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Records of St John the Evangelist, Little Gidding

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Reference HP31
Covering dates 1637-1988
Held by Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Huntingdon
Extent 8 Pages
Source of acquisition The records were deposited as accession 2597, in 1977 and 1978; 3006 in 1981; 3065 in 1982; 4648 in 1999; and 4649 in 1999. 2597 incorporates two other deposits made in 1978.
Accessions 2597 and 3006 were deposited by the parish. 3065 was deposited by the Information Librarian at Huntingdon Library; 4648 by the Parish Council; and 4649 by the Friends of Little Gidding Society.
Creators Church of England, Church of St John the Evangelist, Little Gidding

Administrative history:
Little Gidding is an ancient parish. It belongs to the archdeaconry of Huntingdon. Until 1837 it belonged to the diocese of Lincoln; since 1837 it has been in the diocese of Ely.
The parish was part of Oundle Poor Law Union 1836-1930, Oundle Rural Sanitary District 1875-1894, Oundle Rural District 1894-1935, and Huntingdon Rural District 1935-1974. Since 1974 it has belonged to Huntingdonshire District.

Incumbent: The Service of the church  HP31/1  [n.d.]

Composite registers  HP31/1/1  [n.d.]

Composite register  HP31/1/1/1  1637 - 1782

Baptisms 7 Feb. 1657 - 12 May, 1782
Marriages 23 Oct. 1662 - 19 Feb. 1757
Burials Dec. 1637 - 2 Jan. 1781
(Also contains copies of Terriers taken on 9th May, 1748, and 21 July 1846, and Glebe Terrier of 14 Aug. 1850, together with a few historical notes concerning the church and parish)

Composite register  HP31/1/1/2  1784 - 1812

Baptisms 24 Oct 1802 - 27 Oct 1812
Marriages 31 May 1784 - 11 Feb 1811
Burials 20 Jan 1805 - 25 Nov 1812
Banns 16 May 1784 - 27 Jan 1811

Register  HP31/1/1/3  1785 - 1802

Baptisms 6 Mar. 1785 - 28 June 1801
Burials 2 Mar. 1785 - 1 Mar. 1802

Registers of baptisms  HP31/1/2  [n.d.]

Baptism register  HP31/1/2/1  June 1813 - September 1993

Registers of marriages  HP31/1/3  [n.d.]

Marriage register  HP31/1/3/1  7 Dec 1763 - 6 Jan 1807

Marriage register  HP31/1/3/2  27 Nov 1815 - 20 Oct 1835

Marriage register  HP31/1/3/3  6 Aug 1838 - 14 Oct 1950

Marriage register  HP31/1/3/4  30 Mar 1968 - 12 Aug 1972

Registers of burials  HP31/1/4  [n.d.]

Burial register  HP31/1/4/1  May 1813 - August 1988

Registers of banns of marriage  HP31/1/5  [n.d.]

Banns register  HP31/1/5/1  30 Nov 1823 - 20 Apr 1919

Licences  HP31/1/6  [n.d.]

Licence granted by Archdeacon for the marriage of John Mehew and Ann Silby, both of Little Gidding.  HP31/1/6/1  15 Nov 1777

Licence granted by Archdeacon for the marriage of Emanuel Thompson of Leighton and Lydia Blowfield of Little Gidding.  HP31/1/6/2  25 Nov 1815

Licence granted by Archdeacon for the marriage of Thomas Knighton of Gt. Gidding and Mary-Ann Deighton of Little Gidding.  HP31/1/6/3  12 Apr 1819

Special Licence for the marriage of Sebastian S.M.H. Blackie and Katrina A. Price, both of Farnham, Surrey.  HP31/1/6/4  27 July 1971

Special Licence for the marriage of Rev. Peter Sutton of Hamerton and Miss Mary Coldwell of Upton.  HP31/1/6/5  2 May, 1972

Special Licence for the marriage of Piers Cocker of Kings College Hospital, London, and Miss Celia R. Hall of St. Thomas' Hospital in the City of Westminster.  HP31/1/6/6  24 July 1972

Registers of services  HP31/1/7  [n.d.]

Service register  HP31/1/7/1  4 Jan 1914 - 23 Oct 1973

Correspondence and papers about the service of the church  HP31/1/9  [n.d.]

Certificate of the publication of banns of marriage of Charles Smith of Gt. Billing, Northants., and Eliza Dudley of Lt. Gidding, in Gt. Billing Church.  HP31/1/9/1  22 Dec 1894

Certificate of the publication of banns of marriage of Joseph Negus of Ashton, Northants, and Martha Mash of Lt. Gidding, in St. Peter's Church, Oundle, Northants.  HP31/1/9/2  23 Apr 1901

Letter from the General Register Office re an error in the certified copy of the marriage register.  HP31/1/9/3  25 May, 1909

Certificate of the publication of banns of marriage of Frederick Farrington of Alconbury and Hilda King of Lt. Gidding, in Alconbury Church.  HP31/1/9/4  2 Apr 1922

Certificate of the publication of banns of marriage of Sydney Cadmore of St. Mark's, Peterborough, and Ruth Emma Ayres, of Lt. Gidding, in St. Mark's Church.  HP31/1/9/5  19 Mar 1934

Incumbent: The benefice  HP31/3  [n.d.]

Related information: For copies of terriers and of a glebe terrier, see HP31/1/1/1

Copy of Tithe Award  HP31/3/1  1846

Grant - William Hopkinson of Stamford, Lincs., gent, to Rev. William Whall, clerk, Rector of Lt. Gidding, and his successors.  HP31/3/2  1853

One yearly Rent Charge of £5. secured on the Manor of Lt. Gidding and all other Hopkinson's lands in Lt. Gidding, upon trust to pay the money to a fit person to clean the church, and especially the windows and articles provided or restored by Hopkinson in memory of the Ferrars.

Letter enclosing tithe payment due on The Little Gidding Estate.  HP31/3/3  1919

(Attached is a newspaper cutting relating to the estate of Mr. G. Whattoff.)

Rough calculations re re-assessment of tithe for Income Tax purposes.  HP31/3/4  1921

2 Sheets

Demand Note - overseers of the poor demanding payment of the poor rate due in respect of tithe.  HP31/3/5  1921

3 letters re deductions to be made from the tithe rent charge before assessment for rates.  HP31/3/6  1922

Copy of London Gazette containing Order in Council uniting the United Benefice of Gt. Gidding with Lt. Gidding and the Benefice of Steeple Gidding. (pp. 1981-2)  HP31/3/7  1923

Churchwardens: Financial Records  HP31/5  [n.d.]

Account book  HP31/5/1  1917-1957

Related information: For accounts 1811-1819, see HP31/9/1

Includes: minutes of a Special Vestry 1921 church inventory and terrier 1923 (loose) letter to Rev A C B Molony 1958

Churchwardens: Records of church property  HP31/6  [n.d.]

Receipted bill re the repair and painting of Church windows by John Hardman & Co., Birmingham.  HP31/6/1  1893

Receipted bill re slating at Church.  HP31/6/2  1893

3 letters from Hart, Son, Peard & Co. Ltd., London, re their repairing the Antique Brass Font Top.  HP31/6/3  1906-1907

3 bills and 3 receipts from J. Burlison and T.J. Grylls, London, for restoring and releading Church windows.  HP31/6/4  1912

"Parish Book" containing a record of gifts mainly to Little Gidding Church, some to Great Gidding.  HP31/6/5  1914-1926

Also particulars of special services, restoration work etc. Most of the gifts are from Lady Margaret Proby. Also contains copy of a letter written by a schoolboy, George H. Teall, a Ferrar relation, from School House, Oundle, describing a visit to Little Gidding, 1893.

Three letters from Lady Margaret Proby, Elton Hall, concerning gifts to the Church  HP31/6/6  1920, 1923, 1926

Faculty, with scale drawing and receipt for fees, re new oak altar rails.  HP31/6/7  1922

Correspondence with Lady Margaret Proby re. the restoration of Little Gidding church  HP31/6/8  1924-1933

1 Vol

Inventory  HP31/6/9  1958

Related information: For an inventory of 1923, see HP31/5/1.

Visitors book  HP31/6/10  1959 - 1963

Citation and Faculty, with copy of Faculty re a memorial tablet for Rev. Andrew C.B. Molony, vicar of Lt. Gidding, 1958-61.  HP31/6/11  1962

2 letters and a receipt for fees re an extension of time in which to complete the above work and the completion of the same.  HP31/6/12  1963

Faculty for an oak Officiant's Desk with kneeler in memory of Alan Lawson Maycock, biographer of Nicholas Ferrar.  HP31/6/13  1973

Coloured ground plan of Little Gidding Church, with pulpit, seating and floor tiles shown in the nave.  HP31/6/14  nd

Signed Henry Clutton, 26 Charles Street.
Scale: 4ft. to 1 inch.

Drawings of 4 painted Church windows, showing the arms of King Charles I, Nicholas Ferrar, John Williams Bishop of Lincoln and William Hopkinson.  HP31/6/15  nd

Painting of the East window.  HP31/6/16  nd

Records of the Vestry and PCC  HP31/8  [n.d.]

Annual Parish Meeting minute books  HP31/8/4  [n.d.]

Minute Book  HP31/8/4/1  4 Dec 1894 - 30 Mar 1914; 27 Feb 1917 - 3 Mar 1922; 1924; 23 Feb 1928 - 27 Feb 1940

(Also contains Vestry Minutes: 23 Apr. 1897 - 24 Apr. 1900, 3 Apr. 1902 - 16 Apr. 1914, & 10 Apr. 1917 - 27 Apr. 1922.)

Constable: Financial records  HP31/9  [n.d.]

Account Book  HP31/9/1  1810 - 1836

The bottom of this book seems to have been cut away.

(Also contains Constable's Rate Assessments, 1830, 1833 and 1834; churchwardens' accounts, 1811 - 1819; a few genealogical details about the Blowfield family; and religious and moral writings, pencilled onto small pieces of paper and stuck into the book.)

Papers received for information  HP31/23  [n.d.]

Printed pamphlet from the Central Board of Finance of the Church of England entitled 'Rating of Tithe Rent Charge - Advice to Incumbents as to the Assessment of Tithe Rent Charge to Rates.'  HP31/23/1  nd (1920 or later)

Records of societies and special committees  HP31/24  [n.d.]

Mother's Meeting Clothing Club: accounts of materials bought and articles made  HP31/24/1  1884-1914

Mothers' Meeting: rules.  HP31/24/2  nd

Friends of Little Gidding Society: minute book  HP31/24/3  May 1965 - Dec 1981

Records of schools and parochial charities  HP31/25  [n.d.]

Indenture  HP31/25/1  ?Sep 1667

This document is in a very frail condition, and is mainly illegible.

It appears to be a grant by John and Nicholas Ferrar to John Smith, vicar of Gt. Gidding and others, of an annuity, issuing from land in ?Lt. Gidding, to be distributed among the poor of Gt. Gidding.

Records received on public deposit: tithe and other records  HP31/27  [n.d.]

Tithe map (GG.16-4)  HP31/27/1  1849

Condition: the two sheets of paper have come unglued, and small tears exist.

Surveyor: Charles Day, Colleyweston, Stamford.
Scale: 26/2/3 inches to 1 mile.
Size: 50" x 22".
Area of parish: 714 acres.

Tithe apportionment (GG.16-5)  HP31/27/2  1850

Condition: stained by mildew, now dry.

By Francis Offley Martin of Lincolns Inn, Assistant Tithe Commissioner.

Items collected for reference  HP31/30  [n.d.]

Typed list of glass plates, inscribed by J.W. Mayhew "List of Lantern Slides given to me for "Lecture" purposes by Skipton, 1934." [Probably H.P.H. Skipton, author of The Life and Times of Nicholas Ferrar, 1907].  HP31/30/1  1934

"The Story of Little Gidding," by A.L. Maycock.  HP31/30/2  1975

Related information: For some historical notes on the church and parish of Little Gidding, please see HP31/1/1/1.

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