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Records of St Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Warboys

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Reference HP91
Covering dates 1551-1997
Held by Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Huntingdon
Extent 19 Series
Source of acquisition The records were deposited as accession number 2795, in 1979, 3976 in 1990, and 4541 in 1998.
All items in this catalogue were deposited by the Church.
Creators Church of England, St Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Warboys

Administrative history:
Warboys is an ancient parish. It belongs to the archdeaconry of Huntingdon. Until 1837 it belonged to the diocese of Lincoln; since 1837 it has been in the diocese of Ely.
The parish was part of St Ives Poor Law Union 1836-1930; St Ives Rural Sanitary District 1875-1894; and St Ives Rural District 1894-1974. Since 1974 it has belonged to Huntingdonshire District.

Incumbent: The Service of the Church  HP91/1  [n.d.]

Composite registers  HP91/1/1  [n.d.]

Composite register  HP91/1/1/1  31 Aug 1551 - 15 June 1662

Baptisms 31 Aug. 1551 - 4 Feb. 1653
Marriages 4 Feb. 1565 - 15 June 1662
Burials 25 Mar. 1565 - 22 Jan. 1654
At the end of the burial entries has been added "Robertus Poultar Sepultus, 27 December 1662" who gave £10 to be distributed to the poor of Warboys every St. Thomas day.

Composite register  HP91/1/1/2  12 Feb 1662/3 - 29 Mar 1772

Baptisms 12 Feb 1662/3 - 29 Mar 1772
Marriages 29 Sep. 1663 - 5 Feb. 1754
Burials 8 Oct. 1663 - 27 Sep. 1770
At the end of the register are extracts copied from the register of the Bishop of Lincoln concerning a dispute between the Rectors of Warboys and Wistow over the right of tithes on fen land lying in Carboys, 4 Nov. 1718, and a list of goods left in the parsonage of Warboys by the late Rector, the Rev. Mr. Warburton, 21 Mar. 1721.

Composite register  HP91/1/1/3  2 July 1754 - 6 Oct 1812

Baptisms 31 May 1772 - 23 Feb. 1812
Marriages 2 July 1754 - 6 Oct. 1812
Burials 30 Sep. 1771 - 29 Feb. 1812
Banns 11 Oct. 1807 - 4 June 1815

Registers of baptisms  HP91/1/2  [n.d.]

Baptism register  HP91/1/2/1  10 Jan 1813 - 19 Mar 1837

Baptism register  HP91/1/2/2  19 Mar 1837 - 4 Feb 1855

Baptism register  HP91/1/2/3  4 Feb 1855 - 8 Mar 1958

(Binding loose, pages detached)

Baptism register  HP91/1/2/4  Mar 1858 - July 1986

Registers of marriages  HP91/1/3  [n.d.]

Marriage register  HP91/1/3/1  1813 - 1837

Marriage register  HP91/1/3/2  1837 - 1893

Marriage register  HP91/1/3/3  1893 - 1951

Marriage register  HP91/1/3/4  1951 - 1964

Marriage register  HP91/1/3/5  1964 - 1976

Marriage register  HP91/1/3/6  1976 - 1988

Registers of burials  HP91/1/4  [n.d.]

Burial register  HP91/1/4/1  1813 - 1845

Burial register  HP91/1/4/2  1845 - 1878

Burial register  HP91/1/4/3  1878 - 1997

Registers of banns of marriage  HP91/1/5  [n.d.]

Banns register  HP91/1/5/1  4 May 1845 - 29 July 1859

Marriage licences  HP91/1/6  [n.d.]

Thomas Raby of Warboys and Mary Bolton, late of Godmanchester.  HP91/1/6/1  28 July 1817

John Fullard, bach., and Martha Longland, spinster both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/2  18 Oct 1817

Harvey Meadows, bach., and Ann Longland, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/3  17 June 1820

John Pedley bach., of Gedney, Lincs, and Mary Squires, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/4  20 Nov 1824

John Pope, bach., of Warboys and Ann Lincoln, widow, of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/5  4 Jan 1826

John Bedford, widower, publican, and Maria Meadows, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/6  17 Mar 1827

Edward Grange, widower, labourer, and Elizabeth Wright, widow, both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/7  21 Oct 1827

Robert Cade Beck, bach., of Chatteris, Cambs, and Elizabeth Lyon, a minor, of Warboys, with the consent of her father Adam Lyon.  HP91/1/6/8  1 Dec 1828

William Behagg, bach., and Mary Ashley, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/9  29 Sep 1829

Francis Blake, bach., farmer, and Ann Darwood, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/10  5 Oct 1830

James Rowell, bach., of St. Ives, and Sarah Alfred, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/11  10 Nov 1832

William Bean bach., of Finedon, Northants, and Sarah Ekins of Warboys, a minor, with consent of her father George Ekins.  HP91/1/6/12  11? 1832

Thomas Longland, bach., of Warboys, and Eliz. Child, a minor, with consent of her mother Ann Child, widow.  HP91/1/6/13  10 Apr 1833

William Upchurch, widower, of Warboys, and Sarah Elman, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/14  18? 1833

Thomas Fall, bach., of Wistow, and Ann Gifford, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/15  25 Nov 1835

John Campion, bach., of Warboys, and Martha Watson, sp., and a minor, with the consent of her father William Watson.  HP91/1/6/16  28 June 1836

William Griffin Shepperson, widower of Ramsey, and Martha Woolstenholes sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/17  13 Aug 1836

Nathanial Gifford, widower, and Ann Hamps sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/18  2 May 1837

Malden Chapman, bach., of Warboys and Mary Goodman, sp., of Ramsey.  HP91/1/6/19  29 June 1837

John Baxter, bach., blacksmith, of Alconbury Weston, and Louisa Ashley, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/20  11 Nov 1846

Thomas Knights, bach., merchant, of Bluntisham - cum - Earith, and Elizabeth Ekins, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/21  30 Dec 1846

John Thomas Meadows, bach., grocer and draper, of Warboys, and Ann Newton, sp., of Ramsey.  HP91/1/6/22  27 Oct 1849

William Saunders Newton, bach., banker's clerk, of St. Ives, and Matilda Carter, widow, of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/23  23 Dec 1850

James Rogers, bach., farmer, and Elizabeth Harvey, widow, both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/24  2 June 1852

Thomas Gulliver, bach., farmer, of Holdenby, Northants, and Rebecca Ekins, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/25  29 Sep 1852

John Thacker, bach., farmer, of Chatteris, Cambs, and Jane Rowell, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/26  4 Nov 1852

Seymour Hatcher, bach., carpenter, and Emma Dockrell, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/27  17 Jan 1854

John Brown, widower, builder, of Warboys, and Betsy Clack, sp., of Oldhurst  HP91/1/6/28  7 Feb 1857

John Setchell, bach., farmer, and Sarah Dring, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/29  7 Apr 1857

George Edward Riddiford, bach., farmer, of Wimblington, Cambs, and Martha Behagg, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/30  11 May 1857

Edward Clack, widower, publican, of Oldhurst, and Elizabeth Neave, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/31  23 May 1857

Campbell Paterson Jamieson, bach., Inland Revenue Officer, and Jane Woolstenholmes, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/32  1 Oct 1858

James Oakley, widower, gent., of New Broad St., in St. Botolph's parish, Bishopsgate, London, and Sarah Ann Earl, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/33  15 Mar 1859

John Bedford, bach., labourer, and Mary Utbridge, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/34  2 Apr 1860

Lewis Ekins, bach., farmer, and Martha Elizabeth Longland, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/35  24 Sep 1860

William Woolstenholmes, bach, farmer, of Somersham, and Ann Longland, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/36  13 May 1861

Thomas Morgan Aspley, bach., of Bushey, Herts., and Susan How, sp., and a minor, of Warboys with the consent of Lewis How, her father.  HP91/1/6/37  16 Oct 1861

Thomas Armstrong, widower, commercial traveller, of Newark, Notts., and Elizabeth Allen, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/38  20 May 1865

Samuel Papworth, bach., grocer and draper, of Elsworth, Cambs., and Maria Behagg, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/39  3 July 1865

William Whitehead, bach., farmer, of Woodston, Northants, and Helen Ekins sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/40  14 Sep 1866

Ashley Behagg, bach., miller, and Keziah Rowell, sp., both of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/41  24 Sep 1866

Thomas Blott, bach., farmer, of Colne, and Agnes Mary Longland, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/42  23 Sep 1867

David Bellamy, widower, farm-bailiff, of St. Ives, and Mary Ann Bell, widow, of St. Ives.  HP91/1/6/43  3 July 1869

Thomas Richardson, widower, farmer, of the parish of All Saints, Saltfleet, Lincs., and Mary Ann Kilvington, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/44  21 Oct 1870

Charles Alexander Wenham, widower, of Weston near Stevenage, Herts, and Catherine Maria Campion, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/45  26 Oct 1875

Harvey George Stuart, bach., of Willowfield, Belfast, Co. Down, N. Ireland, and Gwendoline Edith Missaldine, sp., of Warboys.  HP91/1/6/46  24 Dec 1942

Service registers  HP91/1/7  [n.d.]

Register of services  HP91/1/7/1  1931 - 1952

[Includes service given by Pastor Kurt Schroeder, 1946, the first German to preach in an English church since 1939]

Register of services  HP91/1/7/2  1953 - 1974

Printed orders of service  HP91/1/8  [n.d.]

Order of service for the installation of Rev. Michael Sausmarez Carey as the Dean of Ely.  HP91/1/8/1  9 May 1970

Papers and correspondence relating to the service of the Church  HP91/1/9  [n.d.]

36 leaves of "The Parish Priest's Notice Pad and Calendar of Lessons," giving details of services.  HP91/1/9/1  1 Oct 1899 - 7 Oct 1900

Medical certificate of still birth - for the burial of the still born child of Mrs. Alf Burton, of Warboys.  HP91/1/9/2  10 Feb 1908

Receipt from the Superintendent Registrar for the Warboys Marriage Register (3 Dec. 1951 - 8 Aug. 1964) received from the Rev. N. Trafford.  HP91/1/9/3  17 Nov 1964

Genealogical enquiry  HP91/1/9/4  nd

14 Blank confirmation cards.  HP91/1/9/5  ND

Incumbent: Records of individual clergy  HP91/2  [n.d.]

Related information: This series includes details of property bought by Rev. W. Finch. For details of the Porch House estate, bought by Rev. Finch. Please see HP91/25/2

Statistical returns of parochial work  HP91/2/1  [n.d.]

Statistical return of parochial work  HP91/2/1/1  1883 - 1884

Statistical return of parochial work  HP91/2/1/2  1886 - 1887

Statistical return of parochial work  HP91/2/1/3  1890 - 1891

Statistical return of parochial work  HP91/2/1/4  1893-1894

(Only partly completed)

Statistical return of parochial work  HP91/2/1/5  1896-1897

Statistical return of parochial work  HP91/2/1/6  1957-1958

Licences of clergy, and correspondence about the incumbency  HP91/2/2  [n.d.]

Licence of Rev. W. Finch to officiate at the Mission School, Warboys.  HP91/2/2/1  8 Oct 1864

The envelope also contains letter from Registrar General concerning certificates for baptisms, marriages and burials, Nov. 1871, and printed Instrument on Episcopal Procurations, Apr. 1881.

Copy of curate's licence: Rev. A. A. Corfe, B.A.  HP91/2/2/2  16 June 1867

Copy of curate's licence: Rev. David Davies  HP91/2/2/3  22 Aug 1873

Copy of curate's licence: Rev. Coker St Loe Malet Godson  HP91/2/2/4  27 Feb 1879

Copy of curate's licence: Rev. John Francis Cooksey, M.A.  HP91/2/2/5  8 Aug 1881

Copy of curate's licence: Rev. Richard Adderley Campbell  HP91/2/2/6  28 Apr 1900

Licence, Rev. Richard Adderley Campbell, stipendary Curate, to perform the duties of the benefice during the vacancy created by Rev. W. H. B. Way's resignation  HP91/2/2/7  3 Nov 1900

The envelope also contains the monthly receipts of the payment of the Rev. Campbell's stipend, 26 Oct. 1900 - 17 Apr. 1901

Copy of curate's licence: Rev. Frederick John Wicks B.A.  HP91/2/2/8  5 June 1924

Certificate, that the Rev. William Henry Bromley Way, B.A., read the 39 Articles in church on the first day he officiated as rector.  HP91/2/2/9  19 May 1895

Two Receipts for Curates' Licences.  HP91/2/2/10  1899; 1900

Copy of a letter, H.W. Lee to A. Fuller, Esq., J.P., concerning the resignation of Rev. W.H. Bromley Way from benefice of Warboys.  HP91/2/2/11  26 Oct 1900

Individual incumbents' correspondence and papers  HP91/2/3  [n.d.]

Note that the accommodation of the church was increased by 139 by the re-arrangement of the seating and erection of galleries in 1832. 142 seats are now declared to be free and unappropriate for ever. Signed Rev. Wm. Finch.  HP91/2/3/1  ND

Ten Share certificates with the Gas Light and Coke Company belonging to the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, with two receipts for the shares, and a letter from a W.J. Mellor on the position of the Rev. Finch after the proposed amalgamation of the Company with the City of London Gaslight and Coke Company. Also a receipt for the interest on Consolidated £3 per cent annuities: 20 May 1874  HP91/2/3/2  1 June 1870 - 20 May 1874

Statements made by Julia Buckingham, wife of Edward Buckingham, coachman to Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and John Jennings, aged 26, in service to the Rev. Finch, about James Bond, and Martha his wife, butler and housekeeper to the Rev. Finch, with an inventory of goods (unspecified, N.D.)  HP91/2/3/3  16 and 17 Oct 1866

Poster addressed as a protest to the editor of the Sheffield Daily Telegraph regarding a printed notice issued by this journal which contained "a distinct profanation of the divine name"; Signed by the Rev. J.S. Serjeant M.A., Minister of the Netherthorpe District.  HP91/2/3/4  ND (19th century)

Bundle of addressed envelopes and blank, stamped, sheets of paper. (mainly late 19th century).  HP91/2/3/5  ND

10 Items.

Letter from the Imperial War Graves Commission to the rector of Warboys concerning the erection of headstones over four war graves  HP91/2/3/6  19 July 1928

3/8942 Pte. T.W. Amps, Suffolk Regiment.
26094 Pte. W. Richardson, Beds. Regiment.
17661 Pte. S. Cooper, Suffolk. Regiment. (died 16 July 1916)
22921 Pte. H. Whitby, Beds. Regiment. (died 19 Apr. 1916)

Rough list of children born in Warboys, with addresses and dates of birth  HP91/2/3/7  8 Apr 1920 - 29 Dec 1925

Letter from the Church Commissioners to the Rev. N. Trafford, informing him that the parish church of Warboys has been included in the list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest, under sect. 30, Town and Country Planning Act. 1947.  HP91/2/3/8  3 Sep 1958

Two letters from W.H. Constable and Company., Cambridge, to the Rev. N. Trafford concerning repairs to be undertaken to the East Window of the church, with a covering letter from the War Damage Commission.  HP91/2/3/9  21 Aug 1958 - 5 Apr 1960

Letter from Professor W.O. Ault, Boston University, to Rev. N. Trafford inquiring whether the church has any fifteenth century churchwardens accounts.  HP91/2/3/10  22 Dec 1964

List of potential congregation members  HP91/2/3/11  nd

Bundle, mostly deeds, relating to an estate in Warboys bought by the Rev. William Finch, rector, from Mr. William Hennesey, of Huntingdon, innholder, in 1832  HP91/2/4  [n.d.]

Agreement between Thomas Noble, of Warboys, widower, and William Nash, of Pidley-cum-Fenton, miller, concerning the surrender by T.N. of messuage and lands in Warboys, reserving unto himself the little dwelling house, with 2 cow commons and the right to water from the pond.  HP91/2/4/1  8 Dec 1713

T.N. to pay the court charges upon the admittance of W.N., and also to pay £56 upon the execution of the conveyance.

Agreement of surrender between Thomas Noble, customary tenant of the manor of Warboys, and William Nash and Katherin his wife, concerning all that messuage in Warboys where T.N. and Mark Noble now live, surrendered to W.N. and K.N. for the term of their natural lives, at the annual rent of 2s.  HP91/2/4/2  25 Mar 1714

Bond of obligation between William Noble of Warboys, singleman, and William Gifford of Warboys, shepherd, upon the surrender by W.N. to W.G. of his customary cottage in Warboys. Consideration: £8.  HP91/2/4/3  4 Mar 1723

Admission, at the court baron, of William Gifford as customary tenant of the manor of Warboys upon the surrender of William Noble. Consideration: £8.  HP91/2/4/4  20 Aug 1723

Apprenticeship indenture.  HP91/2/4/5  5 Feb 1725

Samuell Darlow, son of William Darlow late of Godmanchester, labourer, to John Dockerell the elder of Wardeboys, thatcher.

Certified copies of marriage entries from the Warboys registers, made by the Rev. Wm. Finch.  HP91/2/4/6  12 Aug 1765

Samuel Darlow and Alice Gifford, married by banns, both of Warboys. 7 June 1739
John Gifford, widower, and Alice Darlow, widow, married by banns, both of Warboys.

Meat bill of John Dan, John Smith, William Pearpoint and others. Origin unspecified.  HP91/2/4/7  2 May 1740 - 22 Oct 1743

Admittance, at the Court Baron, of Alice Gifford, widow of William Gifford, of Warboys, as a customary tenant of the manor of Warboys and to the tenement held by her late husband, at the annual rent of 1s.  HP91/2/4/8  4 June 1747

Surrender (made out of court) by Alice Gifford, widow, customary tenant of the manor of Warboys of a copyhold tenement in Warboys, into the hands of Oliver Hill and Edward Childs, jun., customary tenants, to the use of such persons as Alice Gifford has already devised and appointed (not named).  HP91/2/4/9  21 Nov 1776

Certified copy of a marriage certificate from the register of the parish of St. John the Baptist, Peterborough, made by H.W. Irewell, curate, 1832  HP91/2/4/10  23 Sep 1788

Thomas Hennesey of the hamlet of Long Thorpe, parish of St. John the Baptist, Peterborough, and Mary Dring, of Warboys, sp. Married by licence. Witnesses: Oliver Dring, Edyard Christopher.

Certificate of baptism of William Hennesey, son of Thomas and Mary Hennesey, privately baptised. Signed by Thomas Langstone, parish clerk.  HP91/2/4/11  10 Oct 1790

Conditional surrender, made out of court, between Mr. Thomas Small Hennesy of Witton Lodge, Houghton-cum-Witton, farmer and customary tenant of the manor of Warboys, and Thomas Ingle, of St. Ives, hair-dresser, concerning tenement in Warboys previously occupied by William and Alice Gifford, now occupied by Mary Dring, lying between the Rectory land and Mr. Longland's cottage, and abutting on to the high road, now surrendered to the use of Thomas Ingle.  HP91/2/4/12  18 Apr 1823

2 copies

Agreement between William Hennesey of the George Hotel, Huntingdon, and Benjamin Aislabie Greene of St. Ives, for the purchase of a messuage in Warboys now occupied by Mary Dring.  HP91/2/4/13  23 July 1832

Consideration: £200.

Abstract of the title of William Hennesey, eldest son and heir of Thomas Small Hennesey to a copyhold messuage and Turf Fen Lot in Warboys. William Hennesey's name has been crossed out, and that of the Rev. Wm. Finch added in pencil.  HP91/2/4/14  10 Aug 1832

Undertaking by William Hennesey, of Huntingdon, innholder, eldest son and heir of Thomas Small Hennesey, to pay the fine now due to the lord of the manor for the copyhold tenement in Warboys surrendered to the Rev. Wm. Finch.  HP91/2/4/15  18 Aug 1832

Items relating to an estate in Warboys, purchased by Rev. W. Finch, rector of Warboys of Mr. James Allen comprising farm house and garden, outhouses, and garden ground of 1a 2r. 0p  HP91/2/5  [n.d.]

Abstract of title of John Harvey to the estate, purchased by James Allen.  HP91/2/5/1  1842

Conditions of sale of the estate, re-purchased by Rev. Wm. Finch of James Allen.  HP91/2/5/2  28 Feb 1842

Notice of sale of estate.  HP91/2/5/3  28 Feb 1842

Papers relating to a messuage and lands in Warboys purchased by Rev. Wm. Finch, rector, of Mr. Clark Wm. Read in 1847 and later sold to the Rev. C.G. Hill of Warboys, 1871  HP91/2/6  [n.d.]

Extract from Warboys marriage register  HP91/2/6/1  25 July 1814

James Read, bach, of Warboys, and Mary Clarke, sp., of Warboys, married by banns, witnesses: Stafford Clarke, George Newman.

Extract from Warboys baptism register  HP91/2/6/2  30 July 1820

Clarke William, son of James and Mary Reed, of Warboys, labourer

Memorandum of agreement made between the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Clarke William Read of Barnack, tailor, upon the purchase by the Rev. Finch of cottage land and premises in Warboys.  HP91/2/6/3  1 Feb 1847

Consideration £465.

Warrant to enter satisfaction upon Mr. William Clarke's conditional surrender of lands held of the manor of Warboys.  HP91/2/6/4  5 Apr 1847

Undertakings of John Elmer and William Richardson, tenants of the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, that they will deliver up possession of the cottages they now occupy, recently purchased by Rev. Wm. Finch of Clark Wm. Read.  HP91/2/6/5  8 Apr 1847

Acknowledgement made by William Noble that he has received £25 from Clarke William Read for giving up the possession of a close of arable land in Warboys which has recently been sold to the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector.  HP91/2/6/6  8 Apr 1847

Undertaking of Thomas Larke of Ramsey, solicitor, to enter satisfaction of the conditional surrender of a messuage and close land held of Warboys manor by William Clarke formerly of Warboys.  HP91/2/6/7  8 Apr 1847

Incumbent: The benefice  HP91/3  [n.d.]

Related information: See also HP91/1/1/2

General correspondence and papers  HP91/3/1  [n.d.]

Bundle of papers, mainly correspondence, relating to the rectory estate and its tenants, with some bills for repairs carried out on farms, and including plan of proposed Farm No. 3. (n.d.)  HP91/3/1/1  19 Nov 1832 - 21 Feb 1873

Related information: See also HP91/3/3/4

Bundle of papers belonging to the Rev. N. Trafford, rector of Warboys, mainly concerned with the income of the benefice, sale of glebe land, including the lease of land in Warboys to the Air Ministry (1942) and the building of a new rectory (1952), and papers concerned with payments under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act.  HP91/3/1/2  1901 - 1972

Agreements, leases, and mortgages  HP91/3/2  [n.d.]

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys and Samuel Holmes of Warboys, farmer, draft lease for 1 year of a farm in Warboys.  HP91/3/2/1  1839

Annual rent £150.

Benjamin Aislabie Greene of St. Ives agent for the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector, of Warboys, Thomas Casbon of Somersham, gardener, lease for 1 year of a messuage with outbuildings, orchard and a close of pasture, in Warboys.  HP91/3/2/2  5 Apr 1841

Annual rent £20.

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and John Harvey of Warboys, miller, lease for 1 year of a farm house, with outbuildings and gardens in Warboys.  HP91/3/2/3  26 Oct 1842

Annual rent £10

Rev. William Finch, rector of Warboys, James Rogers of Warboys, and Robert Rogers of Cookure, Northants, draft lease for 1 year of a farm at Warboys (in pencil - 217 a of High Land in 11 grounds and 31a, 0r, 17p of High Fen ground).  HP91/3/2/4  1842

Annual rent £310.

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and George Ekins of Warboys, farmer, draft lease of a farm at Warboys for 1 year.  HP91/3/2/5  1842

Annual rent £450.

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Mary Whitehead of Warboys, widow, memorandum of agreement for the lease a messuage and yard (but not the garden and school house) in Warboys for 1 year, at the rent of £12.  HP91/3/2/6  12 May 1845

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Joseph Cole - Tombleson, late of Welney, Norfolk, now living at Old Hurst, draft lease for 1 year  HP91/3/2/7  29 Sep 1845

Related information: See also HP91/25/2/1.

Farm house known as the "Porch House" with outbuildings and grounds, with 3 pieces of grassland next to these premises, (24a); plus arable and pasture land lying in Blackwell and Saltwell field in Warboys, (217a, 0r, 34p, [...] known as the Tithe Farm; plus land lying in High Fen in Warboys (31, 0r, 17p), all these parcels of land belonging to the rectory or parish church of Warboys. Annual rent £340

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and John Thomson, draft agreement for lease of field on the Tithe Farm containing 18a 2r 0p. for the annual rent of £22.10s.  HP91/3/2/8  2 Oct 1850

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Robert Upchurch of Warboys, farmer, memorandum of agreement for the hire of a field on Tithe Farm containing 45a 2r 0p and the house and garden by the rectory gate now held by Mr. Rogers. Annual rent £50. 25 July 1854 Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Frederick Rogers, memorandum of agreement for the lease of the "Porch House" in Warboys, with yard and 24a. of grass land; plus the "middle ground" on the Tithe Farm (44a), lately held by John Satchell; plus 30a. in High Fen, lately held by John Satchell. Annual rent £42.6.0. Valuation of the "Middleground" on the Tithe Farm attached. (Both agreements on same sheet of paper).  HP91/3/2/9  1854

John Satchell, of Warboys, farmer, and the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, memorandum of agreement that the Rev. Wm. Finch has paid £66 to John Satchell for the buildings (bakehouse with oven, granary oven, and a coal house) which the latter has erected on land he lately occupied on the Tithe Farm.  HP91/3/2/10  6 Nov 1854

(Small bundle of papers included - accounts for erection of above buildings, correspondence etc. 30 Aug. 1853 - 22 June 1854).

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and William Childs of Warboys, farmer, memorandum of agreement that William Childs is entitled to compensation for unexpected improvements to lands which will be given up by him, and for the state of cultivation of certain lands which he agrees to hire (comprising 351a. 0r. 24p.), situated in Warboys.  HP91/3/2/11  15 June 1861

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Wortham Hitch, of Fenstanton, memorandum of agreement for hire of lands at Tithe High Farm, Grant Fen, and the Porch House, Warboys, comprising 365a (schedule attached) Annual rent £540. (With schedule of income tax payable on the above property by Mr. Richard, late Hitch 11 Feb. 1881).  HP91/3/2/12  17 June 1861

Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Thomas Cook of Colne, draft agreement for hire of arable land (158a. 1r. 36p.) in Warboys, now occupied John Ekins, William Childs, Oliver Dring, Thomas Onyett and James Satchell, for 1 year. (schedule attached).  HP91/3/2/13  1861

Annual rent £212.

Bundle of deeds all concerned with the conveyance of the rectorial estates in Warboys from the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector, to Thomas Daniel Hill, of Mincing Lane, City of London, merchant, and the Rev. Charles Gray Hill of Henbury, Gloucs.  HP91/3/2/14  3 June - 19 Oct 1871

Three copies of unfinished draft agreements, between Rev. Wm. Finch and --.  HP91/3/2/15  nd

Bond of obligation (with draft copy)  HP91/3/2/16  12 Feb 1872

Wortham Hitch of Warboys to the Rev. Wm. Finch, late of Warboys, now of Kingston Hill Surrey, for the sum of £570.

Rev. C.G. Hill, Mark Richards and John Brown, rector and churchwardens of Warboys, and William Henry Onyett of Warboys, grocer, and George Hinkins of Somersham, machinist, agreement to hire the "Church Lands" (18a), situated behind Warboys Wood. Annual rent £25.  HP91/3/2/17  1890

Counterpart mortgage made between the Rev. W.H.B. Way, rector of Warboys and the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty concerning the proposed erection of a barn on Whitsey's Farm, Warboys.  HP91/3/2/18  11 July 1898 - 8 Jan 1906

Consideration £65.
Also correspondence and receipts.

3 agreements made between the rector and churchwardens of Warboys and Fred. Prior (11 Oct. 1930), Frederic Hyde (11 Oct. 1934), and Hugh Garner, (1 Oct. 1936) concerning their tenancies of rectorial estate properties, with a notice to F. Dilson to quit a grass field known as "Condick" (10 Oct. 1933).  HP91/3/2/19  11 Oct 1930 - 1 Oct 1936

Papers relating to drainage and repairs  HP91/3/3  [n.d.]

Ramsay Third District Drainage Commissioners  HP91/3/3/1  1776

Two items

Mortgage of drainage taxes and land

Ramsay Third District Drainage Commissioners  HP91/3/3/2  1793

Two items

Leases for six years of Commissioners' land

Ramsay Third District Drainage Commissioners  HP91/3/3/3  1818

Mortgage of drainage taxes

Bundle of correspondence, mainly relating to improvements to cottages on Warboys rectorial estate, undertaken by the General Land Drainage Improvement Comapany, and some general estate correspondence.  HP91/3/3/4  6 Apr 1860 - 9 Aug 1870

Small bundle of papers concerning drainage improvements on Warboys Fen, some of the lands affected belonging to the rectorial estate.  HP91/3/3/5  19 Apr 1877 - 23 Nov 1881

Bundle of papers concerning repairs undertaken on buildings belonging to Warboys rectory  HP91/3/3/6  17 May - 19 July 1895

Including a schedule of necessary works to the rectory house and outbuildings, the chancel, and various cottages, specifications of the proposed alterations to the sanitary arrangements at the rectory, and miscellaneous correspondence concerning the financing of the alterations under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act.

Estimates for the rebuilding of Grant Fen Farm, Warboys, after fire damage.  HP91/3/3/7  9 and 10 Oct 1902

Two copies of the Great Ouse River Board General Drainage Charge on lands in Warboys (Turf Fen, Conduit, and Stadfold) and Caldecote addressed, to the rector and Churchwardens, Warboys.  HP91/3/3/8  29 May 1964

Valuations, terriers, and insurance papers  HP91/3/4  [n.d.]

2 copies of a terrier of the rectorial lands at Warboys, extracted from the Registry of the Archdeaconry Court of Huntingdon.  HP91/3/4/1  1727 and 1780

Bundle of valuations of farms belonging to the rectory estate, including a valuation of the Rectory estate. (1861)  HP91/3/4/2  15 Jan 1828 - 19 Oct 1861

Six insurance policies on rectorial estate premises, owned by Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys.  HP91/3/4/3  8 June 1844 - 28 Dec 1872

Miscellaneous insurance papers belonging to Rev. J.S. Serjeant, rector of Warboys.  HP91/3/4/4  1902 - 1908

Accounts  HP91/3/5  [n.d.]

Rev. Wm. Finch's estate account book (in account with Mr. Edward Greene).  HP91/3/5/1  21 Dec 1827 - 5 Oct 1855

Mr. Edward Greene's account book (in account with Rev. Wm. Finch).  HP91/3/5/2  21 Dec 1827 - 5 Oct 1855

Mr. Edward Greene's account book (in account with Rev. Wm. Finch).  HP91/3/5/3  29 Sep 1855 - 29 Sep 1863

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/4  1828

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/5  1829

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/6  1830

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/7  1831

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/8  1832

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/9  1833

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/10  1834

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/11  1836

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/12  1849

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/13  1850

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/14  1851

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/15  1852

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/16  1853

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/17  1854

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/18  1855

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/19  1856

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/20  1857

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/21  1858

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/22  1859

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/23  1860

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate.  HP91/3/5/24  1861

Receipt book for rent payments due from the rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/25  1861-1863

Receipt book for rent payments due from the rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/26  1861-1871

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/27  1862

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/28  1863

Receipt book for rent payments due from the rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/29  1864-1866

Rev. Wm. Finch's bank book  HP91/3/5/30  1865-1871

Veasey, Desborough, Bevan, and Co.

Bundle of rents and accounts from rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/31  1866

Bundle of miscellaneous rents due from rectorial estate  HP91/3/5/32  1869-1870

Papers relating to benefice income  HP91/3/6  [n.d.]

Small bundle of correspondence concerned with the general commutation of tithes with in the parish of Warboys.  HP91/3/6/1  7 Mar - 15 Aug 1838

Rev. Wm. Finch's drainage and cottage improvements: absolute order by the Inclosure Commissioners to raise the rent charge of £206.4s.5d. on lands improved.  HP91/3/6/2  20 Mar 1863

Schedule of lands attached, with table illustrating amount of yearly payments till 1894.

Warboys rectory: statement of annual income, and copy of Ecclesiastical Commissioners questions as to the value of the benefice (with some correspondence).  HP91/3/6/3  1868 - 26 July 1871

Letter from the Bounty Office, London, informing the Rev. J.S. Serjeant, rector of Warboys, of his obligation to pay first fruits, plus receipts for the payments.  HP91/3/6/4  24 June 1901 - 4 June 1907

Certificate of Redemption of the tithe rent charge under the Tithe Acts 1836 - 1918 on the plot of land (492a.3r.3p) no. 3. on tithe plan, the rentcharge being £53. payable to the rector.  HP91/3/6/5  26 Nov 1919

Certificate of altered apportionment of the tithe rentcharge, with schedule of lands involved.  HP91/3/6/6  17 Sep 1921

Certificate of redemption of the tithe rentcharge on lands numbered 1 and 4 on the tithe plan, the combined rent charge being £83.10s., payable to the rector.  HP91/3/6/7  4 Sep 1922

Letter from the Parish Council Clerk to Canon N. Trafford concerning the increased rent for the allotments at Fernside agreed upon by the allotments committee.  HP91/3/6/8  13 Apr 1967

Churchwardens: The Church Rate  HP91/4  [n.d.]

Rate Book.  HP91/4/1  25 Jan 1773

Security for £500 raised upon the church rates for repairs to the Church made between George Ekins and John Harvey, Churchwardens, and Samuel Forster of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, gent.  HP91/4/2  6 Nov 1830

2 sheets of church rate returns.  HP91/4/3  1865 - 1866

Churchwardens: Financial records  HP91/5  [n.d.]

Bundle of accounts, 1 dated 1659.  HP91/5/1  17th C

Very poor condition.

Seventeenth century accounts and an account for work carried out on Church bells c.1765, with nineteenth century transcripts.  HP91/5/2  c1680; c1765; 19th C

Originals in very poor condition.

1 sheet of accounts taken from churchwardens' book.  HP91/5/3  1799 - 1800

Account book.  HP91/5/4  1855 - 1860

Account book.  HP91/5/5  1868 - 1919

Bundle of vouchers, all concerned with purchase of mutton.  HP91/5/6  1884 - 1896

Bundle of accounts.  HP91/5/7  1893 - 1896

Bundle of accounts.  HP91/5/8  1894 - 1895

Bundle of accounts.  HP91/5/9  1895 - 1896

Receipt (10s) for the lease of the cemetery fields adjoining the Fen Mission School by Francis Harris.  HP91/5/10  1896

Bundle of accounts  HP91/5/11  1896 - 1897

Bundle of accounts  HP91/5/12  1897 - 1898

Bundle of accounts  HP91/5/13  1898 - 1899

Bundle of accounts, estimates and balance sheets all relating to the restoration of Warboys parish church.  HP91/5/14  1898 - 1899

Bundle of accounts relating to Warboys Church Bazaar, the proceeds of which to go to the organ fund.  HP91/5/15  1899

Bundle of accounts  HP91/5/16  1899 - 1900

Bundle of accounts  HP91/5/17  1942 - 1943

Bundle of accounts  HP91/5/18  1944 - 1945

Annual balance sheets.  HP91/5/19  1909 - 1910; 1929 - 1930; 1933; 1945; 1948; 1960

Receipt (23.10s.) received by the steward of Warboys manor from the churchwardens, in full discharge of all the sums due in respect of a Quit or Free Rent of 3s.1d.  HP91/5/20  1937

Estimates for laying a concrete pavement in Warboys cemetery, and for repairing the cemetery wall.  HP91/5/21  1947

Churchwardens: Records of Church property  HP91/6  [n.d.]

Papers relating to the churchyard and burial grounds  HP91/6/1  [n.d.]

Act of consecration of the new additional burial ground, Warboys.  HP91/6/1/1  12 June 1866

Conveyance of parcel of land (82p) for use as additional burial ground, made between Percy L. Pelly Esq., of Oakley Merstham, Surrey, and the Rev. C.G. Hill, rector of Warboys. Consideration £15.  HP91/6/1/2  7 Nov 1885

Bundle of correspondence, with accounts, and lists of subscribers, relating to the enlargement of the church yard.  HP91/6/1/3  11 June 1885 - 23 July 1886

Agreement between the rector and churchwardens of Warboys, and Warboys Parish Council concerning the lease by the Council of three plots of land (18a) situated north of Pingle Wood, called Fernside.  HP91/6/1/4  11 Dec 1895

Circular concerning Archdeacon Vesey's charge on the care of churchyards, given at his last Easter visitation, with 5 copies of the charge.  HP91/6/1/5  June 1896

Booklet entitled "Rules and Regulations with Tables of Fees and Charges of the Burial Board, Ramsey".  HP91/6/1/6  1899

Bundle of correspondence relating to the proposed new burial ground, Warboys.  HP91/6/1/7  1909 - 1912

2 Serial plans of Warboys Airfield, showing the parcel land purchased as an addition to the burial ground.  HP91/6/1/8  ND (1947 or later)

One plan has written on it: "Plan of Warboys Airfield laid out for the 1939 - 45 war: used as a Bomber Base during the war, and, during 1946 and 1947, used as a Prison of War Camp for German prisoners."

Papers re church cemetery, including transcript of MIs compiled 1975, and undated sketch plans  HP91/6/1/9  1970s - 80s

Papers relating to the Organ  HP91/6/2  [n.d.]

Specifications and estimate for the building of a new church organ, (by Harrison and Harrison, Durham) with a bundle of receipts, and newspaper clippings re. the new organ.  HP91/6/2/1  16 Oct 1899 - July 1900

Notice, originally affixed to the church door, concerning the faculty for the new church organ.  HP91/6/2/2  1 July 1900

Faculty for erecting new church organ.  HP91/6/2/3  3 July 1900

Programmes for the service to mark the installation of the new church organ (plus newspaper clipping).  HP91/6/2/4  19 July 1900

Estimates and printed leaflets relating to the repair of the church organ, with programmes for various organ recitals, the proceeds of which to go to church restoration and fabric funds.  HP91/6/2/5  20 Mar 1946 - 5 Dec 1949

Other papers relating to Church Property  HP91/6/3  [n.d.]

Inventory of moveable furniture and ornaments in Warboys parish church.  HP91/6/3/1  1 Nov 1923

Ely Diocesan Board of Finance, Buildings Committee application form, with covering letter from G.H. Tyndall, Hon.Sec., concerning a previous application of Warboys Church for a repair grant, and draft reply to this letter from A.J. Hankin.  HP91/6/3/2  9 - 15 Oct 1936

2 Letters and 3 invoices re. the installation of heating apparatus in Warboys church, and the repair of oak screens in the church.  HP91/6/3/3  19 Feb 1948 - Aug 1950

Faculty (and a draft copy) for the addition of a sixth bell to the existing peal of 5 to mark the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.  HP91/6/3/4  5 May 1953

Letter from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry to the Rev. N. Trafford concerning the inscription on the new bell: "A People's Tribute Elizabeth II Crowned 1953".  HP91/6/3/5  3 July 1953

Church inventory  HP91/6/3/6  1957

Letter from H.L. Peyton of Tonbridge, re. the identification of one of the church brasses which had been removed at some previous date. 2 sheets of paper, left hand bottom corner torn off on both.  HP91/6/3/7  23 Sep 1963

Faculty dated 2 June 1963 for installing Thermadore Radiant Heaters in the church, with quotations and accounts from the contractor, Eastern Electricity Board.  HP91/6/3/8  6 May - 17 Dec 1963

Survey by A. Hill (Senior Archivist)  HP91/6/3/9  9 Feb 1978

2 copies

Faculty for WW2 Memorial  HP91/6/3/10  8 Mar 1982

Churchwardens: General correspondence and papers  HP91/7  [n.d.]

Order to the Churchwardens and Overseers to pay £21 to John Dring of Warboys, he having provided Isaac Ulyett to serve as his substitute in the militia  HP91/7/1  24 Nov 1810

Insurance policy, General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, on church staff employed by the churchwarden and rector  HP91/7/2  9 Feb 1934

Archdeacon's Visitation  HP91/7/3  July 1979

Records of the Vestry and PCC  HP91/8  [n.d.]

Vestry minutes  HP91/8/1  [n.d.]

Vestry minute book.  HP91/8/1/1  2 Apr 1793 - 21 Apr 1840

At the back is a list of those admitted to Warboys House of Industry, giving ages, infirmities, (if any), when discharged, and for what reason, 6 Nov 1779 - 20 July 1784
In the middle of the book is an incomplete register of the sittings in the enlarged church, 24 Apr 1833

Vestry minute book.  HP91/8/1/2  18 Apr 1895 - 21 Apr 1924

Vestry correspondence and papers  HP91/8/2  [n.d.]

Two pages from the Town Meeting Book, giving details of town officers appointed for the year, with part of a page of unspecified accounts. (Damaged, pasted on to single sheet of paper).  HP91/8/2/1  25 Mar 1770 - 12 Feb 1771

Printed letter from Edward Maule, Clerk of the Peace, concerning the nomination at the next vestry meeting of 2 persons to assist the Ordnance Surveyors in ascertaining the parish boundaries.  HP91/8/2/2  17 Feb 1883

Agreement made by order of the vestry between Mark Richards and John Brown, churchwardens, and Seymour Hatcher, that the latter shall perform the duties of Clerk, and also act as church cleaner and handyman.  HP91/8/2/3  2 Apr 1891

Letter from J.S. Gabbitas to the vestry chairman informing him that he does not wish to be re-elected sidesman.  HP91/8/2/4  3 Apr 1908

Notice concerning the election of parish representatives to the Ely Diocesan Conference, to be elected at a Vestry meeting on 21 Apr. 1919.  HP91/8/2/5  12 Apr 1919

Paper torn in half

On the back are the names of those elected as parish officers, with names of their proposers and seconders.

Annual parish meeting: Minutes  HP91/8/4  [n.d.]

Minute book  HP91/8/4/1  Apr 1955 - Apr 1992

Related information: See also HP91/8/5/2

PCC: Minutes  HP91/8/5  [n.d.]

Parochial Church Council Minute Book.  HP91/8/5/1  Easter 1923 - 17 Apr 1939

Minute Book  HP91/8/5/2  Mar 1939 - Apr 1954

Vestry and annual parochial meetings. 17 Apr. 1939 - 27 Apr. 1954
Parochial Church Council. 28 Mar. 1939 - 27 Apr. 1954

Minute book  HP91/8/5/3  Apr 1955 - May 1984

Minute book  HP91/8/5/4  June 1984 - July 1990

PCC correspondence and papers  HP91/8/6  [n.d.]

Leaflet concerning the erection of a memorial to the Rev. J.S. Serjeant, rector 1901 - 42, by the Church Council, with a newspaper cutting on the Rev. Serjeant's funeral.  HP91/8/6/1  ND

Papers re. sale of Church Hall  HP91/8/6/2  Feb - Mar 1993

9 Items

Overseers: Rates  HP91/11  [n.d.]

Rate books  HP91/11/2  [n.d.]

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/1  1773

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/2  1776

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/3  17 Oct 1777

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/4  6 Nov 1777

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/5  1778

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/6  1779

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/7  1784

Poor condition

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/8  1786

Poor condition

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/9  1787

Part only

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/10  1791

Poor condition

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/11  1853

Poor condition

Poor rate  HP91/11/2/12  1855 - 1856

Poor condition

Overseers: Financial records  HP91/12  [n.d.]

Accounts  HP91/12/1  [n.d.]

HP91/12/1/15-8 are in poor condition.

Account book  HP91/12/1/1  Nov 1776-Apr 1777

Account book  HP91/12/1/2  Oct 1778-Apr 1779

Account book  HP91/12/1/3  May 1779-Oct 1779

Labels from Israel Leet's rates and accounts  HP91/12/1/4  1779

Some on back of school exercises, with fragments of accounts

Account book  HP91/12/1/5  Apr 1782-June 1783

Account book  HP91/12/1/6  June 1785-Apr 1786

At the back: House of Industry accounts, June 1785-May 1786

Account book  HP91/12/1/7  Oct 1807-Apr 1808

At the back: weekly payments, Dec 1807-Apr 1808

Weekly payments book  HP91/12/1/8  Apr 1807-Dec 1807

Vouchers  HP91/12/2  [n.d.]

HP91/12/2/1-2 and HP91/12/2/4-6 are in poor condition.

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/1  1766

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/2  1776-1777

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/3  1778-1779

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/4  1779

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/5  1782-1783

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/6  1808-1809

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/7  1810-1811

With 2 bills 1807-1808, 1808-1809

Vouchers, and bills for work done at poor house  HP91/12/2/8  1816-1817

Vouchers  HP91/12/2/9  1817-1818

Overseers: Settlement  HP91/13  [n.d.]

Removal order  HP91/13/1  31 Dec 1814

Sarah Wilkinson, and Jane Wilkinson her daughter aged 3 and a half from Warboys to Roxton, Beds.

Overseers: Bastardy  HP91/15  [n.d.]

Bastardy examination  HP91/15/1  29 Sep 1810

Ann Topper of Warboys, singlewoman, with child, the father being William Ripney Wright, labourer, of Whittlesea, Cambs.

Surveyor: Financial records  HP91/21  [n.d.]

Bundle of accounts  HP91/21/1  1786

Vouchers  HP91/21/2  1808

Papers received for information  HP91/23  [n.d.]

2 copies of circular issued by Registrar General re. filling out of entries in registers.  HP91/23/1  21 Feb and 25 July 1837

Two circulars from the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution addressed to the Warboys Churchwardens.  HP91/23/2  22 Aug 1935 - 7 Aug 1936

Circular no. 29/39 from the County Education Committee to all head teachers and correspondents of elementary schools concerning the placing of evacuee children in local schools, and stating that no artificial lighting may be used in schools.  HP91/23/3  8 Sep 1939

British Records Association Memorandum No. 17 entitled "English Parish Records", with covering letter, from Mortimer Warren, Secretary to Church Commissioner, indicating that the pamphlet has been sent to all incumbents.  HP91/23/4  Sep 1962

Leaflet entitled "Parish Trusts", concerning the alteration in the position of parish trusts from 1 Jan. 1965.  HP91/23/5  ND C1964 - 65

Some ecclesiastical trusts to be registered under the Charities Act 1960, and diocesan authorities are required under the Incumbents and Churchwardens (Trusts) Measure 1964, to vest in themselves certain properties held by incumbents and churchwardens for ecclesiastical purposes.

Records of societies and special committees  HP91/24  [n.d.]

Rules of the Warboys Friendly Society.  HP91/24/1  1845

4 copies of the Archdeaconry of Huntingdon Church Missionary Society Report and Statement of Accounts.  HP91/24/2  April 1907 - June 1908

Records of schools and charities  HP91/25  [n.d.]

Schools: General  HP91/25/1  [n.d.]

Probate of the will of Augustus Whitehead, late of Warboys, school master.  HP91/25/1/1  24 July 1840 (proved 17 June 1843)

Insurance Policy on Warboys Schools and Master's House.  HP91/25/1/2  7 May 1855

Letter from Henry Hunter, of Folksworth Rectory, to J. Miller Esq., concerning a draft for £90.10s., being the amount of the grant to the Warboys schools.  HP91/25/1/3  6 July 1871

Warboys Endowed School  HP91/25/2  [n.d.]

Papers relating to the 'Porch House' estate, Warboys  HP91/25/2/1  [n.d.]

Related information: For other details of property bought by Rev. Finch, possibly relating to schools, please see HP91/2.

This estate was bought by Rev. William Finch, rector of Warboys, in 1845, and enfranchised for use as the site of Warboys Endowed School in 1853.

Bond of obligation  HP91/25/2/1/1  19 Dec 1703

Marmaduke Poulter of Warboys, farmer, and Henry Angell jnr. yeoman, of Warboys, concerning the surrender of 15a of arable land in Warboys, formerly held by Richard Masters, deceased. Consideration: £100.

Agreement made between the tenants of Warboys manor to prevent John Cole of Fenton, yeoman farmer of the rectory and parsonage of Warboys from "taking away the tithe of hadens? and meadows in the grass in the fields of Warboys" contrary to the custom and usage of tithing in the parish.  HP91/25/2/1/2  1711

The tenants agree to stand together against any action the said John Cole may take against them.

Warboys manorial court baron with view of frank pledge  HP91/25/2/1/3  20 Apr 1715

Admittance of William Angell to two virgates of land held of the manor of Warboys, at the annual rent of 16s.6d.

Warboys manorial court baron with view of frankpledge  HP91/25/2/1/4  25 Apr 1717

Admittance of William Angell of Warboys, son and heir of Anna Angell, widow, to 16 acres of arable land in Warboys, at the annual rent of 5s.6d.

Warboys manorial court baron  HP91/25/2/1/5  5 June 1718

Admittance of William Angell of Warboys to 17a 1r of arable and meadow land in Warboys, lately surrendered by his brother Richard Angell of Norwich, Norfolk.

Bond of obligation made between Thomas Green and Elling his wife (née Garner) linen weaver, of Warboys, and Thomas Marshall, butcher, of Biggleswade, Beds., upon the surrender by T.G. of 9½ acres of arable land in Warboys, lately the estate of Scargill Garner, (Ellen's father), and now occupied by Thomas Dring of Warboys. Consideration £107.  HP91/25/2/1/6  12 May 1731

Warboys manorial court baron  HP91/25/2/1/7  19 July 1731

Admittance of Thomas Marshall of Biggleswade, Beds, to 4½ acres of arable land in Warboys lately belonging to Giffords, and 5 acres of arable land in Warboys lately belonging to Scargill Garner, upon the surrender of Thomas Green of Warboys, textor, and Helena his wife. Annual rent 2s 3d and 1s. 2d respectively.

Bond of obligation made between William Angell of Warboys, yeoman, and Josiah Black of March, Cambs, upon the surrender by W.A. of 30 acres of arable land lying in Warboys. Consideration £180.  HP91/25/2/1/8  7 June 1732

2 memoranda of agreement made between William Angell, copyhold tenant of Warboys manor, and John Cole of Fenton, gent., upon the surrender by W.A. of all his copyhold messuages and lands in Warboys. Consideration: £10.  HP91/25/2/1/9  7 Feb 1734

Memorandum of agreement and a bond of obligation made between William Angell of Warboys and John Cole of Fenton upon the surrender by W.A. of 49a of arable land in Warboys. Consideration £200.  HP91/25/2/1/10  16 Apr 1734

3 memoranda of agreement made between William Angell of Warboys and John Cole of Fenton upon the surrender by W.A. of the above mentioned property. Consideration: £40.  HP91/25/2/1/11  27 Nov 1734

Bond of obligation made between Thomas Marshall, butcher of Biggleswade, Beds, customary tenant of Warboys manor, and John Burges of Benwick, Isle of Ely, Cambs, Gent., upon the surrender by T.M. of 7½ a. of arable land in Warboys, which belonged to his late father Henry Marshall, and 9a of arable land lately held by Thomas Green and Helen his wife, recently purchased by T.M. Consideration £158.  HP91/25/2/1/12  24 Apr 1739

Warboys manorial court leet and baron with view of frankpledge  HP91/25/2/1/13  26 Apr 1739

Admittance of John Burges to 7½ acres of arable land in Warboys, now occupied by Oliver Witherow, and 9½ acres of arable land in Warboys, late the estate of Thomas Greene of Warboys, weaver, and Helen his wife, now occupied by Thomas Dring, upon the surrender of Thomas Marshall of Warboys. Annual rent of 14s. and 3s5d respectively.

Two draft abstracts of title to Elmer's estates in Hunts. and Cambs, purchased by the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, of a Mr. Hutchinson. (Deeds 1723 - 1808)  HP91/25/2/1/14  ND

On the back: extracts from the parish register of St. Luke, Chelsea the burials of Rebecca Milbourne, 19 Jan. 1781, Anne Milbourne, 27 Aug. 1795; and Christopher Milbourne 25 Aug. 1802.

Copy of the marriage settlement of Miss Elizabeth Burges of Benwick, Isle of Ely, Cambs, upon her marriage to Mr. Thomas Pooley Smyth of Whittlesea, surgeon, and a copy of their marriage certificate  HP91/25/2/1/15  3 and 4 Aug 1842

Thomas Pooley Smyth, bach., surgeon, of Whittlesea, father. Thomas Pooley Smyth, surgeon, and Elizabeth Burges, sp., of Benwick, father Thomas Burges, gent., deceased.
Witnesses: George Vinter, Mary Ann Cotmull.

Abstract, and draft copy, of Deed Poll being a release of rent charges on the "Porch House" estate from Mrs. Elizabeth Milfield, of Benwick, Isle of Ely, Cambs, to Thomas Pooley Smyth Esq., of Whitttlesea, surgeon  HP91/25/2/1/16  19 Apr 1845

Letter from H. Sweeting Esq., to Mr. Serjeant of Ramsey concerning Burgess' title to lands in Warboys, to which he was admitted in 1783, and their current position after inclosure.  HP91/25/2/1/17  19 Apr 1845 (postmark)

Draft of case showing the title of Thomas Burges, deceased, and later T.P. Smyth, his son-in-law, to estates in Warboys, recently sold by auction. For the opinion of Mr. W.S. Walford, The Temple.  HP91/25/2/1/18  24 Apr 1845

Sale particulars of the "Porch House" estate in Warboys, comprising nearly 90a., with a notice of the Rev. Wm. Finch's objection to the sale of the standing grass (23a) as part of the estate, and a poster advertising the sale of the estate.  HP91/25/2/1/19  18 Feb - 8 May 1845

Abstract of title of Rev. Wm. Finch to the Porch House Estate.  HP91/25/2/1/20  1852

Conveyance and deed of enfranchisement (and 5 draft copies) made between Rev. Hugh Chambers Jones, lord of the manor, and Rev. Wm. Finch, rector, and the Rev. Wm. Finch and Messrs. Ekins and Childs, rector and churchwardens.  HP91/25/2/1/21  1852 - 1853

Concerning a parcel of land (1a) for a schools site, known as the "Porch House", plus 7a 2r.5p, adjoining the farm house, known as Home Close, and 19p of frontage land belonging to Home Close, lying between it and Town Street.

Absolute surrender made between the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and Miss May Finch, his sister, of Charles Street, Berkeley Square Middlesex, of a parcel of land next to the "Porch House", to which the Rev. Wm. was admitted customary tenant of Warboys manor in 1846. Consideration 10s.  HP91/25/2/1/22  13 Oct 1853

Small bundle of correspondence re. HP91/25/2/1/22.  HP91/25/2/1/23  28 May 1852 - 14 Feb 1853

Papers relating to the Darwood Estate  HP91/25/2/2  [n.d.]

Related information: This estate was purchased by Rev W. Finch in 1846 for the use of Warboys Endowed School.

Warboys manor general court baron: admittance of David Darwood, and Jane his wife, for the term of their lives, to a messuage with outhouses, barns, garden, orchards, waters etc. in Warboys, upon the surrender of Joseph Dockerill of Warboys. Rent not specified.  HP91/25/2/2/1  8 Apr 1763

Quitclaim made between John Dockerill of Ramsey, and David Darwood and Jane his wife, of the seisin of a copyhold messuage and lands in Warboys, to which the Darwoods were admitted in 1763.  HP91/25/2/2/2  12 Apr 1775

Probate copy of the will of David Darwood, late of Ramsey, cordwainer.  HP91/25/2/2/3  29 May 1813

Will proved 16 Jan 1815

Receipt issued by the Manor of Warboys  HP91/25/2/2/4  1836

Abstract of the title of Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, to the above copyhold messuage and premises in Warboys.  HP91/25/2/2/5  16 Apr 1846

Other papers relating to Warboys Endowed School  HP91/25/2/3  [n.d.]

Copy (made by the Public Record Office, 1906) of a Conveyance and Endowment of the school, made between the Rev. Wm. Finch, rector of Warboys, and the Rev. Wm. Finch, Messrs. Ekins and Childs, rector and churchwardens and John Laurie Frere of Lincoln's Inn  HP91/25/2/3/1  15 Mar 1860

Concerning a parcel of land next to the "Porch House", together with the school house and other buildings erected there. Conveyed to John Laurie Frere to the use of the rector and churchwardens of Warboys upon trust to permit the premises to be used as a school for the education of poor children.

Logbook  HP91/25/2/3/2  7 Jan 1867 - 12 Apr 1880

Logbook  HP91/25/2/3/3  8 Apr 1929 - 14 July 1972

Bundle of school accounts.  HP91/25/2/3/4  1894 - 1898

Appointment of Miss Ada F. Stephenson as school mistress, and also organist and choirmistress at the parish church, with a letter from W.A. Watts, solicitor, St. Ives, concerning the need to keep the two appointments distinct, and a letter from Miss Stephenson concerning the removal of her furniture to the school cottage.  HP91/25/2/3/5  28 Aug - 29 Sep 1896

Letter from J.J. Brownny to the Rev. Wm. Finch, concerning the proposed closure of the school as an Elementary Day School, and advising the Rev. Finch to wait as the school may benefit from the new special aid grant.  HP91/25/2/3/6  11 Nov 1897

Appointment of Miss Harris as apprentice mistress, to take effect from 29. Sep.  HP91/25/2/3/7  21 July 1898

Agreement made between the Rev. W.H. Bromley Way, Mark Richards and G.S. Newton, rector and churchwardens of Warboys, and Herbert Allpress, builder and carpenter, permitting the latter to erect a workshop in the school yard between the north end of the Infants School and the dwelling house.  HP91/25/2/3/8  15 Dec 1898

Managers minutes  HP91/25/2/3/9  1904-1972

1 Vol

Programme for a "Children's Entertainment," given at the school.  HP91/25/2/3/10  21 Jan 1910

Programme for a "Children's Concert" at the school.  HP91/25/2/3/11  2 Dec 1910

Miscellaneous papers  HP91/25/2/3/12  1929-1960

Reports on inspections; correspondence and circulars from the County Council, the Ely Diocesan Education Committee, and the Department of Education; papers re. appointments of teachers.

H.M. Inspector's Report on Warboys C. of E. School, inspected 31 Jan. and 2 Mar. 1936.  HP91/25/2/3/13  1936

Correspondence, mainly concerning re-organisation of Infants Schools after senior pupils transferred to St. Ivo School, St. Ives, (1955 - 1957)  HP91/25/2/3/14  29 Sep 1955 - 10 May 1961

Also a fire insurance policy on school and school house, High Street, Warboys (25 Sep. 1955) and letter from I.C. Currey, Director of Education concerning school funds. (1961)

Memoranda of Agreement appointing Margaret Lilian Richardson, of Warboys, and Ellen Sole (née Rose), of Warboys, as head teacher and assistant teacher respectively.  HP91/25/2/3/15  10 Sep 1957

Programme for opening of new Warboys C.P. School and Youth Centre, which replaced the old Endowed (C. of E.) School and C.P. School.  HP91/25/2/3/16  22 Nov 1972

Warboys National School  HP91/25/3  [n.d.]

Appointment as master  HP91/25/3/1  29 July 1850

George Marsh, of Warboys

Appointment as pupil teacher  HP91/25/3/2  8 Apr 1852

Frederick Dumello King, of Warboys

Appointment as pupil teacher  HP91/25/3/3  1 Mar 1856

George Kenyon Hitchcock, of Broughton

Appointment as pupil teacher  HP91/25/3/4  1 Mar 1857

Martha Elizabeth King, of Warboys

Appointment as pupil teacher  HP91/25/3/5  1 Mar 1859

Felix Hennesy Meadows, of Warboys

Appointment as pupil teacher  HP91/25/3/6  8 Mar 1865

Martha Ann Hull, of Warboys

Appointment as pupil teacher  HP91/25/3/7  8 Mar 1865

Alfred Scarr, of Ramsey

Treasurer's account sheet  HP91/25/3/8  30 Apr 1871-30 Apr 1972

2 copies

Warboys Fen School  HP91/25/4  [n.d.]

Bundle of deeds and correspondence concerning conveyance of land (2a.2r.30p) in Turf Fen, Warboys, for use as a school site  HP91/25/4/1  13 Sep 1855 - 14 Oct 1865

Enfranchisement of Edward King by Rev. H.C. Jones, lord of the manor (1 Aug. 1865), conveyance of the land by Edward King to Rev. Wm. Finch (1865), Abstract of Title of Rev. Finch to the land (1865), and draft conveyance of part' of the land (1a.3r.28p.) and the school from the Rev. Wm. Finch to himself as rector and the churchwardens of Warboys. (14 Oct. 1865).

Copy (from Public Record Office, 1906) of Conveyance made between the Rev. W. Finch, George Lewis and Thomas Ekins, rector and churchwardens of Warboys and William Jones Mellor, of Huntingdon, gent, concerning land and school premises (1a.3r.28p.) in Warboys, granted to Wm. Jones Mellor to the use of the rector and churchwardens of Warboys upon trust to permit the premises to be used as a school for the education of poor children.  HP91/25/4/2  14 Nov 1865

Agreement made between the Rev. William Henry Bromley Way, Mark Richards, and Cornelius Edward Snow, rector and churchwardens of Warboys and The School Board of Warboys, concerning the tenancy of Warboys Fen School and School House by the School Board, at an annual rent of £5.  HP91/25/4/3  2 Oct 1895

Lease made between the Rev. Nelson Trafford, Aubrey John Hankin and Reginald Godfrey, rector and churchwardens of Warboys and Huntingdonshire County Council of Warboys Fen School and School House for a term of 21 years from 11 Oct. 1942 at the annual rent of £15.  HP91/25/4/4  11 Oct 1543

2 letters concerning investment of the money from the sale of the Fen School (to be invested in Government Stock).  HP91/25/4/5  1 and 6 Oct 1956

Warboys School Board  HP91/25/5  [n.d.]

Bundle of correspondence concerning the proposed closure of the National Schools, and the creation of Warboys School Board.  HP91/25/5/1  5 Mar 1880 - 19 Feb 1902

Bundle of correspondence concerning use of the Fen School premises by the School Board.  HP91/25/5/2  30 July - 29 Oct 1880

2 balance sheets, Warboys School Board.  HP91/25/5/3  1894 - 1895, 1895 - 1896

Charities  HP91/25/6  [n.d.]

Related information: See also HP91/1/1/1

Bundle of statements of accounts and correspondence concerning Warboys Charities.  HP91/25/6/1  1861 - 1862, 1862 - 1863, 1879 - 1880

Bundle of miscellaneous correspondence from the Charity Commision concerning the charities of Warboys - Poors and Church Estate, Fowler's Charity, and Finch's Endowment.  HP91/25/6/2  25 May 1871 - 11 Oct 1905

Agreement made between the Rector and churchwardens of Warboys and Martin Norman, concerning the lease by Martin Norman of a cottage, lately occupied by John Moore, at Fenton End, Warboys, for the annual rent of £4.15s. (Poors and Church Estate Charity).  HP91/25/6/3  Nov 1896

Particulars (in rough note form, on 2 cards) of Church Estate, Fowler's charity and Finch's charity, sent to the Charity Commission.  HP91/25/6/4  15 Sep 1900?

Registration papers of Hills Trust  HP91/25/6/5  11 Apr 1962

Registration papers of Fowlers Charity  HP91/25/6/6  11 Apr 1962

Items published by the parish  HP91/29  [n.d.]

Various printed leaflets, parish newsletters, and posters concerning church services, prayer meetings, and rallies organised by Rev. N. Trafford, rector of Warboys  HP91/29/1  1955-1961

13 Items

Items collected for reference  HP91/30  [n.d.]

Parliamentary Acts  HP91/30/1  [n.d.]

Copy of the Act for marriages in England, 6 and 7 William IV  HP91/30/1/1  17 Aug 1836

Photographs  HP91/30/2  [n.d.]

2 photographs of the united English and German service held in Warboys Parish Church for the German prisoners of war interned at the old R.A.F. camp, Warboys and Old Hurst.  HP91/30/2/1  27 Oct 1946

The service was conducted by the Rev. Nelson Trafford, rector, and Pastor Kurt Schroeder of Westphalia, P.O.W.

Photograph of Mr. James Clack, bell ringer at Warboys parish church, just before his 92nd birthday.  HP91/30/2/2  ND ?1946

Maps  HP91/30/3  [n.d.]

Map of Warboys and district, based upon Hunts. Ordance Survey Sheets XIV.SE, XVIII.NE, XV.SW, XIX.NW. (1927 ed.), with the cricket ground and allotment gardens to the south of Warboys shaded.  HP91/30/3/1  1940's

On the map is written (Warboys) "as it was before the 1939 - 45 war - and before the 'new road' was laid".

Other printed items  HP91/30/4  [n.d.]

Extract entitled "Huntingdonshire: being part of the Iceni, and ancient kingdom of the Mercians" containing a brief description of the county and of the five market towns (Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St. Ives, St. Neots and Kimbolton). The extract is undated, but is pasted on to a sheet of paper, on which the year 1695 is written.  HP91/30/4/1  nd

Reprint from the General Evening Post, concerning the case of Christopher Lovel of Bristol, who was touched by the Old Pretender for the King's Evil.  HP91/30/4/2  5 Jan 1747 - 7 Jan 1748

Copy of the newspaper "The Diary, or Woodfall's Register", containing article on a meeting of the inhabitants of Norman Cross Hundred on 1 Dec. 1792, at which they declared their attachment to the constitution, and would endeavour to discourage "all attempts to excite sedition, and disturb the public peace and good order."  HP91/30/4/3  18 Dec 1792

2 copies of the Times newspaper containing advertisements for the sale of the Leman Estate, Warboys, and the sale of the Perpetual Advoson and Right of Presentation to Warboys Benefice.  HP91/30/4/4  26 Mar and 20 Apr 1812

1 page from the Times Newspaper, originally used as wrapping for seventeenth century churchwardens accounts.  HP91/30/4/5  21 July 1873

Valentine card, with verse by P.B. Shelley, pub by Marcus Ward & Co.  HP91/30/4/6  ND (late 19th/early 20th century)

Leaflet entitled "The value of Church Schools to the National Life", read at the Diocesan Conference, Wales.  HP91/30/4/7  ND (post 1921)

Newspaper cutting on the re-opening of the church after restoration work.  HP91/30/4/8  ND (c 1925?)

Newspaper cutting re. restoration of Warboys parish church, tower and spire.  HP91/30/4/9  1927

Copy of "The Watchman", with a short article on Warboys parish.  HP91/30/4/10  Sep - Oct 1944

Copy of "The English Churchman & St. James Chronicle" containing article on combined prayer meetings held by the Rev. N. Trafford, rector of Warboys, and local Methodist and Strict Baptist ministers.  HP91/30/4/11  15 Sep 1951

Correspondence and papers collected by Annie Longland  HP91/30/5  [n.d.]

Notebook containing various poetry (printed and handwritten)  HP91/30/5/1  Jan 1912 - May 1924

At front is written "Annie Longland 1912"

Running order of service (found loose in HP91/30/5/1)  HP91/30/5/2  16 Oct ny

Envelope containing printed "On Christmas Eve" (found loose in HP91/30/5/1)  HP91/30/5/3  nd

Letter to Gladys and Florrie Longland from Eva Serjeant (Rector's widow); found loose in HP91/30/5/1  HP91/30/5/4  25 Feb 1942

Handwritten copy of "The Young Christian" (found loose in HP91/30/5/1)  HP91/30/5/5  nd

Handwritten copy of "The Master's Coming" (found loose in HP91/30/5/1)  HP91/30/5/6  nd

Stray papers of other offices  HP91/31  [n.d.]

St John the Baptist, Somersham  HP91/31/1  [n.d.]

Printed balance sheet of the church of St John the Baptist, Somersham  HP91/31/1/1  Apr 1901-Mar 1902

Huntingdon County Hospital  HP91/31/2  [n.d.]

2 copies of Huntingdon County Hospital Subscribers Orders  HP91/31/2/1  1940, 1941

Both blank

Deeds from other counties  HP91/31/3  [n.d.]

Derbyshire  HP91/31/3/1  [n.d.]

Manor of Somershall Herbert court roll  HP91/31/3/1/1  17 April 1690

Exemplification of plea of debt, Elizabeth Docksey v. Ralph Docksey, for rent of Snelston Mills (Derbys.)  HP91/31/3/1/2  Temp Anne [1702 - 14]

Fragment of a Derbyshire land tax collector's appointment  HP91/31/3/1/3  1807

Essex  HP91/31/3/2  [n.d.]

Copy will of Henry Ward of Gestingthorpe, 1599  HP91/31/3/2/1  Proved 1600/1

Feoffment of an half acre called Lisarde in Great Henny  HP91/31/3/2/2  1608/9

Mortgage of messuage called Hawkes, etc., in Wethersfield  HP91/31/3/2/3  1668

Bargain and sale of 'Newhouse Layes', Gestingthorpe  HP91/31/3/2/4  1673

List of Mr. Peter Elliston's deeds of property in Gestingthorpe, Great Henny, etc.  HP91/31/3/2/5  1677

Norfolk  HP91/31/3/3  [n.d.]

Declaration of trust re. Modney Hall in Hilgay and Southery  HP91/31/3/3/1  1695

Indenture of fine relating to Modney Hall in Hilgay and Southery  HP91/31/3/3/2  Easter term 1695

Staffordshire  HP91/31/3/4  [n.d.]

Feoffment of Stranshall Mills, in Checkley and Uttoxeter  HP91/31/3/4/1  1661

Mortgage of Stranshall Mills, in Checkley and Uttoxeter  HP91/31/3/4/2  1712/13

Mortgage of Stranshall Mills, in Checkley and Uttoxeter  HP91/31/3/4/3  1713

Mortgage of Stranshall Mills, in Checkley and Uttoxeter  HP91/31/3/4/4  1728

Bond for performance of deed of even date: John Salt of Bramshall (Staffs.) & others to Richard Sherratt of Nobutt (Staffs)  HP91/31/3/4/5  1679

Fragment of a plea concerning debt, Giles - v. Edward -  HP91/31/3/4/6  [?1682]

Exemplification of plea of debt in Common Pleas Thomas Colclough v. Thomas Smyth of Hanley  HP91/31/3/4/7  Trinity 1684

For breaking bond concerning agreement about tenements copyhold of the manor of Newcastle-under-Lyne, with writ habeas corpus and jury annexed

Declaration of trust: William Boothby of Marston (Leics) and Adam Colclough of Delphouse (Staffs)  HP91/31/3/4/8  1687

Release of messuage in Church Street and of land in Netherwood, Uttoxeter  HP91/31/3/4/9  1697

Fragment of deed, probably land in Uttoxeter (later used as a cover for manorial juries 1725-26)  HP91/31/3/4/10  Temp Anne [1702 - 14]

Quitclaim re mortgage deed of property in Abbots Bromley  HP91/31/3/4/11  1725

Exemplification of a plea of trespass in King's Bench, Francis & Ann Barnett v. John Shaw of Shalsdale, concerning assault at Church Mayfield (Staffs)  HP91/31/3/4/12  Trinity 1756

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