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Reference DGR
Covering dates C.1300 - 1968
Held by Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service
Extent 7 SUB FONDS
Archival history Acc. 3602
Creators Henry Greenall and Co

The collection comprises mostly estate and financial papers of clients of the firm, together with records of the Warrington Charities.
DGR/A Clients and Warrington Charities Box Series
DGR/B Warrington Charities Volume Series
DGR/C Clients Ledger Series
DGR/D Maps and Plans Series
DGR/E Ordnance Survey Map Series


Arrangement: Each sub-number comprises one box.

Robert Ireland Blackburne and John Ireland Blackburne  [no ref. or date]

Warrington and Orford properties, co.Lanc  DGR/A/1  1850-1912

Warrington Steel Foundry Ltd  DGR/A/1/1  1911-1912

Manchester Road, Winwick Road et al  DGR/A/1/2  1850-1873

Orford Park, Wilbrahams Meadows, Corporation Street  DGR/A/1/3  1861-1881

West Longford Street, Market Place, Orford Lane  DGR/A/1/4  1876-1883

Orford Lane and Jockey Lane  DGR/A/1/5  1876

Orford Avenue  DGR/A/1/6  1888-1905

Warrington properties, co.Lanc  DGR/A/2  1873-1901

Dickenson Street, Manchester Road, West Street, Longford Street et al  DGR/A/2/1  1889-1891

Forster. Street, Padgate Lane, Longford Street, et al  DGR/A/2/2  1891-1892

Longford Street, Winwick Road, Manchester Road et al  DGR/A/2/3  1885-1888

Marsh Lane  DGR/A/2/4  1896-1901

Marsh House Lane  DGR/A/2/5  1873-1891

Gorsey Lane  DGR/A/2/6  1873-1892

Manchester Road  DGR/A/2/7  1894

Manchester Road, Winwick Street  DGR/A/2/8  1874

Warrington, Orford, Prescot, Childwall, Hale, Appleton, Ditton and Halewood properties, co.Lanc  DGR/A/3  1838-1927

Jockey Lane, Winwick Road  DGR/A/3/1  1875

Prescot, Childwall and Ditton Station  DGR/A/3/2  1881-1891

Orford and Hale: correspondence re tenancies  DGR/A/3/3  1926-1927

Warrington  DGR/A/3/4  1910

Halewood  DGR/A/3/5  1921

Appleton  DGR/A/3/6  1910

Lygoes Road, Warrington  DGR/A/3/7  1869-1890

Manchester and Liverpool Railway: papers re extension at Halewood  DGR/A/3/8  1900-1901

Hale, Halewood and Warrington: copy settlement  DGR/A/3/9  1838

Halewood estate: copy releases etc  DGR/A/3/10  1894

Marriage settlement of Mary Houghton  DGR/A/3/11  1846

Will of R.I.Blackburne esq. of Hale Hall  DGR/A/3/12  1893

Plan of Orford Hall & Park  DGR/A/3/13  n.d [19c.]

Warrington, Orford and Hale properties, with estate papers  DGR/A/4  1806-1922

Plan of prem. in Dallam Lane and Bewsey Road, Warrington  DGR/A/4/1  1863

Note of costs for payments for probabte re Warrington estate  DGR/A/4/2  1893-1894

List of rents on Warrington estate  DGR/A/4/3  1884/85

Plan of prem. at Orford sold by J I Blackburne  DGR/A/4/4  1873

Hale Road, Warrington  DGR/A/4/5  1922

Hale: copy assignment to children of John Blackburne dec. & declaration of trust  DGR/A/4/6  1854

Warrington: abstract of title  DGR/A/4/7  1916

Settlement of estates of John Blackburne and John Ireland Blackburne Esq. in co. Lanc  DGR/A/4/8  1806

Copy marriage settlement of J I Blackburne and Anne Bumford  DGR/A/4/9  1811

Letter of commiseration to Col. J I Blackburne on his going blind in one eye, from tenants of Hale estate  DGR/A/4/10  n.d

Copy wills of R I Blackburne Esq  DGR/A/4/11  1900

Marriage settlements of Capt. Blackburne and Miss Mary Hoghton  DGR/A/4/12  1846

Gorsey Lane division  DGR/A/4/13  1907

Warrington properties, deeds & papers  DGR/A/4/14  1803-1928

Orford and Hale properties, co. Lanc  DGR/A/5  1893-1922

Conveyances, leases etc.

Warrington, Lancashire and Cheshire properties  DGR/A/6  1838

Abstract of title of J I Blackburne, 1719-1838 with pedigree and settlement papers.

[no title]  DGR/A/7  1806-1916

Col. R I Blackburne 1875-1916
Prem. in Warrington, Halewood and Hale, co. Lanc.
Col. J I Blackburne 1806-1807
Prem. in Warrington, Risley, Halewood, Halebank and Ditton, co. Lanc. Includes correspondence on salt duties.

Ireland Blackburne family  DGR/A/8  1850-1892

Conveyance, leases and papers re prem. in Hale manor, Warrington, Newton, Halewood, Culcheth and Sankey, co. Lanc. and in Liscard and Runcorn, co. Chester.

Col. R I Blackburn  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  DGR/A/9  1864-1920

Warrington, Hale and Halewood estate, co. Lanc.
Draft leases, conveyances and abstract of title.
Includes lists of tenants on Halewood estate, n.d.

[no title]  DGR/A/10  1864-1920

Warrington, Hale and Halewood estate, co. Lanc.
Draft leases, conveyances and abstract of title.
Includes lists of tenants on Halewood estate, n.d.

[no title]  DGR/A/11  1838-1916

Robert Ireland Blackburne 1865-1916.
Robert Ireland Blackburne 1865-1916.
Includes also copy Cheshire Lines Act, 1873 and 1881, copy Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Co. Act, 1865 and copy Liverpool Railway Act, 1865; papers re shooting at Hale Hall, co. Lanc. 1890.
Robert Ireland Blackburne 1838-1915.
Conveyances etc. re prem. in Warrington, Hale, Halewood and Orford, co. Lanc.

Robert Ireland Blackburne  DGR/A/12  1784-1911

Conveyances of prem. in Warrington, Halewood and Orford, co. Lanc., including market and fair tolls in Warrington, 1851-1896; vouchers and receipts, 1880-1881 and removal expenses, 1885; copy will of John Ireland Blackburne, 1880; will and codicil of J I Blackburne esq., 1823; draft wills of R I Blackburne, 1900-1911; presentation of Rev. C A Clements to living at Hale, 1906; note of contents of 3 deeds re estate of Col. J I Blackburne, 1884; list of wedding presents, 1884; papers re foreshore rights at Hale, 1891-1900; 2 election addresses, Apr. 1784; translation of charter of Hale Manor made 12 Edward III.

Robert Ireland Blackburne  DGR/A/13  1843-1910

Marriage settlement papers of William John Hope Edwards and Miss Emily Blackburne, 1867; John Edwardes Moss and Margaret Everilda Blackburne, 1873; Gilbert Ireland Blackburne and Mellony Catherine Isabel a'Court, 1910; Heywood Bright and Dorothea Anne Blackburne, 1884; Edwin Corbett and Anna Blackburne, 1843; Arthur Brooke and Susan Buchanan, 1890; Russell Charles Stanhope and Ellinor A Blackburne, 1854; Robert Crawford Antrobus and Mrs Emily Hope Edwardes, 1873; Robert Ireland Blackburne and Georgina Vernon Hume, 1885

R I Blackburne  DGR/A/14  1845-1907

[no title]  DGR/A/14/1  1880-1907

Conveyances re prem. in Wallasey and Liscard, co. Chester and in London to Rev. H I Blackburne, 1894-1898; prem. in Tranmere, co. Chester to Dr. W P Brabazon, 1898; prem. in Bath, co. Somerset to Mrs Mary Davies, 1907; prem. in Warrington, with leases, abstracts of title, agreements etc. re construction of a sewer and a recreation ground, 1880-1894.

[no title]  DGR/A/14/2  1894-1904

Agreement, Whitecross Co. Ltd. & Messrs. Derry and Mothersill, 1894; petition re Prenton Syndicates Ltd., 1904.

Copy wills of Alfred Watkin esq  DGR/A/14/3  1897

Earl of Derby's deputation of gamekeeper to Manor of Halewood  DGR/A/14/4  1886

Papers re Part's Charity School  DGR/A/14/5  1895

[no title]  DGR/A/15  1865 - 1896

J I Blackburne and Cheshire Lines Railway. 1866-1896.
Includes legal papers, deeds of purchase, compensation agreements and plans of affected lands.
J I Blackburne and Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway Extension 1865-1880.
Legal papers, including conveyances of lands at Childwall, John I Blackburne to L.N.W.R., 1880.

Col. J I Blackburne  DGR/A/16  1807-1923

Prem. in Warrington, Risley, Orford, Halewood, Halebank and Hale, co. Lanc.

[no title]  DGR/A/17  1754-1910

Col. J I Blackburne 1754-1910.
Warrington rentals, 1804, 1806; surveys of Warrington estate, n.d.; schedule of deeds to prem. in Lymm, 1848; correspondence re advowson of Hale, co. Lanc.; papers re augmentation of living of Hale, 1879; probate papers of Miss H Blackburne, 1909-1910; Wills of J I Blackburne, 1853-1863; papers and correspondence re Mr and Mrs Montague Blackburne's Trust, c.1887; papers re lunacy of J C Cowley, 1877; genealogical notes on Blackburne family of Hale, 1754-1827, n.d.; poor rate assessment for Warrington, 1785; Widnes Gas Act, 1867; Manchester Ship Canal Bill, 1884 with related correspondence; treasurer's accounts for erection of Warrington New Infirmary and Dispensary, 1874-1878.
Legal papers re Chancery case, Ireland Blackburne v. T H Hope-Edwardes, esq. 1899.
Includes copy will of T H Hope-Edwardes of Notley Hall, co. Salop, Apr. 1870; deeds re charging with rent of prem. in Notley, with plan, 1867 and copy correspondence, 1895-1900.

J I Blackburne, esq  DGR/A/18  1820-1877

Leases and other papers re prem. in Warrington, co. Lanc., 1852-1877.

J I Blackburne, esq  DGR/A/19  1853-1878

Conveyances and other deeds re prem. in Warrington, Childwall and Orford, co. Lanc.

J I Blackburne, esq  DGR/A/20  1838-1883

Deeds and related papers re Warrington estate.

J I Blackburne, esq  DGR/A/21  1793-1877

[no title]  DGR/A/21/1  c. 1793

Settlements, petitions and other papers. Including copy Warrington Improvement Act, Salt Duties Act, Sale of Leasehold Estate Act et al

[no title]  DGR/A/21/2  1866-1909

Conveyances re prem. at Gorsey Lane, Warrington, Orford, Appleton, Dallam Lane, Padgate Lane, Earl Street and Dudley Street, Warrington, co. Lanc.

[no title]  DGR/A/21/3  1885-1913

Ground rents, sale particulars, lists of occupants and correspondence re prem. in Warrington and Orford

[no title]  DGR/A/21/4  nd

Agreements between R I Blackburne and Messrs. Monks Hall & Co. Ltd., Peter Lawton, rector of Warrington, re prem. at Gorsey Lane.

Copy will of J I Blackburne  DGR/A/21/5  1880

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/22  1859-1918

Mortgages re prem. in Warrington and Hatton [re Peter Stubs]  DGR/A/22/1  1859-1918

Marriage settlement papers re John Edwards Moss esq. and Miss Margaret Everilda Blackburne  DGR/A/22/2  1873

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/23  1883-1922

Conveyances re prem. in Warrington, Winwick, Padgate, Prescot, Childwall, Orford and Fearnhead, including Orford War Memorial  DGR/A/23/1  1889-1922

Plans re exchange of land at Warrington between the Earl of Derby and J I Blackburne  DGR/A/23/2  1883

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/24  1866-1923

Leases, valuations, deeds of exchange etc. re prem. at Hale and Halewood, co. Lanc  DGR/A/24/1  nd

J I Blackburne  [no ref.]  1859-1922

Abstracts of title, valuations etc. re prem. in Warrington and Orford, co. Lanc  DGR/A/24/2  1884-1917

Deeds. re Hale  DGR/A/24/3  1918-1922

Earl & Derby's deputation is Halewood manor  DGR/A/24/4  1859

Copy of 'Property Market Review'  DGR/A/24/5  23 Nov. 1912

Valuation of Hale estate no. 1  DGR/A/24/6  c.1900

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/25  1500-1881

Deeds to prem. at Ribby, Lancs  DGR/A/25/1  1605-1641, n.d

32 docs

[no title]  DGR/A/25/2  1500-1687

21 docs

Deeds to prem. at Warrington, Lancs
Includes abstract of title to manor of Warrington, c1300-c1624

Deed of covenant to prem. in Hale, Lancs  DGR/A/25/3  24 Jun 1796

1 doc

Schedule of deeds to prem. in Orford, 1572-1653, with note of deeds, 1572-1632  DGR/A/25/4  n.d

2 docs

[no title]  DGR/A/25/5  Mar 1881

3 docs

Letters relating to schedule of deeds to Orford and to history of Orford Hall.
William Beamont of Orford Hall to Miss Blackburne.
Found with DGR/4.

Deeds to prem. at Parr, Lancs. Thomas Tyldesley et al  DGR/A/25/6  1618-1624

3 docs

[no title]  DGR/A/25/7  1572-1654

9 docs

Deeds to prem. in Warrington, Longford, Poulton, Orford, Great Marton and Little Marton, Lancs.
Blackburne and Tyldesley families.
Includes inspeximus of 1577 with seal and decorated initial.

Papers relating to inclosure of Warrington Heath and Longford  DGR/A/25/8  1565-1607

3 docs

Includes verdict and judgement against John Southworth et al, 1569 (inspeximus, with seal); commission and examination of witnesses, 1565 (inspeximus, with seal); survey of Orford Hall lands at inclosure of the Heath, 1607 (2 attached pages forming 1 document).

Deeds of prem. in Orford, Lancs  DGR/A/25/9  1574-1634

13 docs

Norris, Butler, Bruche, Blackburne, Tyldesley, Fleetwood, Stroude, Crispe, Aston, Wylme families et al.

Deeds to prem. in Orford, Lancs  DGR/A/25/10  1636-1654

10 docs

Blackburne, Wilme, Tyldesley, Fleetwood, Crispe, Nodham, Booth, Standish, Rigby, Bullinge, Rothwell families et al.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/26  1502-1710

9 bdls.

Copies information: MF 314/1

Deeds re prem. of Irelands of Bewsey, 1502-1630; re Coney's Corner, Manor of Warrington, 1679-1694; Wylmes's deeds re Orford, 1641-1694; Deeds and abstracts re Mather & Wylmes, 1633-1710; Mather release, 1654; court roll and frank pledges of Warrington manor, 1631-1666; V7.1 survey or Orford lands, 1627/8; rental of Warrington lands, 1627/8; deeds re prem. at Orford, 1629-1698

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/27  1541-1784

4 bdls.

Deeds re prem. at Poulton, 1541-1642; Irelands of Bewsey prem. at Warrington manor, 1604-1726, with abstract of inquisitions of 1590; leases re Pigeon Fields, Warrington, 1664-1760; release etc. of Wharf Meadows, 1689-1784.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/28  1706-1788

5 bdls.

Surrender of Halton's lands at Warrington, 1724-1780; conveyance of Ryland's Fields and Coney Corner et al, Warrington, 1745-1788; release et al re Platt's lands, Warrington, 1720-1744; releases of prem. at Warrington to Blackburne, 1706-1734; lease of prem. at Warrington, 1752.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/29  1491-1881

Contract of purchase of manor of Warrington, Lady Stamford to T & J Blackburne, 1756; releases etc. to J Blackburne of prem. in Warrington, 1711-1750; releases of prem. in Warrington, Hitchens to Blackburne, 1688-1721; prem. at Wind Mill Lane, Warrington, 1688; release of prem. in Warrington, to J Walmesley, 1726-1732; note of Knight's fees in manor of Warrington, 1491-1565 [with note by Paul Rylands in 1881. Item relates to first bdl. in this box]; 'Instructions by Will. Booth esq. on purchase of Warrington, 1628', printed by Chetham Soc., 1862, 1 gathering; copy act for enclosure of Hale and Halewood, par. Childwall, co. Lanc., 1800; correspondence between W. Beamont and Miss Harriet Blackburne re latter's property transactions, 1 bdl. 1881.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/30  1865-1890

[no title]  DGR/A/30/1  nd

Also Rev. Thomas B, Col. J I B, John J B and William J B. Mortgages of prem. in Warrington and Prescot; agreements for sale and purchase of land and prem. in Warrington, Hale, Halewood and Orford, co. Lanc. and in co. Midd.

Marriage settlement papers re Rev. Thomas Blackburne  DGR/A/30/2  1869-1885

Mortgages of prem. at Walton, Hatton, Appleton, Burtonwood, Widnes, Warrington, Kelsall, Croft and Horton, cos. Lanc. and Chester, Biddulph and Lichfield, co. Staff. and Daffield, co. Derby  DGR/A/30/3  1865-1887

[no title]  DGR/A/30/4  1871-1890

Agreements for exchange, tenancy, building extensions etc. re prem. at Warrington, Lymm, Latchford, Croft, Lawton and Birkenhead, co. Chester

[no title]  DGR/A/30/5  1877-1885

Transfer of mortgage and related papers re Peter Stubs and the Blaisdon Estate, co. Gloc.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/31  1604-1789

Deeds to prem. at Oxcliffe, Bleasdale, Heysham et al, co. Lanc., Guy Holland to Richard Blackburn  DGR/A/31/1  1604-1655

1 bdl.

Deeds to prem. at Newton in Makerfield, co. Lanc  DGR/A/31/2  c. 1621-1652

1 bdl.

Deeds to prem. at Bolton and Hale, co. Lanc. 1724-1750, John and Thomas Blackburne, with Hale rentals  DGR/A/31/3  1683-1685

1 bdl.

Copy wills and settlements, Blackburne et al, [list attached]. =1= burial certs. etc  DGR/A/31/4  1633-1799

1 bdl.

Note of deeds, 1-39; "purchase deeds in box in iron closet"; "box upon iron chest", etc. [Not related to identified docs]  DGR/A/31/5  nd

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/32  1724-c.1818

Deeds & papers re Tellott's estate at Warrington  DGR/A/32/1  c. 1750

1 bdl.

Deeds & papers re Aspinall's estate at Hale and Halewood  DGR/A/32/2  1724-1753

1 bdl.

Abstracts of deeds re James Heath Leigh's Old Mill Estate at Over Whitley  DGR/A/32/3  c.1818

1 bdl.

Deeds re prem. at Roby, with copy marriage settlement of Lt.-Col. Gascoigne and Miss Mary Williamson  DGR/A/32/4  1794

1 bdl.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/33  1662-1860

Deeds to Allot's estate at Halewood and Hale Bank  DGR/A/33/1  1662-1754

1 bdl.

Deeds in Whitfield's estate at Halewood  DGR/A/33/2  1672-1756

1 bdl.

Land tax certificates re Hale, Newton and Warrington prem  DGR/A/33/3  1799-1800

1 bdl.

Legal papers re Warrington manor fairs and cloth halls  DGR/A/33/4  c.1830

1 bdl.

Appointment on marriage of Capt. Blackburne & Miss Hoghton  DGR/A/33/5  1846

Rent charge mortgages  DGR/A/33/6  1855-1860

1 bdl.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/34  c.1741-c.1845

Bill, receipts etc. re Ellis Cunliffe of Bury  DGR/A/34/1  c.1805-c.1820

1 bdl.

Liverpool Refinery A/Cs and papers  DGR/A/34/2  c.1785-c.1805

1 bdl.

Deeds re Francis Heath's prem. in Risley  DGR/A/34/3  c.1741

1 bdl.

Release of Thos. Stanley's estate at Halewood, Garston, Allerton and Tarbock, co. Lancs  DGR/A/34/4  1804

Mortgage of prem. in Warrington to G W Aylmer & R Smith  DGR/A/34/5  1843

Copy deeds re recovery of prem. in co. Lanc  DGR/A/34/6  1804

Copy will of Samuel Rodbard, 1826. Copy mortgage of prem. at Orford and Warrington, 1834  DGR/A/34/7  nd

Garston Saltherts  DGR/A/34/8  c.1790-c.1860

1 bdl.

Garston Saltherts, 1807-1858 (inc. A/C for coordination (1797-1708)  DGR/A/34/9  nd

1 bdl.

J I Blackburne  DGR/A/35  1728-c.1845

Papers re Talbot & Rodbard trusteeship, 1 bdl., c.1845.
Leases of prem. in Warrington and Risley, 1 bdl., c. 1736-c.1779.
Leases of prem. in Crabtree Lane, Liverpool, 1788.
Papers re Wagstaff's prem. at Hale and Warrington, 1 bdl., c.1845.
Marriage settlement of James Brettaugh re prem. at Little Woolton, co. Lanc., 1728.

[no title]  DGR/A/36  1819-1913

Rev. Thomas Blackburne 1819-1905
Papers re settlement trust; includes deeds re prem. in Wallasey, co. Chester, c.1905; schedule of deeds to land in Thelwall co. Chester, c.1824; deeds and related papers re marriage settlement of Thomas Blackburne and Emma Anne Hesketh, 1819-1887.
Russell Charles Stanhope esq. and Ellinor A Blackburne: marriage settlement 1854-1913.
With related papers for Mrs Stanhope's settlement trust and copy will, 1906; abstract of title to Lady Stanhope's lands in Meath, Ireland, 1733-1832.
Blackburne family 1902.
Antrobus settlement papers, Blackburne to Hope Edwards.

James Fenton  [no ref.]  1577-1939

Rochdale properties, co. Lanc  DGR/A/37  1577-1880

Conveyances and leases re prem. in Butterworth, Shawfield, Spotland, Milnrow, Dutton and Bailie.
Parties include Alexander Belfelde, William Assheton, Margaret Hyde, Richard Gerrard, Robert Holte, John Cudworth, Alexander Butler and Grace, his wife, William Howarth and Elizabeth, his wife, Theophilus Ashton, Edmund Haworth, Robert Howarth, Theophilus Howarth, Adam Hulton and James Wylde.
Includes correspondence and shrievalty papers et al, 1870-1880.

Birchanlee Estate and Butterworth properties, co. Lanc  DGR/A/38  1675-1898

Deeds re prem. at Clegg Hall, Blackett Hill, Branch Road and Lower Eafield  DGR/A/38/1  1675-1738

Leases etc. re Birchanlee Estate and Butterworth  DGR/A/38/2  1756-1841

Estate papers of James Fenton dec  DGR/A/38/3  1883-1898

Birchanlee, Eafield and Butterworth properties, co. Lanc  DGR/A/39  1756-1939

Will of James Holland of Birchanley  DGR/A/39/1  1756

Copy will of John Fenton of Lower Crimble, par. Bury  DGR/A/39/2  1802

Deeds re Lower Crow's Nest, Higher Crow's Nest, Birchanley and the Holland family  DGR/A/39/3  1814-1844

Conveyances and abstracts of title re prem. in Birchanley in Butterworth  DGR/A/39/4  1844

Miscellaneous papers re prem. in Butterworth and Eafield  DGR/A/39/5  1810-1939

Richard Kay Fenton and James Fenton  [no ref.]  1621-1938

Rochdale properties, co. Lanc  DGR/A/40  1621-1860

Prem. in Butterworth, par. Rochdale (Higher Eafields, Uncouth Bridge Mill, Castle Rake, Crownest, being part of Clegg Hall Estate)  DGR/A/40/1  1621-1878

Crow Nest Estate deeds, Fenton, Holland, Ogden, Stead et al  DGR/A/40/2  1758-1841

[no title]  DGR/A/40/3  1779-1802

Includes copy wills of Thomas Stead, 1779 and Thomas Holland, 1802

Butterworth properties, par. Rochdale, co. Lanc  DGR/A/41  1710-1938

Leases of mining rights  DGR/A/41/1  1844-1897

[no title]  DGR/A/41/2  1710-1938

Papers re tithe payments and mergers, 1813-1855. Includes abstract of title of Archbishop of Canterbury to tithes and rectory of Rochdale, 1 Ed. VI-1813 [n.d.].
Conveyances and other deeds re prem. on Eafield estate, 1750-1848.
Deeds to Wild House estate, 'Bundle J', 1797-1894. Includes abstract of title of John Gorell, 1724-1797, copy of his will and survey of land and buildings on estate.
Deeds to prem. at Castle Rake, Roadfield, Broadcarr et al on the Eafield estate, 1710-1938. Includes will of Robert Jaques of Rochdale, 1749/50.

Butterworth and Castleton properties, co. Lanc  DGR/A/42  1722-1859

Conveyances and deeds re Birchanleigh and Newbold estates, 1722-1745.
Includes copy will of Thomas Hindley of Newbold.
Conveyances and deeds re Little Clegg Hall estate, Butterworth, 1783-1859.

[no title]  DGR/A/43  1887-1922

Dutton Manor Estate, co. Lanc. 1887-1922.
Sale particulars and plans re prem. in Warrington, Woolston, Orford, Burtonwood, Stockton Heath, Appleton, Stretton, Latchford, Padgate, cos. Lanc. and Chester, also Ashfield Hall, Neston and Bache Hall, co. Chester, 1887-1922.
Inventory of R K Fenton's property at 57 Oakwood Court, Kensington and copy will, 1902.
James Fenton and the Dutton Manor Estate, co. Lanc. 1911-1920.
Sale particulars, with photographs of prem., 1919 (5 copies); invoices, correspondence etc., 1911-1920.

J & R K Fenton  DGR/A/44  1830-1919

Draft abstract of title of James Fenton and R K Fenton to Dutton Manor Estate, 1919; draft abstract of title of J Fenton's trustees to prem. at Crowley, Ribchester and at Crawshaw, Aighton et al, co. Lanc., 1902; schedules of prem. on estates of William Fenton and Joseph Fenton.
Copy will and codicils of R K Fenton, 1902-1906; copy will and codicils of James Fenton, 1896-1901.
Sale particulars and plan to Clegg Hall Estate, Butterworth, par. Rochdale, 1906 [2 copies], to manors of Aighton, Bailey, Chaigley, Dutton and Ribchester, n.d., to Norton Hall Estate, pars. Weston Subedge and Mickleton, co. Gloc., n.d., plans of prem. at Rochdale et al, n.d.
Cash book re James Fenton's Dutton Manor Estate, 1895-1902 and Clegg Hall Estate, 1830-1843; note of rents at Bailey, Dutton and Ribchester, 1850-1851.
Bank pass books; copy 'Preston Guardian', 10 Jan. 1903; circular diagram showing Britain's population at last census, n.d. [c.1851].

R K Fenton and the Dutton Estate (with Ribchester), co. Lancs  DGR/A/45  1866-1919

Sale particulars of prem. in Rochdale, 1919 (2 copies); schedule of prem. sold to Capt. Alex Crundall, 1919; sale particulars to prem. in co. Lanc and co. York, 1866; tenancy agreement, Elijah Holt, 1908; details of prem. on Estate, 1908.
Monk's Hall and Co Ltd., trust deeds, 1905;
Articles of Association of Warrington Estates Co., 1903, Mackie & Co., 1907 and Bishop's Wharf Carrying Co., 1909.
Sale particulars and plans re prem. in Latchford, 1902; Warrington and Poulton, 1896; Grappenhall, 1899; Newton-le-Willows, 1905; Rixton, Cadishead and Thelwall, 1897; Glazebury, Culcheth and Southworth, 1905; Risley estate at Culcheth et al, 1907

Richard Kay Fenton  DGR/A/46  1907-1919

Copy and draft conveyances, leases, agreements, etc. re prem. on the Dutton Manor Estate, co. Lanc. and R.K. Fenton and Ella Fenton.

Richard Kay Fenton  DGR/A/47  1904-1919

Conveyances, leases etc. re prem. on Ribchester Estate and at Smithy Bridge, Butterworth, par. Rochdale (Clegg Hall Estate), co. Lanc.
Includes tenancy agreements re Dutton Manor Estate with rental particulars, 1907-1909 and requisitions on title, 1919.

Richard Kay Fenton  DGR/A/48  1906-1921

Conveyances, leases and related papers re prem. at Ribchester, Birchanley and Butterworth, par. Rochdale and Dutton Manor, Longridge, co. Lanc.

Richard Kay Fenton  DGR/A/49  c.1808-c.1920

'Deeds book' or schedule of indentures re prem. at Clegg Hall, Eafield, Birchanley, Castle Rake, Roadsford et al, co. Lanc. 18c-19c [n.d.]. 'Field Book' or lists of prem. with tenants by township, n.d. Dutton Manor Estate ledger re £5,000 improvement fund, 1908 [1 page only completed].
Dutton Manor capital account book, 1909-1914.
Sales particular and plan re Dutton and Ribchester estates, 1911.
Schedule of prem. on Dutton and Ribchester estates, 1911.
Copy valuation of estate at Bailey and Aighton, n.d. (R K Fenton) and at Bailey, Aighton and Ribchester, 1879 (Joseph Fenton).
Tenancy agreement forms [blank, 2 copies], n.d.
Correspondence re estates, c. 1905-c.1920.
Index to title numbers at Dutton, n.d.
Copy plan of intake at Ribchester, John Johnson's prem. by W Miller, 1808 [Eatough's Estate].
Plan and elevation of 2 semi-detached houses, unidentified, 8':1", n.d.
Deeds re Plantation Farm, Dutton, co. Chester; marriage settlement papers (to Miss E Williams); copy will, c.1894.

Sir Peter Carlaw Walker and Lady Walker et al  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  DGR/A/50  1891-1932

Marriage settlement papers of Sir P C Walker bart and Miss Ethel Blanche Okeover
Includes copy will of Sir Andrew Barclay Walker dec., 1891.

[no title]  DGR/A/51  1884-1919

Sir Peter Carlaw Walker et al 1884-1896.
Rentals re prem. in St Helens, co. Lanc., 1884-1896 and 1887-1895.
Sir P C Walker bart 1892-1919.
Leases, correspondence and accounts re rents in St Helens, co. Lanc.

[no title]  DGR/A/52  1878-1929

Sir Peter C Walker et al 1908-1924.
Leases re prem. in Cook Street, Liverpool, co. Lanc.
Sir Peter C Walker et al 1927-1929.
Leases re prem. in Cook Street, Liverpool, co. Lanc.
Sir Peter C Walker et al 1878-1800.
Leases re prem. in Liverpool, co. Lanc.
Sir Peter C Walker et al 1878-1904.
Deeds re prem. in Liverpool, co. Lanc., 1888-1898; expired leases, 1900-1904.

[no title]  DGR/A/53  1891-1938

Sir Peter Walker 1932-1936.
Papers re marriage settlement of Sir Peter and Lady Walker, including copy deed of settlement, financial papers, bank books etc. Includes also copy of funeral service for Lady Walker and papers re her estate.
Sir Peter Walker 1923-1938.
Deeds re prem. in Cook Street and Castle Street, Liverpool, 1929-1937.
Estate accounts, 1930-1938.
Pass books, Sir Ian Walker and Lady Ethel Blanche Walker, 1908-1931.
Sir Peter Walker 1921-1937.
Marriage settlement papers re Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, 1936-1937.
Correspondence and financial papers, 1921-1926.
Sir Peter Carlaw Walker 1891-1915.
Probate papers, including draft will of William Barclay Carlaw Walker, 1915.

[no title]  DGR/A/54  1887-1939

Sir Peter Carlaw Walker 1927-1939.
Estate and probate papers re Sir Ian P A M Walker.
Sir Peter Carlaw Walker 1887-1922.
Marriage settlement and trust papers re Sir A B Walker and Hon Maude Okeover, 1887-1918.
Marriage settlement and trust papers re Countess of Kingston, 1922.
Marriage settlement papers re Sir P C Walker and Ethel Blanche Okeover, 1899.
Sir Peter Carlaw Walker 1894-1929.
Mortgages, leases etc. re prem. at Prenton, Grappenhall, Stockton Heath, co. Chester, Halewood, co. Lanc., Wyaston, Shirley, co. Derby and Edgebaston, co. Wark, 1894-1915;
Rentals re prem. in St Helens co. Lanc. 1922-1929;
Valuation and block inventory of Osmaston Manor, co. Derby, 1915;
Papers re Mrs Clellands Trust, 1910-1915; Osmaston account book, 1913-1916.

[no title]  DGR/A/55  1889-1905

Peter Carlaw Walker 1891-1905.
Conveyances re Burlington Mansions, Cork St., co. Midd., Shirley Lodge Farm, co. Derby, Birch House Farm, Ednaston and Shirley, co. Derby, 1894-1905.
Mortgages re prem. at Little Marton, co. Lanc., Rufford Rd., Fairfield, Liverpool, co. Lanc. and Ellesmere Grove, Liscard, co. Chester, 1891-1904.
Powers of attorney et al, 1893-1900.
Articles of partnership, Salton-Curzon, 1896.
Copy marriage settlement of Capt J H Davidson-Houston and Miss Mary Kathleen Reiss, 1900.
Peter Carlaw Walker 1889-1901.
Draft agreements re Belle Vale Estate, Gateacre, Liverpool, co. Lanc. 1895; lease of prem. in Old Hall Street, Liverpool, 1901; abstract of title of Lt.-Col. F H Custance to prem. in Berkeley Square, London, 1893; papers re Osmaston Manor Estate, c.1895.
Correspondence and financial papers re Osmaston Trust, 1889-1896.
Correspondence re Osmaston living, 1901.
Athletics program re Osmaston Manor, 1897.
Articles of Association of Peter Walker & Son, Warrington & Burton, 1890 (2 copies), with prospectus etc.
Descriptive list of farms, etc. on Osmaston Manor Estate, 1894 (1 vol.).

[no title]  DGR/A/56  1887-1914

Sir Peter Carlaw Walker 1887-1901.
Conveyances re prem. in Old Hall Street, Liverpool, Hulme, Manchester, co. Lanc.; Crewe, co. Chester; Wolverton, co. Buck.; Bangor, co. Caer.; Stafford and Flint.
Sir P C Walker 1893-1914.
Conveyances re prem. in Denbigh, co. Denbigh; Ashbourne and Derby; Little Marton & Grappenhall, co. Chester; Warrington, co. Lanc. Includes lease of Shirley Corn Mill, co. Derby, 1898.
Papers re yacht 'Cuhona', 1896.

[no title]  DGR/A/57  1890-1914

Sir P C Walker 1899-1914.
Mortgages re prem. in Warrington and Liverpool, co. Lanc., Stockton Heath, Latchford and Grappenhall, co. Chester, Derby and Conway.
Includes papers re Countess of Kingston's Trust, 1908.
Agreement with Peter Walker and Sons Ltd re land by 'Shoulder of Mutton' inn, Osmaston, co. Derby, 1914.
Sir P C Walker 1890-1900.
Assignments of prem. in Warrington and Widnes, co. Lanc., 1892-1900.
Marriage settlement of Miss Ethel Walker, 1899 and Miss Violet Walker, 1896.
Valuation of property in Randal and Bold St, Warrington, 1899.
Papers re Glenmore estate and deer forest, 1890.
Appointment of Sir P C Walker as trustee in Mr & Mrs H B Greenfield's marriage settlement, 1892-1895.
Papers re the 'Compin' Seat for railway carriages and ships' berths, 1898.
Sir P C Walker 1896-1908.
Assignments of assurance policies (Law Union, Crown Insurance and North British and Mercantile), 1908.
Legal papers re Walker v Percy in the High Court, 1906.
Includes papers re Sir A B Walker, 1896-1899.

[no title]  DGR/A/58  1839-1892

J W H Greenall 1867-1892.
Toler (of Whaley Bridge and Taxal, co. Derby) trust papers; Reynolds (of Latchford) trust papers; Prescot Highway Board papers, c.1874; Daresbury and Bucklow Highway Boards, 1872-1882; papers re Weaver Navigation, 1871-1892; papers re Clergy Widows and Orphans Insitute, c.1872; draft rent book re Northwich premises, 1884; household account book, 1867-1883; plan of S.W. Lancs. polling district, 1872.
Rev. Canon Thomas Greenall c.1840-c.1890.
Tithe books and papers re Latchford and Grappenhall, 1848-1888; papers re maintenance and repair of Grappenhall church and erection of screens; mortgage of Grappenhall rectory; papers re pew rents, Endowment, Bell & Repair Funds and Tinsley Memorial, erection of fences; ledger of repairs needed at local churches; memorandum re appointment of Rev. Greenall to Grappenhall rectory; papers re Rev J B Stuart, previous rector; papers re Grappenhall school, including building, rules, sick club, repairs and reports of Education Committee; papers re Latchford school and church; financial papers of Rev. Greenall re insurance, shares and the Salt Union; correspondence of Rev. Greenall with family, Rev. J Wright et al and re curacy of William George Greenstreet; papers re Frodsham rural deanery.
Thomas Greenall 1839-1846.
Legal papers re Stanton v Neilson.

[no title]  DGR/A/59  1607-1790

Conveyances, mortgages, leases etc. re prem. in Windle, co. Lanc. belonging to Berrey family, including will of Peter Berrey, 1728. Proceedings at Lancaster Sessions, 1607.

[no title]  DGR/A/60  1811-1890

Thomas Greenall 1839-1846.
Legal papers re Stanton v Neilson.
Thomas Greenall 1811-1838.
Legal papers re Stanton v Neilson.
Thomas Greenall 1850-1890.
Miscellaneous papers including*
Thomas Greenall's (including mining estimates, 1875), 1850-1881.
John Bell, Clerk of the Peace for co. Cum., 1888 and cert. of proficiency, 2nd Westmoreland Rifle Volunteers, 1878.
Report of Chief Constable of Cheshire, 1890.
Articles of Association, Hoyer Self Feeding Co. Ltd., 1887.

Thomas Greenall  DGR/A/61  1811-1849

Legal papers re Harding v Neilson, 1811-1842 and Neilson v Heathcote, 1820-1839 with correspondence 1817-1819. Probate of will of T G of Grappenhall Hall, 1849.

[no title]  DGR/A/62  1810-1930

Peter Greenall and Edward Greenall 1810-1887.
Deeds, plans, abstract of title etc re estate in co. Lanc. including cotton works at Eccleston.
E James Hall c.1900-c.1930.
Financial papers, including accounts, 1919-1924, with ledgers, pocket books and cash books.

Peter Stubs dec  [no ref. or date]

Estate and probate papers  DGR/A/63  1770-1910

Plan with copy of Blaisdon estate, co. Gloc., 1864.
Conditions of sale re Lingholm, Derwent Bay and Swinside estates, Derwentwater, co. Cumb. 1884.
Deeds re prem. in co. Cumb., 1891-1896; co. York, 1906; co. Linc., 1872-1900 and co. Berk., 1875-1887.
Articles of association between Peter Stubs and Buckton, Greenall and Buckton, 1889; between Peter Stubs, James Marson and Henry Appleton, 1877; between Peter Stubs and Henry Appleton, 1884.
Copy will with related papers of Morland Crosfield esq., dec., 1875-1895.
Will with codicil, draft will and related papers of Peter Stubs, 1905.
Will of Mrs. Mary Helen MacIvor with related papers, 1897-1910.
Notebook of accounts paid, 1770.
Marriage settlement in £10,000 of Peter Stubs esq. and Miss Isabella Greenall, 20 Jan. 1864.
Appointment of new trustees and funds, 31 Dec. 1904.

[no title]  DGR/A/64  1820-1931

Estate papers 1884-1910.
Deeds to prem. in co. Gloc., 1892-1910; co. Middlesex, 1890-1894 and co. Lanc., 1884-1905.
Sales particulars re Llanvair Grange, co. Mon., 1892.
Peter Stubs esq.
Papers re Ley Farm, par. Westbury-upon-Severn, co. Glouc., Wyfield Manor et al.
Includes schedule of deeds from 1620, correspondence and legal papers re court case involving use of trade marks.
Deeds, correspondence and other papers re prem. in London and the Blaisdon Estate, co. Gloc.
Peter Stubs 1820-1931.
Papers re Blaisdon Hall Estate, co. Gloc., comprising:
Inventories of silver and plated goods, 1906, 1912, inventory and valuation of household furniture, plate, jewellery, pictures, books etc., 1914;
Land valuation register, c.1909;
Vouchers, receipts etc., 1930-1931;
Account book of J Stubs, 1820-1845; ledger of John Stubs of Warrington, 1843-1864.

[no title]  DGR/A/65  c.1900-c.1923

Col. Samuel Sandbach dec.
Estate, probate and legal papers 1900-1923.
Estate papers re Hafodunos, co. Denbigh.
Legal papers in Cross v Cross, 1907-1908 and Blackburne v Hope Edwardes, 1900-1902.
Will of Elizabeth Sara Robertson Sandbach, 1913, of Col. Samuel Sandbach, 1923 and of Henry Robertson Sandbach, 1878.
Denbighshire estate papers c.1900-c.1923.

[no title]  DGR/A/66  1891-1932

James Marson c.1901-1932.
Conveyance of Lower Hall Farm, Stretton, co. Chester to Joseph Taylor, 1918.
Marriage settlement papers of Mr Charles Marson, 1910-1917.
Sale particular and plan of Cogshall Hall Estate, co. Chester, comprising prem. at Cogshall, Comberbach, Seven Oaks, Antrobus, Lower Whitley and Little Leigh, 1906.
Copy wills of Charles Marson esq., 1905-1911.
Household account book and other papers of Anne Marson dec., c.1901.
Papers re Rawstorne family, 1915-1932, including marriage settlement of Miss Marjory Rawstorne and contract for sale of prem. in Hutton, Howick and Longton, co. Lanc. to W W Waring, esq.
James Marson 1891-1918.
Conveyances and lease re prem. in Sloane Street, Chelsea, co. Midd. 1895-1907.
Conveyance re prem. at Wyboston, co. Bed., 1918.
Probate papers re James Marson, 1891.
Estate papers re Marson family, 1900-1909. Includes details of prem. in Coburg Street and Mill Street, Liverpool, co. Lanc.; copy 'London Gazette', 1892.

[no title]  DGR/A/67  1882-1909

James Marson 1893-1909.
Copy and draft conveyances, mortgages, leases etc. re prem. in Whitley, Egremont, Antrobus, New Brighton, Latchford, all co. Chester, Warrington, Liverpool, Rochdale, co. Lanc., prem. in co. Cumb. and Birmingham, co. Warwick.
James Marson 1882-1909.
Correspondence and financial papers
Includes draft wills and codicils of James Marson of Hill Cliffe, Appleton, co. Chester, 1882-1891, with inventory, 1892; also of Charles Marson, 1895-1909; lists of mortgages, 1909; abstract of title of Charles Marson to prem. in Kinglake, Egremont, co. Chester, [1893-]1900; abstract of title of Salusbury Kynaston Mainwaring to prem. in cos. Chester and Flint, including land at King Street, Egremont, [1823-]1893.

[no title]  DGR/A/68  1870-1918

Arthur Waring and Co. Ltd. 1870-1918.
Warrington properties, co. Lanc. 1870-1918.
Gee St., Dallam Lane, Winwick Road and Buckley Street.
Correspondence between Waring & Co. and Greenall Whitley & Co. Ltd.
Various papers re activities of Arthur Waring & Co. Ltd.
Articles of Association of Bridgewater Canal Co. Ltd., 1874, of Warrington and Liverpool Mersey Navigation Co. Ltd., 1883 and of Arthur Waring and Co. Ltd., 1908 (revised).
Special petition re Manchester Ship Canal, 1883.
Deeds and plans of prem. in Warrington owned by Arthur Waring & Co., 1895-1901.
Apprenticeship indenture of Thomas Seddon Pemberton to Messrs. A Waring & Co. Ltd., 1904.

[no title]  DGR/A/69  1871-1923

'Lion Hotel' papers 1871-1915.
Papers re Very Revd. J L Darby, J Hall and J Gregory, trustees of St Elphin's School; Clergy Widows and Orphans Fund. Prem. in Appleton and Stockton Heath, co. Chester, Warrington, Burtonwood and Bold, co. Lanc. and Darley Dale; co. Derby.
'Lion Hotel' papers 1871-1915.
Papers re Dean of Chester, William Kenworthy, trustees of St Elphin's School, Very Revd. J L Darby, J Gregory and Emily Greenall. Prem. in Darley Dale, co. Derby, including Darby Dale Farm, with inventory and sale notice, 1908.
Frost and MacIvor Trust 1905-1923.
Deeds and papers re prem. in Westbury-on-Severn, Longhope, Notwood and Forest of Dean, co. Gloc., Knowsley, co. Lanc. and London.
Sale particulars to prem. in Lower Whitley and Paddington (near Warrington, 1906). Chancery Order, Frost v MacIvor, 1909.
Presentation of Rev G Ensor to rectory of Blaisdon, co. Gloc., 1911.

Maj. Sylvanus Reynolds' estate  [no ref.]  1905-1939

[no title]  DGR/A/70  1861-1939

Financial papers of Maj S Reynolds of the Grondra, Chepstow, co. Mon. and of Mrs Mabel E Reynolds, wid. 1905-1939.
With copy of 'London Gazette' and 'Chepstow Argus', Mar 1935; annual reports of companies invested in by Maj Reynolds, including Standard Bank of South Africa, H P Sauce, Woolworth, Yates' Brewery, Reynolds and Co et al.
Sylvanus Reynolds 1861-1911.
Probate papers including:
Executors' minute book, 1888-1903; draft wills of S Reynolds of Latchford, 1872-1905; marriage settlement papers of Peter Reynolds and Caroline -, 1861-1911.

Sylvanus Reynolds  DGR/A/71  1870-1911

Conveyances, leases, mortgages and related papers re prem. in Warrington, Golborne, Stretton, Appleton, Seaforth, Rainhill, Latchford, Wallasey, Prenton, Whatcroft and Seacombe, cos. Lanc. and Chester. Includes papers re tannery at Latchford.

Sylvanus Reynolds  DGR/A/72  1827-1903

Sale particulars re prem. in Rainhill, Warrington, Golborne and Stretton, co. Lanc., 1884-1903.
Company reports, c.1899-1900.
Show catalogue of Middlewich & District Agricultural Society, 1900; Mid-Cheshire Farmers' Association Report, 1899; Hooton Park Polo Club Programme, 1901; retail wine catalogue, 1900.
Notice of classification of merchandise, traffic and schedule of rates and charges of Midland Railway Company, n.d.
Copy acts of parliament, including:
Management of revenue of excise, 1827; licensing of alehouses, 1828; permission of general sale of cider and beer, 1830 (with amendment, 1834); sale of cider and beer, 1840; excise duties on chicory, sweets, wines, hops, etc., 1860; licensing of refreshment houses, 1860; closing regulations of public houses, 1864.

[no title]  DGR/A/73  1905-1925

W C Jones esq. 1905-1921.
Estate at Llannerch Park, co. Denbigh. Includes house account book, 1906.
W C Jones esq. 1905-1925.
Prem. at the Oaklands, Preston Brook and at the Oaklands, Bunbury, co. Chester, Mill Lane, Leigh and York Street, Manchester, co. Lanc., Hill Farm and Watergate Fox Covert, par. Watergall and the Cottage, Bishops Itchington, co. Wark.

W C Jones esq  DGR/A/74  1897-1909

Trust deeds, cash account books and financial papers. Includes 3 debenture books, 1900.

[no title]  DGR/A/75  1882-1921

Capt W Piers M Jones and the Llannerch Park Estate, co. Denbigh 1910-1921.
Abstract of title, 1921 (7 copies); copy plans, 1910-1911, 1921; legal papers re Cayley-Jones and Llannerch, 1910.
W C Jones 1887-1907.
Leases of prem. at Bedford and Leigh, co. Lanc., 1887-1891.
Lease of Llannerch Park, co. Denbigh with plan and related documents, 1899.
Lease of prem. at Bold Old Hall Estate, co. Lanc. to Richard Pilkington, 1905, with reports of coal mining, 1893-1904.
Papers re purchase of mining rights at Rainy River, Toronto, Canada, 1903-1907.
W C Jones 1882-1918.
Lease and agreements re prem. at Plas Clough, co. Denbigh, 1887-1898.
Lease of Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, co. Lanc. 1918.
Assignment of plot of land at Marshwood, Bacup, co. Lanc. to Alfred Harrop, 1893 and to W C Jones.
Lease of the Oaklands, Preston Brook, co. Chester, 1882.
Papers re settlement of W C Jones' estate on his sons, with insurance papers re Jones Bros. Ltd., 1900.
Insurance papers of W C Jones, 1916-1918.
Agreement and correspondence re Messrs. Allen, Vaudrey, Nuttall, Collinson, Lynde and Lees, 1889-1890.
Papers re British Climax Co. Ltd., 1890.
Papers re Corndavon Lodge, with analyst's report on water supply, 1903.
Conveyance of prem. at Bedford and Leigh, co. Lanc to Jones Bros. Ltd., 1893.
Papers re prem. at Appleton, co. Chester, 1896-1903.
Papers re St. Luke's School and Mission, Barrow in Furness, co. Lanc., 1903.
Papers re shooting at Latham, co. Lanc., 1898.
Memorandum of Association of the British and Foreign Automatic Weighing and Vending Machine Company, late 19c.
Bank and cheque books, 1903-1908.
Letters of application for post of governess with the Jones family, 1894.
Personal papers, including inventory re house at Preston Brook, declaration re W C Jones' son's identity ) William Piers Montagu Jones), 1909 and certificate of exemption from jury service.

James Archibald Ewart esq  DGR/A/76  1901-1915

Indentures and share certificates re local and foreign companies, in South Africa, Argentina, Portugal et al, 1901-1915.
Share ledger, 1901-1908; invoices and receipts, 1901-1906; household accounts of Mrs Ewart, 1914-1915.
Birth certificates, etc and copy will with codicil, c.1912-c.1915.
Papers re education of J A Ewart's son, F K Ewart, at Warrington Grammar School and Shrewsbury School.

J A Ewart esq  DGR/A/77  c. 1923-c. 1924

Articles of Association and Memorandum of J A Ewart Ltd.; insurance papers.
Legal papers re legacy to F K Ewart, infant.

[no title]  DGR/A/78  1853-1906

Alexander Stanhouse, esq. 1860-1906.
Estate papers, including sale particulars re prem. in West Hampstead and farm account book, 1885-1888.
Settlement papers of Susan, Sarah and Mary Stanhouse.
Alexander Stanhouse Trust 1833-1902.
Draft conveyances, mortgages etc. re prem. in Clydesdale Road, Egremont, co. Chester, 1892-1896.
Draft leases etc. re Stockton Lodge, Appleton, co. Chester, 1856-1860.
Draft leases, abstract of title, sales particulars etc. re prem. in Messina Avenue, West Hampstead and Finchley, 1892-1902.
Papers re Mrs Stanhope's marriage settlement, 1857-1893.
Cash ledger, 1859-1896; account book, 1856-1857; account book re trustees of Mme Guelfucci and Mrs Stanhouse, 1887-1898.
Alex Stanhouse account book, 1833-1859; cash books, 1845-1858, 1859-1860; bank pass books, 1892-1899, 1849-1854.
Invoices and receipts book, 1859-1861.
Copies 'The Registry of the Incorporated Law Society', 3 gatherings, May-Jul. 1899.

Joseph Evans esq  DGR/A/79  1856-1881

Legal papers re Greenough & Ridley v Evans re prem. at Parr, Bold and Burtwonwood, co. Lanc. in Queen's Bench division of the High Court.

Joseph Evans esq  DGR/A/80  1873-1884

Papers re Evans' lawsuits and prem. in Parr et al, co. Lanc.
Includes abstract of title, 1603-1866, to manor of Parr, 1881 (2 copies); conveyances re prem. in Parr (Ellames Farm) and Sutton, par. Prescot, 1872-1884; plans re prem. in Parr et al; index to briefs in Moorcroft v Evans, A-C only, n.d.; 'St Helens Newspaper', 24 Feb 1877 re riot at Parr.

William Allcard esq  DGR/A/81  1857-1893

Probate and estate papers.

William Allcard esq  DGR/A/82  1861-1904

Probate and estate papers; share certificates; abstracts of title to prem. in Birkenhead, co. Chester and Bakewell, co. Derby.
Estate account book, 1861-1895.

William Allcard esq  DGR/A/83  1842-1899

Probate and estate papers; deeds re prem. in Warrington, co. Lanc.; ledger, 1854-1862; cash book, 1896-1899.

Benjamin Pierpoint and Charles Pierpoint Brabazon  DGR/A/84  1904-1944

Financial and estate papers. Includes ledger of C P Brabazon, 1904-1926 re investments etc.; bank pass books.

Pierpoint Family  DGR/A/85  1863-1885

Conveyances and related papers to prem. in Buttermarket Street, Warrington, 1871-1885.
Conveyances re prem. at Acton, Lower Walton and Pinners Brow and Sankey Street, Warrington, 1876.
Assignments of prem. at Sankey St., Winwick St., Mersey St., Bold St., Cairo St., Suez St., Howard St., Bewsey Rd., Froghall Lane and Manchester Lane, Warrington and at Latchford and Parr, cos. Lanc. and Chester, 1874-1876.
Papers re Parr's Banking Co. Ltd., 1863-1881.

Benjamin Pierpoint  DGR/A/86  1872-1918

Conveyances re prem. in Warrington, Huyton, Knowsley, Liverpool, co. Lanc. and Stretton, Rock Ferry, Seacombe, Lymm, Moss Lane, Moore, Poulton cum Fearnhead and Appleton, co. Chester.
Abstracts of title of B Pierpoint, Robert Pierpoint, E R Taylor, J Crossley and J W Jones to above prem.

[no title]  DGR/A/87  1767-1918

Benjamin Pierpoint 1767-1906.
Mortgages re prem. in Liverpool, Walton-on-the-Hill & Warrington co. Lanc. and Kelsall, New Ferry, Liscard, Thelwall, Grappenhall, Rock Ferry, Seacombe & Allostock, co. Chester.
Benjamin Pierpoint 1876-1918.
Agreements, assignments, declarations and other deeds
Copies 'London Gazette', 'Warrington Guardian' etc.
Bank pass books, B R and Miss A Pierpoint and Mrs E Brabazon, with account books re Stretton Hall Estate.

Benjamin Pierpoint  DGR/A/88  1877-1926

Estate accounts with drafts, 1 vol., 1 bdl., 1877-1908.
Estate accounts with drafts, Miss Agnes Pierpoint, 2 vols., 1 bdl., 1908-1926.
Estate accounts with drafts, Dr W P Brabazon, 1 bdl., 1906-1908.

Benjamin Pierpoint  DGR/A/89  1845-1906

Sale particulars, plans and notice re Stretton Hall Estate & prem. in Warrington, Appleton, Moore, Golborne; conditions of sale and contracts by lot. 1884.
Copy inventory and valuation of effects at St Austin's, Warrington, 1877 (B P).
Schedule of effects at Brook House, Lymm, to be let to Roger Parr, 1906 (W P B). Printed investment lists, 1906.
Printed copy of tithe apportionment for Stretton, co. Chester, 1845.
Rent account book, 1 vol. 1876-1877 [Warrington estate].

Benjamin Pierpoint  DGR/A/90  1731-1876

Conveyances of prem. in Warrington and Poulton-cum-Fearnhead with probate papers re George Gerrard, 1 bdl. 1802-1857.
Includes plan of prem. at Gerrard's Place, Church Street, Warrington, 1853.
Probate papers of Mary Broadhurst, 1832; Edward Yeadon, 1842; Ellen Pickton (nee Fearnley), 1852; Peter Foster, 1826; Robert Hepherd, 1843; Joseph Fairhurst & Agnes Fairhurst, 1829/1872; John Taylor, 1865; John Fairhurst, 1870; John Hurst, 1816; Benjamin and Mary Winfield, 1839/1867; Thomas Caldwell, 1848/1867; Samuel Wilkinson, 1835; Thomas Haddock and Betty Haddock, 1838/1848; James Pierpoint, 1836/1856; John Leather, 1833/1876; Walker Kerfoot, 1797; William Maire, 1814/1838; Joseph Banks, 1825; John Randleson, 1852; Nathaniel & Martha Millett, 1731/1750; abstracts of will of Benjamin Pierpoint, 1874.

Henry Neild  DGR/A/91  1870-1924

Conveyances, leases etc. re prem. in Altrincham, Witton, Frandley, Seven Oaks (Antrobus), co. Chester; sale particulars re prem. at Whitley, Antrobus, Frandley and Kingsley, comprising the Greenbank Estate, co. Chester and at Little Leigh, Lower Whitley, Cogshall and Comberbach, comprising the Cogshall Hall Estate, co. Chester, 1906-1911; bank pass books.

[no title]  DGR/A/92  1867-1924

Henry Neild and Miss Anne Neild 1867-1924.
Papers re the Greenbank Estate, co. Chester, 1882-1911; statement of accounts, 1910-1924; land value forms; list of tenants, n.d.; draft will of Henry Neild, 1909; estate ledger, 1867-1911; copy 'London Gazette', Jun. 1911; 3 plans, n.d.; particulars of Greenbank tenancies and tillage, Nov. 1899; financial and probate papers of Miss Anne Neild, 1923-1924.
Henry Neild 1875-1919.
Draft conveyances re Frandley Brow Farm, Seven Oaks, Brown Street and Bold Street, Altrincham and Well Farm, Whitley, all co. Chester and re Orford Lane, Norman Street and Gorsey Lane, Warrington, co. Lanc., 1905-1919, with requisitions on title, trust deeds, agreements; etc. and related correspondence.
Conditions of sale re prem. at Greenbank estate et al, c.1911.
Draft mortgage re prem. at Davies St., Widnes, co. Lanc. 1875.
Abstracts of title re prem. at Antrobus, Seven Oaks, Whitley and Altrincham, co. Chester, c.1896.

Henry Neild  DGR/A/93  1901-1922

E I C Syndicate Ltd., minutes, 3 pp. Oct.-Nov. 1908.
James Archibald (Contractor) Ltd. minutes, 7 pp., Dec. 1904-June 1908.
Articles of Association of Lancashire Metal Refining Company, 1910 (2 copies), J M Greenhalgh & Co Ltd., 1906 (2 copies) F C Dutton Ltd., 1914 (2 copies) and the British Soap Powder Co. Ltd., 1905 (2 copies).
Trust deed of Redbourn Hill Iron & Coal Co. Ltd., 1905.
Share certificate book, E I C Syndicate Ltd., 1908.
Correspondence etc. re above, 1909-1911.
Grand Jury Book, ChesterAssizes, 1904-1908, 1 vol.
Copy 'Unicode - Telegraphic Phrasebook', 1 vol. 1901.
Copy 'Practice of the Supreme ?Court', 1 vol. [damaged, n.d.]
Sale particulars re Warrington Bluecoat School prem. at Winwick Road, Warrington et al, 1922, 2 copies, and of Brinnington Estate near Stockport, 1910.
Copy tithe map of Whitley, co. Chester [damaged, n.d.].

John Clare of Sankey  DGR/A/94  1830-1867

Probate papers, conveyances and leases re prem. in Great Sankey. Includes bills of sale for ships, 1849-1855.

John Clare of Sankey  DGR/A/95  1839-1867

Copy will [d.1861], probate papers, etc. Includes sale particulars and notice re lands in Grappenhall, co. Chester, papers re sale of Cock Hill Glass Works, 1823 and sale of pew in Witton Church, 1830.

John Clare of Sankey  DGR/A/96  1860-1881

Deeds re prem. in Sankey and Warrington, co. Lanc.
Includes copies of 'Liverpool Daily Post', 'Liverpool Mercury', 'Manchester Daily Examiner & Times', 'Manchester Guardian Times' and 'Warrington Guardian', 1867

[no title]  DGR/A/97  1821-1904

John Seddon Woods 1821-1904.
Conveyances and leases of prem. in Church Street, Warrington to William Stubs, 1821.
Papers re J S Woods v William Wagstaff, in Chancery, 1878-1879.
Financial papers re Ann Wood (d.1901).
Papers re the Misses Sarah and Mary Woods, beneficiaries of J S Woods, 1900-1904.
John Seddon Woods 1878-1900.
Estate papers re J S Wood's estate, including probate, income tax and insurance papaers, 1878-1900.
Papers re estate of Samuel Woods, son of J S Woods and case in Chancery, 1900.

[no title]  DGR/A/98  1799-1905

Canon Heron 1799-1905
Probate papers and accounts, 1879-1905. Includes marriage settlement of Peter Heron and Miss Catherine Hopwood, 1799.
Canon Heron 1889-1897.
Papers and accounts re investments, c.1890; papers re Brighton and Dyke Railway Co., 1889 and Great Western Railway Co., 1895. Copy 'London Gazette', 1895, report on Chester diocesan institutions, 1876 and 'Master and Servant re Workmen's Compensation Act', 1897.
Canon Heron 1864-1892.
Papers re taxation of Chamber Colliery, 1887; probate papers of Mary Felicia Smith Barry, 1869; will of Miss E Atherton, 1864; wills and codicils of Rev George Heron, 1877-1892; Partington church accounts, 1883; correspondence re nuisance by steam tug operatives, c. 1875.

Canon Heron  DGR/A/99  1862-1902

Conveyances, leases etc. re prem. in Runcorn, Newton by Daresbury and Moore, co. Chester, Edgeley par. Prestwich and Oldham, co. Lanc., Leintwardine, co. Heref. and Evesham, co. Worc.

[no title]  DGR/A/100  1896-1913

R T Henshall 1896-1913.
Papers re East Meon estate, co. Hants., including sale particulars, plan, notice and 25" O.S. sheet 2nd ed., 1896.
R T Henshall 1907-1910.
Papers re East Meon estate, co. Hants., including prem. at Liss., Fawley and Fleet.

R T Henshall  DGR/A/101  1901-1915

Conveyances and related papers re prem. in Manchester Road, Droylesden, co. Lanc., 1914.
Conveyances and related papers re prem. in Helsby and Latchford, co. Chester and Warrington, co. Lanc., 1913-1915.
Conveyances and related papers re prem. in Westy Lane, Latchford, co. Chester, Mrs Mary Anne Bostock et al, 1903.
Mortgage of prem. in Warrington, co. Lanc. to Col. Charles Marson, 1914.
Agreement re appointment as chemist of J S Hill for treatment of alcoholism, 1901.

R T Henshall  DGR/A/102  1902-1913

Conveyance and related papers re prem. at Fir Grove, Latchford, co. Chester, 1905-1906.
Lease of prem. in Cross Lane, Latchford, co. Chester, to J L Warburton, 1907-1910.
Leases and related papers re prem. in Slater Street, Latchford, co. Chester and in Surrey Street, Warrington, co. Lanc., Mrs E Henshall, 1902-1913.
Conveyance and related papers re prem. on Knutsford Road, Warrington, co. Lanc., Hewitson and Henshall, co. 1909-c. 1914.
Deeds re prem. in Delamere Street, Warrington, co. Lanc., 1905-1909. Draft will of Robert Henshall esq., 1907.

R T Henshall  DGR/A/103  1902-1915

Conveyance and leases with map of prem. at Knutsford Road, Latchford, co. Chester, 1902-1910.
Mortgages of prem. in Latchford, co. Chester and Warrington, co. Lanc., 1906-1915.
Assignments of prem. at Slater Street and Knutsford Road, Warrington, co. Lanc., 1902-1908.
Agreements for tenancy of Fir Grove, ? Warrington, 1906 and for building of a house, Latchford, 1910; agreement with Warrington Estates Co. Ltd., 1904.
Release of rights of way, J Mainwaring and J Pemberton, 1904.
Title deeds and copy wills re Mrs Emily Henshall, 1902-1911.
Legal papers re Gills v Henshall, 1914.
Papers re W and J Kayley, engineers and machinery merchants, 1915.

[no title]  DGR/A/104  1861-1935

Mrs Elizabeth Pigot's Trust 1888-1935.
Papers re ground rents at St Helen's, co. Lanc.; probate papers.
Mrs Elizabeth Pigot's Trust 1861-1920.
Papers re ground rents at St Helen's, co. Lanc., 1861-1897 and c.1919; marriage settlement papers re James Cresswell Pigot and Elizabeth Greenall, 1870-1920.

Mrs Elizabeth Pigot's Trust  DGR/A/105  1848-1912

Mortgages, deeds and covenants re prem. at St. Helens, Eccleston and Hardshaw in Windle, co. Lanc.

Mrs Elizabeth Pigot's Trust  DGR/A/106  1871-1937

Conveyances etc. re prem. in St Helen's, co. Lanc.

[no title]  DGR/A/107  1898-1920

Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company 1898-1920
Agreements and legal papers.
Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company 1898-1920.
Agreements and legal papers.
Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company 1898-1920.
Agreements and legal papers.

[no title]  DGR/A/108  1877-1920

Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company 1892-1920.
Leases and other papers re prem. at Warrington, Grappenhall, Plymouth, Stratford, co. Essex and Blackfriars, City of London.
Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company 1877-1912.
Articles of Association and related business papers, citing John Wright and Eagle Range Ltd., George Newton Ltd., Davison and Partners Ltd., Clarke's Syphon Store Co. Ltd.
Includes copy Warrington borough bye-laws on new streets and buildings, 1877.

Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company  DGR/A/109  1903

Paper re commission of enquiry.

Richmond Gas Stove and Meter Company  DGR/A/110  1897-1918

Catalogues and sales leaflets; club rules, 1918; draft indenture of apprenticeship, 1902.

H B Hoghton & Lady Hoghton's Trust  DGR/A/111  1864-1875

Legal papers re larceny proceedings at Kirkdale Sessions, 1864-1871.
Rent a/cs, Portsdown Road Estate, 1873-1875.
Financial papers re Lady Hoghton's estate, 1869-1875.
A/C books, 2 gatherings, Hoghton family, 1871-1873.
Sale particulars re Abbey Mills, Romsey, co. Hant. & Whittington Colliery, co. Derby, 1874 & 1873; sale inventory of furniture at 164 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale, London, 1872.
Letterbook for Lady Hoghton's estate, 1873-1875.
Agreements re water supply to prem. at Portsdown Road, 1873-1875.

[no title]  DGR/A/112  1863-1904

Parr's Bank Ltd 1873-1904.
Mortgages, agreements, 1884-1891.
Legal papers, 1874-1904.
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1891-1896.
Articles of Association of Parr's Bank Ltd., 1865, 1873 and of the Automatic Cup Square Bolt Co Ltd, 1902.
Miscellaneous printed reports, 1876-1892.
Parr's Bank Ltd 1863-1903.
Leases and related papers to prem. in Farnworth, Litherland, Bootle and Warrington, co. Lanc. & in Runcorn, Frodsham and Birkenhead, co. Chester.

Parr's Bank Ltd  DGR/A/113  1783-1904

Leases and related papers to prem. in Warrington (including Bank Quay Glassworks), Widnes and Platt Bridge, co. Lanc. and in Portinscale, co. Cum., 1783-1904.
Deeds re prem. in Sutton, near Macclesfield, co. Chester, 1891.
Sale particulars re Academy Street Works, Warrington, 1890.

[no title]  DGR/A/114  1675-1938

W H W Fitzgerald of Chacombe, Banbury, co. Oxford 1780-1912.
Abstract of will of James Wilson of Meath, 1780; copy marriage settlement of W H W Fitzgerald and Isabella O Stanhope, 1885; deeds re prem. in Butler Street, Moorgate Street et al, London, 1894-1912; Articles of Association of Plantation Leonora Ltd., 1893, re British Guiana; rules of Chatham Building Society, 1887; meditation by Canon Cross, 'Concerning Pain', 1891.
John Bell of Appleby, co. Westm., M A and John Bell jun. of Ivy House, Appleby, Solicitor 1675-1914.
Personal and financial papers. 1 bdl.
Sir Ian Walker bart. and Madame de Bosdaris 1921-1938.
Sale particulars re the Beresford Estate, Hartington, co. Derby, 1932. Financial and insurance papers, 1926.
Financial papers re Miss Enid Walker's Trust, 1921-1922.
Financial papers re Madame Enid de Bosdaris Trust, 1937-1938.
Papers re case in Chancery, Sir Ian Walker v J M Nuttall and Co. Ltd., relating to pollution of River Dove, 1934.
Mrs Helen Lawrence 1908-1920.
Papers re prem. at Itchington, co. Wark., marriage settlement et al. Includes booklet on London Orphan Asylum.
Tunstall Estate 1901-1922.
Deeds, valuation and papers re prem. in Warrington, co. Lanc.
Taylor Estate 1909-1918.
Rentals, vouchers et al re prem. in Warrington, co. Lanc.

[no title]  DGR/A/115  1908-1936

Collins Green Colliery 1926-1936.
Re mines at Joy Lane Farm, Burtonwood, co. Lanc., leased by Warrington Bluecoat School. Includes plans.
Henry G Roberts and Warrington Slate Co. Ltd. 1908-1924.
Deeds re prem. in Beechwood Avenue, Warrington, correspondence, cash books et al. Includes Articles of Association of W S C L, et al (several copies).

[no title]  DGR/A/116  1836-1930

Richard Pickering Higginson of Pennington, co. Lanc., grocer 1836-c. 1860
Testamentary papers, correspondence, abstracts of title to prem. at Bedford, co. Lanc., being a coal mine, with lists of legatees.
Harrison Tinsley esq. 1841-1905.
Paddington, Witton, Rainhill, St Helens et al, co. Lanc.
Copy will, 1898-1900; ledgers and cashbooks.
Includes papers re River Weaver Navigation, 1876-1885.
Col. Legh's estate 1860-1930.
Latchford, Liscard and Poulton, co. Chester, Openshaw, co. Lancs. & Tynemouth, co. Northumberland 1860-1913.
Includes draft will of Miss Mary Helena Cornwall Legh, 1904.

R P Higginson's Bedford Mine, co. Lanc  DGR/A/117  c.1840-c.1843

Includes lists of coal and slack extracted with names of miners and quantities, 1840s; receipts and invoices, colliery account books and farming stock books.

[no title]  DGR/A/118  1776-1985

Woodall Family 1823-1921.
Leases and related papers of prem. in Lymm, co. Cheshire; probate and other papers of William, Martha, Alice, Jane, Anne and Elizabeth Woodall.
Includes logbook of ship 'Levant' by Capt. John Ward, 1776-1777, with two copy letters relating to the volume, Feb.-Mar. 1985.
Woodall Family 1836-1918.
Probate and other papers of Woodall family; sale particulars re prem. in Lymm; estate plans to prem. in Lymm and Oughtrington, 1836-1837.

Walter John Henry Jones esq  DGR/A/119  1888-1920

Conveyances, leases, agreements etc. re prem. in Oakmere, Bold, Acton Grange, Moore, Plumley, Lostock Gralam, Hartford Peover, cos. Lanc, and Chester, with correspondence.

W J H Jones esq  DGR/A/120  1891-1924

Leases and assignment re prem. in Linver Road, Fulham, Hyde Park Gate, Kensington and Hurlingham Lodge, co. Midd. and at Barn Elms, co. Surrey, 1898-1924;
Agreement and related papers re prem. at Meoble and Letter Morar Deer Park, co. Inverness, c. 1890-c. 1920;
Account book and papers re valet/butler at Meoble, 1902;
Papers re shooting rights [probably Letter Morar], 1906-1912;
Epitome of will of W J H Jones, n.d.;
Household account books of Mrs Hall at Hyde Park Gate, 1898; farm account books, 1896-1898;
Loch Morar Lodge household inventory, 1900;
File of invoices re estate at Hartford (Oakmere), co. Chester, 1891.

Thomas Fairclough  DGR/A/121  1880-1916

Probate papers, accounts etc. Includes estate papers of Mrs B I Broster, 1909-1916.

Williams Family  DGR/A/122  1668-1904

Deeds and other papers re Williams family of Denbigh, including marriage settlements of 1686 and 1777 (latter re William Hughes and Mary Williams), 1668-1862.
Papers re prem. at Tremeirchion and St Asaph, co. Flint, including conveyances, sale particulars, requisitions on title, Pennant, Roberts and Gayley families, 1857-1904.

Lancs. and Cheshire Estates  DGR/A/123  1836-1897

Conveyances, leases and papers re prem. in Warrington, co. Lanc. including Bridge Street and Horsemarket Street, 1836-1895;
Conveyances, leases, agreements and papers re prem. in Stretton, Crowley, Frodsham, Partington, Grappenhall, Dutton, Moore, Macclesfield, Comberbach, Antrobus and Newton, co. Chester and Croft, Burtonwood, Padgate, Widnes, Prescot, Golbourne and Halewood, co. Lanc., 1860-1883;
Conveyances, leases, agreements and papers re prem. in Tranmere, Tarvin, Northwich, Budworth, Latchford, Lymm and Runcorn, co. Chester and Preston, Leigh, Bolton, Hale, Haydock, Liverpool, Manchester and St Helens, 1860-1883;
Papers re Warrington Wagon Co Ltd., 1867;
Papers re coal mining at Ackers Pit et al, Warrington, co. Lanc., 1871-1875;
Conveyances, leases, agreements and papers re prem. in Birmingham, co. Wark. and in co. Midd., 1867-1888;
Marriage settlement of John Knowles of co. Suff. and Miss A Pennot, 1897.

Miscellaneous Property Deeds  DGR/A/124  1849-1923

Blackburne family, prem. in Warrington, Childwall, Hale and Lymm, 1876-1882;
Sandbach family et al, prem. in Hafodunos, co. Denbigh, 1923; James Barratt, prem. in Warrington, 1881;
W E Milner, prem. in Warrington, 1876-1878;
Alfred Grosfield, prem. in St Helen's, 1879;
J F Marsh, prem. in Warrington, 1874;
J Shaw, prem. in Poulton, co. Lanc., 1884;
Peter Stubs, prem. in Widnes, 1880.
Rev R Greenall, prem. in Warrington, 1896;
John Dutton sen., prem. in Moore, co. Chester, 1849;
George Ward, prem. in Warrington, 1878;
John Nirchall, prem. in Wharton, co. Chester, 1876;
Mary Grange, prem. in Comberbach, 1883;
Jane Cartwright, prem. in Warrington, 1876;
Elizabeth Garside, prem. in Bold, 1888;
W P Wood, prem. in Warrington, 1878;
Joseph Cliffe, re 'Prince of Wales' Theatre, Warrington, 1884;
William Okell, prem. in Warrington, 1885;
Thomas Banks, prem. in Golborne, co. Lanc. 1875;
William Mather, prem. in Warrington, 1882;
E Auckland, prem. in Warrington, 1884;
John F Marsh, re 'Prince of Wales' Theatre, Warrington, 1875;
Robert Pierpoint, prem. in Stretton, co. Chester, 1884;
Henry Keller, prem. in Latchford, 1884;
David Pennant, prem. in Tremeirchion, co. Flint, 1876;
M Wilson, prem. in Warrington, 1880;
James Parkinson, prem. in Warrington, 1894;
Thomas Banks, prem. in Latchford, 1876;
M C Legh, prem. in Lymm, 1881;
William Allcard, abstract of title, 1884;
Edward Julius Allcard, abstract of title, 1888;
William Allcard, prem. in Warrington, 1874;
Annie Appleton, deed and settlement, 1889;
R J Williams, prem. in Egremont, 1896;
George William Latham, prem. in Bradwall, co. Chester, 1884;
Thomas Kidd, prem. in Liverpool, 1876;
William Bostock, prem. in Warrington, 1875;
Robert Douglas, theatre in Warrington, 1886;
Diocese of Liverpool, prem. in Hale, co. Lanc., 1882;
Pennant trustees, prem. in Dymerchion et al, c2. Flint, 1876.

[no title]  DGR/A/125  1832-1936

Miscellaneous Clients 1869-1882
Marriage settlement papers re William Robinson and Miss Sarah Insley, 1872.
Papers re Litton family, 1876-1880.
Papers re legacies to widows and children, including those of Joseph Maskey, 1874-1882.
Sale particulars re prem. at Moore, Toxteth, Worleston, Fearnhead, Latchford, Statham and at Lovely Lane, Bewsey Road and Winwick Road, Warrington, 1873-1880.
Release of prem. in Plymouth, co. Devon, Braithwaite to Marsh, 1876.
Papers re George Dakin, including assignment of prem. in Latchford, Lawton and Warrington and agreement with Bedford Brewing and Malting Co. Ltd., 1869-1878.
Surrenders of land in Moore and Warrington, 1874-1878.
Papers re Warrington Gas Light and Coke Co., 1871-1876.
Miscellaneous 1832-1936.
Plans of prem. in Holywell, Whitford and Tremeirchion, co. Flint, David Tennant's trustees, 1845-1858.
Copy/sketch, Dymeirchion, co. Flint enclosure award, 1832.
Marriage settlement of Mrs E Hope Edwards and Robert Crawford Antrobus, 1873. Draft appointment of trustees of Mrs Millington's marriage settlement, 1874.

[no title]  DGR/A/126  1797-1913

Estate papers 1876-1898
Conveyances, mortgages and other deeds re prem. in Prenton, Warrington, Liverpool, Garston, Orford, co. Lanc.; Stockton Heath, Delamere, Runcorn, Halton, Antrobus, Stretton, co. Chester; Llanfairfechan, co. Caer.; Ruthin and Wrexham, co. Denbigh; Hammersmith & Kilburn, co. Midd.; Eltham, co. Kent; Biddulph, co. Staff.
Miscellaneous Estate papers 1797-1913.
Copy conveyances, leases etc. re Perrocks Place Farm et al, par. Westbury on Severn, co. Gloc., sold by Leslie family, 1902-1913.
Copy conveyances and related papers re Thetford House Farm, pars.
Baston and Thurlby, co. Linc., sold by Frost family, 1907-1908.
Copy conveyance etc. re Amble Hope House Farm, co. Northumberland, 1906.
Lease of Derwentwater Bay House, par. Crosthwaite, co. Cumb., 1901.

Miscellaneous  DGR/A/127  1797-1904

Papers re Warrington Division County Rate basis, 1891-1904.
Copy 'Land Tax - Index of exonerations', 1898.
Copy acts of parliament re taxation, 1797, 1798 (May & Jun.), 1802, 1813, 1853, 1880, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893 (May & Jul.), 1894, 1895, 1986, 1899 & 1900, with epitome of acts re inhabited house duty, 1851-1885.
Copies 'London Gazette', 1874-1898 (6 gatherings) & copy 'Ashton-in-Makerfield Mercury', 22 Apr. 1899.
Notice re land tax redemption, 1896, & leaflet re 1896 Finance Act.
Copy order re alteration of boundaries at Warrington Union, 1894.
Copy report of income tax appeal case, Knowles et al v McAdam, 1 vol., 1877,
Copy 'Index to Cases under Tax Acts', 1858.
Copies 'Reports of Cases re Income Tax etc., Vol. IV, Parts I-IV, 1898-1900, 2 copies of each (8 gatherings).
'Guide to Income Tax' by J P A Lang, n.d.
Copy 'Tax Act, 1803', 1 vol. 1813.

Miscellaneous; Items originally found loose in cellar  DGR/A/128  1770-1935, n.d

Papers re Morecroft v Evans in Chancery  DGR/A/128/1  1880

Sale particulars re prem. in Latchford and Warrington  DGR/A/128/2  1908

S J C minutes, Chester Castle  DGR/A/128/3  1890

Plan of Higher Eafield Estate at Butterfield, par Rochdale  DGR/A/128/4  n.d

Minutes and notes re River Weaver Navigation  DGR/A/128/5  1878-1879

2 docs.

Particulars re Ralph Tickle of Keckwick's estate  DGR/A/128/6  1870-1871

Probate papers of James Webster of Higher Whitley  DGR/A/128/7  1898

Copy will and codicil of Peter Leather of Stretton  DGR/A/128/8  1875-1879

Inventory & valuation re estate of Ralph Tickle of Keckworth, co. Chester  DGR/A/128/9  c. 1870

Annual Report for parish of All Saints, Eastmeon, Hampshire  DGR/A/128/10  1908

Copy rules of Lydney District Farmers' Cooperative Society Ltd  DGR/A/128/11  1904

Unidentified photograph of 6 men  DGR/A/128/12  n.d

Copy bill for improvement of River Weaver Navigation  DGR/A/128/13  29 Nov. 1876

Copy 'Chester Diocesan Gazette'  DGR/A/128/14  Mar. 1930

Pass book of Mrs Jane Cawley of Hope  DGR/A/128/15  1872-1898

Pass book of Mrs Mary Anne Cawley of Rowton  DGR/A/128/16  1894-1902

Lease of prem. in Keelowen, co. Flint  DGR/A/128/17  2: Jul. 1770

Estate ledger of James Newton (d Sep. 1909)  DGR/A/128/18  1909-1935

Photograph of unidentified road in ? Warrington  DGR/A/128/19  n.d

Cheshire County Council Elections  DGR/A/129  1885-1889

Includes canvassing books, nomination papers, draft and printed electoral registers, correspondence.
Mostly Daresbury Electoral Division (Weston, Halton, Great Budworth), Latchford E.D. and Knutsford E.D.

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/130  1930-1939

List of candidates, 1932-1936; papers re pension and short legacy, 1930-1931; pamphlet on mining conditions, anon, n.d.; builder's advertisement for pre-fabricated buildings for schools, with plans, n.d. [c. 1933]; trustees' quarterly meeting minutes, 1934-1936 and executive committee minutes, 1935-1936; schedule of leases of prem. at Winwick Street, Warrington; reports of Warrington Bluecoat Brotherly Society, 1933-1939; copy 'The Extra Year' by Rt Hon Earl Stanhope, 1938.
Also leases and other papers re Westleigh mines, 1928-1938.

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/131  1877-c.1930

Orphan applications, 1880-1889; correspondence, 1877-c.1930; applications [dated on inside only and found loose].

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/132  1890-1906

Orphan applications.

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/133  1907-1925

Orphan applications.

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/134  c. 1840-1944

Orphan applications, 1926-1944; copy 'Warrington Advertiser', 4 Mar. 1882; church and civil registration certificates, c.1840-c.1890; invoices and correspondence, 1903-1926; notes on paintings at school, c.1907; draft notes on school history, n.d.

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/135  1794-1916

Draft conveyances, leases, agreements and related papers re prem. at Orford, Sankey, Warrington, West Leigh et al, co. Lanc  DGR/A/135/1  1794-1891

Agreements re prem. at Hatton, co. Chester and Warrington, Sankey, Burtonwood, Poulton et al, co. Lanc  DGR/A/135/2,3  1873-1891

Affidavits, instructions and opinions for counsel re various land purchases et al  DGR/A/135/4  1861-1916

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/136  1805-1903

Abstract of title to prem. at Hatton & Latchford, co. Chester, 1681-1760, to prem. at Orford, co. Lanc., 1858-1899  DGR/A/136/1  nd

Schedule of estates in co. Lanc., 1770-1827, in co. Chester, 1613-1792 & in Warrington, co. Lanc., 1720-1801 and 1705-1822  DGR/A/136/2  nd

Settlement papers re marriage of Mrs Emily Hope Edwardes & Robert Crawford Antrobus esq. and related papers  DGR/A/136/3  1873-1900

Legal papers re case in Chancery, c.1860 and to dealings between WBCS and Manchester, Sheffield & Lines Railway  DGR/A/136/4  1865-1890

[no title]  DGR/A/136/5,6  1805-1832

DGR/5 Petition to House of Lords, 1832. DGR/6 Copy will of John Watkins of Ditton, co. Lanc., with codicils, 1805-1821.

Charity Commission Orders & related papers, c.1870-1899. [Also re Emanuel Hospital, Westminster]. Rental a/c 1869  DGR/A/136/7,8  1869-1899

[no title]  DGR/A/136/9,10,11,12  1836-1903

DGR/9 Draft indentures of apprenticeship, 1836-1903 [5]. DGR/10 Specifications for work, 1873-1881. DGR/11 Valuations of land required for railways, 1863-1872. DGR/12 Reports re cost of transfer of school site, 1877-1878

Sales particulars re prem. at Sankey, Penketh, Poulton-in-the-Fylde, Warrington, co. Lanc. & Hatton-by-Daresbury, co. Chester, 1827-1871. Application forms for WBCS, 1869-78 [completed, 6]  DGR/A/136/13  1827-1878

List of trustees  DGR/A/136/14  1866

Copy act to enable trustees to make sales & grants, 1832; copy bill to enable charities to contribute to expenses of Commissioners, 1879  DGR/A/136/15  1832, 1879

Copy rules of WBCS  DGR/A/136/16  1859, nd

Sales notices re prem. at Hatton & West Leigh  DGR/A/136/17  1816, 1868

Warrington Bluecoat School  DGR/A/137  1777-1894

Trustees minutes  DGR/A/137/1  Jan. 1849-Jan. 1859

1 vol.

(? draft).

Charity School rent book index  DGR/A/137/2  n.d

[no title]  DGR/A/137/3  1857-1876

Reports on state of cultivation, repairs etc. of WBCS estates in cos. Lanc. & Chester by White's Land Agency, Warrington, 16 vol. 1857-1865, 1868, 1870-1874, 1876.

Nomination of surveyor by trustees to value land at Poulton & Great Sankey, co. Lanc  DGR/A/137/4  1870

Testimonials of John Bowes as teacher, 1852, with related papers WBCS passbooks  DGR/A/137/5  1846-1862

2 vol.

'Warrington Advertiser', 15 Jan. 1870 & 'Warrington Guardian', 7 Feb. re WBCS  DGR/A/137/6  1883

Report of state of school, with elevation, lists of trustees, subscribers and financial statement  DGR/A/137/7  1795

'State of effects & income' of school  DGR/A/137/8  1777

Plans of lands at Allen Street, Warrington et al leased by School, 1859-1860  [no ref.]  n.d

Plan of School lands in West Leigh, co. Lanc  DGR/A/137/9  n.d. [? early 19c]

Draft indenture of apprenticeship of Arthur Gleave as pupil teacher  DGR/A/137/10  1893

Copy 'Parish Parliaments' by SRC Bosanquet n.d. [re 1894 Local Government Act]  DGR/A/137/11  nd

St Elphin's School, Darley Dale, co. Derby  DGR/A/138  c.1916-c.1927

Reports of Management Committee, Education Committee and Special Committee, with agenda, correspondence etc  [no ref.]  Apr. 1922-Jul. 1925

Statement re fees and several letters  DGR/A/138/14  1923

Housekeeping audit books  DGR/A/138/15  1916-1927

Report on sanitary condition of St. Elphin's School  DGR/A/138/16  1924

St Elphin's School, Darley Dale, co. Derby  DGR/A/139  1820-1942

School prospectuses  DGR/A/139/1  1931

Analysis of bursaries  DGR/A/139/2  1931

Note re flat rate fees  DGR/A/139/3  1931

Address book  DGR/A/139/4  n.d

Correspondence re difficult pupil, Barbara Barnes  DGR/A/139/5  1925

Correspondence re Sunday duties  DGR/A/139/6  1912-1922

Correspondence re Green Lane Farm  DGR/A/139/7  c.1915

[no title]  DGR/A/139/8-14  1834-1907

DGR/8 Sale particulars re prem. at Brook House Farm, Poulton, co. Lanc. and at Baston & Thurlby, co. Linc., 1907, with notice. DGR/9 Head teachers' reports, 1881-1896. DGR/10 Subscribers' lists, 4 vols., 1834-1846. DGR/11 Newspaper cuttings re school, 1899-1934; DGR/12 photo of man & 2 women, n.d. DGR/13 Regulations of Warrington training college, n.d.; DGR/14 agenda & notices, 1892-1904

Notes on history of Warrington training college, St. Elphin's school & Warrington Bluecoat charity school  DGR/A/139/15  n.d

[no title]  DGR/A/139/16  nd

Testimonials of Miss M L Ford, head of St Elphin's 1919.

[no title]  DGR/A/139/17,18,19  1820-1928

DGR/17 Annual reports & subscription lists, 1820-1838, DGR/18 1902-1928 [with gaps]. DGR/19 School programme, n.d.

Annual report & Statement of a/cs of St Katherine's Training College, Warrington  DGR/A/139/20  1942

Plan and report on proposed Training College Extension  DGR/A/139/21  1899

Diocesan Board of Education of Chester and Manchester, extract minutes, agenda and correspondence  DGR/A/139/22  1848-1854, n.d

St Elphin's School  DGR/A/140  1867-1944

[no title]  DGR/A/140/1-6  1868-1937

DGR/1 Conveyances of prem. at St. Asaph & Tremeirchion, cos. Denbigh and Flint, 1873-76; DGR/2 abstracts of title of H R Hughes and Thos Greenall, 1868-1873; DGR/3 draft conveyances and related papers of prem. in Orford, Warrington, Widnes, Parr, Poulton-with-Fearnhead, Didsbury, Liverpool, co. Lanc., Biddulph, co. Staff & Stretton, co. Chester, 1867-1885; DGR/4 marriage settlement papers of R L Greenshields & Miss H McCorquodale, 1874 DGR/5 and of W Cawley & Miss E Jaudice, 1875; DGR/6 papers re insurance policy of Miss Barbara Brook, 1937.

Correspondence re administration of the school  DGR/A/140/7  1886-1944

Completed application forms for pupils  DGR/A/140/8  1899-1919

Plan of prem. at Penmynydd, Tremeirchion, co. Flint  DGR/A/140/9  n.d

Powys Memorial Scholarship trust deed  DGR/A/140/10  1 Jun. 1880

1 vol.

[no title]  DGR/A/141/1  1869-1951

Clergy Widows and Orphans Fund: vouchers, receipts, financial statements, cost lists, cash books, correspondence, annual reports, newspaper cuttings.

[no title]  DGR/A/141/2  c.1884-c.1892

Clergy Daughters School, St Elphin's, Darley Dale, co. Derby Financial papers.

Clergy Pension Fund Executive Committee Minute Book  DGR/A/141/3  1877-1884

1 vol.

Copy release re Walbankhill Bramhall  DGR/A/141/4  1719

[no title]  DGR/A/142  1697, c.1884-c.1892

Clergy Widows and Orphans Fund and Clergy Daughters School
Includes copy sermon establishing the charity, 1 vol. 3 Jun. 1697.

[no title]  DGR/A/143  1866-1955

Widows and Clergy Orphans Fund 1866-1955
Annual reports (2 copies) 1866, 1926, 1927, 1929-1938;
Letters and receipts re grants, 1937, 1938; revenue account, 1937;
List of widows and orphans, 1891-1939; application forms (blank) for widows and orphans, n.d. [1930s]; note of loan stocks; abstracts of title to prem. in Warrington at Maple Grove, Park Avenue, Slater Street, Shawe Avenue and Morlina Avenue, 1931-1939.
Clergy Daughters' School 1905-1922.
Correspondence re administration of school, 1905-1921.
Subscriptions, 1915-1922; bank cheque stubs, 1914-1919.
Bank pass book 1915-1918.

Clergy Daughters' School  DGR/A/144  1907-1912

Papers re committee meetings, grants, etc.

Clergy Daughters' School  DGR/A/145  1903-1922

Draft mortgages to prem. at Warrington, co. Lanc., 1903-1904.
Draft marriage settlement re H T Garner & Miss M E Pimblott, 1906.
Memo re sanatorium, n.d.
Draft rules of Warrington Law Society, n.d.
Copy applications for admission, 1905-1911.
Note of Sunday services, 1905.
Papers re Kennedy memorial, 1911.
Financial papers, c.1905-c.1907.
Papers re dormitory, 1908.
Plan of Darley Dale school & extensions, 1908.
Leaflet on school facilities (2 copies), n.d.
Report of Liverpool Diocesan Institutions (2 vols.), 1906, 1908.
Correspondence re a request for appeal forms, 1907-1914.
Card re school facilities (3 copies), 1907.
School annual reports, 1904, 1907, 1908, 1922.
Leaflet on school facilities, n.d.
Rules of school (2 copies), 1905.
Notices & agenda re managers' meetings, 1905-1911.
Reports of managers' meetings, 1908-1909.
Note of resolutions at managers' meetings, Jun. 1905.
Widows & orphans lists (2 copies) 1906, 1909.
Plans of land at Grappenhall, 1903, 1906; plans of lands of training college and school in Warrington, n.d. & 1905 (3 docs.);
'Pitman's Shorthand Weekly', 1902.
Leaflet 'Land Union Guide', 1910
Papers re committee meetings, grants, etc. 1909-1910.

Clergy Daughters' School  DGR/A/146  1877-1945

Draft accounts and invoices with balance sheets, c.1910-c.1923;
Correspondence, 1877-1933; report & correspondence on Darley House, 1925; sale particulars re Darley House, 1923; inventory of school effects, 1914; newspaper cuttings re school, 1927-1928; photograph album of school premises, n.d.; orders of proceedings, 1929-1932; orders of service, prospectuses, rules, etc., 1901-1945; article re school, 1927 (ex-'Liverpool Review').


Warrington Bluecoat School  [no ref. or date]

Trustees' Minutes Books  [no ref.]  1783-1952

7 vols.

[no title]  DGR/B/1  Jul. 1783-Nov. 1818

With admissions and dismissions 1782-1833

[no title]  DGR/B/2  Aug. 1832-Jul. 1863

With income/expenditure and trustees' declarations

[no title]  DGR/B/3  Oct. 1863-Oct. 1880

With income/expenditure and trustees' declarations

[no title]  DGR/B/4  Oct. 1898-Apr. 1917

With income/expenditure and trustees' declarations

[no title]  DGR/B/5  Jul. 1917-Oct. 1930

With income/expenditure and trustees' declarations

[no title]  DGR/B/6  Jan. 1931-Jun. 1952

With list of trustees, 1866-1949

[no title]  DGR/B/7  Mar. 1888-Apr. 1926


House Committee Minute Books  [no ref.]  1868-1944

6 vols.

Minute Book  DGR/B/8  Sep. 1868-Aug. 1877

Minute Book  DGR/B/9  Nov. 1877-Nov. 1884

Minute Book  DGR/B/10  Dec. 1884-Jul. 1893

Minute Book  DGR/B/11  Oct. 1893-Apr. 1912

Minute Book  DGR/B/12  Jun. 1912-Oct. 1923

Minute Book  DGR/B/13  Dec. 1923-Sep. 1944

Property Committee Minute Book  DGR/B/14  Sep. 1889-Nov. 1920

Property Committee Minute Book  DGR/B/15  Jun. 1921-May 1925

Brotherly Society Minute Book. Clothes' grants  DGR/B/16  Jan. 1903-Oct. 1921

Trustees' register of admissions and dismissions  DGR/B/17  Mar. 1829-Jan. 1866

Trustees' register of admissions and dismissions  DGR/B/18  Jun. 1882-Jul. 1944

Petty cash ledger  DGR/B/19  Oct. 1925-Jun. 1935

Matron's salary cash book, 1 gathering  DGR/B/20  Mar. 1910-Mar. 1916

Copy act of parliament regulating the school, 3 gatherings  DGR/B/21  1832

3 Copies

'The Dawn - A Monthly Magazine of Progress'  DGR/B/22  1906

Clergy Daughter's School (St Elphin's)  [no ref. or date]

Management Committee Minute Books  [no ref.]  1844-1941

6 vols.

Minute Book  DGR/B/23  Aug. 1844-Oct. 1867

Minute Book  DGR/B/24  Dec. 1867-Aug. 1876

Minute Book  DGR/B/25  Oct. 1876-Aug. 1880

Minute Book  DGR/B/26  Jun. 1880-Dec. 1904

Minute Book  DGR/B/27  Jan. 1905-Dec. 1921

MINUTE BOOK  DGR/B/28  Apr. 1922-Dec. 1941

Trustees' Minute Book; With note of Dec. 1923 and Dec. 1927  DGR/B/29  Feb. 1905-Feb. 1907

Management Sub-Committee Minute Book  DGR/B/30  Jan. 1905-May 1933

Finance, Building and Education Sub-Committee Minute Book  DGR/B/31  Oct. 1871-Jan. 1879

Various Committees Minute Book  DGR/B/32  Apr. 1879-Dec. 1904

Ladies' Committee Minute Book  DGR/B/33  Dec. 1902-Mar. 1933

Fees Cash Book  DGR/B/34  Jan. 1946-Dec. 1949

Ladies' Charity Payments Book  DGR/B/35  Mar. 1910-Oct. 1916

Clergy Widows and Orphans Fund  [no ref. or date]

Trustees' memoranda book; With payments/receipts, rules, contributors et al  DGR/B/36  Jun. 1697-Jun. 1731

Minute book  DGR/B/37  Jun. 1800-Aug. 1847

Management committee minute book  DGR/B/38  Aug. 1854-Aug. 1897

Minute book, ? draft  DGR/B/39  Dec. 1872-May 1882

Minute book  DGR/B/40  Jul. 1901-Mar. 1947

Income and expenditure book; Includes Lancashire and Cheshire, Horace Powys, Treasurer  DGR/B/41  1825-1840

Balance book  DGR/B/42  Dec. 1852-Jun. 1853

Grants book  DGR/B/43  1871-1877

Ledger accounts (includes St Elphin's School)  DGR/B/44  Dec. 1869-Sep. 1877

Ledger accounts (includes St Elphin's School)  DGR/B/45  Oct. 1877-Jan. 1884

Ledger accounts (includes St Elphin's School)  DGR/B/46  Jan. 1884-Dec. 1890

Applicants register  DGR/B/47  1850-1939

Subscribers and applicants books  [no ref.]  1836-1840

5 vols.






Subscribers books  [no ref.]  1841-1852, n.d

6 vols.






Includes St Elphin's School. SUBSCRIBERS BOOK  DGR/B/58  n.d., c.1906-1907

Warrington Training College and Warrington Joint Institutions  [no ref. or date]

Chester Diocesan Board of Education minute book. Includes Manchester Diocese from 1850  DGR/B/59  Jan. 1839-Jun. 1854

Powys Memorial Scholarship minute book  DGR/B/60  Aug. 1880-Dec. 1936

Training College minute books  [no ref.]  1880-1923

3 vols.

MINUTE BOOK  DGR/B/61  Oct. 1880-Jun. 1900

MINUTE BOOK  DGR/B/62  Nov. 1900-Mar. 1909

MINUTE BOOK  DGR/B/63  Sep. 1909-Jun. 1923

Warrington Tenants Ltd minute book; Includes Provisional and Management Committees  DGR/B/64  Sep. 1907-Mar. 1935

Committees and Trustees address book  DGR/B/65  1923-1933

Training College annual meetings and Clergy Fund reports  DGR/B/66  Jul. 1898-Jul. 1901

Joint Institutions Committee of Management attendance register  DGR/B/67  Dec. 1939-Mar. 1950


Bill books, various clients  [no ref.]  1781-1904

9 vols.

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/1  1781-1799

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/2  1873

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/3  1875

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/4  1883

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/5  1896

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/6  1898

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/7  1900

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/8  1902

BILL BOOK  DGR/C/9  1904

Ledgers, various clients  [no ref.]  c.1870-1896

2 vols.

LEDGER  DGR/C/10  c.1870-1872

LEDGER  DGR/C/11  c.1891-1896

Deed receipt books  [no ref.]  1880-1932

2 vols.

DEED RECEIPT BOOK  DGR/C/12  1880-1903

DEED RECEIPT BOOK  DGR/C/13  1928-1932

Receipts and payment book  DGR/C/14  1944-1951

1 vol.

Ground rent account book, Pigot's Estate  DGR/C/15  1881-1919

1 vol.

Prem. in Liscard, co. Chester and in St. Helen's, Wigan, Liverpool, Ravenhead, Parr, Prescot, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Windle, Huyton, Rainhill, Southport, St. Anne's, Great Sankey, Croft, Skelmersdale, Newton-le-Willows, Birkdale and Knowsley, co. Lanc.

Blaisdon Hall Estate, co. Gloc. Trustees of Peter Stubs esq  [no ref.]  1905-1934

6 vols.

General cash account book  DGR/C/16  Jun. 1906-Nov. 1914

1 vol.

General cash account book  DGR/C/17  Nov. 1914-May 1929

1 vol.

General cash account book  DGR/C/18  Apr. 1929-Jan. 1934

1 vol.

Rental  DGR/C/19  Sep. 1905-Sep. 1921

1 vol.

Rental  DGR/C/20  Sep. 1921-Sep. 1933

1 vol.

Particulars and valuation; Includes amended section of O.S. sheet showing land sold away, 1918, 1919  DGR/C/21  5 Oct. 1914

1 vol.


Warrington  [no ref. or date]

Plan of Warrington; By Wallworth and Donbavand 120':1" 56"x36"  DGR/D/1  1772

Town and township of Warrington; By James Wilkinson. Dedicated to James Wilson Patten esq., M.P. 6 ch.:1"  DGR/D/2  1840

Copy of DGR/2  DGR/D/3  1840

Estates of I Blackburne; 5 ch.:1"  DGR/D/4  1843

Warrington town and environs; 14 double sheets bound into volume. Includes key. Based on O.S. sheets at 1/1056  DGR/D/5  1850

1 vol.

Warrington estates of executors of R I Blackburne; 208':1"  DGR/D/6  1936

Land in Warrington for building development between R Mersey and Sankey Street  DGR/D/7  n.d

Prem. at Warrington marketplace; 30':1"  DGR/D/8  1854

Copy of DGR/8  DGR/D/9  1854

General works of Thomas Locker & Co., Warrington; 32':1"  DGR/D/10  1949

Proposed offices, kitchen and TV lounge at Deaf and Dumb Institute, Wilson Patten Street, Warrington; 8'1"  DGR/D/11  1959

Renovations at Henry Greenall & Co., 3 Winwick Street, Warrington; 1/10, 1/20, 1/25 and 1/50 scales  DGR/D/12  1979-1980

6 docs.

Temporary lay-out at 3 Winwick Street; 1/20 scale  DGR/D/13  n.d

2 docs.

Rear elevation, 3 Winwick Street; 1/50 scale  DGR/D/14  n.d

Plan of works of Whitecross Co. Ltd., Warrington; 66':1"  DGR/D/15  n.d

Great Sankey  [no ref. or date]

Building estate; 50':1". Adapted from O.S. map. Includes note of leases  DGR/D/16  1914

Housing estates; 60':1"  DGR/D/17  1924

6 docs.

Roads and railways, Warrington district  [no ref. or date]

Warrington-Wigan road; 12 ch.:1". By J Rigby. Linen-backed  DGR/D/18  1813

Turnpike road, Church Street, Warrington to Carryshut; 384':1. By Richard Heaton. Includes roadside buildings  DGR/D/19  n.d

Plan and survey of Hollinfare-Warrington section of Manchester-Liverpool turnpike road. 5½ roods: 1". 60"x15". By J Shackleton. Includes a schedule  DGR/D/20  n.d

Deposited plan and book of reference of Knutsford-Warrington Light Railway; Amended 1905. 1st copy  DGR/D/21  1904

Deposited plan of Knutsford-Warrington Light Railway; 2nd copy  DGR/D/22  1904

Commercial and industrial premises, co. Lanc. and co. Chester  [no ref. or date]

Section of strata, Bold Colliery. 45':1". Prem. of Collins Green Colliery Co. Ltd  DGR/D/23  1926

3 Copies

Proposed car showroom at Newton-le-Willows 1/500. Prem. of A & B Motors  DGR/D/24  1968

Proposed vehicular access in Taylor Street, Lower Walton 4':1" and 16':1". Prem. of Kenleigh Motors  DGR/D/25  n.d

Hale Estate, co. Lanc  [no ref. or date]

Plan no. 1; 195':1"  DGR/D/26  n.d

2 Copies

Plan no. 1; 195':1". Annotated  DGR/D/27  n.d

2 Copies

Plan of estate; 208':1". With insets  DGR/D/28  n.d

Plan no. 1; 195':1". Annotated  DGR/D/29  n.d

Plan no. 1; 195':1". Annotated  DGR/D/30  n.d

Plan no. 1; 195':1". Annotated  DGR/D/31  n.d

Plan no. 2; 195':1". Annotated  DGR/D/32  n.d

Plan no. 2; 195':1". Annotated  DGR/D/33  n.d

Other prem. and estates in co. Lanc  [no ref. or date]

Dutton Manor, Ribchester Estate; Made from 12 joined sheets (with covers) of Lancs. 25" O.S. map of 1893  DGR/D/34  n.d

Prem. at Eccleston and at Hollywood Estate, Woolston; Various scales. Estate of Sir Peter Walker  DGR/D/35  c.1935, n.d

27 docs.

Par. Manchester; 20 ch.:1"  DGR/D/36  1820

Lancaster; 200':1". By Jonathan Binns. Includes 2 drawings of town and castle  DGR/D/37  1821

Lancashire; 7,040':1". By G Hennet. Includes parishes and hundreds and engraving of New Custom House, Liverpool. Surveyed 1828 and 1829  DGR/D/38  1830

Grappenhall, co. Chester  [no ref. or date]

Enclosure map of Grappenhall and Latchford; 8 perches: 1". 60"x42"  DGR/D/39  1773

Copy enclosure award and map of Grappenhall and Latchford; 16 perches: 1"  DGR/D/40  1 Jun. 1774

Copy tithe award  DGR/D/41  1827

Altered tithe apportionment and map Grappenhall and Latchford; 6 chains: 1". Corn tithe rents  DGR/D/42  29 Oct. 1897

Warrington Garden Suburbs Ltd., Grappenhall Estate; 40':1"  DGR/D/43  1933

Land at 56/70 Knutsford Road, Grappenhall; 10':1"  DGR/D/44  n.d

3 docs

Stretton, co. Chester  [no ref. or date]

Higher Stretton Hall Estate; 3 chains: 1". Prem. of Peter Dutton esq  DGR/D/45  1807

Tithe map  DGR/D/46  1846

Tithe commission plan; 6 chains: 1". 34x26". By Joseph Okell  DGR/D/47  1846

Lower Hall Estate; 2 chains: 1". 50"x30". Includes schedule  DGR/D/48  n.d

Whitley, co. Chester  [no ref. or date]

Tithe commission map and apportionment for Higher Whitley; No scale. 30"x22"  DGR/D/49  1842

Prem. of Henry Neild esq.; 3 chains: 1". 33"x24"  DGR/D/50  1873

Prem. of Joseph Warburton; No scale. 20"x19". Includes a schedule  DGR/D/51  29 May 1874

Plan and survey of Green Bank Estate; 192':1". 25"x20". Property of George Lowe esq., tenant John Tickle esq  DGR/D/52  n.d

Other prem. in co. Chester  [no ref. or date]

Proposed bungalow rebuilding at Burnaby, Withers Lane, High Legh; 1/500 scale  DGR/D/53  n.d

Proposed Friends' Meeting House, Frandley; 8'1". 28"x18". By William Owen ARIBA of Warrington; Plan, elevation, section and sketch  DGR/D/54  Aug. 1875

Milner Estate, Acton by Runcorn; 5 ch.:1". Plan no. 1  DGR/D/55  1918

Street plan of Birkenhead and Wallasey; 6":1m. From Kelly's Directory  DGR/D/56  n.d

Manchester Ship Canal  [no ref. or date]

Deposited plan of Grappenhall section  DGR/D/57  Nov. 1882

Plans and sections, Warrington and Cheshire section; Various powers [additional provision]  DGR/D/58  1890

Copy of DGR/58  DGR/D/59  nd

Plans and sections, Warrington and Cheshire section; New roads and additional lands  DGR/D/60  1892

Bryant's Map  [no ref. or date]

Cheshire NW  DGR/D/61  1831

Wirral  DGR/D/62  1831

Stockport and Macclesfield  DGR/D/63  1831

Broxton Hundred. 4":1m  DGR/D/64  1831

Northwich/Nantwich  DGR/D/65  1831

S.E. Cheshire. Includes engraving of Chester Cathedral  DGR/D/66  1831

Derbyshire  [no ref. or date]

Plan of water supply, Osmaston Estate. No. 4  DGR/D/67  1914

Denbighshire  [no ref. or date]

Col. Sandbach's estate at Hafodunos; 15 ch.:1"  DGR/D/68  n.d. [c.1926]

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Unidentified fields; 2 ch:1". 29"x21"  DGR/D/69  n.d

'The Defenders of Ladysmith'; Lithographic group portrait with key Identifying individuals  DGR/D/70  Dec. 1901

2 docs.


Cheshire 25"  [no ref. or date]

XVI.8  DGR/E/1  1877

XVI.8  DGR/E/2  1898

XVI.11  DGR/E/3  1898

XVI.12  DGR/E/4  1898

XVI.12  DGR/E/5  1898

XVI.16  DGR/E/6  1898

Stored in O.S. Sequence

XVII.9  DGR/E/7  1898

XVII.13  DGR/E/8  1898

XXVII.9  DGR/E/9  1898

XXVII.13  DGR/E/10  1898

Stored in O.S. Sequence

XVI.8  DGR/E/11  1910

XVI.8  DGR/E/12  1910

With Lancs. CXVI.2.3 (parts) and Ches. XVII.5 (joined).

XVI.10  DGR/E/13  1910

XVI.12  DGR/E/14  1910

XVI.12  DGR/E/15  1910

With XVII.9 & XXIV (parts) (joined).

XVI.14  DGR/E/16  1910

XVI.16  DGR/E/17  1910

With XVII.13

XVII.5  DGR/E/18  1910

With Lancs. CXVI.2.3 (parts)

XVII.5  DGR/E/19  1910

With Lancs. CXVI.2.3 (parts)

XVII.9 (parts)  DGR/E/20  1910

With XVII.13 (parts) joined.

XXV.4  DGR/E/21  1910

XXV.7  DGR/E/22  1910

XXV.8  DGR/E/23  1910

XXV.12  DGR/E/24  1910

XXV.16  DGR/E/25  1910

XXVI.1  DGR/E/26  1910

XXVI.5  DGR/E/27  1910

XXVI.9  DGR/E/28  1910

XXXIII.5  DGR/E/29  1910

XXXIX.7  DGR/E/30  1910

XXXIX.8  DGR/E/31  1910

XXXIX.11  DGR/E/32  1910

Stored in O.S. Sequence

XXXIX.12  DGR/E/33  1910

XXII.16  DGR/E/34  1912

Cheshire 6"  [no ref. or date]

XVI  DGR/E/35  1882

XXXIX.NE  DGR/E/36  1899

XXV.NW, NE, SW, SE (parts)  DGR/E/37  1911

XXV.SW, SE  DGR/E/38  1911

XXV.NW  DGR/E/39  1911

XXXIII.NW  DGR/E/40  1911

XXIV.NE, SE; XXV.NW, SW  DGR/E/41  1911/12

With Lancs. CXIV, CXV.

XXXIII.NW; XXIV.SE  DGR/E/42  1911/12

XXIV.NE; Cheshire 1"  DGR/E/43  1912

With Lancs. CXIV, CXV (part).

Cheshire/Lancs. (Runcorn) sht 96  DGR/E/44  1902

Cheshire (Stockport) sheet 98; Lancashire 25"  DGR/E/45  1902

Railways inserted

CIX.13"  DGR/E/46  1893

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CIX.14  DGR/E/47  1893

CXVIII.2  DGR/E/48  1893

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXVIII.3  DGR/E/49  1896

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CI.15  DGR/E/50  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CVIII.3 (part)  DGR/E/51  1907

CVIII.15  DGR/E/52  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CIX.2  DGR/E/53  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CIX.9.10.11  DGR/E/54  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CIX.13  DGR/E/55  1907

CIX.13,14,15  DGR/E/56  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XVII 1,2 (part) & XVI.4 (part).

CXV.3  DGR/E/57  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXVI.1  DGR/E/58  1907

3 Copies

CXVI.1 (part)  DGR/E/59  1907

CXVI.1.2.3  DGR/E/60  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XVI 4,8, XVII. 1,5, XVII 1,2,5,6 (parts) joined.

CXVI.5  DGR/E/61  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XVI.8.11.12 (parts)

CXVIII.4  DGR/E/62  1907

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XXIV 2,3,6,7 (parts)

CVIII.2 (part)  DGR/E/63  1908

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXVI.3.4  DGR/E/64  1910

With Ches. XVII.6

CXIV.10  DGR/E/65  1927

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXIV.11  DGR/E/66  1927

CXIV.12  DGR/E/67  1927

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXIV.14  DGR/E/68  1927

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXIV.15  DGR/E/69  1927

CXIV.16  DGR/E/70  1927

With Ches. XXIV.3 (part)

CXV.4  DGR/E/71  1927

With Ches. XVI.7 (part)

CXVIII.2  DGR/E/72  1927

CXVIII.3  DGR/E/73  1927

CXVIII.4  DGR/E/74  1927

With Ches. XXIV 2,3,6,7 (parts)

CI.12 & C11.9 (part)  DGR/E/75  1928

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CVIII.10  DGR/E/76  1928

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXVI.1  DGR/E/77  1928

2 Copies

CXVIII.11  DGR/E/78  1928

2 Copies

Stored in O.S. Sequence
(1 in O.S.S eq)

CIX.13  DGR/E/79  1928


CIX.13  DGR/E/80  1937

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXV.4  DGR/E/81  1937

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXVI.5  DGR/E/82  1938

CXV.8  DGR/E/83  1939

Stored in O.S. Sequence

SJ3589 (Liverpool)  DGR/E/84  1955

SJ5894, 5994  DGR/E/85  1962

SJ6286  DGR/E/86  1967

With Ches. 6386 (part).

Warrington freehouses; Lancashire 6"  DGR/E/87  n.d


115  DGR/E/88  1849

CIX.SE  DGR/E/89  1898

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. VII, XVII (parts).

CX.SW  DGR/E/90  1898

With Ches. VIII, IX, XVII, XVIII, (parts).

CX.NW  DGR/E/91  1902

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. VII, IX (parts).

C1.SE  DGR/E/92  1903

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CVIII.SE, CXV.NE  DGR/E/93  1908

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CIX.NW  DGR/E/94  1908

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CIX.NE  DGR/E/95  1908

Stored in O.S. Sequence

CXIV.SE  DGR/E/96  1908

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XXIV (part)

CXV.SW  DGR/E/97  1908

Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XV, XVI, XXIV, XXV (parts).


Stored in O.S. Sequence
With Ches. XXIV (part).

109  DGR/E/99  n.d

SJ68NW  DGR/E/100  1953

Lancashire 3"  [no ref. or date]

7 (Manchester and District) Lancashire 1/500  DGR/E/101  1924

CIX.13.16  DGR/E/102  1890

CIX.13.21  DGR/E/103  1890

CIX.13.22  DGR/E/104  1890

CXV.4.14  DGR/E/105  1890

With Ches. (part).

CXV.4.15  DGR/E/106  1890

With Ches. (part).

CXV.4.20  DGR/E/107  1890

CXVI.1.1  DGR/E/108  1890

CXVI.1.6  DGR/E/109  1890

CXVI.1.7  DGR/E/110  1890

2 Copies

CXVI.1.8  DGR/E/111  1890

2 Copies

CXVI.1.11  DGR/E/112  1890

CXVI.1.12  DGR/E/113  1890

CXVI.1.13  DGR/E/114  1890

CXVI.1.17; Lancashire 1/1250  DGR/E/115  1890

CXVI.1.12 (part)  DGR/E/116  1890

CIX.13.SW  DGR/E/117  ?1926

CIX.13.SE  DGR/E/118  ?1926

CXV.4.NE  DGR/E/119  1926

CXVI.NW  DGR/E/120  1926

CXVI.1.NE  DGR/E/121  1926

CXV.4.SE  DGR/E/122  1928

SJ6088.SE; Other Counties 1"  DGR/E/123  1962

Staffordshire LXII.NW  DGR/E/124  1868

Geological survey.

Scotland 20 (Killearn)  DGR/E/125  1872

Derbyshire 124 (Ashbourne); Other Counties 6"  DGR/E/126  1909

Flintshire IV, V  DGR/E/127  1878

Flintshire VII, VIII  DGR/E/128  1880

Denbighshire VII  DGR/E/129  1880

Denbighshire/Caernarvonshire IV  DGR/E/130  1888

Derbyshire XLIII NE, NW, SE, SE  DGR/E/131  1900

With Staffordshire XXI NW (part).

Other Counties 25"  [no ref. or date]

Denbighshire VIII.4; Flintshire VII.4  DGR/E/132  1912

Denbighshire VIII.7  DGR/E/133  1912

Denbighshire VIII.8; Flintshire VII.8  DGR/E/134  1912

Staffordshire XXXIX 14.15; XLVI.6.7  DGR/E/135  1923

Joined sheets.

Cumberland LXIV.2  DGR/E/136  1924

Cumberland LXIV.1  DGR/E/137  1925

Cumberland LXIV.5  DGR/E/138  1925

Cumberland LXIV.6  DGR/E/139  1925

Cumberland NY 0603, 0703  DGR/E/140  1968

Copy papers relating to Warrington cholera epidemic of 1831-1832, Warrington Volunteers et al  [no ref.]  1831-1843, n.d

Source of acquisition: Acc no. 3810

Copies information: Xeroxed with owner's permission from originals retained by owner (Henry Greenall & Co).

Correspondence relating to cholera epidemic  DGR/3810/1  1831-1832

Correspondence relating to cholera epidemic  DGR/3810/2  Apr.-Aug. 1832

[no title]  DGR/3810/3  1835-1843

Papers relating to survivors of the Loyal Warrington Volunteers of 1798
Includes lists of names and copy of L W V song.

Copy electoral register, Warrington Borough  DGR/3810/4  31 Jul. 1838

Copy Major Pigot's Field Message Book  DGR/3810/5  n.d


Source of acquisition: Acc 4280
Addnl to acc 1319, 3602, 3810

Plan of Estates of Warrington Educational Trust in Lancashire and Cheshire  DGR/4820/1  1891-1902

1 vol

Description of property and lessees' names given. Volume measures 30" x 24". Plans to various scales. Properties comprise land and buildings at:
1) Warrington, Winwick Road
2) Warrington, Bewsey Street
3) Latchford, Ackers Field
4) Padgate
5) Great Sankey
6) Burtonwood, Joy Lane Farm
7) Orford
8) West Leigh, Livesleys and Holcrofts Farms
9) West Leigh, Pickley Green Estate
10) West Leigh, Pickley Green (Sep 1902)
11) West Leigh and Pickley Green (coal mines)

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