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Reference D-X 1-100
Covering dates 1449-1969
Held by Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Extent 76 Subfonds
Conditions of access Records are open for consultation unless otherwise indicated
Creators Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

Small accessions deposited in the centre for Buckinghamshire studies. The following numbers are not used: 12, 17, 27, 32, 35, 40-42, 50-52, 54, 56, 57, 63-65, 78, 82, 83, 89, 90, 95, 99

Miscellaneous unaccessioned items of uncertain provenance  D-X1  [n.d.]

Eleven deeds relating to Aylesbury  D-X1/1  1754-1772

Twenty two deeds relating to Bledlow  D-X1/2  1700-1800

Twenty nine deeds relating to Bradwell  D-X1/3  1556-1755

Twenty deeds relating to Great Brickhill  D-X1/4  1639-1771

Twenty five deeds relating to Great Brickhill  D-X1/5  1504-1790

Twenty deeds relating to Great Brickhill  D-X1/6  1702-1793

Nine deeds relating to "The Harrages", Cuddington  D-X1/7  1674-1718

Forty five deeds relating to land in Dinton; papers in Vanhatten v Payne  D-X1/8  1670-1735

Five deeds relating to Granborough  D-X1/9  1734-1797

Nineteen deeds relating to Great Marlow  D-X1/10  1738-1876

Thirteen deeds relating to Mentmore  D-X1/11  1658-1737

Forty one deeds relating to Mursley  D-X1/12  1649-1791

One hundred deeds relating to Newton Longville  D-X1/13  1640-1875

Thirty deeds relating to Preston Bisset  D-X1/14  1740-1867

Six deeds relating to Monks Risborough  D-X1/15  1623-1743

One hundred and ten deeds, Fountain estate, Stoke Hammond  D-X1/16  1601-1835

Six deeds of Swanbourne, etc  D-X1/17  1734-1822

Lease of Missenden Abbey (inventory of fixtures)  D-X1/18  1792

2 Items

Executorship papers relating to Henry Marshall of Newport Pagnell, butcher  D-X1/19  1824-1854

1 Bundle

Lease of Mill House or Olney Mills  D-X1/20  1860

Deeds of messuage in Woughton on the Green  D-X1/21  1770, 1785

Eleven deeds of Mill Furlong Close and Park Hole, Whitchurch  D-X1/22  1835-1875

Bond  D-X1/23  9 May 1558

John Stokes bound to Thomas Lawton of Newton Blossomville in £100 for quiet enjoyment of lands in Clifton Reynes and Newton Blossomville

Conveyance to Grand Junction Canal Company from Beauclerk  D-X1/24  1801

Right of Way through yard of Rev. E. Staunton, in Great Brickhill  D-X1/25  1737

Receipt from Peter Percivall of Newport Pagnell to John Humffray of Newport Pagnell for £6, part of purchase price of a burgage in Newport Pagnell  D-X1/26  24 June 1540

Receipt for legacy, Stevens family, Mursley  D-X1/27  1702

Appointment of William Minshull as gamekeeper for the manor of Aylesbury  D-X1/28  1763

Account for legacy duty on estate of Sarah King of Chalkshire, Ellesborough  D-X1/29  1829

Memorandum of woodland rental, Monks Risborough  D-X1/30  nd

Copy of will of Mrs Martha Parrott, Aylesbury  D-X1/31  26 Apr 1880

Correspondence, auction sale posters, etc, relating to sale of houses in Spring Lane, Great Horwood, (owner John Harrup), and allotment (1a 17p) in Sears Croft  D-X1/32  1858-1859

18 Items

Final Concord, 5 George II  D-X1/33  [1731-1732]

Property in Chesham, Hughenden, Weston Turville and Wendover

Certificate for redemption of land tax on two messuages and shop in Chesham, property of George Hepburn  D-X1/34  25 May 1799

Schedule of deeds etc relating to estate of Lady Grenville in Bucks and Cornwall, including manor of Hitcham  D-X1/35  nd[c1850]

Counterpart Lease (unexecuted)  D-X1/36  19 Jan 1759

(1) George Wrigate of Gothurst, esquire
(2) James Knibb of Stoke Goldington and Elizabeth his wife and John Knibb his son
Tenement in Stoke Goldington

Hooton family estate  D-X1/37  1689, nd

5 items including: Account of Browton and Hootons titles to land in Stoke Goldington
Abstract of deeds relating to house and lands purchased by Henry Brightman of Robert Hooton, senior

Measurement and valuation of Jervis Wood  D-X1/38  1626

1 Item

Bond, Joseph Cook of Olney is a party  D-X1/39  1761

This is now D-X38  D-X1/40  [n.d.]

Record of sum due to the Exchequer from Thomas [Throckmorton for the site of Ravenstone Priory, 1584]

Two deeds of lands in Gayhurst, Lathbury, etc, fine of lands in Stoke Goldington (Neville estate)  D-X1/41  1580

Volume containing list of debts of Wm. and A.C. Medley, bankers and bankrupts of Aylesbury  D-X1/42  1837

Estate account book, Dinton, etc  D-X1/43  1777-1787

?Stowe, household regulations (limp volume)  D-X1/44  Early 17th cent

Copy tithe apportionment, Great Missenden  D-X1/45  1841

Memorandum of entry of Sir Henry Lee, K.G., to various lands in Bucks, including Quarrendon, 1604  D-X1/46  1604

Bucks Lent Assizes. Briefs in Rex v Allen for horsestealing at Aston Clinton  D-X1/47  1818

Bond of indemnity to churchwardens of Aylesbury by Wm Haynes, clockmaker  D-X1/48  1694

Lawyers bill in Carter v Carter, Chilton  D-X1/49  1449

Declaration of Penelope Box, widow, Buckingham, regarding Box pedigree  D-X1/50  1839

Twelve letters concerning dispute between Philip Herbert and Chas Price over Kingsey to Haddenham road  D-X1/51  1744

Copy land tax assessment, Hambleden  D-X1/52  1783

Bill from Geo. Shrimpton to G.K. Gurney  D-X1/53  nd

Bill for woodworking  D-X1/54  nd

Letter from J. Kireby concerning repairs to Aylesbury to Bicester Turnpike Road  D-X1/55  1816

'The Daily Journal or Complete Annual Account Book' contains various items including Mrs Harrup's account and mentions places including Horwood  D-X1/56  1803

Printed letter from millowners to Company of Proprietors of Grand Junction Canal Company  D-X1/57  6 Aug 1838

Complaining of excavations in hills near Wendover and the threat to divert the courses of the Chiltern Springs. Addressed to Mr Bill, miller, Olney with covering note enclosed

Letter about petition of Congregationalists on education, Buckingham  D-X1/58  1873

Notes concerning the exemption of attorneys from service in the militia  D-X1/59  27 Dec 1759

Great Horwood inclosure, notice of objection to claim of B. King, 1841  D-X1/60  1841

Whaddon Chase inclosure, objection to E. Shoulers claim, 1841  D-X1/61  1841

Certificate of membership in the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society for Richard Greatherted  D-X1/62  24 Oct 1865

Bond to perform covenants: J. Reeve to Wm Cuthbert of Wingrave  D-X1/63  1716

One page from a deed concerning a lease by James Oldham Oldham to George Nugent of a mansion house, brewhouse and land  D-X1/63a  nd[?19th cent]

Parish not stated but includes schedule of fixtures and fittings

Brainsford Barn, Coleshill (Ball estate) [Amersham]  D-X1/64  18th cent - 19th cent

Deeds of Claydon Farm, etc, Steeple Claydon  D-X1/65  18th cent - 19th cent

Deed, Rosse family, land in Cuddington  D-X1/66  1625

Terrier of land of Robert Toogood, cordwainer, Whitchurch  D-X1/67  nd

Eleven deeds relating to Steeple Claydon  D-X1/68  1829-1837

Deeds concerning Swyllmers in The Lee  D-X1/69  1549-1753

3 Envelopes

Assignment of Mortgage  D-X1/70  13 Dec 1749

Source of acquisition: [AR 56/70. Found by workmen in County Hall, 15 Sept 1970. Damaged by damp]

(1) Benjamin Townsend of Wood Burrell in the parish of Towcester, Northamptonshire, ironmonger
(2) John Brice of Hartwell, Northants, yeoman
(3) John Brittain of Stoke Bruerne, Northants, yeoman
(4) William Faulkner of Titfield, Northants, yeoman, trustee for (3)
Reciting mortgage by way of pepper corn lease for 500 years from (2) to (1) for £90 dated 3 April 1745 and that (3) has purchased the freehold of the property from (2)
Assignment from (1) to (4) in trust for (3)
Close of pasture on inclosed ground called Payne Corner Close (6 acres) in Hanslope

Account Book  D-X1/71  1837-1851

Contents include printing, livestock sales, etc, places mentioned include Newton Longville and Cublington
The volume was said to have been exhibited in 1842 in a bankruptcy case against James Hopkins

Deed of Settlement of the estate of Sir Gilbert Gerard in Aston Clinton and Middlesex, [bears signature of Oliver Cromwell]  D-X1/72  1640

Settlement in Trust by Lease and Release 8 Sep 16 Car I 1640
Lease missing
1. Sir Gilbert Gerard of Harrow on the Hill, Middx, bart
2. Sir William Masham of Oates, Essex, bart
Sir Richard Everard of Much Waltham, Essex, bart
John Hampden of Hampden, Bucks, esq
Carew Harvy alias Mildmay of Marks, Essex, esq
Manor and advowson of Aston Clinton, with any other property of (1) in Aston Clinton
Manor of Flamberts, in Harrow on the Hill, Middx, with mansion house, site and demesne lands and property belonging to the manor, in Harrow on the Hill, Pinner, Northall and Greenford, Middx
Frere Place and any other freehold property of (1) in Harrow on the Hill, Pinner, Northall and Greenford. Any other freehold property of (1) in England
Conveyance from (1) to (2) to the uses
First, of (1) for the remainder of his natural life
Then, of (2) for the term of 20 years after the death of (1) upon the trusts set out in the will of (1)
Then, of the heirs male of (1)
The deed gives the names of nine sons of (1). In order of seniority they are: Francis, Gilbert, Charles, William, Henry, Thomas, John, Robert, Barrington
Endorsed with signatures of three witnesses
Oliver Cromwell [later Lord Protector]
Oliver St John [see DNB; presumably Oliver St John (1603-42), Charles Philips
Annexed: Deed poll of Sir Gilbert Gerard revoking trusts created by the deed 1 Dec 1647
1 item comprising 3 original membranes of parchment and 1 additional membrane. There are lacunae apparently caused by burning but no significant information has been lost. The additional membrane is badly faded

Correspondence with abstract of title relating to purchased parts of Weston Underwood estate  D-X1/73  1889-1890

Common Recovery, parties include Russell and Graham, land in Towersey, 2 Will IV  D-X1/74  [1831-1832]

Probate of will of John Parker Bolding of Bromfield Gardens, Richmond Hill, Surrey, made 28 Aug 1886, proved 12 April 1888  D-X1/75  12 Apr 1888

Probate of will of Henry Whiting of 21 Camden Road, Camden Town, Middlesex, horsekeeper, made 7 Oct 1884  D-X1/76  5 Feb 1898

He died 12 June 1896 at Newton Longville, will proved 5 Feb 1898

Papers concerning estate of William Edward Gibbons, deceased intestate in 1865 on the ship 'Norfolk' on his way to Australia  D-X1/77  1865-1872

Solicitors bill, expenses for court case at the Assizes, from Mr M. Parrott to Joseph Mead and Edward Russell  D-X1/78  1815-1816

Thirteen deeds relating to Twelve Acres Farm in Aylesbury, inherited by Atkins family from Richard Gurney. Mostly mortgages with abstracts of title  D-X1/79  1808-1894

Deeds relating to land in Willow Road, Aylesbury Messrs Ball Brothers Ltd to Arthur Thomas Adkins  D-X1/80  1863-1917

1 Envelope

Deeds of Hill House Estate, Hitcham  D-X1/81  1831, 1849

3 Items

Abstract of title to 2 roods and 15 perches of land, parish of West Wycombe  D-X1/82  1873

Three miscellaneous items found with the Howard Vyse collection in 1978  D-X1/83  1673-1858

Writ in Chancery Action for debt, Sams v Blugrove, 25 Charles II 7 July [1673]
Deed, William Craker to William Reading, land in Waddesdon, 28 May 1768
Deed, land in Ickford and Quainton 1858

Miscellaneous unaccessioned deposits from various sources  D-X2  [n.d.]

Messuage in Stony Stratford, late of William Mead  D-X2/1  1702, 1718

Deeds  D-X2/2  1773-1820

Deeds of Osborne family (Turville Court) estate, Turville 1773-1802
Deeds of Bell estate, West Wycombe 1779-1820

Letter from H.M. Wells, seeking money for parish room etc, Prestwood  D-X2/3  1883

Deeds, fine  D-X2/4  1450-1847

Nine deeds relating to Little Brickhill 1521-1632
Fine, Chicheley, Andrewe et al v Boveley 1450
Deed for receiving annuity, Balston to Abraham, Eton 1847

Deeds of 2 messuages, formerly one messuage in Chepping Wycombe, in Paul's Row ward adjoining a messuage formerly part of the Chequer Inn  D-X2/5  1461-1735

Including deeds of part of the Chequer Inn, 1638. BRA 692

Letter of attorney 14 December 1 Edw. IV  D-X2/5/1  [1461]

(1) John Stokton and Robt. Arnewy, citizens and mercers of London to
(2) Walter Mondy of Chepping Wycombe
Tenement with shop adjoining in street called Frogmore between the highway on the E. and S. and tenement of Agnes Arnold on W. and tenement lately Thos. More on N
To deliver seisin to Roger Bury of Chepping Wycombe
Seals 2. at Chepping Wycombe

Feoffment 24 July 14 Edw. IV  D-X2/5/2  [1474]

(1) Walter Collard and Rd. Carie to
(2) John Horne of Wycombe and wife Margaret
Tenement with shop adjoining in street called Powles rowe between the highway on E. and S. and tenement late Agnes Arnold on W. and tenement formerly Thos. More on N. which the donors lately had together with Thos. Southewyke, Esq. and Jn. Barton by gift of John Askott and Thomasine his wife late of Wycombe
Thos. Gate, mayor of Wycombe
Robt. Mychell bailiffs of Wycombe
Wm. Harper bailiffs of Wycombe
Witnesses: Wm. Redehede
Wm. Ponting
Thos. Brounn
Thos. Baydon' the Elder
Thos. Bauen' the Elder
Seal tags 2. Fragment of seal. at Wycombe

Bargain and sale 4 June 35 Hen VIII  D-X2/5/3  [1543]

(1) Thos. Buckler of Yateley, co. Southampton, to
(2) Jas. Laward of Yateley, cousin and heir to Wm. Heronn late of Sudbury, co. Suffolk
Moiety of a messuage, baron', curtilage, croft, garden and 1a. land in Chepping Wycombe, of which the messuage, etc., is now in the occupation of John Chapmann alias John Naysshe and the 1a. is in the tenure of George Petyfer

Quitclaim 4 June 35 Hen VIII  D-X2/5/4  [1543]

(1) Thos. Bukler to
(2) Geo. Peytfere and wife Agnes
Moiety of a messuage in Chepping Wycombe lately Wm. Heron' dec'd

Bond in £100 for quiet enjoyment 1 Mar. 11 Eliz.I  D-X2/5/5  [1569]

(1) Christopher Peytefeare of Chepping Wycombe, gent. to
(2) Thos. Randall of Great Hampden, yeo
Tenement in occupation of Rowland Litilboy in Chepping Wycombe in a street called Powles Rowe
Recites release of the property of even date from (1) to (2). To give assurance against claims of C.P. and wife Barbara and Agnes Watson, C.P.'s niece

Exemplification of a common recovery Hilary Term 13 Jas. I  D-X2/5/6  [1616]

(1) Wm. Litlepage and Edmund Litlepage, plaintiffs
(2) John Litlepage, gent. def
(3) Edw. Hawse, vouchee
2 messuages, 2 gardens in Chepping Wycombe

Final Concord (and counterpart) Hilary Term 13 Jas. I  D-X2/5/7,8  [1616]

John Litlepage, gent, quer. v. Wm. Randall and wife Agnes, defts
2 messuages, and 2 gardens in Chepping Wycombe

Bond in £200  D-X2/5/9  24 November 1615

(1) Wm. Randall of Aldenham, co. Hertford, yeo. to
(2) Jn. Litlepage of Chepping Wycombe, gent
To perform covenants of deed of even date

Lease for 21 years from Michaelmas 1633  D-X2/5/10  31 Oct 1631

(1) Jn. Littlepage the Elder of Chepping Wycombe, gent. and J.L. the Younger, his son
(2) Wm. Guy of Chepping Wycombe, linendraper
Shop or room 12' in length and 11' in breadth and the cellar underneath the same in Chepping Wycombe at the N. end of the shop of the said W.G. and adjoining to the entry of the messuage or inn there called the Chequer
Rent 32s. p.a

Bargain and sale and feoffment (and counterpart)  D-X2/5/11, 12  21 April 1638

(1) Jn. Littlepage the youngest son of J.L. the Elder, late of Chepping Wycombe, gent., dec'd
(2) Wm. Guy of Chepping Wycombe, mercer
Bay or space of building now or late part of the messuage or inn called the Chequer in Chepping Wycombe containing a cellar, a shop, a parlour and the chamber and gallery over the same, as it is agreed upon to be made and severed, in a street called Pawles Rowe between the entry of the said inn on the N. and the messuage now in W.G.'s possession on the S. and extending from the street aforesaid on the E. unto the backside belonging to the said inn on the W.; also another bay of building being part of the said inn, 18' long by 10' broad, now used as part of a stable together with the hayloft and part of the gallery over the same, as the same is also agreed upon to be severed, lying between the lower part of the messuage now in W.G.'s possession on the E. and the other part of the stables aforesaid on the W. and adjoining to the backside aforesaid of the said inn on the N. and the street on the S. which said messuage or inn the said J.L. dec'd heretofore purchased of Wm. Randall of Aldenham, co. Hertford, yeo. by conveyance dated 24 Nov. 13 Jas.I. [1615]
Consideration: £51

Articles of agreement (and counterpart)  D-X2/5/13, 14  21 April 1638

(1) Wm. Guy of Chepping Wycombe, mercer
(2) Jn. Littlepage of Chepping Wycombe, youngest son of J.L., gent., dec'd
Recites previous deed and covenants
(a) That J.L. shall hold and enjoy the said chamber over the said shop and parlour and that part of the gallery over the stable in as free a manner as he now holds the same for a term of 40 years at a peppercorn rent, making all necessary repairs
(b) That W.G. at his own charge shall within one month after J.L.'s decease take down the stairs from the place where they now stand, going up to the gallery over the stable, and shall erect the same or another good and sufficient pair of stairs at the other end of the said gallery

Bargain and sale and feoffment  D-X2/5/15  7 May 1638

(1) Jn. Littlepage of Chepping Wycombe, innholder, to
(2) Wm. Guy of Chepping Wycombe, mercer
"Tripp" or piece of ground 8' long by 4' broad as the same is agreed upon to be enclosed in Chepping Wycombe in Powles Row at the W. end of the parlour or room now or late parcel of the Chequer on the S. side thereof and now in the possession of W.G. and intended to be laid unto and used with the said parlour or room
Consideration: 10s

Bargain and sale and feoffment  D-X2/5/16  29 December 1638

(1) Jn. Littlepage the Elder of Chepping Wycombe, innholder
(2) Wm. Guy of Chepping Wycombe, mercer
Little piece of waste ground as the same is lately paled, being lately parcel of the backside belonging to the messuage or inn called the Chequer as the said piece extends from the corner post of the parlour or room which W.G. lately purchased of J.L. on the N.E. unto the stable of W.G. on the S.W. containing in breadth at the upper end next the parlour 14½' and at the lower end 5'
Consideration: £3

Final concord Easter Term 14 Chas. I  D-X2/5/17  [1638]

Wm. Guy, quer. v. Jn. Littlepage, deft
1 messuage, 1 garden and common of pasture in Chepping Wycombe

Final concord Morrow of All Souls  D-X2/5/18  1649

Samuel Guy, quer. v. Jn. Littlepage and wife Eleanor, defts
1 messuage, 1 garden in Chepping Wycombe

Bargain and sale and feoffment  D-X2/5/19  29 May 1656

(1) Jn. Randall of Aldenham, co. Hertford, yeo., son and heir of Wm. Randall, late of Little Missenden, dec'd, yeo
(2) Samuel Guy of Chepping Wycombe, gent
Messuage wherein S.G. now dwells heretofore in the tenure of W.G., his father, dec'd, with the shop thereunto belonging containing 20' in length and the cellar underneath the same in Pauls Row between a messuage or inn of W.G. called the Chequer on the N. and W. and the street on the S. and E., which said messuage was heretofore part of the lands and possessions of one Thos. Randall of Great Hampden, yeo
Consideration: £100

Bond for performance of covenants  D-X2/5/20  29 May 1656

Bargain and sale and feoffment (and counterpart)  D-X2/5/21, 22  12 Oct. 1680

(1) Samuell Guy of Chepping Wycombe, gent. and wife Hanna
(2) Thos. Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, ironmonger
2 messuages formerly but one capital messuage wherein S.G. and T.F. now severally dwell in Paul's Row ward in Chepping Wycombe adjoining to the inn called the Chequer on the N. and W. and to Hogg Lane on the S. and abutting upon the street on the E.; also the hay loft or corn loft which is over the brewhouse of the messuage wherein S.G. now dwells; and free passage at all times through the stable belonging to the said Chequer inn which adjoins the said brew-house; also the little garden or plot of ground within the yard belonging to the Chequer inn and is now parted from the said yard by a stone wall; and liberty for the house of easement to stand over the dunghill belonging to the said inn where it now doth stand and free passage at all times through the said inn yard and the gate thereof to and from the said garden or plot and also to and from the pump and well belonging to the said inn and the free use of the said pump and well to be made use of by the occupiers of the said messuage now in T.F.'s possession for drawing water and washing there, T.F. being at one third of all charges for maintaining the said pump and well
Consideration: £405

Bond to perform covenants of D-X2/5/21,22  D-X2/5/23  12 Oct 1680

Final concord Morrow of the Ascension 33 Car.II  D-X2/5/24  [1681]

Jas. Rance and wife Margaret and Thos. Fellow, quer. v. Thos. Style, gent., and wife Frances, Hugh Hobbe and wife Margaret and Jn. Collins
1 messuage, 1 cottage, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 28a. land, 2a. meadow, 24a. wood in Chepping Wycombe and West Wycombe

Final concord Trinity Term 33 Car.II  D-X2/5/25  [1681]

Frances Dunham and Peter Darvall, quer. v. Jn. Green, Esq., and wife Mary, Samuel Guy, gent., and wife Hanna, Thos. Fellow and wife Rebecca and Jn. Wallard and wife Ann, defts
2 messuages, 3 cottages, 1 water mill, 3 gardens, 3 orchards, 12a. land, 7a. meadow and common of pasture in Hambleden and Chepping Wycombe

Office copy of D-X2/5/25  D-X2/5/26  [n.d.]

Lease for 10 years at £20. p.a  D-X2/5/27  28 Mar. 1732

(1) Rebecca Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, spinster
(2) Mary Shrimpton of Chepping Wycombe, widow
Messuage in Chepping Wycombe wherein Thos. Fellow dec'd, late father of R.F. lately dwelt and wherein Joan Fellow late wife of the said Thos. Fellow now dwells between a messuage wherein Thos. Rose now dwells on one side and a messuage now uninhabited wherein the widow Winch lately dwelt on the other

Deed to lead uses of a fine (and counterpart)  D-X2/5/28, 29  20 June 1732

(1) Rebecca Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, spinster, Jn. Salter of the same, tanner and wife Mary, Samuel Peck of Thame, Oxon, Ironmonger, and wife Sarah, and Ann Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, spinster, which said Rebecca, Mary, Sarah and Ann are daughters and co-heirs of Thos. Fellow, late of Chepping Wycombe, ironmonger, dec'd
(2) Jn. Bates, the younger, of Chepping Wycombe, draper
(a) 2 messuages in Chepping Wycombe wherein T.F. and Sarah Wooster lately severally dwelt and wherein Joan Fellow, late wife of said T.F., and Thos. Rose now dwell near to the Market House and adjoining a messuage in Jn. Wild's occupation being formerly part of the Chequer Inn on one side and a new built brick messuage now uninhabited and late in the possession of Sarah Winch, widow, on the other side
(b) Cottage in Chepping Wycombe near a place called Newland in occupation of Robert Bowdery and close of meadow (2a.) adjoining
Prop. (a) to be to the use of R.F. and prop. (b) to use of A.F

Final concord (and counterpart) Trinity Term 6 Geo.II  D-X2/5/30, 31  [1733]

John Bates, joiner, quer. v. Rebecca Fellow, spinster, Ann Fellow, spinster, Jn. Salter, and wife Mary, Samuel Cooke and wife Sara, defts
2 messuages, 2 cottages, 2a. land, 2a. meadow, 2a. pasture in Chepping Wycombe

Lease and release  D-X2/5/32, 33  21 Sept. 1733

(1) Rebecca Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, spinster
(2) Joan Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, widow, mother of (1)
2 messuages heretofore but one messuage wherein Rd. Allen and Thos. Rose dwell in Chepping Wycombe in Pauls Row ward adjoining to the messuage wherein Jn. Wild, cooper, now dwells, being formerly part of and belonging to an inn called the Chequer and now made into 2 messuages, on the N. and W. parts and to Hog Lane, S. and shooting upon a street E., and the hay loft and corn loft which is over the brewhouse of the messuage wherein Rd. Allen dwells and that part of the old stables being lately part of and belonging to the Chequer Inn as the same is now divided from the lower part of the stable by a partition wall, and the ground and soil thereof with the loft over the same being lately laid to the dwelling house in the possession of the said Rd. Allen; little garden or plot lying in the yard of the said 2 messuages lately the Chequer Inn and is now parted from the said yard with a brick wall; house of easement in said garden; free passage through the said garden to and from the said plot and the pump belonging to the said 2 messuages, and full use of the said pump, J.F. paying one third of the charges for maintaining the pump
Consideration: £580

Deed to lead uses of a fine (and counterpart)  D-X2/5/34, 35  22 Aug. 1735

(1) Eliz. Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, spinster, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Thos. Fellow late of Chepping Wycombe, ironmonger, dec'd
(2) Joan Fellow of Chepping Wycombe, widow, relict of said Thos. Fellow and Ann Fellow of the same place, spinster, another of the daughters and co-heirs of T.F
(a) 2 messuages in Chepping Wycombe wherein the said T.F. and Sarah Wooster did lately severally dwell and wherein Wm. Allen and Thos. Rose now severally dwell, near unto the market house and adjoining to the messuage wherein Jn. Wild now dwells formerly part of the Chequer Inn on the one side and a new built messuage wherein the said Joan F. now dwells on the other side
(b) Cottage in Chepping Wycombe adjoining or near to a place called Newland in the occupation of Wm. Hutchins and close of meadow adjoining (2a.)
Covenant that property (a) shall be to the use of J.F. and prop. (b) to the use of A.F

Final concord (and counterpart) Michaelmas Term 9 Geo. II  D-X2/5/36, 37  [1735]

Joan Fellow and Ann Fellow, plaintiffs v. Eliz. Fellow, deft
2 messuages, 1 cottage, 2 gardens, 2a. meadow and common of pasture in Chepping Wycombe

Deeds of manor of Stewkley alias Littlecote  D-X2/6  1618-1744

Ten deeds relating to Farnham Royal  D-X2/7  1843-1927

Three deeds relating to Bow Brickhill; Deeds of property in Northall, Edlesborough  D-X2/8  1745-1789; 1630-1760

Webb family deeds, Denham  D-X2/9  1557-1836

Recovery, Sherington, 30 George III  D-X2/10  [1789-1790]

Mortgage to secure £150  D-X2/11/1  17 Jan 1851

(1) Andrew Thomas Scott of Langley near Slough, gentleman
(2) John Jones of Billiter Square, London, merchant, Timothy Smith of Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, Middlesex, esquire and Patrick Francis Durham of Savile Row, Bond Street, Middlesex, esquire
(2) loan £150 to (1) on security of 4th share in annuities and leasehold messuage in Southampton Street, Pentonville, Middlesex, to which (1) will become entitled on the death of his mother

Lease  D-X2/11/2  24 Dec 1874

(1) Thomas Peers Williams of Temple House, Berks, esquire, Colonel of Royal Anglesey Militia
(2) George Frederick Neville of No. 9 Regents Park Terrace, esquire
(3) Henry Gartside Neville of Olympic Theatre, Middlesex, esquire
Horton Milled Board Mill, with cottages, etc
This lease was orginally given the number D-X27

Seven items relating to manor of Littlecote, Stewkley  D-X2/12  1607-1736

Deed of covenant, Ward to Mansel, Lathbury  D-X2/13  1809

Three deeds relating to Iver  D-X2/14  1816-1834

Deed of annuity, Cane to Donaldson, Chesham  D-X2/15  1774

Deeds of Backhouse estate, Great Missenden  D-X2/16  1828-1835

Four deeds relating to Bierton, 1758, 1770, 1817, and Hardwick, 1763  D-X2/17  1758-1817

Deeds, court rolls  D-X2/18  1641-1832

Thirty nine deeds relating to Stewkley 1641-1832
Six copies of court rolls, Wing 1720, 1775

Mortgage of Fir Tree Public House, Woburn Sands  D-X2/19  1876

Deeds  D-X2/20  1651-1850

Fourteen deeds of Tickford, Newport Pagnell 1651
Thirty three relating to Stewkley 1659-1850

Fifty four deeds relating to Buckingham  D-X2/21  1583-1860

Copy of deed, Woughton on the Green  D-X2/22  1707

Bond, articles  D-X2/23  1532, 1675

Bond, Chepping Wycombe 1532
Articles between Mr Levy Gibbs, Mr Samuell Gibbs, and Mrs Lowen and their trustees relating to land in Chepping Wycombe (2 copies) 16 Apr 1675

Conveyance (copy)  D-X2/24  4 Sep 1813

Acton Tindal, esquire, to Canal Junction Company
Land in Aylesbury for Canal and Public Wharf (with plan)

Miscellaneous items received from Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society  D-X2/25  1611-1924

Source of acquisition: Provenance unknown

Office copy inclosure awards for Simpson, North Crawley, Clifton Reynes, Woughton  D-X2/25/1  C.19

Manor of Great Marlow. Court rolls for leet, view of frankpledge and court baron  D-X2/25/2  1674-1774

19 mm

1674, 1719, 1720, 1721, 1726, 1727(2), 1728, 1734, 1738, 1741, 1744, 1746, 1747, 1749, 1753, 1755, 1760, 1766, 1774

Deeds of lands called Newlands in Hughenden  D-X2/25/3  1689

2 Items

Papers relating to personal estate of Rev. E.N. Young of Quainton  D-X2/25/4  1840-1886

1 Bundle

Mortgage of 2 messuages, etc., in Southcott alias Surcott in Linslade  D-X2/25/5  1694

Parties: John Kynaston of Acton Reynald, co. Salop and wife Beatrice (2) Edward Owen of Shrewsbury

Deeds relating to Folding Close in Stewkley  D-X2/25/6  1683, 1688

2 Items

Deed of messuage and close (1a.) in Quainton  D-X2/25/7  1697

Three closes called Broadlands (25a.) in Chesham  D-X2/25/8  1724

1 Item

Dinton. Inclosure agreement, 1687; appointment of new trustees for inclosure recompense, 1707-08  D-X2/25/9  1687-1708

2 Items

Chalfont St. Peter. Release of Didesworth Farm  D-X2/25/10  1664

East Claydon. Letter to Mrs. Baldwin, 1834, and list of Baldwin family births, 1766-1807  D-X2/25/11  1834

The Chalfonts. Pedigree of W.E. Coleman  D-X2/25/12  1834

Little Hampden. Lease of farm (219a.): Mary and Catherine Trevor of Tingrith, co. Beds., to Abel Ginger of Little Hampden  D-X2/25/13  1867

Receipt of Richard Stringer for purchase money of cottage in Long Crendon  D-X2/25/14  1826

Wing. Acquittance for rent of land formerly in Goddard Haynes' occupation: Richard Dance of St. Margarets to John Moore of Wing  D-X2/25/15  1613

Upton cum Chalvey. Eton guardians v. Upton Nuisance Removal Committee. Writ  D-X2/25/16  1861

Certificate of acknowledgement of deed of Maria Warren, a married woman  D-X2/25/17  1849

Great and Little Missenden. Valuation (with map) of the Prestwood estate, late the property of Miss Eleanor Daniel  D-X2/25/18  1896

Subpoena to appear at Quarter Sessions. 1 Geo. I  D-X2/25/19  1714-1715

Buckinghamshire. Pipe roll for 3 William IV  D-X2/25/20  1832-1833

Terrier of lands of John Tredway, late Roger Lucas  D-X2/25/21  N.D. [C.17]

Terrier of open field lands [apparently in Quainton]  D-X2/25/22  N.D

Manor of Brill. Estreat roll  D-X2/25/23  1818

Various  D-X2/25/24  1806-1812

Agreement concerning estate of William Fowler of Kingsey, 1812; Keziah Fowler's account with Will Richmond, 1802-1811; agreement concerning 4 closes in Towersey (John Winslow and Geo. Malins) 1806; valuation of Towersey tithes

Bond of Thomas Richards, yeoman (to perform covenants)  D-X2/25/25  1707

Inventory and valuation of fixtures in late Mrs. Grange's house in High Wycombe valued to Mr. Winslow by James Gomm  D-X2/25/26  1811

Weston Turville. Letting agreement for Bullers Mill and South Fields. (Rothschild to William Purssell)  D-X2/25/27  1857

Repairs requisition book (counterfoils) for Oxford and Aylesbury Tram Road at Brill  D-X2/25/28  1906-1929

Printed Cases in House of Lords appeal concerning Latimer chapel, with MS. endorsement  D-X2/25/29  1731

2 Items

Printed Cases in House of Lords action over Dormer estates in Quainton and elsewhere (John Parkhurst v Joseph Smith)  D-X2/25/30  1738-40

3 Items

Legal notes relating to laws of settlement, etc  D-X2/25/31  N.D

6 ff

"Requisites for a person who comes into a parsonage" (ms. notes)  D-X2/25/32  N.D

1 f

"Voluntary Subscription" of inhabitants of Burnham Hundred  D-X2/25/33  1661

Taken at Amersham 10 Sept. 1661 before Sir Thomas Lampson, Bt., Sir Heritage Proby, Kt., William Penn, Dudley Rouse, Robert Styles, George Longe, Esqs, commissioners appointed according to the Act "for a free and voluntary present to His Majesty (copy)

Letter from Sir Julius Caesar concerning the claim of John Dynham, Forester of Bernewood to fireboot and allowance of wood for the repair of his house  D-X2/25/34  1611

Aylesbury. Printed resolutions of public meeting on abuses of the parish  D-X2/25/35  1818

Printed Report of Stoke Goldington and Gayhurst Clothing Club  D-X2/25/36  1849

Newspaper clipping containing extracts from will of Thomas Searles, 1573, referring to Fenny Stratford bridge  D-X2/25/37  C.19

Stewkley. Release of messuage, 3 closes (16a.) and 40a. arable (terrier): Thos. Prentice to Wm. Coleman  D-X2/25/38  1701

Specimen unused World War One ration books issued at Aylesbury  D-X2/25/39  c.1918

Notebook containing puzzles, riddles, etc. [inscribed "M. Hepburn, Hackney, 1801"]  D-X2/25/40  1801

Gayhurst and Stoke Goldington. Receipt for rent due to estate of Miss Anne Wright  D-X2/25/41  1830

Horsenden, etc., Extract from will  D-X2/25/42  1497

Mss. notes on history of the Gulliver family  D-X2/25/43  c.1923

Newport Pagnell. Counterpart assignment of mortgage  D-X2/25/44  1755

Messuage at Green End; messuage formerly the sign of the Crown, late Three Tuns. Pryor and Holt to Eliz. Cooke of Bow Brickhill, widow

Aylesbury. Release of 3 messuages behind church, near White Hill, with barn, etc., and 2½a. arable  D-X2/25/45  1694

Wendover. Toft whereon a barn lately stood adjoining the back yard of the Maidenhead Inn: Esther Nore to George Croxford of Wendover, maltster  D-X2/25/46  1785

Affidavit of acknowledgement of a fine, sworn at Stony Stratford  D-X2/25/47  1809

Langley Marish. Case and lawyers opinion concerning rights of the lord of the manor in relation to fines, etc  D-X2/25/48  1814

2 Items

Ludgershall. Fine: Arthur Crabb, gent., quer. v. Arthur Carew, Esq., and wife Ann: messuage, 4 cottages, 118a. land, 38a. meadow and 161a. pasture, common and tithes. Easter 6 Will IV  D-X2/25/49  1836

[Hillesden] "Mr. Denton's opinion concerning the clause in his Mother's will"  D-X2/25/50  1679

Aston Clinton. Will of Joseph Wells of Aston Clinton, gent  D-X2/25/51  1732

Income tax statement forms (not filled in) addressed to Acton Chaplin and Edward Hanmor  D-X2/25/52  1732

2 Items

Duplicate "judging book" for agricultural show (root crops), Aylesbury  D-X2/25/53  N.D. (c.1850-70)

Bundle of bonds  D-X2/26  1639-1710

Richard Grenville's notebook  D-X2/27  c1644

Related information: For a transcript of this item see Ship Money Papers, volume 13, Buckinghamshire Record Society, published in 1965

Letter from Buckinghamshire Education Authority awarding a modern language busary, 1914, with two covering letters, 1969  D-X2/28  1914, 1969

Copy of will of James Tachet of Waddesdon, 9 Jan 1681, with copy of bond, 1717  D-X2/29  1681, 1717

1 Item

Eight deeds relating to Lavendon 1514, 1574-1703  D-X2/30  1514-1703

Deeds relating to Clifton Reynes, 1629, 1666, and Hardmead, 1661, 1666, 1670, 1673  D-X2/31  1629-1673

Deeds of The Fleur de Lis Inn, and adjacent property in Coleshill, Amersham  D-X3  1657-1850

Archival history:
AR 20/39

Deeds of a messuage, etc., in Coleshill conveyed by John Lane to William Weller of Amersham, brewer. [Fleur de Lis Inn]  D-X3/1  1657-1784

19 Items

Conveyance of 36p of land in Coleshill with two cottages and a blacksmith shop, 1849  D-X3/2  1815-1849

12 Items

Also related papers, sale catalogue and will of Mary Slade, 1815-1849. Conveyed by John and James Slade to William Weller
Plan included on conveyance

Deeds of a kilnyard and premises, a close of 2r 9p and a close of 38p being Nos. 194 and 198 in inclosure award respectively  D-X3/3  1815-1850

11 Items

Also sale catalogue and purchase agreement, 1824
Conveyed by Job Slade to William Weller

Deeds of two cottages in Coleshill, Amersham, formerly one, situated on a plot of land of 1r. 1675-1813, 1855  D-X4  1675-1855

19 Items

Archival history:
AR 29/39

Includes conveyance of 8p length of hedge, 1677

Deeds of a Messuage [The Red Lion Inn], Amersham  D-X5  1799-1837

Archival history:
AR 48/39

Deeds and papers of a messuage on the East side of High Street, Amersham, with a garden, etc  D-X5/1  1799-1837

15 Items

Administrative history:
The property is thought to have been The Red Lion Inn which was delicensed, 1937-1938

Successively owned by William Child, James Child, John Marshall, John Ainsworth and purchased by John and William Weller of Amersham, brewers, in 1837
Includes sale catalogue of Child estate, 1811, insurance policy, 1820

Letter from Prison Turnkey  D-X6  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 4/40

Letter from Mr. Lloyd, 2nd Turnkey at Aylesbury Prison to the Magistrates of the Borough Gaol, Tewkesbury  D-X6/1  20 May 1842

Offering himself and his wife for the posts of Governor and Matron there. States that he has previously worked at Shrewsbury Prison and that at Aylesbury is responsible for the care of all convicted men and the management of the tread mill

Sheriff's quittance rolls  D-X7  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 3/42
AR 5/42

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Lancashire County Council

Quittance roll of John Sparkes of High Wycombe, sheriff  D-X7/1  1699

Also typed translation of text

Quittance roll of Edward Sparkes of High Wycombe, Sheriff  D-X7/2  1719

Administrative history:
[Edward was the son of John Sparkes]

Articles of agreement as to Sheriff's liveries  D-X8  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 2/47

Articles of agreement  D-X8/1  1 August 1680

Related information: Printed in The Sheriffs of Bucks by E. Viney (Aylesbury 1965), Appendix 1
For similar agreements 1676 see AR. 73/77 and D-X464/11/13 (Hertfordshire)

Concerning the performance of the office of sheriff subscribed at the assizes, "for the better conformity to a late Act of Parliament", undertaking to limit the number and expense of sheriff's liveries when any of the subscribers is made sheriff and to contribute to the expense of providing them
15 signatures and names of 11 additional subscribers

Yates Estate, Turweston  D-X9  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 17/49

Related information: See also D-X31 and Ma 209/1 for terrier of Richard Yates estates, 1801 and map of John Yates estates, 1842

Volume containing terrier and maps of the estate of John Yates at Turweston  D-X9/1  c 1815

With annotations, 1867, 1873, by Charles Hare, a later owner of the property and devisee under the will of Edward Yates, 1863
Property includes North Field Farm, and Grove Hill Farm

Ordnance Survey 25" 1st Edition map showing part of Turweston parish with area of North Field Farm outlined and field names given  D-X9/2  c 1880

Terrier of Grenville estate  D-X10  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 30/49

Particular and terrier of the estate of Rt. Hon. George Grenville in Tingewick taken by John Hickman and Thomas Horwood and others  D-X10/1  April 1766

1 Volume

Wilton Park, Beaconsfield: Butlers Account Book  D-X11  1808-1817

Archival history:
AR. 5/50

Deeds, Rowsham, Weedon etc  D-X13  [n.d.]

Archival history:
(AR 13/50)

Collection of two bundles of deeds, relating to various parishes including Wingrave, Rowsham, Whitchurch and Weedon  D-X13/1  1850-1880

Bond to perform covenants  D-X14  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 15/50

Bond for the performance of covenants  D-X14/1  2 October 1699

(1) William Reading of Chesham, yeoman
(2) William Baldwin of Chesham, yeoman

Orders for common fields etc  D-X15  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 27/50(G)

"Swanbourne Orders"  D-X15/1  7th November, 1748

Being "Orders, Covenants, Agreements and Ordinances indented for the Stinting regularising and Improving the Common....." in the parish of Swanbourne

Schedule  D-X15/2  (undated, but probably c. 1765.)

"A Schedule containing the Names and the several Sums of money each person pays towards the yearly sum of Ninety pounds payable to the Vicar of Swanbourne in the County of Bucks in lieu of the Vicarial Tythes of the said Parish."

Deeds etc of Eton, Hartwell and Stone  D-X16  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 30/50

Eton  [no ref. or date]

Licence to alienate  D-X16/1  19 Dec 1760

(1) The Provost of College Royal, Eton
(2) Joseph Benwell of Eton, mercer
(1) grants to (2) licence to alienate the remainder of a lease for 20 years to John Cranwell of Eton, tallow chandler
Close of meadow in Eton lying between the King's stables on the South and a close formerly belonging to Thomas Windsor on the North
Ground formerly part of the close, now a garden adjoining the late dwelling house of Mary Scotten, measuring 21½ feet by 82 feet
A weir in an eyott and a house thereupon with all the rod eyotts and torrs in the river Thames part of which belongs to Bullocks Lock, with all rights pertaining thereto

Apprenticeship indenture of Robert Frederick Miller, son of Maria Miller, schoolmistress of Eton Union Workhouse  D-X16/2  21 Dec. 1853

Bound to Henry Graveney and James Graveney of Upton-cum-Chalvey whitesmiths, locksmiths and bellhangers

Hartwell and Stone  [no ref. or date]

Exemplification of a Common Recovery  D-X16/3  13 June 1733

(1) Thomas Greenwood, gentleman, demandant
(2) Thomas Treherne, gentleman, tenant
(3) Joseph Haynes, vouchee
A messuage, 2 gardens, 6a. meadow, 42a. pasture in Hartwell, Stone and Sedrup

Exemplification of a Common Recovery  D-X16/4  14 July 1746

(1) James Nash, demandant
(2) John Charsley, gentleman, tenant
(3) Plumer Horton, vouchee
A messuage, 2 gardens, 20a. land, 6a. meadow and common of pasture for all cattle, in Sedrup, Hartwell and Stone

Exemplification of a Common Recovery  D-X16/5  17 June 1752

(1) William Croke, demandant
(2) Middleton Howard, gentleman, tenant
(3) William Carter, vouchee
5 messuages, 3 gardens, 2a. land, 1a. meadow, 1a. pasture and common of pasture for all cattle in Hartwell and Stone

Buckinghamshire Railway  D-X18  [n.d.]

Archival history:

Printed letters to William Rowson of Prescot, Lancashire, as a shareholder in the Buckinghamshire Railway  D-X18/1  1846-1847

3 Items

Concerning payment for shares and registration of scrip

Letters of administration  D-X19  [n.d.]

Archival history:

Letters of Administration of William Edward Gibbons of Great Marlow, coal merchant  D-X19/1  6 December 1866

Who died on board the ship Norfolk 18 September 1865, granted to Thomas Peers Williams, esquire, one of his creditors

Notice and will  D-X20  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 2/51 (G)

Savings Bank Withdrawal Notice. James Riley of Newport Pagnell, Bucks  D-X20/1  2nd & 23rd February, 1878

Conditions of access: Not Found

Probate copy of the Will of Sarah Walker, of Newport Pagnell, Bucks, dated 3rd July, 1821  D-X20/2  1821

Deeds, Newport Pagnell  D-X21  [n.d.]

Lease and Release of a messuage in High Street, Newport Pagnell, Bucks. John Dering Enr., and another to Thos. Pearson  D-X21/1  7th and 8th March, 1664

Marriage settlement. Thos. Pearson and others, and Thos. Pomfret and John Chowne  D-X21/2  3rd May, 1705

Assignment of mortgage of messuage in High Street, Newport Pagnell. Richard Hawkins to Richard Purratt (in trust)  D-X21/3  28 Aug. 1756

Release of Clappers Close, Newport Pagnell. Rev. Thos. Goodwin & Edward Bloxham to Richard Patch and Thos. Smith  D-X21/4  3 Sept. 1772

Release of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Thos.Holt to Messrs. Patch and Smith  D-X21/5  25 Sept. 1772

Lease and release of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Thos. Horton to Messrs. Patch and Smith  D-X21/6  28 & 29 Sept. 1772

Lease and release of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Messrs. Patch and Smith to Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton  D-X21/7  9 & 10 Oct. 1772

Mortgage of messuage in High Street, Newport Pagnell. Mrs. E. Hamilton to Robert Jee  D-X21/8  13 Aug. 1788

Agreement re estate at Litchborough, Northants. Thos. Adkins and Robert Collison  D-X21/9  20 July, 1790

Lease and release of messuage in High Street, Newport Pagnell. Chas. Dymoke Williams & others to John Howe  D-X21/10  6 & 7 May, 1791

Assignment of mortgage of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Robert Joe to John Gurney  D-X21/11  7 May, 1791

Attested copy of probate of will of John Howe, of Newport Pagnell, Grocer and tallow chandler, dec'd  D-X21/12  21 May 1791

Lease for 1 year of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Mrs. Mary Howe & William Queneborough to James Adkins & trustee  D-X21/13  26 Aug. 1791

Conveyance of messuage in High Street, Newport Pagnell. Mrs. Mary Howe & W. Queneborough to Jas. Adkins & trustee  D-X21/14  27 Aug. 1791

Mortgage of a messuage in Newport Pagnell. John Howe & trustee to Mrs. Eleanor Sanders  D-X21/15  15 June, 1791

Assignment of mortgage of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Mrs. Eleanor Sanders to John Adkins  D-X21/16  27 Aug. 1791

Feoffment of a house in Newport Pagnell. John Pearson to Robert Pearson  D-X21/17  30 Aug. 1791

Mortgage of a messuage in Newport Pagnell. James Adkins and his trustee to Mrs. Eleanor Sanders  D-X21/18  1 Sept, 1791

Lease for a year of messuage in Newport Pagnell. James Adkins to Robert Collison  D-X21/19  26 Aug. 1793

Conveyance of messuage in High Street, Newport Pagnell. James Adkins & trustee to Robert Collison & trustee  D-X21/20  27 Aug. 1793

Assignment of mortgage of messuage in Newport Pagnell. Mrs. Eleanor Sanders to Francis Osborn  D-X21/21  27 Aug. 1793

Agreement for purchase of messuage in Newport Pagnell. James Adkins and Robert Collison  D-X21/22  9 Sept. 1793

Eleven copy deeds relating to property, etc., in Newport Pagnell  D-X21/23  1729 - 1772

Feoffee estate survey, Hanslope  D-X22  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 8/51 (G)

Related information: See also CH13-Hanslope Feoffees Estate

Scheme for the Feoffee Estate at Hanslope in the County of Bucks, and for the application of the Income thereof  D-X22/1  1868

Approved 14th February, 1868. Thin 8vo volume bound in printers' cloth

Scheme for the Management and Regulation of the Feoffee Estate in the parish of Hanslope (as amended on 12th December, 1893)  D-X22/2  1893

8vo booklet with paper covers

Hanslope Feoffee Estate Gifts Book  D-X22/3  March 1870 - December, 1879

Hanslope Survey, Quality and Rate  D-X22/4  1818

Quarto MS volume, bound in parchment - covers defective. Surveyed by John King, Winslow; Qualitied and Rated by Thos. King, of Nash, and Jno. Roper, of Potterspury

Two deeds of property in Adstock  D-X23  1649, 1682

Archival history:
AR 12/51

Related information: See St. 81

Bargain and sale with feoffment  D-X23/1  27 Oct. 1649

(1) Thos. Egerton of the town of Buckingham, gent., and Susan his wife
(2) Thos. Hogg of Adstock, husbandman
(3) Anthony Scott of Adstock, yeoman
Several pieces of arable, meadow, ley and pasture, as set down in annexed terrier, in Adstock now or late in tenure of Thos. Edmunds of Adstock, husbandman, and William Lea of Adstock, yeoman, or their assignees, which lands Thos. Egerton, deceased, late father of T.E. purchased of one Edmund Simpson of Shenley, yeoman, and all trees, hedges, etc., and all the yearly rents, services and profits heretofore reserved upon all and every demise and grant made of the premises
Covenant by T.E. that, notwithstanding any act done by T.E. or Susan his wife or by the said Thos. Egerton, his deceased father, or by Mary, late wife of T.E. the father, or by the said Edmund Simpson to the contrary, he is seised of an estate in fee simple and that he will save (2) harmless against any claims arising from any such acts or persons excepting a lease made of the premises or part of them dated 1 Sept
23 Chas I made by T.E. to Thos. Edmunds of Broughton in the parish of Bierton for 3 years from Lady Day last past before the date of the said indenture and a lease dated 14 Nov
24 Chas. I to William Lea of Adstock, yeoman for 6 years from Lady Day following the date thereof
Covenant to levy a fine
Conveyance from (1) to (2)
Consideration £90 paid to T.E
Terrier attached [lands in Breach, Newell and Piltch fields]

Assignment and mortgage  D-X23/2  15 Feb. 1682

(1) Henry Harris of the parish of St. Brides, London, gent
(2) Susan Mallett of Great Horwood, widow, relict and executrix of will of James Mallett late of the same place, yeoman, dec'd., and Thos. Mallett of Great Horwood, yeoman, Newman Mallett of the same place, goldsmith and Andrew Mallett of the same place, yeoman, sons of the said S.M. by the said J.M., dec'd
(3) William Butcher of parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Middx., joiner, and William Farmborough of the same place, cabinet maker
(a) Messuage cottage or tenement and one yardland (18a.) in Adstock and parcel of land 18' in breadth, the said messuage on the S. side thereof, and all such parts and parcels of meadow and ley ground in the fields and meadows of A. to and with said messuage and yardland occupied or enjoyed now or lately in the tenure of Edward Holt and Richard Tredwell or their assignee(s)
(b) Yardland (19a.) in Adstock to said cottage belonging, formerly in occupation of Richard Fleet
Recites mortgage dated 4 July 25 Chas. II [1685] from said James Mallett and Thomas Mallett to Wortley Whorwood, Esq. of property (a) to secure £100 paid to James Mallett for 500 years from the day before date, to be void on repayment of £101.10s. on 4th October then following and assignment endorsed thereon dated 6 December then following to H.H. on payment of £103 and that W.B. has by appointment of (2) paid £200 to H.H. for principal and interest due, which £200 is part of the £420 agreed to be paid for purchase of all the premises. Assignment of property (a) from H.H. by direction of parties in (2) to W.F. in trust for W.B. to hold discharged of aforesaid proviso
Consideration: £200 paid by W.B. to H.H. for principal and interest and 5s. paid by W.F. to H.H. by direction of W.B
Bargain and sale for 500 years of property (b) from parties in (2) to W.F. in trust for W.B. with covenant that W.B. and W.F. will, on payment to W.B. at the common dining hall of the Middle Temple of £206 on 16 August next, convey and assign the property to parties in (2) or such of them as shall pay said £206
Consideration: 5s. paid by W.F. to parties in (2) by W.B.'s direction and for securing £200 and interest

Particulars of Perambulations, Taplow  D-X24  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 15/51 (G)

Paper bound Ms. volume containing details of the perambulations of the boundaries of the parish and Manor of Taplow, which took place on 24th May, 1724, and 31st May, 1750, respectively  D-X24/1  1724, 1750

Covenant to produce deeds, Waddesdon  D-X25  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 19/51 (G)

Covenant to produce deeds, dated 8th June, 1802, between Lord Viscount Dillon and Augustus Dillon (his son) of the one part, and Lord Carrington, of the other  D-X25/1  1802

In respect of the manor of Blagrove, in the parish of Weddesdon, Bucks

Deeds, Chesham and Chalfont St Giles  D-X26  [n.d.]

Archival history:

Bond in £40  D-X26/1  8 Sept. 1699

(1) John Peed, alias Tucker of Sarratt, Herts, tailor
(2) James Garratt of Chalfont St Giles, husbandman
A messuage, land and tenements in Chalfont St Giles and Chalfont St Peter occupied by John Boddy, purchased of (1) by (2)
The condition of the bond being that Ann Peed alias Tucker, wife of (1) never claim any jointure or interest in the property and that a fine be levied by (1) any time at the request and expense of (2)

Release of legacies  D-X26/2  11 Oct. 1752

Related information: Will 14 January 1747/8 with codicil 29 March 1749 proved in the court of the Archdeacon of Bucks. See D/A/We/84/96

(1) John Warner, clothier, Elizabeth Warner, spinster, both of Chesham, William Warner jun. of Hawridge [Harwich], labourer, Susannah Warner jun., spinster, William Warner sen. and wife Susannah, one of the sisters of William. Clisby, all of Chesham, Thomas Bettesworth of Chalfont St Giles, staymaker and wife Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Howard, John Howard of Shepperton, Middlx, waterman, John Sanders of St Andrew Holborn, London, cordwainer and wife Susannah, late Susannah Howard, Thomas Tilleard of Shepperton, Middlx, ropemaker and wife Sarah, late Sarah Howard, John Snead of Bicester Oxon and wife Mary, late Mary Clisby, and Sarah Howard of Shepperton, Middlx, widow, sister of the late William Clisby, all legatees of William Clisby, deceased
(2) William Clisby, nephew and executor of the late William Clisby
Release after payment of legacies by (2) to (1) bequeathed by the will of William Clisby of Chalfont St Giles

Deed of messuage, Wingrave  D-X28  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 26/51

Assignment of term in trust  D-X28/1  28 May 1714

(1) The Hon. Elizabeth Leigh, widow & relict of the Hon. Charles Leigh of Leighton Buzzard, Beds, deceased and administratrix of Elizabeth Lovett, late of Leighton Buzzard, widow, her late mother
(2) Joyes Sculthorpe, spinster, one of the two daughters of Joyes Sculthorpe, widow by Edward Sculthorpe, late of Puttenham, Herts, clerk, deceased
(3) Samuel Cooke of Wingrave, yeoman, son and heir of Nicholas Cooke, late of Betlowe, Herts, grazier, deceased
(4) John Sambee of Soulbury, clerk and Thomas Lake of Buckland, gentleman
(1) at the request of (2) and (3) assigns to (4) the remainder of a term of 1000 years in
Messuage in Wingrave with 20a. land in the common fields, a close of pasture of 1½a. adjoining the messuage, on which a cottage occupied by William Green formerly stood, a swath of meadow in Long Hale Furlong, 3a. arable, ½a. arable in Castlewicke Furlong in East Field, a headacre of ley ground heading Mallidge Furlong to the South and Pitt Furlong to the North, ½a. ley ground under Castlewicke Furlong in East Field; all lands purchased at various dates by Thomas and Robert Seabrooke and being in Wingrave and Rowsham
Consideration: £310 [paid to (1) by (2) at the direction of (3)]
With covering letter 9 Nov. 1920

Deeds of Chalvey Grove, Slough  D-X29  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 31/51(L)

Marriage Settlement  D-X29/1  12th September, 1688

(i) Thomas Duck of New Windsor, Berks, goldsmith
(ii) Barbara Duncombe of Bucklebury, Berks, spinster
(iii) Francis Duncombe of Broughton, esquire and Robert Goodyere, citizen skinner of London
Conveyance by (i) to (iii) of 2 messuages, 2½a of close and ½a meadow in Upton-Cum-Chalvey; 2a. land in Upton (detailed bounds given); 2 half acres in Church field. To use of (i) on forthcoming marriage to (ii)

Lease and Release  D-X29/2-3  14/15th November, 1726

(i) Barbara Duck of New Windsor, Berks, widow and relict of Thomas Duck late of the same place, goldsmith
(ii) William Thompson of Eton, baker
Properties in D-X29/1
Consideration: £300

Mortgage  D-X29/4  24th October, 1770

(i) William Thompson of New Windsor, cooper son and heir of William Thompson, late of Eton, baker
(ii) Thomas Taylor of New Windsor, gent
To secure £70 and interest on properties in D/1 above
Endorsed: Deed of furthercharge to secure £30 5th June, 1773

Transfer of Mortgage  D-X29/5  26th February, 1779

(i) John Pocock of Upton, yeoman, sole executor of will of Thomas Taylor
(ii) Charles Grantham of New Windsor, victualler
Transfer of mortgage (D-X29/4) on payment of £100 and £25.7.0 interest

Transfer of Mortgage  D-X29/6  10th May, 1792

(i) Charles Grantham of New Windsor, wine merchant
(ii) John Thompson of New Windsor, cooper, only son and heir of William Thompson, late of New Windsor, cooper
(iii) John Joel of Chalvey Green, Upton, husbandman
(iv) John Secker of New Windsor, gent
Reciting D-X29/4 and 5
Property in D-X29/1 (to (iv) in trust for (ii) and (iii)

Bundle of bonds, surrenders, admissions etc  D-X30  16th cent - 18th cent

Archival history:
(AR 32/51)

Including 2 copy wills, 2 terriers and 17th century inventory, relating to Ivinghoe, Pitstone and the Brickhills etc

Survey with map, Turweston  D-X31  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 37/51 (G)

Related information: See also D-X9

A survey and terrier of an estate in Turweston belonging to Mr. Richard Yates, 1801
A plan of an estate in Turweston belonging to John Yates, 1842. Ma/209/1 Framed and glazed


Archival history:
A.R. 2/52 (L)

Indenture  D-X33/1  1653 March 17th

Indenture  D-X33/2  1657 March 1st

Indenture  D-X33/3  1658 September 16th

Indenture  D-X33/4  1712 January 10th

Indenture  D-X33/5  1724 April 24th

Indenture  D-X33/6  1724 April 25th

Mortgage  D-X33/7  1724 September 3rd

Recovery (10 Geo.I)  D-X33/8  1724-1725

Assignment  D-X33/9  1727 March 30th

Release  D-X33/10  1738 January 31st

Lease  D-X33/11  1738 January 30th

Declaration of Trust  D-X33/12  1738 February 14th

Lease for a year  D-X33/13  1762 February 26th

Indenture (release)  D-X33/14  1762 February 27th

Lease  D-X33/15  1762 July 21st

Release  D-X33/16  1762 July 22nd

Lease for a year  D-X33/17  1810 December 21st

Release  D-X33/18  1810 December 22nd

Papers re land in Long Crendon  D-X34  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 3/52. (L)

LONG CRENDON. Land called "Warden Wick"  [no ref. or date]

Feoffment: Edward Bethome to Robert White  D-X34/1  14-viii-1565

Feoffment: Robert White to Richard Madge  D-X34/2  22- ix-1580

Feoffment: William Madge to William White  D-X34/3  6- vi-1590

Deed Poll: John Madge to R. White  D-X34/4  21- iv-1607

Bond: R. White to John Huet  D-X34/5  31- v-1608

Probate Will: John Hewitt made 28-vi-1618  D-X34/6  15- ix-1618

Lease: John Hewitt to John Gynckes  D-X34/7  20- ix-1631

Bargain & Sale: John Huet to John Jenks & Alice, his wife  D-X34/8  28- x-1635

Apprenticeship Indenture: Richard Goodin, with assent of John Wheeler, his father, to John Goodin  D-X34/9  29- ix-1673

Abstract of Title: of William Coxe  D-X34/10  c.1682

Draft Assignment in Trust: William Fryer and Richard Goodwin to William & Thos. Butcher  D-X34/11  1736

Receipt: Fryer to Goodwin  D-X34/12  29- ix-1736

Haddenham  [no ref. or date]

Court Book  D-X34/13  1817 - 1870

Manor Court Fee Book  D-X34/14  1893 - 1934

TWYFORD  [no ref. or date]

Bound copy of the Inclosure Act  D-X34/15  1774

Conveyance of manor, Hedsor  D-X36  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 12/52 (L)

Conveyance of the Manor of Hedsor in the County of Buckingham. Mr. W.M. Gillett and others to Mr. S.F. Smith. Dated 31st December, 1925  D-X36/1  1925

Deeds, Chesham  D-X37  [n.d.]

Feoffment  D-X37/1  10th May, 1614

(1) Robert Chase of Chesham, tanner, and Johane his wife
(2) Raphe Chase of Chesham, yeoman
Messuage in Chesham
Endorsed: Tanhouse
Consideration: £60

Feoffment  D-X37/2  2nd January, 1632

(1) Raffe Chase of Great Marlow, gent
(2) Ezechyell Chase of Stoke Poges, yeoman
Property in D-X37/1
Endorsed: Tanhouse
Consideration: £120

Counterpart Marriage Settlement  D-X37/3  20th February, 1644

(1) Ezechyell Chase of Stoke Poges
(2) Mathew Chase of Great Chesham, tanner (son of Ezechyell Chase) and Alice Biscoe of Chesham, spinster (daughter of Richard Biscoe, gent.)
Two messuages in Chesham (one of which was heretofore a barne.)

Lease and Release  D-X37/4-5  26/27 April, 1693

(i) John Chase the younger of Chesham, tanner
(ii) Henry Harris of Chesham, gent
Two messuages, Water Peere meadow (2½a.) 1a. in Town alias Dungrove field, 3a. freehold pasture (Meade Lotts) in Chesham; Long Croft close (6a) in Ashley Green; Hillfield, spring (4a. wood ground) in Ashley Green; 12a. ar. land, 3a. 3r. freehold inclosed out of Hullfield Common field, 1a. in Townefield, all in Chesham. (Detailed bounds of properties given.)

Exemplification of a Recovery  D-X37/6  29th May, 1693

Matthew Carvile demandant. Henry Harris, tenant John Chase, the younger, vouchee
2 messuages, 2 gardens, 26a. land 3a. meadow, 5a. pasture 7a. wood and common pastures in Chesham

Deed to declare the uses of a Recovery  D-X37/7  14th May, 1703

(i) John Chase of Chesham, tanner
(ii) Matthew Carvile of Clements Inn, co. Middlesex, gent
(iii) Henry Harris of Little Missenden, gent
Property in D-X37/4-5 Recovery to use of (i)

Fine  D-X37/8  Easter, 1742

James Baldwin, plaintiff, John Preston and Mary his wife, deforciants
Two messuages, three barns, two stables, one curtilage, two gardens, two orchards, twenty acres of land, ten acres meadow, 4 acres pasture, moiety of messuage and two barns, in Chesham and parish

Mortgage  D-X37/9  25th March, 1743

(1) John Preston the younger of Berkhamsted St. Peter yeoman (cousin and heir of John Chase of Chesham)
(2) Henry Belch of Chesham, grocer
To secure £250 at 4% interest on two messuages land land called "Little Pulls" (inclosed out of Pull Field common field), Water Peere (2½a.) in Chesham

Bond  D-X37/10  25th March, 1743

Above parties bound in £500 for performance of conditions of D-X37/9

Deed to declare uses of a fine  D-X37/11  30th April, 1743

(1) John Preston the younger of Whelpley Hill, Chesham, blacksmith and Mary his wife
(2) James Baldwin of Chesham, mealman
Property in D-X37/8 to use of (1)

Assignment of Mortgage: Mortgage  D-X37/12  14th May, 1760

(i) Henry Belch of Chesham, grocer
(ii) John Preston of Whelpley Hill, blacksmith
(iii) Charles Ware of Chesham Bois, yeoman
Property in D-X37/9
Consideration: £291
Mortgage (i) John Preston 14th May, 1760
(ii) Charles Ware
To secure £69 at 4% interest on messuage called Porto Bello near Chesham-Ashridge highway; 2a. meadow, land (CowLeys) near highway, piece of woodland in Chesham parish

Copy of D-X37/12  D-X37/13  [n.d.]

Lease and Release  D-X37/14-15  14/15th November, 1760

(i) John Preston of Whelpley Hill, Chesham, blacksmith and Mary his wife
(ii) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
Two messuages with appurtenances in Chesham
Covenant to surrender 1½a. copyhold meadow (Drivers Mead) in manor of Chesham Bury to (ii) expectant upon death of Margaret Freeman
Consideration: £380. £360 pd. to Charles Ware of Chesham Bois, yeoman, £20 to John Preston.)

Assignment of Mortgage  D-X37/16  14th November, 1760

(i) Charles Ware of Chesham Bois, yeoman
(ii) John Preston of Whelpley Hill, Chesham, blacksmith
(iii) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
(iv) John Hearne of Chesham, waggoner
Reciting D-X37/9 and 12
Assignment by i at request of ii to iv of two messuages in Chesham with tanyards and tan vatts, in trust to attend inheritance of iii for remainder of mortgage terms
Consideration: £360

Lease  D-X37/17  17th November, 1760

(i) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
(ii) Margaret Freeman, widow, mother of Joseph Freeman
Two messuages in Chesham, two cottages in Chapping Wycombe on release by ii of annuity under will of Joseph Freeman deceased
Term: 99 years
Endorsed: Assignment of Rights 15th August, 1764
(i) Margaret Freeman
(ii) Patrick Hepburn of Chesham, tanner
(iii) Pemble Baylie of Chesham, draper
Assignment by i to iii in trust for ii of rights to above properties (except properties in Chepping Wycombe.)

Fine (two parts)  D-X37/18-19  November, 1760

Joseph Freeman plaintiff. John Preston and Mary, his wife, deforciants
2 messuages, 2 cottages, 2 barns, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 4a. land, 4a. meadow, 4a. pasture in Chesham

Mortgage  D-X37/20  18th October, 1762

(1) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
(2) Patrick Hepburn of Chesham, tanner
To secure £40 at 5% interest on two messuages in Chesham (vide D-X37/17)

Deed of Further Charge  D-X37/21  8th July, 1763

(i) Joseph Freeman
(ii) Patrick Hepburn
To secure £90 on above mortgage (D-X37/20)

Lease and Release  D-X37/22-3  3/4th May, 1764

(1) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
(2) Patrick Hepburn of Chesham, tanner
Property in D-X37/14-15
Covenant to levy a fine
Consideration: £265.10.0

Assignment of Mortgage  D-X37/24  4th May, 1764

(i) John Hearne of Chesham, waggoner
(ii) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
(iii) Patrick Hepburn of Chesham, tanner
(iv) William Meade of Chesham, tanner
Reciting D-X37/9, 12, 16
Assignment by i (at request of ii) to iv of two messuages in Chesham in trust to attend the inheritance of iii for remainder of mortgage term

Assignment of Mortgage  D-X37/25  4th May, 1764

(1) Patrick Hepburn of Chesham, currier
(2) Joseph Freeman of Chesham, currier
(3) John Kingston of Rickmansworth, co. Hertford, surgeon
Reciting: D-X37/20, 21
Assignment by i to iii of properties in D-X37/20, in trust to attend the inheritance of i

Quitclaim  D-X37/26  15th August, 1764

(i) Margaret Freeman of Chesham, widow
(ii) Patrick Hepburn and John Kingston
Drivers Mead Meadow (1½a.) in manor of Chesham Bury

Lease and Release  D-X37/27-8  20/21 September, 1784

(i) Patrick Hepburn of Chesham, tanner
(ii) George Hepburn, tanner (his son)
Messuage in Chesham. Consideration: 10s

Sale Particulars  D-X37/29  16th June, 1862

Property to be sold at Chesham Town Hall by order of trustees of late George Hepburn, (contains plan of freehold houses and building land in Chesham)

Copy death certificate  D-X37/30  18th December, 1870

Of John Davis Gotch (aged 60 yrs.) of Lower Street Kettering, shoe manufacturer

Exchequer Teller's Bills, 1560-1624  D-X38  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 14/52
This group of 236 'Tellers' bills (narrow strips of parchment recording the Exchequer), relating to Buckinghamshire has strayed from Public Record Office class E402. They are said to have formed part of the Phillips Collection. For further information regarding provenance, etc. see List and Index Society vol 31, p35ff, Guide to the Public Record Office, vol 1, p.98

Brief details of the nature of each transaction are given in the following chronological abstract
1560 Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow Manor
1561 Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow Manor
1564 Thomas Warde: subsidy collector for Chiltern Hundreds
Paul Dayrell, esq.: buying and selling wool against the statute
Paul Dayrell, esq., sheriff: account for bailiwick
1565 John Fitch: subsidy collector for Ashendon Hundreds
Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow Manor
Edward Ashfield: rent for Nether and Over Shenley Manor
Henry Cary, Lord Hunsdon: payment for some alum sold to Barnard Brocas through Thomas Bacon
1566 Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow Manor
Robert Throckmorton: rent for manor and priory of Ravenstone
Walter Corbett: Exchequer fine
1567 Thomas Miller: subsidy collector for Cottesloe Hundreds Wm. Coone: purchase of a messuage and two mills called Hanslope Mills
1568. Thomas Duncombe: Newport, Ashendon and Aylesbury Hundreds (5 items) Subsidy
Thomas Bennett: Chiltern Hundreds (2 items) Subsidy
Henry Manfield: Chiltern Hundreds (2 items) Subsidy
William Lamburn [-bert?]: Ashendon Hundreds (2 items) Subsidy
Thomas Miller: Cottesloe Hundreds Subsidy
John More: Cottesloe Hundreds Subsidy
John Saunders: Aylesbury Hundreds Subsidy
John Tegall: Reading and Theall Hundreds Berkshire Subsidy
Thomas Dolman: Wantage Hundreds Berkshire Subsidy
Clerical subsidy for Granborough
Hugh Hollinshed: account for office
Robert Throckmorton: rent for Manor and priory of Ravenstone
Thomas Stampes: purchase of messuage in North Marston
John Edwyn: purchase of messuage and land in Walton
Thomas Maskall: purchase of Farnham Royal manor
John Fisher: purchase of messuage, etc. in Hanslope
John Bell: purchase of fishery at Boveney
George Annesley: purchase of capital messuage of Newport Pagnell
Nicholas Swynles: purchase of messuage called The Christopher in Eton and Brampton Manor, Huntingtonshire
Hugh Cary, Lord Hunsdon: payment for some alum sold through Thomas Bacon to Barnard Brocas
Thomas Ward: payment for bond
1569 Arthur Lord Grey: purchase of lands, etc., at Fenny Stratford
1573 Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow manor
Robert Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone manor
1574 Richard Hatche: fine for... against statute (poor condition)
Ralph Inglishe: engrossing grain against statute
Robert Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone manor
Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow manor
Thomas Williamson and Robert Richardson: importing and engrossing grain
Katherine Ardes, widow: rent arrears from Henry Audeley for messuage in Sherington
1575 John Dynham: fine for distraining on woodland in Bernwood, Shotover Kingswood and Stowood
Henry Longville, gent: for... [part missing]
Robert Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone manor
Robert Woudlyff and Christopher Weedon: rent arrears for Manor of Peterley
1576 John Fountayne: subsidy collector for Chiltern and Cottesloe Hundreds (2 items)
Robert Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone manor
Humphrey Fitzwilliam, gent: rent for manor of Edgcott
Lady Dorothy Packington: Star Chamber fine
1577 Peter Temple, subsidy collector for Buckingham, Ashendon and Newport Hundreds (2 items)
William Rysley, esq. subsidy collector for Chiltern Hundreds (2 items)
Robert Cutbert, clerk: fine for leasing land against statute
1580 Richard Crafford, esq., sheriff: account for bailiwick
Benedict Duncombe: purchase of rectory of Wingrave
1582 William Mountgomery, subsidy collector for Newport Hundreds (2 items)
William Mercer, subsidy collector for Ashendon Hundreds (2 items)
Jacob Duffeild, subsidy collector for Ashendon Hundreds
Thomas Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone manor
Humphrey Fitzwilliam: rent for manors of Edgcott and Moulsow (2 items)
Humphrey Fitzwilliam: rent for messuage in Bernwood Forest
Arthur Lord Grey of Wilton: for recognizance
1583 Humphrey Fitzwilliam: rent for manor of Edgcott
Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow manor
Michael Coles: rent for Rectory of Wolverton
Arthur, Lord Grey of Wilton: for recognizance
Walter Windsor: rent for manor of Princes Risborough
Edward Gray: purchase of manor of Ekeney-cum-Petsoe
Sir George Peckham: for recognizance
1584 Thomas Tasbrugh, esq., sheriff: account
William Hawtry, esq., sheriff: account for bailiwick
Edward Gray: purchase of manor of Ekeney-cum-Petsoe
Thomas Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone Manor
Robert Foster: purchase of messuage... (poor condition)
John Temple, esq: fine for keeping milk cows and not rearing calves
George Bull: fine for buying but not keeping cows in accordance with law
1585 Henry Manfeild John Founeteyne: whole county £487.6.0 Subsidy
Thomas Redmayne: Ashendon Hundreds £487.6.0 Subsidy
William Pierson: Chiltern Hundreds 1 item £487.6.0 Subsidy
Francis Grene: Brench and Dooll Hundreds, Wiltshire 1 item £487.6.0 Subsidy
Richard Troughton: Newport Hundreds £487.6.0 Subsidy
Richard Bosse: Aylesbury Hundreds £487.6.0 Subsidy
Clement Dawbney: Cokeham & Bray Hundreds, Berks. £487.6.0 Subsidy
Robert Dormer: account for bailiwick
Thomas Throckmorton: rent for manor of Ravenstone
William Dodington: rent for lands in Speen, formerly manor of Donington, Berks
1586 John Norwood, subsidy collector (Bucks) 1 item
Richard Peycock, subsidy collector for Edlemorton Hundreds, Middx. 1 item
Thomas Duncombe, subsidy collector for Aylesbury Hundreds 1 item
Thomas Jones: rent for Taplow manor
Thomas Throckmorton: rent for Ravenstone manor
1588 John Newton, subsidy collector for Buckingham Hundreds
Samuel Bosse, subsidy collector for Ashendon Hundreds (2 items)
William Smith: payment for goods distrained from George Smith
1591 Thomas Duncombe, Newport Hundreds Subsidy
William Poole, Buckingham Hundreds Subsidy
Bartholmew Tipping, Ashendon Hundreds Subsidy
Paul Miller, Buckingham Hundreds Subsidy
Alexander Hampden, Aylesbury Hundreds Subsidy
John Atkyns, Cottesloe Hundreds Subsidy
John Borlase, sheriff: account
George Fleetwood, sheriff: account for bailiwick
Henry Cormock: purchase of land in Stoke Poges in manor of Burnham
Robert Balthroppe, esq: rent for land: Henry Mansfield, recusant
Sir Henry Cheyney and Roger Horton: for bond
Thomas Pigott: fine for buying and reselling cattle
Thomas Throckmorton: fine for not attending church
1592 Thomas Pottes, Aylesbury Hundreds Subsidy
John Atkyns, Cottesloe Hundreds Subsidy
William Poole, Buckingham Hundreds Subsidy
Alexander Hampden, sheriff: account
Thomas Sheffield and Richard Brewster: rent for Bledlow rectory 1 item
Edward East, recusant 1 item
Robert Balthropp for Taplow manor. Henry Mansfield, recusant
William Bowies, esq: rent for Manor of Denham
Sir George Peckham - rents
Thomas Lee: Star Chamber fine
Edward Tyrrell, esq: Star Chamber fine
1595 Robert Shipwash: Chiltern Hundreds Subsidy
John Chewe: Buckingham Hundreds Subsidy
Michael Harecourt, sheriff: account
Robert Throckmorton: rent for manors of Ravenstone and Stoke Goldington
Thomas Sheffield and Richard Brewster: rent for Bledlow rectory, Edward East, recusant
Anthony Asheley: rent for manor of Medmenham
1599 John Dormer, former sheriff: residue of account
1600 Benedict Mayne: rent for lands in Creslow
Robert Johnson and Lord Henry Seymour: rent for prebend of Sutton and Buckingham, Horton and Horley
1609 Thomas Dell: Cottesloe Hundreds (2 items) Subsidy
John Busby: Ashendon Hundreds (2 items) Subsidy
John Jordan: Chiltern Hundreds Subsidy
John Hatch: Newport Hundreds Subsidy
Henry Guildford: purchase of manor of Taplow
Edward St. Berbe for manor of Taplow
Edward Coke, Chief Justice: rent for 12a. and mill at Farnham Royal
John Style, clerk: for sealed licence of houses called Alehouses
Sir Robert Johnson, royal commissioner: for purchase of woods and lands in Bucks, Northants and Oxon
Moyle Finch: rent for manors of Ravenstone and Stoke Goldington, water mill at Stoke Goldington
Joseph Mayne: rent for land in Saunderton. Henry East and John Mayne, recusants
John King: Star Chamber fine
William Bradshaw: for recognizance
1610 Thomas Moyle: rent for manor of Caversfield, Bucks and priory of St. Edburga at Bicester, Oxon
1611 - Alexander: subsidy collector for Wantage, Berks
Alexander Hampden: collector of loan for the King
Robert Johnson: for St. John Wood in Chepping Wycombe
Benedict Mayne: for land in Creslow (2 items)
1612 Robert Dormer, collector of loan for the King (2 items)
Robert Dormer and Alexander Hampden, collectors of feudal aid on marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of King James
Sir Jerome Horsey, sheriff: account for bailiwick
Thomas Burdett, former sheriff: account for Ann Padley, Ro -, Ellen Poole, Margaret Greaterax, recusants
Anthony Chester, former sheriff: various accounts
Sir Jerome Horsey, sheriff: rent of Edward Lee and Thomas Gibson
Joseph Mayne: rent for land in Bledlow, Edward East for recusancy (2 items)
Joseph Mayne: rent for land in Saunderton, Henry East and John Mayne, recusants. (1 item)
Francis and Nicholas Howse: rent for lands and recusancy
Thomas Williams, gent: rent for messuage, lands etc. Thomas Ridley, gent, John Bache and John Norgrove, recusants
Thomas Throckmorton: fine for non-attendance at church (2 items)
George Fleetwood, John Hill and Francis Dayrell: for underwood in Biddlesden
Moyle Finch, Bart: rent for manors of Ravenstone and Stoke Goldington and water mill (2 items)
Henry Lee, Bart: payment for maintenance of 30 foot soldiers in Ireland for its defence and for promotion of Ulster plantation
Michael Bedill: for Star Chamber fine and recognizance
Clement Pigott: for Star Chamber fine and recognizance
William Pym, Clement Claver and William Tipping, Richard Kempe for recognizance
Thomas Chamberlain for fine of Star Chamber and recognisance
Henry Monke and Thomas Hitchcock for recognizances
1613 William Garwey, Francis Jones and Richard Salter: rents, customs and subsidies for all England
Sir Pexall Brocas: for land and woods in Little Brickhill
1614 Francis Fortescue: sheriff's account for Newport Hundreds
Robert Johnson: rent for woodland in Chepping Wycombe
Edward Coke, Chief Justice, rent for Farnham Royal
1615 Francis Fortescue: sheriff's account for Newport Hundreds
Robert Johnson, rent for St. Johns Woods in Chepping Wycombe
1616 Richard Mead, subsidy collector for Bucks
Edmund Brudenell, esq: for court leet and view of frankpledge of Stoke Mandeville manor
1617 Sir Thomas Temple, Bart, from Sir John Lawrence, Edward Lee and Thomas Gibson for profits from land
Francis Fortescue: sheriff's account for Newport Hundreds
1618 Thomas Fountains: rent for a messuage and land in Bierton in possession of Francis and Nicholas Howse, recusants
Joseph Mayne: rent for land in Saunderton, John Mayne recusant
Joseph Mayne: for court leet and view of frankpledge of Stewkley manor
Thomas Williams: rent. Thomas Ridley, John Bach, John Nogrove recusants. [Bucks, Worcestershire, Hereford and Shropshire.]
William Clarke: for court leet and view of frankpledge of manors of Dorney and Hitcham
Edmund Wheeler, esq: sheriff's account (for 1615/16)
Sir Francis Fortescue: sheriff's accounts for Newport Hundreds
John Lawrence, sheriff: account
John Lawrence, sheriff: account for Pitstone manor. Edward Lee: land in Shalston, Thomas Gibson: land in Amersham occupied by Thomas Finch
1619 Francis Fortescue: sheriff's account for Newport Hundreds
Thomas Williams: rent, etc [as in 1618] (2 items)
Joseph Mayne: lands in Saunderton, John Mayne recusant
Thomas Fountain, rent for messuage in Bierton, etc. [as in 1618]
William Borlase: liberty of warren in Little Marlow
Edward Mendale: penalty of bond
1620 John Lawrence, former sheriff: account
Benedict Winchcombe, sheriff: account for bailiwick
Francis Duncombe, former sheriff: account and green seal
Francis Fortescue: sheriff's account for Newport Hundreds
Sir John Dormer: for manor of Addington owned by Anne, Lady Curson, recusant
Lady Mary Digby: for court leet and view of frankpledge of manors of Gayhurst and Stoke Goldington
Lord John Digby: rent for manor of Gayhurst and Stoke Goldington, owned by Lady Mary, recusant
Thomas Fountaine: rent for messuage in Bierton, in possession of Francis and Nicholas Howse, recusants
Eliz. Finch, widow: rent for Ravenstone and Stoke Goldington and water mill
Thomas Williams: rent. Thomas Ridley, John Bach, John Nogrove, recusants [Bucks, Worcestershire, Hereford and Shropshire]
Thomas Chamberlain: Star Chamber fine and recognizance of barons of the exchequer
Thomas Ravening and John Hugman: rent for land in Chepping Wycombe and parcel owned by Wm. Chalfont recusant
Joseph Mayne: land in Saunderton and other lands owned by John Mayne, recusant
1621 Thomas Stevens, collector of subsidy
Francis Fortescue: sheriff's account for Newport Hundreds
Caseo Shurley: rent for lands, Robert Throckmorton and Baldwin Sheldon recusants
John Hampden of Great Hampden: voluntary gift for defence of the Palatinate hereditaments of King James' son-in-law
Sir Thomas Tyringham: ditto
1622 Caseo Shurley: rent for lands, Robert Throckmorton & Baldwin Sheldon recusants
Sir Thomas Beade: voluntary gift for defence of Palatinate
Thomas Hale, gent, collector for Cottesloe Hundreds of gift for Palatinate, etc
1624. John [Digby], Earlof Bristol: rent for Gayhurst, Stoke Goldington and parcel of land owned by Lady Mary Digby, recusant
John Dormer: rent for manor of Addington alias Carbonells, owned by Lady Anne Curson, widow, recusant
Thomas Fountaine, esq: rent for messuage in Bierton in possession of Francis and Nicholas Howse, recusants
Sir Francis Goodwin: account for bailiwick

Bills  D-X38/1  1560 - 1567

14 Items

Bills  D-X38/2  1568 - 1569

29 Items

Bills  D-X38/3  1572 - 1577

22 Items

Bills  D-X38/4  1580 - 1584

26 Items

Bills  D-X38/5  1585 - 1591

30 Items

Bills  D-X38/6  1592 - 1600

19 Items

Bills  D-X38/7  1609 - 1611

21 Items

Bills  D-X38/8  1612

23 Items

Bills  D-X38/9  1613 - 1619

27 Items

Bills  D-X38/10  1620 - 1624

25 Items

Deeds, Langley Marish, Datchet etc  D-X39  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 17/52

DATCHET  [no ref. or date]

Release  D-X39/1  2nd February, 1692

(1) Anne Pitcarne of Twickenham, Middlesex, widow (daughter and coheir of William Wheeler of Datchet deceased) and Andrew Pitcarne alias Wheeler, esquire, her eldest son
(2) Samuel Aldridge of Staines, Middlesex, gent
Sixth part in messuage, malthouse, cottage and tenements in Datchet, Datchet St. Helens, and Upton
Consideration: £65

Fine  D-X39/2  November, 1700

Ambrose Adkins plaintiff, Samuel Aldridge gent. and Dorothy his wife, deforciants
1 messuage, 1 cottage, malthouse, 46a. land, 8a. pasture in Datchet, Datchet St. Helen, and Upton

Lease and Release  D-X39/3  23/24th September, 1719

(1) Jane Tuckwell of Aylesbury, spinster (niece and heiress of Edward West of Datchet, yeoman)
(2) Frances Contess of St. Ann's Westminster widow (another niece and heiress of Edward West)
Fourth share in messuage in Sowdley, Datchet with 15a. adjoining land in Sowdley, Marshfield, Bottom Westfield, Normeade, Cowlease, Linchfield in Datchet
Consideration: £50

Copy Admission  D-X39/4  26th June, 1741

Of Daniel Marsh of Datchet, yeoman to a parcel of land and small cottage in manors of Datchet and Datchet St. Helens on surrender of Mathew Welch

Demise  D-X39/5  23rd October, 1749

Conditions of access: Not found Apr 1992

(i) John Davenport of parish of St. George, Hanover Square, London
(ii) Thomas Bristoe of Datchet, yeoman
52a. land in Datchet, 1 barn in Lees Orchard
Term: 12 years. Consideration: £218

Lease for One Year (mutilated)  D-X39/6  17th September, 1762

(i) Daniel Marsh, yeoman
(ii) Robert Style of Upton and Adrian Marsh of parish of St. Andrew Holborn, dyer
15½a. land in Datchet

Marriage Settlement  D-X39/7  18th September, 1762

(i) Daniel Marsh of Datchet, yeoman
(ii) Ellen Style of New Windsor, spinster
(iii) Robert Style of Upton, dealer in brandy, Adrian Marsh of St. Andrew's Holborn, dyer
Release (i to iii) on forthcoming marriage between i and ii of 15½a. land in Sowdley, Marsh Field, Bottom West Field, Normead, Cowleaze, Linchfield, Renleaze (detailed bounds given) to use of (i)
Covenant to surrender copyhold lands and tenements in manor of Datchet and Datcher St. Helens
Covenant to transfer £500 of South Sea annuities

Lease for One Year  D-X39/8  26th April, 1769

(i) Abel Jenkins of New Inn, Middlesex, gent, (surviving trustee in will of Mary Syne of Guildford)
(ii) Daniel Marsh of Datchet, yeoman
Reversion in messuage in Datchet; 42a. 2r. 20p. land in Datchet Common Fields, viz. in Westfield Common Field (1a), Running Grove Shot (2½a.), Middle Shot (2a.), Punch Mead Shot (2a.) Lorosey Bush Shot (1a.), Sunder Mead Shot in Church Field (1a.), Swine Mead Shot (1a.), Mid Shot (½a.), Towns End (1a.); 1½a. against Reading Court in Snichfield, Park Shot (1a.), Ashley lands (1½a.), Green Dere (1a. 3r.), Cholt (4a.), Cowley and North Mead (6a.1r.), Punch Mead (6½a.), Southly field (1a.2r.20p.), Marshfield (1a.), Charley Craft (½a.), Tansey Bushes (2a.1r.), Long Marsh (½a.), Primmer (1r.), Micraft (1½a.)

Release  D-X39/9  7th August, 1776

(i) George Harry Chitty of Harrold, Bedford, clerk and Julian his wife
(ii) Mary Chitty of Lombard Street, London, widow
(iii) Daniel Marsh of Datchet, yeoman
Messuage and malthouse, 3r. land in Datchet; 44a. land in Datchet, Datchet St. Helens, and Upton, viz 1½a. in the West Field in Sumpter Mead Shott near West Field gate, Rubbers Butts (1½a.), Bunce Mead Shott (3a.), Middle Shott (1a.), Running Groves Shott (3 yds.), Chillfield (4½a.), Swaine Mead Shott (1a.1yd.) Middle Shott (3a.1½ yds.), Linchfield in Middle Shott (1a.1 yd.) Green Veere (1a.), Ashleys Shott (1a. and 1½ yds.), Marsh Field Cherley Croft (½a. 1 yd.), Mitchell Hill (3½a. 3 yds.), Long Merch (2a.), Hostwells (1½a.), Short Merch (2a. 1 yd.), Southley Field (1a.), Janes Close Shott (5½a. 3 yds.), 1a. 3 yds. meadow in Bunce Mead, 1a.1 yd. in Normead

Covenant to produce title deeds (unexecuted)  D-X39/10  1781

(i) Thomas Earley of Datchet, dealer in horses
(ii) William Earley of Datchet, malster and Joshua Earley, dealer in horses
Freehold messuage and appurtenances in Datchet. (Schedule of deeds annexed)

Counterpart Lease  D-X39/11  10th June, 1786

(1) Provost and College of Eton
(2) John Fleetwood Marsh of Datchet, yeoman
Tenements and Meos lands in Datchet
Term: 20 years. Rent: £16.16.0. p.a

Lease for One Year  D-X39/12  20th November, 1789

(i) Mary Herbert of Langley Marish, widow, William Herbert of Langley Marish, yeoman
(ii) John Goodwin of Datchet, butcher
Herbert Mirk ar. land (3a.) in Datchet adjoining Westfield; 1a. meadow in Fleet Common meadow

Lease  D-X39/13  28th February, 1795

(1) Edmund Hill of Whitton, Middlesex, esquire
(2) Joseph East the younger of Datchet, farmer
Modern brick built messuage on Datchet Common with 200a. land in Datchet Common Fields (West, Church, Marsh, Southley, Linch and CheltFields, Cowleys North Mead and Fleet meadows)
Term: 21 years. Rent: £268 p.a

IVER  [no ref. or date]

Fine (Two copies)  D-X39/14-15  Trinity term 1695

Thomas Taylor plaintiff. Richard Langley and Mary his wife, John Wunan(?) and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants
1 messuage, 2a. land in Iver

LANGLEY MARISH  [no ref. or date]

Copy Surrender  D-X39/16  11th October, 1540

By William and Agnes Bareng of land in Langley Marish (detailed bounds given) to use of Richard Dary

Fine  D-X39/17  Trinity term 1656

Robert Child, gent, plaintiff. John Goodyeare and Margaret his wife, deforciants
1 cottage, 9a. land, 2a. meadow in Horton and Langley

Fine  D-X39/18  November, 1661

Thomas Mountague gent, and Jane his wife plaintiffs. Robert and Mary Childe, Elizabeth Rowthorne, widow, William and Helen Thorneworke, and Peter Childe deforciants
12a. land, 20a. meadow, 10a. pasture in Langley Marish

Copy Admission  D-X39/19  17th April, 1662

Of Robert Pearson of London, merchant on surrender of William Chapman of New Windsor Berks, collarmaker, to Garsons close (4a.), ½a. land in Westfield (Long Furlonge shot), in manor of Langley Marish

Copy Admission  D-X39/20  4th July, 1667

Of Katherine Knowltin to 1 cottage, 1 close (1a.) in manor of Southend, Langley Marish, on death of her mother, Alice Chapman

Copy Conditional Surrender  D-X39/21  17th September, 1673

By Margaret Goodyeare, daughter of John Chapman of messuage on Southend Green, Langley Marish in manor of Southend; 3½a. close, 1 cottage on Westmore Green with 3a. adjoining close to Robert Neville of Islington, to secure £180.8.0

Fine (Two parts)  D-X39/22-23  Michaelmas 1675

B- Younge clerk, and George Jefferies, esquire, plaintiffs. Thomas Mountegue clerk and Jane his wife, deforciants
1 messuage, 1 dovecote, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 60a. land, 20a. meadow, 20a. pasture in Langley Marish and Wexham

Quitclaim  D-X39/24  13th May, 1678

(1) John Goodyeare, citizen, and tallow chandler of London
(2) Robert Neville of Islington, gent
Property in 21

Lease for One Year  D-X39/25  28th October, 1731

(1) Mary Wakefield of Colebrook, Langley Marish, widow of Richard Wakefield, Carpenter
(2) James Haines of Langley Marish, yeoman
Messuage, 1a. land at Horsmoore Green, Langley Marish

Release  D-X39/26  13th January, 1732

(1) Thomas Hartwell of Parnham Park, Langley Marish, yeoman
(2) Thomas Merry of Langley Marish
1a. land in Brimsley Field
Consideration: £17

Copy Admissions  D-X39/27  11th December, 1741

Of Martha Hatchett, Deborah Maulsbery, Frances Haynes, and Mary Pain to messuage and barn in Westmore Green with 5a.1r. of adjoining land; 11a. ar. ground in Langley Marish CommonFields. viz. Called West Shott in Hither West Field (2a.), 2½a. in Stock Shott in Hither West Field, Short Furlong Shott, (1a.), 1a. in West Shott in Further West Field, 2a. in Bewock Shott in Further West Field, 1a. in Further West Field, 3a. in Great Down in manor of Langley Marish
Surrender to Isaber Golder the younger of Uxbridge, Co. Middlesex, gent., to create a tenant to the praecipe. Recovery to be made by Zebulon Hawkins
Admission and subsequent surrender by Hawkins in favour of Haynes, Hatchett and Maulsbery

Covenant to Produce Deeds  D-X39/28  28th July, 1742

(i) David Morice of Langley Marish, gent. and Jane his wife
(ii) James Haynes of Langley Mairsh yeoman, and Frances his wife
Deeds relating to manor, messuages, and lands in Langley Marish

Release  D-X39/29  31st January, 1769

(i) John Newham of parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, silversmith, and Mary his wife, William Griffin of St. Mary-le-Strand, Middlesex, bookseller and Elizabeth his wife, Edward Walbancke of St. Mary-le-bone upholsterer and Sarah his wife, Thomas Snow of St. Dunstans, jeweller, and Rebecca his wife, Thomas Griffin of St. Giles, Cripplegate, carrier and Mary his wife
(ii) Isaac Bickerstall of Somerset Stable Yard in Strand, co. Middlesex
Messuage and 1a. land at Horsemore Green, Langley Marish, ½a. in Church Field in Long Rubbers/Long Burroughs Shott
Consideration: £280

Copy Admission  D-X39/30  17th October, 1791

Of Martha and Mary Young to messuage and lands in manor of Langley Marish on death of Robert Young their father

Lease for One Year  D-X39/31  15th October, 1792

(i) John Johnson of Popes Head Alley, Cornhill, London, Stockbroker, Jeaffreyson Holland of West Drayton, Middlesex, gent., Thomas Slocombe Blackman of West Drayton, gent
(ii) Edward Ive of Langley Marish, yeoman
1a. freehold land in the Great Downe, Westfield

Fine  D-X39/32  Easter 1803

Edward Ive plaintiff. Edward Ford and Mary Ann his wife, Joseph and Mary Holdgate, deforciants
Moiety of 4 messuages, 3a. land in Langley Marish

Release  D-X39/33  22nd March, 1808

(i) Ely Dyson of Cheapside, hosier, William Smith of Steward Street, Spittal Fields, Middlesex (late of Durham Place, East Hackney Road), fruiterer
(ii) Edward Peter Ive of Langley Marish, yeoman
Pursuant to auction sale at Garraways Coffee House, Change Alley, Cornhill (Ive pd. £6,100)
19a. land in Broomfield, 9a. in Further River Field, 7a. in Hither River Field next to the Church; 6a. in Church Field alias Horsemore Field
Parcels of land in Langley Marish Common Fields, viz., Hither River (13a.1r.), Feane Down (14½a. 1r.), Stone Mead (3a.), Stone-Hill Hill (5a.1r.), Braseland Hill (7½a.2½r.) and the Further River (19a.3r.)
3a. meadow in Porters Mead; 4½a. in Horsemore Field; 3a. in Churchpeice, Horsemore Field
Covenant to surrender copyhold messuage in Langley Marish

Conditional Surrender  D-X39/34  18th October, 1819

By Edward Peter Ive, gent. of messuage and appurtenances, 62a.2r.22p. land, and allotments awarded by Inclosure Commissioners:- 1a.2r.9p. on Middle Green (No.340 on Inclosure Map), 5a.2r.10p. in Down Common Field (No.322), 3a.2r.34p. in Stone Hill and Stony Mead (No.423), 18a. 1r. 9p. in Church Field (No.346) in manor of Langley Marish to use of Anne Willis of Huish in the parish of Nately-Scures, Hants, widow, to secure £2000

Copy Admission  D-X39/35  18th October, 1819

Of Edward Peter Ive to 5a.1r. land adjoining messuage on Westmore Green, Garsons close (4a.), 17a. copyhold land allotted by Inclosure Commissioners in Down Common Field all in manor of Langley Marish

Probate Will  D-X39/36  3rd March, 1826

Of Ann Piper Ive of Langley Marish. Proved P.C.C. May 27th 1826

Lease and Release  D-X39/37-8  15th April, 1829

(i) Henry Robinson of Langley Marish, wheelwright
(ii) William Bartlett of West Drayton, Middlesex, malster (Release only)
(iii) Edward Peter Ive of Langley Marish, farmer
(v) Jacob William Blincoe of Langley Mariah, yeoman
Release only
17p. freehold ground in Church Field, Langley Marish
Allotment No.351 in Inclosure award
Release to iv in trust for iii
Consideration: £20

Lease for One Year  D-X39/39  18th July, 1833

(i) Edward Peter Ive of Langley Marish, farmer
(ii) Charles Sansom of Dover
46a.15p. freehold land in Langley Marish, being part of lands allotted to Edward Ive by Inclosure Commissioners (No. 317 on Award Map)

SLOUGH  [no ref. or date]

Deed of Dissolution of Partnership  D-X39/40  31st May, 1834

(i) Richard Coventry of Slough, coach maker, farrier and blacksmith
(ii) John Creffield of Slough, coachmaker, farrier and blacksmith
Purchase by Creffield for £400 of Coventry's share of business in messuage and workshops at corner of turnpike road leading to Eton

WENDOVER  [no ref. or date]

Fine  D-X39/41  Morrow of Holy Trinity 1794

Acton Chaplin gent., plaintiff, David Brill, Elizabeth his wife, Mark Noble deforciants
3 messuages, 3 cottages, 1a. land in Wendover and Amersham

Deeds, Stoke Mandeville and Hanslope  D-X43  [n.d.]

Archival history:
(AR 31/52)

Bundle of approximately twelve deeds relating to property in Stoke Mandeville 17th century
Bundle of approximately twelve deeds relating to property in Hanslope mostly 17th century

Will of George Edwards, Emberton  D-X44  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 43/52 (L)

Probate copy of the will of George Edwards, of Emberton, in the county of Buckingham, dated 16 June, 1629  D-X44/1  1629

Deeds of property, Long Crendon  D-X45  [n.d.]

Archival history:
(AR 46/52)

Seven deeds, including mortgages and admissions, relating to property in Long Crendon  D-X45/1  19th century

Deeds, Great Hampden  D-X46  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 47/52 (L)

Assignment of a mortgage on lands in Great Hampden  D-X46/1  3 Aug., 1714

One largely indecipherable deed, apparently the counterpart, being of the same date and parties and concerning land in Great Hampden  D-X46/2  1714

Fowler family deeds, Aylesbury, Amersham  D-X47  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 50/52 (G)

Copy of the Probate Will of Stephen Fowler of New Alresford. 16 v 1783
Copy of the will of John Fowler of Amersham. 11 vi 1783
Probate Will of John Fowler of Warmford, co. Hants. 15 viii 1785
Probate Will of Katherine Fowler of Amersham. 19 xi 1785
Copy (?) of will of John Fowler of Amersham (Defaced) 24 xii 1802
Probate and copy of the Will of John Fowler of Amersham 9 vi 1824
Draft for the Will of J.K. Fowler of Aylesbury 13 v 1846
Valuation of the contents of the Crown Inn, Amersham (2 copies) 19 i 1824
Miscellaneous papers. 1785 - 1933

Deeds and bond  D-X48  [n.d.]

Archival history:
(AR 17/53)

Seven deeds relating to property in Dinton, Wedlington etc 17th cent - 19th cent
Bond relating to Whitchurch nd

Purveyance account  D-EX49  [n.d.]

"Purveyance account" for the county of Buckinghamshire  D-EX49/1  1599

1 parchment roll, 3 membranes

The roll is not complete as it relates only to the hundreds of Ashendon, Buckingham, Cottesloe, and Newport

Land on Bicester Road, Aylesbury  D-X53  [n.d.]

Archival history:
(AR 30/54)
(AR 28/53)

Deed of covenant by Thomas Morland of Croydon, Surrey, Conrad Wilkinson of Beckenham, Kent, esquires and others
Undertaking to erect fences and limit development of building sites in Aylesbury (to be developed as Northern, Eastern and Southern Roads)
With plan of land 30 Dec 1852
Conveyance of land on Bicester Road, Aylesbury, by Messrs Morland and Wilkinson to Richard Moore Benson of Aylesbury, gentleman, with draft
Papers concerning conveyance of the land by Benson 1855-1857

Three deeds relating to Sherington  D-X55  17th century

[Poor condition]

Archival history:
(AR 28/53)

Scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings etc., relating to events taking place in and around Winslow, Bucks  D-X58  (late 19th century)

Archival history:
A.R. 31/53 (G)

Two deeds relating to Taplow and district and one deed relating to Lavendon  D-X59  1679-1703

Archival history:
(AR 37/53)

Copy deed, Burnham  D-X60  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 57/53 (G)

Copy of Indenture being revocation of old settlement, and new settlement, dated 20 April, 1725. Nicholas Wingfield and Ann, his wife, and George Wingfield & others. Copy made 7th January 1772. (B.R.A. JBC.)

Admissions to land at Loosley Row and Princes Risborough  D-X61  1750, 1770

Archival history:
(AR 59/53)

Deeds and papers, Dinto and Brill etc  D-X62  [n.d.]

Archival history:
(AR 60/53)
(AR 10/69)

Deed and probate will relating to property in Little Brickhill 1589, 1630
Ten deeds and one probate will relating to property in Ford, Dinton 1601-1706
Marriage Licence made out for Twyford church 1721
Deed relating to property in Brill 1745
Agreement between Robert Dormer and the tenants of the manor of West Wycombe 1607
Bond, Croke to Baldwin 1648
Lease of land at Dorton 1702
Marriage Settlement of William Busby and Elizabeth Crowe, estate at Weston Turville 1779
Admission of John Penn, manor of Farnham Royal 1829

Deeds: Buckingham, Water Stratford, Wooburn  D-X66  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 8/54
AR 16/54

Mortgage  D-X66/1  31 Dec 1742

(1) William Beresford of the Tower of London, esquire, George and Anne Allnutt of Coleshill, yeoman and Simon Crane of Amersham, esquire
(2) Anthony Turney of Chalfont St Giles esquire
Land in Coleshill, Amersham

Declaration of Trust in respect of bank annuities  D-X66/2  27 Sept 1750

(1) Christiana Fuller widow of Francis Fuller of Gregorys, Beaconsfield, esquire
(2) Major-General Edward Fuller of Gregorys, esquire, eldest son of Francis Fuller
(3) John Crook of Pall Mall Westminster, perfumer
(4) Alexander Wilson of St Margaret's, Westminster esquire
The annuities to be held in trust for Crook, standing in the names of Crook and Wilson

Assignment (? largely illegible)  D-X66/3  28 Nov 1644

(1) Sir Richard Ingoldesby of Lenborough, Buckingham
(2) Graveley Norton of...., Herts, esquire
(3) Francis Ingoldesby, esquire, son and heir of (1) and his wife, daughter of (2)
(4) Thomas Tirringham of Winchington, esquire and Edmund West of Marsworth, esquire
(5) Richard Ingoldesby, esquire and...., 2nd and 3rd sons of (1)
(6) John and Henry Ingoldesby, gentlemen., 4th, 5th sons of (1)
(7) George, Thomas and William Ingoldesby, gentlemen, 6th, 7th and 8th sons of (1)
Land in Buckingham

Assignment of a term of 1000 years  D-X66/4  5 April 1678

(1) Alice Payce of the Savoy, Middx, spinster
(2) Abell Makepeace of Broughton, Oxon, gentleman
Lenborough Manor House, Buckingham

Deposition by Hannah, wife of Thomas Hobbes of Chepping Wycombe, gentleman, and Katherine Gardiner of Wycombe, widow  D-X66/5  17 Feb 1655

As to the death bed statement of Henry Guillett of Wycombe, yeoman, bequeathing his property to his wife Anne, made on 30 Jan 1655 and proved 17 Feb

Bargain and Sale  D-X66/6  1 May 1630

(1) James Stile of Langley and Robert Stile of Ditton, Stoke Poges, yeomen
(2) George Stile and William Hawkins, both of Langley, yeomen
Land in Langley Marish

Final Concord; Morrow of the Holy Trinity 11 Charles I  D-X66/7  [25 May 1635]

(1) Robert Newton, gentleman, demandant
(2) William Newton, senior, esquire, and Frances his wife, William Newton, junior, gentleman, and Joan his wife, Humphrey Newton, esquire, and Ursula his wife (?), Sir..... Brud..., baronet, Sir Arthur Tyringham, Richard Tailer, esquire and Philip Willoughby, esquire, defendants
Land in Lavendon,..., Olney, Warrington, Newton (Blossomville) and Ravenstone

Final Concord; In octave of Purification 20 Eliz I  D-X66/8  [Jan 1578]

(1) Henry Tompson, demandant
(2) Thomas Rede, gentleman and Thomasina, his wife, defendants
Land in Long Crendon

Feoffment  D-X66/9  13 June 1619

(1) William Harte of Water Stratford, blacksmith
(2) Richard Mathewe of Water Stratford, husbandman
Land in Water Stratford

Bargain and Sale  D-X66/10  18 Oct 1620

(1) Richard Mathewe of Water Stratford, husbandman
(2) Richard Collins of Boycott, Oxon
Land in Water Stratford

Release  D-X66/11  14 July 1677

(1) William Uptone of Tingewick, blacksmith
(2) John Wanley of Boycott, parish of Stowem, Oxon, papermaker and Elizabeth his wife
Land in Water Stratford

Deed Poll  D-X66/12  21 Oct 1608

(1) William Deane of Wooburn, gentleman
(2) John West of Caversham, Oxon, yeoman
In consideration of a sum paid by (2) to Sir Francis Godwin of Wooburn
Land in Wooburn

Mortgage  D-X66/13  1 Oct 1661

(1) Christopher Peirce the younger of Wooburn, bargeman
(2) Robert Reve also Drewe, the younger, of Wooburn, bargeman
Land in Wooburn

Bond  D-X66/14  17 June 1684

(1) George Andrewes of Wooburn, bargeman
(2) Henry Ratie, junior, of Amersham, gardener
Bond made in respect of an indenture of the same date between
(1) George Andrewes
(2) Sir Thomas Millington of Lincolns Inn Fields
(3) Edward Spicer of Chepping Wycombe, papermaker
(4) Henry Ratie

Final Concord  D-X66/15  [1639-1640]

Land in Olney

Final Concord  D-X66/16  [1663]

Land in Lavendon, Cold Brayfield, Olney, Warrington, Newton Blossomville and Clifton Reynes

Bargain and Sale  D-X66/17  13 March 1677

(1) Griffin Chippe of Wooburn, bargeman and wife Bridgett
(2) George Andrewes of Wooburn, bargemaster
Cottage in Wooburn
Consideration: £50

Lease  D-X66/18  4 May 1688

(1) Christopher Allen of Wooburn, bargeman
(2) Robert Reeve or Drewe of Wooburn, bargemaster
Messuage in Wooburn and land

Common Recovery  D-X66/19  1728

Henry Garbrand v William Baskarth
Land in Wooburn

Conveyance [damaged]  D-X66/20  12 July 1751

(1) John Brougham of Cockermouth, Cumberland, gentleman
(2) John Unwin of Inner Temple, London
Advowson of Aston Sandford or Aston Court

Agreement to lease  D-X66/21  28 June 1764

(1) Sarah Perkins of Water Stratford, widow
(2) John Morris the elder of Mixbury, Oxon, husbandman and John Morris the younger, his son
Messuage and land in Water Stratford

Common Recovery  D-X66/22  [1807-1808]

John Hearne Tremayne, Esquire v George Henry Cocker
Land in Radnage, Bow Brickhill and Ludgershall

Label for deed, probably D-X66/2  D-X66/23  nd

Recovery of copyhold in manor Court, Farnham Royal  D-X67  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 9/54 (G)

Exemplification of a Recovery of property in Farnham Royal, levied in the court baron of the manor of Farnham Royal  D-X67/1  2 September 1686

Title deeds of property in Temple Square and Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury  D-X68  [n.d.]

1 - 35 House in Temple Square [No.3 Temple Square; Also included are abstract of title, and ground plan of adjoining corner house (no.28 Temple Street), c.1819; early deeds, 1665-1722 refer to both houses and there is an inventory, 1722, of no.28] 1665-1871
36-45 Property in Rickfords Hill. [Plan on deed of 1811]. 1755-1845
46-48 Miscellaneous properties in Aylesbury, etc. 1655, 1668, 1695

House in Temple Square  [no ref. or date]

Bargain and sale with feoffment; 22 January 17 Chas. II  D-X68/1  (1664/5)

(1) Thos, Harborne of Aylesbury, gent
(2) Matthew Freere of Aylesbury, grocer, & Wm. Talboys of Aylesbury, joiner
Messuage in Aylesbury lately in tenure of Richard Hawes & Mary his wife their assign or assigns, with the appurtenances lately divided from the messuage or tenement lately in occupation of Rd. Kingham & now of Rd. Dossett, the messuage or tenement of the said Henry Jourden on N. & divided by an entry from the said messuage or tenement in occupation of the said Rd. Dossett on S. & all that part of the yard & garden that lieth on N. part as it now is set forth with a pale from the said messuage in occupation of Rd. Dossett & other part of the said yard & garden new laid unto & belonging unto the said messuage or tenement of said Rd. Dossett on S. part, the orchard or backside of Henry Bell W. & N
Conveyance to (2) in trust to grant a peppercorn lease to (1) for 500 years to secure payment of £50 part of the purchase money, then in trust for Martha wife of Henry Jourden during her life, then to sell for benefit of M.J.'s children according to her direction, otherwise in trust for right heirs of M.J
Covenant that Rd. Dossett & heirs are to have free passage through the entry which now lieth between messuage hereby granted & said messuage of R.D. & to the well which standeth in the said backside of the messuage hereby granted & free passage unto all that part of the yard to the door or passage lately made in or about the middle of the pales or mounds in the yard aforesaid & that the chimney now standing in one of the chambers of the said messuage or tenement in occupation of the said Rd. Dossett shall remain continue & be as it now is without any alteration or removing of the same
Consideration £54 to (1) by Martha Jourden, wife of Henry Jourden of Aylesbury, yeo., paid or secured to be paid
Endorsed: Memorandum of livery of seisin of sealing of within mentioned lease
"This righting belongs to the barn that Robert Wheller lives in and and (sic) the ketchin that we now live in"

Mortgage by way of demise for 500 years to secure payment of £50; 22 January 17 Chas. II  D-X68/2  (1665)

(1) Matthew Freer & William Talboys
(2) Thos. Harborne
Messuage or tenement in Aylesbury lately in tenure of Rd. Hawes and Mary his wife and now of (1), the messuage of Henry Jourden on the N. and messuage in occupation of Rd. Dossett S. together with the yard and garden now thereunto belonging
By the appointment of Martha Jourden
To be void on payment of £50 by instalments (specified) by 1670
Endorsed. "This old righting belongs to the barn Robard Wheller now lives in and the kichin that belongs to the house I now live in Mary Monnck"

Bargain and sale with feoffment  D-X68/3  3 January 1667/8

(1) Hen. Jorden of Swanbourne, scrivener
(2) Wm. Phillips of Aylesbury, woolen draper
Barn containing 3 bays of building in Aylesbury in street called the Castle Fee adjoining unto the house of Wm. Talboyes now in occupation of Wm. Burgis on E. and adjoining to the backsides of ground of Hen. Jorden, father of (1) & of the said Wm. Phillips on N.W. side together with a water course out of said barn into the yard or backside now in occupation of said W.B. which said water course is to be made maintained & kept at the proper costs of said W.P. & heirs which said barn watercourse & premises was given & devised to (1) by last will & testament of Ann Orton late of Aylesbury dec'd., widow, grandmother to (1) and which she purchased of Mary Humphry of Ayl., widow
Consideration: £25.2.6
Endorsed: "This is the deed of the barn that Robard Wheller now hath in pos[sess]ion and the kitchen wich be longs to the house I now live in when it was bought was all in one barn
Mary Monnck"

Mortgage by way of demise for 500 years to secure £33.12  D-X68/4  9 May 1673

(1) Matthew Freer of Ayl., innholder, & Wm. Talboys of Ayl., joiner
(2) Nathaniel Birch of Ayl, yeo
Messuage or tenement in certain street called Cobblers Row, Ayl. late in occupation of Hen. Bell the younger, the messuage or tenement of said Hen. Jorden on N. & messuage or tenement of Rd. Dossett on S. together with the yard & garden thereunto belonging which said messuage or tenement & premises was lately purchased in the names of (1) of Thos. Harborne of Ayl., gent. by indenture of 22 Jan. 1664/5 in trust as therein mentioned
To be void if Martha Jorden & (1) pay to (2) £33.12.0. by instalments (detailed) by 1675
At direction of Martha Jordon w. of Hen. Jordon of Ayl. yeo
(1) Memorandum of assignment by N.B. to Rd.Robinson of Burcott in Wing, yeo. 6 Apr. 1678
(2) Memorandum of assignment by Rd. Robinson to (2) [in deed] 29 June 1678
(3) "this belongs to the barn robart Wheller now lives in and the kichin belonging to the house I now live in mary monnck"

Bond to perform covenants of D-X68/4  D-X68/5  9 May 1673

Probate 25 Dec. 1714 of will of Anne Phillips of Ayl. widow  D-X68/6  7 Oct. 1714

To sister Mary Monk & after her death to the 4 children of testator's nephew Thos. Boughton late of Ayl., dec'd. viz. Thos. Annie, Frances & Wm. Boughton and their survivors
Messuage in Ayl. near the Market Place now in occupation of Thos. Smith, salesman
To sister Mary Monk & heirs [charged with £50 legacy]
Messuage in Ayl. "wherein I now live" together with messuage or tenement adjoining in occupation of Rbt. Wheelor & all that piece of ground now or late in occupation of Jn. Buller with all outhouses yards, etc., to all & every of them belonging
Various other bequests
Residue to Mary Monk, widow. Executrix: Mary Monck

Probate of will of Mary Monk of Ayl., widow [made 13 May 1722]  D-X68/7  8 Jan. 1722/3

To son Wm. Boughton & to any son that shall survive him &,in defect, to eldest surviving daughter
Messuage or tenement in Ayl. "adjoining the messuage or tenement wherein I now live & now in the occupation of Robt. Wheeler (except a privilege of bringing wood & water & all necessaries through the entry & backside thereof which I have reserved & now enjoy & a privilege to go to the well for water which I now enjoy as a right belonging to the messuage I live in)"
To grand daughter, at 25 or marriage, Anney Boughton, d. of son Thos. Boughton, dec'd. [To pay sums to her sister Frances & brothers Thos. & Wm. B.]
Messuage in Ayl. "wherein I now live" together with that house or outhouse standing at the end of the yard commonly called the kitchen & the right of bringing wood etc. [as above] as reserved
To son Jn.Boughton & then to grandson Wm. Boughton, his eldest son
Messuage in Ayl. fronting to the market house in occupation of said Jn. Boughton
Various other bequests
Residue to son, Wm. Boughton, executor

Inventory of goods of Mrs. Mary Monk late of Aylesbury, widow, dec'd, taken by William Bell and John Palmer  D-X68/8  31 August 1722

Bond in £100  D-X68/9  15 Sept. 1722

(1) John Boughton of Aylesbury, grocer, & Amicia Boughton of Buckland, widow, to
(2) Wm. Boughton of Aylesbury, mercer
To indemnify (2) against claims by any children of (1) to rent or lottery tickets received by (2) as executor of the estate of Mary Monk, dec'd
Recites inter alia agreement that (2) should have the quarter's rent due at Michaelmas next for the houses in the occupation of Thos. Smith and Daniel Welch and also rent till Michaelmas for the house in the occupation of J.B

Original will of Wm. Boughton of Ayl., draper  D-X68/10  26 March 1724

"The will of the Lord be done"
To Sarah Boughton, his wife & the heirs of her body
Messuage or tenement in Ayl. now in occupation of Jn. West, tallow chandler, near the Market Place, Mathias Dagnall lying N. thereof & Sam. Freeman S
To Eldest son and daughter by wife Sarah Boughton
Messuage in Aylesbury in place called Duck End now in occupation of Robt Wheeler, Thos. Sawyer being W. thereof
Residue to wife, executrix
Endorsed: "Cancelled"

Probate of will of Wm. Boughton of Ayl., draper, made 2 Sept. 1746  D-X68/11  4 Jan. 1750 (proved)

To wife Sarah Boughton
Messuage in Aylesbury in occupation of Isaac Wheeler, basketmaker
Residue to wife Sarah Boughton, executrix

Probate will of Sarah Boughton of Aylesbury, widow, made 19 Aug. 1751  D-X68/12  17 September 1753

To Priscilla Clarke of Ayl., widow, & Thos. Edmunds of Luton, Beds., grocer, only son of said P.C. by Thos. Edmonds her former husband, dec'd
Messuage in Ayl. in occupation of Isaac Wheeler
Various other bequests
Residue to Priscilla Clark and Thos. Edmunds, joint executors

Copy will of Thos. Edmonds of Chepping Wycombe, mealman  D-X68/13  1 March 1794

To his wife, Joanna
Messuage or tenement in Aylesbury in occupation of James Fell & one other messuage in Aylesbury in occupation of Robert Crofts Wheeler
Various other bequests
Executors: sons Thos. Edmonds and Samuel Edmonds

Lease & release  D-X68/14, 15  1, 2 July 1801

(1) Joanna Edmonds of Chepping Wycombe, widow, relict of Thos. Edmonds
(2) Thos. Chandler of Guildford, Surrey, & wife Rebecca, late Rebecca Edmonds, spinster, d. & devisee in remainder as to hereditaments within
(3) John Woodman of Stone, yeo
Messuage or tenement in Aylesbury "in a certain street or place there formerly called Castle Fee but now more generally known by the name of Pitches Hill" formerly in occupation of Rd. Hawes & w. Mary, since of Robt. Wheeler, afterwards of Isaac Wheeler, basketmaker & now for some years since of Robt. Croft Wheeler, the messuage or tenement formerly of Hen. Jorden & now of Robt. Kirby in his own occupation on N. side thereof & messuage or tenement of Thos. Dell in occupation of Rd. Hitchcock on S. & also all that part of the yard lying behind the said messuage as the same is now divided from the other part of said yard by a brick wall belonging to said Rd. Kirby subject to right of R.K. & Occupier of the messuage in his occupation of bringing wood & water & all other necessaries etc. through the entry & backside or yard belonging to the messuage hereby granted & also at all times to go to the well in said yard for water... la in common fields of Bierton in occupation of Benj. Dudley
Conveyance from (1) & (2) to (3)
Consideration: £155 paid by (3) to (1) and (2)
Covenant to levy a fine

Final concord  D-X68/16  Hilary Term. 42 Geo. III [1802]

John Woodman quer. v. Joanna Edmonds & Thos. Chandler & Rebecca his wife, defts
2 messuages, 2 barns, 2 stables, 2 gardens, 2a. land in Aylesbury and Bierton

Covenant to stand seised of freehold estate to certain uses  D-X68/17  26 May 1804

(1) John Woodman of Stone, yeo
(2) Hen. Monk of Stone, yeo., son-in-law of (1)
Messuage or tenement in Aylesbury in place formerly called Castle fee but now more generally known by the name of Pitches Hill for some years past in occupation of Robt. Croft Wheeler but since in part rebuilt & now in occupation of John Acome, tailor, & - Smith, supervisor of Excise, the messuage or tenement formerly of Thos. Dell late in occupation of Rd. Hitchcock & now of Widow Claydon on S. side thereof & also yard behind said messuage as same is now divided from other part of said yard by a brick wall belonging to said (sic) Rd. Kirby subject to the rights of said R.K. & the owners or occupiers of said messuage or tenement now in occupation of said (sic) Francis Loggin of bringing wood etc. through entry & backside of said messuage first mentioned & to go to well for water
Consideration: natural affection for his d. Eliz., wife of (2) & for Charles Monk her son
To use of Eliz Monk for life, then for Chas. Monk

Memorandum of agreement  D-X68/18  4 July 1811

Between Mr. Monk and Mr. Loggin for the building of a party wall between their respective houses and other alterations, and for the extinguishing of Mr. Loggin's right of way through Mr. Monk's house [James Ball and William Timms, arbitrators]

Plans indicating proposed alterations, [Including ground floor and basement plans of Mr. Loggin's house]  D-X68/19-21  nd

3 Items

Grant of reversion  D-X68/22  29 Sept. 1813

(1) Chas. Monk of Ayl., grocer
(2) Hen. Monk of Stone, yeo., father of (1)
Prop. as in no.17 ["Pitches Hill otherwise Temple Square" "now with its new erections & improvements in occupation of (1), messuage now in occupation of Francis Loggin on N. & messuage of Thos. Dell now in occupation of - Hyriatt on S., yard divided by brick wall belonging to F.L. No reference to rights of entry.]
Conveyance of reversion in consideration of £540 & upwards advanced & laid out for (2) by (1)

Mortgage for securing £500 and interest at 5%  D-X68/23  1 May 1815

(1) Elizabeth Monk of Stone, widow and relict of Henry Monk, late of Stone, yeo., dec'd., and daughter of John Woodman of Stone, dec'd., and Henry Monk of Sheepcote Hill in parish of Waddesdon, dairyman, eldest son and heir at law of said Henry Monk dec'd
(2) Eliseus Webb of Bierton, yeo
Property as described in D-X100/17 and 22
John Hyriott occupier of adjoining messuage on S
Covenant to keep the property insured and repaired
27 July 1820
Assignment of mortgage [endorsed on previous deed]
(1) Rev. Wm. Oddie the Younger of Magdalen College, Oxford, clerk, and John Grace of Wingrave, Bucks., yeo. [Trustee]
(2) Mary Webb of Bierton, widow of Eliseus Webb
Recites inter alia the terms of Eliseus Webb's will dated 12 Nov. 1815

Draft abstract of title, 1751-1815  D-X68/24  1817

Release of rights of way  D-X68/25  12 August 1819

(1) John Marshall of Amersham, gent
(2) Rev. William Oddie the Younger and John Grace, joint executors of the will of Eliseus Webb, dec'd
(3) Elizabeth Monk of Stone, widow
(4) Henry Monk of Sheepcote Hill, Waddesdon
Recites inter alia the agreement [see D-X100/18] made some years previously between the then proprietors of the two adjoining messuages now in the respective occupations of Edward Monk and Joseph Russell and that this had been put into effect but that no legal instrument had been executed for giving complete legal effect to it

Abstract of title of messuage in Temple Street; [Conveyed to John Marshall, 1819], 1722-1819  D-X68/26  N.D

Assignment of mortgage  D-X68/27  17 May 1822

(1) William Woollhead of Wendover, gent. and Mary his wife late Mary Webb, widow
(2) Timothy Honnor of Great Missenden, gent., and Charles Hoare of the same, gent. [Trustees]
Property as in nos 17, 22 above "lately in the occupation of Joseph Monk and now of George Thompson" [messuage now of John Marshall, gent., on north]
15 January 1828
Assignment of mortgage [endorsed in previous deed]
(1) Timothy Honnor and Charles Hoare
(2) Mary Woollhead now of Great Missenden, widow
Same property [not described]

Schedule of deeds relating to the title of a messuage in Aylesbury in mortgage to Mrs. Mary Webb  D-X68/28  May 1822

Lease and release  D-X68/29,30  21, 22 April 1837

(1) Henry Monk of Sheepcote Hill in the parish of Waddesdon, dairyman, eldest son and heir at law of Henry Monk late of Stone, yeoman, dec'd. intestate, who hath survived Elizabeth Monk, widow [endorsed on previous deed] his mother, now also dec'd
John Monk of Stone, yeo
Messuage in Temple Street now in the occupation of Thomas Collett, the messuage of James Henry Marshall on the north and messuage in occupation of Thomas Woodman on south

Assignment of mortgage  D-X68/31  22 April 1837

(1) Charles Hoare of Great Missenden, farmer, and James Potter of the same, auctioneer
(2) Thomas Thorne the Younger of Bierton, farmer, and Mary his wife late Mary Hoare, spinster
(3) Henry Monk of Sheepcote Hill in Waddesdon, dairyman
(4) John Monk of Stone, yeoman
(5) Richard Rose of Aylesbury, gent
Same property
Assignment to (5) in trust for (4)

Lease for 21 years at weekly rent of 14s  D-X68/32  4 March 1864

(1) John Monk of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. farmer
(2) Robt. Thorp of Aylesbury, grocer
Messuage, tenement or dwelling-house in Temple Square with the grocer's shop and buildings thereto adjoining and belonging as now in the occupation of (2)

Authority from John Monk to the Bucks, and Oxon Union Bank to retain deeds as security for monies due  D-X68/33  13 April 1870

Surveyor's certificate  D-X68/34  19 August 1871

Relating to house and premises in Temple Square and charges thereon under the will of John Monk the Elder dated 23 February 1863

Deed of disclaimer of Thomas Bishop of Cuddington, farmer, and Thomas Horwood of Aylesbury, gent, as trustees appointed by the will of John Monk late of Stone, farmer, dec'd., dated 1 February 1871  D-X68/35  15 November 1871

Property in Rickfords Hill  [no ref. or date]

Lease & release  D-X68/36, 37  16, 17 Jan. 1755

(1) Alex. Kingham of Ayl. barber & peruke maker & W. Elizabeth
(2) Rd. Watford of Ayl., grocer
Garden plot in Ayl now, or late, in occupation of Rev. Mr. Stephen, the garden in occupation of Mrs. Rowland, Westward, & the garden of - Dell & the yard of Jn. Lee E. & the little garden in occupation of Wm. Kingham & Thos. Eversidge & the backside in occupation of Rd. Sanders Esq., Dec'd, S. as usually mounded & fenced from N. end thereof next to the said garden of Mrs. Rowland including the brick wall there westward to the necessary house now standing at the S. end & from thence including the mounds between said premises hereby granted & said little gardens & backsides at S. end thereof to the said yard of said John Lee & also a way from said garden hereby granted to (2) family, workmen etc. with or without wheelbarrows through the entry between or belonging to the messuages or tenements of said Alex. Kingham but in occupation of Widow Kingham & said Wm. Kingham & Thos. Eeversidge or some of them & through backsides or gardens belonging to said messuages (which said garden plot hereby granted is part of the premises lately purchased by A.K. of said Widow Kingham, his mother, & Jn. Kingham his brother, eldest s. & heir of Thos. K. late of Ayl., dec'd
Consideration: £25 from (2) to (1)
Endorsed: "Green End Garden"

Bond to perform covenants of above  D-X68/38  17 Jan 1755

Final concord; Hilary Term 29 Geo. II  D-X68/39  1756

Richard Watford, quer. v. Alexander Kingham and Elizabeth, his wife and Wm. Thompson and Jane his wife, defts
2 gardens, 1 orchard, 1a. land, 4a. meadow, 4a. pasture and common of pasture in Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville and Gt. Missenden

Lease and release  D-X68/40,41  6, 7 June 1755

(1) Jas. Jarvis of Middleton Cheyney, Northants, gent., & Sarah Jarvis his wife (one of the nieces of Rd. Saunders late of Ayl., Esq., dec'd & devisee in fee in his last will as to messuage to be released)
(2) Rd. Watford of Ayl. grocer
Messuage cottage or dwelling house in Ayl. in street called Green End alias Duck End heretofore in occupation of Elizabeth Edwards, widow, & Jn. Read & now of Joseph Saunders, the messuage of Jn. Lee [Clock & Chimes Charity] on NE & cottage or tenement late Thos. Eggleton hereinafter described on SE (which said messuage cottage or dwelling house was bought by said Rd.Saunders, dec'd. of Edw. Anthony and wife Mary); messuage in Ayl. in Duck and als. Green End formerly in tenure of Alex. Kingham, dec'd [abuttals given]
Conveyance for £92.10

Final Concord; Michaelmas Term 29 Geo.II  D-X68/42  1755

Rd. Watford, plt. v James Jarvis & wife Sarah, defts
2 messuages, 2 gardens & 2 orchards in Aylesbury

Conveyance  D-X68/43, 44  17, 18 Oct. 1811

(1) Jas. Neale of Aylesbury, draper, & w. Esther
(2) John Parker of Aylesbury, gent
(3) Wm. Rickford of Aylesbury, Esq. & Joseph Rose, gent
Messuage, cottage or tenement in Green End otherwise Duck End heretofore in the occupation of Elizabeth Edmunds, widow, John Read, and Joseph Saunders severally, since of Mrs. Arabella Howard and now of James Search, the messuage or tenement and premises being an ancient charity [Clock and Chimes] on the north and the cottage next described being separated therefrom on the ground floor by a gate way on the S.W.; messuage, cottage or tenement in Green End heretofore in the occupation of Alexander Kingham and Peter Wilkins and Elizabeth his wife, since of Charles Norman Carpenter, late of Henry Chilton and now of Ann Chilton his widow adjoining to the outbuildings and premises of W.R. on .S.W. together with the chamber and building over the said gateway now occupied with the said last described messuage. [Plan on deed]
Recites, inter alia, deed of settlement prior to marriage of James Neale and Esther his wife dated 26, 27 July 1792 and conveyance dated 12, 13 Sept., 1808 between (1) Rev. John Dell (2) Thos Dell (3) James Neale, (4) John Parker
Conveyance from (2) to (3) at direction of (1)

Acknowledgement  D-X68/45  14 February 1845

Acknowledgement by Wm. Rickford, Esq. and James James, gent., that the brick wall which has just been erected between W.R.'s house in Green End in the occupation of Thos. Harland and the adjoining house called the Clock and Chimes estate in occupation of J.J. shall remain the property of the owners and occupiers of the said adjoining premises. [Bill for building work attached]

Miscellaneous Properties  [no ref. or date]

Final concord  D-X68/46  Michaelmas Term 1655

Robt. Streame the Elder, Wm. Foster, quer. v. Ralph Coker and w. Katherine, defts
1 messuage, 1 garden, 1 orchard & 8a. pasture in Oving

Final concord; Michaelmas Term 20 Chas. II  D-X68/47  1668

Matthew Child, quer. v Henry Child & wife Elizabeth and Wm. Amond, defts
2 messuages, 1 cottage, 1 garden, 2 orchards & common of pasture in Amersham & Chesham

Final Concord; Michaelmas Term, 7 Wm. III  D-X68/48  [1695]

Thos. Hickman, gent., & Samuel Hawes, quer. v. Mary Kelly the Elder, widow, Mary Kilby the Younger, spinster, Thos, Dearing the Elder, Thos. Dearing the Younger, Thos. Deverell, gent., Alice Deverell, widow, & Thos. Weeden & Wife Martha, defts
3 messuages, 1 cottage, 4 barns, 4 gardens, 4 orchards, 27a. land, 2a. meadow, 5a. pasture & common of pasture in Aylesbury, Walton, Cheddington and Edlesborough

Minute Books, etc. of the Salt Hill Society, Slough 1783-1933  D-X69  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 21/54
AR 88/83

Minute and account book  D-X69/1  1783-1834

1 Vol

Minute and account book  D-X69/2  1834-1900

1 Vol

Printed rules and articles resolved at general meetings 1893-1900, 1903-1912, 1914  D-X69/3  1893-1914

19 Items

1783. The Salt Hill Society. 150th Anniversary. 1933  D-X69/4  1933

1 Booklet

Minute and account book  D-X69/5  1900-1939

1 Vol

Salt Hill Society, 200th Anniversary Dinner, 1983. Includes brief history of Society  D-X69/6  1983

1 Pamphlet

Deeds and bonds, Weedon  D-X70  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 26/54 (G)

Bond in £70 - Angell Mantell, yeoman, and Henry Foster, baker, both of North Marston, dated 24 March, 1691  D-X70/1  1691

Bond in £200 - John Seamons, of Weedon, yeoman, to Thomas Oviatt, of Aylesbury, victualler, dated 7 July, 1762  D-X70/2  1762

Copy will of Henry Foster, of North Marston, yeoman, dated 11 June, 1762. Proved 2 April, 1763  D-X70/3  1763

Assignment of cottage or tenement close and 5 acres of land at Weedon, for securing £120 and interest, John Allen by direction of John Seamons to Francis Rogers, dated 20 June 1801  D-X70/4  1801

Bond in £240 - John Seamons, of Weedon, yeoman, to Francis Rogers, of Little Kimble, yeoman, dated 20 June, 1801  D-X70/5  1801

Bond in £400 - Lydia Windleborough, of Oving, widow, and Jacob Ayres, of Oving, yeoman, to John Collings, of Aylesbury, salesman, dated 9 April, 1803. (Signatures torn off.)  D-X70/6  1803

Letter from Leah Painter, Cheddington  D-X71  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 27/54 (L)

Letter, dated 28 March, 1836, written by Mrs. Leah Painter, of Cheddington Farm, to her brother - Warner, of Leighton Buzzard  D-X71/1  1836

In reference to the taking of some of her farm land by the Railway promoters

Deed, Mursley  D-X72  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 28/54 (G)

4-part indenture - Agreement to Revoke Trusts, etc  D-X72/1  14 July 1735

Benedicta, viscountess Gage, and Thomas Whorwood, esq., and Elizabeth his wife, of Salden, co. Bucks, (with the assent of their trustees, parties hereto), to the earl of Litchfield and James Rooke, esq., of Pinbury, co. Gloucs. To revoke the trusts and divide the manor of Salden in Mursley, co. Bucks, vesting lady Gage's interest in Litchfield and Rooke

Exemplification of Recovery: George Frere, v. Samuel Forster. Easter 7 Geo. 4  D-X72/2  1826

One third of the Manor of Mursley in Mursley and Little Horwood, and the advowson of Mursley

Deed of cottage, Weedon  D-X73  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 29/54 (G)

Weedon in Hardwick parish  D-X73/1  1717

Indenture dated 1 July, 1717, being bargain and sale of cottage and tenement, close of 1 acre and 5 acres of arable land in the North, Smennell and March Fields; Benjamin Hall and others to John Seamons

Miscellaneous items, Denham and Bledlow  D-X74  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 31/54 (G)

Lease of the Plough, Denham, co. Bucks: Mrs. Frances Weatherly to JJ. Ratcliff  D-X74/1  16 November 1871

Auction particulars of Sandpit Lane Farm, etc. in Bledlow, co. Bucks  D-X74/2  1867

Two Fire Insurance Policies and 2 receipts for premia paid thereon  D-X74/3  1817-58

Abstract of title to Bulstrode estate, Hedgerley  D-X75  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 32/54(L)

Abstract of Title of the duke of Somerset to Bulstrode in co. Bucks, and to other properties  D-X75/1  1704-1815

Account of auction, Story Stratford  D-X76  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 33/54 (G)

Account of sundry effects of Miss Lownds of Stony Stratford, sold by auction  D-X76/1  10 July 1793

Duplicate land tax assessments, Little Harwood  D-X77  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 35/54 (G)

Collectors' duplicate of first assessment of Assessed Taxes  D-X77/1  1867-68

Incorporating Collectors' appointment and warrant

Collectors' duplicate of Land Tax assessment  D-X77/2  1870-71

Also incorporating Collectors' appointment and warrant

Rental of the Estate of Granville Penn, at Stoke Poges, 1836  D-X79  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 41/54 (L)

Cross family wills, Twyford and Middle Claydon  D-X80  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 42/54 (G)

Power of Attorney, dated 22 January 1759; Henry Woster citizen and draper of London, to John Cross, of Dinton, Bucks, relating to a messuage at Ford, Bucks  D-X80/1  1759

Fair copy of the will of Ann Stevens, of Middle Claydon, Bucks, spinster, dated 1 March, 1828  D-X80/2  1828

Probate will of John Cross, of Twyford, Bucks, farmer, dated 8 May, 1839  D-X80/3  1839

Probate will of Mary Turnbull, of Winslow, widow, dated 28 November, 1792  D-X80/4  1792

Deeds of Axe and Saw public house, Aylesbury  D-X81  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR. 5/55 (G)

25 title deeds of a house in Green End, Aylesbury, formerly called the "Axe and Saw", and of a small piece of ground adjacent thereto, 1617-1821

Certificate  D-X84  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 14/55 (G)

Certificate of merit (framed and glazed) of the Olney, Turvey & Harrold Agricultural Society, awarded to George Allan, of Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, for sheep shearing  D-X84/1  9th October, 1843

Frame + glaze removed

Miscellaneous Estate Records, 1722-1889, including Backwell-Praed Estate in Broughton, etc., 1779-1839  D-X85  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 19/55 (G)

Survey and valuation of the estate of Miss Sarah Backwell at Broughton, surveyed by Nathaniel Kent, Fulham, Middx  D-X85/1  1779

1 small vol

Includes maps of the properties, remarks about cultivation and condition of property

Maps of the estate of William Bakewell Praed in Broughton and Moulsoe and Cranfield, Beds., surveyed by John Durham  D-X85/2  1837

1 small vol

Gives field names and acreage in a separate key

Valuation of the estates late belonging to William Backwell Praed, deceased, in Broughton, Emberton, Gayhurst, Lathbury, Moulsoe, Ravenstone, Sherington and Tyringham-cum-Filgrave, and Cranfield, Beds  D-X85/3  1839

1 small vol

Conveyance by lease and release  D-X85/4  8/9 August 1722

1) Thomas Stevens of Soulbury, yeoman, eldest son and heir of William Stevens of Sculbury, yeoman, deceased, and John Smith of Soulbury, yeoman
2) Henry Stevens of Soulbury, yeoman
8a of land in Soulbury, being ½a in Stonehill Field in Broad Bushes, a headland and sideling lying together in West Field at the nether end of Woe Furlong, 4 leys lying at White Pitts, a throughout and ½ ley at Smiths Hedges, a land lying at the Wane, a land shooting against Winstutt, ½ butt and ½ hedge at Smiths Hedges, 1r lying at Notterhill, 2r Dunsford, a land at Dunsford, 13p of grass ground at Weymore, a land at Stapleford. 4a of land in Soulbury being 1a in Short Debtim, ½ a in Stapleford Way, 1a in Dunsford, 1r in Short Armshill, 1r in Staplelong, ½a on Larkshill
Consideration: £124

Auction sale poster for a farm and 105a and 43a in Mursley  D-X85/5  1815

Sale auction particulars of a farm and 424a in Steeple Claydon  D-X85/6  1862

Sale auction particulars of Liscombe Park Estate with plan, Lots 6 to 39 only  D-X85/7  1889

In poor condition

Linen backed copy of Liscombe Park Estate as D-X85/7  D-X85/8  1889

Licence of alienation, probate of will  D-X86  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 22/55 (G)

Licence of alienation of land at Aston Clinton and Wendover, Bucks, from John Ginger to Michael Ginger, his son  D-X86/1  1 April, 1623

Probate of the will of John Thompson, of Jermyn Street, St. James's, dated 28 February, 1765. (Property in Great Harlow, Bucks, is mentioned.)  D-X86/2  1875

Sale of the manor, Cuddington  D-X87  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 24/55 (G)

Bargain and Sale by Thomas Tyringham, esq. to Henry Wilkinson, D.D., [...] Probendary of Oxford, of the Manor and Lordship of Cuddington  D-X87/1  2 November 1654

Deeds and letter  D-X88  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 30/55 (L)

Letter from Henry Cane, of Little Hillingdon, to the Hon. Peregribe Bertie  D-X88/1  27 September, 1694

Giving particulars of his portion of an estate at Brill and Dorton, in the county of Bucks, inherited under the will of his nephew, Robert Dormer

Lease for one year of four closes of land in the parish of Chalfont St. Peter, containing about 10 acres  D-X88/2  22 September, 1748

Between Russell Farmer, of the first part, and Anthony Blagrave and Richard Allen, of the second part

Twelve deeds, Ilmer etc  D-X91  1759-1904

Archival history:
AR 33/55

Seven deeds, Boarstall and Brill  D-X92  1698-1814

Archival history:
AR 33/55

Two conveyances and abstract of title, relating to Datchet  D-X93  1853-1865

Archival history:
AR 34/55

Two mortgages and assignments, relating to Newton Longville  D-X94  1780-1860

Archival history:
AR 34/55

Royal licence to alienate land  D-X96  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 1/56 (L)

Royal Licence to alienate, granted to Sir William Fleetwood in respect of land in Chalfont S. Giles, co. Bucks  D-X96/1  1621

With good impression of great seal

Probate of wills  D-X97  [n.d.]

Archival history:
A.R. 5/56 (L)

Probate of the Will and codicil of the Rev. Edward Tatham D.D., Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, proved 24th September, 1834  D-X97/1  1834

Will dated 22 October, 1821, and codicil dated 25 May, 1829. (Mentions land at Twyford and Steeple Claydon, Bucks.)

Administration de bonis non with will and codicil attached of the Rev. Edward Tatham, D.D. granted to Edward Frampton esq., in the Prerogative Court of York  D-X97/2  29 April, 1854

Administration de bonis non with will annexed of Elizabeth Tatham, widow of Rev. E. Tatham, granted to Edward Frampton, esq., in the Prerogative Court of York  D-X97/3  22 April, 1854

Will dated 11 March, 1830

Deeds of the Bear Inn, Walton Street, Aylesbury  D-X98  [n.d.]

Lease and release. John Seare and John Russell to Gilbert Geary  D-X98/1  2/3 Oct. 1724

Lease for 21 years at rental of £22 p.a. Ann Geary to Ann Flaxman. (Two cottages adjoining Bear Inn now and hereafter included in transaction.)  D-X98/2  25 Mar. 1787

Lease for 21 years at rental of £22 p.a. Ann Sophia Hill to John Flaxman  D-X98/3  17 Dec. 1792

Lease and release. Thomas and Mary How and others to Ann Flaxman  D-X98/4  9/10 Jun. 1794

Indenture of Fine. John Whitchurch, plt., Thomas & Mary How, Ann Flaxman, and others deforcts. Trinity 34 Geo. III  D-X98/5  1794

Property in Berkhamsted and Northchurch, Herts, and Aylesbury, Weston Turville, Chesham, and Bellingdon, Bucks

Abstract of title of Henry, James, and Thomas Whitchurch to the Bear Inn, Aylesbury  D-X98/6  1864

Declaration of Henry Whitchurch as to Title and as to pedigree of family  D-X98/7  24 Mar. 1864

Conveyance. Henry, James, and Thomas Whitchurch to Henry Lepper. Consideration £2,000  D-X98/8  24 Mar. 1864

Schedule of deeds relating to Bear Inn  D-X98/9  1864

Account of Messrs Parrott's charges on sale  D-X98/10  1864

Counterpart lease for 7 years at rental of £30 p.a. George Andrew Lepper to Edward Norris Wroughton and Charles Threlfall  D-X98/11  27 Jul. 1878

Collection of 35 deeds relating to property in Bletchley, Bucks  D-X100  [n.d.]

Archival history:
AR 12/56

Bargain & sale of newly-built tenement in Hill Close, Cotman Field (or Walduck Hill) in occupation of Thos. Walduck jnr  D-X100/1  29 Jan. 1652

Thos. Walduck snr., of Bletchley, shepherd, to Thomas Lane of Bletchley, yeoman

Settlement - 5 ac. land with one cow common, & 3 sheep commons  D-X100/2  13 Apr. 1725

Richard Turpin, snr., & Mary, his wife, Richard Turpin, jnr., & Mary, his wife, to William Daniel and William Emberton, all of Bletchley

Probate will of Richard Turpin, snr., dated 27 May, 1730. Proved 25 Sept. 1735  D-X100/3  Dated 27 May, 1730

Release of land in D-X100/2. William Daniel, William Emberton & others to Thos. Cooke, of Eton, gent  D-X100/4  7 May, 1754

Feoffment of a cow common lately occupied by Thomas Lane. William Emerton, William Daniel & others to Thomas Billington, of Bletchley  D-X100/5  22 May, 1766

Copy assignment to attend the inheritance - 3 ac. lammas land in Brook, Windmill and Norrill Fields, etc  D-X100/6  31 Oct. 1769

Thomas Adams, of Great Brickhill, and others to Thomas Cook, of Water Eaton, and Francis Dell, of Heath & Reach, in trust for Sophia & Rebecca Norman

Lease and Release - 4 ac. arable land in Cotman, Middle & Upper Fields, John Hawkins of Tattnam High Cross & Ors. to Rebecca & Sophia Norman  D-X100/7 & 8  2 & 3 Nov. 1769

Bond of indemnification. Property and parties as in D-X100/7 and 8  D-X100/9  3 Nov. 1769

Assignment of leasehold land in Brook, Windmill & Norrill Fields  D-X100/10  3 Nov. 1769

John Hawkins & Ann, his wife, Richard & Mary Dell (as devisees of will of Thomas Lane) to Sophia and Rebecca Norman

Mortgage of leasehold property in D-X100/2 to secure £40  D-X100/11  6 Jun. 1783

Henry Travell, of Bletchley, to William Brasington, of Leighton Buzzard, cordwainer

Assignment and confirmation  D-X100/12  1787, 1796

Assignment & confirmation of mortgage to secure repayment of £90 & interest, on cottage & premises occupied by Thos. Walduck for residue of 1,000 years. Samuel Simpson, of Leighton Buzzard, innholder, & Thos. Walduck to John Emerton, of Bletchley, yeoman. 15 Jan. 1787
Assignment & confirmation by deed poll annexed to secure £90 & interest. Thomas Bowler, of Winslow, wheelwright, & others to Martha Brann, of Bletchley, widow. 26 Mar. 1796

Probate will of Sophia Norman, dated Proved 18 May, 1795  D-X100/13  24 Aug. 1794

Feoffment of 1½ ac. land in Cottnam Field. Thomas Parrott, of Bletchley, yeoman, to Thomas Smith, of Bletchley, shepherd  D-X100/14  18 Dec. 1800

Assignment of 3 ac. leasehold land in Brook, Windmill & Norrill Fields. Parties as in D-X100/14  D-X100/15  18 Dec. 1800

Abstract of title to a close, cow common, and premises in Bletchley  D-X100/16  c.1801

Assignment & ratification of mortgage of messuage, closes, & premises in tenure of Thos. Walduck, to secure £120 & interest  D-X100/17  18 Feb. 1801

John Stone of Stewkley, yeoman, & Martha, his wife, and Thos. Walduck to Samuel White, of Bletchley, lace-buyer

Feoffment & assignment of property in D-X100/17  D-X100/18  12 Nov. 1801

Samuel White, & Thos. Walduck, of Eaton Bray (as devisee of Thos. Walduck dec'd.), to Thomas Smith & David Willis, of Leighton Buzzard (his trustee)

Assignment of properties in Bletchley for remainder of two terms of 5,000 and 995 years  D-X100/19  26 Jul. 1802

Thomas Bowler to William Baily, of Bradwell, esquire. (Mutilated - portion of doc't cut away)

Lease & release of lammas close called Hill Close (or Walducks Hill) with cow common  D-X100/20 & 21  3/4 Aug. 1804

James Lucas, of Fenny Stratford, butcher, and John Stone, of Leighton Buzzard, draper, to Edward Castledine, of Bletchley, yeoman

Assignment of leasehold estate (tenement with curriers shop, land in Brook, Windmill & Norrill Fields, closes, cow commons, etc.) for securing £700 and interest  D-X100/22  1 Dec. 1808

Francis Hill Gregory, of Bletchley, currier, to Ann Curzon of Breedon-on-the-Hill, Leics., widow

Assignment of estate as in D-X100/22 F.H. Gregory, Ann Curzon & others to John Malsbury Kirby, of Towcester, Northants, gent  D-X100/23  10 Nov. 1813

Mortgage of premises (Hill Close, new cottage thereon, and inclosed plot adjoining allotted by Inclosure Commissioners) to secure £100 & interest  D-X100/24  20 Oct. 1823

Edward Castledine to Thomas Caves, of Bletchley, yeoman

Release & conveyance of hereditaments (1 rood land allotted by Commrs.)  D-X100/25  14 Apr. 1829

Thomas Smith to William Castledine & David Willis (his trustee)

Lease & conveyance of cottage (two tenements lately occupied by Thos. Teagle & James Emerson), Hill Close, etc  D-X100/26 & 27  11/12 May, 1840

Rachel Beadle & others to Thomas Holdom, of Denbigh Hall, Bletchley, victualler

Conveyance of land etc., in D-X100/24,26,27. Thomas Holdom to Charles Betts, of Fenny Stratford, innkeeper  D-X100/28  15 Jan. 1848

Letters of administration of effects of Thomas Teagle, of Broughton, butcher, granted to his eldest son, George Wynn Teagle  D-X100/29  20 Jan. 1855

Intestate, died October, 1841

Mortgage for securing £100 & interest on about 34 ac. lately in Windmill Field  D-X100/30  2 Apr. 1857

Henry French, of Nash, yeoman, to Sarah Arnold, of Great Horwood, widow

Assignment of property in D-X100/30, with covenant to [...] surrender copyholds in Newton Longville (20 ac.)  D-X100/31  5 Oct. 1869

Henry French to Charles Higgins of Tattenhoe, farmer

Assignment & covenant as in D-X100/31. Charles Higgins to John Cross, of Middle Claydon, farmer  D-X100/32  6 Oct. 1869

Conveyance of freehold land & assignment of leasehold land  D-X100/33  1 Jan. 1874

George W. Teagle, of "The Orchard", Bletchley, gent., to Francis John Parmeter, of "the Hotel", Bletchley Station
Plan & schedule of property included

Mortgage for securing £950 & interest on land as in D-X100/30  D-X100/34  29 Sep. 1879

Frederick Tompkins, of Bletchley, dealer, to Thomas Meacham Dickens, of Beachampton, farmer, and Isaac Shortland Bartlett, of Beachampton, farmer
Mutilated - portion of doc't cut away

Conveyance of freehold & leasehold premises, etc., & declaration enlarging long term of leasehold into fee. Properties as in D-X100/33  D-X100/35  20 May, 1886

William George Parmeter, and another to James John Freeman, of Central Meat Market, West Smithfield, meat, poultry, cheese & butter salesman

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