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Reference U.DL
Covering dates 1690-1971
Held by Teesside Archives
Extent 30 SERIES

No further details   Bargain and Sale from Daniel Hoopes of the County Palatine of Durham, master and mariner, to William Smith of Stockton, ship(wright)?, of one sixteenth of a ship called Hannah, of 100 tons with all furniture, apparell, boat oars, nets, sails, anchors, ropes and appurtenances, at anchor in Boston river. Clause of warranty and statement that Hoopes has rights to this sixteenth. Amount of consideration obscured as is date but on dorse 13th January 1690. On inside book cover labelled Norton 1675 - 1690. Very faded  U.DL/2/1  1690
No further details   Lease (leading to a release) for 1 year at a peppercorn rent by John Harperly of Stockton upon Tees, Co. Durham, mariner, to Thomas Harperly of Stockton and Stephen Hoope of Yarm, Co. York. House and garth and half of the little barn in Sadburne, Co. Durham  U.DL/2/2  30 Jul 1690
No further details   Indenture of lease (leading to a release) by Thomas Craggs of Howbeckcheuse, p. Hart, Co. Durham, yeoman, to Richard Watson of Castle Eden, Co. Durham, yeoman and Robert Watson of the same place. 1/3 part of the moiety of the Manor of Seaton Carew, Co. Durham including lighthouse and all rents and reversions and rights including profits of courts Leet and Baron and goods of Felons  U.DL/2/3  1 Feb 1697/98
No further details   Articles of agreement before the marriage of John Smith of Stockton upon Tees, Co. Durham, shipwright and Barbara Appleby of Newcastle upon Tyne, widow, between John Smith, Barbara Appleby, Thomas Aldam, senior of Warnsworth, Co. York., gent. and Edward Brown of Sunderland, Co. Durham, merchant  U.DL/2/4  10 Jun 1724
No further details   Marriage settlement by Richard Atkinson of Greatham, Co. Durham and his wife Mary, to their son Ralph Atkinson and to William Watson of Dodsworth Field House, Joseph Dunn and Mary Elizabeth Wild of Hardwick. Includes release from Richard Atkinson to William Watson and Joseph Dunn and lease for lives to Ralph Atkinson. Right of distraint and re-entry of property in the Westfields territory of Greatham  U.DL/2/5  17 Dec 1734
No further details   Mortgage for £1,000 of closes called Long Closes and Dinefields, Holmes, Garth End, Long Holme and Holme Straed, South Meadows, Hardwicks (some in Stockton) from Letitia Chapman and John Chapman, wife and son of Richard Chapman, late of Norton, to Abraham Clarke of Great Stainton, Co. York., clerk. Receipt on dorse  U.DL/2/6  6 Mar 1741/42

Folder icon  Assignment of 2 bonds for £300 by indenture to Barbara Smith of Stockton, widow and relict of John Smith by Samuel Hall and Onesipherus Hoopes both of Stockton, executors of the Will of John Smith. In accordance with the marriage settlement of Barbara and John and the Will of John as part of the sum of £500  U.DL/2/7  21 Mar 1744/45

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No further details   Bargain and sale by Thomas Pye of Stockton, Co. Durham to Elizabeth Grainge of Stockton, widow and John Barker of the same, merchant and Ralph Ashmall, inn holder, of a boat called the Sea Flower of about 20 tons  U.DL/2/8  1 Aug 1750
No further details   A lease by letter patent for 3 hives for rent of £30 6s 8d from the Councellor Henry Pelham, esq., First Commissioner of the Treasury and Chancellor and under Treasurer of the Exchequer, George Lyttleton, John Campbell, George Grenville and Henry Dane, Commissioners of the Treasury, to Ralph Yoward of the Monor of Hooton, Co. York. Lessor covenants to repair and to grow wood for the purpose but has the right to the profits of the courts and to render to the auditor every 7 years an account of the rentals and court rolls and regulations of the woodland and if in arrears the estate goes by default. Seal missing. Record of enrolment  U.DL/2/9  3 May 1755
No further details   Deed of appointment by Elizabeth Jackson of Stockton on Tees assigning interest of £400 held in trust by William Sutton and William Maddeson. Endorsed with registration at Darlington and records of assignment  U.DL/2/10  4 Sep 1758
No further details   Covenant by Mr. Ingledue Smith of Stockton on Tees, to John Reeve and Thomas Smith, master mariners of Stockton according to the provisions of the Wills of John Smith of Stockton and Sarah Smith, wife of Ingledue Smith, to leave his freehold and copyhold messuages etc. in Stockton and Darlington to his children, Samuel and Sarah Smith and their heirs  U.DL/2/11  9 May 1764
No further details   Indenture of mortgage between Nicholas Chapman of Norton, Co. Durham, gent., Robert Allison of Hartlepool, Co. Durham, gent. and Philip Weatherall of Norton, master mariner. Nicholas Chapman and Philip Weatherall lent £200 by John Williamson, Robert Allison to be seized of copyhold premises at Norton called The Holmes in trust for John Williamson. Receipts for the money  U.DL/2/12  18 Jan 1768
No further details   Part of indenture of lease for 21 years by Richard, Lord Bishop of Durham, to Jonathan Davison of Norton, Co. Durham, of Island of Samphire Batt of about 80 acres on the north side of the midstream of the River Tees. Rent 40s p.a. Clause of re-entry 5th October 1768. Altered to read John as Bishop, rent of £10 p.a. and dated 12th June 1779  U.DL/2/13  n.d
No further details   Release by Leonard Raisbeck of Stockton, Co. Durham, esq. to George William Sulton of Elton, Co. Durham and Thomas Henry Faber of Stockton of lands and tenements in the towns and parishes of Stockton, Darlington and Blackwell left to all 3 parties by Samuel Smith  U.DL/2/14  13 Feb 1830
No further details   Lease for 1 year (leading to release) by Robert Dalton of Stockton, Co. Durham, grocer, Richard Hodgshon of Darlington, surgeon and William Bayley of Stockton, gent., to Mary Margaret Frederica Dalton of Ripon, Co. York., widow, of burgage or dwellinghouse in the East Row of the Borough of Stockton. Peppercorn rent  U.DL/2/15  28 May 1830
No further details   2 copies of acknowledgement by John Fox of Stockton, brewer, of entitlement of him to £250 and interest as agreed in an indenture made 6th May 1837 with Bartholomew Gibson, Jane Simpson, William Simpson of Stockton, peruke maker and John Robinson on a copyhold hereditament in Stockton. Money paid by William Simpson and his father-in-law, Joseph Buckton. Receipt for £250 by Simpson and Buckton the same date and in Dorse dated November 27th, receipts by John Fox of the money and interest  U.DL/2/16  6 May 1837
No further details   Mortgage of life interests in leaseholds and copyhold hereditaments and of personal Estate for £253 4s 6d and interest by George Smith Hubbock of Stockton, gent., Robert Gamwell Hubback of Heighlington, gent. and Mary Hubback, spinster, tenants in life under the Will of Samuel Smith of Stockton, to George William Sutton of Elton, Co. Durham and Thomas Henry Faber of Stockton trustees of the Will  U.DL/2/17  17 Apr 1838
No further details   Letter from Wilson Jabert and Wilson to Newbray Danby, Coatham House, Coatham Manderville sending a schedule of deeds held by Mr. Michael Danby as mortgagee of his property  U.DL/2/18  28 Dec 1857
No further details   Conveyance of 5/6 of a messuage or dwellinghouse in High Street, Redcar from Francis MacNaughton and Annie MacNaughton, trustees of John Busby, spinsters, of Redcar, John Thompson of Middlesbrough, moulder, John Thompson of Redcar, fisherman, John Henry Sill of Redcar, tailor, William Thompson of the same place, hostler and Sarah, his wife and Thomasine Thompson of the same place, spinster, devisees of Will of John Busby, late of Redcar, fisherman, to Elizabeth Gardin of Redcar, widow (devisee of the sixth part) and her trustees, George Thomas Allison of Darlington and Thomas Blatherwick. Includes schedule and plan of property, copy of acknowledgement by Sarah Thompson and enrolment at Northallerton  U.DL/2/19  12 Jan 1863
No further details   Abstract of deeds affecting the title of Robert Welch of Stockton, Co. Durham, gent. and Mary Louisa, his wife, to an undivided moiety of freehold, copyhold and leasehold estates and money subject to the trusts of the Will of Samual Smith, esq., deceased. Some of the estate bordering on Oxbridge Lane, Stockton  U.DL/2/20  10 Jul 1776 - 7 Oct 1865

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