thomas Taylor esquire, 1896; deed of gift of £2,500: Mrs Agnes Taylor to Thomas Taylor esquire, 1896;
- Duplicate conveyance of land at Calgarth, Windermere: Major C G Watson to A H E Wood esquire, 1905;
- Agreement for sale and purchase of land for road improvement near Sawrey, co. Lancaster: Mr John Howson of Cracalt House, Natland, Kendal, to the Rural District Council of Ulverston, 1905;
- Counterpart agreement for tenancy of Calgarth Park, Windermere: Major Watson to George Coxe esquire, 1907;
- Agreement for surrender of tenancy of Calgarth Park, Windermere: George Coxe and Major Watson, 1907;
- Conditions for letting Ashstead Farm, Whinfell: G B Beck esquire to Mrs C Wharton, 1907;
- Agreement as to easements at 'Woodlands', Sandside: Miss R Arnold and E D McNaughton esquire, 1908.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/8  1868

Conveyance of Kent Lane House and other premises in Kendal: Mr Joseph Wilson and another to Lord Kenlis and others.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/9  1869-1904

*Bundle of papers re the Braithwaite family:
- Marriage settlement: Mr James Braithwaite of Old Hutton, farmer, and Miss Frances Jane Simpson of Hutton, 1869;
- Appointment of R H Greenwood as trustee of Mrs F J Braithwaite's marriage settlement, 1898;
- Release: Miss B M Braithwaite and others to Messrs. Arnold and Greenwood, 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/10  1877-1915

Marriage settlements:
- William Clark of Halhead Hall near Kendal, farmer, and Ann Willan of Kendal, 1877; appointment of new trustee, 1890;
- Edward Dixon Bonney of Bowness, plumber, and Sarah Mary Roden of Windermere, 1878; deed exercising power of appointment in settlement, 1913;
Appointment of new trustee, 1914; deed revoking
Appointment under marriage settlement and making a fresh appointment, 1915.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/11  1881-1930

Bundle of miscellaneous articles of partnership, dissolutions of partnerships, business agreements etc:
- Agreement as to payment of Mr Whitwell's capital' (re the business of Whitwell and Co.), 1881;
- Agreement for sale of business: James Little of Kendal, leatherdresser (the vendor), and William Little, Gilbert Little and John James Little, all of Kendal, leather dressers (the purchasers), 1900; deed of partnership: William Little, Gilbert Little and John James Little, 1900 (with copy of The London Gazette, June 1907);
- Agreement for the services of Mr James Hine as snuff maker: Messrs. Gawith, Hoggarth and Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, Kendal, and Mr James Hine, 1900;
- Deed of gift re cooper's business: Joseph Hodgson of Kendal to his son Robert Hodgson, 1900;
- Deed of apprenticeship: 1. Mr John Armstrong of Sandside and 2. Thomas Wilson and William Wilson of Milnthorpe, builders, carrying on business at Heversham and Milnthorpe, 1903;
- Agreement for dissolution of partnership: Samuel Hargreaves of Kendal, ironmonger and Mary Hargreaves of Kendal, widow, 1904;
- Agreement for dissolution of partnership: William Henry Hill of Kendal, tailor, and Christopher Henderson of Kendal, tailor, 1906 (with copy of The London Gazette, March 1906);
- Assignment of business and goodwill of The Westmorland Woollen Company, Kendal: Messrs. Whitwell, Hargreaves and Co. Ltd. to Edward B Hargreaves esquire, 1906;
- Assignment of goodwill etc. of the business of Whitwell, Hargreaves and Co. Ltd., woolbrokers, Kendal: Ernest Crewdson esquire to John Edward Hargreaves esquire, 1906;
- Assignment of goodwill of the business of hairdresser and tobacconist at 15, Kirkland, Kendal: Mr Robert Goodwin to Mr John T Sill, 1906;
- Agreement: Daniel Quiggin of Kendal, sugar boiler, to hire Ernest Quiggin of Douglas, Isle of Man and instruct him in the business of a sugar boiler, 1908;
- Agreement restraining trade of areated water manufacturer within a radius of 50 miles of Kendal: 1. Messrs. William Alexander and John Alexander, both of Kendal, brewers, of the firm of Jonas Alexander and Sons, and 2. Gordon Eustace Lankester of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, gentleman, 1908;
- Agreement: Richard Hargraves Greenwood and Harry Bordley Greenwood, Kendal, solicitors, and George Harold Conway, to be engaged as Clerk to the aforesaid solicitors, 1912;
- Articles of partnership of Messrs. Atkinson and Griffin: Mr Robert Welsh Griffin, Kendal, gunsmith, sports outfitter and dealer in motors, and Arthur Lonsdale Bryham of Kendal, 1912;
- Agreement: R H Greenwood and H B Greenwood, Kendal, Solicitors, and Walton Swidenbank, to be engaged as clerk to the aforesaid Solicitors, 1916;
- Articles of partnership: 1. William Atkinson of Under Helm, Stainton, farmer, and 2. James Atkinson and Fred Atkinson, both of Under Helm, farmers, 1916;
- Agreement as to management of business of coal merchant formerly carried on by Robert Balfour of Barrow in Furness: Colonel George Boyd Balfour and others to Henry King esquire 1917;
- Assignment of shares in Quiggins limited: Mr Daniel Quiggin of Kendal, sugar boiler to Mr Daniel Quiggin junior, 1921;
- Assignment of shares in Quiggins limited: Mr Daniel Quiggin to Mr Philip Ernest Quiggin, 1921;
- Agreement as to dissolution of partnership (re 'a Game Farm at Gill Bank'): John Murray and Cyril E M Hodding, 1923;
- Bill of sale: Mr John Dugdale to Messrs. Quiggins limited, sugar boilers, Kendal, 1925;
- Deed of partnership: Harold Pennington of Kendal, sheet metal worker, and William Whittle of Kendal, sheet metal worker, 1930.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/12  1885-1910

Miscellaneous bundle including:
- Copy of will of Robert Saul of Arnside, yeoman, 29 July 1885;
- Agreement as to repayment of loan of £25: Mr John Edgar and wife to Mrs R Ramsbotham, 1909;
- Notice to John Edward Waller Watson of Warton near Carnforth co. Lancaster, wool dealer, and Joseph Daffady of Milnthorpe, boot and shoe dealer, trustees of the will of Robert Saul, deceased, re Mrs Ruth Ramsbotham of Lyndhurst, Bromborough, co. Chester, 1909;
- Agreement to repay the sum of £3. 5. O: Mrs A Edgar to Mrs R Ramsbotham, 1910.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/13  1885-1915

*Miscellaneous bundle:
- Settlement of a sum of £200: Mr James Parker, senior, of Skelsmergh, retired farmer, and Mr James Parker, junior, of Kendal, blacksmith, 1885;
- Deed of separation: Thomas Rigg of Kendal, photographer, and Margaret Ann Rigg his wife, 1898;
- Insurance policies: Misses Sarah and Catherine Carter, both of Brampton House, Havelock Road, Bellevue, Shrewsbury: Alliance Assurance Company fire policy, 1894; Government Aircraft Insurance, 1911 and 1916;
- Assignment for the benefit of Creditors: Mr G H Attock of Old Forge Saw Mills, Cunsey, near Windermere, timber merchant, and Mr H B Dawes of Windermere, auctioneer, 1903;
- Settlement of two policies of insurance: R W Leeming of Kendal, doctor of medicine, to the trustees of Mrs F Leeming, 1910;
- 'Agreement as to window and boarding': Miss S A Boak from Mrs G Dawson of Kendal, 1910;
- Agreement for payment of a weekly sum in respect of 2 bastard children: George Buck of Natland, ware house assistant, and Annie Wightman of Kirkland, Kendal, heald knitter, 1914;
- Assignment to secure an advance of £160: George Braithwaite Wilson esquire of Saskatchewan, gentleman, and William Barratt of Keppleway, Broughton in Furness, co. Lancaster, esquire, 1915.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/14  1888

Bill of sale: George Keith Smith of Alverstoke, co. Southampton, wine merchant, to Michael Taylor of Ambleside, hotel proprietor, re premises in Gosport, 1888; agreement: W E Churcher, George Churcher, George Bone and George Keith Smith with Michael Taylor re will of Emmanuel Churcher, deceased, 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/15  1893-1916

Bundle of miscellaneous release documents:
- The residuary legatees under the will of Mr William Simm, late of Watercrook near Kendal, farmer, and the surviving trustee of the will, 1893;
- The residuary legatees under the will of the late Mr Barrow Nicholson, late of Meathop, yeoman, to Messrs. James Harrison and W S Hodgson, 1894;
- Mr Edward Nicholson of Aycliffe, Darlington, co. Durham and others to the trustees of the will of Mrs Esther Sarah Cummings, formerly Nicholson, deceased, 1899;
- Re Mr John Bowness deceased, late of Goswick Hall, Cartmel Fell, co. Lancaster: Mrs Elizabeth Armitstead, wife of John Armitstead of Underbarrow, farmer, and others, to Mr John White of Lowick Greenodd near Ulverston, schoolmaster, and others, 1901;
- The residuary legatees of Sarah Nelson deceased late of Old Hutton, spinster, to Messrs. Joseph Edgar of Carlisle, co. Cumberland, retired ironmonger, and Anthony Nelson of Old Hutton, joiner, 1907;
- Mrs Elizabeth Armitstead deceased, late of Underbarrow, widow, Mr John Bracken Armitstead of Kendal, grocer's assistant and others to Miss Louisa B Whinerey of Crook near Kendal, spinster, 1907;
- Mr John Armitstead deceased, late of Underbarrow, retired farmer, Mr John Bracken Armitstead of Kendal, grocer's assistant and others to Messrs. Alfred Henri Whinerey of Broughton in Furness co. Lancaster, gentleman, and George Cowperthwaite of Lightwood, Cartmel Fell, co. Lancaster, farmer, 1908;
- Mrs M E Brooks, deceased, late of Leamington, co. Warwick, ('release and covenant for indemnity by Major R Warner Brooks to the trustees of the will dated 23 February 1894 of the late Mrs Margaret Ellen Brooks on the winding up of the trust') 1908.
- Mr William Taylor to Messrs. William Taylor of Crosby Ravensworth, gentleman and Richard Hargraves Greenwood of Kendal, Solicitor, 1909;
- Mrs Annie Fallowfield wife of Jonas Fallowfield of Penrith co. Cumberland, railway signalman and others to Messrs. James Nelson Woof of The Gill, Firbank, late of Grasrigg Killington, retired farmer, 1909;
- The Reverend Lockhart Wilson Greenshields of Youlgreave, co. Derby to Messrs. Frederick Maurice Dickson of Haverthwaite, co. Lancaster, esquire, John Edward Henry Clark of Haverthwaite, co Lancaster, esquire, and James Spedding of Blackpool co. Lancaster, bank manager (release 'on the winding up of the estate of the late Thomas Newby Wilson esquire') 1916.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/16  1893-1920

Miscellaneous bundle: appointment of trustees etc:
- Appointment of Mr George L Hoggarth as trustee in the place of the late Mr R L Robinson, re will of Mr Robert Dickinson, deceased, late of Lyth, 1890;
- Deed of arrangement of covenant: Edward William Wakefield of Birklands, Kendal, esquire, and Roger William Wakefield of Kendal, esquire, 1893;
- Agreement for indemnity: the residuary legatees and the trustees of Mary Charity Wilson, deceased, late of Staveley, spinster, 1895;
- Appointment of trustees of the will of Robert Greenwood deceased, late of Arnside, mariner: Joseph Bouskill of Holbeck, Leeds, tailor and Joseph Brown of Kendal, schoolmaster, 1895;
- Deed of gift of share in rents of premises in Kendal: Miss Alice A Wilson of Kendal to Misses Francis M Wilson, Annie M Wilson and Lucy R Wilson, all of Kendal, spinsters, 1920.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/17  1898-1904

*Sundry documents, including:
- Will of Ann Watson of Haslingden, co. Lancaster, 1898;
- Release: the residuary legatees of Mr John Thompson, deceased, to Messrs. John Nelson and Thomas Hadwin, 1904;
- Papers (2) related to the will of John Thompson: power of attorney; William Clarkson of Liverpool to Harry Greenwood, 1904; power of attorney: John Clarkson of Victoria, Australia, to Richard Greenwood, 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/18  1900-1918

Bundle of miscellaneous documents of power of attorney:
- Henry Tugwood Wilson of Lindale, Cartmel, co. Lancaster, coachbuilder to William Noble Wilson of Lindale, Cartmel, 1900; memorandum as to partnership re Mr H T Wilson, 1900;
- Arthur William Wakefield of Kendal, esquire, to Roger William Wakefield of Beckenham, co. Kent, esquire, 1900;
- William Birkbeck Wakefield of Kendal, esquire to Edward William Wakefield of Kendal, esquire, 1900;
- George Braithwaite Wilson of Regina, Canada, gentleman to Richard Hargraves Greenwood of Kendal, Solicitor, 1907;
- Ruth Ramsbotham, wife of Joshua Fielden Ramsbotham of Bromborough co. Chester, civil engineer, to R H Greenwood of Kendal, Solicitor, 1910;
- Joshua Fielden Ramsbotham of Bromborough co. Chester, Civil engineer, to R H Greenwood of Kendal, Solicitor, 1910;
- Miss Louisa I Jennings of Hove, co. Sussex to R H Greenwood of Kendal, Solicitor, 1910;
- Miss Lillian A H Jennings of Hove, co. Sussex to R H Greenwood of Kendal, Solicitor, 1910;
- Thomas Kendall of Barrow in Furness, bank manager, to Francis William Crewdson of Kendal, banker, 1911;
- Captain William D Barratt of Leyfield, Millom, co. Cumberland to William Barratt his father of Broughton in Furness to act in the estate of Alfred Barratt esquire, deceased, 1915;
- Arthur L Bryham of Kendal, surviving partner in the firm of Atkinson and Griffin, gunsmiths and motor car agents of Kendal, to William Bryham of Wigan, co. Lancaster, mining engineer, 1917;
- Colonel Henry Mallinson of Curwen Woods near Burton to Mary Mallinson of the same place, spinster, 1917;
- Lieutenant Norman Boyd Balfour of Barrow in Furness, co. Lancaster, to Henry King of Kendal, bankmanager, 1918.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/19  1906-1912

*Documents relating to Birketts, including:
- Deed of gift: Mr Matthew Henry Birkett of Staveley, livery stable proprietor, to Mrs Agnes Birkett his wife 12 copies), 1906;
- Charge on share in Messrs. Banks and Co.'s brewery, Kendal: Mr B Alexander to Mr M H Birkett, 1906; mortgage: Mr M H Birkett to Mr Stephen Kellett, 1908;
- Charge on share of the estate of Catherine Evans deceased, Mrs S Bownass to Mrs A Birkett, 1906;
- Promissary note for £120 from I Bownass to Mrs A Birkett, 1906;
- Notices (5) to Charles Peace Banks, George Birkett Alexander, Matthew Henry Birkett and others requiring payment of moneys secured through various premises in Bowness, Windermere, and Kendal, 1912.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 65/20  1929-1930

9 Items

*Private letters to Mr Roland Braithwaite of Windermere Road, Kendal (from 'Vera').

Box of papers relating to premises at Balderton and Newton in the parish of Middle, co. Salop  WD AG/Box 66  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, Solicitors, Kendal November 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/1  [1536]-1786

Conveyance [1536] and letter enclosing this deed sent to Thomas Stamforth in 1786.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/2  [1565]-1665

7 Items

Deeds re premises in Balderton.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/3  1584/5-1699

4 Items

Deeds re premises in Balderton.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/4  1628-Circa 1731

Bundle of deeds (4, concerning the Mather family) re premises in Balderton, one 1628 and three 1731; 'abstract of Balderton estate.'

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/5  1707

Two parts of a fine re premises in Balderton, Easter 1707.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/6  1715-1736

Bundle of leases (4, concerning the Mather family and Thomas Cureton) re premises in Balderton.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/7  1735-1751

Two copies of a deed re premises in Balderton and Newton, 1735; deed refering back to this settlement, concerning Charles Mather, 1751.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/8  1749-1772

Papers re premises in Balderton and Newton concerning the Cureton family, the Mather family and Charles Goore: two deeds, 1749, and three letters re bills, 1772.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/9  1750

'Inventories of 7 bundles of papers relative to Balderton and Newton Estates ...'

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/10  1772-1864

Bundle of papers re estate at Balderton:
- Accounts, inventories, and notes on usage of fields, c. 1772-1801;
- Abstract of John Cureton's lease from 1773;
- Copy of lease: Thomas Staniforth to Seth Pickstock, 1795;
- Two copies of act 'for enclosing the commons and waste lands in the Parish of Middle in the County of Salop', 1807;
- Letter to the Reverend Thomas Staniforth, re tillage book etc, 1848;
- Accounts (in book) 1861-64.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/11  1779-1786

Two draft papers concerning the letting of premises at Balderton to John Cureton, 1779 and 1786; abstract of lease for seven years, Staniforth to Cureton, 1786.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/12  1794-1807

Letters re premises in Balderton, the majority from John Minor: 9 to Thomas Staniforth, 1795-1801 and 3 to Samuel Staniforth, 1805-07 (with copies of answers), re sale of timber, crops, land tax, rent etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/13  1799

Receipt for rent paid to the Duke of Bridgewater; note re tax.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/14  1805-1811

Papers of Mr Staniforth re premises in Balderton and Newton: yearly value of estates, 1805; inventory of deeds; bill of costs 1810; letters (2) 1811.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/15  1809-1829

Bundle of letters to Samuel Staniforth, the majority from Seth Pickstock, re:-
- 'Permission to cut timber for a threshing machine' (3) 1809;
- Rent for Balderton and Newton, 1812-25, and agreement on a lease for 7 years, 1829;
- 'Land advertised for sale' (2) 1820 and 1822;
- Planting of an orchard, 1822;
- 'Conveying of water from the well to the house' (3) 1824;
- Erection of a gallery in Middle Church, 1826.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/16  1815

Draft abstract of title to premises in Balderton and Newton, the property of Samuel Staniforth.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/17  1815

Lease of Balderton Hall and lands, 7 years from March 1814; Samuel Staniforth to Mr Seth Pickstock.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/18  1840-1863

Bundle of notices (c.27) of tithe rent due to the Rector of Middle, to be paid by the Reverend Staniforth.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/19  1850-1863

Bundle of bills.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/20  1850-1868

Agreement with Richard Bickerton, 1850, and letters (6) 1850 and one in 1864, re water supply'; receipts signed by Mr Bickerton for money received from the Reverend Staniforth 'for carrying water through my meadow' 1851-68; receipts (14) 1850-63, and letters (2) 1868, re the Minister of the Swan Hill Chapel, Shrewsbury.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/21  1851-1863

Bundle of the Reverend Thomas Staniforth's papers including letters re farm machinery (1851), and receipts for poor rate for the parishes of Hadnal and Middle, income tax, land and assessed tax, highway tax, Church rate, Salop Infirmary Subscriptions etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/22  1857-1863

Reverend Staniforth's papers: bills of costs.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/23  1859

Map of property in the parish of Middle belonging to the Reverend thomas Staniforth (in the townships of Balderton, Newton, Middle and Alderton), 1859, copied from the commutation tithe map made in 1839.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/24  1859

7 Items

Bundle of letters to the Reverend Thomas Staniforth.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/25  Circa 1861-1864

7 Items

Bundle of books including:
- 'Sundries sold in House - Balderton', 1863;
- 'Day Book' 1863;
- 'Sale book - Balderton Hall', 1863;
- 'Labourers Wages Book', 1864;
- 'Balderton Hall Sale', 1864.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/26  1862

14 Items

Letters to Thomas Staniforth re diversion of highway, the majority from John Price; expenses for alteration of road at Balderton.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/27  1863-1864

32 Items

Bundle of letters re farm business, from Thomas Dickon to the Reverend Staniforth.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/28  1863-1864

Bundle of despatch notes (c.50), the majority for goods bought by the Reverend Thomas Staniforth of William Field and delivered by the Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway, and for coal bought from James G Spence, 1863-64; letters re delivery of goods etc. (4) 1864; notice re premises at Newton on the Hill, Middle, 1864.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/29  1863-1864

c.19 items

Bundle of letters re Balderton farm etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/30  1864

Architectural drawings sent to Mr William Sutton, Harness Hill, Shrewsbury.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 66/31  1864-1865

16 Items

Bundle of miscellaneous letters re Balderton.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/Box 89-105  1535-1913

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood and Son Ltd., on 23 October 1974. (Acc. 1357-1358)

Major Watson's trust papers including title deeds of paper mill at Troutbeck Bridge (12) 1663-1790, Calgarth Park (9) 1874-1913, Kelleth, Orton (3) 1771-1800, Roger Ground, Hawkshead (27) 1628-1768, settlement of estates of Charles Luther Watson, esq., 1814; Croft family papers including title deeds to Rowell, Heversham (23) 1616-1700, (5) 1739-1777, Wood edge, Beetham (14) 1700-1802, closes in Beetham (36) 1655-1780, Crakey, Whitwell (12) 1613-1715, messuage and land in Yealand Conyers, Lancashire (5) 1585-1746, admittances in Holme manor (22) 1825-1867, various assessments for Milnthorpe, Heversham and Haverbrack (5) 1694-1704, bonds 1535-1690, accounts of sales of goods etc. of William Croft 1731-1735; will of Robert Dickinson, rector of Headley in Hampshire with related papers (c. 60) 1848-1873; title deeds and papers of Arnold family, Wadhurst, Sussex 18th-19th cents. etc.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 89  1848-1873

Trust papers under will of Robert Dickinson rector of Headley, Hants, including:
- Will of Robert Dickinson, 1848 and dividend certificates (c.60).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 90  1628-1912

Related information: See also WD AG/Boxes 5 and 27 of 1969 deposit.

Estate papers of Major Watson including:
- Title deeds to paper mill at Troutbeck bridge (12) 1663-1790, Roger ground, Hawkshead (27) 1628-1768, Calgarth Park (9) 1874-1913, Kelleth, Orton (3) 1771-1800, miscellaneous (5) 1759-1877;
- Conveyance of easement and right for a tail race at Bridge Iron Works, Windermere, 1889.
- Conveyance to Windermere U.D.C. of land for pumping station and grant of easements over Calgarth estate, 1912.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 91  1751-1812

Miscellaneous items including:
- Verdicts of Manor of Beetham (35) 1762-1800; see WD AG/Box 96 for court books
- Conveyance of closes in Warton (Lancashire) and Yealand Conyers (8) 1692-1739;
- Will of Thomas Collison of Lancaster, proved 1751;
- Papers re division of Hesthead and Whinn mosses in Heversham with copies of local acts (37) c.1802-1812.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 92  1594-1867

Croft family papers including:
- Assessments for first quarter payment within Milnthorpe, Heversham and Haverbrack for carrying on a vigorous war against France (5) 1694-1702;
- Account of goods sold by Wm. Croft (2) 1731;
- Inventory of goods of Willm. Croft late of Rowell, yeoman (3) 1735;
- Admittances in manor of Holme (22) 1825-1867;
- Title deeds to:
Land at Rowell, Heversham (23) 1616-1700;

[no title]  WD AG/Box 93  1535-1746

Croft family papers including:
- Various wills, Heversham Court rolls, receipts (29) 1595-1732;
- Title deeds to messuage and land in Yealand Conyers, Lancashire (5) 1585-1746;
- Title deeds to land at Ackenthwaite, Milnthorpe and Rowell Heversham (25) 1571-1675;
- Title deeds to land called Foggyholme at Rowell (20) 1601-1672;
- Bonds (16) 1535-1690.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 94  [Circa 1685]-1860

Arnold family papers including:
- Copy of probate of will of Abraham Allingham of Burstow, Sussex, butcher, made 1830, proved 1838;
- Title deeds to land at Wadhurst (6) 1724-1860;
- Copy will of Thos. Young of Wadhurst, Sussex, yeoman, made 1685, [c. 1685];
- Papers of Mr Arnold and Mr Thomas Bray as executors of estate of Mr Martin Miller, 1839-1842.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 95  1740-1869

Arnold family papers including:
- Papers of Harry Arnold, Aikrigg End, Kendal, as executor of estate of Nicholas Arnold, his father, with details of property in Lamberhurst, Sussex and Kent, 1868-1869;
- Title deeds to messuage and land (4a) in Wadhurst Sussex (7), 1740-1791;
- Papers of Nicholas Arnold as trustee of estate of Abraham Allingham of Burstow, Surrey, butcher, with sale particulars of messuage at Copthorne Bank, Burstow. 1838-1839.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 96  [1708]-1793

Related information: See WD AG/Box 92 for verdicts

Beetham manor court books:
[1708]-1752; 1752-1793 (presentments) with Beetham Overseers of poor accounts in 1754-1784; 1754-1790 (admittances and views of frankpledge); index to tenants (in all three books).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 97  1588-1888

'Trustees of Dallam Tower Estate':
Title deeds to: parsonage in Beetham (16) 1588-1715; to tithes of Beetham (30) 1616-1743; two freehold cottages next to Cross Keys Milnthorpe (10), 1872-1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 98  1577-1885

'Trustees of Dallam Tower Estate' (cont.)
Title deeds to various properties including:
- Nether Levens and Ninezergh estates (20) 1577-1810; Warehouse Field, Holme (23) 1738-1885; moss land in Hazelslack Moss, Beetham (10) 1793-1868; messuage and land at Storth (4) 1866; 3, Church Street, Milnthorpe (8) 1826-1873; land near Whasset (2) 1881-1882.
Residuary account and letters of administration of estate of George Crowle Wilson, esquire, deceased, (2) 1875.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 99  1666-1891

'Trustees of Dallam Tower Estate' (cont.)
Title deeds to various estates including:
- Guard Hill or Dick Fell Hill estate, Storth (62) 1666-1863; Crooked Acre, Milnthorpe (7) 1813-1872; Silverdale Sands (5) 1870-1874; customary closes in Storth (6) 1880-1889; Long ley field, Holme (6) 1775-1891; Storth cottage (2) 1833-1846.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 100  1842-1907

'Trustees of Dallam Tower Estate' (cont.).
Trusteeship papers including:
- Appointment of Frank A Argles esquire and another as trustees of estate of George Edward Wilson 1871 and related papers (2) 1863-1871;
- Conveyance of land in Milnthorpe to George Edward Wilson, esquire, (9) 1852-1907;
- Conveyance of garden in Milnthorpe and allotment on Milnthorpe Marsh (1) 1860;
- marriage settlement of George Edward Wilson, esquire, and Gertrude Mary Hutton (2) 1842;
- Will of Emily Sarah Wilson [daughter of George Edward Wilson and related papers (8) 1894-1897;
- Assignments of contingent life interest of Frederick John Wilson esquire [third son of George Smyth Wilson] in Mrs F J Wilson's settlement, (4) 1856-1894;
- Appointment of Maurice Bromley Wilson as sheriff of Westmorland and related papers (3) 1901.

[no title or ref.]  1876-1908

Contents of box marked 'Trustees of Mrs Gertrude Mary Wilson deceased' [wife of George Edward Wilson] including:
- Share dividend certificates (85) 1897-1907;
- Releases of legacies (8) 1900-1908;
- Mortgage 1876.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 101-104  1737-1873

'Dallam Tower Hardy'
Title deeds to properties in Milnthorpe including:
- Cross Keys (11) c.1840-1869;
- White Lion Inn (37) 1737-1873.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 105  1654-1819

'Dallam Tower Hardy'
Title deeds to: Newland close, Milnthorpe (12) together with private act Geo. III 1819, concerning will of Joseph Fayrer, master mariner late of Milnthorpe, 1654-1819;
- Customary close called Arnthwaite, Milnthorpe (20) 1695-1799;
- Customary messuage and land at Milnthorpe (30) 1705-1803.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 111  1740 - 1894

Source of acquisition: Additional documents deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son on 1 March 1976. (Acc. 1530)

Staniforth family papers including:
Map of Birkenhead. n.d.
Folder of letters to Rev. Thomas Staniforth from Thomas Shackleton about Liverpool property. c.1845-1865.
Bundle of documents mainly relating to the Glasshouse, Liverpool, including:
- Deed of dissolution of partnership of Charles Gore and John Cunliffe of Liverpool merchants, as tobacco factors in Virginia 1740;
- Release of share in partnership as tobacco factors and grant of power of attorney by John Cunliff of Liverpool merchant to Charles Goore of Liverpool, merchant 1740;
- Assignment of lease for three lives by Mayor and Corporation of Liverpool to Richard Eccleston of Liverpool gent. of parcel of land in Liverpool called Middle Mill Dale [with map endorsed] 1753;
- Articles of copartnership for 21 years in the Glasshouse [glass manufactory] Liverpool 1757;
- Conveyance of one sixth share in the Glasshouse, Liverpool to Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool merchant 1765;
- Assignment of one sixth share in the cold Glasshouse, Liverpool, by Richard Downward of Liverpool, merchant to Joseph Daltera and Thomas Golightly of Liverpool, merchants 1766;
- Mortgage of one tenth share in the Old Glasshouse, Liverpool by Mr Joseph Daltera to Miss Frances Plumbe 1776. 1740-1776.
Bundle of documents relating to premises in West Derby, Lancs., including:
- Copy surrender of customary messuage at West Derby, Lancs. by Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool esq. to the uses of his will 1799;
- Inquisition, manor of West Derby, Lancs., as to customary holdings of Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool esq. deceased 1804;
- Copy surrender of customary messuage at West Derby, Lancs. by Samuel Staniforth of Liverpool esq. to the uses of his will 1805;
- Extract from the will of Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool esq. 1819. 1789-1819.
Bundle of papers mainly relating to the Reverend Thomas Staniforth including:
- Land tax redemption certificates, contract etc. for premises in West Derby and Childwall, Lancs., property of Thomas Staniforth esq. of Liverpool 1799;
- Probate of the will of Thomas Staniforth of Liverpool, Lancs. esq. 1826;
- Marriage settlement of Rev. Thomas Staniforth and Miss Harriet Turner 1837;
- Lease for 5 years of messuage in Everton terrace, Everton, Liverpool by Rev. Thomas Staniforth of Storrs Hall clerk to Thomas Porter esq. 1854;
- List of fixtures in house at Everton terrace 1854;
- Probate of the will of Harriet Staniforth wife of Rev. Thomas Staniforth of Storrs, clerk 1875;
- Copy will of Thomas Staniforth of Storrs, Windermere and of Darnall Hall and of Kirk Hammerton Hall, Yorks., clerk in holy orders 1885;
- Legacy receipts on estate of Rev. Thomas Staniforth 1887;
- Account of succession in real property of Edwin Wilfrid Stanyforth (formerly Greenwood) of Kirk Hammerton Hall, Yorks. esq. on the death of Rev. Thomas Staniforth 1887;
- Staniforth family pedigree 1888;
- Statement as to division of residual estate of Mrs Harriet Staniforth deceased 1889. 1799-1889.
Deeds and documents relating to land with messuages and shops in Brook St., Cathcart St. and Price St. Birkenhead, Ches. 1831-1857.
Deeds and documents including plans and elevations relating to land with messuages and shops in St. Anne St., Back St., Anne St., Vittoria St., Back Beckwith St. and Field St., Birkenhead and Upper Parliament St., Liverpool. 1827-1883.
Miscellaneous items including:
- Draft scheme and scheme for administration of Kendal Grammar School, Sandes' Hospital and Blue Coat School 1882, 1886;
- Volume of notes compiled by John Bolton, town clerk, by order of Kendal Corporation, relating to changes in the public charities of Kendal since 1847 1890;
- Kendal Corporation Gas and Water Act 1894. 1882-1894.
Unboxed miscellaneous items including:
Plan of the township of Milnthorpe showing lands belonging to George Wilson esq. of Dallam Tower, by R. Mount. USE WD/D Acc 950 49. 1826.
Plan of the Low Mill estate near Kendal belonging to John Ireland esq. 1841.
Map of Low Grigg Hall estate, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield, by John Watson jun. 1848
Inclosure commissioners' award with plan, for exchange of land in Kirkby Lonsdale between the Earl of Bective and Alfred Harris esq. 1874.

Royal licence for Edwin Wilfrid Greenwood esq. to take the name and bear the arms of Stanyforth  [no ref.]  1887

[no title]  WD AG/Box 112  19th-20th cents

Copy wills, extracts and probates of wills, letters of administration relating to:
- Robert Addison of Howgill, retired farmer 1921;
- Major General A W L Anderson, Indian Army, retired, of Boscombe, Hants. 1929;
- John Atkinson late of Ellers, Farleton, gent. 1838;
- Thomas King Atkinson of Portland Square, Carlisle esq. 1878;
- Thomas Atkinson of Bridge House, Old Hutton, farmer 1914;
- Mrs Caroline Aylett of Ipswich, Suffolk, widow, 1871, 1880;
- Mrs Ann Caroline Backhouse of Waterhead Hotel near Ambleside widow 1890;
- Alfred Barratt of 38 Nevern Sq., South Kensington, Middlesex esq. 1897;
- Francis Barratt of the Esplanade Plymouth and also of Saint Austall, Cornwall, esq. 1880;
- John Barratt of Coniston, Lancashire, gent. 1866;
- Mrs Sarah Barratt of Holly How, Church Coniston, Ulverston, Lancashire, widow 1886;
- William Barratt of Holly How, Coniston, Lancashire esq. 1875, 1881;
- Thomas Barrow of Stainton Hall, Urswick, Lancashire, yeoman 1867;
- Thomas Benson of High Green, Troutbeck yeoman 1875;
- John Bird Best of Broxbourne, Hartford 1900;
- Miss Mary Ann Dennison Birkett of Underbarrow spinster 1872;
- Mrs Elizabeth Bolton of Storrs Hall widow 1847;
- Mrs Catherine Bousfield of 44 Grosvenor Place, Middlesex, widow 1885;
- Nathaniel George Philips Bousfield of 44 (formerly 53 Grosvenor Place, Middlesex esq. 1883;
- Christopher Wilson Braithwaite Wilson (late Christopher Wilson Braithwaite) of Plumtree Hall esq. 1898;
- John Cartmell Braithwaite of West Bank, Kendal esq. 1891;
- Joseph Braithwaite of 53 Brunswick Place Hove, Sussex esq. 1906;
- Mrs Maria Sugden Braithwaite of 48 Chepstow Villas Bayswater, London widow 1919, 1920, 1927;
- Stephen Nelson Braithwaite of 4 Throgmorton Avenue, London 1926;
- Garnett Braithwaite Wilson of 10 Redcliffe Gardens South Kensington London and of the Junior Carlton Club, London esq. 1902;
- Miss Hannah Brathwaite of Greenside near Milnthorpe spinster 1874;
- Miss Agnes Breaks of 12 Victoria Terrace, Kendal spinster 1933;
- Thomas Bryer of 11 Woodside Terrace, Kendal, tailor 1913;
- Richard Wilson Buckley of Kensington, Middlesex, gent. 1875;
- John Hall Bywater of Knottingly, Yorkshire, surgeon 1874;
- Mrs Sarah Ann Cartmel of 39 Blandford Square, Marylebone, Middlesex, widow 1874;
- William Cartmel of 21 Kirkland, Kendal, retired draper 1904;
- Miss Elizabeth Clark of Moss Side, Preston Patrick, spinster 1914;
- Francis Clark of The Grove, Witherslack, yeoman 1897;
- Joseph Clayton of Staveley butcher 1907;
- Mrs Ann Cleasby of 1 East View, Kendal, widow 1931;
- Thomas Cooper of Wellandale Leamington, Warwick, gent. 1871;
- Charles Henry Cope of Cannock, Stafford, gent. 1900;
- Mrs Helen Cope wife of Charles Henry Cope of Cannock, Stafford, silk mercer and draper 1896;
- Mrs Catherine Elizabeth Cotton of the Bungalow, Grayrigg, wife of George Cotton 1932;
- William Charles Cotton of Pooley Bridge esq. 1875;
- Robert Thomas Cowperthwaite of Fell View, Dufton [formerly farmer of Park House Farm, Stainmore] 1925;
- George Dinsdale of Kendal, boot and shoe maker 1879;
- William Elliot of Calthwaite Hall, Heskett in the Forest, Cumberland, gent. 1922;
- William Ellison the younger of Low Sizergh, gent. 1859;
- William Ellison of Cross Bank House, Scalthwaiterigg 1867;
- John Fawcett of Old Hutton, yeoman 1894;
- William Garnett of 18 Highfield Villas, Kendal, retired draper 1921;
- John Gaskarth of Cartmel, Lancashire, surgeon 1871;
- Nelson Greenbank of Skewbarrow, gent. 1897;
- William Grierson of "Wingfield' Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire, cotton spinner 1919;
- Mrs Mary Elizabeth Hancock of the Bosquet, Putney Hill, Surrey, widow 1917;
- James Harrison of Wyre Bank, Garstang, physician and surgeon 1936;
- Miss Mary Harrison of Garnett House near Milnthorpe, spinster 1883 and 1888;
- Edward Hewertson of Deepslack, Whinfell, farmer 1878;
- William Holliday of 26 Castle Street, Kendal, retired joiner 1905;
- Bryan Holme formerly of Ninezergh but now of Milnthorpe, yeoman 1879;
- John Holme of Parkside near Milnthorpe, land steward 1851;
- Robert Holmes of Coleridge Terrace Keswick, Cumberland, dairyman 1894;
- Joseph Hudson of Preston, Lancs., banker 1875;
- Richard Hudson of Kendal, gent. 1880, 1883;
- Benjamin Ion of Greenside, Kendal, gent. 1874;
- Gilbert Ireland of 17 Cambridge Road, Galley Cheshire 1937;
- Miss Mary Jackson of Low Hall, Kirkby Ireleth, Lancs., spinster 1828;
- William Isaac James of Barrow-in-Furness, Lancs., manager for the London Joint City and Midland Bank (Ramsden Square Branch) 1924;
- Frederick Bland Jameson of Roach Place Heywood, Lancs., cotton spinner 1885;
- Joseph Jameson of Heywood Hall, Lancs. and Armathwaite, Cumberland esq. 1898;
- Richard Edward Jennings of Gellideg, Kidwelly, Carmarthen and 15 Palmeira Mansions, Hove, Sussex esq., 1908;
- Charles Keates of 92 Kirkland, Kendal, labourer 1922;
- James Russell King of Singleton Park, Kendal esq. J.P. 1925;
- John Kitching of Milnthorpe surgeon 1878;
- John William Kitching of 58 Norfolk St., Barrow-in-Furness, Lancs., tallor 1931;
- John Lamb of Burrel Green, Cumberland, yeoman 1905;
- Mrs Eliza Langhorn of Bankfield, Kendal, widow 1904;
- Hugh Langhorn of Kendal gent. 1882;
- George John McKay of Kendal retired manufacturer 1909;
- Mrs Jane Ann McNaughton of Buck Yeats, Lakeside, Lancs. widow 1936;
- Herbert Mather of Sharples, Lancs., cotton spinner 1908;
- John Meldrum of Kendal, gardener and seedsman 1847;
- Samuel Moffat of 26 Lowther St., Penrith, Cumberland 1926;
- Echlin Storry Molyneux of Siddington, 1, Warwick New Road, Leamington Spa, Warwick, physician and surgeon 1928;
- Mrs Mabel Favoretta Molyneux of 29 Warwick Place, Leamington 1927;
- John Monkhouse of Kendal auctioneer 1916;
- Robert McEndow Montgomery of Bidston Lodge, Bidston, Chester and of Liverpool, corn broker, Colonel V.D.T.D.J.P. 1923;
- Charles Henry Moore of 5 Brackley Road, Beckenham, Kent, civil engineer late of the Egyptian Government Service 1933;
- Sir Henry Moore of Birksey Brow, Crook, K.C.B C. IE Lieutenant General in his Majesty's Indian Forces 1916;
- George Noble of Hawkshead, Lancs. draper 1828;
- John Noble of Borrow Bridge, Kendal yeoman 1876;
- Douglas George Norman of Devon Estate, Talowa Kelle, Ceylon 1945;
- Ruth Nowell of 100 Highgate, Kendal widow 1910;
- Rev. Thomas Ormandy, incumbent of Whitbeck, Cumberland 1878;
- Mrs Hannah Mary Park wife of John Park of Prospect House, Greenodd near Ulverston, Lancs. 1927;
- Miss Anne Agnes Parker of Troutbeck Bridge, Windermere, spinster 1874;
- George Partridge of Gale How, Ambleside, gent. 1870, 1875;
- Robert Partridge the younger of Covey Cottage, Ambleside 1838;
- William Pollard of Oak Cottage 573 Eccles New Road, Salford, Lancs., agent to the Peace Society 1893;
- Rowland Postlethwaite of Kendal, gent. 1876;
- Thomas Postlethwaite of Kendal, joiner 1859;
- Richard Prickett of Tranthwaite Hall, Underbarrow, farmer 1915;
- Henry Miles Radcliffe of Summerlands near Kendal esq. 1908;
- Reverend John Raws of Burnley, Lancashire clerk 1834;
- Thomas Rigg of 8 Cliff Terrace, Kendal retired draper 1874;
- Miss Elizabeth Robinson of Crosby Ravensworth spinster 1881;
- James Robinson of Kendal 1886;
- John Robinson of Elterwater Hall, gent. 1866;
- John Robinson of Boundary House, Brigsteer, farmer 1900;
- John Robinson of Bainsbank, Middleton, farmer 1911;
- Mrs Agnes Jane Rogerson of Sunny Point, Crook, widow 1932;
- Miss Hannah Rooking of Kent Terrace, Kendal, spinster 1870;
- William Rowlandson of Ashes, Nether Staveley, gent. 1830;
- Miss Alice Sarginson of High Oaks, Marthwaite, Sedbergh, Yorks., spinster 1928;
- Sir James William Scott of Yews, Undermillbeck, baronet 1912;
- Robert John Simpson of Rothay Cottage, Ambleside, gent. 1888;
- Thomas Simpson of Wattsfield esq. 1831;
- Mrs Mary Smithson of Kendal, widow 1876;
- Colin Somervell of Tenterfield, Kendal esq. 1930;
- Gordon Somervell of Annesdale, Windermere esq. 1923;
- William Henry Somervell of Brantfield, Kendal esq. 1934;
- Francis Robert Sowerby of The Bowers, Barkisland near Halifax, Yorks., gent. 1885;
- Edward Taylor of Belfoot, Crosby Ravensworth, farmer 1867;
- Mrs Elizabeth Thexton of Castle St., Kendal, widow 1866;
- Edmund Thompson of Long Marton, gent. 1914;
- John Thompson of Docker Garths, Kendal, yeoman 1879;
- William Threlfall of Green Garth Staveley retired grocer 1912;
- John Todd of Hawforth, farmer 1914;
- Richard Busfield Topham of Ripon, Yorks., gent. 1874;
- Joseph Townson of Violet Bank, Ambleside, land agent 1886;
- Mrs Florence Anne, Upton-Cottrell-Dormer of Ingmire Hall, Yorks., widow 1906, with associated settlements 1915, 1921;
- Cedric Vaughan of Leyfield House, Millom, Cumberland, civil engineer and justice of the peace 1910;
- Kate Marion Vaughan of 27 South St., Thirloe Sq., London, medical practitioner 1926;
- Miss Margaret Vaux of Adlington, Cheshire, spinster 1873;
- Henry Waddington of Kendal hosier 1876;
- Edward William Wakefield of Birklands, Kendal, gent. 1873;
- George Henry Wakefield of Liverpool, corn merchant 1903;
- Mrs Susanna Wakefield of Barrows Green, Kendal, widow, 1893;
- Marriage settlement between William Birkbeck Wakefield of Wilcot, Bisley, Surrey esq. and Elizabeth Davison of Staindrop, Durham, spinster 1919;
- William Henry Wakefield of Sedgwick House, Kendal esq. 1889, with settlement.
- Arthur Thomas John Walker of South Park, Hexham, Northumberland, gent. 1905;
- John Walker of the Golden Lion Inn, Kendal, innkeeper 1874;
- Thomas Walker of Kendal, innkeeper 1856;
- James Watson of Dormans House, Dormans Park, Surrey esq. doctor of medicine 1925;
- Mrs Louisa Watson wife of Charles Edward Watson of Calgarth Park, Windermere late Lieutenent Colonel in her Majesty's army 1881;
- Samuel Whinerey of Hollin Bank, Underbarrow gent. [1865];
- John Whinfield of Raisbeck yeoman 1866;
- Thomas Willan of High Brownrigg, Strickland Ketel gent. 1872, 1878;
- Mary Elizabeth Williams of Holme Island Grange-over-Sands, Lancs., widow 1913;
- John Wakefield Willink, Dean of Norwich 1927;
- Edward Wilson of Rigmaden Park, esq. 1870;
- George Wilson of Dallam Tower esq. 1853;
- Mrs Eliza Ann Wood of the Sycamores, Windermere, widow 1893;
- Mrs Jane Woodhead of Ormidale, Ashlands, Ashton on Mersey, Cheshire, widow, formerly of Westview, Hawthorne Park, Wilmslow, Cheshire, 1925.
Map of Sedbergh [based on O.S].
2 wallets of holiday photographic negatives, indexed. 1928-1929.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 113  1591-1932

Copy wills, probates and extracts of wills, letters of administration etc. relating to:
- John Atkinson late of Brook House, Holme gent. 1872;
- Thomas Atkinson of 2 Moffats Yard, Stricklandgate, Kendal, rope spinner 1890;
- William Atkinson of Gaisgil, Orton, yeoman 1887;
- William Atkinson of Bateman tenement, Strickland Roger, yeoman 1863;
- William Charles Bacon otherwise William Charles Frederick Bacon of 'Ashford' Alderley Road Wilmslow, Cheshire, chairman of Manchester Ship Canal Co. 1930;
- Stephen Bainbridge of Spout House, Preston Patrick, farmer 1879;
- Mrs Margaret Barrow of the Beast Banks, Kendal, widow 1873;
- Richard Barrow of Kendal, hotel keeper 1885;
- Miss Margaret Barton of Whasset, Beetham, spinster 1884;
- Thomas Beck of Freehold Park, Lancaster, gent. 1880;
- Mrs Eleanor Beck of Highgate, Kendal, widow 1876;
- William Bindloss of Heversham sexton 1878;
- Job Bintley of the Oaks, Brighouse, Yorks, civil engineer 1887, 1889;
- Miss Jane Margaret Birkett of Prestwich, Lancs., spinster 1872;
- John Bispham of Slackhead, blacksmith 1872;
- Rev. James Frederick Black of Kendal clerk, master of the Kendal Grammar School 1869;
- Edward Bolton of the Fellside, Kendal grocer 1872;
- Mrs Margaret Bousfield of Ravenstonedale town, widow 1881;
- Miss Ann Bouskill of Hyning Hall, Lancs., spinster 1871;
- George Bowness of the Hood, Old Hutton, yeoman 1880;
- Mrs Margaret Brookes of Meathop, widow 1879;
- Richard Brookes of Natland, farmer 1874;
- George Brown of Staveley formerly a carpet weaver 1883;
- Mrs Mary Brown of Bridge End 1880;
- Richard Bush of the Albion Hotel, Arnside, innkeeper and farmer 1879;
- John Hall Bywater of Knottingly, Yorks., surgeon 1863;
- Thomas Edward Gaggs Bywater of Knottingly, Yorks., surgeon 1874;
- Joseph Mason Calvert of Gargrave, Yorks., Independent Minister 1879;
- William Cannon of Low Fellside, Kendal, labourer 1870;
- Mrs Mary Chapman of Wray widow 1886;
- Mrs Jane Cowper wife of Edmund Brown Cooper of Bedgill, Orton 1892;
- Philip Cooper of Selside farm labourer 1883;
- Robert Cowperthwaite the older of Coatflat Hall, Orton, retired farmer 1881;
- Robert Croft of Yealand Stones, Lancs., blacksmith 1879;
- Mrs Mary Cross of Yard 96 Kendal widow 1883;
- Mrs Maria Dickinson wife of Robert Dickinson of North Cottage, Bowness Bank, Bowness on Windermere 1884;
- William Dickinson of Dawson Fold, Lyth, yeoman, 1882, 1884;
- James Dixon of Natland 1869;
- James Dixon of St George's Quay, Lancaster, customs officer 1819;
- Miss Mary Agnes Ellison of Sizergh 1848;
- Christopher Fawcett of Kendal gent. formerly Governor of the house of correction 1887;
- Miss Margaret Frith of Low Lodge, Grayrigg, spinster 1880;
- John Gibson of Crosthwaite, bobbin manufacturer 1873;
- Miss Isabella Green of Saint John's Cross, Sandside, Milnthorpe, spinster 1883;
- Miss Margaret Green of Saint John's Cross [Sandside] 1883;
- Thomas Green of Green Bank near Cockermouth, Cumberland yeoman 1873;
- Basil Hall [75 Nassau St., New York] 1875;
- Miss Mary Ann Hall of Grange, Lancs., spinster 1876;
- Mrs Eleanor Hargreaves of Kendal, widow 1876;
- Edmund Harrison of Abbot Hall, Kendal 1872;
- John Harrison of Nether Levens, farmer, 1883;
- Robert Hartley of Crook, yeoman 1881;
- William Hartley of Crook, farmer 1876;
- Thomas Helm of Sandside, yeoman 1870;
- Thomas Helm of Storth, general dealer 1927;
- Mrs Ann Hewitson of Kendal, widow 1875;
- Mrs Alice Sconce Heywood 1858;
- Miss Louisa Florentia Hodges of Whitty Tree, Onibury, Salop, spinster 1901;
- John Hodgson of Yard 39, Highgate, cooper 1886;
- George Holiday of Castle St., Kendal, carpenter 1870;
- William Holiday of Kendal, carpenter 1866;
- Gerrard Huck of High Borrow Bridge, Fawcett Forest, yeoman 1809;
- Mrs Lucy Hudson of Askew Green, Witherslack, widow 1885;
- Miss Elizabeth Izat of Kendal, spinster 1883;
- John Jackson of Brigsteer, yeoman 1871;
- Edward Jefferys of Alderley Edge, Cheshire 1886;
- Edward Johnson esq. of Southport, Lancs. and the Abbey, Staveley 1890;
- Jacob Joyce of Stricklandgate, Kendal, butcher 1887;
- Arthur Kendal of Sedbergh, Yorks., gent. 1885;
- John Lancaster of Storth, yeoman 1882;
- Mrs Eliza Langhorn of Bankfield, Kendal, widow 1887;
- Christopher Longmire of High Fairbank, Nether Staveley, retired farmer 1900;
- Miss Jane Mackelvey of Kendal, spinster 1863;
- Mrs Isabella Mackreth of Kendal, widow 1805;
- George Martindale of Tarn Side, Crosthwaite, farmer 1900;
- John Mason of Kendal late cabinet maker and now out of business 1880;
- Miss Mary Ann Mason, spinster of Lowther Terrace, Lytham, Lancs., 1885;
- John Matthews of 14 Wildman St., Kendal, shopkeeper 1891;
- Joseph Matthews late of Kendal, gunsmith and games dealer but now of Carlisle, Cumberland gent. 1875;
- Adam Miles late of Skelwith, Hawkshead, Lancs. but now of Skelsmergh farmer 1884;
- Miss Mary Milligan of 3 Brooms Rd., Dumfries, Scotland 1899;
- Niven Moore of Birksey Brow [Crook] near Kendal esq. Companion of the Bath, 1889;
- Bellas Moses of Brampton, Cumberland, surgeon 1888;
- Miss Agnes Ann Nicholson of Millbeck near Keswick, Cumberland, spinster 1869;
- Miss Emma Jane Nicholson of Millbeck, Keswick, Cumberland, spinster 1869;
- Thomas Nicholson of Storth yeoman 1878;
- Mrs Rachel Noble of 116 Stricklandgate, Kendal 1885;
- Thomas Parker of Low Lyth, farmer 1881;
- George Partridge, esq. n.d.;
- Robert Partridge of Covey Cottage, Ambleside 1838;
- Abraham Pattinson of Elm Grove, Bowness-on-Windermere, builder 1871;
- David Jackson Pennington of Holly Bank, Levens, civil engineer 1920;
- Mrs Elizabeth Peters of the Hood farm, Old Hutton 1885;
- Mrs Petherick 1906;
- James Prickett of John Scales, Lyth, farmer 1869;
- Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Rauthmell of Kent Terrace, Kendal, widow 1882;
- James Read of Natland Hall, Natland 1883;
- Thomas Richardson of Cliff Terrace, Kendal, gent. 1872;
- Christopher Robinson of Kendal, gent. 1849;
- Miss Elizabeth Robinson of Crosby Ravensworth, spinster 1881;
- Miss Jane Robinson, spinster of Plumtree Hall, Heversham 1876;
- Miss Ann Rogerson of Castle Crescent, Kendal, spinster 1877;
- Charles Stonard Schollick of Mildura in the colony of Victoria [Australia] fruit grower 1896;
- Robert Seed of Oak Bank, Skelsmergh, yeoman 1875;
- Robert Shaw of Brougham St., Penrith, Cumberland, gent., 1866;
- Miss Jane Shepherd of the Hollins near Kendal, spinster 1873;
- Samuel Sill of Storth 1881;
- Richard Simpson of Mill Holme, New Hutton 1870;
- Richard Simpson of Much Urswick, Lancs., farmer 1879;
- Thomas Simpson of Watts Field, Kendal, gent. 1828;
- James Sinkinson of Kendal, spirit merchant 1876;
- Charles Smyth formerly Captain in his Majesty's 95th Regiment of Foot and late Major in the 100th Regiment of Foot at the city of Brussels esq. 1813;
- Mrs Isabella Smith of Marriner Place, Leeds, Yorks. and formerly of Old Hutton, widow 1884;
- Colin Somervell of Tenterfield, Kendal esq. 1926;
- Mrs Edith Somervell of Tenterfield, Kendal, widow 1940;
- Mrs Jane Spencer of Haverbrack widow 1881;
- Miss Isabella Strickland of Milton Moor, Heversham, spinster 1868;
- John Strickland of Leasgill, Heversham, retired farmer, 1881;
- William Swindlehurst of Storth, farmer 1874;
- Jonathan Tarn of Bury Street, Salford, Lancs., grocer and provision dealer; [incorrect date; will proved 1846]
- Thomas Taylor of the Salutation Hotel, Ambleside retired land agent 1885;
- Miss Ann Teasdale of Highgate, Kendal, spinster 1875;
- John Yeats Thexton of Ashton House, Beetham 1859;
- Miss Elizabeth Thompson of Moresdale Hall, Lambrigg 1882;
- Henry Thompson of Maiden Hill near Penrith, Cumberland, gent. 1877;
- Mrs Jane Thompson of Newton-in-Cartmel, Lancs., widow 1871;
- William Todhunter of Stricklandgate, Kendal, innkeeper 1872;
- Robert Tomlinson of Haverbrack, Milnthorpe, yeoman 1878;
- Mrs Sarah Anne Townson wife of Joseph Townson of 4 Charles St., Blackpool, Lancs. 1885;
- John Troughton of Kendal, wood dealer 1878;
- John Tugman of Little Eskrigg End, Old Hutton, farmer 1890;
- John Turner of Murley Moss, Kendal, farmer 1863, 1878;
- Mrs Sarah Wharton of Ashted, Whinfell, widow 1883;
- Robert Whitell of 3 Barossa Terrace, Bethnall Green, Middlesex 1865;
- Simpson Willan of Stricklandgate, Kendal, tailor 1874;
- William Wilkinson of Storth, husbandman 1880;
- Miss Ann Jane Wilson of Kendal, spinster 1885;
- Miss Ellen Wilson of Whitebrow, Orton, spinster 1874;
- Mrs Isabella Wilson of Kendal 1879;
- Miss Jane Wilson of Town View, Kendal, spinster 1871;
- John Wilson of Kendal attorney at law 1871;
- Miss Mary Wilson of Kendal spinster 1882;
- Thomas Wilson of Middle Fairbank, Staveley, farmer 1883;
- Richard Woodhouse of Ambleside, market gardener 1862;
- James Simpson Young 1879.
Press copies of wills:
- Mrs Edith Anne Jackson Adams wife of Henry Powys Adams of Trevonia, St. Margaret's Twickenham, Middlesex 1894;
- George Addison of High House, Hugill, farmer 1888;
- John Bowness Armitstead of Mill Holme, New Hutton, farmer 1891;
- Robert Armitstead of Mill Holme, New Hutton, farmer 1892;
- William Atkinson of Broughton in Furness, Lancs., surgeon 1854;
- George Bailie of Kendal, ironmonger 1894;
- Alfred Barratt of 38 Nevern Sq., South Kensington, Middlesex esq. 1897;
- Thomas Beaumont of the Cragg, Troutbeck, farmer 1897;
- Mrs Mary Berry of Blakebank, Underbarrow, wife of John Berry, 1899 [died 1852];
- William Bindloss of Castle Green near Kendal esq. 1895;
- William Bolton of Kendal, pork dealer 1895;
- John Bowness of Goswick Hall, Cartmel Fell, Lancs. 1892;
- Mrs E Braithwaite 1897;
- Mrs Margaret Ellen Brooks wife of Richard Warner Brooks of Woodland Grange, Leamington, Warwicks, merchant 1894;
- Mrs Mary Brown of Bridge End 1880;
- James Teasdale Brumwell of Southport, Lancs., surgeon 1893;
- Mrs Jane Brumwell wife of James Teasdale Brumwell of Southport, gent. 1899;
- Miss Sarah Burrow of Heversham 1898;
- Miss Esther Mary Bush of the Albion hotel, Arnside, spinster 1897;
- Frederick Henry Butler of the city of Laconia, New Hampshire, U.S.A., insurance superintendent formerly of 3 Laurence St., Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. 1899;
- Mrs Elizabeth Carter of Grossendale, Oakley Street, Belle Vue, Shrewsbury, Salop, widow 1900;
- Thomas Clark of The Park, Orton, yeoman 1898;
- Miss Margaret Clarks of Bowness Bank, Windermere, spinster 1897;
- William Clarke of Troutbeck, labourer 1898;
- John Clarkson of Clappersgate near Ambleside, butcher 1895;
- William Clibborn of 4 Cambridge Terrace, Birkenhead, Cheshire, provision merchant 1890;
- John Brown Cowperthwaite of Street, Orton, yeoman 1897;
- Mrs Isabella Croft of Grayrigg, widow 1899;
- Joseph Crosthwaite of Orrest Head, Windermere, joiner 1888;
- Mrs Esther Sarah Cummings of Pear Tree Cottages, Kendal, widow 1895;
- Dame Elizabeth Isabella Caroline Darling of 92 Earl's; Court Rd., Kensington, Middlesex, widow 1898;
- Mrs Elizabeth Dickinson of Arnside, widow 1893;
- Mrs Maria Dickinson wife of Robert Dickinson of North Cottage, Bowness Bank, Bowness on Windermere 1884;
- Robert Dickinson of North Cottage, Bowness, yeoman 1884;
- Miss Eliza Deborah Downing of Sandside, Milnthorpe, spinster 1893;
- James Elleray of Heathwaite, Windermere, yeoman 1865;
- Christopher Fell of Pilgrims Rest, Transvaal Republic, South Africa, gold miner 1874;
- Miss Elizabeth Fox, Cold Harbour, Underbarrow, spinster 1899;
- Robert French of Strickland Place, Kendal 1895;
- James Simpson Gregg of Stricklandgate, Kendal, carpet weaver 1894;
- James Wilson Halhead of Brigsteer, Levens, farmer 1893;
- William Harrison of Windermere, builder 1899;
- Richard Hodkinson of Slack Head, yeoman 1896;
- Anthony Borrans, New Hutton, farmer 1896;
- John Hudson of Larch How near Kendal, gent. 1879;
- William Ford Ralph Hulton of Seaton Carew, Durham, gent., 1896;
- Mrs Jane Hutchinson of Sand Air, Crook, widow, 1879;
- Richard Inman of Ruecrofts, Sedbergh, Yorks., yeoman 1883;
- Mrs Mary Susannah Kay of Haverbrack 1895;
- Hugh Langhorn of Kendal, gent. 1885;
- William Lister of Ambleside, bank manager 1894;
- Christopher Longmire of High Fairbank, Nether Staveley, retired farmer 1900;
- Thomas Mackereth of Helsington, carrier and grocer 1891;
- Anthony Metcalfe-Gibson of Park House, Ravenstonedale esq. 1885;
- Thomas Middleton of Highgate, Kendal, cabinet maker 1900;
- Marian Nicholson of Pear Tree Cottages, Kendal, spinster 1900;
- Miss Bridget Phillipson, 2 Beast Banks, Kendal, spinster 1896;
- William Rawes of Kendal, fishmonger 1895;
- Thomas Remington of Lindal in Cartmel, Lancs., shopkeeper 1871;
- Mrs Elizabeth Rishton of Yard 47, Stricklandgate, Kendal, widow 1892;
- Edward Robinson of Lowther Street, Kendal, painter 1892;
- Joshua Robinson of Tower Wood, Cartmel Fell, Lancs., farmer 1875;
- Thomas Rogers of Greenside near Milnthorpe, gent. 1897;
- Abraham Rowlandson of Eamont Bridge, Barton, husbandman 1893;
- Miss Mary Rowlandson of Akay Lodge, Sedbergh, Yorks., spinster 1890;
- Thomas Sanders of Torver, Lancs., yeoman 1897;
- Thomas Savage of Kendal, gent. 1886;
- Edward Scarborough of Carr Bank, Beetham, husbandman 1891;
- Mrs Margaret Shaw of Hodbarrow, Millom, widow 1894;
- Charles Stoward Schollick of Mildura in the colony of Victoria fruit grower 1896;
- John Scott the elder of Winnipeg, Manitoba [Canada], 1899;
- Mrs Sarah Scott of Spring Gardens, Union Street, Ulverston, Lancs., widow 1898;
- Mrs Agnes Taylor of Ambleside, widow 1898;
- Michael Taylor of the Salutation hotel, Ambleside, hotel keeper 1889;
- William Taylor of Greenside, Kendal, gent. 1900;
- James Thompson of Singleton Park, Kendal esq. 1890;
- Miles Thompson of the Lound near Kendal, architect 1866;
- Mrs Jane Todd of Kirkby Lonsdale 1892;
- Mrs Frances Troughton of the Fold, Beast Banks, Kendal, widow 1890;
- John Edward Wakefield of Birklands near Kendal but at present residing at Great Malvern, Worcester, gent. 1858;
- Thomas Birkbeck Wakefield of Hall Moate, Westrath, Ireland esq. 1880;
- John Johnson Waller of Kendal, gent. 1894;
- Charles Edward Watson of Calgarth Park late Lieutenant Colonel in her Majestys Army and now residing at 27 Rue de Calais, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 1889;
- Christopher Knight Watson of 47 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London and of Culgarth, Westmorland esq. 1900;
- Mrs Louisa Anne Luther Watson of 77 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, Middlesex, widow 1878;
- Richard Luther Watson of Ecclerigg, Windermere and of 36 Harley St., Cavendish Square, Middlesex esq. 1872;
- Mrs Betsy Whinerey of Hollin Bank, Underbarrow, widow 1897;
- Roger Hodson Whittaker of Ryley Field, Milnthorpe, gent. 1888;
- John James Whitehead of 10 Jennings Yard, Kendal, fish salesman 1891;
- Miss Sarah Willan of Crow Park, Natland, spinster 1900;
- Christopher Wilson of Lindale in Cartmel, Lancs., coach builder 1868;
- Christopher Wilson Braithwaite Wilson (late Christopher Wilson Braithwaite) of Plumtree Hall esq. 1898;
- Edward Hugh Wilson of Dallam Tower esq., High Sheriff of Westmorland 1886;
- Miss Emily Sarah Wilson of Dallam Tower, spinster 1892;
- Miss Gertrude Sophia Wilson of Dallam Tower, spinster 1890;
- Leonard Wilson of 1 Fell Street, Ulverston, Lancs., miller 1897;
- Mary Charity Wilson of Staveley spinster 1891;
- William Wilson of Durham Bridge, Lyth 1897;
- Mrs Mary Tugwood Wilson of Lindale in Cartmel, Lancs., widow 1899.
Copy will of Roger Moser of Blindbeck House, Kendal, gent. 1874
Copy will of Thomas Rowlandson Dunn of Fulwood Park, Liverpool esq. 1879
Copy probate of will of John Fleming Curwen of Horncop, Heversham. 1932
Deed to extend the term of a mortgage on premises at Wakefield, Yorkshire. 1690
Deeds relating to premises at Old Hutton. 1591-1691
Deeds relating to premises on Fellside, Kendal. 1634-1704
Deeds relating to premises at Wattsfield 1789-1794, with sale poster 1801. 1789-1801
Deeds relating to Sands Close, Stricklandgate, Kendal. 1822

Kendal National School for Boys  WD AG/Box 114  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs Arnold, Greenwood & Son, solicitors on 31 May 1977. (Acc, 1662)

Related information: Further material in accession A 1476: summary list towards the back of this catalogue.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 114/1  1848

Copy deed of foundation and endowment of school, founded by subscriptions and endowed by Mathew Pyper of Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, esq., 21 November 1817.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 114/2-25  1847-1853

Correspondence, mainly from Committee of Council on Education including:
- Report on school, 1848;
- Copy letter from the Reverend William Chaplin to Council on Education after latter's refusal to pay pupil teachers mainly because condition of replacement of stone floor by wooden floor had not been complied with, 28 December 1853.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 114/26  ? 1848

Draft application to Committee of Council on Education by Mayor and Corporation of Kendal, as trustees, for funds, undated.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 114/27-28  1848

Bill of Robert Heap and receipt for part payment for making platforms, desks, etc., 16 September 1848.

Trustees of J. Braithwaite, Esq. (appointed under will of Joseph Braithwaite, merchant, proved 26 November 1827 were brothers-in-law Christopher Wilson, Edward Wilson and Richard Wilson, and Isaac Braithwaite, drysalter. Joseph Braithwaite traded in wool under the name of Gough and Braithwaite)  WD AG/Boxes 130-131  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: List of some of the records deposited on 3 February 1978. (Acc. 1747)

Ledger, with index. 1802-1821.
Ledger, with index. 1822-1839.
Rent account book [of Joseph Braithwaite continued by Christopher Wilson until properties were given up to four sons], with index. 1818-1839.
Letter book of G[ough] & B[raithwaite], woollen merchants; indexed. 1821-1828.
Trustees' account book. 1826-1850.
Letters. 1826-1828.
Vouchers. 1826-1839.
Proposals for letting properties. 1826-1831.
Rentals. 1827-1838.
Probate of will of Joseph Braithwaite, merchant (P.C.C.), 26 November 1827. 1827.
General releases by sons to trustees. 1831-1839.
Records (probably) of general business of Christopher Wilson, attorney, including:
- Ledger, no. 4, with index 1821-1850;
- Day book, no. 5, 1824-1850;
- Business account book 1848-1850.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 116

Source of acquisition: Outline list of records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood & Son, solicitors, Kendal, on 22 August 1978.
(Acc. 1808)

[no title]  WD AG/Box 116/1  1766-1895

Deeds and papers of Nicholson family of Storth, Beetham: deeds (4) 1788-1821; papers re Beetham Inclosure, 1816-24; miscellaneous papers 1766-1880; manor of Beetham admittances (13) 1776-1895; plan of field belonging to Thomas Nicholson, 1842; papers relating to Thomas Nicholson of Storth and Furness Railway Company 1867-1873; Arnside and Silverdale drainage rate assessment, 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 116/2  1792-1965

16 Items

Deeds and papers relating to an Orchard near 'Joseph Garth' or Yew Tree Cottage, Storth, Manor of Beetham, now belonging to Miss E D Tonge, 'Bouskill', Storth.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 116/3  1853

Deed of grant, 6 December 1853, by Dame Anne Frederica Elizabeth le Fleming of Rydal Hall to incumbent and chapel wardens of Coniston of a parcel of land at Coniston as a site for a school house for poor children of township of Coniston and of a right of way to said parcel of land.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 116/4  1884-1949

7 Items

Deeds relating to marriage settlement of Reverend E H Sweet Escott and Miss A F Robertson, appointment of trustees, and related papers.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 116/5  1936-1960

10 Items

Deeds concerning land at Sandylands and roads on Sandgate Estate, Levens Bridge Construction Co. Ltd., with related papers and correspondence.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 116/6  1941-1972

Deeds and papers relating to Birchentree Farm, Cowgill, Hingabank Farm and other lands in Dentdale, and Whernside Grouse Moor, land registration papers, and plan of Dent Estate.

Title deeds of 112 Highgate, Kendal (now Westmoreland Conservative Association), 1670-1881  WD AG/Box 117  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood & Son, solicitors, Kendal, on 6 November 1978. (Acc. 1838)

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T1  [1669/70]

Conveyance, 8 February 22 Charles II.
1. John Holme of Kendal, yeoman, Thomas Camm of Camsgill within Preston Patrick, yeoman, Ann Camm his wife, and Jane Newby of Camsgill, widow of Richard Newby of Kendal, deceased.
2. Richard Rowlandson of Kendal, gent.
Premises: all that their messuage, burgage house or tenement, with backhouses, croft, outhouse and gardens, situate on west side of one street called Souter-gate, otherwise Highgate near Crossbanck in Kendal, and adjoining on Henry Fisher on north and John Symondson on south, formerly in possession of said Richard Newby deceased and now in possession of (1), parcel of land of Thomas Sands of Kendal, gent, and of yearly rent of 12s.; also all and singular houses, edifices, buildings, barns, stables, orchards, gardens, tofts, crofts, etc. appurtaining; paying yearly rent to lord and doing all other dues.
Consideration: £12.
Witnesses: Tho. Sadler, John Cam.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T2  1671

Memorandum of agreement, 23 June 1671.
1. Richard Rowlandson of Kirkby Kendal, gent.
2. Henry Fisher of same, waller.
Covenants: (1) intends to build outhouse and stable on backside of his dwelling house in Highgate, (2) has consented to his building on end wall of cowhouse, adjoining north end of stable of (1), where he can lay his timber; (2) also to build higher if he wants to lay his timber onto said end wall; wall to be repaired, whenever ruinous, at equal charge to (1) and (2).
Witnesses: Robert Barrowe, John Fox.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T3  [1679/80]

Conveyance, 15 February 31 Charles II.
1. Richard Rowlandson of Kirkby in Kendal, gent.
2. William Birkhead of Brantknott in Over Staveley, gent, and James Hodgson of the Parke in Over Staveley, gent.
Recitals:- (1) is bound in £69 19s. 2d. to Agnes Hodgson, spinster, and in £21 4s. to Edward Garnett of Beetham in parcenal sum of £40;
- (2) are bound with (1) as his sureties for said debts;
- Said William Birkhead is bound with (1) as his surety for debt to Ann Walker in £20 by bond dated 1 March last [1678/79] for payment of £10 12s. on 28 February last.
Premises: all that burgage house, messuage or tenement with appurts. wherein (1) now dwells, situate in Highgate near Crossbank in Kendal, being of lands of Thomas Sandys, gent, and of yearly rent of 12s., to be held on trust that (2) shall sell same as soon as possible and satisfy from the price all above recited obligations, with such remainder of price paid to such persons as assigned by (1), and also paying said yearly rent.
Witnesses: Tho. Sandys, John Wilson, Edward Wederall.
Endorsement: note of conveyance by William Birkhead and James Hodgson to James Hudson now of Kendal and Elizabeth his wife and relict and executrix of will and testament of said Richard Rowlandson, of that burgage house within described.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T4  1686

Will of Richard Rowlandson of Kirkby Lonsdale, gent, made 20 May 1686.
Bequests:- to Edward Rowlandson, his eldest son, all his right, title and interest in his lands at Biggings and the four acres which he exchanged with his mother Margaret Wilson lying near Underley, reserving to Elizabeth his wife the mean profits during his son's apprenticeship and for providing his clothes;
- All his personal estate in Kirkby Lonsdale for payment of his debts;
- All that his burgage house, messuage and tenement with appurts at Crossbanke within Highgate in Kendal to Elizabeth his wife on condition that she sells same with all convenient speed in open sale towards payment of his debts;
- 10s. each to Thomas Godsalve of Rigmaden, gent, and Thomas Heblethwaite of Killington, gent.
Executrix: his said wife.
Witnesses: William Bordrigge, William Tatham, Ja. Hudson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T5  1686

Conveyance, 4 October 1686.
1. Elizabeth Rowlandson of Kirkby Lonsdale, widow.
2. James Hudson of Kirkby Kendal, gent.
Recital:- will of Richard Rowlandson, her late husband, made 20 May 1686 [as in WDAG/Box 117/T4].
Premises: all that burgage house, messuage and tenement situate at Crossbank in Highgate in Kendal, formerly in possession of said Richard Rowlandson and now in possession of (1), parcel of lands of Francis Topham, gent, of yearly rent of 12s., with all outhouses etc. appertaining to said burgage.
Consideration: £153.
Witnesses: Anthony Hudson, Edmund Lowes.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T6  [1688/89]

Conveyance, 11 March 1688.
1. James Hudson of Kirkby Kendal, gent, and Elizabeth Hudson, his wife.
2. John Robinson of the Hole alias Wards in Nether Blande within parish of Sedbergh, co. York, gent.
Recital:- will of Richard Rowlandson [as in WDAG/Box 117/T4].
Premises: all that burgage house, messuage or tenement at or near the Crossbanke within Highgate in Kendal, late in possession of said Richard Rowlandson decd., who purchased same of Thomas Camm and others [as in WDAG/Box 117/T1], and now in possession of (1), formerly parcel of lands of Thomas Sands of Kendal, gent, decd., and since of Lionel Topham, esq., lately decd., of yearly rent of 12s.
Consideration: £135.
Witnesses: John Garnett, Martin Wilson, Anthony Hudson, James Bland, Tho. Heblethwaite.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T7  [1688/89]

Receipt, 11 March 1688
Of James Hudson of Kirkby Kendal, gent. and Elizabeth Hudson, his wife, for £135 from John Robinson of the Hole alias Wards in Nether Blande within parish of Sedbergh, co. York, being in full purchase money for that burgage house [as in WDAG/Box 117/T6].
Witnesses: John Garnett, Martin Wilson, Anthony Hudson, James Bland, Tho. Heblethwaite.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T8  1720

Conveyance, 24 October 1720.
1. Emme Court of Kirkby Kendal, widow, Edward Court of Bolton near Bolland, co. York, gent, and Mary Court of Kirkby Kendal, spinster.
2. John Dodgson of Kirkby Kendal, shearmandyer.
Recitals:- will of John Robinson of Kendal, gent, deceased, dated on or about 5 June 1707, devising his messuage and tenement situate on the Crossebancke in Kendal with household goods and furniture to his wife Isabell for life and after her decease to said Emme Court (wife of Robert Court as Aymy Court) and her children;
- Said Robert Court is since deceased, leaving Emme his widow and four children, Edward and Mary, of age, and Robert and John, infants.
Premises: all said messuage and tenement with appurts. formerly in possession of Richard Rowlandson, gent, afterwards of James Hudson, gent, and Elizabeth his wife, and afterwards of said John Robinson, and now of said John Dodgson and Isabell his wife, formerly parcel of lands of Thomas Sands, gent, deceased, and afterwards of Lionel Topham, esq., also deceased, and now of Thomas Frankland, esq., and of yearly rent of 12s., with reversion.
Consideration: £100, viz. £20 apiece (£60 to Emme, Edward and Mary Court; £40 to Robert and John Court on reaching age of 21 years and till then secured by bond from (2) [as in WDAG/Box 117/T9].
Witnesses: Jno. Gilpin, John Elleray, Wm. Bracken (to Emme and Mary Court); Geo. Wilson, Tho. Wilson, Wm. Gruby (to Edward Court).
Endorsements:- receipt, 24 October 1720, of Emme and Mary Court for £40 from said John Dodgson, being part of consideration, same witnesses
- Receipt, 24 October 1720, of Edward Court for £20 from said John Dodgson similarly, same witnesses.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T9  1720

Bond in £100, 24 October 1720.
1. Emma Court of Kendal, widow, Edward Court of Bolton near Bolland, co. York, gent, and Mary Court of Kendal spinster.
2. John Dodgson [of Kendal], shearmandyer.
Condition: (1), with Robert and John Court also, infants of said Emma Court, to perform covenants in indenture of same date [T8].
Witnesses: Jno. Gilpin, John Elleray, Wm. Bracken (for Emma and Mary Court) and Geo. Wilson, Tho. Wilson, Wm. Gruby (for Edward Court).

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T10  1722

Conveyance, 31 May 1722
1. Robert Court of Kirkby Kendal, tallow chandler.
2. John Dodgson of same, shearmandyer.
Recitals:- will of John Robinson of Kendal, gent, deceased, made on or about 5 June 1707 devising his messuage and tenement situate on the Crossebancke in Kendal with household goods and furniture to his wife Isabell for life and after her decease to said Emme Court (wife of Robert Court as Aymy Court) and her children;
- Said Robert Court is since deceased [ibid]
- Conveyance of 24 October 1720 [T8].
Premises: all said messuage and tenement with appurts. formerly in possession of Richard Rowlandson, gent, afterwards of James Hudson, gent, and Elizabeth his wife, and afterwards of said John Robinson, and now of said John Dodgson and Isabell his wife, formerly parcel of lands of Thomas Sands, gent, deceased, and afterwards of Lionel Topham, esq., also deceased, and now of Thomas Frankland, esq., and of yearly rent of 12s., with reversion.
Consideration: £20.
Witnesses: Robert Studholme, Wm. Collinson.
Endorsement: receipt, 31 May 1722, of (1) for £20 from (2), witnessed by same.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T11  1728

Conveyance, 31 May 1728.
1. John Court of Blacksmiths Hall on Lambeth Hall, gent.
2. John Dodgson of Kirkby Kendal, shearmandyer.
Recitals:- will of John Robinson of Kendal, gent, deceased, dated on or about 5 June 1707, devising his messuage and tenement situate on the Crossebancke in Kendal with household goods and furniture to his wife Isabell for life and after her decease to said Emme Court (wife of Robert Court as Aymy Court) and her children;
- Decease of Robert Court [ibid]
- Conveyance of 24 October 1720 [T9].
Premises: all the said messuage and tenement with appurts. formerly in possession of Richard Rowlandson, gent, afterwards of James Hudson, gent, and Elizabeth his wife, and afterwards of said John Robinson, and now of said John Dodgson and Isabell his wife, formerly parcel of lands of Thomas Sands, gent, deceased, and afterwards of Lionel Topham, esq., also deceased, and now of Thomas Frankland, esq., and of yearly rent of 12s., with reversion.
Consideration: £20.
Witnesses: Tho. Scarisbrick, Tho. Cox.
Endorsement: receipt, 31 May 1728, of (1) for £20 from (2), witnessed by same.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T12  1746

Conveyance, 26 May 1746.
1. John Dodgson of Kirkby in Kendal, esq.
2. Henry Scarisbrick of same, gent.
Premises: all that messuage and tenement with appurts. formerly in possession of John Robinson and now of (1), situate on west side of one gate or street in Kendal called High-gate held in burgage tenure by yearly rent of 12s. to Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart., with all outhouses etc. and reversion.
Consideration: £185 10s.
Witnesses: James Godmond, Hn. Holme.
Endorsement: receipt, 26 May 1746, of (1) for £185 10s. from (2), witnessed by same.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T13  1747

Assignment of lease for 99 years, 13 April 1747.
1. Henry Scarisbrick of Kirkby Kendal, gent.
2. Potter Fletcher of Liverpool, co. Lancaster, merchant, George Cock of Kirkby Kendal, innholder, and James Godmond of same, shearmandyer.
Premises: all the residue of the term of lease of 99 years of mills and premises with appurts. situate at or near Dookrey Hall in Kendal; also all that burgage house, messuage and tenement with appurts. situate on the Near Crossbank in Kendal which (1) lately purchased of John Dodgson of Kendal; also all that burgage house, messuage and tenement with appurts. situate on east side of certain street in Kendal called Stricklandgate in or near a place there called Fold which (1) lately purchased of Edward Holme of Eskdale, co. Cumberland, taylor, and Valentine Inman of Kendal, cordwainer; also all that burgage house, messuage and tenement with appurts. situate in Stricklandgate which (1) lately purchased of Thomas Cleasby of Kendal, weaver; also those quitt or free rents from several burgage houses and shops at or near the Fold in Stricklandgate which (1) lately purchased of John Birkett, cordwainer, and Elizabeth his wife
- All said premises to be held on trust that (2) shall permit (1) to possess and enjoy said premises with respective appurts. for his life-time and to receive rents, issues and profits thereof to his own use, and after decease of (1) that (2) shall demise and let all said premises for best price and collect all yearly rents thereof to be paid thus: £10 to Hannah Scarisbrick, wife of (1), yearly during her widowhood from 2 February next after (1)'s decease, and £10 to Anne Scarisbrick, widow, mother of (1), yearly for life from 2 February next after (1)'s decease; (1) has a son named Thomas Scarisbrick.
Covenants:- that if said Hannah Scarisbrick should bear another child within [nine] months next after 1 December last [1746], then (2) shall pay for maintenance, apparel and education of such child(ren) until age of 21 years is attained, and (2) may deduct and retain all necessary and reasonable expenses during time of said trust; any residue of said yearly rents shall be put to interest on good security, with accruing interest to be paid to said Thomas Scarisbrick and any afterborn child on attaining age of 21 years, on which event (2) shall permit said Thomas and his heirs to occupy and enjoy then residue of said term of 99 year lease, with said Thomas paying £150 from said premises to any afterborn child on his or her attaining age of 21 years; that if said Thomas or afterborn child should die before such an age without issue, then (2) shall permit surviving brother or sister to occupy and enjoy said residue of the lease in Dockreyhall Mills and premises, free rents and all above mentioned burgage houses; that if said Thomas and any afterborn child both die before age of 21 years without issue, then (2) shall permit all children now born and those to be born to Mary Fletcher, wife of said Potter Fletcher and sister of (1), to hold and enjoy all above mentioned premises as tenants in common and not joint tenants, paying £20 yearly to Kirkby Scarisbrick, brother of (1), during his life from time of entering into possession for residue of said Kirkby's life; if said Kirkby shall marry and die leaving issue, then all children of said Potter and Mary Fletcher shall pay £400 to children of said Kirkby within one year after his decease; and (1) reserves power to make this deed void at any time during his life.
Consideration: 5s.
Witnesses: John Wakefield, Robt. Rutson, William Fletcher, Roger Beck, Thomas Fenton.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T14  1768

Assignment of trust, 13 February 1768.
1. Potter Fletcher late of Liverpool, co. Lancaster, merchant, and now of Milnthorpe, paper maker, George Cock of Kirkby Kendal, late innholder and now chandler, and James Godmond of Kirkby Kendal, alderman and shearmandyer.
2. Thomas Scarisbrick of Kirkby Kendal, gent, only son and heir of Henry Scarisbrick late of Kendal, drysalter, glover and skinner, deceased.
Recitals:- indenture of 13 April 1747 [T13]
- Said Henry Scarisbrick died on or about 22 April 1747 without revoking said deed, leaving Thomas his only son and heir and Hannah his wife was not pregnant, and said Kirkby Scarisbrick is since dead, unmarried and without issue, and said Ann Scarisbrick, widow, is also dead;
- (1) have rendered account to (2) of all their transactions relating to said trust and have agreed to convey legal estate of premises in Stricklandgate and also residue of term of 99 years in mills and premises at Dockrayhall to (2).
Premises: all that burgage house standing on the Cross Bank in Kendal, all that burgage house standing on east side of Stricklandgate near the Fold purchased by said Henry Scarisbrick of said Edward Holme and Valentine Inman and held of them at yearly rent of 8s. 6d., all said burgage house standing on east side of Stricklandgate near the Fold purchased by said Henry of said Thomas Cleasby, and also free rents from several burgage houses and shop at or near the said Fold purchased by said Henry of said John Birkett and Elizabeth his wife, - all which premises were conveyed by said Henry to (1) in trust
- Also all residue and remainder of term of 99 years yet to come in all said mills, lands and premises with appurts., known as Dockrayhall mills in Kendal, for accustomed yearly rent.
Consideration: 5s.
Witnesses: Jno Shutt, Jno Postlethwaite.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T15-16  1781

Mortgage by lease and release, 12 and 13 February 1781
1. Thomas Scarisbrick of Kirkby Kendal, alderman and drysalter.
2. Joseph Maude of same, esq.
Recital:- bond in £600, 13 February 1781, by (1) to (2) conditioned for payment of £300 with interest at 5%.
Premises: all that messuage or front dwelling house with several backbuildings, gardens and croft standing on west side of Highgate in Kendal near the Crossbank, formerly estate and inheritance of Henry Scarisbrick deceased, father of (1), who purchased same of John Dodgson late of Kendal, esq., held of Lady Pelham by payment of burgage rent of 12s., and now in possession of (1) or his undertenants
- Also all those several mills and sites thereof situate at Dockray Hall in Kendal, also that piece of ground called the Island and all other lands belonging thereto, also all that inclosure called the Millfield situate near Dockray Hall, and all other mills, buildings and lands with appurts. now in possession of (1)
- Subject to mortgage made to Charles Lambert of Lancaster, co. Lancaster, gent, for securing sum of £1,000 and interest.
Covenants: (2) will enter into possession of said premises released on payment by (1) of £300 with interest, excepting said Charles Lambert in right of his said mortgage in the freehold; annuity of £10 to be paid to Hannah Scarisbrick, widow and mother of (1).
Consideration: £300 with interest at 5% for one year on 13 February next.
Witnesses: Tho. Holme, Jas. Wilson.
Endorsement: receipt, 13 February 1781, of (1) for £300 from (2), witnessed by Jas. Wilson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T17-18  1786

Additional mortgage by lease and release on further security, 13 and 14 February 1786.
1. Thomas Scarisbrick of Kirkby Kendal, alderman and drysalter, and Sarah his wife.
2. Joseph Maude of same, esq.
Recitals:- mortgage by lease and release, 12 and 13 February 1781 [T15-16]
- (2) now owed principal sum of £300, all interest having been paid off
- (1) wishes to borrow further sum of £400 from (2) who agrees thereto on having further security on said mortgaged premises and a security on undermentioned lands.
Premises: all that parcel of freehold land lying in Mintsfeet known as Ashacre, adjoining on west side to river Kent, on east to parcel of land belonging to devisees of John Willan deceased, and on north to parcel of land called the Gur acre, at yearly free rent of 1s. 6d.; also site of messuage or dwelling house and all that parrock or inclosure adjoining called Longhouse Parrock in Kendal, at yearly free rent of 1s., - all now in possession of (1); also that house or building, formerly used as a dye house standing at low end of Lowther Street in Kendal, and also all that parcel of ground adjoining and containing ten yards in front to said street and fourteen yards in depth, held of the Chamber of Kendal at yearly burgage rent of 5s. and now in possession of (1).
Covenants: (1) agree to levy fine of said premises.
Consideration: £700 with interest at 5%.
Witnesses: Thos. Johnson, Jas. Wilson.
Endorsement: receipt, 14 February 1786, of (1) for £400 from (2), witnessed by same.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T19  1787

Assignment in trust under bankruptcy, 5 February 1787.
1. Miles Harrison of Kendal, esq., James Wilson and Thomas Yeates of Kendal, gents.
2. James Ashburner, bookseller, and Thomas Wilson, hosier, both of Kendal.
Recitals:- Commission, 23 November last [1786], concerning bankruptcy issued against Thomas Scarisbrick, now or late of Kendal, drysalter, directed to (1) and also to Thomas Fenwick, esq., and George Waller Scott, gent.
- Said Thomas Scarisbrick during his trading and dealing as a drysalter became indebted in £206 7s. 6d. to John Postlethwaite of Kendal, gent, as administrator of will of Thomas Rowlandson, deceased, for money lent by latter to said Thomas, who was declared bankrupt by (1) and at the same time was seised of several freehold mills, messuages and tenements, inclosures of land, also several burgage houses, stable and lot of ground in
Premises: all and every of the said bankrupt's freehold mills, messuages and tenements, free rent closes, inclosures or parcels of land, hereditaments and premises, and also all and every of his burgage houses, messuages and tenements, stable and lot of ground situate in or near Kendal; also all estate, right, title, interest and equity of redemption he had in said premises - in trust for benefit of all creditors of said bankrupt who will come in and seek relief.
Covenants: (2) agree to use their best endeavours to recover possession of said premises and then sell same with all convenient speed and to give a true account of all sums of money which they receive out of said Thomas Scarisbrick's estate to commissioners, who will divide and distribute same amongst creditors of said Thomas seeking relief.
Subscriptions:- Enrolled in High Court of Chancery on 13 February 1787, Tho. Brigstock;
- Copy examined, 25 May 1787 by Ja. Simpson, Jno. Wilson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T20  1787

Conveyance, 11 April 1787.
1. Joseph Maude of Kirkby Kendal, esq.
2. James Ashburner, papermaker, and Thomas Wilson, hosier, both of Kendal.
3. Thomas Scarisbrick, now or late of Kendal, drysalter.
4. Hannah Scarisbrick of Kendal, widow and mother of (3).
5. Reverend John Wilson, one of the senior Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Recitals:- mortgage by lease and release, 12 and 13 February 1781 [T15-16];
- Additional mortgage by lease and release on further security, 13 and 14 February 1786 [T17-18];
- Assignment in trust under bankruptcy, 5 February 1787 [T19];
- (3) put said burgage premises up for public sale before he became a bankrupt and (5) purchased same for £400;
- (2), in pursuance of (3)'s contract with (5), agreed to convey said burgage premises to (5); purchase money to be paid to (1) in part discharge of principal money and interest due to him on said securities;
- (4) is entitled to annuity of £10 for life payable out of said burgage premises, but in order that (3)'s contract with (5) can be carried out (4) agreed to release premises from said annuity.
Premises: all that said messuage or front dwelling house with several backbuildings, gardens and croft situate on west side of Highgate at the Crossbank, formerly estate of Henry Scarisbrick deceased, held of Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Pelham and Ann Lady Pelham by yearly burgage rent of 12s. and now in possession of (2).
Consideration: £400.
Witnesses: Ford North, Jas. Wilson (for (3)), Jas. Wilson, Ja. Simpson (for (2) and (4)).
Endorsement: receipt, 11 April 1787, of (1) for £400 from (5), witnessed by Jas. Wilson, Ja. Simpson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T21  1787

Articles of agreement, 7 July 1787.
1. Christopher Fenton of Kirkby Kendal, alderman.
2. Reverend John Wilson, bursar and a Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Recital:- (1) is seised of a front dwelling house and a backbuilding situate on west side of Highgate in Kendal at Crossbank, and (2) is also seised of a front dwelling house and backbuildings or the site thereof now intended to be rebuilt situate on west side of Highgate adjoining (1)'s said premises on north.
Covenants: (2) to be free to take down north end wall of (1)'s said front dwelling house and north side wall of (1)'s kitchen and backkitchen and to rebuild same in a substantial manner, and to carry up chimneys and lay his timbers in same, and wall afterwards be joint property of (1) and (2), and (1) will prop and support his timbers at own expense; (2) is to pay £1 to (1) and expense of propping floors, timbers and roof of kitchens; (2) to make recesses in walls for cupboards & make such walls convenient for (1)'s timbers; also to make sufficient spout or gutter to carry off water from north side of (1)'s kitchens, to remove rubbish put in (1)'s cellars by taking down end wall, and to secure floors from damage; if (1) should raise his kitchens, he will be able to put his timbers in said new intended wall.
Witnesses: W Barton, Rector of Windermere, Jas. Wilson, attorney, Kendal.
Endorsement: receipt, 13 September 1788, of (1) for £1 from (2), witnessed by Jas. Wilson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T22  1787

Enfranchisement, 1 September 1787.
1. Edward Shipphard of Natland, gent.
2. Reverend John Wilson, clerk, Senior Fellow and Bursar of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Recitals:- Assignment in trust, 1 February 1780.
1. Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood of Kirklington Park, co. Oxford, Baronet, eldest son of Sir James Dashwood late of Norbrook, co. Oxford, Baronet, deceased.
2. Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Pelham, Baron of Stanmer in county of Sussex, and Ann Lady Pelham, his wife, who is devisee to premises granted in will of Rt. Hon. Dinah late Countess Dowager of Lichfield, deceased, widow of and devisee named in will of Rt. Hon. George Henry late Earl of Lichfield, deceased, and daughter, only child and heir at law of Hon. Sir Thomas Frankland late of Thirkelby, co. York, Baronet, deceased, by Dame Dinah, his late wife.
3. James Dowker then of Kendal, esq. since deceased, and said Edward Shipphard.
Recital:- marriage settlement of said late Earl of Lichfield and Dinah late Countess Dowager of Lichfield; wills of same.
Premises: messuage, tenement and several yearly rents hereinafter mentioned, which (2) had advertised for public sale, - in trust that (3) be empowered to sell same premises to assure same to any prospective purchaser, and on further trust that (3) should pay and apply monies from such sale as sufficient discharge to purchaser(s), who should not then be accountable for any loss of purchase monies.
Covenants: (2) agreed with (3) that all such contracts, conveyances, etc. as should be made by (3) in pursuance of said indenture be valid and binding on (2); (2) also agreed to levy fine in Hilary term next.
- Said James Dowker is lately dead and said Edward Shipphard is only surviving trustee and in whom all estates and trusts are now vested.
- Said John Wilson agreed with said Edward Shipphard for absolute purchase of premises to be granted into a freehold estate of inheritance.
Premises: all that messuage, burgage house or tenement standing on westside of Highgate in Kendal late in possession of Thomas Scarisbrick and now of said John Wilson, of yearly burgage rent of 12s.; also all that yearly rent of 2s. 6½d. payable from messuage and tenement in Lambrigg late in possession of Miles Scales and now of said John Wilson; also all those several meal rents yearly payable out of several messuages and tenements in Whinfell, viz: one yearly rent of 2s. 6d. payable from messuage in possession of said John Wilson, one yearly rent of 3d. payable from messuage also in his possession, one yearly rent of 8d. payable from messuage in possession of Thomas Wilson, tanner, one yearly rent of 5½d. payable from messuage in possession of James Wilson, esq., and one yearly rent of 5d. payable from messuage called Hollingwell also in possession of said James Wilson.
Consideration: £23 10s. 10d.
Witnesses: Ja. Wilson, S Richardson.
Endorsements:- delivery of seisin, 1 September 1787, by (1) to (2);
- Receipt, same day, of (1) for £23 10s. 10d. from (2), witnessed by same.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T23  1791

Release confirmation (copy), 26 November 1791.
1. Isaac Wilson of Kendal, tanner, nephew and heir at law of John Wilson, Master of Arts, Fellow and late Bursar of Trinity College, Cambridge, and late of Kendal deceased.
2. James Wilson of Kendal, esq.
Recitals:- will of said John Wilson made 22 December 1790, bequests:- to his nephew, Isaac Wilson, all his estates, messuages, lands and premises with appurts. in parish of Sedbergh, co. York, subject to yearly payment of £15 to his sister Isabella Rowlandson for life in lieu of what he pays her now; also all his closes called Bullmire and Stripes in Kendal Parks; also all his other lands etc. in parish of Kendal; also £100;
- To his brother James Wilson subject to payment of £24 yearly to his sister Jane Scales for life in lieu of present annuity and payment of £600 at her death to be divided among her children;
- To his nephew James Wilson and niece Jane Wilson £200 each;
- To Reverend Dr Watson, Bishop of Llandaff £100 as a mark of his esteem and regard;
- To his housekeeper, Margaret Wade, £100 for her care and attention during his long illness;
- To Reverend Richard Wilson, his curate at Gainford, £20.
Executor: James Wilson, his brother, with all his books, plate and furniture in Kendal and in county of Durham.
Witnesses: Joseph Asbridge, Thos. Burrow, Jno. Postlethwaite.
- Said John Wilson died soon after making said will and (1) has agreed to establish and confirm will.
Premises: all those two messuages and tenements with all lands and grounds called Crosshouses situate in Lambrigg in parish of Kendal; all those several messuages and tenements with all their lands called Deepslack, Mirleslack, Steel Gill, Pickthill and Harehow situate in Whinfell in parish of Kendal, with two parcels of land in Whinfell; also all those two closes of land formerly one inclosure called Heron Hill in Kendal Parks; also all that new built front dwelling house with backbuildings, yard, garden and appurts. on west side of Highgate; also all that garden with summer house at south end of Bowling Fell in Kendal; also all that barn on the Fell side formerly belonging to Alderman Wilson; also all that close called Holme Parrock situate on the Tenterfell in Kendal; also all that messuage and tenement with all lands, turbary and appurts. situate in Brigsteer in township of Levens and Helsington; also that parcel of peat moss called High Cringle Moss situate in said township of Levens; also all other parcel of peat moss situate in Underbarrow formerly belonging to William Wilson; also all that fishery within the Middle Cubble in Windermere Water formerly belonging to Thomas English, - all which premises were lately estate of said John Wilson and now in possession of said James Wilson.
Consideration: 5s.
Witnesses: Jas. Wilson, Jno. Barrow.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T24-25  1793

Lease and release, 9 and 10 April 1793.
1. James Wilson of Kirkby Kendal, esq.
2. Catherine Wilson of same, spinster, daughter of (1).
Premises: all that freehold front dwelling house with several backbuildings, yard, garden and croft, standing on west side of Highgate in Kendal at the Cross Bank, lately the estate of inheritance of Reverend John Wilson deceased, brother of (1), who purchased same of assignees of Thomas Scarisbrick, a bankrupt, and afterwards devised same to (1) who is in possession.
Consideration: 5s.
Witness: Thomas Strickland.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T26  1795

Deed to lead to uses of fine, 4 July 1795.
1. Christopher Wilson the younger of Kirkby Kendal, banker, and Catherine his wife.
2. Christopher Wilson the elder of same, banker.
Premises: all that freehold front dwelling house with several backbuildings, yard, garden and croft, standing on west side of Highgate in Kendal at the Cross Bank, lately the estate of inheritance of Reverend John Wilson deceased, brother of (1), who purchased same of assignees of Thomas Scarisbrick, a bankrupt, and afterwards devised same to (1) who is in possession.
Uses: for such person(s) and for such estate(s) and subject to such payments, conditions and limitations as said Christopher Wilson the younger shall declare, direct or appoint.
Witnesses: James Dixon, Jas. Wilson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T27-28  1795

Fine (left and right indentures), Trinity term 35 George III [1795].
1. Christopher Wilson the elder, plaintiff.
2. Christopher Wilson the younger and Catherine his wife, deforciants.
Premises: one messuage, one stable, one garden and one acre of land with appurts in Kendal.
Fine: £60.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T29  1801

Feoffment, 30 November 1801.
1. Christopher Wilson the younger of Kendal, banker.
2. James Wilson of Kendal, esq.
3. William Dillworth Crewdson of Kendal, banker.
Premises: all that freehold front dwelling house with several backbuildings, yard, garden and croft situate on west side of Highgate at or near the Cross Bank, late the estate and inheritance of Reverend John Wilson deceased, who devised same to his brother (2) to whom Isaac Wilson the nephew and heir at law of said John Wilson later released same to (2) who later conveyed same to Catherine his daughter who is now wife of (1) and vested same by fine in (1).
Covenants: (2) agrees with (3) to produce in any Court of Law the indenture of 26 November 1791 [T23].
Consideration: £1,750.
Witnesses: John Wilson, John Richardson.
Endorsements:- receipt, 30 November 1801, of (1) for sum of £1,750 from (3)
- Memorandum of livery of seisin on same day, witnessed by same.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 117/T30  1815 - 1931

Lease for 21 years, 11 November 1881.
1. William Dilworth Crewdson of Kendal, gent, banker.
2. George Foster Braithwaite of Kendal, manufacturer, John Banks, land surveyor, John Henry Butler, banker's clerk, and Francis William Watson, gent, all of Kendal.
Premises: all that messuage or tenement with garden and appurts. situate on west side of Highgate in Kendal late in occupation of Mr John Whitwell, M.P., deceased, as tenant, together with cottage near thereto now in occupation of Mr Brickell and together with offices now in occupation of Mr Steel and the building over the same called the 'Old Mechanics', with appurts.
- For term of 21 years from Whitsuntide last at yearly rent of £66 10s.
Covenants: (2) agree to pay all rates, taxes etc. in respect of said premises (except landlords property tax), to keep premises in good repair such as is usual in properties of the same class in district and without structural alteration (except as approved of by (1)'s architect), and not to carry on any business which would be a nuisance to neighbourhood; (1) shall be able to enter premises if rent is unpaid for space of 28 days or if any of (2) are declared bankrupt, but (1)'s powers not to be enforced so long as any sufficient and responsible member of Conservative Club is willing to be substituted a lessee in place of any defaulting lessee of (2).
Witness: Jno. Hodgson, solicitor's clerk, Stramongate, Kendal. (Plan attached).
Plans and related papers
Estimate of cost and materials for alterations to rooms in Mr William D. Crewdson's yard in Highgate, by William Fisher, February 1815. 1815.
Plans of Bank House, Kendal, previous to alterations being made by the committee of Kendal Conservative Club, by Jno. Thompson, architect, Kendal; scale: 16 feet to one inch. 1881.
Letter, 14 February 1882, from R F Thompson, solicitor, Kendal, to W D Crewdson, concerning wall between their respective properties, and copy reply, 23 February 1882. 1882.
Resolution, 7 August 1931, of Westmorland Conservative Club authorising mortgage of club premises to secure £2,000. 1931.
Plan of house in Highgate, n.d. n.d.
Plan of house by Robert Brettingham, n.d. n.d.
- For plan of proposed alteration to house to adapt it for a Conservative Club, 26 July 1881, see WSMB/K/Building plans, Book 4, No. 568.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 148-155

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 9 July 1982. (Acc. A218)

[no title]  WD AG/Box 148  Circa 1604-1944

Deeds etc. of Pool Bank, Witherslack.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 149  1659-1960

Deeds of premises on Fellside, Kendal [now garages in the Old Shambles, Highgate]. 1659-1783.
Deeds of Gillingrove Head, Kendal. c. 1677-1875.
Deeds of High Butterbent, New Hutton. 1755-1950.

Records of Blue Coat School, Kendal (and other charities) and Kendal Grammar School  WD AG/Box 150-153  1774 - 1978

[NOTE: in 1886, the funds of the grammar school were amalgamated with those of Sandes' Hospital and the Blue Coat School (founded in 1659) and placed under "The Governors of the United School & Hospital Foundation of Kendal"].
Deeds of Martin Croft, Kendal (in trust for use of Charity Boys). 1774-
Minute book of subscribers to the Blue Coat School with schedule of apprentices nos. 715-878, 1825-1836. 1814-1886.
Bank pass books (2): Trustees of Blue Coat School in account with Bank of Westmorland: 1835-1851; 1851-1868. 1835-1868
Vouchers and correspondence of the Blue Coat School. [in original bundles]. 1835-1884.
Statements of account of the Blue Coat School. 1853-1885.
Book containing subscriptions to the Blue Coat School. 1856-1864.
Petty cash account book of Blue Coat School. 1861-1875.
Treasurer's account book of the Blue Coat School. 1869-1886.
Letters re Sandes' Charity and Blue Coat School, etc. 1877-1885.
Schemes &c of Charity Commission re Blue Coat School and other charities. 1880-1883.
Account book for Gilpin's rents and other charity money (distributed by Trustees of Charities in linen cloth for shirts and shifts to poor persons in Kendal). 1826-1865.
Cash account book of the Widows' Hospital. 1835-1865.
Cash book of Trustees of Charities. 1835-1856.
Cash account book of Trustees of Charities in Kendal (including Blue Coat School and others). 1837-1886.
Cash account book: distribution of interest received half-yearly from Corporation of Kendal (sundry charities including Blue Coat School). 1843-1865.
Report of the Committee appointed by the Corporation to inquire into the various Charities and Endowments of the Borough of Kendal. Pr. by John Hudson, Kendal. 1847.
Bye-Laws passed by the Local Board of Health of the Borough of Kendal... Pr. James Robinson, Kendal. 1859.
Deeds of Lound property, Kendal [site of new grammar school], including map of 1740. 1732-1854.
Bills of quantities, plans etc. for proposed, alterations and extensions to form Kirkbie Kendal Upper and Lower Schools 1978.

Records from box of General W G Braithwaite  WD AG/Box 154-155  1762-1974

Conditions of access: RESTRICTED ACCESS

Sundry "old deeds"
- Copy of will of Anthony Garnett of Kendal, yeoman, 1735
- James Wilson to Joseph Gough: dale in Mintsfeet, Kendal, 1762
- Joseph Shaw and ors. to George Braithwaite: Woodburn Parrock, at north of Wildman Street, Kendal, 1769
- Common recovery [1800]
- John Willison Dickinson to Joseph Braithwaite: Lane Head, Helsington 1824.
Deed of settlement upon marriage of Garnett Braithwaite of Lane Head, near Kendal esq. and Sarah Wilson of Kendal re premises including Lane Head and Lane Foot, Helsington, closes called Garnett Bank, Great and Little Mintsfeet, Bridge End or Beesonfield and Town End Close in Kendal, 9 December 1835. 1835.
Certificate of acknowledgment by Anna Agnew in respect of indenture of 17 May [1852] between Thomas Ramsden Agnew and Anna, his wife and Richard Wilson, 17 May 1852. 1852.
Succession duty account of Christopher Wilson Braithwaite-Wilson of Plumtree Hall, [Heversham] upon death of Sarah Braithwaite on 18 December 1879 derived from Garnett Braithwaite under a settlement of 9 December 1835; re cesser of annuity of £200, 8 February 1881, receipted for duty, 8 March 1881. 1881.
Appointment of new trustees of will of late Richard Wilson, late of Lancaster, gent deceased proved 18 August 1870 devising real estate to great nephew Christopher Wilson Braithwaite (now Christopher Wilson Braithwaite-Wilson), 31 May 1890. 1890.
Deed acknowledging part discharge of sum of £3,250 charged on Watercrook Estate, Kendal as by will of late Richard Wilson of Lancaster, 4 September 1896. 1896.
Probate of will of Major C W Braithwaite-Wilson of Plumtree Hall, Heversham granted 13 October 1898, with release of Mrs Braithwaite-Wilson's interest in Castle Dairy in Wildman Street, Kendal, 14 May 1915 and related documents including
- Release of premises in Kendal (including Castle Dairy) to make a tenant to the precipe by Braithwaite and others to Jackson, 1799
- Feoffment of Park Greens and 3 dales in Mintsfeet, Kendal by Wm. Braithwaite and John Wilson to Garnett Braithwaite, 1800
- Lease of Castle Dairy, Kendal by C W Braithwaite-Wilson to Matthew Carter Croft, 12 May 1894
- Estate duty papers 1901
- Inventories and receipts of articles 1901-1902
- Appointments of new trustees of will of Major C W Braithwaite-Wilson deceased, 1916 and 1924; 1800-1924
Estate duty account on death of Christopher Wilson Braithwaite-Wilson died 8 July 1898 in respect of premises etc. derived from will of Richard Wilson of Lancaster including Birkfield in Staveley, Bleaze Hall in Old Hutton, Stainbank Green in Helsington, Berwick Fold in Nether Staveley, Watercrook in Natland and Levens, etc. and to which Garnett Braithwaite, brother is beneficiary, 28 October 1899, receipted for duty 24 November 1899. 1899.
Succession duty account of Garnett Braithwaite of 12 Redcliff Gardens, South Kensington, co. Middlesex upon death of Christopher Wilson Braithwaite-Wilson on 8 July 1898 derived from Richard Wilson under his will proved 18 August 1871; re property including Birkfield in Over and Nether Staveley, etc. [as above], 10 October 1899, receipted for duty 24 November 1899. 1899.
Licence that Garnett Braithwaite of Redcliffe Gardens, Kensington, co. London, esq. and his issue may take and use the surname of Wilson in addition to and after that of Braithwaite, 25 November 1899. 1899.
Deed of settlement on marriage of Captain Wm. G Braithwaite with Miss Gwendolen Elizabeth Hewett, 13 August 1901 with appointments of new trustees 1926, 1933 and 1952. 1901-1952.
Mortgage and further charges etc. of Lane Head and Lane Foot in Helsington 1876-1901, and conveyance of part of Chapel Croft, Penruddock, Cumberland, 15 October 1874. 1874-1901.
Estate and succession duty accounts on death of Garnett Braithwaite-Wilson (died 2 October 1906) and inheritance by his son William Garnett Braithwaite of premises including Birkfield in Staveley etc. [as before] and Lane Head and Lane Foot farms in Helsington. 1908.
Sale catalogue of household goods, 16 and 17 November [1911] with account of Major W G Braithwaite dr. to Solomon Bros., general ironmongers etc., household removals, Aldershot, 15 December 1911. 1911.
Deeds and appointments of trustees etc. of General William Garnett Braithwaite's Settlement in respect of freehold hereditaments including Lane Head and Lane Foot in Helsington, Birkfield in Over and Nether Staveley, Bleaze Hall in Old Hutton, Stainbank Green in Helsington and Nethergraveship, Borwick Fold in Nether Staveley and Water Crook Farm in Natland and Levens, etc., 16 December 1927. 1901-1968.
Mortgages by General W G Braithwaite to H Arnold Trustees of policy of assurance and life interest in rents of real estate near Kendal. 1907-1929.
Promissory notes of W G Braithwaite to Messrs Cox and Co. London. [Cancelled]. 1911.
Accounts of Major W G Braithwaite with Arnold Greenwood and Son, and A Hoggarth and Son with letters, including one from Colonel W G Braithwaite, H.Q., New Zealand Defence Forces, Wellington, New Zealand about the war "... The news we have received here today is not very re-assuring. This is going to be a great struggle & many valuable lives are to be sacrificed. Why has Gt. Britain with her 46 million inhabitants not listened to the vain appeals of Lord Roberts & other soldiers to increase her standing army and to train the young men. We are going to pay for this madness now ...," 1 September 1914. 1914.
Letter from H.M. Office of Works, Westminster to W G Braithwaite informing him that Roman Fort, Watercrook of which he is owner is to be included in lists of monuments prepared and published under section 12 of Ancient Monuments Consolidation and Amendment Act 1913, 26 June 1924. 1924.
Mortgages and reconveyances relating to Plumtree Hall in Heversham, Gateside Estate in Strickland Ketel, with plan of Plumbtree Hall Estate, 1823 and schedule of 1927. 1823-1927.
Mortgage and deeds of Church Farm Estate, Heversham with schedule of 1927. 1862-1927.
Papers re monies due to daughters of General W G Braithwaite under re-settlement of 13 August 1901 and his will. 1927-1939.
Lists of furniture, silver, etc. belonging to and given to his wife and children by General W G Braithwaite, 22 May 1929. 1929.
Leases by General W G Braithwaite of Stonebank Green Farm in Helsington and Bleaze Hall Farm in Old Hutton to Mr W G Young and Mr F G Bentham respectively, 18 June 1935 and 10 March 1936. 1935 & 1936.
Copy resettlement deeds etc.: General W G Braithwaite and others 1901-1927; and estate duty papers 1938. 1938.
Power of attorney to act in all matters relating to various trusts: General A E Grasett, D.S.O., M.C., to Captain G E Braithwaite, 26 August 1938. 1938.
Power of attorney to act in relation to estate etc.: Lt. Col. G E Braithwaite to Mrs M E Braithwaite, his wife, 17 May 1942. 1942.
Account of Lt. Col. G E Braithwaite with Arnold Greenwood & Son, solicitors, Kendal. 1940-1945.
Rent accounts of A Hoggarth & Son, land agents and surveyors with Captain/Lt. Colonel G E Braithwaite in respect of Birkfield and other properties around Kendal. 1941-1946.
Sale particulars of five stock rearing and dairy farms etc. namely Stainbank Green, Lane Head, Bleaze Hall, Birkfield, Borwick Fold on 26 October 1946. 1946.
Valuation of Hill End Court Farm, Chaceley, Gloucestershire, 18 October 1949 purchased by Lt. Colonel and Mrs G E Braithwaite and Mrs M E Braithwaite, his wife with agreement of Trustees of General William Garnett Braithwaite's Settled Estates. 1949.
Covenant for payment of annuity by Lt. Colonel G E Braithwaite to Mrs G E Braithwaite, [widow of General W G Braithwaite], 2 June 1950 with release endorsed, 7 January 1954. 1954.
Mortgage of reversionary interest in Trust Estate to secure £1000 plus interest, Lt. Colonel G E Braithwaite to The Guardian Assurance Company Ltd., 6 May 1954. 1954.
Appointment of new trustees of will of Christopher Wilson Braithwaite-Wilson (proved 13 October 1898), 11 November 1952, and disentailing deed relating to "Castle Dairy" Funds, 30 July 1957. 1952-1957.
Appointments of new trustees of will of Garnett Braithwaite-Wilson, deceased (proved 5 January 1907), 27 March 1930 and 11 November 1952, and disentailing deed relating to "The Ashes Fund", 30 July 1957. 1930-1957.
Certificate of marriage of Anthony Arthur Garnett Braithwaite and Yvonne Alice Bihi on 3 October 1964 in France. 1964.
Sale particulars of Hill End, Chaceley, Gloucestershire upon instructions of Lt. Colonel G E Braithwaite on 22 October 1964. 1964.
Publications by Lieut. Colonel G E Braithwaite about the Braithwaite family entitled "Generoso germine gemmo" (1965) and The Braithwaite Clan (1974). 1965 & 1974.

Probates and Letters of Administration  WD AG/Boxes 156-158  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Additional records deposited on 9 July 1982. (Acc. A218)

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 156

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/1  1898

ADAMS, Edith Anne Jackson, of 'Mornington', The Avenue, Surbiton Hill, Surrey formerly of 'Trevonia', Saint Margarets, East Twickenham, Middlesex, wife of Henry Powys Adams.
Will dated: 26 February 1894.
Probate dated: 23 July 1898.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/2  1939

ADAMS, Robert Leonard Powys, of The Old Rectory, Carshalton, Surrey, bachelor.
Letters dated: 3 July 1939.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/3  1893

ADDISON, George, of High House, Hugill, farmer.
Will dated: 24 March 1888.
Probate dated: 21 April 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/4  1891

ADDISON, John Jackson, of Brantfield, Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 18 December 1890.
Probate dated: 20 February 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/5  1906

ALEXANDER, Agnes Ann, of "The Homestead", Kendal, wife of William Alexander.
Letters dated: 17 December 1906.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/6  1896

ALLEN, James Esq., of Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 4 January 1896.
Probate dated: 23 March 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/7  1920

ARMER, Henry, of Sunnyside, Old Hutton, labourer.
Will dated: 19 October 1908.
Probate dated: 6 February 1920.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/8  1932

ARMISTEAD, Mary Ellen Carr, of West View, Hutton Roof, widow.
Letters dated: 11 April 1932.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/9  1891

ARMITSTEAD, George, of Kirkby House, Underbarrow, farmer.
Letters dated: 1 August 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/10  1891

ARMITSTEAD, John Bowness, of Mill Holme, New Hutton, farmer.
Will dated: 8 June 1891.
Probate dated: 18 July 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/11  1893

ARMITSTEAD, Robert, of Mill Holme, New Hutton, farmer.
Will dated: 5 December 1892.
Probate dated: 20 January 1893

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/12  1889

ARNOLD, Arthur, of Mill Place, Lamberhurst, Sussex, gentleman.
Will dated: 20 September 1884.
Probate dated: 31 July 1889.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/13  1948

ARNOT, Marion Wilson, of Ben Holme, Burneside, Kendal, wife of James Arnot, retired paper makers engineer.
Letters dated: 12 June 1948.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/14  1931

ASKEW, Joseph, of The Beehive Cottage formerly of The Beehive Inn, Stainton, licensed victualler.
Will dated: 12 September 1911.
Probate dated: 18 February 1931.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/15  1931

ASKEW, Mary Agnes, of The Beehive Cottage, Stainton, widow.
Letters dated: 4 February 1931.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/16  1904

ATKINSON, John, of Underhelm, Stainton formerly of Red Scar, Underbarrow, retired farmer.
Will dated: 28 February 1903.
Probate dated: 12 August 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/17  1890

ATKINSON, Mary Ann, of Nibthwaite Grange, Colton, co. Lancaster, spinster.
Will dated: 11 September 1883.
Probate dated: 3 October 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/18  1890

BACKHOUSE, Ann Caroline, of Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside, widow.
Will dated: 26 March 1890.
Probate dated: 30 April 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/19  1895

BAILIE, George, of Kendal, ironmonger.
Will dated: 10 July 1891.
Probate dated: 18 March 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/20  1905

BARCLAY, Ann Hannah, of Gill Head, Windermere formerly of North Terrace, Bowness on Windermere, wife of David Barcley.
Will dated: 31 December 1901.
Probate dated: 29 November 1905.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/21  1898

BARRAT, Alfred, of 38 Nevern Square, South Kensington, Middlesex, Esq.
Will dated: 7 October 1897.
Probate dated: 11 March 1898.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/22  1887

BARRAT, Sarah, of Holly How, Coniston, widow.
Will dated: 27 December 1886.
Probate dated: 2 August 1887.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/23  1881

BARRAT, William, of Holly How, Coniston, Esq.
Will dated: 23 July 1875.
Probate dated: 3 August 1881.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/24  1861

BARROW, Elizabeth
Of Bowness, widow.
Will dated: 21 August 1860.
Probate dated: 25 June 1861.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/25  1917

Of Low Bleaze, Old Hutton, spinster.
Letters dated: 25 May 1917.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/26  1876

BELK, Eleanor
Of No. 10 Lord Duncan Street, Cross Lane, Salford formerly of Highgate, Kendal.
Will dated: 1 November 1873.
Probate dated: 25 January 1876.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/27  1892

BENSON, Robert
Of Borough Bridge, Tebay, pointsman.
Letters dated: 23 September 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/28  1885

Of Bleaze Hall, Old Hutton, Kendal, farmer.
Will dated: 15 August 1884.
Probate dated: 2 April 1885.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/29  1962

BERRY, Margaret Lousa
Of 67 Highgate, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 20 April 1960.
Probate dated: 17 July 1962.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/30  1904

BOAK, Mary
Of No. 1 Cliff Terrace, Kendal, spinster.
Letters dated: 15 November 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/31  1913

BOLTON, John Edward
Of Kirkland, Kendal, bachelor.
Letters dated: 5 February 1913

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/32  1895

BOLTON, William
Of Kendal, pork butcher.
Will dated: 26 March 1895.
Probate dated: 9 December 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/33  1853

BOLTON, Samuel
Of Kendal, painter, plumber and glazier.
Will dated: 15 October 1852.
Probate dated: 19 March 1853.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/34  1853

BOLTON, Samuel
Of Kendal, painter, plumber and glazier.
Will dated: 15 October 1852.
Probate dated: 5 March 1853.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/35  1935

BORWICK, Charles Ducksbury
Of "Helm View", 46 Gillinggate, Kendal.
Letters dated: 5 March 1935.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/36  1942

BORWICK, Charles Ducksbury
Of "Helm View", 46 Gillinggate, Kendal.
Letters dated: 8 May 1942.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/37  1880

Of The Hood, Old Hutton, yeoman.
Will dated: 18 March 1880.
Probate dated: 5 May 1880.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/38  1903

Of Albert Road East, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 2 August 1884.
Probate dated: 22 May 1903.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/39  1888

Of Askrigg, York, spinster.
Will dated: 23 September 1879.
Probate dated: 29 February 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/40  1918

BRADLEY, John Timothy
Of 261 Thingwall Road, Wavertree.
Letters dated: 22 April 1918.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/41  1899

Of West Bank, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 23 February 1897.
Probate dated: 8 May 1899.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/42  1947

Of 24 Park Street, Kendal.
Letters dated: 8 May 1947.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/43  1897

Of No. 8 Trevor Street, Seaforth, Liverpool, horse keeper.
Letters dated: 7 October 1897.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/44  1895

Of Bowness, Windermere, boat proprietor.
Letters dated: 11 January 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/45  1892

BRAITHWAITE, John, Cartmell
Of West Bank, Kendal, carpet manufacturer.
Will dated 19 March 1891.
Probate dated 14 September 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/46  1908

Of Layer Breton, Kendal, wife of John Henry Braithwaite.
Letters dated: 4 February 1908.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/47  1821

Of Kendal, merchant.
Will dated: 8 January 1810.
Probate dated: 18 June 1821.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/48  1901

BRIDGE, Edward
Of Lightburne Malakoff N.R. Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia formerly of Town Bank House, Ulverston, cabinet maker.
Will dated: 12 November 1901.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/49  1895

BROOKS, Margaret
Of Collin Croft, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 10 August 1895.
Probate dated: 15 November 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/50  1928

BROWN, Catherine Elizabeth
Of 39 Peel Street, Liverpool, widow.
Will dated: 24 August 1907.
Probate dated: 27 December 1928.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/51  1891

BROWN, Charlotte
Of Crook, Durham, spinster.
Letters dated: 30 May 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/52  1883

BROWN, George
Of Staveley, Kendal, chapel weaver.
Will dated: 12 July 1883.
Probate dated: 1 September 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/53  1918

BROWN, Isabella Ruth
Of Parr Street, Kendal, schoolmaster, wife of Joseph Brown.
Will dated: 4 January 1911.
Probate dated: 15 November 1918.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/54  1892

Of Bridge End, Old Hutton, widow.
Will dated: 5 October 1880.
Probate dated: 28 December 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/55  1895

BRUMWELL, James Teasdale
Of Brumwell, Southport, surgeon.
Will dated: 11 July 1893.
Probate dated: 4 September 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/56  1901

Of 65 Liverpool Road, Birkdale, Southport, widow.
Will dated: 22 January 1887.
Probate dated: 18 February 1901.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/57  1922

BURCH, Mary Ann
Of 22 Huntspill Street, Tooting, Surrey formerly of 18 Aboyne Road, Lower Tooting, widow.
Will dated: 29 June 1912.
Probate dated: 22 April 1922.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/58  1898

BUSH, Esther Mary
Of The Albion Hotel, Arnside, spinster.
Will dated: 12 July 1897.
Probate dated: 18 March 1898.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/59  1892

BUSH, Isabella
Of Arnside, widow.
Letters dated: 2 April 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/60  1879

BUSH, Richard
Of The Albion Hotel, Arnside, innkeeper and farmer.
Will dated: 30 June 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/61  1899

BUTLER, Frederick Henry
Of Laconia, New Hampshire, United States of America formerly of No. 3 Laurence Street, Stoke on Trent, Stafford, insurance superintendent.
Letters dated: 19 August 1899.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/62  1960

BUTLER, Nita Balfour
Of Huyton Hill School, Ambleside, wife of Hubert Desramaux Butler, schoolmaster.
Letters dated: 11 February 1960.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/63  1874

BYWATER, Robert Turner
Of Lanehead, Coniston, surgeon.
Will dated: 11 April 1871.
Probate dated: 4 March 1874.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/64  1886

CALVERT, Joseph Mason
Of Oak Lodge, Nelson in Marsden formerly of Gargrave, York, retired independent minister.
Will dated: 19 March 1879.
Probate dated: 16 July 1886. + Indenture

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/65  1930

CAPSTICK, Charles Birkett
Of 3 Stricklandgate Place, Kendal, wool brokers manager.
Will dated: 3 June 1925.
Probate dated: 14 March 1930.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/66  1960

CARR, Leonard Alexander
Of The Farmhouse, Crooklands, Milnthorpe formerly of 128 High Street, Lewes, Sussex, widow.
Will dated: 15 October 1930.
Probate dated: 12 April 1960.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/67  1857

Of Pwllcrochan, Pembroke, clerk.
Will dated: 13 August 1855.
Probate dated: 21 October 1857.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/68  1891

Of No. 4 Caroline Street, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 26 January 1891.
Probate dated: 16 March 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/69  1920

CLARK, Robert
Of The Park, Orton, Justice of the Peace.
Will dated: 8 July 1916.
Probate dated: 16 August 1920.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/70  1902

CLARK, Thomas
Of The Park, Orton, yeoman.
Will dated: 30 September 1898.
Probate dated: 18 February 1902.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/71  1914

Of Staveley, butcher.
Will dated: 29 September 1906.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/72  1923

COOPER, Wilson
Of 5a Serpentine Road, Kendal, builder.
Will dated: 27 November 1899.
Probate dated: 15 May 1923.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/73  1918

Of Dalts Farm, Orton, farmer.
Will dated: 21 April 1916.
Probate dated: 31 May 1918.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/74  1888

Of Orton, yeoman.
Will dated: 19 December 1885.
Probate dated: 2 June 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/75  1897

Of Street, Orton, yeoman.
Will dated: 20 October 1896.
Probate dated: 29 October 1897.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/76  1932

CURWEN, John Flavel
Of Horncop, Heversham.
Will dated: 11 April 1924.
Probate dated: 21 September 1932.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/77  1922

COUSINS, Richard Joseph
Of Sunnymede, Aynam Road formerly known as 1 River Bank, Kendal, retired tailor.
Will dated: 23 July 1920.
Probate dated: 19 May 1922.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/78  1890

DALTON, William
Of Roundthwaite, Tebay, farmer.
Letters dated: 5 July 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/79  1893

DICKINSON, Elizabeth
Of Meadow Bank, Arnside, widow.
Will dated: 8 March 1893.
Probate dated: 26 July 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/80  1891

Of Black Dyke, Arnside, yeoman.
Will dated: 3 May 1878.
Probate dated: 6 May 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/81  1889

Of Meadow Bank, Arnside formerly of Danes Road, Staveley and of Dawson Fold, Lyth, yeoman.
Will dated: 21 December 1887.
Probate dated: 4 July 1889.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/82  1884

Of North Cottage, Bowness, yeoman.
Will dated: 22 September 1884.
Probate dated: 10 November 1884.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/83  1795

Of Dawson Fold, Lyth, yeoman.
Will dated: 10 January 1795.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/84  1928

Of High Black Dyke Farm, Arnside.
Will dated: 2 June 1928.
Probate dated: 6 September 1928.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/85  1868

DIXON, Agnes
Of Hale, Bowdon, Chester, wife of William Dixon.
Letters dated: 12 November 1868.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/86  1869

DIXON, James, of Natland.
Will dated: 11 February 1868.
Probate dated: 17 March 1869.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/87  1851

DIXON, William
Of Fellgate, Underbarrow, Kendal, farmer.
Will dated: 10 July 1851.
Probate dated: 26 August 1851.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/88  1893

DOWNING, Eliza Deborah
Of Sandside, Milnthorpe, spinster.
Will dated: 31 July 1893.
Probate dated: 11 October 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/89  1888

DUNN, Grace
Of Holme formerly of Milnthorpe, widow.
Will dated: 11 December 1871.
Probate dated: 12 May 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 156/90  1871

DUNN, John
Of Milnthorpe formerly of Stainton Hall, Heversham, yeoman.
Will dated: 24 May 1845.
Probate dated: 14 December 1871.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 157

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/91  1924

Of Borrans, New Hutton, Kendal, wife of Anthony Nelson Edmondson.
Will dated: 23 August 1924.
Probate dated: 19 December 1924.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/92  1866

Of Heathwaite, Windermere, yeoman.
Will dated: 27 October 1865.
Probate dated: 22 March 1866.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/93  1923

Of Westfield House, Dalton, Huddersfield, York, spinster. Letters dated: 6 September 1923.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/94  1827

ESKRIGG, Richard
Of Old Hutton, Kirkby Kendal, yeoman.
Will dated: 11 June 1809.
Probate dated: 6 August 1827.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/95   [...]

EVERSON, Margaret
Of 14 Sepulchre Lane, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 19 October 1935.
Probate dated: 5 December 1935.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/96  1935

EVERSON, William Abernethy
Of 14; Sepulchre Lane, Kendal.
Letters dated: 23 December 1935.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/97  1924

FAWCETT, John William
Of Bela House, Old Hutton, Kendal, builder.
Will dated: 9 July 1924.
Probate dated: 15 September 1921.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/98  1918

FISHER, Elizabeth Jane
Of Helm View, Gillingate, Kendal, spinster.
Letters dated: 19 June 1918.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/99  1956

FLOOD, Mary Elizabeth
Of Strawberry Bank, Skelsmergh, Kendal, wife of Thomas Flood.
Will dated: 11 November 1954.
Probate dated: 11 February 1956.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/100  1936

FRODSHAM, Margaret Glenny
Of Ling Fell, Skelsmergh, wife of Frederick William Frodsham.
Letters dated: 25 June 1936.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/101  1921

Of 6 Park Avenue, Barrow-in-Furness, retired bank manager.
Will dated: 26 April 1915.
Probate dated: 5 February 1921.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/102  1937

Of 8 Tithe Barn Cottages, Kendal.
Letters dated: 22 November 1937.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/103  1871

Of Cartmel, surgeon.
Will dated: 5 April 1870.
Probate dated: 22 March 1871.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/104  1895

GAWITH, William Henry
Of 29 Lowther Street, Kendal, tobacco and snuff manufacturer.
Will dated: 11 February 1892.
Probate dated: 30 October 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/105  1905

GELL, Mary Ann
Of 5 Dinorwic Road, Anfield, Liverpool, spinster.
Will dated: 24 November 1896.
Probate dated: 9 February 1905.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/106  1894

Of Yew Tree Farm Crosthwaite.
Letters dated: 18 June 1894.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/107  1925

Of Green Bank, Crock, Kendal, spinster.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/108  1914

GOAD, William Henry
Of Otter Bank, Skelsmergh, farmer.
Letters dated: 6 February 1914.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/109  1880

GOUGH, Thomas
Of Arnbarrow, Milnthorpe, gentleman.
Will dated: 3 June 1878.
Probate dated: 29 July 1880.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/110  1954

GOULD, Grace
Of Winter Lane, Burneside, Kendal, wife of Edward Gould.
Letters dated 11 May 1954.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/111  1885

GREEN, Margaret
Of Saint John's Cross, Beetham, spinster.
Will dated: 30 October 1883.
Probate dated: 20 April 1885.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/112  1821

Of Flookburgh, Cartmel, yeoman.
Will dated: 22 June 1819.
Probate dated: 5 July 1821.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/113  1851

Of Arnside, Beetham, mariner.
Will dated: 25 November 1850.
Probate dated: 25 July 1851.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/114  1902

Of Kendal, retired grocer and provision merchant.
Will dated: 16 May 1889.
Probate dated: 4 March 1902.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/115  1904

HADWIN, Richard
Of Hay Close, Kendal.
Letters dated: 17 October 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/116  1821

Of Stainbank Green, Helsington, Kirkby Kendal, yeoman.
Will dated: 4 December 1818.
Probate dated: 6 November 1821.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/117  1855

Of Kendal, grocer.
Will dated: 2 September 1854.
Probate dated: 3 March 1855.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/118  1948

Of Casterton Cottage, Arnside formerly of High Croft, Arnside, wool merchant.
Will dated: 30 December 1925.
Probate 28 May 1948.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/119  1904

HARGREAVES, George Richd
Of Greenside, Kendal, ironmonger.
Will dated: 14 February 1883.
Probate dated: 3 May 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/120  1910

Of Greenside, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 29 July 1904.
Probate dated: 6 May 1910.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/121  1906

Of Kendal, retired ironmonger.
Will dated: 24 August 1903.
Probate dated: 7 June 1906.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/122  1904

HARRISON, Charlotte
Of No. 10 High Street, Windermere, widow.
Will dated: 18 April 1901.
Probate dated: 11 May 1901.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/123  1888

Of Arnside formerly of Nether Levens, farmer.
Will dated: 30 June 1883.
Probate dated: 7 June 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/124  1889

Of Woodland, Sandside, Beetham formerly of Garnett House, Milnthorpe, spinster.
Will dated: 16 February 1883.
Probate dated: 15 June 1889.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/125  1903

Of Bankside, Staveley, yeoman.
Will dated: 12 June 1897.
Probate dated: 23 February 1903.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/126  1896

Of Waingap, Crook, shoemaker.
Will dated: 6 October 1888.
Probate dated: 27 January 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/127  1876

HARTLEY, William
Of Crook, Undermillbeck, farmer.
Will dated: 30 December 1863.
Probate dated: 13 April 1876.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/128  1883

HARTLEY, William
Of High House, Crook, farmer.
Will dated: 16 June 1879.
Probate dated: 31 October 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/129  1878

HAYTON, Edward
Of Kendal, wine and spirit merchant.
Will dated: 30 September 1876.
Probate dated: 6 April 1878.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/130  1878

Of Deepslack, Whinfell, farmer.
Will dated: 5 March 1878.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/131  1890

HEYWOOD, Alice Sconce
Of No. 10 Belford Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham formerly of Crook, and Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 4 February 1858.
Letters dated: 22 December 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/132  1934

HILLS, His Honour Judge Eustace Gilbert
Of Tolson Hall, Kendal, judge.
Will dated: 18 August 1930.
Probate dated: 15 November 1934.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/133  1856

Of Kirkby Malham, Kirkby Malhamdale, West Riding of York, yeoman.
Will dated: 11 October 1856.
Probate dated: 20 November 1856.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/134  1883

Of Wigglesworth, West Riding, York, farmer.
Will dated: 21 January 1874.
Probate dated: 26 April 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/135  1896

Of Hawes Water Cottage, Silverdale formerly of Slackhead, yeoman.
Will dated: 31 August 1884.
Probate dated: 11 May 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/136  1877

Of Kendal, land surveyor.
Letters dated: 28 July 1877.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/137  1870

Of Castle Street, Kendal, carpenter.
Will dated: 28 April 1870.
Probate dated: 16 June 1870.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/138  1879

Of Castle Street, Kendal, carpenter.
Will dated: 11 May 1870.
Probate dated: 17 January 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/139  1896

HOLMES, Anthony
Of Borrans, New Hutton, farmer.
Will dated: 15 January 1896.
Probate dated: 19 February 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/140  1896

Of Eskrigg End, Old Hutton, spinster.
Letters dated: 8 May 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/141  1896

Of Sand Air, Crook, widow.
Will dated: 12 May 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/142  1872

Of Natland, Kendal, farmer.
Will dated: 2 October 1858.
Probate dated: 23 October 1872.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/143  1883

Of Orton, widow.
Letters dated: 11 October 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/144  1884

INMAN, Isabella
Of Ruecrofts, Marthwaite, Sedbergh, wife of Richard Inman.
Letters dated: 10 November 1884.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/145  1898

INMAN, Richard
Of Ruecrofts, Sedbergh, yeoman.
Will dated: 18 April 1883.
Probate dated: 28 May 1898.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/146  1883

IZAT, Elizabeth
Of Kendal, spinster.
Will dated: 24 December 1878.
Probate dated: 26 July 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/147  1872

Of The Brownlowhill Workhouse, Liverpool, spinster.
Letters dated: 28 February 1872.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/148  1904

Of Lindale, Cartmel, widow.
Will dated: 26 June 1888.
Probate dated: 23 June 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/149  1852

Of Waterhead, Ambleside, gentleman.
Will dated: 3 January 1852.
Probate dated: 22 October 1852.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/150  1892

JAMES, Robert
Of Dallam Tower Cottages, Beetham, farm labourer.
Letters dated: 5 August 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/151  1887

JOYCE, Jacob
Of Stricklandgate, Kendal, butcher.
Will dated: 31 March 1887.
Probate dated: 15 November 1887.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/152  1887

Of Wildman Street, Kendal, wife of Hugh Langhorn.
Will dated: 9 April 1875.
Probate dated: 22 October 1887.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/153  1905

Of Bankfield, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 1 November 1902.
Probate dated: 10 April 1905.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/154  1887

Of Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 6 July 1882.
Probate dated: 12 October 1887.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/155  1888

Of Kendal, widow.
Letters dated: 27 October 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/156  1888

Of No. 114 Barton Lane, Eccles, gentleman.
Will dated: 1 March 1887.
Probate dated: 24 January 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/157  1928

Of Plumtree House, Brigsteer, Kendal, farmer.
Will dated: 3 August 1928.
Probate dated: 28 December 1928.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/158  1902

Of Beezon Lane, Kendal, leather dresser.
Will dated: 3 August 1890.
Probate dated: 21 April 1902.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/159  1895

Of 17 Highgate, Kendal, wool dealer.
Letters dated: 27 February 1895.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/160  1936

MACHELL, John Edward
Of Grayrigg Foot, Grayrigg, bachelor.
Letters dated: 13 June 1936.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/161  1837

Of Levens, Heversham, husbandman.
Will dated: 10 January 1829.
Probate dated: 18 September 1837.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/162  1929

Of Rose Cottage, Baycliffe, Ulverston, widow.
Letters dated: 20 November 1929.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/163  1949

MASON, Jane Ann
Of Little Moss Side, Crosthwaite, widow.
Letters dated: 19 September 1949.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/164  1926

MARTINDALE, George Frederic
Of Pear Tree Bank, Kendal, joiner and builder.
Will dated: 5 May 1925.
Probate dated: 26 November 1926.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/165  1892

Of Michael Yeat formerly of Mearsons otherwise High Yews, Crosthwaite and Lyth, Heversham, yeoman.
Will dated: 21 April 1886.
Probate dated: 7 March 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/166  1890

Of James Street, Ulverston, gentleman.
Will dated: 26 February 1889.
Probate dated: 17 October 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/167  1888

Of Canning Street, Liverpool, gentleman.
Will dated: 7 July 1887.
Probate dated: 9 October 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/168  1966

Of Yew Tree, Natland, Kendal.
Letters dated: 5 May 1966.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/169  1900

Of Highgate, Kendal, cabinet maker.
Letters dated: 13 August 1900.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/170  1941

Of "Ellesmere", Crescent Green, Kendal.
Will dated: 23 May 1931.
Probate dated: 9 April 1941.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/171  1897

MOFFAT, Rebecca
Of Sunbegin, Orton, spinster.
Will dated: 11 April 1896.
Probate dated: 3 February 1897.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/172  1907

Of Castle Street Cemetery Cottage, Kendal, wife of Thomas Monkhouse.
Will dated: 28 June 1903.
Probate dated: 28 January 1907.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/173  1916

MOOR, Albertina
Of The Grammar School, Kendal formerly of The Grammar School, Nantwich, Chester, wife of Samuel Albert Moor.
Will dated: 7 April 1906.
Probate dated: 26 June 1916.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 157/174  1888

MOSES, Bellas
Of Brampton, surgeon.
Will dated: 24 May 1886.
Probate dated: 20 June 1888.

[no title or date]  WD AG/Box 158

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/175  1855

NELSON, Anthony
Of Bridge End, Old Hutton, Kendal, joiner and house carpenter.
Will dated: 14 November 1854.
Probate dated: 26 June 1855.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/176  1915

Of Wraysholme, Ambleside, Esquire, Justice of the Peace.
Will dated: 19 August 1914.
Probate dated: 20 April 1915.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/177  1887

Of Storth, farmer.
Will dated: 9 August 1886.
Probate dated: 21 March 1887.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/178  1891

Of Meathop, yeoman.
Will dated: 13 August 1890.
Probate dated: 16 January 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/179  1876

Of Millbeck, Keswick, spinster.
Will dated: 2 January 1869.
Probate dated: 24 March 1876.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/180  1880

Of Kendal, maltster.
Letters dated: 15 July 1880.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/181  1901

Of Pear Tree Cottages, Kendal, spinster.
Will dated: 11 March 1892.
Probate dated: 8 May 1901.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/182  1867

PARK, Jane
Of Ackenthwaite, Heversham, widow.
Will dated: 18 May 1866.
Probate dated: 3 April 1867.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/183  1863

PARK, Margaret
Of Lyth, Heversham, spinster.
Letters dated: 18 November 1863.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/184  1863

PARK, Thomas
Of Lyth, Heversham, bachelor.
Letters dated: 18 November 1863.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/185  1864

PARK, William
Of Ackenthwaite, Heversham, yeoman.
Will dated: 11 May 1857.
Probate dated: 30 November 1864.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/186  1879

Of Droomer Style, Windermere, farmer.
Will dated: 29 November 1877.
Probate dated: 24 November 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/187  1874

Of Gale How, Ambleside, gentleman.
Will dated: 6 December 1870.
Probate dated: 18 April 1874.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/188  1888

Of Harry Place, Langdale, wife of Edward Philipson.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/189  1896

Of 2 Beast Banks, Kendal, spinster.
Will dated: 9 March 1896.
Probate dated: 2 June 1896.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/190  1882

Of Thorney Hills, Kendal and Bridge End House, Old Hutton formerly of Natland Park, Kendal, farmer.
Will dated: 22 September 1871.
Probate dated: 1 February 1882.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/191  1899

RAWES, William
Of Kendal, fishmonger.
Will dated: 5 June 1895.
Probate dated: 24 February 1899.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/192  1939

REED, Mary Ann
Of Merlewood, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 8 April 1935.
Probate dated: 13 September 1939.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/193  1871

Of Lindal, Cartmel, shopkeeper.
Will dated: 23 November 1870.
Probate dated: 6 November 1871.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/194  1888

Of Cliff Terrace, Kendal, spinster.
Will dated: 27 September 1879.
Probate dated: 9 February 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/195  1890

Of Church Farm, Heversham, land agent.
Will dated: 14 October 1889.
Probate dated: 2 January 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/196  1882

Of Kendal, plumber and iron founder.
Letters dated: 18 March 1882.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/197  1882

Of Tower Wood, Cartmel Fell, farmer.
Will dated: 28 April 1875.
Probate dated: 21 June 1882.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/198  1859

ROBINSON, Margaret
Of Bowness formerly of Penrith, spinster.
Will dated: 8 October 1857.
Probate dated: 24 June 1859.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/199  1911

Of 6 Library Road, Stricklandgate, platelayer.
Letters dated: 24 February 1911.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/200  1928

ROBINSON, William George
Of 9 Winstanley Place, Bowston Bridge, Kendal.
Will dated: 2 September 1916.
Probate dated: 20 January 1928.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/201  1889

ROBSON, William Holmes
Of Kendal, Wesleyan minister.
Will dated: 21 August 1882.
Probate dated: 15 July 1889.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/202  1893

Of No. 9 Vicarage Terrace, Kendal, widow.
Letters dated: 7 June 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/203  1874

Of Windermere, innkeeper.
Will dated: 10 December 1866.
Probate dated: 9 March 1874.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/204  1897

ROGERS, Thomas
Of Greenside, Milnthorpe, gentleman.
Will dated: 13 October 1877.
Probate dated: 14 June 1897.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/205  1917

Of Nook Cottage, Underbarrow, market gardener.
Will dated: 4 May 1915.
Probate dated: 16 May 1917.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/206  1871

Of Kent Terrace, Kendal, spinster.
Will dated: 12 October 1868.
Probate dated: 6 January 1871.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/207  1845

Of Kendal, tea dealer.
Will dated: 19 October 1833.
Probate dated: 5 September 1845.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/208  1903

ROSS, Sophia
Of 4 Bankfield, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 27 November 1899.
Probate dated: 5 February 1903.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/209  1890

ROSS, William
Of Grange-over-Sands formerly of Highgate, Kendal and Southport, ironmonger.
Will dated 22 October 1872.
Probate dated: 23 August 1890.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/210  1823

Of Crosthwaite Green, Crosthwaite, Heversham, yeoman.
Will dated: 25 September 1823.
Probate dated: 10 November 1823.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/211  1900

Of Torver, Lancaster, yeoman.
Will dated: 21 December 1897.
Probate dated: 12 January 1900.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/212  1893

Of Carr Bank, Beetham, husbandman.
Will dated: 20 February 1891.
Probate dated: 17 February 1892.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/213  1911

SEDGWICK, Margaret Isabella
Of Thorns Hall, Sedbergh, West Riding, York, spinster.
Will dated: 27 September 1909.
Probate dated: 25 March 1911.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/214  1872

Of Keswick, spinster.
Letters dated: 3 July 1872.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/215  1899

SCHOLLICK, Charles Stonard
Of Mildura, Colony of Victoria, Australia, fruit grower.
Will dated: 2 May 1896.
Probate dated: 5 July 1899.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/216  1900

SHAW, Mary Alice
Of Church View, Allithwaite, Grange-over-Sands, wife of James Shaw of Church View.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/217  1925

SHAW, Thomas Rogers
Of Greenside, Milnthorpe, Esquire, Justice of the Peace.
Will dated: 11 March 1921.
Probate dated: 19 June 1925.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/218  1883

Of Hole House, Dent, Sedbergh, West Riding, York.
Will dated: 6 March 1883.
Probate dated: 11 July 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/219  1893

Of Swinithwaite, West Witton, York, farmer.
Will dated: 6 March 1893.
Probate dated: 7 June 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/220  1902

Of 11 Fountain Brow, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 16 April 1902.
Probate dated: 31 October 1902.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/221  1873

Of Lane Head, Kendal, wife of James Sinkinson.
Letters dated: 24 January 1873.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/222  1963

SMITH, Alice
Of 58 Oxenholme Road, Kendal, widow.
Letters dated: 12 February 1963.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/223  1873

Of Brawby, North Riding, York, grocer.
Will dated: 26 March 1873.
Probate dated: 12 April 1873.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/224  1916

STALKER, Mary Agnes
Of Tennis View, Broad Street, Windermere, wife of James Stalker.
Will dated: 21 March 1916.
Probate dated: 21 August 1916.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/225  1880

STEBLE, Elizabeth
Of Sandfield Park, West Derby, Liverpool, wife of Richard Fell Steble.
Letters dated: 9 July 1880.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/226  1940

Of Front Street, Orton, retired joiner.
Will dated: 13 May 1939.
Probate dated: 27 June 1940.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/227  1891

Of Storth, Beetham, widow.
Letters dated: 24 January 1891.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/228  1902

Of Beckside, Underbarrow, farmer.
Will dated: 18 September 1902.
Probate dated: 7 November 1902.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/229  1877

Of Leasgill formerly of Milton Moor, Heversham, spinster.
Will dated: 15 August 1868.
Probate dated: 26 February 1877.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/230  1834

Of Bradley Field, gentleman.
Will dated: 12 April 1831.
Probate dated: 4 October 1834.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/231  1828

Of Aysgarth, York, widow.
Will dated: 12 January 1793.
Probate dated: 2 May 1828.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/232  1893

TAYLOR, Michael
Of Salutation Hotel, Ambleside, hotel keeper.
Will dated: 10 July 1889.
Probate dated: 10 April 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/233  1933

THEWLIS, David Wilfred
Of Heron Hill, Kendal, bachelor.
Letters dated 12 June 1933.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/234  1936

Of Waverley Hotel, College Road, Windermere, spinster.
Proate dated: 17 March 1936.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/234a  1847

THEXTON, William, Droomer, Windermere, Yeoman.
Probate dated: 23 July 1847

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/235  1868

Of Bowness, widow.
Will dated: 9 August 1865.
Probate dated: 2 March 1868.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/236  1959

Of 31 Guldrey Lane, Sedbergh, spinster.
Letters dated: 23 June 1959.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/237  1862

THOMPSON, Margaret
Of No. 6 Queen Street, Beast Banks, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 6 February 1855.
Probate dated: 7 October 1862.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/238  1893

TODD, Jane
Of 5 Gloucester Row, Aigburth Vale, Liverpool formerly of Nether Street, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 25 July 1892.
Probate dated: 25 May 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/239  1893

TURNER, Christopher
Of Newton, Furness, farmer.
Letters dated: 6 July 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/240  1893

Of Newton, Furness, wife of Chirstopher Turner.
Letters dated: 29 July 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/241  1894

VAUGHAN, George Louis
Of Bank House, Ascot, Berks. formerly of Leicester, civil engineer.
Will dated: 28 December 1868.
Probate dated: 15 January 1894.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/242  1894

WALLER, John Johnson
Of Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 6 July 1887.
Probate dated: 18 June 1894.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/243  1861

WATSON, Henry Robert
Of Holland Street, Kensington, Middlesex, gentleman.
Letters dated: 7 June 1861.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/244  1888

WATSON, Louisa
Of No. 27 Rue de Calais, Boulogne Sur Mer in France formerly of Calgarth Park, Windermere, wife of Charles Edward Watson.
Will dated: 10 November 1881.
Probate dated: 10 September 1888.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/245  1959

Of Hill View, Milness, Milnthorpe, wife of Ernest Watson, storeman.
Letters dated: 22 December 1959.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/246  1858

WATSON, Richard
Of Lanes Hotel, Saint Albans Place, Haymarket, Middlesex, clerk, bachelor of laws, Prebendary of Llandaff and Wells.
Will dated: 12 February 1853.
Probate dated: 25 September 1858 - with: double probate.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/247  1860

WATSON, William Grey
Of Grays Inn, Middlesex, clerk.
Will dated: 18 June 1858.
Probate dated: 18 December 1860.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/248  1932

Of 4 Thorny Hills, Kendal, Esqre.
Letters dated: 29 January 1932.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/249  1884

WHARTON, Christopher
Of Ashstead, Whinfell, Kendal, farmer.
Will dated: 19 March 1881.
Probate dated: 18 September 1884.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/250  1927

WHARTON, Margaret
Of Mart Close, Fawcett Forest, Kendal, wife of Christopher Wharton.
Letters dated: 3 October 1927.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/251  1883

Of Ashted, Whinfell, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 9 January 1869.
Probate dated: 14 June 1883.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/252  1864

Of Raisbeck, Orton, yeoman.
Will dated: 29 July 1864.
Probate dated: 9 September 1864.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/253  1897

Of Jennings Yard, Kendal, fish salesman.
Will dated: 27 November 1891.
Probate dated: 1 February 1897.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/254  1872

Of Kendal, wife of Henry Whitehead.
Letters dated: 8 April 1872.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/255  1945

Of 47 Burton Road, Kendal, widow.
Will dated: 27 April 1942.
Probate dated: 28 December 1945.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/256  1900

Of Fell Plane, Crook, widow.
Letters dated: 5 March 1900.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/257  1955

WHITWELL, Sarah Edgar
Of Middleton Hall Cottages, Middleton, Kirkby Lonsdale, widow.
Letters dated: 2 August 1955.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/258  1960

WIGHTMAN, Kathleen Rose
Of Greystones, Warton, Carnforth, spinster.
Letters dated: 22 November 1960.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/259  1843

Of Hole, Howgill, Sedbergh, West Riding, York, Esquire.
Will dated: 9 June 1841.
Probate dated: 30 August 1843.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/260  1953

WILLIAMS, William Ruddick
Of 29 Market Street, Carnforth, butcher.
Will dated: 1 July 1952.
Probate dated: 8 January 1953.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/261  1879

Of Austin Terrace, Egremont, Chester, ironmonger.
Will dated: 1 March 1879.
Probate dated: 24 September 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/262  1817

WILSON, Anthony
Of Helsington, Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 3 December 1812.
Probate dated: 19 August 1817.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/263  1904

Of Scout Green, Crosby Ravensworth, farmer.
Will dated: 1 September 1904.
Probate dated: 30 November 1904.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/264  1938

Of 7 Peppercorn Lane, Kendal, widower.
Letters dated: 28 September 1938.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/265  1866

WILSON, Isabella
Of Burton in Holme, wife of Edmund Wilson.
Letters dated: 6 January 1866.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/266  1835

Of Sizergh Cottage, Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 9 July 1834.
Probate dated: 6 January 1835.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/267  1835

Of Sizergh Cottage, Kendal, gentleman.
Will dated: 9 July 1834.
Probate dated: 16 May 1835.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/268  1879

Of Middle Fairbank, Nether Staveley, Kendal, wife of Thomas Wilson.
Letters dated: 23 May 1879.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/269  1937

WINDER, William
Of 8 Ferney Green, Kendal.
Letters dated: 10 June 1937.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/270  1893

WISE, Maria Bate
Of No. 7 Priory Terrace, Bedford Park, Middlesex, widow.
Will dated: 14 April 1886.
Probate dated: 6 January 1893

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/271  1908

WOOF, Richard
Of Grassrigg, Killington formerly of "The Gill", Firbank, retired farmer.
Will dated: 5 July 1905.
Probate dated: 31 July 1908.

[no title]  WD AG/Box 158/272  1944

Of "Leazes", Croston Road, Farington, Preston, retired prison officer.
Will dated: 28 November 1941.
Probate dated: 19 May 1944.

[no title or date]  WD AG/BOX 159

Source of acquisition: Additional records deposited by Mr A N Fitch, Arnold, Greenwood & Son, Kendal, on behalf of Mr and Mrs J G Bland, Penrith, on 16 October 1985. (Acc. A788)

Reagill Foot Farm, Reagill, Crosby Ravensworth  WD AG/BOX 159/1  1756-1914

Admittances, Manor of Reagill (42). 1756-1808.
Title deeds (28) 1766-1898 (including Reagill Inclosure Act 1803) and photocopies of deeds (5) 1946-1982. 1766-1982.
Plan of estate at Reagill and Sleagill, C Webster, December 1862. 1862.
Inland Revenue succession duty accounts re property of John Bland deceased. 1862-1863.
Bill of William Bland from John Heelis, solicitor, receipted 6 June 1864. 1864.
Provisional Valuation of Reagill Foot Farm (under Finance Act 1910) 1914. 1914.

[no title or date]  WD AG/BOX 159/2

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Mr T Fitch, Arnold Greenwood & Son, Solicitors, P.O. Box 27, Exchange Chambers, 10 Highgate, Kendal on 8 May 1987. Accession A1171.

Brief history of 16 Cliff Terrace, Kendal  WD AG/BOX 159/2/1  1867-1987

(From the title deeds)
13 March 1856 Revd MC Carter sold to William Shaw (a Tailor) of Kendal for £93. 6s. 9d. a parcel of land at Beast Banks upon which Mr Shaw had just built the first two houses
1 March 1866 William Shaw sold to Thomas Bateson (a chemist and druggist) of Kendal for £525 No. 1 Cliff Terrace. Mr Bateson was then already in occupation.
11 April 1870 Thomas Bateson sold to Anthony Clark (a butcher) of milthorpe for £530
27 December 1872 Anthony Clark sold to William Musgrove (a draper) of Kendal for £550
15 March 1888 William Musgrove died, and his wife Ruth continued to live there
31 July 1894 Ruth Musgrove died
22 November 1898 William H Musgrove (Draper) of Kendal and James Musgrove (Doctor) of Edinburgh sold to Sarah Agnes Boak (a spinster) of 2 Beastbanks Kendal for £555 - it was then occupied by "the Misses Musgrove"
25 August 1919 Sarah Agnes Boak died at 1 Alicks Row, Staveley
2 December 1919 Fanny Boak of 17 Dilverton Road, Aigburth, Liverpool sold to Jane Park (wife of Thomas Park, Builder) of 1 Cliff Terrace for £450 - Jane Park being the tenant at that date - presumably in succession to "the Misses Musgrove"
20 April 1964 Jane Park died at 1 Cliff Terrace and the house passed to Mr William Hadwin Park, picture frame maker, who lived there
8 September 1980 Mr WH Park died at 1 Cliff Terrace
7 July 1981 John Livingston of 114 Windermere Road Kendal (next of kin of Mr Park) sold to Messrs Wilcock, Martin and Capsticks for £19,000
1983 Sold to Mr & Mrs A Murray - new in occupation

Photocopy of conveyance between William Dodd and John Davis Parker  WD AG/BOX 159/2/2  1926

Probate papers relating to estate of Elizabeth Harrison, deceased, of The Landing, Newby Bridge, 1867-1917  WD AG/BOX 159/4  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Mr J M Hopkinson, Arnold, Greenwood, solicitors, Kendal, on 19 February 1990 (A 1483).

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/1  1867

Probate of will of Mrs Elizabeth Harrison of The Landing, near Newby Bridge, co. Lancaster, widow, giving her real estate and residuary personal estate to Thomas Harrison of Kendal, solicitor, her sole executor, in trust for her grandson, Thomas Newby Wilson; will dated 21 June 1866; she died at The Landing on 15 July 1867; will proved at Lancaster on 22 August 1867. Endorsed with order of Vice-Chancellor in matter of the sale of the settled estates devised by Elizabeth Harrison decd. on petition of Thomas Newby Wilson, 28 May 1869.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/2  1868

Succession account of Thomas Newby Wilson of The Landing, near Newby Bridge, esquire, on death of Elizabeth Harrison, with schedule of property, occupiers and annual value annexed, 14 September 1868.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/3  1876

Probate of will of William Birkett of High Cark Cottage, Newton in Cartmel, co. Lancaster, gentleman, giving £800 to Royal National Life Boat Institution for purchase of a life boat to be named the William Birkett and to be stationed at or near some place on Morecambe Bay, and residue of his estate to John Burrow and Joseph Burrow of Crosthwaite, yeomen, his executors; will dated 19 February 1876; he died on 29 October 1876; will proved at Lancaster on 9 December 1876.
Endorsed with note by homage jury of Manor of Undermilbeck, 28 February 1890, and also with note of production in Chancery Division of High Court of Justice in matter of estate of Elizabeth Harrison deceased, between Edward Thomas Baldwin and Myles Kennedy, plaintiffs, and Frederick Maurice Dickson and five others, defendants, and referred to in George Gatey's affidavit (G.G.1) sworn 6 January 1917.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/4  1877

Certified copy oath of Ellen Newby Meredith of Grange House, Grange-over-Sands, spinster, sworn at Kendal on 22 August 1877 and resworn on 11 October 1877, extracted from Principal Registry of Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division of High Court of Justice, and referred to in the affidavit of Annie Wildman (A.W. 36) sworn on 26 July 1916 in Chancery case of Baldwin and another and Dickson and others 1915.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/5  1877

Certified copy oath of Ellen Newby Meredith of Grange House, Grange-over-Sands, spinster, sworn at Kendal on 22 August 1877, with solicitors' note 13 October 1877, and referred to in affidavit of Annie Wildman (A.W. 37) sworn on 26 July 1916 in said Chancery

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/6  1810

Bill of Mr James Newby for solicitors' costs, James Wilson & Sons, paid by Mr Harrison of Landing; referred to in affidavit of James Newby Parker (J.N.P. 103) in said Chancery case 1915, sworn on 20 November 1917.

[no title]  WD AG/BOX 159/4/7  1893

Probate of will and codicil of Thomas Woodburn of Thurston Ville, Ulverston, co. Lancaster, esquire, appointing Stephen Hart Jackson of Ulverston, solicitor, and Malachi James Cranke of Urswick, gentleman, as his trustees and executors [details given]; will dated 24 June 1893 and codicil 25 June 1893; he died on 15 July 1893; will proved at Lancaster on 2 September 1893.

[no title]  WD AG/1219  1715 - 1935

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 13 December 1973. (Acc. 1219)

Scrap book - with (inter alia): election posters 1820; loose engraved portrait of Henry Brougham with biographical notes (pr.); 8th Annual Report of the Kendal Natural History and Scientific Society, 1843 (pr.). [early 19th cent.].
Court rolls, books and other papers of Preston Patrick and Preston Richard. 1715-1935.
[For detailed list see WD/Pu].

TITLE DEEDS  WD AG/1519  1626-1686

Source of acquisition: Deeds deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal on 16 January 1976.
(Acc. 1519)

Bowness Tenement at Fellgarth. Grayrigg 1626-1686
Conveyances, 3 September 1626. 1626
1. Henry Milner of Gray-Rigge, husbandman.
2. William Milner of Kendal, yeoman.
Premises: all that messuage and tenement with appurts. at fellgarth in Grayrigge called Bownes, late in possession of Randall Milner, late father of Henry and William and now in tenure of (2), being of lands of Sir Francis Ducket and of yearly rent of 10s.
Consideration: [not specified].
Witnesses: Laurence Williamson, Anthony Preston, Willm. birkhead.
Conveyance, 11 May 1630. 1630.
1. William Milner of Kendal, brasier.
2. John Beck of Fell garth, Grayrigge, waller.
Premises: all that messuage and tenement with appurts.
At Fell garth on south of Grayrigg Forrest within manor of Grayrigg, late in tenure of Willm. Bownesse and since of Randall Milner, late father of William, parcel of lands of Sir Francis Duckett, and of yearly rent of 10s.
Consideration: £30.
Witnesses: William Chamber, Francis Gilpin, Robt.
Crosfeild, George Mowsonn, Samuel Gilpin.
Conveyance, 4 January 1674. 1674.
1. Thomas Fawcett of Grayrigg, yeoman.
2. Henry Pearson of Forest-foote in Grayrigg, yeoman.
Premises: all that messuage and tenement with appurts. at Fellgarth on south of Grayrigg-Forest within manor of Grayrigg, heretofore in possession of William Milner, since of John Becke, deceased father-in-law of (1), parcel of lands of Anthony Duckett, gent and of yearly rent of 10s; also all those goods and chattels upon said messuage, viz. one cupboard betwixt Chamber and buttery, all joist boards and scaffoldings and loose wood in fold and all manure now got or to be got to 15 May next.
Consideration: £98 5s.
Witnesses: Tho. Gilpin, Robert Helme, Antho. Helme, Thomas Cocke.
[This deed is damaged by mice].
Bond in £200, 17 June 1681. 1681.
Henry Pearson of Forest-foot, Grayrigg, yeoman, to; Anthonie Helme of Whinfell, yeoman and John Jackson of Grayrigg, yeoman.
Condition: performance of covenants in indenture of same date made between same parties.
Witnesses: Robert Bracken, Henry Stell, Thomas Duking [?] Thomas Cocke.
Deed of enfranchisement, 23 September 1686. 1686.
1. Sir John Lowther of Lowther.
2. John Harlin of Grayrigg, yeoman.
Recital: (2) holds messuage called Bownesses in Grayrigg of (1) as of his manor of Grayrigg by way of customary estate under yearly rent of 10s. and fines, heriots, etc.
Premises: all that messuage and tenement and lands called Bownesses in Grayrigg of yearly customary rent of 10s.
Reservations: fishing, fowling, hawking, hunting, deodands, felons good and felons themselves, waifs and estrays, mines of coal and lead and all other rights and royalties.
Covenants: if yearly rent be unpaid by 8 days, (2) shall forfeit to (1), 12p. for every week and sum of money for tithe corn and hay, and (1) may distrain for arrears; etc.
Consideration: tripling of ancient yearly rent and reservation of 6d. prescription money for tithe corn and hay.
Witnesses: Richard Wilson, Simon Lambert, Willm. Atkinson, Row. Jackson.
Endorsement: memorandum by Sir John Lowther of grant of licence to get one day's work of peats yearly within Forest to be graven with one spade.

TITLE DEEDS  WD AG/1661  1730-1934


Source of acquisition: Deeds deposited by Messrs. Arnold, Greenwood and Son, solicitors, Kendal on behalf of Mrs M Ion on 26 may 1977. (Acc. 1661)

Deeds and related papers of Slackhead, Beetham.

[no title or date]  WD AG/2152

Source of acquisition: Outline list of administrative records deposited on 21 October 1980 (See also list of deeds deposited on behalf of The National Trust: WD/NT).

Lake District Farm Estates Ltd  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WD AG/2152/1  1937-1978

Minute books: 1937-1946; 1946-1958; 1958-1978.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/2  1937-1978

Register of attendances at committee meetings.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/3  1937-1977

Chairman's reports.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/4  1937-1979

Letter books (out):
Nov. 1937-Sept. 1938; Sept. 1938-Feb. 1941; [? vol. missing]; Dec. 1942-Feb. 1946; Apr. 1946-Jan. 1949; Jan. 1949-May 1951; May 1951-Dec. 1953; Jan. 1954-Dec. 1955; Jan. 1956-May 1957; June 1957-June 1964; July 1964-June 1974; July 1974-Feb. 1979.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/5  1953-1963

Letter book (in).

[no title]  WD AG/2152/6  1937-1978

Cash book (income).

[no title]  WD AG/2152/7  1938-1978

Cash book (capital).

[no title]  WD AG/2152/8  1938-1978

Petty cash book.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/9  1938-1977

Share certificate counterfoils: 1938-1949; 1949-1977.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/10  Not dated

Index of shareholders.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/11  1957-1975

Applications for shares and debentures.

Administrative papers, etc. [in 10 boxes]: (to be further sorted)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 1  1941 - 1975

Farms: Longmire Farm, Duddon. 1952-1967.
Farms: Walla Barrow, Ulpha. 1965-1974.
Farms: Ghyll and Buckbarrow, Wasdale. 1942-1964.
Farms: Yew Tree, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale. 1956-1975.
Farms: How Green, Hartsop, Patterdale. 1956-1973.
Farms: Ghyll Bank, Boot. 1955-1975.
Farms: Mireside, Ennerdale. 1941-1974.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 2  1951 - 1972

Farms: Longthwaite, Borrowdale. 1963-1972.
Farms: High Nook, Loweswater. 1951-1977.
Farms: Harrowhead, Wasdale. 1957-1959.
Farms: Biggert Mire, Ulpha. 1956-1960.
Farms: Skelwith Farm, Skelwith Bridge. 1951-1954.
Farms: Rannerdale Farm, Brackenthwaite. 1951-1954.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 3  1938 - 1978

Ennerdale S C Water Board. 1963-1970.
Applications for shares. 1938-1952.
Debentures repaid, receipts etc. 1938-1952.
Agent's rent accounts: 1945-1957; 1958-1966; 1967-1975. 1945-1975.
Share certificates. 1978.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 4  1937 - 1978

Mrs S Johnson. 1971-1978.
Special General Meeting, November 1976. 1976.
Dissolution: time-table budget. 1978.
Covenants to National Trust. 1937-1966.
Deed of exchange, Longthwaite Farm, Borrowdale: Davis. 1963-1975.
Inter-dept. correspondence. 1971-1972.
Friends of the Lake District. 1970-1974.
Special general meeting. 1975.
Debentures repaid. [See also BOX 7]. 1938-1949.
Deeds of covenant with National Trust. 1942-1972.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 5  1942 - 1976

Balance sheet, December 1976. 1976.
Committee appointments. 1973-1974.
Income tax and Industrial Provident Societies. 1938-1962.
Insurance. 1956-1975.
Forestry Commission and Ennerdale Road. [See also BOX 10]. 1947-1963.
Duplicate deed of covenant (and copy), October 1942. 1942.
Maintenance claims. 1952-1964.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 6  1937 - 1978

Bank pass book. 1937-1940.
Lease: Miss C F Marshall to Mr F Benson of Skelwith Fold and Brows Farm, Ambleside, 24 April 1930. 1930.
Rules of L.D.F.E. Ltd.
Obituary of the Reverend H H Symonds. 1958.
A.G.M. minutes. 1974-1978.
Drafts minutes and misc. papers. 1970-1976.
Booklet: "Hills and Uplands".
U.K. Farming and the Common Market. 1974.
Poll re Secretary. 1975.
Rosthwaite car park. 1965-1975.
Share register. 1941-1947.
Tax returns. 1962-1978.
Rules. 1960-1976.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 7  1943 - 1976

History of the Society. 1945-1974.
Proxies, 7 November 1976. 1976.
Hodge v. L.D.F.E. Ltd. 1975.
Commons. 1966-1976.
Report of Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies. 1964.
Debentures repaid. [See also BOX 4]. 1938-1964.
Debenture register. 1943-1965.
Annual returns, Friendly Societies. 1960-1978.
Financial matters. 1953-1970.
Nature Conservancy Lands. 1960-1974.
National Park policies review. 1974.
Dead shareholders. 1967-1974.
Sales particulars of sundry properties. 1961-1974.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 8  1938 - 1978

Statement of accounts. 1938-1964.
Cheque books. 1950-1978.
Bank statements. 1955-1978.
Deposit account record book. 1976-1977.
Receipts. 1976.
Paying-in book. 1975-1978.
"Cumbria" magazine, May 1961, with article on Lake District Farm Estates, Ltd. 1961.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 9  1937 - 1958

Minutes of Committee of Management - with: balance sheets, reports, etc. 1937-1958.
Files re purchase of farms, etc. c. 1937-1956.
Miscellaneous legal correspondence. 1938-1944.
Rules of Lake District Farm Estates, Ltd. registered 8 November 1937. 1937.
Brochure on L.D.F.E. Ltd. 1945.

[no title]  WD AG/2152/BOX 10  1939 - 1958

Ennerdale Water, Whitehaven Water Order and compulsory purchase order. 1947-1948.
Ennerdale Forest Road. [See also BOX 5]. 1947-1958.
1954 Conference (Ennerdale Forest Road). 1954.
Fishing - Ullswater. 1946-1949.
Pannel Holme. 1944-1947.
Low Wallabarrow & all Wallabarrow land. 1940-1956.
Caswell Holme. 1950-1955.
Notes for meetings. 1947.
Grass guards. 1939-1956.
Stockdale. 1945-1955.
Skelwith and Brow Barn and The Brow. 1938-1957.
Maps of farms owned.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1848  1588 - 1938

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 24 November 1978.
(Accession 1848)

Deeds (c.100) and papers of Braithwaite Trust 1588-1881, including deeds (14) of Watercrook estate 1673-1759, plans of Watercrook farm 1758 and 1792, deeds of Stainbank Green (14) with papers and bills concerning Helsington inclosure 1777-1845, deeds of Brackenrigg estate (7) 1774-1792, deeds (8) and letters etc. of farm at Natland 1792-1838, deeds of Natland mill 1588-1693, deeds of Sparrowmire, Strickland Ketel 1686-1724, deed of Barrow Green, Stainton 1704, papers re Fletcher field 1818-1837, deed of Lane Head, Helsington 1835, deed of Braithwaite house on east side of Stricklandgate, Kendal 1857, abstract of title to Chamber Ings, Natland, 1777-78, abstract of title of Richard Wilson to Fletcher Parrock 1846, deeds (5) of Catterall, Lancashire 1607-1710, rent book 1834-1850, Case papers concerning trust fund and estate of Mrs Catherine Burton, Ripley v. Attorney-General 1835, Ripley v. Moysey 1849-1850, and correspondence with Pemberton, Crawley & Co. 1830-1843, wills of William Brand 1656, John Chambers 1689, William Herbert 1765, Fletcher Fleming 1777, Dorothy Lady Fleming 1787, Joseph Braithwaite 1824, William Braithwaite 1836, Eleanor Braithwaite 1852, will and papers of James Wilson 1767-1817, and probates of wills of Misses Agnes, Ann and Elizabeth Wilson 1830-1834, and miscellaneous papers 1595-1881. 1588-1881
Deeds (c.85) of R B Brockbank, Crosby, Cumberland 1731-1938, including agreement for division of common fields in township of Crosby 1731, deeds of property at Garborough, Crosby 1735-1860, of premises in Crosby and Birkby 1744-1891, of three closes, coal mine, etc., Crosby Estate 1757-1859, of closes in Birkby 1780-1860, of five closes in Crosby 1825-1872, of Westfields, etc. in Crosby 1841-1853, and of Herds tenement in Crosby 1845-1876, agreements for letting farms around Crosby 1890-1938, case papers re damage by colliery operations to land near Crosby and Bulgill 1910, sale particulars for estates of R B Brockbank at Crosby 1913, plan of Bulgill station 1920. 1731-1938

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1419  Not dated

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 17 August 1989.
(A 1419)

Probate papers in bundles A-Y, Westmorland Shrievalty papers.
[An index to the probate papers is available in the searchroom]

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1433  1871-1966

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 5 October 1989.
(A 1433)

Draft conveyances 1871-1966
(c. 300 boxes).

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1464  1810-1981

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 12 January 1990.
(A 1464)

Day books (85) 1870-1939, ledgers (20) 1871-1981; probate papers 1810-1916.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1476  1857-1903

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 1 February 1990.
(A 1478)

Related information: See also box 114.

Papers re Kendal National Schools (later Central School) including plans 1871 and n.d., foundation deed of boys' school 1903, extracts from wills re bequests to schools 1857-1903, statement of accounts 1902.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1574  Not dated

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 1 October 1990. A (1574)

Papers of F W Boon and W Barratt. Deeds etc.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/2027  1921-1962

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 27 August 1993. (A 2027)

Drafts re A H Willink 1921, H G M Leighton 1959 and D E Willink 1962.

[no title or date]  WD AG/2157

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by Mr M Hopkinson on 27 May 1994. (A 2157).

[no title]  WD AG/2157/1  1926

Tenancy agreement (with record book attached). 1926
1. Sir Maurice Bromley Wilson of Dallam Tower, baronet.
2. Anthony Stables of Moss House Farm, Kirkby-in-Furness, North Lancashire.
Property: Holme Park Farm, Holme (605 acres). 12 May 1926
Holme Park Farm record book (605 acres). 1926
Describes fields, fences etc. with estimate of materials and labour required to make these in "a fair average condition".
With record of compensation paid to out-going tenant, 1926.

[no title]  WD AG/2157/2  1926-1937

Holme Park Farm field book.
Account of manure, materials & labour expended on buildings, fields, etc.
With plan of farm.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/2584  1860-1992

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Arnold, Greenwood, Solicitors on 20 February 1997.
(Acc. 2584)

Deeds to "Eden Mount", Horncop Lane, Kendal 1860-1992

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/2586  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Mr J M Hopkinson on 26 February 1997.
(A 2586)

[no title]  WD AG/2586/1  1586-1926

c.50 docs.

Title deeds and related papers of Otterbank, Skelsmergh 1586-1926.

[no title]  WD AG/2586/2  1607-1966

c.150 docs.

Title deeds and related papers of Batemanfold, Crook 1607-1966.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/2678  Not dated

Conditions of access: CLOSED 50 YEARS

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Mr A Fitch on 10/09/97
(Accession 2678)

Drafts, agreements, etc - to be examined

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1949  19th cent

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 3 November 1949.

Deeds relating to premises at Bowness, 19th cent.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1954  17-19th cent

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 3 May 1954.

Deeds, etc., of the Bateman family of Middleshaw in Old Hutton, 17-19th cents.

SUMMARY LIST  WD AG/1947  18th century

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 23 July 1947.

Documents relating to premises in Kendal and South Westmorland, estates of Wilson and Braithwaite families, 18th century.

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