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Reference CY
Covering dates 13th cent-20th cent
Held by Cornwall Record Office
Extent 7477 Files
Source of acquisition Accessions 1071, 1093, 1129, 1156, 1193, 2166, 2391, 2584
Deposited by Major J. Coryton, M.C., Pentillie Castle, Saltash.
(As from May 1980 the collection is held on deposit from the executors of the late Major J. Coryton: Mrs. K. W. Coryton, Pentillie, and Mr. E. R. Wheatley Hubbard, Broadleaze, Warminster, Wilts. as trustees of the estate)
Creators Coryton family of Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

Administrative history:
Until William Wilkin's new house was built at Pentillie (Pentillie Castle) in 1812 in a landscape created by Humphrey Repton (CY/7371), the seat of the Coryton family in Cornwall was the mansion at West Newton Ferrers, rebuilt between 1695-1701 (CY/5221. Building accounts), of which there is a charming picture by Edumund Prideaux in 1716 (Architectural History, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, Vol. 7 (1964) See also Country Life 17 and 24 December 1938). The house was burnt down in 1940.
West Newton Ferrers was of great antiquity. In Domesday Book it was held of the Court of Mortain by Reginald de Valletorte (who held the honour of Trematon which he sold to Earl Richard of Cornwall in 1270) and the under tenant or mesne tenant was the De Ferrers family of whose mesne tenancy there is a record from 1211 onwards to the fourteenth century. (Red Book of the Exchequer ii, 621. Book of Fees I, 393; ii, 770, 796. Feudal Aids i, 200, 206, 212, 234). Although in 1212 Roger de Ferrers held seven knights' fees, by 1243 this had become reduced to one knight's fee.
Isolda, daughter and heiress of John de Ferrers, carried West Newton Ferrers in 1314 by her marriage to Jeffery Coryton of Coryton (Lifton Hundred) in Devon. Jeffery's great grandson Edward Coryton, married Joan Bodulgate c. 1435 and thereby the family acquired the manor of Bodulgate in Boconnoc and eventually (CY/1058) the manor of Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne in Quethiock and St. Ive parishes. c. 1540 Peter Coryton and his wife Joan Tregassow had the manor of Warleggan with Hopsland and Pollygenna in St. Cleer and property in Bodmin (CY/1555).
The murder of Richard Coryton in 1564 (CY/1557, 7042, 7043, 7191) provided Sabine Baring Gould with an exciting chapter in his Cornish Character and Strange Events (1909) pp. 388-398. Suspicion rested on his son Peter who married Joan or Jane Wrey (CY/1059, 1558) but he did not do it (although his father was opposed to the marriage). Nearly a century later (CY/7043) John Coryton of Probus tried to claim the Coryton inheritance, he was the grandson of Peter Coryton's brother, John Coryton of Probus, but he claimed it without success (CY/7043, cf. 7191).
Acquisition of estates continued during the seventeenth century. Before 1605 the bailwick of the Hundred of East Wivelshire and the manor of Greyston in Lezant and South Petherwin were acquired from the Chichester family who had married an heiress of the Wyse family, the medieval owners (CY/1929 and 7099). Perhaps the hundred of East and the manor of Greyston (the seat of the Wyse family) came with the marriage of William Coryton with Elizabeth, the third daughter of John Chichester of Raleigh, Devon, esq. (before 1605). The manor of Dinnerdake in St. Ive and Liskeard was acquired in moieties in 1611 from the Corbet family and Francis Tregian (jun.) esq., the recusant (cf. CY/338-9). The brother and heir of Francis Tregian, (jun.), Charles Tregian, sold the manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock to William Coryton, esq. before 1620 (Lysons' Cornwall (1814), 156). The manor of Penpoll in Quethiock, St. Ive and St. Germans (like Dinnerdake) was bought in moieties Corbet-Kekewich-Coryton; Tregian-Sprye-Coryton) (Lysons' Cornwall 274). Two-thirds of the manor of Pillaton between c. 1642 and 1660. (CY/677-736). The manors of Tregian and Golden in Probus, St. Ewe, Creed and Cuby were bought by William Coryton of Charles Tregian.
In 1640 some of the old lands of the Coryton family were sold off by William Coryton, including some acquired by his great grandfather, Peter Coryton, who died in 1602). These included (CY/4), Coryton in Devon, lands in Creed, Probus, and St. Erme (probably the manor of Tregassow), also estates in St. Winnow, Veryan and Carhays, to name no other parishes.
In 1646 the first marriage of (Sir) John Coryton (created a baronet 27 Feb. 1662) to Elizabeth, the daughter of John Mills of Colebrooke, Devon, brought in the valuable manor of Colebrooke in Devon. The post-nuptial settlement in 1646, (CY/1559-1560) included most of the estates already noted together with the manors of West Draynes in St. Neot, Great Caradon in Linkinhorne and other lands in Lostwithiel, St. Pinnock and Tintagel.
The manor of Frogwell and Durnaford in Callington and St. Ive was acquired in 1658 (CY/353). Leasehold title of Carrybullock park and Warham and Grimscomb woods in Stoke Climsland was taken from the Crown from 1661 to 1782. Another marriage: that of John Coryton and Elizabeth Chiverton in 1672 (CY/1564) brought the manor of Trehunsey in Quethiock and St. Ive.
The Coryton family faced a series of crises towards the end of the seventeenth century. The second baronet, Sir John Coryton died young in 1690 and Elizabeth, his wife married James Tillie, the family (perhaps one should say the unjust) steward, described in 1673 as 'steward and menial servant' of Sir John Coryton (CY/2908) and by 1689 a legal paper shows that Tillie had taken his master's wife and goods and deeds! (CY/7197) and presumably lands (cf. CY/1076), West Draynes), (manor of Great Caradon, CY/6076 leasehold woods in Stoke Climsland). On January 14th 1687 James Tillie was created a Knight bachelor, though apparently, there was some question of whether he was even entitled to bear arms (See S. Baring-Gould, Cornish Character and Strange Events, 402). Yet his title remained, and this inability to justify his pretentions to bearing arms was referred to by his nephew when he obtained a grant of arms on 21 November 1733. (CY/7048). Unjust, perhaps cruel and unbalanced, Sir James Tillie certainly was witness to the strange arrangements for his burial in his will of 1704 (CY/1676-1678, 1711, 1719.) But as S. Baring-Gould points out the funeral arrangements were not so bizarre as Hals made out, and yet some difficulties surround the few known facts about him.
He was admitted to the Middle Temple in 1673 (ex. inf. Librarian and Keeper of the Records of the Middle Temple, Miss E. McNeill) in the same year as he was described as a steward and menial servant of Sir John Coryton. He may have delayed his admission to the Middle Temple, he is found as a witness to many of Sir John Coryton's documents from 1668 to 1676 and then in 1682 and to a lease of Sir William Coryton in 1691. He occurs as of the Middle Temple (though as a witness or party to Coryton deeds) between 1680 and 1687. Baring-Gould made him out to be the son of John Tillie of St. Keverne, labourer. No Tillies could be found in the registers of St. Keverne. He was in fact a gentleman (see Tillie Pedigree note (e) ), the son of John Tillie of Wingfield in Wiltshire, gent. or yeoman (CY/1223 cf. CY/216-17 where John Tillie, sen. decd. is described as grandfather of James Tillie of St. Mellion, gent.) where he purchased an estate (Belle-Cour) in 1695. Yet he was steward to Sir William Coryton 1690-1694 (CY/5189). In CY/671, a lease of 1698, he described himself as of Pentillie Castle. He died 15 November 1713 and his will was proved 8 March 1714. His monument at Pentillie Castle gives his death as 15 November 1713. His brother was a cordwainer of Bristol in 1673 (ex.inf. K. H. Rogers, Wilts.Record Office) though he is later in the Coryton deeds called merchant (CY/1218, 1223, 1230) and there were many Tillies who were engaged in various trades in Bristol (ex.inf. Miss M. E. Williams, City Archivist, Bristol), between 1656 and 1685. Sir James Tillie had a sister married to a William Woollie or Woolley and he inherited his uncle's wealth at the price of assuming the name of Tillie. James Tillie, junior's son, James Tillie, married Mary and the daughter of that marriage, Mary Jemima, married John Coryton.
Sir James Tillie's estate was his master's though he seems to have acquired Padreda in Linkinhorne in 1685 (CY/7097) together with the tithes of Linkinhorne on the west side of the river Lynher (see also the Fine, CY/7 of 1687).
In 1728 Lysons' (p. 197) says James Tillie, junior, had the barton of Padreda and he suffered a recovery of this in 1744 (CY/14-16). In 1752 James Tillie had the free fishing of the river Lynher as well (see Settlement (CY/17-18 dated 1752). We also find property in Dorset going to James Tillie, the nephew (see CY/14-15 and 1678). His uncle, Sir James Tillie, bought extensive properties in Plymouth (CY/431-2) and elsewhere in Devon (CY/1187), which later reverted to John Tillie Coryton, the son of John Coryton and Mary Jemima Tillie in 1814 (CY/1192)
John Coryton was the son of Peter Goodall who took the name of Coryton. The fourth and last baronet, Sir John Coryton, died childless in 1739. To quote from the late Mary French, A Victoria Village: a record of the parish of Quethiock (1977) p. 18: 'In 1739 through lack of a male heir, the barontecy became extinct and the family seat Newton Ferrers, was claimed by the childless widow of Sir John Coryton, the fourth baronet. However, much other property was regained by a suit at law and Peter Goodall, a second cousin now became the head of the family, assumed the name of Coryton (his grandmother's maiden name) and came to live at Crocadon, St. Mellion'. (Note Sir William Coryton, Bt. bought Crocadon of the Trevisa family in 1704 (CY/752).
Perhaps Mary French underestimated the disturbance of the crisis of 1739. It is true that the Goodall family brought in property in Fowey (CY/309) and the manor of Tregarthen in Gorran and Lanteglos by Fowey (CY/1696), also part of the manor of Manely Colshill in St. Veep (see CY/326, 309, 1676). Yet the long lawsuit of Coryton v. Helyar fought in Chancery (CY/7099-7167) by the last baronet's widow, Dame Rachel Helyar, (and her successors under her will) from 1740-1772) against Peter Coryton (née Goodall) and John Coryton, his son, left some scars on the Coryton estate. In 1834 Newton Park with the Barton of West Newton Ferrers was sold to Edward Collins, esq., of Truthen, St. Erme (Parochial History iii, 309) by William Helyar of Coker Court, Somerset, esq. with the manors of Dinnerdake and Pillaton (CY/652; see also CY/31, where estates in Quethiock and St. Neot were threatened to be recovered by the Helyar family in 1833). In fact a sale catalogue of 1924 by direction of the executors of the late Thurstan Collins (CY/1464-5) shows property to be sold at Newton Ferrers including the barton of Newton Ferrers, the barton farm of Pillaton and Dinnerdake farm, St. Ive.
Later properties acquired by the Coryton family include an estate at Yate in Gloucestershire - an annuity was charged on this in 1771 for Mary Jemima Tillie's marriage settlement (CY/1609-1610, see also Fine of J. T. Coryton in 1810, CY/29-30).
Various properties were acquired in Landulph in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (see Contents). Part of the manor of Halton in St. Dominic was acquired by John Coryton in 1786 (CY/158-163) and Augustus Coryton bought Halton Quay in 1869 (CY/165-225). The manor of Trewinnick and Altarnun was acquired in 1806 (CY/34-37 see Contents.) For the details of acquisitions, and sales etc. of other lands in Cornwall and elsewhere, the detailed list of contents should be consulted. No attempt has been made to bring this catalogue up to the changes of the present century. Such a task would concern fruit farming in the Tamar Valley on Coryton lands, sales of land, the cultivation of Viverdon Down (CY/7364), the reduction of the wings at Pentillie Castle in 1968 to the seventeenth-century east wing (CY/7371) etc. This and the people who lived on the Quethiock estate and the later squires has been admirably described by the late Mary French, (Mrs. Wenmoth) in her Victorian Village: A Record of the Parish of Quethiock in Cornwall, 1977, with superb photographs which no written documents can emulate.
A member of the family of great interest was William Coryton (1579-1651). He was a collector of subsidies for both the hundreds of West and East Wivelshire (CY/7283), hence the subsidy rolls for the hundred of East for 1604 and 1628. He collected 'Privy Seal money' in 1625 (CY/7287-8). This was a forced loan of King Charles I to which William Coryton objected and for which he was imprisoned in the Fleet in June 1627 for refusing to contribute to a forced loan: his fellow-sufferers were Sir John Eliot and John Hampden. In 1629, William Coryton (then M.P. for Launceston) was one of the members prosecuted in the Court of Star Chamber for detaining Finch, Speaker of the House of Commons, in his Chair CY/7244, a letter of 26th June 1637, is a letter from John Meautes to Sir John Lenthall, Knight, marshal of the King's Bench to set Mr. Coryton (Vice-warden of the Stannaries) at liberty to attend King Charles I at Greenwich the following day 'to be further Informed concerninge the cause of his commitment'. William Coryton is found as Vice-Warden of the Stannaries in 1629, 1630 and 1634 (CY/7241-2), and had the stewardship of Duchy of Cornwall manors in 1645, as also did his son at a later date (CY/7245-6).
Nevertheless, when the Civil War came William Coryton realised that the royal cause was that of law. He certainly was a Royalist but was probably too old for military service in 1642, though he was Colonel of a regiment of foot in 1629 (CY/7261). In 1646 in February with other eastern gentry he treated with Fairfax and in the following month he negotiated with other Royalists for the surrender of Mount Edgcumbe. The estate at Newton suffered. On 5 April 1647 he was fined £1244, but by July he had got the fine reduced to £828 pleading the services of his daughter Philippa who had acted as an intermediary with Fairfax. His son - described as John Coryton of Newton, gent. - had to pay a sequestration fine of £197-13s. (See also CY/7237-9).
Sir John Coryton, the first baronet was a stannator of the Stannary of Fowey in 1673 and on the general commission of prizes (CY/7247-8). Just before his baronetcy of 1662 John Coryton was appointed in 1660 a gentleman of the Privy Chamber (CY/7373). Then and in 1664 (Sir) John Coryton also was Colonel of a regiment of foot (CY/7262; 7264).
Corytons served as sheriffs of Cornwall in 1683 and 1782 (James Tillie, jun. was sheriff in 1734). They also provided Deputy Lieutenants of the County in 1623, 1706, 1761 and 1841, (CY/7260-7261; 7266-7268), and several J.P.'s and commissioned officers in the Militia, (CY/7257-9; 7269-etc.). It is appropriate that in the year this catalogue has been completed in MS., 1980*, Major Jeffery Coryton, M.C. is Sheriff of Cornwall.
The possession of the bailiwick of the hundred court of East (see above) has led to the survival of some rare and interesting court rolls for the hundred of East: two for 1487 to 1487, one for 1513 and further rolls and papers for the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (CY/7249-7256).
Finally, the Coryton muniments contain a very comprehensive set of papers for the Dartmoor Hunt from 1872-1916 (CY/6901-7036). William Coryton was M.O.H. from 1901 to 1915.

Muniments of Title:-
St. Dominic, St. Mellion;
Gorran, manor of Tregarthen;
St. Ive;
Kea and Feock, manor of Landegay;
Lanteglos by Fowey;
Grant of Treovis (Linkinhorne or Stoke Climsland); Cuttivet in Landrake; Upton in Linkinhorne;
St. Mellion;
St. Mewan;
St. Neot;
Cornelly, Probus and Veryan;
South Petherwin;
St. Veep;
County Durham;
Dorset, and Gloucestershire
VARIOUS LISTS OF DEEDS and LEASES (and receipts for them)
Cornwall and Devon
Bonds (Classified by type)
MARRIAGE SETTLEMENTS etc. (a few are ordinary settlements)
Coryton Settlements
Non-Coryton Settlements
PROBATE: WILLS and BONDS and allied papers
LEASES etc:-
Callington, Southill;
Manor of Frogwell and Durnaford in Callington and St. Ive and Southill;
Bailiwick of the hundred of East Wivelshire;
Manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock;
Manor of Tregarton, Gorran;
Manor of Colebrooke, parish of Colebrooke, Devon;
Manor of West Newton Ferrers in St. Mellion;
Manor of West Draynes, St. Neot and St. Cleer;
Pillaton (including manor of Pillaton);
Manor of Hammett, alias Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne;
Manor of Penpoll in Quethiock and St. Ive and St. Germans;
Manor of Trehunsey in Quethiock and St. Ive;
Leases (and allied estate papers); underleases of Carrybullock Park, Stoke Climsland.
(Carrybullock Park part of Ancient Duchy Manor of Stoke Climsland held on lease by the Coryton family)
Leases, manor of Manely Colshill, St. Veep
Leases described as 'Outlands' Some of Leases in Callington are 'outlands' leases. And other remaining leases
Outlands. Altarnun and St. Breward
St. Cleer
St. Dominic
St. Dominic, Pillaton and St. Mellion
St. Germans
St. Mellion
St. Pinnock
St. Stephens by Launceston (Outlands)
South Petherwin
Nymet Tracy
Stockleigh English
Yate, Gloucestershire
Whitchurch, Dorset
Winfield, Wilts
Rentals and Rent Accounts
Estate General:
Estate Correspondence
Duchy of Cornwall
Land Tax
Papers Relating to Leases
Letters and Papers
Bills and Acts of Parliament
Sales and Sale Posters
Surveys and Extents
Surveys and Valuations
Surveys: Woods
Tenders and Specifications
Timber and Woods
Valuations (inc. Timber)
Inquisitions post mortem
Manorial Papers
Maps and Plans
Mining and Stannary (including Quarries)
Estate: Tithes
Administration Accounts and Other Accounts
Bond and Probate papers
Declarations of Trusts
(Dartmoor) Foxhounds
Parliamentary Elections
Murder of Peter Coryton's father
Writ for surety of the peace and General Pardons
Family records, pedigrees, arms
Saltash Floating Bridge
PUBLIC OFFICE and allied papers
There are helier's accounts for the new building at West Newton from 1695 to 1701 (CY/5521). There are some early deeds for which MS. slips were found by Mr. Jeayes, an Assistant Keeper at the British Museum, e.g. a description of the bounds of the glebe of the manor of Elerky in Veryan in 1530 (CY/1169): a deed (CY/7365) of Bishop John Grandisson of Exeter 1347 concerning the presentation to the living of South Hill; early deeds of the Ferrers family of 1278 and 1293 relating to West Newton Ferrers (CY/481 and 482). A document signed by King Henry VIII (CY/6397) granted permission for moving the church of Old Kea (Landegay) in 1532 (this necessary move was not properly implemented until 1896!)
Depositions of 1583 about the boundary of the manors of Halton and West Newton refer to the Rebellion of 1497 and the Prayer Book Rebellion (CY/7189). A map of Landegay c. 1770 shows the manor and Kea Cross (CY/6673).

SALES  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For sale of property in County Durham see CY/1195-8.

CALLINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
In hand 1896, sold 1898.

House in Fore Street

[no title]  CY/1234  1 January 1842

Lease for 99 yrs. or 3 lives. Rent £2. Heriot 5s.
(i) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(ii) Jn. Martin, Callington, linen draper.
- house erected by (iii) in Fore Street, Callington. (Lives: Mary Ann Saunders (wife of Robt. Saunders) 22; Jn. Martin 19 and Amelia Martin 18; s. and dtr. of (ii).
Witd. Peter Glubb.
Note attached about death of last life, Jn. Martin 20 November 1896.

[no title]  CY/1235-1238  27 May 1898

Conveyance. £300.
(i) Wm. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(ii) Albert Easterbrook, Callington, draper.
- house in Fore Street, Callington.
With three letters appertaining.

ST. CLEER  [no ref. or date]


[no title]  CY/1239-1249  6 November 1867

Conveyance by A. Coryton. £530
To Jn. Phil. Lyne, Moorswater Lodge, esq.
- Little Pellegenna, St. Cleer.
With sale catalogue and contract, letters and papers pertaining.

FOWEY  [no ref. or date]

Mansion house.

[no title]  CY/1250  10 September 1805

Bargain and Sale (copy). £400.
(i) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
(ii) Rich. Hewett, Fowey, watchmaker.
- mansion house in Fowey with stable and gdns. Formerly in possession of (i)'s grandfather, Peter Coryton, esq., then Jn. Coryton, esq., (i)'s father, then occ. Ben. Bloomfield, esq. With right of way (house, foot, carriage) through lane adjg. mansion house of Place in Fowey on north side thereof.

ST. GERMANS  [no ref. or date]

Barton of Cutcrew etc.

[no title]  CY/1251  24 February 1625

Enfeoffment. Sale. £1700.
(i) Wm. Coryton of West Newton, St. Mellion, esq. Geo. Spry, Probus, gent.
(ii) Jn. Moyle of Bake, St. Germans, esq.
- Barton of Cutcrew, St. Germans with Cutcrew Mills.
- mess. in St. Germans occ. Rich. Gaich.
- cottage and tucking mill occ. (leasehold) by Jn. Wood.
(Appmt. of Thos. Piper and Chas. Hambly as attorneys for (i) to deliver seisin).
Witd. Nich. Trefusis, Thos. Piper, Jn. Prye, Jn. Carter jun., Arth. Moyle.
Endsd. with note of livery of seisin 12 March 1625 by Thos. Piper Witd. Rich. Moyle, Arth. Moyle, Thos. Adams, Oliver Wills, Rich. Gollston, Robt. Jeffry, Robt. Hancock, Jas. Couch.

GORRAN  [no ref. or date]

Lower Trevison and Varcoe's tenement; Trevarrick.

[no title]  CY/1252-1262  29 November 1867

Draft Conveyance. £1350.
(i) A. Coryton, esq.
(ii) Thos. Graham Graham of Worthing, Sussex, esq.
- Lower Trevison and Varcoes ten., Gorran (50a 3r. 16p.), leased to Ben. Nott, then to Sam. James, then occ. Rich. Dolly Michell.
With plan and correspondence and Sale Catalogue of estates in St. Veep St. Neot, St. Cleer, St. Ive, Gorran, St. Pinnock and Linkinhorne (1867).

[no title]  CY/1263-1276  6 November 1867

By A. Coryton to J. M. Williams of Carhayes Castle, esq., for £400 - Trevarrick in Gorran with requisitions, sale catalogue, correspondnece etc.

ST. IVE  [no ref. or date]

Higher Penquite.

[no title]  CY/1277-1281  1865-1867

Draft conveyance
By A. Coryton to Jn. Snell, Higher Penquite, St. Ive, farmer - Higher Penquite farm, St. Ive (£1000).
6 November 1867.
With allied papers (from 1865) including plan.

LINKINHORNE  [no ref. or date]


[no title]  CY/1282-1287  6 November 1867

Draft conveyance.
A. Coryton to Thos. Kittow of Linkinhorne, gent.
- Patrieda, Linkinhorne. (£3900).

ST. MELLION  [no ref. or date]

Part of Viverdon and Amy Downs; two closes at Axford; Meadow at Bealbury and Quarle estate.

[no title]  CY/1288  1894

Conveyance (copy). £190 and £110 (£300).
(i) Wm. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq. (Vendor).
(ii) Peter Hambly of Westcott, parishes of Callington and St. Mellion (Purchaser), gent.
(Recital (i) under will of Augustus Coryton proved Bodmin District Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice, 7 December 1891, tent. for life and trustees of land conveyed).
- (1) 38a., part of Viverdon and Amy Downs, near Axford and Westcott in St. Mellion.
- (2) 2 closes part of Axford farm (9a. 1r. 27p. O.S. Nos. 676 and 677). (Plan attached). With minerals. (Right of common reserved to (i) in Viverdon and Amy Downs, except for right of common attaching to Axford. Also reserving hedge separating 2 closes from Axford.
Conveyance, subject to rights of tent. of Axford. (i) to leave part of Viverdon Down for a pathway between Mossland Green and Amy Tree as right of way for (ii) with horses and carriages. This way not to be less than sixty feet wide - reducible to 30 feet when macadmised road made (i) to erect fences and swing gate (not less than 10 feet wide) to prevent straying of cattle.
Not witnessed.

[no title]  CY/1289-1340  1866-67

Abstracts of title: meadow in St. Mellion adjg. mowhay of Bealbury farm (391 in tithe appmt.) with copy draft conveyance by A. Coryton to Jn. Hodge, Callington, gent. (1867). With draft conveyance of Quarle estate, St. Mellion to A. Coryton by Jn. Hodge of Callington 1867 (with abstract and letters, requisitions on title etc.)

PILLATON  [no ref. or date]


[no title]  CY/1341  5 June 1781

Letter of Attorney
(i) Wm. Clarke of Lerridge, Westerleigh, Glos.
(ii) Jos. Greenway of Kendalshire, Winterbourn, Glos.
- 2/3 share of ten. at Ormhill, Pillaton then in poss. of Jas. Pope, yeo.
Witd. Robt. Tucker.

ST. PINNOCK  [no ref. or date]

Lower Common Wood.

[no title]  CY/1342-1347  6 November 1867

Draft Conveyance. £100.
By A. Coryton to Thos. Tamblyn, Wilton, St. Pinnock, yeo. - Lower Common Wood, St. Pinnock.
With contract for sale etc.

QUETHIOCK  [no ref. or date]

Site for National School.

[no title]  CY/1348-1416  1876-1878

Draft Conveyance.
(i) Augustus Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(ii) The Revd. Jn. Rook Fletcher, Vicar of Quethiock.
- site for National School at Quethiock and teacher's house. (Plan). (An addition to the old school.)
1 April 1876.
With papers from Education Dept., Charity Commission, and correspondence (1876-1878).

ST. VEEP  [no ref. or date]

Various  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1417/1-4  1850-1858

Letter from Peter Glubb to A. Coryton. Expired lease of Brockhole ten. in Brighton Wood in St. Veep given to Mr. Snell. Thinks Mr. Coryton only owns 5/8 etc. Also about firm of mining leases. 24 March 1850.
Letter from former tent. of Brockhole, Rich. May, from Town Arms Inn, Lostwithiel 25 November 1856. Will meet Mr. Coryton or his agent at Liskeard.
Paper showing Mrs. May owned 13/24 and Mr. Coryton 11/24 of Brockhole ten. Sold to Mrs. May for £70. 9 March 1858.
Agreement between Eliz. May and A. Coryton for above sale 9 March 1858.

[no title]  CY/1418  27 February 1845

Conveyance (attested copy). £216-13-4.
(i) Augustus Coryton, Esq.,
(ii) The Revd. G. H. Somerset, rector of St. Mabyn Arth. E. Somerset, Inner Temple, barrister (trustees of will of Jn. Tillie Coryton)
(iii) Wm. Parkyn, St. Veep, gent.
(iv) Jn. Marshall, St. Veep, miller.
- one third of a moiety and 3/6 of a moiety of Hole in St. Veep.
Witd. Edwd. Chapman, clerk to Messrs. Glubbs, Liskeard; Nehemiah Pugh, servant to G. H. Somerset; H. D. Harness Captain Royal Engineers.

Penpoll etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1419/1-2  25 December 1868

Conveyance. £55.
By A Coryton to Ben. Frethey, Penpoll, St. Veep, blacksmith.
- Lower Orchard, part of Penpoll, St. Veep.
Witd. B. Snell, Wayton, Landulph; C. L. Radcliffe, solcr., Plymouth.
With draft.

[no title]  CY/1420  c.1867

Draft conveyance
By A. Coryton to Jn. Marshall of Higher Penpoll farm, St. Veep,
- 3 parts of Penpoll Farm, St. Veep (£520).

[no title]  CY/1421  25 December 1868

By A. Coryton to Jn. Marshall of Higher Penpoll farm, St. Veep, farmer.
- part of Penpoll farm (3 flds. called Oat Park, New Park and Frith Park).

[no title]  CY/1422/1-6  1869

A Coryton to Thos. Mutton of Lerrin, St. Veep (£650) part of Penpoll farm, St. Veep occ. Mary Lander as tent.
With draft and other papers.

[no title]  CY/1423  27 February 1845

Conveyance. £160-11s.
(i) Augustus Coryton of Pentillie Castle, esq. (eldest s. and hr. of Jn. Tillie Coryton of Pentillie, esq. decd.)
(ii) The Revd. Geo. Hen. Somerset, rector of St. Mabyn Arthur Edwd. Somerset, Inner Temple, barrister (trustees of will of Jn. Tillie Coryton).
(iii) Wm. Hill, St. Veep, yeo.
(iv) Peter Southmead Glubb, Liskeard, gent.
(J. T. Coryton died 10 September 1843).
(i) and (ii) -
(iii) - 1/3 of a moiety and 3 parts of 1/6 of Higher Penpoll, St. Veep, occ. Nath. Cossentine, then Wm. Penwarne, then (iii).
Witd. Edwd. Chapman, clerk to Messrs. Glubbs, solcrs., Liskeard Nehemiah Pugh, servant to G. H. Somerset; H. D. Harness Capt. Royal Engineers.

[no title]  CY/1424  25 December 1868

Conveyance. £700.
By A. Coryton to Hen. Whetter of Penpoll Mills, St. Veep, miller - Penpoll Mills, St. Veep.

[no title]  CY/1425/1-15  1867

Conveyance. £2350.
By A. Coryton to Edwd. Robt. Pearce of St. Stephen in Brannel, yeo.
- Trevollard in St. Veep (altered in pencil to Willsland and consideration to £360), and contract etc.

[no title]  CY/1426/1-6  25 December 1868

Conveyance. £360
By A. Coryton to Edward Roberts Pearce, St. Stephen in Brannel, yeo.
- Willsland in St. Veep (7a. 2r. 36p.).
With requisitions, sale catalogue etc.

COMPOSITE  [no ref. or date]

Manor of Calliland.  CY/1427  26 June 1591

Copy of Bargain and Sale. £1150.
(i) Walt. Cope, London, esq.
(ii) Hen. Manaton, Southill, gent.
Jn. Hobbe and Jn. Crabbe, Southill, yeomen.
(Recital of royal grant of 19 June 1591 of manor of Calliland formerly in poss. of Edwd., earl of Devon, to Rich. Branthwaite and Jn. Awdley, esqres. with advowson of Southill in free and common socage, R. Branthwaite and Jn. Awdley conveyed to (i) ).
- manor of Calliland in Southill, Callington and St. Ive with advowson of Southill.
Witd. Jn. Glanvyle, He. Courtney, Hugh Trevanion, Wm. Holman.
Endsd. with note of enrolment on Close Roll.

ST. VEEP, ST. NEOT, ST. IVE, LINKINHORNE.  CY/1428-1434/1-6  1847 - 1867

Abstracts of title
To Penpoll farm, St. Veep; Penpoll Mills, St. Veep; 5/8 Brighton Wood, St. Veep; Kilham farm, St. Neot; Higher Penquite farm St. Ive; tithes of west side of Linkinhorne.
With six sale catalogues (1847) of estates in St. Veep, St. Neot, St. Cleer, St. Ive, Gorran, St. Pinnock and Linkinhorne.

[no title]  CY/1435  27 July 1666

(Partly torn away)

Bill of Sale. £600.
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton.
(ii) Wm. Thwaites, London mariner.
- ship called St. Michael alias The Allapine (120 tons) then in Plymouth harbour.

DEVON  [no ref. or date]

Colebrooke  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1436/1-29  23 July 1864

Conveyance. £1140.
From A. Coryton to The Okehampton Railway Company.
- 7a Or. 30p. in parish of Colebrook, Devon (plan endorsed).
With allied papers.
Witd. B. Snell, Wayton, Landulph.

[no title]  CY/1437/1-22  17 August 1882

Conveyance. £180.
From A. Coryton to London and South Western Railway Co.
- 3 roods 8 perches in Colebrooke, Devon, (plan).
Seal of London and South Western Railway Company.
With agreement etc.

[no title]  CY/1438/1-6  26 December 1872

Conveyance. £1000.
By A. Coryton to Samuel Norrish of Horwell House, Colebrooke, gent.
- Prestons and Broomslands, Colebrooke (plan).

[no title]  CY/1439/1-3  1866 - 1880

Conveyance (draft and copy) 10s.
By A. Coryton to London and S.W. Railway -
- 34 perches near Colebrooke Mill, parish of Coleford.
16 December 1880.
With abstract of title of A. Coryton to the manor of Colebrooke dated 1866.

Dawlish  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1440  3 April 1897

Conveyance. £5500. (iii) - (i).
(i) Wm. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, Pillaton, esq.
(ii) Charlotte Coryton, Pentillie Castle, spinster.
(iii) Edwd. Herbert Bayldon, Oaklands, Dawlish, esq.
(ii) - (i) - conveyance of lands below for annuity of £180 (i) - (ii) 8 March 1893. (iii) wished to purchase, (ii) agreed to release lands from annuity, provided an annuity of £180 continued to be paid to her by (i).).
(i) and (ii) -
(iii) - Cliff cottage, Dawlish; Great Bottom field and Backside fld. Devon; Long Close fld., Great Long Close fld., Flint fld., with the private roadway leading from the Teignmouth road, bounding one of the three flds, on the north east. With foreshore.
With rights of (i) in land adj. Cliff Cottage and Great Bottom and Back side flds, by deed of 28 June 1887 from Col. Kingscote, Commr. of H.M. Woods and Charlotte Coryton, but these (last mentioned) lands subject to any rights of the G.W.R.
Witd. Chas. Jas. Brooks, 3 Sussex Street, Plymouth (Pentillie Estate Office).

[no title]  CY/1441  1811

Abstract of title of Mr. J. E. Manning and others to several flds. in the parish (and formerly in the manor) of Dawlish reciting from 1802-1810.

NYMET TRACEY  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1442  2 February 1634

Enfeoffment (Sale) £60-17-2d.
(i) Thos. Seldon of Nymet Tracy, Devon, mercer.
(ii) Robt. Hole of Zeal Monachorum, yeo.
- 2 burgages (houses) occ. Rich. Reeve (decd.); then Wm. Bremridge, then (i) in borough of Nymett alias Bowe in parish of Nymet Tracy (2/3 of (i's) title leasehold; 1/3 freehold).
Witd. Jn. Lethbridge, Rich. Yoldon, Jn. Robins.
Endsd. with notes of livery of seisin 11 May 1634. John Robins and wife Margery. 3 February 1636.

PLYMOUTH  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1443/1  29 October 1883

Conveyance. £250,
By A. Coryton to Jas. Brown, Plymouth, gent.
- 28 Vauxhall Street, Plymouth.
Witd. B. Snell, Wayton, Hatt, Landulph; Thos. H. Phillips, solcr., Plymouth.
And sale posters etc.

BERKS., HANTS. and WILTS  [no ref. or date]

Fee Farm rents.

[no title]  CY/1444/1-2  1877

Conveyance (copy draft),
From A. Coryton and Miss F. L. G. Ward to Glanville Wm. Gresham Leveson Gower of Tilsey Place, Limspsfield, Surrey, esq.
- fee farm rents of £40.4.2½d. from manor of Ashbury, Berks., Wargrave rectory, Berks; manors of Langley, Millbrook, Norton and Bishops Hall, Hants; manor of Chiltern in Wilts.

SALE CATALOGUES  [no ref. or date]

Cornwall.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1445/1-4  1831

Sale catalogue: Blewett property in St. Dominic (advowson) and Landulph, including barton of Halton and Halton Quay (no plan).

[no title]  CY/1446  1851

Houses and land in Callington (no plan).

[no title]  CY/1447/1-48  1867

Bundle of papers, sale catalogues, poster etc. relating to Coryton Sale 24 September 1867 (St. Cleer, Gorran, St. Ive, Linkinhorne and St. Pinnock). (No plans).

[no title]  CY/1448  10 November 1904

Sale catalogue:
Pollards Down, St. Pinnock, St. Neot: Killham, Westerlake, Diddylake, Browngelly Down, New Closes, Redhill Downs, Higher Draynes, Higher Trenant, Lower Hawton and Draynes farm, Draynes Common, Draynes Rylands, Chapel Cottage, Under Lane field, Draynes House, Jane's tenement, Keast's tenement, Higman's tenet.
Catshole Down in St. Breward.
With maps and contracts.

[no title]  CY/1449  5 July 1916

Sale Catalogue:
Executors of Digby Collins decd. Ford farm with Moor ten. and part of West Morshead in St. Ive; Penpoll and Kitchen Parks farm in Quethiock (bought by Mr. Coryton 5 July 1916)
Also Saunton farm in Pillaton and part of Tremoan and three fields adjoining (bought by Mr. Coryton 5 July 1916).
With plans.

[no title]  CY/1450-1455  13 September 1916

Sale catalogues (3 copies).
Frogwell Mill in Callington and St. Ive; Durnaford Farm in St. Ive; East or Lower Crift farm, St. Ive; West or Higher Crift farm, St. Ive; lands and houses in Callington
With plans and contracts with two posters.

[no title]  CY/1456A/1-2, 1456B/1-8 and 1457/1-8  August 1919

2 copies of sale catalogue of Quethiock Estate in East Cornwall. With plans and contracts. Trenance farm, Luccombe farm, Penpoll farm; Tilland farm, Quethiock; Tilland Mill farm (Quethiock and Menheniot); Haye farm, Trehurst farm, Holwood farm, Trebrown farm, Goodmerry farm, Gooseford farm, Leigh farm, Singmoor farm, Quethiock. Clapper Bridge and Esquire the Way small holdings, Quethiock. Furslow and Herod Down farms, Quethiock Cottages. Arable and pasture at Blunts. Dannett farm, Hammett farm, Quethiock. Sopers small holding, Quethiock. Trecorme farm, Trehunist (East) farm, Trecorme mill, Trehunist (West) farm, Coombe farm, Quethiock. Cottages and small holding at Trehunist, East Quethiock farm, Great West Quethiock farm, Little West Quethiock farm, Hepwell farm, Treweese farm, Trehunsey farm, Venn farm, Quethiock. Great Ley farm, St. Ive. Little Ley small holding, St. Ive.
Venn Hill farm, Quethiock
Moordown tenement in Quethiock and St. Ive
Little Down and Plot, St. Ive.
Parson's Park smallholding and cottage.
The Masons Arms Inn, Quethiock.
House, carpenter's shop, wheelwright's or blacksmith's shop at Treweese Cross
House and cottages, Quethiock
Birch Hill, Quethiock
The School House, Quethiock
Shop at Quethiock.
Ferndale cottage and gardens, Quethiock
The Post Office, Quethiock
Rombelow or Broadapark pasture, with agreement for letting
Hepwell Mill to Alfred Harris 8 September 1911.
2nd catalogue (CY/1457) includes agreement of Wm. Coryton for letting Down Field 18th March 1910 on yearly tenancy to Wm. Hocking of Gooseford, Quethiock.
Lease of Sopers Quethiock (A. Coryton - Rich. Olver, Quethiock, yeo). 25 March 1867.
Agreement of Wm. Coryton for letting Little North Park, Quethiock to Thos. Harris of Trehunist, Quethiock 15 June 1916 on yearly tenancy.
Similar agreement 8 September 1911 with Rich. Barrett of Little West, Quethiock for letting Higher and Lower Balkens, Quethiock and another of 25 March 1903 for letting Hepwell Wood to Alfred Harris, The Shop, Quethiock, grocer. One 3 July 1911 for letting Broad Park, St. Ive to Jos. Mutton of St. Ive. Lease of Birch Hill, Quethiock, A. Coryton to Jas. Ough, Quethiock, yeo. 25 March 1876.
NB. 14456B/1-8 is a bundle of particulars, rents, tents., acreages relating to the 1919 sale.

[no title]  CY/1458-1463  August 1919

5 copies of sale catalogue of Quethiock Estate, E. Cornwall (each with 4 maps) and poster.

[no title]  CY/1464-1465  October 1924

Sale catalogue (2 copies) by direction of the executors of the late Thurstan Collins: Newton Ferrers Estate
Newton Ferrers mansion (with description from Country Life and details) and gardens.
Newton Ferrers Barton ( Home Farm) St. Mellion
New Down Pasture, St. Mellion
Rich Park Farm, Pillaton
Pillaton Mill with mill house and land
Pillaton Barton Farm
Lower Trewashford Farm, Pillaton
Trewashford Farm, Pillaton
Newbridge Smithy, house and small holding, St. Ive
Cadson Quarry, St. Ive
Cadson farm and Dinnerdake farm (both part Fursenap) St. Ive.
Heathfield farm, St. Ive and Quethiock
Warren House farm, Quethiock
Higher Kernick Cottage, Pillaton
Herod Wood, Quethiock
Washing Place (cottage) Pillaton
Cottages and lands Pillaton, Post Office and The Royal Oak Inn
With plans

[no title]  CY/1466/1-3  1926

Envelope labelled 'Captn. Coryton's purchase Viverdon Plantation'.
Contains two copies of Mount Edgcumbe. Sale Catalogues of lands in Bere Ferrers, Calstock and St. Mellion and village of Millbrook, Cawsand and Kingsand.
Viverdon plantation in St. Mellion was Lot 21 of the Sale.

Devon  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1467  1872

Sale catalogue.
Freehold properties in Exeter, Stoke-Canon, Culmstock, Littleham, Colebrooke and Paynston (plans).

[no title]  CY/1468-1469  6 June 1919

Sale catalogue, 2 copies.
W. Coryton's Colebrooke estate in Devon:
Bolts farm, Coleford, Colebrooke.
Brown and Burnhills farm, Coleford, Colebrooke.
Gribbles (small holding Coleford).
New Inn, Coleford.
Long Park, Coleford.
North Down and Henslade flds., Colebrooke.
Other lands, cottages, blacksmith's shop, Plymouth Brethren Chapel.
Colebrooke Mill.
Butsford and Mandles farm, Colebrooke.
Brocks farm Colebrooke.
Youngs and Broomsland farm, Colebrooke.
Rowes farm, Colebrooke.
Snells small holding, Colebrooke.
One with contracts.

[no title]  CY/1470/1-25  1919

Bundle of schedules of farms, small holdings, cottages (tenants, area, rent, tithe, land tax, state of cultivation).
Posters, correspondence, sale of timber etc.
Colebrooke estate

VARIOUS LISTS OF DEEDS, LEASES etc.  [no ref. or date]

Also receipts for them. Cornwall and Devon.

[no title]  CY/1471  1526 - 1703

Several sheets pinned together.
Lists of:-
Deeds, bonds, wills, settlements relating to Bittleford 1563-1703; Luffeild's Pudden, Stockadon (Stoketon) as above 1602; 1577, 1669; properties in Plymouth: Foxhole 1526-1632-1702, Woolsey Street, 1601-43, Tyn Street 1556-1686, house in Tyn Street 1556-1624, Plymouth leases 1696 and 1681; Foxhole deeds 1588-1632, Woolster Street 1601-49. Some Ceely wills, e.g. Jn. Ceely 2 June 1683 (P.C.C.); leases of houses etc. in Tyn Street 1686, Woolster Street 1690, Foxhole 1691, 1684, Stockaton (Stoketon) leases 1610, 1618, 1685, leases Tinnel in Landulph 1684, 1650, 1658, deeds and leases there 1577-1669 and Luffeilds Pudden 1615 and 1616.
Bonds and deeds: Bittleford 1561-1680; leases, deeds, bonds Stockadon 1601-1643;
Bittleford deeds 1618-1703; leases, Bittleford 1684-1703.
Plymouth: Woolster St., deeds, bonds, leases 1632-1680, Tyn Street, deeds etc. 1681 and 1686.
Foxhole deeds; 1540-1702.
- i.e. Plymouth and Landulph

[no title]  CY/1472/1-5  1635-1878

5 documents

Receipts for deeds etc.
One dated 1635; By John Lanyon. Landegay (Kea) deeds and leases 1688; another receipt 1708, another receipt 1706 (Out-county); receipt for packet 1878.

[no title]  CY/1473  Dated 27 March 1686

Description of messuage in High Street, Saltash, bought by Jas. Tillie from Edwd. Facie and leased for 1000 yrs, 30 August 1687 from Sir Jas. Tillie to Rich. Eare, i.e. a description of title.

[no title]  CY/1474  1687 - 1692

List of leases.
Sir Jn. Coryton - Jn. Hawkins. Hey and Broom Downs 26 March 1687.
8 October 1692 Sir Wm. Coryton to Margaret Hawkins - Broome Parks.
1 October 1692 Sampson Hawkins Counterpart for Shepna Parke, Three Corner Park and Little Mead Park

[no title]  CY/1475  (1736 or later)

List of deeds relating to manors of Landegay, Greston, with list of deeds that 'are wanting'.

[no title]  CY/1476  (1742)

List of title deeds and leases 'wanting in Newton Study'.

[no title]  CY/1477/1-23  1755-1848

23 documents

Lists of deeds (inc. 1 letter) including many received by P. Glubb of Liskeard.

[no title]  CY/1478/1-8  1839-1872

8 documents

Bundle of various lists of deeds including list of places only in Devon and Cornwall; letter from Peter Glubb, Liskeard to Wm. Hodge of Devonport about Coryton documents relating to rights claimed by Corporation of Saltash in the River Tamar; schedule of deeds and documents relating to Col. Coryton's premises in Plymouth (rectg. 1526, 1702-1844); schedule of papers and deeds returned to A. Coryton 23 June 1849 (Devon and Cornwall); schedule of deeds etc. delivered from Mr. Glubb of Liskeard to A. Coryton 12 April 1853 (Devon and Cornwall); similar list in book, same date; list of books and papers belonging to A. Coryton delivered to him by A. Lorane (Cornwall); draft schedule of deeds handed to B. Snell (Devon and Cornwall) 1872.

[no title]  CY/1479/1-4  1850, 1876 and undated

Various lists of deeds and documents (4) from 1850 including label of package from British Museum, London, addressed to Mrs. Coryton for carriage forward to Pentillie Castle (package insured for £100). (Was this the return of the documents examined by I.Jeayes?)

[no title]  CY/1480/1-2  1873-c.1883

Two lists of deeds: Coryton estates in Cornwall and Devon.

[no title]  CY/1481  15 June 1876

Receipt by A. Coryton for part of contents of parcel 184 removed relating to the Revd. G. Coryton's marriage settlement.

[no title]  CY/1482  1884

Schedule of deeds of Bray Down estate, Altarnun (Mortgaged to A. Coryton).

BONDS and MORTGAGES  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also mortgages passim CY/1-1233).

Bonds  [no ref. or date]

Coryton to pay stated sum of money.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1483  20 May 1611

Release of actions.
From Thos. Winnyngton, gent.
To Wm. Coryton except bond of £100 in which Coryton stood bound (with Pascow Julian) to Winnyington to pay £50 to Winnyngton on 16 May 1612 and similar bond (same parties) to pay Winnyington £10 on same day. Both bonds dated 16 May 1611.
Witd. Jn. Taprell.
With note of another bond for £120 which could not be found.

[no title]  CY/1484  21 November 1623

Bond. £300.
Sir Jn. Eliot of Hatch Arundell, Devon, Kt.
To Wm. Coryton of West Newton, esq.
- W. Coryton for debt of Sir J. Eliot with him and Wm. Dunch of Avebury, Wilts., esq. bound to Alice Woodroue, London, widow in £200 for payment of £105 on 23 May 1624 at house of Michael Holman, Ludgate Hill, London, scrivener.
Condition Sir Jn. Eliot to pay £105 (as above).
Witd. Michael Holman, scrivener, his servant, Rich. Holman.

[no title]  CY/1485  16 November 1626

Bond. £300.
Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers
To Giles Inglett of Lamerton, Devon, gent.
To pay Inglett £160 March 26th 1627.
Witd. - Prideaux, Roger Jope.

[no title]  CY/1486  27 February 1634

Bond. £300.
Maurice Hill of St. Germans, gent.
To Wm. Coriton of West Newton, esq. and Emanuel Langford of Tremabe, esq.
Coriton and Langford at debt of M. Hill bound to Robt. Wright London, gent. in £200 for payment of £102-13-4 on 19 June 1634 at house of Michael Holman, London, scrivener, (Ludgate Hill, London).
M. Hill to pay this.
Witd. Thos. Browne, Hen. Rothwell, servants to M. Holman, scrivener; Robt. Langford.

[no title]  CY/1487  5 June 1634

Bond. £300.
Maurice Hill, St. Germans, gent.
To Wm. Coriton of Newton, esq.
Parties above and Emanuel Langford of St. Cleer, esq., at request of M. Hill and for his debt bound to Sir Wm. Colley of Burdropp, Wilts., Kt. in £200 for payment of £103-13-4 at house of Felixlonge, Lincolns Inn Fields 22 November 1634.
M. Hill to pay this.
Witd. Robt. Langford; Felix Long, scrivener, Thos. Rutter, his servant.

[no title]  CY/1488  11 November 1637

Bond. £20.
Jn. Coryton of St. Teeve (St. Ive), gent.
Walt. Coryton of Plymouth, gent.
To Rich. Chandler of Plymouth, goldsmith.
To pay £10 to R. Chandler by following 9 May
Witd. Thos. Collynn, Zachareyis Bardsey.
Endsd. with note of repayment 2 July 1638.

[no title]  CY/1489  4 May 1661

Bond. £400.
Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Kt. and Bt. and Jn. Rashleigh of Coombe, Cornwall, esq.
To Thos. Soper of St. Clement Danes, Mddsx., tailor.
Coryton and Rashleigh to pay Soper £203 before 22 April following.
Witd. Hen. Pengelly, J. Marshall, Wm. Stephens.

[no title]  CY/1490  30 May 1664

Bond. £327
Sir Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Kt. and Bt.
To Thos. Soper of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, tailor.
Coryton to pay £163-11s. to Soper on following 29 September.
Witd. J. Marshall.

[no title]  CY/1491  21 January 1674

Bond. £40.
Edwd. Rutter, Lincolns Inn Fields, Mddsx., gent.
Wm. Coryton of London, gent.
To Jn. Vivian of London, esq.
Rutter and Coryton to pay Vivian £20 by 22 February following
Witd. Joseph Johnson, Jn. Faulkner.
Endsd. with note of repayments and Vivian only acting in trust (? to Coryton).

[no title]  CY/1492  21 January 1674

Bond. £80.
Edwd. Rutter, Lincolns Inn Fields, Mddsx., gent.
To Wm. Coryton, of London, gent.
(Recital of CY/1491).
Rutter to pay Vivian £20 and save Coryton harmless.
Witd. Joseph Johnson, Jn. Faulkner.

[no title]  CY/1493  16 March 1681

Bond. £600.
Sir Jn. Coryton, Newton Ferrers, Bt.
To Anne Coryton of Acton, Mddsx., widow of Sir Jn. Coryton Bt. decd.
Sir J. C. to pay Anne C. £300 at Middle Temple Hall, London 3 May 1685. If she not then alive to be paid to Wm. Coryton of Middle Temple, London, esq. and Jas. Tillie of the Middle Temple, gent.
Witd. Jas. Tillie, George Charlton, Sarah Hobbs.

[no title]  CY/1494  10 November 1704

Bond. £700.
Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers
To pay £350 to Dorothy Trevisa, widow on following 10 November following.
Witd. (? G.) Lyne, Jn. Hakes, Rich. Smith.
Note of receipt 12 October 1705 'being parte of the consideration for Crockedon and other lands of Sir Wm. Coryton.'

Coryton to save harmless against a future debt.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1495  31 January 1613

Bond. £1000.
Sir Robt. Chichester of Yolston, Devon, (Knight of the Noble Order of the Bath),
To Wm. Currinton of Newton, esq.
To save Currinton (Coryton) harmless of 3 bonds of even date (Coryton and Chichester bound to Rich. Roberts, Truro, gent. in £600 for payment of £300 on 6 February 1614. Also to Mary Roberts, Truro, spinster in £60 for payment of £30 on same date).
Witd. Nich. Gill, Robt. Blie.

[no title]  CY/1496  24 November 1629

Bond. £40.
Hugh Prust of Gorven, Devon, gent.
To Wm. Coriton of West Newton, esq.
(Coriton with Prust bounden to Nicholas Bacon, esq. for debt. of Prust of even date in £200 to pay £104 May 25 following).
Prust to save Coriton harmless against this debt.
Witd. Hugh Prust, Francis Lutterell, Roger How.

To save Coryton harmless against a past debt.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1497  3 February 1626

Bond. £300.
Charles Lord Lambert of (? Canon) in Ireland
To Wm. Coryton of (? Newton) esq.
To save harmless against obligations of past bill of exchange in £200 for payment of £100.
Witd. Wm. Siptcatt, Thos. Truset.

To pay to Coryton a debt or stated sum of money.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1498  19 May 1683

Bond. £20.
Jn. Wrey, Probus, gent.
To Wm. Coryton, Middle Temple, London, esq.
For payment of £10 to Coryton following 24 March.
Witd. Rich. Smith

[no title]  CY/1499  25 February, 1684

Bond. £200.
Charles Herle, jun., City of London, mercer
To Wm. Coryton, Middle Temple, esq.
For payment of £100 to Coryton.
Witd. Wm. Coles, Rich. Smith.

[no title]  CY/1500  29 September 1687

Hen. Scoble, Kea, yeo.
Rich. Simons, Kea, yeo.
To Wm. Coryton, Middle Temple, esq.
For payment to Coryton of £14.11s. on 25 March following
Witd. Jn. Lanyon, Wm. Burley, Rich. May.
Endsd. with notes of part repayments 27 March and 12 July 1688.

[no title]  CY/1501  1 January 1701

Bond. £83-17-7d.
Jn. Cardew, sen. and jun.
To Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers for payment of £41-18-9d.
Witd. Peter Moore, Jn. Gaych, Nich. Smith.

[no title]  CY/1502  18 July 1797

Bond. £130.
Jn. Roach of Colebrooke, miller
To pay Jn. Coryton of Crocadon, esq. £65 by following 18 October.
Witd. Nich. Pearce.

To Coryton for performance of covenants.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1503  10 February 1604

Bond in £40 between Jn. Michell of Liskeard, yeo. and Wm. his son to Pascow Julyan alias Coryton to fulfil covenants of deed poll of even date.
Witd. Jn. Lang, Pascow John.
Tongue for seal (missing).

[no title]  CY/1504  30 September 1612

Bond for performance of covenants. £80.
Oliver Spry, Cutcrew, St. Germans, gent. and his s. Geo. bound to Wm. Coryton of Newton, esq.
Witd. Wm. Bond, Gilbert Laundero, Geo. Sprye, Thos. Trelowthas.
Endsd. 'The bonde of Tredudwall'.

[no title]  CY/1505  28 August 1624

Bond for performance of covenants. £90.
Thos. Mohun of Tavistock, gent. and s. Thomas to Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, esq.
Witd. Nich. Prideaux, Jn. Horndon, Henry Pengelly, Wm. Coysgarne, Chris. Byll, Nich. Steven.

[no title]  CY/1506  8 March 1738

Bond for performance of covenants. £10.
Jn. Cooke, Quethiock, yeo.
To Sir Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(Cooke held for 7 yrs. the Three Coney Warrens and Henwood Marshes, Quethiock at rent of £3-17s.). Good dressing of manure or lime for new tillage. Only three crops to be taken between dressings. Cooke to keep in repair).
Witd. Amos Doidge, Rich. Udy.

To save Coryton harmless (title).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1507  10 May 1797

Bond. £1050.
Jn. Bennett of Helston, gent. then Lieutenant in Cornwall Fencible Cavalry
To Jn. Coryton of Crocadon, esq.
(Jos. Bennett of Skisdon, St. Kew, clerk, decd, in his will 31 August 1788 left to dtr. Anne Bennett £1000 when 21. J. Coryton bt. of Jn. Bennett freehold and leasehold lands at Tawood and Dawnet in Quethiock (estate of Jos. Bennett) for £525.
J. Bennett to save Jn. Coryton harmless against legacy (above) etc.
Witd. G. J. Hamilton, Capt. Cornwall Dragoons. Rich. Penhall.

To save Coryton harmless against title to land  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1508  31 January 1606

Bond in £200.
Jurdaine Stokeman and his s. Wm. Stokeman and Robartte Gilyan alias Coryton of the parish of St. Melyoins (= St. Mellion), yeomen to save and keep Wm. Coryton of Newton, esq. harmless against Margaret Stokeman, wife of Jurdaine Stokeman to any title or colour of title to Greneshill ten. in St. Mellion.

Discharge of bonds (Coryton).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1509  13 February 1641

Discharge of bond.
Edmond Tremayne of Collacombe, Devon, esq. to Wm. Coryton of Newton, esq.
- bond of £400 for payment of £200 to E. Tremayne £200 received.
Witd. Thos. Tremayne, Jn. Metter.
Endsd. 'my cosen Tremaynes acquitance ...'.

[no title]  CY/1510  1 January 1680

Acquittance for bond.
Sir Edwd. Hungerford, K.B.
To Sir Jn. Coryton of Newton, Bt.
(Bond from Coryton in £1000 to Rt. Hon. Jane Lady Gerard of of Bromely for payment of £500. Sir E. Hungerford married Lady Gerard).
Sir J. C. paid off £500.
Witd. Wm. Langhorne, Edwd. Wood.

Receipts for bonds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1511  2 September 1662

Receipt for bonds received of Sir Jn. Coryton Bt.
(Dates of lands mentioned are 1617-1650).

[no title]  CY/1512  1721-1749

Coryton book of bonds and mortgages (parchment covers and index).

'Non-Coryton' for payment of stated sums of money  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1513  4 August 1617

Bond in £10 between Geo. Ratchford of London, gent. and Roger Milles of Colebrooke, Devon, clothier. Ratchford to pay Milles £5 at Ratchford's house in Whitefryers, London on following September 5th.
Witd. Gervase Nevile, Rich. Dauyes.

[no title]  CY/1514  12 December 1630

Bond. £50.
Francis Sherington of London, merchant to Roger Mills of Stock Inglish, Devon, clothier.
For payment by F. Sherington to R. Mills of £312 on 17 July following at house of Hen. Colbron in Budge Row, London.
Witd. Henr. Colbron, scr., Jean Harris, his servant... (illegible) Harris.

[no title]  CY/1515  27 March 1631

Bond. £40.
Geo. Upcott of London, gent.
Gilbert Cole of London, gent.
To Roger Milnes of London, merchant
To pay £22 at shop of Jn. Davies, scrivener, at North Gate of Royal Exchange, London on following February 1st.
Witd. Jn. Davies, scrivener; his servant, Francis Harrison.

[no title]  CY/1516  15 November 1649

Bond. £600.
Isaac Jones of London, esq.
Jn. Latch of Hayes, Mddsx., esq.
Thos. Jennings of Stroud, Mddsx, esq.
To Roger Mills of London, merchant.
For payment to R. Mills at house in Aldermanbury, London, £374-8s. on following 31 May.
Witd. Thos. Bostock, scrivener; his servants: Jn. Shenton and Jn. Carter.

[no title]  CY/1517  26 February 1650

Grant for further security on bond.
(Rec. Wm. Broughton, citizen and grocer of London, bound to Roger Mills, London, merchant in £600 to pay £306 by bond of even date on following 27 May at house of R. Mills in Aldermanbury)
Broughton - Mills - - 12 butts and 2 cartayles of currants (246 cwt.)
Witd. Thos. Coleman, Thos. Bostocke, scr(ivener).

[no title]  CY/1518  29 June 1657

Bond. £68.
Charles Fragle, Lezant, gent.
To Thos. Soper of St. Clements Danes, Mddsx., tailor to Thos. soper of St. Clements Danes. Mddsx., tailor
For payment to T. Soper on following 25 November £39.
Witd. Geo. Robins, Mary King.

'Non- Coryton' bonds for performance of covenants.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1519  22 March 1620

Bond. £40.
Jn. Rider of Landulph, yeo.
To Wm. Moone of Landulph, yeo.
For performance of covenants.
Witd. Wm. Baylye, Jn. Prayel, Jn. Bluntt.

[no title]  CY/1520  3 January 1665

Bond for performance of covenants. £100.
Robt. James of Furland, Crewkerne, Somerset, yeo. and Jn. James of Crewkerne, surgeon
To Thos. Long of Yeovil, brazier.
Witd. Wm. Row, Hen. Lavor, Robt. Payne, Edw. Richmond.

[no title]  CY/1521  15 October 1703

Bond for performance of covenants. £338.
Jas. Gibbs, Truro, doctor of Physick, bound to Peter Major of Fowey, merchant. To keep covenants of pair of indentures of even date.
Witd. Thos. Symons, Jn. Heyle, Wm. Short.

[no title]  CY/1522  24 April 1708

Bond for performance of covenants. £1000.
Wm. Rawling, Linkinhorne, yeo.
His s. Wm. and his natural s. Jn.
To Robt. Hawton, Geo. Veninge, Hen. Warne of Stoke Climsland (? tanners) and Nich. Randell, South Sidenham, Devon, tanner.
Witd. Geo. Downe, Jn. Weekes, Jn. Colling, Rich. Harvey.

[no title]  CY/1523  24 June 1755

Bond. £140.
Geo. Hunt of Lanhydrock, esq.
To Jn. Luton of St. Mellion, yeo.
G. Hunt to keep covenants.
Witd. Jn. Cole, clerk; Francis Cole.

Mortgages  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also mortgages passim (CY/1-1233).

CALLINGTON, ST. IVE. TINTAGEL.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1524  20 March 1681

Further security on mortgage for £900.
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
Jn. Edgecombe, Cargentle, gent.
(ii) Wm. Goodall of Fowey, merchant.
(Recital of Marr. Settlement (Lease and Release) of 5 June 1680 (a) Sir Jn. Coryton (b) Anne Waite (later Dame Ann Coryton) (c) Henry Pollexfen and Jn. Cook, Middle Temple, London, esq; Edwd. Herle, Prideaux, esq., Jn. Rashleigh, Combe, esq.
(a) - (c) - manor of Warleggan. In trust for (b) - in case she (Dame Ann Coryton) survived (a) who was then decd. Recital manor of Warleggan mortgaged to (ii) by (a) in his lifetime by mortgage of 6 April 1675 for £1000. £800 of this with interest not paid. Recital Jn. Nance of Trengoffe, esq. for £600 to buy term of Marr. Settlement for 200 yrs. and 1000 yrs. term of mortgage. £600 to remain in Jn. Nance's hands until 3 May 1685 - in meantime to pay Dame A. Coryton to this date £36 yearly. Recital. Jn. Nance on 3 May 1685 to pay Dame Ann Coryton (if living) at Middle Temple Hall, London, £600. If she not living £600 with yearly interest of £36 by equal portions to be paid by Jn. Nance to Sir Jn. Coryton, Wm. Coryton and Jas. Tillie of the Middle Temple, London, gent. at Middle Temple, Hall, London, Rec. of assignment of 16 March 1681 by (c) - 200 yrs. term in manor of Warleggan - also 1000 yrs. term agreed to be assigned unto Jn. Nance. Rec. of assignment of 16 March 1681 by (ii) (a) Jn. Nance (b) Dame Ann Coryton Sir Jn. Coryton, and Wm. Coryton. £600 to (ii) by Dame Anne Coryton and Sir Jn. Coryton (ii) - (a) - assignment of manor of Warleggan for redr. of 1000 yrs. term of mortgage of 6 April 1675. Recital £600 not paid to Wm. Goodall but with further sum of £300 with interest for £900 - consideration mentioned in deed between (a) Sir Jn. Coryton, Wm. Coryton and Jas. Tillie and (b) Jn. Edgecombe of (i) for granting title and equity of redemption for manor of Frogwell and Durnaford, part of lands mortgaged by Sir Jn. Coryton in his lifetime to Wm. Goodall. Also for 6 messuages in borough of Callington occ. Agnes Thomas, widow, Theo. Garth, Robt. Smith, Jn. Soaper, Thos. Souther and Peter Martine. 3 mess. in borough of Tintagel occ. Degory Taylor, Josias Stinge, - Dauger).
(- Frogwell and Durnaford (already mortgaged).).
- assignment (i) - (ii) - 6 mess. in Callington and 3 mess. in Tintagel. Redemption of mortgage at (ii)'s house in Fowey before 20 March 1685.
Witd. Jas. Tillie, Rich. Dodson, Benjamin Dollen.

LANDULPH (also LOSTWITHIEL and PLYMOUTH).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1525  11 September 1703

Mortgage. 5s. (ii) - (i) 5s. (ii) - (iii).
(i) Sir Jas. Tillie, Pentillie, Kt.
(ii) Arth. Ceely, Clist St. Mary, gent.
(iii) Ben. Hawkins, City of Exeter, grocer.
(Rec. of mortgage (Lease and Release (a) = (ii) and Robt. Ceely, his father - (b) = (i), £2100. (ii) - (iii) - - properties (below). Whole sum of £2100 not paid by (i), £1400 still in hands of (i) as security for (ii) suffering common recovery to destroy settlement (Lease and Release) of 2 June 1682 (a) Jn. Ceely, Plymouth, merchant (b) Jn. Guyer of Plymouth, esq., Josias Calmady, Leawood, Bridestow, Devon, esq., Wm. Sparke, Plymouth, gent. Geo. Ceely, Plymouth, merchant; the Revd. Jn. Ceely, canon of Exeter, Edwd. Hooper, Plymouth, esq. (c). Shilson Calmady, Leawood, esq. and his dtr. Honor Calmady and give good estate in fee simple to (i). Agreed for (i) to convey premises (below) as security for this).
(i) and (iii) - (ii) - cap. mess. of Bittleford alias Bittleworthy (Landulph).
- Bovetown close in Landulph
- Pudden close; Landulph
- 2 mess. called Cumbe near Lostwithiel, formerly held by Robt. Cully, then in poss. of Honor Hill
With proviso for nullity of mortgage if (ii) suffered common recovery within 2 yrs. of death of Honor, wife of Sampson Hill, Landulph, esq. also if (i) paid (ii) at Guildhall of City of Exeter £70 yearly and (i) to pay (ii) £1400 if he did suffer recovery.
Witd. P. Tanner, Nich. Parnell, Rich. Ashe, P. Finney.
Endsd. by acknowledgement of receipt by Arth. Ceely of £200 from Jas. Tillie, esq. for £200 in part payment of principal for purchase of Combe in Restormel.

[no title]  CY/1526  1563-1740

'Abstract of deeds delivered to Mr. Tillie by Mr. Luxmoore on perfecting y affair ...'
Deeds relate to Bittleford, Stoketon, Lustyll, Merifield, Elbridge alias Ethelbridge, Bovetown, Pudden. (1682 lands in Plymouth and Combe near Lostwithiel).
Recites 21 January 1563 - Mortgage of Sir Jas. Tillie 11 September 1703. Then 17 and 18 October 1740, Sir J. T. and Mary Ceely (heiress of Arth. Ceely decd.), convey premises to David Henriques a tenant to the precipe.
Michaelmas 1740. Recovery suffered.
18 October 1740 Mary Ceely assigned 3000 yr. mortgage term to Stephen Tilie in trust for Jas. Tillie to attend reversion.

Part of manor of Tinnell.  CY/1527  27 November 1761

Mortgage. £40.
(i) Jn. Doidge, Callington, then Bere Ferrers, Devon, then Landulph, cordwainer, s. of Oliver Doidge, jun., Callington, cordwainer.
(ii) Jn. Brooming, Bere Ferrers, cordwainer.
(Recital of mortgage of 18 July 1760 (i) and (ii) above £60 - Abovetown 6a., the Gratna 4a., the Windmill 1½a., Piteber and orch. adjg. 1½a., Millpool park and orch. adjg. 8a., Middle Green Park, Higher Green Park. All part of Tinnel in Landulph. (i) entitled to redr. of term of 1000 yrs. granted by lease of Alexander Arundell, esq. decd. to Jn. Sprinkerd by lease of 21 September 1579).
- Langore, part of Tinnell, Landulph. Inheritance of Jn. Trevisa, esq. decd. (i) entitled to redr. of term of 944 yrs. granted by Nich. Lower, Kt., decd. to Jn. Sprinkerd by lease 6 September 1635).
- property as in recital.
Witd. Hn. Croker, Chr. Gullett.

ST. MELLION: Bealbury.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1528  5 March 1713

Conveyance of mortgaged premises.
(i) Wm. Pearse of St. Mellion, gent. and his dtr. Eliz. Pearse.
(ii) Jas. Smith, Pillaton, yeo.
(iii) Dame Sarah Coryton, widow, of Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt. decd.
Sir Edwd. Littleton of Pilleton Hall, Staffs, Bt.
Francis Wills of Wiveliscombe, Cornwall, esq.
Jn. Goodall, Fowey, esq.
Jn. Clarke of Halton, Cornwall, esq.
All devisees and excrs. in trust of will of Sir Wm. Coryton.
(iv) Sir Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(Recital of mortgage from (i) Wm. Pearse and w. Mary, their s. Stephen (then decd.), their dtr. Eliz. and Jn. Herring of Pillaton, yeo. (then decd.) 7 June 1705 £350 from Sir Wm. Coryton - (ii) Jas. Smith of Pillaton, yeo - Bealbury in St. Mellion occ. Wm. Pearse and w. Mary, Stephen and Eliz. Pearse, Sir Jas. Tillie (then decd.), Jn. Herring, Jn. Cory, Wm. Hitchins, Jn. Vinton, Jn. Combe, Edwd. Faine, Edw. Pollard and Jn. Night.
Further mortgage of £50 by Wm. and Stephen Pearse 19 October, 1705 to Sir Wm. Coryton in which Pearses released equity of redemption to Jas. Smyth and Sir W. Coryton. Further mortgage by W. & S. Pearse to Sir W. Coryton £50 1 June 1706. No mortgages paid).
(i) - (iii) - release of Bealbury in St. Mellion.
Witd. Jn. Rickard, Jonathan Hawke, Rich. Smith, Digory Pearse, Jn. Smith.
Endsd. with note of possession of premises given by Mr. Jn. Richard and Mrs. Eliz. Pearse at order of Wm. Pearse to Richard Smith 'by their opening the doore of the dwelling house and putting him in quiet and peaceable possession thereof and leaveing him there...' etc. 14 April 1714. Witd. Digory Pearse, Jn. Hodge, Martin Jane. Endsd. with note of Production in Chancery 21 March 1743.

MENHENIOT: Hendra.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1529  25 October, 1621

Mortgage by assignment. £160.
(i) Ralph Samble, Liskeard, yeo.
(ii) Wm. Coryton of West Newton, esq.
- Hendra in Menheniot (Minhenyott), held by (i) by lease of Jn. Mayow, gent. decd. For payment (i) - (ii) of £88 at West Newton on following Michaelmas Day.
Witd. Thos. Sprye, Geo. Sprye, Rich. Salter.
Endsd. '6 Apr. 1633. This was shewed to Wm. Coysgarne at the tyme of his Examinacion before us Commissioners Inter Tho: Spry Compt. et Wm. Coryton defendt.
Renatus Bellott, Thos. Bond, Rich. Ley.

ST. NEOT: West Draynes.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1530  3 April 1790

Assignment of mortgage. £450.
(i) Jn. Laws, Quethiock, yeo.
(ii) Wm. Nottle, St. Ive, gent.
(iii) Stephen Henwood, St. Neot, yeo.
(iv) Robt. Keast, St. Neot, yeo.
(Recital of mortgage by way of lease of 25 December 1775 (a) Stephen Henwood (b) Wm. Nottle (c) Jn. Laws (a) - (c) - Bulland's ten. in West Draynes in occ. Tobias Vosper. 18½a. (Consisting of the Barn, the Chall, the Wainhouse, the Bakes, the Mowhay, the Garden, two orchs., The Will Park and Arbour Garden adjg., Pitt Meadow, the four Bowhills, the Whita Binga, The Stepna Park, the Little Park, The Undertown, the Three Pool Parks, the Higher East Park, and the Bakes Park - Vosper's ten. in W. Draynes formerly occ. Tobias Vosper. Formerly called Hawton's ten. (19a.) Consisted of dwelling houses, the Stable, the Sheepna House, the Town Place, one orch., 2 little gdns., the Above Lane, the Under Lane, the Two Lower East Parks, the Little Meadow below the Gate, the Lower Slabb Park, Higher Slabb Park, Higher Park, the Arrish, the Three Cornered Park, the Broad Park, the Barley Park, the Burrough Park, the Blakey Head, the Lower Bovetown, the Higher Bovetown, Six Furze fields with 1/7 of common on Draynes Hill and 1/10 of commons under Browngelly wall 'and all other commons, common of pasture, common of tillage and turbary lying in Drayne's Hill, Drayne's Ryeland and under Browngelly Wall. To (c) for 500 yrs term in trust for (b) £450 (a) did not pay (b) £450).
(ii) - (iv) - premises of recital.
Witd. Peter C. Glubb; Thos. Robbins, his clerk.

QUETHIOCK: Trehunsey, Venn Down or Treweese.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1531  26 December 1641

Mortgage and Revocation of former deed. £200 (ii) - (i).
(i) Rich. Chiverton, Trehunsey, esq.
(ii) Jn. Fathers of St. Stephens by Saltash, clerk.
(i) - (ii) - annuity of £16 from cap. mess. and barton of Trehunsey; Trehunsey mills; Trehunsey Cott occ. Hen. Chiverton, father of (i) then decd. Also from Venn Downe or Treweese, Quethiock (payment at Vicarage house of St. Stephens). Revocation by (i) of deed of 24 March 1640 to Francis Buller, esq. s. and hr. of Sir Francis Buller of Shillingham, Kt. - contained clause that (i) could do this. Covenant by (i) to levy a fine.
Witd. Jn. Ham, Jas. Vashmond, Andrew Hobb.
Endsd. (a) with notes of production in Chancery in R. Chiverton v. Francis Buller 7 and 8 September 1674.
Endsd. (b) Note that this was a true copy of original.
Witd. Jas. Tillie, Jn. Lanyon Jos. Matthews 14 April 1685.
Endsd. (c) Statement by Jas. Tillie of Middle Temple, gent. who was a Clerk in the Commission in Chancery for examination of witnesses btwn. Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt. complnt. and Francis Buller, esq. defdt. 7 and 8 September 1674, that original deed was shown to certain people and that this was a true copy 14 April 1685.
Endsd. (d) Note of this copy 'soe done at ye Request of the Ladie Elizabeth Coryton whose the inheritance now is. To bee preserved to posterity in case the original should bee either mislayed lost destroyed. (Signed) Jas. Tillie'.

ST. TEATH: Messuage and lands in church town.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1532  29 October 1744

Conveyance of equity of redemption of mortgaged premises. £501-19-6 (iv) - (i).
(i) Peter Goodall, later Peter Coryton, of Fowey, esq., s., hr. and excr. of will of Jn. Goodall of Fowey, esq., decd.
(ii) Grace Beale and Mary Beale, St. Teath, spinsters, dtrs. and coheiresses of Jos. Beale, St. Teath, gent. decd. (intestate).
(iii) Ann Beale of St. Teath, widow of Jos. Beale.
(iv) Rich. Launder of St. Breock, yarn jobber.
(Recital of mortgage of 2 November 1720 from Jos. Beale to Jn. Goodall of Fowey, esq. - mess. and lands in church town of St. Teath occ. Jn. Pitt. Cons. £250. Mortgage not paid £501-19-6 then due with further incumbrances).
(i) - (iv) - mess. and lands in church town of St. Teath.
Witd. Wm. Goodall, J. Kimber.

ST. MELLION  [no ref. or date]

West Newton. Household goods etc.  CY/1533  23 March 1641

Feoffment. (ii) to discharge (i)'s debts (schedule) of £1018-16s.
(i) Wm. Coryton of West Newton, esq.
(ii) Nich. Trefusis of Lanclew, esq.
(i) - (ii) - all his household goods and chattels except 'one grays stoned horse one graye geldinge now at grasse and one baye geldinge whereon the wife of the said Wm. Coryton vsually rideth and called hir gelding' also except clothes, gold, rings and jewels of Wm. Coryton and Eliz. his wife. Cowe parke, Thorne park, Beife Parke Hill and the Dunnell - about 21a. to be sown with oats and barley to use of (ii). Horses, cattle and sheep on (i)'s barton to be for use and benefit of (ii) until August 1st (i) could use threshed corn in barn and other 'dead' goods before August 1st or until (ii) claimed. Livery of seizin by (i) giving (ii) 'a silver bolle or cuppe'.
Witd. Wm. Coysgarn, Nich. Ley, Jn. Hawkyns.

Lands not specified.  CY/1534  1871

Draft reconveyance. £22815-15-9 (ii) - (i).
(i) G. Soltan, Cecil Ed. Bewes, Walt. Deeble Boger, Hext Boger.
(ii) Augustus Coryton.
(ii) - (i) - manors and lands formerly mortgaged to (i) (not specified).

DEVON  [no ref. or date]

Bow alias Nymet Tracy, part of two burgages.  CY/1535  1 March 1731

Assignment of mortgage. 5s. (iii) - (i).
(i) Wm. Cann of Bow alias Nymet Tracy, Devon, innholder.
(ii) Thos. Milford of Plymouth, glasier.
(iii) Jn. Hutchings of Bow alias Nymet Tracy, butcher.
(Recital of mortgage of 5 July 1727 (a) Thos. Milford (= ii), of Thos. Milford of Bow alias Nymet Tracy, Devon, weaver, decd. (b) Jn. Biggs of Bow alias Nymet Tracy, Devon, woolcomber and wife Mary, widow of Thos Milford and mother of (a),(c) = (i) £60 (c - a) a - c - - 2 burgages 2a. in borough of Bow alias Nymet Tracy. Mortgage not redeemed, (b) decd.)
(i) - (iii) - assignment of 2/3 of 2 burgages in Bow alias Nymet Tracy
Witd. Rich. Bond, Jn. Reed.

Colebrooke.  CY/1536  28 April 1694

Agreement relating to mortgaged leasehold premises.
(i) Sir Jas. Tillie of Pentillie, Kt.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(Recital (i) seized of Rowes tenement, Colebrooke, Devon. Rec. (i) leased by way of mortgage to Mark Cann: Rowes ten. for 99 yrs. for lives of three sons Mark, Geo. and Thos. Rent 26s., October 1692. By 2 October 1695 consideration money of £354 (plus interest due). Rec. (ii) agreed with (i) to buy this ten. (ii) to pay £354 and £256).
(i) to convey inheritance of Rowe's tenement, Colebrooke to (ii) on payment of sum owing on mortgage and £256 on 2 October 1695. Assignment also of leasehold interest if mortgage not paid. Agreement to be void if (i) and (ii) died before 2nd October 1695. If any one claimed premises under Sir Jn. Coryton, jun. Bt. (decd.) or his issue, (ii) to pay his share of legal costs with (i) for defending title.
Witd. Jn. Gaych, Jn. Bailward, Rich. Smith.

Ottery St. Mary, Part of barton of Knightstone.  CY/1537  16 September 1724

Assignment of mortgage. Agreement etc. 100 guineas (iii) - (ii)
(i) Robt. Wolcombe of Exeter, esq.
(ii) Jn. Goodall of Fowey, esq., excr. of will of Eliz. Coplestone, his sister, who was administrator of goods of Rich. Coplestone, decd., her former husband.
(iii) Jos. Coplestone of Ottery St. Mary, esq.
(iv) Anth. Welsh of Littleham, Devon, clerk.
(Rec. of deeds (Lease and Release) 23 December 1676, (a) Gideon Sherman of Knightstone, Ottery St. Mary, esq. decd. (b) Jn. Davy formerly of Canonteign in Cristow, esq. decd; Edmond Davy, Exeter, Dr. of Physic, decd, (c) Hugh Vaughan, Ottery St. Mary, esq., decd; Robt. Davy, Exeter, goldsmith, decd., Jn. Mercer, Ottery St. Mary, gent. decd.; Wm. Taylor, Ottery St. Mary, gent. decd, by which Hutchford fld. 4a., Slade fld. 9a., Lower Well Park fld. 6a., Higher Well Park fld. 8a., Great Knapp fld. alias Higher Knapp fld. 9a. in possession of Hen. Squire, part of barton of Knightstone, Ottery St. Mary. Pond Close 6a., Little Knapp fld, 6a., Road Close 3a. Three Acres in poss. of Gideon Baston, also part of barton of Knightstone, Ottery St. Mary, stood limited to (a) for life then his wife Eliz. (then decd.) for life, then to (c) for 200 yrs. for payment of debts of (a). Rec. of lease by way of mortgage of 3 July 1701 (a) Eliz. Sherman and Wm. Tayler (b) Thos. Dyke of Tetton, Somerset, esq. £700 - land in Ottery St. Mary before recited for 99 yrs or life of Eliz. Sherman. Rec. of assignment of 7 January 1707 (a) Thos. Dyke (b) Rich. Coplestone of Ottery St. Mary, esq. decd. (c) Robt. Wolcombe and Jn. Hanbury, Ottery St. Mary, gent. decd. Mortgage not paid. Eliz. Sherman decd. £735 (b - a), a - c - assignment of premises recited in trust for (b). Jn. Hanbury decd. Rich. Coplestone died 12 August 1713 intestate. Rec. of assignment of 7 June 1714 by Eliz. Sherman of estate of her husband to (ii). Her will 7 June 1714 left real estate to (ii). Controversy between (ii) and (iii) about this mortgage and another for £300 made to Thos. Dyke by Wm. Taylor but not assigned to Robt. Wolcombe and Jn. Hanbury as to whether they belonged to (ii). Bill in Chancery brought by Jos. Coplestone v. Jn. Goodall Wm. Taylor and Robt. Wolcombe - heard 29 February 1720 - Goodall appealed against decree of Lord Chancellar in House of Lords. Before appeal agreement btwn (ii) and (iii) for (iii) to pay (ii) 100 guineas to withdraw appeal).
(i) (ii) (iii) - (iv) - land in Ottery St. Mary, part of the barton of Knightstone (see recital).
Witd. Gideon Marker, Jn. Clarke, Jos. Vigor, Vincent Giles, Chas. Stabb.

Plymouth, Plymstock, Plympton, Shaugh etc.  CY/1538  [n.d.]

Mortgage (draft) of 25 September 1846 by Earl of Morley for £83,000 (property Pomphlett estate in Plymouth and Plymstock, Hardwick in Plympton St. Mary, Higher Lee in Shaugh Hay and Tothill in Plympton.

Devon: Colebrooke. Cornwall: St. Ive, St. Neot, Quethiock.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1539  27 December 1856

Bond (copy draft).
Rt. Hon. Edmund Earl of Morley Viscount Boringdon of North Molton and Baron Boringdon of Boringdon, Devon bound to Harry Bulteel Harris, Thomas Hillersden Bulteel, Christopher Harris and Josias Hayne Dawe of Plymouth, bankers and copartners (the Naval Bank) in £1600.
For repayment of cash advances to this amount.

[no title]  CY/1540  11 February 1860

Mortgage (copy draft).
(i) The Earl of Morley.
(ii) Partners in the Naval Bank, Plymouth.
Reference to mortgage of 25 September 1846 to Rock Life Assurance Society for £83,000 and bond of 1856.
(i) - (ii) - as security manors of 1846 mortgage.

[no title]  CY/1541-1543  5 July 1866

Transfer of mortgage and Further Charge. £20,000. (Draft and fair copy).
(i) Partners in the Naval Bank and the Earl of Morley.
(ii) Augustus Coryton of Pentillie Castle esq.
- mortgage and estate as before.
With assignment of bond 1866 (not used).
Endorsed: acct. of Messrs. Bewes and Boger, solcrs., Stonehouse 1866, (mortgage of lands at Colebrooke, Devon and St. Neot, Cornwall. Also account to same from Mr. C. L. Radcliffe for this deed. Also two letters of the Earl of Morley to C. L. Radcliffe relating to the mortgage.

[no title]  CY/1544-1545  20 October 1866

Draft and fair copy of agreement for securing payment of interest on mortgage deed.
(i) Harriet Sophia, Dowager Countess of Morley.
(ii) Her son, the Earl of Morley.
(iii) Augustus Coryton, esq.
(Recital by deed of 1834 lands in Quethiock and St. Ive belonging to (iii) annuity of £1000 charged payable to (i).).
- (iii) to retain interest on mortgage from annuity.
(Date in pencil, erased on fair copy and changed to 4 July 1871).

[no title]  CY/1546  4 July 1871

Draft agreement for securing interest on mortgage of 5 July 1866 and on further advance of £1802.6.6.
(i) Countess and Earl of Morley.
(ii) Augustus Coryton.
- agreement as 20 October 1866 with covenant of (i) to save (ii) harmless by retention of part of her annuity.

[no title]  CY/1547  21 June 1871

Case for opinion of counsel with opinion relating to the mortgage.

[no title]  CY/1548  20 June 1876

Transfer of mortgage (draft, for endorsement on mortgage of 4 July 1871.)
(i) Dame Ellen Onslow and C. L. Radcliffe.
(ii) Denzil Roberts Onslow, of Flexford House, nr. Guildford, Surrey, esq. M.P. (iii) = (i).
- assignment (i) - (iii) of £21802-6-6 mortgaged with estate.

[no title]  CY/1549  12 June 1877

Copy draft Transfer and Further Charge for securing £23,000 etc. (To be endorsed on deed of 5 July 1866).
(i) Augustus Coryton.
(ii) Albert Edmund Earl of Morley.
(iii) Harriett Sophia Dowager Countess of Morley.
Assignment (i) to (iii) of mortgage money plus estate.

[no title]  CY/1550  12 June 1877

Copy of draft release.
(i) Augustus Coryton.
(ii) The Dowager Countess of Morley.
- mortgage money and jointure.

[no title]  CY/1551  14 June 1877

Draft reconveyance. £21,802-6-6. (ii) - (i).
(i) Messrs. C. L. Radcliffe and D. R. Onslow.
(ii) A. Coryton.
(Recitals of 4 July 1871 and 20 June 1876).
(i) - (ii) estate as before.

[no title]  CY/1552/1-7  1877

Draft reconveyance (for endorsement on Transfer and Further Charge of 5 July 1866).
(i) A. Coryton.
(ii) Earl of Morley.
(Rec. of deed of 5 July 1866).
(i) - (ii) - estate as before.
Included are letters of London solicitors to C. L. Radcliffe relating to the mortgage, receipt for deeds, draft account etc.

[no title]  CY/1553  nd


MARRIAGE SETTLEMENTS etc.  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also CY/165, 270 291, 292, 296, 379, 489, 522, 523, 524, 622, 795, 964, 973, 975, 1075 (recital), 1728, 1732, 1734, 1735, 1768, 1784.
See also leases, passim.

A few are ordinary settlements

Coryton Settlements  [no ref. or date]

John Tregassow - Joan Cok 1488.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1554  15 January 1488

Marriage Settlement.
(i) Stephen Tregasow, esq.
Thos. Cok.
(Jn., s. of (i) to marry Joan, dtr. of (ii) before the following feast of the Ascension).
(i) to make estate to Jn. and Joan to yearly value of ten marks above all charges, and their lawful hrs., with reversion to right hrs. of Jn. before following feast of the Ascension. After the same feast (ii) to pay (i) £100 and before the feast (ii) to pay excrs. and administrators of the testament of Maister Aleyn' Saves and his wife Thomasyn £110 marks for acquittal of certain lands in hands of Thomasyn and executors as appeared in deed between (i) and Maister Alayn. (ii) and Hawse (i.e. Havise) his wife to settle estate on John and Joan for their lives. (i) to repay (ii) £20 of £100 if Jn. dies without issue two yrs. after marriage.
Witd. Thos. Bere, Jn. Brendon, Jn. Skenard.
Part of seal on tag.

John and Robert Coryton, c. 1540.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1555  (22 April 1540 - 21 April 1541)

Grant (chyrograph) by Peter Coryton, esq. and Joan his wife, dtr. and hr. of Jn. Tregasowe, esq. decd. to Jn. Coryton their second s. - the manor of Warlegan in Warlegan, Atwylle, Penhale londe, Hoppesland, Bylgers, Draynesdown, Pellygennowe, Est. Kelyowe and a gdn. in Bodman (Bodmin) in Lostwytheyel strete held by Jn. Coyche and the rents, customs and services of Hen. Trecarrel, Jn. Langedon, Jn. Dunta, Rich. Roscarrock, the hrs. of Carborough, Jn. Tubbe, Jn. Haly, Robt. Kelyowe, Hen. Tremure, Wm. Bere, Robt. Braye, Jn. Donacombe, free tents. of the manor - to him and his right male hrs. forever (in default to his parents Peter and Joan and their hrs.). Grant ratified by Rich. Coryton of Tregasowe, s. and hr. of Peter and Joan Coryton. Alternate sealing clause.
Witd. Jn. Moreman, clerk S.T.D., Jn. Reskymer, Reg. Mohun, Jn. Trelavny, Walt. Code, esquires, Jn. Menwynneck, Jas. Brendon.
Warlegan no day 32 Henry VIII
Tag for seal.

[no title or date]  CY/1556

Grant (chyrograph) by Peter Coryton, esq. and Joan his wife, dtr. and hr. of Jn. Tregasowe, esq. decd. to Robt. Coryton their third s., lands etc. in Bosmalgan and Tredenyck in parish of St. Nyott and a close near La Prynna Brygge called Brygge Parke held by Jn. Carmynowe, esq., to him and his right male hrs. for ever in default to hrs. of Peter and Joan.
Attorneys to deliver seisin: Jn. Connock and Jn. Basselegh. Ratification of charter by Rich. Coryton of Tregasowe, s. and hr. of Peter and Joan. Alternate sealing cause.
Witd. Jn. Moreman, clerk, S.T.D., Jn. Reskymer, Reg. Mohune, Jn. Trelawney, Walt. Code, esquires. Jn. Menwynneck and Jas. Brendon, gentlemen.
Bosmalgan no day 32 Henry VIII (22 April 1540-21 April 1541).
3 tags (seals missing).

Anne Coryton 1564.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1557  31 December 1564

Grant by Peter Coryton of West Newton, esq., s. and heir of Rich. Coryton, esq. decd., to his mother Anne (widow of Rich. Coryton) in satisfaction of dower and jointure of annuity of £32 charged on Coryton in Devon; Trencreke, St. Melyn, West Newton, Yoland, Helland, Lamellen, Penfrane and St. Pinnock. Annuity to be paid in Quethiock church at the four usual terms between 8 a.m. and noon.
Tag for seal (missing).
Witd. Jn. Wrey, Jn. Coryton, Jn. Courteys, Wm. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/1558  13 September 1592

Post Nuptial Settlement.
(i) Peter Coryton of West Newton, esq. and w. Jane.
(ii) Nich. Tregodecke of Tregodecke, esq.
(iii) Rich. Carew, Jn. Wrey, Antony Rous, esqurs.
- Trencreeke alias Trencroke, Trevarthen, Trecorne, Trecorne mill, West Newton, Hammott, Dannott, Dannott Wood, Hammett Fordes and Saintes land in Menheniot, Quethiock, Liskeard, 'Mellines' (? St. Mellion), St. Newlyn. Manor and barton of Coryton in Coryton, Devon. To (iii) in trust for P. Coryton for life with power to latter to lease for years and/or lives; then to (iii) in trust for Jane Coryton in recompense for dower and jointure with power for her lease as above. Portions of £200 to children except s. and hr. and dtr. Mary.
Hammett and Dannott not to be accounted part of the barton of Trecorne. If Jane survived Peter Coryton she to have from Dannott Wood '100 acres' of wood for necessary fuel and provision.
Witd. Thos. Trefusis, Rich. Trefusis, Robt. Tucker, Geoffrey Drewet, Jn. Jane, Thos. Clatworthye; Olyver Enpero; Scipio Sharpham, Thos. Driver, Anth. Cloke; delivery to Edwd. Wolkot for use of (iii) witd. Chas. Coryton, Wm. Maye, Thos. Klatworthy.
Seals broken of Jn. Wrey, tags for seals (slight remains) of wax for rest of (ii) and (iii) with signatures.

John and Elizabeth Coryton 1646.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1559  2 October 1646

Post-Nuptial Settlement. Marriage of (ii). £3410 portion of Eliz. from Jn. and Thos. Yonge.
(i) Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, esq.
(ii) Jn. Coryton, gent. s. and hr. of (i) and (Jn.'s) w. Eliz.
(iii) Edwd. Hearle of Prideaux, Luxulyan, esq.
Roger Mylls, Stockleigh English, Devon, gent.
Jn. Younge, Colebrooke, Devon, gent.
Thos. Yonge of London, merchant
(uncles of Eliz. Coryton).
(Recital of deed of previous day by Wm. and Jn. Coryton to (iii).
- Cuttcorde closes and Welland, Quethiock.
- Mead parks; Sheepen parks; Grendall downs, Quethiock.
- Cholwell closes, St. Ive.
- manor and barton of West Newton Ferrers
- manors of Penpoll and Hammett in Quethiock, St. Ive.
- manor of Dinnerdake, St. Ive.
- manor and advowson of Pillaton.
- manor of West Draynes in St. Neot and St. Cleer.
- manor of Warleggan in Warleggan and St. Cleer.
- manor of Golden alias Wolvedon in Probus and Creed
- manors of Greston and Yelland alias Great Caradowne ( Lezant and Linkinhorne).
- manor of Tregian, Creed.
- lands in Liskeard and St. Pinnock.
- advowson of St. Pinnock.
- land in St. Germans and Lostwithiel.
- lands etc. in Bossinney, Trevena, Tintagel, Callington and Saltash.
- manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock).
(i) and (ii) - (iii) - properties as in recital (to uses).
Witd. Jo. Merefretile, Hen. Pengelly, Thos. Wills.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery (Coryton late Goodall Complainant v. Helyar and others defts. 21 March 1743).

[no title]  CY/1560  Dated 2 October 1646

Post-nuptial settlement. Marriage of (ii). £3410 portion paid to (ii).
(i) Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, esq.
(ii) Jn. Coryton, gent. (s. and hr.) of (i) ) and wife Eliz.
(iii) Edwd. Hearle of Prydeaux, Luxulyan, esq.
Roger Mylls of Stokeley English, Devon, gent.
Jn. Yonge, Colbrooke, Devon, gent.) uncles of Eliz. Coryton.
Thos. [...] Younge, London, merchant. uncles of Eliz. Coryton.
(Recital of deed of day before (i) - (iii) - Cuttcorde close (25a.), Wellands closes (17a.), Meadparkes (22a.), Sheepen Parkes (7a.); Grendall grounds (200a. enclosed) Quethiock - Frogwell Mills in Callington - Chollwell Closes (6a.) St. Ive - man. and cap. mess. mansion and barton of West Newton Ferrers with the advowson of St. Mellion Church - manors of Penpoll, Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne, Quethiock - manor Denerdake, St. Ive; manor and advowson of Pillaton - manor of West Draynes in St. Neot and St. Cleer - manor of Warleggan in Warleggan and St. Cleer - manor of Golden alias Wolvedon in Probus and Creed - manor of Greston and Yelland alias Great Caradowne (Linkinhorne and Lezant) - manor of Tregian in Creed - (i)'s lands in Liskeard and St. Pinnock with advowson of St. Pinnock - (i)'s lands in Tintagel, Callington and Saltash also in St. Germans and Lostwythiel - Hundred and Bailiwick of East - manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock.
(i) and Jn. Coryton - (iii) - manors of recital. To uses (Rent of £140 settled on Eliz. Coryton).
Not witnessed.
Note of true copy of original 7 April 1746 signed Jn. Shury.

[no title]  CY/1561  8 May 1651

Lease for 99 yrs. or 1 life. Nature... affection. Yearly rent £120.
(i) Eliz. Coryton, West Newton, widow.
(ii) Her s. Jn. Coryton, esq.
- mansion house, barton and demesnes of West Newton Ferrers, St. Mellion. Grist mills called West Newton mills. Close called the warren in St. Ive with all marshlands beneath Clapper Bridge in Quethiock. (All jointure of (i) ). (Except (reserved to (i) ): great chamber called the broad chamber and two little chambers and 2 closets in the great chamber, part of mansion house of West Newton, with furniture, beddings, hangings etc. The Still House and gdn. adjg. with orch. and pear gdn. adjg. (i) to have wood for fuel when at W. Newton and meat for 2 horses winter and summer. Life: (i).(ii) to pay rates to church, poor and Commonwealth. Re-entry in default of distress after arrears of 30 days.)
Witd. Wm. Coysgarne, Jonathan Hawkinge, Chas. Fragle.

[no title]  CY/1562  1671

'Papers Sir Jn. Coriton - 1671. Instruccions taken by Councillor Nuttrell.
'A recompence to bee given my La. Coryton for parting with the barton of West Newton £400 per annum'.
Carrybullock park leased for 3 lives. Her life to be added. Worth yearly £80.
Warham and Greenscombe for 3 lives. Her life to be added. Worth yearly £50.
Rents of manor of West Newton, St. Mellion £27 (35 written underneath).
Rents of manor of Pillaton in parish of Pillaton £35.
Rents of manor of Dinnerdake in parish of St. Ive £12.
Rents of manor of Warleggan £11.
Rents of manor of West Dreynes £20.
Rents of manor of Lansegay (sic.) £29.
Manor of Wolvedon als Golden £04-13
Manor of Frogwell and Durnaford with mills (£26 a yr. in hand) £29.
Manor of Greston £3.
Rents in borough of Callington. Total £304.
All these to be secured for £200 a yr. to my Lady: first payment after Sir Jn. Coryton's death, and Frogwell Mills in Callington. Memento - the Manor of Colebrooke, in 1671.'

John Coryton - Elizabeth Chiverton. 1672.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1563  19 January, 1672

Post-Nuptial Settlement. Marriage of Sir J. Coryton and Dame Eliz. Forthcoming marriage of Jn. Coryton and Eliz. Chiverton. £500. Jointure of Eliz. Coryton and Eliz. Chiverton.
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, bt. and wife Dame Eliz; their s., Jn. Coryton.
(ii) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Sir Jas. Edwards, Kts. and aldermen of the City of London,
Francis Luttrell, Grays Inn, Mddsx., Esq.
Gabriel Barbor, London, Dr. in Physic.
Geo. Young, Crediton, Devon, esq.
Jn. Rowe, London, clerk.
(i) - (ii) to uses - manors of Greston and [...] Yiland alias Great Carradon, with high and chief rents
- manor and barton of West Newton Ferrers, St. Mellion
- barton of Penpoll, Quethiock
- manor of Hammett, Dannett and Tricorne, Quethiock and St. Ive.
- manor of Dinnerdake, St. Ive.
- -Manor of Pillaton, Pillaton.
- Herwood woods in Quethiock and meadows underneath.
Tilland Quarry, Quethiock
- Hundred Court of East Wivelshire with profits
- lands called Corytons Ball and Redhill and Parsons Park adjg., St. Neot.
- Frogwell grist mills, Callington.
- advowson of Pillaton and St. Mellion.
- manor of Colebrooke, Devon, except mess. formerly in possession of Widow Rowe.
Witd. Wm. Moses, Job. Lewis, Rich. Sumpter.
Endsd. with note of production in Coryton formerly Goodall v. Helyar and others in Chancery 21 March 1743.

[no title]  CY/1564  27 November 1677

Lease for one year (part of Marriage Settlement, see also CY/1565.).
(i) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt. and Alderman of the City of London.
(ii) Rich. Winne and Robt. Biddulph, City of London, merchants.
- cap. mess. barton and demesnes of Trevusey, Trevusey Mills with suit of grist; Trevusey Cott 234a., Quethiock.
- Ven alias Taven Vendowne and Treweese in Quethiock 200a. In poss. of (i), Thos. Kerswell, Dorcas Hancocke, Oliver Hancocke, Wm. Hobb, Jn. Moore, Susan Rosseter and William Deeble.
- mess. in E. Quethiock occ. Oliver Pope.
- mess. in Quethiock occ. Jn. Pope.
- Venn Hills 400a. in E. Quethiock, occ. Jn. Pope.
- mess. in Quethiock Church Town occ. Cyprian Cooke.
- mess. in Quethiock Church Town occ. Jane Wilkye, widow, formerly occ. Robt. Coade.
- mess. in Quethiock occ. Joan Haddy.
- cottage called Parsons Poole occ. Hen. Cloake.
- cottage with herb gdn. and orch. to east and west, toft and old walls to south occ. Jn. Stevens.
- house adjg. above cottage, formerly held by Agnes Cloake then Jn. Stevens.
- cott. and gdn. occ. Agnes Bennicke, widow.
- cott. and 2 gdn. plots occ. Jn. Oliver.
All part of manor of Landrake in Quethiock bt. of Hen. Killigrew, esq.
- Ley in St. Ive occ. Eliz. Wrey, then Wm. Hoskin.
- Ley 10a. St. Ive occ. Jn. Bounsall, then Jn. Wyvell.
Bought of Sir Chichester Wrey Bt. by (i).
Witd. Powlett St. John, Wm. Cooper, Thos. Merryn, Wm. Selater, Jn. Clerke, Robt. Clower, Jo. Nowes; Jn. Woodhouse.

[no title]  CY/1565  1677 (day and month not given)

Marriage Settlement.
(i) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt. and Alderman of the City of London.
(ii) Jn. Coryton of Newton Ferrers, esq. and wife Eliz., one of dtrs. of (i).
(iii) Ric. Winne and Robt. Biddulph, City of London, merchants.
(Recital (i) had 2 dtrs. Anne and Eliz. Latter wife of Jn. Coryton - (i) gave as her marriage portion £5500. Anne to marry Jn. Charlton s. and hr. of Frances Charlton of Apply Castle, Salop, esq. (i) secured to be paid £10,000 as a marriage portion and to settle his estate on them and their children (and personal estate to sum of £3500) (i) anxious to avoid contention between the Corytons and Charlton and to make extra provision for Eliz. Coryton).
(i) - (iii) - cap. mess. and barton of Trevusey.
- Trevusey mills
- Trevusey Cott 234a. in Quethiock.
- Ven alias Taven Vendowne and Treweese in Quethiock 200a.
- mess. in Quethiock occ. Jn. Pope.
- close and grove adjg. called Venn Hills 4a. in East Quethiock occ. Jn. Pope.
- mess. in Quethiock occ. Joan Haddy.
- cottage or gdn. called Parsons Poole occ. Hen. Cloake.
- cottage with herb gdn. and orch. and toft and old walls to the south. House adjg. cottage held by Agnes Cloake widow, then occ. Jn. Stevens.
- Cottage and gdn. occ. Agnes Bennick, widow.
Cottage and 2 gdns. adjg. occ. Jn. Olver.
All above part of the manor of Landrake in Quethiock and bought of Hen. Killigrew, esq.
- Fields and closes called Ley in St. Ive.
- another ten. called Ley in St. Ive.
Bought from Sir Chichester Wrey Bt. by (i).
To uses of marriage of Eliz. and Jn. Coryton.
Not witnessed.
Endsd. 'Not executed'.

[no title]  CY/1566  28 November 1677

Post Nuptial Settlement.
(i) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt. and Alderman of the City of London.
(ii) Jn. Coryton of Newton Ferrers, esq. and wife Eliz., one of the dtrs. of (i).
(iii) Rich. Winne; Robt. Biddulph, City of London, merchants.
(Recital (i) had 2 dtrs. Anne and Eliz. w. of Jn. Coryton. Latter given marriage portion of £5500 by (i). Rec. of intended marriage btwn. Ann, dtr. of (i) and Jn. Charlton, s. of Francis Charlton of Apply Castle, Salop, esq. £10,000 paid to latter by (i) for marriage portion (i) desirous of making further provision for dtr. Eliz. and to stop any discord or disputes between his dtrs.)
(i) - (iii) - barton of Trevusey and Trevusey mills.
To uses -
- Trevusey Cott 234a. in Quethiock.
- Ven alias Taven Vendowne and Treweese 200a. Quethiock.
- mess. in East Quethiock occ. Oliver Pope.
- mess. in Quethiock occ. Jn. Pope
- Venn Hills close 4a. E. Quethiock occ. Jn. Pope
- mess. in churchtown, Quethiock occ. Jn. Pope
- mess. in church town, Quethiock occ. Jane Wilkye, widow, then Robt. Coade.
- mess. in Quethiock occ. Joan Huddy.
- cottage or gdn. called Parsons Pool occ. Hen. Cloake.
- cottage with herb gdn. and orch. east and west; toft and old walls to south, occ. Jn. Stevens
- house adjg. above cottage occ. Agnes Cloake, widow, then Jn. Stevens.
- cottage and 2 plots occ. Jn. Oliver.
(All part of manor of Landrake and in parish of Quethiock. Purchased of Hen. Killigrew, esq.)
- Leigh closes in St. Ive occ. Eliz. Wrey, then Wm. Hoskin.
- Leigh 10a. in St. Ive occ. Jn. Bounsall, then Jn. Wyvell. (Bought by (i) of Sir Chichester Wrey, Bt.)
Witd. Powlett St. John, Wm. Cooper, Thos. (? Meyn), Wm. Selator, Robt. Clomee, Jn. Clerke, Jo. Nowes, Jn. Woodhouse.

[no title]  CY/1567  3 August 1680

Assignment of trust.
(i) Rich. Wynne, London, merchant.
(ii) Anth. Burren and Thos. Philps, London, merchants.
(Recital of Bargain and Sale (a) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt., Alderman of the City of London, decd. (b) Jn. Coryton, Newton Ferrers, esq. and wife Eliz., one of dtrs. of (a). (c) Rich. Wynne and Robt. Biddulph - cap. mess, and demesnes of Trevusey and Trevusey Mills and 234a. and 200a. of land in Quethiock and St. Ive 27 and 28 November 1677 (Lease and Release). To use of (c) if Jn. Coryton and Eliz. his wife lived so long (jointly) or for 60 yrs. Then to use of Eliz. and hrs. etc. Rec. of deaths of Sir Rich. Chiverton and Robt. Biddulph. 60 yrs. term vested in (i). Rec. (i) refused to execute trust, therefore Easter Term 1680 (b) exhibited bill of complaint into Chancery. Premises of annual value of £300. (i) ready to transfer trust 26 June 1688 Rt. Hon. Heneage, Lord Finch Baron of Daventry Lord High Chancellor decreed defendant (i) to transfer trust to (ii) ).
(i) - (ii) - assignment of trust of lands as in recital.
Witd. Jas. Tillie, Thos. Stainer, Rich. Gey.

[no title]  CY/1568  14 January 1691

Release of annuity. £4200 (ii) - (i).
(i) Dame Eliz. Coryton, widow of Sir Jn. Coryton, jun., West Newton Ferrers, Bt. decd.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(Recital of marriage settlement of 19 January 1672)
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, sen. of West Newton Ferrers, Bt., formerly father of Sir Jn. Coryton, jun. decd., wife Dame Eliz., Jn. Coryton, esq. (later Sir J. Coryton, jun.)
(ii) Sir Rich. Chiverton and Sir Jas. Edwards, Kts. and aldermen of City of London; Francis Luttrell of Grays Inn, esq; Gabriel Barbor, London, Dr. in Physic (iii) Geo. Young, Crediton, esq; Jn. Rowe, London, clerk. Marr. of Jn. Coryton, jun. and Eliz. Chiverton, eldest dtr. of Sir Rich. Chiverton. £5000 mar. portion given by latter with his dtr.
(i) - (ii) - manor of Penpoll (with barton of Penpoll); cap. mess. barton and demesnes of West Newton Ferrers; manor of Hammett, Dannett and Trecorne; Harwood woods; Tillande Quarry; hundred Court of East Wivelshire, land called Corytons Ball, Redhill and Parsons Parke. Chargeable with annuity of £600 payable to Eliz. Coryton (nee Chiverton). Clause that if Eliz. C. survived husband she would accept payment from Sir Jn. Coryton sen. of £4200 in place of annuity).
(i) - (ii) - release of rent charge.
Witd. Jas. Tillie, Anth. Burren, Arth. Squier, Rich. Smith, Rich. Dodson.
Endsd. With note of production in Chancery (Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and ors.) 21 March 1743.

[no title]  CY/1569  21 June 1692

Receipt for £1000
From Sir Jas. Tillie of Pentillie, Kt. and his wife Dame Eliz. Chris. Batt, City of London, merchant and his wife Eliz.
Anth. Burren, Thos. Philp and Robt. Ruddle, City of London, merchants, to Sir Wm. Coryton.
(Recital of provision in marriage settlement of Jn. Coryton and Eliz. Chiverton 19 January 1672 for raising of portions for dtrs. if no male issue of marriage from lands in poss. of Sir Wm. Coryton, second s. and only male hr. of Sir Jn. Coryton. Sir Jn. Coryton, jun. elder bro. of Sir W. Coryton died about 1690 leaving two dtrs. Eliz. and Mary £50 due to each of them for maintenance and £3000 each for marriage portions payable when 21 or on their marriages. Sir W. Coryton paid maintenance to their mother, Dame Eliz. Tillie or to her husband Sir Jas. Tillie and kept them to 25 December 1691. Before 25 March 1692 Eliz. Coryton, eldest dtr. of Dame Eliz. Tillie by her first husband Sir Jn. Coryton, married with consent of her mother to Chris. Batt who is entitled to her marriage portion of £3000. C. Batt ordered payment of £3000 to Sir J. Tillie, Anth. Burren, Thos. Philp and Robt. Ruddle. Part of £3000, £1000 then paid by Sir W. Coryton by desire of C. Batt and his wife to Tillie and the others).
Receipt for maintenance money (as recital) and £100.
Witd. Ar. Squier, Rich. Smith, Isabel Hawkin, Ben. Dollen, Rich. Dory.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery (Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others.) 21 March 1743.

[no title]  CY/1570  1 February 1700

Receipt. £3000
From Mary Coryton of Pillaton, gentlewoman to Sir Wm. Coryton.
(Recital as in receipt of 21 June 1692. Maintenance of £50 a year for Mary Coryton paid. She then - 11 April 1699 - became of age).
- receipt for maintenance money and portion.
Witd. Jas. Tillie, Rich. Gotley, Wm. Barge, Jn. Bailward.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery (Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others). 21 March 1743.

[no title]  CY/1571  9 May 1700

Acknowledgement of receipt.
By Mary Coryton to her uncle Sir Wm. Coryton, Bt. for maintenance money paid to previous Lady Day under marriage settlement of her father (Sir Jn. Coryton decd.)
Witd. Nich. Leigh, Rich. Smith.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery (Coryton late Goodall) v. Helyar and others). 21 March 1743.

William Goodall - Eliz. Coryton 1675.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1572  6 April 1675

Marriage Settlement and assignment. £1500 to (ii) for marriage portion. Marriage of (ii) and Eliz. Coryton, eldest dtr. of Sir Jn. Coryton.
(i) Jn. Gooddall of Fowey, merchant.
(ii) Wm. Gooddall, merchant, s. and hr. of (i).
(i) - (ii) - moiety of manor of Lamellion (cap. mess. barton and farm of Lamellion in poss. Wm. Wallys. Mess. called Coomeland 11a. in poss. Phillip Hornabrooke. Ten. called Laley alias Leyland 12a. in poss. of Jn. Husband. Coomeland in Leyland 10a. in poss. Jn. Whitlock. Leyland 15a. in poss. Jn. Carne. Leyland Cross Park 11a. held by Jn. Husband sen. Trereeds 35a. in poss. of Eliz. Mannaton, widow. Frogmoore 22a. in poss. of Jn. Lawse. Great Lantivett and Little Lantivett 55a. in poss. Jn. Wallys. Mess. in Polruan 2a. in poss. of Peter Knight. All in parish of Lanteglos by Fowey.
- part of manor of Manely Colshill in St. Veep (Fraction of Trevollard in St. Veep occ. Chris. Greenway) (fraction of Trevollard 23a. of land, meadow, pasture occ. Chris. Greenway. Both in poss. of (i). Fraction of Brighton Wood in St. Veep, held by (i), Wm. Toller, merchant, Walt. Tinscombe and Ralph Turney, gent. Reversions of rents and services of 7 messuages and tenements in lease for remainder of serval terms of 1000 yrs.
(Recital of demise from Jn. Earl of Bath 30 September 1664 to Thos. Trewolloe of Truro, gent. (then decd.)
- mess. and ten. in Truro for 99 yrs. or lives of Thos. Trewolloe, jun. and Jn. and Arnold Squibb sons of Robt. Squibb of Truro, gent. Redr. of term passed by will of Thos. Trewolloe, sen. to his s. who by ass. of 30 December 1670 for £318 assigned same to (i).
- assignment of mess. and ten. in Truro (i) to (ii)
Schedule of leases of lands of the manor of Lamellion.
Witd. Sam. Cabell, Edwd. Herle, Wm. Coode, Edwd. Ellyott, Jas. Tillie.

[no title]  CY/1573  6 April 1675

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (ii) of Eliz. eldest dtr. of Sir Jn. Coryton, bt. and £1500 secured for her marriage portion.
(i) Jn. Goodall of Fowey, merchant.
(ii) Wm. Gooddall of Fowey, merchant, his s. and hr.
(i) - (ii) - moiety of manor of Lamellion (inc. moiety of barton of Lamellion 80a. held by Wm. Wallys; of Coomeland 11a. held by Phillip Hornybrooke; of Laley alias Leyland 12a. held by Jn. Husband; of Coomeland in Leyland 10a. held by Jn. Whitlock; of Leyland 15a. held by Jn. Carne of Leyland Cross Park 11a. held by Jn. Husband sen; of Trereeds 35a. held by Eliz. Mannaton; of Frogmore 22a. held by Jn. Lawse; of Great and Little Lantivett 55a. held by Jn. Wallys; of mess. in Polruan 2a. held by Wm. Beale; of another mess. in Polruan held by Peter Knight. All in Lanteglos by Fowey.
- part of manor of Manely Colshill, St. Veep inc. parts of Trevollard, St. Veep 29a. held by Chris. Greenway, both parts in possession of (i).
- part of Brighton Wood, St. Veep held in common by (i) with Wm. Toller, merchant and Walt. Tincombe and Ralph Tinney, gent., later allotted to (i).
- part of rents and services of 7 mess. and ten. in lease. All part of manor of Manely Colshill.
(Recital of lease of 1 September 1664 from Jn. Earl of Bath to Thos. Trewolloe, then of Truro, gent., later decd. - premises in Truro for 99 yrs. or lives of Thos. Trewolloe jun. (s. of Thos. Trewolloe) and Jn. and Arnold Squibb, sons of Robt. Squibb of Truro, gent. Left to s. Thos. by Thos. Trewolloe in his will. Son 30 December 1670 £318 assigned to Jn. Gooddall).
- assignment (i) to (ii) of this leasehold property in Truro.
Schedule of leases (manor of Lamellion).
Witd. Sam. Cabell, Ed. Herle, Wm. Coode, Edwd. Ellyott, Jas. Tillie
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery 14 October 1690 Eliz. Goodall, sen. Pltff. and Jn. Goodall infant. (Witd. Edw. Dennys, Wm. Browne, Peter Champion).

[no title]  CY/1574  8 April 1675

Marriage Settlement. £1500 marriage portion. Marriage of (i) and (iii) and agreement btwn. Sir J. Coryton and (i)'s father, Jn. Gooddall, Fowey, merchant.
(i) Wm. Gooddall, Fowey, merchant.
(ii) Sam. Cabell, Wiveliscombe, Cornwall, esq. Edwd. Herle, Prideaux, esq.
(iii) Eliz. Coryton, eldest dtr. of Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
- ¾ and 1/18 x ¼ of Trevollard 29a. occ. Christopher Greenway.
- same part of Trevollard 21¾a. occ. Chris. Greenway.
Both in St. Veep in possession of Jn. Gooddall.
Witd. Wm. Coode, Edwd. Ellyott, Jas. Tillie.

[no title]  CY/1575  24 June 1697

Assignment of mortgage. (Counterpart). £900 and interest before 24 June 1702. (ii) - (i). (ii) to pay (i) before then £45 a year as interest.
(i) Francis Wills, Wiveliscombe, esq.
Jn. Peter, St. Merryn, gent. administrator of will of Eliz. Goodall of Trevalter, decd. (admnx. of Wm. Goodall, merchant, decd.). Also administrator of goods of Wm. Goodall, decd. not administered by Eliz. Goodall.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, bt.
(Recital of mortgage by Sir Jn. Coryton, bt., father of (ii) to Samuel Cabell and Gabriel Barbor, Dr. of Physick - manor of Frogwell and Durnaford (Callington and St. Ive). Manor of Warleggan inc. Warlegan, Polventon, Will Towne, Tredinicke, Hopesland, Bilgars, Penhale land and Warlegan Woods. All in parish of Warleggan. Messuages lands and tenements in St. Ive and Callington held by Walt. Hockin, Robt. Smith and Jn. Letheby belonging to manor of Frogwell and Durnaford. 10 March 1670. To hold from 11 March 1674 or within 1 yr. after marriage of Eliz. Coryton, eldest dtr. of Sir Jn. Coryton (afterwards Eliz. Goodall) to use of Eliz. Coryton. Peppercorn rent. £1500. If repaid within 4 yrs. of mortgage. If Eliz. Coryton married within 3 yrs. of mortgage if repaid within one yr. mortgage to be void. Recital of marriage settlement by assignment of mortgage 6 April 1675.
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, Sam. Cabell and Gabriel Barbor and Eliz. Coryton.
(ii) Wm. Goodall (on marriage of Eliz. Coryton and (ii). Sir J. C. paid off £300 of £1500 mortgage. For securing remaining £1000 to Wm. Goodall.
(i) - (ii) assignment of first recited mortgaged lands. (Repayment by 11 May 1676).
(Recital of further security £900 and interest due on mortgage 20 March 1681. (a) Sir Jn. Coryton and Jn. Edgecombe of Cargentle, gent. (b) Wm. Goodall. At request of Sir Jn. Coryton (b) transferred to Jn. Nance, esq. - manor of Warleggan, (a) assigned to (b) 6 messuages in Callington held by Agnes Thomas, widow; Theo. Garth; Robt. Smith; Jn. Soper; Thos. Souther and Peter Martine and 3 messuages in Tintagel occ. Digory Taylor, Josias Fuge, - Danger. Rec. Wm. Goodall received interest on £900 by Jn. Coryton jun. and W. Goodall granted leases to Walt. Hockin of tenements in Durnaford and to Hen. Letheby of ten. in Frogwell. Rec. after death of Wm. Goodall his admnx. Eliz. Goodall paid interest of £900 and with permission of Sir J. C. she entered into mortgaged premises and received rents. But no account kept, so amount of mortgage money and interest not clear. But mortgaged premises not of sufficient value to pay off mortgage - yearly value not more than £6. Sir W. C. out of regard to children of Eliz. and Wm. Goodall, his near relations and for their support until personal estate of E. & W. Goodall was divided which could not be done until Jn. Goodall s. and excr. of Goodall came of age in 1702, agreed to purchase mortgaged premises for £900 with interest at £5%)
(i) - (ii) - manor of Frogwell and Durnaford (St. Ive and Callington).
- also tenements in St. Ive and Callington occ. Walt. Hoskin, Robt. Smith and Jn. Letheby, then occ. Eliz. Hoskin, widow, - Smith, widow and Hen. Letheby.
- 6 houses in Callington, then occ. Jas. Jope, sen., Jas. Jope, jun., Nich. Pelline, Robt. Miller and Jn. Martine
- 3 houses in Tintagel, then occ. Digory Taylor and his sons. Jn. and Wm. Taylor; Josias Fuge; - Danger.
Witd. Alex. Randall; Robt. Robins; Rich. Smith; Jn. Martyn; Hen. Leverton; Jn. Gaych.

Ann and Mary Coryton 1678.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1576  14 March 1678

Conveyance in trust. (Copy). For making addition to legacies.
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(ii) Geo. Yonge, Crediton, gent; Nich. Herle of Landue, esq; Wm. Goodall of Truro, merchant.
(Recital Dame Eliz. Coryton decd., formerly wife of (i) for advancement of their s. Jn. Coryton in marriage and for jointure of Jn's wife Eliz., in her lifetime surrendered her own jointure in return for which (i) gave security for her to have power to dispose of £1000 by will if she died before him. Will of Dame Eliz. Coryton gave to her dtr. Anne £500 and to her dtr. Katherine £400 and to her youngest s. Wm. Coryton, esq. £100).
(i) - (ii) - manor of Landegay in Kea and Feock.
To uses: (i) for life then to (ii) to raise £750 each for Anne and Katherine Coryton when of age (this in discharge of former legacies of £500 and £400). When paid by hr. male of (i) trustees to re-convey Landegay to him. (i) could make leases on lives for 21 yrs. or less.
Not witnessed.

Sir John Coryton and Mrs. Anne Wayte, 1680.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1577  3 June 1680

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (i) and (ii). Marriage portion of £3600 (ii) - (i). 5s. (iii) - (i).
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(ii) Ann Wayte, Acton, Middlesex, widow.
(iii) Hen. Pollexfen, Inner Temple, London, esq; Jn. Cooke, Inner Temple, London, esq; Edwd. Herle of Prideaux, esq., Jn. Rashleigh, Coombe, Cornwall, esq.
(Recital (i) empowered to make leases of lands (below) by provisos of deed of 19 January 1671 (i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. and his wife Dame Eliz. His son and hr. apparent Jn. Coryton (ii) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Sir Jas. Edwards, Kts. and aldermen of the City of London; Francis Lutterell of Grays Inn, Mddsx., esq; Gabriel Barber, London, doctor in Physick. (iii) Geo. Young, Crediton, esq.; Jn. Row, London, clark. Lawful for (i) and his w. Eliz. to lease all or part of the manor of Colebrooke for 1-3 lives for term(s) of yrs. Lawful for Sir J. Coryton to make leases of Colebrooke if he survived his wife Dame Eliz. Similarly lawful for latter to make leases if she survived Sir Jn. Lawful for Sir J. C. and Jn. Coryton to make leases of other manors - except manors of Colebrooke and West Newton (J. C. after his father's death) - for 1 - 3 lives or term(s) of years. Recital Dame Eliz. decd. power to lease vested in (i) of parties to Marriage Settlement.
(i) - (iii) - cap mess., mansion, barton and demesne lands of Penpoll.
- Long meadow, Upper meadow, Middle meadow.
- 3 Broom Downs and Barn Parks occ. Wm. Wenmoth situated in manor of Penpoll in Quethiock.
For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Yearly rent £8-14s. etc.
(i) - (iii) - 2 closes called Lucomb Parke and Kithill (formerly leased to Peter Jewell) in manor of Penpoll, Quethiock. For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Yearly rent £3-6s. etc.
(i) - (iii) - Three-Cornered Meadow and meadow underneath; the two Mead Parkes and the Sheepna Parks, manor of Penpoll, Quethiock. For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Yearly rent £3 etc.
(i) - (iii) - Mansion house and tenement of Butsford in Colebrooke.
For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Yearly rent £3. 10s. etc.
(i) - (iii) - Brownsland in Colebrooke.
For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Yearly rent £2.5s. etc.
(i) - (iii) - Bitter Knoll in parish of Colebrooke. For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Rent £1-0-6d. etc.
(i) - (iii) - Henlands in Colebrooke. For 99 yrs. or lives of (i) and (ii). Annual rent 14s. 6d. etc.
All above to (iii) in trust take out of rents £100 yearly to pay to person directed by (ii) after her marriage and during life of (i) who was not to interfere with this. Other rents on trust for (i) to enjoy for life then (ii) for her life.
Witd. H. Drake, Fran: Buller, Jn. Herle.
Endsd. with note of production in Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others. (21 March 1743).

[no title]  CY/1578  30 December 1680

Surrender of jointure lands. £250 (iii) - (ii) as compensation.
(i) Hen. Polexfan, Inner Temple, London, esq. Jn. Cooke, Inner Temple, London, esq.
Edwd. Herle, Prideaux, esq.
Jn. Rashleigh, Combe, esq.
(ii) Dame Anne Coryton, widow of Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. decd.
(iii) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. s. and hr. of Sir Jn. Coryton, decd.
(Recital by powers of deed of 19 January 1672 (a) Sir Jn. Coryton sen. and w. Eliz. Sir J. Coryton jun. (then Jn. Coryton, esq.) (b) Sir Rich. Chiverton and Sir Jas. Edwards, Kts. Francis Lutterell, esq., Gabriel Barber, Dr. of Physic (c) Geo. Young, esq., Jn. Row. Sir J. Coryton, sen. after d. of wife Eliz. empowered to make lease of lands (below) customarily let. Rec. of marriage btwn. Sir. J. Coryton sen. and Anne Wayte 3 June 1680 Settlement.
(a) Sir J. Coryton sen., (b) Anne Wayte (c) = (i) a - c for 99 yrs. (lives of a & b) - barton of Penpoll Long Meadow, Upper Meadow, Middle Meadow, Three Broom Downs and Barn Parks occ. Wm. Wenmouth in manor of Penpoll, Quethiock - 2 closes called Lewcombe Park and Kithill (formerly leased to Peter Jewell) in manor of Penpoll - Three Cornered Meadow and meadow underneath, Two Mead Parks, Shipna Parks, manor of Penpoll.
- Butsford in Cdebrooke, Devon - Brownsland in Colebrooke.
- Bitter Knoll in Colebrooke - Henlands in Colebrooke.
These lands not customarily leased and Sir J. Coryton did not pursue the power, therefore vested in (iii).
(i) - (iii) - surrender of lands recited.
Witd. Wm. Goodall; Rich. Dodson, Jn. Smith, Robt. Chew.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery (Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others) 21 March 1743.

[no title]  CY/1579  7 September 1683

Assignment of term (in relation to a Marriage Settlement). £35 (ii) - (i).
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. Wm. Coryton, Middle Temple, London, esq.
Jas. Tillie, Middle Temple, London, gent.
(ii) Jn. Hichans of Bradoc, yeo.
(Recital of Settlement of 5 June 1680 from Sir Jn. Coryton, Bt. decd, father of Sir J. Coryton and W. Coryton of (i) on his marriage with Mrs. Anne Waite to Hen. Polexfen and Jn. Cooke of Inner Temple, London, esqres., Edwd. Herle of Prideaux, esq., Jn. Rashleigh of Coombe, esq. as trustees- - properties (below). Rec. Sir J. Coryton died without issue. 28 December 1680, trustees with consent of Dame Anne Coryton transferred term to Wm. Coryton of (i). Sir Jn. Coryton of (i) 29 and 30 December 1680, conveyed fee simple to Jas. Tillie. Then W. Coryton (of i) and Dame Anne Coryton and her trustees 16 March 1681 assigned residue of 200 yrs.' term to Walt. Hoskin, Durnaford, St. Ive.
Latter to assign redr. of term to (ii). Money to Dame A. Coryton in lieu of interest and for debts fo Sir J. Coryton decd.)
- mess. in Lux Street, Liskeard near Doctors Lane with gdn. Formerly in poss. of Robt. Moreshead decd., then re-built and buildings added, occ. Wm. Pett, Sam. Gilbert, Thos. Charlick, Barnard Rogers, Jas. Coome and Jn. Streeke.
- mess, in Barne Street with barn and stable adjg. with ¼ of an acre, occ. Robt. Moreshead (then decd.), then Theophilus Dingle, shoemaker.
- small stable and 2 malt houses in Church Street over against house of Mary Moore, widow, and a gdn., occ. Lionell Moore (then decd.), then occ. Mary Moore.
Witd. Jn. Lanyon, Rich. Dodson, Arthur Squier, Timothy Goodwin, Rich. Smith, Susanna Rous.
Endsd. Conveyance of release in Fee.

Settlement of Newton on John Coryton from his mother, Elizabeth Coryton (widow) 1681.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1580  5 May 1681

Agreement for lease from Eliz. Coryton, widow to her s. Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, esq. of barton and mills of Newton with the old warren in St. Ive with all marshlands from Newton bridge to Clapper Bridge, Quethiock. For 99 yrs. or her life at rent of £120 yearly. Jn. Coryton agreed to enter into bond in £3000 for payment of rent.
Eliz. C. to have liberty to use great alias broad chamber at the two little rooms and two closets within the broad chamber at the mansion house of Newton with convenient furniture and firewood. Also she to have liberty to enter still-gdn. and still-house adjoining the orch. and the pear gdn. under it. She to retake barton and mills and mansion house of Newton at 3 months notice when bond would be surrendered and Jn. C. would surrender his right.
Witd. Francis Buller, Thos. Wills, Peter Kekewich, Chas. Fragle.
Endsd. 'our first agreement for Newton'.

William Coryton and Susanna Littleton 1688.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1581  10 December 1688

Marriage Articles. Marriage of (iii) and (iv) £3500 marriage portion.
(i) Edwd. Littleton of Pilleton Hall, Staffs, esq., s. and hr. of Sir Edward Littleton of Tamworth, Staffs., Bt.
(ii) Dame Susanna Biddulph of West Coombe, Kent, widow and excx. of Sir Theo. Biddulph, Bt. decd, her late husband.
(iii) Wm. Coryton, Middle Temple, London, esq.
(iv) Susanna Littleton, eldest dtr. of (i).
(i) agreed to pay £2000 part of marriage portion to trustees apptd. by (iii).
(ii) agreed to pay to (iii)'s trustees £1500.
(iii) to pay trustees £3500 on security of manor of Landegay in Kae and Feock, Kerrybullock Park in Stoke Climsland (Park held on lease for lives of (iii) and his brother Sir Jn. Coryton, Bt. and Dame Elizabeth his wife), and two mortgages to be assigned by (iii) to trustees. (iii) to enter into bond in penal sum of £7000 for security of payment.
£3500 for uses of settlement including jointure.
Witd. Thos. Highlord, Thos. Arkoll, Mich. Jones, Rich. Smith.

[no title]  CY/1582  11 December 1688

(i) Wm. Coryton, the Middle Temple, London, esq. Arthur Squier of Clements Inn, Mddsx., gent.
(ii) Edwd. Byrche, Leycroft, Staffs, serjeant at law. Jn. Garrett, London, scrivener.
(Recital of mortgage by Francis Wills of Wivelscombe, (? Wiveliscombe) esq. to Arth. Squier in trust for Wm. Coryton £350 (8 and 9 June 1687) - lands in Gulval and the rectory. Rec. of lease for 1000 yrs. from Thos. Carthew of the Middle Temple, esq. to Wm. Coryton - Geares, Middle Park and moor under in Nansmolkyn, alias Lemolkyn, St. Issey for securing payment to W. Coryton of £150. Articles of agreement of previous day (i) Edwd. Littleton of Pillaton Hall, Staffs., esq. (ii) Dame Susanna Biddulph of West Combe, Kent, widow (iii) Wm. Coryton (iv) Susanna Littleton, eldest dtr. of (i). For security for payment of £3500 in the Articles of Agreement from W. Coryton to (ii) and Hen. Hatsell, Middle Temple, esq.)
(i) - (ii) - lands in Gulval and the rectory.
(i) - (ii) - assignment of lands in recital in St. Issey.
Witd. Thos. Highlord, Thos. Arkoll, Mich. Jones, Rich. Smith.

[no title]  CY/1583  6 March 1691

(Copy) Post-Nuptial Settlement. Marriage, marriage portion.
Provision for Dame Susanna Coryton's jointure.
(i) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. and wife Dame Susanna Coryton (eldest dtr. of Edwd. Littleton of Pilleton Hall, Staffs., esq.)
(ii) Dame Susanna Biddulph, West Combe, Kent, widow and excx. of will of Sir Theo. Biddulph, Bt. decd.) Edward Littleton.
(iii) Edwd. Birch, Leacroft, Staffs, serjeant at law. Hen. Hatsell of London, serjeant at law.
Jn. Garret, city of London, scrivener.
Arth. Squier of Clements Inn, Mddsx., gent.
(Recital of marriage articles of 10 December 1688 (a) Edwd. Littleton (b) Dame Susanna Biddulph (c) Wm. Coryton, esq. (then Sir Wm. Coryton) (d) Susanna Littleton (then Susanna Coryton) Marriage of (c) and (d) £3500 marriage portion of (d). (a) for securing £2000 (part of portion) agreed with (c) to pay £2000 to Hen. Hatsell, Middle Temple, London and Arthur Squier (c)'s trustees and Edwd. Birch and John Garrett, (a)'s trustees before 25 December 1690, in Middle Temple Hall, London. This sum to be secured by mortgage. (b) for securing £1500 remainder of portion of her gdtr = (d) covenanted with (c) to pay £1500 to H. Hatsell, Arth. Squier, Edwd. Byrch and Jn. Garrett before 25 December 1690 at Middle Temple Hall. Again this sum to be secured by mortgage. £1000 part of £1500 agreed to be paid by (b) was to discharge £1000 bequeathed to (d) by Sir Theo. Biddulph (d)'s grandfather. £500 remainder was free gift from (b) to her gdtr. (d) (c) in cons, of marriage and portion agreed with (b) and (a) to pay E. Byrch, Jn. Garret, Hen. Hatsell and Arth. Squier £3500 before 25 December 1690 in Middle Temple Hall. For securing payment (c) would mortgage to Byrch, Garret, Hatsell and Squier - manor of Landegay, Carrybullock park Stoke Climsland (held by lease from King Charles II for lives of Wm. Coryton, his bro. Sir Jn. Coryton then decd, and Dame Eliz. Coryton) wife of Sir Jn. Coryton and longest liver (c) agreed to assign to Edwd. Byrch and Jn. Garret mortgages made by (c): (l) By Francis Wills, Wiveliscombe, esqr. to Wm. Coryton for securing £350 and interest. (2) By Thos. Carthew of Middle Temple, esq. to (c) for securing £150 and interest. At time of these assignments (c) to be bound to (b) and (a) in bond of £7000 as further security for payment of £3500. Agreed at same time that (a) (b) and Byrch, Garrett, Hatsell and Squier should if requested by (c) join in sale or leases of lands - money being paid to Byrch, Garrett, Hatsell and Squier - (c) to take rent and profits and interest of mortgages until payment of £3500 due. Agreed that Byrch, Garrett, Hatsell and Squier should spend £3500 promised by (a) and (b) and £3500 promised (c), i.e. £7000 in all on purchase of lands of inheritance to uses. To (c) for life with power to grant leases for 1-3 lives or no more than 21 yrs. After (c)'s death to (d) for life for her jointure.
Then to uses of sons of (c) and (d). Then to Byrch, Garrett, Hatsell and Squier for paying portion of £4000 to dtr(s) of marriage of (c) and (d) when 18 or married (in default of sons of marriage of (c) and (d). £7000 could be put to interest by the trustees before this estate purchased on securities approved by (a) and (c). Rec. (a) paid £2000 and (b) paid £1500. Rec. (c) for security of payment of £3500 mortgaged Landegay and Carrybullock park and assigned 2 mortgages ( (i) and ii) above) of payment of £3500 (a) agreed to sette estates below (of greater value than £7000) to discharge of marriage articles - all parties agreed to this.
(i) - (iii) - cap. mess., mansion and barton of W. Newton, with West Newton Mills. West Newton woods, Blacklake woods, Park woods, Norwood Woods and Moultons woods in parish of St. Mellion. Vestmond marshes, Crundle Down, the two Warens, Quarry Marsh, Bridge Meadow in Quethiock. Closes then recently disparked in Cruft in Quethiock and St. Ive.
- cap. mess., mansion and barton of Penpoll in Quethiock.
- manor of Dinnerdake in St. Ive.
- manor of Pillaton
- advowson of Pillaton
- Herwood Woods in Quethiock and meadows and marshes underneath.
- Tilland Quarry, Quethiock.
- Lands called Corytons Ball and Red Hill with lands adjg. called Parsons Park in St. Neot.
To (iii) to uses: to Sir W. Coryton for life. Then after his death to use of payment of £350 yearly to Dame Dame Susanna Coryton as long as she continued a widow. Agreement of (i) (ii) and (iii) for lands above to be charged with this annuity after death of Sir Wm. Coryton. If annuity not paid at Middle Temple Hall after arrears of 60 days, (iii) to stand seized of manors until Dame S. Coryton is paid. After death of Sir W. Coryton (iii) could make leases of manors of Dinnerdake and Pillaton - issues for payment of annuity to Dame S. Coryton. After deaths of (i) to use of sons, in default for portions) for dtrs. of (i) - £4000 for portion or all portion(s) when dtr.(s) 18 or married. £30 yearly for maintenance and education of dtr(s) until of age. Sir W. Coryton could lease properties for term of yrs. and up to 3 lives. (iii) could lease manors of Dinnerdake and Pillaton to secure dtr(s) portions and money for their maintenance and education - up to 3 lives and term of years.
Witd. Jeremy Baxter, Thos. Arkoll, Rich. Smith, Jn. Thompson, Peter Bradshaw.
(Examined with original, 28 April, 1746).
Acknowledgement by Sir W. Coryton of receipt of £1500 from Dame S. Biddulph and £2000 from Edwd. Littleton (6 March 1691).

[no title]  CY/1584  6 March 1691

(i) Edwd. Byrch, Leacroft, Staffs., serjeant. Hen. Halsell, London, serjeant at law. Jn. Garrett, City of London, scrivener. Arthur Squier of Clements Inn, Mddsx., gent.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. and w. Dame Susanna Coryton.
(iii) Dame Susanna Biddulph, West Combe, Kent, widow. Her father, Edwd. Littleton, Pillaton Hall, Staffs., esq.
(Recital of marriage articles 10 December 1688 marriage of ii) Dame Susanna Coryton was eldest dtr. of Edwd. Littleton (a) E. Littleton (b) Dame S. Biddulph (c) Wm. Coryton, esq. (= ii) (d) Susanna Littleton) - (i) appt. trustees. Sir W. Coryton and his trustee A. Squier assigned manors etc. (below) to E. Byrch and J. Garrett. £3000 part of marriage portion of Dame S. Coryton mortgaged to Dame Anne St. Aubyn (trustees = (i). Not paid. Sir W. Coryton then carried out settlement.).
(i) - Sir W. Coryton - manor of Landegay, Kea and Feock.
- Kerribullock park Stoke Climsland.
- lands in Gulval and great tithes of rectory
- The Geares, Middle Park and moor under in Nansmolkin alias Lemolkin, St. Issey.
- lands in Trekennyn alias Tripcony alias Tripconning in St. Columb Major with Trekennyn mills (inheritance of Peter Jenkyn, esq. decd. grandfather of Dame Anne St. Aubyn).
- moiety of manors of Gaverigan, Tremininacke, Cusgarne, Mingham, Ennis Veor, Ennis Scaven, Tripcony alias Trekennyn, Belowsa, Kernicke, Entire, St. Nicholas meadow, Ceebans meadow, St. Austell, Michell, Tresawna, Tregaswith, Burlawyn, Eglois Tregeore alias Tregeare, Trewolvas, St. Caddockes, Trayter, Trenyer, Trevilsay, Treuranoll Park, Treveor, Penrose, Treworgans, Methers, Cusgarne, Cusgarne Warthy, Tresamble Vean, Hengiwin Blowing House, Cusgarne Warthy, Treviskey, Tucking Mill, Bell, Caruannell, Carne Moor Stamping Mill, Bosparva Wollas, Geares, Talvaddon, Trelease in St. Columb Major, Roche, Bodmin, St. Austell, borough of Michell, St. Enoder, St. Columb Minor, Breage, St. Merryn, Newlyn, St. Caddockes, Gorran, Veryan, Probus, St. Mewan, Gwennap, St. Hilary, Stithians and Gwinear.
- lands in St. Erth church town, St. Ives, Trevasky, Kernicke, Hellas Veor, Geares, Geares Stamps, Tolvaddon, Trevissa, Fraighton, Trelease, Tregodecke, Landithy, Bosparua Wartha, Halgarrick in Roche, Gwennap, St. Earth, St. Hilary, Marazion, Madron, Penzance and Gwithian (lands of inheritance of Francis Godolphin, Treveneague, esq. decd.).
Witd. Symon Biddulph, Thos. Arkoll, Rich. smith, Jeremy Baxter, Jn. Thompson.

[no title]  CY/1585  1691-1692

Account (valuation) of part of Penpoll settled by Sir Wm. Coryton on his marriage with Dame Susanna.

[no title]  CY/1586-1588  2 May 1712

Conveyance to make a tenant to the precipe and lead the uses of a recovery. (Two leases for 1 year and a release). To dock entail.
(i) Sir Jn. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(ii) Robt. Incledon of New Inn, London, gent.
(iii) Rich. Smith, St. Mellion, gent.
(Recital of conveyance (by lease for 1 yr.) (i) - (ii) - manor and advowson of Pillaton - manor of Dinnerdake - cap. mess mansion, barton and desmesne lands of West Newton and water corn mills of West Newton, Blacklake woods, Park woods, Norwood Woods and Moultons woods, St. Mellion. Vestmond Marshes, Crundle Down, Two warrens, Quarry marsh and Bridge Meadow, Quethiock. Flds, in Cruft in Quethiock and St. Ive - flds, called Parke alias the Deer Park lying under Cruft, Quethiock and St. Ive; - cap. mess. mansion barton, demesne lands etc. in Penpoll, Quethiock; - Herwood woods and marshes under, Quethiock; - Tilland quarry, Quethiock - lands called Coryton's Ball and Redhill near adjoining lands in Parsons Park, St. Neot. Formerly occ. Sir Wm. Coryton etc., father of (i). Lands intended to be conveyed by Sir W. Coryton to Edward Byrch, Leacroft, Staffs., serjeant at law; Hen. Hatsell, London, serjeant at law; Jn. Garret, City of London, scrivener; Arth. Squire of Clements Inn, Middlesex, gent, by Post-Nuptial Settlement of 6 March 1691 (q.v.) ). (i.e. CY/1583).
(i) - (ii) - lands and manors of recital for (ii) to become tent. of the freehold in order for common recovery to be suffered. Demandant (iii) Tenant (ii) Vouchee (i), (ii) to stand seised to use of (i).
Witd. Wm. Gardner, Ar. Lawrence, Jn. Doney.
Endsd. Note of production and showing to Arth. Lawrence at time of his examination in Peter Coryton (late Goodall esq.), pltff. v. Robt. Helyar, esq. and Joanna Helyar, spinster, defdts. (21 March 1743).

[no title]  CY/1589  (1745 or later)

Release (draft).
(i) Jn. Clarke.
(ii) Peter Coryton, formerly Goodall, Fowey, esq., s. of Jn. Goodall, Fowey, esq.
(Rec. of Post-Nuptial Settlement (Lease and Release) 5 and 6 March 1691 (a) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. and wife Dame Susannah Coryton (b) Dame Susannah Biddulph, widow and Edwd. Littleton, esq. (c) Edwd. Byrch and Hen. Hatsell, serjeants at law; Jn. Garrett, scrivener and Arth. Squire, gent, a - c in trust to settle £350 yearly on (a)'s wife after his death, then child(ren) of the marriage. Rec. of will of Sir Wm. Coryton 2 December 1711 - estate to wife Dame Sarah Coryton, Sir Edwd. Littleton, Bt., Francis Wills, esq. Jn. Goodall, esq. and Jn. Clarke, esq. (excrs.) in trust for use of s. Jn. Coryton when 27, £4000 to his wife, estate to hrs. of Jn. Coryton. With redrs. (in default of issue) to dtr. Susanna Elliott and hrs; nephew Jn. Goodall and hrs. provided surname changed to Coryton; niece Eliz. Batt for life then hrs. Manor of Landegay to be sold if necessary to pay £4000 to wife. Susannah Coryton died in lifetime of Sir Wm. Coryton. Latter died October 1712. Recovery of manors etc. by his s. Sir Jn. Coryton Bt. Trinity Term 1712... Susannah Eliot died during lifetime of Sir Wm. Coryton without issue and Sir Jn. Coryton died 22 May 1739. Jn. Goodall died in Sir Wm. Coryton's lifetime. Eliz. Batt died leaving s. Christopher. (i) great grandson of Jn. Clarke (excr. of will of Sir W. Coryton). Rec. of petition of (ii) to Chancery as hr. to Coryton estates. Brought Bill in Chancery v. Dame Rachael Coryton, widow of Sir Jn. Coryton and Jn. Clarke. 1745 Chancellor ordered settlement of Sir Wm. Coryton's estate to petitioner. Later Chancery order for (i) to convey premises).
(i) - (ii) - all estate of Sir Wm. Coryton in Cornwall and Devon except the manor of Landegay.
Not witnessed.

[no title]  CY/1590  c. 1690

'My old remarks on Sir W. C. Settlement and some other remarks'.
By deed dated 6 March 1790 (this must be 1690) Sir W. Coryton settled on Dame Susannah: mansion, barton and desmesne of W. Newton Ferrer, West Newton Mills, West Newton woods, Black lake woods, Park woods, Norwood woods and Moulton woods in St. Mellion.
Vestmonds marshes, Crundle Down, 2 warrens, Quarry marsh and Bridge meadow in Quethiock. Several flds, ('lately dispark') underneath Cruft in Quethiock and St. Ive.
Cap. mess., barton and desmesne lands of Penpoll, Quethiock, Manor of Dinnerdake in St. Ive. Manor of Pillaton in Pillaton. Herwood woods, Quethiock, meadows and marshes under the said wood; Tilland Quarry in Quethiock. Corytons Ball and Red Hill and Parsons Park, St. Neot. He (Sir W.C.) covenants for his executors (not for hrs.) to be of the true yearly value of £400.
His sister says value is £250 referring to Sir Jn. Coryton's deed of uses 'but Mr. Bennett forgot to have a witness to prove the same; soe what must we doe att it?'. 'Mr. Darley says that we are the Tin-Bounders' and could claim 1/15 dish - 'this lyes in' St. Cleer and Linkinhorne - lands belong to the Prince who is entitled to 1/10 dish'. Bounder have 1/15 and the workers all the rest -' there are several pair of Bounds which belong to us.
They were to account 'out of Sir William's inventory' for £3920. Detailed queries follow to reduce both inventories' (the reference si to inventories of Sir William and Sir John Coryton).

[no title]  CY/1591  c. 1690

Another paper apparently relating to the same matter.

[no title]  CY/1592  c.1690

Another paper relating to part of the barton of Penpoll leased at time of Sir Wm. Coryton's marriage settlement to Dame Susannah in 1690.

Christopher Batt - Elizabeth Coryton. 1692.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1593  3 February 1692

Marriage Settlement (Copy). Marriage of (ii) and (iii).
(i) Sir Jas. Tillie of Pentillie and wife Dame. Eliz.
(ii) Chris. Batt, London, merchant.
(iii) Eliz. Coryton, eldest dtr. of Dame Eliz. by Sir Jn. Coryton, Bt. her late husband, decd.
(iv) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. Anth. Burren, Thomas Philp and Robt. Ruddle, London, merchants.
(Recital (iii) entitled to £3000 as marriage portion when 21 or day of marriage (with consent of her mother). Portion charged on lands in Cornwall then in poss. of Sir Wm. Coryton by Lease and Release of 18 and 19 January 1672 (a) Sir Jn. Coryton, sen. Bt. and w. Dame Eliz., father and mother of Sir Jn. Coryton and Sir J. Coryton, jun. - called then Jn. Coryton s. and hr. of Sir J. Coryton, sen. (b) Sir Rich. Chiverton, Sir Jas. Edwards, Francis Luttrell and Gabriel Barber (c) Geo. Young and Jn. Row. (ii) to pay (i) and Barren and Ruddle £1000 before marriage. £3000 to be paid to the same on marriage.
These sums of £1000 and £3000 to be used by (i) and Burren and Ruddle to buy freehold lands on trust E. Coryton entitled to £2000 under will of Sir Rich. Chiverton her grandfather if she survived her mother. Agreement of (ii) and (i) and Burren, Philp and Ruddle to pay this £2000 if necessary on trusts.
Recital. Sir R. Chiverton settled barton of Trehunsey, Trehunsey mills, Trehunsey Cott. 234a., Quethiock Ven alias Taven, Vendowne, Treweese 200a., Quethiock, 2 houses in Quethiock and close called Venn Hills, 2 mess, in Quethiock Church Town, other mess. or cotts. in Quethiock. All part of manor of Landrake purchased of Hen. Killigrew.
Ley in St. Ive - bought of Sir Chichester Wrey, Bt. For use of Dame Eliz. Tillie for life etc. Dame E. Tillie had 2 dtrs. Eliz. and Mary Coryton Sir Rich. Chiverton made leases for 7, 14, 21 yrs. for 1-3 lives. On his death Dame Eliz. Tillie made similar leases. Both sets of leases made without power in settlement but leases prevent ruin and decay of properties 'which none of the Inhabitants of those places can be induced to take but upon the old rents and fines according to their constant usage).
(ii) agreed with (i) that (ii) and (iii) and their hrs. after marriage at request and cost of (i) to make reasonable assurances in law to make good above leases.
(i) covenanted not to bar estate tail of (iii) with (ii) and (iii)'s consent or their child(ren).
(ii) agreed with (i) if marriage took place and Dame Eliz. died without male issue whereby estate tail of lands of Sir R. Chiverton might be vested in Eliz. Coryton and her sister and if (iii) survived (ii), (iii) to hold and enjoy such estate for her life and (ii) not to bar entail. (ii) agreed with (i) that if (iii) survived him he would leave to (iii) 1/3 part of his real and personal estate for her life.
Thirds also to be settled in children of marriage.
Witd. Rich. Mayo, Thos. White, Ben. Dowlen, Tim. Goodwin, Geo. Freeman.
Endsd. with note that the copy of the original was examined by Rich. Smith 13 May 1693

[no title]  CY/1594  3 February 1692

Marriage agreement.
(i) Chris. Batt, London, merchant.
Eliz. Coryton, his intended wife. Mary Coryton, her sister.
(ii) Sir Jas. Tillie of Pentillie, Kt. and Eliz. his wife, mother of Eliz. and Mary Coryton, admx. of her former husband Sir. J. Coryton, decd.
(Recital: Rowes ten., parish of Colebrooke, Devon and farm called Piend in Stockly English and Streetwell in same parish; Bamsden in Puddington mortgaged to Sir. J. Tillie and others for £1500, legal estate belongs to Sir J. T. Equity of redemption belonged to Mary and Eliz. Coryton but of little or no advantage to them. Recital: manor of Frogwell and Durnaford and houses and lands in Callington and Tintagel formerly mortgaged to Wm. Goodall decd. then vested in his widow Eliz., his admnx. Last recited manor and estates in Cornwall leased out on small rents - mortgage money in a short time with interest would grow and exceed value of the manor, though sale value greater than amount of mortgage. Disputable whether reversion in fee and equity of redemption to Cornish mortgaged premises are vested in other persons encumbered with judgements or had come to Eliz. and Mary Coryton. Rec. (ii) possessed of 180 yr. term in lands in Lostwithiel, St. Pinnock and Saltash reversion and fee of which had come to E. and M. Coryton: of small advantage to them. Rec. inheritance of a fair at Pillaton also came to E. & M. Coryton - of small advantage. Rec. Sir. J. Coryton died in debt including mortgage and his personal estate not sufficient to pay. Some of debts related to diet, apparell schooling and education of E. & M. Coryton which in honour and conscience they should satisfy at judgement of (ii) ).
(i) and (ii) agreed to sell lands and manors of recital for payment of mortgage of £1500 and debts (scheduled).
C. Batt and E. Coryton 3 months after she is 21 to make necessary conveyances in which M. Coryton is to join and if any premises descend to her she to sell them. (ii) to use rents to pay debts. Sir J. Tillie to sell the lands as soon as possible. Eliz. Goodall widow might refuse mortgage money: Sir J. T. empowered to begin a suit to force her to accept, and to make assignment of her mortgage. C. Batt agreed with Sir J. T. not to release and discharge the same. Present agreement not to prejudice Sir J. T. in his mortgages - mortgages to stand until he has received £1500 with interest. C. Batt not to pay debts, nor any other parties: other lands to be subjected to payment of debts as (ii) thought fit.
Witd. Tim Godwin, Thos. White, Ben. Dollen, Thos. Philpe, Anth. Burren, Mary Coryton, Gwinnet Freeman.
Endsd. 'The originall is in my handes and I will be ready to produce ye same at any tryall at law at ye charges of ye person desiring the same James Tillie'.
Detailed schedule of debts and creditors of £562-16-11

Sir William Coryton and Dame Susanna Biddulp 1696  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1595  5 January 1696

Release in trust.
(i) Dame Susanna Biddulph of Westcomb, East Greenwich, Kent, widow.
(ii) Arthur Squier of Clements Inn, Mddsx., gent.
(iii) Jn. Garret, citizen and merchant of London.
(iv) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, bt. Hen. Hatsell, Middle Temple, London, esq., serjeant at law.
Salisbury Cade, East Greenwich, Kent, Dr. in physic.
(Recital of mortgage (Lease and Release) 6 and 7 September 1689 (a) Sir Wm. Bassett, Claverton, Somerset, kt. (then decd.); Dame Susanna Biddulph; Sir Edwd. Nevil, kt. Symon Biddulph of Frankton, Warwickshire, esq. (b) Arthur Squier.
Securing debts of Sir W. Bassett to Dame S. Biddulph (a - b - - manor and manor house of Claverton, Somerset - - Bathampton, Somerset - - manor of Norton Malreward, Somerset.
£407-1-11d.) Recital Dame S. Biddulph Michaelmas term 1687 obtained judgement against Sir W. Bassett for £2000.
Sir W. B. did not pay 27 October 1694 £1407 due to Dame S. Biddulph. Recital of settlement 27 October 1694 (a) Dame Susanna Biddulph (b) John Garret (c) Arthur Squier (d) Sir Wm. Coryton. Natural love and affection of (a) for (d) and his wife Dame Susanna, (a)'s gdtr. For augmentation of marriage portion (a) and (d) agreed that (b) and (c) should be possessed in term of first recited mortgage.)
(i) - (ii), (iii), (iv) - lands of recital
(i), (ii), (iii) - H. Hatsell and S. Cade - lands of recital.
Witd. Nich. Smith, Jn. Farnolls, Sam. Robinson, servant to Jn. Garrett; Leonard Parker, servant to Mr. Tanner in Middle Temple Lane; Rich Dory, servant to Sir. W. Coryton.
Endsd. with note of production in Coryton, formerly Goodall v. Helyar and others, Chancery 21 March, 1743.

Sir William Coryton and Sarah Williams, 1698.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1596-1597  25 May 1698

(2 copies) Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) and (iii), £6000 (iii) - (i), marr. jointure of (iii).
(i) Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(ii) Sir Hen. Hatsell, Kt., H.M. Baron of the Court of Exchequer.
Francis Wills of Wivelscombe, esq.
Jn. Peter of St. Merryn, esq.
Rowland Reynell of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Mddx. Peter Cheshire of St. Martin within Ludgate London mrcr.
(iii) Sarah Williams of Stratford in parish of Westham by Bow, Essex, widow of Thos. Williams, formerly of Lombard Street, London, goldsmith, decd.
(i) - (ii) - manor of Colebrooke.
To uses - manor of Gresson alias Greston
- manor of Yelland alias Great Caredon
- mess. in Saltash occ. Nicholas Elliot
- mess. in Lostwithiel, in poss. of Sampson Moore
- 3 mess. in St. Pinnock occ. Francis Manaton and Stephen Jay and advowson of St. Pinnock.
To (ii) in trust to (i) for life, then to provide £600 yearly for (iii; for life. With provision for children etc.
Witd. Eliz. Reynolds, Mary Ayscoghe and Eliz. James, (iii)'s servants.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery 1742 (coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others) 21 March 1743.

[no title]  CY/1598  26 May 1698

Abstract of first marriage settlement 25 May 1698, followed by Abstract of Sir William Coryton's a second settlement on his second marriage with Sarah Williams.
- Parties as in settlement of 25 May.
(Recital lands of former settlement out on lease so annuity of £600 cannot be paid to 3. Williams).
- manor of Penpoll and Quethiock subject to £600 annuity.

Richard Copplestone - Elizabeth Goodall. 1706.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1599  9 September, 1706

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (i) and (iii). Marr. portion of £1000 to
(i), (Lease for 100 yrs.).
(i) Rich. Copleston of Knightstone, Ottery St. Mary, esq.
(ii) Jn. Goodall of Fowey, esq.
Jas. Sheppard, jun., Honiton, esq.
(iii) Eliz. Goodall, sister of Jn. Goodall.
(iii) If she survived (i) to receive yearly rent of £100 from lands below).
(i) - (ii) - manor of Shernwyke alias Shernweeke in Langtree, Frithelstock, Little and Great Torrington, Devon.
- cap. mess, barton, farm of Woodland in Little Torrington.
- lands, mess., tenements in Great Torrington.
Witd. Rich. Brock, Thos. Brock, Rich. Brock, jun., Susanna Goodman, Margart Carse, Hen. Rich, Thos. Bennett, An. Vaughan Anne Price.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery 6 January 1720 in Jos. Coplestone querent, v. Jn. Goodall, esq., defdt.

Edward Eliot and Susanna Coryton, 1711.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1600  10 March 1711

Marriage Articles. Marr. of (ii) and Susanna Coryton, dtr. of (i). Jointure £450 annuity.
(i) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(ii) Edwd. Eliot of Port Eliot, esq.
(i) to give for marriage portion £4500. £3000 of which to be paid to Browne Willis esq. and wife Katharine Willis, dtr. of Daniel Elliot late of Port Eliot, esq. decd, for payment of her portion charged on real estate of Daniel Eliot on marr. with Mrs. Katherine Fleming, mother of Katherine Willis, (i) taking by mortgage and assignment of redr. of 500 yrs. of lands in M. Settlement for raising £3000 portion from Hen. Fleming, esq. the surviving trustee and Browne Willis and wife and Edwd. Eliot for repayment of £3000. In trust for jointure of Susanna Coryton. And £4500 or £6000 for portions and provisions for younger son(s) and daughter(s).
To Edwd. Eliot (ii) for life, then for raising £3000 for jointure, then in trust for children.
(i) to pay £1000 more (part of £4500) to (ii) or Browne Willis and wife in discharge of debt owed by Edwd.
Eliot to Browne Willis and wife for other part of portion given her by father's last will.
(i) to pay £500 (part of £4500) within 3 months next after birth of first s. of the marriage etc. to be paid to Edwd. Eliot or Browne Willis and his wife in discharge of debt from E. Eliot to Browne Willis and wife.
(i) to secure payment of £1000 and £500 by bond.
(ii) for marriage portion to make over his estates to trustees nominated by (i)
(ii) To assure lands to persons nominated by (ii) for raising £4500 or £6000 for portion of younger sons (£6000 for dtrs.)
(ii) In regard to estate of father Daniel Eliot devised to him it was entailed so Edwd. couldn't make a jointure. So (ii) would procure surrender of estate in being for lives of Edwd. Eliot, his bro. Rich. Eliot and Katherine Willis (née Eliot) of manors of Cuttenbeake and St. Germans into hands of Bp. of Exeter for new lease to trustees to be nominated by Sir Wm. Coryton. One life to be left out of lease and name of Susanna Coryton to be included. New lease to be in trust for Edwd. E. for life then to Susanna Coryton for life to raise annuity of £450. Then for children (£4500 or £6000).
Edwd. Eliot covenanted with Sir W. Coryton within one year of marriage to procure from Sam. Rolle of Heanton, Devon, esq. and from Wm. Hancocke of Hendra, esq. (surviving trustees of Daniel Eliot esq.) lease of Screwes and Hender Walls in parish of Davidstow and Trewosell in parish of Tremaine for 99 yrs. or 3 lives including Susannah Coryton. To E. Eliot for life then in trust for annuity and portions
Witd. Edw. Dennys, Geo. Dennys, Rich. Smith.

[no title]  CY/1601  nd

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of Edwd. Eliot and (iv). £4500 (ii) - Ed. Eliot).
(i) Jn. Goodall, Fowey, esq.
Jn. Clarks of Halton, esq.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrera, Bt.
(iii) (Sam. Rolle of Heanton, Devon, esq. Wm. Hancocke of Hendra, esq, Surviving excrs and trustees of Dan. Eliot, formerly of Port Eliot, esq. decd.)
Edwd. Eliot, Port Eliot, esq.
(iv) Susannah Coryton, spinster, dtr. of (ii).
(Recital of lease of 22 May 1711 from Bp. of Exeter to (i)
- manors of St. Germans and Cuttenbeake for lives of Edwd. Eliot, (iv), and Rich, and Eliot his bro. Rent £64-3-4).
Declaration by (i) that lease was at wish of Edwd. Eliot to trusts of settlement (see Marr. articles).
Witd. Jn. Harris, Edwd. Dennys, Geo. Dennys, Rich. Smith, A. Kelly, Jn. Ingram, Thos. Dennis, Daniel Rolle.

[no title]  CY/1602  28 May 1711

Consent by trustees (Sam. Rolle and Wm. Hancock of marriage settlement of Edwd. Eliot and Susanna Coryton.
(Recital of will of Daniel Eliot 1694 giving to Jn. Speccot of Panhele, Cornwall, esq., Sam. Rolle, Jn. Rashleigh then of Cornerhall, Herts, esq., Wm. Hancocke, Jonathan Sparke, Plymouth, esq. all his estates for 21 yrs. Then to Edwd. Eliot s. of cousin Wm. Eliot. Dan. Eliot declared his will was for Edwd. Eliot to marry his dtr. Katherine when she was 16. Bequest to Edwd.
Eliot to cease if he didn't obtain consent in writing of two of trustees (if no consent estate to go to Edwd. Eliot s. of his uncle Edwd. Eliot). Sam. Rolle and Wm. Hancock surviving trustees. Katherine Eliot married Browne Willis of Whaddon Hall, Bucks, esq.).
Witd. Denn. Rolle, Jn, Ingram, Edwd. Dennys.

Sir John Coryton's account of 'my mother's settlement'. 1712.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1603-1604  nd

'Account of my Mothers Settlemt. Taken February 1st 1711/12' 'Original paper is Sir Jn. Coryton and Smith (his Steward) writing'.
2 papers (1) a valuation of the barton of Newton extracted from 2 surreys in April 1692 (includes fields, woods, and barton of Penpoll.
(2) Particular of lands settled by Sir Wm. Coryton on his first marriage - mansion house, barton and farm of West Newton Ferrers; West Newton Mills; West Newton Woods (Blacklake, Park, Norwood and Moulton Woods.
Meadows: Vesmonds Marsh, Crundle Down, The two Warrens, Quarry Marsh, Bridge Meadow.
Fields recently disparked underneath village of Gruff Mansion. house, barton and farm of Penpoll.
Manors of Dinnerdake and Pillaton with advowson.Herwood Woods with meadows and marshes underneath Tilland Quarry.
Land called Corytons Ball and Readhill with Parsons Park adjg.
With list of lands 'sett out' and in hand.

[no title]  CY/1605  Taken 1 February 1712

A perticular of the lands settled by Sir Wm. Coryton on his first marriage.
(Cap. mansion, barton, farm and demesne lands West Newton Ferrers, West Newton Mills, West Newton Woods, Black Lake Woods, Parke: Woods; Norwood Woods, Moultons Woods, Veamonds Marsh, Crundle Down, the Two Warrens, Quarry Marsh, Bridge Meadow, fields 'lately disparked... underneath the village of Cruff. Cap. mansion barton and desmesne of Penpoll, Manor of Dinnerdake. Manor of Pillaton. Henwood Woods, with meadow and marshes. Tilland Quarry Corytons Ball and Read hill. Land adjg. Parsons Park.
Values of properties given.

John Coryton and Mary Jemima Tillie. 1771.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1606-1607  30 March 1771

Marriage Settlement. (2 copies). Marr. of (i) and M. J. Tillie £2000 (J. Tillie - (i) + £100 annuity (j. Tillie - (i) ).
(i) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, St. Mellion, esq.
(ii) Jas. Tillie of Pentillie Castle, Pillaton, esq.
Mary Jemima Tillie, his dtr.
(iii) Jn. Skynner, Lincolns Inn, Mddsx., esq.
Phil. Rashleigh, Menabilly, esq.
(iv) Fane William Sharpe, Bloomsbury Square, Mddsx., esq.
Jn. Rashleigh, Penquite, esq.
(i) - (iv) - to uses. manor of Penpoll, Quethiock. (The Broome Downs occ. exors. of Jn. Hicks, gent, decd., Carne Parks occ. Rich. Deeble, gent; moiety of Trewood occ. Jn. Bennett, gent.; Graystone occ. Jos. Hickes; Singamore occ. Wm. Daw; Congdons occ. Rich. Vosper, Reeds occ. Rich. Vosper; Litcotts occ. Rich. Vosper; Dawa and Hellands occ. Wm. Daw Nether Furslow occ. Rich. Vosper; Little Crundles occ. - Littlejohn, then (i); Banks occ. excrs. of Jn. Stroude decd.; Dinners occ. Eliz. Retallack, widow; Smalys occ. Eliz. Retallack; Bryants occ. Eliz. Retallack; Sandford Gate and Weavers piece occ. (i); Trehunnest occ. Wm. Rogers; Ven Hill occ. Lobb; Collins ten. in Trehunnest occ. Jos. Taunton, gent; ten. in Trehunnest occ. Parkes, then (i); Trenance and Trehusta occ. Jn. Jagoe; Coads and Clampits occ. Rich. Udy; Fulson Green occ. Wm. Daw; Jeffery's occ. Jn. Littleton and Eliz. Retallack, widow Church Parks alias Rich's Parks occ. Wm. Rogers; Late May's occ. Wm. Cannon; Ewna Park occ. Christian Lean, spinster; ten. in Trehunest occ. Christian Lean; Polwests occ. Christian Lean; Trenest late Hancock's occ. (i); Great Southdown (formerly Hancocks, Polwinks and Reeps) occ. Peter Benny; Tilland occ. Peter Benny; Hoskins Trebowne occ. Peter Benny; Litcott's Trebowne occ. Peter Benny; Killamoor and Southdown occ. Robt. Keet; New Park and New Park meadow occ. Robt. Keet; Webbs in Tilland occ. Robt. Keet; Oliver's House and Garden; Hey Heybickton's and Hodge's Hills occ. Wm. Garland; Stephen's Trebrowne occ. reps. of Jn. Hawkins, gent. decd., Trebrowne Gate occ. reps. of Hen. Chapman, decd.; Higher Furslow occ. Rich. Doidge; Furslow Gate occ. admr. Thos. Hawkins, esq. decd; Goodmerry occ. Franic Spernon, gent.; Gate occ. Sam. Rogers ten. in Wood Yeat occ. Jn. Lee; Hepwell occ. Jn. Kerswell; gent.; Moores occ. Jn. Kerswell; Jenkins occ. Thos. Kerswell, gent; Hepwell Mills occ. reps. of Jn. Skin, decd.; Lydeat occ. Sam. Rogers; Broom Parks occ. Rich. Deeble, gent.; Parson's Pool occ. Jn. Smith; Oakhill Parks occ. reps. of Hen. Chapman decd.; Pound occ. Jn. Lee; Woodyeat occ. (i); Lucombe, Lucombe Park, Kithill and Little Kithill occ. Sam. Rogers; Late Rich's occ. Catherine Rogers, widow; Hawkins' Broom Downs occ. (i); Horswell alias Horswell Parks occ. - Stephens, widow; Long North Down occ. Christian Lean, spinster; With house near Clapperbridge occ. Jn. Cock; house in Quethiock Church Town occ. Sam. Sleep and Ann Chapman; ten. in Quethiock occ. Digory Lowther; cottage there occ. Jn. Sweet. (Rents given for all properties above, some described as conventionary rents). Except Warren House and Blunts ten.
Witd. David Horndon, Jas. Walker.

[no title]  CY/1608  30 March 1771

Draft copy of marriage settlement of Jn. Coryton and M. J. Tillie.

[no title]  CY/1609-1610  30 March 1771

Appointment of annuity. (2 copies). Marriage btwn (ii) and Mary Jemima Tillie. £100 annuity charged on lands recited (below).
(i) Jas. Tillie, Pentillie Castle, Pillaton, esq.
(ii) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, St. Mellion, esq.
(iii) Fane Wm. Sharp, Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex, esq.
Jn. Rashleigh, Penquite, Cornwall, esq.
(Recital of Covenant to levy a fine of 23 January 1755 btwn. (a) = (i) and w. Mary, (b) Jn. Skynner, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, esq; John Hony, Smith Hill, gent. before Easter Term 1755 - 2 cap. messuages in Yate, Glos. Home Close 8a. Horsemead 9a. Burchell's fld. 4a., The Riding 8a. The Bottom Leaze 2½a. Wood Leaze 21a. Barley Leaze 12a., Fatting Leaze 4a., Shade Place 5a., Marham 15a., parcel in Upfield - parcel in Cow Mead, West Field. Constituted farm of Belsires in Yate. Home Close; Ridgey Leaze; Sour Mead; New Tyning; Stockley; Upfield. Whole called Mellards in Yate. Wheelwright's shop in Yate; Home Close; the Ridge; Ridgclays; the Ridge; Upfield; the Ryding; Little Ryding; Duck Mead. All called Hoopers in Yate. The Ragge; Dry Leaze; Gosley Ryding; Mead Ryding. All called Kimroys ten. in Yate. Coromead, Oat Croft, the Breach, Oat Croft. All called Crowthers tenement in Yate. The Buthay, parish of Yate, part of Siffords tenement.
The Whaley, part of Shorts tenement in Yate. All property to here divided into 2 farms called the Pool House or the Lower Farm and Millards or the Higher farm. Flyllis Hay in Yate. Northfield, Yate. 3 pieces of meadow, formerly called Sydbury land, then Iroms, parish of Wickwarre, Glos.
All estate of (i) which he inherited from his uncle Rich. Belsire (decd.). To use of (i) and w. Mary and sons with redr. to Mary Jemima Tillie their dtr.).
Revocation of previous uses.
- lands subject to annuity of £100 to M. J. Tillie.
Witd. David Horndon, Jas. Walker.

Arthur Kempe and Ann Coryton. 1776  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1611-1616  25 December 1776

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) and (ii). (ii) provided marr. portion of £2000.
(i) Arth. Kempe, Veryan, esq., Commander R.N.
(ii) Ann Coryton, Fowey, spinster.
(iii) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
Jn. Kempe, Crugsillack, esq.
(ii) - (iii) - £2000 marriage portion on trusts.
Witd. J. Kimber; Jn. Kimber, jun.
With (a) bond of (i) to (iii) for payment of £2000
(b) Receipt to (iii) for £1995 for 3% Consols 26 April 1782
(c) Order by Arthur and Ann Kempe for transference of in investment in stock of marriage portion to Robt. Rashleigh, esq. & Co., merchants, London, 21 January 1786. (iii) to draw up powers of attorney for sale
Addressed to Jn. Coryton at Crocadon. With further letter about power of attorney not received Polsue Philleigh, 21 January 1786.
(d) Letter from A. Kempe to Jn. Coryton asking for Mrs. Kempe's trust money for purchase of an estate 27 October 1799.
(e) Letter from same to same. First payment of trust money will be at Christmas. With form of request for trust mony of £2000 then vested in the hands of Messrs. Watson Turner and Goodall, merchants in London to be placed 25 December 1799 on freehold security of Higher and Lower Camerance farms, St. Just in Roseland, conveyed by Mrs. D. Cornish, widow.
Witd. Chas. Kempe. Mary Trecathick, servant to Arthur and Ann Kemp. Polsue, 7 December 1799.

Benjamin Bloomfield and Jane Margaret Coryton, 1782.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1617  28 June 1782

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (i) and (ii). (ii)'s bond for £2000 accepted as marr. portion.
(i) Ben. Bloomfield of 1st Regiment of Royals then stationed at Gloucester, esq.
(ii) Jane Margaret Coryton, Crocadon, spinster.
(iii) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
(i) had no lands to provide for jointure. (i) and (ii) agreed to assign (ii)'s £2000 due on bond (then laid out at interest to Chas. Rashleigh of St. Austell gent. to (iii).).
(ii) - (iii) - assignment of bond as in recital on trusts.
Witd. L. M. Kempe, Nicholas Symons.

[no title]  CY/1618  31 July 1805

Declaration of Trust by Jn. Tillie Coryton, Crocadon, Esq.
(Recital of marriage settlement of B. Bloomfield and Jane Margaret Coryton of CY/1617 with power for Jn. Coryton of Crocadon to recall £2000 and invest as B. Bloomfield and Jane M. Coryton or survivor thought fit. Jn. Coryton's will of 3 August 1795 apptg. s. Jn. Tillie Coryton sole excr. Proved P.C.C. J. T. Coryton with consent of B. Bloomfield who survived Jane M. Coryton called in £2000 from Chas. Rashleigh and bought £3,418-16s. 3% Consoldated Bank Annuities)
He would stand possessed of investment (of recital) to uses of marr. settlement of 1782.
Witd. Nich. Pearce.

John Coryton and Elizabeth Leveson Gower. 1803.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1619  n.d

Statement of the property of Mrs. Eliz. Coryton late Eliz. Leveson Gower, 'one of the younger children of The Honble. Adml. Jn. Leveson Gower, decd, which she will be entitled to as one of the residuary legatees under the Will of the Dowager Countess Gower decd.,' (with note about 1/16 property to come to Mrs. Eliz. Coryton (when 21) from her late bro. Captn. Augustus Leveson Gower decd.)
(Watermark 1803).

[no title]  CY/1620  11 June 1803

Statement of the property of Miss Eliz. Gower 'one of the Younger Children of The Honorable Admiral John Leveson Gower deceased which she is entitled to as one of the residuary legatees of The Dowager Countess Gower deceased, And also under the Will of her late father'.

[no title]  CY/1621  1803

As No. CY/1620 but dated July 1803.

[no title]  CY/1622  13 August 1803

Abstract of Marr. Settlement.
(i) Jn. Coryton, esq. and his s. Jn. Tillie Coryton.
(ii) Eliz. Leveson Gower, spinster.
(iii) Her Guardian Geo. Evelyn Viscount Falmouth.
(iv) Francis Glanville and Francis Hearle Rodd, esqrs.
(v) Col. Jn. Leveson Gower and Capt. Hen. Nicholls, R.N.
(Recital marr. of J. T. Coryton and (ii). Recital will of Mary Countess Dowager Gower. Recital will and codicil of the Hon. Admiral Jn. Leveson Gower. He left 8 children, Jn. Edwd., Wm. Augustus, Frances, Eliz., Granville and Mary. When 21 Jn. conveyed estates to his bro. and sister under father's will. Mary died several years ago' under age and unmarried. Augustus 21 on 21 June 1802 (then in West Indies) died on following 5 July without issue and without executing release as directed by his father's will. Because of these 2 deaths without issue (ii) entitled as tenant in tail under Lady Gower's will to undivided 1/6 of her real estate at Bill Hill but to her advantage to abide by her father's will. Therefore when of age she (ii) agreed to release her right in her mother's estates to her brother Jn. including her household goods. Eliz. (ii) entitled to 1/5 of lands to be purchased under the will of the Countess.
(ii) would be entitled to £1666-13-4 (1/6 of £10,000 provided by will of the Admiral for his younger children, and 1/6 of her late bro. Augustus' share.). (ii) entitled to 2 shares of £100 each in the English Tontine given to her by her father's will. Under her late father and mother's marriage settlement and a Deed of Appointment executed by them 1 June 1785 she was also entitled to 1/5 of £1000 Jn. Coryton to charge manors of Marr. Settlement with annual rent charge of £500 to his s. J. T. Coryton during their joint lives also with rent charge of £1050 for jointure of (ii) in case she survived J. T. Coryton. (ii)'s 1/6 of £10,000 on marriage to be paid to J. T. Coryton. 1/5 of late bro. A.'s 1/6 of £10,000, 2 shares of £100 in Tontine and 1/5 of £1000 and share of residue of estate and effects of her mother and brother to be paid to Jn. Coryton. When (ii) 21 application to Chancery to be made by J. T. Coryton and (ii) to obtain order for payment and transfer of 1/5 of money left to (ii) by the Countess instead of having money laid out in purchase of lands. When this done trustees to purchase £10,000 3 per cent consuls (residue of 1/5 to be made to J. Coryton, the father).
Jn. Coryton - (iv) - manors of Trehunsey, Penpoll and Hammett
For J. T. Coryton for his life and life of his father J. Coryton to receive £500 per annum. (ii) to have jointure of £1050 yearly. Properties above in trust to use of son(s) of marriage.
Declaration of trusts of £10,000 3 per cent consols. To J. T. Coryton for life, then (ii), then to child(ren) except eldest or only s. Jn. Coryton to pay J. T. Coryton yearly sum equal to income received by him (J. Coryton, the father) from (ii) above rent. Charge yearly of £500.
Endsd. Rashleigh, Son and Lee.

[no title]  CY/1623  10 and 15 February, 1804

Copy of two letters from Henry Nicholls to Devaynes & Co. and to J. T. Coryton from 13 Clarges Street, London about property of Mrs. E. Coryton (née Leveson Gower).

[no title]  CY/1624  nd

Account of Capital of Mrs. Eliz. Leveson Coryton from capital personal estate of her mother, Mary Dowager Countess Gower. To 5 January 1805.

[no title]  CY/1625  nd

Account of accumulations of interest and dividends, Mrs. Eliz. Leveson Coryton. To 5 January 1805.

[no title]  CY/1626  25 January 1834

Release for defeating entail.
(i) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(ii) Wm. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(iii) Peter Glubb, Liskeard, gent.
(Recital of settlement (Lease and Release 12 and 13 August 1803 (a) Jn. Coryton, esq. and his s. = (i), (b) Eliz. Leveson Gower (c) Geo. Evelyn Viscount Falmouth (d) Francis Glanville and Francis Hearle Rodd, (e) Jn. Leveson Gower and Hen. Nicholls - marriage of (i) and (b) - manors of Trehunsey, Penpoll and Hammett in Quethiock and St. Ive settled to uses.
Rec. marriage took place at parish church of St. Mellion 15 August 1803. Rec. Wm. Coryton first s. of marriage born 1807. Rec. Jn. Coryton died December 1803, buried St. Mellion 21 December 1803. Rec. Eliz. L. Gower died May 1824 - left Jn. Tillie Coryton and Wm. Coryton surviving. Rent charges (ii) ceased on death of E. L. Gower (i) and (ii) wished to limit inheritance to uses).
(i) and (ii) - (iii) - To uses. manors of Trehunsey, Penpoll, and Hammett, (tenements named in detail). Quethiock and St. Ive.
Witd. Hen. Coryton, Rich. Every.
Endsd. with note of enrolment in Chancery 17 July 1834.

William Coryton and Harriet Sophia Parker. 1834.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1627-1628  29 January 1834

Marriage Settlement (2 copies). Marr. of (ii) and (iv).
(i) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(ii) Wm. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq., eldest s. of (i)
(iii) Harriet Parker of Whiteway House, Chudleigh, Devon, widow and relict of Montagu Edmd. Parker, Whiteway, House, esq., decd., formerly Harriet Newcombe, spinster.
(iv) Harriet Sophia Parker, Whiteway House, spinster, only dtr. of M. E. Parker decd.
(v) Francis Hearle Rodd, Trebartha Hall, esq. and Francis Glanville jun. of Catchfrench, esq.
(vi) Jas. Sam. Pitman of Dunchideock, Devon, esq. and Jn. Parker, Ensign in H.M. 66th Regiment of Foot.
(vii) Hen. Coryton, esq., Midshipman, R.N.
The Revd. Jn. Glanville, rector of Jacobstow, Cornwall.
(viii) Augustus Coryton, esq. Lt. in H.M. 85th Regiment of Foot The Hon. Edmd. Parker, Lord Viscount Boringdon, Saltram, Devon.
(Recital of Lease and Release of 24 and 25 January 1834 (a) Jn. Tillie Coryton (b) Wm. Coryton (c) Peter Glubb, Liskeard, gent. - lands etc. limited to uses appt. by (a) & (b) in default to provisions of marriage settlement of 12 and 13 August 1863 of Jn. Tillie Coryton and Eliz. Leveson Gower, father and mother of Wm. Coryton. Recital of Marr. Settlement of 15 and 16 February 1806 (marr. of (iii) and Montagu Edmund Parker) and Lease and Release of 13 and 14 November 1829 btwn. (a) Montagu Edwd. Parker and wife Harriet (b) Montagu Edmund Newcombe Parker, esq., eldest s. of Montagu Edwd. Parker (c) The Revd. Wilmot Hen. Palk (d) Thos. Wrey Harding (e) Hon. Geo. Poulett and Geo. Booth Tyndale, (iii) (above) had power of appointing by deed £20,000 btwn. 2 younger children, i.e. (iv) and Jn. Parker charged for 500 yrs' term vested in (e)).
(i) and (ii) directed and appointed - manors (below) of 24 and to uses 25 January 1834.
(i) and (ii) - (v) - manor of Trehunsey in Quethiock and St. Ive.
- manor of Penpoll in Quethiock and St. Ive (Moor Down) and Tilland in Menheniot.
- manor of Hammett in Quethiock and St. Ive (Higher Penquite was part of manor in St. Ive)
(i) - (v) - - Cap. mess. and barton and demesnes of Pentillie Castle with houses etc. at Penters Cross and Pentillie Key. In Pillaton with free fishing in the river Tamar. High rent of ten pence from Penters Park. Bittleford, alias Bittleworthy Merryfield alias Mirefield Bovetown and Puddings farm with woods, quays, marshes and helling stone quarry in Landulph formerly in poss. of Jas. Tillie then Oakley Brighton. Seven closes at Tynnell, Landulph: The Great Wind Mill Park, The Little Wind Mill Park, Higher New Park, Lower New Park, Pittarans alias Pitts Park, East Park and Bovetown formerly in poss. of Phil. James and Jn. Peters then Josiah Deacon. Two messuages called Stockdon alias Stockadon Lovells alias Luffields in Landulph formerly in poss. of Joan Moon, widow, then Jn. Mills
(iii) - (vii) - assignment of £10,000.
Witd. Peter Glubb, Rich. Every, F. Morley, Montagu E. N. Parker.

[no title]  CY/1629  10 November 1863

(i) Rt. Hon. Edmd. Earl of Morley and Harriet Sophia, Countess of Morley, his wife.
(ii) Thos. Villiers Lister, esq. and wife Fanny Harriet Lister.
(iii) Arth. Jn. Edwd. Russell, Audley Square, Mddx., M.P. Hon. Chas. Skeffington Clements, 44 Grosvenor Street, Augustus Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(i) & (ii) - (iii) - assignment of trust money (£3478-12-8).
Witd. Rich. Edwards, W. V. Harcourt, Jn. Congdon, Geo. F. S. Eliot.

[no title]  CY/1630  10 November 1863

Release and Covenants.
(i) Edmd. Earl of Morley and his wife Harriet Sophia Countess of Morley.
(ii) Augustus Coryton, Pentillie Castle.
(iii) Thos. Villiers Lister and his wife Fanny Harriet Lister.
(iv) Jas. Sam. Pitman, Dunchideock, esq.
Discharge of trust money from jointure by Countess of Morely.
(ii) to pay to (iv) jointure of £1000 during her life.
Witd. Rich. Edwards, Jn. Congdon, W. V. Harcourt, (see 11 Nov. 1863)

[no title]  CY/1631  12 November 1863

Release of trusts.
(i) Rt. Hon. Edmd., Earl of Morley and his wife Harriet Sophia Countess of Morley.
(ii) Thos. Villiers Lister, esq. and Fanny Harriet Lister his wife.
Arth. Jn. Edwd. Russell of Audley Square, Mddsx., esq.
(iii) The Hon. Chas. Skeffington Clements, 44 Grosvenor St., Mddsx.
Augustus Coryton, Pentillie, Castle, esq.
(iv) Hen. Coryton, Pentille Castle, Post Capt. R.N. The Revd. Jn. Glanville, Jacobstow, Cornwall.
(Recital Wm. Coryton died in May 1836 intestate leaving widow Harriet Sophia Coryton and Fanny Harriet Coryton, the only child. Letter of Administration (P.C.C.) October, 1836 granted to widow. Rec. of marr. settlement of (i) 28 February 1842 (a) Edmund Earl of Morley (b) Harriet Sophia Coryton (c) Jas. Sam. Pitman and Jn. Parker (b) assigned to (c) her jointure of £1000 in trust for (b) and survivor of (i). Rec. of death of Jn. Tillie Coryton September 1843 remainder of terms then became vested in A. Coryton. In 1844 £10,000 paid by M. E. N. Parker to Hen. Coryton and Jn. Glanville and invested in £3% Consols. £6000 from this paid to Fanny Harriet Lister when of age in discharge of her portion - £3478-12s 8d. left. Rec. in part of marr. settlement of 29 October 1862 (a) Thomas Villiers Lister (b) Fanny Harriet Coryton (c) A. J. E. Russell, C. S. Clements, A. Coryton - certain trust funds vested in (c). Portion £6000. Rec. of deed of 1863 between (a) = (i) (b) A. Coryton (c) T. V. and F. H. Lister (d) J. S. Pitman for discharge of dividends £3478-12-8d from liability for jointure of £1000. (b) to pay to (d) and Jn. Parker during life of H. Countess of Morley, jointure of £1000. Earl of Morley and the Listers assigned to A. J. E. Russell, C. S. Clements and A. Coryton £3478-12-8d.
(i) and T. V. and F. H. Lister. A. J. E. Russell and (iii) - (iv) - release of trust money and any actions and suits thereby arising.
Witd. Rich. Edwards, butler to the Earl of Morley 15 Eaton Place South; W. V. Harcourt, 5 Pont Street, Belgrave Square; Geo. F. S. Eliot of 4 Pont Street; Jn. Congdon, clerk to Mr. C. L. Radcliffe, solcr., Plymouth; Rich. H. Street, Postmaster, Camelford.

[no title]  CY/1632/1-35  1844-1866

Draft copies of CY/1629-1631. Legal papers etc. connected (from 1844) and correspondence 1862-3.

Thomas Villiers Lister and Fanny Harriet Coryton. 1862.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1633  29 October 1862

Epitome of marriage settlement.
£500 East Indian Railway Consolidated Stock transferred to Arth. Jn. Edwd. Russell, esq. M.P., Augustus Coryton, esq. and The Hon. Chas. Skeffington Clements as trustees. 2 Indian 4% Debentures.
Lister ass. to trustees £5000 to which he was entitled by Marr. Settlement of father and mother of 5 November 1830 and appointment in favour of his mother (then Lady Theresa Lewis) by deed of Oct. 1862 subject to his mother's life interest.
Miss Coryton by deed of same date assigned to same trustees £6000 secured to her by mortgage rectory and tithes of Plympton Mary in Devonshire by 2 deeds 28 January 1858 and 1 July 1862. She entitled to £3478-12-8 consols which would be transferred to the Trustees.
Trusts follow in detail.

[no title]  CY/1634  29 October 1862

Epitome of marriage settlement of Thos. Villiers Lister, esq. with Miss Fanny Harriet Coryton.
T. V. Lister transferred stock to trustees (Arth. Jn. Edwd. Russell, esq. M.P., Augustus Coryton, esq. and Hon. Chas. Skeffington Clements) and money he was entitled to under marr. Settlement of 5 November 1830 of his father and mother (mother was then Lady Theresa Lewis) October (29) 1862).
F. H. Coryton assignment to same trustees £6000 by mortgage of rectory and tithes of Plympton Mary in 1858 and 1862 and entitlement to £3478-12-8 Consols to be transferred to same trustees. (Trusts then given).

[no title]  CY/1635/1-5  1862 - 1869

Of deed of 2 April 1863 £2000 (ii) - (i), (i) Rt. Hon. Edmd. Earl of Morley (ii) Augustus Granville Stapleton of Warbrook, parish of Eversley, Hants., esq. and Theresa Jane Stapleton, Warbrook, spinster (reciting mortgage by way of assignment of 28 January 1858 from (i) to (i) Fanny Harriet Coryton (then Fanny Harriet Lister) for £6000 of tithes of rectory or chapel of Plympton St. Mary for redr. of term of 19 yrs. (began 22 April 1857). Also reciting fresh lease from Dean and Canons of Windsor to Earl of Morley of 22 January 1862 of said tithes from Michaelmas 1861 for 21 yrs. This demised to Fanny Harriet Lister for redr. of term by the Earl of Morley - ensd. on assignment of 1858).
(i) - (ii) - lease of premises of recital of redr. of term subject to assignment of 28 January, 1858.
28 April 1863
With two lawyers' letters to Augustus Coryton relating to the Lister settlement 1863 and 1869, and two other letters of 1862.

[no title]  CY/1636  7 July 1890

By Nicholl Manisty & Co. (Solicitors, 1 Howard Street, Strand) (with covering letter of 9 July 1890) to Lord Arth. Jn. Edwd. Russell and Augustus Coryton, esq., the trustees of Sir Thos. Villiers Lister's Marriage Settlement of 29 October 1862 of Deed Poll of 21 May 1890 in view of marriage (since taken place) of Miss Maria Theresa Lister and Ernest Farquhar, esq., Sir T. V. Lister apptd. trustees to stand possessed of 1/7 part of trust money in trust for Maria Theresa Lister. 21 May 1890 assigned this share to trustees.

Lady Arthur Somerset. 1870  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1637  7 October 1870

Letter concerning trust settlement of Lady Arth. Somerset from Albert C. K. Glubb, Liskeard.

[no title]  CY/1638  1851-2

Lawyers's bill in connection with the trustees of 'Mr. and Mrs. Coryton's Settlement'. (Not identified).

William Coryton and Evelyn Annie Parker. 1887.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1639  15 February 1887

Grant of Rent Charge. (copy). Marr. of (ii) and (iii).
(i) Augustus Coryton of Pentillie Castle, Col. in H. M. Army.
(ii) Wm. Coryton, (i)'s nephew.
(iii) Evelyn Annie Parker of Delamore, Devon, spinster.
(Recital of Marr. Settlement of even date btwn. (i), (ii) and trustees (Mackworth Praed Parker, Wm. Mackworth Bulkley Praed, Fred. Coryton and Wm. Rose Smith); (i) conveyed to trustees property to way of mortgage to bring £12000 with interest at £3% per annum. Trusts to be declared by indenture of even date to be between (ii) (iii) and (iv), (iii)'s father and mother Geo. Parker of Delamore, Admiral R.N. and his wife Ann. Eliz. Parker (v) = trustees (above)).
(i) - (ii) - Butsford, Colebrooke Mills, Broomsland and various flds., houses and woods in Colebrooke, Devon (scheduled), subject to mortgage and use of annual rent charge of £800 to (ii)
Witd. Albert C. L. Glubb, solcr., Liskeard; Jos. Aug. Hellard, solcr., Stonehouse.

[no title]  CY/1640  1887

Epitome of the settlements executed
In contemplation of the marriage of Wm. Coryton, esq. and Miss Evelyn Annie Parker.

[no title]  CY/1641  Printed Act ((H.L.) 3 Edwd. VII - Sess. 1903)

'To enable money to be raised or secured upon the Pentillie Estate... devised by the will of Augustus Coryton, esq., decd.'
Testator made will 15 July 1885 apptg. Wm. Coryton, s. of his bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton, sole executor. All estate left to nephew Wm. Coryton and hrs. male with remainder to use of nephew Fred. Coryton.
Codicil to will 1 February 1887 cancelling provision in will for power to make rent charge to a wife in view of marr. settlement of Wm. Coryton and Evelyn Annie Parker, dtr. of Admiral Geo. Parker. Recital of other codicils of 1 February 1887 and 22 August 1888, 28 August, 1888, 19 August, 1891. Testator died 7 September 1891 pr. (Bodmin Probate Division of High Court of Justice). 7 December 1891).
Recital of mortgage of £12000 to trustees and rent charge to Wm. Coryton of 15 February 1887. Marr. of Wm. Coryton and Evelyn Annie Parker took place 16 February 1887. Issue 6 children.
(1) Jn. Tillie Coryton born 25 August 1888.
(2) Edmd. Geo. Coryton born 14 December 1889.
(3) Ruth Evelyn Coryton born 11 May 1891
(4) Maria Louisa Coryton born 7 October 1893.
(5) Wm. Alec Coryton born 16 February 1895.
(6) Joan Eliz. Loveday Coryton born 2 June 1900.
Fred. Coryton married 9 August 1888 Augusta Margaret Eliz. Manders. She survived him. Issue 3 children.
(1) Georgina Charlotte Coryton born 6 May 1889.
(2) Isolda Louisa Coryton born 28 December 1890
(3) Augustus Frederick Coryton born 13 May 1892.
Tenants for life on decease of Wm. Coryton would be Jn. Tillie Coryton, Edmd. Geo. Coryton and Wm. Alec Coryton. Then Fred Coryton and August Fred. Coryton.
More than £20,000 spent on repairs to Pentillie and Colebrooke estates (both badly in need of repair at testator's death).
Provision by Act for raising £20,000 for benefit of Wm. Coryton's children on the Pentillie estate by way of mortgage. Schedule gives particulars of Pentillie estate in Quethiock, St. Ive, Pillaton, Callington, St. Neot, St. Pinnock, St. Breward, St. Veep, Altarnun, Davidstow, St. Clether, Landulph, St. Mellion and St. Dominic (names of tenements, tenants, acreages, rents).

[no title]  CY/1642/1-10  1886-1887

Letters etc. relating to marr. settlement of Wm. Coryton and Evelyn Annie Parker.

Frederick Coryton and Augusta Margaret Elizabeth Manders. 1888  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1643/1-6  1886-1901

Marriage Settlement (copy). Marriage of (i) and (ii).
(i) Fred. Coryton, Liss Place, West Liss, Southampton, esq.
(ii) Augusta Margaret Eliz. Manders, 37 Esplanade Road, Scarborough, Yorks, spinster.
(iii) Wm. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
Spencer Blackett, Milton House, Bride Street, London, esq.
(By deed of same date (i) secured £10,000 to trustees (on property mortgaged at Greatham Hawkley and Liss in Hants) on trusts. (iii) to have £10,000 invested or re-invested on trusts.
Witnesses include Charlotte Coryton.
4 August 1888.
With list of bonds bequeathed to Fred Coryton 1891.
Particulars of investments 1891.
2 letters 1886 and 1901.
Schedule of deeds relating to Greatham Manor Farm and in Hawkley and Liss, Hants. at London and County Bank Petersfield, Schedule sent to Wm. Coryton.

John Tillie Coryton and Dorothy Parker-Jervis. 1916  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1644  10 July 1916

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (ii) and (iii).
(i) Wm. Coryton of Pentillie Castle, esq.
(ii) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq., Capt. in H.M. Rifle Brigade, eldest s. of (i).
(iii) Dorothy Parker-Jervis of Footherley Hall, Lichfield, Salop, spinster.
(iv) Wm. Edmd. Pollexfen Bastard, Kitley Yealmpton, esq., Ltd.-Col. in H.M. Royal Regiment of Engineers (Territorial Force).
Harry Forth Wicksted Prince, Somerswood, South Brent, esq.
Thos. Esmé Baring, Timsbury Manor, Romsey, Hants, esq., Major in H.M. Rifle Brigade. All (iv) were trustees.
(i) & (ii) - (iv) - Pentillie estate and Colebrooke estate to uses.
Witd. Coryndon Matthews, solcr., Plymouth; Edwd. Tull, 6 Gray's Inn Square, London, solcr., T. E. Lander, Captain Bonvillis Court, Saundersfort.
Endsd. in pencil 'Colonel Bastard died 14th June 1924'.


Lands of John Cornish of Bealbury in St. Mellion. 1532  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1645(A)  1 July 1532

Notice that Jn. Cornishe of Bealdebery (Bealbury in St. Mellion) was seised of lands in Bealbury in his demesne as of fee and he seized Jn. Smith, parson of St. Mellion, to the use of himself and his eldest s. Jn. and his lawful hrs., in default, to Roger his second s. and hrs. in default to Walt. his third s. and hrs., in default to grandson Hen. s. of Walt. etc.
With pedigree showing eight generations of descent of family from Jn. Cornyshe.
Saltayshe (Saltash)

Bernard Achym - Cecily Ward 1635.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1645(B)  1 May 1635

Marriage Settlement. (Enfeoffment). (Copy).
(i) Jn. Ward, Bodmin, gent.
(ii) Rich. Turney, Bodmin, merchant.
Thos. Durant, Bodmin.
(Marriage of Bernard Achym of Pelynt, gent. and Cecily Ward, dtr. of (i)).
- mess. in Fore Street, Bodmin (E. & N. lands of Wm. Opye, gent., S. Fore Street, W. lands of Thos. Wyatt, gent.
- Stable and gdn. in Poole Street between lands of Thos. Bligh, gent. decd., W. lands of Hugh Boscawne, esq., E. highway.
- 3 closes near lane at W. end of Bodmin called Darkelane.
- moiety of ten. and gdn. in Poole Street, E. ten. of hrs. of Barrett W. tenement once of Jn. Kestell's, N. highway.
- Quillet or stitch of land in Rine Street = Rhind Street
- messuages, east lands of hrs. of Coryn, N. Burners lane, S. Bore Street, W. lands of hrs. of Grenvill.
- messuages and lands in Kerys Hill alias Rowtermoore in St. Breward.
(i) to pay B. Achym £200 and deed to be void if (i) and Philippe his wife have a s.
(i) to provde for 7 yrs. for B. Achym and w. Cecily a woman servant, meat, drink, fire, lodging, candlelight, stabling and grass for a horse. If B. Achym left (i) within 3 yrs. (i) to pay him £15 yearly for 7 yrs. and £100 worth of plate and household goods. If B. Achym spent £300 on lands worth at least £40 yearly for portion for Cecily (without selling his tenements of Trelay and Pynes in Pelynt) (i) to pay him £200 and £100 more whenever B. Achym purchases land for his wife and (children)).
Note of comparison of deed with original 30 November 1664 by Edwd. Tomlinson and Jn. Achym.
Original endsd. with witnesses: Rich. Bligh, public notary; Ursula Achym, Hum. Williams.
Endsd. with note of attornment of tenant of part of premises Jn. Burnard, to Barnard Achym, gent. (10 December 1638).
Endsd. with note of livery of seisin (14 January 1637) witd. Jos. Jane, Fran. Bond, Hugh Hobbs.

John Frost and Mary Beale. 1638  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1646  4 December 1638

Agreement for assignment. Marriage of Jn. Frost (jun.) and Mary Beale. £40 (C. Byll - J. Frost (sen.)
(i) Jn. Frost, of Botus Fleming.
Jn. Frost, his s.
(ii) Mr. Chris. Byll and dtr. Mary Beale.
(ii) to assign to Jn. Frost sen. - his lease of Tremore woods, Pillaton and to provide Jn. Frost, jun. and Mary Beale and children (if any) meat, drink and lodging for three yrs. from 25 December 1638. Jn. Frost, jun. to have moiety of these lands from Michaelmas 1641. When Jn. Frost, sen. sells woods surplus of profit above £60 to C. Byll. Mary to have annuity of £6.13s. 8d. after J. Frost, jun's death
Witd. Wm. Michell, Jn. Calmadie.

Charles Trevanion and Honor Bond. 1656  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1647  26 January 1656

Marriage Settlement. (Covenant to levy a fine). Marr. and £500 portion for Honor Bond. Competent jointure.
(i) Nathaniel Trevanion, Tregarthen, Gorran, esq.
(ii) Hugh Boscawen of Tregothnan, esq.
Jas. Bond of Erth, esq.
Robt. Sawle of St. Austell, gent.
Hugh Osborne, of Creber, Devon, gent.
(Marriage of Chas. Trevanion, gent. s. and hr. of (i) and Honor Bond, one of dtrs. and coheirs of Wm. Bond, Erth, esq. decd.)
- manor and barton of Tregarthen and Tregarthen mill inc. properties and premises at Pollacka, Trevalscus, Nanfronan, Naranan, Trevisam, Trevisan, Himeacke, Boswinger and Trewolla, in Gorran. (Uses declared) 2 rent charges on Trevalscus. (Redrs. to Rich., second s. of (i) and Nath. third s., Nich. fourth s., Wm., fifth s. (modern names: Pollacka, Trevaskus, Nansronen, Trevesson, Hemick, Boswinger)
Witd. Rich. Treuanyon, Wm. Trevanyon.

Samuel Ghossip and Mrs. A. Westcott.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1648  21 February 1661

Marriage articles between Mr. Sam. Ghosip and widow Ann Westcott of Callington, (cf. A. G. Matthews, Walker Revised, 97 for Obadiah Ghossip, a rector of St. Tudy who married Anne dtr. of J. Trevisa of Crocadon).
£7.10s. yearly allowance to Mrs. Ann Ghosip. £5 on day of marriage, £20 in all.
Witd. Jn. Coryton, Reg. Westcotte, Val. Tregemion, Reynold Stacy.

Sir Richard Edgcumbe and Ann Mountague. 1670  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1649  2 November 1670

Marriage Settlement (Copy). Marr. of Sir R. Edgcumbe and (ii) £5000 portion paid by Earl of Sandwich.
(i) Sir Rich. Edgcumbe of Mount Edgcumbe, K.B. Rt. Hon. Edwd. Earl of Sandwich, Kt., K.G. Privy Councillor.
(ii) Rt. Hon. Ann Mountague, dtr. of Earl of Sandwich.
(iii) Rt. Hon. Edwd. Mountague, called Lord Hinchingbrooke, s. and hr. of Earl.
The Hon. Sidney Mountague, second s. of Earl of S. Francis Luttrell, Grays Inn, Mddsx., esq.
Sir R. Edgcumbe - (iii) - cap. mess., mansion house and barton of Bodrugan (500a.)
- manor of Maker in Devon and Cornwall.
- Salloche in Maker occ. Napthaly Pascoe.
- East Maker in Maker occ. Geo. Phillipps.
- mansion house, barton, farm and demesne lands of Mount Edgcumbe with the park.
- The Chantrey lands, Maker
- East Anderton, Maker
- Palmers tenement, Maker
- Shill Hall, Maker in poss. of Acquilla Blake
- Empacombe and Broome Parks near Mount Edgcumbe.
- Cremill ferry occ. Wm. Drinkewater decd., Thos. Stephens, Jn. Evans, decd., Joan Blake widow, decd; Luke Little, decd., Jn. Bourne and Hen. Mallett decd.
- manor of Stonehouse, alias East Stonehouse, Plymouth.
- Crimell passage (between Stonehouse and Mount Edgcumbe).
- cap. mess., mansion house, barton, park, farm and demesne lands of Cutteele and Comfort, Calstock.
- Morden mills alias Cutteel mills, Calstock occ. Mary Edgecombe, widow.
- manor of Bodrugan in Gorran
- manor of Tregrehan (St. Austell, St. Blazey).
- manor of Trelowthas (Probus).
- manor of Tremodret (Roche).
- manor of Tretheake (Veryan).
- manor of Penstrasoe (St. Ewe).
- manor of Tucoyes (St. Ewe).
- manor of Cosawes (St. Gluvias)
- manor of Trevillen (Luxulyan).
- manor of Trewarrecke (? Treworick in St. Ewe).
- tinworks of last ten manors.
- Little Trelowthas in Probus and Geen Mill, near Little Trelowthas also Geen Mill moor.
- manor of Beeding in Sussex.
- Ashey, Isle of Wight (400a.)
To uses of marriage settlement.
Not witnessed.

William Trevisa of Crocadon and Mary Manaton. 1671  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1650  11 September 1671

Marriage Settlement. (Copy) Marr. of Wm. Trevisa s. and hr. of (i) and Mary Manaton, sister of (ii).
(i) Wm. Trevisa, Crocadon, St. Mellion, esq.
(ii) Ambrose Manaton, Trecarrell (Lezant), esq.
(iii) Jn. Battersby, Rame, esq.
(Recital of Marr. Articles 20 August 1671 (a) Wm. Trevisa sen. and jun. (b) Dame Manaton, Lezant, widow, and Mary Manaton (c) Ambrose Manaton and Jn. Battersby).
(i) - (ii) and (iii) To uses. - Crocadon in St. Mellion with 3 mess. in St. Mellion churchtown occ. Jas. Smith, Jn. Denbow and Geo. Austin.
- Quarles in St. Mellion occ. Jn. Moore.
- Bealbury in St. Mellion occ. Walt. Hoskin.
- cottage in St. Mellion church town occ. Anthony Walky.
- cottage in St. Mellion church town occ. Anth. Walky.
- tenement in St. Mellion occ. Jn. Tremere
- Lower Hill, part of Quarles, occ. Jn. Tremere
- Cargreene, Landulph, occ. Wm. Trevisa, sen.
- 2 tenements in Landulph occ. Gilbert Hodge and Jn. Grills
- Catshole in Altarnon, Symonwarde alias Burnarde, occ. Wm. Trevisa, sen.
(Jn. Trevisa second s. of Wm. Trevisa, sen.
Rich. Trevisa third s. of Wm. Trevsa, sen.
Peter Trevisa fourth s. of Wm. Trevisa, sen.
Thos. Trevisa fifth s. of Wm. Trevisa, sen. mentioned).
Witd. Wm. Bligh, J. Thomas, Geo. Charleton, Anth. Coren.

Elizabeth Trevanion and Peter Major. 1692  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1651  13 December 1692

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of Eliz. Trevanion and (iii). £1250. ((iii) - C. Trevanion).
(i) Chas. Trevanyon of Tregarthen, Gorran, esq. His sole dtr. and hr., Eliz.
(ii) Nich. Archer, St. Ewe, gent. Jn. Pomeroy, Fowey, merchant.
(iii) Peter Maior, Fowey, merchant.
(i) - (ii) - for uses. - manor of Tregarthen including Tregarthen Mill, Pollacka, Trevolscus, Nanfrannon alias Narranon, Trevisam, Lower Hymeack, Boswinger and Trewolla.
Witd. Emblyn Moyle, Sam. Hext, Sam. Hext, jun., Marey Tom.

William Trevisa of Crocadon and Dorothea Anthony. 1703  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1652-1653  13 March 1703

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) and (iii). £1500 (iii) - (i) marr. portion.
(i) Wm. Trevisa, Crocadon, gent.
(ii) Francis Manaton of Manaton (Southill), esq. Peter Greenwood of Callington, gent. Nicholas Webb, jun. of Kingsmill, Landulph, gent. Jn. Webb, Plymouth, grocer.
(iii) Dorothea Anthony, Landulph, widow.
(iv) Hen. Manaton of Harward (Calstock), esq.
(i) and (iv) - (ii) - cap. mess. barton and demesne land of Crocadon, St. Mellion.
- 3 mess. in church town occ. Thomasin Smith, Eliz. Kemp and Wm. Trevisa.
- cott in church town occ. Anthony Walky.
- Cargreen in Landulph occ. Wm. Trevisa sen., esq. (decd.) grandfather of (i), then in poss. Henry Martin.
- 2 tenements in Landulph occ. Jane Trewren and Jn. Grills.
- Cattshole in par. of Altarnun and Symonward alias Burnard formerly in poss. of Wm. Trevisa, sen. decd., then Jn. Stephens
Witd. Jn. Reade, Sam. Hext, Jn. Walker.
Endsd. with note of production in Chancery 21 March 1743 in Coryton late Goodall v. Helyar and others.
With bond (i) to (ii) in £3000 of 10 March 1703 for performance of covenants.

Francis and Elizabeth Wills. 1705  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1654-1655  5 and 6 November 1705

Post-Nuptial Settlement (Lease and Release). Marr. of (i) and Eliz. his wife. £2000 marr. portion.
(i) Francis Wills, Wivelscombe, esq.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, bt. Jn. Goodall of Fowey, esq.
(i) - (ii) - to uses. barton of Wivelscombe with Knights Close, Elm Yeate close, Lease park, Grassen meadows, Apple Furlongs, the Furse Hill and wood under, Wood Park alias Horse Park, Quarry Park and 2 little closes next above it to the west, Great close alias Bovetown, Forty penny park, Foxhole, Tregonward, 2 closes called East Parks, 3 closes called the Kill Parks, St. Stephens by Saltash.
- barton of Trevarthan in Newlyn in possession of Mary Gibbs.
- Count Vollard and plot adj. called St. John's Chapel, St. Stephens by Saltash.
To use of (i) for life, then w. Eliz. for jointure.
Witd. E. Lyne, Jn. Hickes, Chris. Harry.

Thomas Wills and Jane Raddicliff. 1706  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1656  10 December 1706

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of Thos. Wills and (iii). £2000 marr. portion (ii) - (i).
(i) Francis Wills, Wivelscomb, Cornwall, esq. and wife Eliz.; their s. Thos. Wills.
(ii) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. Jane Raddicliffe, sen., Exeter, widow. Hen. Manaton of Harwood, esq. Jn. Goodall, Fowey, esq.
(iii) Jane Raddicliff, jun., dtr. of Jane Raddicliff, sen.
(i) - (ii) to uses - manor of Ashtorre, St. Stephens by Saltash
- barton of Wivelscombe, St. Stephens by Saltash
- Knight's close, Elm Yeat close, Leaze park, Grassen meadow, s Apple furlongs, the Furse hill and wood under, Wood Park alias Horse Close, Quarry Park, the two little closes 'next above it westward', the Great close alias Bovetown, Forty penny park, Foxhole, Tregemvara, three closes called the Killiparkes.
- 2 closes called East parks adjg. barton of Wivelscombe.
- Court Vollard and plot adjg. called St. John's Chapel, St. Stephens by Saltash.
- Trevarthan in parish of Newlyn.
- manor of Karkeele in St. Stephens by Saltash.
- manor of Withnow alias Winnow in parish of St. Johns.
Witd. - (?) Lyne, Jn. Hickes, Dan. Budge, Jn. Hocken, Jn. Elliot.

Daniel Eliot and Katherine Fleming. 1711  [no ref. or date]

Reciting settlement of 1685.

[no title]  CY/1657  25 May 1711

Mortgage. Security for payment of annuity of £450.
(i) Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
(ii) Edwd. Eliot of Port Eliot, Esq.
(iii) Susanna Coryton, spinster, dtr. of (i).
(Recital of Marriage Settlement (Lease and Release. (i) Daniel Eliot formerly of Port Eliot, esq. then decd. (22 and 23 June 1685) (ii) Rt. Hon. Rich. Lord Gorges, Baron of Dundalke, Ireland and Jn. Speccott of Penhele, esq., and Katherine Fleming then of Great Lincolns Inn Fields, Mddsx., spinster (iii) Jn. Herle, then of the Middle Temple, esq. and Hen. Fleming of Lincolns Inn, esq. Marr. of Daniel Eliot and Katherine Fleming (i) - (ii). Barton, farm and demesne of Port Eliot; Barton etc. of Wisewander in Landrake; Barton of Bicton, St. Ive; moiety of Barton of Hatch and Knapmills, Devon; Barton of Butterwell and Leigh Grattons, Cornwall; moiety of the sheaf of St. Gennys. Marriage took place. Only issue a dtr. Katherine (then Katherine Willis), Katherine w. of Dan. Eliot died shortly afterward. D. Eliot died October 1702. Rich. Eliot d. without issue. Will of D. Eliot 2 July 1694 - estate to Jn. Speccott; Sam. Rolle of Heanton, Devon, esq; Jn. Rashleigh of Cornerhall, Hertford, esq; Wm. Hancock of Hendra, esq.; Jonathan Sparke of Plymouth, esq. for 21 yrs. then to Edw. Eliot. 11 May 1705 Katherine dtr. of Daniell Eliot became 18 and afterwards married Browne Willis, esq. £3000 portion due to her under settlement (above) Jn. Herle, decd. Rec. of deed of 17 March 1711 (i) Hen. Fleming (ii) Sir Wm. Coryton (iii) Browne Willis of Whaddon Hall, Bucks, esq. and w. Katherine (iv) Edwd. Eliot £3000 (ii) - (iii) as part of £4,500 due to (iv) for marriage portion of Susanna Coryton, (i) - (ii) - properties in Devon and Cornwall (as above). Marriage proposed between Edwd. Eliot and Susanna Coryton dtr. of Sir Wm. Coryton - portion of £4,500 arranged by articles of 10 March 1711. If Susanna Coryton survived E. Eliot after his death to have jointure of £450 annuity yearly, portions of £6000 for only dtr. otherwise between dtrs., if sons and dtrs. £4500 portions to share).
- declaration of trusts. Annuity of £450 to S. Coryton granted by deed of same date between (i) Jn. Goodall esq. and Jn. Clarke, esq. (ii) Sir Wm. Coryton (iii) Sam. Rolle of Heanton, esq., Wm. Hancock of Hendra, esq; Edwd. Eliot;, esq. (iv) Susanna Coryton.
- Then portions as in recital.
Witd. Edw. Dennys, Geo. Dennys, Rich. Smith.

Arthur Kneebone and Elizabeth Wood. 1713  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1658  7 May 1713

Copy Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) and (iii). £600 Jn. Wood - (i) (marr. portion).
(i) Arth. Kneebone, Bradstone, Devon, gent.
(ii) Jn. Wood, Werrington, Devon, gent.
Alex. Mabyn, Launcells, gent.
Edwd. Roberts, Linkinhorne, gent.
(iii) Eliz. Wood, dtr. of Jn. Wood.
(i) - (ii) - Combe alias Comber, Brandice Piece, Haltown, Brockhole, Bramblebushes, Waythill, Spriddle, Spriddle Mead and Paradice in Bradstone, Devon, occ. Edwd. Greenwood, gent. decd. formerly in poss. of Edwd. Kneebone, gent. decd.
- Westcott, Rillaton and Steerts, Linkinhorne formerly in poss. of Edwd. Kneebone, then in poss. of Arth. Kneebone.
- Menwenicke alias Menwynicke farm in Trewen in poss. of Jn. Roe, gent., then Edwd. Kneebone decd., then Arth. Kneebone.
- Great Close alias Battins Park, Trewen, occ. Robt. Philpp, then Edwd. Kneebone, then Arth. Kneebone.
- Caspenhale and Pool Trewen.
- Trecrogoe in South Petherwin in poss. Edwd. Kneebone then Arth. Kneebone.
- Treskillam in South Petherwin in poss. Robt. Pawlyn, then Edwd. Kneebone, then Arth. Kneebone.
- Rillamill, Netherton, Perkins, Great and Little Stockadon and Sutton in Linkinhorne in poss. of E. Kneebone, then Arth. Kneebone.
- Trenanest alias Trenanst, and Little Trehusta in Quethiock in possession of Edwd. Roberts, gent. decd., then Edwd. Kneebone, then Arth. Kneebone.
To uses of settlment.
Witd. Rich. Couch, Ben. Crocker, David Denford, Abell Jenn.
Endsd. with note of copy made 9 September 1765 and certified a true copy by Wm. Julian and Jn. Stove.

Thomasine Ham of Landulph and Oliver Doidge of Callington 1733  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1659  20 June 1733

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of Thomasin Ham and O. Doidge, jun.
(i) Mary Ham, Landulph, widow.
Thomasin Ham, spinster, her dtr. by Jn. Ham, her husband, decd.
(ii) Oliver Doidge, sen. and Oliver Doidge, jun., Callington, cordwainers.
(iii) Stephen Tillie, Smeaton, Cornwall, gent.
(iv) Jn. Doidge (eldest s. of Oliver Doidge, sen.), Callington, cordwainer.
Jn. Kempe, St. Dominic, yeo.
(Recital of mortgage by assignment of 17 February 1721 by Jn. Ham of Bere Ferrers, yeo. to Roger Gill of Tavistock, yeo. £60 - Abovetown 6a., The Gratna 4a., The Windmill 1½a., Pitteker and orchard adjg. 1½a. Mill Pool Park and orchard adjg. 8a., Middle and Higher Green Park. Part of Tinnell in Landulph (J. Ham possessed of remainder of a term of 1000 yrs. granted by Alex. Arundell, esq. decd.)
- Langore, Landulph, inheritance of Jn. Trevisa, esq. decd. (J. Ham had redr. of term of 940 yrs. granted by Sir Nich. Lower, Kt. decd.)
Further mortgage R. Gill to J. Ham, 1 January 1722. £120. Neither mortgages paid. Will of Jn. Ham 10 April 1729.
- excx. was w. Mary. Lands (above) to dtr. Thomasin chargeable with £100 to his dtr. Martha, a minor. Wife Mary and Phil. James, yeo to be trustees for Thomasin and testator's four other dtrs. until they were of age. Roger Gill decd.
- his will made his bro. Thos. Gill, excr. (i) Thos. Gill (of Tavistock, carpenter), assigned 15 July 1732 (ii) Mary Ham, Landulph, widow (iii), Stephen Tillie, trustee for Oliver Doidge, sen. £180 assigned (i) - (iii), Thomasin Ham then of age, entitled to mortgaged premises on payment of £100 to sister Martha when latter is 21 in 1740. Mary Ham to have interest of mortgage premises until dtr. Martha 21, she (Mary Ham) to pay O. Doidge, sen. annual interest until Martha of age and £3 a yr. to dtr. Thomasin and O. Doidge, jun. for maintenance of Thomasin, O. Doidge, sen. to pay O. Doidge, jun. £100. When Martha Ham 21 O. Doidge, jun. to repay this to O. Doidge, sen. and w. Philippa. £180 mortgage after death of O. Doidge, sen. and w. Philippa to be for use of O. Doidge, jun. if marriage took effect).
(iii) - (iv) - lands of recital.
(i) - (iv) - release of same lands.
Witd. Rebecca Herring, Edwd. Niles.

George Summers and Elizabeth Spry of Callington. 1753  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1660  16 March 1753

Marriage Settlement by Assignment. Marr. of Geo. Summers and Eliz. Spry.
(i) Jn. Summers of Dartmouth Hardness, Devon, mariner.
(ii) Wm. Spry of Launceston, gent.
(iii) Geo. Summers of CCallington, chirugeon, s. of (i).
Eliz. Spry of Callington, spinster.
(Recital Feoffees of lands of borough of Dartmouth Hardness by lease of 29 September 1735, for £235 - leased to (i) house near St. Saviour's Church in borough of Dartmouth formerly in poss. of Hen. Hunt, Dartmouth, mariner, then occ. David Reeves and called The New Inn, east the new quay, west way to St. Saviour's Church, south and north lands of feoffees. To hold from 20 March 1750 for 65 yrs. Rent 8s.)
(i) - (ii) - assignment of house (above) in Dartmouth.
On trusts. ((i)'s wife call Susannah).
Witd. Nath. Carpenter, Isabella Lord, Wm. Tyeths.

[no title]  CY/1661  16 March 1753

Marriage Settlement with assignment of leases. Marr. of (i) and (iii).
(i) Eliz. Spry, Callington, spinster, only child of Jn. Spry, Callington, chirurgeon, decd.
(ii) Wm. Spry, Launceston, gent.
(iii) Geo. Summers, Callington, chirugeon.
(Recital (i) at court held for borough of Launceston 12 February, 1753, surrendered to mayor and commonalty - house outside South Gate, Launceston, formerly in poss. of Degory Couch, then Eliz. Geak, widow; also land at Wind mill; stable and land outside South Gate formerly in poss. of Alex. Murley decd., then Eliz. Geak).
(ii) to stand seised of premises in Launceston in recital to uses.
(i) - (ii) - mess. on back side of surrendered premises in Launceston formerly occ. Susanna Daw with gdn. adjg. to Mr. Jn. Pearse's barn in the lane behind the Three Cranes outside the South Gate, Launceston, then occ. Eliz. Geak. To uses.
(James Tillie of Pentillie leased 4 November 1728 to Jn. Spry - stable with hay loft over, part of barn adjoining in Callington in poss. of Thos. Philp bounded on S. with barn, then land of Jas. Tillie, later in poss. of (i), with 8 foot square of ground on W. side of stable door adjg. Mrs. Moones gdn. hedge (for a dunghill) for 99 yrs. term or lives of Jn. Spry, w. Mary and dtr. Eliz. Rec. of lease of Rt. Hon. Jn. Lord Hobart (then Earl of Buckinghamshire) to Jn. Spry 24 August 1734, - 2 moieties of mess. called Froagwell in Southill and Callington in poss. of Phebe Greenwood, widow for 99 yrs. or lives of Phebe Greenwood, Oliver Spry and (i). Rec. of lease by Chas. Trelawney of Coldrinick, esq.
- 3 March 1743 to Jn. Spry - house and gdn. in Callington then in poss. (i), east lands of Chas. Trelawney then in poss. Jn. Phillipps, west lands of Jas. Buller and Thos. Scawen esqres, north: lands of Jn. Jope, south: highway for 99 yrs. or lives of Jn. Haye, jun., Callington, blacksmith; Jn. Brown, Callington, gent. and ('the said Olive' (sic) Spry. Rec. of lease of Rt. Hon. Robt. Earl of Orford and and w. Margaret, Countess of Orford lease of 23 April 1745 to Jn. Spry - Hockings meadow 1¼a., Callington with common of pasture on Hingsdon, then in poss. of (i). For 99 yrs. or lives of Eliz. Spry and Jacob, s. of Anthony Geach of Callington. Rec. of another lease from Earl of Orford and Margaret Countess of Orford to Jn. Spry of 15 July 1750 - mess. gdn. and orch. and 3 closes then divided into 4, 3a., called Bushlake in Callington, east Hingsdon Down, in poss. of Jn. Budge and Obedience Budge his mother, then Jn. Spry, then (i) for 99 yrs. or life of (i). Term to begin on death of Jn. Spry and Jn. Budge, then of Callington, clothier. Letters of Administration taken out by (i) for father's leaseholds).
(i) - (ii) - assignment of lands in recital in Callington and Southill. To uses.
(i) - (ii) - Mortgage debts of £500 to uses.
Witd. Nathl; Carpenter, Isabella Lord, Wm. Tyeth.

William Courtenay and Elizabeth Mary Kempe. 1807  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1662A & B  2 and 3 June 1807

Marriage Settlement. (Lease and Release). Marr. of (i) and Eliz. Mary Kempe. Agreement as in recital.
(i) Wm. Courtenay of Walreddon, Whitchurch, Devon, esq.
(ii) Arth. Kempe of Polsue, Philleigh, esq., Vice Admiral of the White Squadron of H.M. Fleet.
Eliz. Mary Kempe of Polsue, spinster, dtr. of A. Kempe.
(iii) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
Walt. Radcliffe of Warleigh House, Devon, esq.
(A. Kempe agreed to pay (i) £2000 as marriage portion £1000 when marriage took place. £1000 12 months after decease of survivor of Arth. Kempe and his w. Anne to (i) as jointure).
(i) - (iii) - capital barton farm of Walreddon with 1/3 of Walreddon Down.
- farm of West Croundle with woods.
All in Whitchurch, formerly in poss. of Sir Wm. Courtenay, Bt. To uses.
- household goods, chattels, plate, linen and furniture of (i)'s house at Walreddon.
If E. M. Kempe survived (i) covenant for her to have husbandry implements, corn, hay and cattle after (i)'s death.
Witd. Maria Agnes Saltern Knighton, Chas. Kempe, C. Trevanion Kempe, Nich. Pearce, steward to J. T. Coryton.

Francis Hearle Rodd and Mary Ann Rodd. 1812  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1663-1664  3 and 4 April 1812

Conveyance. (Lease and Release). (For settling annuity of £500 to (i)'s wife Mary Ann, additional to marriage settlement).
(i) Francis Hearle Rodd, Trebartha Hall, esq.
(ii) Chris. Lethbridge, Launceston, gent.
Jn. King Lethbridge, Launceston, gent.
(iii) Jn. Tillie Coryton of Crocadon, esq.
Jn. Hearle Tremayne, Heligan, esq.
(i) - (ii) to uses - Bolsterland, Great East Town, Inner East Town, Long Park, High Park, Old Meadow, Homer East Town, Orchard adjg. part of Clampit and Clampit Parks in Linkinhorne occ. Jn. Coombe bought by Francis Rodd, esq., father of (i) of Jn. Budge, jun. and others.
- - East Pengelly and Burn Downs, Linkinhorne, occ. Thos. Pethick, Rich. Barnecott and Sarah Strike (bought by Francis Rodd of Rich. Parson, esq.)
- farm called Lanhargy alias Great Lanhargy occ. Grace Peake, widow (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Chas. Rashleigh, esq.), in Linkinhorne.
- Scantlebury's estate part of Trevage Parks (house, barn, outhouses and three flds. called Trevage meadows with common of pasture and turbary), in Altarnun (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Rich. Coumbe and others)
- Tenement in Trebolorn, Altarnun, called Staceys occ. Robt. Mullis (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Jas. Venning.).
- Tenement in Trebullwyne alias Trebullen alias Trebullom. (Nine Parks alias Plague Park, the Hill, the Grove parks) occ. Robt. Nicolls (bt. by Francis Rodd of Wm. Newcombe esq.)
- lands in Northill called Homer Weylands (14a. 3r. 24p.) occ. Mary Nile part of manor of Sheviock. (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Reginald Pole Carew, esq.).
- house called Battens in Northill with land adjg. and Burgess Meadow (36a. 2r. 3p.) occ. Mary Nile. (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Jn. Tyeth and others).
- Bonds Walls and land 30a. Northill occ. Mr. Wm. Foot. Also Bonds Walls Mill, Northill occ. Jn. Bickett. (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Thos. and Jn. Arscott).
- lands, commons etc. in Uphill alias Layhill alias Townhill, Ridgewood, Bathpool and Trevellen in Northill occ. Jos. Horrell (Bt. by Francis Rodd of Wm. Budge and another).
Witd. Wm. Pickell, Robt. Spurway, clerks to Chr. Lethbridge; Hen. Chas. Hobart, rector of Beerferris; Jn. Strike, jun;, North Hill.

PROBATE: WILLS and BONDS and allied papers  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For Letters of Administration of 1552, see CY/1672.

[no title]  CY/1665  9 August 1567

Will of Henry Chyverton of Trehunsey, esq.
Appointment of Jn. Trelawny, esq. Peter Courtenay, esq., Robt. Benote, esq. Rich. Trane, esq. and Thos. Retyn, gent. feoffees (feoffment annexed to the will) of lands etc. in Spargor, Gyllye, Lanyvet and Tregendale, Spargor Voer (sic), Spargor Vian and Trevowan in Lavabe (Mabe) And of lands in Gyllye Voer, Gyllye Vian, Trebowlyn, Gayer, Pencose and Scoryer in Gwennap. Treffrye within the parish of Gluvyas, Burncose Rouse within the parish of Stithians. And of lands in Penpirthe Windsore Polterowe and Pichelieghe in the parish of Philleigh. And of lands in Fradan Wortha in the parish of Enoder. Rescrogan Este in the parish of Lugan. And of lands in Lanivet, in church town, Lanivet myll, Lamoreke, Clan, Boskedicke, St. Benetts and Mena, with advowson of rectory of Lanivet. And of lands in the parish of Luxulyan. And of Holton, Norton and Lancarffe in the parish of Bodmin. Of Tregendale in Menheniot, Bray in Morval. Tresowell in the parish of Lareythowe Colewod in the parish of St. Nightons, Trebyan in parish of Lanhydrock. Of Holewoille, par. of Quethiock. Tredenecke, Treworecke, Carnyre and Waterland alias St. James Parkes within the parish of St. Cleer. Of land etc. in Northill in Church Town, Penhole and Treswell in Northill. Lands in Penworman, Warbstow. Lands in Clan, St. Benetts, Mena, Boskedicke, Trebyan, Penpirtha, Windsore, Polterowe, Pichelieghe and Fraden to use of Hen. Chyverton, jun., s. and hr. apparent of testator. With remainder in default of issue to second s. Rich. Chyverton.
Wife Alice to have full jointure or dower (at her choice) of testator's lands.
To eldest s. Hen: chain of gold and basin and ewer of silver parcel gilted and 2 new balls of silver gilted. Best geldinge and saddle.
To second s. Rich: £100 when of age. Gelding of his choice.
To wife Alice one gelding of her choice with saddle and furniture. Great silver salt parcell gilt and 'my dosen of great sylver spones'.
To Wm. Fowntayne £6.13s.4d.
To Katherin Orand (wife's maid) £6-13s-4d.
To Oliver Tollin £3-6s-8d.
To every of household servants - one whole years wages.
To the poor people of Bodmin 26s. 8d.
To Lanivet 20s. To Camborne 20s. To Liskeard 20s.
To Launceston gaol 20s. To St. Germans 10s. To Saltash 10s. To East Looe 10s. To West Looe 10s. 'Item to the pore penta (?) 3s.4d. To Joan Rowter, widow 13s. 4d.
To Harry Chubbe a new frese cote and 10s. in money at testator's wife's discretion. To the poor of St. Enoder 10s. To the poor of St. Cleer 10s.
Residue to wife and s. Hen. (executors).
With enfeoffment of same date attached.
Witd. Wm. Woodward, clerk; Oliver Collins; Christurn Peterson; Rich. (? Sam.) jun.

[no title]  CY/1666  12 August 1583

From Jn. Uppam, Etington, Devon, yeo. to Peter Coryton, esq. and Hugh Morryshe all actions and demands in respect of will of his s. Rich. Uppam.
Witd. Jn. Boucher. To be delivered to Peter Coryton and Hugh Morryshe by Thos. Salter.

[no title]  CY/1667  10 August 1603

Probate of will of Peter Coryton.
To bros. Rich. and Jn. Coryton £80 to be divided between them and paid 29 September 1604 (or their eldest sons if either died before then). To give security to executor to pay £5 to be divided between St. Mellion, Callington, St. Ive and Quethiock for the poor, the first payment to begin 29 September 1605.
To dtr. Dianna Page, w. of Rich. Prye £40.
To dtr. Jane Coryton £59. Sums to dtrs. to be paid 29 September 1604.
To dtr. Katheren, w. of Peter Cosgarne, gent. £50.
To s. Jn. Coryton, testator's interest in Mr. Rolle's mills, being mills of Callington manor and his leasehold interest in Frogwell mills (Callington) for 99 yrs. or lives of sons Peter and Wm. Coryton by lease of Jn. Accland of Collumbe John (sic), esq. Son Jn. to have all money due to him from the same Jn. Accland 'yf the said Lease of Froggwell Mills be not sealed and delivered by Mr. Accland'. Also to s. Jn. - money in hands of Arth. Wraye, gent. delivered to A. Wraye towards repair of Mr. Roll's mills. To s. Jn. lands and rents in Callington, and testator's long-eared gelding.
To s. Wm. Coryton, sorrell mare.
To w. Jane Trottinge gelding
Residue to Sir Anth. Rous, Knight, executor.
Witd. Arth. Piper, Nich. Steven, Sam. Carpenter, Wm. Dashe.
(Pr. P.C.C. 28 December 1604).

[no title]  CY/1668  20 August 1632

Eliz. Grosse, dtr. of (tear) rketiew,... esq.
Ezekiel Grosse of Trelodevas, esq. decd. her grandfather gave her a legacy of £200. Wm. Coryton, esq. excr. in trust for use of Ezekiel Grosse, her eldest bro. Latter had made covenants regarding this legacy with regard to marriage to be between Eliz. Gross and Thomas Bosen of Newlyn, gent.
To Wm. Coryton for legacy (above).
Witnesses partly torn away but include Wm. Curnowe.

[no title]  CY/1669  3 September 1630

Probate of Arth. Wraye of Haye, Callington (spelt Killington), gent.
To maintenance of church of Callington: 40s.
To poor of the parish of Callington: 40s.
To servant Agatha Muncke 'careful true and faithfull in all her imployments'. £100. Two feather beds used by testator and his w. with bedsteads, bolsters, pillows, sheets, blankets and coverings. 1 dozen of better sort of pewter vessels; 1 of the better brass pans, 1 other pan of the middle sort; second best brazen crocke. (Excr. not to meddle until Agatha Muncke took away her chests 'and all that therein is without lookeinge therein...' Excr. not to call into any question with Agatha M. concerning receipts of estate).
To Rich. Layre s. of Wm. Layre of Callington £5.
To servant Robt. Smith, £10.
To servant Nath. Gedie 4 ewes and one yrs. wages.
To all servants dwelling in his house at time of his death 20s. each.
To bro. Sir Wm. Wray, Kt. and Bt. rent of annuity for 1 year (due to testator for several yrs. to come).
To Jn. Rowe, Lamerton, gent. and Geo. Collinge, gent. £5 each. They to be overseers.
Residue of personal goods and chattels to Wm. Coryton, esq. (excr.)
Witd. Jos. Roore, Jn. Doidge, Eliz. Prest, Rob. Smith, Rich. Leane
(Pr. 11 May 1633). Seal of Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

[no title]  CY/1670  10 July 1637

Notice of quitclaim.
From Jane Grosse, spinster, one of the dtrs. of David Grosse, esq. to Wm. Coryton, Newton, esq., excr. in trust of will of Ezekiel Grosse, esq. decd., and to her eldest bro. Ezekiel Grosse of Golden.
Witd. David Grosse and Jn. Colmer.

[no title]  CY/1671  1638

Inventory on parchment of the late Walter Coryton while he lived at Quethiock. Made 20 September 1638. With note of exhibition of inventory 30 November 1638, by Jacob Hulet notary public in executor's name.

[no title]  CY/1672  31 October 1552 (London, P.C.C.)

Letters of Administration (in the name of King Edward VI but mentioning prerogative court of Thomas, Abp. of Canterbury) of the goods of Peter Coryton, esq. decd. granted to his widow, Joan.
Witd. (? and sealed) by Wm. Cooke guardian of the Prerogative Court.
Slit for tag (tag and seal missing).

[no title]  CY/1673  1680

'The originall appraizement of Alderman John Foorth's goods and chattles apprized for Alderman Dannett Foorthe his administrator to be exhibited in the prerogative Court of Canterbury 20 July 1680' (4 membranes of parchment).

[no title]  CY/1674  3 December 1697

Grant of administration to Geo. Lynam, gent., bro. of Isabella Hawkins, Quethiock, decd. intestate.
By Edwd. Drewe, archdeacon of Cornwall.
Signed by the Registrar, Jn. Anstis.

[no title]  CY/1675  6 May 1682

Probate of will of Jn. Goodall of Fowey, merchant.
To be buried at Church of Fowey.
To Minister preaching funeral sermon 40s.
To poor of Fowey £20 - interest to be distributed on Christmas Eve yearly. Also £5 to be distributed at time of burial.
To old servant Jane Wilcok £10 and two chambers adjoining Groves Loft in Fowey formerly in poss. of Eliz. Mill, then testator, for life.
To sister Pomery: 20s.
To cousin Jonathan Tringecombe 20s, to buy a ring.
To cousin Margery Major 20s, to buy a ring.
To cousin Clare Goodall 20s, to buy a ring.
To every child of cousin Phillip Goodall, decd. 20s. except his s. Jn. Goodall who is to have £10 when 21.
To Mary, widow and relict of Phillip Goodall £5.
To Jane Sampson 20s.
To Anne Northerne 20s.
To dear and loving w. Eliz., his house, the New Key, the Higher Sellar, the Higher Key, tenement in Carne, tenement at Lawheire, one fld. going to the Windmill in poss. of Wm. Dyer, testator's house in Polkerras. For term of 30 yrs. or his wife's life. All household goods (plate, pewter, brass, ironwork, linen, woollen, bedding, harpsicrons, bedsteads, chest of drawers, round table, couch and chairs - and all utensils except wares and merchandizes and except timber stuff i.e. tables, bedsteads, chairs stools etc., other than furnishings of best chamber of which w. is to have use for life. To w. also stock of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and corn in the barn and growing in the ground. £300 to be paid one yr. after testator's s. in law Hugh Vaughan had been paid remainder of his wife's portion.
To s. Wm. Goodall and Eliz. his w. stable they then possessed. Also testator's term of yrs. in 2 closes near the Windmill then held by Wm. Goodall. Flds. and stable for their 2 lives and that of their s. Jn. if term continued as long. House then in poss. of Wm. Goodall in Fowey which testator bought of his cousin Phil. Goodall for their lives and life of s. Jn.
To granddtr. Eliz. Goodall £500 when of age.
To granddtr. Mary Goodall £500 when of age.
To dtr. Leticia Goodall: £2000 marriage portion at rate of £30 per annum. Only £1000 if she did not marry.
To 'my dtr. Goodall, my dtr. Pine, my dtr. Vaughan and to my dtr. Leticia Goodall' £10 each 'to putt themselves in mourning'.
To grandson Jn. Goodall - testator's ships and parts of ships with merchandize at home or abroad. Also salt in testator's cellars in Fowey, St. Katherines, Polkeres. 'All my Iron Linneing Sugar. Land at Lawhire mortgaged to Lewis Colquite of Fowey and s. Francis. Jn. Goodall to be put to a good school by excrs. for education (if his father Wm. Goodall did not do so) with £20 yearly for clothing, diet and schooling. Executors not to sell salt testator's salt in cellars at Fowey, St. Katherines and Polkerres until it would fetch four shillings per bushell 'at the least accounting Twenty gallons to the bushell.' If s. Jn. dies before 21, then to next s. of Wm. Goodall, in default to 3 dtrs. Mary Pine, Ann Vaughan and Leticia Goodall who would have to pay dtr. of Wm. Goodall £1000.
Residue to grandson, Jn. Goodall (executor), at present an infant. Executors in trust for him son-in-law Hugh Vaughan, esq; son-in-law Malachy Pine; merchant; bro.-in-law Mr. Jn. Symons of Little Collon; cousin Philippa Goodall; cousin Arth. Stribly. To each of executors in trust a ring to be worn in remembrance of testator.
Witd. Sam. Hext, Jos. Ellerrett, Jn. Trewbody, Chas. Trenant.
Codicil 28 October 1684. To be buried in vault built in Fowey Church. S. Wm. Goodall to have after testator's wife's death tenements in Hillhayes, Carne, Lewhyer and Lankellow and testator's house and gdns. and cellars belonging, fld. going to the Windmill called Marry Parke.
Legacies of £500 to gdtrs. Eliz. and Mary Goodall not to be paid until executor is of age.
Letitia Goodall (dtr.) to have full legacy of £2000 whether she married or not by yearly instalments of £50. Remainder to 3 dtrs. of testator charged to legacy to all grandchildren then alive of £500 each but not gdtrs. Eliz. and Mary Goodall who already had legacy of £500.
£200 to w. in addition to £300 of will. Cousin Jonathan Tringcombe of Fowey to be an additional executor in trust.
To cousin Wm. Goodall, s. of cousin Phil. Goodall decd. £10. Excr. of excrs. in trust to erect over testator's seat in Church of Fowey a memorial to the value of £50. Witd. Letitia Smith, Jn. Carew, Jn. Trewbody.
Pr. (P.C.C.) 6 September 1703.

[no title]  CY/1676  22 March 1704

Probate of will of Jas. Tillie, Pentillie Castle, Knight. 'Dei Voluntas Fiat Et Mei Haec Performet'.
... 'And I do desire my body may have a private interrment at and in such place at Pentillie Castle as I have acquainted my dearest w. the Lady Elizabeth Tillie with and to have such Monument erected and Inscription thereon made as I have desired of my said dearest wife.
(Recital of Settlement of 5 April 1693 between (a) testator and w. Dame Eliz. (b) Hen. Mitchell, Wm. Wollie, Ben. Dollen and Jn. Bailward. Pentillie Castle, Penters, Horenford, free and conventionary rents tithes of Pentillie, Penter and Higher Horenford. Testator's lands in Callington, St. Cleer, Liskeard, Saltash. Manor of West Dreynes to Hen. Mitchell and Wm. Woollie for 80 yrs. or life of testator's wife. Lands since bought called Hill Town in manor of West Dreynes settled to uses of settlement.
Recital of additional settlement of land etc. at Piend in Devon. Patrieda (Linkinhorne) with sheaf and tithes and sheaf and tithes of west side of the river Lynher. To wife during her widowhood.
Since settlement testator bought Penters Parks alias Leribeaton near Pentillie Castle, Pillaton).
Last recited properties to wife during her widowhood, then testator's s. in tail male, in default his dtrs., in default to Jas. Tillie eldest s. of testator's only sister Mary and his sons in default to Wm. 2nd s. etc., in default to sons of Mrs. Mary Gotlie dtr.-in-law by his cousin Rich. Gotley, chargeable with £1500 for use of granddtr. cousin and goddtr. Albinia Tillie Gotley.
(Recital since settlement land sold called Softlie and Hinton Hill in Durham of yearly value of £100). In lieu of this annuity of £100 from lands in Devon and Cornwall not in the settlement).
¼ of manor of Winfield and Stoford, Wilts. Manor of Warleggan and other lands in Dorset, Wiltshire Devon and Cornwall not in the settlement - to Hen. Mitchell and Jn. Bailward to use of nephew Jas. Tillie with redrs. as before with extra redr. to Kinsman Jn. Bailward and sons. Downing in Mangotsfield, Gloucester to be settled by Jas. Tillie etc. on nephew Wm. for life and Wm.'s hrs. If bro. Wm. Woollie survived testator nephew Jas. Tillie to pay nephew Wm. during father's lifetime yearly sum of £20.
Persons enjoying benefit of lands to assume the surname of Tillie.
Leases permitted but not of Pentillie Castle, barton of Pentillie, Penter, Horenford, barton of Bittleford, barton and tithes of Patrieda and tithes of w. side of Lynher and of barton of Piend for 21 yrs. without fine).
To wife: clothing, jewells, ornaments, books, china, portraits toys in the closet at Pentillie. Testator's coach chariot calash and set of 6 horses with choice of 2 other horses and cows. 100 guineas. After wife's death to her grandchildren of Mary and Rich Gotley as she thought fit. In default Albinia Tillie Gotley. Wife to treat nephews kindly.
To Rich. Gotlie, jun. and Mary his w. for mourning £10 and for her separate use 100 guineas.
To Albinia Tillie Gotley £500 at day of her marriage with either one of my nephews but if she marries anyone else only to have £250.
To bro. Woollie and my sister and 2 nephews and Hen. Mitchell £20 for mourning.
To Jn. Bailward £50.
To cousin Mary Mattock: £50 on her marriage day. To marry any but Wm. Parkes. (If she does legacy void).
To cousin Mary Love, dtr. of Kinsman Jn. Love £50 with interest from testator's death on death of Cecilia Love, widow, her mother or on her marriage day.
To cousin Albinia Jones £30.
£50 to poor relations £50 to poor 'religious and godly people' (at judgement of bro. and sister Woollie).
To bro. Wm. Woollie, sister Mary, Hen. Mitchell and Jn. Bailward (trustees) household goods etc. at Pentillie Castle (Inventory to be made and signed by testator's wife). Wife to have use of goods for life. Goods in Wiltshire to go to person who has the inheritance
Trustees to 'lock up preserve and keep all my records' also printed books and papers.
To wife £50 for funeral 'desiring four of my ancientest Workmen may lay me in my Grave unto whom I give forty shillings each and £10 to Wm. Trenaman.'
To honest Rich. Lawrence in meat and drink for his own person to value of 2s. 6d. per week at Pentillie for life.
To domestic servants living with testator at death 40s each.
To Samuel Holman, his tools.
To Jn. Cory a joint of mutton weekly for his life.
Residue of estate to be sold and an estate to be settled at Belle-Cour in Wiltshire.
Executors: Wm. Woollie, Hen. Mitchell and Jn. Bailward.
Witd. Rich. Lawrence, Sam. Holman, Hen. Mitchell, David Davies.
(Pr. P.C.C. 18 March 1704.)

[no title]  CY/1677  nd

Copy of will of Sir Jas. Tillie, Kt.
22 March 1704.

[no title]  CY/1678  nd

Copy of part of will of Sir Jas. Tillie, Pentillie Castle, Kt. 'Dei Voluntas Fiat Et mei hac performet'
In his 67th year.
'Laying aside the pompous solempnity of a Funeral That by It's Extravagance would devour the Living following the Methods herein prescribed I Desire my servant Samuell may within fiftie Houres next after my Death Compose and make for me a Timber oake Chaire, and my Servant John Quilting a Crape or Flannel Lining therefore In which I may sit exactly fit Tight and Close Remaining in One of the little Roomes near Pentillie Library until the Lady Elizabeth Tillie my wife shall order above Fifteen and under Twenty Five of my Men Servants (not Gentlemen Pall-Bearers who make It their Imploy for Lucre not Lovesake) To Carry and lay me in a Repository for that purpose to be made Either on that Eminence called Mount- Arraret or Pisgah Giving unto Each of such my Men Servants a Gold Ring and a pair of Gloves'.
(Recital wife Lady Eliz. Tillie had conveyed to testator: cap. mess and demesnes of Trehunsie in Quethiock formerly in poss. of Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt. decd. with all other her lands in Quethiock and St. Ive. Also £2000 given to her by her father Sir Rich. Chiverton, Kt. decd. to Rich. Winne and Robt. Biddolph decd. in trust to uses. Testator in consideration of this resettled barton of Trehunsey and her other lands and tenements in Quethiock and St. Ive on her as long as she remained a widow. Also settled on her - Pentillie Castle and manor of Pentillie. East, Middle and West Parks of Pentillie. Pentillie and Penters in Pillaton. Horenford alias Hornavers alias Higher Middle and Lower Horenford alias Hornafers. Township of Pentillie, Penchaufour Penters and Penters Cross. Great and small tithes under modus of 13s. 4d. and 4s. 6d. Property in Callington, Liskeard and Saltash. Manor of West Dreynes, inc. West Dreynes, Dreynes Towne, Hiltown, Lower Trenant, Higher Trenant, Pellagenna, Reedhill, Dreynes Hill, Kellowham with Roses park with high, conventionary and improved rents. Barton of Piend in Stockley English, Devon. Spreetwell in Stockley English. Bamsdon in in Puddington. Property at Brownes, Pages and Mount Pleasant in Sandford, Devon. Patrieda in Linkinhorne with tithes including tithes of the Vicarage 'when Tilled by Lay Hands'. Tithes of rectory of Linkinhorne on west side of Lynher.
Had also settled on w., lordship of Softlie and tithes ten. called Civillie and 1/12, 1/3 and 1/12 of Great Common of Teasdale in Durham. All this sold and purchased instead Bittleford in Landulph, Jories, Penters Park alias Leribeaton, Hiltown in St. Neot. These settled on w. Above lands then bequeathed to w. by will under same conditions.
Rest of lands: manor of Warleggan; in Plymouth; Cooknie in Whitchurch, Dorset. Kellowham woods and West Dreynes woods in St. Neot - to Ben. Dobbins of Mangotsfield, Glos., gent., Stephen Tillie, Pillaton, gent. and Zacharias Shrapnell, Bradford, Wilts., clothier for life of nephew Jas. Tillie to uses.
With 99 yrs. term (to trustees) or lives of Rich. Elletson, esq., former husband decd. of niece Susannah Tillie, Edmd. Edlyn, Island of Jamaica, esq. and his w. Ann. Then 20 yrs. term to trustees then to male hrs. of nephew Jeremiah Tillie Elletson, s. of Rich. Elletson.
Not dated.

[no title]  CY/1679  No date visible (after 18 January 1705)


Draft of will of Chris. Lord. Barnard, Baron of Barnard Castle, Durham.
(Perhaps included as a recital shows Sir Jas. Tillie was a party to one of the deeds recited, 18 January 1705).

[no title]  CY/1680  October 1707

Letter from Jn. Garret to Sir Wm. Coryton, Bt. at Newton Ferrers.
Garret, surviving excr. to the late Lady Biddulph is in prison for debt and beseeches Sir Wm. Coryton's help. Encloses proposals which have also been sent to Sir Michael Biddulph and Mr. Symon Biddulph.

[no title]  CY/1681  nd

Copy of probate of will of Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
Desires affectionate duty and respect from children to wife.
In hr. of jointure (subject to taxes) and dower rights which his wife waived.
To be decently buried in family vault in parish church of St. Mellion near dear wife who was eldest dtr. of Edwd. Littleton of Pilleton Hall, Staffs., esq., decd., s. and hr. of Sir Edward Littleton Bt. decd. Funeral not to cost more than £50.
Brass of ancestors 'with their four and twenty children' removed by testator from floor to wall over his grandfather's seat. This to be removed and monument to testator and wife like grandfather's monument to be set up. To cost no more than £200. (Wife had formerly married a Mr. Thos. Williams).
To wife (when dower and jointure and marriage settlement has been released by her) jewels, rings, pearl necklace, household goods bought by wife from Mr. Thos. Williams, jun., excr. of former husband's will. Cabinets and chests of drawers which she had before marriage and India Cabinet and Chest of Drawers testator presented. China and earthernware in her room and all her books. Set of silver dressing plate in the box on the table which testator presented. Also broad pieces of gold. Money she has saved. Best chariot, harness, coach horses, gelding or mares. With grey gelding she usually rides on.
£4000 with interest at £5% per annum. £100 immediately after his decease for mourning for family and servants.
If wife did not want to live at Newton with her s. then to live at Crocadon in St. Mellion as long as she remained a widow with use of horses, orchds., gdns., townplace, and Church, Park and Phillis Park closes part of the barton of Crocadon for keeping cows and horses.
To son in law Edwd. Elliot, esq. and w. £20 for mourning.
To 'much Honoured Mother in Law Madam Susanna Littleton' £20 for mourning.
To friend and Kinsman Francis Wills of Wivelscombe, esq. and his lady (testator's cousin) £20 for mourning.
To dear nephew Jn. Goodall, esq. and his lady £20 for mourning.
To friend Jn. Clarke of Halton, esq., £20 for mourning for himself and lady.
To esteemed friend Mr. Sam. Line of Callington £5 for mourning ring.
To Mr. Digory Pearse £5 for mourning.
To menial servants at time of testator's death who have served at least 2 yrs., 1 quarter's wages above what is due to them.
To Mrs. Mary Ann Shapleigh and Rich. Smith, a yrs.' wages above what is due.
To Rich. Smith 'who has long served me' £200 (on general release given by him) including debts he owed his master through negligence in accounts 'especially in the matter and concern of my new Building which was as it seems an undertaking too hard for him ...' Clothes both linen and woollen hats and perriwigs. With little black mare he usually rode on.
Testator had settled by his first marriage everything on his s. 'I leave behind me in Cash and unquestionable debts on good securitys a much greater personal estate than will pay and satisfy the same with a considerable overplus). Estates in Devon and Cornwall to dear wife Sarah Coryton (subject to abrogating marriage settlement), bro.-in-law Sir Edwd. Littleton of Pilleton Hall, Staffs., Bt. and to friend and kinsman Francis wills of Wivelscombe, esq., and to nephew Jn. Goodall, esq., and Jn. Clarke, Halton, esq., until Jn. Coryton shall become 27 and for £4000 to w. When s. 27 trustees to have for term of 99 yrs., then life of s. Jn. and hrs. male with remainders to dtr. Susanna Elliott and nephew Jn. Goodall (taking surname of Coryton), and testator's niece Eliz. Batt, eldest dtr. of testator's deceased bro. Sir Jn. Coryton.
Trustees to make leases and received profits until Jn. Coryton 27 and to have power to make jointure for woman he wishes to marry.
If money cannot be raised manor of Landegay in Kea to be sold.
Excrs. wife Dame Sarah Coryton and other 4 trustees.
Witd. Wm. Bond, Jn. Bligh, Rich. Bligh, Jn. Smith, Edwd. Smith.
2 December 1711.
Pr. (P.C.C. 22 October 1712).

[no title]  CY/1682  nd

Extract of will of Sir Wm. Coryton.
Proved P.C.C. 22 October 1712.

[no title]  CY/1683-6  nd

Three copies of will of Sir Wm. Coryton, Bt. and an extract from the same.
2 December 1711.

[no title]  CY/1687  23 October 1711

Assignment of testamentary estate and lands. Probate.
(i) Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt. Francis Wills, Wiveliscombe, esq.
Wm. Hancock of Hendra, esq. Excrs. of Jas. Buller, Shillingham, esq. decd.
(ii) Jn. Morth, Talland, esq.
Lewis Stephens, Menheniot, clerk
Jn. Buller, Morval, esq.
(iii) Sam. Lyne, Chris. Hill, Jn. Ford, jun., Jn. Moulton, Wm. Wallis, Catherine Prideaux, Jn. Serle, Thos. Bishopp, Jn. Webb, Ben. Dunning, Thos. Robyns, jun., Wm. Smith, clerk. Creditors of Jas. Buller.
(Recital of settlement 25 November 1707 by (a) Jas. Buller (b) Sir Wm. Coryton, Francis Wills and Wm. Hancock (c) Geo. Parker and Walt. Moyle, esq. a - b on trusts - - manors and advowsons in Devon and Cornwall; manor of Banwell, Somerset; rectory of Bradford in Yorkshire with vicarage, glebe and right of patronage. Rec. of will of Jas. Buller of 7 November 1707 or February 1709 declared to be last will and testament 14 September 1710 making (b) excrs. in trust for benefit of one entitled to the mansion house of Shillingham. if testamentary estate defective to be supplemented by settlement. Rec. debts and legacies of Jas. Buller at his death barely covered by his personal estate. Excrs. refused to act and agreed to assign 500 yrs' term of settlement to Jn. Buller or to (ii) in trust for payment of debts as soon as decree was passed by Chancery. Jn. Buller paid debts of some creditors. Rec. of decree obtained by Jn. Buller and Jn. Francis Buller and Lewis Stephens and Jn. Morth against Sir W. Coryton, Francis Wills and Wm. Hancock. Defdts. to renounce executorship so Jn. Buller can administer the will and assign their trust to Morth and Stephens in trust for Jn. Buller who was to pay creditors).
(i) - Jn. Buller - assignment of residue of personal and testamentary estate of Jas. Buller.
(i) - Morth and Stephens - assignment of lands and manors as in recital for redr. of 500 yrs. on trust to pay costs, creditors etc.
Witd. Jn. Smith, Jn. Robins, Jn. Pound, Rich. Smith.

[no title]  CY/1688  nd

Draft Settlement relating to Sir Wm. Coryton's will (1712).
(i) Jos. Clark.
(ii) Robt. and Joanna Hellyar, excrs. of will of Dame Rachel Coryton, decd.
(iii) Rich. Udy.
(iv) Chris. Bat of Kensington, Mddsx., esq.
(v) Rich. Gotley and w. Mary.
(vi) Peter Coryton, esq. only s. and hr. of Jn. Goodall, esq decd.
(vii) - (blank).
(Recital of will of Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt. of 2 December 1711 - lands in Devon and Cornwall to w. Dame Sarah Coryton, Sir Edwd. Littleton of Pillaton Hall, Staffs., Bart., Francis Wiles of Wivelscomb, Cornwall, esq., nephew Jn. Goodall father of (vi), Jn. Clark of Halton, Cornwall, esq., father of (i), until testator's s. was 27 yrs. old in trust for legacies especially for £4000 to his w. etc. When s. 27 to use of same trustees for 99 yrs., then to same for life of Jn. Coryton, then for use of Jn. Coryton's sons, with redr. to Susannah Elliot, testator's dtr. and hrs., with further redr. to use of Jn. Goodall for life (to change name to Coryton if he or his sons inherited) and his sons, with redr. to testator's niece Eliz. Batt and sons. Testator died leaving son (Sir) Jn. Coryton and Susannah Elliot w. of Rich. Elliot, esq. 21 October 1718 assignment to Sir Jn. Coryton of testator's personal estate. S. Elliot died and Jn. Goodall died leaving his only s. and hr. Peter Coryton who became entitled to estate. Peter Coryton exhibited bill in Chancery against surviving trustees for performance of trusts of Sir W. Coryton's will Bill heard 3 and 5 March 1743 and 10 August 1745 - decree for performance of will).
- conveyance to use of Peter Coryton of lands and profits of his great-uncle's will and hrs. male (who were to take name of Coryton.
Note at end 'I approve this draught for Mr. Coryton. S. S. Smythe Dec. 20 1746'.
Not dated.

[no title or date]  CY/1689

Legal case and opinion relating to Sir Wm. Coryton's will 1712.

[no title]  CY/1690  16 February 1713

Letter from Jn. Buller of Morval to Sir Jn. Coryton, Bt. at Newton relating to will and settlement of Sir Jn. Coryton's father.

[no title]  CY/1691  nd

Probate (copy) of Jn. Mawry of Broadhempston, clothier.
To poor of Bradhempston: 20s.
To wife Eliz. Mawry - mess. and ten. at Putsford, parish of Woodland. Also mess. and tenement of Lake in Broadhempston.
To dtr. Phillis and her hrs., mess. and tenement at Ford in Broadhempston (in default of issue to go to Jn. Mawry, s. of testator's bro. Wm. Mawry). Mess. and tenement called Furse in parish of Woodland (in default of issue to Geo. Mawry, s. of testator's bro. Thos. Mawry). Dtr. Phillis excx.
Trustees and assistants to dtr. Phillis as excx. Wm. Venning of Broadhempston; Rich. Stephens of Denbury and Jn. Pope of Staverton.
Witd. Jn. Pope, Edwd. Peters, Andrew Martaine, Grace Robins.
Made 21 September 1712.
(Pr. (Exeter) 1 April 1713).

[no title]  CY/1692  1746

Assignment of personal estate. (Copy).
(i) Jn. Goodall of Fowey, esq.
Jn. Clark of St. Dominic, esq.
(ii) Thos. Wills, Schoolehouse, Devon, esq. s. and hr. and excr. of will of Francis Wills of Wivelscomb, Cornwall, decd. (Francis Wills and (i) three of excrs. in trust of will of Sir Wm. Coryton, West Newton Ferrers, Bt.)
(iii) Sir Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt. s. and hr. of Sir Wm. Coryton.
(Will of Sir W. Coryton 2 December 1711 - lands in Devon and Cornwall to w. Dame Sarah and Sir Edwd. Littleton of Pillaton Hall, Staffs., Bt. and Francis Wills and Jn. Goodall and Jn. Clarke until (iii) was 27 on trusts. Dame S. Coryton and Sir Edwd. Littleton renounced this trust (iii) then 27 yrs. of age.
(i) - (iii) - estate of Sir Wm. Coryton
Witd. Wm. Goodall, Jn. Noke, Jos. Witts., Chr. Harris, Jonathon Horndon, Rich. Smith.
21 October 1718.
Endsd. with note that copy was made 11 November 1746.

[no title]  CY/1693  nd

Copy of will of Sir Jn. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
Excx. to spend no more on funeral 'than Common Decency will require'.
To good kinsman Chris. Batt, Kensington, esq. £10 for mourning.
To latter's son, cousin Chris. Batt £10 for mourning.
To 'to his sister my dear cousin Mrs. Meyne of Telfont, Wilts., widow £10 for mourning.'
To worthy friend Edmd. Prideaux, Padstow, esq. £10 for mourning.
To Rich Eliot of Molenick, esq. £10 for mourning.
To worthy dear friend Wm. Bennett of Hartgrove, Dorset, esq. £10 for mourning.
To very much esteemed friend, Mark Batt of Modtenham, esq., £10 for mourning.
Last 4 to advise and assist admnx.
Leaves excx. to give mourning 'to our dear and worthy father Wm. Hellyer esqr. (to whom I owe the greatest obligations), and to our dear brother Robert Hellyer, esqr. and to our dear sisters Mrs. Mary Hellyer and Mrs. Joanna Hellyar.'
(Recital of marriage settlement (i) Sir Jn. Coryton (testator) (ii) Windham Harlyn of Newton, Somerset, esq; Jn. Helyar of Yeatly, Hants, esq. (then decd.); Sir Edwd. Littleton of Pileton Hall, Staffs., Bt.; Wm. Bond of Holwood, Quethiock, esq. (then decd.) (iii) Wm. Helyar of Court, East Coker, Somerset, esq. and Rachel Helyar one of his dtrs. (= testator's wife) 25 October 1715. Manors etc. settled to uses.
To dearest wife Dame Rachel Coryton - manors as in recited settlement.
Residue of real and personal estate to wife (excx.).
Witd. Amos Doidge, Thos. Roberts, Rich. Udy, Wm. Venn, Sam. Stone.
17 August 1736.

[no title]  CY/1694  8 March 1739

Abstract of Christopher Batt's marriage settlement and will.
For Marriage Settlement of 3 February 1692 see CY/1593
C. Batt survived Eliz., his wife. Will of 1 December 1738 gave to dtr. Eliz. Mayne, widow, house in Kensington for residue of term. Also to dtr. £1000 and house organ and harpsichord made by Henricus Von Burgen. Testator released her from all claims and demands on acct. of his boarding her and her two children and servant.
Testator bought from Lord Arundell, several houses, arable and meadow in Tisbury, Wilts., to begin on marriage death etc. of Mary Mayne, widow of Chris. Mayne, esq. who held same during her widowhood for 99 yrs. or lives of s. Chris. Batt, Jn. Mayne, his grandson and Eliz. Mayne. All these to s. Chris. Batt, nephew Wm. Batt in trust for grandson Jn. Mayne, with remainders to Eliz. Mayne dtr. and Eliz. Mayne, granddtr.
To s. Chris. Batt and nephew Wm. Batt £1000 in trust to be invested and interested used for education and maintenance of grandson Jn. Mayne until his marriage or coming of age. £1000 to grandson Jn. Mayne when of age.
To s. Chris Batt - £200 in trust for maintenance and education of grandson Jn. Mayne.
To Jas. Tillie £50 on trust to pay some to his sister in law Mary Gotley for her own separate use.
To Jas. Tillie £100 on trust to pay to Rachael Eliz. and Albania Maria Gotley, dtr. of sister in law Mary Gotley.
To grandson Jn. Mayne the two largest pictures hanging in the diningroom at Kensington one of the Holy Family and the other of a Drunken Bacchus.
To nephew Dan Arden £10.
To nephew Wm. Ruddle of Salisbury £10.
To Wm. Pannett £20.
To widow and relict of Dr. Hough £10.
To poor housekeepers dwelling in Salisbury or within six miles £100.
To poor housekeepers of Kensington £25.
To poor housekeepers in Liberty of Havering, Essex £25.
Mourning bequest to servants.
Note at end 'I have perused this Abstract, as also the abstract of ye Title to the other moiety of this estate purchased of Mr. Gotley, And as it appears that the Lady Tillie, daughter of Sir Richard Chiverton died without issue male, I am of opinion that by the Recovery mentioned to be suffered last term Mr. Batt hath enabled himself to make a good title to ye other moiety to a purchaser.
Matt. Kenrick

[no title]  CY/1695  27 October 1739

J. Goodall's receipt for original will of Sir Wm. Coryton.

Settlement of lands left by will (1717) of John Goodall. 1741  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CY/1696  24 December 1741

Settlement of testator's land.
(i) Gregory Stribly, Fowey, merchant.
(ii) Peter Coryton of Fowey, esq. (formerly called Goodall, s. of Jn. Goodall, Fowey, esq. decd.)
(iii) Jonathan Rashleigh of Menabilly, esq.
Wm. Cox of Kensington, clerk.
(Recital of will of Jn. Goodall, 19 December 1717. To Phil. Goodall £10. To Gyles Major and his w. Abigail £10 yearly for joint lives; £8 to survivor. To Mary Dean, widow, £5 yearly for life. To Jude - (left blank) at request of testator's late sister Copplestone 50s. yearly for life. Bequests also include £2500 to his dtr. Eliz. Goodall - estate charged with this. Residue to Sir Jn. Coryton, Newton, Bt., Francis Wills of Wivelscombe, esq. - (blank) Lawrence, St. Winnow, clerk, and (i) and their hrs. in trust to sell for legacies and £80 to testator's s. until of age and £80 to dtr. Eliz. Goodall until of age. Will proved by surviving trustees (P.C.C.) by (i) and Sir Jn. Coryton. Legacy of £2500 to E. Goodall not paid. First remainder Jn. Goodall decd., left 3 sons, Jn., Phil. and Wm. Thos. Goodall also decd. (next redr.) without issue. Wm. Goodall (next redr.) alive and unmarried. Sir J. Coryton decd.
No settlement made by trustees).
(i) at request of (ii) - (iii) - manor and barton of Tregarthen occ. Jacob Whetter with Tregarthen mill, Pollacka, Trevolscus, Nanfrannon, Lower and Higher Trevisan, Hymeack, Boswinger and Trewolla occ. Jos. Nott, Rich. Vercoe, Nich. Andrew, administrator of Jas. Doncett, clerk.
- mess in Rescassa in Gorran (16a) occ. Thos. Scobell, then Wm. Slade, then Hen. Devonshire.
- Trevarrick in Gorran occ. Jn. Kerken, then Florence Winnan, widow
- parts of manor of Manley Coleshill (sic) in St. Veep bought of Sir Jn. St. Aubyn, Bt. of Jn. Goodall, the testator.
- part of Trevollard, St. Veep 29a. occ. Chris. Greenway.
- part of Brighton Wood in St. Veep.
- parts formerly of Thos. Willcock in Penpoll Mills in Penpoll the Lower in poss. of Wm. Toller, then Thos. Teague, then Thos. Willcock, then Jn. Payne. In St. Veep.
- Wilsland in St. Veep occ. Jn. Wallis, gent., Jos. Bastard, gent., Thos. Frethy and Jn. Burne.
- Little Rafell in Lansallos occ. Jn. Tingcombe, then Wm. Mellow
- 3 closes of land in West end of Bodmin, near Dark Lane 9a. occ. Hen. Lukey, gent.
- meadow or field of 2a. near said Dark Lane, Bodmin, occ. Jn. Beard.
- fld. called Borehill at Borehill, Bodmin, occ. Francis Bradley.
- Polvillian, Fowey, occ. Mary Mould widow.
- Rock's End meadow, Fowey, west lands of Jn. Killiow, esq., north lands of Jn. Rashleigh of Combe, gent., east sanctuary or glebe land of vicarage of Fowey, south, highway occ. Hen. Stephens.
- mess. and 20a. in Higher Hillhayes, Fowey occ. Anne Peters.
- mess. and 20a., in Lower Hillhayes occ. Anne Peters, then Jas. Pengelly.
- plot with houses, cellars, gdns., quays north: the sea; east: lands of hrs. of Beamond; south; gdn. formerly land of Thos. Wymond; west: lands of Thos. Wymond. In Polruan, Lanteglos by Fowey occ. Rich. May.
- 2 houses, 3 tofts and 2 gdns. at Gorran Haven occ. Jas. Philp, Hugh Francis and Jane Thomas, widow.
- mansion house in Fowey occ. Peter Coryton.
- 8 houses, 3 gdns., 2 quays in Fowey occ. Jos. Branwell, Frances Goude, Hugh Libby, Rich. Hewett, Jn. Mould, Sam. Saunders, excrs. of Wm. Bunny, decd. and Jn. Dagge, clerk.
- moiety of house in Fowey occ. Sam. Congdon.
- 2/3 of house, gdn. and stable, Fowey occ. Rich. Husband, Jn. Johns, gent.
On trusts and subject to payment of £2500 to Eliz. Goodall. Uses: (ii) and hrs. male; Jn. Goodall (eldest s. of Jn. Goodall, remainder) and hrs. male, with redrs. to Phil. Goodall, Wm. Goodall (2nd and 3rd sons of Jn. Goodall, remainder), Wm. Goodall, last remainder man. First person in possession to pay Eliz. Goodall, £4000.
Witd. J. Kimber, jun., Wm. Sutton, jun.

[no title]  CY/1697  9 October 1745

Probate of Wm. Clemens of Hay, Landulph, yeo.
To dearly beloved w. Eliz: freehold and leasehold estate for life subject to payment of debts and legacies etc.
To bro. Phil. 2s. weekly for life from leasehold ten. called Hay. Best suit of clothes.
To Eliz. Pascoe, dtr. of Mary Pascoe of Landulph, 7s. 6d.
To Thos. Pascoe, s. of said Mary Pascoe, sum of 1 guinea when 21.
To testator's apprentice Job Prideaux 5s. when 21.
To said Mary Pascoe: ground room and chamber over with gdn. belonging at east end of testator's house in Cargreen (commonly called Hen. Martin's house) for life. She to keep in repair.
To Wm. Clemens, s. of Kinsman Wm. Clemens, after death of testator's wife: Moons tenement in Cargreen (in default of issue to go to Wm. Clemens, s. of kinsman, Richard Clemens of Duloe). They to pay yearly to Churchwardens or Overseers of Landulph 5s. for bread for the poor of the parish.
To poor of parish of Landulph. 40s. to be distributed by discretion of testator's w. one year after his decease.
To said Thos. Pascoe, after death of testator's w., leasehold mess. and ten. called Hay for remainder of term paying 2s. weekly to testator's bro. Phil. and to his mother Mary Pascoe and his sister Eliz. annuity of 50s. each. After death of said Thos. Pascoe, Hay to go to Wm. Clemens s. of testator's kinsman for remainder of leasehold term, paying annuities to Phil. Clemens, Mary and Eliz. Pascoe. Neither Thos. Pascoe nor Wm. Clemens to mortgage Hay.
After death of w. remaining part of Hen. Martin's ten. in Cargreen (testator's house) to Wm. Clemens s. of testator's kinsman Wm. Clemens
After death of w. Jane Truants ten. in Cargreen to testator's sister in law Mary Whilstone (she to execute a release to wife's excrs.)
Excx. wife Eliz. residue of personal estate.
Witd. Stephen Tillie, Walt. Bound, Thos. Hill.
Note attached to probate receipt of Mary Whilston for £30 from her sister Eliz. Clemens which she lent to her sister's husband in a note of hand. Witd. Robt. Owens, Wm. Lang 2 June 1753. 'One years rent due 25 of last March.'
(Pr. P.C.C. 26 March 1746)

[no title]  CY/1698  7 May 1752

Probate of will of Nich. James of Wheaton, Landulph, gent.
Estates charged with annuity of £6 (given by father Jn. James decd. in his will) to his mother Grace James and annuity of £4 to her (given by late bro. Jn. James decd. by his will).
To mother Grace: annuity of 40s.
To cousin Alex. Moone, s. of Wm. Moone decd. annuity of 20s. charged on estates of Wayton and Halland.
To Thos. Wymond and Wm. Nanscawen of Landulph, yeomen: Landulph or Hawkings tenement and other messuages or tenements called Penzoaks in Landulph (leasehold) in trust to allow cousin Ben. Samble (one of sons of bro.-in-law Jos. Samble) so he (B. Samble) can pay his bro. Jos. Samble the sum of £40 on expiration of his apprenticeship.
To nephew Jos. Samble £160.
To Thos. Wymond and Wm. Nanscasen leasehold lands of Parke Grigg Moone and Parish Parke, Landulph. They to let after testator's death at best price until Geo. Samble (another s. of bro.-in-law Jos. Samble) shall come of age when he was to have profits for remainders of terms.
To 3 cousins Jos., Ben., and Geo. £20 each left by will of testator's bro. Jn. James, decd. as they each come of age.
£10 to be distributed among poor widows of Landulph.
£10 towards repairing and continuing the pulpit cloth of Landulph.
Residue to cousin Jn. Samble (eldest s. of bro. in-law Jos. Samble.)
Witd. Jas. Tillie, Nath. Smith, Thos. Hay.
(Pr. Archdeaconry of Cornwall 15 May 1754).

[no title]  CY/1699  5 March 1764

Will of Frances Defouet, w. of Jeremiah Defouet, Kensington, Middsx. gent.
By authority of will of Wm. Cox, Kensington, M.A. late husband decd.
To Jeremiah Defouet - mess. on the Terras at Kensington for remainder of term not only for live and affection but great cost to him of repair of this house.
After husband's death, mess. to dtr. Anne Carrington, widow. Residue of estate to husband (excr.)
Witd. Wm. Hulbert; Fredk. Dutens.

[no title]  CY/1700  24 March 1764

From Jn. Coryton, Fowey, esq. to his mother Ann Coryton, Fowey, widow, in £1500.
For payment of an annuity of £100 in satisfaction of dower or £150 annuity if she ceased to live with s. (Ann Coryton was widow of Peter Coryton, Fowey, esq. decd.)
Witd. Peter Coryton, J. Kimber.

[no title]  CY/1701-1702  22 June 1765

Assignment and Counterpart of personal estate. Agreement and annuity.
(i) Ann Coryton, Fowey, widow and admnx. of Peter Coryton of Fowey, esq.
(ii) Jn. Coryton, Fowey, esq., eldest s. and hr. of Peter Coryton by (i).
(Recital Peter Coryton 10 April 1754 died intestate leaving (i) and infants: (ii), P. Coryton's youngest s. Peter, Laetitia Maria, Eliz., Jane Margaret and Ann. Letters of administration granted to (i). Eliz. Coryton died a minor and intestate. Shares distributed by (i) to Peter and L. M. Coryton, Jane Margaret and Ann Coryton minors. (ii) secured on (i) annuity of £100 by bond of 24 March 1764, she to release dower rights to husband's estate).
- goods chattels and personal estate of Peter Coryton late husband of (i) with share of Eliz. Coryton decd. Shares in fines for leases from husband's death to date of bond.
Witd. Peter Coryton, J. Kimber.

[no title]  CY/1703  22 June 1765

Release of actions.
(i) Peter Coryton, one of sons and Laetitia Maria Coryton, one of dtrs. of Peter Coryton, Fowey, esq. decd.
(ii) Their mother, Ann Coryton, widow and admnx. of Peter Coryton (their father) and their bro. Jn. Coryton Fowey, esq.
Witd. J. Kimber, Wm. Hawken.

[no title]  CY/1704  24 June 1768

By Jane Margaret Coryton, one of dtrs. of Peter Coryton, Fowey, esq., decd.
To her mother Ann Coryton, widow and admnx. of Peter Coryton, and to her bro. Jn. Coryton, Fowey, esq.
(Of all claims and actions etc.).
Witd. Laetitia Maria Coryton, J. Kimber.

[no title]  CY/1705  23 October 1772

Similar quitclaim by Ann Coryton, one of the dtrs. of Peter Coryton Fowey, esq. decd.
Witd. J. Kimber; Jn. Kimber, jun.

[no title]  CY/1706  nd

Probate of will of Joanna Helyar, Newton Ferrers, Cornwall, spinster. (Copy).
Excx. to build a vault for her burial in east part of churchyard of East Coker, Somerset (coffin... not to be fastened down 'until my Body shall grow Offensive to those who shall attend me.'). (Testator seised in fee of manors of Dinnerdake and Pillaton with advowson of Pillaton and to 2 cap. mess. or mansions at West Newton, Barton of Penpoll, Barton of West Newton Ferrers, Deer Park, Coryton Ball, and Red Hills, Tilland Quarry, Pillaton Woods, Newton Woods, Herwood, Herwood marshes, Newton Mills, Parke Woods, Blacklake woods, Henwoods woods, Moulton woods, Westmounds marsh, Crundle Downs, Quarry Marsh, Bridge Meadow, the Two Coney Warrens, flds. and meadows underneath Cruft and Parsons Park. All in St. Mellion, Pillaton, Quethiock, St. Ive and St. Neot. Moiety devised to testator under will of sister Dame Rachel Coryton, widow, decd., other moiety by conveyance of 3 and 4 July 1756, from Wm. Helyar of Lewston, Dorset, esq. nephew and hr. of Robt. Helyar, then of South Tawton, Esq., decd. and testator (Joanna Hellyar) sister of Robt. Helyar).
Estates (above) to nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston, esq., Edwd. Philips of Montacute, Somerset, esq., Jas. Upton of Yeovil, Somerset, attorney to uses. To use of Robt. Helyar second son of nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston and hrs. male, in default to Weston Helyar third s. of nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston and hrs. male, in default to Edwd. Helyar fourth s. of nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston and hrs. male, in default to fifth s. of nephew (W. Helyar), Chas. Helyar and hrs. male, in default to Jn. Helyar sixth s. of nephew and hrs. male, in default to use of eldest s. of nephew (Wm. Helyar), Wm. Helyar and hrs. male.
To old servant Sam. Stone for life annuity of £20. Servants Sam. Stone, Honour Pearce and Sarah Arscote to have their rooms in 'my old mansion house' and as long as they continued firewood from barton of Newton and gdn. stuff and each to have a cow on the barton and to keep a horse. Household goods at Newton to same three trustees in trust for person entitled to land but goods not to be sold but to be heirlooms.
Person entitled to estates to renew leases and reside 3 months every year at Newton Ferrers mansion otherwise to next person in remainder.
Leases to her old servant Sam. Stone of lands in manor of Pillaton and other leases not to be disturbed.
To same three trustees estate held under the Crown for 3 lives in trust for use of Robt. Helyar (and other sons in remainder) of nephew Wm. Helyar (lives to be renewed on lease) and hrs. male.
To same three trustees £4800 old South Sea annuities on trust for them to buy land in fee simple in Devon and Cornwall to be settled as other estates (see above).
To Wm. Helyar eldest s. of nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston £4000 for building mansion house on any of lands in East Coker to which he would be entitled on his father's death. Best pearl necklace, best pair of diamond earings with the drops.
To Weston, Edwd., Chas. and Jn., sons of nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston, £500 each.
To Betty, Bridget, Harriott and Joanna dtrs. of same nephew £500 each.
To servant Sarah Arscote estate at Metherill in Calstock purchased of Jn. White, yeo.
To Sam. Stone, younger s. of Sam. Stone (above) lands at Seracote in Okehampton - excx. to make up in value any part of estate lost by lawsuit.
To Robt. Helyar, 2nd s. of nephew W. Helyar of Lewston life and dead stock on barton of Newton.
When he felled timber to plant young trees. Not to cut coppice wood under growth of 23 yrs.
Excx. to purchase £2000 in Old South Sea Annuities or in the '3 per cents in the publick funds' - interest and dividend of £60 to pay housekeeper Honor Pearce £20 yearly for life. To Mary Randel of West Coker, Somerset, sister of Sam. Stone, sen. £20 for life. To servant Eliz. Jeffery, £20 a yr. for life.
To Sam. Stone, jun. £200.
To Wm. Helyar, eldest s. of nephew Wm. Helyar of Lewston £50 to repair and beautify church of East Coker and the almshouses there. £500 in trust - interest to be distributed to poor of almshouses and parish.
To Vicar of S. Coker for poor and 10 guineas for a funeral sermon.
To Jn. Walling, mariner, grandson of uncle Rich. Helyar, clerk, decd., £200. If he not living to his children; in default to his wife.
2 Bonds in which Wm. Hole, Bovey Tracy, yeo. owed testator £457-10s - principal sum to Robt. Hole, youngest s. of Wm. Hole and to latter's dtrs. Mary Willis and Joanna Harris.
To Joanna, wife of Jn. Rock, Closeworth, Somerset, gent. £100.
To Mary, wife of Jn. Forbes of Yeovil, Somerset, innkeeper, sum of (tear in MS.).
To Sarah Pitcher £100,
To Ann Pitcher (tear in MS.),
To Wm. Pitcher £100,
To Jn. Pitcher £100,
To Rich. Pitcher £100,
To Edwd. Pitcher £100, (sons and dtrs. of Rich. Pitcher, Keyford, Somerset, yeo. by Mary his w. (née Helyar) (both decd.))
To Joanna Rock, dtr. of Jn. and Joanna Rock £100, £200 to Robt. Orchard Reeks, s. of Chas. and Jane Reeks, formerly of East Coker, decd.
To servants with her at time of decease 1 yrs.' wages above what is due and £5 each for mourning.
Hatbands and glove to day labouring men and women in Newton Ferrers.
To goddtr. Matilda Hodsall, dtr. Edwd. Hodsall, banker 10 guineas.
To former servant Grace Veryard £10.
Residue to Sarah Arscott (excx.)
Witd. Jn. Ridley; Jn. Ashe, senr., Arundell Street, Strand, Jn. Ashe, junr.
15 July 1765.
Codicil: nephew Wm. Helyar of E. Coker could repair and fit up family seat at East Coker but to be rebuilt on same land. For this reason as his great aunt left nephew Wm. Helyar £2000 instead of £4000 'as I think his younger brothers and sisters want it more to add to their fortunes.'
Pr. London 22 March 1768.

[no title]  CY/1707  31 May 1771

Mutual release of actions.
(i) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, esq., eldest s. and hr. of Peter Coryton, formerly Peter Goodall, esq., decd. (s. of Jn. Goodall, a devisee of will of Sir Wm. Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, Bt.
Ann Coryton, Fowey, widow and admnx. of Peter Coryton decd.
(ii) Sam. Stone, Okehampton, gent. and w. Sarah, formerly Sarah Arscott, spinster, excx. of Joanna Helyar of West Newton Ferrers, spinster, decd., (J. Helyar surviving excx. of Dame Rachel Coryton of West Newton Ferrers, widow, who was sole excx of Sir Jn. Coryton, Bt. decd., only s. of Sir Wm. Coryton.
(Recital of dispute between Peter Coryton decd. and Dame R. Coryton, Joanna Helyar and Robt. Helyar decd. Disputes revived (i) against (ii) concerning claims of Peter Coryton Jn. Coryton and Ann Coryton as admnx. of Peter Coryton on estate and effects of Sir Jn. Coryton, Dame R. Coryton, Jaanna and Robt. Helyar, decd. Agreement of (i) and (ii)
- (ii) to pay Jn. Coryton £1500 in satisfaction of all claims).
(i) - (ii) - release of all actions etc.
(ii) - (i) - release of all actions etc.
Witd. Jn. Luxmoore; Jonathan Elford, clerk to Mr. Luxmoore; J. Kimber; Wm. Manley.

[no title]  CY/1708  n.d

Copy of (? part) of will of Eliz. Summers, Callington.
Reversionary interest in New Inn Dartmouth, to 'my good friend James Tillie of Pentillie Castle, esq.,' in trust to sell for her debts and debts of late husband (who died 4 August 1762).
(Then follow a few Triffling (sic) legacies)
Residue to Mary Jemima Tillie, dtr. of Jas. Tillie.
Jane Tillie apptd. excr.

[no title]  CY/1709-10  21 September 1771

Two copies of will of Jas. Tillie, esq.

[no title]  CY/1711  21 September 1771

Related information: (See also CRO CY/1719).

Probate of will of Jas. Tillie, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(Settlement of 23 and 24 March 1752, Cornish, Devon, Wilts and Dorset estates limited to uses with power to revoke by will). Uses of settlement revoked. On marr. of Jn. Coryton, esq. with testator's dtr. Mary Jemima Coryton estates in Yate and Wickwarre, Glos., made liable to payment of annuity of £100 during lives of Jn. Coryton and Mary Jemima Coryton. All uses revoked except this annuity).
To w. Mary Tillie estates in Gloucester, Cornwall, Devon, Wilts. and Dorset for life. Then to trustees with redr(s) to son(s) of Mary Jemima Coryton, then dtr.(s) etc. Persons entitled after death of dtr. and her husband Jn. Coryton to adopt surname and arms of Tillie (other than an only s.). Person entitled 'shall repair and keep up Mount Ararat and the Monument of my late worthy great uncle Sir Jas. Tillie, Kt. therein erected and repair and preserve the Monument hereinafter ordered to be erected in the Tillie Aile (sic) in Pillaton Church to the memory of myself and Family. 99 yrs. term to trustees. If failure of issue and Jn. Coryton survived his wife trustees from rents of estates to make up £300 to maintain and educate Geo. Fortescue during his minority. Persons entitled or their guardians to make rack leases up to 21 yrs. and lease on lives for 99 yrs.
Testator purchased an estate called Tynnel and Langore in Landulph for residue of two terms of 810 yrs. and 806 yrs. Also had 99 yr. interest in Hornavers tenement adjoining Pentillie Castle 'on the deaths of two young healthy lives'. These to trustees for persons entitled under testator's will - lives to be renewed. Also possessed of 4 flds. called ancient or annexed duchy lands in manor of Rillaton in Linkinhorne which would go to wife by custom of the manor. Desired her to surrender same to person entitled to freehold lands.
To dear daughter Mary Jemima Coryton - large oriental garnet ring.
To sister Mary Fortescue 50 guineas for mourning
To niece Mary Fortescue £500 if she reached age of 21. £1000 to wife and siter Mary Fortescue - if nephew Geo. Fortescue lives to be 21 - they to use £1000 to purchase an advowson, if nephew nephew willing to take orders. If nephew declined or was not qualifed wife to nominate person to whom benefice might be held.
Residue of goods, ¼ of brigantine Mary Jemima limestone barge or lighter of 24 tons called the Pentillie Castle, the six-oared London built shallop to wife Mary Tillie (excx.)
Witd. Nich. Symons, David Horndon, Jas. Walker, Jos. Sambell.
(Pr. P.C.C. 15 June 1772).

[no title]  CY/1712  12 October 1782

Probate of will of Eliz. Goodall, Fowey, spinster.
So sister-in-law Ann Coryton, widow, 50 guineas, use of my silver coffee pot and stand during her life'.
To nephew the Revd. Peter Coryton D.D. £500, plain gold watch, silver bason and ewer, all china ware (except largest bason and bowl coloured partly blue with gold and enamelled), 'my needle worked Chairs and Stool and my Silver Coffee Pot and Stand after his Mother death'.
To niece Laetitia Maria Kempe 20 guineas.
To niece Ann Kempe ten guineas for mourning
'I give and bequeath unto Jn. Tillie Coryton, s. of my nephew Jn. Coryton, esq., my whole Duty of Man in Folio the History of England in four volumes my Waller Milton and Ovids Metamorphoses'.
To Mary Ann Coryton, dtr. of nephew Jn. Coryton 'my Flowered Night Gown Almoseen and Spectators in Eight Volumes'.
To Eliz. Coryton another dtr. of nephew Jn. Coryton 'my diamond Earrings my Gold chased Watch and Gold Chain my Pearl necklace my blue Paduasoy Gown and Petticoat trimmed with Silver my White Sarsenet, Quilted Petticoat my Bible with Silver Clasps and Common Prayer Book.
To Jane Coryton, dtr. of nephew Jn. Coryton 'my Girdle Buckle set with diamonds and Rubies and my White damask Gown'.
To the maidservant with her at the time of her death £10.
Residue to nephew Jn. Coryton, esq. (excr.)
Witd. J. Kimber, Jn. Kimber, jun.
(Pr. P.C.C. 15 March 1783).

[no title]  CY/1713  nd

Copy of will of Ann Coryton, Fowey, widow.
To s. the Revd. Peter Coryton, D.D. and dtr. Laetitia Maria Kempe and Anne Kempe (and their husbands) £10 each to buy mourning. Same sum to dtr. Jane Margaret Coryton and sister in law Eliz. Goodall (for mourning). 'Item I Give and Bequeath unto my said Son Peter Coryton my China Turene, with the Dish belonging thereto, Twelve China Soop Plates, Two Pictures, vizt. one of our blessed Saviour, and the other of the Salutation of our blessed Lady Mary the Virgin, and Two Needle - worked Covers for Stools (not made up).
To dtr. Laetitia Maria Kempe my four volumes on the Epistles and Gospels by Stanhope.
To granddtr. Mary Ann Coryton a five-moidore piece of gold as a Keepsake.
To grands. Jn. Tillie Coryton 'my Pocket Book, bound in Turkey Leather, with the Gold Clasp and Gold Pencil belonging thereto, as a Keepsake.'
To granddtrs. Eliz. and Jane Coryton - 4 guineas apiece to buy something as a keepsake.
Residue to s. Jn. Coryton (excr.)
Witd. J. Kimber and Jn. Kimber, jun.
7 June 1782.

[no title]  CY/1714  (Copy 24 April 1790)

Will of Jn. Clarke of Saltash, esq. (Certified copy).
(Recital Marriage Settlement of 25 and 26 June 1779 with wife Eliz. £3000 for portions of child(ren). Deed poll of 17 July 1779 apportioning this sum confirmed).
Lands and advowson of St. Dominic, subject to annuity of £200 to wife for life, to dtr. Eliz. Maria Clarke. Also to latter plate, books and pictures.
To w. Eliz. Clarke use of all household goods except books and pictures as long as she lived in Cornwall or Devon.
Residue to trustees, Edwd. Phelips, jun., Montacute, esq., Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, esq., Francis Rodd, Trebartha Hall, esq. and Jonathan Elford, Plymouth Dock, gent. in trust for dtr. Eliz. Maria Clarke when of age.
Trustees appointed excrs., trust and guardians of testator's dtr.
Witd. Wm. Mallet, Rich. Pearce, Jn. Elworthy.
9 November 1789.

[no title]  CY/1715-1717  1782-1796

Letter from Jos. Greenway to Jn. Coryton of Crocadon, esq.
Mrs. Clarke could have no claim for her thirds 'provided she survived Mr. Clarke as Mrs. Clarke has a settlement ...' etc.
27 April 1782.
Also two accounts of Messrs. Elford and Foot with the representatives of Jn. Clarke, decd. 1794 and 1796 signed by Francis Rodd, Jn. Coryton and Jonathan Elford. 1796 has endorsement that Mrs. E. M. Clarke executed a release to the trustees dated 30 July 1796.

[no title]  CY/1718  (Copy of office copy certified 17 March 1797)

Copy of will of Wm. Trenouth, St. Cleer, yeo.
To father Edwd. Trenouth: rents from Dranes estate in St. Neot for life.
To wife Jane Trenouth: one guinea. A bed 'compleat' and 3 guineas' worth of household furniture.
To dtr. Ann Trenouth: ten guineas when of age
Residue including freehold estate at Dranes (sic) St. Neot to sons Rich., Edwd., Wm., Jn. and Francis and to dtr. Joan, wife of Jn. Hender.
Sons and dtr. (sic) excrs.
Witd. Hen. Snell, Sampson Widger, Jn. Brooking.
27 June 1789.

[no title]  CY/1719  nd

Copy of will and codicil of Jas. Tillie of Pentillie Castle esq., (See also CY/1711).
To wife Mary Tillie real estate for life, then to dtr. Mary Jemima Tillie for life, then to her hrs., in default of issue to sister Mary Fortescue for life, then to her s. Geo. Fortescue and his hrs. male, in default to heir's male of Mary Fortescue, in default of her dtr. Mary for life and her issue, in default to right hrs. of testator. Revocation of any limitations on estate. Hrs. to take surname of Tillie and use the arms of the Tillie family 'and shall repair and keep up in good repair Mount Ararat the repository or sepulchre of my late worthy great uncle Sir Jas. Tillie, Kt. and the monument therein erected to his memory and erect and preserve a monument in the Tillie Aile (sic) in Pillaton Church to the memory of myself and family'.
Wife and dtr. to have power to make leases in possession only for no more than 21 yrs., or leases for years determinable on lives for no more than 99 yrs. on 1, 2 or 3 lives in possession or reversion.
To dtr. Mary Jemima Tillie only leasehold estate called Hornavers or Hornafast adjoining to Pentillie Castle for residue of leasehold term. 'I also give her my Geneva Emboss'd Gold Watch (that I bought in Plymouth when she was inoculated) and my large oriental garnet ring'. £2000 when 21 or at day of her marriage, unless she marries without her mother's permission when the £2000 is to go to his wife Mary Tillie. Annuity of £100 for clothes and pocket money during life of executrix, who is to give thier dtr. board during her minority and be her guardian.
100 guineas each to 2 lawyers acting as trustees of will.
To Mary Fortescue: 50 guineas to buy her mourning.
To Geo. Fortescue: £100.
To Mary Fortescue (jun., dtr. of Mary Fortescue) £100.
Residue of goods and chattels (including ¼ of the Mary Jemima Brigantine; limestone barge of 24 tons called the Pentille Castle; and the 'six Oar'd London Built Shallop' to wife, Mary Tillie, who was sole executrix.
Witd. Nich. Symons, David Horndon, Thos. Horndon, Jn. Peters.
13 February 1767.
Codicil 14 December 1769. Estate purchased since making will at Tynnel and Langore in Landulph added. (Purchased residue of 2 terms of 810 and 806 yrs., i.e. leasehold property). Dtr. not to be subject to proviso of taking name and arms of Tillie.
Witd. Jas. Walker, Jn. Sargant, Stephen Widear.

[no title]  CY/1720  nd

Copy of will of Mary Tillie of Pentille Castle, widow.
Estate: four flds., in Duchy manor of Rillaton in Linkinhorne; Doidge's tenement in Landulph; tenement called Hornafast held under lease of the late Mrs. Joanna Helyar. To uses of late husband's will.
Grandson Jn. Tillie Coryton, esq., required to see to this.
Family pictures and plate at Pentillie Castle to be enjoyed as heirlooms by owners of house under late husband's will except miniatures 'of my late dear husband... (and)... my late dear dtr.'
To grandson Jn. Tillie Coryton, the family repeating watch and gold snuff box and her purse of gold and silver coins and medals
Grand dtr. Mary Ann Rodd, wife of Francis Hearle Rodd, esq. had marriage portion of £2000.
To gddtr. Eliz. Coryton £2000.
To gddtr. Jane Coryton £2000 when 21 or at day of marriage, provided her father consents to the marriage. Interest to be paid in meantime to Jane Coryton at £4% yearly.
Residue of real and personal estate to grandson, Jn. Tillie Coryton (sole executor).
Witd. Saml. Benny, Callington, surgeon; Jn. Herring of Tremoan, Pillaton, yeo.; Nich. Pearce, St. Mellion, scrivener.
7 October 1798.

[no title]  CY/1721  nd

Office copy of will of Jn. Coryton of Crocadon, esq.
To be buried near wife in vault in St. Mellion with monument not exceeding £200 in cost.
£21 each for mourning to bro. the Revd. Dr. Coryton, sisters Mrs. Bloomfield and Mrs. Kempe and mother in law Mrs. Tillie 10 guineas each for mourning to bro. in law Jn. Kempe, esq., to Aunt in Law Mrs. Fortescue and her s. and dtr. Miss Fortescue and the Revd. Geo. Fortescue.
£52-10s. each to buy handsome but not mourning rings in remembrances of testator to Phil. Rashleigh of Menabilly, said bro. Dr. Coryton, son-in-law Francis Hearle Rodd, esq. and Chas. Rashleigh of St. Austell, esq.
To servant Jenifer Gubbins annuity of £20 for life.
To servant Grace Sage annuity of £20 for life.
To all who had been servants for two yrs. one year's wages over their earnings.
To all aprentices living with testator at his decease 10 guineas each.
To Francis Hearle Rodd and Chas. Rashleigh £7000 in trust to pay £3500 to testator's dtr. Eliz. Coryton and the other £3500 to dtr. Jane Coryton when of age or when they married. If they died under age and unmarried money to go to s. Jn. Tillie Coryton.
(Dtr. Mary Ann provided with £3500 as portion on marriage with Francis Hearle Rodd by testator. £3500 therefore to each of his 3 children - this to be in satisfaction of £2000 to children mentioned in testator's marriage settlement.
Residue of estate to s. Jn. Tillie Coryton (excr.)
Witd. F. Gregor, Trewarthenick, esq; Francis Glanville of Catchfrench, esq; Jonathan Elford of Plymouth Dock, Devonport, attorney at law.
3 August 1795.
(Pr. P.C.C. 31 December 1803).

[no title]  CY/1722  15 December 1804

Release of Legacies.
From Francis Hearle Rodd of Croan, esq; Chas Rashleigh of Duporth; St. Austell, esq; Eliz. Coryton and Jane of Pentillie Castle, spinsters (dtrs. of Jn. Coryton of Crocadon, esq. decd.)
(Jn. Coryton died December 1802. Dtrs. of age).
- acquittance of estate for legacies received.
Witd. Nich. Pearce; W. Tallack, clerk to Chas. Rashleigh.

[no title]  CY/1723  nd

Copy of will of Sir Jn. Call of Whiteford, Bt.
Tomb of Cornish granite to be made on top of Hingston Down or Kit Hill adjoining inclosure of the castle built there by testator with epitaph chosen by wife and executors at expense not exceeding £500.
Whole to be enclosed with iron rail and maintained by persons entitled to his Cornish estates.
Plain panel marble slab to be placed near testator's pew in parish church of Stoke Climsland or where his mansion house was when he died with arms cut thereon and inscription chosen by wife and executors. To be maintained as trust.
To sister Sarah Meagher and husband Dr. Wm. Meagher annuity of £100 from estates at Whiteford.
After deaths of S. & W. Meagher, to their dtr. Christiana Anna John annuity of £60.
To friends Jn. Coryton and Jn. Rashleigh, esqs., estate at Whiteford and elsewhere except mansion house in Burlington Street, St. James, Westminister where testator then lived. In trust for use of eldest s. Wm. Pratt Call and hrs. male with remainders to use of second s. Geo. Cotsford Call and hrs. male, and then eldest sons of 4 dtrs. Philadelphia, Louisa, Frances and Catherine Call; and their (the son's) hrs., then to eldest dtr. etc. 2 sons given power to charge estate with jointure not exceeding £800 and to make leases for no more than three lives, or leases not exceeding 21 yrs. in possession but not in reversion. Any s. of testator's daughters inheriting to assume surname, crest and arms of Call by royal licence.
Trustees to have power of sale and acquisition of other estates.
Copyhold and leasehold estates to same uses as freehold.
Trustees if they think fit to sell estate near Albion Mill, Surrey and to use purchase money if necessary for portions of younger children. If so money to be laid out in purchase of freehold lands in Cornwall and Devon as near as may be to testator's existing estates.
House in Burlington Street to be sold or let by trustees at their discretion. To be used for legacies of younger children then laid out in purchase of freehold lands in Cornwall and/or Devon.
Wife to be allowed to live at house in Burlington Street or in mansion house at Whiteford with children for 1 yr. after testator's decease. To wife annuity of £200 for life or until she remarries.
To have jewelry for life or re-marriage, then to eldest s. Wm. Pratt Call. Also to wife coach horses and carriages with harness and wines and liquors in bottles or casks at house in Burlington Street. Use of household furniture, linen and china at Whiteford or Burlington Street.
Plate to s. Wm. Pratt Call when of age.
Children surviving wife and two aunts Lady Young and Mrs. Jn. Rashleigh would be entitled with their cousins (children of Aunt Rashleigh) to equal division of late grandfather Doctor Jn. Batties' personal estate - probably £3000 each. £40,000 to trustees in trust to invest and pay interest on £10,000 to dtr. Philadelphia Call for life or until marriage. If latter took place with consent of trustees £10,000 to be settled by trustees on her and her husband or on her husband if he made her competent jointure. Interest on further £10,000 to dtr. Louisa Call etc. (as for Philadelphia). Interest on £10,000 to dtr. Frances Call etc. (as for Philadelphia). Interest on £10,000 to dtr. Catherine Call.
To 4 dtrs. if they marry with trustees' consent £300 for wedding clothes. To live with wife and pay board before marriage.
To son Geo. Cotsford Call, testator's share in Banking House in Bond Street. Testator wished him to be admitted a partner when of age. If share did not amount to £6000 to be made up to that amount. £4000 part of testator's share in the Stag Brewhouse at Pimlico.
Power in testator's marriage settlement to dispose of £14500 stock among children after wife's death. This stock then in 5% Govt. stock in names of trustees of marriage settlement.
After wife's death £1000 stock to each of testator's dtrs. (to Catherine Call when of age). Likewise £1000 to s. Geo. Cotsford Call when 21.
Residue of 5% stock to eldest s. Wm. Pratt Call, with remainders to Geo. Cotsford Call, and 4 dtrs. if either sons died under age without issue.
To niece Margaret Jones annuity of £30 for life or until marriage.
If marriage with consent of trustees then she to have £700 in lieu
To friends Jn. Rashleigh, Jn. Coryton and Jn. Grant, and Thos. Rashleigh, esqrs. £100 each. Extra £100 to Thomas Rashleigh on whom managements of the trusts will fall.
Joint executors: Jn. Rashleigh, Jn. Coryton, Jn. Grant and Thos. Rashleigh. Also they to be guardians of children under age.
Residue to eldest s. Wm. Pratt Call.
Witd. Jonathan Rashleigh, Hatton Garden, London solcr., Thos. Rashleigh, jun. Lincolns Inn, Thos. Hill, Northumberland St., coal merchant.
27 June 1800.
Codicil. 23 August 1800. To Eliz. Shaw £50 capital in 5% stock
To excrs. Jn. and Thos. Rashleigh £2000 in trust for use of Geo. Isaac Call, s. of testator's late bro. Jas. Call for G. I. Call's maintenance education 'and promoting his Appointment to a Writership in the East India Companys Service and his Equipment and Voyage to such Settlement as he may be appointed by the good offices and interference of Mrs. Mary Raynsford. [...] '
To servant Jn. Mac' Call if living with testator at decease ten guineas and 'one share of Fifty Pounds in the Stock of the Society for establishing fishing Villages and Peopling the Islands of Scotland' 23 August 1800. Witd. Jn. Martin Attry, Callington; Nich. Stephens, butler to Sir Jn. Call, Bt; Jn. Nottle, Whiteford, hind.
With note of epitaph for tombstone on Hingston Down, monument in Church, and verses for (? memorial at Kit Hill)
Tomb on Hingston Hill to be designed by Phil Stowey, esq.
To be buried in Lee Church Yard, London, where his s. Jn. was buried if testator died in London.
Nomination by testator of s. Geo. Cotsford Call under Articles of Co-Partnership of 20 September 1790 of Banking House of Pybus, Call, Corant and Hale. 26 September 1796.
Witd. Chas. Broughton, secretary to Sir Jn. Call, Nich. Stephens servant to Sir Jn. Call.
Directions to wife for tomb. To continue to give Mrs. Saltren 6 guineas a year for life. To continue to support family (wife and 4 children) of testator's late uncle Wm. Mill of Shernick.
Son asked to allow Wm. Bray and wife £10 yearly (wife £5 after death) and £85 or residue to 2 sons in Dock Yard.

[no title]  CY/1724  27 June 1800

Abstract of will of Sir Jn. Call, Bt. decd.

[no title]  CY/1725  1800 (no day given)

Draft agreement for assignment. £300.
(i) Sam. Bray and w. Eliz. of Stratton.
Wm. Wallis Bray of Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell, London, sacking and sail cloth manufacturers.
(ii) Sir Jn. Call, Bt., Whiteford House.
Assignment (i) - (ii) - part of Upton in Stratton 1½a.
Endrsd. (i)'S. Bray is to pay for lifting the fine and Sir Jn. Call is to pay for the conveyance'.
(ii) 'Mr. Bray and his wife and their s. joining in a fine can make an indisputable title'. Thomas Jago, Launceston 3d May 1801'.

[no title]  CY/1726-1727  1800 and 1801

Other letters relating to Sir J. Call's estate.
Wrey J'Ans to H. Mallett; Sir Wm. Call to Sam. Bray of Stratton

[no title]  CY/1728  29 July 1801

Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (i) and (ii).
(i) Rt. Hon. Matthew Lord Aylmer of Ireland.
(ii) Louisa Call, Old Burlington Street, Middlesex, spinster, one of dtrs. of Sir Jn. Call, Whiteford, Bt. decd.
(iii) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
Jn. Rashleigh, Penquite, esq.
(iv) Rt. Hon. Thoms. Onslow, called Viscount Cranley. Wm. Williams of Lincolns Inn Fields, [...] Mddsx., Esq., barrister at law.
(Recital of Sir Jn. Call's will of money (£40,000) settled on his dtrs.)
(iii) to invest £10,000 in stocks in names of (iv), in trust for Louisa Call and any child(ren) of marriage.
Witd. Jonathan Rashleigh, Hatton Garden, solcr.: Thos. Rashleigh, jun., student of Lincolns Inn; G. C. Call of Old Burlington Street; Benjn. Pointer, Crown Office in Chancery;
Jn. Colman Rashleigh, Lincoln's Inn, barrister; Nich. Pearce of Crocadon.

[no title]  CY/1729  nd

Not used.

[no title]  CY/1730/1-5  nd

Copies of minutes of meetings of executors of Sir Jn. Call Bt. decd. (5) 1801 (18 March - 19 May).

[no title]  CY/1731/1-13  1791-1802

Various accounts of trustees of will of Sir Jn. Call.
Between trustees and Wrey J'Ans (3) 1800-1801.
Cash a/c for postages etc. 1801.
Sketch of a/c between Sir Wm. Call and Col. Wrey J'Ans 1791-1802.
A/c of Wm. Bant for money raised on the Stag Brewhouse.
A/c for inventory of furniture, plate and china etc. at Whiteford 1801.
Statement of residuary trust income for 1801.
A/c of 3% Consols to pay legacies to the three Miss Calls 1802.
Settlement of debt with trustee (J. Coryton) 1802.
Note of money paid and documents delivered from Sir J. Coryton to Sir W. Call 1802.
Postage a/c 1802-2.

[no title]  CY/1732  n.d

Proposals for settlement on marriage of Lt. Col. Hen. Mc Kinnon of the Coldstream Regiment of Foot with Miss Catherine Call.
Miss C. Call: £10,000 legacy from father; £1000 after her mother's decease, share of personal estate of late grandfather, Dr. Battie.
Legacy to be vested in trustees on trusts.
Col. Mc Kinnon to transfer £6000 3% stock to same trustees etc.
(Water mark 1801).

[no title]  CY/1733/1-41  1801-3

41 documents

Packet of letters to Jn. Coryton at Crocadon about Sir J. Call from H. Mallett, Col. Wrey J'Ans, W. R. Call 1801 and undated (7).
Plus a bundle of letters about same to Jn. Coryton at Crocadon from J. Rashleigh, Rich. E. N. Lee, H. Mallett, Wrey J'Ans, Thos. Rashleigh, L. Aylinn, Pybus Grant & Co., Sir Wm. Pratt Call, Bt.

[no title]  CY/1734  nd

Abstract of Marriage Settlement of Ben. Bathurst, esq. and Miss Philadelphia Call.
P. Call possess of £17,627-19-9 in name of Jn. Coryton who transferred same to Sir Wm. Pratt Call, Bt., Jas. Bathurst and Geo. Cotford Call esqrs. who held in trust for P. Call for life. If she died before Mr. Bathurst moiety of stock to children of marriage as appointed by Mr. B. and/or Miss Call. Other moiety to appmt. of P. Call in default of which to her next of kin.
Original dated 24 May 1805.

[no title]  CY/1735  nd

Abstract of Marriage Settlement. Marriage of (i) and (ii)
(i) Chas. Cunningham, Lt. in East India Company, one of sons of Sir Wm. Cunningham of Robertland, Ayr, Scotland, Bt.
(ii) Frances Call of Baker Street, Portman Square Mddsx., spinster, one of dtrs. of Sir Jn. Call, decd.
(iii) Jn. Tillie Coryton of Crocadon, esq. sole excr. of will of his father, Jn. Coryton, esq. decd., who was surviving trustee of Sir Jn. Call's will.
(iv) Sir Wm. Pratt Call of Whiteford, Bt., bro. of (ii).
Daniel Mc Kinnon Binfield, Berks., esq.
Jas. Cunningham, Nottingham Place, Mddsx., Major in E. India Company.
- (ii)'s fortune: legacy of £10,000 from her father, reversionary property from will of her grandfather, Dr. Battie and marr. settlement of her mother Lady Call transferred to (iv) on trusts.
(i) agreed to assign a legacy of £2500 to (iv).
Original dated 7 June 1806.

[no title]  CY/1736-1737  1801-3; 1802-3

2 documents

Trustees account books: will of Sir Jn. Call.
Trustees under the will: Jn. Rashleigh and Jn. Coryton, esqrs. (CY/1736). Jn. Rashleigh, Jn. Coryton, Jn. Grant and Thos. Rashleigh, esqrs. executors of the will of Sir. Jn. Call, Bt. decd. and guardians of his s. Geo. Cotsford Call, esq. (CY/1737).

[no title]  CY/1738  7 March 1802

Statement of property of Sir Jn. Call, decd. with observations. For Jn. Coryton, esq.

[no title]  CY/1739  15 June 1801

Case and opinion relating to memo. of Articles for formation of new partnership in the Stag Brewhouse. Pimlico, Westminster.
Sir Jn. Call held a moiety worth £189,630-13-2. This Jn. Grant, esq. agreed to purchase. (Other partner was Jn. Elliott). (22 July 1800).
Opinion that Geo. Cotsford Call was entitled only to £4000 share in the brewery etc.

[no title]  CY/1740  1804

Case and opinion relating to will of Sir Jn. Call, Bt.

[no title]  CY/1741/1-8  1802-1823

Declaration of trusts. £222-5-8 to (ii).
(i) Francis Sambell, Landulph, yeo. and wife Eliz. (widow and admnx. of Geo. Warren, Morval, yeo. decd. and mother of infant children of Geo. Warren).
(ii) Jn. Coryton, of Crocadon, esq.
(Recital Geo. Warren died September 1793 intestate having wife Eliz. (see above (i) ) and four children, Eliz., Geo., Francis and Rich. Warren infants). Eliz. Warren, widow, married Francis Sambell 19 March 1795. Letters of administration of goods of Geo. Warren then procured by (i). Personal estate of Geo. Warren decd. valued at request of (i) and Francis Olver of Morval, yeo. (father of Eliz. Sambell) - estate amounted to £355, i.e. £88-15s. for each child. F. Sambell bound to F. Olver for payment of this. Later action brought by F. Olver against F. Sambell for payment of money to Warren children. Arbitration award between parties made by Francis Glanville of Catchfrench, esq. 7 June 1802: F. Olver and F. Sambell to be paid £8 yearly for maintenance of each of 4 Warren children. Monies for children (£55-11s-5d. to be vested in hands of (ii).
Declaration of trust.
Witd. N. Pearce.
24 June 1802.
Endsd. with notes of payments of interest by J. T. Coryton 1808-18.
With other papers including copy of arbitration award of 7 June 1802 and account of Jn. Tillie Coryton with guardians of Warren children (Francis and Elizabeth Sambell). 1802-1823, with 6 other receipts etc.

[no title]  CY/1742  nd, 1805

Account of estate of the late Captain A. Leveson Gower in account with B. General Leveson Gower as administrator sent to J. T. Coryton of Crocadon. Postmarked Ipswich n.d. (watermark 1803), with covering letter from J. Leveson Gower (dated Ipswich 5 May 1805) who was administrator of bro. Augustus and sister Mary.

[no title]  CY/1743  7 October 1798

Probate of will of Mary Tillie, Pentillie Castle, widow.
Leasehold estates at Rillaton in Linkinhorne, Doidge's tenement, Landulph, tenement called Hornaford under lease of the late Mrs. Joanna Helyar.
To go to person entitled to freehold inheritance of husband's estates (see Jn. Tillie's will of 1771. Grandson Jn. Tillie Coryton esq. requested to see to this. Family pictures and plate at Pentillie Castle to be used as heirlooms by persons entitled to the house (2 miniature pictures 'of my late dear husband... and daughter excluded').
To grandson Jn. Tillie Coryton: the family repeating watch and gold snuff box and 'my Purse of Gold and Silver Coins and Medals'.
To granddtr. M. Ann Rodd, wife of Francis Hearle Rodd, esq. given £2000 by testator in marriage settlement.
To gdtr. Eliz. Coryton £2000.
To gdtr. Jane Coryton £2000 when of age or marriage with consent of her father.
These charged on estates.
Residue to grandson Jn. Tillie Coryton (excr.)
Witd. Sam. Benny, surgeon, Callington; Jn. Harring, Tremoan in Pillaton, yeo.; Nich. Pearce, St. Mellion, scrivener.
(Pr. P.C.C. 20 April 1809).

[no title]  CY/1744  1809-1812

Account of Wm. Foot to J. T. Coryton, esq. in respect of death of Mrs. Tillie.

[no title]  CY/1745/1-3  nd

Abstract of will and codicils of the late Sir Vyell Vyvyan of Trelowarren, Bt.
To Friend Jn. Tillie Coryton, esq. £1000 on trust to pay interest to testator's sister Harriet Walter Luke, wife of Stephen Luke, Dr. of Physic, for her sole use for life, then on trust for the children of testator's sister in equal shares.
To bro-in-law Stephen Luke, £100.
To Miss Susan Satterthwaite £250.
To Miss Mary Satterthwaite and Miss Margaret Satterwaite £50 each.
To Mrs. Harriet Vyvyan £100.
To friends Edwd. Gray, esq., J. T. Coryton, Jn. Hearle Tremayne, esq., Jn. Hext, esq.
Jn. Rogers, jun., clerk £10 each to buy a ring. Like sum of £10, to Jn. Borlase, Chas. Scott, and H. M. Grylls, gent.
To old servants Jn. Smith, Jas. Lander and Wm. Holesgrove a yrs. wages each over and beyond what was due to them.
To servant Avis Tregunno 5 guineas.
Each servant who had lived in his service five yrs. including Avis Tregunno a year's wages.
To Mrs. Joanna Downe annuity of £28.
To Mrs. Goods annuity of £5.
To eldest s. alive at time of testator's decease - household goods, furniture, plate, books, linen, wine and spirits in mansion house at Trelowarren. Live and dead stock on barton and farms of Trelowarren, Halliggy and Chibilly. Striking gold watch, gold chain and seals, gold snuff box given him by the late Lord Falmouth. Family pearl necklace to possessor of Trelowarren as an heir loom.
To next s. in succession gold watch usually warn by testator.
To eldest dtr. all trinkets, jewels and paraphernalia which were property of testator's late wife.
To trustees J. T. Coryton, Jn. Hearle Tremayne, Jn. Rogers, jun. money, stocks, estate (excluding life estate of Mrs. Hannah Rawlinson) on trust for benefit of children of testator, with remainders to his eldest s. and children of sister Harriet Walter Luke.
Freehold lands to Jn. Hext to use of trustees (above) in trust for use of eldest s. R. R. Vyvyan with redrs. to 2nd., 3rd, 4th sons, and person(s) entitled to lands which belonged to Sir Rich. Vyvyan Trelowarren, Bt. decd.
Trustees not to sell tenements of Trecoose and Carvallack which were to go to possessor of Trelowarren. Rest of estates to them for 1000 yrs. term to raise £25000 by sale and mortgage of manors for benefit of 5 younger children, with redrs. to eldest s.
Trustees to be guardians of sons, 2 dtrs. to be guardianship of Hannah Rawlinson, Mary Satterthwaite, Susan Satterthwaite, Margaret Satterthwaite.
To Hannah Rawlinson annuity of £75 chargeable on Trecoose and Carvallack.
Residue to trustees (excrs.)
9 February 1815.
Codicil 10 April 1817.
All household goods at Trelowarren etc. to elder s. free from testator's debts and legacies.
Codicil 2 April 1819. Live and dead stock - whether eldest s. of age or a minor - to be used for fund for debts and legacies. Parsonage house about to be erected on glebe of the parish of Withiel. If he died before completion trustees to raise £1500 above £205 received from representatives of the late incumbent in lieu of dilapidations. Bequest to servant Wm. Holesgrove revoked.
Inside: paper showing personal property of the late Sir Vyell Vyvyan, Bt. another paper showing money etc. left by Sir V. V. available towards payment of debts.

[no title]  CY/1746  4 May 1833

Release from trusts.
(i) Vyell Francis Vyvyan of Withiel, clerk.
Thos. Hutton Vyvyan, Penzance, clerk
Edwd. Walt. Vyvyan, Penzance, esq.
Chris. Wallis Popham, Trevarno, esq. and Harriet
Eliz. his wife (nee Harriet Eliz. Vyvyan).
(ii) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Jn. Hearle Tremayne, Jn. Rogers, trustees.
- children (i) of late Sir Vyell Vyvyan of age. (ii) have carried out trust (eldest s. Sir R. R. Vyvyan Bt. hr. expectant).
Witd. Jn. Vivian; Jonathan Passingham, jun., Thos. Quentrall.

[no title]  CY/1747  29 September 1804

Bond in £570 from John Tillie Coryton of Crocadon, esq., to Jenefer Gubbin, Pillaton, spinster for repayment of £285.
Witd. Nich. Pearce.

[no title]  CY/1748  nd

Copy of Probate of will of Jenefer Gubbin, Pentillie Castle, Pillaton, spinster.
Six bearers for her burial each to have a pair of white kid gloves and a silk hat band.
To Miss Eliz. Coryton of Pentillie Castle, £50
To Miss Jane Coryton of Pentillie Castle, £50 and 6 silver tea spoons and silver sugar tongs.
To brother Digory Gubbin £20. If he died before receiving legacy to go to his dtr. Mary Gubbin.
To brother John Gubbin £10.
To sister Ann Redford, £10.
To sister Mary Autridge, 2 guineas.
To sister Sarah Penter, 2 guineas.
To sister Eliz. Cornelius and niece Mary Gubbin dtr. of Digory Gubbin clothes and wearing apparel.
To Eliz. and Jane Coryton, her clothes.
Residue to Eliz. Coryton on trust to invest for maintenance of sister Elizabeth Cornelius (not to be liable to E. Cornelius' husband's debts etc.)
If E. Cornelius died before her husband residue to testator's nephew Rich. Penter.
Witd. Jas. Wider, Nich. Pearce.
24 December 1806.
(Pr. Archdeaconry Court of Cornwall 28 November 1816).

[no title]  CY/1749  24 December 1806

Copy of the will of Jenefer Gubbin.

[no title]  CY/1750  nd

List of legacies in Jenefer Gubbin's will.

[no title]  CY/1751  nd

Inventory of goods of Jenefer Gubbins, decd.

[no title]  CY/1752  16 November 1818

(Recital of J. Gubbin's will. E. Cornelius died before her husband, residue of estate, therefore, went to Rich. Paynter).
From Rich. Paynter of Tresmeer, yeo. to Eliz. Coryton, executor of J. Gubbins.
Witd. Nich. H. Penrose.

[no title]  CY/1753  1816 and 1822

Executor's account of effects J. Gubbins decd.

[no title]  CY/1754  1816-22

'Account of the effects of Jenifer Gubbins, spinster decd'.

[no title]  CY/1755  6 January 1825

Letter from the Solicitor for legacy duties asking Eliz. Coryton to render account for legacy duty on will of Jenefer Gubbins.

[no title]  CY/1756  11 May 1816

Probate of will of the Revd. Peter Coryton, D.D. decd.
Rector of parishes of Chelsfield and Farnborough, Kent, formerly Fellow of All Souls, Oxford.
To nephew Jn. Tillie Coryton of Pentillie Castle, esq. £10,000 3% Consols.
To two dtrs. of late sister Jane Margaret Bloomfield £2000 each 3% Consols.
To the s. of same sister £1000 like annuities when of age.
To Mrs. Cragoe, dtr. of late sister Mrs. Kemp £2000 3% Consols for her own use.
To butler Peter Bonython if living with him at his decease annual sum of £26 4s. (= land tax charged on parsonages glebe lands and tithes of Chelsfield and Farnborough which testator had redeemed) £5000 3% Consols above wages due. Wearing appearel, gold watch, gold chain, gold Cornelian ring and sleeve buttons, gold breast buckle and shoe and knee buckles.
To housekeeper (if living with him at time of his decease) Eliz. Bradshaw £50.
To Wm. Peter Bonython s. of Peter Bonython £100 and a suit of mourning and for a keepsake metal watch with gold chain.
To Francis Hearle Rodd of Trebartha Hall, esq. and his wife £10 each for a mourning ring.
To Mr. Jn. Fuller of Chelsfield and his dtr. Mary £5 each for a ring. Also to Mary Fuller all the plants in his greenhouse.
To Rich. Day employed by testator as a labourer £20 and a suit of mourning 'as a reward for his integrity'.
£5 and suit of mourning to each of domestic servants in his service in addition to wages due.
Residue to nephew Jn. Tillie Coryton (executor).
Witd. Thos. Walker, Dartford; Jn. Hills; Wm. Hills, Chelsfield.
(Pr. P.C.C. 3 April 1817).

[no title]  CY/1757-1758  17 January 1832

Bond of indemnity and counterpart.
(i) Eliz. Maria Bluett, Holcome Rogus, Devon, widow, then Jersey.
Her children:- (a) Edwd. Jn. Jas. Clarke Bluett, Jersey, esq.
(b) Jane Blewitt, widow of admnx. of Wm. Hen. Clarke Bluett, formerly Lt. 45th Bengal Native Infantry (son of Eliz. Maria Bluett)
(c) Francis Robt. Peter Clarke Bluett, Magdalen Hall, Oxford, esq.
(d) Rich. Blundell Nesbitt, Alderney, esq. and wife Anna Maria Eliz. Clarke Nesbitt (née Bluett, dtr. of E. M. Bluett)
(e) Lauretia Maude Bluett, Jersey, spinster.
(f) Jas. Primrose Blennerhassett, Calstock, esq. and wife Christiana (née Bluett, dtr. of E. M. Bluett).
(g) Amelia Bluett, Jersey, spinster.
(h) Peter Frederick Bluett, Jersey, esq.
(i) Jas. Edwd. Bluett, Jersey, esq.
(ii) Jn. Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
(i) bond to (ii) in £18,925.
(2 Trustees of Eliz. Maria Bluett's marriage settlement (1802) with consent of (a) to (i) contracted with (ii) for sale of lands in deed of same date for £9,462. Title to lands objected to by (ii) might be disputed by children of (b): Wm. Hen. Peter Gordon Bluett (3) June Eliz. Lauretia Bluett (6); and children of (d): Francis Catherine Nesbitt (5) and Maria Helen Nesbitt (2); and children of (f): Fitzgerald Blennerhassett (5), Christiana Blennerhassett (2), De Courcy Blennerhassett (1 - unbaptised) ).
Condition: Children of (b) (d) and (f) to ratify conveyance (see recital) before they came of age.
Witd. Jn. J. Drake, 10 Essex Street, Strand; Rich. Wm. Cole, principal officer H.M. Customs Alderney; Philip Le Caux, St. Aubins, Jersey, merchant.

[no title]  CY/1759  3 August 1843

Probate of will of Jn. Tillie Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
To four dtrs. Jemima, Mary Ann, Charlotte and Eliz. in equal shares as long as they shall live and remain unmarried annuity of £300 charged on estates in Landulph and St. Mellion.
To sister Jane Coryton annuity of £100.
To Ann Wills 'for many years nursery maid in my family' annuuity of £25 and £10 annuity to her husband Jn. Wills.
To sons Hen., Granville and Geo. Edwd. £200 each.
To gamekeeper Oakley Brighton and - Widger ('my gardener') if in service at his decease £25 each.
To servants who had served for 10 yrs. or more £10 each above wages due.
Estate in Landulph and St. Mellion, Pentillie Castle Pillaton, Quethiock, St. Mellion, St. Dominic, Landulph, Kea, St. Ive, Linkinhorne, Callington, Liskeard, St. Veep, St. Neot, St. Pinnock, Gorran, Colebrooke in Devon, to trustees Geo. Hen. Somerset, clerk and Arthur Somerset, esq. in trust for eldest s. Augustus Coryton and portions of £6000 for younger children by late wife.
To unmarried dtrs. £1000 for purchasing, plate, furniture etc. mortgaged lands and personal estate to Augustus Coryton (executor).
Witd. Edwd. Chapman, clerk to Mr. Glubb, solcr., Liskeard, Peter Glubb.
(Pr. P.C.C. 3 January 1844).

[no title]  CY/1760  nd

Extract from CY/1759.

[no title]  CY/1761  7 December 1867

(i) Geo. Hen. Somerset, St. Mabyn, clerk.
Arth. Edwd. Somerset, barrister.
(ii) Jemima Coryton, Pentillie Castle, spinster.
Mary Ann Coryton, Pentillie Castle, spinster.
Hen. Coryton, Commander R.N.
Graville Coryton, rector of St. Mellion, clerk.
Geo. Edwd. Coryton, Liss Place, Hants, esq.
Charlotte Coryton and Eliz. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, spinsters
(Younger children of Jn. Tillie Coryton).
(All of age. Portions of £6000 to each of them paid).
Witd. Peter Glubb, Edwd. Loraine, B. Snell, Thos. Olver.
5 November 1847.
Endsd. with three memoranda of conveyances (from Augustus Coryton) (1) Trevarrick in Gorran to Jn. Michael Williams, esq. 1867. (2) 29 November 1867 Trevisson on Lower Trevisson and Varcoes tenement (probably Trevesson in Gorran) to Thos. Graham Graham of Worthing, Sussex, esq. (3) Trevollard in St. Veep to Edwd. Robt. Pearce.

[no title]  CY/1762/1-20; 1763/1-8  1844

2 bundles of legacy and annuity receipts relating to will of J. T. Coryton.

[no title]  CY/1764/1-8  1876-7

Inland revenue annuity receipts under will of J. T. Coryton (1844) for Charlotte, Eliz. and Jemima Coryton (6) 1843-4. With lawyer's receipt to a Miss Coryton for 7 annuity receipts (Inland Revenue) and bill of costs.

[no title]  CY/1765/1-7  1848-1849

Probate of Mary Anne Coryton of Pentillie Castle, spinster.
Bond of 5 November 1847 from bro. Augustus Coryton of Pentillie Castle, esq., to her for £5000 for payment of £2782-13-4 bequeathed to sister Jemima Coryton in trust for £2000 to be paid to bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton, £782-13-4 for herself.
Also to sister Jemima Coryton ten shares in the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company share and interest in £1088-16-2 £3¼% annuities equally between sisters Jemima, Charlotte and Eliz. as tenants in common
Residue to Jemima (excx.), Geo. Edwd. Charlotte and Eliz. Coryton
Witd. Wm. Rendell, Callington, surgeon; Ann Wells, Stockadon.
28 April 1848
With four papers relating to legacy duties etc. 1849.
Proved P.C.C. 1 June 1848.

[no title]  CY/1766  16 December 1852

Probate of will of Jemima Coryton of Shaldon, Devon.
To sister Charlotte Coryton £1000 stock in £3.5s% annuities.
To sister Eliz. Coryton £1000 stock in £3.5s% annuities.
Stock in Dutch 2½%s to bro. Granville Coryton for life, then widow (if any) and his family (if any), in default of which to bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton.
To bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton £782-13-4 part of £2782-13-4 £3.5s% annuities secured by bond of testator's bro. Augustus Coryton of 5 November 1847 and 'nineteen shares now belonging to me in the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company'.
To bro. Augustus Coryton £100 for buying a picture for the library
To two sisters, plate, jewels, furniture etc.
Residue to bro. Hen. Coryton.
Joint excrs. bro. Hen. and sister Charlotte.
Witd. Sydney Pearson, solcr., Dawlish, Devon; Jn. Mason.
(Pr. 2 February 1853).
Test. died 9 January 1853.

[no title]  CY/1767/1-10  1853-1881

10 documents

File of letters relating to duty on Jemima Coryton's will 1878.
Legacy receipt, stamps and taxes, residuary a/c (8) 1853.
Receipted account 1881.

[no title]  CY/1768  28 June 1782

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) & (ii).
(i) Benjamin Bloomfield of First Regiment of Royals then stationed at Glouncester, esq.
(ii) Jane Margaret Coryton, Crocadon, spinster.
(iii) Jn. Coryton, Crocadon, esq.
( (ii) entitled to £2000 on bond of Charles Rashleigh, St. Austell, gent. (i) prepared to accept this as a marriage portion (i) had no lands for jointure for (ii) ).
(ii) - (iii) assignment of bond for payment £2000 on trusts for (i) and (ii) and their child(ren).
Witd. L. M. Kempe, Nich. Symons.

[no title]  CY/1769/1-3  1818-1832

Stamp Office papers.
Receipt by Mary Ann Bloomfield for legacy from her father Ben. Bloomfield, Fowey, gent. died 24 October 1816. (Executor Jn. Tillie Coryton, of Crocadon, esq.) 26 November 1818.
Account of personal estate of Ben Bloomfield, Fowey, gent. d. 24 October 1816. 1818.
Account of personal estate of Ben. Bloomfield, Penzance d. 12 March 1830, exhibited by admnx. Eliz. Bloomfield, 1832.

[no title]  CY/1770  P.C.C. 18 December 1832

Letters of administration,
Of goods of Ben. Bloomfield, Penzance, bachelor. (Died intestate 12 March 1830).
To his sister Eliz. Bloomfield.

[no title]  CY/1771  1834

Lawyer's account (Glubb & Lyne),
For administration of effects of Ben. Bloomfield paid 4 June 1834.

[no title]  CY/1772  P.C.C. 6 July 1840

Letters of administration
Of goods of Mary Ann Bloomfield, Penzance, spinster.
To sister Eliz. Bloomfield.
Intestate died 12 May 1840.

[no title]  CY/1773  8 March 1854

Probate of will of Eliz. Bloomfield of Dawlish, spinster.
To three cousins: Jane Coryton, Cliff Cottage, Dawlish; Ann Coryton, wife of Matthew Garland Cregoe, Trewithen Cornwall, esq; Eliz. Mary wife of Wm. Courtenay of Walreddon House, near Tavistock, esq. £600 each.
To Wm. Coryton Kempe, Polsue House, Tregony, s. of Chas. Trevanion Kempe, decd. £500.
To W. H. Bloomfield Kempe, s. of Captain Wm. Peter Kempe £300.
To Anna Eliz. Ball, widow, then at Castleton, Sherborne, Dorset £600.
To Eliz. Frederick Coombs, wife of Fred. Coombs, Penzance, blacksmith, then at Islip, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, U.S.A. annuity of £8.
Residue equally to 6 children of late cousin Jn. Tillie Coryton: Charlotte, Eliz., Augustus, Hen. Granville and Geo. Edwd.
Excrs. Augustus and Granville Coryton.
Witd. Sydney Pearson, solcr., Dawlish; Eliza Williams, Dawlish.
(Pr. District Probate Registry, Exeter, 10 January 1862).

[no title]  CY/1774/1-2  1861-76

Executors account and account book: will of Miss Eliz. Bloomfield.

[no title]  CY/1775/1-12  1862

5 legacy receipts,
1 annuity receipt,
and 1 residuary account relating to the will of Eliz. Bloomfield, spinster.
With letters included.

[no title]  CY/1776  2 December 1872

Letter from F. S. Coombes, Manorolle Station, Long Island, York State, North America to Mr. Coryton asking for continuation of annuity if his wife predeceased him.

[no title]  CY/1777  15 July 1885

Probate of will of Augustus Coryton, Pentillie Castle, esq.
Household servants not to be put into mourning but each to have £5 free of duty.
Nephew, s. of bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton, Wm. Coryton appointed sole executor and trustee.
To bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton and to sister Charlotte Coryton £100 each to purchase something in remembrance of testator.
To Benjamin Snell £100 to purchass something 'as a small remembrance of my great regard for him'.
To nephew Fred. Coryton, s. of bro. Geo. Edwd. Coryton £1000.
Freehold estate of inheritance to use of nephew Wm. Coryton for life and hrs. male with redr. to nephew Fred. Coryton and hrs. male according to appmt. by will of nephew Wm. Coryton.
No ornamental timber to be felled at mansion house of Pentillie or in the park or approaches.
Tenants for life could provide for surviving wife to the amount of £1500.
Leasehold premises also to nephew Wm. Coryton on same trusts.
Household goods, plate, linen, china, glass, books, prints, statues as heirlooms to nephew Wm. Coryton.
Witd. Edwd. Philp. Callington, gent; Albert C. L. Glubb, Liskeard, solcr.
Codicil. Marriage arranged between nephew Wm. Coryton and Miss Evelyn Anne Parker, dtr. of Admiral Geo. Parker, Delamore, Devon. Testator agreed to charge estate with £12000 for jointure. Power to give rent charge to tenant for life's wife up to £1500 in will revoked if this marriage took place.
To nephew Fred. Coryton various bonds (listed).
Witd. Alfred W. Mullen, accountant, 8 Palmerston Street, Stoke, Devonport. Albert C. L. Glubb, Liskeard, solcr.
Codicil: Power jointure in will (for tenant for life) reduced from £1500 to £750. 1 February 1887 (witd. as first codicil).
Codicil: Bonds bequeathed to nephew Fred. as substitute for bonds paid off. Legacy to nephew Fred. of £1000 revoked (bonds of first and this codicil a substitute) 22 Aug. 1888.
Witd. Jas. Edwards, Pentillie Castle, butler, A. C. L. Glubb, Liskeard, solicitor.
Codicil various bonds substituted for previous ones left to nephew Fred. Coryton. 28 August 1889.
Witd. B. Snell, Wayton, Landulph, Land Agent; A. C. L. Glubb.
Codicil: legacies excepted from any family debts.
19 July 1891.
Witd. J. L. Stenkhouse, Vicar of Berkeley, Glos; A. C. L. Glubb.
Proved (District Probate Registry Bodmin). 17 December 1891.

[no title]  CY/1778/1-3  nd

Copy of will of Augustus Coryton of 1885.
Two copies of probate of will of the same with codicils 1891.

[no title]  CY/1779/1-8  1891-7

7 documents

Forms for probate of will of Augustus Coryton 1891 (excr. Wm. Coryton, Highlands, near Ivybridge, Devon, esq.); acct. of personal estate 1891; executor's acct. 1892; estate duty form 1892; two letters 1892; form for succession duty 1897.

[no title]  CY/1780  1903

Copy of Pentillie Estate Act of 1903 (11 August).
Enabling Wm. Coryton to spend £20,000 and upwards on renovations and repairs to Pentillie and Colebrooke estates.
(Schedule of Pentillie estate).
Endorsed in MS. 'The sum of £20,000 charged on the Estate was paid on 30th Jany. 1920 see receipt endorsed on Appointment of New Trustees dated 31st October 1910'.

[no title or date]  CY/1781

Account for estate duty (Inland Revenue) on death of Harriet Sophia Dowager Lady Morley by Wm. Coryton 1897.

[no title]  CY/1782  18 September 1890

Probate of will of Charlotte Coryton, Pentillie Castle, spinster Nephew Wm. Coryton of Pentillie Castle to be sole executor.
To personal servant Anne Fey annuity of £25 for life payable out of legacy of £7000 to nephew Fred. Coryton, The Manor House, Greatham, Hants.
To Fred. Coryton £7000 (subject to annuity).
To great nephew Leonard Coryton Lister £300.
To great nephew Henry Coryton Lister £300.
To great niece Katherine Denison, wife of the Hon. Harold Denison £300.
To great niece Theresa Farquhar, wife of Ernest Farquhar £300.
To great niece Constance Hartmann, wife of Ernest Hartmann, £100 to buy a keepsake.
Residue to excr. Wm. Coryton.
Witd. Chas. Jas. Brooks, Pentillie Estate Agent, Plymouth; Chas. Jenkins, Pentillie Castle, butler.
(Proved Principal Probate Registry 16 October 1899).
(In envelope addressed to C. J. Brooks, Esq., Pentillie Estate Office, 3 Sussex Street, Plymouth).

[no title]  CY/1783-1790  1903 - 1923

Bundle comprising Pentillie Estate Act 1903; copy Marriage Settlement of Wm. Coryton and Miss E. A. Parker 1887
Estate duty papers relating to Wm. Coryton (died 27 August 1919, aged 71) including list of property of Wm. Coryton. Typed file of correspondence with Estate Duty Office. (Rooker Matthews & Co.) 1920-1923; file of copies of correspondence between Rooker Matthews & Co. of Plymouth and Captain J. T. Coryton about Wm. Coryton's estate 1922-3; copy of correspondence between Rooker Matthews & Co. of Plymouth, solcrs. and District Valuer about Wm. Coryton's estate 1922 etc.

[no title]  CY/1791/1-12  1847-1893

Miscellaneous papers concerned with probate (cheques, receipts, releases, letters etc.).

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