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St Stephen's Parish Church

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Reference P214
Covering dates 1545 - 1981
Held by Cornwall Record Office
Extent 2 series
Source of acquisition Accession 704, files P214/17/1-50 and 17/68-162, was deposited by the vicar, 29 September 1962; accession 2301, files P214/1/1-42, 2/1-15, 4/1-2, 5/1-7, 6/1-3, 7/1-12, 8/1-11, 9/1, 10/1-3, 11/1-9, 13/2/1-24, 13/3/1-31, 13/4/1-54, 13/5/1-2, 14/1-250, 15/1-4, 16(a)/1-46, 16(b)/1-8, 17/51-67, 17/163-178, 18/1-21, 19/1-4, 20/1-6, 21/1-5, 22/1, 24/1, 25/1-25/3/1, 27/1-5 and 28/1, was deposited by the vicar, 11 August 1977; accession 3573, files P214/1/43, 2/16-26, 6/4-14, 7/13-17, 25/3/2-30, 25/4/1-6 and 27/6/1-19, was deposited by the vicar, 4 June 1986; accession 3595, file P214/1/44, was deposited by the vicar, 17 September 1986.
Creators Church of England, St Stephen's Parish, Saltash, Cornwall

Incumbent, Churchwardens, Vestry, Constables, Overseers, Poor Law union, Surveyors, Special Committees, Charities, Statutory deposits, Miscellaneous

ECCLESIASTICAL  [no ref. or date]

INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Registers of baptisms, marriages and burials  [no ref. or date]

Baptisms: 1545-1728, Marriages: 1545-1728, Burials: 1545-1728  P214/1/1  1545 - 1728

Note of monumental inscription adjoining vestry door. Text given. (See Lake's Parochial History, Vol. IV. page 173).
From 1653-1660 births and contracts of marriage entered: Registrar: Nicholas Axford, 1653; John Axford, 1656.
Mentions pauper burials late sixteenth century; also William Elliot, Schoolmaster, 1561.
Note that John Francis Buller of Shillingham, surviving trustee, distributed to the poor £100 as part of Sir John Hayward's Charity, 18th March, 1727.
Entries distinguish 'Ash', 1698-1728.

Baptisms: 1728-1798; Marriages: 1728-1786; Burials: 1728-1798  P214/1/2  1728 - 1798

List of fees; distinguish 'Ash' from remainder; ages at death, 1758-1772; some causes of death 1787-1798;
Smallpox, 1766, 1789; note re. dispute over appointment of churchwardens, 1788; description of church, e.g. 'the Gallery in the Church erected and the Middle isle plaistered... a copper vane fixed in the tower... font removed... new pews built... stile erected... new canopy and pulpit ...', 1788-1797

Burials in Woollen  P214/1/3  1734-1798

Baptisms: 1798-1812; Burials: 1798-1812  P214/1/4  1798-1812

Smallpox, 1811

Baptisms  P214/1/5  1813-1831

Dates of birth, November, 1816 to May 1823

Baptism  P214/1/6  1831-1853

Baptisms  P214/1/7  1853-1881

Baptisms  P214/1/8  1881-1900

Baptisms  P214/1/9  1900-1915

Baptisms  P214/1/10  1915-1963

Baptisms  P214/1/11  1963-1973

Marriages  P214/1/12  1754-1781

Occupations given

Marriages  P214/1/13  1781-1806

Some occupations

Marriages  P214/1/14  1806-1812

Marriages  P214/1/15  1813-1831

Marriages  P214/1/16  1831-1837

Marriages  P214/1/17  1837-1868

Marriages  P214/1/18  1868-1920

Marriages  P214/1/19  1920-1928

Marriages  P214/1/20  1928-1935

Marriages  P214/1/21  1935-1940

Marriages  P214/1/22  1940-1946

Marriages  P214/1/23  1946-1952

Marriages  P214/1/24  1952-1958

Marriages  P214/1/25  1959-1965

Banns  P214/1/26  1754-1788

Banns  P214/1/27  1788-1848

Banns  P214/1/28  1848-1925

Banns  P214/1/29A  1925-1936

Banns  P214/1/29B  1937-1961

Banns  P214/1/30  1961-1967

Banns  P214/1/31  1967-1972

Burials  P214/1/32  1813-1830

Burials  P214/1/33  1830-1845

Burials  P214/1/34  1845-1857

Burials  P214/1/35  1857-1893

Burials  P214/1/36  1894-1916

With plans of Churchyard

Burials  P214/1/37  1916-1927

Burials  P214/1/38  1927-1937

Burials  P214/1/39  1937-1947

Burials  P214/1/40  1947-1953

Burials  P214/1/41  1953-1960

Burials  P214/1/42  1960-1974

Register of banns  P214/1/43  1972-1980

Register of marriages  P214/1/44  1965-1978

Incumbents' papers  [no ref. or date]

St. Stephens by Saltash School Board Minutes (Rough)  P214/2/1  1871-1886

Also includes miscellaneous notices, letters and papers

St. Stephens by Saltash School Board Ledger  P214/2/2/1  1872-1884

Preacher's Book  P214/2/2/2  Feb. 1882-April, 1895

Preacher's Book  P214/2/2/3  May, 1896-Sept. 1903

Preacher's Book  P214/2/3  Oct. 1903-April, 1911

Preacher's Book  P214/2/4  May, 1911-Sept. 1917

Register of Services  P214/2/5  Sept. 1917-March, 1930

Register of Services  P214/2/6  January, 1912-January 1932

Register of Services  P214/2/7  April, 1930-December, 1941

Register of Services  P214/2/8  January, 1942-March 1951

Register of Services  P214/2/9  March 1951-August 1958

Register of Services  P214/2/10  August, 1958-September 1973

Plan of Church  P214/2/11-13  1956

Copy of terrier of 1727  P214/2/14  1727

Case and opinion re existence of a modus for St. Stephens by Saltash  P214/2/15  23rd September, 1815

Service register  P214/2/16  1973-1981

Confirmation register  P214/2/17  1948-1975

Part only, printed form of prayer for Prince Regent  P214/2/18  n.d., c.1810

Letter to Revd. E. Bell from Exeter Diocesan Registry Offering copies of St. Stephen by Saltash terriers of 1679, 1727 and one undated  P214/2/19  1903

Letter from chaplain of the Fleet W. Stuart Harris to vicar of St. Stephen by Saltash concerning calling of banns if bridegroom is serving in the Navy  P214/2/20/1, 2  1905

Letter from Claude Bosanquet, vicar of St. Stephen, to bishop, asking for guidance on burial of unbaptised infant of churchgoing parents; bishop's reply endorsed  P214/2/21  1929

Faculty to level mounds over certain graves and to erect tablet on church wall about bells  P214/2/22/1-3  1938

Correspondnece and papers concerning the tithe Act of 1925 (Queen Anne's Bounty)  P214/2/23/1-4  1929-1946

Letters relating to dismissal of sexton  P214/2/24/1-3  1903

Letters relating to claim made by church cleaner for National Insurance payments  P214/2/25/1, 2  1913

Notes of archdeacon's enquiry into conduct of parish clerk  P214/2/26  1898

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Rate  [no ref. or date]

Church rate books  P214/4/1-2  1867-1868

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Accounts and rates book  P214/5/1  1567, 1604-1694

Rate 1567; repair of bells, 1604; briefs, 1656-1694; summary of accounts, 1604-1672; disbursements, 1673-1674; collections for relief of French Protestants, 1681-1694.

Accounts and rates book  P214/5/2  1661 - 1729

Disbursements, 1661-1729; rates 1687, 1708, 1717, 1725.

Accounts and rates book  P214/5/3  1730-1752

Accounts and rates book  P214/5/4  1753-1818

Note re. dispute concerning appointment of churchwardens, 1788; 'Taking down of ye five old bells and casting of them into a peal of six ...' (done on site), Easter, 1760 to Easter, 1761, list of costs; vermins account; erection of singing gallery (west end), 1788-1789; repair of bass Vyol case, 1789-1790; repair to 'stocks', 1789-1790.

Accounts and rates book  P214/5/5  1818-1842

Includes vermin

Accounts and rates book  P214/5/6  1843-1858

Attending the singers' strings for violins and violoncello, 1843

Accounts book  P214/5/7  1885-1895

Property  [no ref. or date]

Copy of plans of Churchyward  P214/6/1-6  1836-1955

Plans of churchyard showing numbers of graves  P214/6/2/1-4  N.D. 20th century

Plan of proposed arrangement of new framework for 8 bells, John Taylor & Co., Loughborough  P214/6/3  1934

Book of Common Prayer, with the Thirty Nine Articles, Constitutions and Canons of the Church of England, and metrical psalms (Sternold and Hopkins)  P214/6/4  1788

Fox's Book of Martyrs  P214/6/5/1-3  1684

3 volumes

Copy deed of surrender to the See of Truro of patronage of St. Nicholas and St. Faith "within the limits of the parish of St. Stephen"  P214/6/6  1881

Bundle of letters, papers and reports concerning restoration of church tower  P214/6/7/1-40  1894-95

Specifications, letters and invoices relating to restoration of bells  P214/6/8/1-11  1894-96

Letters to vicar from Leighton Fouracre, architect, Plymouth, about repairs to church vestry  P214/6/9/1-5  1903

Contract, specification and estimate for reconstruction of church organ by J. C. Hele and Co., Plymouth  P214/6/10/1-3  1920

Ground plan of church  P214/6/11  1930

Very fragile

File of correspondence of W. S. Rashleigh relating to repairs to bells, 1934-36; and to churchyard extension, 1936-37.  P214/6/12  1934 - 37

Conveyance of plot of land adjoining churchyard for extension  P214/6/13/1  1857

Licence of additional burial ground until conservation  P214/6/13/2  1889

Copy award of exchange of part of glebe land for garden and part of a field  P214/6/13/3  1889

Record of consecration, additional churchyard  P214/6/13/4  1891

Record of consecration, additional churchyard  P214/6/13/5  1902

Record of consecration, additional churchyard  P214/6/13/6  1918

Copy conveyance, addition to churchyard  P214/6/13/7  1926

Sentence of consecration of additional churchyard  P214/6/13/8  1926

Copy conveyance, addition to churchyard  P214/6/13/9  1934

Sentence of consecration of additional churchyard  P214/6/13/10  1934

Copy conveyance, addition to churchyard  P214/6/13/11  1953

Sentence of consecration, additional churchyard  P214/6/13/12  1956

General Register Office notice concerning registration of burials  P214/6/13/13  1875

Printed directions concerning procedure in accordance with Burial Acts  P214/6/13/14  1887

Printed notice concerning regulations relating to opening of new burial grounds  P214/6/13/15  1889

Revised regulations in accordance with new Burial Act  P214/6/13/16  1900

Coroner's certificate allowing burial of Henry Oadger  P214/6/13/17  June 1834

"List of unmarked burials that have been marked by pegs by persons calling at the vicarage"  P214/6/13/18  n.d., 20th cent

Letter giving Secretary of State's approval of site selected for churchyard extension, with plan.  P214/6/19/1,2  1889

Signed statements relating to location of double or reserved graves in old churchyard  P214/6/13/20/1-8  1891, 1892

Letter from mayor of Saltash giving town council's agreement to proposed (unspecified) scheme  P214/6/13/21  1900

Packet of letters, reports and accounts relating to churchyard extensions  P214/6/13/22/1-49  1900-1935

Commission of enquiry into resignation of Revd. Edward Bell, and accompanying papers  P214/6/14/1-6  1913

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/1  1894-1904

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/2  1910-1923

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/3  1923-1929

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/4  1929-1933

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/5  1933-1938

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/6  1941-1944

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/7  1944-1946

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/8  1946-1949

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/9  1949-1951

Parochial Church Council minute book  P214/7/10  1951-1953

Rough PCC minute book  P214/7/11  1895-1902

Rough PCC minute book  P214/7/12  1895-1902

Parochial church council minutes  P214/7/13  1953-1964

Parochial church council minutes  P214/7/14  1964-1981

Parochial church council annual reports  P214/7/15  1935-1959

Parochial circuit council receipt and expenditure accounts  P214/7/16  1961-1970

Parochial circuit council receipt and expenditure accounts  P214/7/17  1971-1979

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Vestry minute book  P214/8/1  1785, 1789-1806

Mainly orders for relief

Vestry minute book  P214/8/2  1806-1820

Vestry minute book  P214/8/3  1820-1825

Notes to 1827

Vestry minute book  P214/8/4  1825-1830

Includes lists of paupers

Vestry minute book  P214/8/5  1831-1836

Vestry minute book  P214/8/6  1836-1850

From 1837 concerned with State of roads, bridges, sale of parish property etc.

Vestry minute book  P214/8/7  1850-1860

Vestry minute book  P214/8/8  1860-1900

Repair of bells, 1896

Vestry minute book  P214/8/9  1902-1952

Weekly relief order book  P214/8/10  1693-1757

Also note of agreement between churchwardens and John Borman, a painter, for 'the beautifying and making of sentences in the Church.. to paint all Capitalls of the Pillars... to new paint the Comendmts Creed & the Lords prayer... the tables & the Timbers round the Arches to be suitable to the new work ...' Cost 50 shillings, 14th May, 1733.

Weekly relief order book  P214/8/11  1759-1825

CIVIL  [no ref. or date]

CONSTABLES  [no ref. or date]

Rates and Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous accounts and receipts re gaol and marshalsea rates  P214/9/1  1753-1768

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Justice of Peace's order to Constable of St. Stephens by Saltash to apprehend George Rowling, labourer, for stealing potatoes from a field belonging Samuel Bews of same parish; witnesses to the crime Grace Broadlick and Thomas Sergeant, servants of SB.  P214/10/1  5th November, 1805

List of persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire  P214/10/2  1833

List of persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire, but 1838  P214/10/3  1838

OVERSEERS  [no ref. or date]

Rates  [no ref. or date]

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/1  1673-1709

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/2  1709-1718; 1723

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/3  1731-1759

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/4  1759-1780

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/5  1782-1800

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/6  1800-1813


Rate and disbursements  P214/11/7  1813-1823

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/8  1822-1831

Rate and disbursements  P214/11/9  1831-1837

Settlement  [no ref. or date]

Removal orders from the parish of St. Stephen by Saltash.  [no ref. or date]

Henry Hutchins, cordwainer and Mary, his wife, to Landrake  P214/13/2/1  30th October, 1740

Richard Roberts, tailor, 26 yrs., Elizabeth, his wife, 28 Yrs., and Benjamin, their son, 1 yr. to St. Columb Minor  P214/13/2/2  2nd March, 1743

Jane Colliver, singlewoman, to Maker  P214/13/2/3  25th January, 1744/45

Mary Hobling to Landrake  P214/13/2/4  19th April, 1745

Elizabeth Kelly to North Hill  P214/13/2/5  10th January, 1750/51

Ann Lean, spinster, to St. Neot  P214/13/2/6  11th April, 1763

John Pellow, Mary, his wife, and their children, Elizabeth, 9 yrs., Mary, 7 yrs., Frances, 4 yrs., to Redruth  P214/13/2/7/1-2  19th October 1771

Mary Warren, and her children, Thomas 8 yrs., John, 6 yrs., and George, 4 yrs., to Beer Ferres  P214/13/2/8  9th April, 1777

Thomas Brewer, Jane, his wife, Susannah, their daughter, aged one yr and three quarters, to St. Germans  P214/13/2/9  23rd April 1777

Honor Higgins, and her children, Elizabeth, 14 yrs. Mary 11 yrs. Honour, 4 yrs., to Quethiock  P214/13/2/10  22nd April, 1778

John Taylor and Mary, his wife, to Menheniot  P214/13/2/11  12th April 1796

Thomas Andrew and Anne, his wife and their children, Mary Anne, aged one and three quarters and ? aged 6 weeks, to Menheniot  P214/13/2/12  8th June, 1797

Jane Rickard to St. Charles, boro. Plymouth  P214/13/2/13  20th April, 1807

John Pengelly and Grace, his wife and their son William, to Tamerton Foliott  P214/13/2/14  5th December, 1822

Henry Harris and Joanna, his wife and their children, Mary Ann, 3 yrs., Grace Jane, about 9 months to St. Ive  P214/13/2/15  5th January, 1823

Matthew Grills and Anne, his wife, to borough of Liskeard  P214/13/2/16  7th July, 1824

Jane Tremeer, singlewoman and pregnant with bastard child, to East Stonehouse  P214/13/2/17  14th November, 1826

Grace Elliott, singlewoman to Egg Buckland  P214/13/2/18  8th July 1829

Maria Rosevear, singlewoman, to Stoke Damerel  P214/13/2/19  10th March 1830

Grace Breen alias Brenn, widow of John Breen, alias Brem, and her children, Harriet, 4 yrs., and John, 3 months, to Pillaton  P214/13/2/20  17th February, 1832

Elizabeth Reed otherwise Gregory, to Calstock  P214/13/2/21  1st March 1833

Martha Cock and her bastard child, seven week old, to Stoke Damerell  P214/13/2/22/1-2  28th April, 1835

John Kitto, his wife Sarah and their children, Charles, Francis and William to Callington  P214/13/2/23  28th April, 1835

William Lee, Mary, his wife and their two children, Richard, 3 yrs., and Mary Ann, 1 yr. to St. Mellion  P214/13/2/24  31st January, 1835

Removals to the parish of St. Stephen by Saltash  [no ref. or date]

Jane Courtney, widow of Francis Courtney, gent., from St. Andrew, Plymouth  P214/13/3/1  13th December, 1718

Elizabeth Short, singlewoman, from St. Dominic  P214/13/3/2  3rd January 1746/47

Charles Scritch, Mary, his wife and Charles, their son aged 5 yrs., from borough of Saltash  P214/13/3/3  18th April, 1761

Catherine Tamblingson, widow, and her children, Anne, 11 yrs., George, 9 yrs., William 4 yrs., and John 16 months, from Lansallos  P214/13/3/4  14th July 1763

Elizabeth Sleep, widow, from Northill  P214/13/3/5  28th April, 1768

Ann Jackson, wife of Daniel Jackson, a native of Sctoland, from Landrake  P214/13/3/6  28th April, 1770

Sarah Skelton, widow, from Botus Fleming  P214/13/3/7  5th April, 1771

Elizabeth Lucas, singlewoman, from Maker  P214/13/3/8  12th April, 1774

William Jeffery, from Pillaton  P214/13/3/9  13th September, 1775

Mary Geake, from Botus Fleming  P214/13/3/10  14th October, 1776

Sarah Nicolson alias Nichols (daug. of Nicholas Nicholson [...] als Nichols, late of St. Stephen by Saltash, mariner), aged 6 yrs., from Stoke Damerel  P214/13/3/11  8th June, 1779

Ann Darton, from borough of Saltash  P214/13/3/12  2nd March 1780

Grace Chapman, from Liskeard  P214/13/3/13  13th April, 1780

John Thomas and Betty, his wife, from St. Andrew, borough of Plymouth  P214/13/3/14  15th September, 1780

Joseph Nicholls, poor child, from Stoke Damerel  P214/13/3/15  29th March, 1781

Samuel Read and Catherine, his wife, from Stoke Damerel  P214/13/3/16  8th October, 1781

John Roberts, mariner and Mary, his wife, from St. Petrx, boro. Clifton Dartmouth Hardness  P214/13/3/17  2nd February, 1804

John Mulling, labourer, from Egg Buckland  P214/13/3/18  29th January 1808

Elizabeth [...] Dodge from Stoke Damerel  P214/13/3/19  14th June, 1811

Elizabeth Doidge, a vagrant from Devon  P214/13/3/20  17th June, 1812

Sarah Phillips, wife of William Phillips (now at sea), and their child, Eliza Jane, aged 2 yrs., from St. Andrew, Plymouth  P214/13/3/21  7th August, 1817

Mary Jagoe, widow, from Maker  P214/13/3/22  5th September, 1817

John Crosley, and Mary, his wife, from Stoke Damerel  P214/13/3/23  22nd October, 1817

Jane Metters, wife of Richard Metters, formerly of p. St. Stephens by Saltash, labourer, from Landulph  P214/13/3/24  5th July, 1826

Johanna Shaw, wife of George Shaw (a Scotchman, now absent in 3rd. Regiment of Foot Guards) and Jennet, their child, about 2 yrs. old, from Stoke Damerel  P214/13/3/25  21st February, 1827

Jane Hagan, wife of Lantlias Hagan (an Irishman, now absent from her) and their children Hanry, 9 yrs. Lantlias, 6 yrs., Thomas, 4 yrs., and James, 1 yrs. from St. Andrew, Plymouth  P214/13/3/26  25th June, 1829

Jane Pearn, unmarried and with child, from borough of Saltash  P214/13/3/27  29th July, 1831

Harriet Johnson, widow, and her three children, Harriet, 8 yrs. George, 4 yrs., Edward, 2 yrs., from Faversham, Kent  P214/13/3/28  26th November, 1831

Mary Ann Smith, singlewoman and pregnant, from borough of Saltash  P214/13/3/29  20th November, 1832

George Pawley, Elizabeth, his wife and their children, Mary Ann, 12 yrs., Susan, 10 yrs., George, 7 yrs., Catherine 4 yrs. and Jane, 1½ yrs. from Landrake  P214/13/3/30  30th December 1834

Richard Harris, fisherman, and Ann, his wife, from borough of Saltash  P214/13/3/31  1st July, 1845

Suspensions of removal order because of sickness of Ann Harris.

Examinations  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Sampson, taylor, now residing St. Stephen by Saltash  P214/13/4/1  1st June, 1743

Born p. Lidvan (Ludgvan?) and lived with his father Jonathan Sampson, At 11 yrs. - apprentice to Steven Nolls, p. St. Ives, taylor, lived there 7 yrs. as appr. and 3 months by the week. Since when never a convenant servant, never rented £10, never served any parish office.

Thomas Jewell, now residing St. Stephens by Saltash, husbandman.  P214/13/4/2  1st June 1743

Born St. Cleader and lived there till 19 yrs; several places but 13 yrs since servant to Mr. John Gandy, p. Linkinhorne, 3 yrs; Mr. Knighton, St. Budiaux, ½ yrs; married Elizabeth Skelton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash; lived there ever since; last five years lived on estate (valued £2 p.a.) of mother in laws at Carheell; paid Church and poor rate; rented on estate since marriage of his brother Jnothan Jewell, paid £3 p.a. for term of 3 yrs.

Thomas Arthur, tayler, now residing St. Stephens by Saltash.  P214/13/4/3  1st June 1743

Born p. Perranzabuloe, lived there till 14 yrs; appr. to Benjamin William, p. Alternun, taylor, 7 yrs; at end of five years paid £4-10s. to his master, and left.

James Hooper, a rogue and vagabond, appreh. p. Bradford, Wiltshire.  P214/13/4/4  9th July 1753

Aged 58 yrs; born p. Hatcherly, lived there till 16 yrs; appr. to John Fry, p. Dowland, husbandman, for 7 years; same parish as a servant. 12 months; then to St. Stephens by Saltash, 1 yr. with Wm. Palmer, farmer; since travelled from place to place; 16 yrs. ago married Mary Go....; one child Elizabeth, aged 13 yrs.
Also removal order for above J. H., Mary his wife and Elizabeth, their daughter, from p. Bradford to p. St. Stephens-by-Saltash.

Ann Lean, spinster. Born p. St. Jane (?) co. Cornwall.  P214/13/4/5  16 March 1763

Lived there till time of her mother's death about 5 yrs. ago; sometime after that moved to p. Warleggan as covenant servant to Alexander Marks, farmer, served 1 yr. but not all that time for A. M. moved to Boconnoc for last 3 months of her yr; then covenant servant of John Marks of St. Neot, mason for 1 yr; then St. Stephens by Saltash, as servant to Wm. Westlake of St. Stephens by Saltash, creehesmaker, but discharged after 5 months for sufficient reasons ('sufficient reasons' - 'big with child'). 16th March 1763
Examination: Mrs. Ann Westlake, wife of Mr. Henry Westlake, in August last hired Ann Lean as covenant servant for 1 yr. at 40s. Servant about 3 weeks and some misunderstanding they parted by consent next day Ann L. applied to A.W. to employ her again - at 9d. per week; went to Plymouth then returned to St. Stephens-by Saltash. 16th March, 1763

Grace Binnick.  P214/13/4/6  6 February 1764

Born p. Landrake; at aged 14 yrs. appr. to a farmer in St. Stephens by Saltash, till 21 yrs; about 2 months since sent to Common Bridewell at Exeter and Saturday last came to Stoke Damerel, yesterday apprehended.
Also removal order from Stoke Damerel to St. Stephens by Saltash.

John Scott the younger.  P214/13/4/7  19th October 1771

Born St. Stephens by Saltash; age of 12 yrs. went to sea for 5 yrs. 11 mths. HMS Louisa; appr. Joseph Richard, p. St. Mellion, cooper, 7 yrs; then to St. Stephens by Saltash, rented house and worked at trade 1½ yrs; married Mary, and children Thomas, 4 yrs. and Ann, 14 mths. then served HMS Temeraire.

William Arundell, apprehended Axminster.  P214/13/4/8  4th November, 1774

Born p. St. Cleer, gained settlement by service in St. Stephens by Saltash... long since married Elizabeth, his wife. Also removal order.

Samuel Dobson, apprehended Parish of Sheviock.  P214/13/4/9/1-2  29th September 1775

Born boro. Saltash; 15 yr. appr. to Pendock Male of Ince; lived at Ince for 2 yrs; then assigned to ? Reyner, p. St. Andrews, Plymouth, Esq., Capt. of HM Sloop 'Swift'; sailed for Falkland Isles; by time of return appr. expired; stayed with Reyner, one month in River Thamas; thence by water to Plymouth and on board HMS Firm in Hamoaze: served on Firm about 2 yrs; thence went by land to Portsmouth and joined HMS Worcester at Portsmouth; served on Worcester 2 yrs; then discharged being a cripple about 2 yrs ago; then wandered about the county and begg ...
Removal order.

Stephen Rickard, husbandman.  P214/13/4/10  18th September 1775

Born St. Melling, co. Cornwall, at 10 yrs. appr. William Stephens, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, yeoman; end of that time hired to William Stephens for 2 yrs. at £4-10s-0d; to p. Landrake servant to John Dyer, 1 yr. at £4-15-0; back to St. Stephens by Saltash, servant to John Beacon, 1 yr. £4-15-0d; married Dorothy Burnett rented house 20s p.a.

Elizabeth Billing, apprehended p. Gwennap.  P214/13/4/11/1-2  20th April 1776

Born p. Gwennap; appr. to ? Olford or Alford p. ? ......
Removal Order from House of Correction at Bodmin to St. Stephens by Saltash.

Mary Warren  P214/13/4/12  9th April, 1777

Born p. St. Stephens by Saltash; at 8 yrs. appr. to John Jenkins, p. St. Stephens, yeoman; then servant to Richard Popplestone, farmer; then lived with father in St. Stephen; married Thomas Warren in St. Stephen lived in cottage 5 years; had three sons, eldest son Thomas, 8 yrs; John, 6 yrs., George, 4 yrs; 3½ yrs since husband left family on HMS the Mermaid, now stationed at New York; heard husband say last legal settlement in p. Beer Ferrers, a servant with Elizabeth Trefry.

Thomas Brewer  P214/13/4/13  23rd April 1777

Born p. Endellion, at about 12 yrs. servant for a year to William Rouse of Endellion then for another year in all nearly five years; then a year as servant to Lewis Sansom, p. St. Germans, yeo., £3-15-0 wages, then to live with William Parnell, p. Gorran, as weekly, about 3 mths., and then substitute in Cornish Militia after serving 1st month as covenant servant for a year to James Cannon of St. Stephens about 4 mths and then covenant servant a year to Thomas Batten, p. St. Stephens by Saltash about 4 mths; then again for a year to James Cannon, p. St. Stephens, about 9 months, and soon after married in p. St. Stephens, lived in cottage to present time worked as day labourer.

Theobald Tuppet, p. St. Stephens by Saltash.  P214/13/4/14  18th June 1777

20 yrs. without gaining a settlement, became a lunatic; before St. Stephens was servant in St. Budeaux; probably served more than a year and gained settlement in St. Budeaux.
Opinion of Stephen Hawtrey, Middle Temple - the master in St. Budeaux not compelled to give evidence.

Mary Oates, singlewoman, apprehended in St. Andrew, Plymouth.  P214/13/4/15  3rd February 1778

Born p. Kenwyn nr. Truro; father's last legal settlement at Kea, nr. Truro; when 11 yrs. old father, mother and sister moved to St. Stephens in Saltash as sojourner and labourer about 3 yrs., when (for want of employment) her father left her mother and the children chargeable to St. Stephens by Saltash - her mother died about 14 weeks after her father left; bound appr. to John Hare, a farmer of St. Stephens; when date up she threw indentures into fire and burnt it in presence of her master; work with John Cock, farmer, Stephens, after 1 yr and 2 mths went to p. Stoke Damerell, lived with her father about a fortnight.
On 21st December 1776, she agreed to serve one yr to John Morrish of Compton Giffard; on 8th December 1777 she left J. M. without his leave and came into borough, went back for her wages and then went to old master John Hare for a fortnight; then back to St. Andrew, Plymouth where being in great distress having no work and nothing to support her she begged Charity and was thereupon apprehended.
Removal order from St. Andrew's Plymouth to St. Stephen by Saltash.

John Brodlick, p. Botus Fleming.  P214/13/4/16  3rd February 1778

Born p. Quethiock; appr. in Quethiock; worked with several persons; lived before his first marriage with Wm. Vincent, p. St. Stephen by Saltash; yeoman, for 1 yr; 2 yrs. with Wm. Vincent then married Jane his 1st wife.

Edward Williams, p. Stoke Damerell.  P214/13/4/17  22nd February, 1780

Born St. Stephen by Saltash; lived there till 20 yrs; then to Stoke Damerel as day labourer; then Ordinaryman in Plymouth Dockyard full 3½ yrs. since; then plied in a boat as a waterman.

Samuel Read, husbandman  P214/13/4/18  8th October, 1781

Born p. Samford, co. Devon; at about 8 yrs., appr. to James Arther, p. Peter Tavey; then servant to James Gregory, p. Highwick, 3 yrs; their voyage to Newfoundland; servant to Walter Westlake, p. Stoke Damerell, for 1 yr; then to Rev. Hodge, p. St. Stephens by Saltash as a weekly servant for 3 yrs; married in Stoke Damerell, then lived with father-in-law in St. Stephens by Saltash, now lives in cottage in St. Stephens-by-Saltash.

Digory Palmer, sojourner of St. John's deceased.  P214/13/4/19  8th October, 1781

Exam. of John Palmer and William Ball, jnr. and two younger sons Digory and Philip.

John Lobb  P214/13/4/20  23rd April, 1789

Father Richard Lobb said John Lobb born St. Stephens by Saltash; J. L. married Ann, his wife in Kingston upon Hull, June 1789.
Removal order John Lobb and his wife Ann from St. Austell to St. Stephens by Saltash.

Jane Williams, now resident p. St. Stephen by Saltash.  P214/13/4/21  4th March 1790

Born St. Stephens by Saltash; lived there 10 yrs; bound appr. to John Eyre of Trematon; J. E. died after 1 yr; then appr. to John ? of Smallacombe for 1¾ yrs. and then went to p. Landulph with master's consent to live with John Barratt for remainder of appr. there two year, then John ? died.

John Roberts, p. St. Petrox, boro. Clifton Dartmouth Hardness.  P214/13/4/22  31 January 1804

Born, p. St. Stephens by Saltash; at 8 yrs. appr. to John Bray, master of a ship; J. B. drowned after a few months no signed indenture; J.R. served at sea inclu. many years on HMS.

Margaret Jeffery, singlewoman.  P214/13/4/23  17th January, 1804

Born St. Stephens by Saltash; lived with parish till 21 yrs; then to Plymouth, servant to Mr. Reed, 3 yrs; to p. St. Stephens by Saltash servant to George Gill, 1 yr; to Tavistock, with Mr. Paddon, 2½ yrs; to lodging in boro. Tavistock and out of work, 2 yrs; to Stoke Damerel with Mrs. Buckingham by the week 2¼ yrs; with Mr. Ley, Stoke Damerel, 4 mths; to p. St. Stephens by Saltash went out to work 4 mths; with Mr. Samuel Brown, p. Landrake, 2 mths; taken ill and removed to brother's in p. Landrake where she remained.

Edward Roskilly  P214/13/4/24  1st December 1803

Born St. Germans; lived with parents till 8 yrs; hired to Richard Dyer of St. Germans for 4 yrs; then to Wm. Hancock of St. Germans, 1 yr; then Mr. Lyne of Insworth, p. Maker, £3 p.a. for a year; then to Mr. Scawen of Bagga Mill, £3-10-0 p.a. for 1 yr; then to Mr. Batten of Earth, 8 mths; then HM Navy 9 yrs; returned to Landrake midsummer, 1802, lived with Mr. J. Dogherty for six months weekly since, p. Landrake as day labourer.

Issaac Hancock, of Compton Gifford, co. Devon.  P214/13/4/25  14th November, 1814

Servant to Abraham Smith of St. Stephens by Saltash, farmer, for 14 mths. at £16 p.a.; then to Maker as labourer till about 6 mth since.

Robert Maddock now resid. p. Plympton St. Maurice, gardener.  P214/13/4/26  3rd February, 1814

Born p. Shaugh; their till 20 yrs. age; then servant to Wm. Doidge, esq. of Elfordleigh, p. Plympton St. Mary, 2 yrs; servant to Sir Frederick Rogers, p. Cornwood, 5 yrs; servant to Mrs. Charity Currey (?), p. Plympton St. Maurice, 6 yrs; about 12 yrs ago with Jn. Burrell, Esq., St. Stephens by Saltash; at £14 p.a. stayed there two years, returned to Plympton St. Maurice where he has lived ever since working a Day labourer.

Sarah Gabriel, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, widow.  P214/13/4/27  24th October 1814

Born St. Cleer, lived with parents for about 7 yrs. - then to live with Thomas Bligh, farmer of Shillingham, p. St. Stephens by Saltash for 6 yrs; then to live with Thomas Symons, boro. Saltash, 3 yrs; then to Plymouth to Abraham Jeffery, a writer, for 1 yr; returned to St. Cleer, lived with father Jn. Goyne, 2 yrs; married Benjamin Gabriel, p. Alternon, had 4 children; Benj G. rented tene. in p. Alternoon £40 p.a.

John Williams, p. Stoke Damerel, labourer.  P214/13/4/28  8th June 1816

Touching settlement of his wife Elizabeth, and children, Edward, 2 yrs. and William aged about six months.
Born p. Stoke Damerel; father legally settled p. St. Stephens by Saltash; gained livelihood as waterman; married wife at Stoke Damerel, 3 yrs since; two children in lawful wedlock.

Mary Jagoe, residing Millbrook, p. Maker, widow.  P214/13/4/29  21st February 1817

Born Lanteglos by ?; at aged 22 yrs. moved to Rame, servant to Daniel Tom of Trehill, 2 yrs, 3gns p.a.; married late husband Robert Jagoe, servant to Mr. Spry Roberts, p. Landrake, for 3 yrs. then removed to St. Stephen by Saltash as servant to Mr. Antony Brooking at Pill for 2 yrs; then to p. Maker as servant to Mr. Joseph Kerley at Lower Anderton, p. Maker, 11 mths. when J. K. died; then labourer at H.M. Brewery at Southdown and went to J.K's house for six week after J.K's death to see to domestic services; seven children now living all married and provided for.

Francis Dawe, p. St. Stephens by Saltash.  P214/13/4/30/1-5  5 Dec. 1822; 3 Feb 1823

Age about 7 yrs. appr. to Anthony Avery, p. Maker; served till 16 yrs. - ran away - worked different places; went to Plymouth Dock and father-in-law and brother returned him to Maker to master who said he would not have anything to do with him; to p. Sheviock lived about 2 mths with Wm. Bickford as servant; then to Landrake - servant to John Spiller for 2 yrs. - £8 for 1st year and £10 for 2nd; to St. Stephens by Saltash servant to John Cock of Kernick £13 p.a.; after fortnight servant to Henry Batten of Earth about 3 mths; joined South Devon Militia - after 5 mths. regiment disbanded and he went to sea on board a Kings ship for 2 yrs; return to p. St. Stephens by Saltash worked as day labourer for about 12 mths; married Mary Batten and their two children, Charlotte 2 yrs and Francis 3 mths. 5th December 1822.
Further examination -Anthony Avery gave permission in writing for F.D. to be servant to John Spiller, 3rd February 1823.
Further examination: F. D. said he took note from Anthony Avery to John Spiller but did not know contents and was not told, 3rd March, 1823.
Certificate that a Francis, son of Nicholas and Mary Dawe was baptised 17th March, 1796, in p. Maker.
Francis Dawe, Mary, his wife and two children. F.D.'s father Nicholas Dawe, then a soldier in Bristol Volunteers, left Mary Dawe, his wife, then at Frome Selwood, Somers.
Also opinion of counsel as regards legal settlement of F.D. - between p. Maker and p. Landrake.

John Sambells, p. St. Stephen, labourer.  P214/13/4/31  3rd February 1823

Born St. Mellion, at 11 yrs. resided with Henry Batten of Earth, for Births; hired to Stephen Dyer of Vicarage, p. Landrake, farmer, £5 p.a.; for 1 yr to Thomas Giddy p. Lansallos, £p.a.; returned to p. St. Stephen, hired to John Batten of Orchard, 1 yr; lived several places thereafter hired by week only.

Mary Dawe, apprehended p. Frome Selwood, co. Somerset.  P214/13/4/32  6 February 1823

About 38 yrs. old, born p. Lanteglos; married in 1783 p. Maker to Nicholas Dawe, now a soldier in the Bristol Volunteers, husband's legal settlement in p. Maker; N. D. gone away and left M.D. with two children, Margaret, aged near 3 yrs and Francis aged 14 months.
Copy made 6th February 1823.
Removal Order. 18th September 1794.

James Keast, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, mason  P214/13/4/33  3rd. February 1823

Born St. Stephens by Saltash; apr. at 15 yrs to Isaac Benoy, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, mason and hellier; lived under apprenticeship 6 yrs. and one month, parted by mutal consent; one month later married Jane, his present wife by whom he hath one child. Family chargeable to p. St. Stephen by Saltash.

John Laurence, Governor of workhouse at Maker.  P214/13/4/34  3rd February 1813

J. L. states that on 30th September, 1794 he received into workhouse Mary Daw, aged 38 yrs. wife of Nicholas Daw, a soldier in British Fencibles, and two children, Margaret aged 3 yrs and Frances, 14 mths. from p. Frome Selwood, co. Somerset.

Joseph Rickard, p. St. Stephens by Saltash.  P214/13/4/35  8th July 1829

Born p. Menheniot; first he recollected p. Landulph 11 or 12 yrs. appr. by parish officers of Landrake to one William Kent, a farmer, till 21 yrs; then lived with his father and went out to work; 12 mths after appr. servant to Henry Baker, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, 2s. a week about 20 mths.

Grace Elliott, singlewoman, now residing in Poor House, p. St. Stephen by Saltash.  P214/13/4/36  8th July 1829

Born p. Ermington, co. Devon as "she has heard and believes"; moved with parent to p. Plympton St. Mary, until she was between 32 yrs. and 33 yrs; her father was a labourer and rented a field and small house in Plympton St. Mary not more than £3 p.a. Parents died when she was 32 or 33 yrs. old; G. E. went to Eggbuckland and lived there as yearly servant with Harry Williams, a farmer, wage £3 p.a.; after a year went to St. Stephens by Saltash as servant to Samuel Putt, 4 gns. p.a. from 1st April to Lady Day following yr.

John Moon, now residing Stoke Demerel, labourer (wife Jane, and children William 5 yrs. Elizabeth 3 yrs and Eliza, 12 mths.  P214/13/4/37  12th July 1831

J. M. born p. St. Stephens by Saltash, where parents legally settled; with parents till 17 yrs then move to p. Landulph lived there 3 yrs; then servant to Samuel Knight, farmer, St. Stephens by Saltash, at £7 p.a.; lived there one yr. and then hired yearly servant to James Bennett, farmer, p. Landrake, wage £10 p.a; then to Samuel Knight for 3 mths. and went home and lived with his father 3 mths., p. Landulph; then drawn to serve Royal Cornwall Militia, about 4 yrs. service, then discharged; then yearly servant to James Neal, a farmer, p. Egg Buckland, 6 mths; servant to Joseph Yendle, St. Germans, 3 yrs. 2 yrs for £10 p.a. and 3rd yr. £9 p.a; in November 1818, rented a slate quarry at Wivelscombe p. St. Stephens by Saltash, rent £12 p.a. about 5 yrs., then fresh rental for 7 yrs at £20 p.a; after 4 yrs then 2 yrs as labourer in St. Stephen by Saltash then to Stoke Damerel; in December last resided in Stoke Damerel but not take legal settlement; married his wife at Southill, six years past.

Jane Agan, wife of Lanthus Agan, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, whitesmith.  P214/13/4/38  6th September, 1831

Born St. Stephen by Saltash; lived there till 33 yrs., sometimes in service, sometimes with parents; went to Ireland, married at Tralee, Co. Kerry; after 1½ yrs. returned to St. Stephens by Saltash; went various places with husband, but husband has no settlement; had four children.

Lanthius Agan.  P214/13/4/39  16th September 1831

Born Tralee, co. Kerry; wife Jane, children Lanthius, 8 yrs., Thos. 6 yrs. and Jas. 14 mths.
Removal order: from St. Stephens by Saltash to St. Edmunds, Exeter, then to Ireland via Bristol.

James Darton, residing Higher Anderdon, p. Maker, late a seaman in HM navy (wife Elizabeth, children Sarah Ann, 13 yrs., Thos. Philp, 9 yrs. and 3 mths; Elizabeth, 5 yrs.)  P214/13/4/40  28th December 1832

Born p. St. Stephens by Saltash; father died when J.D. about 6 yrs; age of 8 yrs. appr to Mr. Richards of Ran, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, and served till 21 yrs. since married Hannah Smith of St. Stephens, by banns; wider 20 yrs since - one son living who served appr. to Mr. Smith of Devonport as upholsterer and Cabinetmaker and is now living in London; 16 yrs since married present wife Elizabeth by Banns at Stoke Damerel, had three children; served in H.M. Navy in different ships for 14 yrs; now a pension of £9-16s-0d. p.a.; is now ill in a fever and is confined to bed.

Elizabeth Sanders, widower of George Sanders, mariner.  P214/13/4/41  15th June, 1832

Born p. St. Stephens by Saltash, 1800; her parents George and Mary Rawlings legally settled there; about 9 yrs. old. bound apprentice to John Richards, p. St. Stephens, miller, as his apprentice at Antony Passage, until she was about 18 yrs; Mr. Richards then left the parish as she was informed and went to America; E. S. went to boro. Saltash, lived with her parents for 4 yrs; 1822 married by Banns at St. Stephens Church to George Sanders, mariner; went with husband to London; in different areas and in County of Kent he was employed as labourer, never rented a house; her husband died 24 May last at p. Newington, nr. London; that he was a native of Ireland but she does not recollect which part he was born; four children three are now living, Catherine, 9 yrs. Frances 4 yrs and William 1 yr. and 7 mths.

Richard Martin, residing at Burraton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash.  P214/13/4/42  2?th October 1832

Bound as appr. to Admiral de Courcy of Stockenton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash till 21 yrs; went to Devonport and worked as weekly labourer 8 mths; returned to St. Stephens by Saltash for about 1 mth. then to p. Landrake, to work with Mr. Spiller, 8/- per month, worked 9 mths; back to St. Stephens by Saltash about 1 week, and went to service of Humphry (?) Spiller, p. Landrake, 7/6 per month, about 8 months, then to Burraton at wage of 9/- per week (?) where he has remained.

Grace Breen, residing village of Forder, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, widow.  P214/13/4/43  17th February 1832

Five yrs. since married by licence in Botus Fleming Church to John Breen who had been living with his mother in p. Pillaton; he had resided there nine or ten years; his mother Elizabeth Breen (widow of Edward Breen, labourer), deponent believes to be legally settled in Pillaton, E.B. having received assistance for her children after death of Edw. Breen; before living with mother J. B lived as servant to Jn. Herring of Termone (?), p. Pilaton; J. B. said he never lived more than six mths. any place except Pillaton.

Mary Ann Smith, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/13/4/44  20 November 1832

About 23 yrs. of age, born Saltash and her father belonged to St. Stephens by Saltash; appr. to William Bennett of Pill farmer, at about 9 yrs. old; ran way when 15 yrs. old; on 2nd January, 1828 she was discharged from her appr. by two magistrates; lived two months at New Passage then 16 mths with Jn. Barraball, innkeeper at Saltash; No payment 'her mistress paid her money as she wanted it"; when she left she was paid at rate of £4 p.a.; spents 4 mths with her sister in St. Stephens poor house.

Richard Crabb, residing at St. Austell, miner; (and wife Alice, and eight children, Mary, 16 yrs. Robert 15 yrs., Elizabeth 12 yrs., Richard 9 yrs. John 6 yrs. Charles 5 yrs., Jane Trudgian C., 3 yrs. Simon 3 mths.  P214/13/4/45  28 January 1833

Born p. Linkinhorne where parents were legally settled; at age of 10 or 11 yrs. was placed by his mother (his father being dead) as servant to Mr. Pike, a farmer, p. Linkinhorne; continued 1 yr. and removed to Burraton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash lived with Uncle Simon Weeks one year and upwards; quitted service of uncle and returned to Mr. Pike at Linkinhorne 1 yr at 3 gns; quitted and went as servant to Mr. Webb on a farm called Darley, p. Linkinhorne for one year; returned to St. Stephens by Saltash as servant to John Edwards at Burraton wages of £5 for one year - then back to Linkinhorne as day labourer for 1 or 2 mths; then to Beer Alston to work in mines at monthly wages for about six months; then to St. Austell when he continued to reside to present time; about December 1817 married by Banns to Alice Vivyan in Gwinnip Church by whom he has children.

Rebecca Boundy, resident in boro. Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/13/4/46  16th April 1835

Appr. to Mr. Benjamin Snell of Wayton, p. Landulph, farmer, for 12 yrs; apr. by p. Landulph; stayed with B. S. further 2½ yrs at £4 p.a; then went to Mr. John Wilcock, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, gent at £5-10-0 p.a. for 2. yrs; service during that time - six months then ill and absent 4 mths. and had money from p. Landulph, returned to J. W. then ill about six weeks or 2 mths. and returned to her mother's house in Saltash, then returned to J. W., received years wages less sickness time, returned to mother before a yr. expired, remained three days and returned to work. For three days absence given food by Mrs. Wilcock.
Removal order, from boro. Saltash to p. St. Stephens by Saltash, 16th April, 1835.

Mary Ann Handsford, of East Stonehouse, singlewoman. (now ill).  P214/13/4/47  2nd July 1836

Lived with mother in East Stonehouse till 15 yrs. of age then to live with one Ann Summers of East Stonehouse, widow - meat, drink, and sixpence a week - a weekly servant - never served apprenticeship Exam of Ann Summers - M. A. H. lived with A. S. nearly three years - quitted service November 1835, no further occasion for her service.

Mary Ann Smith, singlewoman.  P214/13/4/48  9th December 1842

Born boro. Saltash; aged 27 yrs; lived there till 8 or 9 yrs. of age; Appr. by St. Stephens by Saltash to William Bennett of Pill; lived there about 5 yrs; quit his service without his knowledge and never went back; when about 21 yrs. had abastard child called Jane Ann Smith, born boro. Saltash, exact date not known; before child was born lived two years with John Barriball at Saltash - bargained to become his servant at £5 p.a. and lived with him as such; the boro. Saltash maintained child several mths. then relief stopped by new act of parliament; came into work - house where I am now from St. Stephens by Saltash where I have been living some months; now pregnant with child; never been married; now relieved in Union Workhouse; after birth of J. A. S. went to service of John Hall of St. Stephens, this was since 1834.

Philip Giles, boro. Saltash, labourer.  P214/13/4/49  n.d

About 37 yrs. old; born p. Botusfleming, lived with parents Thomas and Grace Giles, when 12 yrs. old placed as apprentice to Mr. William Row of Marrowborough, p. Botusfleming; after 4 yrs. Mr. Rowe left Botusfleming; no recollection of signing indenture, remembers going before the Justices; went to live with Mr. William May of Botusfleming for about 4 yrs; then to live with Mr. Petherick, p. Landulph, about 11 mths; from Mr. Petherick to live with Mr. Nicholas May of Boroughill, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, farmer, 12 mths. wage £7-10s-0d. agreement made 17 yrs ago, stayed there 12 mths. and 2nd yr., 3rd yr. did not serve whole yr., had a little disagreement, not married when entered into agreements; married present wife Elizabeth Maunder, singlewoman, about 14 yrs. ago, married chapel of p. East Stonehouse, by Banns; married in the month of May about 14 yrs. ago; six children viz. William Giles aged 14 yrs., living with Mr. Stephens of Little Ash, p. St. Budeaux, Mary Ann Giles, about 12 yrs. Jane Giles about 10 yrs., Elizabeth Giles, aged about 8 yrs., Grace Giles aged 5 yrs., Philip Giles, about 9 mths; lived in boro Saltash, 3 and 4 yrs. this last Christmas; as soon as married I went with my wife to reside at Borraton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, where I lived till coming to Saltash 3 or 4 yrs ago; at Burraton, taken ill and applied for relief of Mr. Rundle of St. Stephens, given 2/- two severall times... never applied to St. Stephens till six weeks ago and applied to Mr. Doidge, waywarden, worked on road for 3 days, the work only given whilst P. G. out of work; taken ill 3 weeks ago unable to work since; Mr. Clark the Union Doctor now attending me; received relief Mr. Porter, the relieving offer, four times, 5/- first time 3/- second time, 3/- and 2 quarters of bread 3rd time, 6/- and 2 quarters of bread this week.
Note that Philip, son of Thomas and Grace Giles, bapt. 22nd March, 1807, p. Botusfleming.
Confirmation of exam. by Nicholas May.
Removal order from boro Saltash to p. Stephens by Saltash.

James Hobling, now resident boro. Saltash;and William Spicer Porter, boro. Saltash, one of Relieving Office of St. Germans Union. W. S.  P214/13/4/50  8th February 1845

W. S. Porter - knows James Hobling and his wife Mary, now residing in said boro. relieved by W. S. P. 28th January last 2 shillings and two 41bloaves of bread and in same manner Tuesday last.
James Hobling - a fisherman, 67 yrs. of age, with wife Mary living in boro. Saltash, father died when J. H. five yrs; bound appr. on 12th August, 1788, by St. Stephens by Saltash, to William Strowd, who lived at Orchard. Lived with W. S. till he died, a bachelor; then appr. cleared and destroyed counterpart of indenture five yrs. since; my master died about 1796; J. H. then yearly servant to Mr. Abraham Smith of Broadimore, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, there 18 mths., wages £7 p.a. Mr. A. S. now dead; then with Mr. Francis Martin, since dead, at Skinham, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, £7 p.a.; stayed there two yrs; my mother lived at boro. Saltash and knew I was living at Broddimore and Skinham; when moved to boro. Saltash married present wife; Mary, maiden name Bond, about 1800; by Banns at parish church St. Stephens; had 11 children, only two now living, all others died unmarried except one called Henry, died on board HMS Caledonia off Lisbon, he married Sarah Lasking and had three children, all now living boro. Saltash; my children living John aged 35, seaman on board HMS San Josef married Rebecca Bickford and his 2 children lived in boro. Saltash, Isabella aged 25 yrs., married Thomas Warren, lived in boro Saltash.
J. H. and wife receiving relief from boro. Saltash.
Wm. Smith, snr. p. St. Stephens by Saltash, yeo - certifies he took and now produces indenture of appr. of J. H. dated 12th August, 1788.
Removal order from J. H. and wife from boro. Saltash to p. St. Stephens by Saltash.

William Lee of Burraton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, labourer.  P214/13/4/51  n.d 1840's

Age 28 yrs; born p. St. Dominie; when 11 yrs. servant to ? Harris of Botusfleming, farmer of 10 mths; then as servant to Samuel Poplestone, p. Botusfleming, farmer, for 4 yrs., being then single and unmarried; my mother made the agreement with Popplestone when I became his servant, did not know what agreement was; received 1s. a week in 4 yrs; returned to parents in p. Landulph for a few weeks then with different persons for a few months at different places; one or two yrs. after leaving Popplestone I hired myself as yearly servant with Mr. William Dawe, p. St. Mellion, farmer, wages £3 a yr; served for 16 mths., after leaving hired six mths., with ? Batten of Bicton, p. Botusfleming, left Batten in Spring of 1839; 'I went with Batten in the fall of the previous year I cannot tell the month but it was during wheat tillage'. I left Daw whilst barley harvest was going; after Batten I was 16 mths. with Wright of Botusfleming, then 3 or 4 mths. with Mr. Deacon in Landulph, since then with other masters; 4th February 1841, married at p. church of Quethiock to Mary Olver - two children Richard, 3 yrs. and Mary Anne, 1 yr.
Now residing at Burraton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash and chargeable to that part.
Exam: Wm. Dawe of Bealbury, p. St. Mellin, farmer - Wm. Lee employed by W. D. 14th May 1833 - 'turned him away for upsetting a waggon in the harvest'.

William Brewer, infirm and poor person, resident boro. Saltash  P214/13/4/52/1-2  1st January, 1845

Aged 57 yrs; earliest recollection living with father John and mother Mary at Spire Hall, p. St. Stephens by Saltash; about 9 yrs old appr. to Mr. Nicholas Bennett of Wearde, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, farmer, deceased, until 21 yrs; few weeks after in Dockyard at Devonport was in boro. Saltash, and rented a room £3 p.a; lived in boro. Saltash, ever since; when reduction took place in Dockyard W. B. discharged, this was about 13 or 14 yrs ago; applied for relief to Mr. Bennett and Mr. Edwards, parish officers of St. Stephens; agreed to buy a boat for him at Vestry - Mr. Oliver, boatbuilder at Saltash would not part with boat under 9 gns., Mr. Edward offered eight then Mr. E. rented a boat at 18d. a week, paid for half a yr. by parish offers then they stopped; at this time living with wife and family in Saltash, previous to buying boat, parish officers paid ½ yrs rent to Mr. Jagoe; about a mth. after starting at Dockyard, married my first wife Mary Boundy, singlewoman, by banns St. Stephens, Mr. Buller married us; eight children by said wife, son William died about 14 yrs. whilst living in, Mr. Screech's servant at Trematon, James, a private in H.M. 24 Reg. of Foot, stationed at Waterford, Mary married to Richard Burns, waterman, in Saltash, Grace married to Samuel Bremin, labourer in Dockyard at Devonport, Harriet, servant with Mr. Easton at Lamb Inn, Queen Street, Devonport, Nicholas living in service at Mr. Wilcock's at Tor, John and Frederick who went to sea in Merchant Service not heard from for several yrs; frequently went for relief to St. Stephens by Saltash for shoes and clothing and a blanket; about 6 yrs ago 1st wife died; married 2nd wife Mary Hicks, widow at Old Church St. Andrew, Plymouth 31st March 1840; by 2nd wife three children, Emma 4 yrs., William Charles 2 yrs. last March, Charlotte 10 mths; Mary Hicks previous marriage to Samuel Hicks, deceased, by whom she had 6 children (1 dead), two living with W. B. Jane 18 yrs. and Elizabeth 9 yrs. all now living and chargeable at boro. Saltash; month ago last Saturday W. B. taken with a seizure.
Further examination re. above of William Spicer Porter, boro. Saltash, relieving officer; Mary Brewer, wife of Wm. Brewer, (1st husband Sampson Hicks, married 22 yrs. ago - youngest child by S. H. 10 yrs. old - S. H. settlement St. Dominic); Sarah Jago, W. B. tenant of S. J. 17 yrs. ago; Wm. Francis Bennett, produces indenture of W. M. dated 1st April 1797 of appr. of W. B. to Nich. Bennett, p. St. Stephens, yeom;
Removal order of W.B. and family from boro. Saltash to St. Stephens by Saltash.

Joseph Temlin, boro. Saltash labourer (and Jane, his wife).  P214/13/4/53  25th March 1852

Aged 45 yrs; at 8 yrs appr. by St. Agnes to Mr. Edward Smith, gent., farmer; 4 yrs. lived in several places of said masters house at Ince, p. St. Stephens by Saltash; first in house of Joseph Sambles at Elm Gate, p. St. Stephens about 12 mths; then Richard Colmers at Castle, more than 12 mths; then to Ince Lodge with Mr. Doidge my said Master's Hire, nearly 2 yrs; then to Ince till 20 yrs. and managed farm with master mostly absent in London; but household broke and J. T. left on stream; lived with Mr. George Pool at Trelley (?) Farm, p. St. Germans, for about 6 mths., but not agreeing together left and came to Antony Passage and worked on Ferry Boat nearly three years having when about 20 yrs. of age at about Lady Day, 1827, hired self as servant to Mrs. Jane Martin, then living at Ferry House Inn, Antony Passage, p. St. Stephens by Saltash. (J. M. since deceased), board lodging, washing and 2/6 per week, lived there 3 yrs. principal employment to ply at Antony Ferry, which J. M. then rented, and other repair work, then jobbing at Antony Passage for 2 yrs., then December 1831, enlisted in Marines and went to sea and discharged 9th March, 1837; up to then single, married wife Jane Balsom at Plymouth New Church, July 1837; one child since dead; from Marines went to live at Callington for about 12 mths., taken ill and had to apply for relief to officers at Callington for several weeks in 1838; Dr. Fletcher then came and took my examination in July 1838 and I came to reside at Antony Passage and worked the Ferry Boat for about 12 yrs; came to boro Saltash 12 mths. ago and now chargeable having been ill from Asthma.
Also examination of William Spicer Porter, relieving officer re. payments to above.

Joseph Tamlin (and his wife Jane).  P214/13/4/54/1-2  12th April, 1852

Joseph Tamlin; apr. by St. Agnes to Edward Smith of St. Agnes, who moved to Ince, St. Stephens by Saltash, (since deceased); break up of Ince establishment c.1826; J. T. to Mr. George Pool at St. Germans for about 6 mths., about 1827; servant to Mrs. Jane Martin, Antony Passage, widow, for about 3 yrs; J. T. married his present wife Jane Balsom (?) at Plymouth New Church, July 1827, and first came to reside at Saltash 12 mths. since.
Removal order of Joseph T. and wife from boro Saltash to St. Stephens by Saltash.

Removal Orders: Appeals  [no ref. or date]

Notice of appeal against by St. Neot re. Ann Heane, spinster  P214/13/5/1  6th June, 1763

Notice of appeal against removal from St. Stephen by Saltash, of John Kitto, Sarah, his wife and their children, Charles Francis, 4 yrs. and William, 2 yrs.  P214/13/5/2  31st January, 1835

Apprenticeship: Indentures  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Symons, boro. Saltash discharges Robert Watts from any charge that may happen to parish of St. Stephens by Saltash re. Ann Hitchens his apprentice who has been to serve T.S.  P214/14/1  24th April 1762

Mary Johns to Mr. Wm. Lang  P214/14/2  2nd May, 1744

Ann Veal to Mr. William Roberts in respect of estate called Tremerton  P214/14/3  4th June 1746

Mary Roberts, daug. of Richard Roberts, to Edmund Williamson for Wivelscombe  P214/14/4  17th October, 1747

Robert Dobins Williams to Thomas Stephens  P214/14/5  12th June 1752

George Trenick, 9½ yrs. old to John Truscot of Trefoland  P214/14/6  12th June 1752

Richard Mound to John Derry  P214/14/7  15th September, 1755

William Parsons to Richard Popellstone  P214/14/8  15th September 1755

Richard Roberts to Joseph Houdge  P214/14/9  15th September, 1755

Sarah Parsons, 8 yrs. to John Derry  P214/14/10  24th May, 1756

William Hill, 8 yrs. to Ann Pope widow  P214/14/11  2nd May, 1757

Richard Tickle, 7 yrs. to Thomas Blight of Shillingham  P214/14/12  17th April 1758

Sarah Cuft Roberts, 7 yrs. to Ezekiel Skinner  P214/14/13  17th April, 1758

Thomas Hutchings to Henry Mervin (for Ham)  P214/14/14  24th April, 1760

Elizabeth Crabb to Thomas Bligh, yeoman (for Wageworthy)  P214/14/15  24th April 1760

John Dunn, 10 yrs. to Francis Marten, farmer  P214/14/16  14th March, 1763

Ann Tamlinson, 12 yrs. to Richard Moyse, farmer  P214/14/17  13th August, 1764

John Skinner, 10 yrs. to Joseph Hodge, farmer  P214/14/18  13th August, 1764

John Sargent, 8 yrs. to William Bayley, yeo. (Indent. to age 24 yrs.).  P214/14/19  30th April, 1765

Ann Lawry, 8 yrs., to Richard Dingle, yeoman  P214/14/20  30th April 1765

James Sargent, aged 9 yrs. to Thomas Symons, the elder, yeo.  P214/14/21  27th April, 1768

William Crabb, 9 yrs. to William Bennett, yeoman  P214/14/22  27th April 1768

John Buckingham to Sampson Crapp  P214/14/23  27th April 1768

James Sargent, 9 yrs. to Thomas Symons the elder yeoman  P214/14/24  27th April 1768

Susannah Crews, 9 yrs. to Elizabeth Stroud  P214/14/25  27th April 1768

Margery Peters to John Harrison, Esq.  P214/14/26  27th April, 1768

John Carew, 7 yrs. to John Burell, gent. (Indent. to 24 yrs.).  P214/14/27  27th April, 1768

William Tomlinson, 9 yrs. to Pendock Neale, Esq.  P214/14/28  27th April 1768

Elizabeth Buckingham, 11 yrs. to John Richard, miller  P214/14/29  27th April 1768

Rebecca Peters, 12 yrs. to John Harrison, Esq.  P214/14/30  27th April 1768

Richard Buckingham, 11 yrs. to William Dingle, farmer  P214/14/31  27th April 1768

Sarah Oats, 9 yrs. to Thomas Batten  P214/14/32  3rd April, 1769

Elizabeth Wills, 9 yrs. to John Stephens  P214/14/33  17th September 1770

John Crews, 9 yrs. to Thomas Edwards, yeo.  P214/14/34  17th September 1770

Ann Symons, 11 yrs. to John Davies, jnr., yeoman  P214/14/35  19th October 1771

William Peters, 11 yrs., to George Wilcox, yeoman  P214/14/36  19th October 1771

Elizabeth Woods, 9 yrs. to Richard Abbott  P214/14/37  18th October 1771

Richard Roberts, 11 yrs. to Catherine Avery  P214/14/38  6th May, 1773

Richard Colmer to Joanna Williams, widow, (to 24 yrs.)  P214/14/39  13th October, 1774

Ann Daw, 11 yrs. to William Ball, jnr., yeoman  P214/14/40  15th May 1775

Joan Bray, 12 yrs., to Ann Williams, widow  P214/14/41  15th May, 1775

William Sargent, 12 yrs. to Nathaniel Hawkings  P214/14/42  1st May 1775

William Veale, 10 yrs. to Abraham Smith, yeoman  P214/14/43  25th April, 1776

Honour Jenkins, 12 yrs. to Joseph Hodge, yeoman  P214/14/44  25th April 1776

Benjamin Roberts, 8 yrs. to Anthony Brooking, yeoman  P214/14/45  25th April 1776

Isaac Crabb, 12 yrs. to George Wilcocks  P214/14/46  25th April, 1776

Rebecca Symons, 12 yrs. to John Leigh, miller  P214/14/47  14th October 1776

Benjamin Roberts, 10 yrs. to Ann Brooking  P214/14/48  23rd April, 1777

Mary Pearse, 8 yrs. to John Horsking, yeoman  P214/14/49  23rd April 1777

Cornelius Colmer, 10 yrs. to Stephen Coumbe yeo.  P214/14/50  23rd April 1777

Thomas Symons, 10 yrs. to George Gill, yeo.  P214/14/51  23rd April 1777

William Roberts, 10 yrs. to Nicholas Richards  P214/14/52  22nd April 1778

William Bray, 10 yrs. to Thomas Edwards, yeoman  P214/14/53  30th April 1779

Richard Maunder, 10 yrs., to Thomas Snell  P214/14/54  30th April, 1779

Francis Coram Waymond, 9 yrs. to James Trethewey  P214/14/55  30th April 1779

John Short, 7 yrs. to William Long Trosse, Esq.  P214/14/56  30th April 1779

William Hodge, 8 yrs., to Richard Porter, yeoman  P214/14/57  3rd May 1782

Mary Daw, 11 yrs. to Samuel Hawking, yeoman  P214/14/58  16th May 1783

William Nicholson, 10 yrs. to John Burell, gent.  P214/14/59  16th May 1783

Elizabeth Jewell, 9 yrs. to Henry Lee, yeo.  P214/14/60  16th May 1783

Edward Rundle, 9 yrs. to Ferdinando Jeffery  P214/14/61  16th May 1783

Sarah Popplestone, 11 yrs. to William Guade  P214/14/62  16th May 1783

Jane Williams, 12 yrs. to John Hare, yeoman  P214/14/63  16th May 1783

Water Jenkin, 12 yrs. to Thomas Clatworthy, yeoman  P214/14/64  12th May 1784

Mary Lucas, 10 yrs. to Johanna Williams widow  P214/14/65  5th August 1784

Henry Hobling to Thomas Marshall  P214/14/66  4th November, 1784

John Symons, to William Chapman  P214/14/67  5th May, 1785

James Darten to Nicholas Richards  P214/14/68  1st September 1785

Joseph Nicholls, 9 yrs. to John Davey, yeoman  P214/14/69  8th May 1786

Robert Hodge, 9 yrs. to Ferdinando Hosking, yeo.  P214/14/70  8th May, 1786

Mary Harris, 9 yrs., to Thomas Blight, yeoman  P214/14/71  8th May, 1786

Sarah Cock, 11 yrs. to Stephen Coombe  P214/14/72  1st June, 1786

John Short to Jenny Tross (for Trewoland)  P214/14/73  2nd November 1788

Nicholas Eliott to Edward Bennett of Shillingham  P214/14/74  4th January 1787

John Roberts, 10 yrs. to Ruby Reed, yeoman  P214/14/75  7th May, 1787

George Tucker, 9 yrs., to Richard Edwards, yeo.  P214/14/76  7th January 1788

John Broadlick, 9 yrs., to John Burell of Burell  P214/14/77  7th January 1788

William Nicholson, 14 yrs., to John Burell of Burell  P214/14/78  7th January 1788

William Jacket, 13 yrs. to John Colliver  P214/14/79  30th April, 1789

John Jago to Richard Porter  P214/14/80  16th May 1791

William Sargent to John Brewer of St. Germans  P214/14/81  16th May 1791

Stephen Screech, 10 yrs., to Henry Baker, Exciseman  P214/14/82  16th May, 1791

Nicholas Nicholson, 9 yrs. to Edward Bennett  P214/14/83  16th May, 1791

Richard Kearn, 9 yrs. to Samuel Hawkins  P214/14/84  16th May 1791

John Roberts, 14 yrs. to Ann Reed  P214/14/85  16th May, 1791

Mary Broadlake, 11 yrs. to Samuel Hawking, yeo.  P214/14/86  13th April 1792

William Broadlick, 9 yrs. to Thos. Williams, yeo.  P214/14/87  25th April 1793

Robert Dobbin, 9 yrs., to George Willcocks, farmer  P214/14/88  25th April, 1793

Elizabeth Broadlick, 10 yrs. to Jewell Doidge, yeo.  P214/14/89  25th April, 1793

Jane Maunder, 9 yrs. to Edward Congdon  P214/14/90  25th April, 1794

Mary Sargeant, 9 yrs. to Francis Martin, yeo.  P214/14/91  25th April 1794

Edward Wheeler, 11 yrs. to John Cock, yeo.  P214/14/92  25th April, 1794

Elizabeth Barrabil, 8 yrs. to George Wilcocks, yeo.  P214/14/93  25th April 1794

Henry Crabb, 7 yrs., to Edmund Bennett, Esq.  P214/14/94  25th April 1794

Richard Appledore, 8 yrs., to Samuel Knight, yeo.  P214/14/95  25th April, 1794

Mary Brewer, 14 yrs. to John Brewer, yeo.  P214/14/95  25th April, 1794

Ann Williams, 10 yrs. to Thomas Crocker, yeo.  P214/14/97  25th April, 1794

Edward Foot, 9 yrs., to Richard Porter, yeo.  P214/14/98  15th October 1795

Henry Lucas, 9 yrs., to John Burell, Esq.  P214/14/99  15th October, 1795

Ann Carne, 10 yrs. to Henry Batten, yeo.  P214/14/100  15th October, 1795

Robert Craze, 10 yrs. to Thomas Edwards, yeo.  P214/14/101  15th October 1795

Mary Rawland, 11 yrs. to Nicholas Bermett, yeo.  P214/14/102  15th October 1795

Ann Tickle, 11 yrs. to John Austin, yeo.  P214/14/103  15th October 1795

John Cock, 8 yrs. to Walter Dingle, yeo.  P214/14/104  12th April 1796

Mary Cearne (Carne ?), 8 yrs. to George Hore  P214/14/105  12th April 1796

John Richard, 8 yrs., to Ann Reed  P214/14/106  12th April, 1796

William Brewer, 9 yrs. to Nicholas Bennett, yeoman  P214/14/107  21st April 1797

Thomas Tucker, 7 yrs. to Abram Smith, yeo.  P214/14/108  21st April, 1797

Joseph Batten, 10 yrs. to Samuel Vice  P214/14/109  13th April, 1798

Joanna Barrabile, 9 yrs. to Edmund Snell  P214/14/110  24th April, 1800

William Clatworthy, 8 yrs. to Henry Baker  P214/14/111  24th April, 1800

Anne Doidge, 9 yrs. to Samuell Knight  P214/14/112  29th April, 1800

John Doidge, 9 yrs. to Richard Elliot (?)  P214/14/113  24th April, 1800

John Clatworthy, 7 yrs., to Mary Clatworthy  P214/14/114  24th April 1800

John Pearce, 10 yrs., to Thomas Rogers  P214/14/115  28th April, 1801

Able Tucker, 10 yrs., to Richard Doidge  P214/14/116  28th April, 1801

Mary Foot, 8 yrs. to Thomas Rogers  P214/14/117  28th April, 1801

Margaret Cock, 9 yrs. to John Edwards  P214/14/118  28th April 1801

John Odgers, 12 yrs. to Geo. Brown  P214/14/119  29th April, 1801

William Odger, 8 yrs. to John Burrell, Esq.  P214/14/120  28th April, 1801

Elizabeth Rowe, 13 yrs. to Richard Doidge  P214/14/121  28th April 1801

Ann Odgers, 14 yrs, to Richard Willcocks  P214/14/122  28th April, 1801

James Jago, 9 yrs. to John Edwards  P214/14/123  28th April 1801

Elizabeth Doidge, 16 yrs., to Stephen Drew, Esq.  P214/14/124  28th April 1801

Mary Buckingham, 9 yrs. to Mary Porter  P214/14/125  27th ? 1802

Richard Appledore, 8 yrs. to George Pearce.  P214/14/126  27th April 1802

James Martin Goodman, 7 yrs. to William Tucker  P214/14/127  27th April, 1803

Mary Burnard, 11 yrs. to Nicholas Bennett  P214/14/128  27th April, 1803

Maria Moses, 9 yrs. to Thomas Peters  P214/14/129  27th April, 1803

Jonathan Wheeler, 11 yrs. to John Wheeler, tailor  P214/14/130  10th April, 1804

'To follow the trade of a tailor'

Thomas Maunder, 8 yrs. to Thomas Jewels  P214/14/131  10th April, 1804

Jane Neale, 12 yrs., to John Wright  P214/14/132  23rd April, 1805

William Pearce, 8 yrs. to John Cock  P214/14/133  23rd April, 1805

Thomas Sargent, 10 yrs. to Samuel Bews  P214/14/134  23rd April, 1805

Elizabeth Harris, 11 yrs. to Philip Screech  P214/14/135  23rd April, 1805

Richard Maunder, 8 yrs. to Edward Bennett  P214/14/136  25th April 1805

James Odger, 8 yrs., to Stephen May  P214/14/137  17th April, 1806

Charlotte Smallacombe, 12 yrs. to William Gilbert  P214/14/138  7th July 1807 (1817?)

Related information: See also 214/14/169

William Veale, 8 yrs. to John Reed  P214/14/139  21st April, 1809

Grace Harris, 10 yrs. to John Williams  P214/14/140  21st April, 1809

Ann Gillard, 13 yrs. to George Willcocks, jnr.  P214/14/141  21st April, 1809

Thomas Odger, 9 yrs. to Susanna Blight  P214/14/142  3rd ?, 1810

George Marshall Batten, 10 yrs., to Richard Doidge  P214/14/143  10th April, 1812

Abraham Williams, 10 yrs. to William Cock  P214/14/144  10th April, 1812

Thomas Barrabill, 9 yrs. to William Doidge  P214/14/145  10th April, 1812

Thomas Pomery Colmer, 7 yrs. to Richard Prynn  P214/14/146  10th April 1812

John Rawe, 8 yrs., to Abraham Smith  P214/14/147  10th April, 1812

Benjamin Crap, 8 yrs. to Henry Baker  P214/14/148  10th April, 1812

William Smith, 11 yrs. to Edmund Snell  P214/14/149  10th April, 1812

Robert Charlock, 9 yrs. to John Burell  P214/14/150  10th April, 1812

John Barable, 14 yrs. to Henry Batten  P214/14/151  26th April, 1813

Jacob Williams to John Cock  P214/14/152  26th April, 1813

Thomas Symmons, 8 yrs. to Benjamin Tucker, esq.  P214/14/153  22nd April 1814

William Prideaux, 18 yrs. to Stephen Dyer, p. Landrake, yeo.  P214/14/154  6th April, 1825

Mary Gill, 8 yrs. to Henry Lyne, farmer  P214/14/155  4th April, 1815

Elizabeth Maunder, 8 yrs. to John Edwards  P214/14/156/1-2  22nd April, 1816

Ondorse discharge of apprenticeship on account of E. M.'s pregnancy, 2nd March, 1825.

Martha Rowe, 9 yrs. to Philip Screech  P214/14/157/1-2  3rd March, 1817

Richard Lane, 9 yrs. to William Rawlings  P214/14/158  3rd March 1817

Mary Ann Barrett, 9 yrs. to John Wilcocks, yeo.  P214/14/159  3rd March 1817

Elizabeth Dory, 9 yrs. to Richard Eliot, yeo.  P214/14/160  3rd March 1817

John Charlick, 9 yrs. to Thomas Peters, yeo.  P214/14/161  3rd March 1817

Robert Warren, 9 yrs. to George Pearse, yeo.  P214/14/162  3rd March 1817

Ann Screech, 9 yrs. to Mark Bailey, gent.  P214/14/163  3rd March, 1817

Susanna Veale, 9 yrs. to William Brewer, yeo.  P214/14/164  3rd March, 1817

Mary Harris, 9 yrs. to Walter Dingle, yeo.  P214/14/165  3rd March, 1817

Richard Caunter, 9 yrs. to John Wright, yeo.  P214/14/166  3rd March, 1817

Joseph Roberts, 9 yrs. to William May of Botusfleming  P214/14/167  7th April 1817

Benjamin Roberts, 9 yrs. to John Avery  P214/14/168  7th April 1817

Charlotte Smallacombe, 12 yrs. to William Gilbert  P214/14/169  7th July 1817

Related information: See also 214/14/138

William Garland, 9 yrs. to Edward Bennett, yeo.  P214/14/170  7th July 1817

Henry Dinnis, 10 yrs. to Richard Maynard  P214/14/170/1-2  7th July 1817

Thomas Nicholls, 9 yrs. to William Smith, yeo.  P214/14/172  7th July 1817

Caroline Carr, 11 yrs. to William Bennett, yeo.  P214/14/173  17th July 1817

Elizabeth Dory, 9 yrs. to Richard Eliot  P214/14/174  7th July, 1817

Mary Anne Harris, 14 yrs. to William Harris, yeo.  P214/14/175  7th July 1817

Eliza March, 11 yrs. to John Batten  P214/14/176  7th July 1817

Thomas Dinnis, 13 yrs. to Mary Brewer  P214/14/177  7th July, 1817

Ann Jenkins, 13 yrs. to Richard Lee  P214/14/178  7th July 1817

Sarah Mutton, 16 yrs. to Richard Kestle  P214/14/179  7th July 1817

John Dinnis, 12 yrs. to Edward Bennett  P214/14/180  7th July 1817

Harriott Blatchford, 9 yrs. to Edward Willcocks  P214/14/181  7th July 1817

Catherine Charlick, 13 yrs, to John Greenwood Bone  P214/14/182  7th July 1817

William Rawling, 12 yrs. to Philip Screech  P214/14/183  7th July 1817

Ann Harris, aged 10 yrs., to Wm. Lang, farmer  P214/14/184  6th April 1818

Ann Roskelly, to Thomas Edwards, jnr., farmer  P214/14/185/1-3  6th April 1818

Joseph Dory, 9 yrs. to Philip Screech, farmer  P214/14/186  6th April 1818

George Wadge, 9 yrs. to Robert Rowe, farmer  P214/14/187/1-2  6th April 1818

James Brewer, 9 yrs. to Philip Blake, farmer  P214/14/188  6th April 1818

George Hill, 15 yrs. to Bejamin Tucker, Esq.  P214/14/189  6th April 1818

William Standlake (?), 14 yrs. to George Willcocks Sen., farmer  P214/14/190  6th April, 1818

Elizabeth Hoskin, 9 yrs. to Edward Bennett, farmer  P214/14/191  6th April, 1818

Elizabeth Rawling, 9 yrs. to Thomas Edwards, Snr. farmer  P214/14/192/1-2  6th April, 1818

James Brewer, 9 yrs., to Philip Blake  P214/14/193  6th April, 1818

Jane Edgecombe, 11 yrs., to William Dimble  P214/14/194  12th October, 1818

Grace Harry, 11 yrs. to Thomas Symons  P214/14/195  12th October 1818

John Appledore, 10 yrs. to Henry Menhenick  P214/14/196  12th October 1818

Jane Colmer, 11 yrs. to George Brown  P214/14/197  12th October 1818

Mary Ann Smith, 10 yrs. to William Bennett  P214/14/198  12th October 1818

Loveday Edgcombe, 13 yrs. to Hon. Michael De Courcy  P214/14/199  12th October 1818

Eliza Coombes, 9 yrs., to Thomas Mason  P214/14/200  12th October 1818

Richard Jaspar, 9 yrs. to Richard Maynard  P214/14/201  12 October 1818

Mary Spry, 9 yrs. to George Willcocks, the younger  P214/14/202/1-2  12th October, 1818

Mary Ann Coombe Jaspar, 16 yrs. to Thomas Edwards, esq.  P214/14/203  12th October, 1818

Edward Sarjeant to Edmund Snell  P214/14/204  12th October, 1818

Richard Boundy, 9 yrs. to John Bennett  P214/14/205  2nd March, 1819

Edward Blight to George Sutton  P214/14/206  2nd March, 1819

Maria Cock, 9 yrs. to Alexander Rowe  P214/14/207  2nd March 1819

Betsy Bray, 10 yrs. to Richard Doidge  P214/14/208  3rd January, 1820

Richard Charlick, 9 yrs. to George Willcocks  P214/14/209  3rd January 1820

Mary Newte, 14 yrs. to William Maynard  P214/14/210  3rd July 1820

John Skelton, 9 yrs. to John Bennett of Whearde  P214/14/211  11th September, 1820

John Harris, 10 yrs. to Paul Henry  P214/14/212  11th September, 1820

William Brewer, 10 yrs. to Philip Screech of Trematon  P214/14/213  11th September 1820

Related information: See also 214/13/4/52/1-2

John Roberts, 9 yrs. to David Rogers of Burraton  P214/14/214  11th September 1820

John Harris, 10 yrs. to Paul Henry Palmer  P214/14/215  11th September 1820

John Warren, 9 yrs. to John Burell  P214/14/216  6th November, 1820

Walter Davy, 9 yrs. to Thomas Mason  P214/14/217  12th March, 1821

Rebecca Edgcombe, 9 yrs. to John Bennett  P214/14/218  12th March, 1821

Elizabeth Garland, 10 yrs. to Edward Bennett  P214/14/219  12th March 1821

William Nicholls, 9 yrs., to William Smith, Farmer  P214/14/220/1-2  4th February 1824

John Brewer, 9 yrs. to William Rawlings  P214/14/221/1-2  4th February 1824

Abraham Hoskin, 12 yrs. to Richard Maynard, yeo.  P214/14/222  6th April 1825

William Prideaux, 11 yrs. to Stephen Dyer, p. Landrake, yeo.  P214/14/223  5th April 1825

William Keast, 13 yrs. to John Edwards, yeo.  P214/14/224  7th December 1825

Richard Weeks, 12 yrs. to John Bone, yeo.  P214/14/225  7th April, 1826

John Wheeler, 9 yrs. to George Willcocks, yeoman  P214/14/226  7th April 1826

Richard Screech, 13 yrs., to John Wright, yeo.  P214/14/227  7 April 1826

Hannah Odger, 13 yrs. to John Broad, yeo.  P214/14/228  7th April 1826

Richard Weeks, 12 yrs. to John Bone, yeo.  P214/14/229  7th April 1826

William Harris, 12 yrs. to Philip Screech, yeo.  P214/14/230  7th April 1826

James Vowell, 10 yrs. to William Smith, yeoman  P214/14/231  7th April 1826

James Garland, 11 yrs. to Thomas Mason, yeoman  P214/14/232  7th April 1826

Endorse J. G. met with accident and discharged his apprenticeship, 1st April, 1834

Stephen Hoskin, 11 yrs. to William Wright  P214/14/233  4th October 1826

John Weeks, 10 yrs. to Henry Batten  P214/14/234  4th October, 1826

Richard Weeks on dorse

Richard March (Marsh ?), 10 yrs., to Jn. Bennett  P214/14/235  4th October 1826

Jane Batten, 12 yrs. to John Dunrick Pollard  P214/14/236  4th October, 1826

Betsey Wheeler, aged 14 yrs. to George Willcock, yeoman  P214/14/237/1-2  4th April 1827

Mary Foot, 12 yrs. to William Smith, yeo.  P214/14/238  4th April, 1827

Jane Gerry, 14 yrs. to Edward Bennett, yeo.  P214/14/239  4th April 1827

Jane Batten, 12 yrs. to Thomas Symons  P214/14/240  1st April, 1828

John Mullin, 14 yrs. to John Wright, yeoman  P214/14/241  1st April 1828

Ann Clatworthy, 10 yrs. John Wright  P214/14/242/1  1st April, 1828

Henry Screech, 10 yrs. to Thomas Peters, yeoman  P214/14/242/2  1st April 1828

John Rawling, 11 yrs. to William Smith, yeo.  P214/14/243  7th April 1829

Richard Coombes, 11 yrs. to John Bennett  P214/14/244  7th April, 1829

Henry Heirly, 11 yrs. to Richard Sutton  P214/14/245  5th November 1830

George Batten, 11 yrs. to Francis Lang, the younger  P214/14/246  1st April, 1834

Charlotte Dawe, 12 yrs. to William Wright of Notter  P214/14/247  4th April, 1832

Francis Dawe, 10 yrs. to William Wright of Notter  P214/14/248  4th April, 1832

William Screech, borough of Saltash, apprentices his son Charles, aged 11 yrs. to Nicholas Bennett, p. St. Stephen by Saltash  P214/14/249  1st September 1784

John Rowlandson to William Caunter of Chudleigh, yeo. by overseers and churchwardens of Holne  P214/14/250  6th April, 1738

Militia  [no ref. or date]

Complaint re. relief of Jane Bennett, wife of William Bennet, a militiaman  P214/15/1  18th March, 1798

Account of William Brown, substitute for Richard Doidge  P214/15/2  10th April, 1807

Certificate of service of Robert Barrett  P214/15/3  28th June, 1813

Certificate of service of Joseph Waddling  P214/15/4  8th July, 1813

Bastardy  [no ref. or date]

Male child called Henry to Elizabeth Hutchings, p. St. Stephens, Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/1  1st June 1715

Father: Henry Holman, junr., p. St. Stephens by Saltash, yeo.
Bond: John Sawdy, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, yeo., and Henry Holman, father of Henry Holman.

Female child to Mary Harris, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/2  9th April 1716

Father: Richard Blake, same parish, yeoman.
Bond: Philip Blake, p. Landrake, gent.

Child of Margery Manley, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/3  7th October, 1725

Father: John Millet, same parish, labourer.
Father to pay 10d. a week and mother 8d. a week.

Male child of Elizabeth Shelton, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/4  16th April 1734

Father: John, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, husbandman.
Bond: £50.

Female child lately born of Anne Philips, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/5  5th March 1738

Father: William Drew, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, gent.
34 shillings for charges already disbursed and 1/- a week to be paid by father.
6d. a week by mother.
(Ondorse note of payments).

Female child of Jane Teppet, singlwoman.  P214/16(a)/6  n.d

Father: Edmond Williamson, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, yeoman.
Father to pay: £2-2s-0d. towards charges and 1/- per week
Mother to pay: 6d. per week.

Male child to Elizabeth Rood, p. St. Stephens, spinster  P214/16(a)/7  18th March 1742

Fathers Richard Hamlyn, p. St. Stephen by Saltash yeoman.
Bond: John Hamlyn, p. St. Stephen by Saltash.

Elizabeth Short, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, spinster, 'big with child'.  P214/16(a)/8  31st March 1747

Father: Francis Hatch, p. St. Dominic.
Bond: Robert Jope, p. St. Dominic, yeo.

Two children, born at different times, called Mary and James, of Mary Streek, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/9  28th January 1748

Bond: William Drew, p. Stoke Damerel, gent.

Child of Elizabeth Smith, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/10  9th October 1756

Father: Daniel Kitt, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, husbandman.

Female child on 28th January last, to Rebecca Pound, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/11  5th March 1759

Father: Samuel Popplestone.
Bondon: Richard Popplestone, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, (brother of S.P.).

Female child, born 27th August, last of Mary Crews, p. Lewanick, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/12  21st September 1759

Father: Nicolas Dabings, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, yeoman
Bond: £40.

Female child of Grace Treloar, p. St. Stephens.  P214/16(a)/13  7th December 1761

Bond: Charles Hamline of Milbrook, gent. and Digory Chapman, p. St. Stephen by Saltash.

Female child of Mary Symons, St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/14  5th November, 1763

Father: John Cock, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.
Bond: Richard Cock, p. Lanteglos by Camelford, yeo.

Female child of Margaret Luce, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/15  14th February 1769

Father: Nicolas Knight, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, yeo.
Bond: Robert Knight, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, yeo.

Mary Crab with child by William Bradlick, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, yeo.  P214/16(a)/16  5th March 1770

Bond: £40.
(On dorse memorandum that £3-3a-0d. owed to W.B from Mr. Joseph Avery for wages be left in hands of parish officer).

Elizabeth Popelstone, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman, with child.  P214/16(a)/17  4th October 1772

Father: Joseph Williams, p. Maker, co. Devon, yeo.
Bond: £40.

Female child born December last past to Mary Pote, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/18  9th June, 1777

Bond: Thomas Roberts and Richard Roberts, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, husbandmen.

Male child of Ann Taylor, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/19  12th August, 1777

Bond: William Williams, husbandman, and Ann Williams, widow, p. St. Stephens by Saltash.

Child of Mary Charlick, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/20  29th September, 1777

Bond: John Edwards, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.

Female child of Mary Geak, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/21  29th September 1777

Bond: John Popplestone, p. Botusfleming, yeo.

Male child, born 8th November last at Burraton, to Elizabeth Lucas, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/22  11th April 1782

Father: Josias Easton Colmer, p. Maker, ropemaker.
Bond: William Moyse, p. Maker, waterman.

Female child born 24th March, last at Trematon, to Elizabeth Elliott, p. Antony, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/23  2nd May, 1782

Bond: Jacob Watson, p. Antony, household steward to Reginald Carew, Esq.

Elizabeth Rawe, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman, with child.  P214/16(a)/24  19th December 1785

Father: John Jowle, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.
Bond: £50.

Male child born 27th November 1785 to Mary Gloyn.  P214/16(a)/25  5th January 1786

Father: Benjamin Hodge.
B. H. to pay 1s. a week.

Female child of Sarah Coombe, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, spinster.  P214/16(a)/26  8th January 1787

Bond: Jewell Doidge, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, gent.

Female child of Elizabeth Barrett, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, spinster.  P214/16(a)/27  2nd May, 1791

Father: Edward Congdon, p. St. Stephens by Saltash, yeoman.
Bond: £80.

Child of Ann Broadlick, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/28  8th January 1798

Father: John Couch of Antony St. Jacob.
Order by J.P.s.

Child of Mary Muffet, singlewoman.  P214/16(a)/29  2nd January 1798

Father: James Stroud.
Order by J.P.s.

Joanna Berryball, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, singlewoman, delivered of female child, Wednesday, 11th November, last past at Spire Hill.  P214/16(a)/30  9th February 1813

Father: Joseph Gabriel, husbandman.

Female child of Elizabeth Matthews singlewoman, delivered 28th September last past.  P214/16(a)/31  22nd October, 1822

Father: Joseph Clatworthy.
J. C. to pay £1-10s.-0d. towards lying in and 1s. weekly.

Female child of Ann Doidge, singlewoman, delivered, Saturday, 8th March, at Spire Hill.  P214/16(a)/32  7th April 1823

Father: Stephen Sincock, of Ince Castle, labourer.
40s. lying and 1/6 weekly by S. S.
9d. weekly by A.D.

Male child of Peggy Luce of Burraton Coombe.  P214/16(a)/33/1-4  2nd March 1824

Father: Joseph Moyse.
£1-1s.-0d. lying in; 1/6d. weekly by J.M.

Male child of Jane Hoblyn, delivered 10th April last past at Burraton Coombe.  P214/16(a)/34  4th August, 1824

Father: Abraham Veale.
£1-3s.0d. lying in expenses, 1/- weekly.

Female child of Thomasin Maunder, delivered, 20th December at Trekan.  P214/16(a)/35  3rd May, 1826

Father: Philip Payne, boro. Saltash, shipwright.
£1-1s-8d. lying in and 1/6 a week.

Male child of Elizabeth Maunder, deliver 22nd July 1825.  P214/16(a)/36  5th July 1826

Father: George Pearse, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.
£7-5s-6d. lying-in and 1/6d. weekly.

Female child of Jennifer Barrett delivered at Burraton Coombe.  P214/16(a)/37  2nd August 1826

Father: Thomas Skelton, late of St. Stephens by Saltash, now of Landrake.
£17-4s.6d. lying in and 1/6d weekly.

Editha Mary Truscott, pregnant with child.  P214/16(a)/38  28th August, 1827

Father: Joseph Physic, p. St. Ive, labourer.

Male child of Editha Mary Truscott, deliver at Burraton Coombe, 4th April past.  P214/16(a)/39  6th June, 1828

Father: Joseph Physic, p. St. Ive, labourer.
£2-18s-6d. lying-in and 1s. weekly.

Elizabeth Smith, singlewoman, with child.  P214/16(a)/40  24th February, 1829

Father: George Worthmoore, residing at Bush, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.
Order to appear before Justices.

Female child to Mary Rawling of Burraton Coombe, born 20th July, 1827.  P214/16(a)/41  17th June 1829

Father: Joseph Wadlington, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.

Male child of Ann Roskelly, delivered at Burraton Coombe, on 21st October, 1827  P214/16(a)/42  17th July, 1829

Father: Thomas Nicholls, p. St. Stephens by Saltash.
£8-4s-6d. lying-in and 1/- weekly.

Memorandum that George Northmoor, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer, agrees to apy £1-1-0 towards lying-in of Elizabeth Smith and £3 yearly for maintenance.  P214/16(a)/43  3rd August 1829

Male child of Elizabeth Hoar, delivered 1st April, 1827.  P214/16(a)/44/1-2  5th May 1831

Father: Walter Nickels, labourer.
£2-7s-8d. lying-in and 1/6 weekly.

Female child of Mary Veale, delivered 8th April last.  P214/16(a)/45  6th September 1831

Father: Christopher Foot, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.
£2-10s-8d. lying-in and 1/6d. weekly.

Male child to Mary Wheeler, widow, on 7th February, last.  P214/16(a)/46  17th February 1832

Father: Henry Sargent, p. St. Stephen by Saltash, labourer.
£2 lying-in and 1/6d. weekly.

Overseers' miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

List of Sarah Jeys goods  P214/16(b)/1  10th June, 1771

List of Sampson Skinners things  P214/16(b)/2  1771 (?)

Letter from Royal Hospital Chelsea  P214/16(b)/3  1st September, 1822

Re. pension of Ann Henderson

Account of population of parish  P214/16(b)/4  1811

Appointment of overseers of Poor  P214/16(b)/5  2nd April, 1826

Application from Thomas Mason to be on list of voters  P214/16(b)/6  16th August, 1832

[no title]  P214/16(b)/7  31st December 1896

Notice re. transference of license of Ferry House Inn, Antony Passage, from Richard Gloyn to Francis Brewer, jnr.

Copy of Agricultural Rates Act, 1896  P214/16(b)/8  1896

POOR LAW UNION  [no ref. or date]

Rates  [no ref. or date]

Rate Book  P214/17/1  1838-1842

Rate Book  P214/17/2  1842-1843

Rate Book  P214/17/3  1844-1845

Rate Book  P214/17/4  1845-1847

Rate Book  P214/17/5  1847-1848

Rate Book  P214/17/6  1848-1850

Rate Book  P214/17/7  1850

Rate Book  P214/17/8  1851-1852

Rate Book  P214/17/9  1853-1854

Rate Book  P214/17/10  1854-1856

Rate Book  P214/17/11  1858-1859

Rate Book  P214/17/12  1859-1861

Rate Book  P214/17/13  1862

Rate Book  P214/17/14  1881

Rate Book  P214/17/15  1894

Rate Book  P214/17/16  1900

Special Expenses under Public Health Act

Rate Book  P214/17/17  1912

Special Expenses under Public Health Act

Valuation List and alterations  P214/17/18  1865-1875

Valuation List  P214/17/19  1875

Alterations to Valuation List  P214/17/20  1875-1880

Valuation List  P214/17/21  1882

Valuation List and alterations  P214/17/22  1881-1888

Valuation List and alterations  P214/17/23  c. 1885-1895

Valuation List  P214/17/24  1897

Valuation List  P214/17/25  May, 1856

Valuation List  P214/17/26  Nov. 1860

Valuation List  P214/17/27  July, 1863

Valuation List  P214/17/28  Jan. 1864

Valuation List  P214/17/29  Nov. 1864

Valuation List  P214/17/30  Jan. 1865

Valuation List  P214/17/31  Aug. & Nov. 1865

Valuation List  P214/17/32  July, 1866, Feb. 1867

Valuation List  P214/17/33  Apr. 1866, Oct. 1866

Valuation List  P214/17/34  Apr. 1867, Oct. 1867

Valuation List  P214/17/35  Aug. 1867, Feb. 1868

Valuation List  P214/17/36  Aug. 1868, Jan. 1869

Valuation List  P214/17/37  Apr. 1868, Oct. 1868

Valuation List  P214/17/38  July 1869, Nov. 1869

Valuation List  P214/17/39  July 1870

Valuation List  P214/17/40  May, 1870

Valuation List  P214/17/41  Nov. 1870

Valuation List  P214/17/42  Feb. 1871

Valuation List  P214/17/43  May, 1871

Valuation List  P214/17/44  July, 1871

Valuation List  P214/17/45  Feb. 1872

Valuation List  P214/17/46  May 1872

Valuation List  P214/17/47  Aug. 1872

Valuation List  P214/17/48  Nov. 1872

Valuation List  P214/17/49  Feb. 1873

Valuation List  P214/17/50  May 1873

Valuation List  P214/17/51  Aug. 1873

Valuation List  P214/17/52  Nov. 1873

Valuation List  P214/17/53  Feb. 1874

Valuation List  P214/17/54  May, 1874

Valuation List  P214/17/55  Aug. 1874

Valuation List  P214/17/56  Oct. 1874

Valuation List  P214/17/57  Feb. 1875

Valuation List  P214/17/58  Aug. 1875

Valuation List  P214/17/59  Oct. 1875

Valuation List  P214/17/60  Jan. 1876

Valuation List  P214/17/61  Aug. 1876

Valuation List  P214/17/62  Oct. 1876

Valuation List  P214/17/63/1  Jan. 1877

Valuation List  P214/17/63/2  Jan. 1877

Valuation List  P214/17/64  Aug. 1877

Valuation List  P214/17/65  Oct. 1877

Valuation List  P214/17/66  Feb. 1878

Valuation List  P214/17/67  Apr. 1878

Valuation List  P214/17/68  Aug. 1878

Valuation List  P214/17/69  Nov. 1878

Valuation List  P214/17/70  Feb. 1879

Valuation List  P214/17/71  May, 1879

Valuation List  P214/17/72  Aug. 1879

Valuation List  P214/17/73  Nov. 1879

Valuation List  P214/17/74  May, 1880

Valuation List  P214/17/75  July 1880

Valuation List  P214/17/76  Nov. 1880

Valuation List  P214/17/77  Aug. 1881

Valuation List  P214/17/78  May 1882

Valuation List  P214/17/79  Aug. 1882

Valuation List  P214/17/80  Nov. 1882

Valuation List  P214/17/81  Feb. 1883

Valuation List  P214/17/82  May 1883

Valuation List  P214/17/83  Aug. 1883

Valuation List  P214/17/84  Nov. 1883

Valuation List  P214/17/85  May, 1884

Valuation List  P214/17/86  Aug. 1884

Valuation List  P214/17/87  Nov. 1884

Valuation List  P214/17/88  Feb. 1885

Valuation List  P214/17/89  May 1885

Valuation List  P214/17/90  Aug. 1885

Valuation List  P214/17/91  Nov. 1885

Valuation List  P214/17/92  Feb. 1886

Valuation List  P214/17/93  May, 1886

Valuation List  P214/17/94  Aug. 1886

Valuation List  P214/17/95  Nov. 1886

Valuation List  P214/17/96  Feb. 1887

Valuation List  P214/17/97  May 1887

Valuation List  P214/17/98  Aug. 1887

Valuation List  P214/17/99  Nov. 1887

Valuation List  P214/17/100  Feb. 1888

Valuation List  P214/17/101  May 1888

Valuation List  P214/17/102  Aug. 1888

Valuation List  P214/17/103  May, 1889

Valuation List  P214/17/104  Aug. 1889

Valuation List  P214/17/105  Nov. 1889

Valuation List  P214/17/106  Feb. 1890

Valuation List  P214/17/107  May, 1890

Valuation List  P214/17/108  Nov. 1890

Valuation List  P214/17/109  May, 1891

Valuation List  P214/17/110  Aug. 1891

Valuation List  P214/17/111  Nov. 1891

Valuation List  P214/17/112  Feb. 1892

Valuation List  P214/17/113  May, 1892

Valuation List  P214/17/114  Aug. 1892

Valuation List  P214/17/115  Nov. 1892

Valuation List  P214/17/116  Feb. 1893

Valuation List  P214/17/117  May, 1893

Valuation List  P214/17/118  Aug. 1893

Valuation List  P214/17/119  Nov. 1893

Valuation List  P214/17/120  Feb. 1894

Valuation List  P214/17/121  Aug. 1894

Valuation List  P214/17/122  Feb. 1895

Valuation List  P214/17/123  May, 1895

Valuation List  P214/17/124  Aug. 1895

Valuation List  P214/17/125  Feb. 1896

Valuation List  P214/17/126  May, 1896

Valuation List  P214/17/127  Aug. 1896

Valuation List  P214/17/128  Feb. 1897

Valuation List  P214/17/129  May, 1897

Valuation List  P214/17/130  May 1897 (contd.)

Valuation List  P214/17/131  Aug. 1897

Valuation List  P214/17/132  Nov. 1897

Valuation List  P214/17/133  Feb. 1898

Valuation List  P214/17/134  May 1898

Valuation List  P214/17/135  Aug. 1898

Valuation List  P214/17/136  Nov. 1898

Valuation List  P214/17/137  Feb. 1899

Valuation List  P214/17/138  May 1899

Valuation List  P214/17/139  Aug. 1899

Valuation List  P214/17/140  Nov. 1899

Valuation List  P214/17/141  Feb. 1900

Valuation List  P214/17/142  May 1900

Valuation List  P214/17/143  Nov. 1900

Valuation List  P214/17/144  Feb. 1901

Valuation List  P214/17/145  May 1901

Valuation List  P214/17/146  Augu. 1901

Valuation List  P214/17/147  Feb. 1902

Valuation List  P214/17/148  May, 1902

Valuation List  P214/17/149  Nov. 1902

Valuation List  P214/17/150  Feb. 1903

Valuation List  P214/17/151  May 1903

Valuation List  P214/17/152  Aug. 1903

Valuation List  P214/17/153  Nov. 1903

Valuation List  P214/17/154  Feb. 1904

Valuation List  P214/17/155  May, 1904

Valuation List  P214/17/156  Nov. 1904

Valuation List  P214/17/157  Feb. 1905

Valuation List  P214/17/158  May, 1905

Valuation List  P214/17/159  Aug. 1905

Valuation List  P214/17/160  Nov. 1905

Valuation List  P214/17/161  Feb. 1906

Valuation List  P214/17/162  May, 1906

Valuation List  P214/17/163  Aug. 1906

Valuation List  P214/17/164  Nov. 1906

Valuation List  P214/17/165  Feb. 1907

Valuation List  P214/17/166  Nov. 1907

Valuation List  P214/17/167  Oct. 1908

Valuation List  P214/17/168  May, 1909

Valuation List  P214/17/169  Nov. 1909

Valuation List  P214/17/170  May, 1910

Valuation List  P214/17/171  May, 1910

Special expenses

Valuation List  P214/17/172  Nov. 1910

Valuation List  P214/17/173  Nov. 1910

Special expenses

Valuation List  P214/17/174  May, 1911

Valuation List  P214/17/175  May, 1911

Special expenses

Valuation List  P214/17/176  Nov. 1911

Special expenses

Valuation List  P214/17/177  May, 1912

Valuation List  P214/17/178  April, 1919

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Overseers' accounts and disbursements  P214/18/1  1837-1847

Overseers' accounts and disbursements  P214/18/2  1858-1867

Also some rates

Receipt and Payment Book  P214/18/3  1848-1875

Receipt and Payment Book  P214/18/4  1895-1909

Receipt and Payment Book  P214/18/5  1910-1915

Receipt and Payment Book  P214/18/6  1899-1915

Special Expenses

Receipt and Payment Account  P214/18/7  1895-1907

Collecting and Deposit Book  P214/18/8  1865-1868

Collecting and Deposit Book  P214/18/9  1869-1871

Collecting and Deposit Book  P214/18/10  1872-1873

Collectors' Monthly Statement  P214/18/11  1861-1868

Collectors' Monthly Statement  P214/18/12  1868-1874

Collectors' Monthly Statement  P214/18/13  1875-1881

Collectors' Monthly Statement  P214/18/14  1881-1891

Collectors' Monthly Statement  P214/18/15  1910-1912

Collectors' Unpaid Rates  P214/18/16  1899-1904

Collectors' Unpaid Rates  P214/18/17  1904-1911

Collectors' Unpaid Rates  P214/18/18  1899-1904

Collectors' Unpaid Rates  P214/18/19  1904-1911

Collectors' Monthly Statement  P214/18/20  1909-1912

Special Expenses

Collectors Monthly statement and various papers  P214/18/21  1896-1897

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Notice from Poor Law Commissioners to Guardians of the Poor in regard to the Apprenticing of Poor Children by the Guardians of the Poor  P214/19/1  31st December, 1844

Memorandum re. elections of Guardians  P214/19/2  31st December, 1844

Notice from Poor Law Commissioners re. the 'manner of conducting the Election of Guardians of the Poor'  P214/19/3  16th January, 1845

Notice from Poor Law Commissioners re. the payment of expenses to be incurred in the Election of Guardians'  P214/19/4  27th January, 1845

SURVEYORS  [no ref. or date]

Rates  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  P214/20/1  1811-20

Highway rates, lists of labourers and wages, general accounts and disbursements (repairs of roads, bridges and payments for 'quarries' and levelling ground).

Highway accounts  P214/20/1A/1-8  1758-1768

[no title]  P214/20/2  1820-1827

Highway rates, lists of labourers and wages, general accounts and disbursements (repairs of roads, bridges and payments for 'quarries' and levelling ground).

[no title]  P214/20/3  1828-1829

Highway rates, lists of labourers and wages, general accounts and disbursements (repairs of roads, bridges and payments for 'quarries' and levelling ground).

[no title]  P214/20/4, 5  1839-1840; 1840-1851

Highway rates, lists of labourers and wages, general accounts and disbursements (repairs of roads, bridges and payments for 'quarries' and levelling ground).

Rate book  P214/20/6  1852-1864

At front list of Highway Districts in Cornwall and parochial divisions.

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Related information: 'See also' 214/20/1-4

Labourer's wages and general accounts  P214/21/1  1848

Includes day labour, team work, rents of pits and quarries, tradesmen bells, incidental expenses

Labourer's wages and general accounts  P214/21/2  1849-1850

Includes day labour, team work, rents of pits and quarries, tradesmen bells, incidental expenses

Labourer's wages and general accounts  P214/21/3  1851-1857

Includes day labour, team work, rents of pits and quarries, tradesmen bells, incidental expenses

Labourer's wages and general accounts  P214/21/4  1861-1862

Includes day labour, team work, rents of pits and quarries, tradesmen bells, incidental expenses

Labourer's wages and general accounts  P214/21/5  1863

Includes day labour, team work, rents of pits and quarries, tradesmen bells, incidental expenses

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  P214/22/1  1817-1818

Minutes of special meeting of vestry convened by Surveyor of highways 'in consequence of there being more men employed on the Highways than are wanted, it would be desirable for the Parishioners to take the men by turns for a fortnight at a time at the same wages'. Notice of appointment of committee and the resolutions put forward to deal with the problems. Lists of masters and men

SPECIAL COMMITTEES  [no ref. or date]

St. Stephens by Saltash Water Committee Minutes  P214/24/1  1899-1910

CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

Papers re. Belgian Refugee Fund  P214/25/1  1915-1917

Copies of agreements re Ellen Mabbott's Charity  P214/25/2/1-2  n.d

Related information: For details see Cornwall Charities 1819-1837

Declaration of trust and acceptance of the trusts of Mrs. Burell's charity  P214/25/3/1  13 March, 1851

Charity Commission and Board of Education papers relating to Burrell legacy  P214/25/3/2-30  1859-1947

Letters relating to purchase of Dubbins Farm, part of Mabbott's Charity land, by GWR for purposes of Saltash deviation  P214/25/4/1-6  1903-1904

STATUTORY DEPOSITS  [no ref. or date]

Tithe awards and/or maps  [no ref. or date]

Tithe map  P214/27/1/1-2  1841

Tithe apportionment  P214/27/2  1841

Altered tithe apportionment  P214/27/3  21 and 22 February 1932

Altered tithe apportionment  P214/27/4  11 July 1907

Altered tithe apportionment re. railway line from St. Stephens by Saltash to Grove  P214/27/5  October, 1909

Tithe redemption certificates  P214/27/6/1-19  1906-1934

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

A Proclamation for the encouragement of Piety and Virtue, and for preventing and punishing of Vice, Profaneness and Immorality  P214/28/1  1830

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