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Reference CY
Covering dates 13th cent-20th cent
Held by Cornwall Record Office
Extent 7477 Files
Source of acquisition Accessions 1071, 1093, 1129, 1156, 1193, 2166, 2391, 2584
Deposited by Major J. Coryton, M.C., Pentillie Castle, Saltash.
(As from May 1980 the collection is held on deposit from the executors of the late Major J. Coryton: Mrs. K. W. Coryton, Pentillie, and Mr. E. R. Wheatley Hubbard, Broadleaze, Warminster, Wilts. as trustees of the estate)
Creators Coryton family of Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

Administrative history:
Until William Wilkin's new house was built at Pentillie (Pentillie Castle) in 1812 in a landscape created by Humphrey Repton (CY/7371), the seat of the Coryton family in Cornwall was the mansion at West Newton Ferrers, rebuilt between 1695-1701 (CY/5221. Building accounts), of which there is a charming picture by Edumund Prideaux in 1716 (Architectural History, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Vol. 7 (1964) See also Country Life 17 and 24 December 1938). The house was burnt down in 1940.
West Newton Ferrers was of great antiquity. In Domesday Book it was held of the Court of Mortain by Reginald de Valletorte (who held the honour of Trematon which he sold to Earl Richard of Cornwall in 1270) and the under tenant or mesne tenant was the De Ferrers family of whose mesne tenancy there is a record from 1211 onwards to the fourteenth century. (Red Book of the Exchequer ii, 621. Book of Fees I, 393; ii, 770, 796. Feudal Aids i, 200, 206, 212, 234). Although in 1212 Roger de Ferrers held seven knights' fees, by 1243 this had become reduced to one knight's fee.
Isolda, daughter and heiress of John de Ferrers, carried West Newton Ferrers in 1314 by her marriage to Jeffery Coryton of Coryton (Lifton Hundred) in Devon. Jeffery's great grandson Edward Coryton, married Joan Bodulgate c. 1435 and thereby the family acquired the manor of Bodulgate in Boconnoc and eventually (CY/1058) the manor of Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne in Quethiock and St. Ive parishes. c. 1540 Peter Coryton and his wife Joan Tregassow had the manor of Warleggan with Hopsland and Pollygenna in St. Cleer and property in Bodmin (CY/1555).
The murder of Richard Coryton in 1564 (CY/1557, 7042, 7043, 7191) provided Sabine Baring Gould with an exciting chapter in his Cornish Character and Strange Events (1909) pp. 388-398. Suspicion rested on his son Peter who married Joan or Jane Wrey (CY/1059, 1558) but he did not do it (although his father was opposed to the marriage). Nearly a century later (CY/7043) John Coryton of Probus tried to claim the Coryton inheritance, he was the grandson of Peter Coryton's brother, John Coryton of Probus, but he claimed it without success (CY/7043, cf. 7191).
Acquisition of estates continued during the seventeenth century. Before 1605 the bailwick of the Hundred of East Wivelshire and the manor of Greyston in Lezant and South Petherwin were acquired from the Chichester family who had married an heiress of the Wyse family, the medieval owners (CY/1929 and 7099). Perhaps the hundred of East and the manor of Greyston (the seat of the Wyse family) came with the marriage of William Coryton with Elizabeth, the third daughter of John Chichester of Raleigh, Devon, esq. (before 1605). The manor of Dinnerdake in St. Ive and Liskeard was acquired in moieties in 1611 from the Corbet family and Francis Tregian (jun.) esq., the recusant (cf. CY/338-9). The brother and heir of Francis Tregian, (jun.), Charles Tregian, sold the manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock to William Coryton, esq. before 1620 (Lysons' Cornwall (1814), 156). The manor of Penpoll in Quethiock, St. Ive and St. Germans (like Dinnerdake) was bought in moieties Corbet-Kekewich-Coryton; Tregian-Sprye-Coryton) (Lysons' Cornwall 274). Two-thirds of the manor of Pillaton between c. 1642 and 1660. (CY/677-736). The manors of Tregian and Golden in Probus, St. Ewe, Creed and Cuby were bought by William Coryton of Charles Tregian.
In 1640 some of the old lands of the Coryton family were sold off by William Coryton, including some acquired by his great grandfather, Peter Coryton, who died in 1602). These included (CY/4), Coryton in Devon, lands in Creed, Probus, and St. Erme (probably the manor of Tregassow), also estates in St. Winnow, Veryan and Carhays, to name no other parishes.
In 1646 the first marriage of (Sir) John Coryton (created a baronet 27 Feb. 1662) to Elizabeth, the daughter of John Mills of Colebrooke, Devon, brought in the valuable manor of Colebrooke in Devon. The post-nuptial settlement in 1646, (CY/1559-1560) included most of the estates already noted together with the manors of West Draynes in St. Neot, Great Caradon in Linkinhorne and other lands in Lostwithiel, St. Pinnock and Tintagel.
The manor of Frogwell and Durnaford in Callington and St. Ive was acquired in 1658 (CY/353). Leasehold title of Carrybullock park and Warham and Grimscomb woods in Stoke Climsland was taken from the Crown from 1661 to 1782. Another marriage: that of John Coryton and Elizabeth Chiverton in 1672 (CY/1564) brought the manor of Trehunsey in Quethiock and St. Ive.
The Coryton family faced a series of crises towards the end of the seventeenth century. The second baronet, Sir John Coryton died young in 1690 and Elizabeth, his wife married James Tillie, the family (perhaps one should say the unjust) steward, described in 1673 as 'steward and menial servant' of Sir John Coryton (CY/2908) and by 1689 a legal paper shows that Tillie had taken his master's wife and goods and deeds! (CY/7197) and presumably lands (cf. CY/1076), West Draynes), (manor of Great Caradon, CY/6076 leasehold woods in Stoke Climsland). On January 14th 1687 James Tillie was created a Knight bachelor, though apparently, there was some question of whether he was even entitled to bear arms (See S. Baring-Gould, Cornish Character and Strange Events, 402). Yet his title remained, and this inability to justify his pretentions to bearing arms was referred to by his nephew when he obtained a grant of arms on 21 November 1733. (CY/7048). Unjust, perhaps cruel and unbalanced, Sir James Tillie certainly was witness to the strange arrangements for his burial in his will of 1704 (CY/1676-1678, 1711, 1719.) But as S. Baring-Gould points out the funeral arrangements were not so bizarre as Hals made out, and yet some difficulties surround the few known facts about him.
He was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1673 (ex. inf. Librarian and Keeper of the Records of the Middle Temple, Miss E. McNeill) in the same year as he was described as a steward and menial servant of Sir John Coryton. He may have delayed his admission to the Middle Temple, he is found as a witness to many of Sir John Coryton's documents from 1668 to 1676 and then in 1682 and to a lease of Sir William Coryton in 1691. He occurs as of the Middle Temple (though as a witness or party to Coryton deeds) between 1680 and 1687. Baring-Gould made him out to be the son of John Tillie of St. Keverne, labourer. No Tillies could be found in the registers of St. Keverne. He was in fact a gentleman (see Tillie Pedigree note (e) ), the son of John Tillie of Wingfield in Wiltshire, gent. or yeoman (CY/1223 cf. CY/216-17 where John Tillie, sen. decd. is described as grandfather of James Tillie of St. Mellion, gent.) where he purchased an estate (Belle-Cour) in 1695. Yet he was steward to Sir William Coryton 1690-1694 (CY/5189). In CY/671, a lease of 1698, he described himself as of Pentillie Castle. He died 15 November 1713 and his will was proved 8 March 1714. His monument at Pentillie Castle gives his death as 15 November 1713. His brother was a cordwainer of Bristol in 1673 (ex.inf. K. H. Rogers, Wilts.Record Office) though he is later in the Coryton deeds called merchant (CY/1218, 1223, 1230) and there were many Tillies who were engaged in various trades in Bristol (ex.inf. Miss M. E. Williams, City Archivist, Bristol), between 1656 and 1685. Sir James Tillie had a sister married to a William Woollie or Woolley and he inherited his uncle's wealth at the price of assuming the name of Tillie. James Tillie, junior's son, James Tillie, married Mary and the daughter of that marriage, Mary Jemima, married John Coryton.
Sir James Tillie's estate was his master's though he seems to have acquired Padreda in Linkinhorne in 1685 (CY/7097) together with the tithes of Linkinhorne on the west side of the river Lynher (see also the Fine, CY/7 of 1687).
In 1728 Lysons' (p. 197) says James Tillie, junior, had the barton of Padreda and he suffered a recovery of this in 1744 (CY/14-16). In 1752 James Tillie had the free fishing of the river Lynher as well (see Settlement (CY/17-18 dated 1752). We also find property in Dorset going to James Tillie, the nephew (see CY/14-15 and 1678). His uncle, Sir James Tillie, bought extensive properties in Plymouth (CY/431-2) and elsewhere in Devon (CY/1187), which later reverted to John Tillie Coryton, the son of John Coryton and Mary Jemima Tillie in 1814 (CY/1192)
John Coryton was the son of Peter Goodall who took the name of Coryton. The fourth and last baronet, Sir John Coryton, died childless in 1739. To quote from the late Mary French, A Victoria Village: a record of the parish of Quethiock (1977) p. 18: 'In 1739 through lack of a male heir, the barontecy became extinct and the family seat Newton Ferrers, was claimed by the childless widow of Sir John Coryton, the fourth baronet. However, much other property was regained by a suit at law and Peter Goodall, a second cousin now became the head of the family, assumed the name of Coryton (his grandmother's maiden name) and came to live at Crocadon, St. Mellion'. (Note Sir William Coryton, Bt. bought Crocadon of the Trevisa family in 1704 (CY/752).
Perhaps Mary French underestimated the disturbance of the crisis of 1739. It is true that the Goodall family brought in property in Fowey (CY/309) and the manor of Tregarthen in Gorran and Lanteglos by Fowey (CY/1696), also part of the manor of Manely Colshill in St. Veep (see CY/326, 309, 1676). Yet the long lawsuit of Coryton v. Helyar fought in Chancery (CY/7099-7167) by the last baronet's widow, Dame Rachel Helyar, (and her successors under her will) from 1740-1772) against Peter Coryton (née Goodall) and John Coryton, his son, left some scars on the Coryton estate. In 1834 Newton Park with the Barton of West Newton Ferrers was sold to Edward Collins, esq., of Truthen, St. Erme (Parochial History iii, 309) by William Helyar of Coker Court, Somerset, esq. with the manors of Dinnerdake and Pillaton (CY/652; see also CY/31, where estates in Quethiock and St. Neot were threatened to be recovered by the Helyar family in 1833). In fact a sale catalogue of 1924 by direction of the executors of the late Thurstan Collins (CY/1464-5) shows property to be sold at Newton Ferrers including the barton of Newton Ferrers, the barton farm of Pillaton and Dinnerdake farm, St. Ive.
Later properties acquired by the Coryton family include an estate at Yate in Gloucestershire - an annuity was charged on this in 1771 for Mary Jemima Tillie's marriage settlement (CY/1609-1610, see also Fine of J. T. Coryton in 1810, CY/29-30).
Various properties were acquired in Landulph in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (see Contents). Part of the manor of Halton in St. Dominic was acquired by John Coryton in 1786 (CY/158-163) and Augustus Coryton bought Halton Quay in 1869 (CY/165-225). The manor of Trewinnick and Altarnun was acquired in 1806 (CY/34-37 see Contents.) For the details of acquisitions, and sales etc. of other lands in Cornwall and elsewhere, the detailed list of contents should be consulted. No attempt has been made to bring this catalogue up to the changes of the present century. Such a task would concern fruit farming in the Tamar Valley on Coryton lands, sales of land, the cultivation of Viverdon Down (CY/7364), the reduction of the wings at Pentillie Castle in 1968 to the seventeenth-century east wing (CY/7371) etc. This and the people who lived on the Quethiock estate and the later squires has been admirably described by the late Mary French, (Mrs. Wenmoth) in her Victorian Village: A Record of the Parish of Quethiock in Cornwall, 1977, with superb photographs which no written documents can emulate.
A member of the family of great interest was William Coryton (1579-1651). He was a collector of subsidies for both the hundreds of West and East Wivelshire (CY/7283), hence the subsidy rolls for the hundred of East for 1604 and 1628. He collected 'Privy Seal money' in 1625 (CY/7287-8). This was a forced loan of King Charles I to which William Coryton objected and for which he was imprisoned in the Fleet in June 1627 for refusing to contribute to a forced loan: his fellow-sufferers were Sir John Eliot and John Hampden. In 1629, William Coryton (then M.P. for Launceston) was one of the members prosecuted in the Court of Star Chamber for detaining Finch, Speaker of the House of Commons, in his Chair CY/7244, a letter of 26th June 1637, is a letter from John Meautes to Sir John Lenthall, Knight, marshal of the King's Bench to set Mr. Coryton (Vice-warden of the Stannaries) at liberty to attend King Charles I at Greenwich the following day 'to be further Informed concerninge the cause of his commitment'. William Coryton is found as Vice-Warden of the Stannaries in 1629, 1630 and 1634 (CY/7241-2), and had the stewardship of Duchy of Cornwall manors in 1645, as also did his son at a later date (CY/7245-6).
Nevertheless, when the Civil War came William Coryton realised that the royal cause was that of law. He certainly was a Royalist but was probably too old for military service in 1642, though he was Colonel of a regiment of foot in 1629 (CY/7261). In 1646 in February with other eastern gentry he treated with Fairfax and in the following month he negotiated with other Royalists for the surrender of Mount Edgcumbe. The estate at Newton suffered. On 5 April 1647 he was fined £1244, but by July he had got the fine reduced to £828 pleading the services of his daughter Philippa who had acted as an intermediary with Fairfax. His son - described as John Coryton of Newton, gent. - had to pay a sequestration fine of £197-13s. (See also CY/7237-9).
Sir John Coryton, the first baronet was a stannator of the Stannary of Fowey in 1673 and on the general commission of prizes (CY/7247-8). Just before his baronetcy of 1662 John Coryton was appointed in 1660 a gentleman of the Privy Chamber (CY/7373). Then and in 1664 (Sir) John Coryton also was Colonel of a regiment of foot (CY/7262; 7264).
Corytons served as sheriffs of Cornwall in 1683 and 1782 (James Tillie, jun. was sheriff in 1734). They also provided Deputy Lieutenants of the County in 1623, 1706, 1761 and 1841, (CY/7260-7261; 7266-7268), and several J.P.'s and commissioned officers in the Militia, (CY/7257-9; 7269-etc.). It is appropriate that in the year this catalogue has been completed in MS., 1980*, Major Jeffery Coryton, M.C. is Sheriff of Cornwall.
The possession of the bailiwick of the hundred court of East (see above) has led to the survival of some rare and interesting court rolls for the hundred of East: two for 1487 to 1487, one for 1513 and further rolls and papers for the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (CY/7249-7256).
Finally, the Coryton muniments contain a very comprehensive set of papers for the Dartmoor Hunt from 1872-1916 (CY/6901-7036). William Coryton was M.O.H. from 1901 to 1915.

Muniments of Title:-
St. Dominic, St. Mellion;
Gorran, manor of Tregarthen;
St. Ive;
Kea and Feock, manor of Landegay;
Lanteglos by Fowey;
Grant of Treovis (Linkinhorne or Stoke Climsland); Cuttivet in Landrake; Upton in Linkinhorne;
St. Mellion;
St. Mewan;
St. Neot;
Cornelly, Probus and Veryan;
South Petherwin;
St. Veep;
County Durham;
Dorset, and Gloucestershire
VARIOUS LISTS OF DEEDS and LEASES (and receipts for them)
Cornwall and Devon
Bonds (Classified by type)
MARRIAGE SETTLEMENTS etc. (a few are ordinary settlements)
Coryton Settlements
Non-Coryton Settlements
PROBATE: WILLS and BONDS and allied papers
LEASES etc:-
Callington, Southill;
Manor of Frogwell and Durnaford in Callington and St. Ive and Southill;
Bailiwick of the hundred of East Wivelshire;
Manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock;
Manor of Tregarton, Gorran;
Manor of Colebrooke, parish of Colebrooke, Devon;
Manor of West Newton Ferrers in St. Mellion;
Manor of West Draynes, St. Neot and St. Cleer;
Pillaton (including manor of Pillaton);
Manor of Hammett, alias Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne;
Manor of Penpoll in Quethiock and St. Ive and St. Germans;
Manor of Trehunsey in Quethiock and St. Ive;
Leases (and allied estate papers); underleases of Carrybullock Park, Stoke Climsland.
(Carrybullock Park part of Ancient Duchy Manor of Stoke Climsland held on lease by the Coryton family)
Leases, manor of Manely Colshill, St. Veep
Leases described as 'Outlands' Some of Leases in Callington are 'outlands' leases. And other remaining leases
Outlands. Altarnun and St. Breward
St. Cleer
St. Dominic
St. Dominic, Pillaton and St. Mellion
St. Germans
St. Mellion
St. Pinnock
St. Stephens by Launceston (Outlands)
South Petherwin
Nymet Tracy
Stockleigh English
Yate, Gloucestershire
Whitchurch, Dorset
Winfield, Wilts
Rentals and Rent Accounts
Estate General:
Estate Correspondence
Duchy of Cornwall
Land Tax
Papers Relating to Leases
Letters and Papers
Bills and Acts of Parliament
Sales and Sale Posters
Surveys and Extents
Surveys and Valuations
Surveys: Woods
Tenders and Specifications
Timber and Woods
Valuations (inc. Timber)
Inquisitions post mortem
Manorial Papers
Maps and Plans
Mining and Stannary (including Quarries)
Estate: Tithes
Administration Accounts and Other Accounts
Bond and Probate papers
Declarations of Trusts
(Dartmoor) Foxhounds
Parliamentary Elections
Murder of Peter Coryton's father
Writ for surety of the peace and General Pardons
Family records, pedigrees, arms
Saltash Floating Bridge
PUBLIC OFFICE and allied papers
There are helier's accounts for the new building at West Newton from 1695 to 1701 (CY/5521). There are some early deeds for which MS. slips were found by Mr. Jeayes, an Assistant Keeper at the British Museum, e.g. a description of the bounds of the glebe of the manor of Elerky in Veryan in 1530 (CY/1169): a deed (CY/7365) of Bishop John Grandisson of Exeter 1347 concerning the presentation to the living of South Hill; early deeds of the Ferrers family of 1278 and 1293 relating to West Newton Ferrers (CY/481 and 482). A document signed by King Henry VIII (CY/6397) granted permission for moving the church of Old Kea (Landegay) in 1532 (this necessary move was not properly implemented until 1896!)
Depositions of 1583 about the boundary of the manors of Halton and West Newton refer to the Rebellion of 1497 and the Prayer Book Rebellion (CY/7189). A map of Landegay c. 1770 shows the manor and Kea Cross (CY/6673).

FAMILY and PERSONAL  [no ref. or date]


[no title]  CY/6809  4 February, 1581

Acknowledgement by John Bennocke of Minster of receipt from Peter Coriton, esq. of £7-8-2, due to J. Bennooke by his wife, dtr. of Walter Coode, esq., given by Peter Coryton, esq. decd., grandfather to Tamsin Benocke, wife of John.
Witd. Wm. Leghe, George Leghe, Walter Lighe, Henry Lighe, Peter Truscot.

[no title]  CY/6810/1-49  1622, 1651, 1660, 1673, 1674, 1675, 1688, 1694-1715

49 pieces

Bundle of accounts: inc. (1) bond to save Wm. Coryton harmless, 1622; (2) 'a way for my wife to raise money' 'out of a mortgaged plantation' (apparently in the West Indies), 1651, 1651; (3) account of bond 1660; (4) penal bill: Bartholomew Hawkin, Altarnun, yeo. to Sir John Coryton, Bt. 1673; (5) agreement relating to bond 1674; (6) discharge to Wm. Coryton for payment of portion of Mrs. Ann Coryton, 1685; (8) calculation of value of Cornish estate 1688, (9) doctor's bill 1695; (15 and 16) carriage repairs (bills) 1695; (18) acct. for painting arms etc. of Sir Wm. Coryton Kt. and Bt. 1695, (19-22) bills for funeral of Lady Coryton at Greenwich 1695; (32) promise to pay money to children of Eliz. Goodall 1697 by Francis Wills (administrator); (40) bill for a little girl's clothing (Miss Coryton) 1699; (41) acct. of money laid out for Sir Wm. Coryton's son at Rugby School 1699. (45 Bond from Sir Wm. Coryton to Madam Trevisa 1704; (46) Mortgage receipt 1708. Accounts mainly from 1695 onwards. Many are household accts., (clothes, drink, sadler, journeys, etc.). There are a few estate accounts.

[no title]  CY/6811  9 April 1639

Receipt by the Vicar and eight men of Quethiock for £110, a legacy to the poor of the parish by Walter Coryton, gent. decd.

Papers (original bundle) relating to Francis Will's admn. of Mrs. Eliz. Goodall, decd.  CY/6812/1-18  [n.d.]

[no title]  CY/6812/1  22 September 1693

Receipt by Sir William Coryton to Francis Wills of Wivelscombe, esq. of gold of his late sister Goodall. (Cancelled 2 Oct. 1695, when gold was sold to Mr. Wilcox).

[no title]  CY/6812/2  22 Sept. 1693

Memo of amount of gold delivered to Sir W. Coryton by Francis Wills.

[no title]  CY/6812/3  Plymouth 2 October 1695

Joseph Willcocke's account for gold sold by Francis Wills, for £244. 10s.

[no title]  CY/6812/4  2 October 1695

Receipt by same J. Wilcock to Sir Wm. Coryton for 6 silver spoons

[no title]  CY/6812/5  12 Nov. 1695

Receipt from Francis Wills of £392 'in full for his mortgage of ye sheafe of Gulval by Richd. Smith.'

[no title]  CY/6812/6  2 Oct. 1695

Receipt by Sir W. Coryton for £244.10 for gold sold to Mr. Joseph Wilcox of Plymouth

[no title]  CY/6812/7  24 June 1697

Copy of note to 'my coz. Willes by payment of £120 on or before 24 June 1702 for ye Children of my sister Goodall'

[no title]  CY/6812/8  5 June 1697

Receipt by Francis Wills to Sir William Coryton for documents (mainly mortgages) delivered

[no title]  CY/6812/9  8 Nov. 1695

Receipt by Francis Wills for deeds received from Ric. Smith concerning Rydland in St. Stephs. by Saltash

[no title]  CY/6812/10  Plymouth, 24 January 1700

Letter from Francis Wills to Sir W. Coryton: Has entered into bond for his cousin's fidelity as apprentice to his - John Goodall's - master in Rotterdam and £50 for indenture. Unless he dies before he comes of age or is extravagant and bond is forfeit asks Sir W. not to pay any principal money in his hand to John Goodall's sisters until the deed obliges him.

[no title]  CY/6812/11  24 Dec. 1697

Receipt by Francis Wills from Sir Wm. Coryton, Bt. for £22. 10s. interest on £900 secured to us as administrators to Mrs. William and Mrs. Eliz. Goodall, decd. by mortgage of manor of Frogwell and Durnaford and Callington and Tintagel lands

[no title]  CY/6812/12  13 April 1699

Letter from Susanna Smith to her cousin Sir Wm. Coryton 'yt Lady Biddulph would have me take her debt from Mr. Buckwell £500 bond.'

[no title]  CY/6812/13  3 May 1700

Receipt for £90 interest by Francis Wills for two years' interest on £900 secured to administrators of Mr. William and Mrs. Eliz. Goodall

[no title]  CY/6812/14  3 May 1700

Receipt by Francis Wills for £12 - 2 yrs.' interest for £120 secured by Sir William's note of 24 June 1697. (as admnr. of Mrs. Eliz. Goodall).

[no title]  CY/6812/15  18 Aug. 1702

Letter from Silvanus Evans (? Governor of Dartmoor Castle) to Sir Wm. Coryton about latter's Bill. Remarks about state of defence of Dartmouth (? Castle).

[no title]  CY/6812/16  28 May 1702

Copy of 3 bills of exchange payable by W. Coryton to Mr. Silvanus Evans, Mrs. Eliz. Goodall and Mr. John Goodall (£307. 10s. each).

[no title]  CY/6812/17  11 Mar. 1702

Letter from John Goodall to his uncle (Sir W. Coryton) - has written to his brother Evans and sister Goodall about meeting at Wiveliscombe to agree on dividend and to determine about £900. Fowey

[no title]  CY/6812/18  1693-1702

18 documents

Plus copies of 3 receipts on paper from Francis Wills to Sir W. Coryton for interest and money received

[no title]  CY/6813  1769-1876

16 documents

Bundle of miscellaneous accounts:

[no title or date]  CY/6813/1

Receipt by A. Baxter, 26 Nov. 1769 of Fire Insurance Policy for £300 'to be lodged with me for two years only to secure the rent which I am to be allowed for the Repairs of Mr. Defouet's house which I now inhabit.

[no title or date]  CY/6813/2-4 and 6

4 Receipts concerning Mr. Defouet's burials July 1772

[no title]  CY/6813/5  16 July 1772

Receipted bill by an Exeter draper to executors of the late Jera. Defouet, esq., for goods received (black ribbons etc.)

[no title]  CY/6813/7  July 1772

John Coryton's acct. with Mrs. Coryton his mother for cash in the drawer of the late Mr. De fouet at Exeter

[no title]  CY/6813/8  7 Aug. 1780

John Coryton's acct. with Mrs. Ann Coryton touching arrears of Mr. D'Fouet's pension and the rent of her house in Kensington let to Mr. Baxter

[no title]  CY/6813/9  5 Feb. 1821

Innkeeper's bill for providing for tithe payers.

[no title]  CY/6813/10  8 July 1846

Receipt to Ch. Coryton for monument with coat of arms.

[no title]  CY/6813/11-12  24 February 1852

2 receipts for £1873-17-6 of £3%. Consols for Augustus Coryton, esq; Geo. Edward Coryton, Esq.

[no title]  CY/6813/13  1868-1876

Rough calculations on Saltash Turnpike Bonds

[no title]  CY/6813/14  1876

Similar sheet about preference shares including Clay

[no title]  CY/6813/15  1871

Receipt for 4 deeds poll Saltash Turnpike Trust.

[no title or date]  CY/6813/16

Undated acct. for journey from London to Ivybridge.

[no title]  CY/6814/1-16  1828, 1829, 1831, 1838, 1840

16 documents

Bundle of vouchers (grocer, tailor, hatter, linen draper, boot and shoe maker).

[no title]  CY/6815/1-18  1833-1834

18 documents

Bundle of vouchers (coachmaker, jeweller, hosier and glover, sadlery and harness; bootmaker,, tailor and mercer; hosier, glover and shirtmaker, veterinary surgeon, hatter, tailor).
Mainly London, Devonport, Plymouth.

Papers and vouchers relating to Granville Coryton at Oriel College, Oxford.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6816/1-11  1834-1839

Administrative history:
(Granville 4th son of John Tillie Coryton. Oriel. Matriculated 1834 aged 18 B.A. 1840. Rector of St. Mellion until death (17 April 1876).

Bundle of papers relating to Granville Coryton of Oriel College including college bills (1835). Also subscription to 39 Articles and Royal Supremacy 1834. Attendance at Lit. Hum. exams, 1837 and attendance at lectures of Regius Professor of Divinity (R.D. Hampden of Christ Church). Michaelmas term, 1839. Also notes on various books of the Old Testament.

[no title]  CY/6817/1-45  1835-6

48 documents

G. Coryton. Bundle of Oxford vouchers.

[no title]  CY/6818/1-53  1836-40

53 documents

Vouchers: bundle labelled 'Oxford 1839-40'. Others labelled Mr. Granville Coryton Oriel Coll'.
(Mainly paid bills of 1836-7).

[no title]  CY/6819/1-51  1836-40

56 documents

G. Coryton: Oxford vouchers.

[no title]  CY/6820/1-29  1835-6; 1839-40

29 documents

G. Coryton, bundle of Oxford, vouchers.

[no title]  CY/6821  1840

Half-used cheque-book, doubtless G. Coryton's: Messrs. Robinson, Parsons and Thomson, Old Bank, Oxford.

[no title]  CY/6822  1837

Receipt for repairing the horseboat.

[no title]  CY/6823  1668-1693

Pocket book, probably Sir Wm. Coryton's for money received and paid and other transactions from 1668 to 1693.

BARONETCY  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6824/1  27 February 1662

Royal letters patent
Creating John Coryton of Newton, esq. a baronet

[no title]  CY/6824/2  January 1662

Account of fees due for passing patent of Baronetcy

[no title]  CY/6824/3  10 March 1662

Receipt for £81.9.8 for fees due to H.M. servants and at the Great Seal for creating John Coryton a baronet.

[no title]  CY/6824/4  15 January 1687

Quittance to John Coryton for payment of 30 foot soldiers at 8d. a day for 3 years for service in Ulster (condition of a baronetcy, see F. W. Pixley, A History of the Baronetage (1900), pp. 16-17), i.e. £1095.
Issued by the Clerk of the Pipe.

CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6825/1-4  1839

Four blank printed forms of Dunstanville Charity (1839) 'for granting annuities to indigent persons of good character, resident in the County of Cornwall, and permanently disabled by accident or incurable disease'
(Sent to J. T. Coryton).

[no title]  CY/6826  19 March 1841

List of applicants for the Dunstanville Charity sent to John Tillie Coryton.

CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Letters (mainly) received.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6827  30 November 1625

Letter from Charles Tregian imprisoned in the Fleet (as a recusant) to Wm. Coryton at Newton Ferrers asking for money. 23 have died of pestilence in the prison. Asks him to send his sister Elizabeth 50s. out of the Christmas quarter rents (£22. 10s.) - other £20 to be paid to Charles Tregian.

[no title]  CY/6828  3 January 1640

From Edmund Tremayne at Collacombe to Wm. Coryton: would have paid him £100 he owed him but was late coming from London. Will send money following Monday.

[no title]  CY/6829  17 September 1642

From Francis Buller at Shillingham to Wm. Coryton: about dealing with Sir William Wraye's affairs.

[no title]  CY/6830  4 October 1664

Letter from John Molesworth to John Coryton acknowledging receipt of £100.

[no title]  CY/6831  19 September 1667

Letter from Edward Mugford to Sir John Coryton, Bt: measures to be taken against the Welshmen should they attempt anything in Parliament against the Lighthouse (see 'Victoria County History' Cornwall, 498 for Sir John Coryton's various petitions for lighthouses.)

[no title]  CY/6832  8 December 1684

Letter from E. Rutter to Wm. Coryton asking for a further loan of money on security of title of Youlson (? Youlston in Shirwell, Devon.

[no title]  CY/6833  15 November 1686

Letter from Eliza Coryton to her brother Wm. Coryton congratulating him on being made Recorder of London.

[no title]  CY/6834  16 March 1677

Letter from B. Wrey to Sir John Coryton. Motion for a triennial Parliament made. Five speeches including one by Sir John St. Aubyn but motion lost. Account of marriage of the dtr. of William of Orange and Mary. This letter bears the date March ye 16th and the letter states 'his nuptials with ye Princess were solemnised Late Thursday evening'. This letter can hardly refer to 4 November 1677 and yet the sense seems to suggest it was the Prince of Orange's nuptials with the Princess that were being celebrated.

[no title]  CY/6835  7 June 1697

Letter from John Peter to Sir Wm. Coryton acknowledging receipt of deeds of his sister Goodalls' mortgage 'which I thinks necessary to be executed to inlarge the Childrens maintenance: which I have done'

[no title]  CY/6836  17 August 1701

Letter from Edward Littleton asking Sir Wm. Coryton to send £5 for his (EL's) niece Bridget lying 'dangerously ill of ye snail pox' in London. Pileton.

[no title]  CY/6837  20 March 1703

Copy of letter of Sir W. Coryton to Wm. Hooker, Esq., M.P., Hookers Court, Lincolns Inn Fields, London, about a warrant signed by the Lord Treasurer Newton

[no title]  CY/6838  21 February 1713

Letter from John Buller probably to Sir John Coryton about trusts of a marriage settlement. Morval

[no title]  CY/6839  9 March 1713

Another letter about this - same to same - Morval

[no title]  CY/6840  13 February 1713

Another letter about same (same to same). Morval

[no title]  CY/6841  2 April 1713

Same to same about same matter. Morval.

[no title]  CY/6842  24 April 1713

Same to same. Morval.

[no title]  CY/6843  28 April 1713

Same to same. Morval.

[no title]  CY/6844  21 Mar 1713

Same to same.

[no title]  CY/6845  26 November. (17 ?)

Letter from B. Wrey to Sir John Coryton about latter's subscription to their races. Stevenstone.

[no title]  CY/6846  1733

Letter from B. Wrey to Sir John Coryton. Stevenstone, 12 October 1733, about John Roberts a servant he was sending Sir J. C. etc.

[no title]  CY/6847  18 November 1733

Letter from B. Wrey to Sir John Coryton. Will find Sir J. returned from 'your petit tour'. Thanks for 2 letters - will answer one via Mr. Trelawney who was to dine with Wrey 'tomorrow'. Is to winter in Oxford - peace should give him leave to travel. Tawstock Court

[no title]  CY/6848  16 December 1733

Letter from B. Wrey to Sir John Coryton. Had been to Barnstaple to meet Sir John Chichester, a candidate for the Parliamentary election there. Stevenstone.

[no title]  CY/6849  2 September 1733

Same to same - Is coming to see Sir J. C. in a week's time.

Another bundle of letters (mainly) received.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6850  1709

Copy of letter from Sir James Tillie to his niece - general news (many allusions which are not capable of being comprehended. At end: 3 other letters of same date: i.e. 14 June 1709: (apparently a page from a letter book of James Tillie's).

[no title]  CY/6851  13 May 1793

Letter from W. Hamlyn to John Coryton at Crocadon about a man - Farmer Partride - who is to call on Coryton and Mrs. Tillie and explain his conduct in cutting down trees.

[no title]  CY/6852  9 June 1810

Letter from John C. Bloomfield, Citadel of Messina (Sicily) to John Coryton at Crocadon. Want £25 of his allowance. French General Murat on coast of Calabria with 30,000 men and 'has collected an immense number of Boats for the purpose of making an attempt on Sicily': proclamations from Murat in every parish that he will be in Sicily in 25 days. Troops in Sicily prepared to 'receive' him. British force less than 16,000 men. Thinks Sicilians would join the strongest party.

[no title]  CY/6853  ? early 19th cent

Letter from Fortescue to Lord De Dunstanville - will have Mr. Coryton's name inserted in the next commission of the Peace. Not dated (1796-1835 - probably early 19th cent. Perhaps J. P. was Augustus Coryton - not of age until 1831).

[no title]  CY/6854  8 July 1852

Letter from Robins Foster & Co., East Cornwall Bank, Liskeard to Augustus Coryton, sending power of attorney to receive dividends on £1926-17-3 Consols in name of A. Coryton and Mr. Geo. Edward Coryton.

[no title]  CY/6855  6 May 1854

Memorandum by Edward H. Pedler, Liskeard, 'respecting my becoming a trustee on Granville's I.e. Granville Coryton's) mortgage.

[no title]  CY/6856-6857  1852

Packet endorsed: 'Correspondence relating to W. L. Coryton: 2 letters from Mrs. G. L. Coham, Upcott Avenel, near High Hampton, Devon, 1 and 3 March 1852, claiming Dividends from reduced 3% annuities of Captain William Lewis Coryton of the 1st Somerset Militia. April 1810, (from Books of Bank of England containing names of persons whose next of kin are entitled to Dividends for 10 years at least unclaimed) on grounds that her (Mrs. Coham's) parents included a Mr. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/6858  18 November 1856

Letter from Wm. Gill to Mr. (? A.) Coryton): proving relationship of Mrs. Cregoe of Trewithian, Gerrans, to the Coryton family (? Venn).

[no title]  CY/6859  2 December, 1856

Letter from M. Cregoe, Trewithian, written at request of Mrs. Cregoe about Captain William Lewis Coryton. Mrs. Cregoe didn't know pedigrees of Cornish families all that well she (Mrs. Cregoe) visited her uncle, Mr. Coryton of Crocadon from 1802 to 1804, but did not remember hearing name of Capt. W. L. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/6860  29 February 1864

Letter from Robins Foster & Co., East Cornwall Bank, Liskeard, to Financial Secretary of London & N. W. Railway Co., Euston Square, investing £3161.4.7 on behalf of Augustus Coryton in Birkenhead Debenture in joint names of A. J. E. Russell, M.P., Audley Square, Middlesex; Hon. Charles Skiffington Clements of Grosvenor Street, Middlesex and August Coryton.

[no title]  CY/6861  21 November 1886

Letter from (? George) Parker about marriage settlement of A. Coryton's nephew William Delamore, Ivy Bridge

[no title]  CY/6862  20 July 1888

Letter from Henry H. Tremayne, Bank of England Branch at Plymouth, to Col. Coryton with advice about stocks for investment.

[no title]  CY/6863  31 July 1888

Letter from same to same: Bank has bought £500 Buenos Ayres Bonds, 1882/86 for Col. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/6864  2 July 1889

Same to same: 2 bonds of Col. Coryton's have been paid etc.

[no title]  CY/6865-6866  7 May 1891

Same to same enclosing list of bonds held by Plymouth Branch of Bank of England for Col. Coryton. 17 August 1889-21 March 1890. Reginald J. West to Coryton returning list. of Col. Coryton's annuities held at Plymouth Blanch of Bank of England.

[no title]  CY/6867  1 August 1891

Letter from Albert C. L. Glubb to Col. Coryton listing his foreign investments since he made the Codicil to his will. Liskeard.

[no title]  CY/6868  4 August, 1891

Same to same Liskeard, arranging meeting at Callington.

[no title]  CY/6869  20 August, 1891

Same to same enclosing letter to Bank of England at Plymouth asking proceeds of sales of securities to be placed to the credit of Col. Coryton's nephew, Mr. Frederick Coryton, Liskeard

[no title]  CY/6870  Early 19th cent

Draft order to Sir Francis Child to pay Sir Michael Biddulph bra. and daughters legacies of £1316-13-4.

Another bundle of letters (mainly) received.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6871-6872  9 July and 12 August, 1775

Two letters from J. Skynner, Lincoln's Inn. to John Coryton at Crocadon.
First is a letter of legal opinion and advice about Mrs. Summers's Will and a bequest in trust to Mr. Tillie who predeceased her. Suggests J. Coryton and Mrs. Coryton should apply for administration with the will annexed.
Second letter: difficulty about real estate - heir not known etc.

[no title]  CY/6873  27 February 1788

Letter from James Buller, Bryanston Street, Portman Square, London to John Coryton at Crocadon. Had no wish to relinquish property in Callington. Would have told him had it been so.

[no title]  CY/6874  24 February 1789

James Buller from Bryanston Street, Portman Square, London to J. T. Coryton at Crocadon concerned about John Buller telling him that Jn. Buller had applied for Coryton interest at Callington, Jn. Buller ignorant of assurance James Buller had given to J. T. Coryton. If J. T. Coryton or his son ever candidates for Callington James Buller would render any service in his power or to a candidate approved by them.

[no title]  CY/6875-6876  11 October 1803

From Edmund Fortescue (? to Coryton) about question of Coryton receiving a bond of release and indemnity from him and Mrs. Fortescue 'on relinquishing your trust'. But thinks he (Coryton) will probably wish to dispense with such a matter of form. Ottery, 9 October (no year). With draft reply from Crocadon. Coryton wishes for a legal discharge from the trust. Crocadon.

[no title]  CY/6877  3 September 1808

Letter from Edmund (? Mounsteven).
Querying the need for a special indemnity suggested by J. T. Coryton's attorney for his acting in a trust. To J. T. Coryton at Crocadon.

Letter from Humphrey Repton to J. T. Coryton, esq., at Crocadon. Paper is water marked 1808  CY/6878  Possibly, c. 1809

The beginning part is cut away and missing

Related information: See Dorothy Stroud, Humphrey Repton (1962) 7 and 172.

[no title]  CY/6879  c.1847

Tax assessment sent to Augustus Coryton for year ending 5 April 1847. (Tax on windows, carriages, horses, dogs, armorial bearings).

[no title]  CY/6880/1-18  24 Sept. 1864-20 November 1865

18 documents

Letters to and from North Devon Railway and Dock Company (part of London and South Western Railway Company). NB. A. Coryton was a shareholder in the North Devon Railway and Dock Company. One letter and a/c concerned with land sold at Colebrooke and bought at Plymouth as well as land sold to Okehampton Railway Co. 24 Sept. 1864. North Devon Share Certificates to be sold for South Western Stock. Corr. about certificate of N. Devon Stock which had been lost. Letters to C. L. Radcliffe, B. Snell, A. Coryton and from London and S.W. Railway

[no title]  CY/6881-6882  1811

Letter from Wm. Macpherson to Captain John Tillie Coryton asking him to settle his arrears due to the Cornwall Cavalry. 7 John Street, Golden Square, London. 25 January 1811.
Enclosing bill of arrears dated 28 January 1811 of Captain Coryton's arreas.

[no title]  CY/6883-6894  17 April 1879-26 October 1881

Bundle of correspondence from C. W. De Bernardy, with C. L. Radcliffe of Plymouth relating to claim by A. Coryton as executor of John Tillie Coryton. Also includes letters from official Assignee of the Bankruptcy Court 12 February 1881, and August 1881). Bernardy described as Foreign Law Agent, Next of Kin Gazetter and Unclaimed Money Registry, 26 Great James Street, Bedford Row, London, W.C.
(Bankruptcy case concerned J. B. Reynolds).
(18, some letter on one file).

[no title]  CY/6895  24 November 1886

Letter from Admiral Parker to A. Coryton about W. Coryton's marriage settlement.

[no title]  CY/6896/1-3  (c.1886)

Two copies of suggestions apparently for W. Coryton's marriage settlement. Not dated (c. 1886).
Part of a statement by Col. Coryton on the same settlement. Not dated (c. 1886).

[no title]  CY/6897  (c. 1886)

Part of a letter to A. Coryton from Admiral Parker which seems to relate to William Coryton's marriage settlement and A. Coryton disputing terms for this not dated 13 December, Delamore, Ivy Bridge.

[no title]  CY/6898  (Late 19th cent)

Letter from a man (undecipherable) (? Henry T. Vinacke at Laywell, nr. Brixham, South Devon asking for probate of John Tillie Coryton's will. To A. Coryton who referred him to Mr. C. Radcliff, 11 and 12 April (year not given - later 19th cent.).

BOND AND PROBATE PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6899/1  2 July 1846

Bond in £10,000.
John Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq., to Jane Coryton, Clift Cottage, Dawlish.
Condition: J. T. C. to transfer to Jane Coryton £7570.18s £3% Consols (due to her as excx of her late sister Eliz. Coryton) when demanded and in meantime pay dividends.
Attached Receipt by Jane Coryton to her nephew Augustus Coryton for £7,192 received from him by above bond as excr. of John Tillie Coryton received from him by above bond as excr. of John Tillie Coryton.
Witd. Jemima Coryton, Pentillie Castle

[no title]  CY/6899/2  1843

Valuation of personal effects of John Tillie Coryton made after his decease in Sept. 1843. (Wm. Murray, jun., appraiser, Liskeard).

[no title]  CY/6899/3-4  1844

Receipts by Robins, Foster & Co., bankers, Liskeard for two sums of £5039 etc. for 2 notes of hand of J. T. Coryton. Received 10 August 1844 of Augustus Coryton excr. of J. T. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/6899/5  23 July 1844

Residuary account of A. Coryton of estate of John Tillie Coryton (died 10 September 1843).

DECLARATION OF TRUSTS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6900  29 August 1788

Declaration of Trusts
(i) John Coryton, Crocadon, esq. Robt. Hickes, Saltash, esq. Wm. Symons, Hatt, esq.
(ii) John Hosking, Saltash, yeo. (President of Saltash Annuitant Society), Ric. Maynard, Botus Fleming. (Tresurer of Saltash Annuitant Society).
(Rec. of articles of agreement of 4 June 1784 for Saltash Annuitant Society. (i) and John Burrell, esq., (then died), appointed trustees and bought for them £275 in £5% Navy Stock. Wm. Symons replaced John Burdell decd.).
Trusts declared - (i) to hold £275 stock for use and benefit of Saltash Annitant Society.
Witd. George Fortescue, John Tillie Coryton.

Dartmoor Foxhounds  [no ref. or date]

Volumes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6901-6902  1876-1878

Two books showing pedigrees of hounds (Dartmoor Hunt) 1845-1886, (has name of George Parker, Delamore, Ivybridge at front)

[no title]  CY/6903  1887-1889

Notebook of whelping of Dartmoor hounds

[no title]  CY/6904  1872-1883

Bound volume: Kennel account

[no title]  CY/6905  1889-1891

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6906  1891-1893

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6907  1893-1894

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6908  1894-1895

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6909  1896-1897

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6910  1897-1900

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6911  1900-1904

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/6912  1904-1905

Hunting journal, Dartmoor Foxhounds

Papers in box  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6913-6937  nd

Bundle of letters relating to Dartmoor Foxhounds.

[no title]  CY/6913  16 October 1882

Letter from H. G. Hare, Curtis Knowle to Admiral Parker (Hunting). Dislike of harriers

[no title]  CY/6914  nd

Copy of draft agreement for hunting with Sir Henry Seale for 1846-7.

[no title]  CY/6915  15 June 1877

Henry Hare, CurtisKnowle to Admiral Parker, (safe for hounds to hunt, no poison laid as reported).

[no title]  CY/6916  12 August 1846

Copy of letter from W. F. Seale, Mount Boom to C. Trelawney, esq., Asking to 'take the Woodleigh Country and the Coverts on this side the Avon'.

[no title]  CY/6917  c.1916?

J. Higman, The Kennels, Ivybridge 'We came to Dartmoor on June 14th 1889 and this is our 27th season

[no title]  CY/6918  29 March 1889

Letter from Percy F. Bulteel, Naval Bank, Plymouth to William, suggesting he (William) should be nominated by 'to of the landed members of the hunt' and hunt the country with the hounds.

[no title]  CY/6919  8 April 1889

Letter from Percy F. Bulteel to William Coryton from Naval Bank, Plymouth, - will he be M.F.H. if asked?

[no title]  CY/6920  3 May 1889

Letter from Lord Morley, 31 Prince's Gardens, London S.W. to Wm. Coryton, about amalgamation of two packs of hounds.

[no title]  CY/6921  27 June 1889

Letter from C. C. Collier (Hon. Secretary) of Brook, Horrabridge to Wm Coryton, - damage fund and other expenses of Hunt. W. Coryton deemed to have taken over from 1 June 1889. Dartmoor Hunt Boundaries.

[no title]  CY/6922  9 September 1889

Same to same: boundaries of Dartmoor Hunt

[no title]  CY/6923-2925  12 October 1889

Duchy of Cornwall licence by Bailiff of Dartmoor to Wm. Coryton of Hatt to hunt over part of forest of Dartmoor, (bounds of Hunt endorsed), with covering letter from Bailiff (3 items inc. licence).

[no title]  CY/6926  20 November 1895

Letter from J. Sydney Davey from Bochym Cury, - Sorry to leave, wishes him a good hunting season.

[no title]  CY/6927-6929  1889

Three letters from Lord Morley (14 Prince's Gardens S.W.), to W. Coryton, 3 April 1889. Everybody wants to receive W. Coryton as M.F.H. - chief landowners will be for him - 21 April 1889. 27 April 1889 - about amalgamation of 2 packs of hounds.

[no title]  CY/6930-6932  1899

Two letters from George Crake (Highlands, Ivybridge) - resolution of A.G.M. of Hunt to make presentation to W. Coryton for services as M.F.H. for four days a week for 10 seasons - this could be a picture of W. Coryton on "Victor", Crake suggested. 17 June 1899. Further letter same to same about presentation with copy of reply by W. Coryton, 24 June 1899 and 29 June 1899.

[no title]  CY/6933  January 1962

Printed list of meets of Dartmoor Hounds.

[no title]  CY/6934-6936  1901, 1903, 1910

Printed sale catalogues: sale of hounds, including Dartmoor foxhounds at Rugby

[no title]  CY/6937  nd

Plan of fox's earth.

Bundle of printed accounts etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/6938  June 1877

Balance sheet for 3 years

[no title]  CY/6939  1887-8

Balance sheet

[no title]  CY/6940  1888-9

Balance sheet

[no title]  CY/6941  1889-93

List of amounts subscribed for four seasons of Dartmoor Hounds

[no title]  CY/6942-6944  1889-90

List of members, subscribers and donors, 1889-9; (2) 1889-90.

[no title]  CY/6945  1888-1890

Statement of accounts

[no title]  CY/6946-6949  1890

Notices: purchase acct; rules; Admiral Parker Testimonial Fund; A.G.M. notice

[no title]  CY/6950-6952  1890-91

3 documents

List of members, subscribers and donors

[no title]  CY/6953  1890

MS. list of those who attended Hunt Dinner at Mallett's Ivybridge Hotel

[no title]  CY/6954-6955  1890-1

2 documents

Statement of account

[no title]  CY/6956-6959  1891

3 documents

Rules and A.G.M. notices

[no title]  CY/6960  1890-1

Account of Dartmoor Foxhounds' Cover and Brake Fund

[no title]  CY/6961  1891-2

Statement of a/c

[no title]  CY/6962  1891-2

Brake and Covert Fund account

[no title]  CY/6963-6964  1891-1893

Members, subscribers and donors 1891-2 - (2) - one with statement of accounts (2) 1892-3.

[no title]  CY/6965-6966, CY/6967-6968  1892-1893

Brake and Covert Fund, 1892-3, with list of subscribers 1892-3.

[no title]  CY/6969  1893

Dartmoor Hunt rules

[no title]  CY/6970-6971  1893-4

2 documents

D. F. H. Brake and Covert Fund with accounts and subscribers

[no title]  CY/6972-6974  1893-4

3 documents

Statement of a/c

[no title]  CY/6975-6978  1893-4

4 documents

List of subscribers, members and donors

[no title]  CY/6979-6980  1894-1896

Covert fund a/c and subscribers 1894-5, 1895-6. Accounts

[no title]  CY/6981-6984  1895-6

Huntingdon Warren acct. 1895 and 1896 with subscribers. Acct. A.G.M. notice, list of subscribers, members and donors.

[no title]  CY/6985-6986  1896-7

Statement of acct., subscribers etc.

[no title]  CY/6987-6988  1896-7; 1897-8

Covert fund, with subscribers

[no title]  CY/6989  1898

Notice of meeting

[no title]  CY/6990  1897 and 1898

Huntingdon Warren, acct. with subscribers

[no title]  CY/6991-6992  1898

Brake and Covert Fund a/c (with subscribers) 1898, (includes acct. for Hayford Brake 1898).

[no title]  CY/6993  1899

11th Report and balance sheet of Dartmoor Sportmen's Association

[no title]  CY/6994  1899

Circular to farmers

[no title]  CY/6995  1899-1900

D. F. statement of a/c

[no title]  CY/6996-6997  1899-1900

2 documents

Brake and Covert fund a/c with subscribers

[no title]  CY/6998  1902

MS. Bill from Dartmoor Hunt Committee to W. Coryton for piping water to Dartmoor Kennels

[no title]  CY/6999  nd

Publicity leaflet: D.F.H.

[no title]  CY/7000  1889-1899

Rough MS. accts. (? subscriptions)

[no title]  CY/7001-7003  nd

Several copies of rules.

[no title]  CY/7004-7005  1858

Bundle of papers: resolution for retention of 'the valuable services of Mr. Trelawny and his very excellent pack' - two notices (one for calling meeting at Royal Hotel, Plymouth).

[no title]  CY/7006-7007  1874

2 documents

Notice inviting subscriptions for Dartmoor Hounds

[no title]  CY/7008  1888

Card of 'The Dartmoor Hunt Entry' of hounds, (i.e. dogs and bitches) shown

[no title]  CY/7009  10 October 1889

Letter from C. C. Collier, Secretary of the Hunt from Brook, to W. Coryton at Hatt about the hounds and other matters.

[no title]  CY/7010  29 April 1891

Same to same general hunt matters.

[no title]  CY/7011-7013  1889-1901

Two lists of subscriptions 1-11th seasons 1889-1900 with note that W. Coryton will withdraw resignation and hunt two days a week for payment of £1000 clear of £300 for the damage fund 27 Feb. 1901.

[no title]  CY/7014  September 1890

Printed list of principal meets, Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/7015  Michaelmas 1890

Memorandum of state of repair of Highlands House, Ivybridge at beginning of W. Coryton's tenancy (before repairs).

[no title]  CY/7016  23 June 1890

Lease of Highlands, Ivybridge, Devon from Ric. Mallock, Cockington Court, Torquay, M.P. and Thomas Nicholson of Wolston Heath, Rugby, Warwickshire, esq. to William Coryton of Hatt of Highlands House, Ivybridge with outhouses, gardens and field (plan) for 11 years for annual rent of £175. Schedule of fixtures

[no title]  CY/7017  28 February 1901

Statement to Dartmoor Hunt Committee about withdrawal of W. Coryton's resignation (owing to excessive cost of hunting with fewer subscriptions) - will hunt two days a week for one season only with guaranteed subscription of not less than a £1000, with extra £300 for damages and Covert Fund to be kept up. Better to hunt 3 days a week or 5 days a fortnight for next season for subscription of £1500 free of Damage and Covert fund

[no title]  CY/7018-7022  nd

Sale catalogues and auctioneers' and removal account for sale of effects of Highlands May, June, July - sale of furniture, wines, harness, plants etc. at Highlands.

[no title]  CY/7023-7025  1910

Several copies of revised and present rules of Dartmoor Hunt

[no title]  CY/7026-7027  nd

Printed map: Hiorns and Miller's map of the Dartmoor Hunt, 107 Fore Street, Devonport, not dated (1890 plan of D.F.H. meets attached).

Bundles of printed bound booklets of lists of foxhounds.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7028/1-14  November 1875-November 1888

14 documents

Administrative history:
(1875 Admiral Parker's first season with the Dartmoor Hunt)

Dartmoor Foxhounds

[no title]  CY/7029/1-12  December 1877-November 1888

12 documents

Conditions of access: (1874-1876 missing).

William Coryton's Hounds.

[no title]  CY/7030/1-7  November 1880-1888

7 documents

Another set as CY/702

[no title]  CY/7031/1-11  November 1889-1899

11 documents

D.F.H. (Mr. Coryton, Master in 1889)

[no title]  CY/7032/1-10  November 1900-November 1909

10 documents


[no title]  CY/7033/1-12  Nov. 1897, 1901 1904, 1905-9, 1911-13

12 documents

D.F.H. duplicates

[no title or date]  CY/7034/1-9

10 documents

D.F.H. spare set. November, 1915 (W.C.'s last season).

[no title]  CY/7035/1-6  1910-16

6 documents

D.F.H. Spares

[no title]  CY/7036/1-9  1898-1899

9 in all

Bundle of pamphlets Hints on Hunting Plymouth 1898 (one, all the rest Plymouth 1899


[no title]  CY/7037  7 September 1841

Printed notice of Lord Eliot to Electors of East Cornwall that he has accepted office for Secretary for Ireland under Sir Robert Peel's Government and has therefore vacated his seat in Parliament.

[no title]  CY/7038/1-11  1826

11 documents

List of how freeholders voted 1826 County Election
Calstock, Callington, St. Dominic, St. Ive, St. Mellion, Pillaton, Quethiock, South Hill.

[no title]  CY/7039  (Earliest date not before 1833)

List of persons claiming right to vote for Eastern Division of Cornwall: Middle Division of the Hundred of East (Menheniot, Quethiock, St. Ive, Southill, Callington, St. Mellion, Pillaton, St. Dominic).
(Watermark 1831)

Recusancy (John Trevillian).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7040-7041  20 and 29 November 1634

2 documents

Letter of attorney from John Eliot of Port Eliot, esq. to William Coriton, esq. to compound debt of John Trevillian, and covenant of latter to enter into bond with Eliot and Coryton for payment of debt of £110 and a agreement that 'Sir William Wrey Knight shall satisfy the said William Coryton out of the Barton of Basely and other lands which he hath granted him from the Kinges Matie by a lease touchinge my Recusancy'.

Murder of Peter Curryngton's father  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7042  24 May 1566

Related information: (See further S. Baring-Gould, Cornish Characters And Strange Events London 1909, pp. 388-398 'The Murder of Richard Coryton')

Declaration by Sir Richard Champion, Kt., Lord Mayor of London and the aldermen of the City of London of appearance before them in the Vtter Chamber of the Guildhall of the following deponents under oath and their depositions
John Philpott, clerk, parson of St. Mychaells in Cornehill, London, aged 29, that in November 1565 on one Saturday about 4 p.m. he was required by Mr. Hawes one of the sheriffs of London to go to Newgate to examine Rafe Barclett, prisoner, 'very sick and like to dye' whether Peter Curryngton, whom Bartlett had accused of murdering his own father, were guilty or not. Philpott met two minsters - Edward Wilkynson and John Browne - who went to Newgate with him They asked Barclett whether Peter Currington 'whome he had accused to be privey and procured of hym and one Baseley to do the same murder were true'. Bartlett confessed 'and said that he had most untrulye accused the said Peter Curryngton, for he was never pryvey nor knewe of yt but that it was he hymselfe and the said Baseley without the knowledge of eny other and declared that the cause whye they had so accused hym was for that after they weare founde gyltie for the same matter the sheryffe of Cornwall did examyne them yf there were eny other pryvey or procurynge to the same murder and they agreed together to thentent to preserve there lyves or at the leaste to prolonge the same falsely to accuse the same Peter Curryngton and the same Barclett shewed hymselfe very sorye and repentant for his said accusacyion, sayinge, think you that Mr. Currington will forgyve me, and this examynate answered there is no doubte he will for otherwise he is not of god, wherewith he semed to be satisffied'. Barclett died 2 or 3 days after when Philpott and his two compansions were brought to Baseley who confessed the innocency of Peter Curryngton.
Edward Wilkynson of London, clerk, parson of St. Anthonynes, London, aged 33, swore to truth of Philpott's deposition and that having warned Baseley to speak the truth, Baseley answered 'the truthe is Master Sheryffe badd me devise some waye to save my selfe and I said I could not tell howe and he said the waye was to accuse some others and [...] examyninge me whither there eny mo pryvey or procurynge the said murder besides our selfes, saying vnto me, you coulde not do it alone, there be diverse of the Curryngtons was there none of them? Barclett and Baseley then decided to accuse Peter Curryngton.
Edmonde Mornes citizen and brawderer of London and Keeper of Newgate Gaol aged 46 confirmed first two depositions and gave the date as Saturday, 12 November 1565.
William Margytte of London, clerk, reader of the morning prayer in the parishe of Saynt Sepulchres of London and ordynary for the Byshoppe of London of the Gaole of Newgate aged 40 years spoke of going to see Baseley when he was very sick and a similar confession relating to the murder of Peter Currington's father. Also Barclett's confession. Sheriff was a Mr. Trevenyon. Baseley's confession about September 1565.
When Baseley was taken into the country to execution Baseley still protested Peter Currington's innocence.
Seal (incomplete) of the office of the mayoralty of the City of London on a tag.

[no title]  CY/7043  nd

'To The Right Honneable [...] houses of parliament now sittinge att Westminster
The Humble petticion of John Coryton of the parish of Probus in the County of Cornwall, gent: A great sufferer for And in his Maties Clause.
Humbly Sheweth
That your peticoner was and is sonne of Scipio Coryton and Scipio was sonne of John and John was sonne of Richard Coryton Esqr. of Newton Ferros in the sayd County of Cornwall who about 80 years since was most barborously murdered per two fellowes who weare mayntained by the sayd Richard Coryton without any cause or hurt to them profered the sayd Richard havinge three sonnes (viz) Peetter the first borne Richard the second John the third your peticioners grandfather the sayd Petter his first borne would have married with one Mr. Wreyes daughter to wch his father would not consent but threatened his sayd sonne that if he should marry with her that hee would disinheritt him of all the lands he could And that he the sd. Petter his first born should have but the younger sonnes portion the sd. Petter... persisted in the sayd match by continuinge his sute to her hee beinge att the Court in London his sayd Father purpossinge his jornye for London the Thursdaye followinge to effectt his sayd purpose of disinherittinge his sayd sonne the Sayd Mr. Wrey livinge about them parts of West Newton Ferross the Tewsdaye walkinge in pt. of his sd. Barton of West Newton was sett uppon by these two fellowes (theire names weare Bartley and Bassley) and cruelly murdered by cuttinge of his throte the fellowes weare taken and the one dyed in prison or was made awaye the other was brought att Lanseston and there hanged without any confession of who sett them one worke one of the sd. Mr. Wreyes sonnes (viz) Edmond was seene att the place of execution with a black box under his arme in the sight of the malefactor who was cast over wth speed wth out any confession. These murderers beinge gone the sayd Petter maried the sd Mr. Wreyes daughter enters as heire one his sd. fathers estate wth about 2000li per annum his sayd brothers havinge nothinge he gave a living to Richard his sd brother duringe his life But your petticoners grandfather knowinge of the wronge donn him would not take his sd brothers small pittance for he allwayes sayd that he had right to a greater parte of the estate then he was give him your petticioners grandfather marringe wth a gentlewoman who had a smale fortune went to live with his sd. brother for his parte of the estate but beinge not able to contend with him by reason of his smale abbilitye and the others greatnes was forsed to give over. And he continually keepes all the estate wth the impoverishinge of your petticioners grandfather and they that desended of him: your pettrs. father beinge not able to contend with them by reason of his poverty leave me his sonn in like cause beinge not able any other (? way) to seeke his right but by petticioninge to your Honnors: your petticioner being impoverished and brought verey lowe by folloinge his Maties service all alonge the warr in England and Ireland and wth his higheness Rupert at sea in France allsoe and other parts where your petticioner reseaved many cruell wounds and many imprisonments wch I forbeare to relate your honnors poore petticioner and his wife beinge not any longer able to subsist
These premises considered your poore petticioners humbly beggs your honnors that you would be pleased to calle John Coryton Esq. of West Newton Ferres, the possessor of the sd estat before... to shew cause why your petticioner hath not inherittance of his sd. fathers estate wch hath been so longe kept from him And his sd. father.
This John Coryton Esq. is sonne to William Coryton, Esq. deceased and William was sonne to Petter Coryton Esq above mentioned'.
Date not given. Baring-Gould, Cornish Characters and Strange Events, 396 et seq. says 80 years after the murder of 1565. (Probably too early; more likely some time after the Restoration).

Writ for surety of the peace General Pardons etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7044  Writ date 22 April 1550, appearance 2 June 1551

Exemplification of writ for surety of the peace etc.
Hugh Trevanion, Kt., Thomas Treffrye, John Carmynowe, Hugh Boscawen and Henry Chywarton esquires, justices of the peace, to sheriff, bailiffs and constables of Cornwall stating that Richard Coryton has brought royal writ before them stating that Henry Beston of St. Domyneck, gent. and William Weste of London, yeo. swore in Chancery under pain of 20 pounds for Richard Coryton and Joan Julyan not to break the peace and royal mandate on pain of 40 marks for Richard and Joan to be bound for good behaviour. Note of appearance of Richard and Joan at Tregony in accordance with the writ.
3 'horizontal' tags (no seals).

[no title]  CY/7045  20 April 1514

Letters patent of King Henry VIII granting general pardon to Richard Coryton of Newton in the parish of St. Melanus (St. Mellion) gentilman alias Richard Codryngton, alias Richard Codyngton
Part of great seal, white wax, on tag.
Endorsed: (i) 'Allocatur coram Richardo Elyot Thoma Elyot justic' domini regis ad gaol' ipsius domi regis castri sui de Launceston de prisonibus in ea existen' deliberand' assign' die martis in festo sancti Petri quod dicitar ad vincula anno regni regis Henrici octaui sexto' (Tuesday 1 August 1514).
(ii) 'Ista carta irrotulatur et allocatur coram domino rege apud Westm' termino Pasche anno regni regis henrici octaui post conquestum octuauo? (1517 (Ro' vij inter placita Regis.)

[no title]  CY/7046  4 June 1604

General pardon to William Coryton of Newton, esq.
Great seal of James I (white wax, fragment missing)

[no title]  CY/7047  10 February 1626

General pardon to William Coriton of West Newton, esq.
Great seal of James I, brown wax fragment broken away.

Family records, pedigrees, arms etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7048  21 November 1733

Grant of arms to James Tillie of Pentillie Castle, esq. (In case, on shelf with volumes).

[no title]  CY/7049  1514 nd

Copies information: (At Pentillie Castle).

Pedigree of J. T. Coryton (Xerox copy)

[no title]  CY/7050/1  1824-59

List of ages, deaths etc. of members of J. T. Coryton's family disposed in the family vault

[no title]  CY/7050/2  12 September 1843

Death certificate of John Tillie Coryton, Esq.

[no title]  CY/7050/3  ? 1852

List of ages of various members of Coryton family in 1852.

[no title]  CY/7050/4  31 May 1854

74 documents

Note of age of Mr. Wills of Crocadon

[no title]  CY/7050/5  nd

Copy of inscription from monument to Lady Elizabeth Coryton in Colebrooke Church not dated (she died 1677)

[no title]  CY/7050/6  nd

Rough sketch of eight interments in Coryton vault. Not dated (8th internment J. T. Coryton who died 12 September 1843).

[no title]  CY/7051  19th cent. or later

Volume containing notes on the Coryndon family. (Copy of an original MS book in which (original book) the coats of arms bear their proper tinctures).

SALTASH FLOATING BRIDGE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7052/1-4  1833

4 documents

4 share certificates of John Tillie Coryton's in Saltash Floating Bridge.

[no title]  CY/7053/1-3  nd

Letter about formation of Saltash Floating Bridge with list of present subscribers, 1843, with MS list of proprietors of land in the borough of Saltash, not dated (watermark 1823).

VARIOUS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7054  1873

Printed official Return of Owners of Land, Cornwall

[no title]  CY/7055/1-3  2 July 1930

Proof copy of Survey of Cornwall by Council for the Preservation of Rural England sent to Captain Coryton with a covering letter.

[no title]  CY/7056/1-9  1866

Letters about loan of £20,000 secured by C. L. Radcliffe for A. Coryton and Earl of Morley. 7 letters.
Earl of Morley - A. Coryton 11 and 16 June 1866 C. L. Radcliffe to A. Coryton, 25, 27, 28 June 2 and 5 July.
58 Draft bill of C. L. Radcliffe to A. Coryton for raising £20,000 loan on mortgage.

[no title]  CY/7057  23 October 1817

Parish apprenticeship indenture: Mary Ann Boundy aged 11 apprentice to John Tillie Coryton (housewifery).

[no title]  CY/7058/1-3  c.1887-1890

Three statements of investment of Colonel Coryton in Foreign and Colonial Stock.

[no title]  CY/7059  (Later 19th cent)

Note on Granville Coryton's trust.

[no title]  CY/7060  (19th century)

Note on arrangement of Bank of England Dividend books.

[no title]  CY/7061  (19th century)

Note on Mrs. Tillie's Income. 'No. 169'.

[no title]  CY/7062  18 June 1886

Diploma. Augustus Coryton, J.P. of Pentillie Castle enrolled a Knight harbinger of the Primrose League. (Habitation no. 1174) etc.

HOUSEHOLD  [no ref. or date]

Volumes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7063-7066  1807-11, 1811-20, 1820-23, 1823-1831

4 documents

House steward's account books

[no title]  CY/7067-7072  1818-24; 1840-67; 1842-7; 1849-50; 1850-55; 1868-98

6 documents

Household account books

[no title]  CY/7073  1831-41

Account book, mainly household, including wages.

[no title]  CY/7074  1857-1868

Household account book. (At back: analysis of butcher's meat consumed and butter made; butter account; eggs, turkeys, ducks, fowls, geese accounts).

[no title]  CY/7075  1869-1887

Household account book. (At back: butter and milk account and other account as in CY/7074).

[no title]  CY/7076  1887-1890

Household account book. (At back: accounts as in CY/7075.)

[no title]  CY/7077  1819-31

Servants' book (showing wages and allowances for clothes).

[no title]  CY/7078  1831-42

Servants' book with wage accounts particulars of clothes allowances, names and offices of servants (butler, coachman, groom, two footmen, stableman).

[no title]  CY/7079  1840-61

Cellar book (port, amontillado, sherry, claret, marsala, madeira, champagne).

[no title]  CY/7080  1861, 1866, 1870, 1877, 1887, 1890, 1891

Cellar book, Pentillie (port, sherry, burgundy, amontillado, marsala, claret, madeira, chablis, champagne, medoc).

[no title]  CY/7081  1937-1942

Cellar book (Butler's cellar) (port, white wine, sherry, sloe gin, brandy, gin, liqueur brandy, whisky).

Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7082  1810-27

Cellar book: list of guests for wines etc. taken from cellar.

[no title]  CY/7083  1819

File of papers relating to clothes for servants and cost. With regulations for clothing allowances.

[no title]  CY/7084  1841-3

House and stables etc. account book (including wages).

[no title]  CY/7085  nd

Paper: 'Servants at Pentillie and Crocadon during Wills time from 1807'. Not dated. (Paper watermarked 1843.)

[no title]  CY/7086  22 July 1847

List of A. Coryton's plate at Pentillie Castle.

[no title]  CY/7087/1-10  1860-1887

Bundle of loose papers and one file: wines etc. taken from cellars.

[no title]  CY/7088  November 1881

Brewer's licence (domestic use).

[no title]  CY/7089/1-4  1885

6 documents

Bundle of Licences for carriages; 10 servants; 12 dogs; armorial bearings

[no title]  CY/7090/1-5  1890

Bundle of licences for 11 servants, 6 carriages, 10 dogs; armorial bearings.

LEGAL  [no ref. or date]

Cases in which the Coryton family were principals or concerned  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7091  18 July 1585

Receipt for award. Kete v. Coryton.
Receipt by Ralph Kete, LL.B., parson of Herme (St. Erme) of John Coryton of Herme by hands of Peter Coryton, esq. in parish church of Herme according to an award made by Sir Francis Godolphin, Kt. and Nicholas Buscoen, esq. between saide parties for £10.

Kekewich v. Coryton  CY/7092/1-10  1613-1619

91 documents

[no title]  CY/7092/1)  1613-1619

Attorney General v. Coryton and others. Paper ex parte querent.

[no title]  CY/7092/2)  1613-1619

Brief ex parte defdt.

[no title]  CY/7092/3)  1613-1619

Depositions ex parte defdt.

[no title]  CY/7092/4)  1613-1619

Depositions ex parte defdt.

[no title]  CY/7092/5)  1613-1619

Reply of Wm. Coryton, esq.

[no title]  CY/7092/6)  1613-1619

List of 'tymes' (occurences of each action) 'Kekewich'.

[no title]  CY/7092/7)  25 November 1617

Bill of complaint of John Kekewiche.

[no title]  CY/7092/8)  29 April 1618

Examination of Wm. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7092/9)  1619

Copies of depositions etc.

[no title]  CY/7092/10)  1613-1619

Reply of 'Langforde'

[no title]  CY/7093  early 17th cent. (after 1613)

Coryton v. George Sprye
Defendant's answer to bill of complaint of Wm. Coryton, esq. Relating to Defdt's. sale to plaintiff of moiety of manor of Penpoll and land called Cutcrew (St. Germans), part of estate of Francis Tregian, and extents made thereon by Ezekiel Grosse etc. (Oliver Sprye and John Sprye also mentioned).

[no title or date]  CY/7094/1-2

Wm. Coryton esq. v. Thomas Sprye
1) Answer of one of Defdts. to bill of complaint by Wm. Coryton, esq. relating to Tilland in Quethiock
(1616 or later)
2) Complainant's (Wm. Coryton) exceptions to Thos. Sprye's answer - Sprye claimed title to Paderda and Tilland in Quethiock.
(early 17th cent.)

[no title]  CY/7095  20 June 1638

Coryton v. Perryman (Court of Marshall or Court of Chivalry). Decree of Thomas Earl of Arrundell, Earl of Surrey, Marshall of England touching a suit between William Coryton, esq. and John Perryman to constables to arrest Perryman for contempt and to bind him in two sums of £100 to appear (by two sureties).

[no title]  CY/7096  15 July 1680

Exemplication of enrolment of Chancery Decree (Coryton v. Wynne).
Easter Term 1680 John Coryton, esq. and wife Elizabeth exhibited bill of complaint into Chancery against Richard Wynne. Sir Ric. Chiverton, decd. gave considerable portion with his dtr. Elizabeth Coryton. Sir R. C. Wanted to make better provision for her maintenance with cap. mess. and demesnes of Trevusey, Trevusey mills, and lands in Quethiock and St. Ive, yearly value £300. Rec. of settlement of 28 November 1677 (a) Sir R. Chiverton (b) John Coryton (c) Ric. Wynne, defdt. and Robt. Buddulph (a)-(c). To use of (a) for life, then to (c) Ric. Wynne, defdt. and Ralph Biddulph (a)-(c). To use of (a) for life, then to (c), for 60 years, then to Eliz. C. for her life with redrs. to heirs male and female etc. Complainants showed 60 yrs. 'term limited to Wynne and Biddulph to receive rents etc., pay for trust and surplus to go to Eliz. for her sole and separate use and better maintenance. Shortly after settlement Sir R. C. died. Then Biddulph died. 60 yrs. terms vested in Wynne. Complainants said he refused to execute the trust. Therefore complainants asked for him to be compelled to execute trust or transfer it. Defdts. answer - did not want to administer trust because of distance from place where he lived.
Decree of Chancery, Saturday, 26 June 1680: Wynne to transfer trust to Anthony Burren and Thomas Philps, London, merchants. Complainant Elizabeth with consent of two latter to be able to receive profits according to the trust etc.
Exemplication by letter patent (portrait in colour of King Charles II).

[no title]  CY/7097/1-3  11 Feb 1693; nd

Tillie v. Clobery and ors. (Chancery).
1) John Clobery's Answer. Admits Lampen seised of premises. Complainant had obtained conveyance. Denies all combination. He (Clobery) purchased Padreda Down alias South Padreda from J. Lampen and tithes of rectory of Linkinhorne on east side of River Lynher (except tithes of barton of Padreda).
Defdt. had not mortgage on these premises (above). John Upton of Lupton, Devon, esq. had judgement in King's Bench against John Lampen in Michaelmas Term 1678 for £100 debt and 33s. 4d. 4d. costs. John Upton assigned this 8 Feb. 1682 to Clobery for £50. Agreed by Lampen & Clobery that assignment should stand as security for money due to defdt. (Clobery) more than £100. If Complainant paid sum due to Clobery, he would procure satisfaction to be acknowledged on record of the said judgement, or would assign judgement to complainant at latter's charge.
Witd. Thomas Horwell, Thos. Horwell (jun.), John Lanyon, Anthony Roberts.
Launceston, 20 March 1687 (true copy made 22 Feb. 1693).
2) Bill of complaint by James Tillie of Middle Temple, London, esq. that John Lampen, sen. of Paderda, Linkinhorne, esq., seized in fee simple of Paderda with tithes. Also tithes on west side of River Lynher, conveyed this to J. T. in July 1685. Said to be free of incumbrances. When J. L. sen. received money with his son John Lampen and John Clobery of Bradstone, Devon, esq. then they assert estate was encumbered to Clobery, and that estate was entailed of J. L. sen.'s issue at time of his marriage. Asked for answer from Lampen and Clobery in court about details of mortgage and entail. Bill signed by Wm. Coryton.
11 Feb. 1686. (copy 11 Feb. 1693)
3) Another (? draft copy of same bill).

[no title]  CY/7098  1704-1706

Addis v. Trevisa and others, (including Coryton).

[no title]  CY/7098/1)  (early 18th cent. 1704. or later)

Bill of complaint by John Addis of Plymouth, gent., to Keeper of Great Seal. Dorothea Trevisa, widow, and relict of Wm. Trevisa of Crocadon, gent. decd. in poss. of Crocadon in St. Mellion. Wanted to sell and survey held 1 August 1704 for sale of estate. Sale managed by Nicholas Webb, near relative by marriage to Mr. John Addis, highest bidder. Webb offered unreasonable terms but later met Addis and they agreed for sale for £2000 and 20 guineas. 20 guineas paid on account, £2000 to be paid one half at sealing deed following Michaelmas, remaining half 2½ years yearly. D. Trevisa then entered into confederacy with Sir Wm. Coryton Bt. and Nicholas Webb and others to defeat J. Addis of contract - said agreement and payment not made etc. Sir W. C. had mortgage of £500 on premises - proposal for assignment of this to J. Addis - Sir W. C. would not assign mortgage unless J. A. agreed to release all right to a common, part of said purchase premises. J. A. would not agree. D. T. then proposed to sell to Sir W. C., J. A. could not obtain redress. Asks for contract to be fulfulled and Sir W. C. to convey mortgage when principal is paid.

[no title]  CY/7098/2)  24 August, 1704

Acknowledgement of receipt by Nicholas Webb of 20 guineas paid by John Addis in part consideration of Bargain and Sale made with 24 August 1704 for barton of Crocadon with leasehold tenements in St. Mellion being sold by him by N. Webb on behalf of Madam Dorothea Trevisa £2000 and 20 guineas. J. Addis to have Pound, pump, furnace, with all stone troughs, empty casks, apples in orchards, Madam Trevisa to have two hogshead of cyder.

[no title]  CY/7098/3)  12 July 1706

Order for plaintiff's bill to be dismissed out of court without costs.
Sent to Mr. Samuel Lyne at Callington.

(Coryton v. Coryton and Coryton v. Helyar and others including John and Ann Coryton v. Helyar and others (Chancery)). (CY/7099-7167)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7099  nd
Language:  Latin

Coryton v. Helyar
Copy of Deed.
(i) Oliver Wyse
(ii) John Harlysdon and Roger Bealdebery
(Rec. (ii) gave (i) in annual rent of 53s. 4d. and 40 geese to be taken from messuages, lands and tenements in Haclysdon Bealdebery and Pengelly next to Callington).
- If John Harlysdon kept the bailiwick of the hundred of East Wivelshire without any fine or debt to the King for ten years and then gave it back in this state to (i). If Roger Bealdebery or hrs. and excrs. of said John H. (if he died within term of ten years) held the said bailiwick without fine or debt. If these conditions kept and John died after year of his death recited grant (above) to be void. Alternate sealing clause. (i) used seal of Deanery of East Wivelshire as his own seal was not known.
Witd. Wm. Talbot, Noel of Padreda, Richard Crook, John Langadon, Roger Trefaymond. Trewandra (Landrake) Friday, 30 Nov. 1386.

[no title]  CY/7100  nd

Coryton v. Helyar.
Extracts from deeds inspected as to the manor and barton of Penpoll (Quethiock, St. Ive and St. Germans).
Citing from 1457/8 to 1730.

[no title]  CY/7101  nd

Coryton v. Helyar.
Particulars of Penpoll Barton with a schedule of deeds relating thereto.
Citing 1560 to 1708.

[no title]  CY/7102/1-3  nd


Coryton v. Helyar.
Bundle of various papers, including draft of release of (a) Sir Wm. Coryton (b) Sarah Williams, widow, (c) Sir Hen. Hatsell, kt.
- manor of Penpoll as collateral security for (b)'s jointure etc., 26 May 1698. Settled on (c).

[no title]  CY/7103  (Before 9 May 1712)

(? Incomplete)

Coryton v. Helyar.
Draft inventory of Sir Wm. Coryton's estate

[no title]  CY/7104  9 May 1712

Coryton v. Helyar
Copy of inventory of Sir Wm. Coryton's personal estate.

[no title]  CY/7105  nd

Coryton v. Helyar.
Note that administration of goods and chattels of Wyndham Harbin, Yeovil, Somerset, widower, granted to Swaine Harbin, esq., his natural son.

[no title]  CY/7106  nd

Coryton v. Coryton
Extracts from Lady Corytons 2nd Answer giving rent-roll of manor of Penpoll apparently to Michaelmas 1739.

[no title]  CY/7107  30 June 1740

Coryton v. Coryton
Draft of brief of answer of Dame Rachel Coryton, widow.

[no title]  CY/7108  (1740?)

Coryton v. Helyar.
Depositions of witness - 321 ff. (1 missing).
Name of defendants' lawyer given.

[no title]  CY/7109  (18th century)


Coryton v. Helyar. Description
Of lands at Cruft in Quethiock and St. Ive. Cap mess. and barton of Penpoll. Henwood woods in Quethiock. Tilland Quarry.
Coryton's Ball and Redhill in St. Neot with Parsons park. All occ. Sir Wm. Coryton late decd. father of Sir John Coryton.
Part of copy of a deed.

[no title]  CY/7110  12 January 1741

Coryton v. Lady Coryton.
Copy of amended bill of complaint by Peter Coryton to Lord High Chancellor.

[no title]  CY/7111  1741

Coryton v. Helyar.
Defendants' petition to the Master of the Rolls for extra time to answer plaintiff's bill.
Allowed 28 January 1741. Received 3 February 1741.

[no title]  CY/7112  1741-1742

Coryton v. Coryton
Answers of Chris. Batt, esq. sworn 20 January 1742 to Bill of Reviver.
With answers of Robert Helyar esq. and Joanna Helyar, spinster, sworn 13 March 1741.

[no title]  CY/7113  23 May 1741

Coryton (late Goodall) v. Coryton.
Answer of Ric Gotley and Mary his wife to bill of Peter Coryton, esq. (late Goodall).

[no title]  CY/7114  1741

Coryton v. Coryton
Brief of Mr. Gotley, his wife's answer.
Answer of Dame Rachel Coryton, widow sworn 13 June 1741 to the plaintiff's bill.

[no title]  CY/7115  23 June 1741

Answer of Dame Rachel Coryton to amended Bill of Complaint of Peter Coryton (late Goodall).

[no title]  CY/7116  24 July 1741

Coryton v. Coryton
Note that defdt. Dame Rachel Coryton might produce original will of Sir William Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7117  (Before Dame R. C.'s death, 22 August 1741)

Copy of Coryton v. Coryton
First schedule of Dame R. Coryton's answer (rental and valuation of real estate of Sir W. Coryton).

[no title]  CY/7118  (Before Dame R. C.'s death 22 August 1741)

Coryton v. Coryton
Third schedule of Dame R. Coryton's answer
- particular of leases of Sir W. Coryton's estate after his death before Sir John Coryton attained age of 27.

[no title]  CY/7119  (Before Dame R. Coryton's death 22 August 1741)

Coryton v. Helyar.
Copy of 4th schedule to Dame R. Coryton's answer.
Schedule of leases of Sir W. C.'s estate made after his death by Sir John Coryton to time of his death (2 May 1739).

[no title]  CY/7120  (After death (22 August 1741) of Dame Rachel Coryton)

Coryton v. Helyar.
Query whether it was necessary to make Ric. Udy of St. Mellion, a party to the Bill.

[no title]  CY/7121  15 September 1741

Coryton v. Helyar.
Letter from J. Kimber of Fowey to Mr. Edward Bussey, attorney at law, Turners Hall, College Hill, London.
About Lady Coryton having given by will the remainder of the contested term to Mr. Batt of Kensington, who has put in his answer as one of the heirs at law. What difference will this make to the case?

[no title]  CY/7122  nd

Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others executors of devisees of Lady Coryton, decd.
Brief of bill of revivor and all the defdts.? answers.
(Bill of revivor 26 October 1741)

[no title]  CY/7123  26 October 1741

Coryton v. Coryton (Chancery)
Bill of complaint by Peter Coryton (formerly Peter Goodal of Fowey), esq., nephew of Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt. v. Dame Rachel Coryton, widow of Sir John Coryton.
11 January 1740 P.C. exhibited bill of complaint v. Dame Rachel, widow and excx. of Sir John Coryton, Bt. decd. and John Clarke, Halton, esq. and v. Chris. Batt, jun., Ricd. Gotley, esq. and Mary his wife, Thos. Bond, Wm. Hellyar, jun. and Windham Harbin. For Dame R. C. to come to an account for what Sir J. C. received before he was 27 yrs. of age out of estates in Devon and Cornwall of Sir Wm. Coryton his late father decd., devised by will of Sir W. C. to certain uses, also fines from leases. What Sir J. C. received to be laid out in purchase of lands acc. to will of Sir W. C. And Dame R. C. to account for profits of estate since death of Sir J. C. and to deliver up possession of estate to P.C. entitled to same under will of Sir W. C. Dame R. C. Answered bill - as excx to Sir J. C. entitled to all estate of Sir W. C. for 99 yrs. term. P.C. then amended his bill of complaint. Answered by Dame. R.C. and answered also by Christopher Batt, Ric. Gotley and his wife Mary. John Clarke died before he made an answer - his son Joseph Clarke excr. - P.C. revived case against him. Thos. Bond & Wm. Hellyar & Wyndham Harbin were trustees for Dame R.C. in deed(s) she claimed parts of estate of Sir W.C. All above trustees dead also Dame R.C. - will dated 11 August 1741 apptd. Robt. Hellyar & Joanna Hellyar bro. and sister excrs. Dame R.C.'s will. Devised greater part of estates except Coads & Campitte parts of manor of Penpoll (devised to Ric. Udy for 70 yrs. or his life, moiety of ancient rent, to begin on determination of term he had) to her cousin Christopher Batt for redr. of term of 99 yrs. chargeable with £3000 to excr. and excx. equally to be divided between them. Excr. & excx. proved will and became possessed, of greatest part of estate of Dame R.C. - considerable estate more than sufficient to pay her debts etc. Chris. Batt tried to set up title to real estate of Sir W. C. (except ten. devised to R. Udy) - excrs. agree estate well devised to C. Batt subject to £3000 payable to Robt. & Joanna Hellyar. Robt. Hellyar said to have declared before death of Dame R. C. that she had no right to the estate and he was minded to tell complainant P.C. this. Could excrs. be called to answer charges against them and present true account also Ric. Udy and Swayne Harbyn?

[no title]  CY/7124  (1741 or later)

Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others.
Defendants' claim to estates of Sir John Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7125  (1741-2)

Answer of Christopher Batt, esq. one of defdts. to bill of complaint of Peter Coryton (late Goodall).
Did Peter Coryton (late Goodall) become entitled to estate in tail male in estates of Sir W. Coryton after death of Sir John Coryton, May 2 1739 and of John Goodall February 1715 one of excrs. of Sir W. C.'s will?
C. Batt son and heir of Chris. Batt, decd. by Eliz. his wife, and one of dtrs. and cohrsses, of Sir John Coryton, decd., brother of Sir W. C., C. Batt and Mary wife of Ric. Gotley other dtr. and cohss. of Sir J. C. are now cohrs. at law of Sir W. C.

[no title]  CY/7126  20 May 1742

Coryton v. Goodall.
Writ for appearance of Christopher Batt, esq. before court of Chancery, 15 June 1742.

[no title]  CY/7127  24 June 1742

Coryton v. Coryton
List of interrogatories to be adminstered to witness on Coryton v. Helyar.

[no title]  CY/7128/1-2  (? 1742)

Brief of defdts. Joseph Clark's answer to original bill of complt. and bill of reviver. P.C. v. Dame Coryton and Jos. Clark excr. of John Clark, decd.
Also draft brief of Joseph Clark's answer.

[no title]  CY/7129  1743

Coryton v. Helyar.
Proofs for plaintiff taken 1st March 1743.

[no title]  CY/7130  1743

Coryton v. Harbyn (part of Coryton v. Helyar)
Receipted bill by Mr. Donne for charges for hearing judgement.
Crewkerne. 6 June 1743.
Sent to Mr. Morris Robinsin of the Six Clerks Office, London from whom the contents of the bill were received by James Clarke 10 June 1743.

[no title]  CY/7131  1743

Coryton v. Gotley & wife (Coryton v. Helyar)
Receipted bill of Mr. Tunbridge received 10 November 1743

[no title]  CY/7132  28 January 1744

Coryton v. Helyar
Copy of Act of Court on Defdt. Clarke's proving his Father's will (P.C.C. Will of John Clarke, St. Dominic, esq., decd.)

[no title]  CY/7133  10 August 1745

Coryton v. Helyar
Copy of decree

[no title]  CY/7134  10 August 1745

Coryton v. Helyar (Peter Coryton (late Goodall) esq. by original bill and bills of revivor and supplement versus Robert Helyar, Joanna Helyar, Joseph Clarke, Richd. Udy. Swaine Harbyn, esq., Christopher Batt, esq., Richard Gotley, esq. and Mary, his wife. Copy of Decree.

[no title]  CY/7135  10 August 1745

Coryton v. Helyar

[no title]  CY/7136  nd

Coryton v. Helyar
Mr. Coryton's case for opinion
(1745 written on dorse in later hand).

[no title]  CY/7137  nd

Coryton v. Helyar and others.
Brief to oppose petition against by defdts. Robt. and Joanna Helyar.
(date on petition 28 February 1746).

[no title]  CY/7138  28 February 1746

Coryton v. Helyar
Brief to oppose the petition (of defdts. Robert and Joanna Helyar) annexed.
Date for hearing of petition.

[no title]  CY/7139  March 1748

Coryton (late Goodall) v. Helyar and others.
Brief to move pursuant to the notice annexed.

[no title]  CY/7140  6 January 1749

Coryton v. Helyar
Letter of J. Kimber.

[no title]  CY/7141  (c. 1740-50)

Coryton v. Coryton.
Exceptions taken by Peter Coryton, esq., complainant, to answer of defdt. Dame Rachel Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7142  c.1750

Coryton v. Helyar.
Brief for plaintiff on annexed exceptions.
Hearing 20 June 1750

[no title]  CY/7143  13 November 1750

Coryton (late Goodall) v. Helyar and others.
Brief for Peter Coryton on annexed objections to the draft of the Master's report.

[no title]  CY/7144  c. 1750

Coryton v. Helyar
Case for brief upon trial of the ejectment.

[no title]  CY/7145  2 January 1751

Depositions of Witnesses, Coryton v. Helyar.
On behalf of complainant.

[no title]  CY/7146  2 January 1751

Depositions of witnesses, Coryton v. Helyar on behalf of defendants Robt. and Joanna Helyar.

[no title]  CY/7147  nd

Further answer of Dame Rachel Coryton, widow one of defdts. to bill of complaint of Peter Coryton (late Goodall), esq. Before Dame R. C.'s death (22 Aug. 1741).
Examined with record 1767.

[no title]  CY/7148  2 January 1751

Coryton v. Helyar and others.
Brief (for pltff.) of depositions to make out defendants' claims.

[no title]  CY/7149  (1752 or later)

John Coryton, esq. and Ann Coryton, widow v. Joana Helyar, Spinster, Wm. Helyar, esq. and others.
Brief for plaintiffs on notice of motion.

[no title]  CY/7150  27 February 1752

On behalf of Peter Coryton, late Goodall, esq.
Exceptions taken by John Clarke an infant trustee of report of Thomas Lane, Master in Chancery.
Endsd. 'Brief for Mr. Coryton on the annext exceptions'.
To be heard on Friday, 24 April 1752

[no title]  CY/7151  31 December 1764

Coryton v. Helyar.
Case and opinion.

[no title]  CY/7152  (1764)

Coryton v. Helyar.
Mr. Coryton's case.
With covering letter by J. Kimber of Fowey attached dated Fowey, 27 May 1764, (refers to deaths of parties, long intervening minority, deaths of some of defendants' witnesses)

[no title]  CY/7153  6 February 1765

(Jn.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar.
Brief for the plaintiffs to more pursuant to notice of motion.

[no title]  CY/7154  nd

John Coryton, esq., eldest son of Peter Coryton (late Goodall), esq. decd; Ann Coryton, widow of Peter Coryton, pltffs., v. Joanna Helyar, spinster, Wm. Helyar, esq. and others, defdts.
Brief for the plaintiffs upon the exceptions taken to Master Halford's report of 17 December 1766.

[no title]  CY/7155  17 December 1766

(Jn.) Coryton v. Helyar.
Brief for the plaintiffs on the annexed exceptions.

[no title]  CY/7156  nd

(Jn.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar.
Brief for plaintiff on the annexed exceptions, (exception dated 17 December 1766).

[no title]  CY/7157  17 December 1766

(Jn.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar.
Copy of separate report.

[no title]  CY/7158  15 December 1767

Coryton v. Helyar.
Affidavit of John Kimber of Fowey.

[no title]  CY/7159  (1767 or later; possibly 16 February 1768)

Coryton v. Helyar
Brief for plaintiffs (Ann Coryton, widow of Peter Coryton late Goodall, Esq., decd, and John Coryton, esq. eldest son and heir of Peter Coryton).

[no title]  CY/7160  24 May 1769

Coryton v. Stone (= part of Coryton v. Helyar).
Answers of Samuel stone and Sarah his wife (late Sarah Arscott), defdts. to bill of complaint of John Coryton, esq. and Ann, widow, complainants.

[no title]  CY/7161  c1769

(Jn.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar.
Brief for the Plaintiffs.
To be heard 22 November 1769

[no title]  CY/7162  24 November 1769

Coryton v. Helyar
(John Coryton, esq. and Ann Coryton, widow v. Wm. Helyar, sen., esq., Sam. Stone and Sarah his wife; Robt. Helyar, esq., Weston Helyar, infant by Joseph Banks, esq. his guardian; Charles and John Helyar infant by the said Wm. Helyar, sen., their father and guardian and Wm. Helyar, the younger, esq.).

[no title]  CY/7163  c.1770

Ann Coryton, widow of Peter Coryton, late Goodall, esq., decd. and John Coryton, esq. eldest son and heir of Peter Coryton v. Wm. Helyar, sen. esq., Robt. Helyar, Weston Helyar, Edwd. Helyar, Chas. Helyar, John Helyar and Wm. Helyar, jun., sons, of said Wm. Helyar, sen. devisees named in last will of Joanna Helyar, spinster, decd. and Sam1. Stone and Sarah his wife (late Sarah [...] Ars tt, spinster, sole extrix of the said Joanna Helyar).
Brief for plaintiffs, upon further directions after trial at law pursuant to order made on arguing exceptions.
Hearing Saturday 5 May 1770.

[no title]  CY/7164  29 October 1771

(Jm.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar, and others.
Brief to move pursuant to written notice.

[no title]  CY/7165  2 April 1772

(Jn.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar and others.
Report on deeds and writing.

[no title]  CY/7166  c.1772

(Jn.) Coryton etc. v. Helyar and others.
Copy deed of John Coryton of Crocadon, esq. to Weston Helyar convenanting to produce deeds and writings pursuant to order of 7 April, 1772.

[no title]  CY/7167  (2nd half of 18th cent)

Coryton v. Helyar.
Brief for the Plaintiffs' (John Coryton, esq. and Ann Coryton, widow), notice of motion.

Continuation of cases in which Coryton family were principals or concerned.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7168  9 November 1739

Wills v. Coryton and Littleton.
Note by R. Middlemore of bill filed Trinity Term, 20 June 1712 by Francis Wills and others pltffs. agst. Sir John Coryton, Lady Sarah Coryton and (? Sir) Edwd. Littleton. Has given directions to find out the records.

[no title]  CY/7169  11 January 1740

Wills v. Coryton and Littleton.
Letter from Richard Middlems to Mr. Bussey at the Temple Exchange Coffee House.
Sending names wanted by Mr. Bussey, viz:- Francis Wills of Wyveliscombe, esq., John Goodall, Fowey, esq., John Clarke of Halton, esq. Pltffs.
Defdts. Sir John Coryton, Dame Sarah Coryton and Sir Edward Littleton.

[no title]  CY/7170  June 1775

Depositions of witnesses for the defendants in the Exchequer.
Bedford v. Sambell.

[no title]  CY/7171  June 1775

Depositions for plaintiff in same case.

[no title]  CY/7172  1770-1777

Benjamin Sambell & Joseph Sambell at suit of John Bedford, clerk, rector of Landulph. (Episcopal Consistorial Court of Exeter).
(Also appeal to Court of Arches, Easter Term, 1772, and King's Bench Hilary Term 1772. Exchequer, 1772-1773, 1776. Exchequer of Pleas). (1770-77).
Case of subtraction of tithes and Easter dues.
Lawyer's Bill 1770-1777.

[no title]  CY/7173  1774-1779

Note of attendances of Mr. Peters in Bedford v. Sambell 1774-1776 sent with letter from Thomas Jago at Launceston 14 December 1779 to R. Rawle, attorney, Liskeard with copy of R. Rawle's reply Liskeard, 20 December 1779 querying details of attendances and bill.

[no title]  CY/7174  5 November 1780

General release of actions.
(i) Ric. Peters, Launceston, surgeon, excr. of will of John Peters, Callington, gent. decd. (his father).
(ii) Mary Tillie, Pentillie Castle, widow.
Witd. Saml. Benny.

[no title]  CY/7175/1-5  1778-1780

Bedford v. Sambell.
Letter from R. Peters to John Coryton, 5 September 1778. Bill of Costs n.d. Letters Ric. Peters - Ric. Peters 25 March 1780 and 24 May 1780. Letter: Thomas Jago to Mr. Rawle, attorney, Liskeard 3 June 1780 sent on to John Coryton, 4 June 1780 (meeting of Mr. Peters, Mr. Jago, Mr. Rawle and John Coryton - Landulph Costs).

[no title]  CY/7176/1-42  1859-1861

Spear v. Coryton (Exchequer of Pleas).
Viverdon Common, including Amy Down, rights of owner etc.
Letters 1859, 1860, 1861.
Rofker, Lann & Mathias to A. Coryton and C. L. Radcliffe, but mostly from B. Snell to C. L. Radcliffe, solicitor, 7 Frankfort Street, Plymouth. Also from Peter & Hambly, Westcott, Callington to C. L. Radcliffe, Gregory & Co., 1 Bedford Row, London to C. L. Radcliffe. Printed notice against setting fire to or cutting or rooting any furze, heath or unlawful trespass on Vierdon or Amy Down (manor of West Newton).
Order for discontinuance of action on payment of costs. (Exchequer of Pleas) 11 Feb. 1860. Various accts. etc. 22 March 1860, Christopher Spear's order for A. Coryton to remove fences 28 March 60.
Case for A. Coryton: Viverdon Common. 23 April 1861.

[no title]  CY/7177/1-47  1865-70

2 bundles

Bluett v. Wood and others (Halton Quay Estate, Coryton purchaser).
Plaintiff's bill of complaint 1865 (July).
Sale Catalogue. June 1867, St. Dominic.
Copy agreement for sale June 1867.
Other papers. 1867.

[no title]  CY/7178/1-14  1872-1874

Harvey v. Coryton (Appeal) Cornwall Michaelmas Sessions 1873.
(Drunkeness at Gunnislake and abuse of police. Harvey refused a licence as a licensed victualler by Coryton and others at Licensing Session at C. for Middle Division of the Hundred of East 24 September 1873).
Appeal 14 October 1873 Quarter Sessions

[no title]  CY/7179  3 April 1873

A. Coryton v. Edward Kittow
(Debt*). County Court, Liskeard.
File of papers.
* £6-81 for rent of Patrieda, Linkinhorne. (Verdict and costs to plaintiff).

[no title]  CY/7180/1-81  1876 and 1878

Nimrod Long v. Wm. Coryton (High Court of Justice, Exchequer Division).
(Sale of foxhounds). Large bundle.

[no title]  CY/7181/1-6  5 October 1880

4 documents

Summons to Wm. Coryton to attend at County Court at East Stonehouse.
(Empty packages (sacks not returned to value of 7s.)
With correspondence attached.

[no title]  CY/7182/1-11  1881-2

Coryton v. Jago.
County Court Tavistock.
(Judgement for £1 debt.)
With correspondence.

[no title]  CY/7183/1-21  1846-1896

Mary Skinner (widow) and Samuel Snell, plaintiff v. Wm. Coryton and Jesse Gay, defendants.
(Hatches for watercourse of plaintiffs at Horwell Farm, Colebrooke, Devon damaged by Jesse Gay, etc.)
(High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division and Devon Summer Assises, Exeter District Registry). 1896.
Copy pleadings in the action (brief) (2) Brief for defendants.
Copy judgement on award (to plaintiffs. Q. B. Division, High Court of Justice). Opinion. Plaintiff's costs. Opinion Lawyer's acct. Defendants' map. Tracing from Colebrook tithe map (1846) and extract from tithe apportionment. Copy of lease for 7 or 14 years of Colebrooke mills from A. Coryton to Jesse Gay. From Lady Day 1890. Counterpart lease of Colebrooke mills 1787. File of four letters 1895 to C. J. Brooks (one to W. Coryton).
Copy of lease of Colebrooke Mills 1867. Tracing of Colebrooke Mill Leat. Two more files of letters - one of six letters from Jesse Gay of Colebrook Mills, April-June, 1893; the other from J. Pope, solicitor, 25 and 26 Gandy Street, Exeter - three letters to C. J. Brooks 1895.
Order to produce documents. Seven copies of defendants' map and 1880 O.S. sheets 25" involved (Devon LXVI. 3, 6, 7, 8).

[no title or date]  CY/7184

Printed petition of Wm. Coryton against Torpoint Urban Water District Bill, House of Lords 1905.

Other legal cases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7185  20 November 1684

Argument of the Solicitor General for Captain William Wildey (Western v. Wildey) about agreement of adventure of a voyage of a ship in the service of the East India Company.

[no title]  CY/7186  c.1701

Appellant's case (printed).
Edwd. Trelawney, clerk and wife Eliz., for and on behalf of their dtr. Eliz. Trelawney, an infant, and Daniel Sagittary clerk and Ann his wife, for an on behalf of their son and dtr., John Sagittary and Ann Sagittary, infants (Appellants) v. Sir John Molesworth, Kt. and Bt., Jn. Arscott, esq. (excrs. of Thos. Darell, esq. (deceased) and Francis his wife and the Lady Gratiana Carew (Respondents).
Darell estate. Case was for an appeal against decree of Lord Keeper of Great Seal of 1700 reversing declaration of Master of the Rolls in 1698 that Eliz. Trelawney John and Ann Sagittary were entitled to inherit part of testator's estate as grandchildren.
Hearing 28 March 1701.

Legal (various) (Coryton)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7187  27 September 1571

General release of actions
Peter Coryton of South Petherwin, clerk, to Peter Coryton of West Newton, esq.

[no title]  CY/7188  24 October 1581

Acquittance by Edmond Nealle of London to Peter Coryton of West Newton, Cornwall, of debts, actions, suits, etc.

[no title]  CY/7189  25 July 1583

Depositions taken Thursday, 25 July 1583 at West Newton Court.
Thos. Toser, Quarle, St. Mellion, yeo. aged 70 yrs. and above ('as he remembreth his father and mother did [...] saie vnto him that he was borne about Christmas was twelve months after Blackheeth feild'). (1497). He had been bedlaier' for 2 years. 'That before the Comosyon in Cornewall last' (probably a reference to the Prayer Book rebellion of 1549) 'theire were courtes appoynted to be keipt both for Mr. Piers Coryton, lord of West Newton and for the lord of Halton. Could not remember whether Mr. Walger or Corbet was lord of Halton. At an agreed time tenants of West Newton and their steward Edmund Riche assembled themselves at east corner of Tipwell land upon the down. There Mr. Riche kept court and looked for tenants and steward of Halton but they did not come. Riche asked any tenants who knew the truth to strike out bounds between the lord of Halton and the lord of West Newton. Walter Vosper struck out bound from east corner of Tipwell land to 'an elbowe in a bond there one the easter syde of Tipwell Church path' and from that to Cowntra Combe Headd.' Brown, lord of Tipwell, free tenant to West Newton, then claimed that the Church path was then upon the lands of the lord of West Newton at the same court?
Deposition of John Piper about 78 yrs. old said his father John Piper lived at Keason (where he himself had lived for 38 years and was born there) and told him that bounds between West Newton and Halton were from 'Cowntra Combe Sheadd' to Tipwell easter Corner 'by a litle Rewe and Burough there'. He was 40 when his father told him this.
Deposition of John Baseley about 80 yrs. old spoke of court kept at E. corner of Tipwell by Edmund Ritche or Hugh Doble, steward for Mr. Peter Coryton above 40 years ago. Walter Lame, servant to Mr. Gattiscombe (then decd.) showed tenants that his master showed him bounds began at the east corner of Tipwell ground 'and from thence downe along by a bound by the waie there a litle while, and then trendeth westward to the well in Domyneck parish there, and then trendeth about the said well on the west side thereof, and from thence downeward south ward to Cowntra Combeheadd'. Further he said there was a hedge or a rewe made by Mr. Coryton and his tenants before that tyme' and some ground left out because Mr. Coryton and his tenants would occupy without his hedge and wold not be punished 'for breaking over his hedge and that if the lord of Halton or his tenauntes did distreigne Mr. Coryton or his tenauntes That then he wolde dryve them againe for hyt'.
Extracted by the steward, Wm. Ough.

[no title]  CY/7190  11 January 1588

Quitclaim by Thomas Cosowarth of Cosowarth, esq. to Peter Corington of West Newton, esq. of all actions etc.
Papered seal.
Witd. Richard Carew of Antony, Jn. Nance, P. Connocke, Ro. Harreis.

[no title]  CY/7191  (temp. Eliz., 1593 or later)

Bill of complaint of Peter Coryton, West Newton, esq. to the Queen.
(Had exhibited in Chancery in previous Michaelmas Term bill of complaint against John Coryton and Mary, his wyfe and Peter Trevisa and John Trevisa, his son. Tenor of this was that cplt.'s g.f. Peter Coryton, West Newton, esq., decd., and his wife Jane about 50 years previously seised of manor of Warleggan and lands in Tregasso (St. Erme), Nasmera alias Nasmerrowe (Probus, modern form = Nancemerrow). G.f. Peter Coryton had 2 sons, Rich. Coryton (Complt's father) and John Coryton, G.f. disliked Rich. Coryton but wanted properties to go to complainant. Therefore conveyed premises to Rich. Coryton for term of his life, redr. in fee to complt. P. Coryton and his heirs. Grandfather Peter Coryton died about 40 years ago. Grandmother Jane tried to frustrate this and to settle inheritence on John Coryton - conveyed to him and hrs. male premises with redr. in default to Peter Coryton. G.m. Jane died 35 years previously, then P. Coryton's father Richard 27 years previously. Property by g.f.'s (Pears = Peter) settlement should have gone to complainant. Complt.'s uncle John Coryton entered premises by pretended conveyance of g.m. Jane. Jn. Coryton and promised nephew P. C. premises after his life if he (John) died without issue. P. C. paid J. C. £40 etc. for this. J. C. Conveyed lands to Walter Code, esq; Peter Coryton, clerk; Peter Trevisa, Humfry Cottle and John Pomery in trust for J.C. for life then person(s) to whom J. C. leased for 1-3 lives, in default of which to go to nephew Peter Coryton and his heirs. Tregassow in St. Erme and Nancemerrow in Probus conveyed to trustees for use of John Coryton and Mary, his wife for life, (in recompense of dower and jointure) and their heirs then to use of person(s), to whom lease was made by J. C. for 1-3 lives. If John and Mary had no issue to nephew Peter Coryton and heirs. John Coryton then a very old man, confined to his bed, and no issue. J. C. and his wife, M. C., Peter Trevisa and John Trevisa, his son made a confederacy to convey premises to John Trevisa. Answer of J. C. and Co. was that J. C. for dower and jointure of his wife made conveyance to W. Code and ors. and limited uses including use to nephew P.C. not for any sums of money but for love and kind regard of J. C. to nephew P. C. who did not pay £40 etc. (Half a sheet missing here). J. C. by deed of 17 July 1593 conveyed Tregassowe, Nancemerrow, Chinawith, Stancotts, Leliske to John Trevisa and his heirs. Residue of premises to John Trevisa to use of Mary Coryton J. C.'s wife. This did not happen acc. to complt. P. C. P. C. had been seised of Boswiddle (Ladock) for past 7 or 8 years. J. C. and Mary C. and John Trevisa with 13 or 14 persons entered Boswiddle on previous 20th day of August with guns, pikes, staves, swords and bucklers etc., expelled P. C. and overthrew hedges and fences (rest of page missing - torn away).

[no title]  CY/7192  ? Late 16th century

Legal notes.
Coryton bailiff of hundred of East Wivelshire by purchase from Sir Robert Chichester whose ancestor married one of the dtrs. and heiresses of (Wias? probably Wise) of Greston. Strayers within all tithings suitors to the hundred. Place in question not in the tithing of Penhawgar or Tregrill.
Tithingman of that manor or either of them ought to be sworn at hundred court yearly to prove this from court rolls for taking strayers.. Had had 'shepe' delivered to him in Penhawgar tithing by Mr. John Trehawke or Mr. May out of Tregrill.
7 Hen. 5. John Barret sworn tithingman for Penhawgar and Robert Body for Lanracke (Landrake) and Roger Trethinick for Tregrill.
Greston by a court roll Hen. 8, 13 a strayer taken at Hendra in Menheniot. Similar notes follow of tithingmen sworn for above manors and Carnedon Prior then a note about Crab's clamour - person writing (probably a Coryton had not wronged him in word or deed.) Coryton had become surety for a debt of his and so he was released from prison. Had had to pay £138 for a suit at Exeter Sessions for a new bond on which (?Crab) had not paid interest. Had been put to great costs by suits in chancery, common pleas and by his wife and servants etc. etc.

[no title]  CY/7193  20 December 1628

Agreement and general release of actions
(Recital of articles between Wm. Coryton of West Newton, esq. and his son-in-law, Nicholas Prideaux, Soldon, esq., 28 December 1626, by which N. Prideaux had to convey barton and demesne lands of Soldon with manor of Holsworthy and other lands for competent jointure to Ann Prideaux, his wife, dtr. of Wm. Coryton and these lands to be entailed to heirs male of Nicholas Prideaux. This N. Prideaux did. Articles also specified that when performed W. Coryton should pay N. Prideaux £400 six months after death of Sir Nicholas Prideaux, grandfather to said Nicholas within one month after demand). W. Coryton had made no allowance for the seven years which 'the said Nicholas and his said wife Lane lived in house with the said Wm. Coryton sithence theire mariage to be ended at or uppon the second day of Februarie next ensuinge', date of this document. Wm. Coryton paid ordinary rate of interest for this sum of £400 to N. Prideaux to 25 March 1628. N. Prideaux allowed W. Coryton for 6 out of 7 years before death of his g.f. Sir. N. Prideaux just sum of £25 yearly, with £50 for seventh year, i.e. £200 in all W. Coryton to pay Nicholas P. £20 interest for £250 due since Lady Day. W. C. owed N. P. £220 to following Lady Day. W. C. acknowledged this debt to N. P. who was to be paid interest at 8% at any time after notice of 1 [...] month. N. P. to pay W. C. £50 yearly for 'diett & Intertaynemte' with W. C. for time he shall stay longer in house with W. C. after 2 February ensuing. 'And that he will not be above the number of seaven, himself, wife, children & servants nor will keepe above three horses at one tyme: for whiche is to have haye & grasse, as the horses of the said William Coryton, so longe as they shall contine we together'. Either W. C. or N. P. could give up this arrangement with a year's warning. W. C. delivered up bond of £1600 which he had from N. P. for [...] peformance of first recited articles of agreement. 20 December 1626. N. P. delivered up bond of £800 he had from W. C. for performance of same articles. N. P. took new bond of W. C. in £400 for performance of present agreement. N. P. and W. C. each acquitted each other of all actions.
Witd. Wm. Coysgarne, Hen. Pengelly.

[no title]  CY/7194  10 April 1640

General release of actions. £30.
From John Inglet to Wm. Coryton, Newton, esq.
Witd. John Curtis, Ja. Vashmond, Wm. Thomas, Walter Parkings.

[no title]  CY/7195  1657

Copy of writ of precipe for 'passinge the fine from Mr. Wilson to Mr. Coryton' in Saunton, Pillaton. (John Wilson, esq. John Coryton, esq.)

[no title]  CY/7196  10 November 1688

Case and opinion
By Mr. Polexphen about Hornafast in Pillaton and other lands (Frogwell Mills, Callington). For Sir John Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7197  26 July 1689

Counsels opinion for 'Sir John Coryton against Sir James Tillie for carrying off his wife etc.'
Speaks of secret letters from John Lanyon to Sir James Tillie threatening murder of him and his Lady (presumably Coryton and his lady.)
Lady Coryton left her husband and was carried away. Lanyon fled.
Sir John found in his study deeds and goods in boxes and trunks, hidden under his bed. Letters and threatening and lawsuits to get hold of rents and properties (unknown to Sir John).
Advised to prefer information for libel. As for his wife could bring action against them for taking and carrying her away, Sir John to allow her reasonable maintenance until a divorce. Sir John to keep papers found in his study. Action of trespass lay against Lanyon for stolen goods found in the study. Advised to call Lanyon to account in Chancery for sums due from Sir. J. C.'s estates. Lady C. had been a malster in Sir J.'s house - Sir J. advised he could dispose of stock of malt and receive the money - Lanyon had brought corn to her to be converted into malt. If Lady with child which Sir J. did not want to inherit he must sue for a divorce - but must have full proof of adultery etc. -
J. Tremayne

[no title]  CY/7198  nd

Case and opinion
About 'A' being indebted to one in mortgage to others on bond to others on simple contract including his master 'to whom he was steward' 'in a large sum of money wch A receiv'd the year, before his Death out of the Rents & profitts of has Masters estate'. 'A' died intestate. Left widow who took out letters of administration and only sister his heir at Law. 'A' had some personal estate and effects - not sufficient to pay debts - and seized in fee of several lands subject to one mortgage out of which widow claim dower.
Was sister to be compelled to sell lands as heir at law to pay debts A.-should lands stand charged with payment of debts on simple contract as well as speciality. (Answer - these assets to be used by heir at law to pay debts due by speciality - but assets not liable to debts due by simple contracts. If personal estate not sufficient to pay all debts court of equity will make real assets to make satisfaction to simple contract creditors for so much of personal estate exhausted in payment of bond debts). Last query about methods to be taken by debtors whether by speciality or contract etc.
(Found inside CY/7197).

[no title]  CY/7199  17 October 1691

'Copy of the submission of an Award between Thomas Hole and Thomas Spencer'.
Umpire's award finally given to either of parties following December 1st. Both parties to enter into penal sum of £40 for submission to the award.
Witd. James Tillie, Nicholas Smith, Sam. Wood.

[no title]  CY/7200  1700

Petition of Simon Biddulph, Birdbury, Warwickshire, esq., about part of tithes of parish and manor of Frankton, Warwickshire, surrendered at the dissolution of the monasteries. Petitioner was lord of the manor of Franckton asked for a lease of the same. Petition went to Lords Commrs. of H.M. Treasury who directed it Samuel Travers, Surveyor General, who recommend a lease of 31 years to the petitioner.
Date of petition. 24 May 1700.
Date of Surveyor General's letter to Lords Commrs. of H.M. Treasury. 7 August 1700.

[no title]  CY/7201  (c. 1700)

Major v. Trevanion.

[no title]  CY/7201/1  11 June (year torn away)

Letter from John Anstis to Peter Major, Fowey.
Large piece torn away but according to one endorsement seems to relate to legal matters connected with conveyance of Tregarton (Gorran) to Mr. Major.

[no title]  CY/7201/2  nd

Legal opinion on bill and answer of Major v. Trevanion

[no title]  CY/7201/3  13 September 1700

Answers of Richard Trevanion and Charles Trevanion, gent. two of defdts. in bill of complaint of Peter Major.

[no title or date]  CY/7201/4

Bill of complaint of Peter Major.

[no title]  CY/7202  10 July 1702

Copy of petition about Carrybullock park and Warham and Grimscomb woods prepared by a London Lawyer for Sir William Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7203  3 February 1704

Petition for lease of Carrybullock park, and Warham and Grimscombe Wood, Stoke Climsland, from Sir William Coryton, Bt. for 3 lives.
Sent by Lord High Treasurer to S. Travers, esq. H. M. Surveyor General to give true state and value etc.

[no title]  CY/7204  (early-mid 18th cent)

Letter from J. Helyar to Mr. Talbot, Bedford Row, London. Legal affairs. Apparently Sir Wm. Coryton's order for a flat monument (? for Sir John Coryton, decd.) in St. Mellion church - taking up a stone without the permission of the ordinary. Land given (? to St. Mellion) in lieu of tithe. Centry taken out of Vendown added for enlargement of the rectory. Tenants right of way, across this etc.

[no title]  CY/7205  6 May 1767

Letter from Stephen Tillie, Pentillie Castle for Mr. Wilbraham, asking for his legal opinion on tithes of Landulph, Rector received compositions and received tithe lambs (acc. to custom) without any allowance or consideration. Letter sent to James Tillie, esq. at Mrs. Haleot's in Cecil Street, The Strand, London. (Was Rector entitled to tithe lamb - custom fell away during time of composition and whether parishioners ought not to have an allowance. Did tithe have to run from Lady Day to Lady Day, Old Style and could parson insist about tithe of intermediate 11 days. What method best to confirm the customs?).

[no title]  CY/7206  1757

Case about Landulph tithes. With opinion of R. Wilbraham 16 May 1757.
Papers enclose.

[no title]  CY/7207  (? c. 1757)

Extract of the manner of Tything and Customary Payments used within the said Parish of Landulph, (in [...] h and of Stephen Tillie)

[no title]  CY/7208  28 June 1758

Receipted bill from Stephen Tillie to James Tillie for extracting above customs.

[no title]  CY/7209  nd

Copy of Landulph rate for 1703.

[no title]  CY/7210  16 October 1759

Printed notice by James Tillie that only anchorage and buoyage is payable to Saltash by merchant shipping not tonnage, lastage and keelage.

[no title]  CY/7211  5 August, 1760

Mayor and burgesses of Saltash plfts. v. Maynard Sparks defdts. (King's Bench).
Brief for defendants (rights of port of Saltash).
Bodmin Assizes.

[no title]  CY/7212  (c. 1760)

Mayor and burgesses of Saltash v. James Tillie, Esq.
Brief for Defendant (J. Tillie). (Rights of port of Saltash and water of the Tamar).

[no title]  CY/7213  (? later 18th century or early 19th century)

List of Special Jury in Sambell and Bedford (see CY/7170-7175 passim), with Petty Jury list for Nisi Prius. (Some names followed by 'I shall object to').

[no title]  CY/7214/1-4  (later 18th century)

4 documents

'Respecting the slip of ground at the Stable'
Endorsed 'Mrs. Tillie'.
Relate to stable in Little Church Lane alias Green Lane, Plymouth.

[no title]  CY/7215  28 March 1815

Authorisation by J. T. Coryton to his agent Nicholas Pearce to enter into Mill Park and Bramble Park fields occ. Mr. Jonathan Bickford and Head Park and Middle Park flds. occ. Mr. Wm. Barrett in Landulph to distrain for rent due at previous Michaelmas. If arrears not raised within five days same to be appraised and sold.

[no title]  CY/7216  16 February 1839

Of Deeble Boger, Plympton, gent.
(Recital of agreement between William, earl of St. Germans, Port Eliot and John Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq., lands in St. Germans and Quethiock referred to award of Deeble Boger).
- right course of stream between lands of St. Germans and Coryton coloured blue on paln endorsed.
- owners and occupiers of Paul's meadow had primary right to take up stream at point A on plan and by Buddle Hole marked B for invigation of Paul's meadow. Owner of Wellbridges and North Parks had right to take up stream
- at C on plan and by level through Hoskin's Orchard for watering cattle only from Wellbridges and North Parks. Owners of Little Trehurst fld. had right to take up by no more than 3 levels stream at points D, E, F, on plan for irrigation of Little Trehurst when in grass or pasture. When 3 levels taken to fall back into natural course of stream at 2 and F.
- Owners of Furzegoe fld. also had right to water between points C. & D. for invigation of Furzegoe fld.
Plan endorsed.

[no title]  CY/7217/1-2  1859

2 documents

Case and opinion relating to the manor of Penpont and Treglasta (tenants not paying chief rents, moor rents, rent for enclosure etc.)

[no title]  CY/7218  186[?]

Printed notice of prosecution for trespassers on Draynes Common or waste lands of manor of West Draynes, and impounding of cattle belonging to people who had no right to pasturage.
By order of Augustus Coryton, Lord of the Manor, Pentillie.

[no title]  CY/7219/1-4  186[?]

4 documents

Prosecution notices to trespassers on Draynes common, St. Neot, and impoundment of cattle.

[no title]  CY/7220/1-4  1871

4 documents

Case and opinion: Coryton mortgage and reconveyance etc. (Lord Morley etc.), three bills of costs from C. L. Radcliffe.

[no title]  CY/7221/1-4  1873-5; 1880-1

4 documents

Various estate and legal accts. from C. L. Radcliffe.

[no title]  CY/7222/1-7  1876

7 documents

Order of Court of the Vice-Warden of the Stannaries for Col. A. Coryton for payment to Official Liquidator at Stannaries Court of arrears of £50 in relation to Wheal Wrey, Ludcott and North Trelawny Mining Co. (Quethiock and St. Ive).
25 November 1876.
With letters relating from Town Clerk of Truro and B. Snell to C. L. Radcliffe 28 July 1876-8 August, 1876 and covering letter from C. L. Radcliffe, Derriford, Plymouth, to Col. A. Coryton, 16 December, 1876.

[no title]  CY/7223/1-2  11 Oct. 1886

1) Warrants (printed) to levy distraints. (Agricultural Holdings (England) Act, 1883.) Not filled in.
2) Authorisation by A. Coryton for distraint of goods and chatells of Mr. Mark Cann for two separate summs of rent of £325 due for farms of Holwood, Furslow and Henwood Down plus tithes and land tax due.

[no title]  CY/7224/1-2  nd

Cutting about bankruptcy of John Jane, Durnford Farm, St. Ive.
(Postmark on covering postcard March 1st 1898)

Legal: various  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7225  1597

County of Cornwall Court.
Thomas Hancocke pltff. v. John Bligh in pleas of taking an unjust detention of goods and chattels.
Arthur Manington, attorney said John Bligh, 2 May 1597, at Pengelly in place called Bowtowne sought said beasts, viz 2 red cows each worth 40s. belonging to plaintiff and took them and imparked them at the manor of Callyland and detains them in the park, etc.

[no title]  CY/7226  20 May 1609

General release of actions and debts.
Silvester Hender, Liskeard, chapman to Francis Isack, Liskeard, clothier.
Witd. Ric. Michelmore, Hen. Welshe.

[no title]  CY/7227  17 June 1617

Receipt by Walter Gawde for recovery of debt and costs (Common Pleas) from Hugh Spry.

[no title]  CY/7228  16 February, 1708

Writ of attachment by John Edisbury, LL-D., Official of Bp. Ofspring of Exeter.
Refusal of Thomas Snell, sen., Thos. Snell, jun., Peter Snell and John Gumb of Stoke Climsland, yeomen to appear to answer allegations of John Heron, clerk, rector of Stoke Climsland. Justices to detain until security given for appearance etc.
'Fran' Oliver Reg' Deptus'.

[no title]  CY/7229  c1723

James Uvedale and his wife, one of younger children of Bernard Halfpenny and the other younger children of Bernard (pltffs.) v. Sarah Halfpenny, widow of said Bernard & Bernard their eldest son and James Cotton.
Case (Trusts of marriage settlement.)
Heard by Master of the Rolls in the absence of the Lord Chancellor. 29 June 1723.
Case sent to Mr. Morris Robinson, Chancery Office, London.

[no title]  CY/7230  (18th cent.)

Opinion relating to tithes (apparently of possessions of dissolved religious houses).

[no title]  CY/7231  17 April 1821

Examination of Charles Verco, Tavistock, mason, taken to oath before Henry Woollcombe, clerk, J.P.
15 January 1817 John Bone, St. Mellion, mason, by written agreement assigned his apprentice John Truscott to Charles Verco for remaining part of his apprenticeship. Truscott served Verco to March 1820 when his apprenticeship ended. Verco was living at St. Mellion in January 1818, but removed to Tavistock 25 March 1818 where his apprentice lived with him to March 1820.

[no title]  CY/7232  11 September 1821

Case and opinion.
Case of John Trustcott, mason.
After leaving Verco worked as a journey man in Launceston but becoming mentally deranged returned end of March 1821 from Launceston to his Father's house in Pillaton where he became chargeable. Taken before Pillaton magistrates who removed him by order to St. Mellion. Written agreement of assignment of apprenticeship not stamped. St. Mellion lodged appeal against justices' order.
Opinion. Agreement and assignment needed stamping before permissible as evidence. But suggests Pillaton and St. Mellion to squash present order of removal and to have Truscott removed to Tavistock.

[no title]  CY/7233  3 July 1916

Power of attorney.
From Lt. Hen. Edwd. Verey, 7 Bloomsbury Square, London, apptg. as his attorney George Gilbert Trehane Trehane.

Legal: volumes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7234  (17th cent.)

Lawyer's notebook (? of Weston Helyar of Lincoln Inn; W. Coryton's name appears on contents page. Contents: (i) Concerning the Courts of the Marches (of Wales) (ii) touching Sheriff's accounts (iii) argument inter Collingwood pro pace. (iv) of enrolment of deeds.

[no title]  CY/7235  17th or 18th cent

Volume of legal terms arranged alphabetically. (Many entries have a title only).

PUBLIC OFFICE and allied papers.  [no ref. or date]

Copy of borough charter of Saltash  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7236  nd

Copy of Charter of King Charles II to the borough of Saltash
(Recital and confirmation of charter of incorporation of 19 June 1585 and of confirmation of 11 February 1678. Doubts arose about ambiguities in charter concerning elections of mayor etc. therefore mayor and burgesses surrendered the charters into chancery and all borough property).
Saltash to be a free borough. Mayor and free burgesses incorporated. Common Seal. Alderman to be appointed mayor. 6 Free Burgesses. 7 Capital Free Burgesses to be Aldermen and form Council of the borough. Recorder. Mayor to be Nicholas Tyack, gent. until 21 Sept. (Feast of St. Matthew). To take oath before former mayor John Gawde or 2 Aldermen. Aldermen to be John Gawde, Andrew Willoughby, John Tyack, William Stephens, Nicholas Tyack, Peter Teage and John Preston. Free Burgesses to be John, earl of Bath; John, earl of Radnor; Charles Lord Lansdowne; Richard, Lord Arundel, Baron of Trerice; Bernard Grenville, esq; Francis Robartes, esq; Sir Peter Prideaux, Bt.; Sir Richard Edgcumbe K.B; Sir Nicholas Slanning, K.B; Sir Joseph Tredinham, Kt; Sir Hugh Pyper, Kt., Nicholas Courtney of the Inner Temple, esq; Wm. Coryton of the Middle Temple, esq; Nicholas Tyack; John Gawde; Andrew Willoughby; John Tyack; William Stephens; Peter Teage; John Preston; William Tyack; Ed. Leane, senr.; Owen Tyack; Ed. Leane jun; Hen. Lobb; Robert Martin, sen; Ric. Hill; Ric. Dingle; John Melton; Wm. Lark and William Bastard. Annual election of mayor etc. at Guildhall, Saturday before feast of St. Matthew. Recorder to be Charles, Lord Lansdown. Steward or Common Clerk to be Andrew Willoughby, gent. One of six Aldermen - John Gawde - to be J.P.
Former mayor to succeed as J.P.
Burgage rents, lands etc., Saltash Ferry, rents of assize, toll of oysters, toll of market (22d and 4 oars due to the passage from the heirs of the Lord Brooke), small customs (archorage etc.), courts within the borough, selling bread and beer, toll of 12d. per annum of every barge or boat carrying sand and of every sea net at the Town quay restored.
Rent £18 (payable to the Exchequer at Lostwithiel when there is a duke of Cornwall)
2 Sergeants at Mace. Constable(s) to be appointed yearly. Mayor Recorder and J.P. to hold Quarter Sessions. Mayor or deputy to be Clerk of the market and Coroner. Court of Record to meet every Monday during the year. No one to trade except members of Guild of merchants in the borough. Markets on Saturdays and Tuesdays. 2 fairs: day before, feast of St. James (25 July) and day after; day before feast of the Purification (2 Feb.) and day after.
Both with courts of pie powder
Borough to have a gaol, mayor or deputy to be keeper. 2 Burgess M.P.s 2 Law courts annually in the water of the Tamar with jury of 24 to make presentments etc. Freedom from tolls elsewhere, excepting liberties of City of London.
27 November 1683
(Copy says 1684 but gives regnal year as 35 of Chas II).

Civil War and Commonwalth: Sequestration etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7237  1650

Copy account and discharge of sequestration of estate of Wm. Coryton of Newton, esq. after payment of a fine for sequestration.
By Commrs. for Compounding. 12 July 1650 (copy sent to Committee for Sequestrations in Cornwall, 13 November 1650. Followed by a particular i.e. valuation of estate of Wm. Coryton of West Newton, esq. (copy of 13 Nov. 1650).

[no title]  CY/7238  Friday, 2 May, 1651

Discharge of John Coryton of Newton of 1/5 and 1/20 part of fine for sequestration because by order of Parliament of 15 February 1647 various gentlemen who were at Mount Edgcumbe and Millbrook should be admitted to compositions at two years value and be freed from payment of fifth and twentieth parts. Certificate of Mr. Hugh Peters stated that John Coryton of Newton was comprised within the articles of Millbrook. Order to County Committee of Sequestrations in Cornwall to take notice.
By order of Commissioners for advance of money
Haberdashers Hall, London.

[no title]  CY/7239  25 January 1656

Copy of summons to John Coryton of St. Mellion, esq. to appear before the Commissioners appointed for putting into execution Cromwell's orders for securing the peace of the Commonwealth at Liskeard on Friday, 1 February, 1656, bringing particular of his estate with values and list of 'Chaplaines and meniall servants' and names of all persons in his house above 16 years of age, also ministers and schoolmasters.
(Signed) John Whiddon, clerk to the Commissioners.

Constables of Hundred of East  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7240  1843

List of constables appointed for middle division of the hundred of East.
(Callington, Calstock, St. Dominic, St. Ive, St. Mellion, Menheniot, Pillaton, Quethiock, South Hill).

Duchy of Cornwall and the Stannaries etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7241  12 December 1629

Appointment by the Earl of Pembroke, Warden of the Stannaries etc., of William Coryton as a Vice-warden of the stannaries.

[no title]  CY/7242  18 December 1630

Appointment by Philip, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, K.G., Lord Warden of the Stannaries in Cornwall and Devon by letters patent of 12 August 1630, of William Coryton, Vice-Warden of the Stannaries.
Tag torn away for seal.

[no title]  CY/7243  8 December 1634

Appointment by Philip, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, K.G., Warden of the Stannaries, Steward of the Duchy of Cornwall etc. of William Coryton, esq. (Under steward of the Duchy of Cornwall) Vice-Warden of the Stannaries, Keeper of the seal of the Duchy of Cornwall.
Armorial seal, broken, on tag.

[no title]  CY/7244  26 June 1637

Letter from John Meautis to Sir John Lenthall, Kt., marshal of the King's Bench to set Mr. Coryton (Vicewarden of the Stannaries) at liberty to attend King Charles I at Greenwich the following day 'to be further Informed concerninge the cause of his commitment'.

[no title]  CY/7245  10 December 1645

By Charles, prince of Wales and duke of Cornwall to William Coryton, esq. of stewardship of the manors of West Anthony, Crofthole (Crafthole), Portpighan, Trelowia, Landulph, Leighdurant and the borough of East Looe for annual fee from Receiver General of 33s 4d. as Elizeus Hele enjoyed the same.
By Prince's warrant (examined Robert Long) signed at head 'Carolus P.'
Seal of grantor; circular; black wax; poor impression.

[no title]  CY/7246  14 December 1660

Appointment by Sir John Grenville, Kt. (warden of the Stannaries, chief steward of the duchy of Cornwall, groom of the stole and first gentleman of the bedchamber). (note: Grenville appointed chief steward of the duchy of Cornwall 22 June 1660), of John Coryton of Newton Ferrers, esq., steward of the court of the manor and fee of Trematon, Liskeard, Stoke Climsland, Rillaton, Calstock and Penmayne, during pleasure.
Seal (papered) over and signature of John Grenville.

[no title]  CY/7247  13 May 1667

Commission issued by H.M Commissioners of Prizes to Sir John Coryton, Bt. to be a general commissioner of prizes.

[no title]  CY/7248  30 August 1673

Notification sent to Sir John Coryton, Bt. of his nomination to be one of the six stannators of the Stannary of Fowey by John Hoskins, mayor of Launceston (under warrant from the Earl of Bath, Lord Warden of the Stannaries) for a convocation of tinners to meet at Lostwithiel, 25 September 1673.

Hundred Court of East (Wivelshire)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7249  1487-1488

Parchment roll (2 mm.)
Hundred court roll of East Wyvellshire.
a) Est (East) Sheriff's tourn held at St. Ive 6 October 1487 (Tithings: Rame, Enyswork (C.G.H.: Inceworth in Maker, Penhauger (Penhaugar in Menheniot), Lanrak (Landrake), Benalva (Bonialva in St. Germans), Tregrylla (C.G.H: Tregelly in Menheniot), Penquyte, Carnadon Leyros (C.G.H: Caradon Lyer in Linkinhorne), Carnadon Prior (C.G.H: Caradon-Prior in Linkinhorne), Motton (Moditonham in Botus Fleming), Legh (Leigh Durant in Pillaton), Neweton (Newton Ferrers in St. Mellion), Landylpe (Landulph), Halton (in St. Dominic), Tredawell (C.G.H: Tredawle in Altarnun), Trevaga (C.G.H: Trevague in Altarnun), Trevenyall (C.G.H: Treveniel in Northill), Polyfaunt (Polyphant in Lewannick), Treloske (Trelask in Lewannick), Trefryes (C.G.H: Trefry's in Linkinhorne), Waytes (C.G.H: or Landrine in Northill), Trebartha (in Northill), Churleton (C.G.H. Charlton in St. Ive) Hamet (in Quethiock), Penpoll (in Quethiock), Shevyok (Sheviock) Aysscheton (St. Dominic). (NB. C.GH = Henderson's notes on the muniments of Coryton family at R.IC.).
b) Courts held at St. Germans, 1 November 1487
c) Courts held at Landrake, 5 December, 1487
d) Courts held at Callington, 3 January 1488
e) Courts held at Pederwyn (Petherwin), 2 February, 1488
f) Courts held at Launceston, 11 March 1488
g) Courts for Est held at ? ? St. Ive (place not mentioned) 4 May 1488
h) Courts held at Altarnun, 8 June, 1488
i) Courts held at Wolsdon, 10 July, 1488
j) Courts held at Launceston, 5 August, 1488
k) Courts held at Lawanek (Lewannick), 31 August, 1488
l) Courts held at St. Germans, 12 Sept. 1488
m) Courts held at St. Ive, 30 September, 1488
Fines for each tithing Juries of 12 'for the King'. A few presentments relating to pleas of debt. Parchment slip attached reciting royal letters patent acquitting John Trelawney senior as tithingman of tithing of Tregelly in Menheniot. Total sum for 2 leets and 11 hundred courts £4-10-7.

[no title]  CY/7250  1488-89

Parchment roll (2 mm.).
Hundred court roll of East Wyvellshire.
Sheriff's tourn at St. Ive 11 October 1488 (list of tithings adds Launceston lond). Some names of tithingmen given. Fines etc 44s. 4d. Also held 1 November and 8 December 1488.
Courts held at St. Ive, 19 January, 1489
Courts held at Thorn, 14 February, 1489
Courts held at St. Mellion, 15 March, 1489
Courts held at St. Ive, 19 April, 1489
Courts held at St. Ive, 2 May 1489.
Sheriff's tourn 31 May 1489 (Pleas of debt; breaking Assize of Ale).
Fines etc. 44s. 10d.
Hundred court at St. Ive 6 June 1489 (Fines 6d.)
Hundred court at St Ive 9 July 1489 (Fines 6d.)
Hundred court at Carneworthy (C.G.H.? Canworthy water on the Attery near Warbstow or Kearney Bridge over the Lynher in Southill).
20 August, 1489
Hundred at Carneworthy Brygge (see note above).
1 September 1489.
Total sum of fines, 2 tourns and 11 hundreds £4-11-2.

[no title]  CY/7251  1513

Membrane of hundred court roll: mentions 1 court held on Friday 25 November 1513.
Provenance not certain, but all the identifiable place-names are Devon.
Used later 1605-6 for notes on stocking and pasturing Bosmawgan Common (St. Winnow) by the servants of Mr. Carmynowe.

[no title]  CY/7252  1606-12

Court book of the hundred of East.
Court held at Lower Hexworthy (Lawhitton), Greyston (Lezant) and Callington. Several courts manor of Greyston, two manors of Greystone and hundred of East. Rest hundred of East. 23 Courts.

[no title]  CY/7253  c.1616 - 1629

Hundred of East court papers

[no title]  CY/7253/1 & 2  c. 1616

Humfry Deeble receiver for John Collyn (Quethiock) for withholding 29s. given to him by Thomasine Collyn, wife of plaintiff.
Quarter of jury list in above case.

[no title]  CY/7253/3  5 Dec. 1616

Hugh Leigh plaintiff, Andrew Gadecombe - plea of debt.

[no title]  CY/7253/4-5  n.d. (offence July 1629). 1616, 1629)

Isabel Chiverton v. Humfrey Debell - allowing his horses, cattle, oxen and pigs to break and enter and despoil plaintiff's premises at Treweese and Venn & Trehunsey.

[no title]  CY/7254  1694

Estreat roll of the Hundred of East (1 membrane)
Tithings: Landrake, Penpoll, Bonialva, Tregrill, Sheviock, Halton, Rame, Insworke, Landulph, Newton, Penhauger, Trelaske, Mutton, Leigh Durrant, Trebath, Trevennell, Penquite, Carydon Pryor, Carydon Lyer, Trevage, Pollefant, Tredoll.
To Richard Nottle, bailiff of the Hundred - mandate to collect certain sums assessed on named persons.
15 October 1694 John Edgcumbe, steward of the Hundred.

[no title]  CY/7255  1 September 1669

Lease for 21 years. Respect of (i) for (ii) and divers good reasons. Rent £16 yearly and 2 pieces of gold worth £2 to Lady Coryton and 20s. piece of old gold to (i)'s son and hr. Mr. John Coryton at Michaelmas.
(i) Sir John Coryton, Bt.
(ii) Wm. Pierce, Warbstow, gent.
- - Courts of the hundred of East with power of distraint for King' rents and dues. (Goods of felons; waifs and strays; consent to election of hundred bailif etc. excepted. After arrears of 1 month. (i) to nominate another steward for the courts etc.)
Witd. John Saltren, James Tillie, John Gaych.

[no title]  CY/7256/1-59  nd; (1723-1736)

58 documents

Court papers of hundred court of East. Pleadings in Latin. Names of parties. Many actions of trespass on the case etc. Some legal opinions included. (including 5 undated).
(nb. 7256/6 not used).

Justices of the Peace, etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7257  23 August 1710

Mandate from Sir William Coryton to constables of North Hill for certain men and a woman of that parish to appear before him at Newton for causing a riot and stealing corn etc.

[no title]  CY/7258  5 February 1821

List of apprentices bound to holders of coppice woods drawn by lots by meeting of magistrates at Trecan Gate (includes John Coryton, esq.)

[no title]  CY/7259  27 February 1827

J. T. Coryton's (J.P.) commitment of Thos. Higman of Pillaton for leaving his wife and 2 children chargeable to the Parish of Pillaton to the House of Correction at Bodmin.

Lieutenancy (including Militia, deputy Lieutenants, commissions etc.)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7260  28 June 1623

Appointment by James I of Earl of Pembroke as Lord Lieutenant with deputy Lieutenants: Wm. Coryton, with Sir Reginald Mohun, Kt. and Bt., Sir Robert Killigrew, Sir Bernard Grenville, Sir Richard Edgcumbe, Sir William Wrey, Sir Richard Buller, Kts.

[no title]  CY/7261  14 Dec. 1629

Letter from the Earl of Pembroke to Wm. Coryton, esq., vicewarden of the Stannaries of Cornwall, and colonel of a regiment of foot to take up charge of his regiment (which he had not done).

[no title]  CY/7262  27 October, 1660

Appointment by Lord Lieutenant (Sir John Grenville, Kt.). of Col. and Captain John Coryton to be Colonel of a regiment of foot in the middle division of the hundred of East.

[no title]  CY/7263/1-10  1661

Bundle of blank commissions for 5 ensign-bearers and 6 lieutenants in Colonel John Coryton's Company, signed by John, earl of Bath (Captains of companies of foot mentioned, John Coryton (Col. and Captzin), Robert Smith; John Battersby, gent.; Hugh Piper, gent; William Coysgarne, gent; Henry Spoure, gent; Wm. Trevisa, esq., (Serjeant Major and Captain.)

[no title]  CY/7264  4 February 1664

Commission by the Earl of Bath (John Grenville), Lord Lieutenant etc. to Sir John Coryton, Bt. to be Colonel of regiment and Captain of a company of foot, part of the trained bands to be raised from the hundreds of Stratton, Trigg and Lesnewth and in Launceston, St. Stephens (by Launceston), South Petherwin, Lawhitton, Lezant, North Hill, Linkinhorne, Stoke (Climsland), Southill, Calstock, Callington, St. Dominic and St. Mellion, part of the hundred of East.

[no title]  CY/7265  4 March 1693

Discharge by the Deputy Lieutenants of Cornwall to Sir William Coryton, Bt. of necessity to provide two horses to the County Militia reduced (on his appeal on the assessment) to provision of 1 horse only with rider, furniture and arms.

[no title]  CY/7266  15 June 1706

Appointment of Sir William Coryton, Bt., by the Lord Lieutenant (Sidney, Lord Godolphin) to be Deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall.

[no title]  CY/7267  27 June 1761

Appointment of John Coryton as deputy lieutenant by the Lieutenant (George Lord Edgcumbe, Baron Edgcumbe of Mount Edgcumbe).
Paper Seal of Lord Lieutenant.

[no title]  CY/7268  2 April 1841

Commission to Augustus Coryton, esq. as deputy lieutenant by Lord Lieutenant, Sir William Lewis Salusbury Trelawny, Bt. of Harewood, Calstock, Cornwall.

Later Militia Commissions (including Yeomanry and Volunteers)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7269  1 June 1826

Commission by Lord Lieutenant, Richard, earl of Mount Edgcumbe of William Coryton to be lieutenant in First Meneage Regiment of Cornwall Yeomanry Cavalry.

[no title]  CY/7270  13 September, 1852

Commission by Lord Lieutenant (Sir W. L. S. Trelawny, Harewood, Calstock) to Augustus Coryton as Lt. Col. in the Duke of Cornwall Rangers.
Paper seal of Lord Lt.

[no title]  CY/7271  7 February, 1857

Commission from Lord Lieutenant (Baron (Charles Crespigny) Vivian of Glynn).
To Augustus Coryton to be Lt. Col. Commandant of first regiment of the Duke of Cornwalls Rangers.

Naval  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7272  14 November 1818

Appointment of Lieutenant Frederick Rogers as Lieutenant of H.MS. Impregnable by Commissioners for executing office of Lord High Admiral.

Royal appointments  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7273  18 July 1660

Certificate of appointment of John Coryton, esq. as a gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Charles II.

[no title]  CY/7274  15 June 1677

Royal order to the Attorney General to pass a bill under the great seal for a pension of £400 to Sir John Coryton.
Signature of King Charles II.

[no title]  CY/7275  20 December 1681

Covenant on assignment of lease.
(i) William Coryton, Middle Temple, London, esq.
(ii) Frances Ayloffe, St. Andrews Holborn, Mddsx, widow; her son: Joseph Ayloffe, Christs Church College, Oxford, esq; David Le Gros, St. Andrews, Holborn, esq; Tobias Le Gros, Inner Temple, London, gent.
(Rec. of Lease by Charles II under seal of Duchy of Lancaster 1 February, 1677 to John Rootes of West Firle, Sussex, esq.
- - fines, post fines, issues, amercements in liberties and fees of the Duchy of Lancaster (except the county of Lancaster) called the Greenwax of the Exchequer. Formerly granted to Sir Thomas Culpeper, Kt., for 31 years. Rec. Charles, II also granted John Rootes office of feodary of honours of Clare and Mandeville and bailiff of franchises and liberties of Duchy of Lancaster in Essex, Hertford, Middlesex, London and Surrey, formerly granted to Thomas Heyhoe, esq; for 31 yrs. Both grants to John Rootes in reversion. Rec. of assignment of 29 November 1681 by J. Rootes for £500 - Wm. Coryton - - Greenwax of the Exchequer for redr. of term.
Rec. Wm. Coryton merely paid £500 as trustee for (ii) ).
- -declaration by Wm. Coryton that he was trustee for (ii) when Greenwax of the Exchequer was assigned to him 29 Nov. 1681. Covenant of (ii) to perform duties and save W. Coryton harmless.
Witd. George Prestworth, Wm. Ayloffe, John Wolfe, Thomas Atkinson.

Shrievalty  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7276  10 February 1783

Writ to command John Coryton, es. to deliver custody of county and records etc. to Christopher Hawkins.

[no title]  CY/7277  4 November 1683

Letters patent appointing Sir John Coryton, Bt., sheriff of Cornwall.

[no title]  CY/7278  1684

Administrative history:
(Sir John Coryton, Bt. was apptd. sheriff 12 November 1683).

Part only of a sheriff's quittance roll

[no title]  CY/7279  nd

Administrative history:
(John Goodall of Fowey appointed sheriff 19 November 1716).

Quittance roll for rents for tin in Cornwall (3 membranes)

[no title]  CY/7280  Michaelmas 1734

Quittance roll of James Tillie, esq., sheriff.

[no title]  CY/7281  Michaelmas 1782

Quittance roll of John Coryton, esq., sheriff.

Taxation: hundred of East (Mid)  [no ref. or date]

(CY/7283 and 7284-5 relate to the hundred of West).

[no title]  CY/7282  22 October, 1603

Bond in £367 from William Coryton of West Newton, esq. to King James I.
Coryton to pay money collected from the hundred of East into the Receipt of the Exchequer by the following last day of February.

[no title]  CY/7283  18 October 1604

Bond in £80 for William Coryton as high collector of the hundred of West for the second payment of the fourth subsidy of Queen Elizabeth to be paid into the exchequer by 28 February 1605.
Witd. Thomas Horndon, John Coanyton; last signature not decipherable.

[no title]  CY/7284-7285  1606-7; 1613

2 Exchequer quittances to William Coryton as collector of the subsidies for the hundreds of East and West.

[no title]  CY/7286  30 January 1625

Account of privy seal money (£970, £80, £31.10s.), received.
Signed by Wm. Coryton and John Horndon.

[no title]  CY/7287  18 December 1625

Order from J. Ley and Rich. Wester to Sir Francis Godolphin, Kt. and Wm. Coryton, esq. collector of 'privy seal' money for Cornwall to pay the mayor of Plymouth £2000 from 'privy seal' money for providing suits for the soldiers of the fleet.

[no title]  CY/7288  1625

List of those in the Hundreds of East, West, Trigg, Lesnewth and Stratton who have not paid 'privy seal' money, i.e. a Forced Loan of King Charles I) to Wm. Coryton, the collector for East Cornwall.

[no title]  CY/7289  21 June, 1626

Undertaking by William Coryton to procure an acquittance for the receipt of £900 from Nicholas Blake, mayor of Plymouth, to Arthur Squibb, esq. on of the tellers of H.M. receipt of Exchequer of whom he had received allowance for the said sum.

[no title]  CY/7290  1604

Subsidy roll, hundred of East. (5 mm.).
Second part of the payment of a fourth subsidy (of 4 subsidies) assessed by Sir William Wrey, Kt., George Kekewich, esq. at Liskeard, 11 October 1604. (Subsidy voted in Parliament 27 October 1601). Collector of subsidy (to be paid into Exchequer) was William Coryton of West Newton, esq.
Assessed on goods and lands of people in parishes of Rame, St. Germans, Antony, Sheviock, Saltash, St. Ive, St. Stephens by Saltash, Botus Fleming, Landulph, Pillaton, St. Dominic, St. Mellion, Landrake, Menheniot, Quethiock, Callington and South Hill, Stokeclimsland, Calstock, North Hill, Lezant, Lawhitton, Linkinhorne, South Petherwin, borough of Launceston, St. Stephens by Launceston, St. Thomas, Egloskerry, Tresmeer, Laneast, Maker, St. Johns.
(Total £242.19s.4d.)

[no title]  CY/7291  1628

Subsidy roll (hundred of East) (6 mm.).
Assessment of a fourth subsidy (of 5 subsides) by Sir William Wrey, Kt. and Bt. and Sir Walter Langdon, Kt. by Royal commission from Parliament of 4 Chas. I. Collector Emmanuel Langisford of Tremabe, esq. 15 December 1628. Assessed on goods and lands of people in parishes of Menheniot, Quethiock, St. Ive, Pillaton, Southill and Callington, Linkinhorne, Northill, Lawannock (Lewannick), Petherwin, Tresmeer, Laneast, Egloskerry, St. Thomas, St. Stephens by Launceston, Launceston, Lawhitton, Lezant, Stokeclimsland, Calstock, St. Dominic, St. Mellion, Botus Fleming, Landulph, borough of Saltash, St. Stephens by Saltash, Landrake, St. Germans, Antony, St. Johns, Sheviock, Maker, Rame.

[no title]  CY/7292-7319  1666; 1701-36

28 documents

Bundle of duplicate rate assessments for St. Mellion. (Many allowed by Coryton as J.P.).
Church rates 1666, 1730.
Rate for defraying cost of H.M. Navy, Guards and Garrisons 1701.
Aid by diverse subsidies and a Land Tax for ye defence & safety of her Majestyes Realms. 1702.
Land tax for carrying on war against France and Spain. 1703.
Aid by Land Tax. 1704, 1705.
Aid 1706, 1707, 1708 (by land tax), 1709 (by land tax), 1711 (by land tax), 1712 (by land tax). Aid by land tax 1716, 1718, 1720, 1721, 1722, 1724, 1725, 1726, 1727, 1736.
Houses and windows. 1706, 1708, 1709, 1710, 1711.

[no title]  CY/7320  28 May 1695

Mandate to William Bant and Thomas Smith of Quethiock to collect tax on marriages, births, burials, batchelors and widowers for five years for carrying on war against France and for payment to Receiver General at Callington.
St. Ive.

[no title]  CY/7321-7338  1701-1727

Bundle of duplicate rate assessments for Quethiock. Many allowed by Coryton as J.P.
1701. For defraying expense of H.M. Navy, Guard and Garrisons.
1702. Aid of 4s in the £.
1703. Aid of 4s in the £.
1708. Aid of 4s in the £.
1711. Aid of 4s in the £.
1716. Aid of 4s in the £.
1727. Aid of 4s in the £.

[no title]  CY/7339  1702

Duplicate of an aid, divers subsidies and land tax collected in the middle division of the hundred of East (parishes of Menheniot, St. Ive, Quethiock, St. Dominic, South Hill, Calstock, St. Mellion, Pillaton, Callington).
Endorsed by Sir Wm. Coryton '1702 forme of ye Generall duplicate to be signed by ye Coms. & Returned into ye Exchequer'.

[no title]  CY/7340-7358  1703-1728

Bundle of duplicate rate assessments for St. Ive many allowed by Coryton as J.P.).
Land Tax (4s in £ in 1702) 1703, 1704, 1705.
Aids 1706, 1707, 1708, 1710, 1711, 1716, 1718, 1720, 1721, 1728, 1723, 1726, 1727.
Houses and windows 1710.
Church rate 1728.

[no title]  CY/7359  1726

Administrative history:
(Hundreds of East = Manors of Landrake, Sheviock, Inswork (Maker), Rame, Mutton (Botus Fleming), Landulph, Halton, Ashton Barrett (St. Dominic), West Newton, Lee Durant (Pillaton), Hamett, Penpoll, Bonealva (St. Germans), Penhauger, (Menheniot), Tregrill (Menheniot), Penpoll, Bonealva (St. Germans), Penhauger, (Menheniot), Tregrill (Menheniot), Penquite (St. Cleer and St. Ive), Charlton (St. Ive). (= Charaton, see Gover), Caradon Pryor (Linkinhorne), Treffries (Linkinhorne North), Trelask, Trevennal (Northill), Trevagoe (Altarnun), Tredell (Altarnun = Tredanle), Landrean Waites (Landreyne, Northill), Trebath (Trebartha, Northill), Pollefant (Lewannick) ).

Account of 'tithings (actually manors) and their arrears within the hundred of East due to Sir John Coryton, Bt., Michaelmas 1726 'and which has been constantly paid by him and his father every yeare to the Princes Auditt for the Dutchy of Cornwall and still uncollected'.

Saltash Turnpike  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7360  11 March 1834

Mortgage. £100.
(i) Trustees of Act of 3 Wm. IV for improving roads to Saltash and for making new branch etc.
(ii) Henry Coryton, Pentillie Castle.
- - mortgage of proportion of tolls.
Witd. M. Deniss.

Various  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7361  (late 17th or early 18th cent.)

Mr. Tillies Instructions for Kellington '&c' (facts about the market at Callington and 'grievances' and suggested remedies).
Would seem to have been a 'free' market by prescription, benefits open to all freeholders; every man had free sale on his own land Mr. Rolls pretended he was lord of the soil (though Callington held of the manor of Callilond) Mr. Rolls insisted on wool and yarn to be weighed on his beam and enforced payments on wool and yarn sold. Inhabitants had to pay coverage money and alehouse keeper had to pay for every fair. Exactions on those who sold at the market. Streets not cleaned but like a dunghill. Clandestine election of freemen in courts. Fines and amercement by steward. Tolls charged on corn and tolzeys (i.e. tolbooths). Suggested remedy: freeholders and inhabitants to be free from tolls. Fees to be regulated and ascertained. Freeholders and inhabitants could sell their own wares and hold markets and fairs etc.

[no title]  CY/7362  4 April 1811

Copy of Act of Parliament of 41 Geo. III cap xvii, 'An Act to render valid certain Acts done for completing the Regular Militia, and to indemnify the Persons concerned therein.'

[no title]  CY/7363  June 1976

Account of opening up Viverdown Down, St. Mellion. Typescript account by Major J. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/7364  August 1976

Printed pamphlet by E. W. Billing, The Longest Farrow in Cornwall: a story of 19th-century Land Reclamation.

ADDENDA  [no ref. or date]

Ecclesiastical  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7365  15 April 1347

Related information: (See also The Revd. F. C. Hingeston-Randolph, Register of John de Grandisson III (Exeter 1899) p. 1363 'SOUTHILL ...' R. Master Thomas de Pateshulle, clerk, was collated by lapse 5 Oct. 1347. At least 2 other persons were presented to Southill before 1350, see index to Hingeston-Randolph, op. cit.).

Mandate from John (Grandisson) bishop of Exeter to the archdeacon of Cornwall or his official: John de Ferrers has presented Stephen Pypard, clerk, to the church of Southille and Ralph Baron de Stafford disputes the said John's right of presentation. Archdeacon is to hold a chapter of the deanery to determine, when the living was vacant, who is the true patron, for this turn, for the last turn, who presented last turn, whether the person presented is a free and fit person and of lawful age. Bishop to be informed of results of inquiry by letters under the seal of the archdeacon

Probate, etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7366  4 October 1876

Note signed by Miss Charlotte Coryton dated Pentillie Castle, Saltash, October 4th 1876 in an envelope addressed to C. Radcliffe, Esq.: 'I wish my nephew William Coryton to have £5000. My nephew Frederick Coryton £7000. My Niece Fanny Harriet Lister £3000. (Interlined: 'all funded money'). My Niece Louisa Georgiana Coryton to have Cliff Cottage & all the land belonging to me in the parish of Dawlish in Devonshire. My trinkets, plate, pictures, (sic). My Brother Granville Coryton an amnesty of £100 to be paid him by Frederick & L. G. Coryton until his death or accession to his elder Brother's property. A legacy of £300 to Mr. John Kempthorne surgeon as a token of my regard for him for all his kind care of me. A legacy of £100 to my Godchild Jemima Ida Penicke Gould: A legacy of £100 to Emily Katherine Parker to buy any thing she likes in remembrance of me. Fifty pounds to Charles Edwards, gardener at Pentillie. These small legacies to be paid free of legacy duty. I wish a picture in oil to be made of my Father & Mother from the likenesses I have of them also one of my Brother Augustus to be kept at Pentillie. My Brother Augustus to be my Executor and to have the remainder of my money.

Marriage Settlements (additional)  [no ref. or date]

Francis Hearle Rodd and Mary Ann Coryton, 1795.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7367-7368  26 and 27 June 1795

Marriage Settlement (Lease and Release). £5,500 John Coryton to (i) and (ii), 10s. (v)-(i).
(i) Francis Rodd, Trebartha Hall, esq.
(ii) Francis Hearle Rodd, Trebartha Hall, esq. (eldest son of (i) by (i)'s wife Jane decd, formerly Jane Hearle, spinster, who was one of four dtrs. of John Hearle, formerly of borough of Penryn, esq. (decd.) by his wife Mary (formerly Mary Paynter spinster) and one of four sisters and coheiresses of Francis Hearle, formerly of borough of Penryn, esq. (decd.) (who was only John Hearle by Mary his wife).
(iii) Edwd. Rodd, Trebartha Hall, clerk John Tremayne Rodd, esq., Captain R.N. (only younger sons of (i) and w. Jane) Jane Rodd and Harriet Rodd, Trebartha Hall, spinsters (only dtrs. of (i) and first w. Jane)
(iv) John Coryton of Crocadon, esq. and his eldest dtr. Mary Ann Coryton, spinster.
(v) Charles Rashleigh and Edwd. Coode, jun., St. Austell, gent.
(vi) John Coryton (of (iv)) and the Revd. Henry Hawkins Tremayne of Heligan, clerk.
(vii) Francis Gregor, Trewarthenick, esq. and Francis Glanville of Catchfrench, esq.
(viii) Wm. Stackhouse of Trehane, esq. and John Rashleigh of Penquite, esq.
(Rec. of forthcoming marriage of (ii) and Mary Ann Coryton. Rec. of marriage settlement of (i) and Jane his first wife by Lease and Release of 29 and 30 November 1763. (a) = (i) (b) Jane Hearle, spinster (c) John Arscott, esq., Edwd. Hewish, esq. and Ric. Hussey, esq. (d) Mary, widow of John Hearle, decd. and the Revd. Thos. Hearle, clerk (decd.) uncle of (b). (e) John Rogers, esq. and Francis Paynter, esq. - - lands in Northill, Lewannick, Whitstone, Egloskerry, Boyton, Altarnun, and in Totnes, Brixham and North Petherwin, Devon. For (b)'s jointure and children of marriage. Also - - lands in St. Erth, Gwinear, Phillack, St. Just in Penwith, Paul, Gwennap, Mabe, Stithians, and in borough of Penryn - in trust for son(s) of marriage also in trust to raise a further £1000 for dtr.(s). portions and younger sons of marriage. Rec. of (i) and Jane his wife's children, five then only living, viz. (ii) and (iii). Rec. Thos. Hearle, clerk, decd. By his will Jane Rodd, decd. became entitled to ¼ of second group of properties recited (above). Margaret Hearle, sister of Jane Rodd, decd. also entitled to ¼ of same lands. Margaret Hearle died unmarried and intestate, Jane Rodd entitled to 1/3 of M. Hearle's ¼ share of properties first recited above. This 1/3 of ¼ share fell to (ii) on Jane Rodd's death. Rec. of deed poll of (i) 17 April 1784 - rent charge of £150 to his second wife Ann Rodd. Rec. of covenant to levy a fine of 29 May 1772. (1) Mary Hearle, Francis Rodd and wife Jane, Samuel Wallis, esq. and wife Betty and Henry Hawkins Tremayne and Harriet his wife (Jane Rodd, Betty Wallis and Harriet Tremayne were only surviving children of John Hearle decd. by Mary his widow). (2) James Paynter, gent. Followed by Fine: 1/3 of undivided moiety of lands of Mary Hearle (lands first recited above). (Other undivided moiety said to have been bought by John Hearle decd. of John Segrave, esq. and his wife Margaret, who was Mary Hearle's sister), settled to use of Mary Hearle for life, then to some trusts as other undivided third part of other undivided moiety. Rec. (i) seised of lands described (below) subject to rent charge of £100 to his second wife Ann, according to Marriage Settlement of 17 April 1784.)
(A) = (i). (B) Ann Sanford, spinster (c) Sir John Chichester, Bt. and Samuel Wallis (D) Alexander Popham, Esq. and Henry Hawkins Tremayne. (B)'s jointure etc. Recital lands recited - both sets (above) (with excharge of 1 tenement) - to be liable to payment of £8000 for portions of (iii). Rec. John Coryton to give Mary Ann Coryton £5500 as a marriage portion) £4,500 of this to be paid to (i). Rec. of covenant to suffer a recovery 8 & 9 May 1795 (X) = (i) and (ii). (Y) Francis Fairbank, gent. (Z) Edwd. Coode - - conveyance of lands above to (Y) as tenant, vouchers = (X), demandant = (Z). Two common recoveries suffered).
(i) and (ii)-(v) - - manor and barton of Trebartha, Northill
- - manor and barton of Treveniel, parishes of Northill and Lewannick
- - manor of Tolcarne in Northill
- - manor of Forkestone alias Fraxton in Whitstone
- - high rents of £1-6-8 to lord of last 3 manors
- - ten. in South Tregeare, Egloskerry occ. Nicholas Major, cordwainer, decd., then Digory Edgcombe, then by Joseph Holman
- - ten called Duns in Boyton occ. Marmaduke Spettigue, gent. decd., then John Fortescue, gent. then Jacob Veale.
(Above all inheritance of Mary Grylls, Trebartha, widow, decd., then of Francis Rodd of Trebartha, esq., decd. father of (i)).
- - 1/3 part of 2 tenements called Trebullwyn alias Trebullombe in Altarnun. (Formerly inheritance of Mary Wadge, widow, then her son, Peter Wadge, Mary Wadge, one of dtrs. and cohrs. of Peter Truscott).
- - another 1/3 of Trebullwyn alias Trebellombe, purchased by Peter Wadge, of Upton, gent. of Margery French, widow, (another dtr. of Peter Truscott. Last two third parts known as Whites and Eynners tenements formerly purchased of Peter Wadge by Alice Rodd, widow, mother of (i) and Edwd. Rodd, his late uncle, decd. in trust for (i)).
- - Newton in Altarnun (part of manor of Trevage) with Trevago Moor to west of Newton and between Newton and ten. of Burland with commons and common of pasture. Formerly occ. Ric. Shelley then Sampson Cowle, then Nicholas Evans, then Thos. Vosper.
- - another ten. called Newton in Altarnun occ. John Sherrow, then Nicholas Evans and Philip Evans his son, then Thos. Vosper (Bought by Alice Rodd, widow in trust for (i) of Nicholas and Philip Evans, his sons.)
- - Trevage Parke alias Barton Closes (80a.), part of manor of Trevage, and in Altarnun.
- - three closes (formerly one) called Trevage Plash (7a.) on east side of Trevage park, part of manor of Trevage, and in Altarnun
- - Pound Park adjg. Trevage Pound with 3 closes (formerly 4) and two meadows below lane from Trevage to Lewannick Church. Occ. Peter Wadge, then Thos. Vosper.
- - Trevage wood in Lewannick, part of manor of Trevage.
- - Two water grist mills (formerly one) called Trevage Mills with common of pasture and turbary on Trevage Moor, of common in Trevage Town Place with plot of land called De Dennibole (½a.) and little garden plot on south side of the way near the mills. Also Little plot on south side of said Mills between highway and mills.
- - High rent of 3s 2d. from lands called Trenilk in Altarnun formerly in possession of Hugh Pyper, esq. decd. Another high rent of 1s. 0½d. from Trenilk formerly in possession of Saltern, esq. Another high rent of 1s. from lands in Trenilk formerly in possession of Ric. Wadge. High rent of 7½d. from lands in Trenilk formerly in possession of Christopher Nanscawen
- - High rent of 7s. from Cargelly, Altarnun, formerly in possession of John Peter.
- - High rent of 2s. from Burland, formerly in possession of Peter Wadge.
- - High rent of 1s. from Tregune (= ? Tregunnon, Altarnun) formerly in poss. of Peter Wadge.
- - High rent of 4s. from Upton (Lewannick) formerly in poss. of Peter Wadge.
(All these high rents amounted to 19s. 10d. together with reliefs and fines for alienations from free or customary tenants of Trevage).
(Trevage Park, mills, high rents etc. bought by (i) of Peter Wadge. All in parishes of Lewannick, Altarnun and Northill).
- - barton of Upton in Lewannick with common of pasture and turbary on Trevage Moor, Altarnun. (Bought by (i) of Ric. Welch and Ric. Wadge, gent.)
- - barton of Broom borough in Totnes, Devon.
- - barton of Sowdon alias Southdown in parish of Brixham, Devon (formerly land of (i)'s father Francis Rodd, then of (i)'s uncle Edward Rodd.)
- - divided moiety of barton of Weston, North Petherwin, Devon (included Down Park, Flaxland, Higher Long Acre, Lower Long Acre Walls (sic.), Higher and Lower Horse Park, Deer Park, wood adjg. Higher Long Acre on E. side, Weston Wood, the two Arthurs Hills, East Bosverham, Higher Bovetown, Homer Bovetown meadow, Little Bovetown. Meadow with garden at higher end, Clawham Meadow, quillet of land between hop garden and back garden, half of eastern town place, half of plot on north side of eastern town place, where well is with moiety of the well, also Hall House (further described).
- - Lamall alias Tremall alias Tremalla in Lewannick (22 acres) formerly in possession of Susanna Nanscawen, spinster, decd., then Walter Luggar, then Peter Tresayes who sold it to Samuel Addis of Whitford, esq. (Usually called Fillye's or Tresayes's ten.)
- - other ten. called Lamall alias Lamalla in Lamalla, formerly in possession of John Wadge and John Wadge his uncle (Usually called Wadge's ten.). All occ. Richard Daw, (i)'s tenant.
- - original ¼ share of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) in undivided moiety of manor of Trelissick, St. Erth. Also in undivided moiety of barton of Lower Trelissick, St. Erth. Manor and barton of Trelissick, occ. Nicholas Berryman, yeoman, then Thomas Jacka and John Harvey.
- - original ¼ part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) in moiety of undivided third part in Trelissick Walbert alias Hoskyns ten. and in Carnjew ten., St. Erth. (Other 2/3 parts lands of inheritance of Sir John St. Aubyn, Bt., and Humphry Mackworth Praed, esq. decd.)
- - original ¼ part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) of undivided moiety of Chinalls alias Chinauls, Lanuthno Church Town, Trevenleha, Killenawan, Mellineer alias Velleneer and Peden Pool alias the House by the Pool, St. Erth (long list of occupiers given). Also ¼ part of undivided moiety of Deveral, Naketho and Trenawin, parish of Gwinear (long list of occupiers given).
- - original ¼ part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) of undivided moiety of Treave alias Treriffe Craze, parish of Phillack. Occ. Adrian Stephens, then Wm. Stevens. Also ¼ part (as above) in undivided moiety of Bojewjan and Chirose in St. Just in Penwith (long list of past and present occupiers)
- - (Moieties of Trelissick and of lands (including 1/3) in Gwinear, Phillack and St. Just in Penwith were inheritance of John Leagrave, Esq. and wife Margaret of whom they were purchased by John Hearle, decd., father of Jane Rodd, decd.)
- - ¼ part of Jane Rodd, decd, then of (i) and (ii) in barton of Kemiel alias Kemiel-Drea in Paul. Also in Outer Goon Vere close, in Park Bean close and in close called the Great Dore-Nolls with Rabbit Warren close, part of Kemiel Drea. (Lands of inheritance of Mary Basset, widow and James Keigwin, esq., from whom bought by Thomas Hearle, esq., decd., grandfather of Jane Rodd, decd.)
- - ¼ part (as last entry) of Bodervarran, St. Erth, occ. Joseph Herle, then Mary Best and John Cardale.
- - ¼ part (as before) in town and fields of Leha alias Legha, St. Erth, occ. John Blee, then by Margaret Richards and Richard Tredinnick. (Inheritance of Wm. Browne, jun., Blisland, gent., from whom bought by John Hearle, decd.)
- - ¼ part (as before) in Carharreck Veor and Chyanhale, alias Carharreck Vean and Chinall. Also in Carharrock Vean and Carharrock Mill in Gwennap (list of occupiers) (Inheritance of Reginald Haweis, esq. from bought by John Hearle, decd.)
- - ¼ part (as before) in Cassauan alias Cassacan, Gwennap. (Occupiers given). (Inheritance of John Rogers, esq., from whom John Hearle, decd. purchased.)
- - ¼ part (as before) in Matthew's tenement and Penaluna's tenement in Halvossow, Mabe, occ. Wm. Dunstone and John Matthew, then Wm. Dunstone, jun., and Nicholas Travers. (Purchased of Francis Mitchell by John Hearle, decd.)
- - ¼ part (as before) in house in Penryn in Thomas's street.
- - ¼ part (as before) in Towns and Meadow or Vicarage Meadow occ. Andrew Hingston, decd., then John Edgcumbe.
- - ¼ part (as before) in two houses erected near above meadow by John Nampany, decd., then held by his representatives.
- - ¼ part (as before) house, garden, orchard, with cellars and wharves in Penryn occ. Mary Hearle, widow, then James Humphry.
- - ¼ part (as before) in Shutt Meadow at higher end of Penryn, near Towns end meadow, occ. Wm. Whittaker, currier, then James Edgcumbe.
- - ¼ part (as before) in undivided moiety of Gweal Andevas with two moors adjoining with common of pasture on Gonomen Down in Stithians occ. Francis Mitchell, millkeeper, then Ric. Webb. (Above properties in Penryn and Stithians, property of Lord Radnor purchased from Mary Vere Hunt, widow, by John Hearle, decd.)
- - ¼ part (as before) in Bosuvian alias Bojewyan in St. Just in Penwith occ. Amos Mason, John Angwin and Sampson Wheare, then Jacob Corin (Purchased of James Millett, gent., by John Hearle, decd.)
- - ¼ part (as before) in 2 messuages, garden, ten acres land, ten acres meadow ten acres pasture, ten acres of furze and heath, twelve acres of moor and common of pasture for all cattle in Bosewyan alias Bojenjan (= Bojewyan) and lands in Boservyan alias Bojewyan in St. Just in Penwith. All occ. John Angwin, then John Angwin, jun., then John Edwards and Thomas Penrose. (Bought from John Angwin and John Angwin, jun., by Mary Hearle, in trust for Jane Rodd, decd. and her three sisters, Margaret Hearle (since decd.) Betty Hearle and Harriet Hearle).
(All above lands in Lease and Release (Marriage Settlement) of 29 and 30 November, 1763, except Fillyes and Tresaye's and Wadge's tenements in Lewannick occ. Ric. Daw. These lands by Lease and Release of 18 and 19th April, 1791, conveyed by Edward Archer, esq. to use of 1763 Marr. Settlement in exchange for farm called Combeshead in the parish of Lewannick (which was conveyed to E. Archer) ).
Conveyance to (v) in trust for uses of marriage settlement.
(i) and (ii)-(v)
- - 1/3 share of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) of undivided ¼ part (formerly ¼ share of Margaret Hearle, decd.) in undivided moiety (formerly belonging to John Seagrave, esq. and Margaret, his wife) of manor of Trelissick in St. Erth. Also same share in other lands in St. Erth, Gwinear, Phillack, Saint Just in Penwith, Paul, Gwennap, Mabe, Stithians and borough of Penryn (as in ¼ parts of Jane Rodd, dec. above)
(i) and (ii)-(v)
- - ¼ part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) in undivided third part of manor of Talgullow alias St. Day, parish of Gwennap.
- - ¼ of undivided third part of manor of Trembethoe in parishes of Lelant, Madron, and Zennor.
- - undivided fourth part of Jane Rodd, decd. then of (i) and (ii) of barton of Pentire in St. Minver, occ. Ric. Morcombe, yeo. then of Samuel Symons, butcher. Also undivided ¼ part (as above) of Treworder in Egloshayle, occ. James Dingle, yeo. (Tallgullow, Trembethow and Pentire and Treworder were inheritance of John Hunt of Compton Parsfoot (= Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset) from whom they were bought by Thomas Hearle, esq., decd. ( (father of Thomas Hearle, clerk), and John Hearle, decd.)
- - undivided fourth part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) of barton of Carveath in Cuby. Formerly in possession of Thomas Hearle, clerk. (Purchased of the heirs of Tanner by Thomas Hearle his late father, decd.)
- - Undivided ¼ part (as above) in Hay, Ladock, occ. Hen. Retallick, yeo., then- Bone, gent. from whom Thos. Hearle, clerk, decd. purchased
- - undivided ¼ part (as above) of several houses and orchards in Penryn, par. of St. Gluvias (1 mess., orchard and garden where John and Francis Hearle formerly lived. Another mess. orchard and garden in Gluvias Street, occ. John Jordon, gent. and purchased (inter alia of Ric. Bonython, esq. Another mess. and backside in Saint Thomas's Street near the Fish Cross, occ. John Trenerry, then James Remphrey Taylor (? occupation or surname) purchased of the heirs of Melhuish. 2 mess. and 1 orchard and gdn. occ. Wm. Matthew, decd., then Ursula Matthew his widow, formerly purchased of John Hicks.
- - ¼ part (undivided) (as before) of houses and closes called Carnsews Lands formerly in possession of Wm. Hocker, clerk, Edwd. Jennings and others. Bought of John Peters and others. Also of Trery's meadow, two stitches in the Barn meadow, two stithes in the Quarry Meadow, one stitch in Long Meadow, two stitches in Cliff Meadow, one stitch in the Square Meadow. (Altogether 8 acres occ. Philip Richards, merchant).
- - undivided ¼ part (as before) in Carvannal ten., Illogan formerly in poss. of Francis Bassett, esq., decd. (Closes, stitches, and Carvannal bought of Ric. Bonython and of the assignees under the Statute of Bankruptcy against Wm. Trery and of the heirs of Melhuish and John Lanyon, decd.)
- - undivided ¼ part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) of Trevawnan alias Trevoan, Mabe. (Bought by Thomas Hearle, esq., decd. from devisees and excrs. in trust of John Taylder of Helland, Mabe, gent., decd. Formerly occ. Nicholas Francis, yeoman).
- - undivided ¼ part (as before) of undivided moiety of Tregollas alias Tregowles in Stithians (Moiety bought by Thos. Hearle, esq. from John Nicholls of Trereif, esq. Occ. by John Bath, yeo.
- - ¼ part (undivided) (as before) in High Cross Meadow in Penryn. (Purchased from John Bonython, esq. and others, formerly occ. Geo. Evans of Penryn, innkeeper decd.
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) in Trevaddra Burvansacke alias Burvansicke alias Burvagick and Tregonnal in the parish of Manaccan. (Purchased by James Hearle, merchant decd. from Sir John Carew, Bt., John Pendarves, esq. and Wm. Pendarves, gent. Formerly occ. Philip Stapleton, Richard Ralph, Sampson Rogers and others.)
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) in Great Bargos alias Bargus in Perranarworthal. (Purchased by Thomas Hearle, Esq. of James Harrie of Redruth, yeo. Formerly in poss. of Robt. Lanyon, Thomas Michell and others.)
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) in Trevethan, Gwennap. (Purchased by Thos. Hearle, esq. of John Roskrow, gent. Richard Roscrow, his son. Formerly occ. Jane Trewartha and others.)
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) in undivided moiety of Gooneva in Gwinear. (Bought by Thos. Hearle, esq. from Ric. Floyd, yeo.). Occ. Abraham Olivy and Francis Thomas.)
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) of 4 undivided 9th parts of Carthew alias Carthew Wollas in Wendron. (Bought by Thomas Hearle, esq. decd. of Robt. Penwarne, esq. and others. In possession of Rich. Rowe and others.)
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) in mess., gdn. and orchard in High Street, Penryn occ. John Bowyer, decd., then John Humphrey, mariner, decd., then Rebecca Humphry, his widow. Also in house and garden in Penryn adj. east to last mentioned house. Formerly in poss. of John Bowyer. (Both houses purchased by Thomas Hearle, esq. decd. from Phebe Cleather, widow. Formerly occ. Ric. Busvine.)
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) of house, backside and garden in Penryn in Fish Cross, formerly in poss. fo John Rogers, esq. then Wm. Crowgey, gent. Bought of John Newman, gent. Also in field with house in Gweal West in parish of Gluvias, adjg. to lane leading from Penryn, towards Goonreath Downs. Bought from Clemence Ryder, widow and others. Occ. John Penwarne, gent and others.
- - ¼ part undivided (as before) of three stithes called Tolgarracke alias Tolgarrecke in Camborne, adjg. lands of Bassett. Occ. Philip Michell, tinner.
(Last group of properties (¼ share in) were estates of inheritance of Thomas Hearle, clerk, decd., and given by his will to Jane Rodd, decd. and her 3 sisters as tenants in common in fee simple).
- - 1/3 part of Jane Rodd, decd., then of (i) and (ii) in ¼ share of Margaret Hearle (one of Jane Rodd's three sisters) in properties and estates of inheritance of Thomas Hearle, clerk, decd., last described. ¼ part of Margaret Hearle (died intestate) went on her decease to Jane Rodd, decd. and her two surviving sisters as coheiresses at law of Margt. Hearle.
All last described block of properties to (v) on trusts.
(i)-(v) (for consideration of 10s.. (v)-(i) ).
- - manors of Rillaton Pengelly and Tremolla alias Tremolleth alias Tremollet with properties in East Tremollet with properties in East Tremollett, West Tremollett, Pengelly, North Down, Coombe, Black Coombe, Lake Wistaland and Clampitt and Fursdon in Linkinhorne, North Hill and South Hill (Tenants' names given). Purchased by (i) of Philip Rashleigh, esq. Conveyed to (i) (Francis Rodd) by Lease and Release of 24 and 25 December 1783.
- - Bastreet in Northill. Formerly held by Edwd. Archer, esq., bought of him by (i) by conveyance (Lease and Release) of 23 and 24 December 1796.
- - undivided third part of (i) in Trebullum, Altarnun occ. Robt. Mullis. Bought by Francis Rodd ( (i)) of John Bellew by conveyance (Lease and Release) of 24 and 25 March 1775.)
- - Treveage House in Treveage town, Altarnun, part of manor of Treveage, formerly in poss. of John Gill. With common of pasture and turbary on Treveage Moors. (Bought by Francis Rodd of Robert Martyn. Conveyed to him by conveyance (Lease and Release) of 23 and 24 June, 1775.)
- - properties in Trewint alias Trewint the greater in Altarnun. Formerly in possession of Truscott Wadge. Bought by Alice Rodd (decd.) of Richard Hearle. Conveyed to Alice Rodd, decd. by conveyance. (Lease and Release) of 7 and 8 January 1736.)
- - Walters ten. in Trevadlock, Lewannick, occ. Wm. Jenkin. (Purchased by (i) of Ric. Stacey and Agnes his wife, Joan Brown, widow, Richard Wadge and w. Mary, Wm. Jenkin and Honor his wife, Wm. Stacey and wife Margaret, Peter Stacey, John Stacey and Eliz. his wife. Conveyed to (i) by Lease and Release of 23 and 24 June 1780.)
- - ten. part of manor of South Carne in Altarnun, ten. called Trebullin. In poss. of Wm. Jasper Taylor, deed., then of Humphry Lawrence, gent. and Margaret Mitchell. (Bought by Francis Rodd (= (i) ) of Humphry Lawrence by Lease and Release of 17 and 18 December 1776.)
- - moiety of Tresellarne alias Treslin alias Treselin in Northill. (Lands of inheritance of Theodore Darley, esq. decd. Bought by (i) of Wm. Darley, esq. (devisee of Theodore Darley). (Conveyed to (i) by Lease and Release of 6 and 7 January 1778).
- - ten. and woodland called Trewag Wood alias Trewage Wood in Lewannick (2a.), formerly in poss. of Ric. Wadge. (Bought by (i) of John Sleep by Lease and Release of 27 and 28 November 1765).
- - Hicks Mill ten. alias Pensent in Trewen and South Petherwin. (Bought by Alice Rodd, decd. of Wm. Blight by Lease and Release of 23 and 24 December 1741)
- - ten. Trevadlock, Lewannick, formerly of John Cornew, decd., then of John Hodge of whom Francis Rodd, purchased by Lease and Release of 2 and 3rd January 1775.
- - advowson of rectory of Northill. (Bought by (i) of Arthur Trevillian, gent. by decd. of 11 January 1777.)
All properties subject to rent-charges of £150 and £100 settled by (i) on his second wife Anna.
To uses - especially for son(s) and dtr(s) of marriage.
Release of premises by (iii) in return for £8000 portions from Marriage Settlement of Francis and Jane Rodd (see recitals).
Witd. Jonathan William of Plymouth Dock, clerk; Jonathan Elford of Plymouth Dock, attorney at law; Samuel Benny; Nicholas Pearce.

John Coryton and Elizabeth Leveson Gower, 1803  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7369-7370  12 and 13 August, 1803

Related information: (See also CRO CY/1622).

Marriage Settlement (Lease and Release).
(i) John Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
His only son and heir apparent, John Tillie Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
(ii) Elizabeth Leveson Gower, spinster of St. James's Square, an infant of eighteen (one of dtrs. of the Hon. Admiral John Leveson Gower, decd.)
(iii) (ii)'s guardian, the Rt. Hon. Geo. Evelyn Viscount Falmouth
(iv) Francis Glanville of Catchfrench, esq. Francis Hearle Rodd, Croan, esq.
(v) John Leveson Gower of Bill Hill, Wilts., esq., Colonel in H.M. Army, eldest brother of (ii) Henry Nicholls, Old Burlington Street, esq., Captain R.N.
(Recital of marriage of J. T. Coryton and (ii) with consent of (iii). Recital of (ii)'s grandmother's (Rt. Hon. Mary Countess Dowager Gower, decd.), will 29 April 1777 - - her house etc. and lands at Bill Hill, parishes of Wokingham and Hurst, Wilts. with use of furniture etc. at Bill Hill and her house in Burlington Street to son, Admiral John Leveson Gower, decd, for life, then to his children (inc. those born after her death) in equal division as tenants in common, and their heirs. All her money in public funds (after debts and legacies paid) to Charles and Timothy Brett, esquires in trust to purchase lands (if they thought it would be advantageous to her grandchildren) to be settled to use of son John Leveson Gower for life and after his death to use of his children. Residue of personal estate to son, John Leveson Gower (her executor). Recital of will of Admiral John Leveson Gower, 1 June 1785 - lands in Norfolk, Bill Hill farm in Wilts, and Berks. to use of (iii) and John Holliday, esq. (then decd.). To use of Chas. and Timothy Brett to convey above estates to John Leveson Gower (Part of (v) ) when of age. Term of 1000 yrs. to (iii) and John Holliday on trust to raise £10,000 to be divided among testator's younger children. They to execute releases to John Leveson Gower when of age and John Leveson Gower to execute releases unto them. Recital of codicil to will of Admiral John Leveson Gower - - to dtr. Eliz. (= (ii) ) two shares of £100 each in the English Tontine of 1785.
Testator died in August 1792. Will proved P.C.C. Recital Admiral John Leveson Gower left 8 children, (i) eldest son = John Leveson Gower (of (v) ), (2) Edward Leveson Gower (3) William Leveson Gower (4) Augustus Leveson Gower (5) Frances Leveson Gower, (6) = (ii), (7) Granville Leveson Gower (8) Mary Leveson Gower. J. Leveson Gower executed release of title to younger children in personal estate of the Countess Dowager Gower. Estates in Norfolk, Wilts. and Berks. conveyed by Bretts to John Leveson Gower. Recital Mary Leveson Gower died several years previously and was under age of 21. Augustus Leveson Gower was 21 on 21 June 1802 at a time he was in the West Indies and died 5 July 1802 without issue. As it was to her advantage to abide by her father's will. (ii) released right to 1/6 of estates under Mary Countess Dowager Gower to John Leveson Gower and was then entitled to 1/5 of lands to be bought under Countess Dowager Gower's will. On day of her marriage entitled to £1636-13-4, i.e. 1/6 of £10,000 provided by Admiral John Leveson Gower's will for his younger children. (ii) also entitled to 1/5 of 1/6 of £10,000, share of brother Augustus decd. (ii) entitled to 2 shares of £100 in the English Tontine given to her by codicil to her father's will also to 1/5 of £1000 under marriage settlement of her father and mother with a deed of appointment of 1 June 1785; share of her mother's residuary personal estate; share of personal estate and effects of her brother Augustus. Recital on marriage treaty John Coryton to charge his estates with yearly rent charge of £500 to son J. T. Coryton during their joint lives, also a yearly rent charge of £1050 for jointure of (ii). (ii)'s share of 1/6 of £10,000 under father's will to go to J. T. Coryton (ii)'s 1/5 of 1/6 part of late brother Augustus's share in £10,000 to go to John Coryton. When (ii) 21 application to Chancery to be made by J. T. Coryton and (ii) to obtain order for payment and transfer of 1/5 of money left to (ii) by the Countess instead of having money laid out in purchase of lands. When this done trustees to purchase £10,000 three per cent consols (residue of 1/5 to to be made to J. Coryton, the father) ).
(i)-(iv)- - manors of Trehunsey, Penpoll and Hammett, Quethiock (manor of Trehunsey: Leigh; Little Leigh; Rumbelow and Parsons Pool; Olvers Church Park; Garden by Ven Gate; Venn; Treweese (Hobbs, Deebles, Depfords, Rossiters, part of Moors, other part of Moors); Head wear Hill; part of Treweese; Aliens Shop; Part of Haddys, Palmers; Battens; Long Park; Church Park; house garden and orchard; part of Vashmonds; Jopes in East Quethiock; Venns Hills; Gurlands; Coffins; Bowling Green; Rich's; Popes; 2 cottages house and gdn; cottage; Sleeps; remainder of Washmond; house or late Johns; Trehunsey Mill; barton of Trehunsey (Tenants' names gives, with lives and their ages, rents and heriots for all three manors) (manor of Penpoll: Broom Downs; Carne Parks, moiety of Trewood and Goodmeray; Gray Stone; Singamore, Congdons, Reeds; Litcotts; late Daws; Hellands; Neither Fullslow; old house in ruins; Little Crundle Down; Bants; Dinners, Smaleys; house, garden and smith's shop and 2 houses and gardens; Bryants; Sandford Gate; Weavers Piece; Blunts; ten. near Clapper Bridge; Trehunest cottage; Ven Hill; Collings ten. and part of another ten. in Trehunest, 2 cottages other part of ten. in Trehunest, cott. and garden; Trenance and Trehusta; Coads and Clampitts; Furslow Green; Jefferys in Trehunnest; Church or Rich's Park; late Mays; ten. in Trehunnest, Polwest and Long North Down; Great South Down and Trenest; Polwinks; Reeps on Kitchill Grove; Tilland; Hoskins Trebrown; Littcock's Trebrown; Killamore and South Down; Newpark and Newpark meadow; Webbs in Tilland; cott in Quethiock town; Olvers House and Garden; Hay; Hay Bicktons; Hodge Hills; Stephens Trebrowne; Trebrown Gate; Higher Furslow; Furslow Gate; Goodmerry; Gate; ten. in Quethiock town; late Symons' in Woodyeats'; Hepwell; Moore's; Jenkins; Hephill Mills; Lydyeat; Broom Parks; Parsons Pool; Oak-Hill Parks; Pound and garden opposite; Woodyeat; cottage; Lucombe; late Rick's; Hawkins Broom Downs and Horsewell Parks; cott. in Trehunnest.
(Manor of Hammett: Trecorme; Birch Hills; tenements in Hammett; late Cooks; Horsena Parks; Cut Cords and Wellands; West Trecorme; ten. in Dannett; Higher Penquite; Crops Hill and Lonsland; Threecorm (sic) Mills; Popes Grounds; late Smiths in Hammett; Coate ten. in Hammett; Haddys or Hammett Ford; North Park; part of Moor Down, other part of Moor Down, house and gdn., ten. in Hammett; Crift; Sopers ten., part of Beacon House)
Conveyance to uses. For J. Coryton. After marr. J. T. Coryton to have rent charge of £500 charged on manors. (ii) to have jointure of £1050 yearly. Properties to use of son(s) of marriage. (iv) to purchase £10,000 three per cent consols. To J. T. Coryton for life, then to child(ren) except eldest or only s. Jn. Coryton to pay J. T. Coryton yearly sum equal to income received by him (J. Coryton the father) of fortune of (ii) paid to J. Coryton above rent charge.
Witd. John Martin, attorney at law, Callington; Nicholas Pearce, steward to John Coryton; Nicholas Haly, footman to John Coryton; Thomas Rashleigh and Jonathan Rashleigh, Hatton Garden, solcrs. etc.

[no title]  CY/7371  1968

Article by William Powell Wilkins, 'Pentillie', pp. 469-471 of The Architectural Review no. 856 vol. cxliii June 1968.
(Deals with new house at Pentillie c. 1811 designed by William Wilkins. Refers to Red Book of Pentillie Commissioned by John Tillie Coryton in 1809 of Humphry Repton and the demolition of a wing at Pentillie in 1968).

(Muniments of title)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7372  16 November 1824

Conveyance (copy) £2990
(i) John Wallis Hicks, Bodmin, farmer, a bachelor Mary Hicks, Bodmin, spinster (son and dtr. of Thomas Hicks of Boscarne and Mary Ann, his wife, both decd.)
(ii) Ric. Coom, Bodmin, gent.
(i)-(ii)- -
Higher Cadwin, Lanivet, occ. James Greenwood
- - Lower Polglaze, St. Veep, occ. John Serpell
- - Prinzey, St. Veep, occ. John Brown
- - Part of Brighton Wood, St. Veep
- - Two fields (formerly one) called Nut Parks, Lanteglos by Fowey, occ. Joseph Alford
Witd. Solomon Martin, Sarah Godolphin
Endsd. with note of livery of seisin of above lands (i)-(ii) (16 Nov. 1824).
Note of comparison with original (4 April 1842) witd. F. E. Coom, Benjn. Levers.

VARIOUS PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

(Lists of Deeds etc.)

[no title]  CY/7373  17 November 1898

Receipt by Robt. P. Edyvean for original of CY/7372 and another deed between Henry Coom and others and Richard Coom of 7 March 1842 for making attested copies of them.

[no title]  CY/7374  15 May 1899

Letter from R. P. Edyvean, solicitor, Bodmin, to manager (J. H. S. Hony) of Devon and Cornwall Bank, Fowey, about conveyance Coom to Bonney.

[no title]  CY/7375  29 September 1913

Letter from James H. Bonney to 'Bro. Knight' 'Mrs. Pease can have the title Deeds of Prinzey by sending after them to Prepare for the Loan of £450' etc.
Prinzey, Lerryn.

[no title]  CY/7376  October 1913

Letter from same to W. R. Pease, solicitor, Lostwithiel about loan etc.
Prinzey, Lerryn.

BONDS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7377  28 October 1658

Bond in £100 from Ric. Carter, St. Columb Major, esq. and his brother John Carter, St. Columb Major, gent. to William Wilcocke, Lanteglos by Fowey, gent. to perform covenants of Bargain and Sale (Lease and Release) of even date.
Witd. Walter Tingcombe; John Gooddall; Edw. Tomlinson; Ric. Lyngrett.

MORTGAGES etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7378  19 August 1755

Mortgage and assignment. (Lease for 1 year missing). £150.
(i) William Cossentine, St. Veep, yeo.
(ii) William Penwarne, St. Veep, clerk
- - Moiety of Penrinsey (6½ acres), St. Veep, occ. John Willcock, Penrinsey (decd.), then (i). Part of the manor of Manely Colshill, St. Veep
( (i) possessed of 1/5 of a moiety and 1/12 (former inheritance of Hen. Poole) of Perensey in St. Veep formerly in poss. of John Willcock, then (i) for redr. of term of 1000 years, granted by the landlord to Wm. Willcock in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Rec. of lease from Peter Coryton, Fowey, esq. (then decd.) 28 June 1746 to (i) - - 1/3 of a moiety and ½ of said moiety of ten. of Perensey. For 99 yrs. or lives of John Wallis, son of John Wallis, St. Veep, carpenter (decd.); Peter Ellary, son of Wm. Ellary of St. Veep. Yearly rent 1s. 8d.)
- - 1/5 of moiety and 1/12 of Perensey
- - 1/3 of a moiety and ½ of said moiety of Perensey occ. (i)
Witd. Alex. Trewbody; J. Avery.
Endorsed: 'A Cancel'd Deed'.

[no title]  CY/7379  7 March 1842

Release and appointment. Agreement for partition
(i) Hen. Coom, Bodmin, land surveyor
(ii) Felix Elford Coom, Bodmin, gent.
(iii) John Wallis Coom, Bodmin, schoolmaster
(iv) Eliz. Coom, Bodmin, widow
(v) Preston Wallis, Bodmin, gent.
(vi) Ric. Coom, Bodmin, gent.
(Rec. in part of will of Mary Avery, St. Stephens by Saltash, widow (decd.) 24 March 1792. To Mary Ann Hicks for life - lands: ¾ of Polglaze, St. Veep and ¾ of Prinsey, St. Veep, part of Brighton Wood, St. Veep. Also Net Park in Lanteglos by Fowey. redrs.: limitation in tail to John Wallis Hicks, son of Mary Ann Hicks (which failed), to his sister Ann Hicks and her heirs. M. Avery died in April 1792. M. A. Hicks died December 1824. Rec. of conveyance (Lease and Release) 28 and 29 September 1807 between (a) John Tillie Coryton (b) Thomas Hicks (c) John Gill. (a) conveyed to use of (b) - - 1/3 of a moiety and 3/5 of said moiety in Polglaze, St. Veep occ. Mary Husband, then John Wallis, then Wm. Wallis - - 1/3 of a moiety and 3/6 of said moiety of Perensey, St. Veep. With limitation to use of John Gill during life of Thos. Hicks, with redr. to use of John Wallis Hicks, son of Thomas Hicks, Rec. of feoffment with livery of seisin of 16 Nov. 1824 (= CY/7372) between (a) John Wallis Hicks and Mary Hicks, son and dtr. of Thomas Hicks late of Boscarne and Mary Ann, his wife (b) Ric. Coom decd. - - Lower Polglaze occ. Jn. Serpell, Prinzey occ. John Brown; part of Brighton Wood (all in St. Veep and Nut Parks in Lanteglos by Fowey, occ. John Alford with Higher Cadwin in Lanivet were all conveyed (a)-(b). Rec. of conveyance (Lease and Release) 29 and 30 Sept. 1819. (1) Edmund Earl of Cork and Orrery (2) William Stephen Poyntz (3) Ric. Coom (decd.) (4) John Rogers - - house land and 14 acres (occ. Thos. Juliffe) on 99 yrs./3 lives lease - - house and 11 acres 3p. (occ. Edwd. Keast) on 99 yr. lease etc. - - house and 17 acres 1r. 22p. (occ. John Martyn) on 99 yr. lease etc. - - house and 12a. 3r. 9p. (occ. James Juliffe). All in Ladock and formerly part of Trethurfe Downs, since separated. Conveyed to (3). Rec. of conveyance (Lease and Release) of 2 and 3 December 1819 (1) The Rt. Hon. Edmund Earl of Cork and Orrery and Baron Boyle (2) William Stephen Poyntz (3) Ric. Coom (decd.) (4) John Rogers - - 2 houses, 32r. and 35p. (occ. Thos. Bassett) on 99 year lease. 2 houses; 21a and 22p. (occ. Wm. Latcher) on 99 year lease. House, 20 acres 1r.39p. occ. Wm. Morcombe in lease granted to him for 99 yrs. All in Ladock, formerly part of Trethurfe downs, then enclosed and separated. Conveyed to (3). Rec. of conveyance (Lease and Release) 27 and 28 July 1820 (a) Wm. Woolcombe and Henry Woolcombe (b) Eleanor Trelawny (c) Charles Trelawny (d) George Woolcombe and George Leach (e) Ric. Coom (decd.) - - Dry house meadows, The Homer Way Park, the Uppermost Way Park (5a. 2r.) part of Bodinel in Bodmin in poss. of Wm. Hambly by lease of 1 April 1791 granted by Darell Trelawny esq. decd. for 99 yrs. Conveyed to (e). Rec. Ric. Coom (decd.) had other lands (including Woodley conveyed or to be conveyed to Hen. Coom subject to a mortgage to John Viant for £1500). Ric. Coom's will of 8 September 1838: To wife Eliz. Coom annuity of £60 yearly for life (charged on all estates). Freehold lands, subject to annuity to his 4 sons Henry Coom, (vi), Felix Elford Coom and John Wallis Coom as tenants in common. Residue of goods and chattels to 4 sons. Codicil 1 May 1839. Wife had been given use of testator's house in Chapel Lane, Bodmin for life. Testator had contracted for lease and sale of this house with Preston Wallis; testator to move house formerly occ. by Mr. Milroy - use of this house then given to wife for life. Ric. Coom died 23 March 1841, leaving Henry Coom his heir, (vi), Felix Elford Coom and John Wallis Coom. Pr. Archdeaconry Court of Cornwall 30 Sept. 1841 by Hen. and Ric. Coom. Rec. of articles of agreement of 30 Sept. 1841. (a) Hen. Coom (b) = (vi) (c) F. Elford Coom (d) John Wallis Coom. Polglaze, Prinzey, Nut Parks and Brighton Woods for many years in poss. of Ric. Coom, decd, and treated by him as part of his estate were in fact the property of Henry Coom as tenant in tail under will of Mary Avery decd. But Hen. Coom satisfied it was intention of his father Ric. Coom to dispose of these lands to him, Hen. Coom chose to take said lands under his father's will in preference to the estate tail H. Coom as heir of Ann Elford Hicks, decd. and of his father Ric. Coom was entitled to other in the 4 schedules. Parties agreed to a partition of the lands.
H. Coom agreed for entail to St. Veep and Lanteglos properties and to convey same in fee to (vi) and as heir of Ann Elford Hicks and Ric. Coom to join in conveyance to other parties of lands in schedules. Lands of 2nd schedule to go to (vi). H. Coom to take mortgaged estate of Woodley and indemnify other parties from the mortgage. Annuity of £67 in codicil of will of Ric. Coom, decd. to wife Eliz. Coom for her life should be charged on lands in four schedules. Rec. 26 January 1842 Henry Coom conveyed to Preston Wallis - - ¾ part of Polglaze, St. Veep occ. Mary Avery, then John Serpell, then Wm. Brown - - Perensy alias Prinzey, St. Veep (occ. Wm. Cossentine, then John Brown) - - 19/72 of Brighton Wood (12a.) in St. Veep - - 4 flds. and gdn. called Net Park alias Nut Park, Lanteglos by Fowey (3a 1r 22p) occ. John Tarry. Conveyance of 26/1/1842 enrolled in Chancery. All debts of Ric. Coom except mortgage debt of £1500 due to John Viant paid. (iv) agreed to release her dower rights and annuity of £67 for annuity of £16-15s. charged on each of the allotments).
(iv) at request of (i), (ii), (iii) and (vi)-(v)
- - lands etc. in St. Veep, Lanteglos by Fowey, Bodmin, Ladock. Profits to be taken by (vi).
(i)-(vi) - - lands of conveyance of 26 January 1842 (see recitals).
(i) covenanted with (vi) to repay mortgage of £1500 to John Viant.
(vi)-(iv) - - annuity of £16.15s.
(iii) covenanted with (vi) to produce copy of CY/7372
Witd. Ben Bakewill, Devon and Cornwall Bank, Bodmin, J. H. Hendray; Richd. Shirrow.
Endsd. 1 January 1890 (a) John Coom (b) Ric. Rosevear Harvey
- - Basset and Latchers ten. in Ladock granted to (b) as mortgage for £300 (H. Williams Hicklin, solicitors, Truro, 17 September, 1890).
Then 5 endorsements by which John Coom of Auckland, New Zealand, Civil Engineer, conveyed parts of Ladock property to Wm. Hooper, The Old Warren, Ladock, farmer; John Hooper Rowe of Tolgarrick Mills, St. Stephen in Brannel, miller; John Roseveare Harvey, Ladock, yeo; George Wm. Truscott of Trebyon, St. Stephen in Brannel, farmer (14 & 29 April, 1893).

[no title]  CY/7380  29 November, 1898

Mortgage. £645.
(i) James Hill Bonney
(ii) The Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. Ltd.
- - Heay in St. Veep, Prenzy St. Veep. With other properties in St. Veep, Lanteglos by Fowey, Ladock and Bodmin (not specified).

ESTATE ADMINISTRATION  [no ref. or date]


[no title]  CY/7381  23 February 1627

Lease for 3 lives. Surrender of former lease. £35. Yearly rent, 3s 8d. Heriot 20s.
(i) Ric. Carter, St. Columb Major (St. Columb the Higher), esq.
(ii) John Willcocke, Penrinsey, St. Veep, husbandman, Ann Willcocke, his wife Wm. Willcocke, their son
(John Willcocke above was son of Wm. Willcocke, decd. Lease made by (i)'s father John Carter, esq. to Wm. Willcocke (decd.) and John (above), his son, 8 April 1605).
- - moiety of Penrinseye, St. Veep.
(Capon or hen at Christmas or 18d. (ii) to (i). (ii) to do suit of court to Manely Colshill and to repair premises. Reentry after arrears of six months in default of distraint or for waste etc. committed by (ii) etc.)
Witd. Wm. Carter, Joyn Copithorn, Jo. Langdon, Thomas Holman, Edward Tubb, Robert Hardinge.
Endsd. with memorandum of livery of seisin by Robert Hardinge, and John Cosen alias Cossentine to (ii). Witd. Henry Grantland; Hen. Cosen alias Cossentine; Sampson Burt; Thomas Cosen alias Cossentine (12 March 1627).

[no title]  CY/7382  13 July 1709

Lease for 99 years or 3 lives. Surrender of former lease £8.
Rent 2s.
(i) Philip Mayow, Polgever, esq.
(ii) Thomas Wallis, St. Veep, gent.
(Surrender by Benedict Pern of Lanteglos by Fowey, carpenter of lease of premises below dated 25 May 1668 formerly granted by (i) to Joseph Logger, Lanteglos by Fowey, tailor, determinable on deaths of Joseph Logger, wife Joan, their son Charles).
- - half acre of land with one toft or old walls on the same adjg. to highway. Called Greene peece, part of a tenement called Trewick in Lanteglos by Fowey, formerly in possession of Benedict Pearne. (Lives: John Wallis son of (ii); Elizabeth Wallis, dtr. of Wm. Wallis, Pelynt, yeo. decd; Rebecca Wallis dtr. of John Wallis, Liskeard, yeo.)
( (ii) to repair and maintain hedges and gates of half acre. Re-entry in default of distress after arrears of six months).
Witd. Susanna Mayow, John Edwards, Benedick Perne.

[no title]  CY/7383  5 August 1760

Demise for 99 yrs. or 3 lives. £80. Rents 3s. 1d. Capon or 12d. at Michaelmas. Heriot: 13s. 4d.
(i) Ann Coryton, Fowey, widow and relict of Peter Coryton of Fowey, esq. decd. Eliz. Goodall, Fowey, spinster. Wm. Goodall of Fowey, merchant.
(ii) Mary Cossentine, St. Veep, widow.
(Recital of Act of Parliament 29 Geo. II:- 'An Act for Enabling Ann Coryton, Elizabeth Goodall and William Goodall to make Leases of several Estates in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon during minority of John Coryton and others the Infant Children of Peter Coryton, Esquire deceased (Private Act 29 George II 1756). John Coryton then aged 20, i.e. still a minor).
- - 1/3 of a moiety plus 3/5 of said moiety of Heay in St. Veep. Occ. Wm. Cossentine, then Wm. Cossentine lately decd., son of first Wm. Cossentine above who was (ii)'s husband, then (ii). (Oak, ash, elm, witch elm reserved and all minerals. Lives: (ii) (35); Hen Cossentine, (2) son of Hen. Cossentine of St. Veep, yeo.; Mary Ann Elford (2) dtr. of Robert Elford, Bodmin. Suit of court to manor of Manely Colshill and office of reeve when chosen. Suit of mill. Repair. Re-entry in default of distress after arrears of 1 month, or if last live did not live in Cornwall for three years and (ii) could not prove last life's existence after one year's notice).
Witd. Thos. Courts, Elizabeth Polgrean.

PROBATE AND ALLIED PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7384  27 October 1726

(i) Ric. Trubody of Lanteglos by Fowey, yeo.
His wife Anne, formerly Anne Cossentine, widow of John Cossentine of Lanteglos by Fowey, yeo. decd.
(ii) Henry Cossentine, Ric. Cossentine, Samuel Cossentine and Elizabeth Cossentine sons and dtrs. of John Cossentine of Lanteglos by Fowey, decd.
(Rec. in part of will of John Cossentine, 5 November 1724. Excrs. and residuary legatees: Four sons: John Henry, Samuel, Richard (Cossentine). Trestator apptd. trustees and guardians: his father in law, Samuel Wallis, John Wallis, St. Veep, yeo. and Ann Trubody, his wife, as excrs. were under legal age. Testator gave Anne Trubody £120. Horses, oxen, cows, bullocks, sheep, lambs, pigs, geese, ducks, poultry, corn and hay of testator appraised at £110.2s. Legacy of £120 to Anne Trubody unpaid).
- - (i) accepted horses, oxen, cows, bullocks, sheep, lambs, pigs, geese, ducks, poultry, corn and hay of John Cossentine, decd, in lieu of legacy of £120.
(i) agreed to find 'good and sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging, apparell and schooling until they were 14 years of age at the rate of £5 yearly for each of them
Witd. Jonas Roberts, Samuel Hoall.

ESTATE GENERAL  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7385  nd

Memorandum of agreement for John Brown to pay rent mentioned in a document (missing) in proportion. 1/6 to Thomas Hicks for term of 2 lives of lease formerly granted by Mr. Coryton of Crocaden. After their deaths ¼ of same rent and ½ of the remainder. to be paid to John Wallis Hicks to uses directed by Mary Ann Hicks.
Witd. John Bennett.
(watermark 1805).

[no title]  CY/7386  1846

Valuation of Holwood barton, Quethiock.

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7387-7419  1905-1919

General estate accts. Pentillie estate half-yearly accounts. Analysed.

[no title]  CY/7420-7429  1905-1909

Envelope of accounts endorsed 'Pawleys statements adjusting his accounts to the Ledger Totals, H. B. Beddall'.

[no title]  CY/7430-7450  1847-1867

Holwood Farm accounts, Quethiock (analysed: manure, wages etc.)

18th (Saltesh) Battalion, Devon Home Guard  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
(Lt.Col.J.T. Coryton commanding)

[no title]  CY/7451  March 1941 - Feb. 1945

Battalion orders (part I)

[no title]  CY/7452  Jan. 1941 - March 1945

Battalion orders (part II)

[no title]  CY/7453  1940-45

Memoranda (subjects include aerial bombardment, shelling of Downderry, ringing of church bells, invasion committee), May 1940 - March 1945, with papers re formation of Saltash Battalion of L.D.V., lists of officers 1944, monthly strength return Aug. 1944 and Jan. 1945 etc.

[no title]  CY/7454,7455  1942

Printed regulations for Home Guard, vols. 1 and 2

[no title]  CY/7456  July 1942

Printed instructions to Invasion Committees

[no title or date]  CY/7457,7458

Printed souvenir of stand down of Home Guard Plymouth Group (including historical notes on each battalion), 3 Dec. 1944 (2 copies, different printers)

[no title]  CY/7459  Dec. 1945 - June 1946

Territorial Army papers dealing with former Home Guard matters (honourary rank, issue of defence medal, etc.)

[no title]  CY/7460  n.d

Photograph of Home Guard section (endorsed 'Landrake')

Old Catalogue  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7461  1909

'Catalogue of 103 Charters and Documents belonging to W. Coryton Esq. ...', I. H. Jeayes, British Museum

MAPS  [no ref. or date]

CORNWALL  [no ref. or date]

St. Dominic and St. Ive  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7462  nd

Ink on tracing linen. Badly decayed at one end.

Tracing of lands in St. Dominic: Birchenhays, Brents Wood, Heathfield, Larks, Vernigo; fields numbered.
Tracing of lands in St. Ive: Higher Crift, Durnaford, Great and Little 'Ley' (Leigh), Moordown, Penquite; fields numbered.
No scale.
43 cm. x 94.5 cm.
Field numbers as for tithe map.

Fowey  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7463  (early 19th cent.)

Plan of 'Polvillian' (Polvillan), the lands of John Coryton esq., approx. 39a (customary).
Roads to St. Austell, Fowey, Fowey Passage and neighbouring landowners. Field-names and acreages.
Ink and watercolour on paper.
Explanation and scale (latter incomplete).
49.5 cm. x 61 cm.

Gorran  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7464  1809

Plan of a tenement in 'Rescatha alias Rescaze' (Rescassa), the property of John Tillie Coryton esq. Described in letter on dorse as reduced plan measured by Philip Priske and sent by him from Truro to Mr. Nicholas Pearce, St. Mellion, Callington, 5 Dec. 1809, according to instructions of Mr. Hayward; approx. 21.5a.
Roads to St. Austell, Tregony, and from 'Carhaise'; neighbouring landowners. Field-names, acreages and values; relative quantities of various land usages.
Ink on paper.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch.
42 cm. x 52 cm.

Landulph  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7465  (early 19th cent.)

Lower part of plan of Tinnell.
Roads to Clifton, 'Wheaton', footpath to Cargreen; neighbouring landowners. Fields numbered but no reference table.
Ink and watercolour on paper.
Note re hedges.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch.
32.5 cm. x 63 cm.

St. Mellion  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7466/1  ?c 1883

Draft plan of fields around Dunstan (mentions only Dunstan Quoin; Quarle Wood; chapel and quarry).
Fields numbered but no reference table.
Pencil and watercolour on paper.
No scale.
56 cm. x 50 cm.
O.S. field numbers as in 1883 map.

[no title]  CY/7466/2  ?c.1853

Rough plan of small portion of above, enlarged.
Pencil on paper.
No scale.
20 cm. x 25 cm.
Date: see above.

[no title]  CY/7467  1810

Plan of 'Green Hill' (Greenswell), the property of J. T. Coryton esq; approx. 157a.
Roads to Callington, Landrake, New Bridge, Newton Park, Saltash, Viverton; neighbouring areas and landowners. Field-names and acreages; relative quantities of various land-usages.
Ink and watercolour on paper.
Note re. hedges.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch.
Surveyor: W. T. Stentaford.
52. 5 cm. x 68 cm.

[no title]  CY/7468  1809

Plan of 'Keaston' (Keason). Tag: 'Northwood and pt. of Keaston (C)ommon Interest with ---- of the Freeholders'
Neighbouring areas and landowners. Field-names and acreages; relative quantities of pasture and hedge; total approx. 43. 5a.
Ink on paper.
Note re. hedges.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch.
Surveyor: W. T. Stentaford, Stoke Climsland, near Callington.
40 cm. x 51. 5 cm.

[no title]  CY/7469  nd

Draft of 'Keystone' (Keason) Tenements containing about 140a; not drawn to scale.
Roads to 'Amey' (Amy) Cross, Dunstan, High Kernock; neighbouring areas and some tenements identified.
Pencil and ink on paper.
30.5 cm. x 49 cm.
1836 watermark.

Quethiock  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7470  nd

Plan of 'Lucombe' (Luccombe); approx. 102a.
Neighbouring areas, some landowners; field-names and acreages; also relative quantities of various land usages.
Ink and watercolour on paper.
Scale: 3 chains to 1 inch.
41 cm. x 60.5 cm.
1805 watermark.

[no title]  CY/7471  11 July 1865

Plan of proposed diversion of part of road between Quethiock and Trehunsey Mill.
Roads to Hepwell, Hepwell Mill, St. Ive, Trehunsey, Venn Hill and from Liskeard.
Ink on tracing linen.
Scale: 4 chains to 1 inch.
47.5 cm. x 93.5 cm.

Saltash  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7472  1832

Plan of part of Saltash turnpike roads from Plymouth, Devon, to 'Trerule Foot' (Trerulefoot), with proposed improvements.
Engraved and printed on paper by H. Longmaid, Liskeard; main roads coloured.
Surveyed under directions of Jas. M. Rendel, civil engineer.
Scale: 3 miles to 5 inches.
30 cm. x 43.5 cm.

DEVON  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also CY/7472)

Plymouth  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7473  1864

Plan of property at Guy's Quay, Plymouth, belonging to A. Coryton, esq.
Plan and front elevation of buildings with measurements of 'superficial feet' and cost.
Ink and watercolour on paper.
Scale: 9 feet to 1 inch.
46.5 cm. x 50. 5 cm.

[no title]  CY/7474-7476  1890

Devon O.S. maps 1st editon 6" 1888-90:
LXVI N.E. (Colebrooke); some fields numbered and coloured. 44.5 cm. x 58 cm. 1888.
C11. S.E. (Dawlish); lower part missing. 36.5 cm. x 58.5 cm. n.d.
CX N.E. (Teignmouth); 45 cm. x 58 cm.

OTHER  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/7477  1871

Chart showing relative values of feeding stuffs for fattening, flesh-forming and manure; a supplement to the Agricultural Economist.
Paper on linen.
Published by the Agricultural and Horticultural Association (limited), 35, King Street, Westminster.
56.5 cm. x 44.5 cm.

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