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Reference NHCs/6
Covering dates 1917-1978
Held by Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service
Conditions of access Under the Public Records Act, all the records, except the statistical register (NHCs 6/3920/11) are closed for 100 years from date of final entry.
Source of acquisition Acc 1266,1447(pt), 3920(pt)
Creators Barony Hospital, ?1930-
Arrangement Records are arranged as follows:
Related information Nantwich Board of Guardians records, (including registers of inmates) 1842-1949 see LGN
County Council Public Assistance Committee Minutes 1930-1948 see CCC1/3.
County Medical Officer of Health reports see CCC 2/2.
South Cheshire Hospital Management Committee records see NHCs 9.

Administrative history:
Nantwich Union Infirmary was built in 1890-1 by Nantwich Board of Guardians, on a site adjoining the Workhouse in the Barony Ward. The Workhouse had accommodation for c.300 inmates, and the Infirmary had 70 beds for the treatment of the sick poor. Under the Local Government Act, 1929, Boards of Guardians were dissolved and their buildings and functions transferred to the Local Authority in 1930. Since the Workhouse and Infirmary occupied the same site, Cheshire County Council decided that the Infirmary could not be usefully appropriated for hospital purposes; so the whole was designated a Public Assistance Institution for treating the (chronic) sick poor, under the management of the Public Assistance Committee. In 1930, it had 124 beds. In 1935, the Council introduced a new scheme to allot particular types of cases to particular Public Assistance Institutions; the Barony was appropriated for acute medical, maternity and a proportion of chronic cases.
On the outbreak of war in 1939, part of the site was appropriated for use under the Emergency Medical Service and a hutted hospital of 240 beds was erected.
With the introduction of the National Health Service in 1948, the Hospital was transferred to the management of the South Cheshire (Group 20) Hospital Management Committee, part of the Manchester Regional Hospital Board. The Committee established its administrative offices in the Hospital. As well as treating medical and maternity cases, the Hospital also functioned as a mental hospital from 1948 to 1962. In 1963 it had 264 beds.
When the NHS was reorganised in 1974, the Hospital became part of Crewe District in Cheshire Area Health Authority; at the reorganisation in 1982 it became part of Crewe District Health Authority, which has its headquarters on the site. In 1982 the Hospital had 147 beds for geriatric and psychiatric patients.
Child Welfare Clinics (see NHCs 6/3920/10) were established by the County Council as part of their Maternity and Child Welfare Scheme introduced in 1914 under the power granted in the Notification of Births Act 1907. The Centre in Nantwich, established in 1917, was situated in Beam Street.

The records consist of 25 registers of patients from 1917 to 1978. All, except the volume relating to Child Welfare Centre, date from after 1948.

PATIENTS: GENERAL  NHCs/6/1,6 and 3920/1  1949-1956

2 gatherings,
2 vols

General registers of patients (the dates given are those of discharge)

General register of patients  NHCs/6/1/1  Mar 1949 - Jun 1950

General register of patients  NHCs/6/1/2  Jun 1950 - Apr 1952

General register of patients  NHCs/6/1/3  Apr 1952 - Aug 1954

General register of patients  NHCs/6/1/4  Sep 1954 - Feb 1956

Admission and discharge register  NHCs/6/3920/1  Jan 1976 - Jul 1978

1 vol

Register of death  NHCs/6/6/1  Mar 1949 - Jun 1951

Register of death  NHCs/6/6/2  Jun 1951 - Feb 1954

Register of death  NHCs/6/6/3  Feb 1954 - Feb 1957

Register of death  NHCs/6/6/4  Feb 1957 - Jan 1959

PATIENTS: MENTAL  NHCs/6/2-4 and 3920/2,3  1948-1962

2 vols

General registers of patients under the Mental Treatment Rules

[no title]  NHCs/6/3/1  Jul 1948 - Sep 1962

(Female patients only)  NHCs/6/3/2  Oct 1951 - Sep 1962

Alphabetical register of patients under the Mental Treatment Rules  NHCs/6/4  Jul 1948 - Sep 1962

1 vol

Register of patients admitted under sections 20 and 21 of the Lunacy Act 1890  NHCs/6/2  Mar 1956 - Sep 1962

1 vol

Nominal list of patients in wards, Barony Mental Hospital  NHCs/6/3920/2  Dec 1951 - Sep 1962

1 vol

Register of mechanical restraint and seclusion, Barony Mental Hospital  NHCs/6/3920/3  Nov 1950 - Nov 1955

1 vol

PATIENTS: MATERNITY  NHCs/6/3920/4-9  1955-1972

6 vols

Registers of midwifery cases

Register of midwifery cases  NHCs/6/3920/4  Sep 1955 - Jul 1960

Register of midwifery cases  NHCs/6/3920/5  Jul 1960 - Mar 1965

Register of midwifery cases  NHCs/6/3920/6  Mar 1965 - Dec 1968

Register of midwifery cases  NHCs/6/3920/7  Dec 1968 - Aug 1971

Register of midwifery cases  NHCs/6/3920/8  Dec 1969 - Oct 1970

Register of midwifery cases  NHCs/6/3920/9  Jun 1971 - Mar 1972

Registers of births  [no ref.]  1952-1957

3 vols

Register of births  NHCs/6/5/1  Jun 1952 - Jul 1954

Register of births  NHCs/6/5/2  Jul 1954 - Mar 1956

Register of births  NHCs/6/5/3  Mar 1956 - May 1957

PATIENTS: CHILDREN  NHCs/6/3920/10  [n.d.]

Register of patients, Cheshire County Council Child Welfare Centre  NHCs/6/3920/10/1  c1917-1927

1 vol

The provenance of this volume is not clear (see introductory note).


Register of accommodation statistics  NHCs/6/3920/11/1  Jan 1950 - May 1959

1 vol

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