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Catalogue of the papers and correspondence Of SIR EDWARD CRISP BULLARD, FRS (1907-1980)

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Reference CSAC 100.4.84
Covering dates 1916-1984
Held by Churchill Archives Centre
Extent 117 boxes
In view of the very full and frank nature of some of the documents it will readily be understood that they are not all currently available for consultation. Material of this kind occurs in Sections A, C, E, F, G and J.
Archival history The collection, which is very extensive, was received at various dates 1981-84 from Dr. Belinda Bullard (Bullard's eldest daughter) who had assembled it from several locations: Bullard's homes in Cambridge, England, and at La Jolla, California, where he died, his office at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (also at La Jolla) and the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics, Cambridge University, where a laboratory now bears his name.
In addition, Lady (Ursula) Bullard made available the sketchbook at CSAC 100.4.84/A.140; Dr. D.H. Matthews added the photocopied account of the pioneering seismic expedition of 1938 at CSAC 100.4.84/D.350. The photocopies of the article on Bullard's work on marine heat-flow (CSAC 100.4.84/A.4) and of his correspondence on the subject with R. Revelle (CSAC 100.4.84/D.415A) were sent by the Archivist of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, where the originals are housed.
Creators Bullard, Sir, Edward Crisp, 1907-1980, knight, scientist and geophysicist
Certificates and scrolls of honour remain in family hands.
Material relating to the Anchor Brewery (the Bullard family firm) is held at the Norfolk and Norwich Record Office.
Material assembled by Bullard for his memorial writings on W.M. Ewing is at Columbia University, New York.
Correspondence exchanged with W.H. Munk and others is in the Archives of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego.
Official papers relating to Bullard's service on government committees are held at the Air Historical Branch, Ministry of Defence.
The following list of 'PUBLICATIONS BY EDWARD BULLARD' was, as stated at the head of its first page, a 'working copy' which Bullard kept reasonably up to date with ms. additions; there is one posthumous entry for 1981. It is a photocopy of the list included at A. 12 and has been used as a basis for dating drafts and other manuscript material in the collection, references being given in the form (Bibliog. ...).
It is recognised that the list does not represent a complete Bibliography (see especially the Introduction to Section G) but it is the only currently available guide to Bullard's publications.
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Part 2. Newspaper articles (an incomplete list)
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Part 3. Book reviews (an incomplete list)
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List of reviews for 1974 & 1975 not [...]
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Note Compiled by Jeannine Alton and Peter Harper
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Our main debt is to Dr. Belinda Bullard for her initiative in assembling material, her encouragement, and her comments on the draft catalogue.
We are also indebted to:
Dr. H.C. Jenkyns and Dr. C.E. Phelps for information, and for their patience.
Dr. D.H. Matthews, for information and for additional material.
Mrs. D.C. Day, Archivist of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, for information and additional material.
Lady Phillips, for help with indexing.
Mrs. M.M. Edwards, for patiently typing various drafts of the catalogue.

Administrative history:
Bullard was born in 1907 into a comfortable family of Norwich brewers who provided him with relative affluence and a dash of eccentricity. He was educated at Repton and Clare College, Cambridge; his first graduate research was at the Cavendish Laboratory when its Director, from whom he says he learned much, was Rutherford. Bullard himself worked under the direction of P.M.S. (later Lord) Blackett and in collaboration with H.S.W. (later Sir Harrie) Massey, on electron scattering in gases. In 1931, partly because of the economic depression, he accepted a post under Sir Gerald Lenox-Conyngham at the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics in Cambridge; here he worked with great energy and success on a variety of projects: geophysical instrument design and development, gravity determination in Britain and Africa, explosion seismology including the first British expeditions to study the Atlantic seafloor, and heat-flow in South African bore-holes.
During the Second World War Bullard was seconded to the Admiralty, again working on various tasks, including anti-mine protection, operational research and intelligence; at the end of the War he was Assistant Director, Naval Operational Research. Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1941 he was a member of the Society's Post-War Needs in Geophysics Committee and instrumental in organising the allocation of surplus equipment and apparatus to universities at the end of hostilities. Returning to Cambridge, he put much effort into re-establishing the Department and its several lines of research, including gravity measurements, heat-flow and deep sea seismic refraction.
In 1947 he accepted a post as Professor of Physics at Toronto, a sudden and many felt an unwise decision which Bullard himself attributed to frustration at the lack of administrative and research facilities at Cambridge. While there, but on a summer vacation visit to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, he did some of his most important work on the design of equipment for the measurement of heat-flow at sea (in collaboration with A.E. Maxwell), and in 1950 returned to Britain as Director of the National Physical Laboratory. His tenure of this essentially 'establishment' post, which brought him a knighthood in 1953, was remarkable in the amount of research he continued to pursue undistracted - or minimally distracted - by administrative and official duties. He continued to work on marine heat-flow, building apparatus and taking part in sea-going expeditions, and also developed his dynamo theory of terrestrial magnetism.
In 1956 Bullard returned to Cambridge and to the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics as Assistant Director of Research (Reader in Geophysics 1960, Professor 1964). Once again, his research interests proliferated, in collaboration with many gifted students (the 'Cambridge Mariners') to include continental drift and plate tectonics as well as continuing work in seismology and geomagnetism, and a very practical interest in the development of computer programs for processing large amounts of observational data.
During this period too, Bullard was increasingly in demand as consultant and adviser to Government Departments (notably the Admiralty, Foreign Office, Ministries of Defence, Science and Supply), to professional and learned societies such as the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society and the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, and to industrial firms principally Shell and IBM UK of which he was a director for ten years. He was a founder member of the Natural Environment Research Council, played a part in attempts to negotiate a test-ban treaty and was joint chairman of the Anglo-American Ballistic Missiles Committee.
Bullard had always enjoyed his contacts with America where he had many friends. He paid regular visits to various research institutions and was frequently offered tempting appointments. Most of all, he admired the personnel and facilities at Scripps; he accepted from 1963 a Visiting Professorship to spend three months there each year, and on his retirement from Cambridge in 1974 he and his second wife became American residents living at La Jolla. He continued research in geomagnetism and plate tectonics and took part in Scripps expeditions as well as in its teaching and lecturing programmes; and he added a last topic of interest - energy sources and nuclear waste disposal - in his capacity as consultant to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Caltech. Despite failing health he remained occupied in writing and research until his death in April 1980.
Bullard was held in almost universal esteem and affection, which transpires throughout the collection, whether in the flood of requests to visit, lecture, or advise on technical matters, the many offers of influential posts in Britain and America, the trust placed in him as adviser, referee and consultant at every level from national academies and government ministries to junior employees and sixth-formers, or the more 'objective' criteria of 'Course and Professor Evaluation' (at Scripps) and BBC audience research panel reports. One can see why. Bullard - known and addressed by all as 'Teddy' - seems to have grown younger and less formal as his age and honours increased. Even without his voice and living presence, his personality emerges unmistakably in all he wrote: serious without pomposity, forthright without animosity, loyal without prejudice. He rarely lost contact with old friends and colleagues and often intervened quietly to help them or their families left unprovided for by death or inadequate pensions (a topic on which he felt strongly). He appears never to have written a routine letter; he may (as he often claimed) have never quite mastered English spelling conventions, but his thought and his wit are immediately accessible.

CSAC 100.4.84/A.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.14 Biographical, autobiographical, bibliographical
CSAC 100.4.84/A.15 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.47 Diaries
CSAC 100.4.84/A.48 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.123 Career, honours and awards
CSAC 100.4.84/A.124- CSAC 100.4.84/A.205 Family and personal
CSAC 100.4.84/A.206- CSAC 100.4.84/A.257 Photographs
CSAC 100.4.84/A.258- CSAC 100.4.84/A.261 Tape recordings
SECTION B CAMBRIDGE CSAC 100.4.84/B.1- CSAC 100.4.84/B.92
CSAC 100.4.84/B.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.88 Department of Geodesy and Geophysics
CSAC 100.4.84/B.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.4 Early history of the Department
CSAC 100.4.84/B.5 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.29 Postwar organisation and research, 1943-48
CSAC 100.4.84/B.30- CSAC 100.4.84/B.73 Research and administration, 1956-80
CSAC 100.4.84/B.74- CSAC 100.4.84/B.88 Lectures
CSAC 100.4.84/B.89- CSAC 100.4.84/B.92 Other Cambridge departments and institutions
SECTION C CALIFORNIA CSAC 100.4.84/C.1- CSAC 100.4.84/C.43
CSAC 100.4.84/C.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/C.11 Administrative and personal
CSAC 100.4.84/C.12- CSAC 100.4.84/C.28 Research and academic
CSAC 100.4.84/C.29- CSAC 100.4.84/C.43 Lectures and teaching
SECTION D RESEARCH CSAC 100.4.84/D.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.651
CSAC 100.4.84/G.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.110 Writings on scientific topics
CSAC 100.4.84/G.111- CSAC 100.4.84/G.135 Biographical writings
CSAC 100.4.84/G.136, CSAC 100.4.84/G.137 Reviews
CSAC 100.4.84/G.138- CSAC 100.4.84/G.175 Lectures
CSAC 100.4.84/G.176- CSAC 100.4.84/G.192 Radio and television broadcasts
CSAC 100.4.84/G.193- CSAC 100.4.84/G.268 Correspondence re publications, lectures and broadcasts
SECTION H VISITS CSAC 100.4.84/H.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/H.34
SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE CSAC 100.4.84/J.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/J.206
The following paragraphs aim only to give a brief guide to its substance and interest; additional explanatory notes accompany many of the Sections, sub-sections and individual entries in the catalogue.
The surviving papers cover almost every aspect of Bullard's career. The chief lacunae in this collection are his wartime papers (see CSAC 100.4.84/J.7 where Bullard expresses his regret at having destroyed these in 1945) and his official papers at Toronto and at NPL. Despite efforts to assemble as full a collection as possible, there are probably also gaps in the correspondence files, deriving from frequent transatlantic migrations.
Section A includes (CSAC 100.4.84/A.9) Bullard's own autobiographical notes of his family, childhood and schooldays, written in 1973 and updated in 1980, as well as many tributes by others, some of which have been drawn upon in compiling the catalogue. The material on his career, though incomplete, yet includes offers of many posts which he declined and which are not always generally known. The 'personal' material includes several items on Bullard's antiquarian book collection (CSAC 100.4.84/A.185- CSAC 100.4.84/A.189). Section B is mainly concerned with the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics at Cambridge and includes the original correspondence leading up to its foundation in 1921 (CSAC 100.4.84/B.1, CSAC 100.4.84/B.2), and Bullard's efforts to re-invigorate it after the Second World War (CSAC 100.4.84/B.5- CSAC 100.4.84/B.29).
Section C records his connection with the University of California, chiefly the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Some of the items deal with his lecturing, teaching and examining there at the end of his life (CSAC 100.4.84/C.29- CSAC 100.4.84/C.43); for all his experience as a lecturer he admits in his letters of resignation (CSAC 100.4.84/C.11) that direct contact with undergraduate work was new to him and he must have been gratified by the unmistable warmth of response he met (CSAC 100.4.84/C.31, CSAC 100.4.84/C.34).
Section D (Research) is the largest Section and documents almost all of Bullard's many research interests, some more comprehensively than others. It is remarkable to see the extent of manuscript notes, calculations, diagrams, site descriptions, drafts and, later, computer programs all in Bullard's hand whether written in the African field, as Director of NPL or as Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge. Especially full are the records for gravity measurement including the famous 1933-34 expedition to East Africa, for heat-flow research including the 1938 Atlantic expedition, and for the work on dynamo theory and on computing applications. His last research, on energy sources and nuclear waste disposal, is also documented, and includes drafts for a book on the subject on which Bullard was working right up to his death. Less fully represented in the surviving papers is Bullard's contribution to the theory of continental drift and plate tectonics. Of more general interest is CSAC 100.4.84/D.273, Bullard's detailed account of (it seems) every penny spent on the 1933-34 expedition in East Africa. The famous story of his being treed by lions, however, is not recorded: there is a reference to his 'experiences with lions' in a letter (at CSAC 100.4.84/D.366) but this is dated January 1939 and refers to a later trip to South Africa to study terrestrial heat-flow. In sum, this Section provides an impressive record of Bullard's distinguished research career; he may have borne his learning lightly but its presence is irrefutable.
Sections E and F document Bullard's public life as consultant, committee member and adviser on science policy. Because of the confidential or official nature of much of this work, the surviving material is sometimes sparse. Section G includes several unpublished, or unlisted, works, among them substantial drafts for a book on optics, in collaboration with P.B. Moon, commissioned by Cambridge University Press in 1934 (CSAC 100.4.84/G.2- CSAC 100.4.84/G.18). There is also a rather full record of Bullard's joint editorship with N.F. (Sir Nevill) Mott of the International Monographs in Physical Science for the Clarendon Press (CSAC 100.4.84/G. 194- CSAC 100.4.84/G.230). The sub-section on 'Lectures' (CSAC 100.4.84/G.138- CSAC 100.4.84/G.175) is of interest in showing at once Bullard's mastery of his subject and the temperamental poise, even panache, which enabled him to lecture with rivetting success on the basis of half a page of notes.
Both Sections H and J are somewhat disappointing in that it is unlikely that they represent more than a selection of Bullard's visits and conferences (H) and correspondence (J). The latter Section contains a high proportion of material dating from his later years when he was frequently consulted by historians of several disciplines for his recollections and opinions.
Bullard's historical interests were not confined to the events of his own career, though it is true that he was at pains to collect material about the early history of the Cambridge Department (Section D) and Bushy House his official residence as Director of NPL (Section A). But he was a respected collector of scientific books, with a special interest in Newton and Halley; he played an important role in the Royal Society's Halley Tercentenary celebrations (Section G), advised the Institute of Physics on the disposal of its historical book collection (Section F) and presented a scion of Newton's apple tree for planting at the new buildings of the Cambridge Department (Section B). He wrote several biographical tributes and accounts of colleagues; the most substantial of these is perhaps the memoir of W.M. Ewing, while a more 'light-hearted' (his description) account of Rutherford published originally in NATURE was selected for quotation in L. and H. Fowler, Cambridge Commemorated, 1984.



CSAC 100.4.84/A.15 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.47 DIARIES
CSAC 100.4.84/A.48 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.123 CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS
CSAC 100.4.84/A.124 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.205 FAMILY AND PERSONAL
CSAC 100.4.84/A.206 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.257 PHOTOGRAPHS
CSAC 100.4.84/A.258 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.261 TAPE RECORDINGS



Biographical Accounts  CSAC 100.4.84/A.1  1959-1970

'Profile', New Scientist, 1959.
Biographical note and list of Bullard's publications, by M.N. Hill, 1962, with ms. note 'originally written for R.S. Profship'.
Biographical note, for Scripps Institution, 1970. Includes tables of Bullard's salaries from 1931.
'Sir Edward Bullard', by D. Davies, Earth-Science Reviews, 1968 (Photocopy).

Biographical Accounts  CSAC 100.4.84/A.2  1971-1977

1p. biographical note, 1971.
Revised Who's Who entry, 1975.
Newspaper article, 1977.

Biographical Accounts  CSAC 100.4.84/A.3  1978-1982

'Sir Edward C. Bullard', 3pp. note, January 1978.
Obituary and Memorial Service notices, The Times, 1980.
Memoir by W. Nierenberg and R. Revelle.
'Imagined Worlds: The Day the Earth Moved', by D. McKenzie (on plate tectonics), The Listener, 1982.

AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL  [no ref. or date]

Autobiographical  CSAC 100.4.84/A.4  1984

'E.C. Bullard's First Heat-Probe'
Article by E.N. Shor, incorporating shortened version of a taped conversation with Bullard on 5 August 1973, published in EOS, 28 February 1984.
(Photocopy kindly made available by the Archivist, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.)

Autobiographical  CSAC 100.4.84/A.5  c1966-1979

Note for McGraw Hill Modern Men of Science, c.1966 (on work on the origin of the earth's magnetic field).
Later extended note for McGraw Hill and for Monadori Editore, 1979.

Autobiographical  CSAC 100.4.84/A.6  1972-78

Correspondence with both publishing houses

'Edward Bullard'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.7  c1978

Dedication by W.H. Munk for 'Topics in Non-Linear Dynamics' (Bibliog. 1978a).
19pp. ms. draft (photocopy).
4pp. typescript version as published with a ms. note 'This was written entirely by me. ECB 3-30-78'.

Interview for Oral History Department, United States Naval Institute  CSAC 100.4.84/A.8  c1969-1970

Correspondence, 1969-70, and corrected typescript transcript of interview conducted during Symposium Oceanography 2000, including reminiscences of much of Bullard's research career. 45pp.

'Notes for Biographical Notice of Edward Bullard'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.9  c1973-1980

36pp. ms. account of family, early life and schooldays up to and including Repton. Written 1973, with 1p., 6 March 1980, and sent to the Royal Society with a covering letter re his biographer, 31 March 1980 (Bullard died on 3 April).
Included in the folder are a few additional notes, family trees, etc.

Miscellaneous autobiographical notes by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.10  n.d

Includes lists of children's and grandchildren's birthdays, of wartime colleagues, of his addresses 1921-75, of his research notebooks, of his proposed periods of residence at La Jolla, etc.

Autobiographical  CSAC 100.4.84/A.11  n.d and 1967-1977

A selection of letters written by Bullard in response to enquiries or requests for his views on various topics. Similar material may be found elsewhere, particularly in the correspondence section where an indication is given, but these offer a compendious insight into Bullard's characteristic approach.
They include letters on the value of interchange with overseas students (1967), on the Rothschild Report (1971), on pension schemes (1976), and on combining research and administration (1977) - this last being of special biographical interest.

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL  [no ref. or date]

List of publications.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.12  n.d

27pp. (variously paginated) typescript with ms. additions, made available by B. Bullard, 20 July 1983.
This is the bibliography used in the attribution of publications, drafts and research material in the manuscript collection, in the form (Bibliog ...) appended to the relevant entries.

Bibliographical  CSAC 100.4.84/A.13  1931-1978

Copies, or photocopies, of papers selected by Bullard as of special interest, and bearing his own ms. comment. Sent to the Director, Scripps Institution, 12 May 1975, with a covering note as follows:
'This selection of my papers attempts to give a cross-section of the things about which I have written, I have not attempted to select the "most important" papers.
The papers are:
'Work of H.S.W. Massey and E.C. Bullard on electron scattering', 4pp. typescript and ms. account by Bullard, n.d
This item was added to the selection at a later date, probably 1978. See CSAC 100.4.84/J.10, CSAC 100.4.84/J.91.
'The Elastic Scattering of Slow Electrons in Argon', (Bibliog. 1931a), with comment 'Work done while a graduate student. Experimental Atomic Physics'.
'The protection of ships from magnetic mines', (Bibliog. 1946a), with comment 'An account of work during the war'.
'The flow of heat through the floor of the Atlantic Ocean', (Bibliog. 1954c), with comment 'Experimental work at sea'.
'Homogeneous dynamos and terrestrial magnetism', (Bibliog. 1954e), with comment 'A long and rather complicated theoretical paper on the origin of the earth's magnetic field'.
'Continental drift', (Bibliog. 1964b), with comment 'An attempt to persuade the geological establishment of the error of their beliefs - it was successful beyond my expectation'.
'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field', (Bibliog. 1968a), with comment 'Review to a high-level audience of a critical part of the evidence for the recent revolution in geological thought'.
'The origin of the oceans', (Bibliog. 1969b), with comment 'A popular exposition - it has sold 180,000 copies (in addition to its original sales in the Sci.Amer.)'.
'Electromagnetic induction in the oceans', (Bibliog. 1970a), with comment 'Systematic review and development of a relatively new branch of geophysics'.
'Basic theories', (Bibliog. 1973b), with comment '1st chapter in a UNESCO book on Geothermal Power, relates the problems to the scientific background'.
'Rutherford's Cavendish', (Bibliog. 1974b), with comment 'A light-hearted historical work'.
'Minerals from the deep sea', (Bibliog. 1974c), with comment 'Possible source of base metals in the ocean'.

Bibliographical  CSAC 100.4.84/A.14  n.d

Miscellaneous lists of names and addresses for reprint distribution, for various periods of Bullard's career; some very early, and continuing to 1978.
Miscellaneous lists of publications, compiled for bound volumes and for various occasions (to 1973).

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.15-A.47  [n.d.]

These are all small pocket diaries. They form a relatively complete sequence, 1942-78, though some are scantily used.
Diaries for 1951 and 1955 are missing.

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.15  1942-43

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.16  1943-44

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.17  1945

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.18  1946-47

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.19  1947-48

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.20  1949

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.21  1949-50

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.22  1952

(Hardly used)

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.23  1952

(Hardly used)

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.24  1953

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.25  1954

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.26  1956

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.26A  1957

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.27  1958

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.28  1959

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.29  1960

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.30  1961

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.31  1962

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.32  1963

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.33  1964

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.34  1965

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.35  1966

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.36  1967

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.37  1968

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.38  1969

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.39  1970

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.40  1971

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.41  1972

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.42  1973

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.43  1974

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.44  1975

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.45  1976

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.46  1977

DIARIES  CSAC 100.4.84/A.47  1978

CAREER, HONOURS AND AWARDS  CSAC 100.4.84/A.48-A.123  [n.d.]

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.48  ?1916-1917

Two letters from Bullard to his mother, one dated 1917, the other '?1916'.

Repton School Reports and correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.49  1924-1926

Repton School Reports 1924-26. The English master describes Bullard as 'a willing worker, with no literary tastes'.
Includes letter, January 1924, to Bullard's father from the Headmaster (G.F. Fisher).

Career, honours and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/A.50  1928

Mathematical Tripos and Natural Sciences Tripos Part I Examination Papers, annotated by Bullard, May-June 1928.
Included here is a reprint of a paper by H. McCombie et al, February 1928, acknowledging work 'carried out by Mr. E.C. Bullard, of Clare College, in the Mineralogical Museum'.

Career, honours and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/A.51  1931-1933

Certificate of election, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, December 1931.
Superannuation Agreement on appointment as Demonstrator in Geodesy, 1932.
Correspondence re possible appointment at Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1933.

Career, honours and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/A.52  1933

Two letters to Bullard's parents on his impending trip to Africa.

Miscellaneous correspondence on career.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.53  1935-1942

Includes letter re Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1935.
Bullard's draft letter re Chair of Physics at Cape Town, 1936.
Correspondence re Smithson Research Fellowship of the Royal Society, appointment 1935, move to Admiralty 1939, extension 1942.

Career, honours and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/A.54  1941-1943

Correspondence, 1941 and 1943, re Chairs at Liverpool.
Letter of congratulation on election to Royal Society, 1941 (only surviving letter).

Miscellaneous items re service in Second World War  CSAC 100.4.84/A.55  c1944-1945

Includes material re staff and salaries, invitation to serve on Physics Committee, Advisory Council on Scientific Research, Ministry of Supply, 1944, and on Scientific Research Advisory Committee, Ministry of Labour, 1945.

Cambridge University  CSAC 100.4.84/A.56  1943-46

Includes material re Bullard's Readership, his release from war service, arrangements for I.C.I. Fellowships, etc.
Also included is letter of appointment as External Examiner in Physics, Manchester, 1945.

Clare College, Cambridge  CSAC 100.4.84/A.57  1943-45

Includes correspondence re election to Research Fellowship, 1943, and Official Fellowship, 1945, and miscellaneous items on teaching and examinations.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.58  1947

Related information: For offer of post at Institute of Geophysics, Los Angeles, see CSAC 100.4.84/J.133.

Re post of Director of Safety in Mines Research.

Appointment as Professor of Physics, Toronto.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.59-A.61  [n.d.]

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.59  1947-1948

Correspondence and negotiations, 1947, including letter of appointment with effect from 1 March 1948.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.60  1949

Correspondence re staffing and funding of UK Physics Departments, sent at Bullard's request by N.F. Mott, W.L. Bragg.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.61  1949

Correspondence, re Bullard's resignation

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.62  1948, 1949

Related information: For correspondence re the offer to Bullard of the post of Director of the Scripps Institution, see CSAC 100.4.84/C.14.

Re possible appointments at Cambridge.

Appointment as Director, National Physical Laboratory (NPL).  CSAC 100.4.84/A.63-A.77  [n.d.]

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/F.39- CSAC 100.4.84/F.49 for NPL material after Bullard's resignation as Director.
See CSAC 100.4.84/A.241- CSAC 100.4.84/A.246 for photographs of NPL occasions.

Letters and cables re appointment  CSAC 100.4.84/A.63  n.d

Includes letters of appointment, press-cuttings.

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.64  n.d

A - B

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.65  n.d

C - F

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.66  n.d

G - L

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.67  n.d

M - R

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.68  n.d

S - T

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.69  n.d

V - W

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.70  n.d

First name and unidentified signatures

Correspondence and accounts  CSAC 100.4.84/A.71  c1950-1955

Mainly with Royal Society, re payments from the Petavel fund for expenses of furnishing and entertaining at Bushy House (residence of the Director, NPL). Includes detailed ms. accounts of expenditure claimed by Bullard, 1950-55.

Material relating to the history of Bushy House.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.72-A.76  [n.d.]

Notebook inscribed 'References to Bushy House'.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.72  n.d

4pp. notes and references from State Papers, 1689-1695.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.73  n.d

Bundle of index cards of references, 1621-1864/5.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.74  n.d

Bushy House  CSAC 100.4.84/A.75  1932-1962

3pp. note on Bushy House, no author, 1932.
Correspondence re early owners of Bushy House, 1952, 1962.

Correspondence on Bushy House  CSAC 100.4.84/A.76  1962, 1970, 1980

Invitation (declined) to serve on Visiting Board of NPL  CSAC 100.4.84/A.77  1976

Warrant of appointment, Board of Visitors, Royal Greenwich Observatory  CSAC 100.4.84/A.78  1953

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.79  1953-54

Correspondence and negotiations re return to Cambridge

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.80  January-July 1955

Correspondence re election to Berkeley Bye-Fellowship, Caius College, Cambridge, and resignation from NPL

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.81  1955-1956

Correspondence re appointment as Senior Assistant in Research, Department of Geodesy and Geophysics, November-December 1955, and one letter 1956.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.82  1955

Correspondence, re proposed research at Cambridge.

Offer (declined) of 'Institute Professorship' to head new Laboratory of Earth Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  CSAC 100.4.84/A.83  1958

Miscellaneous honours  CSAC 100.4.84/A.84  1958-1959

Award of Arthur L. Day Medal of Geological Society of America for 1958.
Election as foreign associate, National Academy of Sciences, 1959.

Churchill College, Cambridge.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.85-A.87  [n.d.]

3 folders

Administrative history:
Bullard was a Professorial Fellow from 1960, and a 'Pensioner Fellow' on his retirement in 1974

The correspondence refers to general academic and social affairs of the College.

Correspondence Churchill College  CSAC 100.4.84/A.85  1960-73

Correspondence Churchill College  CSAC 100.4.84/A.86  1974

Includes Bullard's letter of resignation from College committees, and material re the Bullard Prize set up to mark his retirement and awarded to the Churchill undergraduate achieving the highest marks in Physics in the Natural Sciences Tripos.

Correspondence Churchill College  CSAC 100.4.84/A.87  1975-78

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.88  1960-1968

Correspondence re Headships of Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, 1960, c.1966, 1968.
Offer of Professorship at Yale, 1960 (declined).

University of East Anglia.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.89-A.91  [n.d.]

3 folders

Administrative history:
Bullard served on the Court of the University, and received an Honorary D.Sc. in 1976

University of East Anglia  CSAC 100.4.84/A.89  1961, 1970

Includes material re University's decision to bank elsewhere than at Barclays Bank.

University of East Anglia  CSAC 100.4.84/A.90  1974-76

Includes material re Bullard's Honorary Degree, originally proposed for 1975 but deferred until 1976.

University of East Anglia  CSAC 100.4.84/A.91  1976-79

The Vetlesen Prize  CSAC 100.4.84/A.92-A.94  [n.d.]

3 folders

Related information: See especially CSAC 100.4.84/A.93

Administrative history:
The prize was established in Columbia University in 1959 by the G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation (itself set up in 1955). It is awarded for 'achievement in the sciences of the earth and the universe', the first recipient being W.M. Ewing. Bullard regularly attended the presentation meetings and made recommendations, and was himself awarded the prize, with F. Birch, in 1968.

The Vetlesen Prize  CSAC 100.4.84/A.92  1962

Award Dinner for H. Jeffreys and F.A. Vening Meinesz

The Vetlesen Prize  CSAC 100.4.84/A.93  1968

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/C.24

Award to Bullard and F. Birch. Includes notification, letters of congratulation, ms. note of Bullard's speech of thanks at dinner, 8pp. draft of his lecture at the symposium, publication arrangements, 14pp. revised version, printed information re Vetlesen, Foundation and prize, etc
The letter of notification (11 October 1968) explains the history of the prize which it was intended would 'in time... rank in dignity and significance with the Nobel Prizes which now recognise scholarly and scientific achievement in other fields'.

The Vetlesen Prize  CSAC 100.4.84/A.94  1970, 1971

Award of Alexander Agassiz Medal, National Academy of Sciences  CSAC 100.4.84/A.95  1965

Award of Wollaston Medal, Geological Society of London  CSAC 100.4.84/A.96  c1967

Correspondence, press notice, draft of Bullard's remarks on receiving medal

Election as Honorary Fellow, Indian Geophysical Union  CSAC 100.4.84/A.97  1967

Invitation to University of Toronto as Centennial Visiting  CSAC 100.4.84/A.98  1966-1968

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/G.157.

Professor in 1967.
Brief correspondence, 1966-68

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.99  1968-69

Re offer to Bullard of newly-created Henry L. Doherty Chair, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.100  1969

Re Election as Foreign Member, American Philosophical Society

Certificate of Commendation, Committee on Oceanography, Texas House of Representatives  CSAC 100.4.84/A.101  1970

Bullard's letter only

Election to Mark Twain Society  CSAC 100.4.84/A.102  1971 and 1976

Conferral of honorary D.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1971  CSAC 100.4.84/A.103  c1971

Correspondence, programme, etc

Honorary Membership, Stokes Society, Cambridge  CSAC 100.4.84/A.104  1972

(Correspondence only)

Honorary Fellowship, Geological Society of India  CSAC 100.4.84/A.105  1972

(Correspondence only)

Retirement from Cambridge, 1974  CSAC 100.4.84/A.106  c1974

Letters and cables of greeting, signatures of those attending retirement dinner at King's College, Bullard's notes for speech

Correspondence re honorary degree, Leicester University  CSAC 100.4.84/A.107  1974

Correspondence re honorary membership, European Geophysical Society  CSAC 100.4.84/A.108  1974

Correspondence re offer to Bullard of Directorship, Marine Science Institute, University of Texas at Austin  CSAC 100.4.84/A.109  1974

Bullard declined, preferring to retain his connection with Scripps

The Royal Medal  CSAC 100.4.84/A.110-A.114  1975

Notifications, citation, arrangements for award of medal, press-cuttings  CSAC 100.4.84/A.110  c1975

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.111  c1975

A - B

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.112  c1975

G - N

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.113  c1975

R - S

Letters and cables of congratulation  CSAC 100.4.84/A.114  c1975

V - W and unidentified

Award of the William Bowie Medal, 'for outstanding contributions to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish cooperation in research'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.115  1975

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/F.3.

Includes photocopy of Bullard's 'Reply on receiving the Bowie Medal'

Midsummer Banquet, Mansion House, London  CSAC 100.4.84/A.116  1976

Caius College, Cambridge  CSAC 100.4.84/A.117  1978

Re-election to Combination Room

The Ewing Medal  CSAC 100.4.84/A.118  1978

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/F.4.

Bullard was not able to receive the Medal in person; the item is his 'Response on receiving the Ewing Medal'

'A Meeting in Honor of Sir Edward Bullard', held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 11 and 12 January 1980.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.119-A.121  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
The meeting was sponsored by:
Cambridge University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Office of Naval Research
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
The University of Miami
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
The range of sponsors and of the topics discussed (CSAC 100.4.84/A.119) indicate the breadth of Bullard's research interests. The letters from friends (CSAC 100.4.84/A.120) and Bullard's letters of thanks to the organisers (CSAC 100.4.84/A.121) show the affection in which he was held and his own pleasure at what was tacitly recognised as a farewell.

Bibliography: The papers were published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, 1981, 86, pp. 11509-11695.

'A Meeting in Honor of Sir Edward Bullard', held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 11 and 12 January 1980  CSAC 100.4.84/A.119  c1980

Programme, list of participants

'A Meeting in Honor of Sir Edward Bullard', held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 11 and 12 January 1980  CSAC 100.4.84/A.120  c1980

Letters and cables from friends

'A Meeting in Honor of Sir Edward Bullard', held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 11 and 12 January 1980  CSAC 100.4.84/A.121  c1980

Bullard's letters of thanks to A.E. Maxwell and W.A. Nierenberg (photocopies)

Programmes of lectures, symposia and conferences given, organised or attended by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.122  n.d

Miscellaneous press-cuttings of Bullard, career, activities, honours  CSAC 100.4.84/A.123  n.d

FAMILY AND PERSONAL  CSAC 100.4.84/A.124-A.205  [n.d.]

CSAC 100.4.84/A.124- CSAC 100.4.84/A.148 The Bullard family
CSAC 100.4.84/A.149- CSAC 100.4.84/A.157 Personal correspondence
CSAC 100.4.84/A.158- CSAC 100.4.84/A.205 Miscellaneous biographical material

The Bullard family  CSAC 100.4.84/A.124-A.148  [n.d.]

The Bullard family  CSAC 100.4.84/A.124  [n.d.]

Certificates (or copies) of Bullard's birth, marriage, divorce, second marriage.
CSAC 100.4.84/A.125

Correspondence, mainly with solicitors, about the estates of Bullard's father (Edward John, d. 1950) and mother (Eleanor Howes Bullard, d. 1962). Correspondence runs 1950-66 and is in large part concerned with the affairs of Bullard and Sons, the family brewery in Norwich. See below.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.125  [n.d.]

The Bullard family  CSAC 100.4.84/A.126  August 1955

6 pp


Copies information: This is a photocopy of the original document which has been deposited, with other material relating to the firm (1951-68) at the Norfolk and Norwich Record Office where earlier records of the firm are already held.

Administrative history:
Bullard became a director in 1952 and continued as such until the firm was taken over by Watney Mann in 1964.

Short account of the 'Anchor Brewery', the family firm founded in 1837

Correspondence and papers exchanged with Watney Mann  CSAC 100.4.84/A.127  1970-71

Mainly about data processing systems and including a report by Bullard after a visit to Watney Mann computer centre at Brighton; also includes correspondence and papers on the effect of weather on beer consumption.

Sir Harry Bullard (Bullard's grandfather, M.P. for Norwich, d. 1902).  CSAC 100.4.84/A.128  1955-1974

Mainly correspondence about estate (1955-57) but includes some reminiscences by Bullard in response to an enquiry (1974).

Sir Frank Crisp (Bullard's grandfather).  CSAC 100.4.84/A.129  n.d

Mainly correspondence from Bullard's sister, Molly, about Friar Park, the house at Henley built by Crisp and bought (1970) by George Harrison of the Beatles

Margaret Ellen (Tom) Bullard, Bullard's first wife (m. 1931, marriage dissolved 1974).  CSAC 100.4.84/A.130-A.133  [n.d.]

Related information: See Section D passim for Margaret Bullard's active participation in various research projects in the 1930s and early 1940s.

The surviving correspondence dates from the later and less happy years when the marriage was under strain. Very few of Margaret Bullard's letters are dated and in the absence of postmarks they are placed in a tentative order based on context.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.130  [n.d.]

1954, 1962, 1965, 1967 and one unidentified letter to Margaret Bullard 1934. Includes post-card from Bullard, 1941 (after raids on Portsmouth).

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.131  1968


Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.132  1971-73


Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.133  1973-76

Emily (Stewart) and Henrietta (Bullard's twin daughters)  CSAC 100.4.84/A.134  1960s and 1970s

Brief correspondence

Polly (Hill), Bullard's youngest daughter  CSAC 100.4.84/A.135-A.137  [n.d.]

Very few of these letters are dated. They run approximately 1966-79, in three folders.

Notes and letters from Bullard's grandchildren.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.138  [n.d.]

Ursula Margery Bullard (formerly Curnow, née Cooke, Bullard's second wife).  CSAC 100.4.84/A.139,A.140  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous shorter correspondence.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.139  [n.d.]

Drawing book  CSAC 100.4.84/A.140  [n.d.]

Containing two drawings of Arthur, son of Belinda Bullard (Bullard's eldest daughter) by Odile Crick, and 7 drawings of Bullard in his last illness, 2 April 1980, by Ursula Bullard. Made available by Lady Bullard, 1982.

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.141  [n.d.]

With other members of the Bullard family, or others of the same name, some including reminiscences or biographical information.

19 Clarkson Road, Cambridge (Bullard's home, now occupied by Belinda Bullard).  CSAC 100.4.84/A.142-A.145  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous correspondence about purchase, heating, various lettings of the house, 1954-75.
In his letter of 21 June 1955 Bullard states that the house was built for him in 1935.

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.142  1950, 1954-57

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.143  1955

Bullard's drawings and specifications.

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.144  1968-75

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.145  1970-76

Miscellaneous correspondence with Belinda Bullard on various matters, including transfer of the lease of the house in 1974.

Correspondence with solicitors (Francis & Company, Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/A.146-A.148  [n.d.]

On various family matters, wills, trusts for children and grandchildren, divorce settlement, etc.

Correspondence with solicitors (Francis & Company, Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/A.146  1962-71

Wills and settlements.

Correspondence with solicitors (Francis & Company, Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/A.147  1973-74

Mainly divorce petition, and transfer of lease of house.

Correspondence with solicitors (Francis & Company, Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/A.148  1974-77

Wills and settlements.

Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.149-A.157  [n.d.]

These are all letters from female friends, most of very long acquaintance. Few of the letters can be dated except when there is a postmark, and some are signed with first names only.

Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.149, A.150  1940-74


Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.151  n.d


Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.152  n.d

L - M

Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.153  n.d


Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.154  1953-76


Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.155  1950-79


Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.156  1955-80


Personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.157  n.d

Miscellaneous cheques.

Miscellaneous biographical material  CSAC 100.4.84/A.158-A.205  [n.d.]

Finance and Investments in Britain.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.158-A.177  [n.d.]

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.158-A.164  [n.d.]

Includes statements of income and expenses prepared by Bullard and by accountants.
The accountants were Down, Kilner & Company (correspondence: W.R. Packer) until 1 May 1971, and thereafter Buzzacott, Vincent, Watson, Kilner & Company (correspondence: Thomas Kilner).

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.158  1961-64

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.159  1965-67

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.160  1968-69

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.161  1970-71

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.162  1972-73

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.163  1974

Correspondence with accountants on UK Income Tax  CSAC 100.4.84/A.164  1975-80

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.165-A.171  [n.d.]

Rothschilds took over the management of Bullard's investments at his suggestion from June 1967 (see letters May-June 1967 in CSAC 100.4.84/A.165) actively maintaining his portfolio, keeping capital, income and deposit accounts and transferring monies to and from his bank accounts as requested.
The material includes transfer certificates, balances of accounts and general correspondence on the management of funds.

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.165  1967

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.166  1968

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.167  1969-70

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.168  1971-72

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.169  1973

Includes statement of holdings as at 31 December 1973.

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.170  1974-79

Correspondence with N.M. Rothschild & Sons  CSAC 100.4.84/A.171  n.d

Miscellaneous statements of accounts with Rothschilds.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.172  1975-79

With National Westminster Bank concerning transfer of funds on Bullard's and Lady Bullard's becoming U.S. residents.

Shorter correspondence re U.K. pension  CSAC 100.4.84/A.173  1975-80

Correspondence re possible participation in Lloyds syndicate  CSAC 100.4.84/A.174  1971-74

Miscellaneous shorter notes and correspondence on financial matters  CSAC 100.4.84/A.175  various dates, 1956-79

Miscellaneous royalty statements, broadcast and TV fees  CSAC 100.4.84/A.176  n.d

Miscellaneous  CSAC 100.4.84/A.177  n.d

Miscellaneous college and university fees, thesis supervision and examining.
Bundle of dividend warrants, chiefly Bullard & Sons.

Finance and Investments in U.S.A.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.178-A.184  [n.d.]

Finance and Investments in U.S.A.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.178  1962-78

Correspondence with accountant (George A. Peterson) on U.S.A. income tax and financial matters, (not all complete).

Finance and Investments in U.S.A.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.179  1965-74

Related information: See also R. & R. Land and Cattle Company

Administrative history:
Bullard was a 'Limited Partner'

Correspondence and papers re Lux Land Company, Brawley, California.

Finance and Investments in U.S.A.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.180  1969-73

Correspondence and papers re Universal Resources (a California estate company)

Correspondence and papers re R. & R. Land and Cattle Company, Brawley, California.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.181-A. 184  [n.d.]

Related information: See also Lux Land Company

Administrative history:
Bullard was a 'Limited Partner'

Correspondence and papers re R. & R. Land and Cattle Company  CSAC 100.4.84/A.181  1970-73

Correspondence and papers re R. & R. Land and Cattle Company  CSAC 100.4.84/A.182  1974-76

Correspondence and papers re R. & R. Land and Cattle Company  CSAC 100.4.84/A.183  1979

Correspondence and papers re R. & R. Land and Cattle  CSAC 100.4.84/A.184  Mainly 1972

Plans of ranch holdings and land improvements.

Books.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.185-A.189  [n.d.]

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/G.123- CSAC 100.4.84/G.133 for Bullard's contribution to the Halley Tercentenary.
See also CSAC 100.4.84/F.21.

Administrative history:
Bullard had collected books on science and on the history of science since student days, with a special interest in Halley. He bought at auction and from dealers, many of whom came to respect his knowledge and to consult him on certain items.

Correspondence with Dawsons of Pall Mall  CSAC 100.4.84/A.185  1960-79

Miscellaneous correspondence on books and book purchases  CSAC 100.4.84/A.186  1965-77

Miscellaneous correspondence on books and book purchases  CSAC 100.4.84/A.187  1978

Miscellaneous correspondence on books and book purchases  CSAC 100.4.84/A.188  1979

Miscellaneous notes and lists of books and book purchases by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.189  February 1977

Includes notes for a talk on 'My Books' given at San Diego, describing his interest and collection.
Photocopy of Bullard's catalogue of his books, some with notes of dates of purchase and prices.

Health  CSAC 100.4.84/A.190-A.194  [n.d.]

Health  CSAC 100.4.84/A.190  1943-49

Health  CSAC 100.4.84/A.191  1968-72

Health  CSAC 100.4.84/A.192  1973-74

Health  CSAC 100.4.84/A.193  1975-78

Health  CSAC 100.4.84/A.194  1979

Miscellaneous birthday, greeting, get-well cards  CSAC 100.4.84/A.195  1970s

Miscellaneous memos., lists, engagement plans drawn up by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.196  n.d

Correspondence re portraits, photographs and interviews with Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.197  1959-77

Includes correspondence, 1972-73, with Ruskin Spear about the retirement portrait now at the Cambridge Department

Miscellaneous humorous anecdotes, drawings, quotations collected by or sent to Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.198  n.d

Miscellaneous correspondence, notifications, etc. of societies and appeals  CSAC 100.4.84/A.199  1961, 1970-73

Several of these are requests to sign Test Ban on Disarmament appeals

Miscellaneous correspondence, notifications, etc. of societies and appeals  CSAC 100.4.84/A.200  1974-79

Several of these are requests to sign Test Ban on Disarmament appeals

Letters of congratulation sent by Bullard to colleagues receiving honours and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/A.201  1960-79

Mostly Bullard's carbons only, but some with replies

Letters of thanks to acknowledge books, articles, photographs, etc. received by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.202  n.d

Shorter correspondence on social invitations  CSAC 100.4.84/A.203  1966-73

Miscellaneous items  CSAC 100.4.84/A.204  n.d

Including results of I.Q. test (1952), speeding fines, wine merchant (Bullard sent regular gifts of wine to his doctors)

Miscellaneous items of personal correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/A.205  various dates

Includes letter recalling Bullard's childhood in Norwich, letter from wartime colleague at Portsmouth, etc

PHOTOGRAPHS  CSAC 100.4.84/A.206-A.257  [n.d.]

CSAC 100.4.84/A.206- CSAC 100.4.84/A.214 Photographs of Bullard
CSAC 100.4.84/A.215- CSAC 100.4.84/A.218 Family and personal friends
CSAC 100.4.84/A.219- CSAC 100.4.84/A.233 Conferences and groups
CSAC 100.4.84/A.234- CSAC 100.4.84/A.239 Scientific colleagues
CSAC 100.4.84/A.240 Second World War
CSAC 100.4.84/A.241- CSAC 100.4.84/A.246 National Physical Laboratory
CSAC 100.4.84/A.247- CSAC 100.4.84/A.257 Expeditions and research

Photographs of Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/A.206-A.214  [n.d.]

At National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/A.206  n.d

Includes a photograph of the portrait of Bullard by Bernard Dunstan at NPL

Lecturing at Royal Institution  CSAC 100.4.84/A.207  c.1954

Watching solar eclipse, with Chapman Pincher  CSAC 100.4.84/A.208  n.d

Miscellaneous photographs, some with dates in 1950s  CSAC 100.4.84/A.209  1950s

Photograph labelled by Bullard on verso: 'ECB with apparatus for measuring heat flow through the floor of the ocean. Taken in 1953 ...'.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.210  1953

Photograph inscribed 'NPL, British Ass. visit to ICI salt mine'.

At home.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.211  n.d

Later photographs  CSAC 100.4.84/A.212  n.d and 1978-1979

Including some late portraits at Alaska, 1978, 1979.

Set of 4 photographs, one labelled 'Lux Ranch'.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.213  1970s

Portrait study photograph.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.214  [n.d.]

Family and personal friends  CSAC 100.4.84/A.215-A.218  [n.d.]

Of Ursula Bullard.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.215  n.d

On safari in Kenya  CSAC 100.4.84/A.216  1968

Envelope of miscellaneous photographs of friends, a few only named and dated.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.217  n.d

Humorous drawing of 'The BOMM bomber'.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.218  n.d

Conferences and groups  CSAC 100.4.84/A.219-A.233  [n.d.]

Group photographs of the Cambridge Department, 1930s (with Lenox-Conyngham), 1960s.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.219  1930s-1960s

Seventh General Assembly, I.U. Geodesy and Geophysics, Washington D.C.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.220  September 1939

2 copies

Conferences and groups  CSAC 100.4.84/A.221  1955

Dallas, 1955.
National Bureau of Standards, 1955.

Anglo-U.S. ballistic missiles committee, Los Angeles  CSAC 100.4.84/A.222  1956

Geneva conference on nuclear tests  CSAC 100.4.84/A.223  1958

Conferences and groups  CSAC 100.4.84/A.224  c1958-1959

Set of photographs of visit to U.S. Air Base (probably Anglo-U.S. missiles committee, 1959).
Press Conference on 'Space', c.1958.

First Major International Congress on Oceanography, United Nations, New York, 1959.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.225  1959

Includes R. Revelle, W.M. Ewing

Conferences and groups  CSAC 100.4.84/A.226  1960-1961

Vetlesen Lecture, 1960.
Earth Tide Symposium, Brussels, 1961.

Second International Oceanographic Congress, Moscow  CSAC 100.4.84/A.227  1966

Churchill College, Cambridge.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.228  n.d

Inauguration photograph.
Photograph of Bullard with Lord Home.

IBM Conference at Churchill College  CSAC 100.4.84/A.229  1967

Conferences and groups  CSAC 100.4.84/A.230  1968-1971

Symposium on Earth's Magnetic Field, Washington D.C., 1968.
Opening (by Bullard) of Geomagnetic Research Laboratory, Newfoundland, 1971.

Bullard with astronauts, at Cambridge  CSAC 100.4.84/A.231  1971

Conferences and groups  CSAC 100.4.84/A.232  n.d and 1972-1976

Alaska, n.d
Conference at Princeton, 1972 (with Walter Sullivan).
Penn. State, 1976.

Unidentified  CSAC 100.4.84/A.233  n.d

Loose photographs and a commemorative album from Rocketdyne (aviation company).

Scientific colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/A.234-A.239  [n.d.]

Early Cambridge days.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.234  1930s

Includes copies of photographs of Rutherford and J.J. Thomson; photograph of Bullard with G.I. Taylor, 1938; miscellaneous photographs at Cavendish, 1930s.
Small photograph of Bullard with B.J. Schonland (perhaps in Africa, c.1938).

Scientific colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/A.235  n.d

Sir Gerald Lenox-Conyngham.
Sir Harold Jeffreys.

Scientific colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/A.236  n.d

M.N. Hill.

Scientific colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/A.237  1964

Set of photographs taken at the Royal Society, London, on the occasion of the award of the Vetlesen Prize Medal to A. Holmes, 1964. (The presentation was made by W.M. Ewing.)

Scientific colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/A.238  n.d and 1960-1970

J. Miller, 1960.
L. Szilard, 1965, and Trude Szilard, 1970.
T.F. Gaskell, 1970.
M. Prior.

Miscellaneous other photographs  CSAC 100.4.84/A.239  n.d

Including NATO conference, historical photograph of Einstein and von Neumann, Bullard with Blackett and others.

Second World War  CSAC 100.4.84/A.240  [n.d.]

Set of photographs, only one dated 'Clarence Pier 1940', but all of same period, recording the devastation caused by fire after an air raid. The mine-sweeping apparatus was destroyed and consequently Bullard and the team moved to Edinburgh.

National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/A.241-A.246  [n.d.]

The Pilot ACE.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.241  [n.d.]

Visit by H.R.H. Prince Philip.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.242  [n.d.]

Visit by The King and Queen of Sweden.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.243  [n.d.]

Visitors to the High Voltage Laboratory.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.244  [n.d.]

Various NPL occasions.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.245  [n.d.]

Includes Coronation exhibition lorry (with Polly Bullard), opening of NPL auditorium, start of work on Ship Tank, presentation of Bullard's portrait, Bullard with staff of Physics Department.

Informal NPL occasions, sports days, garden parties, etc.  CSAC 100.4.84/A.246  [n.d.]

Expeditions and research  CSAC 100.4.84/A.247-A.257  [n.d.]

Photograph labelled 'Fishing a large net from the Discovery II May 1937'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.247  [n.d.]

Photograph is a later copy.

Set of photographs taken in H.M.S. Tudor during the Royal Society submarine gravity survey of the eastern North Atlantic  CSAC 100.4.84/A.248  July 1946

Includes equipment, colleagues (B.C. Browne, R.I.B. Cooper, W. Niewenkamp)

Set of photographs of work on marine heat flow  CSAC 100.4.84/A.249  1949

Includes equipment and apparatus, research vessel 'E.W. Scripps', A.E. Maxwell with probe, etc.

Expeditions and research  CSAC 100.4.84/A.250  [n.d.]

Envelope of photographs (small format) of equipment, colleagues, etc. on 'Discovery' expeditions, none dated but some identified on verso (Hill, Gaskell, Cleverley, Swallow, etc.)

Miscellaneous photographs, similar material, of 'Discovery' equipment, colleagues and crew, etc  CSAC 100.4.84/A.251  nd 1950s

Photographs of heat flow probe, many taken by NPL  CSAC 100.4.84/A.252  nd 1950s

Miscellaneous expedition photographs, some with various dates  CSAC 100.4.84/A.253  1958-64

Miscellaneous photographs of expedition to Fiji, Easter Island and South Pacific  CSAC 100.4.84/A.254  1967

Miscellaneous photographs (small format) of later expedition  CSAC 100.4.84/A.255  nd 1970s

Miscellaneous photographs of research vessels, equipment and apparatus  CSAC 100.4.84/A.256  None dated

Miscellaneous photographs of expeditions and apparatus, taken by Scripps Institution or other U.S. sources  CSAC 100.4.84/A.257  nd

TAPE RECORDINGS  CSAC 100.4.84/A.258-A.261  [n.d.]

Two lectures at Berkeley  CSAC 100.4.84/A.258, A.259  1975

'The Floor of the Deep Oceans - What Are They Like?'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.258  20 January 1975

'The Floor of the Deep Oceans - What Is Happening There?'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.259  3 February 1975

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/H.20

'Physics and W.W.ll', given at Berkeley  CSAC 100.4.84/A.260  1976


'Scientific advice to government. Lect.7'  CSAC 100.4.84/A.261  dated 3/4/76


Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/G.167 for transcript of the lecture

SECTION B CAMBRIDGE  CSAC 100.4.84/B.1-B.92  [n.d.]

Related information: For biographical material on Bullard's career at Cambridge, his colleges, home and interests, see Section A, passim.
For material on research projects at or connected with Cambridge, see Section D, passim.

CSAC 100.4.84/B.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.4 Early history of the Department
CSAC 100.4.84/B.5 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.29 Postwar organisation and research, 1943-48
CSAC 100.4.84/B.30- CSAC 100.4.84/B.73 Research and administration, 1956-80
CSAC 100.4.84/B.74- CSAC 100.4.84/B.88 Lectures



Archival history:
The early material appears to have been inherited by Bullard from Sir Gerald Lenox-Conyngham, either directly or via B.C. Browne.

Tagged folder of correspondence and papers, inscribed 'British Association Geodesy Committee/Correspondence 1916-1919 relating to the Establishment of a Geodetic Institute in Britain'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.1  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
The British Association's Resolution of 11 May 1916 called for a series of reports on various sciences. The report on Geodesy, by F.W. Dyson, C.F. Close and E.H. Hills, resulted in the setting up of a Committee 'To discuss the present needs of Geodesy, including its relation to other branches of Geophysics, and to report ...'. The Chairman was C.F. Close, and the Secretary was E.H. Hills, whose folder this originally was.
On the appointment of a Committee in Cambridge to consider the establishment of a Professorship with a Geodetic Institute, the B.A. Committee's work came to an end (see letter, 30 June 1919)

The folder, which runs May 1916-July 1919, includes preliminary material, correspondence with colleagues, members of the committee, agendas, memoranda, committee arrangements, appointments, etc.
Also included is earlier correspondence, 1915, re the International Geodetic Association.

Correspondence exchanged between H.F. Newall and G.P. Lenox-Conyngham, re the funding, setting up and organisation of a school of Geodesy at Cambridge  CSAC 100.4.84/B.2  [n.d.]

The letters are ms., with typed transcripts.

Enclosed with the material is a letter, 1960, to 'My dear Ben' (B.C. Browne) from Lenox-Conyngham's daughter who had found the letters among her father's papers and thought them of historical interest. Browne died in 1968 and Bullard presumably inherited them.
The letters run 23 December 1918-April 1921. In his letter of 19 April 1919 Lenox-Conyngham writes 'The last two days have been rather anxious ones, with this attempted rebellion at Amritsar and elsewhere'.
Correspondence March-April 1921 explores the possibility of Lenox-Conyngham's appointment as Director of the proposed school.


2pp. ms. account by Bullard 'Fifty years of Geodesy and Geophysics at Cambridge', prepared for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Department, 1971.
With brief correspondence re Praelectorship in Geodesy at Trinity College, Cambridge

Annual Reports of the Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.4  1932-36, 1938, 1940-43, 1945-48

Note: These reports have been drawn upon for information on research at the Department, and particularly Bullard's own projects.


Administrative history:
Bullard's earliest note on postwar requirements dates from 1943 (CSAC 100.4.84/B.5 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.7). He was a member of the Royal Society Committee on postwar needs in Geophysics set up in February 1944, to which he submitted several memoranda, and whose recommendations included the extension of the Cambridge Department. See CSAC 100.4.84/F.86 - CSAC 100.4.84/F.89.
Bullard was also a member of the joint committee appointed by the Royal Society and the University Grants Committee to organise the distribution of government surplus stores to universities at the end of the war. He was active in visiting various official stores and depots, drawing up lists of material, and - as representative of Cambridge University - bidding for material on behalf of other Cambridge departments as well as the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics (CSAC 100.4.84/B.11 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.16).
On his return in 1945 to his post as Reader in Geophysics, Bullard was for practical head of the Department and responsible for matters of equipment, staff and day-to-day administration (CSAC 100.4.84/B.17 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.29).

CSAC 100.4.84/B.5 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.10 Memoranda and Reports
CSAC 100.4.84/B.11- CSAC 100.4.84/B.22 Equipment
CSAC 100.4.84/B.23- CSAC 100.4.84/B.29 Research and administration

Memoranda and reports  CSAC 100.4.84/B.5-B.10  [n.d.]

'The Post-War Development of Geophysics. Draft of a scheme to be submitted to the Nuffield Trustees.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.5  [n.d.]

8pp. typescript draft, with a covering letter from Sir Ronald Fraser dated March 1943, bearing ms. corrections by Bullard and Fraser.

'Draft of a scheme for the Post-war development of Geophysics.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.6  [n.d.]

9 pp.

Typescript with ms. revisions

Related information: Uses similar material to CSAC 100.4.84/B.5.

'Notes on the cost of providing for Geophysics in Cambridge.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.7  July 1943

9 pp

Typescript and ms. draft

By Bullard, written to supplement CSAC 100.4.84/B.6

'Report of the sub-committee appointed by the Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics.' (Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/B.8  1943

Report, and amendments, prepared for meeting on 20 September 1943.

Letter from Bullard to Lenox-Conyngham  CSAC 100.4.84/B.9  March 1945

Setting out his views on the development of geophysics at Cambridge, with reference to CSAC 100.4.84/B.8

'Draft report of the Committee of the General Board on the future of the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.10  1948

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.351 for a research proposal, 1949.

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.11-B.22  [n.d.]

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.11  March 1945-March 1946

Draft memoranda re distribution of surplus government equipment to universities, correspondence with officials, ministers, colleagues, etc., re compilation of lists of material available through scheme

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.12  Various dates, 1945

Official lists of Government surplus stores made available for purchase via University Grants Committee
The list of radio components is annotated by Bullard and B.C. Browne.

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.13  nd

Supplements to Ministry of Supply lists and miscellaneous other typescript lists or drafts for lists

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.14  October 1945-August 1946

Correspondence, etc. re requirements of various Departments of Cambridge University (including Department of Geodesy and Geophysics

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.15  nd

Miscellaneous lists of requirements of machinery and equipment prepared by various Cambridge Departments (including Department of Geodesy and Geophysics)

Equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/B.16  nd

Consignment notes, invoices, etc. for equipment supplied from various ministries and government stores to Department of Geodesy and Geophysics

Correspondence and papers re gravimeter for research in the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.17-B.19  1946-47

Correspondence and papers re gravimeter for research in the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.17  1946-1947

With officials and colleagues re Graf gravimeter from Germany through Treasury Reparations Scheme

Correspondence and papers re gravimeter for research in the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.18  1946-1947

With commercial firms and suppliers of parts and equipment

Correspondence and papers re gravimeter for research in the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.19  1946-1947

Bullard's ms. notes and diagrams

Correspondence with industrial firms and suppliers re various items of equipment for Department and research projects.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.20-B.22  [n.d.]

Correspondence with industrial firms and suppliers re various items of equipment for Department and research projects  CSAC 100.4.84/B.20  1945

Correspondence with industrial firms and suppliers re various items of equipment for Department and research projects  CSAC 100.4.84/B.21  1946

Correspondence April includes letters explaining purpose of research project to make a Gravity Survey of the western seaboard of the British Isles, under the joint Navy/Royal Society advisory committee for shipborne research. Correspondence August is re standardisation of thermometers

Correspondence with industrial firms and suppliers re various items of equipment for Department and research projects.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.22  1945, 1946

Miscellaneous receipts, invoices, consignment notes, etc. for departmental supplies

Research and administration  CSAC 100.4.84/B.23-B.29  [n.d.]

Correspondence, 1944-46, with Lenox-Conyngham, B.C. Browne, L.R. Flavill  CSAC 100.4.84/B.23  [n.d.]

Re resumption of work at Cambridge, and with others coming or applying to work there.

Correspondence and papers re Shell Studentships in Geophysics, 1945.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.24  c1945

Two Studentships were offered by the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies, to begin 1 October 1945; folder includes correspondence with the Company and with Cambridge University re setting-up of scheme, draft notice, etc. and with applicants for the first studentships.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.25  1946-47

Re proposed collaborative research on echo-sounding at sea, with Admiralty and others, and its funding.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.26  1946-47

Re trials of Siebe Gorman Bathysphere at Portsmouth. Includes ms. report by B.C. Browne who attended as a witness

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.27  1945-46

Re requests to visit Bullard or seek advice on starting or continuing research projects, set up institutes, etc.

Shorter administrative correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.28  1946

Correspondence with Cambridge University General Board and Treasurer  CSAC 100.4.84/B.29  1945-46

Re affairs of the Department: budget estimates, staff, building requirements.

RESEARCH AND ADMINISTRATION, 1956-80  CSAC 100.4.84/B.30-B.73  [n.d.]

Related information: See Section D for further material on research projects undertaken at this period.

CSAC 100.4.84/B.30- CSAC 100.4.84/B.37 Research proposals
CSAC 100.4.84/B.38- CSAC 100.4.84/B.64 Expedition and research reports
CSAC 100.4.84/B.65- CSAC 100.4.84/B.73 General administrative material
It should be noted that much of the material on research is by other members of the Department, principally M.N. Hill. The authorship is noted where known.
The 'General administrative material' at CSAC 100.4.84/B.65-B.73 consists of the surviving documents from Bullard's own files and is in no sense a comprehensive record of the Department.

Research proposals  CSAC 100.4.84/B.30-B.37  [n.d.]

'Proposed survey of the mid-Atlantic ridge.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.30  n.d

2 pp.

Draft, probably written for G.E.R. Deacon by M.N. Hill in 1958, shortly after D.H. Matthews joined the Department.(Information from D.H. Matthews, 1983.)

'Proposed future plans for marine investigations by the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics ...'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.31  November 1959

7 pp.


By M.N. Hill.

'Geological and Geophysical investigations of the floor of the ocean and of neighbouring shallow seas undertaken by the Department ...'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.32  November 1959

6 pp.


A historical survey
By M.N. Hill

'Seismology in the United Kingdom. Future requirements.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.33  January 1960

3 pp.


No author

'NATO Magnetic Survey.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.34  9 March 1962

5 pp.

Typescript + tables and notes (the latter signed 'DHM' [Matthews]

'Needs of the Department... for the Quinquennium 1962-67'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.35  n.d

4 pp.

Typescript memorandum, no author or date.

'Data logging and data reduction at sea.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.36  July 1965

4 pp.

By D.H. Matthews

'Marine Geophysics at Cambridge.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.37  January 1980

3 pp.

Circular letter by D.H. Matthews, on past research and future proposals

Expedition and research reports  CSAC 100.4.84/B.38-B.64  [n.d.]

Untitled journal  CSAC 100.4.84/B.38  n.d

19 pp.

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.484 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.506.

18 July-30 August, no author or year, but almost certainly by Hill and referring to R.R.S. 'Discovery II' expedition, 1956.
All references to work with the proton magnetometer are marked by Bullard.

'M.N. Hill's journal of the cruise of "Discovery II" May to July 1958.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.39  [n.d.]

28 pp.


'The cruise of R.R.S. "Discovery II" May 9 to July 28, 1958. Report from the Department ....'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.40  [n.d.]

13 pp.

With contributions by several participants.

'MNH's journal of "Discovery II"cruise August-October 1960.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.41  1960

22pp. typescript + 3pp. 'Extract from journal of A.S. Laughton', and 'Station List'.

'Expedition by R.V. "Sarsia", June 19-29 1961.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.42  1961

3 pp.

By Hill.

'MNH's journal of "Discovery II" expedition: January-March 1962.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.43  1962

35 pp.


'Station list' for Discovery II expedition.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.44  c1962

4pp., and chart

'Cruise Report' for Discovery II expedition.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.45  c1962

5 pp.

No author

Report on Indian Ocean Expedition in H.M.S. 'Owen'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.46  12-26 April 1962

3 pp.

By B.C. Browne.

Report on expedition in R.V. 'Argo' (a Scripps Institution vessel)  CSAC 100.4.84/B.47  October-November 1962

2 pp.

By T.J.G. Francis.

'H.M.S. "Vidal"- operation NAVADO. Report on the work of members of the Department... during the cruise from Portland to Hamburg and back'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.48  September-October 1963

2 pp.

By B.C. Browne.

'H.M.S. "Vidal"... Portland to Oporto.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.49  October 1963

2 pp.

By J.O. Beaumont.

Office of Naval Research Grants.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.50-B.64  [n.d.]

Application, budgets, reports, etc. prepared for O.N.R., many relating to the expeditions above. CSAC 100.4.84/B.50 is a budget for 1960-61 in which the grant reference is NR 083-153; on the other reports the contract number is N 62558-2704.
The dates run 1 December 1960 to 28 February 1963; some of the reports are signed by M.N. Hill and other members of the Department.

General administrative material  CSAC 100.4.84/B.65-B.73  [n.d.]

Requests to visit/work in Department, letters of thanks.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.65  1960-69

Requests to visit/work in Department, letters of thanks.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.66  1970-77

Correspondence on research at Department.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.67  1960-68

Miscellaneous correspondence re staff, research, expeditions  CSAC 100.4.84/B.68  1963-79

Includes list of 'The Whereabouts of Cambridge Mariners', listing names and careers of research students, 1950-79.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.69  1968-69

With Hydrographer of the Navy re the transfer to his new Geophysical Laboratories of a sine lift from the Cambridge Department.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.70  1974

Re the organisation of 'earth science' at Cambridge.
Bullard's reply of 24 October, in answer to a request for information, is an interesting summary of his work on the history of the subject at Cambridge, its likely development there, and his own suggestions for its place in university studies.

Correspondence with J.A. Jacobs (Bullard's successor as Professor)  CSAC 100.4.84/B.71  1975-79

Re research and affairs of the Department.
Correspondence 1979 includes discussion on the merging of 'Earth Sciences Departments' at Cambridge and the proposal to name the Madingley Rise site the 'Bullard Laboratories'.

Miscellaneous correspondence re buildings.  CSAC 100.4.84/B.72  [n.d.]

Includes press report from O.N.R. 'European Scientific News' re opening of new building at the Department, and a letter from Bullard to Jacobs, 1978, about the apple tree at Department, a scion of Newton's apple tree, obtained by Bullard from Kew in 1970.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/B.73  1969-70

With David Peace re engraved glass door for new building.

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/B.74-B.88  [n.d.]

Related information: Other lectures given in Cambridge may be found in Section G.

These are notes for University lecture courses, mainly at Cambridge, but see CSAC 100.4.84/B.76- CSAC 100.4.84/B.78 for lectures originally given at Toronto. Very few are dated.

Miscellaneous lecture schedules and summaries  CSAC 100.4.84/B.74  Various dates and undated

Extensive sequence of notes for courses of lectures in Mechanics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.75  [n.d.]

28 numbered pages and many intercalated pages.

pp. 2 and 3 only of similar material.

'2nd Year Acoustics Lect.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.76  [n.d.]

In original folder

Miscellaneous ms. notes, some paginated. First given at Toronto 1948.

'Applied Geophys. Lect.'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.77  n.d

Miscellaneous ms. notes, some paginated. In original folder similar to CSAC 100.4.84/B.76

'Lecture notes'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.78  n.d

Miscellaneous ms. notes on various topics in physics. In original folder, n.d, similar to CSAC 100.4.84/B.77

Miscellaneous shorter lectures  CSAC 100.4.84/B.79  1956-1959

'Physics for Arts Students, 1956'
'Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field', 1957
'Rockets and Satellites (to Arts Students 1959)'

'Earth's Magnetic Field'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.80  1958

In original folder.

Course of 8 lectures

'Geological Time'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.81  Michaelmas Term 1959

In original folder.

Course of 3 lectures

Notes for courses on Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.82  [n.d.]

In original folder.

Various dates, numberings and paginations (few complete).
1956, 1961, 1962

Notes for courses on Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/B.83  [n.d.]

Complete course of 8 lectures
1967, 1971, 1973

'Mechanics'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.84  1960

20pp. sequence

In original folder.

'Mechanics'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.85  [n.d.]

Similar sequence to CSAC 100.4.84/B.84 paginated 8-23.

'Earth structure and oceans'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.86  October 1963

7 lectures

'Phys. of Earth. Part 2 General'  CSAC 100.4.84/B.87  October 1967

In original folder.

Lectures 2-8 of course

Miscellaneous shorter lectures  CSAC 100.4.84/B.88  n.d and 1971-1974

'Minerals from the deep sea', 1971
'Earth's magnetic field', 1974
'Continental Drift', 8th lecture (only), n.d


Arrangement: In alphabetical order.


Department of Botany 1964
Cambridge Philosophical Society 1946, 1964

The Cavendish Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/B.90  1956-63, 1969, 1973

General correspondence, principally with N.F. Mott but also with other colleagues, on research, funding, personnel, lectures, etc.


Computer Laboratory 1971
Pye of Cambridge 1970
Scientific Periodicals Library 1970, 1977
University Chemical Laboratory 1973, 1974

University General Board  CSAC 100.4.84/B.92  n.d ?1950s

2pp. 'Comments... on the development of the University', with a ms. note at end 'prob. about 1957 or 1958'.

SECTION C CALIFORNIA  CSAC 100.4.84/C.1-C.43  [n.d.]


Related information: For Bullard's first documented connection with the University of California see CSAC 100.4.84/J.133 for correspondence with L.B. Slichter in 1947 offering Bullard a post at the newly-constituted Institute of Geophysics at UCLA where Slichter had been appointed Director.

Administrative history:
Bullard's first documented connection with the University of California was during his period at Toronto, when he spent the summer of 1949 working with A.E. Maxwell at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on marine heat flow (CSAC 100.4.84/C.12 - CSAC 100.4.84/C.14). This work, mainly concerned with the design of apparatus, was the start of continuing work through the 1950s and its successful completion was regarded as a 'historic occasion' for Scripps (see CSAC 100.4.84/C.26). A typescript draft report of the 1949 work, by Bullard and Maxwell, appears at CSAC 100.4.84/G.25. See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.249.
During the 1949 visit, Bullard was approached to consider appointment as Director of Scripps, but declined in view of his decision to return to Britain as Director of NPL (see CSAC 100.4.84/C.14). His connection with Scripps, and the friends and colleagues there, remained among the most valued of his life. He returned regularly over the years in various research and teaching capacities, and became a United States resident, based in California, after his retirement in 1974. The offer of the Directorship of Scripps was repeated in 1964 (see CSAC 100.4.84/C.18) and again declined, this time from loyalty to Cambridge.
The symposium organised in his honour at Scripps in January 1980 was a tribute to his role in animating research projects and to the affection he inspired. See CSAC 100.4.84/A.119- CSAC 100.4.84/A.121.
A note on nomenclature
Bullard's long connection spanned various expansions, mergings and changes of organisation and title at the University of California, not all of which are consistently represented in the references or indeed on the letter-heads of the correspondence. The following outline of events, quoted by permission, was provided by the Archivist of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library:
'The Scripps Institution of Oceanography has been part of the University of California since 1912. It was founded in 1903 as the Marine Biological Association of San Diego, and its name was changed in 1912 to the Scripps Institution for Biological Research of the University of California. In 1925 the name was changed to Scripps Institution of Oceanography. From 1912 to 1937, the Berkeley campus of the University of California granted degrees to students studying at Scripps and undertook some administrative and fiscal responsibility concerning the operation of Scripps. In 1938 these functions were transferred to the new University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Since 1960, when the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) was founded, Scripps has been officially defined as a research and graduate school of UCSD.
The Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) is a university-wide institute of the University of California. There are branches of IGPP at Scripps and at UCLA. The institute was founded in 1946 as the Institute of Geophysics, and its headquarters were at UCLA. From 1947 to 1960, Walter Munk was the sole representative of the institute on the Scripps campus. In 1960, the Scripps branch of the institute was established, and the name of the institute was changed to its current form. Although the La Jolla branch of IGPP is physically located on the Scripps campus and cooperates closely with Scripps, in administrative terms it is independent of any single University of California campus.
The University of California, San Diego, began in the late 1950s as the brainchild of Roger Revelle, then director of the Scripps Institution. 1960 is generally recognized as the official date of its establishment even though some UCSD faculty was recruited before that date. Before the UCSD campus was completed, its Institute of Technology and Engineering and School of Science and Engineering were physically located on the Scripps Campus.
The University of California, San Diego, was initially called the University of California, La Jolla. In fact, one dissertation was accepted by the University and a degree granted under that name. For political considerations, however, the name was changed in 1961 to University of California, San Diego. It is acceptable to refer to it as the San Diego campus of the University of California as well.'

Includes Bullard's appointments, visa applications, resident status, retirement pension, insurance.
For other personal material see Section A passim.
CSAC 100.4.84/C.12 - CSAC 100.4.84/C.28 RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC
Includes research correspondence and papers, staff, promotions, expeditions, meetings, conferences, publications, other institutions of the University.
Much of this is necessarily exchanged during Bullard's periods at Cambridge away from California, and is thus only a partial record.
For work on BOMM, see CSAC 100.4.84/D.528 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.576.
For work on palaeomagnetism, see CSAC 100.4.84/D.586 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.592.
For work on nuclear waste, see CSAC 100.4.84/D.613 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.643.
For consultancies in California, see CSAC 100.4.84/E.99 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.113, CSAC 100.4.84/E.185 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.187.
CSAC 100.4.84/C.29 - CSAC 100.4.84/C.43 LECTURES AND TEACHING



1961 (One letter only).
1962 Includes correspondence, July, re Bullard's appointment as 'research associate in the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at the University of California, San Diego'.
1963 Includes correspondence, July, re Bullard's appointment as 'Visiting Professor V for a period of three months each year commencing September 1, 1963, in the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics'.


Includes correspondence, February 1966, re Bullard's appointment as 'Professor, Step V, in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego... from July 1, 1966, for a period of three months per year'.



Includes a note, April 1970, by Bullard of his research at IGPP on Plate Tectonics and on the Earth's magnetic field, for inclusion in Institute Report. Also included is material about the proposed International Center of La Jolla.


Includes correspondence, May 1971, about Bullard's promotion to what he terms in his letters of thanks, 'a yet grander kind of professor'.


Includes correspondence re Green Scholarships (see also CSAC 100.4.84/C.8, CSAC 100.4.84/C.27) and to Bullard's visit to Berkeley (see also CSAC 100.4.84/H.20).

ADMINISTRATIVE AND PERSONAL  CSAC 100.4.84/C.7  December 1974-August 1976

Correspondence, visa applications and other miscellaneous papers re granting of U.S. resident visas to Bullard and to Lady (Ursula) Bullard
Includes biographical information, details of previous appointments and salary at Scripps Institution.


Includes correspondence, December 1975-January 1976, on Bullard's appointment as a 'Cecil H. and Ida Green Scholar', and correspondence, October 1976, on his appointment as 'Professor Recalled to Active Duty'.


Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/A.11 for a letter by Bullard commenting on the University pension system.

Correspondence, etc. re retirement pension


Correspondence, etc. re medical insurance and claims.


Includes correspondence, December 1977, re Bullard's re-appointment for Fall Quarter 1977 and Winter Quarter 1978, his letters of resignation, April and May 1979, and a copy of a paper by R. Revelle 'The Adolescence of The Elephant' given at the 75th anniversary banquet of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, April 1978.
Correspondence 1979 testifies to the great success of Bullard's lectures and teaching.

RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC  CSAC 100.4.84/C.12-C.28  [n.d.]

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/C.12-C.14  1948-49

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.249, CSAC 100.4.84/C.26, CSAC 100.4.84/G.25.

Re Bullard's visit to Scripps, June-September 1949, to work on marine heat flow

RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC  CSAC 100.4.84/C.12  c1948-1949

Invitation and arrangements, comments on the research proposal sent to C. Eckhart (Director, Scripps Institution)

RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC  CSAC 100.4.84/C.13  c1948-1949

Letters of thanks after visit, list of 'Submarine geologists ...' with comments by Bullard

RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC  CSAC 100.4.84/C.14  c1948-1949

Letters re the offer to Bullard of the post of Director of Scripps. In his letter of 9 September 1949 to President Sproul, Bullard explains his reasons for declining, his admiration for Scripps and his warm commendation of R. Revelle for the Directorship

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.15  1962

Includes correspondence, February-March, re W.H. Munk's fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge, to 'extract components of oceanic and atmospheric tides from very long geophysical time series' (jointly with Bullard); correspondence on ocean heat flow with W.H.K. Lee and others.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.16  1963

Includes continuing correspondence on heat flow, and preliminary suggestion for Bullard's part-time appointment (see also CSAC 100.4.84/C.1).

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.17  1963-64

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.586-D.592 for research on palaeomagnetism arising from expedition.

Correspondence re Scripps expedition in R.V. Baird to Easter Island, Juan Fernandez and Valparaiso in August 1964

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.18  1964

General correspondence on scientific matters, including BOMM, SCOR (q.q.v.). Letter of 13 May asks Bullard to consider nomination as Director of Scripps.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.19  1964-65

Correspondence with W.H.K. Lee re publication 'Terrestrial Heat flow' (ed. Lee), Geophys. Monogr. No.8, to which Bullard contributed a 'Historical introduction' (Bibliog. 1965e).

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.20  1965

Includes correspondence and data re magnetic reversals for rocks from South Pacific expedition (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.586 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.592), correspondence re proposed publication in Bullard's honour of papers of International Symposium on Geothermal Problems at I.U.G.G. General Assembly, 1966, etc.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.21  1966-67

General scientific correspondence re research and appointments.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.22  1966-67

Correspondence and papers re Scripps NOVA expedition to southwestern Pacific. Bullard was on Horizon, 13 July-8 August, Suva-Brisbane, for sampling of palaeomagnetic rocks and volcanic lavas.
Includes a carbon letter from Bullard, 1970, re specimens collected on NOVA expedition.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.23  1968

Correspondence with and re Y. Bottinga.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.24  1968-70

Includes congratulations on the award of the Vetlesen prize, a note, August 1969, by Bullard on 'Magnetic Stratigraphy and JOIDES', Bullard's assessment of the work of IGPP, etc.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.25  1971-73

General correspondence on research and appointments.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.26  1973

Material on the history of research on marine heat flow at Scripps, stemming from Bullard's joint work in 1949 (see CSAC 100.4.84/C.12- CSAC 100.4.84/C.14). Includes a draft account of the subject by E.N. Shor, with comments and correspondence by Bullard, September-October 1973.
See CSAC 100.4.84/A.4 for a copy of the article 'E.C. Bullard's First Heat-Probe' as published in 1984.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/C.27  [n.d.]

Related information: Bullard was Chairman of the selection committee and was himself a Green Scholar in 1976 (see CSAC 100.4.84/C.8).

Correspondence and papers re selection of Green Scholars, funded by Cecil and Ida Green 'for the benefit of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics and... the entire Earth Sciences community at Scripps Institution of Oceanography', 1973-74, 1979
Folder includes background information on the terms of the gift.

Research and Academic  CSAC 100.4.84/C.28  1974-78

LECTURES AND TEACHING  CSAC 100.4.84/C.29-C.43  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard was concerned with various sets of lectures for the APIS (Applied Physics and Information Sciences) courses. He gave lectures, and also set, graded and moderated tests and examinations. He explains in his letter of resignation (CSAC 100.4.84/C.11) that he had previously been little involved with undergraduate teaching, but had found it enjoyable; this was clearly reciprocated (CSAC 100.4.84/C.31). The several records of tests and examinations indicate his conscientious yet humane approach to this aspect of academic life, even in 1979-80 when he knew that he was terminally ill (see esp. CSAC 100.4.84/C.33, CSAC 100.4.84/C.34).

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.29  1967, 1974-79

General correspondence and circulars on timetables, schedules, etc.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.30  n.d

Reading-lists, orders for books/reprints, handouts and teaching material for Bullard's classes.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.31  n.d

Evaluations of, and comments on, Bullard's courses by participants.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.32  Various dates, 1973-79

Tests and examinations: question papers, draft or 'ideal' answers.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.33  1979

Material re examinations, winter 1979 (Bullard's last at Scripps). Arrangements, scalings, detailed performances.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.34  1974-1980

Correspondence with and re students and their examination grades. 1974, but mainly 1978-80, when Bullard was seriously ill but still brought meticulous care to re-assessment, comments on work, etc.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.35  1978, 1979

Lists of participants in Bullard's courses, and their gradings.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.36  n.d and 1973-1974

21pp. ms. notes for course of lectures on 'The Earth', some dated 1973, 1974.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.37  1974

11pp. ms. notes for course of lectures on 'Earth's Magnetic Field (Scripps Oct. 1974)', and 2pp. additional notes.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.38  1974

Shorter ms. notes for lectures on 'Magnetic Limestones' and 'Atlantic continental edges', both October 1974.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.39  January 1976

Ms. notes, arrangements and schedules for lectures and seminars on Plate Tectonics

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.40  1977

Ms. notes for lectures on 'Plate tectonics', 'Fits and Splits', 'Earth's magnetic field', 'Disc Dynamos', all October-December 1977.

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.41  1978 and 1979

Ms. notes, arrangements and schedules for lectures and seminars on 'Development of ideas on plate tectonics' and 'Origin of earth's magnetic field'

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.42  Various dates, 1965-73

Miscellaneous shorter notes for lectures on various topics, given at La Jolla

Lectures and Teaching  CSAC 100.4.84/C.43  Various dates or undated

Miscellaneous notes, summaries of lectures, etc.

SECTION D RESEARCH  CSAC 100.4.84/D.1-D.651  [n.d.]

Almost all this work is in manuscript, and a substantial part of it remains in Bullard's original folders bearing his descriptions and dates, which are quoted in inverted commas in the catalogue entries.

Arrangement: The policy of retaining the original arrangement of the folders has been followed even when only one or two sheets of paper were contained; CSAC 100.4.84/D.143, CSAC 100.4.84/D.293 contain folders now empty from which material had been removed or redistributed by Bullard in ways not now easily traceable. Very bulky folders, and a fortiori the large filing-drawer dividers Bullard sometimes used to hold his more extensive accumulations of material, have been split into more manageable units for ease of reference.
The topics are presented in chronological order of the earliest documented evidence of Bullard's involvement.

Much of the early work on gravity measurement and explosion seismology, conducted from the Cambridge Department of Geodesy and Geophysics, includes correspondence with or to the then Reader, Sir Gerald Lenox-Conyngham, and other members of the Department. In conjunction with Section B it thus forms a useful contribution to the history of the subject and the Department.
To a considerably less extent, some of the work on geomagnetism conducted when Bullard was Director of the National Physical Laboratory includes material relating to staff and activities there.
CSAC 100.4.84/D.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.17 SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY NOTEBOOKS 1925-29
CSAC 100.4.84/D.18 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.23 ELECTRON SCATTERING 1929-31
CSAC 100.4.84/D.24 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.294 GRAVITY MEASUREMENT
Pendulum Swings CSAC 100.4.84/D.24- CSAC 100.4.84/D.143 1924-53
African Gravity Campaign 1933-36, 1956
CSAC 100.4.84/D.144- CSAC 100.4.84/D.294
CSAC 100.4.84/D.295- CSAC 100.4.84/D.351 EXPLOSION SEISMOLOGY
On land CSAC 100.4.84/D.295- CSAC 100.4.84/D.341 1933, 1935-36
At sea CSAC 100.4.84/D.342- CSAC 100.4.84/D.351 1937-39
CSAC 100.4.84/D.352- CSAC 100.4.84/D.426 HEAT FLOW
On land CSAC 100.4.84/D.352- CSAC 100.4.84/D.398 1937-58
At sea CSAC 100.4.84/D.399- CSAC 100.4.84/D.426 1949-58
CSAC 100.4.84/D.427- CSAC 100.4.84/D.429 AIRBORNE MAGNETOMETER 1947
CSAC 100.4.84/D.430- CSAC 100.4.84/D.433 FIGURE OF EARTH c.1947
CSAC 100.4.84/D.434- CSAC 100.4.84/D.476 DYNAMO THEORY 1947-79
CSAC 100.4.84/D.477- CSAC 100.4.84/D.483 EARTH DENSITY c.1951-56
CSAC 100.4.84/D.484- CSAC 100.4.84/D.506 PROTON MAGNETOMETER 1956-58, 1966
CSAC 100.4.84/D.514- CSAC 100.4.84/D.517 ARGON DATING 1956-61
CSAC 100.4.84/D.518- CSAC 100.4.84/D.522 SECULAR VARIATION c.1958-59
CSAC 100.4.84/D.523- CSAC 100.4.84/D.576 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS EDSAC CSAC 100.4.84/D.523- CSAC 100.4.84/D.527 c.1959-62
BOMM CSAC 100.4.84/D.528- CSAC 100.4.84/D.576 1960-76
CSAC 100.4.84/D.577- CSAC 100.4.84/D.585 CONTINENTAL DRIFT c.1962-65, 1975
CSAC 100.4.84/D.586- CSAC 100.4.84/D.592a PALAEOMAGNETISM 1964-66
CSAC 100.4.84/D.593- CSAC 100.4.84/D.609 ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY OF OCEANS 1965-71
CSAC 100.4.84/D.610- CSAC 100.4.84/D.612 MAGNETIC VARIATIONS 1967-69
CSAC 100.4.84/D.613- CSAC 100.4.84/D.643 ENERGY SOURCES/NUCLEAR WASTE 1976-80
CSAC 100.4.84/D.644- CSAC 100.4.84/D.651 MISCELLANEOUS

SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY NOTEBOOKS, 1925-29  CSAC 100.4.84/D.1-D.17  [n.d.]

School Notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.1, D.2  [n.d.]

School Notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.1  c1925

Black notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard 28/12/25 Chemistry'

School Notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.2  1926

Hardback notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard Feb 4th 1926 Repton. Cohen's Organic Chemistry'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.3-D.17  [n.d.]

Chemistry  [no ref. or date]

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.3  1926

Hardback notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard 14/10/26 Chemistry' (few pages used)

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.4  1927-1928

Hardback notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard. 16/1/27. Volumetric'. Record of experiments. January 1927-February 1928, some checked and counter-signed 'J.B.'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.5-D.7  1927 or 1928

Three jotter-type notebooks, all bearing Bullard's name and two with a later note '1927 or 1928'

Mineralogy  [no ref. or date]

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.8  1927-1938

Blue notebook, 'Practical Mineralogy', inscribed inside front cover 'E.C. Bullard. Clare. 18/1/27', with a ms. note 'These note books were returned to me by Mrs. Hutchinson after Prof. Hutchinson's death. E.C.B. 2/2/38'

Physics  [no ref. or date]

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.9  n.d

Small red notebook, labelled 'Heat'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.10  1925-1929

Large springback folder. The inscription is 'E.C. Bullard, Repton, Oct. '25', but the contents are miscellaneous, some possibly dating from Repton, but most on various topics in physics and many bearing various dates 1926-29, in no obvious order

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.11  1926

Hardback notebook, labelled 'E.C. Bullard. 14/10/26. Physics'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.12  1926

Black looseleaf notebook, of notes taken at lectures at Cambridge, 1926.
Includes: 'Mechanics & Properties of Matter. Mr. Woods'
'Organic Chemistry. Prof. Sir W. Pope. Mr. Palmer'
'Mineralogy. Prof. Hutchinson'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.13  1927-1928

Springback folder, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard. Clare. 7/1/28. General Dynamics from notes taken at Mr. Pars' Lectures Michaelmas Term 1927'.
This is a written-up account, paginated 1-115, with an index of 57 sections

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.14  1927

Green notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard. Clare. 14/10/27. Practical crystal physics'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.15  1927

Red notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard, Clare. 10/10/27. Practical Physics Dr. Ellis' Lab.'

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.16  1928-1929

Red notebook, inscribed 'Part 2 Phys. Practical Class'. Work runs 15 October 1928-26 February 1929

Undergraduate notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.17  1928

Softback notebook, labelled 'E.C. Bullard, Clare. 17/3/28. Translation of Schrödinger, 1926'. (Translation, presumably by Bullard, of papers on wave mechanics by E. Schrödinger.)

ELECTRON SCATTERING, 1929-31  CSAC 100.4.84/D.18-D.23  [n.d.]

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/A. 13 for an account by Bullard of the work and the conditions in which it was carried out in the 'attic' referred to in CSAC 100.4.84/D.18. See also CSAC 100.4.84/J.10, CSAC 100.4.84/J.91.

Administrative history:
This was Bullard's first research, conducted at the Cavendish Laboratory under Rutherford, in collaboration with H.S.W. (later Sir Harrie) Massey


Softbacked green notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard, Clare. "The Attic". Long Vac. 1929'.
Experiments, mainly with apparatus, various dates July-August 1929

ELECTRON SCATTERING  CSAC 100.4.84/D.19  1929-1930

Small hardbacked notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard, Cavendish Lab. 11/10/29. Lab. Diary'.
Entries run 10 October 1929-15 February 1930.

Four notebooks on electron scattering  CSAC 100.4.84/D.20-D.23  [n.d.]

CSAC 100.4.84/D.20 lacks the inside front page; CSAC 100.4.84/D.21- CSAC 100.4.84/D.23 are inscribed with the names of Bullard and Massey and are all titled 'Scattering of Electrons in Gases' and numbered 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

ELECTRON SCATTERING  CSAC 100.4.84/D.20  1929-1930

No name or title, experiments run 28 October 1929-13 June 1930


Notebook 2, experiments run 13 June-3 August 1930


Notebook 3, experiments run 7 August-12 November 1930


Notebook 4, experiments run 14 November 1930-13 March 1931

GRAVITY MEASUREMENT  CSAC 100.4.84/D.24-D.294  [n.d.]


Arrangement: The material is presented chronologically as far as possible; the 'African Gravity Campaign' for which Bullard was directly responsible has been treated as a separate entity at CSAC 100.4.84/D.144- CSAC 100.4.84/D.294. Although the early folders at CSAC 100.4.84/D.24- CSAC 100.4.84/D.33 contain work done by others before Bullard joined the Department, the folders themselves and the descriptions of contents are his. The sequence of folders is broken at CSAC 100.4.84/D.34- CSAC 100.4.84/D.38 to include Bullard's own laboratory and field notebooks, and resumes at CSAC 100.4.84/D.39 with his folders of observations, correspondence and other research material

Administrative history:
This was one of the principal activities of the Cambridge Department in its early days, 'largely because the Department possessed some pendulums' as Bullard characteristically put it later (CSAC 100.4.84/A.7). Although he joined the staff only in 1931, the earliest records date from 1924 and were all kept in long-hand by Lenox-Conyngham and his assistants. They thus form an interesting contrast with the more sophisticated methods of automatic recording and more sensitive instrumentation to which Bullard himself contributed, using the talents of Leslie Flavill, the Departmental technician whom he valued highly. See, e.g. CSAC 100.4.84/D.72, CSAC 100.4.84/D.83, CSAC 100.4.84/D.84

'Pendulum Observations, 1924-25'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.24  1925-1926

Miscellaneous tables of observations, calculations, etc., mainly 20 May-1 June, and October 1925, all ms. in the hands of G.P. Lenox-Conyngham and G. Manley.
Included here is ms. 'Résumé of Work at the Pendulum House, Cambridge, November 1924-March 1925', 15pp., no author, and a letter to Lenox-Conyngham, February 1926, reporting 'gravity determinations made by our engineer Dr. F.A. Vening Meinesz'

'Lawes (sic) Temp. & Press. Coeffts.'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.25  1926

Notes, calculations, bundles of observations, almost all by J.B. Laws, but with some notes by G.P. Lenox-Conyngham; related mainly to adjustments to pendulums and to thermal coefficients.
Includes report by Laws on 'Final adjustment of lengths of Danish Pendulums', September 1926.
Observations run various dates, June-September 1926

Observations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.26-D.28  1926

Miscellaneous bundles of observations at Cambridge, Ordnance Survey Southampton and other stations, almost all made by J.B. Laws but with some additions and corrections by Lenox-Conyngham, August-September 1926.
Similar to above, but received as loose bundles. Now in three folders

'Laws obns. 1926'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.29  1926

Includes 'Report on the Relative Determinations of Gravity during August and September 1926' by Laws, with maps and notes by Lenox-Conyngham, and 'Recalculation of Lawes' (sic) Results ...' by Bullard, n.d

'Col. Crasters Obns. 1926'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.30  1926

Folder containing 'Report on Adjustment of period of Oscillation of Pendulums Oct. to Dec. 1926', by Craster

'Pesonen 1926-29'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.31  1926-1929

Notes, calculations, chart of observations 1926-29 for brass and invar pendulums, in Bullard's hand (presumably a copy of earlier data)

'Jolly and McCaw 1927'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.32  1927

Folder referring to work by G.T. McCaw, Geographical Section, War Office, and H.L.P. Jolly, Ordnance Survey.
Includes report 'Gravity Determinations in 1927', 5 pp. draft with ms. corrections by Jolly and Lenox-Conyngham, report on 'Gravity Observations 1927', 14pp. by Jolly and McCaw, miscellaneous tables and notes by Jolly, 1p. 'Summary of 1927 Obsns.' by Bullard

'Willis & Jolly 1930'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.33  1930

Referring to collaborative work on gravity determination with H.L.P. Jolly (Ordnance Survey) and J.C.T. Willis (Geographical Section, War Office).
Includes draft report, notes on loan of Cambridge Pendulum, maps, tables, etc., some by Lenox-Conyngham, and correspondence, April 1930-March 1931, between Lenox-Conyngham, collaborators and other colleagues re project

Observations and Calculations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.34-D.38  [n.d.]

Five notebooks of observations and calculations, of Cambridge and other stations, all inscribed with Bullard's name and address and numbered 1-5
These books are occasionally referred to in the notes and correspondence.
Folders labelled 'Cambridge Sept. 1935', 'Cambridge July 1936 (Base Southampton)' and 'Cambridge July 1936 Base Downing Place', found empty in the sequence, are included at CSAC 100.4.84/D.143.

Notebook No.1  CSAC 100.4.84/D.34  6 July 1931-12 February 1932

Notebook No.2  CSAC 100.4.84/D.35  17 March - 8 August 1932

Book 3  CSAC 100.4.84/D.36  8 August - 13 December 1932

Book No.4  CSAC 100.4.84/D.37  24 January 1933-12 July 1935

Book No.5  CSAC 100.4.84/D.38  16 July 1935-11 August 1937

'Pendulum Observations 1931'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.39  1931-1932

Tables, graphs, calculations, etc. almost all by H.L.P. Jolly 1931 (with a few notes 1932), J.C.T. Willis and Bullard, at various stations.
Includes correspondence, 1931, all addressed to Lenox-Conyngham, from Willis and Bullard, re progress of research. Correspondence for September refers to damage sustained by pendulums, referred to in Annual Report for 1932 included in CSAC 100.4.84/B.4.

'Pendulum Observations 1932'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.40  1931-1932

Tables, graphs, calculations by Jolly and Bullard, almost all 1932 but a few 1931.
Includes letter to Lenox-Conyngham from Director General, Ordnance Survey and a copy of his annual report describing the history and progress of the collaborative research on gravity pendulum apparatus

'E.C.B. Report 1931-32'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.41  1931-1932

'Report on pendulum observations September 1931 to February 1932 by E.C. Bullard'
18pp. draft + 6 tables (2 copies).
Ms. drawings and figures

'E.C.B. Press. & Temp. Coeffs. 1931-32'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.42  1931-1932

Folder of ms. tables and calculations

'Royston etc. 1932'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.43  October-November 1932

Ms. records and calculations, all by Bullard, taken at Pendulum House and various sites in Cambridge district, various dates

'Magnetic & cooling measurements. E.C.B. 1932-33'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.44  1932-1933

Miscellaneous ms. graphs, charts, calculations

'Willis'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.45  1931-1941

Folder of miscellaneous shorter correspondence between Bullard and Willis, re pendulum swings, 1931, 1933. Bullard's letter 5 October 1933 (written during his voyage to Africa) describes his discovery of rust in the invar pendulums. See Annual Report 1933-34 in CSAC 100.4.84/B.4.
Included here is an unsigned letter to 'Dr. Wood', May 1941, about development of research methods

'Jolly'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.46  1932-1936

General correspondence about gravity determination research, with H.L.P. Jolly, 1932-36, and with M. Hotine, 1935-36 (both of Ordnance Survey).
Includes (incomplete) ms. historical note by Jolly on 'Gravity in the British Isles'

'Kater's results'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.47  1933

Ms. calculations, and Bullard's copy of a letter to Jolly on subject, July 1933. Referred to in CSAC 100.4.84/D.46 but kept in separate folder by Bullard.

'Temp. coeffts. Jan. 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.48  1933

Related information: There is a note on the folder 'see also notebook 4' (CSAC 100.4.84/D.37)

Tables, charts, calculations, all by Bullard. Some pages annotated 'Record measured upside down'

'Temp. & press. coeffts. of quartz pendulum 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.49  1933

Tables, graphs, calculations, mainly comparing quartz and invar pendulums

'Aneroids'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.50  1933-1936

Certificates of comparison for various instruments, annotated by Bullard, 1933-36.

'Red Sea'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.51  nd

Tables and notes of 'Comparison of various observers in Red Sea', by Bullard, n.d but kept in the sequence.

'Pendulum Observations 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.52  1932-1934

Bulky folder of tables, charts, calculations, etc., almost all by Bullard but some by Jolly.
Includes some material 1932 and 1934 as well as 1933.
Includes extensive observations at various stations in N. Wales by Bullard, March-April, and a 'check' for July-August swings dated 'Bay of Biscay October 1933' (when Bullard was en route to Africa)

'8-hr. swings Mar.-Aug. 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.53  1933

Data sheets for Pendulum House, April and June only

8-hour swings Southampton, June 1933  CSAC 100.4.84/D.54  1933

Observations, calculations (not all by Bullard)

8-hour swings, various dates and stations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.55  June-August 1933

Observations, calculations (not all by Bullard)

8-hour swings, Southampton  CSAC 100.4.84/D.56  July 1933

Observations, calculations (not all by Bullard)

'8-hr. swings Oct. 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.57  1933

Observations, calculations for Pendulum House, Cambridge

'Cambridge 1'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.58  October 1933

Observations, calculations at Pendulum House, mainly comparison of quartz and invar pendulums. All by Bullard

'8-hr. swings Nov.-Dec. 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.59  1933

Observations, calculations, at Pendulum House (not all by Bullard)

'8hr. swings Jan.-Feb. 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.60  1934

Observations, calculations at Pendulum House. Not all by Bullard, but annotated and corrected by him.

'8 hr. swings Mar-Apr. 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.61  1934

Similar material

'8 hr swings May-June 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.62  1934

Similar material

'8 hr. swings June-July 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.63  1934

Similar material (includes 1p. observations for August)

'Hunstanton'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.64  June 1934

Observations, calculations

'Cambridge 2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.65  1934

Similar material, and tabulated results. Mainly May-June 1934

'8 hr swings July 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.66  1934

Observations, calculations at Pendulum House. Not all by Bullard. Some by D.F. Munsey

'Cambridge Oct. 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.67  1934

Similar material, almost all by Bullard

'8 hr swings Oct.-Dec. 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.68  1934

Similar material, almost all by Bullard

'Temp. coeffts. & summary 1934'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.69  1926-1934

Calculations, tabulated summary of temperature coefficient data, 1926-34

'Tables'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.70  n.d

Folder of calculations, notes, tabulations, all by Bullard, mainly re temperature and density corrections of quartz and invar pendulums, n.d, kept with above. Some perhaps relating to later work with B.C. Browne, CSAC 100.4.84/D.86-D.88.
Includes note of 'pendulum taken to Africa' and 'List of apparatus required at field station'.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.71  1934

With National Physical Laboratory re possible collaboration in gravity project

'Design of Quartz Pend'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.72  nd and 1934-1935

Folder of notes, drafts and drawings of various dates.
Includes: Note of 'Proposed alterations to quartz pendulums' July 1934, with additional notes by Lenox-Conyngham.
3 bundles of draft 'Design of Quartz Pendulum' paginated 1-12, 13-16, 17-22.
2 unpaginated bundles of calculations.
Note on 'South African Pendulum', August 1935.
Blueprints for 'Quartz Pendulum', by L.H. Flavill

'Quartz Balance'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.73  nd

Miscellaneous calculations, n.d, but kept with above as separate folder

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.74  1935

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.89

Re proposed 'magnetic survey of the oceans' and equipment for gravity measurements, with G. Norgaard

'Cambridge Aug. 1935'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.75  1935

Observations, calculations, all by Bullard or checked by him

'Southampton Aug. 1935'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.76  1935

Similar material

'WESTON COLVILLE'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.77  1935

Similar material, September 1935

'Cambridge Sept. 1935'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.78  1935

Similar material, all by Bullard

'8 hr swings 1935'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.79  1935

Observations, calculations, tables, all by Bullard, various dates, August-December 1935

'Lincolnshire'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.80  1936

Observations, calculations, not all by Bullard, July, September 1936

'8 hr Swings 1936'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.81  1936

Observations, calculations, mainly for Southampton and Cambridge, various dates 1936. Includes 1p. 'Summary of 8hr swings made at Cambridge Oct. 1934'

'O.S. Summaries'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.82, D.83  [n.d.]

Contents of bulky folder so described.


In original folder

Correspondence and reports re 6th General Assembly, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Edinburgh 1936.
Includes correspondence with H.L.P. Jolly re meeting and Bullard's contributions, maps, tables and reports on gravity anomalies prepared by Bullard


Earlier reports on gravity measurements, kept by Bullard with above and perhaps assembled by him for 1936 report. Several refer favourably to his improved methods of measurement and recommend their wider use.
Includes: N.P.L. Report 1927
Summary of gravity determinations 1928
Ordnance Survey Geodetic Work 1927-30 (incomplete)
Ordnance Survey Pendulum Work 1927-33
List of Gravity Stations in Britain, by Jolly, n.d
Report on Gravity by J.C.T. Willis, c. 1933-34
Present Position of Gravity Survey of Africa, October 1935

'Thermal Syndicate' (Firm of quartz manufacturers  CSAC 100.4.84/D.84  Various dates, 1932-38

Correspondence with the firm re design and supply of quartz pendulums and other apparatus; includes various sketches for equipment by Bullard

'Metro-Vic' (Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd  CSAC 100.4.84/D.85  1933-1936

Correspondence with the firm re apparatus. One letter 1933, but mainly 1936

Three folders of observations, calculations, notes and drafts  CSAC 100.4.84/D.86-D.88  [n.d.]

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/A.53

Mainly on the comparison and standardisation of pendulums.
Much of the work is in the hand of B.C. Browne, who joined the Department as Demonstrator in Geodesy in Michaelmas Term 1936, replacing Bullard on the latter's election to the Smithson Research Fellowship of the Royal Society

'A7, B7 and C7'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.86  various dates, 1937

Observations, calculations, notes and drafts, on standardisation and correction of pendulums

'A7, B7 and C7 Pressure Coeffs  CSAC 100.4.84/D.87  various dates, 1937

Similar material

'A7, B7 and C7 Temp. Coeffs  CSAC 100.4.84/D.88  various dates, 1937

Similar material

Pendulum Swings/Gravity Determinations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.89  [n.d.]

'Static Gravity-meter', by G. Norgaard. 7 pp. report, n.d, c.1935-36
Miscellaneous observations. 1936, letter to Lenox-Conyngham re Browne's work on pendulums, 1937.

'Standardisation of Quartz Pendulums'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.90, D.91  [n.d.]

Related information: See the Annual Report for 1938 in CSAC 100.4.84/B.4.

Contents of bulky folder so labelled (in the hand of B.C. Browne).
This refers mainly to a quartz pendulum apparatus made for the University of Cape Town; the pendulums were standardised by B.C. Browne at the National Gravity Station at Greenwich

Observations, calculations, notes of operating procedure  CSAC 100.4.84/D.90  c1936-1937

Various dates, November 1936-August 1937 (in the hands of Browne and Bullard)

Material relating to despatch of apparatus to Cape Town  CSAC 100.4.84/D.91  [n.d.]

Includes ms. and typescript versions of descriptions of apparatus and instructions for its use (by Browne, heavily revised by Bullard), with letter and summary of standardisation procedure, December 1937.
Also included are ms. lists of apparatus, and valuation for shipping.

List of apparatus taken to South Australia by C. Kerr-Grant in order to make gravity determinations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.92  [n.d.]

Related information: See Annual Report 1938 in CSAC 100.4.84/B.4

With ms. note by Bullard at head, and signed at end by Kerr-Grant, 10 June 1937

'8 hr Swings 1937'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.93  various dates 1937

Related information: A folder also labelled '8 hr. Swings 1937', found empty in the sequence, is included at CSAC 100.4.84/D.143.

Observations, calculations, summary, all by Bullard

'8 hour Swings at Downing Place Dec.-Jan. 1938-39'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.94  1938-1939

Folder (not by Bullard, some by Browne) of observations, calculations, summary of work on pendulum standardisation by Browne dated October 1939.
Includes letter, 1949, from Browne to C. Kerr-Grant re his pendulum observations in Australia in 1938. See CSAC 100.4.84/D.92, CSAC 100.4.84/J.70.

'8 hour Swings. Pendulum House. Dec,-Jan. 1938-39'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.95  1938-1939

Similar material, mainly by Browne, on standardisation of pendulums for Dehra Dun, India.

'8 hour Swings. Pendulum House. July 1939'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.96  1939

Similar material

'Gravity Summary 1936-39'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.97  1939

Notes, tables, measurements for submission to 'Gravity on land' section of 7th General Assembly, International Union Geodesy and Geophysics, Washington, September 1939

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/D.98  1938-1939

1939 With National Physical Laboratory, re Bullard's visit to Washington Conference in September, and standardisation of pendulums at Department of Geodesy, National Physical Laboratory and National Bureau of Standards, and other matters on gravity determinations.
Includes miscellaneous comparative data by Bullard on pendulums at NPL and NBS, various dates, July-October 1939.
Also included is one letter from NPL, 1938

Work on testing and standardising of apparatus and set of pendulums for University of Buenos Aires.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.99-D.103  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
The work was done in 1942 (CSAC 100.4.84/D.99) much of it by Lenox-Conyngham himself with Bullard guiding the procedure and working out the results. The pendulums were re-swung in 1945 (CSAC 100.4.84/D.100) and further testing took place in Cambridge in 1947 (CSAC 100.4.84/D.101). Correspondence, etc. continues to 1949.
The pendulums are referred to in the data as 8A / B / C to denote the eighth set made by the Cambridge Instrument Company.

'8 hr Swings 8 A B C June-Aug. 1942'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.99  1942

Extensive folder of observations, calculations, etc., almost all by Bullard or Lenox-Coynyngham. Includes Bullard's ms. instructions for conducting the observations, and a letter from Lenox-Coynyngham on his difficulties with them.

'Aug.-Sept. 1945 8 A B C. Argentine Pendulums'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.100  1945

Extensive folder of similar material; calculations all by Bullard.

'1 A,B,C &8 A,B,C in Argentine' 1947  CSAC 100.4.84/D.101  April-May 1947

Extensive folder of similar material

Correspondence re pendulums and variations of gravity at Cambridge and Buenos Aires  CSAC 100.4.84/D.102  1948, 1949

'Normal Continuous Argentine Pendulums 1949'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.103  various dates June-July 1949

Observations, calculations, not by Bullard

'Cambridge (opening swings for New Zealand work)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.104  c1947-1948

Administrative history:
This refers to the standardisation of a set of pendulums sent to D.S.I.R., New Zealand, for a gravity survey, and a quartz clock which was also sent.

Observations, calculations, mostly by Bullard, some by R.I.B. Cooper, various dates, April-May 1947, with ms. note 'sent to N.Z. 11/2/48'.

'Theoretical Gravity Problems'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.105-D.107  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so inscribed (by R.I.B. Cooper) relating to research and joint paper with Bullard 'Determination of the masses necessary to produce a given gravitational field' Proc. R. Soc., A, 194 (Bibliog. 1948c).

Typescript and ms. draft for paper, heavily revised by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/D.105  n.d

Correspondence and research notes, from collaborator, and from G. Kreisel who had originally been a joint author but whose work was published as a separate paper (1947)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.106  1947-48

Extensive notes, graphs, calculations, all by Bullard.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.107  [n.d.]

In original folder.

'South Africa 1948'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.108  1948

Observations, calculations, etc. standardising pendulum swings at Cambridge and Witwatersrand. All by R.I.B. Cooper.
Includes letter re gravity survey in South Africa, 1948

'Gravity Survey of the British Isles'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.109  c1948

6pp. duplicated typescript note by Bullard 'prepared for consideration by the Sub-Committee on English gravity recently appointed by the National Committee for Geodesy'.
n.d but probably March 1948. Recommends fuller coverage for Ireland and Scotland; see D. 110-D. 127 for the implementation of the research.
Correspondence (only) re paper by Cook and Thirlaway on 'Recent observations of Gravity in Wales and the Borders', 1948

Observations and calculations for gravity survey of Britain, for various stations in Ireland, Scotland and England, standardised at Pendulum House, Cambridge  CSAC 100.4.84/D.110-D.127  [n.d.]

The work was done in 1949, when Bullard was at Toronto; the material is therefore not in his hand, but forms part of the gravity survey project and of the work of the Cambridge Department.

Ireland  [no ref. or date]

Dublin pendulums  CSAC 100.4.84/D.110  March-April 1949

Sligo pendulums  CSAC 100.4.84/D.111  March 1949

Cork pendulums  CSAC 100.4.84/D.112  April 1949

Galway pendulums  CSAC 100.4.84/D.113  March 1949

Post-Eire (standardising at Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.114  April 1949

Eire 1949 ('pre-Eirean swings' at Cambridge)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.115  March 1949

Ireland 1949. Tabulated results for various stations, standardised with Cambridge. Includes letter, May 1949  CSAC 100.4.84/D.116  1949

England  [no ref. or date]

York  CSAC 100.4.84/D.117  July 1949

Newcastle  CSAC 100.4.84/D.118  July 1949

Cambridge (base swings before York and Newcastle)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.119  July 1949

Cambridge (base swings after York, Newcastle and Edinburgh)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.120  August 1949

Scotland  [no ref. or date]

Edinburgh  CSAC 100.4.84/D.121  July 1949

Edinburgh  CSAC 100.4.84/D.122  September 1949

Aberdeen  CSAC 100.4.84/D.123  September 1949

Cambridge (base swings)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.124  September 1949

Cambridge (base swings)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.125  October 1949

Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Various tables of results and drafts for paper.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.126  [n.d.]

Australia  [no ref. or date]

Folder of base swings standardised at Cambridge for similar work on Australian Survey  CSAC 100.4.84/D.127  November 1949

Continuing work on Gravity Survey  CSAC 100.4.84/D.128-D.141  1951

Envelopes and folders of observations and calculations made at Pendulum House, Cambridge, and for other base stations as specified.

National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/D.128  24, 25 June 1951

One envelope

National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/D.129  2, 3, 5 July 1951

One envelope

National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/D.130  18, 19, 20 July 1951

One envelope

National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/D.131  7, 8, 9 August 1951

One envelope

National Physical Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/D.132  10, 11 September 1951

One envelope

Southampton Ordnance Survey  CSAC 100.4.84/D.133  28, 29 June 1951

Bureau International de Poids et Mesures, Sèvres  CSAC 100.4.84/D.134  12, 13 July 1951

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Brunschweig  CSAC 100.4.84/D.135  25, 26 July 1951

Bad Harzburg  CSAC 100.4.84/D.136  29, 30 July 1951

Cambridge Pendulum House  CSAC 100.4.84/D.137  June 1951

Cambridge Pendulum House  CSAC 100.4.84/D.138  August 1951

Cambridge Pendulum House  CSAC 100.4.84/D.139  5-7 September 1951

Cambridge Pendulum House  CSAC 100.4.84/D.140  17-24 September 1951

Cambridge Pendulum House  CSAC 100.4.84/D.141  24 October-2 November 1951

Brief correspondence and chart of gravity data for S.W. Asiatic Russia  CSAC 100.4.84/D.142  1953

Empty folders originally containing pendulum data various dates  CSAC 100.4.84/D.143  1935-37

AFRICAN GRAVITY CAMPAIGN  CSAC 100.4.84/D.144-D.294  1933-36, 1956

Administrative history:
This research, though related to the general work on gravity determinations conducted at the Department, was Bullard's first major expedition and its published results (Bibliog. 1935, and especially the long paper in Proc. Roy. Soc. Bibliog. 1936a) aroused widespread interest. Characteristically, Bullard himself later referred to the work as 'what now seems a wholly erroneous interpretation of the origin of the rift valleys'.
The expedition was funded from various sources, including Cambridge University, the Royal Society and the Royal Geographical Society; Bullard also held a research fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust. He left Britain on 21 October 1933 and returned on 16 May 1934, having visited 57 stations, some more than once, situated in the then territories of Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Belgian Congo and Tanganyika. An additional observation (no.58 in the sequence, now at CSAC 100.4.84/D.224) was made in Cape Town on the journey home. Bullard was accompanied on the trip by his wife Margaret (Tom) who helped with some of the observations and record-keeping.
In addition to the gravity measurements which were the main research purpose of the 1933-34 expedition, Bullard also carried out observations at 14 stations on the secular variation of terrestrial magnetism. See especially the correspondence with the Carnegie Institution of Washington on the loan of equipment and the organisation of the work (CSAC 100.4.84/D.146) and Bullard's journals, notes and observations (CSAC 100.4.84/D.275 et seq.) See also letter from S. Chapman in CSAC 100.4.84/D.151.
Before leaving Africa, Bullard discussed the possibility of continuing work on gravity determinations, to be undertaken by officers of the Survey Department of Tanganyika. The designated officer, W. Horsfield, visited Cambridge in 1934 to study the measurement technique and, using the Cambridge field-apparatus, carried out observations at 36 stations during 1935-36. A collaborative paper 'Gravity Measurements in Tanganyika Territory' appeared in 1937 (Bibliog. 1937a). Many of the observations and data-sheets at CSAC 100.4.84/D.225- CSAC 100.4.84/D.270 are signed or initialled by Horsfield or his assistant, R.N. Lissett, though all the reductions for topography and compensation were done in Cambridge by Bullard.
CSAC 100.4.84/D.294 is later (1956) correspondence on gravity measurements in East Africa.

CSAC 100.4.84/D.144- CSAC 100.4.84/D.157 Organisation and funding of expedition, 1933-34
CSAC 100.4.84/D.158- CSAC 100.4.84/D.224 East African Station records (1-58), 1933-34
CSAC 100.4.84/D.225- CSAC 100.4.84/D.270 Tanganyikan Station records (1-36), 1935-36
CSAC 100.4.84/D.271- CSAC 100.4.84/D.293 Journals, calculations, writings
CSAC 100.4.84/D.294 Correspondence, 1956

Organisation and funding  CSAC 100.4.84/D.144-D.157  1933-35

'Leverhulme'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.144  1933-1935

Application for Research Fellowship, and correspondence arising, 1933, and one letter 1935.

Application to Royal Society for grant for expedition  CSAC 100.4.84/D.145  n.d

Submitted by Lenox-Conyngham but drafted by Bullard.

Correspondence with Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington 1933-34, 1937-38.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.146  1924-1938

Correspondence 1933-34 deals with the loan to Bullard of a 'field-outfit' to enable him to conduct magnetic measurements in addition to the gravity observations. It includes detailed recommendations from the Institution for research on secular variations, operational instructions, etc.
Correspondence 1937-38 deals with Bullard's report, return of the 'cahiers' (see also CSAC 100.4.84/D.276- CSAC 100.4.84/D.281) and also refers to his seismic work at sea with R.M. Field (see also CSAC 100.4.84/D.342- CSAC 100.4.84/D.351).
Includes a copy of the Carnegie Institution's 'General Directions for magnetic observations ...', 1924.

'Kohlschütter'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.147  1933-1934

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.157, CSAC 100.4.84/D.289

Correspondence 1933-34 with Kohlschütter, who had made a similar expedition in 1899, about sites, loan of maps, etc.
Correspondence 1934 refers to Kohlschütter's visit to Britain and meeting with Bullard and Lenox-Conyngham.
Bullard visited several of Kohlschütter's sites and repeated his observations. The similarity of the results was considered very satisfactory and was commented upon in the published papers (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.291).

Correspondence with colleagues re-equipment and information for observations in Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.148  1933-34

Correspondence with suppliers of scientific instruments.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.149  1933-1934

Cooke, Troughton & Simms, re pendulums, 1933-34.
Cambridge Instrument Company, re coil magnetometer, 1933-34

Correspondence with Government officials in Africa re arrangements, transport, laisser-passer  CSAC 100.4.84/D.150  1933-34

Correspondence with colleagues re research plans, information on local conditions, etc.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.151  1933

Includes letter from S. Chapman to Lenox-Conyngham on Bullard's proposed work on magnetic variation.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.152  1934

Re additional gravity observation made at Cape Town on return journey (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.224).

Miscellaneous notes by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/D.153  1933-c1934

Includes 'Notes on matters connected with the E. African Expedition. Oct. 1933'; 'Notes on Quartz Pendulums' c.1934; 'Summary of rock densities' (for magnetism work); ms. notes of various gravity sites.

Correspondence with Lenox-Conyngham  CSAC 100.4.84/D.154  21 September-29 December 1933

(In original folder).
An extensive sequence of letters and cables exchanged every few days during trip, with scientific and a little personal news.

Correspondence with Lenox-Conyngham  CSAC 100.4.84/D.155  4 January-2 April 1934

An extensive sequence of letters and cables exchanged every few days during trip, with scientific and a little personal news.
See CSAC 100.4.84/D.274 for Lenox-Conyngham's laboratory notebook for the expedition.

Correspondence re maps and plans of sites of observations in Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.156  1934

Correspondence arising from visit  CSAC 100.4.84/D.157  1934-1935

Letter from H. G. Lyons congratulating Bullard and his wife on 'a really great performance' in obtaining data, 1934.
Letters from B. Willis about his own work in E. Africa and on Kohlschütter's results, 1935

East African Station Records (1-58)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.158-D.224  [n.d.]

Arrangement: This sequence of folders retains Bullard's original order.

Each folder contains, unless otherwise stated, photographic observations, dated and timed and with ms. annotations; ms. records of pendulum used; standardisation with Cambridge base, etc. The records are in the hands of Bullard and Margaret Bullard, usually checking each other's work. Some have additional information describing the observation site, conditions of work or other relevant circumstances.
Additional notes, calculations, maps, etc. relating to this work are at CSAC 100.4.84/D.271 et seq.

'Mombasa No.1'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.158  18-19 November 1933

'Mombasa No.1 Second visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.159  17-19 March 1934

'Nairobi I. No.2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.160  23-25 November 1933

'Nairobi II. No.2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.161  19-21 December 1933

'Nairobi No.2' 3rd visit  CSAC 100.4.84/D.162  1-4 March 1934

'Limuru No.3'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.163  27 November 1933

'Kijabe No.4'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.164  28 November 1933

'Naivasha No.5'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.165  29 November-2 December 1933

'Naivasha No.5' (2nd visit)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.166  28 February 1934

'Gilgil No.6'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.167  4-5 December 1933

'Nakaru No.7'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.168  5-6 December 1933

'Nakaru No.7 (2nd visit)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.169  27-28 February 1934

'Eldama Ravine No.8'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.170  7 December 1933

'Marigat No.9'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.171  8 December 1933

'Kampi-Ya-Moto No.10'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.172  9 December 1933

'Thomson's Falls No.11'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.173  11 December 1933

'Nanyuki No.12'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.174  13-16 December 1933

'Nyeri No.13'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.175  16 December 1933

'Fort Hall No.14'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.176  18 December 1933

'Equator No.15'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.177  23-24 December 1933

'Equator No.15 (2nd visit)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.178  26 February 1934

'Kisumu No.16'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.179  27-28 December 1933

'Kisumu No.16 (2nd visit)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.180  23 February 1934

'Eldoret No.17'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.181  1-2 January 1934

'Tororo No.18'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.182  3-5 January 1934

'Jinja No.19 First Visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.183  6 January 1934

'Jinja (Second Visit)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.184  11-14 January 1934

'Jinja No.19 Third Visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.185  20-21 February 1934

'Kampala No.20'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.186  7-9 January 1934

'Mbale No.21'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.187  15-16 January 1934

'Soroti No.22'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.188  17 January 1934

Includes a later note by Bullard on corrected measurements used for this station in published paper.

'Lira No.23'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.189  18-19 January 1934

'Kitgum No.24'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.190  19 January 1934

'Torit No.25'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.191  20 January 1934

'Juba No.26'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.192  22-23 January 1934

'Aba No.27'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.193  24-25 January 1934

'Bai Nzoro No.28'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.194  25-26 January 1934

'Maie No.29'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.195  26-27 January 1934

With extensive comparative calculations by Bullard

'Nioka No.30'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.196  27-28 January 1934

'Bogoro No.31'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.197  29-31 January 1934

'Kasenyi No.32'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.198  30-31 January 1934

'Irumu No.33'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.199  31 January-1 February 1934

'Butembo No.34'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.200  1-2 February 1934

'Kisolo No.35'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.201  7-8 February 1934

'Kabale No.36'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.202  8 February 1934

'Lwashamaire No.37'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.203  9-10 February 1934

'Kichwamba No.38'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.204  10-11 February 1934

'Kikorongo No.39'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.205  12-13 February 1934

'Fort Portal No.40'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.206  13-14 February 1934

'Kabwoya No.41'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.207  15 February 1934

'Butiaba No.42'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.208  16 February 1934

'Hoima No.43'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.209  17 February 1934

'Mumias No.44'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.210  22-23 February 1934

'Kitale No.45'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.211  24 February 1934

'Magadi No.46'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.212  5-6 March 1934

'Kajiado No.47'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.213  6-7 March 1934

'Ngorongoro No.48'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.214  8 March 1934

'Arusha No.49'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.215  9-10 March 1934

'Moshi No.50'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.216  10-11 March 1934; 15-16 March 1934

'Voi No.51'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.217  16 March 1934

'Kilifi No.52'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.218  20-21 March 1934

'Malindi No.53'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.219  21 March 1934

'Kwale No.54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.220  23 March 1934

'Tanga No.55'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.221  24-25 March 1934

'Pangani No.56'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.222  26 March 1934

'Dar-es-Salaam No.57'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.223  3 April 1934

'Cape Town No.58'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.224  22 April 1934

Related information: This was the additional observation taken during the return journey. See correspondence arranging visit at CSAC 100.4.84/D.152.

Tanganyikan Station Records (1-36)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.225-D.270  [n.d.]

Arrangement: This sequence preserves Bullard's original folders and arrangement.
The stations are not numbered as in the 1933-34 sequence: they are in chronological order of date of observation.

The material is similar, though the base stations vary and include Rugby, Southampton and Bordeaux. The field data are usually signed W. Horsfield or R.N. Lissett, but all the folders include checking, corrections and additional calculations by Bullard.
CSAC 100.4.84/D.269, CSAC 100.4.84/D.270 are additional material relating to the work, also by Horsfield and Lissett.

'Singida'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.225  24 January 1935

'Mgori'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.226  25 January 1935

'Sela'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.227  24 February 1935

'Chokaa'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.228  4 March 1935

'Mbuyuni'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.229  6 March 1935

'Myamya'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.230  8 March 1935

'Dodoma Base'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.231  11 March 1935

'Dodoma'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.232  12 March 1935

'Chibwangula'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.233  13 March 1935

'Kilosa'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.234  15 March 1935

'Ruvu'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.235  18 March 1935

'Dar-es-Salaam 1st Visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.236  20-21 March 1935; 25 March 1935

'Dar-es-Salaam 2nd Visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.237  24-26 June 1935

'Bahi'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.238  27 March 1935

'Itigi'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.239  29 March 1935

'Tura'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.240  1 April 1935

'Goweko'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.241  5 April 1935

'Kaliwa'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.242  8-9 April 1935

'Uvinza'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.243  12 April 1935

'Kazuramimba'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.244  17 April 1935

'Kingwempimpi'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.245  30 April 1935; 2 May 1935

'Ruaha Bridge'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.246  3-4 May 1935

'Iringa'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.247  6-7 May 1935

'Nyamapara'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.248  8-9 May 1935

Includes a note by Bullard on discrepant figure in published paper.

'Trig. Pt. 182'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.249  11 May 1935

'Itewe'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.250  14 May 1935

'Iwungu'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.251  16-17 May 1935

'Kipembawe'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.252  20 May 1935

'Mbogo'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.253  21 May 1935

'Kitunda'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.254  22 May 1935

'Shinyanga'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.255  25-27 May 1935

'Mwanza'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.256  28-29 May 1935

'Mafia'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.257  13 June 1935

'Kilwa Kiswani'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.258  15 June 1935

'Mikindani'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.259  17 June 1935

'Lindi'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.260  18 June 1935

'Kilwa Kivinji'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.261  20 June 1935

'Khartoum 1st Visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.262  16-18 December 1935; 15 February 1936

'Musmar'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.263  20-22 February 1936

'Haiya'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.264  24-25 February 1936

'Sinkat'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.265  27-28 February 1936

'Suakin'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.266  2-4 March 1936

'Khartoum 2nd Visit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.267  11-12 March 1936; 10-11 May 1936

'Unreadable records'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.268  1935-1936

Miscellaneous readings 1,15 February 1935, 16 March 1936 for stations Morogoro, Babati, Wembe.

Large folder of 'Latitude and Barometer Heights of Pendulum Stations'.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.269  c1935

Observations made at various stations, some dated April, May 1935, in the hands of W. Horsfield and R.N. Lissett of the Tanganyika Territory Survey Department.

Pedulum Observations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.270  c1935

Purple ledger-type book, inscribed 'Pendulum Observations'.
Similar material, by Lissett and another, various dates, April-June 1935.

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.271-D.293  [n.d.]

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.271  1933-1934

Softbacked notebook labelled 'African Gravity Campaign 1933-34', paginated 1-155 and kept in the hands of Bullard and Margaret Bullard.
Entries run 18 November 1933-26 February 1934 and include detailed accounts of observations, descriptions and maps of stations numbered 1-56.

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.272  1934

Small pocket diary for 1934, with diary entries, calculations, mileage covered, etc., to 1 April. All in Bullard's hand.

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.273  1933-1934

Large blue account book, labelled 'African Gravity Accounts'.
Detailed account of all expenditure incurred before, during and after journey to Africa. Entries run 26 July 1933 - 31 July 1934, with a final statement of account at end of trip.
This is in many respects one of the most interesting items in the collection, documenting expenses in meticulous detail for personal living, travel, equipment, wages for 'boys', sums 'lost through hole in pocket', etc

'Diary of Pendulum Observations at Cambridge, November 1933'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.274  1933-1934

This is a small format notebook, all in the hand of Lenox-Conyngham. Entries run 17 November 1933-22 April 1934 and deal primarily with 'records intended for comparison with those made in Africa'. Occasional other entries are made, e.g. 29 November 'Vening Meinesz visited the Pendulum House', 12 March 'Cable received from Bullard "climbing Kilimanjaro"'

'Coil magnetometer'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.275-D.281  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so inscribed, dealing with Bullard's research on terrestrial magnetism conducted at the same time as the gravity observations and with equipment provided by the Carnegie Institution of Washington (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.146)
Items CSAC 100.4.84/D.276- CSAC 100.4.84/D.280 are 'Observer's Cahiers' of the Carnegie Institution, completed by Bullard for five stations only. CSAC 100.4.84/D.281 is a bundle of observations, descriptions and notes for various stations not distributed into 'Cahiers'.

'Coil magnetometer'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.275  1933-1934

Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations, on results, comparison of various equipment, 'Test on Ordnance Survey coil magnetometer after return from Africa', etc., various dates, December 1933- July 1934

Carnegie Institution Observer's Cahier no.1  CSAC 100.4.84/D.276  nd

Carnegie Institution Observer's Cahier no.2  CSAC 100.4.84/D.277  nd

Carnegie Institution Observer's Cahier no.3  CSAC 100.4.84/D.278  nd

Carnegie Institution Observer's Cahier no.4  CSAC 100.4.84/D.279  nd

Carnegie Institution Observer's Cahier no.18  CSAC 100.4.84/D.280  nd

Carnegie Institution Observer's Cahier  CSAC 100.4.84/D.281  1933-1934

Bundle of loose pages, similar to above, various dates, November 1933-March 1934

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.282  November 1933-March 1934

Tagged sequence of descriptions and summaries of work at all magnetic stations

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.283  1933-1934

1p. 'Report on Magnetic Observations in E. Africa, 1933-34', by Bullard

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.284  ?1935

Miscellaneous notes and charts for African stations. In original folder, inscribed 'Cambridge Aug. 1935' though material does not correspond with title, and is similar to CSAC 100.4.84/D.285 below

'Attractions Zones'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.285  1934

Miscellaneous notes, diagrams and calculations, comparative tables for East African stations, etc. Perhaps related to Bibliog.

'Atbara, Wadi Halfa, Abu Hamad, Meinesz Nos 12 & 13'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.286  [n.d.]

Tables and calculations

'Uganda Geological Survey'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.287  1934-37

Correspondence re Bullard's research and publications on 'Gravity Measurements in East Africa'

Shorter correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.288  1936

Re Bullard's paper on gravity measurements

'Kohlschu^"tter's Stations'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.289  nd

Extensive folder of tables and calculations, comparing Bullard's observations and results with those of Kohlschu^"tter's expedition of 1899-1900

'Hts. Congo Stations'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.290  nd

Tables and calculations

'The Structure of the African Rift Valleys'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.291  nd

Ms. and typescript draft for essay submitted for the Sedgwick Prize, Cambridge, September 1936; the draft incorporates sections from Bullard's previously published accounts (Bibliog. 1935, 1936a)

'Station Diags'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.292  nd

Plans, drawings, etc. for papers

Journals, calculations, writings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.293  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous empty folders labelled for various African stations, data presumably redistributed elsewhere

Correspondence 1956, with Department of Geological Survey Tanganyika  CSAC 100.4.84/D.294  [n.d.]

Re their proposed resumption of gravity measurements in East Africa.
There are various shorter items on gravity research in Africa, requests for station maps, information, etc. in Section J.

EXPLOSION SEISMOLOGY  CSAC 100.4.84/D.295-D.351  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
This research originated as part of the work in applied seismology at the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics in the mid 1930s. The earliest record of Bullard's involvement dates from 1933 (CSAC 100.4.84/D.295), but the bulk of the material deals with research from 1935 onwards.
Seismic reflections of small explosive charges recorded on geophones constructed for the purpose were used to measure the depth of the palaeozoic floor, mainly but not exclusively in eastern England (CSAC 100.4.84/D.301 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.332). Bullard's chief collaborators in this work were C. Kerr-Grant and T.F. Gaskell; the major publication 'Seismic investigations on the Palaeozoic floor of east England' appeared in 1940 (Bibliog. 1940a). The experience thus gained of equipment and methods led to Bullard's being consulted by several industrial firms with an interest in mining or subsidence (CSAC 100.4.84/D.333 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.340), a connection he frequently referred to in later plans for the postwar organisation and expansion of the Cambridge Department (see esp. CSAC 100.4.84/B.5 - CSAC 100.4.84/B.9).
What was more important, the work on explosion seismology on land, led to Bullard's being invited to America in 1937 by R.M. Field (CSAC 100.4.84/D.342) to see the progress of seismic prospecting on the eastern edge of the continental shelf; this was the occasion of his first meeting with Maurice Ewing. As a result, Bullard instigated similar work in Britain to study western side of the continental shelf. Two expeditions took place, in 1938 from H.M.S. Jason with the cooperation of the Navy, and in 1939 using two Brixham trawlers crewed mainly by amateur yachtsmen. The expeditions were of value in themselves in determining the depth of sedimentation of the continental shelf and also as inaugurating marine geophysics in Britain. The preliminary stages and proposals for the project are documented at CSAC 100.4.84/D.342 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.348; Bullard's letter of July 1939 in CSAC 100.4.84/D.348 refers to an additional short expedition in the trawler Arthur Rogers in August 1939 to explore the deep ocean floor.
Of interest is the racy account of the 1939 trip by the skipper of one of the trawlers, published in 1946 and retained at CSAC 100.4.84/D.350 in a photocopy kindly made available by Dr. D.H. Matthews
See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.1.

Seismic work on land
Apparatus and equipment design 1933, 1935-39 CSAC 100.4.84/D.295 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.300
Seismic observations and data 1936-38 CSAC 100.4.84/D.301 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.332
Consultancies 1937-39 CSAC 100.4.84/D.333 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.340
Miscellaneous later material 1947-56 CSAC 100.4.84/D.341
Seismic work at sea 1937-39, 1949 CSAC 100.4.84/D.342 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.351

Seismic work on land  [no ref. or date]

Apparatus and equipment design  CSAC 100.4.84/D.295-D.300  [n.d.]

Apparatus and equipment design  CSAC 100.4.84/D.295  [n.d.]

Correspondence re purchase of explosives for planned explosion test, 1933.
This refers to tests on a field seismograph belonging to the Royal Geographical Society and intended for work on thickness of ice in Polar regions, mentioned in the Annual Report of the Cambridge Department for 1932-33 in CSAC 100.4.84/B.4.

Apparatus and equipment design  CSAC 100.4.84/D.296  [n.d.]

Drawings for 'Seismic Unit', signed and dated 'E.C.B.'.

'Tests of Seismograph Apparatus, 1935-36'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.297  1935-1938

Black hardback notebook so inscribed, belonging to C. Kerr-Grant (a research student of Clare College, Cambridge, who joined the Department in July 1935 to work on applied seismology).
Record of various tests of calibration, sensitivity, etc. on sites in Cambridge and East Anglia, almost all in the hand of Kerr-Grant with an occasional note by Bullard.
Tests run 27 July 1935-8 September 1936, with an incomplete entry for 25 January 1937

Grey soft-backed notebook, inscribed with Bullard's name and address and dated 'Dec. 7 1937'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.298  1937-1938

Entries are almost all in Bullard's hand, and relate to various aspects of geophone testing. Some entries are by T.F. Gaskell. The last dated entry is 17 July 1938

'Geophone Design'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.299  1936-1937

Bulky folder of graphs, calculations and narratives, related to various aspects of geophone and to the tests recorded in CSAC 100.4.84/D.297, CSAC 100.4.84/D.298, almost all in Bullard's hand and some bearing various dates in 1936 and 1937. Probably related to Bullard's collaborative paper with C. Kerr-Grant 'The design and testing of geophones and their amplifiers' (Bibliog. 1938b).
Includes several paginated sequences by Bullard, one on 'Hydrophone design'

'Calculations and lists'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.300  n.d and 1937

Folder so inscribed but containing similar material to above, calculations, graphs, narratives, almost all by Bullard but some in the hands of T.F. Gaskell and C. Kerr-Grant.
Includes 'List of articles to be taken in van' for seismic survey, dated 27 May 1937, and 5pp. typescript note on 'Seismic Work in Eastern England', n.d with a ms. note 'Paper prepared by Gaskell for Lord Iveagh who had expressed interest in the Lakenheath work'. (See CSAC 100.4.84/D.330.)
Probably related to collaborative paper 'Seismic investigations on the Palaeozoic floor of east England' (Bibliog. 1940a)

Seismic observations and data  CSAC 100.4.84/D.301-D.332  1936-38

Arrangement: The folders are less meticulously dated than those for Africa and the 'sequence' is therefore presented in the order as received, with a note of any material of special interest.

This is a series of folders somewhat similar to those for the African Gravity Campaign. Each has the name of a location, mostly in Eastern England but some in Cornwall and elsewhere. The contents vary, but may include maps, diagrams and descriptions of sites, calculations, narratives and drafts for a report or paper. Most of the work is in the hand of T.F. Gaskell though there are notes and comments by Bullard in almost every folder
The folders record the project to measure the depth of the palaeozoic floor.

'Calvert'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.301  n.d

'Tempsford'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.302  n.d and 1937

Some dated 5 August 1937

'Corby'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.303  n.d and 1937

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.333.

Some dated February 1936, January 1937
Extensive folder, with many notes and calculations by Bullard

'Cornwall Dec. 1938'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.304  1938

Extensive folder by T.F. Gaskell, including 5pp. note on 'Seismic work in Devon and Cornwall December 1938', and 'Story of the Cambridge Seismic Expedition which wintered in the South West Peninsula during December 1938' (journal, photographs, maps).

'Westmill'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.305  n.d

'Arlesey'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.306  n.d

'Pertenhall'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.307  n.d

'Fen Stanton'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.308  n.d

'Bassingbourn'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.309  n.d

'Great Staughton'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.310  n.d and 1938

some dated May, June 1938

'Meesden'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.311  n.d

'Duck End'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.312  n.d and 1937

some dated October 1937

'Bow Brickhill'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.313  n.d

'Leighton Bromswold'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.314  n.d and 1937

some dated November 1937

'Cambridge'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.315  n.d and 1938

some dated March, April 1938

'Brockhall'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.316  [n.d.]

'Benefield'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.317  n.d and 1937

some dated July 1937 Extensive folder of calculations and drafts.

'Feltwell'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.318  n.d

'Bridgham'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.319  n.d

'Great Oxendon'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.320  n.d

'Castlethorp'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.321  n.d

'Saffron Walden'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.322  n.d

'Kentford'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.323  n.d and 1936

some dated August 1936

'Fulbourn'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.324  n.d

'Swaffham Prior'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.325  n.d and 1937

some dated May 1937

'Madingley'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.326  n.d

'Bourn'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.327  n.d

Includes some comparative data.

'Charnwood'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.328  n.d

'Culford'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.329  n.d

'Lakenheath'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.330  n.d and 1938

some dated March, April 1938

'Laxton'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.331  n.d and 1937

some dated July 1937 Includes 3pp. ms. narrative by Gaskell.

'Upware'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.332  n.d

Consultancies  CSAC 100.4.84/D.333-D.340  [n.d.]

Stewarts and Lloyds Limited  CSAC 100.4.84/D.333  1937, 1945

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.303.

Correspondence and papers re investigation by Bullard and his collaborators of the palaeozoic floor beneath the company's works at Corby. Includes arrangements to conduct investigation and publish results with other seismic data, draft of Bullard's 'Report on Seismic Work at Corby ...' and a ms. draft additional explanatory letter, September 1937.
Also included is a later letter from Bullard about the work, 1945.

Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.334-D.338  1937-39

Administrative history:
Bullard was consulted by the Company's Alkali division at Northwich, Cheshire, on measuring the shape of cavities full of brine. He made a visit to Northwich to consider the problem, returning later to carry out the required seismic tests.

Correspondence with R. G. J. Fraser of ICI Alkali Limited, re the consultancy problem, fees, visits to Northwich, etc.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.334  1939

Includes typescript and ms. draft of Bullard's report, and a later letter.

Report by Bullard, as presented to the Company's Brine and Water Supplies Executive Committee.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.335  May 1938

'Report on proposed method of measuring the shape of cavities full of brine',

Report by Bullard, as presented to the Company's Brine and Water Supplies Executive Committee.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.336  September 1938

'Report on test of seismic method of measuring brine cavities'

ICI report on visit to Company's Winnington Works to discuss work  CSAC 100.4.84/D.337  September 1938

Ms. notes, calculations, diagrams  CSAC 100.4.84/D.338  1938

Some paginated by Bullard, some in the hand of T.F. Gaskell, some dated August 1938.

'Scottish Iron and Steel Company'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.339, D.340  1939

Correspondence and papers relating to investigations into the collapse of a chimney, undertaken by Bullard because of his experience with small explosive charges, and using his geophone.

'Scottish Iron and Steel Company'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.339  1939

Correspondence, calculations, drafts of T.F. Gaskell's report

'Scottish Iron and Steel Company'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.340  n.d

Background papers and reports on subject, sent to Bullard

Miscellaneous later material on seismic work on land  CSAC 100.4.84/D.341  [n.d.]

1p. circular letter by Bullard re large explosion at Heligoland, 1947.
'Proposed explosions in Canada'
3pp. draft by Bullard (from University of Toronto), 1948.
Note on boreholes in E. Anglia, by F.H. Edmunds, 1955.
'Boreholes at Soham and Wyboston', by T.F. Gaskell, 1956 (comment on the above).

Seismic work at sea  [no ref. or date]

Folder of correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.342  1937-39

Related information: (See CSAC 100.4.84/D.359 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.371.)

Principally with R.M. Field, re marine geophysical research in America, Bullard's visit, meeting with M. Ewing, subsequent seismic research at sea in Britain in 1938, 1939, etc. Field's letter of February 1939 also refers to Bullard's work on heat flow in South Africa.

Letters from M. Ewing  CSAC 100.4.84/D.343  1937-1938

No letters from Bullard accompany this correspondence which runs 8 February 1937-1 August 1938, and is concerned with gravity and seismic measurements at sea, equipment and apparatus. Ewing's last letter, which is autograph manuscript, congratulates Bullard very warmly on his 'good work on the shelf'

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/D.344  1937

Includes Bullard's letter (carbon only) of application to Royal Society for grant to visit America, in response to Field's invitation.
Proposal for seismic research on continental shelf in Britain, October

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.345  1938-39

With J.D.H. Wiseman about proposed seismic and gravity research on mid-Atlantic ridge

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.346  1938

Re equipment and preliminary testing of underwater explosives

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/D.347  1938

Includes 2pp. note on 'Proposed Seismic and Gravity Work on the Continental Shelf' (no author or date, but probably from Cambridge Department), with comments by W.B. Wright and H.R. Mill, and Bullard's reply

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/D.348  1939

Includes 2pp. note on 'Proposed Seismic Experiments at Sea', March (not signed, but from Cambridge Department).
Letter from Bullard (carbon only) to Royal Society re investigation of deep ocean floor on short expedition funded trom unspent grant for seismic research, July, and correspondence re explosives for the expedition

'Seismic work at sea. The constitution of the Continental Shelf'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.349  1938-1939

Extensive typescript draft on work of 1938 and 1939 expeditions.
Miscellaneous ms. diagrams and notes

'On the Atlantic Shelf'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.350  1946

Administrative history:
(Hepworth was the part-owner with R.C. Byng of the Arthur Rogers, the Brixham trawler used to carry the explosives. Hepworth himself skippered the second trawler used for the instruments, named by him 'Redcar' and elsewhere named as 'Renown' and 'Terminist'

Two articles on the 1939 expedition, by Tom Hepworth, Yachting Monthly, 8, July and August 1946. Photocopy made available by D.H. Matthews

'Proposals for a geophysical survey of the oceans'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.351  1949

5pp. research proposal + 2pp. list of gear, submitted by Bullard with covering letter to J.D. Cockcroft, August 1949. Mainly related to work on echo-sounding, seismic reflections and seismic refraction to be undertaken on an expedition by M.N. Hill from the Cambridge Department

HEAT FLOW  CSAC 100.4.84/D.352-D.426  [n.d.]

Heat flow on land, 1937-58 CSAC 100.4.84/D.352 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.398
Heat flow at sea, 1951-58 CSAC 100.4.84/D.399 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.426

HEAT FLOW ON LAND  CSAC 100.4.84/D.352-D.398  1937-58

Administrative history:
Bullard's interest is documented from 1937, when he was concerned, in collaboration with A.E. Benfield, with measuring thermal conductivity in boreholes at various sites, and especially in the area of Cambridge (CSAC 100.4.84/D.352 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.358). In 1938 he accepted an invitation to spend a few months as the first 'guest researcher' at the Bernard Price Institute of Geophysical Research at Johannesburg, where he investigated geothermal heat in South African rocks, working with L.J. Krige (CSAC 100.4.84/D.359 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.371). During the early years of the Second World War, the thermal conductivity apparatus was reconstructed at Cambridge and used to continue work on the conductivity of rocks from Persia and elsewhere; this work was carried out by Margaret Bullard (CSAC 100.4.84/D.372 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.378). After the war, Bullard took up the work again with special reference to sites in Britain (CSAC 100.4.84/D.381 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.389) and Switzerland (CSAC 100.4.84/D.390 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.393).

Early work on boreholes  CSAC 100.4.84/D.352-D.358  [n.d.]

Early work on boreholes  CSAC 100.4.84/D.352  n.d

Ledger-type notebook, listing boreholes in the eastern and midland counties of England. In various hands. Most of the later entries are by Bullard and many of the earlier entries have annotations by him

Early work on boreholes  CSAC 100.4.84/D.353  n.d

Miscellaneous notes and drafts, originally stuffed into the front cover of CSAC 100.4.84/D.352.
Includes data, lists of boreholes, calculations, graphs, narratives, few dated, almost all by Bullard

'Geothermal (Condy of Gault, etc.)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.354-D.357  1937-38

Contents of a bulky folder so described, and dealing mainly with work on boreholes at Cambridge

'Report on the work of the committee for the measurement of the thermal conductivities of rocks', sent to British Association, June 1938 (Bibliog. 1938c)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.354  c1938

Two copies, both with ms. corrections or annotations by Bullard

Notes, tables and calculations by Bullard on boreholes through gault  CSAC 100.4.84/D.355  1937-1938

Work runs June 1937-June 1938 and includes summaries of data and tabulated results

HEAT FLOW ON LAND  CSAC 100.4.84/D.356  n.d

Graphs, calculations, charts, almost all by Bullard but some in another hand, probably that of A.E. Benfield

Brief correspondence with equipment suppliers and engineers re borehole in gault  CSAC 100.4.84/D.357  1938

'Topographic corrn. to heat flow  CSAC 100.4.84/D.358  n.d c1937-1938

Measurements, calculations, miscellaneous notes on various named boreholes in Britain and Europe, some referred to in Bibliog. 1938c.
Two paginated sequences of notes and drafts, 6pp. and 7pp., 'Topographic Correction to Heat Flow in a finite hole'. n.d, c.1937-38

Visit to South Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.359-D.371  [n.d.]

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.645.

Visit to South Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.359  1937-39

Correspondence, from B.J. Schonland (Director, Bernard Price Institute of Geophysical Research), inviting Bullard to visit as the first 'guest researcher' of the newly-established Institute, and discussing research and publications.

Visit to South Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.360  n.d and 1938

Bullard's letter (carbon only) to Royal Society, requesting permission to take up invitation to Bernard Price Geophysical Institute and outlining proposed investigations, September 1938.
Also included is another letter re temperature measurements.

Visit to South Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.361  1938-39

Correspondence, from L.J. Krige (Bullard's principal collaborator on South African research).

'Geothermal (South Africa)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.362-D.367  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described.

'Geothermal (South Africa)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.362  n.d

Extensive charts and graphs of measurements, all in Bullard's hand.
Ms. notes and drafts by Bullard.

'Geothermal (South Africa)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.363  1938

3pp. 'Abstract' for paper at Royal Astronomical Society, November 1938 (not by Bullard) describing current research on thermal conductivity.

'Report of Thermal Conductivity Committee'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.364  1938-39

Not by Bullard, but describes work of Bullard, A.E. Benfield, L. Krige, etc.
3pp. with 1p. ms. notes by Bullard on Benfield's work.

'Why is it hot underground?'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.365  n.d

6pp. draft for short lecture given by Bullard during his stay in South Africa.

'Geothermal (South Africa)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.366  c1939

Correspondence and data from L.J. Krige, re Bullard's paper Heat flow in South Africa, Bibliog. 1939e. January-June 1939. Krige's letter of 16 January refers to Bullard's 'experiences with the lions'.
Also included is letter from B.J. Schonland.

Report on 'Cooling of City Deep Mine', by H.L. Callendar  CSAC 100.4.84/D.367  1923

Notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.368-D.371  [n.d.]

'South Africa. E.C. Bullards Petty Cash'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.368  1938

Small black notebook, inscribed 'South Africa. E.C. Bullard's Petty Cash'.
1p. only, accounts for November and December 1938. Rest of book contains data, not all in Bullard's hand. Most entries are at back of book.

Data and Calculations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.369  1938

Hardbacked notebook, inscribed with Bullard's name, address at Bernard Price Institution, dated November 1938, pages numbered 1-78. Data and calculations.

Data and Calculations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.370  1938

Hardbacked notebook, similarly inscribed, dated December 1938, pages numbered 1-46. Data and calculations.

Data and Calculations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.371  1939

Hardbacked notebook, similarly inscribed, dated January 1939, pages numbered 1-48. Data and calculations.

Thermal conductivities  CSAC 100.4.84/D.372-D.378  1940-41

Administrative history:
This was a continuation of the work begun in the 1930s to determine the thermal conductivities of various kinds of rocks, and included specimens from Persia, Scotland and Switzerland. At a time when most of the activity of the Cambridge Department was restricted by the war (Bullard himself being engaged in work for the Admiralty), this research was carried on single-handed by Margaret Bullard with his advice and direction. See the Annual Report for 1941 in CSAC 100.4.84/B.4 in which her contribution is described as 'The only practical research that has been done in the Department'.

Thermal conductivities  CSAC 100.4.84/D.372  c1940

Spiral-back brown notebook, only 1 page dated (March 1940), mainly by Margaret Bullard with some notes by Bullard and occasional additions from their children. Notes on Persian rocks and on 'Anderson's specimens' (Scottish rocks)

Thermal conductivities  CSAC 100.4.84/D.373  c1940

Black hardback notebook. Similar material, on Persian rocks, all in Margaret Bullard's hand with a date '1940' added later by Bullard.

Thermal conductivities  CSAC 100.4.84/D.374  c1940

Blue hardback notebook. Similar material, on Scottish rocks, all in Margaret Bullard's hand.

'Geothermal (Persian)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.375-D.378  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described.

'Geothermal (Persian)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.375  1940

Notes, graphs, calculations by Bullard and Margaret Bullard. Includes 8pp. tabulated sequence of tests on 'Conductivity of Rocks', in Bullard's hand, various dates, April-October 1940

'Geothermal (Persian)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.376  1940

Correspondence, July-November 1940, from E.M. Anderson to Margaret Bullard, re research and specimens of Scottish rocks

Miscellaneous correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.377  1940-1941

Includes letter from Bullard to his wife, August 1940, setting out method of research, and miscellaneous shorter correspondence not all dated.
Also included is Bullard's carbon letter, 1941, requesting further information on Persian rocks.

'Report on Geothermal work, 1940-41'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.378  1940-1941

6pp. typescript on results of measurements of 30 Persian and 6 Scottish rocks. By Margaret Bullard, with a few ms. corrections by Bullard.
Brief report on research for 1940-41 sent by Bullard to Royal Society

Later work  CSAC 100.4.84/D.379-D.398  c.1944-58

Both these books are of very mixed content, some referring to work on Persian rocks (see above) and some to Nottinghamshire sites (see below)

Later work  CSAC 100.4.84/D.379  c1944-1945

Small red notebook of notes on wells and boreholes, some by Margaret Bullard but almost all by Bullard, some pages with various dates, 1944, 1945.

Later work  CSAC 100.4.84/D.380  c1945-1948

Blue hardbacked notebook, inscribed 'E.C. Bullard Sept. 1945', graphs, notes, calculations on rocks and boreholes, various dates, 1945-48, includes (at rear) 1p. 'Accounts of work at Wilton July 1946'

'I.C.I. & Notts. Temperatures'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.381-D.389  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described.
Continuing work on boreholes, mainly on sites sunk by I.C.I. Limited and by D'Arcy Exploration Company, on sites in Nottinghamshire. The work covers a considerable time-span and includes material dated 1940-51, but is mainly 1946-48.

'I.C.I. & Notts. Temperatures'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.381  c1943-1945

Maps and charts of wells provided by I.C.I. and D'Arcy
Exploration Company and mainly dated 1943-45. Many annotated by Bullard.

Notebook of 'Experimental data'.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.382  1940-1944

Few entries only, 1940, 1944, on Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire wells.

'I.C.I. & Notts. Temperatures'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.383  c1948

Small blue notebook of data and calculations. Both ends of book used. Most entries dated 1948.

Certificates of thermometer tests  CSAC 100.4.84/D.384  1946

'I.C.I. & Notts. Temperatures'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.385  c1944-1951

Extensive notes, charts, tabulated data, etc., all by Bullard. A few pages bearing various dates, 1944-51

'I.C.I. & Notts. Temperatures'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.386  1946-49

Correspondence with I.C.I. re project, arrangements to visit and measure boreholes, etc.

'I.C.I. & Notts. Temperatures'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.387  1946

Correspondence with D'Arcy Exploration Company on subject

Shorter correspondence on boreholes  CSAC 100.4.84/D.388  1944-46

Includes data

Shorter correspondence on conductivity  CSAC 100.4.84/D.389  1950-51

Includes data and letter from E.R. Niblett on collaborative paper on thermal conductivity (Bibliog. 1951e)

'Geothermal (Swiss)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.390-D.392  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described.
Continuing work on conductivity, 1947-51.

'Geothermal (Swiss)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.390  n.d

Maps and charts of sites studied in Switzerland, most annotated by Bullard.

'Geothermal (Swiss)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.391  1947

Notebook of sites and specimens in Switzerland, few pages used, dated September 1947.
Miscellaneous ms. notes and diagrams.

Correspondence and data from E.R. Niblett  CSAC 100.4.84/D.392  1950, 1951

Includes list of conductivity measurements on Swiss rocks, charts, etc., some annotated by Bullard.

Bullard's tagged folder of correspondence with E.R. Niblett  CSAC 100.4.84/D.393  March 1954-October 1955

On thermal conductivity of Swiss rocks, research and publication. Includes Bullard's ms. data of conductivities in Simplon Tunnel (taken in 1947).

'Geothermal Odds and Ends'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.394-D.396  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described.

'Geothermal Odds and Ends'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.394  c1948-1949

Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations by Bullard, variously paginated, some dated 1948, 1949.

'Geothermal Odds and Ends'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.395  1946-49

Correspondence with colleagues, on conductivity

'Geothermal Odds and Ends'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.396  n.d

Research notes, reports, etc. by others.

Later shorter correspondence on boreholes  CSAC 100.4.84/D.397  1956, 1958

Notes, calculations, diagrams  CSAC 100.4.84/D.398  n.d

Apparently on effect of snow cover on heat flow, n.d but folder contains paper on similar topic by L.W. Gold, 1957.

HEAT FLOW AT SEA  CSAC 100.4.84/D.399-D.426  1951-58

Administrative history:
Bullard's first work on marine heat flow was at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1949 (see Section C. passim but especially CSAC 100.4.84/C.12 - CSAC 100.4.84/C.14). The continuation of his collaboration with A.E. Maxwell at Scripps and with E.R. Niblett at Toronto can be seen in correspondence at CSAC 100.4.84/D.406, CSAC 100.4.84/D.415.

Most of the material is concerned with the construction of apparatus, its use during sea-going expeditions and the analysis of results 1950-58, when Bullard was at the National Physical Laboratory and then at Cambridge.
For logs and accounts of expeditions on R.R.S. 'Discovery II' during and after this period, see Section B.
Titles and descriptions on the folders have been retained and appear in inverted commas (not always in Bullard's hand); the contents of bulky folders have sometimes been sub-divided for ease of reference, and very decrepit folders have been discarded.

Notebooks  CSAC 100.4.84/D.399-D.403  1951-56, 1958

All these are similar hardbacked books with alternate graph and lined pages, almost all in Bullard's hand with occasional interleaved or pasted-in additions. The first four are National Physical Laboratory books, the last is from the Cambridge Department.
The content consists of notes, diagrams, measurements, procedures, analyses of results, in preparation for and in the course of sea-going expeditions.

Inscribed 'Heat flow at sea. Book I'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.399  1951-1952

Pages numbered 1-72. Entries run 5 June 1951-December 1952.

Inscribed 'Heat flow at sea. No.2'.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.400  1952-1961

Pages numbered 1-49. Entries run 28 August-September 1952 with later additions, 1961, on pp.48-49.

Inscribed 'Heat flow at sea (book 3)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.401  1954

Pages numbered 1-71. Entries run 9 July-November 1954.

Inscribed 'Sea work 1956'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.402  1956-1958

Entries run 16 June-27 August 1956. Back page has notes dated 30 November 1958.

Inscribed 'Heat flow at sea. Book 5. Sea work 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.403  1958

Pages numbered 1-40. Main entries run 12 June-19 October 1958. In more than one hand, some by Belinda Bullard.

'Geothermal sea'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.404-D.409  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described, the folder itself being too decrepit to be retained.
The material covers a considerable time-span (1949-54) and includes information or correspondence from colleagues in U.S.A., Canada and Japan as well as from various divisions of N.P.L. There are also Bullard's own extensive notes. There is considerable overlap with other folders, but Bullard had kept this material as a unit.

'Geothermal sea'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.404  n.d

Notes, diagrams and drafts on design of apparatus and evaluation of results. Almost all by Bullard, but not dated or paginated.

Shorter ms. notes and information sent to Bullard.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.405  n.d

Includes notes on 'Thermal Conductivity Apparatus' from Earthquake Research Institute, Japan.

Correspondence from colleagues.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.406  1949-1951

A.E. Maxwell 1949
E.R. Niblett 1949
L.H.N. Cooper 1953
unidentified 1951

Geothermal sea  CSAC 100.4.84/D.407  1952-1953

Reports and correspondence from colleagues at N.P.L.
Test results 1952
Report on 'Deep Sea Thermometer' 1953
Test results of 'T' 1953
'Heat Conduction Problem' 1953

Geothermal sea  CSAC 100.4.84/D.408  1953-54

Reports on the analysis of Atlantic floor sediments, sea-bed clays and fused silica, mainly from E.H. Ratcliffe,

Geothermal sea  CSAC 100.4.84/D.409  n.d

Photographs of apparatus, and of observations.

Two diagrams of 'Ocean bed temperature measuring apparatus', drawn by Metrology Division, N.P.L., no. 1877  CSAC 100.4.84/D.410  n.d

Reports and correspondence re apparatus, from N.P.L.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.411-D.413  [n.d.]

'Sea-bed apparatus'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.411  1951

'Tests on a Deep Sea Thermometer,' N.P.L. Report  CSAC 100.4.84/D.412  1953

'Experiments to find the Best Adhesive for Attaching a Galvanometer Mirror to its Support'.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.413  1955

Draft for N.P.L. Report.

Shorter correspondence with suppliers re equipment  CSAC 100.4.84/D.414  1954-58

'Heat Flow Work at Sea, July 1952 "R.R.S. Discovery II"'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.415  c1952

Tagged folder of correspondence and papers re organisation of expedition, supplies, programme of research, Bullard's letters of thanks.

Correspondence and Press Cuttings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.415A  c1952

Copies information: Photocopy of originals in Archives of the Scripps Institution, kindly made available by the Archivist, April 1984

Bullard's letter to R. Revelle, 30 June 1952, re apparatus, forthcoming 'Discovery II' expedition, etc. Includes press-cuttings.

'Bottom Temperature Measuring Apparatus'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.416  c1953-1954

Tagged folder of correspondence and papers, 1953-54. Includes 2 copies of Bullard's 'Notes on Bottom Temperature Equipment', n.d but probably intended for M. Ewing to whom the apparatus was lent in May 1953; miscellaneous correspondence with firms re repairs and supplies; correspondence with colleagues and others re expedition on 'Discovery II' in November 1954.

'Thermal Conductivity Work (Mr. E.H. Ratcliffe)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.417  1954-1955

Tagged folder of correspondence, graphs, reports, etc. on ocean floor sediments (1955) and on fused silica discs (1954).

'Heat flow 1954'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.418  1954

Calculations, graphs, etc. all by Bullard.

'Thermal Conductivity Ocean Seds.'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.419  c1955-1960

Calculations, graphs, etc., some comparing 1952 and 1954 results, most dated 1955 and including 1p. graph dated 1960.

Untitled folder of notes, calculations and graphs  CSAC 100.4.84/D.420  ?c1955

All by Bullard, some paginated.
n.d but includes note on 'Heat flow problem', by G.F. Miller and report on thermal conductivity by E.H. Ratclitte, both dated 1955.

'Heat flow 1956'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.421  ?c1954-1960

Extensive calculations and graphs for samples taken on 1956 'Discovery II' expedition.
Folder includes 1p. dated 1954, 1p. dated 1960, and some computer data.

'Heat flow 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.422  [n.d.]

Calculations, graphs, etc. (almost all by Bullard) on samples taken on 1958 expedition.

'Heat flow 1954-58 (general papers)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.423, D.424  [n.d.]

'Heat flow 1954-58 (general papers)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.423  1954-1958

Notes, graphs, calculations, mainly comparing results of observations in 1954, 1956, 1958.
Includes letter from A.S. Laughton on expedition data, 1958.

'Heat flow 1954-58 (general papers)'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.424  1961

8pp. 'Calculations for paper on Moho temps. June 1961', originally included with above.

'The flow of heat through the floor of the Atlantic Ocean', by Bullard and A. Day  CSAC 100.4.84/D.425  c1961

Typescript draft with ms. corrections by Bullard, drawings, etc. for paper (Bibliog. 1961a)

Annual Report, Volcanological Research Department (sent for information).  CSAC 100.4.84/D.426  1956-57

AIRBORNE MAGNETOMETER  CSAC 100.4.84/D.427-D.429  1947

'The compensation of an airborne magnetometer for the magnetisation of the aircraft'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.427  n.d

13pp. typescript and ms. report by Bullard, not dated but using the calculations and formulae of CSAC 100.4.84/D.428 below.

'Corrn. of Airborne Magr.'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.428  1947

Administrative history:
'There is no indication of the origin or destination of the report, but it would seem to form part of the 'Early History' referred to in Bullard's report to the Ministry of Supply in 1957 (see CSAC 100.4.84/E.169).

7pp. ms. calculations dated '1/1947'.

Report on 'Surveying from the air', produced by Photographic Survey Corporation Airborne Profile Recorder, Toronto  CSAC 100.4.84/D.429  1949

FIGURE OF EARTH  CSAC 100.4.84/D.430-D.433  c.1947

Notes and calculations relating to methods of determining the ellipticity of the Earth, using variation of g with latitude, the Moon's parallax, triangulation, etc.

FIGURE OF EARTH  CSAC 100.4.84/D.430  c1947

1p. (only) 'Contribution to RAS discussion on the Figure of the Earth' (perhaps Bibliog. 1948a).
Paginated sequences of notes and calculations, pp. 1-22, pp.1-22, pp.2-7.

FIGURE OF EARTH  CSAC 100.4.84/D.431  n.d

Shorter unpaginated notes and drafts. In original folder inscribed 'Figure of Earth'.

FIGURE OF EARTH  CSAC 100.4.84/D.432  n.d

'The application of the International Figure of the Earth to the different countries surveys and maps'
6pp. typescript and ms. report sent to Bullard, n.d, relating to CSAC 100.4.84/D.433

Translation of 'Commander Schmidt's paper'.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.433  n.d

60pp. typescript, n.d, referred to especially in ms. addition to CSAC 100.4.84/D.432 above.

DYNAMO THEORY  CSAC 100.4.84/D.434-D.476  1947-79

Arrangement: The material was received crammed into folders or filing-drawer dividers with only a summary indication, usually 'Dynamos 1950-54'. The contents are now sub-divided for ease of reference through the contents of each named section are respected and preserved as such; this has sometimes resulted in an overlap of material, but it was thought best to retain Bullard's overall divisions. Paginated sequences of notes are preserved, but many loose pages remain.

Related information: Bullard continued to investigate and publish on dynamos; see CSAC 100.4.84/D.474 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.476 for later work on disc dynamos.

Administrative history:
The earliest documents date from 1947 when Bullard was at Cambridge immediately after the Second World War. The work continued at Toronto and then at the National Physical Laboratory. Several publications resulted during the 1950s, in particular with H. Gellman in 1950, 1954.
Although Bullard consulted members of the NPL staff and other colleagues, and also made use of the ACE computer at NPL, it is noteworthy that virtually all the calculations and graphs in the folders - for what he himself described as a 'long and elaborate paper' (see CSAC 100.4.84/A.7) - are in his own hand, and most of the calculations submitted by others are checked or corrected by him.

'Rotating Spheres'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.434-D.438  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described.

'Rotating Spheres'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.434  n.d

Extensive sequence of notes and calculations, paginated 1-46 with many intercalations.

'Rotating Spheres'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.435  n.d

Shorter sequence 'For sphere', paginated 1-5.

'Rotating Spheres'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.436  n.d

Shorter sequence 'For cylinder', paginated 1-3.

'Rotating Spheres'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.437  n.d

Similar material, not paginated but usually with heading or indication of content.

'Rotating Spheres'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.438  n.d

Calculations and graphs, some on University of Toronto paper.
In original folder.

'Dynamos 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.439  1950-1954

Extensive folder of drafts, calculations and graphs, all in Bullard's hand except for a few printouts with his note 'tabulated by ACE' (The Automatic Calculating Engine at NPL).
The material is paginated 1-156 with a very few pages missing and many intercalated pages. There is a rough ms. index for pp. 1-140. The work is not dated, but some of the ACE printouts bear various dates in 1951. There are some unnumbered pages and graphs at end.
All in original folder.

'Dynamo Theory 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.440-D.444  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described.

'Dynamo Theory 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.440  1950-1954

Paginated sequences of notes and drafts. Includes photocopies of his two short papers on spherical dynamos of which the originals are at CSAC 100.4.84/D.449, CSAC 100.4.84/D.450.

'Dynamo Theory 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.441  1950-1954

Unpaginated sequences of calculations. Includes 1p. chart of 'Prelim. results' and extensive bundle of calculations and notes dated 8 May 1953 with a note 'These are believed to be final results'.

'Dynamo Theory 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.442  1950-1954

Unpaginated sequences, mainly graphs and tabulations.

'Dynamo Theory 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.443  1950-1954

More fragmentary notes, graphs and calculations.
In original folder

'Dynamo Theory 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.444  1951-53

Correspondence and data from colleagues, mainly from NPL, but includes letter from G.K. Batchelor on his and Bullard's views on dynamos (April 1953).

'Earth's non-dipole field...'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.445-D.448  [n.d.]

Contents of a bulky folder so described.

'Earth's non-dipole field...'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.445  January-March 1950

Correspondence with H. Gellman on research and publication
Includes data.

'Earth's non-dipole field...'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.446  n.d

Notes, calculations, graphs by Bullard.

'Earth's non-dipole field...'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.447  n.d

Tables of calculations in another hand, several annotated or with additions by Bullard.

'Earth's non-dipole field...'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.448  n.d

Tables of data on non-dipole field, typescript and numbered 1-6 by Bullard.
In original folder.

'Dynamos 1950-54'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.449-D.464  [n.d.]

Contents of folder (now at CSAC 100.4.84/D.456) and of filing-drawer divider so described: a very extensive assembly of material, some dating from 1947, now sub-divided for ease of reference.

'On the impossibility of a liquid sphere acting as a dynamo'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.449  n.d

6pp. pencil draft.

'On the possibility of spherical dynamos'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.450  n.d

13pp. pencil draft, commenting on above.
These two notes by Bullard form the basis of much of his work on dynamo theory and photocopies of part or all of them were included by him in several other folders.

Paginated drafts and sequences.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.451  n.d

2pp.'Boundary conditions'
13pp. 'Resistance of core for dynamo paper', etc.
24pp. calculations.

Paginated drafts and sequences.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.452  n.d

15pp. calculations
22pp. calculations
5pp. calculations

Paginated drafts and sequences.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.453  n.d

6pp. calculations
13pp. calculations
11pp. calculations

Paginated drafts and sequences.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.454  n.d

17pp. calculations
11pp. calculations

Paginated drafts and sequences.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.455  n.d

Miscellaneous pages of calculations, some with page numbers, but not forming a sequence.
Ms. diagram for sphere and cylinder.
Table of results - 'Prelim. - not to be believed'.

Paginated drafts and sequences.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.456  n.d

Extensive loose pages of diagrams, charts, calculations and drafts, some with headings, a few with page numbers.
In original folder.

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.457-D.463  1947-53

Arrangement: In alphabetical order

Several of the early letters refer to P.M.S. Blackett's paper 'The magnetic field of massive rotating bodies' (Nature, 159)

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.457  n.d and 1948-1949

Batchelor, G.K. n.d
Blackett, P.M.S. 1948, 1949
Chapman, S. 1948

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.458  n.d and 1948-1949

Elsasser, W.M. 1948, 1949
E.T.G. n.d

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.459  1950

Gellman, H. 1950
Includes report on 'spherical dynamo problem'

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.460  1947

Hales, A.L. 1947
Gravity and magnetic research in South Africa.

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.461  1948-1949

Hartree, D.R. 1949
Inglis, D.R. 1949
Mott, N.F. 1948
On thermal conductivity, but with Bullard's heading 'file geomag.'

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.462  1947-1952

Olver, F.W.J. 1952
Runcorn, S.K. 1947, 1949 (Bullard's carbon only)
Vestine, E.H. 1948

Correspondence with colleagues and collaborators  CSAC 100.4.84/D.463  1952-1953

Woodger, M. 1952-53
Mainly re results of calculations made in NPL Mathematical Division, but includes Bullard's 'Child's guide to results in dynamo problem'

'Suggestions to the authors'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.464  n.d

10pp. typescript detailed comments on paper submitted for publication. No author or date, but perhaps refers to paper with Gellman (Bibliog. 1954e). Very heavily annotated by Bullard.
Included here are pp. 14-18 of draft paper, with many ms. additions and corrections.

'Eigen Values'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.465-D.468  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described. Mainly notes and drafts for a paper arising from problems of calculation involved in dynamo theory.

'Real eigen values of certain linear differential equations'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.465  [n.d.]

13pp. ms. draft, very heavily corrected, n.d but 1p. draft references lists Bullard's paper Bibliog. 1954e.
In original folder.

'Real eigne values of certain linear differential equations'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.466  [n.d.]

6pp. earlier draft for paper

'Eigen Values'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.467  [n.d.]

28pp. and 2 unnumbered pages, drafts and calculations.

Shorter drafts, calculations and notes.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.468  [n.d.]

No separate paper of this title is listed in the Bibliography.

'Disc Dynamo 1954-5'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.469-D.471  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described.
Paginated drafts and calculations by Bullard.

'Disc Dynamo 1954-5'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.469  May 1954

25pp. headed 'Disc Dynamo'

'Disc Dynamo 1954-5'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.470  n.d

3pp. tables 'Comparison of ACE and DA Solutions', by Bullard, comparing methods of solving problem by computer and by differential analysis.

'Disc Dynamo 1954-5'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.471  n.d and 1955

Charts, diagrams, printouts (annotated).
Correspondence and information from members of NPL staff, 1955.
In original folder.

Drawing 'To illustrate Bullard's theory of the earth's magnetic field'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.472  n.d

With various notes and queries. No author or date, but refers to model with 'magnetic axis coincident with rotational axis'.

'Oscillating dynamos'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.473  n.d and 1967

Miscellaneous research material. Includes three sets of paginated notes by Bullard, and three sets of notes by others, one dated 1967.

'Dynamo Theory'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.474-D.476  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described

'Dynamo Theory'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.474  c1975

Research data, from 'Program LOOKSE', in collaboration with D. Gubbins at Scripps, some annotated by Bullard. Various dates, January-March 1975.

Correspondence with D. Montgomery  CSAC 100.4.84/D.475  1978

Includes two ms. notes by Bullard, on 'Two-dimensional dynamos' and 'Non-existence of a dynamo with a two-dimensional magnetic field'.

Correspondence with colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/D.476  1979

EARTH DENSITY  CSAC 100.4.84/D.477-D.483  c.1951-56

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/G.30.

The folders cover various topics such as temperatures in the earth's core, resistivity of molten iron, seismic velocities. Some of the material is related to publications, in particular to Bullard's contribution 'The Interior of the Earth' to The Solar System, ed. G.P. Kuiper (Bibliog. 1954g).

'Solar System Chap.2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.477-D.479  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described.
(The reference is to Bibliog. 1954g.)

'Solar System Chap.2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.477  n.d

Very extensive calculations, charts and diagrams on earth's mantle, core, etc. all by Bullard, n.d
In original folder.

'Solar System Chap.2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.478  1952

Arrangement: In alphabetical order.

Correspondence and data from colleagues; dated letters are all 1952.

'Solar System Chap.2'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.479  c.1948-1951

Miscellaneous photographs of seismic velocities, various dates, 1948-51 (not by Bullard)

Untitled folder of notes and drafts on the melting point of iron.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.480  1951-1955

Includes 2pp. ms. draft by Bullard 'The melting point of iron at high temperatures', and miscellaneous notes on the subject by members of NPL staff, various dates, 1951, 1952, 1955

'Density in Earth'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.481-D.483  [n.d.]

Contents of a folder so described, mainly relating to testing of theories of H. Jeffreys and others on seismic velocities and density in earth.

'Density in Earth'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.481  c1955-1956

Extensive notes, charts, diagrams by Bullard.
Includes 26pp. sequence on 'Constants adopted'. Some of the diagrams bear various dates, 1955, 1956.
In original folder.

'Density in Earth'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.482  c1955-1956

Printouts, all headed and some annotated by Bullard, c.1956, done on NPL Computer. A letter from Bullard, included in the folder, to Superintendent, Mathematics Division, explains his research and wish to use 'Pilot ACE or DEUCE to get solutions of the equations connecting the seismic velocities and density within the earth' (June 1955).

'Density in Earth'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.483  1955

Correspondence and data from B. Gutenberg on velocities, and notes and calculations by Bullard arising.

PROTON MAGNETOMETER.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.484-D.506  1956-66

Most of this work derives from research expeditions in R.R.S. 'Discovery II' (in 1956 and 1958) and in 'Sarsia' (1957). (See also expedition reports in Section B.) The material continues to 1966.
The material, which includes printouts of computer data as well as Bullard's manuscript accounts, notes and calculations, was received in filing-drawer dividers and there are in consequence fewer original folders.

Chart of 'Discovery II' expedition  CSAC 100.4.84/D.484  July-August 1956

Showing observation stations for the various research projects undertaken. With several annotations by Bullard.

Listings of observations off Brittany and in Channel  CSAC 100.4.84/D.485  August 1956

10pp. and 6pp

Proton magnetometer  CSAC 100.4.84/D.486  1956

Bullard's list of tapes made on 1956 expedition, of work to be done on them, notes on computer data, ms. charts and graphs based on tapes, etc.

'Abstract of Navigator's Notebook'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.487  n.d

10pp. ms. notes and calculations by Bullard.

'Extracts from rough log 16/8/56'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.488  1956

4pp. ms. notes and calculations by Bullard.

'Astronomical Observations'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.489  July-August 1956

8pp. ms. notes and calculations by Bullard

Miscellaneous notes, diagrams and calculations on 1956 expedition, and magnetometer survey.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.490  1956

Extensive folder of computer printouts of various measurements on tapes of 1956 expedition.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.491  n.d and 1959

All the printouts are headed, and many are annotated or checked by Bullard. Some are dated December 1959.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.492-D.496  [n.d.]

Contents of a filing-drawer divider so labelled. Mainly comparative data based on expeditions of 'Discovery II' and 'Sarsia'.

'Effect of ship's heading on magnetometer'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.492  n.d

12pp. ms. draft.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.493  c1956

Drafts, diagrams and calculations on subject. Pages numbered 1a-32 with many intercalated pages, mainly on 1956 expedition.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.494  c1956

Miscellaneous ms. diagrams of proton magnetometer readings, most dated July 1956.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.495  c1957

Similar but more extensive material, mainly relating to readings on 'Sarsia' expedition, 1957, and comparison with 1956.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.496  1958

Similar, shorter material, for 1958 expedition.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.497  1958

Bullard's list of 100 magnetic tapes made on 1958 'Discovery II' expedition, with details of time, place and comment on content
Miscellaneous ms. notes re tapes, 'Things to be checked', annotated printout.
Two diagrams of readings, May 1958.

'Heading Correction'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.498  1958

Calculations and charts on magnetometer readings from 1958 expedition, almost all by Bullard.

Calculations and printouts on 'Daily variation'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.499  May-July 1958

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.500  1958

Contents of a folder so described.
Ms. charts and diagrams by Bullard.

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.501  1958

Printouts, some annotated by Bullard, mainly magnetic reductions.

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.502  May-July 1958

Similar material - printouts of magnetic reductions for 'Discovery II' and various stations

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.503  n.d

Notes and diagrams by Bullard, mainly on secular variations.

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.504  n.d

Spring-back folder of notes, calculations and printouts, not all in Bullard's hand.
Folder is labelled (in another hand) 'Fit Function - Atlantic. Determination of Regional Gradient for North Atlantic'. Material related in part to collaborative paper with M.N. Hill and C.S. Mason 'Chart of the total force of the earth's magnetic field for the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean' (Bibliog. 1962b).

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.505  1956-1963

Shorter correspondence from colleagues forwarding data for magnetic research, 1956-62.
Correspondence with colleagues on magnetometer design, 1957, 1959.
Correspondence with manufacturers re costs of supplying magnetometers, 1960, 1963.

'Magnetics Atlantic 1958'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.506  1965-1966

Later observations, diagrams and printouts, mainly by Bullard or annotated by him, various dates, 1965, 1966, re computer program to reduce data from a proton magnetometer.
Related to, and including a copy of, a paper describing the program, by J. Bath, dated 7 October 1966.


Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.351 for a research proposal on the subject by Bullard in 1949.

Most of the material was received in a filing-drawer divider labelled 'Seismic Reflexions'.

Research proposals by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/D.507-D.510  [n.d.]

All in original folder

'Research in applied seismology'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.507  October 1956

6pp. typescript and ms.

'Appendix to "Research in applied seismology"'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.508  December 1956

2 copies

5pp. typescript and ms.

'Computation of reflexion seismogram from geological structure'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.509  n.d

3pp. typescript and ms. note based on appendix above

'The evaluation of the Fourier integral representing the ground motion due to reflected waves'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.510  March 1957

4pp. typescript and ms. note improving on above


Correspondence with colleagues at Shell Laboratories, Delft, who were collaborating in the work, December 1957-April 1958.
Included here are computer data found with the correspondence, copies of Bullard's EDSAC programs for seismic reflection, 6pp. ms. notes and related offprints.


Extensive folder of ms. notes, graphs, calculations.
Includes computerised data, all headed, annotated or checked by Bullard.

'Projection of fields'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.513  n.d

Two sequences of ms. notes by Bullard so described, 8pp. and 9pp., and miscellaneous shorter loose pages.

ARGON DATING  CSAC 100.4.84/D.514-D.517  1956-61

Administrative history:
This was part of an investigation into the earth's atmosphere in the past, analysing argon in rock salt and atmospheric argon. The test data were computed on a program written by Bullard for the EDSAC machine.

Most of the correspondence requesting samples or discussing results dates from 1959 and 1960, but see letter from T.R. Scott on the project, April 1956, and Bullard's letters to H. Borchert, May 1958.

Argon Dating  CSAC 100.4.84/D.514  c195 [...] -1960

Correspondence with colleagues, firms, etc., requesting samples and discussing research.
A - H

Argon Dating  CSAC 100.4.84/D.515  c1959-1960

Correspondence with colleagues, firms, etc., requesting samples and discussing research.
I - S

Argon Dating  CSAC 100.4.84/D.516  n.d and 1961

Draft programs by Bullard for processing argon data on EDSAC computer.
11pp. n.d
Test printouts, some dated 1961.

'EDSAC'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.517  n.d and 1960

Ms. notes and calculations, test printouts annotated and checked by Bullard, most dated 1960.
In original folder.

SECULAR VARIATION  CSAC 100.4.84/D.518-D.522  c.1958-59

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.146, CSAC 100.4.84/D.275 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.281 for Bullard's first work on secular variation in 1933-34.

Contents of a filing-drawer divider so labelled. Very little of the work is dated; some of the paper format used by Bullard in his notes and drafts is similar to that used at the N.P.L. in the 1950s, and may originally have been part of the 'Dynamo Theory' material, but the draft paper at CSAC 100.4.84/D.522 is 1959 or later.
Bullard's Chree lecture, 'The secular variation of the Earth's magnetic field', was published in 1958 (Bibliog. 1958a). A collaborative paper with D.W. Allan, 'Origin of the secular variation' is listed as 'abstract only' (Bibliog. 1960c); the paper at CSAC 100.4.84/D.522 is unlisted.

Secular Variation  CSAC 100.4.84/D.518  n.d

31 pp.

Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations by Bullard.

Secular Variation  CSAC 100.4.84/D.519  n.d

Miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations by Bullard.
7pp. (later work)

Secular Variation  CSAC 100.4.84/D.520  n.d

Miscellaneous unpaginated notes, diagrams, calculations.

Secular Variation  CSAC 100.4.84/D.521  n.d

Research notes and information provided by collaborators (more than one hand).

'The Secular Variation of the Earth's Magnetic Field'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.522  n.d

7pp. typescript and ms. draft for paper by D.W. Allan and E.C. Bullard, n.d, latest reference 1959, not listed in Bibliog.

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS  CSAC 100.4.84/D.523-D.576  c.1959-76

Administrative history:
The presentation and dating of this sub-section are somewhat artificial, since Bullard had been interested in mechanical methods of calculation and data-processing from very early in his research career. Some of the work on explosion seismology during the 1930s was processed on an early adding-machine, and Bullard himself was active in designing automatic recording instruments for gravity measurements. Similarly, many of the folders for research projects of the 1950s contain work making use of the computer resources of the National Physical Laboratory and the University Mathematical Laboratory at Cambridge.
It is nevertheless the case that during the 1950s Bullard came increasingly to seek ways of automatically reducing large quantities of observational data, and thus to write his own programs, using the Cambridge EDSAC machine. Later, in collaboration with colleagues at the Scripps Institution he shared in the major project known as BOMM for time-series analysis

EDSAC c.1959-62
BOMM c.1960-76

EDSAC  CSAC 100.4.84/D.523-D.527  c.1959-62

This was the computer (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) developed and built at the University Mathematical Laboratory, Cambridge. Bullard used it to process much of the data from the 'Discovery II' expeditions and other research projects during the 1950s. He wrote several programs himself, descriptions of which are retained at CSAC 100.4.84/D.525

EDSAC  CSAC 100.4.84/D.523  1959

'Least Squares'
2 ms. draft programs for EDSAC, 4pp. (dated May 1959), and 3pp.
Miscellaneous test printouts for program, June 1959.
Included here is a copy of the instructions for the completed program, another copy of which is included in CSAC 100.4.84/D.525

EDSAC  CSAC 100.4.84/D.524  1960

Correspondence, re 'magnetic programme' at University of Durham, with 7pp. ms. notes and calculations by Bullard using Durham program

EDSAC PROGRAMS  CSAC 100.4.84/D.525  n.d

Tagged folder of 'EDSAC PROGRAMS', containing 18 descriptions of programs by Bullard, as follows
1. Attractions
2. Sum Series
3. Fit function
4. Read or punch alpha-numeric characters
5. Reduce magnetometer (4 BP) and (5 BP)
6. Power spectrum
7. Read magnetometer
8. Difference magnetometer
9. Check magnetometer
10. Total field
11. Daily variation
12. Remove trend (1)
13. Seismic reflection (2B)
14. Remove trend (2)
15. Field from count
16. Least squares (1) and (2)
17. Argon (1)
18. Seismic reflections (1) and (1x)
The folder has a ms. note 'about 1958', though probably some of the work is rather later

EDSAC  CSAC 100.4.84/D.526  n.d

Copies of nos. 7, 9, 16, 17 with alternative material from above, perhaps earlier or later versions

EDSAC  CSAC 100.4.84/D.527  n.d and 1962

Two additional programs not included in CSAC 100.4.84/D.525.
'Proton Precession', 3pp., dated December 1962.
'Short description of the programme "Seismic Reflection (3)"', 2pp., n.d

BOMM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.528-D.576  1960-76

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.21

Administrative history:
This was a program for time-series analysis. Its name is derived from the initials of those principally involved: B(ullard), O(glebay), M(unk), M(iller). The acronym makes clear the collaborative nature of the work, which was funded by American research grants and conducted chiefly at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California (see Section C).
A 'User's Guide to BOMM... preliminary version' appeared in 1962, followed in April 1964 by a revised version and a second edition in January 1966. Bullard's copy of the 1966 version is included at CSAC 100.4.84/D.560.
In a short biographical sketch of Bullard (Earth-Science Reviews, 4, 1968), D. Davies writes:
'... in collaboration with a group from Scripps Institution... he developed a 'super-program' for time-series analysis, reducing the programmers effort from the punching of thousands of cards to the punching of tens. He didn't just act as genial overlord to the project - he took an equal share in the programming, punching and testing. Anyone wanting evidence of his mischievous sense of humour need only borrow the program and try and insert a time series including the non-existent days when we changed calendar in the eighteenth century. The result is surprising.'
The surviving material corroborates this account of the active part played by Bullard throughout, including his joke program for the calendar change in 1752 (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.558).

There are two principal sections: Bullard's own draft programs and notes (CSAC 100.4.84/D.528 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.559) and the correspondence with colleagues 1960-76 (CSAC 100.4.84/D.561 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.576).
The correspondence, as well as complementing the notes and drafts for the 'User's guide', continues after publication and includes comments by other laboratories and institutions using or adapting BOMM on various machines. At a later stage (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.569 et seq.), BOOM was developed; see CSAC 100.4.84/D.574 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.576 for 'thoughts' and notes on this by Bullard, 1968, 1976

Drafts and notes  CSAC 100.4.84/D.528-D.559  [n.d.]

These are Bullard's own notes, calculations and narratives for BOMM, the majority in his own hand but some by collaborators; printouts of trial routines are also sometimes included.
The material remains in Bullard's original folders, some very bulky, each bearing his designation of the topic dealt with. They were originally kept in two very large filing-drawer dividers labelled 'BO MM A - P' (CSAC 100.4.84/D.528 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.546) and 'BOMM Q - Z'(CSAC 100.4.84/D.547 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.559), but are now in a single sequence. It will be seen that the first surviving folder of the 'A - P' group is now 'Subroutine CB' which includes one problem codenamed 'ARTHER'.
Most of the material bears various dates, 1960-64. It is Bullard's 'half' of the work on BOMM which was going forward in collaboration with the Scripps Institution where the principal co-worker was Florence E. Oglebay (later Dormer) and should be consulted in conjunction with the detailed transatlantic correspondence on the subject at CSAC 100.4.84/D.561 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.576.

'Subroutine CB'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.528  1960-1962

Notes and calculations by Bullard, some dated September 1960.
9pp. ms. routine, n.d
Computer printouts, April 1962.
Also included here is 2pp. routine 'ARTHER', January 1962

'Subroutine CH'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.529  1960-1962

Notes, narratives, programs by Bullard, some dated August, September 1960.
Computer printout, April 1962

'Check'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.530  1963-1964

Extensive folder of notes, narratives and programs, almost all by Bullard, a few in the hand of F.E. Oglebay.
Some dated July, September 1963, November 1964, and includes 48pp. ms. sequence for various 'Check' routines.

'CHGVAR'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.531  n.d

2pp. only, ms. draft program by Bullard.

'CONVL'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.532  n.d

3pp. ms. draft program by Bullard.

'Subroutine CYCLE'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.533  c1960-1962

Notes, narratives and programs by Bullard, some dated August, September 1960, April 1962.

'END'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.534  c1960-1962

Notes, narratives, draft program by Bullard, some dated August 1960, March 1962 (by F.E. Oglebay).

'ERROR'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.535  n.d

Notes, narratives, draft program by Bullard, none dated.

'INSERT'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.536  1961

2pp. only draft program, dated November 1961.

'INTPL'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.537  c1962

Notes, calculations, draft program by Bullard, some dated September 1962.

'FETCH'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.538  c1961

Notes, programs, printout, some dated August 1961 and several in the hand of F.E. Oglebay.

'Subroutine LET'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.539  1960-1962

Narratives and programs by Bullard, August 1960, February 1962.

'LIBR'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.540  c1960-1964

Notes, narratives, programs, various dates, August 1960-April 1964, some in the hand of W.H. Munk.

'NUB'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.541  1960-1962

Extensive folder of notes, narratives, programs, test printouts, various dates, September 1960-April 1962, mostly by Bullard, but a few in the hand of F.E. Oglebay.

'NUM'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.542  c1960

Notes, narratives, test printouts by Bullard, mainly dated August 1960.

'OPER'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.543  n.d

Ms. notes and draft programs by Bullard.

'OPTION'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.544  1960

Narrative, notes, draft program by Bullard, August-September 1960.

'OUTPUT'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.545  1961-?1962

Notes, narrative, draft programs by Bullard, dated December 1961, January 1961 (perhaps an error for 1962).

'PRERROR'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.546  August 1961

Notes and draft program by Bullard

'Subroutine RE'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.547  c1960-1964

Miscellaneous notes by Bullard.
Computer printout June 1964, with ms. note by Bullard 'Test of revised RE. Works correctly'.
Also included is letter, 1960, from D.P. Moore, about this subroutine.

'READ 1'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.548  1961

Notes, charts, draft programs by Bullard, one dated August 1961.
Includes letters from F.E. Oglebay, December 1960, January 1961.

'READ, WRITE ETC.'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.549  1961

Extensive folder of notes and drafts by Bullard, several dated May 1961; draft programs by Bullard and D.P. Moore, May-July 1961; several test printouts annotated by Bullard (some programmed to produce text of 'Good King Wenceslas').

'RERROR'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.550  1961-1962

Notes and programs by Bullard, only two dated (November 1961, January 1962).

'RESUME'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.551  1962

1p. only, dated March 1962, in the hand of F.E. Oglebay.

'SBERP'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.552  n.d and 1962

Notes, narratives, draft programs by Bullard (dated May 1962). Test printouts annotated by Bullard, n.d

'SEV'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.553  December 1960

Notes and draft programs by Bullard.

'STARTING DECK'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.554  n.d

1p. only ms. draft program by Bullard

'STRSER'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.555  May 1961

1p. only ms. draft annotated program by Bullard

'TEATYM'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.556  c1962

1p. draft program by Bullard.
2pp. draft program in the hand of F.E. Oglebay, dated March 1962.

'TIM'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.557  c1961-1962

Narratives, notes, draft programs, all by Bullard, some with various dates, March and October 1961, January 1962.

'TNAME'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.558  1962-1964

Miscellaneous notes and draft routines by Bullard, some dated January 1962, April 1964.
Includes page headed 'Joke about 1752', a reference to Bullard's program for the calendar change of that year. See the article by D. Davies in Earth-Science Reviews, 4, 1968, quoted in part in the introductory note to 'BOMM' above.

'TRANSF'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.559  n.d

2pp. ms. draft routines by Bullard

'A User's Guide to BOMM'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.560  1966

Bullard's own initialled copy of the version published in January 1966

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.561-D.576  [n.d.]

Bullard was based in Cambridge for most of the academic year while the other members of the BOMM team were at the Scripps Institution. There is therefore unusually full documentation for the development of BOMM and its programs. The principal correspondent is Florence (Flicka) E. Oglebay (later Dormer), with whom letters are exchanged sometimes several times a week in bursts of activity over a particular problem. On the other hand, there are total gaps for the periods when Bullard was himself resident at Scripps.
The main theme is the development of BOMM, its use, and its successor, BOOM; in letters exchanged with W.H. Munk there are also references to other research projects, expeditions, Bullard's posts at Scripps, etc.
Some of Bullard's own notes and draft programs, similar to those in the main sequence at CSAC 100.4.84/D.528 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.559, also appear occasionally in the correspondence.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.561  1960, December only; 1961, August-December

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.562  1962, January-May

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.563  1962, June-December

Bullard's letter of 31 December to a prospective user explains the state of the project and the machines for which versions of BOMM were to be produced.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.564  1963, January-June

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.565  1963, July-December

Includes correspondence, July, re adapting BOMM for Titan.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.566  1964

Includes correspondence with users of BOMM on adaptations for other machines and languages, and correspondence with collaborators re 'User's Guide' and modifications required. An extensive folder.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.567  1965

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.568  1964-68

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.60.

Correspondence with G.W. Lennon on the use of BOMM at IBM Data Centre and elsewhere

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.569  1966-67

Letter of January 1967 explains the origin of BOOM (Bullard, Oglebay, Oglebay and Munk).

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.570  1967-68

Correspondence re use of BOMM at Atlas Computer Laboratory. Letter to Bullard of 19 December speaks in very favourable terms of the value of BOMM as an analytical tool in power system problems.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.571  1968

Includes correspondence on possible use of BOMM at Tata Institute, Bombay, and at CERN; also on development of BOOM, the CDC 3600 version of the successor to BOMM.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.572  1969

Includes various draft papers for BOOM, copy of 'User's Guide to BOMM on Atlas', and correspondence re a version for IBM/360.

Correspondence on BOMM and BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.573  1970-73

Correspondence about BOMM and BOOM.

Miscellaneous reports and work by Bullard on BOOM.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.574-D.576  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous reports and work by Bullard on BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.574  1968

'Thoughts on BOOM', 15 July 1968.
'Decisions based on thoughts on BOOM', 23 July 1968

Miscellaneous reports and work by Bullard on BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.575  n.d and 1976

'Note on the present state and prospects of BOOM on the CDC 7600 at Berkeley', with a trial printout and a circular letter from W.H. Munk on the BOOM project February 1976

Miscellaneous reports and work by Bullard on BOOM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.576  n.d

Ms. narrative and printout, on 'Meta-statements in BOOM'

CONTINENTAL DRIFT  CSAC 100.4.84/D.577-D.585  c.1962-65, 1975

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.646.

Bullard researched and published extensively on this and allied topics, but the surviving manuscript documentation is relatively scanty. CSAC 100.4.84/D.577 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.580 relate to his collaborative paper with J.E. Everett and A.G. Smith 'The fit of the continents around the Atlantic' (Bibliog. 1965a); CSAC 100.4.84/D.583 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.585 date from 1975 when he began a re-examination of the subject

Continental Drift  CSAC 100.4.84/D.577  c1965

Draft for 1965a paper, few pages only, some ms. annotations by Bullard, 1p. comments by A.G. Smith, and 4pp. 'data notes' on continental fit, by Smith

Continental Drift  CSAC 100.4.84/D.578  n.d

Ms. notes, calculations and charts by Bullard

Continental Drift  CSAC 100.4.84/D.579  n.d

Computer printouts of data for paper

Continental Drift  CSAC 100.4.84/D.580  1962

Correspondence (addressed to J.E. Everett), re statistical methods for solving problems of continental fit

'A mechanism for diastrophism'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.581  1947

8pp. draft for a paper on orogeny by M.J.S. Dewar, dated 1 September 1947 and found with material

'A mechanism for diastrophism'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.582  n.d

Incomplete ms. for a paper on continental drift, sea floor spreading and plate tectonics, p.4, pp.37-54. n.d but latest reference 1971.
There is a ms. note by Belinda Bullard that the paper was 'found in cupboard at Madingley Rise [Cambridge] July'

'Atlantic Fit'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.583  n.d and 1975

Miscellaneous notes, charts, a few dated October 1975

Continental Drift  CSAC 100.4.84/D.584  1975

Correspondence with colleagues, mainly sending information on Atlantic fit in response to Bullard's requests, June- July 1975

Continental Drift  CSAC 100.4.84/D.585  n.d

Miscellaneous lists of maps, reports, etc. requested or ordered by Bullard for work.

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.586-D.592a  1964-67

Related information: For further correspondence about the expedition and research, see CSAC 100.4.84/C.17, CSAC 100.4.84/C.20.

This is mainly concerned with the analysis of rock samples collected during expeditions in the Pacific Ocean organised by the Scripps Institution: to Easter Island and the Juan Fernandez Islands in July 1964 and 1966, and to Fiji and other Pacific islands in July 1967.

Bibliography: Bullard wrote a collaborative paper on the subject with J. Booker and R.L. Gasty (Bibliog. 1967g)

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.586  1964-1965

Green notebook, with Bullard's name and addresses at La Jolla and Cambridge inside front cover, and labelled '6/64. Rocks. Easter Is. & Juan Fernandez'.
Includes list of sites of samples, diagrams, description of collection methods, analysis of magnetisation, etc., mainly but not all in Bullard's hand. Includes some later material, 1965, and a note of samples 'Sent to Blackett 8/4/65'. (P.M.S. Blackett, who was working on magnetic reversal at that time.)

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.587  1967

Similar notebook, with Bullard's name and address and date, July 1967, inside front cover and labelled 'NOVA Leg 3 July 1967'.
Pages numbered 1-16, with several loose pages of maps and diagrams. Entries run 31 June-20 July 1967 and are described as 'Collection of oriented rock samples for palaeomagnetic and age determinations'. At rear of book, 1p. only account of expenditure. All in Bullard's hand

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.588  n.d

Bullard's list of rocks collected on 1964 expedition.
Typescript 'Description of work on Easter Island' taken from Bullard's diary.
Maps and charts indicating sites of rock specimens taken.

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.589  n.d and 1964

Bullard's notes and calculations.
4pp. sequence 'Track of R.V. Baird during 1st leg of Carousel' (code name for 1964 expedition).
Notes, drafts, charts, mainly on Alijos rocks.
Miscellaneous computer programs (using BOMM) for processing data on rocks, July 1964.
2pp. shorter notes on 'Easter Is.'

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.590  n.d

Charts and diagrams, probably for a publication, all drawn or annotated by Bullard.

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.591  n.d

Charts of rock samples, by Bullard and others

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.592  n.d and 1965

Correspondence and reports from colleagues.
'Work report on measurements of the magnetic properties of basalts from Easter and Juan Fernandez Islands', by A.I. Rees, February 1965.
J.A. Miller, August 1965.
J. Booker, September 1965
'Preliminary petrological report on rocks from Easter Island and the Juan Fernandez Islands', by F.J. Fitch, n.d

PALAEOMAGETISM  CSAC 100.4.84/D.592a  1964-1966

Printout with ms. note 'Easter Island, magnetisation of rocks', July 1966.
In original folder, inscribed 'Pacific Track and Easter Islands 1964'


Administrative history:
The material was received as the contents of a filing-drawer divider labelled 'Induction in Ocean'.

Bullard began work on the topic in 1965 (see CSAC 100.4.84/D.593) but most of the dated notes and drafts are 1967, 1968. They include some computer programs and printouts, and a little material from R.L. Parker and other colleagues. Bullard published a collaborative paper with Parker, 'Electromagnetic induction in the oceans' (Bibliog. 1970a). See CSAC 100.4.84/G.54.


Correspondence with R.A. Cox, in which Bullard explains the purpose of the research 'to calculate the effect of the oceans on magnetic variations' and requests information


Notes, data, programs, etc. on temperatures and salinity in Indian and Pacific Oceans, various dates, January, March, May 1967


Miscellaneous notes, research ideas, diagram by Bullard, related to 1967 work

ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY OF OCEANS  CSAC 100.4.84/D.596  n.d and 1967 - 1968

Correspondence from colleague and collaborator, with data.
Includes research notes from R.L. Parker, 1967-68


Miscellaneous shorter data, annotated bibliography

Drafts and notes by Bullard.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.598-D.609  [n.d.]

'The electrical conductivity of the oceans'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.598  1967

Typescript with ms. corrections (photocopy), dated 'August 1967', with a ms. note 'This note is intended as a summary and will not be published'.

Drafts and notes by Bullard.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.599  n.d

Extensive draft, paginated 1-74 with several intercalated pages, headed 'Induction in a sheet'.

'Induction in spherical shell'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.600  n.d

pp. 1-10

'Induction by motion in a disc'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.601  n.d


'Induction in a strip conductor'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.602  n.d

2 pp


'Induction in a half space'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.603  n.d


'The general problem'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.604  n.d

1 p

Untitled fragment  CSAC 100.4.84/D.605  n.d

pp.15, 16 only of a sequence.

'Induction in ocean for short periods'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.606  July 1971

4 pp.

'Induction in ocean for short periods'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.607  n.d

Photocopy of part of a paper on induction, heavily annotated and revised by Bullard.

Conductivity research  CSAC 100.4.84/D.608, D.609  1967-68

2 folders

Unpaginated notes, drafts, diagrams by Bullard relating to conductivity research

MAGNETIC VARIATIONS  CSAC 100.4.84/D.610-D.612  1967-69

'Removal of Trend'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.610, D.611  [n.d.]

Contents of a filing-drawer divider so labelled.

Bibliography: Bullard published a paper 'The removal of trend from magnetic surveys' (Bibliog. 1967b), though some of the material here is later.

Magnetic Variations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.610  1967

Ms. drafts by Bullard, 19pp., 2pp., 2 pp.
Diagrams (perhaps for 1967 paper).

Magnetic Variations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.611  1967

Letter and data from L.R. Alldredge, with Bullard's notes and data on the subject, February 1967.
Includes letter to Members of Working Group on 'Analysis of the Geomagnetic Field' (Bullard was a member), November 1967.

'Magnetic Variations'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.612  1968-1969

Contents of a filing-drawer divider so labelled.
Ms. notes and diagrams, charts (various dates, December 1968, January 1969), brief correspondence.

ENERGY SOURCES/NUCLEAR WASTE  CSAC 100.4.84/D.613-D.643  1976-80

Related information: For contracts and terms of Bullard's consultancy at JPL, and other related material, see CSAC 100.4.84/E.99 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.113.

Most of this work consists of drafts and background material for Bullard's contribution to collaborative publications of JPL where he was a consultant (Bibliog. 1977c, 1977d).
Of interest are the fragmentary drafts for an uncompleted book on the subject on which Bullard was engaged at the very end of his life (CSAC 100.4.84/D.626 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.629).
The work on abiogenic methane at CSAC 100.4.84/D.640 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.643 represents Bullard's contribution to the discussion of T. Gold's hypothesis on the viability of abiogenic methane as a fuel source, and was undertaken at the request of the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.
CSAC 100.4.84/D.613- CSAC 100.4.84/D.625 Drafts for publications and papers
CSAC 100.4.84/D.626- CSAC 100.4.84/D.636 Ms. drafts, notes and calculations
CSAC 100.4.84/D.637- CSAC 100.4.84/D.639 Background statistics and information assembled by Bullard
CSAC 100.4.84/D.640- CSAC 100.4.84/D.643 Abiogenic Methane

Drafts for publications and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/D.613-D.625  [n.d.]

'Notes on the problems of waste disposal from light water reactors'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.613  4 January 1976

9 pp.


'The central problem in waste disposal, notes by Edward Bullard'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.614  n.d

5 pp.


'Effect of Radioactive Heat on Seabed Disposal of Nuclear Waste'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.615  n.d

3 pp.

Typescript research proposal by Bullard 'to examine the stability of clay containing buried heat sources'

'Waste disposal - a brief review, by Edward Bullard'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.616  1976-1977

Versions of a paper, all with variants, dated 17 October 1976, 21 October 1976, and a second amended copy with 1 page dated 23 March 1977.

'Summary'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.617  ? c1977

4 pp.

Typescript and ms. (photocopy), for collaborative publication, probably Bibliog. 1977c.

'Appendix A. Energy'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.618  n.d

9 pp.

Typescript unsigned but by Bullard

'Appendix B. Units of energy'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.619  n.d

6 pp.

Typescript and ms.

'Appendix. Effect of Plutonium Recycle Options on High-Level Nuclear Waste Management'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.620  n.d

4 pp.

Typescript, no author or date.

'Origin, nature and disposal of high level waste'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.621, D.622  n.d, but 1977

Paper written as 'Appendix A', described by Bullard as 'a background paper [which] does not go into the detail of the main report'

'Origin, nature and disposal of high level waste'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.621  n.d but 1977

Ms. and heavily-corrected typescript draft (photocopy)

'Origin, nature and disposal of high level waste'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.622  n.d but 1977

36 pp

Typescript version of above

'High-level Waste'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.623  1977

25pp. typescript + 7pp. figures, with a few ms. corrections dated 2 June 1977.
(Uses some similar material to CSAC 100.4.84/D.622.)

'Notes on Waste Disposal'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.624  c1978

4pp. typescript with a ms. note 'For Adm. Long's daughter', dated 8 December 1978.
Enclosed here is a copy of a letter from W.H. Munk forwarding the material

Letter to Bullard (JPL Interoffice memo.) from J. Klimberg  CSAC 100.4.84/D.625  1977

Commenting on Bullard's seminar at La Jolla on 'Lasting Engineered Structures for Disposal', February 1977

Ms. drafts, notes and calculations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.626-D.635  [n.d.]

Drafts for an uncompleted book on energy, with special reference to nuclear power  CSAC 100.4.84/D.626-D.629  [n.d.]

The work is all in Bullard's hand, very heavily revised and corrected, sometimes fragmentary and not easily attributable.

'Preface'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.626  [n.d.]

10 pp

Here Bullard outlines the scope of the book as follows:
Chapter 1 'an outline of the world's energy needs and resources and of the reasons for considering nuclear energy as a major source'
Chapter 2 'the nuclear fuel cycle of the Light Water Reactor'
Chapter 3 'the nature of the waste and its radioactivity'
Chapter 4 (omitted)
Chapter 5 'biological effects of radioactivity'
Chapter 6 'options for disposal'
Chapter 7 'effect of alternative fuel cycles on waste disposal'
Chapter 8 'possibilities of the diversion of materials from the fuel cycle either by non-nuclear states or by terrorists'
Chapter 9 summary and conclusions

'Chapter 1 'How much will be enough'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.627  ?c1980

18pp. + 1p. There is a ms. note at the head 'book in progress 1980'

Miscellaneous drafts for chapter 5  CSAC 100.4.84/D.628  n.d

Miscellaneous drafts for chapter 5 on biological effects of radiation, pp.1-4, 8-14, 9-13

Shorter paginated drafts  CSAC 100.4.84/D.629  n.d

pp.5-7, 6-8, 17-25 (perhaps for Chapter 1)

'The generation of radioactivity by a reactor'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.630  n.d

4pp. ms. note 'to prove a theorem which seems not to be widely known'

Shorter paginated sequences of notes and calculations  CSAC 100.4.84/D.631  n.d

Shorter notes, statistics, references  CSAC 100.4.84/D.632-D.636  n.d and 1976-1979

5 folders

A few with dates, 1976-79

Background information and statistics  CSAC 100.4.84/D.637-D.639  [n.d.]

3 folders

Miscellaneous material assembled by Bullard on nuclear waste and energy sources in America, a few with ms. annotations

Abiogenic Methane  CSAC 100.4.84/D.640-D.643  [n.d.]

Correspondence and papers examining the proposal by T. Gold that 'methane... and other hydrocarbons may have been significant components of primordial Earth'. Bullard was asked for his views and comments, which he conveyed in a paper (CSAC 100.4.84/D.641) and which were considered in preparing its report to the Office of Science and Technology Policy by the ad hoc Committee on Abiogenic Methane of the National Academy of Sciences.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/D.640  July-November 1979

Includes invitation to forward comments, exchanges with colleagues.
Also included is a copy of a letter by T. Gold on methane deposits, February 1979, sent to Bullard for information

'Abiogenic Methane'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.641  1979

Bullard's report on the subject, 9pp. typescript, dated 10 September 1979.
With covering letter, and a ms. note of others who received copies

'Abiogenic Methane: scientific and practical considerations of its potential as an energy source'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.642  8 October 1979

Report of ad hoc Committee, with background papers

'Alternative Gas Workshop'  CSAC 100.4.84/D.643  1979

Papers and correspondence re meeting at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, September 1979, which Bullard attended. Includes programme, list of participants, brief correspondence, and a few brief notes by Bullard

MISCELLANEOUS  CSAC 100.4.84/D.644-D.651  [n.d.]

Maps for gravity survey in Britain.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.644  [n.d.]

Maps of boreholes, for work on heat flow in South Africa  CSAC 100.4.84/D.645  1937-39

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.359 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.371

Maps and drawings on continental fit  CSAC 100.4.84/D.646  c.1964

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.577 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.585

Ms. notes and drawings  CSAC 100.4.84/D.647  n.d

Includes original figure for an early pendulum paper

Shorter ms. notes, on spherical harmonics and other topics (from later part of Bullard's career)  CSAC 100.4.84/D.648  n.d

Ms. diagrams and charts by Bullard.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.649  n.d

Data and diagrams by others.  CSAC 100.4.84/D.650  n.d

The Cambridge Supermap Programs  CSAC 100.4.84/D.651  n.d

Typescript material, with ms. annotations by Bullard, on 'The Cambridge Supermap Programs'.



Arrangement: The material is presented in alphabetical sequence

Related information: For unpublished wartime papers, see CSAC 100.4.84/G.19.

Administrative history:
Bullard undertook consultancy and committee work for a number of government departments. His connection with the Admiralty dates from the mid-1930s when the Navy cooperated with the Cambridge Department of Geodesy and Geophysics in marine geophysical research and Bullard joined the Admiralty Research Department during the Second World War. There is virtually no record of the wartime work in the collection. After the war he was a consultant and served on government committees on atomic energy, atomic weapons, nuclear disarmament and maritime defence and served as the chairman of Lord Hailsham's Space Steering Committee. Bullard also had a number of important consultancies with industrial concerns. The most fully documented are those with Shell and IBM UK where he was a director for ten years.

The material covers both government and private commercial work. For Ministry of Overseas Development see under foreign office
ADMIRALTY CSAC 100.4.84/E.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.8
FOREIGN OFFICE CSAC 100.4.84/E.37 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.55
IBM UK CSAC 100.4.84/E.57 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.98
MINISTRY OF DEFENCE CSAC 100.4.84/E.115 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.143
MINISTRY OF SCIENCE CSAC 100.4.84/E.145 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.161
MINISTRY OF SUPPLY CSAC 100.4.84/E.162 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.176
SHELL OIL COMPANY CSAC 100.4.84/E.189 - CSAC 100.4.84/E.229

ADMIRALTY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.1-E.8  1936, 1938-39, 1941, 1944, 1946, 1953, 1959

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.1  1936-1939

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.342- CSAC 100.4.84/D.351.

Letter from Department of Scientific Research and Experiment to G.P. Lenox-Conyngham re data on ships' movements.
Correspondence and papers re seismological experiments carried out from H.M.S. Jason under the direction of Bullard, and gravity work carried out by the submarine H.M.S. Narwhal under the direction of B.C. Browne.

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.2  1939

Correspondence re Bullard's wartime appointment as Temporary Senior Experimental Officer in the Admiralty Scientific and Technical Pools. He was assigned for duty in the first instance to the A/S Establishment, H.M.S. Osprey, Portland.

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.3  1941

Manuscript draft, with much crossing-out, corrections and interlineation, of a letter to (?R.H.) Fowler, dated at Edinburgh 9 June 1941, with Bullard's criticism of the Admiralty Experimental Establishments, particularly H.M.S. Osprey.

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.4  1944

Copy of memorandum by A.C. Hardy on proposed new methods of making hydrological surveys of wide areas from commercial ships down to depths of 200 metres, with covering letter from the Hydrographer of the Navy.

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.5  1946

Correspondence re book by R.A. Lochner which dealt with wartime Admiralty research.

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.6  1946

Correspondence re request from Italy for the retention of a submarine for gravity work. Under the terms of peace, all Italian submarines were to be destroyed

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.7  1946

Seventh report of Admiralty Computing Service, with carbon of Bullard's letter acknowledging its receipt

Admiralty  CSAC 100.4.84/E.8  1953, 1959

Brief correspondence


Atomic energy research establishment (AERE) Harwell  CSAC 100.4.84/E.9  1947-48

Brief correspondence with J.D. Cockcroft
Brief correspondence re Bullard's appointment as Consultant to the Department of Atomic Energy, Ministry of Supply, with effect from 1 March 1948.
1p. ms. notes headed 'Times of Atomic Bomb Explosions', and 1p. ms. notes headed 'Distance from Kew'.
8pp. typescript paper by Bullard on 'The Detection of the Explosion of Atomic Bombs'

Atomic energy research establishment (AERE) Harwell  CSAC 100.4.84/E.10  1958-59

Agendas, notices of meetings and committee papers of the CTR (Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions) Advisory Committee.
Bullard was a member of the reconstituted committee which met for the first time on 18 December 1958

Atomic energy research establishment (AERE) Harwell  CSAC 100.4.84/E.11  1958, 1968

Brief correspondence only.
The 1968 correspondence relates to the 1967 Harwell Conference on Technology of Sea and Sea-Bed

Atomic energy research establishment (AERE) Harwell  CSAC 100.4.84/E.12  1964

Extract from a draft, dated 18 September 1964, of the Users' Manual of the National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science, Atlas Computer Laboratory.
The extracted pages are taken from Part II entitled 'Putting a Job on the Machine', and were filed by Bullard with AERE Harwell

Culham Laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/E.13  1961, 1963, 1969

Archival history:
Bullard filed this Culham material under AERE Harwell

Brief correspondence re invitation for Bullard to speak at a colloquium (1961) and proposed IPPS Conference on Computational Physics (1969) and two internal papers on the dynamo problem of the earth's core (1963)


Atomic weapons research establishment (AWRE) Aldermaston  CSAC 100.4.84/E.14  1960-1968

Correspondence re Bullard's appointment as Consultant to AWRE (1960), consultancy fees (1965, 1968)

Atomic weapons research establishment (AWRE) Aldermaston  CSAC 100.4.84/E.15, E.16  Various dates, 1961-1966

Two folders

Arrangement: In alphabetical order

Correspondence with AWRE personnel

Atomic weapons research establishment (AWRE) Aldermaston  CSAC 100.4.84/E.17  1960

Background papers on seismic research, with particular reference to underground detection programmes

Atomic weapons research establishment (AWRE) Aldermaston  CSAC 100.4.84/E.18  May 1961

Tagged folder entitled 'Review of Seismology II', Blacknest

Atomic weapons research establishment (AWRE) Aldermaston  CSAC 100.4.84/E.19  26 November 1963

Paper by H.I.S. Thirlaway (2pp.) entitled 'Summary of Observations from a Study of the Attached Records', Blacknest
There are ten figures attached

'IBM 7090 Installation. A brief guide for visitors', Aldermaston  CSAC 100.4.84/E.20  November 1960

11pp. booklet.

Reactor Group Headquarters, Risley, Warrington, 1962-63, 1966-68  CSAC 100.4.84/E.21  1962-1968

Correspondence and papers re computer applications, including references to the BOMM program.
Bullard's work was apparently transferred from the Aldermaston IBM to Risley and the Risley material was filed by Bullard with AWRE, Aldermaston

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority  CSAC 100.4.84/E.22  1964, 1967, 1972

Brief correspondence only, filed for convenience with AWRE, Aldermaston

Not used  CSAC 100.4.84/E.23  n.d

BRITISH PETROLEUM  CSAC 100.4.84/E.24  1944-45

Brief correspondence re consultancy


Brief correspondence re consultancy, with three duplicated pages of 'Discussion of Dr. Bullard's Comments'

CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION  CSAC 100.4.84/E.26  1945-47, 1977

Administrative history:
Bullard accepted an invitation to join the panel of physicists to advise on recruitment for the Scientific Services of the Government

Invitation to join panel, correspondence and papers re selection board meetings, promotions


Committee on Colonial Geophysical Surveys  CSAC 100.4.84/E.27  1944

Correspondence between Colonial Office and Sir Gerald Lenox-Conyngham re formation of a Committee to advise on the geological needs of the Colonies
Lenox-Conyngham felt unable to serve himself and strongly recommended Bullard for the Committee

Committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.28  n.d and c1944

'Summary of Publications issued by Colonial Geological Surveys, etc.', with covering letter dated 17 April 1944.
'Expenditure before the War', n.d

Committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.29  1944-1947

Report of the Committee on Colonial Geology, July 1944, with brief correspondence re report, 1947

Committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.30  1945, 1947

Brief correspondence re colonial geological surveys

British Commonwealth Survey Officers' Conference  CSAC 100.4.84/E.31-E.36  1947

British Commonwealth Survey Officers' Conference  CSAC 100.4.84/E.31  c1947

Brief correspondence re organisation of conference, with provisional agenda, amendment to provisional programme and list of those attending Conference.

Conference papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.32  c.1947

Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically by author:

B - E

Conference papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.33  c.1947


Conference papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.34  c.1947


Conference papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.35  c.1947

L - N

Conference papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.36  c.1947

P - W

FOREIGN OFFICE  CSAC 100.4.84/E.37-E.55  1946-48, 1959, 1965-68, 1971-74

Arrangement: This material is arranged alphabetically by commission, department, panel, etc.

Brief correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.37  1959, 1973

Arms Control and Disarmament Panel  CSAC 100.4.84/E.38-E.48  1965-68, 1971-74

Related information: For earlier Foreign Office correspondence re disarmament see CSAC 100.4.84/E.124.

'Report of the Working Group on Proliferation of the Panel of Advisers to the Minister of State for Disarmament'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.38  April 1965

Bullard was the principal author of this report

Report of the Disarmament Panel Sub-Group on China and the Bomb  CSAC 100.4.84/E.39  n.d (1965 or later)

FOREIGN OFFICE  CSAC 100.4.84/E.40  1966

Correspondence re disarmament questions generally, meeting of advisory panel

Miscellaneous papers relating to disarmament questions  CSAC 100.4.84/E.41  n.d and 1966

Photocopy of letter to The Times, 18 August 1966, headed 'Initiative to Halt Arms Race' (not from Bullard)

Further miscellaneous papers re disarmament questions  CSAC 100.4.84/E.42  n.d

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.43  1967

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.44  1968

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.45  1971

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.46  1972

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.47  1973

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.48  1974

Control Commission for Germany, Research Branch  CSAC 100.4.84/E.49-E.53  1946-48

Control Commission for Germany, Research Branch  CSAC 100.4.84/E.49  1946

Correspondence re visit to Germany by Bullard to advise on Geophysics at the Institute at Gottingen and in connection with the Geologisches Landesamt; also preliminary enquiry as to whether Bullard would serve on a Physics Panel to advise on scientific matters in Germany and letter from N.F. Mott re possible meeting of Society for Visiting Scientists to discuss science in Germany.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.50  1947

April-September, re German scientific matters, including letter appointing Bullard consultant to research branch of control commission.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.51  1947

October-November, re German scientific matters.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.52  1948

Re German scientific matters including correspondence about the career plans of Julius Bartels

Miscellaneous papers filed by Bullard under Control Commission  CSAC 100.4.84/E.53  n.d

British Intelligence Objective Sub-committee report on German academic geology.
International Geological Congress. Section 4 'The Geological Results of Applied Geophysics'. A Geophysical Compilation of North West Europe.
Allied Control Authority Control Council Law no.25. Control of Scientific Research.

Marine and Transport Department  CSAC 100.4.84/E.54  1973

Brief correspondence re foreign research cruises in UK waters

Overseas Development Administration (later Ministry of Overseas Development)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.55  1973, 1975

Brief correspondence only.


1 letter only

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.57-E.98  1957, 1962-77, 1979

This material records Bullard's long association with IBM both as a user of the computer firm's data processing facilities and, for the period 1965-75, as a director of IBM UK. The very extensive correspondence relates to board meetings, fees and expenses, technical questions of computer performance, contacts made by Bullard for IBM in the universities, industry and government departments, and symposia, lectures, and other educational, scientific, cultural and social events organised or sponsored by IBM. There is also correspondence re a substantial gift from IBM to the University of Cambridge (CSAC 100.4.84/E.83, CSAC 100.4.84/E.84). For lectures given by Bullard for IBM see CSAC 100.4.84/G.152, CSAC 100.4.84/G.163

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.57  1957

Letters of thanks for Bullard's address at opening ceremony of IBM's data processing centre

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.58  1962

Brief correspondence re applications for computer time under IBM's Endowed Research Time Scheme

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.59  1963-65

Correspondence re Project Magnet data with the Hydrographer of the Navy, the Royal Greenwich Observatory and IBM

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.60  July-August 1964

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.568.

Correspondence re use of computer time under Endowed Research Time Scheme. There are references to Project Magnet and BOM

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.61  November-December 1964

Includes Bullard's letter accepting invitation to join the Board of IBM UK

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.62  1964-66

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/G.45.

Correspondence re reprinting by IBM of Bullard's article 'The Language of Machines', which first appeared in Endeavour, September 1964 (Bibliog. 1964a, 1965f)

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.63  January 1965

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.64  February 1965

Includes IBM memorandum on the British computer industry and copies of letters from IBM to the Director of the Electronic Engineering Association, with comments on the EEA's paper 'Electronics and the National Economy'

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.65  March 1965 (1)

Includes copy of original draft of the EEA's paper on 'Electronics and the National Economy', with ms. comments, underscorings, etc., sent to Bullard by IBM

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.66  March 1965 (2)

Includes copy of IBM memorandum of meeting, 23 March, between T.C. Hudson and B.J.A. Hargreaves of IBM UK with Frank Cousins, Minister of Technology, and copy of letter from Hudson to Cousins, 24 March, setting out the ways in which IBM UK might be of use to Cousins's Ministry

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.67  April 1965

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.68  May-August 1965

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.69  September 1965

Includes IBM memorandum on computing equipment for hydrographic research vessels, based on discussions with Bullard and M.N. Hill

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.70  October-November 1965

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.71  December 1965

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.72  January-March 1966

Includes IBM memorandum re tender for computer system at R.A.E. Farnborough

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.73  April-December 1966

Includes correspondence re computer system intended for proposed Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge and diagrams of layout of computer system for Cambridge University Institute of Theoretical Physics

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.74  January-April 1967

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.75  May 1967

Includes internal memorandum on visit by Bullard and IBM personnel to BAC (Filton) re BAC's purchase of an IBM computer

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.76  June-July 1967

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.77  September-October 1967

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.78  November-December 1967

Includes internal memorandum: 'Notes on an interview with Sir Edward Bullard at the Department of Geodesy and Geo-physics, Cambridge', 8 November. Bullard was interviewed by IBM's Academic Relations Manager and commented, amongst other things, on IBM's image in the university

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.79  January-February 1968

Includes draft letter from IBM to B.H. Flowers re new IBM computer

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.80  March-April 1968

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.81  May-December 1968

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.82  January 1969

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.83  1969-70

Correspondence re gift to the University of Cambridge for seven years

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.84  1971-72

Correspondence re gift to the University of Cambridge for seven years

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.85  January-February 1970

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.86  March 1970

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.87  April-October 1970

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.88  1971

Includes correspondence and internal memoranda re visit to NPL by Bullard and IBM personnel

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.89  April-June 1972

Includes memorandum re meeting between H. Bondi, and Bullard and IBM personnel, to discuss MOD and Atlas Computing Laboratory

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.90  August-December 1972

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.91  January-June 1973

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.92  July-December 1973

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.93  January-March 1974

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.94  April-June 1974

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.95  July-September 1974

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.96  October-December 1974

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.97  1975

Includes minute of Bullard's resignation from the Board which took effect from 31 March.

IBM UK  CSAC 100.4.84/E.98  1976-77, 1979

Brief correspondence only.


Related information: For research notes and publications for JPL, see CSAC 100.4.84/D.613- CSAC 100.4.84/D.643 passim.
For lecture given at the JPL, CSAC 100.4.84/see G.172.

Administrative history:
Bullard was invited to take on a consultancy with JPL initially for one year, with particular reference to their nuclear waste programme. It was also hoped that he would take an interest in other geophysical activity at JPL, and make a private report to the director on the state of science there.

Correspondence re consultancy agreements  CSAC 100.4.84/E.99  1976-79

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.100-E.106  [n.d.]

Arrangement: In chronological order

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.100  August, October-November 1976

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.101  1977

Includes letters written during a visit to Australia which touch on the melting of icebergs to get fresh water from them and Australian policy on uranium mining and export.

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.102  January-February 1978

Includes interoffice memos. on nuclear waste management and ms. drafts of two short papers by Bullard on proposals for the disposal of nuclear waste.

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.103  March 1978

Includes notes by Bullard on energy use and supply and draft paper by Lester Lees on scenarios for future primary energy demand and supply.

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.104  April-June 1978

Includes Bullard's ms. comments on JPL's interim report to NASA on nuclear waste disposal and on the long range environmental constraints proposal, and the interoffice memo. which announced that the nuclear waste disposal project was to be wound up.

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.105  1978-79

General correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.106  1980-81

1981 correspondence is a letter setting out Bullard's contributions to JPL projects on radioactive waste disposal.

'Applications of JPL Technology'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.107  11 October 1979

13pp. paper by Bullard discussing how the new technologies developed in JPL's work for NASA could be applied to meeting more mundane needs.

Advanced unmanned underwater systems and instrumentation workshop, Pasadena  CSAC 100.4.84/E.108-E.112  30 October-1 November 1979

Administrative history:
Bullard was a member of the waste disposal and monitoring panel.

Advanced unmanned underwater systems and instrumentation workshop, Pasadena  CSAC 100.4.84/E.108  1979

Programme, list of participants and brief correspondence.

Advanced unmanned underwater systems and instrumentation workshop, Pasadena  CSAC 100.4.84/E.109  1979

Papers relating to waste disposal and monitoring panel, including summaries of sessions.

Advanced unmanned underwater systems and instrumentation workshop, Pasadena  CSAC 100.4.84/E.110  1979

Summaries of sessions of water column and Benthic Research panel.

Advanced unmanned underwater systems and instrumentation workshop, Pasadena  CSAC 100.4.84/E.111  1979

Summaries of sessions of Geological and Geophysical Surveying and Mapping and Ocean Mineral Resources and Production panels.

'Miscellaneous notes concerning discussions by panel members on the panel originally entitled Sea Floor Engineering and later called the Panel on Ocean Engineering on the Sea Floor.'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.112  1979

57 pp.

Miscellaneous material found with JPL papers.  CSAC 100.4.84/E.113  n.d

METEOROLOGICAL OFFICE  CSAC 100.4.84/E.114  1960-62, 1975

Brief correspondence re research fellowships and Meteorological Office personnel.

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE  CSAC 100.4.84/E.115-E.143  1956-78

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.115-E.135  1956-68

Administrative history:
Bullard served on a number of committees and working parties and corresponded about matters of mutual interest, e.g. disarmament, Russian science and scientists.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.115  1956

Includes suggestion that Bullard should spend four or five months in Moscow in connection with the possible appointment of a Scientific Attaché there.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.116  1957

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.117  January-June 1958

Includes list of 16 British atomic tests, 1952-57, drawn from publicly available sources.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.118  July-November 1958

Includes duplicated material re conference to study methods of detecting violations of a possible agreement on suspension of nuclear tests, Geneva, July-August.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.119  January-June, December 1959

Includes letter from Bullard re membership of the Pugwash Committee.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.120  1960

Includes material prepared from publicly available sources on the Soviet scientific township, Novosibirsk, and ms. note by Bullard entitled 'Large Earthquakes in USA and China'.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.121  January-June 1961

Includes correspondence re meetings of the British Nuclear Deterrent Technical Sub-Committee.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.122  July-December 1961

Includes letter accepting invitation to be a member of a panel on Technical Aspects of Disarmament.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.123  January-May 1962

Includes duplicated summary of Soviet statements on matters affecting disarmament and nuclear testing, 8 March.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.124  July-December 1962

Includes correspondence with Foreign Office re disarmament questions.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.125  January-March 1963

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.126  April-June 1963

Includes correspondence re invitation to join a naval enquiry, and visit to USA in connection with enquiry.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.127  July-September 1963

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.128  October-December 1963

Includes draft article by Bullard entitled 'The Test Ban - What Next'. Not published.
8pp. typescript with ms. corrections.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.129  January-June 1964

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.130  August, October-December 1964

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.131  1965

Includes material and correspondence re the Hornig/Zuckerman talks.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.132  January-March 1966

Includes correspondence re request from C. Pekeris in Israel for the loan of equipment which would enable him to select a site for a 'modern seismic station'.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.133  September-October 1967

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.134  May-June 1968

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.135  October-December 1968

Correspondence re loss at sea of oceanographic equipment in buoys, with MoD, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and Royal Society.

Defence Scientific Advisory Council (DSAC)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.136-E.141  1969-75

Administrative history:
In 1969 a new Defence Scientific Advisory Council was constituted to provide the Secretary of State for Defence with independent advice on research and development activities within the Ministry of Defence. Bullard accepted an invitation to serve on the Undersea Warfare Board. In 1972 the Undersea Warfare Board was merged with the Ships Board to form the Maritime Warfare Advisory Board and Bullard agreed to serve on the new board. Also in 1972 he accepted an invitation to serve on a working party on Maritime Air. He resigned from the Maritime Warfare Advisory Board at the end of 1974 because he was going to spend most of 1975 in the USA.

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.136  1969

Includes invitation to serve on DSAC's Undersea Warfare Board, Bullard's letter of acceptance, and official note describing DSAC's terms of reference and machinery.

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.137  1970

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.138  1971

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.139  1972

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.140  1973

Correspondence and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/E.141  1974-75

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.142, E.143  1973-76, 1978

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.142  1973-74

Includes correspondence re project for a satellite laser tracker.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.143  1975-76, 1978


Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.55.

Administrative history:
Bullard served on the reconstituted Scientific Research Advisory Committee of the Technical and Scientific Register.

Correspondence and committee papers.

MINISTRY OF SCIENCE  CSAC 100.4.84/E.145-E.161  1960-71

Ministry of Science was the designation on Bullard's original folders which more properly should have been Office of the Minister of Science, later Department of Education and Science.

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.145-E.157  1960-63

Arrangement: They are presented in a chronological sequence

Administrative history:
Bullard was chairman of the group

The Correspondence and committee papers relate to the funding of space research, international cooperation, the Blue Streak rocket and satellite and telescope projects

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.145  February 1960

Includes copy of letter from Woodrow Wyatt MP to Harold Macmillan enclosing a memorandum from the British Interplanetary Society on a space programme for the UK, a 5pp. typescript commentary on the memorandum and a note on the status of the society (2pp.).

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.146  March-April 1960

Includes 4pp. typescript draft entitled 'Scientific Benefits from Satellites capable of being launched by Blue Streak' with ms. note by Bullard 'This is the paper for Hailsham that I dictated over phone 26/4/60'

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.147  May 1960

Includes 3pp. typescript note by A.W. Lines on the 'Technological Stimulus of Satellite Research.'

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.148  June 1960

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.149  July-September 1960

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.150  November-December 1960

Includes photocopy of paper from NASA giving their views on an agenda for the proposed UN Outer Space Conference planned for 1961

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.151  January-February 1961

Includes material re visit of Japanese mission on space science

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.152  March, May 1961

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.153  June-July 1961

Includes Correspondence and papers re Project West Ford, 3pp. typescript paper by D.W. Parkin on the collection of cosmic dust from outer space using recoverable earth satellites, and 2pp. typescript notes prepared for Lord Hailsham, setting out Bullard's doubts about the British space programme.

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.154  August-December 1961

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.155  January-February 1962

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.156  April-June, November 1962

UK Space Research Steering Group  CSAC 100.4.84/E.157  January-May, September 1963

Includes report of working party under chairmanship of J.A. Ratcliffe on the effects of high-level nuclear explosions on scientific experiments

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.158-E.161  1962-67, 1969-71

A chronological sequence of Correspondence on matters other than space research

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.158  1962-63

Includes paper by Bullard on 'The Financing of Research in Universities'. (2pp. duplicated typescript), prepared to be sent to Trend Committee.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.159  1964

Related information: For NERC see CSAC 100.4.84/F.51- CSAC 100.4.84/F.74
For NIO see CSAC 100.4.84/F.36- CSAC 100.4.84/F.38

Includes paper by Bullard on 'The Earth Sciences and the Trend Report', prepared at the request of the Office of the Minister for Science (9pp. duplicated typescript with ms. corrections, dated 7 February 1964) and Correspondence and papers re setting up of the Natural Environment Research Council and the funding of the National Institute of Oceanography.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.160  1965-67

Correspondence re NERC, NATO Advanced Study Institute and Russian scientific exchange visit.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/E.161  1969-71

Correspondence and reports re NATO Advanced Study Institute.

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.162-E.176  1946, 1956-61

Arrangement: Arranged in a dated chronological order

Most of the material (CSAC 100.4.84/E.163- CSAC 100.4.84/E.175) covers the period of Bullard's service as Chairman of the US/UK Advisory Committee on Medium Range Ballistic Missiles. He resigned in 1959 when he agreed to take on the Chairmanship of the Minister of Science's Space Steering Committee and the Ballistic Committee itself was then wound up.
The material relates to committee meetings, visits to the USA, expenses, and other Ministry of Supply affairs on which Bullard was consulted

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.162  1946

Brief Correspondence re a problem of explosives.

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.163  January-February 1956

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.164  April-July 1956

Includes invitation for Bullard to investigate the work in the Ministry of Supply on airborne magnetometers and to 'prepare a report on how it is related to the existing foreign equipments'

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.165  June 1956

Progress reports on three-component magnetometer, 1953-56, and notes on development of airborne magnetometers, sent to Bullard, with covering letter, 20 June

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.166  August-October 1956

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.167  November-December 1956

Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.168  January-February 1957

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.169  March-May 1957

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/D.428

Includes Bullard's report on airborne magnetometer (5pp. typescript with ms. corrections)

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.170  July-September 1957

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.171  October-December 1957

Includes Correspondence re visit to USA in connection with Ministry of Supply committee work.

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.172  January-May 1958

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.173  July-December 1958

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.174  January-June 1959

MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (later MINISTRY OF AVIATION)  CSAC 100.4.84/E.175  July-October 1959

Includes carbon copy of Bullard's letter of resignation from Ballistic Missiles Committee.


Notebook with record of classified documents sent to Bullard 1954-57, probably in connection with Ballistic Missile Committee; loose in notebook is carbon of letter from M.N. Hill, 5 May 1960, returning other documents to Admiralty.



Arrangement: The material is presented in a chronological sequence.

Bullard agreed to act as scientific adviser to Oscar Weiss in August 1946. There is some Correspondence re scientific problems but the greater part of the papers relates to the supply of scientific equipment and comprises Correspondence with Weiss, suppliers of scientific instruments and the Ministry of Supply (re disposal of surplus stocks)



Includes two photographs of vehicles used by Oscar Weiss in geophysical surveys.








Administrative history:
In March 1976 Bullard entered into a consultancy agreement with Physical Dynamics Inc. In September of the same year the President of Physical Dynamics Inc., Adolf R. Hochstim, invited Bullard to become a consultant of the newly-founded La Jolla Institute, of which Hochstim was a Trustee and President/Treasurer. The La Jolla Institute described itself as a non-profit research institute for science and technology.


Correspondence re consultancy agreement with Physical Dynamics Inc


Invitation to Bullard to become a consultant of the La Jolla Institute and background material re the Institute


Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.7, CSAC 100.4.84/G.98, CSAC 100.4.84/G.99

General Correspondence including 4pp. letter from Bullard on the transmutation of fission products and brief Correspondence re Topics in Non-Linear Dynamics to which Bullard had contributed.
Also included in this folder is 1p. ms. notes with diagram of disk dynamo, and photocopy of the same, with the results circled in red, found with the preceding material


Brief Correspondence re consultancy work, Bullard's letter of congratulations on the occasion of Val Duncan's knighthood (1968)

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.189-E.229  1949; 1955-63

Arrangement: The Correspondence is arranged in a chronological sequence

Related information: For papers written by Bullard for Shell, see CSAC 100.4.84/E.214- CSAC 100.4.84/E.226. For lecture given by Bullard for Shell, see CSAC 100.4.84/G.145.

Administrative history:
Bullard became a consultant of Shell from the beginning of 1956. There is an extensive Correspondence re the technical problems upon which he was consulted and his visits to research laboratories in Holland and the United States. Bullard's advice was also sought on science education questions including the placing of Shell Commonwealth Scholars in British Universities, and in this connection will be found Bullard's comments on the Cavendish Laboratory and Nuclear Physics at Cambridge. Bullard interested himself in computer developments within the Shell organisation and corresponded on this subject with Lord Rothschild, a director, and Shell personnel

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.189  1949

1 letter only

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.190  August-December 1955

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.191  January-February 1956

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.192  March-April 1956

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.193  May-July 1956

Includes a 3pp. typescript note by Bullard on two papers by P. Leicester, another copy of which appears at CSAC 100.4.84/E.214.

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.194  September-October 1956

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.195  November-December 1956

SHELL OIL COMPANY  CSAC 100.4.84/E.196  January-February 1957

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.197  March 1957

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.198  April-June 1957

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.199  July-October 1957

Includes 6pp. typescript paper by Bullard on 'The Application of the Mass-Spectrometer to the Study of Sediments'.

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.200  March-May 1958

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.201  July-August 1958

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.202  September-October 1958

Includes 2pp. typescript, 'Notes on discussions on recovering a wire with Cable and Wireless Ltd. and with the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. Ltd.'.

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.203  November-December 1958

Includes 1p. typescript note on an all metal high-vacuum valve.

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.204  January-April 1959

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.205  May-June 1959

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.206  July-November 1959

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.207  January-March 1960

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.208  April-July 1960

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.209  September-December 1960

Includes internal memorandum, 'Excavated Hole Storage (Conch Contract). Notes on Discussions with Sir Edward Bullard at Cambridge, 19 October 1960'.

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.210  January-March 1961

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.211  April-June 1961

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.212  July, October-December 1961

Shell Oil Company  CSAC 100.4.84/E.213  1963

Brief Correspondence re grants from Shell to University Research Departments.

Papers written by Bullard for Shell  CSAC 100.4.84/E.214-E.222  [n.d.]

Arrangement: Arranged in chronological order.

'Notes on two papers by Mr. P. Leicester'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.214  June 1956

3 pp

Leicester's papers had suggested a systematic procedure for assessing the prospects of discovering oil in an area.

'The downward projection of potential fields'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.215  February 1957

5 pp

Typescript, with ms. additions and corrections.

'Operational Research in the Oil Industry'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.216  March 1957

4 pp


'Geophysics - Oil Exploration'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.217  2 April 1957

3 pp

Lecture given by Bullard at University College, London, as part of a short course for science teachers organised by Shell.

'The work of the Geophysical Analysis Group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.218  July 1957

7pp., 13pp. appendix and 1p. references

Typescript with ms. corrections.

'The Application of the Mass-Spectrometer to the Study of Sediments'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.219  October 1957

6 pp


'The location of fires in oil sands'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.220  1 November 1957

4 pp

Typescript with a few ms. additions and corrections.

'Location of a position at sea'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.221  11 September 1958

3 pp

Typescript, figures, and ms. additions.

'The distant future of the oil industry'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.222  October 1960

5 pp

Typescript with figures and tables of oil consumption.

Undated papers written by Bullard for Shell.  CSAC 100.4.84/E.223-E.226  [n.d.]

'The balance of short and long term research'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.223  n.d

10 pp

Typescript. Second draft.

'Note on California Oilfields'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.224  n.d

7 pp

Typescript with figures.

'Note on California Oilfields'  CSAC 100.4.84/E.225  n.d

2 pp

Typescript preliminary notes on California oil fields, ms. drafts of figures for paper and notes and calculations used in the preparation of the paper.

'The relation between the record given by the seismic method proposed by Hales and by an ordinary seismograph'.  CSAC 100.4.84/E.226  n.d

6 ms. sheets

'The interpretation of seismic data'.  CSAC 100.4.84/E.227  n.d

3 pp

Typescript by B.C. Browne found with Bullard's Shell papers.

Miscellaneous papers relating to computer development at Shell  CSAC 100.4.84/E.228  1959-60

Miscellaneous unidentified ms. notes found with Shell material.  CSAC 100.4.84/E.229  n.d

SMIDTH, F.L. & COMPANY LIMITED  CSAC 100.4.84/E.230  1946

Brief Correspondence and report on the probable effect of blasting by Cement Limited, Dublin.

WARBURG, S.G. & COMPANY LIMITED  CSAC 100.4.84/E.231  1957

Brief Correspondence re appointment of a scientific consultant.
Bullard declined the position and suggested other suitable scientists.



Arrangement: The material is presented in an alphabetical sequence

The material covers both British and overseas organisations.
While some entries are relatively trivial and deal with membership, invitations to meetings and the like, others are substantial folders covering a lengthy time-span and matters of consequence such as research policy and the refereeing of grant applications. Of particular importance in these respects is the material re the Natural Environment Research Council of which Bullard was a founder member. Also included in this Section are the papers reflecting Bullard's continuing interest in the work, history and personnel of the National Physical Laboratory after he resigned as Director in 1955 to return to Cambridge.
ASTOR FOUNDATION CSAC 100.4.84/F.5- CSAC 100.4.84/F.12
ROYAL SOCIETY CSAC 100.4.84/F.83- CSAC 100.4.84/F.116


Includes Correspondence re Bullard's membership of the Rumford Committee and the nomination of candidates for the Rumford Medal.


Brief Correspondence with editor re encouraging foreign scientists to publish their findings in Science.

AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION  CSAC 100.4.84/F.3, F.4  Various dates 1963-7

Miscellaneous Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.3  1963, 1970, 1975-76

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.115

1975 Correspondence relates to the award of the William Bowie medal to Bullard


Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.118.

Correspondence re award of Maurice Ewing Medal to Bullard, with the citation prepared for the presentation by Walter Munk, 1978
Invitation to Bullard to serve on the Bucher Medal Sub-Committee, 1978

ASTOR FOUNDATION  CSAC 100.4.84/F.5-F.12  1968-70, 1974

Arrangement: Arranged in a chronological sequence.

Administrative history:
Bullard advised on the award of grants to applicants in the physical sciences

Correspondence re grant applications

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.5  October-December 1968

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.6  1968-1969

January 1969; with accounts for 1968

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.7  February-March 1969

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.8  April-June 1969

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.9  July-October 1969

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.10  November-December 1969

With minutes of Advisory Committee meeting of 6 November.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.11  January 1970

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.12  1974

Correspondence relates to Bullard's 'retirement' as adviser in respect of the physical sciences awards.
Includes exchange with Bronwen, Lady Astor, and Bullard's letter of advice to his successor (R.E. Richards).

ATHENAEUM CLUB  CSAC 100.4.84/F.13  Various dates 1963-77

Miscellaneous Correspondence re candidates for membership subscriptions, etc


Brief Correspondence re a British Association Young Scientists Lecture


Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.108

Brief Correspondence re membership

GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA  CSAC 100.4.84/F.16  Various dates 1954-78

Administrative history:
Bullard was elected a Correspondent in 1954.

Brief Correspondence re membership


Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.105.

Brief Correspondence re request for Bullard to write for the Society's journal

GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LondON  CSAC 100.4.84/F.18  1945, 1947

Brief Correspondence only

GLACIOLOGICAL SOCIETY  CSAC 100.4.84/F.19  1970-71

Brief Correspondence only

THE INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS and THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY  CSAC 100.4.84/F.20-F.22  1959-63, 1969, 1975-79

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.20  1959-60

1959-1960 correspondence with Physical Society precedes the amalgamation of the two organisations and one letter from H.H. Hopkins discusses the problems involved in amalgamation.
Bullard nominated M.N. Hill for the Charles Chree Medal and Prize in 1960

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.21  1961, 1963

Correspondence relates to the disposal of the Society's collection of old books

Correspondent  CSAC 100.4.84/F.22  1969, 1975-76, 1979

Principally requests for assistance with publications, for editorial advice, for Bullard himself to write, etc

INTERNATIONAL UNION OF GEODESY and GEOPHYSICS (IUGG)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.23-F.34  1963-69, 1972, 1974

It is regretted that no papers survive before the 1960s but the extant papers for that period are of some interest and relate to Bullard's nomination (by French and Russian delegates) for the Presidency, the restructuring of the union and the International Geomagnetic Reference

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.23-F.26  [n.d.]

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.23  1963-64

Bullard's candidature for the Presidency of the IUGG and advice on research funding, provided by M.N. Hill in the absence of Bullard

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.24  1965

Memorandum on Geochemistry and ICSU and magnetic measurements of the water surface of the Earth

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.25  1967

Bullard's resignation from the International Upper Mantle Committee

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.26  1969, 1972

Heat flow units and the collection of heat flow data, internal reorganisation of International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

'Four Wise Men' Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.27-F.29  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard served on a Committee of Four (the 'Four Wise Men') to consider the submissions of national committees and report to a 14-member Committee on the future structure of the union.

'Four Wise Men' Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.27  1964

Draft report of Bullard's committee, with covering letter from the Union's Secretary General, dated 15 June 1964; letter from the President of the Committee of Fourteen to the members of the committee enclosing recommendations of Bullard's committee, 30 November 1964; exchange of Correspondence between the International Association of Volcanology and the President of the Committee of Fourteen re the recommendations of Bullard's committee

Meeting of the 14-member committee, Paris, 13-15 January 1966  CSAC 100.4.84/F.28  1965, 1966

Administrative history:
As a member of the Committee of Four, Bullard was invited to take part in a consultative capacity

Correspondence re arrangements with organisers

'Four Wise Men' Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.29  n.d

Report and recommendations on future structure of the union by four-member committee, summary minutes of the meeting of the committee of fourteen, proposed changes in the statutes, draft resolution, report of the Committee of Fourteen on Future Structure

International Geomagnetic Reference Field  CSAC 100.4.84/F.30-F.34  1966-69

Administrative history:
As a result of many discussions and in particular of a colloquium on the World Magnetic Survey at Herstmonceux, 4-6 October 1966, the urgent need for agreement on an International Geomagnetic Reference Field had become clear. It was felt that a proposal should be formulated for the 1967 General Assembly of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy by the working group on 'Analysis of Geomagnetic Field' of Commission III 'Magnetism of Earth's Interior'. Bullard did not attend the colloquium nor does he appear to have been a member of the working group, but his advice and support were actively sought

Correspondence and related papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.30  November 1966-June 1967

Correspondence arising from the Herstmonceux colloquium, with draft report of the colloquium and memorandum from B.R. Leaton on International Reference Field

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.31  1967

Correspondence of, and submissions to, working party chairman, A.J. Zmuda, copies of which were sent to Bullard and others, May-July 1967
Zmuda's circular letter of 10 July includes (p.5) a summary of Bullard's early comments on IGRF

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.32  1967

Continuing Correspondence of working party chairman August-October 1967.
There are letters of Bullard on IGRF of 28 July (enclosure in a circular of Zmuda, dated 7 August) and 14 September. There is a summary of comments by Bullard with a circular of 11 September

Correspondence and papers re IGRF  CSAC 100.4.84/F.33  1968

Correspondence re IGRF  CSAC 100.4.84/F.34  1969

Includes Bullard's comments on a paper (not found here) by Zmuda and a statement on IGRF by Bullard for the UK Upper Mantle Newsletter


Miscellaneous Correspondence including 1976 letter from Bullard re possibility of increasing total number of members elected to the Academy.

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OCEANOGRAPHY (NIO)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.36-F.38  1962, 1970-72

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.159

National institute of oceanography (NIO)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.36  1962

Correspondence with the Director, G.E.R. Deacon, re financial difficulties of the NIO and possible DSIR support.

National institute of oceanography (NIO)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.37  1970-71

Correspondence re appointment of a successor to Deacon as Director of the NIO and the possible move of an NIO group to Cambridge to be constituted as an NERC unit attached to the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics.

National institute of oceanography (NIO)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.38  1972

Brief Correspondence with NIO staff. Includes suggestion that Bullard should attend JOIDES Acronym of Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling Planning Committee meeting at La Jolla.

NATIONAL PHYSICAL LABORATORY  CSAC 100.4.84/F.39-F.49  1955-70, 1973-75, 1977-79

Related information: For Bullard's appointment as Director of NPL, see CSAC 100.4.84/A.63 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.77.
For research projects undertaken during Bullard's Directorship, see Section D passim.
For photographs taken at NPL or on NPL occasions, see CSAC 100.4.84/A.241 - CSAC 100.4.84/A.246

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.39  1956

Correspondence with G.B.B.M. Sutherland (Bullard's successor as Director) re NPL and staff

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.40  1956-1969

Scientific Correspondence with NPL personnel arranged alphabetically A - E

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.41  1956-1969

Scientific Correspondence with NPL personnel arranged alphabetically P - W

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.42  1964-66

Correspondence re glass discs for thermal conductivity measurements, prepared by E.H. Ratcliffe of NPL, and offered for loan to various research groups

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.43  c1967

Correspondence re arrangements for lecture at NPL, 30 October 1967, with a little scientific Correspondence arising.
The theme of Bullard's lecture was the reversals of the earth's magnetic field.

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.44  n.d c1978

Letter from Secretary of the British Committee (J.E. Burns) on Radiation Units and Measurements, recommendations of the Committee on the introduction of SI units (published by the NPL), paper by the Secretary presented at International Symposium on Advances in Radiation Protection Monitoring, extract from NPL News, 1978

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.45  1979

Correspondence and papers re portrait of Ada, Countess Lovelace and the ADA computer language, including draft of short biography of Ada, Countess of Lovelace (9pp. typescript) by D.W. Davies; also photograph of NPL personnel with the portrait

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.46  1955-62, 1965

Correspondence re administration of grant from Royal Society Scientific Relief Fund to widow of NPL staff member

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.47  1957-1979

Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically

Miscellaneous Correspondence, mostly personal, with NPL staff, congratulations, expressions of good wishes on retirement, etc. 1957, 1962-63, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1973-75, 1977-79.

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.48  1968, 1979

Correspondence re the history of NPL. Includes interesting letter from Bullard re Barnes Wallis and his work, with particular reference to the swing-wing project and the NPL's attitude towards it.

National physical laboratory  CSAC 100.4.84/F.49  1968-1978

Correspondence re Newton's apple tree, 1968, 1970, 1977, 1978.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION  CSAC 100.4.84/F.50  n.d (1965 or later), 1970, 1973, 1976

1970 Correspondence includes an invitation, which Bullard accepted, to write a brief statement on 'Scientific Understanding of Deep Earth Dynamics and the Earth's Magnetic Field, including especially the Dynamo Theory of the Earth's Core', for the Committee charged with preparing the annual report on the status of science for Congress.
Later Correspondence is mainly on research grants and recommendations.

NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (NERC)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.51-F.74  1965-69, 1972, 1974

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.159

Administrative history:
Bullard was appointed a member of the Council when it was first set up and served for a period of three years until 31 May 1968.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.52-F.64  [n.d.]

This very substantial body of material relates to policy, committee meetings, staff appointments, grant applications and the general affairs of the Council and is presented as a chronological sequence.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.51  April-May 1965

Invitation to become member of council, formal letter of appointment, DES science press notice, final draft of text of royal charter, invitation to become a member of working group on upper structures of NERC.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.52  June-August 1965

Includes Bullard's letter to the Secretary of the Council with his thoughts on the first meeting, Correspondence re committee structure for Geology and Geophysics, and minutes and committee papers of first and second meetings.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.53  September 1965

Includes Bullard's response to request for information about his department's facilities for isotope geology and mass-spectrometry trace element studies, minutes and committee papers of third council meeting and minutes of hydrology committee meeting.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.54  October-December 1965

Includes two papers from the NIO re the expansion of geology and geophysics there, grant application, papers re the National Science Foundation's support for American oceanography, minutes and committee paper of fifth council meeting.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.55  January-February 1966

Includes notice of council and standing committee meetings for 1966, grant applications with Bullard's letter suggesting he was being sent too many, minutes of sixth meeting of the Council.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.56  March-April 1966

Includes minutes of the seventh meeting of the Council.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.57  1966-1968

May-July 1966
Includes committee paper for tenth meeting of Council and tables of requests for sea-time on R.V. 'John Murray', 1966-68.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.58  1966-1968

May-July 1966
Correspondence re grant application.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.59  September-December 1966

Includes grant applications and minutes of thirteenth meeting of the Council.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.60  January-June 1967

Includes grant application, Correspondence re charges for computer time, office note on proposed experimental cartography unit.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.61  August-October 1967

Includes paper on UK Continental Shelf Exploitation prepared for the NERC by K.C. Dunham, with pencil note by D.H. Matthews, and Correspondence re pension arrangements for widow of member of NERC Ship Unit Group staff, grant application, retirement of chairman and members of Council and discussion meeting on global geophysics organised by S.K. Runcorn.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.62  November-December 1967

Includes Correspondence re Carbon 14 dating, and NERC booklet, Cruise Programmes of United Kingdom Research Vessels 1967.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.63  January-May 1968

Principally relates to grant applications including letter from Bullard suggesting the new procedure for appointing referees was not satisfactory; also letter from the Secretary of State on the occasion of Bullard's retirement from the Council.

General Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.64  1969, 1972, 1974

Brief Correspondence re NERC affairs.

'John Murray' Programming Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.65-F.74  1966-68

Arrangement: The material is arranged in a chronological sequence

Administrative history:
The 'John Murray' was a research vessel intended primarily for use by universities.
The chairman of the committee until his death in 1968 was B.C. Browne of the Cambridge Department of Geodesy and Geophysics.

Browne's Correspondence and committee papers.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.65  February-October 1966

Correspondence re setting up of the committee and the organisation of the first meeting

Agenda and Committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.66  13 October 1966

Tagged folder containing agenda, chairman's brief and committee papers for the first meeting three loose pages of ms. notes.

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.67  November-December 1966

Correspondence and papers re work of the committee and working group set up at the first meeting to examine the requirements for a new ship for the Scottish Marine Biological Association.

Agenda, committee papers and Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.68  1967

Tagged folder of agenda and committee papers, with ms. comments, for second meeting, 9 January 1967; also two loose letters re H.F.P. Herdman, head of NERC Research Vessel Management Unit.

Committee Papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.69  9 January 1967

Tagged folder of Chairman's brief, with ms. comments, and committee papers for second meeting

Correspondence and papers re work of the Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.70  January-February 1967

Agenda and Committee Papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.71  9 March 1967

Tagged folder of agenda, with ms. notes, and committee papers for third meeting also loose in this folder, request for sea-time on the 'John Murray' from the Cambridge Department of Geodesy and Geophysics.

Correspondence and papers re work of the committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.72  March-June 1967

Includes chairman's brief for meeting of 9 March and minutes of 12 April meeting, material re the shakedown cruises of the 'John Murray' and report of the Liverpool University cruise, 24 April-4 May

Brief Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.73  1968

Includes carbon of Bullard's letter to R.J.H. Beverton on matters arising from the death of B.C. Browne

Miscellaneous  CSAC 100.4.84/F.74  n.d

Undated papers relating to the work of the 'John Murray' Committee, including three requests for sea-time from the Cambridge Department of Geodesy and Geophysics.

PUGWASH  CSAC 100.4.84/F.75-F.81  Various dates 1958-79

[no title]  CSAC 100.4.84/F.75  1958-59

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.119.

Administrative history:
Bullard resigned after a few months because of renewed involvement in Geneva negotiations.

Correspondence re Bullard's membership of the Pugwash Continuing Committee.

Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.76  1963

Correspondence and papers re private meeting of British, American and Russian scientists on nuclear test ban problems, London, 16-18 March.
Brief Correspondence with J. Rotblat and S. Zuckerman (Bullard's carbons only) on the advisability of a small unofficial meeting to discuss the number of inspections required for a test ban treaty, February.
Bullard's notes of the proceedings of the meeting on 16-17 March (3pp. typescript).
M.N. Hill's notes of the proceedings of the meeting on 18 March (4pp. typescript).
Agreed statement of proceedings of meeting. Two copies, virtually identical.
Brief Correspondence arising from the meeting.

Note on the United States and Soviet Proposals on Disarmament laid before the Committee of Eighteen by Philip Noel-Baker.  CSAC 100.4.84/F.77  1963

Administrative history:
Circulated by N.F. Mott, 19 March 1963, to all those who went to the Cambridge Pugwash meeting.

PUGWASH  CSAC 100.4.84/F.78  1964

Note by O. Frisch for Pugwash pre-Prague meeting in Cambridge on underground tests, spread of nuclear weapons, and antimissile missiles. Sent to Bullard by Sir John Cockcroft.
Correspondence arising, with Mott, Cockcroft and Frisch, and Bullard's letter on the detection of underground tests for circulation to those who had received the Frisch note

PUGWASH  CSAC 100.4.84/F.79  1966-72

Invitations to conferences and symposia

PUGWASH  CSAC 100.4.84/F.80  1975-79

Correspondence re membership contribution to Friends of Pugwash

PUGWASH  CSAC 100.4.84/F.81  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous papers and press-cuttings relating to disarmament questions filed by Bullard under Pugwash.

ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY  CSAC 100.4.84/F.82  1946, various dates 1963-7

1963 Correspondence includes abbreviated account (1p. typescript) of Bullard's remarks on heat flow from the earth at an RAS meeting.
1968, 1972-74 Correspondence relates to the refereeing of papers for the Geophysical Journal

THE ROYAL SOCIETY  CSAC 100.4.84/F.83-F.116  1936, 1944-49, 1961-64, 1968-69, 1971-79

CSAC 100.4.84/F.83 - CSAC 100.4.84/F.103 Committees, meetings, symposia
CSAC 100.4.84/F.104 - CSAC 100.4.84/F.111 Elections and awards
CSAC 100.4.84/F.112 - CSAC 100.4.84/F.116 General Correspondence on the affairs of the Society

Committees, Meetings, Symposia  CSAC 100.4.84/F.83-F.103  [n.d.]

Related information: For Halley Tercentenary Committee, see CSAC 100.4.84/G.127 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.130

Montserrat Invitation  CSAC 100.4.84/F.83  1936

Letters from Bullard to the Secretary of the Montserrat Committee and Dr. Whipple, explaining why he was turning down an invitation to go to Montserrat

Royal Society National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/F.84, F.85  1944-46

Royal Society National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/F.84  n.d

Circulars of the Committee chairman (J. Proudman), agenda and minutes of meetings of the Committee and its Terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity Sub-committee. Also found with these papers are 'Proposed programme of experimental work at the Department of Geodesy and Geophysics, Cambridge' (3pp. typescript) and Bullard's note on 'Radar and Geodesy' (1p. typescript)

Royal Society National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics  CSAC 100.4.84/F.85  n.d

Miscellaneous Correspondence with Proudman and colleagues re work of Committee

Royal Society Post-War Needs in Geophysics Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.86-F.89  1944, 1946

Royal Society Post-War Needs in Geophysics Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.86  n.d

List of projects for the Committee's consideration, notes on 'Development and Testing of Instruments for Geophysical Investigations', and 'Application of Radar to Geodesy', by Committee chairman, A.O Rankine, draft minutes of Committee meeting of 11 May, draft recommendations and notes on the recommendations, draft report and report of Committee, statistical information on post-war Geology in tabular form

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.87  n.d

Miscellaneous Correspondence re work of the Committee

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.88  1946

Correspondence re establishment of a school of Geochemistry at Leeds University

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.89  1946

Brief Correspondence re establishment of a National Geophysical Laboratory

Royal Society Airborne Research Facilities Committee  CSAC 100.4.84/F.90-F.92  1945-47

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.90  1945-47

Correspondence with Royal Society and colleagues re work of the Committee

Minutes and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.91  1945, 1946

Minutes and committee papers  CSAC 100.4.84/F.92  1947

Royal Society Government Grant Committee Board A  CSAC 100.4.84/F.93-F.96  1945-46, 1949

Administrative history:
In 1945 and 1946 Bullard was chairman of Board A, which was responsible for making recommendations on applications for government grants in aid of scientific investigation, in mathematics, astronomy, statistics, geodesy and geophysics. In 1949 his advice was sought though he was no longer a member of the committee

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.93  1945-46, 1949

Correspondence with Royal Society re work of the Committee

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.94  1945-1946

Correspondence with colleagues re work of Committee, arranged alphabetically
B - K

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.95  1945-1946

Correspondence with colleagues re work of Committee, arranged alphabetically
M - P

Applications and reports  CSAC 100.4.84/F.96  n.d

Grant applications, printed books of applications, report of Board A on grant application, summary statement of the reports of the Boards, etc

Royal Society Empire Scientific Conference  CSAC 100.4.84/F.97-F.101  1946

Administrative history:
Bullard made arrangements for evening discussions in Cambridge and agreed to act as leader and recorder of a morning discussion on Mapping and Exploration by Air

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.97  c1946

Correspondence with the Royal Society re arrangements for conference

Papers relating to the Royal Society Empire Scientific Conference  CSAC 100.4.84/F.98  c1946

Tables of arrangements for evening discussions, executive committee minutes, lists of delegates to conference, those invited to evening discussions, etc., invitation card for conference

Correspondence with contributors and colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/F.99  c1946

Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically.

B - H

Correspondence with contributors and colleagues  CSAC 100.4.84/F.100  c1946

Arrangement: Arranged alphabetically.

M - T

List of Speakers, remarks on discussion and related Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/F.101  c1946

Ms. list of speakers at session on methods in mapping, 1 July, ms. and typescript remarks on discussion for printed report, with related Correspondence

'Total Force Magnetic Variometer. Demonstration to Royal Society Magnetic Survey Sub-Committee of the A.C.A.R.F. and Senior Officers of other Government Departments at Langley Airport, Slough, Bucks., 28 and 31 May 1948'.  CSAC 100.4.84/F.102  1948

Lists of those present and photographic record, preserved in original folder.

Discussion meeting on 'The Effects of Two World Wars on the Organisation and Development of Science in the United Kingdom', 28 March 1974.  CSAC 100.4.84/F.103  c1974

Brief Correspondence with contributors and Royal Society, proof copy of 'The effect of World War II on the development of knowledge in the physical sciences' (Bibliog. 1975a), with Bullard's ms. notes on Sir Bernard Lovell's discussion remarks, ms. notes and figures.

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.104-F.111  [n.d.]

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.104  1946

Brief Correspondence and statement in support of the candidature of H. Jeffreys for the Royal Medal. (Awarded 1948).

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.105  1963-64

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.106  1968, 1971-72

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.107  1973-74

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.108  1975

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.109  1976-77

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.110  1978

Elections and awards  CSAC 100.4.84/F.111  1979

General Correspondence on affairs of the Society  CSAC 100.4.84/F.112-F.116  [n.d.]

General Correspondence on affairs of the Society  CSAC 100.4.84/F.112  1946, 1948-49

General Correspondence on affairs of the Society  CSAC 100.4.84/F.113  1961-63

General Correspondence on affairs of the Society  CSAC 100.4.84/F.114  1969, 1971-75

Principally relates to submission of papers to, and refereeing papers for, Proc. Roy. Soc.

General Correspondence on affairs of the Society  CSAC 100.4.84/F.115  1976-77

Includes invitation for Bullard to prepare biographical memoir of R. Stoneley.

General Correspondence on affairs of the Society  CSAC 100.4.84/F.116  1978-79

Includes material re centenary celebration of birth of Albert Einstein and invitation for Bullard to give Rutherford Memorial Lecture.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON OCEANIC RESEARCH (SCOR)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.117-F.119  1964, 1974-76, 1978

Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.117  1964

Invitation to represent the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics on SCOR.

Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.118  1974-76, 1978

Correspondence re meetings, with Bullard's report to IUPAP on the activities of SCOR, 1972-75.
At the 1976 Edinburgh meeting Bullard received the Albatross award of the American Miscellaneous Society - 'a prestigious but slightly looney association of oceanographers', in Bullard's words.

Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)  CSAC 100.4.84/F.119  1975

Brief Correspondence and papers re Law of the Sea and oceanic research.


Report to Annual General Meeting, 1945.
Invitation for Bullard to speak at discussion meeting on 'The Outlook in Physics', duplicated notes (22pp.) of the discussion, 20 November 1946.
Brief Correspondence re British Council support for the Society, 1948.



CSAC 100.4.84/G.111 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.135 BIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS
CSAC 100.4.84/G.136, CSAC 100.4.84/G.137 REVIEWS
CSAC 100.4.84/G.138 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.175 LECTURES
CSAC 100.4.84/G.176 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.192 RADIO and TELEVISION BROADCASTS
CSAC 100.4.84/G.193 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.268 Correspondence re PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES and BROADCASTS
References to published works are given, when known, to Bullard's list of his publications reproduced at fonds level. in the form (Bibliog ....)


Most of the material in this Section is in the form of drafts and notes for published works. The drafts are sometimes accompanied by Correspondence and background material. In addition there are a number of entries for unpublished work, e.g. an early 1928 paper (CSAC 100.4.84/G.1), drafts of chapters of a book on optics, on which Bullard was working in the 1930s in collaboration with P.B. Moon (CSAC 100.4.84/G.2 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.18), and a report on heat flow through the ocean floor written with A.E. Maxwell at La Jolla in 1949 (CSAC 100.4.84/G.25).
The following items also contain or refer to writings by Bullard which are not listed in the Bibliography: CSAC 100.4.84/G.19, CSAC 100.4.84/G.27, CSAC 100.4.84/G.31 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.33, CSAC 100.4.84/G.38, CSAC 100.4.84/G.39, CSAC 100.4.84/G.68 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.76, CSAC 100.4.84/G.79, CSAC 100.4.84/G.80, CSAC 100.4.84/G.91, CSAC 100.4.84/G.106 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.110

'The resolving power of spectroscopes'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.1  1928

18 pp

Ms. draft, December 1928. (Not listed in Bibliog.)

'Optics'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.2-G.18  [n.d.]

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/G.111

Administrative history:
Bullard and his collaborator, P.B. Moon, signed a contract with Cambridge University Press in 1934 for a book on optics, and substantial progress had been made when the Second World War brought work to an end The book was never published. In notes written for P.M.S. Blackett's Royal Society memorialist (A.C.B. Lovell) Bullard remarked that in starting a book on optics he and Moon had been influenced by Blackett

'Optics'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.2  1937 and 1939

Contract, list of contents and brief Correspondence with Cambridge University Press

Chapter 1  CSAC 100.4.84/G.3-G.5  [n.d.]

Chapter 1  CSAC 100.4.84/G.3  n.d

Contents page and typescript draft of pp. 1-22, with intercalated pages, and ms. corrections and additions

Chapter 1  CSAC 100.4.84/G.4  n.d

Typescript draft of pp. 23-47, with intercalated pages ms. corrections and additions

Chapter 1  CSAC 100.4.84/G.5  n.d

Ms. tables and figures

Chapter 4  CSAC 100.4.84/G.6-G.9  [n.d.]

Chapter 4  CSAC 100.4.84/G.6  n.d

Contents page, 8 pp. typescript summary of questions dealt with and ms. notes

Chapter 4  CSAC 100.4.84/G.7  n.d

Typescript draft of pp. 1-29, with intercalated pages and ms. additions and corrections

Chapter 4  CSAC 100.4.84/G.8  n.d

Typescript draft of pp.30-63, with intercalated pages and ms. additions and corrections

Chapter 4  CSAC 100.4.84/G.9  n.d


Chapter 5 'Interference patterns and their uses: two beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.10, G.11  [n.d.]

Chapter 5 'Interference patterns and their uses: two beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.10  n.d

Contents page and typescript draft of pp. 1-57, with ms.corrections by P.B. Moon

Chapter 5 'Interference patterns and their uses: two beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.11  n.d

Further sequences of typescript, variously paginated

Chapter 6 'Interference of many beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.12-G.14  [n.d.]

Chapter 6 'Interference of many beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.12  n.d

Contents page and typescript draft of pp. 1-25, with intercalated pages and ms. additions and corrections by Bullard and Moon

Chapter 6 'Interference of many beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.13  n.d

Typescript draft of pp.26-52, with intercalated pages and ms. corrections and additions; ms. notes by Bullard

Chapter 6 'Interference of many beams'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.14  n.d

Figures and tables

Chapter 7 'Electromagnetic theory of Continuous Media'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.15, G.16  [n.d.]

Chapter 7 'Electromagnetic theory of Continuous Media'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.15  n.d

Typescript draft of pp. 1-35, with intercalated pages and ms. additions and corrections, tables and figures

Chapter 7 'Electromagnetic theory of Continuous Media'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.16  n.d

Further typescript draft of pp. 1-35, with intercalated pages and ms. additions and corrections, unpaginated ms. and typescript notes

Chapter 8  CSAC 100.4.84/G.17  n.d

4pp. typescript 'skeleton' draft with ms. additions

Chapter 8  CSAC 100.4.84/G.18  n.d

Unattributed ms. and typescript notes found with material for 'Optics' book.

Three unpublished wartime papers  CSAC 100.4.84/G.19  1941-1945

'The relation between pressures and velocities in the sea'
3pp. duplicated report with ms. note 'written by Dr. Bullard while at the Admiralty 1941'
'Propagation of elastic waves in the ground', October 1942
2pp. report, with figures, for the Ministry of Home Security, Civil Defence Research Committee. (2 copies.)
'Design of a marine magnetometer'
3pp. typescript with 1 diagram dated February 1944, and 2 diagrams dated February 1945

'Geological Time', Mem. Proc. Manchr. lit. phil. Soc., 1944 (Bibliog. 1944)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.20  1946

Brief Correspondence only

Science at your service, 1945. (Bibliog. 1945a)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.21  1944-1945

Contract and Correspondence with publisher and contributors re publication of a series of broadcast talks, 1944-45. Bullard acted as editor of the series and, in addition to his own contribution, provided the introduction

Articles on 'Earth', 'Geophysics' and 'Seismographs', in Chambers's Encyclopaedia (Bibliog. 1947e)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.22  n.d

3pp. typescript draft of seismograph article and 2pp. draft, with ms. corrections, on the motion of the earth

Articles on 'Earth', 'Geophysics' and 'Seismographs', in Chambers's Encyclopaedia (Bibliog. 1947e)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.23  1945-46

Correspondence with Chambers's Encyclopaedia, the advisory editor for the geological section, A.E. Trueman, and the Astronomer Royal, H. Spencer Jones

'Speed'. Article for Children's Encyclopaedia, 1948 (Bibliog. 1948b)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.24  1944-46

8pp. typescript draft and brief Correspondence

'Heat Flow through the Ocean Floor', with A.E. Maxwell. (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.25  c1949

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.4, CSAC 100.4.84/A.249, CSAC 100.4.84/C.12 - CSAC 100.4.84/C.14, CSAC 100.4.84/C.26 and CSAC 100.4.84/G.31 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.33

9pp. typescript, with ms. corrections, appendices, and figures. According to ms. note written at La Jolla during the summer of 1949

'How old is the earth?' The Listener, 1950. (Bibliog. Part 2, 1950b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.26  c1950

Copy of reprint in The Arabic Listener. The folder also includes a second Arabic reprint of a Bullard article, 'What is inside the Earth?' (See Bibliog. Part 2, 1951.)

'Notes on Human Relations in Research and Development' (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.27  June 1951

4pp. duplicated typescript, with ms. corrections, written for Training and Education Division of the Treasury

'British standard of radioactive iodine (131 l)'. Nature, 1952. (Bibliog. 1952h.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.28  1952

Copy of published article only

'Magnetic Survey from the Air' and 'Newton's Apple Tree'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.29  1953

'Magnetic Survey from the Air', in Aerial Survey Review, Winter 1953/54. (Bibliog. 1953a.)
Copy of published article only.
'Newton's Apple Tree', NPL News, June 1953 (Bibliog. 1953c).
2pp. typescript (photocopy).

'The interior of the earth', in The Solar System, Vol.2. The earth as a planet, 1954. (Bibliog. 1954g.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.30  1953-55

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/D.477 - CSAC 100.4.84/D.483.

Correspondence only, with editor, G.P. Kuiper

'Heat flow through the ocean floor'(Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.31-G.33  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard was co-author with H.G. Ferris of no.2 only, but is acknowledged at the end of no. 1 thus: 'the authors wish to express their gratitude to Sir Edward Bullard, who initiated this work at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, for his continuing interest and advice'. Bullard's paper was submitted to the Bulletin of the Geological Survey of America in 1954 (see paper no.1, p.12) but does not appear in the bibliography.
Bullard explained the non-publication of this work in a 1973 taped conversation with the Archivist of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, published in a slightly shortened form in EOS, 28 February 1984. For a photocopy of the published article see CSAC 100.4.84/A.4.

Three of a series of four papers on heat flow (nos. 1, 2 and 4).

Paper no.1: 'A probe for measurement of temperature of gradients in deep sea sediments', by A.E. Maxwell, J.M. Snodgrass and J.D. Isaacs.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.31  n.d

12 pp

Typescript draft, with acknowledgements and figures (including photographs of equipment)

Paper no.2: 'The measurement of geothermal gradients in the ocean bottom by means of a temperature probe'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.32  n.d

29 pp

Typescript draft with references, tables and figures

Paper no.4: 'Results of heat flow measurements in the North Pacific on the Mid-Pacific expedition', by R. Revelle and A.E. Maxwell.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.33  n.d

52 pp

Typescript draft, with references and figures

'Power from the sun', The Observer, 13 November 1955. (Bibliog. Part 2, 1955b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.34  n.d

Translation in Le Currero del Mundo, Revista mensual in Interlingua.

'Heat flow through the deep sea floor', (with A.E. Maxwell and R. Revelle). Adv. Geophys., 1956. (Bibliog. 1956a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.35  1955

Brief Correspondence with co-authors

'Heat flow through the deep sea floor', (with A.E. Maxwell and R. Revelle). Adv. Geophys., 1956. (Bibliog. 1956a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.36  1956

Ms. notes and diagrams for heat flow article

'Heat flow through the deep sea floor', (with A.E. Maxwell and R. Revelle). Adv. Geophys., 1956. (Bibliog. 1956a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.37  1956

17 pp

Typescript draft, appendix, references and figures, with ms. additions and corrections, of a paper 'On the conductivity of Solids in a Fluid Medium', by Maxwell, Bradner, et al.

'Geophysical evidence on the properties of materials at high pressure', ?1956 (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.38  ?1956

Abstract only, for Faraday Society.

'Punch Control Unit for Magnetometer' (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.39  18 February 1958

9pp. typescript draft and figures, with ms. additions and corrections

'Geophysics: substantial additions to knowledge'. New Scientist, 1959. (Bibliog. 1959.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.40  1959

Published article only.

'The origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field' (? Bibliog. 1960a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.41  ?1960

8pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections.
This is probably the English text of the Russian version of Bullard's Halley Lecture (Bibliog. 1950a).

'The Mohole', Endeavour, 1961. (Bibliog. 1961d.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.42  c1961

Copy of Norwegian reprint in Teknisk Ukeblad

'Earth, radioactivity in' and 'Geomagnetism, origins of', in Encyclopaedic dictionary of physics, 1961. (Bibliog. 1961f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.43  1965 or later

Corrected proofs with different pagination from that given in the bibliography. The folder also includes typescript draft of supplementary article on 'Ocean floor, heat flow through'

'Earth, radioactivity in' and 'Geomagnetism, origins of', in Encyclopaedic dictionary of physics, 1961. (Bibliog. 1961f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.44  1959, 1964-65

Correspondence with Pergamon Press

'The language of machines' Endeavour, 1964. (Bibliog. 1964a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.45  1968

German, Italian and Spanish published versions and brief Correspondence.
This article was reprinted with great success by IBM UK.
See CSAC 100.4.84/E.62.

'What makes a good research establishment?' in The organisation of research establishments, 1965. (Bibliog. 1965h.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.46  1965

Brief Correspondence re request for permission to translate into Spanish and copy of Spanish translation.

'The detection of underground explosions', Scient. Am., July 1966. (Bibliog. 1966c.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.47  c1966

Duplicated typescript draft with note by Bullard 'This is my original MS'; figures and ms. notes.

'The detection of underground explosions', Scient. Am., July 1966. (Bibliog. 1966c.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.48  c1966

Correspondence with Scientific American, S. Zuckerman, and readers after publication.
Because of the sensitivity of the subject, Bullard was greatly annoyed by Scientific American's editorial changes.

'Electromagnetic induction in the earth', Q. Jl. R. Astr. Soc., 1967. (Bibliog. 1967a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.49  c1967

Brief Correspondence only re publication.

'Closing review', in The history of the earth's crust, 1968. (Bibliog. 1968c.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.50  c1968

Brief Correspondence with editor, R.A. Phinney.

'The origin of the oceans'. Scient. Am., 1969. (Bibliog. 1969b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.51  c1969

Duplicated typescript draft, figures and captions for illustrations, with ms. additions and corrections. The draft is entitled 'The History of the Sea'.

'The origin of the oceans'. Scient. Am., 1969. (Bibliog. 1969b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.52  c1969

Brief Correspondence

'The Sea. Vol.4', 1971. (Bibliog. 1970a, b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.53-G.59  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
The first three volumes were edited by M.N. Hill. After Hill's death, A.E. Maxwell took over the general editorship of volume 4 which was dedicated to Hill's memory. Bullard agreed to serve on the editorial board and contributed an appreciation of Hill and, with R.L. Parker, an article on 'Electromagnetic Induction in the Oceans'. The fees of Bullard and other contributors were assigned to the Maurice N. Hill research fund administered by the Royal Society.

'Maurice Neville Hill, 1919-1966'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.53  n.d

2 pp


'Electromagnetic Induction in the Oceans'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.54  n.d

Typescript draft, with ms. additions by Bullard.

Editorial Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.55  1966

Editorial Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.56  1967

Editorial Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.57  1968

Editorial Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.58  1969-70

Editorial Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.59  1971-72

Includes Correspondence re M.N. Hill research fund and royalty statements.

'Geomagnetic dynamos in a stable core' (with D. Gubbins). Nature, 1971. (Bibliog. 1971a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.60  c1971

3 pp

Typescript and covering letter.

'The earth's magnetic field and its origin', in Understanding the earth, 1971. (Revised for 2nd ed. 1972). (Bibliog. 1971b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.61  c1972

Brief Correspondence only, but see also CSAC 100.4.84/G.192.

'Dynamo Theory', in World Magnetic Survey (ed. A.J. Zmuda). Bull. Intn. Ass. Geomag. Aeron., 1971. (Bibliog. 1971c.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.62  c1971

12 pp

Typescript draft with ms. additions and corrections.

'Britannia ruled the waves: A History of British Oceanography' Oceans, 1971. (Bibliog. 1971d.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.63  n.d

16 pp

Typescript, with ms. additions and corrections.

'Britannia ruled the waves: A History of British Oceanography' Oceans, 1971. (Bibliog. 1971d.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.64  1969-71

Correspondence with editors of Oceans magazine

'Britannia ruled the waves: A History of British Oceanography' Oceans, 1971. (Bibliog. 1971d.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.65  n.d

Correspondence with colleagues and others re illustrations for the article. Folder includes letter from M. Deacon with comments on draft article.

Preface to The great ocean business by B. Horsfield and P.B. Stone, 1971. (Bibliog. 1971j.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.66  1971

2 pp

Typescript draft.

'The earth's cores' Nature, 1971. (Bibliog. 1971k.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.67  n.d c1971

Brief Correspondence and 3pp. typescript draft.

'Geological Time'.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.68-G.76  1971-74

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/G.254.

Administrative history:
Bullard attended the planning seminar at La Jolla and agreed subsequently to write an essay on geological time for the book. However, when Bullard's contribution was rewritten by the publisher, he was unable to accept it for publication as his work.

Drafts and Correspondence, 1971-74, re contribution by Bullard to an introductory geology textbook proposed by CRM Books.
Not listed in Bibliog.

'Geological Time'.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.68  n.d

35 pp

Typescript draft with ms. corrections and additions, and figures.

'Geological Time'.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.69  n.d

Duplicated copy of the preceding with ms. additions and corrections by Bullard and ms. comments in another hand.

'First edit' of Bullard's essay by CRM Books.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.70  n.d

Duplicated 32pp. typescript with ms. corrections by Bullard, and 4pp. typescript corrections by Bullard.

'First edit' of Bullard's essay by CRM Books.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.71  n.d

Additional typescript redrafts of portions of Bullard's manuscript.

Correspondence with CRM Books  CSAC 100.4.84/G.72  July-August 1971

Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.

Folder includes schedule of planning seminar, the publisher's blueprint for the proposed book and Bullard's 'detailed, incisive comments' on the blueprint.

Correspondence with CRM Books  CSAC 100.4.84/G.73  September-December 1971

Correspondence with CRM Books  CSAC 100.4.84/G.74  January-June 1972

Correspondence with CRM Books  CSAC 100.4.84/G.75  July-December 1972

Correspondence with CRM Books  CSAC 100.4.84/G.76  1973-74

'The oscillating disc dynamo and geomagnetism' (with D. Gubbins), in Flow and fracture of rocks, 1972 (Festschrift for David T. Griggs). (Bibliog. 1972a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.77  n.d c1972

11 p

Typescript draft, with ms. corrections and additions, duplicated typescript draft with figure, and brief Correspondence.

'Geomagnetic dynamos', in The nature of the solid earth, 1972. (Bibliog. 1972b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.78  n.d c1972

Typescript draft with ms. corrections and additions, corrected proof, and brief Correspondence with editor, E.C. Robertson.

'Continuity of poloidal and toroidal fields at the origin', 1972. (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.79  c1972

3 pp

Typescript note, unpublished but distributed by Bullard to colleagues; with covering letter, 16 December 1972, and distribution list.

'Some preliminary thoughts on "Limits to Growth"' (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.80  September 1972

4 pp

Typescript draft

Sections on 'Physical properties of sea water', 'The geological time scale', 'Abundances of the elements' and 'Composition of the earth's atmosphere', in Tables of physical and chemical constants by Kaye and Laby, 14th ed. 1973. (Bibliog. 1973a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.81-G.83  [n.d.]

Correspondence and drafts  CSAC 100.4.84/G.81  n.d

Correspondence with editor and fellow contributors, with drafts of tables.

Drafts  CSAC 100.4.84/G.82  n.d

Further ms. and typescript drafts of tables, corrected proof copies.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.83  1957-1979

Bullard's later Correspondence and comments on the 14th edition of Kaye and Laby, 1976, 1979. Also included in this folder is a 1957 letter of Bullard commenting on an earlier edition of Kaye and Laby.

'Basic Theories', in Geothermal energy, review of research and development, 1973. (Bibliog. 1973b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.84-G.86  [n.d.]

Drafts  CSAC 100.4.84/G.84  n.d

16pp. typescript draft, references and figures, with ms. corrections; ms. notes of heat fluctuation in rocks and of material apparently omitted from final draft.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.85  n.d

Correspondence with editor, H.C.H. Armstead, including author's contract and 2pp. 'Queries on Sir Edward Bullard's draft article "Basic Theories"'

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.86  n.d

Correspondence with colleagues re reproducing figures.

'Minerals from the deep sea', Endeavour, 1974. (Bibliog. 1974c.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.87-G.90  [n.d.]

Draft and Notes  CSAC 100.4.84/G.87  n.d

23 pp

Duplicated typescript draft; ms. notes for article.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.88  1971-73

Administrative history:
Publication by Scientific American was delayed because of 'an absolute glut of good articles here about new discoveries in geology' and Bullard eventually withdrew the article for publication elsewhere. For Endeavour Correspondence see CSAC 100.4.84/G.240.

Correspondence with Scientific American re publication of article

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.89  n.d

Correspondence with colleagues re information, material for illustrations.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.90  n.d

Brief Correspondence with colleagues arising from publication

'Some remarks on geothermal heat in the U.K.' (Not listed in Bibliog.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.91  1974 or later

8 pp

Administrative history:
This paper was written, in part at least, as a commentary on the I.G.S. paper Geothermal energy for the United Kingdom - geological aspects, by K. Dunham (March 1974).

Typescript draft

'The emergence of plate tectonics: a personal view' Annual Rev. earth planet. Sci., 1975. (Bibliog. 1975b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.92  n.d c1975

Typescript draft, with ms. additions and corrections.

'The emergence of plate tectonics: a personal view' Annual Rev. earth planet. Sci., 1975. (Bibliog. 1975b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.93  1973-1975

Correspondence with Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 1973-74; letter from reader after publication, 1975

'The emergence of plate tectonics: a personal view' Annual Rev. earth planet. Sci., 1975. (Bibliog. 1975b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.94  n.d c1975

Ms. and typescript notes.

'Overview of plate tectonics', in Petroleum and global tectonics, 1975. (Bibliog. 1975f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.95  n.d

Typescript version of Bullard's talk at Princeton conference in honour of Hollis D. Hedberg, March 1972, prepared for published volume.
Folder also includes brief Correspondence with editors, and editors' preface and 'connective tissue'.

Course by Newspaper on the oceans  CSAC 100.4.84/G.96  n.d c1976

Administrative history:
Bullard contributed two articles 'Exploration of the Sea' and 'A New World Picture' (Bibliog. 1976a, b) to this extension course of the University of California, San Diego.

Brief Correspondence, background material and newspaper cuttings of Bullard's contributions.

'Generation of magnetic fields by fluid motions of global scale' (with D. Gubbins). Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dynamics, 1977. (Bibliog. 1977a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.97  n.d c.1977

1 letter only

'The disk dynamo', in Topics in Non-linear Dynamics. A tribute to Sir Edward Bullard. (Bibliog. 1978b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.98  n.d c1978

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.187.

Duplicated typescript draft, with slight ms. correction.

'The disk dynamo', in Topics in Non-linear Dynamics. A tribute to Sir Edward Bullard. (Bibliog. 1978b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.99  n.d c1978

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.187.

Correspondence re reproduction of figures for article.

'The direction of the earth's magnetic field at London 1570-1975' (with S.R.C. Malin), Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1981. (Bibliog. 1981).  CSAC 100.4.84/G.100-G.105  [n.d.]

Correspondence between Bullard and Malin  CSAC 100.4.84/G.100  1975-76

Continuing Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.101  1977-78

Continuing Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.102  1979-80

Typescript notes with ms. corrections and additions  CSAC 100.4.84/G.103  n.d

Appendix material  CSAC 100.4.84/G.104  n.d

Tables 1 and 3 and biographical notes for appendix, with ms. suggestions by Bullard.

Plots of magnetic declination  CSAC 100.4.84/G.105  n.d

Undated writings.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.106-G.110  [n.d.]

Undated writings  CSAC 100.4.84/G.106  n.d

3pp. typescript draft.
'Deep earth dynamics and the earth's magnetic field'
2pp. typescript draft.

Undated writings  CSAC 100.4.84/G.107  n.d

Foreword for a book on geochemistry.
3pp. typescript draft.
'Geophysical consequences of induction anomalies'
2pp. typescript abstract.

The Study of the Solid Earth  CSAC 100.4.84/G.108  n.d

26pp. transcription of tape of undated and untitled Bullard talk on the study of the solid earth.
11pp. rewrite of the tape of the talk with legends and sources for figures.

'The geometry of subduction'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.109  n.d

3pp. ms. draft, with 1p. ms. calculations, nd. but written at Scripps Institution.

'Chapter 1. The earth as a planet'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.110  n.d

5pp. ms. draft, n.d, but probably written in retirement at Scripps Institution.

BIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.111-G.135  [n.d.]

'Patrick Blackett, an appreciation', Nature, 1974. (Bibliog. 1974a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.111  n.d and 1975-1976

Ms. and typescript drafts of Bullard's article. Also included in the folder are brief Correspondence with Blackett's Royal Society memorialist, A.C.B. Lovell, 1975-76, and duplicated copy of Bullard's 'Notes on PMSB for Lovell', the first page of which is missing.

H.J.J. Braddick; B.C. Browne; A.H. Cook  CSAC 100.4.84/G.112  1969-1972

Letter to editor of The Times, 29 May 1972, with note for publication, elaborating upon Braddick's 'many endearing eccentricities' mentioned in The Times obituary notice.
See also CSAC 100.4.84/J.16. (Bibliog. Part 2, 1972). 1972
Obituary notice, 9pp., 1969. (Bibliog. 1969c.) 1969
Typescript draft of biographical notice of Cook on the occasion of his election to the fellowship of the Royal Society (NPL News, April 1969) 1969

W.M. Ewing  CSAC 100.4.84/G.113-G.122  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard wrote both the Royal Society Biographical Memoir (Bibliog. 1975d) and the National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoir (Bibliog. 1980).

Early ms. and typescript drafts of the Ewing memoir for the Royal Society.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.113-G.118  [n.d.]

'1st draft of 1st part'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.113  n.d

40 pp

Ms. draft, with a few intercalated pages. There are very many corrections and additions

'1st draft of pp.1-16 done in Berkeley Feb.-Mar. 1975 Woods Hole pp. 17-28'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.114  1975

28 pp

Typescript draft with ms. corrections

'1st revise'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.115  n.d

Ms. and typescript draft of the memoir up to the foundation of the Lamont Geological Observatory

Ms. draft of the section of the memoir on seismology at sea  CSAC 100.4.84/G.116  n.d

Ms. draft of latter part of memoir including sections on Ewing's move to Galveston and his personality and achievement  CSAC 100.4.84/G.117  n.d

Ms. draft of Ewing bibliography  CSAC 100.4.84/G.118  n.d

Duplicated copy of Ewing memoir with ms. comments by 'ACV'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.119  n.d

Correspondence with National Academy of Sciences re the biographical memoir of Ewing  CSAC 100.4.84/G.120  1974-80

Administrative history:
When Bullard was first approached by the NAS to write the memoir he declined as he had already said he would write the Royal Society memoir. Eventually it was agreed that the NAS would reprint the Royal Society memoir, corrected and slightly amplified by Bullard.

Copy of Ewing memoir with note of future changes to the manuscript  CSAC 100.4.84/G.121  n.d

Duplicated copy of the Ewing memoir, as amended for the National Academy of Sciences.
1p. ms. note: 'Things to be done to MS for Nat. Acad. Sci'

Brief Correspondence with Columbia University about the deposit of the Ewing material collected by Bullard in the course of writing the memoirs  CSAC 100.4.84/G.122  1980

L.H. Flavill  CSAC 100.4.84/G.122A  1971

Obituary notice published in ACUA (Association of Cambridge University Assistants) Newsheet, 1971 (Bibliog. Part 2, 1971)

Halley Tercentenary Publications  CSAC 100.4.84/G.123-G.133  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard took an active part in the celebrations of the three-hundredth anniversary of Halley's birth, writing articles for Nature and Endeavour and taking a leading role in the Royal Society's marking of the event. His interest in Halleiana continued for the rest of his life.

'Edmond Halley: the first geophysicist', Nature, 1956. (Bibliog. 1956e.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.123  n.d c1956

Corrected proof copy only

'Edmond Halley (1656-1742)'. Endeavour, 1956. (Bibliog. 1956f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.124-G.126  [n.d.]

'Edmond Halley (1656-1742)'. Endeavour, 1956. (Bibliog. 1956f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.124  n.d

15pp. typescript draft with ms. corrections, references, legends and sources of figures

'Edmond Halley (1656-1742)'. Endeavour, 1956. (Bibliog. 1956f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.125  n.d

Correspondence with Endeavour and E.N. da Costa andrade, who went through the article before publication; also includes Correspondence arising from publication

'Edmond Halley (1656-1742)'. Endeavour, 1956. (Bibliog. 1956f.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.126  n.d

Published foreign language versions of the article

'Catalogue of exhibition to celebrate the tercentenary of Edmond Halley'. Royal Society, 1956. (Bibliog. 1956g.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.127-G.130  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard was chairman of the Royal Society Halley Tercentenary Committee appointed by Council on 1 March 1956 to consider arrangements for a commemoration of the three-hundredth anniversary of Halley's birth. At its first meeting the Committee recommended that a conversazione be held on 21 November 1956, that during the conversazione a lecture on the life and work of Halley be given and an exhibition held. Bullard played an energetic part in securing material for the exhibition and prepared the catalogue which was published by the Royal Society.

Minutes of committee meetings and Correspondence with officers of the Royal Society and holders of and advisers on Halley material re arrangements for exhibition and preparation of catalogue.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.127-G.129  [n.d.]

Minutes of committee meetings and Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.127  March-June 1956

Minutes of committee meetings and Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.128  September-October 1956

Minutes of committee meetings and Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.129  November 1956-April 1957

Halley Exhibition Catalogue  CSAC 100.4.84/G.130  n.d c1956

12pp. carbon copy of draft entries for catalogue of Halley exhibition and published catalogue

Correspondence re Halley  CSAC 100.4.84/G.131  1963-1974

Principally on bibliographical questions, 1963-70, 1973-74

Bibliographical References  CSAC 100.4.84/G.132  n.d

Small hardback notebook with bibliographical references re Halley; further bibliographical references on loose sheets and index cards

Miscellaneous bibliographical notes re Halley  CSAC 100.4.84/G.133  n.d

BIOGRAPHICAL WRITINGS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.134  1958-1978

'Edward Stanley Hiscocks, CBE', NPL News, November 1973. (Bibliog. 1973c.)
2pp. typescript draft of obituary notice, with brief related Correspondence.
'Sir Harold Jeffreys', Nature, 1958.
Biographical notice on the occasion of Jeffrey's retirement from his Cambridge Chair. Not listed in Bibliog.
Lenox-Conyngham, see CSAC 100.4.84/J.82.
'Drummond Hoyle Matthews'
1p. typescript note for The Times 'sent Aug. 1978'.

'Rutherford's Cavendish', Nature, 1974. (Bibliog. 1974b.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.135  1900-1974

Ms. draft and duplicated copy of the typescript draft sent to Nature, 22 July 1974, photographs of Cavendish personnel 1900 and 1929, and brief related Correspondence

REVIEWS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.136, G.137  [n.d.]

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/J.55.

REVIEWS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.136  1954-70

REVIEWS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.137  1973-79

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.138-G.175  [n.d.]

Arrangement: The material is arranged chronologically as far as possible

Related information: For Bullard's departmental lectures see Section B (Cambridge) and Section C (California). For further material relating to lectures see also Section H.

Administrative history:
Bullard was greatly admired as a lecturer and talked to a wide variety of academic and non-academic audiences in Britain and overseas. He lectured on topics of current interest in geophysics, such as dynamos, seismic work at sea and plate tectonics, historical topics such as Halley, the wartime organisation of science and the development of ideas in geophysics, and important matters of public policy such as disarmament and the disposal of nuclear waste. For many of these lectures the sole evidence in the collection is a single page of ms. notes, with title, note of audience and date.
Some idea of the quality and nature of Bullard's lectures can be seen from the following extract of an article written during his lifetime (see also CSAC 100.4.84/A.1):
'To see the essential Teddy, never miss the opportunity to hear a lecture by him, whether it be a departmental seminar, a lecture at the Royal Society or a talk to oil-men in Libya. His ability to think on his feet is astounding and his way of putting complex ideas over by anecdotes is singular. It was once said of him that he would rather be wrong than dull - he worries little about reputation. What better example of this than two years ago, when giving an invited lecture to some of the most formidable theoretical geophysicists in the world: after about three quarters of an hour it was obvious that he was letting his mind loose on some new idea and the suggestions that came forth were novel and intriguing. After an hour and a half he politely enquired of someone in the front row what the time was. On being told, he said only, "Heavens, my watch stopped an hour ago and I've been extemporising ever since!"'

'The protection of ships from magnetic mines'; Royal Institution Friday evening discourse, 15 February. (Bibliog. 1946a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.138  1946

Programme of Royal Institution lectures and Correspondence re arrangements for lecture and its subsequent publication, with Royal Institution and Admiralty

'The protection of ships from magnetic mines'; Royal Institution Friday evening discourse, 15 February. (Bibliog. 1946a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.139  1946

16pp. typescript draft of text for publication, with ms. additions and corrections and ms. note of figures.
2pp. typescript comments on draft.
4pp. typescript headed 'Notes on D.G.'

'The protection of ships from magnetic mines'; Royal Institution Friday evening discourse, 15 February. (Bibliog. 1946a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.140  1946

Figures, photographs and ms. notes

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.141  1953

Includes lectures at Cambridge and University of California

Scott lectures, Cambridge University  CSAC 100.4.84/G.142  1955

Brief Correspondence and ms. notes of three lectures

Scott lectures, Cambridge University  CSAC 100.4.84/G.143  1955

Further ms. notes, calculations and figures used in preparation of lectures

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.144  1956

Includes the Herbert Spencer Lecture on 'The Interior of the Earth', Oxford University, 4 December

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.145  1957

Includes lectures at Harvard and for Shell and ICI

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.146  1958

Includes two lectures on 'The Inside of the Earth' at London University

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.147  1959

Includes lectures at Queen Mary College, London, the Institute of Physics and Cambridge

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.148  n.d ?1950s

Undated lecture notes found with 1950s material.
Includes lectures on the earth's magnetic field, and on rockets and satellites

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.149  1959-60; 1962-63

Lecture notes on topics relating to disarmament and the detection of nuclear tests.
Includes lectures given at Berkeley, Oxford, Bangor, Cambridge and Newcastle

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.150  1960

Includes lectures on the earth's magnetic field and the ocean floor, given at Moscow

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.151  1961

Includes lectures on the ocean floor and the structure of the oceans

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.152  1962

Lecture for IBM and two lectures on structure and history of the earth

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.153  1963

Lectures on properties of mantle and continental shelf

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.154  1965

Lectures on the ocean floor, the earth's magnetic field, and the Royal Astronomical Society's Jeffreys Lecture on electromagnetic induction in the earth

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.155  1966

Includes lectures at Girton College, Cambridge, Moscow and Tokyo

'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field' (the Bakerian Lecture for 1967). Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1968. (Bibliog. 1968a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.156  1967

Folder includes notice and abstract of lecture, ms. notes and calculations for lecture, scientific Correspondence with colleagues and request for permission to reproduce figures

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.157  1967

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/A.98.

Notes of lectures delivered in Canada, principally Toronto, while Bullard was Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto, January-March

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.158  1968

Lectures in Libya and New York

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.159  1969

Includes lectures at Oxford, Glasgow, Madrid and, with brief Correspondence, the Rand Corporation

'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field' (the Bakerian Lecture for 1967). Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1968. (Bibliog. 1968a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.160  n.d ?1960s and 1961-1964

Undated notes found with 1960s material and multiple-dated material.
Includes lecture on the Moho and the Mohole given at Harwell, Oxford, the Royal Society and ICI, Widnes, 1961-64.

'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field' (the Bakerian Lecture for 1967). Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1968. (Bibliog. 1968a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.161  1970

Includes lectures at Fredericton, Harvard and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field' (the Bakerian Lecture for 1967). Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1968. (Bibliog. 1968a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.162  1972

Includes lectures for Birkbeck College, London, Princeton and NATO.

'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field' (the Bakerian Lecture for 1967). Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1968. (Bibliog. 1968a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.163  1973

Includes lecture for IBM.

'Reversals of the earth's magnetic field' (the Bakerian Lecture for 1967). Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc., 1968. (Bibliog. 1968a.)  CSAC 100.4.84/G.164  1974

Lectures at Toronto, Woods Hole, NATO Defence College, Rome, Cambridge and Calgary.

Schedule of Lectures  CSAC 100.4.84/G.165  September 1974-April 1976

Bullard's own schedule of his lectures

Schedule of Lectures  CSAC 100.4.84/G.166  1975

Includes lectures on continental shelves, earth's magnetic field and minerals from the deep sea, at various American locations and the IGRF opening address at Colorado Springs.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.167  1976

14 pp

Related information: See CSAC 100.4.84/A.261 for cassette recording of the lecture.

Typescript, with ms. corrections, of lecture given at Santa Barbara, 4 March.
Brief Correspondence.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.168  1976

Ewing memorial meeting, Columbia University, March 1976.
6pp. transcript of tape of talk at the dinner in honour of Maurice Ewing, 29 March.
'Geometry of sinking plates'
1p. ms. note of lecture delivered 30 March.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.169  1976

Lectures at Pennsylvania State University, California Institute of Technology, and Cambridge.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.170  1977

Lectures at Canberra on the uranium dilemma and plate tectonics.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.171  1978

Includes lectures on plate tectonics and the development of the Atlantic.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.172  1979

Lecture on 'oceanography as it used to be', at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.173  1977-79

Lectures on nuclear waste at Goddard Space Flight Center, La Jolla, Canberra, and, with related Correspondence, Philadelphia.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.174  n.d ?1970s

Undated lecture notes found with 1970s material.
Includes lectures on plate tectonics, the origins of the recent revolution in geology, and the use of computers in science.

'Science and the British Government'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.175  n.d

Undated lecture notes including material for lectures on heat flow at sea, magnetic field of the sun, geological time, the moho and solar energy.
Miscellaneous lists of slides for lectures.
Bullard's tagged folder containing lists of lantern slides, under various subject headings, with index.

RADIO and TELEVISION BROADCASTS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.176-G.192  [n.d.]

'What is the Point of Physics?'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.176  c1945

Administrative history:
Talk for Home Service, broadcast June (postponed from May) 1945.

Draft and brief Correspondence.

'War Science Organisation'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.177  c1945

Administrative history:
Contribution no.1 to 'Science in the War' series, broadcast in Chinese service, July 1945.
Bullard was also asked to write the concluding talk of the series but the BBC did not receive the script in time and it was used, in an amended form, in 'The Planning of Science' series broadcast the following year. See CSAC 100.4.84/G.178 below.

Draft and brief Correspondence.

'What Science should be planned for'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.178  c1946

Administrative history:
Contribution to 'The Planning of Science', broadcast in Chinese service, February 1946.
This is the talk which, in its original form, was intended to conclude the 'Science in the War' series broadcast the previous year. See CSAC 100.4.84/G.177 above.

Draft and Correspondence.

'Explosions and earthquakes'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.179  c1948

Administrative history:
Talk for Home Service 'Science Survey', broadcast February 1948.

Draft and broadcast copy of script.

'Inside the Earth'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.180  1950-1957

Administrative history:
Talk for Home Service 'Science Survey', broadcast April 1950.

Script and Correspondence (1957) re reprint in a collection of writings by scientists.

'Sources of Energy'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.181  n.d c1952

Draft headed 'European Talks', with ms. note 'first broadcast 1 January 1952'.

'The Floor of the Atlantic'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.182  1953

Administrative history:
Talk for Home Service 'Science Survey', broadcast June 1953.

Broadcast script only.

'Energy from the Sun?'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.183  1956

Administrative history:
Talk for the General Overseas Service.

Reprint in London Calling, 19 January 1956.

'Voyages Interplanetaires'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.184  1956

Administrative history:
Interview with Sir Edward Bullard for French Service, broadcast October 1956.

Script only.

'Science is News'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.185  1958

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/E.118.

Administrative history:
Contribution on detection of H Bomb Tests for this television programme, broadcast October 1958.

Draft, script and Correspondence.

Excerpt from 'Ten O'Clock' Programme, Home Service, 10 October 1961.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.186  1961

Administrative history:
Bullard was interviewed on the evacuation of Tristan da Cunha, in the face of volcanic disaster.

Script only.

'The Earth's Dynamo'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.187  c1963

Administrative history:
Contribution no.3 to Third Programme 'Experiment' series, broadcast October 1963.

Broadcast script and audience research report (very favourable).

'The Quiet Sun'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.188  c1964

Administrative history:
Network Three series; Bullard contributed programme no.5 'The Earth', broadcast January 1964.

Draft and script.

'The Spreading of Oceans and Drifting of Continents'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.189  1968

Administrative history:
Contribution to 'The Frontiers of Knowledge' series, BBC Europe (English Service), broadcast 3 May 1968.

Script only.

'Charles Babbage'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.190  1969

Administrative history:
Talk broadcast March 1969.

Draft and contract.

'Mountains'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.191  1970

Administrative history:
Radio 3 talk, 1970.

Draft and Correspondence.

'Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field'  CSAC 100.4.84/G.192  n.d

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/G.61.

Outline of script, n.d

Correspondence re PUBLICATIONS, LECTURES and BROADCASTS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.193-G.268  [n.d.]

CSAC 100.4.84/G.193 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.259 Publications
CSAC 100.4.84/G.260 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.263 Lectures
CSAC 100.4.84/G.264 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.268 Broadcasts
CSAC 100.4.84/G.193 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.268 presents, in alphabetical order, Correspondence with editors, publishing houses and scientific colleagues. The material includes requests to write articles or books, to comment on works submitted for publication by others, to serve on editorial or advisory boards, etc. There is a little scientific Correspondence. The material is dated and an indication given of any information of special biographical or scientific interest. For Geophysical Journal, see section F under Royal Astronomical Society.
CSAC 100.4.84/G.260 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.263 presents, in chronological order, requests to give lectures or talks.
CSAC 100.4.84/G.264 - CSAC 100.4.84/G.268 presents, in chronological order, Correspondence re broadcasts for which no script survives.

PUBLICATIONS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.193-G.259  [n.d.]

Atoll Research Bulletin 1966; Cambridge University Press 1974, 1976  CSAC 100.4.84/G.193  1966-1976

Clarendon Press, Oxford  CSAC 100.4.84/G.194-G.230  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
In 1947 Bullard agreed to act with N.F. Mott as an editor of the International Monographs in Physical Science. He continued in that capacity for nearly twenty years, resigning at the beginning of 1966. He subsequently advised on specific projects.

This is a very substantial, though uneven, Correspondence with the Press, Mott and prospective authors, amongst whom were very distinguished physical scientists such as S. Chandrasekhar and S. Chapman, and includes outlines of proposed books and Bullard's comments on manuscripts. It is arranged chronologically.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.194  1945

Invitation from N.F. Mott for Bullard to write a book on Geophysics for the Oxford Press

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.195  April-December 1947

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.196  January-May 1948

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.197  July-September 1948

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.198  October-December 1948

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.199  January-March 1949

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.200  April-August 1949

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.201  September-December 1949

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.202  1953

1 letter only

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.203  January-July 1956

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.204  October-December 1956

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.205  January-March 1957

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.206  April-July 1957

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.207  August-December 1957

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.208  1958

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.209  January-May 1959

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.210  July-September 1959

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.211  October-December 1959

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.212  1959-61

Correspondence and papers re revision of monograph by A.E. Benfield. Folder includes 19pp. typescript draft of '4. Temperature distribution within the earth'. Bullard found it necessary to rewrite chapter four of Benfield's book and eventually passed on the manuscript to D.W. Allan

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.213  January-May 1960

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.214  July-November 1960

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.215  January-July 1961

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.216  1962

2 letters only

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.217  February-May 1963

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.218  November-December 1963

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.219  January-June 1964

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.220  September-December 1964

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.221  1965

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.222  1966

Includes Correspondence re Bullard's resignation as editor.
The Press continued to seek his advice

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.223  1968

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.224  1971

Bullard was asked to give his opinion, at the proof stage, on Solar-terrestrial physics, by S. Chapman and S.-1. Akasofu

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.225  1972

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.226  1973

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.227  1974

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.228  1975-76

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.229  1980

This folder also includes an Undated 2pp. ms. letter by Bullard discussing a book on computers

Royalty statements for 1953, 1957-60  CSAC 100.4.84/G.230  1953-1960

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.231-G.237  1965, 1967-74

Arrangement: The material is presented in a chronological sequence

Administrative history:
Bullard was a member of the advisory board of the new journal and corresponded with editors and contributors for nearly ten years. He was relieved of 'the burden of the advisory editorship' in 1974

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.231  1965, 1967

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.232  1968

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.233  1969

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.234  1970

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.235  1971

Includes 3pp. typescript draft of Bullard and D.P. McKenzie's paper 'Remarks on Uncertainties in Poles of Rotation in Continental Fitting'. (Bibliog. 1971g.)

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.236  1972

Earth and Planetary Science Letters  CSAC 100.4.84/G.237  1973-74

Earth-Science Reviews 1972; Elsevier Publishing Company 1965, 1970  CSAC 100.4.84/G.238  1965-1972

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.239-G.247  1970, 1972-79

Administrative history:
Bullard served for many years on the editorial advisory board

There is Correspondence re advisory board meetings, recommendations of contributors, comments on manuscripts, editorial policy generally and Bullard's own article 'Minerals from the deep sea' published by Endeavour in 1974

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.239  1970, 1972

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.240  1973

Includes draft of article on 'Minerals from the deep sea' as prepared for Endeavour. (Bibliog. 1974c.)

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.241  January-June 1974

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.242  July-December 1974

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.243  1975

Correspondence re ICI's withdrawal of support for Endeavour

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.244  1976

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.245  1977

Folder includes duplicated copy of draft article for Endeavour, 'The Aurora: an electrical discharge process around the earth', by S.-l. Akasofu, with Bullard's ms. corrections

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.246  1978

Includes Correspondence arising from an article in Endeavour (not by Bullard) on energy policy

Endeavour  CSAC 100.4.84/G.247  1979

W.H. Freeman and Company  CSAC 100.4.84/G.248  1966, 1970, 1975 1978-79

1975 Correspondence related to proposed geophysics textbook

Harper & Row Limited  CSAC 100.4.84/G.249  1974

Institute for Scientific Information  CSAC 100.4.84/G.250  1970-71, 1977-79

Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics  CSAC 100.4.84/G.251  1972

Nature  CSAC 100.4.84/G.252  1946, 1967-68, 1970-78

General Correspondence re articles submitted by Bullard for publication and articles submitted to Bullard for assessment

Pergamon Press Limited  CSAC 100.4.84/G.253  1965-66, 1968, 1973, 1975

Administrative history:
Bullard was a member of the editorial advisory boards for a number of Pergamon publications

Random House, Inc  CSAC 100.4.84/G.254  1975

Related information: See also CSAC 100.4.84/G.68-CSAC 100.4.84/G.76

Science Journal  [no ref.]  1965, 1967

Science Journal  CSAC 100.4.84/G.255  n.d

Shorter requests for books, articles, contributions, arranged alphabetically by publisher or editor
A - B

Science Journal  CSAC 100.4.84/G.256  n.d and 1975

Shorter requests for books, articles, contributions, arranged alphabetically by publisher or editor
C - L
Includes invitation for Bullard to write on Rutherford in the Fontana Modern Masters series, 1975

Science Journal  CSAC 100.4.84/G.257  n.d and c1975

Shorter requests for books, articles, contributions, arranged alphabetically by publisher or editor
M - Z
Includes Bullard's reply to an invitation to contribute a chapter on electronic computers for a History of Technology, 1975

Shorter Correspondence re permission to quote from publications by Bullard, reproduce photographs, etc.  CSAC 100.4.84/G.258, G.259  [n.d.]

Shorter Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.258  1963-64, 1966-70

Shorter Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/G.259  1971-75, 1977, 1979

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.260-G.263  [n.d.]

Arrangement: Arranged chronologically.

Invitations to lecture

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.260  1937, 1943-46

1946 Correspondence relates to an invitation to lecture to the Admiralty Mine Design Department at Havant.

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.261  1960, 1963-1966

1960 invitation was from The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee interested to 'reach some conclusion as to the extent to which it would be worth while (if at all) for our Government to support Space Research on a really big scale'.

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.262  1967-69

1967 Correspondence includes invitation to give a talk at a NATO conference at Greenwich.

LECTURES  CSAC 100.4.84/G.263  1970-73, 1975, 1979

BROADCASTS  CSAC 100.4.84/G.264-G.268  [n.d.]


The folders document broadcasts or projects for BBC radio and television for which no identifiable script survives, and unscripted discussion programmes or interviews to which Bullard contributed. In some cases only the contract, or receipt for payment, has survived.


BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION  CSAC 100.4.84/G.265  1964, 1967, 1969-73

BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION  CSAC 100.4.84/G.266  1969-70, 1976-78

Correspondence and contract re radio and television programmes for the Open University. Includes 1p. ms. note on programme on nuclear test ban agreement and notice of meeting between University of California, San Diego, and BBC and OU personnel at La Jolla, 29 November 1976, re educational programmes in general and the possibility of co-producing a television course on oceans.


UNESCO  CSAC 100.4.84/G.268  1961

Brief Correspondence re radio science programmes.

SECTION H VISITS  CSAC 100.4.84/H.1-H.24  [n.d.]

Arrangement: The presentation is chronological as far as possible.

This small section does not adequately reflect the very extensive travel undertaken by Bullard for scientific congresses, lectures and the like, and for government and private consultancy work. There is, however, other material in the collection bearing on visits. For Bullard's visits to Southern California see Section C, for visits in connection with consultancy work see Section E; the material relating to lectures in Section G also gives some indication of visits not documented elsewhere.

Invitation for 1961  CSAC 100.4.84/H.1  c1961

20th anniversary meeting of the Oceanographical Society of Japan, Tokyo, 8-12 November.

Invitation for 1964  CSAC 100.4.84/H.2  c1964

Symposium on geological research in Africa, Leeds, 12-14 March.

Deep drilling symposium, Ottawa, September.  CSAC 100.4.84/H.3  c1965

Brief Correspondence only.

Second International Oceanographic Congress, Moscow, 30 May-9 June 1966  CSAC 100.4.84/H.4-H.6  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard accepted an invitation to give a lecture on 'Marine Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ocean'. This is very probably the lecture published under the title 'The rocks beneath the oceans' (Bibliog. 1969d; see Bibliog. 1968b for Russian language version).

Correspondence and Congress Material  CSAC 100.4.84/H.4  c1966

Preliminary announcement, programme and Correspondence with organisers.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/H.5  c1966

Continuing Correspondence re arrangements.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/H.6  c1966

Correspondence arising from Congress, especially re publication of plenary lectures

University of British Columbia, Vancouver  CSAC 100.4.84/H.7  1967

One letter only

Re a visit by Bullard.

Invitation for 1967  CSAC 100.4.84/H.8  c1967

Symposium on the Upper Mantle Project, National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, January.

International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy - World Magnetic Survey Symposium on Description of the Earth's Magnetic Field, Washington, D.C., 22-25 October 1968  CSAC 100.4.84/H.9  c1968

Invitation, list of participants and brief Correspondence

Invitations for 1968  CSAC 100.4.84/H.10  c1968

Pan-American Symposium on the Upper Mantle, Mexico City, 18-21 March.
Invitation to visit New Zealand under the Commonwealth University Interchange Scheme.

Ditchley Foundation conference on the Resources of the Ocean Bed, Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, 26-29 September 1969  CSAC 100.4.84/H.11  c1969

Brief Correspondence re arrangements, agenda and list of participants.

Invitations for 1969  CSAC 100.4.84/H.12  c1969

Symposium on the International Regime of the Sea-Bed, Rome, 26 June-2 July.
Symposium scientifique international sur la géodésie de mines, la géologie de mines et la géometrie des gisements, Prague, 26 August-1 September.
Annual meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, La Jolla, California, September.

Nato Advanced Study Institute on 'The Moon and Planets', Newcastle upon Tyne, 9-16 April 1970  CSAC 100.4.84/H.13  c1970

Brief Correspondence re arrangements.

Invitations for 1970  CSAC 100.4.84/H.14  c1970

NASA Apollo II Lunar Science Conference, Houston, 5-8 January.
Fourth Irish Sea Colloquium, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 6-8 January.
Conference on Law, Science and Politics, organised by the David Davies Memorial Institute, London, 11-12 July.
16th Chania Conference of The International Science Foundation, 'Science and the International Man: Engineering and the Future of Man', Crete, 27-31 July.
Symposium on the Rotation of the Earth, n.d

Invitation for 1972  CSAC 100.4.84/H.15  c1972

Conference on the Human Environment, St. George's House, Windsor Castle, 6-9 March 1972

Maritime Affairs Conference, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 12-14 September 1973  CSAC 100.4.84/H.16  c1973

Brief Correspondence re arrangements and 'nominal' list of participants.

Invitations for 1973  CSAC 100.4.84/H.17  c1973

Symposium on 'Secular Variation with Particular Reference to the IGRF', Kyoto, Japan, September.
Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc, Montpellier, December.
NASA Ames Research Center, December.

International symposium in honour of George P. Woollard on Geophysics of the Pacific Basin, Honolulu, 8-11 December 1974  CSAC 100.4.84/H.18  c1974

Bullard agreed to become a member of the sponsoring committee.
Brief Correspondence re arrangements.

Invitation for 1974  CSAC 100.4.84/H.19  c1974

Invitation to visit the Australian National University, Canberra, between August and December.

Visit to University of California, Berkeley.  CSAC 100.4.84/H.20  c1975

Administrative history:
Bullard was appointed to the 'Charles M. and Martha Hitchcock Professorship', originally for the 'Winter Quarter' of 1974 but deferred until after his retirement from Cambridge.
His two public lectures (January, February 1975) were on 'The floor of the deep oceans - what are they like?' and 'The floor of the deep oceans - what is happening there?', and he also conducted geophysics and physics seminars.

Folder includes Correspondence re appointment, travel and visa arrangements, academic and social invitations, etc., 1p. (only) notes for 2nd Hitchcock lecture, 11pp. notes for course on 'Origin of the Earth's magnetic field' (given for seminar in geophysics), list of 'Lectures and Seminars given... as Hitchcock Prof., Jan.-Mar. 1975'. See CSAC 100.4.84/A.258, CSAC 100.4.84/A.259.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, March-August, 1975  CSAC 100.4.84/H.21-H.23  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard visited Woods Hole as the Doherty Fellow.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, March-August, 1975  CSAC 100.4.84/H.21  n.d; c1975

Correspondence with organisers and colleagues, office memoranda and material re salary and expenses.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, March-August, 1975  CSAC 100.4.84/H.22  n.d and 1975

Note on 'High heat flow on axis of mid-ocean ridges', 1 July 1975, written in response to a query from J.R. Heirtzler (1p.).
'The MBL Library: a note on its adequacy for marine geology and geophysics', written at the request of J.R. Heirtzler (18pp.).
Undated research proposal found with Woods Hole material, with Bullard's ms. comments.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, March-August, 1975  CSAC 100.4.84/H.23  n.d; c1975


XVIth General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Grenoble, August-September 1975  CSAC 100.4.84/H.24  n.d; c1975

Administrative history:
Bullard was interested in attending as a representative of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics but declined an invitation to speak at a symposium on 'Tidal Interactions, including Earth Tides', explaining that he had never worked on any aspect of tides.

University of Victoria, British Columbia, 16-19 September 1975  CSAC 100.4.84/H.25  n.d; c1975

Invitations for 1976  CSAC 100.4.84/H.26  c1976

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Invitation to visit New Zealand.

Visits to Oregon, Houston and Maryland  CSAC 100.4.84/H.27  c1977

Oregon State University, January 1977
Brief Correspondence re arrangements, history of science research topics.
University of Houston, February 1977
One letter only.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Research Center, Maryland, 24-25 March 1977
Bullard gave a colloquium on the 'Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field'.
Letter and enclosure only.

Visit to New Zealand, September 1977  CSAC 100.4.84/H.28  c1977

Administrative history:
Bullard visited universities at Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago and gave a public lecture sponsored by the Royal Society of New Zealand on nuclear waste. He also lectured on the earth's magnetic field.

Correspondence with organisers, abstract of talk on nuclear waste and abstract and ms. note of lecture on earth's magnetic field.

Invitation for 1977  CSAC 100.4.84/H.29  c1977

Invitation to visit University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, as a speaker for the joint Sandia-UNM colloquium series.

Visits to Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  CSAC 100.4.84/H.30-H.32  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
Bullard visited Fairbanks in 1977 and returned in 1978 and 1979 as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Geophysics. A visit in 1980 was cancelled because of Bullard's last illness.

Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/H.30  n.d

Correspondence re arrangements for visits, the affairs of the Geophysical Institute generally.

Lectures  CSAC 100.4.84/H.31  1975, 1978-79

Lectures delivered in Alaska

Material relating to the Geophysical Institute  CSAC 100.4.84/H.32  n.d and 1979

Bullard's remarks to the Advisory Board of the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute, 18 May 1979 (1p. ms. note) and background material re the Geophysical Institute

Harvard University, October-November 1978  CSAC 100.4.84/H.33  c1978

Administrative history:
Bullard was invited by the Harvard Committee on Oceanography to deliver the Columbus O'Donnell Iselin II Lectures for the Fall semester, 1978. He gave lectures on 'The Disposal of Nuclear Waste at Sea', 'The Development of the Ideas of Plate Tectonics' and 'What is wrong with Plate Tectonics?'

Correspondence with organisers and colleagues, ms. notes, abstracts and notices of lectures

Invitations for 1979, 1980  CSAC 100.4.84/H.34  1979-1980

IAGA symposium on 'Planetary Dynamo Theory' as part of the General Assembly of IUGG, Canberra, 2-15 December 1979.
International Conference on the Thermal Regime of the Earth's Interior, ?Boulder, Colorado, July or August 1980.

SECTION J CORRESPONDENCE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.1-J.206  [n.d.]


This Section comprises letters received in Bullard's Correspondence folders or as loose papers. Other Correspondence kept by Bullard with his research, committee or publications papers has been left in place in the appropriate Sections.
The remaining letters are sporadic in incidence. Though there are a few from earlier periods, there is very little from the National Physical Laboratory and the majority date from the later part of Bullard's career. Several contain historical reminiscences, or Bullard's views on research, its organisation and personnel.
The material is presented as follows:
CSAC 100.4.84/J.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/J.168 Correspondence with individuals. In alphabetical order, dated and indexed, with an indication of any information of particular biographical, scientific or historical interest.
CSAC 100.4.84/J.169 - CSAC 100.4.84/J. 176 Shorter unindexed Correspondence: exchanges of reprints, specimens, information.
CSAC 100.4.84/J.177 - CSAC 100.4.84/J.206 References and appointments.


Correspondence AHR-ALT  CSAC 100.4.84/J.1  1945-1976

Ahrens, L. H. 1945
Bullard's carbon only. On geological time.
Akasofu, S.-I. 1972-73, 1976
Altham, P. M. E. 1970
Statistical methods.

Correspondence AL-AN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.2  1965-1977

Alldredge, L. R. 1977
Mantle conductivity.
Andrade, E. N. da Costa 1965
Heat flow.

Correspondence ARC-ARK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.3  1938-1975

Archer, A. A. 1975
Arkell, W. J. 1938

Correspondence ARM-BAC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.4  1972-1974

Armstead, H. C. H. 1974
Proposed research on geothermal energy.
Athavale, R. N. 1973
Oriented core samples.
Backer, H. 1972

Correspondence BAC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.5  1967-69

Backus, G. E.
Publications, research proposed and in hand, recommendation

Correspondence BAD  CSAC 100.4.84/J.6  1971-79

Badash, L.
Historical writings, on Rutherford and others.

Correspondence BAK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.7  1971-73

Baker, J. F.
Correspondence 1973 is re explosives and blast waves. In his letter of 26 November Bullard writes: 'I enormously regret that I did not keep war-time papers; I got rid of everything in 1945'.

Correspondence BAK-BAN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.8  1971-1978

Baker, P. E. 1971
On Juan Fernandez Island rocks.
Banks, R. 1975, 1978

Correspondence BAC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.9  1976

Batchelor, G. K.
Mainly reminiscences of G. I. Taylor.

Correspondence BATE-BER  CSAC 100.4.84/J.10  1964-1973

Bates, D. R. 1978
Includes Bullard's reminiscences of his work with H.S.W. Massey on electron scattering, written for a 70th birthday tribute (see CSAC 100.4.84/A.13, CSAC 100.4.84/J.91)
Beck, A. E. 1973
Bernal, J. D. 1964
Earthquakes; Bullard's reply is addressed to 'Dear Sage'

Correspondence BET  CSAC 100.4.84/J.11  1975

Bethe, H. A.
Energy policy; includes published article by Bethe and comments.

Correspondence BEY-BIR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.12  1946-1971

Beynon, W. J. G. 1973
Birch, F. 1946, 1971
1946 Correspondence is on various sea-floor research projects.

Correspondence BIS-BLA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.13  1940-1978

Bischoff, J. L. 1974
Black, I. 1978
Black, M. 1940
Addressed to 'Tom' (Margaret Bullard).

Correspondence BLA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.14  1945-1966

Blackett, P. M. S.
1945-46 (Bullard's carbons only).
1965-66 on magnetic reversal and palaeomagnetic research.

Correspondence BLA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.15  1974-1976

Reminiscences of Blackett, and arrangements for his papers.

Correspondence BRA-BROC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.16  1932-1972

Brace, W. F. 1972
Ocean conductivity.
Braddick, M. 1972
(wife of H.J.J. Braddick, about Bullard's obituary of her husband). See G. 112.
Bragg, W. L. 1938, 1946
1938 letter is to Lenox-Conyngham about Bullard's research.
Brockamp, B. 1932, 1934

Correspondence BROW  CSAC 100.4.84/J.17  1948-49, 1959, 1968

Browne, B. C.
Correspondence 1948-49 is on research, expeditions, department, etc. Correspondence 1968 includes material relating to Browne's death in August of that year

Correspondence BUD-BUL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.18  1938-1970

Budget, H. M. 1938
Bullen, K. E. 1955, 1963, 1970
Bullerwell, W. 1967
Magnetic survey data

Correspondence BUR-BYN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.19  1939-1976

Burchfield, J. D. 1976
History of science.
Byng, R. C. 1939

Correspondence CAI-CHE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.20  1956-1979

Cain, J. C. 1968-69, 1979
Spherical harmonics.
Carr, R. 1966
Cherwell, Viscount (F.A. Lindemann) 1956

Correspondence COH-COM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.21  1971-1972

Cohen, I. B. 1971-72
Halley and Newton.
Computer Sciences Corporation 1971-72
Gravity survey measurements

Correspondence COOK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.22  1948

Cook, A.
Pendulum swings; includes data and reference to Bullard's 1933 work

Correspondence COOP  CSAC 100.4.84/J.23  1946

Cooper, L.
Proposed research on chemical oceanography

Correspondence COOP  CSAC 100.4.84/J.24  1948-49

Cooper, R. I. B.
Mainly on dynamo theory

Correspondence COW-CRI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.25  n.d and 1972-1975

Cowling, T. G. 1974
Cox, A. 1972
Crane, H. R. 1975
Creer, K. M. 1972
Bullard's carbon only, comments on paper by Creer.
Crick, F. nd

Correspondence DAV-DRA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.26  1946-1976

Davies, D. 1972
Davies, T. V. 1960
Dynamo problem.
Deacon, G. E. R. 1946
deBeer, G. 1964
Continental drift.
Drake, E. T. 1976
Continental drift

Correspondence EDM-EVA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.27  1956-1971

Edmonds, J. M. 1956
Bullard's views on geological studies.
Evans, B. I. 1964
Organisation of geology at UK universities.
Evans, R. 1971
Core densities

Correspondence EVA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.28  1975

Evans, T.
Comments and re-workings of Bullard's work on boreholes, especially Bibliog. 1947b. Includes data and calculations

Correspondence EWI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.29  1946

Ewing, W. M.

Correspondence FAL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.30  1974-77

Falconer, N.
History of Operational Research; includes Bullard's comments on wartime convoy size

Correspondence FAV  CSAC 100.4.84/J.31  1970

Faul, H. and others Uranium glass

Correspondence FEA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.32  1967-1975

Feather, N. 1973, 1975
Fellgett, P. B. 1967-68, 1972-73

Correspondence FIN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.33  1958, 1962, 1964

Finch, H. F. Magnetic variations

Correspondence FIS  CSAC 100.4.84/J.34  1958-59, 1977

Fisher, R. A.
Correspondence 1958-59 is with Fisher on 'smoothing formulae'. Correspondence 1977 is with Joan Box (daughter) and includes reminiscences of Fisher for her biography of her father

Correspondence FIT-FLO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.35  1970-1973

Fitzpatrick, J. A. 1970
Flower, M. F. J. 1973
Proposed research on petrological data retrieval

Correspondence FRA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.36  1967-1979

Frank, F. C. 1967
Frankel, H. 1979
History of plate tectonics.
Fraser, R. G. F. 1968, 1973
Frazer, M. C. 1972
Spherical harmonics

Correspondence FRE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.37  1973

Fremlin, J. H.
German and Allied wartime research on atomic weapons

Correspondence FUC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.38  1963, 1974, 1978

Fuchs, V. E.

Correspondence GAE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.39  1969, 1974

Gaertner, H.
Seismic detection

Correspondence GAM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.40  1966-67

Gamov, G.

Correspondence GAR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.41  1973-79

Garwin, R. L.

Correspondence GAS-GER  CSAC 100.4.84/J.42  1946-1948

Gaskell, T. F.
Brief personal Correspondence only.
George, E. P. 1946
Proposed underwater research with P.M.S. Blackett.
Gerrard, J. A. F. 1948
Seismic work in Switzerland

Correspondence GILB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.43  1972-74

Gilbert, J. F.
Publication, recommendations.

Correspondence GILL-GILM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.44  1965-1968

Gill, A. 1965
Gilmour, J. S. L. 1968
Newton's apple tree.

Correspondence GIR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.45  1970-75

Girdler, R. W.
Research on African gravity, referring to Bullard's 1930s work, and other projects.

Correspondence GOLD-GREB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.46  1949-1978

Gold, T. 1949
Gollin, A. 1979
History of air power.
Gouin, P. 1968
East African gravity.
Greb, A. 1978
Bullard's carbon only, on history of nuclear test ban negotiations.

Correspondence GRE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.47  1963-76

Green, C. H.
Miscellaneous Correspondence, on research, appointments, Green's many benefactions, and a little personal Correspondence.

Correspondence GRE-GRO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.48  1946-1974

Green, R. 1965, 1967
Griffiths, D. L. 1946
Gravity survey.
Griggs, D. T. 1973
Gross, G. A. 1974
Solar Energy.

Correspondence GUB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.49  1972-78

Gubbins, D. and others
Research, recommendations. Gubbins was one of Bullard's later collaborators on dynamo theory.

Correspondence GUD-HAR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.50  [n.d.]

Gudmundsson, G. 1971
Comments on paper by others.
Harper, W. R. 1946
Huyghen's principle.
Harrison, C. G. A. 1976
Non-dipole field.

Correspondence HEE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.51  1967-69, 1974

Heezen, B. C.
Ocean depths data; includes Correspondence from M. Dishon and others.

Correspondence HEI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.52  1936-39, 1965

Heiskanen, W.
Correspondence 1936-39 on gravity anomalies.
Correspondence 1965 includes tribute to Heiskanen on his retirement.

Correspondence HER-HEW  CSAC 100.4.84/J.53  1946-1967

Herzenberg, A. 1957
Dynamo theory.
Herzog, G. 1963
Texaco European Research Laboratory.
Hess, H. H. 1967
Sea-floor drilling.
Hewson, C. T. 1946

Correspondence HILL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.54  1938, n.d, 1965-66

Hill, M. N.
Early Correspondence includes letter from A.V. Hill introducing his son to Lenox-Conyngham. Later Correspondence is about Hill's illness, death and includes some biographical material assembled for Bullard's Royal Society Memoir. (Bibliog. 1967a.)

Correspondence HIN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.55  1933-35

Hinks, A. L.
Mainly on instruments and expeditions. Includes two reviews, c.1935, by Bullard (not listed in Bibliog.)

Correspondence HOB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.56  1972

Hobbs, B. A.

Correspondence HOL-HOW  CSAC 100.4.84/J.57  1947-1970

Holmes, A. 1947
Letter sent to 'Dr. Coster' and enclosing data, on age of the earth.
Howse, H. D. 1970
History of pendulum clocks.

Correspondence HUG-HUT  CSAC 100.4.84/J.58  1948-1977

Hughes, J. S. 1955
Seismic data.
Hunter, A. N. 1973
Hurley, P. M. 1948
Magnetic data.
Hutton, V. R. S. 1977

Correspondence INF  CSAC 100.4.84/J.59  1977-79

Infeld, E.

Correspondence JAC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.60  1967-74

Jacobs, J.A. and others
Mainly shorter Correspondence on research and appointments.

Correspondence JAE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.61  1963-67

Jaeger, J. C.
Research and appointments.

Correspondence JAM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.62  1972-74

James, R. W.

Correspondence JEF  CSAC 100.4.84/J.63  1948-76

Jeffreys, H. and Jeffreys, B.
Correspondence of various dates, on research, publications, etc. Very few of Jeffreys's letters are dated. Also includes one letter, 1935, to Jeffreys from Hille.

Correspondence JEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.64  1947

Jenkins, R.
Eclipses in history.

Correspondence JON  CSAC 100.4.84/J.65  1965, 1974, 1978

Jones, R. V.
Research, and history of Second World War.

Correspondence KAI-KAL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.66  1971

Kaitera, P. 1971
Kalb, J. E. 1971
Hot brines.

Correspondence KAP-KAR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.67  1960-1979

Kapitza, P. L. 1971-72, 1979
Brief Correspondence only.
Karpen, N. V. 1960

Correspondence KEI-KEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.68  1968-1973

Keilis-Borok, V. 1968, 1973
Correspondence 1973, on Bullard's retirement, is an engaging account of the Department and its work under Bullard.
Kendall, P. C. 1970, 1972

Correspondence KEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.69  1970-75

Kennedy, G. C.
Various papers, mainly on core temperature.

Correspondence KER  CSAC 100.4.84/J.70  1936-38, 1946

Kerr-Grant, C.
Gravity survey in Australia. 1936 Correspondence is with Kerr-Grant's father.

Correspondence KHA-KIB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.71  1968-1970

Khan, M. A. 1968, 1970
Correspondence 1970 includes Bullard's comments on geology courses.
Kibblewhite, A. C. 1968
On geophysics courses.

Correspondence KIS-KRA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.72  1936-1979

Kisabeth, J. 1979
Spherical harmonics research at Scripps (Bullard's carbon only).
Kitchener, J. A. 1949
Kolm, H. H. 1968
Monopoles in sediments.
Korff, S. A. 1936
Krause, D. C. 1966
Continental xenoliths.

Correspondence KRE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.73  1948, 1966

Kreisel, G.
On collaborative papers. Correspondence 1966 is on proposed paper on eigenvalues.

Correspondence LAB-LAC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.74  1961-1979

Laborde, E. D. 1961
Eye-witness account of eruption at St. Vincent in 1902.
Lachenbruch, A. H. 1979

Correspondence LAM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.75  1935-37, 1949

Lambert, W.D. and others
Mainly gravity research.

Correspondence LAN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.76  1939

Lane, A. C.

Correspondence LAW-LEA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.77  1965-1974

Lawver, L. A. 1974
Heat flow.
Leatherland, T. M. 1971
Mercury in oceans.
Leaton, B. R. 1965, 1973
Magnetism research.

Correspondence LE BOR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.78  1962

Le Borgne, E.
Proposed collaborative magnetic survey expedition.

Correspondence LEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.79  1934-1943

Lenox-Conyngham, G. P.
General Correspondence on affairs of Cambridge Department, 1934-43.

Correspondence LEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.80  1946

Lenox-Conyngham, G. P.
Arrangements for lunch at Trinity, August 1946, to celebrate 80th birthday of Lenox-Conyngham and his wife. Guest-lists, acceptances, etc. Includes copy of Lenox-Conyngham's speech of thanks with historical reminiscences of the Department.

Correspondence LEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.81  1948-1949

Lenox-Conyngham, G. P.
Letters, 1948-49, on Bullard's move to Toronto.

Correspondence LEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.82  1957

Lenox-Conyngham, G. P.
Miscellaneous material mainly related to biographical notices and tribute by Bullard, including Royal Society Memoir, 1957. Includes photographs, letter from Lady Lenox-Conyngham, etc.

Correspondence LE PIC-LIE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.83  1964-1977

Le Pichon, X. 1970-71
Libby, L. M. 1971, 1975
Libby, W. F. 1977
(Bullard's carbon only).
Lieber, P. 1964-68

Correspondence LIL-LIS  CSAC 100.4.84/J.84  1972-1976

Lilley, E. 1972
Volcanic activity.
Lindsey, J. 1976
Poisons in fish.
Lister, C. R. B. 1973

Correspondence LON-LOW  CSAC 100.4.84/J.85  1973-1977

Loncarevic, B. D. 1973
Deep sea resources exploration.
Lowrie, A. 1977
Historically interesting UK work on oceanography of N. Atlantic.

Correspondence LUB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.86  1965-77

Lubimova, E.

Correspondence LYO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.87  1971-74

Lyons, D. J.
Includes comments by Bullard on geothermal heat in UK.

Correspondence LYT-McE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.88  1966-1977

Lyttelton, R. A. 1966
McElhinney, M. W. 1977

Correspondence McG  CSAC 100.4.84/J.89  1934-35

McGhee, G.C. and others
Construction of seismographs.

Correspondence MAC-McN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.90  1966-1972

Mackereth, F. J. 1970-72
Remanent magnetism.
MacLeod, R. M. 1968
Comments by Bullard on draft paper.
McNab, J. 1966

Correspondence MAL-MAS  CSAC 100.4.84/J.91  1968-1979

Malin, S. R. C. 1968-74
Shorter Correspondence on various results and publications.
Marshall, W. 1970
Martin, A. J. P. 1979
Massey, H. S. W. 1978
Recollections of early research. See also CSAC 100.4.84/J.10.

Correspondence MAY  CSAC 100.4.84/J.92  1955

Mayne, K.I. and others
Magnetic spherules.

Correspondence MIC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.93  1973

Michaelis, A. R.
Includes a biographical sketch of T.F. Gaskell.

Correspondence MORE-MORR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.94  1945-1973

Morelli, C. and others 1945-46
Morgan, P. 1973
Morris, H. R. 1973
Geophysics in S.W. England.

Correspondence MÖR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.95  1977

Mörth, H. T.
Theory of earth's magnetic field.

Correspondence MOS  CSAC 100.4.84/J.96  1974-76

Moseley, R.
On N.P.L.; includes comments and a note by Bullard on the organisation of the Laboratory, and his own time there.

Correspondence MOT  CSAC 100.4.84/J.97  1946-47

Mott, N. F.

Correspondence MOU  CSAC 100.4.84/J.98  1959

Mountford, J. F.
Work of Liverpool Observatory and Tidal Institute

Correspondence MUN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.99  1949, 1970-79

Munk, W.H. and others
Scientific and personal Correspondence, recommendations, etc

Correspondence NEL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.100  1945-1965

Nelson, J. H. 1965
Magnetic observations at sea.
Nrlund, N. E. 1945
Bullard's carbon only

Correspondence OCC-OLV  CSAC 100.4.84/J.101  1960-1979

Occialini, G. P. S. 1979
Ogston, A. G. 1974
Changes in scientific methodology.
O'Keefe, J. A. 1960, 1964
Olver, F. W. J. 1978

Correspondence ORO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.102  1964, 1969

Orowan, E.
1969 Correspondence is on mechanism of oceanic ridges

Correspondence PAL-PAR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.103  1970-1971

Pal, P. C. 1971
Parker, E. N. 1970
Dynamo theory

Correspondence PAR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.104  1960-69

Parkin, D. W.
Research, recommendations, comments on proposed geophysics course

Correspondence PAU-PEI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.105  1931-1979

Paul, D. K. 1971
Heat flow in salt domes.
Paynter, H. 1979
Peierls, R. E. 1931, 1971
Letter 1931 (to P.B. Moon) is about his collaborative paper with Bullard (Bibliog. 1931c). Correspondence 1971 is on problems of nuclear test ban

Correspondence PEK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.106  1937-1966

Pekeris, C. L.
General Correspondence on research, conferences, recommendations
1937 (one letter only), 1964-66

Correspondence PEK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.107  1971-72

Pekeris, C. L.
General Correspondence on research, conferences, recommendations

Correspondence PEK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.108  1973

Pekeris, C. L.
General Correspondence on research, conferences, recommendations

Correspondence PEK  CSAC 100.4.84/J.109  1974-75

Correspondence PEN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.110  1965, 1966

Penney, W. G.
Bullard's carbons only; test ban

Correspondence PER  CSAC 100.4.84/J.111  1948

Perutz, M. F.
Expedition to Jungfraujoch, led by Perutz, August 1948. Includes 'Report on the Life and Work of the Jungfraujoch Research Party' written in light-hearted dramatic form by Perutz

Correspondence PET  CSAC 100.4.84/J.112  1945-1968

Pettersson, H. 1945-46
Marine seismic and coring expedition.
Phillips, D. W. 1945
Pina, L. da C. 1968
Continental drift

Correspondence PLA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.113  1943, 1946

Plaskett, H. H.

Correspondence POD  CSAC 100.4.84/J.114  1959-1974

Podmore, F. 1973
Gravitational attraction; includes calculations by Bullard.
Pratap, R. 1959-60, 1974

Correspondence PRI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.115  1963-67, 1973

Price, A. T.
Daily variation

Correspondence PRI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.116  1944-1969

Price, A. 1969
History of naval operational research; includes Bullard's recollections of wartime work.
Proudman, J. 1944

Correspondence PRY  CSAC 100.4.84/J.117  1978-79

Pryor, M.
Wartime recollections

Correspondence RAB-RIC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.118  1950-1972

Rabi, I. I. 1962
Bullard's carbon only; disarmament.
Randell, B. 1972
History of computers.
Revelle, R. 1950
Copy only, on seismic expedition.
Richards, T. LI. 1970
Earthquake theory

Correspondence RIN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.119  1970, 1977-79

Ringwood, A. E.
Nuclear waste

Correspondence ROB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.120  1969-71

Roberts, G.

Correspondence ROB-ROG  CSAC 100.4.84/J.121  1946-1976

Roberts, P. H. 1966
Robin, G. de Q. 1972
Robson, G. R. 1957
Rochester, M. G. 1976
Rogers, D. J. 1946

Correspondence ROTB  CSAC 100.4.84/J.122  1967, 1972

Rotblat, J.
Work for Pugwash

Correspondence ROTH  CSAC 100.4.84/J.123  1978

Rothschild, N. M. V.

Correspondence ROY-RUD  CSAC 100.4.84/J.124  1968-1972

Roy, A. 1968
Rudwick, M. J. S. 1972
History of continental drift

Correspondence RUN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.125  1967-71

Runcorn, S. K. and others
General Correspondence on research, publications, conferences, recommendations

Correspondence RUN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.126  1974-78

Runcorn, S. K. and others
General Correspondence on research, publications, conferences, recommendations
Includes Correspondence on history of continental drift and palaeomagnetism

Correspondence RUS-SAH  CSAC 100.4.84/J.127  1943-1973

Russell, R. J. 1943
Sabatier, P. C. 1973
Sagan, C. 1967
Sahasrabudhe, P. W. 1967
Hot springs in Uganda

Correspondence SAM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.128  1936-37, 1945

Sambursky, S.
Gravity work in Palestine

Correspondence SCH-SHA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.129  1966-1972

Schrager, G. R. 1967
Proposed journal 'Computer Programme Abstracts'.
Sclater, J. S. 1972
USNS Eltanin.
Scollar, I. 1967-68
Shapiro, R. 1966

Correspondence SHE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.130  1975-77

Shea, J. H.
Mainly related to Shea's work on history of continental drift and plate tectonics

Correspondence SHE-SIE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.131  1941-1967

Shepard, F. P. 1941
Submarine canyons in California.
Siedner, G. 1967

Correspondence SIM-SKE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.132  1963-1965

Simpson, E. S. W. 1963
Skeat, W. O. 1965
Fresh water springs in ocean

Correspondence SLI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.133  1946-47, 1965, 1968

Slichter, L. B.
Correspondence 1947 includes offer to Bullard of a post at the Institute of Geophysics, Los Angeles (declined because of Bullard's intended move to Toronto)

Correspondence SLO-SOW  CSAC 100.4.84/J.134  1971-1978

Slouka, Z. J. 1971
Smith, A. 1978
Bullard's carbon only, on plate tectonics.
Soward, A. 1973

Correspondence SRI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.135  1974

Srivastava, B. J.
Magnetic anomalies in India

Correspondence STR-SUC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.136  1969-1973

Strens, M. R. 1969
Induction in oceans.
Sucksdorff, C. 1973
Secular variation in Finland

Correspondence SUL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.137  1972-75

Sullivan, W.
Sullivan's book 'Continents in Motion'; recollections and information from Bullard

Correspondence SWA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.138  1974-75

Swann, M.
Mainly on J. Bronowski

Correspondence SZI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.139  1969-74

Szilard, T.
Mainly about Leo Szilard; includes Bullard's letters to American and Russian colleagues proposing that a crater on the moon should be named after Szilard

Correspondence TARL-TARR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.140  1967-1973

Tarling, D. H. 1967, 1973
1973 Correspondence on history of continental drift and palaeomagnetism.
Tarrant, G. 1968, 1971

Correspondence TAY  CSAC 100.4.84/J.141  1939

Taylor, G. I. one letter only

Correspondence TAY-THO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.142  1945-1973

Taylor-Smith, D. 1964-65
Thom, W. T. 1945-46, 1963
1963 Correspondence is recollections of R.M. Field.
Thompson, R. 1973
Laschamp event

Correspondence THO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.143  1962, 1965

Thomson, D. M.
Research in East Africa on heat flow

Correspondence TIL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.144  1963, 1969

Tilley, C. E.
Mid-Atlantic rocks

Correspondence TIT  CSAC 100.4.84/J.145  1977

Titterton, E. W.
Bullard's lectures on nuclear power

Correspondence TOO  CSAC 100.4.84/J.146  1971-1978

Toome, A. 1971
'Fossil bulge'.
Trinast, E. M. 1978
Includes long letter from Bullard on history of tidal theory.
Truesdell, C. 1974

Correspondence TUK-URE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.147  1947-1966

Tukey, J. W. 1965, 1966
Tyndall, A. M. 1947
One letter only.
Urey, H. C. 1955
One letter only

Correspondence UYE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.148  1960-62, 1967, 1973

Uyeda, S.
Marine heat flow research in Japan

Correspondence VAL-VAN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.149  1969-1971

Valliant, H. G. 1969
van andel, Tj. H. 1971
JOIDES results.
Van Bemmelen, R. W. 1969
On 'Geonomy'

Correspondence VAN  CSAC 100.4.84/J.150  1938

Van Orstrand, C.E. and others
American rock samples for thermal conductivity

Correspondence VAN-VER  CSAC 100.4.84/J.151  1962-1971

Van Weelden, A. 1962
Varghese, T. G. 1962
Bullard's copy only, on detection of nuclear explosions.
Vernon, J. G. 1970-71
Age of the Earth

Correspondence VON-VRA  CSAC 100.4.84/J.152  1946-1969

Von Herzen, R. P. 1961, 1969
Heat flow, recommendation.
von Neumann, J. 1956
One letter only.
Vrailvayam, A. W. 1946

Correspondence WAG-WAI  CSAC 100.4.84/J.153  1946-1967

Wager, L. R. 1946
Wainerdi, R.E. and others 1967
Geochemistry of continental drift

Correspondence WAL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.154  1945-46, 1968

Wallis, B. N.
Correspondence 1945-46 is on torpedo research.
Correspondence 1968 is on Wallis's reasons for accepting a knighthood

Correspondence WEI-WEL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.155  1963-1975

Weightman, J. A. 1969, 1974
Kenya gravity stations.
Weiss, N. 1975
Weiss, R. J. 1963
Origins of Earth's magnetic field.
Wells, R. A. 1972
Digitised data of Earth's topography

Correspondence WHE  CSAC 100.4.84/J.156  1973-74

Wheildon, J.
Heat flow and palaeoclimate.

Correspondence WHI-WIL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.157  1948-1976

White, A. 1976
Wiesner, J. B. 1961
Willmore, P. L. 1948, 1949
Earthquakes, Heligoland explosion.
Wilson, C. D. V. 1967

Correspondence WIL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.158  1971-79

Wilson, J. T.
General Correspondence on research, conferences, appointments. Correspondence 1979 is about retirement symposium for Wilson, with programme and notes of Bullard's speech.

Correspondence WIL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.159  1968-69

Wilson, R. L.
General Correspondence on research, draft publications, appointments

Correspondence WIL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.160  1971-72

Wilson, R. L.
General Correspondence on research, draft publications, appointments.
Includes notes and calculations by Bullard

Correspondence WIL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.161  1975-76

Wilson, R. L.
General Correspondence on research, draft publications, appointments.
Includes work on unified field theory

Correspondence WOOD  CSAC 100.4.84/J.162  1937

Woodward-Nutt, A. E.

Correspondence WOOL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.163  1937-38, 1973-74

Woollard, G. P.
Research, publications, Woollard symposium (1974). See also CSAC 100.4.84/H.18.

Correspondence WOOL  CSAC 100.4.84/J.164  1957, 1958

Woolley, R. v.d. R.
Bullard's letter 1957 is on publication of magnetic results; letter 1958 is his comments on Woolley's memorandum on the control of the Royal Greenwich Observatory

Correspondence WOR-YOR  CSAC 100.4.84/J.165  1946-1974

Worthington, E. B. 1946
Bullard's carbon only, on marine heat flow and seismic testing at Windermere.
York, D. 1974
York, H. 1963
Bullard's carbon only.

Not used  CSAC 100.4.84/J.166  n.d

Correspondence ZIM  CSAC 100.4.84/J.167  1965, 1970, 1974

Ziman, J. M.
Correspondence 1970 is on liquid metals. Correspondence 1974 is on problems of Russian scientists

Correspondence ZUC  CSAC 100.4.84/J.168  1965, 1968

Zuckerman, S.

SHORTER Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/J.169-J.176  [n.d.]

Shorter Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/J.169  n.d

Brief Correspondence on general scientific topics, research, publications, exchanges of information, etc. In alphabetical order.
A - D

Shorter Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/J.170  n.d

Brief Correspondence on general scientific topics, research, publications, exchanges of information, etc. In alphabetical order.
F - J

Shorter Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/J.171  n.d

Brief Correspondence on general scientific topics, research, publications, exchanges of information, etc. In alphabetical order.
K - O

Shorter Correspondence  CSAC 100.4.84/J.172  n.d

Brief Correspondence on general scientific topics, research, publications, exchanges of information, etc. In alphabetical order.
P - W and unidentified

Exchanges of data and records, samples and specimens  CSAC 100.4.84/J.173  1946-74

Exchanges of reprints, requests for reprints, reports, etc. received or made by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/J.174  1937-69

Exchanges of reprints, requests for reprints, reports, etc. received or made by Bullard  CSAC 100.4.84/J.175  1970-79

'Cranks and Children'  CSAC 100.4.84/J.176  1940-79

Arrangement: In chronological order

Contents of a filing-drawer divider so described by Bullard.
Miscellaneous documents, letters, reports, requests, a few belonging to the Cambridge period, but mainly to the 1970s and U.S. period. Most of the letters are carefully and patiently answered by Bullard.

REFERENCES and APPOINTMENTS  CSAC 100.4.84/J.177-J.206  1945-80

Related information: Some similar material occurs in the course of general Correspondence in the main sequence CSAC 100.4.84/J.1 - CSAC 100.4.84/J.168, and an indication to that effect accompanies the relevant entries.

Bullard's opinion was much valued and sought, by individuals, and by organisations throughout the world. The folders below may include requests for advice on any or all of the following:
University appointments of Professors, Heads of Department, Lecturers.
College Fellowships or research posts.
Appointments to research laboratories and institutions.
Promotions or special awards in universities or government departments.
Research grants and funding.
Awards of prizes or medals.
Reports on papers submitted for publication.
There are also individual requests for advice on publications, research plans, careers and personal matters; these are at CSAC 100.4.84/J.199 - CSAC 100.4.84/J.206.
Of special interest are the occasions when Bullard was asked to compare the merits of several candidates, to draw up a short-list of possible appointees, or to comment on the setting-up of new courses, the re-organisation of established departments, or new directions for research. Here his knowledge of the field and its practitioners, together with his distinctively brisk and trenchant style are seen at their best

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.177-J.190  [n.d.]

N.B. No material survives for 1947-1958.

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.177  1945-46

Several are for wartime acquaintances returning to civilian life).

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.178  1959-65

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.179  1966-67

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.180  1968-69

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.181  1970

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.182  1971

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.183  January-June 1972

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.184  July-November 1972

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.185  1973

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.186  1974

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.187  1975

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.188  1976

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.189  1977

References, appointments, promotions  CSAC 100.4.84/J.190  1978-80

Research grant applications  CSAC 100.4.84/J.191-J.193  [n.d.]

Research grant applications  CSAC 100.4.84/J.191  1962, 1968, 1971

Research grant applications  CSAC 100.4.84/J.192  various dates 1970s

Australian Research Grants Committee

Research grant applications  CSAC 100.4.84/J.193  1972, 1973, 1977

Medals and Prizes  CSAC 100.4.84/J.194-J.196  [n.d.]

Krishnan Medal  CSAC 100.4.84/J.194  various dates 1960s

Henry Bryant Bigelow Medal, Woods Hole  CSAC 100.4.84/J.195  various dates 1960s, 1970s

Miscellaneous  CSAC 100.4.84/J.196  1965-79

Bullard's referee's comments on papers submitted for publication.  CSAC 100.4.84/J.197  n.d, probably 1970s

Few only

Theses and examinations  CSAC 100.4.84/J.198  1967-74

Few only

Personal  CSAC 100.4.84/J.199-J.206  [n.d.]

Correspondence and papers from individuals. Includes requests for references, advice on manuscripts for publication, choice or advancement of career, university places or courses, etc. In alphabetical order.
Not indexed.

Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.199  n.d

A - C

Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.200  n.d

D - G

Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.201  n.d

I - M

Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.202  n.d

N - P

Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.203  n.d


Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.204  n.d


Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.205  n.d


Personal Correspondence and papers  CSAC 100.4.84/J.206  n.d

T - W

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