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Reference DDX 24
Covering dates 1791-1920
Held by Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service
Extent 77 Files
Archival history Acc. 2
Creators Lloyd, Sir, Horatio, 1829-1920, Chairman of Cheshire Quarter Sessions

Papers of Sir Horatio Lloyd, Chairman of Cheshire Quarter Sessions, which were found in the vaults below the Record Office c.1934. They include papers relating to the legal and private affairs of John Lloyd of Stockport, esq., his grandfather (DDX 24/1-30), and of his parents, Edward Watson Lloyd and Alice Lloyd (DDX 24/1-41).

John Lloyd (1770-1844), Protonotary and Clerk of the Crown, North Wales circuit  [no ref.]  1791-1843

30 docs.

Professional papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  DDX 24/1  5 Mar. 1791

Draft Articles of Clerkship.
Of John Lloyd, son of Ann Lloyd of Newport, co.Salop, wid., to Holland Watson of Stockport, attorney of the Court of King's Bench at Westminster.

[no title]  DDX 24/2  [1796]

Draft Affidavit.
Preceding admission to King's Bench.

[no title]  DDX 24/3  15 Apr. 1796

As Attorney of the Court of King's Bench.
Note of enrolment signed by R.Forster.

[no title]  DDX 24/4  16 Jun. 1796

As solicitor of the High Court of Chancery. Signed by A.Popham, John Spranger.
Note of enrolment signed by Henry Thomas.

[no title]  DDX 24/5  16 Jun. 1796

Royal Commission.
To take affidavits in the Counties of Chester, Lancaster, York, Derby, Stafford, Cities of Chester, York, Lichfield, Town of Kingston upon Hull, concerning causes in the Court of King's Bench.

[no title]  DDX 24/6  20 Aug. 1796

Royal Commission.
To take affidavits in the Court of Session of the County Palatine of Chester.

[no title]  DDX 24/7  5 Jun. 1798

Of admission as Master Extraordinary in Chancery. Signed by P. Parry.

[no title]  DDX 24/8,9  nd

Draft certificates and instructions relating to DDX 24/7.

[no title]  DDX 24/10  20 Dec. 1798

By George Lane Blount esq., Baron of the Court of Exchequer at Chester as his deputy for taking affidavits.
Wit: Thomas Hodges.

[no title]  DDX 24/11-15  1798-1805

Attorney's certificates of Payment of Duty.
In accordance with Act 37 Geo.III c.90 (1797) for securing Duties on Certificates to be taken out by Solicitors and Attornies.

[no title]  DDX 24/16  1 Feb. 1810

Royal Commission.
To take affidavits as in DDX 24/5, concerning causes in the Court of Exchequer.

[no title]  DDX 24/17  19 Jul. 1820

By John Finchett, Town Clerk of Chester, Clerk of the Portmote Court of Chester, to take affidavits in that Court.

[no title]  DDX 24/18  1822-1830

Appointment (Letters Patent). 17 Aug. 1822.
As Protonotary and Clerk of the Crown for the Counties of Chester and Flint.
Note of enrolment before C.G. Christmas, Acting Auditor, 27 Jul. 1830.
Seal missing.

[no title]  DDX 24/19  1 Mar. 1831

By Sir Nicholas Conyngham Tindal, Knight, Chief Justice as Clerk of Assizes and Clerk of the Crown in the Counties of Montgomery, Merioneth, Carnarvon, Anglesey, Denbigh, Flint, Chester.
Wit: Charles Back, solicitor.

Private papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  DDX 24/20  14 Nov. 1798

By George III, as Ensign in Captain Samuel Lees' Company in the Stockport Volunteers, commanded by Major Holland Watson. To take rank only during time of the Corps' active service.
Note of registration with Secretary at War, M. Lewis, and Commissary General of Musters, William Woodman.

[no title]  DDX 24/21  2 Oct. 1800

By George III, as Lieutenant in Company as in DDX 24/20.
Notes of registration as in DDX 24/20.

[no title]  DDX 24/22  24 Sep. 1808

As Captain of a Company in the Stockport Regiment of Local Militia, by George Harry, Earl of Stamford and Warrington, Baron Grey of Groby, and Baron Delamer of Dunham Massey, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the County Palatine of Chester.

Letter. Congleton  DDX 24/23  18 Jun. 1808

From Holland Watson, to John Lloyd.
Relating to militia dealings with 'tumultuous Meetings' of Weavers.

Letter. Oulton Park  DDX 24/24  n.d

From John Grey-Egerton to John Lloyd.
Discussing Protestantism in the district.

[no title]  DDX 24/25  1798

Sales Particulars.
Of Part of Coytmor Estate in parishes of Dwgyflchi, Llanfairfechan, and Bangor, co. Carnarvon, and Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, co. Anglesey, pursuant to cause in Chancery, 'Hughes Against Pugh'.

[no title]  DDX 24/26  1822

Schedule of Deeds.
Relating to title of property in Churchgate, Petty Carr Green and the Park in Stockport belonging to John Lloyd in mortgage to John Broadhurst for securing £1600, 1773-1822.

[no title]  DDX 24/27  23 Jul. 1823

Receipt from Society for Equitable Assurances on Lives and Survivorships for premium of £29.4s.6d. on £1,000 life policy.

[no title]  DDX 24/28  23 Feb. 1826

Printed Notice.
Advertising reward for information leading to the arrest of Joseph and John Hibbert for robbing John Lloyd. Gives description of robbers.

[no title]  DDX 24/29  22 Aug. 1843

Printed Laws and Regulations of the "Dee Yacht Club", Notebook.
Inscribed on front cover 'John Lloyd Esq. Hon. Mem. D.Y.C.'

[no title]  DDX 24/30  1842

"Charges delivered by Lord Abinger to The Grand Jury of Leicester in 1839; and to the Grand Juries of Cheshire and Lancashire upon the Special Commissions into those Counties 1842". Printed.
Bookplate of John Lloyd inside front cover.

Edward Watson Lloyd (1802-1850), Clerk of Assize North Wales Circuit  [no ref.]  1836-1850

7 Items

[no title]  DDX 24/31  [c.1838]

Printed Notice of Chester Coronation Regatta, and Rules and Regulations of the same.
Endorsed: 'For The Crew of the Martha'.

[no title]  DDX 24/32  29 May 1840

Printed Notice of collection of subscriptions for Dee Regatta.

Letter Spring Gardens  DDX 24/33  28 Sep. 1843

From John Wilkin.
Discussing the imposing of and accounting for Fines in the Courts of Assize

Letter. Bath  DDX 24/34  17 Nov. 1844

From Geo. Back.
Offering condolence on the death of John Lloyd.

[no title]  DDX 24/35  n.d. [c. 1850]

Design for memorial to Edward Watson Lloyd.

[no title]  DDX 24/36  n.d. [c.1850]

List of subscriptions given by friends of the late Edward Watson Lloyd for completing the education of one of his children.

[no title]  DDX 24/37  1836

'A Description of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich' Printed.

Alice Lloyd  [no ref.]  1851

4 docs.

[no title]  DDX 24/38  n.d. [c. 1851]

From Alfred Ayrton.
Stating amount owed on completion of Administration of Edward Watson Lloyd.

[no title]  DDX 24/39,40  Jun. 1851

From John Horatio Lloyd, her brother, and son Horatio;
Relating to allowance for, and education of her son Arthur. DDX 24/40 completed on DDX 24/39.

[no title]  DDX 24/41  n.d

'The Lover's Preceptor, or Use of Phrenology. The Poetry by John Stubbs, esq. The Music by John Wilkinson'.
Printed. Inscribed 'Mr. Elliot Turner to Alice Lloyd'.

Horatio Lloyd (1829-1920)  [no ref.]  1849-1920

31 docs.

Professional papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  DDX 24/42  28 Apr. 1849

Receipt for payment of expenses attending admission to Middle Temple.

[no title]  DDX 24/43,44  1 May 1852

Bill and receipt for payment of Duties and Commons.

[no title]  DDX 24/45,46  7 May 1852

Bill and receipt for payment of expenses attending call to the Bar.

[no title]  DDX 24/47-53  1852

Papers and correspondence relating to case for Horatio Lloyd's eligibility, as Clerk of Indictments, to be admitted a member of the Cheshire Sessions Bar.

[no title]  DDX 24/54,55  11,15 Dec. 1852

From H. Strong and J.Lewis.
Relating to procedure of imposing fines at Assizes.

[no title]  DDX 24/56  31 Dec. 1883

Record of Proceedings in the Presentation of a Testimonial to Horatio Lloyd esq., Deputy Chairman of the Court of Quarter Sessions for the County of Chester.
Presentation volume given to Mrs. Horation Lloyd by the Deputy clerk of the Peace for Cheshire.

Private Papers  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  DDX 24/57,58  May 1850

From Geo.Reade and J.H. Lloyd.
Expressing their condolences on the death of Edward Watson Lloyd.

[no title]  DDX 24/59,60  1851, 1852

Journal of business and social activities of Horatio Lloyd. DDX 24/59 includes questions and answers to Michaelmas Term Examination paper 1851.

Letter. St. Peter's College, Cambridge  DDX 24/61  20 Oct. 1852

From John Cocker.
Concerning College account of Horatio Lloyd's brother.

[no title]  DDX 24/62-64  Nov.-Dec. 1852

From Edward Reddish of Stockport.
DDX 24/60 concerns financial straits of writer, DDX 24/61, 62 concern intention of writer to spend Christmas with Horatio Lloyd.

[no title]  DDX 24/65,66  n.d

From Elizabeth F.H. Reed.
In DDX 24/63 she complains of neglectful attitude of Horatio Lloyd and long silence since he saw her, and requests immediate reply. In DDX 24/64 she apologises for her letter and expresses the hope that they part friends.

[no title]  DDX 24/67  8 Sep. 1848

Ticket of Admission to Chester Water Tower Museum.
Gives height and weight of Horatio Lloyd.

[no title]  DDX 24/68,69  1851-1853

Tickets of Admission to Cestrian Glee Society.

[no title]  DDX 24/70  n.d

Printed Rules and Regulations of the Cestrian Glee Society.

[no title]  DDX 24/71  1851

Ticket of Admission to Chester Cathedral Choral Society.

[no title]  DDX 24/72  2 Jan. 1852

Certificate of membership of Ancient Order of Buffaloes.

Miscellaneous  [no ref.]  1814-1920

5 Items

[no title]  DDX 24/73  1820-1920

Pedigree of the Lloyd Family.

Letter. Chester  DDX 24/74  12 Jul. 1827

From John Evans to John Horatio Lloyd.
Giving dates of next Assizes.

[no title]  DDX 24/75  2 Jun. [year not given]

From Eleanor Roberts on behalf of Dr. Edwards.
Acknowledging receipt of note and expressing wish for future happiness of addressee.

[no title]  DDX 24/76  [c. 1837]

'The Princess Victoria'.
Ms poem, initialled L.E.L.

[no title]  DDX 24/77  2 Dec. 1814[?]

Draft will of Andrew Clarke of Liverpool, merchant.
Bequeathes personal estate to wife Sarah.
Extrix: Wife Sarah.

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