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COURT RECORDS  [no ref. or date]

Agenda papers  QS/A  [n.d.]

Stolzenberg file containing agenda papers for the period  QS/A/1  Epiphany Session 1904-Michaelmas Session 1949

(The series is not complete, agenda papers being missing for the following Sessions:-
Easter 1904 - Epiphany 1908 (incl.)
Easter 1909 & Michaelmas 1909
Michaelmas 1911
Michaelmas 1915
Midsummer 1917
Epiphany 1922 and
Micahelmas 1923.

Calendars of Prisoners  Q/SC  1789-1971

Conditions of access: These records are subject to a closure period of 30 YEARS.

Calendars of prisoners tried at Buckinghamshire Quarter Sessions are to be found in a variety of series at different dates. For ease of consultation, they have been brought together under the same classification code.
At the end of this list are included details of calendars of prisoners tried at Buckinghamshire Assizes.

Quarter Sessions  [no ref. or date]

MS series  [no ref.]  1786-1827

Calendars of prisoners are entered into the minute books, Q/SM 8-23

Chairman's calendars of prisoners  Q/SC/1/1,2  1789-1804

Mids - 1797 Epip  Q/SC/1/1  1789

East - 1804 Mids  Q/SC/1/2  1797

2 vols

[Incl also details of appeals]

Calendars of prisoners (copies of details supplied to the gaoler)  Q/SC/2/1,2  1823-1839

Mids - 1831 Mids  Q/SC/2/1  1823

Mich - 1839 Mich  Q/SC/2/2  1831

2 vols

[Entries grouped according to sentence, therefore evidently compiled after each session. These volumes were formerly numbered Q/SC i, ii.]

Printed series  [no ref. or date]

The printed series variously include gaps and duplicates and also drafts and annotated copies. It will be noticed that the dates of items overlap so that pieces found to be missing one item may be contained in another.

Calendars of prisoners tried at QS  Q/SC/3/1,2  1827-1855

Epip - 1842 Mids  Q/SC/3/1  1827

Mich - 1855 East  Q/SC/3/2  1842

2 files of papers, originally loose

Related information: For Epiphany 1844 see D/LE/H 12/6/1 (copy placed inside Q/SC 3/2) 1872-1882: Printed calendars of prisoners at Quarter Sessions and Assizes are in Bucks Constabulary records, BC 5/2

[Calendars for some sessions are missing; for each defendant age and details of the offence are given; sentences are usually given; from Mich 1838 names of prisoners in the gaol and house of correction who had been sentenced at earlier QS or Assizes are also given, incl age, offence, date of conviction Sentence, whether literate]

Calendars of prisoners tried at QS  Q/SC/4/1-4  1889-1936

4 volumes

[Details given for each defendant include age, occupation, offence, previous convictions, plea and sentence]

[no title]  Q/SC/4/1  1889 Oct-1899 Oct

[no title]  Q/SC/4/2  1900 Jan-1909 Oct

[no title]  Q/SC/4/3  1910 Jan-1919 Oct

[no title]  Q/SC/4/4  1920 Jan-1936 Oct

Calendars of prisoners tried at QS  Q/SC/5/1-9  1920-1971

[Unbound series duplicating and continuing the series Q/SC 4 above]

[no title]  Q/SC/5/1  1920-1962

1 box

[no title]  Q/SC/5/2  1960-1968

1 box

[no title]  Q/SC/5/3  1965

1 bundle

[no title]  Q/SC/5/4  1966

1 bundle

[no title]  Q/SC/5/5  1967

1 bundle

[no title]  Q/SC/5/6  1968

1 bundle

[no title]  Q/SC/5/7  1969

1 bundle

[no title]  Q/SC/5/8  1970

1 bundle

[no title]  Q/SC/5/9  1971

1 box

Assizes  [no ref.]  1680

Related information: Surviving records of Bucks Assizes are held at the Public Record Office, Kew.

Bucks Record Office holds calendars of prisoners for the years listed below.

Bucks Assizes  D/X 468  1680

Bucks Assizes  S/2/11  1783-1804

Related information: [No calendars for 1785, 1791 or 1793; calendars for certain other sessions are also missing.]

Printed calendars of prisoners at Assizes, with related items
(1784 Lent, printed - AR 76/2000)

Bucks Assizes  D/X 32/2  13 March 1815

Bucks Assizes  D/X 32/3  29 July 1816

Bucks Assizes  D/X 32/4  4 March 1819

Calendar of prisoners at Assizes [does not give verdicts or sentences.]  D/DU 6/16  1824 March

Special Sessions (Swing Riots)  D/LE/H 12/11/3  1831

Printed calendar of prisoners (also annotated copy, D/LE/H 12/12/29)

Bucks Assizes  AR 76/2000  1833 Summer

Bucks Assizes  D/LE/H 12/12/3  1836 Summer

Printed calendars of prisoners at Quarter Sessions 1838-1855 include details of prisoners held in the county gaol serving sentences passed at earlier sessions of Assizes and QS.  [no ref.]  1838-1855

Related information: See Q/SC 3/1,2 above

Bucks Assizes  D/LE/H 12/5/3  1841 Summer

Bucks Assizes  D/LE/H/12/7/38, 47  1847 Lent and Summer

Bucks Assizes  D/LE/H 12/10/29  1849 Summer


Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions. Some Appeals also contained.  QS/JC/1  Michaelmas Session 1802-Midsummer Session 1810

(Quarto volume bound in limp leather.)

[Abstract available]

Michaelmas, 1802  [no ref. or date]

R. v Grantham, ?Upton, No details of offence Witness: John Fisher (Reference to small pox)
R. v Fisher, ?Wendover, No details of offence - ?assault Witness: Henry Horton, Bishopstone
R. v Wm. King, Little Marlow, No details of offence - ?deserting children Witness: William Luther of Little Marlow, Overseer
R. v Jos. Collins, Dinton, No details of offence - Stealing shirts Witnesses: Mary Slaughter of Dinton, W. Watkins
R. v Towsey, No details of offence - stealing wheat Witnesses: Thomas Cannon of Long Crendon, John Inn, labourer, Long Crendon, Thomas Cox, Long Crendon

Epiphany, 1803  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Westbury, Wolverton, Stealing planks from Grand Junction Canal Co. Witnesses: Samuel Townly, Agent for Company, Mr. Barker, Company Agent Wm. Worrall Wm. Salter, Constable, Stony Stratford
R. v Thomas Thorpe (?Sharpe), Emberton, Stealing corn while threshing Witnesses: Benjamin Brookes, Emberton, farmer Alex. Hawkins, labourer, Samuel Meacock, Emberton, Constable.
R. v John Taylor, Dinton, Stealing bacon Witness: Joseph Saunders, Dinton, Baker
R. v Anne Elliman, Quainton, (daughter of a Stealing a chair tailor) Witnesses: John Bunting, Constable Edward King, Quainton, Farmer, John Read, Quainton, Blacksmith, Mary Keen, Quainton
R. v Richard Pocock, Britwell, Stealing a tub (for brewing) and plank Witnesses: Richard Feesey, farmer at Britwell, Henry Winter, Constable
R. v Joseph Lancaster, Iver, John Norton Assault - pulling down fence. Relates to John Church Iver Heath enclosure Henry Moore Witnesses: - Turner Edmund Watson, Wm. Webb, victualler
R. v Henry Hall, Eton, Stealing leather Witnesses: Wm. Ingatton, Eton, Stealing leather Witnesses: Wm. Ingatton, Eton shoemaker, John Gray, Eton shoemaker journeyman, Wm. Baker, Carver and gilder of Windsor, Wm. Towse, Eton shoemaker, John Binfield, Eton shoemaker, Mr. Dayborn, been successor to Hall. Also mentioned Bavingdon, a currier of Eton. (Useful for Eton shoe trade)
R. v John Gristwood, Langley Marish, Running away and leaving his children chargeable to parish Witnesses: Wm. Ives, Churchwarden, Langley Marish, Wm. Taylor, Langley Marish, overseer.
R. v John Allnutt, Chesham/Cheynes Road, (miller?) A nuisance (a hedge) Witnesses: Wm. Davies, steward of Duke of Bedford Chesham to Cheynes road, John Baily, joint surveyor of the road, John W. Edge, Thos. Martin, Joseph Martin, John Woodcock (Reference to a stage coach overturned)

Easter, 1803  [no ref. or date]

Rv. v Thomas Hall, 1 vol, Assault on Rebecca Truby, of Iver Witness: Rebecca Truby
R. v John Green, Buckland, Leaving family chargeable to Parish Witness: S. Gates, farmer, overseer of Buckland
R. v Richard Clementy (Clements?), Eton, Assault on John Hatch Witness: John Hatch, wheelwright, of Eton
R. v Wm. Toovey & wife, Quainton, Stealing bricks Witnesses: Thos. Anstis, baker, of Quainton, Geo. Clark.

Midsummer, 1803  [no ref. or date]

R. v R. Knapp, Quainton, Stealing wheat from Edward Read Witnesses: John Piddington, servant to Mr. Read at Doddershall, Wm. Green, servant at Quainton Mills, R. Wood, Quainton constable, Edward Read, farmer, Doddershall
R. v Wm. Castle, Aylesbury, Leaving family chargeable to Parish Witnesses: James Turpin, overseer of Aylesbury (former), Thos. Fox, present overseer of Aylesbury

Michaelmas, 1803  [no ref. or date]

R. v Wm. Lee, Beaconsfield, Stealing wood Witnesses: James Coleman, keeper of the wood to Mr. Weller - Maxwell of Hallbann Wm. Bagley, Woodcutter Wm. Harman, Snr., woodcutter
R. v Wm. Oliffe, Bierton, Leaving family chargeable to Parish Witness: Wm. Wells (?Welby) overseer of Bierton.
R. v Edward Barnet, Shalstone, Leaving family chargeable to Parish Witness: Wm. Scott, overseer of Shalstone
R. v (Prisoner's name not given), Tingewick, No details of offence Witness: Nicholas Franklin, overseer of Tingewick
R. v Thos. Whitehead, Place not stated, Leaving family chargeable to Parish Witness: J. Sewell
R. v Wm. Vass, Place not stated, Felony, (? High Wycombe) Witnesses: Hannah Lancaster Richard Lancaster John Wright James Young Wm. Miller

Epiphany, 1804  [no ref. or date]

R. v Geo. Wm. Windsor Geo. Bolgrove Wm. Foster, stewkley, Jn. Webb Assault and Riot [...] Witnesses: John Roberts, clerk to Mr. James (employed to put up notices of enclosure) John Osborne, Sheriffs officer

Easter, 1804  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thos. Jarvis, Place not stated, Stealing stems, property of Wm. Freeman Witnesses: Wm. Newman James Cox, hedge cutter
R. v John Dolly Eldridge, Place not stated, Assault on Sarah Dunn Witnesses: Sarah Dunn John Marlow
R. v John Murrell & others (sells stockings), Place not stated, Idle and disorderly persons Witnesses: John Wilson, sergeant in the R.B. mil Hy. Sheriff, Stephen Cock, Thos. Hart Wm. Cross George Ing Thos. Collins Thos. Miles Others accused Richard Smith Thos. Harding Geo. Maynard, journeyman parchment maker Eliz. Pauley Ann Argent Jas. Wilmot, an old soldier from Liverpool

Midsummer, 1804  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thos. Webb, Princes Risborough, Stealing two axes and an adze Witnesses: Edw. Stone, sawyer and hewer Thos. Heath, carpenter James Pryce, lives at White Lion, Missenden. Soloman Busby, Missenden, wheelwright and blacksmith
R. v John Cox, Place not stated, Stealing bridle Witnesses: Rbt. Simons, constable Thomas Jennings Thomas Carpenter
R. v Samuel Clarke, Place not stated, Assault on James Reading Witness: James Reading, sexton
R. v Wm. Roberts, Brill, Leaving family Witness: Wm. Holland, overseer of Brill
R. v John Brooks, West Wycombe, Leaving family in workhouse
R. v John Clarke, John Walsh Bletchley, Stealing beans (Clarke) and receiving them (Walsh) Witnesses: John Daniel, farmer Thos. Smith, shepherd
R. v Ann Chapel, Place not stated, Obtaining relief by fraud Witnesses: Mr. Le Mesurier Thos. Garner, ?overseer W. Bates, overseer Beatrice Bates, midwife
R. v Richard Winston, Soulbury, Leaving family Witnesses: Rbt. Cotchin, overseer Wm. Stone, former overseer Edw. Hill

Epiphany, 1805  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Fryer, West Wycombe, Larceny Witnesses: Thos. Nixon, shepherd Jonathan Tranter, servant to Mr. Francis Wm. Reed Heath Wm. Charsley, constable Joseph Heath, farmer Sentence - transported 7 years
R. v Daniel Row, Wing, Larceny Witnesses: John Walter, farmer, Wing - Culverhouse, constable of Wing Sentence - transported 7 yrs.
R. v William Clarke, Turville, Stealing axe Witnesses: Charles Lamb, farmer Wm. Foster, constable of Turville Sentence - 6 months hard labour
R. v David Swayne, Buckingham, Stealing poultry Witnesses: James Rogers, farmer Geo. Loden of Newbottle Wm. Adcock William Jones Benj. Emerton, of Dolphin Inn. Sentence - transported 7 years.
R. v Ellis Harvey, Marlow, Robbery from Jane Grimsdales house Witnesses: Thos. Goldswain, sawyer James Rockhall, labourer Jane Grimsdale of Wycombe Heath
R. v Thos. Whitehead, Biddlesden, Leaving children Witnesses: James Sewell, constable A. Chaplin, clerk of the peace
R. v Charles Buckland, Stoke, Assault on Mary Smith Witnesses: Mary Smith, of Stoke John Streeting, passer-by, of Beaconsfield
R. v Wm. Raymond, Soulbury, Assault on Eliz. Stevens Witnesses: Eliz. Stevens Mary Stevens, mother of Eliz.
R. v Josiah Kitson, Marlow, Receiving stolen goods (from Ellis Harvey, see above) Witnesses: Thos. Goldney Robert Sawyer, constable Mrs. Castle Jane Grimsdale James Rockhall Thos. Goldswain Thos. Roads
R. v William Clarke, Turville, Stealing Witnesses: Charles Lamb, farmer William Chearsley, constable Henry Curtis, Watlington, grocer Anne Lamb, sister of Charles.
R. v Jos. Harris, Little Horwood, Fraud Witnesses: W. Clarke, acting overseer of Little Horwood (for John Leeson, illiterate) Thos. Blick, shopkeeper Henry Wilmer, overseer Richard Coleman.
R. v John Gladman, Ellesborough, Maintenance of bastard child of late Mary Dollimore, Prosecutor Mr. Peckwell Witnesses: Rev. Wodley Anne Dollimore, sister of Mary Abigail Durham, midwife Mr. Willis; Mr. Ginger overseers Mr. Nicholls, of Ellesborough Sentence - pay 2s.0d. per week to parish
Anne Grimdale v Thos. Atkins, Place not stated, Plaintiff in fear of her life. Witnesses: Anne Grimdale Eliz. George, lodger
R. v Robert Corbet, Place not stated, Assault
R. v Joseph Rose, Great Marlow, Assault on Francis Parker, publican of "The Horns", at Marlow Witnesses: Francis Parker J. Anderson, Anne Parker Jos. Clarke, passer-by John Collins Mr. Hickman, surgeon Sentence: Fined 5s. imprisoned for 12 months.
R. v Thos. Pott, Winslow, Misdemeanour Witnesses: Thomas Hearn, attorney, of Winslow Thos. Hearn, jnr., (nephew of above) Wm. Thorne, Whitchurch Mr. James Turpin, Weedon John Perritt Wm. Watkins, of Haydon Mill Mr. Gough, of Aylesbury Thos. Gough, publican Sentence - 12 months imprisonment
R. v Thos Stubbles, Wm. Hutton (aged 16) Place not stated, Larceny (stealing wine) Witnesses: Jos. Trumper Robt. Lovegrove
R. v Thomas Stubbles, Place not stated, Larceny (stealing grain) Witnesses: Jos. Trumper Mr. Robert Lovegrove.
R. v Thos. Thorne, Wing, Assault on Anne Gurney (while returning from Leighton Fair) Witnesses: Anne Gurney Mrs. Dymock, Mary Radall
R. v Sarah Patton, Marlow, Receiving stolen goods, and inciting Martha Jones to steal same. Witnesses: John Woodward, Thomas Collins, constable, George Woodward, Eliz. Impey, maid at George Inn, Martha Jones Sentence - 14 years transportation
R. v John Absalom, Salthill (Slough), Defrauding of a watch Witness: Richard Weston
R. v John Charters, Little Brickhill, Leaving family
R. v James Burnham, Beaconsfield, Leaving family.

Midsummer, 1805  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thos. Hickes, Amersham, Larceny (shoes) Witnesses: Samuel Caudery, hostler at "The Crown", John Salter, higler, Mary Earl, of "Saracens Head"
R. v James Hughes, Drayton Beauchamp, Larceny (shirt) Witnesses: Sarah Foster of Drayton Beauchamp, Wm. Clarke, John Fountain
R. v William Barton (baker and butcher), Wycombe Marsh, Assault on Mary Barton (his wife) Witnesses: Mary Barton, Eliz. Saunders, Mary Bishop, H. Merton (?Newton), carpenter, Mary Barret, aunt of accused.
R. v John Collins, Along the Thame, Turnpike (?Aylesbury), Misdemeanour Witnesses: Thos. Poole, servant to Mr. Lowndes, Thos. Morgan, waiter at "The George" (Turnpike details)
R. v Thos. Evans (?Ewers), Ashendon, Assault Witnesses: Richard Humphreys, Thos. Knight, Bicester

Michaelmas, 1805  [no ref. or date]

R. v Eliz. Anstey, Stoke Hammond, Grand larceny Witnesses: Patience Saunders, of Stoke Hammond, Thomas Fountain, constable, John Saunders, husband of above. George Stevens, Stoke Hammond (Reference to "Shenley feast")
R. v Anne Crook, Edgcott, Assault Witnesses: Wm. Kibble of Edgcott, Richard Kibble, brother of Wm.
R. v Thos. Francis, Simpson, Assault Witnesses: Benj. (?Doniche), draper of Fenny Stratford. Mr. Warr, constable
R. v Nicholas Franklin (tailor), Tingewick, Misdemeanour Witness: John Price, keeper of Tingewick, Workhouse

Epiphany, 1806  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Dean, Place not stated Grand Larceny
R. v Edmund Warburton (Soldier), John Gazey (Soldier), Wm. Bolton (Soldier), Salthill (Slough), Grand larceny (theft of spoons etc.) and, in the case of Gazey and Bolton, receiving stolen goods. Witnesses: Thos. Botham, keeps the windmill, James Stone, silversmith and watchmaker, Sgt. John Ball (in "The Stafford") Sentence - Bolton and Warburton transported for 7 years.
R. v Wm. Jefkins, Haddenham, Grand larceny (wheat) Witnesses: John Morecraft, Richard Roadnight
R. v John Hunt, Little Marlow, Grand larceny (a cart) Witnesses: Thos. Lane, overseer, Henry Goldsmith, Richard Walker, tything man
R. v John Graveney, Chesham, Leaving family chargeable to parish Witnesses: James Pope, overseer, Joseph Keen, governor of Poor House
R. v Barth. Tewley, Amersham Common, Assaulting his daughter, Sarah Witnesses: Benjamin Child, farmer, Jonathan Beckley, servant of Mr. Child
R. v Joseph Shirley, Little Linford, Stealing milk Witnesses: Abraham Barrett, farmer, James Bell, servant to Barrett

Easter, 1806  [no ref. or date]

R. v Mary Bishop, Thos. Bishop, Rich. Bishop, Slough, Stealing a truck and timber Witnesses: Richard Sergeant, carpenter, Isaac Gale, worked with Sergeant, Charles Murray, constable, Sarah Howes Sarah Sherriff, gaoler's wife Sentence - 7 years transportation, but men applied to go to sea and court recommended a pardon.
R. v John Francis, Marlow (Military college), Stealing a portable writing desk Witnesses: Joseph Longley, Ellis Davies, publican, James Clark, keeps a Pawnbroker's shop, Robt. Sawyer Sentence - 12 months hard labour
R. v Joseph Millins, Cheddington, Stealing sheep crib. Witness: John Cragg, alehouse keeper
R. v John Todd (chimney sweep and fruiterer), Great Marlow, Stealing deal boards belonging to Mr. Nash Witnesses: Samuel Wilson, Thos. Andrews, Rich. Hughes, gardener to Mr. Nash, Robert Sawyer, constable, Ellis Davies
R. v Samuel Wood, Place not stated, To be sent for sea service.
R. v Edward Horwood, Place not stated, "When he first left the family he did not live in the parish of Buckland"

Midsummer, 1806  [no ref. or date]

R. v Christopher Davis (publican), Eton, Assault Witness: William Cook, tailor and overseer, Guilty - sixpence fine
R. v William Hearn (thresher), Wendover, Grand larceny (wheat) Witness: Timothy Wooster
R. v Waring Wilson (labourer), Aylesbury, Grand larceny (wheat) Witnesses: John Rawbone, Aylesbury, Francis Oliffe, jun., Aylesbury, Francis Oliffe, sen., H. Sheriff, Aylesbury, Charles Cozier, Aylesbury, Rich'd Barnaby, Aylesbury, Benj. Todd, Aylesbury
R. v James Adcock (barge boy), Bradwell, Stealing poultry Witnesses: Anne Poole, servant at Inn, Anthony Rowlands, Innkeeper
R. v William Cainy, Aylesbury, Leaving children chargeable to parish Witness: Jonah Dawney, overseer
R. v George Neighbour, Place not stated, Misdemeanour Witness: John Smith (does not appear)

Michaelmas, 1806  [no ref. or date]

R. v Samuel Green, Mursley, Leaving family Witnesses: John Willis, John Bradbury, churchwarden
R. v Henry Newell, Saunderton, Robert Simonds, Grand larceny (wood) Witnesses: Richard Briginshaw, farmer, John Briginshaw, son of Richard, John Bates, waggoner, of Kimble, William Bernard, Risborough, baker, Elizabeth Coles, John Crafts, clerk to Mr. Hicks, Francis Stone, farmer, Thos. Stanwood, Bradenham
R. v William Green, Princes Risborough, Richard Hopkins (ragman and skin collector), Green for Grand Larceny, Hopkins for receiving stolen goods Witnesses: Thos. Winslow, mealman and owner of Culverden Mill, John Hester, baker, Princes Risborough
R. v Joseph Griggs (labourer of North Crawley Fraud, Weston Underwood Witnesses: Maryanne Revis, wife of John Revis, butcher, John Foster, Emberton, farmer, Thos. Simcoe.

Epiphany, 1807  [no ref. or date]

R. v George Bichnell (Bicknell?), Shredding Green, Iver, Grand larceny (great coat) Witnesses: John Tibbler, lives at Mr. Blenowes' at Hayes, John Lawrence
R. v James Johnson (a stonemason), Grand larceny (meat), Marlow Witnesses: John Fowler, butcher, Rich. Clarke, tithingman, Robt. East, butcher, (N.B. Prisoner lived at Chapel Street, Marlow)
R. v Richard Adkins (sawyer), Wycombe Larceny Witnesses: Charles Dixey, butcher, Marian Dixey, wife of Charles, John Jaques, constable, John Clark, miller, Wm. Oliver, keeps a clothes shop
R. v John Edlin, Chesham, Grand larceny (stealing beef, and a lead weight) Witnesses: Richard Spratley, butcher, ?Mr. Bailey, High constable, Thomas Gates, farmer and calf dealer, Rickmansworth, Samuel Gurney, Rickmansworth, higler, James Keatson, Rickmansworth

Epiphany, 1807  [no ref. or date]

R. v Mary Edlin, Chesham, Robbery Witness: Daniel Mayo
R. v John Clarke, Thos. Benning Rich. Tompkins, Fenny Stratford, Grand larceny (china plates etc.) Witnesses: Francis Gibson, employed by Jos. Boon Charles Cogden, carries crates to wharf, John Bailey, agent of Holt & Turp John Tookey, captain of "The Royal George", John Hadfield, works with Tookey, John Young, constable of Leighton, Wm. Guess, Linslade, James Benning, aged 13, Thos. Trip, Tring, Mrs. Eliz. Dans, Tring, Thomas Elliman, Tring, Mary Pipkin, Tring, Andrew Graham, Tring Know Clarke, character witnesses
R. v James Holland (weaver), Hardwick, Administering a drug to Rebecca Stranks to make her miscarry Witnesses: Rebecca Stranks, servant to Mr. Aubrey of Hardwick, Anne Button, fellow servant of above, Francis Loggan, chemist of Aylesbury, Wm. Hayward, medical man, Mary Coany, lives at Mr. Aubrey's, Mr. Smith, medical man, Aylesbury, Edward Harrison, lodger of Mr. Loggan's, Michael Hows, farmer, John Watkins, Hardwick, baker, Brovis Thorn, farmer, Weedon, Bernard Bone, farmer, Weedon, John Symonds, Weedon, farmer, John Cheese (Cheere?), Aylesbury, blacksmith, Wm. Rowls, Weedon

Easter, 1807  [no ref. or date]

R. v Timothy Goosey, Place not stated, Misdemeanour
R. v James Edwards (mason's labourer), Marlow, Larceny (wood) Witnesses: Wm. Sawyer, pastry cook, Robt. Sawyer, constable of Marlow, Henry Mendy, aged 14, servant to Mr. Sawyer, Richard Grace, aged 22, John Anderson, cordwainer
R. v Edward Stamford, Winslow, (horsedealer) Misdeanour - false pretences Witnesses: John Gilks, coalman of the Borough, Richard Barton, innkeeper of "The George", Winslow, Geo. Nelson, clerk to Mr. Box's bank at Buckingham

Midsummer Sessions, 1807  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Webb (sack carrier), High Wycombe, Larceny (Straw from Lord Carrington) Witnesses: Daniel Clarke, bailiff to Ld. Carr., Richard Walker, Anthony Woodward, John Inman, labourer, Wycombe, Joseph Heath
R. v Thomas Guntrip, Hartwell, Petty larceny (a spade belonging to Mr. Fipkin) Witnesses: John Fipkin, of Sedrup, William Taylor, John Hawes

Michaelmas, 1807  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Stallwood, Marlow, Grand larceny (six geese) Witnesses: Richard Webb (the younger), Thomas Oxlade, servant to Mr. Webb, John Bolter, constable of Marlow, Robert Sawyer, constable, Robert Rockall, neighbour of Stallwood, Mathew Kirkpatrick, innkeeper, William Baster, maltster
R. v Thomas Rixon, West Wycombe, (Plomer Green), Stealing an ass from John Bell Witnesses: Wm. Courtney, lives with Mrs. Bell, Edward Clarke, innkeeper at South Moreton, nr. Wallingford, Anne Timms, (Reference to Weybourne Paper Mills, Berks and death of John Mills in Buckingham Gaol)
R. v John Bishop (of Chinnor), Chesham, Grand larceny (coat and waistcoat) Witnesses: John Batchelor, Joseph Keene, George Bishop, Ellesborough
R. v Phyllis Bradbury, Place not stated, Petty larceny (stealing wheat), No evidence
R. v Elizabeth Scraggs, Place not stated, Petty larceny (stealing wheat)
R. v James Webb, West Wycombe, Stealing straw Witness: John Turner Sentence - 7 years transportation
R. v Jane Turner, Beaconsfield, Stealing clothes Witnesses: Rebecca Lee, lives at Holtspur, Jane Crockett, Richard Henningham, Thomas Atkins
R. v Maria Wilkins, Winslow, Stealing clothes Witnesses: Thomas Jeffs, butcher, Ed. Pitkins, constable
R. v Daniel Grove, Burnham/Maidenhead Rd., Assault Witnesses: Joseph Millington, overseer, Lucy Pyke, aged 10 inmate of workhouse, Rachel Dowsett, inmate of workhouse
R. v Richard Hughes, Burnham, Assault and Rescue Witnesses: Joseph Millington, John Langley, Robert Simmonds, constabe of Farnham Royal, keeper of "The Dukes Head", James Cox
R. v James Godding, Gt. Marlow, Leaving family Witness: Jonathan Wombs, overseer
R. v James Bristow, Risborough, Leaving family Witness: Thos. Grace, overseer

Epiphany, 1808  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Gladman, Place not stated, Disobeying court order
R. v Samuel Jones, John Wykes, Assaulting constables Sentence - 1 week's confinement each
R. v William Symons, Whitchurch, Stealing a pail Witnesses: Matthew Verney, John Toogood
R. v William Hinton, Place not stated, Stealing wood, petty larceny Witness: Richard Irons
R. v Thomas Collins, Hughendon, Stealing a male ass, property of William Faithorn Witnesses: Thomas Chapman, servant to W.F., of Green Farm, Hughendon, Thomas Coles, shoemaker, Stadhampton, Oxon. William Faithorn
R. v Thomas Becket, of Steeple Claydon, Hillesden Gardener, Stealing wood, property of D.W. Coke Grand larceny Witnesses: Francis Lynes, constable, John White, bricklayer, Gawcott, James Jeffs, sawyer, Geo. Leicester, carpenter

Easter, 1808  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Dunkling, Waggoner, Aylesbury, Grand larceny, (butter, etc.) Witnesses: James Middleton, Charndon, farmer, Wm. Hodkins, son of Prosecutor, Aylesbury, John Osborne, Aylesbury, John Seare, Cublington, carrier, John Ford, Dunton Sentence - 7 years transportation
R. v William Chapple, Drayton, Grand larceny (ash roller) Witnesses: Thomas Gomm, farmer, Thomas, Pratt, labourer
R. v Joseph Stevens, Chalfont, Petty larceny (straw) Witness: B. Buckmaster, farmer's servant

Midsummer, 1808  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Poole, Wendover, William Tinsley, Grand larceny (coals) Witnesses: John Newman, coal merchant, Michael How, coal merchant, Ed. Iving, Fenny Stratford, innkeeper, Wm. Goodwin, Mursley Bridge, miller, Joseph Hoare, John Philips, miller and baker
R. v William Messenger, Linslade, Grand larceny (coal) Witnesses: William Munn, boatswain (?of Paddington), John Young, constable of Linslade

Michaelmas, 1808  [no ref. or date]

R. v Howell Thomas, ?Great Missenden, Petty larceny, stealing pieces of iron Witnesses: John Bryant, carter boy to Mr. Oliffe, John Thompson, Blacksmith, Missenden, James Oliffe, jun., John Clarke
R. v John Marshall, Place not stated, Grand larceny, stealing pork Witnesses: Alice Briggs, dau. of Pros., Lucy Spencer, James Berill, Grandson of Pros., Thomas Dumville, Elizabeth Cooper
R. v Richard Thame, Whitchurch, Assaulting Sarah Thame, his wife Witnesses: Sarah Thame, William Foster, Charles Bowler
R. v William Tomkins, Westcott, Assault on Thomas Piggot Witnesses: Thomas Piggot, Martha Tarry, Mary Saunders

Epiphany, 1809  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Cassington of Fingest, Stanwell v Langley Bradwell v Little Brickhill Witnesses: Henry Goss, George Watts, John Marshall Wootton v Tingewick Stone v Ellesborough Witnesses: William Green, Rev. William Stockings
R. v William Ryan, Aylesbury, Stealing a watch Witnesses: William Carter, William Carter, the younger, Jane Carter, wife of Wm. sen. William Woodman
R. v Elizabeth Tims, Ludgershall, Stealing a loaf, Grand larceny Witnesses: Athalia Smith, John Gunnatt (?Grennall)
R. v Joseph Austin (servant), Dorney, Stealing clothes Witnesses: James Webb, fellow servant of Prisoner's, William Holman, constable
R. v William Chapman, Chalfont St. Giles, Stealing clothes Witnesses: William Sawyer, Marlow Abbey, James Chipp, lives at White Hart at Chalfont st Peter, William Wilson, Chalfont St. Giles, shoemaker, Thomas West, alehouse keeper, Chalfont St. Giles, John Marshall
R. v Christopher Price, North Marston, Leaving family Witness: Richard Denchfield

Easter, 1809  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Thame, Oxon v Waddesdon Farnham Royal v Burnham Witnesses: Hannah Cox, Jane Cox, of Burnham, Joseph Moss, John Bird, Thomas Marshall, George Shirkley, Mary Martin Lower Winchenden v Chilton Witnesses: Elizabeth Jessett, Richard Jessett, Ludgershall v Lower Winchendon Witness: William Chilton, Wing v Cublington Witness: Frances Carter
R. v Edward Orchard, Swanbourne, Edward Anstee, chimney sweep, Stealing a turkey, Grand larceny Witnesses: William Deverell, James Adams Williamson, William Simmonds, Sir Jonathan Loveitt, Captain Fremantle
R. v Joseph Moors, Newton Longville, Assault on John Boughton Witnesses: Harry Hobbs, John Boughton
R. v Joseph Moors, Newton Longville, Assault on Thomas Lovell Witnesses: Thomas Lovell, Thomas Young, overseer and constable
R. v Thomas Muskett, Lavendon, Leaving family chargeable to parish Witnesses: George Hine, overseer John Parish
R. v William Marks, Gt. Horwood, Assault on John Harris Witnesses: John Harris, William King, Martha Marks
R. v William Hebbard, Gt. Marlow, Stealing a tub, property of Charles Lewin Witnesses: Robert Carter, servant to Mr. Lewin, John Boulter, tythingman, Mary Thorne, Bisham, Mary Davis
R. v William Hebbard, Gt. Marlow, Stealing a door Witnesses: Henry Goldsmith, John Boulter

Midsummer, 1809  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Ellesborough v Wendover, Castlethorpe v Haversham, Pod(d)ington v Farnham Royal, Waterstock v Wotton Underwood
R. v William Beavor, West Wycombe, Stealing a bushel of wheat, Grand larceny Witnesses: Wm. Read Heath, farmer, Edmund Phelps, miller, Wm. Grey, constable
R. v John Waring, Ellesborough, Stealing horse shoes, property of Wm. Eldridge Witnesses: William Eldridge, shopkeeper, William Jacob, blacksmith, Princes Risborough, Charles Denny, Jacob's grandson, Anne Danials, Aylesbury
R. v William Mander, Weston Turville, Stealing ducks, property of Wm. Weaver Witnesses: William Weaver, Sarah Weaver, Mary Wentleborough
R. v William Linney, Aylesbury, Stealing 11s. property of George Boddington Witnesses: George Boddington, lives at the "Royal Oak", Thomas Cox, William Parish
R. v William Knibb, Waddesdon, Stealing a Beech Rail Witness: William Newman, farmer
R. v Joseph How, Buckland, Leaving family Witness: William Denham, overseer

Michaelmas, 1809  [no ref. or date]

Appeal, Burnham v Farnham Witnesses: Anne Cooke, pauper, Anne Johnson, John Cooke, Abraham Derby, Maidenhead, auctioneer, John Aldridge, Maidenhead, farmer
R. v John, Staires James Hitchcock, Shenley, Stealing money from Thomas Gray Witnesses: Thomas Gray, waggoner, Mrs. E. Nicklin, of "The Fountain" Loughton, Judith Daniel, mother of Staires, Susannah Hitchcock, mother of Hitchcock, John Raye, constable
R. v William Climpson, Chalfont St. Giles, Grand larceny Witness: Peter Parker, farmer and maltster
R. v Anne Mallon, Place not stated, Petty larceny No witnesses
R. v Hannah Smith, High Wycombe, Grand larceny (stealing rags) Witnesses: Stephen Spicer, paper-maker, William Robert Davies, paper-maker at Mr. Spicer's mill, Robert Beck, constable of Wooburn Sentence: Six months hard labour
R. v Thomas Mayncock, Place not stated, Grand larceny No witnesses
R. v William Frier, the elder, Aylesbury, Assault on Amos Brooks Witnesses: Amos Brooks, shoemaker's 'prentice, James Leicester, cordwainer, apprentice in same shop, Francis Rogers, servant to Mr. Rose, Henry Hickman, surgeon
R. v Wm. Gunn, Ashley Green, Assault with intention to ravish Witness: Lydia Nash

Epiphany, 1810  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Paddington v Aylesbury Witnesses: Mary Cave, pauper, Joseph Jones, John Hoare, Evenley v Brill, Purley v Little Marlow Witnesses: El. Smith, pauper, J. Smith, Bletchley v Great Horwood Witness: Hester Green
R. v William Durrant, Emberton, Stealing 3 pecks of Barley, Grand larceny Witnesses: John Norman, labourer, Robert Sharpe, labourer, Benjamin Brooks, constable, Stephen Dexter, farmer
R. v William Smith, Hughenden, Stealing a stone mule, property of Richard Cooke, Grand larceny Witnesses: Richard Cooke, publican, Bewdley, Worcs, Moses Cooke, son of Richard, John Mason, constable of Brands Fee
R. v Joseph Lacey, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 3 pecks of peas and beans, property of Thomas Cox Witnesses: John Howland, High Wycombe, William Cox, son of Prosecutor, John Harris, servant of Thomas Cox, Thomas Cox, of "The Swan", William Neale, Thomas Morris, West Wycombe, Daniel Page, a maltster
R. v John Smith, Little Marlow, Stealing 2 bushels of wheat, property of John Moores Witnesses: James Allen, labourer at Abbey Farm, Richard Clark, constable, John Boulter, Joseph Rose, John Moores
R. v John Skinner, Taplow, Stealing, Grand larceny Witnesses: William Davis, hostler at "Orkney Arms", Thomas Rumbold, Joseph Stevens
R. v William Berwick, Little Linford, Stealing 4 elm boards, property of Abraham Barrett Witnesses: Abraham Barrett, John Harris, carpenter
R. v Michael Monk, Hogshaw, Stealing a coat Witnesses: Stephen Claydon, servant to John Hughes, John Ashe
R. v Thomas French, Penn, Stealing, Grand larceny Witnesses: Samuel Collins, John Horcher Morris, John Percy, constable (? of Penn), James Humphry, corporal on recruiting service.
R. v George Reeve, Edlesborough, Assault Witness: Elizabeth Terney Sentence - 2 months in prison
R. v Richard Casemore, Place not stated, Assault Witnesses: William Kirby, John Harvey

Easter, 1810  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, St. Pancras v Chesham Saunderton v Princes Risborough Chepping Wycombe v Haddenham Pirton v Great Brickhill Heath & Reach v Aylesbury Kettering v Lavendon Singleborough v Stewkley
R. v Thomas Maycock, Shabbington, Assault on William White Witnesses: William White, labourer to Thos. Carter, Thomas Carter, farmer, John Painter, Mr. Maycock's servant
R. v James Showler, Stone, Assault on John Hawkes Witnesses: John Hawkes, of the "Bugle Horn", Richard Carter
R. v James Showler, Stone, Assault on Joseph Seamons Witnesses: Joseph Seamons, constable of Hartwell, Benjamin Todd, constable of Hartwell
R. v Richard Martin, Amersham, Leaving family Witness: John Hearn, vestry clerk of Amersham

Midsummer, 1810  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Fryer, Langley Marish, Leaving family Witnesses: William Silbourne, overseer, Richard Moore
R. v William Willis (labourer), Langley Marish, Receiving stolen goods Witnesses: Richard Moores, farmer, James Fryer, labourer, Joshua Browne, Hillingdon, farmer, John Smith, labourer, Wycombe
Appeal, Grove v Weedon Loose in volume:- Letter W. Lowndes (Somerset House) to Acton Chaplin Sept. 5th 1811, on a burglary case which resulted in sentence of transportation; and draft reply of Chaplin's 11th Sept. 1811.

Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions.  QS/JC/2  Michaelmas, 1810-Michaelmas Session 1814

(Quarto volume bound in limp leather.)

[Abstract available]

Michaelmas, 1810  [no ref. or date]

Appeal, Great Brickhill v Newport Pagnell Pauper Martha Marks
R. v John Dewell, assaulting constable, Joseph Burnham pleads not guilty to reserve of same
R. v John Mawes, Dorney, Stealing ducks, property of Sir Chas. Palmer Witnesses: Sir Chas. Palmer, William Holman, Eliz. Middleton, Guilty
R. v Anne Long and 2 others Sophia and Charlotte Glazier, Eton (Brocas Lane), Wives of Bargemen Assault on William Carter Witnesses: William Carter, Waterman looks after the young man of Eton on the water, Mary Horn, keeps a small subscription school.
R. v Thomas Harding, Red Lion, Aylesbury, Using counterfeit shillings Witnesses: Thos. Hodgkin, Red Lion, Aylesbury, Frances Hodgkin, wife of Thos., Jos. Wingfield, William Woodman, constable., Thos. White Field, silversmith
R. v John Lea, Buckingham, Stealing a cloth coat, Grand larceny. Witness: Wm. Trenable, Guilty

Epiphany, 1811  [no ref. or date]

R. v Bernard Curry, Aylesbury Fair, Using counterfeit money Witnesses: Thos. Buckley Foden, Sgt. 14 ft at Aylesbury, John Giles Martin, constable, James Sheriff, Josiah Gill Sewell, clerk to the solicitor of the mint 17 yrs in service of the mint, Thos. Tindall, Guilty
R. v Francis Redrup, Monks Risborough, Quarrel over attempt to build dam to divert rain water, Assault on Sophia Mainstone Witnesses: Sophia Mainstone, of White Cliff, Angelica Mainstone, sister of Sophia Sarah Newens, of White Cliff, Martha Lambourn, Guilty - to pay fine of £5, imprisoned until paid
R. v Rich. Tapping, John Tapping, John Blackwell, Rich. East, William. Redrup, Monks Risborough, Conspiring to demolish, and demolishing a wall property of Mary Mainstone Witnesses: Mary Mainstone, widow, Sophia Mainstone, daughter of above, William Rogers, constable of Monks Res, Mary Westfield, Guilty

Easter. 1811  [no ref. or date]

Appeal, Matthew Price acquitted
R. v Geo. Wright, Beaconsfield, Using counterfiet shilling Witnesses: Sarah Blake, of Swan Inn, wife of Henry Blake, William Taylor, labourer, Gt Marlow, John Jackson, constable of Beaconfield, Caleb Edward Powell, assistant solicitor at the mint.

Midsummer, 1811  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Singleborough v Claydon - Pauper John Coleman married with 3 children Pridenture fraudulent Health & Reach v Stoke Hammond [alledged that pauper is dead] Newport Pagnell (bridge) v Geo. Hant Appeal quashed - Trustees not empowered by the Act to appeal North Marston v Swanborne - Pauper John Horne order quashed Aylesbury v Whitchurch Pauper - Lydia Perry, Aston Clinton v Chearsley Grove v Linslade Pauper Eliz Méssenger witness: Thos Lane Wood churchwarden of Leighton many messenger, dau. of Rich'd, 47 yrs ol Articles sworn Frederick Courtenay Sedley and Caroline her wife.
R. v Henry Saunders, Langley Marish, Stealing fowl Witness: Rich. Moore, farmer, Guilty
R. v John Goldwin, Burnham, Leaving family Witness: William Thurlow, overseer 1809/10, John Charlsley, Clark to mag of Burnham
R. v John Sullivan, Beaconsfield, Using counterfeit money Witnesses: Edward Tranter, "The Hare" Beaconfield, Joseph Horn, headborough, Charles Scott, silversmith, Aylesbury, Guilty
R. v William Taylor, ?Buckingham, Having enlisted with 14th Foot while an apprentice Witnesses: William Webster, Nottingham, Frame work knitter, John Gardiner, Sgt. in 14th Foot, Not guilty - attestation not within time.
R. v Frederick Courtney Sedley, (a strolling player) and Caroline, his wife, Burnham, Assault on Jane Messenger Witnesses: Jane Messenger her husband is insane, she has managed his concern for 4 yrs, John Williams Both guilty
R. v Thos. Bonham, Stoke Mandeville, Leaving his family, misdemeanour Witness: William Farmborough, overseer, Guilty
R. v Roy Ludlow, Winslow, Disobeying court order Witness: Thos. Rawbone, overseer, Not guilty
Wm. Piggott & Acton Chaplin v Waddesdon parish, Blackgrove Gate, Waddesdon, Bad Roads Witness: John Osborn, wheelwright & Sheriffs officer, Not guilty

Michaelmas, 1811  [no ref. or date]

Appeal, Aston Clinton v Chearsley Anne Coggins
Wendover v Seer Green Mary Philips
R. v Samuel Swift, (?Uxbridge), Wm. Jackson, Stealing beans Witnesses: Saul Williams, employed by Mr. Osborne, Rich. Hall, Jos. Lawrence, Ch. Murray, High Constable, Not guilty
R. v James Bunce, James Read, Stevenson's farm, Penn, Stealing geese Witnesses: Anne Bradley, Will. Grange, Corporal 3rd Foot, James Bradshaw, Beaconsfield, Steward of Stevenson's farm, Mr. Marshall, clerk to Magistrate, Both guilty
R. v James Gutteridge, Quarrendon, Stealing a shirt Witnesses: Henry King Seamans, Anne Seaman, mother of Henry, John Seaman, father of Henry, John Moulden, Waddesdon, constable, Not guilty
R. v John (Bumpus?), Aylesbury/Wendover Road, Stealing coal Witnesses: Mr. Jos. Read, Aylesbury, Wm. Tundell, works on Dayman's wharf at Wendover, Wm. Collins, cordwainer (turnpike-keeper) Anne Turpin, Walton Not Guilty
R. v Rich. Mapely, Stony Stratford, Stealing fowls Witness: Rich. Wrighte, deals in fowls, Guilty
R. v Jos. Saunders, Chalfont, Stealing faggots of furze Witnesses: Edw. Kepp, son of Pros., Penn, John Kepp, father of Edw., Beaconsfield, Wm. Carter, Penn, brickmaker, John Evens, lives with Mr. Carter, Guilty
R. v Henry Badrick, Chearsley, Leaving family Witness: Will. Wood, overseer. Guilty
R. v George Woodward, Winslow, Leaving family Witness: Henry Dudley, overseer, Guilty
R. v John Burt, Pitstone, Assault on Thos. Hawkins Witnesses: Thos. Hawkins, shepherd, Denby Hawkins, father of Thos. Perceval Horne, Guilty
R. v Melissa Barnet, Penn, Assault on Mr. Darvile Witness: John Darvile, workhouse keeper, Guilty

Epiphany, 1812  [no ref. or date]

R. v West. Wycombe, Non-repair of road - prosecutor not appearing - not guilty
R. v Saunderton, Bledlow/Wendover Road, Non-repair of road Witness: John Brookes, Bledlow Sentence - 6d. fine
R. v William Smith, Lowndes Estate, Stealing wood, property of Will. Lowndes, Esq. Witnesses: Matthew Gascoine, servant to W. Lowndes John. Burnett, servant, Guilty
R. v Charles Turner, Beaconsfield (Marsh Land), Stealing spade and wheelbarrow Witnesses: Joseph Jagger, Highway surveyor, James Boulton, Labourer, William Shepherd, farmer and barge-carter of Cookham, Not Guilty
R. v Thomas West, Colnbrook, Stealing money Witnesses: Edward Gardiner, keeps an Academy (his wife keeps a shop), Guilty
R. v Joseph Fisher, Loudwater, Breach of trust, embezzling. Witnesses: John Goldwin, carrier upon the road from Loudwater to London. Alexander Webb, Wooburn, fruit-dealer., Guilty
R. v William Ayres, Wycombe Marsh, Stealing a spindle of an engine of a paper-mill Witnesses: Joseph Clarke, millwright, Joseph Jordan, millwright, John Compton, foreman, William Wiggins, constable, Guilty
R. v Matthew Darvill, Chesham Bois, Stealing flour Witnesses: Thomas Wright, mealman, William Wiggins, shoemaker, Wycombe, Guilty
R. v Daniel Walker, Winslow, Stealing peas Witnesses: Thos. Richardson, farmer William Harris, workhouse keeper, James Hall, constable, Guilty
R. v Joseph Dunton, Weston Turnville, Stealing a Hempen sack Witnesses: John Simons, farmer, Mary Purssell, wife of Rich. Purssell, a miller, William Paradine, Drayton Beauchamp, labourer. Solomon Fountain, headborough of Aston Clinton. Not Guilty
R. v David Wilkins, Eton, Leaving wife & children chargeable to parish Witness: Thomas Vaughan, overseer. Not Guilty
R. v James Holland, Stowe, Leaving family Witnesses: William Langland, overseer Bennett, Guilty
R. v Christopher Price, Wheatsheaf Inn, North Marston, Assault Witness: Geo. Carpenter, farmer, Guilty
R. v William Dawney, Hyde Heath, Assault Witness: Thomas White, shopkeeper [Dawney had shop before White, dispute over right to house], Guilty
Appeals, Odiham v Chepping Wycombe, Leckhamstead v Whaddon, Wing v Cublington, Uxbridge v Iver
R. v Thos. Francis (shoemaker), Amersham, Stealing bank tokens and coins Witnesses: James Butcher, baker, William Keene, shoemaker Sentence - 3 months imprisonment
R. v William Fennimore, Foscote, Stealing beans Witnesses: John Hirons, Servant, Thos. Atwood, John Roper, constable Sentence - 1 months imprisonment
R. v Thos. Sheriff, on 5th Nov. Headborough called out to see no thrown, T.S. in a group of young man, throwing squibs. Aylesbury, Assault on Francis Oliff, headborough Witness: Francis Oliff, headborough and watchman Sentence: 6d. fine and discharge
R. v John Webb, Medmenham, Leaving family Witness: Edward Sawyer, overseer, Guilty

Midsummer, 1812  [no ref. or date]

R. v Richard Casemore, Ickford, Assault on Alice Horner Witnesses: Alice Horner, Eliz. Dover, Not Guilty
R. v Thos. Aldridge, West Wycombe, Leaving family Witness: Thos. Morris, overseer
R. v Charles Jennings, Botolph Claydon, Assault on John Tombs Witnesses: John Tombs, shepherd, Thos. Evans, Guilty
R. v Edward Pratt, Aylesbury, Assault on Mr. Brown Witnesses: John Brown, Martha Brown, his wife, Sarah Gap, Guilty

Michaelmas, 1812  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Lower Borwick v Ibstone Brackley St. Peters v Bourton Hold Uxbridge v Iver Uxbridge v Amersham Whitchurch v Oving Radley v Eton Henley v Marlow Cublington v Oving Mansfield v Ashendon Drayton v Lower Winchendon Studley v Brill East Barton v Olney John Cooper v Trustees for Newport Bridge Drayton Parslow v Stewkley enclosure Radclive v Gt. Horwood James Partridge (appeal against order for maintenance of a bastard child)
Appeal Aston Sandford v Haddenham
R. v Brooks No prosecution offered
R. v Carter No prosecution offered
R. v Moulder Pleads guilty - fined 10 shillings
R. v Sarah Stratford, Aylesbury, Stealing articles from workhouse Witnesses: James Margesson, overseer, Mary Norwood, inmate of workhouse, Phebe Guess, Sophia Poole, wife of workhouse keeper, John Maul, Pawnbroker, John Poole, keeper of workhouse, Guilty
R. v Sarah Neal (epileptic), Aylesbury, Stealing articles from a stall in the market Witnesses: John Franklin, shop-keeper, William Shelton, stall keeper, John Brocklehurst, stall keeper, Jacob Hughes, apprentice of Brocklehurst's, Jonah Dawney, constable, Joseph Turner, surgeon and apothecary of Winslow, Dr. Ewens, James Sheriff, gaoler, Guilty
R. v Thomas Hookham, Aylesbury, Stealing doors Witnesses: James Neal, Thomas Bell, constable at Walton, James King, Joseph Hill, plasterer's boy, Guilty
R. v George Hunter, Elizabeth Hunter, Thomas Morgan, Ann Morgan, Place not stated, Being rogues and vagabonds Sentences: 6 months imprisonment, the men to be whipped twice within the said time.

Epiphany, 1813  [no ref. or date]

Appeal, Tring v Monks Risborough
R. v Daniel Cogdell, Taplow, Stealing an ass gelding Witnesses: David Small, steward to Lady Orkney, Joseph Mountague, cowkeeper to Lady Orkney, Thomas Briar, a tanner, Long Crendon, William Devonshire, Hedgerley, potter, Guilty
R. v William Burch, Chalfont St. Giles, Stealing four bushels of Oats and one sack Witnesses: Joseph Buckmaster, nephew to Joseph Buckmaster, farmer, John Curtis, tasker, Geo. Hitchcock, plumber and glazier, Constable of Chalfont, William Penn, chaff drawer, John Hearn, High constable of Burnham Hundred, wheelwright. Guilty
R. v Samuel Monk, Brickhill, Stealing a great coat, stockings, breeches, property of William Hickinbottom Witnesses: Wm. Hickinbottom, servant to Mr. Durrant as Milking boy, James Hickinbottom, father of William Thomas Hickinbottom, brother of William John Collins, Francis Pratt, Leighton, John Turner, constable of Gt. Brickhill Francis Durrant, Guilty
R. v William White Waddesdon? Stealing beans Witnesses: John Page, Robt. Hopcraft, servant of above, William Payne, carpenter, Guilty
R. v James Stones(?), Little Brickhill Stealing one peck of Barley, one hempen sack, one oak tub and 6 gallon cask. Witnesses: John Miles, farmer, Henry Miles, Guilty of stealing the tub
R. v John Reeves, Penn, Stealing two pecks of Barley and one hempen sack and one bundle of wheat straw Witnesses: John Reevey, son of the prosecuter John Perkins, Guilty
R. v Edward Gunn, Brill, Stealing two hurdles Witness: Thos. Bailey, farmer, Guilty
R. v William Dean (Bricklayer) West Wycombe, Leaving family Witness: William Morris, overseer, Guilty
R. v Waddesdon Parish, Blackgrove gate/Pitchcott Gate Road, Nuisance, for not repairing a Road Witnesses: John Barker, surveyor, Rich. Wood, Quainton, William Cowley, labourer of Waddesdon, Ed. King, Quainton, James Hillsden, Thomas Wright, Waddesdon (82 or 83 years old), Thomas Goodson, Waddesdon, (48 yrs.old), John Ammond (not very old), Robert White, Waddesdon, labourer (58 yrs.old), Jasper Allen, Waddesdon (57 years old), Richard Evans, (55 years old), John Provis, Waddesdon, John Fellows, surveyor (Much detail on road repair and responsibilities of parishes), Guilty
R. v Jasper Allen - not guilty, Benjamin Cook, James Scott guilty, Westcott, Waddesdon, Assaulting a tything man in the execution of his duty Witness: Thomas Cannons, tything man of the hundred of Westcott.

Easter, 1813  [no ref. or date]

Appeals John Cooper v Newport Bridge Trustees, Quainton v Haddenham, Pyrton v Bradenham, Lord Buckley v Sherington (apprenticeship case), Thos. Adams v Datchet, Rickmansworth v Chesham, Towersey v Haddenham, Tring v Shipton Lee, Fairford v Chepping Wycombe, Bloxham v Buckingham, Padbury v Tingewick, Bicester v Quainton, Leighton Buzzard v Lower Winchendon, Newport Pagnell v Sherington, Thame v Quainton, Addington v Quainton, Ludgershall v Brill
Application to force John Abbey (collector of the bridge toll) to provide for his family daughter kept public house at Wooburn, license taken away. Witnesses: Mr. Baker, Edw. Ivens, John Abbey, Ann Abbey, daughter
R. v William Kempton, Place not stated, Assault and rescuing goods distrained for rent, Pleaded guilty
R. v Peter Matthews, Newton Longville, Leaving his family Witness: John Young, overseer. Guilty
R. v Richard Tame, Whitchurch, Assault on an overseer Witness: Matthew Verney, overseer, Guilty
R. v John Clarke, Bletchley, Stealing four hens Witnesses: George Lane, Eliz. Turvey, servant maid, William Davey, constable, Not Guilty
R. v William Perry, Water Eaton, Stealing a silk handkerchief Witnesses: Charles Sear, Thomas Linnell, farmer, Hannah Attwell, Fenny Stratford, daughter of Sophia Attwell, lacemaker. Guilty
R. v James Pankett, Brill(?), Breaking and entering and stealing a quantity of threshed wheat Witnesses: John Beatty, servant of Mr. Hyde, Thomas Hollyman, carter, John Hyde, farmer, Henry Cook, constable, William Spiers, servant to Mr. Parsons, miller of Brill, Hannah Tilly, Not Guilty
R. v Edward Franklin, Winslow, Stealing shoes Witnesses: James Burnham, William Seaton, shoemaker, George Woodward, shoemaker, Matthew Mead, shoemaker, Guilty
R. v Mary Aris, Aston Clinton, Stealing shoes and clothes Witnesses: Frances Buggey, chambermaid at "The Rose and Crown" at Tring, William Steavens, ostler John Cox, Guilty
R. v Robert Bryant, Aylesbury, Stealing a loaf Witness: James Tebby, baker, Prisoner had wife and 3 small children and distress drove him to do it. Guilty

Midsummer, 1813  [no ref. or date]

Appeals John Cooper v Newport Bridge trustees, Bloxham v Buckingham, Hartwell v Waddesdon, Lambeth v Chepping Wycombe, Langley v Great Marlow, Bennet v Peregrine Dealty & others, Ickford v Horton, Stoke Mandeville v Weston Turville, Thame v Aylesbury, Great Horwood v Singleborough
R. v William Hooker, Aylesbury, Stealing money Witnesses: William Woodman, Rich. Gurney, constable, Jonah Dawney, Thomas Goodson, Whitchurch, Joseph Seamons, baker, Whitchurch, Guilty
R. v Henry Emmett, Place not stated, Being a rogue and a vagabond
R. v John Toms, Aylesbury, Stealing beans, property of Mr. Lake Witnesses: Henry Lake, corndealer, Job Franklin, carrier, Joseph Sear, carrier, John Willis, Not guilty
R. v John Harman, Wooburn, Stealing Beech planks worth three shillings Witnesses: William Clifford, farmer, James Johnson, constable of Hedsor, Joseph Fisher, sawyer, John Airey, Guilty
R. v Martin Dubber, Beaconsfield, Stealing 13 yards of staircarpetting out a a waggon Witnesses: Henry Widnell, carpet manufacturer, Holborn, Robert Williams, porter to H. Widnell, Robert Smith, book-keeper to Jolly's Waggon, John Margetts, waggoner, William Smith, horse keeper, Richard Tripp, a boy, George Slatter, constable, Guilty
R. v Sarah Moody, Farnham Royal, Elizabeth Jacobs, Stealing faggots Witnesses: John Rangecraft, Thomas Pusey, William Cook, John Bishop, constable of Farnham Royal, Guilty
R. v Elizabeth Westley, Winslow, Stealing gowns from Anne Morris Witnesses: Elizabeth Boughton, keeps grocers shop, John Abbott, constable, Mary Hazard, John Sandon, clerk, W. Woodman, Wing, Guilty
R. v Richard Smith (Blacksmith), Thornborough, Stealing timber chain Witnesses: Thomas King, carpenter and wheelwright, John Gray, special constable, Thomas Ridgeway, Guilty
R. v Jonathan Timms, Place not stated, Assault on his wife Witnesses: Mary Timms, prisoner's wife, Frances Grister, Thomas Cox, Guilty
R. v Thos. Bonham, Place not stated, Leaving his family, Witness: Thos. Bennion, overseer. Guilty

Michaelmas, 1813  [no ref. or date]

Appeal Thame v Aylesbury, Order quashed
R. v Sheriff, Aylesbury, Misdemeanour, Dismissed from his office of goaler
(See page 15) R. v Hill, and others Datchet, Riot Witnesses: Rev. James Philipps, curate, John Prince, constable Gen. Bowser, Dispute arose from dismissal of "Ogilvie" as clash of parish, Not guilty
(See page 15) R. v Hill and others, Datchet, Assault Witnesses: Mary Bowry, servant to Mr. Philipps, Major Hexter, Charles Buckland, Not guilty
(See page 15) R. v Hill and others, Datchet, Conspiracy Witnesses: Rev. Philipps, curate, Mary Carter, housekeeper to Major Scott, James Bowry, Mr. Richards, Gen. Bowser, [Pond - Guilty, R. Butter - Guilty, T. Weston - not guilty, Styles - not guilty, Hawthorn - not guilty, Bowser Guilty, Gould Guilty, Lewis Guilty, W. Towney - n.g., T. Hill - n.g., Winter - guilty, Allen - n.g., Norris - guilty, White - n.g., Serrison - guilty, J. Hill - n.g., G. Hill - n.g., Davis - guilty, Whytton - n.g.
R. v Edward Ewer, Eton, Stealing clothes Witnesses: George Shuldham Hume, at school at Eton, George James Pennington, at school at Eton, John Harford, pawnbroker of Windsor, George Lawrence, constable, John Durham, keeps Hardware shop at Windsor Sentence - 3 months imprisonment, to be publicly whipped at end of sentence
R. v John Croxen, John Godding Marlow, Stealing rags Witnesses: John Durham, Windsor George Dell John Dell, father of George John Dell, jnr. James Price, fruiterer, Marlow Richard Turner, rag maker, Wycombe Richard Clark, constable, Not guilty
R. v William Hatch, Amersham, Stealing shoes Witnesses: James Child, shoemaker John Plester, apprentice to Child John Keen, journeyman to Child Charles Shipperley, of Winchmore Hill, Guilty
R. v Margaret Jordon, Amersham, Stealing 8 glass bottles Witnesses: Charles Fowler, son of John, owner of the bottles. Sarah Lane, servant to Mr. Fowler Thos. Saunders, postillion John Miles, farrier at Amersham Charles Child, keeps the Hare and Hounds. Guilty
R. v Mary Rolfe, Beaconsfield, Stealing ¾ lb. of bacon, property of Joseph Hare Witnesses: Joseph Hare Anne Hare, wife of Joseph Geo. Slatter, constable, Guilty
R. v James Wallis, Aylesbury, Assault on John Poole Witness: John Poole, workhouse keeper Trial stopped
R. v James Biggs, Ivinghoe, Assault on Richard Cooke Witnesses: Richard Cooke John Groom (?), constable James Warren, Benjamin Jeffs, Guilty

Epiphany, 1814  [no ref. or date]

Appeals Westcot v Buckingham, Hardwick v Aylesbury, Monks Risborough v Aylesbury, Salter Writ of ad quod damnum. No place stated but (?) Penn, Hardwick v Aylesbury, Soulbury v Waddesdon, Mentmore v Aylesbury, Murcott v Wolverton, Cowley v Iver, Gt. Horwood v Singleborough Hannah Wright - pauper, Westcott v Buckingham - France Becket - pauper husband is a militiaman
R. v Thomas Parker, Missenden, Assault Witnesses: Richard Whitchurch Thomas Newton (?) Maria Ridgeway, Not guilty
R. v John Golding, High Wycombe, Stealing a waggon tilt Witnesses: John Treacher, chairmaker Henry Hawkins, servant of Treacher William Wiggins, constable Mr. Wellings, Beaconsfield, Guilty
R. v John Chapman, Amersham, Stealing timber Witnesses: Benjamin Brookes, farmer Samuel Pratt, sawyer Daniel Raban, constable of Emberton Thomas Hammond, mason Thomas White, mason Thomas Burnett, blacksmith, Guilty
R. v John Davis, Place not stated (?Buckingham), Stealing horse hair Witness: Edward Manders, servant, Guilty
R. v W. Cook James Taylor, Ham Green (Woodham), Stealing sack of wheat Witnesses: Franklin Ward John Uff Wm. Weedon, constable of Waddesdon Col. Piggott, Both guilty
R. v Wm. Tomkins, Place not stated, Leaving family Witness: John Bailey, Guilty
R. v Robert Dimmock, Place not stated, Indecency Witness: Robert White
R. v Elias Jones, Place not stated, Assault, Acquitted

Easter, 1814  [no ref. or date]

Appeals Gt. Horwood v Singleborough, Monks Risborough v Towersey
Lacey and Claydon v Princes Risborough, Ashendon v Long Crendon, Chr. Salter v Penn, St. Andrew Holborn v Aylesbury, St. James, Bath v Taplow Thos. Newberry, Tottenham v North Crawley Thos. Nicholson, Buckingham v North Marston Thos. Stuchbery, Leckhampstead v Granborough Thos. Norman, Winesworld? v Newport Pagnell Edw. Brian, Inhabitants of Studley (non-repair of roads), Stanmore v Aylesbury James Fleseman, Albury v Ickford Aaron Judge, Stewkley v Water Eaton Charles Jenson, Stoke Hammond v Waddesdon Rachel Higgins, Ashendon v West Broth - Famge, Wm. Savour appealing against conviction, Astwood v Woolston, Little
R. v Jesse Oakley, Place not stated, Stealing 14 lbs. of hay Witnesses: Benjamin Field Will. Smith, Not guilty
R. v John Garrat, Place not stated, Stealing 40 willow poles Witnesses: Thomas White Witnesses: John Holman, constable Robert Hicks, woodcutter, Guilty

Midsummer, 1814  [no ref. or date]

Appeals Gt. Horwood v Singleborough, Salter v Penn ?writ of ad quod damnum Witnesses: William Sergeant, Surveyor - Best, Slough Richard Thompson, Farnham Thomas Groom, Ditton Isaac Stevens William Thompson Neptune Emerton Mr. Vyse, of Little Stoke Park - Buckland, tenant of Salters Farm Mr. Trumper, Stanton st John v Oakley Witnesses: Henry Watford, Attorney, Bicester John Priest Lacey v Long Crendon
R. v James Barrett, Beaconsfield, Stealing 6 mahogany chairs Witnesses: Joseph Rance James Wassel James Rance William Hester, Acquitted
R. v James Wallis, Place not stated, Stealing a fowl Witnesses: Edward Shepherd Wm. Laurence, Aylesbury James Dawney John Smith Thomas Bonnick, Guilty
R. v Bloxham, Place not stated [? Briston] (or ? Whitchurch), Stealing sack of corn Witnesses: Thomas Durley James Durley Ann Durley Joseph Chance, Guilty - Reference a samped.
R. v William Thorn, Place not stated, Stealing foodstuffs from pantry Witness: Wm. Burt, Guilty
R. v Inhabitants of Aylesbury, Aylesbury, Non-repair of footpath Witnesses: Joshua Rose Wm. Fleet, Stoke Mandeville Thos. Woodman (?) Mr. Aldridge, Stone, Guilty
R. v Robert Bryant Richard Smith, Place not stated, Assault Witnesses: Thos. Plumridge Ann Robbs, Guilty
R. v Thos. Jennings, Woughton, Leaving family Witness: Wm. Ward, overseer, Not guilty
R. v Thos. Arnold Fawley
R. v Thos. Arnold, Fawley, Leaving family Witness: Thos. Beazley, overseer, Guilty

Michaelmas, 1814  [no ref. or date]

Appeals Gt. Horwood v Singleborough, Eaton Bray v Ivinghoe
Lillingstone Dayrell v Buckingham, Farnham Royal v Burnham, Staines v Farnham Royal, John Johnson appeal against overseers of Marlow
R. v Sarah Coleman, Elizabeth Pearce Amersham, Uttering base and counterfeit money Witnesses: Mary Fowler, wife of John Fowler, landlord of "Crown Inn" Charles White Mary Crockett, Amersham dau. of a fruiterer John Wilson, constable of Amersham Thomas White Field, Guilty
R. v Thomas Carter, Swanbourne, Assault on Sarah Grantham Witnesses: Sarah Grantham William Grantham, husband of Sarah William Grantham, Senior, father of above John Deverell, farmer George Hollis, Swanbourne Jane Osborn, daughter of Chief constable Newman Carter, defendant's son. Guilty
R. v James Evans, Place not stated, Assault on Alice Backhouse Witness: Alice Backhouse, Guilty
R. v Richard Dudley, North Marston, Leaving his family Witness: Henry Tattam, overseer, Guilty
R. v Joseph Tombs, Hanslope, Stealing an axe, Grand larceny Witnesses: George Cox, carpenter Thomas White Robert Rock, constable of Stratford, Guilty
R. v William Philpot Little Woolstone, Stealing sack of apples Witnesses: Thomas Foster Thomas Brookes, constable Thomas Markham, Guilty
R. v William Salmon, Aylesbury, Stealing a copper boiler, property of John Kersley Fowler Witnesses: John Bolingbrook Jonathan Hitchcock, watchman John Giles Martin, constable John Brickland, cook at the White Hart Daniel Lathwell Lt. Col. Browne, Guilty
R. v John Lunnon, Wooburn, Leaving family Witness: James Pegg, parish office, Guilty.
R. v Edward Randall, Medmenham, Leaving family Witness: Richard Blackwell, overseer, Guilty.
R. v James Smith, Amersham, Stealing a bridle, property of Mr. Drake James Dobson, groom to Mr. Drake John Wilson, constable of Amersham Thomas Wingfield, chair maker Sentence - one months imprisonment
R. v Richard Slaughter, Gt. Hampden, Stealing 2 bushels of wheat, property of James Grace Witnesses: James Thompson, labourer Daniel Thompson, bailiff, to J. Grace, Not guilty.
R. v Frances Slack, Aylesbury, Stealing prayer books from Church Witnesses: Thomas Dennis, son of Rev. Dennis Mr. Martin, constable John Gibbs, pawnbroker, Not guilty.
R. v William Hall, Chepping Wycombe, Leaving family Witnesses: Joseph Bates, churchwarden Jane Eedes, Guilty.
R. v William Hall, Chepping Wycombe, Assault Witness: Jane Eedes, Guilty.
R. v Jeremiah Welch, Aylesbury, Assault on constable Witness: Wm. Woodman, constable - Martin Sentence - 3 months imprisonment
R. v Pond & others, Datchet, Loose page in back of book, gives full charges in case of Michaelmas 1813 (name given Hill & others)

Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions.  QS/JC/3  (Midsummer Session 1818-Epiphany Session (1819)

(Quarto volume bound in limp leather.)

[Abstract available]

Midsummer, 1818  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Plant, Place not stated, Assault on Wm. Shirley Witnesses: Rich. Gibbons Wm. Shirley - Sanders (servant to Mrs. Cotton) Sentence - One month's imprisonment and personal recognizance in £20 to keep peace for 12 months.
R. v William Plant, Place not stated, Misdemeanour Witnesses: Ann Cotton William Shirley Sentence - Fine of 1d.
R. v Henry Mead, Chenies, Leaving his family Witnesses: Samuel Clarke, late overseer Thomas White, present overseer Sentence - 14 days imprisonment.
R. v James Finch, Datchet Bridge, Assault Witnesses: John Davis Wm. Brown, Penn. Sentence - Fortnight's imprisonment and fine of 6d. Recognizance in £20 to keep peace for 12 months.
R. v Cook Nelmes, Shabbington, Misdemeanour Witness: Rev. Phipps Long
Sentence - 3 weeks imprisonment, whipping at Shabbington, and recognizance in £20 to keep peace for 12 months.
R. v John Paine, Place not stated, Assault, No other details
R. v James Hootton, Place not stated, Assault, No other details
R. v John Bates Coles, Place not stated, Leaving his family, No true bill.
(c.f. case on page 4.) R. v William Mills William Hurst Thos. Abbott William Paine Place not stated, Assaulting a constable in the execution of his office. No other details.
R. v John Taylor, Place not stated, Misdemeanour No other details

Michaelmas, 1818  [no ref. or date]

Appeals Wootton v Boarstall Witnesses: Charles Cantwell, servant of Mr. Smallbones of Wootton Thomas Newell, bailiff to Mr. Smallbones, Nash v Wooburn [Appeal quashed] Samuel Dews Eliz., his wife and daughter, Payne v Little Missenden (poor rate) [Appeal dismissed], Rich. Langston v Little Missenden (poor rate) Witnesses: John Field, surveyor of land Richard Stratford John Symonds Adjourned Mr. Collison, surveyor Mr. Davis, surveyor, [Details of land valuations], Burton Latimer v Sherington, Grand Junction Canal Co. v Aylesbury and Walton, Grand Junction Canal Co. v Bierton, Grand Junction Canal Co. v Aston Clinton, Grand Junction Canal Co. v Buckland, Little Hazely v Quainton Witnesses: Michael Reed, farm hand (pauper) Stephen Reed, (father of Michael) Michael Reed, (uncle of pauper), Bierton v Wing, Cuddington v Waddesdon Witnesses: J. Bates Coles Robert Frost, Cuddington had employed Coles. Wm. Frost Ann Hawkins Jonathan Chapman, Great Kimble v Aylesbury Witnesses: Joseph Curtis, overseer of Aylesbury Jn. Brickinshaw Jn. Newman, Esquire Sarah Barker, husband a solider in 14 foot - several in India 7 or 8 yrs, now dead Mary Durk, mother-in-law of Sarah Barker, Joseph Rose v Aylesbury (poor rate) Witnesses: Charles Hayward, surveyor and auctioneer Mary Reed, house owner George Thorp, overseer in 1817 James Purcell [Details of valuations], Ilmer v Saunderton Witness: Richard Kingham, pauper, Lord Carrington v Chepping Wycombe (poor rate), Witnesses: Thos. Marshall, Mr. Witham, Private secretary to Lord C., Mr. John Airey, produces borough rates. Mr. Colings, tenant to Lord C., Mr. William Hussey, Mr. Sedgwick, surveyor. Joseph Bates, churchwarden, Richard Stratford.against poor rate assessment, John Bates. [Details of valuation - Loakes House, now Wycombe Abbey.], Settlement Appeals, Marsh Gibbon v Brill Witnesses: Sarah Edmunds (late Sarah Chandler), John Chandler, pauper, son of Sarah. Order confirmed. Chepping Wycombe v Little Marlow Witnesses: Joseph Taylor, pauper, aged 35. Joseph Cox, pauper formerly bound to him. John Taylor, pauer's father. Order confirmed. Woolston, Warks. v Emberton Witnesses: Marshall Field, pauper. Mrs. May Smith, daughter of pauper's late mistress. Rachel Smith. Order confirmed. Wotton Underwood v Weedon Witnesses: William Watkins, pauper.
John Symonds, had hired pauper. Order confirmed. Great Marlow v Chepping Wycombe, Respited, Water Eaton v Soulbury Witness: Joseph Sowster, pauper.
Order quashed. Shalstone v Steeple Claydon Witnesses: James Perkins, pauper. William Cross. Order Quashed. Princes Risborough v Towersey Witness: Joseph Crook, pauper. Order confirmed.
R. v John Payne, Place not stated, Assault, No evidence - not guilty.
(c.f. case on page 4) R. v William, Mills Place not stated, William Hurst, William Payne, Thomas Abbott, Assault, No evidence - not guilty
R. v Richard Hitchcock, ? Eton, Grand larceny (of a watch) Witnesses: Roger Pocklington Joseph Davis, shoemaker Henry Dean, watchman of New Windsor. Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Smith, Eton, Grand larceny (of a watch) Witnesses: Sarah Overshot, servant to Major Hexter. George Lawrence, constable of Eton. William Hexter, a magistrate. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Henry Tompkins, Place not stated [?Aston Clinton], Grand larceny (of fleeces) Witnesses: Vitruvius Smith, foreman, works for Mr. Eagles, woolfactor. James Oliver, Hannah Hearn, Quarrendon. John Fountain, bailiff to Lord Lake. Edward Horwood, Aston Clinton, agent to Lord Lake. Guilty - transported 7 years.
R. v William Bates, Beaconsfield, Grand larceny (2 fowls) Witnesses: William Rolfe, son of James Rolfe, a farmer at Beaconsfield. John Charsley. Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, and public whipping in the streets of Beaconsfield ["the space of 100 yards"]
R. v Thomas Carter John Carter, Winslow, Uttering counterfeit money. Witnesses: Joseph Robinson, shopkeeper in Winslow, Mary Hazzard, Winslow, father keeps a public house. Thomas Rawbone, schoolmaster, Winslow. William Jones, constable. Charles Scott, silversmith. Thomas Carter, sells nuts. John Carter. Guilty - 1 year's imprisonment, then to find two sureties in £10 each for good behaviour for 2 years.
R. v William Robert Simmonds, Stoke Pages, Assault Witnesses: William Buckland, under-gamekeeper to Mr. Penn at Stoke Park. William Blake. W.R. Simmonds. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, and to enter into recognizance in £50 to keep peace.
R. v John Montagu (carter and thresher), ?Gt. Marlow, Ann Wilsden (wife of Joseph Wilsden, keeps a public house at Sheepridge), J.M. Grand larceny (wood and beans). A.W. Receiving strolen goods. Witnesses: William Wethered, Montagu's employer, of Pigeon, House Farm. (R.v Rich'd Hatwell - running away from family)Thomas Blizard, an accomplice. Joshua Philips John Snoud Guilty - J.M. - 12 months' imprisonment (hard labour), and to be whipped 100 yds. in street at Gt. Marlow on market day. A.W. - 6 months' imprisonment.
R. v John Mickay, Place not stated, Grand larceny (bundle of washing) Witnesses: Sarah Gray, wife of John Gray. Isaac Brown - Hunt. John Johnson, constable. Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment (hard labour).
R. v Francis Osborn, Stoke Goldington, Grand larceny (wheat) Witnesses: Mrs. Brice, Stoke Goldington, farmer. Mr. Atkins, miller, Ravenstone. Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment (hard labour).
(R.v Rich'd Hatwell - running away from family) R. v Thomas Blizard, Place not stated, Grand larceny. [? Great Marlow] Witnesses: Thomas Finch, John Philips, Not guilty.
R. v William Cross, Shabbington, Grand Larceny (wheat) Witness: John Fuller, farmer, Shabbington. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment (hard labour), and to be privately whipped.
R. v Knibbs, Adjudged to be a rogue and a vagabond. Sentence - 2 months' imprisonment, (hard labour).
R. v James Dixon, Great Missenden, Grand larceny (clothes) Witnesses: Thomas Austin, Ct. Missenden. Mary Tozer, Ivinghoe, wife of a licensed victualler. Daniel Blick, Buckland Common, hawks cake. Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment (hard labour), and to be whipped 100 yds in a public streets of Gt. Missenden.
R. v Joseph Lovell, Woolstone, Grand larceny (2 hens) Witnesses: Henry Luck, Woolstone. William Gordon, dealer in fowls at Fenny Stratford. James Rivetts, Woughton-on-the-Green. William Parcell, Woughton-on-the-Green. Guilty - 6 weeks imprisonment, (hard labour) and to be publicly whipped at Little Woolstone.
R. v John Eggleton, Place not stated, Grand larceny (pigs) Witnesses: - Rogers, -Burman [?Burnham], - Woodbridge, dealer in pigs. Thomas Willett, pig dealer. Joseph Wells Guilty - transported 7 years
R. v Thomas Hill (of Chesham), Place not stated, Sarah Fisher, (spinster of Adstock) Grand larceny (a "smock frock") Witnesses: James Evans, Francis Bailey, William Shrimpton, tailor and dealer in clothes, Amersham. - Spratley (one of the Jury) Guilty - Both transported for 7 years.
R. v Sarah Thorn, Burnham, Grand larceny (an apron) Witnesses: Rebecca Ackerman, Burnham. Mary Haley. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment (hard labour).
R. v James Kersey - running away from family
R. v Wm. Purrott
R. v James Hootton, Newport Pagnell Assault Witnesses: Benjamin Taylor, Newport [Pagnell], constable, William Chapman, a constable of Newport [Pagnell], Guilty - 1 week's imprisonment, a fine of 1 shilling and to enter into recognizance in £50 to keep peace at end of imprisonment.
R. v William Purrott, Chesham, Leaving family chargeable to parish (2nd offence) Witness: William Pearson, assistant overseer of Chesham. Guilty: (as an incorrigible rogue and vagabond) 6 months' imprisonment, (hard labour).

Michaelmas, 1818  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Kersey, Aylesbury, Leaving family chargeable to parish Witness: - Curtis, overseer of Aylesbury, Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment, (hard labour). Churchwardens and Overseers of Aylesbury v Thomas Webb, Re: maintenance of T. Webb's mother (?Eleanor, ?Alice Webb) Witnesses: - Curtis Thomas Webb, Adjudication of the court - T.W. to pay 3 shillings a week towards maintenance of his mother.
R. v James Swain, Place not stated, Stealing 1 gallon of milk, Pleaded guilty - sentenced to 1 week's imprisonment (hard labour).
R. v William Andrews, Chalfont St. Giles, Convicted of threatening to leave wife and family chargeable on parish. Dismissed with Admonition.

Epiphany Session 1819  [no ref. or date]

Appeals Joseph Rose v Aylesbury (see previous session) Against a poor rate. Rate quashed.
Richard Langston v Little Missenden, Against a poor rate, No appeal prosecuted. Great Marlow v Chepping Wycombe (respited from previous session), Settlement appeal Witnesses: Hannah Swan - Wright - Gadsden Order quashed. [Reference to bigamous marriage of H.S.] St. Marylebone v Eton, Order confirmed. Thame v Penn, Order confirmed. Lee v Gt. Missenden, Settlement appeal Witnesses: William Woodhouse, pauper. Mary Woodhouse, pauper's wife. - -, acting overseer, William Woodhouse, uncle to pauper. Order confirmed. Amersham v Chesham, Order confirmed. Thame v Boarstall, Order confirmed. Dinton v Upper Winchenden, Settlement appeal Witness: Thomas Oakley, pauper. Order quashed. Aston Abbots v Mentmore, Settlement appeal Witness: Daniel Kempster, Order confirmed. Chilton v Chepping Wycombe, Order quashed by consent, with maintenance £5. Burnham v Farnham Royal, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Elizabeth Saunders, wife of Henry Saunders. - Saunders, parent of Henry Saunders. Alice Whiting, Kensington. - Payne, Twickenham, tallow chandler, James Whiting. John W. Vaughan, broker and sworn appraiser, of Orange Court Street, Soho Square. Daniel Elms, James Wassell, Beaconsfield, surveyor. Order confirmed. Lord Carrington v Chepping Wycombe, Against rate Witnesses: Thomas Marshall, Edward Collins, steward to Lord C. - Philips, Wycombe, one of the committee of valuation. Farrow Witham, Lord. C.'s secretary. William Hussey, surveyor at West Wycombe. Joseph Bates, one of the committee. William Young, farmer in Wycombe Borough, and one of the committee. - Lansdale, "a considerable occupier of land in C. Wycombe". Richard Stratford. John Woodcock, surveyor. Rate quashed. Weedon v Hardwick, Settlement appeal. Witnesses: Thomas Batson, uncle to the pauper, Fleet. John Fleet, pauper. Order confirmed. Floore v Radclive, Settlement appeal Witness: Thomas Baldwin, pauper. Order quashed. Pirton v Shabbington, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Josiah Nelms, pauper. Thomas Reeves, Pirton. Emanuel Reeves, Pirton. - Dorrington, a medical man. Cook Nelms, father of Josiah. Thomas Nelms, brother to pauper. - Peasley - Hall - Crook would not believe Cook Nelms on oath Order quashed. Soulbury v Cublington, Settlement appeal. Witnesses: Samuel Dickens, pauper. James Oakley, fellow servant with Dickens. John Chew, Thomas Chew, Order confirmed. Toddington v Bletchley, Settlement appeal Witness: Jacob Neale, pauper, Order confirmed. Sydenham v Cuddington, Settlement appeal Witness: John Roadnight. Order confirmed. Great Hazeley v Upper Winchendon, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Richard Baxter, Thomas Chapman, Order confirmed.
Middle Claydon v Swanbourne, Settlement appeal Witnesses: John Philip, pauper. Joseph Stevens. Alice Stevens, John Miller, William Hughes, Joseph Hinton, Order quashed. Botolph Claydon v Steeple Claydon, Order quashed for want of form. Waddeston v Cuddington, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Mary Ann Hopcroft, Robert Hopcroft, Orders quashed. Ludgershall v Quainton, Settlement appeal Witness: Joseph Mole, Order confirmed. Middle Aston v Winslow, Settlement appeal Witnesses: George Pargeter, formerly gamekeeper to Lady Cotterell, Thomas King, a licensed appraiser. James Harrison, an auctioneer at Buckingham. Benjamin Churchill, an auctioneer and appraiser. Edward Hatton, farmer and grazier. William Fairthorn, Middle Aston. Order confirmed. Thame v Brill, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Charles Dorrington, Thomas Newton, father of Thomas Newton, pauper. Order quashed. Winslow v Quainton, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Thomas Taylor, pauper, William Scraggs, Order quashed. Kingsey v Upper Winchendon, Settlement appeal Witness: William Andrews, Order confirmed. North Marston v Aston Abbots, Settlement appeal Witness: Richard Higgins, Order confirmed. Marsh Gibbon v Bradwell, Settlement appeal Witnesses: John Burridge, Anthony Knight, John Knight, John Lavery, George Grace, Order quashed. Great Marlow v Wooburn, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Hannah Mossington, wife of Moses M. Jane Beaver, mother of Moses. Moses Mossington, pauper. Thomas Broadway. Order quashed. Charlton on Otmoor v Oakley, Settlement appeal Witness: John Priest, Order quashed.
R. v Elizabeth Warren (See case of Joseph Warren on page 14, presumably father of Elizabeth), Sherington Witnesses: William Brooks, Sherington, Crawford Clark, Sherington, Eleanor Brooks, Sherington "rather above 13", M.D. Mansel, Esq.
Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, to be bound in £50 recognizance to keep peace for a year towards Selina Warren (her sister)
R. v John Fosberry, Place not stated, Grand larceny, Pleaded guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v John Plumridge, Place not stated Felony (embezzlement of 15s. property of Sir J.D. King), Pleaded guilty - to be transported for 7 years.
R. v John Plumridge, Place not stated, Felony (2nd offence) of same nature as above. Pleaded guilty.
R. v John Blumridge and John West (with divers other persons), Place not stated, Conspiracy, Indictment quahsed.
R. v John West, Chepping Wycombe, Felony in cutting down a tree in the night time. Witnesses: Sir John D. King, owner of Kinswood, Chepping Wycombe. William Lacey, John Irwin, lives near Kingswood. Not guilty.
R. v John Rook, Thomas Brett, James Philpot, Place not stated, Felony (of a great coat) Witnesses: Henry Hide, Adam Turpin, keeps a public house, the Two Brewers, Park Street, Windsor. John Smith - Smith, Chief constable of Windsor. Not guilty.
R. v George Freeman, Olney, Stealing fowls Witnesses: Edmund Hill, servant to Mr. Garrard, Olney. John Garrard, Olney. Mary Housom, servant to Mr. Garrard. Ann Harris, wife of the constable of Olney. Mrs. Ann Freeman, prisoner's mother. Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment, hard labour, and to be publicly whipped 100 yards in Olney on Market Day.
R. v John Dukes, John Clark, Ann Haleward als. Halewood, wife of William Halewood. Mary Howes, wife of William Howes. Aylesbury, J.D. and J.C. stealing 6 pocket books and 6 others. A. H. and M.H. receiving goods knowing them to be stolen. Witnesses: James Henry Marshall, bookseller, Aylesbury. Jonathan Hitchcock, works for Mr. Marshall. John Howes. William Durley, 14 or 15 years, companion of the two prisoners. A.H. not guilty. J.D. and J.C. guilty - to be privately whipped and discharged. M.H. guilty - 14 days imprisonment.
R. v John Clark, John Dukes Stealing a pocket book James Tuckwell - receiving said goods knowing them to have been stolen. Witnesses: J.H. Marshall, William Durley, Not guilty
R. v Thomas Griffin, Joseph Pocock, [Taplow], Stealing one hen and 6 chickens. Witnesses: Thomas Pagett, labouring man employed by Davis Neighbour, Taplow. - Towers, constable of New Windsor. - Austin, constable of Taplow. Robert Cox. Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment and to be publicly whipped 100 yards in Aylesbury on a Market Day.
R. v James Wright Beaconsfield, Stealing 2 fowls, property of James Hatch. Witnesses: Elizabeth Walker, servant to James Hatch at Old Field Farm, Beaconsfield. George Slatter, "one of Beaconfield patrols". William Hatch, son of James. Guilty - to be imprisoned (hard labour), and to be publicly whipped 100 yards in Beaconsfield on a Market Day.
R. v Samuel Haddon, Eton, Stealing a pair of stockings Witnesses: John Milward, Eton, stocking maker and frame work knitter. James Hill, dyer. James Stocker, constable. Guilty - 4 months' imprisonment (hard labour) and to be publicly whipped 100 yards in Aylesbury on a Market Day.
R. v John Moore [Higher, formerly a farmer], [Amersham], Stealing 2 plough chains, property of T.T. Drake, Esq. Witnesses: William Russell, ploughman to Mr. Drake, William Bignell, ploughman to Mr. Drake, Thomas Simmons, "Headbro'" of Watford [Blacksmith], William Rose, ploughboy to Mr. Drake, Not guilty.
R. v Cook Nelmes (See also case on page 1, and also his son involved in settlement appeal Pirton v Shabbington, page 9), Place not stated [?Shabbington], Assault on William Silver, constable in the execution of his office. Witnesses: William Silver, constable, John Wicks, a labouring man. Joseph Baldwin, tythingman of Shabbington. Guilty - 1 year's imprisonment and then bound to keep peace in £100, also fined 10 shillings.
R. v Francis Ludlow, Brill, Assault Witness: Thomas Griffin, Brill Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment, bound to keep peace in £50 for 12 months and fined 1 shilling.
R. v Thomas Olney, Hedsor, Unlawfully found in a Wood at Night with a Gun, with intent to kill Pheasants. Pleaded guilty - transported for 7 years.
R. v Joseph King, Matthew Marks. Whaddon Chase, Found in Whaddon Chase armed with a loaded gun in night time. Pleased guilty - 2 months imprisonment with hard labour, fined 5s. each
R. v Joseph Windmill, Mursley, Obtaining a leg of mutton and suet by false pretences - "Common Cheat" Witnesses: William Bonham, Mursley, Butcher. Jas. Knibbs, of Soulden, Mursley. Guilty - to be kept in gaol until next Saturday, then to be whipped 100 yards in Aylesbury and discharged.
R. v John Windmill, Mursley, Obtaining 3 pecks of flour by false pretences Witnesses: Edmund Horn, James Knibbs, of Mursley, Guilty - to be kept in gaol until the next Saturday, then publicly whipped 100 yards in Aylesbury and discharged.
R. v William Warner, Winslow, Grand larceny [stealing a half-peck loaf] Witnesses: William Jones, Winslow, baker, Richard Jones, apprentice to W.J. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Joseph Norbury, Dinton, Grand larceny [stealing a coat and frock] Witnesses: James Stevens, Dinton, keeps a public house and is a labourer. Thomas Watkins, constable of Dinton Guilty - 7 years transportation. [Note: Boy's frock was concealed in crown of prisoner's hat! Prisoner had been discharged from gaol only day before offence.]
R. v Joseph Burnham, Place not stated [?Wendover], Stealing wood Witnesses: John Kingham, Thomas Franklin, carpenter, Wendover. Guilty - 2 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Margaret Jordan, Place not stated [?Amersham/Chesham] Witnesses: William Shrimpton, taylor and shopkeeper. Ann Berry, Lydia Sale, pawnbroker of Chesham, Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Joseph Warren (See case of Elizabeth Warren on page 11, presumably Joseph father of Elizabeth) [Sherington], Stealing a brass basin Witnesses: Elizabeth Kendal, wife of a poulterer, Thomas Coles, constable of Sherington, Not guilty.
R. v George Quinney (Labourer), Newport Pagnell, Stealing a hempen sack Witnesses: John Coles, Newport [Pagnell], farmer. Benjamin Taylor, constable of Newport Pagnell. Not guilty.

Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions.  QS/JC/4  (Easter Session 1819-Michaelmas Session 1821)

(Quarto volume bound in limp leather.)

[Abstract available]

Easter Session 1819  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

Settlement appeals, Cublington v Bletchley Witness: George Cutler, pauper, Order quashed., Beckenham v Fenny Stratford Witnesses: Alex. Welch, John McDouall, of Cumbd. Street, St. Pancras. Order quashed. Goddington v Chetwode Witnesses: Thomas Richardson, William Richardson, father of Thomas. James Collingridge, Goddington. Order confirmed. Thame v Dorton Witness: William Franklin, pauper, Order confirmed. Ealing v Chalfont St. Peter, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. St. Peter's, Brackley v Westbury, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. Winslow v Whitchurch, No witnesses - order confirmed. Wexham v Stoke Poges, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. Sherborne v Turville, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. Penn v Chepping Wycombe, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. Iver v Chepping Wycombe, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. Hardwick v Steeple Claydon, Nobody appeared - order confirmed. Oakley v Ickford Witnesses: Thomas Gomm, pauper, John Turnham, carpenter, Ickford. John Price, Order confirmed. Upper Winchendon v Simpson Witnesses: Thomas Paxton, pauper, John Guest, day labourer, Elizabeth Stevens. Order confirmed. Bierton v Westcott Witnesses: Mary Cook, Rebecca, wife of - Jeffcote (on solemn affirmation), Joseph White (on solemn affirmation) Order quashed. Heston v Langley Marish Witness: James Harris Order quashed. Abbots Langley v Wing Witness: - Goodman Order quashed. Cuddington v Haddenham Witness: Richard Saw Order quashed. Chearsley v Towersey Witness: John Hanson, Order confirmed, court divided in opinion - case reserved for opinion of King's Bench. Staines v Wraysbury Witnesses: James Buckland - Pavey, Staines. John Armstrong, Mr. Pavey's partner, now lives at Reading. Order quashed. East Claydon v Steeple Claydon Witnesses: William Stevens, pauper. William Stevens, pauper's father, Elizabeth Stevens, Steeple Claydon (no relation to pauper). Elizabeth Reed, widow of - Reed, the master of Stevens. Thomas Reed, son of Elizabeth R. Sally Reed, daughter of Elizabeth R., Geo. Jennings. Order quashed. Aston Rowant, v Stoke Poges Witness: Robert Chowns, Order Quashed Gt. Missenden v Aylesbury Witnesses: William Cox, (kept a glass and china shop in G.M., now of The Oak, Aylesbury). Dan Denham, builder. - Spriggins, William Lock, Richard Stratford (?of Amersham, surveyor), James Ball, Aylesbury, surveyor - Hussey, Wycombe, surveyor, Order confirmed, except as to the child, George Cox, quashed in his case. William Denham (farmer at Buckland) and Elizabeth Thorn Bastardy claim Witnesses: Elizabeth Thorn, Buckland, singlewoman, James Miller, John Howe, Aston Clinto, Court adjudged that Mr. Denham is not the father of the child.
R. v Stevenson, Place not stated, No details of crime - Guilty and fined.
R. v John Garraway, the younger, Eton, Assault on constable of Eton Witnesses: James Stocken, constable of Eton, Charles Robinson, headboro', shoemaker. - Hexter, magistrate - Cook. Guilty - Fined £5, 2 months' imprisonment, and bound over to keep peace for 1 year.
R. v Aaron Warwick, John Kent Place not stated, Rescuing a cow from a pound. No evidence - not guilty
R. v Daniel Kirby, James Turner, the younger, James Scott, James Peacock, John Moore, William Friday, All workers at the (?Stone) Pit Place not stated - "the Pit" (Stoke Mandeville), Assault on William Horton Witnesses: James Bishop, overseer (on 12 December last), William Horton, overlooker (at the Pit), William Farnbro', labourer at Stoke Mandeville. Guilty - James Turner - 4 months' imprisonment, 1s. fine, and to enter into recognizance in £20 to keep peace for 2 years. James Scott - 2 months' imprisonment, same fine, same recognizance. Daniel Kirby, William Friday James Peacock, 4 months' imprisonment, same fine, same recognizance. John Moore 6 months' imprisonment, same fine same recognizance. (Recommended to mercy on account of youth of some of them)
R. v Mary Corry, widow John Kelly ("came from Ireland to get work") Waddesdon, Uttering counterfeit money Witnesses: Elizabeth Turner, Waddesdon, Elizabeth Molder, Waddesdon, daughter of licensee of The Bell, William Molder, grandfather of last witness. Martha Molder, Waddesdon, daughter of Wm. Molder who keeps Marlbro' Arms. Elizabeth Deverell, wife of a shopkeeper at Waddesdon. Elizabeth Poole, wife of Robert Poole, victualler. John Uff, farmer at Waddesdon, Tithingman. Charles Scott, silversmith, Aylesbury. Guilty - M.C. - 12 months' imprisonment and to find security for good behaviour for 2 years' more.
J.K. - 12 months' imprisonment and to find security for good behaviour for 2 years' more.
R. v William Matthews Tingewick, Stealing 3 yards British Lace, value 10s.6d., and also a Lace Box, value 1s. property of Mary Moss. Witnesses: James Cross, Tingewick, Mary Moss, Tingewick, lace-worker. Richard Perkins, Buckingham, lace dealer at Winslow. Hennah Skelton, sister-in-law of prisoner. Thomas Dickens, constable of Tingewick. - Bradford, Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment, hard labour, and to be publicly whipped 200 yards, once in Tingewick and once in Buckingham, on a market day.
R. v Henry Wye, Wycombe Marsh, Stealing a pig, value £3., property of Edward Sanders. Witnesses: Edward Sanders, master of workhouse at Wycombe Marsh. Mary Sawyer, Joshua Philips, Marlow, Guilty - 12 months' hard labour, to be publicly whipped twice in High Wycombe, 200 yards on a market day.
R. v Joseph Styles, John Styles (Gardeners, also keep waggon and horses, and a cart and are employed as carriers) Haddenham, Stealing 3 hempen sacks and 15 bushels of wheat. Witnesses: Richard Ray, servant to Charles Clark. Charles Clark, miller at Haddenham. Robert Stone, constable. James Clark, brother to Charles Clark. David Taylor, George [...] , former corn-dealer. Not guilty.
R. v Joseph Styles, John Styles Long Crendon, Stealing 2 hempen sacks and 8 bushels of wheat, property of John Carter. Witnesses: John Carter, farmer of Crendon, William Carter, son of John C., Robert Stone. Thomas Hewland, David Taylor, George Haws, (as above), Joseph S. - Guilty - 7 years' transportation, John S. - Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Newton, the younger, labourer,. Brill, Stealing a spade, value 2s. property of [Edward] King. Witnesses: Josiah Roads, Mr. King's servant. Thomas Woodon, Brill. Samuel Wharton Richard Gibbons, constable at Brill Martha Wharton, wife to Samuel W. Edward King. Guilty of petty larceny - 6 weeks imprisonment, hard labour. Application to have indentures of apprenticeship cancelled. Witnesses: John Hobley, master George Taylor, apprentice, Application refused
R. v Thomas Pratt, Wycombe Marsh, Stealing half a peck of wheaten flour. Witnesses: George Henry Morton, Wycombe Marsh, baker. Thomas Hardy William Long, constable, Guilty, recommended to mercy by prosecutor - to be privately whipped and discharged.
R. v John Taylor, John Taylor, the younger. Lavendon, Stealing one pint of milk, value 1 penny Witnesses: Edward Heath, farmer, Lavendon Edward King, Guilty - John Taylor "inconsideration of imprisonment already and Age" discharged. John Taylor the younger - 14 days imprisonment to hard labour (the jury recommended them to lenity)
R. v Thomas Negus, North Crawley, Stealing one fowl value 1s. Witnesses: Ann Barrett, North Crawley William Goodman, brother of A.B. Thomas Nash, constable. Guilty - 1 month's hard labour, to be publicly whipped 100 yards in Newport Pagnell on market day.
R. v William Morris, Emberton, Assault on John Dixon Witness: John Dixon, Emberton, Guilty - Recognizance in £20 to keep peace, especially towards J.D. for 2 years.
R. v Joseph Riddle ("served near 12 years in W. Indies"), Wooburn, Running away from his family. Witness: Robert Beck, overseer of Wooburn. Guilty - 6 months imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v George Mills George Green, ?Sherington, Assault on Thomas Stubbs Witnesses: Thomas Stubbs Henry Barker, "I work in Squire Pinfold's garden". - Burridge "the young Men are in the habit of teizing him (i.e. T.S.) because he is an unfortunate Man". Guilty - fined 1s. each, and to enter into recognizance to keep peace for 2 years, especially towards T.S.
R. v Joseph Johnson, Lavendon, Assault on Joseph York, constable. No details. Pleads not guilty.

Midsummer, 1819  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

Appeals St. Michael St. Albans v Wing Settlement appeal (Pauper in question John Gower) Witnesses: Mary Cower, wife of John Thomas Godman William Gower, brother of John William Wyatt George Gower, brother of John William White, Fladgley, Flampstead Parish. Order quashed. Henry Honnor and Caleb Cox the younger, appealing against an order of magistrates stopping a footway in the parish of Great Missenden, (viz. Church Alley) Witnesses: Thomas White William Parsnidge, surveyor and carpenter Mary Mann, Green Lane Thomas Ives, jnr., son of proprietor of Estate, 26 years old. Thomas Ives, snr., owner of property about Prestwood Common. - Ives, tenant to Mr. Honnor John Craker George Scott, former schoolmaster. Rev. - Lloyd, has lived at Peterley House, with his father. William Lloyd, formerly of Peterley House. Joseph Honnor, surveyor of Missenden Charles Hoare Thomas Heath - Stratfold Order confirmed. Woughton on the Green v Loughton, Settlement appeal Witnesses: Thomas Nichols, pauper Thomas Lucas, Walton Michael Warwick - Congreve Richard Goodman, Order confirmed. Waddesdon v Dinton, Settlement appeal Witnesses: William Darville, pauper John Cowell (miller), Order quashed. Loughton v Bletchley, Settlement appeal Witnesses: George Cutler, pauper John Cox Order quashed.
R. v George Cooper([Copy of indictment, evidence, etc. of this case in file B.23]) Aylesbury, Assaulting a constable and breaking prison. Witnesses: Jonah Dawney, constable, Aylesbury. George Ellis Thomas Collins, Guilty of assault but not prison breaking. Sentence - 1 month's imprisonment, 1s. fine and to enter recognizance in £40 to keep peace for 12 months.
R. v Charles Ivatts, Aylesbury, Assault and challenging to fight Witnesses: Jonah Dawney, as above. William Cross William Woodman, Aylesbury. Not guilty.
R. v Edward Owen, Place not stated, Assault No evidence - not guilty.
R. v John Johnson, Place not stated, Assault No evidence - not guilty.
R. v William Masters, Wolverton, Felony Witnesses: William Salter, constable of Wolverton. William Childs Ratcliffe. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v William Perks, the elder William Perks, the younger Colnbrook, Stealing one peck of coals, value 6d. Witnesses: Charles Richardson, Colnbrook John Richardson, son of Charles R. John Stransom, Guilty - W.P. the elder - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour, to be publicly whipped at Colnbrook. W.P. the younger - 12 hours imprisonment, to be privately whipped and discharged.
R. v Thomas Cook Wolverton, Stealing ash scantling Witnesses: Thomas Day, carpenter at Wolverton Thomas Freeman. Guilty of petty larceny - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Moses Mossenton ? Marlow, Stealing an axe Witnesses: William Grange John Bolter, constable of Marlow Esther Crake, Not guilty.
R. v James Cross Eton, Stealing a coat Witnesses: Henry Fitzroy, 13 years, at Eton Nathl. Bacon. - Gray George Laurence, constable of Eton, Not guilty.
R. v John Mossenton, Place not stated, Stealing sundry tools (?Marlow) Witnesses: William Grange John Bolter, Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Smith Burnham, Stealing abible value 2s. Witnesses: John Gray John Chandler (?schoolmaster), Guilty of petty larceny - to be privately whipped and discharged.
R. v William King Charles Isaac Chalfont St. Giles, Grand larceny (stealing a coat and jacket) Witnesses: Hannah Stephens, "lives at Master Stephens in Parish of Chalfont St. Giles" by side of Turnpike Road". Joseph Stevens, "a labouring man", Chalfont St. Giles. Guilty - W.K. 2 months' imprisonment C.I. 1 month's imprisonment Both to be privately whipped twice
R. v Mary, wife of - Oxley Stoke Mandeville, Passing counterfeit coin Witnesses: Sarah Tapping, wife of William Tapping, farmer at Stoke Mandeville. William Tapping Charles Scott, silversmith in Aylesbury. William Thomas, Isleworth, gardener. Not guilty.

Michaelmas, 1819  [no ref. or date]

Settlement appeals Hillingdon v Langley Marish Witnesses: Richard Bennett, pauper Hester Bennett, wife of Richard. John Chamberlayn, Horton Thomas Hall, Iver, near Horton. Mrs. Shackle John Woodcock, surveyor Wm. Serjeant, surveyor and builder. Order quashed. Towcester v Amersham, Nobody appeared for appellant. Ivinghoe v Pitstone, Nobody appeared for appellant. Stoke Hammond v Simpson, Will of Samuel Townley of London produced. Witness: Mrs. Blundell. Order quashed. St. Marylebone v Wraysbury Quashed by consent of the parties. Weston Turville v Aston Clinton Witnesses: John Haines, pauper Thomas Painter, now resides at Hampton Gay. Wm. Bonham John Kempster Order quashed. Charndon v Hogston Quashed by consent as to Fanny Clark Confirmed as to Mary Clark.
R. v James Morton (journeyman chairmaker a turner), Place not stated Grand larceny - stealing a watch, property of William Dudley, value £1. Witnesses: William Dudley Richard Roberts, Bierton. Guilty - 6 months imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Benj. Wadsworth Olney Jas. Boswell, Olney Stealing 19 bushels of wheat, property of Samuel Litchfield. Wm. Richardson Francis Boswell Receiving same property, knowing it to be stolen. Witnesses: Samuel Litchfield, innkeeper,. Thomas Harris, constable. William Allen. Guilty, except for Richardson. B.W. & J.B. - 12 months' imprisonment, hard labour, to be whipped 100 yards during that time. F.B. - 2 months' imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Thomas Howell, Uxbridge, William Newland Charles Humphreys Stealing 4 pair worsted stockings and pair of braces, property of Joseph Darvill (stockings value £1, braces, 1d.) Witness: Joseph darvill, boatman, lives in Staffordshire. C.H. & W.N. - not guilty. T.H. - guilty - 6 months' imprisonment, hard labour, and to be privately whipped once. Grand larceny, stealing one jacket, value 5s., one waistcoat, value 2d., one hat, value 6d., property of John Darville. Witnesses: John Darville, Joseph Darville, brother of John. No evidence against Humphreys - not guilty. W.N. - not guilty, T.H. - guilty, sentence vide preceeding trial.
R. v Thomas Pearse, Newport Pagnell, Stealing 2 horse hair lines, and (other)property of Moses Warner. Witnesses: Moses Warner, King Street, Walworth Common, Surrey, licensed hawker of lines and twine. James Turner, constable, of Leighton Buzzard. Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, hard labour, to be privately whipped once.
R. v William Simpkins, Radnage, Stealing one fustian jacket, property of James Haws, value 4s. Witnesses: James Haws, labourer. - Rixon, labourer. Not guilty.
R. v William Jordan, Wing, Stealing 5 fowls value 5s., property of Thomas Reynolds. Witness: Thomas Reynolds, Wing. Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Thomas Hewitt, Chesham, Assault on George Gascoigne, keeper of Pound at Chesham. Witnesses: George Gascoigne, Chesham, shoemaker and keeper of Pound. John Pratt, headboro' & Hayward. Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, 6d. fine, and surety for good behaviour for 12 months in £20.
R. v Thomas Smith, (labourer), Brill, Running away and leaving his family chargeable to parish. Witness: William Horwood, overseer of Brill. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v. James Walker, (labourer), Winslow, Running away and leaving his family chargeable to parish. Witness: George Croft, "transacts the business for Overseer of Winslow". Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.

Epiphany, 1820  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

Settlement appeals Egham v Ashendon Witnesses: Ann Sanders, pauper, William Bunning, labourer, Sarah Bunning, wife to William and mother to Ann. Order quashed. Stansted Deal, v Earnham Royal Herts. Witnesses: Lucy Bench John Kimpton, Hertford, auctioneer. - Smith Order confirmed. Launton v Oakley Witnesses: Mary Fennemore, wife of Henry F. Henry Fennemore, in prison for debt. William Fennemore, brother of Henry, lives at Hackney. George Gladdy, brother-in-law to Henry F. Order quashed. Gt. Woolstone v Simpson Witnesses: Withers Goodman, ex-carrier. Francis Morris, was book-keeper to W.G. in London Thomas Foster, farmer, Gt. Woolstone. William Goodman, brother to Withers. Order confirmed. (W.G.'s evidence refers to "year that the small peace was proclaimed". 1802) Cuddington v Shabbington Witnesses: Richard Stretton, pauper - Hollyman, Oakley (formerly of Cuddington) Mrs. - Stretton, mother of pauper Ordr quashed. Cople, Beds. v Tyringham Witness: James Lovell Order quashed. Heath and Reach v Mursley Witnesses: Edmund Dighton, pauper Thomas Price, James Church, fellow servant to pauper, Order quashed. Hanslope v Gayhurst Witness: Thomas Watts, pauper Order quashed. Boarstall v Brill Witnesses: John Crick William Norris, Oxford, bedmaker at Oxford and landlord. William Berry, auctioneer at Aylesbury William Haines, bleaches leather, lamb skins. Henry Thompson, surveyor at Oxford Samuel Tagg, resides at Forest Hill parish, farmer. Joseph Powell, Stanton Order quashed. Lillingtone Lovell v Leckhamstead Witnesses: Daniel Tapp, pauper George Jeffery, Lillingstone Lovell William Heeley, servant to Jeffery. Order confirmed. Ampthill v Wavendon Witness: - Lane Order quashed. Beachampton v Shenley Brook End Witnesses: Thomas Page, pauper - Fenn, bailiff to Mr, Malpas Mrs. Fenn James Chantrill - Edmonds Order quashed. Cosgrove v Haversham Witness: John Henson Order confirmed. Preston Capes v Leckhamstead Witness: James Hartwell Order quashed. Great Gransdon, v Shipton Lee (Quainton) Hunts. Witnesses: Joseph Smith Francis Bailey John - Mr. Spring, steward to Mr. Quintin William Jessop Richard Jessop Order quashed. Wigginton v Loughton Witnesses: James Miller, pauper - Miller, father of pauper, Thomas Miller, thatcher and haybinder, brother of last witness. Order confirmed. Bastardy claims Joseph Williatt, reputed father Witness: Fanny Brett, spinster Case adjourned. Joseph Gilbert, reputed father (?Stony Stratford) Witness: Elizabeth Norman, singlewoman, 26 yrs. old. J. G. adjudged to be father.
Apprenticeship appeal, - Asbury, apprentice Witness: Robert Rickard, Indenture discharged
R. v John Smith Fined 1s., John Hester Fined £2., Thomas Ayres, the younger Fined £1., John Ayres Fined £1., Joseph Tollard Fined 1s.
Riot and assault, pleaded guilty. Fines as above, to be imprisoned until paid, and recognizance for peace and good behaviour of each for 1 year in £40.
*R. v John Dempsey, Hanslope?, Assaulting Samuel Lovell, with another person not in custody. Witness: Samuel Lovell, labourer, Haversham, John Dorrell, day labourer - Battams, John Greaves Not guilty.
*R. v William Ayres (labourer - "shaves" J. Harper), Steeple Claydon, William Bull, William Brown, Riot (on 20th Oct.) and assault on John Harper Witnesses: John Harper, Steeple Claydon (?innkeeper), John Smith, apprentice to Turner. W.A. guilty of assault only - 6 months' imprisonment, and recognizance for good behaviour for 12 months in £40 (self) and 2 sureties in £20. W.Bull and W. Brown not guilty - discharged.
*R. v Francis Friar (woodcutter and converter), Marlow, Running away from his wife and 6 children Witness: Robert Maddox, overseer of Marlow Guilty - 14 days imprisonment
*R. v Thomas Hillesden, Waddesdon, Assault on a constable (John Lennard) Witnesses: - Tuckwell, overseer, Waddesdon, - Lennard, constable. Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, fined 1s., to enter recognizance for good behaviour for - months in £20. (mentions payment of "bread allowance" in school loft at Waddesdon)
*R. v James Blackman, Burnham, Stealing 4 fowls. Witnesses: John Rance, works with Mr. Mason at Sydenham in Burnham., James Brown, servant to Mr. Mason. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v Richard Page, Wavendon, Stealing 10 bushels of potatoes, property of Joseph Daniel, value 10s. Witnesses: Joseph Daniel, schoolmaster, Wavendon, Joseph Millwood, bricklayer, Wooburn Witnesses: Thomas Roberson, labourer, Aspley, George Page, [prisoner's brother] Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, and to be privately whipped.
*R. v John Abraham, Olney, Thomas Putnam, Stealing 3 fowls value 3s., property of John Witney. Witnesses: John Witney, farmer, Olney. James Adams, Olney, [labourer], John Abraham - Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour. Thos. Putnam - not guilty
*R. v Charles Burrow, Eton, Stealing 12 lbs. weight of Pork, property of William Dickwell of Eton, value 8s. Witnesses: William Dickwell, publican, Eton. [William] Goddard, nephew to Dickwell, [14 years old], [George] Lawrence, constable of Eton. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v William Bassett, William, William Litchfield, Stony Stratford, Stealing a winnowing sheet, property of Daniel Bazely of St. Giles, Stony Stratford, value 10s., also described as a piece of linen, value 5s. Witnesses: Daniel Bazely, farmer, Swanbourne. George Kitely, constable, Stony Stratford, William Gascoigne - Foxley, Stony Stratford, horse keeper at Cock. Joseph Norman, [publican] Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v John Munsey, Wooburn, Stealing one waistcoat, value 1s. property of William Hughes. Witnesses: William Hughes, paper maker, Wooburn. James Pearce, gardener, Wooburn. William Andrews, Hannah Hughes Guilty - 1 week's imprisonment, and to be privately whipped.
*R. v William Crockett (aged 56), Place not stated, Stealing sundry pieces of wood. Pleaded guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v William Lawrence (aged 67), Place not stated, Stealing one sheet. Pleaded guilty - 3 weeks' imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v James Ward, (indicted with Nathanial Pussey, not in custody), Taplow, Misdemeanour, being found with a gun in a wood, about 2.o'clock in the morning with intent to kill game. Pleaded guilty - 1 year's imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v Joseph Truby, Samuel Dew, Thomas Toms, Iver, Assault on Fisher Stanborough on 5 November. Witness: Fisher Stanborough, night officer and watchman. Guilty - 1 week's imprisonment for each prisoner, recommended to mercy by jury, on account of their youth. (Mentions that "bonfire had been put out by the Constables")
*R. v James Emmonds, Iver, Assaulting Hugh Simon Mark, on 5th November. Witness: H.S. Mark, headborough of Iver Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment.
*R. v Thomas Darville, Chesham, Assault on Sarah Treacher Witness: Sarah Treacher Guilty - 1 week's imprisonment, fined 1s.
*R. v Richard Shanks, Hedgerley, Assault on John Rangecroft Witnesses: John Rangecroft, aged 65, Hedgerley, farmer and wood bailiff to Provost and fellow of Eton College. John Sexton, keeps a public house at Hedgerley, [The "Shoe Last"], Henry Sutton, Not guilty.
*R. v Thomas Darville, Chesham, Assault on John Arnott Witness: John Arnott, labourer, Guilty - 2 shillings fine; after expiration of sentence on first indictment (see above) to be imprisoned for a fortnight; to enter into recognizance to keep peace in £20 towards Sarah Treacher, John Sexton and all His Majesty's liege subjects. Bastardy claim Joseph Williatt reputed father Buckingham Witnesses: Fanny Brett, singlewoman, James Holloway, waggoner's lad, Elizabeth Brett, mother of Fanny, Joseph Williatt. Adjudged that Joseph Williatt be the father of the child.

Easter, 1820  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

Settlement appeals Newport Pagnell v Astwood (see Michaelmas Session 1820), Piddington v Ludgershall Witnesses: Richard Mole, pauper, Michael Jones, Order confirmed. Pinner v Wendover Witness: Thomas Hopcroft, pauper Order quashed. Launton v Water Eaton Order confirmed as to all paupers, except as to Maria -. Quashed as to her. By consent. Drayton Beauchamp v Pitstone Witness: Joseph Cox, pauper. Order quashed.
*R. v James Poulton, Chesham, Running away from wife and leaving her chargeable to parish. Witness: William Peartson, assistant overseer of Chesham. Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
*R. v Richard Page, Great Missenden, Stealing a brass fender, value 16d. and 6 pieces of brass, value 16d., property of Mary Dean, widow. Witnesses: Mary Dean, Great Missenden, Charles Cartwright, Ct. Missenden, tinman and brazier. Samuel [Eedle], headborough of Gt. Missenden. Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, hard labour.

Midsummer, 1820  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

R. v Joseph Jones, Aylesbury, at the fair. Assault on a constable Witness: William Cross, constable. Guilty of common assault - fortnight's imprisonment, fined 1s.
R. v James Scott, Horton, Assault Witness: George Taylor, keeps a public house at Horton. Guilty - 1 shilling fine.
R. v Joseph Jones, Aylesbury, at the fair. Assault Witness: - Cooling, butcher, Aylesbury. Guilty - Fortnight's imprisonment, after expiration of first sentence (see above), fined 1s.
R. v Job Trafford, Worminghall, Assault Witnesses: John York, keeps public house in Worminghall, "village is 1½ miles from my House". - Blake, keeps a team and goes to Haggle Cart? Guilty - 1 shilling fine.

Michaelmas 1820  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

Settlement appeals, Newport Pagnell v Astwood Witnesses: Robert Payne (formerly of Rectory House, Astwood), Rev. Robert Lawndes, John Bull, steward to Mr. Lowndes of Whaddon, Thomas Heeth, John Rogers, surveyor, William Swannell, Order quashed. (Valuation of Rectory House). St. Andrew Holborn v Whitchurch, Further respited by consent. Towcester v Gt. Linford Witnesses: Mary George, c.22 yrs. old, [singlewoman], Ann George, mother of Mary, widow, of Towcester. John Webb, mason, Towcester, George Lovell, carpenter, Towcester, Thomas Hughes, builder and auctioneer. Order quashed. Wing v Soulbury Witnesses: Catharine Edwin, pauper, dairymaid - Duncombe, Esq., Gt. Brickhill, Order confirmed - no settlement in Brickhill, Ludgershall v Dinton Witnesses: George Washington, pauper, 73 yrs. old - Brooks, solicitor, Geo. Hitchcook [Thos.], Capt. John Thos. Brown. Order quashed. (Details of Geo. Washington's children, especially Thomas who enrolled in Bucks. Militia 21 June 1803), Taplow v Hitcham Witnesses: [- Charsley], John Smith, pauper, Hannah Smith, wife of John, Order quashed. (Relieved by Hitcham "when the Bread was so dear", "About 25 years ago Bread was dear... Bread was 1/9 the Loaf they paid 1/6. Merton v Wraysbury, Order in respect of Thomas Phipps, Hannah his wife and child Witnesses: Thomas Phipps, served Mr. Spedding, coppersmith. Ralph Phipps, father of Thomas, Order confirmed. Great Woolstone v Little Woolstone, Order confirmed by consent, except as to Laurence Markham, the younger, and quashed as to him. Ivinghoe v Mentmore Witnesses: Edward Cato, the elder, Edward Cato, the younger, Order confirmed. Stoke Coldington v Hanslope, Order confirmed. Eaton Bray v Edlesborough, Hiring and settlement. Query as to where pauper slept last night of his service. Witnesses: Edward Hutchins, pauper, father of 13 or 14 children, cowman, for Mr. Pearson. George Harbrow, William Pipkin, Maria Impey, daughter of Hutchins, "don't know how old I am - 30 or upwards", has supported herself by straw platting. Thomas Russet, Dinah Thorn [nee Barnes], servant to Mr. Pearson. Thomas Gifford, Joseph Mead, Michael Puddifoot, churchwarden of Eaton. - Williamson, solicitor for appellant. (Pauper alleged to have asked for half a crown to swear himself to Edlesborough) St. Peter's Brackley v Buckingham Witnesses: Mary Busby, pauper, Robert Bartlett, Order confirmed. Filiation order on application of Addington upon John Caswall, reputed father of child by Hannah Shelton. Proceedings removed by Certiorari into Court of King's Bench and still pending, therefore recognizance discharged and order refused.
R. v Anthony Coghill, Place not stated, Assault on Elizabeth Hawes, Prosecutrix does not appear - not guilty.
R. v Levi Silvey, Great Marlow, Assault on John Johnson, Esq. (throwing stones at J.J.) Witnesses: John Johnson, Esq. John East (had bread and meat at Mr. Johnson's house "don't get Bread & Meat every day"), William Hibbert, Great Marlow, called but did not appear. [Mr. George Crafts], [John Walker, Great Marlow], Richard Falconer, Joshua Meeks, Guilty - Fined 5s., 1 week's imprisonment in Common Gaol, and to enter into his own recognizance in £20 to all His Majesty's subjects, especially J.J.
R. v Richard Johnson (c.f. with case on page 23), Stoke Mandeville, Assault on a constable, William Tapping, of Stoke Mandeville on 29 July (1820), (Affray caused by dispute over right to water from a well). Witnesses: William Tapping, constable of Stoke Mandeville, Fanny Fleet, Stoke Mandeville, John Weedon, [John] Chadwin, schoolmaster at Stoke, James Flitney, shepherd, [Richard] Johnson, son of defendant, William Hopcroft, Richard Hopcroft, Daniel Kirby, Thomas Hopcroft, Guilty - £5 fine, 3 months' imprisonment, and to give security to keep the peace, himself in £40 and two sureties in £20 each.
R. v William Sedgwick, Chesham, Assault on a constable. Witnesses: George Rolls, Chesham, constable. Philip Collins, keeps the "Seven Stars" at Chesham. (Affray caused by dispute over ownership of a hat), Guilty - 1s. fine, 1 month's imprisonment in Common Gaol.
R. v William Archer, Ickford, Assault on WilliamMiller, on 29th June. No evidence - not guilty.
R. v John King, Richard Bowler, John Shipperly, Brill, riot, on 22nd April, and assaulting William Holland Witnesses: William Holland, Brill, Elizabeth Probetts, wife of John P. of Brill, Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Roberts, William Payne, Weedon, For a fraud Witnesses: Elizabeth Quartermain (nee Minniss), James Lee [Leigh], ostler at "Horse and Jockey" in Weedon. Elizabeth How, wife of Daniel How, baker. William Bradbury, Journeyman baker, at time of offence. - White, James Scott, headborough of Waddesdon. A[cton] Chaplin, A. Stone [attorney for prosecution], William Cross, constable of Aylesbury, Marcus Turner, clerk to Rickford and Son, Bankers. Guilty - (Both) [7 years transporation]
R. v William Durham, Newport Pagnell, Assault on Elizabeth Hillier Witness: Elizabeth Hillier, Newport Pagnell, Not guilty.
R. v John Conquest, Newport Pagnell, Assault on John Burridge Witnesses: John Burridge, Newport Pagnell, auctioneer. Benjamin Taylor, former constable of Newport Pagnell, Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment, and 1s. fine.
R. v Richard Dunn [Gunn], labourer, Dinton, Running away from his family and leaving them chargeable to parish. Witness: [Thomas] Watkins, overseer of Dinton, Guilty - 1 week's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Joseph Jarvis, Waddesdon, with Thomas Cannon (not in custody), Assaulting a constable Witnesses: James Scott, constable of Waddesdon, Elizabeth Cannon, mother of Thomas Cannon, Guilty - 1s. Fine, 1 month's imprisonment
R. v James Cato, [with James Hatton, not tried], Fawley, Stealing 14 geese, value £1.8s., property of Strickland Freeman, Esq. Witnesses: Mary Freeman, employed in the poultry yard of Mr. Freeman at Fawley Court. Thomas Wicks, gamekeeper to Mr. Freeman, Guilty - 1 year's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v Thomas Woodhouse, Wooburn, Stealing 36 faggots of Hornbeam wood, property of Joseph Dupre, Esq. of Wooburn, and 36 bundles of other wood, property of Joseph Hare. Witnesses: John Lack, woodman to Mr. Dupre, Ann [Howard], inmate of Olney (sic*) workhouse, Not guilty. (*Lack's evidence refers to Wooburn Green Workhouse.
R. v James Baker, Stoke Poges, Stealing 1 wooden pig trough Witnesses: George Armitage, Stoke Poges. Richard Hester, constable of Stoke Poges. Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment, hard labour
R. v William Laban [Labrum], Newport Pagnell, Stealing a male ass, value 5s. property of John Wright. Witness: John Wright, of Harpole, Northants., rag-gatherer. Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Hurst, John Enstone, Iver, Stealing ½ peck of beans, value 10d., ½ peck oats, value 6d. and 1 pint chaff, etc. Witnesses: William Tollitt, Uxbridge, Middx., coachman. Mary Ann Haydon, daughter of Mrs. Haydon of "The George" at Iver, William Ashley, constable of Iver. - Sheriff, the elder. Thomas Wootton, Guilty - T.H. - 12 month's imprisonment, hard labour, J.E. - 6 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v John Clark, Chesham, Stealing a male ass, property of William Jones, value 7s. Witnesses: William Jones, formerly of Chesham, "carried about wooden ware". [William] Barrett, dealer in hardware, now of Berkhamsted, formerly of Hemel Hempstead. Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment, hard labour, and during that time to be privately whipped twice.
R. v Mary Marks, the younger, Gt. Horwood, Stealing ¾ pint wheat, value 1d. Witness: James Mumford, son of Mr. Mumford, farmer of Great Horwood. Guilty - to be imprisoned "until tomorrow".

Epiphany, 1821  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Also entered in QS/JC/5

Joseph Claydon v Aylesbury, Bastardy claim (involving Hannah Blinkler) Witnesses: Hannah Blinkler, Elizabeth Hamps, - Lock, assistant overseer of Aylesbury, - Terry, Mrs. Allen, Buckingham (1st cousin of J. Claydon), Matthew Wood, Sarah Archer, Order confirmed, with costs against appellant, Settlement claims *Great Milton v Aylesbury Witnesses: Mary Dover, wife of Robert Dover, Captain Brown, adjutant of Buckingham militia, George Dance, clerk in the War Office, Thomas Dover, brother of Robert Dover Order confirmed as to Mary Dover, quashed as to children. (Robert Dover enlisted into Regt. "As a volt. by Beat of Drum" 5 Oct. 1797, 1808 shown to have been in Spain, Jany. 1809 prisoner of war.) Waddesdon v Wing Witnesses: Mary Frank, widow of John Franks, Edward Nettleship, once butler to Sir C.C. Dormer, Richard Franks, has been gamekeeper to Sir C.C. Dormer. Elizabeth Franks, wife of Richard Franks, Mary Price, - (person sworn who produced "Book of Enrollment of Deputations"), Richard Smith, was surveyor of the Hundreds. - Harrison, former clerk to Commissioners, John Uff, Order quashed. Westcott v Upper Winchendon Witnesses: J. Cripps, pauper, John Page, Order confirmed, Great Kimble v Monks Risborough Witnesses: Thomas Devening, pauper Overseer of Risborough (no name), Order quashed, Great Kimble v Stoke Mandeville Witness: James Feazey, pauper, Order quashed, Harmondsworth, Middx. v Eton Witnesses: Richard Bateman, pauper, - Long, James Berris, "employed to let house at Boveney", Robert Tibbutt, builder at Windsor, William Sargent, builder at Slough, James Bateman, father of pauper, Order confirmed, Puttenham v Weston Turville, Order quashed, Stantonbury v Gt. Linford Witness: John Elliott, Order confirmed, Dorchester v Ickford Witness: William Jacobs, Order quashed, Ludgershall v Ellesborough Witnessess: Joseph Dumbleton, - Allen, constable, Order quashed, Weedon v Rierton Witness: George Fincher, Order quashed.
R. v Charles King, Fraudulently and feloniously embezzling and secreting £1,500 property of Rev. Edward Tatham, D.D. to whom he was servant. Pleaded guilty - transportation for 14 years
R. v Inhabitants of Mursley, For not repairing highway, Plead that Francis Rogers, Thomas Whitworth and Thomas Pargeter ought to repair same by tenure of their lands. No evidence produced by Mursley, Guilty - fined £200. Levy respited until next session.
R. v Cook Nelmes, Aylesbury, Breaking out of Aylesbury Gaol while under sentence for an assault. Witnesses: (Acton) Tindal, Clerk of Peace, - Sheriff, gaoler, - Collins. Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment. (Nelmes convicted Jany. 1819, escaped 16 March 1819, retaken at Thame 12 Oct. 1820).
R. v John Weedon (c.f. case on p.19), William Tappin, John Chadwin, Stoke Mandeville, Assault on Richard Johnson, and in a second count on Susannah, wife of Richard Johnson on 29th July last. Objection made to made of indictment and only 1 count permitted - 2nd count elected. Witnesses: Susannah Johnson, Stoke Mandeville, Richard Johnson, William Johnson, son of Richard J., [William] Blake, Richard Hopcroft, William Hopcroft [father of Richard], Elizabeth Ford, niece of Johnson, John Tyler, Haddenham, practitioner in medicine (ex-farmer). William Bates, "live next to Johnson". Thomas Hopcroft, Stoke Mandeville, labourer. Mary Flickney [Flitney], Daniel Kirby, "have been a soldier in Ireland". James Flitney, William Farnborough, William Tappin, constable of Stoke Mandeville, George Gurney, nephew of Thomas Gurney, owner of field in which well was situated. (Affray caused by dispute as to right to draw water from well) John Weedon - guilty - fined 5s. John Chadwin, not guilty. William Tappin - not guilty (court interposed as to him after first witness)
R. v Solomon Monk, Place not stated [Stone], Stealing an iron hog trough, value 8s. property of Peter Hughes. Witnesses: Peter Hughes, farmer. Henry Carter, servant to Mr. Hughes, George Poole, labourer to Mr. Hughes Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment, hard labour
R. v William Hazle, Fenny Stratford, Stealing 5 cwt. of coal, value 5s., property of Gregory Odell Clark, to whom he was servant. Witnesses: Gregory O. Clark, coal merchant, Fenny Stratford, John Bodsworth, servant to Mr. Clark, James Crawford, boatman. Offence not grand larceny - not guilty. (Details of work of coal barges on canal)
R. v Thomas King, Robert Clark, Thomas Robinson, Great Missenden, On 6th December 1820, unlawfully entering churchyard and digging up and taking away dead body of John Aries. Witnesses: Charles Cortis, Amersham, bailiff to Mr. Drake, Shardeloes. James Rogers, butcher, Amersham, Henry Okes Bradford, "of medical profession", assistant to Mr. Ramsey, surgeon of Amersham. Samuel Clark, baker, Gt. Missenden. Witnesses: John Aries, keeper to Earl Bridgewater, father of dead child. Daniel Belch, silk weaver at Amersham. John Salter, labourer in Squire Drake's garden, lives at Amersham. Guilty - Each fined £10. and imprisoned for 12 months, and until fine is paid.
R. v Robert Hubbock, Brill, Assault on Joseph Briscoe. Witnesses: Joseph Briscoe, worked "on the Road", James Harvey, Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, to be bound in £10 himself, and two sureties in £5, at end of imprisonment.
R. v Richard Gunn, Dinton, Running away from family Witness: Thomas Watkins, overseer of Dinton, Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment (2nd conviction for this offence, see p.20).
R. v John Jackman, Grendon Underwood, Running away from family Witness: Charles Daniel, overseer of Grendon Underwood, Guilty - 1 week's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v William Roberts, Ilmer, Running away from family Witness: Abraham Hare, overseer of Ilmer, Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v William Brisset, Chesham Bois, Stealing one metal watch, property of Thomas Clark on 9 November 1820, Pleaded guilty - 6 month's imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v John Holdon, Chesham, Stealing one sow pig, value £2. and 50lbs. of pork, property of Thomas Carter. Witness: Thomas Carter, Hyde Heath, Chesham, Not guilty.
R. v William Sneak, John Williams, Wotton Underwood, Grand larceny [stealing 3 hair and hemp cords val. 3s.] Witnesses: Job Stone, farmer, Wotton Underwood, Thomas Dormer, labourer, works for Stone. Richard Jones, constable of Wotton. W.S. - guilty - 1 month's imprisonment, hard labour, J.W. - not guilty.
R. v Edward Wright, Hughenden, Stealing hammer, value 1s.6d. property of Joseph Williams and Joseph Williams, the younger. Witnesses: Joseph Williams, younger, stone cutter at North Dean, Hughenden, John Cartwright, labourer, James Wooster [Worcester], constable of High Wycombe, Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment, hard labour.
R. v John Brackley Holmer Green, Stealing 2 male asses value 30s. property of Joseph Cook. Witnesses: William Cook, gatherer of ashes, William James, labourer at Holmer Green, Little Missenden. Henry Warner, labourer, Potter's Bar, Not guilty.
R. v John Hawkes, John Gilthrow, the younger. Thomas Walker Whitchurch, Stealing 1 great coat, value 9s. property of Frederick Welsh on 25 October. Witnesses: Frederick Welsh, shepherd, to Mr. Westcar at Creslow. William Keys, shepherd to Mr. Westcar. [Thomas] Goodson, [miller], constable of Whitchurch, Not guilty (no evidence that coat was even in Whitchurch).
R. v John Hawkes, John Giltrow, the younger, Thomas Walker Whitchurch, Stealing 1 smock frock, value 7s., 1 great coat value 12s., property of William Keys Witnesses: William Keys, shepherd to Mr. Westcar [Thomas] Goodson, constable of Whitchurch, Rev. Archer, magistrate of this county. John Hawkes - guilty - 3 months' imprisonment, hard labour. J.G. & T.W. not guilty
R. v John Monk Place not stated, Stealing hay, property of Mary Monk Witnesses: Henry Monk, son of Mary Monk, William Ford, landlord of Bugle. [James] Coleman, a hawker, Guilty - 2 months' hard labour
R. v Thomas Cannon with another not in custody Waddesdon, Assault on a constable, James Scott, No prosecutor appeared - not guilty.

Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions.  QS/JC/5  (Midsummer Session 1821-Michaelmas Session 1824)

(Quarto volume bound in limp leather.)

[Abstract available]

Midsummer 1821  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Todd Burnham, Running away from family Witness: John Williams, Guilty - discharged with a monition from Court.
R. v George Badger Datchet, Assault Witnesses: William Spurling, Datchet, William Bovington, Datchet, John Crook, Datchet. Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Barley Haversham, Grand larceny - stealing a leaden pipe. Witnesses: Jonathan Herbert, Haversham, blacksmith. James Herbert, son of Jonathan. Benjamin Bates, constable of Stony Stratford at time of offence. John Lyons, Clerk of Old Stratford Wharf. Not guilty - it was found that jury had mistaken christian name and the son (Thomas) had been accused instead of the father (James).
R. v James Barley Haversham, Stealing lead Witness: John Lyons, wharfinger at Old Wharf, Stony Stratford. Guilty
R. v Jonathan Rawlinson Weston Turville, Stealing wheat, property of William Bull. Witnesses: William Bull, Aylesbury, (has a farm at Weston Turville). William North, bailiff of Mr. Bull. Thomas Clark, works for Mr. Bull. John Wood, labourer to Mr. Bull. William Burd (Burtt) constable of Weston Turville. Francis Purssell, "the other constable of Weston Turville" - Page - Timms (?Simons) Hogshaw. Not Guilty.
R. v Edward Hobbs. Chepping Wycombe, Grand larceny, stealing a pair of shoes. Witnesses: James Hutchinson, Chepping Wycombe, William Wiggins, constable and shoemaker. Guilty.
R. (Joseph) Bright and 2 others (Scott and Charles Gunn) Chesham, Resisting seizure of goods i.e. a pig (a "rescue") Witnesses: Nathaniel Birch, Chesham "Special sheriff's Officer". (Acton) Tindal, under-sheriff - Woodman, clerk to the under-sheriff - Scott. Bright - Guilty - 5/- fine, Scott and Gunn - Not Guilty
R. v. - Beasley (Beazeley) and - Ruggins Buckingham, Passing counterfeit money. Witnesses: Susanna Rogers, of Royal Oak, Buckingham. Edward Lake, private in the Royal Bucks Militia. Thomas Lawson, private in the Royal Bucks Militia Thomas Mehan (?) Corporal. John Ogden, Corporal, Charles Scot, silversmith - Herring (?) farmer - Kitely, Chesham, John Perry, (?) Chesham, John Clan (?), Chesham. Beazeley - guilty (of two offences of uttering), Ruggins - guilty (of single offence)
R. v Richard Wall Chepping Wycombe, Assault on the tythingman in the execution of his office Witnesses: James Wooster, tythingman for Chepping Wycombe, John Griffith, sheriff's officer, Guilty.
R. v John Old and 2 others [Francis Osborne and John Knibb] Stoke Goldington, Riot and assault Witnesses: Joseph Bart, Stoke Golding[ton], employed by Surveyor of Roads, and overseer of workmen on roads. Thomas Adams, Wavendon, John Aldridge, All guilty of riot, Knibb not guilty of assault
R. v George Holland and Thomas Holland Place not stated, An assault Witnesses: William Franks, W. Varney
Appeals Radley v Upton cum Chalvey, Order confirmed, Little Marlow v Wooburn, Order quashed, Aston Clinton v Great Kimble, Order confirmed, St. Marylebone v Denham, Order quashed (execution of indenture not proved), Little Marlow v Radnage, Order quashed, Henley-on-Thames v Turville, Steeple Claydon v Grendon Underwood, Order quashed for want of chargeability)

Michaelmas 16th October 1821  [no ref. or date]

R. v George Ashpool and Richard Hownslow Wing Stealing goods the property of James Robbins Witnesses: William Lathwell, constable of Wing Sarah Robbins, dau. of James Robbins, James Robbins, Wing, farmer. William Jordan, Wing, labourer, Rich. Hownslow acquitted, no evidence, George Ashpool - ? Not guilty
R. v William Holloway Little Missenden, Stealing 3 silver spoons, property of Daniel Denham Witnesses: Sally Treacher, pawnbroker, Chesham, Samuel Eddlin, constable of Missenden, Daniel Denham, keeps the "Royal Oak", at Little Missenden, William Coney, Chesham (lives in Sam. Treacher's house), Guilty
R. v Thomas Cooper, Stealing a silver sppon, property of Joseph Read Witnesses: Ann Griffin, servant to Mr. Read, George Cox, John Roadnyte (doesn't answer), Mr. Field, silversmith at Aylesbury, Ann Griffin, Guilty
R. v William Tame Ravenstone, Stealing a quantity of flour, property of James Adkins (Atkins) Witness: James Adkins, Ravenstone, miller, Guilty
R. v Richard Barker, Stealing flour, property of James Atkins, Pleads guilty
R. v Susan Swift Buckingham, Sending threatening letters to Mainwaring Davies, Esq., with the purpose of extorting money from him, charging him with the crime of sodomy Witnesses: Mainwaring Davies, Esq. (Mr. Adolphus), of Addington House, nr. Buckingham (78 years old), Capt. Dayrell, William Gunn, Tingewick, Thomas Dickens, Not guilty.
R. v Susan Swift and Richard Sabine Buckingham, Conspiracy Witnesses: Richard Dayrell, Esq., Rev. Mr. Reed, "the other magistrate" - King, clerk of the magistrates Mr. Davis, Not guilty.
R. v William Dean Chartridge, Exposing his person indecently Witness: Mary Ayres, Chartridge, Guilty
R. v Jarvis Arnold and William Goodson Place not stated, Assault on J.S.A. Norris Witnesses: James Samuel Anderson Norris, Uxbridge Thomas Holden, servant to above witness, Both guilty.
R. v William Kympton (pauper) Marsworth, Assaulting a constable Witnesses: Charles Horner, overseer, Marsworth - Wyatt, overseer - Rowland [?], constable, Guilty
R. v Thomas Hicks Maids Moreton, Assault on a constable in execution of his duty Witnesses: Samuel Roper, constable of Maids Moreton John Scott, the younger, Guilty.
R. v James Walker Whiteleaf, Assault on Francis Redrup Witnesses: Francis Redrup, Whiteleaf, Mrs. Earl, landlady, Thomas Keene, Not guilty
R. v James Panter Warrington, Assault on William West Witnesses: William West, Warrington, Samuel Odell, West's servant Richard Prigmon (?Prigmore), Guilty
R. v Thomas White Warrington, Assault on John Tysoe Witnesses: John Tysoe, Warrington, working for Mr. West. Samuel Odell, William West, Jnr. [J] Panter, Guilty
R. v William Baldwin Chenies, Assault on Daniel Brown, constable in execution of his duty Witness: Daniel Brown, constable, Chenies, Guilty
Appeals Thornton v Stowe (?) Witnesses: Eliz. Wilkins, pauper, Mr. Ridgway, overseer of Stowe, Mr. Woodward, Thornton, employed E.W., Mr. Lee Smith, Mr. Thomas Woodward, son of Mr. W. above, Mr. West, Order confirmed, Tingewick v Little Horwood, Pauper not named, lived with Mr. Scott of Tingewick, Order quashed. Aylesbury v Chalfont St. Peter, Apprenticeship indenture - order quashed, Steeple Claydon v Grendon Underwood, Settlement by certificate - order confirmed, Bicester, Market End v Aylesbury, Apprenticeship - order confirmed
R. v Peter Joyce Hughenden, Stealing a pair of shoes, property of John Cartwright Witnesses: John Cartwright, keeper of the Harrow P.H., Hughenden Charlotte Cartwright, wife of above, Thomas Anderson, Hughenden, Richard Guy, Hughenden, Abel Redrup, constable, Hughenden, Guilty - one months imprisonment, hard labour, and once publicly whipped.
R. v Thomas Hayes Aylesbury, Stealing shoes, property of William Phillips Witnesses: Eliz. Hedges, keeps stall in Market, Susannah Phillips, keeps stall in Aylesbury market, William Cross, constable of Aylesbury, Guilty, - one months imprisonment and to be publicly whipped next market day.
R. v Joshua Pond Burnham, Stealing 4 geese, property of Richard Healey Witnesses: Richard Healey, Burnham, John Wingrove, worked for R. Healey, Eleanor -, sister of prisoner, Not guilty
R. v James Elms Burnham, Stealing 4 geese, property of Richard Healey Witnesses: Richard Healey, Thomas Healey, brother-in-law of Richard H. Daniel Goldwin, servant to Healey, George Alliford, brother-in-law of prisoner, of Farnham, Not guilty
R. v William Mendum Wooburn, Adjudged to be a rogue and vagabond, and of having deserted his family. Guilty - one month's hard labour
R. v John Slaughter, James Hill. Aylesbury, Stealing a straw bonnett, property of Valentine Hosking (Sarah Hosking) Witnesses: John Denton, Aylesbury *[continued below, at p. 259]
R. v William Adams Place not stated, Stealing peas, pleaded guilty.
R. v William Johnston Adstock, Stealing pair of shoes, stockings Witnesses: Reuben Littleford, Adstock, keeps the Punch Bowl, John Shard, the younger, Adstock, Henry Shard, constable of Adstock
*R. v Slaughter and Hill continued from previous page Witnesses: Sarah Hosking, John Emworth, 11 years old, "not sworn because of ignorance of the nature of an oath", Mary Emworth, Aylesbury, Not guilty
R. v William Armstrong Aylesbury, Obtaining goods under false pretences Witnesses: John Brooks, solicitor, Aylesbury, John Callow, employed by wool staplers to buy wool, William Scott - Dawney and - Gurney, character witnesses, Not guilty
R. v Osborne and Dell Wigginton Common, Assault on a constable and rescue Witnesses: Thomas Healey, James Gates, "assistant to T.H." James Miller, "theotherassistant", Guilty - nine months hard labour
R. v William Dell Gt. Kingshill, Assaulton John Shackey Witnesses: John Shackey, Gt. Kingshill, nr. Berkhamsted, gamekeeper Elizabeth Shackey, wife of above. Guilty - nine months in house of correction.
R. v Edward Hitchcock, Assault on Mr. Charsley Witnesses: John Charsley, Richard Henry Bowery, clerk to Mr. Charsley, Guilty - 6 months and £5. fine
R. v Lucy Sedgewick, Margaret Mayo, Chesham, Assaulting a constable in the execution of his office Witnesses: James Jones, constable of Chesham, Moses Hearn, Samuel Hearn, William Pearson, overseer of Chesham, Guilty - Sedgewick - 6 weeks, Mayo - one month
R. v William Elliot Preston [Bissett], Assault on Esther Tasker Witness: Esther Tasker, Guilty - one week in House of Correction

Michaelmas Session 1824  [no ref. or date]

R. v Joseph Syms Long Crendon, Stealing a sow, property of Darvill Shrimpton of Long Crendon Witnesses: Darvill Shrimpton, victualler, Thomas Bonham, Hoggeston, Butcher, Thomas Bayliss, Hoggeston, Farmer, Guilty - 6 month's imprisonment and to be publicly whipped on a market day in Aylesbury
R. v James Prier West Wycombe, Stealing Ears of wheat Witnesses: Thomas Freeman, West Wycombe, occupier of field called Fearny Field, Edward Dobson, constable of West Wycombe, Not guilty
R. v John Healy and Thomas Holdham Winslow, Stealing hay, property of Joseph Hearn Witnesses: Joseph Neal, Winslow, keeps "The Bell", Thomas Lomath, constable of Winslow, Richard Mayne, book-keeper to Mr. Hearn, Mr. Haycock, Wendover, Mr. Williams, - Saunders, a victualler, Mr. Axten, seedsman, lived in Holmer Green 17 years. Holdham - not guilty, Healy - guilty, 2 months' hard labour
R. v William Attkins Wendover, Stealing a pair of gaiters Witnesses: Robert Dixon, Wendover, William Haycock, constable, James Floyd, publican of Wendover, John Jenning, Wendover, labourer, Not guilty
R. v Thomas Godfrey Newport Pagnell, Stealing 1 yard of Kerseymere, 1 yard of woollen quilting, goods of John Carr. Witnesses: John Carr, Newport Pagnell, shopkeeper, John Garnby, Bedford, Pawnbroker, Guilty - 7 years transportation.
R. v James Holt Chesham, Stealing iron, the property of Robert Ball Witnesses: Robert Ball, Chesham, Butcher and miller Henry How, blacksmith, Chesham, ironfounder, Stephen Keen, Quarrier, Little Missenden, Elias Jones, constable, Guilty - 4 calendar months hard labour
R. v Richard Ayer Moulsoe, Stealing horse hoe wheels, property of Edward Cowley Witnesses: Edward Cowley, Moulsoe, James Goodman, constable of Crawley, James Bonney, wheelwright, Salford William Rider, North Crawley, John Ayer, brother of prisoner, Mr. Lilly, Sophia Ayer, wife of John Ayer, Guilty
R. v James Wyatt Ellesborough, Stealing fowls, property of Fleetwood Wells Witnesses: Fleetwood Wells, Combe in the parish of Ellesborough, Samuel Eldridge, Ellesborough, Joseph Poulton, William Wheeler, lives in Mr. Well's house, Elizabeth Wheeler, housekeeper to Mr. Wells, Guilty - 2 months' hard labour, one private whipping
R. v Mary Willis, Chesham, Stealing 5s. privately from the person of George Smith Witnesses: George Smith, of Chesham, Elias Jones, constable at Chesham, Guilty
R. v Job Turner and Samuel Washington, Aylesbury, Stealing butter, the property of Joseph Hearn Witnesses: Daniel Berry of Gawcott, dirves Mr. Hearn's waggon, Job Ginger, watchman of Aylesbury, William Cross, one of the constables of Aylesbury. John Search, Horse-keeper at Greyhound, Ann Perrin, wife of Mr. Perrin of the Greyhound, Marie Poole, servant to the last witness, Thomas Davies, book-keeper to Joseph Hearn, Not guilty
R. v James Hampton (alias John Smith) Place not stated, Obtaining money under false pretences from James Hawkins Witnesses: James Hawkins, Joseph Sydenham, the elder, Hampton forged bill from "Sydenham and Son", purporting to be note of hand from them to him for £1.5s. (in payment for a cow). Hawkins exchanged this for "a new Uxbridge note". Young Sydenham could not attend court due to a broken leg. Guilty - 7 years transportation.
R. v Thomas Anstee and Joseph Shouler? Shenton?, Swanbourne, Assault on Thomas Carter Witnesses: Thomas Carter, 63 years old, William Sharp, servant to Rev'd M. Howard of Hoggeston, William Burt, Lady Fremantle's servant, John Cowley, surgeon of Winslow, Michael Simmons, Anne Anstey, mother of accused, Joseph Anstey, brother of accused, James Ash, Thomas Mayne, Not guilty - bound over to keep the peace to each other
R. v Thomas Windale (?Wisedale), Stoke Poges, Assault on Sarah Cordery with intent to ravish Witnesses: Sarah Cordery, 8 years old, William Redrup, Stoke Poges, Guilty
R. v James Plant Chearsley, Assault on Susannah May Witnesses: Susannah May, Chearsley, John Plested, shoemaker, William Beattie, Guilty

Interleaved volume containing notes on the cases, made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions.  QS/JC/6  (Easter Session 1821-Epiphany Session 1824)

(Quarto volume bound in limp leather.)

Abstract available.

Easter Session, 1821  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Bagley, William Hare Chalfont St. Giles, Grand Larceny - stealing pork, property of Salmon Craft. Witnesses: Ann Craft, wife of S. Craft. - Sheriff, gaoler of prison at Aylesbury. Both found not guilty.
R. v John Stevens Great Missenden, Stealing one piece of oak timber and one piece of beech timber, property of Joseph Pangbourne. Witnesses: Joseph Pangbourn, farmer. - Wilkinson, Thomas Sheriff, jobber. - [Constable of Missenden], Guilty of petty larceny - hard labour in Common Gaol for one month, and once publicly whipped.
R. v George Sanders, Wycombe, Stealing 60 lb. of clover hay, valued at 2/-, property of Wm. Young. Witness: John Turner, bailiff.
[Prisoner reported to have said he was going to sell it because he had no work or money], Guilty - hard labour in County Gaol for 3 months.
R. v Joseph Sanders, Seer Green, Stealing pair of boots, valued at 3/-, property of Wm. Body. Witnesses: William Body, farmer, - Wyman, shepherd to Squire Goodson of Iver Heath. James Spuffort, labourer of Beaconsfield. Not Guilty
R. v John Russell, Ickford, Stealing 2 faggots and 9 stakes, valued at 2/-, property of William Guy. Witnesses: Richard Guy, son of Wm. Guy of Ickford. [Prisoner said he was much distressed because his wife just put to bed, and he had no wood and no money to buy any.] Guilty, recommended to mercy - hard labour for one month in Common Gaol.
R. Thomas Pain, Stealing metal watch, property of Wigg Hughes. Pleaded guilty - to be imprisoned in County Gaol for one year, and twice publicly whipped.
R. v James Spuffort, Seer Green, Stealing linen shirt, valued at 4/-, property of Wm. Body of Farnham Royal. 2nd count property of Wm. Body the Younger. Witnesses: Frances Body, daughter of Wm. Body Wm. Hitchcock, constable of Beaconsfield. Guilty - imprisoned in County Gaol for 4 months' hard labour, and once flogged.
R. v Henry Thorp the Younger, Robert Bonnick, William Adams, Aylesbury, Assault on James Scott Witnesses: James Scott of Waddesdon John Maiden of Aylesbury, doctor Job Ginger, watchman of Aylesbury John Hollyman, landlord of Black Boy, Aylesbury. Thorp and Bonnick guilty; Adams not guilty. Thorp and Bonnick to pay fine of 10/-, and one months' imprisonment.
R. v Joshua Bianchi, Eton, Selling and publishing snuff box with filthy and indecent picture within. Witnesses: -, scholar at Eton. Robert Morgan, victualler at Three Tuns Tavern, Windsor. Robert Brickley, ironmonger in Windsor. Guilty - fine of £5 and 6 months in County Gaol.
R. v William Hubbocks, Brill, Assault on Eliza Kirby with intent carnally to know. 2nd count - common assault. Witnesses: Eliza Kirby [a child] Sarah Roberts of Brill, mother of Eliza Kirby Guilty on 2nd count - 6 months' imprisonment and publicly whipped at Brill.
R. v William Simmons, Farnham Royal, Assault on John Simmons Witnesses: John Simmons, servant to Mr. Stewart, who keeps nursery garden at Salt Hill. Joseph Sexton, employee of Mr. Stewart. Alexander Stewart Guilty - fine of 1/-, and 2 months in County Gaol.
R. v Richard Smith, Steeple Claydon, Assaulting Benjamin Coxhill, a constable in execution of his office. Witnesses: Benjamin Coxhill, constable of Steeple Claydon. Amaziah Inwood, Steeple Claydon [female] Thomas Shirley of Steeple Claydon. [Constable stopped Smith playing marbles on a Sunday] Guilty - fine of 1/- and 14 days in prison.
R. v James Stevens, Monks Risborough, Assault on James Langston of Ascot Joshua Eldridge of Ascot Elizabeth Langston, sister of James Langston Elizabeth Woodbridge of Ascot. Guilty - to be fined 6d. and discharged.
R. v Joseph Nichols, Taking up 2 chests in London and carrying them to Wendover without accounting to his master, Joseph Hearn, waggoner, for the hire. Witnesses: Thomas Marlin of Aylesbury, employee of Mr. Hearn Thomas Davis of Aylesbury Guilty - one month's hard labour in prison.
R. v Thomas Dean [formerly a higler], Great Missenden, Running away from his wife and 4 children and leaving them chargeable to parish. Witnesses: Charles Hoard, parish officer of Great Missenden Samuel Eagle, constable. Guilty - 2 months' hard labour in House of Correction. [Prisoner said his family was so distressed that he could not bear to see it]
R. v Wm. Soden, Linslade, Running away from his 3 children, and leaving them chargeable to parish. Witness: John Proctor, overseer of Linslade. Guilty - 3 months' hard labour in House of Correction.
R. v Mary Revett, Spinster, Olney, Stealing 24 yards of lace, valued at 5/-, property of Thomas Burman. Witnesses: Martha Burman, shopkeeper at Olney, wife of Thomas Burman. Henry Hurst, constable. Thomas Burman, lacebuyer at Olney. [Prisoner makes lace for Burman] Guilty - 12 months' hard labour in House of Correction.
R. v James Dixon, Great Missenden, Running away from wife and family and leaving them chargeable to parish. Pleaded Guilty - 3 months' hard labour in prison.
R. v Daniel Knibb, Westbury, Assaulting special constable. Pleaded Guilty - to pay fine of £5 and 6 months' imprisonment in County Gaol. St. Andrew Holborn v Whitchurch Witnesses: Ann Harding, wife of Joseph Harding. - Bull Sarah Bowler, widow of John Bowler, baker of Whitchurch, to whom Joseph Harding was apprenticed. Eden Bowler, son of John Bowler. Mary Rogers, servant to Thomas Bowler, baker, brother of John Bowler, at Gray's Inn Lane, St. Andrew Holborn. Order confirmed. Aylesbury v Whitchurch Witnesses: Elijah Scraggs, apprenticed to A. Basely at Whitchurch and to Wm. Basely at Aylesbury. Anthony Basely Elizabeth Scraggs, mother of Elijah Scraggs. Order confirmed. Chacombe v Granborough Witnesses: Wm. Preston, pauper Ann Taylor, mother of above, who was born in Chacombe parish. Order quashed. Cheddington v Slapton Witnesses: Thomas Cutler, served Mr. Dowbiggen Order confirmed. Burnham v Boveney Witnesses: Ann Todd, wife of John Todd, bricklayer. Robert Tarrant of Dorney, Thomas Stevens, married to Todd's daughter. William Gilder, Sophia Gilder, wife of Wm. Gilder. John Berris, formerly of Boveney. John Atkins, farmer of Upton cum Chalvey. Wm. Newell. Order confirmed. Wilstone v Waddesdon Witnesses: John Uff John Hodges Order quashed. Swanbourne v Broughton Witnesses: Ralph Tatham, pauper. Richard Gardnor Mr. Adderbury, farmer, of Broughton. Order quashed. Stoke Mandeville v Hitchendon [Hughendon] Witnesses: John Essex, of The George public house, pauper. Mr. Meacher, brewer at Ivinghoe. Order quashed. Penn v Beaconsfield Witnesses: George Long, pauper (formerly shoemaker) James Garland of Penn. Order quashed. Aylesbury v Westcott Witnesses: Alphonso Elizabeth Wesley, servant to Mrs. Cheshire Rachel Cheshire [Lace-making mentioned] Order confirmed.

Midsummer Session, 1821 [10 July]  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Todd, Burnham, Running away from wife and family, and leaving them chargeable to parish. Witness: John Williams, overseer of Burnham [Prisoner said went because could not get employment] Guilty - ordered to be discharged.
R. v George Badger, Datchet, Assault on Wm. Spurling Witnesses: Wm. Spurling of Datchet, prisoner's landlord. Wm. Bovingdon of Datchet. John Crook of Datchet. Not Guilty.
R. v Thomas Barley, Haversham, Stealing 1 leaden pipe, valued at 6/-, 43 lbs. lead value 6/-, property of Jonathan Herbert. Witnesses: Jonathan Herbert, blacksmith. James Herbert, son of above. Benjamin Bates, constable of Stony Stratford. John Lyons, clerk at Old Stratford Wharf, and wharfinger. Guilty.
R. v James Barley, Haversham, Stealing 1 leaden pipe value 6/-, property of Jonathan Herbert. Witnesses: Jonathan Herbert, vide preceding trial, James Herbert, vide preceding trial, Benjamin Bates, vide preceding trial, John Lyons, vide preceding trial Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour for 12 months.
R. v Jonathan Rawlinson, Weston Turville, Stealing 3 bushels of wheat, value 15/-, property of Wm. Bull. Witnesses: Wm. Bull of Aylesbury, who has farm at Weston Turville. Wm. North, bailiff of Wm. Bull. Thomas Clerk, employee of Wm. Bull. John Wood, labourer of Mr. Bull's. Wm. Burt, constable of Weston Turville. - Purcell, constable of Weston Turnville. - Page, - Symons Not Guilty.
R. v Edward Hobbs, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing one pair of shoes, value 7/-, property of James Hutchinson the Younger. Witnesses: James Hutchinson the Younger of Chepping Wycombe, William Wiggins, constable of Wycombe. Guilty - to be imprisoned 2 months to hard labour in House of Correction and once privately whipped.
R. v Joseph Bright, Charles Gunn, John Scott, For rescue of a sow pig (seized by precept from Sheriff's County Court by Nathaniel Birch, Bailiff), and for an assault. Witnesses: Nathaniel Birch of Chesham, - Woodman, John Scott, landlord to Bright, Jesse Child. Bright - Guilty; Gunn and Scott not guilty. Bright fined 5/- and discharged.
R. v John Beasley, George Ruggins, Buckingham, Uttering counterfeit coin. Witnesses: Susannah Rogers, daughter of landlord of Royal Oak P.H., Buckingham. Edward Lake, private in Bucks. Militia (quartered at Royal Oak). Thomas Lawson, private in Royal Bucks. Militia. Thomas Meeham, corporal. John Ogden, corporal in Royal Bucks Militia, Charles Scott, silversmith. - Herring, farrier at Ickford. John Kitely of Chesham, John Penny, John Clare. Guilty - John Beesley to be imprisoned in County Gaol one year and to find security for 2 years afterwards. - George Ruggins to be imprisoned in County Gaol 6 months, and to find security for 2 years afterwards.
R. v Richard Wall, Chepping Wycombe, Assault on Tythingman in execution of his office. Witnesses: James Wooster, tythingman of Chepping Wycombe. John Griffith, sheriff's officer. Guilty - to be imprisoned in Common Gaol 4 months & fined 1p.
R. v John Old, John Heneman, Francis Osborn, John Knibb, Stoke Goldington, Riot, and assault on Joseph Burt Witnesses: Joseph Burt of Stoke Goldington, overseer of workmen for surveyor of roads. Thomas Adams, of Wavendon, employer of prisoners and Burt. John Aldridge. Old, Heneman & Osborn Guilty; John Knibb Guilty only of riot. Old, Heneman & Osborn to be imprisoned to hard labour in House of Correction 6 months & fined 1/- Knibb to be imprisoned as above for 4 months & fined 1/-
R. v George Holland, Thomas Holland, Assault on William Franks Witnesses: Wm. Franks, James Verney [Prisoners said they were provoked because Franks called them poachers.] Not Guilty as to both prisoners. Radley (Berks.) v Upton cum Chalvey Witnesses: Wm. Sawyer, pauper, Mrs. White, employer of Sawyer. David Wetherell, Mrs. White's bailiff Order confirmed. Little Marlow v Wooburn Witnesses: Francis Pearce, pauper [Pauper hired by Mrs. Roads to do work on board boat from Spadoe Wharf to London] Order quashed. Aston Clinton v Great Kimble Witnesses: - Baston, innkeeper at Aston Clinton, for whom pauper was a tapster. James Beechey, miller at Great Kimble (father of pauper) Order confirmed. St. Marylebone v Denham. Witness: James Winch, bricklayer Order quashed. Little Marlow v Radnage Witness: George Warren. Order quashed. Henley-on-Thames v Turville Order quashed. Steeple Claydon v Grendon Underwood Witness: - Holdom Order quashed. Ann Holt v James Ebelthite, Bastardy case Witnesses: Ann Holt, singlewoman - Clare Order Filiation refused.

Michaelmas Session, 1821  [no ref. or date]

R. v George Ashpole, Richard Hounslow, Wing, Stealing one pair of stockings valued at 1/6d., property of James Robins. Witnesses: William Lathwell, constable of Wing. Sarah Robins, daughter of James Robins. James Robins, farmer, of Wing. Court interposed with regard to Hounslow, stating there was no evidence against him. Not Guilty. William Jordan, labourer at Wing. Richard Hounslow Not Guilty.
R. v William Holloway the younger, Stealing 3 silver spoons, value 3/-, property of Daniel Denham. [W. Heath called before Grand Jury to give evidence at the commencement of this trial and did not hear beginning of evidence, therefore omitted the whole] Guilty - to be transported for 7 years beyond the seas.
R. v Thomas Cooper, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 silver spoon, value 3/-, property of Joseph Reed. Witnesses: Ann Griffith, servant to Mr. Reed. George Cox, Thomas White Field, silversmith in Aylesbury, John Roadnight, too young to give evidence. Guilty - to be imprisoned to hard labour in House of Correction one month and twice privately whipped.
R. v William Thance [?Thame], Ravenstone, Stealing 39 lbs of wheaten flour, property of James Atkins. Witnesses: James Atkins, miller of Ravenstone. Guilty - to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour in House of Correction 6 months.
R. v William Barker, Ravenstone, Stealing 39 lb. weight wheaten flour, property of James Atkins. Pleaded guilty. To be imprisoned and kept to hard labour in House of Correction 6 months.
R. v Susan, otherwise Susannah, Swift, [Addington], Sending letters to Mainwaring Davies, Esq., threatening to accuse him with crime punishable by law with death, with intent to extort money. Witnesses: Mainwaring Davies, of Addington House, Richard Dayrell, Esq., magistrate. William Gunn, of Tingewick. Thomas Dickins. Not Guilty
R. v Richard Savin Susan, otherwise Susannah Swift. [Addington], Conspiring to extort from Mainwaring Davies, Esq. £600 by threatening to accuse him with the crime of sodomy. Witnesses: Evidence of Mr. Davies in last prosecution admitted. Richard Dayrell, Rev. J.T.A. Reed, magistrate [Incomplete, as page torn from book]
R. v Jarvis Arnold, Wm. Goodson, Iver, Assaulting Jas. Samuel Anderson Harris Witnesses: J.S.A. Harris, of Uxbridge, Thomas Holden, servant of Mr. Harris. Both guilty - Wm. Goodson to pay fine of £10 and recognizance of himself £50 and 2 sureties in £25 each to keep peace for 12 months. J. Arnold - to pay fine of 21/- and be discharged.
R. v Wm. Kimpton, Marsworth, Assaulting Joseph Rowland, constable in execution of his duty. Witnesses: Charles Horner, overseer of Marsworth. - Wyatt, overseer of Marsworth. - Rowland, constable of Marsworth Guilty - to be imprisoned to hard labour in House of Correction for 3 months.
R. v Thomas Hicks. Maidsmorton, Assaulting Samuel Roper, constable in execution of his duty. Witnesses: Samuel Roper, constable of Maidsmorton John Scott the younger. Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour for 6 months. [Defence was that he had served on board Man of War and had hurt in his head]
R. v James Walker, Whiteleaf, Assaulting Francis Redrup Witnesses: Francis Redrup of Whiteleaf - East, landlady of public house. Thomas Kean. Not Guilty.
R. v James Panter, Warrington, Assaulting William West Witnesses: Wm. West, Samuel Odell, housekeeper to Mr. West. James Fringmore, who was working for Mr. West. - -, person whom Panter formerly worked for. Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour one month.
R. v Thomas White, Warrington, Assaulting John Tysoe Witnesses: John Tysoe, Samuel Odell - White James Panter - - [Another witness] Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction for 6 weeks.
R. v William Baldwin, Chenies, Assaulting Daniel Brown, constable in execution of his duty. Witness: Daniel Brown, constable at Chenies. Guilty- to be imprisoned 6 months in House of Correction. Thornton v Stowe Witnesses: Elizabeth Wilkins, pauper, Thomas Woodward, the elder, farmer at Thornton, who hired pauper. Thomas Woodward, the younger. Leigh Smith Order confirmed. Tingewick v Little Horwood Witnesses: John Walton, who lived with Mr. Scott at Tingewick, pauper. Wm. Scott. Order quashed. Aylesbury v Chalfont St. Peter Witnesses: - Kibble, pauper, who was bound to one Hart, and then served Tuckwell of Aylesbury. Wm. Archer Order quashed on grounds that assignment of indentures was not by consent of 2 justices as directed by statute. Costs allowed to appellants. Steeple Claydon v Grendon Underwood Witnesses: John Holdom, pauper, born in Botolph Claydon - Roads, churchwarden of Steeple Claydon. Ann. Sawyer, sister to pauper. Joseph Sawyer, husband of last witness Thomas Hearn, junior. Order confirmed Bicester Market End v Aylesbury Witnesses: Wm. Adams, pauper, Edward Prickett Order confirmed

Epiphany Session 1822  [no ref. or date]

William Bull v James Comme, and insolvent debtor. Hengrove, Fraud Witnesses: Wm. Bull, agent of Trustees of Marcers' Company, David Brackley, publican. Court declared and adjudged Gomme had acted fraudulently, and that he should be continued in custody 6 months. Thomas Hearn v Wm. Ibell, an insolvent debtor Could not prove service of notice on prisoner. Discharged.
Rv. v James Sherwood, Fulmer, Grand larceny - stealing wearing apparel, property of Wm. Stevens. Pleaded guilty. To be imprisoned in Gaol of Aylesbury to hard labour for 1 year
R. v James Dixon (of Aylesbury), Great Missenden, Stealing one pair of shoes, value 2/- property of Wm. Muckle Witnesses: Wm. Muckle, labourer, Great Missenden, Samuel Eagle, constable of Great Missenden. Guilty - to be transported for 7 years.
R. v William Burnham, Dinton, Stealing 60 lb. bacon, value 30/-, property of Thomas Randall. Witnesses: Thomas Randall of Monks Risborough, Thomas Watkins, constable of Dinton Guilty - to be transported for 7 years.
R. v Richard Prigmore, Warrington, Stealing 2 gallons of ale, property of Wm. West. Witnesses: Wm. West, farmer at Warrington Lucy Whitney, servant of Mr. West. Not Guilty
R. v Samuel Odell, otherwise Wodell, George White Warrington, Stealing 2 gallons of ale, property of Wm. West. Witnesses: Wm. West, farmer at Warrington Elizabeth Church, servant to Mr. West Wm. West, son of Wm. West Both not guilty.
R. v Wm. Eaton Warrington, Stealing one pint of ale, property of Wm. West. Witnesses: Wm. West the younger, Lucy Whitney, servant to West the elder. Not Guilty.
R. v George Jeffkins (aged 15 or 17), Hughenden, Stealing 2 geese, property of Wm. Langston Pleaded guilty - to be privately whipped and discharged.
R. v James Chance, Great Marlow, Stealing one velveteen waistcoat, property of George Hester. Witnesses: George Hester, labourer of Booker Common, West Wycombe - Humphries, pawnbroker at Great Marlow Guilty - to be imprisoned at hard labour in House of Correction at Aylesbury for 6 months.
R. v Rebecca Bowler, spinster. West Wycombe, Stealing one cotton gown, value 6/- and cotton frock, value 1/-, property of Daniel Keen. Witnesses: Elizabeth Keen, wife of D. Keen, labourer, John Langley the younger, chairmaker at West Wycombe, John Langley the elder, father of last witness. Not Guilty
R. v Thomas Tuscan, Farnham Royal, Stealing 1½ bushels of coal, and one hempen sack, value 1/6d., property of Wm. Robinson. Witnesses: Wm. Robinson, of Farnham Royal, Ephraim Sexton, labourer George Bonsey, bricklayer Guilty - to be imprisoned for twelve months in House of Correction at Aylesbury to hard labour.
R. v John Scraggs, Quainton, Grand Larceny (stealing pillow, stocking and child's shift, property of John Simonds) Witnesses: John Simonds, the younger James Anstice, constable of Quainton Eliz. Simonds, wife of John Simonds. Not Guilty
R. v John Smith, otherwise John Budd, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 54 lb. wool, property of Wm. Line. Pleaded guilty.
R. v David Ayres, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 10 lb. of wool, value 20/-, property of Wm. Line. Witnesses: Wm. Line, fellmonger, of Chepping Wycombe Sir Wm. Lee Young, Bart., magistrate. Guilty - to be imprisoned at hard labour in House of Correction 6 months and once privately whipped.
R. v. Henry Lacey, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 3 sheep skins, value 6/-, property of Wm. Line. Witnesses: Wm. Line, fellmonger, Samuel Rowsham, Wm. Neal, fellmonger of Wycombe, Wm. Adams, servant to Mr. Rowsham - Dennis, labourer Not Guilty
R. v George Budd, Henry Nash, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 2 lb. bacon, value 1/3d., property of Wm. Massey Witnesses: Sarah Massey, wife of Wm. Massey, a paper-maker, of Wycombe Marsh (in the Back Lane) - Wiggins, constable of Chepping Wycombe - Plater, 12 years old. James Wooster, tythingman Both guilty of petty larceny - to be severally and respectively imprisoned 2 months in House of Correction and to be privately whipped twice.
R. v George Budd, Henry Nash, Stealing 2 loaves of bread No evidence - verdict not guilty.
R. v James Miles, Chenies, Running away from family and leaving them chargeable to parish. Witnesses: George Dodd, churchwarden of Chenies and paper maker there Simeon Stone, parish officer of Chenies Thomas Drewitt, paper maker at Chenies Charles Foster, constable of Rickmansworth Guilty, but recommended to mercy of the Court To be imprisoned 7 days to hard labour in House of Correction.
R. v John Allnutt, Towersey, Wm. Dover, A riot in the churchyard and an assault on Charles Arnold. [Enclosure riot] Witnesses: Chas. Arnold, clerk to Mr. Hollier (solicitor of Thame) - Hollier of Thame who was employed by the owner of land in Towersey, Rev. Lee, vicar of Towersey, Abraham Ives, labourer of Towersey, George Harris, John Ludlow, Rosamond Ratford, Esther Harris Both Guilty - Allnutt to be fined £5 & imprisoned one month, & to enter into sureties to keep peace for one year Dover to be fined 1/- and imprisoned 14 days, & to enter into own recognizance to keep peace.
R. v John Allnutt, Towersey, Wm. Dover, For a riot and assault on Hollier No evidence - Verdict not guilty
R. v Thomas Bonnick, Robert Bonnick, Aylesbury, John Adams, William Adams, Joseph Peaton, John Slaughter, Wm. Burman the younger, James Stratford, Robert Keep. For a riot [Bull baiting] Witnesses: Wm. Cross, constable of Aylesbury, John Gibbs, auctioneer of Aylesbury, Wm Wheeler, servant to John Gibbs, Jasper Jackson, cabinet maker of Aylesbury. All found guilty, but recommended by jury to mercy because they acted in ignorance of law. Severally and respectively to pay fine each of 1/- to King; to be imprisoned in Common Gaol 7 days; and to enter into recognizances of £40 to keep peace
R. v George Marks, Horton, Assaulting Robert Stevenson Witnesses: Robert Stevenson, master of workhouse at Horton, John Silvester. Guilty - to be imprisoned in Common Gaol for 2 months & recognisance himself in £20 to keep peace for 12 months.
R. v John Scraggs, Quainton, Receiving stolen goods, property of John Simonds the younger Witnesses: James Anstiss, constable, Eliza Simonds, wife of John Simonds Guilty, but recommended to mercy of Court. To be imprisoned at hard labour in House of Correction for one month
R. v John King, Chesham, Jonas Sedgwick, 1st count: Assaulting Harry Hearn, constable and watchman, with intent to murder, 2nd count: assaulting constable, 3rd count: common assault Witnesses: Harry Hearn, constable and watchman of Chesham, Wm. Wright, one of voluntary patrol Thomas Webb Both guilty - King to be imprisoned in Common Gaol for 4 months and recognisance in £20 to keep peace for 12 months Sedgwick to be imprisoned in Common Gaol for 6 months and recognisance as above.
R. v William Mabley, Wavendon, Running away from family Witnesses: George King, overseer. Not guilty.
R. v Phillus [wife of Wm.] Kimpton, Marsworth, Assaulting Hannah Bates Witnesses: Hannah Bates, pauper of Marsworth, Susannah Bates, daughter of last witness Guilty - to be imprisoned for a fortnight
R. v Moses Hawkes, Whitchurch, Running away from wife and leaving her chargeable to parish Witness: Wm. Rose, overseer Guilty, but recommended to mercy - to be imprisoned 5 days hard labour
R. v John Thomas Mold, Assaulting Wm. Salter Pleaded guilty - entered into recognisance in £40 to keep peace for one year to all and especially to Wm. Salter
R. v Francis Ludlow, Brill, Running away from family and leaving them chargeable to parish Witness: Wm. Probatt, assistant overseer. Guilty, but recommended to mercy - to be imprisoned to hard labour 5 days.
R. v James Clifton, Linslade, Running away from family Witness: - Cotchings, overseer Not guilty
R. v Joseph Wilkins, Obtaining money and goods by false pretences Pleaded guilty To be imprisoned in Common Gaol 3 months and pay fine of 11p. to King.
R. v John Slaughter, Aylesbury, Assaulting Wm. Cross, constable of Aylesbury Witness: Wm. Cross, constable Guilty - to be imprisoned for space of 6 months and then give recognisance for peace himself in £20 & one surety in £10 to all and especially Wm. Cross for 12 months.
R. v John Capell, Bierton, Assaulting Wm. Miller Witness: Wm. Miller, auctioneer of Bierton Not guilty. Weedon v Bierton Witnesses: Ann Fincher - White, overseer of Bierton, James Reed, White's servant Order quashed. Soulbury v Ivinghoe Witnesses: David Lawson, James Lawson - Edwin, son of steward to Sir J. Lovett - Harland, clerk to Mr. Day Order quashed on grounds of settlement by apprenticeship in Great Brickhill Cranfield v Great Horwood, Witness: Abraham Healy Order quashed on ground of short hiring Aston Clinton v Lee, Witnesses: Samuel Birch Rebecca Birch, mother of above Order confirmed on ground of short hiring Daventry v Leckhampstead Witnesses: Mary Harrison, J.F. Congreve, - Salter, John Neal, Wm. Crofts Order confirmed Buckingham v Padbury Witnesses: - Shenn, - Horwood, overseer of Padbury Order quashed for want of chargeability Murslet v Padbury Witness: Wm. Warner Order quashed Stoke Poges v Burnham Witnesses: Ann Maskell, Maria Maskell, mother-in-law of above, of Farnham Royal, Judith Kimberley, landlady, - Sargent, surveyor and builder Order quashed - settlement gained by renting tenement of £10 a year in 3rd parish. Bradwell v Stoke Goldington Witnesses: Wm. Walker, John Gudgeon, John Kett, - Walker Order confirmed Shenley Brook End v Tyringham cum Filgrave Witnesses: Joseph King, pauper, Wm. Swannell, of Filgrave Order confirmed Quinton, Northants, v Hanslope Witnesses: Nehemiah Nicholls, Wm. Cave, who hired Nicholls, Wm. Evans, shepherd to W. Cave, Chas. Tite. Order quashed.

Easter Session, 1822  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Chester, Haversham, Stealing a drag, property of Edward Ratcliffe Witnesses: Edward Ratcliffe, labourer of Haversham, Wm. Ratliffe, son of last witness Guilty - to be imprisoned in Common Gaol three months at hard labour
R. v Wm. Ellard, Tingewick, Assaulting Wm. Everett, Constable, in execution of his office Witnesses: Wm. Everett, constable of Tingewick, John Wells, publican of "The Crown" Guilty - to be imprisoned 2 months in Common Gaol and to enter into sureties to keep peace for 2 years especially towards Wm. Everett.
R. v John Timpson, North Marston, Leaving wife chargeable to parish Witnesses: Thomas Neal, churchwarden Not guilty Thame v Haddenham Witnesses: Mary Collett, widow and pauper, John Wood, overseer of Haddenham, Wm. Collett, father-in-law of pauper Order confirmed. Aylesbury v Bierton Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborn, Wm. Dudley, of Bierton Order confirmed St. Marylebone v Chepping Wycombe Facts admitted by both parties Order confirmed [Case applied for and refused] Quainton v Winslow Respited until next session Buckingham v Padbury Witnesses: Wm. Shenn Order confirmed John Fox v Chesham, Against a poor rate Respited until next session

Michaelmas Session, 1822  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Smith, Stealing 10 lbs. weight of coals, property of John Parrott Pleaded Guilty, but prosecution recommends him to mercy To be imprisoned for one week to hard labour in House of Correction
R. v George Franklin, Stealing 60 beechen fellied, property of James Coles Pleaded guilty. Gen. O'Loughlin gives prisoner a good character To be imprisoned one week in House of Correction to hard labour
R. v Henry Nickels, Stealing a scythe blade, property of Richard Howard Pleaded guilty To be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour for 14 days
R. v Peter Joyce, Hughenden, Stealing pair of shoes, value 7/- property of John Cartwright Witnesses: John Cartwright, publican of "The Harrow," Hughenden, Charlotte Cartwright, wife of last witness, - Anderson, Richard Guy, Abel Redrup, constable at Hughenden Guilty - to be imprisoned one month in House of Correction to hard labour and once publicly whipped in Aylesbury.
R. v Thomas Hayes, Aylesbury, Stealing pair of shoes, value 1/6d., property of Wm. Phillips. Witnesses: Elizabeth Hedges, Susanna Phillips, who kept stall in Aylesbury Market, - Cross, constable. Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction one month and whipped once in Aylesbury ona market day
R. v Joshua Pond, Burnham, Stealing 3 geese and one gander, property of Richard Healy Witnesses: Richard Healy, John Wingrove, employee of Mr. Healy, Eleanor Lipscomb, sister to prisoner Not guilty
R. v James Elmes, Burnham, Stealing one goose and one gander, property of Richard Healy Witnesses: Richard Healy, Thomas Healy, brother-in-law of last witness, - Goldwin, servant to Healy, George Alsford, brother-in-law to prisoner Not guilty
R. v Wm. Mendum, Wooburn, Running away from family leaving them chargeable to parish Witness: - Back Adjudged to be a rogue and a vagabond and commited to House of Correction to hard labour for one month.
R. v Wm. Johnson, Adstock, Stealing pair of shoes, pair of stockings and cotton handkerchief, property of Reuben Littleford. Witnesses: Reuben Littleford, publican at Adstock, John Short the younger, Henry Short, constable Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour for 2 months
R. v John Slaughter James Hill, Aylesbury, Stealing one straw bonnet, value 20/-, property of Valentine Hoskins. Witnesses: John Denton, of Aylesbury, who sells publications for Mr. Poole, Sarah Hoskins, wife of Val. Hoskins, Mary Ensworth, Wm. North - not examined Both not guilty
R. v Wm. Adams, Stealing half a pint of peas and straw, property of John Coles Pleaded guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour for 2 months
R. v Edward Armstrong, Aylesbury, Obtaining goods by false pretences [wool] Witnesses: John Brooks, attorney of Aylesbury, Wm. Scott, John Callow, employed by G. & F. Cook of Luton to buy wool, - Smith, Jonah Downey, Richard Gurney Not guilty
R. v Henry Osborn, James Dell, Hawridge, Assaulting a constable and rescuing a prisoner (George Thorn) from his custody Witnesses: Thomas Halsey, constable, Rev. D. Jenks, a magistrate, James Gates, assistant to Halsey, James Miller, assistant to Halsey, James Miller," "Both guilty - to be respectively imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour for nine months
R. v Wm. Dell, Kingshill, Assault on John Schackey Witnesses: John Schackey of Kingshill, gamekeeper for for Mr. Dorien, Elizabeth Schackey, wife of last witness, John Howard, bricklayer Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction for 9 months [Charge arose from prisoner having snares in Mr. Dorien's wood]
R. v Edward Hitchcock, [?Chesham Hundred], Assault on John Charsley Witnesses: John Charsley [solicitor], - Bower, clerk to Mr. Charsley Guilty - to be imprisoned in House of Correction for 6 months and pay a fine of 5/-
R. v Lucy wife of Wm Sedgwick, Margaret wife of John Mayo, Chesham, Assault on constable in execution of his office Witnesses: James Jones, constable of Chesham, Moses Hearn, Samuel Hearn, - Pearson, overseer Both guilty - sentence see overleaf. Sentence - Sedgwick to be imprisoned six weeks to hard labour Mayo to be imprisoned in House of Correction to hard labour one month. [Sedgwick was mother and Mayo sister of Wm. Bechley, whom the constable was arresting with a warrant under the Game Law]
R. v William Elliott, Preston Bissett, Assault on Esther Tasker Witnesses: Esther Tasker, George Adams Guilty - to be imprisoned one week in House of Correction to hard labour Cranfield v Great Woolstone Witnesses: Wm. Smith - Lucas Order quashed Edlesborough v Denham Witness: Daniel Moulder Order quashed. Great Brickhill v Loughton Witness: Benjamin Taylor Order quashed with costs.
R. v Thomas Dodson, Aylesbury, Escape from Aylesbury Gaol Pleaded guilty To be imprisoned in House of Correction one month - fined 1/- Quainton v Winslow Witness: George Cooper Order quashed Mursley v Drayton Parslow Witness: Wm. Higgs. Order quashed on ground of the second hiring being a short one Application of Lydia Simons, Charity Apprentice, to be discharged premium £14 for 7 years. Witnesses: Lydia Simons, Wm. Fenner, Col. Browne, a magistrate, Wm. Cross Indentures dissolved and half the premium to be returned.

Epiphany Session 1824  [no ref. or date]

R. v Philby, Weston Turnville, Stealing fowls, property of Wm. Bull Witnesses: Wm. Wood, employee of Wm. Bull, Mary Howard, wife of Mr. Howard of Aylesbury, Wm. Bull, P. North, Wm. Walton Guilty - 3 months' hard labour in House of Correction
R. v John Harding, Winslow, Stealing 3 ducks and a pack, saddle, bridle and a spade, property of Lancelot Wyatt Witnesses: John Daniel, servant of L. Wyatt, James Sheriff, constable of Aylesbury, Charles Holt, ostler of Old Crown, Winslow Confession produced - Guilty - 7 years' transportation
R. v Timothy Holloway, Thomas Sheriff [Amersham], Stealing timber, property of Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake. Witnesses: Stephen Wright of Great Missenden, employed by Mr. Drake to look after his wood. Thomas Ives, of Brentwood, Wm. Stevens, of Missenden, Wm. Bloxom, of Gt. Missenden, Mr. Carter, steward to Mr. Drake, Thomas Dean, Elizabeth Allen, of Great Missenden, Charles Barratt, Wm. Stephen, Charles Hoxen constable, John Steven Not Guilty
R. v John Goldswaine, Gt. Marlow, Stealing a pint pot, property of John Pearce, publican Witness: John Pearce, publican Guilty - one month's hard labour in House of Correction
R. v John Tucker, Calverton, Stealing eggs, property of Thomas Meecham Witness: Thomas Meecham, farmer Guilty
R. v Wm. Mickley, Stony Stratford, Stealing coat, 5/-, and handkerchief, value 2/-, property of Charles Lucas Witnesses: Matthew Watson, publican at Bull Inn, Stony Stratford. John Gardiner, ostler at Bull Inn, Charles Lucas Guilty - two calendar months' hard labour
R. v Wm. Bandy, Padbury, Stealing a wooden tub, property of James Burgess Witnesses: James Burgess, Newman Harwood, constable of Padbury, John Petty Guilty - 14 days' hard labour
R. v Theobald (?) Wambook, Hedgerly, Stealing 3 hens, property of Elizabeth Woodbridge Witnesses: Martha Nash, wife of Thomas Nash, publican, Wm. Dossett, bailiff to Mrs. Woodbridge Guilty - 3 calendar months' hard labour in house of correction.
R. v Wm. Butler, Ellesborough, Stealing two trusses of wheat straw, property of Wm. Wells. Witnesses: Wm. Wells, James Bald, Wm. Gurney, worked for Mr. Wells, Wm. Jones, of Amersham Guilty - 3 months' hard labour
R. v Joseph Gilman, Olney, Stealing 9 fowls, property of John Raban Witness: John Raban, George Boswell, worked for Mr. Raban, Wm. Northall, watchman of Olney Guilty - 12 months' hard labour
R. v James Littlemore, Linslade, Stealing 4 sacks of oats and 4 sacks of beans, property of John Grant, and Edward Lawford Witnesses: Edward Lawford, joint proprietor of a wharf in parish of Linslade, Wm. Stevens, Thomas Baines, coachman to Mr. Lawford, Wm. Abbott, wharfinger to Lawford, Wm. Cowper, Thomas Howell, accountant, Robert Bromley, Wm. Poole, for defence and as character witness Guilty - 4 calendar months' hard labour
R. v Joseph Smith, Wm. Spindler Barton Harshorne, Stealing 3 cwt. of coals, property of Charles Grantham Witnesses: Charles Grantham, John Sheppard, works for Mr. Grantham, Thomas Pachim, Wm. Gough - for defence, Wm. Thame, farmer [No verdict or sentence stated]
R. v James Turell, Maids Moreton, Stealing 22 lbs. of coal, property of George Butcher Witness: George Butcher, of Maids Moreton Not Guilty.
R. v Henry Ing, Haddenham, Stealing a bridle, property of John Dover Jarvis Witnesses: John Dover Jarvis, Thomas Piggott Guilty - privately whipped and discharged
R. v John How [a native of Exeter], Aylesbury, Stealing a beaver bonnett, the property of John Gibbs Witnesses: Jane Jennings, servant to John Gibbs, Wm. Cross, constable, Mary Holliman, landlady of The Black Boy Guilty - one week's hard labour at House of Correction
R. v James Phelps, Aylesbury, Stealing property of James Sherriff (county property) [canvass and a brass plate] Witnesses: James Sherriff, governor of House of Correction, Thomas George Collings Guilty - 14 days' hard labour discharged.
R v Joseph Bailey, [Aylesbury], Receiving stolen goods, Record of convictions of principals put in on oath Witnesses: Robert Kirby, Wm. Cross, constable, Benjaming Markham No evidence of guilty intention - Not guilty
R. v Wm. Jones, Henry Goss, Joseph Jones, Thomas Jones. Chesham [No specific statement of the crime] - Assault on John Coltman, Snr. Witnesses: John Coltman, John Coltman, Jnr. son of last witness, Edward Birch of Chesham - Jones, constable - Stratford, Henry Letts, & Joseph Shrimpton All guilty - 6 months' hard labour at House of Correction
R. v James Evans, Lillingstone Dayrell, Assaulting Robert Grantham Witnesses: Robert Grantham, servant to Rev. Mr. Dayrell, Wm. Scott, of Lillingstone [D] Guilty
R. v James Gaskins, Obtaining money under false pretences, property of Thomas Smith Witnesses: Ann Smith, Mr. Parrott Guilty - 3 months' hard labour
R. v Joseph Sims, Long Crendon, Assault on John Weston Witnesses: John Weston, shepherd (to Mr. Stringer) Guilty - 14 days' hard labour and his own recognizance in £10 to keep the peace.
R. v James Walker, Winslow, Assault on Thomas Lomath, constable Witnesses: Thomas Lomath, constable, George Bunn Guilty - [no sentence recorded]
R. v Wm. Dorrell, Wm. Whitmore, Wm. Adams, North Crawley, Assault against Wm. Hewlett, constable, in execution of his office. Witnesses: Wm. Hewlett, constable at time of assault James Brandon All Guilty - [No sentence recorded]

Similar volume  QS/JC/6A  1825-1828

Epiphany 1823  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Saunders, Gt. Missenden, Stealing a white smock frock, property of Elizabeth Birt. Witnesses: Samuel Treacher, Chesham, Pawnbroker, Elizabeth Birt, Chesham, Hannah Phillips, Berkhamsted, grand-daughter of Saunders, Nathaniel Birt, of Hyde [?Hyde Heath], son of Eliz. Birt. Guilty
R. v John Simmonds, Farnham Royal, Stealing 4 lb. of candles, property of James Robinson Witnesses: James Robinson, Farnham Royal, Maria Maskell, nurse to Mrs. Robinson, wife of James, Lucy Pierce, maidservant of Mr. Robinson, ? Robinson - character witness Guilty - six month's hard labour, once publicly whipped
R. v William Pusey, Beaconsfield, Stealing 2 fowls property of John Bird Witnesses: Mary Groom, servant to Mr. Bird of Beaconsfield, John Kirby, William Hare, Beaconsfield Guilty - 4 months' imprisonment to hard labour in House of Correction, once publicly whipped.
R. v Joseph Hutchings, Hedgerley, Stealing 3 iron wedges, property of James Boddington Witnesses: James Boddington, Chalfont, William Thompson, constable of Chalfont, William Slaughter, Chalfont St. Peter, blacksmith, William Hutchings, brother to prisoner, William Worley, William Gibbons Not Guilty
R. v John [?Costard], Iver, Stealing 11 lbs of coal Witnesses: Thomas Hall, Iver, Thames Carter, Iver Guilty - one month's hard labour in House of Correction
R. v Jos. Harwood, George Tull, Denham, Stealing watch, property of Edward Nash Witnesses: William Reed, constable of Hillingdon, Mary Roach, wife of William Roach, of Rickmansworth, Nathaniel Chandler, Edward Nash, Denham Both guilty - 4 months' hard labour, once privately whipped
R. v Thomas King, Little Missenden, Stealing 5 bushels of red wheat, 2 sacks, the property of John Bachelor Witnesses: John Batchelor, Lt. Missenden, Farmer, Thomas Batchelor, son of above, William Graveney, Rev. Mr. Owen Guilty - 4 months' hard labour
R. v Edward Cox, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing a bushel of peas, property of Richard Barton Witnesses: William Munday, worked for Rd. Barton at Totteridge, Chepping Wycombe, Hugh Jackson, wheelwright in parish of Chepping Wycombe, Richard Barton, High Wycombe, Mary Cox, mother of accused. Guilty - 4 months' hard labour
R. v John Nicolls, Wooburn, Stealing parts of a time piece, property of Mr. Pegge Witnesses: James Pegge, Wooburn, paper-maker, John Wheeler, employed by Mr. Pegge, John Nash, constable of Wooburn Guilty - 1 month's hard labour, once privately flogged
R. v William Kirby, John Smith, Hardwick, Stealing fowls, property of John Batson Witnesses: John Batson, Hardwick, John Lee, Works for Mr. Batson, William Seabrook, Aylesbury, Robert Bull, a higler, Robert Bennick, lives at Aylesbury, higler and rat catcher, William Cross, constable of Aylesbury, John William Knightley, Aylesbury, Ann Godwin, wife of Mr. Godwin, farmer of Aylesbury, Susannah Twizel, Aylesbury, William Haver, blacksmith of Aylesbury, Mr. Goodson, - Kirby, father of witness, - Kirby, mother of witness Both guilty - six months' hard labour
R. v Francis Oliver, Princes Risborough, [Stealing] 20 lb Indigo bagging, property of Mr. William Pegge, a paper manufacturer (value 1d. per lb.) Witnesses: William Pegge, paper maker, Saunderton, Richard Wingrove, foreman employed by last witness, John Compton, foreman to Mr. Cubbage [also a paper manufacturer], Richard Brown, warehouseman of Cubbage, William Mead, servant to Pegge Guilty - 12 months' hard labour in House of Correction
R. v John Smith, Winslow, Stealing wheat, property of John Arnott Witnesses: John Arnott, farmer of Winslow, Sarah Stain [or Stairs?], servant to Mr. Arnott Guilty - 2 months' hard labour in House of Correction, once privately whipped
R. v William Smith. Pleads guilty to same charge - 7 years transportation. [Father of last accused]
R. v John Faulkner, Peter Faulkner, John Giltrow. Weedon, Stealing 6 fowls, property of William Thorn Witnesses: William Thorn, Weedon, farmer, John Griffin, constable of Wingrave, Rev. Mr. Archer, a magistrate, John Griffin John Faulkner - Not guilty Peter Faulkner - Guilty - 4 months' hard labour John Giltrow - Guilty - 6 months' hard labour, once publicly whipped
R. v John Taylor, Chalfont St. Peter, [Stealing] 2 oaken planks and 2 oaken boards, 2 shillings value, property of Thomas Allen on 23 December 1822. Witnesses: Thomas Hard, the younger, Chalfont St. Peter, farmer, William Montague, bailiff to Mr. Allen Guilty - one month's hard labour
R. v George King, Chesham, Embezzlement of money, property of William Jones Witness: William Jones, hawker of Chesham, Mr. Marshall, clerk to Mr. Ward, magistrate, puts in confession Guilty - 7 years' transportation
R. v Samuel Wilmer, Olney, Stealing a leg of pork, property of Thomas Bates of Olney, on 14 December 1822 Witnesses: Thomas Bates, Olney, William Wright, Olney, Mr. Henry Lucas, clerk to Mr. Pretyman, magistrate, puts in confession Guilty - one month's hard labour
R. v George Harding, Chalfont, Stealing hay, property of William Pomeroy Witnesses: Jonathan Worley, labourer, of Chalfont, William Slaughter, Chalfont St. Peter [Guilty] - one month's hard labour
R. v Jane Gosman, alias Jane Maxwell, Aylesbury, Stealing a shawl, property of Grant Hewitt Witnesses: Grant Hewitt, Aylesbury, keeps a draper's shop - Cross, constable Guilty - 12 months' hard labour
R. v Charles Gregory and Henry Montague, Long Marston (Herts), Assault and false imprisonment Witnesses: Francis Hull, Weston Turville, dealer in straw plait, George Barrett, keeps a public house at Halton, Thomas Mobley, publican at Weston (Turville), William Goodson, butcher at Weston, Daniel Forster, publican at Aston Clinton, Joseph Eustace, publican at Cheddington, James Clerk, Long Marston, publican, Edward Seabrook, Francis Bowler, Rev. David Jenks, a magistrate, Sir John Dashwood King Not guilty
R. v William Harris, John Grantham, Tingewick [near Paper Hill Spinney, adjoining Bennett's Close, near mill], For being armed with bludgeons and entering a wood and close with the intent of killing game at night. Witnesses: William Bateman, constable, James Verney, Joshua Lawrence, Thomas Ayres, William Spencer, keeps the Cross Keys at Buckingham, Thomas Lewis, lives at Gawcott (with the accused when the crime was committed), Mr. Stow, the surgeon of Buckingham, Mr. H - ? Both guilty - 7 years' transportation
R. v James Halfont [?Halford], ?Place, Out armed at night to kill game. Witnesses: Daniel Harvey, Waller's gamekeeper, Richard Rance), Thomas Crouch) with Harvey Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment, hard labour Child for same offence pleads guilty. On account of his youth, 3 months' hard labour.
R. v Daniel Walker, Winslow, Assault on Benjamin Dudly Witness: Benjamin Dudly, employed by the Parish of Winslow to superintend pauper labour. Guilty
R. v Joseph Jones, Chesham, Obtaining money under false pretences Witnesses: William Strangeways Pierson, overseer of Chesham William Bayleys, employed by Chesham to look after pauper working men on the Road. Guilty - 14 days' hard labour in House of Correction.
R. v William James, Eton, Assault on Daniel Wilson and Clarke, watchmen of the town of Eton. Witness: John Clark, watchman of Eton. Guilty - 4 months' imprisonment in House of Correction. Bound over in own recognisance in £20 to keep peace.
R. v Anthony Ward, Ludgershall, Leaving wife and family Witness: Richard Allen, overseer of Ludgershall Guilty - 6 calendar months' hard labour, twice publicly whipped
R. v Thomas Lammas, Aylesbury, Leaving wife and family chargeable Witness: William Lock, assistant overseer. Guilty - one week's imprisonment to hard labour in House of Correction
R. v John Harman, Princes Risborough, Assault on John Gibbs Witness: John Gibbs, Aylesbury Guilty Appeal against a conviction under the Grand Junction Canal Act Witnesses: William Jones, Butchen Lock, 31 Thomas Leep?, driver of ?Millers ?Methen boat Conviction quashed, fine to be returned.

Michaelmas Session, 14 October 1823  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Brandon, Ellesborough, Stealing a smock frock, property of Joseph Green Witness: Joseph Green, Ellesborough Guilty - 14 days in House of Correction
R. v Edward Coleman, Boarstall, Stealing 3 live fowls, property of Ann Adkins Witnesses: Henry Adkins, Brill, son of Ann Adkins John King, Brill Joseph Layland, Lower Heyford, Oxon. William Cooley, has care of Mrs. Adkins' poultry Edward Stuchfield, constable of Brill Guilty - 3 months' in House of Correction
R. v George Moore, Chesham, Stealing 3 faggots property of George Hepburn of Chesham on 20th April Witnesses: John Taylor, employed by Geo. Hepburn in hedging and making faggots John Ing, employed by Geo. Hepburn James Jones, constable of Chesham Mary Newton, Chesham, sister of Prisoner Guilty - 3 months in House of Correction
R. v James Slader, Hogston, Stealing a smock frock, scissors, handkerchief, property of Robert Baylis Witnesses: Robert Baylis, Hogston Job Ginger, Aylesbury Guilty - 3 months in House of Correction, privately whipped
R. v Jonathan Matthews, Chesham, Stealing bacon, property of Hannah Dwight of Chesham Witnesses: Hannah Dwight, publican, Chesham Maria Dwight, daughter of above Elias Jones Guilty - one calendar month's imprisonment to hard labour in House of Correction
R. v Charles Mead of Wendover, Aylesbury, Embezzlement Witnesses: William Haycock, keeps Coal wharf at Wendover George Jeffs, carrier, Ellesborough William Barnett/Bardett? Richard Sims Rev. Mr. Turnour Joseph England, Aylesbury Guilty
R. v William Key, Padbury, Stealing horsehair, and cutting the hair from the tail of certain horses, the property of William Cross of Steeple Claydon Witnesses: William Cross, lives at Steeple Claydon, owns land in Padbury Thomas Dandy, Buckingham, gaoler Samuel French, Buckingham, keeps a braziers shop and deals in horse hair William Baker, Padbury, servant to Cross Guilty - 4 calendar months' hard labour in House of Correction
R. v Joseph Saunders of Chepping Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Stealing 25 yards of Rick Cloth of the value of £4. property of Joseph Stevenson Witnesses: George Hay, servant to Joseph Stevenson of Beaconsfield Joseph Barton, keeps a paper mill at Wycombe William Lacey, constable of Beaconsfield Guilty - 7 years' transportation
R. v Samuel Todd, Great Marlow, Stealing a flitch of bacon, property of William Bullock. v. Richard Stroud, Receiving same, knowing it to be stolen Witnesses: William Bullock, of Town End Farm, Gt. Marlow Samuel Perry, a deserter of Bucks militia, accomplice of Todd's. William Treacher William White, Gt. Marlow, carpenter John Belworld?, Marlow Both Guilty - Todd - 12 calendar months hard labour Stroud - 14 calendar months hard labour
R. v George Taylor, Taplow, John Collins, Stealing lead from tenements, property of Lord Kirkwall Witnesses: George Scott, publican, Orkney Arms George Smith, butcher, of Maidenhead General O'Lochlin [O'Loughlin?] John Miles, labourer, of Maidenhead James Round, baker, of Maidenhead Robert Carter, plumber, of Maidenhead Both Guilty - Taylor - 18 calendar months Collins - 24 calendar months
R. v Thomas Lawrence and - Showler, Aylesbury, Stealing osiers, property of Robert Kirby Witnesses: Robert Kirby, Aylesbury William Cross, constable of Aylesbury Benjamin Bailey, Aylesbury Both guilty - Shouler - 6 calendar months, Lawrence - 6 calendar months, and privately whipped
R. v John Burridge, Assault Prosecutor does not appear - Not guilty
R. v James Walker, Assault on David Walker Prosecutor does not appear - Not guilty
R. v James Scott, Waddesdon, Assault on Richard Evans, special constable Witnesses: Richard Evans, constable of Waddesdon William Jack (or Tack?) Guilty - 6 calendar months hard labour
R. v Johanna Warner, Gt. Missenden, Hannah Lacey, Sophia Buckingham, Riot and assault on Thomas Kerr Witnesses: Thomas Kerr, [owner of wheatfield] John Hill, keeps turnpike gate William Ives, farmer at Gt. Missenden Joanna Warner, in defence William Allen, Gt. Missenden Not Guilty
R. v James Spicer, Chalfont St. Peter, Being armed at night in a wood in the parish of Chalfont St. Peter, in pursuit of game Witnesses: William Unwin, gamekeeper to Rev. Mr. Jones William Unwin, jnr. Guilty - six months' hard labour
R. v George Foster, Weedon, An assault on Joseph Brookes Witnesses: Joseph Brookes, of Weedon, assistant surveyor of the roads Stephen Ming, Weedon Guilty - 1 month's hard labour
R. v - Schultz, Assault on constable in execution of his duty. 3 months' hard labour [no evidence]
Appeals Salter and another v Penn, Altering a road Notice given specially and therefore appellants confined within the limits of the notice - notice declared insufficient by unanimous decision of the Bench

Midsummer 1825  [no ref. or date]

R. v Levi Turner, Bledlow, Thos. Eustace, Samuel Meakes, Stealing feather bed and bolster Witnesses: Eliz. Fryday, servant to Benj. Blackler of Bledlow Mary Sedon, fellow servant William Fryday, a grocer at Bledlow, father of Eliz. Sarah Meakes, wife of Samuel Meakes [No note of decision or sentence]
R. v John Slater, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing a sack and some oats Witnesses: John Davison, farmer, Chepping Wycombe, constable of Wycombe John Nash, worked at Davision's farm Thomas Burgers Joshua Tucker, carpenter, High Wycombe Joseph Peirce, chairmaker, High Wycombe Not guilty
R. v John Purdy, Burnham(?), Stealing coals, property of George Hoskins Witnesses: George Hoskins, coal-merchant, Slough, William Weblin, John Ridgewell Guilty

Midsummer, 11 July 1826  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Penn, Iver, Stealing a drake, value 1/6, property of W. Luker Witnesses: Wm. Luker, Iver, John De[war?] works in gravel pit, near the workhouse at Iver, John Norton [or Horton] Not guilty
R. v William Stanton of Hanslope, Hanslope, Assaulting a headborough in execution of his office Witnesses: Robert Allen, headborough of Hanslope, James Bishop, constable of Hanslope Guilty
R v "same man" and Edward Gregory, Hanslope, Assaulting James Cox in execution of his office Witness: James Cox, headborough of Hanslope Guilty
R. v James Lane, William Forson, James Smith, Hanslope, Assaulting Robert Allen, headborough Witnesses: Robert Allen, Benjamin William, James Cox "the other headborough" All guilty
R. v Henry Wise, Gt. Marlow, Stealing a casting net, property of James Payne Witnesses: James Payne, Gt. Marlow, "shop near river", William Langley, Gt. Marlow Guilty
R. v John King, Chesham, Stealing a turkey, value 1/6, property of Eliz. Waller (28 Aug.) Witnesses: Elizabeth Q. Waller, Chesham, Charles Edw. Waller, nephew of above Robert Waller, father of C.E.W. Guilty
R. v John Gibbons, Woburn, Stealing 4 sacks of wheat, £5 value, property of Simon Reeves (22 Sept.) Witnesses: John Sarney, servant to Simon Reeves, William Statham, corn dealer, at Uxbridge, Simon Reeves, William Clifford Not guilty
R. v Elizabeth Walduck, Sarah Holton, Jane Smith, Bletchley, Stealing 13 sheaves of wheat, 26 July, property of William Goodman, Bletchley Witnesses: William Goodman, Bletchley, farmer, John Coleman, labourer for Mr. Goodman, William Warr, constable of Bletchley, William Allen Guilty
R. v Thomas Hutchins, Chalfont St. Peter, Stealing wood value 6d., property of James Coker of Chalfont St. Peter Witness: Mary Coker, lives in a place called Three Households Not Guilty
R. v James Hart, Astwood, Assaulting Elizabeth Hall Witness: Elizabeth Hall Guilty - Prison
R. v John Haynes, Waddesdon, Assaulting Benjamin Osborne, Witness: Benjamin Osborn, keeps a public house Guilty
R. v Richard Blackwell, Woburn, For an attempt to commit a sodomitical offence with Joseph Austin Welch of Aylesbury Witnesses: J.A. Welch, "carries about China for sale [to] inhabitants of Aylesbury", James Shuffrey, keeps the Red Lion at Wooburn Green, John Howard, John Wingrave, Walter Gillespie Not Guilty
R. v James Timms, Upton cum Chalvey, For feloniously receiving a sack and a quantity of Beans knowing them to be stolen. Witnesses: William Winch, lodged at Mr. Timm's at Upton-cum-Chalvey 28 July 1826, Thomas Ball, constable, Thomas Botton (?), Innkeeper at Salt Hill Not guilty
R. v William Nickson, Linslade, on the canal, For an assault on Joseph Spicer Witness: Joseph Spicer, of Linslade Guilty
R. v Henry Grimsdale [?], Chepping Wycombe, Pulling down building occupied by Sarah Butler Witnesses: Sarah Butler (?), owner of the house in Chepping Wycombe, William Hughes, constable A verdict taken of Acquittal
R. v Thomas Nelmes, Josiah Nelmes, Thomas Tustham? (Tudham?), Long Crendon, Assault on Simon Shrimpton Witnesses: Simon Shrimpton, Long Crendon, James Shrimpton, wife of above Guilty
R. v John Gilpin, jnr., Aylesbury, Rescuing Thomas Turner out of custody of Dawney, the constable Witnesses: Thomas Loader, James Jackson, auctioneer, Jonah Dawney, constable, John Maycock [?Haycock], John Gurney, Thomas Bonham Guilty - 3 calendar months' hard labour in house of correction
R. v Tobiatha Impey, Shabbington, Assault on James Crook Witnesses: James Crook, labourer at Shabbington, Joseph White, a boy Guilty Appeals Ralph Dennis v Borough of Chepping Wycombe, Publication of the rate in Church not proved, Order quashed with Costs. Waddesdon v Lower Winchendon Clewer v. Stoke Poges ?Ludborough v Chicheley

Epiphany, 1827  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Roads - sentence 4 months', Richard Roads - sentence 4 months', Corby Roads - sentence 8 months', Stealing hay and straw, property of Duke of Buckingham Pleaded guilty
R. v Benjamin Puddephatt, For stealing wheat, Continued in custody till the assize on the affidavit of a surgeon of the illness of the Prosecutor and his Attorney - not to be admitted to bail.
R. v William Williams, For stealing boards, property of Sir J.B. Morland Not guilty - the boards being nailed to the freehold, indictment bad.
R. v John Ives - pleads guilty - 8 months', Thomas Pierce - not guilty, Stealing wheat
R. v William Penn - Stealing timber - Guilty - 7 years' transportation Sheriff, the jailor, proves from his book that he has been in custody 11 times within 9 years, and 4 times flogged. He was in custody 5 or 6 times before that period.
R. v William Hawkins, John Britnell, Stealing fowls, property of John Deverell Guilty - 1 month The notes in the above cases taken on loose paper in custody of Clerk of the Peace. Wednesday 10 January Motion that Robert Heath be admitted King's Evidence. Granted Motion that Benjamin Dauny and Joseph Hutchins be continued in custody [charged with burglary and not larceny] and the recognizances be altered to the Assize. Granted
R. v Thomas Cooper, ?Walton, Stealing one Axe, value 1/6, property of Edward Hill, 6 Jan. 1827 Witnesses: William Scot, Edward Hill, ostler at the Crown Guilty - 1 weeks imprisonment, twice whipped.
R. v William Massey, Holtspur Heath, Woburn, Stealing a bucket value 10[d.?], one rope value 11[d] property of James Rance, 9th Sept. Witnesses: Joseph Warley, servant of James Rance, John Willis, James Rance, Massey, in defence Guilty - one month's hard labour
R. v John Weston, Woburn, Stealing 12 bushels of barley, value £2.14s. and 4 bushels of peas, value 10s., property of John Hobbs, 13 Dec. 1826 Witnesses: John Hobbs, John Nash, constable, John Wheeler, "labourer who thrashed the barley", Samuel Carter, James Partridge, paper maker, James Bird, grocer) character witnesses Not guilty Henry Weston, who pleaded guilty, 1 year's imprisonment
R. v George Gordon (licenced hawker), Chesham, Stealing 1 bass viol, 40/-, property of Henry Rumsey and others Witnesses: John Rackley, bricklayer at Chesham Richard Boddy, James Scott, apprentice to Mr. Miller a hatter ["I perform on the viol"] Thomas Staple, constable Stolen from dissenting chapel [Mary Gillet kept keys of the chapel] Guilty - 1 year's hard labour
R. v William Mathews, Little Missenden, Stealing 14/- property of John Baxter Witnesses: John Baxter, James Woollams, ostler at the Nags Head, Mary James, in the poorhouse on 12 Nov. William Dean, keeper of the poorhouse at Little Missenden Guilty - 3 months' hard labour in house of correction [Prisoner in poorhouse, where his pay was 8d. a day albut 5 days, when it was 9d.]
R. v John Clarke, Little Brickhill, John Collins [father-in-law of Clarke] Suspicion of stealing 4 bushells of wheat, 27 shillings, property of John Some[r]s Witnesses: John Fleet, Aspley, works for John Lane, miller John Somes, farmer of Ivinghoe, formerly of Little Brickhill, Thomas Sanson, labourer at Little Brickhill, employed by Mr. Somes, Reuben Richardson, painter at Woburn, Samuel Jeffcoat, constable of Little Brickhill, James Chambers, labourer of Bow Brickhill John Clarke - guilty - 1 year's imprisonment John Collins, - not guilty
R. v Robert Holmes [c.f. case p. 129], Stealing one hempen sack 1/6, property of Edward Bithrey Witnesses: Edward Bithrey, Edward Heath, brother-in-law to the Prosecutor, William Johnson, works for Bithrey, John York, lives at Lavendon, a farmer, Robert Heath Guilty - one month's imprisonment
R. v Margaret Holt, Newport Pagnell, Stealing a cotton shawl and sundries, property of Wm. Baily Pratt, 21 Oct. [1826] Witnesses: William Baily Pratt, keeps a draper's shop in Newport Pagnell, John Risley, constable of Newport Pagnell at the time. Mr. Provis, employer of Margaret Holt Guilty - 6 months' hard labour
R. v Robert Hinton, Whitchurch, Stealing 2 white willow boards, property of Mary Carruthers, value 2 shillings Witnesses: George Carruthers, son of Mrs. M. Carruthers, Richard Welch, sawyer - Bowler, constable, J. Walker Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment
R. v Thomas Fairey [c.f. case p.125], Lavendon, Samuel Fairey, Stealing 1½ bushells of wheat, property of Edward Bithrey (value 5s.) Witnesses: William Johnstone, worked for Mr. Bithrey last November, thrashing Robert Heath, Thomas Burbidge, waggoner to Mr. Perry, Lavendon Mill, John Munton, grinder at Mr. Perry's mill, Joseph Brooks, William Garrard, attorney for prosecution Edward Heath Both guilty - Samuel - 8 months' imprisonment, Thomas - 4 months' imprisonment

Misdemeanors  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Stanton, Castlethorpe, Assaulting Farmer Amos in the execution of his duty, a constable of Castlethorpe, 31 Oct. Witnesses: Farmer Amos, farmer at Castlethorpe, William Pacey, headborough of Castlethorpe Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment and 1s. fine. Another indictment against same individual for assaulting W. Thompson and [Geo.] Rainbow, who were assisting the Constable
R. v Caroline Shrimpton, Obtaining from Charlotte Statham divers goods, calico, under false pretences Pleads guilty - 4 calendar months' hard labour
R. v Thomas Kempster, Waddesdon, Assault on Seline Grantham Pleads guilty - 1s. fine - six weeks' imprisonment

Easter Session, 24 April 1827  [no ref. or date]

Burnham appellants v Little Marlow respondents

Midsummer 1827  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Pheasy Benjamin Biggs Not guilty - want of evidence by the absence of the owner of the property.
R. v William Lomath, Winslow, Stealing a washing pan and pudding pan value 2/6, property of James Carter Witnesses: James Carter, dealer in earthenware, of Winchmore Hill in parish of Coleshill (travels with earthenware). William Potter, keeps the Plough P.H. Ann Mayne, lives at Winslow, George Lomath, brother of accused Not guilty
R. v James Gregory, West Wycombe, Stealing a sword and sheath, value 20/- property of Elizabeth Lacey (8 May) Witnesses: Ralph Hester, brother-in-law of Eliz. Lacey, Joseph Harding, constable of West Wycombe Sarah Hester, wife of Ralph, William May, clerk to the magistrate - Sheriff [gaoler], Wm. Hayward [surgeon] Verdict - not insane, Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment in House of Correction
R. v Sarah Middleton, Lavendon, Stealing 3 six pences, property of Francis Aubin Witnesses: Francis Aubin, of Lavendon, a publican, Ann Sharman, niece to Francis Aubin, his housekeeper, John Paris, constable of Lavendon Guilty - 3 months' hard labour
R. v John Holdman, Beaconsfield, 1st count Stealing an oak tree, 2nd count Stealing one piece of oak, property of Mrs. Clay at Beaconsfield 1st count in Bucks. 2nd count in Hertford, within 500 [?yards] of the boundary Witnesses: Thomas Everitt, agent to Mrs. Clay "Takes care of her woods", Thomas Buckley, Mr. Marshall, acts for Mrs. Clay Guilty - 7 years' transporation. 2nd count not tried.
R. v Job Buchett [aged 18], Iver, Stealing 1 coat, 1 pair breeches, a waistcoat, property of Wm. Robertson, and one handkerchief property of Thomas Clements (6 July 1827) Witnesses: Wm. Robertson, of Gerrards Cross, Catherine Robertson, John Green, constable of Turville, Thomas Clements, lodged with Robertson, Joseph Robertson Guilty - convicted 3 times before, also committed once but not tried. 3 months' imprisonment, 1st fortnight and last in solitary confinement. Once privately whipped.
R. v George Stevens [carpenter], Edmund Stevens [14], Preston Bissett, Stealing 3 oak planks, 3/0, and 3 pieces of oak 3/-, property of William Clark, 26 June [1827] Witnesses: Henry Thorp, of Preston Bissett, James Cadd, watchman, Thomas Bradbury, lives at Mr. Lines', Preston, John Miller, constable, John Hughes, of Preston, sawyer, John Jones, carpenter, worked for Prosecutor, William Clarke, of Barton Hartshorn Guilty - George 6 months' imprisonment, Edmund 1 month's imprisonment
R. v Francis Carter, For stealing, Simpson, John M. Forster, For receiving 7 bushels of potatoes, 10 March, value 7/- property of Gregory Odell Clarke [in book Forster by mistake] Witnesses: Gregory Odell Clarke, wharfinger at Fenny Stratford, William Smith, employed by prosecutor to pick potatoes, Martin Ivings, employed by Clarke 2 years, involved in theft, but given pardon for turning King's evidence. Nephew of prosecutor and wife. Thomas Stevens, constable of Fenny, Wm. Bazely, labourer, works for Clarke, Rev. Mr. Ashfield, Benjamin Lucas, William Daniels Both not guilty
R. v John M. Forster, Simpson, For a misdemeanour - feloniously receiving 6 bushels [of potatoes] stolen by Martin Ivings. Witnesses: G.O. Clarke, of Simpson, William Smith, employed to pick potatoes, Martin Ivings (1st cousin of Clarke's wife) [Thomas] Stevens, constable, [Rev.] Mr. Ashfield, Mr. Maltby, Nicholas Massy, maltster, William Attwood, of Bow Brickhill, corndealer Not guilty
R. v Thomas Burgis, For stealing cheese No evidence offered - not guilty
R. v Francis Carter, [Simpson], [Stealing] 20 bushells of potatoes, goods of G.O. Clarke, 3 March Witnesses: G.O. Clarke, William Smith (as above), Martin Ivin(g)s, Joseph Nicholls, boatman in Mr. Clarke's employment in March, Thomas Stevens, Wm. Bazeley, [William] Daniels Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment

Michaelmas, 1827  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Barnet, James Church, Joseph Lancaster, Iver, Stealing 2 chickens, property of William Ashlee, value 2/- 29th Sept. Witnesses: Wm. Ashlee, of Iver, John Master, [?Marks] All guilty - 3 months' imprisonment
R. v Henry Palmer, Ann Anderson, Elizabeth Waples, Newport Pagnell, Stealing a silk handkerchief, property of John Carte, 23 Aug. [1827] Witnesses: John Carte, of Ampthill (Attending the Races at Newport, Benjamin Taylor, constable of Newport, Laurence Markham, of Woolstone, labourer, John Silsby, of Newport, labourer, Mr. Maltby, Ann Anderson, Mrs. Powell, of Newport (Hereford?), Eliz. Waples) All not guilty
R. v Richard Edwards, Princes Risborough, Assaulting with intent to ravish Deborah Lacy, 19 Aug. Witnesses: Deborah Lacy, (10 years old next Xmas) dau. of Absolam and Harriett Lacy, lives at Bottom field 2 miles beyond Risborough, Harriet Lacy, wife of Absolam Lacy, Thomas Janes, lives at Bottom field near Lacey's Guilty
R. v James King (wheelwright), Chesham, Stealing 10 deal boards, property of Henry Crook, value £2. Witnesses: Henry Crook, of High Wycombe, builder, Henry How, constable of Botley, John Crake, carpenter of Kingston, John Young, a foundry man, works for Mr. How., Samuel Hearn, carpenter of Chesham Guilty - but recommended to mercy - 1 month's hard labour
R. v Robert Burton, Astwood, Stealing 11 pieces of wood intended for hurdle heads, 1 shilling, property of King Taylor Witness: King Taylor, of Astwood Prisoner acknowledges charge - Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment
R. v James Plant, Brill, Stealing 3 elm faggots, value 1/-, property of John Vaughan and Henry Atkins Witnesses: John Vaughan, Henry Atkins, - Stuchfield, constable Not guilty
R. v Richard Goodchild, Taplow, Stealing 4 lbs of brass value 3/-, property of George Venables Pleads guilty - 1 week's solitary confinement and a private whipping
R. v William Scott, Olney, Stealing a shovel, property of Joseph Palmer, deceased, value 1/- Witnesses: Joseph Palmer, son of J.F. Palmer, iron-monger at Olney, died 21st June, Joseph managed shop. Samuel Evans, employed by I.R. Palmer - Palmer, Thomas Perkins, labourer at Olney, Charles How, Mr. Garrard, clerk to magistrate Guilty - one month's imprisonment
R. v Thomas Carter, Hanslope (Hanslope Hollows), Stealing 1 oak post (value 6 pence property of the King, 2nd count: property of the Commission of Woods and Forests Witnesses: Mr. Kent, deputy surveyor of Crown Lands in Salcey Forest, Stephen Keen Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment
R. v George Allen, Bledlow, Previously convicted for stealing from a cowhouse a milking bucket, 6 June, value 3/-, one yoke, one fork, property of James Stevens. Witnesses: James Sherriff, James Stevens, of Bledlow, Ann Parker, of Bledlow, Michael Prentice, in service of Stevens in June, William Wheeler, of Bledlow Not guilty
R. v Henry Williams, Chalfont St. Giles, Stealing an ass, property of J. Du Pre, 30/- 5 February Witnesses: William Lisley, in service of Mr. Du Pre, William Eggleton Guilty - 9 month's imprisonment and whipping
R. v Thomas Kitchener, Stony Stratford, Stealing 4 lbs mutton, 6 lbs Beef, 8 lbs veal, value 10/- property of Joseph Clare, 4 Sept. Witnesses: Samuel Benbow, employed by Mr. Clare in September, George Kightley, constable of Stony Stratford, George Moore Guilty - 6 weeks' imprisonment
R. v John Jordan [a deserter], Winslow, Stealing a coat, property of Henry Holt value 2d. 1 June Witnesses: Henry Holt, Labourer at Winslow - Lomath [constable], Elizabeth Holt, wife of Henry David (?Daniel) Holt, works for Wyatts and Maydon, John Kingston [Coat lost on Granborough feast eve.] Not guilty
R. v James Hitchcock, Waddesdon, Stealing one sack, value 6d. property of John Deely the elder 9th Sept. Witnesses: John Deeley, farmer of Cony Hill, Waddesdon, John Lennard, constable, William Burton, John Deeley, younger, son of Prosecutor, of Waddesdon, employed by father, John Dunkling, lives at Cony Hill, at one end of Mr. Deeley's house, Richard Evans, watchman of Waddesdon, Joseph Jarvis, lives with Mr. Deeley as shepherd Not guilty
R. v Thomas Gulliver, Waddesdon, Stealing 2 tame rabbits 1/-, 3 pecks of potatoes 2/-, goods of John Deeley, younger, 9th Sept. Witnesses: John Deeley, the younger, as above, John Lennard, constable of Waddesdon, Richard Evans, of Warmstone, Joseph Jarvis, as above Confession put in - 12 months' imprisonment Misdemeanors
R. v George Noah, Pitstone, Assaulting Thomas Norman, 12th July Witnesses: Thomas Norman, in Lady Bridgewater's employment, an underkeeper, Joshua Field, special constable, Wm. Rogers, constable of Little Gaddesden, Theophilus Hemmings, wood bailiff to Lady B. Guilty - 6 weeks' imprisonment [Norman had had charge of Noah at work when he was a boy and had ill-treated him]
R. v George Cross, Steeple Claydon, Assault on Rev. Mr. Pigott, 15th July Witnesses: Rev. I.R. Pigott, minister of Steeple Claydon, George Grace, schoolmaster at Steeple Claydon, William Sewell, constable of Steeple Claydon Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment and his own recognizance in £50 for 2 years.
R. v Thomas Taylor, Chearsley, Assaulting James Wilson, 5 Sept. Witnesses: James Wilson, John Saunders, of Chearsley, labourer, Robert Douglas, Rebecca Taylor, mother to prisoner Guilty - 2 months' imprisonment Articles of the Peace exhibited against George Noah by his prosecutor Thomas Norman Mr. Munroe applies that he may not be let out on his own recognizances. Bound in his own recognizance for £50, and one surety in £20 for 2 years.

Epiphany Session, 15 January 1828  [no ref. or date]

R. v Charles Pusey, John Danvers, Gt. Missenden, Breaking and entering a hen house being within the curtilege belonging to Richard Nowell, Esq. and stealing 7 fowls 2nd count - stealing 7 fowls, value 7/- Witnesses: Thomas Pearce, bailiff and gamekeeper to Mr. Nowell of Peterly House, John Ivory, gardener to Mr. Nowell, has charge of the fowls, Charles Hoare, chief constable of Aylesbury Hundred, Mr. Carrington, committing magistrate in the case Both guilty - 9 months' hard labour
R. v Thomas Meeks, Bradenham, Stealing a handsaw, property of Robert Morris, 2 shillings, 15 November Witnesses: Robert Morris, farmer at Smallden in Bradenham, William Wiggins, constable of Wycombe, Joseph Easden, works for Mr. Morris, Richard Hailey, High Constable, - Sawyer, Charles Moss, millwright, Marlow Guilty - 1 month's hard labour
R. v Henry Ing, Long Crendon, Stealing 1 spade, value 2/6, property of Richard Lovell, 10 Dec. Witnesses: Richard Lovell, labourer, of Long Crendon, John Brooks, James Newton, blacksmith at Long Crendon Guilty - six weeks' imprisonment
R. v Joseph Fielding, Newport Pagnell, Stealing 3 lbs weight of Pork, property of Wm. Bunting. 18 Dec., value 1/6 Witnesses: William Bunting, of Newport Pagnell, butcher, Sarah Bunting, wife of last witness, Thomas Lane, Moulsoe, labourer, John Kent, bricklayer at Newport Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment
R. v Job Howes, Wendover, First count - entering and breaking a pheasant pen within the curtilege in the parish of Wendover, property of Joseph Glenister, Second count - Stealing 11 tame pheasants, 40/- value Witnesses: Joseph Glenister, lives very near St. Leonard's Common in parish of Wendover, CharlesCooke, jailor of St. Albans, James Bull, constable of Tring, Reuben Taylor, lives with Glenister, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Maltby, J. Howes, (prisoner), Mark Isby, lodges with prisoner, a married man, John Coles, lodges at the Robin Hood Court. [Prisoner worked for Mr. Smith who lives in Robin Hood Court, Shoe Lane], James Howes, brother of prisoner Guilty
R. v William Sewell, Ellesborough, Breaking and entering a building in parish of Ellesborough, a barn being within the cutilege belonging to Wm. Prickett, stealing 1 bushel of Wheat 7/-, 30 Oct. 2nd Count - simple larceny Witnesses: William Prickett, farmer at Ellesborough, John Pope Jordon, constable of Little Kimble, John Lambourn, thrashes for Mr. Prickett, Edward Sewell, father to Prisoner, Rebecca Chilton, of Kimble, widow George Sewell, "brother to the Prisoner" Guilty on second count for stealing - 6 months' imprisonment
R. v James Tapp, Stowe ["In the Great Wood"], Stealing a vermin trap, property of Duke of Buckingham, 25 Oct, value 7/6. Witnesses: John Cobden, gamekeeper to Duke of Buckingham. Richard Hiscock, assistant keeper to Duke of Buckingham, John Toddy, David Pepler, clerk to Mr. Beauclerk Not guilty
R. v John Fall (At Lent Assizes, John Fall convicted of felony), Thomas Fall Stoke Hammond, Stealing 2 pecks of peas in 1 chaff, 18d. property of Martin Miles, 2nd Jan. Witnesses: Martin Miles, farmer at Stoke, William Fountain, constable of Stoke Hammond - Sheriff Both guilty - John - transportation for life, Thomas - 1 flogging and 1 month's imprisonment
R. v Richard Oxlade, Fingest, Stealing 2 vermin trape, 4 Jan, value 2/-, property of Thomas Tyler Witnesses: Thomas Tyler, farmer at Fingest, gamekeeper to Mr. William ("Prisoner my own sister's son"), James Sears, constable of Gt. Marlow Not guilty
R. v William Gardener, Gt. Marlow, Stealing 1 pair of shoes, value 7/-, property of Daniel Humphrys 31 Oct. Certificate of R. Spicer of illness of Prosecutor put in. Witnesses: William Sawyer, baker, John Hickshaw Guilty - 14 days in house of correction and whipped
R. v William Fletcher, Haddenham, Stealing a piece of timber, property of Miss Wykeham, value 5/-, 7 Dec. 2nd count overlayer Witnesses: John Homan, labourer of Haddenham "was employed to watch a corpse in Haddenham Churchyard", Eli Parker, James Pitman, steward to Miss Wykeham Not guilty
R. v William Hawkins - Prior conviction, Felony, [?Ellesborough], (Stealing) 20 lbs of lead, property of Mr. Thos. Dell, fixed to a building. 1st Jane. 2nd Count - stealing the lead, value 2/- Witnesses: Charles Ward, son of Mr. Ward, the plumber, James Sheriff, William Cross, constable, Thomas Dell, Ralph Giffin, servant to Mr. James - Collins, bricklayer Guilty - 14 years
R. v William Jones, Joseph Jones, Whaddon, Breaking and entering a barn within the curtilege of a dwelling house belonging to John Chapman, and stealing 20 bushels of barley 80/- and 5 sacks value 10/- on 30 Nov. 2nd Count - stealing said barley and sacks Witnesses: John Chapman, farmer at Whaddon, S. Holman, jun. Haversham, son of miller, Samuel Holman, miller at Haversham Mill, William War, constable of Bletchley, Mr. Moore, clerk to Mr. Congreve Guilty - six months' hard labour
R. v James Gristwood alias Winkfield, Chalfont St. Peter, Stealing 1 peck of potatoes, value sixpence, property of Benjamin Saunders - 7 Nov. Witnesses: Benjamin Saunders, Chalfont St. Peter William Andrews, labourer, Chalfont St. Peter Guilty - 6 week's hard labour [?in House of Correction]
R. v John Shouler, Aylesbury, Stealing 12 lbs weight of bacon value 6/- 5 lbs Pork, value 2/6 property of William, Seers, 12 January Witnesses: Mary Seers, of Aylesbury, William Cross [constable], William Mason Guilty - 7 years
R. v John Shouler, Aylesbury, Stealing 8 wine glasses, 4/-, 1 iron jug, 2/-, 1 image 2/6, property of John Cox. Witnesses: James Howes, servant to John Cox, William Cross, constable of Aylesbury, John Cox, dealer in china, Sophia Hewitt, Francis Wallace, lived at the Red Cow Guilty - 7 years
R. v William Chappell, Gt. Horwood, Obtaining under false pretences, 1 box, value 3/-, coat, 20/-, razor 1/-, the property of George Prentice, with intent to defraud - 1st count, Sarah Keene, 2nd count, Joseph Keen, 3rd count, George Prentice. Witnesses: George Prentice, labourer, William Sewell, constable of Steeple Claydon, Edward Prentice, Sarah Keene, of Great Horwood, wife to Joseph Keene, Amaziah Inwood, labourer and cooper at Steeple Claydon, Thomas Warren, of Hollingden, parish of Soulbury, John Whiting, of Steeple Claydon, Edward Parradine, of Steeple Claydon A verdict of acquittal directed for want of evidence to support the fact of obtaining the goods - the woman Keene refusing to identify the Prisoner.
R. v James Middleton,(keeps a public house at Sherington Sherington, For a common assault upon Susannah Coleman Witnesses: Susanna Coleman, wife of Edward Coleman of Sherington, husband a day labourer, works for Mr. Provis. - Griggs, constable of Olney - Todd, overseer of Olney - Talbot, of Olney Guilty - fined £5.
R. v William Holt, Chesham, Being in a certain wood at Chesham, [belonging] Ld. G. Cavendish, with intent to kill game and rabbits, and to aid and abet others to do so, 2 in 1 night, with a gun and other offensive weapons. Witness: Henry Hyatt, gamekeeper to Ld. G. Cavendish at Chesham Guilty - 12 months' imprisonment
R. v William Shepherd, Whitchurch, Assaulting William Bowler, one of the constables of Whitchurch in the execution of his office, 1st Dec. 2nd count - common assault Witnesses: William Bowler, constable of Whitechurch, George Chilton, shoemaker at Whitchurch, Benjamin Osborne, keeps the Cock at Whitchurch Guilty - 3 months' hard labour [?house of correction]
R. v John Lester, Preston Bissett, Assaulting William Elliott, 17 Dec. Witnesses: William Elliott, of Preston Bissett, married, William Gibbs, lives at Halfield Guilty - 6 months' and 2 sureties in £20 each for 1 year
R. v Richard Gunn, Ludgershall, Assault upon Elizabeth Golby 7 Nov. Witnesses: Elizabeth Golby, singlewoman, lives in Parish House at Ludgershall, William Chilton, of Ludgershall, labourer, Richard Hall, Nace Jackman, wife to James Jackman - prisoner's mother uilty - 6 months' and surety of £20 for 2 years to keep the peace.
R. v Edward Rolfe, Beaconsfield, Assaulting Wm. Child - 21 Dec. Witness: William Child, timber dealer and surveyor of roads at Beaconsfield Guilty - 1 month's imprisonment and his own securities.
R. v Peter Mathews, Newton Longville, Assaulting Martha Mathews, his wife, 27th Nov. Witness: Martha Mathews, wife of prisoner Guilty - 3 months' imprisonment and his own recognizance in £40 for 2 years
R. v Alfred Dancer, Denham, Being armed with a gun and other weapons in the night in a wood in the Parish of Denham belonging to Mr. Way, with intent illegally to take and destroy game and rabbits and to aid and abet, etc. 1 in the night 28 Nov. Witnesses: Charles Pendry, gamekeeper of B. Way, Esq., James Goodgame, assistant to Mr. Way's keeper. Guilty - 6 months' imprisonment

Five foolscap volumes (one with paper cover), being Minute books of the Chairman of Quarter Sessions for the following periods:-  QS/JC/7-11  [n.d.]

Most of these volumes contain Chairman's ms. notes for a few cases only

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/7  Michaelmas Session, 1831

Michaelmas, 1831  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Venemore, [Labourer], Risborough, Stealing ducks, property of J. Philips. Witnesses: G. Childs, Bailiff to J. Philips of Risborough. C. Bampton, Long Crendon. H. Bampton. David Woodbridge. J. Sheriff. Guilty - to be transported for 14 years.
R. v Joseph Beesly, G[eorge] Miles, Larceny (stealing geese) Benjamin Miles and John Buckley, Receiving. Upton cum Chalvey Witnesses: Richard Wm. Warrington, of Chalvey. John Eldridge, poulterer in Windsor. Jn. Horton, constable of Windsor. Henry White, constable of Eton. Thos. Johnson, constable of Windsor. Wm. Osborne, apprehended on a charge of stealing geese. Defence: Prisoners speak in their defence Genl. O'Loghin "The prisoner was a soldier in the 1st Regt. of Lifeguards in Spain" [apparently Buckley]. Thos. Taylor Q.M. in the 1st Lifeguard. J. Hard, a ?liveryman at Windsor. J. Beesly - Guilty 3 months imprisonment. Others - Not guilty.
R. v William Payne, [Labourer], Olney, Stealing ducks, property of Mrs. Day. Witnesses: J. Butcher, Olney. S. Griggs, constable. Not guilty.
R. v Wm. Batting [Labourer] and Henry Slater, [Labourer], Hughenden, Stealing geese. Witnesses: ?England Page, servant to G. Meron [Mason?] of Hughenden. B.? or R. Hai ley, constable of ?Wycombe. Both guilty - W.B. transported 14 years. H.S. 3 months hard labour.
R. v George King, [Labourer], Chesham, Stealing ?3 halfcrowns & 2 half sovereigns. Witnesses: Benjamin Barker, of Amersham. Thomas Moss, lives at Chesham, at the Punch Bowl. Esther Stone. Not guilty.
R. v John Peacock, [Labourer], Cuddington, Stealing 2 or 3 elm boards. Witnesses: Thos. Bandy, Cuddington, manager of Mrs. Fletcher's property. J. Greer, carpenter. Marie Clerk. W. Dover, constable of Cuddington. Not guilty.
R. v Anne Slade, [spinster], Aylesbury (Fair), Stealing a shawl. Witnesses: - Susanna Foster, of Bierton, north house (A.S.'s employer). D.T. Foster. Mrs. Whitehall. Not guilty.
R. v Anne Slade, [spinster], Bierton, Stealing an umbrella. Witnesses: Sarah Woodbridge. Susanna Foster. D.T. Foster. Guilty - 14 days hard labour.
R. v James Clarke, [Labourer], Lower Winchendon, Stealing copper. Witnesses: G. Cooking. T. Horton. Guilty - 3 months.
R. v Joseph Buckney George Iver Mee Henry Parsons Jeremiah Croxon bargemen, Datchet, Riot and assault upon a constable. Witnesses: Ed. Land, keeps the Stag at Datchet. D. Boulter, constable of Datchet, builder. H. Wilie, ostler. G. Hunt. G. Hunt. W. Wilcox. All guilty - 4 months imprisonment.
R. v George West, Gt. Missenden, Assaulting a headborough. Witnesses: I. Taylor, headborough of Gt. Missenden. E. Cartwright, headborough of Gt. Missenden. Guilty - 2 months.
R. v Charles Walduck, Linslade, Assault. Witnesses: T. Page, gardener, to W. Pulsford at Linslade. James Page, son of above. Guilty - fined 1 shilling.
R. v T. Collins - no evidence - not guilty.
R. v J. Steeden [Labourer], Wolverton, Assault. Witnesses: - J. Hotton. Guilty - 1 month and 5s. fine.
R. v Joseph Goodson, Aylesbury, Assaulting a constable. Witnesses: W. Cross, constable of Aylesbury. J. Sherriff. Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v Jonathan Knytt [Knight] [Labourer], Olney, Stealing a violin. Witnesses: Rt. Wainwright, Olney, wheelwright. G. Bennett, ?Harklets. Not guilty.

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/8  Midsummer Session, 1833

Midsummer 1833  [no ref. or date]

R. V Js. Stevens, [Labourer], Dorney, Stealing hen and eggs. Witnesses: Martha Goodman. H. Dell. H. Goodman. [Guilty - 14 days hard labour.]
R. v John Varney, Bradenham, [Larceny in a Building within the curtilage of a dwelling house]. Stealing "roman tops" of beech and pine and "french tops". Witnesses: W. Steel, employed by J. Wooster, chair manufacturer. C. Cannon, employed by Wooster. Js. Wooster. J. Holling, Bethnel Green. Mr. Griffiths. [Guilty - 4 months hard labour.]
R. v Rt. Neighbour, [Labourer], Burnham, [Felony] Destroying fruit trees in an orchard. Witnesses: G. Winter, "my mother lives at Burnham". J. Webb "lives opposite to Winters". J. Gates, Burnham. [Guilty - 7 years transportation.]
R. v Thomas Stevens, Bierton, Stealing timber from a close. Witness: James Cadd, Bierton. Not guilty.
R. v [W. Pusey] [Labourer], Beaconsfield, Assault. Witnesses: W. Blackwell, constable of Beaconsfield. W. Bolt, watchman. [Guilty - 6 months hard labour - recognisance in £10 for 2 years to keep peace.]
R. v W. James, [William, Labourer]. [Eton], Assault on headborough. Witnesses: T. Grey, headborough of Eton. R. Roseman, keeps a beershop. [Guilty - 3 months hard labour - recognisance of £10 to keep peace.]
R. v Ann Slade, wife of James Slade, Eton, Keeping a Bawdy house. Witnesses: Sophie Slough, 23, been living at Eton at Mrs. Slade's house for last year "an unfortunate girl". John Clerk, lives next door to Slade's. [Guilty - 2 months hard labour.]

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/9  Easter Session, 1834

(Appeals only)

Easter 1834 (unless stated)  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Cranfield v North Crawley, Epiph. 1834 Witnesses: W. Wright, pauper. Mr. Adkins. Order confirmed. Ivinghoe v Pitstone Witnesses: Joseph Paine. John Payne, his brother. Mr. S. Rich, owner of the cottages. Order quashed. [Paupers family Joseph, wife Evy, child Emma 2 years old]. Wendover v Stone, Epiph. 1834, Witnesses: Joseph Miller, pauper. Mr. Statham. Order confirmed, subject to a case. Husborne Crawley, Beds. v Whitchurch, Witnesses: W. Kibble, shoemaker, Mr. Root, publican. Order quashed. [Pauper family, William Kibble, Elizabeth his wife, son Durley aged 3 years 4 months]. W. Cook v. Waddesdon Poor rate, Epiph. 1834 Witnesses: Benjamin Simons, lived in Waddesdon 8 years, overseer. Mr. Wing, surveyor. W. Burton, overseer. Rate confirmed, subject to the opinion of Court of Kings Bench on the case. Chalfont St. Peter v Wingrave Witnesses: Mr. Green, brother of Martha Manning. Mr. Chapman, 75 years old. Mr. Stacey. Martha Monk, niece of Martha Manning. W. Thompson, overseer of Chalfont. T. Thorn. I. Kempster, ?of Rowsham. Anne Kempster. T. Manning, 49 years old. B. Bolland, maltster, worked for Mr. Lucas. [?or Holland] Order quashed. Pauper family, Thomas Manning, Mary, his wife, and 7 children, William 15, Joseph 13, Stephen 11, Henry 10, Maria 6, Elizabeth 4, Martha 16 months. [See also QS/S043/fo. 155] Shenfield v Chesham Witnesses: G. Grover, 44 years old, pauper. W. Grover, brother of pauper. M. Bayley. Mr. Pither. G. Pither. [Order notified, confirmed and allowed] Wingrave v Hulcott Witnesses: A. Bateman, mother of W. Allen. W. Allen. Order confirmed. [Pauper family, Wm. Allen, Mary his wife, daughter Elizabeth 14 weeks]. Ludgershall v Hardwick Witnesses: H. Harris, Want of chargeability - Quashed. Amersham v Aylesbury Witnesses: Mr. Prickett, solicitor of Hardings Charity. Catharine Reed, Mr. Danney, grandfather of A. Seamon. Order confirmed.

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/10  Midsummer Session, 1834

(Appeals only)

Midsummer 1834  [no ref. or date]

Appeals [Weedon v Hardwick] Witnesses: Henry Harris, pauper W. Fleet, Weedon Anne Fleet. Order confirmed [Paupers Henry Harris and Martha his wife] Princes Risborough v Halton Witnesses: J. Hawes, pauper Mr. Phelps. E. Phelps. G. Child. J. Hawes. [Order quashed] [paupers - John Hawes, Eliz. his wife and male child 6 months old]
R. v [Humphrey] Collins, Marsworth, [labourer], Sheepstealing. Witnesses: C. Horner, Marsworth. J. Rowland, constable. J. Proctor, shepherd to Mr. Horner. E. Bignold. Guilty - transported for life.
R. v - Stealing handkerchief Witnesses: R. Williams, Chesham, employed by G. Nash. Stephen Stone, constable of Chesham. Aquitted - the Indictment not properly laid.
R. v E. King [of West Wycombe], Downley, [Labourer], Stealing timber (chair legs) (16 turned Windsor chair legs) Witnesses: Js. Grey, Downley. G. Mead, constable of West Wycombe. Mr. Nash, clerk of the Magistrates. Guilty - 14 days.
R. v John Burk, Chesham, [Labourer], Larceny Witnesses: - of Chesham, foreman to Mr. Nash, "who keeps a haberdasher's shop". Stephen Stone, constable. Guilty - 1 month.
R. v M. Neal, [Edlesborough], J. Mead - no prosecution. Acquitted.
R. v G. Higgins, ?Aylesbury, [of Swanbourne, Labourer], Stealing fowls Witnesses: W. Webb "lives with Mr. Tanney" W. Cross. G. Oakley. T. Mayho. W. Walk. Guilty - 2 months.
R. v Samuel Abrahams, Leighton Buzzard, Stealing approx £16 Witnesses: T. Warner, Leighton Buzzard. Js. Warner, uncle of T.W., lives at Mentmore. Js. Golding, servant to Js. Warner. J. Williamson, landlord of Beershop in Mentmore. Js. Fonstalk?, servant to Mr. Warner. Sarah Mercey. Hannah Cotching, keeps a public house at Linslade. T. Biggs, keeps a public house at Cublington. G. Webb, has been living in a gipsy camp. Mrs. Baker, keeps a public house at Stewkley. T. Cornborough, butcher. C. Biggs. R. Wilmots, clerk in the Bank [at Leighton Buzzard] R. Rickard, servant to Mr. Rogers at Mentmore. Rt. Sear, Constable. Not guilty.
R. v Wm. Hall, [Edlesborough, labourer], Stealing a mallet. Witnesses: M. Williams, Tring. A. Tearle, Maltster at Dagnall. Guilty - 1 month.
R. v Js. Price the younger, North Marston, [labourer] Assault on a constable. Witnesses: R. Gurney, constable of North Marston. Henry Holden. C. Preston. Guilty - 2 months imprisonment - [recognisance in sum of £20 to keep peace].
R. v J. Sharpe and [John] Cartwright, Gt. Missenden [labourer], [Misdemeanour] (Found hiding under bed in Mr. Allen's house). Witnesses: C. Barton, lives at Missenden. E. Harper. Guilty - 1 month with 1 weeks solitary confinement. J.S., 1 week with 2 days solitary confinement. J.C.
R. v Michael Rooney, Martha Rooney, [wife of Michael] Joseph Parker, Frederick Coccle, Anne Coccle, [wife of Fred.] [men all labourers], Astwood, Riot and assault. Witnesses: G. Leabory, Stagsden. W. Allen. Phoebe Saunders. W. Flute. H. Hobbs, Astwood. W. Hobley. Isabel Barcock. Seline Ruffhead. Guilty - [F.C., A.C., and J.P. 3 months hard labour. MR. and wife 1 month hard labour.]
R. v Mary Wilmot and Js. Wood, [Whitchurch], [singlewoman], [labourer], [Obtaining money by false pretences - M.W. J.W. accessory to crime.] Witnesses: W. Key, Winslow. Mr. Willis, clerk to the magistrates of the Cottesloe hundred. Mr. Vere Woodman, overseer of Whitchurch in 1833. T. Lommatt, constable of Winslow. G. Grace, assistant overseer. Js. Baillie, clerk to the gaoler at Shrewsbury. W. Cross. Guilty - [transported 7 years.]
R. v Mary Cook and Js. Wood, Obtaining money by false pretences. Witnesses: W. Key. Mr. Willis. V. Woodman. T. Lomatt. Js. Baillie, clerk to magistrates. Guilty - transported 7 years.

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/11  Michaelmas Session, 1834 to Epiphany Session, 1835

Michaelmas 1834  [no ref. or date]

R. v Henry Mead [labourer], [Amersham], Stealing hay Witness: George Green. Guilty - 1 month [hard labour].
R. v John Carter and Thomas Hailey, Larceny, [Amersham], Pleaded guilty - 14 days hard labour and privately whipped.
R. v James Goodridge and George South, Chalfont [St. Giles], Housebreaking - stealing money approx. £250. Witnesses: James Bradshaw, lives at Chalfont. Mrs. S. Bradshaw. G. Bunce, ploughman. J. Hearne, constable. J. Hearn, Chalfont. Guilty - 14 years transportation.
R. v Sarah Ives [singlewoman], Larceny, [West Wycombe], Pleaded guilty - 1 week's imprisonment.
R. v William Thead, Wm. Deane and George Filby, [Hughenden], Stealing fowls. Witnesses: John Coleman, lives on Wycombe Heath [? at Loretts Farm], Fanny Tompkins. J.H. Nash. Not guilty.
R. v John Young [labourer], [Hughenden], Attempting to steal hen and destroying it. Witnesses: James West, lives at Hughenden. Ann Free. Mr. Nash (produces confession of prisoner). Guilty - 1 month.
R. v John Anderson, [of Hughenden, labourer], Stealing mare, property of John Cartwright. Witnesses: John Cartwright, lives at Risborough. James Ridgerley, lives close to Risborough Common. James Ives. James Burnham. Richard Dennis, the younger. Richard Dennis, the elder. Thomas Winter, constable. Guilty - transported for life.
R. v William Wickes and Thomas Wicks, [labourers], [Farnham Royal], Stealing a hive, and assault. Witnesses: James Basden, lives at F.R., James Basden, the younger. John Hassell, constable. Guilty - Wm. 6 months, Thos. 3 months.
R. v Charles Smith, [Iver, labourer], Stealing a hat. Witnesses: John Deverill, lives at Langley Marish. John Carter. James Chadnell. Prisoner says it was a lark, and he did not intend to steal it (took it from Deverill's head while he was asleep). Acquitted.
R. v Henry Wall of [Kingsey], [labourer], Pleads guilty to an assault on an Officer of Excise. Fined 1 shilling and to undertake recognisance himself in £40 and surety in £20 for good behaviour for 1 year.
R. v Aaron Clements, [Fingest], Fined 1s and enters into recognisance himself in £40 and surety in £20.
R. v Wm. Chilton, [labourer], [Wooburn], Indecent assault on Mercy Dandridge. Witnesses: William Dandridge, lives about 1 mile from Wooburn. Mercy Dandridge, daughter of Wm., 11 years old "my father and mother are very poor". Thos. Beck, constable of Wooburn. Thos. Landon. Guilty - 1 years hard labour.
R. v Richard Welch, [Whitchurch], Obstructing footpath. Witnesses: William Green, J. Makepiece, lives at Whitchurch. C.G. Close. Robert Bull, lives near the Cock, a higgler, 62 years old. M. Cheshire, "about 80" lived opposite the Cock. ?Durly Kibble, "just past 80", "lived all my days in Whitchurch". Thos. Durley, 80, lives at Whitchurch. Defence: John Cheshire, lives at Aylesbury. Defence: John Fincher. Richard Denchfield, the elder. Richard Plomer, of Whitchurch. R. Denchfield, baker, of Whitchurch. Thos. Ingram, Marston. George Welch, Whitchurch, brother of accused. Rev. W. Wadley, Stewkley. Guilty - [fined £20 - to be imprisoned until paid, and order to abate the nuisance.]
R. v John Holton, [Aston Clinton], Assault. Witnesses: Wm. Fowler, headborough. Francis King. C. Duckett. Guilty - 6 weeks imprisonment.

Epiphany 1835  [no ref. or date]

Appeals, Grendon v Waddesdon, Witnesses: Mr. V. Brooks, proves examinations before Magistrates. J. Kibel, pauper. C. Kibbel, father of pauper. Order quashed. [Joseph Kibbel, Eliz. his wife and Martha, dau. aged 3 weeks].
R. v W. Newell [labourer], Chepping Wycombe, Stealing purse, containing 8s.6d. Witnesses: W. Avery, Wheeler End, West Wycombe. Wm. Morris, J.H. Nash. Mr. Tappin [? Tepper] Not guilty.
R. v Wm. Payne [labourer], [Olney], Stealing 25 lbs of beef. Witnesses: John Davison, Olney, Butcher. Sarah Lines. Samuel Griggs. Guilty - 1 month imprisonment.
R. v J[ohn] Freeman and George Bowler, near [Beaconsfield], Sheep stealing. Witnesses: John Andrew, shepherd of Mr. Rolf. John Rolfe. W. Blackwell, constable. Mr. Charsley. Guilty - transported for life.
R. v [Richard] Green, Js. Smith and Wm. Deverill, [Langley Marish], 1st two Stealing lead, value £2. Deverill - receiving same. Witnesses: Mr. Harvey, lives at Langley Park. G. Finch. W. Ruby. J. Gee. W. Robinson, constable. J. Walters. Mr. W. Long. Guilty - Green, Smith - 6 months, Deverill 9 months.
R. v W. Smith, J. Daniels, Newport, Stealing a copper, [larceny within the curtilage of a dwelling house]. Witnesses: J. Hurley, employed by Sibthorp. W. Waite, employed by Sibthorp. Bailey Sutton, keeps the Crown at Newport. W. Cross, keeps a shop at Olney. S. Griggs, constable. M. Sheriff, proves further conviction of Daniels. [Guilty - Daniels, 14 years transportation; Smith, 7 years]
R. v Wm. Shanks and Mercy Chitty, [of Wraysbury, labourer and singlewoman], W.S. stealing a watch. M.C. receiving a watch. Witnesses: Ambrose Oliver, lives at Rowsham. B. Clarke, constable. Catherine Chitty, lived at no. 28, St. Martin's Street, London. Guilty - [4 months hard labour].
R. v C. Francis, [labourer], Wooburn, Stealing butter. Witnesses: Thomas Butler, Wooburn, Grocer. Guilty - 14 days hard labour, once privately whipped.
R. V. F. [Frederick] Wilson, [labourer], [Haddenham], Stealing fowls. Witnesses: B. Pigott, Haddenham. B. Piggott, son of above. Mr. Harris. R. Welford. Stephen Wood. J. Parish, constable of Haddenham. J. Penn. Guilty - [2 months hard labour.]
R. v S. Abraham, T. Fountaine, Ezra Tripp, [Mentmore], Stealing hamper of food and assault. [Assault with intent to rob]. Witnesses: Rev. T. Shepherd. W. Nash, servant to Mr. Hearn. J. Verney. Not guilty.
R. v [James] Winch, [Chesham], Stealing 2 shillings. Witnesses: W.A. Knox, Chesham, chemist. Fanny Haws, servant to Mr. Knox. Guilty - 7 years. [transporation]
R. v [Thos.] Hickinbottom [and Wm. Holtom] [Akeley], Stealing fowls. Witnesses: G.B. King, farmer. M.A. King, son of above. J. Giles. W. Giles, constable of Buckingham. Not guilty - [Wm. Holtom pleaded guilty - 6 weeks hard labour].
R. v [John] Gilpin, [of Linslade, labourer], Leighton Buzzard, Assault with intent to rob. Witnesses: Bert. Halsey, Cublington. J. Parrott. J. Stairs, watchman at Leighton. W. Cotchings, farmer, keeps the Corbett Arms. W. Webster. Not guilty. (Mr. Halsey on his way home from Leighton Fair 24th October).
R. v Kilby, [Brill], Obtaining money by false pretences. Witnesses: T. Loynes, Brill. Jn. Bates, Oxford. Guilty - [3 months hard labour].

Interleaved volumes containing notes on cases made by the presiding Justices in Quarter Sessions  QS/JC/12-15  [n.d.]

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/12  Easter 1828-Michaelmas 1829

"Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle's Notes"

Easter Session 1828  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Elliott [aged 46], Hanslope, Stealing a spring latch, value 1/- property of Richard Kitelie of 7 (?1st) March Witnesses: John Pacey, shepherd to Mr. Kitelie, Thomas Evans, headborough of Hanslope, William Compton, carpenter, Mr. Moore, Mr. Maltby No evidence to sustain this indictment - Not guilty.
R. v Matthew Evett [aged 20], Aylesbury, Stealing 1 drake, 1/-; 2 cocks, 2/-, 6 hens, 6/-; goods of Thomas Tindal, on 9 March Witnesses: John Holdam, watchman, John (?) Austen, servant to Mr. Tindal, William Cross, constable. Randal Leach, dealer in umbrellas, John Crabb, servant to Randal Leach, William Burnham, James Tuckwell, Thomas Collins Guilty - 6 months and a whipping.
R. v Peter Garling [aged 25], Michael Healy [aged 13], Langley, (1) Passing counterfeit money - sixpences - knowing same to be counterfeit and false. (2) Uttering to Maria Allum, (3) Uttering to Mary Norris Witnesses: Maria Allum, Langley Broome, daughter of the landlord of the Montague Arms. Mary Norris, James Allum, landlord of the Montague Arms. Joseph Green, "working on the Bath Road", John Green, brother of last witness. John Martin, employed on road with last witness. Peter Griffiths, constable of Langley. James Payne, apprentice to a baker at Colnbrook, Joseph Gurney, baker at Colnbrooke, John Gilbert, keeps the Ostrich Public House, Mr. Powell, assistant [?solicitor] to Mint. Both guilty, of double offence on first count. - 1 year hard labour and to find sureties for 2 years in sum of £5.
R. v John Abraham [aged 53], Gt. Linford, Stealing 1 bill hook, 1/-, property of Rev. Wm. Smith, on 1st February. Witnesses: Thomas Mapley, works for Rev. Wm. Smith "about the yard". James Leach. Guilty: 1 month hard labour.
R. v Josiah Thompson (blacksmith), Gt. Missenden, Stealing 70 faggots of wood, 70d., property of Daniel Thompson, 1st March. Witnesses: Daniel Thompson, Gt. Missenden, William Town, James Young, Thomas Bates, Prestwood, James Olliffe, farmer of Wendover. Guilty: 6 weeks hard labour.
R. v Thomas Haynes [aged 25], Parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Stony Stratford. Stealing 1 cart hand ladder, 3/-, 1 cart foreboard, 4d., and one bar, 4d. Goods of Wm. Green, on 17th February Witnesses: James Meakins, carter to Wm. Green of Stony Stratford. Mark [?Cancutt], Mr. George Moone, Wm. Frost. Guilty: 1 week hard labour.
R. v John Green [aged 20], Gt. Marlow, (apprentice carpenter with Mr. Maddox), Stealing 1 axe, 6/-, 1 hand-saw, 6/-, property of James Haynes, 15th March. Witnesses: James Haynes, carpenter, Gt. Marlow, John Hackshaw, William Francis Guilty: 2 month's hard labour.
R. v John Mann of Grendon Underwood [aged 58], Grendon Underwood. (1) Entering a close called Park End, at 6 in the night, armed with a gun with intent to kill game or rabbits. (2) With intent to kill rabbits only. On 29 January. Witnesses: Richard Franks, gamekeeper to Col. Pigott, Lord of the Manor of Grendon Underwood. John Franks, son of previous witness. James Griffin, Mr. Wallinger, Thomas White, Mr. Richard Leator, farmer at Grendon Underwood, Mr. Rhodes, farmer at Grendon Underwood, Augustus Judge, farmer at Grendon Underwood, Mr. Painter. Not guilty.

Easter Session, 1828  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Preen - dealer in coals. [aged 34], Chalfont St. Giles, Stealing 2 bushels of Oats, 7/-, and 2 bushels of barley, 7/-, property of James Bradshaw, on 23 March. Witnesses: James Bradshaw, Chalfont St. Giles, farmer of 60 acres of land. William Busby, headborough of Chalfont St. Giles, dealer in coals. (N.B. Prisoner sells coals at lower price than headborough). Nathan Coats, Amersham, farmer, Joseph Shrimpton, Chesham, Mr. Hinton, Harefield, 3 miles from Chalfont. Mr. Bell, Mr. Payne Not guilty.
R. v William Haynes, Wraysbury, Stealing 30 bolts of osiers, value £3. 30 bolts of Rods, value £3., 1 withey, value 1d., 2 osier rods, value 2d.; property of Robert Ashby and Samuel Ashby, on 10 March. Witnesses: Thomas Duffen, in service of the Mr. Ashbys, Quakers. Manages one of their eyotts, nr. Staines. Thomas Styles, Edward Monk, William Higgs, Richard Clarke, Charles Henry Clarke, a basket maker. Thomas Duffield, Joseph Warner, basket maker, Harmondsworth Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Higgins, Aylesbury, Thomas Collins, jnr. (1) Assaulting Richard Barton, in his Office of Headborough of Aylesbury; and Collins for rescuing Higgins, and Higgins for rescuing himself. on 1st March. (2) For assaulting Barton as Headborough, (3) Common assault. Witness: Richard Barton, headborough of Aylesbury. Acquitted, as the offence for which the Prisoner was in custody not set out in indictment.

Michaelmas Session, 1828  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Giltro 25 years old. Tried and acquitted at Epiphany 1821 for stealing a coat, Chesham, Stealing 7 pigs value £10, property of Joseph Lucas on 22 September. Prior conviction at Epiphany Session 3 Geo IV 14 Jan. Witnesses: Joseph Lucas, keeps pigs - Gomme [?John], butcher at Chesham. James Stilton, "not quite 12 years old", keeps Mr. Lucas' pigs. Henry Golding, Thomas Browne, papermaker at Chenies, Thomas Clarke, papermaker at Chesham, Sheriff - produces certificate of prior conviction. Guilty - transportation for life.
R. v Benjamin Biggs (?error of writer - should all be Biggs?. See next case.), [aged 21], Hughenden, Stealing 1 pair of trousers 1s., 2 cotton handkerchiefs, 6d.; property of John Gibbs (?error of writer - should all be Biggs?. See next case.) the younger, on 5th October. Witnesses: John Biggs (?error of writer - should all be Biggs?. See next case.), the younger, son of John Gibbs(?error of writer - should all be Biggs?. See next case.), brother to the prisoner, lives at Gt. Kinsale, parish of Hughenden. John Farrant, constable of Uxbridge Guilty
R. v Benjamin Biggs, [aged 21], Hughenden, Stealing 1 pair cloth gaiters, value 3/-. Property of John Biggs. Stealing a spur, value 2d., property of Thomas Pearce. Witnesses: John Biggs, the elder, Hughenden, John Farrant, constable of Uxbridge. Guilty: 1 week's imprisonment for 1st offence, 7 years transportation for 2nd offence Hard labour.
R v Benjamin Bolland, [aged 22], John Green, [aged 29], Iver, (1) Stealing 166 yards of linen cloth, value £10, goods of Henry Carter and John Ellis, in a certain field and bleaching ground situate in process of manufacture. On 28 July, (2) Simple larceny. Witnesses: John Ellis, lives at Uxbridge, a bleacher of linen. William Porter, carter to Mr. Ellis, John Farrant (?constable), John Nash, Thomas L. Fern, Thomas Hatch called but did not answer. [Linen laid out in field in process of bleaching.] Both guilty: 1 year's imprisonment to hard labour.
R. v John Newman, [aged 41], Aston Abbotts, Stealing one scythe, value 3/-, property of Joseph Elliott, on 15th Sept. Witnesses: Joseph Elliott, farmer at Oxley's, parish of Aston Abbotts "rather deaf", William Elliott (? constable), James Smith, husbandry servant to Mr. Elliott, Thomas Brandon, blacksmith, Robert Brandon, blacksmith, John Cheney Guilty: 2 months' hard labour
R. v Robert Cheney, Cublington, [aged 26], Aston Abbotts, Stealing one scythe, value 3/-, property of Joseph Elliott, on 15th Sept. Witnesses: Joseph Elliott, Oxley's, Aston Abbotts, William Elliott, James Bierton, worked for Elliott last haytime. Prisoner Cheney, Robert Brandon, Augustus Brandon, John Cheney Guilty: 2 months' hard labour
R. v Joseph [?Cancut] [aged 14], Hanslope, Stealing one tame rabbit, value 2/-, property of Benjamin Williams, on 16th Sept. Witness: Benjamin Williams, shoemaker, Hanslope. Guilty: 14 days hard labour.
R. v Samuel Johnston [aged 29], Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 pair of shoes, value 5/-, property of Samuel Griffin, on 7th September. Witnesses: Samuel Griffin, keeps "White Blackbird" Public House at Loudwater. Robert Griffin, Thomas Rakestraw, George Wotton, James Cross, Wycombe Marsh. Guilty: 6 months' hard labour.
R. v Thomas Wooster [aged 19], William Hart [aged 19], West Wycombe, Stealing one rabbit trap, value 1/-, property of George Fr. Dashwood, Esq., on 15th June. Witnesses: Richard Tregus, gamekeeper to G. Dashwood, Esq., Richard Hailey, constable. Both Guilty: 2 months' hard labour
R. v Richard Knight [aged 21], Astwood, Stealing one silk handkerchief, 2/-, 1 pair of snuffers, 1/-, one flour dredger and one beer tin value 6d., property of William, Roger, on 12th Sept. Witnesses: William Rogers, keeps the Swan Public House at Astwood. John Hatton, constable. Not Guilty.
R. v. James Barnes [21 years old], Chesham, Stealing one hempen sack, value 1/-, one bushel of wheat, value 8/-, property of Joseph Shrimpton, on 24 Sept. Witnesses: Joseph Shrimpton, Chesham, a farmer and waggoner. Eliza Dwight, daughter of John Dwight, of Chesham (where the prisoner lodges). Guilty: 9 months' hard labour.

Misdemeanours  [no ref. or date]

King, on Presentment of William Brown v Joseph Clifton. (Clifton is a farmer and keeps a public house.), Assault on 25th March, at Steeple Claydon. Witnesses: William Brown, Steeple Claydon, 73 years old. Daniel Grace, labourer, works for Mr. Brown. Dispute as to termination of tenancy of field. Not Guilty.
R. v Richard Page, Gt. Hampden, Assault on Samuel Ives, on 12th May. Witnesses: Samuel Ives, Gt. Hampden, a farmer, surveyor of highway last May. Hannah Hearn, Cobley's Hill, Gt. Hampden. Page had been working for the parish. Ives stopped 8d. from his wages for going to a public house. Guilty: 3 months' imprisonment.
R. v Edward Hervey, Tingewick, Assault on William Kew, on 10th April. Witnesses: William Kew, keeps the Royal Oak at Tingewick, George Nelson, Butcher at Buckingham. Guilty: 6 weeks' imprisonment.
R. v William Sheriff, Thomas Sherriff (father of William), Gt. Missenden, (1) Assault and Rescue on Charles Cartwright, one of the headboroughs of Gt. Missenden, (2) Assault on Charles Cartwright, in execution of his office as headborough. (3) Common assault. On 2nd March. Witnesses: Charles Cartwright, tinman and glazier, of Gt. Missenden, headborough, John Stockford, labourer at Gt. Missenden, Charles Evans, Missenden, John Cason, Missenden, Mr. Maltby, Hannah Lacey, Henry Lacey, husband of last witness. William Thorp, Thomas Crockett, William Lacey, Hester Barnes Both guilty: William 6 weeks hard labour, Thomas 2 weeks hard labour, Plus 2 sureties of £10 each.
R. v William Chambers, Stowe, (1) Assault on William Cross, a special constable in the execution of his duty, on 10th June. (2) Common assault. Witnesses: William Cross, on 10th June sworn as a special constable at the Stowe races. Mr. Bligh claims they were innocent men engaged in innocent occupation. The prisoner (and others) had been taken for trying to induce people to play the game of thimble. No result noted. [Guilty: 14 days hard labour]

Epiphany Session 13 January 1829  [no ref. or date]

R. v Ellen Draydon [aged 46], Langley Marish, Stealing 1 linen shirt, value 2/-, one pair cotton socks, value 6d., one flannel nightcap, value 6d., one linen towel, value 6d., on e silk handkerchief, value 2/6, goods of John Rupel. On 7th January. Witnesses: John Rupel, private in the 1st Life Guards, quartered at the George Inn, Langley Marish, on 7th January. Samuel Oak, constable of Horton. Guilty: 2 months' imprisonment
R. v William Viccars [aged 39], Drayton Parslow, Stealing 1 fowl, price 1/-, property of Thomas Cooling, on 25 November. Witnesses: Thomas Cooling, of Drayton Richard Tarbon, Drayton, labourer, works for Mr. Cooling. (Viccars employed by Cooling, threshing) Guilty: "been in once before" - 3 months.
R. v John Daniels [aged 38], Lt. Woolstone, Stealing 2 fowls, value 2/-, property of Thomas Checkley, on 20th Dec. Witnesses: Joseph Clarke, labourer, works for Mr. Checkley at Lt. Woolstone mill. Guilty: 2 months ("20 years in gaol for leaving his family")
R. v Roderick Cowen [aged 33], Calverton, Stealing 1 gold watch, value £7., 1 gold chain, value 40/-, 2 seals, value 20/-, property of Thomas Searle, on 30th December. Witnesses: Thomas Searle, Calverton, Sarah Taylor, servant to Mr. Searle, Thomas Cliffe, servant to Mr. Lyons at Stony Stratford. Guilty: 6 months.
R. v Thomas Green [aged 24], Langley Marish, Stealing 1 great coat, value 9/-, one handkerchief, value 6d., one half a quartern loaf, value 3d., Goods of Charles West, on 16th December. Witnesses: Charles West, labourer, Jonathan Timms, labourer living at Brixham, William Robinson. Guilty: 3 months.

Epiphany Session, January 1829  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Ponsoby [aged 23], West Wycombe, Stealing 1 silver spoon, value 5/-, property of William Swinden, on 2nd January. Witnesses: William Swinden, High Wycombe, keeps the Wheatsheaf Public House. Richard Hailey, constable of high Wycombe, Charles Harman, clerk to Mr. Nash. Guilty: 3 months (admits the offence, distress drove him to it).
R. v William Batchelor, Chesham, (1) Taken and Received from Putnam, monies of Margaret Simm, for helping Putham to certain stolen goods (muffs) of Eliz. and Martha Sutton, he not having caused the offenders to be apprehended, on 27 November. (2) (?stealing) monies of Robert Sutton (3) pretence of helping Putnam to certain goods of Robert Sutton. (4) monies, 10/- of Eliz. Sutton (?stealing) monies, 10/- of Martha Sutton (5) (?stealing) from Eliz. and Martha Sutton by the hand of Putnam 10/- each. (6) (?stealing) from Robert Sutton by the hand of Putnam. Witnesses: Mr. Bligh and Mr. Taylor, dispute over indictment. Margaret Simm, housekeeper to Mr. Sutton, William Fenn, William Putnam, woodman to Mr. Sutton, Mr. Hatton, Joseph Russel, tailor at Chesham, William Barnes, farmer in Chesham (N.B. The Suttons live at Rossway) Guilty: 3 months.
R. v George Saunders, Gt. Missenden, (1) Stealing parts of 2 Holly Trees, value 30/-, property of Thomas Ives. (2) Cut and broke parts of Holly Trees, with intent to steal. On 26 November. Previous conviction at Quarter Session at Aylesbury on 1st May 2 Geo IV (1821) Witnesses: Thomas Ives, Gt. Missenden, has an orchard there. Mr. Hailey, George Scott, William Fassnidge. Sherriff proves the identity of the Prisoner. Guilty: 3 times in gaol besides the conviction charged in the indictment - once wood stealing, 3 months and 3 times publicly whipped. Sentence - 14 years. [Transportation - 14 years]
R. v William Cole [aged 29], Thomas Smith [aged 69] - pleads guilty, Bradwell, (1) Stealing from a certain field of Thomas Wilkinson, being within the curtilage, 12 turkeys, value 80/-, 3 cock fowls, 10/-, property of Thomas Wilkinson. (2) Simple larceny. On 1st January. Witnesses: Thomas Wilkinson, farmer, lives at Bradwell. William Wilkinson, son of Prosecutor, lives at Bradwell. Thomas Tredale, constable of Leighton Buzzard. Cole: Not Guilty Smith: 6 months.
R. v William Horne [aged 30], Olney, (1) Stealing from a certain building of John Revis, within the curtilage, one tenor saw, 5/-, one Jack plane, 4/-, 5 moulding planes, 7/-, 6 chucks, 4/-. On 10th November. Property of John Revis. (2) Simple Larceny. Witnesses: John Revis, carpenter, of Olney. Samuel (Griggs?), constable of Olney. Guilty: 9 months.
R. v William Haywood [aged 26], Stoke Goldington, (1) Stealing from a building belonging to Sarah Brice, being within the curtilage, 2 bushels of wheat, 15/-, property of Sarah Brice, On 26 November. (2) Simple larceny. Witnesses: Thomas Parrott, employed by Mrs. Brice last November to thresh wheat. John Brice, William Green, grinder at Mr. Adkins mill. James Adkins, miller, Edward Adkins, nephew of John Christopher Clark, butler to Mrs. Brice. Guilty: 9 months.
R. v William Akerman [aged 31], Wooburn, Stealing 2 pigs value 30/-, property of John Howard, On 15th July. Witnesses: John Howard, Wooburn, farmer. Sarah Howard, wife of John. Thomas Lacey, constable of Beaconsfield. William Riddle, lodged at Wm. Akerman's in July last. William Mason, timber dealer, Hughenden. William Rose, Fulmer, farmer. James Perryman, East Burnham. Jonathan Timms, Wexham, labourer. Alfred Dancer, labourer. Guilty: 6 months.
R. v William Anstee [aged 19], Gt. Linford, Stealing 1 hempen sack, 1/-, three cotton stockings, 2/-, 2 lbs of Rags, 1/-, property of John Bird, On 22 December. Witnesses: John Bird, Gt. Linford, carpenter, John Bird, son of previous witness. Guilty: 1 week and a whipping.
R. v George Gordon [aged 25], Bletchley, Stealing 3 hymn books, 1/-, and one book of tunes, 1/-. Property of Thomas Andrews, On 14 November. Prior conviction, 9 Jany. 7 George IV (1826) Guilty: 7 years transportation.
R v John Smith [aged 30], Stealing 10 lbs. of Bacon, 6/-, property of George Hewiett, on 13 Dec. 9 Geo. IV, 1828. Prior conviction 14 Jany. 3 Geo. IV (1822) - 6 months. Prior conviction 9 Jany. 7 Geo. IV (1826) - 12 months. Guilty - transportation for life.
R. v Elizabeth Keep, wife of Robert Keep, labourer. [aged 27], Aylesbury, (1) Stealing 1 cloth Pellisse, 14/-, property of Silvanus Seymour, (2) Stealing 1 cloth Pellisse, 14/-, property of Rebecca Seymour. Witnesses: Phoebe Hester, servant to Mrs. Bartlett. Wm. Cross [constable], Elizabeth Arnold, Miss Mary Fell, Mrs. Seymour's sister. Mrs. Bartlett. Guilty: 4 months.
R. v Stephen Miles [aged 58], Burnham, (1) Stealing 1 tame rabbit, 2/-, property of James Perryman, being servant to Perryman, On 10th October. (2) Simple larceny. Witnesses: Charles Robert Lee, looks after Mr. Perryman's farm at East Burnham. James Perryman. Guilty on 2nd Count: 3 months.

Misdemeanours  [no ref. or date]

R. v Frederick Dancer, Langley Marish, (1) Entering a certain close belonging to Mr. Way in the night time with a gun for the purpose of taking or destroying game, and assaulting Charles Pendry, being servant to Mr. Way with a gun. On 26 November. (2) Common assault. Witnesses: Charles Pendry, servant to Mr. Benjamin Way. James Goodgame, Mr. Chearsley. Guilty: 3 months.
R. v Thomas Trendall [aged 20], West Wycombe, Being in a certain land in occupation of Mr. Dashwood at night with intent to destroy game, and assaulting William Plumridge. On 23 November. Pleads guilty: 6 months.
R. v George [Williatt] [aged 27], Adstock, Assaulting Eliz. Corbett, wife of Joseph Corbett. On 10th October Witnessess: Eliz. Corkett, William Corkett "Farmer - I was at least", Mary White, Joseph Corbett Guilty: Fine 1/-, 4 months.

Easter Session, 1829  [no ref. or date]

R. on Prosecution of Christopher Foley v Thomas Shrives and James Bishop, Assault. Not guilty.
R. v William Jennings [aged 35] formerly convicted of felony, John Sharp [aged 43], Gt. Missenden, Stealing 40 pieces of wood, value 1/-, property of Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake, On 15th March. Witnesses: John Wright, Gt. Missenden, labourer, "employed by my father in the service of Mr. Drake". David Wright, Gt. Missenden, labourer, brother of John Wright. James Sherriff, jailor of County jail Guilty: Jennings (in custody for burglary) 7 years. [Transportation] Sharp - 3 months hard labour.
R. v Daniel King [aged 23], Turweston, Stealing 2 boltings of wheat straw, value 2/-, 2 cwt. of straw, value 2/-, property of John Barnard. On 17th March. Witnesses: John Barnard, of Brackley - occupies 17a. of land at Turweston. Samuel Howard, constable of Brackley, John Viccars, Brackley, labourer Guilty: six weeks hard labour.
R. v Edmund Keen [aged 16] - Pleads Guilty, William Yates [aged 28], Gt. Missenden, Breaking and entering a shop belonging to George Bong, and stealing 6 lbs. of mutton value 2/-, 10 lbs. of beef, value 5/-, 3 glass bottles, value 6d., 3 quarts of wine, value 6/-, twelve printed books, value 6/-, 30 pence and 30 half pence, property of George Bong, n.d. Witnesses: George Bong, Gt. Missenden, keeps a butcher's shop. Henry Hatton, clerk to the Magistrates. Joseph Stone, constable of Gt. Missenden, Samuel Eeles, Gt. Missenden, father of the landlord of Crown Public House. Guilty: 6 months and a whipping
R. v William Wiggins [aged 33], Warrington, parish of Olney. Stealing one hempen sack, value 2/-, 1 bushel of beans, value 4/-, property of John Herring, jnr. On 31 March. Witnesses: John Herring, farmer, Warrington. Joseph Putnam, servant to Wiggins, Samuel Griggs, constable of Olney. Guilty: 3 months hard labour.
R. v Thomas Austen (aged 45], Chenies, Stealing 1 piece of beechwood value 6d., property of Duke of Bedford, on 3rd Feb. Witness: William Adams, Woodbailiff to Duke of Bedford at Chenies. Guilty: 1 month's hard labour.
R. v Robert Smith [aged 21], Brill, Stealing 1 piece of wood, property of Richard Hunter, on 20th March. Witnesses: Richard Hunter, Brill, farmer. William Barfoot, labourer, worked for Mr. Hunter in March. Thomas Saunders, labourer, worked for Mr. Hunter in March. Edward Stuchfield, constable of Brill. Guilty: 1 month's hard labour
R. v William Strange [aged 16], Wotton, Stealing one handkerchief, value 6d., property of James Dormer, on 14th March. Witnesses: James Dormer, labourer, Wood Ham, Waddesdon. John Allen, aged 14, works for Lord Chandos at Wotton. Edward Parrott, worked for Lord Chandos in March. Edward Malings, bailiff to Duke of Buckingham. Richard Churchill, Job Stone, constable of Wotton. Not guilty.
R. v Job Buckett [aged 19], West Wycombe, (1) Obtaining from William Smith, under false pretences, one towel, 1d., one shirt, 6d., one pair worsted stockings, 2d., two ounces of butter, 2d., with intent to defraud Ann Brasher, property of Ann Brasher On 27 March. (2) Obtaining from William Smith, under false pretences, one towel, 1d., one shirt, 6d., one pair worsted stockings, 2d., two ounces of butter, 2d., with intent to defraud Ann Brasher, property of Thomas Brasher, with intent to defraud Brasher. (3) Property of Brasher, with intent to defraud Smith. Witnesses: Ann Brasher, Turnville, mother of Thomas Brasher. Thomas Brasher, was in Aylesbury Gaol last March. Thomas Eady, Turville. William Smith, keeps turnpike gate at West Wycombe. Guilty: (3 or 4 times convicted previously), 7 years transportation.
R. v John Harris [aged 30], Aylesbury, (1) Uttering counterfeit sixpence to Gabriel Rogers, knowing same to be false and counterfeit. On 12 March. (2) Uttering to Richard Boddington. Witnesses: George Woodman, son of a baker in this town (i.e. Aylesbury). Gabriel Rogers, lives at Aylesbury, Grocer, Richard Boddington, baker, Aylesbury. Benjamin Markham, watchman. - Cross, - Scott, silversmith Guilty: 6 months hard labour, with 2 sureties of £5 for 6 months more.

Midsummer Session, 1829  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Green [aged 23], Thomas Plummer [aged 19], Ivinghoe, Stealing one duck, value 1/-, property of John Somes, on 4th May. Witnesses: Jabez Somes, son of John Somes, John Somes, farmer at Ivinghoe, John Impey, labourer at Pitstone Both guilty: 1 month
R. v Thomas Whiting(Whiting is uncle to Williams.) [aged 38], Joseph William [aged 23], Aylesbury, Stealing 21 Promissory notes for £5., property of Thomas Busby, on 24th June. Witnesses: Richard Hawkins, drover to Mr. Busby, Mr. Henry Clark, draper at Aylesbury, Richard Pollden, assistant to Mr. Clark, Henry Ellburn, apprentice to Mr. Field, watchmaker. Henry Humphreys, apprentice to Mr. Cheshire, draper. Joseph Baylie, apprentice to Mr. White, draper. David Britten, shopman to Mr. Cox, draper. Thomas Goalby, assistant to Mr. Cox, draper. Robert Wheeler, Christopher Swaine, Chinnor, labourer, Elizabeth Oakly, lives at the Bugle Public House. William Cross [constable of Aylesbury], Edward Parrott, the younger, clerk in old Buckingham Bank, Edward Parrott, senior, father of last witness. William Moore, Edward Page, William Lovejoy, keeps the Three Pigeons (P.H.), Mr. Busby, master of Richd. Hawkins, who is his confidential servant. William Brown, magistrate of this County. Both guilty: 6 months' hard labour.
R. v Mary Everett [aged 27], Webdiver, Stealing silver spoon, value 4/-, on 6 May. Witnesses: William Winter, bailiff to Mr. Lovell, lives at Wendover Dean. Mary Franklin. Guilty: 2 months.
R. v John Beckett [aged 22], William Beckett [aged 20], Halton, Stealing one wooden bottle, value 1/-, and one round frock, value 1/-, goods of Thomas Fountain. Witnesses: Thomas Fountain, labourer, works for Thomas Goodson of Halton. Job Brackley, constable of Buckland, Lucy Batchelor, wife of Jonathan Batchelor, keeps the Boot (P.H.) at Buckland Common. John B. - Guilty - 9 months (has been in custody 3 times before, once for poaching, twice for felony. William B. - not guilty.
R. v Richard Crockett [aged 33], Chalfont St. Peter, Stealing one coat, value 19/-, one waistcoat, value 1/-, property of Samuel Loveday, On 30th April. Witnesses: Samuel Loveday, day labourer, Chalfont St. Peter. William Blackwell, constable of Beaconsfield Guilty: 6 months (convicted of stealing wood 10 years ago).
R. v Edward Hobbs [aged 23], Richard Hunt [aged 25], previously convicted of felony, Penn, Stealing 40 lbs. of lead, fixed to a building, property of Earl Howe. Witnesses: Mr. Charles Shrimpton, farmer at Penn (rents farm off Lord Howe). John Turner, works for Mr. Young, Mr. Hailey, James Sherriff, [governor at county gaol] Hobbs - Guilty: 7 years [transportation] Hunt - Guilty: 6 months hard labour.
R. v Henry Weston [aged 25], Little Marlow, Stealing 2 hemp sacks, value 2/-, property of John Prestage [coal merchant], On 18 May. Witnesses: John Fowler, manages the business of Mr. Prestage at Wycombe. Joseph Gardner, labourer, works for Mr. Rance. Joshua Phillips, constable of Little Marlow, James Sherriff [governor of county gaol] Guilty: 7 years [transportation] - formerly convicted of stealing 12 bushels of barley.
R. v Henry Townsend, John Ball, Chepping Wycombe, This entry crossed out - entered on page 158.
R. v John Wooster, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing one live duck, value 1/-, property of William Daubeny. On 5 July. Witnesses: William Daubeny, James Wooster, labourer at Wycombe, John Jones, 15 years old, High Wycombe (prisoner's accomplice), William Durrant, in gaol awaiting trial. Guilty: 2 months and a whipping
R. v Henry Townsend [aged 19], John Ball [aged 45], Chepping Wycombe, Feloniously breaking and entering the warehouse of Daniel Hearn and Joseph Veary on 27 June and stealing therefrom 50 lbs. of bacon, value 20/-, property of Veary and Hearn. On 27 June. [N.B. On calendar of prisoners, John Ball listed for this crime, Townsend listed for stealing ducks - see page 166.], Witnesses: Joseph Veary, grocer and linen draper at Wycombe in partnership with Daniel Hearn. Daniel Johnston, carter to Mr. Biddle. Mr. Richard Hailey, constable of Wycombe, Samuel Nixon, Henry Grimsdale, parchment maker, William Budd Townsend - Guilty: 7 years (has been in custody before for poaching) Ball - Not guilty.
R. v John Ball, Chepping Wycombe, Receiving on 28th June, 10 lbs. of bacon value 7/-, goods of Veary and Hearn, feloniously stolen. Witnesses: Joseph Veary, see previous case. Richard Hailey, Samuel Nixon, Daniel Johnson, Henry Grimsdale, Doctor Scobell, the committing magistrate. William Budd. Guilty: 6 months.
R. v Henry Towns[h]end. Wycombe, Stealing one drake, value 1/-, goods of William Dancer, On 21 June. Witnesses: Joseph Cannon, lives near High Wycombe, Joseph Saunders, works for Mr. Dancer. Guilty: 1 week's hard labour.
R. v John Haynes [aged 36], Aylesbury, Stealing one spade, value 2/-, property of John Wright. On 9th May. Witnesses: Charles Newland, shopman to Mr. Seymour. Richard Horwood, carrier to Buckland, William Cross, John Toms, lives at Dinton Quarry. Guilty: 2 months.
R. v William Durrant [aged 16], (24 April), Aylesbury, (1) Obtaining from John White (owner of clothing shop), under false pretences, 1 coat, 17/-, pair of breeches, 12/-, 2 pair stockings, 2/2, one handkerchief and stiffener 1/6, and pretending to be servant to Mr. Holdham. (2) Obtaining as above, from Mellor paid as servant of White, and Durrant giving name of William Horn and not being servant of Holdham. (Durrant gave false name of William Horn, and claimed to be apprentice to Mr. Holdham of Hulcot), Witnesses: Charles Mellor, apprentice to Mr. John White, William Parminter, employed by Mr. White Joseph Hanby, labourer, Billington, Beds. Robert Stevens, constable of Billington. Mr. John Holdham, Hulcott. Guilty: 6 months' and a whipping.

Michaelmas Sessions 1829  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Norman [aged 28], John Leach [aged 30], Milton Keynes, Stealing 6 fowls, property of Rowland Alston Kent, value 6/-, on 9th Aug. Witnesses: Rowland Alston Kent, Thomas Waite, John Abbey, lives 3 miles from R.A. Kent, Edward Draper, Thomas Atterbury. Both Guilty. Norman - has been in custody 3 times, once for horse-stealing for which he was acquitted, convicted of felony at Bedford Spring Assizes, 1 Geo. IV [1820], 7 years transportation, Leach in custody for poaching - 'summary conviction'. Leach - 12 months' imprisonment.
R. v William King [aged 35], Great Brickhill, (1) Stealing one featherbed, value 5/-, property of Sarah Harris, widow, on 21 Sept. (2) Stealing the featherbed knowing it as the property of the parish of Great Brickhill. Witnesses: Sarah Harris, Gt. Brickhill, Thomas Chew, assistant overseer of Gt. Brickhill, Mary Newman, keeps a public house at Little Brickhill, Samuel Judkins, constable. Guilty: "in twice for leaving his family chargeable" - 12 months.
R. v George White, the elder [aged 30], George White, the younger [aged 13], Little Brickhill, Stealing 4 sheaves of wheat in the straw, value 2/-, goods of John Binyon, on 26 August. Witnesses: John Binyon, farmer at Lt. Brickhill, Thomas Bligh, labourer at Lt. Brickhill, William Ratcliffe, Samuel Judkins. Guilty: G.W. the elder 2 months hard labour, G.W. the younger - whipped and discharged.
R. v William Carr [aged 55], Hambleden, (1) Breaking and entering a building within the curtilege and stealing 8 bushells of wheat, 50/- and one hempen sack, value 1/-. Property of William Dean. On 24 Oct. (2) Simple larceny Witnesses: William Atkins, servant to Wm. Dean, William Dean, Henry Giles, constable of Nettlebed, Thomas Hanks, servant to Mr. Neale, miller, Haddington windmill. Henry (Levi? Lewin?) constable of Brackley. Guilty: 7 years transportation.
R. v Edward Cox [aged 29] (previously convicted of felony [1823]), Joseph Cox [aged 50], James Saunders [aged 19], Thomas Harvey [aged 22], Richard Harvey [aged 20], Hughenden, (1) Stealing 2 oak trees, value £6, growing in a certain close, not being a park, etc. property of Elizabeth Newman. On 17 Oct. (2) As above, omitting "not being in a park, etc." Witnesses: John McBean, Hitchenden [Hughenden], occupies land belonging to Eliz. Newman. Richard Hailey, constable of Desborough hundred. William Jones, carpenter and builder. Indictment incorrectly drawn - Not Guilty.
R. v John Crockett [aged 19], Beaconsfield, Stealing one basket of oysters, value 5/-, one hempen bag, value 1d., property of Henry Rush, 17th Oct. Witnesses: Henry Rush, labourer, Thame, James Jones, guard of Budd's wagon. Guilty: 3 months hard labour.
R. v Richard Ashby [aged 54], John Cooke [aged 16], Newport pagnell, Stealing 2 linen cloths, value 1/-, on 23 May Witnesses: Thomas Clarkson - not well, unable to attend. Christopher Burnett, brother-in-law of Mr. Clarkson. William Todd. Both Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v Mary Smith, Chesham, Stealing one bundle of straw plait, value 5/-, and 8 score yards of straw plait, 5/-, property of Thomas Collins, On 1st September. [N.B. in calendar of prisoners, Mary Smith aged 16 is accused of stealing foreign rags at Wooburn] Witnesses: Thomas Collins (Mrs. Collins may have sold plait of mine. She does not behave so well as I could wish sometimes. She may be given to gin drinking, and I think she has sold some of my plait sometimes for the purpose of procuring gin"), dealer in straw plait, John Miller, constable Elizabeth Sexton, Chesham, Maria King, dealer in straw plait, lives at Aston Clinton, Sarah Cooper, Aston Clinton, makes straw plait, maiden name is Rolfe. Ann Dyer, Elizabeth Dyer, daughter of Ann, makes plait. James Russell, "this witness in custody for debt and the undersheriff refused to allow him to come, no habeas having been procured for the purpose. William Barnes, wheelwright, keeps a public house, Nehemiah Mayor, butcher. William Whitehall, excise officer for 20 or 30 years. John James Goss, carpenter. Interesting details of straw plait trade. Not Guilty.
R. v George Collins [aged 28], dealer in rags, Woburn, Stealing one bundle of rope, value 20/-, 1 cwt. of rope, value 20/-, property of Thomas Lunnon, on 25 July. Witnesses: Thomas Lunnon, lives at Woburn, William Armstrong, works for Mr. Lunnon. Guilty: 3 months hard labour.
R. v William Coughtree [aged 26], Chesham, (1) Stealing 2 sieves, value 2/-, and 3 brushes, value 3/-, property of John James Goss, when servant to J.J. Goss, on 1st June, (2) Simple larceny. Witnesses: John James Goss, hawker, lives at Chesham, employed prisoner as weekly servant. Priscilla Goss, daughter of above. William Goss, son of J.J.G. Guilty: convicted previously of stealing part of beech tree - 12 months hard labour.
R. v John Barnes [aged 22], Chesham, (1) Stealing 26 lbs. weight of sheeting Copper, property of Francis Peter Werry, Esq. On 26 July. (2) Stealing 26 lbs. weight of sheeting Copper, property of Robert George Spedding, Esq. Witnesses: Cornelius White, servant to Mr. Spedding, John Matthews, bricklayer, Charles Brown, carpenter, Daniel Wingrove, Chesham Waterside, deals in rags, and marine stones, old metal. Mary Wingrove, wife of last witness. Daniel Stedman, hawker, buys rags. Joseph Barnes, dealer in marine stones at Chesham, Edwin Birch, constable of Chesham, Joseph Plato. Guilty: 6 months hard labour
R. v Edward Hawkins [aged 27], Haddenham, Stealing 1 pair of leather cuffs, value 1/- property of John Pearse, and one silk handkerchief, value 1/-, property of William Pearse. On 13 October. Witnesses: John Pearse, William Pearse, in his 15th year, son of John P. George Pearse, son of John P. Jonah Ayres, John Baker. Guilty: 3 months hard labour.

Michaelmas Session 1829  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Cross [aged 24], Penn, (1) Stripping and taking lead from a building belonging to Lord Howe, 40 lbs., value 3/-, On 5 July. (2) Stealing the lead. Witnesses: Charles Shrimpton, John Turner, Richard Hailey Guilty: 6 months.
R. v Ephraim Burbidge [aged 18], Upper Winchendon, Stealing one iron spindle, value 6d., property of Ann Page, widow. On 13 May. Witnesses: Abel Walker, works for Ann Page, a wheelwright. Thomas Mew, blacksmith at Lower Winchendon, has a shop at Upper Winchendon. John Page. Guilty: 2 months hard labour.
R. v James Dowsett [aged 22], Chalfont St. Peter, Stealing 1 goose, value 2/-, property of John Newman, On 19 Aug. Witnesses: John Newman, owns the brick-kiln at Chalfont St. P. Mark Carter, labourer. Not Guilty. Misdemeanours.
R. v Wm. Smith, Newport Pagnell, (1) Assaulting Benjamin Taylor, constable of Newport, in execution of his office. On 17 Oct. (2) Common Assault. Witness: Benjamin Taylor, constable of Newport Pagnell. Guilty: been in custody before 4 or 5 times - once convicted of a rescue, 14 days hard labour; 3 bastardy cases; indicted and acquitted of burglary at Assizes; now under sentence for discharging an order of filiation. - 12 months hard labour.
R. v Robert Dudley [aged 24], Hartwell, Assaulting Benjamin Todd. On 26 September Witnesses: Benjamin Todd, farmer at Hartwell Parish, James Brown [works for B. Todd], John Cheshire Guilty: convicted of assault 3 times before. - 6 months, and to enter into recognizance of £20. to keep peace for 12 months.
R. v Reuben Hunt, Woburn, Assaulting Richard Reeves On 2 July. No evidence offered - Not Guilty. Hunt enters into recognizance of £20 to keep the peace for 12 months.

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/13  Epiphany 1830-Epiphany 1831

Epiphany Session, 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v Moses Brackley, Thomas Brackley, Chepping Wycombe, 1) Stealing 20 bushels of wheat, value £8. 5 hemp sacks value 5/-. goods of Wm. Prickett 23 October, 2) Not alleging that Moses Brackley is servant to Prickett Witnesses: Mary Pearce, wife of miller, Job Pearce Job Pearce, miller at Deep Mill Farm Mr Wm Prickett, owned wheat in barn at Farriers Chepping W. Richard Hailey, constable of Wycombe, John Briscoe, thrasher in Mr Prickett's barn Mr May, clerk to Mr Nash of Wycombe, clerk to the Magistrates, Mr Taylor, Mr Rose, Benjamin Power, Mr Randal, Mr Beech Thomas Brackley, carrier of Hazlemere, keeps shop selling bread & flour Both guilty on first count: Moses Brackley 9 months hard labour, Thomas Brackley 6 months hard labour
R. v John Rickman, Ellesborough, 1) Stealing, being servant of R. Greenhill Russell, Esq., 3 pints of foreign wine 6/- 2 glass bottles 6d, 11b of soap 6d, one basket 1/-, goods of Mr Russell 12th November, 2) Not being servant Witnesses: Richard Watts, Head Gardener to R.J. Russell of Chequers, John Lambourn, Richard Head, constable of Ellesborough, James Sherriff, tailor, William Anthony, turnkey, William Wilson, Russell's head butler Some interesting information re layout of Chequers, house & estate Guilty: 7 years' transportation
R. v Thomas Hart, Beaconsfield, Stealing two live pigs value £3 property of Thomas Chapman 2 Decr Witnesses: Thomas Chapman, Henry Golding, James Rolfe, junr, James Rolfe, senr, of Stoke, James Dancer, James Clark, John Slade, George King, William Andrew, Mr Anderson, surveyor of the Turnpike, Francis Freeman of Gerrards Cross, Hidge, Thomas Hart, farmer from Chalfont, cousin of accused, Obed Chapman, son of prosecutor Not guilty. Thursday, 14 January
R. v John Compton, Chepping Wycombe, Convicted of Felony at Kingston [upon Thames], Assizes 14 March 6th Geo. IV [1825], Stealing 3 saws 3/-, 1 jack plane 1/-, 1 draw shave 1/-, 1 set of stock & bits, 1/-, property of John Moreton 2 December, Witnesses: John Moreton, millwright at Chepping Wycombe, Ralph Harris, pawnbroker of Maidenhead, Richard Hailey Guilty: transportation for life.
R. v John Holland, Radclive cum Chackmore, Stealing 1 pair of shoes 2/-, property of Richard Denchfield 1 November Witnesses: Richard Denchfield of Roycote in County of Oxford, William Denchfield, son of last witness, Henry Holland, aged 9 at school at Stowe, James Phillips, constable of Radclive Guilty: 14 days' hard labour & a whipping.
R. v James King, Chesham, Convicted at Quarter Sessions at Aylesbury, 16 Octr 8th Geo. IV [1827], Stealing 5 pieces of deal Timber. value 2/-, property of Joseph Cox 23 November Witnesses: Joseph Cox of Chesham, keeps silkmill John Johnson of Chesham, foreman to Mr Cox, John Miller, constable of Chesham, James Sherriff Guilty: 7 years transportation.
R. v Thomas Piggott, Winslow, Stealing 2lbs of Pork, value 1/-, property of Francis Knollys Pully 17 Decr Witnesses: Francis Pully of Winslow, keeps a chemist's shop, Elizabeth Alderman, servant to Mr Pully Guilty: 3 months' hard labour.
R. v Solomon Sewell, Thomas Crowdy, Towersey, Sewell, formerly convicted at Oxford Quarter, Sessions 10 Geo IV [1829] of felony, 1) Both for breaking a certain building belonging to Henry Hill, situate within the curtilage, 2) Stealing 6 live fowls 6/- property of John Winslow 15 Decr. Witnesses: Abraham Ives, worked for Mr Winslow at his farm at Towersey, Dinah Hill, wife of Henry Hill, bailiff to Mr Winslow, William Harris, labourer, Henry West, Richard Harris, George Dobbison, labourer, Thomas Dobbison, Bowden, constable of Towersey, Cornish Batten, William Franklin, victualler of Aylesbury, Thomas Treadwell, gardener of Thame Sewell: Guilty - 14 years' transportation Cowdy: Guilty - 3 months' hard labour.

Epiphany Session, 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v Eli Cowell, Waddesdon, Stealing one smock frock 2/- property of Thomas Holland 18 Octr Witnesses: Thomas Holland, Ann Holland, mother of Thomas, John Lennard, constable of Waddesdon Guilty: 6 months' hard labour "been in twice before, once for misbehaviour, once for poaching".
R. v Harriet Golding, Edlesborough, Stealing 16lbs of beef 8/- property of John Peppiatt, 5 Nov [Dec] Witnesses: John Peppiatt of Edlesborough, butcher, John Ginger, constable of Edlesborough Not guilty.

Easter Session, 20 April 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v Joseph Bates [aged 18], James Wells [aged 19], Edlesborough, Stealing 1 bushel of scot. value 10d. property of Thomas Ginger [no date given] Both pleaded guilty: 1 month' hard labour.
R. v Harten Tompkins [aged 38], Tingewick, Stealing 2 bushels of wheat, 17/6, property of his master, Wm Treadwell [no date given] Pleaded guilty: 9 months' hard labour.
R. v Mary Austin [aged 40], Aylesbury, Stealing 1 table cloth value 5/-, property of Thomas Wheeler, 25 March Witnesses: Elizabeth Wootten, wife of John; live at Walton St; takes in mangling, Mary Brown, wife of John of Walton St Charlotte Webb. servant to Mr Wheeler, Mr Sheriff Mary Austin lodged at Eliz Wootten's house for 3 years. Guilty: 1 week' solitary confinement.

Easter Session  [no ref. or date]

R. v Mary Austin, Aylesbury, Stealing one towel, value 3d. property of John Brown 16 April Witnesses: Mary Brown, William Cross Guilty: 3 months.
R. v William Wilson [aged 19], Aylesbury, Stealing four live fowls value 4/- property of Jonah Dawney 17 March 11 Geo IV [1830] Witnesses: William Procter, servant to Mr J. Dawney whose farm about a mile from Aylesbury, Revd J Bull, John Harris, servant to Mr Bull, Joseph Martin, dealer in fowl, John Marks, son in law of Mr Dawney, William Cross, William Barnaby [Guilty]: 6 months' hard labour.
R. v Edward Cox, Penn, Formerly convicted 2 April 9 Geo IV [1828] at Beaconsfield stealing a quantity of Beechwood penalty 6d damage 1/- 13/6 costs: 1 month, Second conviction 1 Novr breaking down with intent to steal a burthen of beechenwood 1/- 9 calendar months, 1) Cut & damage with intent to steal one Beechen tree value 3/- property of Richard William Penn Earl Howe 8 March 11 Geo IV [1830], 2) Stealing 1 beechen tree 3/- being before convicted, 3) Stealing 1 beechen tree 3/- Witnesses: Mr Charsley, William Copestake, bailiff of Lord Howe, John Pursey, William Hazle Edward Cox lives at Hichenden [Hughenden]. Guilty of 2nd & 3rd counts: [transportation] 7 years.

Easter Session, 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Elliott, St Mary Magdalen, Stony Stratford, Breaking & entering a building within the curtilage; stealing one bill value 1/- & one hammer head value 6d., property of Robert Bell 31 Oct 10 Geo IV [1829] Witnesses: Robert Bell of Stony Stratford, Sarah Hogg, servant to R. Bell John Elliott formerly had a shop at "Hickly Lane, near Stoke". Guilty: 9 months' hard labour.
R. v John Elliott, Stony Stratford, Stealing one tin bowl 6d property of Richard Pierce 11 April Witnesses: Richard Pierce of St Mary Magdalen Stony Stratford Guilty: 3 months' hard labour.
R. v George Harding [aged 28], Ivinghoe, 1) Stealing 1 iron Crow value 1/- property of his master Thomas Woodman 25 March last, 2) Not laying it as property of his master Witnesses: Edward Johnson, servant of Mr Woodman, Joseph Wellings, lives with Mr Woodman, Thomas Hawkins, aged 10, Henry Norman, blacksmith of Dagnell nearly 3 miles from Mr Woodman Guilty: 6 months' hard labour.
R. v Harten Tompkins, Tingewick, 1) Stealing 2 hempen sacks, value 2/-, two augers 1/-, 1 gouge 6d., property of Wm Tredwell, his master 28 February, 2) Not laying it as property of his master Witnesses: William Tredwell, of Bacon House, Finmere, William Stuchberry, constable of Finmere, Oxon, William Barret Guilty: 3 months' hard labour.
R. v William Harding, [Iver], For an assault on Thomas Budd [no date] No evidence offered: acquitted.
R. v John Baker [aged 19], Chenies, Stealing 1 foot of ash timber, property of John, Duke of Bedford 13 March Witnesses: Francis Beeson, employed by Duke of Bedford's steward to pay the men, William Wallington, works for Mr Beeson Guilty - 1 month.
R. v John Barnes [aged 21], George Barnes [aged 29], Chesham, (1) Stealing one live fowl value 2/- property of Joseph Batchelor and Samuel Bunker, (2) Property of Mary Bunker Witnesses: John Plested of Lye Green, parish of Chesham, works for aunt Bunker of Lye Green, John Baldwin, aged 13 of Lye Green, Joseph Baldwin, father of John Guilty - 2 months' hard labour. (John formerly in for poaching: George formerly in for assault)
R. v Joseph Saunders, Charles Briers, Monks Risborough, Stealing 2 bushels of potatoes value 3/- property of John Farey 27 October Witnesses: John Farey, higgler of Owlswick, Daniel Westfield, constable of Monks Risborough, Thomas Edrup, Henry Baddow, Francis Redruff, Caleb Crockett, Mr Powell Both guilty - 1 month's hard labour.

Misdemeanours  [no ref. or date]

R. v George Gurney [aged 23] [Princes] Risborough, Obtaining under false pretences of Francis Powell some bread cheese & meat [no date] Pleads guilty - 6 months' hard labour & twice privately whipped.

Easter Session 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v George Gurney [aged 23], [Princes], Risborough, obtaining under false pretences from Eliz Clark 3 cotton handkerchiefs 2/- [no date] Please guilty - 1 day hard labour.
R. v John Payne, Wingrave, Pretending to one Robert Gregory that his mare was very bad & not fit to be removed. & obtaining from Robert Gregory the said mare value £12 31 October Witnesses: Joseph Gregory, brother of Robert Gregory William Rodwell, works for John Mortimer, butcher at Wingrave, William Fowler, John Bates of Wingrave, John Roberts, shoemaker at Wingrave, William Mortimer, butcher at Wingrave, John Gregory, Mary Dimocke, Mr Cannon, horse & general dealer of Aylesbury. Guilty - 12 months & 2 whippings.

Midsummer Session 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Lester, Shalstone, Stealing one hempen sack 2/-, two 1bs of wheat flour 6d. nine eggs 3d. property of John East, his master 22 April Witnesses: John East the elder, farmer of Shalstone Mary East, wife of Mr East John East, the younger, son Guilty - 4 months' hard labour.
R. v James Jones Chepping Wycombe, Breaking & entering a warehouse at Chepping Wycombe, stealing 50lbs of bacon 20/- property of Danl Hearn & Joseph Veary 27 June X Geo. IV [1829] Witnesses: Joseph Veary, grocer of Chepping Wycombe in partnership with Daniel Hearn Richard Hailey, constable of Wycombe Daniel Johnson, carter to Mr Biddle; lives at Wycombe Henry Grimsdale, parchment maker at Wycombe Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Colley, Twyford, Stealing two silver spoons property of John Harker 21 June 1830. Ann Colley (mother) Receiving spoons knowing them to be stolen Both pleaded guilty - Thomas Colley 1 month hard labour & a whipping Ann Colley 3 months' hard labour.
R. v Joseph Burgess, Milton Keynes, Stealing 2 sheepskins property of George Payne of Milton Keynes value 3/- 26 April 1830 Witnesses: William Westley, shepherd to Mr George Payne William Jefferson, fellmonger of Newport Not guilty.
R. v James Spratley, Stoke Poges, Stealing 1 umbrella, property of George Webb 30 April 1830 Pleaded guilty - 2 months' hard labour.
R. v Robert Mumford, Bierton, Stealing 1 she ass, value 20/-, property of John Eustace 30 April 1830 Witnesses: John Eustace, farmer of Hulcott, Israel Daniels, Daniel Daniels, brother of Israel, Austin Staunton, John Hands, farmer of Hinton parish of Woodford, Northamptonshire, George Lake, in employ of John Hands John Franklin of Moreton Pinkney Guilty: 1 month's hard labour
R. v Ann Forster, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 cotton apron, 6d., one shift, 1/-. 1 cotton handkerchief 6d., property of the overseers of the Parish of Aylesbury 7 May 1830 Witnesses: Benjamin Markham. Keepeer of the workhouse at Aylesbury Kazia Markham, wife of last witness: has charge of workhouse with her husband Mary Howes, shopkeeper of Baker's Lane (Forster - inmate of workhouse up to 9 May) Guilty: 1 month's hard labour.
R. v William Randall alias, Amersham, William Clarke, 1)Stealing 1 shutter, 5/-, property of Thomas Marshall 6 February 1830, 2)Property of William Ayres Witnesses: William Ayres of Amersham Common, rents house of Thomas Marshall, a yearly tenant Richard Jordan, constable of Amersham, John Grimsdale, blacksmith (William Randall - a blacksmith) Guilty: 1 month's hard labour.
R. v William Young, Penn, Stealing 1 pair of shoes, 7/-, 1 cotton handkerchief, 3d., property of James Fryer 18 June 1830 Witnesses: James Fryer, James Perryman, of Dawney [? Dorney], Allen Fox, Joseph Tilbury, constable of Penn Guilty: 6 months' hard labour: 1 week solitary confinement; 1 whipping. In custody twice before September 1829 - convicted stealing apples; 6 weeks; 7 November 1829 - damages; 2 months.
R. v William Coleman, Great Brickhill, Stealing 1 hive of bees, value 10/-, property of Thomas Adams, 30 April 1830 Witnesses: Thomas Adams, farmer's son of Great Brickhill, James Goodwin of [?Eversholt] Guilty: 3 months' hard labour.
R. v William, Cull Calverton, Stealing 1 scythe, value 7/-, property of Anthony Alderman, 7 June 1830 Witnesses: Anthony Alderman, Augustus Austin of Passenham Mill Guilty: 6 weeks' hard labour.
R. v William Coleman, Drayton Parslow, Stealing 2 bees hives property of William, Roads 7 April 1830 Witnesses: William Roads of Drayton Parslow, William Thackray, carrier of Eversholt (William Coleman - shoemaker) Guilty: 3 months' hard labour.
R. v James Dwight, Chesham, Stealing 1 live tame rabbit value 6d., property of John Maydon. 12 June 1830 Witnesses: John Maydon of Botley, parish of Chesham Guilty: 6 weeks' hard labour.
R. v George Kirby, Dorton, Stealing 1 waistcoat 2/-, property of Chs. Spencer, Ricketts Esq 23 March 1830 Witnesses: Martha Hatwell, servant to Mr Ricketts at Dorton House, Mary Bunning of Dorton, Sarah Cooley, wife of William, William Vaughan, carpenter (Kirby lodges with Cooleys.) Guilty: 1 month's hard labour and a whipping.

Midsummer Session 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v Israel Draper, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 watch value 15/-, property of Elizabeth Horwood 8 May 1830 v Richard Auberry, Receiving same, knowing it to have been stolen Witnesses: Elizabeth Horwood of Aylesbury, William Cross [constable], Joseph Lucas, farmer of Cranfield (Richard Auberry - bricklayer) Guilty: Draper: 9 months' hard labour and whipping, Auberry: 9 months' hard labour and whipping.

Michaelmas Session 1830  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Swaine [aged 24], Penn, Stealing 1 pair shoes 7/-, 1 cotton handkerchief, value 3d., proerty of James Fryer 18 June 1830 Witnesses: James Fryer, labourer of Penn, James Perryman, higgler of Dorney, Allen Fox of Penn of no profession, Joseph Tilbury, constable of Penn, Edmund Beal of Flackwell Heath, formerly Penn Not guilty.
R. v Charles Norris [aged 44], Aylesbury, Stealing 1 butter flat value 2/-, property of Thomas Horwood 10 July 1830 Witnesses: Thomas Horwood of Buckland, Richard Rose, carrier of Upper Winchendon Cross, constable of Aylesbury, William Sandford, Thomas Webb (Morris gets living by selling oranges and fish and shaving and barbering.) Guilty: 6 weeks' hard labour. Wednesday morning, 20 October
R. v William Cook the younger Edlesborough [aged 19], Henry Harris [aged 23], Job Doney [aged 20], Stealing 7 live turkeys 30/- property of Joseph Allen 10 October Witnesses: Mrs Mary Allen, wife of Joseph, William Baker, servant to Joseph Allen, lives at Great Missenden, Joseph Stone, constable of Great Missenden, Thomas Heath, servant to Mr Carrington Joseph Allen of Brockwell, parish of Ellesborough Charles Cartwright, headborough of Missenden James Taylor Charles Mason, timber dealer, lives near Great Missenden Fountain, shoemaker John Brown Doney: not guilty. Cook and Harris: guilty - 6 months' hard labour.
R. v Wm Fowler [aged 19], Mosses Wilkins [aged 20], Chesham, Stealing 2 loaves of bread 1/-, property of Mary Lewis 15 October 1830 (Fowler convicted of felony 1 March II Geo IV [1830 ] Bucks Assizes) Witnesses: Mary Lewis, shopkeeper of Chesham, Elizabeth Reading of Chesham, John Miller, constable of Chesham, John Cook, baker of Chesham, Jane Price of Chesham, Charles Hollingsworth Hewett of Chesham, aged between 14 and 15, James Sherriff, Governor of the County Jail Fowler - guilty - 7 times in Jail 1827 - transported for life. Wilkins - not guilty.
R. v John Rance [aged 16], James Rance [aged 18], Stoke Mandeville, Stealing 2 loaves of bread, 1 ounce of bacon & 6oz. cheese 3d., property of John Adams 25 July 1830 Witnesses: John Adam [sic] of Preston Common, Stoke Mandeville parish, Mary Adam, wife of John, Daniel Pratt, gamekeeper to Lord Buckinghamshire, Wm Blackwell of Great Hampden, Joseph Adams, son of John, Wm Henry Birch, tailor of Uxbridge, Thomas Bates, publican of Stoke Not guilty.
R. v Alexander Wilson [aged 72], Eton, Stealing 1 watch £5 and gold chain £2, 1 gold seal £1, 1 key 10/-, property of Barnett Levy & Alexr Levy 11 June 1830 Witnesses: Barnett Levy, tailor of Eton, Alexander Levy, watchmaker of Eton, brother of Barnett, John Curtis, shorthand writer connected with London Journals (Details re book-keeping of Levy jewellery businss: reference to Levys being Jews) Not guilty
Four cases of Felony sent for trial before Sir John Dashwood King in the Outer Court. Misdemeanours
R. v Henry Horwood, Thomas Thorne, Buckland, Unlawfully broke the pound & set at loss 50 sheep, property of John Reeves £20 which had been impounded by Jonathan Simons for wrongfully feeding upon certain corn & doing damage belonging to Jonathan Simons 10 September 1830 Witnesses: Jonathan Simons, farmer, John Mundy, poundkeeper of Buckland, Jesse Simons, brother to Jonathan, James Jeffs, James Greene, Aaron Shaw Not guilty
R. v Wm Bradden alias Glenister [aged 25], Lower Winchendon, Obtaining under false pretences [bank] note to the value of £5 of Elizabeth Timms 1 July Witnesses: Wm Jeffs, carrier & higgler, Elizth Timms, shopkeeper of Lower Winchendon, Elizth Plater, niece to last witness Guilty: 6 months' hard labour.
R. v William Francis, Gt Marlow, For an assault on William Hatch at Gt Marlow 14 August 1830 Witnesses: William Hatch, baker of Gt Marlow, Thomas Webb, farmer's man of Medmenham, Thomas Gardiner, Terry Harman in 82nd year, Joseph Heath, dealer of Marlow Parish Francis was schoolmaster of the Charity School Guilty: fine of £5; 1 week in Common Jail: 2 sureties for 1 year in £25 each, self in £50.

Epiphany Session 1831  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Barksfield [aged 20], Eton, Stealing 1 [will], 1 woollen coat 30/-, 1 handkerchief value 1/-, property of Edward Vernon Harbord 21 Octr Witnesses: Edward Vernon Harbord, Henry White, constable of Eton, Elizabeth Robinson, too ill to attend George Griffiths, labourer of Windsor, George Radnor, pawnbroker of Windsor, Samuel Quelch, 14 year old, George Bampton, 12 year old in July, James Horton, constable of Windsor Guilty: 3 months'.
R. v James Barnet [aged 45], Denham, Stealing 17 bundles of rods 8/-, 16 bundles of withs 8/-, property of Benjamin Way Esq. 10 Nov., Witnesses: Edward Arnold, in employ of Mr B. Way Mr Way, manages his father's woods: father infirm & living in London, William Wroth, in timber trade at West Wycombe, Wm Marsh, farmer in Langley, John Adams, toll collector of Hillingdon Gate, (Barnet - hurdle maker), Not guilty.
R. v William Davis [aged 21], Edward White [aged 22], Eton, Stealing 12 bushels of coals 15/- property of George Hoskins from a barge upon navigable River Thames 28 Novr, Witnesses: George Hoskins, coal merchant of Slough, John Atkins of Datchet John Hunt. Mr Fowler's foreman at Eton College Wharf, Richard Barnes, watchman at Datchet, William Willcox, regular watchman of parish, Henry White, constable of Eton Not guilty.
R. v Thomas Smith, Ilmer, Stealing 1 cow tie value 4d., property of John Tapping 1 Novr, Witnesses: John Tapping, John Compton, Thomas Kingham, works for Mr Tapping, James Walker, Guilty: 6 weeks' hard labour.
R. v Thomas Showler, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 knife, value 1/-, 1 mince pie, property of John Franklin 25 Decr, (Showler fomerly convicted at Sessions at Aylesbury 14 Oct 4 Geo IV [1823] of felony), Witnesses: Elizabeth Norman, cook at Kings Head, William Spooner, Joseph Bond, plasterer, Mrs Sarah Lovell, landlady of Red Lion, Mary Honnor, servant to Mrs Lovell, John Marks, headborough, Eliza Hanney, servant at the Black Swan Inn, Jeremiah Towersey, employed at Kings Head on Christmas Day, John Franklin, James Sherriff, Guilty: [transportation for 14 years].
R. v Thomas Morgan [aged 66], Farnham Royal, Stealing 1 woollen coat, 3/-, property of Henry Turner, 19 Nov., Witnesses: Henry Turner, works for Mr Perryman, John Hanwell, constable of Farnham Royal, Ann Hawkins, Mr Charsley, (Morgan looks after Perryman's horses), Guilty: 6 weeks' hard labour.
R. v James Gates, [aged 30], Chesham, Stealing 1 live turkey, value 10/- property of George Hepburn, junr. 15 February, (Formerly convicted of felony at Buckingham Assizes 14 July 4 Geo. IV) [1823], Witnesses: John Taylor, lives with Mr George Hepburn near Chesham in small farm, William Weedon, Frederick Ford, Mary Ford, James Ford, James Walden, Frederick Green, Ebeneezer Ward, keeps Kings Arms Public House at Chalfont St Peter, Thomas Dell, lives at Chesham Waterside, William Dell, Mr Marshall, James Sherriff, produces certificate of former conviction, Guilty - 14 years [Quarter Sessions states transportation for life]
R. v Samuel Robinson, [aged 30], Soulbury, 1)Breaking & entering a building within the curtilage of the house belonging to Robert Cotching, & stealing therefrom 2 live pigs £12, property of Robert Cotching 22 Octr, 2)Simple larceny of the pigs, Witnesses: Robert Cotching of Soulbury, Joseph Bliss, constable, John Stonhill, Guilty - 3 months' hard labour.
R. v Charles Moorcroft, [aged 20], Penn, Stealing 4 earthenware pans, value 1/- 3 earthenware pitchers, value 7d., 2 dishes value 6d., property of William Carter 28 Septr, Witnesses: William Carter, potter of Penn Street, John Rogers, works for Carter, Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v William Russell, [aged 27], Eton, Stealing at Eton 1 jacket 10/-, 1 pair of shoes 10/-, 1 handkerchief 6d., property of William Shepherd 15 August, Witnesses: William Shepherd of Haddenham, Joseph Cox, constable of Burnham, George Soley, Guilty - 2 days "continued in prison since 17 Aug in consequence of his being ill & unable to take his trial".
R. v William Challoner, [aged 19], Thomas Pierce, [aged 19], Newport Pagnell, Stealing 2 fowls 2/- property of Philip Hoddle Ward Esq 21 Novr, Witnesses: James Rose, servant to Philip Hoddle Ward, looks after his horses at Tickford Abbey in parish of Newport Pagnell, Guilty - 1 week & a whipping.
R. v George Plumridge, Chepping Wycombe, 1) Stealing 1 gun value 20/- property of John Wright 24 Decr, 2) Laying property as belonging to John Weller & William Weller (Formerly convicted of felony Assizes 1 March 7 Geo IV [1826]), Witnesses: John Wright, labourer of Amersham, servant of Messrs Weller, brewer, James Hatch, works for Mr Weller, Richard Hailey, constable of Wycombe, James Sherriff, Guilty - 14 years' transportation (in custody 7 times before since Nov 1825).
R. v Henry Harding, Marlow, For an assault on Owen Wethered 27 Decr, Witnesses: Owen Wethered of Marlow, John Wade, clerk to Messrs Wethered the brewer, Guilty - 40/- fine & to enter his own security £50 for 2 years.
R. v George Robins, Hanslope, William Lawrance, James Lawrance, John Stones, Robert Brice, 1)Notoriously assembling together & assaulting Thomas Evans constable of Hanslope in execution of his duty, 2)Not charging them with the riot, 3)Common assault 25 Decr, Witnesses: John Edmunds, Thomas Evans, constable of Hanslope, James Cox, All guilty on 2nd count - 40/- each fine and 14 days hard labour & their own recognizances in £20 each to keep the peace.
R. v Thomas Mason [aged 30], Burnham, Assaulting Henry Newell 3 Novr, Witnesses: Henry Newell. labourer of Lent near Burnham, William Ring. lives near Burnham church, Guilty - 6 months' [hard labour].

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/14  Easter 1831-Michaelmas 1832

The similarity of handwriting suggests that this volume, like QS/JC/12, was written by Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle.

Eater Session 1831  [no ref. or date]

R. v George West [aged 19], Great Missenden, James Munday [aged 24] [butcher], 1. Stealing 1 sheep skin, value 3/-, property of James Taylor on 18 Feb, 2. Receiving stolen property, 3. Laying property in Thomas Durley, 4. Munday for receiving property so being. Witnesses: James Taylor, miller, of Missenden. Isabella Taylor, wife of James. John Essex, day labourer, of Missenden. William Line of Wycombe. Mr. Carrington, magistrate of Bucks. Mr. Hoare, road surveyor of Missenden. Mr. Edmunds, dealer, of Gt. Missenden. West guilty - 3 months. Previous conviction for poaching. Munday - not guilty.
R. v William Archer [aged 23], Radclive, Stealing a duck, value 1/6 property of George Course on 1 April. Witnesses: George Course of Radclive. Elizabeth Course, wife of George. Guilty - 1 month.
R. v Richard Faulkner [aged 24], Stewkley, Stealing a hen, value 1/- property of William Winser, on 26 March. Witnesses: William Winser, farmer of Stewkley. Elizabeth Winser, wife of William. William Coles. John Mead. Samuel Hopkins, constable. Guilty - 2 months.
R. v John Mills [aged 16], Wraysbury, Stealing 8 bushels of barley, value 30/- and 2 hempen sacks value 2/-, property of John Goodwin, on 1 Feb. William Atkins, Mary Atkins [30] Receiving stolen property. Witnesses: William Bailey, bailiff to Mr. Goodman (sic) of Wraysbury. John Goodwin. David Poley. James Passingham, constable of Wraysbury, William Shanks. Mr. William Long. Mills guilty - 1 week solitary confinement & whipping. William Atkins - not guilty. Mary Atkins guilty - 6 months hard labour.
R. v William Beckley [aged 26], [Great] Missenden, Obtaining ½ cwt. of coal, value 9/-, property of James Clark, under false pretences on 14 Feb. Witnesses: James Clark, distributor of coal to the poor, of Missenden. George Philbey. Guilty - 1 month.
R. v Richard Heddington [aged 19], Langley Marish, 1. Assaulting William Robinson, constable of Langley in the execution of his duty, on 9 March. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: William Robinson, constable, William Miller. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v Mathew Grover) [aged 24], Iver and Langley, William Cook) [aged 19], Marish, Assaulting 1) James Dowson and 2) James Ball on 21 March. Witnesses: James Dowson. James Ball, headborough of Langley. Grover guilty on both counts - 6 months hard labour. Cook guilty on the 1st count - 1 month. Grover has 2 previous convictions for assault.
R. v Joseph Duncombe, Cheddington, Forcibly seizing 2 cottages belonging to John Goodyear and ejecting him. Witnesses: John Goodyear. William Bates. William Bates, son of the above witness. Thomas Tozer. Joseph Eustace, landlord of the Swan public house opposite the cottages. John Hopkins. William Mason. Mr. [? Prickett], archdeacons registrar. Case found to be one of civil rather than criminal trespass on the grounds that the property had been deserted for 2 years. Prisoner acquitted. Gives abstract of will of Benjamin Bates of Cheddington, dated 1795.
R. v John Penn [aged 44], Haddenham, William Mander [28], John Watson [24], Stephen Wood [23], Charles Wheeler [38], John Johnston [36], William Steele [22], Agrippa Small [40], William Chapman [30], David Chapman [28], William Leaver [25], Forcibly seizing orchard belonging to John Franklin, and ejecting him on 8 February and 9 other counts varying the offence. Witnesses: William Ravening, 66 yrs. old, works for Mr. Franklin. John Dorset, 64 yrs. old, of Haddenham, rents Banks House in the orchard. Joseph Dorset, aged 15. Thomas Wilson. Mr. John Franklin, only son of his father. Thomas Simmonds, shepherd to Franklin. Thomas Bailey Rose. Mr. Joseph Rose. Mr. Maltley No case to go to the jury on the evidence. All guilty on 8 counts - 1 month and 6d fine each. Writ of restitution granted.

[Midsummer] Session 1831  [no ref. or date]

R. v Mary Gilkes [aged 40], Wooburn, Receiving stolen goods: 19 yards of lace, value 8/-, 7lbs linen rags, value 6d, property of Daniel Smith, on 1 April. Witnesses: Daniel Smith, keeper of the poor House, Amersham. Richard Jordan, constable of Amersham. William Collins, dealer in rags, of Flackwell Heath. Lucy Jordan, wife of William Jordan, lives in Amersham poor house. Mary Brown, lives in the workhouse at Amersham, employed in washing rags. John Lane, grocer and linen draper of Wooburn. Sarah Ayres, lace maker, of Amersham Workhouse. Ann Lane, lace maker, of Amersham Workhouse. Guilty - 6 months hard labour. Previously convicted as a lewd woman and acquitted of murdering a bastard child.
R. v William Reeves [aged 24], Aston Clinton, Stealing 2 pieces of oak timber, value 7/- and 2ft. of oak timber, value 2/-, property of John Wright, on 1 Feb. Witnesses: John Wright, carpenter, of Aston Clinton. Thomas Keen, of Aston Clinton. James Norris, constable of Aston Clinton. Guilty - 6 months hard labour. Two previous convictions for assault and one for damaging a tree.
R. v John Gibbs [aged 24], Gt. Marlow, Stealing 1 pint of beans in the pods value 1d, property of Thomas Wyatt on 24 May. Witnesses: Thomas Wyatt, farmer, of Gt. Marlow. Henry Stallwood, tithing man of Gt. Marlow. Guilty - 1 week hard labour and a whipping. Two previous convictions for theft.
R. v John Gibbs, Gt. Marlow, Stealing 1 fork, property of William Stallwood, on 6 June. No value stated, prisoner therefore acquitted.
R. v Richard Edgson, Farnham Royal, Stealing 2 tame rabbits, value 1/- each, property of William Brooks and Ellen Martin on 8 May. Witnesses: William Brooks of Farnham Royal. Benjamin King, of the Three Tuns, Salt Hill. David [?Nebbes], George Tarrant of Eton Wick. Guilty - 1 month hardlabour. Previous conviction for poaching Oct. 1830.
R. v Charlotte Bowden [aged 14] (servant of Charles Clark), Aylesbury, Stealing cambric collar value 7/6, [?] scarf 10/6, frock [bodice ?] 3/-, property of Charles Clark on 4 June. Pleads guilty - 6 weeks hard labour, 1 week to be solitary confinement.
R. v Catherine Walker, Woburn, Beds. Stealing 1 canvas purse, value 2d containing 1 sovereign, 1 half sovereign and 1 farthing, from John Binyon on 27 May. Witnesses: John Binyon, farmer of Little Brickhill. Richard Pakes. John Clements. Samuel Judkins, constable of Brickhill. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v Joseph Green, Aylesbury, Stealing clothes brush, value 4/-, property of William Collings on 14 Feb. Witnesses: William Collings, tailor, of Aylesbury. Isaac Howes. William Edwards, of Aylesbury. Cooper Tite, of Aylesbury. William Cross, constable of Aylesbury. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v William Buttevant [aged 18], James Buttevant [16], Henry Chidlow [16], Winslow, Stealing 1 watch, value 20/-, property of William Walton on 11 June. Witnesses: William Walton, cordwainer of Warmington, Warwks. Joseph Meads. Guilty - 6 months, 2 months, 2 months hard labour respectively.
R. V John Webb [aged 40], Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 2 pieces of beech, value 1/-, property of John Weller on 20 May. Witness: John Weller of Chepping Wycombe. Guilty - 14 days hard labour. Misdemeanors
R. v James Edwards [recte Joseph, aged 22], William Verney [20], Brill, 1. Assaulting James Norcott in the execution of his duty on 23 May. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: James Norcott, constable of Brill. Richard Franklin, of Brill. William Turvey, of Brill. John White. John Pointer, of Brill. Guilty - 6 months hard labour.

Michaelmas Session 1831  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Biggs, Loughton, Stealing from premises of George Evans 13 live ducks, value 23/-, property of Thomas Whitworth, of Willen on 25 Sept. Witnesses: George Evans, servant of Mr. Thos. Whitworth, lives at Loughton. Robert Warr, constable of [Loughton] spelt Woughton, James Rose, of [Loughton] spelt Woughton Guilty of simple larceny - 2 months hard labour.
R. v James Bolland, Iver, Stealing 2 live fowls, value 2/-, property of Sarah Ann Needham on 2 Oct. Witnesses: Sophia Sims, servant of Mrs. Needham, of Iver. James Darnell, constable of Uxbridge. John Birch, constable of Uxbridge. Guilty - 3 months and 1 whipping. In custody before for stealing potatoes.
R. v John Wadsworth, Newport Pagnell, Stealing 1 pack of flour, value 2/-, and 1 bag value 6d, property of Thomas, Checkly on 1 Aug. Witnesses: John Bonfield, baker employed by Mr. Checkly, of Newport. Robert Smith. Thomas Gamble, constable of Newport. Joseph Wadsworth, father of the prisoner. Robert Smith. Thomas [Mitcham ?] labourer, of Willen. Guilty - 6 weeks hard labour.
R. V George Travel, Sherington, Stealing 1 live hen, value 1/-, property of John Leeke, on 10 July. Witnesses: Thomas Harding, labourer, of Sherington. Charlotte Saunders, mother of the prisoner. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v John Cook (19 yrs. old), Newport Pagnell, Stealing 1 live duck, value 1/-, property of Benjamin King, on 1 Oct. (Prior conviction of felony at Quarter Sessions 20 Oct. Geo. 4). Witnesses: Benjamin King, of Newport. Thomas Meacham, labourer, of Willen. James Sherriff. Guilty - 6 months hard labour.
R. v Edward Craft (previously convicted of felony 12 Jan. 1830), Chalfont St. Giles, Stealing from the premises of Martha Anthony 1 hempen sack, value 1/- and 1 bushel of flour value 5/-, property of John Grimsdale and William Grimsdale. Witnesses: John Grimsdale, of Chalfont St. Giles, lives in house of Martha Anthony. Martha Grimsdale, wife of John. William Grimsdale, brother of John. James Sherriff. William Chapman. John Montagu, labourer, of Chalfont St. Peter. Not guilty.
R. v James Poulton (former conviction for felony at Hertford), Chesham, Stealing silk handkerchief, value 4/-, property of Benjamin Sills, on 24 July. Ann Short, Receiving stolen property. Witnesses: Ann Sills, of Chesham, father [Benjamin] a carrier keeps a grocers shop. James Rance, labourer, of Chesham. Mary Sills, wife of Benjamin. James Poole, constable of Chesham. John Smith Hewitt, of Chesham. James Collins, of Hemel Hempsted. James Brandon, of Tring. Guilty - 14 years and 1 month hard labour respectively.
R. v William Durrant, Edlesborough, Stealing 1 pair of breaches value 2/-, 1 round frock, 3/6, 1 pair of stockings 1/-, 1 waistcoat 1/-, 1 shirt 2/-; and 5/-, the property of Joseph Bligh, on 21 July. Witnesses: Mary Bligh, wife of Joseph, of Edlesborough (Northall), Joseph Bligh, dealer in clothes. Robert Stevens, constable of Billington. Guilty - 7 years. Previous conviction of obtaining goods under false pretences.
R. v James Freeman, Charles Bates, Chesham, Stealing 1 calico bag, value £1 and ½ bushel of flour, value 5/-, property of John Holliman, on 10 Oct. Witnesses: Rachel Holliman. Robert Scales, aged 14. Thomas Bunker, aged 10. John Smith. William Spratley. John Spratley. George Lewis. William Kingston, labourer, of Chesham. Mr. Weedon. Mr. Foster Nash, grocer of Chesham. Benjamin Fuller, Esq., magistrate at Chesham. Mr. Spratly, (sic) merchant, of Chesham, father of William and John. Mr. Poole, constable of Chesham. Not guilty.
R. v James Beeson, Chesham, Stealing 4 bee hives, value 4/-, 20 lbs. honey, 20/-, 20 lbs. honeycomb, 20/-, 20 lbs. honey in the comb, 20/-, property of Thomas Wingfield, on 20 Aug. Witnesses: Thomas Wingfield, of Bone End, Northchurch, Herts. Daniel Wingfield, son of Thomas. Foster Nash of Chesham. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v Anna Grover, Chesham, Stealing 13 yards of ribbon, value 4/-, property of Edward Stanley, on 15 Oct. Witnesses: Henry Warner, lives with Mr. Stanley, draper at Chesham. James Poole. Guilty - 3 weeks hard labour.
R. v Frances Basse, Amersham, Stealing 1 child's frock, value 1/-. property of Thomas Syred on 22 July. Witnesses: Sarah Syred, wife of Thomas of Amersham. John Linford, labourer, of Amersham. Francis Priest, constable. Guilty - 3 weeks hard labour.
R. v Joseph Young, Chenies, Stealing 3 shutters, value 1/-, property of John Duke of Bedford on 9 Aug. Witnesses: Francis Beeson, Steward to Duke of Bedford. Samuel Bryant, carpenter, of Chenies, works for Duke of Bedford. Benjamin Fuller, magistrate. Guilty - whipped and discharged.
R. v Thomas Baker, Chenies, Stealing 3 shutters, value 1/-, property of John Duke of Bedford on same day. Witnesses: Samuel Bryant. Steward to Duke of Bedford. B. Fuller Esq. carpenter, of Chenies, works for Duke of Bedford. Benjamin Fuller, magistrate. Guilty - whipped and discharged.
R. v James King, Chenies, Stealing 2 shutters, value 1/6, property of John Duke of Bedford on same day. Witnesses: Bryant and Fuller. Guilty - whipped and discharged.
R. v John Davis, Beaconsfield, Stealing 1 hat, value 2/-, 1 piece of cloth, 1 handkerchief 1/-, property of Joseph Woodfield on 9 Sept. Witnesses: Joseph Woodfield, of Windsor. William Hefford, cooper, of Beaconsfield. Thomas Lacey, constable of Beaconsfield. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v Eli Cowell (previous conviction for felony 12 Jan. 1830), Waddesdon, Stealing 1 fork, value 2/-, property of Richard Ballad, on 16 Sept. Witnesses: Richard Ballad, farmer, of Winchendon. William Blake, servant to the above. Ezra Hitchcock, labourer and in the militia. Samuel Cook, militia man. James Sherriff. Guilty - 14 years transportation. 2 previous convictions before 2 mentioned here.
R. v John Makepeace, Whitchurch, Rescuing mare distrained of the price of £10 of the property of the prisoner on 9 June. Witnesses: William Sheppard, servant of prisoner. Charles Capel. Edward Simmonds. Guilty - 20/- fine and 14 days imprisonment and to be kept in prison until fine paid.
R. v William Waters, [Aylesbury], Tendering false money knowingly to Sarah Judkins [shillings]. Witnesses: Sarah Judkins, keeps bakers shop in Aylesbury. Mr. Glenister. Hannah Glenister. William Franklin. John Kempster. George Wyatt. John Howe. William Cross. Charles Scott, watchmaker and silversmith. Guilty - 12 months hard labour and to find 2 sureties in £10 for 2 years and himself in £20.

Epiphany Sessions 1832  [no ref. or date]

R. v John Chappell the elder [aged 44], Drayton Parslow, Stealing 1 ash pole, value 2/6, property of William King, on 17 Dec. Witnesses: William King, has estate at Drayton Parslow. John Gillins, constable of Drayton. Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v John Neighbour (previous conviction of felony) [aged 26] Great Marlow, Stealing 6 lbs. mutton, value 2/6, property of Charles East, on 4 Nov. Witnesses: Charles East, butcher, of Gt. Marlow. Samuel Clark, tailor of Marlow. James Sherriff, jailor. Guilty - convicted also as a vagrant, 7 years transportation.
R. v Thomas Harris [aged 15], Bledlow, Frederick Parker [14], 1. Stealing 8 wooden rails, value 1/- and 8 pieces of wood value 1/-, property of the overseers of the poor of Bledlow, on 19 Dec. 2. Laying the property in William Fryday. Witnesses: William Fryday, parish clerk Guilty on both counts, whipped and discharged.
R. v Thomas Varney [aged 21], Aylesbury Stealing 6 elm boards, value 5 (s.d.?) property of Joseph Read, on 17 Dec. Witnesses: James Wilson, brickmaker for Joseph Read, of Aylesbury. William Speed Locke, foreman to Mr. Read, of Aylesbury. Edward Read, brother of Joseph. Wm. Cross, constable of Aylesbury. Guilty - 3 months hard labour. 3 previous convictions (damage, misdemeanours, assault).
R. v John Weatherstone, alias Witherston [aged 50], Wraysbury, (previous conviction of felony 12 April 1825), Stealing 1 hempen sack, value 1/-, 8 bushels barley, value 30/-, property of William Thomas Buckland, on 10 Oct. Witnesses: William Thomas Buckland, farmer, of Wraysbury. James Hitchcock, once in Buckland's service. Joseph [Watts ?], servant to Buckland. Catherine Morgan, washes for Buckland. James Sherriff, jailor. George Such, fisherman at Egham. Charles Such, brother of George. Not guilty.
R. v George Ellis [aged 22], Olney, Stealing 2 bars sheet steel, value 5/-, 25 lb. bar iron 2/-, 7 smiths files, 3/-, 23 links of [Bristol ?] chain, 1 iron hook, 3/6, 4 steel tops, 4/-, 1 pair swede heads 1/-, 1 centre [?] of [?] 4/6, property of John Grant and Edward Lawford, on 2 Nov. Witnesses: Joseph Pebody, working smith, working on Olney bridge; shop is at Olney Stone Quarries. Benjamin Dumvill, worked under Pebody. Charles Warren, architect. Samuel Griggs, constable. Edward Green, shopkeeper, of Milton Keynes. John Hawkins Revis, farmer, of Olney. George Lee, boot and shoemaker, of Olney. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v James Beck [aged 20], Great Marlow, Stealing 2 lbs. bacon, value 1/6, property of Josiah Clark, on 19 Nov. Witnesses: Josiah Clark, grocer, of Gt. Marlow. Samuel Clark, constable of Marlow. Guilty - 2 months hard labour and a whipping.
R. v Edward Ware [aged 25], Farnham Royal, Stealing 1 hat, value 3/-, property of John Martin, on 8 Dec. Witnesses: John Martin, of Farnham Royal. John Hanwell, constable. Guilty - 1 week hard labour.
R. v Thomas Page [aged 20], Marsworth, Stealing 4½ crowns belonging to Robert Russell, on 8 Dec. Witnesses: Robert Russell, keeps beer house at Marsworth, and a wharf Joseph Rowland, constable of Marsworth. Jemima Rowland, lives with mother-in-law at Marsworth (Red Lion). Guilty - 4 months hard labour.
R. v William Child (prior conviction of felony 14 July 1823) [aged 26], Farnham Royal, Stealing 2 pecks potatoes, value 6d, property of Thomas Hook and 1 bag, value 6d property of John Parker, on 4 Nov. Witnesses: Thomas Hook, gardener, of Farnham Royal. James Sherriff. No evidence of the prior conviction. Guilty of simple larceny, 5 previous convictions - 7 years transportation.
R. v James Taylor [aged 23], Aston Clinton, Stealing 1 piece beech timber, value 1/-, property of Lord Lake, on 22 Oct. Witnesses: David Osborn. George Chapman. Sarah Green, lodger with the prisoner. Thomas Taylor, father of the prisoner. Guilty - 6 weeks hard labour.
R. v Elizabeth Philbey in Aylesbury workhouse '6 or 7 months ago' [aged 51], Aylesbury, 1. Stealing 1 shift, value 1/-, property of the overseers of the poor of Aylesbury, on 22 Dec. 2. Property of Maria Simons (made the shift). Witnesses: Benjamin Simonds, master of Aylesbury workhouse. Maria Simons, pauper in Aylesbury workhouse. Elizabeth Bannister, inmate of Aylesbury workhouse. Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v Elizabeth Philbey [aged 51], Aylesbury, 1. Stealing 1 copper boiler, value 5/-, 2 blankets 2/-, 2 flat irons 6d, 2 shirts 1/-, property of overseers of poor of Aylesbury, she being servant of overseers, on 18 Nov. 2. Omitting latter point. Witnesses: Benjamin Simons, master of Aylesbury Workhouse (prisoner employed at the pest house 'July last'). Robert Gibbs, father a pawnbroker. Guilty on 1st count - 4 months hard labour.
R. v Robert Beesley [aged 36], Thomas Moody [30], Richard Nash, Wingrave, Breaking and entering Wingrave Churchyard and stealing the body of Eliza Bates, on 7 Nov. Beesley and Nash plead guilty. Witnesses: William Bates, of Wingrave, father of Eliza (buried 31 Oct. aged 11). John Smith, Bow Street Horse Patrol, George Green, shoemaker of Hendon. George Neale, of Aylesbury. Beesley found guilty - 9 months "con jail" Moody and Nash - 6 months "con jail"
R. v Jonathan Brooks [aged 23], Bradenham, 1. Assaulting William Sportin as constable in execution of his duty on 29 Dec. 2. Common assault. Pleads guilty - 6 months hard labour. Several previous convictions for poaching and stealing.
R. v Matthew Read, Chesham, 1. Assaulting Benjamin Webb, constable of Chesham Waterside in the execution of his duty on 28 Oct. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: Benjamin Webb. Jesse Mayo, of Chesham Waterside. James Wallington, plait dealer, of Chesham Waterside. Not guilty.
R. v Joseph Harding [aged 19], Chesham, 1. Assaulting John Gomm, constable of Chesham in the execution of his duty on 28 Oct. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: Benjamin Webb, one of constables of Chesham. John Gomm. Jesse Mayo, of Chesham Waterside. Wallington, plait dealer, of Chesham Waterside. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v John Cotton, Brayfield, Joseph Cooke [aged 53], William Gilbert [26], William Hammond [24], John Austin [22], 1. Assaulting Thomas Walton, constable in execution of his duty on 9 Dec. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: Judith Saunders, keeps public house at Brayfield. Thomas Walton. Thomas Stevens. James Fitzgerald. Mary Cotton, poor woman of Newton Blossomville. Not guilty.
R. v John Cotton, Brayfield, Joseph Cooke, William Gilbert, William Hammond, John Austin, Assaulting James Fitzgerald on 9 Dec. Witnesses: Judith Saunders. James Fitzgerald, Mr. Farmer's gardener. Andrew O'Callaghan, works for Mr. Farmer. Thomas Stevens. Thomas Walton. Cotton - not guilty. Rest - guilty, 1 month - to be bound to keep peace towards Fitzgerald and O'Callaghan for 1 year, on sum of £20.
R. v John Fanthom, Joseph Fanthom, George

[Easter] Sessions 1832  [no ref. or date]

R. v Mary Hines, Ashendon, Stealing 1 silver teaspoon, value 1/-, property of Thomas White on 8 Oct. Witnesses: Thomas White, farmer, of Ashendon. Mary White, wife of Thomas. John Boughton, constable of Ashendon. Guilty - 6 weeks hard labour.
R. v Thomas Scotchins, Stone, Stealing from his master Robert Brett, 2 cocks, value 2/-, 2 hens, value 2/-, on 9 March. Witnesses: Robert Brett, of Stone. John Batson, aged 16, of Stone. No identity of property, evidence of an accomplice not substantiated. Not guilty.
R. v George Chitty, Wraysbury, Breaking and entering property of George Simon Harcourt and stealing from him a whip, value 2/-, on 17 March. Witnesses: Benjamin Arnold Norman, bailiff to Mr. Harcourt at Wraysbury. Edward Downham, constable of Wraysbury. James Knight, servant of Mr. Harcourt. Charles Caley, of Wraysbury. Guilty - 13 months hard labour.
R. v John Colsell William Joys, Langley Marish, Stealing 2 prs. of snuffers, value 2/-, property of Arnold Copland on 20 Feb. Witnesses: Arnold Copland, of the Dolphin Inn, Langley. Henry Finch, labourer, of Langley. James Douglas, lives at Langley with George Green. William Robinson, constable of Langley. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v John Miller John Miller Jnr. Stone, Stealing 1 fir pole, value 1/-, 1 ash pole, value 2/-, property of George Augustus Frederick, Earl of Chesterfield, on 5 Jan. Witnesses: Robert Brett, of Stone. John Monk, farmer, of Stone. Joseph Carter, constable.
R. v Richard Fleet George Ayris, Stoke Mandeville, Stealing 30 hedgestakes, value 1/-, property of William Perrin, Jnr. on 28 Jan. Witnesses: William Perrin Jnr. of Stoke Mandeville, Ann Ford, housekeeper of William Perrin. William Rose. Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v John Barnes, Chesham, Stealing 4 bushels of barley, value 16/-, property of William Christmas Jnr. and 1 hempen sack value 1/-, property of William Christmas the elder on 12 March. Previously convicted of felony.
R. v John Biggs, Receiving stolen barley. Witnesses: William Christmas Jnr. of Chesham, farmer, lives with his father, a farmer Stephen Smith, sack carrier of Chesham. Edwin Birch, of Chesham. James Poole, constable of Chesham. John Gomm. Henry Wright of Amy Mill, brother is miller. James Green, park keeper to Lord Westminster. James Sherriff. Mr. Heath, clerk of magistrate. Guilty (see verdict below). Barnes previously convicted of felony.
R. v John Biggs, Chesham, 1. Receiving from John Barnes 2 pecks of pease, value 1/-, 1 hempen sack, value 1/-, property of Edwin Birch, on 8 March. 2. Receiving same from a person unknown. Witnesses: Edwin Birch, of Chesham. Mary Barnes, servant at the Crown. James Poole, constable of Chesham. Stephen Smith, sack carrier, employed by Edwin Birch for 7 years. Not guilty on both counts.
R. v John Barnes Daniel Sills, Barnes previously convicted of felony. Chesham, Stealing 1 bushell of pease, value 4/-, property of Edwin Birch, on 2 March. Witnesses: Edwin Birch. William Beckley of Chesham. Richard Elliot, has beer house at Chesham. Mr. Lowndes. John Gomm, constable of Chesham. Mr. Heath, clerk to magistrate. Stephen Smith. Mr. Christmas. Guilty of larceny - Barnes 14 yrs. [transportation], Biggs 7 yrs. [transportation], Sills 2 months hard labour.

Midsummer Sessions 1832  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Chilton [aged 25], Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 ft. ash timber, property of Thomas Anstiss and William Jones, on 2 May. Witnesses: Thomas Anstiss, of the Red Lion, Wycombe, carpenter, Charles Cox, labourer, of Wycombe. Guilty - 1 week hard labour (been in 4 weeks).
R. v Joseph Nicholls [aged 33], Foscott, Stealing 4 live ducks, value 4/- and 1 live drake, value 1/-, property of Thomas Attwood, on 17 May. Witnesses: James Whitehead, servant of Attwood. [? Martha] Ridgway, put in certificate of illness. John Moores, of Stratford, higler. Thomas Attwood, Jnr., son of Attwood. George Emerton, labourer, lives nr Attwoods farm. Thomas Nibbs. Guilty but recommended to mercy (6 weeks in custody) 1 week hard labour.
R. v Thomas Smith [aged 21], Upton-cum-Chalvey, Stealing 1 whip, value 2/-, property of James Edgson, on 12 May. Witnesses: James Edgson, of Stoke Poges, farmer. Thomas Buckland, smith, at Stoke common. Henry White, constable of Eton. Guilty - 6 weeks hard labour (6 weeks). Misdemeanours
R. v Thomas Rowe, Thomas Goodchild [alias Angelo, aged 19], Upton-cum-Chalvey, 1. Assaulting John Timber, constable in the execution of his duty on 16 April. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: John Timber, constable of Upton-cum-Chalvey. Mr. John Brown, keeper of the White Hart Public House at Chalvey. Guilty - Rowe 1 month hard labour. Goodchild fine 1/- and discharged. Both to be bound to keep peace for 12 months in sum of £20.
R. v John Penn, Haddenham, Forcible entry on premises of John Tyler and assaulting Mr. Moore, on 12 March. Pleads guilty - 1/- fine and discharged.
R. v James Trevor Senior, Aston Clinton, re Footpath Ivinghoe - Aylesbury through 5 closes of pasture called Broughton pasture belonging to James Trevor Senior. 1. Obstructed path by breaking wooden bridge over stream. 2. Other persons broke bridge, prisoner continued obstruction. 3. Putting up and causing to be put up an inconvenient stile and digging holes, permitting them to remain. 4. Persons unknown put up the stile and dug holes, prisoner continued the nuisance. 2 & 4 struck out. Proceedings on 1 & 3. Witnesses: Mr. Joseph Kingham, of Aston Clinton. Mr. Cross. Mr. Thomas James Berry. Guilty on 3rd count - fine 20/- and recommended to keep the path in good order.

Michaelmas Sessions 1832  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Reeve, Princes Risborough, Stealing 1 filly, value £10, property of Joshua Kingham, on 20 Aug., Witnesses: Joshua Kingham, farmer, of Longwick. John Pain, horse dealer. Thomas Walduck. William Coombes, constable of Bedford. Guilty - transportation for life.
R. v John Gibbs, Eton, Receiving stolen watch, value 20/-, a chain, 6d and 1 key 3d from James King, convicted of stealing same from George Green, on 21 March. Witnesses: George Green, shoemaker, of Chalvey. Joseph Ewer, hairdresser, Henry White, constable of Eton. Henry [?Hutton.] Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v Richard James, Bletchley, Stealing 2 live hens, value 2/-, 16 chickens, value 1/-, property of William Goodman, on 6 Aug. Witnesses: William Goodman. William Warr. Guilty - Previous conviction for poaching, 2 months hard labour.
R. v James Williams, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 gelding, value £10, property of Henry Guthrie, on 21 Aug., Witnesses: Henry Guthrie, of Clapham, Surrey. William Clark, keeper of public house at Hazlemere. Richard Hailey, constable of Desborough Hundred. George Valiant, tailor of Norfolk St, Middlesex Hospital. James Williams, father of the prisoner, tailor, John Williams, brother of the prisoner. Guilty - (see verdict below).
R. v James Williams, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 gelding, value £5, property of Benjamin Keates, on 14 July. Witnesses: Benjamin Keates, of Clapham. William Wiggins, one of the constables of Wycombe. Richard Hailey. William May, assistant clerk to the magistrates. Guilty - transportation for life. Inquiries to be made as to prisoners psychological condition and if sufficient to apply to Sec. of State in mitigation of punishment.
R. v James Cotton, Olney, 1. Servant to John Worley, embezzling 30/- on 14 May. 2. Larceny. Witnesses: John Worley, of Olney. Sarah Worley, of Brighton, Northants, mother-in-law of John. Ann Worley, wife of John. Guilty - 6 months hard labour.
R. v John Walker, George Walker, George Brown, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 quarter loaf, value 6d, ½ lb. cheese, value 6d, 4 lbs.bacon, 2/-, property of Samuel Malpas, on 21 Aug. Witnesses: Samuel Malpas. Ann Malpas, wife of Samuel, of Wycombe Marsh (grocer's shop). Joseph Waynon, constable of Wycombe. Guilty - 1 month hard labour each.
R. v John Bradley, Wendover, Stealing 7 sheaves of wheat, value 2/-, property of William Grover, on 12 Aug. Witnesses: William Grover, of Wendover. Thomas Dixon. Not guilty.
R. v William Chapman the younger, Hedgerley, Stealing 2 beech spokes, value 2d, property of David Blake and George Mason, on 26 July. Witnesses: David Blake, of Beaconsfield. Stephen [?Bayley], of Beaconsfield, employed by Blake & Mason to look after wood they had fallen in Wapseys Wood. Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v William Bennett, Taplow, 1. Embezling 4/- from John Benbow and Charles Benbow, his masters, on 15 Aug., 2. Stealing 4/-. Pleads guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v John Parker, Aylesbury, Eliza Leach, Stealing 1 silver teaspoon, value 2/-, 1 liquer glass, value 1/- property of Ann Margesson, on 25 Sept., Witnesses: Ann Margesson, keeps the Crown Inn at Aylesbury. Ann Sharp, lived with Mrs. Margisson. Nora Bull, of Waddesdon. Mary Hardwick, of Wing. John Margesson, son of Ann. Daniel Thomas Forster, constable of Aylesbury. Mr. Holdham, of Hulcott. Miss Holdham, daughter of the above. John Marks, headborough of Aylesbury. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v John Tanner Hitchcock, Great Marlow, Stealing an umbrella, property of John Loosley, on 30 Aug., Witnesses: John Loosley, of Marlow. John White Camden, of Marlow. Wm. May. Not guilty.
R. v Joseph Newell, [Chalfort St Giles], For stealing wheat from David Eggleton. Witnesses: David Eggleton. Joseph Hearn. Guilty. Between pages 196 - 7. Declaration by William Fuller, of Dorton, Oct. 13, 1832 as to the Good Character of James Hawes, in prison with John Tatham under sentence of stealing fowl.
R. v Edward Smith, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 7 bolts [osier ?] rods, value 7/-, property of Robert Youens, on 9 Mar., Witnesses: Robert [Youens ?] of High Wycombe. William Youens, brother of Robert. Not guilty.

Justices Case Book  QS/JC/15  Epiphany 1833-Epiphany 1834

The similarity of handwriting suggests that this volume, like QS/JC/12, was written by Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle.

Epiphany Sessions, 1833  [no ref. or date]

R. v Thomas Frost [aged 29], Little Linford, Stealing 2 pecks beans, value 2/-, 2 pecks peas, value 2/-, property of William Payne, on 7 Dec. [1832]. Witnesses: William Payne, farmer, of Little Linford. William Goodyear, in the service of Payne. Guilty - 4 months hard labour.
R. v William White [aged 24], Great Marlow, Stealing 1 hand saw, value 2/-, 2 brushes, 1/-, frying pan, 2/-, copper boiler, 15/-, 1 bowl, 6d, property of Theophilus Clifford, on 25 October [1832]. Witnesses: Theophilus Clifford, of Gt. Marlow [Stonemason]. Samuel Clark, constable of Gt. Marlow [Yeoman]. William Reading, constable of Gt. Marlow [Yeoman]. Guilty - Previous conviction, 3 months, for robbing a garden, 1827. 4 months hard labour, 1st and last 10 days in solitary confinement.
R. v Thomas Harman [aged 28], Hambleden, Thomas Webb [aged 27], Servants of Thomas Piercey, stealing 1 hempen sack, value 1/- and 3 bushels barley 20/-, property of Piercey on 29 Nov. [1832]. Witnesses: Thomas Piercey, of Hambleden [farmer]. John Piercey, son of Thomas. William Hatch, of Marlow. Guilty - but recommended to mercy. 3 months hard labour, 1st and last 10 days in solitary confinement.
R. v Charles Horton [aged 30], Hanslope, Stealing 1 watch, value 20/-, 1 watch key, 3d, 1 seal 1d, 3 handkerchiefs 2/-, 5 pieces of coin 5/-, 2 pieces of coin 1/-, property of John Stones on 31 July [1832], Witnesses: John Stones, of Hartwell, Northants. Mr. Clare, of Grandborough, formerly of Mursley. Thomas Evans, constable of Hanslope. Not guilty.
R. v William Sapwell [aged 64], Newport Pagnell, Stealing 1, value 3/-, property of William Hinton, on 10 Sept. [1832]. Witnesses: William Hinton [of Newport Pagnell, grocer]. John Preston [of Newport Pagnell, brazier]. Thomas Gamble, constable of Newport [tailor]. Mr. John Davis. Guilty - but recommended to mercy. 14 days hard labour.
R. v Charles Taylor [aged 25], West Wycombe, Stealing 5 live geese, value 30/-, property of John Veary, on 27 July [1832], Witnesses: John Veary, of West Wycombe [Yeoman], Richard Westrup, aged 15. Richard Hailey, constable of Wycombe. Mary Bristow, mother-in-law of Taylor. Mr. Jonathan Lacey, keeps a horse and cart, of Hughenden. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v Charles Taylor, West Wycombe, Stealing from his master 2 knives, 1 broken, on 30 July [1832]. Not guilty. No evidence offered.
R. v Ann Wright, wife of James, Lavendon, Stealing purse, value 6d, and 9 pieces of coin, value 9d, property of Robert Mears, on 30 July [1832]. Witnesses: Elizabeth Mears, wife of Robert Mears, provendor of Lavendon. Mary Pearson. Catherine Jenkins. James Putnam, of Harrow, Middx. Mr. Framell, of Lavendon Lodge. Mr. Heath, of Warrington. Guilty - 1 week hard labour. 2 gentlemen of the jury speak to her character.
R. v Samuel Pittam [aged 32], Westbury, Stealing 1 steel trap, value 5/-, property of the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, on 26 Oct. [1832]. Witnesses: John Cobden [of flowe, gamekeeper]. Harry Cobden, son of John. Joseph Anstee. Joseph Liddington, sawyer, of Silverstone. Mr. Braggins, dealer in timber, of Silverstone, employer of Pitlan. William Hutchins, timber dealer of Silverstone. Not guilty.
R. v Joseph Martin (boys), Daniel Aldridge (boys), Great Hampden, 1. Killing a ewe, value 20/-, property of Thomas Ives [of Great Missenden farmer], on 27 Dec. [1832]. 2. Wounding the cattle. Witnesses: Joseph Sanders, of Denner Hill [Labourer]. James Puddephat, shepherd to Ives. William Harding, of Gt. Hampden. William Martin, grandfather of Joseph. Guilty on 2nd count, flogged and discharged.
R. v Charles Howse [aged 38], James Howse [aged 23], Joseph Cross [aged 23], Upton cum Chalvey, Stealing 130 briars, value 10/-, property of Charles Brown, on 2 Dec. [1832], with assault. Witnesses: Charles Brown, nurseryman, of Upton, Slough. James Wilder, employed by Brown. William Gilder, employed by Brown. Caroline Norris, of Chalvey. James Bacon, constable of Upton. Mr. William Long, clerk to the magistrates. Joseph Hobbs, works for Mr. Carvell. John Morllock, works for Mr. Carvell. George Newell. Charles Clinch. C. & J. Howse. Guilty of assault - 6 weeks. Guilty. C. Howse - 3 months. J. Howse & Cross - 2 months.
R. v Christopher Wildego [aged 17], Great Marlow, Stealing 1 quartern loaf, value 10d, property of William Hatch, on 22 Dec.? [queried in text], Witnesses: William Hatch, baker, of Gt. Marlow. John East, Aged about 15 [labourer]. Guilty - 1 week solitary, whipped and discharged.
R. v James Slade [aged 24], Waddesdon, Wounding 2 cows, value £15, property of Thomas Adams, on 31 Oct. [1832]. Witnesses: Thomas Adams, of Waddesdon [dairyman], Slade asking for relief at time of offence. William Burton, constable of Waddesdon. Henry Mobbs, farrier [of Quainton]. Athelstone Grace, labourer, of Waddesdon. Not guilty.
R. v George Hatchett, labourer [aged 27], Chesham, Stealing 2 [? or 1] turkeys, property of Samuel Hawkins on 30 Nov. [1832]. Witnesses: Samuel Hawkins, of Chesham [farmer]. James Hakes. Hatchell Guilty - 6 weeks hard labour.

Easter Sessions, 1833  [no ref. or date]

R. v Joseph Glaysher, Eton, Stealing a wheelbarrow, value 15/-, property of William Carter, on 23 March [1833]. Witnesses: William Carter, of Eton. Henry Cannon, one of the constables of Eton. [cordwainer]. Elizabeth Stevens, of Boveney, wife of Thomas, [labourer]. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v John Sheppard, Woughton, Stealing 1 live duck, value 1/-, property of William Head, on 3 March [1833]. Witnesses: Thomas Grace, servant to Head, of Woughton, Head lives at Drayton, Northants but has a farm at Woughton. Bartholomew Dockeray, of Milton [Keynes, tailor]. Guilty - 1 month hard labour, 1st and last weeks to be in solitary confinement.
R. v Thomas Biggs, Datchet, 1. Stealing 1 sheep, value 50/-, property of Thomas Adams, on 5 April [1833]. 2. Killing with intent to steal. Witnesses: James West [of Southley, Datchet], bailiff to Adams. Henry Adams [of New Windsor], son of James. Daniel Boulter, constable of Datchet. Sarah Chitty, of Wraysbury, Biggs her lodger, husband a carpenter, Biggs married with 2 children aged 2 and 4. Peter Ware, shoemaker of Wraysbury. Not guilty.
R. v James Langley, Stoke Poges, Stealing 2 live ducks, value 2/-, 1 live drake, 1/-, property of William Elderfield, on 3 March [1833]. Witnesses: William Elderfield, woodcutter, of Stoke Poges. Edward Stevens, aged 6, not examined. George Wise, [a minor] employed by Elderfield. William Robinson [the younger], constable of Wexham. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v Charles Benham, Hitcham, Stealing 2' rule, value 2/-, property of Daniel Howe, on 8 Feb. [1833]. Witnesses: Daniel Howe, wheelwright, of Taplow. Richard Briggenshaw, constable of Taplow. Guilty - 2 weeks hard labour.
R. v Charles Benham, Hitcham, Stealing hand saw, value 2/-, axe, 1/-, pair of pincers, 1/-, 1 rule, 2/-, property of William Fearey on 9 Feb. [1833]. Witnesses: William Feesey, carpenter, of Taplow [Wooburn in QS/O 43]. Richard Briggenshaw, constable of Taplow. Guilty - 2 weeks hard labour to commence after end of previous sentence.
R. v Thomas Mott, Great Linford, Stealing 8 ox chains, value 16/-, property of Eli Elkins, on 4 April [1833]. Witnesses: Eli Elkins, farmer and grazier, of Gt. Linford. Samuel Fennell, looks after Elkins' oxen. [labourer; Funnell in QS/O 43] Benjamin Taylor, constable of Newport. Prisoner has previous convictions: 1829 for stealing lead - 6 months. Damaging a wall - 1 month hard labour. Guilty - 9 months hard labour.
R. v William Ives - pleads guilty. Sheep stealing, William Howe - pleads guilty. Embezzlement, Thomas Russell - pleads guilty. Stealing Timber, James Cox - pleads guilty. Stealing a lamb, John Langton - pleads guilty. Stealing timber, [Langton in QS/O 43]
R. v William Westbrook, Farnham Royal, Benjamin Gillet, Stealing from the premises of Thomas Blinco 1 peck potatoes, value 6d on 2 March [1833]. Witnesses: Thomas Blinco, of [Hedgerley Dean] Farnham Royal. Richard Wheeler, of Stoke [Poges, publican]. James Devonshire, constable of Farnham Royal, [Hedgerley Dean]. Westbrook Guilty - 6 months hard labour. Gillet - not guilty. Westbrook acquitted last Epiphany sessions of same offence.
R. v James Russell, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 piece of oak timber, value 2/-, 2 pieces of Beech timber, 2/-, property of William Dancer, [of chepping Wycombe former] on 9 March [1833], Witnesses: John Francis, aged 14, works for Dancer, John Sanders [of Chepping Wycombe, labourer], works for Dancer. [Sanders in Qs/o 43], Richard Hailey, constable of Wycombe. [butcher] Guilty - [no sentence given]
R. v Francis Brooks, Bledow, Stealing 4 live fowls, value 4/-, property of John Newell, on 21 March 1833. Witnesses: John Newell, of Bledlow Ridge, [Labourer] looks after the farm of his brother Joseph. Richard Hailey, constable [chief constable, 2nd division, hundred of Desborough]. Mr. Thomas Chownes - declines examination. Guilty - 6 weeks.
R. v James Hearn, Denham, Anthony Kedge Stealing 1 live cock value 2/-, 1 live hen 2/-, 1 live fowl 2/-, property of Joseph Fountain on 9 April [1833]. Both plead guilty [no sentence given].
R.v Robert Harding, Dunton, Wounding 4 cows, value 20/- property of Samuel Blick on 20 March [1833]. Witnesses: Samuel Blick, of Dunton [farmer]. Harding lives in parish house of Dunton with his father. He is between 60 and 70. John Biggs, of Cublington [farmer]. William Cross [of Aylesbury, tailor]. John Watts. James Harding. Not guilty.
R. v Benjamin Pratt, Chepping Wycombe, 1. Embezzling and stealing basket, value 6d, dish 3d, 3 teapots 3/-, 1 jug 6d, property of his master Henry Dewgard, on 18 March [1833]. 2. Larceny as a servant. Witnesses: Henry Dewgard [of Eton], dealer in earthenware. Not guilty - Indictment bad.
R. v Jacob Bucket, [Buckett in Qs/043], Turville, Stealing 1 sheep, value 20/-, property of William Curtis, on 13 Feb. [1833]. Witnesses: William Curtis, of Turville [farmer], Dr. Scobell, magistrate of the county. Guilty - transported for life. Misdemeanours
R. v John Irons, James Cook, Thomas Irons, Edlesborough, 1. Disquieting a congregation of Baptists by laughing and talking loudly on 18 Oct. [1832]. 2. Disquieting a congregation of protestants. Witnesses: John Smith [of Nettledon] minister of a congregation of Baptists at Edlesborough. Mary Brinklow, wife of John, of Edlesborough [Labourer], Ann Watts, of Edlesborough. Edward Irons, father of John and Thomas. Guilty - £40 each fined - to be imprisoned until paid.
R. v James Ash, Swanbourne, Disturbing the congregation of the parish church on Jan. 6 [1833]. Pleads guilty - fined £20 - to be imprisoned until paid.
R. v William Mander, Thomas Parker, William Clarke, Joseph Wilson, Haddenham, 1. Riot, and assaulting John Wood on 30 March [1833]. 2. Assaulting Wood. 3. Riot. 4. Mander and Wilson, common assault on Wood. All plead guilty. William Clarke. Assaulting Benjamin Plater on 30 March [1833]. Guilty. Fined, 1/- and bound over in the sum of £20 to keep the peace for 2 years.
R. v William Ives, Pleaded guilty to charge of sheepstealing. Transported for life.
R. v James Cox, Pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing a lamb. Transportation for life.
R. v William Howe, Pleaded guilty to a charge of embezzlement, 4 March [1833]. Guilty - 3 months hard labour, 1st & last week in solitary confinement.
R. v Thomas Russell, Pleaded guilty. James Russell, Convicted of stealing timber on 12 March. Thomas in custody previously for poaching. James in custody previously for damaging a beech tree. 6 weeks hard labour. R. James Hearne, Anthony Kedge, Pleaded guilty to stealing 3 live fowls on 9 April [1833]. 6 weeks hard labour, last week in solitary confinement.
R. v John Langton [Langston in QS/043], Pleaded guilty to stealing timber on 3 April [1833]. 6 weeks hard labour.
R. v John Lines, Chicheley, Stealing 2 forks, value 3/-, 2 axes, 2/-, 1 spade, 2/-, 1 hatchet, 1/-, property of John Warren on 3 May., Winesses: John Warren, labourer, of Chicheley. William Sapwell, butcher, of Newport [Pagnell]. John Castledine, of Newport Pagnell [Yeoman]. Thomas Lines, labouring man, of Newport. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v John Lines, Chicheley, Stealing 1 bill hook, value 1/-, property of William Millard [Milliard also given], and 1 Beetle, value 1/-, property of George Millard, son of William, over 26 yrs. old, on 3 May. Witnesses: William Millard, of Chicheley [of Newport Pagnell, labourer, in QS/043], William Sapwell. Guilty - 3 months hard labour to commence after completion of above.
R. v James Beesley, Stoke Poges, Stealing 1 violin, value 10/-, property of Henry Copas on 28 May. Witnesses: Henry Copas, violinist, of George Green, Langley. [gardener in QS/043]. William Stevens [of Langley Marish, labourer]. William Smith. Guilty but recommended to mercy - 1 month.
R. v Edward Cox, Beaconsfield, Stealing 1 male ass, value 20/-, property of William Pryce on 6 Dec. [1832]. Witnesses: William Pryce, labouring man, of Beaconsfield. [Price in QS/043]. James Pryce, son of William. [Price in QS/043; of Beaconsfield, labourer], John Newton, dealer in earthenware, of Welply Hill, nr. Chesham. Guilty - 4 months hard labour.
R. v Elizabeth Holloway, Eton, Stealing 1 sovereign from John Martin on 22 June. Witnesses: Mary Martin, wife of John, of Brocas Lane. [Servant], Henry Cannon, constable. Guilty - 3 months.
R. v Joseph Turner, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 spoon, value 2/-, property of Edward Read, 1 necklace, value 10/-, 1 purse, 6d, buckle, handkerchief, property of Martha Read. 1 necklace, 6/-, 1 brooch, 5/-, property of Harriet Read on 21 May. Pleads guilty - 7 years transportation.
R. v John Tattam - previously convicted of felony 16 Oct. 3 Will .4, Stealing ½ a pe ck of flour, value 6d property of the inhabitants of the county of Bucks, on 25 June. Pleads guilty - 7 years transportation.
R. v Joseph Parker, Charles Williams, Chesham, Breaking and entering, and stealing 3 shoes, value 6/-, 7 lasts, 3/-, 1 pair of pincers, 1/-, 1 punch, 6d, 1 hammer, 1/-, 3 bales hemp, 3d, 1 wicker basket, 6d/, 2 waistcoats, 2/-, property of John King on 24 April. Witnesses: John King, shopkeeper, of Chartridge, Chesham. [Shoemaker in QS/0 43]. William Cross, constable [of Aylesbury], John Marks, headborough of Aylesbury. Thomas Norman, shoemaker, of Walton. Both guilty - 4 months hard labour.
R. v William Abrahams, James Slade, Waddesdon, Stealing 3 cwt. coal, value 3/-, 2 bushels potatoes, value 3/-, property of John Timms, on 28 April. Witnesses: John Timms, of Waddesdon [victualler]. William Burton, constable of Waddesdon. Thomas Venemore. [Vennemore in QS/0 43; of Waddesdon, labourer], Richard Evans, Tithingman of Waddesdon. Both guilty. Slade in custody 6 times, 1825-33 for poaching, stealing and maiming. Abrahams in custody 1830 for machine breaking, also summary conviction for trespass, 2 months Both - 7 years transportation.
R. v Elizabeth Thorn, Thomas Thorn, Buckland, Stealing 1 jacket, value 3/-, property of George Bone, 29 March [1833]. Witnesses: George Bone, of Buckland, [labourer] jacket lost from Naylands farm in occupation of Mr. Beale. William Bone, labourer, of Buckland, father of George. John Green, straw dealer, of Buckland. Job Brackley, constable of Buckland. Elizabeth Thorn guilty - 14 days hard labour. Thomas Thorn - not guilty.
R. v John Pheasant, Cheddington, Stealing 1 pair shoes, value 10/-, property of Edward Pheasant on 7 May. Witnesses: Edward Pheasant, father of John, labouring man, of Cheddington. Has 9 children, John the eldest. Richard Montagu. Guilty. Once before in jail for leaving his family chargeable - 1 month 26 years old. 4 years 3 months in the Chatham marines 3 months hard labour.
R. v Thomas Beckett, Steeple Claydon, Richard Beckett, James Braggins, John Whiting, Thomas Shirly, John Thorpe, Henry Thorpe, Henry Lines, Making a riot and disturbance on May 18. Witnesses: Mr. Sherriff. Mr. Cooper, curate of Steeple Claydon. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.

Michaelmas Sessions, 1833  [no ref. or date]

R. v William Thompson, Edward Coleman, Upton-cum-Chalvey, Stealing 1 gold watch value £8, 1 gold watch key, value 10/-, 1 gold ring value 5/-, 1 silk watch ribbon, 1d, property of Thomas James Hammond; on 22 Aug. [James Hammond, surgeon in QS/0 43], Witnesses: Rosa Dietrichstein Hammond, of Upton, wife of Thomas. Mary Finch, of Upton. [wife of Edward], Thomas Adams, builder, of [New] Windsor. Not guilty.
R. v Thomas White, Olney, Stealing 15 yds.lace, value 3/-, property of Thomas Dunstan, on 27 July. Witnesses: Mary Soul, keeps lace school at Olney [widow], Ebenezar Aspray, lace manufacturer, of Olney [lace dealer in QS/0 43]. Ann Ryfield, of Olney, [a minor], White lodged in her father's house. Samuel Griggs, constable of Olney [yeoman] Guilty - 3 months hard labour. Convicted 1 month for stealing pease previously, once acquitted of stealing.
R. v William Mendum Jnr. George Shaw, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 gelding, value £10, property of Joseph Read on Oct. 7. Witnesses: Joseph Slade, servant to Read, of Aylesbury. Thomas Walker Jnr. William Goodman, keeper of tollgate at Gt. Missenden. William Hows [of Aylesbury, milleman], William Towersey [of Aylesbury, labourer]. Mr. Joseph Read [of Aylesbury, farmer]. Mendum guilty - transportation for life. Shaw - not guilty. Same prisoners, Stealing mare of William Howes. Not guilty - no evidence offered.
R. v Benjamin Hughes, Ivinghoe, Stealing 1 mare, value £5, property of Francis Horne [or Horn], on 17 June. Witnesses: Francis Horn, of Ivinghoe Aston [straw plait dealer], John Gibbins. [of Stow nine churches, Northampton, labourer], James Gibbins, father of John. Guilty - transportation for life. Same prisoner, Stealing a gelding, value £10, property of Mary Knight. Not guilty - no evidence.
R. v Thomas Sinney, Farnham Royal, Stealing 1 gun value 20/-, property of John Martin, on 3 Oct. Witnesses: John Martin, of Farnham Common [victualler], William Brooks, of Farnham Common. Guilty - 2 months hard labour. Not in custody before.
R. v Henry Harbourt, Fulmer, Stealing 6 stone pigs, value £4, property of William Piner, on 27 Sept. Witnesses: John Bone, of Fulmer, employed by Piner. Henry Piner [of Fulmer, yeoman], son of William. Isaac Brenn, of Reading. John Charsley, magistrates clerk. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v John Bradley, Great Marlow, Stealing 1 pair shoes, value 1/-, 2 half crowns, 3 shillings, property of Patrick O'Connor, on 2 Aug. Witnesses: Patrick O'Connor, seafaring man. John Loosely, of [Great] Marlow [labourer], William Jackson, clerk to Mr. Wright. Guilty - 2 months hard labour.
R. v Thomas Andrews, Thomas Longhine, William Smith, Aston Clinton, Stealing 1 gown, value 2/-, property of Georgiana Waring, on 23 July. Witnesses: Georgiana Waring, in service with Mr. Howard, Aston Clinton. Sarah Kimble, fellow servant. John Ballard, farmer's son. John Bryon, footman to Mr. Howard. Guilty - 1 month hard labour, 1st and last weeks in solitary confinement.
R. v John Dawes alias Knight, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 mare, value £20, property of Robert Spackman, on 25 Sept. Witnesses: Robert Spackman, surgeon, of Lutterworth. John Judd, servant to Spackman. John Mead, of Aylesbury [coachmaker], son of the landlord of the Plough. John Marks. [of Aylesbury, headborough] Guilty - transportation for life.
R. v William Chiverton, Beaconsfield, Stealing 9 tame live rabbits, value 6/-, property of George Mills, on 1 Aug. Witnesses: George Mills [victualler in QS/O 43], keeps rabbits, lives with his father at Beaconsfield. William Lipscombe, of Uxbridge [ostler] John Birch, constable of Uxbridge. [Darvill in QS/O 43] James Darvel, of Uxbridge. Mr. John Chearsley. Guilty - 1 week solitary confinement.
R. v James Briscoe, Chepping Wycombe, Stealing 1 cotton handkerchief, value 1/-, property of John Coleman, Jnr., on 11 Aug. Witness: John Coleman [the younger], of Wycombe Heath, Hughenden. Guilty - 3 previous convictions. 1829, 3 weeks, damaging a tree. 1830, 1 month, stealing turnip. 1830, 5 months, damaging a tree. 6 months hard labour, 1 weeks [solitary confinement].
R. v Jesse Jeffs, Edlesborough, Stealing 1 quart of unthreshed wheat, value 3d, property of David Hawkins and another, on 14 Aug. Witness: David Hawkins, occupies farm at Edlesborough in partnership with his brother. Guilty - 14 days hard labour.
R. v John Loveridge, John Williams, Aylesbury, Stealing 2 quarts of milk, value 2d, property of James Young [of Aylesbury, surgeon], on 29 Sept. Witnesses: William Stevens, servant to Young. Phoeby Kirby. Guilty - 1 week solitary confinement.
R. v Martha Smith, Mary Ann Swift, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 mug, value 3d, property of Mary Garner, on 16 Aug. Witnesses: Mary Garner, keeps the Bucks Arms, Aylesbury [widow]. Ann Smith, servant to Mrs. Garner. John Martin, headborough. Guilty - 1 month hard labour.
R. v Samuel Austin, James Nicholls, Hoggeston, Stealing 1 saddle, value 10/-, 3 live geese, 10/-, property of John Baylis, on 21 Sept. Witnesses: John Baylis, of Maynis Mill, Hoggeston [farmer], Thomas Kempster, of Aylesbury [butcher], William Cross [of Aylesbury, constable], John Marks. Guilty - 6 months hard labour.
R. v Edward Newman, of Grandborough, Hardwick, Stealing 1 gelding, value £10, property of John Bone, on 19 Sept. Witnesses: William Hughes, of Hardwick [labourer], Thomas Brazier, of Whitchurch [labourer], James Hughes, boy, not sworn. William Dancer, of Granborough [farmer], John Bone, of Weedon [farmer] Not guilty.
R. v William Page, Thomas Nott, Aylesbury, Prisoners in the house of correction. Receiving 1 peck of flour, value 6d knowing it to be stolen from the inhabitants of the County of Bucks., on 15 Aug.
R. v William Westbrook, For stealing the same, pleads guilty having been previously convicted of felony. Witnesses: William Parrott, prisoner in Aylesbury jail. [of Chesham, labourer], James Howard, turnkey at Aylesbury Jail. James Sherriff. Page and Nott guilty - Nott has previous convictions of 6 months and 9 months, 1829, 1833. Page has 3 previous convictions. Westbrook has previous conviction for housebreaking, 6 months. All given 7 years transportation.
R. v William Piddington Jnr., Wendover, Stealing 3 pints unthreshed barley, value 3d, property of Job Wooster, on 21 Aug. Witness: Job Wooster, of Wendover Hale [farmer] Not guilty.
R. v William Cox, Datchet, Stealing 1 iron chain, value 10/-, 1 iron pin, value 6d, property of John Richards, on 12 July. Charles Bass, blacksmith of Eton, Receiving the same knowing them to be stolen. Witnesses: John Jones, assistant [? or apprentice] gardener to Mr. Richards, of Datchet. Henry White, constable of Eton. Daniel Boulter, constable of Datchet. Henry Purser, of Chalvey. Edmund Carter, of Datchet. Guilty - 3 months hard labour, 1st week of each month in solitary confinement.
R. v Edmund Keene, George West, Great Missenden, 1. Stealing 1 pair of salt cellars, value 2/-, and 40 glasses, 30/-, property of Ann Wyllie and another, on 31 Aug. 2. Property of Samuel Eedle. Keene convicted of felony 28 April 10 Geo. IV [1929], West convicted of felony April 1 Will. IV [1831], Witnesses: Henry Parsons, of Frith Hill, Gt. Missenden, dealer in glass. [howler in QS/O 43], Samuel Eedle [the younger], of the Crown, Gt. Missenden. [victualler], Thomas Lacey, of Gt. Missenden. Job Hawkes, of [Gt.] Missenden [labourer] John Fowler, cordwainer, of Chesham. John Jennings, of Chesham Waterside. [turner], Henry Stone, landlord of the Punch Bowl, Chesham. [victualler], Charles Howard, landlord of the Bricklayers Arms, Chesham. [bricklayer in QS/O 43], Samuel Eedle Snr. [of Gr. [...] , yeoman], Thomas Duffield, packer to Mrs. Wylie, of Bethnal Green. John Gomm. Guilty on both counts. Mr. Henry Sherriff. Keene convicted 28 April 1829 of breaking, entering and theft. West convicted 5 April 1831 of felony. Keene 2 previous convictions. West 3 previous convictions. 14 years each.
R. v William Biggs, Thomas Biggs, Woughton, 1. Assaulting Robert Warr, constable of Woughton in the execution of his duty on Oct. 5. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: Robert Warr. John Chapman, of Woughton. Guilty - William Biggs - 6 months 1st week of each month in solitary confinement. Thomas Biggs - 1 month 1st week of each month in solitary confinement. W. Biggs previously convicted for stealing, 1831, 1832, 2 months, 1 month.
R. v Henry Collins, Saunderton, 1. Assaulting Jane Simmonds with intent to rape, on 24 July. 2. Common assault. Witnesses: Jane Simmons, of Princes, Risborough, single woman. Mary Bryan, of Longwood, 1 mile from Shootacre, married. Guilty - 2 years hard labour. Convicted of similar offence April 1826, 2 years in prison.
R. v George Beckett, Steeple Claydon, John Beckett, Thomas Braggins [labourer], John Clarke [labourer], William Clarke [labourer], William Creed [labourer], Edmund Inwood [labourer], James Inwood Jnr., William Matthews [labourer], Jeremiah Quainton [labourer], Thomas Quainton [labourer], John Sear [labourer], Joseph Sear [labourer], Grant Spencer [labourer], Mark Stevens, Edmund Whiting [labourer], Riotously assembling and making a riot, on 18 May. Witnesses: Jeremiah Sewell, overseer of Steeple Claydon. John Williams, constable of Steeple Claydon. George Harrop, glazier of Winslow. All guilty - 6 months hard labour.

Epiphany Sessions, [1834]  [no ref. or date]

R. v James Beesley [aged 19] (previously convicted of felony 2 July IV Geo. IV [1823]). Eton, William Copas [aged 19] (previously convicted of felony 12 April 3 Will. IV [1833] at Windsor). Richard Heddington [aged 21] Stealing 1 beaver hat, value 5/-, 1 woollen jacket, 8/-, 1 waistcoat, 5/-, 1 handkerchief, 2/-, 1 pocket knife, 1/-, property of Charles Lawford, on 13 Nov., Witnesses: Charles Lawford, boy at Eton. Hon. Charles Grantham Scott, boy at Eton. Henry Harding Swaine, hairdresser at Eton College. [Hutt in QS/0 43] William Hatt, shoemaker of Brocas St., Eton. John Simms, jailor of New Windsor jail. James Sherriff. All guilty. Heddington 2 previous convictions. Beesley & Copas - 14 years transportation. Heddington - 6 months hard labour.
R. v John Whitbread [aged 43], Stealing 1 watch, value £2, property of John Clark [of Eton, labourer], on 17 Oct. Pleads guilty. Same prisoner. Stealing 1 watch, value £2, property of Benjamin Clark [of Eton, servant], on same day. Pleads guilty. Not in custody before, good character from lodging house keeper. 3 months hard labour.
R. v Nathaniel Hunt [aged 28], Chalfont St. Peter, Stealing 2 quarts of oats and beans mixed, property of Charles Rudkins, on 13 Dec., Witnesses: Robert Dickens, waggoner to Mr. Rudkins, of Brackley, has the care of his horses at Chalfont St. Peter. Thomas Cullum, ostler to Mrs. Jones' at Chalfont. Guilty - 3 months hard labour. 1 week of each month in solitary confinement.
R. v Thomas Wade [aged 21], Princes Risborough, Stealing 1 piece of printed cotton, value 2/-, property of William Ludgate, on 21 Oct., Witnesses: William Ludgate, shopkeeper, of Princes Risborough. Catherine Simonds, housekeeper to Ludgate. Elizabeth Neal, shopkeeper, of Princes Risborough. Guilty - previously convicted 1830 stealing and vagrancy 4 months hard labour, 3 months - 7 years [transportation]
R. v Richard Philbey [aged 18], Hartwell, William Davis [aged 18], Stealing 1 piece Mother of pearl, value 1/-, 1 penknife, 1/-, property of Richard Loosley, on 27 Oct., Witnesses: Richard Loosley, of Haydon Mill, Hartwell. John Marks, Headborough of Aylesbury. William Oliff, servant to Loosley. William Dickens, currier, of Aylesbury, Philbey worked for him for 11/- p.a Both quilty - never previously in custody - 6 months, 4 weeks solitary.
R. v Sarah Cooper [aged 35] wife of George Cowper, Aylesbury, Stealing 1 loaf of bread, value 3d, property of William Veary, on 7 Dec., Witnesses: William Veary, baker, of Aylesbury. William Cross, constable of Aylesbury. Guilty - 3 months hard labour.
R. v William Edmonds, Stoke Goldington, Stealing 1 iron boiler, property of Sarah Brice, on 9 Nov. Witnesses: John Brice, son of Sarah. Fanny Hull, servant of Sarah Brice. Not guilty.
R. v Robert Coker (married) [aged 24], Hambleden, 1. Stealing 1 sheep, value 20/-, property of Thomas Raymond Barker, on 22 Dec., 2. One ewe. 3. One lamb. Witnesses: Thomas Raymond Barker, of Coldstrope Farm, Hambleden. William Deane, of Coldstrope, Hambleden. George Win, shepherd to Barker. John Green, constable of Turville [victualler], William May, clerk to Mr. John Nash clerk to magistrates. Guilty - transportation for life.
R. v William Dell the younger, William Cogdell [both aged 24] both previously convicted of felony. Chesham, Stealing 1 live hen, value 3/-, 15 chickens value 7/-, property of Luke Wilkin, on 29 July. Witnesses: Luke Wilkin, gamekeeper to Mr. Fuller, of Chesham. Richard Loverin, of Hyde Heath [labourer]. John Wilkin, aged 14, son of Luke. James Sherriff. Dell convicted of felony 17 July [1833] Cogdell convicted of felony 1 March [1833] 3 months. Guilty - transportation for life. Cogdell in custody 9 times, poaching, robbing, assault, trespass, misbehaviour. Dell in custody 11 times, assault, poaching, damage, stealing, trespass, leaving his family.
R. v John Wetherstone [or Witherston alias Mills] previously convicted of felony [aged 51]. Horton, Stealing 1 scythe, value 5/-, property of Edward Godden, on Nov. 11. Witnesses: Edward Godden, labourer [of Horton]. Henry White, petty constable of Eton. Thomas Bradford, labourer [of Horton]. Fredrick Mills, lodges with his aunt (Mills, nephew of Wetherstone). Not guilty.

Minute Books  Q/SM  [n.d.]

Arrangement: The arrangement of entries in the first four volumes is very haphazard, but from 1763 becomes more systematic, with some classified headings. The volumes covering the years 1727-1809 are numbered 1 - 14 after which volumes are unnumbered until 1904, when a new, numbered, series begins, with an index at the front of each volume (except no.54). From 1918 some entries are typed.

This series, which commences in 1727, is subsidiary to the order books (Q/SO). The minute books are in the nature of drafts or working documents compiled - at any rate in part - during sessions of the court. Unlike the order books, however, they are signed by the justices in attendance (later only the chairman signs). Entries relate to the whole range of the court's business, both judicial and non-judicial, but most are in a sketchy, outline form only and are duplicated and supplemented by the order books, while some classes of enrolments, etc., found in the latter are omitted altogether, e.g. constables' appointments and presentments and inclosure awards. On the other hand, a few types of entries appear not to be duplicated in the order books, notably examinations in settlement and other cases prior to 1800 and calendars of prisoners, 1786-1827. Appeals form an increasing proportion of the record from the late 19th century when the details given are fuller. The less standard entries vary greatly in their fullness and it would require individual comparison to ascertain whether they add anything to the order book.
The minute books have the advantage of being smaller and more convenient to consult than the massive and formally worded order books and might be useful in locating material of interest more quickly.
Principal Contents
Oaths of justices and others.
Recognisances, 1727-1852.
Fines imposed.
Orders, various, including payments, discharge of prisoners, bridges.
Indictments (separate heading from 1766), with occasional notes of verdicts, etc., added.
Examinations and statements re.settlement, apprenticeship, bastardy, etc., 1727-1808 (mainly 1727-1765).
Lists of insolvent debtors, 1737-c.1800.
Appeals, including rating appeals. From 1766.
Calendars of prisoners, 1786-1827.
High constables, lists of, c.1763-1827.

Minute Books  Q/SM/1  Mich 1727-Epiph 1735

Minute Books  Q/SM/2  Easter 1736-Epiph 1743

Minute Books  Q/SM/3  Easter 1744-Easter 1754

Books  Q/SM/4  Mich 1754-Mids 1763

Minute Books  Q/SM/5  Mich 1763-Epiph 1771

Minute Books  Q/SM/6  Easter 1771-Mich 1775

Minute Books  Q/SM/7  Epiph 1776-Mids 1779

Minute Books  Q/SM/8  Mich 1779-Mids 1786

Minute Books  Q/SM/9  Mich 1786-Mids 1792

Minute Books  Q/SM/10  Mich 1792-Mids 1796

Minute Books  Q/SM/11  Mich 1796-Easter 1800

Minute Books  Q/SM/12  Mids 1800-Easter 1803

Minute Books  Q/SM/13  Mids 1803-Mids 1806

Minute Books  Q/SM/14  Mich 1806-Mids 1809

Minute Books  Q/SM/15  Mich 1809-Easter 1812

Minute Books  Q/SM/16  Mids 1812-Epiph 1815

Minute Books  Q/SM/17  Easter 1815-Mich 1817

Minute Books  Q/SM/18  Epiph 1818-Mids 1819

Minute Books  Q/SM/19  Mich 1819-Easter 1821

Minute Books  Q/SM/20  Mids 1821-Epiph 1823

Minute Books  Q/SM/21  Easter 1823-Mich 1824

Minute Books  Q/SM/22  Epiph 1825-Mids 1826

Minute Books  Q/SM/23  Mich 1826-Mids 1828

Minute Books  Q/SM/24  Mich 1828-Epiph 1831

Minute Books  Q/SM/25  Easter 1831-Mich 1833

Minute Books  Q/SM/26  Epiph 1834-Epiph 1836

Minute Books  Q/SM/27  Easter 1836-Mids 1838

Minute Books  Q/SM/28  Mich 1838-Mich 1840

Minute Books  Q/SM/29  Epiph 1841-Mich 1842

Minute Books  Q/SM/30  Epiph 1843-Epiph 1845

Minute Books  Q/SM/31  Easter 1845-Mids 1847

Minute Books  Q/SM/32  Mich 1847-Mich 1849

Minute Books  Q/SM/33  Epiph 1850-Easter 1852

Minute Books  Q/SM/34  Mids 1852-Mich 1854

Minute Books  Q/SM/35  Epiph 1855-Epiph 1858

Minute Books  Q/SM/36  Easter 1858-Epiph 1862

Minute Books  Q/SM/37  Easter 1862-Epiph 1866

Minute Books  Q/SM/38  Easter 1866-Mich 1869

Minute Books  Q/SM/39  Epiph 1870-Mids 1874

Minute Books  Q/SM/40  Mids 1874-Epiph 1879

Minute Books  Q/SM/41  Easter 1879-Mich 1883

Minute Books  Q/SM/42  Epiph 1884-Easter 1888

Minute Books  Q/SM/43  Mids 1888-Easter 1896

Minute Books  Q/SM/44  Easter 1896-Mich 1904

Minute Books  Q/SM/45  Epiph 1905-Mids 1912

New Series:- Volumes 45 - 54 are numbered 1 - 10.

Minute Books  Q/SM/46  Mich 1912-Mids 1921

Minute Books  Q/SM/47  Mich 1921-Mich 1929

Minute Books  Q/SM/48  Epiph 1930-Mids 1937

Minute Books  Q/SM/49  Mich 1937-Epiph 1944

Minute Books  Q/SM/50  Easter 1944-Mich 1949

Minute Books  Q/SM/51  Epiph 1950-Mids 1954


Minute Books  Q/SM/52  Mich 1954-Mich 1957

Minute Books  Q/SM/53  Epiph 1957-Easter 1960

Minute Books  Q/SM/54  Mids 1960-Mids 1962

Minute Books  Q/SM/55  September 1962-January 1965

Minute Books  Q/SM/56  February 1965-February 1967

Minute Books  Q/SM/57  March 1967-September 1968

Minute Books  Q/SM/58A  November 1968-January 1970

[Top copy typescript summary of business]

Minute Books  Q/SM/58B  November 1968-January 1970

[carbon copy]

Minute Books  Q/SM/59  Epiphany 1969-Epiphany 1970

Repaired in 1970 after being severely damaged in fire on 14th February 1970. Searchers should request Q/SM/58A instead.

Minute Books  Q/SM/60  February-December 1970

Minute Books  Q/SM/61  December 1970-December 1971

CHAIRMAN'S MINUTE BOOKS  [no ref. or date]

[Mainly unclassified]

Early series  Q/SM/a  1802-1833

Related information: These are described as "case books" and are at present classified as QS/JC.

Later series  Q/SM/b  1881-1952

Related information: Not listed

First Court  Q/SM/b/1  1887-1952

16 vols.

Second Court  Q/SM/b/2  1881-1953

12 vols.

Order Books  Q/SO  [n.d.]

Related information: Calendar of prisoners - see Q/SM note

Sessions books labelled variously "Sessions Records" and "Records". The series, which commences in 1678, contains the formal record of proceedings of the court both judicial and administrative. These books, or earlier versions of them, were referred to in 1690 as "books of Orders of this Court (Bucks Sessions Records vol. 1. p.IX) and this description has been adopted as corresponding most closely to similar records in other counties. They are arranged "with method, system and meticulous care" (Bucks Sessions Records vol. 1. p.IX). In addition to the orders of court, a large proportion of which refer to appeals in disputes relating to legal settlement and highway matters, they contain inter alia particulars of indictments, presentments of the constables, recognisances, calendars of prisoners, enrolments of returns to and registration by Quarter Sessions relating to dissenting meeting houses, oaths and sacramental tests, friendly societies, stopping up of footpaths, convictions at petty sessions, etc., reports of committees (mostly post 1800). Less regular entries include copies of loyal addresses, orders regulating wage rates and enrolments of inclosure awards, 1736-1769. The contents of the earlier volumes to 1724 have been printed in calendar form (with additional documents from 1700) as Buckinghamshire Sessions Records vols. 1-4 (ed. W. LeHardy and G.L. Reckitt), with introduction and full indexes to each volume and a further unpublished volume in the series covering the period 1724-1730 is available for consultation. A ms. summary of the principal business transacted other than routine business, is also available for the period 1730-1733.

Order Books  Q/SO/1  Mids 1678-Mich. 1686

Order Books  Q/SO/2  Epiph 1686-Epiph 1691

Order Books  Q/SO/3  East 1691-East 1694

Order Books  Q/SO/4  Mids 1694-East 1697

Order Books  Q/SO/5  Mids 1697-Epiph 1700

Order Books  Q/SO/6  East 1701-Epiph 1704

Order Books  Q/SO/7  East 1705-Mich 1709

Order Books  Q/SO/8  Epiph 1709-Epiph 1713

Order Books  Q/SO/9  East 1713-Epiph 1717

Order Books  Q/SO/10  East 1718-East 1724

Order Books  Q/SO/11  Mids 1724-Epiph 1729

Order Books  Q/SO/12  East 1730-Epiph 1735

Order Books  Q/SO/13  East 1736-Mich 1740

Order Books  Q/SO/14  Epiph 1740-Mich 1745

Order Books  Q/SO/15  Epiph 1745-Mich 1753

Order Books  Q/SO/16  Epiph 1754-Mich 1760

Order Books  Q/SO/17  Epiph 1761-Mids 1765

Order Books  Q/SO/18  Mich 1765-East 1769

Order Books  Q/SO/19  Mids 1769-Epiph 1774

Order Books  Q/SO/20  East 1774-Mids 1781

Order Books  Q/SO/21  Mich 1781-East 1787

Order Books  Q/SO/22  Mids 1787-Epiph 1790

Order Books  Q/SO/23  East 1790-Epiph 1794

Order Books  Q/SO/24  East 1794-East 1797

Order Books  Q/SO/25  Mids 1797-Epiph 1800

Order Books  Q/SO/26  East 1800-Mich 1801

Order Books  Q/SO/27  Epiph 1802-East 1804

Order Books  Q/SO/28  Mids 1804-Mich 1806

Order Books  Q/SO/29  Epiph 1807-Epiph 1809

Order Books  Q/SO/30  East 1809-Mich 1811

Order Books  Q/SO/31  Epiph 1812-Mich 1813

Order Books  Q/SO/32  Epiph 1814-Mich 1815

Order Books  Q/SO/33  Mich 1815-Mids 1817

Order Books  Q/SO/34  Mich 1817-East 1819

Order Books  Q/SO/35  East 1819-Epiph 1821

Order Books  Q/SO/36  Epiph 1821-Mich 1822

Order Books  Q/SO/37  Epiph 1823-Mids 1824

Order Books  Q/SO/38  Mich 1824-East 1826

Order Books  Q/SO/39  Mids 1826-Epiph 1828

Order Books  Q/SO/40  Epiph 1828-Mich 1829

Order Books  Q/SO/41  Mich 1829-Mids 1831

Order Books  Q/SO/42  Mich 1831-East 1833

Order Books  Q/SO/43  East 1833-Mich 1834

Order Books  Q/SO/44  Mich 1834-East 1836

Order Books  Q/SO/45  Mids 1836-Epiph 1838

Order Books  Q/SO/46  Epiph 1838-Epiph 1840

Order Books  Q/SO/47  East 1840-Epiph 1842

Order Books  Q/SO/48  Epiph 1842-Epiph 1844

Order Books  Q/SO/49  Epiph 1844-Mich 1845

Order Books  Q/SO/50  Epiph 1846-Epiph 1848

Order Books  Q/SO/51  Epiph 1848-Epiph 1850

Order Books  Q/SO/52  Epiph 1850-Epiph 1852

Order Books  Q/SO/53  Epiph 1852-Mich 1853

Order Books  Q/SO/54  Mich 1853-Mich 1855

Order Books  Q/SO/55  Epiph 1856-Mids 1858

Order Books  Q/SO/56  Mich 1858-Epiph 1861

Order Books  Q/SO/57  East 1861-Mich 1863

Order Books  Q/SO/58  Epiph 1864-East 1866

Order Books  Q/SO/59  East 1866-East 1868

Order Books  Q/SO/60  Mids 1868-Epiph 1871

Order Books  Q/SO/61  East 1871-Mids 1873

Order Books  Q/SO/62  Mich 1873-Epiph 1876

Order Books  Q/SO/63  East 1876-Mids 1878

Order Books  Q/SO/64  Mich 1878-Mids 1880

Order Books  Q/SO/65  Mich 1880-Epiph 1883

Order Books  Q/SO/66  East 1883-Mich 1885

Order Books  Q/SO/67  Epiph 1886-Mids 1888

Order Books  Q/SO/68  Mich 1888-Mids 1897

Order Books  Q/SO/69  Mich 1897-Mich 1905

Order Books  Q/SO/70  Epiph 1906-Mids 1912

Order Books  Q/SO/71  Mich 1912-Epiph 1924

Order Books  Q/SO/72  East 1924-Mich 1932

Order Books  Q/SO/73  Epiph 1932-East 1939

Order Books  Q/SO/74  Mids 1939-Epiph 1948

Order Books  Q/SO/75  East 1948-Epiph 1956

Order Books  Q/SO/76  East 1956-Mich 1959


Ashendon Hundred  QS/J/A/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Ashendon Hundred, dated 1784:-

Ashendon.  QS/J/A/i/5  1784

Aston Sandford.  QS/J/A/i/9  1784

Boarstall.  QS/J/A/i/20  1784

Brill.  QS/J/A/i/27  1784

Chearsley.  QS/J/A/i/40  1784

Chilton.  QS/J/A/i/48  1784

Claydon, East.  QS/J/A/i/51  1784

Claydon, Middle.  QS/J/A/i/52  1784

Dorton.  QS/J/A/i/64  1784

Fleet Marston.  QS/J/A/i/78  1784

Granborough.  QS/J/A/i/84  1784

Grendon Underwood.  QS/J/A/i/85  1784

Hogshaw.  QS/J/A/i/103  1784

Ickford.  QS/J/A/i/113  1784

Ilmer.  QS/J/A/i/114  1784

Kingsey.  QS/J/A/i/120  1784

Long Crendon.  QS/J/A/i/134  1784

Ludgershall.  QS/J/A/i/138  1784

North Marston.  QS/J/A/i/157  1784

Oakley.  QS/J/A/i/158  1784

Oving.  QS/J/A/i/161  1784

Pitchcott.  QS/J/A/i/165  1784

Quarrendon.  QS/J/A/i/170  1784

Shabbington. Studley (co. Oxon.); Towersey (co. Oxon.)  QS/J/A/i/182  1784

Westcott.  QS/J/A/i/224  1784

Winchendon, Lower.  QS/J/A/i/232  1784

Winchendon, Upper.  QS/J/A/i/233  1784

Worminghall.  QS/J/A/i/245  1784

Wotton Underwood.  QS/J/A/i/246  1784

Ashendon Hundred  QS/J/A/iii/169  28 September 1807

Ms. return by Parish Constables of persons between the age of 21 and 70 "having Ten Pounds a Year", thus being eligible to serve on Juries, for the parish of QUAINTON, dated 28 September, 1807.

Ashendon Hundred  QS/J/A/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Ashendon Hundred, dated 1826:-

Ashendon.  QS/J/A/iv/5  1826

Aston Sandford.  QS/J/A/iv/9  1826

Boarstall.  QS/J/A/iv/20  1826

Brill.  QS/J/A/iv/27  1826

Chearsley.  QS/J/A/iv/40  1826

Chilton.  QS/J/A/iv/48  1826

Claydon, East.  QS/J/A/iv/51  1826

Claydon, Middle.  QS/J/A/iv/52  1826

Dorton.  QS/J/A/iv/64  1826

Fleet Marston.  QS/J/A/iv/78  1826

Granborough.  QS/J/A/iv/84  1826

Grendon Underwood.  QS/J/A/iv/85  1826

Hogshaw.  QS/J/A/iv/103  1826

Ickford.  QS/J/A/iv/113  1826

Ilmer.  QS/J/A/iv/114  1826

Kingsey.  QS/J/A/iv/120  1826

Long Crendon.  QS/J/A/iv/134  1826

Ludgershall.  QS/J/A/iv/138  1826

North Marston.  QS/J/A/iv/157  1826

Oakley.  QS/J/A/iv/158  1826

Oving.  QS/J/A/iv/161  1826

Pitchcott.  QS/J/A/iv/165  1826

Quainton.  QS/J/A/iv/169(i)  1826

Quarrendon.  QS/J/A/iv/170  1826

Shabbington.  QS/J/A/iv/182  1826

Shipton Lee (in Quainton). Studley (co.Oxon.); Towersey (co.Oxon.)  QS/J/A/iv/169(ii)  1826

Waddesdon.  QS/J/A/iv/215  1826

Waldridge (in Dinton  QS/J/A/iv/62  1826

Westcott.  QS/J/A/iv/224  1826

Winchendon, Lower.  QS/J/A/iv/232  1826

Winchendon, Upper.  QS/J/A/iv/233  1826

Worminghall.  QS/J/A/iv/245  1826

Wotton Underwood.  QS/J/A/iv/246  1826

Ashendon Hundred  QS/J/A/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Ashendon Hundred, dated 1829:-

Ashendon.  QS/J/A/v/5  1829

Aston Sandford.  QS/J/A/v/9  1829

Boarstall.  QS/J/A/v/20  1829

Brill.  QS/J/A/v/27  1829

Chearsley.  QS/J/A/v/40  1829

Chilton.  QS/J/A/v/48  1829

Claydon, East.  QS/J/A/v/51  1829

Claydon, Middle.  QS/J/A/v/52  1829

Dorton.  QS/J/A/v/64  1829

Fleet Marston.  QS/J/A/v/78  1829

Granborough.  QS/J/A/v/84  1829

Grendon Underwood.  QS/J/A/v/85  1829

Hogshaw.  QS/J/A/v/103  1829

Ickford.  QS/J/A/v/113  1829

Ilmer.  QS/J/A/v/114  1829

Kingsey.  QS/J/A/v/120  1829

Long Crendon.  QS/J/A/v/134  1829

Ludgershall.  QS/J/A/v/138  1829

North Marston.  QS/J/A/v/157  1829

Oakley.  QS/J/A/v/158  1829

Oving.  QS/J/A/v/161  1829

Pitchcott.  QS/J/A/v/165  1829

Quainton.  QS/J/A/v/169(i)  1829

Quarrendon.  QS/J/A/v/170  1829

Shabbington.  QS/J/A/v/182  1829

Shipton Lee (in Quainton). Studley (co.Oxon.); Towersey (co.Oxon.)  QS/J/A/v/169(ii)  1829

Waddesdon.  QS/J/A/v/215  1829

Waldridge (in Dinton  QS/J/A/v/62  1829

Westcott.  QS/J/A/v/224  1829

Winchendon, Lower.  QS/J/A/v/232  1829

Winchendon, Upper.  QS/J/A/v/233  1829

Woodham.  QS/J/A/v/241  1829

Worminghall.  QS/J/A/v/245  1829

Wotton Underwood.  QS/J/A/v/246  1829

Aylesbury Hundred.  QS/J/B/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Aylesbury Hundred, dated 1826:-

Aston Clinton.  QS/J/B/iv/8  1826

Aylesbury.  QS/J/B/iv/11  1826

Bierton.  QS/J/B/iv/16  1826

Bledlow.  QS/J/B/iv/17(i)  1826

Bledlow Ridge.  QS/J/B/iv/17(ii)  1826

Buckland.  QS/J/B/iv/30  1826

Cuddington.  QS/J/B/iv/59  1826

Dinton.  QS/J/B/iv/62  1826

Ellesborough.  QS/J/B/iv/70  1826

Haddenham.  QS/J/B/iv/87  1826

Halton.  QS/J/B/iv/88  1826

Hampden, Great.  QS/J/B/iv/90  1826

Hampden, Little.  QS/J/B/iv/91  1826

Hartwell.  QS/J/B/iv/96  1826

Horsenden.  QS/J/B/iv/106  1826

Hulcott.  QS/J/B/iv/111  1826

Kimble, Great.  QS/J/B/iv/117  1826

Kimble, Little.  QS/J/B/iv/118  1826

Lee.  QS/J/B/iv/128  1826

Missenden, Great.  QS/J/B/iv/148  1826

Missenden, Little.  QS/J/B/iv/149  1826

Risborough, Monks.  QS/J/B/iv/176  1826

Risborough, Princes.  QS/J/B/iv/175  1826

Stoke Mandeville.  QS/J/B/iv/196  1826

Stone.  QS/J/B/iv/199  1826

Walton (in Aylesbury).  QS/J/B/iv/216  1826

Wendover.  QS/J/B/iv/222  1826

Weston Turville.  QS/J/B/iv/225  1826

Aylesbury Hundred  QS/J/B/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Aylesbury Hundred, dated 1829:-

Aston Clinton.  QS/J/B/v/8  1829

Aylesbury.  QS/J/B/v/11  1829

Bierton.  QS/J/B/v/16  1829

Bledlow Ridge.  QS/J/B/v/17(i)  1829

Bledlow Ridge.  QS/J/B/v/17(ii)  1829

Buckland.  QS/J/B/v/30  1829

Cuddington.  QS/J/B/v/59  1829

Dinton.  QS/J/B/v/62  1829

Ellesborough.  QS/J/B/v/70  1829

Haddenham.  QS/J/B/v/87  1829

Halton.  QS/J/B/v/88  1829

Hampden, Great.  QS/J/B/v/90  1829

Hampden, Little.  QS/J/B/v/91  1829

Hartwell.  QS/J/B/v/96  1829

Hulcott.  QS/J/B/v/111  1829

Kimble, Great.  QS/J/B/v/117  1829

Kimble, Little.  QS/J/B/v/118  1829

Lee.  QS/J/B/v/128  1829

Missenden, Great.  QS/J/B/v/148  1829

Missenden, Little.  QS/J/B/v/149  1829

Risborough, Monks.  QS/J/B/v/176  1829

Risborough, Princes.  QS/J/B/v/175  1829

Stoke Mandeville.  QS/J/B/v/196  1829

Stone.  QS/J/B/v/199  1829

Walton (in Aylesbury).  QS/J/B/v/216  1829

Wendover.  QS/J/B/v/222  1829

Weston Turville.  QS/J/B/v/225  1829

Buckingham Hundred  QS/J/C/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Buckingham Hundred, dated 1784:-

Addington.  QS/J/C/i/1  1784

Adstock.  QS/J/C/i/2  1784

Akeley.  QS/J/C/i/3  1784

Barton Hartshorn.  QS/J/C/i/12  1784

Beachampton.  QS/J/C/i/13  1784

Biddlesden. Caversfield (co. Oxon.).  QS/J/C/i/15  1784

Chetwode.  QS/J/C/i/46  1784

Claydon, Steeple.  QS/J/C/i/53  1784

Edgcott.  QS/J/C/i/68  1784

Foscott.  QS/J/C/i/79  1784

Hillesden.  QS/J/C/i/102  1784

Leckhampstead.  QS/J/C/i/127  1784

Lillingstone Dayrell.  QS/J/C/i/129  1784

Maids Moreton.  QS/J/C/i/139  1784

Marsh Gibbon.  QS/J/C/i/143  1784

Padbury.  QS/J/C/i/162  1784

Preston Bissett.  QS/J/C/i/168  1784

Radclive-cum-Chackmore.  QS/J/C/i/172  1784

Shalstone.  QS/J/C/i/183  1784

Stowe.  QS/J/C/i/201  1784

Thornborough.  QS/J/C/i/205  1784

Thornton.  QS/J/C/i/206  1784

Tingewick.  QS/J/C/i/207  1784

Turweston.  QS/J/C/i/209  1784

Twyford.  QS/J/C/i/210  1784

Water Stratford.  QS/J/C/i/219  1784

Westbury.  QS/J/C/i/223  1784

Buckingham Hundred  QS/J/C/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Buckingham Hundred, dated 1826:-

Addington.  QS/J/C/iv/1  1826

Adstock.  QS/J/C/iv/2  1826

Akeley.  QS/J/C/iv/3  1826

Barton Hartshorn.  QS/J/C/iv/12  1826

Beachampton.  QS/J/C/iv/13  1826

Biddlesden. Caversfield (co. Oxon).  QS/J/C/iv/15  1826

Charndon.  QS/J/C/iv/38  1826

Chetwode.  QS/J/C/iv/46  1826

Claydon, Steeple.  QS/J/C/iv/53  1826

Edgcott.  QS/J/C/iv/68  1826

Foscott.  QS/J/C/iv/79  1826

Hillesden.  QS/J/C/iv/102  1826

Leckhampstead.  QS/J/C/iv/127  1826

Lillingstone Dayrell.  QS/J/C/iv/129  1826

Maids Moreton.  QS/J/C/iv/139  1826

Marsh Gibbon.  QS/J/C/iv/143  1826

Padbury.  QS/J/C/iv/162  1826

Poundon.  QS/J/C/iv/167  1826

Preston Bissett.  QS/J/C/iv/168  1826

Radclive-cum-Chackmore.  QS/J/C/iv/172  1826

Shalstone.  QS/J/C/iv/183  1826

Stowe.  QS/J/C/iv/201  1826

Thornborough.  QS/J/C/iv/205  1826

Thornton.  QS/J/C/iv/206  1826

Tingewick.  QS/J/C/iv/207  1826

Turweston.  QS/J/C/iv/209  1826

Twyford.  QS/J/C/iv/210  1826

Water Stratford.  QS/J/C/iv/219  1826

Westbury.  QS/J/C/iv/223  1826

Buckingham Hundred  QS/J/C/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Buckingham Hundred, dated 1829:-

Addington.  QS/J/C/v/1  1829

Adstock.  QS/J/C/v/2  1829

Akeley.  QS/J/C/v/3  1829

Barton Hartshorn.  QS/J/C/v/12  1829

Beachampton.  QS/J/C/v/13  1829

Biddlesden. Caversfield (co. Oxon).  QS/J/C/v/15  1829

Charndon.  QS/J/C/v/38  1829

Chetwode.  QS/J/C/v/46  1829

Claydon, Steeple.  QS/J/C/v/53  1829

Edgcott.  QS/J/C/v/68  1829

Foscott.  QS/J/C/v/79  1829

Hillesden.  QS/J/C/v/102  1829

Leckhampstead.  QS/J/C/v/127  1829

Lillingstone Dayrell.  QS/J/C/v/129  1829

Maids Moreton.  QS/J/C/v/139  1829

Marsh Gibbon.  QS/J/C/v/143  1829

Padbury.  QS/J/C/v/162  1829

Poundon.  QS/J/C/v/167  1829

Preston Bissett.  QS/J/C/v/168  1829

Radclive-cum-Chackmore.  QS/J/C/v/172  1829

Shalstone.  QS/J/C/v/183  1829

Stowe.  QS/J/C/v/201  1829

Thornborough.  QS/J/C/v/205  1829

Thornton.  QS/J/C/v/206  1829

Tingewick.  QS/J/C/v/207  1829

Turweston.  QS/J/C/v/209  1829

Twyford.  QS/J/C/v/210  1829

Water Stratford.  QS/J/C/v/219  1829

Westbury.  QS/J/C/v/223  1829

Burnham Hundred  QS/J/D/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Burnham Hundred, dated 1784:-

Amersham.  QS/J/D/i/4(i)  1784

Amersham. (Franchises).  QS/J/D/i/4(ii)  1784

Amersham. (Woodside).  QS/J/D/i/4(iii)  1784

Amersham. (Woodrow).  QS/J/D/i/4(iv)  1784

Ashley Green (with Bellingdon).  QS/J/D/i/6  1784

Chalfont St. Giles.  QS/J/D/i/35  1784

Chalfont St. Peter.  QS/J/D/i/36  1784

Chartridge (with Hundridge and Asheridge).  QS/J/D/i/39  1784

Chenies.  QS/J/D/i/42  1784

Chesham.  QS/J/D/i/44(i)  1784

Botley & Waterside.  QS/J/D/i/44(ii)  1784

Chesham Bois.  QS/J/D/i/45  1784

Farnham Royal.  QS/J/D/i/74  1784

Latimer.  QS/J/D/i/125  1784

Penn.  QS/J/D/i/163  1784

Seer Green.  QS/J/D/i/181  1784

Taplow.  QS/J/D/i/203  1784

Burnham Hundred  QS/J/D/ii/44  18 September 1801

Ms. return, by Parish Constables, of persons between the age of 21 and 70 "having Ten Pounds a Year", thus being eligible to serve on Juries, for the parish of CHESHAM, dated 18 September, 1801.

Burnham Hundred  QS/J/D/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. return, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Burnham Hundred, dated 1826:-

Amersham.  QS/J/D/iv/4  1826

Beaconsfield.  QS/J/D/iv/14  1826

Boveney.  QS/J/D/iv/31(ii)  1826

Burnham.  QS/J/D/iv/31(i)  1826

Chalfont St. Giles.  QS/J/D/iv/35  1826

Chalfont St. Peter.  QS/J/D/iv/36  1826

Chenies.  QS/J/D/iv/42  1826

Chesham.  QS/J/D/iv/44  1826

Chesham Bois.  QS/J/D/iv/45  1826

Dorney.  QS/J/D/iv/63  1826

Farnham Royal.  QS/J/D/iv/74(i)  1826

Hedgerley Dean.  QS/J/D/iv/74(ii)  1826

Hitcham.  QS/J/D/iv/1020  1826

Penn.  QS/J/D/iv/163  1826

Seer Green.  QS/J/D/iv/181  1826

Taplow.  QS/J/D/iv/203  1826

Burnham Hundred  QS/J/D/v  [n.d.]

Ms. return, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Burnham Hundred, dated 1829:-

Amersham.  QS/J/D/v/4  1829

Beaconsfield.  QS/J/D/v/14  1829

Boveney.  QS/J/D/v/31(ii)  1829

Burnham.  QS/J/D/v/31(i)  1829

Chalfont St. Giles.  QS/J/D/v/35  1829

Chalfont St. Peter.  QS/J/D/v/36  1829

Chenies.  QS/J/D/v/42  1829

Chesham.  QS/J/D/v/44  1829

Chesham Bois.  QS/J/D/v/45  1829

Dorney.  QS/J/D/v/63  1829

Farnham Royal.  QS/J/D/v/74(i)  1829

Hedgerley Dean.  QS/J/D/v/74(ii)  1829

Hitcham.  QS/J/D/v/1020  1829

Penn.  QS/J/D/v/163  1829

Seer Green.  QS/J/D/v/181  1829

Taplow.  QS/J/D/v/203  1829

Cottesloe Hundred  QS/J/E/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Cottesloe Hundred, dated 1784:-

Aston Abbots.  QS/J/E/i/7  1784

Cheddington.  QS/J/E/i/41  1784

Cholesbury.  QS/J/E/i/49  1784

Creslow.  QS/J/E/i/57  1784

Cublington.  QS/J/E/i/58  1784

Drayton Beauchamp.  QS/J/E/i/65  1784

Drayton Parslow.  QS/J/E/i/66  1784

Dunton.  QS/J/E/i/67  1784

Edlesborough.  QS/J/E/i/69  1784

Grove.  QS/J/E/i/86  1784

Hardwick. (with Weedon)  QS/J/E/i/95  1784

Hawridge.  QS/J/E/i/101  1784

Hoggeston.  QS/J/E/i/105  1784

Horwood, Great.  QS/J/E/i/108  1784

Horwood, Little.  QS/J/E/i/109  1784

Ivinghoe.  QS/J/E/i/116  1784

Linslade.  QS/J/E/i/133  1784

Marsworth.  QS/J/E/i/144  1784

Mentmore.  QS/J/E/i/146  1784

Mursley.  QS/J/E/i/151  1784

Nash.  QS/J/E/i/152  1784

Pitstone.  QS/J/E/i/166  1784

Shenley Brook End.  QS/J/E/i/184  1784

Slapton.  QS/J/E/i/188  1784

Soulbury.  QS/J/E/i/190  1784

Stewkley.  QS/J/E/i/193  1784

Swanbourne.  QS/J/E/i/202  1784

Tattenhoe. Weedon (see Hardwick).  QS/J/E/i/204  1784

Whaddon.  QS/J/E/i/229  1784

Whitchurch.  QS/J/E/i/230  1784

Wing.  QS/J/E/i/234  1784

Wingrave.  QS/J/E/i/235  1784

Winslow.  QS/J/E/i/237  1784

Cottesloe Hundred  QS/J/E/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Cottesloe Hundred, dated 1826:-

Aston Abbots.  QS/J/E/iv/7  1826

Cheddington.  QS/J/E/iv/41  1826

Cholesbury.  QS/J/E/iv/49  1826

Creslow.  QS/J/E/iv/57  1826

Cublington.  QS/J/E/iv/58  1826

Drayton Beauchamp.  QS/J/E/iv/65  1826

Drayton Parslow.  QS/J/E/iv/66  1826

Dunton.  QS/J/E/iv/67  1826

Edlesborough.  QS/J/E/iv/69  1826

Grove.  QS/J/E/iv/86  1826

Hardwick.  QS/J/E/iv/95  1826

Hawridge.  QS/J/E/iv/101  1826

Hoggeston.  QS/J/E/iv/105  1826

Horwood, Great.  QS/J/E/iv/108(i)  1826

Singleborough (in Great Horwood).  QS/J/E/iv/108(ii)  1826

Horwood, Little.  QS/J/E/iv/109  1826

Ivinghoe.  QS/J/E/iv/116  1826

Linslade.  QS/J/E/iv/133  1826

Marsworth.  QS/J/E/iv/144  1826

Mentmore  QS/J/E/iv/146(i)  1826

Ledburn (in Mentmore).  QS/J/E/iv/146(ii)  1826

Mursley.  QS/J/E/iv/151  1826

Nash.  QS/J/E/iv/152  1826

Pitstone.  QS/J/E/iv/166(i)  1826

Nettleden (in Pitstone)  QS/J/E/iv/166(ii)  1826

Shenley Brook End.  QS/J/E/iv/184  1826

Slapton.  QS/J/E/iv/188  1826

Soulbury.  QS/J/E/iv/190  1826

Stewkley.  QS/J/E/iv/193  1826

Swanbourne.  QS/J/E/iv/202  1826

Tattenhoe.  QS/J/E/iv/204  1826

Weedon.  QS/J/E/iv/221  1826

Whaddon.  QS/J/E/iv/229  1826

Whitchurch.  QS/J/E/iv/230  1826

Wing.  QS/J/E/iv/234  1826

Wingrave.  QS/J/E/iv/235  1826

Winslow.  QS/J/E/iv/237  1826

Cottesloe Hundred  QS/J/E/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Cottesloe Hundred, dated 1829:-

Aston Abbotts.  QS/J/E/v/7  1829

Cheddington.  QS/J/E/v/41  1829

Cholesbury.  QS/J/E/v/49  1829

Creslow.  QS/J/E/v/57  1829

Cublington.  QS/J/E/v/58  1829

Drayton Beauchamp.  QS/J/E/v/65  1829

Drayton Parslow.  QS/J/E/v/66  1829

Dunton.  QS/J/E/v/67  1829

Edlesborough.  QS/J/E/v/69(i)  1829

Dagnall (in Edlesborough).  QS/J/E/v/69(ii)  1829

Northall (in Edlesborough).  QS/J/E/v/69(iii)  1829

Grove.  QS/J/E/v/86  1829

Hardwick.  QS/J/E/v/95  1829

Hawridge.  QS/J/E/v/101  1829

Hoggeston.  QS/J/E/v/105  1829

Horwood, Great.  QS/J/E/v/108(i)  1829

Singleborough (in G.Horwood).  QS/J/E/v/108(ii)  1829

Horwood, Little.  QS/J/E/v/109  1829

Ivinghoe.  QS/J/E/v/116  1829

Linslade.  QS/J/E/v/133  1829

Marsworth.  QS/J/E/v/144  1829

Mentmore.  QS/J/E/v/146  1829

Mursley.  QS/J/E/v/151  1829

Nash.  QS/J/E/v/152  1829

Pitstone.  QS/J/E/v/166(i)  1829

Nettleden (in Pitstone).  QS/J/E/v/166(ii)  1829

Shenley Brook End.  QS/J/E/v/184  1829

Slapton.  QS/J/E/v/188  1829

Stewkley.  QS/J/E/v/193  1829

Swanbourne.  QS/J/E/v/202  1829

Tattenhoe.  QS/J/E/v/204  1829

Weedon.  QS/J/E/v/221  1829

Whaddon.  QS/J/E/v/229  1829

Whitchurch.  QS/J/E/v/230  1829

Wing.  QS/J/E/v/234  1829

Wingrave.  QS/J/E/v/235  1829

Winslow.  QS/J/E/v/237  1829

Desborough Hundred  QS/J/F/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Desborough Hundred, dated 1784:-

Bradenham (with Radnage).  QS/J/F/i/21  1784

Hambleden.  QS/J/F/i/89  1784

Hedsor.  QS/J/F/i/100  1784

Hughenden. Ibstone (see Turville).  QS/J/F/i/110  1784

Marlow, Great.  QS/J/F/i/140  1784

Marlow, Little.  QS/J/F/i/141  1784

Marlow, Urban.  QS/J/F/i/142  1784

Medmenham. Radnage (see Bradenham)  QS/J/F/i/145  1784

Saunderton.  QS/J/F/i/179  1784

Turville (with Ibstone).  QS/J/F/i/208  1784

Wooburn.  QS/J/F/i/240  1784

Wycombe, Chepping.  QS/J/F/i/249  1784

Wycombe, West.  QS/J/F/i/227  1784

Desborough Hundred  QS/J/F/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes of the Desborough Hundred, dated 1826:-

Bradenham.  QS/J/F/iv/21  1826

Fawley.  QS/J/F/iv/75  1826

Fingest.  QS/J/F/iv/77  1826

Hambleden.  QS/J/F/iv/89  1826

Hedsor.  QS/J/F/iv/100  1826

Hughenden.  QS/J/F/iv/110  1826

Ibstone.  QS/J/F/iv/112  1826

Marlow, Great.  QS/J/F/iv/140  1826

Marlow, Little.  QS/J/F/iv/141  1826

Marlow, Urban.  QS/J/F/iv/142  1826

Medmenham.  QS/J/F/iv/145  1826

Radnage.  QS/J/F/iv/173  1826

Saunderton.  QS/J/F/iv/179  1826

Turville.  QS/J/F/iv/208  1826

Wooburn  QS/J/F/iv/240  1826

Wycombe, Chepping.  QS/J/F/iv/249  1826

Wycombe, West.  QS/J/F/iv/227  1826

Desborough Hundred  QS/J/F/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes of the Desborough Hundred, dated 1829:-

Bradenham.  QS/J/F/v/21  1829

Fawley.  QS/J/F/v/75  1829

Fingest.  QS/J/F/v/77  1829

Hambleden.  QS/J/F/v/89  1829

Hedsor.  QS/J/F/v/100  1829

Hughenden.  QS/J/F/v/110  1829

Ibstone.  QS/J/F/v/112  1829

Marlow, Great.  QS/J/F/v/140  1829

Marlow, Little.  QS/J/F/v/141  1829

Marlow, Urban.  QS/J/F/v/142  1829

Medmenham.  QS/J/F/v/145  1829

Saunderton.  QS/J/F/v/179  1829

Turville.  QS/J/F/v/208  1829

Wooburn.  QS/J/F/v/240  1829

Wycombe, Chepping.  QS/J/F/v/249  1829

Wycombe, West.  QS/J/F/v/227  1829

Newport Hundred  QS/J/G/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Newport Hundred, dated 1784:-

Astwood.  QS/J/G/i/10  1784

Bletchley.  QS/J/G/i/19(i)  1784

Bradwell.  QS/J/G/i/22  1784

Bradwell Abbey.  QS/J/G/i/23  1784

Brickhill, Bow.  QS/J/G/i/24  1784

Brickhill, Great.  QS/J/G/i/25  1784

Brickhill, Little.  QS/J/G/i/26  1784

Broughton.  QS/J/G/i/28  1784

Calverton.  QS/J/G/i/32  1784

Castlethorpe.  QS/J/G/i/33  1784

Chicheley.  QS/J/G/i/47  1784

Clifton Reynes.  QS/J/G/i/54  1784

Cold Brayfield.  QS/J/G/i/55  1784

Emberton.  QS/J/G/i/71  1784

Fenny Stratford.  QS/J/G/i/19(ii)  1784

Gayhurst.  QS/J/G/i/82  1784

Hanslope. (incl. Stoke Goldington)  QS/J/G/i/93  1784

Hardmead.  QS/J/G/i/94  1784

Haversham.  QS/J/G/i/97  1784

Lathbury.  QS/J/G/i/124  1784

Lavendon.  QS/J/G/i/126  1784

Linford, Great.  QS/J/G/i/131  1784

Linford, Little.  QS/J/G/i/132  1784

Loughton.  QS/J/G/i/137  1784

Milton Keynes.  QS/J/G/i/147  1784

Moulsoe.  QS/J/G/i/150  1784

Newport Pagnell.  QS/J/G/i/153  1784

Newton Blossomville.  QS/J/G/i/154  1784

Newton Longville.  QS/J/G/i/155  1784

North Crawley.  QS/J/G/i/156  1784

Olney.  QS/J/G/i/159  1784

Ravenstone.  QS/J/G/i/174  1784

Shenley Church End.  QS/J/G/i/185  1784

Sherington.  QS/J/G/i/186  1784

Simpson.  QS/J/G/i/180  1784

Stantonbury.  QS/J/G/i/192  1784

Related information: Stoke Goldington (see Hanslope).

Stoke Hammond.  QS/J/G/i/195  1784

Stony Stratford, East.  QS/J/G/i/200(i)  1784

Stony Stratford, West.  QS/J/G/i/200(ii)  1784

Tyringham-with-Filgrave.  QS/J/G/i/212  1784

Walton.  QS/J/G/i/217  1784

Warrington.  QS/J/G/i/218  1784

Water Eaton.  QS/J/G/i/19(iii)  1784

Wavendon.  QS/J/G/i/220  1784

Weston Underwood.  QS/J/G/i/226  1784

Willen.  QS/J/G/i/231  1784

Wolverton.  QS/J/G/i/239  1784

Woolstone, Great.  QS/J/G/i/242  1784

Woolstone, Little.  QS/J/G/i/243  1784

Woughton-on-the-Green.  QS/J/G/i/247  1784

Newport Hundred  QS/J/G/ii/33  19th September 1801

Ms. return, by Parish Constable, of persons between the ages of 21 and 70 "having Ten Pounds a Year", and thus being eligible to serve on Juries, for the parish of CASTLETHORPE, dated 19th September, 1801.

Newport Hundred  QS/J/G/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Newport Hundred, dated 1826:-

Astwood.  QS/J/G/iv/10  1826

Bletchley.  QS/J/G/iv/19(i)  1826

Bradwell.  QS/J/G/iv/22  1826

Bradwell Abbey.  QS/J/G/iv/23  1826

Brickhill, Bow.  QS/J/G/iv/24  1826

Brickhill, Great.  QS/J/G/iv/25  1826

Brickhill, Little.  QS/J/G/iv/26  1826

Broughton.  QS/J/G/iv/28  1826

Calverton.  QS/J/G/iv/32  1826

Castlethorpe.  QS/J/G/iv/33  1826

Chicheley.  QS/J/G/iv/47  1826

Clifton Reynes.  QS/J/G/iv/54  1826

Cold Brayfield.  QS/J/G/iv/55  1826

Emberton.  QS/J/G/iv/71  1826

Fenny Stratford.  QS/J/G/iv/19(ii)  1826

Gayhurst.  QS/J/G/iv/82  1826

Hanslope.  QS/J/G/iv/93  1826

Hardmead.  QS/J/G/iv/94  1826

Haversham.  QS/J/G/iv/97  1826

Lathbury.  QS/J/G/iv/124  1826

Lavendon.  QS/J/G/iv/126  1826

Linford, Great.  QS/J/G/iv/131  1826

Linford, Little.  QS/J/G/iv/132  1826

Loughton.  QS/J/G/iv/137  1826

Milton Keynes.  QS/J/G/iv/147  1826

Moulsoe.  QS/J/G/iv/150  1826

Newport Pagnell.  QS/J/G/iv/153  1826

Newton Blossomville.  QS/J/G/iv/154  1826

Newton Longville.  QS/J/G/iv/155  1826

North Crawley.  QS/J/G/iv/156  1826

Olney.  QS/J/G/iv/159  1826

Ravenstone.  QS/J/G/iv/174  1826

Shenley Church End.  QS/J/G/iv/185  1826

Sherington.  QS/J/G/iv/186  1826

Simpson.  QS/J/G/iv/180  1826

Stantonbury.  QS/J/G/iv/192  1826

Stoke Goldington.  QS/J/G/iv/194  1826

Stoke Hammond.  QS/J/G/iv/195  1826

Stony Stratford, East.  QS/J/G/iv/200(i)  1826

Stony Stratford, West.  QS/J/G/iv/200(ii)  1826

Tyringham-with-Filgrave.  QS/J/G/iv/212  1826

Walton.  QS/J/G/iv/217  1826

Warrington.  QS/J/G/iv/218  1826

Water Eaton.  QS/J/G/iv/19(ii)  1826

Wavendon.  QS/J/G/iv/220  1826

Weston Underwood.  QS/J/G/iv/226  1826

Willen.  QS/J/G/iv/231  1826

Wolverton.  QS/J/G/iv/239  1826

Woolstone, Great.  QS/J/G/iv/242  1826

Woolstone, Little.  QS/J/G/iv/243  1826

Woughton-on-the-Green.  QS/J/G/iv/247  1826

Newport Hundred  QS/J/G/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Newport Hundred, dated 1829:-

Astwood.  QS/J/G/v/10  1829

Bletchley.  QS/J/G/v/19(i)  1829

Bradwell.  QS/J/G/v/22  1829

Bradwell Abbey.  QS/J/G/v/23  1829

Brickhill, Bow.  QS/J/G/v/24  1829

Brickhill, Great.  QS/J/G/v/25  1829

Brickhill, Little.  QS/J/G/v/26  1829

Broughton.  QS/J/G/v/28  1829

Calverton.  QS/J/G/v/32  1829

Castlethorpe.  QS/J/G/v/33  1829

Chicheley.  QS/J/G/v/47  1829

Clifton Reynes.  QS/J/G/v/54  1829

Cold Brayfield.  QS/J/G/v/55  1829

Emberton.  QS/J/G/v/71  1829

Fenny Stratford.  QS/J/G/v/19(ii)  1829

Gayhurst.  QS/J/G/v/82  1829

Hanslope.  QS/J/G/v/93  1829

Hardmead.  QS/J/G/v/94  1829

Haversham.  QS/J/G/v/97  1829

Lathbury.  QS/J/G/v/124  1829

Lavendon.  QS/J/G/v/126  1829

Linford, Great.  QS/J/G/v/131  1829

Linford, Little.  QS/J/G/v/132  1829

Loughton.  QS/J/G/v/137  1829

Milton Keynes.  QS/J/G/v/147  1829

Moulsoe.  QS/J/G/v/150  1829

Newport Pagnell.  QS/J/G/v/153  1829

Newton Blossomville.  QS/J/G/v/154  1829

Newton Longville.  QS/J/G/v/155  1829

North Crawley.  QS/J/G/v/156  1829

Olney.  QS/J/G/v/159  1829

Ravenstone.  QS/J/G/v/174  1829

Shenley Church End.  QS/J/G/v/185  1829

Sherington.  QS/J/G/v/186  1829

Simpson.  QS/J/G/v/180  1829

Stantonbury.  QS/J/G/v/192  1829

Stoke Goldington.  QS/J/G/v/194  1829

Stoke Hammond.  QS/J/G/v/195  1829

Stony Stratford, East.  QS/J/G/v/200(i)  1829

Stony Stratford, West.  QS/J/G/v/200(ii)  1829

Tyringham-with-Filgrave.  QS/J/G/v/212  1829

Walton.  QS/J/G/v/217  1829

Water Eaton.  QS/J/G/v/19(iii)  1829

Wavendon.  QS/J/G/v/220  1829

Weston Underwood.  QS/J/G/v/226  1829

Willen.  QS/J/G/v/231  1829

Wolverton.  QS/J/G/v/239  1829

Woolstone, Great.  QS/J/G/v/242  1829

Woolstone, Little.  QS/J/G/v/243  1829

Woughton-on-the-Green.  QS/J/G/v/247  1829

Stoke Hundred  QS/J/H/i  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Parish Constables, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Stoke Hundred, dated 1784:-

Datchet.  QS/J/H/i/60  1784

Denham.  QS/J/H/i/61  1784

Eton.  QS/J/H/i/72  1784

Fulmer.  QS/J/H/i/81  1784

Horton.  QS/J/H/i/107  1784

Langley (Colnbrook).  QS/J/H/i/123(i)  1784

Langley (Horsemore).  QS/J/H/i/123(ii)  1784

Langley (Westmore Green Division).  QS/J/H/i/123(iii)  1784

Stoke Poges.  QS/J/H/i/198  1784

Upton-cum-Chalvey.  QS/J/H/i/214  1784

Wexham.  QS/J/H/i/228  1784

Wraysbury.  QS/J/H/i/248  1784

Stoke Hundred  QS/J/H/ii/214  14th September 1801

Ms. return, by Parish Constable, of persons between the ages of 21 and 70 "having Ten Pounds a Year", and thus being eligible to serve on Juries, for the parish of UPTON-CUM-CHALVEY, dated 14th September, 1801.

Stoke Hundred  QS/J/H/iv  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Stoke Hundred, dated 1826:-

Datchet.  QS/J/H/iv/60  1826

Denham.  QS/J/H/iv/61  1826

Eton.  QS/J/H/iv/72  1826

Fulmer.  QS/J/H/iv/81  1826

Hedgerley.  QS/J/H/iv/99  1826

Horton.  QS/J/H/iv/107  1826

Iver.  QS/J/H/iv/115  1826

Langley Marish.  QS/J/H/iv/123  1826

Stoke Poges.  QS/J/H/iv/198  1826

Upton-cum-Chalvey.  QS/J/H/iv/214  1826

Wexham.  QS/J/H/iv/228  1826

Wraysbury.  QS/J/H/iv/248  1826

Stoke Hundred  QS/J/H/v  [n.d.]

Ms. returns, by Churchwardens and Overseers, of persons qualified to serve on Juries, for the following parishes in the Stoke Hundred, dated 1829:-

Datchet.  QS/J/H/v/60  1829

Denham.  QS/J/H/v/61  1829

Eton.  QS/J/H/v/72  1829

Fulmer.  QS/J/H/v/81  1829

Hedgerley.  QS/J/H/v/99  1829

Horton.  QS/J/H/v/107  1829

Iver.  QS/J/H/v/115  1829

Langley Marish.  QS/J/H/v/123  1829

Stoke Poges.  QS/J/H/v/198  1829

Upton-cum-Chalvey.  QS/J/H/v/214  1829

Wexham.  QS/J/H/v/228  1829

Wraysbury.  QS/J/H/v/248  1829

JURY BOOKS.  JB  [n.d.]

Mss. volumes containing the names of those persons duly qualified to serve on Juries, in pursuance of the respective Acts made in that matter, for the period 1769 - 1873, as under:-  JB/1-20  [n.d.]

Related information: For Lists of jurors summoned, 1829-1882, see S/4/6

Jury Book  JB/1  1769

Jury Book  JB/2  1772

Jury Book  JB/3  1778

Jury Book  JB/4  1782

Jury Book  JB/5  1785

Jury Book  JB/6  1786

Jury Book  JB/7  1789

Jury Book  JB/8  1790

Jury Book  JB/9  1791

Jury Book  JB/10  1792

Jury Book  JB/11  1793-94

Jury Book  JB/12  1794

Jury Book  JB/13  1795

Jury Book  JB/14  1796

Jury Book  JB/15  1797

Jury Book  JB/16  1797

Jury Book  JB/17  1798

Jury Book  JB/18  1799

Jury Book  JB/19  1800

Jury Book  JB/20  1801

Mss. volumes as described on previous sheet.  JB/21-50  [n.d.]

Jury Book  JB/21  1802

Jury Book  JB/22  1803

Jury Book  JB/23  1803

Jury Book  JB/24  1804

Jury Book  JB/25  1805

Jury Book  JB/26  1806

Jury Book  JB/27  1807

Jury Book  JB/28  1808

Jury Book  JB/29  1809

Jury Book  JB/30  1810

Jury Book  JB/31  1811

Jury Book  JB/32  1813

Jury Book  JB/33  1814

Jury Book  JB/34  1815

Jury Book  JB/35  1818

Jury Book  JB/36  1820

Jury Book  JB/37  1821

Jury Book  JB/38  1822

Jury Book  JB/39  1826

Jury Book  JB/40  1827

Jury Book  JB/41  1828

Jury Book  JB/42  1829

Jury Book  JB/43  1832

Jury Book  JB/44  1833

Jury Book  JB/45  1834

Jury Book  JB/46  1835

Jury Book  JB/47  1836

Jury Book  JB/48  1837

Jury Book  JB/49  1838

Jury Book  JB/50  1842

Mss volumes as previously described  JB/51-70  [n.d.]

Related information: 1863, 1868, 1871-72, see JB 86-89
1895, 1900, 1905, 1909, 1916, see JB 81-85

Jury Book  JB/51  1845

Jury Book  JB/52  1847

Jury Book  JB/53  1848

Jury Book  JB/54  1849

Jury Book  JB/55  1850

Jury Book  JB/56  1851

Jury Book  JB/57  1852

Jury Book  JB/58  1853

Jury Book  JB/59  1854

Jury Book  JB/60  1855

Jury Book  JB/61  1858

Jury Book  JB/62  1859

Jury Book  JB/63  1860

Jury Book  JB/64  1861

Jury Book  JB/65  1862

Jury Book  JB/66  1864

Jury Book  JB/67  1866

Jury Book  JB/68  1867

Jury Book  JB/69  1870

Jury Book  JB/70  1873

Mss. volumes containing the names of those persons qualified to serve as special Jurors, between the years 1826 - 1871, as under.  JB/71-79  [n.d.]

Jury Book  JB/71  1826

Jury Book  JB/72  1827

Jury Book  JB/73  1828

Jury Book  JB/74  1832

Jury Book  JB/75  1834

Jury Book  JB/76  1854

Jury Book  JB/77  1868

Jury Book  JB/78  1869

Jury Book  JB/79  1871

(Ms. volume, showing the places of residence and occupations of the persons named.)  JB/80  1826-1827

Paper covered foolscap volume entitled "Alphabetical List of Men who were summoned to serve as Jurors during the Sheriffalty (sic) of George Morgan, Esquaire, from the 18th February, 1826 to the 13th February, 1827."

Jury Book  JB/81-85  [n.d.]

Additional volumes as for nos 1-70 above (A.R.32/60)

Jury Book  JB/81  1895

Jury Book  JB/82  1900

Jury Book  JB/83  1905

Jury Book  JB/84  1909

Jury Book  JB/85  1916

MSS. volumes containing names, places of residence, occupations and nature of qualification of persons qualified to serve on juries  JB/86-89  [n.d.]

[Stray vols. filling some gaps in series, JB 1-70]

Jury Book  JB/86  1863

Jury Book  JB/87  1868

Jury Book  JB/88  1871

Jury Book  JB/89  1872

Lists of special juryman for Lent and Summer Assizes, 1871  JB/88A, B  1871

[2 vellum membranes, found loose in JB 88]


"Nomina Magistrorum" of "The Names of the Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, Bailiffs, and High Constables of the said County". (Foolscap paper covered Mss. volumes for the period 1763 - 1849)  QS/M/1-15  [n.d.]

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/1  1763, 1783 & 1786

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/2  No date but c. 1806

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/3  No date but c. 1815

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/4  1818 corrected to (1820)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/5  1820

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/6  1828

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/7  1832 corrected to (1833 & 35)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/8  1836 corrected to (1837-39)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/9  1838

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/10  1839 corrected to (1840)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/11  1840 corrected to (1841)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/12  1841 corrected to (1842)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/13  1842 corrected to (1843)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/14  1844 corrected to (1845-6)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/15  1849 corrected to (1850-52)

"Nomina Magistrorum" (see previous sheet) for the period 1851 - 1880, as under:-  QS/M/16-30  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
After 1846 only one bailiff was appointed, but the title was not altered until 1858 (QS/M/19). High Constables were omitted from the lists after 1870 (QS/M/26) when the office was abolished by 32 & 33 Vict. c.47.

List of Magistrates  QS/M/16  1851 corrected to (1852 & 56)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/17  1853 corrected to (1854-5)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/18  1856 corrected to (1857-8)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/19  1858 corrected to (1859-60)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/20  1860 corrected to (1862)

[no title]  QS/M/21  1862 List of Magistrates

List of Magistrates  QS/M/22  1863 corrected to (1864-67)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/23  1867 corrected to (1868-9)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/24  1869 corrected to (1870)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/25  1869 corrected to (1870-73)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/26  1872 corrected to (1873-4)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/27  1874 corrected to (1876)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/28  1877 corrected to (1878)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/29  1878 corrected to (1879-80)

List of Magistrates  QS/M/30  1880 corrected to (1881 & 83)

"The Names of the Justices of the Peace of Bucks alphabetically arranged in the Commission of the Peace."  QS/M/31-33  [n.d.]

(3 leather bound sm.qto. volumes in mss.)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/31  28th March, 1820

(Corrected to Easter Session, 1826)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/32  1st October, 1830

(Corrected to February, 1839)

Lists of Magistrates  QS/M/33  26th March, 1839

Lists of the magistrates of the County  QS/M/34-39  1954, 1957, 1965

Lists of the magistrates of the County  QS/M/34  1954

[Annotated with removals, dates of birth and some political parties]

Lists of the magistrates of the County  QS/M/35  1957

[Annotated with new addresses and new magistrates]

Lists of the magistrates of the County  QS/M/36  1965

[Annotated with the Petty Sessional Division, dates of birth, new magistrates and various statistics]

Lists of the magistrates of the County  QS/M/37  1965

[Annotated with the Petty Sessional Division, dates of birth, removals and resignations, new addresses and political affiliations to 1969]

Lists of the magistrates of the County  QS/M/38  1965

[Annotated with new magistrates in 1966 and 1967, retiring magistrates and various statistics]

List of magistrates who died in 1957 and corrigendum  QS/M/39  nd




Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Ashendon  QS/W/A/5  1829

Aston Sandford  QS/W/A/9  1829

Boarstall  QS/W/A/20  1829

Brill  QS/W/A/27  1829

Chearsley  QS/W/A/40  1829

Chilton  QS/W/A/48  1829

Claydon, East  QS/W/A/51  1829

Claydon, Middle  QS/W/A/52  1829

Dorton  QS/W/A/64  1829

Fleet Marston  QS/W/A/78  1829

Granborough  QS/W/A/84  1829

Grendon Underwood  QS/W/A/85  1829

Ilmer  QS/W/A/114  1829

Kingsey  QS/W/A/120  1829

Long Crendon  QS/W/A/134  1829

Ludgershall  QS/W/A/138  1829

Oakley  QS/W/A/158  1829

Oving  QS/W/A/161  1829

Pitchcott  QS/W/A/165  1829

Quainton  QS/W/A/169(i)  1829

Shipton Lee  QS/W/A/169(ii)  1829

Doddershall  QS/W/A/169(iii)  1829

Shabbington. Studley (co. Oxon). Towersey (co. Oxon)  QS/W/A/182  1829

Waddesdon  QS/W/A/215  1829

Winchendon, Lower  QS/W/A/232  1829

Winchendon, Upper  QS/W/A/233  1829

Worminghall  QS/W/A/245  1829

Wotton Underwood  QS/W/A/246  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Aston Clinton  QS/W/B/8  1829

Aylesbury  QS/W/B/11  1829

Bierton-with-Broughton  QS/W/B/16  1829

Bledlow  QS/W/B/17  1829

Buckland  QS/W/B/30  1829

Cuddington  QS/W/B/59  1829

Dinton (with Ford & Upton)  QS/W/B/62  1829

Ellesborough  QS/W/B/70  1829

Haddenham  QS/W/B/87  1829

Halton  QS/W/B/88  1829

Hampden, Great  QS/W/B/90  1829

Hampden, Little  QS/W/B/91  1829

Hartwell  QS/W/B/96  1829

Horsenden  QS/W/B/106  1829

Hulcott  QS/W/B/111  1829

Kimble, Great  QS/W/B/117  1829

Kimble, Little  QS/W/B/118  1829

Lee  QS/W/B/128  1829

Missenden, Great  QS/W/B/148  1829

Missenden, Little  QS/W/B/149  1829

Risborough, Monks  QS/W/B/176  1829

Risborough, Princes  QS/W/B/175  1829

Stoke Mandeville  QS/W/B/196  1829

Stone (with Bishopstone)  QS/W/B/199  1829

Wendover  QS/W/B/222  1829

Weston Turville  QS/W/B/225  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Addington  QS/W/C/1  1829

Adstock  QS/W/C/2  1829

Akeley  QS/W/C/3  1829

Barton Hartshorn  QS/W/C/12  1829

Beachampton  QS/W/C/13  1829

Biddlesden Caversfield (co. Oxon)  QS/W/C/15  1829

Charndon  QS/W/C/38  1829

Chetwode  QS/W/C/46  1829

Claydon, Steeple  QS/W/C/53  1829

Edgcott  QS/W/C/68  1829

Foscott  QS/W/C/79  1829

Hillesden  QS/W/C/102  1829

Lillingstone Dayrell  QS/W/C/129  1829

Maids Moreton  QS/W/C/139  1829

Marsh Gibbon  QS/W/C/143  1829

Padbury  QS/W/C/162  1829

Poundon  QS/W/C/167  1829

Preston Bissett  QS/W/C/168  1829

Radclive  QS/W/C/172  1829

Shalstone  QS/W/C/183  1829

Stowe  QS/W/C/201  1829

Thornborough  QS/W/C/205  1829

Thornton  QS/W/C/206  1829

Tingewick  QS/W/C/207  1829

Turweston  QS/W/C/209  1829

Twyford  QS/W/C/210  1829

Water Stratford  QS/W/C/219  1829

Westbury  QS/W/C/223  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Amersham  QS/W/D/4  1829

Beaconsfield  QS/W/D/14  1829

Burnham  QS/W/D/31  1829

Chalfont St. Giles  QS/W/D/35  1829

Chalfont St. Peter  QS/W/D/36  1829

Chenies  QS/W/D/42  1829

Chesham  QS/W/D/44  1829

Chesham Bois  QS/W/D/45  1829

Dorney  QS/W/D/63  1829

Farnham Royal  QS/W/D/74(i)  1829

Hedgerley Dean  QS/W/D/74(ii)  1829

Hitcham  QS/W/D/1020  1829

Penn  QS/W/D/163  1829

Seer Green  QS/W/D/181  1829

Taplow  QS/W/D/203  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Aston Abbots.  QS/W/E/7  1829

Cheddington  QS/W/E/41  1829

Cholesbury  QS/W/E/49  1829

Cublington.  QS/W/E/58  1829

Drayton Beauchamp.  QS/W/E/65  1829

Drayton Parslow.  QS/W/E/66  1829

Dunton  QS/W/E/67  1829

Grove  QS/W/E/86  1829

Hardwick (with Weedon)  QS/W/E/95  1829

Hawridge  QS/W/E/101  1829

Hoggeston  QS/W/E/105  1829

Horwood, Great  QS/W/E/108  1829

Horwood, Little  QS/W/E/109  1829

Ivinghoe  QS/W/E/116  1829

Linslade  QS/W/E/133  1829

Marsworth  QS/W/E/144  1829

Mentmore  QS/W/E/146  1829

Mursley  QS/W/E/151  1829

Pitstone  QS/W/E/166  1829

Shenley Brook End.  QS/W/E/184  1829

Slapton.  QS/W/E/188  1829

Soulbury.  QS/W/E/190  1829

Stewkley.  QS/W/E/193  1829

Swanbourne.  QS/W/E/202  1829

Tattenhoe.  QS/W/E/204  1829

Whaddon.  QS/W/E/229  1829

Whitchurch.  QS/W/E/230  1829

Wing.  QS/W/E/234  1829

Wingrave  QS/W/E/235  1829

Winslow  QS/W/E/237  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Bradenham.  QS/W/F/21  1829

Fawley  QS/W/F/75  1829

Fingest  QS/W/F/77  1829

Hambleden  QS/W/F/89  1829

Hedsor  QS/W/F/100  1829

Hughenden  QS/W/F/110  1829

Ibstone  QS/W/F/112  1829

Marlow, Little  QS/W/F/141  1829

Marlow Urban (with Gt. Marlow)  QS/W/F/142  1829

Medmenham.  QS/W/F/145  1829

Radnage.  QS/W/F/173  1829

Saunderton.  QS/W/F/179  1829

Turville.  QS/W/F/208  1829

Wooburn  QS/W/F/240  1829

Wycombe, Chepping  QS/W/F/249  1829

Wycombe, West  QS/W/F/227  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Astwood  QS/W/G/10  1829

Bletchley  QS/W/G/19(i)  1829

Bradwell  QS/W/G/22  1829

Bradwell Abbey.  QS/W/G/23  1829

Brickhill, Bow.  QS/W/G/24  1829

Brickhill, Great.  QS/W/G/25  1829

Brickhill, Little.  QS/W/G/26  1829

Broughton  QS/W/G/28  1829

Calverton  QS/W/G/32  1829

Castlethorpe  QS/W/G/33  1829

Chicheley  QS/W/G/47  1829

Clifton Reynes  QS/W/G/54  1829

Cold Brayfield  QS/W/G/55  1829

Emberton  QS/W/G/71  1829

Fenny Stratford  QS/W/G/19(ii)  1829

Gayhurst  QS/W/G/82  1829

Hanslope  QS/W/G/93  1829

Hardmead  QS/W/G/94  1829

Haversham  QS/W/G/97  1829

Lathbury  QS/W/G/124  1829

Lavendon  QS/W/G/126  1829

Linford, Great  QS/W/G/131  1829

Linford, Little  QS/W/G/132  1829

Loughton  QS/W/G/137  1829

Milton Keynes  QS/W/G/147  1829

Moulsoe  QS/W/G/150  1829

Newport Pagnell  QS/W/G/153(i)  1829

Caldecot  QS/W/G/153(ii)  1829

Newton Blossomville  QS/W/G/154  1829

Newton Longville  QS/W/G/155  1829

North Crawley  QS/W/G/156  1829

Olney  QS/W/G/159  1829

Ravenstone  QS/W/G/174  1829

Shenley Church End  QS/W/G/185  1829

Sherington  QS/W/G/186  1829

Simpson  QS/W/G/180  1829

Stantonbury  QS/W/G/192  1829

Stoke Goldington.  QS/W/G/194  1829

Stoke Hammond.  QS/W/G/195  1829

Stony Stratford (West).  QS/W/G/200  1829

Tyringham-with-Filgrave.  QS/W/G/212  1829

Walton.  QS/W/G/217  1829

Warrington.  QS/W/G/218  1829

Water Eaton.  QS/W/G/19(iii)  1829

Wavendon.  QS/W/G/220  1829

Weston Underwood.  QS/W/G/226  1829

Willen.  QS/W/G/231  1829

Woolstone, Great.  QS/W/G/242  1829

Woolstone, Little.  QS/W/G/243  1829

Woughton.  QS/W/G/247  1829


Returns of the places of worship, not being of the Church of England, made by Incumbents in response to a letter of the Clerk of the Peace dated 19 November, 1829, for the following parishes:-

Datchet.  QS/W/H/60  1829

Denham.  QS/W/H/61  1829

Eton.  QS/W/H/72  1829

Fulmer.  QS/W/H/81  1829

Hedgerley.  QS/W/H/99  1829

Horton.  QS/W/H/107  1829

Iver.  QS/W/H/115  1829

Langley Marish.  QS/W/H/123  1829

Stoke Poges.  QS/W/H/198  1829

Upton-cum-Chalvey.  QS/W/H/214  1829

Wexham.  QS/W/H/228  1829

Wraysbury.  QS/W/H/248  1829


This group of records, which was discovered in an overhead cupboard in County Hall in 1967, derives from the functions of the Clerk of the Peace as clerk to the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors under 5 Geo. IV c.61, 1824. It is thus not strictly a Quarter Sessions series. The Court was first constituted in 1813 (53 Geo. III c.102) but initially appears to have delegated many of its functions and it was not until 1824, when local sittings were commenced, that the jurisdiction of Quarter Sessions in such matters finally was repealed.
The majority of the records consist of account books and papers of small tradesmen living in Bucks. In many cases they are scrappy and badly kept; outgoings are seldom given. In the following list the better examples are indicated by G (good) or V.G. (very good).
Details regarding occupations are based on internal evidence in each case and are not necessarily exact. Where possible, they have been checked with Pigotts' directories for 1830 and 1842.

Joseph Ceaser, butcher, Slough  Q/DA/1  1807-1808

2 vols.

Related information: See Q/SD/15

Edward Wainwright, butcher, Farnham Royal  Q/DA/2  1808-1811

2 vols. papers

G. Includes schedules of estate.

W. Forester, baker, Iver area  Q/DA/3  1817-1819

1 vol.

William Bourne, tailor, ?Denham  Q/DA/4  1816-1824

3 vols. papers.

Indexed. Includes disbursments as parish constable, 1818-19.

Edward Smith, grocer, Lane End  Q/DA/5  1821-1824

1 large vol.

James Dolling, tailor, Amersham  Q/DA/6  1809-1823

1 vol.


William Butcher, victualler, Bull Inn, High Wycombe.  Q/DA/7  1809-1826

G. Disbursments given. Bills.
[4 vols., 2 pocket books, papers].

Henry Lee Uff, drover, Aylesbury area.  Q/DA/8  1823-1825

2 pocket books.

Jacob Gale, tailor, Burnham.  Q/DA/9  1825-1826

G. Indexed

Joseph Negus, carpenter, Olney  Q/DA/10  1816-1826

[3 vols. 1 pocket book].

Charles Wordly, coachmaker, Slough  Q/DA/11  1823-1826

2 vols

V.G. One vol. used as maths. exercise book.

George Bennett, baker, ?London.  Q/DA/12  1823-1825

1 vol.

Nos. 12-14 found tied together.

William Beckwith, ? brewer  Q/DA/13  1821-1826

1 vol., 1 pocket book.

Thomas Harding, Jun., victualler, Golden Ball, Chesham.  Q/DA/14  1821-1826

2 vols.

John Lacey, baker, Datchet.  Q/DA/15  1821-1827

1 vol.

Elisha Grimsdale, paper making machine engineer.  Q/DA/16  1825-1829

1 vol.

Jas. Creswell, baker, Marlow area  Q/DA/17  1818-1831

7 vols.

John Woollams, ? builder, Great Missenden.  Q/DA/18  1817-1831

1 vol.

William Withers, shoemaker, High Wycombe.  Q/DA/19  1830-1832

1 vol.

Related information: (See also no.38).

William Cresswell, victualler  Q/DA/20  [n.d.]

Six Bells, Great Marlow, (3 vols, 4 pocket books)

John Hay, papermaker  Q/DA/21  1830-1832

Wycombe Marsh. [11 vols. sale catalogue].
V.G. Indexed. Includes "paper books", "rag books", outsize vol. recording production with memo. of machine breaking, dated 29 Nov. 1830, endorsed. Disbursments given.

Charles Kipling, clerk, Stony  Q/DA/22  1821-1832

1 vol.

Stratford (curate).
V.G. Income and expenditure.

William Cooper, ironsmith, Millwright (engineer), Aylesbury  Q/DA/23  1828-1832

2 vols.

Related information: [See Records of Bucks, 24, 118-124]

V.G. Index.

Henry Montague, publican and ?plough-wright, ?Long Marston, Herts.  Q/DA/24  1819-1832

2 vols.

William Young, tailor, Marsh Gibbon  Q/DA/25  1832

Papers only.

Abel Redrup, beerseller.  Q/DA/26  1832

Pocket book

William Beard, china, glass, etc. dealer, Buckingham.  Q/DA/27  1821-1832

3 pocket books

Customers' addresses given.

Robert Brooks, butcher, Aston Clinton  Q/DA/28  1814-1832

2 vols.


William Deverill, grocer, Langley Marish.  Q/DA/29  1828-1833

1 vol.

Joseph Lawrence, publican, etc. Burnham and Maidenhead (Horse and Groom, Burnham).  Q/DA/30  1825-1833

1 vol. 1 pocket book

Joseph Randall, Brill Academy  Q/DA/31  1817-1833

6 vols.

V.G. At Brill from 1829 prior to 1825, apparently at Bicester. Account book for 1825-28 relates to legal business transacted for various clients. Addresses given and index.

George Woodman, glazier, Aylesbury.  Q/DA/32  1829-1834

3 vols.

Richard Gilbert, Grocer, Iver.  Q/DA/33  1827-1834

5 vols.

Richard Gray, ?carpenter, Padbury  Q/DA/34  1834

Papers, pocket book

Thomas Bradford, harness and saddle maker, Aylesbury.  Q/DA/35  1830-1834

4 vols.

Related information: (See also no.59)


Joseph Lancaster, Flackwell Heath  Q/DA/36  1821-1834

Paper only, 1 bundle.
Includes copy will of Francis Lancaster, of F.H. husbandman, made 1792, etc

Thomas Brackley, publican, Hazlemere  Q/DA/37  1831-1835

Paper only, 1 bundle
Bills and receipts.

William Withers, shoemaker, High Wycombe (additional deposit, see no.19)  Q/DA/38  1832-1835

2 vols.

Caleb Heningham, saddler, Chepping Wycombe  Q/DA/39  1833-1835

2 vols., papers.
Includes bills.

Susannah Startin, grocer, Great Marlow  Q/DA/40  c.1833-1836

6 small vols., papers
Includes bills.

James Holmes, butcher, Walton  Q/DA/41  1818-1836

2 vols., 3 pocket books, papers
G. Customers' addresses and occupations given.

James Burchill, Salt Hill  Q/DA/42  1832-1833

4 pocket books.

Robert Matthews, tailor, Chalfont St. Peter.  Q/DA/43  1831-1836

1 vol., papers
G. Includes bills.

John Carr, grocer, Newport Pagnell.  Q/DA/44  1833-1836

3 vols.

Edward Lovell, grocer.  Q/DA/45  1834-1836

1 vol., 3 pocket books.

Thomas Olliffe, coal dealer, Aylesbury.  Q/DA/46  c.1835-1836

1 pocket book, 1 doc.

George Hewiett, grocer, Aylesbury and Brill pocket book papers  Q/DA/47  1833-1836

Gives disbursments and list of goods.

John Sadler, butcher, Great Marlow.  Q/DA/48  1830-1837

1 vol., papers
Includes legal papers in Rawlins v. Sadler, 1835, counterpart lease of messuage in West St., G.M. (Vicar and churchwardens to J.S.), 1822. Found tied up with no.49

Thomas Tarton, Great Marlow (household bills)  Q/DA/49  1830-1837

1 bundle

Thomas Ogilwy, plumber, painter and glazier, Colnbrook.  Q/DA/50  1818-1837

1 vol.

Edward Warr, grocer, Chackmore (Radclive)  Q/DA/51  1831-1837

5 vols.

John Risley, ironmonger, Newport Pagnell  Q/DA/52  1830-1837

2 vols., papers.

William Wingrove, blacksmith, Penn  Q/DA/53  1835-1837

Papers only, 1 bdl.
Bills and copy writ.

Joseph Ives, beerseller, Tring Ford  Q/DA/54  1836-1839

2 pocket books, papers.

William Clark, victualler, The Cross Keys, Stony Stratford.  Q/DA/55  1832-1837

1 bdl.

Richard Matthew Pitkin, victualler, The Crown Inn, Chepping Wycombe.  Q/DA/56  1833-1839

1 bdl.

Benjamin Baines, grocer, Great Marlow  Q/DA/57  1826-1840

6 vols.

V.G. Includes trade and household outgoings.

Thomas Holman, cordwainer Cippenham Green (Burnham)  Q/DA/58  c.1834-1839

1 bdl.

Includes bills and copy will of Mary Holman, proved 1835

Thomas Bradford, saddler Aylesbury (additional deposit, see no.35)  Q/DA/59  1834-1839

5 vols. 1 doc.
G. Includes inventory of goods distrained.

Thomas Corbett, farmer, Adstock  Q/DA/60  c.1837-1846

Papers, 1 bdl.
Bills and vouchers, legal papers.

John Nash, grocer, Marlow area  Q/DA/61  1836-1840

6 vols.

William Garrett King, butcher, Chesham.  Q/DA/62  1838-1840

2 vols.

John Wainwright, butcher, Brill.  Q/DA/63  1830-1833

1 bdl.

Bills, etc.

Ferdinando Whichello, publican and barber, Fenny Stratford.  Q/DA/64  1835-1840

1 vol. 1 doc.

William Gibbs, draper, High Wycombe  Q/DA/65  1839-1840

Bank book, papers.

George Farmer, the Younger, salesman, Newport Pagnell.  Q/DA/66  1838-1841

1 bdl.

Includes copy assignment of farmstock, 1838.

Thomas Summerfield, tailor, hatter, etc., Buckingham  Q/DA/67  1832-1840

2 vols., 3 pocket books, 1 doc.
G. Includes bill of sale, 1837.

Samuel Bonham, butcher, Whaddon  Q/DA/68  1833-1840

3 vols.

Henry Beal, publican, S. Bucks.  Q/DA/69  1830-1840

2 vols.

Thomas Garner, publican, ?Linslade  Q/DA/70  c.1839-1840

1 bdl

George Ward, blacksmith, Waddesdon.  Q/DA/71  1837-1841

1 bdl.

Includes bills.

Jason Povey, butcher, Great Marlow.  Q/DA/72  1835-1840

3 vols., papers

Joseph Cowley, grocer, lace dealer, etc., Castlethorpe.  Q/DA/73  c.1836-1841

3 vols., papers.
Includes bills.

Thomas Harris, shoemaker, Marsh Gibbon.  Q/DA/74  1839-1842

1 vol., papers
G. Inventory of wearing apparel, etc. 1842, sale poster for livestock at Marsh Gibbon, 1842 (cows names given).

Samuel Nash, ?cart saddle tree maker and grocer, Great Missenden  Q/DA/75  1829-1842

5 vols.

G. Large ledger also used as maths. exercise book with additional memoranda of sermons given at Great Missenden, Kingshill and Aylesbury gaol chapels, 1839-42, with other religious notes memoranda of books, etc

Thomas Lane, grocer, Langley Marish.  Q/DA/76  1840-1841

George Liddingten, farmer, Lillingstone Dayrell  Q/DA/77  1842

1 bdl.

Includes legal paper, inventory and valuation of stock, etc., at Ropers Farm, L.D.

Frederick Chilton, Aylesbury (personal accounts and bills).  Q/DA/78  1836-1842

1 bdl.

David Edmond, baker and grocer.  Q/DA/79  1840-1842

William Babb, innkeeper, The Chequers, Prestwood Common.  Q/DA/80  1832-1842

1 bdl.

Jas. Perryman, farmer, Farnham Royal.  Q/DA/81  1841-1843

1 bdl.

Includes copy will of Thos. Perryman, made 1825, inventory and valuation of stock, etc. on Ickenham Farm, in Burnham and Dorney, valuation of crops on Biddles Farm, Burnham.

Lucy Barratt, grocer, Little Brickhill.  Q/DA/82  1838-1842

1 vol.

John Leary, baker, Arncott, Oxon.  Q/DA/83  1843

1 pocket book.

Edward White, miller, Caldecott Mill, Newport Pagnell (also contains accounts of Bedford Brewery, 1836-43)  Q/DA/84  1829-1843

3 vols.

V.G. Memo. of entering upon Caldecott Mills, 1841, etc. List of dead stock at Bedford Brewery 1836. Customers' addresses given.

John Owen Byles, baskets, brushes, etc., seller, 65 High Street, Eton.  Q/DA/85  1839-1843

2 vols.

V.G. Indexed.

Joseph Stevenson, tailor, Aylesbury.  Q/DA/86  1841-1843

1 vol.

W. Jones, joiner and builder High Wycombe  Q/DA/87  1837-1843

1 vol.


Mark Bunce, shoemaker, Winslow  Q/DA/88  c.1840-1841

2 pocket books

Thomas Langley, miller, baker and coal merchant, Chalvey  Q/DA/89  1829-1843

16 vols., papers.
Includes marriage settlement of Thos. Langley and Eliz. Brown, 1841, abstract of mortgage of Windmill and land, 1832, business card of T. Harman, county court bailiff and collector of debts and rents, Slough.

Jonathan Brackley, timber dealer, High Wycombe.  Q/DA/90  1841-1843

1 vol.

Includes deed relating to 4 houses in St. John's Terrace, Marylebone, 1842.

T.M. Mabley, blacksmith, Wavenden.  Q/DA/91  1840-1841

1 bdl.

Nos. 91-95 found tied together.

George Farmer the Younger, Fenny Stratford (bank-book)  Q/DA/92  1843-1844

James Chadwell, undertaker, Slough area.  Q/DA/93  1841-1844

1 vol.

William Flitney, beer seller, Green Man, Denham. (inventory, etc.)  Q/DA/94  1844

G. Stratford, draper, Red Lion Street, Chesham  Q/DA/95  1841-1843

1 pocket book

Rebecca Course, baker and grocer, ?Tingewick.  Q/DA/96  1831-1840

3 vols.

John Thorne, grocer, Linslade area  Q/DA/97  1839-1845

1 pocket book, 1 doc., 1.vol.

Richard Hounslow, Wing.  Q/DA/98  1843-1845

1 bdl.

John Robbins, the Younger, butcher, Stony Stratford  Q/DA/99  1842-1843

1 vol., papers
Including bills.

Robert Thomas Ivall, coachmaker High Wycombe  Q/DA/100  1836-1846

3 vols.

V.G. Outgoings given. Copy probated will of Thos. Ivall of Bray, Berks, 1835, Index.

John Lacey, timber merchant, S. Bucks.  Q/DA/101  1840-1846

1 small vol.

John Lomath, shoemaker, Winslow  Q/DA/102  1839-1846

2 vols.

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Bill of sale of chemical factory and apparatus at Spencer Green Farm, Buckland (William Henry Beal to Daniel Beal).  Q/DA/103/1  1843

Charles Midhurst insolvent: receipt to the Clerk of the Peace for books and papers delivered to assignee.  Q/DA/103/2  missing 1832

George Berrill insolvent: receipt to the Clerk of the Peace for books and papers delivered to assignee.  Q/DA/103/3  1835

Miscellaneous legal papers and correspondence of the Clerk of the Peace relating to debtors matters, 1809-1824, including:-  Q/DA/104/1-12  [n.d.]

Letters from J. Nicholls, solicitor to the Society for the Relief of Debtors, London, to C.P. about the desirability of appointing local attornies for debtors cases and referring to the numerous frauds practiced by the advice of "the class of persons styled agents".  Q/DA/104/3-4  8, 22 June, 1816

Letter from Charles Woodman to the Duke of Buckingham on behalf of "a poor woman nearly eighty years of age" detained for debt owing to the cruelty of her son. Debtors side  Q/DA/104/5  17 April 1817

Letters from J. Massey, Chief Clerk, at the Insolvent Debtors' Court Office, London, on official matters. One letter refers to facilities for deposit of records with C.P  Q/DA/104/6-9  1823 (104/6), 1820-1823

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