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Estate and family records of Polwhele of Polwhele, St. Clement

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Reference PW
Covering dates 1630-1928
Held by Cornwall Record Office
Extent 148 Files
Accruals (Accession 583)
Source of acquisition Deposited on 18 June 1953 (accession 83)
Creators Polwhele family of Polwhele, St Clement, Cornwall
Note Recatalogued 1995

Deeds, leases and settlements
St. Clement
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Probate records
Rentals and surveys
Estate, correspondence and notes
Maps and plans
Mining records
St. Agnes tin bounds
Polwhele estate
Public office
Historical and genealogical notes
Drawings and sketches
Published works
By Revd. Richard Polwhele
By Sir Henry James
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St. Clement  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/1  27 Nov. 1706

Lease for a year (release missing)
(1) Samuell Ennys of Truroe borough, esq.
(2) John Polwhele of Polwhele, esq., and Richard Polwhele, gent., his only son and heir
Consideration - 5s.
Farm and lands called Polwheile alias Polwhele, also lands called Tregantilly, also two fields, one the Quarry Parke and the other adjoining, next the Lower Kinblyn, extent 11 acres, all in St. Clement

[no title]  PW/2  7 Nov. 1758

Pre-nuptial settlement by agreement
(1) Thomas Polwhele of Polwhele, esq.
(2) Mary Thomas of Truro, spinster
(3) Richard Hussey of Truro, esq., James Walker of Lanlivery, clerk, and William Pascoe of Truro, gent.
Recites - intended marriage between (1) and (2)
- (2), as executrix of John Thomas decd., her late father, is possessed of large estates and moneys owing, to the sum of £6,000 (schedule attached)
- £1,000 marriage portion (2) - (1)
- agreement by (1) and (2) that (1) convey to (3) in trust for (2) lands to value of £100
(1) to arrange conveyance of lands to (3) for the use of (1) during his life, and then for the use of (2) during her life

[no title]  PW/3/1,2  7, 8 Dec. 1762

Lease and release
(1) John Collins of Treworgan, esq., only son and heir of Edward Collins, late of St.Erth, clerk decd.
(2) Thomas Polwhele of Polwhele, esq.
Consideration - 5s. and 10s.
Farm and lands called Polwhele and Tregantillian, St. Clement

[no title]  PW/4  2 Feb. 1771

Covenant to stand seized
(1) Revd. John Collins of Ledbury, Hereford, clerk
(2) Thomas Polwhele of Polwhele, esq.
Duchy lands in manor of Moresk called Lastingarth, Coresarrin alias Gweland, Tregontillion, Hendrewina alias Andrewina, Hynglyne alias Le Cymblins, Colurick, and Gwelands, St. Clement
(1) to stand seized in trust only to use of Mary Polwhele, widow of Richard Polwhele, decd., and after her death to use of whomsoever (2) appoints, otherwise to use of (1)'s heirs

[no title]  PW/5/1-3  24, 25 June 1783

Marriage settlement by lease and release (also additional release)
(1) Richard Polwhele of Truro, clerk, only son and heir of Thomas Polwhele, late of Polwhele, esq., decd.
(2) Edward Collins of Truthen, esq., and Jonathan Peters of St. Clement, clerk
Messuage and tenement called Trespin alias Trevispan alias Trevispanveor, Cooks tenement and Luxons tenement, St. Erme (previously occupied by Sarah Harpur and Charles Harpur); also messuage and tenement called Polwhele and Tregontillion, St. Clement (lately in possession of Thomas Polwhele); also other lands of Richard Polwhele, inherited from Thomas Polwhele, St. Clement and St. Erme

[no title]  PW/6  12 Feb. 1784

Pre-nuptial settlement by lease for 200 years
(1) Richard Polwhele of Polwhele, St. Clement, clerk, only son and heir of Thomas Polwhele, late of Polwhele, esq., decd.
(2) Loveday Warren of Truro, spinster
(3) Rev. William Sandys of St. Minver, clerk, Edward Marshall of Breage, clerk, and Thomas Warren of Truro, gent.
Recites - intended marriage of (1) and (2)
- agreement for £100 annuity (1) to (2)
- (1) seized of lands in manor of Moresk, St. Clement
Lands at Hendrawenna, also lands at Calurick, called Calurack Hendrawenna alias The Winnows and Walkrose, also Kingline, now called The Kemblyns, also Sartingath, now called Lastingarth, also land near Langdon called Cresawren, alias- Gwilland, part of Tregantillian, also land called Gwelland in Tregontillian, now called Carsawren, Gwelland and Tregontillian, all part of manor of Moresk and in St. Clement, also Laniley, St. Clement
Lease to (3) for use of (1) for his life, then for use of (2)

[no title]  PW/7  20 Nov. 1793

Post-nuptial settlement
(1) Rev. Rich. Polwhele of Kenton, Devon
(2) Mary Tyrrell of same, spinster
(3) Rev. Fulwood Smerdon of Ottery St. Mary, Devon, and William Collyns of Kenton, Devon, surgeon and apothecary
Recites - marriage of (1) and (2)
- proposed annuity of £85 (1) to (2)
Consideration - 10s. (3) to (1)
Land in St. Clement, lately belonging to Thomas Polwhele, esq., father of (1), also navy bill for £236. 17s. 11d. plus interest, also £759.10s. plus interest

[no title]  PW/8/1,2  17, 18 Sep. 1795

Lease and release to lead the uses of a common recovery
(1) Richard Polwhele of Manaccan, clerk
(2) Hannibal Sandys of Crane Court, Fleet Street, Middlesex, gent.
Consideration - 5s. and 5s.
Polwhele, Kimblins and Tregontillian, St. Clement (now occupied by Mary Andrew, widow), also Lastingarth, St. Clement (now occupied by Stephen Lamerton), also Silver Close, St. Clement (now occupied by Mrs. James, widow), also Lanily, St. Clement (now occupied by John Trerise), also other lands of (1) inherited from Thomas Polwhele, his father, St. Clement

[no title]  PW/9  16 Nov. 1798

Lease for 21 years
(1) Rev. Richard Polwhele of Manaccan, clerk
(2) William Bath of St. Erme, yeoman
Polwhele, with the Kemblings and Lanily lands, St. Clement
At annual rent of £82; good husbandry clauses

Crantock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/10  11 April 1770

Mortgage by assignment of 99 year lease
(1) John White of Crantock, yeoman
(2) Richard Thomas of Tretheage, esq.
Recites - 20 Feb 1747
Lease for 99 years, or lives of Thomas Martyn (21), Constance Stephens, dau. of Henry Stephens of St. Columb Minor, clothier (25), and Henry House, son of Henry House of Crantock (18)
Mary Vere Hunt of Chester, Cheshire, widow, to Thomas Martyn, son of Thomas Martyn of St. Columb Minor, yeoman, decd.
- Assignment of lease, Thomas Martyn to John White, 29 Sep. 1768
Consideration - £80 (2) to (1)
Tippetts tenement in Trevelwith, Crantock
Assignment and bond of even date for £160 to be void if £80 plus interest paid (1) to (2) by 11 July 1770

[no title]  PW/11  25 June 1774

Mortgage by release of equity of redemption
Parties as PW/10
Recites - PW/10
- failure by (1) to repay £80 to (2), resulting in a debt of £96.16s. including interest
- request by (1) to (2) for a further £73.3s.4d.
Consideration - £96.16s.8d. owing (1) to (2), and further £73.3s.4d. paid (2) to (2)
Property as PW/10
Release and bond of even date for £340 to be void if £170 plus interest paid by (1) to (2) by 25 Sep. 1774

[no title]  PW/12  16 Oct. 1775

Surrender and admission (copy of court roll), manor of Cargoll
Court held at house of John White the younger at Treringey, Crantock, before Gilbert Hele Chilcott, gent., steward
Joseph Donnithorne, gent., customary tenant, surrenders to Sir Richard Vyvyan, bart, and John Hawkins, squire, surviving trustees of Christopher Hawkins, esq., farmer of manor and infant (17 years), Treringey in Crantock (held by copy of court roll of 7 Nov. 1740), for admission of John White the younger
Rent - customary rents and services
Sureties not given

[no title]  PW/13  7 Dec. 1775

Surrender and admission (copy of court roll), manor of Cargoll
Court held at house and by steward as PW/12
Joseph Donnithorne, gent., customary tenant, surrenders Treringey, Crantock, for admission of John Thomas of Truro, gent.
Francis Prater and Savory Nicholls, customary tenants, stand surety

[no title]  PW/14  9 May 1777

Mortgage by deed to declare the uses of a surrender of copyhold
(1) John White jnr. of Crantock, yeo.
(2) John White of Crantock gent., father of (1)
(3) John Thomas of Truro gent.
(4) Wm. Jenney of Truro gent.
Recites - PW/13 and admission by copy of court roll, 1 Jan. 1776
Principal £685
Treringey tenement, Crantock

[no title]  PW/15  25 June 1789

Release of equity of redemption
(1) John White, late of Crantock, gent., now a prisoner for debt in the sheriff's ward at Bodmin
(2) Edward Collins of Truthen, esq., and Mary, his wife, formerly Mary Thomas of Veryan, spinster
(3) Richard Thomas of Tretheage, esq.
Recites - PW/10, PW/11, PW/14
- marriage of Edward Collins and Mary Thomas
- (1) failed and unable to repay (3), and now owing £932.5s.1½d.
- valuation of Trevelwith at £40 and Treringey at £810, leaving £82.5s.1½d. owing (1) to (3)
- bond of even date by (1) to (3) for £170
Consideration - £850 as recited above
- 5s. (3) to (1)
Property as PW/10, to be occupied by (1), John, his son, and Mary, his daughter, in trust for (3)

St.Erme  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also CRO ref PW/5

[no title]  PW/16  19 Nov. 1718

Assignment of 99 year lease
(1) Thomas Tonkin of Lambriggan, esq., Edward Collins of Phillack, clerk
(2) Richard Polwhele of Polwhele, esq., and Mary his wife
(3) John Collins of Treworgan, St.Erme, gent.
Recites - lease under letters patent to John Polwhele of Polwhele, esq., of messuage and tenement in Pengelly Pryor, St.Erme (part of manor of Trevennen alias Tremaunon, lately belong to Tywardreth priory), for 99 years or lives of John Polwhele, Richard Polwhele, and Mary Polwhele, his wife, at a rent of 40s. and heriot of £4, 16 June 1707
- death of John Polwhele
Consideration - £680.10s., (3) to (1) and (2)
Property as recited above

Gwennap  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/17  25 Dec. 1705

Lease for 89 years or lives of John and Jasper, sons of (2) below
(1) John Polwhele of St. Clement
(2) Jasper Billing of Gwennap, blacksmith
Consideration - £3.15s.
Messuage and tenement in Lannarth, Gwennap, being one ninth of moiety of town and fields of Lannarth
Rent - 3s. annually
Sealed on tag

Truro  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/18  15 April 1664

Bargain and sale with note of seisin
(1) John Coode of Sethro, Breage, gent.
(2) Richard Kent of Truro borough, yeo.
Consideration - £45
Messuage and tenement in St. Nicholas' Street, Truro, lately occupied by Richard Painter, decd.

[no title]  PW/19/1.2  1,2 April 1697

Lease and release
(1) James Wakeham of Launceston borough, gent., son of Waiter Wakeham, late of Kenwyn, gent., decd.
(2) Richard Tippett of Truro borough, fuller
Consideration - 5s. and £60
Property as PW/18

[no title]  PW/20  31 Jan. 1708/9

Pre-nuptial settlement by lease
(1) Richard Tippett of Truro borough, fuller
(2) Mary Thomas of Truro borough, widow
- 8 Apr. 1690
Lease for 99 years or lives of (2) below, Margery, wife of John Andrew, and Agnes, their dau., now wife of Peter Smith of Kenwyn, carpenter, at a rent of 32s. quarterly and one capon or 12d. at Michaelmas
(1) Henry Edmondes of Tregew, gent., then lord of manor of Kenwyn and Truro
(2) Richard Tippett
Land called the Close, next to Kenwyn Downe, extent 2¼ acres, then occupied by Edward Haweis, gent., but now by (2). Oak, ash, elm and tin reserved to (1)
- intended marriage between (1) and Elizabeth Thomas of Truro, spinster
Consideration - £160, and love and affection
Property as PW/18, occupied successively by Richard Paynter, decd., Samuel Carpenter of Truro, ironmonger, James Wakeham, and now by (1). Also property as recited above. Also all (1)'s implement and utensils.
To be held for 70 years from (1)'s death, or life of Elizabeth Thomas, to use of same.

[no title]  PW/21  26 Dec. 1736

Release (lease missing)
(1) Elizabeth Gregor of Truro, widow (dau. of Richard Tippett)
(2) John Thomas of Truro, merchant
Consideration - £260
Property as PW/18

Out-County  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/22  16th century

Transcript of

[no title]  PW/22/A)  12 May 1531

Copy confirmation by letters patent
Recites and confirms grant of Edward III, 7 May 1342, and subsequent grants. Confirms privileges of Duchy of Lancaster to Trowbridge, Wiltshire

[no title]  PW/22/B)  14 Oct. 1236

Final concord (copy)
(1) Abbot of Glaston (querant)
(2) William de Monte Acuto (deforciant)
Marsh land in Weston, Somerset, for 30 mares

[no title]  PW/22/C)  1517

Terrier of Weston Zogland, Somerset, part of the property of Glastonbury Abbey

[no title]  PW/23  nd

Not used

[no title]  PW/24  1639

[Barely legible]

Lease ?
1 [? Oct] 15 [? Chas. I] - endorsed
(1) Tho. Add[amson?] of High [Birk[c]ington], Devon, esq.
(2) Arthur Champernowne of Dartington, Devon, esq., Henry S[hampern] of [?], esq., Devon
Arthur [Pollard] of ?, son and heir of Rich Pollard of [Kyngsley]
Harlowe als Harloweberry... (includes advowson of parish church) for one halfe year

[no title]  PW/25  28 Oct. 1654

Exemplification of a common recovery
Richard Ducke, esq.
vs Tho. Westlake, gent.
Manor of Knightston and other lands at St. Mary Otterye, Farwaye Sidbury, Gitesham, Branscombe, Colliton, Cheriton, Fitzpaine, Witheridge and Otterton in Devon

[no title]  PW/26  14 Feb. 34 Chas. II [1681/2]

Deed to declare the uses of a fine
(1) Arthur C of Dartington, Devon, esq.
(2) Ed. Champernowne of Dartington, esq.
(3) Rich. Hals and Wm. Blackaller, both of Lyons Inne, Middlesex, gents.
(4) Sir Edw. Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, Devon, kt. and bart, and Edmund Pollexsen of Plymouth, Devon, esq.
Recites - articles of agreement, 28 April 1681, between (2) and (1), consideration £2,500 to be paid thereafter; (2) agrees to grant to (1) inheritance of land on Dartington, called Newhouse (described in detail) - manor of Dartington and Northford, and advowson of Dartington, lands in Dartington, Birockeing? Staverton, Rattery, Harberom, Brent, Buckfastleigh, Dartmouth, Hardnesse and Kingsweare (Devon)
Consideration - £2,500 (1) - (2)

PROBATE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/27  24 July 1733

Will of Rich. Edmonds of St. Clement, esq. (cousin of Rich. Polwhele of Polwhele, esq.,) made 22 May 1732, codicil of 4 Oct. 1732, proved P.C.C.

[no title]  PW/28  8 May 1740

Copy will of Rich. Polwhele, gent. (bequeathing residue of estate excepting provisions for wife of marriage settlement to son Thos. Polwhele after payment of debts by trustees, else to daughters Grace, Anne and Elizabeth), made 16 Mar. 1733, codicil

[no title]  PW/29  9 Aug. 1752

Copy will of Jn. Thomas of Truro, merchant (lands to son Rich. Thomas, clerk and heir, otherwise to daughters Grace and Mary T.; reside to dau. Mary Thomas), made

[no title]  PW/30  1 May 1777

Copy will of Thos. Polwhele of Polwhele, esq. (estate called Trespin (and stock) to Jn. Collins of Ludbury, clerk and Ed. Collins esq. (cousins), for use of Mary Polwhele (wife) and heirs), made 10 Apr. 1776, made (no note of probate)

[no title]  PW/31  16 Oct. 1781

Copy will of Rob. Rayner of Hanwell, Middlesex, gent. (copyhold estate in Lambeth, Surrey, called George Yard to nephew Job Tyrell, late of Exeter, Devon; residue of estate to Wm. Myers and Rob. Sharland in trust for Rob., Mary, Isabella and Eliz. Tyrell, children of nephew Euclid Tyrell), made 14 Nov. 1780, proved P.C.C.

[no title]  PW/32  17 July 1810

Copy administration of Edw. Polwhele, late lieutenant in H.M.S. Renown, granted to Rich. Polwhele (father) at P.C.C.

[no title]  PW/33  3 Jan. 1832

Copy will of Mary Collins of Trinity, Exeter, widow
- £500 to Mrs. Mary Polwhele, of Truro, spinster (relation)
- £100 to The Revd. Rich. Polwhele, vicar of Newlyn
- £100 to Jane Lucy, wife of - Woodward
- £100 to Miss Mary Woollcombe, spinster, dau. of late Wm. Woollcombe, prebendary of Cathedral church of Exeter
- residue to Edw. Collins (son) appointed sole exor.
- by codicil, £100 each to Misses Maria Louisa and Marianne Polwhele, daus. of Revd. Rich. Polwhele of Polwhele
Made 9 Feb. 1828, with codicil made 1 Dec. 1831, proved P.C.C. copied 1832

[no title]  PW/34  26 Jan. 1841

Copy will and adm. of Francis Polwhele of Truro, lieutenant on H.M.S. Britannia (leasehold property (house and 2½ acres) called Conium in Truro, etc., to Mary Polwhele (mother), also sole exix.), made

[no title]  PW/35  5 Oct. 1850

(1) Mary Polwhele of Lemon St., Truro, widow
(2) Rich. Graves Polwhele of Polwhele, esq.; Geo. Simmons (younger) of Truro, gent.
Consideration - love and affection to daus. Mary Anne Polwhele, Maria Polwhele, Isabella Polwhele and Eliz. Polwhele; 10s. (2) - (1)
Assignment of chattels and effects in trust for (1) during life, and equally for daus. above on death of (1)

[no title]  PW/36/1-3  Sep. 1850 - June 1855

Solicitors' accounts for administration of estate of Mrs. Mary Polwhele decd.

[no title]  PW/37/1,2  1 Oct. 1854-Dec. 1854

Solicitors' accounts for administration of estate of Francis Polwhele esq. decd.

RENTALS AND SURVEYS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/38  1753

Manor of Moresk new knowledge book (payments due to Crown on entry of new tenants; includes rents and names of previous tenants)

[no title]  PW/39  1778-1806

Rental of Lanily and Lastingarth, St. Clement

[no title]  PW/40  1779-1793

Rental of properties in Manaccan

[no title]  PW/41  Christmas 1808

Rent sheet, tenements on Lannarth common, Gwennap

[no title]  PW/42/1-3  1809-1828

Survey notes on Polwhele estate, with field names and notes on hedges

[no title]  PW/43  1811

List of rents due to Duchy of Cornwall (and new acknowledgments)

[no title]  PW/44  (Early 19 cent.)

Survey of barton of Polwhele, St. Clement, with references to a lost plan, place names and acreages, n.d.

[no title]  PW/45  (Mid 19 cent.)

Copy rate book (place and names not given), sent to Mr. Henry Rowe of Treluswell, St. Gluvias, n.d.

[no title]  PW/46  1840

Rental of tenement in St. Enoder, St. Erme and Gwennap

[no title]  PW/47  1841

Survey of Silver Closes (part of Polwhele), by Rich. Thomas, surveyor

[no title]  PW/48  1841

Estimate of rents, Polwhele tenement, St. Clement, by Rich. Thomas, surveyor

[no title]  PW/49, 50  1849, 1854

Rentals of tenements in Lanner, Gwennap

[no title]  PW/51  1840-1878

Reference book for a map of Polwhele (map missing; giving field names, state of cultivation, acreages and additional notes), pre 1840; annotations, 1871-1878

[no title or date]  PW/52

Not used


[no title]  PW/53  24 July 1630

Bounds of Lannarth, Gwennap, related

[no title]  PW/54  1739-1776

Account book of money from bonds and mortgages, with index and inventory of plate at front

[no title]  PW/55  5 Oct. 1752

Articles put to jury of Moresk manor court concerning tenancies in manor, with replies

[no title]  PW/56  24 Sept. 1757

Letter to Thos. Polwhele from ? Webber requesting receipt of high rent of Tredinnick

[no title]  PW/57  1768-1790

List of rents of cot house near Polwhele, with notes of receipt

[no title]  PW/58  28 Jan. 1782

Letter to Rich. Polwhele from G. Simmons about Lannarth estate in Gwennap

[no title]  PW/59  21 Feb. 1758

Case and opinion of counsel (Chas. Fearne) relating to
Marriage settlement by surrender of copyhold land called Condoro and Menedew on St. Clement (Moresk manor)
(1) Wm. Borlase of Ludgvan, clerk and Ann, his wife
(2) Jn. Borlase, their son
(3) Ann Rowe, spinster
(4) Tho. Hawkins and Tho. Polwhele, esqs.
Consideration: marriage of (2) and (3) and surrender by (3) to (4), in trust of use of (2) and (3) and heirs
- deaths of Thos. Hawkins and Ann Borlase (3)
- intention of (2) and his son to sell to Mr. Enys - refusal of Tho. Polwhele (trustee) to allow it without counsel's advice

[no title]  PW/60  nd

Copy of deed with notes and opinion of counsel:
(1) Mary Polwhele of Truro, widow of Tho. Polwhele late of Polwhele (1) above)
(2) Rich. Polwhele, of Kenton (Devon), clerk, only son and heir of Tho. Polwhele
(3) Jn. Borlase of St. Mewan, clerk; Wm. Borlase, eldest son of same by Ann, his wife (decd.).
Surrender (1) - (2), and (2) - (3)
Lands as (1) (Condurra and Menedew)

[no title]  PW/61  1795-1796

Attorney's charges to Revd. Rich. Polwhele arising from actions to break entail

[no title]  PW/62  1801-1805

Receipt given to Revd. Rich. Polwhele (rent of tenement in Veryan, servant's seat in Kenwyn, church, etc.)

[no title]  PW/63-68  1845-1846

Letters to Major Polwhele from Geo. Simmons jnr. about accessionable manor award of Moresk and Polwhele's claims as a conventionary tenant of manor, 20 March, 16 May 1846, 5 July 1845, 23 Feb. 1846, 3 March 1846, 13 Nov. 1846

[no title]  PW/69  1843

Notes on the right of free warren (taken from Scriven, 3rd edn.)

[no title]  PW/70  1844-1873

Notes on rates on Polwhele

[no title]  PW/71  1850

Notes on high rents of Trefilack, St. Enoder, and Tredinick, Veryan, owing, sent to the Revd. Polwhele, Kenwyn

[no title]  PW/72/1-3  1855-57

Rents due from Polwhele to Manor of Moresk, (and receipt)

[no title]  PW/73  18 Oct. 1862

Letter from Hearle Cock, town clerk of Truro, to Col. R. G. Polwhele of Cheltenham, re Polwhele share of a tenement in St. Enoder

[no title]  PW/74, 75  1862, 1864

Two letters to Roxburgh Polwhele from Col. R. G. Polwhele of Cheltenham (uncle) and (Thos.?) Polwhele (father) concerning estate matters, 31 Dec. 1862, 14 Nov. 1864

[no title]  PW/76  14 Jan. 1865

Letter from Rich. Coad to J. R. Polwhele esq. re work at Polwhele house

[no title]  PW/77  24 Nov. 1870

Letter from Hearle Cock to Lt. -General Polwhele of Cheltenham on death of Col. Polwhele concerning rentals inherited from latter on Polwhele estate

[no title]  PW/78  14 Aug. 1877

Letter from Hearle Cock re Trefulack (St. Enoder?) to J. R. Polwhele of Polwhele

[no title]  PW/79, 80  22 July 1884

Particulars of fat stock belonging to T. R. Polwhele of Polwhele, sold at Penmount Farm, St. Clement, 22 June 1883; and similar

[no title]  PW/81  1891

Notes on St. Clement tithes

[no title]  PW/82  1903

Notes on leases and rates

MAPS AND PLANS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/83  (Early 19 cent.)

Unfinished plan of the Kemblins, part of Polwhele estate; scale 2 chains: 1"; giving statutory & customary acreages of fields, n.d.

[no title]  PW/84  1829

Plan of New Dairy farm and adjoining tenements, property of Thos. Lean, St. Hilary, with field names and shading and reference table of customary and statutory acreage; scale 2 chains: 1"; 69 x 90cm

[no title]  PW/85  Original 1780

Copy of map of Tregurtha, St. Hilary, with alphanumeric references to each property (not explained); 57 x 69 cm.; copy n.d.

[no title]  PW/86  (Later 19 cent.)

Plan on oiled silk of Tregurtha, St. Hilary, scale 44 fms.: 1"; ? copied from tithe map; 55 x 65 cm; n.d.

[no title]  PW/87  1846

Copy of map of Duchy accessionable manor of Moresk; scale 6 chains: 1"; 170 x 96 cm.; with place and field names; shaded to distinguish conventionary and freehold lands

[no title]  PW/88  1846

Copy of draft award of Duchy accessionable manor of Moresk

MINING  [no ref. or date]

St. Agnes tin bounds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/89  20 July 1691

Grant of tin bounds
Jn. Polwhele of Polwhele, esqr., to son Rich. Polwhele
St. George's bounds, Goonelase (1/8); Carmeale (1/32); 1/16 Wheles de Gentle; 1/36 Pell; and Peran [ ? ]

[no title]  PW/90  28 Feb. 1695[/6]

Mortgage by assignment
(1) Jn. Polwhele of Treworgan, esq.
(2) Jacob Cleather of Illogan, tinner
Recites - bound binding (1) et. al. to (2); £114 owing (1) - (2)
1/8 of St. George's bounds in Goone Lase, St. Agnes

[no title]  PW/91  31 May 1698

Release from mortgage
(1) Jn. Collins of Truro, gent., admor. of goods of (2) above
(2) Rich. Polwhele of Polwhele, St. Clement, gent.
Recites (2) above

Polwhele estate  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/92  1752

Blackmore stannary bounds certificate for Tregontillian, St. Clement

[no title]  PW/93  1792, 1793

Account of farm of Whels Gente bounds

[no title]  PW/94  1797

Notes on Polwhele's claim to bounds in Perranzabuloe and St. Agnes

[no title]  PW/95  1838-1841

Receipted account of dues from Wheal Beauchamp to Major, Polwhele

General  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/96  1790s

Notes on the towns and boroughs in each stannary in Cornwall and who has the influence in each of them, n.d., (probably written by Philip Webber, attorney, see Bibliotheca, 1208)

[no title]  PW/97  1704/5

Letter from tin office at Truro to Sidney Lord Godolphin (Lord High Treasurer) re making tared tin into bars within Cornwall

[no title]  PW/98-104  1707-1708

Papers concerning the use of a reverbatory furnace for smelting tin in Cornwall, the poorer quality of tin resulting therefrom, and the mixing of lead with the tin before smelting in the same, (including petition of London pewterers and reply of officers of the mint)

[no title]  PW/105-107  1636, 1708

Petition from West Cornwall tinners concerning need to carry tin to Truro, and Truro tin office response to same, 1708 (including abstract of 9th article of Stannary constitution re clandestine carrying or selling of tin, 1636)

[no title]  PW/108  1710

Address of tinners to Hugh Boscawen esq., Lord warden of Stannary of Cornwall and Devon

[no title]  PW/109  1712

Address of tinners to H.M. Queen Anne

[no title]  PW/110  1750

Lord Warden's speech to stannary convocation at Lostwithiel

PUBLIC OFFICE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/111  8 Feb. 1722/3

Appointment of Rich. Polwhele of Polwhele esq. as sheriff, by letter patent from George, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Wales

[no title]  PW/112  27 Geo. II cap. 41), 1754

'An act for amending and widening several roads leading from Truro' (establishment of Truro turnpike trust

[no title]  PW/113  (13 Geo. III cap. 112), 1773)

'An act for more effectually amending several roads leading from... Truro... and for building a bridge... at... Steppings'

[no title]  PW/114  9 June 1782

Letter of deacon's orders to Rich Polwhele, student in Civil Law, of Christ Church, Oxford, ordained at chapel in palace of Jn. [Ross] Bishop of Exeter

[no title]  PW/115  20 June 1784

Letter of priest's orders to Rich. Polwhele, at Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Exeter, (by same bishop)


[no title]  PW/116  1741-1809

Note book containing miscellaneous recipes, notes on husbandry, history, genealogy, aphorisms, rental surveys, etc.

[no title]  PW/117  c1785

Volume containing copies of archdeaconry and Penryn borough documents, 14th-18th centuries, with list of contents

[no title]  PW/118  n.d

Fragment (last few lines) of letter from Thos. Polwhele to one of his children n.d.

[no title]  PW/119  1845

Copy of certified extract from 1672 pedigree of the Cotgreaves of Hargrave, Chester, concerning ancestors and armorial bearings of John Polwhill of Polwhill, esq. (who married Alice, dau. of Sir Roger Cotgreave, lord of Hargrave temp. Henry V), (copied by R. G. Polwhele)

[no title]  PW/120/1,2  1847

Henry McLauchlan's notes on Polwhele castle, Nov. 1846, sent to Major Polwhele

[no title]  PW/121,122  3 Sep. and 6 Sep. 1866

Copy letters from Ed. Polwhele of St. Stephen by Launceston, petitioning for a naval cadetship for his son Rich. Polwhele

[no title]  PW/123  1 Nov. 1875

Notes from Arundell account rolls for Truro Vean, 1439-1605, sent to R. Polwhele of Polwhele esq. by Mr. Freeth of Duporth, St. Austell

[no title]  PW/124/1-3  8 July 1892

Copy letters sent by Herbert Reynolds, priest vicar at Exeter Cathedral
PW/124/1 Degory Polwhele of Whitchurch (to Mr. Cooke) re personal arrangements 26, Aug. 1665
PW/124/2 Jn. Anstis of St.Neot registrar of Archdeaconry re disputed will of Jn. Polwhele late of St.Erme, esq., to Mr. Francis Cooke, registrar of Exeter Consistory Court requesting that an apparently forged nuncupative will proved by Cooke be cancelled in favour of a will to be proved at archdeaconry court, 13 Dec. 1677

[no title]  PW/125  9 Feb. 1928

Article by Charles Henderson on family of Polwhele of Polwhele, West Briton

DRAWINGS AND SKETCHES  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/126  1832-1885

Portfolio entitled 'Sketches on The Scilly Island' (pen and ink, sepia wash, some copies 'from E.T.C.' a few photographs)

[no title]  PW/127  1839-1852

Volume of sketches of various places in Europe, by same hand as preceding portfolio, (mainly 1842)

[no title]  PW/128  nd

Volume entitled 'Sketches by E. T. Carne' (probably Elizabeth Catherine Thomas Carne, 1817-1873, whose niece married T. R. Polwhele in 1861; not same hand as PW/126 and PW/127), mainly watercolours of St. Ives, Scilly, Newlyn, St. Michael's Mount, the Cheesewring, elsewhere in England and Europe, n.d.

PUBLISHED WORKS  [no ref. or date]

By the Revd. Richard Polwhele  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/129  1788 or 1781

According to Boase & Courtenay's pagination, a few pages of this book are missing]

Poems, namely, the English Orator; an address to Thomas Pennant, Esq., an ode on the susceptibility of the political character; twenty sonnets; an epistle to a College Friend; and the Lock Transformed; with notes on the English Orator; by Mr. Polwhele; London, printed for T. Cadell in the Strand and C. Dilly in the Poultry, n.d. [Boase and Courtenay, Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, give the date as 1791 and note that the volume contains the third edition of the English Orator, Book I. Here this is dated 1788.

[no title]  PW/130  1791

Discourses on different subjects by the Revd. Richard Polwhele in two volumes, the second edition, to which are added two Discourses and an Essay; Vol. II; London (T. Cadell & C. Dilly) n.d. [Boase & Courtenay give as the date of publication]

[no title]  PW/131  1892

The Idyllia, epigrams, and fragments of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschius with the elegies of Tyrtaeus translated from the Greek into English Verse, to which are added dissertations and Notes; in two volumes; Vol. II; a new edition, corrected; by the Reverend Richard Polwhele; Bath, printed by R. Couttwell etc.

[no title]  PW/132  1797

Sketches in verse with Prose Illustrations; by Mr. Polwhele; second edition; London (Cadell & Davies)

[no title]  PW/133/1  1797

The Old English Gentleman, A Poem, by Mr. Polwhele; London (Cadell & Davies etc.)

[no title]  PW/133/2, 3  1798

The Influence of Local Attachment - with odes and other poems; 2 volumes; London, [Boase & Courtenay give this as the second edition] 2 copies of second volume

[no title]  PW/134/1-6  nd

Set of part of Polwhele's History of Cornwall [loose sheets from Polwhele bound at County Record Office; see Boase & Courtney Bibl. Cornub. ii, 510-11, for description]:-

[no title or date]  PW/134/1

Pages 1-60 of vol. iii. Bound in: - pp 61-64, 93-116, 121-184 of vol. II.

[no title or date]  PW/134/2

Second part of vol. II by the Rev. Jn. Whitaker

[no title or date]  PW/134/3

Vol. 4, part 1 only, pp. 97-147 wanting

[no title or date]  PW/134/4

Vol. 4, complete

[no title or date]  PW/134/5

Another copy of vol. 5

[no title or date]  PW/134/6

Vol. 7 lacks pp. 133-140

[no title]  PW/135  1814

A letter to the Rev. C. Val. Le Grice on the Revivalism of Methodists - Truro, (by the Revd. R. Polwhele)

[no title]  PW/136  1836

A Cornish-English Vocabulary - etc. by the Revd. R. Polwhele, Truro [this is also vol. vi of Polwhele's History of Cornwall]

[no title]  PW/137  nd

A few pages only from:- A letter to the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Exeter proposing a scheme of coalition between the Wesleyans and the Church of England and a letter to Canon W. L. Bowles [see Boase & Courtney III, 1316]

Published works by Lt. Gen. Sir Henry James (brother in law of Thomas Polwhele)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/138  1861

Copy of facsimile edition of the Cornish part of Domesday book (Exchequer text), interleaved with letters and press cuttings relating to the work

[no title]  PW/139  1875

Photo-zincographic facsimile of an AngloSaxon charter of 974 (grant of land at Nyed (Copplestone), Devon), with translation (offprint from Report of the Progress of the Ordnance Survey for the year 1874-5), signed by Lt. Gen. Sir Henry James, R.E.-to Richard Polwhele

[no title]  PW/140  1875

Copies information: (As PW/138; signed by Henry James)

Translation of Domesday

[no title]  PW/141  1875

Domesday Book, or The Great Survey of England of William the Conqueror A.D. MLXXVI: facsimile of the part relating to Cornwall (Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1861); also transcription (Vacher & Sons, London, 1861) and translation (1875); signed by Lt.-Col. Henry James, director of the Ordnance Survey

Other published works  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  PW/142  1687

Anon, The Works of the Learned and Pious Author of 'The Whole Duty of Man', Oxford & London

[no title]  PW/143  1870

T. J. Bailey, A Defence of Holy Orders in the Church of England, including the statutes, documents and other evidence attesting the validity of Anglican order (Parker, London and Oxford, and Wakeling, Brighton, in Latin and English, with a certified facsimile of the record of Matthew Parker's consecration as archbishop of Canterbury)

[no title]  PW/144  1754

Lacks title page and pages 373-414; heavily annotated in places)

W. Borlase, Observations on the Antiquities, Historical and Monumental, of the County of Cornwall (W. Jackson

[no title]  PW/145  1762

W. Gelleroy, The London Cook, or the Whole Art of Cookery made easy and familiar, Dublin

[no title]  PW/146/1,2  1797

W. Roscoe, The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the Magnificent, Strahan, Cadell and Edwards, 3rd ed., two volumes

[no title]  PW/147  1823

H. V. Tebbs, A Letter respectfully addressed to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St.David's. in reply to the strictures of the Quarterly Review on a prize essay on the Scripture doctrines of Adultery and Divorce, etc., by H. V. Tebbs, London, (presented to Rev. R. Polwhele by author)

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