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Reference ERC 3
Covering dates 1794-1993
Held by Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service
Extent 27 files
Source of acquisition Acc 5066
Creators Roman Catholic Church, St Werburgh parish, Chester
Supplementary information Further Information: "Diocese of Shrewsbury Centenary Record", Fr. Maurice Abbott

Administrative history:
The Queens Street chapel, predecessor of St Werburgh, was erected after 1796 by the Rev Thomas Penswick, although there is evidence of the existence of a priest in Chester before this date. By the 1860s, the chapel had become unable to cater for the growing congregation, and St Werburgh was built in 1875, and extended between 1904 and 1914.

The registers start in 1794, although the index predates the earliest by four years. Includes Register of Burials at Queen Street Chapel from 1836. (Registers before 1875 therefore relate to Queen Street Chapel).

Registers of baptisms  [no ref.]  1794-1956

11 vols

These include dates of birth and some subsequent marriages from c.1860

Register of Baptism  ERC 3/5066/1  May 1794-Oct 1826

Oct 1826 - Mar 1827 missing. Includes at end marriages Jul 1822 - Feb 1827

Register of Baptism  ERC 3/5066/2  Oct 1826-Mar 1850

Register of Baptism  ERC 3/5066/3  Jan 1850-Dec 1857

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/4  Jan 1858-Feb 1883

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/5  Feb 1883-Mar 1903

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/6  Mar 1903-Nov 1908

(1 entry 1909 and 1 entry 1913)

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/7  May 1908-Jul 1920

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/8  Aug 1920-Jun 1930

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/9  Jun 1930-Jul 1939

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/10  Jul 1939-Sep 1948

Register of Baptisms  ERC 3/5066/11  Sep 1948-Mar 1956

Registers of marriages  [no ref.]  1827-1973

3 vols

Related information: For 1822-1827 see ERC 5066/1

Register of Marriages  ERC 3/5066/12  Jun 1827-Dec 1856

Register of Marriages  ERC 3/5066/13  Jan 1857-Oct 1939

Register of Marriages  ERC 3/5066/14  Oct 1939-Oct 1973

Registers of burials  [no ref.]  1861-1993

3 vols

These include dates of death and place of burial

Register of Burials  ERC 3/5066/15  May 1861-May 1902

Register of Burials  ERC 3/5066/16  May 1902-Dec 1936

Register of Burials  ERC 3/5066/17  Dec 1936-Nov 1993

Register of graves  [no ref.]  1836

1 vol

At Catholic Chapel, Queen Street, Chester
Arranged by plot number, including plan

Register of Graves  ERC 3/5066/18  July 1836

Indexes to baptismal registers  [no ref.]  20th cent

9 vols

Compiled in 20th cent, retrospectively, for the dates shown below

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/19  1790-1850

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/20  1828

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/21  1850-1880

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/22  1858-1883

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/23  1883-1903

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/24  1903-1920

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/25  1920-1930

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/26  1930-1939

Baptismal Register Index  ERC 3/5066/27  1939-1956

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