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Reference AM
Covering dates 1600 - 1945
Held by Cornwall Record Office
Extent 1288 Files
Archival history Adams's papers were collected up immediately after his death by Donald MacAlister, with the help of Mrs Adams, for the purpose of writing his biography. MacAlister had transcripts made of papers in the files at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and elsewhere, and collected material from Adams's friends and colleagues. In time other commitments, including moving to Scotland, caused MacAlister to abandon the idea of the biography.
What happened to the papers then is not entirely clear. A mass of papers was given to St. John's by Mrs Adams shortly before her death and some rudimentary weeding and sorting was carried out on these. It seems likely that these papers were those that MacAlister had not used, including Mrs Adams's own diaries, and unimportant correspondence of Adams's.
In the 1930s MacAlister's collection of papers were passed on to William Smart, who had taken up the idea of writing Adams's biography. Smart produced a Memoir for the Royal Astronomical Society for the anniversary of the discovery of Neptune in 1946, but never proceeded further. In 1959 he presented all the papers he had to St. John's (correspondence in Box 1).
Subsequently all or most of these papers were unpacked and put into 19 boxes, letters being taken out of their envelopes and clipped to them with a plastic paper clip. No sorting or cataloguing beyond a single card for the collection was carried out. However, the remaining 10 boxes of the papers, probably those that came from Mrs Adams, were sorted and indexed, in some detail although very inaccurately and incompletely. The two sets of boxes were numbered in two different sequences: "Adams" and "Adams Papers". The detailed cataloguing of one part disguised from readers and staff alike the fact that the remainder were untouched.
In 1990 MacAlister's neice, Mrs Horne, presented to the College some more papers which had stayed with the family by accident. These now form boxes 24 - 26.
In 1996 the Royal Aeronautical Sociey offered the College the papers connected with the Newton Mss. Syndicate, which they had had since 1943, though they have no record of why, or where they came from.
In the course of preparing material for the 150th Anniversary of the discovery of Neptune it was discovered that the majority of the papers were not sorted and were uncatalogued. In early 1997 work began, using the present database software, and was completed in February 1999.
Source of acquisition Accession no. 2370
Adams family papers deposited by Dr. Q. M. F. Adams, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 9 March, 1978.
Creators Adams family of Laneast, Cornwall
Bibliography "Cornish Life" November 1979 p. 30: article on John Couch Adams by John Neale.

Family and estate papers including correspondence and papers of John Couch Adams, astronomer, and William Grylls Adams, mathematician.
Altarnun (Trerithick, Trewint, Spettigue), 1869-1900
Altarnun (Trerithick) and Lewannick (Hall Parks), c. 1880
Botus Fleming, St. Ive, Landrake, Saltash, 1660
Callington (shop in borough), 1752
Davidstow (Tremeale), 1612, 1660
Egloskerry (Badharlick), 1886-1902
(Little Skenish tithes), 1667, 1796
(Tregear), 1750-1807
(Estate papers), 1611-1908
Egloskerry (Badharlick) and Laneast (Bodgall), 1609, 1615
Egloskerry (Badharlick) and Tremayne (tithes), 1629
Gwennap (Cusgarne), 1906, 1910
St. Ive (Middle Hill), 1659, 1667
St. Juliot (Beeny), 1877-1900
Landrake (Brightor), 1645-1705
Laneast (Treroose) and St. Clether (Parklands and Underlanes), 1891-1921
Laneast (Bodgalla), 1634
(Trespearne), 1741
Lewannick (Trevell), 1775
Lewannick (Lamalla, Trevadlock) and Altarnun (Newton), 1834-1857
St. Stephen-by-Saltash (Home Park), 1908
Composite: Egloskerry (Badharlick) 1900-1913
St. Juliot (Beeny) 1900-1913
Laneast (Treroose) 1900-1913
Saltash 1900-1913
Out-county: Adams:
Dorset (Broadstone), 1906-1908
London (Notting Hill Square), 1877-1882
London (Whitefriars), 1670-1778
Berkshire (Charlton), 1605
Buckinghamshire (Calshopp), 1676/7
Lincolnshire (Somercotes), 1631
Plans (various), 1789-1882
William Adams, 1825
Tabitha Adams, 1866
Grace Couch Adams, 1891
John Couch Adams, 1889-1896
Eliza Adams, 1873-74
George Adams, 1908-1917
William Grylls Adams, 1910
Henry Prynn Andrew, 1913
John Baron, 1624
John Couch, 1805
Grace Couch, 1815
John Couch, 1815
Grace Couch, 1820
Mathew Cozen, 1653
David Cozen, 1673
Gideon Cozens, 1678
Jonathan Cozens, 1691
Margaret Cozens, 1717-1719
Elizabeth Cruse, 1656
Richard Hawke Dingle, 1887-88
Fanny Vickers Dingle, 1922
Thomas Dodson, 1669-1671
John Nicolls, 1884-1896
Eliza Nicolls, 1893
Charles Tilt, 1902-03
Nathaniel Trewbody, 1735
Margaret Trewbody, 1763
Joan Wyvell, 1658
To his family from school, 1831-38
To his family from Cambridge, 1839-1810
To J. C. A. from mother, 1832-1865
To J. C. A. from his brothers, 1836-1875
To J. C. A., various correspondents, c. 1835-1887
And undated
Scientific papers:
Manuscript notes
Published articles, 1846-1903
Graphs and plans, 1825-1889
Personal papers:
Relating to career, 1828-1884
Obituary notices, etc., 1892-1932
Letters to Wm. Grylls Adams, 1860-1915
From Wm. G. A. to Mary Dingle, 1852, 1865-69
From Mary D. to W. G. A. 1865-1969
From W. G. A. to Mary after mge, 1889-1897
To Mary from parents, cousins and friends, 1855-1894
To W. G. A. and May from Adams family 1881-1906
To Mary, various, 1360-1906
To Mary fr. dau. May 1891-1914
To W. G. A. jun. 1915, n.d.
To Jn. Dingle A., 1902
To May, 1890-1943
Scientific papers
Lecture notes, proofs of articles, letters, graphs
Personal papers 1836-1869
Diaries and notebooks 1855-1867
Gen. papers, 1866-1915
Papers re his children 1884-1936
Misc. printed papers and circulars
Papers re other members of Adams family
Family photographs (identified)
Family photographs (not identified)
Scientific photographs
Postcard views: Great Britain
Postcard views: overseas
Miscellaneous photographs, prints, negatives etc.


ALTARNUN  [no ref. or date]

Trerithick, Trewint, Spettigue  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1  29 Apr. 1869

7 yr. demise; rent £310.
(1) Jonathan Worsley of Ryde, Isle of Wight, esq., rev. Thos. Vincent of Pusey rectory, Berks., and Chas. St. Clare Bedford of Westminster, esq., devisees of will of Geo. Giles Vincent of Westminster, esq., to (2) Jn. Nicolls, jun., of Altarnun, yeo.
Trerithick farm; Trewint, Trewint marsh; Inner and Outer Trespettigues, with Horse Burrows, Lesser Tigges and Tibbs' Ground, moiety of Trewint Downs and Trewint Pitts, with common of turbary and pasture on e. and w. moors; also Kemp's Parks, all in Altarnun; also Hall Parks in Lewannick; except best stable, hayloft and carpenter's shop, lunchouse and linhay adj. Quarry Park Wood, the Walk and Little Island adj. river at Trerithick, all now in occ. of (1), reserving to (1) use of parlour and 2 best bedrooms for 1 month in every year.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/2  15 June 1876

7 yr. demise; rent £313.
Parties as above.
Property as above, with same reservations and good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/3/1-24  June 1888-Mar. 1889

Letters relating to mortgage and sale of Nicolls properties in Altarnun (Trerithick, Trewint and Spettigue), mostly from Wm. Grylls Adams to bro. Geo. A.

[no title]  AM/4  c. 1890-1900

Copy rental, Trerithick and Spettigue

[no title]  AM/5  c. 1880

Plan on tracing paper of Trerithick, Tibbs and Hall Parks in Altarnun and Lewannick, giving field names, acreages and tithe numbers

[no title]  AM/6  c. 1880

Plan on tracing paper of Spettigew (sic) and Trewint Marsh in Altarnun, giving field names, acreages and tithe numbers


Unspecified  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/7  7 July 1660

Conveyance to uses
(1) Johan Wyvell of St. Ive, wid., to (2) Francis Buller, jun., of Shillingham, esq., and Jn. Buller of Middle Temple, esq.
Consideration: natural love and affection for her grandson Thos. Dodson of St. Ive, esq., and grandsons Gideon, Jonathan and David Cossens, gents.
Messuages, lands and tenements in Botus Fleming, St. Ive, Landrake and Saltash borough, to use of (1) for her life, then to Thos. and his heirs; in default of heirs, Landrake lands to Gideon, Botus Fleming and St. Ive lands to Jonathan, Saltash lands to David C.

CALLINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Shop  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/8  28 May 1752

Assignment and agreement to indemnify (2) against demands for rent arrears.
(1) Michael Barret and Jn. Fry, surviving exors. of will of Tristram Doidge, late of Plymouth, gent., to (2) Margt. and Ann Trewbody of Callington, sprs.
House or shop with chambers over, at e. end of the old shambles in Callington borough, which Tristram D. held at his death on 99 yr. lease; some arrears of rent due to Earl of Orford, lord of premises.

DAVIDSTOW  [no ref. or date]

Tremeale  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/9  5 Apr. 1660

Part only of 99 yr. lease (lives of Jn. Trevisa, jun., and Wm. T., lessee's sons); rent 25/-.
(1) Jn. Trevillian of Busely (Basil) in St. Clether, esq., to (2) Jn. Trevisa, sen., of Crocadon, esq.
Consideration: 100 marks.
Messuage or tenement in Tremeale in Dewstow late occ. Edw. Trevisa, gent., being about 50a. of enclosed land besides commons, with same rights of common as those held by other tenants of manor of Trewinnick.
20 Mar. 1612/13
Endorsed: assignment by Jn. Pearse of Trewenowe, gent., to s. Thos. P., of above premises (formerly assigned to Jn. P.)

EGLOSKERRY  [no ref. or date]

Badharlick  [no ref. or date]

Deeds  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/10  20 Oct. 1607

(1) Sir Geo. Grenvile of Penheale, to (2) Jn. Baron of Badharlock, yeo.
General release.

[no title]  AM/11  20 Mar. 1608/9

Bargain and sale; consideration £140.
(1) Jn. Hardy of Launceston, gent., and Geo. Sleeman of Egloskerry, yeo., to (2) Jn. Baron of Bodharlack, yeo.
Tenement in Bodharlack in occ. of (2), and 2 other tenements there late occ. Rob. Sergeant and Jn. Sergeant, now of (2); also parcel of land called No-Man's land, Pound Garden, both in Bodharlack; also tenement in South Tregear in Egloskerry in occ. of (2); plot of land taken out of the highway from Tregear to Bodgale in Egloskerry, with common of pasture on Green Down alias Geare Down, Ry Down or Redd Down, and suit of grist at mill of manor of Penhale

[no title]  AM/12  20 June 1609

Part only of bargain and sale; consideration £80.
(1) Sir Geo. Grenvile of Penheale to (2) Jn. Barne (Baron) of Bodharleck, Egloskerry.
Tenements in Bodharleck in occ. Jn. Philpe; tenement in Bodgall in Laneast in occ. Edw. Wallis.

[no title]  AM/13  6 May 1615

Quitclaim; consideration £20.
(1) Rich. Greynvile of Saltash, gent., to (2) Jn. Baron of Egloskerry.
Premises in Bodharleck alias Badharlett, South Tregeare, Highway Close, Green Down alias Gear Downs, Rye Down alias Reddown, and Badgall, in Egloskerry and Laneast.

[no title]  AM/14  23 May 1623

(1) Jn. Baron, jun., of Treludycke, Egloskerry, to (2) Jn. Baron, sen., of Badharlock.
Tenement in Badharlock in occ. Jn. B. sen., and where he lives, with common of pasture on Rydown wastes.

[no title]  AM/15  16 Feb. 1623/4

Part only of quitclaim.
(1) Florence Harry of Egloskerry, spr., to (2) Jn. Baron.
Recites: lease, Sir Geo. Grenvile to Jn. Baron, tenement in Bodharlock.
Consideration: (2) for natural love and affection towards Florence "being his neere kinswoman", wishes to arrange for her preferment.
(2) arranged to give to Florence and Jn. Pryor on their marriage his interest in Bodharlock, but has given them £140 instead.
(1) releases to (2) all her claims to Bodharlock.

[no title]  AM/16/1,2  2 Mar. 1623/4

Post-nuptial settlement (also counterpart)
(1) Jn. Baron, sen., of Bodharlock, gent., to (2) Elias Wills and Nich. Dawbyn, jun., of St. Stephen-by-Saltash, gents.
Consideration: natural love and affection of (1) for Eliz., his now wife, and for her maintenace.
Premises in Bodharlock in occ. Jn. Baron, for his life then to use of Eliz.
Counterpart endorsed: "The counterpart of the deed for the mansion".

[no title]  AM/17  20 Sep. 1629

(1) Eliz. Barnes (Baron) of Egloskerry, wid., to (2) Geo. Cruse, sen., of Ashburton, Devon, gent.
Recites: will of (1)'s late husband Jn. B., 6 Aug. 1623 by which he left her Bodharlock where he lived; also 1/6 part of rectory and tithe sheaf of Egloskerry and Tremayne.
Consideration: marriage between (1) and (2)'s s. Thos. C.
Tenement in Bodharlock in occ. (1), where she now lives, with common of pasture on Reddon or Reddowne, and 1/6 part of rectory and tithe sheaf of Egloskerry and Tremayne.

[no title]  AM/18  5 Jan. 1650/51

(1) Eliz. Cruse of Bodharlock, Egloskerry, wid., to (2) Gideon Cozen, gent., eldest s. of Mathew C., esq., by Eliz. his wife, niece to Eliz. Cruse.
Consideration: natural love and affection.
Messuage, lands and tenement in Bodharlock in occ. of (1).

[no title]  AM/19  29 Mar. 1666

Part only of conveyance.
(1) Joan Wyvell of Bedharlock, Egloskerry, wid., to (2) Gideon Cozens.
Consideration: natural love and affection of (1) for her grandson Gideon C.
Bulls, heifers and steers, and the desk, which were brought to Egloskerry from Nottor and which were a legacy to (1) by Eliz. Cruse, wid., her sister;
Also 1/3 part of sheep and lamb, the great table in the new chamber of the house where (1) now lives; also cider and casks, pair of wheels for the cart, boards and trestle at Nottor in St. Stephen-by-Saltash, saws and other tools brought from Nottor, and the ox at Egloskerry.

[no title]  AM/20  29 Mar. 1666

Parties as above.
General release of claims.

[no title]  AM/21  1 May 1666

Bargain and sale; consideration £10.
(1) Sam. Veale of St. Teath, clerk, w. Johan, Walter Veale of ? Jesleigh, Devon, clerk, Jas. Veale of Hatheleigh, gent., to (2) Gideon Cozens of Egloskerry, gent.
Predial and lesser tithes of kine, calves, sheep, wool lambs, pigs, geese, colts, honey, wood, apples, hay, small tithes, mortuaries; also right to messuage called The Lower Bargain in Badharlock late occ. Eliz. Cruse, wid., now occ. (2), with common of pasture belonging.

[no title]  AM/22  Easter term 1668

Copy exemplification of final concord
(1) Chris. Baron, gent., querant; (2) Sam. Veale, clerk, Joan his wife, and Walter Veale, deforciants.
Lands and premises in Treludiock, Newton, Landarne, Pikelands, Leys tenement, Treansell, Wescott, Sleeman's tenement, Tregeare Down, Reddown, South Tregeare and Trebah, Trenetham field, Wade's tenement, Lower Bargain in Badharlock, Trebigh, Cumkale, Treansell alias Trusell, Foote's tenement, all in Egloskerry.

[no title]  AM/23  6 July 1670

Deed to declare uses of a fine.
(1) Chris. Baron of Treludick, Egloskerry, gent., to (2) Gideon Cozens of Badharlock, gent.
Recites: conveyance to Gideon Cozens of tithes and Lower Bargain, 1 May 1666 (AM/21 above).
Veales also granted to others, including (1), tithes of their respective tenements
Final concord, Easter 1668 (as above) to secure tithes of Lower Living for ever to (2).
(1) declares fine levied to use of Gideon Cozens, granting to him for ever such tithes as were conveyed to him in 1666.

[no title]  AM/24/1,2  Hilary term 1670

Exemplification of a common recovery.
(1) Wm. Coryton, esq., demandant;
(2) Arthur Pyne, gent., deforciant;
(3) Jonathan Cozens, vouchee.
Messuage and tenement in Badharlick.
(Wrapped in parchment endorsed "Saltash Writings")

[no title]  AM/25  25 Mar. 1729

Deed of defeasance
(1) Nathaniel Trewbody of Callington borough, s. and heir of Nath. T. late of Callington, mercer, to (2) Mary T. his mother
Recites: lease and release, Nathaniel T. of Callington and w. Mary, to s. Nath. T., for his advancement, 27/28 Oct 1720.
- Moiety of Bodharlick with common of pasture on Reddown common, and all small tithes arising; also house and plot in Saltash borough late occ. Elliott
Mother Mary to use and occupy premises for her life.

[no title]  AM/26  23 Jan. 1787

Deed to lead uses of a fine.
(1) Ann Trewbody of Callington borough, spr., to (2) Grace Grills of Callington, spr.
Badharlick in Egloskerry in occ. Jas. Cullis.

[no title]  AM/27/1,2  Hilary term 1787

Final concord (also counterpart)
Grace Grills, querant; Ann Trewbody, deforciant.
Property as above.

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/28  (Day and month missing, 1586)

Part only of lease for lives of lessees; rent 12/6.
(1) Geo. Greynvell of Penhele, Egloskerry, esq. to (2) Jn. Barron, jun., and w. Margery, and Degory B., s. of Jn. B. sen.
Consideration: surrender of former lease, and £10.
Tenement in Bodharlack, part of manor of Penhele, being messuage, bakehouse, barn, 2 herb gardens, 2 orchards, 7 closes of land, 2 meadows under Mill Park, and common of pasture on (1)'s waste called Rydowne or Reddowne, tenement late in occ. Thos. Caylder.

[no title]  AM/29  9 July 1614

Lease for life of (2) after death of (1).
(1) Jn. Baron of Badharlick, Egloskerry, yeo., to (2) Eliz. Pawlyn, dau. of Nich. P. of St. Stephen-by-Saltash, yeo.
Consideration: marriage between (1) and (2)
Tenement in upper side of village of Badharlick, part of manor of Penheale, now in occ. of (1).

[no title]  AM/30  20 Oct. 1614

99 yr. lease (lives of lessee's w. Eliz., Thos., s. of Jn. Peares of Boyton, and Florence, dau. of Thos. Harry of Tresmeer); rent 2/-.
(1) Arthur Seccombe of North Petherwin, gent., to (2) Jn. Barne (Baron) of Badharlock, Egloskerry, yeo.
Consideration: £12.
Predial and lesser tithes of kine, calves, wool, lambs, pigs, geese, colts and all other tithes out of 2 tenements in Badharlock now occ. Jn. B., with commons on Reddown and Tregear Down.

[no title]  AM/31  22 Oct. 1624

"A coppie of Thos Thos. Pryors lease": 99 yr. lease.
(1) Jn. Baron of Badharlock, gent., to (2) Degory Pryor of Egloskerry, yeo.
Little plot of ground in Badharlock where part of (2)'s barn now stands, plot being part of tenement where (1) now lives.

[no title]  AM/32  16 Nov. 1624
Language:  French

41 yr. lease; term to commence after death of Eliz. Baron, to use of her heirs; rent 16/-.
(1) Jn. Baron of Badharlock, gent., to (2) Nich. Pawlyn, sen., and Elyas Wills of St. Stephen-by-Saltash, gent.
Consideration: love and affection of (1) for his w. Eliz., and for her maintenance.
Higher House tenement being in upper side of village of Badharlock, in occ. of (1), part of manor of Penheale
Attached: memorandum concerning value of Higher House tenement.

[no title]  AM/33  16 Mar. 1624/5

Part only of 41 yr. lease; rent 8/-.
(1) Jn. Baron of Badharlick, gent., to (2) Elyas Wills and Nich. Dawbyn, jun., gent.
Consideration: love and affection of (1) for his w. Eliz., and for her maintenance.
Tenement in Badharlick now occ. Jn. Philp, to use of Eliz. B; term to begin after death or end of term of Jn. Philp and w. Alice.
Endorsed: "The lease of John Filpes Bargargaine".

[no title]  AM/34  31 Aug. 1625

Pre-nuptial settlement (assignment of leasehold).
(1) Nich. Dawbyn sen. of Nottor, gent., to (2) Thos. Cruse of Ashburton, esq.
Recites: 41 yr. lease, Nov. 1624 (AM/32).
Consideration: marriage between (2) and Eliz. Barons, dau. of Nich. D. sen.
Property as in AM/32

[no title]  AM/35  20 Sep. 1629

Pre-nuptial settlement (assignment of leasehold).
(1) Nich. Dawbyn, s. and heir of Jn. D. of Nottor, gent., to (2) Thos. Cruse of Ashburton, esq.
Recites: lease for 40 yrs., Jn. Barnes (Baron) of Egloskerry, gent., late decd., to Elias Wills of Saltash, gent., late decd., and Nich. Dawbyn, 3 Sep. 1624.
- tenement in Bodgalla in Launceston late occ. Rob. Hockyn, then Jn. B.
Lease for 41 yrs., Jn. Barnes to Elias W. and Nich. D., 16 Mar. 1624.
- tenement in Badharlock, Egloskerry.
Consideration: marriage between Thos. Cruse and Eliz. Barnes, sister of (1) above.
Property as recited above.

[no title]  AM/36  20 Sep. 1629

Assignment of marriage settlement.
(1) Nich. Dawbyn, s. of Nich. D. of Nottor, gent., to (2) Thos. Cruse of Ashburton, Devon, esq.
Recites: 40 yr. lease, Jn. Barons, decd., to Elias Wills and Nich. Dawbyn, 3 Sep. 1624.
- tenement in Bodgalla in Launceston late occ. Rob. Hockin, then occ. Jn. Barons, to use of Jn. B.'s w. Eliz.
41 yr. lease, Jn. Barons to Elias Wills and Nich. Dawbyn, 16 Mar. 1623/4.
- tenement in Badharlick now occ. Jn. Philpe.
Consideration: marriage between Thos. Cruse and Eliz. Barnes, (1)'s sister.
Property as recited above.

[no title]  AM/37  1 Apr. 1687

7 yr. lease, if lessee lives so long.
(1) Jonathan Cozens of Landrake, gent., to (2) Thos. Hockin of Egloskerry, butcher.
Consideration: £28-10-0 yearly.
Houses, orchards and gardens at Bodharlick now in possession of (1) (except the new hall and the rest of the rooms there-with built, and the chamber over the kitchen, the house called the Bakes, and the old parlour belonging to the higher tenement); also Mill Park, Mill Park Meadow, Canna Park, Bramble Park, Bramble Park Meadow, field called the Backside and plot above, Mowhay Park, Passage, Lower Wood Park, Green Park, Quarry Park, the Crifts and the higher Blackaland, all in Bodharlick.
Good husbandry clauses.
Endorsed: Thos. H. to pay only £26 yearly.

[no title]  AM/38  6 Apr. 1699

7 yr. lease.
(1) Nathaniel Trewbody of Callington, mercer, and Margt. Cozens of Landrake, spr., to (2) Thos. Hockin of Egloskerry, butcher.
Consideration: £26-15-0 yearly.
Houses, orchards and gardens at Bodharlick in occ. of (2), as above.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/39  22 Mar. 1706

Lease for lives of lessee, w. Charity and dau. Jane; rent 20/-
(1) Nathaniel Trewbody of Callington, mercer, w. Mary, and Margt. Cossens of Callington, spr., to (2) Jacob Werring of South Petherwin, yeo.
Consideration: £200 and 3 guineas of gold.
Bodharlick in Egloskerry, late occ. Thos. Hocking, with common of pasture on Riddown common, and all small tithes, and free use of the horse pound and its implements, and the 6 stone troughs now on premises.

[no title]  AM/40  26 Dec. 1760

7 yr. lease; rent £19.
(1) Mary Trewbody of Callington borough, wid., to (2) Barnabes Stacey, yeo.
Bedarlick in Egloskerry, occ. Mr. Facy as under-tenant.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/41  24 Mar. 1795

3 yr. lease; rent £35.
(1) Jn. Couch of Egloskerry, miller, to (2) Jn. Bryant of Poundstock, miller.
Badharlock or Bodharlick mills, with dwelling-house, garden and 3 fields, in occ. of (1).
Lessee to maintain at own expense the cogs, rings, shifters and shifter tackle, choakes, headwiers, leats, durns and hatches; not to sublet any part of premises. (1) to keep in repair the thatch, walls, water-wheels, cog-wheels, iron-work, brasses and mill-stones (but (2) to repair if damaged by accident or carelessness).

[no title]  AM/42  9 May 1805

21 yr. lease; rent £43.
(1) Jn. Jope of St. Cleer, clerk, and Mary Saltren of same, spr., to (2) Joseph Facey of Egloskerry, yeo.
Messuage and tenement called Badharlock in Badharlock village, late occ. Mary Mitchell, wid. (33a.), consisting of Undertown, Little Undertown, Lower and Higher Winding, House Meadow, two Brake Parks, Blackland, Little Dutch Acre, Great Dutch Acre, Long Land, Coombfoot, Crift, North Park orchard, and all houses, commons and appurtenances.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/43  25 Mar. 1888

Agreement for yearly tenancy; rent £40.
(1) Jn. Couch Adams esq., The Observatory, Cambridge, to (2) Sam. Grylls of Badharlick, farmer.
Part of Badharlick in occ. of lessee.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/44  19 Aug. 1889

Conditions for leasing on yearly tenancy; rent £44.
(1) Jn. Couch Adams of The Observatory, Cambridge, to (2) Jn. Taylor Couch.
Part of Badharlick in occ. of Sam. Grylls.

[no title]  AM/45  25 Mar. 1890

Agreement for yearly tenancy; rent £44.
(1) Jn. Couch Adams of The Observatory, Cambridge, to (2) Jn. Taylor Couch of Egloskerry, farmer.
Part of Badharlick for many years past in occ. of Sam. Grylls as tenant.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/46  20 Mar. 1894

Agreement for yearly tenancy; rent £12.
(1) Rev. Thos. Adams of Linoxville, to (2) Jn. Taylor Couch of Badharlick.
Part of Badharlick now in occ. of Wm. Smale, being orchard and cattle-house, Blackland, and field part of Red Down.

[no title]  AM/47  29 Sep. 1902

Agreement for yearly tenancy; rent £12.
(1) Professor Wm. Grylls Adams of King's College, London, to (2) Jn. Taylor Couch of Badharlick
Cannapark, Bramble Park, Bramble Park Marsh, all part of Badharlick, in occ. of Jn. Grylls.
Good husbandry clauses.

Little Skinish: tithes.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/48  29 Sep. 1796

Deed of transfer; consideration £8-10-0.
(1) Wm. Adams of Egloskerry, yeo., to (2) Jn. Couch of Callington borough, yeo.
Recites: 1000 yr. demise, Sam. Veale late of St. Teath, clerk, and w. Johan, Walter Veale late of Idsleigh, Devon, clerk, and Jas. Veale late of Hatherleigh, gent., to Jn. Bath of Egloskerry, yeo., since decd., grandfather of the Jn. Bath who was uncle of (1) above, 10 May 1667.
- predial and lesser tithes of kine, calves, sheep, lambs, wool, pigs, geese, colts, hay, milk, honey, wood, apples, all tithe for servants' wages, christenings, weddings, burials and mortuaries, and all other small tithes out of lands in Egloskerry which Leonard Rogers then possessed for term of years, being then the inheritance of Jn. Speccott of Penhaile, esq.
Tithes as above out of tenement in Egloskerry churchtown late occ. Leonard Rogers then Jn. Bath, decd., then Roger Bath, then Roger Sargent, then Jn. Bath, then Wm. Adams, now Jn. Couch.
Endorsed: "Assignment of Small Tythe of Little Skinish"

[no title]  AM/49  May 1667

Part only of 1000 yr. demise; rent 3d.
(1) Sam. Veale of St. Teath, clerk, and w. Johan, Walter Veale, Jas. Veale, to (2) Jn. Bath of Egloskerry.
Predial tithes... (document torn away).
(N.B. This is probably the demise recited in AM/48).

Tregear  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/50  29 Sep. 1807

99 yr. lease (lives of lessee's sons Thos. and Peter, and Ambrose, s. of Alex. Box of North Petherwin, yeo.); rent 3/-
(1) Geo. Sweet of Tiverton, Devon, esq., to (2) Jn. Adams of Egloskerry, yeo.
Consideration: £60.
Field called Herridge in South Tregear, Egloskerry (3a.), for some years past in occ. of (2) as tenant.

[no title]  AM/51/1,2  7 Nov. 1751

Chewed by mice

Deed of partition (also counterpart).
(1) Jn. Adams of Laneast, yeo; (2) Geo. Couch of Edgeley, Devon.
(1) and (2) now possess in common estates at Tregare in Egloskerry, late in possession of Geo. Hill, decd., one granted by Thos. Long of Penheale, the other by Jn. Speckot Long of Penheale, the other by Millicent Philips of St. Neot, wid., all for 99 yr. terms.
Agree to divide premises for their separate use and enjoyment.
(1) to (2): £8.
(1) to have estate granted by Jn. Speckot Long
(2) to have estate granted by Thos. Long
(1) to have (out of Philips estate) that part of dwelling-house being on higher side of entry, part of Hall, higher part of barn, the fore-courtlage and the hogs'-houses, fields called South Park, South Park Meadow, Swearl, Stantaway and North Meadow, mowhay and garden adj; (2) to have part of dwelling-house being on lower side of entry, higher part of ox-stall, lower part of barn, hogs'-house and stall-house at lower end of courtlage, courtlage and 2 adj. plots, fields called Broom Hills, Ditch Clare, Beacon Park, Kittoes' Meadow, Long Park and Blackland, and orchard by Prideaux's house.
One garden still remains in common.
Endorsed: "Division Deed between John Adams and George Couch Concerning the Estates in Tregere".

[no title]  AM/52  c. 1750

Part only of 99 yr. lease (lives of Geo. Hill, Wm., s. of Geo. Couch of Iddesley, and Eliz., dau. of Jn. Adam of Laneast); rent 17/-.
(1) Millicent Phillipps of St. Neot, wid., to (2) Geo. Hill.
Tenement called South Tregeare in Egloskerry with Smith Park Orchard, meadows called Long Park, Swerte, South Park and South Park Meadow, Dutch Acre, North Meadow, three Broom Hills, Beacon Park, Stentaway, Blackaland and Frogapit (26a. altogether), with all predial and lesser tithes, and common of pasture on Tregeare Downs, all now in occ. of (2).
Good husbandry clauses.
Endorsed: receipts for consideration money, 1750-1755.

Estate papers.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/53  11 Dec. 1611

Receipt by Rich. Greynvil for £20 from Jn. Baron; will pass a further assurance of tenements mentioned in bond in order not to prejudice his annuity.

[no title]  AM/54  c. 1600-1620

"A true note of such Landes as John Baron bought wh was Sir George Grenviles" (tenements in Badharlock and South Tregeare, Egloskerry, and Bodgall in Laneast), with account of moneys paid;
"The names of such Lands as John Hardy and George Sleeman bought of Sir George in London Unknown to John Baron" (tenements in Week St. Mary and St. Gennys; Binnacott in Boyton; lands in Boscastle, tenement of Treglum and other lands in Tresmeer).

[no title]  AM/55  (Day and month not given) 1650

Bond in £1000.
(1) Mathew Cozen of Hay, esq., and Joan Wyvell of Hay, wid., to (2) Eliz. Cruse of Egloskerry, wid.
(2) to hold and enjoy tenement and lands in Bodharlock, with common of pasture on Reddon or Reddown in Egloskerry, without any trouble, claim or demand of Gideon Cosen, gent., or any person claiming under him or his title.
Endorsed: "Papers of the Tryal concern'g the Leat".

[no title]  AM/56  Late 17th cent

Memorandum on "The Award" in dispute between Jn. B. sen. and jun., and Eliz. C.
All differences being referred to arbitrators;
Eliz. Cruse to surrender all right in Treglum and ---- and to enjoy all tenements which she claims to have by virtue of grants from her late husband Jn. Baron of Badharlock, decd., without molestation.

[no title]  AM/57  Late 17th cent
Language:  French

Memorandum relating to possible future controversy over title to Philps' tenement and Copswell, referring to 41 yr. lease granted to Eliz. Cruse by Jn. Baron.

[no title]  AM/58  1672

Award of Sir Walter Moyle and Jn. Roe for ending differences between Jn. Speccott, esq., and Gideon Cousins, esq.
- all legal proceedings about the flood hatch to cease, each paying respective costs.
- Mr. Cousins in one month to restore the flood-hatch where it was set up by Mr. Speccott, or pay 5/-.
- Mr. Speccott to repair the south leat and the banks, as have been formerly used by owners of the mill
- Mr. Speccott to pay half the charges of the indictment against Mr. C.'s servant Crewse.

[no title]  AM/59/1,2  1671

Case for defendant (also copy): Jn. Speccott, esq., plaintiff, v. Rob. Crewes, defendant.
Speccott claims ownership of ancient water-mill for grinding corn called Bodharlick, in Egloskerry; rivulet time out of mind ran to mill through lands of Mr. Cozens, thence through a highway to mill, with pool and floodhatch on Mr. C.'s lands; Jn. S. has always repaired same and used it to stop water; claims Crewes with force broke the floodgate so that the greater part of the water ran out, and the mill could not grind for 2 months afterwards for want of water, resulting in loss and damage of £100;
Plea of not guilty;
Claims existence of a rack, always repaired by over of land, not owner of mill, stream being very shallow, so that any flood-gate would have caused water to flood meadows; "nothing like a mill-poole fit to contain any re-flux of water... mill-pooles are commonly of great bredth and depth"; plaintiff not in possession of mill at time of supposed trespass but leased for 3 yrs. to Jn. Heydon, miller.

[no title]  AM/60  19 Sep. 1672

Receipt by Paul Upton for 5/- paid by Gideon Couzens, gent., in accordance with award made by Walter Moyle and Jn. Rowe in dispute concerning flood-hatch.

[no title]  AM/61  20 Feb. 1735/6

Grant of attorney
Nathaniel Trewbody, jun., of Callington borough, gent, to sister Mary T. of Callington, spr.

[no title]  AM/62  28 Nov. 1786

Case concerning inheritance by Ann Trewbody from her brother Nathaniel of Badharlick, and whether she can dispose of estate to her heirs;
Opinion that she may dispose of property as she thinks fit.

[no title]  AM/63/1-5  1787

Related information: (Documents relate to AM/26 and 27).

Letter relating to deeds of Badharlick, 14 Mar. 1787; Bill of costs due from Ann Trewbody to Wm. Farnham for conveyances, final concord and drawing up her will, 1787;
Accompanying letter from Wm. Farnham of Lauceston relating to bill, which "I flatter my self will please, as I have charged very moderate", 15 June 1787;
Receipt for payment of bill, 23 June 1787;

[no title]  AM/64  1800-1832; 1862

Estate account book of J. Couch (1800-1815) and Grace Couch (1816-1832) relating to Badharlick and Little Skinish, mainly with Jn. Grills.
At end of volume, veterinary remedies; Badharlick mill account, 1804, and general accounts to 1816.
Also some accounts for Badharlick, 1862.

[no title]  AM/65  1902-03

Bundle of estate bills, Badharlick

[no title]  AM/66  Mar. 1904

Poster advertising sale of timber at Badharlick

[no title]  AM/67  Aug. 1908

Letter from Jn. Kittow, Launceston, to W. G. Adams informing him of qualifications to vote because of ownership of Badharlick

GWENNAP  [no ref. or date]

Cusgarne  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/68  July 1906

Particulars and conditions of sale of manor of Cusgarne in Gwennap, with part of St. Clements tithes
Endorsed: note of division of moiety of manor (Lord Clifford, Lord Clinton, St. Aubyn, Mrs. Martyn, Mr. Harvey, W. R. Williams, L. C. Williams and W. G. Adams).

[no title]  AM/69  1910

Manor of Cusgarne: rents and arrears due Lady day 1910.
Also remarks on circumstances of tenants who have not paid rent.

ST. IVE  [no ref. or date]

Middle Hill  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/70  14 July 1667

Assignment of leaseholds; consideration £40.
(1) Jas. Colling of St. Ive, husbandman, to (2) Thos. Dodson of Hay, esq.
Recites: 99 yr. lease, Sir Chris. Wrey to Jas. Colling, 4 June 1656.
- plot of land (3a.) called Middle Hill in St. Ive with common of pasture on Caradon Down, part of manor of Rosecraddock
99 yr. lease, Sir Chris. Wrey to Jas. Colling, 20 Dec. 1657
- dwelling-house lately built on ½ acre of land part of Middle Hill, at lower end, with liberty to cut furze
(1) to (2):
Plots of land and dwelling-house, as above.
20 Oct. 1659
Endorsed: memorandum of agreement, Thos. Dodson and Jonathan Cozens of St. Ive, gent., bro.-in-law of Thos. D. and exor. of will of Joan Wyvell, wid;
Thos. D. to give to Jonathan C. "a reasonable value" for premises; Jonathan C. to make assignment to Thos. D. of his interest therein.

ST. JULIOT  [no ref. or date]

Beeny  [no ref. or date]

Leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/71  18 Aug. 1877

Copy agreement for 14 yr. lease; rent £75.
Geo. Stenlake to take Lower Beeny with allotments on Beeny Down (194 a. 3r. 36p.), now in occ. of Jn. Baker.

[no title]  AM/72  1887


Copy contract for 7 or 14 yr. lease; rent £75.
Lower Beeny and allotments in Beeny Down (as above), in occ. of Geo. Stenlake.

[no title]  AM/73  29 Sep. 1887

Agreement for yearly tenancy; rent £75.
(1) Jn. Couch Adams of The Observatory, Cambridge to (2) Jn. Knight Tucker of Polruney, Boscastle
Farm called Lower Beeny, with allotments on Beeny Down, late in occ. of Geo. Stenlake.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title or date]  AM/74

Draft conditions for 7 yr. lease of Lower Beeny, now in occ. of Mr. J. K. Tucker, from Michaelmas 1898.

[no title or date]  AM/75

Conditions for 7 yr. lease of Lower Beeny, now in occ. of Wm. Billing, from Michaelmas 1898.

Estate papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title or date]  AM/76

Correspondence relating to mortgage of Beeny, Sep. 1867-Jan. 1868.
Also letter relating to its purchase, Sep. 1879.

[no title]  AM/77/1,2  1867-68

Bills of costs, Prof. J. C. Adams' purchase of Beeny

[no title]  AM/78  July 1879

Letter relating to Beeny deeds

[no title]  AM/79  31 Oct. 1882

Letter relating to purchase of Lower Beeny

[no title]  AM/80  1882-83

Bill of costs, Prof. J. C. Adams' purchase of Lower Beeny

[no title]  AM/81  Aug. 1896

Letter relating to Professor Adams' residuary estate

[no title]  AM/82  c. 1900

Notes on terms of lease

LANDRAKE  [no ref. or date]

Brightor: leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/83  12 Apr. 1645

(1) Rich Robarts of Landrake, gent., to (2) Joan Wyvell of Weare, St. Stephen-by-Saltash, wid.
Messuages and lands in Brightor in Landrake, in occ. of Wm. Brooking, gent.

[no title]  AM/84  6 Nov. 1660

Assignment of leasehold; consideration £10.
(1) Jn. Simons of Trewandra, Landrake, husbandman, to (2) Thos. Geffery of Landrake, yeo.
Recites: 99 yr. lease, Edw. Nosworthy of Ints, St. Stephen-by-Saltash, esq., to Jn. Simmons, 20 Oct. 1659.
- barn and chawle Endorsed: "barne and stall" (sic) and garden adj. the dwelling-house, with field called Pinscall, all formerly belonging to Jory's tenement in Brightor, part of manor of Landrake
Property as recited.

[no title]  AM/85  5 July 1679

Assignment of leasehold; consideration £20.
(1) Jn. Symons sen. of Landrake, husbandman, to (2) Jonathan Cozens of Brightor, Landrake, gent.
Recites: 99 yr. lease, Joan Wyvell late of Badharlock, wid., to Abraham Binnick of Quethiock, blacksmith, 5 Jan, 1665/6.
- house and adj. orchard in Brightor, late occ. Mary Taylor
Assignment of Abraham B. to (1) above, 25 Mar. 1667.
Property as recited.

[no title]  AM/86  19 Jan. 1682/3

Lease for life of lessee's w. Mary and daus. Mary and Margt. C; rent 27/-.
(1) Thos. Dodson of Hay, esq., to (2) Jonathan Cozens of Landrake, gent.
Condition: £350.
4 small closes of ground called Moyle's Meadow, Tanpool Meadow, Torr Park and Drizell Meadow and closes called Greenway, Greenway Meadow, Cretor and Cretor Meadow, all in village of Brightor, late occ. Thos. Geffery, yeo., now decd., now Thos. Dodson.

[no title]  AM/87  11 Dec. 1684

99 yr. lease (lives of lessee, w. Mary, dau. Mary); rent 5/-
(1) Thos. Dodson of Hay, esq., to (2) Jonathan Cozens of Landrake, gent.
Consideration: £48-5-6.
Close of ground called Elmoore, and plot called Elmoore Meadow, in Brightor, in occ. of (2).

[no title]  AM/88  20 May 1698

Pre-nuptial settlement (assignment of leaseholds).
(1) Mary Cozens, jun., spr; (2) Nathaniel Trewbody of Callington, mercer; (3) Rich Saltren of Exwell, Linkinhorne, gent.
Recites: 99 yr. lease, Thos. Dodson to Jonathan Cozens, 19 Jan. 1682/3 (as in AM/86).
99 yr. lease, Jn. Elliott, esq., to Jonathan Cozens, 4 Dec. 1684.
- higher part of Combrew in Beareland next above the lower part of Combrew, being 4 closes (26a.) in Landrake.
99 yr. lease, Thos. Dodson to Jonathan Cozens, 11 Dec. 1684.
- field called Elmoore, with adj. meadow, in Brightor.
Will of Jonathan Cozens.
Consideration: marriage between Nathaniel Trewbody and Mary Cozens, jun., and affection which she has for him, and to provide for her maintenance if she survive him.
All above leasehold premises.

[no title]  AM/89  24 Sep. 1705

99 yr. lease (life of lessee's dau. Mary); rent 5/-.
(1) Thos. Dodson of Hay, esq., to (2) Nathaniel Trewbody of Callington, mercer.
Consideration: £10.
Field called Elmoore, and adj. plot called Elmoore Meadow, in Brightor, in possession of Mary Cozens, wid. of Jonathan C., esq., decd.

LANEAST, ST. CLETHER  [no ref. or date]

Treroose, Parklands, Underlanes  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/90  17 July 1634

Post-nuptial settlement (assignment of leasehold).
(1) Nich. Dawbny alias Dawbyn, jun., of Nottor, St. Stephen-by-Saltash, gent., to (2) Thos. Cruse of Badharlock, Egloskerry, esq.
Consideration: marriage between Thos. C. and (1)'s sister Eliz.
Tenement in Bodgalla, and close called Copswill (5a.) with commons and waste belonging, in Laneast, late occ. Thos. Trowle

[no title]  AM/91  23 May 1741

Assignment of equity of redemption on mortgage of leasehold.
(1) Thos. Hocken, late of Laneast, yeo., to (2) Jn. Adam, jun., of Laneast, butcher.
(1) entitled to equity of redemption on mortgage made by (1) to (2), 27 July 1734.
- fields called Mill Grounds (6a.) with common of pasture on Laneast Downs, and Stony Park (12a.) all in village of Trespearne, Laneast, late in possession of Edw. Elliott of Trebursey, and granted by him to Mary Hocken, decd., mother of (1) above.
Also mortgage of another tenement in Trespearne, with common of pasture, leased by Edw. Elliott to Thos. H.'s father Thos. H.
(1) now owes (2) £105.
(1) to (2):
Property as recited above.

[no title or date]  AM/92

Notes on lease of Treroose in Laneast and Underlanes in St. Clether, 10 yrs. from Michaelmas 1891.

[no title]  AM/93  29 Sep. 1901

Draft agreement for 7 or 14 yr. lease of Treroose and Underlanes, now in occ. of Rob. Stephens.

[no title]  AM/94/1,2  Michaelmas 1901

Conditions for 14 yr. lease.
(1) Wm. Grylls Adams to (2) Thos. and Bernard Hender.
Treroose in Laneast and Underlanes in St. Clether.
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/95  1862-67

Accounts of Geo. Adams with W. G. Adams for administration of estate at Trekenner; payment of "school money" to Anne Dawe of Laneast; general financial transactions

[no title]  AM/96  July 1900

Sale poster advertising Roose farm and Sweetwell in Laneast and Underlanes, Pinklands and Ryland in St. Clether

[no title]  AM/97/1-24  July-Aug. 1900

Letters and accounts relating to Wm. Grylls Adams' purchase of Mr. Cardell's property in Laneast (Treroose)

[no title]  AM/98/1-4  1900

Notes on work to be done at Treroose, specifications, etc.

[no title]  AM/99/1-8  1901

Draft agreement for sale; consideration £2800
(1) Rich. Taylor Cardell of Turret House, Bodmin, gent., to (2) Wm. Grylls Adams of Campden Hill Square, London, gent.
Roose farm (75a.), with house and buildings in occ. Rob. Stephens as tenant, and dwelling-house called Roose House; also Underlanes tenement in St. Clether (9a.) in occ. Rob. Stephens, and Pinklands in St. Clether (5a.) in occ. Mr. Kites.
Also: fire insurance policy, bill of costs, correspondence.

[no title]  AM/100/1-7  1901

Letters, plans, accounts and schedule of fields, Treroose, Underlanes and Pinklands

[no title]  AM/101/1-3  1908

Papers relating to Treroose insurance

[no title]  AM/102/1,2  1908

Estate accounts, Jn. Kittow of Launceston

[no title]  AM/103/1-5  1912

Letters from Jn. Kittow and Son, estate agents, Launceston, to Wm. Grylls Adams, concerning collection of rents from tenants

[no title]  AM/104  1920

Letter from H. Kittow, Launceston, to Miss Adams, asking for information on title to Treroose

[no title]  AM/105/1,2  1921

Letter and account, sale of Pinklands by Miss M. G. Adams

[no title]  AM/106  1833

Account book, sale of livestock, crops, tools and implements of Jn. Adams (probably of Laneast ?); Geo. Nottle, auctioneer

LEWANNICK, ALTARNUN  [no ref. or date]

Lemalla, Trevadlock, Newton: leases  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/107  1 Jan. 1834

14 yr. lease; rent £190.
(1) Francis Hearle Rodd of Trebartha Hall, esq., to (2) Rich Hawke Dingle of Lewannick, yeo.
East Trevadlock, Coquarnel, Wadges and Treseizes, Lemallow or Lemalla, Penince and Harvey's tenement, all in Lewannick
Good husbandry clauses.

[no title]  AM/108  11 Nov. 1857

Copy 14 yr. leases: rent £243.
Parties as above.
Lamalla, East Trevadlock and Coquarnel (excepting out of Coquarnel the triangular piece between the roads near Lewannick, formerly part of Lewannick Down), all in Lewannick; also Newton in Altarnun, all in occ. of lessee.
Good husbandry clauses.

Trevell  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/109  21 Nov. 1775

Arbitration award of Edw. Hewish of Trerithick, and Francis Rodd of Trebartha, esqs.
Dispute between Edw. Butler Thos. Grant of Manchester, esq., and Jn. Wevill of Lewannick, yeo., on one part, and Thos Evens of Lewannick on the other;
Right of scraping up dung in road between Strayer Parks (Edw. B. T. Grant's estate) and tenement late Hodge's (Thos. E.'s estate), both in village of Trevell, Lewannick, belongs to Thos. Evens as proprietor of Hodge's tenement, so far as the hedge of the tenement extends in the road adj. Strayers Park; E. B. T. Grant, as proprietor of Finches Mills in Trevell, anciently used both as corn mills and tucking mills, but now both are in ruins; has an undoubted right to pass through Finches Mill Meadow (part of Hodge's tenement) and to clear and keep open mill leat there;
Water which crosses the road at the Steps between village of Trevell and Finches Mills to be divided into two equal parts as it has always been; that on s. side of road to be secured at joint expense of proprietors of Joll's tenement and Hodge's tenement, that whole water may flow without waste to the place of division at the steps, and that the half belonging to Thos. Evens may flow in its accustomed course over E. B. T. Grant's land;
Dung pool near the steps into which other half of water flows is sole property of Jn. Wevill, but not to encroach on high road;
Roads between Hodge's and Blake's tenements to be repaired at joint expense of parties;
Thos. Evens has no claim to the road over the West Rows which is not a public highway.

ST. STEPHEN-BY-SALTASH  [no ref. or date]

Home Park  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/110/1,2  Feb. 1907, July 1908

Letter and circular relating to tithe redemption charge on parts of Home Park

COMPOSITE ESTATE PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Egloskerry, St. Juliot, Laneast, Saltash  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/111/1,2  1900, 1901

Prof. W. G. Adams' rentals, Beeny, St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/112  1900

Memorandum of rents collected, Badharlick in Egloskerry and Beeny in St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/113/1,2  1901, 1904

Jn. Kittow's estate accounts, mostly Beeny

[no title]  AM/114/1-10  1903

Bills and receipts for repairs and work done at Beeny, St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/115/1,2  1905

Bills for repairs at Beeny, St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/116/1-16  Mar. 1904-May 1905

Letters and accounts of Jn. Kittow, Launceston, with Prof. W. G. Adams, Badharlick in Egloskerry and Beeny in St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/117/1-16  1904-1906

Estate bills and receipts (rents, sale of land, tithes, income tax, repairs), Badharlick in Egloskerry,, Beeny and Lower Beeny in St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/118/1-3  1908

Bills for tithes, insurance, saddlery

[no title]  AM/119/1-7  1908

Estate bills and receipts, Beeny in St. Juliot, Treroose in Laneast

[no title]  AM/120  1909

Rent account, Beeny in St. Juliot, Treroose in Laneast

[no title]  AM/121/1-10  1909

Estate bills and receipts, Beeny tithes, tax and insurance, Treroose repairs

[no title]  AM/122/1-17  1909-1910

Estate bills and receipts, with notes on properties, Beeny in St. Juliot, Treroose in Laneast, and property in Saltash

[no title]  AM/123/1-11  1909-1910

Estate accounts, plan, specification and bills for repairs at Beeny in St. Juliot and Treroose in Laneast

[no title]  AM/124  4 Feb. 1910

Letter from J. Kittow, Launceston, to Prof. W. G. Adams: Beeny tenants have paid rent

[no title]  AM/125/1-5  1910

Estate bills and receipts, Beeny in St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/126/1,2  1911

J. Kittow's estate accounts

[no title]  AM/127/1-6  1911-1913

Rentals and accounts, Parklands in St. Clether, Badharlick in Egloskerry, Beeny in St. Juliot and Treroose in Laneast

[no title]  AM/128/1-23  1912-1913

Estate bills and receipts, Badharlick, Beeny and Treroose

OUT-COUNTY (Adams)  [no ref. or date]

Dorset  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/129/1,2  Oct. 1906

Sale particulars and plan, Heathfield House, Broadstone

[no title]  AM/130  Apr. 1907

Certificate of analysis of water supply at Heathfield

[no title]  AM/131  1908

Insurance policy, Heathfield

London  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/132  29 Sep. 1877

21 yr. lease; rent £95.
(1) Rev. Wm. Mercer of Norton Lees, Derby, to (2) Wm. Grylls Adams of Notting Hill, Mddx., professor of Natural Philosophy, King's College, London.
Messuage or tenement with yard and garden on w. side of Notting Hill Square in St. Mary Abbots, Kensington, being no. 43.

[no title]  AM/133/1,2  1870, 1882

Insurance policies, no. 9, Notting Hill Square, Mddx.

OUT-COUNTY (Cozens)  [no ref. or date]

London  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/134  3 Apr. 1670

Lease for 61 yrs. or life of (1); rent a peppercorn for one year then £10-16-0.
(1) Sir Jn. Cropley of St. Andrews, Holborn, to (2) Geo. Sedley, citizen and saddler of London.
Consideration: costs and charges which (2) is to expend in building.
Tofts and ground in the precinct of Whitefriars, London, abutting westward on to the common street of Whitefriars, e. on a piece of ground of (1) in occ. Roger Lambert, citizen broderer of London, s. with piece of ground of (1) in occ. Jn. Wendover, citizen and merchant tailor of London, being 130' 2" n.-s., and 60' e.-w.
Plan attached.

[no title]  AM/135  4 Apr. 1670

39 yr. lease; rent £10-16-0.
(1) Sir Jn. Cropley of St. Andrews, Holborn, Mddx., to (2) Geo. Sedley, citizen and saddler of London.
(1) owns leasehold term on premises in Whitefriars in London, "the which Tenements were burned downe and consumed by the dreadfull fire which happened in London in the Month of September 1666", and wishes to rebuild; applied for extension of lease (as allowed by Act of Parliament if tenants wish to rebuild premises destroyed by fire); additional 40 years granted.
Tofts and ground in liberty of Whitefriars.

[no title]  AM/136  Made Apr. 1672

(Too fragmentary to catalogue)

Part only of will of Jn. Sedley of London, esq.

[no title]  AM/137  7 Dec. 1676

Pre-nuptial settlement (assignment of leasehold).
(1) Frances Hancock of Whitefriars, London, wid., (2) Geo. Sedley, citizen and saddler of London, (3) Hen. Pollexfen of Inner Temple, Jn. Buller of Morval and Edw. Elliott of Trebursey, esq., and Jonathan Cozens of Landrake, gent.
Recites: lease, Sir Jn. Cropley to Geo. Sedley 4 Apr. 1670 (as in AM/135).
2 dwelling-houses now built on site at cost of Frances H., on whose behalf Geo. S. took lease.
Consideration: marriage between Frances H. and Gideon Cozens of Middle Temple, esq.
(1) at direction of (2) to (3) in trust "for the better preferment and advancement in living" of Gideon C.
Property as recited above.

[no title]  AM/138  20 Mar. 1778

Grant of annuity.
(1) Barnabas Tonstall of Middle Temple, gent;
(2) Gideon Cozens of Middle Temple, esq.,
(3) Jn. Mill of Middle Temple, gent.
(1) in consideration of £80 paid to him by (3), before expiry of 2 yrs. will settle on (3) for life of Susan Mill, dau. of Rob. Castle late of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, decd., now w. of Jn. M., in trust and for her use, £40 annuity out of lands (unspecified).

Berkshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/139  Trinity term 1605

Final concord.
Wm. Sedley, esq., and Rich. Sedley, esq., querants; Sir Eusebius Andrew, deforciant.
Charwelton or Charlton.

Buckinghamshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/140  Martinmas 1676/7

Final concord.
Jn. Duckworth, merchant, Hen. Pollexfen, esq., Rich. Sorrell, esq., and Chris. Sorrell, gent., querants; Francis Hancock, esq., deforciant.
Lands in Crumblethorpe and Calstropp.

Lincolnshire  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/141  19 May 1631

Bargain and sale; consideration £300.
(1) Jn. Heywood of Somercotes, Lincs., esq., to (2) Thos. Herisson of West Girtle.
Lands in Skitbrooke and North Somercotes, Lincs.

Plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title or date]  AM/142/1,2

1" Ordnance Survey plan, no. 25 (Liskeard-Callington area), 1875 edition (in 2 sections)

[no title]  AM/143  1882

Outline plan of proposed line of Devon and Cornwall Central Railway

[no title or date]  AM/144

1" Ordance Survey: geological survey, no. 14 (Salisbury Plain), 1857 edition.

[no title or date]  AM/145

"A New and Accurate Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster and borough of Southwark with the new roads and buildings ..." 1789 (J. Marshall, London).

[no title]  AM/146  1872

Admiralty Chart no. 2060a, North Atlantic (eastern section)


ADAMS  [no ref. or date]

William Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/147  1826

Inventory of goods of Wm. Adams of Tregare, Egloskerry, decd.

Tabitha Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/148  1866

Succession duty account payable by Jn. Couch Adams on Badharlick, inherited from his mother Tabitha

[no title]  AM/149/1-3  Aug. and Nov. 1866

Forms for legacy receipts for bequests to Grace Couch Adams, Wm. Grylls Adams and Mary Anne Adams made through will of Tabitha Knill Adams by Grace Couch (d. Laneast 1836)

[no title]  AM/150/1-3  1866

Accounts of Geo. Adams, administrator of estate of his mother Tabitha

Grace Couch Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/151  Made Apr. 1891

Will and probate of Grace Couch Adams of Wivelscombe, Saltash, spr.
- bros. Geo. and Wm. to be exors.
- all money and securities to children of late sister Mrs. Rosevear when they reach 21.
Proved Bodmin July 1891.

[no title]  AM/152/1-7  1891

Funeral and probate expenses

[no title]  AM/153/1-3  1891

Legacy duty papers

[no title]  AM/154  1891

Book of executor's accounts, with numerous bills and receipts, and some letters to Geo. Adams from Wm. Grylls A. and Harry Roseveare relating to Grace's estate

John Couch Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/155  Made June 1889

Copy will, Jn. Couch Adams of The Observatory, Cambridge.
- w. Eliza and bro. Geo. to be exors.
- Trewbody's Badharlick in Egloskerry to nephew Thos. A., s. of late bro. rev. Thos. A., also the old family Bible formerly belonging to testator's Aunt Grace Couch.
- Coombe and ground at Coombe Gate in Trewen to bro. Geo. A., also Trekenner in Laneast; after his death to nephew Thos. (Coombe) and nephew Harry Roseveare (Trekenner)
- Beeny in St. Juliot to bro. Prof. Wm. Grylls Adams
- bro.-in-law Hen. Roseveare released from any loans
- £1000 and old silver spoons "left me by my Aunt Grace Couch", and old silver sugar basin and tongs to sister Grace Couch Adams of Wivelscombe, spr.
- all nephews and nieces, children of Rev. Thos., Wm. Grylls Adams, and Mary Ann Roseveare, £3000 at 21.
- cousin Jn. Grylls of Badharlick, £100, and £50 to his bro. Sam.
- cousin Sam. Smith of Stoke, Devonport, £100
- assistant Andrew Graham, £100 "as a small token of my appreciation of the assistance he has long rendered to me at the Observatory"; also books, and £50 to 2nd assistant Mr. Todd
- £100 to poor of Laneast parish
- £100 for a free library at Launceston
- trustees to select any books not otherwise disposed of to form nucleus of Launceston library
- £10 to Ann Badcock, formerly Dawe, w. of Thos. Badcock of Egloskerry and dau. of Jn. Dawe, in memory of her mother Anne Dawe, "my first schoolmistress"
- telescope to observatory
- early printed books and astronomical books to University Library, selected books to libraries of Pembroke and St. Johns
- rest of mathematical and scientific books to bro Wm.
- trustees to sell house in Huntingdon Road and 3 cottages at Honey Hill, Cambridge
- rest of property to w. Eliza; if she die in his lifetime or intestate after his death, rest of property to nephews and nieces.

[no title]  AM/156  nd

Draft of above will

[no title]  AM/157  Feb. 1892

Application for probate

[no title]  AM/158  14 Aug. 1894

Deed of appointment.
(1) Eliza Adams, wid. of Jn. Couch Adams, to (2) Wm. Grylls Adams.
Recites: will of Jn. Couch Adams, 24 Nov. 1889.
Stocks and shares: 200 shares of £10 each in The Middle Class Dwellings, Ltd., being part of residuary estate bequeathed to her by her late husband.

[no title]  AM/159  Probably 1894

Draft deed of appointment
Parties as above.
Recites: will of Jn. Couch Adams, 24 Nov. 1889.
Stocks and shares (listed in detail) including many railway shares, and "the old sugar basin, tongs, and the old silver spoons".

[no title]  AM/160/1,2  7 June 1892

Deed of appointment (also draft).
(1) Eliza Adams of The Observatory, Cambridge, wid., to (2) Wm. Grylls Adams of King's College, London.
Recites: will of Jn. Couch Adams, 1889.
(1) wishes to make further provision for all nephews and nieces except Thos. A.
(1) to pay to (2) £6500 as trust fund.

[no title]  AM/161  7 Nov. 1896

Release of interest in residuary estate.
(1) Eliza Adams of Brookside, Cambridge, wid., to (2) Wm. Grylls Adams of King's College, London.
Recites: will of Jn. Couch Adams, 1889.
Deed of appointment, 1892.
With schedule of stocks and shares.

[no title]  AM/162  1859-88

Bank book, Jn. Couch Adams with Dingley, Pethybridge, White and Dingley, Launceston Bank

[no title]  AM/163/1,2  1895

Papers relating to payment of legacies to nephews and nieces, with account of moneys held in trust for Mary Roseveare, J. A. Roseveare, Alfred Jn. Roseveare, Hilda Alice Roseveare, Wm. Grylls Adams and Jn. Dingle Adams

Eliza Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/164  1873-74

Bill of costs, making will of Mrs. J. C. Adams

George Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/165  Made Mar. 1908

Will of Geo. Adams of Home Park, Saltash, J.P.
- w. Mary and bro. Wm., and Fred. Beer, manager of Barclay's Bank, Saltash, to be exors.
- £100 to Fred. Beer
- all personal property and £100 to w.
- Home Park in trust for w.
- bro. Wm., share in manor of Cusgarne and in tithe rent charge of St. Clement; also £500
- Trekenner in Laneast in trust for Polly's son Henry Herbert Roseveare.
- great-nephew Thos. Lennox Adams and his sister Grace, commonly called Gypsy, "children of my late nephew Canon Thos. Adams", £500 each
- nieces Emily Yeld and Grace Warner, children of late bro. rev. Thos. Adams, and to May, Wm. and Jn., children of Wm. Grylls Adams, and to Elizabeth, Eliza Mary, Thos., Jn. and Hilda, children of sister Polly, £500 each.
- £500 for children of late niece Maria Simon
- Coombe and Coombe Gate in Trewen, on which a cottage formerly stood, "given to me by my late brother Jn. Couch Adams", in trust, for sale, to pay legacies.

[no title]  AM/166  3 Apr. 1908

Letter from Wm. Thos. Adams of Tremar, St. Cleer, to relatives of the late Mr. G. Adams of Home Park, Saltash, asking if he may attend funeral, being descendant of W. Adams of H. M. Dockyard, Devonport

[no title]  AM/167/1,2  1908

Estate duty accounts

[no title]  AM/168  nd

Assent to bequest
Mary Adams of Home Park, Saltash, wid., Wm. Grylls Adams of Broadstone, Dorset, and Fred. Beer of Saltash, bank manager, exors. of Geo. A. decd.

[no title]  AM/170/1-3  c. 1909-1910

Accounts of Geo. Adams (mortgages, rents, stocks and shares, etc.)

[no title]  AM/171/1-25  Aug. 1906-Mar. 1911

Correspondence relating to sale of stocks, payment of cheques, succession duty and payment of legacies

[no title]  AM/172/1,2  Nov. 1917

Statement of residuary estate of Geo. Adams, decd., and accompanying letters

Wm. Grylls Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/173  Made 17 Dec. 1910

Will of Wm. Grylls Adams, professor of Natural Philosophy at King's College, London.
- dau. Mary Grylls Adams, s. Wm. Grylls Adams and cousin Dr. Harry Dingle to be exors.
- £200 to Harry Dingle.
- w. to have all household effects not otherwise bequeathed.
- dau. Mary, silver, (listed in detail), old china dishes, and any books she may select.
- s. Wm., silver tablespoons.
- s. Jn., silver tablespoons
- trustees to invest £5000 for s. Jn. Dingle A., his w. Alice and their children; also all rights in manor of Cusgarne and share in St. Clements tithes.
- dau. Mary to have Trewbody's Badharlick in Egloskerry, and Tremeer, Underlanes and Pinklands in St. Clether.
- income from Treroose in Laneast for w. Mary, then to dau.
- Lower Beeny in St. Juliot (400a) to w., then to s. Wm.

[no title]  AM/174  nd

Notes on distribution of lands among children of Wm. Grylls Adams

ANDREW  [no ref. or date]

Hen. Prynn Andrew  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/175  1 July 1913

Trustee's account, estate of Hen. Prynn Andrew

BARON  [no ref. or date]

Jn. Baron  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/176/1,2  1623

Will and probate of Jn. Baron, sen., of Egloskerry, yeo.
- kinswoman Prudence Gibbins, £10.
- kinswoman Margt. Where, £10.
- Kath. Randle and Argent Bond, daus. of Jn. Strong gent., late decd., 40/- each.
- kinsman Degorie Roger, sen., £10
- kinsman Leonard Roger sen., £10.
- Degory Wallis and his bro., children of Degory and Johan Walles now decd. (Johan being testator's kinswoman), £5 each.
- children of Andrew Congdon, kinsman, decd., £10
- Grace, dau. of sister Eliz. Bastard, £10
- 3 children of Degory Harry, decd. (sister Eliz.'s son), 10/- each.
- 12 pence each to godchildren.
- Jn. Peeres of Bennacott, 10/-; his sister Maude P. 10/-, his sister Thomasine P. 10/-; his sister Kath. Netherton 10/-.
- 3 daus. of Blasey Larke, decd., 10/- each
- Geo. Baron, tenement in South Tregeare late occ. Nich. Hill, and tenement in Bogdall in Laneast late occ. Rob. Hocken, also tenement in Bogdall now occ. Edw. Wallis.
- kinsman Wm. Bastard and his heirs, tenement in Trecollis in Altarnun in occ. Jn. Northey; tenement in Trerethick in Altarnun in occ. wid. Heydon
- kinsman Thos. Peeres, tenement in South Tregeare in occ. testator; tenement in Treglarrick in St. Clether in occ. Wm. Hocken
- w. Eliz., tenement in Bodharlock "where I now dwell", and 1/6 part of rectory and tithe sheaf of Egloskerry and Tremayne; also lands in Treglum and Treyew in Tresmeer.
- nephew Jn. Baron of Treludick, lands in Treyew in Tresmeer which testator purchased from Jn. Harry
- £10 to poor of Egloskerry "to be delivered to the eight sidesmen of the parish" to buy wool, spin it and return it to the Eight Men
- 10/- to poor of Laneast and to poor of Tresmeer
- residue to w. Eliz. (extrix.).
Made [...] 1 Aug. proved P.C.C. 1624.

COUCH  [no ref. or date]

Jn. Couch  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/177  1 July 1805

Grant of administration by bishop of Exeter to Jn. Couch, s. of Jn. Couch of Egloskerry, miller, decd.

Grace Couch  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/178  Made May 1815

Will of Grace Couch, w. of Jn. C. late of Callington but now of Egloskerry, gent.
- Little Orchard with newly-built dwelling-house now in occ. of Geo. Holman, labourer, with hedge adj. high road (all part of Badharlick in Egloskerry, devised by Ann Trewbody, spr., to Grace C. for her own use), to Geo. Holman for ever
- bro Wm. Grills, £5
- sister Albina, w. of Sam. Lane, £5
- Badharlick (except above premises) and all other lands to use of Wm. Jope of Liskeard, gent., in trust, rents to be received by her husband for life, after his death to provide £10 annuity for bro. Jn. Grills, and 10/- to Joan Ball, wid., for life; after husband's death, residue of rents to be administered as testator's niece Tabitha Knill Grills shall direct and as she shall appoint in her will

Jn. Couch  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/179  Made Nov. 1815

Copy will of Jn. Couch of Egloskerry, yeo.
- w. Grace, a cott house and garden in Badharlock commonly called the mill tenement, and 4 little plots of ground part of Little Skinish (both held by lease), also all household goods and furniture

Grace Couch  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/180  Made 26 June 1820

Will of Grace Couch of Laneast, wid.
- dwelling-house where she formerly lived at Badharlick in Egloskerry, now occ. by Mr. Little, surgeon, as her tenant, with court in front of house, 2 adj. gardens and dwelling-house, pigs houses outside front gate, large orchard and an ashes house in back court, with right to erect wood and turf stacks in back court and to pass through court to fetch water, to niece Tabitha Knill Adams, w. of Thos. A. of Laneast, yeo., for her life, then to her son Jn. Couch Adams, then to any other children.
- rest of estate of Badharlick now in occ. of testator's nephew Jn. Grylls as tenant, to Jn. G. for rest of life, then to Jn. Couch Adams
- £5 annuity to Tabitha out of rest of Badharlick
- estate at Badharlick (4 plots) called Little Skinnish in occ. Hen. Goodman (leasehold), and house and garden called Mill Tenement, to Tabitha, for rest of lease
- Tabitha to have residue of estate, furniture and household goods

COZEN  [no ref. or date]

Mathew Cozen  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/181  Made Oct. 1653

Copy will of Mathew Cozen, captain of Pendennis Castle, esq.
- s. and heir Gideon, manor of Trevening
- 2nd s. Jonathan, manor of Triggameere
- 3rd s. David, lands in St. Cleer and Menheniot called Hill Kutbeare, Lambadlow and Fursdown
- if any son die before 17, lands to be divided between others
- if all die before 17, lands to testator's w. Eliz. for life, then to bro. Thos. C.
- bro. Thos., £10; bro. Patrick and mother-in-law Johan Wyvell and sister-in-law Mrs. Johan Pomeroy, and son-in-law Thos. Dodson, 20 /- each for gold rings
- rest of goods to w. Eliz. (extrix.)
- overseers of will: Capt. Chas. Shrubsoll of Canterbury, Lieut. Hen. Trefusis, bros. Thos. and Patrick, and cousin Hunt Greenwood of Liskeard

David Cozens  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/182  Made Oct. 1673

Will of David Cozens of St. Germans, gent.
- w. Eliz. £10
- rest of goods to bro. Jonathan (acting exor.) in trust for daus. Mary, Eliz. and Thamazin until 21 (exors.)

[no title]  AM/183  Made May 1678

Will of Gideon Cozens of Middle Temple, London, esq., "having soe fresh in my memory ye late sudden death of my deare and loveing wife".
- burial, if dying in London, at "a parish church called Graveney, aboute 2 or 3 miles from Faversham in Kent", and buried as near as possible "to my mother's Ashes who was buried there about 1655 or 1656, and was the wife of Charles Shrubsoll of that parish, my Unkle and Aunte Monings of Harble Down near Canterbury can direct you"
- burial, if dying in Cornwall, in St. Ive church near to his father.
- if dying in neither place, burial where testator thinks fit, not to spend more than £30 or £40 on funeral
- lands in Lincolnshire to Hen. Pollexfen of Inner Temple, Jn. Buller of Morval, Edw. Elliot of Trehunsey, esqs., and Wm. Saltern of St. Ive, gent. in trust to pay debts and legacies.
- £30 for a ring to Eliz., dau. of Edw. Cosyns of Bath.
- £200 to bro. David.
- 20/- to sister-in-law Eliz. Dodson, 20/- to "her son my cozen Thos. Dodson", and 10/- each to her other children, except to Mary, testator's goddau., who receives 20/-.
- £25 to the widow of "one Davies of Linkinhorne, I take it her name is Eliz. Davies and I hear that she is since married or to be married to one of the sons of Anthony Lucas of South Petherwin".
- £10 to Hen. Pollexfen, 20/- to Jn. Buller, 20/- to Edw. Elliot, 20/- to Wm. Saltren.
- 40/- each to Geo. Sedley, a saddler at the Falcon in Fleet Street, and his son Geo., "my godson".
- £5 to Edw. Penhale, bro. Dodson's former servant.
- £20 to servant Thos. Dynham, £10 to Hen. French, £3 to Jane Harry, £5 to Johan Cruse "that lived with me", £3 each to servants Eliz. Gilstrap and Thos. Landry
- £5 to Phil. Thomas of city of London, jeweller
- 40/- to Jn. Amery, a bookseller at the Peacock, Fleet Street.
- 20/- to Jn. Mill of Middle Temple
- 40/- to uncle Thos. Cozens of Pembroke
- 40/- to Aunt Ann Monnings of Harble Down, Canterbury
- all Cornish lands to bro. Jonathan, then to bro. David.
- bro. Jonathan to be exor.

Jonathan Cozens  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/184  Made Feb. 1690/91

(Part only)

Will and probate of Jonathan Cozens of Brightor, gent.
- w. Mary, all estates in Landrake for life, and £5 annuity out of Egloskerry land
- children to have estate in Egloskerry being 2 tenements called Higher Tenement and Philpe's tenement; also interest in 2 houses in Whitefriars, London (extrix. to have one year's rent of houses to pay debts)
- children to have right to house and plot of ground in Saltash town late occ. Elliot
- father-in-law Jn. Saltren, gent., bros.-in-law Wm., Thos. and Rich. Saltren, 20/- each; to be overseers of children until 21
- 20/- to mother-in-law; 20/- to kinsman Thos. Dodson
- wife to have all plate and household goods for her life, then to children.
"I desire my wife and children to be kinde and helpfull to my brother and his children"
- residue to w. (extrix.)
Proved P.C.C. Feb. 1691/92

[no title]  AM/185  18 Mar. 1691/92

Letter to Jn. Saltren concerning probate of Mr. Cozens' will

Margaret Cozens  [no ref. or date]

[no title or date]  AM/186

Copy will of Margt. Cozens of Callington borough, spr.
- nephew Nathaniel Trebody, all right to estate in Bodharlick, and half the small tithes; right to garden and orchard in Saltash
- niece Margt. Trewbody, £100 at 21
- niece Anne Trewbody £50 at 21
- niece Mary Trewbody, (extrix.), all goods
- bro.-in-law Nathaniel Trewbody, and sister Mary his wife, to be trustees of cousins until they are 21

[no title]  AM/187  1 June 1719

Archdeaconry of Cornwall, probate of will of Margt. Cozens of Callington

CRUSE  [no ref. or date]

Eliz. Cruse  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/188  1656

Part only of receipt, Joan Wyvell of Bedharlock, wid., to Gideon Cozens, for legacy bequeathed by Eliz. Cruse, wid., being all her goods at Nottor in St. Stephen-by-Saltash; also a bond in £1000 by which Winifred Hitchens is bound to surrender Nottor on demand.

DINGLE  [no ref. or date]

Richard Hawke Dingle  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/189  Mar. 1888

Grant of administration of goods of Rich. Hawke Dingle of Trerithick, Altarnun, to dau. Mary Adams

[no title]  AM/190/1,2  Dec. 1887

Copy death certificates

[no title]  AM/191  1859-88

Bank book, Dingley, Pethybridge, White and Dingley, Launceston Bank

[no title]  AM/192  Mar. 1888

Letter from E. Pethybridge to Wm. Grylls Adams concerning late Mr. Dingle's estate

Fanny Vickers Dingle  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/193  Made Feb. 1922

Copy will of Fanny Vickers Dingle, Lancaster Gate, London, spr.
- burial at Norwood cemetery with parents and brother
- money bequests to Clara Dingle, Marion Georgina Dutton and Fred. Burrington (exors.)
- silver and plate to Fred. B.
- jewellry to Clara, Emlin and Eliz. Southall, Clara D., Marion Dutton and Mary Grylls Adams

DODSON  [no ref. or date]

Thos. Dodson  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/194  Made 6 May 1669

Will of Thos. Dodson of Hay, St. Ive, esq.
- £10 to poor of St. Ive.
- £50 to w. Eliz., and free use of all household goods at Hay, to be used in the house, for her life; cattle, corn and hay on barton of Hay and Tremeere.
- £500 to eldest dau. Eliz. for her portion at 21 or at her marriage, if this is with consent of her family and relations
- s. Thos. to pay Eliz. £4 quarterly maintenance until £00 paid
- daus. Anna, Mary, Joan and Thomasin, and s. Sidley, £500 each, same conditions as Eliz. (Mary and Sidley's names crossed out).
- half-brothers Gideon, Jonathan and David Cozens £10 each
- 20/- to kinsman Francis Buller for a ring
- rest of goods to s. Thos. D. (exor.); Francis Buller and Cozens brothers to oversee will and "to take care that my Children bee well educated and brought up"
Endorsed: "June the 25th 1670. I did blott out my third daughter Mary and my second son Sedley Dodson out of my will within written, it having pleased Almighty God to take them both to his mercy, and I then added my fifth daughter Thomasin Dodson, for whome I intend the same sum of £500 for her portion as the rest of her sisters have"
"November the 25th 1671. I hereby give the said sum of £500 to my daughter Thomasin Dodson for her portion and £500 more to my sixth daughter Mary Dodson for her portion to be paid her as her sisters' portions".

NICOLLS  [no ref. or date]

Jn. Nicolls  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/195/1-3  Made July 1884

Copy will of Jn. Nicolls of Trerithick, Altarnun, yeo.
- wife to have as much furniture as she needs for her own use; to live at Treithick 6 months after his death
- rest of estate to bro. Edw., paying w. Eliza £100 annuity; at wife's death, Edw. to pay £300 each to the 3 children of Wm. Grylls Adams and his w. Mary at 21.
Also opinion of Frank Crisp, old Jewry, London, that will is imperfect regarding security given to widow; may necessitate court action to obtain children's legacies, Apr. 1885

[no title]  AM/196/1,2  1896

Draft letters relating to children's legacies

[no title or date]  AM/197

Notes on mortgages, purchase of land, annuity for Jn. Nicolls' widow.

Eliza Nicolls  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/198  1893

Application for letters of administration on goods of Eliza Nicolls

[no title]  AM/199  2 Dec. 1893

Grant of administration of goods of Eliza Nicolls of Trerithick, Altarnun, wid., to sister Mary Adams

[no title]  AM/200  Nov. 1893

Death certificate

[no title]  AM/201/1-3  1893

Legacy duty accounts

[no title]  AM/202  Dec. 1893

Queries relating to case of Adams v. Nicolls.
(Mary, w. of Wm. Grylls Adams, dau. and admr. of Rich. Hawke Dingle, sister of Eliza Nicolls, decd., v. Edw. Nicolls "now supposed to be residing at Vancouver in America" (sic), formerly a solicitor in Callington, exor. of will of his bro. Jn. N., 1884)
1873 Rich. Dingle lent his sister-in-law £200 on I.O.U., being very old, and living at Trerithick with Jn. and Eliza N. until his death in 1887.
Mrs. Adams knew nothing of I.O.U. until sorting papers of her late sister; affairs of Jn. Nicolls entangled with affairs of Edw. Nicolls "who is said to be an absconding bankrupt"
Opinion that little chance of success after so many years; Mrs. Nicolls should have brought case against Edw. N. for repayment of I.O.U.

TILT  [no ref. or date]

Chas. Tilt  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/203/1,2  1902-1903

Interest account and division of capital, estate of late Chas. Tilt

TREWBODY  [no ref. or date]

Nathaniel Trewbody  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/204  Made Feb. 1735

Will of Nathaniel Trewbody of Callington, gent.
- to father and mother equally between them all his real estate at Bodharlick in Egloskerry, and a plot in Saltash borough, for their lives
To sisters, equally between them, estate of inheritance (as above), after parents' death

Margaret Trewbody  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/205  Made Feb. 1763

Will of Margt. Trewbody leaving all her possessions to her sister Ann T.

Nathaniel Trewbody  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/206  Made Mar. 1772

Copy will of Nathaniel Trewbody, formerly of Callington, now of Dublin, gent.
- sister Ann T., Bodharlick in Egloskerry for her life and to her heirs for ever
- Jn. Tate of Dublin, grocer, lands in Saltash borough and town and in parish of St. Stephen-by-Saltash, on part of which a dwelling-house formerly stood, late occ. Elliott; also all worldly goods in Dublin, in trust, to use of "my very good friend and kinswoman" Mary Davis or Fitzsimmons, w. of Jas. F. of Dublin, gent., "in consideration for her Extraordinary Tenderness and care of me during my long illness"
- sister Ann T. to be extrix.

Ann Trewbody  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/207  Made Jan. 1788

Will of Ann Trewbody of Callington, spr.
- Jas. Messenger of Callington, clerk, and Jn. Grylls of Stokeclimsland, yeo., tenement of Badharlick in Egloskerry, and all other lands, in trust, for Grace, w. of Jn. Couch of Callington, yeo., to receive rents and profits for her life, with power to dispose of lands as she pleases
- rest of goods to Grace (extrix.)
Endorsed: "Former Wills Destroyed"

[no title]  AM/208  Made 12 Feb. 1788

Copy will of Ann Trewbody of Callington, spr.
- burial in Callington church beside her mother
- Jn. Grills of Stokeclimsland, yeo., and Chas. Grills of Stoke Damerel, Devon, yeo., clerk of the chapel in Plymouth Dock, all freehold messuage called Badharlick in trust for Grace, w. of Jn. Couch of Callington, shopkeeper; Grace to have all household goods, furniture, clothes and money (extrix.)

[no title]  AM/209  Made 18 Feb. 1788

Part only of will of Ann Trewbody of Callington, spr.
- bequests as above

[no title]  AM/210  Made 20 Oct. 1790

Part only of will of Ann Trewbody of Callington, spr.
- burial in Callington church beside her mother
- Jn. Grills of Stokeclimsland, yeo., and Wm. Grills of Stoke Damerel, Devon, lamplighter in Plymouth Dock, freehold tenement called Badharlick in trust for Grace, w. of Jn. Couch of Callington, shopkeeper; Grace to have all household goods, furniture, clothes and money (extrix.)

[no title]  AM/211  Made Jan. 1794

Will and probate of Ann Trewbody of Callington, spr.
- bequests as above, but trustees described as Jn. Grills of Stokeclimsland, farmer, and Wm. Grills of Stoke Damerel, Devon, clerk to the chapel in Plymouth Dock
Pr. Bodmin Aug. 1795

WILLS  [no ref. or date]

Peter Wills  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/212/1,2  Made May 1642

Will and probate of Peter Wills of Weard, St. Stephen-by-Saltash, gent. (also copy will)
- £5-13-4 to poor of St. Stephen-by-Saltash
- 20 marks to poor of Landrake
- 40/- to poor of Saltash
- 20/- to poor of Botus Fleming
- 40/- to poor of St. Germans
- 53/- to poor of Morval
- piece of gold of 20/- to Sir Wm. Courtney
- £10 in money to Thos. Dotson, esq.
- to Hen. Wills, gent., a mourning habit and a piece of gold of 20/- to be put into a ring
- mourning suits and cloaks to Jn. and Nich. Axford, Rich. Grove and Rebecca Gay
- money bequests to Thomasine Trenerry, Eliz. Colman, Saphirus Payne, Nich. May, Patience Glasse, "my mother's two servant boys"; £100 to Phileloitea Burell, if she is un-married 18 months after his death
- sister Dotson £20; sister Johan Wills £300 on her marriage
- all lands and residue of goods to mother Johan Wivell, wid. (extrix)
Proved P.C.C. July 1642.

WYVELL  [no ref. or date]

Joan Wyvell  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/213  Made Apr. 1658

Will of Joan Wyvell of Hay, St. Ive, wid.
- burial in churchyard at St. Stephen-by-Saltash near where husband Elias and s. Peter are buried
- 5/- to poor of St. Stephen-by-Saltash
- 40/- to poor of Landrake
- 40/- to poor of St. Germans
- 40/- to poor of Botus Fleming
- 20/- to poor of St. Ive
- 20/- each to apprentices; 40/- to be divided among other servants
- £10 to sister Cruse, and all wearing apparel
- dau. Joan Pomerie and her children, 20/- each
- grandchild Gideon Cozens, £100 4 yrs. after her death, or sooner if his brother and friends think best, to place him an apprentice
- grandchild Thos. Dodson to give Gideon sufficient to maintain him to school if his father-in-law will not do it for him
- grandchild Jonathan Cozens, £100 5 yrs. after her death, or sooner if it seem beneficial; Thos. D. to maintain him at school
- grandson David Cozens, £100 6 yrs. after her death, or sooner if beneficial; Thos. D. to maintain him at school
- Gideon, Jonathan and David released "from all they have cost me for their relefe"
- grandson Thos. D., all lands in Landrake, Botus Fleming, and Saltash town, on condition that he discharge David Cozens and Edw. Roberts and Jn. Veale of all his claim to lands sold or conveyed to them by Mathew and Eliz. Cozens (mother of Thos. D.); if Thos. die leaving no issue, grandson Gideon C. to have Landrake lands, Jonathan to have Botus Fleming lands, David to have Saltash lands
- David C. not to trouble Thos. D. for a plot of ground adj. Cutkine wood
- residue of estate to Thos. D. (exor.).

PAPERS OF JOHN COUCH ADAMS  [no ref. or date]

CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Letters to his family from school  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/214  3 Feb. 1831

From Devonport, to Thos. Adams, Litcot: likes school, "long tasks" to learn every night. News of Aunt's family

[no title]  AM/215  25 Feb. 1831

From Devonport, to parents: has sent parcels home. Mr. Thomas married Mrs. Horne at Stoke; review at Mount Wise for Queen's birthday. Intends to practice the violin. Attended lectures on Rheumatics

[no title]  AM/216  1831

From Devonport, to parents: school fees overcharged, Feb.

[no title]  AM/217  (? 1831)

From Devonport to parents: has joined Mechanics Institute; heard lectures on Anatomy. Pays 2d weekly. Thos. Lang has left Mr. Grylls' school, hopes to attend one at Cawsand. Aunt requires another bag of flour

[no title]  AM/218  3 Sep. 1831

From Devonport, to parents: has received violin. Looking forward to Coronation Day, grand procession of yardsmen and dinner for Sunday School, Charity children and poor people, in St. Aubyn Street. Aunt requires flour and bacon

[no title]  AM/219  29 Oct. 1831

From Devonport, to father: attended Mechanics Institute lecture by Mr. W. F. Buchan, surgeon, on the cholera morbus, "now dreadfully raging on the continent of Europe", suggesting cause to be impure air; regulations drawn up by Board of Health of no use

[no title]  AM/220  4 Dec. 1831

From Devonport, to parents: Aunt very poorly. Looking forward to coming home at Christmas. Wants to know name of new baby

[no title]  AM/221  10 Mar. (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: family news. Asks for more frequent letters. Sorry to hear of Uncle and Aunt going to America

[no title]  AM/222  7 Apr. (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: Aunt Ann leaving for America; has been to Plymouth to find out which boat they sail on. Aunt requires a quarter of pork (50-60 lb.)

[no title]  AM/223  21 Apr. (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: all poorly. "I'm rather afraid I should have no letters at all if Mother did not write them"

[no title]  AM/224  5 May (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: John has died, also the baby. Uncle and Aunt very upset. Hopes Thomas and George are progressing in their education

[no title]  AM/225  19 May (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: Aunt Ann and family sail for America tomorrow. Three processions of the Reformers last Wednesday on account of the resignation of the ministers, one from Devonport, one from Stonehouse and me from Plymouth; met on the Hoe for public meeting. "They showed great animosity towards the king... when they passed by an Inn having the sign of William the 4th they began to hiss and cry out "Take off that Crown", but when coming backwards, a petticoat was flung over the figure, I suppose, to signify that he was governed by the queen. But we have heard more lately that Earl Grey has resumed his office as Premier and that the king has pledged himself that the Bill shall pass"

[no title]  AM/226  2 June (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: received cakes and cream; George poorly; in the yard where he works, was accidentally hit in the ear by an apprentice. "I hear that the Reform Bill has passed through the Committee"

[no title]  AM/227  14 July (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: school and family news. "There are a good many dying here in a disease called the Black Cramp". Cholera reported at Plymouth. Sam. wishes he were at home with Thomas

[no title]  AM/228  28 July (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: cholera increasing in Plymouth, Exeter and Tavistock. "People must be particular in their diet, and Aunt keeps castor-oil and brandy in the house, if anyone should be taken in the night"

[no title]  AM/229  27 Oct. (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: no more cases of cholera. Aunt sends brandy to Granny Grylls

[no title]  AM/230  24 Nov. (1832)

From Devonport, to parents: aunt request cammomile, whorehound, and a little elder, for her stomach. No news yet from Aunt Ann

[no title]  AM/231  17 Jan. 1833

From Devonport, to parents: asks for books to be sent by Mr. Ham. Family news

[no title]  AM/232  20 Apr. 1833

From Devonport, to parents: missionary meeting held at Morice and Ker Street chapels, Rev. R. Newton, president of Conference, present. Aunt Grylls died last week, Uncle very ill. Mrs. Grylls requests a dozen of butter

[no title]  AM/233  4 May 1833

From Devonport, to parents: butter arrived safely. New clothes fit well

[no title]  AM/234  18 May 1833

From Devonport, to parents: grandmother's death

[no title]  AM/235  Summer 1833

From Devonport, to brother Thomas: explaining to him stars, planets and constellations

[no title or date]  AM/236

From Devonport, to parents: glad Thomas is studying algebra. Request for butter. Aunt Smith wishes to read the letter from America (1833).

[no title]  AM/237  21 Sep. 1833

From Devonport, to parents: received gift of apples. Election expected shortly, "a very agreeable occurrence for the inhabitants of these towns, for I am rather inclined to think that some of them like a little fun". Hopes to make progress in studies.

[no title]  AM/238  28 Sep. 1833

From Devonport, to parents: "In the usual order of our School Letters, namely once a fortnight, I am under the necessity of again producing something like a Letter; but I really am quite at a loss for a subject. We are obliged to make up a certain number of lines, and as I have no news to communicate or particular questions to ask, perhaps you will allow me to offer a few remarks on the Season of the Year ..."

[no title]  AM/239  19 Oct. 1833

From Devonport, to parents: needs pair of Sunday shoes made. Has a cold "but perhaps a little Liquorice will remove it in a day or two"

[no title]  AM/240  26 Oct. 1833

From Devonport, to parents: "... this being our regular week for writing, I must again send you a few lines, though, I fear, you will consider them very unmeaning as I have nothing particular to communicate". Lectures at Institute begin again next week; hopes to be allowed to attend School Ball. No foundation for rumour that cholera is in Plymouth

[no title]  AM/241  31 May 1834

From Saltash, to parents: school moving into new house at Saltash. "I am getting on with Homer as fast as I can, and like it very much"

[no title]  AM/242  24 Jan. 1835

From Saltash, to parents: reports heavy snowfall. Butter and shoes arrived safely

[no title]  AM/243  5 June 1835

From Landulph, to parents: vacation begins next week

[no title]  AM/244  17 Oct. 1835

From Landulph, to parents: Master Foote of Linkinhorne has joined school. Greatly excited at seeing the comet "which at its visit 380 years ago threw all Europe into consternation ..." Has no handkerchiefs and very little money. Enrolled as member of Mechanics Institute; able to borrow books from Devonport "by means of the Cargreen market boat"

[no title]  AM/245  27 Nov. 1835

From Landulph, to parents: arrangements for coming home. Mrs. Grylls requests a pig

[no title]  AM/246  20 Feb. 1836

From Stoke, to brother Thomas: glad to have news of mother and the baby. Asks for report on George and Thomas' progress in Geometry and English Grammar

[no title]  AM/247  5 Mar. 1836

From Stoke, to parents: would like baby to be called William. Has sent shoes home for repair

[no title]  AM/248  13 May 1836

From Stoke, to brother (Thomas): describes next Sunday's eclipse of the sun, with calculations of best time to see it at Litcott

[no title]  AM/249  4 June 1836

From Stoke, to parents: family news. Hopes to come home soon

[no title]  AM/250  20 Aug. 1836

From Stoke to parents: has received box of books. Barley being cut round Saltash

[no title]  AM/251  10 Sep. 1836

From Stoke, to parents: family news

[no title or date]  AM/252

From Devonport, to parents: Thomas wishes to come home. "There is so much confinement in the shop that he feels he shall (like) the freedom of the country much better". Has seen Mr. Sleep, "our old schoolmaster" who keeps school in Devonport for 90 day scholars, and a night school 19 Nov. 1836.

[no title]  AM/253  26 Nov. 1836

From Devonport, to parents: Thomas wishes to come home, "prefers farmering, although harder work, to the confinement of a shop"

[no title]  AM/254  3 Dec. 1836

From Devonport, to parents: Aunt Lane's house much damaged by storm

[no title]  AM/255  25 Feb. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: school smaller than last term. Thomas busy taking stock, about £5000 worth. Does not think he should like tending customers. Saw the occultation of Mars and the moon

[no title]  AM/256  18 Mar. 1837

From Devonport, to parents: Mr. Vosper wishes Thomas to be bound apprentice and employed in book-keeping. Thomas unsettled about staying in shop (with note from Thomas: hoping for divine guidance in choice of career)

[no title]  AM/257  25 Mar. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: family news

[no title]  AM/258  24 Apr. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: saw last Thursday's eclipse; wrote "a few lines" on the event which was published in the "Telegraph"

[no title]  AM/259  13 May 1837

From Devonport, to parents: Thomas to go home on Monday, another boy coming in his place

[no title]  AM/260  3 June 1837

From Devonport, to parents: explains reason for spending so much money (books and clothes)

[no title]  AM/261  11 Aug. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: new boarders at school. "Mr. Grylls has not got any assistant but me living in the house, but a writing-master has attended this last week, and is coming three times a week". Discusses possibility of going to college. Glad that Lord Eliot headed the poll; hopes the new House of Commons will be better than the last

[no title]  AM/262  16 Sep. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: thanks them for news of alterations to house; asks for news of harvest

[no title]  AM/263  9 Sept. 1837

From Stoke to brother (Thomas): thanks him for books and cash. Glad that Aunt and Uncle at Badharlick "appear to be getting more friendly". Invites mother for a visit

[no title]  AM/264  21 Oct. 1837

To parents: almost forgot to watch eclipse; family news

[no title or date]  AM/265

From Stoke, to parents: whooping-cough in school. Hopes William has recovered from it. Thanks them for cream, asks for music books to be sent 28 Oct. 1837.

[no title]  AM/266  18 Nov. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: sends bottle of mixture for William's cough

[no title]  AM/267  25 Nov. 1837

From Stoke, to parents: asks about William's health

[no title]  AM/268  20 Jan. 1838

From Stoke, to parents: spent Christmas in Stoke. New scholars in school. Creek above bridge to Stonehouse is frozen, many people skating. Glad that "The disturbances in Canada appear to be nearly put down; Troops have been sent out by government but I hope that they will not be required"

Letters to his family from St. John's College, Cambridge.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/269  nd

List of subjects of examination at St. John's.

[no title]  AM/270  28 Nove. 1839

To brother Thomas: busy preparing for examinations. Does not like flat countryside; few watermills, but windmills in every direction. Describes daily college routine (prayers, dinner in Hall, lectures); looked after very well. Butter is sold by length "a pound being made a yard long". Two other Cornishmen (not named); rooms cost £10 per year. Encourages George in mathematical studies. Comments on birth of son and heir to Mrs. Lethbridge of Tregare

[no title]  AM/271  20 Dec. 1839

To brother Thomas: results of exams: he is in 1st class, and 2nd in order. Intends staying in college during vacation to read

[no title]  AM/272  8 Jan. 1840

To brother Thomas: glad to receive money, "not a very plentiful commodity with me at present". Term's bill £35. Next exam. in May will be very difficult, including translation of English poetry into Greek verse

[no title]  AM/273  22 Jan. 1840

To brother Thomas: complains about shortness of family letters. Hopes to receive many, "as postage is so little; we must do what we can to keep up the revenue"

[no title]  AM/274  26 Feb. 1840

To brother Thomas: needs to work hard to keep up with other men

[no title]  AM/275  2 Apr. 1840

To parents: will come home for a month in summer but needs extra tuition for rest of vacation

[no title]  AM/276  29 Apr. 1840

To brother Thomas: grateful for ham and biscuits and for money for extra tuition

[no title]  AM/277  27 May 1840

To parents: asks for money for books and tuition

[no title]  AM/278  24 June 1840

To brother Thomas: walked with friends from Cambridge to London (52 miles). Toured sights of London. Will remain in college for vacation

[no title]  AM/279  11 July, 1840

To parents: describes journey to Cambridge from Exeter (coach, and railway at 36 m.p.h.); has been awarded £40 college exhibition

[no title]  AM/280  22 July 1840

To brother Thomas: advises him on reading

[no title]  AM/281  12 Aug. 1840

To brother Thomas: harvest progressing well in Cambridge. Hopes Thomas continues to read and study; recommends early rising and early retiring. Suggests George should begin geometry

[no title]  AM/282  26 Aug. 1840

To parents: asks for money. Hopes to come home soon

[no title]  AM/283  21 Oct. 1840

To parents: describes journey from Launceston; ate lamb pasty on the way

[no title]  AM/284  11 Nov. 1840

To brother Thomas, university elections. Describes affairs in Syria; Turks defeated Egyptians. "It is anticipated that Mehemet Ali will be forced to abandon Syria"

[no title]  AM/285  24 Nov. 1840

To brother Thomas: anticipates examinations. "I have no fear but that I shall have a very good, if not first rate place, both at this and all future examinations". News of Syrian war; birth of princess

[no title]  AM/286  28 Jan. 1841

To brother Thomas: "Glad to see that Teetotalism has not quite put an end to the good old custom of making merry with your friends". Comments on very sharp frost; "I have heard of several waggoners and other persons having been frozen to death". Asks for money

[no title]  AM/287  28 Apr. 1841

To brother Thomas; on his birthday. Recommends commentary on the Bible published by Religious Tract Society

[no title]  AM/288  16 June 1841

To brother Thomas: visited London, went to the Tower, to see antiquities "now open to the public at a comparatively small charge", including cannon taken up from wreck of "Royal George" at Portsmouth "having been lying at the bottom of the sea for more than 50 years". Also saw Crown Jewels. Spread of Teetotalism has affected revenue so that necessary to lay on new taxes and adopt other means for increase of revenue (Thomas had recently signed the pledge). Asks for opinion on Corn Law proposals

[no title]  AM/289  14 June, 1841

To brother Thomas: elections progressing favourably for Conservatives. Glad to see peace agreement over Eastern Question. Comments on spread of teetotalism in East Cornwall. Asks for money

[no title]  AM/290  24 Aug. 1841

To parents: coming home soon; steam packet probably cheaper than coach. Hopes harvest has been completed

[no title]  AM/291  27 Oct. 1841

To brother Thomas: offers to send father £10. Has eaten all cakes supplied by mother, now eating bacon and tongues

[no title]  AM/292  9 Nov. 1841

To brother Thomas: hopes family continues its studies; remarks on destruction of the Armoury at the Tower; news of Parliament; sends half a £10 note, other half to follow

[no title]  AM/293  24 Nov. 1841

To brother Thomas: sends other half of £10 note. Has been granted exhibition for further year

[no title]  AM/294  4 Apr. 1842

To brother Thomas: concerned about father's illness. Glad to hear that Uncle Richard and family arrived safely "in their newly-adopted country"

[no title]  AM/295  17 May 1842

To brother Thomas: exams start on Monday but is "well prepared". Birthday greetings on Thomas' 21st birthday

[no title]  AM/296  19 Oct. 1842

To parents: visited London; next term his last as an undergraduate

[no title]  AM/297  26 Oct. 1842

To brother George: scholarship exam. over, but "I have no cause for anxiety"

[no title]  AM/298  21 Dec. 1842

To brother Thomas: sure of obtaining "a respectable place" in exams. Asks for money

[no title]  AM/299  12 Jan. 1843

To brother Thomas: exams over. Would prefer to be at home enjoying Christmas parties, which "keep up a good feeling among the neighbourhood"

[no title]  AM/300  27 Jan. 1843

To parents: has been awarded top marks in exam. for Smith's Prize

[no title]  AM/301  10 Feb. 1843

To parents: asks for loan until pupils begin to pay him (now a private tutor). Not pleased with article about him in "Gazette" as information incorrect

[no title]  AM/302  4 Apr. 1843

To parents: has been elected Fellow of St. Johns; describes exams

[no title]  AM/303  4 Apr. 1843

To sister Elizabeth: congratulates her on her writing; suggests reading as a profitable leisure pursuit

[no title]  AM/304  11 May 1843

To brother Thomas: advice on career and education. Suggests Thomas and George might attend a Classical School, perhaps Mr. Gilbert's in Devonport, which would qualify Thomas for "higher sphere of usefulness" especially as a Minister

[no title]  AM/305  30 June (1843)

To brother George: describes journey to Cambridge and move into new rooms

[no title]  AM/306  13 July 1843

To parents: glad to see Thomas at Cambridge. Also note from Thomas: exam. is over, would like them to arrange substitutes for his next preaching appointments

[no title]  AM/307  24 Aug. 1843

To brother Thomas: investigating life assurance policies. New room almost ready to occupy

[no title]  AM/308  18 Sep. 1843

To brother George (from Laneast): has settled insurance. Travelled home by railway. Harvest at home good

[no title]  AM/309  Oct. 1843

To parents: intends to see Thomas in London before returning to Cambridge

[no title]  AM/310  26 Dec. 1843

To brother Thomas: has to delay visit to London but arranges future meeting

[no title]  AM/311  1 Jan 1844

To parents (from Jn. Couch Adams and brother Thomas, both in London): describing visit to London. Thomas thanks Almighty for his success

[no title]  AM/312/1,2  2 Mar. 1844

To brother George: recommends study of algebra and Euclid, also Latin, which would help to improve his English grammar

[no title]  AM/313  9 Mar. 1844

To brother George: asks for letters from rest of family. Regards to Badharlick relations

[no title]  AM/314  14 Mar. 1844

To brother George: suggests half-year trial of school at Saltash; Thomas is learning Greek as well as Latin

[no title]  AM/315  4 Apr. 1844

To parents: glad George is pleased with new school. Hopes Grace makes progress at Launceston

[no title]  AM/316  26 Apr. 1844

To parents: spent week in Suffolk and Norfolk. Hopes to repay £100 by end of summer

[no title]  AM/317  17 May 1844

To parents: hopes to be home soon. Busy with pupils

[no title]  AM/318  8 June 1844

To brother Thomas, at Wesleyan Theological Institution, Richmond (from Litcott): describes journey home. Has given little brother William book entitled "Learning to Think" - "I hope that it will teach him to do so"

[no title]  AM/319  29 June 1844

To brother Thomas: on way to Cambridge, hopes to spend night in London

[no title]  AM/320  21 Oct. 1844

To parents: safe arrival in Cambridge. Lectures begin shortly. Had letter published in "The Times" (about the comet). Intends to spend evening at observatory

[no title]  AM/321  18 Dec. 1844

To brother George: thanks him for telescope. Has been appointed joint curator of the college observatory

[no title]  AM/322/1,2  3 Apr. 1845

To brother George: spent some time in London, able to visit House of Commons for debate (Peel, and Mr. Buller, M.P. for Liskeard). Discusses reduction in price of glass, sugar and cotton as being more beneficial to the poor than reduction in window duty. Wishes George had larger farm than Litcott. Suggests 7 yr. term. Additional servant maid should be employed to help mother in house. Asks George to buy surveying chain with cross staff

[no title]  AM/323  10 July 1845

To brother George: visited meeting of British Association and saw for first time "some of our greatest scientific men, Hershel, Airey, Hamilton ..." Has become life member. Railroad will soon be open to Cambridge

[no title]  AM/324  28 Aug. 1845

To brother George: railway now opened, easy to reach London. Has made "further advances in calculating the place of the supposed new planet". Asks about harvest

[no title]  AM/325  6 Feb. 1846

To brother George: thinks Peel will have power to carry his "new propositions" into effect, and price of corn will probably fall. Advises father not to submit to increased rent. Hopes to make investment in the railway

[no title]  AM/326/1,2  29 June 1846

To brother Thomas (at Wesleyan Theological Institution): has visited the Lakes with Mr. Hext, "A Cornishman from somewhere near St. Teath"

[no title]  AM/327  7 Oct. 1846

To parents (from Taunton): Thomas to be married tomorrow, and will then travel home

[no title]  AM/328  25 Nov. 1846

To brother George: has heard from Thomas, now under way, having sent note by friends "who had come to see them on board". Hopes to be able to devote himself to own work and reading, with fewer pupils

[no title]  AM/329  25 Nov. 1846

To parents: has seen Thomas and Maria in London, lying at anchor waiting for a wind. George still in Taunton

[no title or date]  AM/330

Draft letter from Jn. Couch Adams, apologising for calling at Observatory at unsuitable time, and explaining the calculations which led him to discover the new planet, 13 Nov. [...] 1846 ? (? to Astronomer Royal).

[no title]  AM/331  18 Nov. 1846

Draft letter from Jn. Couch Adams, to G. B. Airy, esq., Astronomer Royal, about discovery of the new planet

[no title]  AM/332  29 May, 1847

To parents: "Neptune has been taking up much of my time and attention". Sir David Brewster has written "a splendid article" about new planet in the "North British Review". Has been offered professorship of Natural Philosophy at St. Andrews University, but does not think it right to accept

[no title]  AM/333  7 Sep. 1847

To sister Grace: glad Thomas and Maria have arrived safely in Australia. Intends to spend part of holiday with Professor Sedgwick

[no title]  AM/334/1-3  20 Nov. 1847

To parents: has not yet received money to which he is entitled for the Moderatorship

[no title]  AM/335  10 Dec. 1847

To brother George: sorry to hear of Uncle George's death.
Cannot come to funeral. Many people dying of influenza

[no title]  AM/336  8 Jan. 1848

To brother George: hopes father is better. Spent week at Sir John Herschel's

[no title]  AM/337  5 May 1848

To parents: hopes Elizabeth is improving. Described his godson's christening

[no title]  AM/338/1,2  11 and 13 May 1848

To parents and George: no better news of Elizabeth. Has instructed bankers to send money to Launceston

[no title]  AM/339  28 June 1848

To parents: arrived back at Cambridge (Elizabeth died in May)

[no title]  AM/340  4 July 1848

To brother George: describes journey to Taunton, London and Cambridge

[no title]  AM/341  18 Aug. 1848

To father: sends love to brother Thomas, Maria, "and little Tom" in Australia. Thomas "does not seem to have a high opinion of farming prospects in Australia". Comments on Irish rebellion

[no title]  AM/342  20 Oct. 1848

To parents: financial news

[no title]  AM/343  6 Nov. 1848

To brother George: cannot do what Mr. White wishes (unspecified)

[no title]  AM/344  24 Nov. 1848

To brother George: commiserates on his accident (scalding).
Has sent money to father

[no title]  AM/345/1,2  8 Dec. 1848

To brother George: does not wish to invest much money in land, "other investments offer a much higher interest on money than land does", though may agree to purchase Symons' tenement

[no title]  AM/346  14 Dec. 1848

To brother George: not sorry that family failed to purchase Symons' land

[no title]  AM/347/1,2  1 Jan. 1849

To parents: comments on "eventful year" (1848) "to all the world"

[no title]  AM/348/1,2  19 Jan. 1849

To brother George: glad to hear Thomas arrived safely. "I enclose with this a copy of the Illustrated London News giving a description of The Tubular bridge they are forming over the Menai Straits"

[no title]  AM/349  23 Mar. 1849

To parents: sends money to father

[no title]  AM/350  5 May 1849

To parents: reminds mother that loss of Elizabeth "is the common lot to which we ought to be resigned". Glad Indian war has ended, will send paper to give an account of it

[no title]  AM/351  2 June 1849

To parents: intends to come home in mid-June. Weather very hot

[no title]  AM/352  11 June 1849

To parents: has been elected Fellow of Royal Society. Looks forward to coming home

[no title]  AM/353  20 July 1849

To parents: describes journey back to Cambridge

[no title]  AM/354  4 Oct. 1849

To parents: spent week at Birmingham (British Association for the Advancement of Science). Toured North Wales with Mr. Stokes of Pembroke College "who will probably be our new Lucasian Professor of Mathematics". Hardly any cholera in South Wales, very little in Cambridge, "greatly diminished" in London; hopes "this severe visitation" will soon be at an end

[no title]  AM/355  15 Dec. 1849

To parents: in London for meeting of Astronomical Society.
Cannot come home at Christmas. Mother must not expose herself to cold "although in our house it must be very difficult to avoid doing so"

[no title]  AM/356  23 Dec. 1849

To parents: Christmas wishes. Has lost small slide rule, may have left it at home

[no title]  AM/357  21 Mar. 1850

To parents: suggests showerbath treatment for pains in mother's head. Trip to Jersey recommended for sister Grace who is getting deaf

[no title]  AM/358  25 Mar. 1850

To parents: glad to hear of Thomas and Maria "and their increasing family... Thomas is getting a most important and wealthy man... he is also a linguist and an astronomer engaged in translating the Bible and in calculating eclipses". Has attended local Assizes - cases of fire, poisoning, etc.

[no title]  AM/359  7 June 1850

To brother George (from Royal Astronomical Society): coming home on Thursday

[no title]  AM/360/1,2  29 July, 1850

To brother George: does not need nightshirt until October.
Travelling to Royal Institution meeting in Edinburgh in morning

[no title]  AM/361  16 Aug. 1850

To parents (from Alnwick Castle): on visit to Duke of Northumberland "making use of the invitation received when Mother and I met the Duke in Launceston Castle"; attended British Association meeting in Edinburgh, "the most be beautiful city that I have ever seen". Spent week in walking tour of Scotland

[no title]  AM/362  18 Sep. 1850

To parents (from Woods Hotel, London): spent 2 weeks in Yorkshire with Mr. Riddell. Country needs rain. "I see by the papers that Mr. Hind has found another new planet, but I have heard no particulars about it yet"; university news

[no title]  AM/363  14 Nov. 1850

To parents: glad mother is beginning to enjoy the showerbath; recommends cold water bath every morning. Thomas enquires about price of magic lanterns, "in order to show some amusing philosophical experiments to the natives". Cannot come home at Christmas, as one of senior Fellows has offered to present portrait of Jn. C. A. to College, and painter wishes to do it in Christmas vacation

[no title]  AM/364  18 Dec. 1850

To parents: portrait to be painted by Mr. Mogford, "a young and rising man". Has sent books to George, Grace, William and Mary Ann for Christmas. Sorry to hear of break-up of Laneast school. "Mr. Everest is very unfortunately situated, all his efforts for the good of the parish being so continually thwarted". Suggests they invite Wm. Grylls to stay for part of vacation

[no title]  AM/365  5 Jan. 1851

To parents: busy receiving fees; will send money home shortly

[no title]  AM/366  17 Jan 1851

To brother George (from Russell Place, London): has sent money to Launceston Bank (Robins, Foster and Co.) for father

[no title]  AM/367  6 Apr. 1851

To parents: coming home on Wednesday

[no title]  AM/368  10 Oct. 1851

To brother George: sorry they could not come to see Great Exhibition; immense crowds of people, 110,000 each day, but he has special pass for viewing exhibition when building closed to general public

[no title]  AM/369  15 Dec. 1851

To parents: too busy to write more often, hopes to be home at Christmas. Mr. Wall says William is "well-behaved and diligent"

[no title]  AM/370  30 Jan. 1852

To parents: sends copy of honours list (not there)

[no title]  AM/371  12 Mar. 1852

To parents: very busy. Expects General Election soon as new ministry is in minority in House of Commons

[no title]  AM/372  16 June 1852

To parents: "Business connected with the Office of Proctor" kept him busy. Fellowship of St. Johns about to expire as he has not taken Holy Orders; offered rooms and commons free and has accepted. Intends to go to meeting of British Association in Belfast and will tour Ireland

[no title]  AM/373  16 July 1852

To parents: office of Esquire Bedell (open to laymen) now vacant, has been recommended to apply. William progressing well at school

[no title]  AM/374  22 Aug. 1852

To parents: cannot come home this summer. Has had copies of his portrait framed for family and friends. Thinks of visiting Birkenhead on way to Ireland in order to see William

[no title]  AM/375  11 Oct. 1852

To brother George: returned from Ireland. Has given up office of Proctor. Sends copy of Illustrated London News with life of Duke of Wellington (not there). Describes tour of Ireland including visit to Lord Rosse to look through "his gigantic telescopes"

[no title]  AM/376  6 Dec. 1852

To parents: attended funeral of Duke of Wellington in St. Pauls

[no title]  AM/377  17 Jan. 1853

To parents: spent some time with Mr. Jenkins, now returning to Cambridge

[no title]  AM/378  1 Mar. 1853

To parents: elected Fellow of Pembroke College which allows laymen to be Fellows; will receive over £300 a year

[no title or date]  AM/379

To parents: intends to visit "the new Crystal Palace which is just open". Hopes to visit West Cornwall and Lands End (1853).

[no title]  AM/380  10 July 1853

To parents, (from Craven Hotel, London): travelling to continent

[no title]  AM/381  18 July 1853

To parents (from Baden): describes European tour

[no title]  AM/382  6 Sep. 1853

To brother George: describes tour of Switzerland; is very sunburnt and losing his hair rapidly "so that I shall probably be soon again obliged to have recourse to a wig". Has met several acquaintances

[no title]  AM/383  12 Oct. 1853

To parents: European tour

[no title]  AM/384  20 Oct. 1853

To brother George: intends to send nautical almanacs to Thomas

[no title]  AM/385  9 Feb. 1854

To parents: "Things are looking very warlike now, the Russian ambassadors have left London and Paris, and a great increase of our army and navy has been ordered". Family news

[no title]  AM/386  8 May 1854

To parents: "War has begun at last in the Black Sea, and in a manner to be much approved of on our part". Describes bombardment of Odessa: "I hope this will be a lesson to them in future"

[no title]  AM/387/1,2  June (1854)

To parents (from Lanteglos-by-Camelford): intends to tour West Cornwall

[no title]  AM/388/1,2  4 Sep. 1854

To brother George: visted Crystal Palace, describes interior. Description of cricket match at home of Sir J. Lubbock. Asks "how courtship is getting on at Badharlick"

[no title]  AM/389  1 Feb. 1855

To parents: describes journey to Cambridge. Influenza no worse

[no title]  AM/390  22 Feb. 1855

To brother George: family news. River frozen, plenty of skating. Thames nearly all covered with ice; hope weather is more moderate in the Crimea. Government much improved by departure of Gladstone, Graham and Sidney Herbert

[no title]  AM/391  18 Apr. 1855

To brother George: recommends Mary Ann to change schools, suggests holiday for Grace. Hopes to see Emperor and Empress of France in London (Napoleon III and Eugénie)

[no title]  AM/392  2 Aug. (1855)

To brother George: describes journey with Grace; has arranged for her to see doctor in London

[no title]  AM/393  (1855)

To parents (from Oxford): William has given up "his soldiering plans". Has told him to go home

[no title]  AM/394  3 Aug. 1855

To parents (from Russell Square, London): has shown Grace sights of London. Taking her to Paris to see the Exhibition

[no title]  AM/395  13 Sep. 1855

To brother George (from Paris): has finished tour in Pyrenees; joined in public rejoicings in Paris at fall of Sebastopol; visited Notre Dâme to hear Te Deum to celebrate event; describes illuminations. Hopes Mr. Toynbee's treatment beneficial to Grace

[no title]  AM/396  28 Sep. 1855

To brother George: Grace not much improved but hopes her hearing will get better as her general health improves

[no title]  AM/397  4 Sept. (1855)

To brother George: hopes to be home soon. Would have liked to be home for harvest

[no title]  AM/398  30 Oct. 1855

To brother George: approves of George taking Laneast estate.
"If you are to stick to farming I should like you to have a better estate than Lidcott to manage... I shall be happy to lend you £500". William settling in at college; comes to John for tuition in mathematics

[no title]  AM/399  22 Feb. 1856

To mother: suggests Mary Ann should go to school; mother should visit Plymouth to get "a nice new wig and a woollen polka jacket". Peace to be signed in Paris; "The Americans seem inclined to be troublesome, but I hope they will listen to reason, especially if peace is made with Russia"

[no title]  AM/400/1,2  2 Mar. 1856

To brother George: financial arrangements; glad not to have purchased Roose (in Laneast)

[no title]  AM/401  16 May 1856

To mother: asks for letters from home; family news

[no title]  AM/402/1,2  17 June 1856

To brother George (from Ennerdale): went to London with William to see fireworks, travelled together to the Lakes; on walking tour

[no title]  AM/403  27 Aug. (1856)

To brother George: asks for news of trial of man arrested for killing sheep. "I am afraid that your hosts of lady visitors must engross your time so much that you are not able to write... what a fine lot of young ladies there are in your neighbourhood" Hard at work "on part of the Moon's theory"

[no title]  AM/404  22 Dec. 1856

To sister Polly (from Dr. Wilson's, Great Malvern): describes house and baths; already feeling benefit. Describes treatment (wrapped in wet sheet, covered with blankets and a featherbed) which he liked very much. "You will say there is no accounting for taste". Intends to try similar treatment on mother when he visits home next
(Paper has engraving of Dr. Wilson's house "Malvern from Swanpool").

[no title]  AM/405/1,2  1 Jan. 1857

To mother (from Malvern): head and stomach much better. Asked doctor about mother's illness; recommends castor oil and hot fomentations followed by cold bath and brisk rub with wet towel; douche of cold water before breakfast, no pastry or rich pudding, eat slowly and chew well. Intends to apply for professorship of mathematics at St. Andrews "if the old professor does not recover"
(Paper has engravings of Malvern from the Ivy Rocks and Holywell).

[no title]  AM/406/1,2  3 Feb. 1857

To brother George: intends to pay Mr. Reid shortly. Discusses increase in tithe rent charges. Sorry mother is ill; suggests treatment

[no title]  AM/407  13 Feb. 1857

To brother George: discusses tithe commutation rent, and additional income tax. Suggests change of air for mother

[no title]  AM/408/1,2  3 Mar. 1857

To brother George: estate finances; glad mother is better. The old professor in Scotland appears to be improving

[no title]  AM/409/1,2  29 Apr.1857

To brother George: has arranged to pay for the house

[no title]  AM/410  26 Aug. 1857

To parents (from Hibernian Hotel, Dublin): sailed from Falmouth; seasick all the way to Ireland (British Association meeting in Dublin)

[no title]  AM/411/1,2  23 Sep. 1857

To brother George: arrangements for coming home

[no title]  AM/412  15 Oct. 1857

To parents (from Torquay): Polly "much pleased with the novelty of railway travelling". Attended consecration of new church at Torquay

[no title]  AM/413  21 Dec. 1857

To brother George: William has done "very fairly" in exams

[no title]  AM/414/1,2  8 Feb. 1858

To brother George: Mr. Wilkinson wishes him to pay £60 in reduction of his (Mr. W.'s) debt

[no title]  AM/415/1,2  9 Feb. 1858

To brother George: would like to have some land in Laneast; Roose would suit well but has no money to spare; will bid £1200. Suggests mortgage to raise money rather than bank loan

[no title]  AM/416/1-3  13 Feb. 1858

To brother George: will pay £1300 for Roose and £600 for Wollcocks tenement. Encloses letter from Mr. Wilkinson relating to loan

[no title]  AM/417  24 Mar. 1858

To parents: glad to hear good news of Thomas and family. Professorship at St. Andrews is vacant and intends to apply. Went with William to Peterborough to see the eclipse but too much cloud to see anything

[no title]  AM/418  25 Mar. 1858

To parents: Home Secretary will appoint him to professorship of Mathematics at St. Andrews. Glad mother intends to visit London

[no title]  AM/419  20 Apr. 1858

To mother (from Edinburgh): good journey north, induction at St. Andrews tomorrow

[no title]  AM/420  14 May 1858

To mother: approves of St. Andrews. Glad she is safely home

[no title]  AM/421  16 July 1858

To brother George (from St. Kew). describes local visits and excursions

[no title]  AM/422/1,2  13 Sep. 1858

To brother George (from Boscastle): comet plainly visible last night; describes its position

[no title]  AM/423  1 Nov. 1858

To parents (from St. Andrews): settled in lodgings; has featherbed, not a mattress

[no title]  AM/424  23 Nov. 1858

To parents (from St. Andrews): apologises for not writing. Has been appointed Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geometry at Cambridge - will be glad to return but sorry to leave St. Andrews so soon. Glad to receive Launceston paper

[no title]  AM/425  29 Nov. 1859

To George (from St. Andrews): family matters

[no title]  AM/426  30 Dec. 1858

To parents (from St. Andrews): has enjoyed good health in Scotland. Returns to Cambridge next Spring. Asks what steps George took to deal with letter of Richard Symons of Wadebridge about tithe rent charge on a garden by the toll house

[no title]  AM/427/1,2  31 Jan. 1859

To brother William at St. Johns, Cambridge (from St. Andrews): satisfied with William's exam results. Will not return to Cambridge until he has completed teaching commitments for session

[no title]  AM/428/1,2  21 Mar. 1859

To brother George (from St. Andrews): has been busy with the Lunar Theory "and in some degree with going to parties". Financial arrangements

[no title]  AM/429  26 Mar. 1859

To brother William (from St. Andrews): thanks him for getting appointment signed. Asks him to do some calculations relating to the moon

[no title]  AM/430  29 Mar. 1859

To parents (from St. Andrews): sorry to hear of father's illness, will come at once

[no title]  AM/431  29 Mar. 1859

To brother William (from St. Andrews): hopes they will not have to go home. Sends calculations

[no title]  AM/432  10 Apr. 1859

To mother (from St. Andrews): arrived safely; friends had looked after his students during his absence

[no title]  AM/433  13 May 1859

To mother (from St. Andrews): suggests she goes out visiting, "it would do you good". Wants to complete his work on the moon before moving back to Cambridge

[no title]  AM/434  5 July 1859

To mother (back at Cambridge): attended Handel festival at Crystal Palace. Intends to visit Cheshire "to look over the estate belonging to my Professorship" at Smallwood near Crewe. William reading for Oxford fellowship

[no title]  AM/435  12 Oct. 1859

To mother: luggage is missing. Hopes George has found a mason to do building at Badharlick

[no title]  AM/436/1,2  26 Oct. 1859

To George: likes plan of house but windows should be larger

[no title]  AM/437  30 Nov. 1859

To George: may purchase Treworgey if George approves

[no title]  AM/438  16 Feb. 1861

To George: intends to go to the Observatory though appointment would prevent him leaving Cambridge much. Has been presented to the Prince of Wales

[no title]  AM/439/1,2  8 Mar. 1861

To George: able to resign appointment at Observatory at any time if it does not suit. Will offer £1300 for Couch's Trekenner. Has been invited to dine with Prince of Wales at Madingley

[no title]  AM/440/1,2  20 Apr. 1861

To George: has purchased Trekenner and Marshall's house in Laneast. Account of money due from Jn. C. A. to George

[no title]  AM/441/1,2  24 Apr. 1861

To George: refuses to pay 17½ guineas for drawing up deeds

[no title]  AM/442/1,2  23 May 1861

To George: glad to have Trekenner sale settled. Dining with Lord Mayor of London on Saturday and will ask at Custom House for news of arrival of "Duncan Dunbar" (Thomas coming home). Describes Commencement and granting of degrees; Royal visit to University

[no title]  AM/443/1,2  30 May 1861

To George: comments on Mr. Lethbridge's death. Attending visitation of Greenwich Observatory on Saturday and hopes to meet Thomas. Asks for details of Trekenner purchase negotiations

[no title]  AM/444  9 Sep. 1861

To mother: Trebartha estate would be good chance for George. Thomas and Grace in Chippenham. "They don't speak too well of the house they are to have". Arranging his move to the Observatory; engaging cook and housemaid

[no title]  AM/445/1,2  8 Mar. 1862

To George (from Observatory): invites mother to Cambridge. Suggests George should try post "as manager of the Company you mention"

[no title]  AM/446  14 Apr. 1862

To mother: change of air will do her good. Suggests George shuts up Badharlick and visits Cambridge too

[no title]  AM/447  13 Sep. 1862

To George (from Boscastle): coastal excursions with the Lloyds

[no title]  AM/448  31 Aug. 1863

To George: harvest completed in Cambridge but not in Cornwall. Visited Ireland, and his tenants in Cheshire. Travelling to Germany, but doubts whether it will be worth while to take his wife

[no title]  AM/449  6 Oct. 1863

To William: congratulating him on obtaining King's College Lectureship; work at Marlborough was too hard for him

[no title]  AM/450  24 Dec. 1863

To George: mother and Polly with him for Christmas, and wishes George could be there. Advises purchase of additional farm; willing to supply any necessary capital. Intends to make his will. Hopes George will marry soon

[no title]  AM/451  (1864)

To George (from Penzance): describes Cornish trip; coast roads too difficult for carriages

[no title]  AM/452  3 Sep. 1864

To William (from Oxford and Cambridge club): wife's uncle Henry Bruce died leaving large family. Suggests William visits Cambridge to improve his classics

[no title]  AM/453/1,2  18 Feb. 1865

To William: about William's calculations

[no title]  AM/454  31 May 1865

To George: discusses style of memorial to mother and father; does not like urns and drapes, suggests plain serpentine with a cross. "People are now getting over their foolish prejudice of supposing that there is anything exclusively Roman Catholic in employing the cross as a symbol of the faith of the deceased". Suggests leaving room for insertion of mother's name

[no title]  AM/455  16 Nov. 1865

To mother: will pay for medical treatment if necessary. Suggests spending winter in Cambridge

[no title]  AM/456  6 Dec. 1865

To George: sorry to hear of mother's frail state. Intends to bring port and brandy for her

[no title]  AM/457  12 Dec. 1865

To mother: glad she is better

[no title]  AM/458  12 Dec. 1865

To William: congratulates him on engagement to Miss Dingle. "Your fondness for picnics when in Cornwall is now fully accounted for, and it appears that your object in paying a visit to the Cheesewring was not simply to study Geological Phenomena"

[no title]  AM/459  12 Dec. 1965

To George: coming home soon. News of William's engagement

[no title]  AM/460/12  22 Dec. 1865

To brother George (from Egloskerry): mother improving; castor oil doing her good. Family news

[no title]  AM/461  1 Jan. 1866

To mother: safe journey to Cambridge via Bristol

[no title]  AM/462  6 Jan. 1866

To mother: will send more brandy and jelly. Sends money for George

[no title]  AM/463  9 Jan. 1866

To mother: has sent jelly, brandy, sherry and medicine; William will bring back box and empty bottles. Hopes William's lecture at Altarnun is successful

[no title]  AM/464  17 Jan. 1866

To mother: suggests flannel vests for her rheumatism, and sends liniment to rub in

[no title]  AM/465/1,2  22 Feb. 1866

To George: glad mother is improving. Discusses mortgage

[no title]  AM/466  12 Mar. 1866

To George: mortgage arranged. Mother improving. Reports death of Dr. Whewell, Master of Trinity - fell off his horse on to his head. Sends £5 towards restoration of Altarnun church. Hopes cattle plague has not reached George's farm

[no title]  AM/467  7 June 1866

To George: about mother's death. Glad he has good wife; "I wish you had one". Asks George to take out letters of administration of mother's estate

[no title]  AM/468  2 Aug. 1866

To George: Grace and Freddie staying with them; Tom shirked his honours exam and "shows a great want of spirit as well as a very poor style of presentation"

[no title]  AM/469/1,2  1 Oct. 1866

To George: has signed papers and assumes that £35-10-0 is annual value of his share of family estate. Discusses inscriptions for headstones

[no title]  AM/470/1,2  10 May 1867

To Geroge: Polly staying at Cambridge. Tom has not passed his exams for scholarship; "almost all the scholars elected are from the public schools"

[no title]  AM/471/1,2  2 Dec. 1867

To George: discusses sale of estate. Tom not interested in geology as he should be

[no title]  AM/472  28 May 1869

To George: about purchase of Beeny (St. Juliot). Hopes George will consider marriage

[no title]  AM/473  8 Aug. 1870

To George: approves alterations at Beeny. Inclined to buy Coombe in Trewen, has money "lying idle in the Bank". Coombe adjoins Trekenner

[no title]  AM/474  28 Oct. 1870

To George: approves abstract of title. "New instrument" installed at Observatory. "What a sad state the French are in, one army after another annihilated". Remarks on "splendid auroras" last Monday and Tuesday

[no title]  AM/475  4 Nov. 1870

To George: birthday greetings. Hopes he still uses he telescope

[no title]  AM/476/1,2  22 Feb. 1871

To George: arrangements for withdrawal of money from bank to pay for Coombe

[no title]  AM/477  (Jan. 1872)

To George (from Wivelscombe): Grace improving, and "by the help of Mr. Roseveare's trumpet she appears to hear very easily". Invites him to spend the evening; Grace's illness not typhoid

[no title]  AM/478/1,2  26 Sep. 1873

To George (from Wivelscombe): inviting him to stay. Has given Mrs. Mellor notice to quit

[no title]  AM/479/1,2  26 June 1874

To George: can arrange to raise £2000; George to make sure deeds are drawn up

[no title]  AM/480/1,2  2 Apr. 1875

To George (from Brighton): George to be married at last. Estate business; footpath to beach at Pentargon is preferable to a road for donkeys. Not enthusiastic about reviving Beeny quarry by starting a company

[no title]  AM/481/1,2  28 Sep. 1878

To George: sale of Landreyne; asks opinion on purchase. Regards to Kate; on holiday in Wales

[no title]  AM/482/1,2  30 Sep. 1878

To George (from Penmaenmawr): would need to borrow in order to purchase large estate

[no title]  AM/483/1,2  3 Oct. 1878

To George (from Penmaenmawr): accepted £400 mortgage. Advises him to visit doctor about his cough

[no title]  AM/484  7 Jan. 1879

To George: intends investing in Railway Debentures or preference shares

[no title]  AM/485  25 Dec. 1879

To William (from Brighton): news of 'Mr. Grylls' family (Mr. Grylls went to Australia and was incumbent of Holy Trinity church, Sydney, in 1843)

[no title]  AM/486/12  27 Mar. 1880

To George (from Brighton): glad George won lawsuit. Sorry to hear that election will be contested in East Cornwall; hopes Mr. Tremayne will be successful. "I hope Mr. Gladstone and his party may have a good beating as I think his policy would be disastrous for England". Donates £10 towards church restoration; hopes "nothing unnecessary will be done in the way of destruction. Much mischief has often been done under the name of restoration, by destroying characteristic old work and replacing it by new, but I hope your work is in good hands with a proper reverence for antiquity". Tenants slow in paying rents at Coombe and Beeny

[no title]  AM/487/1,2  3 May 1880

To George: sorry to hear of Kate's heart trouble. Cheshire estates improving in condition except for cheese manufacture

[no title]  AM/488  14 Oct. 1882

To George: Maria Lloyd (friend in Brighton) very ill

[no title]  AM/489/1,2  4 Jan. 1882

To George (from Brighton): on death of George's wife Kate

[no title]  AM/490/1,2  6 Nov. 1882

To George: about restrictions on quarrying slate at Lower Beeny (St. Juliot); May and Willie (William's children) not well. William nominated for Council of Royal Society, "an honour to which he is well entitled, considering the scientific work he has done in London"

[no title]  AM/491  23 Dec. 1882

To George (from Brighton): Maria Lloyd died. Has sent Whitaker's Almanac to George, which contains much astronomical information

[no title]  AM/492/1,2  26 June 1883

To George: invitation to stay. Commiserates on George's accident; George not elected to School Board "but I do not think you have lost much". Interested to read of reception of new bishop of Truro. Attending meeting of Meteorological Council in London to try to save Falmouth Observatory "which they are threatening to do away with"

[no title]  AM/493/1-3  25 Apr. 1884

To George: visited Isle of Wight and saw Roman villa recently excavated (details of discovery, excavation and extent of remains). "What a terrible mess the Government are making with this Egyptian business... the country seems apathetic... I fancy that the great majority of the electors are too ignorant of matters relating to our foreign policy to take much interest in the subject, and I fear that the case will be still worse when the franchise is extended ..." Refers to earthquake; expecting Fred. and wife to visit soon

[no title]  AM/494/1,2  18 June 1884

To George: George in London on way to Cambridge. Comments on foreign policy. "The power is mainly in the hands of the most ignorant classes already, and what we shall come to when the agricultural labourers are added to the present voters will be a great speculation". Glad to hear of the children at Wivelscombe, sorry Polly finds work to heavy; they should get a farm where work would be lighter

[no title]  AM/495/1,2  14 July 1884

To George: sale of Miss Hellyar's property. Would have liked to purchased Beeny lands separately. Ready to leave for America; intends to make will before he goes

[no title]  AM/496/1,2  28 July 1884

To George: estate matters. May visit London for Boscastle sale

[no title]  AM/497  3 Aug. 1884

To George: sends will. Description of Boscastle sale: bids not high enough so estate to be split and sold in several lots

[no title]  AM/498  5 Aug. 1884

To George: asks him to buy Beeny on his behalf. Sailing for America on 6 Aug. on "The Circassian"

[no title]  AM/499/1,2  15 Aug. 1884

To George (from "Circassian"): sighted coast of Canada; voyage "prosperous and interesting". Describes journey

[no title]  AM/500  12 Nov. 1884

To George: safely back in Cambridge, rough voyage home. Called on Fred and Nellie in Liverpool

[no title]  AM/501/1,2  4 Sep. 1885

To George (from Yorkshire): on holiday. William going to British Association meeting in Aberdeen; hopes Polly has recovered from "her long and tedious ailment"

[no title]  AM/502/1,2  25 Nov. 1885

To George: after Thomas' death. Lizzie and Mary pleased with school. Thomas' affairs in good order. Tom and Annie have a baby. Has found many family letters "which will be of great service to Mr. Simon in writing Thomas' life"

[no title]  AM/503/1,2  12 Mar. 1886

To George: busy lecturing. Asks about disposal of Miss Hellyar's property

[no title]  AM/504/1-3  14 July 1886

To George: invitation to visit; suggests he should see Indian exhibition in London. Discusses elections; hopes "The Grand Old Man... will confine his destructive energies to the trees of Hawarden instead of exerting them against the institutions of the country". Suggests serpentine headstone for Thomas. William may buy Trerithick (Altarnun). May and Willie both poorly, thinks drains may be the cause of "these continual ailments"

[no title]  AM/505/1,2  24 Sep. 1886

To George (from Scarborough): having pleasant holiday. Recommends Indian and Colonial Exhibition which "gives one the grandest idea of the importance of our colonies and the immense extent of the Empire"

[no title]  AM/506  17 Oct. 1886

To George: describes Scarborough visit. Gracie feeling at home in Canada

[no title]  AM/507/1,2  5 Jan. 1887

To George: congratulating him on "new office" (George had been elected Mayor of Saltash). Refers to invitation to conference of mayors at St. James' Palace

[no title]  AM/508/1,2  24 June 1887

To George: needs his advice on purchase of farm near Cambridge

[no title]  AM/509/1,2  24 July 1887

To George (from Lyndhurst): visited Naval review at Spithead

[no title]  AM/510/1,2  17 Nov. 1887

To George: on George's re-election as mayor

[no title]  AM/511/1,2  2 Jan. 1888

To George: family news

[no title]  AM/512  12 May 1890

To George: asks for information on widows of Cornish clergy applying for relief from Friends of the Clergy Association in order to vote in their favour. Has given £100 towards purchase of land for telescope

Letters to John Couch Adams from his mother.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/513  19 Nov. 1832

From mother Tabitha, Litcott: family news. Be careful to avoid cholera; has sent shoes, shirt, handkerchief, apples and cream

[no title]  AM/514  (1835-36)

From mother Tabitha (to John and Thomas): has sent their box, with cakes and apples; stayed up last Saturday night and watched Mars eclipse, "and the sky looking very wonderful".

[no title]  AM/515  (1830's)

From mother (to John and Thomas): family and farm news. Father arranging to visit Devonport; has sent pork to Aunt Lane and Mr. Vosper

[no title]  AM/516  7 Dec. 1837

From mother: family news. Arrangements to him to come home for holidays, but not to bring home too many books which make his box too heavy for the pony

[no title]  AM/517  11 Jan. 1838

From mother: having shirts made for him. Family parties after Christmas. Badharlick relations very friendly, "father says he thinks it is too much for to last"

[no title]  AM/518  1 Feb. 1838

From mother: William will be weaned soon; he can talk well "and tells about Bro. John". Thomas and Will have been 8 times to Morwelham with manganese. Very cold. House now finished. Apologises for her "imperfect scrowl"

[no title]  AM/519  20 Apr. 1838

From mother: anxious because he has not written

[no title]  AM/520  (1838)

From mother: hurt that he was in Launceston last week and they did not know; had he told them "we should have come, a cart-load of us". Has sent some apples

[no title]  AM/521  14 May 1839

From mother: baby to be baptised on Sunday fortnight (Mary Ann); hopes he will come home

[no title]  AM/522  21 Aug. 1841

From mother (at Cornish Inn): family news. Harvest almost over. Will send half a £10 note and other half when he has received first part

[no title]  AM/523  27 May 1842

From mother: wishes him well in exams, "Look to the Lord, my dear". Asks him to bring home old clothes, as "it will be usefull amongst the rest"

[no title]  AM/524  5 July 1847

From mother: asks for newspapers to read about Queen's visit to Cambridge. Has heard from Thomas and Maria (in Australia). "You do little towards keeping up the post office"

[no title]  AM/525  30 May (1852)

From mother: looking forward to his visit home. Probable they will stay at Litcott another 7 yrs; new outbuildings and "everything comfortable so the Esq. says"

[no title]  AM/526  9 June 1855

From mother: family news

[no title]  AM/527/1,2  7 Nov. 1858

From mother: glad he likes St. Andrews. Family and local news. Mrs. Simcoe called, "she said she had been all through the colledges, I said I had too". Mary Jane unwell, advised calling doctor but "they be trusting to old women to cure it". Cannot engage servant maid. Hopes he will write more often now he is so far away "but if you are poorly any time I would come to you"

[no title]  AM/528  2 Sep. (? 1861)

From mother: would be glad to visit him later but Mary Ann poorly and George left home, "Twas a trial to part with him, he wants us to go with him but I don't know how that is to be done... the best thing he can do is to get a good wife". Describes George's farm (Trewen, St. Tudy)

[no title]  AM/529  9 Dec. 1862

From mother: hopes he will come home sometime: "it seems that you are almost lost to us". News of George's farm, where she is staying; house is poor but new one to be built in spring

[no title]  AM/530  15 July 1863

From mother: hopes he will come home soon

[no title]  AM/531  2 Jan. (1865)

From mother: heavy fall of snow. Had busy Christmas; George had workmen and families to supper on Christmas Eve, and carol singers came. "They wanted to sing some of our old tunes... we were very merry"

Letters to John Couch Adams from his brothers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/532  26 Aug. 1836

From brother Thomas: family news; Badharlick dispute. With note from mother sending him a harvest cake and 10/-, and will buy "a better pair of braces when in Lanson"

[no title]  AM/533  28 Sep. (? 1836)

From Thomas: family news. Badharlick relations more friendly. With note from mother: may come to Devonport next week to see him

[no title]  AM/534  17 Aug. 1837

From Thomas: family news. Describes visit to Launceston for election, "a brave strong lot for Lord Eliot... there was brave works, they were hissing each other the opposite sides, there was 3 Bands there"; joined Lord Eliot's procession through Bodmin to hear result of poll. Sir William Trelawny spoke "full of abuse". Sir Hussey Vivian asked about "raising the Irish on a level with their fellow Englishmen" and about the pension list. Masons working on rebuilding of Litcott house

[no title]  AM/535  5 Apr. 1838

From Thomas: hopes John is happy in new situation (at Lamerton rectory). Also note from mother: has sent piece of pork for Aunt Lane

[no title]  AM/536  29 May 1839

From Thomas: Mary Ann to be christened; arrangements for John to travel home

[no title]  AM/537  9 Sep. 1842

From brother George: news of harvest. Watched Van Amburgh's "splendid collection" go over Laneast Down (elephants, lions, tigers). Egloskerry new chapel to be opened next Thursday by Mr. R. Hornabrook and Mr. Nye; Mr. H. to give talk on travel in West Indies; is going out to Jamaica

[no title]  AM/538  16 Jan. 1843

From George: Mr. Simcoe remarried "quite a young woman". William has been poorly, but has been bled twice and now improving. "The maidens" are attending school

[no title]  AM/539/1,2  30 Oct. 1843

From George: glad John has had success in getting pupils. Mr. Gilbert is thinking of opening a boarding school; G. has bought grammar books and asks for advice on algebra

[no title]  AM/540  10 Aug. 1847

From George: thanks him for newspaper describing Queen's visit to Cambridge. "I did not fancy the new planet Neptune would have done so much for you when we walked into Plymouth that night, I did not know then his power as a god". Asks why John refused offer of a knighthood

[no title]  AM/541  8 Jan. 1863

From George: congratulating him on his engagement to Miss Bruce. Mother will be glad to meet her but cannot write yet as John is now "leaving home"; hopes family will not become divided because of different ways of life. Difficult to purchase property or rent at reasonable price

[no title]  AM/542  8 Mar. 1871

From George (at Bosue, St. Ewe): arrangements for purchase of land (unspecified). "The French are doing well now in getting rid of the Germans"

[no title]  AM/543  24 Dec. 1846

From William: school begins in 3 weeks; describes progress in Latin and arithmetic. George has written to Thomas in New Zealand

[no title]  AM/544  5 July 1848

From William: describes visit to Launceston to see Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and to Launceston church to see bishop of Exeter. Received Cowper's poems as a school prize

[no title]  AM/545  13 July 1848

From William: father visited Duke (of Northumberland) "who shook hands and said he thought it an honour to shake hands with the father of such a son". Duke wishes to give John Sir John Herschel's book on discoveries in Cape of Good Hope

[no title]  AM/546/1,2  6 Sep. 1848

From William: progressing with Latin, Greek and Algebra, Philippa Grylls wishes John to write to her brother at Sydney. "The railway has been stopt here for want of supplies but now they are going on again we shall have it by Christmas into Plymouth". Would like to learn the piano

[no title]  AM/547  4 Oct 1850

From William: spent 2 weeks at home as school was closed because of fever epidemic. Reports progress in Latin and Greek

[no title]  AM/548  8 Nov. 1854

From William (at school in Birkenhead): all boys of his age about to leave school; reports on progress in mathematics

[no title]  AM/549  11 June 1855

From William: thinks he may try to enter army (engineers and artillery) by examination as officer; more men needed because of the war, and engineers better paid than any others in Army. Asks for John's advice

[no title]  AM/550  Nov. (1858)

From William (at St. Johns, Cambridge): congratulating him on professorship and imminent return to Cambridge

[no title]  AM/551  4 Feb. 1859

From William: Cambridge exam, results. Discusses future work in geometry

[no title]  AM/552  30 Sep. 1867

From William: family news. Offers to pay for half of Polly's wedding breakfast

[no title]  AM/553  31 May, 1871

From William (King's College, London): birth of his daughter Mary. Intends to call her "Polly". Busy with exam work

[no title]  AM/554/1,2  15 Sep. 1875

From William (at Ilfracombe): baby daughter died yesterday, Mary very upset

Letters to John Couch Adams, various correspondents  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/555  (? 1835)

From W. R. D. Gilbert, Plymouth, to J. C. A. "at Revd. Mr. Martin's, Lamerton near Tavistock"; has applied for Walkhampton school; thanks John for testimonials and asks for another as he wishes to apply for post of assistant master at Huddersfield College, "open to dissenters and churchmen's sons". Hopes John is making "rapid strides" in Literature and Science, "and that your progress will shortly astonish the world and even yourself"

[no title]  AM/556  (? 1835)

From Rev. (J. Martin: will not be back until tomorrow, asks John to take charge of school until his return

[no title]  AM/557  10 Jan. 1835

From David Simpson, Exeter: offering him "an interesting publication" as a token of respect for John's character; hopes his son will continue to make progress while being taught by J. G. A.

[no title]  AM/558  (1837)

From J. C. Grylls, Stoke, Devonport: encouraging him to give private lessons

[no title]  AM/559  28 Apr. 1837

From R. Philps, Cambridge, to rev. J. C. Grylls at Church House, Stoke, Devonport: procedure necessary for J. C. A.'s entry to Cambridge and exhibitions available; recommends St. Johns, "we have a very large entry and some clever men"

[no title]  AM/560  2 July, 1838

From Wm. Cowlard, Lamerton, to "Mr. Adams, at Mr. Foote's, Rillation, Linkinhorne": invites "Mr. A. 's" brother to Lamerton to meet gentleman who will shortly be going to Cambridge; "We can I think give you some useful information" (Wm. C. was formerly curate of Southill)

[no title]  AM/561  13 Oct. (1838)

From J. Call, Plymouth: intends returning to Cambridge by coach as steamer will be late arriving in London. Father and other officers of "Bellisle" appointed to "Vindictive" at Portsmouth to go to South America

[no title]  AM/562  24 Feb. 1840

From Hen. Hingston, Tavistock: congratulates him on exam. success. Mr. Cowlard "says you have assumed quite a college appearance". Busy in bank because of staff illness.
Engaged in tracing family genealogy over 200 years. "Our late master Mr. Grylls" returning from Australia

[no title]  AM/563  7 Mar. 1840

From W. R. D. Gilbert, Moricetown: congratulations on obtaining a sizarship, "of great assistance in a pecuniary point of view". Hopes to hear college news occasionally. Has studied navigation and trigonometry; "jaunting in America has shaken a good deal of my Algebra out of me". Asks for help in algebraic problem. J. C. A. 's Aunt Lane died last week - fell and broke thigh on way home from Centenary nesting (Methodist). Mr. Grylls returning to take his wife and child back "to the land of Promise, Australia, the fifth quarter of the Globe"

[no title]  AM/564  22 June 1840

From Hen. Hingston, Plymouth: has been posted to Plymouth. House is in new street in higher part of Plymouth. Foundation stone of large new church laid in Southside Street near Custom House Quay. New South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital opened next day

[no title]  AM/565/1-4  1840, 1841

Wrappers only of letters to J. C. A., "Paid at Launceston,"

[no title]  AM/566  20 Jan. 1843

From T. Crick (J. C. A. 's tutor) to Mr. Adams sen: telling him of son's "highest distinction" in exams and award to him of Senior Wranglership

[no title]  AM/567  14 June 1843

From Jn. King Lethbridge, Tregear: invitation to dinner

[no title]  AM/568  29 May 1844

From E. J. Cole, Huntingdon Grammar School reading for ordination as well as teaching. Leaves Huntingdon on Monday for ordination; curacy in Suffolk, may visit Cambridge

[no title]  AM/569  4 July (1844)

Part only of letter from J. C. Grylls, home from Australia: prefers England out returning next year to Australia; "there is nothing particularly objectionable in the colony of New South Wales". Clergy not well paid but climate good, Population of whole of Australia "not equal to one of our large cities; few families have the means to bring up children with a good education"; children set to work to earn money

[no title]  AM/570  18 Sep. 1844

From T. Crick, Thurlow, Suffolk: requests him to accept offer of tutorship in place of Professor Miller

[no title]  AM/571  (1840s)

From Phil. Vyvyan Robinson, First and Last Inn, Land's End on walking tour in Cornwall; inn "better than one might imagine - after dinner we ordered Claret and got some as good as ever I tasted, most probably smuggled from the opposite coast". Invitation to coming of age party to meet Sir R. R. Vyvyan, his cousin and godfather

[no title]  AM/572  6 Oct. (1844)

From Phil. Vyvyan Robinson, Treffry, Lanhydrock: now assistant curate of 2 parishes. Next Sunday preaches his first sermon "but I do not feel very nervous as the congregation are not learned"

[no title]  AM/573  1 Aug. 1850

From George Pearse, Sticklepath: invites him to stay to talk about schooldays

[no title]  AM/574  18 Oct. 1850

From J. C. Grylls, London: thanks him for kindness when writer visiting Cambridge; "the happiest... since my arrival in England"

[no title]  AM/575  31 May 1850

From Rich. Sleep, Plymouth, "your schoolmaster at Laneast 21 years since"; proud to read in papers of his former pupil's success and fame. Has not kept school for some years but giving lessons in writing to support family; lately severely ill and needs financial help to begin teaching again; asks for loan of £10

[no title]  AM/576/1-3  5 Mar. 1852

From Rich. Sleep, Plymouth: sorry he wrote earlier; must have offended J. C. A. because he did not reply. Asks for testimonial to be printed on circulars advertising writer's intention of giving lessons, needs money to support large family. Encloses sample of printed handbill with testimonials from parents whose childen he taught

[no title]  AM/577  14 June, 1855

From Jas. Forleen, Cambridge: will send proof copy of his paper

[no title]  AM/578  19 June 1855

From as Forleen, Edinburgh: apologies for saying in his paper that M. Leverrier had discovered Neptune, and acknowledges J. C. A.'s "undoubted priority"

[no title]  AM/579  10 Oct. 1856

From Edw. Greswell, Corpus Christi: hopes his investigations of the secular equation of the moon has led to some results

[no title]  AM/580  4 Dec. 1862

From Jn. Tyndall: offer of bed whenever he visits London, "you shall be... as welcome as the flowers of May". Lives in St. Johns Wood

[no title]  AM/581  29 Dec. 1862

From G. G. Stokes, Cambridge: family news

[no title]  AM/582  1 Jan. 1863

From Leontine Pihmler, St. Mary Cray, Kent: congratulations on his engagement to Kiss Bruce; "her wealth did not give happiness... she wanted love". Mrs. Airy (Astronomer "Royal's wife) intends to write

[no title]  AM/583  5 Jan. 1863

From Richarda Airy, Greenwich: congratulations on his engagement

[no title]  AM/584  5 Jan. 1863

From Adam Sedgwick, Norwich: congratulations on his engagement; Christmas busy with parties, wild-beast shows and Christmas trees

[no title]  AM/585  10 Apr. 1863

From G. Martin, St. Breward vicarage: congratulations on his engagement; J. C. A. "so absorbed in celestial phenomena as to be unable to take an observation in a lower sphere without a telescope"

[no title]  AM/586  16 Apr. 1863

From Harriet Lubbock, Farnborough: congratulations on his engagement

[no title]  AM/587  12 May 1863

From Jn. Wilkinson, Lanteglos: congratulations on his marriage. Invitation to dine whenever in Cornwall

[no title]  AM/588  21 May 1866

From H. A. Simcoe, Penheale: telling him of mother's death

[no title]  AM/589  28 Nov. 1867

From J. P. Gassiot, Clapham, Surrey: describes how Humphry Davy employed Faraday at Royal Institution as laboratory assistant

[no title]  AM/590  14 Dec. 1867

Letter relating to conveyance of property recently purchased by J. C. A. from Mr. Garrier

[no title]  AM/591  1 Oct. 1870

From Mrs. Cole: no plans at present to sell cottage but may do so when Mr. Cole returns from India in the spring

[no title]  AM/592  16 May 1873

From J. S. Jackson, Cambridge: hopes to receive enough subscriptions to build whole church (except tower) at once

[no title]  AM/593  21 July 1879

From J. H. Davies, Public Record Office of Ireland: about documents sent by Sir Sam. Ferguson

[no title]  AM/594/1,2  22 Jan. 1887

From H. Hughes, Bethel, Carnarvon; asking to be apprenticed to J. C. A. "To rise to Cambridge has been One of the dreams of my chilhood... nothing would be too mean - too humble for me to do". Asks for tuition at the Observatory in return for menial tasks

Undated letters  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/595  nd

From R. Wale, Cambridge: asks advice as J. C. A.'s brother's chances of being awarded the Sizarship. "Be is very well up in the Classical subjects, particularly the Greek"

[no title]  AM/596  nd

Part only of unsigned letter to "Mr. Adams": woke up children at 3 a.m. to see "hundreds of meteors darting in all directions... with a glittering nucleus, and streaming away westwards leaving a trail of hoary lights like a fading comet. I counted a hundred and thirty in a very short time ..." (November)

[no title]  AM/597  nd

From F. W. Farrar, Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall: concerning unspecified appointment

[no title]  AM/598/1-3  (?1889)

Part only of letter to Mrs. Adams, The Observatory, informing her of date of silver spoons and porringer (1675 and 1667) and their excellence

SCIENTIFIC PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Manuscript notes (in original cloth envelopes)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/599  nd

Mr. Wright's calculation of the quantities A, B, C, etc., corresponding to values of [GREEK] varying at intervals of .01 from 0 to 1.

[no title]  AM/600  nd

Mr. wright's table of the difference G - G' corresponding to values [GREEK] = cos [GREEK] and [GREEK] = cos

[no title]  AM/601  nd

Transformation of the quantities Qn,m and [...] into sines and cosines respectively of multiples of [GREEK].

[no title]  AM/602  nd

Table of the values of the logarithms of the several powers of y = [GREEK] where x varies at intervals of .01 from 0 to 1.

[no title]  AM/603  nd

Table of the powers of [GREEK] for values of [GREEK] varying by intervals of .01 from 0 to 1.

[no title]  AM/604  nd

Values of the function X and V and resolutions of these functions into their simple factors in [GREEK].

[no title]  AM/605  nd

Table of Log G [...] to G [...] and of Log G [...] to G [...] ; also Some Transformations which are useful in the theory of Terrestrial Magnetism.

[no title]  AM/606  nd

Calculations relating to values of logarithms.

[no title]  AM/607  nd

Calculations relating to roots of f(t) = 0 and differences in coefficients.

[no title]  AM/608  nd

"Calculations to find some of the factors of the quantity X" and other calculations.

Published articles  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/609  13 Nov. 1846

Correspondence relating to discovery of planet Neptune (G. B. Airy, Professor Challis, J. C. Adams and others), published by Royal Astronomical Society

[no title]  AM/610  12 Dec. 1846

Special report of proceedings in the Cambridge Observatory relative to the new planet

[no title or date]  AM/611

An explanation of the Observed Irregularities in the Notion of Uranus, on the Hypothesis of Disturbances caused by a more Distant Planet..., by J. C. Adams, read 13 Nov. 1846.

[no title]  AM/612  9 Apr. 1847

Paper on an important Error in Bouvard's Tables of Saturn, by J. C. Adams

[no title]  AM/613  16 June 1853

Paper on the Secular variation of the Moon's Mean Motion, by J. C. Adams

[no title]  AM/614  23 Nov. 1868

Notes on The Resolution of [GREEK] cos na into Factors, by J. C. Adams, Lowndean Professor

[no title]  AM/615  11 Feb. 1870

Address on the Presentation of Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society to M. Charles Delaunay, by the vice-president J. C. Adams, Esq., M.A., F.R.S., Lowndean Professor of Astronomy, Cambridge

[no title or date]  AM/616

Article on the Ellipticity of Mars and its effect on the Motion of the Sattelites, by Prof. Adams (reprinted from "The Observatory", Dec. 1879).

[no title]  AM/617  1882

Observations of the Great Comet (b), 1882, made at the Cambridge Observatory

Bibliography: (Reprinted from Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, vol. LXIII no. 2).

[no title]  AM/618  nd

Note on William Ball's Observations of Saturn, by Professor J. C. Adams

Bibliography: (Reprinted from Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. XLIII no. 3).

[no title]  AM/619  nd

On the Orbit of the November Meteors, by Prof. J. C. Adams

Bibliography: (Reprinted from Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society)

[no title]  AM/620/1,2  nd

Appendices by Professor J. C. Adams: I, on the Calculation of the Bernoullian Numbers from B32 to B62; II, on the Mean Places of 84 Fundamental Stars as derived from the places given in the Greenwich Catalogues for 1840 and 1845, when compared with those resulting from Bradley's Observations

[no title]  AM/621  1903

A Description of Adams' manuscripts on the Perturbations of Uranus, by Professor R. A. Sampson

Bibliography: (Reprinted from Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. LIV

[no title or date]  AM/622/1,2

Biographical notice on Jn. Couch Adams (introduction to Vol. I of Scientific Papers of John Couch Adams edited by William Grylls Adams, Cambridge University Press, 1896).

Graphs and plans  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/622/3/1-3  1825-1849

Graphs showing waves, Jan. 1825, Feb.-Mar. 1840, Jan.-Feb. 1842, Mar. 1847, Jan. 1848, Feb. 1849.

[no title]  AM/622/4/1,2  c.1840s

Watercolour scale drawings of telescope

[no title]  AM/622/5  c. 1880

The "Comprehensive" Astronomical Map, pub. Archibald and Peck, Edinburgh

[no title]  AM/622/6  Post 1882

"Form and arrangement of the cloud bands and earth currents", by J. Jinman, to show fallacy of "circular" and spiral" theories of storms

[no title or date]  AM/622/7

Map of the world showing curves of equal magnetic variation, 1880 (pub. Admiralty)

[no title]  AM/622/8/1-4  1880

Maps of world showing:
Lines of equal horizontal force, 1880
Lines of equal magnetic variation, 1880
Lines of equal magnetic dip, 1880
Curves of equal vertical force, 1880 (pub. Admiralty)

[no title]  AM/622/9/1-3  nd

Reduction of declination magnetograms for 1888 and 1889 by the method of composite curves (U.S. Naval Observatory Washington).

[no title]  AM/622/10/1,2  1889

Comparison of disturbances of H.F. and declination at Naval Observatory, Washington, with disturbances of declination at Los Angeles and Toronto

[no title]  AM/622/11/1-6  nd

Unidentifiable graphs and scientific drawings

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/623  1841

Memorial to John Couch Adams in Laneast Church;
Memoranda by J. C. A., 3 July, 1841, when he "formed a design, the beginning of this week, of investigating, as soon as possible after taking my degree, the irregularities in the motion of Uranus which are yet unaccounted for in order to find whether they may be attributed to the action of an undiscovered planet beyond it ..."

[no title]  AM/624  1840s?

Fragment of calculation, "for Full Moon only"

[no title]  AM/625/1,2  Oct. 1845

Glass plate negatives of memorandum by J. C. A. on reasons to suppose the existence of another planet beyond Uranus

[no title]  AM/626/1-3  1875

Printed scientific papers:
observations by Prof. Challis on new planet and results derived from them by Mr. Adams, 1847
Proceedings of Royal Society: article by J. C. A. on Legendre's Coefficients, 1878.
Report of Council of Royal Astronomical Society, presidential address

[no title]  AM/627  1870

Glass slide of eclipse of the sun

[no title]  AM/628  1888-1890

Notebook containing extracts from J. C. A.'s diaries relating to calculations and experiments

PERSONAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to career  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/629/1-3  watermark 1828

Poems by Jn. Couch Adams:
"Happiness not Earthly"
"The Voice of the Wind"

[no title]  AM/630  1828-29

Memorandum of calculations by Airy showing errors in tables of Saturn

[no title]  AM/631  1835

"State of my Studies 30th Sept. 1835"; lists work in Greek, mathematics, Latin, English Literature and Logic, with "arrangement of work" (timetable 5 a.m.-8a.m., 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 2-5 p.m. and 8-8.30 p.m.)

[no title]  AM/632  1836

Calculations relating to average daily loss by J. C. A.'s watch compared with those of his friends

[no title]  AM/633  nd

Membership card. Devonport and Stonehouse Mechanics' Institute.

[no title]  AM/634  Jan.-Mar. 1840

Receipted bill, J. C. A. at Cambridge

[no title]  AM/635  Midsummer 1840

Receipted bill, J. C. A. at Cambridge

[no title]  AM/636  Dec. 1840

Newspaper cutting reporting St. Johns College First Class students in 2nd year exams (headed by Adams)

[no title]  AM/637  20 Jan. 1843

Supplement to "The Cambridge Advertiser "with results of Mathematical Tripos, J. C. Adams first on list of Wranglers

[no title]  AM/638  1858

Note of fees incurred in procuring commission of J. C. A. as professor of Mathematics in the University of St. Andrews

[no title]  AM/639  July 1860

Acknowledgement by Imperial Institute of France (Academy of Science) of work by J. C. A. on secular variation of the moon's mean motion

[no title]  AM/640  nd

Photograph of J. C. Adams in academic robes.

[no title]  AM/641/1-10  1848-1884

Diplomas, awards and testimonials made to Jn. Couch Adams by universities and scientific societies

[no title]  AM/641/1  1848

American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia

[no title]  AM/641/2  1851

Royal Society of Sciences, Göttingen

[no title]  AM/641/3  1865

Imperial Academy of Science, St. Petersburg

[no title]  AM/641/4  1872

Royal Swedish Academy of Science

[no title]  AM/641/5  1876

South Kensington Museum

[no title]  AM/641/6  1877

Königliche Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Göttingen

[no title]  AM/641/7  1877

Academe Royale des Lincei, Milan

[no title]  AM/641/8  1883

National Academy of Sciences, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass

[no title]  AM/9  1883

Academie Royale des Lincei, Milan

[no title]  AM/10  1884

Autographed photo of President of U.S.A. (Charles Arthur), presented to J. C. A. as member of International Meridian Conference, Washington

Obituary notices, letters about memorials etc.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/642/1-4  21 Jan. 1892

Printed notice of death of John Couch Adams

[no title]  AM/643  1892
Language:  Latin

Printed notice of death of John Couch Adams

[no title]  AM/644  nd

Offprint of obituary of John Couch Adams by A. M. W. Downing, describing his discovery of Neptune, his academic career, investigation of the amount of the secular variation of the moon's mean motion, and determination of the orbit of the November meteors.

[no title]  AM/645  nd

Newspaper cutting, obituary notice.

[no title]  AM/646  Mar. 1892

Letter from Mexico on death of J. C. A.

[no title]  AM/647/1-14  1892

Papers relating to erection of memorial tablet in Laneast Church (Doney and Evans, masons, of St. Austell, Truro, Bodmin and Newquay, with cutting from Western Morning News announcing opening of St. Austell branch in 1891)

[no title]  AM/648  20 Feb. 1892

Report of meeting at St. Johns, Cambridge, to discuss the erection in Westminster Abbey of a bust or memorial to John Couch Adams" in recognition of his brilliant discoveries in astronomical science"

[no title]  AM/649/1-4  July 1902

Letters relating to memorial bust of J. C. A. to be erected in Launceston Library (including letter from J. Passmore Edwards)

[no title]  AM/650  nd

Newspaper cutting (undated) with letter by J. H. L. Hony of Fowey relating to memorial in Truro Cathedral to J. C. A.

[no title]  AM/651  Jan. 1932

Cutting from "Western Morning News" on 40th anniversary of death of J. C. A.

[no title]  AM/652  ? c. 1880s

Engraving of John Couch Adams

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/653  nd

Account by John Pearse of his father's schooling at Hatherleigh c.1796-99, and meeting in 1829 of John P.'s father and Mr. Adams and his young son; "My father had some knowledge of Algebra and on questioning the boy considered him a prodigy". Mr. Adams "feared his son would never be fit for a farmer". J. C. A. visited the Pearses' house and saw for the first time a pair of globes, which became "his favourite amusement".
Also notes by Wm. Grylls Adams on his brother's early life.

[no title]  AM/654  nd

Visiting cards, copper plates for engraving same, and bookplates, J. C. Adams and Mrs. Adams.

[no title]  AM/655  July 1890

Shares certificate, Mrs. Eliza Adams, Anglo-Austrian Printing Union

[no title]  AM/656  Mar. 1919

Obituary notice, Eliza Adams

[no title]  AM/657  30 Jan. 1864

"Cambridge Chronicle"

[no title]  AM/658  15 Nov. 1900

"Cambridge Review"


CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Letters to Wm. Grylls Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/659/1,2  15 Nov. 1860

From brother George at Badharlick: outbuildings "coming on nicely"; description of building and barn and alterations to garden. George now a Rifleman at Egloskerry. Wm. Grylls unwell and claiming benefit from the Egloskerry Club (Friendly Society). Mother happy at Badharlick

[no title]  AM/660/1,2  18 Aug. 1860

From Chas. Dymond, Peterborough: asks for news of Mr. Buck

[no title]  AM/661  31 Jan. 1860

From mother Tabitha: family news

[no title]  AM/662  30 Mar.(1860)

From mother: sale went well, oldest horse sold but not pony and wagon. Most of old furniture went. Plenty of room at Litcott but won't be able to move (to Badharlick) for some time

[no title]  AM/663  Mar. 1860

From mother: has heard from Thomas who is hoping to come home soon. Next farm sale on 27 Mar. Hopes to be settled into Badharlick soon. "All Bustle" since father's death

[no title]  AM/664  10 May 1860

From mother: move in progress, house nearly ready

[no title]  AM/665/1,2  15 Feb. 1861

From mother at Badharlick (Wm. at Marlborough college): on his birthday. George has planted a box hedge and some shrubs

[no title]  AM/666  17 Apr. 1863

From mother: family news. John in high spirits (to be married to Miss Bruce)

[no title]  AM/667  1 June 1863

From mother, at St. Tudy (with George): family news. Many farms changing hands

[no title]  AM/668  ? 1863

Part only of letter from mother: describing visit to Davidstow. Badharlick garden looking well

[no title]  AM/669/1-4  9 Sep. 1862 and 30 Mar. 1863

Letters from F. G. Clifton, Manchester: personal news and news of graduates of 1859

[no title]  AM/670  10 Aug. 1863

Draft letter from W. G. A. (at Egloskerry) to Mr. Nicolls: he and Polly hope to visit

[no title]  AM/671/1,2  22 Sep. 1865

From Thomas Adams in Wigan to uncle W. G. A: family news: has been "to one of the country places - Blackpool - with one of our friends in the circuit, a Mr. Leather, who has a colliery at that place"

[no title]  AM/672  2 Feb. 1867

From J. C. Maxwell: invitation to tea

[no title]  AM/673  c. 1870-75

From G. Mascart, Meteorological Office, London: asks for loan of portable electrometer

[no title]  AM/674/1,2  Jan. and Apr. 1871

From Jas. Brett: writing report of eclipse expedition

[no title]  AM/675  18 Apr. 1871

From Jn. Tyndall: asking him to join examining board of Royal Institution

[no title]  AM/676  11 May 1871

From Wm. Smeeth: about Civil Service examinations for Public Works Dept; refers to new college established by Indian government, which will be in competition with Kings and other colleges "which have hitherto trained men for such appointments"

[no title]  AM/677  6 June 1871

From V. D. Dery: asking for information on organisation of physical laboratory

[no title]  AM/678  21 Dec. 1871

Letter relating to W. G. A.'s suggestion to give lectures for ladies at Kings College

[no title]  AM/679  22 Mar. 1873

From T. Ashe, Ipswich: sent copy of his privately printed volume of verse

[no title]  AM/680  16 June 1874

From A. Stoleton: about opening of Cavendish laboratory

[no title]  AM/681/1,2  22 Apr. 1875

From A. S. Herschel, Newcastle: H. Groneman's paper "nonsense" (streamers of iron atoms held along line of earth's magnetic force will make light as they strike the atmosphere)

[no title]  AM/682/1-3  June/ July 1884

From James Thomson, Glasgow: is sending W. G. A. one of his models as a present to take to Montreal to illustrate Dr. Andrews' curves for CO²

[no title]  AM/683/1,2  26 Nov. 1885

Invitation from Secretary of Association for Promoting a Teaching University for London to become member of executive committee

[no title]  AM/684/1,2  18 Jan. 1886

From brother George, Home Park, Saltash: Dartmoor covered with snow; roads as full of mud as ever. Family news. inscriptions on headstone at Tregear want renewing; have been there over 20 years

[no title]  AM/685  15 July 1887

From George: estate sold at £5710, Mr. Nanscawen bought it. "Land is worth something yet in our parts"

[no title]  AM/686/1,2  16 Nov. 1887

From George: John working too hard. Glad he did not come for the Cathedral opening as weather was bad, service, though beautiful, very long. Accompanied Prince to Falmouth, St. Austell, Truro and St. Germans. Was Returning Officer for election on 1st November, on duty in Town Hall 8 a.m.- 9.30 p.m; voted unanimously by Council to stay in office - "never such a mayor-choosing in Saltash before", bells ringing from noon to 10 at night

[no title]  AM/687  1 July 1889

From L. T. Chao (Chinese student): about gift of 2 Chinese fans for W. G. A.

[no title]  AM/688/1,2  1 and 4 July 1889

From Y. N. Chen (Chinese student): about gift of chest of tea, and his photograph in Chinese costume

[no title]  AM/689  30 Dec. 1889

From George: all alone for Christmas. Picked primroses on Christmas Day. Arranging to sell piece of land to County Council for police station

[no title]  AM/690/1-7  nd

From Emily Yeld, York, to "Uncle William": news of friends and family.

[no title]  AM/691/1,2  23 and 25 Jan. 1890

From Edwin Abbott, and draft reply, about college acquaintance Tom Ashe

[no title]  AM/692/1,2  27 Jan. 1890

From George: sold piece of land to County Council for police station for £300, with details of conveyance

[no title]  AM/693  17 Feb. 1890

From Buck and Co. on behalf of County Council: arranging W. G. A.'s appointment as trustee of "Adams Settled Estates"

[no title]  AM/694  17 Feb. 1890

From George: arrangements for W. G. A. to act as trustee of George's estate

[no title]  AM/695/1,2  23 Apr. 1890

From George: railway does not pass through Badharlick; would like to see station at the bridge for Egloskerry, Pipers' Pool, etc.

[no title]  AM/696  11 June 1890

From George: John and Eliza going to Brighton. Weather cold and wet for Cornwall Show at Truro. Trains now running on new line "almost to the minute". Was not invited to railway opening, "only mayors"

[no title]  AM/697/1,2  18 June 1890

From George: about John's illness

[no title]  AM/698/1,2  27 June 1890

From Lizzie Roseveare, Wivelscombe, to Uncle William: family news. Visited Royal Show at Plymouth. Railway station should be at Saltash, not St. Budeaux. Busy in dairy at home

[no title]  AM/699  ? June-July 1890

From sister Grace Adams: cannot get anyone to take her place at Wivelscombe so cannot get away but hopes to see John soon; visit to Brighton has done him good

[no title]  AM/700  nd

From sister Grace: family news

[no title]  AM/701  2 Oct. 1890

From Ellen Adams to "Uncle and Aunt William": describes voyage to Naples, on way to India with Fred

[no title]  AM/702  24 Oct. 1890

From George, at Cambridge: arranging to go home for elections. John getting better. Grace unable to come to help Eliza as no servants at Wivelscombe

[no title]  AM/703  19 Nov. 1890

From Henry Roseveare: family financial matters. Can't get Aunt Grace to visit London. Active preparations in George's house - painting and decorating. Fruit farming very chancy because of foreign imports. Butter prices very low

[no title]  AM/704  26 Nov. 1890

From George: wedding to be 2nd Dec., "very quiet"; Isle of Wight for honeymoon, then on to London. "Miss Snell was never in London but a short time last summer". Discusses politics: "I think we have had quite enough of Irish matters"

[no title]  AM/705  1 Dec. 1890

From Harry Roseveare, Craymore College, Bristol, to Uncle William: decided to leave at Easter. "The boys" (Tommy and Johnny") working better at school

[no title]  AM/706  4 Dec. 1890

From George: wedding went off well. Mary looking forward to meeting her new relations

[no title]  AM/707  15 Dec. 1890

From Henry Roseveare: wishes to consult John and Eliza about the boys leaving school

[no title]  AM/708  23 Dec. 1890

From Harry Roseveare: sending Christmas hamper to London with apples and cream; family news

[no title]  AM/709/1,2  8 Mar. 1891

From Wm. Thomson, Ayr: about electromagnetism

[no title]  AM/710  12 Nov. 1891

From George: details of legacy duty to be paid

[no title]  AM/711  23 Nov. 1891

Draft letter from W. G. A. to brother George: legacy duty paid; John improving

[no title]  AM/712/1,2  26 Dec. 1891

From Calouste Gulbenkian, London: forwarding to him a carpet "which I brought for you from the Caucasus... as a souvenir of one of your former students"

[no title]  AM/713  3 Apr. 1892

From George: inscription on Grace's headstone; John's memorial stone, and different ways of spelling Litcott ("when I was a boy") and present spelling of Lidcot

[no title]  AM/714  26 Apr. 1892

From Doney and Evans, monumental masons, St. Austell, to George: anxious to submit design for headstone

[no title]  AM/715  27 April 1892

From George: about succession duty on John's estate

[no title]  AM/716/1-3  25 May 1892

From George: about John's legacies. Tom "a show-off" (brother Thomas' son). Suggest he buys land in Laneast.- Beeny is improving in value

[no title]  AM/717  16 Sep. 1892

From George: headstones at Tregear fixed; very costly. Family news

[no title]  AM/718/1,2  19 Nov. 1892

From W. Wevill: about sketch of W. G. A.'s old home, published in "Illustrated London News". Comments on uncertain state of politics: "country in a fearful condition, farmers are in a bad way generally". Bad time to put anything on market

[no title]  AM/719  1892

Invitation to attend 300th anniversary of University of Dublin

[no title]  AM/720/1-12  1893

Papers and letters relating to W. G. A.'s shares in Brazil Great Southern Railway Co. Ltd.

[no title]  AM/721/1-10  July-Aug. 1894

Letters relating to Brazil Great Southern Railway Co.

[no title]  AM/722  21 July 1894

From George: collecting rents for W. G. A.'s tenants in Camelford, Egloskerry and Trekenner

[no title]  AM/723  28 Aug. 1894

From J. R. Collins to George: asking for permission to shoot over Beeny (St. Juliot)

[no title]  AM/724  6 Sep. 1894

From George: farming news; family financial arrangements

[no title]  AM/725/1,2  Feb. 1895

From Harry Roseveare, Truro College: with list of Aunt Grace's possessions at Wivelscombe "for Lizzie, Mary and Hilda Roseveare". Teaching at Truro. Remarks on extraordinary frost, but not enough ice for skating. President of Conference to preach at St. Marys, Mayor and Corporation to attend.

[no title]  AM/726/1,2  1 Mar. 1895

From Lister: declining invitation to address meeting of Council of London Society for Extension of University Teaching

[no title]  AM/727  15 Mar. 1895

From George: some furniture to be sold from Badharlick, offers some to William

[no title]  AM/728  12 Sep. 1895

From George: about sale of property near Cambridge, and custom in Cornwall of purchaser paying commission to solicitor and to auctioneer, and for conveyance. "I was not aware what the practice was at Cambridge"

[no title]  AM/729  nd

From wife Mary: May and self home from Tonbridge having seen Grace and Jack and attended prize-giving. Jack has Smythe Exhibition; 5th in form, 50 marks more than anyone else in Physics and Chemistry and much above science boys in mathematics. Jack in favour of going to Oxford

[no title]  AM/730  28 Jan. 1896

From George: about the Lawrence case. Hope war scare is subsiding "and that we shall decline to take German goods"

[no title]  AM/731  12 Sep. 1896

From George: about trusteeship of John's estate

[no title]  AM/732  14 Oct 1896

Draft letter from W. G. A: about Adams trust fund

[no title]  AM/733  ? 1896

Invitation to speak at Council of Royal Institution of Great Britain

[no title]  AM/734/1,2  10 May 1898

From George: arrangements for sale of Beeny, St. Juliot; plenty of rain, crops likely to be good. Corn prices high

[no title]  AM/735  23 May 1896

From Fred. Bramwell: successful appointment of Trueman Wood

[no title]  AM/736  20 July 1898

From George: visited William's tenants, collected rents. Mary farms for sale and to let

[no title]  AM/737/1-7  1898

Letters relating to subscriptions to Philosophical Club

[no title]  AM/738  4 Nov. 1898

From W. Huggins, Tulse Hill: on W. G. A.'s congratulations on writer's "totally unexpected honour"

[no title]  AM/739/1,2  Jan. and Mar. 1899

From Lister, declining invitation

[no title]  AM/740/1,2  16 Mar. 1899

From George: has been appointed J.P. Badharlick matter soon to be settled

[no title]  AM/741/1-3  May 1899

From Prof. D. E. Hughes, with reprint of article on wireless Telegraphy ("The Electrican", 5 May 1899)

[no title]  AM/742  10 Jan. 1900

From George: about settlement of Lawrence mortgage

[no title]  AM/743/1,2  Jan. 1900

From George: about Lawrence mortgage

[no title]  AM/744/1,2  Jan. and Feb. 1900

From Wm. Grylls Adams jun. to uncle George: settlement of Lawrence mortgage

[no title]  AM/745  1 Feb. 1900

From Avebury: thanking him for congratulations

[no title]  AM/746  26 Feb. 1900

From G. H. Darwin: decided to retire from Philosphical Club

[no title]  AM/747/1-3  26 Feb. 1900

From Institution of Civil Engineers: asking for help in arranging International engineering congress in Glasgow, with outline of scheme

[no title]  AM/748  17 Mar. 1900

From George: nothing at Warde sale except settle and Polly's cradle and the rocking-horse. Suggested that Badharlick tenants should pay rent half-yearly

[no title]  AM/749/1,2  14 July, 1900

From George: tenants at Beeny. Repairs needed to dwelling-house. Sends cuttings advertising sale of Roose in Laneast and St. Clether

[no title]  AM/750  3 Aug. 1900

Copy letter from Jn. Kittow, Launceston, to George, about sale of property at Laneast and St. Clether

[no title]  AM/751/1-3  Aug. 1900

From George: about W. G. A.'s purchase of Treroose in Laneast and St. Clether

[no title]  AM/752/1-3  13 Aug. 1900

From George: looked round Treroose, noted necessary repairs and probable value. Suggests keeping offer down to £2,600

[no title]  AM/753  16 Aug. 1900

From George: about purchase of Roose

[no title]  AM/754  18 Aug. 1900

From George: about offer for farms in Laneast and St. Clether (Sweetwell and Rylands)

[no title]  AM/755/1,2  23 Aug. 1900

From George: weather very rainy. Information on Laneast sale; comments on W. G. A.'s proposal to live at Treroose

[no title]  AM/756  12 Nov. 1900

From Wm. Huggins, Tulse Hill: on writer's acceptance of "so responsible at office" (not specified)

[no title]  AM/757/1-9  1900

Letters from Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society relating to Falmouth Observatory, 1894, letters, programme, prize list, and invitation to speak

[no title]  AM/758/1-40  May-Oct. 1901

From George: about W. G. A.'s purchase of Roose farm in Laneast and Underlanes in St. Clether, and installation of suitable tenant

[no title]  AM/759/1-4  1899-1901

Notice of interest on Brazilian Railway stock

[no title]  AM/760  14 Nov. 1901

From George: refused to stand as Mayor or for council; "glad to be out of it"

[no title]  AM/761/1-3  1901

Circulars about proposed testimonial to Prof. Liveing, Cambridge

[no title]  AM/762/1-4  21 Apr. 1902

From George: about Treroose, with suggestions of W. G. A. for repairs to old house and building a new one

[no title]  AM/763/1-5  June 1902

Invitation and tickets for naval review at Spithead (W.G.A. a member of board of visitors for Greenwich Observatory)

[no title]  AM/764/1-9  1900-1902

Circulars from Institution of Electrical Engineers

[no title]  AM/765/1-3  June, 1902

Letter from vicar of Laneast thanking W. G. A. for generous donation towards Coronation festivities, sends programme of events (buns, bonfires and bells). Tower now enrolled in Diocesan Ringers Guild; refers to Education Act; restoration of school for use as Sunday School and establishment of reading room and library for men

[no title]  AM/766/1-6  July 1902

Circulars and tickets, Coronation procession and Athaeneum dinner

[no title]  AM/767/1,2  30 Oct. 1902

From George: has paid bills. Wise not to buy Dennabole

[no title]  AM/768/1,2  1902

Plans for Irish holiday

[no title]  AM/769/1-4  1903

Papers relating to W. G. A.'s shares in Scarborough and Whitby Breweries

[no title]  AM/770/1-3  1903

From National Physical Laboratory: about site at Boscastle for magnetic observatory; notice of student assistantships available in engineering and physics

[no title]  AM/771/1-4  May 1903, May and Oct. 1904

From W. G. Searle, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, to W. G. A. (2) and to J. C. A.'s widow Eliza (1): about donation to Museum of personal medals of John Couch Adams, "the most renowned member of our body"

[no title]  AM/772/1-4  1903

Appeal for subscription for memorial to late Sir Geo. Gabriel Stokes of Cambridge

[no title]  AM/773/1-9  Apr. 1898-Apr. 1903

From Hen. Bovey, Faculty of Applied Science, Montreal: about university appointments; family news

[no title]  AM/774  11 May 1904

From Thomas Quinche, Heidleburg: declining invitation to visit

[no title]  AM/775/1-3  27 May 1905

Invitation from King's College science common room to retirement dinner, with menu signed by W. G. A.'s colleagues

[no title]  AM/776/1,2  7 Aug. 1905

From George: on W. G. A.'s completion of his work at King's. Suggests family finds a small house near London

[no title]  AM/777/1,2  8 Sep. 1905

From George: wife Mary improving and free from pain, operation a success, and "thankful for what has been done"

[no title]  AM/778/1,2  15 and 17 Sep. 1905

From George: family news; invitation to stay

[no title]  AM/779  5 Dec. 1905

From George: hopes to see them soon. News of a possible election

[no title]  AM/780  30 Dec. 1905

From George: hopes W. G. A. will find house soon.
Election news: "Mr. Grylls is a good man... the Government if they remain in power will deal hardly with the landed interests"

[no title]  AM/781  1905

Circular advertising Grolier Society edition of Scott's Waverley novels

[no title]  AM/782  2 Jan. 1906

From George: at New year. Political comment. "We shall have a stiff contest in this division but Mr. Grylls is a good man and will make his mark"

[no title]  AM/783  5 Jan. 1906

From George: about Treroose rents

[no title]  AM/784/1,2  7 Jan. 1906

From Jack's wife, Alice: thanks for holiday

[no title]  AM/785/1,2  3 and 5 Feb. 1906

From W. L. Littleton Geach: house near Bristol for W. G. A. and family; also from George, about the same

[no title]  AM/786  15 Feb. 1906

From George: on W. G. A.'s birthday; encloses cutting advertising house in Torquay

[no title]  AM/787/1-18  Dec. 1905-Apr. 1906

Letters relating to Treroose, possible reduction of rent and Mr. Hender's wish to leave farm.
(Refers also to new carriage-house and schoolroom at Wesleyan chapel (? Treroose), Laneast).

[no title]  AM/788/1,2  28 Apr. 1906

From son Willie: describing house in Twyford

[no title]  AM/789/1-3  Apr. and June, 1906

From J. Kittow and Son, Launceston: Beeny lease and Treroose tenancy

[no title]  AM/790/1,2  16 June 1906

From King's College: about disposal of books presented to college by W. G. A.

[no title]  AM/791  23 June, 1906

From George: fruit ripening so unable to take a holiday. Polly's daughter Hilda got 2nd class Honours at Cambridge; election news

[no title]  AM/792  29 Aug. 1906

From George: about Treroose water supply. Plan for holiday in Tintagel

[no title]  AM/793  13 Sep. 1906

From George, on holiday at Bude

[no title]  AM/794/1,2  14 Sep. 1906

Plan and notes on Treroose water supply

[no title]  AM/795/1,2  5 Nov. 1906

From George: intends to stand for re-election as alderman for Saltash borough

[no title]  AM/796/1,2  6 Nov 1906

From Patrick Kirkaldy, King's College: willing to accept cheque for motor car. "From what one hears from motorists the Devonshire lanes must have been designed by the Highway Protection League". Asks for W. G. A.'s portrait to hang in common room

[no title]  AM/797  10 Nov. 1906

From B. B. Hender, Treroose: thanks him for generous contribution towards chapel funds: News of improvements to be made at Treroose

[no title]  AM/798/1-3  25 Nov. 1906

From George: John Grylls has had a stroke. Family news

[no title]  AM/799/1,2  30 Nov. 1906

From George: John Grylls' funeral. Comments on Mr. Hender's proposals for Treroose

[no title]  AM/800/1-15  July-Dec. 1906

Estate agents' letters and circulars relating to houses in Honiton, Cullompton, Godalming and Guildford

[no title]  AM/801/1,2  17 Apr. 1907

From vicar of Laneast: asking for contribution to maintenance of church (church contains memorial to John Couch Adams; W. G. A. owns land in parish)

[no title]  AM/802  27 June 1907

From George: weather too wet and cold for fruit to ripen

[no title]  AM/803/1,2  18 Jan. and 6 Feb. 1908

From J. Kittow and Son, Launceston: Treroose tenancy

[no title]  AM/804  8 Oct. 1908

From George Parker, Philadelphia: describes visit to England including British Association meeting; European tour. Hopes W. G. A. and Mary will be in Winnipeg next year

[no title]  AM/805/1-3  28 July 1911

From George's wife Mary: asking for signatures on cheques

[no title]  AM/806/1-3  18 July 1912

Invitation to William Grylls Adams and Miss Adams to Royal reception at Windsor to celebrate 250th anniversary of Royal Society

[no title]  AM/807/1-4  10 Aug. 1912

From George's widow Mary: asking for signature on note; also W. G. A.'s draft reply. Miners' Arms inn in manor of Cusgarne has lost its licence and part of compensation will go to tenant

[no title]  AM/808  26 Apr. 1913

Draft letter from W. G. A. concerning conveyances and mortgage

[no title]  AM/809/1-3  June 1915

Resolution of Royal Observatory on death of William Grylls Adams

[no title]  AM/810/1-9  nd

Undated letters, miscellaneous notes and fragments, including part of a letter relating to discovery of John Couch Adams' letters in loft at Broadstone.

Letters from William Grylls Adams to Mary Dingle.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/811  1852

Valentine (sent by W. G. A. to Mary Dingle in 1852).

[no title]  AM/812  28 Aug. 1865

To "My Dear Miss Dingle": profuse apologies for not being able to attend picnic because of visit of friend from Dorchester. Invites her to visit King's College in London before term starts

[no title]  AM/813/1,2  23 Jan. 1866

W. G. A. in London to "My very dear Mary", and signed "from your own loving William": misses her company. Mother approves

[no title]  AM/814/1,2  25 Jan. 1866

To "my beloved one": must write "to release my pent-up feelings which have reached that boiling point capable of speech". Hopes she will write soon. Must show himself worthy of his Professorship. Invites her to London after Easter

[no title]  AM/815/1,2  1 Feb. 1866

Wm. to Mary: Polly says Mary looks better with curls. News of Sunday League Society's attempt to allow entertainments on Sundays

[no title]  AM/816/1-3  8 Feb. 1866

Wm. to Mary: Visited Royal Institution to hear lectures, also Royal Society. News of National Portrait exhibition to be opened in London; invites her to visit. J. C. A. coming to stay

[no title]  AM/817/1-3  12 Feb. 1866

Wm. to Mary: reminds her of first Valentine he sent her and early days of courtship. Visited Annual Meeting of Geological Society, followed by concert by Handel Festival choir

[no title]  AM/818/1,2  16 Feb. 1866

Wm. to Mary: thanks her for birthday greetings and bunch of Cornish violets

[no title]  AM/819/1-3  21 Feb. 1866

Wm. to Mary: has loved her since 1852 when he sent Valentine. Denies accusation of being a flirt; any meeting with other girls serves only to increase his appreciation of her. Discusses sermon preached by Archbishop of York. Nephew Thomas (now with him) intends to go to Cambridge. Hopes to visit Mary's relations in London. Describes Wordsworth's verses as "pretty"

[no title]  AM/820  28 Feb. 1866

Wm. to Mary: hopes she no longer has any doubts about their marriage

[no title]  AM/821/1-3  8 Mar. 1866

Wm. to Mary: asks for list of books for him to bring down at Easter. Evening lectures now finished. Going to hear "The Creation"; pokes fun at Royal Society's soirée

[no title]  AM/822/1-3  15 Mar. 1866

Wm. to Mary: thanks her for bunch of Spring flowers. Coming home at Easter; arrangements for journey. Thinks ladies should attend scientific lectures

[no title]  AM/823  10 Apr. 1866

Wm. to Mary: return to London's "murky air"; describes journey

[no title]  AM/824/1,2  13 Apr. 1866

Wm. to Mary: apologises for being "moody"; natural for him to be silent even with his very best friends. Reassures her of his undying love and says that though Ruskin says a painter's wife should understand painting, no need for a mathematician to have a mathematical wife

[no title]  AM/825/1-3  25 Apr. 1866

Wm. to Mary: walked to Hampstead with nephew Thomas, "the neighbourhood... is well wooded and very pretty". Discusses Archbishop of York's sermon on Darwin's theory of evolution. Discusses religious beliefs: "I do not think that there is any question of principle involved in your becoming a Churchwoman or in my becoming a Methodist... if I had thought so I should not have asked you to do it... anyone who went to a Chapel in London on a Sunday morning and did not know the service well and so detect the little bits left out, would not know that he was not in a church". Describe service in detail. "If each minister did not make changes of his own in the Church Service as he proceeds I should like this just as well as the Church; in fact I am particularly fond of a hymn after the sermon"; sees no reason why either should change faiths, "except that as a Fellow of St. Johns, I am necessarily a member of the Church of England, and as professor at a Church of England college I might be considered inconsistent were I to cease to become a churchman... but if I am a true Churchman I shall be a true follower of John Wesley who never separated himself from the church"

[no title]  AM/826/1,2  10 May 1866

Wm. to Mary, from St. Tudy: mother ill with internal haemorrhage. Family all at home

[no title]  AM/827  16 May 1866

Wm. to Mary, from St. Tudy: mother very ill, "we fear the worst". With note "The doctors give no hope of mother's recovery"

[no title]  AM/828  17 May 1866

Wm. to Mary: describes mother's death, family all with her when she died. "She was the kindest and most tender-hearted of mothers"

[no title]  AM/829  30 May 1866

Wm. to Mary: describes journey to London

[no title]  AM/830/1,2  16 Aug. 1866

Wm. to Mary, from Wigan: very bad weather so could not visit the Lakes, but intends to go into Wales with Polly. Advises her on how to learn glees; is fond of music; "mother was so fond of it, and there is very little of it left in our family, we must keep it up"

[no title]  AM/831  20 Aug. 1866

Wm. to Mary, from Wigan: describes visit to Scotland

[no title]  AM/832  nd

Wm. to Mary, from Worcester: describes travels in North Wales and Shrewsbury, where "the fine old church... is being thoroughly restored". Left for Worcester by railway, which runs nearly all the way down the Severn Valley. Visited Wordsworth's house "and had a chat with an aged widow who knew the poet well".

[no title]  AM/833/1,2  3 Sep. 1866

Wm. to Mary, from Trewen: on her birthday. Visiting George who is finishing harvest

[no title]  AM/834/1,2  1 May 1867

Wm. to Mary: working "very near to where an old Maypole used to stand, in the Strand just opposite the gate of King's College". New students, large classes. Polly staying with him. Attended "the great meeting" at Exeter Hall, with speeches from Mr. Garrett, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Mclash and Mr. Punshon

[no title]  AM/835/1,2  3 May 1867

Wm. to Mary: he and Polly going to Cambridge. Visited Hampton Court, took "Miss Jenkins... she wanted someone to comfort her". Remarks on Roseveare family (Polly married Henry R.)

[no title]  AM/836/1-3  8 May 1867

Wm. to Mary; visited Cambridge and introduced Polly to game of croquet. Heard nightingale. Family news. Went to Hyde Park to see what was going on "as everybody had been warned to keep away" (Reform meetings, which Walpole first refused to allow and then allowed to take place)

[no title]  AM/837/1,2  16 May 1867

Wm. to Mary: describes day out with Fanny Dingle and Mary Trehane; intends to take them to the Abbey on Sunday. Henry Roseveare "not a bad fellow". Tom has not won scholarship for St. Johns but intends to try Pembroke

[no title]  AM/838/1-3  23 May 1867

Wm. to Mary: would like her to visit London in summer

[no title]  AM/839/1,2  31 May 1867

Wm. to Mary: Mary will not visit London; Wm. cannot go home until August. Attended Ruskin's lecture on "National Ethics as influencing National Arts"

[no title]  AM/840/1,2  4 June 1867

Wm. to Mary: Grace and Polly gone home to Badharlick; George gone to Badharlick to prepare house for them (been away all winter)

[no title]  AM/841/1,2  14 June 1867

Wm. to Mary: his old schoolmaster Mr. Wall invited him to Stafford in Sept. for distribution of prizes - has written to say that "as an important event was coming off then" he could not come. Must prepare next term's lectures before end of term. Intends to go on continental tour

[no title]  AM/842/1,2  21 June 1867

Wm. to Mary: busy attending lectures and soirées. Suggests she might visit Polly and Grace at Badharlick

[no title]  AM/843/1-3  26 June 1867

Wm. to Mary: off to Paris next week; London very hot

[no title]  AM/844  28 June 1867

Wm. to Mary: asks to borrow her book "Table Talk in Four Languages"

[no title]  AM/845  4 July 1867

Wm. to Mary: plans for continental tour

[no title]  AM/846  28 Sep. 1867

Wm. to Mary: arrived back in London; saw Henry and Polly at Totnes. Met Dingle relations in Exeter

[no title]  AM/847  1 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: difficult to concentrate on work. Family news. Polly has reached her new home

[no title]  AM/848  8 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: warns her against dreaming about the past. News of cousin Fanny

[no title]  AM/849/1,2  11 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: grateful for her regular letters for news from home. Walked on Sunday from Regents Park to Hampstead Heath "through fields nearly all the way". Saw some "nice modern villas" but came to earth when discovered the rent. Polly's house much out of repair

[no title]  AM/850  14 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: glad she is now thinking of the future. More students at King's than ever before. Hopes to write new textbook on mechanics

[no title]  AM/851  18 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: went to Crystal Palace for firework display. Gives views on duties of godparents

[no title]  AM/852/1,2  22 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: thanks for her gift (muffler or tie). Suggests she arranges for her new maid to learn to read and write. Encourages her to learn to read music by Sol-fa system

[no title]  AM/853/1,2  25 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: hopes she will allow him to keep an untidy desk. No longer has to take evening classes. Fanny unsuccessful in obtaining seat at the Savoy chapel

[no title]  AM/854  30 Oct. 1867

Wm. to Mary: went to Richmond Park, saw deer. Nephew Tom taking London B.A. and intends to take elementary Civil Service exam; hopes to work with Geological Survey

[no title]  AM/855  1 Nov. 1867

Wm. to Mary: discusses family relationships. No need for her to be knowledgeable about mathematics. Has entered for competition on astronomy

[no title]  AM/856  5 Nov. 1867

Wm. to Mary: warns her not to talk about his entry for competition. Scolds her for being jealous of "a lissom young lady" (Miss Jenkins). Family news. Recommends books for her to read

[no title]  AM/857  8 Nov. 1867

Wm. to Mary: glad she does not dislike Miss Jenkins

[no title]  AM/858  14 Nov. 1867

Wm. to Mary: remarks on riots at Exeter (mayor-choosing); nonconformist mayor (John Trehane) refused to go to cathedral. Mayor of Stafford went in State to his own Independent Chapel, with all the Corporation; rector went with them to chapel gate and went to conduct own church service. "I believe it will be very bad for all but the towns if the separation of church and state ever takes place"

[no title]  AM/859  22 Nov. 1867

Wm. to Mary: describes visit to Oxford

[no title]  AM/860  29 Nov. 1867

Wm. to Mary: describes sermons on Sunday. Coming home for Christmas

[no title]  AM/861  (30 Nov. 1867)

Wm. to Mary: going to Cambridge, no time to write

[no title]  AM/862/1,2  1 Dec. 1867

Wm. to Mary: visiting John in Cambridge; going to Cheltenham to examine the College in mathematics. Heard newly-published works of Mendelssohn, including Reformation Symphony, and new volume of Songs Without Words

[no title]  AM/863  18 Dec. 1867

Wm. to Mary: arrangements for visit at Christmas. Describes stay at Cheltenham

[no title]  AM/864  22 Dec. 1867

Wm. to Mary, from Saltash: going to George's with Grace

[no title]  AM/865  nd

Part only of letter from Wm. to Mary (before wedding), asks Mr. Trehane to bring Wm.'s umbrella when he comes to London

[no title]  AM/866  13 Feb. 1868

Wm. to Mary: complaints about Post Office. Plans for construction of laboratories at King's where practical instruction can be given in Physical Science. Attended Shakespearian Society for play reading

[no title]  AM/867  20 Feb. 1868

Wm. to Mary: busy with plans for Physical Laboratory. Discusses Geo. MacDonald's "unorthodox" book on Christ

[no title]  AM/868  27 Feb. 1868

Wm. to Mary: further discussion on "Ecce Homo". Has 3 schemes for laboratory

[no title]  AM/869/1,2  11 Mar. 1868

Wm. to Mary: invites her to London after her visit to Exeter in spring. Intends to visit Paris to discuss new laboratory at King's. New Principal to be appointed. Macaulay not a reliable historian - to partisan, Professor Brewer (Professor of English Literature at King's) "engaged by the Master of the Rolls in arranging and writing abstracts of all papers in the Rolls office and elsewhere, so that he is supplying the materials for a great and true history, and these materials have never been thoroughly searched out by any historians, but as Macaulay or other men have looked over these papers which there was no difficulty in making out, each man has taken those facts which seemed to him of importance and jotted it down in his notes for future use - Brewer's work is to deceipher and put into their proper place in order of time all existing documents of whatever kind which exist in the Record Office .."

[no title]  AM/870/1-3  24 Apr. 1868

Wm. to Mary (at John Trehane's house in Exeter): encourages her to take part in life and not to stand by and watch. She must attend mayor's banquet. Suggests George should marry, his housekeeper could then care for Mary's parents and there would be no need to delay their marriage

[no title]  AM/870  22 Apr. 1868

Wm. to Mary: family news. Political discussions with James Dingle (Fanny's brother)

[no title]  AM/871  28 Apr. 1868

Wm. to Mary: does not like to be on his own

[no title]  AM/872/1,2  1 May 1868

Wm. to Mary: brother Thomas visiting him. New Principal to be elected soon. Encourages her to come out of her shell and enjoy parties

[no title]  AM/873/1,2  13 May 1868

Wm. to Mary: suggests she should engage a servant as soon as a likely woman available. Physical Laboratory to be set up during vacation. Wishes to arrange wedding date

[no title]  AM/874/1,2  20 May 1868

Wm. to Mary: watched boat race; fireworks at Crystal Palace. Discussion on miracles. Suggests outings for his visit in summer. Encourages her to take over part of household management from mother as good practice for future

[no title]  AM/875/1,2  1 June 1868

Wm. to Mary, from Cambridge: news of races. Many of his college contemporaries now married. Would like wedding to be at Lamalla

[no title]  AM/876/1,2  11 June, 1868

Wm. to Mary: reports double wedding at Launceston, in chapel, "so there will be no fine peal of bells". Next Easter is latest date he will consider for wedding. Advice on how to arrange her hair; dislikes fake hair in chignons and fake jewellery

[no title]  AM/877  15 June 1868

Wm. to Mary: apologises for bad-tempered letter

[no title]  AM/878  17 June 1868

Wm. to Mary: apologises for wounding her by criticising her appearance

[no title]  AM/879  19 June 1868

Wm. to Mary: encourages her to express her own opinions. Attended Handel festival. Going on a picnic to Hampton Court with Miss Jenkins

[no title]  AM/880/1,2  26 June, 1868

Wm. to Mary: attended concert given by Miss Nielson. Enjoyed picnic at Hampton Court. Has seen Japanese acrobats and jugglers, open-air concert at Crystal Palace - "a very gay week"

[no title]  AM/881/1,2  1 July 1868

Wm. to Mary: on his friendship with Miss Jenkins and Miss Welbourne. Advises her to avoid Mr. Tarr

[no title]  AM/882/1,2  8 July 1868

Wm. to Mary: accuses the Davys of spreading malicious gossip about Miss Jenkins. George should discuss with Mr. Rodd about taking lease of Lamalla. Has had photograph taken in his gown "as the Professor... with a proper expression of countenance"

[no title]  AM/883/1,2  13 July 1868

Wm. to Mary: should not look forward or back but make the most of the present. Hopes to find "a nice young fellow" for Miss Welbourne. Will give copy of his photograph to Fanny "for her menagerie"

[no title]  AM/884/1,2  16 July 1868

Wm. to Mary: describes concert at Crystal Palace

[no title]  AM/885/1,2  22 July 1868

Wm. to Mary: weather too hot to work; has become addicted to American drinks. Whole country burnt up, "scarcely a green blade to be seen". Preparing experiments for next term

[no title]  AM/886  5 Aug. 1868

Wm. to Mary from Wivelscombe: train to Plymouth, walked over railway bridge to Saltash and then on to Wivelscombe by moonlight. Going to Penzance and Lands End with Mr. Jenkin before visiting Mary

[no title]  AM/887  29 Aug. 1868

Wm. to Mary, from Wivelscombe: arranging outing to Tintagel; visit to fête at Mount Egcumbe, where gardens to be open for first time in ten years

[no title]  AM/888/1,2  31 Aug. 1868

Wm. to Mary: arrangements for visit to Mount Edgcumbe

[no title]  AM/889  22 Sep. 1868

Wm. to Mary: back in London

[no title]  AM/890  28 Sep. 1868

Wm. to Mary: final arrangements for laboratory which will be in working order next week

[no title]  AM/891  27 Nov. 1868

Wm. to Mary: John encouraging him to send in paper for prize at Cambridge. Arranging for her visit at Christmas. Must not sing if piano is out of tune; must not be self-conscious about singing in company

[no title]  AM/892  17 Dec. 1868

Wm. to Mary: exam. papers to mark; hopes to visit George at Christmas, and bring Mary back to London with him

[no title]  AM/893  10 Jan. 1869

Wm. to Mary: arranging her visit. Mrs. Peter will look after parents, no need to be anxious

[no title]  AM/894/1,2  27 Jan. 1869

Wm. to Mary: lectures have started. Went to see pantomime "Puss in Boots" at Drury Lane. Has started to look at houses; Bayswater possible though too far from King's. Scolds her for not visiting Exeter as she had promised

[no title]  AM/895/1-3  4 Feb. 1869

Wm. to Mary: invited to go on mountaineering expedition in summer. She must keep busy, not sit around doing nothing; should not leave arrangements to other people but see Mrs. Peters herself to arrange for post as housekeeper. Does not believe in long engagements

[no title]  AM/896  5 Feb. 1869

Wm. to Mary: consoling her after his last letter

[no title]  AM/897/1-3  11 Feb. 1869

Wm. to Mary: Mrs. Peters must not look for directions but must be in charge of the servants; new servants should be engaged after she has come in order to preserve her seniority. Mary must visit London to decide about the house. Has drawn up scheme for extension to department of Natural Philosophy. Discussed with Sir Charles Trevelyan latter's plans for new law-courts "on the new Embankment"

[no title]  AM/898/1,2  18 Feb. 1869

Wm. to Mary: on his birthday. His photograph is in great demand

[no title]  AM/899/1,2  25 Feb. 1869

Wm. to Mary: on life she must expect to lead because of his position as professor. "You hardly are aware of the place which my wife should naturally take... the very best society is open to those in my position, and you know that in account of my connection with John it is not likely to be lowered... Can you fancy yourself sitting at ease at the end of the table with some of the greatest scientific men of the day dining at your table and yourself fully enjoying the "feast of reason and the flow of soul" that accompanies a good dinner. Polly could take her position in the very best society... I see no reason why you should not". Suggests they get a house large enough to provide lodgings for some of his students. Discusses her reluctance to leave her father; but he would not fit into the society in which Wm. moves. "You must do what you feel to be your duty, and you will always have my true regard and friendship"

[no title]  AM/900/1,2  5 Mar. 1869

Wm. to Mary: argues that it is not right for Wm. to provide home for her father; not the right place for Mr. Dingle. Hoped she had abandoned all thought of breaking off the engagement because of her inability to cope with "society", will return all her letters

[no title]  AM/901  11 Mar. 1869

Wm. to Mary: distressed by her letter. Matter must be discussed. Has been questioning his own feelings; asks whether she might not have made a little more effort to adapt herself for marriage

[no title]  AM/902  19 Mar. 1869

Wm. to Mary: "I have been more wrong than you in what is past"

[no title]  AM/903  12 Apr. 1869

Wm. to Mary: glad Mrs. Peter at last installed. To be appointed Examiner to the University of London

[no title]  AM/904/1,2  16 Apr. 1869

Wm. to Mary: after her mother's death

[no title]  AM/905  1 July 1869

Wm. to Mary: suggests moving in to house as soon as 2 or 3 rooms furnished, and finishing off gradually

[no title]  AM/906  29 July 1869

Wm. to Mary: wedding fixed for 12th August. No success in house-hunting

[no title]  AM/907/1-5  1868-69

Fragments only of letters from Wm. to Mary: plans for wedding; George to leave Trewen, may take Lemalla; need for new piano; where Mary's father to live after wedding

Letters from Mary Dingle to William Grylls Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/908/1-3  13 Nov. 1865

Mary to Wm: glad he wrote; admits she loves him. "I had a fancy that your wife should be very clever and pretty and rich. I did not consider myself at all a suitable person". Father is "well pleased"

[no title]  AM/909/1-3  17 Dec. 1866

Mary to Wm: looking forward to his visit

[no title]  AM/910/1,2  (Mar. 1866)

Mary to Wm: apologises for untidy letter, busy with lambing

[no title or date]  AM/911/1,2

Mary to Wm: family news (June 1867).

[no title]  AM/912/1-3  Jan. 1869

Mary to Wm: mother better but needs nursing and much attention. Asks his advice about approaching Mrs. Peter. Chapel news

[no title]  AM/913  (10 Feb. 1869)

Part only of letter from Mary to Wm: "If it should come that I should ever want to take care of Father would you feel it a burden?". Suggests breaking off engagement

[no title]  AM/914/1-3  24 July 1869

Mary to Wm: Had no doubts but afraid he wished to end engagement. Has ordered wedding dress - white silk repp - and cake has been ordered - Wm. must give presents to the bridesmaids

[no title]  AM/915  Aug. 1869

Mary's diary of honeymoon tour (Paris, Switzerland)

[no title or date]  AM/916

"A Victorian Courtship" - excerpts from letters of William Grylls Adams and Mary Dingle, 1865-1869, and copy of diary kept by Mary on her honeymoon tour in 1869.

Letters from William Grylls Adams to his wife.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/917/1-3  28 Oct. 1889

Wm. to Mary, from Cambridge: John's health in a very precarious state - stomach haemorrhage

[no title]  AM/918  25 Aug. 1897

Wm. to Mary, from Toronto: British Association meeting finished; Bristol next year. Plans to tour Canada before coming home

[no title]  AM/919  27 Aug. 1897

Wm. to Mary, from Lake Huron: Canadian tour

[no title]  AM/920/1,2  27 Aug. 1897

Wm. to Mary, from Toronto: describes Canadian tour. She can borrow from George is she need money

[no title]  AM/921/1-7  Aug. 1897

Wm. to Mary and brother George, on board "S. S. Vancouver" (engraving of ship on top of paper): journey from Ireland quiet; photographed Barnardo children playing on deck; saw whales and icebergs, but not close enough to photograph. Lectures on board by representatives of Australia and New Zealand attending Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Canada

[no title]  AM/922  19 Aug. 1897

Wm. to Mary: describes meetings and social gatherings in Toronto

[no title]  AM/923/1,2  6 Sep. 1897

Wm. to Mary, from Vancouver Island: describes journey and reception for members of British Association by mayor of Victoria. "Cornish miners rather abound at the mines in this neighbourhood". Slept in train. Suggests they visit Canada together, "not far from England". Hopes to see Tom at Lennoxville

[no title or date]  AM/924/1,2

Verses "from W. A. to M.A., on the twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding day" (1894).

[no title]  AM/925/1-3  Dec. 1892

Wm. to Mary, from Knowle Hotel, Sidmouth, Devon (engraving of hotel at top of paper): describes journey and meeting with Hullins family

Letters to Mary Dingle (Adams) from parents, cousins and friends  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/926  1855

From James Dingle, St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead, to cousin Mary: glad she liked Bath and Kingswood. Intends travelling to Plymouth by steamer from Liverpool 18 June

[no title]  AM/927  17 Sep. 1863

From James Dingle, on his return to London from Cornwall

[no title]  AM/928/1-10  24 Sep. 1863

From James Dingle, with quotations from sermons, verses, etc.

[no title]  AM/929/1,2  11 July 1864

From James Dingle: his mother visiting Lemalla. Calls Mary "plain, plump and sensible". Delighted at defeat of Tories - "such a triumph for my favourite statesman Earl Russell"

[no title]  AM/930  21 July 1864

From James Dingle: she must read what she wants and then decide if it is worth reading, not be told by others

[no title]  AM/931  13 Sep. 1864

From James Dingle: visit to Isle of Wight

[no title]  AM/932  16 Jan. 1865

From James Dingle: sending her "Saturday Review"

[no title]  AM/933  22 Feb. 1865

From James Dingle: suggests she stops reading novels and improves her mind with history and literature

[no title]  AM/934/1,2  nd

From James Dingle: on Mary's decision not to come to London as her parents cannot spare her.

[no title]  AM/935/12  nd

From James Dingle, with copy of "Jerusalem the Golden": "this has been the crack hymn for the last year or two"; also some of Macaulay's verses.

[no title]  AM/936  14 Apr. 1860

From Fanny Dingle to cousin Mary: news of Fanny's father's death

[no title]  AM/937  23 Sep. 1863

From Fanny Dingle: trouble with servants, Mother going to Margate for holiday. London quiet but people beginning to come back from the country, "and it already looks winterish". Fashionable colour in shops is "cinnamon brown", with plaid ribbons on bonnet

[no title]  AM/938  Dec. 1863

From Fanny Dingle: has had influenza and diphtheria. Family news

[no title]  AM/939  27 Apr. 1864

From Fanny Dingle: saw Garibaldi. "The man who possesses such a face as he has must be worthy of very greatest of admiration". A million people needed only a dozen policemen to keep them in order. Trades Union banners were "pretty"

[no title]  AM/940/1,2  28 Oct. 1865

From Fanny Dingle: "Mr Adams" (W. G. A.) sad at Mary's absence. Asks if she has her ring yet

[no title]  AM/941/1,2  14 Aug. 1866

From fanny Dingle: wants to be bridesmaid; family news

[no title]  AM/942/1-3  29 Sep. 1866

From Fanny Dingle: James ill. Family news

[no title]  AM/943  (summer 1867)

Part only of letter from Fanny Dingle, asking for description of Polly's wedding

[no title]  AM/944/1-4  Oct. 1867

From Fanny Dingle: on Mary's decision not to come to London

[no title]  AM/945/1,2  8 Nov. 1867

From Fanny Dingle: news of family and friends

[no title]  AM/946/1-3  26 Oct. 1868

From Fanny Dingle: family news

[no title]  AM/947/1,2  29 Aug. 1905

From Fanny Dingle: describes holiday at Keswick - not safe to go out without a waterproof

[no title]  AM/948/1,2  12 Oct. 1905

From Fanny Dingle: family news. Travelled "by the District this morning, the first time since the electrification"

[no title]  AM/949/1,2  14 Nov. 1866

From Polly Adams, St. Tudy to Mary: family news

[no title]  AM/950  5 Apr. 1867

From Polly Adams: on death of Mary's aunt (Fanny Dingle's mother). Polly to be married to Henry Roseveare. "I feel it is the right step for me to take; it has cost me some anxious thoughts I assure you. I have no doubt of his true deep-rooted affection for me... we have know each other several years and are I think suited to each other"

[no title]  AM/951/1,2  20 June 1867

From Polly Adams, St. Tudy: cannot visit as George too busy with hay harvest to drive her to Lemalla

[no title]  AM/952/1-3  26 May, 1869

From Polly Roseveare, Wivelscombe: "The dear Baby keeps me well employed". Hopes Mary will get someone to replace Mrs. Peter so as not to postpone wedding any longer; William unsettled, engagement has been too long already

[no title]  AM/953  28 Jan. 1869

From Henry Roseveare, Wivelscombe: Polly caught cold salting a pig, but much better now

[no title]  AM/954/1,2  27 Jan. 1869

From Grace Adams, Trewen: visiting George. Hopes Mrs. Peter will come soon as housekeeper for Mary's parents

[no title]  AM/955/1,2  3 Sep 1861

From Lucy Trehane, Exeter, to Mary: on Lucy's mother's death. Invites Mary to stay

[no title]  AM/956  (1861)

From Lucy Trehane: family news. Walter very ill

[no title]  AM/957  (1861)

From Lucy Trehane: family news. Afraid that she is becoming vain

[no title or date]  AM/958

From Lucy Trehane: her admiration of Mr. Hodge (1861).

[no title]  AM/959/1,2  (1861)

From Lucy Trehane: chiding her for not writing. Exchanges "cartes de visite"

[no title]  AM/960/1,2  (? 1862)

From Lucy Trehane: "James and I... never more than friends and cousins"

[no title]  AM/961/1-5  26 Aug. 1863

From Lucy Trehane: recommends books by Anthony Trollope. Family news

[no title]  AM/962/1-5  Apr. 1864

From Lucy Trehane: refers to Garibaldi's visit to London. Has had letter from Fanny. Has not seen Garibaldi - he was supposed to arrive at the station (Exeter); "Lords, Ladies and Corporation were all arranged to greet him "but he went to Weymouth instead

[no title]  AM/963/1,2  (1864)

From Lucy Trehane: watched inauguration of the Fortescue memorial in Castle Yard. James full of praises for Mary; suggests suitable suitors for her

[no title]  AM/964/1-5  July 1865

From Lucy Trehane: family news; young brother John "engaged" to Lucy Wescomb

[no title]  AM/965/1,2  (1865-66)

From Lucy Trehane: refers to "Cousin" William; Lucy jealous of his attentions to Mary

[no title]  AM/966/1-4  Oct. 1866

From Lucy Trehane: has received proposal of marriage from Samuel Scoble but refused him

[no title]  AM/967  (1866)

From Lucy Trehane: father has given her a new gold watch. Fanny visiting Exeter, criticizes her clothes

[no title]  AM/968  n.d

From Lucy Trehane: accepts invitation to visit

[no title]  AM/969  n.d

From Lucy Trehane: asks for photograph

[no title]  AM/970/1,2  11 Aug. 1868

From Lucy Trehane: inviting William to visit

[no title]  AM/971  (25 Jan. 1869)

From Lucy Trehane: cross with Mary for not writing

[no title]  AM/972/1-4  nd

Parts only of letters from Lucy Trehane, on paper printed "J. Trehane, Wine and Spirit Stores, 78 Fore Street, Exeter": family news.

[no title]  AM/973  (? 1860)

From Mary Trehane to Mary Dingle: rumours that Mary D. is to be engaged to Mr. Glanville

[no title]  AM/974  n.d

From Mary Trehane: family news

[no title]  AM/975  Oct 1865

From Mary Trehane on Mary D.'s engagement to William

[no title]  AM/976  n.d

From Margaret (Thompson), St. Thomas-by-Launceston to "dear little maid": wishes Mary's mother would let her stay away from home occasionally

[no title]  AM/977/1-3  n.d

From Margaret Thompson: news of family and friends

[no title or date]  AM/978/1,2

From Margaret Thompson: Mary Allen has baby girl. Mary should make haste and get married; sad to hear of her mother's death (1869).

[no title]  AM/979  14 Oct. 1869

From father Richard Hawke Dingle, Lemalla: news of family and farm

[no title]  AM/980  30 Oct. 1869

From father: family news. Arrangements for Dorcas Society meetings at Lemalla

[no title]  AM/981  n.d

From father: family news

[no title]  AM/982  Apr. 1869

From Edward Dingle, Bideford, to niece Mary, on her mother's death

[no title]  AM/983  1874

From John Nicholls, Trerithick, to "sister" Mary: about Eliza's visit to London

[no title]  AM/984/1,2  July 1874

From sister Eliza Nicolls, Trerithick: enjoyed visit to London very much. Plenty to do at home. Asks her to send some "plated things" for the Bazaar

[no title]  AM/985/1-8  Dec. 1893-Feb. 1894

Letters from Mary Grigg, Milverton, Somerset, to Mary Adams at Trerithick, Altarnun: arrangements for disposal of furniture of Uncle John and Aunt Eliza Nicolls; books to Altarnun Library and Sunday School. "The Mutual Improvement Society has been a great help to the young people of Altarnun, the lectures and discussions have brought out the young men".

Letters to William Grylls Adams and Mary from Adams family  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/986  10 Apr. 1881

Draft letter, W. G. A. to Jn. Couch Adams: too busy to visit because of Helmholtz's visit to Physical Society meeting. Invites John and Eliza to Ventnor

[no title]  AM/987/1,2  Dec. 1886

From John Couch Adams: calculations of logarithms of the earth's radius

[no title]  AM/988/1-3  Oct.-Nov. 1889

From John Couch Adams: about William and George's visit to Cambridge; John's return to health

[no title]  AM/989/1-3  19 Jan. 1890

From John Couch Adams: wishes to purchase for observatory apparatus for determining magnetic intensity. Hopes to give lectures on Gauss' theory of magnetism

[no title]  AM/990/1-3  Aug. 1888

From John's wife Eliza: at Cromer. John enjoying the walks

[no title]  AM/991  12 Jan. 1890

From Elisa: John's scientific meetings. Difficult to get good servants. Has used telephone successfully (John did not like it)

[no title]  AM/992/1,2  14 May 1890

From Eliza: unable to have May to stay as John is ill

[no title]  AM/993/1-4  17-30 June 1890

From Eliza: John too ill to go to Brighton on holiday, Eliza very tired. John's sight affected and he cannot read

[no title]  AM/994  12 Sep. 1890

From Eliza: on holiday in Brighton. John needs constant attention but bath-chairs available

[no title]  AM/995  14 Oct, 1890

From Eliza: house upsidedown because of repairs and alterations; cook left, new gardener appointed. John improving

[no title]  AM/996  15 Dec. 1890

From Eliza: about John's illness; family affairs; asks advice on Taunton Wesleyan College; Harry Roseveare wishes to know what the boys should do

[no title]  AM/997  20 Feb. 1892

From Eliza: glad of his help and advice. George has gone home

[no title]  AM/998  4 Aug. 1894

From Eliza: glad William has not changed his mind about endowment of Astronomership with John's money; explains George's reservations

[no title]  AM/999/1-3  Nov. 1905

From Eliza: family news. Hopes they will be able to find nice house

[no title]  AM/1000/1-4  Nov.-Dec. 1906

From Eliza: busy with guests and meetings. News of Roseveare children

[no title]  AM/1001  23 May, 1887

From George Adams, Saltash: election news. Busy arranging Jubilee celebrations - arranging for ringing of bells "which we have lately put in good order at a cost of £50"; church service, medals and tea, band, Punch-and-Judy and bonfire, with a general holiday and a dance on the green. Will attend service in Westminster Abbey (as mayor); asks William to fit him up with suitable clothes

[no title]  AM/1002/1,2  6 Nov. 1889

From George, in Cambridge: John improving; William can come to stay. Eliza having trouble with servants

[no title]  AM/1003  14 Aug. 1890

From George: arrangements for Polly's money

[no title]  AM/1004/1-4  Sep.-Oct. 1890

From George: John not at all well. Has decided not to have housekeeper but has found a "companion" - "I hope in a few months the event will come off". Has proposed and been accepted; she is 35 (George born in 1823). Busy decorating house. Miss Nellie Dingle is engaged to her cousin

[no title]  AM/1005  9 Nov. 1890

From George: on his impending marriage. Busy decorating house; went to church in state with mayor and corporation

[no title]  AM/1006  (1892)

From George: about legacies payable to John's nephews and nieces

[no title]  AM/1007  25 Feb. 1892

From George: about John's will and settlement of annual income for Eliza

[no title]  AM/1008  4 Mar. 1892

From George: glad Eliza has found a house. Refers to her endowment of professorship in memory of John

[no title or date]  AM/1009

From George: Eliza has made her will 16 May 1892.

[no title]  AM/1010/1,2  10 July 1894

From George: family news. Meeting about water supply for Saltash via Albert Bridge. Eliza should not have used John's money to endow professorship; money should be divided among his family who sacrificed much to provide him with education

[no title]  AM/1011/1,2  30 July 1894

From George: about Eliza's plans for John's money

[no title]  AM/1012  13 Aug. 1894

From George: glad Eliza has reconsidered proposal and will give back John's money to his family at her death

[no title]  AM/1013/1,2  7 May 1902

From George: William must not work so hard. Will arrange for fencing to be done at Treroose. Refers to John's early work on astronomy

[no title]  AM/1014/1,2  18 Oct. 1905

From George's wife Mary to Mary Adams: family news. George better; Mary's stitches being taken out

[no title]  AM/1015/1,2  4 Nov. 1905

From George's wife: congratulations on "Mrs. Willie's" baby - their new grandchild

[no title]  AM/1016/1,2  21 Feb. 1906

From George's wife: invitation to visit. Excitement at petition to unseat Mr. Robartes

[no title]  AM/1017  21 Aug. 1906

From George's wife: family news. Saltash "full of visitors" - all lodgings in town have been let

[no title]  AM/1018  3 Sep. 1906

From George's wife: on Mary's birthday. Offers to find them lodgings at Tintagel or Bude

[no title]  AM/1019  26 Nov. 1906

From George's wife: Mr. Grylls died Friday; hopes William can attend funeral. Lizzie Roseveare busy helping at two-day bazaar at chapel, trying to raise £5000

Letters to Mary Adams, various  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1020  21 Jan. 1860

From Josephine Martyn, Saltash: news of friends and family

[no title or date]  AM/1021

From Mary Pethybridge: congratulations on her engagement; feels "out-run in the race for husbands", New Year (1866).

[no title]  AM/1022  25 Jan. (n.d.)

From Anna Swannick, Regent Park: too unwell to make calls on friends but would like to see Mary and daughter for tea

[no title]  AM/1023/1,2  Aug. 1888

From Eleanor Sickert, in France: family news; roads in France well maintained

[no title]  AM/1024  5 Dec. 1890

From Grace Adams, Taunton, to "Aunt Mary": family news. Glad Uncle George is happy. Asks whether Roseveare boys are to attend Queens College, Taunton - good school with "good sound commercial education"

[no title]  AM/1025  29 Aug. 1905

From Alice Adams (Jack's wife): family news

[no title]  AM/1026  23 Oct. 1905

From Eleanor Mercer, Tunbridge Wells: family news. Glad Mary's 2 sons are happily married

[no title or date]  AM/1027

From F. Peddle, North Kensington: "all cleared out of 43 by about 6.30" (Campden Hill Square); gave dustmen 6d. to take away rubbish. Grateful for their kindness while in their service; hopes they will have "nice servants who will not take advantage of your kindness" (1906).

[no title]  AM/1028  8 May 1906

From Eliza Adams: family news

[no title]  AM/1029/1,2  12 May 1906

From Francis Dingle, Worcester, to "cousin Mary": family news

[no title]  AM/1030/1-3  19 May 1906

From son Jack, on birth of his son

[no title]  AM/1031/1-3  13, 18 May 1906

From Edith Gould: invitation to stay

[no title]  AM/1032/1,2  21 May 1906

From Eliza Adams: family news

Letters to Mary Adams from daughter May  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1033/1-11  Aug. 1891

Describing European tour, Germany and Switzerland

[no title]  AM/1034  22 Feb. 1906

From Darley, Callington: family news

[no title]  AM/1035/1-6  Apr. 1910

From Greece, describing holiday

[no title]  AM/1036/1-26  1910, 1914

Describing holidays in Italy

[no title or date]  AM/1037/1-9

Letters from May, all undated, mostly from abroad; family news (c. 1906-1910).

Letters to William Grylls Adams, jun.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1038  Aug. (n.d.)

From mother, Mary: on holiday in Devon with W. G. A. and May

[no title]  AM/1039  26 Apr. 1915

From Physical Society of London, on his father's death

[no title]  AM/1040  4 May, 1915

From Lloyd's Bank, Wimborne, about valuation of father's stocks and bonds

Letter to John Dingle Adams  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1041  20 Oct. 1902

From Lionel Robinson and Co., offering job in their works (unspecified)

Letters to Mary Grylls Adams (May)  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1042  23 Dec. 1890

From Aunt Eliza Adams, Cambridge: family news

[no title]  AM/1043/1-3  June 1894

From father, W. G. A., travelling in Norway with Willie

[no title]  AM/1044/1,2  12 Oct. 1905

From Francis Dingle: on his birthday. Hopes they find a house soon. Cousin Fanny not well - she misses them now they have left London

[no title]  AM/1045  4 Mar. 1908

From father: George improving but has decided to distribute in his lifetime money gifts to nephews and nieces

[no title]  AM/1046  22 July 1911

From Longbourne, Stevens and Powell, about Somerset and Dorset Railway shares

[no title]  AM/1047  1 and 11 Jan. 1913

From Aunt Eliza: sorry William is so depressed. Mary Roseveare's eyesight very bad

[no title]  AM/1048  27 June 1913

From J. Kittow and Son, Launceston, about deeds of Lower Beeny, St. Juliot

[no title]  AM/1049  5 May 1915

From brother Willie: asks for information about father's career for Royal Society notice

[no title]  AM/1050/1,2  7 May 1915

From Burt and Vick, builders, Poole, with estimate for repairs and decoration

[no title]  AM/1051  16 Oct. 1916

From Fred. Beer, Saltash, about estate of Mrs. George Adams

[no title]  AM/1052  16 May 1917

From cousin Hilda Roseveare, about Aunt Mary's will; refers to Plymouth property, houses in Newquay and Home Park in Saltash

[no title]  AM/1053/1,2  10 July 1917

From brother Willie: pictures arrived safely and look well. Heard "more bombs than I wanted" on Saturday, at Cheapside; "went into Gamages and had a good view of the aeroplanes when they had passed over"

[no title]  AM/1054  21 Nov. 1917

From H. J. Hood of Plymouth, solicitor: about her share of residue of George's eatate

[no title]  AM/1055  27 Nov. 1917

From Claude Martin: May needs to sell house, offers to purchase

[no title]  AM/1056/1-3  8 Mar. 1918

From Curtis and Son, Poole, about purchase of goods in sale

[no title]  AM/1057  1 Jan. 1919

From Mary Roseveare, Saltash: arrangements for holiday

[no title]  AM/1058  5 Apr. 1919

From Mary (Roseveare): family finances

[no title]  AM/1059/1,2  16 Mar. 1919

From cousin Nellie: Aunt Eliza's sale to be in May. Elizabeth (her servant) had most of the clothes; personal items to be valued and distributed among family

[no title]  AM/1060  22 June 1919

From Mellie: arranging meeting to dispose of Aunt Eliza's goods

[no title]  AM/1061/1,2  18 Oct. 1919

From Leila: news of friends and family

[no title]  AM/1062/1-3  1919

Letters relating to death of Aunt Eliza

[no title]  AM/1063  (1919)

From Nellie: busy sorting photographs. "Cornhill Magazine" and all books being claimed by Launceston Library Committee, "a valuable bequest"

[no title]  AM/1064/1,2  9 Jan. 1920

From T. H. L. Hony, Fowey, to H. Roseveare, Saltash, making arrangements for lecture on John Couch Adams, to be given by Mary Proctor

[no title]  AM/1065/1,2  10 Jan. 1920

From cousin Hilda Roseveare, about enquiry for photograph of uncle John

[no title]  AM/1066  28 Jan 1920

From T. Dingle, Darley: sending her "a multi-cooker stove... had it from my cousin Miss Adams"

[no title]  AM/1067/1,2  29 Feb. 1920

From Ellinor Mullins: news of family and friends

[no title or date]  AM/1068

Part only of letter referring to picture of John Couch Adams sent to National Portrait Gallery (? 1920).

[no title]  AM/1069  9 Mar. 1920

From Ellinor Mullins, London: offers May Katy's sketches of Greece; refers to death two months early of May's brother

[no title]  AM/1070  20 May 1920

From J. Whitford, Laneast, to Miss Roseveare: would like to buy Treroose if Miss Adams does not sell to Mr. Foot

[no title]  AM/1071/1,2  30 July and Dec. 1920

From Frank Marrack: about Brazil Railway shares

[no title]  AM/1072  Whit Sunday 1921

From cousin Nellie: National Portrait Gallery has ruined the portrait by cutting it down and putting it in a cheap frame

[no title]  AM/1073  29 July, 1921

From A. B. Lloyd, offering her Icelandic silver belt buckle for 7/6 (part of Eliza's estate), and old-fashioned gold seal for 30/-

[no title]  AM/1074  9 Aug. 1921

From Frank Warrack, about shares and dividends

[no title]  AM/1075  29 Dec. 1921

From A. B. Lloyd: sending diplomas of J. C. A. which ought to be preserved in his family

[no title]  AM/1076  18 Jan. 1922

From Clarie, Worcester: cousin Fanny died of heart failure

[no title]  AM/1077  2 Apr. 1922

From Clarie, Worcester: family news; information about cousin Fanny's legacies

[no title]  AM/1078/1-4  2 Feb. 1922

From Clarie Dingle, Worcester: details of Fanny's will, and bequests to May. Cremation at West Norwood. Wording on stone almost same as for cousin James

[no title]  AM/1079/1,2  10 Feb. 1922

From Fred., Sheffield: about Fanny's legacies and division of furniture between May, Clarie and Minnie

[no title]  AM/1080  1 Mar. 1922

From Clarie, about division of Fanny's furniture; difficulties because will made 1915 and some of beneficiaries now dead

[no title]  AM/1081  20 July, 1922

From Clarie: thanks for coral necklace and pearl clasp. Offers her silhouettes of Fanny and her mother

[no title]  AM/1082  10 Oct. 1922

From Wm. Hewitt, Salisbury: asking for signature on investment stock

[no title]  AM/1083  24 Oct. 1922

From Haslewood, Hare and Co., Temple, about sale of Exeter premises (which Fanny Dingle inherited from Trehane family)

[no title]  AM/1084  6 Dec. 1922

From Clarie: financial arrangements

[no title]  AM/1085  12 Sep. 1923

From Haslewood, Hare and Co., Temple, about case of Dingle v. Dingle: have had "long and difficult search", to prove whole Dingle family pedigree since 1790 to ascertain relatives entitled to share in estate

[no title]  AM/1086/1-11  Dec. 1923

Letters from Clarie relating to distribution of cousin Fanny's goods and delay because of having to prove relationships; also letters from solicitors about division of jewellery by lot

[no title]  AM/1087/1-6  3 May and 11 June 1924

From "Harriet G.", St. Andrews: personal news

[no title]  AM/1088/1-3  1924

From E. C. Fletcher: news of friends

[no title]  AM/1089  19 Dec. 1924

From E. R. Eliot, Seavington, Somerset, about her new house; glad to have change of government

[no title]  AM/1090  27 Dec. 1924

From E. Vinson, Callington: grateful thanks for generous gift of cigars and ginger biscuits. Mrs. Dingle at Darley now in 90s

[no title]  AM/1091  4 Jan. 1925

Note inviting May to dinner and theatre

[no title]  AM/1092  2 June 1936

From R. D. Maddock, solicitor, Wimborne, about disposal of mining rights of manor of Cusgarne

[no title]  AM/1093  12 Jan. 1938

From Alice, in Sydney: due in Liverpool in March

[no title]  AM/1094  30 June 1938

From J. Dingle, Darley: too ill to invite May to stay

[no title]  AM/1095/1-3  1 Dec. 1940

From Mabel Gould, Victoria, Australia: family news

[no title]  AM/1096/1,2  Dec. 1942, Mar. 1943

From C. S. Jepp, St. Andrews: asks May to make purses

[no title]  AM/1097  n.d

From Clarie about receipt of cheque

[no title]  AM/1098  n.d

From brother Jack: settling into new house at Addlestone

[no title]  AM/1099  n.d

From Aunt Mary (George's wife), asking for news of May's mother. Comments on new vicar at Saltash

SCIENTIFIC PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1100  nd

Bundle of lecture notes and notes on experiments.

[no title]  AM/1101  nd

Bundle of papers relating to proposals for Physical Laboratory; Indian engineering college; reorganisation of University of London.

[no title]  AM/1102  1870s?

Meteorological records of second German expedition

[no title or date]  AM/1103

Proofs of article by Sylvanus Thompson on storage of electricity (read at Society of Arts, Nov. 1881).

[no title]  AM/1104  c. 1880

Rough notes on instrument for measuring the time required for induction, devised by J. E. H. Gordon of King's College

[no title]  AM/1105/1-4  1878-94

Printed photographs of Fellows of Royal Society 1878 and 1894 (including William Grylls Adams).

[no title]  AM/1106/1-4  1899

Letters relating to establishment of observatory in New Zealand and need for making magnetic survey of the islands

[no title]  AM/1107/1,2  1897

Notes on temperature corrections - magnetic curves

[no title]  AM/1108/1-6  1898-99

Letters about compass testing

[no title]  AM/1109/1-9  1894-99

Letters from Charles Chree, Kew Observatory

[no title]  AM/1110/1-4  nd

Miscellaneous papers, mostly book lists.

[no title]  AM/1111/1-7  1881

Graphs illustrating Professor W. G. Adams' paper on magnetic disturbances: comparison of magnetic elements, plates XII and XIII, Aug. 1880 (51st report, British Association 1881).

[no title]  AM/1112  (watermark 1900)

Scale drawing of flywheel

PERSONAL PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

Papers, 1836-1869  [no ref. or date]

[no title or date]  AM/1113

Certificate of entry in register of Launceston Wesleyan chapel of baptism of William Grylls, son of Thomas and Tabitha Knill Adams of Litcott, Laneast, born 16 Feb., baptised 13 Mar. 1836.

[no title]  AM/1114  Midsummer 1853

W. G. Adams' school report, Birkenhead Park Grammar School

[no title]  AM/1115  1854

W. Adams' bill for board and education, Birkenhead Park Grammar School

[no title]  AM/1116  Michaelmas 1859

W. G. Adams' college bill (St. Johns, Cambridge)

[no title]  AM/1117  Nov. 1864

Telegram to W. G. Adams from brother John at Cambridge: "You are elected, come down at once"

[no title]  AM/1118  Nov. 1864

Telegram to W. G. Adams from St. Johns College, Cambridge: "You were elected. Admission 9 a.m. tomorrow"

[no title]  AM/1119  12 Aug. 1869

Archbishop of Canterbury's special licence, marriage of William Grylls Adams and Mary Dingle

[no title]  AM/1120  Nov. 1869

Bill for bedroom furniture, Heal and Son, Tottenham Court Road

[no title]  AM/1121  (1869)

Notes on alterations and furnishings, with cost

Diaries and notebooks  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1122  1855

Diary for Oct.-Dec. (first term at Cambridge; lectures, exams, references to brother John; visit in Dec. to exhibition of Crimean war photographs).

[no title]  AM/1123  1857

Diary for 1857 (New Year at home; exams and lectures at Cambridge; 21st birthday; rowing; opening of Treneglos church in June; Lewannick chapel anniversary (June); Indian Mutiny (Sep., Oct.); Bowithick Sunday School Anniversary, Oct; also floods at Cambridge).

[no title]  AM/1124  1858

Diary for 1858 (lectures; took part in "bumps" at Cambridge; frequent references to brother John. Eclipse in March; took mother to "new reading room" at British Museum (Apr.); saw comet (Sep., Oct.); refers to visit in Oct. of Aunt Grylls and cousins from America. Also instructions for "game of quartets", riddles, and observations on Christmas).

[no title]  AM/1125  1859

Diary for 1859 (lectures and exams; rowing, singing, cricket; degree (Feb.); refers to brother John; father's illness and death in March; news of Thomas in the Friendly Islands. Wesleyan School tea, Altarnun, in May).

[no title]  AM/1126  1864

Diary for 1864 (refers to Wesleyan Jubilee in Jan; notes on lectures, accounts, personal expenses. Family visits to London. Tour of Derbyshire in July; election as Fellow of St. Johns, Cambridge, Nov; notes on experiments with paddle-wheels for steamships).

[no title]  AM/1127  1865

Diary for 1865 (elected Fellow of Royal Geological Society in Jan; application for and election to Professorship of Natural Philosophy at King's College, London; Easter holiday in Sussex. (June-Dec. mostly blank). Christmas at home and at Lemalla with Mary).

[no title]  AM/1128  1864

Account book, Apr.-Nov. (apartment rent, food, washing, mending, coal etc.)

[no title]  AM/1129  1867

Diary of visit to Switzerland

[no title]  AM/1130  nd

Address book.

General papers, William Grylls Adams, 1866-1915.  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1131  b. 1866

"Curriculum vitae" of Chas. Hen. Wordingham, consulting electrical engineer

[no title]  AM/1132/1-4  1870

Papers relating to proposed engineering college for India

[no title]  AM/1133  watermark 1870

Account of expenses "on behalf of The Eclipse expedition" at Catania

[no title]  AM/1134/1-5  1880

Copies of W. G. A.'s address to Mathematical and Physical Section of British Association meeting at Swansea, (he was President of the section).

[no title]  AM/1135  21 June 1881

Form of service at Westminster Abbey in commemoration of jubilee of King's College, London

[no title]  AM/1136/1,2  3 June 1881

Lecture on Magnetic Disturbances, Aurorae and Earth Currents, by Wm. Grylls Adams, given at the Royal Institution

[no title]  AM/1137/1-5  1883

German hotel bills

[no title]  AM/1138  1884

Card recording tests made in Anthropomorphic laboratory at International Health Exhibition (eyesight, hearing, strength, etc.)

[no title]  AM/1139  Nov. 1887

Acknowledgement by Abel and Imray, London, patent agents, of application by Professor W. G. Adams for patent for Electric Safety Lamp apparatus

[no title]  AM/1140  Mar. 1889

Invitation to private view of photographs (Alpine Club and Photographic Society)

[no title]  AM/1141  nd

Advertisement card, Kodak films.

[no title]  AM/1142  1889

Menu of "Red Lyon Feed" at Newcastle

[no title]  AM/1143  1880s

Cutting from "The Times" of letters relating to "lighthouse illuminants", and advantages of gaslight over oil and electricity

[no title]  AM/1144  1880s

Cutting from "The Times" of letters on standard candlepower of gaslight for illuminating London; refers to previous correspondence which suggested "that the candlemakers have pressure brought upon them by the gas companies to produce inferior candles"

[no title]  AM/1145  n.d

Notice of lecture to be given in Darley chapel, Linkinhorne, by rev. J. S. Withington on "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

[no title]  AM/1146  1890

Pamphlet, "The Fuel of the Sun", by W. Mattieu Williams, London

[no title]  AM/1147  July 1890

Commemorative card and envelopes, Post Office Jubilee of Uniform Penny Postage

[no title or date]  AM/1148/1-4

Proofs of article by W. G. Adams, "Mountaineering in Norway in 1896".

[no title]  AM/1149/1-3  1897

Diamond Jubilee:
Official programme
Form of service of thanksgiving
Arrangements for procession

[no title]  AM/1150  1897

Menu of dinner in honour of members of British Association for Advancement of Science, Toronto

[no title]  AM/1151  1898

Copy extract from "The Times", 26 Jan. reporting publication of first volume of collected papers of late John Couch Adams, edited by Wm. Grylls Adams.

[no title]  AM/1152  June 1901

Menu of Philosophical Club dinner

[no title]  AM/1153  1901

Certificate of Professor W. G. Adams stock in London, Brighton and South Coast Railway

[no title]  AM/1154/1-4  1901, 1903

Hotel bills, (Edinburgh, Honiton, Sidmouth).

[no title]  AM/1155  June 1905

Programme of concert given by President of Institution of Electrical Engineers, Royal Albert Hall

[no title]  AM/1156  1904-05

List of stocks and bonds

[no title]  AM/1157  1905

Hotel bill, (Westcliff-on-Sea).

[no title]  AM/1158  June 1905

Sale catalogue, furniture, pictures, works of art, at 20, Campden Hill Square, Kensington
(W. G. A. lived at 43, Campden Hill Square, and made some purchases at sale).

[no title]  AM/1159/1,2  Midsummer 1906

Medical bill

[no title]  AM/1160  1913

Cheque book (Coutts and Co., London)

[no title]  AM/1161  1915

Obituary notice of William Grylls Adams, (Report of Proceedings of Royal Society, vol. 91).

[no title]  AM/1162/1,2  1915

Papers relating to W. G. Adams' burial at Canford Magna, Dorset

[no title]  AM/1163  nd

Packet of notes on careers of Wm. Grylls Adams, and John Couch Adams.

[no title]  AM/1164  nd

Notes on history of Grylls and Adams families.

[no title]  AM/1165  nd

Notes about Badharlick deeds and descent of property to W. G. A. through mother Tabitha Knill Grylls.

[no title]  AM/1166  nd

Notes on Baron and Cozens families (former owners of Badharlick).

[no title]  AM/1167  17th cent

Achievement of arms of Thomas Dodson of Hay, "attested at the Office of Armes, London, by once Geo. Owen, Yorke Herald"

[no title]  AM/1168  nd

Miscellaneous genealogical notes on Grylls and Adams families.

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1169  Midsummer 1851

Ornamental card "Presented to Miss Dingle, 1st Writing prize by the Misses Aikenhead".

[no title]  AM/1170  c.1860s

Recipe book, probably Mary Dingle's

[no title]  AM/1171  1886-1893

Packet of visiting cards (Mr. and Mrs. Ormiston, Miss E. Nicolls), and In Memoriam cards (Rebecca Williams Dingle, widow of E. B. Caunter, Northill, 1893; Richard Hawke Dingle, d. 1887 aged 96; Eliza, widow of John Nicolls, Trerithick, 1893, Georgina, wife of Francis Dingle of Worcester, 1886).

[no title]  AM/1172  late 19th and early 20th century

Christmas cards and calendars

[no title]  AM/1173  nd

Packet of very miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, verses, recipes, visiting cards, autographs.

Papers relating to W. G. Adams' children  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1174  1884-1889

Packet of school examination certificates:
Wm. Grylls Adams, jun., Linton House School, Holland Park Terrace, 1884-1889.
Mary Grylls Adams, Notting Hill High School, 1884, 1888.

[no title]  AM/1175/1-6  1892-95

School reports, John Dingle Adams, Tonbridge School

[no title]  AM/1176  Nov.-Dec. 1899

Packet of letters from Wm. Grylls Adams to son Jack, with information on exam for associate membership of Institute of Civil Engineers, and questions and problems for practice, with sample exam papers

[no title]  AM/1177  July 1871

Copy birth certificate of Mary Grylls, daughter of William Grylls Adams and Mary Adams, née Dingle

[no title]  AM/1178/1,2  1890

May Adams' syllabus, University Extension lectures on Victorian Poets, 1894; The March of Scientific Discovery

[no title]  AM/1179  1910

Mary Grylls Adams' passport

[no title]  AM/1180/1-5  1914

Notification of transfer of stock from W. G. Adams to W. G. Adams, jun., and Miss M. G. Adams (London, Brighton and South Coast Railway)

[no title]  AM/1181  1914

British and Foreign Sailors' Society: booklet of knitting patterns for gloves, jerseys etc.

[no title]  AM/1182  1920

Bill of costs for conveyance (Miss Adams)

[no title]  AM/1183  1920

Bill for Lever Bros. shares

[no title]  AM/1184  c.1920

Newspaper cutting, death of Sir James Warrack (Miss Warrack was a friend of May's)

[no title]  AM/1185  n.d

At Home card, Mrs. and Misses Warrack, for exhibition of sketches

[no title]  AM/1186/1,2  1922

Household bills, Miss Adams, Broadstone, Dorset

[no title]  AM/1187  1924-25 and 1952

Packet of letters and papers relating to shares

[no title]  AM/1188  1936

Dorset Arts and Crafts: First Class certificate awarded to Miss Adams and Mrs. Hollands

Miscellaneous printed papers and circulars  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1189  post 1885

Bookbinders' Cooperative Society, Ltd., scale of charges

[no title]  AM/1190/1,2  Sep. 1890

Prospectus and headmaster's report, Queen's College, Taunton

[no title]  AM/1191  1888-89

Newnham College, Cambridge: report of general committee

[no title]  AM/1192  1890

Recommendations of The Examinations Committee of Newnham College, Cambridge, for college entrance, classical scholarship and Natural Sciences Scholarship

[no title]  AM/1193  1893

Obituary notice and funeral address, Sam. Hen. Louttit, d. Clapham Park 1893 (born in Falmouth, 1838; engineer; secretary to Lambeth Waterworks).

[no title]  AM/1194  1901

Cuttings from "Westminster Gazette", mostly political cartoons

[no title]  AM/1195  17th cent

Imperfect copy of "The Secrets of Alexis"

[no title]  AM/1196  nd

"Celtic Remains in Algeria" by Charles Fox (offprint of article in J.R.I.C., 1869).

[no title]  AM/1197  1870s?

"Churches of Yorkshire", issued in parts: introduction and first chapter

[no title]  AM/1198  1878

Proposals for the establishment of a University College at Liverpool

[no title]  AM/1199  1860

Directions for clergy and choristers at Peterborough Festival of parish choirs

[no title]  AM/1200  c. 1880

Article on John Whichcord, president of R.I.B.A.

[no title]  AM/1201  c.1880

Advertisement for Rodd's "Birds of Cornwall", (book published in 1880).

[no title]  AM/1202  21 Jan. 1882

Chambers' Journal of Popular Literature, Science and Art

[no title]  AM/1203  c. 1880

Chambers' "Information for the People": article on Logic

[no title or date]  AM/1204

Lithograph copy of pamphlet printed in Rome in 1672, published 1891.

[no title]  AM/1205  1894

Pamphlet on the treatment and cure of inebriety "by Dr. Keely's method"

[no title]  AM/1206  1895

Fortnightly magazine "Aus Fremden Zungen", vol. 19

[no title]  AM/1207  1897

German calendar/diary

[no title or date]  AM/1208

"A trip round the world: notes taken from a diary", by Sir Bosdin Leech, 1901 (signed by the author).

[no title]  AM/1209  1910

"Our Inheritance", by C. L. Thompson (National Home Reading Union, 1910).

[no title or date]  AM/1210

"Daily Chronicle", 11 Nov. 1910, with article on Mr. Alfred Russell Wallace's views, entitled "A Scientist on Politics".

[no title]  AM/1211  1912

Pamphlet on Margaret MacDonald (Mrs. Ramsay MacDonald), published by Women's Labour League

[no title]  AM/1213  1 Aug. 1914

"Amateur Gardening"

[no title]  AM/1214  nd

Map of part of New Zealand.

[no title]  AM/1215  17th cent?

Family tree of Hen. Huchins of Markewell

[no title]  AM/1216  nd

Packet of miscellaneous verse.

[no title]  AM/1217  nd

Packet of very miscellaneous items and fragments.

Papers relating to other members of Adams family  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1218  n.d

Part of letter from George Adams: Hilda Roseveare "a dear little girl"

[no title]  AM/1219  1879

"Commercial Manifold Copying Book" containing copy letter from "A Ratepayer" on "Home Rule at Launceston" exercised by Board of Guardians, probably written by George Adams).

[no title]  AM/1220  Nov. 1838

Letter from Philippa Grylls, Devonport, to Thos. Adams, sen., Litcott: family news. Grace's sampler almost finished. Wishes she were nearer to visit, as "here I am I may say almost friendless"

[no title]  AM/1221  16 Oct. 1841

Draft letter from Thos. Adams, sen., to "dear sister" has not had letter from her for three years. Mrs. Calver in Suffolk has no news of her husband since his departure from England. Family news; Grace, William and Elizabeth go to school at Tregare, "which has lately been established"; John has been at Cambridge for 2 years

[no title]  AM/1222  1885-87

Packet of accounts of J. C. Adams as executor of will of brother, late Rev. Thos. A., and as trustee of his marriage settlement with Maria French; legacy receipts signed by Thos. Adams, Grace Eliza Adams, Maria French Simon, w. of Rev. J. Simon, Emily Elizabeth Yeld, w. of Geo. Yeld, Rev. A. J. French Adams, and Mrs. Jane Sarah Adams, wid. of decd. rev. Thos. Adams

[no title]  AM/1223  11 Sep. 1866

Letter from Wm. Grylls Adams at Badharlick to sister Grace: family news. Harvest held up by bad weather; sorry to hear cholera broken out in Wigan. Mr. Luskey of Castick who is 86 is to be married to Miss Hicks, "rather a gay young lady, just 22 years of age"

[no title or date]  AM/1224

"Saltash Gazette", 14 Feb. 1929, containing obituary notice of Henry Roseveare of Woodstock, Saltash, aged 91 (his wife Polly (Adams) died in 1888.)

[no title]  AM/1225  d. 1922

In Memoriam card, Emma Jane, wife of John Couch of Badharlick

[no title]  AM/1226  1836

Notes by George Adams on will of Grace Couch of Laneast

[no title]  AM/1227  Novr 16th 1788

"Divine Breathings, or a Pious Soul Thirsting after Christ", printed by H. Fenwick, Cheapside.
On flyleaf "G. Couch, her book

[no title]  AM/1228  1881

Bill for chair supplied to Mr. Dingle by Atkinson and Co., London

[no title]  AM/1229  1884

Bill for furniture supplied to Mr. Dingle by Hewetson and Milner, London

[no title]  AM/1230  1892

In Memoriam: burial service of James Vickers Dingle, d. May 1892 aged 40.

[no title]  AM/1231/1,2  May 1892

Letter from J. H. Davis to Miss Dingle, Notting Hill Square, on death of her brother

[no title]  AM/1232  1918

Receipted bill for gold watch, Miss Dingle, Lancaster Gate

[no title]  AM/1233  1931

Newspaper cutting relating to death of Sam. Southall, 50 years town clerk of Worcester, (his wife was a Dingle).

[no title]  AM/1234  19th cent

Draft pedigree showing connection between families of Grylls, Pode and Rickard

[no title]  AM/1235  1698-1833

Grace Grylls' copy-book, Feb. 1779.
Contains, verse, meditations; baptisms, marriages and burials of Grylls family, 1780-1823; Trewbody family, 1698-1795; Cozens family, 1713-1718; Couch family, 1795-1833.

[no title]  AM/1236/1,2  1910

In Memoriam card of Sam. Smith of Devonport, d. 1910 aged 91; also typescript biography (cousin of J. C. Adams).

[no title]  AM/1237  nd

Newspaper cutting (undated) from Australian paper relating to discovery at Camperdown cemetery in Melbourne of grave and headstone of John Couch Grylls, the first Anglican minister to preach in Melbourne (d. Apr. 1854 aged 61).

[no title]  AM/1238  21 Oct. 1808

Letter from John Couch Grylls, Plymouth Dock, to "Honored Uncle": sample of his best copy-book writing. Cousin William Grylls is in America; cousin Charles is purser's steward on "H.M.S. Canada". Invites him and Aunt to Plymouth


Family photographs (identified).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1239  mostly late 19th century

Box of photographs of William Grylls Adams and family

[no title]  AM/1240  c.1870-1880

John Couch Adams

[no title]  AM/1241  c. 1890

George Adams, as mayor of Saltash

Family photographs (not identified).  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1242  19th century

Packet of "cartes de visite"

[no title]  AM/1243  mostly 19th century

Family portraits

[no title]  AM/1244  mostly 19th century

Family portraits

[no title]  AM/1245  19th and 20th century

Miscellaneous snapshots

Scientific photographs  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1246  19th century

Photographs of scientific apparatus

Postcards: Great Britain  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1247/1,2  c. 1900

Berkshire: Windsor, New Lodge Clinic

[no title]  AM/1248/1-3  19th cent

Cambridge: boat race on the Cam (engraving), 1854.
"Phiz" engraving, "The last night in Trinity", 19th cent.
Grave of Rev. Thomas Adams, Wesleyan minster and missionary in the Friendly Islands, b. 1821, d. 1885 (photograph of by P. Ross, of March, Cambs.).

Cornwalls  AM/1249/1-30  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1249/1  c. 1910

Egloskerry churchtown

[no title]  AM/1249/2  c. 1920

Launcells: font

[no title]  AM/1249/3  c.1900

Launceston: library interior, with bust of Jn. Couch Adams

[no title]  AM/1249/4  c. 1900

Linkinhorne: Cheesewring

[no title]  AM/1249/5  1917

Looe and Polperro: Looe harbour

[no title]  AM/1249/6  c.1900

Looe and Polperro: general view

[no title]  AM/1249/7  1908

Looe and Polperro: Polperro

[no title]  AM/1249/8  c. 1910

Minster: Church

[no title]  AM/1249/9  c. 1910

Minster: Boscastle-Pentargan fall

[no title]  AM/1249/10  1910

Morwenstow: Norman arch in church

[no title]  AM/1249/11  c. 1920

Morwenstow: Cornish cross in churchyard

[no title]  AM/1249/12  c.1920

Morwenstow: church exterior

[no title]  AM/1249/13  c.1920

Morwenstow: church interior

[no title]  AM/1249/14  c. 1920

Morwenstow: Hawker's hut

[no title]  AM/1249/15  c. 1910

Paul: Wesley's pulpit rock, Mousehole

[no title]  AM/1249/16  c. 1910

Paul: Mousehole cave

[no title]  AM/1249/17  1914

Saltash: Tamar Street

[no title]  AM/1249/18  c. 1910

Scilly: St. Mary's harbour and fishing boats

[no title]  AM/1249/19  c.1920

Scilly: Armorel's cottage, Sampson

[no title]  AM/1249/20  c. 1920

Scilly: Tooth Rock

[no title]  AM/1249/21  c. 1920

Scilly: Cloudesley Shovell's grave, Porthellick

[no title]  AM/1249/22  c.1920

Scilly: Peninnis

[no title]  AM/1249/23, 24  c.1920

Scilly: Pulpit Rock

[no title]  AM/1249/25  c. 1910

Scilly: "The Quaint Old Street, St. Marys"

[no title]  AM/1249/26  c.1910

Scilly: Razorbill and Shag

[no title]  AM/1249/27  c.1910

Tintagel: hotel and valley

[no title]  AM/1249/28  c.1920

"Good auld Pasty"

[no title]  AM/1249/29  c.1920

Rules of Cornish Lodging House

[no title or date]  AM/1249/30

Grave of Alan Richard ? Boles aged 2, d. 1896 (taken by A. Bond, photographer, Bodmin).

[no title]  AM/1250  c. 1910

Derbyshire: Chesterfield church

Devon  AM/1251/1-21  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1251/1,2  c. 1910

Bideford bridge

[no title]  AM/1251/3  c. 1910

Clovelly High Street

[no title]  AM/1251/4  c.1920

Cockington Forge

[no title]  AM/1251/5-10  c. 1910

Exeter Cathedral

[no title]  AM/1251/11, 12  c. 1910

Exeter, Rougemont Castle grounds

[no title]  AM/1251/13  c. 1910

Exeter Guildhall

[no title]  AM/1251/14  c. 1900

Ilfracombe, Portland Street

[no title]  AM/1251/15  c.1920

Kingsbridge: Bay View, Hope

[no title]  AM/1251/16  c. 1890

Lydford cascade

[no title]  AM/1251/17  c. 1900

Lynton, beach at Ley

[no title]  AM/1251/18  c.1920

Sharp Tor

[no title]  AM/1251/19  c.1930

Shaldon, Crownwell

[no title]  AM/1251/20  c. 1910

Westward Ho! pebble ridge

[no title]  AM/1251/21  1912

Sidmouth: Lockyer family home and site of Hill Observatory, Salcombe Regis

Dorset  AM/1252/1-26  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1252/1-6  c. 1920


[no title]  AM/1252/7  c.1910

Hamworthy church

[no title]  AM/1252/8  c. 1920

Poole: the quay

[no title]  AM/1252/9,10  c. 1920


[no title]  AM/1252/11-13  c. 1910

Wareham church

[no title]  AM/1252/14-20  c.1920

Wimborne Minster

[no title]  AM/1252/21-26  nd

Broadstone: Heathfield House (where Wm. Grylls Adams lived after his retirement).

[no title]  AM/1253/1-4  c1910-c1920

Gloucestershire: Cirencester church, c. 1910
Gloucester cathedral, c. 1920.

Hampshire  AM/1254/1-11  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1254/1  c. 1920

Barton-on-Sea, cliff walk

[no title]  AM/1254/2  c. 1920

Bournemouth, Branksome Chine

[no title]  AM/1254/3-8  c. 1910

Christchurch priory

[no title]  AM/1254/9  c.1910


[no title]  AM/1254/10  c. 1910

Isle of Wight: Freshwater Bay

[no title]  AM/1254/11  1961

Winchester cathedral

[no title]  AM/1255/1-5  c. 1910

Hereford: cathedral and town

[no title]  AM/1256/1-4  c1910

Kent: Canterbury, Abbots Barton Hotel, c. 1910
Penshurst Place, c.1910.

[no title]  AM/1257  c. 1910

Lancashire: Rosthwaite village

London  AM/1258/1-12  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1258/1  c. 1910

Bank of England

[no title]  AM/1258/2  c. 1910

Ludgate Hill

[no title]  AM/1258/3,4  c. 1910

Houses of Parliament

[no title]  AM/1258/5  c. 1910

Picadilly Circus

[no title]  AM/1258/6  c.1910

Tower Bridge

[no title]  AM/1258/7  c. 1918

Trafalgar Square

[no title]  AM/1258/8  1924

Palace of Engineering, British Empire Exhibition

[no title]  AM/1258/9,10  nd

Early English furniture, Victoria and Albert Museum

[no title]  AM/1258/11  nd

Triumphal arch, "Canada, Britain's Granary" (? Jubilee procession)

[no title]  AM/1258/12  c. 1890

Westminster Abbey

[no title]  AM/1259/1,2  c.1920-c1940

Middlesex: Hadley Woods, Latimer's Elm, c. 1920
Ickenham church, c. 1940

[no title]  AM/1260  1941

Oxfordshire: All Saints School Bloxham

[no title]  AM/1261/1-6  c.1920

Shropshire: Shrewsbury

Somerset  AM/1262/1-6  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1262/1  c. 1910

Bath, Royal School

[no title]  AM/1262/2  c.1910

North Curry church

[no title]  AM/1262/3  c. 1910

Minehead church steps

[no title]  AM/1262/4  c.1910

Minehead quay

[no title]  AM/1262/5  c. 1910

Porlock weir

[no title]  AM/1262/6  c.1910

Wells cathedral

[no title]  AM/1263  c.1920

Staffordshire: Lichfield cathedral

[no title]  AM/1264  c. 1920

Surrey: Hindhead, view from Nutcombe Heights

Sussex  AM/1265/1-8  [n.d.]

[no title or date]  AM/1265/1

Alfriston, Star Inn, c. 1920 (painting)

[no title]  AM/1265/2  c. 1920

Bodiam castle

[no title]  AM/1265/3  c. 1920

Bognor, aerial view

[no title]  AM/1265/4  c. 1910

Durgates, Wadhurst

[no title]  AM/1265/5-7  c. 1910

Hastings, cliff and beach

[no title]  AM/1265/8  c. 1900

Hastings from a balloon

[no title]  AM/1266/1,2  c1910

Westmorland: Dove Cottage, Grasmere, c. 1910
Hawes Bridge, Kendal, c. 1910.

Wiltshire  AM/1267/1-7  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1267/1  c. 1900

Bradford-on-Avon church

[no title]  AM/1267/2-5  c. 1920


[no title]  AM/1267/6  nd

Marlborough School chapel (print)

[no title]  AM/1267/7  c. 1960

Salisbury cathedral

Worcestershire  AM/1268/1-10  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1268/1-8  nd

Droitwich, mosaic depicting life of St. Richard, Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Catherine.

[no title]  AM/1268/9, 10  c. 1910

Worcester cathedral and town

[no title]  AM/1269/1,2  c1910

Yorkshire: Bolton Abbey, c. 1910
York Minster, c. 1910

[no title]  AM/1270/1-3  c1910

Ireland: Glengarriff, Cork, c. 1910
Killarney, c. 1910.

Scotland  AM/1271/1-11  [n.d.]

[no title]  AM/1271/1  c. 1920


[no title]  AM/1271/2,3  c. 1920

Humbie House

[no title]  AM/1271/4-8  c. 1910

Iona, various

[no title]  AM/1271/9  c. 1920

Perth, Salutation Hotel

[no title]  AM/1271/10  c. 1920

Loch Rannoch

[no title]  AM/1271/11  nd

Forth Bridge (soon after its construction?)

[no title]  AM/1272/1-4  c1920

Wales: Carnarvon Castle, c. 1920
Portmadoc and Moel-y-Gest, c. 1920

[no title]  AM/1273  nd

Packet of unidentified photographs of views, British Isles.

Postcards: overseas  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1274  nd

Box of foreign views and postcards, unsorted.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  AM/1275  nd

Bundle of photographs of paintings, sculpture, etc., mostly Venice, Granada, Switzerland, Paris.

[no title]  AM/1276  nd

Folder of watercolours, newspaper cuttings, advertisements etc.

[no title]  AM/1277/1-5  c1830-1889

Windsor Castle from Clewer Meadows, pub.
J. B. Brown, Windsor, c. 1830.
Alfred Russell Wallace medallion nd
Robert Burns nd
Michael Faraday, 1887
Wm. Thompson, 1889

[no title]  AM/1278  nd

Box of negatives.

[no title]  AM/1279  1989

Related information: (See CRO 22/AM (Lighbody) 20/12/89)

Extracts from letter from Miss Hilda Harrison (great-great niece of J. C. Adams), with family information

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