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Reference D-LO
Covering dates 1498-1898
Held by Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Extent 11 series
Source of acquisition BRA 651 (not accessioned)
AR 37/57
AR 86/83
The large 1862 pedigree, D-LO/5/12, [AR 37/57], was acquired by purchase in 1957.
Items marked thus [0] are part of the second BRA deposit (AR 86/83)
Creators Lowndes family of Chesham, Buckinghamshire
Arrangement D-LO/1 TITLE DEEDS
1/1/1-57 Chesham Bury Manor acquired in 1687
1/2/1-64 Grove Manor acquired from 1692 (with Grove Farm)
1/3/1-44 Hundridge Manor acquired in 1742
Other property
Public Houses
1/4/1-17 Cocks' House, with brewhouse and public house known as the Bell; other public houses incl. the Red Lion, the Maiden Head and the King's Head in Chesham and the Nag's Head in Amersham included in a mortgage redeemed in 1702.
Bush Grove Farm
1/5/1-4 Bush Grove Farm acquired in 1716
Bellingdon Farm
1/6/1-72 Geary's Farm in Bellingdon, later Bellingdon Farm, acquired in 1721
1/7/1-4 Dodds Close in Bellingdon, acquired in 1723 and 1726
Moor Farm
1/8/1-54 Moor Farm, acquired in 1725
1/9/1-55 Moor Farm: land in West Dean common field acquired in several parcels, 1707-1777
1/10/1-4 Moor Farm: parcel called Howsesides acquired in 1741
1/11/1-16 Moor Farm: The Holts, acquired in 1750
Cottages at Frogmore
1/12/1-13 Cottage at Frogmore in the manor of Peterleystone Netherburye and Missenden Magna, acquired in 1741
1/13/1-19 As above, acquired in 1744
1/14/1-8 As above, acquired in 1768
1/15/1-2 Land at Frogmore on which a cottage formerly stood, acquired in 1777
1/16/1-11 Cottage and land at Frogmore in manor of Chesham Higham, acquired in 1806
1/17/1-8 Cottages in Frogmore, in the manor of Chesham Higham, acquired in 1817
Later eighteenth century acquisitions
1/18/1-5 Close called Little Hawkes in Botleys, acquired in 1756
1/19/1-46 Property belonging to the Pinchbeck family, incl. Pittfield, Great Pittfield, Long Close, Bottom Close, Whitehill Pond, Mead Cross, Lane Close, Holts Lane Close, Meadow Barn Mead and New Mead, two closes in West Dean and a messuage in Church End part of which was acquired in 1767
1/20/1-26 Property belonging to the Duncombe family, incl. Pednor Mead, acquired in 1789
1/21/1-13 Tithes of the almshouses land of Rose Acre and other property; copyholds and quit rent on Frekridge Field, acquired in 1792
1/22/1-24 Cudmore in Chartridge and Cottage at Bury Hill, presumed to have been acquired in 1802
Acquisitions by Lowndes trustees
1/23/1-30 Property belonging to the Ware family, incl. 2 messuages in Chesham Town, messuage formerly known as the Bell and 2 closes called The Worthies, presumed to have been acquired in 1816
1/24/1-20 Messuage and two cottages acquired in 1831
1/25/1 Hyde Heath in Hundridge, mutual conveyance, 1832
1/26/1-2 Copyhold admissions to property already part of the estate, on the inheritance of William Lowndes in 1834
Acquisitions by William Lowndes (1807-1864)
1/27/1-15 Close of land in Chartridge, acquired in 1836
1/28/1-4 Messuage and land at Bury Hill End, acquired in 1837
1/29/1-4 Five undivided fifth parts of an undivided moiety of a customary tenement and close of land in Chartridge acquired in 1838
1/30/1-14 Cannon Mill, land and tithes, acquired in 1839
1/31/1-9 Customary messuage called Bucktofts, acquired in 1840
1/32/1-38 Copyhold messuage in Bellingdon, acquired in 1840
1/33/1-17 Presmoor (later Presmore) Farm in Ashley Green, presumed to have been acquired in 1844
1/34/1-12 Blacksmith's shop in Church End, acquired in 1846
1/35/1-50 Property belonging to the Nash family, incl. land at Whelpley Hill, acquired in 1848
1/36/1-12 Copyhold property in Bellingdon, incl. Cross Leys Hill (formerly Cottsloe Hills) and Shippenwicks (formerly Cottsloe Hill Meadow) acquired in 1856
1/37/1-19 Property belonging to the Johnson family, incl. several cottages in Church Street and Parsonage Lane and Bottom Farm in Chartridge, purchased at auction in 1856.
1/38/1-13 Miscellaneous: deeds relating to Chesham
1/39/1-49 Messuage called Cokes with lands lying in Amersham and Chalfont St. Giles, added to the estate in 1832[?]
1/40/1-14 Property belonging to the Newell family, incl. capital messuage and land in Walton and Stoke Mandeville common fields and other property incl. Red Angel in Aylesbury; close and liberty to dig clay in Aylesbury, acquired in 1739
1/41/1-8 Messuage in Ledburn with 40a. of pasture. [Relationship to Lowndes estate unclear]
1/42/1-10 Goddards Wood, acquired in 1693
1/42/11 Piece of garden ground, acquired in 1851
1/43/1-2 Pond Close, acquired in 1708
WOODBANK (Cheshire)
1/44/1 Messuage and land, 1699
1/45/1 Land, 1734
1/46/1-11 Marsh land, 1692
FULHAM (Middlesex)
1/47/1 Property in Manor of Fulham, 1670
D-LO/3/1-42 WILLS
1. Leases and agreements to lease
Trusts and Executorships
2. Deeds and related documents
Conveyancing and general legal matters
3. Draft documents, mostly deeds
4. Solicitors' correspondence and miscellanea
5. Accounts of legal costs
6. Arbitrations and court cases
Estate management
7. Estate correspondence
8. Inclosure and tithe commutation correspondence and memoranda
9. Estate accounts and vouchers
10. Building accounts
11. Land and income tax receipts; rate vouchers and memoranda
12. Financial miscellanea
13. Valuation and Insurance
14. Crop and property records
Knightsbridge estate development
15. Accounts, memoranda and plans.
Household accounts and memoranda
16. Accounts
17. Recipes
18. Poems, epigrams, broadsheets and familial miscellanea
Shales - Leheup - Barrington families
1. Deeds
2. Charles Shales, deceased, Oct. 1734: business and executors' papers
3. Peter Leheup: business papers
4. Barrington family: pedigree
Osborne family
5. Certificates of baptisms
Kingston family
6. Papers of Mary, Francis and John Kingston
Charles Lyall
7. Account and bank books
8. Business correspondence
9. Property and household accounts
1. Parish and county business
2. Poor Law Health and Sanitation
3. Burial and Sickness Clubs
4. Education
5. Prison service
6. The Arts
7. Butterfield Charity
8. Lowndes vault and church inscriptions
9. Christ Church, Chesham Waterside
10. Chesham St. Mary's rstoration
11. Miscellanea
1. Marine Insurance
2. Building in Spring Garden area in Middlesex
3. Chesham Chalybeate Spring
4. Proposed Watford to Wendover Railway
5. London, Buckinghamshire and West Midland Junction Railway
Related information As with most families of a certain standing in the county, information about individual members of the Lowndes family can be found in the various standard county sources such as Quarter Sessions papers or poll books. More importantly, however, a number of documents relating to the estate survive apart from the papers in this accumulation and include:
D/CH/37-434 Deeds to various properties in Chesham, incl. Cadmore Spring and Ley Hill
D/CH/A/12, 13 Deeds relating to Cokes and Reeves in Chesham
D/CN/Box 19/VII Deeds relating to Nashleigh farm
D/29/1 Deed relating to Hundridge farm
D/X 480/1 Notes on Chesham History. (The latter half of the book, from p.45, is written by W.Lowndes (d.1905), the former possibly by his grandfather)
D/X 168/1-22 Deeds to various Chesham properties incl. West Dean
D/X 37 Deeds to various Chesham properties owned by the Chase and Ware families
1) The three notebooks kept by William Lowndes (1652-1724) described in Records of Bucks., XII, pp. 125-136, were in the custody of B.A.S.
[Transferred to BRO, 1999-AR 65/99]
2) The detailed account of the building of Winslow Hall described in Records of Buckinghamshire, XI pp. 406-429 is in private hands.
3) A list of the substantial archive of the Lowndes-Stone estate of Brightwell Park preserved in Oxfordshire County Record Office is available in the search room.
4) 'Ways and Means' Lowndes's official papers are deposited in the Public Office Treasury series (T.48).
Note DGJ April 1985

Administrative history:
Although the Lowndes family pedigree chronicles its descent from William de Loundes who accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066, the family connection with the county of Buckinghamshire can only be traced back with any certainty to the sixteenth century. The family was then settled at Winslow, where it had a vault. The purchase by William Lowndes (1652-1724) in 1692 and 1697 of further estates in Chesham and Winslow reinforced the association.
For the most part, the records in this accumulation document the descent of the Chesham property, which, on William Lowndes' death in 1724, passed on to his third surviving son Charles (the eldest surviving son of his fourth marriage). Charles, who contributed much to the enlargement of the Chesham estate was in turn succeeded in direct male line down to 1905 by four William Lowndes. Although the papers here concern this branch of the family, some knowledge of the descent of the Winslow estate provides useful background information, as the Winslow Lowndes also feature in many of the documents described here. The summary pedigree appended to this introduction might perhaps be used with the following biographical sketches.
William Lowndes (1652-1724) ('Ways & Means' Lowndes). See Dictionary of National Biography for an account of his distinguished career in the Treasury which began in 1679. He was Secretary to the Treasury under Godolphin. Some discrepancies occur between the D.N.B. and Gibbs' Worthies in the summaries of his early life, but there is no doubt that he married four times, and that his extensive estates were divided between the eldest surviving sons of three of his marriages: Robert inherited Winslow, William of Astwood Bury became the head of the Oxfordshire (Lowndes-Stone) branch and Charles that of the Chesham family.
In addition to extensive land purchases, William Lowndes also had a large house built in the early years of the eighteenth century, at Winslow, which is still standing (cf. Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, An inventory of the historical monuments in Buckinghamshire, 1913, vol. 2 p.341 et seq., and Records of Buckinghamshire, XI, p.406 et seq.). The Bury at Chesham which was added to and altered in the nineteenth century (cf. Records of Buckinghamshire, IX, opposite p.453, and Pevsner (ed.), Buckinghamshire pp.90-1), may also have been built on his initiative, although the accounts which survive in this accumulation suggest that this may have been Charles Lowndes' work. (See D-LO/6/10/4).
Chesham estate
Charles Lowndes (1699-1783). One of fourteen children, he did not become heir apparent until the death of an older brother, Henry, in 1717. He too was Secretary to the Treasury. He was active in county life, as a Trustee of the Aylesbury Free School and a magistrate. He was involved in the settling of many family affairs, including his mother's estate and a long drawn court case against the Leheups. (His sister Clara had married Peter Leheup). He was buried at Chesham, and was succeeded by his only son.
William Lowndes (1734-1808). Attended Eton, Trinity College Cambridge and was a student at the Middle Temple in 1752. In 1771 he married Lydia Mary Osborne, who died within two years of the marriage and by whom he had a son William. He later had two illegitimate children who were provided for by trust. (cf. Harrington Trust D-LO/6/2/12). He was a commissioner of excise, governor of Christ's Hospital, the Foundling Hospital and the Westminster Infirmary, and was, according to Gibbs, a 'man of letters'. He also acted as captain in the Bucks militia.
(cf. Gibbs Worthies pp.264-6)
William Lowndes (1771-1831), son of Commissioner Lowndes. He too was active in the Bucks militia. His threatened bankruptcy in 1805 led to the tying up of the estate in a trust administered by Charles Lyall and William Sutthery, whose activities are well documented in these papers. The 1807 trust was altered several times and provided for younger children and for further financial difficulties. This William died in Broadstairs in 1831, and was succeeded by his eldest son.
William Lowndes (1807-1864). Trinity Hall Cambridge, and High Sheriff for Bucks in 1848. He was anxious to revive a family claim to the barony of Monthermer about which he collected much information. He married twice and was succeeded by his son. (cf. V.C.H. iii p.211)
William Lowndes (1834-1905) Trinity Hall Cambridge, and Barrister-at-Law. He gathered many documents relating to the family. He died unmarried, and was succeeded by the son of his half-sister. (cf. Burke's Landed Gentry, 1937)
William Frederick Lowndes Frith-Lowndes (b.1871). J.P. for Bucks, assumed the additional name of Lowndes by licence in 1906. (cf. Kelly's Handbook to titled, landed and official classes, 1942)
Winslow (& Whaddon) estate
Robert Lowndes (1678(?)-1727). [Date of baptism given as 1680 in Lowndes Pedigree and 1678 in Burke's Landed Gentry].
Richard Lowndes (1706-1775). One of sixteen children. Sheriff for Bucks 1737-8, Knight of the Shire 1742. Died at Hillesden in 1775, and was buried at Winslow. He was succeeded by his son. (cf. Records of Bucks. VIII, 396. Gibbs Worthies p.264)
William Lowndes (17? -1813). He became William Selby-Lowndes when he inherited the Whaddon Chase estate in 1772, which then descended with Winslow. He was succeeded by his son.
William Selby-Lowndes (1767-1840), Knight of the Shire, became William Lowndes by licence. For details of a court case against him over the ownership of Whaddon, see Records of Buckinghamshire II, p.123. He was succeeded by his son. (cf. V.C.H. iii p.437)
William Selby-Lowndes (1807-1886), M.P. for Bucks., became Lord Winslow and was succeeded by his son.
William Selby-Lowndes (1836-1920), was succeeded by his son.
(cf. Bucke's Landed Gentry, 1937)
William Selby-Lowndes (b.1871), educated at Eton, High Sheriff for Bucks., 1939.
(cf. Kelly's Handbook to titled, landed and official classes, 1942)
The history of the Lowndes papers is complicated. The bulk of the archive was deposited with the Bucks Archaeological Society in 1950, through the intermediary of the British Records Association. It included then documents relating to other counties, notably Hampshire, Essex, London, Hertfordshire, and to Scotland, many of which were transferred to appropriate repositories in those localities.
That part of the archive which remained with the B.A.S. was eventually deposited in the Record Office, with the exception of certain manorial court rolls, which were retained by the B.A.S. until 1987 when they were deposited in the Record Office as part of AR 24/87. These documents can be identified by the B.R.A. stamp, BRA 651. On receipt in the Record Office, certain wills and surveys were placed among the artificial collections of wills and surveys created here, and have only recently been reunited with the archive.
In 1983, a further group of Lowndes papers, many of which completed sequenes in the existing archive, were deposited in the Record Office, again through the BRA [AR 86/83]. This smaller group of records, which has been inserted into the main series, is indicated thus [0] in the following list.

For the local historian, the documents of title to the Grove, Bury and especially Hundridge manors fill gaps left in standard authorities such as the V.C.H. Some fine estate maps are included in this deposit. The building accounts of Winslow Hall and the Bury are detailed and the large number of eighteenth century recipes are also of interest. Further afield, the growth of London is documented in plans for the building of houses on the Lowndes estate in Knightsbridge. This project was entrusted to the successful builder and entrepreneur Thomas Cubitt (1788-1855; see D.N.B.). Documents of significance to national history include an account of the reasons for the failure to provide adequate supplies for troops in the seventeenth century Irish campaigns, and a Marine Insurance Company subscribers' minute book (1719).
This archive includes a number of documents which present curious physical features. Apart from the very large pedigree which has already been alluded to, the early eighteenth century survey rolls may be noted. The rolls, which are made up of membranes sewn end to end, in a manner possibly borrowed from Treasury practice, are amongst the longest documents in the Office: the second roll, D-LO/4/2, is some 52ft.long.

TITLE DEEDS  D-LO/1  [n.d.]

CHESHAM  [no ref. or date]

Manor of the Bury  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Capital Messuage of the Bury and land attached to it, bought by William Lowndes of George and William Norbury in 1687, and later leased to several tenants.
[See V.C.H., iii, p.209 for a description of the descent of this manor]

Deeds, with dft abstract of title.  D-LO/1/1/1-57  1635-1699

Related information: [A fair copy of the abstract is entered in the survey rolls, see D-LO/4/2. See D-LO/3/10 for William Clifton's will]

Manor of the Grove  [no ref. or date]

Related information: The manorial court rolls for the period Henry IV to Henry VI, originally part of this archive, are part of the B.A.S. Manorial collection deposited in the Record Office in 1987 (AR 24/87). See Appendix A to this list for a summary description]

Administrative history:
Manor of the Grove, purchased in several parcels between 1692 and 1704 by William Lowndes. Earlier owners included John Cheyne, from 1498, and later the Southen and Bunn families who increased the extent of the estate before selling it to William Lowndes.
[See V.C.H., iii, p.211 for a history of the manor.

Deeds, with abstract of title, relating to the purchases of the Cheyne, Southen and Bunn families.  D-LO/1/2/1-16  1498-1630

Administrative history:
[William Bunn sold the property, excluding Little Grove Hill to New Close, to John Bunn senior and John Bunn junior in 1629. The following year John Bunn acquired Little Grove Hill which had been sold to Richard Field, from Richard Field's son's trustees. New Close had been subject to an earlier mortgage]

Grove Park, including site of manor.

Deeds relating to the purchase of this property by Henry Bunn.  D-LO/1/2/17-18  1676

Related information: See D-LO/2/1 for Henry's marriage settlement and D-LO/3/5 for John's will]

Administrative history:
Henry Bunn was John Bunn's heir.

Hill Close and Bushy Lawne Hill Spring

Deeds, including the assignment of an annuity of £40 by Philip Wingfield to his wife Mary on their separation, relating to Henry Bunn's leases, mortgages and eventual conveyance to William Lowndes' trustees in 1692.  D-LO/1/2/19-36  1681-1692

Related information: [See D-LO/6/3/30 for C19 draft]

Manor of the Grove including additional purchases

Deeds relating to the purchase of the property, mortgaged by Henry Bunn to the Lee [Ley] family, by William Lowndes in 1693.  D-LO/1/2/37-41  1689-1693

Spring Close

Deeds and bonds relating to the purchase of the property by William Lowndes in 1704.  D-LO/1/2/42-52  1657-1704

Home Close, Sheepcroft Close, Long Close, Dell Close, Picked Close (22 acres altogether)

Leases for varying terms granted by the Lowndes family.  D-LO/1/2/53-62  1709-1754

Grove Farm

Notes relating to the grant of free warren to Thomas Cheyney in 1352.  D-LO/1/2/63-64  n.d. [late C16]

Grove Manor

Manor of Hundridge  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Manor of Hundridge with appurtenances in Chesham and Amersham, purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1742. [These documents, summarised in the schedule (D-LO/1/3/1) complete the gaps in the account of the descent of the manor given in V.C.H., iii, p.212]

Schedule of deeds.  D-LO/1/3/1  1742

Deeds relating to the descent of the manor up to the Edwards family settlement of 1705.  D-LO/1/3/2-8  1635-1705

Deeds relating to conveyances, incl. mortgages, up to the sale of the manor to Charles Lowndes in 1742.  D-LO/1/3/9-34  [1696]-1742

Source of acquisition: [D-LO/1/3/21 is part of the second BRA deposit [O]]

Deeds relating to subsequent mortgages.  D-LO/1/3/35-42  1742-1786

Receipts in Harding v. Edwards, [presumed to relate to Hundridge manor]  D-LO/1/3/43  1741-1742

Final concord: Peter Barker, Henry Humphrey and John Times plts., and Robert and Mary Musting, Thomas and Sarah Roberts, Joseph and Sarah Peters defts.  D-LO/1/3/44  1729

Chalfont St. Giles, Great Missenden, Chesham
[This item found in this bundle, does not apparently relate to any Lowndes title]

Cock's House, with brewhouse and public house known as the Bell. Public houses in Chesham Town and Amersham  [no ref. or date]

Related information: [See D-LO/1/18]

Administrative history:
Cock's House and the Bell were mortgaged by the Geary family to William Lowndes trustees, and other parties. The mortgage was redeemed in 1702, when the property was sold to William Hill. The Bell, but apparently not Cock's House, was later acquired by the Lowndes family.

Deeds and copy deeds  D-LO/1/4/1-14  1684-1702

[The deeds also include transactions relating to various public houses, notably The Red Lion, The Maiden Head (heretofore known as the Bridge House) The George Inn and The Crown in Chesham; The Nag's Head and a messuage near the Saracens Head in Amersham. Some of these properties were included in the mortgage by the Gearys to Lowndes' trustees and others, whose interest in the property was disposed of at the same time as Cock's]

Messuage in the High Street late in the occupation of Robert Billett, recently purchased by Joseph Jennings of Thomas Honylove. Feoffment and bond: Joseph Jennings to Josias Geary.  D-LO/1/4/15-17  1662-3

[The presence of these deeds in this bundle is unexplained, as they do not apparently relate to any of the foregoing title]

Bush Ground farm  [no ref. or date]

Related information: [See survey roll D-LO/4/3]

Administrative history:
Messuage, wood and appurtenances in Chesham, Tring and Wigginton, once in the possession of Joseph Benning, and then owned by the Morris family. Purchased by W. Lowndes in 1716.

Bonds and final concord.  D-LO/1/5/1-4  1660-1716

Geary's farm in Bellingdon, later Bellingdon farm  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Messuage and over 100 acres of land, constituting Geary's farm, purchased by William Lowndes, in 1718 and 1721. At one time in the possession of the Southen family, then owned by Joshua Geary, the farm was mortgaged to James Smith in 1715.

Deeds, incl. abstract of title, relating to the descent of these fields, comprising the greater part of the farm, down to the mortgage to James Smith.  D-LO/1/6/1-30  1485-1715

Closes called Okeham, Malcroft, Stonyfield, Calves, Stony Croft, Dell, Woodfield, Moonscroft, the great orchard, Privy Peece, Long Close Meadow, Johns, Coldye, Flaxfield, New Close, Netherfield, Goblins Hedge and Goblins Wood.

Documents relating to transfer of the closes.  D-LO/1/6/31-36  1652-1713

Copyhold parts of property described above, incl. Moonscroft, Stonyfield, and Malcroft closes, in the manor of Chesham Bury.

Deeds and bond.  D-LO/1/6/37-41  1639-1704

Cottslow hills, part freehold and part copyhold.

Deeds relating to admissions and purchases by William Lowndes, transferred jointly by Smith and Geary.  D-LO/1/6/42-52  1718-1721

Related information: [See D-LO/3/19 for Joshua Geary's will, 1720]

Geary's farm

Deed relating to the settlement of the close on Mrs. Geary in 1708, which was not included in the mortgages to James Smith, but was part of the Lowndes purchase.  D-LO/1/6/53  1708

Hook Close
[Endorsed '15 May 1721. This deed was delivered to me p' Mr. Edwards']

Miscellaneous accounts, particulars and business papers relating to the farm.  D-LO/1/6/54-72  1698-1721

Geary's farm
Found in a bundle with items D-LO/1/6/42-52]

Dodds Close in Bellingdon  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Part of Geary's farm and mortgaged or sold to Henry Trumper in 1715, two thirds of this close were bought by William Lowndes in 1723 and the remainder by Charles Lowndes in 1726.

4 documents incl. bond.  D-LO/1/7/1-4  1715-1726

Moor farm  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Moor farm, successively in the ownership of the Cocks, Lovett, Floyd, Burch, Dudsbury and Dyer families was mortgaged and then sold by Thomas and Ann Dyer to William Hill in 1700. It was purchase by Charles Lowndes in 1725, although the conveyance to him does not survive here.

Abstract of title covering the period 1605-1733  D-LO/1/8/1-2  [?1708-1733]

Deeds (listed in abstract down to 1708, but excluding no. 8 on abstract, John Floyd's will, which is in the wills sequence D-LO/3/18)  D-LO/1/8/3-36  1605-1708

Messuage at Frogmore, two meadows called Little Foxes Mead, closes called Little Worthy, Horsecroft, Pitfield, Crouch Furlong, land in West Dean, Crouches, Brathams, Long Brathams.

Copy admissions, not mentioned in abstract of title, but presumed to relate to Moor Farm.  D-LO/1/8/37-42  1622-1661

Copyholds in manor of Rectory of Chesham

Bond to surrender and for the quiet enjoyment of copyhold lands: Dyer to Hill. With receipts for quit rents paid on property.  D-LO/1/8/43-54  1663-1706

Moor Farm: Land in West Dean Common field in Frogmore  [no ref. or date]

Incorporated into Moor Farm. The documents described reached the record office in two bundles, and relate to the following purchases by the Lowndes family:

9 documents, incl. sketch plan of field.  D-LO/1/9/1-9  1636-1707

Land near gate leading to West Dean, owned by the Dudsbury family and Joseph Welch, and conveyed to William Lowndes in 1707.

Deeds and bonds.  D-LO/1/9/10-22  1707-1753

Land in West Dean Common field, successively owned by the Treacher and Lake families, and purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1753.

[no title]  D-LO/1/9/23-31  1705-1754

9 documents

Land in West Dean Common field, successively owned by the Potter, Norwood and Treacher families and purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1754.

[no title]  D-LO/1/9/32-34  1757

3 documents

Related information: [See D-LO/5/2-4 for sketch plans of West Dean field]

Land in West Dean Common field, conveyed by Coulson Skottowe to Charles and William Lowndes in 1757.

[A gap in the title occurs between 1706 and 1729, for which the conveyance from the Dudsburys is missing. The two sequences of deeds are presumed to belong to the same property on account of the matching acreages]  D-LO/1/9/35-49  1634-1777

14 documents.

Land in West Dean Common field in the ownership of the Dudsbury, Potter, Timms, Cook and Johnson families and purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1777.

Feoffment: Gillet to Cheesman.  D-LO/1/9/50  1668

Land in West Dean Common field.

Feoffment: Wm. Burch to Thomas Dudsbury.  D-LO/1/9/51  1637

Pasture ground in great meade, near Hundridge.

Bond: Thomas to John Dudsbury.  D-LO/1/9/52  1676

Deed to declare the uses of a fine; fine; bond Thos. Dudsbury to John Dudsbury.  D-LO/1/9/53-55  1681

3 documents.

Closes called Wyell; parcel of arable land called Rose Acre in West Dean; close called Blackmores.

Copyhold land called Howsesides  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
3a. of arable land called houseside in the manor of Chesham Bury to which Charles Lowndes was admitted on surrender of Daniel Hill in 1741.

Copy admissions.  D-LO/1/10/1-4  1685-1741

The Holts  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
The messuage in Chesham and closes called the Holts were in the ownership of the Greenhill family and mortgaged several times. In 1750 it was sold to Charles Lowndes by Catherine Freeman, to whom he granted an annuity in 1750.

[no title]  D-LO/1/11/1-10  1715-1750

10 documents.

Lease for a year: Samuel Couchman to Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/1/11/11  1750

Close in Chesham adjoining Holt Lane. (1a.1r.)
[release missing]

Grant, counterpart and receipts.  D-LO/1/11/12-15  1772

Grant by Charles Lowndes of annuity on premises described in 1-10 and 11 to Joanna Johnson.

Copyhold cottages at Frogmore in the Manor of Peterleystone, Netherburye and Missenden Magna  [no ref. or date]

The following documents, which reached the Record Office in a number of intermixed bundles, relate to several separate purchases by the Lowndes family. They have been redistributed into the following groups:

1-12. Deeds, including deed of enfranchisement (1676) and abstract of title (1741) 1608-1742; 13. Admission of Thomas Coe to a cottage in the manor [not related to title?] 1630  D-LO/1/12/1-13  1608-1742

8 tenements at Frogmore, successively in the possession of John Norwood, Thomas Whitehart and James Whitehart, and purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1742.

Deeds, including deed of enfranchisement (1676) and abstract of title (1744).  D-LO/1/13/1-19  1676-1744

3 messuages at Frogmore, once in the ownership of John Norwood, several times mortgaged and purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1744.

Deeds.  D-LO/1/14/1-8  1700-1768

Messuage in Frogmore successively owned by William Portres, Thomas Norwood and William Hoare and purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1768.

Lease and release.  D-LO/1/15/1-2  1777

Land in Frogmore, on which a cottage once stood, purchased by Charles Lowndes in 1777, and formerly held by William Portres.

Copyhold cottages at Frogmore in the manor of Chesham Higham  [no ref. or date]

Documents, including a wrapper endorsed "The cottage has fallen down"  D-LO/1/16/1-11  1672-1806

Cottage and land in Frogmore, to which William Lowndes was admitted in 1806, on the surrender of James Hearn.

Admissions and abstract of title.  D-LO/1/17/1-8  1737-1817

Two cottages at Frogmore, once owned by the Ayres family and purchased by the Lowndes Trustees in 1817.

Little Hawkes in Botleys  [no ref. or date]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/18/1-5  1741-1756

Closes of fields called Little Hawkes in Botleys in the parish of Chesham, assigned to Robert Lowndes in Trust for Charles Lowndes in 1756.

Property belonging to the Pinchbeck family  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Property comprising land notably Pittfield and closes in West Dean and a messuage in Church End, formerly owned by the Fellows family. It was purchased by Edward Pinchbeck of John Anstee in 1753, who had previously bought them of Elizabeth Fellows. Charles Lowndes bought the land, but not the messuage, in 1767. According to a pencil annotation on D-LO/1/19/41, Pittfield was incorporated into Moor Farm.
[From the numbering on the deeds in this series, it appears that they were, at some stage, arranged chronologically, irrespective of the descent of each part of the property. This arrangement has not been kept to in the sequences described above]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/19/1-6  1635-1715

Pittfield, divided into several closes: Great Pittfield, Long Close, Bottom Close and Pond Mead later called Pittfield, Whitehill Pond, Mead Cross, Lane Close, Holts Lane Close, Meadow Barn Mead and New Mead.

Deeds, incl. Fellows family settlement (1711)  D-LO/1/19/7-20  1600-1714

Related information: [See D-LO/3/14-17 for wills of the Fellows family]

Messuage in Church End

Deeds.  D-LO/1/19/21-33  1714-1739

Messuage in Church End and wood ground near place called Cherry Tree.

Deeds.  D-LO/1/19/34-40  1741-1755

Whole of property described in D-LO/1/19/21-33.

Deeds relating to the purchase by Henry Lowndes for Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/1/19/41-46  1767

Pittfield and the Closes in West Dean.

West Mead alias Pednor Mead and other land in Chesham. Property belonging to the Duncombe family  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Deeds to property in Chesham and Aldbury owned by the Duncombe family, and part of which was bought by William Lowndes in 1789.
[Two deeds are missing in the sequence, the transfer of title from Burch to Atkinson, and that from Weedon to Duncombe]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/20/1-12  1577-1731

Parcel in West Mead bought from the Weedon family by the Duncombes, mortgaged in 1714 and finally sold to Henry Child in 1731.

Deeds incl. schedule of deeds.  D-LO/1/20/13-25  1671-1789

Related information: [See D-LO/1/3/12 for William Duncombe's will, 1688 and D-LO/2/3 for Duncombe settlement]

Property in Chesham including Pednor Mead and other parcels called Symons, Hullfields, Grove Wood, Swornehills, Worthy, inter alia, part of which was purchased from Elizabeth Lowle (a devisee named in the will of William Duncombe) by William Lowndes in 1789.

Tithes of the almshouses land and other property  [no ref. or date]

Documents, including an abstract of title 1738-1792 and an attested copy of an act of parliament disposing of property in Kent, Suffolk, Essex, Hereford and Monmouth entailed by the will of Elizabeth, Duchess of Bedford.  D-LO/1/22/1-13  1792

Tithes of the almshouses land, of Rose Acre and of other land and wood ground in Chesham; various copyhold lands in the manor of Chesham Woburn and a quit rent of 3d of Frekridge Field, purchased by William Lowndes in 1792 from the Duke of Bedford.

Property belonging to Coulson Skottowe  [no ref. or date]

Documents.  D-LO/1/22/1-12  1646-1755

Barn and land called Cadmore previously divided into three closes in Chartridge. Cadmore was owned by the Biscoe family at the beginning of the eighteenth century. It was then purchased by William West in 1702 and later mortgaged by West's wife. After a court case, the property was purchased by Coulson Skottowe in 1755.

Documents, incl. extract of will of Nicholas Skottowe.  D-LO/1/22/13-24  1696-1799

Cottage in Bury Hill, later divided into 2 tenements, in the ownership of Mary Wardall in 1696. It later passed to Richard Harding, the Rolls family, and was sold to Nicholas Skottowe by William Hatch in 1787. Nicholas's nephew John inherited the cottage in 1799.

Instructions for conveyance of property by John Skottowe and others to William Lowndes.  D-LO/1/22/25  n.d.[?1802]

Related information: [See D-LO/6/3/28-29, 31 for drafts]

The Worthies and other property in Chesham town  [no ref. or date]

Although the conveyance from the Ware family to the Lowndes estate does not survive in this bundle, it appears from the abstracts of title that all or part of it was purchased by the trustees in 1816.

Deeds or 2 messuages in Chesham Town formerly in the occupation of William Wingfield and William Bennett; messuage heretofore known by the name of the Bell; two closes of land called The Worthies.  D-LO/1/23/1-8  1650-1818

Deeds or Tithes arising from The Worthies.  D-LO/1/23/9-11  1792-1816

Copy deeds (1752-1817) and legal correspondence, pedigree of Ware family.  D-LO/1/23/12-30  1816-1817

Related information: [See D-LO/3/35-39 for wills of the Ware family, and D-LO/6/3/61 for drafts]

Messuage and two cottages  [no ref. or date]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/23/1-20  1690-1831

Related information: [See D-LO/6/3/87 for drafts]

Messuage in which David Lovett at one time lived, afterwards divided into two tenements, and later used as three tenements; two cottages adjoining this property (lately erected) in the occupation of the Dimax family. Purchased by William Lowndes in 1831, from Robert Ball and his wife Mary nee Weedon.

Hyde Heath in Manor of Hundridge  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart deed of mutual conveyance pursuant to 1807 enclosure of Hyde Heath under the terms of 29 Geo.II c.36 Timber Act.  D-LO/1/25/1  1832

1 document

Related information: See also D-LO/6/8/6. A copy of the agreement is enrolled in the Quarter Sessions records, Q/RX/5]

Admission to copyholds already part of the estate  [no ref. or date]

Admission of William Lowndes on the death of his father.  D-LO/1/26/1  1834

Manor of Chesham Bury
4 acres of meadow adjoining road leading from Chesham to Chartridge on North; two closes called Upper copped Thoms (11 acres), and 1 acre adjoining Upper copped Thoms, all which was surrendered by John Skottowe to the benefit of William Lowndes in 1802; two closes of land (13 acres) on lane from Bellingdon to Hawridge, and other copyhold property in Bellingdon and formerly held by James King and his wife Jane; copyhold parts of the following: Oakham Close and Mallcroft, Stoney Field, Dell Close, Woodfield Close, Moons Croft, Long Close Meadow, Flaxfield Close, land inHarfield Common, New Close, Netherfield Closes, Cottsloe Hills Closes,all of which are situated in Bellingdon and formerly in the occupation of Edmund Haydon and Anthony Climpson and to which William Lowndes was admitted tenant in 1809.

Admission of William Lowndes on the death of his father.  D-LO/1/26/2  1834

Manor of Chesham Higham
3½ acres in Great Church field heretofore of Sir Francis Whichcote; a parcel in close called Churchfield, a rood in four closes near Chartridge Lane, part of the former estate of Ann Garraway, and to which William Lowndes was admitted in 1802 on the surrender of John Skottowe; cottage at Frogmore to which William Lowndes was admitted in 1807 on the surrender of James Hearn, cottage and land out of former town field previously in occupation of Samuel Treacher; copyhold land and tenements to which Richard Lowndes of Winslow was admitted in 1743 on the mortgage and surrender of Joshua Geary.

Close of land in Chartridge  [no ref. or date]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/27/1-14  1709-1836

Close of meadow on the highway from Chesham to Chartridge Green, formerly owned by John Norwood, Joseph Potter, John Coney, Richard Burch, Samuel Twitchell, Richard Spratley and later mortgaged. The property was purchased by William Lowndes in 1836.

Deed, to which Richard Burch and Richard Twitchell were party, exonerating John Kingston, found with this bundle, but apparently not relating to transactions of the property described in D-LO/1/27/1-14.  D-LO/1/27/15  1776

[The 1836 deed is annotated "This property (with some other) conveyed by Mr. Lowndes to the Trustees by Deed dated 12th July 1837 and numbered 3' C.L.]

Messuage and land at Bury Hill End  [no ref. or date]

Deeds  D-LO/1/28/1-4  1837

4 documents.

Purchased by William Lowndes from Thomas Staple in 1837, and reconveyed by him to Trustees a few months later.

Customary messuage in Chartridge  [no ref. or date]

Copy court roll and related documents.  D-LO/1/29/1-4  1837-8

Five undivided fifth parts of an undivided moiety of a customary tenement heretofore in the possession of Job Blake and more recently converted into three cottages in Chesham, and of a close of ground in Chartridge, to which William Lowndes was admitted in 1838.

Cannons Mill and other property in Chesham and Chesham Bois  [no ref. or date]

Related information: [Some of the documents relating to the title to Coulson Skottowe's tithes survive with the title to Pressmore Farm D-LO/1/33/1-17]

William Lowndes's Trustees bought the following property from Robert Ball in 1839:
Firstly: messuage, mill and farm with lands and grounds thereunto belonging in tenure of Thomas Cook in Chesham and Chesham Bois with quit rents amounting to 3s.10d p.a. (Later described as Middle Mill otherwise Canham Mill otherwise Cannons Mill)
Messuages and tenements in the Manor of Chesham Bois lying in the parishes [sic] of Chesham, Chesham Bois and Chester Leicester and Agmondesham.
Secondly: Piece of land about a rood and 20 poles adjoining Holly Bush Meadow.
Thirdly: the Tithes arising from mill yard and from other meadows and parcels of land incl. Holly Bush Meadow, part of the inheritance of Coulson Skottowe.

Abstract of title of Robert Ball.  D-LO/1/30/1  1838

Attested copies of deeds relating to the mill described on pp.1-11 of abstract.  D-LO/1/30/2-12  1738-1787

Draft conveyance to William Lowndes' Trustees [Detailed description of property, incl. osier grounds].  D-LO/1/30/13-14  1839

Bucktofts  [no ref. or date]

Deeds  D-LO/1/31/1-9  1815-1840

Customary messuage called Bucktofts in Church End in Manor of Chesham Higham purchased by William Lowndes in 1840, and later vested in trustees.

Copyhold messuage in Bellingdon and other property  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Property purchased by Jonathan Sale in 1827 of the Stone family and acquired by William Lowndes in 1840.

Copies of court rolls and related documents.  D-LO/1/32/1-14  1757-1827

Customary messuage in Bellingdon and two pieces of land in Stoney Field in the manor Chesham Bury

Copies of court rolls.  D-LO/1/32/15-30  1690-1827

Property as D-LO/1/32/1-14, in manor of Chesham Higham

Miscellanea incl. schedule of deeds and business correspondence.  D-LO/1/32/31-38  1840

Related information: [See D-LO/6/3/107 for drafts]

Purchase by Lowndes estate

Presmoor (later Presmore) Farm  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Copyhold messuage and land at Ashley Green, and tithes arising from the farm, parcel of the manor of Chesham Rectory otherwise Chesham Leicester, purchased from Thomas Weedon by William Lowndes in 1844

Documents incl. detailed abstracts of title and attested copy deeds listed in abstract. [The copies were made in the late eighteenth century and the abstracts are water marked 1829].  D-LO/1/33/1-17  c.1787-1844

Blacksmith's shop in Church End  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Copyhold messuage with blacksmith's shop in Church End in the manor of Chesham Higham, previously owned by the Fean/Ferne family and purchased by William Lowndes in 1846.

Admissions.  D-LO/1/34/1-4  1781-1846

Agreement to sell and related documents.  D-LO/1/34/5-12  1846

Property belonging to the Nash family  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Messuage and land at Whelpley Hill, Land at Botley, part of Dungrove farm, and other property owned by the Nash family and presumed to have been purchased by the Lowndes estate at various times. The title is very incomplete.

Deeds incl. abstract of title.  D-LO/1/35/1-11  1842-1848

Messuage and land at Whelpley Hill, copyhold messuages in Chesham town and tithes arising from the whole, purchased by William Lowndes in 1848 and reconveyed by him to his trustees to the use of the Essex settlement.

Deeds.  D-LO/1/35/12-20  1684-1855

3 roods in town field and tithes arising from it; part of five acre field and the Slipe in Botley bought by Wm. Lowndes senior and Wm. Lowndes junior in 1855 from the executors of Ann Nash.

Abstract of title relating to property, part of Dungrove farm but otherwise unspecified, mortgaged or sold to the Lowndes estate by the Nash family in 1803, and sold out of the estate in 1864.  D-LO/1/35/21  1864

Miscellaneous legal drafts and business correspondence relating to 1848 purchase from the Nash Trustees.  D-LO/1/35/22-50  1848

Copyhold property in Bellingdon  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Copyhold property to the North and East of Geary's Farm, incl. a messuage, Cross Leys Hill (formerly Cottsloe Hills) and Shippenwicks (formerly Cottsloe Hill Meadow) in the manors of Chesham Bury and Chesham Higham. Once in the property of the Moore and later the Johnson family, it was bought by William Lowndes junior in 1856 of Messrs Garett and Franklin.

Documents, including official letter, dated 1842, certifying the burial in 1836, in the convicts ground (place not specified) of William Franklin whose wife was party to the conveyance.  D-LO/1/36/1-12  1791-1856

[The first item in the series does not appear to relate to the title, although it documents Moore holdings in Bellingdon]

Various properties in Chesham Town and meadow, part of Bottom Farm in Chartridge  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Messuage in Church Street in manor of Chesham Woburn, in the occupation of Charles Reading; three cottages in Church Street in manor of Chesham Woburn (in the occupation of Jos. Ebelthite, Benjamin Horwood and John Busby); five cottages and appurtenances (incl. a well) in manor of Chesham Woburn (in the occupation of Eliz. Webb, Geo. Webb, Benjamin Reynolds, John Reynolds and Mary Newton); customary meadow in the manor of Chesham Higham, once called Cocks Mead, but now called Spring Mead (formerly in the occupation of John Penny and now of Thomas and James Nash); cow house built on that meadow.
All of which was purchased at auction in 1855 by William Lowndes from the executors of Elizabeth Pryor of Chesham, widow, who was heiress at law of William Johnson.

Deeds confirming the purchase at auction, with s.p. endorsed with contract of purchase for lots 3, 4 & 5.  D-LO/1/37/1-5  1855

Admission to messuage in Church Street in the occupation of Charles Reading.  D-LO/1/37/6-11  1775-1856

Admission to Cocks Mead.  D-LO/1/37/12-15  1802-1856

Admissions to cottages near National School Room in Church Street.  D-LO/1/37/16-17  1856

Lease, release and conveyance: Walter Davies, Joseph Maggs to Henry Johnson.  D-LO/1/37/18-19  1794

Two messuages in Church end in the occupation of John Howard and Mary Springens and four other cottages in the hamlet of Hundridge in the occupation of Joseph Hearn, John Gascoyne, Hackwell Ruggens and James Ringsell.

Miscellanea: deeds relating to Chesham  [no ref. or date]

Feoffment: Mark Putnam to Thomas Gardner.  D-LO/1/38/1  1606

Parcel of land in Church field.

Feoffment: Nathaniel Axtell to Thomas Hayes.  D-LO/1/38/2  1611

Arable land called Colshells [Cogdells]

Feoffment: James Benning to Richard Ofley.  D-LO/1/38/3  1618

Close of land called Stony Lane in Ashley Green.

Five closes of land called the Rydings and wood in the manor of Hundridge bought by Edmund Pye in 1636.  D-LO/1/38/4-6  1635-1636

3 deeds.

Chesham & Great Missenden.

Final concord: John Wetherhead plt. and William Dell & Mary his wife, and James Dell & Mary his wife.  D-LO/1/38/7  1653

11 acres of land with appurtenances.

Lease for twelve years: Richard Norton to Ann Wilkinson.  D-LO/1/38/8  1669

Two tenements in Chesham town.

Counterpart feoffment: William Dyer to Edward Baldwin.  D-LO/1/38/9  1663

Messuage adjoining the George in Chesham town.

Deed to declare the uses of a fine: Humphrey Redd to John Hodsden. With later copy of a fine.  D-LO/1/38/10,11  1684-1742

Messuage in which Humphrey Redd used to dwell; messuage in which Simon East used to dwell at Lye Green; parcel of land at Whelpley Hill.

Final concord: Christopher Denn pltf. Nathaniel Burch, Thomas & Elizabeth Norwood, Gilbert & Elizabeth Geary and Thomas & Elizabeth Towill deft.  D-LO/1/38/12  1736

Chesham & Buckland

Final concord: Elias Cock pltf. and John Oldfield, Henry Plumridge, Daniel Sills & William Wingfield, deft.  D-LO/1/38/13  1751

Chesham & Pitstone: six messuages, six cottages, six gardens, six orchards and four acres of land.


Cokes Farm; Deeds relating to Cokes Farm  [no ref.]  1706-1832

49 items

Supplementary information: See separate typed calendar prepared by Rev.G.A.Collins, June 1982, entered as Appendix B at end of this list.

Related information: see D-LO/3/28 for Henry William Pomeroy's will, 1825.

Administrative history:
Kender Mason, whose great niece Mary married William Lowndes in 1832, purchased an interest in the property in 1787

Messuage called Cokes, close of 2½a. called Long Orchard, 5a. called Houndsfield, 5a. called Oldwell, 4a. called Barwell, 14a. called Hatchpiece, a close and pightle of 6a. called Apshedge, a close of 10a., 4a. called Wafers Grove, 6a. called Stubbs Croft, 1a. called Cozens Croft, 20a. called Stewards Field with 3a. called Dellfield, 7a. called Cokes Field, 26a. called Upper and Nether Foxholes, 6a. called Laggers, 3a. called Bottom Close, 4a. called Maudling, 2a.called House Orchard, a close of 1a.,7½a. called Houndsfield, 3 closes of 27a. called Ashmer Fields, 5a. of arable formerly part of Harridge Downs and Houndsfield, 3 closes of 18a. called Doggets, 6a. called Upper Malme, 5a. called Lower Malme. All lands lying in Amersham and Chalfont St. Giles.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/1  14th May 1706

Premises as 2.


1. RICHARD GRIMSDALE the elder, of Woodside, Amersham, Bucks, yeoman. JANE his wife.
2. DANIEL BECK of Amersham, Bucks. Blacksmith.
PETER LOATMAN of Lt. Missenden, Bucks. Yeoman.
3. JAMES CHILD of Amersham, Bucks. Gent.
4. RICHARD GRIMSDALE the younger, son and heir apparent of Richard Grimsdale the elder.
HANNAH GRIMSDALE of Amersham, Bucks. Widow.
In consideration of the forthcoming marriage between Richard Grimsdale the younger and Hannah Grimsdale widow and to assure sufficient joynture to Hannah Grimsdale
1 released to 2
a) HOUNDSFIELD, Amersham. 5 acres
THREE CLOSES called ASHMER FIELDS, Chalfont St. Giles. 27 acres
FIVE ACRES (four acres of Upper Harridge Downs, one acre of Houndsfield) Chalfont St. Giles 5 acres
TWO CLOSES called DOGGETTS, Chalfont St. Giles 16 acres
So much of the soil of highway belonging to Manor of the Vach as lye against closes last mentioned
b) MESSUAGE called Cokes in which R.Grimsdale the elder lives ORCHARD FIELD 5 acres
LONG OCHARD 2½ acres
OLDWELL 5 acres
BARWELL 4 acres
HATCH PIECE & land taken out of Lagger 14 acres
APSHEDGE 6 acres
CLOSE of arable land & woodground, fmly 2 closes & 2 hedgerows 10 acres
STEWARDS FIELDS & 3a of Dell Field 23 acres
LAGGERS 6 acres
MAUDLINS 4 acres
All in Amersham in tenure of R.Grimsdale the elder.
TO THE USE of R.Grimsdale the elder until forthcoming marriage THEREAFTER
Concerning premises in a) TO THE USE of R.Grimsdale the ounger for life and after his decease to Hannah Grimsdale, widow, as her joynture; and after their decease to the heirs of the body of R. Grimsdale on the body of H. Grimsdale.
Concerning premises in b) TO THE USE OF R.Grimsdale the younger and his heirs, SUBJECT to annuities to Richard Grimsdale the elder, and Jane Grimsdale.
COVENANT by R.Grimsdale the elder to levy a fine.

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/3  15th May 1706

(duplicate of 2)

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/4  14th March 1731

1. Hannah Grimsdale
2. Walker Norwood.
Premises as in following.

RELEASE (MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT)  D-LO/1/39/5  15th March 1731

1. HANNAH GRIMSDALE of Woodside, Amersham, Bucks. Spinster, one of the daughters and coheirs of Richard Grimsdale the younger, late of Woodside Amersham, Yeoman, deceased, and Hannah his wife.
2. WALKER NORWOOD of Uxbridge, Middlesex, Mealman.
3. JOHN ANTHONY of Hugendon, Bucks. Yeoman.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
In consideration of the forthoming marriage between Hannah Grimsdale spinster and John Anthony, and 5/- paid by Walker Norwood to Hannah Grimsdale, spinster
Hannah Grimsdale released to W. Norwood all her present and future interest in the premises expectant on the death of her mother Hannah Grimsdale, widow
TO THE USE of John Anthony.

LEASE.  D-LO/1/39/6  23rd March 1742

JOHN WELLS & MARY his wife
Premises as in following.

RELEASE  D-LO/39/7  24th March 1742

1. JOHN ANTHONY of Four Ashes, Hugendon, Bucks. Yeoman.
HANNAH his wife (eldest daughter and one of the coheirs of Richard Grimsdale the younger, late of Woodside, Amersham, deceased, by Hannah his wife, formerly Hannah Grimsdale, widow, and now the widow and relict of the said Richard Grimsdale the younger deceased, and sister and one of the coheirs of Jane Grimsdale, spinster, deceased, another of the daughters and coheirs of the said Richard Grimsdale the younger by the said Hannah Grimsdale his wife).
JOHN WELLS late of Burston, Bucks, but now of Woodside, Amersham, Bucks. Yeoman.
MARY his wife (another of the daughters and coheirs of the said Richard Grimsdale the younger by the said Hannah his wife, and a sister and coheir of the said Jane Grimsdale deceased).
2. WALKER NORWOOD of Uxbridge, Middlesex, Mealman.
3. JAMES HARDING of Temple Farm, Chipping Wycombe, Bucks. Yeoman.
RICHARD NORWOOD of Amersham, Bucks. Currier.
4. HANNAH GRIMSDALE, widow and relict of Richard Grimsdale the younger decd.
5. PETER PARKER the elder of Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. Mealman.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
In consideration of agreements entered into as therein recited and £160 paid by Hannah Grimsdale to John Wells and Mary his wife, 10/- paid by J.Harding and R. Norwood to J. Wells and Mary his wife, and 10/- paid by W. Norwood to J. Wells and Mary his wife
John Anthony & Hannah his wife, and John Wells and Mary his wife released to J. Harding & R. Norwood
The undivided two third parts of J. Anthony & Hannah his wife, and J. Wells and Mary his wife as follows
AS TO ONE UNDIVIDED THIRD PART to the use of J.Anthony
AS TO THE OTHER UNDIVIDED THIRD PART to the use of Peter Parker for a term of 1000 years to secure the sum of £160 due to Hannah Grimsdale and after the determination of the said term to the use of J. Harding & R. Norwood for the sole use of Mary Wells.

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/8  24th March 1742

SAME PARTIES as previous
PREMISES as in previous
DEED TO DECLARE the uses of a fine.

FINE  D-LO/1/39/9  MICHAELMAS TERM. 17th Geo. 2

HANNAH his wife
MARY his wife Deforciants
PREMISES Undivided two one third parts of
1 messuage
3 barns
2 stables
2 gardens
3 orchards
180 acres of land
10 acres of meadow
10 acres of pasture
15 acres of wood
And common of pasture for all manner of cattle
In Amersham & Chalfont St. Giles.

FINE  D-LO/1/39/10  MICHAELMAS TERM. 17th Geo. 2

HANNAH his wife
MARY his wife Deforciants
PREMISES Undivided two one third parts of
1 messuage
3 barns
2 stables
2 gardens
3 orchards
180 acres of land
10 acres of meadow
10 acres of pasture
15 acres of wood
And common of pasture for all manner of cattle
In Amersham & Chalfont St. Giles.

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/11  1st April 1745

1. JOHN ANTHONY of Four Ashes, Hugendon, Bucks. Yeoman.
2. THOMAS PLAISTOWE of Amersham, Bucks.Gent.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
Release by 1 to 2 of one undivided third part of premises for a term of 1000 years to secure £180 with proviso for redemption.
1st January 1747 DEED POLL under hand and seal of John Anthony to secure further sum of £171. 15. 0. making a total of principal and interest due of £400 on the undivided third part.
(Annexed to 1st April 1745). (D-LO/1/39/11)
1st April 1747 DEED POLL under hand and seal of John Anthony to secure further sum of £22 (sic).
(Indorsed on 1st April 1745) (D-LO/1/39/11)
24th September 1748 RECEIPT for £100 (Indorsed on 1st April 1745)
15th September 1750 ASSIGNMENT (Indorsed on 1st April 1745)
1. THOMAS PLAISTOWE of Amersham, Bucks. Gent.
2. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks.Esq.,
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
In consideration of £340 paid by Isaac Eeles to Thomas Plaistowe and 5/- paid by Charles Moores, Apothecary and Citizen of London, Thomas Plaistowe assigned to Charles Moores the residue of the term of 1000 years in the undivided third part of John Anthony IN TRUST for Isaac Eeles.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/12  14th September 1750

Premises as in following

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/13  15th September 1750

1. JOHN ANTHONY of Hugendon (orwise Hitchenden) Bucks.Yeoman.
2. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
In consideration of £340 paid to T.Plaistowe and £240.6.8. to John Anthony paid by Isaac Eeles, John Anthony released to Isaac Eeles one undivided third part of premises for the remainder of term of 1000 years to be assigned to some person IN TRUST for Isaac Eeles to await freehold and inheritance.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/14  29th May 1751

MARY his wife (formerly Mary Grimsdale)
Premises as in following.

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/15  30th May 1751

1. JAMES HARDING of Amersham, Bucks.Yeoman.
RICHARD NORWOOD of Amersham, Bucks.Currier.
2. JOHN WELLS of Gt. Marlow, Bucks. Yeoman.
MARY his wife, formerly Mary Grimsdale.
3. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
In consideration of £50 paid to John Wells and Mary his wife by Isaac Eeles and 5/- to James Harding & Richard Norwood
James Harding, Richard Norwood, John Wells and Mary his wife granted to Isaac Eeles
The undivided third part of Mary Wells in therpremises
Subject to proviso for redemption
Subject to Indenture of 24th March 1742 to secure £160 to Hannah Grimsdale
20. 15th April 1752 DEED POLL (indorsed on 30th May 1751) (D-LO/1/39/15)
Further sum of £50 charged on premises.

MORTGAGE  D-LO/1/39/16  15th March 1754

1. JAMES HARDING of Amersham, Bucks. Yeoman.
RICHARD NORWOOD of Amersham, Bucks. Currier.
2. JOHN WELLS of Gt. Marlow, Bucks. Yeoman.
MARY his wife, formerly Grimsdale.
3. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
Further sum of £289. 5. 0. paid by Isaac Eeles, making a total of £400, of which £162. 15. 0. was paid to Hannah Grimsdale in discharge of Mortgage to her, and transfer of mortgage to Isaac Eeles, and £126. 10. 0. was paid to John and Mary Wells.
John & Mary Wells, James Harding & Richard Norwood, ratified and confirmed grant of undivided third part of premises.

BOND for £800 by John Wells to secure sum of £408 due to I. Eeles under Mortgage of 15th March 1754.  D-LO/1/39/17  15th March 1754

LEASE.  D-LO/1/39/18  29th September 1766

Premises as in following

RELEASE.  D-LO/1/39/19  30th September 1766

1. RICHARD ANTHONY of Chesham, Bucks, Plumber & Glazier, nephew of Mary Wells deceased, formerly Mary Grimsdale, late wife of John Wells also deceased.
2. SARAH WEST of Amersham, Bucks. Widow.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
For sum of £100 Richard Anthony granted to Sarah West an undivided third part of premises, late the portion of Mary Wells, subject to Mortgage of £400 to Isaac Eeles and other charges and legacies imposed by Mary Wells.

LEASE.  D-LO/1/39/20  15th January 1768

SARAH his wife.
Premises as in following.

MORTGAGE BY RELEASE.  D-LO/1/39/21  16th January 1768

1. WILLIAM EAST of Amersham, Bucks. Husbandman.
SARAH his wife (late Sarah West, formerly Sarah Grimsdale spinster, one of the three daughters and coheirs of Richard Grimsdale the younger, late of Amersham, yeoman, deceased and Hannah his wife also deceased.
2. HENRY WHITCHURCH of Stoke Mandeville, Bucks. Gent.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
For the sum of £400 William East and Sarah his wife released to Henry Whitchurch an undivided third part of the premises.
Subject to proviso for redemption.
Subject to Declaration of Uses.

COUNTERPART MORTGAGE  D-LO/1/39/22  16th January 1768

Under hand and seal of SARAH EAST, wife of William East of Amersham, Bucks, husbandman (late Sarah West, formerly Sarah Grimsdale, spinster, one of the three daughters and coheiresses of Richard Grimsdale the younger, late of Amersham, Yeoman, decd. and Hannah his wife also decd.
USES & PURPOSES of Indenture 18th January 1768 revoked. DECLARATION OF NEW USES namely that FINE to effect both undivided one third parts Subject to Mortgage of £400 to Henry Whitchurch on first & Mortgage of £400 to Isaac Eeles on second,
AND, subject to the estate of William East, to the use of Sarah East for life, and thereafter to Elisha Grimsdale of Sear Green, Farnham Royal, and thence to his son William Grimsdale.

BOND for £800 under hand and seal of William East to secure sum of £400 and interest to Henry Whitchurch under Mortgage of 16th January 1768.  D-LO/1/39/23  16th January 1768

INDENTURE  D-LO/1/39/24  18th January 1768

1. WILLIAM EAST of Amersham, Bucks. Husbandman.
SARAH his wife.
2. HENRY WHITCHURCH of Stoke Mandeville, Bucks.Gent.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
To declare the uses of a fine levied on the undivided third part of premises late the portion of John and Mary Wells subject to the Mortgage for £400 to Isaac Eeles and other charges and legacies.

FINE  D-LO/1/39/25  HILARY TERM 8 Geo.3

SARAH his wife Deforciants
Two undivided one third parts of
1 messuage
3 barns
3 stables
2 gardens
2 orchards
180 acres of land
10 acres of meadow
15 acres of wood
Common of pasture for cattle of all kinds
In Amersham and Chalfont St.Giles.

FINE  D-LO/1/39/26  HILARY TERM 8 Geo.3

SARAH his wife Deforciants
Two undivided one third parts of
1 messuage
3 barns
3 stables
2 gardens
2 orchards
180 acres of land
10 acres of meadow
15 acres of wood
Common of pasture for cattle of all kinds
In Amersham and Chalfont St.Giles.

DEED POLL  D-LO/1/39/27  1st November 1768

Under hand and seal of SARAH EAST, wife of William East of Amersham, Bucks, husbandman (late Sarah West, formerly Sarah Grimsdale, spinster, one of the three daughters and coheiresses of Richard Grimsdale the younger, late of Amersham, Yeoman, decd. and Hannah his wife also decd.
USES & PURPOSES of Indenture 18th January 1768 revoked. DECLARATION OF NEW USES namely that FINE to effect both undivided one third parts Subject to Mortgage of £400 to Henry Whitchurch on first & Mortgage of £400 to Isaac Eeles on second,
AND, subject to the estate of William East, to the use of Sarah East for life, and thereafter to Elisha Grimsdale of Sear Green, Farnham Royal, and thence to his son William Grimsdale.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/28  5th March 1779

Premises. Undivided one third part of premises 15th May 1706 belonging to William East and Sarah his wife.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/29  5th March 1779

Premises. Undivided one third part of premises 15th May 1706 late the portion of Mary Wells, now of Wm.East, Sarah his wife and Richard Anthony.

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/30  6th March 1779

1. WILLIAM EAST, late of Amersham, Bucks, now of Bovingdon, Herts. husbandman.
SARAH his wife, late Sarah West, widow, formerly Sarah Grimsdale spinster, one of the four daughters and coheirs of Richard Grimsdale the younger, late of Woodside, Amersham, Yeoman, by Hannah Grimsdale, since his widow, which said Richard Grimsdale the younger died many years ago intestate and was son and heir of Richard Grimsdale the elder, heretofore of Woodside, Amersham, Yeoman, also deceased, and which said Sarah East is also one of the sisters and coheirs of Jane Grimsdale spinster deceased and of Mary Wells, wife of John Wells, formerly Mary Grimsdale, two others of the daughters and coheirs of Richard Grimsdale the younger.
2. RICHARD ANTHONY of Chesham, Bucks, Plumber & Glazier, the eldest son and heir of Hannah the late wife of John Anthony, and formerly Hannah Grimsdale deceased, another of the daughters and coheirs of the said Richard Grimsdale the younger, and also nephew and coheir of the said Mary Wells with Sarah East.
3. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks, Esq., only son and heir and residuary legatee of the Will of Isaac Eeles late of Amersham Esq. his late father deceased.
4. HENRY WHITCHURCH of Stoke Mandeville, Bucks.Gent.
5. ELISHA GRIMSDALE late of Sear Green, Farnham Royal, now of Beaconsfield, Bucks. Yeoman.
WILLIAM GRIMSDALE of the same place, son of Elisha Grimsdale.
6. JOHN LAWRENCE of Amersham, Bucks.Gent.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
For the sum of £1873 paid by Isaac Eeles
1,2,3,5, granted to 6 the undivided third part of Wm.East and Sarah his wife, late the portion of Mary Wells. & 1,4,5 granted to 6 the undivided third part of William East and Sarah his wife
Subject to Mortgages thereon.
Upon trust for Isaac Eeles the son.

MORTGAGE  D-LO/1/39/31  10th March 1779

1. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks.Esq.,
2. JOHN LAWRENCE of Amersham, Bucks.Gent.
3. WILLIAM RAPER of Wendover Dean, Wendover, Bucks.Esq.,
Premises as in 15th May 1706
To secure £1500 on premises.

Certified extract of fine [re item 30]  D-LO/1/39/32  EASTER TERM 19 Geo.3

ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE  D-LO/1/39/33  27th November 1781

1. WILLIAM RAPER of Wendover Dean, Wendover, Bucks.Esq.,
2. ISAAC EELES of Amersham, Bucks.Esq.,
3. RICHARD ALLEN of The Bury Farm, Amersham, Bucks.Gent.
Premises as in 15th May 1706.
William Raper and Isaac Eeles assigned to Richard Allen Mortgage of 10th March 1779.

ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE  D-LO/1/39/34  20th January 1787

1. RICHARD ALLEN of The Bury Farm, Amersham, Bucks.Gent.
2. JOHN LAWRENCE of Amersham, Bucks. Gent.
3. ISAAC EELES late of the same place but now of Wilmington, Kent.Esq.,
4. KENDER MASON of Hatton St.parish of St.Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex.Esq.,
5. PETER HEDMAN ELLISTON of Birchin Lane, City of London. Esq.,
A. ASSIGNMENT OF Mortgage of 10th March 1779 and Assignment of 27th November 1781 by 1,3 & 4 to 5 to secure £1500 on premises as in 15th May 1706.
B. ASSIGNMENT OF Mortgage of 28th October 1779 (1) and Assignment of 24th July 1783 by 2,3, & 4 to 5 to secure £1000 on premises as follows:
Part of Reeves Farm, formerly Woodside Farm viz:
Little Croft 2a. 1r. 3p.
Lower Westfield 2a. 1r. 9p.
Upper Westfield 3a. 2r. 8p.
Stoney Butts 5a. 1r. 18p.
Upper Stoney Hill 5a. 0r. 9p.
Lower Stoney Hill 3a. 3r. 37p.
Upper Pond Field 4a. 0r. 38p.
Lower Pond Field 3a. 3r. 19p.
Little Reddings 3a. 1r. 26p.
Great Reddings 8a. 2r. 18p.
Piece in Turney Mead 2r. 7p.
Stanley Wood 9a. 0r. 8p.
Both premises having been purchased by Kender Mason from Isaac Eeles 20th January 1787. (2).
In Trust for Kender Mason

AGREEMENT  D-LO/1/39/35  1st March 1787

Agreement as to receipt of rents until 25th March 1787 on premises recently purchased by Kender Mason.

ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE  D-LO/1/39/36  22nd May 1787

1. PETER HEDMAN ELLISTON of Birchin Lane, City of London.Esq.,
2. KENDER MASON of Hatton St.Parish of St.Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex. Esq.,
3. STEPHEN LUSHINGTON of Harley St.Cavendish Square, Middlesex.Esq., WILLIAM ROSS of Charles St.parish of St.James, Westminster, Middlesex. Esq.,
4. JOSEPH WHITE of Middle Temple, London.Gent.
ASSIGNMENT of Mortgage of 10th March 1779 & Assignment 27th November 1781, and Mortgage of 28th October 1779 & Assignment 24th July 1783 by 1 & 2 to 4 to secure £5000 advanced by 3 on premises purchased by Kender Mason 20th January 1787 and other premises of Kender Mason.
In Trust for Stephen Lushtington & William Ross.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/37  17th April 1817

1. HENRY WILLIAM POMEROY of Chalfont St.Giles, Bucks.Gent.
KENDER MASON of Beel House, Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
2. BAIJER OTTO BAIJER of Bentinck St.Mary le Bow, Middlesex. Esq.,
Premises as in following.

DEED OF PARTITION  D-LO/1/39/38  18th April 1817

1. HENRY WILLIAM POMEROY of Chalfont St.Giles. Bucks.Gent.
KENDER MASON of Beel House, Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
2. BAIJER OTTO BAIJER of Bentinck St. St.Mary le Bow, Middlesex.Esq.,
Partition of property in Bucks of Kender Mason the elder pursuance to his Will 26th July 1786 and Release of 12 October 1797 Alexander Willock to H.W.Pomeroy and K.Mason, son. (1)
A. To Henry Wm.Pomeroy Premises as in 15th May 1706 plus Malms 11a formerly two closes, part of Reeves Farm.
Allotment of 1r. 36p. Under Amersham Inclosure.
B. To Kender Mason. Beel House, Amersham.
Gt. & Lt. Maplefields 11a, formerly part of Reeves Farm.
1r. 32p.)
13a. 3r. 35p.)
2a. 3r. 8p.)
3a. 1r. 10p.)
being allotments made under Amersham Inclosure in respect of Cokes Farm, Reeves Farm and Common Rights.
C. The residue of Reeves Farm to remain in joint ownership of Henry Wm. Pomeroy and Kender Mason.
Henry Wm. Pomeroy & Kender Mason released A to Baijer Otto Baijer in trust for Henry Wm. Pomeroy.
B to Baijer Otto Baijer in trust for Kender Mason.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/39  3rd April 1826

Premises as in following.

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/40  4th April 1826

1. REV. WILLIAM JONES of Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. Clerk.
REV. JAMES STUART FREEMAN of Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. Doctor of Divinity.
2. Trustees appointed by Will of Henry William Pomeroy.
HENRY WILLIAM MASON of Beel House, Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
3. WILLIAM MERRY the younger, of the War Office, Whitehall, Middlesex. Esq.,
For sum of £6059. 8. 6. release by 1 to 2 of
Premises of 18th Apr. 1817 together with standing timber, otherwise known by following modern description
DELL9 3. 0. 24.
DELL FIELD 8. 1. 12.
COKES FIELD 7. 1. 23.
MAUMS 6. 3. 11.
GT. MAUMS 10. 1. 22.
MEADOW 1. 1. 36.
OLD WELLS 4. 0. 9.
BARWELLS 5. 2. 6.
HATCHPIECE 16. 1. 8.
LAGGER FIELD 5. 2. 33.
BECKINGS & LANE 10. 0. 38.
CHAPPEL FIELD 10. 3. 35.
LONG MEADOW 1. 2. 19.
ASHMOR FIELD 10. 2. 22.
DOGGETTS 9. 0. 14.
A total of 193a. 3r. 7p. in the parishes of Amersham & Chalfont St. Giles.
Released to H.W. Mason for life, and W. Merry in trust for H.W. Mason.

ASSIGNMENT OF TERMS  D-LO/1/39/41  4th April 1826

1. GEORGE LAW of Lincoln's Inn. Coy. Middlesex. Gent.
2. ANDREW EDWARD BIDDLE of Chipping Wycombe, Bucks. Common Brewer.
3. SUSAN COATES of Clifton, Coy Gloucester. Widow.
4. Rev. WILLIAM JONES of Chalfont St. Giles. Bucks. Clerk.
Rev. JAMES STUART FREEMAN D.D. Vicar of Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks.
Trustees named and appointed by last Will & Testament of Henry William Pomeroy, late of Chalfont St. Giles. Bucks. Esq., decd.
5. HENRY WILLIAM MASON of Beel House, parish of Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
6. BAIJER OTTO BAIJER of Bentinck St. parish of St. Marylebone, Coy Middlesex. Esq.,
7. LANGFORD LOVELL of Hursley, Coy of Southampton. Esq.,
8. HENRY ARCHER RAYMOND of Lincoln's Inn, afsd. Gent.
Premises as 15th May 1706
Assignment of
1 to 6 of residue of term of 500 years of Indre Nov. 19th 1688
2 to 7 of residue of terms of 1000 years and 1000 years of Indres 21st Jan. 1708 and 24th March 1742 respectively.
3 to 8 of residue of term of 1000 years of Indre 1st April 1745
1 to stand possessed of residue of term of 1000 years of Indre 17th October 1816.
To attend the inheritance of Henry William Mason.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/42  3rd July 1826

2. GEORGE MATCHAM the younger
Premises as in following

APPOINTMENT & RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/43  4th July 1826

1. HENRY WILLIAM MASON of Beel House, psh of Amersham. Bucks. Esq.,
2. GEORGE MATCHAM the younger, of New House, nr Salisbury. Wilts. Esq.,
WILLIAM HASLEWOOD of Lincoln's Inn, Coy Middlesex. Esq.,
GEORGE LAW of the same place. Gent.
1 to 2 of premises as in Release of 4th April 1826
AND ALSO messuage with yards, gardens, lands at Hoo, Coy Kent.
To Secure £6000.

ACCOUNTS OF TRUST FUNDS of Henry William Mason's First Marriage to Mary Heathcote  D-LO/1/39/44  1825-1826

10th July 1830 MEMORANDUM (endorsed on 4th July 1826)
That H.W. Mason had invested £3000 in joint names of parties to Indenture.
14/15 July 1830 MEMORANDUM (endorsed on 4th July 1826)
that by Lease/Release of this date premises at Hoo, Kent had been sold to Wm. Henry Nicholson, leaving other property as security for £3000 remaining due.

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/45  23rd January 1831

1. Henry William Mason
2. Rev. Thomas Heathcoate
George Law.
Premises as in following

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/46  24th January 1831

1. HENRY WILLIAM MASON of Beel House, psh of Amersham. Bucks. Esq.,
2. Rev. THOMAS HEATHCOTE late of Farley, Coy of Hants, now of Bower Hill Lodge, Melksham, Coy of Wilts. Clerk.
GEORGE LAW of Lincoln's Inn, Coy of Middlesex. Gent.
1 to 2 of premises of 4th April 1826 to secure the further sum of £1241. 5. 0. in addition to £3000 remaining due under 3/4 July 1826.

BOND under hand and seal of Henry William Mason for £2482 to secure £1241.5.0. under Mtge 24th Jan. 1831.  D-LO/1/39/47  24th January 1831

LEASE  D-LO/1/39/48  3rd February 1832

Premises as in following

RELEASE  D-LO/1/39/49  4th February 1832

1. HENRY WILLIAM MASON of Beel House, psh of Amersham, Bucks. Esq.,
2. THOMAS HORLOCK BASTARD of Charlton Marshall, Coy of Dorset, Esq.,
1 to 2 of premises of 4th April 1826 as collateral to secure sums of £5000 and £1500 charged on
Capital and other messuages cottages lands hereditaments by Principal Deed of 30th April/1st May 1824 & Further Charge of 4th February respectively.

AYLESBURY  [no ref. or date]

Properties purchased from Joseph Newell of Aylesbury and others  [no ref. or date]

Deeds incl. leases.  D-LO/1/40/1-6  1708-1739

Close at the end of Bakers Lane, messuage and out houses with liberty to dig clay to make bricks, purchased by William Lowndes of Joseph Newell between 1708 and 1721, and leased several times in the course of the period 1708-1739.

Documents incl. leases.  D-LO/1/40/7-11  1705-1739

Messuage with close of 1a. adjoining called Walnut Tree Close, 16a. in Aylesbury common fields, messuage in Walton with malthouse, 10a. in Walton common fields, 47a. in Walton and Stoke Mandeville, close of 6a. with a house and brick kiln, 6½a. in Millmeade, Aylesbury, 12 leys of meadow of 6a. lying together in a place called Walton Crofts, land of 4a. called Downe Meadow, 35a. 3r. in common fields of Walton and Stoke Mandeville, owned by the Newell family, and sold by John Dunston to William Lowndes in 1713.

Sketch plan of Mrs. Newell's ground.  D-LO/1/40/12  n.d.[C18]

Other Aylesbury deeds  [no ref. or date]

Deed of covenant to the sale of the property by William Lowndes to Thomas MacDermot, captain in the Royal Bucks Militia.  D-LO/1/40/13  1806

Russells Meadow, parts of Lot Mead, Mill Mead, The Slipe and Red Furlong.

Lease  D-LO/1/40/14  1708

Eight Acres piece, in Dunsham, with leave to plough the land. Richard Reading to William Hoare.

MENTMORE  [no ref. or date]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/41/1-8  1708-1768

Messuage in Ledburn, Mentmore, with freehold land, including 40 acres of pasture.
Bequeathed by Thomas Ligo to his sister Mary and kinsman George Antherbury [Atterbury] in 1708. The property passed on to the Scarborough family through Sarah Atterbury. It was sold in 1768 by John Scarborough to the trustees of Miss Coleman.

GREAT MISSENDEN & WENDOVER  [no ref. or date]

Deeds.  D-LO/1/42/1-10  1660-1717

Close of woodground of 4a. in Great Missenden and Wendover, eastern moiety of 13½a. of wood called Goddards als Gorretts Coppice, once held by the Chase family, and purchased by William Lowndes in 1693.

Conveyance.  D-LO/1/42/1-11  1852

Piece of garden ground situate at Wood Corner in Great Missenden, adjoining Lowndes property, and purchased by William Lowndes in 1852.

STOKE MANDEVILLE  [no ref. or date]

Documents, incl. abstract of title, 1651-1705.  D-LO/1/43/1-2  1708

Close of pasture called Pond Close or Pond Mead (50a.). Once the property of the Plaistow family and purchased by William and Robert Lowndes in 1708.

WOODBANK (Cheshire)  [no ref. or date]

Agreement as to settlement of property: John Hiccocke, William Mercer and Thomas Bennett.  D-LO/1/44/1  1699

Messuage and land.

BOVINGDON & BERKHAMPSTEAD (Herts)  [no ref. or date]

Final concord: Ann Melier pltf. and John Putnam, James King, and John Holt.  D-LO/1/45/1  [? 7 Geo.2]

1 document, damaged

Land in Bovingdon and Berkhampstead

EASTBRIDGE (Kent)  [no ref. or date]

Deeds incl. mortgage (1691) and dft. abstract.  D-LO/1/46/1-11  1689-1692

Undivided parts of 200 acres of marsh land, mortgaged and later sold to William Lowndes.

FULHAM (Middlesex)  [no ref. or date]

?Admission of Richard Bowne on the surrender of Susannah Railton.  D-LO/1/47/1  1670

Manor of Fulham.

SETTLEMENTS  D-LO/2/1-26  [n.d.]

Settlement on the marriage of Henry Bunn and Elizabeth Hay, daughter of Thomas Hay of Bovingdon, Herts  D-LO/2/1  1669

1 deed

Related information: [See D-LO/1/2/1-64 for Bunn family property]

Property in Chesham, incl. messuage and various closes of land notably Shippcott, Dellfield, Hooked field, Newlands, Upper Grove hills.

Settlement on the marriage between Benjamin Morley junior of Ravensthorpe in Northants and Mary Townsend of Frowlesworth, Leics.  D-LO/2/2  1683

i) messuage at Frowlesworth
ii) close in Frowlesworth (5a.)
iii) messuage called Homeclose and 5 acres.
iv) various closes, incl. Ley Close, in Frowlesworth.
[William Giles, one of the parties to the deed, was of Winslow, Bucks]

Settlement on the marriage of John Duncombe junior, eldest son of John Duncombe and Elizabeth Lowndes, one of the daughters of William Lowndes  D-LO/2/3(a-b)  1705

1 deed

Related information: [See D-LO/1/20/1-26 for Duncombe family property]

Capital messuage called Stocks House in Albury, [Aldbury, Herts.] with appurtenances incl. Bowling Green, with close in which the Bowling Green was (3a.) and three closes sown with 'Saint foyne' (10a.); Spring coppices called Tims Grove (6a.), Jack Roberts (6a.), New Spring (2a.) in Albury; Goldings (10a.), Barnesfield (8a.) in Pightlesthorne [Pitstone]; farmhouse in Albury; various parcels incl. arable land in Albury and Pitstone; New farm in Wigginton parish in Hertfordshire with 168 acres of land; advowson of vicarage of Sarratt; messuage and farm called Woodmans and Shovelmakers and various plots incl. Little Sarratt Wood lately converted into tillage, in the parishes of Sarratt, Chipperfield, Bovingdon, Watford and Kings Langley in Herts.

Settlement on Rebeccah Lowndes, during her widowhood, then on Henry Lowndes, eldest son of Rebeccah and William Lowndes, and on his death and if he should die childless on Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/2/4-7  1712

i) Capital messuage called the Bury in Chesham, with Home Meadow (6a.), 3½a. of Pigeon Close, Barkers Mead (4a.), The Worthys (18a.), various closes and parcels in common field called West Dean in Chesham.
ii) Manor of the Grove, with site of manor and 104 acres in Chesham.
iii) Goddards alias Gorretts Wood (17a.) in Wendover and Great Missenden.
iv) Eight Closes of arable land in Berkhampstead, Herts.
v) Millfields (60a.) in North Church, Herts.
vi) Messuage called Dungrove with 90 acres in Chesham, with closes (20a.) bought from Elizabeth Bunn, Josiah Sale the elder.
vii) Close abutting on Barkers Mead (2a.) bought of Joseph Welch and William Child.
[Henry Lowndes died before reaching adulthood, and the property passed to his brother Charles]

Settlement on Charles Lowndes, second son of William Lowndes by his wife Rebeccah.  D-LO/2/8  1712

Shares in parcels of fresh marsh and pasture lands in the parish of Eastbridge, Kent, containing about 200 acres.

Settlement on the marriage of William Lowndes junior and Margaret the daughter of Thomas Layton.  D-LO/2/9  1715

i) £3500
ii) Manor of Astwood Bury and the capital messuage of Astwood.
[Astwood Bury house remained in the ownership of William Lowndes up to 1775 when he died and much of the property was put up for sale. Various documents relating to the Lowndes family at Astwood survive in Oxford County Record Office]

Settlement on the marriage of Sarah Shakemaples and Thomas Bunn.  D-LO/2/10  1722

i) Messuage in Bovingdon, Herts., with 3 acres.
ii) 2 pightles (4a.) on the lane leading from Chesham to Hemel Hempstead.
iii) Close of arable (5a.)
iv) 3 closes and a spring of woodground (11a.) on the lane from Bovingdon to Bourne End.

Settlement on the marriage of Richard Lowndes of Winslow (son and heir of Robert Lowndes, late of Winslow) and Essex Shales.  D-LO/2/11-15  1730

5 deeds.

£5000 pounds and shares of various legacies. capital messuage in North Crawley and other property in North Bucks incl. Astwood, Chicheley and Newport Pagnell. With further provision for younger children:
property in Broughton Holland incl. meadow near the mill and property in Stoke Mandeville (over 100 acres altogether)

Settlement on the marriage of Charles Lowndes of Westminster and Anne Shales daughter of Charles and Anne his wife, deceased, and heir of Sir Charles Barrington, deceased.  D-LO/2/16-18  1730, 1750

i) £4000 for her jointure
with further provision for younger children:
ii) £7721 charged on [unspecified] lands in Rickmansworth and Watford.
2 deeds, 1730
Provision for a larger jointure for Ann Lowndes, to be raised on Carter Lane Ground in Pitchcott in Chesham.
1 deed, 1750

Settlement on the marriage of Samuel Ware of Chesham and Ann Matthews.  D-LO/2/19  1756

1 deed.

[Recites the will of Samuel Ware Senior, which provides for his daughters]
i) Two messuages in town of Chesham previously in the occupation of William Wingfield and William Bennett or their heirs and now and then of Rebecca Kingston widow and James Kingston.
ii) Two closes of arable land and two parcels of meadow called the Worthys (9 acres)

Deed of approval on changing the security of trust stock. [Opportunity for changing the financial arrangements for the settlement arose as the marriage, celebrated in 1753 was still without issue in 1772. Charles Lowndes was one of the trustees]  D-LO/2/20  1772

1 deed.

Settlement on the marriage of Elizabeth Hooker and Charles Brett.

Settlement on the marriage of William Lowndes of Brightwell and Elizabeth Garth daughter of Richard Garth of Morden, Surrey.  D-LO/2/21  1775

1 attested copy.

i) £15,000 capital stock in old South Sea Annuities.
ii) Manor of North Crawley, capital messuage with closes and parcels of land in North Crawley.
iii) reputed manors of Broughton, North Crawley, Milton and Woolstone.
iv) Capital messuage at Astwood Bury and various closes and woods.
v) Land in Little Crawley in North Crawley with farm.

Assignment and release of £11,600 South Seas Annuities.  D-LO/2/22(a-b)  1778-1783

1 deed and trustees accounts.

[assignment of the annuities which had been invested intrust for the younger children of Richard and Mary Garth, one of whose daughters, Elizabeth, married William Lowndes]

Supplementary settlement on the marriage of Anna Maria Chippindale and John Hubbard.  D-LO/2/23  1792

Capital messuage called Tomlins, previously in the occupation of Arthur Judge and Thomas Dean sometime of Thomas Child and afterwards of William White, parcels of land amounting to 60 acres, cottages once owned by James Child in Chesham.
Close of land called Middle Grove in Great Missenden and Chesham (22a.)
Closes of land called Bowland in Great Missenden (5a.) and other small parcels of land.
[endorsed with purchase of tithes arising out of various parcels of land in Chesham, 1792]

Settlement on the marriage of William Lowndes junior of Chesham and Elizabeth James of Corbyns Hall, Staffs.  D-LO/2/24  1798

£2474 reduced bank annuities.
£200 p.a. long annuities.

Deed of Covenant for the payment of £2000.  D-LO/2/25  1835

[The sum was to be paid to one of William Lowndes' daughters on her reaching the age of 21. The money was to be raised on the Essex property]

Declaration of assent by Mrs. Harriet Wilson Lowndes to the assignment of a term of 500 years to the Rev. Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/2/26  1838

1 deed.

[Renewal of an assignment endorsed on 1833 settlement]

WILLS  D-LO/3/1-42  [n.d.]

The following wills, now an integral part of this archive, were separated from the main part of the accumulation and placed in the artificial collection of wills kept in the Record Office. Since it was not always possible to tell which bundle they had originated from, they have been kept as a series within the archive. The old W. reference is entered in square brackets at the end of each entry.

Robert Ashby of Chesham, shopkeeper; Probate copy will, dated 13 September 1770, proved 30 April 1773  D-LO/3/1  [n.d.]

Bequests include cottage at Bury hill, Chesham, given to kinsman John Graveney.
Witnesses: Sarah Lyon, Richard East, Thos. Burnham.

Sarah Bousingdon [Bovingdon] of Woodside, Amersham, widow. Attested copy will, dated 9 December 1730, proved 19 June 1731  D-LO/3/2  [n.d.]

[Registry of Archdeaconry of Bucks]
Bequests mostly household goods, include gifts of silver spoons and household furniture to son, daughters and grandchildren.
Witnesses: George Muggridge, John Woods.

Benaiah Breedon of Chesham, fellmonger. Probate copy of will, dated 24 Nov. 1660, proved 28 Feb. 1660/1  D-LO/3/3  [n.d.]

[Archdeaconry of Bucks]
Bequests comprise property in Chesham, given to his wife and children.

Thomas Breedon of Chesham, fellmonger. Probate copy of will, dated 20 Jan. 1671, proved 24 Feb. 1671  D-LO/3/4  [n.d.]

Bequests include tenement in Chesham.
Witnesses: William Child, Zachary Allnutt, Ellanah Breedon.

John Bunn of Bourne End in Bovingdon, Herts. Probate copy of will dated 30 Aug. 1661, proved 8 Nov. 1661  D-LO/3/5  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Hertfordshire and Grove Park in Chesham, given to Henry Bunn.
Witnesses: Seth Partridge, Ralph Hodsden.

Richard Burch of Chesham, surgeon. Copy will, dated 4 March 1786, proved 15 March 1786  D-LO/3/6  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Chesham given to his nephews, Richard Hutchinson, Richard, William and Samuel Twitchell and to his servant Mary Weedon.
Witnesses: Isaac Stevens, John Plaistowe, Thomas Plaistow.

Matthew Chase, of Chesham, tanner. Copy will dated 6 May 1663, proved 12 Dec.1673  D-LO/3/7  [n.d.]

[Archdeaconry of Bucks]
Bequests include 'Tannyard' and other property particularly the 'Red Lyon' in Chesham to his sons.
Witnesses: John Grove, John Blake.

Henry Child of Fleet Street, London, linendraper. Will dated 10 Sept.1739  D-LO/3/8  [n.d.]

Bequests include freehold and copyhold property in Amersham and Chesham to his sister Sarah Child.
Witnesses: Joseph Judge, Robert Hill, Osborne Skynner.

Sarah Child of Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire. Copy will, 26 Jan.1747, with codicil, 10 March 1748, proved 2 Aug.1753  D-LO/3/9  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Chesham to her niece Mary Duncombe.
Witnesses: Francis Kingston, Samuel Birch, Thomas Humphreys.

William Clifton of Newlands, Surrey. Copy will dated 19 Nov.1635, proved 16 Feb.1635/6  D-LO/3/10  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Essex, Surrey and in Bucks., notably the capital messuage of the Berry in Chesham, which was given to his grandchild, George Norbury.
Witnesses: J. Payton, Thomas Cooke, Richard Williamson.

John Dudsbury of Chesham, clothier. Copy will dated 3 Sept.1705  D-LO/3/11  [n.d.]

Bequests include messuage in Chesham given to his brother Thomas.
Witnesses: Robert Aldridge, John Dell, Benjamin Ware.

William Duncombe of Barley End, Ivinghoe, gentleman. Certified extract of will, dated 20 December 1687, proved 23 January 1687/8  D-LO/3/12  [n.d.]

Bequests include Pednor Mead and other land in Chesham given to his son William.
Witnesses: Richard Anderson, G. Duncombe, F. Neale.

John Eycott of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, gent. Limited administration granted to Willoughby Rackham and dated 18 May 1821  D-LO/3/13  [n.d.]

Refers to land in Amersham.

Richard Fellow, of Chesham, draper. Copy will, dated 27 Dec.1705  D-LO/3/14  [n.d.]

Bequests include shops in Chesham, given to Sarah his wife.
Witnesses: Daniel Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Thomas Ellwood.

John Fellow of Chesham, blacksmith. Copy will dated 8 May 1710  D-LO/3/15  [n.d.]

Bequests include messuage in Chesham to Anne his wife.
Witnesses: William Element, William Hill, Anne Clifton.

John Fellow, of Chesham, gent. Probate copy of will, proved 5 May 1741  D-LO/3/16  [n.d.]

Bequests include: messuage in Chesham, given to Elizabeth his wife.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Edwards, Richard Edwards, George Edwards.

William Fellows of Chesham, grocer. Copy (10 Jan.1749/50) of will dated 2 May 1742  D-LO/3/17  [n.d.]

Bequests include cottages in Hundridge hamlet granted to his niece Dinah Oldfield.
Witnesses: Wm. Seamonds, John Wade, Thomas Holl. Marshall

John Floyd of London, haberdasher. Copy will dated 4 Aug.1665  D-LO/3/18  [n.d.]

Bequests include tenements in Frogmore and closes of meadow and other property in Chesham, given to his son Nathaniel Floyd.
Witnesses: Richard Kensey, Robert Mickoll, John Bland.

Joshua Geary of Chesham, yeoman. Copy will dated 14 Nov. 1720  D-LO/3/19  [n.d.]

Bequests include Farm in Bellingdon.
Witnesses: Thomas Culver, Daniel Downs, Moses Middleton.

William Hobbs of Covent Garden, apothecary. Extract from probate copy will dated 22 Sept.1685, proved 18 Jan.1685/6 [extract taken 1741]  D-LO/3/20  [n.d.]

Bequests include Manor of Hundridge and appurtenances, given to wife Elizabeth and daughter.

William Lowndes of Westminster. Office copy of the second codicil to will dated 21 June 1723; proved 18 Feb.1723/4  D-LO/3/21  [n.d.]

[extract made after 1828 (watermark)]
Witnesses to codicil: Robert Burnbury, John Beresford, Christopher Lowe, William Erdman Fox.

Rebecca Lowndes of Chesham, widow. Letters of administration granted to her son Joseph, dated 16 February 1741/2  D-LO/3/22  [n.d.]


William Lowndes of [New] Scotland Yard, Westminster. Copy will made 12 March 1807  D-LO/3/23  [n.d.]

Bequests to servants and other persons, mostly small, the bulk of the property being vested to Charles Lyall and William Sutthery in trust for William Lowndes junior on the day preceding the will.
Witnesses: James Aubrey and John Curtis and John Laver [clerks to James Aubrey]

William Lowndes of Broadstairs.  D-LO/3/24  [n.d.]

Draft will, prepared by Aubrey & Son, [1821]

John Norbury [of Chesham] Copy will declared 6 Feb.1657, signed and sealed by witnesses 7 Feb.1657, proved 22 Feb.1657  D-LO/3/25  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Northamptonshire and Chesham, granted to one of his sons, George Norbury.
Witnesses: Ralph Suckley, Richard Hickes, Edward Greene, Thomas Greene Jnr.

John Norwood the elder of Chesham, yeoman. Copy will dated 30 Sept. 1709, proved 1st Nov.1712  D-LO/3/26  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Frogmore, Great Chesham.
Witnesses: William Bennett, John Ware, Christopher Geary.

Daniel Parks of Chesham, gent. Copy will dated 19 August 1761, proved 28 June 1763  D-LO/3/27  [n.d.]

[Court of Archdeaconry of Bucks]
Bequests include tenement in Chartridge, Chesham, and land in Chesham given to wife and brother.
Witnesses: John Hatton, Elizabeth Nash, John Nash.

Henry William Pomeroy [formerly Mason] of Chalfont St. Giles, esq. Copy will dated 3 August 1819, proved 24 March 1825  D-LO/3/28  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Chalfont St. Giles and Amersham and in other countries, in trust for his nephews and nieces [including Harriet Mason who was later to marry William Lowndes]
Witnesses: John Marshall, Thomas Marshall attornies and Edward Latham their Clerk.

John Sim, Clerk, B.A. of Isle of Wight. Copy will, dated 20 August 1820, proved 10 February 1826  D-LO/3/29,30,31  [n.d.]

Related information: [See Charles Lyall's papers, D-LO/8/8/4, for further related papers]

Bequests include books and manuscripts of the poet Mickle, [whose biography was written by John Sim]

Elizabeth Tomlin of Chesham, widow. Probate copy of will dated 1 July 1780, proved 4 March 1781  D-LO/3/32  [n.d.]

Bequests include cottage in Chesham, given to Charles Barnet of Chesham, husbandman.
Witnesses: John Treacher, Henry Wardall, James Swannell.

Henry Trumper the elder of Bellingdon of Chesham, wheelwright. Copy will dated 21 Aug.1720  D-LO/3/33  [n.d.]

Bequests include messuage in Bellingdon, Chesham, given to Mary his wife.
Witnesses include: William Hill, William Johnson, John Pratt.

Richard Twydall of Walton in Aylesbury. Copy will dated 16 April 1641, proved 29 April 1641  D-LO/3/34  [n.d.]

Bequests include land in Aylesbury.
Witnesses: Henry Stratford, William Woster senior, Jeffrey Bampton.

Ann Ware, of Chesham, widow. Copy will dated 11 June 1762, proved 8 Dec. 1766  D-LO/3/35  [n.d.]

Bequests include gifts of money to her brother and sisters.
Witnesses: John Ball, Clara Ball, John Nash.

Samuel Ware of Chesham, glazier and plumber. Copy (9 October 1749) of the will dated 16 April 1746  D-LO/3/36  [n.d.]

Bequests include working tools (given to his son, Samuel), and cottages and meadow land called Worthies in Chesham, to be sold on behalf of his daughters Elizabeth and Ann.
Witnesses: Ann Woods, Elis Woods, John Woods.

Samuel Ware of Chesham, plumber, glazier and painter. Copy will 5 September 1761, proved 16 July 1762  D-LO/3/37  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Chesham.
Witnesses: William Johnson, Daniel Parks, John Nash.

John Ware the elder of Hundridge, Chesham, yeoman. Copy will dated 4 November 1790, proved 3 February 1791  D-LO/3/38  [n.d.]

[Registry of Archdeaconry of Bucks]
Bequests include property in Chesham given to Mary Ware his wife.
Witnesses: John Sutthery, Ann Winfield, John Plaistowe.

John Ware of Chesham. Copy letters of administration dated 10 August 1802, granted to Thomas Stevens and John Potter.  D-LO/3/39  [n.d.]

[Registry of Archdeaconry of Buckingham]

William West of Chesham, gent. Copy (5 February 1753) of will dated 18 April 1719, [with codicil dated 1 August 1730] proved 23 June 1742  D-LO/3/40  [n.d.]

Bequests include property in Hertfordshire, Chesham and Edlesborough.
Witnesses to will: Jas. Child, Joseph Hobbs, Joseph Child. do. to codicil: John Harding senior, John Page, John Gray
The two following documents were found loose among the eighteenth century vouchers described in D-LO/6/9/24 and were not part of the W sequence.

Copy abstract of the will of Sarah Duchess of Somerset, dated 1686, with codicil dated 1705.  D-LO/3/41  n.d.C18

[includes very detailed personal bequests]

Administration of the goods of Thomas Hillam the Younger late of Amersham.  D-LO/3/42  1763


Some years ago the following documents were removed from the Lowndes archive and placed in the artificial collection of Surveys and Terriers created in the office. They were reunited with the Lowndes papers in 1984. The old ST reference appears in square brackets after each entry.

Survey rolls  [no ref. or date]

[formerly ST 94/1-4. Photostat negatives exist for part of these rolls]
"Rotuli Willelmi Lowndes". These four rolls, which are a cross between surveys and abstracts of title were compiled by the first William Lowndes (1652-1724). They perhaps owe part of their format and presentation to contemporary Treasury practice. Rolls 1 and 2 are made up of membranes sewn end to end. Rolls 3 and 4 are paper.

Roll 1: Winslow estate  D-LO/4/1  1703-1711

Membranes 1-14 were apparently compiled in 1703; 14-15 in 1707; 15-16 in 1708; 17-18 in 1710; and 18 in 1711.
[ST 94/2]

'A particular of the estates comprehended in my settlement bearing date the twelth day of June 1703'  D-LO/4/1/Membranes 1 - 4  [n.d.]

Property in Winslow. Recites acreages, purchase price and names of vendors and additional memoranda. This property, which includes purchases in Shipton Greenborough and Little Horwood, and in North Marston and Oving were settled on William's son Robert.

'As to the exceptions in my settlement of 12th June 1703'  D-LO/4/1/Membrane 5  [n.d.]

'Estate att Nether Shendley...'  D-LO/4/1/Membranes 6 - 7  [n.d.]

Property settled on the marriage of Robert Lowndes and Margaret Atcherley.

'A schedule of diverse copys of court Roll & other Muniments concerning the Copyhold Estates conteyned in this particular'  D-LO/4/1/Membranes 8 - 9  [n.d.]

'A schedule of the writings concerning the freehold estates comprehended in this particular'  D-LO/4/1/Membranes 9 - 14  [n.d.]

Property includes The Berry lands; Tucky Mead; Reveham; Manor and Rectory of Winslow; Shendley

'... a derivacion of the several titles to Broughton Farme'  D-LO/4/1/Membrane 14  [n.d.]

Property purchased with Margaret Lowndes' portion.

'As to the inheritance purchased in the names of Mr. George Townsend and Mr. William Clayton to the uses in the settlement of Mr. William Lowndes the elder'  D-LO/4/1/Membrane 15  [n.d.]

Property in Broughton.

'... a derivacion of the title to [Pond Close]'  D-LO/4/1/Membranes 15-16  [n.d.]

Property in Stoke Mandeville, namely Pond Close purchased in 1708 with Margaret Lowndes' portion.

'... an abstract of the writings concerning [three copyhold messuages, a little close belonging to one of them, a copyhold cottage and the closes called Grove Leyes at Winslow]  D-LO/4/1/Membranes 17  [n.d.]

Property in Winslow purchased in 1710 with Margaret Lowndes' portion.

'Abstract referring to the presses in this roll'  D-LO/4/1/Membrane 18  [n.d.]

Summarises purchase prices for property at Winslow Greenborough, Little Horwood, North Marston and Oving and Shendley.
Recites purchase prices for properties listed above.

Roll 2  D-LO/4/2  [n.d.]

Purports to have been compiled between 1710 and 1715.
[ST 94/1]

'A particular of my estates not comprehended in my family settlement bearing date the 12th of June 1703 whether the same were purchased before or after the said settlement'  D-LO/4/2/Membrane 1  [n.d.]

Property in Winslow and Shipton. Recites acreages, purchase prices and names of vendors, and summarises abstract of title.  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 1 - 4  [n.d.]

'Derivacion of the severall titles to the House called the Bury at Chesham ...'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 5 - 11  [n.d.]

Related information: [The title deeds and draft 'derivation' to this property survive in this deposit, D-LO/1/1/1-57]

Property includes land in Great Mead, Chesham, as well as the capital messuage of the Bury. Note comment on membrane 6: 'This purchase was within few days after the execrable mirther of the best of kings. Wherein (according to common fame) John Norbury contracted a guilt by giving some advice or assistance in the hellish prosecution & though he is remembred to have had a very mean understanding in the Laws he was afterwards made one of the Judges for Wales by the Userper Cromwell'.

'A schedule of the writings concerning the Mannor or Farme called the Grove als Grove Park'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 12-14  [n.d.]

Related information: [The title deeds to this property survive in this deposit, D-LO/1/2/1-64]

Property in Chesham, purchased in 1692.

'Writings in the hands of mee William Lowndes concerning the twenty two acres by mee purchased from Elizabeth Bunn ...'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 14-15  [n.d.]

Property in Chesham, purchased in 1704 and descended with Grove Farm.

'A derivacion of the title to the land and wood called Godards als Gorrets Coppice ...'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 15-16  [n.d.]

Related information: [See D-LO/1/42/1-10 for deeds]

Property in Chartridge in the parishes of Great Missenden and Wendover, purchased in 1693.

'A derivacion of my title to eight closes or parcels of arrable land and Woodground called Millfields ...'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 16-17  [n.d.]

Property in Berkhampstead, Herts, purchased in 1698.

'Writings in my custody concerning Dungrove Farm in Chesham ...'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 17-18  [n.d.]

Property purchased in 1702.

'Derivacion of the title to a close of meadow at Chesham... purchased by mee from Joseph Welch et al anno 1707'  D-LO/4/2/Membrane 19  [n.d.]

Property also known as Welch's Mead.

'Derivation (sic) of the titles to my several parts or shares (undivided) of and in certain lands in the parish of East Bridg (sic) in Kent ...'  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 19-20  [n.d.]

'Derivacion of the title to Carter Lane Ground in Pitchcot'  D-LO/4/2/Membrane 21  [n.d.]

Property purchased in 1709.

'A description of my estate in or near Carnaby Street and King Street in the parish of St. James within the Liberty of Westminster in the county of Middlesex'  D-LO/4/2/Membrane 22  [n.d.]

The description to this property which was acquired in 1692 includes references to the pest houses in Soho and the following reminiscences: 'I (who in the year 1667 came from Winslow the place of my birth to the citty to abide there) can well remember this footpath way by which we used to walk to and from Marybon, which footpath, as I take it was afterwards layd into King Street. I also remember the garden & house of Roger Luker, upon part of which a schole was afterwards built by Mr. Lewis Maidwell who (inter alios) taught there my eldest son Robert ...'

'A description of my estate in or near the parish of Chelsea and in or near Knightsbridg in the county of Middlesex'  D-LO/4/2/Membrane 23  [n.d.]

'A derivacion of my title aswell to the said estate in or near Carnaby Street and King Street as to the Said estate in or near the parish of Chelsea and in or near Knightsbridg ...'

Summary of contents of roll.  D-LO/4/2/Membranes 24-25  [n.d.]

Roll 3  D-LO/4/3  [n.d.]

[ST 94/3]

Summary of contents of rolls 1 and 2.  D-LO/4/3/p.1  [n.d.]

'A schedule of the writings concerning the estate by me purchased... at Walton Aylesbury Stoke Manderville & Bierton ...'  D-LO/4/3/pp.2-6  [n.d.]

Property acquired in 1713.

'A schedule of the writings of 24 acres of land in Aylesbury by me purchased ...'  D-LO/4/3/pp.7-8  [n.d.]

Property acquired in 1714.

'Copyholds within the manor of Winslow cum Membris'  D-LO/4/3/pp.9-13D  [n.d.]

Property surrendered by William Lowndes and his wife in 1716 (including 9 messuages, 286 acres of land and 24 Cows Common) to the use of Charles Shales and Peter Lowndes in trust for William Lowndes, Robert Lowndes and his first son.
Property purchased by William Lowndes in 1720.

'A schedule of my writings of the farm at Barton purchased from Mary Fall widdow & her 3 daughters the husbands of 2 of them and others ...'  D-LO/4/3/pp.14-16  [n.d.]

Property in Barton Hartshorne purchased in 1716.

'A schedule of the writings concerning Büsh Ground Farm at Chesham'  D-LO/4/3/pp.16-18  [n.d.]

Related information: [See ]

Property acquired in 1716

'Abstract of such writings as are in my custody concerning the estate at Astwood Berry'  D-LO/4/3/pp.18-25  [n.d.]

Property acquired in 1715.

'An Abstract of the writings concerning my estate (late Gregorys) at North Crawly'  D-LO/4/3/pp.25-33  [n.d.]

Property purchased in 1718.

'An Abstract of the writings concerning the estate (late Robinsons) at North Crawley and Mulsoe'  D-LO/4/3/pp.34-39  [n.d.]

Property purchased in 1720.

'An Abstract of the writings concerning the house and three closes called the Mares purchased of Mistris Susan Smith at North Crawley'  D-LO/4/3/pp.40-43  [n.d.]

Property acquired in 1720.

'Abstract of writings concerning forty-nine acres and an half of land... in the parish of Chesham purchased by mee from Mr. William Baldwin and Elizabeth his wife'  D-LO/4/3/pp.43-51  [n.d.]

Property in Chesham Higham and Chesham Bury manors, purchased in 1720.

'Abstract of writings concerning the house and close at Winslow purchased of Jane Glenister Widdow and her daughter'  D-LO/4/3/pp.52-53  [n.d.]

Property acquired in 1720.

'Abstract of writings concerning the two houses and ground late of Robert Eden als Udden in the Sheepstreet at Winslow purchased of him and since demolished to open the view from my son's house towards Granborough'  D-LO/4/3/p.53  [n.d.]

Property purchased in 1720.

Roll 4: Draft only, apparently unfinished, containing a summary of contents of rolls 1 to 3.  D-LO/4/4  [n.d.]

[ST 94/4]

Surveys, terriers, sale particulars and valuations  [no ref. or date]

'A Survey of Grovepark in ye Parrish of Chesham for Mr. Henry Bunn March ye 17-1690/1'  D-LO/4/5  1691

'Don by Tho: Pegsworth'
[Lists field names and acreages only] [ST 84]

The Bury, Chesham.  D-LO/4/6  n.d.[e.C18]

Particulars of acreages and prices in order for the purchase thereof [ST106]

'A schedule or Particular of the thirty five acres of arable [land] and thirteen acres and a half of grass ground in the occupation of the Widdow Todd'  D-LO/4/7  n.d. [late C17]

The property described in the schedule was in the common fields in the parish of Aylesbury. The survey gives acreages and abuttals [No ST reference]

Chesham Higham Manor  D-LO/4/8  1718

Description of the land held of the manor by Joshua G[e]ary, [Many of the parcels were acquired by the Lowndes family]. [ST 86]

Pipers [pippards] Farm in Chesham.  D-LO/4/9  [n.d. e.C18]

Particulars [ST 105]

Particulars of Pipers' Farm, endorsed with an agreement for sale; William Eayres to Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/4/10  1733

[ST 87]

Lowndes estate, Chesham.  D-LO/4/11-17  [n.d. C18]

Measurements of various parcels of lands. [ST 110(1-6)]

Lowndes estate. Summary descriptions of the various farms within the estate.  D-LO/4/18  n.d.[late C18]


'A particular of an estate situate and lying in the town and parish of Chesham (...) now in the several tenures of William Lowndes Esq., Mr. John Herne and Mrs. Read, late the estate of Mr. Wm. Duncombe deced'  D-LO/4/19  n.d. [c1780]

[ST 107]

'Description of lands the tythes of which are sold to William Lowndes Esq for £423.10'  D-LO/4/20  [c.1792]

[ST 109]

Schedule of estates belonging to William Lowndes, compiled for Land Tax redemption.  D-LO/4/21-25  1798

[Description includes acreage and names of occupiers]
Chesham [ST 88]
Barton Hartshorne [ST 89]
Pitchott [ST 90]
Hawridge [ST 91]
Great Missenden, Wendover, Aylesbury, Walton, Bierton. [ST 92]

Schedule of estates belonging to the trustees of the free school in Aylesbury, compiled for Land Tax redemption.  D-LO/4/26  1801

[Property in Bierton and Broughton; the Lowndes family provided several generations of trustees to the school. After Charles, his son William appears in the minutes of the trustees minutes; so does his cousin William Selby and the latter's son William Lowndes of Whaddon. See CH3/AM/1] [ST 93]

Aylesbury: Brick Kiln and 150 acres of freehold and copyhold land.  D-LO/4/27  1806

Pr. auction sale particulars, with detailed plan of part of Walton and Aylesbury. [ST 96]

New Hundridge Manor Farm in Chesham.  D-LO/4/28  1818

Sale particulars, with plan of farm. [ST 97]

Chapmans farm, Chesham.  D-LO/4/29, 30  1832-3

Valuations of crops of grass and corn. [ST 98, 99]

Bellingdon in Chesham.  D-LO/4/31  1839

Measurement of land belonging to Jonathan Sale. [ST 100].

Chesham.  D-LO/4/32  1845

Valuation of a copyhold house and blacksmith's shop. [ST 101]

Bellingdon in Chesham.  D-LO/4/33  1864

Sale particulars of two fields to be sold by auction. [ST 102]

Quit and rent rolls  [no ref. or date]

Schedule of quit rents payable to Thomas Cheyney for property in Chesham. The fields described in the schedule include:  D-LO/4/34  [n.d. Elizabeth]

Lyewicke close; Bidswicke close; Three Acre close; Howes; Holmefield; Reddinges; Whelpes field; Burye close; and Jackes Acre. [ST 82]

Manor of Hundridge, Chesham.  D-LO/4/35  1660

Rent Roll [ST 83]

Manor of Hundridge, Chesham.  D-LO/4/36-38  n.d[late C17]; nd[early C18]

Quit rents [ST 103,104]

'My Reall estate per annum'  D-LO/4/39  n.d. [early C18]

[Presumed to be William Lowndes's estate. The Schedule refers to property in Winslow, Pitchcott, Barton Hartshorne, Aylesbury and Walton in Bucks., and in Knightsbridge (Middlesex) and Romney Marsh (Kent)] [ST 95]

'Rents at Aylesbury & Walton'  D-LO/4/40  1713

[Describes the properties and rents due to William Lowndes at Michaelmas 1713. The descriptions are very full, and include a summary of the terms of the tenants' leases and details of the succession where appropriate.? Possibly in William Lowndes' own hand] [ST 85]

Lowndes estate.  D-LO/4/41  n.d. [watermarked 1861]

Extract from rents ledger. [ST 100(a)]


"A map of Hundridge the Moor and Berry estates in Chesham, Bucks., owned by Charles Lowndes and surveyed by Abraham Stone, 1747". Coloured. Gives field names and acreages.  D-LO/Ma/44/1/1R  1747


"A plan of Ground in West Dean [common field] belonging to Charles Lowndes, Esqr" Shows outline of 6 fields only, with acreages.  D-LO/Ma/44/3T  n.d. c.1750


West Dean and little West Dean  D-LO/5/3,4  n.d. C18 [4 endorsed 1757]

Related information: [2 items, presumed to relate to purchase of 1757, see D-LO/9/32-34]

Sketch plans, showing acreages and abuttals.

Hooked Field and Stony Field; Long Field; Sheepcott Close and Orchard; Dell field.  D-LO/5/5-8  n.d. C18

Sketch plans.

Plan of the Bury house and adjoining area, showing in detail the outline of outbuildings, pond, osier ground, elm walk, gates and other features.  D-LO/Ma/44/2T  n.d. [mid C18]


Chesham tithe map:  D-LO/5/10  C19

Tracing of Bury house area.

Great Missenden tithe map:  D-LO/5/11  C19

Tracing of South Heath area.

Pedigree of the Lowndes family, 1066-1862.  D-LO/5/12  1066-1862

Related information: [For a similar pedigree, 1216-1862, see D/X 574]

[1 large roll]


Leases and agreements  [no ref. or date]

Leases to Lowndes estate  [no ref. or date]

Chesham: Cottage known by the sign of the of the Queen's Head, adjoining Pednor Mead.  D-LO/6/1/1  1746

Lord James Cavendish to Charles Lowndes 21 years [with sketch map inset]

Chesham: arable land incl. Great Cumbers; White Piece; Frekeridge Baulks; Frekeridge Hill; Crab Tree Field; Great Gardens; Further, Upper and Lower Cherry Tree.  D-LO/6/1/2  1854

Trustees of Chesham Almshouses to William Lowndes.
Agt. to lease for 1 year, renewable from year to year.

Leases granted by estate  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Leases found among deeds of title have been left in the appropriate bundles (see D-LO/1/-)
Draft leases and correspondence with tenants are listed in D-LO/6/3.

The bulk of the following documents were found in four separate groups.

Chesham: 22 acres incl. The Orchard, Shipcott Close, Long Close, Dell field, Stomather and Stony Close.  D-LO/6/1/3,4  1705,1740

William Lowndes to Josias (sic) Sale Lease for 12 years 1705
Rebecca Lowndes to Josiah Sale Lease for 15 years 1740

Chesham: messuage called Pipards, with 70 acres.  D-LO/6/1/5,6  1706,1732

Related information: [See D-LO/6/3/11-24]

Nathaniel Lloyd to James King Lease for 21 years 1706
James King to Thomas Statham Lease for 21 years 1732

Chesham: Dungrove Farm  D-LO/6/1/7  1722

William Lowndes to Daniel Bunker Lease for 3 years

Chesham: Hundridge Farm  D-LO/6/1/8  1738

Samuel Nicoll to John Parratt Lease for 15 years

Chesham: Moor Farm  D-LO/6/1/9  1747

Charles Lowndes to Richard Twitchell Lease for 21 years

Hounslow, Middlesex; Tenements  D-LO/6/1/10  1774

William Lowndes to James Gatfield [with sketch plan in margin]
Lease for 21 years

Chesham: parcel of Waste in Hyde Heath in manor of Hundridge  D-LO/6/1/11  1794

Counterpart release [effecting a licence to enclose] William Lowndes to John Hubbard

Chesham: parcel of Waste in Hyde Heath  D-LO/6/1/12  1807

William Lowndes to Robert Ward [with sketch plan in margin]
The following six leases were all taken out on 7 May 1808

Chesham: Hog Lane Farm  D-LO/6/1/13  1808

Lowndes Trustees to John Dell
Lease for 11 years and a half

Chesham: Grove Farm  D-LO/6/1/14  1808

Lowndes Trustees to John Barnes
Lease for 11 years and a half

Chesham: several fields incl. Hull field, the Pightle, Lawyers Wood, Five acres, Wingbourns, Pednor Mead, Simonds Mead, Well Close Mead, several fields in West Dean, and other land, 100 acres in all.  D-LO/6/1/15  1808

Lowndes Trustees to Moses Hearn
Lease for 11 years and a half

Chesham: The Moor Farm  D-LO/6/1/16  1808

Lowndes Trustees to John Sutthery
Lease for 11 years

Chesham: Dungrove Farm  D-LO/6/1/17  1808

Lowndes Trustees to John How
Lease for 11 years, endorsed with transfer to Joseph Smith

Chesham: Bellingdon Farm  D-LO/6/1/18  1808

Lowndes Trustees to John Wright
Lease for 11 years

Amersham: messuage called Willmotts Farm  D-LO/6/1/19  1808

Mary Harding to Thomas Morten
Lease for 9 years

Barton Hartshorn: messuage and closes called Roundhill, Oxhill, Great Meadow, Little Meadow, Ivy Ground, First Plot, Second Plot, Third Plot and Pound Close.  D-LO/6/1/20  1810

Lowndes Trustees to E.C. Flowers
Lease for 10 years

Chesham: Grove Farm  D-LO/6/1/21  27 Dec 1819

Lowndes Trustees to John Barnes
Lease for 12 years

Chesham: Hog Lane Farm  D-LO/6/1/22  27 Dec 1819

Lowndes Trustees to John Dell
Lease for 12 years

Chesham: Lands at Pitchcott  D-LO/6/1/23  27 Dec 1819

Lowndes Trustees to Wm. Flowers
Lease for 10 years

Property as in D-LO/6/1/15.  D-LO/6/1/24  28 February 1821

Lowndes Trustees to Rev. John Fuller
Lease for 11 years

Chesham: Chapmans Farm  D-LO/6/1/25  28 February 1821

Lowndes Trustees to George Hepburn
Lease for 11 years

Chesham: Nashleigh Farm  D-LO/6/1/26  28 February 1847

Robert Sutton to James Warner and Joseph
Baldwin junior
Lease for 15 years.

Agreements to lease  [no ref. or date]

Chesham: agreements  D-LO/6/1/27-31  1808-1813

6 items

Chesham: agreements  D-LO/6/1/32-46  1831-1832

15 items

Amersham: agreement for the hire of Beal House  D-LO/6/1/47  1842

Blank, printed agreement to lease  D-LO/6/1/48  post 1875

Related information: [part of D-LO/6/1/27 originally]

Miscellaneous agreements  [no ref. or date]

Agreement to sell twenty acres at Hog Lane in Chesham. John How to Charles Lyall and William Sutthery  D-LO/6/1/49  1817

Acknowledgement by the Trustees of Chesham National Schools, that its cloak room was built on William Lowndes's land  D-LO/6/1/50  1889

Notices to Trustees of the Chesham Benefit Building Society re transfer of mortgaged properties in Chesham and Missenden  D-LO/6/1/51-53  1869

Bond for securing the repayment of £3316.13s.Od. and interest and for indemnity.  D-LO/6/1/54  1837

Wm. Lowndes to Charles Lyall and William Sutthery

Trusts and executorships  [no ref. or date]

William Lowndes, deceased 1724  [no ref. or date]

Documents relating to the settlement of the estate of William Lowndes. His executors were his son Charles and John Duncombe.  D-LO/6/2/1/1-3  c.1723-1724

Copy wills (2 copies, one incomplete), voucher releasing executors.
[item 2 is part of second BRA deposit [0]]

Richard Lowndes, Commission in lunacy, 1731  [no ref. or date]

Documents relating to the commission in lunacy granted to Charles Lowndes during Richard Lowndes's lunacy.  D-LO/6/2/2/1-4  1731-1739

Bundle of documents, incl. commission in lunacy and Lord Chancellor's order terminating commission on Richard Lowndes' recovery, 1739.
[items 2 & 3 are part of second BRA deposit [0]]

Mary Lowndes, deceased 1740  [no ref. or date]

Documents relating to the administration of Mary Lowndes' estate, incl. deed, signed by several members of the Lowndes family, letters of administration and inventory (which includes a reference to Mary Lowndes' gold watch)  D-LO/6/2/3/1-3  1740

Joseph Lowndes, deceased July 1750  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of documents relating to the settlement of the estate of Joseph Lowndes by his brother and executor, Charles Lowndes. Joseph Lowndes had been executor to their mother's estate on her death in 1742, and a few documents relating to her survive here.

Rebecca Lowndes. Miscellaneous vouchers and accounts.  D-LO/6/2/4/1-8  [n.d.]

Funeral expenses on the death of Joseph Lowndes, July 20, 1750. Incl. turnpike fees.  D-LO/6/2/4/9  1750

Joseph Lowndes. Miscellaneous vouchers, incl. executor's account on Rebecca Lowndes' death.  D-LO/6/2/4/10-26  [n.d.]

Receipts from John Markham, guardian of Joseph Lowndes, for rents received on property in Barton Hartshorn, 1724-44.  D-LO/6/2/4/27-42  1724-44

With letter from Markham about financial agreements. 1752

Thomas Bowen [? deceased 1754]  [no ref. or date]

Copy will of Thomas Bowen, of Somerset House in the parish of St.Mary Le Strand, Middlesex. With executors' accounts.  D-LO/6/2/5/1  1754-1758

1 volume

[Charles Lowndes was one of the executors]

Richard Twitchell, deceased  [no ref. or date]

Executors' account.  D-LO/6/2/6/1  1770-1771

Leheup Trust  [no ref. or date]

Copy Deed to covenant to transfer £20,000 South Sea Annuities to various parties, including William Lowndes, for the children and grandchildren of Peter Leheup the younger.  D-LO/6/2/7/1  1770

2 documents

Goostrey marriage trust  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
[William Lowndes (later William Selby Lowndes) of Winslow and Whaddon married Mary Goostrey daughter of Thomas Goostrey of Missenden, in 1766. She died in 1786. Cf. pedigree.

[of which Charles Lowndes was a trustee]

Release and indemnification of Charles Lowndes and John Dashwood King, trustees, on the sale of the Hertfordshire estate.  D-LO/6/2/8/1-40  1780

39 documents, incl. deeds and various business letters.

Mrs. and Miss Mitchell  [no ref. or date]

Settlement of a sum of £400 long annuities for the benefit of Mrs. & Miss Mitchell, to take place on the death of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lowndes. [William Lowndes the Elder to be a trustee]  D-LO/6/2/9/1  1798

Copy deed 1798

Skottowe Trust  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
William Lowndes was appointed trustee to Coulson Skottowe's will, which provided for an annuity to be paid to John and Margaret Graveney. After William Lowndes' death in 1808, the trust was administered by Charles Lyall and William Sutthery.

Accounts and vouchers and extract from the will and codicil of John Graveney relating to the disposition of property in Bury Hill, 1802-1819.  D-LO/6/2/10/1-80  1802-1819

Sarah Duncombe  [no ref. or date]

Release of William Lowndes by Thomas Meacher, on receipt of various sums due to him under the terms of the will of Sarah Duncombe.  D-LO/6/2/11/1  1806

Harrington Trust 1806  [no ref.]  1806

Administrative history:
William Sutthery and Charles Lyall administered the trust established in 1806 for Mrs. Mary Harrington and her two children by William Lowndes (d.1808). On their reaching the age of twenty-one, the legacy was released to them.

Deeds declaring the trust and releasing the legacy  D-LO/6/2/12/1-6  1806-1817

Trust account book  D-LO/6/2/12/7  1806

Bank stock receipts  D-LO/6/2/12/8  1806

1 bundle

Mary Harrington: receipts

Charles and Rebecca Harrington. Vouchers and receipts  D-LO/6/2/12/9  1806

1 bundle of 62 items

Harrington trust miscellanea  D-LO/6/2/12/10-26  1806

1807 Trust  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
As a consequence of the large debts incurred by William Lowndes junior up to about 1805, the family estate was vested in three trustees, Thomas Compton, Charles Lyall and William Sutthery. The trustees were to adminster the estate, grant William Lowndes jnr. an annuity and pay off his debts. The terms of the trust were later altered, particularly to allow for increased provision for his younger children.

Copy deeds and case relating to the provision for daughters and younger sons  D-LO/6/2/13/1-16  1807-1863

Copy deed [0]  D-LO/6/2/13/17  1807

Trustees' accounts [general estate a/cs. [0]]  D-LO/6/2/13/18  1805-1818

Trustees' Ledger [v. detailed]  D-LO/6/2/13/19  1807-1832

Vouchers removed from volume D-LO/6/2/13/19  D-LO/6/2/13/20  [n.d.]

Trustees Ledger [v. detailed; part only]  D-LO/6/2/13/21  1819-1825

Trustees' Cash book [v. detailed]  D-LO/6/2/13/22  1815-1831

Creditors' letters  D-LO/6/2/13/23  1806

Creditors' accounts  D-LO/6/2/13/24  1774-83, 1799-1806

1 folder

This bundle includes some fine tradesmen's bills and gives an indication of the lifestyle of William Lowndes, who was Colonel in the First Bucks Volunteers. In the following description, a + denotes a printed bill head.

Instruction for the compilation of the trust deed  D-LO/6/2/13/24/1  n.d

'Borrowed Money', showing an estimate of the amount due, with the creditors' names; list of creditors, 1806.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/2  1806

Thomas Staple, bricklayer, for work at More and Duncombe [?Dungrove] farms, £205. 9s.5½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/3  1803-5

B.H. Prickett, Deputy Registrar at the Archdeaconry of Bucks, for expenses arising out of the stopping up of the Gate leading out of the Church yard at Chesham £8. 5s. 2d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/4  1805

J. Dawney, nurseryman [Aylesbury]. Incl. Morrella cherry trees, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines and English Elms £26.17s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/5  1804-6

John Wilson, ironmonger. ,Incls. a 'perpetual oven' £37. 4s. 8d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/6  1805

[+] Davison, Newman & Co., Grocers and Tea Dealers, London £98.12s.11d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/7  1804-5

Miss M. Lott, embroideress, London, for work on a flag for the first regiment of Bucks Volunteers £39.12a.11d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/8  1803

William Towers, glazier, Chesham. Incl. 'Painting a bird cage in colours' £29.17s.7½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/9  1804-5

[+] Killingworth Hedges, London, Wax Spermaceti and Tallow Chandler £89. 7s.2¾d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/10  1803-5

Thomas Whipham, Silversmith. Inc. childrens silver shoe clasps £164. 7s. 7d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/11  1805

James Robson, bookseller. Incl. 'Trial of Col. Despard', purchased three days after the latter's execution £60.10s.10d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/12  1802-5

Elizabeth Gomm, Chesham. Reduction for malt made for William Lowndes junior but still in her possession. [see item 15]  D-LO/6/2/13/24/13  1805

Richard Williams, draper. Incl. hats and cockades £98. 1s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/14  1804

Elizabeth Gomm, maltster [see item 13] £91. 7s.5½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/15  1804-5

John Edwards, grocer £105.16s.11½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/16  1803-5

S.Salter, [?brewer], for strong beer £28.16s. 0d  D-LO/6/2/13/24/17  1803-5

William Jordan, whitesmith. Incl. 'new sheep bell' £48.19s.2½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/18  1805

G. Payne, butcher, 1805 [see item 21]  D-LO/6/2/13/24/19  1805

Joshua Hobbs, collar maker [itemised bill for 1805 only] £64. 1s. 3d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/20  1802-5

G. Payne, butcher [see item 19] £139. 4s. 3d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/21  1805

William Williams, Innkeeper. Incl. disbursements for the use of a chaise £141.12s. 1d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/22  1805

John Ball [?brewer], for small beer and ale £177.13s.8d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/23  1803-5

John Crockett & Co., smiths. Incl. 'bars for the green house' and 'Iron work for 5 Bagge Waggons for the volentears' £70.11s. 2d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/24  1803-5

William Christmas. Receipts for the purchase of standing timber, with tax vouchers  D-LO/6/2/13/24/25  [n.d.]

William Christmas, carpenter £277. 4s.6½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/26  1805

John Potter, carpenter. Incls. a bond for £114. £571. 9s.1¾d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/27  1805

John Broadwood & Son. For a piano, transported from Rickmansworth [see 32] £49. 3s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/28  1803-6

Miscellaneous manorial fees £22.18s.10d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/29  1774-83

Francis Kingston, attorney £17.13s.11½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/30  1803-5

Bunnell & Silver, London [? uniform suppliers] Incl. 3 pairs of silver plated epaulets £20.12s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/31  1804

John Broadwood & Son. For a piano for Mrs. Lowndes [see 28]  D-LO/6/2/13/24/32  1803

[+] S. Heseltine, Shirt Stock and Child Bed Linen Warehouse, London. Incl. a frock and a foundling cap £5.11s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/33  1804

Poor Rates £17.14s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/34  1805

Harding, farmer, Chesham. For various cereals incl. oats and barley £17.19s.8½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/35  1805

Joseph Mayo. Fot vetches £6.14s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/36  1805

T.J. Gomm. For port and brandy £14. 8s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/37  1803

[+] Firmin and Westall, Button makers, London £5. 5s. 9d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/38  1801-3

James Whitnell [?whitesmith] £3.15s. 7d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/39  1805

Poor rates £1.17s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/40  1801-5

William Creed. Miscellaneous items incl. 'sounding the bugle to the infantry at different times' £3.15s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/41  1805

[+]E. Bunting, silk dyer, Calendrer & Glazier £4. 2s. 8d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/42  1803

John How. For cereals £3. 4s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/43  1805

[+] Richard Penlington, Wax and Tallow Chandler, London [see 48] £7. 5s. 7d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/44  1804

[+] J. Dale, wine merchant. Incl. a description of English fruit and flower wines available. £9. 7. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/45  180[-]

Mrs. Osborn. £1000 3percent consols, lent to William Lowndes, junior  D-LO/6/2/13/24/46  1803-4

Thomas Bovingdon.[?] For expenses at Glory and New Farms £10.11s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/47  n.d

[+] Richard Penlington, Wax and Tallow Chandler [see 44] £9. 3s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/48  1805-6

J.W. & T. Johnston, sword cutlers, London. Incls. 3 Officers' swords [see 64] £10. 1s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/49  1803

Francis Sleap, tailor. Incl. regimental uniforms £10. 4s. 8d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/50  1805

Thomas Wright, miller £13. 1s.1½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/51  1803-5

Brown, Wine merchants. Covers legal costs in the action for debt against William Lowndes £6.19s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/52  1805

George Brown.? Promissory note £53.17s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/53  1805

[+] Halfhide, Barnes & Co., Seal Engravers, London Incl. 'Setting an emerald in gold ring' £6. 6s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/54  1803-4

Charles Lyall. Sundries incl. lavender water, crabs & lobsters, advertising birth of Miss Lowndes £35.13s. 5d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/55  1804-5

Charles Lyall. Money lent to William Lowndes, jnr. £99. 0s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/56  1800, 1806

Philip Payne, shoemaker. Incl. 'best military boots' £7.11s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/57  1802-1805

J. Sleap, stationer. For stationery £2. 7s. 2d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/58  1805

Richard Baker. For a mangle £17. 4s. 2d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/59  1803

Pearson & Lygo, China warehouse. Incl. vegetable dishes with partitions £10. 6s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/60  1804-5

[+] Hancock, Shepherd & Co., Glass Manufacturers, London. Incl. octagon bottles £7. 5s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/61  1803

[+] Hawkes, Moseley & Co., Helmet & accoutrement makers, hatters, London. Incl. white breast feathers, cockades, drums £30.15s.2½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/62  1804

Edward Powell, colour man. Incl. white lead, linseed oil and 'invisible green' £9.19s. 8d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/63  1804

J.W. & T. Johnston, sword cutler. Incl. 3 Gilt Mounted hangers [see 49] £10. 1s. 0d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/64  1803

James Eaton. For newspapers £6. 8s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/65  1805

For servants' wages £24. 4s. 9d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/66  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous nurses' and surgeon's bills  D-LO/6/2/13/24/67  1803-5

John Plaistowe, oilman  D-LO/6/2/13/24/68  1805

George Thomas King, wine merchant. For port, sherry and hampers £252. 4s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/69  1804

King & Co., tailors. Incl. 'a bottle green ladies Habit & Petticoat, regimental buttons, black genoa collar silver loop & button at each end of collar edged white Kerseymere' £34. 9s. 3d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/70  1803-4

William Liberty, wheelwright, Chesham £99. 6s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/71  1805

Isaac Stevens, hairdresser, Chesham. Incl. 'potts of pommatum' £29.14s. 7d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/72  1803-5

Henry Plaistowe. For miscellaneous items incl. dried fruit 'raisons' and oranges £4.18s. 3d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/73  1803-5

John Clare, farmer, Chesham. For new beans, oats and peas £22.11s. 3d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/74  1805

[+] Hawkes Moseley & Co., cap makers. Incl. Black Spanish leather Waist belts, with plated furniture and officers' white grenades with yellow flames £31.13s.2½d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/75  1803

Ransom & Co. Notes of hand £878.18s. 3d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/76  1805

Thomas Fean, blacksmith £38.12s. 2d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/77  1804-5

Huntley, Brown & Bacon, Linnen drapers, London £80. 1s. 8d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/78  1803

James Rumsey, Surgeon, Amersham £ 2.14s. Od.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/79  1806

David Owen, tailor £ 65.14s. Od.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/80  1799-1804

Notice from Joseph Read, of his intention to remove some clay and brick earth from an estate in Aylesbury before the sale of the property  D-LO/6/2/13/24/81  Apr 1806

W.Sutthery. Medical bill [includes entry for innoculation, 1805] £ 28.15s. 6d.  D-LO/6/2/13/24/82  1801-5

William Lowndes, deceased April 1808  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Documents relating to the settlement of the estate of William Lowndes (1734-1808). The executors were Charles Lyall and William Sutthery.

Copy will and related documents incl. account book [0]  D-LO/6/2/14/1-4  1808-1813

Executors' account book  D-LO/6/2/14/5  1808-1810

Receipt and executors' accounts  D-LO/6/2/14/6  1806-1817

1 bundle

William Lowndes, deceased 1831  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Executorship accounts and receipts of William Lowndes of North Church

Deeds granting annuity and assigning a rent charge, in settlement of further debts incurred by William Lowndes  D-LO/6/2/15/1-2  1817-1820

Related information: [see D-LO/6/2/13 for earlier debts]

Executors' account book  D-LO/6/2/15/3  1831-1834

Vouchers (matching entries in account book) and other miscellanea  D-LO/6/2/15/4-58  1817-1831

Deeds, mostly drafts relating to settlement of the Essex estate pursuant to provision of William Lowndes' will.  D-LO/6/2/15/59-65  1821-1863

[The Essex estate, which comprised the manor of Hatfield Broad Oak, was inherited by the Lowndes family through their relationship with the Barringtons of Essex. See Related families D-LO/8]

Draft memorandum and abstract of codicil, clarifying the intentions of William Lowndes and the reason for the exclusion of his eldest son from his will.  D-LO/6/2/15/66-67  [watermarked 1823]

Mary Harriet Lowndes (nee Mason) deceased April 1836  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Documents relating to the trust established for Mary Harriet Lowndes' children (for whom provision had been made in the settlement on her marriage to William Lowndes) and other papers.

Administration of Mary Harriet Lowndes' estate.  D-LO/6/2/16/1  1838

Copy marriage settlement on her marriage [0]  D-LO/6/2/16/2  [dated 1830]

Copy will and codicil of Eliza Mason, mother of Mary Harriet Lowndes [0]  D-LO/6/2/16/3  [dated 1830]

Draft Release of trustees [0]  D-LO/6/2/16/4  1855

Henry Lowndes, deceased 1836  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Administrators' accounts and vouchers, on the death of Henry Lowndes. William Lowndes and Charles Lyall acted as Administrators.

Accounts  D-LO/6/2/17/1  1836-1837

Miscellaneous vouchers  D-LO/6/2/17/2-24  1834-1836

Martha Lowndes (nee Sutton) deceased c.1890  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Documents relating to the settlement of the estate of Martha Lowndes, second wife of William. The executors were Charles Lowndes and Robert Sutton.

Will and codicil of Martha Lowndes (pr) [0]  D-LO/6/2/18/1  1880

Miscellanea.  D-LO/6/2/18/2-4  1874-1890

Captain Joseph Lowndes, deceased 1897  [no ref. or date]

Miscellanea.  D-LO/6/2/19/1-2  1898

Administrative history:
Statement of accounts of the administrators of Joseph Lowndes' estate. With covering letter.

Conveyancing and general legal matters  [no ref. or date]

Draft and copy deeds  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
The archive comprises a large number of draft and copy documents. Where these were found with the final deeds to which they related they have been left in that series (see D-LO/1/-) and the following description only covers drafts which reached the office in a separate series. Many of these drafts relate to transactions for which final deeds survive in this accumulation, and where this occurs, a cross reference is made.

Chesham: manor of the Bury and other land. Draft conveyance, Norbury to Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/1  1687

Related information: [See D-LO/1/1/1-57]

Chesham: manor of Hundridge. Draft copy extracts of Court Baron and rent roll dated 1660.  D-LO/6/3/2-3  e.C18

Related information: [See D-LO/1/3/1-48]

Albury & Wiggington (Herts): The Stocks House, outhouses incl.pigeon house and bowling green in Albury and New Farm in Wiggington. Dft. settlement, on the marriage of Elizabeth Lowndes and John Duncombe Jr.  D-LO/6/3/4  c.1703

[Incomplete and damage]

Related information: [See D-LO/2/3]

Astwood Bury (Oxon): manor of Astwood Bury and other property. Dft. assignment of mortgage.  D-LO/6/3/5  post 1704

Related information: [See D-LO/2/9]

[Annotated 'to be endorsed on ye indenture dat' 29 June 1704]

Pitchcott: pasture ground called Carter Lane Ground (127 acres); glebe land and tithes arising from the land. Dft. bargain and sale with feoffment. Horton to Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/6  e. C18

Chesham: manor of the Grove. Dft. abstract of title.  D-LO/6/3/7  1709

[This may have been a draft for William Lowndes's second survey roll see D-LO/4/2]

Dft. articles of agreement on the marriage of William Lowndes and Margaret Layton.  D-LO/6/3/8  1711

Related information: [See D-LO/2/9]

Chesham: The Bury and part of Moor Farm, The Grove, Goddards Wood, Millfield Wood, Dungrove, Bunn's Meadow, Welch's Meadow.  D-LO/6/3/9  1712

Related information: [See D-LO/2/4-7]

Dft. settlement by William Lowndes on his wife Rebecca.

Winslow: Dft. schedule of copies of court roll relating to copyholds purchased by William Lowndes in c.1698.  D-LO/6/3/10  e. C18

Chesham: Pipards Farm and other land. Dft. deeds and other documents incl. papers relating to litigation, about Pipards Farm, purchased in ? 1737 by Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/11-24  c.1704-1737

Related information: [See D-LO/6/1/5-6]

Mortgage: Charles and William Lowndes to Miss Elizabeth Joye.  D-LO/6/3/25,26  1760-1783

Abstract of mortgage and correspondence.

Aylesbury: Walnut Tree Close. Copy extract of minutes of sub-committee of the Foundling Hospital.  D-LO/6/3/27  1769

Related information: [See D-LO/1/40/6-10]

Skottowe estate in Chesham. Dft. agreement relating to the access to title deeds; schedule of copyholds to which William Lowndes was admitted.  D-LO/6/3/28,29  [1776]-1809

Related information: [See D-LO/1/22/1-25]

Dft. summary abstract of title to property [unspecified] purchased by William Lowndes in 1692.  D-LO/6/3/30  n.d. C19

Related information: [See D-LO/1/2/1-64]

Chesham: Mansion House lately purchased from John Skottowe and other property. Dft. Trust deed.  D-LO/6/3/31  1806

Related information: [See D-LO/1/22/1-25]

Chesham: Hyde Heath. Dft.agt. to lease and enclose and related documents incl. sketch map.  D-LO/6/3/32-37  1807

Related information: [See D-LO/6/1/10]

Chesham: various farms in Lowndes estate incl. Hundridge & Dungrove farms.  D-LO/6/3/38-53  1808

Related information: [See D-LO/6/1/12-17]

Dft.agts. to lease and related correspondence.

Great Missenden: tithes of Closes called Reddings.  D-LO/6/3/54-58  1809

Dft. releases of tithes and other documents.

Chesham: dft.agt. re erection of Cottlestall by Lowndes tenant.  D-LO/6/3/59  1810

Chesham: lands and tithes. Dft. release, Henry and James Rumsey to Lyall & Sutthery.  D-LO/6/3/60  1811

Chesham: Closes belonging to the Ware family. Dft. lease, Ware to Hill.  D-LO/6/3/61  1811

Related information: [See D-LO/1/23/1-30 for Ware property]

London & Bucks: copy abstract of the will of William Selby of Winslow.  D-LO/6/3/62  post 1811

Property mentioned incl. estates near Carnaby Market in Westminster; Holcombe farm at Swanbourne; Biggin farm at Granborough; property at North Crawley.

Chesham: tithes of the Almshouse land and Rose Acre.  D-LO/6/3/63  1812

Dft. release and conveyance. Wm. Lowndes to Chas. Lyall.

Chesham: Lowndes estate. Dft. abstract of leases, summarising names of parties, term granted and expiration date.  D-LO/6/3/64  [c.1814]

[covers leases granted from 1735-1757]

Chesham: copyhold premises in manors of Chesham Bury and Chesham Higham. Dft. deed of covenant to surrender.  D-LO/6/3/65  1814

William Lowndes with Lyall & Sutthery.

Chesham: property of the Ware family.  D-LO/6/3/66  1816

Related information: [See D-LO/1/23/1-30]

Dft. release and surrender of a term of years.
S.Ware to Lowndes Trustees.

Chesham: Dft. declaration of consent of Wm.Lowndes to the purchases made by the Trustees of copyhold premises held by Mr. Ayres.  D-LO/6/3/67  1817

Chesham: close of meadow and pasture land situate at Hog Lane. Dft. release, John How to Lyall and Sutthery.  D-LO/6/3/68  1818

Chesham: land at Pitchcott. Dft. lease, Lyall and Sutthery to William Flowers.  D-LO/6/3/69  1819

Related information: [See D-LO/6/1/23]

Chesham: Dft. notice to executors of - Glenister to quit.  D-LO/6/3/70  1825

Chesham: Manors of Hundridge and the Grove.  D-LO/6/3/71  1826

Dft. deputation to John Arris to kill and preserve game in these manors.

Dft. mortgage and bond for £2500. W. Lowndes to Lyall and Sutthery.  D-LO/6/3/72,73  1827

Barton Hartshorn: Dft.agt. to lease Barton farm.  D-LO/6/3/74  1828

Chesham and Barton Hartshorn.  D-LO/6/3/75-86  1831

Bundle of lease the following properties:
Moor Farm Barn and Dry Dell
Bury Park
Grove Farm
Pitchcot Farm
Hog Lane Fields
Dungrove Farm
Chapmans field
Lawyers and Pednor Meads
Tenement in Bellingdon
Hundridge and Freckenridge Field

Chesham: freehold houses. Copy conveyance, Robert Ball to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/87  1831

Related information: [See D-LO/1/24/1-20]

Chesham great tithes: Copy conveyance, Thomas Weedon & others to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/88  1833

Chesham: Manor of Chesham Higham.  D-LO/6/3/89  1833

Copy admission of Wm. Lowndes.

Chesham: Close in Chartridge Lane. Dft. appointment and conveyance. Richard Spratley to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/90  1836

Related information: [See D-LO/1/27/1-5]

Chesham: premises at Bury Hill End.  D-LO/6/3/91-99  1837

Related information: [See D-LO/1/28/1-4]

Dft. conveyance and related documentation, Thomas Staple to William Lowndes.

Chesham: Tithes and freehold land.  D-LO/6/3/100  1837

Fair dft. conveyance. John Miles & others to William Lowndes.

Chesham: moiety of a copyhold close.  D-LO/6/3/101  1837

Dft. surrender, Samuel Treacher to William Lowndes.

Copy Dft. release of the executors of the Rev. William Jones decd.  D-LO/6/3/102  1838

Chesham: 4 tenements in hamlet of Hundridge. Dft. conveyance, William Johnson to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/103,4  1839

Chesham: Customary messuage called Bucktofts in manor of Chesham Higham. Dft. surrender, George Stone and wife to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/105,6  1839

Related information: [See D-LO/1/31/1-9]

Chesham: parcels of land. Dft. Assignment of term to attend. Geo. Goldsmith (by direction of Jonathan Sale) to G. Hardingham.  D-LO/6/3/107  1840

Related information: [See D-LO/1/32/1-38]

Chesham: freehold close of arable ground. Dft. release and conveyance. Mary Wyatt to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/108  1840

Chesham: two pieces of land. Dft. release and conveyance. Trustees of will of George Henry of Burlington to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/109,110  1841

Amersham: land and blacksmith's shop and premises.  D-LO/6/3/111  1841

Chesham: copyhold land. Dft. bargain and sale and surrender, Saunders to Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/112  1842

Chesham: messuage and ground. Dft. release and conveyance. Jas. Peace and W.A. Price to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/113,114  1842

Knightsbridge: Dft. copy extract from settlement of Wm. Lowndes Esq. showing his power to grant building leases. [Original dated 1830]  D-LO/6/3/115  [1843]

Chesham: tithes on Pressmore farm. Dft. appointment and conveyance. Thomas Weedon to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/116  1844

Related information: [See D-LO/1/33/1-17]

Chesham: Dft. continuation of abstract of title of William Johnson to copyhold estate.  D-LO/6/3/117  1845

Dft. covenant for the production of title deeds.  D-LO/6/3/118  1848

William Lowndes to James Slater.

Chesham: Dungrove farm. Dft. leases and correspondence.  D-LO/6/3/119-124  1852

Chesham: Dft. conveyance of land and rent charges arising from it. John Woodman to William Lowndes senior and William Lowndes junior.  D-LO/6/3/125  1855

Knightsbridge estate: mortgage of ground rents to secure £40,000. Dft. mortgage, abstracts of title and related documents.  D-LO/6/3/126-135  1859

Chesham: Dft. conveyance of tithes at Ashley Green J. and D. Puddephat to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/136  1859

Chesham and Chesham Bois: Cannons Mill and lands in these parishes. Dft. lease and related documents, William Lowndes to Robert Ball.  D-LO/6/3/137-146  1860

Chesham and Northchurch (Herts.): Hog Lane Farm.  D-LO/6/3/147-154  1860

Dft. lease and related documents. William Lowndes to Thomas Rickett.

Chesham: Charity lands. Dft. lease and correspondence Trustees of Almhouse lands to William Lowndes.  D-LO/6/3/155-166  1861

Lowndes estate: miscellaneous abstracts.  D-LO/6/3/167-171  1863

Solicitors correspondence and Legal miscellenea  [no ref. or date]

General legal correspondence with James Aubrey, solicitor, of Took's Court, later Aubrey and Curtis, then Aubrey and Hardingham of King's Inn, and finally G. Hardingham of Bedford Row.  D-LO/6/4/1-3  1817-1837

3 bundles

Beel house, Amersham. Legal correspondence.  D-LO/6/4/4  1836-1843

1 bundle

Miscellaneous legal correspondence.  D-LO/6/4/5  1841-1874

1 bundle

Lists of deeds lodged with trustees and solicitors:  D-LO/6/4/6  1807-1865

(a) "memorandum of deeds & papers in the tin box" [List, apparently compiled by Charles Lyall of documents in his custody relating to the management of the Lowndes estate and trust; 1 booklet, covering the period 1807-1837] C19
(b) "memos of Mr. Lowndes' deeds & papers left with Mr. Rhodes, Messrs Aubrey, Hardingham & Munday" [1808-1848] C19
(c) "List of deeds, papers and writings received of Mr. [William] Munday on 26th January 1865" [This list incl. references to abstracts of titles to many of the properties purchased by the estate in the nineteenth century] [1865]

"Observations collected out of several books" [These observations, collected from unspecified sources, relate mostly to the law, legal processes and land tenure, inheritance and transactions. 17 pp. of text only, the greater part of the volume is blank]  D-LO/6/4/7  n.d. mid C18

Draft notes on various statutes on sale and inheritance of land.  D-LO/6/4/8  n.d. [C18]

1 small item

Legal costs accounts  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous lawyers' accounts.
Item 1 includes expenses attending the preparation and passing of an act of parliament. 'Paid Bradshaw the Doorkeeper for distributing printed copys of the Act'. The majority of the others relate to land purchases.

Accounts.  D-LO/6/5/1-6  1724-1753

1 folder

accounts.  D-LO/6/5/7-16  1801-1856

1 bundle

Litigation  [no ref. or date]

Related information: related families for Leheup v. Lowndes draft deeds for King v. Greenhill Knightsbridge estate for Counsel's opinion on building leases.

See also

Arbitration and court cases  [no ref. or date]

Arrears of rent on land at Aylesbury. Case and opinion.  D-LO/6/6/1  1730

Borough English successions. Counsel's opinions and legal miscellanea connected with the Gibbon family, re descent of manors governed by Borough English customs (in particular the manor of Ealing, Middlesex) and the exploitation of coal pits in Lyth, Staffs.  D-LO/6/6/2  1741-3

1 bundle

Chesham: Hyde Heath in manor of Hundridge.  D-LO/6/6/3  1814-1829

1 bundle

Lyall v. Harding. Counsel's opinion and related records on the legality of the building of a cottage on the waste.

Pitchcott Tithes. Hughes v. Saunders. In Chancery.  D-LO/6/6/4  1818-1819

1 bundle

Dft. case and opinion, composition agt. and other records.

William Flowers, insolvent debtor and tenant at Carters Lane Ground Farm:  D-LO/6/6/5  1815-1834

Documents including notebook and detailed schedule, assigning the goods of William Flowers, a prisoner in Aylesbury Gaol, [0], with warrant for the distress of goods to the value of £1542.

Bucks: Case and Counsel's opinion on the validity of an objection to accepting the office of Sheriff.  D-LO/6/6/6  1831

1 item

The case is presented anonymously but may have been put on behalf of William Lowndes (d.1863) who became High Sheriff for Bucks in 1848.

In the matter of Salwey Browne, an Infant. In Chancery.  D-LO/6/6/7  1834

1 folder

[Presumed to be a case of disputed inheritance].
Certificates of baptisms, marriages and burials of the Lowndes and Barrington family, covering period from c.1730-1834.

Essex: manor of Keers. Attorney general v. Lowndes.  D-LO/6/6/8  1834

In Chancery. Draft answer of William Lowndes and William Selby Lowndes re possession of manor of Keers in Essex, out of which various charitable bequests (including gifts to poor scholars at Oxford and Cambridge, poor ministers and their families and the poor of the parishes of Kilworth and Sowerby) ought to have been paid. With copy masters' certificate of costs, and valuations of Essex property.

Chesham: William Lowndes & Francis King, of Chesham, wheelwright. Boundary dispute near Chartridge Lane.  D-LO/6/6/9  1839-40

1 folder

Correspondence, dft. submission to arbitration, sketch maps.

In the matter of Aylesbury Free School. In Chancery.  D-LO/6/6/10  [1850]

Copy petition and memorial.
[For further evidence about this action see BRO: CH3/L1-6]

Determination of the abeyance of the baronies of Monthermer, Montacute and Grandison. In the House of Lords.  D-LO/6/6/11  1854-74

In 1859, William Lowndes and William Selby Lowndes of Whaddon petitioned the House of Lords to revive the tithes of Monthermer and Montacute, to which they believed they were heirs. [See R. Gibbs: Worthies of Buckingamshire p.265]. It is possible that the Lowndes pedigree (D-LO/5/12) was compiled in that connexion. 1 bundle, 2 folders, 1 volume comprising:
a - e: printed cases and minutes of evidence [0]
f - j: petition and reports [0]
k - l: correspondence and Bucks Advertiser and Aylesbury News for 17 Aug.1861, carrying report of the case.

Estate Management  [no ref. or date]

Estate correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letter, endorsed with receipt, from J. Duncombe, relating to a financial transaction.  D-LO/6/7/1  1728

Letter from J. Duncombe to Charles Lowndes, relating to a financial transaction.  D-LO/6/7/2  1729

Letter from John Duncombe to [?] Charles Lowndes, mostly settling financial accounts, but also referring to his support for Richard Lowndes who was being opposed by Mr. Grenville in county election.  D-LO/6/7/3  1747

Letter from J. Duncombe, to Mrs. Duncombe about documents [possibly relating to Lowndes estate] held by her husband before his death.  D-LO/6/7/4  1755

Letters from G. Edwards to Charles Lowndes relating to legal difficulties arising out of the sale of Hundridge estate. With related documents.  D-LO/6/7/5-10  1741-2

Letter from John Laud, newly appointed steward of Barton manor, to [? Charles Lowndes], who had inherited some land in the manor on the decease of his brother Joseph, to warn his tenant to attend the court and pay quit rents due to the Lord of the Manor.  D-LO/6/7/11  1750

1 item

Letters from J. Laud to Charles Lowndes re rents arising out of property in Barton Hartshorn. Refers to 'deed of inclosure of Barton' (1624).  D-LO/6/7/12,13  1751

With draft answer from Charles Lowndes.

Letter to Coulson Skottowe from the Duke of Bedford's agent, discussing the proposal made by Skottowe for the purchase of land in [?] Chesham.  D-LO/6/7/14  1761

Letter from John Dell, about the possibility of purchasing a small farm near turnpike in Walton.  D-LO/6/7/15  1764

Letter from John Dell, alluding to unspecified business transactions and giving a brief account of nominations in the election contest for Aylesbury.  D-LO/6/7/16  1768

Letter from Joseph Hoare, acting for Mrs. Ware who leased Hundridge and Moor Farms, discussing increases in rent.  D-LO/6/7/17  1807

Letter from tenant, Richard Boom, about renewing agreement as to [? lease] of land on Kent estate at Eastbridge.  D-LO/6/7/18  1806

Letter to William Lowndes (d.1808) from John Wright, one of his tenants, agreeing to rise in farm rents [endorsed Mr. Wright, Bellingdon]  D-LO/6/7/19  n.d. [early C19]

Letter to Charles Lyall, from John Barns, [? tenant at Grove Farm] agreeing to rise in farm rents.  D-LO/6/7/20  1807

Correspondence, sewn together, from various Lowndes tenants.  D-LO/6/7/21  1831

Letter to william Lowndes (d.1808) relating to the survey of Lowndes property [in Chesham] then leased to Mr. How.  D-LO/6/7/22  1800

Manor of Thorn Fee in Chesham.  D-LO/6/7/23,24  1821-1836

Notices requiring freehold tenants of the manor to attend a Court Baron.

Inclosure and tithe Commutation Correspondence and Memoranda  [no ref. or date]

Notice allocating share of expenses due on Lowndes property.  D-LO/6/8/1  1772

Aylesbury and Walton inclosure

Letter to Mr. Pugh, [?Lowndes' agent], from B.Burton, one of the Aylesbury inclosure commissioners, relating to the responsibility for the upkeep of fences in Walton.  D-LO/6/8/2  1773

Aylesbury and Walton inclosure

Extracts from inclosure award.  D-LO/6/8/3-4  c.1804-1806

Aylesbury and Walton inclosure

Letter from W.Lee to Charles Lowndes relating to the straightening of the course of the brook which divided the parishes of Stone and Aylesbury. Opportunity for altering it arose in connection with the Stone inclosure.  D-LO/6/8/5  1777

Hyde Heath inclosure in manor of Hundridge  D-LO/6/8/6  n.d. [watermarked 1805]

Related information: [See also D-LO/1/25/1]

Draft memorandum between William Lowndes, Lord of the Manor, and R. Ward. With sketch map

Barton Hartshorn and Chetwode inclosure  D-LO/6/8/7  1812

Printed copy of act.

Extract from award.  D-LO/6/8/8  [n.d. watermarked 1811]

Barton Hartshorn and Chetwode inclosure

Amersham inclosure  D-LO/6/8/9  [?1817]

Abstract from award.

Chesham tithe commutation  D-LO/6/8/10-25  1838

Correspondence and memoranda.

Barton Hartshorn merger of tithes  D-LO/6/8/26-40  1858

Dft. agreement and related papers incl.correspondence.

Estate accounts and vouchers  [no ref. or date]

"Accounts of rents", incl. names of tenants, rents due and miscellaneous expenditure. [0]  D-LO/6/9/1  1722-1723

1 volume

Account of rents on property in Chesham, Aylesbury and Knightsbridge. [In the form of a ledger, with brief notes of length of the tenancies]  D-LO/6/9/2  1746-1752

Vouchers and miscellanea found loose in D-LO/6/9/2.  D-LO/6/9/3  [n.d.]

Accounts of rents [as D-LO/6/9/2, with sketch plan of a Sussex lime kiln and description of a brick kiln at the back].  D-LO/6/9/4  1753-1782

Account of rents [as D-LO/6/9/2]  D-LO/6/9/5  1782-1802

Vouchers and miscellanea found loose in D-LO/6/9/5.  D-LO/6/9/6  1796-1803

Estate ledger, incl. rent accounts and other income from consols, shares in various companies notably the Liguanea & General Mining Companies. One account, on p.94, covers stabling for the chief constable.  D-LO/6/9/7  1849-1863

Vouchers and miscellanea found loose in D-LO/6/9/7.  D-LO/6/9/8  1849-1863

Ledger, monthly rent accounts [index of tenants]  D-LO/6/9/9  1867-1884

Day book [v.detailed, incl. personal expenditure as well as income from rents]  D-LO/6/9/10  1871-1875

"Account book, 1876" [a continuation of D-LO/6/9/10]  D-LO/6/9/11  1876-1878

Lowndes estate. Dft. note of income accruing from tenancies in Bucks and Knightsbridge.  D-LO/6/9/12  n.d. [C18]

[Possibly Kent estate] Account of rents received by Robert Tournay for Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/6/9/13-17  1724-1733

Chesham estate. Account book, showing acreages, rent, tithes and land tax due on property in Chesham and Great Missenden.  D-LO/6/9/18  n.d. [c.1801]

[Chesham cottages] Weekly rent account.  D-LO/6/9/19  1842-4

1 small booklet

Chesham farms and mill. Summary of rent, income and land tax payable.  D-LO/6/9/20  n.d. [watermarked 1861]

[Cottage at Chartridge Lane, Chesham].  D-LO/6/9/21  1880-1887

small limp booklet

Rent account.

Bellingdon Farm accounts.  D-LO/6/9/22  1887-8

Vouchers in the form of releases of executors of the will of Susannah Carter, with related Carter documents.  D-LO/6/9/23  1701-1714

1 folder, originally part of item 24

Vouchers and receipts of a very miscellaneous nature, incl. legal accounts on admission to copyholds.  D-LO/6/9/24  1716-1745

1 folder

Vouchers and related papers relating to financial transactions between John Duncombe and Charles Lowndes.  D-LO/6/9/25  1728-1745

1 folder, originally part of D-LO/6/9/24, incl. some Duncombe miscellanea

Vouchers and receipts for quit rents on Buckinghamshire properties, mostly for the manor of Chesham Higham.  D-LO/6/9/26  1727-1794

17 items

Vouchers and receipts for quit rents on Middlesex property.  D-LO/6/9/27  1729-1777

26 items

Vouchers and receipts for quit rents on Hertfordshire property.  D-LO/6/9/28  1763-1790

29 items

Lowndes property: draft quit rent memoranda book.  D-LO/6/9/29  c.1793-1811

1 limp booklet

Vouchers and memoranda, of very miscellaneous nature, incl. account for fencing 'Stoak lake' Lane in Aylesbury (1772).  D-LO/6/9/30  1736-1742

1 folder

Chesham farms. Carpenter's, bricklayer's and plumber's bills and estimates for work on Lowndes farms. [Incl. digging a well at Dungrove farm 1807].  D-LO/6/9/31  c.1803-1807

1 bundle

"Memorandum of the various business done and services rendered by Mr. Lyall to the Lowndes family during 29 years'. [Detailed account, including for instance the planting of some 15,000 trees, of the services rendered to the family].  D-LO/6/9/32  n.d. c.1849

Building accounts  [no ref. or date]

'An account of the whole charge of building my house att Winslow with the outhouses walling and other works belonging thereunto in the yeares 1700 & 1701' Winslow Hall  D-LO/6/10/1  1700-1701

Administrative history:
The Lowndes House in Winslow was built in 1700-1, for Secretary Lowndes. It was settled on his son Robert on the latter's marriage, and subsequently passed to the Selby-Lowndes.

8pp. covering cost of brickwork, and tiling and plastering.

Bibliography: Some of the many references to the building of the house are summarised in an article published in volume XI of the Records of Buckinghamshire (pp.406 et seq). Items 10/1-3 are an incomplete breakdown of the expenditure entered in the account book described in this article, which covers the period 1699-1705.

Winslow Hall: Summary of disbursements, showing date, amount and description of work or materials supplied. 16pp. The expenses are organised under the following headings:  D-LO/6/10/2  1699-1703

pp.1-2 'Promiscuous charges'
p.2 'Brickmaking Tiles & lime [?] hard plastering'
p.3 'Timber and Lath tile pins'
p.4 'Gardening'
p.5 'Brickmaking & tiles and lime'
p.6 'Stone cutters & masons work'
pp.7-8 'Carriage'
p.9 'Timber Lath tile pines'
p.11 'Bricklairs & Bricklairs' work'
p.12 'Carpenter'
p.13 'Smiths and Ironmonger'
p.14 'Carriage'
p.15 'Painting'
p.15 'Plumber'
p.15 'Glasiers' work'
p.16 'Carriage'

Winslow Hall: Summary of receipts issued, showing receipt number, date, name of creditor, description of work or goods supplied and amount.  D-LO/6/10/3  c 1700

The Bury: Account for building and labouring work at the Bury, but including miscellaneous household items. With loose workmen's bills, one noted as having been examined by Mr. Flitcroft [Henry Flitcroft, architect]  D-LO/6/10/4  1736-7

1 limp vol., '63'

The Bury: Miscellaneous vouchers and workmen's bills found loose in limp volume D-LO/6/10/4.  D-LO/6/10/5  1736-8

1 folder

Bibliography: [A drawing from a water colour of the house, which was added to in the nineteenth century, is printed in the Records of Buckinghamshire, IX, opposite p.453. The suggestion that the house and park had belonged to the Skottowes (Cf. p453) is unfounded. The drawing of Bury Hill, published in vol. III, opposite p.64, shows the rectorial manor house of Chesham Leicester, which did belong to the Skottowes and was purchased by Charles Lowndes sometime after 1726. (Cf. vol. XIII p.248). For an architectural appreciation of the Bury see Pevsner (ed), Buckinghamshire pp.90-1.]

Land tax and rates: vouchers, corespondence and memoranda  [no ref. or date]

Land tax redemption certificates and related documents [1 folder: the property, often described in detail on the certificates, includes Beel House in Amersham as well as the Chesham farms]  D-LO/6/11/1  1799-1819

Aylesbury, Walton and Bierton: memorandum re land tax due on Lowndes property in these parishes.  D-LO/6/11/2  1774

Extract from the Land Tax assessment returns for Charles Lowndes's property.  D-LO/6/11/3  1813

"Land tax on farms purchased by Mr. Thomas Lowndes" With instructions to solicitors.  D-LO/6/11/4  [post marked 1836]

Land tax vouchers.  D-LO/6/11/5  1734, 1787-1793

54 items

Poor and Church rate vouchers.  D-LO/6/11/6  1787-1793

20 items

Highway rate vouchers.  D-LO/6/11/7  1786-1792

6 items

Financial miscellanea  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous vouchers, draft correspondence and accounts of the Lowndes Trustees.  D-LO/6/12/1-22  c.1778-1896

Trustees' petty cash book.  D-LO/6/12/23  [n.d.]

Bank books, William Lowndes in a/c with Messrs Butcher, Chesham.  D-LO/6/12/24-25  1865-1883, 1900-1901

[25 is part of the later BRA deposit, [0]]

Valuation and insurance  [no ref. or date]

Insurance policy and related documents for a house and shop opposite the Market house in Chesham, in the ownership of James Hearn.  D-LO/6/13/1-3  1801-5

Chesham property: vouchers for insurance payments.  D-LO/6/13/4-5  1835

"County fire office insurances". Summary of insurances, incl. details of property covered.  D-LO/6/13/6  1835-1871

1 booklet

Printed poster, issued by the Fire Office, giving notice of their intention "to punish with the utmost severity of the law, any person who may be convicted of having through carelessness or by any other act, caused a fire upon this farm".  D-LO/6/13/7  [n.d. post 1820's]

2 copies

Crop and property records  [no ref. or date]

Cereal crop memorandum book. With related accounts at the end of the book, itemising miscellaneous expenditure incurred, notably the manuring, reaping and binding and thrashing of the crops.  D-LO/6/14/1  1720

[?Possibly in Wm. Lowndes's (d.1724) own hand, mostly blank]

'Account of trees planted and saved' on the Lowndes estate, submitted for various years by Samuel Barnes and William Benning, giving full particulars of the types and location of trees.  D-LO/6/14/2-21  1809-1817

Account of sums fetched by the sale at auction of crops of wheat, oats, grass and potatoes belonging to John Hill.  D-LO/6/14/22  1822

'An inventory and valuation of the straw at spending price, cultivations etc on and about Moor Farm, Chesham from Captain Lowndes to Mr. Alfred Judge'  D-LO/6/14/23  1881

'Copy valuation of acts of husbandry, Hay, Straw and fixtures at Hundridge Farm ...'  D-LO/6/14/24  1890

Memorandum listing acreages of 'Pigion close & ye Wilderness', the 'piece at father end of the Park'  D-LO/6/14/25  n.d. C18

Memorandum listing acreages of Coombers, White Field, Crab Tree Field, The Baulks, Great Garden, Freckridge Hill, and three Cherry Tree Closes  D-LO/6/14/26  n.d. C18

Brief report on extent of Lowndes property in Long furlong [?in Bierton]  D-LO/6/14/27  n.d. C18

Lowndes estate.  D-LO/6/14/28  1805

Note of acreages and [?] rent arising from Lowndes and Ledburn property.

Report on condition of buildings and outhouses at Pitchcott Farm, with letter.  D-LO/6/14/29,30  1851

Knightsbridge estate development  [no ref. or date]

Accounts, memoranda and plans  [no ref. or date]

Copy Memorial of opposition by William Lowndes to the building of a sewer through the estate. With answer from Commissioners, related correspondence. [0]  D-LO/6/15/1-4  1809-11

Dft.agts. re windows and a coach house.  D-LO/6/15/5  1813

Counsel's opinion on the legitimacy of a building lease proposed by the Lowndes Trustees for the Knightsbridge estate.  D-LO/6/15/6  1811


'An Act for confirming the purchase of a term of years in an estate at Knightsbridge, in the County of Middlesex, being part of the settled estates of William Lowndes ....' 1813. [0]  D-LO/6/15/7(a-c)  1813

Copy building lease, with later agreements to alter property in Knightsbridge. [0]  D-LO/6/15/8-14  1823-1837

'Synopsis of a deed proposed to be indorsed on the Lowndes settlement'. [Summarising intentions of trustees] [0]  D-LO/6/15/15  n.d. [watermarked 1828]

Lease book [mostly blank] listing Lowndes properties leased for long periods. [0]  D-LO/6/15/16  c.1829

List of licences granted for alterations to shop fronts in Lowndes Terrace. [0]  D-LO/6/15/17  1839

List of Ground rents due to William Lowndes, on property in Knightsbridge. [0]  D-LO/6/15/18  1839

Account of ground rents. [0]  D-LO/6/15/19  1900

Plans, sections and elevations of property built in Lowndes Terrace, Knightsbridge; of proposed alterations to shop front in St. James' Street; of sewer running through Lowndes estate. [Includes six elevations, sealed together, showing proposals for the building of nine houses on the south side of Knightsbridge Road, and 6 separate sketches incl. drawing of a shop front] [0]  D-LO/6/15/20-27  [c.1825-42]

Letter of thanks from Thomas Cubitt to [?] Charles Lyall. Incl. comment 'With respect to War I fear our people at the helm are like many I have to deal with and not fitted for the emergency' [0]  D-LO/6/15/28  OCt 1840

Household accounts and memoranda  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

'An account of money disburst by me John Potter from June 24th 1734' [items mentioned incl. cider, strechers for shoes, 'chaldron of coales' and 'aprecocks']  D-LO/6/16/1  1734

Household accounts [v. detailed]  D-LO/6/16/2  1760-68

Grocery account  D-LO/6/16/3  1771-2

1 small limp volume

Receipt for a quarter's wages, signed by Mary Evans.  D-LO/6/16/4  1772

Household accounts.  D-LO/6/16/5  n.d. [C18]

'Brewer's book' [fragment, one page only, showing list of dates]  D-LO/6/16/6  [C18]

Bill for board and lodging. Thomas Stevens to Thomas Streatfield.  D-LO/6/16/7  1811-12

Household accounts, bills & receipts.  D-LO/6/16/8  1866-1875

1 folder

Household accounts, bills & receipts.  D-LO/6/16/9  1872-1877

1 folder

Household accounts, bills and receipts. Incl.  D-LO/6/16/10  1874-1877

1 folder

Annual balance sheet of Christ Church & St. George's Chesham parochial charities (1875), Great Missenden and Lee Common school account (1875), seventh report of the committee of the Chesham Cottage Hospital (1876); appeal for subscriptions for British School, Lee (1876) with balance sheet; Chesham Dorcas Society (for supplying the poor with articles of ready made clothing at half-price), 1875.

'Account book for various trademen for goods supplied to Bury House'.  D-LO/6/16/11  1867

'Account book for various trademen for goods supplied to Bury House'.  D-LO/6/16/12  1874

Account with A. Lum, chemist, Chesham.  D-LO/6/16/13  1875-77

Account with C. Herbert, grocer, Chesham.  D-LO/6/16/14  1875-77

List of trinkets, jewels and knick knacks (incl. 'antelope's foot tipp'd with gold')  D-LO/6/16/15  n.d. [e.C19]

[? compiled by Wm.Lowndes d.1831]

Inventory of the effects of William Lowndes at the Bury, Chesham, taken by Thomas Andrews. Includes a detailed description of fixtures in each room.  D-LO/6/16/16, 17  1820

2 limp volumes

Library catalogue:  D-LO/6/16/18  1707-10

p.1. '20 May 1707 A Catalogue of the books of William Lowndes senior now on the shelves in his closett at Westminster.'
[Detailed description of William Lowndes' extensive library, which included standard legal and religious reference texts, mathematical and medical treatises, some classics, various copies of his essay for the amendment of the silver coins (cf. D.N.B.) and miscellaneous manuscript accounts, lists and charters. Amended up to 1710]
p.33. '29 May 1707. A schedule of the papers and other thinges in the wooden press within my closett at Westminster.'
[Detailed title list of notes, reports, deeds, many of which must have arisen from William Lowndes's official duties. With particulars of various (mostly private) parliamentary bills.]

"Books and Writinges at Chesham" includes on pp.4-17 a title list of the library at Chesham, and a reference at no.14 to 'My owne ms about poor settlements, rogues &c ..' and, on pp.18-43, a list of muniments of title.  D-LO/6/16/19  n.d. c.1718

1 volume

Summary of title to parts of the Lowndes estate in Buckinghamshire and London, compiled by William Lowndes. (1 notebook intended as a shelf list to the title deeds and other items in Library at Chesham; incomplete)  D-LO/6/16/20  1719


List of papers and documents in the strong room at the Bury, Chesham.  D-LO/6/16/21  1869


Recipes  [no ref. or date]

Three volumes of recipes, dating from the late seventeenth to the early eighteenth centuries, with loose cuttings.  D-LO/6/17/1-150  1665-1717

1. Limp volume of recipes.
2-111. Recipes found loose in volume 1.
112. Limp volume of recipes.
113-145. Recipes found loose in volume 112.
146. Limp volume of recipes.
147-149. Recipes found loose in volume 146.
150. 'An account of the gold and silver fish in China' [endorsed 'taken out of Lewise Lecomte'] found loose in volume 146.
Among the documents recently deposited in Bucks County Record Office are some 200 curious recipes, part of the Lowndes family archive. The recipes, which are entered in three notebooks and on odd scraps of paper date from about 1660-1720 and include directions for the preparation of medicines as well as food, a reminder that in those days, the concoction of medicaments devolved as much upon cooks as upon apothecaries.
For the preparation of food, much patience was required of the cook. Drying figs was a process which took nine days for instance. To make a mock turtle, the cook was enjoined to 'take a calves [sic] head with the skin on (...) and take the flesh of[f] as clean as you can'.
Our tins, fridges and freezers have taken over from the preserves and curing much in evidence in these books. Recipes for pickling mushrooms, preserving quinces and curing bacon are given here. Puddings, both sweet and savoury, and cakes, notably carrot and millet puddings, Queen and cheese cakes were also common. Nor is the outlook of the collection wholly insular. Some recipes were borrowed from abroad:
To stew peas the French way'
'The exact composition for pickling mangoes as practised in the East Indies from a Banian manuscript and which will serve for mellons [sic] and cucumbers in England'.
The medical recipes give a clear idea of the ailments from which our ancestors commonly suffered:
'a very good plaister for the stomach', 'For spitting blood',
'the palsy balsome', 'To make eye salve', Syrropp of elderberries good for sore throates or ye stone', 'Eau contre l'indigestion', 'for the Rheumatism', 'Cordile [cordial] water for the collick or gripes', 'A most excellent medecine to skin ye nibbles of a womans breast, that are raw with suckling a childe'.
Most of the preparations include herbs, seeds or roots (specially fennel, sarsaparilla, nutmeg, mace, coriander and rosemary).
Regrettably, the efficacy of some of the remedies may be doubted. 'An approved medicine for a cancer or cancerish tumour in the breast' suggested taking 'one of the bugges called sowes' bruishing it and taking it in a spoonful of white wine. For convulsions, mole powder was recommended:
'Take the moles alive, cut their throats making them bleed as much as you can upon a pewter plate ...' (The powder was to be taken the day before, the day of and the day after the new and full moon).
No clue is given as to the identity of the compiler of the books, although it seems likely to have been a woman. In many instances the person from whom the recipe was obtained is named in the margin.

Poems, epigrams, broadsheets and familial miscellanea  [no ref. or date]

Account of births and deaths in the Lowndes family between 1679-1715 and 1730-1737. [Gives precise time of birth in many cases; apparently compiled by Henry, son of William, for the first period, from notes by William Lowndes]  D-LO/6/18/1  n.d. [C18]

5 pages

(5 pages)
This curious account of births, marriages and deaths in the Lowndes family in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century was originally written by William Lowndes and survives in his son Henry's transcription.
William's distinguished career at the Treasury (he was Secretary to the Treasury under Godolphin), which is chronicled in the Dictionary of National Biography, began in 1679, the year of his first marriage. In fact, his account which makes no reference to his public life, begins with this event:
Md:Wm Lowndes & Eliz.Harsnett were married on the 28th Octob:1679 in the parish Church of St Martin in the Fields Com' Middx by Dr Lloyd. Shee was brought to bed of a son ye 26th 8br [October] 1680 which was christened the 8th of November by the name of Robert, and on the same day the mother (who died the 6th of that month) was buryed in the Cloysters at Westminster.
There then followed another three marriages, firstly to Jane Hopper who died in 1685 of the smallpox "in her childbed", to Elizabeth Martin who also fell victim to the smallpox in 1689, and finally to Rebecca Shales who lived to have fourteen children and survived her husband by nearly a quarter of a century. The births and baptisms of these children and of many of their children are recorded with precision; often including the time of birth. Their deaths too:
And on Thursday ye 25 of June 1702 ye sd Phillip died at Richmond and is deposited in ye Vault within the chancell at Winslow. He died of a violent chin cough.
The terseness of this catalogue of illness and death is moving to modern readers whose life spans are generally more extended. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that frequent experience of death necessarily developed a callous indifference in William Lowndes, who often expressed his sorrow in affectionate, if occasionally stilted, terms:
...On Sunday the 3rd of October 1703 a little after 6 in the evening the said John the eldest son by Rebeccah (a good child in every respect) died at Westminster to the great grief of his parents...
...On Thursday 7th Augst 1712 at Albury my dear daughter Eliz:wife of Mr. John Duncombe was delivered of a dead child and the mother (to ye unspeakable grief of mine and her husbands families) died in an hour or two afterwards...
...On Friday 11th March 1714/5 at Westminster at half an hour past twelve in the morning my dear daughter Rebeccah (being the eldest by my present wife) dyed and was afterwards buried in the vault of the chancel at Winslow. Her loss is extreamly lamented, for the sake not only of her beautiful person, but also of her piety and all other vertues wch endeared her to all her relations.

'Stay traveler'. ? Funeral poem on the death of Sir John Barrington, who died in 1723.  D-LO/6/18/2,3,4  n.d. [e.C18]

3 copies

'To his majesty King George the 2nd upon his accession to the throne'  D-LO/6/18/5  n.d. [presumed 1727]

'The Mallard: An Ancient Commemoratory song'  D-LO/6/18/6  n.d. [C18]

Song about 'an odd apothecary who lived in Chesham Town' [2 verses, to be sung to the tune of Thomas I Cannot, annotated in C19 hand 'Charrington, in my grand mothers hand writing who died 1757']  D-LO/6/18/7  n.d. [C18]

'To the memory of Charles Gibbon Esq' [endorsed: 'For Mr Chas Gibbons monument in the Church of Stevenage, Herts] [deceased 1771]  D-LO/6/18/8  n.d. [C18]

'A poetical epistle from Simpkin the second to his dear brother Simon in Wales' [An account of a ball, dated 1792]  D-LO/6/18/9  1792

'Edward Prior's lamentation for the loss of Juggy Bentley' and 'Mason's Answer'  D-LO/6/18/10,11  n.d. [C18]

An Address to Britons  D-LO/6/18/12  n.d. [e.C19]

[Anonymous poem re French wars, annotated by the author R.S., pr.]

'Classical recollections'; Small booklet, containing a few latin tags.  D-LO/6/18/13  n.d. [e.C19]

'The epitaph of Sir John Russell, his prayers' [text to be inscribed on tombstone at Ellesborough church, with prayers] [? in William Lowndes' (d. 1831) hand writing]  D-LO/6/18/14  n.d. [c.1800]


Southampton Canal.  D-LO/6/18/15  n.d. [C19]

Verse 'written on the Southampton canal which was constructed close by the side of the navigable river there'

OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS.  D-LO/7/1-26  [n.d.]

Treasury papers  [no ref. or date]

Archival history:
Documents presumed to have become part of this archive as a consequence of William Lowndes (d.1724) and Charles Lowndes' employment in the Treasury.

Related information: Further documents of this nature were deposited in the Public Record Office Treasury Series (T.48). A fuller description of the latter is given in volume II of the Guide to the contents of the Public Record Office pp.292-3.

Copy order 'for the establishment for the new raised troope of horse', with tabulation of officers' and soldiers' pay.  D-LO/7/1  1677

Fragment of an account for [?] transportation of troops from Flanders to Ireland.  D-LO/7/2  n.d. [late C17]

Dft. letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons, in answer to a [?] motion of censure passed by the House in 1689, in connection with the supply difficulties experienced during the Irish Campaign. The author, presumed to have been William Lowndes (d.1724) does not deny the high mortality at Dundalk and other problems, but sets out to explain how the situation came about.  D-LO/7/3  [1689]

12 pp.

Holborn (Middx.). Inquisition commissioned under the great seal, into the succession to the property in Grays Inn Lane, known as the Pinder of Wakefield. The title of John Taylor, a bastard, deceased, whose heir also died, was confirmed by the commissioners who then claimed the property on behalf of the Crown.  D-LO/7/4, 5  1673

2 items

Fines for licence of concord commonly called Post Fines and sum of money commonly called the Green Wax of His Majesty's Court of the Exchequer. Deed of agreement as to distribution of the fines and money between Robert Clayton of London, Knight and Thomas Lord Culpeper baron of Thorsivay, both seised of a moiety of this income.  D-LO/7/6  1687

1 deed

Copy correspondence and report relating to the rectification of an account charged twice against Charles Caesar, Treasurer of Her Majesty's Navy subscribed into the South Sea Company.  D-LO/7/7,8  1713/14

Not used.  D-LO/7/9  [n.d.]

Bray (Berks). Petition of the tenants of the manor of Bray to the Commissioners of the Treasury for the repair of their manorial court house. The Crown was seized of the manor and the King was deemed to be responsible for the upkeep of the court house. Signed by 40 persons.  D-LO/7/10  n.d. [C18]

An answer to a paper, called, The Case of the Auditors and Receivers of His Majesty's Revenue. With a brief description of the antient course of the Exchequer for bringing in the Crown Revenues. As also, some reasons wherefore the Augmentation Revenue of the Crown may be charged in the Great Roll of the Exchequer, and brought in by the Sheriffs. London: printed by W.G., 1662. [Anonymous, but inscribed 'Charles Lowndes, 1742']  D-LO/7/11  [n.d.]

Military appointments  [no ref. or date]

Commission appointing Richard Lowndes Lieutenant in Col. Grover's Regiment of Foot in Ireland.  D-LO/7/12  1726

Commission appointing Richard Lowndes Lieutenant in Captain Mounser Simons' company.  D-LO/7/13  1727

William Lowndes (d.1808), Commissioner of Excise  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence and related items re salary.  D-LO/7/14-21  1795-1805

County affairs  [no ref. or date]

Land Tax assessment for Chesham Town and hamlets in parish of Chesham. [Detailed, giving summary description of properties and stock assessed. Public Houses are named]  D-LO/7/22  1743

Burnham Hundred Poll Book [1784]; This copy, compiled by John Payne covers the first and eighth to thirteenth day of polling. The entries match those entered in the official poll book which survives in the B.R.O. [PB 3/4], although a few discrepancies occur. While it is undated, the presumption is that it was compiled in the course of the 1784 election.  D-LO/7/23  n.d. [1784]

Letter to William Lowndes jnr., from the Lord Lieutenant, advising him that his name was to be inserted in the list of Deputy Lieutenants for the county.  D-LO/7/24  1831

Sheriff's bonds of indemnity.  D-LO/7/25,26  1848


Shales - Leheup - Barrington  [no ref. or date]

Archival history:
The Shales and Lowndes families were closely related: 'Ways & Means' Lowndes married Rebecca Shales, his fourth wife, by whom he had 14 children, and his son Charles married a cousin, Ann Shales. Charles Shales, Ann's father, was William Lowndes's executor in 1724. In addition Charles Lowndes' cousins, Richard and Robert Lowndes married two of Ann Shales's sisters, Essex and Mary Shales. Peter Leheup, Charles Shales' executor, was also related to the Lowndes family, as he had married Clara, Charles Lowndes' sister. Charles Shales married Anne Barrington, sister of Sir Charles Barrington whose executors were Peter Leheup and Robert Lowndes. By his will, he left the greater part of his estate to Anne Shales and then to his nephew John Shales Barrington, but the Barrington title descended through a different branch of the family. According to one of the Barrington pedigrees (D-LO/8/4/-) Charles Shales was goldsmith to Queen Anne, George I and George II.

Deeds presumed to relate to Shales estate  [no ref. or date]

Ealing (Middx.): cottages in Old Brentford. Leases  D-LO/8/1/1(a-b)  1673-1687

Hounslow Heath: close of meadow. Lease.  D-LO/8/1/2  1693

Deed of partnership for a period of three years. Charles Shales and John Tysoe, goldsmiths and bankers.  D-LO/8/1/3  1723

Deeds appointing a jointure for Ann Shales on her marriage to Charles Lowndes, with dft. petition for marriage licence.  D-LO/8/1/4-6  1730

Probate & Will of Charles Shales.  D-LO/8/1/7  1734

Release and discharge for £4000. Mrs. Mary Shales to the executors of Charles Shales' will.  D-LO/8/1/8  1734

Steeple Morden (Cambs.) Dft. abstract of title to the manor of Steeple Morden, covering the period 1621-1737.  D-LO/8/1/9  C18

Hatfield Broad Oak (Essex) Indemnification of Robert Lowndes and Peter Leheup, executors of Sir Charles Barrington's will.  D-LO/8/1/10  1739

Westminster: Messuage and yard with passage leading to the Thames. Covenant to indemnify Peter Leheup and Robert and Mary Lowndes from any damage arising from Elizabeth Batterbye's will.  D-LO/8/1/11  1739

Portsmouth (Hants.) Deeds to various properties belonging to John Shales.  D-LO/8/1/12-18  1626-1747

Charles Shales, deceased October 1734: business and executors' papers  [no ref. or date]

Charles Shales business papers. Vouchers and other records incl. Commission in lunacy, with inquisition in the case of James Blakley, to whom Charles Shales owed £1450, misc. bonds and recognizances.  D-LO/8/2/1  1710-1728

1 folder

Marine Insurance. Minutes of subscribers' and managers' meetings, organised to raise £1,000,000 for insuring ships and merchandise. [Charles Shales, whose name is frequently listed among the attenders to these meetings, appears to have acted as the company's banker. Brief memoranda, dated 1721, entered at back of book]  D-LO/8/2/2  1719

Household accounts and memoranda incl. agreement to lease house in Tottenham [with very detailed schedule of fixtures], poem on the death of Richard Shales [used as a wrapper for vouchers], bills for children's schooling.  D-LO/8/2/3  1703-1733

1 folder

Executors' accounts, incl. inventory of Charles Shales' effects; Shales' a/c with the Society of the Hampstead Aquaeducts and detailed funeral expenses a/cs.  D-LO/8/2/4  1734-1737

1 folder

Executors' releases: vouchers endorsed or subscribed by beneficiaries of Charles Shales' will.  D-LO/8/2/5  1734-1737

1 folder

Leheup v. Lowndes: briefs, answers, interrogations, bills of costs.  D-LO/8/2/6-79  1736-1741

[In Chancery. Peter Leheup pl., Charles Lowndes, Anne his wife and William an infant (represented by John Duncombe his guardian), Robert Lowndes and Mary his wife, John Shales Barrington and Richard Lowndes and Essex his wife defts. Court case arising out of the settlement of the estate of Charles Shales]

Peter Leheup  [no ref. or date]

Authority for Peter Leheup and Henry Fane to sell £8000 worth of annuities held on behalf of the Prince and Princess of Orange. With accounts.  D-LO/8/3/1-2  1742

Copy conveyance of Hounslow market. Peter Leheup & others to William Lowndes. [Annotated "For Peter Leheup Esq."]  D-LO/8/3/3  1765

Barrington family  [no ref. or date]

Documents, including many pedigrees, collected, in part at least, to prove Wm. Lowndes' succession to Barrington title.  D-LO/8/4/1  n.d. [watermarked 1825]

1 limp notebook

'Barringtoniana: a synopsis of the family of Barrington of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex'. Genealogical account of the family, with detailed notes on the estate incl. ink & wash drawing of the house. [0]

Pedigrees of the Lowndes and Barrington families. [0]  D-LO/8/4/2  C18 & C19

1 folder

Miscellanea relating to Barrington family. [0]  D-LO/8/4/3  1695-1827

1 folder

Osborne family  [no ref. or date]

Archival history:
William Lowndes (1734-1808) married Lydia Mary Osborne, who died in 1772.

Copy baptismal certificates of Lydia, Anne and Margaret Osborne, daughters of Robert and Lydia Osborne. With will of Lydia Osborne senior. [0]  D-LO/8/5/1-6  1772-1806

Kingston family  [no ref. or date]

Archival history:
William Lowndes (1771-1831) married first Elizabeth James and secondly Harriet Wilson Kingston in 1803. Her mother, Mary Kingston, died in 1801.

Mary Kingston. Miscellaneous vouchers and bills.  D-LO/8/6/1-13  1783-1791

Francis Kingston. Letter to his mother Mary re his wish to read for a law degree at Oxford, with particulars of the course of study.  D-LO/8/6/14  1787

John Kingston [?brother of Francis]. Bond and account.  D-LO/8/6/15,16  1783-1805

Francis Kingston [of Chesham, fl.1712]. Licence to practise medicine in the Diocese of Lincoln, 1712.  D-LO/8/6/17  1712

John Kingston [of Bovingdon, Herts. fl.1742]. Licence to practise medicine in the Diocese of Lincoln, 1742.  D-LO/8/6/18  1742

Recipes  [no ref. or date]

'A receipt from Doctor Trigge for the Dropsie'  D-LO/8/6/19  [n.d.]

White Mead  D-LO/8/6/20  [n.d.]

Cowslip Wine  D-LO/8/6/21  [n.d.]

Charles Lyall  [no ref. or date]

Archival history:
Charles Lyall was one of the trustees of the Lowndes estate appointed on the bankruptcy of William Lowndes in 1805. The papers relate to business activities, particularly money lending, unconnected with the Lowndes estate. He was also Renter Warden for the Salters' Company in 1836-7.

Account and bank books  [no ref. or date]

Bankers' books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams & son, later Williams, Moffat & Burgess, and then Williams, Deacon, Labouchere & Co.  D-LO/8/7/1  1806-1819

Bankers' books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams & son, later Williams, Moffat & Burgess, and then Williams, Deacon, Labouchere & Co.  D-LO/8/7/2  1820-1831

Bankers' books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams & son, later Williams, Moffat & Burgess, and then Williams, Deacon, Labouchere & Co.  D-LO/8/7/3  1832-1845

Bankers' books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams & son, later Williams, Moffat & Burgess, and then Williams, Deacon, Labouchere & Co.  D-LO/8/7/4  1846-1849

Summary bank account books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams + Son  D-LO/8/7/5  1811-1815

Summary bank account books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams + Son.  D-LO/8/7/6  1819-1823

Summary bank account books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams + Son.  D-LO/8/7/7  1831-1840

Summary bank account books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams + Son.  D-LO/8/7/8  1840-1842

Summary bank account books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams + Son.  D-LO/8/7/9  1842-1845

Summary bank account books: Charles Lyall in account with Messrs Williams + Son.  D-LO/8/7/10  1845-1847

Ledger. The accounts include William Lowndes' private (non-trust) and Reverend Sim's accounts.  D-LO/8/7/11  1807-1820

Receipts and miscellanea found loose in D-LO/8/7/11.  D-LO/8/7/12  [n.d.]

Ledger. [as D-LO/8/7/11]  D-LO/8/7/13  1820-1843

Memoranda found loose in D-LO/8/7/14.  D-LO/8/7/14  [n.d.]

Cash books  D-LO/8/7/15  1819-1820

Cash books  D-LO/8/7/16  1821-1823

Cash books:  D-LO/8/7/17  1838-1847

Cash books:  D-LO/8/7/18  1848-1849

Renter Wardens account [incl. names of ? tenants]  D-LO/8/7/19,20  1836-37

Salters company Accounts

Banker's book.  D-LO/8/7/21  1836-37

Salters company accounts

Cheque books, with cancelled cheques.  D-LO/8/7/22,23  1836-37

Charles Lyall: private cash memorandum book.  D-LO/8/7/24  1818-1827

Business correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Elizabeth Cahuac, deceased July 1814.  D-LO/8/8/1  1814

1 folder

Charles Lyall acted as her executor. Correspondence, receipts, accounts relating to the settlement of her estate.

William Hersee, printer; Debtor to Charles Lyall. Correspondence; list of debts.  D-LO/8/8/2  1818-1835

1 folder

Lewis Evans Williams, deceased 1823  D-LO/8/8/3  1816-1831

2 bundles, 4 folders

Lewis Williams. agent for the company of Inglis Ellis & Co., died in the Honduras while supervising the shipment of naval timber for the company. Mrs. Williams claimed salary arrears, commission and life insurance from the company, a claim which proceeded to the Court of Common Pleas. Charles Lyall was Mrs. Williams' representative.
Correspondence, case papers and other documentation incl. orders for the payment of L.Williams in New South Wales in 1816 & 1817 and documents re the settlement of the estate of John Inglis deceased.

Reverend John Sim, deceased 1826  D-LO/8/8/4  1822-1827

1 folder

Related information: [See D-LO/3/29-31 for John Sim's will]

Charles Lyall, with John MacKenzie, acted as executor to the Reverend John Sim, who at the time of his death held the manuscripts and papers which related to the publishing of the poems of W. J. Mickle (1735-1788) (which John Sim edited and published in 1807). The documents which survive here also include correspondence relating to the settlement of the estate of Mrs. Romney, on behalf of whom John Sim was also acting.
Correspondence and accounts.

Peter Barnes and Samuel Kentish  D-LO/8/8/5  1816-1827

2 folders, of which D-LO/8/8/5(1) is [0])

Charles Lyall was trustee to the marriage settlement of Samuel Kentish and Harriet Barnes.
Accounts and correspondence.

Miscellaneous debt cases  D-LO/8/8/6  1820-1841

1 folder

Correspondence and case papers about the following debtors: James White (1820), Hardy (1827), William Nicholls (1833), George Gillis (1836), N. Wingrave (1837), Christopher Duncan Hayes (1841)

Hayes & Douglas, Corn Exchange, London  D-LO/8/8/7  1828-1832

1 folder

Correspondence and accounts relating to the sale and purchase of various cereals.

Miscellanea  D-LO/8/8/8  1822-1843

1 folder

IOUs, promissory notes, dft. letters to creditors, miscellaneous business memoranda.

Property and household accounts  [no ref. or date]

Dunbar, Scotland. Correspondence, dft. and copy deeds relating to the Lyall estate in Dunbar.  D-LO/8/9/1  1775-1780

Annual packets of bills, mostly connected with Lyall property in Lambeth. 1820-1828, 1841-1844, 1846-1848  D-LO/8/9/2-5  1820-1848

4 bundles


Parish and County business  [no ref. or date]

List of parish officials [nature of office unspecified]  D-LO/9/1/1  n.d. [19th cent]

Bucks County Council. Abstract of the County accounts  D-LO/9/1/2  1890

'An Act to amend the Act for the establishment of County and District constables' [3 & 4 V c.88]  D-LO/9/1/3  1840

Poor Law, Health and Sanitation  [no ref. or date]

Bucks County Infirmary, Aylesbury. Statement and appeal for funds for the rebuilding of part of the Infirmary. With plan and elevation.  D-LO/9/2/1-2  1861

Amersham Poor Law Union. Provisions and clothing account for the half year ended Michaelmas 1869.  D-LO/9/2/3  1869

Printed treatises on the treatment of sewage, with specific reference to a process of the Native Guano Company used in Glasgow and Leeds.  D-LO/9/2/4-10  1873-1876

Oxford Diocesan Conference. 'Report of the committee on the sanitary condition of the labourers in our towns and villages. Printed.  D-LO/9/2/11  1875-77

Burial and Sickness Clubs  [no ref. or date]

West Herts. Christian Burial Society (instituted at Hemel Hempstead in February 1860)  [no ref. or date]

Rules and regulations of the Society. (pr.)  D-LO/9/3/1  1874

Independent Order of Odd Fellows (Manchester Unity Friendly Society)  [no ref. or date]

General rules of the Order. (pr.)  D-LO/9/3/2  1882

Rules of the Loyal Ancient Briton Lodge of the order (whose meetings were held at the Red Lion in Chesham). (pr. 2 copies)  D-LO/9/3/3-4  1878

Rules of the Great Berkhampstead District Branch of the Order (St. Albans). (pr.)  D-LO/9/3/5  1884

Ancient Order of Foresters' Friendly Society  [no ref. or date]

General laws. (pr.)  D-LO/9/3/6  1884

Rules of the Bucks and Middlesex District 2977, (whose meetings were held at the Town Hall, Chesham). (pr. 2 copies)  D-LO/9/3/7-8  1880

Education  [no ref. or date]

The following documents seem to have belonged to the Revd. A.F. Aylward of Chesham.

Printed forms, relating to the grant of school books, maps and diagrams for Chesham Girls National School.  D-LO/9/4/1-2  1858

Printed form relating to the purchase of desks and benches at Chesham National School.  D-LO/9/4/3  1861

Account for stationery provided to Chesham National School.  D-LO/9/4/4  1865

Dft. memorandum on the provision of school accommodation in Chesham.  D-LO/9/4/5  n.d. C19

'An Act to provide for public Elementary Education in England and Wales'. (pr.)  D-LO/9/4/6  1870

Manual explanatory of the act to provide for public elementary education in England and Wales. Manchester National Education Union.  D-LO/9/4/7  1870

Proposed form of a petition, suggested by the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education, in respect of the parliamentary grants in aid of education.  D-LO/9/4/8  1864

Chesham Sunday School. Superintendent's certificate, recording the number of boys attending the school. [No names given]  D-LO/9/4/9  1870

These documents were all part of the second BRA deposit, [0].

Prison Service  [no ref. or date]

Letter to William Lowndes from [?] Governor of Reading Gaol relating to the rations allowed to the warders and staff at Gaol.  D-LO/9/5/1  1871

The Arts  [no ref. or date]

Association of the Fine Arts in Scotland. Receipts for subscription.  D-LO/9/6/1-3  1870

Margaret Butterfield charity  [no ref. or date]

Archival history:
Margaret Butterfield who died in 1674 left £100 to provide for the preaching of two sermons a year at Chesham, one on the first Wednesday after her birthday, and the other on the first Wednesday after the day of her death. The money was entrusted to Charles Lowndes, who administered the fund and paid £4 p.a. for the sermons, but the arrangement apparently lapsed in 1778. It was revived by the new incumbent soon afterwards, was listed by the Charity Commissioners in 1832, when the Lowndes family was still administering the money. Further Butterfield charity papers are deposited with the Chesham parish records.

Correspondence and related records.  D-LO/9/7/1  1789-1790

1 folder

Correspondence and related records.  D-LO/9/7/2  1822-1879

1 folder

Lowndes vault and inscriptions  [no ref. or date]

Faculty enabling Charles Lowndes to erect a family vault in Chesham Churchyard.  D-LO/9/8/1  1740

Copy of the funeral inscription to Catherine Julia Ward, from the family vault in Chesham Church.  D-LO/9/8/2  n.d. [watermarked 1829]

Correspondence re erection of addditional memorial.  D-LO/9/8/3-5  1856-57

Draft inscription to be placed under the regimental colours [? in Chesham Church].  D-LO/9/8/6  n.d. [early C19]

'This colour is placed here to record the bravery of the volunteers of this town and parish who stood forward so nobly in defence of their country against the threats of an haughty & invading enemy'
[The names of William Lowndes, captain of Grenadiers, George Hepburn and John Kingston were to be appended to the plaque]. (1 item, in William Lowndes' (d.1808) handwriting)

Christ Church, Chesham Waterside  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous documents incl. A letter to the inhabitants of Chesham Waterside on the occasion of the consecration of the New Church built in that hamlet [0]  D-LO/9/9/1-7  1864-1867

Appointment to the vicarage of Christ Church Waterside. Correspondence from applicants and referees.  D-LO/9/9/8-11  1883

Chesham St. Mary's restoration  [no ref. or date]

Documents, incl. correspondence with architect, George Gilbert Scott, notices of public meetings, tenders for work and description of church.  D-LO/9/10/1-4  1869-70

4 folders.

Miscellanea  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with Charity Commission  D-LO/9/11/1-4  1861

Chesham Church Festival a/c.  D-LO/9/11/5  1870

Oxford Diocesan Conference, 1877. Paper read by J.G. Hubbard, M.P. (pr.)  D-LO/9/11/6  1877

BUSINESS RECORDS  D-LO/10/1-4  [n.d.]

Related information: For Marine Insurance company minutes & Hampstead Aquaeduct company memoranda, see D-LO/8/2/2.

Building in Spring Garden area in Middlesex  [no ref. or date]

'A bill to enable Charles Lowndes, Gent. and the persons in remainder after him to make contracts for getting Brick Earth in, and grant Building Leases of the House and Ground called Spring-Garden' [in St.Martin in the Field and Chelsea in Middlesex] (pr.)  D-LO/10/1  1725

Chesham Chalybeate Spring 1820-1833  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
The spring, discovered in 1820, was originally administered by a committee of public subscribers. When the organisation failed to pay the debts it had incurred up to 1828, it was purchased by a group of local landowners and shop keepers who improved the amenities offered for drinking the water and provided for the lodging of an overseer. The proprietors, who included both William Lowndes, did not, however relinguish the right to set admission prices and kept in their hands the overall administration of the enterprise.

1 folder including: Draft minutes of meetings 1820-1833 Correspondence; Analyst's report on the spring 1820  D-LO/10/2  1820-1833

Proposed Watford to Wendover Railway  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
The Watford to Wendover Railway Company was tentatively set up in 1858 with the aim of obtaining the necessary act of Parliament to proceed. Although subscriptions amounting to 1200 shares were promised, the response was not deemed sufficient, and the affairs of the company were wound up. The initial steering committee was presided over by William Lowndes (d.1863)

1 folder including: Correspondence, list of subscribers, circular letters, balance sheet (showing advertising expenses)  D-LO/10/3  1858-59

London, Buckinghamshire and West Midland Junction Railway  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
[It was proposed that there should be a branch to Aylesbury]

Bill, 1861  D-LO/10/4  1861

MISCELLANEA  D-LO/11/1-8  [n.d.]

'The value of an annuity being proposed to fund the rate of interest allowed the purchaser'.  D-LO/11/1  n.d. [e.C18]

Presented as a mathematical problem, with examples.

Liturgical calendar (part only, in latin)  D-LO/11/2  n.d. [mid C18]

Explaining, in the form of a catechism, the feasts of St.Thomas, Christmas, St.Stephen, St.John the Evangelist, and the Innocents.
(covering the period from 21 to 28 December) [0]

Draft commentary on various religious texts.  D-LO/11/3  [e.C19]

?Carrier's distance reckoner, showing distances separating various parishes around Chesham, but extending to London, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.  D-LO/11/4  c.1741-1777

Special features such as kilns, public houses, blacksmith's shops, bridges, crossroads, mills and farmhouses along the routes are specifically mentioned. [1 limp volume, with three cut out silhouettes inserted at the back].

Chesham Domesday. Extract and translation.  D-LO/11/5  n.d[C18]

Letter from T.Langley, [antiquarian and historian, author of The History and Antiquities of the Hundred of Desborough and Deanery of Wycombe... (London, 1797)] to Commissioner Lowndes about Chesham history and manors.  D-LO/11/6  1799

Notes on the Lyle or Leisle family.  D-LO/11/7  n.d[c18]

Bucks Gazette, Bedford Chronicle and Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Huntingdonshire and Northamptonshire Advertiser  D-LO/11/8  10 December 1836

The paper, endorsed 'Mr Rd Spratley & others to Wm. Lowndes: Title deeds relating to a piece of land in Chartridge Lane, Chesham, purchased in 1836 with money from Essex Estate' was clearly used as a wrapper. The articles incl. invitations to tender for various Board of Guardian Unions in the area, and, inter alia, an account of the sale of a wife in Halifax.

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