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Cornish Deeds and Settlements

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Reference BRA1901
Covering dates 1653-1932
Held by Cornwall Record Office
Extent 40 files
Source of acquisition Deposited by the British Records Association No known provenance.

Deeds, leases and marriage settlements relating to properties in Polceath, Penzance and Devon

QUEEN'S HOTEL, PENZANCE  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  BRA1901/1  24 December 1878

Lease for 21 years. Yearly rent £630.
(i) Henry Blackwell, Penzance, hotel proprietor.
(ii) Alexander Hansand Hora, Wallace Villa, Crouch End, Hornsey, Middlesex, gent.
- - Queen's Hotel, Esplanade, Penzance with stables etc. in Daniel Street, Penzance, occ. (i) (Outside to be painted every 3 yrs., inside every 7 years)
Witd. Wm. Trythall, solicitor, Penzance.

[no title]  BRA1901/2  24 January 1879

Underlease. Yearly rent £36.
(i) H. Blackwell.
(ii) A. H. Hora.
(Leased to (i) from John Jope Rogers of Penrose, esq. for 14 yrs. from 25 Dec. 1877 by lease of 3 October 1876. 3 flds. in Leskinnick, (3a. 27p.), Penzance).
- - gardens (as above) in Leskinnick.
Witd. Wm. Trythall, solcr., Penzance.
With permission of J. J. Rogers to (i) to under lease 15 January 1879, witd. Gerard S. Rogers, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

[no title]  BRA1901/3  26 May 1892

License of
Walter Blackwell, Helston, hotel keeper and two other executors of Henry Blackwell decd. at request of Mary Ann Hora, Queens Hotel, Penzance, widow to assign to Emily Agnes Sherer manageress of the Queen's Hotel, the Queen's Hotel for remainder of term of 21 years.

[no title]  BRA1901/4  7 June 1892

Assignment of lease £3500.
(i) Mrs. M. A. Hora, Stella House, Madron
(ii) Miss E. A. Sherer, Queen's Hotel, Penzance
(Rec. A. H. Hora's will 4 July 1889. He died 2 December 1891. H. Blackwell died 16 August 1884 (will 21 July 1884).
- Queen's Hotel and the goodwill of the business.
Witd. Geo. Bodilly, solcr., Penzance.

[no title]  BRA1901/5  8 June 1892

Mortgage £3500.
(i) Miss E. A. Sherer.
(ii) Mrs. M. A. Hora & Miss Emma Terry of Stella House, Madron.
- - Queen's Hotel, goodwill and licences.
Witd. George L. Bodilly, solcr., Penzance.
Attached: Surrender by Mrs. E. A. Permewan (= (i)) wife of William Lawrie Permewan of leasehold interest in premises to (ii).
Witd. Geo. L. Bodilly and Fredk. Pellew his clerk.

Marriage Settlements.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  BRA1901/6  13 September 1800

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (ii) and (iv) £2000 (iii) - (ii).
(i) William Stackhouse, Trehane, esq. and wife Mary
(ii) Their eldest son, The Revd. Wm. Stackhouse of Trehane, clerk.
(iii) Wm. Smith, Clay Hill, Beckenham, Kent, esq. and Sarah his wife.
(iv) Sarah Smith eldest dtr. of (iii).
(v) Chas. Rashleigh, St. Austell, esq.
John Stackhouse jun., Carey Street, St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, gent.
(vi) Culling Smith jun., Harley Street, St. Marylebone, Middlesex, esq.
The Revd. Sumner Smith of Cobdock, Suffolk, clerk.
(Rec. of L. & R. of 19 and 20 Oct. 1795 (a) Wm. Stackhouse sen., Wm. Stackhouse (jun.) (b) Francis Fairbank, gent. (c) Edwd. Coode jun. gent. Also Common Recovery following (a) Vouchees - properties (below) (subject to rentcharge of £300 of 30 April 1770 (a) Wm. Stackhouse, DD. (decd.) and w. Catherine (née Williams) (decd.) (b) Wm. Stackhouse, Trehane, esq. = (i) eldest son of (a) (c) Mary Rashleigh, spinster (later wife of (i) (d) John Fortescue and Phillip Rashleigh, esq. (e) Ed. Wynne, esq. and Johathan Rashleigh, clerk. Marr. Sett. of (b) & (c). To (c) for life and part of jointure). (iii) to pay (ii) £2000. £2000 to be invested for (v) and (vi) on trusts.
(i) & (ii) - (v) - - manor of Penhale, St. Enoder.
- - Treaghan Pickan alias Trehane Pickane in Probus
With Trehane Mill. Nankelly. Soren and the Day Closes. Fentenborren. Tregagle Wartha and Wollas. Tregurna. All in Probus.
- - Hellcoose and Eddys house and garden in Ladock
- - Hallbett in Cuby.
- - Nansalsa alias Nansalter, Probus.
- - Tregellas, Venton, Carlays and Wadgeshouse and garden in Probus.
- - Kestell in Ladock.
- - Lawn Downs in Ladock
- - 2 undivided thirds of Halnoweth alias Halnowa, Probus.
- - Levandno, Probus.
To uses. Declaration of trusts for £2000 invested by (v) and (vi).
Witd. Isabella Cottrell, John Forster (Lincoln's Inn), Peter Rashleigh, Selena Childers, Anna Maria Smith.
Endsd. Deed of appointment of 15 November 1843
(ii) and wife Sarah apptg. Richard Helps, esq., (Gloucester) the Revd. Thomas Stackhouse Carlyon (of Egloshayle) and the Revd. William James Pinwill of Plymouth new trustees with John Stackhouse, Camberwell, Surrey, esq. Witd. Catherine Saunders Smith and Charlotte Smith of Probus (etc.)

[no title]  BRA1901/7  18 June 1806

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) and (ii).
(i) Sir Wm. Pratt Call, Whiteford, Bt., eldest s. and hr. of Sir John Call of Whiteford, Bt. decd. and devisee named in his will.
(ii) The Hon. Louisa Forbes (Lady Louisa Forbes) third daughter of George, late earl of Granard decd.).
(iii) Rt. Hon. George Earl of Granard and the Hon. Keppel Craven, St. George Hanover Square, esq.
(Will of Sir John Call 27 June 1800. Died 7 March 1801).
(i) - (iii) on trusts - - annuity of £600 charged on barton of Hampt., Stoke Climsland (161a 2r. 27p).
- - On barton of Byan Leigh in Stoke Climsland (23a 0r. 5p).
(Above leased to Wm. Bant for 14 yrs. by Sir John Call 19 January 1801. Rent £162 12s.)
- - On barton of Climson, Stoke Climsland (118a 3r. 34p.) (Occ. Dan. Hancock by lease from Sir John Call of 25 March 1794 for 21 years at rent of £160).
(All in manors of Stoke Climsland and Climsland Prior).
- - On Collocomb barton, Lamerton, Devon (448 0r 31p) leased by Sir J. Call to Richard Jackman 1 October 1805 for 14 years. Rent £380.
Witd. David Mc. Kinnon; Joshua England, attorney, Old Broad Street.

TITCHING alias DITCHEN  [no ref. or date]

Manors of Hornacott and Tatson, North Tamerton

[no title]  BRA1901/8  16 February 1653

Enfeoffment. £510.
(i) William Marten, Lifton, Devon, yeo.
(ii) Elizabeth Martyn his sister of Orisdon, Lifton, widow.
- - Slow and Tuchyn, North Tamerton apptmt. of John Olde and John Couch as (i)'s attorneys.
Witd. John Couche, Timothie Olde, Thomas Bennett.
Endsd. (1) Seisin of Tychin 28 March 1653. Witd. Edmond Frayne Eliz. Chapman.
(2) Seisin in the Hall House at Sloo 28 March 1653.
Witd. Ric. Whithayre, Mary Hawking, Phillip Whithayre.
(3) Attornment of Wm. Facy as tenant to (ii) 28 March 1653. Witd. Edmond Frayne, Eliz. Chapman.

[no title]  BRA1901/9  3 April 1735

Courterpart lease. £280. Yearly rent 24s. Capon 1s. at Xmas for 99 yrs. or 3 lives. Heriot £3 or best beast.
As mortgage.
(i) Joseph Wood, esq. Orchard, Devon.
(ii) Samuel Lambell, gent., North Petherwin.
- - Titching in Tamerton in poss. of Stanberry Vowler gent. decd., then (i).
(Timber reserved. Lives: (ii) Eliz. Edwards of N. Petherwin; Ambrose Box son of John Box of N. Petherwin. (ii) to have pasturing, shredding and weeding of the coppice wood.
Witd. John Box, James Martyn.

[no title]  BRA1901/10 & 11  Trinity Term 1775

Pair of Fines. £1060 (Pltff. - Defct.).
Pltff. Ric. Williams.
Defct. Geo. Brown.
- manor of Hornacott in North Tamerton and Boyton.

[no title]  BRA1901/12  18 August 1775

Deed to declare the uses of a Fine
(i) Geo. Browne, borough of Bodmin, gent.
(ii) Ric. Williams, Bodmin, gent.
(Rec. of 10 & 11)
To use of (i)
Witd. Wm. Hard, Grace Blewett.

[no title]  BRA1901/13 & 14  12 and 13 July 1782

Conveyance of reversion in fee (L. & R.). £400.
(i) John Luxmoore of Fairplace, gent. Of Okehampton.
Hen. Luxmoore, surgeon Of Okehampton.
(Trustees of this Marr. Settlement below).
(ii) Jane Woodman of Orchard, Lewtrenchard, then of Tavistock widow of Abner Woodman of Orchard, gent. decd.
Joseph Pearse of Tavistock, surgeon and wife Ann (only dtr. & heir of Abner and Jane Woodman)
(iii) The Revd. John Kingdon, Bridgerule, clerk.
(Recital of M. Settlement L. & R. 17 & 18 Sept. 1779
(a) Jane Woodman & Ann her dtr. (b) Jn. & Hen. Luxmoore
(c) Jos. Pearce. Marr. of (c) & Ann Woodman (a) - (c)
- - Titching in North Tamerton on trusts.
(ii) agreed to sell (iii) reversion of Titching.
(i) at request of (ii) - (iii) - - Tiching alias Tuching alias Tuchyn of N. Tamerton in poss. of Stanbury Fowler, gent. decd., than Samuel Lambel decd., then Eliz. Sambel his widow.
Witd. T. Kimbear, James Pearse, Jane Pearse, Ann Pearse.

[no title]  BRA1901/15 and 16  4 March 1793

Lease and counterpart £451.10s. and one guinea of gold.
Rent £2.83. Heriot 4 guineas for 99 yrs. or 3 lives.
(i) John Kingdon, Bridgerule, Devon, clerk.
(ii) Francis Northey, Broadwoodwidger, yeo.
- - Titching in North Tamerton.
(Timber, mines and quarries reserved. Lives: sons of lessee - Samuel (17), Nathaniel (9), George (7)
Witd. John Pearce, Richard Hunt.
Endsd. (1) with note of sum owing for consideration.
(2) (i)'s agreement for (ii) to use stone trough on premises.
(3) 4 October 1793. Payment of remainder of purchase money by (ii) witd. Thos. Kingdon, Thos. Fice.

[no title]  BRA1901/17  24 September 1799

Royal licence for George Francis Collins of Whitely near Lifton to take surname of Browne
(Eldest s. and heir of John Basset Collins, Glynn, clerk decd. by Eliz. his wife, only child and heir of Geo. Browne, borough of Bodmin, gent. decd.). Grandfather by will of 31 April 1789, gave to J. B. Collins his estate for life, then to son(s) who were to take surname of Browne. Testator died 4 June 1795. Change to be recorded in College of Arms).
Endsd. with registration in College of Arms (14 Oct. 1799).

[no title]  BRA1901/18  26 May 1800

Demandant: John Wallis, gent.
Tenant: Hannibal Sandys, gent.
Vouchee: Geo. F. Collins Browne, esq.
- - manor of Hornacott (Higher and Lower Hornacott, Hornacott Barn, Hornacott Chapel, Moor Alvacott, Veale House, Veale House meadow, Horlafrench, Wilsworthy, Lutton and Villadon) in North Tamerton and Boyton.
- - manor of Penhallym (Penhallym, New Mills, Sowacott, Sowacott Moor, Penny Moor, New Park, Wayne House Corner, Bickaven, Church Town, Butts, Blagdon, Witheren, Neitherford, Ash, Trowsa, Trekenard, Ney Downs, Over, Neither, Moors, Suttons, Skinny Cross, Lower Sowacott and Trebreake) in parishes of Jacobstow, Poundstock, Week St. Mary, Treneglos.
- - land in Bodmin, Temple, St. Kew and Tintagel.
- - 2/3 of land etc. in Temple.
- - moiety of land in Gunvena in St. Minver.
- - fourth part of land in Nether Coldvannick, Cardinham.
- - rectories of Bodmin and Poundstock.

[no title]  BRA1901/19  9 April 1812

Assignment of lease £250.
(i) Digory Northey, North Tamerton, yeo.
(ii) Dennis Kingdon, Launceston, esq.
- - Titchen in North Tamerton for redr. of term and 3 lives of 16.
Witd. Mr. Body, clerk to Mr. Hockin of Launceston, attorney.

[no title]  BRA1901/20-21  Trinity Term 1815

Pair of fines. £2060 (Pltff. Defcts.
Pltff: Wm. Collins.
Defcts: Francis Collins Browne.
- lands in manor of Hornacott, parishes of North Tamerton and Boyton.
- lands in Tredidon, St. Thomas the Apostle.
- lands in Jacobstow, Tintagel, Temple, Bodmin.
- rectory and tithes of Bodmin.

[no title]  BRA1901/22  24 November 1856

Appointment and assignment.
(i) Edwd. Ayshford Sanford, Nynehead Court, Somerset, esq.
(ii) Henrietta Mary Sanford of same place, dtr. and one of younger children of (i) by Henrietta his wife (decd.) (née Henrietta Langham).
(Rec. of marriage articles of 1 November 1817
(a) = (i) (b) Henrietta Langham (c) Dame Augusta Priscilla Langham, widow and Sir Jame Langham Bt. (d) Hen. Sanford and Wm. Henry Rowland Inby, esqres. Marr. of (a) & (b) Money to which (b) entitled to be made over to (d) on trusts. Rec. Henrietta Sanford died 24 August 1835 leaving 7 children by (i): Wm. Ayshford Sanford (eldest s.), Edwd. Ayshford Sanford jun., Hen. Ayshford Sanford, Charlotte Sanford (John Ayshford Sanford (of age) then decd.), Charles Ayshford Sanford, and (ii).
- - trustees to stand possessed of £7,500 (part of £20,000 settlement of marr. articles resited above).
- - similarly for sum of £500.
- - similary for sum of £2000
- - assignment (i) - (ii) of dividends.
Witd. B. A. Stanford, Nynehead Court, Somerset; George Ingreane butler to (i).

[no title]  BRA1901/23  29 November 1856

Marriage Settlement. Marr. of (i) and (ii).
(i) Edwd. Lewis Knight, Lynton, Devon, esq.
(ii) Henrietta Mary Sanford of Nynehead Court, Somerset, spinster.
(iii) Wm. Ayshford Sandford, Nynehead Court, esq. Ambrose Lethbridge Goddard, The Lawn, Swindon, M.P. Sir Thomas Gage Saunders Selright, Beechwood, Herts, Bt. Charles Allenson Knight, Woolverley, Worcester, Esq.
- - assignment (ii) - (iii) of £7500 & £2000 of no. 22 on trusts.
- - covenant of (i) & (iii) for (i) to pay (iii) £8000 on trusts.
Witd. (Lord) Methuen, Corsham Court, Wilts; E. Ayshford Sanford, Nynchead Court, Somerset; John Neeld, Spittleton; Edwd. Tylee and Edwd. Thomson 14 Essex Street, Strand, London.

[no title]  BRA1901/24  26 December 1859

Conveyance £1760
(i) Ric. Kingdon, 3 Lawrence Lane, Cheapside, London gent.
(ii) Wm. Maskell, the Castle, Bude Haven, esq.
(iii) James Ford, Clifton, Bristol esq.
(Rec. Dennis Kingdon of property (below). His last will of 30 January 1850 gave to his nephew (i) this same property. Dennis Kingdon died August 1851 (will proved P.C.C.).).
- - - - Tiching alias Tuching alias Tuchyn in North Tamerton. Occ. Stanbury Fowler, gent (decd.) then Samuel Lambel (decd.), then his widow Eliz. Lambel, then farmer Hoare, then (i) & tenant Wm. Ward (Schedule of tithes number and areas of Tiching)
Witd. Chas. Williams, solcr. 3 Lawrence Str. Cheapside; J. D. Binfield, same place clerk to Mr. Kingdon; ...
Hen. Hortop, clerk to Mr. Rowe, solcr., Stratton.

[no title]  BRA1901/25  26 December 1859

Deed of covenant for production of deeds
From Richard Kingdon to Wm. Maskell
(Deeds also related to Petherwyn barton in North Petherwin).

[no title]  BRA1901/26  29 November 1859

Certificate by the Revd. James Sergeant, vicar of North Petherwin of burial of Marianne Kingdon buried 17 January 1850 (age 54 years).

[no title]  BRA1901/27  28 November 1868

Memorandum of investment of £13000 on mortgage.
(Memo of marr. settlement BRA1901/23. Edward Lewis Knight, esq., then of Hornacott manor, Cornwall. Rec. of 23. £7,300 was part of a sum of £20 due from John Lord Sherborne to Wm. Pinney, esq., trustee under marr. settlement of father and mother of H. Mary Sanford. She also entitled to £2000 in reversion on death of her father 1 December 1859 E. L. Knight transferred £8240 to trustees 14 July 1868 W. Pinney paid trustees £9376-12-8d. (£7,500 + £2000 less succession duty 4 August 1868, trustees sold £3450 (part of £8240) stock for £3628-5-3. This + £9366-12-8d. = £13004-17-11. £13000 of this lent to E. L. Knight by mortgage of 27 July 1868.
- charged on North Tamerton estate).

House called CRAIGVAR in POLZEATH (St. Minver).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  BRA1901/28  10 September 1898

Agreement between Rt. Hon. Thomas Charles Lord Robartes of Lanhydrock and Truro and Hanna Craig, wife of Wm. Henry Craig, Wadebridge, merchant.
- Plot no. 1 of Pentireglaze estate: 26 perches of land at land at Polzeath (House to be built there to satisfaction of Messrs. S. W. Jenkin & Son of Liskeard).
Yearly rent £2.12s. House to be of annual value of £25 for letting purposes.
Witd. Silvanus W. Jenkin.

[no title or date]  BRA1901/29

Building grant. Perpetual rent charge £2.12s.
(i) Rt. Hon. Thos. Charles Viscount Clifden.
(ii) Mrs. Hannah Craig.
- above (BRA1901/28) piece of land at Polzeath (plan).
Witd. Mary Veye Agar-Robartes, 1 Great Stanhope Street, London, spinster; J. Melrose Macmillan, Wadebridge, solicitor.
10 November 1906.
Endsd.: Conveyance and release from (i) to Mary Helena Westropp of Craigvar, Polzeath (wife of Richard Gibbings Westropp. For £63 Mrs. Westropp redeemed rentcharge of £2.12s.
27 January 1927.
Witd. Henry Hancock, Sydney Place, St. Austell, land agent.

[no title]  BRA1901/30  12 November 1906

Mortgage. £1000.
(i) Hannah Craig, wife of Wm. Craig, Wadebridge, linen draper.
(ii) Wm. Halcomb Preedy 41 Oseney Crescent, London, Middlesex, accountant.
Ric. Truscott, Wadebridge, merchant.
- - land at White Rock, St. Breock, north White Rock Chapel.
- - 26 perches, plot no. 1 of Pentireglaze estate.
Witd. J. Melrose Macmillan, Wadebridge, solicitor.

[no title]  BRA1901/31  31 December 1910

Transfer of mortgage.
(i) Wm. Halcomb Preedy, 360 Camden Road, London N., accountant.
(ii) Wm. Halcomb Preedy; Ernest Garibaldi Martyn, Wadebridge, ironfounder.
(iii) Ric. John Hawken, The Laurels, Truro, traveller.
(Rec. Ric. Truscott died 20 March 1907)
(i) & (ii) - (iii) - - assignment of mortgage (BRA1901/30).
Witd. Edwd. Preedy, Dental Surgeon, 1 Hanover Square, London W.

[no title]  BRA1901/32  14 October 1919

Counterpart lease for five years. Yearly rent £70.
(i) Hannah Craig, Wadebridge, widow.
(ii) Mary Helena Westropp, wife of Ric. Gibbins Westropp of The Oleanders, Geziva, Cairo, Egypt.
- - Craigvar House, Polzeath.
Witd. M. H. Westropp, J. E. Short.

[no title]  BRA1901/33  17 January 1920

Reconveyance (copy).
(i) E. G. Martyn.
Ric. John Hawken.
(ii) Hannah Craig, Wadebridge, widow.
(W. H. Preedy died 16 February 1912).
- - lands etc. mortgaged (BRA1901/30).
Witd. F. A. Lander, Wadebridge, solicitors clerk.

[no title]  BRA1901/34  2 June 1920

Conveyance. £1200.
(i) Hannah Craig, Whiterock, Wadebridge, widow.
(ii) Mrs. M. H. Westropp (as BRA1901/32).
- - Craigvar House.
Witd. J. Melrose Macmillan, solicitor, Wadebridge.

[no title]  BRA1901/35  1927

Abstract of Title of Rt. Hon. Thomas Charles Viscount Clifden to freehold land at Polzeath, St. Minver. Reciting 1879-99.

[no title]  BRA1901/36  27 January 1827

Conveyance. £15.
(i) Rt. Hon. Thos. Charles Viscount Clifden
(ii) Mrs. Mary Helena Westropp, Craigvar, Polzeath (wife of R. G. Westropp).
- - land adjg. west side of esplanade at St. Minver (plan).
Witd. Henry Hancock, Sydney Place, St. Austell, land agent.

[no title]  BRA1901/37  21 February 1927

Contract for sale of Craigvar, Polzeath and additional land.

[no title]  BRA1901/38  25 March 1927

Conveyance. £1200.
(i) Mrs. M. H. Westropp, Craigvar, Polzeath, wife of R. G. Westropp.
(ii) Mrs. Evelyn Odell Nicholson, Hogs Back Lodge, Farnham, Surrey, wife of Cameron Gordon Graham Nicholson.
- - house and land of BRA1901/37

[no title]  BRA1901/39  1932

Abstract of title of Mrs. E. O. Nicholson to Craigvar etc. and land adjg. Reciting 1906-27.

[no title]  BRA1901/40  25 November 1932

Conveyance from Mrs. E. O. Nicholson of 110 Gordon Road, Camberley to Miss Mabyn Agneta Rose Stapleton of East Down Cottage, Starcross, Devon. For £1300
- - Craigvar House and land adjg.

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