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Reference R
Covering dates 1622-1969
Held by Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Huntingdon
Extent 234 series

No further details   Unallocated  R19-30  Undated

Folder icon  Attested Copy of Marriage Settlement.  R32/4/1  27th March 1725

Marriage of Coulson Fellowes of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, Esq., eldest son and heir of late William Fellowes, on of the Masters of High Court of Chancery, Esq., and Mary, his wife, and Urania Herbert, daughter of the late Francis Herbert of Oakley Park, Salop., Esq.
Reciting the articles of agreement made between the late William Fellowes and his father-in-law, the late Martyn wherby each of them agree to pay £30,000 to trustees to purchase lands in England to be settled to the use of the heirs male of William and his sons, and reciting that some lands in Devon and Somerset have been purchased under this agreement.
Now for £4,000 to Coulson Fellowes by Arthur Herbert of Oakley Park, Esq., eldest son of the late Francis Herbert, and for the promise of payment of a further £6,000, the money devised to Miss Herbert in her father's late will.
Coulson Fellowes, with the consent of his mother, Mary Fellowes, to Richard, a second son of the late Francis Herbert, Esq., and John Greenley of Titley, Herefordshire, Esq., trustees;
Manors of Eggesford, Chawley also Chawleigh, Borrington also Burrington, Cheldon Cudlip East Worlington Witherigges also Witheridge and Drayford, the Hundred of Witherigges, the capital messuage called Eggesford in p. Eggesford and Chawley, other lands in p. of Eggesford, Wembworthy, Chawley, Borrington, Winkley Rings Ash Dowland Rose Ash Crediton, South Tawton, Great Torrington, Cholmley Cheldon Cudlip East
Worlington Witheridges and Drayford, parts of the Manor, borough, hundred, rights and lands of Northtawton, the Manor, borough, hundred, rights and lands of Brampton, the Manor of Hollacomb Parramore in p. of Wynkley, lands in Winkley and Winkley Town, messuages in Goldsmith Street and Keylane by Key Gate, Exeter, parts of messuages in Moreton Hamstead and Chagford and the advowsons of the churches of Eggesford, Chawley, Cheldon, and East Worlington, Devon, and the Manor of Mountsey also Mounyseaux and lands in Mounseaux and Dullverton, Somerset.
Coulson Fellowes agrees to pay R.Herbert and John Greenley £8,695 the sum remaining to be laid out under the agreement between his father and maternal grandfather, for the purchase of freehold estates upon trust.
Fellowes also agrees to pay Herbert and Greenley a futher £9,000 for the purchase of more freehold estates upon trust.

No further details   Unallocated  R38  Undated
No further details   Hoppus's Measurer (London)  R44/2  1814; 1865 & post 1865
No further details   The History of Somersham, compiled by Nathan Dews, St. Ives.  R44/3  c1876
No further details   William Hawney's The Complete Measurer (London).  R44/4  1782
No further details   A Treatise on Practical Mensuration A. Nesbit. (London)  R44/5  1855
No further details   Enlarged Plan of Glatton Village Scale: 25" to 1 mile.  R44/7  Undated
No further details   Plan of an estate belonging to Mr. Henry Ibberson, situated in Broadall's & Mere Side, Ramsey. (T.Ward, Ramsey)  R44/8  C1900
No further details   Plan of land at Forty Foot Bridge (2a.), for Ramsey housing. Scale: 1:2500  R44/9  1919
No further details   Map of Somersham Fen etc. 25" O.S. sheets Hunts XV: 6&7.  R44/10  1901
No further details   Particulars referring to a Plan of Part of the Bedford Level, and Lands Adjacent, subject to Eau Brink Tax. by J.G. Lenny, Surveyor, Bury St. Edmunds, 1828-1834.  R44/14  1844
No further details   An Act (11 & 12 Vict. Cap. civ) to Amend the Acts for Improving the Drainage and Navigation of the Middle Level of the Fens, and for other purposes connected therewith.  R44/15  1848
No further details   The River Nene Act, from Standground Sluice to Salter's Load Sluice with Extracts from the Wisbech Canal Act. (Cambridge,)  R44/16  1835
No further details   Map of Honingham, Norfolk.  R44/17  1842
No further details   Map of East Tuddenham estate, Norfolk.  R44/18  1842
No further details   Map of Brandiston, Haveringland, Hevingham, and Swanington, Norfolk. (6" O.S. sheets Norfolk 38 S.E. and 39 S.W.)  R44/19  1883-1887
No further details   Map of Upwell District etc. Nfk. (25" O.S. 2nd. Ed. sheets Norfolk 68: 6 & 7)  R44/20  1905
No further details   Tables showing the Value of Tithe Rent-charges. (London)  R44/21  1851; 1852; 1853; 1854; 1877; 1917; & 1926
No further details   Book of plans & description of lands & farms in the parish of Denton, Caldecote, Holme, Glatton, Yaxley, Stilton & Farcet.  R44/23  Undated
No further details   Survey of Honingham parish & East Tuddenham, Norfolk.  R44/24  Undated (1873)
No further details   Survey of an estate at East Tuddenham Norfolk, belonging to Lord Bayning, and of Tuddenham Glebe.  R44/25  Undated
No further details   Inventory & Valuation of fixtures and fittings at Abbots Ripton Hall the property of the Exors. of Howard Gilliat, Esq. decd. agreed to be purchased by Lord De. Ramsey.  R44/26  1907
No further details   Draft Schedule of the land in the Abbots Ripton estate proposed to be sold to Hon Reginald Fellowes.  R44/31  1920
No further details   Schedule, particulars, & plan of smallholdings at Benwick: The Isle of Ely C.C. & Lord De Ramsey.  R44/32  1934
No further details   Rentals of the Fellowes estates at Ramsey & Abbots Ripton.  R44/34  1675; 1760-1761; 1762-1763; 1767-1768
No further details   Rentals & Disbursements for the Fellowes estates at Ramsey, Abbots Ripton & Woodwalton.  R44/35  1794-1799
No further details   Statements of Rent & Abatements for the Fellowes estates at Ramsey.  R44/36  1824-1825
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/1  1892-1900
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/2  1900-1906
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/3  1906-1911
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/4  1911-1917
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/5  1917-1923
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/6  1923-1927
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/7  1927-1931
No further details   Ramsey Estate Bank Account Books  R47/1/8  1931-1936
No further details   Bank Account Book of the Trustees of the late Lord De Ramsey's Settled Estates.  R47/2  1926-1931
No further details   Bank Account Books: Haverland Settled Estates No. 2 A/C.  R47/3/1  1926-1931
No further details   Bank Account Books: Haverland Unsettled Estates No. 3 A/C. & Lord De Ramsey's Will Fund.  R47/3/2  1926-1931
No further details   Manorial Enfranchisements: small ledger  R47/4  1897-1905
No further details   Bundle of letters and Particulars of Expenses from the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries re "Ramsey Exchange of Lands".  R47/11  1907
No further details   Bundle of Agreements to hire cottages and gardens in Abbots Ripton & Wennington from Edward Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey, Esq.  R47/26  1873
No further details   Bundle of copies of rentals of estates at Ramsey, Abbots Ripton, Wistow, Warboys, Upwood, and Gt. Stukeley.  R47/27  1884
No further details   Bundle of letters, & copies of letters between solicitors, clients and others and notes re dispute over the notice to quit Worlick Farm, Ramsey, The parties involved were Lord De Ramsey, landlord, & Major G. Fuller, tenant.  R47/28  1916-1917
No further details   Large Bundle of papers (as R.48/4)  R48/5  1921-1938
No further details   Copy of The London & All England Homefinder. No. 47 Eleventh Year.  R48/12  April, 1921
No further details   Bundle of letters etc. Similar to R.48/16 & /15.  R48/17  1924-1932
No further details   Schedules of the Ramsey Estate Hunts.  R49/1  Undated (c1912-1933)
No further details   Basement plan of Heating Apparatus, Ramsey Abbey. (Scale: 1" to 1') (William Wilson & Co., 50 King St., Manchester.)  R49/3A  1890
No further details   Plan of Stocking Fen, Bill, Lodes End and Skeggins. north-west of town  R49/3B  Undated c 1810-20
No further details   Ramsey Tithe Apportionment (Copy)  R49/4  1843
No further details   Kelly's Directory of Hunts with coloured map.  R50/1  1906
No further details   Capital Accounts of the Trustees of the Settled Estates of Lord De Ramsey  R51/6  1904-1920 1922-1923
No further details   Specimen sheets of Returns for the Settled Estates' Succession Duty  R51/7  1928
No further details   Particulars and conditions of Sale, with plan of Glebe Farm (lately known as Rectory Farm), Kings Ripton, the property of Lord De Ramsey  R51/14  1848
No further details   Schedule of lands (Ramsey Abbey Estates) submitted for mortgage  R51/15  Undated C1900-1960
No further details   Transfer of consols, rough note  R51/16/1  2 Oct. 1862
No further details   Receipt of payment to Serjeant & Son solicitors, Ramsey, for charges incurred when Lord De Ramsey purchased Stocking Fen Land of the late Mr. T.H. Bridgfoot's Trustees  R51/16/2  Feb. 1919
No further details   Old Binding [...] for RB3/65.  R51/19  Undated

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