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Reference D-X801-900
Covering dates 1371 - 1984
Held by Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Extent 85 Sub-fonds
Conditions of access Records are open for consultation unless otherwise indicated
Creators Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

Small accessions deposited in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies. The following numbers are not used: 801-803, 806, 808-811, 813, 836, 842, 871, 885, 894, 900


Bucks Advertiser and Aylesbury News
15 Sept 1849
5 Jan 1850
Buckingham Express, Winslow Stony Stratford and Brackley Times
24 Oct 1885
Bucks Free Press
22 May 1942
Bucks Past and Present [distributed with Bucks Free Press]
October 1981
Bucks Gazette, Windsor and Eton Express and Reading Journal
24 Nov 1821
1 Dec 1821
30 Nov 1822
28 Dec 1822
11 Jan 1823
13 Oct 1827
20 Oct 1827
31 Jan 1829
Bucks Herald
14 Oct 1837
21 Oct 1837
16 June 1838 (2)
24 Oct 1840
21 June 1862
21 Sept 1878
28 Sept 1878
5 Oct 1878
14 Oct 1966 [new county offices supplement]
Bucks Herald Anniversary Supplement 1832-1982
Bucks Herald Anniversary Calendar 1832-1982
Bucks Standard
13 July 1940
South Bucks Free Press
19 Dec 1856
Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Chronicle
14 Sept 1822
Other counties
Buxton Herald
20 Jan 1892
Chelmsford Chronicle
19 Nov 1852
Essex Standard
28 April 1843
Leighton Buzzard Observer and Linslade Gazette
17 Jan 1893
Northampton Mercury
29 March 1794
11 July 1801
Jackson's Oxford Journal
4 April 1761
11 April 1761
18 April 1761
26 Dec 1835
10 March 1849
22 Feb 1851
15,22,29 Sept, 6,13 Oct 1855 [sewn together]
Reading Mercury and Oxford Gazette
21 Feb 1857
National Newspapers [and London]
Bells Weekly Messenger
23 Feb 1857
Daily Chronicle
4 Feb 1901
Daily Mail
23 Jan 1901
Daily Telegraph
16 Dec 1861
24 Dec 1861
1 May 1862
1 Aug 1900
23 Jan 1901
24 Jan 1901
4 Feb 1901
5 Feb 1901
22 Aug 1939
The Echo [originally The Weekly Echo]
4 Oct 1873 [1]
25 Oct 1884
14 April 1890
14 Jan 1892
18 Jan 1892
19 Jan 1892
20 Jan 1892
6 July 1893
8 Dec 1898
3 Feb 1899
4 Feb 1899
6 Feb 1899
7 Feb 1899
8 Feb 1899
9 Feb 1899
10 Feb 1899
11 Feb 1899
20 March 1899
15 June 1900
19 June 1900
1 Feb 1901
The Evening News
28 July 1900
2 Jan 1901
23 Jan 1901
24 Jan 1901
1 Feb 1901
The Globe
24 Jan 1901
The Hour
20 June 1876
Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, Special Supplement
1 March 1896 [Death of Prince Henry of Battenberg]
The London Gazette
11 April 1761
Morning Advertiser
23 Jan 1901
Morning Post and Daily Advertiser
21 Nov 1787
Parkers General Advertiser and Morning Intelligencer
23 Oct 1784
The Scotsman
8 Oct 1878
The Standard
20 June 1837
The Star
24 Jan 1901
The Times
11 Dec 1788
10 Jan 1806
22 Dec 1824
29 June 1838 [Facsimile]
21 June 1897
23 June 1897

Miscellaneous Local Acts  D-X805  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 52/90, AR 118/91, AR 79/91

Related information: Inclosure Acts. For miscellaneous collection of Bucks inclosure Acts see D-X805/IR/A

Collection of printed copies of Acts of Parliament relevant to Buckinghamshire. Received from various sources
D-X805/1 Turnpike
D-X805/2 Canals and Navigation
D-X805/3 Bridges
D-X805/4 Railways
D-X805/5 Estates
D-X805/6 Others

TURNPIKE ACTS  D-X805/1  [n.d.]

Related information: See also Beaconsfield-Stokenchurch, 9 Geo II [1735-6], and Buckingham-Warmington, 17 Geo II [1743-4], AR 118/2000

Stoke Goldington to Northampton (created by Anne c.9)  [no ref. or date]

Act for enlarging the term of 8 Anne c.9. and for repairing the road from Newport Pagnell to Stoke Goldington. 9 Geo.I  D-X805/1/1  1722

Act for enlarging terms of 8 Anne c.9 and of 9 Geo.I 15 Geo.I  D-X805/1/2  1742

Buckingham to Wendover (created by 7 Geo.I c.24)  [no ref. or date]

Act for continuing etc. act of 7 Geo.I and also for building a bridge at Padbury and making it a county bridge. 15 Geo.II  D-X805/1/3  1742

2 Copies

Maidenhead Bridge, Bucks., to Cranford Bridge, Middx. (created by 13 Geo.I c.31)  [no ref. or date]

Act for repairing the road from Cranford Bridge, Middx., to Maidenhead Bridge, Bucks. 13 Geo.I c.31  D-X805/1/4  1727

Sparrows Herne, Herts., to Walton, Aylesbury (created by 2 Geo.III c.63)  [no ref. or date]

Act to enlarge powers and terms of 2 Geo.III 23 Geo.III  D-X805/1/5  1782-3

Act to enlarge powers and terms of 2 Geo.III 43 Geo.III  D-X805/1/6  1803

Act for more effectively repairing and improving the road from Sparrows Herne to Walton. 4 Geo.IV c.64  D-X805/1/7  1823

Act for repairing the same. [4 Geo.IV repealed] 8 Vict  D-X805/1/8  1845

Reading to Hatfield (created by 8 Geo.III c.50)  [no ref. or date]

Three Acts bound together  D-X805/1/9  1768-1809

Act for repairing, widening etc. the road from Reading through Henley, Gt. Marlow, Chepping Wycombe, Amersham, Chenies, Rickmansworth, Watford, St. Albans, to Hatfield. 8 Geo.III c.50
Act for continuing the term and varying powers of 8 Geo.III 27 Geo.III c.81
Act for continuing the term and varying powers of 8 Geo.III [49/50 Geo.III]

Aylesbury to Little Milton (created by 10 Geo.III c.58)  [no ref. or date]

Act for enlarging the terms of 10 & 25 Geo.III. 31 Geo.III  D-X805/1/10  1791

Bicester to Aylesbury (created by 10 Geo.III c.72)  [no ref. or date]

Act for enlarging the terms and powers of 10 Geo.III and 31 Geo.III. 53 Geo.III  D-X805/1/11  1812-13

Buckingham to Banbury (created by 31 Geo.III c.105)  [no ref. or date]

Act for making "a convenient Carriage Road" from Buckingham to Banbury. 31 Geo.III  D-X805/1/12  1791

Act for enlarging terms and powers of 31 Geo.III. 50 Geo.III  D-X805/1/13  1810

Ellesborough to West Wycombe (created by 35 Geo.III c.149  [no ref. or date]

Act for amending, widening etc. the road Ellesborough to West Wycombe. 35 Geo.III  D-X805/1/14  1795

2 Copies

Aylesbury to Hockcliffe (created by 50 Geo.III c.94)  [no ref. or date]

A Bill for amending, widening etc. the road from Aylesbury to Hockcliffe  D-X805/1/15  n.d. [c.1810]

Bicester, Oxon., to Aynho, Northants. (created by 31 Geo.III)  [no ref. or date]

Act for enlarging the terms and powers of 31 Geo.III. 53 Geo.III  D-X805/1/16  1812-13

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Printed form: Questions asked of parish surveyors under Act 3 Vict.c.40 re returns relating to Highways and turnpikes. (Schedule A)  D-X805/1/17  n.d. [c. 1839-40]

Wendover - Buckingham  [no ref. or date]

Act for repairing the read from Wendover to Buckingham. 7 Geo I  D-X805/1/18  1721


River Thames  [no ref. or date]

Acts for improving and completing the navigation of the Rivers Thames and Isis  D-X805/2/1  1771-88

3 acts in 1 book; index at end
1771 11 Geo.III
1775 15 Geo.III
1788 28 Geo.III

Act relating to Navigation of the River Thames within the City of London and also to prevent vessels being moored in Taplow mill stream in Bucks. 14 Geo.III c.91  D-X805/2/2  1774

Canals  [no ref. or date]

Act for making a canal from Braunston, Northants., to Brentford, Middx., and certain collateral cuts. [Great Junction Canal] 33 Geo.III c.80  D-X805/2/3  1793

2 Copies

Act amending act 33 Geo.III for making cuts from Buckingham, Aylesbury and Wendover to join the Gt. Junction Canal. 34 Geo.III c.24  D-X805/2/4  1794

2 Copies

Act for making a canal from Newport Pagnell to Great Linford. 54 Geo.III c.98  D-X805/2/5  1814

Related information: For full copy of Act, see D/B 259

Part only: ps.1-4 missing

BRIDGES  D-X805/3  [n.d.]

North Bridge and Tickford Bridge, Newport Pagnall and Lathbury  [no ref. or date]

Act for rebuilding and widening the same. 49 Geo.III c.144  D-X805/3/1  1809

2 Copies

Marlow Bridge  [no ref. or date]

Act for rebuilding the same. 10 Geo.IV c.45  D-X805/3/2  1829

2 Copies

3 Acts sewn together: 1829-45  D-X805/3/3  1829-45

Act for rebuilding Marlow Bridge, 1829
Act re assessment and collection of county rates in Middx. 1831
Act for assessment and collection of Poor, Highway and Church rates in Hemel Hempstead, 1845

Stony Stratford  [no ref. or date]

Act for rebuilding the "old Stratford" bridge over the R.Ouse at Stony Stratford. 4-5 Wm.IV c.83  D-X805/3/4  1834

Cookham Bridge  [no ref. or date]

Act for building a bridge over the R.Thames from Cookham, Berks., to the opposite shore in Bucks. (Wooburn). 1-2 Vic. c.10  D-X805/3/5  1838

RAILWAYS  D-X805/4  [n.d.]

Aylesbury to Cheddington line. 6 Wm.IV  D-X805/4/1  1836

Great Western Railway, Bristol to London. 5-6 Wm.IV c.107  D-X805/4/2  1835

Great Western and Great Central Railway Companies Act. 62-3 Vic. c.204  D-X805/4/3  1899

Aylesbury to Buckingham railway-more time for completion; to raise additional capital, for other purposes. 28-29 Vic. c.197  D-X805/4/4  1865

Newport Pagnell to Olney railway 28 Vic. c.56  D-X805/4/5  1865

Rickmansworth, Amersham, and Chesham Railway Company. 28-29 Vic. c.147  D-X805/4/6  1865

ESTATES  D-X805/5  [n.d.]

Vache Estate, Chalfont St. Giles 2 Geo.III c.12  D-X805/5/1  1731

Act for the sale of the estate of Mary Clayton, widow, dec'd

Edmund Waller of Hall Barn, Beaconsfield 45 Geo. III c.87  D-X805/5/2  1805

Act for effecting an exchange between Edmund Waller and James DuPre esqs. and between Edmund Waller and the trustees of his settled estate etc

John Tirel-Morin of Weedon Lodge, Hardwick 49 Geo.III c.165  D-X805/5/3  1809

Act for vesting part of the devised estate of John Tirel-Morin esq. in Bucks and Middx. in trustees to be sold

William Lowndes of Knightsbridge, Middx. 53 Geo.III c.205  D-X805/5/4  1812-13

Act affecting the settled estates of William Lowndes, esq

Sir John Aubrey of Dorton House 4-5 Wm.IV c.24  D-X805/5/5  1834

Act granting further powers re estates devised by and purchased pursuant to the will of Sir John Aubrey, bart., dec'd. (refers particularly to Dorton Spa)

Estates of the Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos 2-3 Vic. c.19  D-X805/5/6  1839

Act giving certain powers over the settled estates of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Buckingham and Chandos

Printed copy of Act of Parliament  D-X805/5/7  1851

Samuel Athawes of Kingsbridge, par Swallowfield, Wiltshire
Act (14-15 Vic. Cap. 1.) authorising the sale of the estate of Samuel Athawes esq to Richard Cavendish and reciting the will of Samuel Athawes (dated 21 Oct 1817) and various deeds relating to the estate 1833-1850. The real estate listed in the Act comprises Manor of Lyamsend and various Freehold lands (named) in Leckhampstead giving acreages and names of tenants

Chequers Estate  [no ref.]  1910

Related information: SC 229 Sale particulars (illustrated, with plan) for outlying portions of Chequers Court Estate, Wendover, in parishes of Ellesborough, Great and Little Kimble, Great and Litte Hampden, and Stoke Mandeville

Act of Parliament "to confirm and give effect to a deed of settlement relating to the Chequers Estate"  D-X805/5/8  1917

Act of Parliament  D-X805/5/9  1958

"To amend the deed of settlement set out in the Schedule to the Chequers Estate Act, 1917" and "to authorise the payment of Exchequer grants in aid of the expenses of the administrative trustees under that deed, as amended"

OTHERS  D-X805/6  [n.d.]

Gaol and Court, Aylesbury 10 Geo.II  D-X805/6/1  1736/7

Act to empower Justices of the Peace in Bucks to raise money to discharge debts incurred in building and furnishing a gaol and court rooms

Buckingham Church 17 Geo.III  D-X805/6/2  1777

Act for building a new church in Buckingham

An abstract of Acts of 35 Geo.III c.5 & 19 for raising the county quota of men to serve in the Navy  D-X805/6/3  1795

2 Copies

Stony Stratford streets and charity estates 41 Geo.III c.30  D-X805/6/4  1801

Act for paving, cleansing, watering, lighting, and otherwise improving the streets, lanes and other public passages and places within the parishes of St. Giles and St. Mary Magdalen in Stony Stratford
Also for repairing the causeway over the R.Ouse and selling charity estates in Stony Stratford, Calverton and Wolverton

County Rate 54 Geo.III c.103  D-X805/6/5  1814

Act for making a fair and equal County rate for the county of Buckingham

Act amending 54 Geo.III c.103 re county rate. 23-4 Vic. c.86  D-X805/6/6  1860

Order in Council relating to further burials in certain churchyards in the country. (incls. Lt. Missenden and Gt. Marlow)  D-X805/6/7  1880


Chepping Wycombe Corporation Act 17-18 Geo.V. c.83  D-X805/6/8  1927

World War I posters [outsize] collected by the Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society  D-X807  1914-1918

Scrapbook and papers of the Thorpe family of Buckingham  D-X812  c.1867 - 1940

Archival history:
AR 109/83

Administrative history:
The Thorpes were a prominent local family, and three members served as Mayor of Buckingham in the nineteenth century: Henry Thorpe senior 1865-67; James Wilson Thorpe 1879-81; Henry Thorpe 1893-95. The family business seems to have been that of coal merchants and manufacturers of artificial manures

Scrapbook compiled by the Thorpe family of Buckingham  D-X812/1  1867-1908

Contains newspaper cuttings and other printed ephemera, largely concerning J.W. Thorpe's career on the Town council, and his term of office as mayor 1879-1881. Other items include: cuttings and ephemera re local Conservative politics and J.W. Thorpe's vice presidency of Buckingham Working Men's Conservative Association; municipal election poster 1880; cuttings and ephemera re masonic affairs; etc

Newspaper cuttings and ephemera found loose in D-X812/1 and covering same subjects  D-X812/2  c.1870-1940

c.53 items

Also include cuttings re amateur theatricals and other entertainments in which members of the Thorpe family took part; election posters for municipal elections 1874 and the first county council elections 1889; etc

Letter from the Duke of Buckingham to H. Thorpe concerning visit of the Horticultural Society to Stowe, (found loose in D-X812/1)  D-X812/3  6 February 1873

Letter from John Egerton Thorpe at the Royal Latin School to his parents concerning the Christmas holidays (found loose in D-X812/1)  D-X812/4  8 December 1888

Papers of Mrs. J. Smith relating to Aylesbury Darby and Joan Club and to her service with the Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence (W.V.S.)  D-X814  c.1940-1977

Archival history:
AR 111/83

Administrative history:
Mrs. Smith moved to Aylesbury in 1939 when the Sir John Cass School, at which her husband taught, was evacuated there. She joined th W.V.S., and in 1947 was instrumental in founding the Aylesbury Darby and Joan Club

Scrapbook, compiled by Mrs. J. Smith  D-X814/1  1947-1977

Containing newspaper clippings, minutes of annual general meetings, photographs and ephemera concerning Aylesbury Darby and Joan Club

Typescript and printed training playlets produced by the W.V.S., some of them by the Aylesbury Borough centre  D-X814/2  c.1940-1946

List of members of the Aylesbury Borough W.V.S., with address, enrolment date, jobs allotted, training, etc. noted  D-X814/3  c.1944

Notebook containing list of volunteers mending clothing etc. for Waddesdon Manor War Nursery, with details of items mended  D-X814/4  c.1944

Miscellaneous correspondence, circulars, notes, etc. relating to the W.V.S  D-X814/5  c.1944-1956

c.14 items

Includes: notes concerning emergency medical treatment, firefighting, identification of incendiary bombs, basic training questionaires; circulars concerning the award of chevrons

Photographs of volunteers, including Mrs. J. Smith, delivering 'meals on wheels'  D-X814/6  c.1947

6 Items

Printed Items: W.V.S. Bulletins (incomplete run)  D-X814/7  1944-1957

Printed Items: W.V.S. illustrated calendars  D-X814/8  1944-1947, 1953-1955, 1957

The Women of Wedmore, 1939-45: pamphlet about the W.V.S. in Wedmore, Somerset  D-X814/9  1945

Records concerning the gift of a portable altar to the 4th Battalion of the Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry  D-X815  1917 - 1983

Archival history:
AR 131/83

Related information: For records and notes concerning the auctioneers' business of J. and B.J. Millburn, see D 139

Four letters  D-X815/1  October - November 1917

From Revd. H.W. Kingsley, Chaplain to the 4th Battalion of the Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry at Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, to John and Bowness John Millburn concerning the gift of a portable altar to the battalion by the latter

Photograph of B.J. Millburn in the uniform of the Oxon and Bucks Light Infantry  D-X815/2  1917

Photograph of the portable altar with note from Revd. Kingsley on reverse  D-X815/3  3 November 1918

Photocopies of two letters from J.R. Millburn  D-X815/4  December 1983

Concerning deposit of above items in Record Office and containing notes on the gift of the altar and B.J. Millburn's war service

Feoffment of land in Marsworth common field  D-X816  1622

Archival history:
AR 17/84

Feoffment  D-X816/1  6 December 1622

(1) Edmund Hodson of Marsworth, yeoman
(2) Robert Moores of Seabrook, Ivinghoe, carpenter, and William his son
1a. 1r. of land in Ban furlong, Marsworth field, of which ½a. extends to Pitstone Green and ½a. 1r. lies also in le myddle furlong. Abbutments given
Consideration: £7-13s-4d

A letter in Quaker Style  D-X817  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 4/84

Letter from Hannah Coles to 'Dear Friend', sending thanks for a present  D-X817/1  c. 1806

The letter is dated 'Buckingham 1 month 10' and is written in Quaker style. The paper is watermarked 1806

Deeds relating to property at Ballinger, Gt. Missenden  D-X818  1864 - 1890

Archival history:
AR 12/84

Conveyance  D-X818/1  9 March 1864

(1) Jonathan Parsons of Ballinger Common, Gt. Missenden, labourer
(2) John Gomm of Gt. Missenden and Eliza his wife
(3) Samuel Carter of The Bury, Gt. Missenden, farmer
Two cottages, 2a 2r 20p of arable land and 2r 20p of meadow at Ballinger Common to (3)
Consideration: £195
Recites relevant provisions of will of William Parsons, farmer, father of Jonathan Parsons and Eliza Gomm

Conveyance  D-X818/2  6 November 1890

(1) John Cheese of Amersham, gent
(2) John Beale of Harlesden, Middx., gent., and Kate his wife
William Stoneall Evans of Shepherds Bush, Middx., gent., and Sarah Jane his wife
(3) Alfred Pitkin, of Hunts Green, Gt. Missenden, farmer
42a 3r 26p of land at Ballinger Grove, to (3). Schedule and plan included
Consideration: £1,023 to (1)
£402 to (2)
Recites mortgage of land by Joseph Birch, 1858, and subsequent deeds
Includes certificate of Commissioners for taking acknowledgement of deeds by married women, respecting Kate Beale, dated 5 June 1879

Marriage settlement and other papers relating to various Buckinghamshire parishes  D-X819  1755-1940

Archival history:
AR 11/84

Papers relating to the title to 4 messuages (originally 1) purchased on 22 February 1862 by Revd. Alfred Turner, Thomas Mayo and Thomas Tattam, all of Whitchurch  D-X819/1  1755-1865

22 Items

The property was originally copyhold and was enfranchised on 28 January 1862. Includes probate copy of will of Ann Verney, proved 11 June 1781, and abstract of title, 1856-1862. The conveyance of 22 February 1862 includes a plan of the site

Papers concerning marriage settlement of Revd. Samuel Greatheed of Newport Pagnell and Jane Dorothea Stephenson of Olney  D-X819/2  1809-1836

3 Items

They include: settlement of 19 August 1809 by which £10,000 was to be invested and held in trust for the couple and their children; assignment of interest in trust fund by Elizabeth Stephenson the younger 1829; and release of the Executors of Revd. Samuel Greatheed's will by Abbot Hamilton Greatheed and Samuel Stephenson Greatheed, 1836

Marriage settlement of Philip Wroughton of Ibstone House and Emma Sarah Chambers of Harrow  D-X819/3  8 June 1821

By which £14,904.15s.2d of annuities were to be held in trust for the couple and their children

Papers concerning marriage settlement of Revd. Richard Tomkyns, rector of Gt. Horwood, and Louisa Preedy of Winslow, spinster  D-X819/4  1822-1840

3 Items

They include settlement of 14 March 1822, by which £3,000 in annuities was to be held in trust for the couple and their children; appointment of new trustee 1831; and probate copy of the will of Revd. Richard Tomkyns, proved 24 February 1840

Papers concerning marriage settlement of Henry Plumptre Gipps of Lincolnshire and Mary Ann Young of Stone Dean, Chalfont St. Giles, and resulting Gipps family trust  D-X819/5  1835-1909

12 Items

They include: settlement of 29 December 1835 by which £17,000 was to be invested and held in trust for the couple and their children; succession account on death of Mary Ann Gipps 1874; assignments of interest in trust and release to trustee on division of trust property 1874-6; accounts 1874-6; and release to trustees on winding up of trust, with accounts 1876-1909, 1909

Papers  D-X819/6/1  1863-1865

4 Items

Relating to the residuary account of the estate of John Thomas Hatred (d.18 December 1863) exhibited by his executors, Emily Currie of Dorney and Eliza Ann Jones of 11 Montague Road, Dalston Lane. Includes list of Hatred's debts, legacies and dividends

Release  D-X819/6/2  23 Nov. 1897

Emily Jiffkins Currie of Ealing, Middx., as executor of the will of George Francis White (d. 5 November 1890) surrenders her right to £875. 7s.10d from his estate in consideration of Helen White of Dorney, widow, surrendering her right to a legacy of £250

Papers concerning marriage settlement of Arthur Henry Stone of Feltham Lodge, Surbiton, Surrey, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy and Clara Elizabeth Burney of Wavendon  D-X819/7  1875-1940

10 Items

They include: marriage settlement of 21 July 1875 by which various reversions of shares of trust funds were to be held in trust for the couple and their children; discharges of trustees 1892-3; and appointment of new trustees with schedules of investments 1916, 1939

Letters of administration of estate of Mary Reynolds of Cuddington, widow, (d.10 Feb. 1882) granted to James Baker Reynolds, her son  D-X819/8  22 April 189[?]

Counterpart lease  D-X819/9  21 October 1915

(1)Reginald Franklyn Hare Duke of North Green, Datchet
(2) Norman Glegg M.D., of Remenham, Datchet
Land and house known as North Green, Datchet
Term: 41/8 years
Rent: £65 p.a
With letter from G.K. Burstel to Mr. Duke, 9 August 1915

Draft lease  D-X819/10/1  1919

(1) Thomas Harsant Butler and John Harsant Butler of High Wycombe
(2) Bucks Free Press Ltd
No. 20 High Street, High Wycombe
Term: 21 years
Rent: £150 p.a

Proof debenture of Bucks Free Press Ltd., with list of debentures to be issued to T.H. and J.H. Butler, 1923-33  D-X819/10/2  1919

Agreement of Col. William Baring du Pre, M.P., of Wilton Park, Beaconsfield to sell 1a. of land in Seer Green as a building plot to Charles Kenneth Hobson of Hampstead, Civil Servant  D-X819/11  1923

6 Items

Dated 13 June 1923 and including plan of site. Also associated papers including correspondence and draft conveyance which recites the purchase of 224a. 3r. 38p. by Col. du Pre from the 10th Duke of Leeds in 1912

Papers referring to Clement's messuage and other land in Adstock  D-X820  c.1745 - 1906

20 Items

Archival history:
AR 13/84

Documents relating to the title to land in Adstock, acquired by James Toe of Adstock, cordwainer, at various dates
(1) A messuage formerly known as Clement's with 1r. of land, acquired - 1858
(2) 38½ p. of land in a field known before Inclosure as Newells Field, acquired - 1858
(3) A plot of land 38ft. by 28 ft., acquired - 1861
Includes abstract of title to (1), 1827, copy will of Richard Corbett, c.1745 probate will of Richard Tompkins, 1838

Princes Risborough Association for the Protection of Property  D-X821  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 42/83
AR 42/86

Account and minute book  D-X821/1  1853-1894

Includes lists of members, minutes of A.G.M.s and details of the rewards paid for information leading to convictions
Note on front cover under title of the Association reads 'Established 1796'

Account and minute book  D-X821/2  1894-1923

Decision recorded in 1923 to dissolve the Association; funds to be divided between the Princes Risborough Agricultural Association and the Royal Bucks Hospital
NB several people seem to have been members of the committee of both the Protection of Property Association and the Agricultural Association

Princes Risborough Local Agricultural Association  D-X822  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 42/83, AR 47/86

Minute book: includes prize lists of annual agricultural show  D-X822/1  1878-1894

Minute book  D-X822/2  1923-1936

Account book: first entry in volume is headed by the title of the Association and the note 'Established 1861'  D-X822/3  1861-1912

Account book  D-X822/4  1913-1929

Bills for work done and goods supplied in connection with the 1896 Princes Risborough Show, addressed to the Agricultural Association  D-X822/5  1896-1897

12 Items

Found loose in D-X822/1

Bank book with Lloyd's Bank  D-X822/6  1924-1961

Account book  D-X822/7  1935-1937

Petty cash book  D-X822/8  1954-1960

Account book  D-X822/9  1961-1971

Income and expenditure, 1961-2 Record of funds in the bank, noting interest and capital, 1966-71

3 miscellaneous account items found loose in D-X822/9  D-X822/10  1960-1962

a. Balance sheet of accounts 1961-2
b. Bank statement 1962-6
c. Printed summary account, November 1960 - April 1962

Photocopies of Letters and descriptive notes written by Miss Kate Morris (now Mrs. Ayland) whilst in service  D-X823  c.1935-1938

Archival history:
AR 43/83

Administrative history:
Miss Morris was born in Worcester in 1913, and these items were sent to her sister there

Copied by permission, April 1983

Description of visit by five girls to London to see the King's Silver Jubilee Procession, May 6 1935  D-X823/1  c.1935

The place of residence of the girls is given as a large house named Cannon Hill, near Maidenhead, Berks

Letter to 'My Ain Folk at Home', written from House of Monymusk, Monymusk, nr. Aberdeen, the house of Sir Arthur Grant  D-X823/2  4 August 1935

Describes the journey up from London and the writer's fellow servants

Letter to 'Elsie' written from House of Monymusk  D-X823/3  19 August 1935

Gives further details of writer's arrival at Monymusk and of her job as kitchen maid

Description of the Lee Manor House, the owner Captain Ivor Stewart-Liberty, his family, and the servants. Writer is cook at the house  D-X823/4  c.1938

Deeds of Former British School, Aylesbury  D-X824  1722-1908

Archival history:
AR 26/83

Bundle of deeds and other papers referring to the site of the former Aylesbury British School in Pebble Lane (otherwise Church Row). The cottages originally on the site were amongst those acquired by the parish authorities in 1798 in order allow the expansion of the workhouse
When the premises were sold in 1830 the site was acquired by the Trustees the Aylesbury British Schools. In 1870-3 the old buildings were pulled down, adjacent premises acquired, and a new school built. The premises had ceased to be used as a school by 1907
58 items, including: abstracts of title of the parish officers of Aylesbury to premises in Pebble Lane, 1722-1830, 1731-1830; bill for repairs to house in Aylesbury, 1758-1769; sale poster for parish properties, including the old workhouse and cottages in Pebble Lane, with conditions of sale, 1830; insurance policy with County Fire Office for Schoolhouse, 1830; conveyance of piece of land in Church Row, with plan of site, 1873; land tax redemption certificate for former British School site, with plan, 1908; parchment label "Mr.Jno Hull's Title Deeds Aylesbury School"

Farm Account Book of Dropmore Estate  D-X825  1833-4

Archival history:
AR 93/83

Source of acquisition: Purchased from Westminster Public Libraries, who bought it at Sothebys on 20 July 1981 with the minutes of the Berkeley Square Trustees. John Bevil Fortescue, an owner of Dropmore (his family having inherited it upon the death of Lady Grenville in 1864), was one of the Trustees from 1900, and it is presumably through him that this volume found its way into the Trustees' records

Related information: Other records of the Dropmore Estate are among the Dropmore Papers in the British Library (Add. MSS 58855-59494)

Farm account book, apparently relating to the Dropmore estate belonging to William Wyndham Grenville (1759-1834), Baron Grenville, and subsequently to his widow Anne (d.1864)  D-X825/1  January 1833 - December 1834

The accounts are signed on p. 138 by Anne Grenville, and include references to Goldwin's and Dropmore farms in Burnham and to the payment of poor rate to the parishes of Burnham, Dorney, Hedsor, Hitcham and Taplow. There are also frequent references to livestock and other produce "delivered to the House"
The volume includes monthly general farm account with subsidiary monthly accounts for dairy and poultry and quarterly accounts for sheep

Papers referring to a tithe rent charge on property in High Wycombe purchased by F. R. Comme  D-X826  1820-1936

Archival history:
AR 7/84

Deeds and other papers relating to the title to a tithe rent charge on property in High Wycombe purchased in 1936 by F.R. Gomme and S. Elgar as personal representatives of E. Gomme dec'd. They include: assignment of tithes on Mundens Farm, reciting 1666 mortgage of rectorial tithes, 1820; abstract of will and codicil of John Sloper (d. 8 March 1858), 1866; abstract of marriage settlement of Thomas Marshall and Mary Lucas dated 20 October 1868, 1936; abstract of title to commuted tithe rent charge of £4 p.a. 1866-1935, 1936; instrument merging tithe rent charge with freehold, 1936

Correspondence, and other papers relating to the Johnson family of Olney  D-X827  1661-1744, 1814

Archival history:
AR 16-84

Source of acquisition: These papers were sold at Sothebys on 8 December, 1983

Administrative history:
The Johnson family were connected with Olney from at least 1633, when they purchased the rectory and advowson of the parish, until 1753, when the Revd. Woolsey Johnson resigned the vicarage of Olney prior to moving to Lincolnshire. The family also owned property in Rutland. Further information about them will be found in the Victoria County History for Buckinghamshire, and in Lipscomb. A drawing of the Johnson family residence known as the Great House, which stood near the parish church, is given in Ratcliff's History of the Newport Hundreds. It was pulled down in the mid-19th century
The Reverend Woolsey Johnson (1696-1756) and family Information supplied by Morag Styles, 1994
Reverend Woolsey Johnson
Born Olney 1696; baptised Olney 19 June 1696
Son of William, grandson of Thomas
Brother of William and Barbara
Matriculated Clare College, Cambridge 1715, MA 1721
Deacon at Peterborough 1720
Rector of Wilby, Northants 1729-56
Vicar of Olney 1735-53
Became vicar of Witham-on-the-Hill, Lincs 1748
Married Jane Russell, Olney 1735
Children: Barbara 1738, born Olney, baptised Holborn
Johnson was sometime curate in Holborn
George William 1740, born London
Frederick Augustus 1743, born and died Olney
Charles Woolsey 1748, born Olney
Mary, wife of Woolsey Johnson
Lived at Packwood House, Warwicks, until a few years before her marriage; wrote a series (over 500 pieces) of literature for children, forming a unique collection, presently held at the University of Indiana
Barbara, daughter of Woolsey and Jane Johnson
Thames and Hudson have published a book about her: Barbara Johnson's Album of Fashions and Fabrics (1987)
The wills of Woolsey Johnson, 1756, and Jane, 1759, are among the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury held at the Public Record Office, London

The correspondence, the bulk of which is dated between 1682 and 1696, is mainly concerned with the disastrous state of the family finances which led to Thomas Johnson spending a period in the Marshalsea (?) prison for debt. There are comparatively few local references, but items numbered 38, 40 and 46 mention lacebuyers carrying letters and money from Olney to London. Among the later items are two letters from William Johnson to his son Woolsey celebrating the proclamation of George I and the defeat of the 'Lancaster Rebels'
The presence of a small but interesting group of papers of Thomas Woolsey, Archdeacon of Northampton, is explained by the marriage of Anne, Woolsey's daughter and heir, to William Johnson. Included are letters from two non-juring bishops of Peterborough

Correspondence and papers of the Johnson family of Olney and connections, mostly for the period 1682-1696, guarded and bound in chronological order  D-X827/1  1661-1725

1 vol

With, at front, summary list of contents (water marked 1806) and, at back, family tree of Johnson, C16 - 1799. The documents are numbered 1-108; two items are photocopies of missing originals. The contents comprise: a letters to William Johnson from his father, Thomas Johnson, some written from prison (25 items) and from his mother, Anne Johnson (22 items) b other Johnson family letters, etc., including letters from Thomas and Anne to Ezechiel Johnson, father of Anne, and from Richard, Lord Gorges, to his sister, Bridget Johnson, third wife of Ezechiel c correspondence and papers (30 items) of Thomas Woolsey of Thornhaugh, Archdeacon of Northampton, and family, 1681-1708, 1715, mostly relating to ecclesiastical affairs, including letters (4) from William Lloyd (1637-1710) and one from Thomas White (1628-1698), successively bishops of Peterborough, and numerous receipts connected with subscriptions for French and Irish Protestants, the rebuilding of St. Paul's Cathedral, etc. d miscellaneous, including printed address to Bucks electors, 1704, letter from Captain (later Admiral) Cloudesley Shovell to John Butler, brother-in-law of Thomas Woolsey, 1683

Papers found loose in D-X827/1  D-X827/2  1741-1814

9 Items

Including: correspondence and other papers of Woolsey Johnson concerning the will of Joseph Johnson, 1741-1744; print of Sir Cloudesley Shovell, n.d.; letter from Ralph Abercromby at Eton to mother of 'master Johnson' n.d.; will of Robert Slatford of Toddington, Beds., labourer, 1814 (his connection, if any, with the Johnson family is not known)

Records of Hartwell House  D-X828  1827 - late C.19th

Archival history:
AR 19/84

Related information: Other papers relating to the Hartwell Estate - see D/LE

Account book of Hartwell House housekeeper. Labelled on spine 'Mrs. Bowlers accounts', and reverse of fly-leaf inscribed 'Dr Lees copy'  D-X828/1  1827-1839

Account book of Hartwell House housekeeper. Labelled on spine 'Mrs. Bowler's Book', and identical to (1) from 1829  D-X828/2  1829-1839

Account book of Hartwell House housekeeper. Labelled on spine 'Mrs Blakes accounts... Dr. Lee's Copy No. 2'  D-X828/3  1839-1851

Account book of Hartwell House housekeeper. Labelled on spine 'House Keeping Accounts Dr. Lee's Copy No. 3'  D-X828/4  1851-1860

Album  D-X828/5  c.late C19th

Containing photographs of the exterior and interior of Hartwell House; the House grounds and estate buildings; Hartwell church and rectory; 'Poole's cottage' and 'Sir Joshua Reynold's cottage'. The photographs are undated except for a view of the house labelled 'Hartwell 1897' and signed by Clara N. Field

Miscellenous papers of Miss P.M. de Fraine  D-X829  Early C20 - 1974

Archival history:
AR 50/84(G)

Related information: See also AR 14/84

Photograph of group in fancy dress as pack of cards (photographer S.G. Payne and Son, Aylesbury)  D-X829/1  Early C20

Official Jubilee photographs of King George V and Queen Mary  D-X829/2  1935

Warrant appointing Miss P.M. de Fraine an Additional Member of the Order of the British Empire, with covering letter  D-X829/3  1946

Papers concerning Miss P.M. deFraine's membership of the British Red Cross  D-X829/4  c.1949-1969

13 Items

Including: certificates of appointment as assistant and deputy county director, Clackmannan and Kinross branch, and secretary, Aylesbury-Risborough division of Buckinghamshire branch; various unlabelled photographs of Red Cross members; printed map of world showing countries with Red Cross Societies, c.1959

Dance card for Coronation Ball at Government House  D-X829/5  6 June 1953

Invitations and progammes for various official functions, including visit to R.A.F. Halton 1973 and order of service for Mayor's Service, Aylesbury, 1973-4  D-X829/6  1953-1974

7 Items

Letter from T. Raison, M.P. to Miss deFraine concerning her help in the election  D-X829/7  July 1970

Christmas card (unsigned) printed by the Royal Over-Seas League  D-X829/8  1970

Borough of Aylesbury Council Yearbook, 1973/74  D-X829/9  1973

Photograph of Aylesbury Borough Council in their Council Chamber  D-X829/10  c.1964-74

Photograph of Miss deFraine in official robes in procession  D-X829/11  n.d

Photograph of Miss deFraine and others at meal  D-X829/12  n.d

2 Copies

Deeds of Brackwell Farm, Lower Winchendon  D-X830  1874-1901

Archival history:
AR 57/84

Deeds of Brackwell Farm, Lower Winchendon, relating to the title of H.H. Smith, 1874-1900, F.J. Higgins Bernard, 1901 and Mrs. S.E. Higgins, 1901  D-X830/1  1874-1901

10 Items

The farm included 161a. of land, and deeds no. 1 and 9 include plans and schedule. Deeds no. 1 and 2 recite the provisions of the will of W.C. Harding (d.1870)

Records relating to the Old Berkeley Hunt, and to R.B. Webber, Master  D-X831  1862 - 1934

Archival history:
AR 75/84
AR 138/84

Related information: For brief details of the history of the Hunt see Victoria County History of Buckinghamshire, Vol. II pp. 223-227
For a map of the area which the Old Berkeley hunted in 1850 see Maps of Buckinghamshire by Gordon Wyatt, p. 79
See also D 191

Administrative history:
R.B. Webber (d.1934) was Master of the eastern section of the Old Berkeley Hunt from 1891 to 1918 (the Hunt divided throughout his mastership)

Account book of the Old Berkeley Hunt. The accounts are MS 1862-1898, printed and fixed in 1898-1918  D-X831/1  1862-1918

The volume also includes: MS hunting diary of 1902-1903 season and notes on 1904-1908 seasons, possibly by C.W. Kennedy (one note is initialled CWK); miscellaneous newspaper cuttings concerning the Old Berkeley Hunt; copy of agreement between Hunt committee and Robert Bryan Webber as Master of Fox Hounds, 1904; notes on O.B.H. copied from 'Nimrods Hunting Tours' of 1825 (at rear); lists of the numbers of dogs 1894-1910, and total yearly income 1862-1916 (at rear); alphabetical index to O.B.H. subscribers (at rear); coloured photograph of H.W. Fellows on 'Peter'. (inside front cover)

Correspondence of R.B. Webber  [no ref. or date]

Letters from various correspondents concerning hunting, personal affairs, etc  D-X831/2  1902-1930

13 Items

Letters from Oscar Blount [former Master of Hounds] concerning the Old Berkeley Hunt and its history  D-X831/3  1909-1925

6 Items

First world war French postcard to R.B. Webber at Shardeloes from 'Jack' Drake  D-X831/4  1915

Letters from various correspondents concerning the Old Berkeley Hunt and Thomas Oldaker (huntsman of the O.B.H. in the early C19)  D-X831/5  1924-1934

24 Items

Includes newspaper cutting about sale of painting of Oldaker

Other papers of R.B. Webber  [no ref. or date]

Printed leaflet giving decision of Boodle's MFH committee in dispute involving the Old Berkeley Hunt  D-X831/6  1874

Commission of R.B. Webber as second lieutenant in the Militia  D-X831/7  14 May 1878

'Mr. Toovey and the Fox'. Election leaflet setting out Mr. Toovey's attitude towards fox hunting. Published at Kings Langley, Herts  D-X831/8  n.d. c.1888-1914

Printed appeal for subscriptions for a presentation to R.B. Webber on his retirement as Master  D-X831/9  1918

Newspaper cuttings concerning the Old Berkeley Hunt  D-X831/10  C19 - C20

4 Items

Including: page of drawings from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 1886, with caption 'Hunting Centres - The Old Berkeley'; photograph of the Hunt at Tring Grange Farm, Cholesbury, n.d

MS recipe for "the Charge" (horse medicine ?)  D-X831/11  n.d

Photographs  [no ref. or date]

R.B. Webber in hunting clothes with dog, labelled on back 'Nellie from Bob. October 1892'  D-X831/12  1892

'Old Berkeley Foxhounds at Ashley Green 28 November 1901' Notes on back identify some of the huntsmen and women  D-X831/13  1901

'"The Meet" Chenies. March 23rd 1908'  D-X831/14  1908

'The Old Berkeley by the Lake at Amersham'  D-X831/15  1930

R.B. Webber 'on his well known hunter "Frank" '  D-X831/16  n.d. (c.1900-1930)

Foxhounds with members of the Hunt, including R.B. Webber  D-X831/17  n.d. (c.1900-1930)

Foxhounds and Hunt  D-X831/18  n.d. (C20)

Leigh House, Havant, Hants., labelled on back 'the seat of Admiral Charles Webber'  D-X831/19  n.d

Scrapbook containing photographs and newspaper cuttings, mostly relating to the OBH (East) and its members  D-X831/20  c.1888-1900

Also contains some photographs of R.B. Webber and his family, including scenes of Webber's wedding, 1893. Most of the photographs are uncaptioned

Scrapbook containing photographs and newspaper cuttings, mostly relating to the OBH (East) and its members. Includes photographs of the pack outside Shardeloes  D-X831/21  c.1909-1934

Miscellaneous cuttings, photographs and letters found loose in D-X831/20 and 21. Includes photograph of R.L. Webber (1893-1925) in E. Africa  D-X831/22  c.1897-1927

Volume containing a printed list of the subscribers towards a presentation to R.B. Webber in commemoration of his twentieth season as master of the OBM (East)  D-X831/23  1911

Volume  D-X831/24  c.1930-1960

Containing MS historical and genealogical notes on the Webbers and related families, and various newspaper cuttings, etc., including obituaries of R.B. Webber and his son R.L. Webber. According to a note on the first page the volume was compiled by Catherine Anne Blyth, a sister of R.B. Webber, but there are a number of later additions in various hands

Miscellaneous notes, cuttings, photographs, etc., found loose in D-X831/24  D-X831/25  c.1932-1962

Militia Pay List, 1803  D-X832  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 88/84

Related information: See the Lieutenancy papers for other records of the Royal Bucks Militia

An account headed 'Pay list of the Newly Enrolled Men and others of the County of Bucks assembled at Buckingham and Aylesbury under the command of Captain Browne ...'  D-X832/1  25 May - 24 June 1803

The account contains the names and ranks of 72 men, details of their pay, the sum paid to inn-keepers for billeting the men including an allowance in lieu of beer, the stations where the men were quartered, and the Towns to and from which any marches were made
The account has been signed by Captain Robert Browne, Colonel J. Fremantle (Officer commanding the Royal Bucks Militia) and George Newman (pay-master)

Records of the Buckinghamshire Arts Federation  D-X833  1978-1984

Archival history:
AR 94/84

Binder containing papers of the Bucks Arts Federation  D-X833/1  1978-1984

Including: copy of constitution and standing orders of Federation; signed minutes of the executive committee and of the annual general meeting; reports to the executive committee from the Arts Officer and the Treasurer; annual reports and accounts; etc

Copies of letters from Dr. John Lee to Richard Coster  D-X834  1837 - 1855

Archival history:
AR 82/84

Related information: For other correspondence of Dr. John Lee see D/LE/H

Photocopies of six letters from Dr. John Lee at Doctors Commons, London, and Hartwell House, Bucks., to Robert Coster in Alexandria, Egypt  D-X834/1  1837-1855

The subjects covered include ancient Egyptian antiquities and hieroglyphics, coptic and arabic MSS, and news of various common acquaintances and travellers to Egypt

Records of the Grenfell family  D-X835  1910-1942

Archival history:
AR 172/72

Related information: For a pedigree of the Grenfell family 1513-1974 see D11/16/7

Administrative history:
Francis Octavius Grenfell (1880-1915) and Maria Dolores Grenfell (c1860 - ?) were both children of Pascoe DuPre Grenfell (1828-1896) of Wilton Park, Beaconsfield
Francis Grenfell won the Victoria Cross on 24 August 1914 as a captain in the Ninth Lancers, and died of wounds near Ypres on 24 May 1915. (see The Story of the Victoria Cross, Sir John Smyth, 1963, for an account of the action in which Grenfell won this award and some details of his earlier life)

Diary of Francis Octavius Grenfell  D-X835/1  1910-1913

Not kept up consistently
But includes
(a) Trip to America, August 1910; including visits to American Civil War battlefields
(b) Trip to Spain, April 1911, including visit to Madrid and conversations with the King of Spain re politics, the army, Portugal, polo etc
(c) Trip to France, September 1911, to observe the manoeuvres of the 6th Corps of the French Army
(d) A stay in Germany, June - September 1912, to learn German. Includes observations of German Army manoeuvres, trips to Austria and Holland, etc
(e) A second trip to Germany, December 1912
(f) A visit to Mimizan, France, 23 December 1913 - 2 January 1914, to spend Christmas and New Year with Winston Churchill. Includes Churchill's comments, re. the navy, politics, other members of the cabinet, etc
(g) (At rear) notes on polo games played and polo tactics, n.d

Miscellaneous items found loose in D-X835/1  D-X835/2  1910-c1914

Printed leaflet on German tax and insurance systems; printed notes on polo tactics; typescript copy of letter from Riversdale Grenfell (?) (twin brother of Francis Grenfell) addressed to 'my dear Loly', dated 'Near Paris Sept. 4th' and describing his experiences in action with the Ninth Lancers in Belgium

Diary of Miss Maria Dolores Grenfell, mostly written at Yewden Manor [Hambleden] and The Rookery, Wymeswold, Leicestershire  D-X835/3  1940

Diary of Miss Maria Dolores Grenfell, mostly written at Yewden Manor [Hambleden] and The Rookery, Wymeswold, Leicestershire  D-X835/4  1941

Diary of Miss Maria Dolores Grenfell, mostly written at Yewden Manor [Hambleden] and The Rookery, Wymeswold, Leicestershire  D-X835/5  1942

Items found loose in D-X835/3,4,5, mostly newspaper cuttings of summaries of war news  D-X835/6  1940-1942

3 Bundles

Transcript of family settlement made 16 March 1585 by 'Sir Richard Greynevile' of Stowe, Cornwall, relating to his property in Devon and Cornwall  D-X835/7  n.d

The trustees include 'Sir Walter Rawle'

Letters of Henry Gough and W.P. Storer  D-X837  1849 - 1861

Archival history:
AR 52/84

Copies information: Photocopies of originals in the Cowper Museum, Olney

Administrative history:
Walter Pennington Storer (1812-1867) lived for many years in Olney, where he ran a day school, and is buried there (see Records of Bucks vol. VII p. 198). He was the author of 'some notes concerning Olney' in Records of Bucks vol.II pp. 188-198
Henry Gough (c.1822-1906) was a barrister who devoted himself to genealogical and antiquarian studies. He contributed a number of articles to the Records of Bucks, including one on Olney Church (vol. VII pp. 197-201)
For futher details see his obituary in Records of Bucks vol. IX pp. 234-5

Photocopies of letters from Henry Gough (?), written in the form of a newsletter 'The Warder'  D-X837/1  1849

54 Items

Issued no. 59, dated 29 October, is postmarked Islington and addressed to Mr. Storer at Oxford. The letters mostly comment on ecclesiastical affairs in London and elsewhere, including church architecture, fashionable preachers and theological controversies. There are a number of references to events at Olney

Photocopies of letters from W.P. Storer, (1853, 1856-1861) written from November 1856 in the form of a newsletter 'Ye Olney News'  D-X837/2  [n.d.]

67 Items

The letters comment on affairs in Olney, and especially matters connected with the church and church members. They also include notes on the history of Olney and on general ecclesiastical affairs. There are a number of references to 'St George's College' and it seems likely that this is the day school which Storer is described as running in Directories of 1853 and 1864

Miscellaneous papers of the Barden and Holton families of Bletchley  D-X838  c. 1908-1939

Archival history:
AR 97/84

Miscellaneous papers of the Barden and Holton families of 21, Park Street, Bletchley  D-X838/1  c.1903-1939

1 Bundle

Including photographs, savings bank and war savings certificate books, greeting cards, correspondence, etc. The letters include three from soldiers on active service in World War I

Records of the South West Bucks Sunday School Union  D-X839  1941-1981

Archival history:
AR 106/84

Minute book of the South West Bucks Sunday School Union  D-X839/1  1941-1951

Minute book of the South West Bucks Sunday School Union  D-X839/2  1951-1962

Minute book of the South West Bucks Sunday School Union  D-X839/3  1962-1981

Duplicated copies of annual statements of account, 1961, 1977, 1979, 1980 (found loose in D-X839/3)  D-X839/4  1961-1980

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Stewart-Liberty family and others  D-X840  1913 - c.1984

Archival history:
AR 100/84

Related information: See also D/SL

Printed text of hymns to be sung at marriage of Evelyn Katherine Phipps and Ivor Stewart-Liberty  D-X840/1  2 Sept. 1913

Photograph of Bucks County Council in Council Chamber (identical to PH 4/14)  D-X840/2  1919

Photograph album of wedding of Maxwell and Gladys Odam. Among those identified by captions are Cecily Baker, William Crouch, Joan and Guy Crouch  D-X840/3  c.1918-1928

Christmas card from Col. T.R.P. Warren, Chief Constable of Bucks, showing caricature of Bucks swan in police uniform  D-X840/4  1941

Christmas cards from Helen Tatham of Lower Ascott, Wing  D-X840/5  c.1944-1950

7 Items

A number of the cards feature reproductions of paintings by Lionel Edwards of horses belonging to the Tatham family

Christmas cards from Joan and Guy Crouch  D-X840/6  1947-1951

3 Items

The designs include a facsimile of an invitation to the opening of the Aylesbury - Cheddington railway in 1839 and a copy of a print showing Aylesbury Market Square c.1840

Photocopy of article from unknown newspaper about Arthur Stewart-Liberty and Liberty's department store  D-X840/7  c.1976-1984

Reproduction of a print showing Aylesbury Market Square in 1866  D-X840/8  n.d

Postcard of a Buckinghamshire Lacemaker  D-X840/9  n.d

Watercolours of St. Osyth's and the Prebendal Aylesbury, by Phyllis Stewart  D-X840/10  n.d

2 Items

Deeds of property at Green End and Bakers Lane, Aylesbury  D-X841  1688 - 1853

Archival history:
AR 83/84

Related information: These properties are believed to have been part of the Thorp estate. For other Thorp family papers see D-X811

D-X841/1 - 10 Deeds of adjoining properties in Duck End/Green End 1688-1853
D-X841/11 - 17 Deeds and other papers relating to house in Bakers Lane [now Cambridge Street] 1705-1806
D-X841/18 Calendars of 1 - 17 [C20th]

Lease and release  D-X841/1, 2  11/12 April 1688

(1) Thomas Kingham of Aylesbury, shepherd
(2) Jane Duncombe of Aylesbury, widow
Messuage in Green End, Aylesbury
Abutments given, including messuage belonging to Clock and Chimes Charity to north east
Consideration: £10
Bond to perform covenants fastened to release

Lease and release  D-X841/3, 4  18/19 May 1725

(1) John Read of Aylesbury, butcher, son and heir of John and Jane Read, both deceased
(2) Edward Anthony of Aylesbury, tailor
Property as D-X841/2
Consideration: £29.18s.6d

Bargain and sale with feoffment  D-X841/5  9 March 1726/7

(1) Edward Anthony of Aylesbury, tailor and Mary his wife
(2) Richard Saunders
Property as D-X841/2
Consideration: £40

Lease and release  D-X841/6, 7  20/21 December 1725

(1) William Kingham of Windsor, Berks, cordwainer
(2) Thomas Eggleton of Aylesbury, cordwainer
Messuage in Duck End, Aylesbury
Consideration: £37

Bargain and sale with feoffment  D-X841/8  9 March 1726/7

(1) Thomas Eggleton of Aylesbury, cordwainer and Rebecca, his wife
(2) Richard Saunders of Aylesbury, esq
Messuage in Duck End, alias Green End, Aylesbury. Abutments given
Consideration: £50

Fine. Michaelmas Term 1 G II  D-X841/9  1727

Plaintiffs: John Bradwin and Richard Saunders
Deforciants: John Dodson and Elizabeth his wife, James Britten and Mary his wife, Edward Anthony and Mary his wife, Thomas Eggleton and Rebecca his wife
5 messuages, 5 cottages, 5 gardens, 5 orchards, 2a. of land, 2a. of pasture, and common rights for all livestock in Aylesbury, Wendover and Dinton

Mortgage  D-X841/10  26 December 1853

(1) Robert Thorp of Aylesbury, grocer
(2) Revd. Frederick Neale of Wootton, Beds
Garden and summer house in Green End, alias Duck End, Aylesbury, together with the adjoining stables, bacon stores, yard and gateway fronting on the road from Pitches Hill or Temple Square to Green End
Abutments given
Consideration: £300

Bargain and sale with feoffment  D-X841/11  1 October 1705

(1) John Wigson of Aylesbury, ironmonger
(2) James Maiden of Aylesbury, maltster
Messuage in Bakers Lane, Aylesbury, with a portion of garden [boundaries described, including a reference to 'the bowling green of William Dawney']. Also includes right to draw water from well in street
Consideration: £32

Lease and Release  D-X841/12,13  21/22 March 1743/4

(1) Joan Mayden, widow and executrix of James Mayden of Aylesbury, labourer, deceased
(2) William Collins the elder of Aylesbury, oatmeal maker and Dorothy his wife
Property as D-X841/11
Consideration: £33

Lease and Release  D-X841/14,15  18/19 October 1765

(1) William Collings the elder of Aylesbury, husbandman
(2) John Tibbetts of Aylesbury, labourer
Messuage in Bakers Lane, Aylesbury
Consideration: £20

Solicitors bill to Mr. Hardyman, including references to drawing up conveyance from Mr. Tibbetts to Hardyman  D-X841/16  1806

Letter from B. Loader, postmarked Aylesbury, to Mr. Hardyman at Bristol  D-X841/17  29 August 1806

Concerning payment by former of bills for repairs to latters house, etc. Includes reference to payment of Tibbat's bill

Typescript calendars of D-X841/1, 3-8, 11, 13-15, 17, together with summary list of 1 - 9, 10 - 17  D-X841/18  C20th

Deed and other papers relating to land in Olney mortgaged by Richard Sharpe  D-X843  1745

Archival history:
AR 107/84(G)

Mortgage and assignment of remainder of term  D-X843/1  14 August 1745

(1) Sarah Miles of Hanslope, widow
(2) Richard Sharpe late of Olney, now of Clifton Reynes, gent. Gravely Hurst of Ampthill, Beds., gent
(3) John Tharpe of Emberton, gent
Assignment of remainder of 1000 year term in 76a. of land in Olney and Warrington by (1) to (3), reciting original mortgage of land by (2) to (1)
Mortgage of farmhouse, 3 adjoining cottages and 48a. of land in Olney and Warrington for 500 year term by (2) to (3)
Consideration: £600 to (1), £400 to (2)
Includes detailed schedule of land in the common fields of Olney and Warrington, giving abutments and many field names

Bond for performance of above deed by Richard Sharpe  D-X843/2  14 August 1745

Abstract of title of Richard Sharpe and his wife Martha to property in Olney, 1645-1743  D-X843/3  1745

Schedule of land in Olney belonging to Richard Sharpe, giving abutments and field names  D-X843/4  c.1745

Appears to include additional lands to those described in the schedule to D-X843/1

Papers relating to the advowson and temporalities of the Rectory of Bow Brickhill  D-X844  1834-1840

Archival history:
AR 107/84(g)

Draft conveyance  D-X844/1  1834

(1) John Joseph Goodenough of Bristol, D.D., rector of Bow Brickhill
(2) Revd. Stephen Davies
(3) Moses Davies of Bonds Nap nr. Corsham, Wilts
The advowson of the Rectory of Bow Brickhill, together with an assurance policy used as security for a mortgage, to (2)
Consideration: £3000
Recites earlier conveyance and mortgage 1832-3

Correspondence between Revd. J.J. Goodenough and his solicitors, Mr. H. Jackson and his solicitors  D-X844/2  April - July 1840

11 Items

Concerning the proposed leasing of the temporalities of the Rectory of Bow Brickhill to Mr. Jackson

Counterpart lease  D-X844/3  12 June 1840

(1) Revd. John Joseph Goodenough, Rector of Bow Brickhill, D.D
(2) Hugh Jackson of Wisbech St. Peters, Cambs., esq
The Rectory House, Bow Brickhill, with its associated land, the tithes, and all the temporalities of the Rectory
Rent: £100 p.a
Term: Sixty years, or until the resignation of (1) as Rector of Bow Brickhill or his death

Release of land in Woughton  D-X845  1751

Archival history:
AR 109/84

Release  D-X845/1  25 June 1751

(1) Henry Goodman of Woughton on the Green, yeoman, and Sarah his wife
(2) George Goodman of Woughton on the Green, gent
2r. of land in Backside furlong, South field, Woughton. Abutments given
Consideration: £10

Photocopies of deeds relating to properties in Stoke Mandeville  D-X846  1678 - 1710

Archival history:
AR 110/84

Mortgage  D-X846/1  26 November 1678

(1) Richard Plaistow of Smaleden, Wendover, gent
(2) Timothy Neale of Rickmansworth, Herts., esq
Close of meadow in Stoke Mandeville known as Pond Close or Pond Meade, containing 50a. and in the occupation of Richard Sweby. Stoake Green lies to the west, Newberry Field to the south and Stoake Field to the north and east
Consideration: £500
Endorsed with memorandum of assignment of remainder of term by John Neale, administrator of the estate of (2) his brother, to Joseph, his other brother, 15 March 1680

Bargain and sale with feoffment  D-X846/2  19 March 1697/8

(1) William Golder jun. of Aston Clinton, baker and Elizabeth his wife. Elizabeth Stokes of Aston Clinton, widow of John Stokes of Stoke Mandeville dec'd
(2) Henry Whitchurch the younger of Stoke Mandeville, yeoman
Cottage with garden in Stoke Mandeville bequeathed to Elizabeth Golder by John Stokes, her father. Abutments given, including the Common Green to the east
Consideration: £27.5s

Release  D-X846/3  2 April 1710

(1) John Gardner of Stoke Mandeville, yeoman, son and heir of John Gardner dec'd
(2) Henry Whitchurch the elder of Stoke Mandeville, yeoman
(1)s lott meadow consisting of 1½r. in Home Mead, Stoke Mandeville, 'bearing the mark called The Four Pitts with the Small thereunto belonging' (sic)
Consideration: £24

Photograph of lease of property at Eythrope  D-X847  1773

Archival history:
AR 114/84(G)

Lease  D-X847/1  15 February 1773

(1) Philip Earl of Chesterfield
(2) Francis Cox of Bechington Hill, Waddesdon, grazier
Messuage and 338a. of land occupied by (2) at Eythrope in the parishes of Waddesdon and Dinton comprising Mill Ground, New Ground (formerly Great Bechington) the Plowed Ground, Barn Close (?), Obelisk Ground, Burrs Ground, the Haycock Ground, Oat Leys or Pieces about the Oxhouse, Long Meadow, the Upper Plott, the Lower Plott, Middle Meadow, the Great Meadow and the Pieces in Upton Meadow. A plantation near the messuage, two plantations near "the Ruin" and all timber rights are reserved to (1)
Term: 15 years
Rent: £510 p.a
There are a number of husbandry covenants, including a proviso for a £5 p.a. increase in rent for every acre of pasture converted to tillage
Endorsed with articles of agreement between same parties, 19 May 1788, renewing lease on property for 3 years at rent of £549 p.a

Notebook relating to the Missenden Abbey Estate  D-X848  1840-1861

Archival history:
AR 112/84(L)

Notebook  D-X848/1  1840-1861

(a) Accounts of Ephraim Hailey to George Carrington for plumbing, glazing, painting and other repair work carried out, presumably on the Missenden Abbey estate, Dec. 1840 - Jan. 1847. E. Hailey is listed in Musson and Cravens' 1853 Directory under Gt. Missenden, being described as a plumber and painter
(b) Memoranda, draft letters, etc. by (?) S. Hayward, Missenden Abbey Farm bailiff, c.1858-1861. The memoranda includes lists of day labourers with their wages, and estimates of 'Abbey and Farm expenses and farm receipts', March - Oct. 1859

Conveyance of a tenement called Coles Place in Amersham  D-X849  1456

Archival history:
AR 118/84(P)

Feoffment, 30 April 34 H VI  D-X849/1  1456

(1) Alexander Faireforde, esquire
(2) William Sawndris of Amersham, capper otherwise (alias) dyer, John Tillesworth of Amersham, fuller
A tenement in Amersham called Colesplace given to (1) by his father Robert Faireford, with the cemetery of the parish church lying to the north, a tenement formerly belonging to Isabel Barbour alias Smyth to the east and the Kings highway to the south and west. The property is granted to (2) and the heirs and assigns of William Sawndris
Witnesses: John Clement, Simon Dier', John Clerk Dier' (sic), John Spicer', John Baron', Robert Screveyner', Robert Clerk, John Yorke, Roger Cosyn', John Dawe, Thomas Lynale
Given at Amersham
Seal: circular, redwax, diameter 25mm
Legend... MIVI MIDA ..LL...
Design: small shield with three lions, surmounted by helm with crest (?)

Papers relating to the title to copyhold land in North field, Weedon  D-X850  1811 - 1820

Archival history:
AR 127/84

Copy Court Roll of Manor of Hardwick with Weedon recording  D-X850/1  21 Jan. 1811

(a) Admission of various individuals (named) to reversions of copyhold property in the hamlet of Weedon in the occupation of Jenny Wood, widow of William Wood
(b) Surrender of two adjacent plots in North field Weedon, cont. 13a. 3r.35p. and 3a. 2r.7p. and of reversions in these plots (this property being part of that described in (a)). Admission to these plots of John Sanders of Fleet Marston, yeoman, who had purchased the property at public auction for £720

Abstract of title of Anthony Minn and John Sanders the younger to two pieces of copyhold land in North field, Weedon, cont. 13a.3r.35p. and 3a.2r.7p. 1797-1819 (1820)  D-X850/2  1797-1820

Includes extract from will of John Sanders, proved 1819

Photocopy of memoranda and account book of Mr. Grainge of Little Horwood (?)  D-X851  1748 - 9

Archival history:
AR 122/84(G)

Notebook containing rough accounts and memoranda mostly relating to the compiler's activities buying and selling pigs  D-X851/1  c.Sept.1748 - Oct.1749

Administrative history:
The notebook is understood to have belonged originally to a Mr. Grainge of Little Horwood, but there is nothing in the volume itself to confirm this. However, the Grainge family does appear to have owned land in Little Horwood at the period. The Victoria County History of Bucks notes that a John Grange acquired Aynells Fee in Little Horwood and the Rectory of that parish, and left them both on his death in 1634 to his second son Robert (Vol. III p. 377, 379). The will of a Robert Grainge, esq. of Little Horwood, presumably a descendant of the above Robert, was proved on 1st February 1751 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (ref: Ashridge I 1/11), and in this Robert devised the advowson and great tithes of Little Horwood to his cousins. Amongst other bequests he also left his own house in Little Horwood with its associated farm and land to Robert Grainge of Padbury, who together with John Grainge of Padbury was to be an executor of the will. No indication of the relationship of the testator to Robert and John is given. It is presumably this latter Robert whom a fine of 1754 records as purchasing land in Little Horwood from Fernando Southam, although the surname is there spelt Grange (ref: D-X512/2)
However, there is no mention of the Grainge family in either the Little Horwood Inclosure Award, 1767, or that parish's land tax returns for 1781

The entries include references to the sale of pigs to several individuals locally, and also to the sending of large numbers of pigs up to Mr. Roberts at London to be sold

Papers of Daniel Baker as High Sheriff of Bucks 1721-2, and of the Baker Family estate in Penn  D-X852  1680-1769

Archival history:
AR 119/84

Source of acquisition: These records were lot 255 at the sale by Phillips of papers originally from Sheffield Place, Sussex, on 2nd July 1981
Other lots also contained Baker family papers. Purchased from C W Trayler, bookseller, Guildford, 1984

Related information: For further information concerning the Baker family and the history of Tylers Green House prior to its demolition in 1822 see A History of the Parish of Penn by J. Gilbert Jenkins, London 1935 pp.145-149
A number of deeds relating to Tyler's Green House and the Baker estate in Penn are included among the papers deposited in the Buckinghamshire Record Office by Lord Howe (ref. AR 136/79)

Administrative history:
The Baker family first appeared in Penn in 1691, when Daniel Baker, a London Merchant and Alderman, purchased an estate there from Sir Nathaniel Curzon. On the death of Daniel Baker in 1700 he was succeeded by his son, another Daniel, who lived at Tylers Green House in Penn and became High Sheriff in 1721-2. This Daniel kept a diary covering the period 1690-1705 (D-X1069/1/1)
A daughter of the first Daniel Baker, Elizabeth, had in 1697 become third wife of his friend Sir John Verney, from 1703 Viscount Femanagh. As a result relations between the families were close, and the Verney correspondence of the period contains a number of letters to and from members of the Baker family (see Verney letters of the eighteenth century ed. Lady Verney, London 1930, particularly vol. 2 pp. 152-161)
Upon the death of his father in 1727 a third Daniel Baker inherited the estate, but died unmarried in 1738 and was succeeded in turn by three of his brothers: Revd. Dr. Samuel Baker (d.1749); John Baker (d. c.1757); and Revd. Dr. James Baker (d.1767). The estate then passed to John Andrewes, a nephew of the above brothers who took the surname Baker upon inheriting. He died shortly afterwards in 1768 and was succeeded by another nephew, John Baker Holroyd, later first Earl of Sheffield (Dictionary of National Biography Vol. IX p.1094). Holroyd sold the house and land at Penn, and the Baker connection with the parish ceases at this date

D-X852/1 - 12 Records of the Baker family estate in Penn, 1680-1769
13 - 25 Personal and official papers of Daniel Baker, 1715-1723, including records of his term of office as High Sheriff, 1721-2
26 Miscellaneous

Records of the Baker family estate in Penn  [no ref.]  1680-1769

Receipt for £180, part of the purchase price of the messuage and lands bargained and sold to Nathaniel Curzon by Thomas Bigg and Richard Rutt  D-X852/1  29 July 1680

Copy lease  D-X852/2  25 March 1709

(1) Henry Lord Shelburne, Lord of the Manor of Temple Wycombe, Chepping Wycombe
(2) Thomas Hill of Terriers in the Manor of Temple Wycombe, gent
Parcel of 37p. land lying near capital messuage of (2) and partly enclosed by a brick wall
Term: 1000 years
Consideration: £1-1-6
Rent: 10s. p.a
Includes added note relating to agreement of Daniel Baker

Memoranda and agreements concerning ditches and planted trees along the borders of the Tylers Green House estate  D-X852/3  1731-1766

3 Items

Account book of house and estate in Penn  D-X852/4  1743-1759

Heads of account include housekeeping, extra charges, stables, cellar, cash, farmland, garden, extraordinary expenses, firing and grubbing wood, and there are a number of accounts with individuals
There is an index to heads of account and to the named individual accounts at the front of the volume

Copy of Penn poor rate  D-X852/5  1754

Lease  D-X852/6  21 June 1765

(1) Revd. Dr. James Baker of James St., Bedford Row, St. Andrews, Holborn, Middx
(2) John Andrewes of West Sheen, Surrey, esq
Mansion house in Penn, an adjoining orchard and close of meadow called Hopkins, and a close of meadow adjoining Hopkins called Faunch's meadow
Term: 31 years, determinable upon the death of (1) or (2)
Rent: £12 p.a

Letter from John Andrewes to his uncle containing details of the poor rate owed for property in Penn  D-X852/7  11 February 1766

Rental of an estate in Penn. Includes reference to land leased by Mr. Andrews  D-X852/8  c.1767

Bill for bricklayers work done for John Anderwes (sic) at Penn by Joseph Tilbey, with list of dimensions of existing brickwork  D-X852/9  9 May 1767

2 Items

Bills and receipts for taxes, craftsmens' and labourers' work, etc., paid by the executors of John Andrews Baker  D-X852/10  Nov. 1768 - Oct. 1769

19 Items

Catalogue  D-X852/11  1769

A Catalogue of the Rich Genuine Household Furniture, China, Linen, Books, Firearms, variety of Wines, Beer, Cyder, and other effects of John Andrews Baker Esq. Deceased at his late Seat at Penn to be sold by auction on 27-30 June 1769. Includes MS notes of prices reached and items omitted from the catalogue

Account of Wicksted and Co. with the executors of John Andrews Baker for arranging the auction of Baker's goods  D-X852/12  1769

Personal and Official papers of Daniel Baker, 1715-1723  [no ref. or date]

During Baker's term of office as Sheriff of Bucks in 1721-2 a general election was called, and as a result he was responsible upon receiving the royal writ for issuing the election precepts to the parliamentary boroughs, and so setting the dates of the elections. The importance of choosing the right dates can be seen in the letters from the Duke of Bridgewater, the Lord Lieutenant (D-X852/19). In the event the polls were held at Aylesbury on 20 March, at Wendover on 21 March and at Chopping Wycombe on 24 March, 1722
Chepping Wycombe Corporation was split into two factions, each of which had appointed a mayor and was supporting a different parliamentary candidate. It is clear from D-X852/19 and 20 that Baker was unsure to which set of Borough officials he should deliver the precept. For further details of this dispute see The History of the Borough of High Wycombe by L.J. Ashford pp.173-174

Commission issued by the Earl of Bridgewater, Lord Lieutenant of Bucks, appointing Daniel Baker captain of the militia company lately commanded by John Fletwode  D-X852/13  6 Oct. 1715

Commission issued by the Earl of Bridgewater, Lord Lieutenant of Bucks, appointing Daniel Baker a Deputy Lieutenant  D-X852/14  22 July 1715

Agreement  D-X852/15  1 March 1720/1

In which Thomas Ingoldesby of Waldridge, Bucks, esq. High Sheriff of Bucks appoints Francis Ligo the younger of Aylesbury, gent., Under Sheriff of the county and lists his responsibilities

Writ 14 Dec. 8 GI  D-X852/16  1721

Giving Thomas Lee bart, Daniel Baker junior, Francis Ligo, Thomas Williams and Robert Pynsent power to administer oaths of Sheriff's office to Daniel Baker, with texts of oaths

Agreement  D-X852/17  22 Jan. 1721/2

In which Daniel Baker of Penn, esq., High Sheriff of Bucks, appoints Thomas Reddall of Eversholt, Beds., gent., Under Sheriff of the County and lists his responsibilities

Bond of Thomas Reddall for performance of above agreement  D-X852/18  22 Jan. 1721/2

Torn in half

Letters from the Duke of Bridgewater concerning the impending elections and the confused situation at Wycombe  D-X852/19  1722

3 Items

In one he discusses the dates on which the election precepts should be delivered to the boroughs and writes 'pray send the precept to Wendover the day after you send it to Aylesbury, because I have some thought to recommend my Bro. there if he should lose it for Aylesbury'

Letters from the Duke of Wharton urging Baker to give the election precept for Wycombe to John Smales as mayor, rather than to his deposed predecessor  D-X852/20  1722

2 Items

Letter from 'D.Baker' at Wycombe addressed to Daniel Baker (styled 'Dear Bro')  D-X852/21  1722

Concerning the progress of the election campaigns at Aylesbury and Wycombe. He will resign his candidacy at Wycombe 'to Mr. Abell or Egerton if they loose it' [i.e. at Aylesbury]

Letter from Duke of Bridgewater, Lord Lieutenant to Daniel Baker  D-X852/22  15 May 1722

Originally accompanying orders for seizing the arms of papists and non jurors and for taking an account of all horses within 20 miles of London

Accounts and bills relating to Daniel Baker's expenses as Sheriff at Bucks Assizes, including tailors' bills for liveries  D-X852/23  1722

16 Items

Writ ordering Daniel Baker to hand over the county of Bucks together with all relevant papers to the new Sheriff, John Fuller, esq. 11 December 9 GI  D-X852/24  1722

Sheriff's Quietus of Daniel Baker, covering his year in office 1721-2  D-X852/25  29 June 1723

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Card containing MS religious verses inspired by Romans VIII. 38.9  D-X852/26  1855

Survey of Alexander Small's estate in Haversham  D-X853  1799

Archival history:
AR 136/84(P)

Volume containing MS survey of the estate of Alexander Small in the parish of Haversham  D-X853/1  1799

Related information: For a plan of the estate of Alexander Small in Clifton Reynes, Emberton and Newton Blossomville, 1792, see Ma/54/1T

This estate, which contained 1,606a. in all, appears to have included virtually all of the parish, which had a total acreage of 1,634. Alexander Small is listed as the sole proprietor in Haversham in the 1799 Land Tax returns. The survey entries include map reference numbers


Administrative history:
The following items are strays found among the Lowndes papers (D/LO). Provenance unknown

FOUNTAIN ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

STOKE HAMMOND  [no ref. or date]

10 acres of land in various parcels (abuttals given), purchased by Thomas and Mark Fountain in 1682, and earlier in the ownership of Jeffrey and Joane Willison  [no ref. or date]

Feoffment  D-X854/1  1682

Messuage and close of pasture containing under one acre, once in the ownership of the Hurndall family, and purchased by Bernard Fountain of Theed Pearce in 1790

Deeds  D-X854/2 - 9  1673-1803

The first conveyance, Thomas Emerton to John Chevall, includes a schedule of strips in the Stoke Hammond common fields. The parties to this series of deeds include Thomas Hurndall, clockmaker, who is not listed in Edward Legg's Clock and Watchmakers of Buckinghamshire

Copyhold property in the manor of Stoke Hammond, including 10 acres, later measured to be 8 acres, once in the ownership of the Hurndall family and acquired by Bernard Fountain of Theed Pearce in 1790  [no ref. or date]

Copies of court roll  D-X854/10 - 14  1700-1790

Discharge of William and Mary Hurndall, administrators, of the estate of Henry Taylor, who died intestate  D-X854/15  1636


Tenements and closes of land (30a.) previously in the ownership of the Gilks family, conveyed by Bernard Fountain to his father Bernard

Lease and release  D-X854/16 - 17  1817

STOKE HAMMOND  [no ref. or date]

Copyhold parcel adjoining the Grand Junction Canal on West, assigned to Bernard Fountain in 1819  [no ref. or date]

Deeds  D-X854/18 - 21  1815-1819

Baptist Chapel at Stoke Hammond  [no ref. or date]

Parcel of land and chapel, to be maintained as a place of religious worship for baptists for as long as ten men and women did worship there and to be sold if it was disused for the space of two years. Purchased in 1842 when the Chapel was built, it was sold to Bernard and Bernard Thomas Fountain in 1862 by which time it had not been used for religious worship for a period of over two years

Deeds  D-X854/22 - 23  1842-1862

The first deed bears the name and signature of the following ten individuals who are presumed to have formed the nucleus of the proposed Chapels: Thomas Palmer Andrews, William Turner the Elder, William Gibberd, William Turner the Younger, Benjamin Clements the Elder, Thomas Jones, John Deverell, Benjamin Clements the Younger, John Foster and John Curtis

BUCKLAND  [no ref. or date]

Close of meadow pasture or sward ground purchased by Bernard Fountain in 1833

Covenant to produce deeds  D-X854/24  1833

GREAT BRICKHILL  [no ref. or date]

Parcels of land called Miller's Piece and Swan's Nest Meadow, purchased by Bernard Fountain in 1834

Deeds  D-X854/25 - 29  1813-1834

MISCELLANEA  [no ref. or date]

WING  [no ref. or date]

Cotslow House, 209 acres and great tithes

Lease for 21 years: Philip earl of Chesterfield to Francis Sayell, dairyman  D-X854/30  1780

Endorsed 'useless parchment'

WILSTEAD (Beds)  [no ref. or date]

Land in common fields in Wilshamstead (now Wilstead) purchased by Thomas Laman in 1638

Covenant to levy a fine  D-X854/31  1638

Full abuttals given

Roll of Missenden area sections, Bucks Volunteer Defence Corps  D-X855  c.1914-1918

Archival history:
AR 1/85

Related information: For additional records of the Bucks Volunteer Defence Corps (renamed 3 - 5th Bucks Volunteer Battalions, Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry from 1918) see T/A 7

Roll of the (?) Missenden area sections of Wendover company, 2nd Mid-Bucks Battalion, Bucks Volunteer Defence Corps c.1914-1916  D-X855/1  c.1914-1918

1 Volume

Details given include age, occupation and reason for not joining regular forces. Additional lists give details of ? musketry scores (pp.99-104), attendance at N.C.O. class (pp.115-116), uniform and equipment issue (pp. 127-144) etc
At rear of volume (p.201) are details of shipments of Nestles Milk, 1901-2, giving names of ships

Catalogue of Bell's Asbestos and Engineering Supplies Ltd  D-X856  c.1930

Archival history:
AR 27/85 (G)

Illustrated catalogue of Bell's Asbestos and Engineering Supplies Ltd. The head office and works of the firm were at 'Bestobell' Works, Slough trading estate  D-X856/1  c. 1930

Admission to a copyhold messuage at Ascott, [Askett] Monks Risborough  D-X857  1800

Archival history:
AR 31/85

Admission at Monks Risborough Manor Court of Henry Baldwin the elder of Ascott, Monks Risborough, corndealer, to a copyhold messuage at Ascott  D-X857/1  2 June 1800

Recites surrender of Thomas Carruthers Smith of [?] Risborough, laceman

Agreement concerning attendance by singers at Princes Bisborough Church  D-X858  1813

Archival history:
AR 25/85(L)

Memorandum  D-X858/1  25 January 1813

In which a group of singers, "finding the Psalmody of this Church of St. Mary Princes Bisborough' to have greatly decayed of late", agree to attend divine service there regularly. Names of 11 singers subscribed

Photocopies of deeds relating to the Catesby estate in Hardmead, 1664 and 1674, with transcriptions  D-X859  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 28/85(G)

Marriage settlement  D-X859/1  24 Nov. 1664

(1) Thomas Catesby of Hardmead, esq. Susan Catesby of Hardmead, widow, mother of Thomas
(2) Thomas Hanbury of GreysInn, esq
2 messuages and several closes, inc. Drift Croft, Tomes Close, Sansoms Close, Willow Meadow, and Windmill Field in Hardmead conveyed to (2) for 1,000 year term in consideration of an intended marriage between (2) and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Catesby. The lease to be determined if (1) pay (2) £1,600 on 1 Dec. 1674. (2) covenants to pay (1) £5 p.a. during the first ten years of the term for every acre of pasture and meadow ploughed or broken up

Release  D-X859/2  1 Aug. 1674

(1) Thomas Catesby the elder of Hardmead, esq
Thomas Catesby the younger, son and heir apparent of above
(2) Roger Chapman of Newport Pagnell, gent
Manor house and Manor of Hardmead
Recites mortgage of 8 Nov. 1673 between same parties for £1,800 and further borrowing of £1,300 on same security

Typescript transcripts of D-X859/1 and 2  D-X859/3  n.d

The transcript of D-X859/1 includes details of endorsements which are not on the photocopy

Deeds relating to the title of the manors of Stoke Mandeville and Burleys  D-X860  1744 - 1806

Archival history:
AR 7/85(G)

Lease and Release  D-X860/1,2  29/30 June 1744

(1) Henry Egleton of Stoke Mandeville, gent. (sole executor of Alexander Jennings, surgeon of London, dec'd) and Dorothy his wife
(2) John Smith of St. Margaret Westminster, Middx. esq
Manor of Stoke Mandeville; capital messuage or manor of Burleys; Home Close cont. 8a.; close called Whiteheads cont. 6a. pasture; 7a.3r. of meadow; 110a. of arable and ley ground. All the above property being in the parish of Stoke Mandeville
Consideration: £2,100

Fine Easter Term 18 G II  D-X860/3  1745

(pl.) John Smith, esq
(def.) Henry Egleton and Dorothy his wife
Manors of Stoke Mandeville and Burleys; 2 messuages; 3 cottages; 2 garths; 2 stables; 2 orchards; 2 gardens; 110a. of land; 15a. of meadow; 20a. of pasture; £4-6-11 yearly rent; etc
Consideration: £520

Bargain and Sale  D-X860/4  24 May 1745

(1) Henry Egleton of Stoke Mandeville, gent., (sole executor of Alexander Jennings, surgeon of London dec'd) and Dorothy his wife
(2) John Smith of St. Margaret Westminster, Middx. esq
Property as D-X860/1, 2
Consideration: £2,100

Lease (release missing)  D-X860/5  17 October 1786

(1) John Townshend of Southwark, Surrey, gent., Thomas Griffith of Southwark, Surrey, up-holder
(2) Joseph Lucas of Rowsham, Wingrave, gent
Manor of Stoke Mandeville; Manor and farm of Burleys in Stoke Mandeville
Term: 1 year
Consideration: 5s
Intention to complete Release expressed
Recites conveyance of property to Townshend 8/9 Aug. 1786

Articles of agreement  D-X860/6  3 November 1796

(1) William Wiseman Clarke of Ardington, Berks., gent
(2) Joseph Lucas of Rowsham, Wingrave, yeo
(1) Agrees to convey to (2) his life interest in the property below and to bar the entail upon his daughter coming of age in return for a total consideration of £1,300
Manors of Stoke Mandeville and Burleys; Manor Farm; Home Close cont. 6a. of pasture; Whiteshade or Long Close cont. 5a. of pasture; 118a. 1r. of land lying in the common fields and meadows of Stoke Mandeville (abutments given)
(1)'s life interest arises from the will of Samuel Smith of St. Margaret Westminster, Middx. dec'd., and is expectant upon the death without heirs of Richard Stevenson

Lease  D-X860/7  11 Sept. 1806

(1) William Wiseman Clarke of Ardington, Berks., esq
(2) Charles Lucas of Stoke Mandeville, gent
Manor of Stoke Mandeville; manor and farm called Burleys; all the land in Stoke Mandeville in which (1) has an interest
Term: 99 years
Consideration: £1,300
Covenant that (1)'s heir will bar the entail upon attaining full age
Recites relevant provisions of will of Samuel Smith, purchase by (2) of Richard Stevenson's life interest in above property, and subsequent death of Richard Stevenson

Minute books and other papers of the Vale of Aylesbury Cricket Club and the Aylesbury Town Cricket Club  D-X861  1866-1949

Archival history:
AR 24/85

Administrative history:
The date of the original foundation of the Aylesbury cricket club is not known. A report in the minutes of the Annual Meeting of 22 Feb. 1932 (see item 4) states that the secretary had searched the 'Herald' files, and "in the issue dated August 10, 1845 found a report of a meeting held when the old cricket club was revived". However, the Bucks Herald was published on the 9 August in 1845, and a search of the issues of the 9 and 16 August as well as the Aylesbury News issues of the same dates, has failed to reveal any mention of the meeting
The club was known originally as the Vale of Aylesbury Cricket Club. This was wound up in 1895, and replaced by the Aylesbury Cricket Club (also known from c.1900 as the Aylesbury Town Cricket Club). The new club played from its inception on the County Cricket Ground in Wendover Road. When the Aylesbury and District Sports Club was created in 1910 to take over the running of the County Ground the Aylesbury Cricket Club formed the cricket section of that organisation

Minute book of Vale of Aylesbury Cricket Club. At back is undated list of playing and honorary members  D-X861/1  1866-1877

Minute book of Vale of Aylesbury Cricket Club (to 1895) and Aylesbury (Town) Cricket Club (from 1895). At back is list of [?] members, 1920  D-X861/2  1893-1910

Minute book of Aylesbury (Town) Cricket Club. 1912-1913, 1920-1927  D-X861/3  1912-1927

Minute book of Aylesbury (Town) Cricket Club. Includes at back minutes of Aylesbury Sports Club Dance Committee, 1936-7  D-X861/4  1931-1948

Audited balance sheet of Aylesbury Town Cricket Club for 1910 (found loose in D-X861/2)  D-X861/5  1911

Letter from R. Gadsden resigning as umpire (found loose in D-X861/2)  D-X861/6  5 April 1911

Miscellaneous correspondence and other papers, mostly concerning fixture dates (found loose in D-X861/3)  D-X861/7  1926-1927

Agenda for Annual General Meeting, with Hon. Sec's. report for the 1948 season and the seasons statistics (found loose in D-X861/4)  D-X861/8  22 Feb. 1949

Aylesbury: local library centre committee  D-X862  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 19/85

Minute book of Aylesbury local library centre committee and sub-committees  D-X862/1  1923-1941

Deeds and other papers relating to Iver, Datchet and Turville  D-X863  1895-1948

Archival history:
AR 36/85

Conveyance  D-X863/1  2 October 1895

(1) Christopher John Hume Tower of Weald Hall, Brentwood, Essex, esq
(2) Stephen Hall of Iver, yeo
7a. 1r. 26p. meadow in Iver, formerly part of Wide Croft common field
Consideration: £780
Includes plan

Mortgage  D-X863/2  24 October 1895

(1) Stephen Hall of Iver, yeo
(2) William Francis Chave of Hereford, gent., Richard Woodley Burrows of Twickenham, Middx. brewers
Property as above
Consideration: £600
Endorsed with reconveyance of property to executor of (1)'s widow, 1899
According to attached note part of this property was later sold to Iver School Board

Draft conveyance  D-X863/3  9 November 1896

(1) Hugh Lindsay Antrobus, and Hon. Henry Dudley Kyder of 59 Strand, London
(2) Charles Hoare and Algernon Augustine de Lille Strickland of 37 Fleet Street, bankers
(3) Henry Frederick Nicholl of 1 Howard Street, London, Francis Edward James Smith of 44 Lincolns Inn
(4) Lord Montagu of Beaulie
(5) Hon. John Scott Montagu eldest son of (4)
(6) Arthur Hill Druce of the Manor Hotel, Datchet, hotel keeper
Shop and premises facing Datchet Green, to (6)
Consideration: £500 to (1)
Beneficial owners are (4) and (5)
Includes plan

Contract for sale of 'Cherry Trees' (formerly known as Holly Tree Cottage) North End Common, Turville from Mrs. S.F. Cluysenaar to Mr. M. Wright for £7,250  D-X863/4  3 August 1948

Includes particulars and plan

Papers relating to the estate of Job Gates, dec'd. 1875-1877 referring to property in Wing  D-X864  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 35/85

Letters of administration of the estate of Job Gates of 2 Wine Office Court, Fleet St., London, police constable, granted to Anne Gates, his widow  D-X864/1  18 January 1875

Release  D-X864/2  31 May 1877

(1) John Gates of Ascot Green, Wing, yeo
(2) Anne Gates of 2 Wine Office Court, Fleet St., London, widow
All (1)'s interest in the personal estate and effects of his late father Job Gates. (1) also releases (2) from any claim in respect of the mortgage debt on property in Wing now held by (1)
Recites that (1) and (2) have been in dispute over the estate of Job Gates, and that this release forms part of the settlement

Deed disentailing estate of John Watkins of Slough, deceased  D-X865  1900

Archival history:
AR 39/85

Disentailing deed  D-X865/1  1 March 1900

(1) William John Watkins Gale of Manor Villas, Slough, yeo
(2) Richard Henry Barrett of Slough, gent
(1) Conveys all property and investments in which he has an interest as tenant - in-tail under the will of John Watkins of Manor Villas (d.1863) to (2) as Trustee for (1), to the intent that the estate should be disentailed

Conveyance of Spratleys Meadow, Amersham  D-X866  1859

Archival history:
AR 40/85

Conveyance  D-X866/1  11 October 1859

(1) Sarah Littleboy of Gt. Berkhampstead, Herts., widow
(2) Charles Benet Drake Garrard of Lamer Park, Herts., esq
(3) Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake of Shardeloes, Amersham, esq
3 pieces of meadow cont. 7a.1r.39p. and known as Spratleys Meadows, at the west end of the town of Amersham, to (2) to the use of (3)
Consideration: £1,050
Recites relevant provisions of family settlement of 1846 by Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake the elder (d.1852)
Includes plan

Deed concerning Padbury Rectory and Tithes  D-X867  1618

Archival history:
AR 44/85

Office copy of deed (1 Jan. 15 J I, 1618) to lead the uses of a recovery of the rectory and tithes of Padbury  D-X867/1  c.1710


The recovery is to be suffered by Sir Thomas Temple of Stowe et al. in favour of a number of local landowners and occupiers. The rectory house is to be conveyed to William Chaplyn of Padbury and c.25 others are to obtain tithes of corn, grain and sheaf for land, (described) which they own or occupy. The deed includes arrangements for the continued payment of an annual fee farm rent to the King and of other charges due from Padbury rectory and tithes

Photocopy of memoranda concerning Thornborough and the inclosure of the parish  D-X868  1797-1801

Archival history:
AR 30/85(G)

Photocopies of memoranda originally accompanying a copy of Thornborough Inclosure Act  D-X868/1  1797-1801

The notes appear to be by John King senior, who was one of the assessors of the 1797 Thornborough Land Tax return. They include a table setting out window tax rates, 1799, a list of occupiers and owners with the [?] rateable value of their property headed 'Thornborough Inclosure 1797', miscellaneous memoranda about leases, rents, etc

Transcription of a number of the memoranda by Dr. D. Mills  D-X868/2  n.d

Miscellaneous Bucks records from the papers of the late John Bennett of West Mersea, Essex  D-X869  1759-c1824

Archival history:
AR 54/85

Bond  D-X869/1  17 Feb. 1759

Bond in £500 from Mary Lovett, widow, William Lovett, Sarah Lovett, William Saunders, lacebuyer, and Elizabeth Lovett, all of Chepping Wycombe, to Hannah Allnutt of Chepping Wycombe, widow, for repayment of £250 and interest

Lease  D-X869/2  14 May 1760

(1) Lord George Sackvile and Diana his wife, John Lord Viscount Bateman and Elizabeth his wife
(2) Thomas Judge of Buckingham, innholder
Messuage called the Dun Cow with one other little messuage belonging to it in West Street, Buckingham, and two closes of meadow called hither kiln close and further kiln close, also in Buckingham. Timber and fishing rights reserved
Term: 21 years
Rent: £35 pa. plus £5 pa. for every acre of land ploughed up

Copy of certified extracts from Fingest parish registers relating to burials of members of the Batten/Batting family, 1723-1806. No date, but c1824 watermark  D-X869/3  c1824

Account book of E.D. Pollard and Sons for Tingewick Mill  D-X870  1885-1890

Archival history:
AR 139/84

For the history of Tingewick Mill and details of other account books and papers relating to the Mill, 1846-1965, see D 155
How the volume came to be separated from the other account books is not known. It belonged to the depositor's father, Harold Baines (1888-1958) and possibly to his grandfather Frederick John Baines (1847-1928), who moved to Tingewick soon after 1890, having previously farmed at Finmere, Oxon. Neither had any financial connection with the mill

Account book labelled at front 'E.D. Pollard and Sons - Tingewick Mill'  D-X870/1  1885-1890

Entries list goods and services supplied to customers on a daily basis. At rear are details of purchases of grain and other produce

Deeds relating to copyhold property held of the Manor of Winslow, including the Boot Inn  D-X872  1815-1870

Archival history:
AR 47/85

Administrative history:
The entry for the Boot public house in the 1872 Return of Public and Beer Houses (ref. Q RLV) records that it was first granted a licence in 1835, although the Registers of Licenced Victuallers suggest that it may have existed at an earlier date (see A Window on Winslow, A. Wigley 1981, p.55-56). The pub is now called The Devil in the Boot

Admission of William Higgins of Winslow, labourer, upon death of his father Nicholas Higgins of Winslow, labourer  D-X872/1  30 October 1815

North end of messuage in Tinkers End, Winslow, consisting of a lower room and chamber over it with outhouses and part of yard

Admission of Thomas Lomath of Winslow, cordwainer, upon surrender of William Higgins of Winslow, labourer  D-X872/2  25 October 1830

Parcel of land in Tinkers End, Winslow, upon which the north end of a messuage and outhouses formerly stood
Consideration: £10

Copy of memorandum of conditional surrender (effecting mortgage) by Thomas Lomath of Winslow, cordwainer and Mary his wife to the use of John Hobbs of Gt. Howood, shepherd  D-X872/3  23 March 1838

Parcel of land in Tinkers End, Winslow, as in D-X872/2, on part of which Thomas Lomath has erected a beer shop known as the Boot. Also a copyhold messuage in Tinkers End, with 2 further messuages erected on the adjoining yard and garden
Consideration: £100

Copy admission of Bridget Yeates of Winslow, spinster, upon death of her brother Samuel Yeates of Winslow, gent  D-X872/4  31 October 1842

Property in Winslow as below
Cottage in Tinkers End; several cottages lately erected upon the site of cottages destroyed by fire; brick messuage in Market Square; messuage in Western Lane, converted into two tenements, with a messuage erected on the adjoining land; 1a.17p. of newly enclosed meadow on the s. side of the preceding messuage; close of pasture called Lower Baulk; 4a.7p. of inclosed land in New Mill Field; close of pasture containing 2½a. in hamlet of Shipton, with cow house and other buildings erected upon it; cottage with use of adjoining well; 19a.1r.20p. of land in New Mill Field; 6a.23p. of pasture in New Mill Field. And also 26a.1r.16p. of land in Bow Mead Common, Grandborough, now divided into 2 parts

Copy of memorandum of conditional surrender (effecting mortgage) by Thomas Lomath of Winslow, cordwainer, and Mary his wife to the use of Bridget Yeates of Winslow, spinster  D-X872/5  17 January 1844

Property in Winslow as below
Messuage in Gt. Horn St. now divided into 2; east end of a messuage in Tinkers End; parcel of ground in Tinkers End on which 2 messuages and a stable have been erected in place of a cottage which was pulled down; cottage in Tinkers End
Consideration: £180

Copy court roll recording admission out of court of Thomas Lomath of Winslow, cordwainer, upon surrender of Bridget Yeates of Winslow, spinster, on 17 January 1844  D-X872/6  28 October 1844

Cottage in Tinkers End, Winslow, with adjoining garden and yard
Consideration: £70

Admission  D-X872/7  25 October 1869

Admission of William Matthews of Winslow, builder, and William Henry Lomath of Winslow, bookmaker, upon surrender of George Wood of New York, commercial clerk (a Trustee of the will of Thomas Lomath) and Thomas William Dickins of Horsley St., Walworth, Surrey, beerhousekeeper (grandson and heir of Thomas Lomath), to hold upon the trusts declared in the will of Thomas Lomath
Messuage in Gt. Horn St., now divided into 2; parcel of ground in Tinkers End, Winslow, previously the site of the north end of a messuage, together with the ale house called the Boot erected on the site; parcel of ground in Tinkers End on which a cottage formerly stood, together with the 2 cottages and stable erected upon it; cottage in Tinkers End with adjoining garden and yard; messuage now in 3 tenements in Little Horwood; cottage now in 2 tenements erected on part of the garden of the above messuage

Surrender  D-X872/8  2 February 1870

Copy of memorandum of surrender out of court by William Matthews of Winslow, builder and William Henry Lomath of Winslow bootmaker to the use of Alfred Hopcraft of Brackley, Northants, common brewer
Parcel of ground in Tinkers End, Winslow, previously the site of the north end of a messuage, together with the ale house called the Boot erected on the site; cottage in Tinkers End with adjoining garden and yard
Consideration: £225

Admission of Alfred Hopcraft of Brackley, Northants, common brewer, upon surrender of William Matthews of Winslow, builder, and William Henry Lomath of Winslow, bootmaker  D-X872/9  31 October 1870

Property and consideration as in D-X872/8

Records of the Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League  D-X873  1927 - 1954

Archival history:
AR 57/85(L)

Minute book of Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League  D-X873/1  1927-1932

Minute book of Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League  D-X873/2  1932-1954

Newspaper cuttings reporting annual general meetings of the League. (2 items found loose in D-X873/2)  D-X873/3  c.1937-1939

Copy admission to copyhold messuage in Whitchurch  D-X874  1897

Archival history:
AR 58/85(G)

Admission  D-X874/1  n.d. (9 July 1897)

Copy of admission out of court of Charles William Foster of Whitchurch, baker, to messuage in Whitchurch held of the manor of Whitchurch upon death of his father, Edward Henry Foster (incomplete)

Title deeds referring to the White Lion Public house, Princes Risborough, copyhold of the manor of Princes Risborough  D-X875  1760-1850

Archival history:
AR 60/85

Copy court roll  D-X875/1  4 June 1760

Admission of John Floyd of Tyle End Green, Penn, yeoman, upon surrender of John Cock of Princes Risborough, butcher
Messuage in Princes Risborough which, when occupied by Winifred Dossett, was 'then lately new built', and has since been converted into 2 tenements, together with adjoining close of arable or garden ground cont. 2½a
Abutments given
Recites conditional surrender of John Floyd senior, dec'd., to John Cock 1759

Copy court roll  D-X875/2  3 April 1771

Admission of Thomas Floyd upon death of his brother, John Floyd of Tyler End Green, Penn, yeoman
Messuage in Princes Risborough which, when occupied by Winifred Dossett, was 'then lately new built', and has since been converted into 2 tenements

Quitclaim  D-X875/3  11 October 1785

(1) George Hearn of Princes Risborough, farmer, and Sarah his wife. Ann Hearn of Chepping Wycombe, spinster
(2) John Floyd of Tylers Green, Chepping Wycombe, brickmaker
(1) Acknowledges payment by (2) of 2 legacies of £50 left in will of John Floyd of Tylers Green, Chepping Wycombe, brickmaker, dec'd

Bond in £200  D-X875/4  11 October 1785

(1) Thomas Floyd of Tylers Green, Chepping Wycombe, brickmaker
(2) John Parslow of Princes Risborough, victualler
Recites surrender of messuage as in D-X875/2 by (1) to use of (2) and guarantees that (1)'s title is free from incumbrances

Copy court roll  D-X875/5  24 August 1786

Admission of John Parslow of Princes Risborough, victualler, upon surrender of Thomas Floyd of Tylers Green, Chepping Wycombe, brickmaker
Property as in D-X875/2

Copy court roll  D-X875/6  9 May 1789

Admission of Joseph Parslow, a minor, by his mother and guardian, upon death of his father John Parslow of Princes Risborough, victualler
Property as in D-X875/2

Copy of memorandum of conditional surrender out of court (effecting mortgage)  D-X875/7  31 May 1810

By Joseph Parslow of Princes Risborough, victualler, to the use of John and William Weller of Amersham, brewers and co-partners
Property as in D-X875/2
Consideration: £450

Copy court roll  D-X875/8  24 August 1815

Admission of John and William Weller of Amersham, brewers and co-partners upon default of Joseph Parslow of Princes Risborough, victualler, on recited mortgage (see D-X875/7), with release by Joseph Parslow
Property as in D-X875/2
Consideration: £120

Copy court roll  D-X875/9  31 March 1845

Admission of Edward Weller of Amersham, common brewer upon deaths of John and William Weller of Amersham, brewers and co-partners
Property as in D-X875/2, with 1r. 14p. of land on the hillock, bounded on the north by the Windmill Road, allotted in lieu of copyhold common rights in The Princes Risborough Inclosure Award

Declaration  D-X875/10  14 April 1845

By Edward Weller of Amersham, common brewer, that he holds the copyhold properties conveyed to him in D-X875/9 in trust for himself and his cousin William Weller, according to the terms of their articles of co-partnership of 21 April 1844. Messuages in Princes Risborough now described as tenement known as The White Lion, and adjoining bakers shop

Copy court roll  D-X875/11  29 November 1819

Admission of Charlotte Weller, wife of Thomas Weller, of Amersham, butcher, upon death of her mother Mary Morris
Close of arable land or garden ground called Vaughan's Garden and cont. 2½ a. in Princes Risborough. Abutments given including common highway to north

Copy of will of Mary Morris of Putnam Place, Penn, widow. Made 28 Jan. 1810, and proved 11 Aug. 1810  D-X875/12  c.1843

No date, but c 1843 - watermark

Copy court roll  D-X875/13  30 August 1845

Admission out of court of Stephen Weller of Chepping Wycombe, yeoman, upon death of his mother, Charlotte Weller of Penn, widow
Property as D-X875/11

Copy of above item D-X875/13  D-X875/14  c.1845

Copy court roll  D-X875/15, 16  14 February 1846

2 Copies

Admission out of court of Edward and William Weller of Amersham, brewers and co-partners as tenants in common upon surrender of Stephen Weller of Newlands, Chepping Wycombe, yeoman
Property as D-X875/11

Surrender  D-X875/17  25 June 1850

Copy of surrender out of court of Edward Weller of Amersham, esq. to the use of William Weller of Amersham, brewer, with signed receipt for consideration
Property in Princes Risborough: 3 messuages, formerly 2, one of which is called the White Lion public house; 1r.14p. of land on the Hillocks; moiety of 2½a. of arable land called Vaughan's Garden adjoining the White Lion; moiety of The Bell public house, 2 adjoining cottages, 3r.7p. of land in Pound Piece and 3r. 34p. of land in Pond Field
Abutments given
Consideration: £995

Copy court roll  D-X875/18  25 June 1850

Admission out of court of William Weller of Amersham, brewer, upon surrender of Edward Weller of Amersham, esq
Property and consideration as D-X875/17

Bills, receipts and correspondence relating to the conveyancing of the above properties and the payment of manorial fees  D-X875/19/1-11  1815-1848

11 Items

Post nuptial settlement of Frederick Henry and Sarah Sabina Welch of Whitchurch, with later endorsements  D-X876  1868 - 1891

Archival history:
AR 67/85

Post nuptial settlement of Frederick Henry Welch of Whitchurch, butcher, and his wife Sarah Sabina Welch (nee Fincher)  D-X876/1  8 Feb. 1868

Relates to property and legacies inherited by Sarah Sabina Welch: reversionary interests in a bequest of £250 and in £700 stock; 1/3 share in a number of copyhold properties in Whitchurch, ie. a messuage in Market Hill with adjoining Home Close, another messuage, a close of arable called Hardwick Hill, a small close called Picked Piece, a small close called the Riddy, and a close of pasture formerly called Inn Hill and now called Lower Riddy, these four closes containing 51a. 2r. 12p. and having comprised part of Whitchurch open fields prior to the Inclosure Award; a freehold messuage in Whitchurch
Recites marriage settlement of Elizabeth Toogood and John Fincher, 1837, etc
Endorsed 25 May 1889 with (1) appointment of new trustees, reciting sale of copyhold properties, etc. and including schedule of Trustees' accounts
(2) Release of Trustees upon winding up of settlement, including schedule of Trustees' accounts

Miscellaneous papers found with D-X876/1  D-X876/2  1868

6 Items

Including certificate issued by the Commissioners for the Acknowledgement of Deeds by Married Women, and copies of notices of D-X876/1 sent to interested parties

Architect's Papers Relating to The Old Manor House, Swanbourne  D-X877  1924 - 1925

Archival history:
AR 11/85

Papers of Messrs. Franklin and Deacon, architects and surveyors of Luton relating to proposed repairs to the Old Manor House, Swanbourne, belonging to Lord Cottesloe
Their proposals were not in fact carried out

Correspondence between Messrs. Franklin and Deacon and Lord Cottesloe including 2 schemes and estimated cost of work  D-X877/1  1924-1925

A tracing of the site (taken from 1898 and drafts of the 2 schemes  D-X877/2  N.D

Small photos of parts of the house  D-X877/3  N.D

Apprenticeship Indenture  D-X878  1859

Archival history:
AR 86/85

Aylesbury: Apprenticeship indenture  D-X878/1  26 Nov. 1859

Thomas Eldridge son of George Eldridge, deceased of Butlers Cross, Bucks., bound apprentice to Milford Reed of Aylesbury, Newspaper Proprietor and Printer
Consideration: £10

Bucks Fines and amercements  D-X879  1371-75

Archival history:
AR 88/85

List  D-X879/1  1371-1375

Copies information: Photocopies - 4 A3 sheets - of originals held at Regenstein Library, University of Chicago (Bacon MS4415)

List of estreats of fines and amercements before justices in Beds 1371-4 and list of fines and amercements before the Barons of the Exchequer awaiting execution of writs pro rege. Also extract from 1375 memoranda rolls for Beds and Bucks

Accounts for Tingewick Mill, 1835-42, and for New College Estate in Tingewick, 1847-1929  D-X880  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 90/85

Source of acquisition: The volume was given to the depositor by a former owner of Radclive Mill, Bucks

Related information: For other accounts of Tingewick Mill, 1846-1904, see B.R.O. D155, D-X870

Volume inscribed, inside cover, "Thomas Arnatt, Tingewick Mill"  D-X880/1  1835-1929

Some entries, 1844-50, are signed by Jonathan Arnatt containing accounts as follows
Milling accounts in ledger form, with index, 1835-1842, with some memoranda of rent receipts, etc., to 1844 (incl. Mr. Turner for rent of mill)
At back, reversed
Accounts of corn bought and paid for, in date order, 1835/6-1840
Accounts, arranged by tenants, of rent receipts for various named properties, from internal evidence all apparently part of the estate of New College, Oxford, 1847-1929. (Includes rents of mill leased to Mr. Pollard, from 1847)
F'cap. vol., some pages missing and some loose

Archaeological notes of St. John O. Gamlen relating to excavations at Notley Abbey, Long Crendon, in 1938  D-X881  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: Transferred to the County Museum, 19.1.1987

Archival history:
AR 94/85

Related information: For reports of earlier excavations at Notley Abbey, 1929-1933, see Records of Buckinghamshire vols. XII - XIII

Large volume inscribed in pencil on flyleaf "Notley Abbey. Notes of Window Glass MDCCCCXXXVIII"  D-X881/1  1938

Included are: plan of trenches with details of finds in each; photographs (23, incl. 14 of site) and letter on the condition and attempts to clean/preserve the glass; a few brief notes and sketches of glass fragments outside of Bucks; contemporary newspaper cuttings relating to medieval glass at Canterbury, Coventry and York

Pencilled sketch plan of whereabouts of tiles and nature of the ground  D-X881/2  1937

Place not specified

Scrap book of newspaper cuttings of excavations of ecclesiastical sites, in Britain and abroad  D-X881/3  1958-1970

A few Bucks items (p.14 Lt. Missenden, p.56 Long Crendon)

Auction Sale particulars and other papers relating to Harwood Downs Farm and Hertfordshire House Farm, etc., in the Chalfonts and Amersham (mainly Grove family estate)  D-X882  1817-1864

Archival history:
AR 97/85

Harwood Downs Farm (129a.) in Chalfont St. Giles, Chalfont St. Peter and Amersham  [no ref. or date]

Sale particulars of Harwood Downs Farm. With endorsed notes and acknowledgement of purchase by George Ive  D-X882/1  July 1817

Certificate of Contract for redemption of land tax and appended associated documents on lands in Chalfont St. Peter and Chalfont St. Giles belonging to George Ive  D-X882/2  28 Sept. 1818

Abstract of the above contract relating to the payment of the redemption of land tax  D-X882/3  6 Oct. 1818

On printed pro forma addressed to Geo. Ive, Gerrards Cross
At reverse: MS note of slates laid and of bell traps for stone sink. n.d

Office copy of above land tax contract  D-X882/4  6 Nov. 1818

Sale particulars of freehold and copyhold estates of the late George Ive at Gerrards Cross  D-X882/5  May 1835

Including House at Gerrards Cross; Harwood Downs farm and 177a.3r.2p. of land; cottage in Chalfont St. Peter

Accompanying map of Harwood Downs farm  D-X882/5b  May 1835

Plan of Harwood Downs Farm, property of Mr. C. Groves. n.d. but watermarked 1860  D-X882/6  c1860

Valuation of Timber and trees on Harwood Down (sic) Farm, property of John Grove  D-X882/7  July 1860

Covering letter from George Vernon, the surveyor of the above  D-X882/7b  July 1860

Hertfordshire House and Farm, Coleshill  [no ref. or date]

Mason's bill of Philip Davies of Pond Place, Chelsea for work done on the farm and referring to the "new house" [quite detailed description] to Mr. Grove  D-X882/8  1847

Receipt attached
See also D-X882/11

Inventory of the Tillages and Fixtures of Herts House and Farm, Coleshill  D-X882/9  Aug. 1864


Others  [no ref. or date]

Certificate of contract for, and schedule for redemption of, land tax on closes in Woodside, Amersham, and Chalfont St. Giles  D-X882/10  16 Aug. 1806

2 Items

Belonging to Kender Mason of Beel House, Amersham

2 bills detailing work carried out for Mr. Grove by S. Wade of Chelsea, smith  D-X882/11  1845 & 1846

Residence for which carried out not specified

Plan of Snells farm in Amersham and Chalfont St. Giles (made to accompany sale particulars of the same J. Grove an adjoining owner)  D-X882/12  July 1859

Papers relating to the estate of George Powlett (Poulett) of Amport, Hants., Hanslope, and elsewhere  D-X883  c.1787-1812

Archival history:
The documents were found among the papers of the donor's late father
AR 99/85

Bill to George Powlett Esq., from John Parker for legal work in connection with selling his Hanslope estate  D-X883/1  1787

Copy of Dean and Chapter Act book entry at Chichester concerning the building of a new vicarage at Amport, Hants., on land given by G. Powlett in exchange for site of existing vicarage  D-X883/2  12 April 1790

Summary abstract of title of G. Powlett to leasehold property in Amport, Hants., 1745-82  D-X883/3  n.d [late C18]

Valuation by J. Higgins of a farm in the occupation of Thomas Stanton at Hanslope  D-X883/4  n.d [late C18]

Letter to "My Dear Lord" from W. Franks regarding the genealogy of the former's family  D-X883/5  23 May 1812

Deeds of Property in Burnham  D-X884  1855-1889

Archival history:
AR 62/85

Related information: See also previous deposit of Burnham deeds by Messrs Barrett and Thomson, D-X543

Deeds of property at Lent Green, Burnham  D-X884/1-9  1855-1889

Owned by Maurice Bayley of Dartford, Kent (son of William Bayley of Burnham, farmer) and later by Edward Dyke of Taplow, schoolmaster (purchased (b) in 1882 and (a) in 1889)
The property falls into 2 lots
(a) 2 adjoining messuages at Lent Green fronting the road from Lent Green to Vicarage Meadow; [part of] Further Lent Meadow, no. 263 on the parish tithe map; cottage and garden/orchard fronting the road from Lent Green to Vicarage Meadow, c.2r. 33p. (the latter property is mentioned only in deed no. 9, 1889)
(b) Messuages nos. 259 and 260 on tithe map; Lent Orchard, nos. 261 and 262 on tithe map (no. 262 was formerly part of Further Lent Meadow); 3 parcels of arable, nos. 316, 322 and 323 on the tithe map (deed no. 3 includes a plan of property in (b)
Papers catalogue in record office includes section of map showing a) and b)

Copy conveyance by Edmund Mason of Slough, to John Hargreaves of a farmhouse and c.81a. of land in Burnham, Dorney and Hitcham. With plan  D-X884/10  1857

Miscellaneous deeds and papers relating to Iver and S. Bucks  D-X886  1863-1916

Archival history:
AR 126/84

Executorship papers of Thomas Fox, grocer, of the Post Office, Iver  D-X886/1  1906-16

13 Items

Comprising: Copy of will of Thomas Fox 1916 and of a previous will 1906; Assignment of executership, executors accounts and accompanying bills, 1916; statement of purchase of business by Mr. T.A. Fox, son of the deceased 1916

Miscellaneous (copy) deeds of property in Chalfont St. Giles  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance  D-X886/2  16 July 1863

(1) Harry Birch late of Amersham, now of Reading, Berks
(2) James Edward Pearce of New Brentford, Middx., orange merchant
(1) to (2) Messuage and 2 cottages (built by Wm. Carter) at "Three Households" Chalfont St. Giles. and 10p of land
Consideration: £112,10s

Sale catalogue of Sutmers Farm, Chalfont St. Giles, 2 cottages and 72a. of land  D-X886/3  1869

Counterpart lease for 21 years  D-X886/4  28 March 1882

(1) Miss Sophia Claire Nicholas of High Wycombe, spinster
(2) Mr. Thomas Budgen of (?) Finsbury, Middx., grocer
(1) to (2) of no. 8 Church St., Chepping Wycombe, now a grocers shop

Copy and certificate of Bill of Sale of Chattels to secure £300  D-X886/5  13 September 1890

(1) Henry Jones of Iver, builder
(2) Messrs. C.E. Stevens & E. Stevens of Osbourne, Stevens & Co., Timber Merchants of Uxbridge
(1) to (2) of various chattels, redeemable on payment of the £300

Agreement for tenancy of Red Castle Villa, Cheapside, Denham  D-X886/6  8 May 1905

(1) William Stiles of Denham
(2) George Carr of Hammersmith, Denham

Underlease for 6 years  D-X886/7  8 September 1905

(1) Nina Mary Adelaide Williams of Bisham, widow, and executrix of Lt. Gen. O.I.P. Williams
(2) James Wicks of Egglesey Farm, Colnbrook
(1) to (2) 95a. 3r. 30p. of Glebe land in Horton, Bucks

Typed copy Agreement and assoc. docs  D-X886/8  March 1907

(1) James Gurney of Iver Grove, Bucks
(2) Osbourne Stevens & Co., Uxbridge, Middx
(1) to (2) 330 oak trees and 30 ash trees in Burgess Wood on Gregory's estate, Beaconsfield

Duplicated deed of dissolution of partnership  D-X886/9  26 Sept. 1916

(1) Frederick Powell, engineer of New Denham
(2) Henry Powell, engineer of New Denham

Booklet and notes on history of Bradenham Manor and Village  D-X887  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 103/85

Bradenham Past and Present  D-X887/1  1985

Illustrated history of Bradenham manor and village by Kenneth Glass
Produced by and for Thornton Baker, chartered accountants

File of historical notes and extracts regarding Bradenham compiled by Kenneth Glass as source material for his above booklet  D-X887/2  1985

Includes copy of a lecture by Rev. E.W. Badger on the history and antiquities of Bradenham (1922); and article in Country Life on Bradenham Manor (1922)

Miscellaneous Papers of the Ward Family of Iver  D-X888  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 98/85

Related information: For information about the Ward family see Ward & Black, History of Iver (London, 1933)

Letters and papers associated with various members of the Ward family of Iver 1796 - 1887 found among papers collected by the late Maurice Bawtree of West Drayton

Letters and papers relating to Charles W. Ward  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
Charles Ward was brother to Rev. Edward Ward, curate of Iver, 1805-35. He married Jane Nash Linley (d.1806) and for many years was secretary of the management committee of the Drury Lane Theatre, London

Bill for £14.6s. owing to A.I.J. Jefferys by Mr. Charles William Ward, 17 Staples Inn, Holborn. (Bill accepted by E. Ward)  D-X888/1  1796

Draft of letter [from C.W. Ward] to John Phillip Kemble congratulating and commenting on his production of "De Montford" which the author admired despite apparent indifference from the audience  D-X888/2  9 May [1800]

11 Sheets

Administrative history:
J.P. Kemble, the celebrated actor, was at this time manager of the Drury Lane Theatre. He adapted Miss Baillie's play "De Montfort" and it was performed at Drury Lane on 29 April 1800. D.N.B

Letter to [C.W.] Ward, from Thomas Sheridan at Longford. n.d. [watermark 1804]  D-X888/3  c1804

Sympathises with his troubles and has written to his father about them
Is not prepared to give a decided answer to Ward's piece (apparently an opera) which he hasn't seen and which is not completed. Advises caution and thinks he should show it to Wroughton (gives reasons)
C.W. Ward's sister-in-law was R.B. Sheridan's wife; Thomas is probably their son (1775-1817)

Letter from C.W. Ward to Linley. Headed Store St., Bedford Square  D-X888/4  1 Jan. 1821

Administrative history:
Linley - probably Ozias Thurston Linley (1766-1831), C.W.'s brother-in-law, who was organist at Dulwich College 1816-31 D.N.B

Seeks post of Keeper of the Gallery at [Dulwich] College

Parts of 2 pieces of writing - one in the ancient Greek democracies, the other on the miraculous cure of an unnamed lady  D-X888/5-6  n.d

Letters and papers relating to Rev. W.S. Ward (1811-89) and family at the parsonage, Iver  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
William Sparrow Ward succeeded his father as the perpetual curate in Iver from 1835-1889. He married Georgina Brown c.1852 and after her death in 1862, married again and had 2 children, Georgina and William Henry

Letters to W.S. Ward and family  D-X888/7 - 16  1833-77

From Henry Raikes at Chester having recently got engaged 1833; 2 letters congratulating Georgina [Brown] on her engagement to W.S. Ward 1852; from Rev. G. Elwin and Army Scripture Readers and Soldiers fund 1849 & 1870; to Mrs. Ward from coach manufacturers re. purchase of a carriage 1871; envelope postmarked Geneva 1873; from Ford and Ford solicitors, 1877; to W.S. Ward and wife, while abroad, from mother Sophie Ward [n.d.]; from niece Edith Fletcher [n.d]

Copy of printed sermon preached by Rev. E.L. Ward, Rector of Blendworth, Hants., on death of Georgina, wife of Rev. W.S. Ward of Iver on 9 Nov  D-X888/17  1862

Letters to Miss Anne Ward at Colne House, Iver  D-X888/18 - 26  1869-87

Administrative history:
Sophie Ann[e] Ward was baptized in 1805, daughter of Rev. Edward and Sophie Ward. She never married and lived most of her life in Colne House, Iver

Envelope postmarked Cannes, France with note about alteration to [Colne] house, 1869
Envelope postmarked Lucerne with note on reverse, 1869; from ? about forthcoming picnic 1870
Reply to Frederick Ward's letter to his aunt, Anne Ward, about his financial situation and mounting debts, 1871
From Frederick Ward about his hard-up situation and visit to Lady Thompson, 1872
Letters from friends 1874 and 1887
Circular from National Safe Deposit Co.Ltd., 1880; from Samuel Clark, Estate Agent, re. the letting of Colne House, 1881

Miscellaneous items: 2 technical drawings, no explanation, no date (one watermarked 1799); jottings  D-X888/27 - 28  c.1799, n.d

Dashwood estates in West Wycombe and St. George's. Hanover Square, London: mortgage papers  D-X889  c.1890-1935

Archival history:
AR 37/85

Documents relating to mortgage of Dashwood family estates to Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., 1892

Abstract of title of Sir Edward Abercromby Dashwood to: Grove Farm, Friars Farm, Park Lane Farm, Mill End Farm, Worsters Farm, West Wycombe, reciting deeds 1838-1853; also plan  D-X889/1/1  n.d.[c.1890]

1 file of 32ff., 1 plan

Abstract of title of Sir Edward Abercromby Dashwood to: Freehold estates, West Wycombe and London, reciting deeds, 1838-1876  D-X889/1/2/1-5  n.d. [c.1890]

1 original file of 176 ff., in 5 sections

Abstract of title of Sir Edward Abercromby Dashwood to: Property, West Wycombe and London, reciting deeds, 1850-1861  D-X889/1/3  1890

1 file of 33ff

Copies and extracts of deeds referred to in D-X889/1/1-3, 1838-1853  D-X889/1/4/1-8  c.1890-1892

8 Items

Copies and abstracts of deeds, 1862-1890  D-X889/1/5/1-4  c.1890-1892

4 Items

Opinions of Mr. Gregory on the case  D-X889/1/6/1,2  1892

2 Items

Copy Transfer of Mortgage for £19,000, on West Wycombe estates, Thomas Lupton to P.A. Co  D-X889/1/7  8 June 1892

Copy Mortgage for £10,267.12s.4d., on West Wycombe estates and London property, David J. Abercromby to P.A. Co  D-X889/1/8  3 August 1892

Copy Drafts and Abstract of Appointments of Trustees, and Declaration  D-X889/1/9/1-3  1892-1893

3 Items

Drafts of D-X889/1/7 and 8; draft Transfer of Mortgage for £5,000 on London property, Lupton to P.A. Co  D-X889/2/1/1-3  8 June 1892

3 Items

Bundle of documents relating to Mortgages and repayment  D-X889/2/2  1892-1935

14 Items

Including: auctioneers' catalogue with plan, for letting of 301, 303, 305, 307, Oxford Street, 17 Hanover Square and 2 Tenterden Street, London, 1901

Documents of John Stevenson McNish of Trafalgar Square, Westminster, Merchant, 1931-1948, including references to property in Horton  D-X890  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 38/85

Magnet Building Society, mortgage pass book of J.S. McNish (annotated in pencil '23 Chatsworth Gardens')  D-X890/1  1931-1948

Legal Charges to J.S. McNish as surety  [no ref. or date]

Horton: Plot 55 (part), 'Farthings', and plot 61 (part), 'Sommit', Castle View Building Estate, Coppermill Road  D-X890/2,3  3 August 1934

2 Items

Coulsdon, Surrey: Plot of land, 'Maysville', part of the Paddock, Coulsdon Court Estate  D-X890/4  25 January 1935

Rickmansworth, Herts: Declaration of J.S. McNish guaranteeing legal charge on 'Mon Abri', Askew Road; receipt for discharge, Land Registry, 1944  D-X890/5/1,2  1934, 1944

2 Items

29 March 1934, cancelled 26 Jan.1944

Surveyor's plans of buildings  D-X891  Mid C20th

Archival history:
AR 41/85

Amersham: Hill Avenue, shops and maisonettes (for letting): plans and elevation  D-X891/1  n.d

1 Item

Aylesbury: 8, High Street: plans and sections proposed alterations  D-X891/2  June 1944

1 item, pencil on tracing paper

Aylesbury: Market Street and Temple Street, shop of William McIlroy Ltd.: second floor plan, section and block plan  D-X891/3  n.d

1 Item

Aylesbury: Two shops [unidentified] and Congregational Church School: ground floor plans (copy)  D-X891/4  n.d

1 item, pencil on tracing paper

Chesham: 18, High Street: plans (copy)  D-X891/5  18 June 1952

1 item, pencil on tracing paper

Colnbrook: Bundle of 5 plans (copies)  D-X891/6  [n.d.]

Poyle Mills: plan [? from O.S.plan] showing site and surrounding area  D-X891/6/a  8 July 1936

1 item, pencil on tracing paper

Poyle Cottages: sketch plan  D-X891/6/b  27 June 1949

1 item, photocopy made from original, which was afterwards destroyed

Horton Road, Falcon Works: site plan  D-X891/6/c  17 May 1951

1 Item

Colnbrook By-pass, Taylor & Co's. site: site plan [apparently based upon 25-inch scale O.S. plan]  D-X891/6/d  n.d

1 item, photocopy made from original, which was afterwards destroyed

Works [unspecified, but apparently the same site as Hove Products, see D-X891/6/b] off Colnbrook By-pass, near River Colne: site plan  D-X891/6/e  n.d

1 item, photocopy made from original, which was afterwards destroyed

Colnbrook: Bundle of 2 plans (copies)  D-X891/7  [n.d.]

Sutton Farm: plan of land  D-X891/7/a  30 May 1939

Pencil on tracing paper

Colnbrook By-pass, Hove Products, works: site plan  D-X891/7/b  n.d

Pencil on tracing paper

Gerrards Cross: Bundle of 4 plans  D-X891/8  [n.d.]

Garden Reach: plan [?based upon 25-inch scale O.S. plan] relating to claim under Town and Country Planning Act  D-X891/8/a  10 May 1949

1 Item

No. 2. The Highway: plans (copy)  D-X891/8/b  10 September 1954

1 item, pencil on tracing paper

Woodhill Farm Estate: plans [?based upon 25-inch and 6-inch scale O.S. plans] showing numbered lots of land for sale  D-X891/8/c  n.d

1 Item

Land at Gerrards Cross, around corner of Bulstrode Way and Packhorse Road  D-X891/8/d  n.d

1 item, photocopy made from original which was afterwards destroyed

Iver: Britannic Electric Cable and Construction Co. Ltd.: site plan of premises (copy)  D-X891/9  29 November 1948

1 Item

Slough: 20,22,24,26 High Street: plans and elevations of proposed flats and shops  D-X891/10  1933-1934

1 bdl

Wendover: Boddington House: ground plan showing proposed alterations  D-X891/11  June [?1949]

1 Item

West Drayton: Old Farm Road, factory: ground plan (copy)  D-X891/12  9 August 1948

1 item, photocopy made from original, which was afterwards destroyed

Miscellaneous papers of Parker Garrett and Co., solicitors of London, (some originally of Rivington and Sons)  D-X892  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 42/85

D-X892/1. Newton Longville, Moor End Farm: deeds 1699-1928
D-X892/2. Sir Stanley James Aubrey, underwriter of Lloyd's, London: business and personal records 1922-1962
D-X892/3. Newton Longville, Borough Farm: deeds, etc., 1919-1953
D-X892/4. Mrs. Dorothy Purbrick and husband Reginald, of Melbourne, Australia, London and Bourne End: personal papers 1921-1922
D-X892/5. Cholesbury, Braziers End House: deeds, etc. 1930-1931

Newton Longville (freehold and copyhold land)  D-X892/1  [n.d.]

Deeds relating to Moor End Farm, the property of Joseph Horne of Newton Longville, farmer (d.29 December 1924) 1699-1928
One original bundle in envelope, D-X892/1/6, labelled 'Old Title Deeds etc. relating to Moor End Farm

Messuage, bakehouse and close adj. (1a.)  D-X892/1/1  1699-1905

14 Items

Deeds including: Abstract of Title, John and Robert French, 1834; Conveyance of messuage and shop near Red Lion Inn, Church End, 1874

Manor of Newton Longville, copyhold property  D-X892/1/2  1829-1907

13 Items

Deeds including: one messuage, 2 pightles (being one yard land) and one yard land, 1829; one messuage, and one yard land and 3 acres in the village and common fields, 1840, also land in Drayton Brook Field (30a.14p.) and other lands, 1883-1907

Manor of Newton Longville, Backhouse Close (1a.1r.13p.), deeds  D-X892/1/3  1851-1928

7 Items

Conveyance of allotment in Bletchley Field (28a.30p.)  D-X892/1/4  31 December 1906

Henry Brown, late of Park Farm, Dunstable, Beds., farmer, and George Shaw of Stopsley Manor Farm, Luton, Beds., farmer, to Joseph Horne of Newton Longville, baker

Farm and land in occ. of Joseph Horne, decd. (61.601 a.)  D-X892/1/5  1925,1928

2 Items

Certificate of payment of estate duty, 1925, statement of Theodore Harold Horne, executor and devisee, 1928

Envelope in which original bundle D-X892/1 was found  D-X892/1/6  n.d

Business and personal records of Sir Stanley James Aubrey (1883-1962), underwriter of Lloyd's, London  D-X892/2  [n.d.]

Business records  [no ref. or date]

Copy Syndicate Agreement  D-X892/2/1  1 May 1922

1 Item

Documents concerning re-insurance contracts of Aubrey with U.S. corporations  D-X892/2/2  1925-1926

1 bdl

Correspondence files of Parker, Garrett & Co. concerning underwriting agency agreements of Aubrey  D-X892/2/3  1934-1938

5 Files

Correspondence files of Parker, Garrett & Co. concerning underwriting agency agreements of Aubrey  D-X892/2/4  1954-1960

1 Files

Documents relating to legal charge on 15 Saddles-combe Way, Hampstead, Middx  D-X892/2/5  1935-1939

3 Items

Correspondence concerning payment of rent on 103 Jermyn Street, London, S.W.1  D-X892/2/6  1939

1 bdl

Draft and copy service agreements with L.C.J. Davies as underwriter's assistant; also correspondence  D-X892/2/7  1951-1955

1 bdl

Personal records, including title deeds  [no ref. or date]

'Faircroft', Gerrards Cross: deeds  D-X892/2/8  1918-1947

1 bdl

Correspondence with solicitors concerning personal affairs  D-X892/2/9  1936

1 bdl

'Penfolds', Shere, Surrey: deeds, plan, surveyor's report, list of furniture  D-X892/2/10  1939

1 bdl

Draft will, related deeds and correspondence  D-X892/2/11  1945-1946

Kimpton, Herts  D-X892/2/12  1961,1962

4 Items

Sale catalogues, with plans and contracts, for land on road to Wheathampstead, 1961 and for 'Nolands', Blackmore End, 1962; also, Abstract of Title for 'Norlands'

Newton Longville  D-X892/3  1919-1953

7 Items

Borough Farm: deeds and related documents, including conveyances, with plans, 1919, 1940 and plan, n.d

Personal papers of Dorothy Purbrick and husband Reginald, of Melbourne, Australia, Park Lane and Park Street, London, and 'Riversdale', Bourne End  D-X892/4  1921-1922

1 bdl

Large bundle of papers, including: numerous bills and receipts for clothes, shoes, jewellery, linen, drinks, etc., mainly from London shops, Chinese Vases, etc., from Gr. C. Sarolidis, Port Said, Egypt, medical expenses, school and university fees, 1921-1922; sale catalogue for household furnishings, South Yarra, Australia, 1921; family tree showing descendants of Sir William Phippard, ancestor of Reginald Purbrick, n.d.; guarantee and insurance policy for Rolls-Royce cars, 1921; letting agreements to Mrs. Purbrick for 10 Park Street, from Col. H.R. Crompton-Roberts, and for 'Riversdale' from Madame Alice Bleriot, 1922

Cholesbury  D-X892/5  1930-1931

5 Items

'Braziers End House': deeds and documents, including: conveyance, John Roland Moore to the Hon. Gerald Hayne Guthrie Williamson, 17 December 1930; Abstract of Title with plan, 1930

Records of Messrs George Darlington and Sons, Builders (and undertakers), Amersham  D-X893  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 51/85

Related information: See also D174

Press copy Bill book  D-X893/1  July 1906 - July 1911

Work undertaken for mostly local concerns - e.g. Amersham Conservative Club Wellers Brewery, Amersham; the Rectory, Post Office, etc. Also the Drake family of Shardelces and Bucks County Council and some work as far afield as Middlesex and Northampton
Index at front

1 Ledger  D-X893/2  1917-1920

p.10-46 Work undertaken for H.M. War Office and H.M. Office of Works, including anti-aircraft and gun and light stations at Bovingdon and Boxmoor. 1917-1918
p.49-119 Wages book March - December 1920

Architect's plans for buildings in Buckinghamshire, by Messrs William L. Eves, of High Street, Uxbridge, Middx  D-X895  1920 - 1951

Archival history:
D-X895/3,7,14 have been removed from a bundle of plans all apparently 1938, and D-X895/2,5,6 from a bundle 1939-1940. The remaining plans in these bundles do not relate to Bucks and have been returned to the depositor
AR 75/85

Bourne End: New Road, 'Brantridge': ground and first floor plans  D-X895/1  n.d

1 plan, pencil

Chalfont St.Peter: Chalfont Heights Estate: block plan of the estate and 2 plans of parts of the estate  D-X895/2  August 1939 and n.d

3 plans, ink and pencil

Chalfont St.Peter: Chalfont Park Hotel, proposed snack lounge: ground plan, elevation and block plan  D-X895/3  July 1938

1 plan, ink

Chalfont St.Peter: Joiners Lane, proposed bungalow, for, Mr. G. [...] Lipscomb ground plan, elevation, section and block plan  D-X895/4  October 1923

1 plan, ink

Swan Farm: block plan showing farm buildings  D-X895/5  n.d. [?1939]

1 plan, ink

Denham: Denham Village, grocer's shop, proposed alterations for Messrs. Sidney Williams Ltd.: ground plan  D-X895/6  February 1939

1 plan, ink and pencil

Denham: New Denham, 4-7 Alexandra Cottages: ground plan, section, site and drainage plan  D-X895/7  July 1938

1 plan, ink and pencil

Gerrards Cross: Isle of Wight Farm, bungalows for Mr. H.J. Freeth: ground plans, block plan, elevations and sections  D-X895/8  December 1920

1 plan, ink; fragile

Iver Heath: Suffolk House, rebuilding of sheds, for Mr. R.J. Russell: ground plan, elevation, sections and site plan  D-X895/9  March 1951

1 plan, pencil

Swallowfield Farm, proposed drainage, for Mr. F.Carter: drainage plan, site plan, block plan  D-X895/10  n.d

1 plan, pencil

Marlow: Finnamore Farm, proposed alterations, for Mrs. E. Farnham: ground and first floor plans  D-X895/11  February 1930

1 plan, ink

Slough: Slough Trading Estate, The New Peerless Restaurant: block plan (March 1933), ground plan, elevations and sections (n.d.), proposed alterations to bars and dining rooms, ground plan (September 1933), new women's lavatory, ground plan and elevation (November 1933)  D-X895/12  March - November 1933, and n.d

4 plans, ink

Slough: Stoke Poges Lane, Baylis House Hotel, for Messrs Taylor, Willis & Co. Ltd.: ground and first floor plans, site plans, elevations, sections, cellar plans  D-X895/13  1935

7 plans, ink, in wrapper

Slough: Sutton Avenue, proposed house, for P. Garlick, Esq.: ground and first floor plans, block plan, elevations and section  D-X895/14  August 1938

1 plan, ink and pencil

Slough: 2, Villiers Road: ground plan  D-X895/15  December 1933

1 plan, ink

Wraysbury: Budgens Stores, proposed alterations, for Messrs Budgen & Co.: ground plan and elevation of shop front  D-X895/16  January 1930

1 plan, ink

High Wycombe: Denmark Street, warehouse premises, for Messrs A. Button & Sons, Ltd.: block plan  D-X895/17  June 1951

1 plan, pencil

Building Account, 1688-1701, and Other Miscellaneous Items Relating to the Denham Place Estate  D-X896  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 129/85
AR 93/86

Summary "Account of the money layd out in Building my new house in Denham commencing in 1688 & continued to 1701"  D-X896/1  1688-1701

1 bifolium, framed & glazed

Small water colour: "Denham Place Bucks The Seat of Benjn Way Esq," by S. Muff, 17 Jan. 1826  D-X896/2  1826

Copies information: Photograph only; original transferred to Co. Museum, 1987

Loose leaf album containing 22 photographs of exterior and interior of Denham Place. Photographers: Bedford Lemere & Co., London  D-X896/3  n.d

Outsize volume

Denham Parish Tithes 1840" being bound certified copy of parish tithe apportionment made 1844. Inscribed "B.H.W.Way". on flyleaf  D-X896/4  1840 (1844)

Outsize volume

Small brass plate inscribed ABIGAIL. 26"  D-X896/5  n.d

Offprint of "The Building of Denham Place" by John Harris, from Records of Buckinghamshire, vol. XVI, part 3  D-X896/6  1957-1958

'Plan of best staircase for Benjamin Way, Esq. at Denham', with sections of landings and details of doorways, etc  D-X896/7  29 November 1766

1 Sheet

Photographs of Denham Place  D-X896/8  n.d. early C20

Tapestry Room
Dining Room (2)
Music or Oriental Room

Two colour photographs of the front entrance and the Formal Garden  D-X896/9  1961

Sale catalogue of the contents of Denham Place to be sold by auction on 10 May 1920 by Knight, Frank and Rutley. At direction of Col. Way  D-X896/10  1920

Includes photographs and plan of the estate

Sale catalogue of Denham Place. Druce & Co., estate agents on behalf of the Rt. Hon. Lady Vansittart  D-X896/11  1967

Documents relating to the Wing Airport Resistance Association  D-X897  1971

Archival history:
AR 2/86

Administrative history:
This association was formed in 1970 and held an open day as part of its campaign on 14th February 1971

Pages from a visitors book used at the WARA Open Day  D-X897/1  14 February 1971

Includes comments on the siting of an airport at Wing

Diagrams showing the proposed site of the airport and the effect it would have  D-X897/2  1971

Photocopied from a set of transparencies used in the campaign

Papers of G.R. Crouch, solicitor and clerk of the peace, re his property at Rickford's Hill, Aylesbury, and other papers relating to the Crouch family  D-X898  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 17/86

Papers and deeds re 25 Rickfords Hill and The Friarage, Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury  [no ref. or date]

Papers connected with the lease of No. 25 Rickfords Hill by Mrs. C.M. Cooper to G.R. Crouch  D-X898/1  1919

8 Items

Inc. correspondence and estimate re improvements to the house 1919; lease for 10 years of No. 25 by Mrs. Cooper to Mr. Crouch

Papers and deeds re conveyance of The Friarage and No. 25 to G.R. Crouch following the death of Mrs. Cooper and the sale of her estate  D-X898/2  1928

18 Items

Inc. 2 sale catalogues of The Friarage and No. 25 Rickfords Hill; draft conveyance, abstract of title; correspondence; bills and plans of the property

Later papers and leases  D-X898/3  1928-1958

13 Items

Inc. protest at council rate assessment, 1928; deed of dedication of part of land in Rickfords Hill to Aylesbury Borough Council for widening the road, 1929; installation of electric lines over the property, 1937; lease of No. 25 to William D. Palmer, Sept. 1955; lease of part of The Friarage to Miss E.M. Lepper, June 1958

Bear Brook  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence to and from G.R. Crouch re the responsibility for cleansing Bear Brook  D-X898/4  1929

6 Items

Private Papers of G.R. Crouch  [no ref. or date]

Probate of the will of William Crouch of Yapton, Sussex, farmer  D-X898/5  26 May 1875

Probate of will and codicil of James Crouch, of Aylesbury, farmer, 22 Aug. 1895, and executorship papers re valuation and disposal of his estate  D-X898/6  1895

8 Items

Inc. admon. of Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Crouch's estate in Yapton, Sussex, 1865

Declaration of Trust and Voluntary settlement  D-X898/7  1917; 1924

By William Crouch of Aylesbury, solicitor and clerk of the peace in favour of his children Capt. G.R. Crouch and Miss D.H. Crouch 1917; also appointment under the same trust, 1924

Probate of will of Jessie Mabel Phipps of Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury (G.R. Crouch appointed executor)  D-X898/8  6 Nov. 1926

Probate of will of William Crouch of Aylesbury, (father of G.R. Crouch)  D-X898/9  19 March 1928

Probate of will of Mrs. D.M. Crouch (mother of G.R. Crouch)  D-X898/10  2 Nov. 1931

Probate of will of John E.D. Ostrehan esq. (uncle of G.R. Crouch)  D-X898/11  23 June 1941

Probate of will of Sidney L. Binderman of The Friarage, Aylesbury (G.R. Crouch appointed executor)  D-X898/12  23 June 1942

Motor Insurance Policy and associated documents  D-X898/13  1947-1957

2 pieces correspondence re late G.R. Crouch's American Tobacco investments  D-X898/14  1973

Two miscellaneous specifications for proposed house alterations at Aston Abbots and Aylesbury  D-X899  1909, 1925

Archival history:
AR 41/86

Specification inviting estimates for work to be done in constructing a new picture gallery at "The Firs", Aston Abbotts, home of Henry Lowenfield Esq  D-X899/1  September 1909

The specification was put out by Lewen Sharp Esq., architects of Adelphi, London, and the envelope is addressed to Messrs. Mayne and Son, Contractors, Aylesbury. Also letter of addenda from Leon A. Francis, the surveyor, September 1909

Carbon copy of a specification  D-X899/2  June 1925

Inviting estimates for repairs and modernisation to be carried out at No. 14 Temple Square, Aylesbury for the Hampden Building Co. Ltd. The specification was put out by Taylor and White, architects, Aylesbury

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